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The Coast News Jul 5, 1956

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Array Published  ih   Gibsons,  B,  C,  Volume 10. Number 27  July 5/ 195B  Victoria��� B* .-CU  Serving the Growing  Sunshine CoasJ  It "was  a - great day -for the  Dominion Day  celebration.  This wes the opinion of the  close to 2,000 persons who saw  the paraded: on the highways!  and. byways and who took in  the festivities following in  ^insirien Park."  .. - ^ William Sutherland,  master of- cerembhies said1: "It:  ^as;^e finest parade Gibsons  h^:i:ey^;had!"-C  y  The judges of the floats and  bathing; beauties 7w;ere also  thg, opimprjy that the; day, was  theibest7Gib^6ns had ever ex-  perjenced. 'y ^:/y  . "There wrere7 47 floats in the  parade and Vic Metcalfe had  prepared' himself for a parade  of not quite that proportion  and was busier than a bee  directing his committeemen to  company also entered a large  logging truck but it was not  as big as the Euclid.  While    on   the     subject   of  floats  here   are   the   winners:  Decorated  cars;    Sunny  crest  Ttylotors, first and' the Canadian  ^Jfcegion, second.  ;    Bicycles;     James?    Nuotio,  the   parade   in   correct   align-.    Comic,    Ed' Shaw    with   .his    ^ and Nancy,Le^ie, second,  ment. He thought he had ample   parking  space   ready  for  the floats but as they piled up  he had, to find more space...  A big  Euclid logging truck  ���broken down one-horse power ^Andy  Johnson  ^d;  liarry  fresh air taxi first, and Penin- Wroie,   judges   not  cnly   of  sula Cleaners which  followed *?**& pvt of the- bathing beaut-  the    horse    diligently"   with ^ spent af warm, session; on.  brush and fehovel   second <e Ptetforiri. under a blazing  Decorative, M and W.Store #? wfei?e^Bifrr. 'SiStj^la^'..t%!   CBC WednesdayJifght, that rggqlar radio series which usually  ade7 It was  entered by    Tex    daughter Mary, first, with the,  Enemark.     Universal  Logging   Indian  Traypis* '-������  (m  tmx'S  'W<  fjj^'^��,G^onsi(ydM$-,;i%fcis:  l^^^early; -j^^^r^|^;mptn7 y  help f rbm the /sp^tafens,  j The. most surprised /person.  Canadians, Phi; Nunmons^Cjal.JradksQn, Nprm,;Syjnonds, as well:  a��-<L.^:r..^pt|;p^.Duke E^n^^n,, and; pianists Art Tatum arid;  Da^..Brupec^,..y7.; '." ���'.",".'.":.'      '"���   ' . ' ~'  '.-    o  cffii  toes W. TFe^gusbh, one7 of  the,   e^tons;'6t''tSp:.^'fi��te^s  ���W^M^^^^^^^^xii^l  told  recently i^that  mmmmmMMB^ ���m** sr^.* *fe:M  '..��../���  -.'!:J-��Vi:K  :  dh;   Busby* being   runner-up.  r. Others-  in the    contest  weive  yyM&ry Ker:ry ':Sai*bar3' -'Coles,"  7 j^elyn Cook>    Mary,    Rietze,  . y��^i$:?tiM&ii.. %$ -1#en$r'  ' r Sfjfgh!#f;7Wes^:^ecfieli;;''-"- y ��� ���  ��� -. 77s! ^^ca^^y7>jSi^i^^^^b^;j..'majorr'.  ���.. ^t^'.^htf^l^^'Ine/^paW^eV'i^S  1 ^^'jp^.^. y%v;.$5?^3^ -a  of ^p^u|^'^eht   people, 7;;''-$$;^j^ the yi^le  ���;^i:^��Qv.;^    *��*   -���r����  *n   'tilted 7t>v the ^ehratioft'iwttri-    :S^tkiiax^Akh^^m^A^?^.:  that  all ���' criticisriiy is  unjusti-  fied7;I7)db.'..say,: - howqver> -".that  Garbage cblle'ction andi- dis-  ;.;ti-  y^f-jfti-,  collection vehicle we're irteor-'  porate^/ij^t^ b^Jaw, also with  '^V^Sj^al; ^ethod,.   :._  fine of $5 and, a maximum, of  $100; -  Bbfcert Rigleir    bf    Sechet  ^bwrcard 7writihg7   Texas.  The  Christmas season       '_                 7 ������������: ,           ^^ nSffe ^ cbinmission  'fi&habl--: ^-;v-7' -'��������� '������..--                                       ..      --j^-_^'i,_-   ���"  When we speak of the mctr- m^,e; joy- young i^uiay yeier. ,    wiLi-^r.^ ...-���--.: .< ���  'iM^v^^'i--.;.-!;.---.-.''..^^; i.':7 -was approaching-and membeis. ���-���  .������; '������^.'���'���v/j;/1   -���*.���������������*   " Sonry7^7i'?"^y:-"'v 7 .-   ���-.-������-������������ cm June 25.  ^*7^;77^nf , ^J^^^ of his congregation decided to��� v ��I lapses of Bible .characters ��� ���7;;#M^ari^v-cibh^atiori '���������*&ai fo^t approval ^vas     has'hSti '*&&!&�� cblto^  M^fP^y^^^te^^.?--:   the  ffcrst  Christmas  in  Beth-    think-thatTwte can form a7juit ������Skrf^*fflq?:^^' -*-��---��--^-^'.  -^,i��* ��� ��*���*   ^       MW^  fey^^^y^^^overv ^^ His ingenuity and tact    eatinia&^ihy k^J<Ste';:^^;:SiSrai  '$j^'i;aiihi^  p7ln7a<Miiiibri7xto\.Margaret, his  estimate;,bf ai?y. man|j  7 without ''cohsiderfng the   7pre-  vailing/; standards- of: his time.  Nevertheless we do know, from  ;ov��h    confessions     of  their.  were taxed tci the'limit. Everybody, it seemed, wanted to be  Twjfej>he;:.:l$ayjBs;-aysonyEarl-iny; in the cast;^hd all asked for  W^&g^f-^ leading parts. 76  i^iM^^^-X^^^y^y-.   At last some sort of harmony  ^a^^yG^ada,   y  y^y^; was established and    rehears-    humiliations and remorse that;  * ''^^^^^^^M^I-^^^   als began.  Just, then   a  pooar    *$%*& r^i the .finest Bibl^ dtiar-  to) Edmonton,  where   he Twill    family 'of'-^^angerlng:    people';,'��� acters���::feii:'-ihtp7sins'"Mr,which.  was^;|he7;|^  l^utjwas discharged^ for^ a heart- -  tittite; several of them    were    deceived his father- arid 4^bn"  quite'ill; yet jnobc^iy seemed feed his brother and thk Sense  to payy ahy?attention tb them. ' of guilt remained with \ him  Tho^..;|^in^;wh^ihey; mighty for years. Even where allow-  have!.-.expected'^ assistances ywere 7 a??ce has been made for ;their  tcp^ Ikisy preparing;'to^ present:  environment, there were grave  ieit';'and��-Per _  ' " ' " firgtf  .      .- ^r��� ���-. . .     M ;��� ,..:������. .^      .     .. At a prior meeting, the,Com-  ayy":&&:rlQueK.   iffi^,^ rg^niie ffbin  Jblibsbru' v   '���'t:'"' '     7    f-formvdt>mesticandftrade tiren^    ^^i:72S^.'^y^L!^iL^lL tnZa �������  ipttebi? m;,p^^--^w^^iS^&^  a. horseshofl tournpvs did not.. .��� ���T*z-^-Ww-��i-}.<?>x-y.>.r :������;������'���������'-������. A;':-. . .  i%^;$10;812-   leaying ah. es-  tihiated s'tir^lus of  $2,220.  Reyjenue^. ,<yimft. from, hcen-:  aihiient: ,  f . Hey haid been for years a  member of the Masonic Lodge,  ahdljthe Knights of Pythias. .  i Has brothers, Sam and Bes^  Fladager, and his nephevy  Meryin are all well known  in G;ibsons and district. Ted's  father died in Edmonton on  the *same day, at approximately the same time  hot ywje^ther.;  ���  The street;,danq���; held on the       "Frbm'trai^e   preir^isea   such  tennis   cpurfe >  was a.. success    as   cafes,  'eating " peaces',   gaur-  with     125. to. 150;   attending.    ages    ^d    services    stations,  sidibsv total77 $11,532.  7ex-  ad%ji��^i^yy^^^  Good music was, provided by    weekly, jmd''Office* weekly in    inciuge,SL   ��^��J^ '< e^pen^e,, in-  Sa yoluntee^r ^rchqstra, consist-    hot weather.   All  other trade    su%nit%-; ren^s; ������ifag^ta^fx-.  a pageant of something which, 'faults in    the    behavipuij ��� .of    Ing  of.Eric.Inglis, Dr. Hugh    preiiuses, ^ miriimum of  one    pences .and' i^ental#; fi^ced^  Trance pupils  ww awards  Two pupils from Sechelt  Peninsula won awards at the  annual competition of the B.C.  Highland Dancing Association  inV Vancouver, June, 30.  '' The��� two pupils from Mrs.  C.C. Orcharde's dance group  were Judy McKee, daughter of  . Dr. and Mrs, McKee of Selrn^ \.;COnditiohs iall around her.-^n  happened twenty centuries a  go to. bother with present-day7"  wretchedness. 7 Afterwards it  was discoveredi that the only  good Samaritan in the village  was ah old bachelor living in  a shack, and' odd fellow considered by most to be more or  ess of a ne'er-do-well. He took  soup and other foodstuffs to  the unfortunates and. nursed  them in their sickness \vhile  others wentori with their pageant rehearsals.  *      ���*      *       '. x ������  < Charles Dickens wrote of a  wpman i:who was greatly concerned of natives in Africa,  but quite indifferent to social  sucji spiritual leaders as| Moses,    Inglis, Dick? Fitchett and Norm  David, and - in-New    ^esjta-    Mackay-^  Park, and. Judy Braun, daugh:  ter'of Mr. and Mrs. W. Braun,  cf Selma Park.  7:*fudy McKee : won. first  award, a gold' medal, and Judy  Btauiio 3rd,. a silver medal  fory their dancing in the High-  l^iidipiing,  under 13 years.    7  l0he only previous oppor-.  ti|nity7 these girls had of danc-  ih^;]to: pipes, was when Eric  T|ft?niscn of Hopkins Landing  tdplcihfs bagpipes to the class  and;! played1 for them.  y these diays, we: must be interested in people in.far-off places���;'the world is really one  7world'1-1 but- there are diiities  close at. hand-that should riot  be neglected.  In    "Old Mortality'',    Scott  j-wrcite't'of an <bld'niah-:who wandered over the lieather-cover-  ed iiills and lonely moors of  Scotland' seeking vout the graves for'th^^Srtyie^^ov611311*-  ers. - Sbm^finises  h^-^foiind   the  ment times - Peter. The Jifty-  first Psalm has been called a:  classj^:  in   the     literature   of  yperiitence. Certainly we know  of no prayer or poem written  with Kuch intense feeling -  feeling that reveals sueh j self-  loathing and at the same ;tinie  passionate longing fori reconciliation  with  God. I  *     *     * I  Probably there is no , Christian   community  in  the' world  without  some weak members.  What  should  be  the  attitude  of   the  Church   towardl  ijhese  people? First, it should ndt be  one of sharp and inconsiderate  condemnation.     We   know   so.  little  about  one  another, j The  pe.pple. we .condemn may |iave:  waged  a; battle     against ] besetting sins .Qir adverse circumstances    that    would    ; deeply-  move us if we knew the f^Cts.  vote ofy thanks for the; generous donation of their, time and  talent,  > Progranis sold; well-throughout the-parade and the afternoon^ qnly a few heing left  unsold at the end of the day.  Lucky numbers for the three  prizes are: First No. ,454;  Second No. 153, arid ThirdTNo.  481.  Holders of programs bearing  these numbers: are asked-to  claim their prizes at the "Coast  News in Gibsons.    | .     .  Bingo proyed'-an interesting  diversion for many during the  afternoon and was well patronized. Those in charge report a successful afternoon as  did both refreshmenty stands  who were completely sold out  by the time they closed. ,-;._,.; ���  Hot   dog's  ran     into   short  pick-up weekly. assess, $1,65^. fir^! prbtection,  Fees set for garbage collec- ste^i ^}^^f���'���'W$M*; ^^\  tion ��� are: Dwellings, 25c per  collection, apartments, maximum $2.50.' 'hVbnthiy, trades,  cafes, ete., mia!kimu'm of- $5  monthly; all others $2.50 monthly.  Fox; excess pick-up the owner is directed to contact the  collector and pay according to  collection with a maximum set  at  $5. .  No person may. throw garbage into streets, lanes pr alleys, or onto private property,  the bylaw states. .  Regulations dealing with  the care and sanitation of the  We can never know sufficient    supply, .quite early.  about others to pass any #ell-  foundedi judgement. E^eri if  we lived a lifetime with -pepple  our knowledge of them-wbuld  still be partial and incoriiplete.  Saturday    night's       dance;:  sponsored by the Gibsons arid  Ot  il  ��H  p  7 Pat McCallum of Sechelt  reports 'i the^ British ��� Anierican  io!Jjf:l:tanker,j Britarii^riiciari,.; >at  Sechelt on Friday last at 7 a.m.  to fill the tanks and unload  supplies for the BA bulk plant  there.  tTfris is a long awaited "mile--."  stpne; in      the plans for   -the  British American on the Peninsula.  Pat has his office atthe real  o�� the Peninsula Building Sup- ���  ply building almost completed,  the-storage sheds have been  built and "painted,: the tanks  are connected to the lines from  the sea and to the lines to the  loading stand.  \^i^Mi&jkiifei h^^^^Efeci:^        Bill    c  ^ m&M^m^'. *!��,?��� 'golf cour  visitor   to . the  Sunshine  Coast,    at       Main-Port    golf  course, while waiting for ; the  ferry yto  Vancouver  mad6   a  hble-iri-orie     with     a   sizzling  shot on the seventh.  Tourists    are    finding   |the  . .-,  ,   .     .. ;, ,.    golf-course an exellent wa^ to  he  cpuld help, it, they would    n���^. +{^��� %^n^..   ���   *���    ��� ���  .  A.-L-   j,^   -'^ ���      ...pass-time betv/een  ferries.;  not be forgotten. ..-���..   :.���"->*.   ��� ���    ��� �� - f  'l^iripi^^^until' -i^tn^::ijia"de  the rianie7stahbt7-:'b^uT7.(^ear---and  distinct. He ha<3" little inter:  est in the thing fo^. which other  men lbn^edv and fought, - but  keeping, alive the::iri.emdry of  brave frien for this, he lived J If-  Light  problem  at  Selma  Park  ' ��� MemhiSrs of the Selma Park  Community met recently to  ^Jicuss the proposed raise in  the rates for the street lights,  now supplied by the B.C.,Elec-  District Board of Trade had trie company, but .originally  an   attendence   of 175-tb ,2f0tf   contracted for from* the TB. C.  Power   Commission.  The ten-year contract still  has almost three years to run,  and1 under it, the cost to. the  Selma Park community ���. Avas  $120 per year It is reported  that the new rate is to be $320  ..per year.  Community    members    discussed  the   contract  fully   at  their meeting after which' the  ���secretary   communicated   with  and  wes  a  success  es   entertainment and financially.  From  the   committee, goes,  special thanks to"Freot' B;eeney  Bill    Griffith,  a Fraserview    fr^is help in climbing poles  ^course player and a Veek-': to  ^Ip ^^ ��** ^corafcens.  works, $l,C00j( yrb:reation and r  coiif^u^Ltjr; ser;yic.e, ...^200^- pro-.  visioia vf^:Tf!9ep$t :^500^;arfid;  miscellaneous "-.'���-"' "e^pjeimttu'es,  $zi6.yryr:::\.A'-:y.^:--i "yy'r  At this same meeting, current accounts totalling $221.24  werae approved for payment  and tije licjgns^L fee of. $50 for  the Baddeiy Bros, circus was  waived, due to rainy weather  during their stay, %     --.vi^-iit*^  The firm of Griffiths and  Griffiths was appointed' auditors for the Village fpr 1956,  at an  piyerall; fee  of $150.  A letter of thanks from the  .- Howe  SPund  Fall  Fair   committee  for the    Commission's  donation of $25 was read,  y   The. cjerk. was directed    to  acknowledge a letter from ���!?.  C. Fir and Cedar,, asking, support frbrii   the   Village   Commission in itsyfcffprts to. have  the road to Ea��t Porpoise Bay  blacktopped1, iahd to suggest also that ..the 't>c<nrapany  ask for  support frpin. the .Sechelt Peninsula Board of Trade.  A letter from the Indian  superintendent, Vancouver, re  the .complete ygf an agreement on the use of the disposal pit on,vthe Sechelt In��  dian Reserve wqs tabled until  the next meeting.  5**  Pbrpbise Bay rd.  d  Mr.R.<iMl  not be forgotten  .   . ��� ��� y ��� ��� '-��� ������_���* ��� ���. ���    :���*������ ���   ..  All my life I have been clos-  ely connected with churches.  I have known-intimately hun-  dr ds of church rnerribers, and  to -thfenf I' am deeply indebted  for     friendship,   counsel    and  BILLFOLD   LOST     :  A black leather billfold con-  t^ihirig money and identification cards, bearing the nime  P.W. ' Farri'swbrth was Jost  during  Monday's    celebration  cpuritless actsyof practical asy;7;bn the Kinsmen7grounds. The  sistamce. Scores of times I finder is requested to leave it  have heard the churches at- with" the R.C.M.P.J or at jthe  tacked,   andl I ��� am not saying    Coast News   office.  The   road  from   Sechelt   to    -, ���   ���.  Porpoise    Bay was    surfeced    B.CV Electric  company  last week, blacktop being completed on Friday. This connects the federal wharves at  Sechelt and' Porpois Bay With  a paved road. --' ' '  Sechelt Village Commission because:  has done much towards having . 2, Monday was ia holiday  this wc<rk done, by letters and  pergonal representations, headed by the Commuission's chair-1  man, Mrs. Chris Johnston, to  the minister of highways, te  Hen.   P.   Gaglardi.  Tlie   funeral  of  Mr.   R.   G.  the legal department of tlie Hm> who passed away suddenly on Saturday, June 23, was  held on Wednesday at 2 p.m���  Z ate paper  ��� Troubles never come singly.  The paper is late   this  week  2. The new lino operator h-  .n'ot yet found his "lino-legs."  3. Death  intervened   and  the  editor and his wife journeyed'  to ��� Vancouver   to   burv  mother  of Mrs.   Cruice.  the  June 27, from St. Mary's Anglican Church, Gawien Bay,  with .the Rev. Canon Green  conducting the service.  Tlie local branch of the Canadian Legion, of which Mr.  Hill was a prominent member,  had charge of funeral arn.n-\  gements. Pall bearers, all old  friends, were J. Marsh, Ian  Woodburn, Peter Trappet, Ted  Sundquist, Frank Harding and  Claude Cummins. 2     Coast News, July 5, 1956,  The new minister  . \ . Published by Secheli Peninsula Hews LlsL.  : v r \   ; every Thursday, al Gibsons, B.C.  yP-X,        FHED CRUICE, Editor and Publisher  DO WORTMAN, Advertising Manager  Member Canadian Weekly Newspaper Association  and the B.C. division of C.W.N.A.  Bpsc 128, Gibsons,, B.C.-Phone 45Q  Authorized Second Class Mail, Post Office Department, Ottawa.  Rates of Subscription; 12'mos., $2;7 6 mos., $1.25;   3 mos., 75c.  United 'States'|'su%d Foyei^n/$2.50 per year. 5c per cop?.  editor  &msE MOVE  The Merchalhts-" Credit Association of the  Sunshine Cc-ast  ���y.   . y ;��� y-i        *  has now. been subsCibed 100 percent. Embracing every business  on this coast. This is a wonderful step forward in our eve#  growingycommunities. A step that is advantagous not only to  the merchants-hut to everyone on the Peninsula. Through their  co-ordination of credits wit the Credit Bureaus of the Province,  ^his means that poor credit risks cannot come into this area and  load the merchant with debt he cannot handle. These liabilities  must be buried in the price yo-u pay for any commodity. Without  the added expense; he can keep, his prices lower.  How dps this affect you? You who keep their credit good.  yEfJj-this way���yoiu can move anywhere in Canada and you will    from the writer  Editor:  All praise to The Coast  News fcr the copies that appear in the Red Cross Lounge  here at Shaughnessy! There is  no news like news from the  home locality.  Regarding the editorial page  article 'Our Budding Writers'  thank   you for crediting rae in  part for the success    of    the  three  authors. Let me please  now point out to these  three  new, and to all other potential  title  "First  Flowering".    The  authors, the significance of the  key word is "First" Its implication is  that  other    production will follow. The ability to  write is a skill given to  few.  To those few who have it, it is  not merely a skill but a way  of life which to be fed require  es   continual  creative   output  -���-o.  \\5lfnd trouble in setting up credit. But now by.letter or phone,  ��business manmay have your rating in a few minutes. This is  like having a good bank acco>unt, you write your cheque and if  SPdd its honored. Good credit is like having money ina bank.  "Keep money in your bank by keeping .your credit good. Honor  your payments every pay day and help the merchant help you.    Pavilion One,  - -y,/. .'.,-������" ��� , ,-,��� r,"..���1~. . Shaughnessy Hospital  To Lloyd', to Annette and. to  George and to all those who  may follow in their footsteps:  Do not let your first flowering be your last.  Lester R. Peterson,  New Evergreen Park  British/Cniiunbia has   added       A golf course will be install-  one of the most modern tourist-, ed.   This is in. addition to new  attractions to its ever-increasing list with the opening of  Evergreen 7" Park' 7 Resort . on  Howe Sound, a short distance  iix>m downtown Vancouver.  Formerly known, as Bbwen  island, this resort has been accommodating-visitors for years.  However, under the neAv management' of Union Steamships  limited, officials havb' decided,  that an estimated? $1,000^000 will  be spent to transfbriri Vriiat has .  heen recognized, purely as a  j&icriic haven:; fjhto a restful  year-round res  *  riding, stables and bridle trails,  construction, of a private, sandy  beach, a supervised. playground  for children, renovation of the  tennis courts, adequate mooring'  and docking facilities for pleasure craft,. provision for water  skiing, a-new putting green and  a croquet lawn.  To carry guests back arid  forth a large yacht will operate  from Horseishoe Bay. This vessel will also bb used for tours  around Bowen Island.  Of particular interest to  sportsinen sure plans for fishing,  and those arriving withbtit tackle, will be able to obtain all  their needs at a special store  which is being: built7to7carry a  line of fishing equipment, fresh  bait and, if needed, an expert  guide.    7 ���  When developed to the full,  Evergreen Park TResort will be :  one of the finest convention  spots in British Columbia. It  is anticipated that many organizations throughout the province and from western states  will take advantage of the  facilities offered for convention  meets. It should also prove to  be a sportsman's paradise and  an ideal family summer vacation resort.  Editor: I feel that I must take.  exception to your Editorial re- ;  centfy in wjhich you stated  all the savings accruing to the  Railroad companies, especially  the CNR, by getting and operating deisel engines.  Vou stated that they do a-  way with firemen on the modern deisel engines. I'm sure  theres no firebox on them but .  as an culd railroader I know  there is a subsitute fireman ,  or vt/hat ever you like to call  hini on the port side of the  deisel iCat>, for the companies  triea even in my time as railroader to do away with fire-.  men.  First when they converted  the hand firing to automatic  stokers, also when almost all  riaain lines in B.C. arid Al-  berta were converted to oilj,  teythey stiU 1^ to haye^ a  firemen to fe��d;{ffie; erigirie by  turning a :;^lt^:;;.,alro:7.1b��l^g'' ���  out for block sighals and pick  up dispatchers iisrdfers on the  fly. 7ft WM7'��^':istili is, yFm  sure, the ethicalyebde between  engineers and fireifheh to repeat allv bitiaitfy atf biock signals as tij^ey afiproach "whether  it is red, grefchOr yellow.  One tiling wrong, how are  you going to make a good1 railroad engiheei^, not by theory,  oh no, so if the companies get  rid of their fireimen who will  be their future engineers.  Murdo  Stewart  Born near Belfast in Northern  * '-.-'���"    ���������''���.���-���....������  Ireland, Mr._ Donaldson was 19  when he came to Vancouver-  and entered Union Theological  College, UBC.  Before completing his course  he spent four years and eight  months as a private during the  First World War, most of the  time, overseas. Following his  discharge in 1919 he lived on a  farm for three years in order  to restore his health.  Mr. Donaldson's first charge  as a student minister was at  Cowley, Alta., followed by  several charges in the Fraser  Valley and coastal points.  In 1928 he was ordained at  Union College and answered a  call to Vanderhoof. From there  he went to Giscome, near Prince  George, then to Smithers,  Mount Lehman, and prior to  coming here served for seven  years at Milner.  While serving at Milner, Mr.  Donaldson was chief warden fpr  the ARP and president of the .  Milner branch of the Canadian  Red Cross.  An   extremely   active   comr  munity worker, Mr. Donaldson  has served as chairihan of; the  Disaster Relief committee of the  Red Cross since the 1948 flood;  as   first   president of thelocal  Cancer Society, (he is Still hon-y  orary. president);  president-of  Ministerial   Association; ^chadrr-  man   Westminster   Presbytery;  chaplain   LOL;   padre   Branch  57,  Canadian    Legion   (for   11  years)   and padre  Air Cadets,"  No. 521 Squadron for the past  five years. He is also honorary  i'padre B.C. and North Western  States Command, Legionnaires.  For several years Mr; Donaldson represented Mission City  and District on the Fraser Valley f Regional Library Board;  served two years on Mission  Memorial Hospital Board and  on the local Agricultural Society executive. He was also  president of the local branch of  the British and Foreign Bible  Society.  Mr. Donaldson met his wife  at Vanderhoof where she held  a  teaching position,   and  they  were married 25 years ago on  August 21, 1931, at Ladner, Mrs.  Donaldson's home town.  .   Daughter Jean is a graduate  of Mission High School, Vancouver General Hospital School  of    Nursing    and    successfully  wrote   her   registered   niirses'  examinations this spring.    She"  now is on the nursing staff- of;  the same hospital.  Mrs.  Donaldson has devoted  time - and* energies to women's  groups: within the church,  including  the  Women's  Associa- .  tion,   Women's  Missionary   Society, Elvening Circle, Guild and  the Sunday School.  ; A gracious, hostess, Mrs. Donaldson   w.as   always happy to  open   the    manse to many of  these meetings-.   ,  : ..St. Andrew's,, Church .has* enjoyed  a steady  growth  under  Mr.  Donaldson's  ministry. -   He  had the privilege just recently  of receiving 17 persons into the'r  church membership, 11 by profession    of    faith and  six by  transfer from other districts.  The high respect in which Wto  Donaldson is held here is evidenced by the honors paid him  by various groups.  The anniversary dinner at  his church this spring was highlighted by a farewell tribute  and councillors and commissioners attended a recent service in a body.      .  Members of Branch 57, Cana-  dion Legion, for Mission City  arid District, did hot forget  their beloved padre before he  takes on new ministerial duties  at Gibsons, B.C. On behalf of  the Legion and Ladies' Auxiliary of the branch, Mr. Donaldson was presented with an  easy chair.  -     ...  ��=>wasa*  Wanted: Indian Material.  '���'���������'' t.  .  >��� The Vancouver City Museum is seeking B.C. Indian  material to add to its collection, with especial interest in  masks, robes, feast dishes or other ceremonial objects, also  tools and other small stone carvings.  Please Communicate with: Thomas H. Ainsworih, Curator,  401 Main Street, Vancouver 4, B.C.  , Motor Transport   1  jAN|i<MJNCES ADDITIONAL BUS SERVICE!  EFFECTIVE JUNE 28, 1956  NORTH BOUND  paying Sedielt Daily p��m.  -;-iVi      Sechelt 8:05  Lv.      Madeira 8:55  Lv.     HEarle Cove 9:35  Ar.      JRbweH River 11:30  NORTHBOUND  Frkfeysatwi Sundays  Lv. Socfceit  Lv~      Madeira  Lv.      Earle Cove  , Ar.      Powell River  SOUTH B(  Ly.  A,         \  ��*��*reH River  8:45 a,m,  Lv.  Powell River  Lv.  Earle C��ve  10:50 a,m.  Lv.  Ear�� Cove  Lv.  Madeira  11:15 a.m.  Lv.  Madeira  JLv.  SecheH  12:00 noon  Lv.  Bmm  Lv.  :��&&its  1:05 p.m.  Lv.  Gibsons  Ar.  Vancouver  2:50 p.m.  Ar.  Vancouver  These schedules may he seen at the Bus  Depots at SedteK, Powell River, Gibsons  and Vancouver. .-   :  Any objections may be filed with ii��  Public Utilities ^mmisaion, Motor Carriers  Branch, 1740 West  Georgia,    Vancouver,  CECIL C. LAWRENCE ��� SECHELT  SECHELT WtOTOU TRANSPORT  SECHELT, B.C.  June 28,  1956 "   { r    :\A/ife- Preservers  BY   PHYLLIS M. HODGSON  Mlasses oi summer blooms  brought sunshine indoors  when Mrs. G. Cresswell entertained at a luncheon honoring her house guest, Mrs.  Gladys Smith also Mrs. Rennie who. is visiting from Scotland and is the guest of Mrs.  Workman.  Mrs. Davies recently had a  birthday surprise by a visit  from her daughter and1 three  grand-daughters.  Jimmy,  the  infant   son   of  Mr.  and Mrs.  Norm  Peterson  is home  from    hospital    and  practically     back   to    normal  after surgery.  *     *     *  Miss Shirley Linton, teacher  iat Gibsons Elementary school  is atteding summer school at  UBC, and' is at Isobel Mclnnis  Hall.  :-���'   Mrs.   E.D.   Davies   has  her  pister, XMfrs.   J.R.   Oliver   ahd  faimily  from   Youbou   visiting  for a week.  Mrs. John Miles af Calgary .  is visiting her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. E.L. Baker. Her husband,  now in camp with the Princess  Pats at Wainwright, Alta., will  join her in August.  7;; Dr. and Mrs. D.L. Rees from  Edmonton are  guests  at   Cpl.  Morrison's home;7y-7  :'a Saturday' was ^movi      day  for the.  Livingstone    family,  "Ihey7are7now: in the Anderson  hohie on.Marine I>rive.  7y iMarfied-    in Buffalo N.  Y.  ypn July. 2 1906, Mr. and Mrs.  Oscar, Johnson celebrated their  golden wedding with a family  dinner  ion  Sunday,    followed  by������.'open house "at their home  in Gibsons. Included in the  out of town guests were Mr.  Johnson's sister, Mrs. Edward  Kehnee from Bellview Mich,  and- Mrs. S. Ward from St.  Catherines Ont. They were  imet in Vancouver by Mr.  Johnson and enjoyed the trip  Ito Gibson^ in his luxurious  35 ft. launch "Charldyne 2."  *     *     *  Mrs. H. Vandervanter and  family of Seattle were guests  of Mrs. J. Husby for a week.  Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Lock  who have been visiting their  daughter Mrs. Davidson for  the past three months,^ have  left" to spend the summer in  Lethbridge, Alta., and East-  end1,  Sask.  Mr. W. Chatt accompanied  by Nancy and Alex were visiting for a few days. While here,  he attended the Garden club  meeting at Mrs. Mainwaring's  home. Mr. Chatt organized the  Garden club in Gibsons seme  years  ago.  Prairie visitors from Fien-  nant, Sask., are Mr. and Mrs.  Godwin, parents of Mrs. Hugh  Inglis. They will be guests at  the doctors' heme for a couple  of weeks.  *      *      *  Mrs.   Florence  Hopkins   accompanied  hy  Tom   and   his  family have returned    from a  holiday in Penticton.  Mrs. Lawson was recently  surprised with a visit from  her two grandchildren, Chris  and Bruce, saying Happy  Birthday.  Mr. and Mrs. George Webb  have as their guests, Mrs. Hector Day and Mrs. J. Ryan from  Montreal     and    Mrs.     W.O.  ; When you go to buy a.kitchen range,  ^washing machine or other .^portent  ' household article, ask the price. When  ������ toldinquireifthati3thecashpnceor.tna  term price. Also ask what the down pay*  : ment will he, and what terms or cashtus*  ��� [count the article allows;,  I  I  I  I  I  I  NOTICE  R. S. RHODES  - Doctor.-of Optometry  204 Vancouver Block  Vancouver B.C.  Wishes to announce he will be in  Sechelt, July 17.  For an appointment for eye examination phone  7 y        y Mrs. Gladys Batehelor; Sechelt 95F  i$���)���'��� If anyone wishes any adjustment or repair to  ^heir present glasses I will be pleased to be of service.  WE  CUT  ICEYS  y^Bring us your Key, We can duplicate it in minutes  y Price. 35c per Key  -WE HAVE BLANKS FOR EVERY POPULAR KEY  Phone 60  ���"' i  Sechelt  NOTICE  TO CONTRACTORS  Tenders are invited for painting the main room  and Stage of the School Hail at Gibsons, B; C,  Specifications may be obtained fo%applicatiGn. to  the School Board Office, Gibsons, ��� B.Cl  Sealed,Tenders^ (marked   7"School ��� rfalPPamting"  will be received till 12 o'clock: noon oh'Saturday, July  14, 1 956. r -7> '���}��� : -���r--! x-a;-a-x ���   ,    ' .  The lowest or any Tender will Triot necessarily be  accepted. ; '.'���'"'"';'"'''"'    '  The Board of School.Trustees  ��� ��� ��� '  .    '���.��������� - ;  .,      School District.,No... 46 ��� (Seehelt)  Davis from Vancouver.  Mr., and Mrs. E.L. Baker  enjoyed a visit from their son  Kenneth and family, from  Youngstown Ohio. They have  now left to continue their  holiday  through   the   Rockies  to Calgary.  *    *    *  The lovely "'grounds of Lissi-  land made a perfect setting  when Mrs. W. LisVuman invited the members of ��� St.  Bartholomews choir to meet  Mrs. H. Elcombe visiting from  Harrow, England. Following a  pleasant afternoon, Mrs. J.  Connor and Mrs. F. Psovsky,  both of Lissiland, assisted  serving refreshments.  With school days now only  a memory, the graduates are  ���choiosing their careers. Working at Port Mellon are Norma  Turner, Mary Kerr, Doris  Farnham, Joyce Connor, and  Doug Livingstone. Sharon Ty-  .son is working in Lang's  drug store, Coral Benn is doing secretarial work in the  city and Lorraine Daoust is  in a Vancouver office.  Bill Nimmo is working  locally with a contracting co-  pany, George Slinn is working with a survey party until he enters university and  Doug Davies is attending  Pitman College in Vancouver.  The Ronald Whitakers were  overnight guests  of Mrs. Don  Maclean     before    leaving for  Honolulu    where    they    will  make  their home.  * * *  F.O. Ted Parnwell, stationed  at Claresholm Alta.  is  spending his furlough with his parents,     Mr.   and     Mrs.     C.R.  Parnwell.  7Well over a hundred guests  enjoyed the glorious summer  day in the country garden of  the Grants, when the United  Church circle held its annual  tea and bazaar. Following* the  rush on the home cooking j and  candy tables and cin the sewingtable with its gay assortment of needlework; '; the  guests, in friendly little  groups admired the gardens,  and enjoyed tea served "faith  .strawberries, ice cream 'and  cake. v ���  r AH news  items from the  7   various  parts   of  Pender  t   Harbour   can  be   turned  '��   in   to   Mrs(.   Judith   Fletcher  at Garden Bay who  is the Coast News district  correspondent.   Items   can  also     be   sent     direct   to  The Coast News.  33 pupils  in recital  Mrs. Betty Allen, A.T.C.M.,  L.R.S.M presented 33 pupils  in a piano recital, June 20 in  the beautiful home of Mr. and  Mrs.H.B. Gordon, Sechelt.  With  the  exception  of  the ���  grand    piano,    the    furniture  in the- huge living room, had  been removed and    rows    of  folding tchjairs   substituted  to 7  take care of tlie large number  .  of guests. Floor to ceiling plate  glass the entire, length of the.  room gave, an enchanting view ; 7  of the sea-and the islands,-and.7;'  a   full moon    added     to  the  beauty of the scene. Although |  it was a' cool night,   some of;;  the guests preferred to sit on '  the large  terraces  which  ap-y  peared   to  be  built  out -right -  over the sea. ������....-,.     y  . The     students : all. , did], re-;-;  markably well  arid    were    a"  credit  to  their teacher, many y  . showing great promise'fer.the 7  future. . y.:  A beautifu part of line 7P*o- ��� ���  gramme   ' consisted ; of ; three   ,  selections played by Mrs. Al-   ,  len, Theme and Variations': by  Paderewski;    Dance    of.  the  Gnomes by Liszt and Ballade  by Chopin.  Refreshments    were    servedy  ���by 'the hostess and her aides,  with .the older  musicians act- i  in as servitors.  " Mrs, R. I. Walker of Vancouver is a two-week's visitor  at Westmere Lodge.  '! The yacht Stranger the Second* with Capt. Lewis and party of friends from Victoria,  spent three days in the Harbour in July.  ��� Mrs. Lloyd Davis and Shar-  ���on are visiting. Mrs. Davis'  parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey  Sparling at Port Coquitlam.  '���'' Messrs Angus and1 Peter  'Kerr have left for Thurlow  Sound for a month's fishing.  ' Constable Winegarden of  Powell River R.C.M.P. spent  several days in Pender Harbour last week.  -< Mrs. Joan Worrall has severed her connections with St.  Mary's Hospital and returned  to Vancouver.  e Mrs Dave Fulton of Vancouver was a visitor at Irvine's  Landing. ,      ,  The Harry Reiters of Madeira Park have their daughter  Pat home from, several months  school in Vancouver.  Col. Ferrie of Vancouver  spent the week-end with Pender Harbour friends.  7 A former resident, Mrs.  Gladys McMillan of Gibsons,  Was in Pender Harbour during  the week-end.    .  The yacht Rebel of Everett,  Washington, with a large party aboard spent three days at  Irvine's Landing this week.  Mrs. Isabelle Hartley ctf the  North Vancouver General Hospital spent a few day's holiday in Pender Harbour.  Cecil Reid and Sonny have  left fcr'Smith's Inlet to try  their luck with sockeye fishing.  From  Bremerton,   Washington,  Mr.  Harry Bulette  came ���  to  spend   the   American  holiday    with    Pender    Harbour  iriends.  TMr. L. E. Linton'of Mercer  Island, Seattle, spent the holiday fishing in the Pender Har.-  our area.    ;   ..     ;      '"'  :;Mi\ Ml A:"Jah&6ii of St7 Vincent's Bay has moved to live  in  Abbbttsford,   B.  C.  A well-known Canadian artist, Miss Gladys Clawson of  Toronto, is spending a week  in Pender Harbour, sketching:  She is staying with her sister,  Mrs. Nesta Home, here. At  present, Miss Clawson is employed in the drafting department of the gas pipe line now  under construction in B.C.  Mrs. Stan Thomas is a guest  of the James Marshes cf Irvine's Landing, on holiday from  Horseshoe Bay. Mr. J. F. Mc-  Madeira has left for a summer's fishing ii the north.  Disk Dale is off for Prince  our district  Donald of Seattle, ��Washington, who has been spending  the past two weeks in Madeira  Park, has left for Princess  Louise Inlet.  Mrs. W. Pieper and son William of West Vancouver are  at their Irvine's Landing cottage.  Capt. and Mrs. R. L. Jermain, are visiting in Victoria  with their son. John Marsh  spent the Dominion Day holiday with his parents, Mr. and  Mrs. Jim Marsh. Mr. and  Mrs. F. J. Lee have left for  Wadhams Inlet for the summer. W. L. Frederickson of  Billings Bay was a week-end  visitor  to the Harbour.  Mrs. Stan Bowdler is in  town visiting her mother, Mrs.  Bidlake. Thorne Duncan of  Rupert, to join his father on  the troller Morekelp. The  Glen Seneys are expecting  their son Bud for his holidays.  Miss Anne Robinson daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. George  Robinson, has joined tlie staff  of  St.-.Mary's   Hospital.  Mr. Alan Kike has gone to  Princeton for the summer. Mr.  Durant of Vancouver was up  to Pender Harbour for the  week-end.  Visitors to Vancouver ov-  Coast News, July 5, 1956      3   ��������� ������ ....     ��� -. ��� ��� ...   ������i.i i  ���       m  er the past week-end have  been Mr. and Mrs. Bud Instey  and family of Garden Bay, Mr.  and Mrs. Al Lloyd and Mr.  David Lloyd, Mr. George Reid  of Alcatraz Island.  USED CARS  SALES  SERVICE  PARTS  REPAIRS  For The  NEW 1956  JOHN J. DTJNK1N  Doctor of Optometry  906  Birks  Building  VANCOUVER, B.C.  GENERAL  AUTOMOTIVE  REPAIRS  TIRES - BATTERIES  WELDING  McCULLOCH  SAWS  SOLNIK  SERVICE STATION  Phono 85T Sechelt  Don't Say Bread  Say  "McGAVIN'S  Norman Stewart  Local Sales Rep.  >J  R.R. 1, GIBSONS  Phone Gibsons 67F  TENDERS FOR WOOD  , ..Renders are invited for the delivery to the School  Hall:, Gihsdiis; B.C. of 25cords of 4-fpot second growth  fir wood iri pieses not exceeding- (S^ins. in diameter.  Wood must be delivered and piled ready for measurement at the back of the School Hall not later than  September 1, 1956.  Tenders wil be received till 6:00 o'clock p.m, on  Saturday, July 14, 1956. ,  The lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be  accepted.  The Board of School Trustees  School District No. 46  (Sechelt)  Rindless  SIDE BACON  55c  Grade  A  Trimmed Beef  -- v!  c lb.  '*��� ;v<Sit&&v-**'-'j. ���<*������ ��� -t>'  3 lbs. for $  rtmrnstiaa^miimijiia^mx^m^d^  Smoked Pork  Picnic Style  39G 111.  BEEF  SAUSAGE  3 lbs. SI  Very Tasty  Fraser Valley  BUTTER  k. for $1.29  Nothing but grade "a" beef offerd for sale  Quality is Always A Bargain  ���'������'��� KEN WATSON- '        PHONE 52  EVERY WEDNESDAY  LEGION HALL   8 P.M.  oaosa  jUOffiau��*a Coast News, July 5,  1956  The Gibsons Landing  Elementary School held its  final assembly of the school  year on Thursday morning,  June 28. Members of sports  teams representing the school  were presented and also .Pearl  Farnham, Fall Fair queen for  Gibsons.  The  following   awards    were  presented1.  t  Attendance Certificates:  Div. VI. Geraldine Winn,  Div.  IV. Edith Ayles  Patrick  Winn,  Nancy    Leslie,     Diane  Feidler, Sharon  Solnik.  Div.   III.     Dlavid  Leslie,   Dal  Crosby,  Karen  Porter,   James  Malyea.  Div. II.  Burton  Ayles,  Bobby  Wilson, Kathryn Secord.  Div.  I.  Ronald Olson:  Writing Certificates:  Div. VII. Carolyn Gibson.  Div. VI.   Jennie   Oviatt.  Div. V.  Dennis  Mulligan.  Div. IV.  Patricia  Wood.  Div. III. Susan Roy.  Div. II. Diane  Talbot.  Div. I. Alice Secord.  Special Awards:  Div. VI. Ricky Davey, Louise  McDonald, Christine Hansen,  (for outstanding progress)  Div. IV. Edith Ayles (for outstanding progress in accelerated group)  Div. III. Patricia Swallow  (for achievement)  Div. II. Peter Mason (for outstanding progress)  Div. I. Danny Coates (for outstanding progress), Gwen Connor, Suson Fearn, (Penny  Clarke, Danny Coates, Sonia  Puchalski (for good health  records).  General   Proficiency.   Awards:  Div. VII. Mike Skeilett,  Div. VI Jimmy Rudolph  Div.  V.  Mary. Dragan  Div.  IV.  Karen Hansen,  Div. III. Carol Crowhurst,  Div.  II.  Marion  Brown,  Div. I. Lyn Vernon.  Citizenship  Awards:  Div. VII. Mary Oviatt,  Div.   VI.   Jennie   Oviatt,  Div. V. Kathie Morrison,  Div.  IV.  John  Smith;--.    ^     .7  Div.  III. Dal Crosby,  Div.. II.  Teddy Hicks,  DiV. I. Bill Fletcher. ]  Division   _1:   .Teacher..   A.H.  Child.  Promoted to Grade 7;  Carolyn  Anderson  Carrie Anderson  Donaldi Blain  ���John Burritt  Grant  Cattanach  Penelope Clark  Daniel Coates  Robert   Ccates  Gwen  Connor  Louis D'Aoust  Penny Lea Davis  Gary DeMarco  Pearl Farnham  Susan Fearn  William. Fletcher  Richard' Galley  Terrence Garick  Axel Gehring  John Hague  Thomas  Helina  Gordon  Hunter ���"... ���  Noel Husby  Frederick Inglis  John Lowden  Darlene Lymer  Michael v McCartney  Sharen MacKay  Ronald Olson  William: Peterson  Daniel Proppy.  Sonia Puchalski   ' '*'  WiHiamHfiteid ��� y^"?/  Gary Rietze ,. '."-'��� 7'^  Jeremy l&stvand  Alice Secord  John Speck >^*^.'  Evelyn Vernoh  Robert Wilson  Nancy Inglis  Dorcy Lefler  Nancy Leslie  Sharon Maylea  Arlene Mason  Lois  Mayson  Vernon "Oulton  Bobby Reid  Paul Rudolph  Randy Scott  John Smith  Kenneth Sneddon  Sharon Sclnik  Norman Spencer  Cheryl Stanley  Clifford Stronstad  Lynne Swallow  Patrick Summers  Linda Talbot  Betty Todosychuk  David Wilson  Rhonda Watson  Patricia Wood  John Work  Charlotte Wight  Ricky   Wray  Grade   5  Teacher V.W.A. Stielow  George Burton Ayles  Louise Helen Bezdeck  Marion Elizebeth  Brcwn  John Arnold Corlett  Terry Lorna Charman  Linda June DeMarco  Peter Dragan  Sarmiel Swann Fearn  Edward  Charles Hicks  Sharon  Andrea  Hedegard  Sigmund   Frederick   Johan-  son  Janet Elizebeth  Kruse  ��� John  Wayne  Kullander  Gordon Wilson Lamb  Allen Craig Marshall  Peter Mason  David John Mayson  Jo>hnathan Molley  Kenneth Earl Morrison  Clare  Eileen  Mulligan     (on  condition)  Donald John Munro.  Blair  Oliver Pearl  Adam Bruce Puchalski  Sheila Mardi Reid  Cecile Joyce Rietze ..  Kathryn Florence  Secord  David Aubrey Skidmore  Patricia Ann Smith  Gail  Stenner  Penny Sheila Strom  Roger John Stronstad  Diane Helen. Talbot      y  Bruce Marshall-Wilson    Robert Victor ��� Wilson  Arnold John Wiren  Jan With  Robert Butler     .  Owen Wight    (on condition'  Judith Lynn Jepson  Kathleen Mathews"  PNE to have  At  om snow  h  Gxa&a UX. to Girt* IV.  Edith Ayles  Shirley DeMarco  Diana Hopkins  Davin Vernon  Brian Anderson :'"r  Susan Blount  Beverly Bothwell  Judy Cartwright  Bruce Clark.  Barbara Cook  Penny Feeney  Diane Feidler  Donald Fladager  Heather Garlick  <j5eorge Gibb  Janet Gibson  Karen  Hansen  ���"- *  '���?  The famed "Atoms for Peace"  display of the United States  government's U.S. Information  Agency will start its world tour  at the Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, B.C,. August  22 to September 3, it was announced by W. J. Borrie, president of the PNE, following' a  board of directors meeting.  The   display,   which   will be  shipped   to   Sydney,   Australia,  direct from the PNE,  occupies  250  linear feet of show space  and  will  be housed    on    the  ground  level  of the Electrical  building during the fair.    Admission will be free  and the  display will be manned by University    of    British    Columbia  personnel  under  the  direction  of Dr. Gordon M. Shruni, noted  Canadian scientist and head of  the UBC department of physics.  '  ''Atoms for Peace" is a complete and reyisedi>cond.ensation  of a massive exhibit which had  previously   heeh   specially exhibited   in   some., international  - centres abroad. Tlie new display was shown in Washington,  D.C., and comes direct from  there to the PftE sifter which it,  starts on a tour of 40 world  cities.  The display stems from President Eisenhower's historic  "Atoms for Peace" message to  the United Nations. It explains  atomic theory in the layman's  language and graphically illus-  , trates the peac.ea^l^ uses of  atomic energy fo��;iiridtistry and  health. ���'���-:'���:���::".  Included in the display are  samples of radio-active ores,  geiger counters and other  equipment including a small  non-working^Snbdel of �� reactor,        yy'yyyxy.  Promotion List       , Div. Ill  Bonnie Abrams \ ���'":.'  Peter Bird  Vincont Bothwell  Rita Bracewell  Julia  Calder  Donald  Clarke  Ray Coates  Albert Cook  Douglas Cooper  Dal Crosby i  Carol Crowhurst  Marion D'Aoust  Darlynn Ferris  Judy Hague  Cynthia Hedegard  Deirdree Hedegard  David  Husby ;  Karl Johnston  David Leslie '"  Tereasa  Levers  "William Lymer  James Maylea i  Patrick Maylea  Melody MacDannald  Sharon McCartney  Maureen McLean   '  Joanne Merriam y.  Robert Munro  Gordon Oulton ���'������<���  Linda Peterson  Karen Porter  Terrence Rhodes  Susan Roy ��� ���. *.  Gloria Rumley ..,  Peter Rudolph  Bonnie Secord  Lionel Speck  Linda Stanley '���������  Lynn Stenner ���?.  Patricia Swallow  Geraldine Swanson  Sandra  Teskey 7|  Robert Thorburn ?  William Willson  Promoted to Grade Four  Glen Cattanach  John   Christianson  Bruce Cramer (on condition'  William   D'oxsee  Mary  Dragan  Peter  Emerson  Daphne Inglis  Roger Skidmore  Promoted to Grade Three  James Bothwell       '  Maurice .Cogswell        ������-...  . Alan  Cooper ,   ,,    ..,........,y  '���������''��� David Hopkins    "X".. ',"���.'���" '"'  David Johnson .  Jerald" Morrison  . ���'���  Kathryn Morrison  Dennis Mulligan  Gene Pearl  Brian Telford 7        "...  Bruce Wallis :  Gerald Ward  j-  Teacher, Miss Linton  I:  Promoted fo Grade 2;  UA  ;7      Richard Davey  'y.y     Christine  Hansen  jy     Louise McDonald  j!  Promoted to Grade 3;    -  |y     Vicki Abrams  '-;���.     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Come in and Discuss Types and Sizes  "*^' #&xM MilTS: 'Vl&M- to $189^5  Eemember: with Rock Gas ranges and automatic water ^eatiitir, you a^e not affected Sj^ power failures.  There is no exjrensive .wiring, no chimney tb build, ind our^regular delivery service assures you of trouble-  free cooking for lifef  IBSON  PHONE 33  GIBSONS B.C. ANNOUNCEMENT    ',        Anyone interested y in scale  nnodel making as 'a hobby,  ���either working models or  static, and have bjittt or are  building models at present  ^ time, and would like to see  a club in this area and are  willing t o form a nucleous  of such club please contact  Box 448 Coast News.  FUNERAL   NOTICE  Passed away, July  1  1956, at  Vancouver,   B.C.,   Alice   Mary  ,7Leek   ctE   Gib^pns 'B.C.,   aged  75   years.    Survive:.'  by-���������her''  ��� loving    husband James,     one  son Edward of  Victoria B.C.,  three daughters,  Dorothy and  Kathleen of North Vancouver  and Evelyn of Skillamacheen,  B.C;, ien  grandchildren.  TPhneral  service was held on  "Wednesday, > July 4, at 1 p.m.  at    Simmonds  and    McBride  funeral chapel, Broadway    at  Maple St., Vancouver, the Rev.  Ceorge Turpih D.D.    officiating. Cremation/ :  NOTICE"  TOWING AND   FREIGHTING  W. Nygren, Gibsons 13    tfn  PERSONAL 7  Do you weigh a little too  much? Would you like to slim  down without dieting or  "drugs"? Try "TAFON", ah  effective mechanical means  cf removing hunger pangs. As  advertised on TV, "TAFON"  is now available at LANG'S  DRUG STORES, GIBSONS  andl SECHEET.  Anyone objecting to donation  cf funds remaining in account  of original Peninsula Dance  Group to Gibsons Public Library, please contact Mrs. John  "Wfood ��V Mrs..A. 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The "Holiday" designation is in chrome block letters on the front fendet  panel. The 1956 Oldsmobile features a brand new front end. The "Rocket" T-350 engine has be&ri hooatxidtq k  powerful 240 h.p. and is coupled with a.brand new development in automatic transmissions, the velvet Btnbbth  Jetaway Hydra-Matic.  GIBSONS  BUILDING    SUPPLIES  LTD.  "WE   CARRY   THE   STOCK"  Phone Gibsons 53  '"       BECK & DAVIS  ELECTRICAL  CONTRACTORS  Residential Wiring & Repairs  Electrical  Heating   Installed  Anywhere on the Peninsula  Repairs to ,  -All Electrical  Appliances  Free  Estimates   Gladly  Given  Phone-Sechelt 69W  Church Services  ANGLICAN  July 8th. 1956  6th. Sunday after Trinity  St. Bartholomew's,    Gibson*  7.30 p.m. Evensong.  St. Hilda's   Sechelt  1.45 p.m. Evensong  St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek..  11.00 a.m.   Holy   Communion  Port Mellon  Community Church  7.30 p.m. Evensong  UNITED  Gibsons  Public Worship,   11.00 a.m.  Roberts Creek, 2 p.ni.  Wilson Creek  Public Worship, 3.30 p.m.  ST. VINCENTS  BETTS - GILBERTSON  St. Johns United Church at  Wilson creek was the scene of  a pretty wedding last Saturday) when the Rev. R.R. Morrison officiated, -uniting Fran-  Mrs. T.J. Bake#  A private funeral service  was held in Chapman's Funeral heme in Vancouver on  June 27 at 11 a.m for Laura  Frances, wife of T.J. Baker,  of Headlands district, Gibsons,  Mrs. Baker leaves,  her husband, a sister and>v h  niece also a nephew in Eng*f  land. Mrv and Mirs. ��Baker lived  quietly in the Headlands area,  in the Gough home as care-  takers xiiitil itvWas sold, when  they moved' into their present  home. They were always ready  tci.lend-a hand to a neighbour  h*' heed.  pes  -. June    Gilbertson    and    who died on Monday, July 25^  George Russell Betts in mar-    at 72 years cf age. r  ; riage.- ��������� . >  Miss Joyce Betts sang A  Brides Prayer during the  ceremony, accompanied by*  organist Mrs. Ted Norburn.  The bide was griven away by  ; her father, Henry Gilbertson..  She ''���"��� chose a pearl gray ���  dressmaker suit with white  accessories, mauve orchid corsage, and carried., a.,-.. white  prayer book'. Her attendant,  Sundi Stroshein,. wore--a summer tweed suit, white hat andi  pink corsage.  Tlie   bride's    rnloither    was  gowned  in  powder  blue'-. fig-  lired    hyleh,   with   matching  ��� coat, and    carnation    corsage.  .The   beautifully    decorated,  community hall was a charming setting for the reception  for over 100 guests. The three  tiered wedding cake, made and  presented b y Mr. and    Mrs,  Fred Mutter,    was    decorated  with oirange blossoms.  Mr. Jim Marshall of Gibsons  Holy Family, Sechelt,    9 a.m.      ���^   j iU    *     . -   _, ^  St. Mary's, Gibsons, 10.30 a.m. ���$$%&* the tcastV^S���**  Port Mellon,   first  Sunday  of li%M ^ ��������>^o Ranked  *o���i, mnntk-Mi 11 o=  ^'1. the many    friends    who had  each month at 11.35 a.m  Bethal   Baptist  Church  11:15 A.M., Worship Service  7:30 P.M.,  Wed.,  Prayer  2.P.M., 1st Thurs., in Month  Mission Circle  PENTECOSTAL  7    11 a.m. Devotional  77.30     Evening  Service  7f7  ���'   Tuesday night 7.30 yy  9 p.m. Friday night v  Pender Harbour Tabernacle  12#0 a.m. Morning  Servicb  7:30 p,m, Wednesday    Prayr  er Meeting.  Miscellartcbiijj Gifts  THRIFTEE    STORES  Left of Post Office  "        Gibsons, B.C.  Headquarters. For Wool  FLOWERS  GIBSONS   FLORIST  ....   ,    Corsages - Weddings  7 ^       Funeral .Designs  v Plants   . y.  Floorers by Wjjpq  Carole Brakstad  Phone 109My- Gibsons  i������������i���i���MfcwwiiiieeMw��� ������ min i mini���inemwii -  Bit.   COPE  Auditor  and  Accountant  ���   Fifty Years'7 Experience.  Roberts Creek, B^C.  Phone, Gibscns 22C  LAURIE SPECK  HEATING   & SHEET METAL  Gibsons   149  ���C and S SALES, SERVICE  Agents For  Propane Gas  Combination  Gas Ranges  .   Sales  and Installation*  Fire�� Estimates  Electric and Gas Hot Plates  FURNITURE  LINOLEUMS  Phone 3 Sechelt  Home aftd Industrial Wiring  Electrical Heating  GIBSONS    ELECTRIC  Phone 130  Authorized 7 GE Dealer  7  Radios, Appliances. TV Servio  LET US HELP YOU  PL Alf NOW  For your Construction Needs  All types of.  BUILDING or ALTERATIONS  amf LIGHT GRADING  Smith & Peterson Construction  '      ���Ltd.y.'.V. 7;y:7   -. .  Phon��^26/ 85 or 9QQ, Gibsons  REFRIGERATION  SALES and SERVICE  Commercial��� Domestic  25 Years' Experience  A. M. CAMPBELL  SECHELT^ 83Q  PENINSULA  ACCOu:srTiNG service  At Types  of Accounting  Problem.; Expertly Attended  Village Enterprises Bldg.  7   ,        Sechelt  Office Open 8. a.m.���-5 p.m.  :- 7 ;y; Daily y'y ���  v PbTqne Sechelt 7 98F  MARSHALL'S  ^LiUMBING  HEATING & -SUPPLIES  Phone Gibsons 134, 104 br 33  THE  been, so helpful  with the arrangements.  y : (juests from Vancouver in-  trlhiied Mr. and Mrs. Ulmer  ;Betts and several members of  their family. Mrs. Gilbertson's  brother, Boyd Southern and  family from. Seattle, attended  also. Many guests frcm Gibsons; who had known the family for years, and among whom  Frances had grown up.  Mjt. and Mrs. Betts left for  a .honeymoon on Vancouver  Island. They will live at  Wilson Creek on their return.  Mrs. Sanderson  Mrs. iSanderson, well knows  in, Selma Park, died in Van-  at the age of 85  years.  Mrs.    SandJeraon  had    occupied her  summer home at  Selma  Park    since  the early  1900's, and often had with, her  her. two daug&te'rs;yl&^  Phyllis,  and son  Harry.     7,  .Her daughter Irene, an artist, is also ah art instuctbt  in a Vancouver, high school,  while Phyllis^ interested! ih  Pro-Rec work;, is a teacher iri  Vancouver.  At the request of Mrs. Sanderson, her ashes will 7 be  scattered at Selma Park. -  HEAR  ��Rev. B.T. Parkinson  at the  Pentecostal Tabernacle  July 6 and 8, at 8 p.m.  EVERYBODY  WELCOME  Rev.   M.T. Stronstad  I  July 6:    Granthams    Landing  Bingo at 87p.m. : ;'���'"���  July 6: Roberts Creek- O.E.S.'  '���fTea.jLtyMis;' Cumming's 2  Jip.m. '"'���' ���   ��� ������-  July 10:  Monthly  meeting, of  .Roberts Creek Improvement  Association, Legion  hall at  B:00 p.m.  July   14:   Roberts   Creek-  Br.  219 ' Legion    Dance-    Community Hall- 9 p!m. s  July 17: Wilson Creek United  church garden tea  at  the  home of Rev.    E    Bevan,  2:30 p,m,. If raining will be  :held; in. Community hall.  July    19:    Gibsons-    Summer  Bazaar at Mrs. Harry Chast-  ^gfj-'s, ^Gower Point, 2 to 4i30  p.m.  July. 21: Roberts Creek    PTA  Dance,   Community  Hall  at  . Roberts Creek, 9:30 p.m.  July 25:     Gibsons- Raspberry  ��� Tea 7 for   Mother   Circle   to  Elphinstcne   Boy's   Club,   at  Mrs.  Elmholdts, 2'..- 4 p.m.  July 27: St. Aidan's Garden  :'; party, tea and bazaar at the  NCTICE  I.O.O.F. & REBEKAH  PICNIC  JULY 8,     1 RM.  Elphinstone Park  (Roberts Creek)  Weather Permittihfl  / -  garden of Mrs. Long, 2 p,m,  Harold Wilson  Totem  Realty  Phone  Gibsoas  44  evenings  147  USE YOUR CREDIT  (Through Inter-Provincial Building Credits)  at  GIBSONS  BUILDIN6 SUPPLIES, LTD.  From $50 to $3,000  No Down Payments Monthly Terms  6 to 36 months  Re-Roof, Re-cover The Floor  Paint Up, Renew the Kitchen Cabinets  PLUMBING. WIRING, BRICKS, CEMENT, GRAVEL  Phone Gibsons  53 BY CHUCK TOMPKINS  The Wilson Creek Orioles  will be hosts to a Little League  team from Powell River, on  Sunday, July 8 at Wilson  Creek ball park.  The Powell River boy's are  anxious to try their skill on a  teiam from the outside. There  are reasons to believe from reports which came down this  way, that the pulp-town boys  are a scrappy lot, and are very  worthy     opponents     of     any  mmmm  CYtLl  V Vr.: 95M':---'-''--.'.;:-:-  7,7: BICYX^ LES ;:v7^ :7-  >'C-orrJo.ges;  Wheeled  Goods  '-������'���:': l-.-::':rzp-Aim*..-  group  cf youngsters,   between  the age of eight and twelve.  The Orioles. would very  much like to see a goddly  turnout of "fan's, from all* com-  6      Coiast Nevys, July 5, 1956  BY pAT WELSH  There  was     great    activity  ^a^^^^^^^^S^?:    aldnS ^e  Sunshine   Cokst   as  families, their guests -and pets  sters. The game will start  at  2 p.m.'   " .  After the game, the visitors  will be entertained to dinner  folks from Wilson Creek. Here  in the community hall by the  is a chance to make a bunch of  kids happy, and also enjoy a  fine afternoon's sport. So don't  forget folks, July 8 at 2 p.m.  PENTECOSTAL   MEETING  The W.M.C. of the Gibsons  Pentecostal Tabernacle held  its last gathering of the season  at ythe home of Mrs. Wisken at  Hopkins Landing, on Wednesday June 2.7 at 2 p.m.  After a devotional period led  by the president, KErs. R.  Cramer, the group went to the  beach where ��� they enjoyed1 a  delightful period of fellowship  and refeshm&hts.  ��Mf��QM  f  arrived at their summer  homes to spend the next few  months. The young fry were  jubilant, no more school, .just  fishing and swimming, Father  got the boys to help roill the  boat into the water, looked  over his fishing tacklej and  went to catch fish for supper.  Mother aired blankets, put  away groceries, handed out  swim suits, found shoes, jeans  and t-shirts, fed the b,aby��  made a cup of tea and relaxed.  At Irishmans Cove were Dr.  and Mrs. K. Argue Corrinne  and Ricky, at the Frank Lyons  Mr. and Mrs. P. Russell, Mr.  and Mrs. Eton and baby.  Mr. and. Mrs. Allan Green  brought Mr. and Mrs. Mare  and son Bobby, and the Paddy  Welshes have son Desmond  and grandson Shane. Mrs. P.  Craig returned from a trip to  Cache Creek via the USA to  pick up her mother Mrs. E.  Twiss at Edthb'nds, Wash.",- her  other guests were Mr. and Mrs.  Art Cooper.  Mr', G. Nairn was at his cottage as were Mr. and vMrs.  Adamson arid their family. Al-  so up for the summer are Mr.  and'Mrs. Nfelsoh 'Darling   and  % i"yfr*'M ���"*��*"*���'.���     uf��* r'��*f^**.  + \**wtn*-** + + -��** ***�����*���  7 SEE 7t|S7Pll;��T;FOR;.  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Cfoniie their daughters   Weh-  ��� dy and Jill arc here for  the  summjer months. The Bert Andersons had    their    daughter  Shiela now Mrs; Ron McMur-  trie her husband and baby son  Bruce as guests arid were preparing for the arrival of their  elder.ydaughter TBeverly,   Mrs.  A. Trent,  who will.be    here  with hfer  three    children   . on  iVlonday. Also    here for    the  summer  are Mr.  and   Mrs.  J.  A.   Cunliffe  and   Donald,  Mr.  and  Mrs. Piper and  children,  Mr. ahd Mrs. Bruce Robinson  and family.  The   Johnny   Simpsons   had  a full house with Lynn, Bonnie  and    Georgie,      and      Lynn's  guests^   Monica   Hodson,   Evelyn Thompson and Gail Neil-  sen.    Mrs. I. Simpson's guests  were   the   George     Simpsons,  Susan, Carol and Johnny, who  came 'up  in  their   cruiser for  the  long week-end,    arid Mr.  Charles  Siriipson  of  Montreal  who is at  Campbell River >at  the new dam,   the Bill Grundy s had their son JDick and his  G&W EXTRA DFT  will give a new lift to your martinis,  collins, gin-and-tonic. Delicate  bouquet.-Absolutely dry flavour  Next time, try  G&W London Dry Gin.  ....... ���-' A product oJ  BGUDERHAtt   fc   WORTS   LIMITED  wife and young son, and their  daughter Frances and husband1  Mr. and Mrs.; Doug    Mefieod  of Jordan River1 as guests.  Dr. and Mrs; Paine came up  to look at their new home  -which is being greatly admired and is almost ready for occupancy^ Dr. an$ Mrs. Richmond and thir family are up  also Mr. and Mrs. Ladner and  children."  Miss Edith \Leehas spent the  past week as guest of her aunt  Mrs. Wall, while Mr. aiid Mrs.  Tag Nygard spent a few day's  in  Seattle.  The Ken Andersons are  receiving congratulations on the  ���birth of a  81b lloz son.  Registered at the Redroofs  Resort were, Mr. anr Mrs.  McKelcie, O. Mills, Mr. and  Mrs." Pollock, Mr. and Mrs.  LeBethand Mr. and Mrs. Pel-  kevich.  Gower Pqint  BY   PHYLLIS M.  H6DGSON  Mr. and Mrs T.' M. Dick'celebrated their golden wedding  anniversary on -June 30 with  a family dinner in Vancouver's Astor Hotel. At .the dinner  were Leonard and Rosemary  Difek, Ro'siha arid Fred Moat  and Clarence andl Pauline Dick  and five grandchildren, Robert, Marjory, Charlene Valerie  and Bonnie" and the great-  grandson, Edward.  Anicng the guests was Mrs.  Dick's sister, Mabel, who was  one of the briidesmaidis. at the  wedding in St. Luke's,; Church,  London, 5Q years ago. The  table was cetttred With a three "  tier wedding cake mounted on  golden pill&rs, y$p&,! Td^cprated  with grange   .^ssoinl    saved  *rnm      life.       'rki��fc->��" '"ik&Slot     ��-*i{l    :'  Corienne, who is an active  Junior Red' Cross worker, recently . .won a top sewing a-  ward in a large Vancouver  store  contest.  Gordon ; Haslett, an executive-with T.C.A., is up for the  summer with his family, in  their    improved    cottage    .'  Ron and Peggy Whitaker  said 'goodbye' to their many  friends here iast Sunday, when'  they left for Honolulu after  a short visit to the Don Mac-  Leans of Gibsons.  Mrs. Bea Wright, a former  resident, now of TLadner, spent  a few days with Mr. and Mrs.  H. Roberts.  Mrs. H. MacLeod started  last Monday on her extended  ���visit to friends in Scotland  and    England,  Bill arid Vi Gibbons and  family with Mrs. Eileen Bone  and Larry, spent last Sunday  with the Gus Crucils here, and  ; will visit friends. and relatives  in. West Sechelt for the month  of July.      ^  Last Saturday's dance, put  on by. the Witeori Creek soft-  ball team, drew a capacity  crowd, with many visitors to  the   neighbourhood!  attending.  -'-. 7 '-' ������-J���      ������..  - '��� ���.*". ���': -  Miamiiii mi mi i��Mt���aaaa  >a      ^>-u     m'-Ji"''.**  Play A  t-i   s.^anii  V*^0^-;   ?���;!,  AGENTS:  RICHTE8TS  RADIO ��� TV  Sechelt  i-'i. j- ���    ii-s'Vn.3*.���'  Haoe "TASELLA" Help Ym With Thk  FOUNDATIOISI of GOOD GRO0K4ING  PLAYTEX ''LIVING" BRAS  ���',''��� i* ������?   ��� ':? ���.���������'  Custom Contour, Long, $5.95  Short, $3.95 Strapless, $$M  '     }^LAYT��X GimL&S   ���  Magic Controller $8.95 .1  also "^OS|J::^4ilX,, m^&O^&'^m- y. ���  ��� ��  Ph^ne 29F  i'liniiir'''   '"^'���������''���?*-���'���"-"."  ,#lift  'yr^-yAHyft A'^'^  '   T'J   ^i-      -' T''-'-.    ������';^L.'*>^^^  Nofyy.. the first  t from.. MlTS. Dick'^ "^rifllal veil  FQllp^ihg t&e pinner,' open  house iyagyheid in t^eir son's  home in South Burnaby.  Mr. Dick who was chief engineer ^th TJmoh Steamship  lines, retired three year$ ago  Mr.' and) Mrs! John Coleridge have returned from hol-  idaying* in VociOria and Seattle. Glorious weather arid restful boat travel made an ideal  holiday. Oh arriving in Vancouver/they met,their daughter IMfirs. J. I. Croucher with  Wendy and! Leslie iroriqi Quebec j city, also their son ken  from Ottawa and their other  daughter Kay.' This -vvas the  first family gathering in ten  years. Mrs. Croucher^^ with.the  two children, returned home  with her parents to. spend the  summer at Gower Point.  "j"jf.:  IVliKll  "?>'��� ���*������,".)?*sr-~r" TKy^fr^t^Tfr'-T"   "^^fv*? %<���  vi^Tfg''���"�����  Z��Z  ((XXmtM AND CROWHIJBST)  Mt  Hdv<e Added A New. Service!  A  i'^  PhOhes 31 -  - 91W  BY. MRS. D. ERICKSON  Among those holidaying  here are Mr. and Mrs. John  Watson, Jill and Jahy, visiting Mrs. Don Motzer. Corienne  Lay is staying with her grandparents,   the    Ted  Norburns.  Sutnm^r Take$ Ifs Tc>ll  Of Lovely Compiexidns!    ^  PROTECT YOURS WITH FAMOUS  B�� RICHAiRD HUDNUT  Plearising Cream, Skin Freshner, Beauty Loiipn, Periefrating  Cleanser. Special Astringent. Sophisticreme, Eye-Cream. Flatter  Gloy and many other special preparations for Milady's Beauty.  For Guarenteed  Watch and Jewelry  7 Repairs  CHRIS'S   JEWELERS  Work  done  on  the  Premises     Gibsons  :'���   Phone 96 Sechelt  Consult our staff for your special needs.  J*���uuf<i  'Dwf Stwe&  ^ Sechelt  'OKitl   0lt!tll��ry  7.  S9-2  This advertisement is not published or displayed by the  Liquor Control Board or by the Government of JBritish Columbia.  m  Follow The Black Ball Flag*  FASTEST ACROSS THE STRAIT  VANCOUVEIt-IIAIIAIMO  PERRIES LEAVE EVERY TWO HOURS ON THE  EVEN HOUR, 6 A. 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