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The Cariboo Sentinel 1865-09-23

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 BARKER VIL^SATgRD At, SKPT. 23, '65  LETTER FROM MCttGRIA.  ���������:*r^>?^.**������^''^  U������ :?fj  '"V'"   A;Ay Victori^ September, 1865v  ^rc������"#et de.fi in Vancouver Island at this  season of; i^e y$ar leads to the opinion that  theV-<>fa1lV..ti4ppi^acMn|g and that mining in  "j Britfeti Columbiawill ;h^y?Ct6;yieid 'to.'Jack  Frost before long, anil* thei^iainera seek Victo-  ���������ria and* a inore genial clirne. It is<to, *btt Te-  gretted that' the minibg of this year hasriot  been mp.re^roflUbie^as'weUlo the diggers as  the merebtfntsjj but'the cause-being known is  capable of removal,- ifethe: Government can  be brought tOj see it,(and thinkiof the country  worethari 'pfiiling^;,their coffers by the pre-  gent system^of ;exactmg -enormousY amounts  from ver|^few people^ increase ^c}ppimla-  tioiri and then thc/taSs}wpuld bejBtoUetfupr  , briinulvi&  -^%&$MJte���������0$^.;sy T^^v^topn will not  * however increase; ex^  brdih?ir^^rns up^ which noiphe; ndteVen the  Gdverhrrient, has any rigtit to calculate upon,  or unless the;vgblu^ and  other., ta:^ upon the  puBftcc; AVhen'ttik is done Brltwh (^luinbia  ���������-the whole^ cbUritry^-wili foce more flourish,  ~ sn&3raat^  b enefit^ for tl_Q';twp|^  traryj^ ;ffigHhcj\~'��������� \ True "itUs tot Vancouver  policy and: commercial pursuits, as well as  hercoali copper andiroh"^  ories, as tfcll thb& heretofore known as those  of cod^mpre recently, brougljtl:to,light|j\wiiich  will always; give fier a position/and-a jespec-;  table existence. British Goliim^  to dep*end;updn"but &^ and should  these fail;;or hindrances thrpwn in the way  sufficient to. preyent their being workedrtheii  she must fall. A -True,-she' hasiatiundance'of  land" capable of producing ���������'prdinarx^rjculr';  turalprpducla^biitpf what^^^uld those  products' be ^if '"there were;^^^wket for  them!   On account of the distance of the pro-  due live lands .from,the coast and the diflBcu 1 ty  snnd expense nf cPiiveying thojproduco tfierje-;  td, she- carihofchare anyjjtb&^-market at pre-  se.nt than one"-within /her:own borders, and  that market is the consumption by the mining  ' population" "and^f; those necessary to: them;  The greater the population, the".' greater: the  demand in that market and the more produce  will be required to supply: it, and; vjee versa.  The chief object of j Uie. Government should  be then i the ettcoufagement of the market,  ���������viz:, the 'mining and the-mining population;  and they beingvprpsperjous; the whole country'  will prosper with ttemy>aiid thus attract and  *J>e conducive to a fixed and permanent community who will enter^ upon jfodjfcrofopft:  othe pursuits capable of maintainingthecoiin-.  try when the; goirf amines; Jail.    To get^lhe  mines Wpfe  be roads to them, as well to enable miners to  get there as for the supplies necessary for  ihem~-the market must bevcapable of being  reached otherwise there would not be con-  -flumers: as there would not be producers.   It  is thus pretty plain that roads are not for the  special benefit of the mining community, but  are necesBary for the country at large, abso-  lutely necessary for the public generally and  not specially for any particular portion of the  public exclusively.    The miners are merely  an integral portion of the comnxanity-having  a peculiar calling���������the country generally is  made up of classes haying peculiar callings,  but mutually dependantiupon ^each other.  Why then should one class be called upon to  bear almost exclusively taies that should fall  upon all in fair proportion, as all are either  directly or indirectly benefitted!   This observation will apply not only to the gold tax particularly, but to road tolls, postage on letters  and Borne others, for I think some classes in  British Columbia are not called upon to pay  road tolls?    However, wby^should.a person  living at a distance from the port pay more  for his letters than'a resident at the port? Are  they not equally a' portion of the population,  are not the various portions of the population  mutually dependant upon each other?   Have  the miners any special privileges to compensate* for these special exactions ?   The ground  yields gold, yields coal,; yields copper, iron,  &c., but none of these are of any use whilst  in the grounds-it is the labor necessary to  bring them forth that is valuable, the articles  themselves for tho most part are valuable in  proportion to the labor and demand.    Are  coat'or copper taxed?   Np.   The days of  taxes upon export* have disappeared.   The  kwx upon gold in British Columbia i* an  ceptibai- and is bhe of the barbafbus myths of  **royaltie3fV for Kings, which, Britishers seem  to havelmported with their other old fashioned absurditiea; - -The' Kings of ^British Colum-  bla|baw^aries ^aid; by^the peopleT--ti_ey  have then; no claims for royalties. But is  mining: i peculiarly profitable busiiies in Brit;  isb Columbia?;: Ask the - miners.,; Gold mining, speaking-gcfierally, is a loss; every ounce  o'E goldiprpduced in ^British Columbia lias in  labor and capital Cost'double itslvalue! The  half dollar tax upon the gold, then produced  is ah exaction of three per cent, upon losses!  or, if it cost double its value, really an exaction fif six per cent! How many of the claims  that produce the gold which Js taxed pay ex-  jpehsesX^; The ^Cariboo rSentinel'frandxthpse  con veraaat ^with the subj ect -say"1 un happily  very few. If this be so, the Government to  enrich itself-sinks the; losing men still deeper  in miflfdrtttne^-a;very enlightened policy and  one certainly calculated to encourage an en-  normous mining population. Mining for gold  is the* most precarious of enterprises'- b ii fc as  it is the only ;&tay of the country,;those who  them: and so far from bei ri ir; rc ore' taxe d than  ditiph&i Py a special tax ������������������ upon the gold they  produce cl,.. no matter at; what', expense,'": he  would not have misrepresented the case, but  recorded a fact',",which certainly,, -would, not  f'persuade tho miners that the profit is on their  own; side in the new arrah^m^t.^;-There  cannot be a, doubt,that the district of Cariboo  returns to the,,revenue of the Government ten  j times' the^ amqunt,. from other sources, so, that  the revenue* from Cariboo is not ������3000,- but  more likely ^������30,000.;; The idea Governor Seymour intends to/ convey is that Cariboo by  giying^SOOOgets S2S-60(X Itisnptso.jGov.  Seymour surely does not mean tliat the ������23,000  spen t, in... th e imp rp yemen t of the d istrict; has  to be paid by the gold tax ? Surely he; would  not lay5*"speclal -tax upon miners for makiiig  roads tip;; the mining regions?: -True such  roads render;access . more , easy,and tend .to  cheapen;^proyisipns, &c., but is that for "the  special benefit pf the miners ? ��������� N6^: If thpse  roads-did-npt exist inahy^>f the^inineSi would;  hot be-wprked at all,-5 and.. so the-population  wduld'.be lessj and the country generally lose  ���������-tlie Cheaper���������'���������' provisions can ^be laid; at ^ilpe  ex-  them;"and so far from :be'inj"-morje'-taxed'thah  pthersjheyrshould indeed be;jess.::. How much  jypiild it have coat.Jthe Government, iind that  is, or ought to be, ihe inhabitants of the coun-  f try (for the ��������� Gpyernmeht fhas.. no money ���������'but  what .it bbtaihs from or upon the credit of the  people), to ���������have .paid;for. prospecting the  country^ which'--thef miners have^ literally done  for nothing,; and so'enriched the country, as  ^ellbysavihgthcrGovernmeuithe^D^  as by their discoveries.; This isi'why the gold  is taxed three,:������or if xy ou like: six per cen11  These ideas have crowded Upon me trbm reading the following portions of Gov. Seymour's  partings address': ������*And inbur N6rthern?mines  ^ the nejw duty ougoldi^n^^^  f "ple7 however, in Cariboo- received the prin-  ly ciDalpincer: of iny-Goyernmenfc with every  f mark of :^pCct]on;a^recent ^occasion, and  s'no expreSsib^creacheSihjsear to*which the  f most sensitive ruler .could take exception.1'  Here is^a .confession acknowledging? the>gold  tax to be disliked,^but; the'Governor itfould  say���������who expects; any:tax; to be liked, it is  nothing more than would:be  looked vfor.  Mark the^^ remainder.- f Neither Go verb or Seymour, nor any one else imagines or believes  the mining'population'to be rbwdies generalr  ly, who w"ould abuse orpelt;the;principalx6_fir;  cer of Go vernmegt wi th rotten eggs or act in  any but" a respectful^ ;manrjtcr7 * it th erefore"  means ahdis intended to convey to the public at large that the miners, although disliking  the tax, made no loud complaihls against, it  as being unfair to them, and ruinous and ruining the country, and therefore none to which  "the most sensitive ruier could take ekcep-  tion.'.> ��������� Now it is,hot known outside of Cariboo whether the mining population laid their  grievances before ^the principal officer of the  GrOvernment,? or not, or whether they had  any time to do so.   But if they have not done  so, or do not intend to do so, it will only lend  support to tie Government io ccntiriue the  gold and other taxes another year, for it has  already been made a boast of "that a public  iheeting to express their grievances could not  be gotten up in Cariboo when Gov. Seymour  was supposed to be about to arrive."-   The  miners and up country people generally know  very well that the unfair taxes have prevented miners going into the country, and are  driving those already there out again, such  being the case, they are enemies to; themselves  and enemies to the country if they have not  and will not make known the cause of its impending ruin.    At all events when the extract abovg was written "the principal officer  of my Government" liad not arrived at New  Westminster, and they only, saw-Gov. Seymour at Victoria a .few days before he left  for home.    The next extract ia a shuffle:���������  " The feelings of the people in each district  " of the colony, are entitled to every consid-  " eration, and I trust that a knowledge by the  "inhabitants of Cariboo that twenty-three  " thousand pounds are being spent in, the im-  '" provement of the district, the gold of which  ," has only; rendered three to the Crown, my  "persuade the miners that the profit is on  " their side in the new arrangement."   This is  called a "clincher" at New Westminster, an  unanswerable argument!  Doubtless it is very  cunning,'very diplomatic, well disguised and  calculated to mislead all outside the colony  or unacquainted with the subject.   Admitted  "that the gold tax has only returned ������3000  to the Crown," it must be equally admitted  that this irthft produce of a special tax. and-  being ������3000 for half the season will be ������������000 I  for the whole. ���������������������������   If the Governor1 had stated,  that the minera paid as muoh to the revenue  as oth������r people (sav ������20,000), and ������'3000 ad-  a ad As tori a,. .copjaec.ting;, taerb if Hhthte-^aja ^rHocisoo  'siaatiiers-.   ^hc-,win^lsogoto NewWeatmToateir"if tbo  Qbvernmeat will pay-them-for doing���������w"���������." the BriU'rii.  is a very nice .Government for.tbeae colonies, iracnsha  ��������� loaves th������ai and hersielf entirely at tbo mercy of Ariim���������  leans even Tor the- carriage- of her own liokjjstchos., Tk*  colon is3 are of; no ������se or importance to hefnow.'a.(laj^.  TfaeCHllf������nrriia company'is* taltf to have recetvod a subsidy to carry the mails to CbiaR, calling; at tho'^a'nh--  ;.wich:lsUads; -: HoW tliese rahkeefl gjp ahead I   It irtba  ditferencs between English b'������ier ariti-Cfiamp^gne.  .  TJj e kber; market. here a nd in thet neighborhood (ft  bver-stockedj; ihereforo tnose who can rget, any thing ''4������  do had.be tier; stop, in the. upper country���������and, Jbye tha  bye, "tlie'sick had- better gain admissionlo the Brltlsa  Columbian. Hospitals;"���������';I skyt ibis -because It 19 ���������all  p'eoplocome dow n| from pari lioo; with; ord eri for admla-  slvn- iii'to ^Victoria; Hespl trilJV-'YIctpiia^Ho^jpitaltts an 'p.  ported by voluntary contributions and so cannot matri.  tain the sick ot two colonies,; although indeed the authorities neve* seem to enquire to what.eQUiitryfa man  belongs!" ���������"'        "1','..-.-:' ���������*'-.*���������;., ,-.   -A-.-- -Ai-A '  ���������;,Thtto aro a hostofHttlr "tit bits": which riM b&  left., till next timo. , Sir James Douglas; has not god e.0-  England.' "'*'���������"    "' XX "A:  A'X   ";���������'..  r i tn -  a  The Caribba  oduld'not be without themi ;Theroads then  are absolutely-necessary"for.thje eoun&jr~tae  mercnantfthe packer, the traveller, the producer, none of ��������� which would exist without the  niinef, nor the miner without .-the roads, and  therefore each is benefitted,. and 1 .the*;special  tax is'S'ojua"t,. impolitic. aiid. w;rpng, and; can-  not '���������perslia-de the' miners that they have th������  l>rofit of the new; arrangement,on\th'cir 'side."  Governor, Cfovernor,Yuppn such a principle  howCfluivtheY������iO,000 spent ^iipo^roads-and  what not at New Westminster be maintained.  J3as any special tax been leyied there ?"H No!  on the c6ntraiy>: the taxeatherekipbn property haverbeen diminished .one per cent.;L?This  ifthewriphUiv'^  "persuaded that the preifiji,.is; on iheir side in  the new^rraiigement.;? X i ^flie.iax;paid by an  in^itantof;the^capitalliIss,three^  MnTffi^paid-by- .those -distant frpni it .In  "Yancouver and most'cpdntries it is exactly  the reverse. Y.The fact is the; excuse made; is  thatsirice^:'the mtrodtiction ofBanks into Brit-'  ish Columbia, and the purchase by them;:of  hhe "diist^'the coljection bf the'^pld tax has  become comparatively easy.; v The injustice of  the tatfia attempted*to be hidden, and the,fact  ���������that it is bleeding the country: to death;.,the  GovernmehFseems t������> be, wilfully blinded to  foTthrsakeofpresenrgain^f^ow the conclusion- ."I-canonlv repeat to: them (the minersl'what-  ������'I said list winter? let us'give our measures of. legis-  *4ation;ai fair trial.' Dep������hd upohit the last thing tbe  ���������'Crovernment of this colony would desire to do is; to>  "drivo the miners from the country or allow any large;  "portion of tlie population to lapse into ai.state of; poU:-  " tical discontant-.",:" "The Government does notwish  to drive tlie miners out of tho country;"; but whatever  the wish it has induced many and many to turn back,  from Its portals,.and those'within will leave;so soon as  mav be Such is a nice result of spielal legislation--  removoihe causes ahd^ the etflec.ts after a while will  cease.. Encourage tho mincri^ia;every possible way,-  and give up the folly of supposing they should bear  the burdens of tho country because tbt-y happen to be  unfortunate enough;to.be gold:^hunters-gold ������J'sts;iu  other places bosidasWtiah- Columbia. ..14.;to*fe4  emmeut ask whether it is worth while ruining .the  country for the sake of on unrighteous t������x������������ which'has  onlv reUercd ������8000 to the Crown?" More than-that  has already been lost by the ^miners who turned back  and went elsewhera, and still more by the bad name  which Briti3h Columbia has obtained by reason of her  suicidal policy. Doubtless there mu,3t be taxation���������  and that, comparatively heavy. The miuers will cer-  taihly willingly bear their just and duo propontion--  liberal tliey are,-but to unfair-taxation they will not  anTneediot yield.- I havo done -with Governor Scy.  mour's address, save and except that no where in it s  tho word 'ireumi," or "when I return" mejitionod.  It i<* certainly peculiar, and many peoplo hcra have tne  convirUOniUiai Governor Seymour returns not again-  U m^y bTa mere fancy an* indeed it is to bo hoped ������t  5 for as a private individual he is unexceptionable,  Sd as sucb a worthy successor of GoV. Douglas As an  a minUtrator he has made some v������ry serious misUkes  known to.him by tho sudcrcrs iu a decided, fair and  orole?m^micr. ^Uum*num.' 'The best^man is he  Srho s wfl ing to acknowledge an error and correct it,  W emro ' Ho howevur unfortunately is not here  hadle been, most likdy ho would have consulted the  S?hM oYtl\������ district of Cariboo. Acting Governor  SS^\owenr, occupies his position and has the po*v-  ol nf rocomtiinrting the removal of the osnoxioa.  SS    Will Governor Birch sweep tbemjrom the  ESliindthas help to save the country, ���������  ���������Ay.-, WiEEIi-Yy^A.^W&:;AAAyjAA  ;;> -���������' .;.r'vSubscrlptiph;^'!.ppf "vroflc,;;'1 'J.,''"j;^  (Inoltt'ling ������03t of. delivery,) Payable to the Oarrlw.  HARDWAEE/;;  The undorsigned will keep constantly G&haaft  . a full assortment of      '. ��������� : ������������������;  Hardware and S^atioaaiy  .   ���������    ���������     consisting of        ��������� ���������;:   \X :'X V.  BUILDING MATERIAL, via: Looks;Jtorra,  ..   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Thcro  G0Vt*raC^ynSX ^he w 11 no  return (not that he  SS    "������ fw to be K C. B.'d and that he will pruba-  Tilley w ab out too e iv. ^      ,    . Vuncouvrr  hlv bo Gov��������� ^ ������m^ j do not think the slight-  cs^"bSce^nS_^^^ould bo atuched to thes.  3tatoimmw soraC'surprise that tbe California  Wo ^^n.7J.^������coming to Vancouver Wand, but  Bteimers will��������� ^������w -cj������m ns ,   .sThe-S .fi 1  c  . CAMERONTON, WILLIAMS CSX30L  '���������HE TERMS OF SUSCIilPTION have be������a red>*eed 4^  ^. $2pcr,month; above 100 volumes of New Worts  have-been only lately added to the circulating Library.  parties are solicited to subscribe,  ������ t ,,   JOHN BOWRQN,-librarian.  Important to Miners!  ���������-. The undersigned is prepared.to    ;���������,..���������i  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWIKdfi'iUW  TANNINGS,     :'y-;  On Comtniseion, or will purchase sny quantity ea fea  ���������Most Liberal Terms, at the   '  Beading Room, Cameroiitoxi,  SubBcriber is now well known onjWillianh^Creel^.aoA  from the confidence reposed. in. bim last Fall ia ttee  above business, he hopos.te receive the patronage ef  the Minin_r community the ensuing season.   .  s JOHN BOWfcOK.  Important to Prospectors  for Quartz.  HpHE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW.PMPARED TO ANA-  1 LYSE ORES of any description brought to Mm  for that purpose    Charges moderate.  BLACK SAND, PANNINGS '& BLOWINGS.. BOt^SHt.  or CLEANED ca OotHaiteiehii) at the Aurora Company V  Offle������j  16    '��������� P. B. 2C5W8,  I 111  M  II  ill  -������������������ 'vAi^'.A,  ��������� AM  \ w  ���������vA  - -"'fl*  * 111  ; 1  ���������i *  M  m  M  m  m  rsW.  '���������-'���������JMil  ??lll  A \:f  ���������"'":,-^;f;v"5  .   vm  ���������' :'-ffl!  ��������� ;    ill  ' ill  . ��������� ���������ill!  "���������:I1  ;"- (|  " Yi-Tj������  ���������HI  A  H ���������aaJt.  %_mw^    .|  M������atii;pf Qu������*aet,*  ^agonpio^i, t YY  ������i������o*^y, |   -;Mr;Evan5,BansM's Express Office  Kliooe'6'Y.'I-.-'*-; If. W. Foster,    " <$; ,.- . ...p  dcv g-  ^letoria^-.'^r:.1- .^;";-      ������/"-,."���������   T*10"1^ J* Burnes  Baniard*s Etpresa  '"'dd',---fe  ������������������*-���������������������������;:������������������:.��������� '-TO;'ADVERTISERS.;,- ?.��������� ���������;,- .^'-:;?.,  :tf*'The ^rlboc Sentinel" ispu&ishod\jfaij$fyurl]&  A- l^nin*/ %������& o'clock, * AdverUscmenU intended lor  ^SMtiiioninust be^  NO  EV,  ���������$jit&*r������' :ar_������l;'6th������n wishing; to wad *������Tae. Caribw&sn-  femil" ioihttir frien.isHn Canada, England, the,Tjrdted  tow? 6r claowliera, can nave it: mailed'; by leaving  :addr*3fie8 it the pubncation "office    Pricey iscLumso  "   ^^���������ij,^ A.:AXAyAA(Ar:, AyAA-iyy-yA-A  '****--���������  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.,  "' 5HI!  'Y?  -y. ���������  y������  Xr "'PAJA^A; TO: CORRESPONDENTS^   '.  Ai !<toiJTol^poni������ntt send ing art ici es for publication under  ���������ae_n>de plume* s roustj entreat us ^witb their names in  ������*___* dtneew -Tctbis rule jve must rigidly adhere.  trHE  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 23, '05  ..The Writ.for the election of a member for  ^ Cariboo West4s -expeeted to arrrvc:!mmcdi-  *;   ately,:so that no .time-should be los t in* mak--  "ing/preparationa for. fringing out a proper  persoii" as"a ��������� 'candidate .for so responsible a z&r.  ; as being the best qualified resident of the die-  t4^tpo^d,-to'..'the Council to represent the  ',.. .wants and interests of the constituency..   To  , :all.4he pbinfe: pfVthe Cariboo -"charter"-he  will, gxker.a faithful and energetic support; and  country <vill fit him tb'express at all times an  '>intelligent opinion. -On the questiou of ".Uii?T  ion*'! Capt. ^yans^bas^aiwayslTCCOgniied' the  :. advantages that are sure to flow from its consummation..   As-a practical miner, he has felt  . tl$^aBtl^M''-tlMf "Gold Tax,"'and will" do  <���������-. all in his.power if'returned to have it repeal-  e<I..U-#The .Adjustment..of Taxation" will be  one of the important subjects that must en-  gagfc<the attentionof the, House in the forth-  >. coming' ������e's������ibn,; and;.there will- be a great  . ? advantage in- haying a man from the Interior  whlpse owia-personal.,interestlascwell as duty  it'wlll'"be to have justice done to the residents  ;': of theiipper.country. "������������������'' We can safely vouch  for .jGajrt: Evans being in favorlof "Economy  in the PiiioUo Expenditure" and the lightening  oftheburdoris^hafcao^woppress thetaxpayers  Tne monstrous,"a.Ciyil List'*'. that is eating into  the*^itatejofr$m coun tr������ he ml^ attack vi^  ���������^ orStSy; Sn^tholfault will not be;with himJf  i t is netr pruned -^nti to ^moderate Kdinien-  : :"*j^s;y7S^^  vocate ;ksra simple ^measure' of Justice; to"^ the^  enterprisihg^o^le^ ^Reform  - of theX-LegismtivelCo^ :as^ a  ��������� vmatter ^feex^edi^y?by^ the^jSovernor ��������� Bripti  Evans wilt force on^e attenti^ftof theHoufe  Aithtbughhe may jnottb^ able" "toLpreveBt it in J  the- first i^ssio^ will :Sb ��������� jai������  '. in: Wsip^er.^o pfe^  own Salaries^ ^ OaAhe; question of^ rembdel-  '* :'ing ^hev ^arifi^^n^matt^i^ $tter q\ialified to  spejik th%-^apti EvaiisJ w^  v.4h������^e������t'"ijneeting of miners ih*"v^to^Uast  wjjrte^^pgp^s^ itt ityusifee^  ^ and; as; to "Municipai ilnstit^ioni^^as;; an;  EngMsh������^CiaptJEv^s^mu^ lend th^ hisJ  counteftance and support. We earnestly urge  the constrtuetfey to lose^ no ��������� tt^vin%ringing  forward; ipaglfc E#ans������'> as the -; eledtioH is at  iand. -; f Ji^ures^ot^en" naust be the motto h^njbeferward, and if the first<>pportunity is  lost?fjf Tet^rnin^ the right man then the peo-  ple"ldeserve^npthi^^ than:io be kept in  a state of politicaliertdomi Now; is the time  for action, and. that man who; neglects his  duty St the pf'esenttjHsis deserves to be brahd-  -   as a traitor to the country tef- his adoption.  ^Befbr^^W. O. Cox, Bsq.);   :A   * Ai  -'���������'V^?'" " Tuesday, 19th Sep^;|  m BrpWetank vs^ Foley & Easton CpJy7  p)er 6eo. Keniy.���������This was an action/or $50%  balance of wafees'Sue plaintiff for working on  "thisi Foley &Easion claim^^on Lowhee. Judgi  rheiit for^ plaintiC the amount to b^ paid froni  the tot golol taken out; of thei claim. ;��������� 10  ��������� ��������� YMexMcLean vs. Foley & Easton co'y.���������  ^Thia; was ah -action^ for $413^ also for wages.  Ju^^menttorplaintiu^Ypayment to be made  aft^iJrockiebank^ amount^ is^d������charged,  y.'. y y   - j1 " >      y    Friday^ 22nJ Sept.^  >i ^ii^a^o^y^XJunBin^am creek/ per; J.; K;  Sut������r,;agetiti vs^ Samuel ^Sheldpn^This was  an action for $X���������7 68, amouni df; assessments  due by defendant   Judgment for plaintiff.  Geo. Washington vs. Davis co!y.���������This was  a suit for $118, amount of a due bill for labor done on the Cavis claim last Jear: The  defendittits denied theiirliability-onrthe ground  thathearly all thev;p  coinpahv bought in this year after being told;  by the secretary and others that ftiey purchased free from debt.  '   Y^have Just reccrvedjlsupplgpf T-T^'^  CAST IROfk^do���������NWOWs  varyinglnsize from.6to^MchTt^^  quHlity, and warranted to bake,well.     Al������Q, A,iym^-  iortod stock of:SHEETvlRON^both"G3lvan^and  Plain, TIN PLATE; SHEET^ ZINC,' k COPPEH.     AH.  . -*-������������������:----'---- '���������-yAiAyy^jf-oy^yrimd^  Sheet iron ^Stoves, /Gookin^S EangeSyAByr  ��������� y drauEc "Pii>es? <Scc.       -  r��������� : ..   l  _3������^?AH work in ourliie done at-reasonabio ratpssnd I  warrahtoa to give satisfaction:���������..- ly >"y. y-- J.T j\  Dissolutioii of  THE tX)-PABTNERSHIP- business heretofore carrie^  oh by the undorsigucd;bas*_been this day dissolved  by mutual consent.   ���������      ..,; XXX.- ^.Ay.A-*,:'- ���������.  ' ���������"������������������������������������ ;K0BT.m. CLARKE,;.i  ���������\ AA;-A'A: ..-   'i >" CHARLES E..TAFT. '.;  Barkorvill^ Spat. 14th, 1865., ;    ���������' ��������� : ���������.  ���������the above business wni'iu. future be en rri ed on by  Robt, -R. 'Clarke, who is alone authorized to collect the  debts due to the late Orm and to whoin the same are to  be piid.   The debts of the above, firm will be paid by  The Judge granted a dc-j thestthi Robt. R. Clark... .   .  ie  oFthegco^^^^ COLUMBIA PALE.'ALE AND.PORTER  Walkem appeared for plaintiff and Mr.-Walker  for defendants.      ' _  ���������  ���������'���������    Saturday, 2.1rd S-.'pt.  Copland & Grogan v?. Plerr?, Audliss k Ralph. ���������  This oasc was for the possession of two Int^r^sts in the  Shenandoah claim, wldeh deft-ndonts had taken upon  tbe ground that- they Ver-3 abandoned. On h previous  bearing.one interest had been given one of the defendants, but irom a misun'J*rei������nVin'g;rlhitf ihres'ifittrssta  badCnot-been sued for. Since.tha t decision the presen t  plain tiffs had got their ground laid over and the^com.  lotadonersaid he could not niter his decision.. The  plaintifTs therefore got two intere^tf?.      ���������  A re-bearing of.a case against the Antler Bed Rock  Flume coJy for wages was.'going on whtnwe wer< ob.  liged to have-tub Court.        '      .  (rri  :. ...Cambbpntw,.^^  WHOLESALE^  GROCERIES,  ^RO������ISlONSr  ������������������-r-agtroRS;  ?��������� SEGARS,  ���������TOBACCO,  &:&"*  CxPfftPe���������i '"f  .f -')  crocrert;, ..    .  ^ A- ?> ���������MiNIN&;;"trf BNSILS^  Yr:r-���������r- ^^STATIONERY;- A:--A^X- "-��������� :  XA AT.:i AAA,,-i A;;,,CLOTHING,'. --'-'��������� -*yi ���������  ���������:~ ��������� ������^^^"~az--:^ r; ���������;; BOOTS & SHOES.  ;   DRY GOODS, ������G4 Aoa^i  '^^^^.Gobds^bbftgbtifti.Qiy Storo will be delivered, FREE OF CARRIAGS to all portionfi  of 1 Williams Creek. ,y.,. .> ,f,  A^AAAiAAy^ 'AA'AlA'A   ..y' :&>ELSASSER;���������������������������"'  ^TE Wr'ADTEIITIS^^IEOTS;  :   :..;;      FROM; ;      _  Quesnelmonth Brewery,  THE UNDERSIGNED respectfullyintimatethat they  are now prepared to.supplv;in quantities the above  highly recommended PALE ALE & PORTER,- in cask  und bottle, .of their own brewing'. ...  :i:~___^vX^f^^ic!tei^:^~"-:"t*''' ' '>'��������� "'-���������'. '       ''���������'���������'"'������������������-���������'���������-'������������������'  -"������������������'  ��������� : ������KERR & DUHIG.  Quesnelmouth,'11th Sept. 1865.' ������������������   10  FA SHI ON    HOTEL  r  ���������BT-  CHAKG-E   OF ATlllE.  M  . -: ON  WEDNESDAY,   SEPT.   27th,  Tlie Steamer ' 'Enterprise  .    WILL CO KMSVCB   MJLKINU  THREE   TRIPS   PER   WEEK,  LEAVING  QUESNELMOfJTH ��������� ''  ;  MONDAYS,   WEDNESDAYS,. & FRIDAYS,  ' :>AA   X AT4, A.M.,   ���������  - "> LEAVING SODA CREEK  *     ��������� THE SAME DAY AT NOON. ; '  NOTICE  "VTOTICE-is hereby given to the delinquent SbarehOM.  il .eraof the VCc������rmsh Compast" to-come up to my  oflico ohd settle ABSossmenta until "Wbdxssdat, the  27th inet;, if>not ^e;foreman will institute auit,against  said "shareholders;..,.' ,     . : ��������� "  V By order of ��������� the Foreman^ ���������> ' ��������� ������    *  AX-A-yy.Ay:-:. y -yAXy: : fE-sNE'UFELbEB, Sec'y/ /  ^ichfieia;"Sept^^^^ '     -."' "IT* "r  A TO AI^^*WHOM IT IJUxt GO*NaERN.  '"Vf OTIOE is fioreby'rgiyeri' thai !&.'Wiliians^reek Bed  ^" Rock'>lume>nd bitch Gomp.ihy, Limited, having  applied for^^privileges: in add]tit>n to those already .con..":  ferred by.';ttieir.-charter, and a protest-liftving been en*  ���������tered against gr������ n ting the. game, ��������� A MEKTIiJG * will -bo  heidat' the1; Magistrate's vOJficCj. Bichfield, on Monday,  the>25th inst., - at noon, at^^ which the members of |he  Humo,co7y-and;those miners who entered the said pro.  testHviirbelespVcted to attendw  ���������'���������-;,"���������  ���������������������������AAXxAyyyxy AA\AAA^.- xy. vm.geo. cox, ;  '���������'������������������-������������������:��������� "'.,'������������������''"���������",Y;������������������.'���������'��������� : ''-,-���������, ���������XAVA^  ���������: Gold. Com.' ���������-,  : Ricbfi^d,.'^M15ept;.|^gL,-_::-. v:.-,:,.^,^-n.-: ���������  Brooks & Patterson,.  G OOD   BEDS  AT   TUB AA  FASHION   HOTEL  i  OYSTERS AT!THE. fXsHIQN.  Victoria, September, 1865.  IS  91 ���������"'   'amjgo'   -"   *;  {OpiaoaqQ, qtt} o^tsoddo ^ooajg ^noronjoApp.  <;oo ^ KaabH A "AA  Sin * " '-  YvYWA������<E''J������MP'; 'J A-K'E'-;..  Bakery,    CoiFee    Saloon!  AXD  LUNCH   HOUSE,  Barkerville, B.CV  A. KELLY, Propsietor.  Evorythtag is dctne'iu'connection with this esUblkh-  meat to give satisfaction to the customers.  Sre'at ATTBACTION!  XX Ay A," EVERY -EVENING;';  FASHION    SALOON!  BARKERVILLE.  fALL THE LOVERS OF FUN ARE INVIT-  ed to call kiut enjoy themselves,  when a  '    heartywelcome will be extended.   J Music and Danciiig.  ���������   Billiards* Excellent RefreBhmezits and the  besi of ordtr obxervod. ���������  .MARTIN & CO.  t. *   .   I    I   ..'  - -    - I- - ��������� - - -   -l      ���������      _'L   -       BUIE  BROS.,  . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS W  LIQTJOBS,  -.*:,;���������;    GROCERIES,  :\   AA '������������������: .>    .���������'-������������������ AX������ ���������'���������   ���������  Or ene r a 1 M ere han di z ef  .      BARKER^LLE.   ���������      -���������"J.V'SI -YIHOiOIA NI   *  A ::Ay'; A- A':A: XSa������)*aVT :; 3IIX ';'. ''>" * A': \'' j'!."'  To the Gentlemen of Victoria, British Coium-  bia, and Puget Sound.  ANDREW; ROBERTSON,  VICTORIA, V. I.,  ;:  AA. .   '';���������;���������.  MAlTHIE3SE^.& 60.,,;...;  -"";���������'; t/-'-''-#!- -'"'-'".' ������������������������������������-"/-. 'l-rbpri'elorV.'  St. Nicliolas^ Restaurant^  AyAA H>VICTQK1AviV^-^'^:-: -?aT:-  y.XXA^A- ;.i Ax,: ���������::-A;yA..UATTkiKSSt^uki<k):y'yA  ' 15 ... AaA.AX'-X: y.->'"--:|   ZMi'iJ   A���������;'.'.���������'.���������:-;;pr*>TirlQt'>r������.''*������������������-���������  W  THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between the  under-iigned under the firm of Mayer & Gronosky  is this day uissolvod by mutual consent, Nathan Mayor  retiring from, the firm. Ti������e business will bo carried on'  infuturo by Levy .Gronosky. Either party, is authorized to collect outstanding account?....'..  ��������� '. .y'v- ��������� ��������� -���������.*;���������_. ���������#....  ��������� KathaV Mayer,  ���������   .'.-������������������������������������ Levy Gro.vosky. ;  ; Barkerville, Sept ISth, 1865. IT  15  VIOTOR1A, V; 1^      ^  > yAy-yA-- ;HATl,HIESSE*."it:CO;^!r  /���������'������������������AX '���������'' A ".���������:- *-'.AAX .sX ^oprie^rs.  rtQYKRNMENT STREET, VICTORIA,- Opposite the  - "UT Bank of, B ri tis h, Colu m bia) begetoisnn ounce tli * t  he ha s j usi recej vc vl Ex Phi Ibmela . from > Lond on,, an d  per Inst \ucamcr Prom San Francisco, Pencil JDoeskins,  Beavers;* Witney s, and! Jitlarge assortment of Engl if h  nnd Scotch Tweeds, West of England' Broadcloths, (all  shade?), kc. The latest ^English and American Pash>  ions,regularly recuive(t; ;-  :;    %,���������   A- -  *'* ANDREW ROBERTSON, ,  .Y:';Ii ���������������������������"'���������".' -y.-'  A: ��������� -i;-'v-- * ^.v'':,*Gtrv*enitQotit,'Str������������t.  In: tho Cpnnty, Court r of British Columbia  yy V.;     Holden r at Richfield,    y  .XfOTJNTY COURT;  *"���������'" '"' :$AA-y: (Bofbre-W.:'G. 'Cox, Esq.) ���������  Eriglish^'C^.'^^  ,  ��������� ActibQ::fc������r<; s*������6I6i. balance! of prpiojissory  note.   Jud^enTby default.  * J Halnspn -/r^^--KQl!er;^'Aclida;:-%f ������10,  arnqunt^pMabpr/ done an;; building an' ioven.  ,,. Cefenrlant had a set off foivboaM which the  Court allowed and gave judgment for ������3 5s.  . "balance ot aecqurit.   The plaintiff aud de-  . ; fendnn't^hf^^jbi^ia'p^-rtaGmifi and theirac-  counfa being complicated tbe Court ordered  the:case to stand oyer till Monday neict for  examination of books in chambers.  ��������� CarYboo"ItospiTAi*���������W* understand that an  effort; will be shortly made to collect sufficient  funds from the inhabitants of Williams creek  .  to supply eordwood arid lights for the hospi-  -. tal during the winter. ��������� So deserving and indispensable- ftn . institution as the hospital for  ...tbo sick ehoiild receive the hearty support  '. "kud mmMnoeof- this community..  ,'  A'  and  IN' BARKERVILLE  FOR  SAL  TEE UKpEBSIGKEB offers the old established-ftds.  taurant and Bakery oariied on. by hinv for sale.  The stand is the best in Barkerville, and the trade attached to both branches of business is superior to any-  th ing in Cariboo. . The house is com mod ion sand com -  f������trtabio,;irtid a considerable sum was laid out this summer in improvements. -If-purchased within" a month a  .very moderate ..price will b������ taken for the -Hcuae anl  Lot, with good will oj' tho business.  ���������   For prico amLparticulATs apjtly to  *"' ���������-���������'-������ "���������*.���������* GEO. MILLER.  i-������   . Bostaurant nnd Bakery, BarkervilK;  AT  QUESNELMOUTH,..  ACONGORD WAGGON, cap-Abb of seating 0 per-  sons; also, a p.tir of AMERICAN HORDES, with  Htrness complete. ***<*��������� tiTms apply at the olllce of  this paper, or to iir, POLLOCK, Quesnelmouth,       17  Boarding House,  LOWHEE CREEK,  PEARSON & CARTER, Paors.  LIQUORS, of tho host quality only, k������pt *m h������nd.  ���������&SF Vak H;7������*e is rituafcod at th������ QWiihfon efcfm;  ^itiv west bank of ih* er&b.- ��������� 7-   ���������  BARKERVILLE, Williams Crbijjk, ,, x.  Have on hand a large stock of the following-  goods just arrive^' wh Ich they will soil at tho  ' Lowest Market-R,iU'S, viz:  GROCERIES,. (Including.' PickUs, Jams*, an kinds  ef  . Sauce*, &c.,)������     .  PROVISIONS,  HARDWARE, CROCKgRy, -:    .  LIQUORS, WINES,  .     SfiQARS, TOHACCO,  STATIONERv, CLOTUINO,  BOOTS  AND -6HOEyt  MINING UTEK8ILS, including  8HOVKLS, FORKS,  DUCK, R0r%.;."������������������."*. "...  FICK&i briv, kc.  'J9Gy Particular attention is ctfllcd to oar nno stock  of LIQUORS, WINES & SICGAR3. .  Bnrkcrvilio, 12th Juno, 18Q5. 10;..-.  RICHFIELD.  ;.Y:.;,..',.-.;   iy IX BAXKRUf^CT,,; .\ v tAy;i -'-A,,.1  '.:..'.. In ri?. IticHARb 0 amsro.nv a RankrupL;..;:.,.  HEREAS, a petition for acijudicalion of Bankrupt-  :; cy, bearing date tbe 17th day.ofe. Augusi, A. 0.,  1S65; hits been du!y ^1 sd by Richard Gameron, ot Wil-  Ha'hvs crock, in the colony of British Columbia, "Hotel  arid lilting House Kocpyr and Miner, ami be Wine  I ioeri d eciarod a.: Bank nipt, 'is, hereby required to *ur������  render himself to the Judge of the' Couuty Court, at  the Court House, Richfleid, oh the 31st' day of August  instant., nnd on .the 25th day of September n������.;Xt,;at  on*,6'cluck in tha afternoon of ench day, and raaka a  full <1 Ijico very n ml d isclosure of bis estate a nd elTcc tft,  when and, where" tho creditors arri to coino prep ired to  prove their debts, and at tho first sitting to choose af-  signees, and at tho last sit ting/he said Bankrupt is r������-  q ui rod to finish his examination. All peftons indebted  to tlie said Bankrupt, or that have any of his cff������?ota,  aro not to pay or deliver the same but to if.G. Phillips,  tbo Official Assignee. ���������  ��������� ������������������'-'.'  YRiollfleld, 21st August, 18S5. ���������-  "*-*���������   '    - M   .  ���������J  MsaOIIA.STJS AND DlCALEJJS IN  Provisions,    Liquors,  And every other description of Goods required  by the Mining communityt  4J������"- Moderate Terms.  *\[0TICE IS HEREBv GIVEN that w������ the under-  li si en 3d have this di-y by mutual consent di solved  part nership.' The business heretofore carried on by the  linn of CRANE & HOUGH will be continued by K.  HOUGH* , All persons indebted to the"said Crone k  Hough aro requested to come, forward and settle, and  all parsons with Contra accounts will send them in for  settlement. ���������'-"���������-  ������������������'.;. SAMUEL CRANK,  yy    RICHARD HOUGH.  Lnwhce Creek, Augr. ?9th, 1865. 14  LOWHEE   CREEK.  General   ProTision  AXl>  IT*  Store  A    CARD.   :  TOHNT GLASSEY, Collector of Rents,Debts,  O kc., having commenced bu.4n^ss, resp 'Ctfuily fioli-  cits a shard of the public patronage, and trusts that by  prompt attention to business/ he will secure the same,  and give general satisfaction.'  v   ;  ���������Money handed over as soon-as colloctod.   *  Offlo-Guvcrnfnent street, corner of Bastion.  R-jfer-noes���������W. ������?.  S. ,Gre  Drake, Eaq.  Green,. Kiq., and M. W, T.  14  ���������WwiMwiiia  situate on the East Bink, opposite tho Washburn^  cUim, Lowhee,  .    EDWART) SHEAItEJff, T'l-rrUtfT    :  Lo^hcfl, July 4th, \Hb. "7 '   -���������'"  . ��������� f. v. LEE,  Anctioijecr, Mining Agent, and ColIoertoTf  RICHFIELD.  ,  ^__r Ail Ag* way. Utt* 1 nws tt 11������ ad������������i to. ���������. ���������. -    : ������������������ - ��������� BARKERVILLF, SATURDAY^SEEK 23, >65  * Gband Mcsio^Enti3etainment.���������The Car-  Jbqp.Glee.Club, assisted by���������all. the.principal  'Amateur^  * ta"l) on the creek, ^ili^ive "a "grand musical  MtertaiiMeri^itfthe TarlorY Saloon; ���������Barkerville, onThttraday^^^nin^next, Ibr the;ben-  efit of Jhe. I^a'ding-Kodm, Camerontoi^ vThe  l: whole cOtoj^tij^ f0T-  some .time.paskand we can assure our readers that * rare tousicaVf treat will fee given.  Theprogramme'hastbeehmade out with great  care and the pieces'-selectedtfor, performance  evince both* tagtfffTd^  tainraent wiljf be.largelypatronised by the ladies for whom reserved seats(will be provided.  -"We ftopctherd* will be a^ large ���������; attendance as  apart Irom the: entertainment itself being of  ; a class to draw, the-object for which the benefit is given should att^  - Tub :WEATHfiB.���������For three weeks past more  rain has fallen in British Columbia than has  ever been known in any. previous season. The  molt"serious-apprehensions have therefore  3een cntertalned.that: cereals��������� as-well as the  hay crops would be- entirely-destroyed;-and  ranch owners bepaine very uneasy. Fortunately; ifo;weatJre������ cleared up yesterday and  ttliero^is inow^ eveiy prospect of a fine! fall.  Som e wag who sym path'ized <������hot Ivise\y, per-  baps,; "but too ^11^% owners  ������rew'up a.memorial fetho fibramissioner on  * ihe^  the unique^productionIhas been handed to ;us  for publication jA'jpf:owko:yie ;do not vouch  fpt, the b authenticity: ^ the; signatures^ The  docttmcntuslheaded.: ,. '; A- ;  .'.'���������'i;!Z:-,J&;������??������W&������- "SB !GCLdL0oMMI88I0SBRv; ��������� -y  .;���������; *'Sir,���������the un arraigned ranch o wriers and ��������� gra zlers  .. in, jyour dis t ri c t wish tqappJyUo you^tOhave their crops  t lI4d overU till ��������� the" conimocceniea'c^^Siftmlh ing;������ea-  ������on,'v y In case .thisA}af not done;wo shall consider the  Crovernmcht T&porisiblo!for'?aby;���������'damage donb by; wet  .  weather or other^ilsualti'es^'-'^'.^'''- 'AX'-' XXX -  A. Ai i" We remain, your obedient servants,-  "Frank Way. ... P.vLaumci?tcr/;- ���������' , v *'��������� ti.; F; Edwards/  M. P. El mora, ,-. Menifee & Voodwardj Av S, Bates, .  John 0:illbralth,;WalUron & Sellers,. AyfAUgiAng Fpk.;  AT6? ill is; application' bis. bo^rypiied ��������� that the: wants  oi" the coun t ry'iro'pcrali vely dema ndod ��������� tlie; ma king of  hQy &nd grainy and he could T not conscientiously con-  sent;to;the request of the petitioners; y He.would how-  r ever agree to give them till/ the 16 ;h of next January  .' to gather In their crops...' 1AAy--r> yv 'AAyXyiAx  ^:HMe .MXNUi&pyR draw1 at  tention io the; advertisement'; of Messrs. Kerr  & Duhig. in; ariottier;^-YCO^mn;Y:;^rhe Columbia  Pale AIe'and>Plpfter ar6 how-for sale both at  Quesnelmouth aiid ;herep and their quality is  unsurpassed, Mr. Kerr, who is the forewer  ���������hiaiself of the Co lumb ia; Aleand I^rter has  had an'experience-of fbrfy  ing business, .and he ranks:.second to, none on  this continent for ability in his profession.  We recommend all who wish<.a: ^  :i% *bevef ageio; try the home hiahufacture of  Mossrfe.;KOrr &;Dubig. ::- -AAy y-:.''. yy        x*.  ^atal AcciOEftf^Tye xegret to have to record .-;a fatal accident which^ tbefelL ii young  man. ham ed Charles Mc Isaacs, on Munro's new  road, between Van Winkla; and^^illiams  "���������cr^k, yesterday./; Mclsaaces was: engaged in  grii^liing^on.Jhei road when a large; tree;fell  oa :him killing him instantl^v Deceased was.  a general favorite: among; \lhe workmen and.  the' ^greatest regret; is felt: air his sudden1and;  melancholy end. J Mr. Cox, accb.nipahicd by  Mr* Fitzgerald; chief ���������constable, proceeded today to hold an inquest on the bodj^ ;    ,  ViCTonu Letteu,���������We invite the attehtion  -of our fellow .colonists to the. very able4etter  of-oiir Victoria correspondent: in this day^s'  issue. It will well repJty: attentive perusal.  The arguments in regard; to the iniquitous  Gold Tax are unanswerable, and must carry  conviction to the mind of every.unprejudiced  individual regarding the unsoundness of the  GoTernment.poliey and- the necessity for its  speedy reversal.  Assault Oask.���������A Chinaman summoned a  white man named Oney before Mr. Cox yesterday, at the Police Cpiirt, for committing an  asaanltupon him in ^his own house. It appeared from the evidence that the affray was  a trivial one iu which both ,partie3 were to  blame, so the case was dismissed.  Cuanoe op TiMB.-rltwilbbe seen by advertisement that the steamer Enterprise will leave  Quesnelmouth for Soda Creek on Mondays,,  Wed-  - AA- - ~IM3^  h % AlV; Ayf'^ rLillboet^Sept.. 14th, 1865.:  y, y. y... Ay.'' >��������� ^-tre NEW mkm J,":''' A 'iX"[ * '  The first:, official report^from Mr. Jamieson,  matfager of the; prospectingv party, we have  substantially- the;'same aceouht as sent,to-yoii-  inapr^viousnoie���������nt iswordeol witfei:dtie  amount of caution sp^a's hot "to create an unwarranted excitement;: rjmlge Elliott arrived  here on the 10th, having heen lour days oh:  the |bacl^ ^trip). (u^tanee^about- |I0(J\ nufes).  From a ^htlemaur who accompanied him I  have the following information of the doings  of the party:::They'first wentMGallagers  creek, where G,,knew^^ there wus:gold, they  prospected' the /banks and, found on a reef  crossing the creek pay dirt which is guessed  at the lowest estimate at about $10 a day -to  a rocker;, .they then turned ithe creek to try  the be"d, brbught up a tail race and sunk a  shaft 18 feet deep, without finding bottom; the  first four feet yielded a few colors to a shovel;  at 15 feet struck a seam of clay and^sinking  further were driven out^by water���������the pump  they made was not sufficiently, powerful to  give anything like a chance, they therefore  abandoned.; the shaft. ! In: the;vicinity were  found several places: on the banks that gave  good sluicing prospects, but what amount of  wash dirt 1, am unable to. say.;   Judge EllioJ;t  b'roTi'giit in! a sample of gold���������it may be classed as heavy-scale gold, more resembling that  from' Cottonwoodriver than Fraser.;-'Mr. Gal-  lager,;oue of -the prospectors, states;they have  found two places half a mile a part' on the same creek  that will pay. at least $20 AuciDig a day. to the ban\.  -J&au&Mr* JimlosftnTwe ;hear he hag.founii "sparse or shot  gold on three; other creeks in the same vicTmKy"v fUe  parly would have stayed and worked tlie-puyable  ground found, bat that i3 riot the.object-Governor &if.  mour granted tha dimts 'for���������they-'seek to establish the  fact of whether-gold exists in: such quantities ia the  district as to warrant miners-coming with a. tolerable.  cortaihty of;profltuble; employment. ���������;)Tokthc present  dates rt;cijlved,;naws may2be condensed as,^'.the creek  first found is 40 miles .long, . double the width .ot- Williams creelc,sh alto w-and rapid, runs through a flat 100;  to 150 yards wide, timbered,on theiiills; ihe party.had  ":' mining intelligence; :;  WILLUMS CBEEk.  sent week ratheF>,slower -; than usual oa "thmi  creek.  .There wasi.considerable "ireshet froin  tbehcavy; ra% bu^  haim;;d6ne4o any-of.the- ciaims.���������The-Ba.ld''  Headco^y'hayetcommencedldnftin^^  The Sheepskin shaft has been filleuVwith water  and-work is stopped^The ^Hiberiiia-^elsli,  -Hit or; Miss and Australian:ic'om'n*arii������������������������^re ��������� of.  Auscralian'compahies are at  work, but none of "them are "taking out'r'large  payii���������The Mor'ning^tarJc'bVy are^till troubled  with,surface watereomingthroughr^-The Aurora co'y are at wortogain in their own claim  and have been taking out big pay during the  week.���������The Wake up Jake co'y are at work.  ���������The Davis claim Is. yielding; moderately.^  TheCariboo, Never Sweat,: Nevada Tunnel,  North.American Tunnel; and New York companies are working.--.ThV3 Beauregard & Confederate, Cameron, Raby^ ForestrRose",-Dead  Broke & Prince of Wales companies are working - and some, taking out pay* "* We jear "that  on the whole there;willr^'e.aconsiderabie fall-:  ing off; in,the yield of :gbldtins month,:a8-the  claims generally .have-not been doing so well  as before-the late fioodsiin the, creek.,' \'2L con-  siu������ry)le|iumber;of;men^ave;left;the creek  during the -present,, week for,"Victoria.;.-';;: . ��������� A  '"' ��������� 'A'*A ' "' ^cbxKMN^GULCn.   t ;.   '���������'���������"- ;-, .-'.;'���������  The Ericsbn co/yhavebeendpingTery%ell  during the^week; and':&.��������� dmrlend will;}&e:.de-:  ciared to-morrow.���������The Saw; M^  550^pz..fpr;theiwe;efe���������Thc^IietffcoJy4^eDeen  getting^ good \pay;since /our^last^The New  -���������-; CtJR^b?H^ojPKp8?A;.^Tho tit,  BuIbsod^S'stidoiificitreatrnentof h^dfojiuobJa.  to cbnflrni^'^^t^ ^Revue,de| Province/  -Am  ..    h "; ���������  f -fe;;  ;y  l  ^nt^eekratheFYSlower.than nsn.l on ti^p^te^^  rator, 4l.a man who fomeHy'Ilived^n thesamo  place as I d id, an d "who was un for tuna J u  Enough to Abe bitten^ by a inad^ddg^ *%otce  time ;after he; fell iilv and very sobh'apjieared  allthe symptoms of bydropfobia^%  came so <��������� violent- that hia frietfds resolved io  terminate his -sufferings'.. *by^^ -suffocating ;\ hlri A'  Tpi accomplish^hat dreadiul design; four:;;of  them ���������extended a-feather' bed ' oh > %$ ^flbpr,  threw the unhappy man\rip6n % and^covenid  him with a EC'cond bed;-on which they placi?!  themseives to -preBS; upph<:i and Empfher birr.  rDuring this"'time his wife-was^helcl in the adjoining room by^spme-of her'^rclatipnav'^Thu  state of this unhappy, woman in aj be iina^iii.  ed during^ the struggles and; gi-oahs"of,,tho  sufferer*   rShe remained- atvfirst apparently  stupefied, hut when a frightful eilehce" had  succeeded the tiihiult; she seemed ^to "break  loose from her apathy; the full;<hbrr6rjbf:tiiy  scene rushed -upon her miiidj.. 'and; "^ith ^  shriek of^deipair,;'she;^,usheUintb;t^:chafe  ber of death. i; With-su^rhumah' torce^shp  threw aside -the!. men',who were ;hpldiiig Jier .  husband down^and pulled.;away .Ihe bed which  covered hiui<'; Life' had;atnibst departed;: "but  respiration i^as soon ' re^establishod,;; audvjat,  ;last he opened;his eyes;;; "Theeffbrts he^mad^ ,  had covered Iimvwith ;sb ��������� profus^a ;perSjnra? ���������  tion that it ran in Streams frdriv tHe^wbole of  his body.    He was1 calm, and; a shortVtirno'  afteiv to 'the/" astbiiishmeht; of ia) i ^resent^aiir.  1  a  ���������%  A  ;Yi  A-'Ap  ' "I1  fl:  ���������*- - y  ki  in  B]Y  A  Zealarid;-co7y haye'^ got^excelfenfe^^^ecJis_ riPuhced ���������thaij' the 'Symptoms ot-'hisSrupl'm^  A  '������������������'4M  '���������',-|  Sulfice, enough lias boen'* found to indupe a trial-^-tho  world oweS'Cvery mi>n a liyingj find he can live there  as*cheap as-any part of the colony. All geld mining  may be'cohsiderod more ;or less:prospecting, a:lottery  wher* courage is capital ;;it,requircs yery. little of either  to try Inck in- this section. ' vou can'look" forward; to  Mr. Jamiirson'shi?xt report, butwe; look;qui^fpr;our-  solves-^spme Chinamen, started1 this morriin^. ...  ���������".-��������� '���������''"' ���������''���������''kiSK'!'pFTaB;>KASEB.';'--.  "The rains in the upper country hayc raised the Frasor:  high er .ilian known at ;this; seasons-it was three -feet'  under, high 'water mark on'the 9th. ���������/ ��������� V. Ay  '���������,y. X.^AhX, ;ACCIDENT.OK 8HU8WAPJM33.    :  :'; A' canoe crossing Shuswap lake with three white men  and two Indians was capsized in a squall and all hands  were drowned. An Indian, whose brother was one of  the ill fated, says they were on their w^y to Big Bend  diggings, -A. .';;'���������:' ���������   . ���������! ''.       .A" ���������' -,', j,.,,:: ��������� A J  . -8TA0BS. -  , Charlry Chapman, of tho steamer Lady of the Vik\  ie running a *tago from here to Clinton. Barnard's  runs as usual. - Dietz k Nelson, of the Express, are  rud ning their stages throUgh-tor.I)ougl*s.twice;a jvoek,:  going through in a day. '  "."   TRAIL TO THBSnN'KS.  ...  , -.; A memorial has been sent down b;y ua to the Govern-  ment requesting a trail to be made to the newly discovered creeks���������by a small outlay they might be reached in three days easily. Wo have no wish to emulate  the notoriety of Kootehay, Big. Benil,'Sushap, or the  Vancouver fizzles for our new gold fblda.. Minars who  are "on it" can. loarii all the information possible^  know they are right, a nd go ahead.    .     ..%, W. F.   ,  Wednesdays aud Fridays, on and after Wednesday next, the 27th inst. This will.be a  groat convenience to; miners on. their way  downcpuu'try,  New "Roads;���������Thi Williams creek road will  be finished in a. very few days' time. t Mr.  .Mnnro has his .contract within 'half a mile of  .being completed* The/ contractors for both  road!* deserve grcit credit for tteir perseverance in gettingiheir work carried on although  the we'athcr for some time past has been the  ���������uiost inclement ever ex'peienced here.  ��������� ��������� ^* There isno change to note in the market prices this week.  .$������r- The Eastern npwsreceived by.to-dny^  Express is unimportant.  Disoragefci. Assault.���������A; most violent assault was committed yesterday morning hy  an idle fellow'named aipon a  man nanied Donald McDonald. It appeared  that the parties were drinkingin Chanccllier  & Co.'s, Lager Beer Saloon,; hi- barkerville,  when O'Neill attempted to take' some money  from McDonald, who was;drunk. vTho.latter  accused O'Neill of stealing $15 from him.  0?Neiil then commenced .a m>st violent assault upon the intoxicated man, and wks.only  prevented doing him serious bodily harm by  a bystander's i n ter fe ranee. O'Neill was soon  after arrested and lodged in jail. The:ease  was before the Police Court to-day and McDonald presented a fearful spectacle from the  abuse of the prisoner. The evidence as to  the stealing not being conclusive, the charge  of assault only was.jsustaiued. O'Neill was  bound over to keep the peace for six months  in two sureties of $250 each and himself in  $500, in default imprisonment with hard labor  for that term. The court auirnadverwd strongly on the conduct of the saloon keepers for  keeping a disorderly house and threatened to  withdraw their license on tho reenrrenee of  ant more rows. The most disgraceful, brutal  and unruly scenes have been enacted in this  house for some Lime past, and the bad character which Barkerville has obtained ha*  arisen solely from the disgraceful scenes allowed in this house. Il should most unquestionably be placed under the surveillance ol  the police.  j^rWe have news from Kootcnay to  30th Ult., but nothing of importance,  were about 500 men on Wild Hors  wages from $7 to $S per da.y;    11  were plentiful and cheap.    The news trom  the Big Bend is not very encouraging-  ^ Ail who dcRir* GOOD COFFEE and Hno Spicw  enn have both by always asking ior FELL A GO* whic  c������n be bail from all revive  eur*.rT1 SfA  the  There  orse creek,  Provisions  v&U 3toro ke*f������ri������.   He  .'y are; making  expenses. '-    ���������      ���������������������������    -" - ' ;;i  -yy..y[  . '������������������' ��������� '.'.;' ��������� the i^ :cREBk.;.^ -��������� "; ���������: ���������-��������� ' -:  ">, rjhe creek to; which reference - w������a mad e;' iii  our last as discovered;',by;.:tbo; Grouse creek  prospectors; is north-east from Cariboo (on the  ���������opposite iideoif tlie Frasbry;;!2pp miles above  ���������Fort George: .: On- ;:^the ; way ythere the men  prospected-; mos|of^the;sfreamsj; finding-/fair  pr'bsp^ccts, oii'.^ some��������� 'ind yery large'-prospects  on others^ They; were; on ithe creek where  "Vaiighan's p^rty-arev 16cated,.!ahdoh itthey  pbtamed good.prospectsy..yaughaii is sinking  a shaft, and^ur;irrfcd^rifcsthi^he  ��������� goo d diggings, f; Tliei^best. ^pr"osp ects pb tain ed  were oh the creek^;the:^st.si^e:^f ith^^Fra-  ser, where they vtooTr^ut\^th^e^  three, bits ;td thorpan;:' They.^illrpturn tojthe  place in. .the winter;wheii^ the ^ftoat; and^snoW  set in and when the travelling will -be' easier  than at.presen ft*:;:; The .rneh thinklar more of  the new district to - the!; hprth-east" as a gold  bearing region than'any^ fhey.have ever seen  in this country before!: "��������� They; consider, they  ���������were about 140;.m iies^CHstant 'from,.Willianis,  oreelc in a direcjrjne.^;. Gn, theirireturn journey  they saw^ a;, numb er of .X4j|^^^.4������. ��������� W o n Id  not-aliowthei white men^o ^^oach'tfietny  the natives were;in;. ajstato/of/nudjty except  a. skin roiind their ehpulders; f< It is supposed  they.-were part ofithO; tribeJ-ttiafe -murdered  poor Johii Rose';        .������������������..*; WAy: i-y  ���������. ��������������������������� A ���������  ���������   '���������'' ��������� "*A , CGy^lNOHAM' ���������CBEEi.';4. \ A> , :' ���������'   '  i The .news fro hi; this creek vIs hot W encbu-  to anticipate  prospecting. A1!iumbei'',0f''Sfe!%taJTIfB������������������ have  been laid over without beiivgjthoroufflilv test-  ed, and very few men.;rem|g|^u;;the creek.  Only oho or twb-conipahi'pp|re 'taking out  p ay." 11 is probab.1 %. th at a little prospecting  will be carried on upou the creek during the  winter, j ;.��������� :au '-���������-���������������������������    A'-**' '-:--A' ������������������ A:yyty  \.   X'-AA..~: ���������.'nntN'ES'CKEEK. %-;-.'-   ������������������   AXA ���������  Work still goes ron upon this-cteok briskly,  and"with the: best of prospects; 'Some companies have lately got down to bed rock and  the result was good prospects. Mining operations on the creek will be carried on vigorously for the remainder of the season. '  ..,   LOWUEE CKEEK.  raging as we won 1 d. wish, or. as, we were led  to an ti cip ate - as tlie result!" of thei * season's  any  :., Novel Judicia-L Test.-t-A curipus/incilien't .  lately 'occurred,..in. a French.criminal cpurU  ���������'AT jourig woman;:carrying a chil3 iesajtjsan-ft;  year old- in her arms,iwas arraign^  stolen -three; ten^franc|piece's frtp;'������the;hp^oj;..:,  of a lady where 'she;' called;;on;ftud *  prisoner stated";iu^her defense that>herjbaby;  snatched the coins frpm}a,table without her.  knowledgei and carrieithem home rnits^ hands ;J  that she had just Ydiscdvered; them there-anoV/  was .preparingy to: go back "With:the ������monev:'  when she" "was1 ^arrested. ;!g The^deftose^:wa% '  thought ^mp^improbaljle^bwiag^tp?^  age; b lit ] the k president, in- ye rderfe ������������������; test - ita *;  probability^ orderejd^one of the:r ushers ^fcojay^  three gold;pieces ;on -the edge of the dock."   .  ^within "the; babv's reach. _;- The moment the".?.  littiei creature saw the money- it clutojied. "tbri *  pieces firmly an d: attempted tof putHemih iu y  inouth. :This,experiment sdtisfied'tbojti'ibii- :J;  rial that the, woman had .'told.the;truthy-and   .  she was in   consequence aco^iitl^d^of ^'the. ^  charge; ���������-- -       \r :,''.':' "'-\:". ^ '���������'-;.<.>. ���������  The Shop ixVovrt.���������yOrie; more;'������qiie8tiohi .  Mr. Parks," said 'a counsel to: a: witness/1 who; A  'hapl).e.ned_to. be a^tailor. ' "Youl^ey^wg^'  the defendant a Jong: time: what are hisfiabiis f  -^-loose or otherwise?"1 ;���������;.- "The o no -he7s 'ocjor--  I ithink is rather tight". uhdbr;:the;; ^rms^n (l:^  too shortwaisted for' the; ;faialJion^V ^replied _  Parks. , "Stand dowh," eairl the counsel;t^vy; ; ���������-  i  'y  ��������� 8  IS  --ill  ��������� u  :X  ,. Y  .A  A  The high water lately retarded mining operations on this creek." Several companies  are at work, but not, wo regret te state, making much thereby*  SUPKKMK COUHT, YlCTOUU���������IN CiiAXCBltY.���������  The EiticsoN Cast:.���������Mr. King and Mr. Wood  instructed by Messrs. Dralvo and Jackson, appeared for the partners in the Ericsoti Mining  Company, and moved that, the writ of 'ne  cs:  M  an     ,    4._  Mill Company.: The Court, decided -that.the  order should be set aside and the writ discharged without costs, and ihe money��������������������������������� S2u,-  000, deporsited wlt-h the Sheriti; returned.  The Court would hear an application for the  security of the:plain.tiils-cp,a| in the,suit in  equity on special motion. -'Chronicle.  Important to Mt*KK^-Aftor a-season's hs.r.l toil  there is nnthing so r^'r.'sl.'ii^-for Uw body -m a good.  Hih   iliirCui. Shami>'ir.n, a0-l Oh.\n Shave, ������H ol  wiicli cm he obLaiiK'd ia ������ flr.^i cl.iKSSiyl^.at.th^isA.N  THE "CARIBOO;SENTINEL"  Car^'Bill "Heads, CiiicularsV Posters : aatS  ; I^^iimmes .for Balls^ and The'a^bit..���������/  * ��������������������������� \ \. "��������� -' ��������� Eiitertainments; "''-/: ������������������ '.- A'^'i."��������� -,  Sxecu ted ,with' Neatness ,and .-pispatch. at tbla Offiee.  "'.] AA., *,^".'T^rras' &oderaieJ-������3J������ ;y X /������������������'>-/.  ������������������**Giriboo So-nUnelr' Offic?, . V  Voek. J  Biu-korrille,  Williams Xr'  rn  PRIVATE   JBOARpiNGv\    ���������  "5 JR, % C. BAILEY, bogs to icrornrhls.tri^nils and  ill th?4u.blic,that.hchas removed from the Orhiins  II-msR to tho A.volo-American. Ho uci., corner of rmm  and Douelar, streets." Ladies, gcnilehKn ������na famille*  viviting Victoris, will ftnl good Board and Lodging oa  the most r.'asona.bl; term*. Also, well Farniihod Rooms  io lot, with or without Board. ,"   14  ,  DANKHUPTOY NOTICE;   ,v  In the County Court of British Columbia/���������  -i. Holden at Richfield;   ;:;  in raxkruitCt. ���������'   .'���������'"���������������������������  In re riA^CH Dcstij?, n Bankrupt.  J J HEiv^ AS.u,. poli tion oi Adju ic MU n of.B.inkr'ptcy,  i* V   ' bear i ng d a to the 1 Oth * ra y of- Aujui *, r s 1SU5,. I������.t������  bor n duly filed by friutcis Dusuh',- oT tvilli.im.^'criefe-,  liccuHCd y ictuail w an d Si i ti t;r, a nd' ho hih:-in& be^-n  'jdcchirdd'. B-niTcrupt is hereby required toi .i.urr?n."air  himself-to William Ger.rgo Oix,   K%, Jtv^o of Mm  County Court, en Friday, the 2Mb day of "August j 1SS-5,  for a iir.st examinatiun, ynd <n "M*iiiiay, the. SJytn, day  of S:ptember, 1S65, Icr.asr^nd ���������rxJJJ>iaatb^.aL.iln*;  hou r of mi in the a fu ��������� rnic n, pr: c fe'Ay ] c n *a ch dsqr,  at the Court House, Jtictiibli, as ���������', "nwlca a full <!isc*T.  ery and disclosure oi bis eRtate and eii'octs, ���������whi*n an *'  where the creditors ar* to conn; prvpared to pr-ivp ths?lr  de'uti?, and at the.Qrrl .sitting tociiOOK? Cr-juIters' A'-  ign������e and cx;nriia,-M.iio Bankrupt.    All p rsi-us in.  rich ted tojtiie Binkrup', or who hsvV snv Af 1 is of-  ii v.-tih cur tw4p \"M\ *a e������0 ^cV*BT- \ cur^m  -..J^'L--J5g?i&ar; " I^afmtffm>nr>'i"amXE ���������'SSWM-ju.ui.. _ .  ^aM;*,'^!^ ,*������,= ���������'t^^^^^T^'tT^ .  THE CARIBOO SENTim  BARKEaaVILLE, SATURDAY, SEPT. 23, ?65  miiir.'v. ��������� -���������������������������..,  : B1OTR0CITY TREATY,  ...    ��������� ...,.������������������    4Xiihe great'commercial convention held  lately at^DetroH, ihe following resolution in  favor  of Reciprocity between   the British  , Frorindes and the United States was unanimously passed.    The convention was attended by representatives of the Chambers of  *  Commerce of all the principal cities of both  "'"' ihe - United  States _and  British  Provinces.  A There is no: doubt that the decision of such a  '������������������.^bbdj:;mii8t have great weight at Washington  and lead to the -adoption of: a Reciprocity  "   Treaty-   We notice.with great satisfaction  "that British Columbia and Vancouver Island  iareincluded in the resolution.  ;Eesolved-���������MThat. this Convention do re-  ,.. Bpectfuiiy request the President of the United  ������������������States .'to enter into negotiations with the Government of Great Britain, having in view the  execution of a Treaty between the two coun-  triesrfor reciprocal; commercial intercourse  (between* the. United .States and the several  provinces of British North America, including  British Columbia, ihe Selkirk Settlement and  Vancouver Island^Abased; on; principles which  shall,be just and equitable to all parties, and  which shall also.; include the -free navigation  -of: the St Lawrence driver,:; and. other - rivers  of British NorthAmerica,witnsuchimprove-'  ^jneota bf; the rivers and enlargements of the  ������������������'"-canftl^&^  r^qdrement8 of ,(he west -ini comclunicating  ^rW^the.oceah^ Ay A"' mX; ���������':.. AAao A>-  ���������f -   - THE BRITISH ELECTIONS. '        :  COLONIAL ttOTEL,  New Westminster, British Columbia,  Hasans. Q&ei^;BSiOTBf^AAlArA:y^A.  Proprietor*.  FORT   MOPE.  GEORGE  la^GVOICJK Oencrar Dealer In  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, ������c; Fort Hope, B..C.  FORT YAIjE HOTEL,  Kelley & Lane, Pi^oprietors,       *"  ^  aOOD BEDS, Good Accommodation and the' Best of  Liqu������rs at the: Bar; Stabling for Horses, ke.  TEE-BANK OP  Incorporated by 'Royal Charter-  s  -VAN WINKLE- "CARIBOO WEST.  THE above splendid Hotel is; now; open for the public,  the proprietor having taken groat pains through the  winter to make it the most superior Uouse'in Cariboo;  Good accom modattohs, with suits j of rooms for ladies  .   tor<private.parties.   Attached id tbis-Hotel is a i  .:   .: First CEASS^STXtJRA^  where can be obtained the most choice brands of Wines,  Liquors. Cigars.-&e:X A:^A'AUi^y:fJ^.   y.-^-y-^y  X  A :>"<...; yN-L. IocCa^bt^ Proprietor, ;  BETWEEN  QUESNELMOUTH AND  COTTONWOOD.  H  RICHARD -S;i > C^RMACKi   V  AS JUST  OPENEJD'THEi ABOVE HOUSE,- AND  would solicit��������� a call 'from^evTravelin^Pubilc,  whoro will be "found a Qobd;Table, Liquors and  Cigars of then nest1 qua lity and best1 brands, y.   A. s  ' yJ6S~,Good Stabling, Hay and Oats; &c."   W-\  '"X----'-,  ;.N..Br^-R."S. 0. vis not responsible for any debts contracted by tue late Proprietors. _ -.- . ,,. ������*m.  ���������  August 4th, 1SG5. .' t    ,'     '/V -" *V-~r ������������������ll_2'f-Y  IN. 12,600 SHARES, OF; %lW$ACBt  i;:\VTiiki "Power to Increase. r  -a Alrattention in England was concentrated   on the elections^ J-T^th^^e?eBiqg..6f-4h?44thi  Renumber -ePcontests: completed was 421?  ;Of these the liberals had*: 263 seats and the  : conservatives %&$l'��������� ���������*-, Compared with the'iast  *: Parltameht the;liberalsr according to;-the cal-;  culatipnsfof theilTimes^^iave lost 26ind4iaye  gainea; 35;seats;" so *'thai ��������� :the^ net /gain to .the  goverrimerit*1 ��������� thiisy far/ has! flbfeen 9;   Liberal  .'gains are anticipated In Ireland, and on the,  "'whote'the Times' looks for a great reinfbrce-  ���������"'-. inent to the'liberal cause. ;[| ���������; ; yXvA  "��������� /The^MorningHerald'only "a droits a loss of four conservative seats and Hrgnes.that*this loss 13 moreapparent.than real, as the unseated members were;conser������  vatives only in name^   There were." still two hundred;  >and thirty-three seats to be iilled mosily ,by the coun-.  : ^ti������������p(ind the'contests Tor these would' extend, over another week.':--; u ���������-.-.;:-y^   ���������  : "i.--.'���������:������������������������������������������������������������������������" ;- -.      A  LordiEalmerston was pf-.course,returned.forTiverton  but lie has a conservative foivhis. colleague instead of a  *"'liberal:asrformerlyl;u,:       "'. ���������'������������������; ' ' '"'  JiOrdAmberly, son of Earl Russell was unsuccessful  *"ai|'Leeds.. ^.A--:,.���������::- ���������:���������  :-.-.".-:,-'. <---'-:-v   v'-       :t .-:-.  Mr'. W. H. Gladstone son of tho Chancellor of the  r^.- Excbcquer,-*had-bQeh-elected for Chept.er.  Mt. Jacob-Bright: (brother of: Mr: John Bright)' and  Mr. Leatham,anotherrelative, had.failod at Manchester and HuddersflQJd irespectively. ...  Invlew of the failure of Mr. Gladstone at Oxford, the  the liberals had nominated him as one of the candi.  dates for the southern division of Lancashire. There  was a close contest in Liverpool, and the result was in  favour of the.two eonseevative candidates Messra. Hens.  fall-audi Greaves.:-'-':   '..-.���������'���������.'��������� A   iXJ\' ,  1 The elections ln>Some places had been accompanied  "withiroiUnff/but nothing of.a serious naturehadocctar.  Ted; and,' on the whole they may be said to have so  far passed off satisfactorily.-'  ^^*.A-man who has long been well known  and much respected in Lithuania .has just  dicd:at Wilri'a. .His name was Szyrael, and  ..4orth������:lastihirty vearshe^haswandered about  the streets ^of Wilrift; asking, alms. In the  cou';*3e of:this period 'he; Is -'said to have collected no less than 90,000 roubles, not a kopeck of which he spent on himself. He made  it his business to-find out all tbe needy persons in the town, and to .give them assistance  ia procuring work for themselves and an edu-  . cation for their children j and his - judgment  and e3cperience were^^suchibafc he was scarcely  ever deceived by a pretended case; of distress.  His funeral j which ��������� took place at Wiina, was  followed by an immense crow^*: V  j^rGen. Lee has accefite'd ths. Presidency  of Washington; College Academy i^ a letter  In which ������e expresses.' the folio wing senti-  ments; "That.Jt is the duty of every citizen in  the present condition of-the country to do all  in his power; to aid in restoring peace and  harmony, and in no way to pppose the policy  of the state or general Government, directed  to that object, and that it is particularly incumbent on,those charged with the instruc-  .tion of the young to set an example of submission to authority."      ;      ���������  "MB3HCO.---Intelligence from Mexico confirms  reports of disasters to the Liberals. The  .stratsgetieal combinations of Imperialists seem  to eiclude the hope of.a prolonged resistance  jyy Juarej.   The retreat of the Mexicans from  '.Mihriahua Js connrmed. It is not probable  that the Liberals can sustain their position or  or persist in resistance without aid,which cannot bo looked for.   The French ^are receying j  ^reinforcements, and are now in a better-posi-  ���������^yon .than.ever.   . A.  :  jgST All who dosSra GOOD COFFEE nnd Fine Spices  cin hflT->.both by always asking for FELL & GO'S wbicfe  j.dn bo had from all respectable Storo ke^p^rs.  rf HIS HOTEL ;IS: LARGE ^AND'"WELLi FiTTED VJ>  Xf.for the comfort of travelers; the Table -is supplied  with the best of everything- that can~bo had, and the  cooking is not inferior to the best .hotel in the lower  country: Bedrooms* for' families:" Stabling, Hay,. and  *atb\rfI%e"Sta^stoiJs;at the IH Mile House over night  on itsi way. down, country..;   :;.:���������.    8"'y:'?:  ;;m^V^COUVER;4SL^      A'AAX  VICTOI^IA^-Baak cif^British Columbia; .;  NANAIJKMBank of British Columbia; '.  4  m "British : Columbia, .;;;;.,;  NEW WEST**CD*rSTE*fciBahk of British ColumWa;.';,,  YALE���������Bank of British Columbia; ' V.    . :  MO*GTH QUKSNEL^-Bank of British Colutnbta;  fN THE ^UNITED ���������&$ ATE^,    /  SAN FRANClSCO-^Bank or British Columbia;  PORTLAND, OREGON-iBank orYBritish Columbia;  AAA-' -yV-^IN^GANAI>Aj::^y'^ :' "���������."'���������:,'''  BANK   OF ������NTREAL>  BRANCHES Af^ENCIES: '    ;  Montreal, Toronto, Quebec,' Hamilton,*'^ London, King-  ston, Cobourg, * Belleville, Brahtlbrtl ���������; Brock-  . ville.Whitby, Peterboro, Ottawa^ Ouelph,;;:  r  ^Goderich, SIratfbrd; Picton; Per>h.;  ^Simcoe, SC3 Catherines; ; V  '���������  ,   ";  ; ^r-"IN::ENGi^^-^  :LrJSDO*N^-Banlc of *tetish.CblumbU^8Vl^inbard 3t.  WlBi&iprm  rls^ftPOEATau ������r Eota������  .CEUETEa. j  Paid;M;Ga#tal, .;��������� i\ A  UndiviSed "Not Fronts;  ^.000,060  :v 6oo,oc>Q  ...':Hr*p .;9*?������h: pjitf er. ,hel*ens; ?la:ce LOKDOK.  aa '":"-.^-r^-?^?^1^1^^^ a-'a'aaa-- ,  ���������SAyt^jkkvcxi^o^f: H.'Gram & #; & Sutherland a&L.  iNw;roEK^'FalterWatsohf-& Janics Smith, Agents"  Bfontreal; A ^Quebec;';? A: ToronW; (    Hamiltoa ���������'  Kingston!   nLondon, CW; Brantford;; Halifax li r,  :��������������������������� y      St:Johns, N.B,;   Victoria,!v. L    7  ,Sl  ���������-" -'AAa^AaA:(:\ .^...AGENTS:,,.:,'   -  ScoriAS'i^Nati'onal Bank" pi' sScotland;.  lRKiAM>^-Provlncidl Bank of Ireland;;  FaA^Jt'^���������-���������MarcuartL.Andre & Cib^Pttris;  AUSTiuiiA-*TJn^on'Bank: of-Australia;;   y ��������� \y"  In-dia,'China::krjArAX^-Chartered Metcantile Bank tf  ��������� ���������������������������-.'. Ihdlaj Lonclon ana China. ���������:.'..,  DRAFTS; ISSUED on London, New York, SanFraa.  Cisco, .Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and on *i  tbo Branches, of. the National Bank of. Scotland aai  Provincial Bank o*f IrelandY "  :,Bills;of ��������� Exchange and ;G61d; Purchased.  Interest'''rib Sflecial Djposits of Money allowefa at th������  rate of a .quartet.- of. one per cent, poi* months ,���������.-.  J&ST Tlie Bank;receives "Qold; Dust and Bars for s&fo  keeping without charge; undertakes >ti6,purchaae and  sale of Stock:: the Collection or ^Bills and other moaw  business in tne rjnitcU States ami Uritiah Provineofl.  ���������'���������'��������� yCTJRRENT ACCOUNTS^ opened for any Amount not  less than" One~Hundred Dollars.^v 1,9 * ?7 \-y.V.s> ���������: ���������  y  y Bills Discounted^ hdrCoflected; tfndr^BHla bf*Exch ango  on Great Britain, SanFirancisco and\New; York" purchased.*-    ';  ' ;';��������� yA A1 A; A. ] :.:  r .r \  -  j  <!t  ���������.  -.'Brafts issued_on?nll the Branches ahd Agencies. yX-  ^^ovenTme"n*On'^ B'oliuHnes'.Tre'ceivea7i"6r safe*  cusiodv'-{' Interests arid,Dividends -coilectcd, *;  Received on Deposit,- or Advances made upon them.  :;:v93;MEEHOIJSE,  \      ;. v      ' 'WALTERS BROS.,  HAVE OPENED THE ABOVE HOUSE fortherecep.  tion of "travelers; the Table is'well kept and the  Liquors cannot.be;surpassed|vthe, Beds are _clean and  comfortable; Stabling .for;; Horses,; ;Hay anil 1 Oats at  moderate rates. *-"��������� *-AXa -"'"'-a   * L '   A'-. ::* A -"." ���������=* -j. -  : Gold Dust Mel ted v a nd: Assayed,- a nd returnd t_t&4������  with in 24 hours in Coiner Bars^ v; ��������� y-yy ��������� ������������������*  -Ores of every; desc'rjpi Ion. carefully Assayed. ....'.'-.���������  ;; N Bi���������Any instructions as to the disposal of tbe pre.  coeds of Gold Dust 'forwarded to the otfica in Vfctorift  for Assay will be carefully attended to: . ,  ^TyiATxTArZA^AAS. AHA -'SHEPHERD; "Uaaager^ "  : Victoria; VI; May, ^&5:;  -  ;   . ,,,,V;. U  Gold Dust Hoi ted and Assayed,; and returns made  within 24 hours'. .���������  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  Cameronton, Williams Creek.' .  ���������sergeant; m^^ ���������: ;  THE ACCOMMODATION,.whic&^S%House^afibrds-to  travelers cannot %e surpassed; the Table;is well  supplied With thWhestlhe market affords,1 and the Bar'  ia stocked with the Purest Liquors^Beds, Stabling,  'Say and Oats,    ,.���������*���������'���������;.,..��������� ��������� 'b  CLINTON CITY.  ���������; FRANCOIS/ CHAPERON,.  AA A%i&m..A^X(xk!^  Whales^'^  -   Vicronu,. February 24, 1865.   ^  THE UNDERSIGNED, haying purchased the goodwill  of the late firm of Guild,-Davin & Co-j will continue  the "Wholesale Provision; a nd ^Commission; Business,' * at  the stbreV corner of Bastion, and, Wharf |streets,- under  the firm"of VWEISSENBURGER' & SCHLOESSER. - Mr?  JuiES;DAVin wfil^act as,Managerpf^said business. The  .business on; Government street:will>be,carried, on as  heretofore-- '^ WE.rSSENBURGER&^eHLOESSEa  HICK?SHOTE^ LTTTOVeQUAREfNEW  f B: G., PHitrp Hicks, Proprietor;- - The a^oyc fa\n  orably known house is now open to the public ;Hhe Bar  is constantly supplied withj the. choicest brands  of  Liquors and Segars. .       ;    .;���������        ...   ������-..������;-,   . -g-^ -.  I-., A, McCREA, Auctioneer,' Whabt Streb^  ^.;.iY^pria, ^ancouver>Island. ���������-'��������� . >:-;!|.'��������� -.?;'���������*   ������������������   \  DANIEL rSiQOTT;:"& COit Auctioneers and  CpMJijssioN Merchants, City-Auction Rooms; Fart  street) Victoria: Cash advanced on "Merchandise, to any  amount, consignediforsttlo/.. iRoierencd-^Hoh. R. Fu-  fcAYsp^ of 'H. B.*Co and Lloyd's,Agjeht.    ; y        1'  J- PV DAVIES' & GO., Auctioneers & Cora"  ��������� Y mission; BIeectiAnts, Fire Proof Stone Builulay,  t Wharf street j^ Victoria^Ti L  ;on;Consignments.-v ctyyi  Li ber.ll; AUva ncos nude  -;.'���������".: *; ., 1 o  YALE, MlTISH? C^l^BIA';;: ;  Hay and Grain-at -Lowest' "^tesj-VGdodSiabiing  Gratis to parties buying Feed. ...'.;. ���������i.?o-..-;Y���������_.:.���������.:;-v'-iY  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  '  i ' -'/-':*        quesnel;"i������"OTii;;'';;;v.:.:..:.:.  ; ;\:'P.'L. JO^Si^F'RO  Meal* at all hours; and ^Cooking of the beat  .   ..-=.,' deseriptlon;-:-. ?:.% -��������� 'A; a --s . \ AX  *^E2E  1 QUESNEL   MOUTH,  BROVi^N ;&M������lilS, AfR6mxm:(msAi  ^ood Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,1  Stabling for Horses, Hay and:Oats.       s  ��������� NOTICE. -   .^rr^yV:  LL KINDS OF DRY COODS.' CLOTHING,   BOOTS  t\. and Shoes, can be bought cheaper at tho store of  the undersigned Uinn^at any other ptaec.invthc.colony.  -Every-iarticlo marked in plain-tlgur������is;-.-rTe,rm^  *N. B.^Orders from tho uppbr country receive prompt  attention.;::;: :y \ ..j.-. y ARTHUR BULLOCK^  / ; s ��������� ' ��������� Opposi te Colonial Resta u ran t,, New, Wei tm ins ter  E_MAE.ES, Watchmaker :& Jeweler,  i'..'.���������;Yates,street,. Victoria,; V. I.,, keeps conT  stantly on ���������- hand. a \ supbrior, stock of Gold^ahd  Silver WATCHES, Gold ChainsV Buckles, - PlatedTWare,;;  Clocks, Y&c. Particular attention paid" to repairing,  Watches and Jewelry. \XAXl ,work ��������� warranted.- f Ordehi  frpni tne.' country promptly attended to.. "A X'-������; U s -,'"���������' V  Fell ^ Go.'s Piire Coffee.  JOHN",P. COUCH, Importer arid General  uCOMMl^ION^  Street^ Victoria, Viticouver Island.. 1 V ������������������   s     f  p OLBSTGNE^aitd BROTHER, Agents for  \X4he'Pioneer Flour/iMills,.'Commission MiacaANTg,���������  Importers and Wholesala Dealers .in Gbockries, Pao-  yjsiOKS,^ Dry Goons,- Clothixg, Boots and Suom, &e.,  two-story Fireproof Build ing; Rei d ������s Block, betw������ca  the stores of Jv Wilkie-.-Jr Cd. * and Stewart ��������� J_- Co.,' Whajf  street,.Victoria.'. .,��������� 'r.,:.-;;*" y:,yAA. .'.''-'">' ��������� -a---  LL'HOTELIER; importer and Dealer in GR0-  i - CERIES^; PROVISIONS; WINES'& LIQUORS, N������.  7 JVhaif s treet,f bet ween; Job ns ton and rates, V Ictoria,  Tan"couyer Islander AAAr-. y. ~y'V ���������''���������--. I ,  THOMAS SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Cnemist  axi> ��������� Druggist, > Johnson street, \ Vic torn, VI, re-  spectfully solicits the attention of Miners and the public in general u> his.Wcil.assorted.stock of pure English  Drugs, Chemicals, and Ptrfumery;' also to his Miliar*  for Rheumatism, which ia ah invaluable remedy tor  this distressing complaint.   ' Vy    y ;   ;>       -1-s.  GIROD& GUICHON,  Old Estabushkd 'General Stors,  PUOTISIONS, WHOLPSAI.E &  .: ^XON. MERCHANTS,  et &c.~Terms most Moderate. ���������  QDESNKL MOUTH. s  "iJPERRODIN,  WHOLBSAXE AND RETAIL PROVISION AND GENERAL MERCHANT, .  Boots* Shoes, Tinware, E&c..    .  .  QUESNEL MOUTH.' a  EDG-AR "BIARVIN,  Corner Fort and Lasoley  Street, dealer in;^EON & -HARDWARE.  A^cnt for  the sale of-! tlie Boston'Rubber^Bel.fsv ���������) '] :'AA        s "'", *  QPORBOBiG^ & RUEFF, Commission: BXex-  O CILtNTS, AVholesale Dealers iu Groceries and; Pro.  visionSj "Wharf stroet, Victoria.';   :-:-;-.;-". A'A'Ay:,-AZrh; ������������������,  EDOAR *& AIME. Commission Merchants,  "Wholesale Dejilers in .Groceries an*d Provisions,  Wharf street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. '. ., .s  T OWE BROTHERS, Commission Merchants  Iu and Importers of Provisions, GrogerikSj French  Wines, Liquors, "Havana Cigars, NavaI Stores, "Rope,  Canvas, Oars, ���������&&, Wharf street, Victoria. *  I?UOENE THOMAS, Tates street, Victoria,  ]y?. Wholesale and ^Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIS*  BEERS^&LIQUORS of every description. Goods fer-  warded to the Mining Districts. Y V'\IAA'.. ���������; i-s  .   KWONG LEE & CO.,  COiVTKilSSiON MERCHANTS,  &a|wters and Dealers in ;CHINESE GOODS, Rice, Su-  :     gar, Tea, Provisions.  QTJJCSNEL   MOUTH.  HIBBEN & CARSWELL, Importing Book-  SELLERS & STATIONERS, eonstanily supplied and  receiving from best sources, School, Standard, and Miscellaneous Bookstand Staplo and Fancy Stationery in  all its Branches Corner Yates and Langley streets,  Victoria, Vancouver Island. s  BARKERVILLE, B. C.  ��������� \  E. C. GILLETTE,  A LBION IRON  WORKS,  Victoria, V.L,  IX Mjinulacturo Steam. Engines and Boihrs of all  sizus, Quartz Mills, Mining Pumps, Flouring Mills' Gang,  Sasb, Mulay and Circular Saw Mills, Iron and Brass  Castings, and everything connected with the business.  j A .-,.;��������� SntATT & KRIEMLER.  CCOTOH HOUSE. A; McLean and Co.,  U Hosiers and.General Outfitters. Miners and  others will-find at tlie Scotch House a splendid stock of  Clothing, Boots and Shoes, and Dry Goods of every des-  nd at very moderate  s  cription, all of the best quality, ant  prices.   Fort street, Victoria, V. I.  F   YOU     WANT  BURSTER. :���������  GOO������    ALE    ENQUIRE    FOR  ������������.'. jwj iprt-fc v^ttfe oftjr trad<* fab*j ve r^cn pkcTspg':* \ tng dato  ROBERT EDWIN JACKSON, of tho firm of Drako k  Jackson, Government street, Victoria, Solicitors,  has been duly appointed a Notary Public in and tor the  Colony  hand and  T M00RHEAD and CO., COMMISSION MER-  O ��������� CHANT.S and Importers of Groceries. Pro-  visions, Produce, &c, Wharf street, Victoria-, v. I.    s  THOMAS ALLSOFt '} and Agent and Gen-  J. erar. Commission Agknt, Government stroeL Victo-  ria, Vaneouvfr Ichmd.    ... 8  JOHN WILKIE and CO., Merchants, Wharf  V  Street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. s  HOT"BL BK FRANCE, Victoria, V. I.f.Joas  Bione axd Pikbrb Mi.NciEy, Proprietors. The R?a-  Uurant is supplied with all the delicacies the m&rktft  .affords,. In tbe Bar ytiXX be found tho choicest Liquobs,  Furnished Rooms, &c.'!' X'XA'rX 1-3  /^RELLEY & FITERRB,  Victoria, V. L,  AJ' Sole Agents ,;for Napoleon's Cabinet' Charapayne,  Pietrcsson.de St. Aubia Champagne dry, Bbiiche do dry,  Jules Muram-Champagne, Eugene Clicquot Champang������,  Bokers Ri Iters, Saihseva in \s Ca li fornia Wi ne and Hit-  ters. Hostettcr^ -Bitters; Bancroft Cider, Lognac Clar������^  G. Preiier Claret. : A large stock of Bonded Winea,  Brandies, "Whiskeys,,.and Liquors of every description  alr,rays on hand. Greixey te Fitrrbb,  Importers and Wholesale Dealers,  ���������__��������� mm' Junction Who rf nnd Johnson a tree w.  REMOVAL. J.: L. Jungermannt Watch-  MAKER unci JEWELER, has removed to the Fireproof Brick Building;, witbinono dour of Wells, Fari:������  & Co.'fi Express Qflice, vates stroot, Victoria, V. L  s  D^ICKSOn''1 CAMPBELL' &c CO., Cominifl-  sio.v Mekchants, Wharf stroet, Victoria, VaDCou-  vor lahmd.. H, ^. Dickson.& Co., London; Dickson  OkWolf & Co., San Francisco. e  H~ENDERSO"N  &   BTJRNABY,   Imrjorters  and Commission Merchants, Wharf street, victoria,  V. I., and No. 17, GraCecburch street, Iiondon.        s  1? ilALLANDAlNE,COLLECTOR &GENERAL AGE>T  !/��������� Government stroet, Victoria,Vancouver Island.  GUY HUSTON, Dealeri.vGtTNS, PISTOLS, Fisi  iva Tacrlb, PpwnsiR A: Shot,,rates street, Victoria  JULIUS LOEWI k CO., Importers and Wiiolssai*  Deali_b8 ; Agon ts lor Til ton ���������k McFarla nd Fir������ ������������<*  Burglar Proof Bafes and Vaults, Victoria; V. I.        ������  KWONG LEE k CO-, . Comsjisbio.v Merchants, Importers and Daulcra ;n CHINESE, GOOD?, R'cG������  iSugar, T������a, Provisions, &c.', Cormorant stroot, betwwn  Government and Douglas streets, Victoria, V L      *  "^"T. HEISTERMAN, LAND AGEOT, M <^v'  eminent street, two doors soutk.of Fort stress  Victoria, Vancouver Island. *  SUTRO & CO., Importers and Deai������������s v*  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &c, S K������  ^nd^^e&o^or?^K^ ^J2222 I ~ ������f ���������^ *������* "**������ ^^V^U  . . . ...     ,     -.-        -^ ,^w premises  UMy occupied by tho Mayor on Broad stroet, Victoria,  v. 1.  ogle* hours 9 tu vd. to -\% una a y. m, to 10.    0 ���������  LBTWUS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, yatbs street,  tori}, oppvfittis Bunk of British N-jrt'i America.  Vif  /*���������*


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