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 wv  The Sunshine  Published at Gibsons, B.C.  15<P per copy on news stands  Second Class Mail Registration No. 4702  Serving the Sunshine Coast since 1945  Delivered to every address on the Coast.  July 22, 1980  Volume 34, Number 29  Not being consulted  Marsh Society  opposes Hall  The Sechell Marsh Protective Society has protested to Acting  Mayor Joyce Kolibas of Sechell about thc work undertaken at  Sechell Marsh hy Alderman Henry Hall and the members of his  Parks, Trails and Recreation Program.  Thc protest was born out of a disagreement at the July 9  meeting ol the Sechell Council between Alderman Hall and Miss  Helen Duwc on behalf of thc Marsh Society. Miss Dawe objected  when Alderman Hall presented his plans because they had not  11rsi been discussed wilh thc Marsh Society. Hall made it clear  that he did not feel the Society should have a veto over his  intentions for thc Marsh.  At the July 9 meeting, Christa West who is co-ordinator for  Hall's program for thc summer season was invited to a meeting of  thc Marsh Society held on July 14. The letter from the Marsh  Society went to the Acting Mayor under dale of July 18.  In a section emitted statement of philosophy the Marsh Society  pointed oul that thc Sechelt Marsh is owned by the National  Second Century Fund of B.C. which organization is primarily  concerned with nature conservation in Ihe province. "The Marsh  Society considers thai if Chairman Hall's plans are brought to  fruition they may alter thc natural character of the Sechelt  Marsh", concludes the opening statement in Ihe Marsh Society's  letter.  The Marsh Society pointed oul to Acting Mayor Kolibas that  the terms of Ihe lease under which they were responsible for the  Marsh it would be preserved by the lessee as a site of ecological  interest. They pointed out lhat in a June 2 meeting Alderman Hall  had agreed to show them his plan for their blessing bul had had  work done without consulting them.  "We stongly disapprove of Alderman Hall's failure to bring his  plans to us prior to having work started. Already some problems  have developed because of our not being consulted," said the  Marsh Society's letter.  Thc letter from the Marsh Society goes on lo list a summary of  recent events and their recommendations as well as a summary of  budgetary matters pertaining to the Marsh. They concluded Iheir  presentation by quoting from the sub-lease granted to the Marsh  Protective Society by the village of Sechelt to the effect: "The said  Sub-I.essor covenants with the said Sub-Lessee for quiet  enjoyment."  The nine lovely young contestants for Sea Cavalcade Queen are photographed with last year's Queen in the  gardens of the Poppel residence in Langdale last week.  A tumultuous meeting  Water rates frustrate Pender  Work to begin in August  New hotel gets  Gibsons go-ahead  At their Planning Committee meeting last Friday, Gibsons  council gave approval-in-principle to development of the 48 unit  low-rise hotel proposed for the present site of the Ritz Motel at the  corner of Cower Point Road and Dougal Road.  According lo developer John Kavanagh. construction will  begin with pre-site work in mid-August and a projected  completion date for the whole project of Easter of next year.  Facilities at the hotel will include a 125 seat lounge, restaurant,  hot tub and sauna facilities, and 2.000 sq. ft. of banquet facilities  thai can be convened to two smaller units by a folding partition.  Slight changes have been made to the original design, but  according to Kavanagh. "you'd have to study both drawings very  carefully to notice them."  Most of the changes. Kavanagh says, have been internal, to  increase the conference banquet facility and improve service  accesses to thc facilities. On thc recommendation of village  engineering consultants, Dayton & Knight, and Kcr, Priestman,  Ihe developers' own engineering firm, ihe route ofthe creek thai  presently runs through the property has been altered slightly by  the addition of a concrete flume connecting the "pools" planned  lor the entrance and central court of ihe hotel. Kavanagh still  plans to stock ihe now "dead" creek with chum salmon and  cutthroat trout.  "I've talked to the fisheries people at Federal and Provincial  levels." Kavanagh said, "and they both tell me fish will spawn in  the stream again. They're both very enthusiastic about Ihis part of  the project."  Opposition to the project has been voiced by some residents of  thc area and thc congregation of the nearby United Church.  "We expected some opposition." Kavanagh said. "People  automatically assume that when you're building a hotel, you're  building a beer parlour. Well, the regulations have changed. You  couldn't build one of those old fashioned 500 seat beer-barns even  if you wanted to. There is no beer parlour in this plan. There will  be no off-sales of beer and no draft beer from the bar. We're trying  lo build a first-class facility lhat will encourage people to come  and to slay here for a few days or a few weeks."  "Actually." Kavanagh said. "We didn't expect lo get final  approval on Friday. Now I have to put my money where my  mouth was."  How much money?  "In excess of $2.000.000.," Kavanagh said wryly.  Over a hundred and fifty Madeira Park residents turned out to  ask their water board to raise its charges to developers Sunday,  but most of them went home unsatisfied.  The charge they wanted raised was the charge to developers of  new subdivisions, who many feel are not paying their.share to the  financially troubled South Pender Waterworks Improvement  District.  Bill White, who presented a petition of 237 names calling for an  immediate 100% increase in the $1,000 land charge, said after the  meeting, "We were stonewalled, pure and simple. I never saw a  meeting like it."  The meeting was prefaced by a lengthy talk from board  chairman Lome Smith, who explained that the operation ofthe.  water district was solely the business of the elected trustees and  under the Municipal Act they were not obligated to take orders  from the general membership. ��..  Smith then refused to allow the meeting to pass motions or vote  on resolutions, saying speakers could only make a recommendation which the board could take under advisement."  A lawyer consulted after thc meeting said, on the point of  refusing to accept motions, the board was "completely out of  order". It was well known that some residents had planned to  present a motion of non-confidence to the board, but Smith's  strategy effectively spiked their guns.  The tone ofthe meeting could best be described as tumultuous,  with former board trustees arguing over who had seniority and  others being accused of giving themselves contracts while holding  office.  The boaid at first refused to let Mr. White speak, then  attempted to place a five-minute limit on his talk, but cheered on  by cries of "Let him speak!" White persisted with his presentation,  accusing the board of "selling us down the river" for allowing a 78  block development to proceed on Francis Peninsula without  raising the land charges. Smith argued that the development had  first been approved in principle at a trustees meeting last October,  "before there was any talk of raising the charges," and that it  would bring many benefits to the area.  A productive meeting  Gibsons by-pass  decision coming  Representatives of the Sunshine Coast Regional District and  the Village of Gibsons held what regional board chairman David  Hunter described as "a very productive meeting" with Deputy  Minister of Highways R.G. Harvey and Highways Design  Engineer Steve Reynolds in Victoria last Thursday.  "Hopefully in the early fall of this year the engineering will be at  a point where the Village, the regional board and the Department  of Highways can make some concrete decisions," Hunter said.  "It looks as though Phase I, thc Gibsons by-pass, may get  underway fairly quickly now, but Highways made it clear that  Phase I is all we're going to get for awhilc."Huntersaid. "Phase 2.  their next priority, is a by-pass to re-route traffic around Selma  Park and the Village of Sechelt, where they've also been having  problems with congestion caused by traffic heading for Powell  River."  According to Gibsons Alderman Larry Trainor. agreement was  reached on one highway access, the Stewart Road-North Road  route, and the Department of Highways has suggested that the  budget for North Road reconstruction may allow the  construction of a four-lane route instead of the planned three  lanes.  The Gilmore Road-Sunnycrest Mall access is still in limbo for  the time being and Highways has pointed oul that the Pratt Road-  Payne Road route involves grades lhat may be difficult for large  trucks to negotiate.  Regional board chairman David Hunter said Deputy Minister  Harvey was "very sympathetic to the problems we've had getting  Ihis project off the ground. He seems to realize it's time some  positive decisions were made."  The Sunshine Coast was well-represented at thc meeting, with  Director Jim Gurney, Secretary Larry Jardine and regional  planner Jim Johnson representing the SCRD and Mayor  Lorraine Goddard, Municipal Clerk Jack Copland and village  planner Rob Buchan for Gibsons joining Hunter and Trainor for  the talks.   Look for lost plane  30j Coast flyers aid  in emergency  Just before midnight on Sunday, July 13, Provincial  Emergenc) Program An Co-ordinalot lor the Sunshine Coast.  Vera McAllister, got a call from thc Regional Air Chiel in North  Vancouver and lor the lust time ihe PEP Air Service Volunteers  ofthe Sunshine Coast were being asked lo participate in an'out ol  area' search.  I he search was lor a small Cessna aircraft piloted hv Vancouver  man S.A.R. .lacohsen with his lather aboard. I he Cessna left  William Lake on July 13 for a flight to Vancouver via the Eraser  Vallev lo Squamish and Howe Sound.  I he weather was not good lot such a flight with low cloud and  poor visibility.  Ihe pilot reported by radio to 100 Mile House hut nothing  more seems lo have been heard Irom him. Shortly alter 4 pm. on  July 13 he became overdue. Ihe Rescue Co-ordination Centre  organized a search alter it became apparent that he would have  exhausted his fuel.  I he search included a cheek of all enroute airfields and places  where Ihe plane might have landed and an overflight of as much of  the route as possible depending on Ihe prevailing weather and thc  onset of darkness. Arrangements were made for a full-scale search  ol Ihe whole area involving civilian volunteer pilots including two  crews from the Sunshine Coast.  First thing on Monday morning. July 14. two fully-manned  aircraft were ready to go from the airfield at the head of Field  Road. Low cloud and showers kept both aircraft on the ground  lor a while, but finally at 10:30 am. Aero Club C-172 piloted by  Bob Brodgesell with Len Wray. Doug Barclay, and Ernie  Montgomery as spotters. It was followed quickly byCAVU Flight  School 172 piloted by Chief Flight Instructor Carolyn Shaw with  Ken Rogers. Ken (iurney and Rie Kraus as spotters.  ments were made to resumethc  Madeira Park publisher Howard White asked thc hoard why il  had occured to them to raise the charges to homeowners three  times and it had never occured lo them to raise the charge to the  developers who, he said, "arc causing thc hoard's financial losses."  White also stated that approval in principle was unlikely lo be  legally binding on the board.  On this point Smith allowed the meeting to vote  overwhelmingly in favour of a recommendation that the board  seek any legal means possible to raise the charge to thc subdivision  in question. However, hoard Vice-Chairman Cecil Clements later  stated that the board "didn't feel right" about going back and  raising the charges after having given approval.  The board also stated lhat they had considered the suggestion  that thc Water District Office be closed, brought forward at a  previous meeting, and decided unanimously lhat the office would  remain open. . -  Bill While again rose to speak, saving RfWtfn't see how the  board could wiggle out of this one." While stated lhat he had  received information thai a professional office service in Madeira  Park was willing to undertake all the board's office work and  provide longer hours ol service at a saving of S 10.000 per year and  he urged the board to approach thc firm of McKibbin and  Beecham and look into this offer. Again Smith said the board  would "take the suggestion under advisement."  White also asked why the developer of the previously discussed  subdivision had not been required lo construct another reserv ior  for the water system. Smith replied that the board had determined  that an additional reservior was not necessary. White then  demanded to know if Ihe board had checked with thc Fire  department and was told that they had not. White stated that he  had checked, and in the opinion of the Fire department, such a  reservoir was necessary.  The meeting ended on a note of profound frustration, with  many of those leaving the meeting saying. "If we can't pass  motions and the board doesn't have to do anything we tell them,  what are we here for?"  The crews searched the shoreline of Howe Sound and all the  islands and then the hillsides as  far as the low cloud would  permit. They checked in at  Squamish and then returned to  their base at Wilson Creek.  The Air Co-ordinator. flying  with Dr. John Farrar, made a  High! to Squamish in the mid-  afternoon cheeking out one or  two 'doubtful' sightings from  thc earlier flights and cheeking  in with the Air Chief about  further   searching.    Airange-  search on Tuesday but a crew  from Squamish located the  missing aircrafl in Alta Lake  late in the afternoon. Unfortunately, neither of the occupants survived.  This is the first time lhat our  PEP Air Service volunteers  have been asked to participate  in an 'out of area' search. PEP  Co-ordinator Art McPhee  expressed himself as vvi-ll  pleased with Ihe volut:.ecr  efforts of the dyers ol the  Sunshine Coast.  ON THE INSIDE...  Entertainment  page 4  Community News pages 6 & 7  Sports page 12  Hospitality  Directory  page 14  Classified Ads  pag;>s 18 & 19  Business  Directory page 16  Mayor Lorraine Goddard and Alderman Larry Trainor  Perreault in Vancouver recently. Perreault assured the  Marina.  are photographed in the office of LiDeral Senator Ray  local officials ol his long-tottn support of the Gibsons  Picture by Jack Copland  Locals meet with ferry boss  Regional Board Chairman David Hunter and Gibsons  Alderman Larry Trainor. in Victoria last I hursday to meet with  senior Highways officials, took advantage ofthe opportunity to  hold an impromptu meeting with B.C. Ferries Corporation  General Manager Charles Gallagher.  "Our resident cards seem reasonably secure lor Ihe immediate  future." Hunter said, "and there is a possibility that the hourlv  sailings in the mornings and evenings on the summer schedule  may be continued into Ihe fall and winter"  "I indicated lo Mr. Gallagher lhal the Corporation's hemes.  which show the lei lies on this run to be used lo only 46ri of  capacity,. do not accurately reflect the needs of the people on the  Sunshine Coast, lhat figure is low because ol ihe number of  largely unnccessarj afternoon sailings." Hunter said.  "We looked at then projections up lo I9S2." Hunter said, "and  il they can resolve Ihe bottleneck on the Nanaimo run out il  Horseshoe Bay. we'll begetting better service on I his tun. I hey are  talking about ihe possibility ol re-routing the heavy truck traffic  through another terminal, but nothing definite has been decided.  ___ uie laiiss.       "t..* -  ^...| f        c- v  |For 35 years the most widely read Sunshine Coast newspaper!  LmMMMMM��"Mm"m*MIIMMMIM�� till aiw     llll *M��WMMWM��WMM��MMIM��MIMMMI      --j_i-^-   / ���Sunshine1  Coast News, July 22, 1980  A LOCALLY OWNED NEWSPAPER  Published al Gibsons, B.C. every  Tuesday, by Glassford Press Ltd.  Box 460, Gibsons, VON 1V0  Phone 886-2622 or 886-7817  Pender Harbour enquiries and all othtrt, II  no intwtr Irom 8B6 number! call 885-2770  Editorial Department: Production Department:  John Burnside Sonia Trudef  Ian Corrance Nancy Conway  John Moore  Accounts Department: Advertising Department  M M. Joe CopyseMIng:       Allan Crane  Wendy-Lynne Johns  Fran Berger  SUBSCRIPTION RATES Lise Sheridan  Canada S20 per year $12 lor six months  United States and Foreign. S24 per year  Distributed Free to all addresses on the Sunshine Coast  BLUE  RIBBON  AWARD  1978  Is pipeline a giveaway?  There is a new word on our political  horizon this week. Now we all know that  pre-build is nol a synonym for a  prefabricated house. Il has to do with thc  southern portion ofthe proposed pipeline  which eventually is supposed to transport  Alaskan gas from the far north to thc  energy hungry forty-eight states in  continental United States.  Wc have discovered this week not only  what the pre-build is but that the Canadian  government has decided to go ahead with  and build ihe pre-build, which is that  portion of the line which will stretch from  Alberta to the southern states and which  will be used lo export primarily Albertan  natural gas south of the border.  I he theory is that this will somehow  enable the companies involved to finance  the whole line but there seems to be some  considerable doubt that thc rest ofthe line  will ever be built. There seems lo be some  substance to thc charge made by the NDP  in Ottawa that this decision to build the  pre-build is a sell-out which changes the  intention of the original act passed by  parliament. The original act was aimed at  facilitating the transport of American gas;  the pre-build will lead to the increased  export of Canadian gas.  That there is substance to the NDP  charges is evidenced by the statements of  no less a personage than Energy Minister  Marc Lalonde. Back a few months ago  when the Conservatives with their Alberta  leader wanted to go ahead with Ihe pre-  build. Lalonde charged that it was a shortsighted sell-out of Canadian resources;  that it should nol be built unless there were  'iron-clad' guarantees that the American  portion of the line would be built; that it  should not be built unless there were  guarantees that any Canadian gas used at  thc present time was replaced by Alaskan  gas when the whole line was built.  Now as Energy Minister, Lalonde is  satisfied with a letter from a president who  may not be president for much longer. On  thc subject of the swap of gas when the line  is finished he says lamely that such a swap  is not administratively possible, lt is  another of the magnificent flipflops that  thc Liberals know thc Canadian public will  accept with its usual mixture of fatalism  and good-natured cynicism.  Oh well, let's not annoy anyone by  suggesting that the Liberals are not safely  in charge of our destiny. So they have  completely reversed themselves on a major  issue of policy after election, what of it?  Quite.  It is apparent that this particular flipflop  is aimed at appeasing Alberta and  facilitating an oil-pricing agreement and  getting the support of the Texas of Canada  for the Liberals' constitutional aims, or at  least some of them. Upon such compromises is history built. Let'sjust hope that in  another ten years we don't wake up to find  that we are getting short of cheap gas and  are having to import it at vastly more  expensive prices from Alaska.  Let's not ask why the pipeline being built  is not going east to lessen the reliance of  eastern Canada on imported oil. Let's not  even ask how our Premier Bill Bennett  feels about the building of this pre-build,  because it will be primarily Alberta gas  that will be exported for those lovely  shortfall profits so dear to the heart of  politicians seeking re-election, and it will  be Alberta gas being sold to markets that  B.C. must have coveted.  It was reported in th daily press during  the visit recently ofthe Alberta cabinet that  one of the Alberta energy people observed  that his B.C. counterparts seemed to  understand the situation not a whit in the  high-stakes world of international energy.  From where we sit the politicians of B.C.  are not alone. It seems doubtful that any  Canadian politicians know what they are  about in such a world. Ofthe government  of B.C., it could perhaps be said that they  are the most inept of a disastrously shortsighted lot.  ..from the files of the COAST NEWS  FIVE YEARS AGO  Despite presentations from the  provincial consultant for recreation,  the SCRD have decided not to hire a  recreational co-ordinator.  Regional Director Peter Hoemberg  moves that the Regional Board spent  $50,000 for the acquisition of Cooper's  Green.  In what is believed to be the first  venture of its type in the province, the  regional board, the village of Sechelt  and the Indian Band are meeting to  initiate th development of a community  plan lor the Sechelt vicinity.  TEN YEARS AGO  A resident of the village of Gibsons  complains to council about the  burning of refuse in the backyards.  Bird Construction Company has low  tender for the construction of St.  Mary's Hospital with a bid of $599,044.  FIFTEEN YEARS AGO  Tenders on five local projects on  schools were $52,000 higher than  school board expectations.  Gibsons water rate has been increased from $8.50 to $15.00 per  quarter.  TWENTY YEARS AGO  Sechelt Lockers advertises spare  riblets at 15 cents per pount. Grade A  round steak is advertised for sale at 69  cents per pound.  Work starts on preparing the ground  for the new Coast News building in the  rear of Bals Block in Gibsons Harbour  area.  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  Seven tugs had trouble with log  booms when high winds descended on  the area.  The Retail Merchants Association is  compiling a list of slow and delinquent  accounts.  A local taxi driver, charged by  provincial police with bootlegging,  was fined $300 and $17.20 costs.  THIRTY YEARS AGO  First reading by Gibsons council  outlined a $7,000 water main replacement program.  Mary Drew and Molly Kennett open a  bake shop in Gibsons to be know as the  Cake Basket.  THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO  The sudden death of Dr. Keith Wray-  Johnston came as a shock to all who  knew him. The doctor died in his office  in Vancouver at the age of 38 of a heart  attack. He had been in charge of St.  Mary's Hospital in Garden Bay.  Summer visitors out for a walk near  Hopkins Landing on Friday, July 6  reported a cow mired to its neck in a  bog. The boys who went to rescue it  couldn't find it and presumed it had  sunk out of sight. The same visitors out  walking on Sunday, July 8, saw the  same cow in the same bog and finally  rescued it.  The first campers at Soames Point, 1907. From the left: James  Henderson, with Mrs. Henderson, and second daughter, Jean (now Mrs.  H.D. Robinson of Soames Point); Mrs. Stanley Matthews, with a visitor's  daughter in front of her; Mrs. Lacey, with small daughter on her lap;  Rachel Henderson, now residing at Soames Point; Stanley Matthews,  with daughter Helen (now Mrs. N. Swangard of Barcelona, Spain) and  Robert Henderson in front of him. James Henderson served as  Professor of Philosophy at the University of British Columbia from the  beginning of that institution of learning, and Stanley Matthews served  as Registrar. After some years of camping in tents, the Henderson  family persuaded George Soames to subdivide a lot for a summer home.  The Matthews family built near to Grantham's Landing, adjacent to the  Doherty property. Photo courtesy Henderson family and Elphinstone  Pioneer Museum. L.R. Peterson  The Sam Nutter Era  Stsl Coast News  beginnings  by L.R. Peterson  1 tell you it's because he once  played a cowboy in the movies.  Not despite the fact, but because of it, I am convinced.  I'm talking about Ronald  Reagan, of course, and the fact  that he may just be about to get  himself elected to the position  of the President ofthe United  States of America, which is, we  are told, the most powerful  position that a man can hold in  the entire world.  To begin with, 1 for one am a  little skeptical about lhat  designation. It's not too many  years since the holder of said  office was removed by a vote of  a few hundred middle-aged to  elderly folks that felt that he  had been caught out in just too  many lies and really shouldn't  be the President. Perhaps we  could exult in that as an  evidence of democracy at work,  lt could also be presented as  evidence of the fact that the  office of president is largely a  figurehead role and if the  figurehead should displease,  replace it.  I find the big world of power  politics to be a chilling and  convoluted prospect. One is  never sure what exactly is going  on but it all seems very  dangerous. Nevertheless, about  sixteen years ago now I came to  the conclusion that it really did  not matter who was President  ofthe United States. It was just  about this time of the year in  1964 that Barry Goldwater was  horrifying just about everyone  with his forthright intcnlions  concerning Vietnam and its  people. His opponent. Lyndon  Baines Johnson, won thc  second largest majority ever  accorded.  History tells us that after the  American people convincingly  rejected Goldwater as being loo  warlike, too dangerous, too  primitive, to be allowed anywhere near the major means of  causing destruction, his opponent went on after being elected  to follow just about exactly the  programme that Goldwater  had been rejected on. A  dreadful, and vicious war went  on for years in which a small  country with a primitive e-  conomy was subjected to the  most extreme terrorization and  brutality after the electorate  and specifically voted against  warlike extremism. I hat seemed to indicate that what the  people thought and what the  presidential candidates said  didn't really seem to influence  thc unfolding of events a  whole lot. Certainly ever since  1964 I have treated the utter  ance of political leaders in  pursuit of office and the  illusion of power with more  and more skepticism every  year.  So while 1 cared passionately  that Goldwater got beaten in  ' 1964, I now feel that it matters  not whether Carter or Reagan  wins this upcoming election.  Either way. the policy of the  United States seems likely to be  articulated in increasingly  militant terms.  The defeat in Vietnam, the  debacle in the Iranian desert,  thc hostages held for so long,  all of these have wounded a  proud people. There is a  hankering after an older and a  prouder time. There is a  hankering after the 19th Century in fact when American  grew from strength to strength  and looked at the future as  though it were just another  plate of manifest destiny for  their consumption when the  time became right.  Ronald Reagan has been  named thc Republican party's  representative in the November  election for President of the  United States because he is  promising to turn the clock  back. There's going to be less  big government. (He promised  that when he was candidate  for the governorship of California and after he won. the  government got bigger.) There  arc going be less taxes. (We'l  see who's paying less taxes after  he's been President for a year.)  And of course, there is the  routine promise to make America great again. It certainly  isn't likely to be by thc quality  of her statesmanship. What it  means, of course, is that there  will be more guns and assorted  armaments for all.  We're going back to the Wild  West, folks. Every man is going  to stand tall with a prayer on  his lips and a gun in his hand  for freedom.  Ronald Reagan says he is  going to spend billions more  dollars on armaments in a  world in which overkill was a  concept familiar twenty years  ago and a convention of  Republicans breaks into  cheers. It is a hearkening back  to an older and simpler time.  It's Destry reluctantly buckling  on his six-guns to ride into  town to teach that bully a  bullet-ridden lesson. It's Shane  doing the same thing. It's Gary  Cooper stalking the streets at  High Noon over the tearful  protests of his bride to save the  town one more time single-  handedly from evil. Above all,  of course, it's John Wayne with  a gun in each hand, a bridle  between his teeth, and an eye  Please turn to Page Three.  Sam Nutter acquired the  assets of Sechelt Peninsula  News Ltd. in 1951.  Sam managed to accumulate a Linotype machine, a  Gordon hand press, a casting  box, a flat-bed press, and  other assorted equipment  and material needed in order  to print the COAST NEWS  locally. The plant was located  on the waterfront about six  hundred feet up West Howe  Sound from the Gibsons  wharf.  Bill Sutherland served as  Editorial Manager. Sam,  sometimes with an assistant  and sometimes alone, set  type, poured molten type  metal against papier mache  advertisements, and printed  the paper, two pages at a  time, on the press. The  completed copy - usually no  more than eight semi-tabloid  pages - had to be assembled  and folded by hand.  Many varied events occurred during Sam's few years  here.  With the advent in 1951 of  Black Ball Ferry runs across  Howe Sound, motor vehicle  traffic increased sharply.  From Gibsons to Pender  Harbour, automobiles and  trucks travelled through either  clouds of dust or a no-man's-  land of mud and potholes.  A truck lost its carburetor.  Many vehicles dropped their  Refugee from Regina  The Fred Cruice  E  ra  by Fred Cruice  During late August 1954, a  prairie visitor ventured to  Gibsons, a place he had not  known existed. He was a  retired newspaperman from  the Prairies and had heard the  Coast News in Gibsons was  for sale.  Checking with Sam Nutter,  editor and proprietor of the  newspaper, agreement was  reached and the Coast News  changed hands. Along with  ownership ofthe weekly newspaper came another even  more pleasant angle. It was  the gorgeous weather at that  time plus the overloaded  fruit trees which made Mr.  and Mrs. Fred Cruice, new  owners of the Coast News,  forget 52 below zero and  110 above weather they had  experienced in Regina.  However    jubilation    was  shortlived when they got into  newspaperwork. Instead of  having the first newspaper off  by the time midnight came  they were still at it towards  four a.m. next morning.  Recovering from this ordeal  they slowly pushed back long  working hours at times without the aid of a weekly salary.  Events carried the editor  and his superb accountant,  wife Dorothy, towards better  things to the point where in  the July 8, 1965 issue the  populace of the Sunshine  Coast read that to commemorate its 20th anniversary the  Coast News announced "an  expansion program involving  an expenditure of $15,000  covering a new building, new  press and equipment".  Established in its new  premises in Sept. 9, 1965 the  Coast News began a feature  which no other newspaper on  the Sunshine Coast could  match and that was what can  be termed the 5-10-15-20  years ago feature, establishing it as the paper of record  on the Sunshine Coast.  When retirement loomed  for the editor and wife, the  latter having faithfully maintained the accountancy side of  the newspaper, son Ron and  wife Marie were drawn into  the management field. This  occurred in April 1973.  Ron and Marie changed  production methods over to a  new electronic process. When  a Vancouver born man offered  to purchase the Coast News  from them in June, 1976 they  decided to withdraw from the  ownership phase of publication and Doug Sewell  became the new editor and  owner.  batteries. One chap asked  at the Wilson Creek Garage  how he could get to the  highway. Drivers would stop  above Halfmoon Bay to  measure the depth of one particularly persistent pond, almost large enough to warrant  a name.  Early in 1952, King George  VI passed away. Princess  Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II.  On St. Valentine's Day,  Elphinstone Secondary School  opened its doors to students.  In March, Les Rimes  replaced Bill Sutherland as  COAST NEWS Editor.  The Union Steamships Co.  Ltd. presented five acres of  land to the village of Sechelt,  The area was to be used for  recreational purposes, and  would be known as Hackett  Park, in honour of the late  R.S. Hackett, former resident  Union Estates Manager.  Early in April, Inspector of  Schools CT. Rendle opened  the new Madeira Park Elementary School.  In June, Anthony Gargrave,  CCF candidate, of Powell  River, was elected MLA for  the MacKenzie Riding,  The B.C. Power Commission's Clowholm Falls Development hydro-electric power  station came into operation  with a capacity of 4000 horse  power. Jack Mayne, whose  home had been the first  electrified in 1937, wrote of  the Clowholm project.  The Black Ball Ferries'  MV BAINBRIDGE joined the  MV QUILLAYUTE on the-  Horseshoe Bay-Gibsons run.  L.S. Jackson, philosopher-  logger, commented on blackened remnants of yellow  cedar, "seared by fire or  lightning and cauterized a-  gainst all corruption", which  he had found scattered about  high up Mt. Elphinstone.  Al surmised that the trees of  which these relics remain  dated back to the first vegetation after the ice age.  Ronald Reagan starred with  Virginia Mayo in "She's  Working Her Way Through  College", playing at Gibsons  and Sechelt theatres.  In August, photographer  Gordon Ballentine rode with  contractor Jim Brandon in the  first vehicle to travel the  entire Port Mellon Highway.  A vein of gold and silver  was reportedly uncovered by a  bulldozer at Egmont. Cairns  were purportedly being staked.  Continued on next page.  SSB  ea  ��& Letters to the Editor  Action urgent on Howe Sound Study  Coast News, July 22, 1980  Editor:  The infamous "Howe Sound  Study", compiled by the ELUC  Secretariat, finally has been  published. It is a good basis  from which to start preparing  guidelines for the future development of Howe Sound. Although it appears to be a  comprehensive study, there are  many very important omissions pertaining to Gambier  Island, in particular. Are there  an equal number of serious  omissions from the other areas  studied? There seems to be no  excuse for these omissions as  thc data is publicly available  and indicated on all up-to-date  maps. For example, why are  the 15 miles of roads on thc  southwest corner of thc island  not shown (other than a short,  now defunct road?) Why are  the several major hiking trails  nol shown, especially thc one to  Mount Arlaban which is published in a well known hiking  book? Douglas Bay and Gambier Lake are very popular  destination points for thc  ���various camps, with some 600-  '700 children using these areas-  yet no mention is made of this  "in thc sludy; neither does Parks  Branch give any indication that  these areas have good potential  as wilderness park sites. Why?  A major flaw in this study is the  lack of public input. There is a  fund of knowledge to be gained  from both concerned citizens  and the private sector.  That a comprehensive management plan is needed for  Howe Sound can be seen by the  potential conflicts of use in this  area. Since the study makes no  recommendations, it is up to  the government to face the fact  that it must take the initiative  to resolve there conflicts. Time  itself will not solve our problems. Therefore, the government should place a moratorium on all mineral exploration  and major industrial, residential and recreational development until guidelines are  established for the future  development of Howe Sound.  Once a moratorium is in effect,  the government should appoint  a "Commission" to draw up  these guidelines under a fixed  time constraint, possibly one  year. This Commission should  involve members of the public  along with the experts from the  beginning in order that all  facets be vigorously investigated and questions thoroughly researched. It should be  made clear both to the public  and to the private sectors that  the government will be bound  by the findings ofthe Commission. By doing so, the government will have indicated very  Creek Daze regrettable  clearly their honourable intentions and credibility.  In order to draw up these  guidelines in a fair and equitable manner, it will be necessary for the Commission to  hold extensive public hearings.  lt is extremely important that  ample opportunities be given to  the public and private interests  to voice their opinion. There is  limited value to a planning  approach in which thc experts  do their work out ofthe public  eye. The step-by-step approach, although longer, allows everyone, experts and thc  public alike, to deal with one  issue at a time, resulting in  more acceptable solutions and  of greater importance, more  understanding and support for  thc solutions.  A comprehensive management plan for Howe Sound  could ensure that the delicate  balance between recreational/  residential/industrial development is maintained, if lhal is  the wish of the people and of  the government. The government must see the urgency for  action now, before the conflicts  become intolerable and compromise by the public an  impossibility.  (Mrs.) Elspeth J. Armstrong  Local Trustee  Gambier Island  Covering  Editor:  Last weekend we enjoyed a  lovely day at ihe Roberts Creek  Daze. I felt that it gets better  each year until -- the horrible  display of the greased pig! How  anyone, man. woman or child  can get a thrill out of catching  such a small animal, scaring  hell out of it besides bruising it,  is beyond my comprehension!  I suppose next year some goon  Card of thanks  will have cock fighting added to  this craze to go back to the  'good old days'.  Let's stay sensible with our  dive backward and don't start  such cruelity to animals as was  the case 'back then'.  In defence of God's innocent  creatures, 1 am  Sincerely  Alice E. Smith  Editor:  A Card of Thanks for all who  helped to make Roberts Creek  Daze '80 such a great success.  Thanks to Mrs. M. O'Brien,  Mr. & Mrs. Merritt, Ministry  of Highways, Mr. Gerry  Roberts, School District #46,  Sunshine Coast Golf and  Country Club, the Masonic  Hall, Canadian Propane Gas  and Oil Ltd., Sunshine Coast  Disposal Service, Roberts  Creek Legion, Cast and Crew  of the Beachcombers, ump  ires and cheerleaders, Roberts  Creek Summer Fun Program,  Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire  Department.  A special Thank You to  Jack Northway of Sechelt  Western Drugs, Jolly Roger  Inn, Tyee Air, European  Motors, Quality Farm Supply,  Unicorn Pets and Plants,  Sechelt Pipe Band and Helen  Roy, for your generous contributions.  Sincerely,  The Daze Committee  Coast News beginnings  Continued from Page Two.  The Mergenthaler Linotype  machine had driven its inventor insane by the time  it revolutionized printing in  the 1880's. While it functioned  smoothly, typesetting was a  joy. When it balked, the  chore became a nightmare.  Sam Nutter's Linotype jammed persistently. Long hours  fighting the cantankerous  contrivance aggravated Sam's  heart condition to such an  extent that he required major  surgery. He returned to the  shop for a time, but by 1954  he was constrained to give it  up. He sold the COAST NEWS  assets to Regina newspaperman Fred Cruice in that year.  Musings (cont'd)  patch still performing feats of    ���  individual valour when old and  rat.  The degree of identification  of Americans for the cowboy  heroes of their mythical 19th  Century West should nol be  underestimated. I say again  that I am convinced that il is  because Ronald Reagan once  played a cowboy in the movies  that he has a good chance of  being the next President. If the  Republicans could have stuffed  John Wayne and run him as  Vice President in November  there would be no doubt about  who would win.  ROOSEHDftL FARMS  HOME OF DELICIOUS PRODUCE  Tomatoes Beets  Long English     Cabbages  Cucumbers      Sweet peas  Why not beat next winter's high California  prices? This week fill your Freezer or Jars with  BROAD BEANS, CAULIFLOWER  BROCCOLI, BABY CARROTS  Garden Bav Rd. I Kilometer on Hwy. 101  * Farm Road Now Improved! *  Pig defended  Editor:  A couple of my friends have  just returned from the "Robert's Creek Daze" and have  been relating something which  they described as "sickening  and disgusting".  Il seems that a small piglel in  a pen was all greased up and  then the "fun" was lo allow  boys lo try lo catch il and they  said lhat it was bewildered and  terror-stricken.  I can't see anything edifying  or entertaining in ihis kind of  treatment of any helpless  animal. If anyone wants such  sport why not undress one of  their own kind, grease him up  well and see how that would  work.  My friends, not enjoying thc  spectacle didn't wait to see how  often this was repeated but it is  the opinion of many. I would  venture to suggest, such nasty  goings on ought nol to have  been allowed even once.  Sincerely yours.  (Mrs. G.E.Webb)  [he Coverage  by Jim Ansell  The Agent's Role:  Your Insurance Agent acts  on your behalf to arrange,  service and basically control  your insurance requirements  throughout the policy term.  He can not, by law, set or  alter premiums, nor can he  invent his own coverage  forms. He can, and should,  however, "shop around" in  order to obtain the best rate  and coverage available for  your particular needs. Therefore, to this end, rather than  being locked in to one Insurance Company, your Agent  should have a selection of  Companies under contract,  and/or have access to other  outside markets.  Your Agent, in most cases,  can not adjust or settle your  claims. He should, however,  be in steady contact with you,  your Company and your  Adjuster to ensure that your  claim is handled promptly  and satisfactorily. If a problem should arise, he should  intercede on your behalf to  remedy the situation.  Your Agent is there to  advise you of the type and  extent of insurance you need  to properly cover your particular risk. It is therefore  imperative that he be granted  full disclosure of all the facts  involved in order for his  advise to be accurate. Always  remember, that your Agent is  working with your best interests in mind.  Next Week: Am I covered for  everything?  SUNSHINE COAST INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD.  Box 375, Cowrie Street  Credit Union Building  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  88S-2291  Capuchino  ^   & Espresso  *��OM^  (other coffees soon!)  .We bake our own goodies  Now there's an Alternative...  ...Home Cooking!  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Loaves  iH Coast News, July 22, 1980  ENCOUNTER WITH  THE BULL  PART III  In addition to logging and  fishing, the Gibson clan soon  got into the sawmilling business. "First mill we had was a  little haywire set-up at Ahou-  sat. It was powered by a ninety-  pound pressure steam-engine  irom a prairie threshing machine lhat dad picked up for a  song in Vancouver. Wasn't  much but it worked. Wc threw  thc frame together out of rough  logs and cut thc planks tor the  decking as wc went. Must have  been thc first sawmill in that  country. We sure didn't bleak  any production records.with it  but wc did all right."  Until I934, the (iibsons  inami.lined a fairly small-scale  operation. In that year they  decided to branch out and  bought a five-masted schooner  called thc Malahat lor S2.5UO.  "It had been used as a supply  ship lor Ihe rum-runners  during Prohibition days. We  bought her mainly for the  engine and thc oil she was  carrying. Al first, we had some  notion of getting into world  trade. When that didn't pan  out. wc took a contract to haul  logs for lorn Kelly's outfit up  in thc Charlottes. That first trip  Pages from a Life-Log  Peter Trower  was a regular son of a bitch and  wc damn near sank her. Hit a  couple of really bad blows. But  wc got the wood to Port Alice  okay in thc end, paid off the  crew and made a damn tidy  profit." From this point on, the  fortunes of the Gibson Brothers took a sharp upswing.  They purchased three other old  sailing ships and went into log-  barging in a big way.  Ihe Gibsons continued to  expand and diversify iheir  interest to include fish-packing,  mining and other endeavours.  Gordon however, remained in  charge of the logging end ol  things. "Hell. I stuck wilh whal  I was good at and I was damn  good at starting camps. Wchad  eight of them in the end:  Chamiss Bay; Jeune Landing  Gold River; Tahsis. Set every  one of them up myself. What I  usually did was hire a crew and  take them in. Then I'd pick out  whichever one of them knew  more than me and I'd make him  thc foreman. Worked out  pretty well in the long run.  Guess some of our first camps  When they're showing  you how good it looks,  ask about  their  service  policy.  ���UCBZ7D  Then ask them where it's  made; and ask them about  parts availability and prices.  If what you hear makes you  nervous, then ask us.  = 20 INCH COLOUR XL-100 FROM $549 =  J&C  ELECTRONICS  in the Trail Bay Centre.  Sechelt. 885-2568  weren't too fancy on conditions. I was so used to roughing  it, I never paid much attention  to that kind of thing. But there  got to be quite a lot of bitching  about the quarters we were  providing. That's when I built  Jeune Landing. It was a model  camp. (He shows us a photograph of the outfit in question.)  Even had rugs on the goddamn  bunkhouse floors."  Gordon's talk turns to his  reputation as a tough boss. "I  don't figure I was unfair but I  sure as hell wouldn't take any  crap. Sometimes you had to be  hard even when it hurt. There  was a foreman wc had up in  Tahsis, Been with mc ten years  and I (rusted him. That's alter  we'd started up thc big sawmill  there -- biggest on thc West  Coast - and we were using  scrap lumber from thc mill to  fire tne steampots on the  logging operation. Well, I took  a drive up the valley one day to  see how the boys were making  out. This foreman had gone up  not long before me and the  wood-truck before him. I came  to this great timber lying on the  road and the tracks of the  foreman's pick-up went right  around it. Hadn't even stopped  to throw it off. I threw the  bastard off myself and drove on  up to where they were yarding.  'Listen, Carl' I said 'didn't you  see that son of a bitching timber  laying there?' He couldn't very  well deny it because of the  tracks. Well, goddamn it, I had  to fire him. It could have put  the next logging-truck that  came down, right into the  weeds. He was a damn good  man but I had to can him. No  telling how many times he'd  done things like that before or  how many times he'd do them  again. All the boys were  madder than hell at me about  firing Carl and they had a big  meeting in camp that night. But  I stuck to my guns. I was the  goddamn boss and I didn't  have any choice in a case like  that. Guess it's the sort of thing  that gave me a tough name but  a driver could easily have been  killed."  INVITATION TO TENDER  ALTERATIONS TO THE DIETARY DEPARTMENT AT  ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL, SECHELT, B.C.  Sealed tenders are invited for Alterations to the Dietary Department at  St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  The project comprises renovation and expansion of the existing dietary  department within the existing building. The area of the affected area is  approximately 4350 square feet.  The Administrator, St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C. will receive  tenders until 12noonP.D.T. Friday, August 15,1980. Tenders received  after this time will not be accepted.  General, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors may obtain  documents after 1 p.m. Thursday, July 17,1980 from the Architects,  Paul Smith Associates, 2425 Quebec Street, Vancouver, B.C. on  deposit of $100.00 certified cheque per set payable to the Architects.  The deposit will be refunded upon return of the Documents in good  condition within ten (10) days after date of Tender opening.  Documents may be viewed after 12 noon Friday, July 18, 1980 at the  following Plan rooms: - Amalgamated Construction Association,  Vancouver and Burnaby, B.C.; Construction Plan Service, Burnaby,  B.C.; Construction Association of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.; Nanaimo  Construction Association, Nanaimo, B.C.  Documents may also be viewed at St. Mary's Hospital, by prior  arrangement with the Administrator.  A Bid Bond in the amount of Ten Percent (10%) of the Tender must  accompany each Tender as defined on the Tender Form.  The B.C. Bid Depository System shall be used for the receipt of the  following subtrade tenders: - Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating,  Electrical.  Trade tenders shal I be deposited at the Vancouver and Lower Mainland  Bid Depositories up to 12 noon, Tuesday, August 13,1980. Bid Bonds in  the amount often percent (10%) of the tender must be provided where  required by depository regulations. Where Bid Bonds are required, the  successful trade contractors shall provide a fifty percent (50%)  Performance Bond and a fifty percent (50%) Labour and Materials  Bond.  The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted.  Mr. N. Vucurevich  Administrator  St. Mary's Hospital  Box 7777  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  My lady friend asks Gordon  when he first came out of the  woods and started sitting  behind a desk. "Who said I ever  did that?" he growls. "Hell, I  didn't know the first damn  thing about being an executive.  Still don't. Even after we'd got  the big mill going at Tahsis, my  office was an old shack and I  still wore work-pants and  suspenders. My 'desk' was  three boards of rough lumber  on a couple of packing cases;  furniture was a couple of  kitchen chairs; that was about  it. Well, some of the other  people in thc company thought  I should put up more of a fancy  front so they hired this college  guy lo come in and gel Ihe town  better organized, He snooped  around lor a couple of days and  then came in to see mc. Said  people were complaining because there weren't any sidewalks yet. I told him we'd put  them in as soon as the dock was  finished. He bitched about a  few other things. I told him  we'd get them fixed too. Then  he started to get out of line.  'You know what's the biggest  trouble around here?'  'No, what?'  'You!', he said.  Well, I even let him get away  with that but then he went too  far.  'Look at your office. It's not  an office at all. You don't even  have any books in here!'  'The only books I'm going to  goddamn well have in here' I  said, 'are the ones I bloody well  write myself!'  And that's when I fired him."  Gordon Gibson has not  relaxed his position from those  stubbornly rough-shod days. A  quick glance around his present  office is proof of that. True, the  board and packing-case desk  has been replaced by one of  conventional oak and the old  battler himself wears an expensive suit. But the only books in  evidence are the many albums  of photographs and clippings  that detail his hell-for-leather  career. He may not have got  around to writing his own  books. But he has certainly  lived them.  A sound of gathering eagles  in the office next door suggests  that the scheduled meeting is  about to begin and that our  interview has run its course. I  give old Gordon a copy of my  logging poems and we exchange cordial goodbyes. En  route to the elevator, we meet  young Gordon and a couple of  other people who eye us  curiously. We have encountered thc Bull ofthe Woodsand  survived. I wouldn't have  missed it for the world.  This stencil of a smoking man was one of a series of  eight by Keith Donovan in the joint Donovan-Matthew  Harley show presently on display at the Arts Centre  and reviewed herein.  Arts Access  The Sunshine Coast Arts  Council is in the process of  compiling an Arts Access  directory for those interested  in contacting persons connected with the arts on the  Sunshine Coast.  All   artists,    craftspeople,  musicians, performers, writers, arts oriented teachers,  and art outlets are invited to  submit their names, address,  phone number, and speciality  to SUNSHINE COAST ARTS  ACCESS DIRECTORY, Box  1565, Sechelt or phone Michelle at 885-5412.  At the Twilight  "kJ3; I  ,JW      1-  Clint Eastwood fans, and  there are many, are going to  be delighted with the next  offering at the Twilight  Theatre. Bronco Billy, Eastwood's latest vehicle will be  shown at the local cinema for  one week commencing Wednesday, July 23.  As Bronco Billy, Eastwood  manages and stars in a  travelling Wild West Show of  fancy riding, trick shooting,  Indian dancing, and lariat  twirling. A poor little rich girl,  played by Sondra Locke,  joins the travelling show and  eventually and reluctantly  provides our hero with a love  interest.  This is a movie which  should be popular precisely  because it is predictable.  The familiar themes, the  country-western music featuring Merle Haggard, and the  down home scenes combine  for an amusing night's entertainment.  The film will appeal to  traditional Clint Eastwood  fans, those who seek a bit of  escape from their worries  in a movie in which, as one  character states, "you can be  whatever you want to be".   by Rte Ellingham  Week commencing July 21.  General Notes: Venus, planet  of love, affection, compromise  and relationships, opposes  deceptive Neptune indicating  confusing, emotional conditions. Venus also squares  restrictive Saturn signifying  cautious romantic or partnership developments. It's not the  best time to get married, fall in  love or sign important agreements.  Next Sunday's Full Moon in  Aquarius brings much-needed  relief and laughter to a somewhat somber week.  ARIES (March 21-April 19)  Accent is on confusing short-  distance communications.  Double check all letters,  messages and phone calls.  Don't be fooled by sweet-  sounding love note. It's your  turn to be pulled over if you  drink and drive this week. Full  Moon coincides with successful  completion of the first stage of  your long-range project.  TAURUS (April 20-May 20)  Focus is on tricky financial  conditions. Avoid suspicious  cash transactions. Resist purchase of too-good-to-be-true  bargain. Check safety of purse,  wallet, cheques and credit  cards. It's the wrong time to  channel funds into vague  investment venture. Full Moon  brings long-awaited prestige or  position.  GEMINI (May 21-June 21)  Venus in your sign, opposing  Neptune, finds you dreamy,  impractical difficult to understand but irresistible. Unscrupulous Geminis can now deceive, pretend, fool others by  false image or appearance.  Honesty with associates is best  policy all week. Full Moon  highlights emotional fulfilment  far away.  CANCER (June 22-July 22)  Emphasis is on mysterious  romantic attraction, involvement or alliance. Your  private affairs become camouflaged with trumped-up stories  and fibs. Resist subtle sexual  seduction at secluded spot.  Friend confined to home or  hospital needs longer visits.  Full Moon yields benefits from  shared financial venture.  LEO (July 23-Aug. 22)  Long-range plans, hopes and  wishes become temporarily  hazy and impractical. Acquaintance's ideas and suggestions  lack common sense. Sign no  agreements with community  groups or local officials. Transactions involving friends look  deceptive. Full Moon announces results of recent partnership  endeavour.  VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)  Looks like an attractive,  unassuming person could be  secretly undermining your  honour, position and recent a-  chievements. Superior's praise  and flattering remarks hint of  trickery and deception. Rt  quest extra time to considc  vague promotion or job offet  Check location of career ere  dentials. Full Moon bring  rewards for hard work wel  done.  LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23)  Accent is on confusing long  distance affairs, worriesomi  educational or philosophica  matters. Once again others fine  your beliefs and conviction:  too idealistic for comfort  Phone call from far away h  bewildering and lacks honesty  It's thc wrong lime to fall ir  love with stranger travelling  light. Full Moon highlight.'  crazy social activity.  SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)  Your involvement with other  people's money and possessions is source of passing worry  and misunderstandings. It's not  the best time to borrow cash or  initiate joint financial enterprise. Loved one's muddled  handling of funds requires  much patience and explanation. Full Moon coincides with  completion of domestic project.  SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-  Dec. 21)  Relations with close friends,  loved ones and business associates are subject to confusing,  unrealistic expectations. Advice is to postpone signing of  any crucial documents or  agreements until all facts and  figures are double checked.  Special person in your life is  now feeling dreamy, emotional  and over-idealistic. Full Moon  brings long-awaited local phone call.  CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.  19)  Where you perform daily  tasks and duties is scene of  disorderly developments. Misunderstanding with co-worker  is linked to vague instructions,  impractical methods and procedures. On-the-job romance  may be the cause of sloppy  workmanship. Have lung or  chest upset checked immediately. Full Moon draws  accumulated cash dividends.  AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)  Social activities, pleasures,  pastimes, romantic and creative pursuits are associated  with mystery and intrigue. It's  the wrong time to takea chance  on love. Looks like you've  become mesmerized by newcomer's attention and sweet  ways. Artists', writers', poets'  inspiration hits summer peak.  Full Moon in your sign finds  you rather odd, peculiar, eccentric, years ahead of your  time.  PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20)  Focus is on confusing domestic conditions. Those sharing your living space arc  suspicious of revised family  routines and duties. Postpone  purchase of decorative household items until next week.  Avoid signing any property,  rental or real estate documents.  Full Moon spotlights location  of long-lost article in secluded  place.  CLINT EASTVVOOiVERONCO BUY-,.���* SOI II F ������      ��� I  ""���IB DENNIS HACKIN ��, NEAL DOBROfSKY ��� MS ROBERT CWEY  SgS?SfRlTZfilANES-"''',.,;L,tNNSH/CKIN-"0'KaiNI i~   ..  Warning:  Occasional swearing & suggestive  scenes' B.C. Director  4mmmm&  STARTS NEXT WEEK  "URBAN COWBOY"  Please phone for show times 886-2827. Off the shelf  Donovan & Harley show  Coast News, July 22, 1980  by John Moore  I've never been a big fan  of fictional crime literature.  The motivations of fictional  criminals are too consistent,  too contrived to be believable  in most cases. Real crimes,  many of them more bizarre  than anything dreamed up by  the penny-a-word hacks, seldom lend themselves to the  kind of complex sophistry  that provides the solution to  their fictional counterparts.  Two famous counterfeiting  cases provide a comparative  case in point. Both are true  and both from The World's  Strangest Crimea, by C.E.  Maine. (Pocket Books 1970).  During W.W. II, Heinrich  Himmler conceived a plan  worthy of any master criminal  ever dreamed up by Sax  Rohmer, Conan Doyle or  Ian Fleming. Unlike fictional  master-criminals, whose vast  underworld organizations simply strain one's credulity,  Himmler had access to a  highly efficient organization,  a nation at war.  Himmler's plan was simply  to bankrupt a whole nation.  After Dunkirk, Hitler, like  Napoleon, was reluctant to  make the seemingly short leap  across the Channel. Britain  is a natural fortress, but as  such was also subject to seige.  The U-Boat blockade intensified the pressure, and it  was felt that the collapse of  the British economy would  hasten the end of the war.  Artificial inflation had been  used before as a weapon of  war, but without significant  success. Himmler was convinced, however, that with a  thorough and methodical approach, this time it would be  used to end the war almost  without firing another shot.  His plan was to flood  England with forged banknotes, notes so perfect that  .they would equal the work of  the Bank of England. Under a  Captain Friedrich Kruger, a  team of experts in draughtsmanship, engraving, printing  and paper technology, many  of them Jewish craftsmen  recruited from concentration  camps, was established in a  secret location under the  supervision of a former  professional forger.  The team actually did  succeed in producing very  high quality forgeries of  British banknotes. These were  to be dropped over England  during the night bombing  raids by the Luftwaffe, and  therein lay the one flaw in  the plan. In order to speed  the inflationary process and  lessen the bulk of paper that  would have to be carried by  the planes, the master counterfeiters produced mainly  5 pound, 10 pound and even a  few 20 pound notes.  Pound or ten-shilling notes  might   have  escaped   notice  and  tempted  the  finder  to  spend them, since they were  the common currency of the  day, but a wad of fresh fivers  in  wartime  Britain  was   as  conspicuous   as   a   swastika  armband. In spite of processes  to ensure that thc notes looked  j used, the peculiar honesty of  I the recipients of these wind-  I falls resulted  in  packets of  ��� large bills being turned in to  '. local   police   stations   after  | every  drop.  The  operation,  ;��� though it is a perfect example  S of  what   large   corporations  I now    call    "economies    of  ���: scale" - supposedly unlimited  J resources of manpower and  V material brought to bear on  > a   single   problem   -   failed  ' dismally.  ? By contrast, take the case of  { Edward Mueller, a retired  I widower in New York in the  j? late 1930's. Living in a shabby  �� tenement on 96th Street, with  fe only his small dog for com-  5 pany, Mueller was an independent son who refused  even the small government  pension   to   which   he   was  U��� ���v r.  Gibsons Public  library  Tuesday   2-4p.m.  Wednesday  2-4p.m.  Thursday 2-4 & 7-9pm.  Saturday 2-4 p.m.  entitled. Instead, being of  an inventive turn of mind and  an inveterate tinkerer, he  went into the counterfeiting  business.  Mueller broke every rule in  the counterfeiter's book; the  trick in forging notes, aside  from the technical difficulties,  is to forge a denomination  large enough to make the  operation profitable and small  enough not to arouse suspicion. (That's why counterfeiters in this country always  pick on the $20 bill, it's large  enough to make the operation  worthwhile and just small  enough that merchants won't  recall who gave it to them.)  Mueller forged American  SI dollar bills and forged them  incredibly badly by professional standards. Ironically,  where Himmler and the combined resources of a nation  mobilized for war failed,  Mueller succeeded so well  that the combined efforts of  the New York police, FBI and  the Treasury Dept. couldn't  track him down.  His secret of course, was  that he wasn't forging for a  large profit. He produced just  enough bogus dollar bills to  cover the minimal costs of the  comfortable poverty in which  he and his little dog lived.  He passed the bills himself,  in local shops, and got away  with it for a decade because  he looked nothing like a  criminal and because people  were so accustomed to receiving battered old dollar  bills that his bluff was never  called.  The identity of the ' 'forger"  was found out finally only as a  result of a fire that occurred  in his apartment while he  was out. His primitive equipment was so unlike a professional forger's workshop  that firemen and police didn't  recognize it for what it was;  they only returned to the  scene when some of Mueller's  rejects were turned in to the  local police station by boys  playing in the alley behind the  building.  In ten years, Mueller forged  a little over six thousand  one dollar bills. He served  only four months in jail before  being released in the custody  of his daughter and son-in-  law. The final irony is that if  he had accepted his pension  from the government, he  would have received twice  that amount over the same  period.  The World's Strangest  Crimes is one of those pulpy  little books you find on a  drugstore rack or a secondhand bookseller's shelves, but  these little anecdotes from the  annals of crime beat any  detective fiction I've ever  read. All for now.  by Joan Huestls Foster  Matthew Harley and Keith  Donovan are good foils each  for the other in their two-man  exhibition of paintings now  showing at the Sunshine Coast  Art Centre in Sechelt. Donovan is sharp, sophisticated and  abstract. Harley is tender,  sensitive and nostalgic with  representational work.  Donovan appears to have  been strongly influenced by  Canada's Michael Show (he of  "Walking Woman" fame who  has been permanently lured to  the U.S. Snow was strongly  influenced by Paul Klec. There  is nothing wrong with this type  of progression. It is as it should  be and always has been.)  In his "Man Smoking" series  there are eight slightly rearranged paintings (differing  prints) of several overlapping  silhouettes in identical positive  and negative shapes. His  negative areas arc important  and part of the positive image  in heavily contrasting colours.  The man smoking is revolving  within both thc composition  and the habit. Here Donovan  makes a strong combined  statement against tobacco. His  sense of humour is evidenced  by a clock (behind the reception desk) which is pure  youthful delight as is his spray  painted hanging telephone.  He also has a large grouping  of small paintings, many of  which might work better either  on   their   own   or   grouped  Harley and Donovan II  by Michael J. Nozinskl  Considering the science or  philosophy of beauty, Henry  Thoreau required of every  writer, "a simple and sincere  account of his own life."  Such a truly personal statement is no simple matter. It  takes courage or nonchalance  naivete or a seasoned aesthetic judgement for an artist  to proclaim, "Ecce Homo,  This Man, I see my world  thus" and then - sans artiface,  symbols, ruse or the many  smoke-screen devices of technical subterfuge - to place his  personal vision before the  public eye. With pastel and  watercolour calling cards,  Matthew Harley invites us  to travel his streets, explore  his alleyways, visit his lodgings, to enter, indeed even  the bedroom is bared and the  closet door is open. If we find  a skeleton, it is not a fiendish  monstrosity but a jest, a  curiosity, and the vision  remains honest, optimistic,  sunny and available for  Sechelt scrutiny at Trail and  Medusa till July 27.  Sharing the Arts Centre  podium is a second Vancouver  artist, Keith Donovan whose  particular forte is not ink, pen  or pencil but stencil. Stencil?  I scratch and search for  aesthetic antecedents, recalling how highschool gym  uniforms were forever endowed with our names in India  ink,   visualizing   commercial  lettering, t-shirts - all irrelevant. With a free, fertile and  imaginative hand, Mr. Donovan applies spray enamel  through his cut-outs, producing "Applicable Design" -  a wall-filling collage of 30  somewhat interrelated pieces  which run an emotional and  intellectual gamut from abstract to real, nearly pop to  macabre, and include one or  two delightful road signs  which could enliven any inter-  /stellar-voyage. By bringing a  loose, fist to eye, one can  create a shutter and separate  the collage into its component  compositions, and inevitably  some prove more intriguing  and potentially more durable  than others.  Meander, turn and we find  a Harley collage, still life,  delicate flowers and a reoccuring dinosaur motif. Back  through Matthew's byways,  enjoying the earth colours,  seeing now the varying  strokes and differing attention  to detail, pleasantly surprised  that a recent "experimental  art major" could so wisely  keep his feet on the ground.  Onward, finally confronting  8 large kaleidoscopic stenciled  panels ostensibly examining  her Royally Habituating, Covertly and Overtly Vicious  Imperial Majesty, Lady Nico,  teen queen of Tobac. My  hundredth hour voluntary  famine has my body occasionally writhing in pain. I avert  my eyes, count to ten,  try  again.  With their overlapping realities, the panels are indeed  interesting and, viewed in  sequence or in total, nearly  constitute a visual exposition  of the possibilities of the  medium, perhaps finally pointing towards the vision's  limit. Here 4 panels might  have been enough says I  as my mind's eye focuses  on the pipe and cig, another  cog is turned, my racked  body bays for the  nicotine bitch, colouring my  already buckled judgement,  I turn, meander, return.  Realizing that these views  might be reviewed, I especially wanted to beseem to  wrestle with aesthetic non-  absolutes, grapple with the  intricacies of technique and  style and evidence a certain  subtle verbal grandiloquence  which, with the aid of digression and dangling modifiers, could sufficiently muddle as to obfuscate. It is yet  possible that some summer  residents or holiday visitors  are not yet acquainted with  the Sunshine Coast Arts  Centre which is soon to  celebrate its first birthday.  Why not give a call to 885-  5412, or better yet stop by,  take in the show, pick up a  calendar, ask about the  upcoming Festival, take out  a membership or a print or  painting you can't resist,  spread the word, and enjoy.  TIRE STORE  "SUMMER TIRE 9^u'  <��\  SALE" i<  ~ , 111' i    Arcan  ���V/l'1  &  o/_, ' -,  l;����BP.HB!t  Light Truck  650 x 16 Lug  Reg. $90.10  $10  BRUNSWICK - FABRIC RADIALS  '"/,  00  '~  y'ti\  886-2130  Road Hugger F 70 x 14 - $62.95  Road Hugger G 60 x 15 ��� $68.95  Road Hugger G 70 x 14 - $64.95,  165 SR x 13  ,,,i,^  SPECIAL $45.95  ER 78 x 14  Reg S68S0  SPECIAL $58.50  FR 78 x 14  Hcl   >f>4 4r,  SPECIAL $59.95  GR 78 x 14  Reg J7295  SPECIAL $62.95  GR 78 x 15  Reg $73 50  SPECIAL $63 50  HR 78 x 15  His S7r��  SPECIAL $67.95  LR 78 x 15  V..-I 585.50  ^  SPECIAL $75.50j  July 22 - August 4  Take Advantage of these Great Savings!  SECHELT  S3  TIRE  STORE  VIA/  Corner of Wharf & Dolphin Sis.  885-3155  J*  differently. Thc viewer's eye is  often stopped in this set-up  rather than merely pausing.  The revolving concept of  composition might work better  by rearrangement or the dropping of one or two weighty eye  stoppers. There is no law lhat  requires a perfect rectangle or  square within this concept.  Matthew Harley is inimitable with his open-door, warm  interior paintings. His focus is  on his immediate surroundings; the bedroom he is just  leaving or the living area filled  wilh homey items to which he is  just reluming. There is a  suggestion of (ireg Ctirnoc  (London. Ontario) aboul Har-  Icy's work but he is certainly his  own man and has a way with  old fashioned chintz bedspreads, potted plants, items  tossed on rumpled beds and  lean, spare composition thai  goes beyond realism. Though  no one is in his rooms someone  is always just around the  corner. Even his hack alleys arc  painted with sunny. Sunday  comfort. In only one painting  docs he break his own rule with  a shadowed uninviting doorway.  Most of his doorways  beckon with the feeling that  something pleasant awaits thc  eye.  Harlcy's perspective is intriguing wiih windows beyond  windows and doors beyond  doors thus paintings within  paintings. In one work the  entire foreground is taken by  simple wood flooring hut his  use of space is unusual and a  great asset within his compositions. Matthew Hurley paints  homely, familiar things and  places in an honest, uncontri-  ved way that pulls on the heartstrings with simplicity and  without sentimentality. He  rejects categorization and  chaos, i cannot put a verbal  linger on his appeal hut I can  assure you lhat lor me it is  strong.  Both Matthew Harley and  Keith Donovan arc young and  well grounded. Watching their  progress in the ne\t lew years  will be fascinating. We arc  fortunate in having this exhibit  on thc Sunshine Coast and it is  well worth a visil to Sechelt.  The Art Centre is located on  the corner of Trail and Medusa  across thc street from Hackett  Park.  EXPLORING THE SEASHORE  A guide to B.C. Shorebirds, Intertidal  Plants & Animals,     by Gloria Snively  We also have mun\ other book* on heal flora & fauna,  Indian culture und hlitory of thv urea.  (We carry office stationery!!)  Bowen I School  is sought after  The School Board received 4  bids in response to advertisements for the sale of thc old  Bowen Island School. The  GVRD and the Youth Hostel  Association both offered SI,  the Bowen Island Senior Citizens, $22,000 and a resident of  I00 Mile House who wanted  thc building for personal use  S35.0OO. The assessed value is  S50.000.  At the suggestion ol Trustee  Hodgins. a committee of three  will go to Bowen to talk with  the three organizations who  want the building for public use  to assess thc value to the  community of all plans belore  making a decision.  KIDS  EAT FREE!  Kids age nine & under can  EAT FREE        ^-      _,--*.  EVERY WEDNESDAY /^QSH/*^  DURING JULY ' *-" "���"*-'*  when accompanied  by an adult.  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Inspected  CHICKEN ,���. 4.39  Breasts, Drumsticks or Thighs  I.G.A  SA  Pure Pork or Breaklasl  SAUSAGE ,hpkg 4.39  PRODUCE  CABBAGE ib, 29*  B.C. Grown *��*����  CARROTS ib, 29*  B.C. Grown  CAULIFLOWER each 79*  B.C. Grown  FROZEN FOODS  Swarison  T.V. DINNERS     ,.,u�� 4.39  Fried Chicken. Bed & turkey  Holiday Farms  LASAGNA 2ihs $3.89  Come to Madvm - <M% ^mid  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  mmm  amiMiiii wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  mmmmmmtmrnm  Coast News, July 22, 1980  1  ! ��-  i  m  1  i  1  This year's highlights  Sea Cavalcade  Judges of the Miss Sea  Cavalcade Pageant got their  first official look at the nine  lovely candidates as they  modelled fashions from The  Cactus Flower and Helen's  Fashions in the Sunshine  Parade of Fashion Wednesday  evening at Fitzgerald's Restaurant. The girls were assisted by Dennis Suveges, John  McConnell and Terry Kross-  enger, all togged out by  Richard's Mens Wear and  Trail Bay Sports, and Emily  Richmons and Jason and  Aaron Krossengcr in clothes  from Todd's Children* Wear.  Don't forget that the Cavalcade Queen will be chosen at  the Pageant at Elphinstone  High this Thursday. Tickets  at the door will be $2.00 for  Adults, $1.00 for Seniors and  kids.  Friday evening, Aug. 1,  after the opening ceremonies  on the Gibsons Wharf, and the  Sunset Ceremony, the Great  Sunshine Coast Talent Contest  gets underway at 8 p.m.  Organizer Dan Tohill now has  16 contestants who will be  offering an hour and a half  of solid entertainment, singing, dancing, comedy etc. Dan  plans to emcee the show  himself, so don't miss it.  Judges in the contest will be  Beachcombers' producer  Hugh Beard, Harry Howard of  Aelbers Real Estate, and  Coast News Grand Wazoo  M.M. Joe. Stick around after  the show for the Fireworks I  Things get off to an early  start Saturday morning on the  2nd with a bicycle race from  Davis Bay to Gibsons. You  have to be 16 or over to enter.  The race starts at 7a.m. from  the Beach Buoy Restaurant  in Davis Bay.  Weigh-in for the Canadian  Open Wrist-Wrestling Championships will be held between  7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  Saturday morning. With $3000  in prize money and trophies  in this Labbatt's sponsored  event, contestants from as far  away as Kentucky, Prince  Edward Island and California  are homing in on Gibsons  Winter Club. Among those  appearing will be Canadian  Middleweight Champ John  Miazdzyk who is also Can/ Am  Lightweight title holder and  rated as the third ranking  World Middleweight. Classes  for the event range from  Flyweight (O-150 lbs.) up to  Heavyweight (over 200 lbs.)  so everybody can get into  the act against fair competition.  The Cavalcade Parade mar-  snails in the Sunnycrest Mall  parking lot at 9:30 a.m.  There's still time to enter a  float by contacting Haig  Maxwell at 886-8158. Pets  entered in the SPCA Pet Show  to be held at Dougal Park can  also march in the parade.  Categories in the contest  include "Best Dressed Pet",  "Largest Pet" and "Most  Unusual Pet". (The Knights  of   the   White   Tower   will  brandish their broadswords  in the park later in the day,  so leave the dragon at home.)  Kids Day in Dougal Park  following the Parade will  feature a Haystack Candy  Hunt, all kinds of races,  a dunk tank, a pic throw, fish  pond and Poster Contest on  the "Beachcombing" theme.  Events in thc Park get underway just after noon. Also at  12:30 p.m., just down at the  foot of Prowsc Road, The Son-  shine Coast Moto-Cross Race  gets underway. The race is  sponsored by the Omega  Restaurant and trophies will  be awarded to winning riders.  Riders wishing to compete  are cautioned that proper  safety equipment must be  worn. Bikes and equipment  will be inspected before the  race.  At 3 p.m. Saturday on the  Gibsons Elementary playing  field, the Village of Gibsons  challenges all comers in the  World Championship Pushball  Game. The Roberts Creek  contingent, fresh from their  triumph at the Daze, is  expected in force to defend the  Cedars Inn Trophy. Coast  News Editor John Burnside, a  Creek resident and Gibsons  businessman, says he isn't  sure which side he'll push for.  With that kind of an opener,  there's a distinct possibility  that "Musings" may have  become "Bruisings" by the  end of Cavalcade weekend.  Saturday night there will be  a Teen Dance on the wharf for  people 18 and under. The  featured band will be "Aces  Wild" from North Vancouver.  The dance will run from 8  to 11:30 p.m. and soft drinks  will be available at 25* each.  Sunday morning on the 3rd,  Armours Beach becomes the  focus of events, with the  swim from Keats Island to  Armours Beach. Each swimmer must be accompanied by  a boat. The big swim gets  underway at 10:00 a.m. and  while contestants are braving  the waters of Shoal Channel,  kids swim events will be held  at the beach starting at 10:45.  The Loggers Water Sports  get going at noon, with a pulp-  packing competition and Tug-  o-War and the big Beachcomber Boat Race that features $1,600 in prizes. Entry  in the race can be arranged  at thc judges barge on Race  Day.  At 3 p.m. Sunday, the UBC  Parachute Club will literally  be "dropping in" courtesy of  Tyee Air. They will be plucked  from the water by the Navy  League cadets and have their  parachutes hosed off by the  Gibsons Volunteer Fire Department who will be managing the days' events.  With a noon fly past by the  Elphlnstone Aero Club,  followed by the Canadian  Forces Voodoos at 1 p.m. and  simulated air-sea rescue later  in the afternoon, Sunday is  going lo be a very busy day  in thc sky and the sea.  This eighteen foot totem pole was carved by Victor  Harrison of Gibsons. Victor is pictured at his parents'  home on Crucil Road where he finished it off.  Vandalism aimed at  by Ava Bandi  What is vandalism?  Working in the Summer Job  Corps Program with the  RCMP we have been confronted with that question  many times. Now in order to  educate the public we found it  necessary to educate ourselves. First we went to  Webster's New Collegiate  Dictionary, which defines vandalism as the "wilful or malicious destruction or defacement of any public or private  property". It wasn't just a  word made up by someone  in high places to curtail good  times I That definition includes  bending signs, breaking windows and B&E's. Does it also  mean - writing "GRAD 80"  on the highway is illegal?  (uh ohl) So vandalism isn't  a terrible crime committed  solely by "jerks"!  On approaching the various  businesses in the area we  discovered the actual extent  of the vandalism in the community. The defacement of  washrooms in the Sunnycrest  Mall was worse than just  "pretty bad". However, they  have now been painted over  and the public has the good  fortune to have a second  chance at keeping them  decent. The medical-dental  building has had plants pulled  up on a continual basis.  Benches in Lower Gibsons  have been defaced to the  extent that businesses no  longer put benches or other  ornaments in front of their  stores. Slogans scrawled on  public signs and overturned  mailboxes may as well be  notices informing residents of  increased property taxes.  So how can we combat  vandalism? As we have been  repeatedly telling the public,  the first step is to realize that  vandalism is a community  cancer. If not recognized in  its early stages, cancer will  grow, pervading the system  until the whole system is  destroyed. However, if the  malignant cells are dealt  with, the disease can be  cured. The same applies to  vandalism. Each member of  the community must do their  part to prevent vandalism  from spreading. Our survey  told us that much of the  vandalism occurs at night;  parents therefore have the  responsibility of knowing the  whereabquts of their children.  It has been found that clean,  pleasant looking premises are  vandalized less than unkempt  ones, If your premises are  vandalized, clean up the mess  right away. A good example of  this was the vandalism at  Molly's Reach. The people of  CBC had the mess cleaned up  almost before we could scurry  down School Rd., catch our  breath and click the shutters I  Generally, the public is  quite concerned about vandalism in the community. We  have encountered public concern and enthusiasm for our  program. Our suggestions  have been carefully considered and we are willing to  do all we can. The Sunshine  Coast is probably one of the  most attractive places on this  continent - yes, even in the  rain. Vandalism, a result of  an overly permissive society,  can ruin our oasis - but only  if we let it. We are a growing  community. Let's grow properly; safe and beautiful.  rS/\ SUNSHINE  y KITCHENS  FINE CABINETS  886-9411 Gibsons  WE'RE EXPANDING!  We NOW have  PLUMBING   &  ELECTRICAL  SUPPLIES  Watch for the opening of  our Exclusive Plumbing &  Electrical Dept. on  August 1  AC  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Corner of Hwy. 101  & Francis Peninsula Rd.  FRANCIS PFNINSULA PLACE  883-2585  Egmont New  ���V^%%%��'K>%%��)W%��1^1����%%��*1t��Wt����3WMOB^  by Jon Van Arsdell  Well another week of very  schizophrenic weather has  passed us by and left us in what  could be called a medium  mood. Nothing really exciting  happened this week but we  were visited by a kayak club  who were doing a stint between  Porpoise Bay and Earl's Cove.  Ihere was about 18 of them  and wouldn't you know it. one  of them rolled right over just  off Home Island. (Where the  devil is Home Island, you ask?)  that's the little one you see right  off our dock when you look  straight across the Chuck. I  wonder how they made out in  the rapids?  Next week we can promise  some very exciting actional the  Elementary School in Mad  Park. Two very famous hall  clubs will be locking horns in  what promises to be one ofthe  contests ofthe decade. (Keep in  Community Forum  mind this is only July 1980.)  The Crown ZD's will be pitting  their strengthagainst the Argus  A's. These clubs have been  preparing months for this  encounter, and I only hope that  the rumours about last minute  trades are false. A very experienced, non-biased umpire  has volunteered his services.  We all hope Ron Fern survives  next Sunday, July 27th in  Madeira. Join us a 5 pm.  Concerning the salmon on  the coast, thc gillnetters did  pretty good outside of Namu.  Actually, a handful were  caught here, but don't get  excited about it. Scotch Fir was  much better. Thc Tzoonie  River peeled out of town this  week and the Egmont News  was nol on board for the first  time in 4 years. Apparently thc  News was offered another  position he found hard lo  refuse, hut will miss thc  excitement of the hunt.  fi  ���5  S'  The Gibsons  Meat Market  ��� We Guarantee Service  ��� Quality Freshness  "No Surprises"  Country Style  BEEF SAUSAGE  $1.49 lb.  Lj&&&^k3&&vt  PENINSULA  HOTEL  CHANNEL TEN (GIBSONS)  WEDNESDAY JULY 23  6:30 p.m. "Behind the Scenes  at the Beachcombers" This  programme is the second in  our series and features Roy  Luckow, Director of Photography for the CBC.  7:00 p.m. "Highlights of this  year's Sea Cavalcade" Gary  Puckett, co-ordinator of the  Cavalcade discusses this  year's plans  7:30 p.m. "Senior Chef"  Produced by the Ministry of  Health.  8:00 p.m. "Sunshine Coast  Arts    Centre"    Filmed    on  location in Sechelt, Keith  Wallace, curator of the Centre, discusses the purpose and  role ofthe centre.  8:30 p.m. "Bee Keeping at  Elphinstone Secondary  School" This programme was  filmed on the roof at Elphi  and bee-keeper Jack Johnston  demonstrates the function of  the bee hive.  9:00 p.m. "Curling Programme for Juniors on the  Sunshine Coast" Gordon  Shead talks with members of  the junior curling club and  with president of the Winter  Club, Mr. Larry Boyt.  Pick Your Own  BLACK  CURRANTS  79�� lb.  Ready picked - $1.15 Ib.  ALSO VEGETABLES  Tony Archer 886-7046  ^a  JUC  3T  X  ��� Ife.  ��� ���   IV.  ������������  VftCfr"^  %  y~mtmc^  *       Thurs., Fri., Sat.,    \%  July 24th, 25th, 26th  Hwy. 101, Gibsons 886-9334  Jimmy Simkins  THAT'S  MY  CREDIT  UNION  The Credit Union's open after school and on  Saturdays so I can deposit my money.  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  BOX 375, COWRIE STREET, SECHELT, B.C VON 3A0  TELEPHONE 885-3255  885-3255  X   ���  B*maa fff  Halfmoon Bav Happenings  by Ruth Fonetter  SWING YOUR PARTNER:  Perhaps the liveliest spot on  the Redrooffs Beaches on July  12th was Sandford Dene,  where Al & Marguerite  Jacques hosted their annual  square dance picnic on the  Sleasant lawn between their  ouse and the sea. More than  seventy square dancers from  Sechelt, Gibsons, Powell River  and Vancouver took part and  the weather was pleasant and  cool enough for them to dance  some lively squares to the  calls of Mr. & Mrs. Harry  Robertson of Gibsons. A  surprise visitor was an otter  who came ashore, took a look  at the swirling dancers and  then went on up the beach to  the seclusion of his favourite  cave.  THE BIG DAY:  Well, the big day of the  country fair is almost upon  us - Sat. of July 26th at the  Halfmoon Bay school. For  those of you who have not yet  been contacted, the home  baking section is being taken  care of by Mary Murray and  Geri Smith who will be  pleased to receive your donations on the morning of the  fair. We are also in need of  garden produce of all kinds,  preservatives, cut flowers,  vegetables etc - that is if  anyone has been lucky enough  to have a good garden after  the rain has battered everything so badly. Bill Vorley and  Keith Comyn will be taking  care of this department and  will be pleased to receive  'these goods also on the fair  'morning. If you have any  "white elephants" lying a-  ; round, or books of any shape  ������- >^ # *. :������ >: * :���':':  NDP  or size, yours truly is gladly  accepting these. If you care  to give me a call at 885-24181  will be happy to pick them up,  or if you ate passing this way  you could drop them off. Toys  could also be dropped off at  the same location.  The fair will be opened at  noon by our May Queen  Heather Caldwell. There are  still some tickets available  for the dance on that same  night at the Welcome Beach  Hall ��� price $3 each, but you'd  better hurry for they are going  fast. Raffle tickets are still on  sale for some great prizes  and this will be drawn on the  day ofthe fair.  We are hoping for lots of  support for this fair as the  proceeds go to a couple of  good causes - the Welcome  Beach Community Association  and to the Halfmoon Bay  Recreation Soc. See you all  there.  ALASKAN TRIP:  For those of you who are  thinking about taking a  driving trip to Alaska the best  man to talk to would be  Norman Clark of Redrooffs.  The Claries in the company of  another couple have just completed what sounds like a  marvellous trip by van up into  that fantastic part of the  world. They drove to Prince  Rupert where they boarded  the "Taku" to Skagway, then  loaded the van on to the White  Pass and Yukon train to  Whitehorse. They stopped off  at Bennet Lake and enjoyed  a meal of moose stew before  continuing on to Whitehorse.  They were fortunate enough to  be in Dawson City on the day  of June 21st - the longest day  of the year, so they went up  Dome Mountain to watch the  sun set and rise within a  period of one hour. When  driving on the Taylor highway  they could see a whole 360  degrees of land. Of particular  fascination to the group was  a fifty mile stretch of road  where both sides of the high-  Phone 886-2622 886-7817  Sponsored as a Public Service by the Coast News.  Sunshine Achievement Ctntrt  Open House and Sate. Macrame - Woodwork.  July 31st, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Al-Anon Meeting  Every Thursday in Gibsons at 8:00 p.m. For information call 866.  9569 or 886-9037.  Men's Flag Football League  Men's Flay Football League is looking lor players. All games will  be played on Sundays. Contact Rick 886-7366.  Tot Let  Moms and tots meet inlormally at Dougal Park. Friday at 9:30 am.  weather permitting. Call Eileen at 666-9411 lor Info.       T.F.N.  Bingo Roberta Creek Legion  Starts May 1 - every Thursday till October 2nd. Early Bird 7:00  p.m. Regular 8:00 p.m.  Davis Bay Summer nay  Davis Bay Summer Play for 6 -12 year olds. Registration Info.  865-5422. 9-4 weekdays. All Summer Long.  Sechelt Garden Club  Next meeting Sept. 3. St. Hilda's Hall, 7:30 p.m.  Robert Creek Legion - Ladles Auillllery  The Legion Ladies Auxllllary Fall Bazaar. 15th of November.  From 11 am till 3 p.m. in the Legion Hall In Roberta Creek.  TFN  Sunshine Lapidary 4 Cralt Club  Club meets 1st Wednesday every monlh et 7:30 p.m. For Information phone 665-2375 or aae-9204. tin  Country Stars Square Dance Club  Dancing every Friday night 6 - 11 al the Roberta Creek  Elementary School. 886-6027  Sunshine Coat Arts Council  Regular meeting 3rd Tuesday ol every month at 7:30 p.m. at the  Arts Center in Sechelt. T F N  Thrift Shop  Every Friday. 1-3 pm Thrift Shop, Gibsons United Church base-  men!  Al-Anon Meetings  Al-Anon Meetings every Tuesday night. Roberts Creek. For  inlormetion call 886-9059 or 666-9041.  Wilson Creek Community Association  Meeling 2nd Monday each monlh at Wilson Creak Hall. 6:00 p.m.  Bargain Bam  The Bargain Barn ol the Pender Harbour Health Clinic Auxiliary  is open on Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 1:00 until  3:30 T.F.N.  Roberta Creek Hospital Auilllery  Second Monday ol each month-11 a.m. St. Aidan's Hall.  Open daily except Sundays. For information phone Museum at  666-6232 or 886-9961 or 685-3171  Sunshine Coast Navy League ol Canada  Cadets and Wrenettes ages 10 lo 13 will again meet Tuesday  nights. 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.. United Church Hall. Gibsons. New  recruits welcomed.  Wilson Creek Community Reading Centre  Open every Friday Irom 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. For enquiries call  685-9024. Hall rentals call Reg Robinson, 885-9024.  Western Weight Controllers  Now meets every Thursday at 1 p.m. in the Armour's Beach  Athletic Hall, Gibsons. New members welcome.  Women'e Aglow Fellowship  Meet every third Tueaday ot the month at Harmony Hall, Gibsons.  Transportation and Babysitting available. Phone 886-7426.  way were completely covered  with wild lupins of all colours.  They reckon that instead of  having the forget-me-not as  their national flower Alaska  should adopt the lupin. They  particularly enjoyed their visit  to Dawson City which still  retains the old town atmosphere. Prices for food and  lodgings were of course quite  high in that part of the world,  but the Claries did feel that  on the whole the trip was fairly  economical, particularly when  there are two couples to share  the load.  HOME AGAIN:  Kelly Foley, accompanied  by his wife Diana and six week  old baby Trevor Jonathan,  has returned to Halfmoon Bay  where he spent his childhood  years. The Foleys have bought  property in Welcome Woods  and hope to rent while they  build their new home. Kelly is  the son of Marion and Doug  Foley, grandson of Ed  Edmunds and nephew of  Peggy Ayer. The family have  owned property in Halfmoon  Bay since the early days of the  century.  Home from hospital and  looking just great is Chris  Dalton of Redrooffs. It didn't  take long for Chris to be back  out for his daily keep fit  walk.  BRAND NEW GRAND  DAUGHTER:  Ken and Joan Clarkson  have just become first-time  grandparents. Son Rusty Cunningham and his wife Mary  Ann had a baby girl named  Candice Ann, who is also a  new grand daughter for Mr.  & Mrs. Albert Davies of  Vancouver. Great grandparents are Art and Ena Armstrong of Halfmoon Bay, Mrs.  Ina Cunningham of Wilson  Creek and Mrs. Fran Clarkson  ofTexada.  This wee lass will be  blessed with lots of grannies  and uncles and aunts.  Ed. note:- Dae to ��� production  error we omitted the name of  Mrs. Alleen Hamer, mother of  Mis. May Parsons, who waa  one of three residents of  Halfmoon Bay who recently  passed away.  Lioasi inoWS, juiy <.<., isou  -7  The new parking lot in Lower Gibsons should help alleviate the area's chronic parking  problems.  Computer  for schools  School District 46 was not  chosen to take part in the  Department of Education's  pilot computer programme but  Superintendent Denley, not the  least discouraged, presented to  the Board ways and means by  which the extra 4 computers \  and one printer could be  financed by the District without the cost sharing privileges  offered to those chosen for the  pilot project.  The Board, having previously agreed that computer literacy is a skill which will be of  increasing importance to students and should be offered at  the secondary level, accepted  the suggested purchases from a  variety of funding sources, only  one of which will need Ministry  approval.  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Mon.-Sat.A a.m. -6 p.m.  Fridays until 9 p.m.  Sundays: Noon Ul 4 p.m.  FREE  PRESCRIPTION  DELIVERY  within the boundaries of  the Village ol Gibsons  to ail Seniors  65 years or over.  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  Cadar Plaza, Glbaona  Cal  Call Jim or Haig for info  886-6158  , Featuring home-made breads,  soups, quiches and other delectables.  BREAKFAST - LUNCH - TEA  IdlLiL    7*9-Sim    SPECIAL - Friday tuppor  '      J    UO-IO,.*      Wl*|C.rt,���*,,|���bn���,���  y              ' Classical Guitar  730 - 6 f.m  Teredo Square, Sechelt  Four occupants of this rented truck narrowly escaped injury when it went out of  control on Highway 101 near Oyster Bay last Tuesday morning. .  Pender opinion  by Robi Peters  Our column, and I mean our  column, will be written by  several local citizens. Some  you like; some you prefer to  ignore.  Hopefully it will be educational, sometimes witty,  but, most important, controversial. It will be something  you can discuss with your  neighbour and say I do or  I don't like that.  Pender Harbour has never  been "calm" in nature so why  should we start now.  We are growing, rightly or  wrongly. Let's hear your  opinion about that.  I live here; my kids live  here and I intend to stay here.  We want the best possible  education for our children; the  best possible representative  on the Sunshine Coast Regional District; and the best  damned school trustee possible.  The only way in a democratic society to affect the  majority rule is to poll  different people's opinions.  This, I feel, is the basis of any  society, right or left.  The opportunity to speak  and express opinion is a  Western right and we as  citizens should make use of it.  In Pender Harbour we intend  to.  55555535555B555ro5555ro5  St. Mary's Hospital  Nominations  "The Nominating Committee of St. Mary's Hospital  Society is soliciting names from among the members  of the Society to stand (or election to the Board of  Trustees at the Annual General Meeting to be held  Wednesday, 8 October 1980, in the Senior Citizens'  Hall, Mermaid Street, Sechelt, B.C. at 7:30 p.m.  If you are a member of the Society and are willing to let  your name stand, please telephone the Chairman of  the Nominating Committee, Mr. W. McKibbin, P.O.  Box 373, Sechelt, B.C., VON 3A0.  You will be contacted by the Nominating Committee  following review of your willingness to stand."  1  mm Coast News, July 22, 1980  "...meanwhile, back at the Reach..."  ^Mwm^m  "Don't you just hate her hair?"  by Strange & Strange  A very slow week for Beachcomber items. We weren't  robbed, mugged, graffiteed,  vilified or slaughtered on the  base paths. In fact things were  so dull we seriously considered some items from (ugh)  Hitter's Cove. That is, until  Assistant Director Don Gran-  beiy returned from a guest-  starring role in the aforementioned Egmont-based series and was so disgustingly  enthusiastic about working on  "Junior Beachcombers In The  Air" that we all chipped in  and bought him a bus ticket.  Executive Producer Hugh  Beard came down from his  ivory tower this past week to  experience life in the trenches  as he handled directing  chores on "Dowser" by Tony  Robertson. Our valiant leader  immediately ran into weather  hassles trying to shoot a scene  of lemonade drinking in the  sun on one of our November  mornings. As usual a little  bobbing and weaving, rescheduling and relocating got  things moving again but it  probably didn't do HB's back  any good.  Which brings us to the new  Nabet directive calling for a  series chiropractor as head of  the Back Department. In  addition to HB's pinched  nerve which sent him to  emergency at 4 a.m. one  morning there has been a lot  of moaning and groaning from  Camera Operator Phil Unzey,  Sound Mixer John Hading,  Utility A.D. Scott Mathers,  the larger of the two Stranges  and motorcycling courier  Heather Morely, all of whom  are enduring lower back  agony and passing around  liniment recipes. With the  weather the way it's been it's  strange we've seen little  evidence of jungle rot.  That's 15 down and S to go,  more or less, barring a  typhoon. The series is winding  down for another season.  Maurice Moaes hosted a most  civilized back yard buffet last  week in the first of what will  no doubt be a series of bittersweet get-togethers as the  last shows are wrapped and  most of the family prepares to  leave town. Conversation was  virtually nonexistent for two  hours as a mountain of  wondrous food was devoured  by the ravenous horde. Joyce  Freeman, Maurice's sister  was responsible for the feast  and would have received more  enthusiastic acclaim at the  time had not most of us been  taught not to speak with our  mouths full.  The Dogfish banners come  down and the Cavalcade  banners go up and in the  twinkling of an eye the fast  moving community of Lower  Gibsons gamely presses on in  search of good times, high  spirits and, God willing, a  sunny start for August. Not  wishing to unduly influence  the judges of course but has  anyone noticed how pretty  Miss Beachcombers is?  Just who is in charge in B.C.  by Dave Barrett  "Who is in charge?" is the  question people are asking  more often these days. People  in thc north want to know  aboul ihe Kcmano II hydroelectric project lhat the Aluminum Company of Canada  wants to build. The company is  using an agreement signed by  ihe province in 1951 withAlcan  to create power for its expanded smeller capacity in the  northwest. In those days, it did  nol matter il'u lew moose, some  fish and several million feet of  lumber were destroyed; the  only people affected were a  handful whose lives could be  disrupted by "progress" wilh  no consequences for the government.  Times have changed. In 30  years we have begun to learn  that we need to conserve our  environment, and that by  continuing to abuse it, we  destroy it.  Only a few members of the  Social Credit government  appreciate the need for the  public to have an effective say  in the things that effect them.  One minister who apparently  thinks they should have a say is  Bob McClelland, who is supposed to be in charge of energy  in general and Kemano II in  particular.  In February McClelland said  that there would be no further  private hydro development in  British Columbia and that B.C.  Hydro would have exclusive  rights to all hydro-clcctric  power. In April McClelland  told representatives of communities from Prince George W  Smithers that Alcan's plans to  enlarge the Nechako reservior  were subject to a moratorium  until full public hearings had  been held.  >: **#******#>  Despite this assurance from  McClelland, the rumours persisted that Alcan could proceed  any time it wanted. On May 14,  in reply to questions in the  legislature from Frank Howard, MLA (NDP - Skenna),  McClelland said. "The government is bound, and has said  repeatedly���and I'm happy to  be able to say it again -that  there will be no development of  that hydro-electric proposal  without full public hearings."  He went on, "If the project not  being able to go ahead without  full public hearings means  there is a moratorium, there is a  moratorium. The moratorium  will be on until the public  hearings are held, and until the  public hearings satisfy the  people of British Columbia  that the project is either in their  best interests or not in their best  interests; if that's a moratorium, it will be on until then."  Premier Bennett was in the  House listening to his energy  minister deal with Frank  Howard's questions. But 10  /  days later, on May 24, Premier  Bennett told members of the  Nechako Neyenkut Society in  Fraser Lake that there is not  and never could be a moratorium on the project, and that  Alcan can go ahead anytime it  pleases, although there would  be a public inquiry.  What use a public inquiry  would be alter the dam is built  is unclear. The important thing  is to keep the project in  abeyance until the public  hearings promised by McClelland have been held and  environmental assessments  made.  CARS AND TRUCKS  Rental���Leasing  ���Also-  Domestic & Industrial  Equipment  Sechelt next to the  liquor store  Gibsons a: Pratt &  Hwy  101  Seaside  Rentals  885-2848       886-2848  So far no arrangements have  been made for hearings, although Omineca Social Credit  MLA Jack Kempf is reported  to be investigating at the  request of the premier.  Just who is in charge of thc  Kemano 11 project? It is  possible that the government  does not know, but more likely  that they do not want us to  know. At this writing, the  energy ministry still thinks  there is a moratorium on  Kemano II.  Equality not  for all  by Don Lockstead, MLA  In 1974, Mr. Edgar Kaiser,  President of the giant U.S.  industrial empire of the same  name, delivered a speech to  the Vancouver Boys Club.  Noting the decline ofthe "rags  to riches" Horatio Alger ethic,  he said that we should "allow  individuals to develop on merit" and thus "ensure individual mobility within the system".  Some individuals are, however, given rather more than  the usual run of good fortune.  Certainly Edgar Kaiser's son,  Mr. Edgar Kaiser Jr., is a very  lucky man.  As President, Chairman and  Chief Executive Officer of  B.C.'s largest coal producer,  Kaiser Resources, he drew the  highest pay of any Canadian  executive in 1979 - $460,240  plus non cash benefits valued  at $275,502.  Edgar Kaiser Jr. personally  owns 1,114,550 shares in Kaiser Resources, originally a  subsidiary of the major family  concern, Kaiser Steel. Those  shares were worth close to $50  million in February, 1980 and  would have earned 1979 dividends of well over $1 million.  Fortunately Mr. Kaiser is not  forced to subsist on these  meagre resources. In January  of 1980 he succeeded his  father as President of Kaiser  Steel and he is a major beneficiary of the multi-million dollar family trust established by  his late grandfather, Henry  Kaiser.  Working Canadians beset by  astronomic housing costs must  occasionally wonder how even  the very rich manage to cope.  The answer, for some, is interest free mortgages.  In 1976, Edgar Kaiser Jr.  was given an interest free loan  of $925,000 by Kaiser Resources with which to purchase a principle residence.  He acquired a spanking new  three storey mansion above  Locarno Beach in Vancouver.  In February 1979, tiring of  his cramped quarters and the  small 30 metre swimming  pool, Mr, Kaiser ordered a  total demolition. A $600,000  replacement, complete with  larger pool, is planned for the  same site.  Clearly Edgar Kaiser Jr.has  gained substantial wealth  from the accident of birth. He  is, no doubt, a capable businessman but we are still a long  way from a society which offers equal opportunities, let  alone equal resources, to all.  The Hunter Gallery  0D0n: Mon.   Sat.  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Start at the Beach Buoy Drive-In.  7:30 - Entry & Weigh-in for the Canadian Open  11:30 am.       WRIST WRESTLING  CHAMPIONSHIPS  $3,000 in Prize Money  Gibsons Winter Club  9:30 am. MARSHALLING OF PARADE  11:00 am.  12:30 pm.  Sunnycrest Mall  You can still enter your float or group. Contact  Haig Maxwell 886-8158.  JUDGING OF KIDS EVENTS  in Dougal Park  ��� Bicycle & Costume Contest  "Best Decorated - Most Original - Best Comedy"  In front of the stage. Cash prize.  ��� SPCA Pet Contest  "Best Dressed - Largest - Smallest - Most Unusual"'1  Beside the Backstop "  ��� Poster Contest  Theme: Beachcombing. Age 13 & under.  At the stage.  KIDS DAY IN THE PARK  In Dougal Park, during the afternoon.  ��� Haystack Candy Hunt  ��� Rock & Spoon Race  ��� Celebrity Dunk Tank  ��� Clown Ball Throw  ��� Bash for Cash  ��� Ring Toss  ��� Cat Throw  ��� Children's Races  ��� Rifle Shoot  ��� Darts & Balloons  ��� Flsh Pond  ��� Pie Throw  ��� 3 Baseball Toss  12:30 pm.  3:00 pm.  Sunshine Coast  MOTO-CROSS RACE  Foot of Prowse Rd.  * Safety Equipment must be worn.  Sponsored by Omega Restaurant  Trophies Awarded.  World Championship  PUSH BALL GAME  Gibsons vs. Challengers  Gibsons Elementary Playing Field.  Enter your village or group. Contact  Adam McBride, 886-7591.  Special Award to the Winner.  'FIREMEN'S WATER SPORTS  10:00 am. Armours Beach  SWIM FROM KEATS ISLAND  to Armours Beach  ��� Swimmer must be accompanied by a boat.  10:45 am. KIDS SWIM EVENTS  12 Noon: LOGGERS WATER SPORTS  PULP PACKING COMPETITION  TUG O' WAR  SUNDAY:  12 Noon:  Pacific Northwest  BEACHCOMBER BOAT RACE  $1,600. in Prizes  Entry possible at the Judge's Barge at Armour's  Beach on Race Day.  S9B On becoming a lumberjack  Ramblings of a Rover  Coast News, July 22, 1980  Reflections  bv Dee Cee  Of all the motley crowd of  men that rolled off the train  that morning at Kipawa,  Quebec, there were two that  definitely stood apart from all  the rest and for widely divergent reasons. I, because I  happened to be not only the  youngest but also the smallest  in stature and, as events were to  prove later, the only one among  the half a hundred or more who  was totally inexperienced at the  work for which he had been  hired. Actually I had never had  an axe in my hand and as for a  crosscut saw, I had never seen  one! That should take care of  the insignificant member ofthe  duo.  The other one would stand  out in any crowd of men not  only for his appearance but for  his legendary reputation in the  woods and in the bars and  taverns of Hull and Montreal.  He was the foreman, one Joe  Larabie and, as he walked  among the colourful assemblage on the tiny platform, it  was obvious that not only was  he well known to many of them  but that he commanded and  got their respect. He was, I  imagine, in his late thirties, a  shade over six feet in height and  built like a wedge with huge  shoulders tapering off to very  narrow hips. He had not  exactly a handsome face but  one full of character, with high  check bones and the deep  copper tan of an Indian, which  he was in part, and he walked  with the lithe grace of a jungle  cat. He reminded me ofthe idol  of my schooldays. Jack Demp-  scy. and bore a striking resemblance to the boxer. I could  well imagine him in the ring at  Madison Square Gardens but 1  was later to learn that his  proficiency in fighting was of a  deadlier kind. He was a master  of "savate" the French manner  of using not only the hands but  head and feet to subdue an  opponent. I never saw him in  action but even before I heard  the many tales of his prowess 1  formed the opinion that here  indeed was a "man's man" and  one whom it would be wise to  stay away from should he be in  an angry mood. Actually 1  found him, in the seven months  that he was my boss, to be a  very tolerant man with a great  sense of humour and easy to get  along with, so perhaps 1 was  fortunate in that respect.  Kipawa at the time was as far  as thc railroad went and, after  taking on water, with a few  huffs and puffs the train pulled  out to return to civilization.  However, we were all too busy  to realize that the last link with  the outside had departed. Not  only had the train disgorged its  passengers but there were  mountains of luggage to be  moved including tents, implements and boxes of God knows  what, all to be transferred from  the platform and surrounding  spaces down to the wharf where  an ancient paddlesteamer was  berthed. This chore took most  of thc morning with a brief stop  for mug-up of coffee around  10:00 a.m. and by that time,  between the exertion and the  sweating, my hangover had  practically disappeared. It was  about this time I realized all of  a sudden that all the orders  given and all the jumble of  bantering conversation going  on was in French, lt was soon  evident that Reg O'Connor and  I were the only English speaking members in the crowd and  although it didn't bother mc  unduly as I spoke and understood a little ofthe language, it  certainly seemed to upset poor  old Reg, but we were both far  too occupied to discuss it.  By noon all thc equipment  was loaded, the steamer with a  long blast of its whistle left thc  dock and we were on our way  up Kipawa Lake, a long narrow  lake, with our destination the  extreme north end of it.  With thc passage of so many  years 1 have forgotten just how  long we were aboard, but it was  late evening before we nudged  into another wharf and it was  here, at one of McLaughlin's  stop-over camps, that Reg and  1 parted company as he was  assigned to another camp. 1 do  remember, however, after a  hearty supper of fried pork  (sow belly) and beans and  prunes, we were assigned bunks  in a loft over the cookhouse  and not only was it so Goddamned hot up there, sleep was  impossible for out of the  chinked logs, as soon as the  lamp was extinguished, came  armies of bed-bugs that literally ate us alive. We soon beat a  hasty retreat outside and,  rolled in our blankets, spent thc  remainder of thc night under  the stars with the rest of the  men, the only difference being  they were in tents while Reg  and 1 had none.  Come morning and another  go at the pork and beans, this  time with flapjacks, and back  to re-loading all out stuff on to  low-wheeled carts and "stone  boats" for the haul across a  portage to another lake, where  two or three scows and a  battered up looking tug were  waiting at a dilapidated wharf.  Now the tiresome business was  repeated all over again and  once more we were chugging up  this unnamed lake (1 guess it  had a name but I have forgotten it), until around noon wc  came to the end where another  portage was made and the  latter part of our long journey  completed in small boats with a  "kicker" or outboard motor  attached.  It was dark when we settled  down into what was to be our  "home" for the next Autumn  months and the following  Winter, and it would be in the  early Spring before we were to  make the return journey south,  back to the dubious pleasures  of the towns and cities we had  left. We were now 128 miles  from the end of steel in the  virgin wilderness, living in  tents, with a camp to be built  first and later a forest of logs to  be cut and hauled to the lake  for the subsequent break up of  the ice and the drive.  I don't think there could  have been anyone so naive and  ill-equipped to face this stupendous task as yours truly,  but it was on a cheering note  the day ended. Can you imagine it, the boss, after a supper  over an open fire and before we  turned in for the night, said  "Keep up the good work kid,  you're doing fine!" And what's  more he said it in English!  Care of dogwoods  If the Dogwood trees in your  neighbourhood have been  infected by the wilt which has  spread into B.C. this year from  Washington State, the following advice comes from the  Department of Plant Science at  UBC.  "The disease which is attacking Dogwoods in this area is  very widespread, (some leaves  wilt, turn brown and drop off  usually on the lower branches)  and as yet the responsible  fungus has not been identified.  The recommended treatment is  as follows:���  1) Use a dormant lime-sulphur  spray after leaf drop and before  new bud formation in the  spring.  2) Use Benomyl. a systemic  fungicide spray in the spring.  1st spray when the leaves half  open. 2nd spray when the  leaves >A openandagainduring  the summer if it proves necessary.  3) Rake up leaves and debris  from around the tree and burn  as it contains the fungus.  4) Prune out all blighted twigs  and branches within reason.  The disease is spread through  the leaves and not the roots.  U nder no circumstances should  you cut down thc tree unless  you are sure that it is completely dead. A dogwood will  not regenerate a new tree from  the roots, only send up suckers.  The tree can stand a fair  amount of defoliation and new  leaf growth should replace the  loss at least next spring if not  during the current season."  by Vera Glesbrecht  Among the splendid photo-  is in The Family of Mm,  published by the Museum of  Modern Art, is one by Nat  Farbman of the old Life  magazine. It shows a dozen  bare-chested Africans from  Bechuanaland, mostly children, sitting around an elder of  the tribe who's obviously  telling a fascinating story,  judging by the rapt expressions on their faces..  I was reminded of this  picture recently when I listened to some of the elders of  my tribe relate stories of the  old days. The setting was a  lodge on the Oregon coast,  the occasion the third triennial  Martens-Toews reunion. The  Sunday evening story-telling  session was one of the highlights of the reunion, which  attracted more than ISO  relatives from the United  States and Canada.  Reminiscing is a major  feature at reunions, of course,  but the more structured meeting in the lodge allowed  younger members of the clan  to hear some of the family  lore for the first time.  It was difficult to say who  enjoyed the get-togethers  more - the storytellers, those  in the audience who were  involved in the incidents or  knew the anecdotes well, or  those of us who were hearing  fresh material.  The tales that were told  were no more remarkable  than those related by any  other family, I suppose, but  they certainly bound me closer  to mykinfolk.  The Martens-Toews clan is  a huge one because it involves  descendents of three marriages between children of  Wilhelm Martens and Jacob  Toews, who fled Russia in the  early 1900s and settled in  South Dakota, later moving to  Montana.  My maternal grandmother,  Helena (Martens) Toews,  came to North America as a  girl of 14 in 1905, married  Abram Toews four years later  and raised 13 children, of  whom my mother was the  third oldest. Two of her  brothers married Toews girls,  sisters of her husband, so the  Martens-Toews family includes many "double" cousins.  The oldest relative present  at this year's reunion, 80-year-  old Jake Martens of Vancouver, began the storytelling  session by recalling his first  glimpse of New York, (he  carried a chamber pot, a  younger brother had the  diaper bag and his father  groaned under the weight of  two packs, front and back) and  later told about a comical  race through the potato patch  with heavy draught horses  more used to plodding.  George   Martens   recalled  the preacher, practising his  sermon in the hayloft, who  stamped his feet for emphasis  with the result that he broke  through the thin boards and  plunged to the horse stall  below.  "I'll never forget how  bright it was that Easter ���  Sunday when we hunted  Easter eggs on the Prairies,"  said Abe Martens. "I can still  remember it after all these  years."  Sara (Martens) Hartsoe  recalled the birth of her sister  Mary. Three of her brothers  had encountered a skunk that  day and were forced to sleep  in the hayloft for three nights,  unable to see their baby sister.  There were stories of typical  childhood pranks on the farm,  like cutting off a pig's tail  on a dare, scaring youngsters  by dangling them over an  open well, being chased  through the house by an angry  ram and slamming an inner  door in his face, riding the-  windmill...  One of my uncles, Rudy  Toews, told of his uncle Jake's  adventures with his automobile.  "He was one of the first in  our area to have a car - one  of those touring cars - and he  happened to tip the car over  a few times. When he was  asked, 'How come you didn't  get hurt?' he said, 'Oh, I'm  always careful.'"  Not all of the anecdotes  were light-heated. Anna Sutter, who celebrated her 41st  wedding anniversary at the  reunion, recalled a traumatic  incident when she was seven.  As her mother lay dying in  childbirth the 12 children went  into the bedroom one by one to  say farewell. "She was so pale  and weak but I couldn't  believe that she was dying.  She told each of us that we  should be ready to meet her in  heaven."  "Grandma Martens' mother had gone to America 20  years earlier and just when  Grandma Martens was ready  to leave Russia and join her  mother a relative came with a  clipping from the  ROMAN CATHOLIC  SERVICES  Rev. Angelo De Pompa,  Parish Priest  Times of Masses  Saturday, 5:00 p.m.  Si. Marv's. Gibsons  Saturday 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour  June 28th to Sept 7th inclusive  Regular Sunday Masses  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdcs  Church. Sechelt  Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. Holy Family  Church. Sechelt  12:00 noon St. Mary's Church.  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She plowed at home too and  became so good at it that her  father was reluctant to give his  consent when Abram Toews  came courting.  "She's too young and 1 need  her to plow," protested  Wilhelm Martens. "I don't  like plowing myself."  "I need her too," the young  suitor maintained.  Trying another approach,  Martens said, "I have to tell  you this, our Lena is not an  angel," but Abram Toews  would not be dissuaded and,  in the skit at least, he and  Helena rode off into the  sunset.  ALWAYS AVAILABLE/".  Our Skill and I m  If George H. Martens of  Minnesota had his way, the  stories of the Martens-Toews  family will live on. Besides  video-taping the proceedings  at this year's reunion, he's  spent hundreds of hours  compiling chronologies, diary  entries, pictures and anecdotes into what he calls The  Living Book. He estimates  that the book contains 1,500  names, including the names of  some 600 living members of  the Martens-Toews family.  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The curry recipe that follows was given to me years  ago by a Pakistani friend of mine. It's not super hot and  my children eat it���and like it���if I don't give them too  much sauce.  One of the fun things about curry is Ihe making of your  own curry powder. There are not many commercial  powders that laste as good as your own and of course  Ihere are so many lypes 0/ curries etcetera that one  needs lo vary one's curry powder to suit the dish being  made.  To make your own curry powder lor this recipe place  in a bowl Ihe following:���  1 bay leaf  6 cardamon pods  6 peppercorns  2 dried chillies, crumbled  one teaspoon each of:  hoi mustard  ground ginger  cinnamon  poppy seeds  cummin  coriander  turmeric  Mix it all up and set aside.  Meanwhile, in a skillet or heavy pan���I use my Dutch  oven���heat about 2 tablespoons of oil and fry about 3  lbs. of chicken or beef, cut up into small pieces. Fry till  crisp on the outside. Drain.  Next, in order of frying, come the vegetables. Fry for  five minutes in the oil.  3 medium onions, chopped       1 cup mushrooms, sliced  4 tomatoes, sliced 3 cloves of garlic, chopped  After the five minutes are up, add the curry powder  and fry, stirring for another five minutes at medium heat.  Add I cup of chicken or beef stock which you can  make with a bouillon cube. Put the meat back in the pan.  Stir till mixed up and cook slowly, with Ihe pan covered,  till tender.  Serve rice with your curry and to your normal  recipe, add:���  2 tablespoons margarine 1 clove garlic, chopped  2 tablespoons chopped onion    I teaspoon ground turmeric  1 mentioned Sambals last week, and here comes  another one to accompany your curry.  Banana Sambal  2 firm bananas, sliced thinly and sprinkled wilh 1 dried-  chilli and a teaspoon of lemon juice.  And if you're in the mood try side dishes of peanuts,  mango chutney and chunks of cucumber lo cool you  back down.  Lei's hope that next week I'll feel like air/ling about ice  cream! 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In the "Robert's Creek  Daze" Tournament held Saturday July 12th, Boris Meda  won low gross, Jim Budd Jnr.  took low net with Alex Werner  and Ozzie Hincks runners-up.  A portion of the entry fees  was turned over to the Creek  Daze Committee to help  forestall some of their expenses.  Thursday, eight ladies arrived from Langara for an inter  club game. Our club ladies  managed a 38'/i to 33 Vi  victory.  On Monday night Mixed  Twilite some 52 players  attended this popular evening  event. The game selected for  competition was the use of one  iron and a putter. 1st place  went to Marg Foster and Cliff  Salahub who managed 51  strokes for nine holes. Audrey  Jost and Boris Meda used 52  strokes to capture 2nd place.  On Tuesday Ladies Day, the  event used for the 18 hole  competition was "Tombstone". Audrey McKenzie  played around to the 19th  green belore running out of  handicap strokes to take 1st  place. Wilma Sim managed to  get to the 19th fairway before  she had used all her allowable  strokes, which was good for  2nd place.  The 9-hole players competed, using a "Tic-Tac-Toe"  game. Jo Emerson managed  lo gather 15 points for a win.  Marg Humm placed 2nd with  14.  Due to the busy summer  play on thc course, the Senior  Men have agreed to cut  their competition down to  9-holes, to relieve some of the  slow play in the afternoon.  Last Thursday Ron Oram shot  a low gross 86 with Dave  Doig a close 2nd with a low  89. Ernie Hume won the  par point competition with  a total 19 points. Don't forget  to show up Thursday morning  for a four man team scramble.  Plans and arrangements for  the big Sea Cavalcade Tournament are in full swing.  Don't forget to make yourself  available as a volunteer, if  required, on August 2nd and  3rd.  ^^AM  P-1     ' I  flr m ���       V  7 ^^1  Km   ^W'  ]                     fl  ^^mw                         mm  Ken Hincks again won the Club Championship in  tournament play at the Sunshine Coast Golf Club last  week.  Parks and trails  by Christa West  Although most of the  Sechelt Parks and Recreation  employees have been working  for less than two weeks, we  have managed to accomplish a  Wildlife draw  The winners of the B.C.  Wildlife Federation Conservation Lottery were announced  after the July 10 draw and  unfortunately Ihere were no  local names among the winners.  The winners were: Vern  White of Port Coquitlam won  thc 1981) AMC Eagle Wagon;  E.T. Rosenthal of Strachan  Creek won the 1980 Jeep CJ5;  Herman Reiter of Burnaby  won the Holiday in Hawaii for  two; R. Luschynski of Surrey  won the Caribbean Cruise tor  two; Philip Waters ol Van-  comer won the An 1 ickets to  I ondon   or   Amsterdam  Local girls sought  K McEachran of Newton won the SilverWing Holiday in Reno for iwo; Ron  Harrington of Vancouver won  the 10 Speed Bicycle; C. Wilson  of North Vancouver won the  Daiwa Minicasl Pishing System; S. Robertson of Richmond won the Mustang  floater Coal; L. Kobrle of  Richmond won the Daiwa  Mooching Rod & Reel; Ed  Carlsen of I rail won the  Coleman Deluxe Two Burner  Propane Stove; 11.11. Smith  of Burnaby won the Buck  Model Folding Knife; F. Baron  ol Likely won the McClane's  New Standard fishing Encyc-  lopedi  Men's Fastball  league  Jan Bailey of North Vancouver and Cathy Emry of Richmond were photographed as  they limbered up after jogging into Gibsons from Langdale in the rain last week.  Annual  Tennis Tournament  lot, both at Hackett Park, and  at the Sechelt Marsh.  The Sechelt Marsh crew are  now concentrating on constructing a raised trail through  the low lying areas of the  Marsh which become swampy  or completely submerged during very high tides. As well  as raising the trail in several  areas, some drainage ditches  had to be built. The drains will  allow water retained by the  raised trail to flow back to the  streams and will prevent  huge puddles under the trees.  L. and H. Swansons Ltd.  donated a truck load of drain  rock to be used on the project,  and with the help of several  feet of perforated drain pipe,  a noticeable improvement  can already be seen. Raising  the trail, and ensuring that  there is adequate drainage  where necessary, will make all  areas of the marsh accessible  throughout the year.  Ihis year local tennis buffs  have a chance to test their skills  over the weekend of August 8th  to 10th when the Annual  Gibsons' Tennis Tournament  will be held. Chairman lee  Brown has high hopes of an  excellent entry from all points  of the Sunshine Coast, including Powell River.  The addition of events for  younger players should be  welcomed by those presently  taking advantage of the lessons  being given by Lee in Gibsons  and Sechelt.  The entry fee for adult events  will be a modest $2.50 per  event, and competitors are  expected to provide their own  tennis balls (new). These will be  available at the tournament at a  reduced price for all players.  Junior event fees will be $1.00.  The Hackett Park crew  spent the first part of the week  clearing the brush around the  tennis courts, and digging a  trench around it, again to  provide adequate drainage.  On Thursday the painting of  the concession stand was  begun. Great care was taken  to paint only the building,  and not the ground or one's  fellow workers. Despite precautions there were one or  two crew members who went  home after work on Thursday  well speckled with paint.  Thanks to modern technology,  which brought us Latex paint  they appeared on Friday  morning looking quite normal  again I  Our thanks to L&H Swanson  Ltd. for the drainrock, it was  very useful! Don't forget, if  anyone has any ideas or  suggestions, I love to hear  them. My phone number is  885-5711.  The Cedars Inn team moved  into first place this week with  three wins, shutting out  Weldwood Monday night 5-0,  handing the Wanderers a 13-3  drubbing on Wednesday, and  beating Kenmac 4-1 on  Thursday. Alex Skytte was the  winning pitcher in the Weldwood and Kenmac games,  while Brent Lineker had the  mound against the Wanderers.  Kenmac had started the  week on a more positive note,  getting by the Wanderers 9-2  en Monday night, thanks to  homers by Pete Rigby and  Freeman Reynolds and the  efforts of winning pitcher  Dan Reitlo.  After being shut out Mon  day, the Weldwood team came  back Wednesday night with  Carl Kohuch on the mound to  edge Gibsons Building Supplies 5-3.  Kenmac were coming off  a clean sweep of the Sunshine  Coast Police Tournament held  at Hackett Park July 12th and  13th. Kenmac took T&T  Trucking by default, and shut  out Haney Esso 7-0. Ken  Bland and Brian Partridge  homered for Kenmac in the  series with pitching honours  shared by Dan Reitlo and  Craig Johnson. Two of the  Kenmac victories were over  the Weldwood team, 8-4 and  8-1, who placed second in the  tournament overall.  I he Rescue Hovercraft based  al Vancouver International  \irpori spent thc early hours ol  I'luirsda) morning searching  Ihe mist) coastline ol West  Howe Sound for Iwo local girls  overdue on ,i fishing trip from  Granthams landing in a 19'  bout I lie search w.is called off  ,ii approximate!) 3:30 a.m.  when ihe guls were located at  N'anoose M.is on Vancouver  Island  Ihe giiK. aged 27 and 21.  hud gone fishing ,ii 8 p.m.  Wcdnesda) evening and were  presumed to be somewhere in  No Need to  GO THIRSTY  this Summer!  We have  BEER  MAKING  SUPPLIES  available!  886-2818    ,  the area between Poll Mellon  and Roberts Creek. When ihe)  had not returned ul l:30 a.m.,  the mother ol one ol the girls  contacted the authorities and  thc Rescue Coordination Centre m Victoria dispatched the  Hovercraft to the scene  Ihe girls had apparently  taken advantage ol thc calm  seas Wcdnesda) evening to pa)  an unscheduled visit to friends  in N'anoose Bay. .Insi outside  Schoonei Cove, thc\ developed propellor troubles and had  to betaken in tow inlo thc cove.  From there the) were picked up  h\ friends Irom N'anoose Bay.  Boaters are reminded lo  leave word with a relative,  friend oi neighbour indicating  general destination and probable time ol return, and not to  lake unscheduled trips  Aero Club has  successful day  by Sharon Gurney  The Elphinstone Aero Club  had a successful day at our  fly-in July 5th, despite the bad  weather in the morning.  Our thanks to all thc cooks and  thc people who came out to  enjoy it with us.  Carl Chismas, on behalf  ol Timber Days, presented the  Aero Club & Tyee Air a lovely  trophy each in appreciation of  our annual fly bys and Dr.  John Farrer for being the  Doctor on the Ground. Our  thanks to Carl Chrismas and  Brian Lowen for being our  Master of Ceremonies. You  both did a wonderful job.  Much appreciation to the  following:-  Sea Cavalcade Queen Candidates; Sechelt Fire Department; Gibsons Building Supplies; Fiedler Bros. Contracting; Gordon Mullins - video;  Art McPhee - P.E.P; Remote  Control Club; Air-Sea Rescue -  helicopter; Terry Raines -  salmon BBQ; Pilots who  provided air rides; People  who donated salmon.  Special thank you to the  people of our communities  who came out to make our  day a success.  The "Rainbow Riders"  who provided fantastic music  for our sold-out dance.  We hope you all enjoyed  yourselves as much as we  did. See you next year.  CARPET, TILE & SHEET VINYL  Box 1092 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO  i sell & install carpet, lino & hardwood.  17 YEARS EXPERIENCE  Phone  '��*..,_   for appointment  Scott Brooks  B8S-3681  There will be prizes for all  event winners and runners-up  and for the winners of the  consolation events. Winners  will also get to keep for one  year the perpetual trophies of  the tournament.  Because the tournament will  not conflict with the Sea  Cavalcade it is expected that  both the twin courts at Dougal  and Brothers Parks will be  available, plus the three at  Elphinstone High School.  Honorary chairman of the  event is John Paschold.  Queries, questions, suggestions and offers of assistance to  Lee Brown at 886-2228 (day) or  885-24.37 (eve); or Eric Cardi-  nall 886-7449.  Entries may be made at  either Trail Bay Sports store.  NDP  STANDINGS  Wins  Losses  Ties  Pts.  Cedars Inn  9  2  0  18  Weldwood  8  2  0  16  Kenmac  7  4  0  14  Gibsons Bldg. Supp.  2  10  0  4  Wanderers  2  11  0  4  xOO*SrO.  Panasonic  mmmn.  CENTRE  your  on the Sunshine Coast  Cedar  iFlawl  GIBSONS  SM-X��17  Mushroom  i    thcDock  CowneSl 06  SECHELT  iMsssxa  PENINSULA  MARKET  885-9721    Davis Bay, B.C.  tide tables  Sun. July 27  Reference:          Pacific  0345  13.7  Point Atkinson   Standard Time  1820  14.9  2340  10.4  Wed.  July 23  Fri. July 25  Mon. July 28  0035  13.4  0210  13.4  0440  118  (WIS  ���1.5  0935  2.7  1140  1 5  1600  12.9  1720  14.1  1900  15?  2020  11.2  2210  III  Thurs  July 24  Sal. July 26  Tuts. July 29  OI25  13.4  0250  13.5  0025  99  0855  3.6  1025  2.0  O520  11!  1635  13.6  1745  14.6  1215  1 8  21 IS  11.2  2300  10.8  1935  15.5  GROCERIES  FISHING TACKLE  SUNDRIES  TIMEX WATCHES  Open 9  -9  7 Days a  Week  Radio /haek  when we say  mm  til  laaaaa  NOW ONLY  $399.95  we mean the  sound as well  as the price!  ��� 2 MC1200 SPEAKERS -  8 inch woofer designed to deliver deep bass, and 2 1/2  inch tweeter for clear, crisp highs. RPH 50watts, with 5  year limited warranty.  ��� LAB 120 BELT DRIVE TURNTABLE -  Unbeatable for economy, convenience, great sound!  Custom platter with bevelled sides for speed stability,  precision stainless tonearm tracks to 1.5 grams.  ��� STA-42 AM/FM STEREO RECEIVER -  10 watts per channel minimum RMS. Direct coupled  audio power amplifier with superior FET FM.  Main/remote switching. Phono, tape and auxiliary  inputs.  ��� come and listen to this value package  today ��� the bottom line is how it sounds,  isn't it?  COMPLETE  AUTHORIZED DEALER  Radio    io a  /haek   J��W  ELECTRONICS  Trail Bay Centre,     Sechelt.        885-2568  mmmmmmm In Christ's service  Coast News, July 22, 1980  The Enigma of death  Halfway there, the biggest log-sorting crane on the continent and the only one of its  kind in Canada, inches its way up on four hydraulic jacks, each able to lift 100 tons, at  the L & K log sorting site at Twin Creeks on Saturday.  In position, the crane built by Heede International of Port Moody, stands 100feet high,  moves at 500 feet per minute on two 800 feet railroad type tracks and can be run by a  single operator.  Student in Ottawa  li\ kHI\ llnir\  PART II  Thc next two days of Forum  were extremely busy but fun!  Tuesd.ay (June 24) was St. Jean  the Baptist Day unfortunately,  wc didn't gel a holiday, we were  at the National Press Gallery  before 9 a.m.  (ieoli Stevens ofthe Toronto  (iW'be and Mail and, Dave  Rinh, senior reporter for  CJOH-IV Ottawa were the  iwo speakers on the topic of  media and the government.  Thc pair mainly talked on the  effect of media coverage during  an election. Doth speakers  advocated that media coverage  really made no difference  because, each federal parly  leader received equal lime on  the news casts. Also, neither  man believed political "polls"  were accurate or that they  could persuade votes.  Next, we were received hy  Miss Pam McDougal, Deputy  Minister oi Health and Welfare. Deputy Ministers are  political appointments made  by Ihe Prime Minister's Office;  iheir role is lo he conscious of  the minister's objectives.  Alter t he informative talks of  thc speakers, we left thc  National Press Gallery for  limch and spent the rcsl ofthe  day at Lac Brenton in Quebec.  If was a beautiful sunny day  and all of us went swimming or  got thrown in!  Wednesday was Parliament  Day. We spent the entire day  on Parliament Hill.  Firstly and forcmosl. we  were welcomed into thc Mouse  of Commons by Mr. Pclletier.  assistant clerk. Mr. Pelleticr's  lecture concerned Ihe Throne  Speech, the role of committees,  thc budget, question period  and some special rules of the  House. Mr. Pclletier was an  excellent speaker - I really  enjoyed his talk. The building  itself is greatly adorned with  stained glass windows and  cherubs.  Our next visit was to the  Confederation Room of thc  West Block to hear about the  Electoral System with Mr.  Jean-Marc Hamel. After comparing many electoral systems  and ballots (most notably, the  United States and West German systems) I believe the  Canadian ballot and electoral  system is almost thc simplest in  the world! On the same level,  we then discussed, how to get  elected, with two M.P.'s: Mr.  Deniger (Liberal) and Mr.  Schcllenberger (P.C). Each  told of his ov> n experiences in  their riding ��nd how the party  leader can help you to win in  your riding.  Following these discussions,  we went back to the House of  Commons for question period.  This was a real circus. Each  member of the opposition  would ask their question, get  the standard Liberal response,  then both would leave! All  questions were written on thc  Order Paper and the Parliamentary Secretary would pick  ihe questions, so once the  question was asked, the members could leave. The whole  time there was yelling, snide  remarks   and   snickering   at  answers. The finale was witnessing the non-confidence  vote brought forward by the  NDP. It was defeated, of  course, but curiously enough, it  was exactly the same worded  motion the NDP'sand Liberals  had used to defeat the P.C. last  year.  We were next treated to a  banquet with our M.P.'s^n.the  Condeferation Room. I was  very pleased to have the  pleasure of dining with Mr.  Ray Skelly.  The highlight of the evening  was the lecture from the Right  Hon. Mr. Joe Clark, official  leader of the Opposition. Mr.  Clark was a really impressive  speaker. He spoke of his defeat,  the role of thc leader of the  opposition (he said "You only  hold this office to get rid of  it!"), the upcoming constitutional talks, the gradual downfall of the Liberals and how thc  Progressive Conservatives plan  to become Canada's government again. The Forum gave  Mr. Clark a standing ovation.  The last two days of my trip  will be found in next week's  Coast News.  by Rev. George Ingli*  Thc enigma of death is one  which has been thc subject of  much conjecture throughout  the history of mankind.  Since death is thc cessation  of life, thc two states have  caused man to study their  origin, cause and effect.  In the medical-science field,  the researchers probably have a  better handle on death than on  life, since their studies have  shown them many ways to  prolong and to support life  under purely clinical conditions, whereas no way has been  found to create life without the  human factor entering into thc  picture.  Yet, in spite of the greater  familiarity with death, this  phenomenon continues to  evoke sadness and dread.  "Experts" in thc field of  death and dying write learned  books on how to deal with the  subject, but it is interesting to  note how many of these books  are aimed at the bereaved,  those who suffer because ofthe  terminal illness and eventual  death of another.  No doubt these books provide some measure of solace for  the family and loved ones, but  they supply very little understanding of thc act of death for  the one experiencing it, unless  he or she has made a long study  of death and dying while still  able to look at it objectively.  Some of the acclaimed  experts in the field have  pointed to the fact that the grief  surrounding death is by and  large a product of self-pity,  uncertainty and anger on the  part of the mourners, with only  a minimal amount of grief for  Log salvage  regulations  Changes to the log salvage  regulations may not go into  effect until early next year,  Minister of Forests Tom  Waterland said last week. In  response to questions in the  House from NDP MLA Don  Lockstead, the Minister had  previously stated that changes  to the regulations, the result  of discussions of proposals  contained in the Ministry's  controversial White Paper #8,  would be announced this  month.  Last week, the Minister told  Lockstead that no changes  in the regulations would go  into effect this year. However,  the Minister reiterated that  there would be no further  consultation with log salvage  permitees.  According to Hans Waelti  of the Ministry of Forests  Valuation Branch, work on the  changes to the regulations  may be completed by this fall.  thc principal character in the  drama.  This seems to be borne out  by the fact that thc most  contained and loving mourners  I have met during my services  as a clergyman, are those with  whom the dying person was  able to share his or her feelings.  I know of more than one case  where the communication was  so lovingly and honestlyhan-  dled by the dying person that  thc children said afterward that  they would never have any  fears of death again.  lt seems that thc "pain of  death" is visited upon those  who have no idea what lies  beyond their existence here on  earth - if anything.  Those who have seemed lo  cope with death most successfully down through Ihe ages  have been those whose belief  included a super-natural world  in which the heroes of this life  were feted at great banquets, or  some kind of scenario to that  effect.  Fortuitously enough, these  beliefs resulted in fearless  warriors with no fear of death,  who went singing into battle  and welcomed a soldier's death  in battle.  In their early history, during  the conquest of the land of  Canaan, the Jews carried this  type of theology into battle,  believing they were doing the  Lord's will in conquering the  Canaanitcs, the Philistines, etc.  to make the Promised Land  available to God's Chosen  People.  The problem over accepting  death comes, however, when  the dying person has no anchor  to cling to, and no really  convincing promise to provide  spiritual assurance.  The post-exile Jews had their  great prophets to turn to, and  the mighty works of God in  their behalf, such as the exodus  from Egypt, the manna in the  wilderness, the delivery from  their powerful enemies, and  their settlement in the Promised Land, magnificent deeds  which marked them as God's  people, and offered them thc  chance of a life after death, in  the kingdom of God.  The early Christians, who  were Jews themselves before  the message reached out to thc  gentiles, continued in this  tradition of faith and belief in  God's loving mercy, providential grace and free salvation,  with the promise of life eternal  in God's kingdom.  The stories are legion of how  Jews, in the days before the  exile and disperscment of the  nation, showed tremendous  bravery and disregard of death,  in God's name.  No modern story of thc  cheerful acceptance of death,  because of faith and belief, will  ever surpass the death of  6,000,000 Jewish men, women,  and children in thc gas ovens at  Auschwitz, and the other  infamous German concentration camps during thc Second  World War.  The 2,000-year-old history of  the Christian church has been a  series of graceful and cheerful  acceptances of death - death in  the ring against gladiators or  lions, death by torture or  starvation in dungeons, death  at the hands of aboriginals in  far countries, death at the  hands of skeptics, unbelievers  and ignorant people.  All of these people had one  thing in common, a faith which  gave them "the assurance of  things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."  (Hebrews 11:1)  They also share another  thing in common, beside thc  grave - "And these, though well  attested by their faith, did not  receive what was promised,  since God had foreseen something better for us. that apart  from us they should not be  made perfect." (Hebrews 1:39,  40).  Their promise, as well as thc  promise to those of us who  believe today, is the assurance  that we will share in God's  kingdom, as his heirs, and  fellow-heirs with Christ.  "O death where is they  victory? O death where is thy  sting?" (I. Corinthians 15:55).  Chevron hilltop  CHEVRON  SERVICE  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  Fast & Friendly Service  * Complete Automotive Repairs  to All Makes & Models  TUNE UP SPECIAL!  Includw  ��� New Spark Plugs d -���� ���M.OC  ��� Point* & Condensers 7   *    ,*__���  (It required) �� CyL ��49-95  ��� Complete Minor Tune-Up    0 cyl. *59��9S  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  Gas: 7 days a week, 8 am. -10 pm.  Repairs: Mon. ��� Fri., 9 am. - 5 pm.  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YOUR SUNSHINE COAST HOSPITALITY DIRECTORY  RESTAURANTS  MARINAS AND MARINE SUPPLIES  RESORTS  CHARTERS  4P>  Xjj^"^ \  Live Enterlainmeni  on Week-ends '  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Glbions Lnndmg             \\  Skm 5                        886-7244  Madeira  Marina  MARINA SALES  & SERVICE  Non-resident, sport fish  vessel licences  OMC, Evinrude, Volvo Mtrcfulitr  Housekeeping Unlit  Fishing Tackle  CAMPSITES  Skm 62    Parly ,ce 40  Madeira Park, B.C. 883-2266  IRVINES LANDING  MARINA  4>r  At the mouth of  Pender Harbour  MARINE GAS  ���  BAIT  TACKLE  ��� MOORAGE  LAUNCHING RAMP  ICE  ���  CAMPGROUND  Waterfront Licensed  Restaurant  skm 74   49   883-2296  til jM}  nl  Licensed  ��� Unique S Varied Menu  ��� Feature Dishes Daily  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Gibsons Landing  Skn. 5    886-9924        8  Coho <J\l\a-iina  cJ?e.i.oxt  Mercury Sales & Service  Housekeeping Cabins,  Camping, Boat Rentals,  Moorage, Divers' Air  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  skm 62 42     883-2248  HEADWATER  MARINA LTD.  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I      r%\ j  NELSON     \     /  ISLAND    \ S ' <*>  M  :Slimn?i So/.-  PORT   i       i\'v'  MELLON)      lr)  GAMBIHR IS1 ANDr  /  LAMODA^O^  V -v   \ k/  1      ,   ^''^f/.3M2  SECHELT  PENINSULA  ?   poupoiseT^x  HAY  *e  ^  s&*  ���SHrnS!  sl'and  PARK  \  SECREJ.3JV sum si   ^-COVE     r\3S  ���    .ftt  r^~<  V3J.J4        \   WILSON  SECHELTy^W" -'   CR./  (j DAVIS  BAY  Kf/S2&  QOWEN       \  ISLAND \  SLANDS  STRAIT  GEORGIA  Skm: Sunshine kilometres from  Langdale Ferry Terminal (approa.)  NUMBERS IN BOLD TYPE ���  Approximate location on map. Coast News, July 22, 1980  15.  New lodge at Clowholm Falls  T-  Carl Chrismas acted as master ol ceremonies at the official opening of the new fishing  lodge at Clowholm Falls. Picture was taken in what Carl called the Scuttlebut Lounge  of the new establishment.  Carl's corner  In search of a career  li�� Curl ChrisinuH  Next morning, in thc stark  reality of a cold, wet and dark  October morning, Pete  introduced me to my first B.C.  sawmill. He led me through the  main body of Ihe mill where a  big Douglas fir log was being  gripped by sharp, sleel claws  which held it to the head-blocks  of the carriage in preparation  for sawing.  Thc head-block setter was  standing beside his tall lever,  ready to crank thc log ahead to  its next cutting position at a  signal from the sawyer.  The sawyer was barely  visible in his dimly lit command  post, partly hidden by the  heavy screen guard which  protected him from Hying  slivers and debris. Escaping  steam, seeping up through  cracks in thc mill floor from thc  boiler room below, created a  ghost-like apparition of an  executioner from some  frightening, medieval dream.  As we walked by he spat out a  long string of tobacco juice at  the whining, double-cut band  saw; thc starting whistle blasted  its shrill command to 'roll 'em';  and the gunshot carriage  sprang into sudden action. The  war.was on!  'rl&Old infagine the sawyer, a  maniacal grin exposing  tobacco stained lecth. rejoicing  as he plunged thc livelog into  thc ripping, tearing saw blade,  watching its life blood being  lorn from ils body in a fine  spray of sawdust and mist. I  could see his nod of satisfaction  to thc setter on the carriage as  the slab dropped away from the  log with a crash, to land on the  spinning rollers beneath it. The  exposed lace was to his liking  and his nod was to indicate that  the log was ready to turn for ils  next surgery.  The setter nodded to his  other two dog-men to break  loose Iheir sharp, steel claws;  the sawyer Hoiked the lever  which operated the powerful  steam ram that appeared as if  hy magic from beneath Ihe  carriage track; the log was  Hipped over with a crash, re-  dogged, and in a flash was on  its way inlo ihe saw foranother  huge slice.  I had lagged behind Pete  while watching this fascinating  choreography and when I  turned to follow, he had  disappeared. In a panic I  headed down the dark tunnel  which seemed to have engulfed  him. ducking under whirling  shafts, brushing my slapping  drive bells, getting more frightened all the time. But I finally  caught up to Pete at ihe fool of  a huge conveyor lhat carried  the slabs, edgings and other  residue from the mill oul to the  huge, cone-shaped and screen  covered slash burner at the  waters edge of False Creek.  Here we were joined by two  other men. bolh Fast Indians.  The largest ofthe two had a full  beard and a black turban. He  was dressed in heavy wool  clothing, wore a leather apron  supported by a sort of harness  and in the gloom of the mi"  catacombs, looked to be the  most menancing apparition I  had ever seen. I began to  wonder what I had let myself in  for and was rapidly trying to  think up some excuse to get the  hell out of there when Pele said,  "This one's bigger than the last  one, Singh. Give him a tryfora  few days". He nodded to me  and walked away.  Now, I was a six footer  myself but beside this guy I felt  like Tom Thumb. I had to look  up to catch his eye. With that  tall turban and heavy gear he  looked like a Sumari warrior  about ready to pounce on an  unwary victim. He scared me!  by Carl Chrismas  One evening last fall, A.M.  Cronin the Third, owner of the  Clowhom Falls fishing camp at  the head of Salmon Inlet, said  to a little group of local friends,  "I'd sure like to build a nice new  lodge that would do justice to  this beautiful setting of lakes,  mountains and streams. I'd like  about six bedrooms, a modern,  up to date kitchen, and the  biggest dang scuttlebutt lounge  this side of the Malemute  Saloon!"  Well, sir. No sooner said  than done! Young Jim Burgess  dragged out an arm full of  drafting paper and a batch of  pencils; Big John Hindson kept  watch and tossed inadviccnow  and then on how io prepare Ihe  site and cut corners on construction costs; that wily fish  guide and caretaker, John  Alvarez solved some logistic  problems, and pretty soon, a  plan was put together.  Well all the figures were in.  'C'roney' took a long, hard look  at the piggybank; another at  the crystal ball for a decision to  go ahead under present economic conditions. One thing  about it - it was never going to  get any cheaper to build.  Lumber prices were low; labour was available; and it  would give a little boost to our  local economy. All signs were  '(io'!  In his typical American way.  he made his decision. Jim  Burgess and his Mobile Construction outfit were signed up  and the dream was under way!  On sunday. July 13th, alter  months of battling winter  construction problems, thc  Lodge was officially opened.  Refreshments were served at  the snazzy, new bar; delicious  'burgers' were grilled by 'C'roney' himself, on thc most  modern range equipment this  side of 'Ronny' McDonalds;  and Canadians and Americans  alike abolished all borders and  mixed 'you-alls' and 'houses' in  wild abandon as the spirit of  conviviality rattled around in  thc high ceilinged lounge.  Mr. Cronin and his family  are no strangers to the Sunshine Coast. His Mother was of  the Fred l.eadbettcr lamily  who. at one lime, owned a  sawmill at Port Mellon.  In thc early '2()'s. the family  yacht was the old 'Dorothy  Voss' and it made many trips  through the Skookumchuck  and up to Clowhom Falls. At  one time the family owned  much ol the head of the Inlet  and sometime in Ihe 50's, made  an arrangement wilh Ihe old  B.C. Electric to allow the  construction of ihe lirsi power  dam.  Ihe journey log ol the  'Dorothy   Voss'   is   in   Ihe  archives of the old lodge and  makes lor very interesting  reading. She eventually sank  jusi south of the present camp  near Misery Creek. She probably resls in peace and she is too  deep to be bothered by the roar  of aircraft, \isiiing thc new  airstrip at Clowhom. or landing on the waters of her final  resting place. A Irip lhal look  her days, can now be made in  minutes.  Ciood luck to the 'Cedai  Shack' on Ihe shores ol Salmon  Inlet!  worm, warmer, warmest  daniadown  h i OwodOMn cc  IM M* . |r .n. I  Ail  i&Cul   Ou1  ot j coniiiii't t-m-a  j'fitcw'uifiJftmu* j  Jll tO*Ml  n..UWt Pifjsr ecucr in i  coi. CtmUi a*  CI daniadown quilts ltd.  E    v.nfou.e. AC Esisor-sned <%:  **       SUNSMINC INTCOinoc  SUNSHINl INTERIORS  NOS1H BO I KIWANIS WAV  oiasoNs.aas.74i i  Used Furniture  and What Have You  AL'S USED  FUMIITUiE  886-2812  WE BUY BEER  BOTTLES  He turned and snatched a  leather apron from a peg on thc  wall, thrust it at me and said,  "You must wear this at all  times. Now come, work has  commenced"!  I had expected a strong voice  of command, but the high  pitched purr that came from  that big body was almost  effeminate. As he turned and  began to climb the sloping  staging which climbed beside  the conveyor, my fear  dissipated and I followed  obediently.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water  On the  Seafood Platter  As a stimulus to creativity  in the community, an Arts  Centre functions on many  levels. Properly it is the focus  of artistic activity in the  community, of value to all of  its citizens. Speaking to all  the arts, it serves as a meeting  place for ideas of many kinds.  The next exhibition at the  Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in  Sechelt, Earth, Air, Fire and  Water from July 29 to Aug.  by Chak-Chak  If you tried thc recipe for last  week. Prawns 'n' Sugar Snaps,  you would have realized that  alter cooking Items Ul then  Items #2 should have been  added and cooked for VA  minute with the lid on before  adding Items #3.  This week's topic is a year  round resident of our coast and  the largest of the Salmonid  family. The spring or tyee,  known in the States as chinook  or king salmon, tends to be  found near the bottom, usually  preferring areas where points  of land jut out into the water or  where there arc sharp breaks in  the bottom contours. Springs  have been recorded at 53 inches  in length and weighing up to  126 lbs.  The spring salmon is a  threatened species now and I  believe that fishermen should  start a voluntary reduction in  their legal bag limit in order to  conserve the stocks of this  valuable fish.  If you are fortunate enough  to catch one or are able to buy a  fresh piece of spring salmon,  please remember that the flesh  may be red, pink or white and  that the white meat is not  inferior but indeed it is regarded by myself and many  others as the best of all.  The most suitable cooking  F) for the first 15 min., then  reduce heat to 425s F and  continue baking for 30-45  min. according to size offish.  When done the fish separates  easily from the bone.  STUFFING RECIPE  3 cups bread crumbs, I beaten  egg-  2 small onions (chopped fine)  Vi tsp salt, sprinkle of thyme, V,  tsp pepper.  Mix  well  and moisten with  methods are baking, steaming i |^Jjer  or poaching and the heavily       During hjs search for sea  smoked meat is greatly prized  for hors d'oeuvres.  BAKED TYEE SALMON  1. Stuff a good-sized fish with  dressing, sew the opening  with needle and thread.  2. Cut 3 or 4 gashes through  the skin on each side. This  keeps the fish in shape during  cooking.  3. Bake in a very hot over (550s  food when dining out. Chak-  Chak has decided that 'Dining  By The Sea' overlooking Trail  Bay in Sechelt at the Parthenon  Restaurant is the best bet.  Our old friends from Gibsons Hardware. Mickey and  Doris Parsey are the new  owners and they have a new  and varied menu which includes 15 items in which seafood is  10, is designed to exemplify  this artistic expression.  Ten Sunshine Coast artists  have been invited to participate with work related in  some way to one or more of  the four basic organic elements, earth, air, fire and  water. These are King Anderson, Nancy Angermeyer,  Senja Boutelier, Joan Foster,  Enid Goodman, Pauline Law-  son, Fran Ovens, Sheila Page,  Chris Pratt and Trudy Small.  Some names are new and  some very familiar, and each  will in their own way open up  the imagination of the spectator with their individual  statements dealing with the  theme presented.  This particular exhibition  is one of many designed to  enlarge the knowledge of the  the main ingredient.  SEA-FOOD-OF-THE-WEEK  Try the Fresh North Pacific  Salmon at the Parthenon.  Make sure to tell the waitress  how you would like it cooked,  grilled or poached in milk or  wine. Sea you.  community to the presence of  artistic talent on the coast.  There are others planned  for the future, VIEW 2 for  example, which will be our  second juried show in October, We anticipate as much  enthusiasm for that show as  for the last, in which several  new talents were discovered.  All are invited to attend the  opening on Monday July 28,  8-10p.m.  THE CHOICE IS YOURS  Sailing money is one thing, muffing it grow is another  Check these one year results to Jan JI. 1980  (alsoIhs3,6and lOyeai results)   RRSP& KHOSP's  Templelon Growlh 24 7%   Industrial Growth 33 3%  Taurus Fund 34 9%    Industrial Equity 30 4%  Cundill Value 29 9%   Growlh Equity 60 3%  Goldlund 157 5%   Can Gas & Energy 82 3%  H.is yum R It S.P averaged 1H" pei year compounded loi the last 12  years? Industrial Growlh Fund has $1,000 OOinvesiedm 1968 would yield  $6,000.00 today, im ludingi harges    Ihisaccompllshedduringsomeofthe  siixk market's worst yc.its  Call or wriic inr Prospectus:  GREAT PACIFIC MANAGEMENT CO. LTD.  202 -100 Wesl Pender Slreel, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H8  Telephone: Al Turney at 669-1143  Name..  Address.  VLASSIFIF1J ADS  Gibsons Ready Mix  886-8174  'Drainrock 'Washed Rock  "Sand *Road Mulch  'Fill 'Concrete Anchors!  *-���'-���--'- -��'-'-      -Aui-r:  -���-"**��� '������"��� ��-��� ������ 16.  Coast News, July 22, 1980  Caution advised  Bears again abundant  *���^      ..I' .. k..< s...l,r ro.ill,.  .:..,    ��� I__l.  If you go oul in the woods  today, or out in your back yard  for lhal matter, keep in mind  that the beautiful scenery lhal  siirrounds us is also thc habilal  Mother lorms of life, some of  which can be dangerous if not  treated ��itli thc proper respect.  *fwo weeks ago a black bear  HCUme down to ihe beach to  ���puddle his feel in the ocean at  IGranthams I anding. Another  3has  made .i couple ol guesl  ijippcarances on Beach Avenue  viti  Robciis ( reek  last  week.  ���J.ast I hursd.iy a bliick beareub  "Was inwihed in a motor vehicle  uccukni neai Ihe Jolly Roger  on Highway Mil  ' 'C'onseivation Officer Jamie  ptcphen  ~.ns lhal  Im  every  heai   you sec. there arc pro-  hrftiI\  len more in Ihe woods  nearby  In spile ol ihe fact lhat  .bluchnn   and huckleberry  crops mc puni this year, thc  Blears arc feeding mi salmon-  jberries and. compared lo last  \eai. in general having a very  quid year.  Still, wnh more and more  people each year Liking lo the  great outdoors Im i cereal ion  and ihe rapid growlh ol small  communities encroaching on  (he wilderness, bear human  confrontations are inevitably  |on ihe increase and il's important to know something about  the bear and what to do il you  meet one in Ihe wild or  rummaging in your strawberry  patch.  Winding lo Conservation  billed Jamie Stephen. "Most  Isiorth Americans still have a  distorted understanding of  forest creatures, based more on  fanciful cartoon animations  than on an animal's normal  behavior."  "Television serials and 'Disney' type documentaries have  done little to promote public  awareness of what 'wild' really  means, and in fact the contrary  is more apt to be true." Stephen  says. "While programs like  'Grizzly Adams' and 'Gentle  Hen' may have enjoyed your  undivided attention, you may  consider yourself thoughtlessly  duped by unrealistic symbolism. There is nothing gentle  about a black bear. On the  other hand, nor is there  anything rough. I he point is  'gentle', 'rough', 'cruel' and  'kind' arc human expressions,  without validity when applied  io a wild animal. Perhaps the  most distressing consequence  al having been brainwashed by  Ihe media is thai we arc largely  incapable now ol knowing how  wc ought to respond when we  dn experience contact with a  wild and potentially, dangerous  animal."  Conservation Officer Stephen warns people not to feed  bcurs under any circumstances,  mi muttel how lame they  appeal, and in particular not to  risk close contact by trying to  gel bears to pose lor 'cute'  snapshots with you. If you find  a bear in your garden or  garbage, don't try lo chase him  oil wilh a broom, hockey stick  or by throwing rocks.  "Hears are lightning when  they want to be." Stephen says,  "and they can spin around  before you can swallow. As  improbable as il is that a bear  will charge more than once out  of len thousand times, il's still  too frequent to chance. Don't  compromise your own safety  and become a statistic."  To discourage bears from  prowling around your properly, keep the area clean and free  of refuse.  "At Ihis time of year."  Officer Stephen says, "garbage  should be kept in plastic bags  within   your   garbage   cans.  emptied regularly and themselves stored in a shed or  garage if bears arc common to  the neighbourhood. If a nuisance bear is bothering your  garden or other property, do  not approach him unless you  have escape cover: an automobile with windows rolled up  or a house balcony. Honk the  horn of your vehicle, bang pots  and pans, cowbells, or discharge an airhorn. make as  much racket as you can. bul  newer attempt lo shoot the bear  with a pellet gun. high powered  rifle or shotgun except in an  absolute emergency. II thc  raids on your properly persist  alter your own preventative  measures fail, call the Fish and  Wildlife Branch at 885-2004 for  advice or help. If the situation  warrants, the ollendinganini.il  may have lo be live-trapped  and relocated or destroyed.  I he latter action is our normal  response if their aggression  lowards humans has been  demonstrated, charges with or  without contact, for example."  "If you meet a black bear on  a hiking trail, caution and  common sense must prevail  and the chances will be belter  than excellent that nothing will  come of the incident, except  lhat you will have seen a black  bear in his natural habitat.  Move slowly and deliberately,  backing away from Ihe animal  if he has seen you. Shrieking  and boiling away in panic may  only alarm an otherwise passive animal who would normally have no interest in you  whatever."  Brochures outlining safety  procedures related to both  cougars and bears arc available  al the Fish and Wildlife Office  on Porpoise Bay Rd. in Sechelt. so if you're thinking of  doing some hiking Ihis summer, slop in and pick one up.  Trustees reverse themselves  A Tale of a band program  This wet weather is causing problems for anyone  venturing off the highway and this gravel truck making  a driveway off Highway 101 near Cemetery Corner was  no exception last week.  No St. Mary's reduction  Ihe problems of obtaining  nursing staff, resulting from a  Province wide shortage, which  is affecting most B.C. hospitals,  docs not appear to he touching  St. Mary's Hospital.  A recent recruitment programme has had very rewarding results. By mid September  eleven new nurses will have  joined thc stall, and three other  nurses who were previously  practicing have returned to the  hospital. This stabilizes thc  nursing staff complement required to maintain all services  and offer care in all areas ofthe  hospital.  Ihe excellent response provides the professionals needed  to cope with a very high  occupancy rate, which could  have overloaded thc hospital  capacity. No lengthy delays for  elleclivc surgery are anticipated, as long as thc nursing  complement is maintained at  thc desired level.  It is very gratifying to note  thai so many fine nurses have  responded lo St. Mary's recruitment programme. They  certainly could not have been  attracted bv the weather.  by Maryanne West  Once upon a time there was a band programme at a junior-  secondary school, lt was a new school and like many beginning  programmes the band programme was tolerated rather than well  esteemed. After a couple of years, the Superintendent decided that  a band teacher be assigned to the school as a, regular member of  staff instead of his former position as visiting supernumerary. An  extra teacher changed the pupil/teacher ratio and other statistics  and the staff felt that offering band to 17 children would perhaps  deny other electives to a greater number and therefore asked to  have the band programme dropped.  The Superintendent's recommendation to the trustees was thc  use of Section 153 of the Public School's Act which allows a  School Board to summarily terminate a programme which it  deems impractical and to dismiss the teacher. For some reason  this matter came before the Board in committee instead of in open  session, and thus the matter only came to light when the teacher  complained to his association of his dismissal. The Teacher's  Associations, both locally and provincially were unhappy aboul  this section ofthe Act because it allows for summary dismissal and  no appeal.  Feeling threatened, this being thc third time Section 15.1 had  been used in the District thc teachers turned out in force to protest  the decision to terminate thc band programme.  Because of thc lack of public discussion and because nothing  seemed to add up, people naturally began to try to fit the available-  pieces of thc puzzle together to make a valid picture. As the  teacher wasn't originally hired to teach band and wasn't being reassigned to his former position (also possible under thc Act),  presumably the object of the exercise was to get rid of him, but  why? Was he now, after 8 years in this district, considered  incompetent? Had he made powerful enemies in thc community?  Was there perhaps someone else waiting in the wings for thc job?  However the pieces were arranged, something was missingand the  suspicion grew that someone was manipulating the situation for  reasons which were not immediately clear. Kites were flown by thc  press in thc hope of eliciting some answers, parents and intcrstcd  organizations added their appeals lo keep the programme.  At the next School Board  meeting the motion that "thc  Music Department at the  junior-secondary school and  the funded extra-curricular  feeder band programme at the  elementary school be summarily closed effective September 1st, 1980 ( a revised  motion which had to be passed  because the earlier motion  passed in camera had taken a  wider swathe that was intended) was soundly defeated by a 5  - 2 vote. While this may be thc  happy  ending  the Teacher's  Association wanted in that in  defeating the motion Section  153 ofthe Act was not used and  presumably the teacher's related dismissal is automatically  cancelled too. Whether the  Band programme at the affected schools will continue in  September is. I believe, still up  in the air. We are in fact, back  to square one with the concern  of the Chatelech staff that  offering Band to a small  number of students denies  opportunities to others. Per  haps the solution to this story  lies down the road in part in the  timetable for the expansion of  Chatelech to a senior secondary school and in the answer  to another recommendation to  the Trustees from the Management committee which surfaced at last week's meeting. It  read: "It is the view of the  Committee that elementary  band should not be offered In  this school district and that the  first band opportunity open lo  students should be at the  Grade 8 level."  It is felt that thc taking of  band by some students in an  elementary school causes a  disruption in thc overall educational programme which is  oul of proportion to thc value  derived from Ihe elementary  band programme und that at  thc clemenary level all efforts  should he concentrated on  providing the best possible  general music programme to all  students. The Management  Committee also feel that, in  fairness to thc Grade 6 students  ofthe 1979; 80 school year who  started on thc elementary band  programe. it should be continued for one more year only  and should end when those  students leave Grade 7 at the  end of the 1980/81 school  year." The Trustees decided not  to make this decision without  prior consultation with the  School communities and a-  greed that the future of band in  this district shall be on the  agenda of the Educational  meetings in September through  December in order that the  Superintendent may present  his viewpoint in greater depth  and that they may hear also thc  concerns of parents and children.  - j  Coast Business Directory  APPUANCESI  T.V. SERVICE  Sunshine Coast T.V.  Mon. to Sat. 9:30���5:30 885-9816  HARRISON'S APPLIANCE SALES  ^"���"j-i Parts and Service  v^|j*j5��      Tuesday ��� Saturday 9 ��� 5  |:pt'|      886-9959 Pratt Rd., Gibsons  JOHN HIND-SMITH  REFRIGERATION & MAJOR APPLIANCE SERVICE  Port Mellon to Pender Harbour  Res. 886-9949  *  I AUTOMOTIVE I  Wp specialize in Volkswagen Repairs  flairs   885-9466 +honda��  need tires?  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Route de Rhum  by Dr. Richard Falk,  Milbank Professor of  International Law,  Princeton University  As Worlrf War Ilended there  was agreement, among the  Allies, that Nazi, Fascist, (and  Japanese) leaders and wrongdoers must be punished. It was  by the influence of the United  States expressed through its  president, Franklin Delano  Roosevelt, that this punishment would take a legal form.  And so at Nuremberg in 194S  an historic trial of the surviving  Nazi political leaders was held.  Afterwards, lesser trials were  held of military commanders,  doctors, judges, and business  leaders to assess their responsibility for specified crimes.  Many sharp criticisms were  made of the Nuremberg process. It seemed to many like a  For glory, for gain, for nothing!  After 10 very successful and hectic years in the film industry,  acting in nationwide T.V. commercials, feature films, shooting  documentaries and underwater films from his Toronto based film  company, Paul Herbermann decided to sail his 46-foot  MARIN AUT to the idealogical Caribbean for a slower pace of  life. His travels took him to St. Maarten in the Eastern Caribbean  where he settled into a day-sailing charter business.  After 4 years of sailing tourists around, the fun wore off, and  Paul started to plan a world cruise. He commissioned the now  famed, Peter Spronk, to build him a 75-foot cruising catamaran  that could take him around the world in comfort. However, the  trip never materialized. At time of construction, unknown to all,  including the designer, Spronk had created not only a  comfortable cruising boat but also a super racer.  PI'AI.l"S (pronounced Pah-loo) very first sailing trial was the  1978 800-mile St. Maarten Tradewinds Race. Skippered by Paul,  with a California crew, PPAI.l! outpaced the world-famous  right attitude; the general concensus, even among his fellow competitors, was that  Marc had an excellent chance  of winning. And now, here he  was, adrift off the coast of  Spain, cheated from triumph  by yet another turn of fate.  Placing the receiver back on  the hook, my mind raced back  over the other incidents that  clouded Ppalu's entry in the  race, months before the start.  August 15, 1978 was the day  Marc Pajot and Corinne were  to meet me in Fort de France,  Martinique. They had come to  pick up Ppalu and take her to  France to be outfitted for the  race. It was eminently bad  timing for an Atlantic crossing, we all knew that; violent  storms and hurricanes were  prevalent that time of the  year. The only other alternative was to forget the race,  but that was unthinkable;  nothing could deter Marc now.  Ppalu was sitting at double  anchor in Fort de France harbour. Gusty winds meant  keeping a watchful eye on the  anchors. Leaving those instructions with my St. Kittian  crewman, John, we went into  town to buy some stores. I  liad taken a taxi back to the  dock, when from an elevated  view of thc harbour, something out-of-place caught my  eye. Another boat seemed to  be anchored about ten feet off  Ppalu's stern. I knew for sure  it hadn't been there when I  left.  I told my driver to step on  it in my finest pidgin French;  he comprehended, probably  due to the anxiety in my voice,  and tloored it. I was halfway  out to Ppalu in the dinghy,  muttering newly acquired profanities at the idiot who had  anchored far too closely to my  stern, when closer inspection  revealed ;i rope strung between Ppalu and the bow of a  smaller ketch. Climbing a-  board. I simultaneously aired  my feelings to my despondent-looking crewman since ]  was overjoyed at seeing another vessel tied to us in these  windy conditions. If her anchors had broken loose, we'd  both have ended up on the  reef behind us.  "Come, look wah happen!"  said John as he ushered me up  super-racer ROGUE WAVE, and went on to win the overall  'Fastest Catamaran Trophy'. During this race PPALU reached a  top speed of 26.8 knots and covered the 800 miles in 86 hours,  mostly in light to moderate winds.  It was this showing that led to PPALU being chartered by  French Olympic Silver medalist, Marc Pajot, for tht 1978 Single-  handed Transatlantic Race 'Route Du Rhum' from France, to  Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Knowing that PPALU was  possibly the world's fastest racer afloat, Paul shelved his desires  for a world cruise, relinquished PPALU to Pajot for this famous  race, and came to Roberts Creek, B.C, to follow the race from an  armchair.  It was plain to see right from the start that PPALU was the  fastest boat out of a fleet of 37 competitors. Within the first 63  hours of the race, PAUL RICARD was in first place, an  unbelievable 120 miles ahead of the second boat KRITER IV.  Then fate struck! Here is the story.  by Paul Herbermann  Four days after the November 5th start of the Route du  Rhum, single-handed trans-  Atlantic race from St. Malo,  France, toGuadaloupe, sitting  in front of a blazing fire in  B.C., Canada, far removed  from the hordes of spectators and well-wishers that  thronged around the St. Malo  >iuhl basin,-! became philosophical, shaking my head in  disbelief over the events of the  previous week, wondering  what real forces drive man to  do some of the outrageous  things he does, whether for  glory, or monetary gains, or,  soniethimes, for nothing!  The day after the start ofthe  race, 1 was back in Canada.  There I would remain until  I received the phone call from  Corinne Kernaleguen, Marc's  girlfriend, informing me that  the 75' Catamaran Paul Rk-  ard (Ppalu's name during the  race) was in first position, only  a few hundred miles from  Guadaioupe and that I'd better take the next flight down  there. The phonccall came alright, about two weeks too  soon. Il was 5 a.m. November  8, just three days after the  start,  In .somewhat of a daze, I  answered the phone, "Hello,  Paul? I his is Corinne. Marc is  in trouble. He was in first  place 120 miles ahead of the  second boat. KRITER IV when  he hit something in the sea.  The left hull is filling up with  water. There is a rescue boat  going to get him and tow him  into Spain. I will keep you Informed."  Here we go again 11 couldn't  believe my ears. I can't recall  the last time I felt so many  mixed feelings all at once. Ecstatic that Marc was so far  ahead in only three days and  that, after being held back an  hour and a half just after the  start! This in itself proved how  wrong some contentions had  been about entering this "misused brainchild' of Peter  Spronk's in the Route du  Rhum. Ihe belief had been  that Ppalu could never compete against super racing machines; she was a charter boat,  not a racer!  1 felt desperately sorry for  Marc for whom this race  meant so much, particularly after such a debilitating  start. For Marc, one month  prior io the race, it had been  like the Olympics all over  again. Running, exercising,  getting his heart and mind in  shape for the long hours of  strain and physical strength  that was going to be demanded of him to handle this huge  eat. This time he was going for  the gold medal, he had the.  forward pointing to a gaping  hole right next to the bar  strut in the middle of the  crossbar. There were several  other dents and a piece missing from the starboard bow.  "That's all we need right  now," I mused. "How did it  happen?" As if I couldn't  guess!  It seemed John was sitting  down below when he was a-  sent Douglas Brooks, his top  wood surgeon, to perform  the operation. It was a pleasure to watch this man wave his  wand and transpose what was  an ugly fracture into a tightly  fitting scarfed implantation.  Marc was to wish many times  in the months to come that  Brooks had left his wand on  board. While repairs were  being made, the rest of us  lerted ty-a jolt iaUomi-H a-v were busying ourselves pack.  loud crack. He rushed up on   jng everything that  wasn't  "victor's justice". Only the  crimes of the losers were  examined, but there were other  crimes. What about the saturation bombing of Dresden as  portrayed in Kurt Vonnegut's  Slaughterhouse Five? What  about the fire-bombings of  Tokyo? And, most of all, what  about the atomic bombings of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki, happenings that have seared the  modern conscience as much as  the horrors of the holocaust?  And yet at the time there was  widespread recognition that,  however imperfect, the Nuremberg attempt was a step forward. The crimes of nazism  were documented and dramatized. Some distinctions were  drawn between degrees of legal  responsibility and these were  reflected in the types of punishments imposed.  Most of all, lor the first time,  leaders of modern sovcrign  states were held in a formal way  accountable for their violations of international criminal  law. Sovereign acts and actors  of the state were denied legal  immunity for the first time, as  was the claim by lesser officials  in and out of the military  services that they were only  following "superior orders".  These were dramatic and significant achievements.  And what is more, the results  at Nuremberg were accepted  and understood at the time as  general principles binding on  the future. The basis and  outcome at Nuremberg was  unanimously endorsed by the  members ofthe United Nations  in 1946. Later on at the  instruction of the General  Assembly the Nuremberg Principles were drawn up by a UN  body of experts, the International Law Commission as  an official document obligatory for all UN members.  Throughout this period the  United States more than any  other country in the world was  associated with promoting the  Nuremberg idea. The U.S.  prosecutor at Nuremberg,  Robert Jackson, a Supreme  'fou.rt.,Justice on leave, sum-  deck lo see this ketch cradled  between the bows and an elderly man rushing up and  down the deck totally beside  himself. His anchor line had  chafed through and with the  force of the wind had drifted  upon Ppalu, bow first, and  with formidable speed. With  some trouble the two had  freed the ketch from the claws  of Ppalu and temporarily tied  her astern while the owner  went to purchase another anchor.  I returned to the dock to  pick up Marc and Corinne and  proceeded to break the good  news to them when I spotted .  an elderly man carrying a new  anchor down the dock. I went  over and introduced myself  as thc 'mulilatee' and presumed he was the 'mutilator'.  My attempt to make light of  the situation and make him  feel at case was lost on him  since he spoke only French, so  I handed him over to Marc  who did the translating for  me. The elder was profusely  apologetic and promised to  make good all repairs, which  he did.  The problem that confronted us, however, was that we  now had lu sail to St. Maarten lo effect repairs. Plans had  been for Marc to do this 1,000  mile singlchandcd qualification run to Bermuda, from Antigua. Tins accident meant losing three to tour days on an already over burdened sailing  schedule. He wanted to get to  France in time for the La Ro-  chelle Boat Show, September  22. We decided to leave for1  St. Maarten immediately and  weighed anchor that evening.  We made the run in 20  hours 45 minutes, averaging  just over 12 knots. Peter  Spronk was most helpful and  after surveying the damage,  Mvi'nti  -j|_  '���onk  came  to  say  faivui.  1    ���  id after setting all  tl\  -.,  is  ind  rving out the  autopi  ill.  we  said    "Bon  Ll   .ICU  Sec  on in France.  \       !  voile  tin  !   Little did 1  r  days  later.  ,         ,   .  Ull  '!> in  Bermuda wait-  To be continued.  For all your Carpets  8854888      SlVai1S0l.'S      MW333  Dispatch ��� ^wmmmmmm^m^mmm ww Accounts  Swanson s Concrete Products Ltd.  Manufacture &  Sale of  septic Tanns  well cribbing  Curbs. Pier Mocks, etc.  Box 172  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  marized the prevailing mood in  his Opening Statement:  "This trial represents mankind's desperate effort to apply  the discipline of the law to  statesmen who have used their  powers of state to attack the  foundation ofthe world's peace  and to commit aggressions  against the rights of their  neighbours."  Nuremberg was a promise to  the future. It supported at the  level of thc individual the  related determination of the  United Nations Charter to  outlaw aggressive war once and  for all. The Nuremberg Judgement declared that "to initiate a  war of aggression...is not only  an international crime; it is the  supreme crime differing only  from other war crimes in that it  contains within itself the  accumulated evil ofthe whole".  Now, some 125 wars and  many trillion dollars worth of  arms later we realize that thc  Nuremberg promise has not  been kept, that is is barely  remembered, and certainly  never acknowledged by political leaders, least of all by  American leaders. And yet the  need to realize the Nuremberg  idea is greater than ever. We are  embarked on a deadly arms  race. Our leaders propose  contingency plans for military  intervention in the Persian  Gulf. We build new weapons  systems that experts say are  useful only for "first-strike"  missions and "counterforce"  doctrines. We maintain our  right to use nuclear weapons  first in a war, despite the  conviction of an overwhelming  majority of nations, as expressed in General Assembly  Resolution 16S3 (XVI), that  any use of nuclear weapons  would be "a direct violation" of  the Charter, "contrary to the  laws of humanity", and a-  mounting to "a crime against  mankind and civilization".  It is obvious that the leaders  of the main countries in the  world don't want to be reminded of the Nuremberg  Obligation. But there is a-  flgta. brpfl(l?jr,5��i5?Jl) which  this idea lives, takes new shape,  and may yet inspire a reaction  against the criminal insanities  of our age. In essence, the idea  at Nuremberg was that every  person, no matter what his or  her position in society, has a  moral responsibility and po  tential legal obligation to  expose and resist the crimes of  the state or other organization  Professional Repair & Service  to your  oil & electric heating equipment  -AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR-*  ^-~-^       Chevron  (��ssq)  CALL NOW   886-7W  THOMAS HEATING  16 yrs. experience.    Serving the Coast since 1967  Chargti Matttrchargt  1  AblRDRIi  CEDRR     ���  I1UI ICa     Product of BritTsh'columbia  QUALITY LIVING WITH CEDAR  Every detail in a Lindal Cedar Home radiates gracious, yet sensible  living.  And every Lindal door plan permits almost unlimited design  flexibility. Over 60 original plans are available. Each can be modified  to fit your particular needs and tastes. Or we can help you design  your very own plan.  Sales Office and Display Home in Horseshoe Bay   AUIUMUiCEOIIR HOIKS   CN22-7      INDEPENDENTLY DISTRIBUTED BY  M.D. MacKenzie limited  6342 Bay St., Horseshoe Bay  West Vancouvet, B.C. V7W 2G9  (604)921-8010    921-9268  Enclosed is $3 for Planbook and Design Guide  Name   Street   City_  Prov..  _Code  Phone    Location of Building Lot.  essential to Ppalu's performance.  She was emptied out from  stem to stern, even the floorboards were taken out. The  waterline was raised 2 inchest  To accommodate everything I  had taken off the boat, I  rented a small storage room,  but it soon became apparent  that I had accumulated far  more possessions than I had  dreamed of. So, those friends  and acquaintances that had  offered help were pounced  upon to accept suitcases,  trunks and boxes.  Everything finally off the  boat, Marc was getting itchy  to lean After nuking some  final adjustments to the autopilot, lie was ready for his  i|uu!ifk,iliun run.  Peter and  FOR VOUR HOME  SgJI^ervk  THE FIRE PLACET  WOOD HEATIHQ CEHTREl  Euervthing to Heat with wood  Stoves  Chimneys  Fireplaces  Custom Screens  Glass and Mesh  Chimneys Cleaned  m Chimney Cleaning  A  ��� Equipment FOR RENT ���  Seamless  Aluminum  Aluminum  Sutlers  v,������ siding  Roll Up  AwllinOS  Stationary  Aluminum   UflllOPIuS Aluminum  Blown In   I ilSUIflllUll Blown In  New or Existing Homes  We Sell and Install  Built in USIftlllllllS   Built in  We Install - Sell - Service  Anywhere on the Peninsula  Swimming Pools  Hot Tubs  saunas  spas ft Whirlpools  ��� Pool Chemicals ���  For vour  SUNDECK  Baked Plastic Finish on Aluminum  In Stock   mill nOS    No Waiting I  Beginning Aug   ttl   OMMIEKM. IRON  durodek  Deck  RbrOQlflSS Coating  We Build Sundecks from Scratch  JiJyS^^ 18.  Coast News, July 22, 1980  COAST NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS  birth/  pct/onnl  Phone tht' Co;  service  t News for this free  Braun. I arry & Mary  to announce thearriva  Reneeon Jul) 8.1980  weighing 7 tbs 3 ozs,  Kristin & Karmen. \  thanks in Dr Mountai  purses .n M  Mary's.  pleased  lol knrmne  al 1:47 pm..  A sister lor  very special  nandallthc  Colin A Vikki are  oTinounce the birth ol  Kdlii'ii I <ni Swinnn,  14. IMWl (n.iiidpaient  Hill Lowrunce ol R.  and Verdun & Dorol  ol Gibsons  pleased   to  a kiln bn\  born, Jul)  s Barbara &  berts (reek  In Swinncs  Alcoholics Anonymous 88c>-9208  T.F.N.  1-oi an attractive smile, use  I'artaroff to remove stains from  leeth. New formula, powder form,  leaves them shining white. Also  removes stains from dentures. New  3 oz. shaker-pack, Available at  Pacifica Pharmacy. 029  leave lines and wrinkles of dry  skin behind you! I'se Cocremalor  7 days and see the difference.  Cocremo products have as the  active ingredient, Cocoa Butter,  tt hlch has been used lor man)  years as a skin food and moisturizer. Cocrema productsarenow  available at Paciliea Pharmacy.  #29  obUuoric;  Grant, on Jul> 14. I9M) in  extended care unit St. Vincent  Hospital, hinmc ! Grant formed}  ol Gibsons, B.C., aged 9.1 yrs.  Survived hv 5 nieces. Mrs. (i. Fred  (Betty) Robertson, 1755 West 58th  Avenue. Vancouver. Mrs. H.  (Mary) Gregorj and Mrs. 1  (Audrey! Johnson ot Gibsons,  B.C., Mrs. IB. (Elsie) Muthcson  ol West Vancouver. Mrs. John  (Phyllis) Burton. Vancouver 2  nephews. David Grant, Kitimat.  B.C. and Boh Grant. Coquitlam  and many friends and relatives.  Late member and elder ol Gibsons  United Church and B.C. Teacher  Federation Long time resident ol  Gibsons. B.C. Memorial service  v\.:s held July 16th at 2:30 pm. in  Si Stephens Unilcd Church, 54th  Ave and Granville St.. Vancouver Rc\ John O'Neill officiated. Hanoi! Bros. Ltd. in  charge of arrangement. In lieu ol  flowers, donation may be sent to  Gibsons United Church at Gibsons. B.C. for the Fannie I. Grant  Memorial,  Chamberlin, Mrs. Charlotte Mabel, formerly ol Gibsons, passed  awav Saturday, Jul) 12, 1980 in  hospital, in her XSih year. Surviving are I son. Douglas ol  Courtenay; 2 daughters. Mrs.  Florence McKinnon ol Gibsons,  Mrs. IreTtd Hunter ol Burnaby; 10  grandchildren. 15 great-grandchildren and I great-great-grandchild. Cremation. A memorial  service was held Wednesday at 3  pm. in the Angus A. MacLeod  Burquitlam Chapel, 625 North  Kd.. Coquitlam. Rev, I. Hihbert  ol Coquitlam Presbyterian Church  officiated. Donations to the Heart  Foundation would beappreciated,  announcement/  Ihe SI I Environmental Education (iriuip extends in all a  warm invitation lo attend a  Concert: Dan Rubin. Tuesday  night at 9;|)(| pm al Chatelech  Junior Secondary School in  Sechell. I iekeis S3 available at the  door.  found  Wheel and tire Found across from  the Seaview Apt. in Sechelt, Call  885-5088. W29  Found- Female Orange lahbycal  in the Roberts Creek Provincial  Campsite area. Please phone SS5-  9224. ��29  lo/l  Jul) 16th: between Ferr) and Mr.  Mikes, black velvet cushion with  jewelr) attached, tray with rings  and doll wicker bassinet. Also on  June 16th: wicker dogg) hamper  and 2 sewing baskets. Reward.  886-8043.     t^c\ "29  oppoflunitie/  JH  ***A Full Lineot  Plumbing Supplies  HOURS:  Tues,-Sat.. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m  Hwy 101 & Pratt Rd.  onnouncement/  Man) thanks to staff of St. Mary's  Hospital tor cate during my recent  visit, also much appreciation for  inquiries and offers ot assistance  Irom neighbours and friends.  .Ron McSavanev  POTTERY SALE. Sat.. Jul. 26,  9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., St. Hilda's Hall. Sechelt. Pots by Elaine  Futtcrman. #29  Grandchild  en  cumuli;  lo  visit?  Rent  1 LTlb  irh  gh chan  .pit  v pen.  stroll  r. ur  Phone  886  2809.  TFN  Transcendental Meditation  program (TM) as taught by  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  Personal and private instruction. 886.-7988.. tfn  Gibsons Legion Branch M09  Presents       JJ  *k  J  "The KEYS"  July 35th & 16th  J.  Members & Guests Only  LUNCHES AVAILABLE  11:00 to 6:00 p.m. Monday Saturday  Friday, Saturday also 9:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m.  pel/  Purebred registered Persian kittens 8 weeks old. Had all shots.  Wormed. 1 Blue/cream female.  2 blue males $100 each. 886-  7938 eves. #30  S.P.C.A.  For adoption: IH month male  German Shepherd; s week Golden  Lob cross puppies; 4 month male  Golden Lab & Whippet cross; 3  month Collie & S hep herd lemale;  I I 2 year lemale Shepherd; ft  week Ridge back & Shepherd pups;  4 year old spaved female (ireat  Dane; Border Collie cross 2 year,  spayed lemale; K months lemale  lab & Husk) cross; ft month  lemale black Lab cross; 9 month  Lab cross lemale; 2 year Collie-  German Shephard lemale; 2 white  rabbit; I guinea pig. S.P.C.A.  kittens for adoption are on display  al Unicorn Pets & Plants. Sechelt.  Lost: Male 4 months. Lab &  Shephard golden hair with black  around nose. Sechelt Village, call  886-7839, 886-9652. 885-3889 ��29  Wanted - Good Home for purebred   Irish   Setter.   Good   with  children. Castrated, call 886-7113.  029  PROFESSIONAL  DOG GROOMING  for small breeds.  Call Sharon 886-2084  Kerry  Blue  Terriers  sechelt        886-2505  PENINSULA KENNELS  Boarding  1  Brooming  ��� Bright & large, indoor  kennels & outdoor runs.  ��� Dogs walked daily  K  PROFESSIONAL  GROOMING  FROM   THE TINIEST  TO   THE  LARGEST  Reed Road, album  888-7713  Reed Rd.  Peninsula  Kennels  ���S2  Hwy 101  MWMMMMDM  MMMW  onnouncement/  "Jim Drummond Insurance9'  Homeowners - Tenant - Mobile Homes  AUTOPLAN   - Trailers - Campers  Commercial Property - Logging Equipment  All Classes Bonds & Liability [l  Pleasure & Commercial Boats R  Mortgage - Life - Pension Plans  $100,000 Excess Medical - Airplanes li  886-7751 fl  edars Plaza    * |n8UP8nCB IS 0UP Only BtlSHlBSS *    886-2807 ij  mui/lc  MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS  Guitars, amplifiers, music books.  Horizon Music   tfn  885-3117  MVS1C  LESSONS  YOU ENJOY  886-9030  essie  Piano & Organ  Begin at age 4 and older  1614 Marine Drive. Gibsons  uioik wonted  ODD JOBS  Write: Coast News, Box 460,  Gibsons, B.C. c/o Box 7        #31  General Accountant and Bookkeeping Service. Reasonable rates.  Hourly. Shoebox to computer  imput. 886-9196 #31  work wonted  *���  Must give away: 9 monlh old  lemale (spayed) Shepherd cross.  Loves children. Would like her to  go to a family wilh lots ol room &  plenty of time to spend with her.  883-9698. #31  Free pups to a good home. 886-  7654 #29  Male and lemale Cockatel $100.  for both plus cage. Aquariums  for sale: 20 gal., IS gal., 27 gal.  886-7877 between 1:00 p.m. and  6 p.m. #29  JWJSSMcssssswiawjwsssessse  IDEAL LAHDSCAPIN8  Tractor I Bachlioe  Light Land Clearing  Drainage Fields  Water Lines  CALL AllVTimE  34  HALFMOON  2 WINDOW CLEANING J  Professional Service \  t      covering iha Sunshine Coast j  '    '���'���    Hoofs, gutters cleaned. j  \tr��''XT��"        M5-2598 !  J     \ inside cleaning.     9 am - 6 pm j  K*=N$k��* 6��5-3��63 j  j .jkJv--^       ,a"er 6 p m 11  'j. LEPORE TILES  Quality Installations  Ceramic, Mosaic or Quarry  All work guaranteed  Free estimates  Phone Anytime  886-8097  PENINSULA  ROOFINB ft  INSULATION LTD.  All Types of Roofing  & Re-Roofing  Henry Rodriguez  Sechelt     885-9585  wonted  Must irees. like pets, need careand  attention and trees arc our  specialty.  * Topping  * Limbing  * Danger tree removal  An insured guaranteed service.  Peerless Tree Service Ltd.  885-2109  T.F.N.  Qualified   Painter.    Reasonable  rates. Guaranteed work. 886-9749  #29  Business Services  Will do typing, payroll & bookkeeping for small businesses. Pickup & delivery. Call Donna. 886-  7173. #31  Electrical Contractor wants work  anvwhere on thc coast, own boat  for island work. 886-9316   #TFN  Renovations and Repairs, Framing and Foundations. Call Jim  or Brent at 885-5643 #TFN  For Explosive Requirements  Dynamite, electric or regular caps,  B line E cord and safety fuse.  Contact Gwen Nimmo. Cemetery  Road, Gibsons. Phone 886-7778.  Howe Sound Farmer Institute.  T.F.N.  Timberjack skidder with operator.  Wire splicer available. 886-2459.   tfn  Backhoe services, septic fields,  water lines and drainage. A.  Ellingscn, 885-5092. tfn  Skilled mechanic, handyman from  mowing lawns to repairing Cadi-  lacs. Experience also in carpentry  & electrical. Simon. 885-2672 #29  Accounting & Secretarial Services --ideal for the small business,  phone 886-8263 #29  Clean ups. Rubbish removal. Light  moving. Also 19 year old male high  school grad. wants work. 886-  9503. #32  One hard-working student will cui  lawns, and do weeding and odd  jobs around the yard. Have own  lawnmower, if needed. 886-9192.  n 29  11 yrs. old boy will do odd jobs  in or out of house. Hard worker.  Gibsons only. Phone 886-8371  Ask for Timothy. #29  WEST COAST CONTEMPOR���  ARY HOMES - BUILT OR  RENOVATED 883-9259.       TFN  Older furniture, china, etc., bought  or sold on consignment. Harbour  Antiques, 1585 Marine Dr., Gibsons. 886-7800 T.F.N.  WANTED TO BUY Quality used  table saw. Prefer Beaver. 885-  2454 #26  Wanted to Buy: Logs or Timber,  lir. Hemlock, Cedar ��� Porpoise  Bav Logging Ltd., 885-9408 or  885-2032. T.F.N.  18" Cedar shake blocks. Wc pay  thc best prices for good wood. Also  custom cut your blocks. 886-9856.  TFN  WANTED TO BUY. Good quality used vehicles. Call Mainland  Motors 886-8344 TFN  Will pay eleven to one for silver  coins. After 5 p.m. 885-9470   #29  Commercial Fishing Sea Licence  for 22'or over. 883-9428 #29  SILVER  Will pay eleven to one for silver  coins.   After  5   p.m.   885-9470  #29  Wanted 10-12 ft. aluminum Boat  Good condition 886-2770 after  5. #30  Want to trade 15 cu. ft. chest  freezer, 2 yrs. old for upright of  approx. same age and size. Phone  after 6 pm., 885-5343. #31  Wanted by private party, reasonably priced semi or waterfront  property. Prefer house, bul not  essential. Gibsons or Roberts  Creek Area. Evenings only: 298-  4054 #31  CASH FOR LOBS  Too Prices  Free Estimates  D & 0 LOG SORTING  LTD.  886-7896    886-7700  help wonted  Short Order Cook. Apply in  person al Seaview Gardens.   #29  Required immediately. Bartender  and part-time cocktail waitress.  Applv in writing to Jolly Roger  Inn., R.R. #1, Halfmoon Bay. B.C.  Also needed: Chambermaids #29  Experienced Presser needed for  garment factory. 886-8161.     #30  Fitzgerald's requires 2 or 3 exp.  part-time waiters/waitresses.  Call for interview at 885-5546 or  886-2888 #29  ��  VILLAGE OF  GIBSONS  HELP WANTED  WHARF MANAGER  Applications are now being  received for the position of  Wharf Manager. The  successful applicant will be  responsible for the direct  supervision of the day-today operation and management of the Federal Wharf  and floats, Gibsons, B.C.,  maintained primarily for use  by the commercial fishing  fleet and secondarily tor  other commercial vessels  and pleasure craft.  Applicants should submit a  written resume stating  background and qualifications on or before July  31, 1980. j w Cop|and  Municipal Clerk  Village of Gibsons.  P.O. Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C.  _    VON 1V0         for /ole  FLOWERPOTS  Concrete flower pots and garden  ornaments. Corner of Metcalfe  Rd. and Lower Rd. For more  information call 886-2744 Roberts  Creek #30  1 Viking Colorall. Chanel remote  control $200. Complete rock shop:  2-8" x arbors. Grinding and  polishing. 1-8" disks sander attachment. 1-10" x 14" comb.  Saw. New. Electric motors. Some  new jewellery fittings. 3-Barr.  Rub. Tumblers. 6 mo. charging  compound. Timk. self, aling.  bearings. New. 10 piece certified  gemstone kit. Marshells assorted.  This will pay several times.  Many more items and rocks.  Some Jade. Offers over $1,750.  886-2732. #30  20" Zenith B&W TV. Down filled  sleeping bag with lining. 885-  9237. #29  Dbl. bed foam mattress, Kitchen  table and cl, is, elec. lawn-  mower, oecas hairs, love seat,  2- and 3-draw r dressers with  mirrors. Plus other household  items. Reas. prices. 886-9046. #29  7 square 24" tapered Shakes,  thick, $50. square. Phone 885-  9516. #30  Used Baldwin organ. Needs repairs. As is, where is. Best offer.  886-9482 #29  Tent Owners, we carry canvas  repair kits, spray-on canvas  waterproofer, as well as mildew  remover. 7 days a week. La  Caravana. #TFN  Crib with mattress and sheets.  One-year-old baby back pack, car  seat, Swing-a-matic. Wind-up  mobile Fisher-Price small playpen. 885-3917 #29  Firewood, $60 per cord, split and  delivered. 886-9452/886-9028 #29  Jet Pump. 1/3 hp Monarch with  15 gallon tank two tires 12x16.5  Tubeless on Chev rims. Phone  886-9194 after 5. #30  Used upper & lower kitchen  Cabinets. 886-2460. #30  Farm Fresh Hutlcr Crunch Lettuce, Cabbage, Chard, Carrots,  etc. Tony Archer. 886-7046      tfn  Truck canopy. Kenkraft. Fits a  standard 8' box. 886-2103 after  5 p.m. #29  1976 Honda MR175 dirt bike.  Only 600 miles. $725. 2 hp Elgin  outboard engine, $55. Viking  broom-vacuum, good condition,  $25.886-8226 #29  71 Otto hardtop tent Trailer  sleeps four. 2 spare wheels and  tires. Excellent condition $500.00  886-2053 #30  Aluminum frame and glass greenhouse kit, 5x7 feet, with self-  opening vent window. 886-9344.  #29  Waterbed for Sale: Frame, heater  6 mattress. I yr. old. Queen size.  $235. Phone: 886-7049 evenings.  #31  Almosi new GE Electric Lawn-  mower $75. 886-7290 ��29  Need Railing?  Think Wrought Iron  Phone  Coast Industries  886-9159 t.f.n.  Fertilize  NOW  "Special  Sale"  ON FERTILIZER  '���*  WATERING  CANS  SPRINKLERS  TRELLIS'S  OUTDOOR  SHRUBS  ftnUityU  Sechelt  885-3818  foi /ole  foi /ole  Garage Door. Aluminum 9'-7'.  Excellent condition, 885-3380  weekends only, #29  3   Red Gold   Insulated   Drapes,  covers 19 fl. x 80 in. $75 for all.  Pair twin bedspreads, blue with  matching drapes. $50. 885-3730.  #29  Potter's Kick Wheel, $75.885-9293  #29  Men's 23" 10-sp. bicycle. New-  brakes cables, blocks, tires &  saddle. $85 Firm. 886-9077     #31  Ceiling Fan. Wooden Blades. 36",  886-9485 #31  Complete Aluminum Window  units lor small house or cabin. I  large picture unit 5' x 10' side  opening with storm, $125. 3  stationary units I - 4' x 5' with  storm$60,2l;2'x5'$25..3l/2'x3  1/2' - $30. or save on complete  package for $200. Phone 886-7710  #31  Console Stereo, $75. obo.. Ping  Pong table, $75. obo., call 886-  7113. #29  Small Fridge. $14.; 16 ft. boat. 40  hp. motor, trailer $ 1,200. evenings  886-9773 #29  30" Range. $80. Occasional Chair,  $25., Older Fridge, $30.. 54" Bed,  $65., 39" Bed. $30., Chest ol  Drawers, $50., 2 Hanging I .amps.  sct$l5.. Trilight $25., Elec. Kettle.  $10.. Elec. Heater, $25., Antique  Buffet, closes! offer to $400. Plus  many more items. All in good  condilion. Phone. 886-7806. 1699  Marine Drive. #29  Wooden Bunkbcd, $60.. 886-2520  #29  Aluminum Net Drum 5' rim,  dia. 5 7 8". net and gear needs  some repair $750. White chest of  Drawers $30. 886-2513. #31  Singer Electric Sewing Machine  $40. High Chair $20. Childrens Ice  Skates. Before July 30, 885-5543  #29  McClary Easy Oil Furnace, 250 gal  above ground tank $150. in good  working order. Phone 921-7841.  before 9 am. #29  Garage Sale: July 27, II - 4.  Chadwick Rd., Langdale. Various  items. Watch for signs. Phone 886-  9133 or 886-9131. #29  I Colour TV Antenna $35..  Furnace oil pumps, Boy's Bike  $45.. 886-7854 #29  Firewood $60 per cord. Alder and '  maple. 886-7713 #32'  Microcomputer, 16k RAM, Lols  of programs and more $850. obo.  Phone 886-7970. #29  10' x 11' Storage Shed floor. Twin  beds. Singer Sewing Machine.;  Apt. freezer, lire screen & Grade. |  Washer & Dryer. 886-2679     #311  1972 Mercury Comet. Bed Chesterfield. Green reclincr. Single bed. I  3 burner camper stove (Coleman),  Vibrator lounge, reasonable, all  good condition. 886-7066.      #31-  Foundation Forms 2' x 8' for 1300  sq. ft. $245.. 886-9102 #31  HOTPOINT  APPLIANCES  BEST PRICES ON  THE COAST  at fftftl   ftjlflltf* woolecl lo rent      compcfz/fw*' motoicyclc/ outomofivc  ��� �� 3 " S SI Urgently   needed   by   Auk.   15    mmmUmm^m^mWmmmm     7���"^"^ .  . tout e���,h  Coast News, July 22, 1980  19.  House for Sale  Quiet luxury - Tennis next door,  boating two blocks away. A high  quality energy efficient home.  Tremendous view and excellenl  terms. F.P. $74,500. 886-7668#31  Two bedroom house in Selma  Park on lease land overlooking  Trail Islands. This is a very  comfortable home with gas  furnace, 3 piece bath and new  range. Priced for quick sale.  Phone 885-5619 or 574-5516    #30  Hopkins Landing: two level, 3  bdrm. home. Family kitchen plus  dining room, 1 '/i baths. Thermo-  seal windows, elec. heat, centre  fireplace, s/c stove, built-in dishwasher, fridge incl. 886-7902 #29  FOR SALE  WATERFRONT  Lot In West Sechelt, level,  with Umber, 73' > 320'. Price  $102,000. Excellent holding  and/or prime building property.  Phone 885-3771  1 Vi yr. home 64x138 Lot. 3 bdrms  up, finished family room, workshop. Landscaped. 1 block from  shopping and schools. $69,000.  Ph. 886-7854 #30  Lot 18 Creekside Park Estates.  Treed with south west exposure  and creek to rear for privacy.  Price includes $400 credit for  personal house design by local  architectural firm. Price $18,750  with $12,500 assumable mortgage  at 10%. Ph. 886-2922 eve.  886-9205 #30  Modern I bdrm. home on Coracle  Dr., Sandy Hook. View, near  beach and boat ramp. Appliances.  $40,700. 986-4657 or KKS-S589M.il  WATERFRONT  By owner, (iibsons Bluff III' 3  bdrm, 2 baths. 16* Fj P. large I R  & Rec. Rm. Den W Shop. Garage, 1'aiiu, terrace. Courtyard  with fountain, Howe Sound view  Irom all rooms. No agents 886-  9077. #31  Urgently needed by Aug. 15  three to four bedroom home in  Sechelt area. References available. 886-9650. #30  Needed by August 15 or sooner, 2  or 3 bdrm. house. Prefer quiet  w/forview. Refs. available. 886-  9634 A #32  tei rent  Large machine shop. 886-9500 #29  A number In note:  885-5171  WHARF REALTY LTD,  BED & BREAKFAST on scenic  HOTEL LAKE in GARDEN BAY  Home baking. 883-2608 #29  SPECIAL WEEKLY RATES  Peninsula Hotel 886-9334 TFN  llonnicbrook Resort  2 choice  mobile home sites  available. Near walerfront. 886-  2887. tin  Beautiful new 3 bedroom full basement home with Ihe  perfect blend of wood & brick exterior. This 1345 sq.  ft. home is situated on a 95' x 130' view lot with all new  homes in the area. The home features dining room  and living room opening fireplace, 2 full bathrooms  with walk-in closet off the master bedroom, twin seal  windows, shake rool, separate double carport plus  large sundeck. The list goes on, come & see for  yourself.  $89,500.  I iBsnrns Realty  ^^ AND UND DEVELOPMENT LTD  886-2277  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre, Gibsons  HOW REHTIHB  880 sq. it.  $300. a month  School Road &  Gower Pt. Road  581-0995  OFFICE OR  RETAIL SPACE  AVAILABLE  Approx. 1200 sq. ft.  Prime Hwy 101  location in Gibsons  CAMpbell's  FAMILY SHOES and LEATHER GOODS  IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN SECHELT"   885-9345  Gibsons  Industrial Park  FOR RENT  Commercial or  Warehouse Space  Shaw Rd., Gibsons  Phone: 886-7611  Eves: 886-2139  [Your friendly neighbourhood  drop-off point for   Classified Ads.  38  RENT-A-BOAT  a motor too if you  like at  DAVIS BAY SECOND HAND  STORE  across from  Govt. Wharf  885-5264  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING  CLASSIFIED DEADLINE  NOON SATURDAY  Minimum $2.50 per Insertion.  Each additional line S0C,  or use our economical  3 weeks for the price of 2 rate  ALL FEES PAYABLE  PRIOR TO INSERTION.  This offer it made available for private individuals.  THE FOLLOWING CLASSIFICATIONS   ' In the event of an error,  ARE FREE *ne publisher shall be responsible  Birth Announcements, Lost and Found for one corrected insertion only.  DROP OFF POINTS:   Campbell's Family Shoes - Sechelt  Centre Hardware & Gifts - Madeira Park  (Deadline FRIDAY belore noon)  Print youi ad In the square* Including the price of the Item and your telephone number. Be iure to leave a blank space after each word.  In order to keep rates for classified advertising to a minimum, no billing or  telephone orders are accepted except from customers who have  accounts with us or who live outside the Sunshine Coast.Cash, cheques  or money orders must accompany all classified advertising.  Please mail to Coast News, Classifieds,  Box 460, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0.  Or bring in person to  the Coast News Office in Gibsons.  CLASSIFICATION:  3  Eg. For Sale, For Rent, etc.  1  \Z                                                 3  cr     ._     i                    u  Used Campers (for import pickups), excellent condition. Priced  for quick sale. La Caravanna,  7 days a week. 885-9626.       TFN  1976 14'/:' Caveman travel trailer.  Sleeps 4. Like new. $2,500. Phone  886-7872. tin  18' Trailer - sleeps 6 - fridge,  stove, oven, sink, equalizer  hitch SHOO OBO. 886-7173     #30  Trillium Travel Trailer. 13 ft.  Fiberglass, sleeps 4, can be  pulled by small car, comes with  heater, stove, 3-way fridge, 2  propane tanks, awning, wide car  mirrors, spare wheel, $2500 or  trade for boat. 886-7831.        #30  1977 Vanguard camper, Furnace,  stove, 3-wayfridgc & jacks, $2,500  for quick sale. Phone 886-9725  ��29  WW������WWW  BIGFOOT  at  Sechelt RV Sales  MS-SSSS  fl���i���e���e���e���  1977 Suzuki DS185,good running  order. $500. obo. Phone 886-9715  after 5 pm. #31  1976 750 c.c. Triumph motorcycle  rebuilt motor and transmission  Phone 886-2537 between 6 & 9  p.m. #30  outomotiwc  Reduced $1,000  Matched unit. .'(>' KUSTOM  KOAC'K. Self-contained trvl. til.  Ige. stn. wgn. Total, $7,000.  Full details. 883-2569 #29  '63 Chev .. ton good running  condition. Ilii msiv. S3l��i. OBO.  886-8268 B29  Chevy Blazer 1974 forest green  offers phone 885-5029 #30  mobile home/  coast MoDiie  Homes Ltd.  GOOD  SELECTION OF  DOUBLE WIDES  we tans trades  or  Consign your Mobile  Home to us for  Quick sale  WHARF ST.   SECHELT  885-9979       mdl 6393  '64 VW bug clioppcd-nff road use  $400; '72 Ford 1-150 running good  For parts $400. Portable welder,  requires rheostat $200. Ph.  885-3946 Mike alter 6 p.m.     #30  1977 Toyota Corolla de luxe  (I owner) 4 door sedan, 1600 cc  motor, radio, manual shift, radial  (ires plus extra snow tires.  Red exterior, white interior,  22,000 mi. In exc. cond. $4000.  1972 3/4 I. Ford F250 PU 6 cyl.,  manual shift, reconditioned motor  $2000 OBO Phone 886-8076 or  cars can be seen at 1597 Abbs  Rd.. Gibsons. #30  1968 Ford - rusted out; good for  parts. Good engine (302) & transmission etc. Sell as is. $175.00  OBO. 886-7386. #30  VV i- .'.tewcab pickup. Wew  thv.v .Sis . cassette. AM r-'ou.  S2.:-'i .    . fioasc ,*. 73811342,  ...i...'...     !.. #29  '71 VW window Van, 74,000  orig. mi. Rblt. motor. New:  brakes (disc & drums), deluxe  shocks, wheel brgs. & custom  exhaust. Good Michelins, 25 mpg  Body good but needs paint job.  Propane furnace & roof vent.  $1500 OBO 885-5505 #30  1976 Datsun Pickup with large  canopy low mileage good condition $3700 OBO. 885-3337      #30  1979 Oldsmobile 98 Regency all  options. Phone 885-5416 after  6 p.m. #30  1970 Dodge I'olara. $300., 1967  Chev, Caprice, $350., 886-9169  #31  1971 VW Super Beetle. Reliable  transportation $1.50(1. Available  until July 30 only. 885-5543   ��29  Ford P.U. Good mechanics, good  lires. Reliable $650., 886-8322  #29  The Pit Stop  A    886-9159    fy  HYPO AUTO PARTS  & ACCESSORIES  Sunshine Coast  Mobile Home  Park & Sales  1 mile west of Gibsons  on Hwy. 101  Order your new  "ATCO" Home  Direct and  SAVE $$$ on  Stocking Charges  We welcome  Consignment Sales  on your  Used Mobile Home  Pads available  in our lot.  Phone 886-9826    .  soooooeeeoeoo  RENT-A-CAR  RENT-A-TRUCK  1980 1-TON TRUCK  c/w 12' VAN  1980 F-250  3/4 TON PICK-UP  1980 FAIRMONTS  1980 MUSTANGS  DAILY WEEKLY  MONTHLY  COMPETITIVE RATES  ���ABBA���  HZZaCEEKi  SOUTH COAST FORD  *     885-3281  mobile home/  MOTOR HOME  RENTAL  - 26 ft.  ��� Sleeps six  ��� Luxury  TIME AVAILABLE IN  AUGUST & SEPTEMBER  We also rent cars & trucks  SUnCDHST tHRMSLER LT  885-5111  Copyright and  Advertising  Regulations  The Sunshine ('oust News  reserves the riyht to classify  advertisements under appropriate headings and determine  pane location. The Sunshine  Coast News also reserves the  right to revise or reject anv  advertising which in the opinion  of the I'uhlisher is in questionable taste. In Ihe event thai  any advertisement is rejected,  thc sum paid for thc advertisement will be refunded.  All typesetting, artwork, and  layout, etc., done by the Sunshine Coast News becomes Ihe  property ofthe Sunshine Coast  News, and reproduction by any  means, without the written  permission of the Publisher, will  he subject to legal action.  1969 VW Decile, Automatic, runs  well, .'5 mpg. offers phone H86-  7369 1129  M VW Fasl Hack. Good condition. SS75. XSf.-7K.S4 #29  1976 VW Rubbit Auto Deluxe,  warranty until Dee. 31, 1980.  (iood condition. $4,700. Firm,  885-9814 evenings. (129  marine  HICGS MAKINi:  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims, condition and  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast and B.C. Coastal  Waters. Phone: 885-9425, 885-  9747. 885-3643, 886-9546. T.F.N.  12 ft. Hours-ton Glass boat  c/w 5.5 hp Seagull only 4 hrs. old  $850.00 firm. 885-5396 #30  ->���    ���-... 16 custom-  built Fibe.,. , .0' team, 225  !.,"..  F.W.,'. Cruises 22 knots.  . ..  -u-rcv. : .-'alley, sounder,  .,.. p,  $43,001  88.1-9.1.  yy  boat, Rinnell. 188 Mere,  cruiser. Kitchenette, sleeps three.  Top speed 35 knots. Motor  recently overhauled. $7,900. 885-  3165 or 885-2522. tin  lo boa; A trailer. Glass over ply.  classic Maltognny deckwork.  S;. 251 1 eves. $800 firm.       #29  2-30'SI YROI OAM DOCKS,  S9III). each. Monday to Friday 8  am.- 4 pm. Phone 8*74-4257    #32  16* Catamaran. 25' Almoin. Mast.  2 new Sails. S750. 886-9252 Also  Merc. Gas Tunk. New $30., 30 Gal.  I'ank and tillage S50. 1.11. cloth  Anv amount. #29  12' Muniinum boat vvithJ. I 2 hp.  Mercury. Excellent condition.  $1,(100.'Firm. Call 885-2418.  "2U  1977  -   16'  Silvcrline,   170   lip.  Mcrcruiscr. For info, call 885-5264  Looking for a  skookum boat?  MADE TO  YOUR ORDER  4 week delivery  PO Bui IM    M.i.i..,., I'.n.  Peter Allen (604) 883-2248  trowel  hovel  fl*?  Tha Only Way To Qol  ATTENTION  TRAVELLERS!  * *  $ "Think Money"$  We have excellent packages for  RENO & LAS VEGAS  for Fall 1980  Avoid Disappointment  &  [Book Your Choice TODAY!  986-8155  886-8156  Free   669*15X1  In the Heart  of Cedar Plaza  Tol  marine  IAN MORROW & CO. III).  Marine Surveyors, condition and  detail   surveys   for   Evaluation.  Surveys   lor   insurance   claims.  Phone 886-2433, 886-9458.  T.F.N.  16' Boat with enclosed cabin, wood  hull, needs scraping & painting, 45  hp motor included. $800. View .11  Smitty's Marina or call 886-  9411. ||\  19' Sangster I.O. wiih trailer.  Chrysler 0 engine Volvo 250 leg  full c.i. vus top in good condition.  Depth sounder and all extras.  $6,5W). 885-.I3I6 #29  marine survey '78.  .-..--$31,900    firm.  #29  live/lock  For Sale: hum Shetland pony  marc,9years. Offersio$l75.885-  9969 029  IIOKSIMAN'URI. SID pel load.  l)-pick up. 885-9969 #29  Wauled a rider, with horse sense  for .111 excellent gelding. I6'2"  Totally sound'. I -ullv trained,  hophied in Western I'leasurcund  (iaines. Polenlial hunlcr-junipci  High Brandy-Cat Ballou stocks  SI.201). Also young stock for sale  883-992.1. #31  BONNIEBROOK  RIDING  A new foal urc of  our Riding Stable  Bulded 3 day  mountain trips  OruD, Horses and  tick rrouidad  Minimum age 13  For information phone  886-8409 688-2887  CENTRE  HARDWARE & GIFTS  PENDER HARBOUR CENTER  MADEIRA PARK  883-9914  Is now serving PENDER HARBOUR  as drop off for  Classified Advertisements  Deadline 1.00 p.m. Fridays  Classifieds should be prepaid and pre-written.  All information in Classified Ad section of Coast News.  12' O-day day sailer, used A  times, $950. Sportyak II, $100.  Wore. 4.5 hp O.B, 80 hrs.. $350.  Going to the City?  We'll be glad to  BOOK YOUR  ACCOMMODATION  NO CHARGE tor this seivice  Book your Winter  Holiday NOW!  peninsula  travel  886-9755  Registered Travel Agent  foi /ok  CAMpbell's  FAMILY  SHOES &  LEATHER GOODS  SECHELT  will be having their  5TH  ANNIVERSARY  In August  *������������*****���*���**'  J Watch lor our specials J  *���**���*���****������������?  Cowrie St.,Sechelt Ii  885-9345 1  FREE KINOLINfl  Old Cedar Shakes  Come & Pick them  up!  PHONE 885-3577  evenings  wanted  SUNSHINE COAST  REGIONAL DISTRICT  REGIONAL PARKS  PLAN  INVITATION FOR  SUBMISSIONS  The Sunshoie Coast Regional Distncl Board is  inviting submissions Irom  persons In the consulling  field to undertake the preparation of a regional patks  plan  Intriested paities aie invited  lo contact Ihe Regional  District Office for more  detailed inlormation  Sunshine CoasI  Regional District  P O  Box 800  Sechelt, B C  VON 3Ao  885-2261  L Jardine  elaiy-Treasurer  m Coast News, July 22, 1980  Health hazard  Guess Where  The usual prize ol S5 00 will go to Ihe first name drawn  Irom the barrel which correctly locates the above.  Send your entries to the Coast News, Box 4S0,  Gibsons Last week's winner was Anthea M. Ashurstof  Adola Cottage Farm, R.R. ��2, Gibsons who correctly  identified the attractive view of St. Aidans Anglican  Church in Roberts Creek pictured last week.  by the Office of the  I'nited Church of Canada  Toronto. Ontario  Baby nuzzles at a mother's  breast. Thc picture is warm,  snuggly. Baby sucking at a  bottle. The image seems a little  colder; but still, babies are cute  and cuddly. Unless they are  malnourished.  When thc train of technological progress chugged  through the middle of this  century, the enlightened and  advanced folk cagerlv jumped  aboard.  But then thc mood changed.  Science was no longer viewed  as thc Messiah; newer was not  always heller; a lullcr life  ceased to be measured hy  possessions.  I he modern tram now roars  through thc poorer countries of  the world. Formula is pushed  as up-to-date, the modern way  to Iced your child. Richer areas  like North America may be  able to supplement the formula, but the poor have no way to  compensate lor the loss of  natural antibodies transmitted  through   thc   mother's   milk.  WHAT*  A matter of taste (coommg!  bv Alan Karma/wi  I've always been kind of  proud ul the wide variety of  I lends I keep. Not the nuni-  i its. 'mt the many many  di'Tcrent types. I strictly main-  lain that a person is a person  regardless of race, cried, or  convictions, i just take them for  what they arc, not what they  think or do and hope they treat  me the same.  Just the other night I was at a  friend's house for dinner  discussing Ihis very same topic.  Kimba 11 never remember  which is which, bin they know),  are tickled pink aboul it all und  arc adjusting rather nicely.  They even make jokes about  the abundance of while meal  they arc getting which was such  a delicacy in their homeland.  As wc settled down to the  main course of Whitcyfoot  slew (which I politely passed  up), the subject reverted back  to their past in Africa. They  spoke of hunting pygmies and  preparing them in a special way  with  certain  parts of a boa  Both he and his wife agreed and   constrictor (snake and pygmy  were quite pleased lo have an    pje?). They told stories of their  acquaintance such as me. Since  arriving in Canada (from  Africa), a scant six months ago.  thc) have found it increasingly  difficult to get on friendly terms  with people. Apparently, the  majority of Canadians don't  like their kind. This really  annoys me. Shouldn't we be  above these petty prejudices by  now'.' Why. it doesn't bother mc  in Ihe least thai they are  Cannibals.  While nibbling the tasly hors  d'oeuvres (which 1 later found  oul lo be pickled car lobes), I  was briefed on how they came  lo this fair land ol ours. In Iheir  home village, food was scarce  and il soon became a mailer of  survival of thc fittest. Fortunately for my friends, the) were  ihe fittest. After eating up the  village there was no where to  -urn except vegetarian. Many  long and iiungrv davs passed  anil iheir health proceeded to  rapiills deiei ior.uc.' hi:; .\ him,  the) began writing litter* to the  countries ol Ihe lice world  asking lo emigrate. Thc go-  vciumcnlol Canada, always on  ihe lookout lor cultural enrichment said, "Conic ahead, vou  Cannibals you." Ihcv set mv  friends up in a nice home,  provided thcip with a basic  education ol how things are  done here, taught them ti trade  anil .ue soil sending them a  condemned prisonei ever)  second   Hulas.   Nuku   anil  customs and beliefs, the simplicity of village life and the  deep-seated competitions of  hunting. I learned the true  secrets of nose rings and lip  plates which they still wear  rather proudly. (The nose rings  arc optional, but those lip  plates are in there for good.) I  also learned some handy hints  of human cookery and what  really went down in all those  Tarzan (licks. But. above all, I  learned that Nuku and Kimba  arc just people like you and me.  Compassionate, loving, honest  and worthy of the best of  friendships. What the big  difference boils down to is  simply a matter of taste.  Bottle feeding requires a degree  of sanitation unknown in have-  not nations. Water is unclean  and the need to save means the  formula is diluted.  But as formula sales grow,  profits swell. Promotion nourishes consumption. Posters  featuring healthy babies and  advertising infant formula are  prominently displayed in Third  World hospitals and clinics.  Free samples distributed by  hospitals and clinics capitalize  upon an implicit medical  endorsement, and in the best  tradition of evangelism, there  are personal visits by milk  nurses who go to visit in Ihe  villages and promote use ofthe  product.  In the early and mid-'70's  medical reports, warning ofthe  advance of the bottle and the  danger of advertising campaigns hy milk firms in thc  poorer areas of the world,  fertilized a growing sense of  outrage. Organizations like thc  World Health Organization  pushed for a return to breastfeeding and a review of sales  and promotion activities of  baby food producers, including  advertisement codes and legislation.  The formula manufacturers  resisted. Nestle, which controls  almost one-half of the worldwide market for infant formula, took the lead. Eventually,  other producers���Borden, Abbott Laboratories. Brystol-  Meyers. etc.���agreed to change  some marketing practices.  Sensing that more voluntary-  restrictions were not forthcoming, concerned groups  began calling for a boycott.  Since '77 the Nestle boycott has  swelled. Until Nestle ceases  direct and indirect promotion  of infant formula to those who  do not have thc means and  facilities to use them safely,  products like Taster's Choice.  Nescafe. Nestlc's Quik, Nestea,  Crosse and Blackwcll and  Cherry Hill will bear the brunt  of thc boycott. And rightfully  Sea Gaualcade Special  tone rang.  Located in Driftwood Crafts  Sunnycrest Mall  WHAT!      D'd you miss that job?  Just because you were out when the ph  Lei us take your calls. ^^^^^^  Take advantage of our Cavalcade Special  Sign up before August 9 and receive a free gift.  Phone:   886-7311 Business Hours or  886-7568 After hours till 10 pm. or  Drop in and see us.  Keep Cool  This summer  with Thermo Paned Windows from the window people on the  Sunshine Coast! Twin sealed not only means warmth this winter, it  also helps keep out the evening stuff ies on those hot summer days.  Let us give you an estimate today on converting your home or  supplying your new home with locally manufactured Twin Sealed  Aluminum Windows and Patio Doors.  LOCAL MANUFACTURING means savings passed on to the  customer and accessible prompt service!  PERMASEAL  Aluminum Manufacturing Ltd.  Airport Road, Sechelt       885*3538 Taking a Boat out of Porpoise Bay after a day's recreation in the inland sea  An Ian Corrance photograpn  BRITISH COLUMBIA - CURRENT BUSINESS REVIEW  The following comparative review of some of the Province's business activities comes  from the Ministry of Industry and Small Business Development's Monthly Bulletin  of Business Activity for May-June.  Unless otherwise stated, it can be assumed that percentage or other changes noted in  the following paragraphs will be in comparison with the same month or same period of  the preceding year.  Agriculture  Farm cash receipts in the first two months of the year, amounted to $100.3  million, compared to $84.4 million in the same period of 1979. Price gains as well as  increased output contributed to this advance. Products accounting for most of the  increases were wheat, barley, rapeseed, vegetables, dairy products, poultry and eggs.  Fishing  The value of fish landed in the first quarter of the year was $5.9 million  compared with $122.1 million in the same period of 1979. A drastic reduction in  herring landings, from 37,054 metric tonnes valued at $118.7 million to 5,733 metric  tonnes worth $3.4 million, accounted lor most of the drop in value. Scarcity of herring  and sharply reduced prices were the primary factors in the 1980 decline.  Logging  Timber scaled in the first three months of the year was as follows: January, 5.6  million cubic metres; February, 7.7 million cubic metres; March, 8.8 million cubic  metres. Logging activity continued at a high level.  Mining  Coal production in February at 430,419 metric tonnes was down from the  February 1979 quantity of 658,967 metric tonnes. A labour-management dispute  which lasted from January 3rd to March 5th was the primary reason for the decline.  Shipments of non-ferrous metals in ores were lower in February with only lead  recording a 6.4 percent advance. Copper, zinc and molybdenum shipments were  below last year's figures. Iron ore shipments in the same month also recorded a  decline. Asbestos shipments dropped 3.4 percent in February, although the two  month total was up 85.1 percent.  Construction  Estimated average monthly employment in 1979 in British Columbia's  construction industry was 55,800, an increase of 15.1 percent over 1978. Advance  data for January and February shows 15.3 and 18.0 percent gains over the  comparative months in 1979. Activity quickened in most sectors of the industry.  Compared with the low levels of housing activity in 1979, housing starts in  March were up 82.4 percent. Housing completions in February posted a55.7 percent  increase. New house prices (according to the Statistics Canada monthly price index)  in March were 14.9 percent higher in Vancouver and 6.1 percent higher in Victoria.  The comparative average gain for all surveyed Canadian cities was 7.3 percent. The  value of building permits in February was $189.5 million, compared with $102.4 million  in February of last year. Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  [exander Realty Ltd.  TAYLORS GARDEN BAY STORE AND CENTRE HARDWARE IN MADEIRA  MARINA: This renowned, strategically located PARK: This modern slore in fast growing  business has excellent moorage, gas pumps, community located in main shopping centre  post office and a thriving grocery and general with I.G.A. and L.C.B. is ideal business for right  store, person with rural living in mind. This business  has unlimited potential  TWO CHOICE MIDDLEPOINT ���      ���  ACREAGES: One property comprises 6,9  acres of choice land with good view. The other,  approx. 20 acres has beautiful arbutus  surroundings and view of straits.  CHOICE BUILDING LOTS: from 1/4 acre to  10 acres. Tell us your preference and see if we  can produce for you. From $10,000 to $50,000.  AGAMEMNON CHANNEL: A spectacular 5  acres Island just a few short minutes away from  Pender Harbour, perfect moorage at rear of  Island with new dock, excellent generating  plant, water and other amenities. Two lovely  houses, excellent fishing and diving grounds, a  private retreat at its best. Asking $300,000.  EGMONT: This rare 32 acres has 23 acres of  lovely land and a 9.5 foreshore lease. Sfream  runs through property from North Lake, has  two lovely homes and a trailer with other  buildings on property which was formerly a  salmon farm. Over 1000 ft. of choice level  waterfrontage with dock, ideal for protected  boat and aircraft moorage. Spectacular view,  asking $370,000.  LANGDALE: 38.8 acres gently sloped with  stream, property is on upper side of hwy  $120,000.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONTAGE:  This spectacular setting with a magnificent \  view of the entire harbour and entrance has  an attractive 4 bdrm home on 1.3 acres with  gently sloped lawn to waterfrontage with  excellent moorage, large protected dock  with pilings. Access from blacktopped road,  carport, small guest cottage, lots of property  for additional home which would overlook  existing home., all for $200,000.   EGMONT: Over 10 acres of choice property  adjoining Skookumchuk trail just seconds  away from Gov't, dock and other services.  Asking $56,000 with access from Egmont  Road.  REDROOFS ROAD: An attractive & acre lot  know as lot 10 D.L. 1324 plan 12224 for  $15,000.  883-2491  P.O. Box 10, Madeira Park, B.C. VON 2H0  THIS SPACE AVAILABLE  FOR PROPERTY  RELATED ADVERTISING  * Appraisals  * Building Supplies  * Home Installations  * Landscaping  * Mobile Homes  * Mortgages  For rates and information please call  886-7817 886-2225  Advertisements from individuals wanting to sell land or  housing privately cannot be accepted.  AELBERS  REAL ESTATE  CAPA  APPRAISALS INC.  Located at the Old Granthams Landing Store  cot Q238 Marine Drive, Box 1189,  Van. Toll Free  922-7814  VIEW - SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE ��� SPACE & UNIQUE HOUSE  BAYVIEW ROAD OFF REDROOFFS ROAD $125,000  This unique improvement is offered fully  completed. Owner is one of the  principals of a very well respected  construction firm, and will complete  under signed contract. Situated on 0.55  acre 157 x 160 with a southerly exposure  and excellent view over Strait of  Georgia. Design and actual construction  is completely away from the normal  standard and can only be viewed as very  superior.  BARGAIN HARBOUR  11.6 ACRE ISLAND WITH ALL SERVICES & HOUSE $265,000.  At the entrance of Pender Harbour. Privacy ��� Good access from thc mainland. At low tide, one  could almost walk to it. Protected moorage All services, including Regional Waler. Complete  natural surroundings. A four wheel drive included to take you from the landing to a Panabode  house which is located on the top ol the island overlooking the Strait ol Georgia. Southwesterly  exposure.  1733 NORTH FLETCHER ROAD, GIBSONS, B.C. $67,500.  View second to none of Coastal Range Mountains & Howe Sound. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2  fireplaces, sauna. Landscaped with privacy in mind.  WATERFRONT SECLUSION  Eat I's Cove area & Skookumchuck Narrows. Approx, 2100 ft. waterfront and 32 acres, 2 acres  cleared. Access by water, with good ramp and float in place. Rough road through Crown Land  for four wheel drive, which could be improved (Length: 5500 ft. in total).  Improvements are 1071 sq. ft. - 2 bedrooms - full bath, Living room, dining and kitchen.  Fireplace ��� Sundeck on three sides ��� Floor to ceiling windows. Built in 1974.  Also a 510 sq. ft. 1 bedroom older, but renovated caretaker cottage.  Water by gravity feed ��� Electricity by light plant.  This offer includes all furnishings except personal belongings.  RESTAURANT AND STORE  Which has a captive clientele and has been a success since it start in 1974-5. Owner has other  ambitions but is prepared to carry 1st mortgage on land and buildings. Full disclosure toqualifad  purchaser.  SANDY HOOK ROAD - NORTH-WESTERLY EXPOSURE  LOT 16, 17, 18 $12,500 EACH  Three legal entities with a 10 ft. gazetted but not constructed lane along lot 18. This lane gives  good access from Deerhorn Drive, Any improvement has unobstructed view over Sechelt Inlet.  Water and Hydro present. Percolation for septic tank is good. Total size of all three lots is 189.26  x 150 equalling 28389 sq. ft. or 0.65 acre.  CARMEL PLACE - TUWANEK - 2 LOTS $13,000 & $16,500  Westerly exposure ��� View over Sechell Inlet. Large in size, allowing two residences. Services  available ��� One lot (0.6 acres) has small creek. Well treed & driveway in. Within walking distance  of good beach and boat launching. 12 min. drive from Sechelt.  LOT WITH ALL SERVICES, INCLUDING SEWER $17,000  80 ft. frontage, 135 ft. depth. Southerly exposure and fantastic view, within walking distance of all  services including new marina in Gibsons.  WATERFRONT AT CORACLE DRIVE ��� SANDY HOOK $40,000  Two lots offered as one, st) septic tank disposal is certain. Westerly exposure Steep but with  good trees including Arbutus. Total size between !. to 1 acre complete privacy. Services  available, lane along property giving access to olher lots.  COMMERCIAL RENTAL SPACE ON HIGHWAY 101  675 sq. ft. corner location, fully finished well suited for after hours convenience store. Lease  includes heat. Share of taxes and utilities on lop of monthly rent of $365.00.  OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN SAME COMMERCIAL BLOCK  625 sq. ft. at $235.00 per month which includes heating. Share of taxes on sq. ft. basis and  utilities are separate.  SERVICE COMMERCIAL RENTAL ON WYNGAERT ROAD  75 FT. OFF HIGHWAY 101  Complete self contained concrete block building with 16 ft. ceiling presently used for storage.  Concrete driveway Oilfired forced hot air reinforced concrete floor. Completely free standing  and in excellent state of repair. Available within two weeks   three year lease available. Tenant  pays for all utilities and share of taxes. Landlord only responsible for exterior maintenance.  Available at $425.00.  ACREAGE SAKINAW LAKE  7 acres with cabin -600 ft. lake frontage  24 acres older house 1800 ft. lakefront  5 acres no services, some cleared  ACREAGE ROBERTS CREEK  5 acres good standing timber private.  ACREAGE GIBSONS  $64,500  $200,000  $19,000  $48,000  $68,500  5 acres- 212 cleared- cabin - drilled well ��� hydro ��� fruit ��� walnut-eating chestnut trees. Fully private.  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  COAST  MOBILE  Dealers for  GLEN RIVER ��� MODULINE ��� MANCO  SEE US TO BUY - SEE US TO TRADE  CONSIGN YOUR MOBILE HOME FOR  QUICK SALE.  IN STOCK NOW!  FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY  GLEN RIVER Front Entry 3 bdrm. 1008 sq. ft.  Complete  with fridge, stove, dishwasher,  carpets, drapes  IN STOCK NOW!  FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY  MODULINE CHANCELLOR - 1152 sq. ft.  2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, fridge, stove,  carpets, drapes, dishwasher  MASTER  BEDROOM  13-0'  STORAGE  10'6"  KITCHEN DINING  10 0"      ..        81  LIVING  ROOM  13 -'0'  ORDER YOUR 14' WIDE OR DOUBLE  WIDE HOMES  MANY MODELS AND FLOOR PLANS  TO CHOOSE FROM  COAST MOBILE HOMES LTD.  across iron Banner's Furniture in sechell  885-9979 MDL63M 885-9979  otc^  <*.  Mitten  Realty Ltd.  Trail Bay Shopping Centre  LOTS  MADEIRA PARK $12,000  Large lot, 340' x 235' with ocean view within  walking distance to stores and government  dock. Vendor may consider carrying 75��i> of  financing at 11%. Please call Bronia Robins for  more details at 885-9033. #335  SANDY HOOK $16,500  This huge lot on Porpoise Drive will afford you a  panoramic view and level site. Call Dal Grauer  for details at 885 3808. #377  LOWER GIBSONS $13,500  Close lo shops and water, this potential view lot  is located next to park. For details call Don or  Rene Sutherland at 885-9362. #298  BURNS ROAD, GIBSONS $13,500  65' x 130'. Level lot, sewer expected to be in late  fall. Buy now before the price increases. Call  Syd or Frances Heal 886-7875. #387  ANCHOR ROAD^- SECHELT      $15,900  In area of nice homes. This lot is cleared and  ready for your future home. For further  information please call Syd or Frances Heat at  886-7875. #339  WEST PORPOISE BAY $9,900  Nice level lot located in the village. This lot is  selectively cleared and ready to build on. Water  and hydro. Contact Terry Brackett at 885-  9865. #287  SIDE BY SIDE VIEW LOTS $13,900  These two lots are ideally suited for development and the owners will consider all offers on  one or both. Services at roadside. Call Don  Lock at 885-3730 for details. #274/5*  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES  70' x 168' cleared, level and ready to build on. In  an area of new homes & close to all amenities.  Sewer, hydro and water to lot line. Priced at  $18,900. For more details call Terri Hanson at  886-8295. #380  DAVIS BAY $25,000  Almost one half acre in this prime location.  Fantastic view overlooking Davis Bay. About  two blocks to store and wharf. Property also has  access road at the rear and many large  evergreens. Won't last! Call Terry Brackett for  more details at 885-9865. #379  NOT MUCH FOR A LOT...  of treed privacy on just under '_. acre of level  land. WELCOME WOODS. $16,500. Please  contact Bronia at 885-9033. MLS #391  JUST LISTED - $23,000 to  VIEW LOTS $29,000  West Sechelt 3 larger building lots. These will go  quickly! For details and directions call Emilie  Henderson af 885-5225. #390  BUILDING LOT $9,000  Good view Building lot on Sandy Hook Road ���  zoned for mobile homes. Services at roadside.  This lot (60 ft. frontage) is priced to sell below  government valuation. Your offer and terms will  be considered by owner. Call Don Lock at 885-  3730 for all details. #386  ALDERSPRINGS ROAD GIBSONS  $13,500  Close to beach, shops, tennis court in Lower  Gibsons. For more information call Don or  Rene at 885 9362.  WEST SECHELT  Two lots side by side located on Norwest Bay  Rd. Priced at $14,500. and $12,000. Bolh lots  are serviced wilh waler, hydro and cable Buy  separately or try oilers on both lots. Contact  Terry Brat kel, 885 986f> "277  ONE HUNDRED $180,000  feet of waterfront and more. Two houses on this  perfectly level, nicely landscaped lot in West  Sechelt. Don't hesitate, this won't last long. Call  Dal Grauer for details at 885-3808. #388  GOWER POINT $37,500  One-half acre of semiwaterfront on the  Esplanade close to Gower Point. Superb view of  Georgia St., right across the street from the  beach. Only one or two lots for sate in this  desirable area, so have a look. Dal Grauer at  885-3808. #3%  WELCOME WOODS $18,900  Beautifully treed lot in quiet area. Many nice  evergreens, partly cleared building site. All  services except sewer. Call Terry Brackett at  885-9865 or Rene Sutherland at 885-9362 for  more information. #369  WELCOME WOODS $18,9001  Lovely level lot, partially cleared by hand. Over I  '_ acre, possible view. For details call Terry I  Brackett 885-9865 or Rene Sutherland 885- [  9362.  LANGDALE $13,5001  Drive by this level lot which is minutes from the I  ferry, and make an offer. Spetic tank is installed, I  and vendor will consider building terms. For |  details call Don or Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362. #3451  VIEW LOT  Easy terms available on this sloping view toll  which is located close to boat launch and beach. I  For details call Rene at 885-9362. #3341  VIEW PLUS LEVEL  BUILDING SITES  Three lovely side by side lots, together they I  make a beautiful acquisition for future I  development or as a holding property. Close to I  boat launching. Priced just right at $12,5001  each. Please call Frances or Syd Heal for details. [  #3781  SANDY HOOK $11,0001  Good building site, great view. A level area and a I  slope should result in some interesting I  architecture. Please call Syd or Frances .Heal, [  #316 |  KEATS ISLAND  70' x 130' treed corner lot. Close to beach I  access and easy to build on! Call Bronia Robins I  for more details at 885-9033. #3501  ALL YOU HAVE WANTED...  but couldn't find ��� build on this scarce,  incredible waterfront lot. Howe Sound as your  yard with the snow capped North Shore  Mountains as a backdrop. For more details and  to view exclusively with Frances or Syd Heal call  886-7875. #383  ROBERTS CREEK $16,500  Excellent building lot, 70 x 150, with southern  exposure, and only 5 minutes walk to beautiful  beach! Close to school, post office and general  store. Please contact Bronia Robins at 885-  9033. #366  GIBSONS LOT $13,500  This nice lol on YMCA road has septic tank and  drain field in. Builders terms available with a 50%  down payment. For details call Don or Rene  Sutherland   885 9362 "345  WEST SECHELT $18,500  Lightly treed lot of 1 aire plus bordered by year  round rreek and ravine. On paved road, "fl  highway. For delails call Don or Rene  Sutherland at 8KS 9362. "297B  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATON  885-3295  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  ���?<&&  Mitten Realty Ltd  <v  A  Vancouver Toll Free  681-7931  Trail Bay Mall  Box 979  Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-3295  Conveniently located in Sechelt's Trail Bay Shopping Centre  WEST SECHELT $72,900  Don't miss out on this one! Ground level entry  on this 1340 sq. ft. home plus full basement.  Brand new and ready to move into. Ensuite  plumbing plus roughed-in plumbing down.  Double carport. Take time to see the quality  interior of this house. Call Emilie Henderson for  viewing, 885-5225 #318  WATERFRONT  SECHELT BOULEVARD $140,000.  Summer is here and what better place to be  than beside the sea? This beautifully buill and  immaculately maintained approx. 1800 sq. ft.  home has three bedrooms and triple plumbing.  The open-fired living room, family dining room  and fully applianced kilchen -��� all have an  unobstructed ocean view. Entertain your  friends in ihe spacious rec room withwel bar.  relax in the sauna, or jusi enjoy the quiet life and  the ever changing sea. Vendor will consider  terms. By appointment, Call Corry Ross -  8859250. #322  NARROWS INLET $37,500  Get your Iriends together and invest now in  seven acres of remote waterfront. Whal a  hideaway! This heavily Ireed property has a  stream to harness for your power supply. Plus  over seven hundred feet on ihe shoreline with  easy access. Use an Alaskan sawmill to cul alt  your lumber for your dream home from the  heavy stand of timber. Don't wait! Call Terry  Brackett for all details ��� 885-9865. t��332  SECLUDED ACREAGE $265,000  This superb subdividable waterfronl (170 ft.)  property with 2800 sq. ft. architect designed  home and guest cottage is lasi becoming the last  of its kind featuring 3 bedrooms, master wilh  ensuite and fireplace, living room wilh vaulted  ceiling and skylight. Jennaire kitchen and huge  sundeck with southern exposure. Altogether a  unique opportunity for Ihe knowledgeable  purchaser. By appointment only ��� Corry Ross at  885 9250 8321  TRAIL ISLAND $16,900  Listed MLS Over one and a hall acres of nice  waterfronl with lots of trees and privacy. In ihe  lee ol ihe island looking back to Sechelt Greal  Hideaway Call Terry Brarketl for all deiails at  8859865 #330  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT        $86,500  Contemporary style 2 bedroom home   Open  plan  design      foi   kitchen living and dining  room Well planned kitel'  Panoramic view from ih  as well as eilher .jUthi  bathrooms ups|��u\jot  bedroom, grt  with a  I^^^^^bf-  roughed WPanoing workshop and unfinished  guesi  bedtWm   Lol  is large  75 x 356 and  landscaped gently walk to a sandy beach A gem  in populai Davis Bay, call Suzanne to view  it #352  wih a large pantry  jknd dining room  kvulundecks, Two  ea with a hidden  fof%8fenlldran Full basement  Ft ion  room and fireplace  HOMES  WILSON CREEK $84,500  This bright, spacious view home leatures three  bedrooms and a possible in-law suite in ground  level basemenl. Attractive assumable mortgage  at low rale. For more information call Rene  Sutherland al 885-9362. #344  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $150,000  10 acres of privacy - partial clearing and fencing.  Spacious 3 bedroom home, large living room,  convenient kitchen with built-in dishwasher.  Master bedroom has dressing room and  ensuite. Charming 3 stall Dutch style barn and a  4,400 sq. fl. multi-purpose building too ��� house  animals? warehouse needed? production style  business? Several other out buildings including  a new chicken coop just waiting for some  pullets. Assumable mortgage of approximately  $55,000. Phone Suzanne at 885-3971.      #362  ROBERTS CREEK  HOBBY FARM $150,000  Spacious three bedroom 1800 sq. ft. family  home. Large living room with a stone fireplace,  billiard room or lamily room. Well planned  kilchen with built-in dishwasher. Master  bedroom has a dressing room and ensuite plus  10 acres partially cleared wilh a corral and  vegetable garden already in. Charming 3 stall  Dutch style barn, several outbuildings including  a newly finished chicken coop just waiting for  some poulets. A 4,400 sq. ft. building whose  uses are multiple lo raise chickens on a  commercial basis? warehouse or mini storage  rental? production line type business? Assumable mortage u.\;irox. $55.000at ll1,'..makes  Ihis investment even more attractive. Phone  Suzanne at 885 3971 to view. "362  ROBERTS CREEK  Ten Gorgeous acres neat Crowe Rd. Lovely  orchard in small meadow with year round  creek There is no legal access constructed to  this tasty find, bul road allowance from 101 is  surveyed Vendor will take cost ol toad inlo  consideration when looking at offers Road may  be constructed to anv standard satisfactory to  purchasei and Highways will give all umber  from road allowance to help deli a. COStS Here  is a chance to live In a secluded rural setting  second   to   none    Dal  Grauer   at   885 38(18.  #347  17.5 ACRES AT HOME $95,500  All ready to move into this 3 bedroom is just 8  years old. Owing to ill health liie owner cannot  clear ihis land. Require energetic owner who is  willing to clear the iand and remove stumps  Owner will consider offers. Call Don Lock al  885 373U   ' *302  GIBSONS $53,900  'Trees, privacy-garden area and still close to  schools, parks, beaches, shopping and  entertainment. Two bedrooms in this spacious  house. Large living room and more than enough  storage as well as a utility area. Stove and fridge  are included in sale. Call Suzanne al 885-3971 or  Terry al 885 9865. #360  ROBERTS CREEK $56,900  Like new. this house was finished by master  craftsmen and is in immaculate condition. 2  bedroom suite down al present rented,  Imaginative lands in a choice location. Call Don  Lock at 885 3730 tor further deiails. Appointments to view only. s273  ASSUMABLE 11>4 MORTGAGE   $72,900  Immaculate 1 level 1560sq. ft. home, situated on  level lol with secluded back garden. Ensuite  plumbing, fireplace and franklin in dining room.  Closed in double garage. Great value. Call  Emilie Henderson or Ray Bernier for more  deiails at 885-3295 #340  SANDY HOOK $67,500  Immaculate home with spectacular view looking  up Sechell Inlet. This hom^^fctures ihree  bedrooms upstairs witl^tll bSh, (Ji lower level  there is a large Wl^^BpmJplnry room and  second batbMAw) imltpKi are tour major  appliances, ^^Mw^ind green house. Don't  pass up the '4B#i lumty i*�� view this fine home.  Call Rene at 385-9362 or Terry at 885  9865. "384  PENDER HARBOUR  Ate you looking for privacy? An unbeatable  view? Quiet surroundings? Tins fine home  offers all this and more. Look at the leatures, a  sunken living mom, sunken tub, hand printed  murals, vaulted ceilings, ensuite off mastei  bedroom. Three levels ot gracious living plus  large patio atop lor viewing the Harbour. The  ultimate in fine living, Call Terry Bracken for all  details on this fine home at 885 9865       "389  WILSON CREEK $56,000  Cozy three bedroom ranch style home. Almost  brand new in quiel area Separate utility,  workshop, franklin stove, wishing well are jus!  Borne ol the fine features that make i his a good  buy Call Terry Bracket! to view this home at  885 9865 ��325  YOU CANNOT BUY FOR LESS $29,000  A beautiful 2 bedroom home that is spotless on  leaded iand in Selma Park. Price includes range,  fridge. Ireezer. washer & drapes Lease io 1995  A good mortage is available at 11",. to selected  covenants Call Don Lock at 8853730 lor  appointment to view #293  EXECUTIVE VIEW HOME $119,900  One ol Ihe besl prestige homes located in  Pender Harbour with a lofty view site of over  1.25 acres. All rooms extra large and master  bedroom has sunken tub with whirlpool ensuite.  A floor to ceiling rock circular fireplace  separates the spacious living room (complete  wilh ils own fish ixjol) Irom the cocktail bar.  Plush pile carpeting throughout. Many extras.  You must see this prestige home with Don Lock  885 3730. #310  CLOSE TO EVERYTHING  This two bedroom modular home has two full  bathrooms (& master bedroom has ensuite),  delightful living and dining rooms, family room  and a kitchen lo please the lady of the house.  Add all this to a very productive garden and  youII agree thai at $53,900 Ihis is well priced.  To view call Frances or Syd Heal al 886  7875. #367  SECHELT VILLAGE $39,000  Cule one bedroom home in village, close to  water. Good garden soil, fruit trees, ornamentals. For Information call Rene Sutherland at  8859362. #300  RECREATIONAL  PROPERTY  SURE YOU CAN  AFFORD WATERFRONT  Two provincial lease lots with cabins only 8  miles from Sechell. $368.00 per year for lease  payments, Thc cabins are ready to use and only  asking $24,500 and $23,500 for these exciting  properties locaied across the bay from Tillicum  Bay Manna Do yourself a favor ��� call Rene or  Don Sutherland lor deiails. Divers take note.  #382  OPPORTUNITIES  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  POWELL RIVER ART GALLERY  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY  POWELL RIVER ART GALLERY  The only one in the district and well established,  with art supply and framing shop Price ol  $ 120,000 includes building and gallery adjoining  suite and workshop plus separate small rental  home All on 66' x 172' commercial zoned view  lol in central location. For mote information  please call Ursula Alberts al (112) 4859751 or  (112) 485-1748 evenings  Licenced restaurant, garage. 3 rental units,  zoned C2 on 1.5 acres Adjoining residential  properly on 2.9 acres with large house  swimming pool and barn also available  Provisions for good sized apartmeni above  garage Let your rentals carry the mortgage Dal  Grauer, 885-3808 #342  FOR LEASE  2200 sq. ft m Light Industrial to lease. Will lease  some or alio! this area at $4.75 sq. It.peryeat or  39C per sq. ft. per month Ideal village location  with rear lane. Call Terry Bracket! for all detail  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  POWELL RIVER  WEST VANCOUVER       BERRANY,ER  NORTH VANCOUVER   885-3295  EMILIE  HENDERSON  885-3295  JOHN  BLACK  886-7316  BRONIA  ROBINS  885-9033  DAL  GRAUER  885-3808  RENE  SUTHERLAND  885-9362 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  Mitten Realty Ltd.  885-3295  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM.  WE HAVE A TRADE PLAN FOR HOMES, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.  Conveniently located in Sechelt'sTrail Bay Shopping Centre  HOMES  LOTS  A NEW HOME ON  GOWER POINT ROAD  Three bedroom (Master ensuite), spacious  living and dining room (combined). Attractive  lot, within walking distance to shopping,  schools, churches, tennis courts, etc. at  $63,900. This won't last so call either Frances  or Syd to view at 886-7875. #371  WEST SECHELT    $99,00(  VIEW! VIEW! VIEW!  FOR DETAILS CALL RAY  OR EMILIE -885-3295  ��368  GIBSONS $59,500  Village location makes this duplex an attractive  investment. One side is a two bedroom suite,  the other is a one bedroom. Lots of potential for  having the property rezoned for a store or shop  or leave as is and watch the cash flow in. On  good sized lot with some view. Call Terry  Brackett for all the details at 885-9865.    #312  IF ITS YOUR INTENTION  TO COMMUTE...  Then this view plus home is only minutes to  Langdale. Three bedroom large combined L.R.  and D.R. country kitchen plus basement suite  with its own entrance. Landscaped lot and the  view is breathtaking. To view call Syd or  Frances Heal at 886-7875. #359  WILSON CREEK $33,000  Semiwaterfront A well maintained 5 year old 2  bedroom house with an extra large living and  dining room combination. The fridge, stove and  washer are included. Carport and storage shed  and a lovely landscaped lot. This is a prepaid  lease with 15 years left. Suzanne Dunkerton will  give you more information at 885-3971.   ��288  JUST LISTED GIBSONS $59,500  Immaculate Ihree bedroom mobile home on  large level lot. Lol has been beautifully  landscaped with lols of flowers and a large  vegetable garden. Also ouiside storage sheds as  well as a patio and double carport. Inside you'll  find a formal dining area, ensuile plumbing plus  three large bedrooms. Make an appointment  with Terry Bracket! al 885 9865 to view. =385  DAVIS BAY  Three bedroom home with water view from L.R.  l'_ bathrooms, large recreation room with  second fireplace. Separate utility room, Lots of  storage and you never have to paint with the  aluminum siding. To view call Frances or Syd  Heal at 886-7875. 3348  BROWNING ROAD $68,500  Great three bedroom home on large nicely  landcaped level lot in quiet area, large area in  rear with good garden soil and storage shed.  Also fridge, slove and built in dishwasher. Large  decks front and rear. Contact Terry Brackett to  view. 885-9865. #294  ROBERTS CREEK  REVENUE$69,000  Well maintained up and down duplex on 1.01  acres. 3 bedrooms in each suite, 8 appliances  included. Excellent return. More information  with Emilie Henderson at 885-3295. #346  CONTEMPORARY VIEW HOME $65,000  Excellent architect designed 3 bedroom home  with a panoramic view over Pender Harbour.  Tins home is 5 years old and will bear any  inspection. Owners will consider terms. Call  Don Lock at 885-3730 for details. #337  SECHELT VILLAGE  Nicely treed, sloping lots in small corner  subdivision. On paved roads, approved for  septic, close to arena and waterfront. For more  information call Rene at 885-9362. #299  FOR THE DISCRM1NATING BUYER  3 bedroom (master ensuile)  - large living room with feature fireplace  - separate dining room  - Gourmet kitchen, Jenaire range, built-in oven  dishwasher, large eating area.  ���  Fully developed basemenl  has  recreation  room. 4th bedroom, full bathroom, large utility  and storage (could provide 5th bedroom),  To view this executive home, please call either  Frances or Syd Heal at 886 7875. #349  WEST SECHELT  '_ ACRE ON CREEK $105,000  Casual elegance is prominent in this 1620 sq. It.  one level home. Fireplaces in both living room  and bedroom, Kitchen designed with chel in  mind. Fish from your sundeck. Private treed  selting. Call Emilie Henderson for more details  ai 885-5225. #394  DAVIS BAY  VIEW HOME WITH FAMILY IN MIND  Four bedrooms combination living/dining  room; laundry-room off well-designed sunny  kitchen; finished basement with workshop.  Beautifully landscaped fenced-in yard, and  much, more including large sundeck overlooking Georgia Strait. $74,900 Please contact  Bronia at 885-9033 or Ray at 885-3295.    #364  SELMA PARK $18,000  One bedroom starter or retirement home in  sunny Selma Park. Very close to hospital and  amenities. Owner will consider terms of 55,000.  down, $250. per month at 10% rale of interest. 1  year term or try your own terms. Owner will  look at all offers. Lease land. Call Terry for all  details about this little charmer  885-9865*354  POPLAR LANE, GIBSONS $56,000  1144 sq. ft. in this one year old bright three  bedroom family home. Large kilchen with extra  cupboards and counter space. Cozy living room  and a separate den or bedroom. Large lot ready  for your landscaping ideas Close to all  amenities. Call Suzanne Dunkerton to view at  8853971. "395  SALMON DRIVE ��� SECHELT       $76,500  If you are looking for a well built 4 bedroom  family home close to schools and shopping  centre be sure to see this immaculate 3 year old  home locaied on % acre landscaped lot on a  quiet cul-de sac. Spacious wrap around  sundeck ideal for summertime barbeques. Two  fireplaces, double plumbing, loads of storage  space. On sewer. Plus good IO1\% mortgage  assumable with qualification. Please call Corry  Ross at 885-9250 for appointment. #373  101)  WEST SECHELT  One of the finest controlled subdivisions in  West Sechelt. 19 lots, sewer, water, power,  blacktop roads. Most lots treed with possible  view. Priced from $14,500 to $16,500. For  more information call Ray Bernier, 885-5225 or  Emilie Henderson, 885-5383. #269  TUWANEK $9,900  Nicely wooded view lot near Beach access.  Water and hydro available. Look at this price.  Call Terry Brackett at 885-9865. #358  INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY $32,900  1 acre situated in Wilson Creek olf Field Road.  Lighi industrial zoning. Good investment  property. Emilie Henderson at 885*5225. #338  SECHELT LOTS $15,000 each  The large lir trees, potential view, sloping  hillside and super size combine to make these  lots a good investment. To view call Rene at 885-  9362. #267  TOGETHERNESS  Choose a pal lor your next door neighbour or  buy both ol these side by side lots yourself for a  private and roomy place to live. The view is  spectaculai and can never he blocked Now's  the time to gel ihings rolling with these easy-to  build on Sandy Hook sites. $11,000 each. Dal  Grauer at 885 3808. "306  UNBEATABLE  View of Ihe mlet from this goodsized lot in  Sandy Hook. No trouble building on this one.  Come and see for yourself. Dal Grauer .it 885  3808. R306B  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  SUZANNE  TERRY  DONALD  CORRY  DUNKERTON  BRACKETT  SUTHERLAND  ROSS  885-3971  885-9865  885-9362  885-9250  DON        SYD AND FRANCES  LOCK HEAL  885-3730 886-7875  KINGSWAY  SURREY  LANGLEY Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  iderson  REALTY LTD.  FREE  CATALOGUE  La.f-u'pa<;k1  ������Bin Ill nil  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  ISLAND VIEW PARK: West Sechelt ��� One year old, 1232 sq.  ft., 3 bedroom, full basement home on a quiet deadendstreet in  desirable area of West Sechelt. Urge 1/3 acre lot with an  excellent view. This attractive home features thermopane  windows throughout, electric heat and includes two Fisher  airtight stoves. F.P. $68,900. To view call Vadim.  ' '''*BM  k  * ��nY��  f           r  - ^*Sei  f��� ?&  p.  fjM  \     \%  WATERFRONT  -  SANDY  HOOK:   111  It.  of  prime  juaterfront in Porpoise  Bay...add to this an immaculate 3,450 sq.  It.  cedar home with  sauna,  sundecks,  your  own private  float...and you have yourself a  fantastic mini-estate. See the  value far yourself bye  ailing Bob at 885 2503 for an appointment  SECHELT :Lovely brand new 1300 sq. ft. home all on one level.  Level property, real nice for gardening. Large covered carport  adjoining house. Quality interior finishing. Three bedrooms,  large living room and family/kitchen area. Thermal skylight in  bathroom. Living room and kitchen area share attractive brick  fireplace with heatilator. Clean electric heat. Well insulated with  double pane windows. A few minutes level walk to school and  shopping. To view call Gordie. $64,900   DAVIS BAY ��� PRESTIGE HOME: Need room? Like a view'  Want a prestige home? This is gracious living at its best in a great  area & on a level lot. Don't let the price concern you   have  look at this special home. $150,000. ta____  ��     if    IH1  iflC*r  n aBfel c  SECHELT VILLAGE: tdeaU;if7%^ retirement home. New,  1126 sq. ft. 3 bedroom hgaAjnoffvi cul-de-sac. This quality  built home offers manuefcrg|��ving features. Paved driveway,  Within walking dist^i^*v��:-pping and beach. For all the  deiails call Vadim. AsL/^74.900.  INVESTMENT DUPLEX: 2 BR each side 1536 sq. ft. total.  60x150 lot. Vendor would consider carrying some. F.P. $54,900  Sec Doug.   SECHELT VILLAGE: Live in the village of Sechelt. Only  minutes to schools, shopping and social activities. 1800 sq. ft. Of  living space all on one level. Yard level and landscaped with  fence all around. Four bedrooms wilh 2 bathrooms. Large open  areas/Many special features, a treat to show. To view call  Gordie. 885-9986. F.P. $67,000   REDROOFFS AREA: 3 bedroom 1080 sq. ft. home on 82' x  208' lot. Needs some finishing inside and out. School bus and  SMT bus goes by the front door. Asking $48,500. See Doug.  FAWN ROAD: For only $3&75fopu can move into this  modern 3 bedroom mobilejMB^ntP on a hall acrc ol level  land. All local services ajfifc. HtTas include a large workshop  and some clearing for ^fSm Trees have been left for shade  and privacy, jo view cajfrflon.  GRANTHAMS LANDING - WATERFRONT: Two cabins  on 67 x 117 waterfront lease lot. Well kept main cabin has a brick  fireplace and a large sundeck overlooking Howe Sound. Asking  $45,000. Vendor will assist with financing. For more details call  Vadim.     GOWER POiNT: View of Georgia Straight from ihis 1 year  new home is ever changing. Well built, 6 bedroom home (3 up  and 3 down) is on a large lot and has lots of features such as  fireplace, skylights, decks and much more. Priced at $73,900.  Call Bob.   ROBERTS CREEK: Approximately \ acre with 3 bedroom, 4  year old home. South slope dead end street. Asking $61,900.  See Doug.   DAVIS BAY: Family size 3 bedroom full basement home on  large view lot. Two carport, fibreglassed sundeck, rec. room  and landscaped. Immediate possession. Asking $69,900. See  Doug.  Gordon Hall Vadim Kobasew Bob Bull Jack Anderson  885-9986 885-3156 885-2503 885-2053  Doug Joyce Stan Anderson        Don Hadden  885-2761 885-2385 885-9504 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  FREE  CATALOGUE  E  A. E. Li PAGE  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  anderson  REALTY LTD  Post Office Box 1219, Sachelt  885-3211  Vancouver Toll Free:  684-8016  HOMES  LOTS  LOTS  WELCOME WOODS: New 3 bedroom home in a large cul-de-  sac lot. Ensuite plumbing in master bedroom, 1250 sq. ft. single  level. Area of all new homes. Fireplace and sundeck. Very  affordable at $68,500. Call Stan,  NEW LISTING ��� SECHELT VILLAGE: This ideal starter or  retirement home features 988 sq. ft. of living area, 2 bedrooms,  brick fireplace, full basement as well as a quiet cul-de-sac  setting. Presently under construction and ready for your input.  Asking $59,900. To review the plans call Vadim.  MADEIRA PARK: Lakefront 3bedroomhome, 1152sq.ft., 1'^  bath, double windows, 2 car garage 22 x 24, and workshop 12 x  24 all new in ihe past 4 years, plus many extras included, on 4.27  acres. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school, P.O. and  shopping centre. Full price $85,000. Call Don for an  appointment.  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT - SQUARE BAY: 112 feel of superb  waterfront, situated in an area of exclusive homes. Ideally suited  for a multi-level home. Protected year round moorage. Plus- lots  of arbutus trees and southerly exposure. All this for only  $77,500. To view this (me property call Vadim.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: 8 acres of waterfront. Mostly  level, low bank, treed acreage developed with a 2 bedroom  home. Home rented at $350. per month makes this a good  investment property. Egmont is the last area on the Sunshine  Coast to be developed and therefore the prices are still  reasonable. Imagine 8 acres of waterfront for only $109,000.  Vendor will carry a large mortgage. Call Bob for details.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT: 2 acre estate type  property with a gazetied access on the west boundary. A small  amount of waterfront adjoining ihe property. A fine water view  and heavily treed. Truly a one of a kind property. Call Stan for  details.  DORISTON: 660 It. ol waterfront. Near level beach. 17.2  acres, well timbered. Good solid 2 bedroom house.. Lovely  garden area, good year round creek on property. Located at  Doriston, Sechelt Inlet. To view call Gordie. Asking $120,000.  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE: Do you want a  quiel waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few  parcels of everqreen forest, 5 to 10 acres each. Minimum of 250  feet of waterfront and stream thru most lots. Located 22 miles  from Sechelt by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee Airways Ltd  from Vancouver or Sechelt, or use your own boat. Call Don.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Hotel for sale in Pender  Harbour. Ideally located at Hospital Bay on 1 acre of land witha  lovely view of Pender Harbour. Accommodations for 34 guest  and fully licensed 58 seat restaurant. Separate duplex that is  rented out. For complete information contact Gordie Hall,  REVENUE  WILSON CREEK: 10 pad trailer park with 4 of the units owned  outright. Room for expansion with very little additional expense.  Property presently grossing $1,600 per month and all rents  could rise. An excellent investment for an ambitious couple.  F.P $169,500.  COMMERCIAL  SECHELT ��� COMMERCIAL  Property is on Inlet Avenue. Zoned Commercial 1. Two lots 33 x  122 It. for total ol 8052 sq. Il Possible lo pul on a two story  building ol 7040 sq. It. and have 15-17 parking spaces. Good  location lor an office building. Property has two older homes  that are rcnled out, so lhat you have a source ol revenue till you  develop. Asking $98,500. Call Gordie.  WEST SECHELT - SAMRON ROAD: 75' x 150' building lol  in an area of quality homes. Selectively cleared, approved for  septic tank and ready for immediate construction F.P. $18,900.  Call Vadim.  REDROOFFS: Two lots on Redrooffs Road. Lot ��4O$16,900,  Lol #41- $16,900. A growing community, both permanent and  recreation homes. Call Bob for details.  WEST SECHELT - NOR VAN CUL-DE-SAC: Nice building  lol locaied in a quiet cul-de sac. Ideal for your future home. Call  Bob to view this one of a kind. $16,500.  HOPKINS LANDING - COMMUTER SPECIAL: Jusi  minutes from the ferry. These are Ihe ideal lots to build your  permanent resident on and still lake part in all that Vancouver  has to offer. The price is right at $16,900 each. For more  information on these lots cail Gordie.  SELMA PARK: Over;, acre in Selma Park! 151'x 170'. View to  Vancouver Island. Vendor would consider lerms. Asking  $20,500. See Doug?  BAYVIEW SUBDIVISION: Your own "piece of Ihe rock."  Lovely view of the ocean, nicely I reed. Nice quiet neighborhood.  Located in Bayview subdivision just off of Highway 101 &  Redrooffs Road. The price is righl al $19,900. Call Gordie.  REDROOFFS - FAWN ROAD: Large, level building lot.  Nicely treed. Approved for septic system. 175'ol road frontage.  F.P. $14,500. For more details call Vadim.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Only available duplex lot in Village of  Sechelt. Cleared and on sewer. Build now or hold for polenlial  service industrial use. $25,000. Call Bob.  SECHELT: One ol Ihe very few OCEAN VIEW lols in Ihe  village of Sechelt. Large level building site. Asking $ 16,500. Call  Vadim.  REDROOFFS ACREAGE: 100' x 525'. Gigantic first growlh  timber. Level area to build, across from Welcome Beach access.  All services at road. Full price $26,000. Call Bob at 885-2503.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: 75 x 150 treed serviced lot, close lo  ice arena. Gently sloping land. Close to a small boat marina. F.P.  $12,000. Stan.  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE ��� GOWER POINT: 1/2  acre semi waterlront lol. Excellent ocean view with westerly  exposure. Easy beach access. Asking $55,000. For more  information call Vadim.  REDROOFFS: Large corner view lot���level, cleared and  ready to build on. All services. Call Bob. $17,000.  SANDY HOOK - PORPOISE BAY DR: Nicely treed building  lot with gentle slope. View up Sechelt Inlet. F,P.$12,000. For  more information call Vadim.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: $10,000. Exlra large building lol in  area ol new homes. All services including paved roads. Call  Doug.  GRANTHAMS LANDING ��� VIEW LOT: 65 x 130 It treed  view lol close lo Ihe beach with all available services. F.P.  $17,000  WEST SECHELT: Urge fully serviced view lol (7) in Island  View Park. F.P. $27,500. Call   Jack lo view.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� RICHARDS ROAD: 80' x 140' fully  serviced lot. [deal for mobile homes. One ofthe nicest lots in the  iarea. F.P. $16,900. Call Vadim for more details.  ROBERTS CREEK: Only 1 lol left. Close to beach access,  school, store, golf course. Bus service at road. These level lots  are easy to build on and allow mobile homes. $17,500. Call Bob,  885-2503.  SECHELT: Create your own park on this level treed lot, close  to the water in Sechelt. All local services on paved road. Size is  80' x 320'. The value is there at $23,000. Call Don.  ROBERTS CREEK: Pick your p^efches* lots are all level,  wooded, close to golf courstr4nd \&h. Lot A 85' x 294' ���  $16,900. Lot B 85' x 29��' XTfcl^Loi C 92' x 302' ��� $15,900.  There is a walking pathlbahflllfor your convenience. Call Bob  at 885-2503. ^  SEAVIEW LOTS IN THE BEST AREA OF THE COAST:  These lots are well over 1 acre each & have a truly fine view of  Trail Islands. Each lot is naturally landscaped with moss & fir  trees. South exposure & only 100 yards to a good beach.  $32,900 each. Call J. Anderson 885-2053.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE-GIBSONS: Approx. 12 acres on Highway 101 in  Soames Point. View property sewer, zoned R2L. A great  investment. F.P. $150,000. Call Bob for details.  WEST SECHELT: 21+ acres with approx. 12 acres cleared  and fenced in pasture. The remainder is in tall trees with  Wakefield Creek flowing through. This is the ideal property for a  hobby farm. With acreage so scarce this is a very good  investment for only $80,000. Call Bob at 885-2503 to have a look  at this piece.  PENDER HARBOUR: Ideal property located between Mixal  Lake and Hotel Lake. Just minutes to Irvines Landing and the  best of fishing. The property is just right (or holding or  developing into a private estate. With approx. 19.3 acres the  potential is many and varied. To view this property call Gordie.  Price $39,500.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: 5 acre parcels on Highway 101.  Excellent access and some value in timber. Lot A$24,900 lot C-  $27,900, lot D $37,500. Call Stan.  HIGHWAY 101: Your chanceJp j^Jase 48 acres of really  nice land on Highway 101 ont^^^jmiutes from Sechelt. Has  some marketable timbej^fcaaBTor subdividing zoned AlC.  This property has 1335 %<Wrentage on the highway. For a walk  through the woods call Sdfdie, 885-9986. F.P. $80,000  WOOD BAY (SECRET COVE): One hundred and fifty nine  acres mostly view property with nice valley in centre. Easy to  subdivide into 5 acre parcels when highway alignment services  property. District lot 6322 is a potential gold mine for an investor  looking to the future. Large sand & gravel deposits and good  bottom land on property. Bonus is 4 million feet of timber. Call  Bob for a tour at 885-2503.  SANDY HOOK INVESTMENT PROPERTY: 7 acres of flat  level land with subdivision potential. Some view, easy  development. No rock, partly cleared rough road on property.  Borders crown land on the south side. F.P. $75,900.  NEW LISTING - ROBERTS CREEK: This 4 6 acre MINI  ESTATE offers Ihe discriminate buyer absolute privacy,  numerous fruit Irees, a large fenced pasture, 2creeks, southern  slope plus an older one bedroom home and an llOOsq. fl near  new, well built barn on a concrete foundation fully wired and  easily converted into an attractive farm home. Bolh buildings  are protected by a professional electronic security system.  Priced at $99,500. THIS BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY IS A MUST  TO SEE. Td view anytime call Vadim.  Gordon Hall Vadim Kobasew Bob Bull Jack Anderson  885-9986 885-3156 885-2503 885-2053  Doug Joyce Stan Anderson Don Hadden  885-2761 885-2385 885-9504 Sunshine Coasl Realtor, July 22, 1980  J  y  fy  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)   CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  HOMES HOMES  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT        No. 481  Extremely attractive 2 bedroom, open beam  home ol superior construction. Situated on  approx. 1 2/3 acres ��� 100 x 750. Has corner  heatilator, brick floor to ceiling fireplace. Carefree  kitchen cabinets. Wrap around deck, attached  carport, stove and fridge included. Some interior  finishing included. Can have immediate possession. $92,000 as is. Ed Baker 885-2641.  WAITING FOR YOU TO MOVE ININo. 480  5 acres of beautiful land with 2-bedroom 24 x 60  Esta Villa home. Spacious living and dining room,  all carpeted, plus drapes, family room, 2 baths.  Large sundeck, plus chicken house and 2 stall  horse barn. Asking $110,000. For appointment  to view call Eva Carsky at 885 2235 or 886-7126at  any time.  YUKON LOG HOME No. 326  Corner lot (.44 A��) 2 bedrooms, large family-  kitchen-living area plus full basement, electric  heat. Early possession $70,000 - DIAL "Tiny  Bob" 885-9461.  CONSERVE ENERGY No. 468  This 5 bedroom home has two kitchens, 3  bathrooms, family room, large sundeck all on a  large lot. Only 5 years old and $89,500. C.  Dowman 885-9374.  REDROOFFS HOME No. 455  1325 sq. ft., 3 bedroom home, 3 levels modern  features galore, situated on an extra large lot  complete with large well built barn. Some  landscaping needed to create an absolutely  beautiful home. Asking price $89,900. George  Longman 885-3400 or Larry Reardon 885-9320.  LARGE FAMILY -  WEST SECHELT No. 410  Modern, 2\i year old home, 1360 sq. ft main floor,  completely finished basement. 3 bedrooms main  floor, ensuite off master bedroom. A must if  you're in the market for a fine home. Listing price  $79,000. Call George Longman for more details  8853400.  GIBSONS - LARGE LOT No. 225  2 bedroom comfortable home, laundry off the  kitchen, carpeted throughout, sundeck, double  carport Large one-bedroom suite on ground  level presently rented at $225 per month, Full  price $67,500. Call Eva Carsky for viewing or  more information 885 2235 or 886 7126.  VILLAGE HOME No. 341  Attractive 3 bedroom family home one year built.  1320 sq. ft., all rooms spacious, firepace in 25 ft.  livingroom, w/w throughout. Kitchen has more  than ample cupboards. Huge master bedroom, 2  bathrooms. Rec. room finished. $150 per month  revenue from basement. Sundecks, back and  front. 91 xl25 ft. lot provides privacy at rear.  $68,000 offers considered. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  OCEAN VIEW ��� GIBSONS No. 419  Look what your money can buy - just $67,500 - 3  bedroom home, large modern kitchen, dining  area, brick heatilator fireplace in cozy living room.  Large family room, 4th bedroom workshop.  Central location near shopping and schools  makes this an ideal family home. For more  information or viewing please cal! anytime. Pat  Parker 885-5615 or Eva Carsky 886-7126.  HOWARD HUGHES No. 436  Would have loved the privacy on this 2.3 acre  estate on Redrooffs Road. The beautiful  contemporary design 3 bedroom home spells  quality throughout, A well known architect has  created this cozy family environment while also  allowing for lavish home entertaining in the quality  design floor plan. A view of the sparkling blue  waters of Welcome Pass and Halfmoon Bay is  affordable at a price H, Hughes not so-rich  relations could afford! Only $115,000. Rila  Percheson at 885-5706 or Lynn Wilson at 885  5755.  LARGE & ATTRACTIVE  REDROOFFS AREA No. 475  Large and attractive 3 bedroom home of over  1600 sq, ft, situated on over V_ acre of property  Large L.R. has brick fireplace, W/W throughout,  master bedroom with ensuite. Basement has rec.  room. Large sundeck with brick barbecue.  Heated woodworking shop. Underground wiring  to greenhouse & horseshoe pitch. Fenced  vegetable garden. Other extras too numerous to  mention. Asking $80,000 for further details  please call Ed Baker at 885-2641.  FJORD HOME - GIBSONS No. 444  Architect designed 3-bedroom in West Coast  contemporary style with many features. Brick  heatilator fireplace dividing living and dining area,  cedar ceiling, quality carpeting. Urge bright  kitchen, family room off the kitchen with Franklin  stove. All 3-bedrooms are spacious, large closets,  private balcony off master bedroom with  southern ocean view. Attached double garage,  fenced back yard with privacy, landscaped,  access to back lane. One block to the beach,  walking distance to shopping. For viewing  anytime call Eva Carsky 886-7126 or Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  CONTEMPORARY CEDAR No. 422  On large landscaped lol in pretigious West  Sechelt. Brick fireplace in livingroom with quality  carpeting and cedar accent wall. Dining room has  private yard view through sliding glass doors. This  energy efficient 3 bedroom home is only 1 block  by trail to beautiful swimming beach. Assumable  11".. mortgage. $64,500. Rita Percheson 885 5706  or Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  WHY RENT? No. 457  1100 sq ft., 3 bedroom home in neat and tidy  condition, nicely landscaped, covered carport,  and a good size storage shed. Plus a fantastic  ocean view, lease presently $600 per year. Asking  price $35,000, reasonable offers will be  considered. For more details call George  Longman at 885 3400.  CHECK THIS WATERFRONT        No. 463  If you're in the market for acreage on water then  this nice 7.3 acre parcel facing south on Gunboat  Bay with about 650 ft. of tidal frontage, complete  with charming 1100 sq. ft. home may be for you.  Add to this the availability of an approximate 3  acre foreshore lease and you can see why at  $134,900 we think this is such a buy. Bert Walker  885-3746.  ACREAGE  2.16 ACRES - GIBSONS No. 474  An excellent holding or development property.  Over 2 acres in Gibsons zoned residental  subdivision anyone? $33,000. Rita Percheson  885-5706.  WEST SECHELT No. 469  25 acres. A very nice rectangular piece of  property with road and road allowance on all four  borders. Not subdividable at this moment in  A.L.R. Good view from top end of property.  Excellent holding property, low taxes. $85,000  FIRM. Ed Baker 885-2641.  SUNSHINE SPECTACULAR No. 458  Take 2 cabins, a sandy beach, 660 feet of  frontage, add water and a southerly exposure,  and you have an island in the sun in Sakinaw  Lake. Bill Walkey 885-5327.  SOLD! No. 414  Century 21 has participated in the sale of 7 five  acre parcels recently. With acreage listings selling  so fast we know this prime parcel won't last long!  This choice acreage is approximately 300' x 600',  has southerly exposure, some clearing and large  farm building. Solar heated home would be ideal  on this estate of !and, $48,500. Rita Percheson  885 5706 or George Longman 885-3400.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE       No. 327  Hobby Farm? Inflation Fighter? Over 3 acres of  treed land, located across from Roberts Creek  Provincial Campgrounds. $28,500. George  Longman, 885-3400.  5 ACRES - RUBY LAKE No. 241  Invest in your future with 5 acres at Ruby Lake.  Excellent fishing, boating and swimming. Low  price of $29,500. Leslie Filch 885-9057 or Eva  Carsky 886 7126.  MEADOW HEAVEN! No. 415  One of few available on market. Almost 5 acres of  gentle south slope and sun. Lots of trees left and  large cleared area for beautiful grassy meadow.  Put in beautiful duck pond and you'll have  yourself a country heaven! $46,500. George  Longman 885-3400 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  JUST STARTED No. 483  Three bedroom home in desirable West Sechell  location with basement. Partial view and quiet  location. The yard has great exposure for your  garden. Your chance to pick your interior finish  such as colours and carpets Only $68,900  Chuck Dowman 8859374.  JUST IMAGINE No. 315  What you could do with a 6 acre parcel, nicely  timbered on the Irvines Landing Road minutes  from all that fishing and boating. Enough level  area on thc sloping property for a homesile and  there's power and some water loo. More?yes the  vendor will consider terms on the $28,500 asking  price. Berl Walker 885 3746.  BEFORE YOU RENEW  PHONE "TINY BOB'  REVIEW!  CENTURY'S  LOW GROUP  RATES  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  CHUCK DOWMAN  RITA PERCHESON  WE'RE THE NEIGHBOURHOOD  - SALES MGR. PAT PARKER LESLIE FITCH  PETER SMITH GEORGE LONGMAN    LARRY REARDON Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  PHONE  885-2235  VANCOUVER  689-5838  (Toll Free)  Ortuw-  BOX 1490,  WHARF ROAD  SECHELT, B.C.  VON-3A0  \ *  "fc&  LOTS  ���CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  BUILD IN WEST SECHELT No. 439  Family sized lot, near level with trees, ready to  clear for building. $ 12,900. Bill Walkey 8855327.  14 ACRE BEAUTY No. 482  In developing Welcome Woods area of Redrooffs.  This choice larger lot has excellent level building  site. Not many this size available. Call now  $14,000. Lynn Wilson 885-5755 or Rita  Percheson 885-5706.  CHALLENGING HALF ACRE       No. 462  Lol on McCullough Road priced at only $13,500.  Pat Parker 885 5615.  OLD M & B SUBDIVISION No. 437  Real bargain - water hook up paid! Waterworks  Debenture and l/50th waterfront lot included  with approx. 100 x 180. VIEW lol $12,500. "Tiny  Bob" 885 9461.  $14,900  "BETTER THAN GOLD" No. 478  Roberts Creek waterfront 95' x 675' approx.  Drive throughl 600 ft. of large evergreens to the  building site of your choice. Regional water and  driveway installed. Chance of a lifetime, asking  $135,000. George Longman to view 885 3400.  OCEAN VIEW LOT No. 180  When you've built your home on this serviced  Halfmoon Bay lot, stroll across thc park to the  beach. Lots like this are hard to find, yours for  $14,900. Bill Walkey 885-5327 or Lynn Wilson  8855755.  GOWER POINT  YOUR  OWN  PATH  TO  THE BEACH  1 beautiful building lot with beach access and the  best view you ever saw. Nearly '^ acre, priced at  $59,500. Call Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or Ken  Wells at 886-7223.  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  AGENTS FOR  HO MACKENZIE LIMITED  uSSm  Plans and Brochures available  FREE ESTIMATES  Call Larry Moore 885-2235  BROOKS COVE LOTS No. 351  Large view lots in a lovely quiet location. These  are rock lots but there is a promise of water going  into this area this summer. Adjacent to good boat  launching and sheltered moorage. Parcel "A" is  owned by the same vendor and road access may  be granted through parcel "A" if necessary.  $13,900 each. Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  LOOK  VIEW  Build  your  home on  a spectacular  scenic lot only minutes from Sechelt.  LOTS  $12,500  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  T/  3fil  *i  K)l  HEART OF SECHELT No. 387  Opportunity to invest in the Peninsula's fastest  growing community. This concrete building is  4500 sq. ft., vacant and ready to be converted into  a mini mall $135,000. C. Dowman, 885 9374.  PENDER HARBOUR $98,900 No. 350  This 8 acres zoned light industrial and/or other  uses, has great potential. Il lies almost opposite  Francis Peninsula lurnoff on both sides of  Highway 101 next lo thc building supply and  laundromat. It has good water access and is a  fairly flat piece easily developed. Larry Reardon.  885 3924.  2 STORES & 4 SUITES No. 405  All suiles have fabulous view of ocean and at  certain times of the year the salmon are plentiful,  just off shore. This income producing property  shows a good return while you earn appreciation.  Assume a 10".. no term first mortgage $239,500.  C. Dowman al 885 9374.  LOTS  GIBSONS No.430/431  Seamount Development Park, two lots side by  side, zoned industrial, paved roads, sewers, 3  phase power, 50' x 125'equalling6250sq.ft.each.  Get down to business. Asking $36,000. for both  or pick one for only $18,500. George Longman  885-3400.  .5 ACRE VIEW No. 464  Lot in Redrooffs in Bayview Estates. This  excellent building properly commands a  magnificent southerly view. Landscaping would  be a joy on this lot! Has good area for vegetable  garden and gentle slope moss-covered rock  formations with arbutus trees. $25,000. Rita  Percheson 885-5706 or Lynn Wilson 885-5755.  REVENUE No. 348  Thinking of a building a duplex? Then seriously  consider this lot in the village of Gibsons 192' x  63'! This property is fully serviced, well located  and priced to sell at $18,000. Leslie Fitch 885-  9057 or Rita Percheson 885-5706.  WEST SECHELT No. 367  1/2 acre lot 70 x 260 (t. Cleared & ready to build  on. Nice & level, a few trees left. Paved road,  hydro, water and cable. Asing $13,900. Ed Baker,  885-2641.  SANDY HOOK LOT No. 459  For great vacation fun build your summer or year  round home on this spectacular view lot. Water  and hydro at road. A must to see at this low price  of $10,500. For more details call Leslie Fitch at  885-9057.  O  S  8rn r^  am f.,     .,       f   ���  <. , V'  WEST SECHELT  DERBY * NORWEST BAY ROADS  No. 3224324  There is a choice of fine lots, cleared bts or lots  in their natural state. Some have good views,  sizes and prices vary but buy now and build the  home of your choice. On Norwest Bay Road  Lots 33,34 & 35 are $15,900 On Derby Road  Lot 20, $19,900. Larry Reardon 885-3924  TWO VIEWS FOR YOU No. 466/467  Ideally situated on Deerhorn Drive with attractive  views up the Inlet these two lots, of nice size could  be purchased together too il you'd like a larger  parcel. Power, water and phone right on the road  these are going for just $10,200 with some terms.  Bert Walker 8853746.  HEY! LOOK THIS OVER No. 403  Looking right up Sechelt Inlet with 75 feet on  Skookumchuck Road and 120 feet deep with  hydro, water and phone available this is a dandy  lot at just $12,000. Bert Walker 8853746.  HALF ACRE JUST WAITING        No. 402  What would you give for a super view lot on  Gower Point Road, in an area of new homes, half  an acre in size with hydro, water, phone and  cablevision too. Yes we think this is a good buy at  just $26,500. Bert Walker 885-3746.  LAST OF THE LARGE No. 383  Village lots. Great cul-de-sac location. All village  services available and close toschools, shops and  the beach. Just $13,900 so hurry. Larry or Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  HAVE WE GOT LOTS OF LOTS???  MLS  You bet, just listed eleven fine lots in Sandy Hook  and Tuwanek, some with great view, a few  challenging rocky lots, some level, some sloped,  priced from just $8,000 to $13,000 and terms are  available. Call Larry or Ruth Moore for more  information at 8859213.  INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE No. 435  And if you want to be near the ferries this is the  place, only minutes from Langdale, driveway is  already roughed in and the vendor wants to sell.  Invest now at only $15,600. Larry or Ruth Moore  885-9213.  IF DAVIS BAY IS YOUR DESIRE  No. 358  Either one of these fine view building lots only a  block from great beach - sounds like what you are  after. Only $15,500 each. Larry or Ruth Moore  885-9213.  SUCH A DEAL!! No. 382  This nice lot is cleared, excavated, has dogwoods,  ready for building. Could all be yours for only  $11,200. Larry or Ruth Moore at 885-9213.  ONE OF THE BEST No.295  A truly fine lot in Sandy Hook, tremendous view  of the Inlet, with easy access. Not long and  narrow ��� 98 x 107 feet. Asking $15,500. see it and  be convinced. Peter Smith 885 9463.  VILLAGE LOTS No. 292 & 293  Marine View Way ��� some VIEW ��� 60 ft. x 130 ft.  Try your offer. Terms. Priced at $9,900. Lynn  Wilson, 885-5755.  LANDSCAPED OCEAN VIEW       No. 346  The neighbour got carried away when landscap  ping and gardened this beautiful ocean view lot as  well as his own! This lot has it all - ocean view,  short distance to beautiful beach, serviced by  sewer. water, hydro, cable and in an area of bet ter  homes. Priced at $13,500. Leslie Fitch 885 9057  or Rita Percheson at 885-5706.  SALMON ��� COD ETC. No. 257  There in the sea which you can see! Only a short  stroll to beach access. 85 x 148 local services on  application. $21,500 "Tiny Bob" 885-9461.  SOLO  'sold'  ��01;0 SOLO    jWUH  \\  '.���*6tb;  ��� 80LQ  ���-SOLD "~P\  ���,   IQVo ���  "'"'��� .vna  "���������'I  AN INVESTMENT? YES! No. 428  This superb mobile home park can be a great  investment for you, just choose your lot & begin,  fully serviced and the price includes the sewer fee.  Choose from lots at $9,950 or $12,500 Urry or  Ruth Moore 885 9213.  PROFESSIONALS   FOR   YOU.   BILL WALKEY RUTH MOORE ED BAKER EVA CARSKY  R.B. "TINY BOB" KENT   LYNN WILSON        LARRY MOORE        BERT WALKER Suribhine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  [3  BLOCK  922-3911  nn/\P 203 - 14th Street,  |>K!Ll3�� West Vancouver, B.C.V7T2P9  SECHELT INLET ESTATES  Several spectacular view lots of sundrenched  Porpoise Bay. nearby beach facilities and  moorage. Each lol has hydro, water and  telephone available. Only 4 1/2 miles to the  conveniences of Sechelt. Prices from $10,000  to $11,000.  INVESTMENT HOLDING  OPPORTUNITY  4 continguous building lols, 3 with potential  view. They are across the road from and  overlooking the prestigious new Gibsons fulure  Marina complex. You can purchase ihesc lols  individually or as a whole. Priced Irom $22,500  to $32,000. Call for more details and  opportunity to view.  SECRET COVE  SUBDIVISION POTENTIAL  Are you aware of the development taking place  in beautiful Secret Cove? Two condominium  projects are already under way ��� one  completed & the other well on stream.  Amenities include ultra deluxe dining & lounge  facilities, living accommodations & moorage.  Wc have available for purchase, adjacent to this  development, 8.9 acres of gradual south sloping  view property which is subdividable into 1/4  acre lots or possibly cluster housing on Strata  Unit Entitlement. Thc availability of regional  water is anticipated in the fall and sewage  disposal can be arranged. The property is  reached by paved road. Vendor (adjoining  marina operator) will provide some amenities to  the developer. Price al $145,000 Call for more  details and arrangements to view.  ISLAND IN THE SUN  This beautiful 5 acre island is located on the  Sunshine Coast in the middle of the prolected  waters of Pender Harbour. The property is  naturally Ireed with numerous trails in a park  like setting. It has a 1 1/2 storey (1,860 sq. ft.)  renovated log home complete with attractive  furnishings, all appliances, sauna, pool room  and guesi cottage ��� PLUS, PLUS. There is a  large, new deep-water wharf that will acconv  odate a 50' vessel and two smaller craft.  The island has a steady water supply and is  equipped wilh hydro and telephone. Priced firm  at $400,000  Would you like a yield in excess ol 30% on your  investment? This business (a coin laundry}  showed a yield of 26".. on gross income last year  for present owner alter allowance for major  capital replacement expenditures.  The business is located in a steadily expanding  area on the main highway near the community  business intersection. This well run coin  laundromat is a self-employment opportunity  requiring minimum time and effort to operate.  The equipment is in top condition and paved  parking is available for a minimum of 20  vehicles. Expansion was contemplated by  present owner, and tentative approval has been  given to accommodate this and a long-term  tenant. The vendor (an equipment technician)  will provide regular preventative maintenance  inspection for a minimal retainer, if purchaser so  desires. Financial statements available to bona  fide purchaser. Price $38,000.  LIGHTS OF NANAIMO  This modest, immaculate ocean view home is  located on ihe Wesl Sechelt Waterfront  overlooking the Trail Islands and Straits of  Georgia. The property is surrounded by  beautiful gardens and terraced landscaping  extending towards the ocean. A gradual  winding path is your access lo a level beach.  This rare and hard to find property would make  an ideal retirement or small lamily home. Priced  at $137,500. Please call for more information  and appointment to view.  NELSON ISLAND (WATERFRONTAGE)  ESTATE SALE  This .83 acre walerfront gov't lease lot is located  in Telescope Passage. It has a domestic water  lease & is close lo wharfage. This property was  assessed at $12,800 lor 1979 Sale Price  $12,500. Call me and we will look al ihis one  together  This well-constructed, partially built home is  located in sundrenched Porpoise Bay with a  potential view ol beautiful Sechelt Inlet with  beach access close by. Present owner's plans  have changed and he will not be able to  complete this quality home. With sub-trades  you could complete this house with some of  your own preferences in a relatively short time.  This property is available to you for the owner's  approximate cost of $49,900.  REDROOFFS ROAD  Large {1.42 acres) treed lot in Welcome Beach  area. Hydro, water, telephone and cablevision  ready for hook-up. Market price $25,000.  BARGAIN BAY  Located on Cameron Road, this large level  corner lot is ready to build or move onto, Water  and hydro are at the property and perc. tests  were excellent. Owner says he must sell this  beautiful tot. Price was $25,000. now $22,000.  FISHERMAN'S SPECIAL  How often when fishing youi favourite wa  have you thought, "It certainly would be nic  have a place here!" Well, ihe present < iwners did  jusi that at Egmont's bountiful fishing ground  First, they acquired a government lease on an  immediate waterfront lot, then transported over  by boat the materials to construct this modern  two storey, six room A-frame home with a  majestic view of Egmont and Jervis Inlet. There  is also a new private wharf with metal walkway  and deep water moorage. Price $65,000.  .Harold Jacques Res.885-902;  FROM VANCOUVER  Direct from  Vancouver International Airport  or Downtown Vancouver  To the Sunshine Coast  SCHEDULES & INFORMATION  PHONE (604) 689-8651 or 885-2214  CALL  ABBA  \LEASt>RENTALS\  CAR & TRUCK RENTALS  in Vancouver    (604)684-2911  or Locally 885-3281  and a car  will meet you at the Airport  SUMMER SCHEDULE  HORSESHOE BAY-LANGDALE  Effective Friday, June 20-Sunday, September 14,  1980, inclusive:  Lv Horseshoe Bay  morning   6:35 am, 7:40, 8:50,10:10,11:15  afternoon 12:35 pm, 2:45,5:05  evening    6:15 pm, 7:15,8:20,9:30,11:45  Lv Langdale  morning   6:20 am, 7:45,9:00,10:00,11:30  afternoon 12:20 pm, 1:40,3:55  evening    6:10 pm, 7:20,8:25,9:25,10:45  BRITISH COLUMBIA  FERRY CORPORATION  For information phone:  VANCOUVER 669-1211 NANAIMO 753-1261  LANGDALE   886-2242 SALTERY BAY 487-9333   .Schedules subject to change without notice. Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  Box 100  Madeira Park,  B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  Toll Free From I  Vancouver:  689-7623  Mwnbar of Multiple lifting Sarvlc*  HOMES     I  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� approx. 1,440 sq  ft. deluxe modular home. 2 BR, master BR  ensuite. Fireplace, double windows, 5 appli  ances & drapes. On landscaped & naturally  treed lot, close Io marinas, stores and post  office, $69,900.  BARGAIN HARBOUR AREA - 3 BR home  on corner lot. Presently rented. View by  appointment only.  $49,500.  LOTS  I  1. MADEIRA PARK      serviced lols. $9,000  In $22,000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA      serviced lots.  $9,000 lo $14,900  3. EARL COVE    Several lols to choose Irom.  Priced Irom $13,000 to $21,000.  4. KENT ROAD 1.5 acre Ireed parcel in  Bargain Harbour area. Hydro pole and power  on property. Existing septic tank and drainfield  could possibly be used. Only 600 It. to public  waterfront access on Bargain Harbour.  $25,000 ��� open to oilers.  5.GARDEN BAY AREA ��� building lols, some  with view. $9,000   $29,000.  6. ELLIOT ROAD - GARDEN BAY LAKE  ���   Partially  finished  cabin  on  large semi-  waterlront view lot, $20,000.  ACREAGE  I  1. KLEINDALE, PENDER HARBOUR  approx. 90 acres proposed subdivision ol 14  parcels, averaging 5 acres or more (see  proposed plan al our oflice). Owner would  consider carrying a large amount by agreement  for sale. An excellenl buy lor $160,000 full  price.  2. Near MADEIRA PARK - IS acres,  approx. 2150 ft. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  3. KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 5 treed acres on  Highway 101. $21,000.  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA - 2 lots of  approx. .9 acre each, partially cleared &  driveway in. One lot has septic tank & drainfield  installed. $18,000 & $19,000.  5. HOTEL LAKE - 9.86 treed acres, semiwaterfront. southern exposure, good view. 314  ft. road Irontage. $39,500.  6. END OF FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  ��� appiox. 1.5 acres choice semi-waterfront  treed view property. Westerly exposure.  $40,000.  7. NEAR RUBY LAKE - approx. 7 acre  parcel on Hwy 101, short walk to lake. Asking  $28,900  8. KLEINDALE - approx. 2.2 acres with  building site cleared, good driveway, septic  permit approved $28,000.  MEMIU MOKEI  [a. k. i.i p.m; k  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  | WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  PORPOISE BAY ROAD, SECHELT - level  lot, approx. .85 acre, with comfortable 2 BR  rancher, 1,537 sq.ft. including enclosed one car  garage. Excellent garden. Lovely low bank  beach property with esplanade between  property and waterfront. $89,900. MLS  GARDEN BAY - approx. 250 ft. waterfront...approx. 5 acres...4 waterfront homes...3  cabins...10 mobile home pads...$235,000.  MADEIRA PARK - 3 bedrooms view home,  built   1972.   Master  bedroom   ensuite,  basement   with  4th  bedroom .   Covered  sundeck, carport. $79,000.  EGMONT ��� Approx. 387 ft. low bank  waterfront on 2.27 acres. Driveway in,  launching ramp. $95,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Approx. 78 ft.  waterfront with septic tank and drainfield  installed. Dries at low tide, but would suit a  small boat. $52,500.  AGAMMEMNON BAY - Approx. 1,800 ft.  of waterfront on 40 acres (more or less) with  road access from Egmont Road. Older home &  year-round creek. Beautiful view up Jervis Inlet.  $192,500.  EGMONT -Approx. 3.8acres with approx. 550  ft. low bank waterfront. Float, launching ramp  & log dump. Drilled well & pump. Considerable  land development done by owner. $165,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY - Approx. 400 ft.  waterfront, 5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  HIGGINS ISLAND - Approx. 26 acre treed  island with sheltered moorage. Located in False  Bay, Lasqueti Island. $185,000.  EGMONT - 7 acres with 540 ft. low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for possible  use as a targe WF trailer-camper park and  fishing resort. This is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina. $180,000���  Owner will finance at bank interest rate.  | LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES \  HOTEL LAKE - Approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront -  87 acres (more or less), merchantable timber.  $292,000.  MIXAL LAKE ��� near Garden Bay ��� approx.  113 acres wiih 1,200 ft. (more or less) lakefront.  Merchantable timber. $264,000.  RUBY LAKE - approx. 60 ft. lakefront lot,  sandy beach, water access. Only $25,000.  SAKINAW LAKE - 165 acres (more or less),  with approx. 4,840 ft. choice lakefront. Road  access from Gardei, Bay Road & jeep roads  throughout property. Owners would carry a  large amount by agreement for sale. $305,000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE - 46.9 acres with  approx. 2,200 ft. lakefront, situated on Garden  Bay Road and Claydon Road. Merchantable  timber. $285,000.  WATERFRONT I  HOMES       !  TW  a&-  mk ��� m  a*,- -.zsmi  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home, large living  room with stone fireplace, 2 bathrooms. On  approx. 55 ft. beach lot. Beautiful view down the  Harbour. $110,000.   COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  MADEIRA PARK - modern, approx. 960,  sq. ft. commercial building with room for  expansion. Central location. $53,000.  FAMILY FASHIONS - Clothing business,  with good potential, located in the above  building in downtown Madeira Park. $8,000  plus stock.  MADEIRA PARK: Approximately 2600  sq. ft. revenue building containing Post  Office, Dept. of Fisheries office and one  apartment. $125,000.  Morrc      lake  PENDER LAKES  PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available in this  desirable location. Most have view  and sunny southerly exposure.  Paved road, water and hydro.  M.L.S. Priced from $11,000 to  $29,700.  ������=��� ma m m      ; ;     ......        "r  pfl jfrnwifPitt-.i.;���.,... mrj j  PEMDFf      HAftROUlP  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY,   883-2233 Sunshine Coast Realtor. July 22. 1980  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  CREEKSIDE: This well planned home of 1375  square feet features such things as sunken living  room, vaulted ceiling, spacious kitchen with  breakfast nook, family room off kitchen, walk  through closet in master bedroom and ensuite  For further details contact us now. $59,500.  CHAMBERLIN & BRIDGEMAN: Charming  little farm house on large 6/ 10th of an acre in quiet  wooded area. Large trees on fenced lot with  excellent landscaping potential. House has been  completely remodelled downstairs with new  kitchen and living room. Two car garage, laundry  room and huge master bedroom upstairs. Ideal  starter home or investment. Phone for appointment anytime. $44,900.  1278 HEADLANDS: Three bedroom home  with huge living room. Situated at the base of the  bluff within walking distance of the boat launching  ramp and three houses away from a beach.  School bus picks up children across the street.  Quiet area. $46,900.  YMCA RD: Langdale. Family home surrounded  with beautifully terraced gardens. This three  bedroom home is situated on a large lot with a  very private setting. Master bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. Large living room wilh antique brick  fireplace. Kitchen wiih eating area, plus utility  room. Living room and dining room have cedar  feature walls. Must be seen. $62,900.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Approximately  300 square feet fully sell-contained studio on  beautiful view lot. 100 amp service with electric  heat, regional water, three piece plumbing.  Partially landscaped. Ideal for single person or as  a starter home. Only two blocks to beach and  store, $29,900.  IBSONS  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  HOMES  MARNE DR: Watch all Howe Sound Marine GOWER PT RD: Cute clean one bedroom  activities from this 100' x 175' view lot with extra house on large lot. The house has to be removed  large house of 1473 square feet, which includes by June 1985. This is an area of large new homes,  two bathrooms, three bedrooms, utility room, Live in it while you build or tenant will remain at  dining room, living room with fireplace and a self- $200,00 a month rent. $29,900.  contained one bedroom suite downstairs of 1045 ������  square feet. All this is yours for, $89,900.  WATERFRONT HOMES  BURNS RD: Two bedroom older home on super  large lot in Lower Village. 2 short blocks to boat  launching site. $45,000.  SARGEANT RD: Two bedroom older home on  quiet no through street. Panoramic view of  Gibsons Harbour area. Ideal revenue or  retirement home. $42,900. _  SARGENT RD: 'Si Senorita' will be your answer  to purchase this Spanish style design new home  on a view lot on Sargent Road in Gibsons. Two  fully finished floors, total 2300 sq. ft. complete  with many extras, such as two fireplaces and an  all nighter, triple plumbing, double garage,  intercom, workshop and within walking distance  of shopping and schools. Make an appointment to  view. $125,000.  MOUNTAIN VIEW: Creekside Park Estate  1375 square foot home on 60 x 120 corner lot.  Sunken livingroom with vaulted ceiling and brick  fireplace with heatilator. Urge spacious kitchen  with breakfast nook. Central family room olf  kilchen. Mud room off carport entrance. Three  bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk  loset. Carport and covered entrance way.  Sunny south west exposure. $61,900.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale Ridge. Excellent  family home on quiet park-like pnvale road. This  nicely landscaped four bedroom home has double  windows, fireplace up, wood stove down,  separate double carport and many extra features.  This two year old full basement home with  approximately 2400 square feet overall has large  linished rec room and 2 full bathrooms. All this  and an excellent view. $77.500.   BONNIEBROOK PLACE: Three bedroom  family home. Full basement designed to  accommodate in-law suite. Master bedroom with  ensuite. Shake roof and wrap-around sundeck  Insulation in walls R20 and ceiling R28. Quiet area  With beach access and spectacular view.  $75,000  CHASTER RD: Traditional styled l1, storey  family home. Four bedrooms, large kitchen and  family room. Upstairs area is master bedroom  plus ensuite. Sliding glass doors open to private  balcony. Kitchen and dining room open to  cement patio for summer entertaining. Fenced  landscaped yard. $79,900.  BROOKSIDE: Brand new three bedroom home,  non basement, under construction. Large rooms  and sunken living room with brick fireplace.  $56,900.  CHEKWELP RESERVE: Why pay money for  land when you can purchase this two bedroom  788 square feet house on a 20 year lease for  $27,500. Lot is semi-walerlront with easy walking  distance to Gibsons shopping. Ideal for retiring,  starter home or investment. $27,500.  ELPHINSTONE AVE: Granthams Landing  Unbelievable completely unobstructed view  view, view from this four bedroom home high on  the hill. You can see North Shore Mountains,  Keats, The Gap, Bluff and Vancouver Island. This  exceptionally well built, 1200 square feet home  has two fireplaces, ensuite off master bedroom,  balcony off master bedroom, huge livingroom,  mostly finished rec room with fireplace,  workshop, two car garage, roughed in plumbing  downstairs and much much more. Phone for  appointment anytime. $79,900.  BROOKSIDE: flow under construction. Large  three bedroom home. Fireplace in living room.  Dining room is separate. $59,900.  TRICKLEBROOK: Brand new in Creekside  Park Estates. Two storey three bedroom family  home in this desirable area. Fireplace in living  room. Excellent construction with Dutch hip roc  and hidden gutters $59,900.   LANGDALE: View. For the purchaser who  appreciates quality in design and construction  detail. Features hot water heat, four bathrooms,  large master bedroom with walk-in closet. 2  fireplaces, separate heated garage workshop and  iinished in law suite All interior walls insulated for  warmth and sound One of the peninsula's best  areas and close to school. 1740 sq. ft. up and  down make this home ideal for the large family.  Offered at $128,500.  TRICKLE COURT; Near new three bedroom  family home with beamed ceilings. Lawn and  some landscaping done. Open planned living  room, dining room and kitchen. Large utility  room constructed so that a wood heater can be  installed. $54,900.  CHADWICK RD: Langdale view. Watch the  boats at work and play from spacious sundeck  with sunny exposure. Near new three bedroom  home with large lot ready for your gardening and  landscape touch. Fireplace, oak cabinets,  upgraded floor covering. $72,500.  ISLAND RETREAT:!_ of Sakinaw Lake Island.  The ultimate in tranquility and yet only 5 minutes  from boat launch. Price included two fully  furnished buildings with all modern conveniences, two boats, one power, one sail, two floats,  sheltered swimming beach for the children and  approximately 600 feet of waterfront. Ideal for the  two family purchase. $105,00.  GIBSONS WATERFRONT: 60 feet of prime  level waterfront in the heart of Gibsons. Three  bedroom split level home with large rooms and of  course a terrific view. $112,000.  HALFMOON BAY: Waterfront home. Level  waterfronl with good garden soil. Two year old  home of excellent quality. Large family kitchen,  living room has fireplace and hardwood floors.  Two large bedrooms, master has ensuite. Fully  finished ground level full basement is rented suite.  Total finished living area equals over 2700 square  feet. $135,000  GIBSONS: Gibsons Harbour walerfront. Older  2 bedroom house currently rented, Great future  polential. Lot size 48 x 310 $87,500.  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Waterlront. Enjoy  the spectacular mountain and ocean view from  this older type two bedroom home which also  features self-contained in-law accommodation on  the ground level. Some restoration work needed.  A trail takes you down to the waterfront which  has been improved wilh a concrete breakwater  and creating a level area lor boat storage, play,  barbecuing, sunbathing, etc. Excellent beach.  $77,000  HOMES  ON ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK: 8.8 acre Country Estate.  Log construction, owner built, deluxe 4 bedroom  home. Features include a forced air heating  system oil or wood fired, sauna located off the  master bedroom ensuite. Family room, custom  built kitchen, formal dining room with fireplace.  Covered by a heavy shake roof with sky-lites.  $179,000  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST  I  STEVE  SAWYER  886-7678  DAVE  ROBERTS  886-8040  LORRIE  GIRARD  886-7760  ARNE  PETTERSEN  886-9793 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  13.  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  886-2277      ilPvvllv   ���  > hnh I   I    682-1513  VAND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.    ��"  R.R. #2, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  LOTS  LOTS  BONNIEBROOK PL: Only one lot left. Extra  large view lot in quiet cul-de-sac. All services, easy  cartop boat launching. Only one block from the  beach and Chaster Park. $27,900.  HILLCREST RD: Large view lot on quiet cul-de-  sac in Village. Paved road wilh all services  underground. Water, sewer, telephone, hydro  and cable. Beautiful view of Keats Island and  Georgia Strait. $21,900.  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK RD: Over % acre  panhandle lot in Roberts Creek. Only 2 miles  from Gibsons. Gently sloped and nicely treed.  Excluding the panhandle the lot measures 125 x  168 and is only one block from the beach. Some  view down Gulf Road. Zoned for 2 dwellings or  duplex. $19,900.  CEDAR GROVE SUBDIVISION: Off Mala  view Road. Large nicely treed lots with level  building siies. Quiet cul-de-sacs close to  shopping, schools and recreation. Priced from  $12,900lo $16,900.  6  B  1  Ul  CD  2  <  z  o  A  $19,900  7fi'  c  r*  "    B  $19,900  7f '  "   C  $18,900  GRANTHAMS HEIGHTS:  Six  lots overlooking Keats  Island with some view onto  Georgia Strait. 4 lots are 76 x  170 and 2 are 27 x 56 x 170 x  56 x 150. Cleared and ready  to build your custom home.  Excellent residential area  only one mile from Gibsons.  Priced  from  $17,900  to  $19,900.  c  D  $18,900  E  $17,900  7fi'  f  :-,  $17,900  tr,<  REED RD.  CREEKSIDE CRESCENT: Beautiful 60 x 120  .building lot wilh view potential in area of new  prestige homes. Cablevision, hydro, city water,  city sewer. Paved streets and creek nearby.  $18,900  FIRCREST PLACE: Only six lots left in this fast  developing area. With $3,000 down, owner will  carry at 12% for three years. This is an excellent  area for children as Fircrest is a no through street.  Nicely treed lots, 61 x 131. Priced from $12,000.  SANDY HOOK: Level corner lot with south  west exposure. Size 69 x 130 with paved road on  both sides. Power and water at site. Short  distance to beach and boat ramp. $10,500.  POPLAR LANE: 70 x 130 panhandle lot on  sewer. Excellent neighbourhood only one block  to schools and shopping. Flat easy to build on lol  with private driveway. $13,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE: View lot protected on  two sides by the Langdale Creek Ravine. 3  minutes to the ferry in quiet residential sub  division. High quality new homes throughout tht  area. Partial view. This lot is an excellent value  $16,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Marvelous view lot on corner 40 x 150only one  block to shops, wharf etc. Lane access at back of  lot. May be purchased with adjoining lot and  cabin. $17,500.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale. Beautiful panhandle  lot at the foot of the Davidson Road cul-de-sac.  Unobstructed view with incredible privacy.  Approximately !_ acre with many choice building  sites. The property has a slightly irregular shape  but averages 140 x 170. $21,900.  HILLCREST RD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone and cablevision. View of Keats & Gap.  Creek at hark $23,900.  SEAVIEW RD: Sandy Hook. Beautiful large 75 x  125 lots wilh unbelievable view. Regional water,  hydro, easy to build on. Vendor may carry at IO".  down, 13.5% interest. Try your offers. $12,900  each.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Large lot measures 81 x  141 with partial view. Lot has been parkedout  with driveway in and ready for your home. Area of  top quality homes. $17,900.  HWY 101: Langdale. Absolutely gorgeous '_  acre view lot measures 170 x 127. This lot has  large trees lor landscaping, sits among olher large  parcels ol land lor privacy, has view of Keats  Island and Howe Sound and is in area of executive  prestige homes. Perfect investment. $22,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK: Beautiful building view lot  bordering creek in area of brand new prestige  homes. Water, cable, hydro, sewer, paved streets  and view. Vendor will consider low down  payment and 10".. interest for 3 year term. Owner  must sell. Make an offer. $18,900.  SCHOOL ROAD & SOUTH FLETCHER:  Spectacular view corner property 40 x 150 in the  heart of Gibsons. Small cabin on lane access. May  be purchased with adjoining lol. $19,200.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL LOTS - Hwy  101: Prime location in the heart of Gibsons. 1  hour from Vancouver. Zero lot lines allowed.  Contact our office for information on government  grants for development and expansion, Includes  sewer and 3 phase power.  KEATS ISLAND: Ideal spot for summer- retreat  in sheltered Eastbourne area. Don't miss this  opportunity to own your own piece of this Howe  Sound Island. Serviced by summer passenger  ferry or perhaps your own boat. Priced below  recent sales for quick sale. $7350.  YMCA RD: Large bt in area of nice homes.  Some view of mountains. Good area for children.  $12,000  PRATT & GRANDVIEW: Large corner lol in  amongst executive homes. $14,900  HILLCREST ROAD: Beautiful large view lot in  prestige area of Village. Paved no through road.  All services underground. Hydro, water,  telephone, cablevision View of Keals & the Gap  $19,900  PORPOISE DR: Large semi-waterfront view lot.  Lightly Ireed. On quiet cul-de-sac. Excellenl  public access path to sandy beach $11,500  GRADY RD: Langdale Building lol approxi  mately 75 x 250 x 75 x 253. All services except  sewer View. Selectively cleared. $14,000  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Excellent view and  nicely treed in area of new homes. This gently  sloping lot measures approximately 98 x 125.  $19,900  INVESTMENT -COMMERCIAL -REVENUE  ACREAGE  LYNWOOD RD: Just off Hanbury Road, 5  acres Land has been logged off years ago and the  present irees are tall and very nicely shaped.  Road down side and across back. A rare piece  these days. $47,500.  BOYLE RD: 4.6 acres at the end of Boyle Road  Regional water now to area. Ideal secluded  building site or hold as investment, $35,000  RUBY LAKE: PRICED RIGHT 6.5 acres with  Ruby Creek, a spawning creek running length of  property Waler righls on creek. Paved road and  powei to properly. End of Halliwell Road near  Ruby Lake $37,000  BARGAIN HARBOUR RD: Pender Harbour  Semiwaterfront. Why pay waterfront prices  when you can enjoy the same luxury at much less.  There is a no through road between you and the  most beautiful beach and harbour imaginable.  Perfect investment and summer recrealional  property with 3 modern cottages. Property is  zoned C2L for fishing, resort, motel, monthly  rental suites, etc. Why not keep one for yourself  for your summer holidays. Easy level beach  access and deep waler moorage Owner may  carry first morlgage at belter than bank rates,  $79,900 ^_^_���  CREST SEWING: Ideal business for a sewing  machine mechanic. Located in largest mall in  town. Currently has Elna, White. Husqvarna and  Imfact lines Nine year lease period, Operating  statement available Vendor may carry portion of  financing. This is ihe only sewing machine  business in town Unlimited polential.  MARINE DR: Ladies wear business in Lower  Gibsons. Well established business clientele with  greater potential. Present owner wishes to retire.  Price includes all fixtures wilh stock extra,  Information and statement available to qualified  purchaser.  HOPKINS LANDING  WATERFRONT STORE: Excellent business  investment on ihe Sunshine Coast. Tins grocery  and sundry store is locaied in the heart of  Hopkins Landing just minutes to the Langdale  ferry. Idealiy situated on 90 feet of level, walkout  WATERFRONT, being the only commercial  zoned property in this area, the land itself is  extremely valuable. Aside Irom store profits ihere  is additional revenue from other sources, such as  collection of wharfinger fees from 1 he government  wharl adjoining the properly, plus |x��si office and  an upstairs revenue suite Tins is an ideal  husband-wife situation, Always wanted to be youi  own boss, then don't miss this opportunity,  $129,000  ALDERSPR1NGS ROAD: Beaut it ut view lol in  the hear! ol ihe Gibsons Harbour area.'.. block lo  Dougal Park, 1 block lo shopping. Sewer, walei  and hydro to lot line $16,900  SAKINAW LAKE: Here is 35 acres with 800 feet  on the lakefront, accessible from Garden Bay  Road or by water Timber on, good moorage and  adjacent lots have cabins on. South-west  exposure $125,000  MARINE DR.: Bals Block Commercial building  in Lower Gibsons. 5 rental units generatinga very  good return Building has polential for further  development. For deiails contact us now  $190,000  REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  ROSAMUND RD: Two duplexes ol approxi  mately 1000 square feel each, both on targe lots  Two suites currently rented. Potential foi higher  rents, Ideal investment, priced to sell Make an  offer  Priced al $37,900 and $35,900  ANNE  GURNEY  886-2164  JON  MCRAE  885-3670  TERRI  HANSON  886-8295  GARY  PUCKETT  886-9508  GREG  GRANT  886-7204 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  New Low Rates on House Insurance  MADEIRA PARK: Here's a good buy... Large lot within  easy walk to stores and Government dock. It has water  connected and power pole. Price is just $10,500.  MADEIRA PARK: You can stand in this lot and heave a  brick to the shopping centre. A lovely half acre with power  and water on for $16,500.  WATERFRONT: 2 adjacent 4 acre parcels with deep  water and quiet moorage. Buy both for $115,000...  Separately $60,000. each.  LOT - Level cleared and ready to build on. Water and  power - paved road - pleasant location - just $15,000  F.P.  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: Here's a good investment  property - 6.7 acres on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  $35,000 (try offers).  VIEW ACREAGES: Several excellent parcels with good  soil and privacy. Priced from $19,000. to $27,000, with  good terms.  DO YOU PLAN TO SELL?? WE HAVE  MANY PROSPECTS. CALL US AT 883-2794  FOR OUR NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE  OF YOUR PROPERTY'S CURRENT  VALUE.  John Breen  883-9978  Jock Hermon  883-2745  SUNSHINE COAST  T0WNH0MES  .. .just 20 minutes  from downtown  Vancouver by  scheduled float plane  . on the bluff at Porpoise Bay  Open Daily 2 p.m.-5 p.m.  SECRET COVE WATERFRONT ONE ONLY  110'ol waterfront next to Buccaneer Bay. Over Excellent semi-waterfront lot. Beach and park  1 acre with moorage, boat launch easement. 300' away. Great buy at  SECHELT VILLAGE LOTS  i View, 300' from Porpoise Bay. Close to best ENJOY THIS  'beach in Porpoise Bay and all services. Only Fantastic   view,  semiwaterfront, on sewer.  $9,900. Southern exposure. Don't miss this one.  LEN VAN EGMOND  or toll-free from Vancouver  885-9683 ��*,,,       669-0732  W -Waterfront  H -Homes  A - Acreage  R - Recreational  F - Farms  HOMES  Bus. 885-5171  Box 1188, Sechelt,  B.C. VON 3A0  "Vour Real Estate Hosts  on the Sunshine Coast"  A BEAUTIFUL PANORAMIC VIEW  of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island goes with  these 4 ��� 2 bedroom stes, each approx. 900sq. ft.,  located in West Sechelt. All with view. Plus  owner's 1300 sq. ft. "A" Frame home with 11/2  baths - lovely cedar finish inside. Urge living  room, Single car enclosed garage ��� all this on  approx. 1 acre of land. Gentle slope, southern  exposure. Great potential. Call Pat Murphy to  arrange appointment to view and for more details.  $210,000. Make an offer  tjl'-aupwi w|_f  SS  m<i  -���;:::::. :iy. v.'/.v:.x'.wxtazk  I WATERFRONT HOME - SECHELT  L-211  I This lovely (2 yr. old 1285 sq. ft.) waterfront home  Ion Osprey Street, Sechelt Village, features 3  I bedrooms, ensuite in the master bedroom. Full  I basement with carport. Electric heating plus 2  I fireplaces. Thermoseal windows. R/1 plumbing in  I basement. Gently sloped 75 ft. x 163 ft. bt with a  I lovely picturesque view of Sechelt Inlet and  I Mountains. This home is the only waterfront  I home for sate in Sechelt Village. First time on the  Imarkel. F.P. 987,500. Call Pat Murphy for  I appointment to view 885-5171.  ~-T?-?.  SECHELT L222  Well built home, on 64'xl22" approx, corner lot,  Two bedrooms up two down. Close to schools.  Stores and beach. Hacked Park across street  make it your playground F.P. $51,000. Call 885  5171.  SECHELT VILLAGE L 205  Two bedroom plus den 1056 sq. ft. with  minimum maintenance Incited on Spindrift cul  de-sac. It also has a mountain view. Close to  shops, schools, park and beach. F P $48,000  Call for an appointment to view.  LOTS  ���]:-::::���:::.... ':::"*  ROBERTS CREEK: 1 2 acre lot on Marlene  Road, now available on thc market F.P. $18,900  Call Trev, 885 2658 or 885 5171  EAGLEVIEW PARK  WEST SECHELT L 144  So you can't afford a house? Why not buy a lot  and build. Here are two lols, still treed with beach  access, that are also very good investments.  Schools and stores are just a 5 minute drive away.  Great for a summer home. You can't lose Buy  now. Cal! 885 5171.  PEBBLE CRESCENT L 183  Good Buy! Here is a good building lot situated in  the Pebble Crescent cul-de-sac. Close to the  schools, and beaches. F.P. $14,500  VIEW LOT L 214  This   l/2  acre  terraced  lot  is a good buy.  Picturesque view of mountains & straight up inlet.  F.P. $12,000.  HOPKINS LANDING L 215  This lot is within walking distance to ferry terminal  and close to store. Size 56.34 x 141.77. Put an end  to the ferry hassles and build close by. F.P.  $15,000. Call 885-5171.  THIS LOT IS READY... L 212  It has a head start with the septic field and  concrete tank already installed. Lot size 117.70 x  64.82. F.P. $13,500.  HOPKINS LANDING L 94  Commutor special, this lot is 1/2 a mile from the  Langdale terminal, lt has a view of Gambier Island  and surrounding areas, lt is a good building site  with the lot dimensions of 50 x 140. Take a look at  this opportunity and don't let it pass you by. Call  885-5171. F.P. $16,900,  TUWANEK VIEW LOT L 223  This \<2 acre lot would make a nice retreat. F.P,  $12 000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Industrial zoned -193' x  98' level lot on Wharf Road. 1728 sq. ft. building -  plus older two bedroom house 944 sq. ft. and  extras. Excellent hard to find location. F.P.  $165,000. Call 885-5171.  LOTS #174 & ��175  Marine Way, Sechelt. 60 x 180, $11,000 each.  Call 885-5171.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE & MUCH MORE L 217  3 acres of land zoned A3 on East Porpoise Bay.  Approx. 1.5 miles from Sechelt. Lies waiting for  you to move into its 1600 sq. ft. home.3bedr(X)ni  home and m law suite. Master bedroom has  ensuite. Acieage is parklikc setting, landscaped,  with ocean view. Call now for appointment to  view at 885 5171.  GARDENERS - HEAVEN L 213  1.5 acres on Redrooffs Rd. Pleasant gardens  landscape this acreage. Pebble & concrete paths  weave their way through this woodland selling.  Well and regional water installed, cable available.  Cottage also on property with ocean view. Price  high sixties. Call 885-5171.  WATERFRONT  700 feet ol thc most beautiful park  like, view waterfront on the Sunshine Coast.  Thit RARE properly has it al Low  bank beach access. 3.5 acre  prepared bldg. site. Access road&  all services. Well found cabin &  PLUS  13 acres ol natural land with large  trees and a panoramic gull view.  AND  The whole 16.5 acres is zoned R2J  which permits multiple subdivision or holding option. Vou must  see this opportunity priced property and get all the details on the  excellent financing that is avail- $  able. $179,000 this is an excellent _  buy. ��  CALL P.T. DALHLE       883-9285 ��  THE VIEW HAS IT $  So does everything else about this $  beautiful one-of-a-kind 500 ft. $  WATERFRONT setting. $  For recreation, retirement or ��  investment, this exclusive water- r  front   Strata  Title   Duplex  has ��  everything you ever wanted AT A $  PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD. $  2 deluxe - 2 bedroom units that are 1  so  attractive  you  must  see  to *  believe it is true at the asking $  prices. $  These are a super buy at just s  $64,500 and $79,500 or make your I  offer for both and let one pay for %  the other. $  CALL P.T. DAHLE         883-9285 ��  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  "P.T." Dahle 883-9285 Deirdre 885-9487 Pat 885-5171   Trev 886-2658 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  15.  REAL  ESTATE  OWN YOUR OWN ENTIRE DISTRICT LOT  No. 4282. Approximately 1400 ft. on Mixal Lake.  Small creek. Irvines Landing Road runs from the  northeast corner at the lake to the southwest corner,  close to Lees Bay, THE salmon fishing spot. Signs on  both ends of road. Excellent group venture. F.P.  $180,000.  UPLAND RD. TUWANEK: Small creek on this  interesting lot. Only $7,500. Offers please.  WESCAN ROAD: Treed lot bordering on  Smugglers Cove, Marine Park. $10,700. Phone Jack  Noble, 883-2701.  SAMRON RD., WEST SECHELT  View lot just off Mason Rd. 90 x 140. Treed.  Offered at $26,900.  SKANA DRIVE, SANDY HOOK: Interesting  deep lot with ravine at back. F.P. $14,900. Trade  equity for Greater Vancouver property?  n.b. GORDON AOENCIES ltd.  31 Years At Cowrie St., Sechelt  INSURANCE NOW FROM SUNSHINE COAST CREDIT UNION  HOMES  SAKINAW LAKE - GORGEOUS  VIEW: Dive from the deck into the  water - cozy up to the fireplace on a cool  evening! Super cottage - sleeps 6 plus.  Propane, fridge, stove, lights. 165'  waterfront, 2,000' deep. 7.1 acres. Just  listed at $63,500 - So hurry!  SAKINAW LAKE  PRIVATE RUSTIC RETREAT  RIGHT AT THE WATER EDGE!  Wonderful warm swimming, fishing.  Sleeps 2 or 8. 150' waterfront, with  docks. 1.7 acres of Govt. Lease Land,  water access only. Offered at $26,500.  SECHELT - SECLUDED  WATERFRONT ESTATE  West .Coast contemporary design.  Cedar exterior with skylights. Four  bedrooms. Three fireplaces. Under  construction. Price $170,000.  PHONE  885-2013  Box 123, Sechelt, B.C.  GIBSONS - GOWER PT. ROAD (West of  Pratt Rd.) New, Hot Tub, Skylights, Cedar,  Southwest superb view. Three bedrooms, two  fireplaces, three baths. S/C ground level suite. Details  from John Wilson.  WEST SECHELT: Three bedroom basement  home. Fully developed lower level, including third  bathroom. Ideal inlaw home. Landscaped. $67,900.  JACK NOBLE 883-2701  MEMBER SUNSHINE COAST REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION  H.B. GORDON      PATRICIA LINDSAY 885-2591      JOHN WILSON 885-9365  Box 566  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0  jpr  t *v* il  ���ms  MARLENE ROAD - ROBERTS CREEK  2 year old 3 bdrm, full bsmt home in area of new homes  {1360 sq. ft. on each floor). Many extras, including  stone f.p. on main, wood burning in bsmt. Range,  fridge, washer & dryer with sale. Large, mostly  landscaped lot with some view. Approx. $41,000.1st at  10 1/2% interest. Could be assumed. Priced to sell at  $69,900.  ALDER5PRINGS RD ��� GIBSONS: This remodelled  home is in good condition. 2 bedrooms, large carport  for that boat or camper to store in winter. Partial view  of the bay. Situated on a quiet street 1 block from  tennis court and park. 2 blocks from beach. Level  walking distance to stores. Only $53,500.  FIRCREST ROAD ��� GIBSONS: Under construction in  good family area, 3 bedroom basement home. Skylight and  sundeck. No steel chimney, but brick in this home for that  wood stove to help cut heating costs. 2 x6 inch walls, R20  insulation. Can be purchased at any stage of construction or  on completion. Lock-up stage, $44,900, completed  $64,900  Serving the Lower Sunshine Coast  Phone 886-2000 or 886-9121  Located in the Seaside Plaza,  Gower Point Road, Gibsons  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS - INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ��� PAYNE  ROAD: Lot size 65 ft. x 160 ft., light industrial zoned. In  regional district for tax purposes. $25,000.  GIBSONS - Commercial building in the heart ol the Village.  This 14 year old store sits on 4 lots with a total area ol 17,886  sq. ft. The building is 11; stories with 4471 sq. ft. on the main  floor and 1562 sq. ft. on the upper. The overall condition is  good and the building could be used tor a wide variety of  retail outlets. The store fixtures are NOT included in the sale  price of $175,000 BRING ALL OFFERS  THIS STORE MUST BE SOLD  LOTS  KING ROAD, NORTH END  72 x 127 ft. treed building lots on short deadend road. Only  $12,000.  SCHOOL ROAD:   Urge view lot zoned for duplex or  single. II you are looking lor a good building lot, this one  should be seen as it is priced to sell at only $13,500.  BRING YOUR OFFERS, TERMS AVAILABLE  MAPLEWOOD LANE ��� GIBSONS: Fenced, cleared, and  grass in on this level building lot. Locaied in quiet area.  $17,000.  LANGDALE Wl  190 ft. Good build:  CHASTER ROAD 'Bring all offers on 80' level cleared lot,  close to school. OK for trailers.  @Q&!B  partial view 65 ft. x  ivel lot with good  it on sewer, is also  GIBSONS, WYNGAERTJll  view of Keats Island ?j  duplex zoned.$18,  COCHRAN ROAD - 4 - 65' x 125' level lots to pick from. All  backing on Village park. Priced to sell at $12,000.  REAL ESTATE  GENERAL INSURANCE  AUTOPLAN  GIBSONS: CHASTER AND PRATT RD: 1408 sq.  ft. of family comfort, 3 bedrooms, fireplace, very well  maintained. Fenced back yard. Double carport. Also  hasa 10 1/4% mortgage which isassumable. $64,900.  CAROLE  PLACE (OFF VETERANS  RD):  New 3  bedroom home on large cu! de sac lot. Part basement 2 flu  chimney. Ship lap framed with all 2 x 6ex. walls. R20 in walls,  R28 in ceiling. 2 piece ensuite, plus much more. Don'l miss  looking at this one. Asking $68,500.  MAPLEWOOD LrtNE - GIBSONS: New 3 bedroom,  1375 sq. ft. home on end of cul de-sac. Good size level lot.  Many extras, including sun rool, ensuite in large master  bedroom. Large carport with concrete driveway. This is one  that should be seen. Asking $63,000.  ACREAGE  AGENTS FOR EVERGREEN PARKLAND  Over 40 large wooded lots in parklike setting, located 1200'  from highway on Veterans Road. Drive in and look around  as these lots are priced to sell from only $8,500. to $15,200.  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT & SECLUSION - SECHELT INLET  Not 1 lot but 2 lots, crown lease land. Cabin on each lot,  water access only. Great summer and winter homes.  NORM PETERSON     886-2607  DENNIS SUVEGES     886-7264 Sunshine Coast Realtor, July 22, 1980  SUNSET HEIGHTS (PHASE II)  17 RESIDENTIAL BEAUTIES  REALTY INC.  Wharf Rd.  Porpoise Bay  885-5161  Vancouver  Toll Free  685-9828  \  \  \  PROPOSED \-  MARINA     /'  Adjacent to Chapman Creek Recreation  Reserve & close to the proposed Wilson Creek  Marina.  $2,000 DOWN PAYMENT  BALANCE at $143.31 - $191.44 per month  including 12% interest  Full price of only $12,100 to $15,500  COMMERCIAL  PUB OR MOTEL SITE  Ideal location across from the proposed  Wilson CreekMarina. High building site  with view of White Isles. Two homes  provide revenue while development is  planned. Priced to sell at only $249,000. or  close offer.  RESIDENTIAL  SUNSET HEIGHTS (Phase 1)  WILSON RD. (Lot 4)  Fantastic value^ dfiVhis fully  serviced lot - npApflew. must be  sold at onl^na.500 with $2,000  down and Balance at $149. per  month - 12% INTEREST.  MARBLE ROAD (LOT 28)  View lot ready to build on bright  sunny southern exposure.  $13,500. $2,000 down, $163.08  per month 12% INTEREST.  For Further Information Please Call  MIKE BALDIGARA   HENRY HALL  Res. 885-5645 Res. 885-2520  INDUSTRIAL  nm mm   to srcMii.   tnms aiupokt  Sunrise Ridge Industrial Park  Eleven lots varying from 1/2 acre to 3.8 acres with prices  starting at only $20,000. The geographic location of these  lots qualifies for a government manufacturing and  processing grant. Close to airport on Field Road.  WILL BUILD TO SUIT  MIKE BALDIGARA  Res. 885-5645  HENRY HALL  Res. 885-2520  Box 1700 Sechelt, B.C.   VON 3A0


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