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The Coast News Sep 27, 1956

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Array Publishedr in- Gibsons,  B,  C,
■■..-■ .   ■ "
\"       "September 27, 1956
Volume 10, Number 39
V'lotoria,   B,  C: •
Serving the Growing
Sunshine Cbsst
v/'A^ v^~<- ~ ~,^yxkj$i
;.    A highly successful.' turnout7
at the first^meeting of the Se-
. chelt <PTA was held in the
Eiemeritary School Sept. 12, J.
Plumridge, pres^ conducted
the meeting, <
Principal      Russell ~     stated
" that the school now has an en-
rbllment  of   165  pupils,    and
introduced the   teachers.    Mr
Chester. Gr. 4 and 5; Mrs N B.
Lang, Grade 3 and 4; Miss C.
TEiumphries, G-r. 2 and 3; Mrs
TOionipson, Gr, !• atod 2; Principal of the Annex, Mrs Seymour of "Pender Harbour, who
will, in the future    teach    at
Wilson Creek when the small
annex Duildihg has been moved; Miss Sharpe, Gr. land 2
in, the Annex.
" Nominated  to     attend    the
Council  meeting  at    Madeira
Park Sept. 22   were   Mrs   B.
Simms, Mrs D.    Smith,    and
Mrs T. Robilliard. Mrs Simms
read the treasury    report ,in
which a sum of $65 was men-
,tipried"as being set aside for
library books for ' the school,
$50, for  the scholarship fund,
there are 4    applications" for
.this scholarship. A large sum
Is for a memorial for the late
A„ Jackson, Wilson Creek.  l
-   >  Election    of    officers    will.
■Jake place in May, it was de-
' c4dedN rather \;than June,    as
this is the month    attendance
*  usually drops.   -'->*■
Guest speaker, Mr J. Mathison, Vancouver Consultant of
the     Community      Programs
Branch spoke on the   import- ■
tance of recreation. He* urged
that the    different' - organize-*.
tjtons in'the'area   make   iuil
1 use bf their ttewly formed c Re- -
creation    Commission to "help"
get    classes    of>   instruction
„w-.J_?he' 'Community.: Programs.^
Branch, he said, will pay $50
per month to W salary of a  ^
full time director, if an expert
is desired by the community
at any time,    plus    $25 .per
month   under  the' jurisdiction .
of the Recreation Commission
The two logger, missing off
their boat in Pender Harbour
district are believed to be
John Dusenberg and Mike
The men were last seen
Sept. 22 at 5.15 p.m. and three
quarters of jan hour later their
vessel was found adrift at the
entrance to Agamemnon channel with the engine running
but in neutral  gear with    no
one aboard. It was towed    to. but no trace was found of the
Pender Harbour.
RCMP 'of Sechelt and Powell River are conducting a
search for the men.        ■
Both men were on their
way to Nelson Island. - Mr
Dusenberg was logging y for
Seymour Sawmills of North
A large    number of
started   an   immediate
Mr Dusenberg is married
and has a stepson in Vancouver, also a son by a previous
Incorporation of the Sechelt
TFire brigade under the Societies act have now been completed and the brigade is at
. liberty to serve communities
outside the village of Sechelt.
The easterly boundary is
Dennis or Tyson Road, east of
Wilson Creek and the westerly boundary extends to the
west end of the De Pencier
property. Both east and west
sides of Porpoise Bay will be
covered also.
A grant has been received
from the village of Sechelt
but is not'sufficient to .cover»
operating expenses, new equipment and completion of
the Fire Hall so outside communities will be approached
for donations. No member of
the brigade receives remuneration of any kind for his services.
. Owing to7 members having
left the district, 'four new
members are iequired to fill
the vacancies, preferably men
who are around Sechelt in the;
daytime. Prospective mem-,
bers should apply to T.H. Par-'
ish, fire chief, T,J. Robilliard
assistant fire chief or attend
the next meeting. Meetings are
held every Wednesday at 7
p.m. in the temporary fire halt
next to the village centre.
B of T has;
new V B 7
Gibsons and District Board
of Trade swearing-in of -> office
Things are looking' brighter for the Peninsula Falcons
Safe . Driving Club in: /their
search for, a garage and meeting place,. -7' ;
'. Mr Dobie, chief instructor
for the B;C;v Electric -Safety
Commission iri Vancouver,,
promised members of the
Club that he would contact
the BC. Power Commission in
an effort to obtain the, use of
'an old warehouse    at    Selma
, Rark for club headquarters.
y Mr Dobie was speaking to a
nieetin'g of the club held at
the home of.the club„ president "Wh. Morrison,'Sept. 5.
Mr Dobie said that he would
try^to get _ films as -well as a
* device for testing brakes for
the Club: He intends to make
available the statistics on auto
accident deaths in Canada. ,
Fir§t to' sponsor the •   Club
brewing, so the men got skids
under the pontoons, and God-
ber winched it up out of reach
of the waves just as the storm
The pilot had ; two; passengers aboard, bound from Jervfe
Inlet to Vancouver. The plane
property of the L & K Logging
Co., remained oh -the beach
overnight. A mechanic arrived
and repaired the. engine, an®
the. plane was launched safely
ers occurred at a dinner .meet?, ' aret LeoJohnson of    Sechelt
ing at  Port Mellon cafeteria Automotive and Charlie Lunn
when  Magistrate Andy "John, of   Peninsula    Motors.    They
ston installed Edgar A. Andert . ar<2    offering    the 'boys    dis-
e0         _     .                     son    as    vice-president.    Th4 counts on    parts and tires,as
All to *»Iflll%     6^k     predideVit,  Mrs -Wynne  Stew* well as the use of their garage
Oil      WlUWr     IV     art was unable to attend ow-* *«"•*"♦■—   -*—    ""*    ———
Mr ahd Mrs Alf Ritchey* of
Gibsons attendeditti^; funeral
of their friend Lincoln John-;
'son formerly of Halfmoon Bay
who died y suddenly at ; his-
home at Spuzzum on Sept. 21.
The funeral was held on
Monday Sept. 24 at Chilliwack
B.C. Mr Johnson leaves Ttwo
sons, Lyle and Lincoln, 18 and
11 years, and> his wife Clara,
liis father; and sister Marg-.
aret from. Foam Lake.
^The Sunshine Coast Calf
Club Will hold a dancfc Sept.
39 in.Gibsons School Hall.
T*te"Caif Cluia is "kiwanis"
sponsored, and Rae Kruse reports it is hoped to have the
club enrolled in the 4-H organization. There are some
administrative expenses to be
met and funds from the dance
will be devoted to this.
.The past season ;. was successful for the Calf ' Club,
•.which counts among its accomplishments an excellent
showing at the Sunshine
Coast Fall Fair.
There will be a meeting of^
parents shortly, to * decide the
course of the Calf Club. Tickets for the dance may be obtained from, any member of
the Kiwanis Calf Club.
Credit  assrf.
Church Services   tight
ens  up
"•■'•■ Sept. 30th 1956 •
18th   Sunday. a^ter  Trinity
Si. Bartholomew's,    Gibson*
11.00 a;m.  Sunday School
)   11.00 am Morning Prayer'
St. Hilda's    Sechelt
11.00 a.m. Sunday School
"•y 1145 pm Evensong
St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek
3.15 p.m. Evensong
Sunday School 11.00 A:M.
Port Mellqn
Community Church
7.30 p.m. Evensong'
Public  Worship,   11.00 a.m.
Roberts Creek,.2 p.m.
Wilson, Creek
Public Worship, 3.30 p.m.
Holy Family, Sechelt,    9 a.m.
St. Mary's, Gibsons, 10.30 a.m.
Port Mellon,   first  Sunday  oi
each month at 11.35 a.m.
Bethal   Baptist   Church
11:15 A.M., Worship Service
7:30  P.M.,  Wed.,  Prayer
2 P.MV, 1st Thurs., in Month
Mission  Circle
11  a.m. Devotional
10  a.m.  Sutiday  School
7.30     Evening  Service '■
■ ..-. Tuesday, night 7.30
8 p.m. Friday night    .
Pender Harbour Tabernacle
12:00 a.m. Morning   Service
7:30 p,m, Wednesday    Prayer Meeting.
The Merchant's Credit Association has decided that
members of the association
reported by other members as
being subject to listing for
credit purposes should be placed on the list The resolution
read that *np member of this
association if reported by another member is to have his
or her-name or the name of
the firm left off the lists.'
The secretary-treasurer, V.
Franske, informed members
that 162 accounts were under
process totalling $10,543 but
that quite a number had been
cleaned up.
Mr W. Boucher of Granthams Landing has proof-•_■ that
codfish will eat roast chicken
•bones and all. He brought the
Coast News office a piece of
the gullet of the cod, the biggest he has caught for years,
he says, with the long leg-
bone of a chicken firmly imbedded in it.
The fish he caught just off
his own property. .The . bone
had obviously been cooked
and picked. Mr Boucher says
when he discussed the thing
with neighbours, they were
not surprised. They,; had just
a short time before .thrown
their garbage into the sea.
ing to illness.
William ' Sutherland was
chairman. Ed Sherman intra
duced Magistrate Johnston?
Mr Johnston said it .was unfortunate* MTs Stewart wa|j
unable to attend as~^he RaiS7l
done so much work on behalf
of the Board of Trade".
Mr  Johnston    praised    the
community    enterprise    being
shown from Post   Mellon    to
Jervis Inlet. He   said he   expected to see a    doubling    of .
the present population within
the lifetime of the generation
now    coming    up.    Canadian 7
Forest Products, lie said,  wasV
the backbone of progress    to
beyond Sechelt.
Bob Davies, CPF manager
at Port Mellon said hie. was y
glad to welcome the Board of
' Trade to Port Mellon and he
hoped members would, find
their way to Port Mellon
quite often.
A   dance    followed in    the
Community Hall.
Ferry summer
schedule to Stay
Despite the end of the heavy
tourigt travel    season,    Black
Ball    Ferries, Ltd.,    has    announced     continuation   of   its
14 ferries    a    day    schedule
Service    will       automatically
change  from   daylight   saving
to Pacific: Standard time     on
and after Sept. 30,    but    the
times and  number of depart-
,ures-will remain unchanged.
Connecting Vancouver    and
the   Sechelt    Peninsula    with
the Powell River area, Black
Ball's M. V Quillayute
w>ll also maintain its summer
schedule of eight round trips
daily between Earl Cove and
Saltery  Bay.
Turn it back!
Don'ty forget!
Change your , clock before
you go to bed Saturday night
Or you will be late for church-
Sunday morning.
Remember ih the fall you
put your, clock BACK.
facilities when the garages
are normally closed. Mr Johnson also offered the company
wrecker to stand by at club
St. Mary's
Articles entered by St.
Mary's Hospital auxifiary in
the Sunshine Coast Fall Fair
won first prize and will be up
for sale at the auxiliary fall
bazaar in the Community hall,
Madeira Park,  Oct. 6 ♦  3 pm.
There will be home cooking,
fancy work, aprons, flowers
and plant booths and a fish
pond for the younger' folk7
An innovation this year will
be a handker chief tree.
Raffle tickets are available
for a junior mixer, table lamp
and set of steak knives.
Afternoon tea will be served atid there will be tea-cup
reading by Mrs Burrows of
Halfmoon Bay. Doiatiohs of
any kind will be appreciated
as .everyone is asked to help
this good cause.-
A    piper ,- aircraft,    forced
down ne^r  Roberts  Creek on
Sunday Sept  16, was rescued
frm a stormy sea by    Frank*
Godber of West Beach Ave.
The planes engine died,
forcing a landing in front of
Godber's home and Fairmont .
Boat Works. Between some
small help from the engine
and with Mr Godber pulling,
the craft was brought to
shore.  A    heavy    blow*' was'
Concert   association
Formed  for  Peninsula
Thirty  people    from    Port chairmen    for    various  arew
Mellon to Roberts Creek dis- were: Port Mellon, Mrs, Sher»t-
cussed- Monday night, the po's- man;   Gibsons,   Mrs A.E.  RH-
sibility of  forming  an  Over-, chey;     Roberts,   Creekn   Mil
ture Concert - Association on Weal. % Miss t Amy Meyers  ap
Sechelt Peninsula. reed to   act in   the    Pend«r
George Zukerman;  head  of Harbour area.     Other    areiw
the  association - hi Vancouver will be contacted "and anyapa
«explained the   methods^ of or- interested    can    attend    th*
ganization, to    get    top-flight meeting    of    the     executive
concert   artists in out-of-town Thursday evening Sept. 27 at
"areSR —* - --^- •-- --r<- • «■ va 5M»- A& toe United Chuscfe
An association is formed of Hall. Gibsons,
as many members as possible Because other functions pre-
in a community. These mem
bers pay an annual'fee, which
is collected by the association
at the beginning of the season.
vented} many -y.from Wilsorc
Creek : and Sfecheltj from attending the meeting Mr Zv3x.ec
man drove to Sechelt and Wil-
With this money,    artists are    son Creek, to interview people
with the result that Mr Johnston, Mrs Parker, Mrs Nord-
by and Mrs Jackson have agreed to interest themselves in
the venture. _„ ..<J_.
Widely  known
Evangelist   dies
Evangelist R7 Elliott  McAllister   of  New ,   Westminister
 ...,  ._.._..._ . "and the  IV.    Eagle    Wings,
ed, also have the privilege of    died peacefully  at his    home
attending     Overture     Concert    Sept. 18?^ :
perfomances in    other-    areas, His      sister-in-law,        Mrs
and  extend the     privilege  to    Wynne    Stewart of    Gibsons,
members of    other    Overture     says  Mr TIVIcAllistef   travelle'd
obtained through the. j Overr
ture Concert Association, and
any local expenses, such as
hall rentals, postage arid advertising are paid.
No single admission, tickets
are sold, Mr Zukerman explained, so the association
never goes into debt from depending on individual admissions   for  any  single   concert.
Members, of .the local association, Mr  Zukerman explain
C NIB appeal
starts Oct. 1
A meeting of the Peninsula
Branch of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind
was held Sept. 13 at which it
was decided to commence
the annual appeal for funds
in this district on Oct. 1.
The local branch under
chairmanship of E.N. Henniker is hoping for generous
support of all 'Communities in
the Peninsula from Port Mellon to 'Pender Harbour to
make this campaign for funds
as successful as it has been in
previous years.
After heiaring the talk, officers chosen, for the association were:   Chairman,    N.R
the Pacific Coast for 18 years,
visiting the outlying areas,
logging camps and lonely
settlements, carrying the < mes~
McKibbin; secretary, R. Burns sage of the Plymouth Bretfe-
public relations, Mrs S.    Fal-    em, >
lows. A treasurer^ .will be He was taken ill at Ataefc
chosen later. ,^e^Sechelt vice- Bay, and the Eagle Wingp
chairman, Magistrate'A. John- started for home, stopping &
ston;' Gibsons 7 vice-chairman. Gibsons to visit' the J..P. Stew-
Mrs D.  Wortman.     Campaign     arts  when the evangelist £<$8
improved. ,
The New Westminster Cha*
pel was crowded on Sept. 29
for the funeral, which was
taken by Mr Fred Elliott ^f
A su«:e]ssful meeting of the Portland and TMr Cecil Carter
Mount TSlphinstone De Molay of New; Westminster. Flowers
boys was held in the Masonic and Gideon Bibles were re-
hall Sepj^ 15 with a large ceived from all over the con-
number   of  visitors  attending,    tinent.
President     John     Robinson	
and*his officers were congrat- FIVE       INJURED
uated on the way the meeting Five   persons   were   injure©
DeMolay lads
hold   meeting
L-flOO]mq   fflfpSlfv was  conducted-  The  president'   when  the car in which    they
*"'*"*J*f'"3   ■"••«"iy gave a talk on a    trip to    the     were    riding    ran    over    the
A special meeting of the
Farmer's Institute wili be
held Monday evening in the
Parish Hall starting at 8 p.m.
for the purpose of discussing
land clearing.
Arthur Joss of Kleindale,
owner of the Sabine Logging
Company, was killed wbile
logging about two miles from
Kleindale on Monday, Sept.
24. at 4.30 pm.
The reach of a logging
truck had broken, and logs
were being pulled from the
log trailer by tractor. One log
caught Joss between it and a
wheel of the trailer. An inquest is being held.
gave a talk on a trip to the
Evergreen Conclave at Everett, Wash. Aug., 23 to 26 when
he and Odd Blmholdt. visited
hundreds of other De Molay
Bingo followed the meeting
were riding ran over the
checker-board corner on the
Port Mellon road Saturday
evening, Sept. 22.
The passengers were Murray Kdrnaga, Vancouver, with
several broken ribs: Mrs Kor-
and a luncheon was served by     nagr>, nose lacerated and head
the Mothers Circle. An announcement will be made
next week about the draw on
the lamp owing to the fact
f'll the tickets were not in for
the draw.
bruises; Wayne SwaTison,
Longview, dislocated elbow
and' sprained wrist: Grant "Edwards, Port--Me!i^n, .an- injured arm and Charles Comeau,
Port  Mellon,    iaeial    injuries oast mzws  .   ^ Published by Sechelt Peninsula News Ltd.,  every Thursday, al Gibsons, B.C.  ���T---    Mezuber Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association  and the B.C. division of C.W.N.A.  ? Box 128, Gibsons, B.C., Phone 45Q  FRED CRUICE, Editor and Publisher  DO  WORTMAN, Advertising Manager  ^ihorized Second Class Mail, Post Office Department, Ottawa.  32a!tes of Subscription: 12 mos., $2;    6 mos., $1.25;    3 mos., 75c.  '���Sa&a&ed Spates and Foreign, $2.50 per year. 5c per copy.  Well, Premier Bennett did it! We expected him to lose a  Esoople of seats but we had the wrong Idea. He gained seats from  SSe opposition instead. ,  Now he is all set for at least another four years unless he  isfeeLs he should go to the people agahi. During that period we  sapeet to see some fireworks, particularly before the federal  ejection occurs. After that we expect him to simmer down until  Jpst before the next election.  In the meantime The Coast News does not back down one  Sestet on what it has said during the last four weeks.  To say that Mr. Bennett showed strength in the 'election  campaign would be missing the point). The opposition showed  Taeeakness and it will take it a long time to get over it, unless  3SSe- Biennett makes mistakes.  What the opposition will have to do to woo,the voters will  eSegend a great deal on what Mr. Bennett does or does not  ����q. He has threatened to remain in power for 40 years. That  siiauld give the other parties sufficient - time to ' gather their  fences and give him a good licking in 1996, providing he does  ���aatst dive into political waters he might find too rough for him.  j&zsed on the recent election they will have to be plenty rough.  Ihe Adolescent Smokwa  .. Something will have to be done about the Smokwa!  7       IE is behaving like a school boy whose voice is changing.  Sometimes it comes in and lets out a bellowing blast on its  -$boter before entering, the harbour area ��nd then for some unknown reason the voice cracks and we get two hifalutin'  ��eep-peeps>.  Is it a dark plot; by Col. Peabody and'���-.Mr. Birse to attract  attention to_the"Smokey' or is it just the wh*m o�� the horn  ^Doter?     ', ~. '   \  Whatever it is, it could be continued. It,is good publicity  sod would attract,more, attention than any headlines in any  3_ewspaper,; on the continent. , Mayfee it could become irthe  ^mokey's,' .trademark oiieblast away^' 'down deep' arid two short  &0��s away up high. ^ ' '^y '"'7 . ' )  Someone is reported to have written, a poem about tlie  earlier sounds it eriimitted wijfi ' much endeavor. This poet  asKoreate would have plenty^of scopie.in chasing the muse with  ^Eiis topic. ���'������.���,.-' ',-������ ���  Editor: Is there no sense of  fair play by the villagers to  we in the surrounding country? I refer to the filthy  trick of littering the sides of  our roads and even ��ur private property, with garbage!  They remove garbage from  their immediate surroundings  and leave their filth to public  view and menace our children's healthv  We 'up here' dig pits and  coyer pur dirt as even a cat  will  do.  Whats the matter with the  villagers!! chronic lethargy?  You shoud be ashamed! If you  can't dig a hole then get your  commissioners stirred up a-  bout an incinerator for your  dirt. Signed  Your  Country Cousins.  Editor: I am enclosing $2 to  Continue my subscription' for  the next year.  I have enjoyed reading the  paper in the past year, particularly the columns on Halfmoon Bay and "Pender Harbour where I have many wonderful friends.  The Sunshine Coast is really making progress these  "days. This was quite evident  on my many visits this summer.  I am   looking    forward    to  reading     about    my    friends  this year in The Coast News.  Yours Sincerely,.  ..*'_.������ Maryon Lewis  . ��������������������� -/.  Editor: Today finds many of  us. wOndfering why and what.  However, one has to hand a  medal to commentator  Ralph  Pashley7for his early and repeated election forecasts  which proved practically correct.  " .    ..' ���  Just prior to the election  I noted The Sun headlining an  account of Labor leaders advising workers to vote for  what was considered to be  the government opposition  candidates with the best  chance of election. /  In view of our experience  as working men what a position to take. For fifty years  we have organized and arrived at the point where we have  managed to eliminate discrimination and other injusticies  for union activities, but owing  to our persistence in neglecting the political field, we find  ��urselves sending labor repj  resentatives annually beseeching consideration from the  Federal and Provincial cabinets.  Aisbury and Gervin have  taken part in these pilgrimages and know full well trie  number of unfulfilled promises received.  If this committee followed  the lead of our brothers in  Britain we might make better  progress.  Let me humbly suggest  the labor movement is hindered rather than helped by so  called labor ���eadfers- exhibiting their willingness to accept  the (plums) offices handed  over to them occasionally by  the old line parties.  SECHELT  CYCLE  95M  BICYCLES  Carriages,  Wheeled  Goods  REPAIRS  J.  What arrant nonsense to  raise cain on returning fr��m  a visit to the Cabinet at Ottawa or Victoria and then accept an office to help SOcreds,  2    Coast News, Sept. 27, 1956  Liberals  or   Tories     continue  to befuddle the workers.  TQave Rees  Other Awards!  r-~KM* INFORMATION SEND COUPON T0DAr!~-[  Room 402/ 550 Burrard St.; Vancouver i, B.C.  ; Canadian Pulp & Paper Association (Western Division), |  I  j Please send full information about the contest and prizes, j  I Name  .... .... j  , J Address...���...: 1......... . ........... .... L> I  I ��� I  I.............r ������ ........................  I  Contest Closes  November 30th, 1956  CP56-I  V?****;  ?^.  We Cruise and Estimate i  '^t^f^j^^H'^'-sigi^^  '." ' x     < fclie Goiitract ��������� '"  -}*<���-,  SUCRE LUMBER CO  '-.:��� SAWMILLS   ���  TOOTLE GI6S0NS 151  The   Corporation  of the  Village of Sechelt  Elections By-Law 1956  ANNUAL LIST OF VOTERS  Notice is hereby giyeh that the annual List of Voters for  the villageMunicipality of; The Corporation of the Village  of Sechelt is now open for revision at the Municipal''HaU  and that the said List will close at 5 o'clock in the afternoon Of the 31st day. of October 1956.  The following persons, being British subjects of the full  age of 21 years, .and the following corporations, shall be  ���antitled, to have their harries placed on the said List of  Voters and shall be entitled to "vote at any municipal elec- ���  tion in the.village municipality of The Corporation of tlie  Yillageof Sechelt: 7    ��� ;. 7-.-"  , 1. Any person or corporation that is^the owner of land  or land and improvements in the said village municipality.   '������"��������� '  '   "'l      :    "a ���"������   '   :  2. Any person or corporation that has at any time  ' during the current j'ear paid on account of any service, rate, or licence fee to the said village municipality the sum of Five Dollars or more, exclusive  of water service charges, garbage collection fees,  and fees payable for licences for dogs.  3. Any person who is a member of. a partnership carrying on business in- and being the holder of a subsisting Trades Licence from the said village munict-  ipality, the annual fee for which is not less than  Five Dollars for each partner.  4. Any person who has resided in the said village municipality for six months immediately, preceding the  making of the declaration hereinafter referred to  and being ��the spouse of the owner of land or land  and improvements in the said village municipality'.1  5. The name of a spouse of an owner of lahd or land  and improvements in the said village* municipality  shall not be entered on the annual Lis^bf Voters  unless the spouse delivers to the Village Clerk a  statutary declaration as prescribed in, subsection (4)  of Section 6 of the Schedule to the Village Munici- ���  palities Act. All such declarations by spouses shall  be delivered to the Village Clerk before 5 o'clock  in the afternoon of the 31st day of October,-and no  declaration shall be accepted bv the Village Clerk  unless it is delivered within two days after it is  made.'   , '  . 6. No person or corporation shall be entitled to vote  unless the name of that person or corporation is on  the List of Voters.  1. A corporation the name of which is on the List of  Voters shall vote only by its duly authorized agent,  whose authority shall be filed with the Village  Clerk, in any year, on or before the 31st day of  October, and who shall be a resident of the Province  \       and a British subject of the full age of 21    years;  \       and such agent shall be entitled to vote for the cor-  / poratibn from year to year until his appointment  as agent is cancelled and the Village Clerk has  notice of the cancellation. ������--.-  BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS  Rajlph Johnson   "'."  Village Clerk.  ���#-  * "���<  '��'���'���'  t 7  I  i  *  TV .-  r(Jmm -delicimsl  These beans taste  just- Kketheoiies  wegwwMy&w  frr-A'  ,. X  ft  I  i  *--:"l   '��� #  "���' ���-*  0  $  ��  t  I  t  1  \   �����  \  %  That's what'  they are, dear. -  They've been in  our freezer ($%ee  last summer.  X  1  I  M  I  9  0  A home freezer is your personal food  bank and supermarket. It saves you food  money, saves you shopping time. What does  it cost to run? A week's use of electricity  for an average size freezer, storing about  150 pounds of f pod, might be 35c. And just  think how good this summer's fresh-picked.^, p  yeg^W^s^ljtafte next winter!  .V    . ��� * "       7 . _;  B.C.EI.E  L ersonais  BY  PHYLLIS  M.  HODGSON  ( Gti^sts at the Reichelt home  were Mr and Mrs H.D. Bert-  well from' Edmonton. Included  in their tour of the Sunshine  Coast was. a visit to Mr Bob  Muir of Powell River who is,  a brother of Mrs Reichelt and  Mrs Bertwell.  Mrs  Honeyman of    Ladner  spent the week with her sister.  Mrs C. Strom.  Mrs C.L. Kent of Westview  was the guest'of Mrs G,. Crowhurst for a few days;  Mrs Marvin Volen has returned from General hospital  with a 10 pounds baby brother  for Thelma. and Francis.  Mr and Mrs Jim    Marshall  have returned from a holiday  on Vancouver Island, from  where they travelled south  "and enjoyed a few days in  Portland.  Mr iarid Mrs R. Griey received congratulations on the arrival of grand-daughter, Karen Grace, born to their daughter Betty -T- Mr and Mrs Will  Lennox of Halifax, N.S.  Mr and Mrs ^Plaskett of  Vancouver enjoyed a few days  good fishing while guests of  the Warwidks.  A bridesmaid at .her sister's  wedding in 1910, Mrs Tom  Ross with her husband made  the trip to Tacoma to attend  the 46th anniversary of that  'Wedding. They also toured  scenic Oregon,^ enjoying the  Crooked  River,   the     Canyon  w_eAM)S  suDe  STCRE  -PROTECT THE FAMILY'S FEET WITH FALL RUBBERS  AH  Types  and. Sizes  of  WINTER        PO O T W E A R  MEN'S RUBBER AND LEATHER WORK BOOTS  Phone Sechelt 25G ��� Mail Orders Accepted  PHONE 25G  SECHELT  BUILDING MATERIALS  Are Our Business!  SEE US FIRST FOR  Wallboards,  Sash   and  Doors,  Lumber, Hardware  PAINTS ��� CEMENT ��� SAND ��� GRAVEL  We Cairy a Complete Line for Your Job     " .-.  CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS ARRANGED  Phone 60-Q Sechelt  Rock Gardens and the perfect  holiday weather,  Mr and Mrs Joe Connor are3  spending a month in Victoria.  Pink  and white    was    the  color scheme when    Mrs    B.  Lymer entertained at a    miscellaneous    shower    honoring  , Miss  Ileen  Cook  whose   mar-  ' riage to Mr Bob Miles    takes  place    in     Gibsons       United  Church   Sept.  29.  The    many  beautiful  gifts were  attractively arranged in a    decorated  gift   box.  Mrs Lymer  assisted  by Jean  and. Francis    served  refreshments. '  On Wednesday, Mrs Jean  Wyngaert left for a visit to  her .mother Mrs August Leh-  mann in Kelowna and her  sister, Mrs Henry Block in  Salmon Arm.  Mrs" J. Corlett with her son  Jim were visiting relatives  in Powell Ever. ^  Mr and Mrs R. Patrick of  Victoria are spending a couple  of weeks with the R. Mac-  nicol's.  The Miss Dohertys, making  up a party of six, hace returned from a tour of, the Okana-  gan.  Mrs Mullett enjoyed a visit  from her sister Mrs Jackman  of Vancouver.  Miss Belle Warwick who  has recently returned from  Banff school of Fine Arts  visited her parents for tlie  weekend.  Miss May Longton of Soames Point has as her guest, her  sister, Miss Amy Longton  from Cheshire England.  Guests at the Allibone home  were Mr Allibone's daughter  Mrs Ocegueda". and small  daughter Sharon from Spokane, also his son Howard  from Trail. Howard returned  home-with a1 couple of fine  salmon packed in icIST  Mr and Mrs Gus Schneider  visited Father O'Dwyer formerly of Gibsons, who is now  a patient at Tronquille where  The is Tmaking fayoiirable pro- \  gress.    .  ' JI&�� ieep 7RPM 10-30 Sp|a_a Motor Oil in your oajf  and light* truck aind '0u,-tx&;T&ri gfct v$$>0us sgyi&g  in gasolii-e.fRPM 10-3p!$^al?-cuts down drag Si  your en^fiie in all kinds df father so it doesn't ^Jayev  to work so hard, doesn't u|b extra "gas.     ^       ^  ��r  For all card, new and old - ���   oil sayings up to #%  compared to light gradesy, ..gutetejipjsv^ sticlcy hy-  ��� . draulic valN^S:^��*&^^a?t^^  ' L . . raon��y&l^^  I  coven$��i$��PV^^  .J_ow I$I?$*:$^$_^^  /    r  FwW#^ri^Ma^St��^  Clby-pserr  Wilson Crelfefec.  BY PAT WELSH  .���".-. Summer,;   seemingly   reliic-  tanttoyleavey they ��� ^Sunshine  Coast is still bringing us many  <  visitors.  Visiting during the past  week were Mrs Iijerie Harding,  Mrs Tom Sanders, Mr and Mrs  Jack H: Sheilds and Mr  Q. Barclay all of ^Vancouver  .at the Grundy's.  Mr  and Mrs   David Pearce  are> vacationing   at  the    B.L  Pearce cfottage.    ,  John Gillies and son Wayne  ;7J^entv^'-wee^aty&e DoniRoss  y75iimirier'  hohie, Tthis weekend  Miss Nell Ross of Ottawa and  her sister    Mrs    Tip    Corson  were his gueists.      T>     7.,v  Mr ..Tom Robilliard of T^hal-  ley, a, forrher -resident of this  area, spent a few days here .as  the jgiiest of Mr and Mrs E.  White:,y':  3;Mr''Ray Cormack of Nevv  Westminster weekended with  Nora and Don^Macdonald;  Mrs Jerry Hynek of Cortez  . Is. was the guest of the Chart  .. les. Tfokleys.\ ��� T-yy;;.;7 (  Visiting the Frank Clay-  dons were Mr '.ancPMrs Raymond Claydon and Sally and'  Phillip of Kelowna. ^  '"y'Mrs":^. Craig has returned  home after visitiig her mother  and daughter ih ^Seattle.  TMrs A. Menzies is spending  a prolonged hoMday in    Vancouver,      the    guest of     her  daughter Mxs Randallj.  7 TMrs A. Haney accompanied  DON'T   FORGET  ���SALE  PHONE SECHELT 51  Mr Julius Sather to Vancouver where he will undergo eye surgery.  Mr arid Mrs Ken Anderson  have moved to" Vancouver.  Mrs E. Klusendorf took her  grandson, Richard Hudson, to  Vancouver where he left for  his home in Los Angeles.  Mr and Mrs D;. Brewis and  . family have returned to their  home at Campbell River.  Mr-  arid Mrs  James  Cooper  and Mrs Wm. Aberhart entertained at a    tea    on   Sunday  afternoon in honor of Mr Robert  Muir  of    Westview,     the  Social   Credit   Candidate     for  McKenzie    Riding^    Quite     a  number of    residents    turned  out to greet Mr Muir.  '.   Mrs   Pat  Ness   was  hostess  at a, shower in honor of Miss  Eileen Strong, who's marriage  to  Mr  Russell / Brooke    will  take place Sept. 29(.  Old? Get Pep, Vim  Feel Full of Vigor; Years Younger  M��N,W0MEN .3&&SS&&  in, exhausted. Try Ostrex Tonic: Tablets^  Often needed after 40 ��� by body old, run-'  down because lacking iron: increases vim,  vigor, vitality. Thousands feel full_pf pep-  y��ars younger. Quit being old. "Get-acquainted" size costs little. Be wise, get peft  new health, quick thrifty way. Try OstnB  today. At ��11 druggists.  190  WINNERS  University of B.Q. students  from India, Hong Kong, Japan,  and British West Indies are a-  mohg more than 190 winners  of scholarships and bursaries  for study at UBC this fall scholarship committee chairman  Dean Water Gage has announced. The $23,690 in scholarship  and bursary funds were donat-  Coast News, Sept. 27, 195?    *��   . ��'  ed by business     and indtafe^  organizations and   indiyidrofe.  WATCH FOR  THESE BRANDS  on your  1  GROCER'S SHELVES  GIBSONS MEAT MARKET  Choice       '  ROUND STEAK  OR  ROAST  69c lb  L'        i :    . '        ~ ' i     - *  WEINERS  2 lbs for 69c  ���  FRESH PORK  SHOULDER      ROAST  Picnic. Style  LEAN BEEF BRISK!  "' lb  lb  BEEF SAUSAGE  2lbsfor69<  I  Qpeh  Friday  Nights Till 9 p.m;  QUALITY MEATS ������.  . - - ���   ' ._    ��� '      :���*������' ������ , <     ' ' "..'," _'*r   ". ���'   * ' t  KEN' WATSON'*"** "'"Mgfft 52  ��� ������������������������������  ���   �����������������   ��: ������.������   ���   �����.���   ���   ������'���������' ��� :���>������������  ���   ���  B.C. MclNTOSH  ,- �� #> * AVro<w?^>>>K^AcSwP5wSw___i_fl  f  :A  Tate horn* iKe  nev^ Hondi-Pack-~the  ���a$y to carry cairfdrt of  ivhy, ro*y-r��dB:C. Mac's.  f  A  IEST 1MWI1ETTY  APPLE BATTER      JOLIAS i��tE5��K  mi  ���     BUY BcC FOOU��" KiUP  I    KEEPB.C  9   -���  Published in recognition of the v'altebk  contribution B.t.'%Fmers make to our  provincial economy.  tB2S9.JH,  *%,  �����  J  *  . ��   .  BRITISH COLUM3IA DEPARTMEN.' OF AGRSCULTURE  ii/ & Coast News, Sept. 27, 1956  Slept. 25: Gibsons, United  Church Hall, Overture Concert Meeting 8 p.m.  Sept. 27, Gib��ons. Canadian  Legion meeting, 8 p.m.  Sept. 28: Gibsons Elementary  School, tea for Grade one  mothers.  Sept. 28th 8.00 p,m. Fair Committee meeting in the Parish Hall.  Sept. 29, Gibsons Calf Club  Dance at the School Hall.  Sept. 29, Roberts Creek Legion hall, Legion Social  8 p.m.  Oct. 1st 8.00 p.m. Parish Hall,  Farmers Institute meeting.  Qot. 1,    L.A. to    Guides    and  Brownies meet  at home  of  Mrs Davis, Headlands 8 p.m.  0et. 3: Thanksgiving turkey  dinner, Community hall, by  W?.A. to Community church.  ���   Tickets from Mrs R. Weston.  0Cfc 4, 'Sechelt, Holy Family  Parish bazaar,   good  prizes.  For Guaranteed  Watch and Jewelry .  Repairs  CHRIS'S JEWELERS  Work  done  on   the  Premises  WE BUY OLD GOLD  Phone 96 Sechelt  ;   ARE SHOES COSTING  YOU TOO MUCH?  HALF-SOLES ARE  A LOT CHEAPER!  Ron s  Shoe Repair  Sechelt  Highway Gibsons  f���  "'"    '    '"'���  BINGO  GRANTHAMS  ���i  COMMUNITY HALL  en-  Legion Hall 8. p.m.  Oct. 4, St. Mary's Altar Society Rummage Sale and  home      cooking, United  Church Hall, Gibsons, 10  a.m. to 2 p.m.  Oct. 9: PTA meeting 8 p.m.  in school to discuss Credit  Union school saving campaign.  Oct. 17, 7.00 p.m. at the United Church Hall a birthday party followed by a  musical evening.  Nov. 5, 2.00 to 4.00 p.m. at the  Wilson Creek Community  Hall, St. Johns United W.A.  Bazaar and tea.      n  Nov. 22, at the United Church  Hall       Headlands       service  Club tea.  *     *     *  This  weeks   spelial:     Small  cottage  in  Bay   area,     waterfront lot, full price $2000.  ��� Harold   Wilson  Totem   Rea  Phone  Gibsons  44  evenings 147  Plan Choir  Harry Roberts reports the  formation of a new Ladies'  choir on the Peninsula, with  the next rehearsal meeting at  Mrs T. Lamb's home in Sechelt, Monday Oct. 1.  Any lady who wishes to  join the choir is invited to contact either Mrs Lamb at Sechelt 97W, or Mrs Lee, Sechelt 40,  Bay home of    Mr    and    Mrs  Franklin Johnson. Fifteen rerW  latives attended.  Miss Sharon Davies of Garden Bay was holidaying at  Alta. Lake,. "���'"���"  Mrs Pixie Daly has returned to the Harbour after 3  weeks vacation in Coast cities. .  Mrs Wm,. Bruce and sons  motored from Ontario to visit  another son, Mr Lloyd Davies  of Garden Bay Lodge.  Mr and Mrs R.W. Course  have moved to Pender Harbour where they are building  a new home on the Francis  Peninsula side of the Harbour.  Mr and Mrs Glen Seney  and family of Garden Bay  have moved to North . Vancouver,.  Mrs Chris Marelia of Sacramento, Calif,., is a visitor to  the Harbour.  Mr and Mrs Norman Egan  and family have moved to  Squamish.  Mrs Jack Potts of Sinclair  Bay is visiting her daughter  in Seattle, while Mr Potts is  cruising on the yacht Bonny  Belle.  Mr and Mrs Ab Burl and  family are back from a  months trip up^ north.  John Irvine of    Vancouver,  vfor driving without a current  driver's license was fined $25  and costsu  James Andrews of Sechelt  who drove into a ditch near  Reid's corner, Gibsons, was  fined ��25 and costs for driving  without due care and attention. 7  Impaired driving cost. Benny Billy of Sechelt $150 fine  and costs.  Illegal parking in Gibsons  caught John Vosburgh of Gibsons and Henry Albert of  Clowholm, who paid fines of  $5 and costs each.  John Vass of Vancouver,  whose truck rolled down the  Gibsons wharf and pushed  Jack Marron's car into ,: the  Sound on August 26, was fined  for failing to set the brakes of  his car and turn off the engine  when parking. He was fined  $15 and costs.  James Nielly of Vancouver  paid a fine of $50, and had H  bottles of beer seized, when  ���found guilty on\ a charge of  drinking in a public place,  outside the Shell Station in  Gibsons.  this  WINTER!  insulate for life with  J^ro&teAM:  "TJ*. ����������_  GIB  There's a lifetime of extra comfort ahead for you when you  seal out the heat of Summer and seal ia the warmth io winter.  Year in, year out, Fiberglas Building Insulation gives'you  maximum efficiency . . . actually pays for itself ia the fuel  savings you enjoy.  SONS BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Phone Gibsons  53  Pender Harbour  JUDITH   FLETCHER  Mr arid Mrs Fred Shanghn-  essy and family have moved  to Pender Harbour where Mr  Shaughnessy will act as Chief  Fisheries Inspector for the  district.  t. ' Mrs Constance Harper of  Kleindale was a contestant in  the International ~ Spelling  Contest held at the PNE,.  Mr and Mrs Gordon Lyons  and family have left Garden  Bay to reside in California.  Cap};. E.W. Christmas of  Billings Bay was a recent visitor,. ' ;V-7.7T ; ���'r-ryy-Ary-y  A family- reunion of ;rela-  vtivesi>vas l*eld ipy^e^g^dep  Police Court  Diamond Construction Co.  of Yarrow B.C. were fined $10  and costs for hiring a driver  without a chauffeur's license,  in Magistrate Johnston's court ;  last week- -  Roy Abraham Sim of Pender Harbour, found lying intoxicated under a tree near  Gibsons Elementary school. >  was fined $10 and costs on a :\  charge of being intoxicated in  a public place.  Cecil  Stroshein  was    fined  $30 and costs for driving with- -  j out due care ��� and    attention ,  , near Gibsons.  Fines of $25   and costs for,  speeding on the Setfaeft -High- '  way were assessed Dacre Powell and Richard  Chapman, of  Pender Harbour; Gordon Stany  ton,    John    DeVita,    Donald 7  Ralston, * Robert < Wo^fe,   Dan- \  iel Onofrichyk  of Vancouver; V  Arthur Knight of. West   Van-*  ���couver, Carl Anderson, fHppe;Vy  and William Cole of    Powell  River. "T.Ty... '' '  GARDEN BAY LODGE  'DINING CCCA4  CONTINUES ITS SUMMER SERVICE  OPEN  Daily till 10 p.m.  Wednesdays', Sundays 8 p.xxn  WITH THE ADDITION OF OUR NEW DEEP FAT FRYER.  WE NOW ADD TO OUR MENU  FISH & CHIPS FRIED CHICKEN  *������      AND OTHER FAVORITES. ALSO ORDERS TO GO OUT  '���������'  '/. ... .     v ; '  WE CONTINUE YOUR FAVORITE FRESH LOCAL FRIED  OYSTERS AND T-BONE STEAKS.  Reservations  for  Dinner  Parties  Appreciated  *'���   ���     :���;"���;��� Dial   191      ,   '  ^ Don't Forget Our FOUNTAIN SERVICE 8 Ice Cream  Flavours  Garden Bay Lodge,    Pender Harbour  EMERy FRIDAV  8 P.M.  NOTICE  TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders will be received up to 2 p.m. Pacific  gttahdard time October 24th.  1956, by the undersigned for  She construction of a Residence and Septic Tank at  __uind B.C.  Plans and specifications  may be obtained from the  district Forester, Vancouver.  the Forest Ranger(s) at Lund  and Powell River, or the undersigned upon a deposit of  $6.00 refundable upon return  of plans ahd specifications in  gk>od coxiidfiiion within' thirty  days of the date of opening of  Senders. .The deposit of the  successful' xenderer will not be  xeiurned:  Tenders will not be considered unless maide out on the  &��ni supplied and signed,  and a deposit of 10% of the  tender is enclosed, payable to  ihe order of ihe .Minister _of  Finalnce for British Columbia,  which shall be forfeited if the  tenderer \declines to enter into the contract when called,  upon to do so. Cheques of the  amsuccessful tenderers will be  returned when the contract, is ���  *wairded. ���  No tender shall be .considered having any qualifying  (clauses whatsoever, and the  lowest or any tender not nee-  ossaffily accepted. .    v;, .. ,  Tenders must be submitted  2ft the envelope marked 'Tender for ihe construction of a  Residence and Septic Tank at  Siund, B.C. *  T   , CD. Orchard;  '; (Chief Forester and  ~\ Deputy Minister of  y    "l'   .-'   ..Forests,. '���"'.'..���  V" Parliament Bldgs.,  jnr -���-������- Victoria. B.C.  September 20th, 1956.  Ford costs start low and stay lot*,  ilifey offer more and last longer!  YOUR FORD ��� MONARCH DEALER  Phone Sechelt 64  X  fOKlHi IB EST VALuS^m HELP WANTED  WANTED (Continued)  Single  bed  and mattress,  Sechelt Box 38^. ;  The name and address of  Wanted immediately 1 driver .gentleman who has wool  for 10 passenger    school " bus   from Tibet and wants it spun.  PERSONAL  Wanted driver for kindergarten children, my car or yours.  Mrs Galliford, Gibsons 180K.  and taxi,.-. Salary and commission. House provided- T. M.  Bryde; Egmont. Radio Telephone.  12 Buckers and Fallers for  Cedar-shake operation. Contract or wage leases. Saws  and living quarters supplied.  TjensVOld Cedar Products  - TLtd. Vz mile from Enemark's,  at .Port  Mellon.  WORK  WANTED  For experienced baby sitter  phone Gibsons 146X. Available any evening.  Spray and brush painting;  also paperhanging. J. Melhus.  Phone   Gibsons   33. tfn  Hoofing repairs, Chimney  sweeping and repairs. General  ���repairs around your home.  R.N. Smith, R.RI. Gibsons, or  call at Fix-it shop, Lower  road, 1 mile east of Roberts  Creek. Phone Gibsons  177K.  FOR SALE  Rubber tired horse buggy $25.  J. Reeves, RR1 Gibsons.  Hot air furnace with heavy  gauge sheet metal casing, also  some ducts. No reasonable  offer refused^. D. Rees, Bay  District, Gibsons.  Fresh Oysters Come by car or  boat to Oyster Bay Oyster  Cq. Pender Harbour.,  Mrs Jack Reeves, RR1, Gibsons B.C.  Revolvers and pistols engraved with ships or scenery wanted by collector. Write giving  make'and number. Box 455  Coast News.  > ������- ������������������ ��� ���       ' ' ��� ���  Top trade-in allowance for 1  only used piano in good  shape, on T-V set.. Richters  Radio, Sechelt.  Change your fragrance for  fall! A full line of Lentheric  and Du Barry cosmetics,  Revlon lipsticks with Futur"  amic cases. Fully qualified  and certified cosmeticians to  serve you at all times. Larigs  Drug Stores, Sechelt and*  Gibsons. -/  ���  ANNOUNCEMENT  It's time again to clean out  the old hens, We will sell  them at 27c lb. and pluck;  them for you if you like at  15c a bird. Elander Farm,  Gibsons 68K.  REAL ESTAT  TOTEM  FLASHES  Over an acre of    the    best  view property in popkins. 252  feet of highway. This is a buy  at $3500.  Gibsons: The finest of view  lots. 75 by 150 ft. You have  to be on this property to appreciate the location. Full  price $950.  Gower Point Rd. A home to  be proud of. Living room with  fire place, kitchen, dining  room, bedroom, utility room  sun room, basement, wood  shed, gardens. All this located'  on  1.25 acres for only $7300.  Seohelt Highway: 5 acres of  the best property we know of,  all park like, you can walk  any where, all year stream:  this is really beyond description. Comfortable 3. room cottage, wood shed, root house.  Full price $3750.  Always a better buy at  TOTEM  REALTY  Gibsons  TJsed  piano,  Phone 114Y.  for; sale    cheap.  2 ���- two bedroom unfurnished  suites, Children acceptable.  Phone 72-F \  ������-���:���������r���     6%   acres,  Shaw Road,    Gib-  5 sheep, pure bred with pedi-   ^0na:   Oh water liner near all  >7gree.~ C.P. Ballentine. Gibsons,    facilities. Phone Gibsons 86K.  * Acme Annex Heater, white  porcelain enamel. Made to fit  beside electric or gas range,  2 rings' for cooking, Twith or  without iwater jacket. ?Burns  wctodV:':iititclien)>efuse^ etc, and  jn-orideV heat,pgtj$p j|fch��    Cdsy th*e* _-ot>ih modern 7cot-  2�� ^ ��T��i^-SSP - tage in village center;$30 per"  $89.50^Can he *?* at *10y^ 3j>:  2 bedroom heated, furnished  suite,. No small, children.  Phdne Gibsons 63.y  i" ",    i  '' ' ' ' i ,' ' i "   :     '',''-,    'V .-'"7" " |-'-" '���   '���    ",'     n    '   ���    ''���'���' '  ���   ���   i ���'  Modjerh furnished waterfront  cottage.7_*hone 178X afteri six..  Store* Garden Bay.  Cottage model Rock Gas stove  four rings and large oven, in  good condition, Suitable for  small kitchen. Can be seen at  Uoyd-i's Store, Garden Bay. 7  32 foot yacht, $5,000 appraisal, for sale. $2,500. Phone  ||anaimo 661Y3.  ,T:  thanksgiving turkeys for  sale, Archie Russell, -Gibsons  175R. 'x -'&':y-yy-.,.. . a..  Apply      Thor  Shaw Road.  Chr istenson,  Furnished suite; ;self contained, Gibsons, Phone 182G.  Beach Cottage. Phone Gibsons  182G- y    :",'.  3 room house, 5 acres land, %  acre cleared, good well; fruit  trees. On -upper road, 5 miles  from Gibsons. Harry G.  Pearse, 9011 Oliver rd. R.R .9,  New Westminster.^. 7. ;;y  Fuller brush dealer. J. Nelson  Roberts Creek.  Dr. H.R. Hylton, veterinarian,  will be working on, the Peninsula Oct. 13 and 14, Phone'  128G for appointment.  The  Rebekah  bazaar  will   be  Nov.  3;  Early notice is given  to  avoid conflicting dates.  ' *        In Sechelt phone your warit  ads to Coast News representative Mrs. E. Lumsdon, 44W.  T6WING AND   FREIGHTING  W. Nygren, Gibsons 13    tfn  WATCH REPAIRS  Watch and Jewelry Repairs  Marine Men's Wear. Agents  for W. H. Grassie. Fast  reliable service. tfn  For Guaranteed Watch and  Jewelry Repairs, See Chris's  Jewelers, Sechelt. Work done  on the premises. tfn  INSURANCE  SECHELT INSURANCE  AGENCIES  Real Estate  Property.   Management  Insurance  Office  phone   22F  T.E. DUFFY, Agent  Residence  31Q  ,1. MACKAY, Salesman.  Residence  70F  Fire, Auto, Liability. Prompt  courteous service. Totem Realty, Gibsons  H.B. GORDON  AGENCIES  Sechelt  REAL ESTATE  and INSURANCE  Phone   53 Evenings  and  Holidays   115     '  '<M-_MM____I-___P^  -. / ���   ;' ��� ���.-'. -.;;: y ��� -.. ���ivr^AJt'-^Av'r-A^^:^--  a- F|tmMbNT '"" ^'"v  BOAT WlRKS. LTD.  ��� Custom Pleasure Cta.it  ���      '.'.. ^;,'Dinghj^.,77  - Repairs,   Hardware, :yPa_nis  y-7;/  Beajch Av��. West.   7 ;'���  Roberts      Creek; 7  DIRECTORY (Continued)  PLUMBING  Macleod's Plumbing  and Hot-Water Heating  2 Qualified Plumbers  Service Anywhere  Fairbanks- Morse Pumps  and Pressure Systems  Wilson  Creek  Phone Sechelt 20M  C and S SALES, SERVICE  Agents  For  Propane Gas  Combination  Gas  Ranges  Sales, and  Installations  Free Estimates'  Electric and Gas Hot Plates  FURNITURE  LINOLEUMS  Phone 3 Sechelt  LAURIE SPECK  HEATING   &  SHEET METAL  Gibsons   149  LET US  HELP  YOU  PLAN  NOW  For  your  Construction  Needs  AH types of  BUILDING or ALTERATIONS  and LIGHT GRADING  Smith & Peterson Construction  Lid.  Phone 28. 85 or 90Q, Gibsons  MARSHALL'S  PLUMBING  HEATING &   SUPPLIES  Phone Gibsons 134, 104 or 33  TRACTOR.  WORK  Clearing, Grading, Excavating;  D6  Bulldozing  Clearing Teeth  ARCHES   FOR   RENT  A. E.  Ritchey  Phone Gibsons 176  B.L.   COPE  Auditor  and  Accountant  Fifty Years' Experience.  Roberts Creek, B.C.  Phone, Gibsons 22C  TELEVISION  SALES AND SERVICE  Fast work -'Guaranteed  10% Down - Easy Terms,  RICHTER'S RADIO ��� T-V  Fine Home Furnishings  . Phone 6      *'   Sechelt  NOTARY PUBLIC  Legal  Documents   promptly  attended to  W.J.   (Jack) Mayne.  Phone -24.  _   ��� _. -. Sechelt B.C._  t: I'--''GIBSONS'.:':" ��� T   .  Building   SUPPLIES  :���;., x.::.-.,. :v,;..-.. tffD.    v.:  ^^-CARRY.. THE - - STOCK"   .,  ���T^^iphbn^XSibi-oins ?53:":-7  DIRECTORY (Continued)  GIBSONS BOAT vWORKS  Boat Builders & Repairers  Phone  Gibsons  11IX  WIRING and  APPLIANCE  SALES  Electrical Wiring  Alterations and Repairs  F. UTTING, WILSON CREEK  Phone   5H  or   15T  Coast News,. Sept. 27, 1956    5��  PTA Meeting  Gibsons Elementary school  PTA held a successful meeting on Sept. 17, at which films  on Child Behavior were  shown.  k Tea and coffee were served  to the many members and  prospective members.  CHILDREN AID HOSPITAL  Three yOung girls, Lynda  Lucken, Dianne McDonald  and Susan Forbes, all ten  years old, put on a concert on  Sept. 18, and raised $7 which  they will send to the Crippled  Children's hospital.  FAIR   WIND-UP  A wind-up meeting of the  Sunshine Coast Fair committee will be held Friday night  at 8 o'clock in the Parish Hall  to hear a financial statement  and to discuss improvements  for next year's faijq.  _S^"-<gsa----ajs��ff:-t_gs?_____^^  FIR FIREWOOD  LARGE LOADS  $7.50 DELIVERED GIBSONS  $8.00 OUTSIDE GIBSONS  FIR SAWDUST  $6.50 DELIVERED GIBSONS  ���   S7.00 OUTSIDE GIBSONS  SUCRE LUMBER CO. Ltd.  PHONE GIBSONS 151  SECHELT LOCKERS  Locker & Freezer Owners!  BABY BEEF is now comin<t on the market  in QUALITY and QUANITY.  Sides of  BABY    BEEF  35c lb  Approx. 125  lbs.  per side  BLADE ROAST  GRADE A  39c lb  Nutritious  Grass Fed  STEER BEEF  Front Quarters  25c lb  About  125 lbs  *    per Quarter  IMPORTED  CHEESE  DANISH BLUE  FRENCH ROQUEFORT  DANISH    TILSIT  59c lb  GOVERNMENT INSPECTED. GOVERNMENT GRADED  T-Bbne & Sirloin Steaks  1 ^[^v.li^ lb       : :  BOY'S WEAR  ���.���������.rn--1-i._-      tt j     . -      . Super-Valu didn't bother  our  Jeans,    ^hirts,��� ^nderwear,:.  b^in^ Have, ideal..location  Tfr.lUi-nrt    T*���unlro       Cr��r��1ro       Pans .;.-,.>.--.���.��� ���    . -.#.     ..��.   ...    . ���  grossing nearly ninety thousand per year, but business  growing top big to handle,  coupled with other interests.  Willing to sell all or part of  our prosperous/General Store.  Cheap rent; reasonable1 terms, r  If interested phone 4361 Povv-  eil River for particulars!    v  Bathing Trunks, Socks, Caps  and   Accessories.  MARINE MEN'S WEAR  GIBSONS  SERVICE FUELS  Ran Vernon  fiJEL  1    Gibsons    Phone  173Q  Alder or Fir Bushwood  Mill Slabwpbd \   y  Sand, Gravel and :Cr-yR<>ck  Products^       N  Closest offer to $350, or trade,  on 25-30 h.p. deisel heavy  duty marine engine. Complete  with shaft, prqpejlprs,].':.2, fuel  tanks. Phone Gibsons 15^ or  Box 125, Gibsons;B.C.    y   '  Wesco Mercury Marihe' engine  $200. 5-49 McCulloch 40 inch  bar and chain, good condition,  $175. Lee Roberts, Roberts  Creek.  TO REFT  Modern    4-room    cottage  ��at  Hopkins'.  Some furniture, Va-..  cant;    Oct. 1..y. Rent ^,$37i50  month.  Apply Hopkins'"'124Y.  5 room waterfront cottage:  Gower Point,, Oil range, electric appliances, fully furnish-  ed; Oct, 1, F.A. Jordan R.RI  Gibsons! Phone ; Gibsons 8?;  Adults preferred.    References;  TO BUY OR RENT  ��_  Lady Jane electric    cottage   Wanted town or country home  range $100; garbage  burner   to buy or rent. Gibsbns-Sech-  $55. Parker's, IJardware.  Phone 51, Sechet..  *'Sun" electric tachometer W/  extra head, for any 4 cyl. engine. Complete: R- Ritchie,  4B0K 106 Gibsons. Phone  107W. tfn,  WANTED \  A cliest of drawers, or dresser,  and* small radio all in good  condition. Phone Gibsons  154X. ;..,;;   T.   .���'���. .../��� y..rir,  Inboard boat, about 15 ft.  Price and particulars to E.  Hoseboom, Halfmoon Bay.  elt area. School .bus. 5310 Elgin Street, Vancouver.  ~ GIBSONS 7~~  Newest Shopping Centre  JOHN  COLERIDGE  REALTY  Oldest Real Estate Office "';"  Between Lang's Drug Store  " and VT   ���      ' N  ���   Woods Efardware  Georgian Block  Look for ihe Big Neon   Sign  Home for spayed black cat.  Will deliver. Write W.R, Mc-  |ntyre. RR.l Gibsons. y  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Buy direct from the mill. Lumber, ply wood, doors, building  supplies. Write for complete  catalog. Vancouver Sawmills  Limited, llllTE.'.7th: Avenue,  Vancouver   12, B.C. tfn  WIRING      7  Commercial & Residential  Electric  Space Heating  Anywhere on the Peninsuia  PARKER and SIM  ELECTRIC  Parker's: Hardware  Sechelt 51 ��� 130 Evenings  LIFE INSURANCE  Continental Life  Insurance  Company  LORNE BLAIN, Agent  Box 188 Phone 82G  Gibsons ���  HILL'S   MACHINE    SHOP  Mobilized Welding  Welding Anywhere ��� Anytims  Expert    Tradesmen  Precision    Machinists  Phone "54 Residence  152  REFRIGERATION  SALES and SERVICE  Commercial ��� Domestic  25 Years' Experience  *  A. M.'CAMPBELL  SECHELT 83Q  .-.���������..���������'��..���  - - *  Notions-r-rCards^-Toys  Miscellaneous Gifts  THRIFTEE   STORES  Left of Post Office  , Gibsons, B.C.:  -     Headquarters For Wool  ;       PENINSULA  ACCOUNTING SERVICE  All Tjpes of Accounting  Problem;;. Expertly Attended  Village Enterprises Bldg.  Sechelt  Office Open 9 a.m.���-5 p.m.  ���������;���..; Daily ���  Phone Sechelt 98F  PENINSULA    CLEANERS  ��� Cleaners  for  the   Sechelt  ':'   Peninsula  < .      Phone:  Gibsons  100  Home and Industrial Wiring  Electrical Heating  GIBSONS    ELECTRIC  Phone  130  Authorised   GE   Dealer  ftadios. Appliances, TV Service  BECK & DAVIS  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Residential Wiring & Repairs  7 Electrical ^Heating   Installed  Ai.y%here on the Peninsula  Repairs to  All Electrical  Appliances  Free  Estimates  Gladly  Given  .,. , Phone Sechelt 69W  WHOLESALE  & RETAIL  ,   Wo. 1 on the Phone -  Sechelt  MEATS, FRUITS. VEGETABLES  _ __. _ No. 1 in the. Home  l��v  Drop In and See The  McCULLOCH    LE SABRE  The  Latest  In  DIRECT DRIVE CHAIN SAWS  Peninsula Logging Supplies Ltd.  Phone 11  Sechelt  J  r  I  AtTENTION!  ���1  1  1  Memo  emoers  All  Members  and Prospective  Legion Branch 109  This is a VERY BMPORTANT  MEETING  V IT IS IN YOUR OWN INTEREST   AS   MEMBERS   TO   BE  AT THIS MEETING AS THERE   IS   URGENT   BUSINESS.  THURS. SEPT. 27 - 8P.M, SHARP  -.    : LEGION -HALL,. : GIBSONS   . &fcSQ&L^BS^'  HAPPINESS NOW  ' One night, over 20 years  ago, David. Dunn, a commercial traveller, lying in a berth  on the Century Limited Express, going from Chicago to  New York," was tossing wake-  fully, trying to sleep and not  succeeding. He wondered why  he, and most of his friends,  ���who were average people,  were not getting more out of  life; why so many were wor-.  . ried, harrassed and unhappy  a good part of the time.  Right    here  he    concluded  that happiness was an achievement of the soul, the inner  life and that outward circumstances had very little to do  with it; that most things upon  which people had set their  hearts and hopes were bubbles  and generally brought disappointment.  Now there wasn't anything  new about David Dunn's idea  except that he had never  tried living selflessly; he had  been a go-getter, convinced in  his mind that some day he  would be on easy street and  as a' result, happiness would  follow.   He  decided  to   grasp  F  Portable Saw Mill  With 400,000 ft. Timber  Write: J. LePINE, SECHELT.  or Contact at MASON ROAD,     SECHELT.  ^*^��*��^��*mMKmaamammmMtMMMm��maMmiimmmmMiiMMUMUMM*mMK%Au*M*M��*u*BM^^*MMMmMtMtutMmu��*rtmBm  0M>-1U��iJM��Mf#  BEAUTIFUL 3��PIBCE BEDROOM SUITES ���- $159.50  (Similar to the above in lines but with'a  completely  new  front treatment)  WITH SLAT SPRINGS and 220 COIL MATTRESS  ��� ���������"-'       :-   -���   '"'���>' ' 7.: "������ .7 ��� '��� 7 -77". '���*'���'���   -.;..���  WALNUT or OAK FINISH -^7$I9fc.95 :'yy  ^  CONTINENTAL UNITS. MATCHING BOX SPRING  and MATTRESS ��� $64.50  35,000 BTU  Quaker Oil   Heaters   $69.50  C&S SALES  Phone Secheli 3  6    Coast News, Sept. 27, 1956  the full meaning of Christ's  saying, 'The Kingdom of God  is 'within;' to stop building up  for a remote future and to  cultivate a spiritual outlook  that would bring happiness  here and now; that the time  for happiness was today���not  tomorrow or the day after  that.  The intervening years have  proved that David Dunn's  idea was no pipe-dream. He  has cultivated gratitude, goodwill and a Christ-like attitude  to others and mental distress  has been banished. He published a little book entitled:  'Try'   Giving Yourself    A-  way.' and with the consent of  the publishers ��� (The . Upde-  graff Press) ��� I quote a passage: 'We permit too many  opportunities for happiness to  slip by us because we think  we shall be happy���  WHEN we arrive at a certain destination; X  WHEN we can be with a  certain person or in a certain  place  WHEN our schooling is  finished;  WHEN we get a better job;  WHEN we arrive at a certain income;  WHEN we are married;  WHEN the baby is born;   .  WHEN   we  rcover    from  our ilflness;  WHEN our bills are all  paid;  WHEN we owh a new car;  WHEN we move into a new  home;  WHEN . some disagreeable  task is finished-  WHEN we are free from  some, encumbrance,. Xy  Much unhappiness is catised  by our resolutions about . tomorrow; unpleasant tasks and-  irksome duties -are put yToff;  what most of us need is to  change our motto from fto-  mo^ow'to,. 'today,' as the  Psalmist wrote: 'This is: the  . day7 wfiich7 : the LordT^lrath  \made, We;will rejoice and]vbe  glad in-Itif'T;   7 77        '^r^y  TEpbeft'  Louis-   Stev^nsionV  blithe  and  gay    spirit    once  said he would Trejoice in every  inch'pf life's journey; that is  y.in^he%ichya^Ws feet/ or as  . :iP.Cv ;^^ggartKvf^Wrote.     'The  tinybit of.xgkdat his    toes.'.  He could have said with New?,  man that .he did jnot. -;w;i^��td7  see the distant sceh^;. one ^step  was enough.    ���" y  The late Dr. Frank Crane  wrote; 'If you can't change  the world, change . yourself.'.  This is exactly Tthe truth that  David Dunn grasped so fully  and has found happiness <��� by  living up to it. John*'Wesley  showed spiritual; insight whep:  he said: 'The righteous do not  suffer.* What vhe meant -was  that when inner life 'is developed one is not at the mercy  of circumstances or envir  ment. We can all he happy;,  here and now.  Our quotation for today is  by Shakespeare; "The fault is  not in our stars, but in our;  selves, that we are underlings'.  SUPERIOR  The very dry, white rum  that blends perfectly where heavy,  old-fashioned rums might fear  id] blend ...in ^cocktailf...  with your favourite mixer... or,  test its superb lightness and  dryness "on the rocks" ���  "MEICHERS      DISTILtEj|IES,      LIMITED  Thb advertisement Is not published or displayed byth�� Lfquor Control Board or by the Government of British Colombia.  M .1 .    ��� I . ��� I . ���     ��� I "��� IM> -I . , ���  ,1 I   Going to Vancouver?  JOHN J. 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Healer, Automatic,  All Power Assists.  WAS .  Now  . $4056.00  $3856.00  &r  Come in and see ihe   NEW IEL Model H.C.   direct drive saws.  ATTENTION:   Truckets arid tdggfers  We have obtained ihe exclusive Franchise for Armstrong  Nylon Tires & Tubes, and can meet and match any price offered.  Example: 900 *% 20 ��� 12 ply logger nylon tire $165.00'  ' '���   ,       y.'-'f"- ���' .��� - .     .'���':'. '"7; ���'������������'   ;'      T  .7 Now thai winter is near we again offer the Cat operator shop  space at a nominal rental for those overhaful jobs.      T.   ^..  '  Lodging Arches So* order. Winch conversions.    Machine Shop,  Welding Shop, Heavy Machinery, Repairing.  Mobile Welder, for rent ���- $35.00 per week without operator.  Anii Freeze time is near. Come in for a check up ��� hoses etc.  Oxygen & Aceielyne Cylinders, Large & Small, for immediate  pickup at our shop .��� 7 days per week ����� Welding   Supplies.  YOUR FORD ��� MONARCH DEALER  Phone Secheli 64 MRS M. WEST;  Mrs J. Swan is at Cranbrook for the British Columbia School ..Trustee Association convention.  Mr arid Mrs Ron Jaeger  and Dan have returned from  a weeks holiday on Vancouver  Island and Mr and Mrs Ron  Wilson and Greg are spending  this week in Nanaimq.  Recent visitors with Mr  and Mrs G. Macdonald were  their daughter Mrs Schindle  and grandchildren, Bonnie  and Billy. ���  Mrs Dick ,Peters��n amd her  daughter Gail are visiting her  For Guaranteed  Watch and Jewelry  Repairs  CHRIS'S  JEWELERS  Work  done   on   the  Premises  WE BUY OLD GOLD  Phone 96 Sechelt.  sisters family/ Mr    and   Mrs  Salm Klatt.  TPrierids of Bill, and Eleanor  Lewis arid their children said  hurried goodbyes this week as  the fainaily left at short notice  for a new home and work in  Nanaimo. Mrs Lewis was a  .member ..of the bowling club,  arid PTA and will be missed  too by'the Womens Service  Club.  Betty Jsfne Wood and Dianne Harris and the cafeteria  staff arranged a . shower for  Mona Groth whose marriage  to Mr Henning Sorenson of  Calgary will take place at the  Danish Church in Vancouver  on Sept. 29. It was a happy  occasion, ' a reminder that  Mona) and Henning plan to  live at first in a trailer was  the model trailer decorating  the cake.  A conference of West Coast  Pulp Mill superintendents  was held in Port Mellon on  Friday and included a tour of  the     mill.     An    unscheduled  NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR  Sealed Tenders, addressed to the undersigned;, endorsed 'Tender for Davis Bay School' will be received up  lo 6 p.m. on Monday, Ooiober 1, 1956.  ...-��������..'���  A certified bank cheque or bid deposit bond equal to  ten (10) per cent of the amount of the tender must accompany ihe bid, also a letter from an approved Bonding Company agreeing to furnish a completion bond equal io fifty  (50) per cent of the amount of the contract. A returnable  deposit of $15.00 is required; for each set of plans which  may be obtained at the School Board Office, Gibsons; B.C.  No tender will be considered having any qualifying  clauses whatsoever, and the lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted.  Mrs. Anne Burns, /  Secretary-Treasurer, *  Board of School Trustees,.  School District No. 46 (Secheli),  Gibsons, B.C.  o  ��_���_���  POWER OUTAGE  I  I  During ihe construction of the Port Mellon-Gibsons new  Distribution Line, there will be' Intermittent Power Out  ages for the period of about one month, ctyanm^ncing Oct. 5.  These Ouia&es will be for periods of from  ONE to i ttSWJb HOURS.  B.e.:#i,i��ie.  JXW^\'i::'^1->-AXr.  i  i  I  i  I  i  mM  ������ - '.������������'���'���.''��� i'! ���'��� -���iVrft^*"^'^^*^Si��SSs^'"5??i!t3  iECHELf iilMliLA  Se^^li iSraVel Pit  i_#f^-li...  EVERYONE WELCOME  Please Bring Your Rifle  immmmmmmmmnmsimm  Follow The Black Ball Flag  FASTEST ACROSS THE STRAIT  VANCOUVER-NANAIMO  FERRIES LEAVE EVERY TWO HOURS ON THE  EVEN HOUR, 6 A.M.-MIDNIGHT,  FROM BOTH HORSESHOE BAY AND NANAIMO  IV. at6am,8,10,12 noon, 2 p m,4,6,8,10,12 mid.  (Daylight Saying T/me)  Black Ball Vancouver Citjr ferry terminal is at Horseshot  Bay, West Vancouver, mimttes from downtoWa Vancouver  via Georgia Street, Lions Gate Bridge ami West ShoreDcive.  Reservations NOT Needed  Passengers���Automobiles���Trucks  't  _M________H-nhn___a��-i  S  stopover was entailed for  some of the superintendents  owing to the dislocation of  ferry service,.  Mrs J. Thomson flew to  Victoria to visit her sister  who is in hospital.  The  Parent-Teachers   Association held an  afternoon    tea  and friendly  get together    at  the  school   on  Wednesday  to  w_elcome   new  members.   Mrs  Symchych  gave   a  short. talk  with some suggestions of how  parents can help    both    their  children and the teachers.      .  The   Women's  Auxiliary   of  the   Community   Church  held  its first meeting of the seaso-  Tuesday and six new members  were  welcomed,. Plans     were  made    for     a     Thanksgiving  turkey dinner to be held    in  the Community hall, Wednesday October 3,  at 6.30    p.m.  Tickets may be obtained from  Mrs Rj. Weston.  The church will be decorated as in previous years for the  joint Anglican and United  service on Get. 7. Gifts of  fruit, flowers and vegetabes ,  will Tbe appreciated. Hearing  that "St. MaryV Hospital Pender Harbour is short of linens  especially pillow slips, it was  agreed to send some with the  annual Thanksgiving gifts.  Any one who can spare a  pillowslip in good condition  is asked to give it to a member of the W.A. or bring it to  church at Thanksgiving.   ,  first executive meeting this  Fall at Mrs J. Jack's home on  Sept. 13.  The Covernton, Rendell  and J. Macintosh children,  here for the summer months,  put on an original concert in  the Kewpie Kamp and raised  $2,66 for the Red Cross.  Mr and  Mrs R. Manns    of  Beach Ave., entertained their  son, F>0. KXR. M&nns and  family from, Penhold, Alta.  Donald iWalker'sand. \ Miss  May Walker had as their  guests from Vancouver for the  weekend, Mr and Mrs "John  McMaster.  Mrs Flo Ellis, Beach Ave.,  enjoyed a visit from her sister-  Goast News, Sept. 27, 19��6   T  'Mrs C.'Boe of Chigago, 3nd  her sister-in-law, Mrs G.5.  Smith of Riverside, Calif:.  Scottie and Bessie Clark  are back from Inglewood and  in their Beach Ave. home.  The Legion L.A. are busy  with plans for their winter  bazaar scheduled for Dec, 7.  atch   the  0RLV SERIES  And   The  RobertsCreek  BY MRS. M. NEWMAN  Eastern Star members, Mrs  R. Cumming, Mrs R. Eades,  Mrs J. Newman, Mrs F. Skinner, Mrs Galliford, Mrs Li  Jackson and Mrs CT - Wells  met' at the home of Mrs E.  Sha'w Thursday evening to  complete a number of articles  for the cancer dressing station. '  Roberts Creek PTA had the  GREY CUP  GAMES  on our 1956 TELEVISION SETS  Quality T-V at Prices Much Reduced  OR OH ONE OF OUB  UP-TOrDATE  1957 MODELS  with QUALITY again the KEYNOTE!  BOTH ARE AVAILABLE  . AT TOWN PRICES or BETTER!  v.     '   - '��� ������   - ������������..��� t         ...    \ ..���   ��� _ ....  YOU'LL FIND THE GREATEST CHOICE ��� AT LEAST 20  .  DIFFERENT, MODELS -��� ON OUR SALES FLOOR NOW AT  Richter's Radio T-V  Phone 6  Sechelt  You really ought to come in and check  on today's low Buick prices���and the  bonanza buy you can make on the car  that's raising raves clear across the nation.  You ought to come in and see what's to be  had in the best Buick yet: .walloping new  V8 power. A new *?sense of direction"  handling and stability. A sweet and steady  new ride. 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This column predicted the  Braves to win last June and if  Milwaukee does get into the  Series against the Yankees I  think you will see the World  Championship stay in the National League.  Between football games the  sports talk on the Gibsons  end of the Peninsula is basketball.  Gibsons Orphans, who have  made a    strong    showing    a-  gainst some of the top teams  in their class from Vancouver,  are planning to affiliate with  .the B.C, Basketball Associa*-  tion in the Senior 'B' class to  be' eligible for the B.C. playoffs early next spring.  Last year they downed Kimount the top Sr. 'B* team  Vancouver, and easily beat  the second place Navy team,  twice.  The Orphans are organized  and financed by the y players  themselves and have more  than done their share in: pub-  lizirig the Peninsula ih sports7  Two years ago the boys  went into their pockets and  bought uniforms and equipment.  This year with many of the  games in Vancouver, Squamish .  and Powell River, besides the  play-offs in the Fraser valley,  the boys feel they need new  uniforms to do themselves  andthe Peninsula justice.  If there is an individual or  organization that -would care  to sponsor the team, the play-:  ers would be ony to pleased. Besides the advertising received  you will be helping to keep  Sr,. basketball going on the  Peninsula. This is not an expensive venture like a ball  team so if there is anyone interested they dan contact  me ��� anytime.  When Grant Warwick with  brothers Bill and Dick, leave  Penticton to join the Sudbury  Wolves hockey club it will be  the end of a 'golden era' for  amateur hockey in B.C. The  record stands at: Allan Cup  finals; Allan Cup champions;  World Champions ��� impres-  ive to say the least.  jUNTRIMMED, UNCLUTTERED, SLIM-PRICEDi  e  FEATURING:  !'    RAGLAN  SLEEVES  *}     .STITCHED     YOKES  or DEEP,  POUND.    COLLARS  The new, soft colors for fall, or ihe  ever dependable blaJck. Some models have  very tiny colored fleck.  .  Sized for Ladies. Girls aJnd Children.  TASELLA SHOP  Phone 29-P  Sechelt  NOTICE  R. S. RHODES  Doctor of Optometry  204 Vancouver /Block  Vancouver, BiC.  Wishes to announce he will be in  Secheli, September 27  For an appointment for; eye examination phone  Mrs. Gladys Batehelor, Sechelt 95F  .->������������  If anyone wishes any adjustment or repair to  their present glasses I will be pleased to be of service.  SALTER ��� GEE  The wedding of Miss Colleen  Janice Gee and Ronald George  (Buster) Salter took in Vancouver Sept. 14, the birthday  of the bride. The ceremony  was performed at the home of  friends, where Mr Tom Gee  gave this daughter into marriage.  A blue lace dress and white  carnations on her arm looked  yery tasteful as the bride  walked to. nfeet her groom. A  quiet" reception followed7V the  ' wedding vows., and another  party for friends on the Peninsula was held Sept. 15 at  the Curve Inn, Selma Park,  where a family friend, Mr Cy  Gordon of Porooise Bay toasted the bride. The young  couple are residing at Roberts  /Creek.  NALLEYS  POTATO  CHIPS  BY   ELSIE  JOHNSON  Star games bowled at Sechelt Bowling^ alleys for the  past week were: Ten pin  eague; Don Caldwell 222, Andy   Leslie    212,    and    Frank  Yates 202; Peninsula Commercial; Cliff Latimer.. 294.  and Ball arid Chain; ' John  Richardson 276. High scores  for Sept. 17 to 23 week were:  Ten Pin League: High three,  Don Caldwell 567; high single  Don Caldwell 222; team high  three, Peninsula Building Supply 2444; team high .single,  Peninsula Building Supply  863.  Sechelt Ladies: High three,  Eve Moscrip 571; high single,  Eve Moscrip 256; high team  three, Greenhorns 2135; high  team single, Guttersnipes 767.  Gibsons Mixed: Womens  high three, Peg Connor 6(K  women's high single, Peg Connor 239; men's high three, Ron  Godfrey 643; men's high single, J,. Wilson 258; team high  three, Mirabilia 27-78; team  high single, Mirabilia 964.  Peninsula Teen: Girl's high  three, Bey Dubois 447; girl's  high single, Bev Dubois 191;  boy's high three Geoff Whitaker 556; boy's high single,  Geoff: Whitaker. 218; team  high three, Gutter Rats 1948;  team high single, The Fools  ���''757. ..  Pender Harbour: Women's  high three, Jacquie Reiter  508; women's high siiigle Pej��-  - Uy. Pockrant 225; men's high  three, Ron Pockrant; men's  high single, Stan Dickson\  264; team high three, No. 8  791; team high single, Hi Bailers 2267.  ; Peninsula Commercial: Women's high three, Roma Shutz  603; women's high' single*  Roma Shutz 232; men's high  three, Cliff Latimer 682;  men's high single, Cliff Latimer 294; team high three.  Peninsula Building Supply  2853; team high single Peninsula Contractors 1023.  Sechelt Sports Club: Wor  men's high ���three, Peggy Doyle  581;    women's    high    single,  Audrey Benner 229; men's  high three, Frank Jorgenson  600; men's high single, Roy  Doyle 254; team high three,  Wild Five 2699; team high  single, Wild Five 1001.  Ball and Chain: Women's  high three, Ann Pearson 518;  women's high singe, Ann Pearson 226; men's, high three,  John Richardson 594; men's  high single, John Richarson'*  276; team high three, The  Creeps 2221; team high single,  Misfortunes 831.  Wilson Greek  BY MRS. D. ERICKSON  Rev. R.R*. and Mrs Morrison are holidaying in California. Rev. D,. Donaldson con-1  ducted the Sunday service at  St. John's United Church. Mrs  B. Reid and Mr A.M- Campbell sang sacred solos.  Ron and Peggy Whitaker.  formerly of Sea Beach motel  are entertaining the Don McLeans of Gibsons in Hawaii.  Jack    Whitaker    expects     to  join his parents in October.  Mrs Ted Hopkins of North  Vancouver, who spent the  summer here, entertained Mrs  Leo Nestman and invited  guests to a baby' shower for  Mrs Nestman. Mr Gerry Nest*  man who is . interning at St.  Paul's hospital dropped in to  see the new baby.  - Mrs Fred Mutter and Mrs  Betty Reid on an extended  visit to California were guests  of Tom Mutter and his sister  Sylvia. Tom will be remembered here for his work among  young people.  Mr and' Mrs A. Dowling and  the Jack MacLeods enjoyed a  short holiday in Seattle.  Read The Real Estate Column  On The Want Ad Page.  For Guaranteed  Watch and Jewelry  Repairs  CHRIS'S   JEWELERS  Work   done   on. the   Premises  WE BUY OLD GOLD  Phone 96 Sechelt  To Accomodate the  FRIDA Y EVENING  Our  Store   Will   be  Friday   Evenings        ^  For Hardware,       For Service  PHONE  GIBSONS   32  i  i  .)  ITS A PLEASURE TO  SUPER  u_  ..i-��ftiS5��_  Thursday Friday  27,  antic  PLEASE NOTE NEW STORE HOURS  Closed  day M  onday  Open 9.30 am. to 6 pm, Tues. through Sal  en Friday Nights Till 9 pm.  icwe���mi.hi 111 mil in iii


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