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The Cariboo Sentinel 1874-05-16

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'���������/-':'"-'.  ^llE:Ci|I15p SE^TKL  ! ��������� fiffi. PuVHsbed every/Saturday by -.'���������/���������".'���������:  r: 6 b .b kt ^ "up x l p w k . y ���������;���������������������������  Subscription,  - %  25.Cents' per Week.  - RATES OF ADYttRTKlXG./.  .      !  .  Tor on e sq aa r e (0 n e I a ch), fl rs 11 n so r 11 on, -   '$&  ".;.':.- .-��������� y;-/ ..'-'-.-���������'���������       .ouQiiltmlh, "��������� ������y   0'  For t'wosquar ca .11 r'eiIiisertioh, f . -""������ ��������� * ,   6  ��������� *���������*;      one mouth] ��������� ������������������ -   .-y.'������������������-��������� -' .*������������������  '     Agents fo r tli o *' C arib o o ��������� S enUriel.*'  i7 .y���������/;.:/ ./��������� v"���������"���������c���������-������������������"--���������  Van Winkle,     .','-'-  .'     .  ���������Quisiidnioutlv,  Mfnln Creek, _   - *  tMKiton, " ���������. ' -��������� y  Ynle,:     ���������      .  .  fixiv WeslinluBlnr  Victoria, . :'-     -  X.'P.: Visiter,'-.-  0  Street--������������������"-������������������ yy--'  ���������   . v    *.    Uh'lsay.-  ;.'.'��������� JUrnnrd'K.Kx press,  : ���������    ' BHrivmV.B/Bxpress.  - '������ .���������'.' Uura'a^rd's Express  !y..'     ��������� ,/:--"dt������! ;.'"������������������    -.du- fi  :���������  3n\m Murniy'.:  ���������y ' JI r 8bit iwsp^arc  v>.     Saii Pr;inotwjo  30 Comhil 1, UrniIon. K. 0  :     .  VHB.vAU'IBPX) SBNTISEC  ' "  \7a r'^a;' ,01 re ii 19 i'f? yFtMj e vp a n c| l>r o 21*3tri n t ca f o v  yf^i-,/,fiBulls uu^ l'hcutiJcal;Entertahimeutd :,;:/  fiO^^si^i^iiei with heatiiV^aii'd diapatch.^g?  .yy. y"!������������������!���������'.,: !"'.'Terma moderate.   ,. .yf.     -..-1'  '/.;��������� ���������������j?y;".^l t1'*";!..;;, ��������� /"rmm,"T^../' '...���������'".".". :" y. z*'1 ���������"������������������^ .������������������","**;  '      CARIBOO'������������������' EXPERIENCES*  .':?' ��������� ��������� --Tbe-'-fnUowitiii (rraiihic and ;/a!mnRlng; naiTar  liv������ Vtf: they*f-������������,xprenences" of an ."infant^  ?4j ill er an <1 m i U m afi i n/ Cu r ib'oo  ba's  bw  ^hauriwii.to. ue. fr������r pubUcation. ,Mto are in-  ���������fi������rnuwl that wh������������ii *1 ast aeen1 the!Il infan'i. was  .p������*rchV'(l oh lop of a birjre pile -of ^awrl.ocr?,  p ������n jri h jr hi 11 k* , m oat "tn 1 fch i n 2; man per the. foly  .' \������wi njr cliip let of tn.acbj ne-made poetry;  ' ���������' >li. I 1 ��������� *v*������ 1 o s j ti -rt t"i; a - pi I ej'of Ba w-16g8 J'  !;Fur, Jar/a way from h^la/pf y kewtons!' "/  -DsMt-  Eaqlk GniikK.!May;3;yiS74./;  ;���������*   * -*   When I arrived  be re N^r-^ .Tt'qiiesled me to take charge of a  tea 1 n fi- a) Ih 0 ii gh I hi formed, bi m th a t������I w us  totally l^noViint of the ditties connected with  sthia responsible poaUioh, to which be replied  X vat I would soon learn.   So I waa compelled  t to accepi the task. >   :  .  ..yMyy.first;intro'duibtipn,'.to-the noble "kew-  "lons^' was1 by meuna of ah ibatrmnenl r������*  eeuibli.u^ a.-cross bcUween a .wool-carder and  a ira'rd������ti rake,   1 had siibcee'ded in sciapii\j*  uway aliou11<?ti potiods'of;hair olVone of the  cuyooshes, aud, highly elated with my skill,  .proceeded to scratch j)U hind legs, when he  let out iv kick which, had it.takeu effect, would  y at 0 rice have ar rested in y w 0 r fdly c a reef. T< |  -escupcthe kind intentions of LuiubPC one, I  J in mediately jumped oyer. to the o ther bide>  and narrowly escaped/goulng^my left buujpa  ctit off by a shatrj c'hiihk of steel attached to  the hooPoT number two. ..'���������������������������  1 theh begau to think'that either my feci  were top large or the stall too narrow.) so 1  crouched into the smallest space possible,  near the manger, to await further develop-  opmehts, which, I am sorry lo say. did not  assume a more favorable appearance. Number one still kept lashing out his heele, and  the other brute proceeded to follow his ex  ample.   1 did not'know what to do.   I cried  adorn niy elevated; brow, I felt that the little  mi pleasantness might terminate fatally.  Fortunately 1 happened,to see an opening  through which /1 hey; ipasaed thef hay 10 the  manger. (Quicker than thought I darled  through the aperture, and after'.roas?uriuff  myself tha11 bad no bones broken,^proceeded  to inform the gentlemanly;mahagef of thftea-  Ublishment that my interview With the fmry  atiieds bad n01 been:0f a very friendly natnre.  a i\d' l ba 11- preferi*ed resigning an ocen pation  which, was'"ipt conducive to longeyity of existence, ���������.-.'^���������'.f '���������' '���������' ":- "���������'' ;'���������" A  : Next day I was put to work in the sawmill.  1 find.thai the bnsting of saw-logs at T2ag  cveek ia.based:a good deal on agilily and  Ppei-d. ��������� The! man who toll0t/s it n p te pretty  sure lo become e'iiher an acrobat or a foot-  raCHi\ /The logs hie piled upab6ul fifty feet  h igh; h n d how;: or by' ��������� wh at ni ea ns,' t h ey e v e r  g 0 til 1 eniiih er e is a p 11 zz\ e wh i ch; my child like  si m pi icity; bus. pot yet so 1 ved: The: li ih 11 b i ng  in, the tnoniiiig is 16 start Ihe log?, and the  next to keep oii t of their way, ���������a.'fc11giit v 1 r  ciinisUnco which is. Very; apt to y re tide r. .the  i iisu it. n ce 0 f a perso n rs li \e._, wi tb a; co in p ah y  ���������Mi'���������'uJid^Alrit.Ulo.;Ri>e&Hl^tlbii^':'^T!*&;" number of  side.jiimps and bund-spcrngs Pve accomplish-  *m1 .in 0rdeiy to; ay 0id btj.ing cnished to deatl 1  w 0111 d d u h 0 li or u* a first c lass ��������� Uni p/oz������ */ p ������*r  former. /Whrtt-with paying greats atleniio.n  in tviI'ninjr the screws^ to avoid niaUitig una  uke.*, and the '.precautions 1,'musi. observe, to  ke<*p 'my feetoiit of ran^^tth%v6uw'  y������u  will  readily perceive  I hat-I have, as much  ���������ibxiety on; myvmihd as/lhc: pi*etuiev of an expensive country, ���������".-.'  ; Kug 1 e creek ia ab0nt tw0. ��������� m 1 \es -frovn Van  WinUleV It i^/heinuiedin.belAvefln niouniains  ������ltd; sti i/rbi 1 nded b y a d ense fate* t.. lis j��������� ro-  diiclhms are 8^ mosqui  toes!in suuuner. yli/ the latter were a market  nlUe.co^ ������f l'ie r'c^:  est ;places ! i n Ihe world. [Here the w ri ter  c 1 o>.es ah ni p i i y what we sup p ose' would have  been .an elubor'ate' d escrtp tion of .'.the ; 0tbej;  su r r <������11 n d i n gs 0 f ��������� Engl e c ry ek. ; Can se���������a e 11 in -  inons to dinner, when the more nffreeubie  t.isk'of " mashing'7 a few ,k early .roa*.*s,? could  bo indulged; ih.]   y       ���������-':" v :  ���������MISCELLANEOUS.  Appointments..  7  Provincial Secretavv's Office,  '*lth April, 1874. /'���������;..:  Tlisi Excel 1 ericy the I^it������uteha 111��������� Gove.rnor  has'bWm pleased lo appoiut the following  ^entb'ijien. lo be Collectors under tho pro.  Vision? of the **-Qualification aud Registration  of Voters Act. 1874 '.T:���������  Electoral Districtof Victoria City���������It. Woods,  MISCELLANEOUS. .  E'ectpral District of. Victoria District���������James  Mcllmoyle, E?q.  Electoral District of Esqmnvalt- J.G.Viuter,  --���������-E>q..r y- " ���������'  Electoral Dis'rict of Cowichan-RaU Sprin?  Ishmd I'oliiii? Division..F.i^oord.Ksq.:  Oowichan'Polling  Division,   Archibald  r;.'l)cdS, Esq. ;/< ;'.  Electoral -District of Kanaimo���������T. L.Fawcett,  Electorol District of Cohi6i%"R. II. .Piddock,  Ksq.  Electoral District of New ^estminstct; City���������  ��������� Adolpbns Peele, Ksq. ." ��������� ' "       .  Rleciorfil District of New Westminster Di&  .    tVict-Durryrd   Inlet  Polling- Division,  Jonathan Miller. Esq.   Xw Westminsler  *n$ K*u.lh Arm Polling Divisions, Adol-  p.lui.s'vfeele.'-J&q.   Chilliwhaek and Su-  nVtss iSSlihg Divisions. Donald McGitli.  ���������i-lvj^y.:?E%;', 'Langley PoIUuk;D.Vvistoni  'Jiuni's'-Hi.ck'ie. Esq.   South Arm Polling  Division. W II. Lad net, Esq.   . ���������    . .-���������  Electorul District oT Koot������*nay���������Perry Creek  , and WiUl.novseCreek Polling Divisions,  C; Booth, Esq! /  Electoral District of Yale���������Yale: and Hope  Polling Divisions, W. Teafcue, K������q.  Lytioii Polling Division, George Coxod,  E������q; ������������������-  Cache Creek Polling Division, J. Camp-  hell, Esq.'. ���������." .  Kaiuloops -Polling Division, J. Boyd. Esq.  Nicola Lake Polling Division, J. Clapper-  ton. Esq.-  ��������� Okanoean Polling Division, F. Brent, Esq.  ���������Rock" Creek Polling Division,/Barricgton  Price, Esq.      ' ���������;'-,-  Elector*! District of Lillooet-Ltilpcet Polling Division. A.:W. Smith, l^q.;  Clinton Polling Division,CE.Pope.Esq.  panne  Creek  Polling Division, R. P..  Kite hie, Esq.*  sWpi/a.1- District- of Cariboo.���������Richfield Poit-  ..;Lji    '::':i Division. James Lindsay. Esq.  >/jV L'^bimug PtiUing Division, Samuel Ar-  :HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c.^  a-  ������EG TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE REMOWU  IJ to.the spacious premises formerly kuowa as t;.������  St. Georgo S-iloou, where they will be ul all'Uwv'j  premred lo furuish   ���������  IV  5t.  prepared  BOARD    AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST  the   BAR l^ furnished with the finest WLNKM.,  LIOJJORS uud CIGAHS..   ' '  $12 'per Week,  , Tel? o'ui r     ,.'...'  iwUlbamahafactttWa and. sold by ."Wholesale and. Ro  uU in ita purity, and -  Iffar*  uors  'con3tariu5> kept-on hand*.     .......  Tho Lodging- Departinsrit  will be always carofullf attended to. and theb^sl  Beds ������ud aeconiino'dation provided'for������th'eir ens*"  towers rielfl  ///.tEA.&PlKEIKS'  ,  ....... ;Oelebrate:d  A.yyy !  ^  WORC EST ERS HIRE    SAUCE  ;'���������:Doelar.ec!by Cuimoisscun 1.0 be  '!     THE/ONLY   GOOD SAXTCE^  out \\\ro\ wo!' in trembling accents, and  made use of tbe most seductive language to  propitiate their anger, but it was of no avail.  To ray bewildered Imagination tbey seemed  'to be balanced on their front legs. At a  pinch 1 think I would havo preferred being  entangled in tbe 'machinery of a small steauir  Iboai; but, if my fondest wish could have  been f>ratified., I would rather have been  8eat.ed iu the Antelope, mashing a lew early  rose potatoes. 1 felt perplexed how to gei  out ot the dilemma ; hut when one of tbe in  ftwdtt/ei blood ctirUlingaaap-afeUltf lock* that  Afii       clier, V.H[.  .Qiiosneimouttt Polling Division, A. Bar-.  low, "Esq! .;'������������������ .   -  WiltiamV Lake Polling Division,  Urn..  Pinchbeck, Esq,  Keiiblej Creek Polling Division, 0. Hare.  &q-  'Omineca PolUuy Division, F. Page, Lsq.  mv9  Van Volkerifrorgh & Co;  Caut*on agamst Frand .^Tfi e siircrss 0r tli  mosi ilelicjnus aud liaHvalled Coirliniriit hnving  oaiifjed certain dealers to apply Hx'tmnK'-of '���������Woreos.  t-.rrslure aauoeM to Hioir c.vit inferior Ofrvpnumi?, the  puhlic is liereby infovtheii thai Hit only w;iy ������.o pro-  euro Uu; genuine, is to . '   ���������   . . ���������  ASK FOB ��������� I/TSA & PER.RTNSv SAtTCE  and to sec that ihoir n.-uuesaro upuu the-waarTta  ).AB5:LS,8ToriMa{.aiul ijuttle.  Sinne of tlie foreign mnTkct? having been supplied  'A-11U ii spuritms Worcest������rshircSaucv.upon tlie wrap  nor aad labels of which the ii;mies 01 Loa urel.Pijt'rtas  l������:ive been forge*!, ],. and V. Rive^uotieeihat-th������v  have furnished tlieir oorrospoinhnitp willi -power rti  littorney to '.take instant proet*edhii������& 9/tiain.P.t ma^i--  PACTUitKasund VeNDURs ul sueli,.nr nny other imita-  lions by whi c 1 itlici n*lgli t ms* y htiulnnged.  Ask for LEA*& PERKINS' Sance and see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wheh.'?al3 fin I for nxpnrL hy the proprietors, Wr  ^j������stm*.; (SrvMao h Bhckwetl,- L-^nion, &c,, &e,;   ft^������d  hy-Oroc^'s ahI Otloiw auiver-milf, t...   -  5  1>  Tl  BARKERVILLE,     RTCHFIELD  -Asii-  A SUPPLY" O'iMflK  BEST QUALITY OF EBEffl; 1EA18  ENGLISH DRUGS!  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES,  Chevalier's Life for the Hair  COUGH L02ESGE3, &c, &c  j&r Teeth carefully Extracted and Pilled.  jS^** Prescriptions and Fataily Rectpes ro  cuvately prepared]   * *-^;  UarkerviM Nov. 20, 1872.    . So23  2  b  xpress-  or  LEAVES BARKEftVI LLB DAILY at % AM  '    AND.' '  LIGU'TNIKG CHKEK AT 2 Pit     ...  ALWAY3 0^ HAW;  Palace] S2 ; for the i*onbd trip, $&.-  treiebt taken ������t low rates.: .  fell  "X.>  rmssmnm WM&$  I'lI^iSENo  -Arh-  NBW ADVERTISEMENTS: v^  tf^n^p^-JtA^'ie, 1874.  !���������������  RAILROAD.  Ud-v&ntw  oa4 ae,vira published in 'out Extra  >e  ti-cfv^ay,  ���������&V. ft:  and supplemented in today .a  y abort synopsis/of the Government,  "-':. fu^tbV'cobstrnclion of the Canadian Pawn's ^-Rsgi^l^^^^l^'" ^"s������f^&������|^^p:-'^^]^i������i������|8r: - Jp������?.������������i������ar  Which can be relied on as definite either as to  the "route through British Columbia or the  :. time of the commencement pf the: work of  constructfon. h[.calcniajed^to restore tlie cpn^  fiden|e;of"tho^"wfe  intention pf the Dominion .Government to  * Keep"faith with. i{iis Province.  The Govern.  ment bad, it would appear, decided pn:fixing  the route via Tete Jaime Cache, with the Tep;  jninna at Bute Inlet. :But!,lhis infofniation,  gires^ui no jdea of ;the exact route by which  fie Hrie Woii Id y reach ihe coast^ astbere are  eeverai',wnys from the Cache by which" Bute  inlet can lie reached.   The first> by way of  the North-Thornpson, -sweryingi;6ffCfr������3mJ.Wat!  rirernehr the" Clearwater;   passing "between  the Clcarwate^andMbe Great Quesnel' Lake  ibence through tho Horsefly country,'crrs-ing  fhe Fraser at'some'point near the mont.h.'of  ih^ ChilcWen river, and thence to BuldVnlet  The secpnd is to foliow the ; Easte$rb/ancb;of:  |'io 'Fraser down as far as Fort" George,  nnd  ibence' 'across to , Bn te"' 'In 1 eL\ %\\pu there, fa  the route by wey of. Castle river and Dorain-  ' ���������'    '-'���������   "''-.-'-,-   "\    fi  '   '"'i - .'"^      ������yAA     ".''���������>   '  Ion pass; thence,;'  -%y  "-y  NOTICE.  :.-.$'  ���������i  t.h.e'Avan.b.ojp;.c_,ojm:.;vj;>  crossing the Fraser near Alexandria.or'QiieS'  c tl ii- ps of thK "A^ or'tlie ^3he" route being  "adopted wntii ail ''Am ftrveya mefipom  p\mtd,' The interests'of. tbe Domini'pntmay  possibly'clesb in tlis ^lewtion of tbe *oi^  ������n& terminal point witb Uupq or the more  settled portions of the mainland ^Victoria.  rpiTE TJNll^RSinNEn HAV13 FORMED A  *���������   Partnership for general '��������� trading purposesy- to be  known as B^EDY.& TOWHSEND. "  v ^ ;;;      -j. c! nRRnv.  y-      -   .-J,,    v ���������' '-'    -    ': ''    *. '  ' A. TOWNSBN P.  VanWlnlclCj May 1st, 1874. my 16  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  fi f yfi: ���������-''���������''y'AAA A: fiyyy' fi   ' ������������������   ���������'���������.-,��������� .������, ��������� ���������;','���������,  %-The patronageyso'llogwifiy oxtehdoil to the ol 1 flrr  13;r^spectrully^o]icitftil>fnf the nowv      ?;roy 16,6m^  ve" ��������� -yy..: '.;-'.>' \y?y ;,r.'���������.''.,y'ii^y.*-:''*yV*-;y'*-:  V-   !;v --���������"������������������ ���������  S EPAU ATE SEALED TENDEKS. endorsed  ^^ ^'Tender for Section Onp.NinolaVnlley  nond."ahd "Tender, for Section:Two.Nicola  Vajlev Road."* will bo rfe'ceived '.fly the under-  signed up to noon of jfondav. theSih of .funn  next, for! the const met ion of a Waijon Road  from iVoodward's houseAm Cook'������. Ferry :  Section-No.l.extends from Woodward's hoiise  to In d ia n Ca m p -, abon t: t w o ni������I esoel P w Lift! **  Johnny^, and, Section ft" from the- 0������bip !^P  Cook s Ferry;-;   y; ._ "::';' '!'!' '.v  ���������.   /.  -'Pians lind Specifications ''-can-', be s<*pn nod  Blank Bonds!ob labVed: at the residonee of Mr  A, Robb, Nicola VatW: at the jaffow of the  G 0 V e r n in en IA ge h ts at K a m 1 po ps n n d Ly" 11 p n.  a n d a t th e ofR c e of the La n d s an d Wo rks De -  pnrlm en t^ Victoria. :i  En cb Ten d er mils t be n ceo nii nan ied ��������� by n  bond duly signed by th<������ con tractor ���������hi.m^lf  ;nrid two; other^ the  Province in a pen:il sum amounting to flit len������t  one-ihird the enhtmet price, for the faithful  xiomplelion pf the work;     ���������        ; y  ^ NO TENT)ER WILL BE ACCEPTED' UN  J#PS ACCOMPANIED WiT.tl A BOND AS  ABOVE.-,-'-;: ������������������     fi'fifi\: ^   '  fi<'  The lowest or any Tender, not. necessarily  accepted. .; !  :; -- ROBERT-PEAVEN.  y&rfi- .Cbief; Commissioner of Public Worlds.  CHnccessors to D. Kurtz & O 9; f J  m,fi^:  Dry G-bpds ^n&   ! Ibthing,  j8S*'.aU Goods of the Best Quality:!i*������4 ������t th������  Lowest<Prices. .!:.!;-; - ,!���������'' 'A "AA  n������rkervilK May0.:; "'���������* ,. myOSia  ^Tr-.o''  ^m^g;^::^,:;-::���������;IX^AmBpcyj:. i!;���������.!''���������'-;������������������������������������;.���������:-\-tf������������������-' ;.  WORKON THKQ.B&AILROAO  Finns',-Is a,comparatively easy wf.'v of-reach  Sng the!!coas^ybut the !termjnns^onjji';?bft  j'.V"  ' "* ' "''"''""''"'%',: :"  tl  Steamers.;.,!There -'are!also serious objections  . <o makibg-Biile:iri]et'J-ihe terminus.   Naviga-V  lion  the  whole'���������-way,  from   Cape'  Fmtten-  through the long harrow straits at tl?    outh-)  era end of Vancouver Island and  alongwlts  eastern   coast  is intricate s and dangerous;  Tins together with the  rapid  current ;in  the  Inlet itself, with very poor anchorage, would  make they terminus! practically jnaccosSiblelo  *nytMpjr..feut; steamers.   Then bridging the  atraits, if* it is found-practicable-to.do bo, for  th������ purpose of making -Esqhimalt the terminus, over 150 miles out of the course of  ' vessels engaged An tM,PaciOc and,, Asiatic  trade, will be considered a grave objection  -���������yysyy^yyyyy7.'iyi:yyS\yyA4    ���������     . -  -  v    --'?m$    ,-   ������������������������������������       :-���������   . ���������  MmMMXk, - - ^Stanley,  ���������y''~yyyAy-yy'rs.yyyyy.\4 -;������������������--'���������:���������:--.��������� .-*-'���������-- .-.��������� yy-Mzyy.y ���������������������������������������������-. -������';'-.7-  ^-^:^.;y,!53?/. -rr^vv^y^v::'1.;-;.-:^.; -^-,y.^-: >^.-:: r*^&^u ��������� ;-y.���������--:���������:'.���������:.."'. ���������-���������'  Is at iiis i fi t ��������� ��������� >.an cl, a n-i Is prcpatad to do  :';AlL;:kinds of work in n'-is line,  Sii|r!lIit^!Sft^#::yg  'prbroptly^artistiCLilly. an! at the lowest going rates.  -NB-=)y;^   a   LATHE   on ' tho   premisop,  3    TxLjned 'Work made,, al specialty.-"  :fiyAAyyyyyyAfifi-yymyiQ^mfiyfi. - ,., ���������   ������������������     :  yb^-'Tea* and  , by ..railway, authorities, especially .when.by >ls prrp^red to supply Milk.y> lihnt* ai ilyry.,vr  : ��������� ;^- y:i;Ky^y.y-%^-yy yA:ypr^:yfiyy������yyy 'at".75^Ceixts}; aud- to ;H6t?l;   - -   " ���������'*   "'��������� ' ;; ' "  tunning-across the,Island to Barclayi ^nu?, Q-aiiS^  on the west :side|through ;a^  harbor, open at al It seasons from the ocean;.  nnd n'^arer^to';-Ghina:tb1ftb ��������� any^fpf j the  p or te in tN^!^ratts,^can be oblai peS;.  ' Bmnruni^y  leave ;:tp-riiprr������iy  Iand-������MrAi ������Toynsen!d.!of:t^  & Townsehd; and; Mr John Slater of !tii5  rouver cp;;���������bbtb -energetic and! siic  Lightn'Ing ereek minera. ] Their fr|enid^!  them a pleasanttrtp and speedy retur8|^  Lkoau^H wijl; be  telegrams that Mr A  known to ciir readers as a reliable and clever  yoni% lawyer, is!on his wayiiipio-fresjiirie.  practice, in' Carl boo, and may be expected to  reach here in eight or tea! days from tbe  present date.   :_.v-       Ar:rA'A-''y.:-fiyyfi  The RoAns.^The; Road Shperin^ndent is  busily engaged ln^inakfny'.prepaia'tion's,5Kl'get  the roads and bridges in tlie Cariboo; district  5'i gobd prdei*.   A contract was lefc^ohWed-  ��������� ������t ���������* day ] as t tp,}fr Sa mu'el Walker j tie; 1 o west  r i: A dor, for the c^nstructi on. of.fin add i tion al  t?ft feel'--..to the Barkeryille bulkfieadv which  *V1 prevent the road at the lower end of the  ���������^'���������'WWiyAAA-fi  ;rjpHE /KONKEEB ^MILKMAH, ^fiiin^J  1   old sUmd on  ���������0^fi"&GHT^mO  i* s-t .60  y^f  Lands and Works Dopartment, ^  ���������.-��������� Victoria: 30ih April. 1874. - my 15  Vi  Public WMce.  EA.mt>!TENDE5S;;ENDpRS5P:i-'tE^  der tor Nicola River Bridge;" will be  Received ^by the nndersiuned up to noon ol  ���������Mphday, the Sih day! of June next, for the  construction .of a l|ridgtV-across .i.tho Nicola  liiyer iiear^tsjunciion with Thompson River.  y'Plans aiid Specifications.' can! be .-seen nnd  Blank* Forms of Bond obtained at the ^reside n ce o f Al r A. R o b b. N,i col a ,Va 11 ey ; a 11 he  office ot the Governmen t A gen ts a t Iva ml oops  and Lytton, and nt (he' office of the Lunds.  and Works Department,1 Victoria.  ^^Eacb Tender must! be;; accompatded; by.a  Bo nd d ii ly aig ned by t Irs: cent ra e t or h i m so 11  anil two* other! responsible residents fi of -v'i he r  Pro v i ii ce iiia pen al. sh m am on n iing to r t  least .one4-Birt!;,b(:.!i^^nli^t-!'piicei/for-il^  faithful completion of the work.  NO TENDER "WILL BE ACCEPTED UN  LESS ACCbMPANlED WITH A BOND AS  AKOV.^ -.'-.:���������������������������'!���������������������������''���������;    "������������������ ��������� [ .     fi A  A  , Th e' -* o vv es I or a ny Te n d er ri ot h e c ess ari I y  accepted./ , [fiA.fi:_.: A'A-A- fi:  iA/A''y:yyy:'yy.:    ;EOBERT;BEAV.ENi! ���������  -..-.���������.-. Ch F������ f Co mm Usio rier 6: f Lab d3 aud: Wo rks.  HAS OK HAND  : A WELL-ASSORTED STOCK!0?  G ROC ERIE S,  PROVISIONS,  ffiyfi'ii^  OLOTKING,  PARENT MEDICINE  COME ALONU WITH YOUR CASH  ... -y -y'r-v..:: ;���������;;���������: ; :���������.���������>' ���������:iymyft;..yy:.'--:;\yi.;  uea;t;!J  ;v,i:  p * n d s and If 0 rks De par t vae n t,  ;.y Victoria,..3oih. April,- >'ri'7iy  mvl6  iififeSlMBAEJ^  notice:  M-'tbe!'mattev'of the. Estate and"Effects of  iits,can ne oDtamea;     . ^^^  ^RK' '^ViMD BY lTH^ f ^DWARD |I. KIM BALL, deceased.'  "TT-"^'*.     ,. ,   '���������-','"     M\M*^dersi^^ for tbQ    ;: -v , ''"'���������   !     ' , !��������� 'i. XX'.PEIISONS V^HQ ' ARE INDEBTED-  ^TwO.moreof th&Inckyon^*:y;r.^V - y   '*y ���������- ;r������..        .    ��������� J-^<  to ir,6 ���������������^ve Ksuie. ur-.-��������� p-quirsd  to pay the  ^o������;^A^s^,^^ ft.,i|jjw*a*hvi ������t������p said  Ksu.teare rquirwl to  P; ; -^:j3;|Q0k of ^Goods  ercln,'onk^lthIeyCr������,,ek,.   :     '!   .  i^A coin pj .oie.". lay t'aU'ry., of .tli o V$t ate ony; Koi t! d ^y  u������lv"XjBy.>T-  of tho satiio'c  irfjifi-Jij  U-<;ji* vu'cun'o. only proved, on or before  Lh*i 1������ 4ay ol July,' 1874, to  CfilAS, K. rOOLEV,  y-Official Adrhi nisi ra tor.  Du.5'1 VicUSr's.lfi-April, iS74. ., <  ���������  ir i * -1 re fi*r<' s>r o to . t li ���������"��������� ��������� t: ��������� ��������� ���������������������������''������ No 11 c *, T h r r-"b y f? 1 ve  fTlie $lvOOQvO0O Loan  WO.V'T tXTJ-.RrFRE WITH      ���������  CAMBIAN PACIFIC BilLPID  TEREINUS  STOltE^  . Q-aesnelmouthv B;G.,  Where there arostUl plenty, bt.thft licit brsn^ysi.  .-���������/..'* BritlsbCplmubUy.  FLOUR"' 'A:-yfifiy: '��������� '-yfiAA'A'i        'A*?'?'?  L1LLQOET, BEANS of IS73,  And other Farm Produce, at VERY LOW RATES..  ifi        : ' Also, r general assortmotit of  GROCERIES,      >'  ;^:'''s';'!v'DRV''!'''-Q"OOD'iS>:;-'''.vv:-;-'  BOOTS   &   SHOES���������   ;  fi&W. Commi^.iOi), St������;ragoaail JFiirwirdlng buMnasft  (iou-i at n-usonublc rates.  ���������; mv3 3in' "' ��������� Jf Sv REID.    ,  !      .STANLEY, L1GUTNING CREEK,;  "���������    SAil;y?iUfi    ;. -r   .;    .      pnnpRiEToa*  Board, -  V $9 per Week^  Single Meals, 75 cents.  !  ������?������������ TheTaclo furnlsliod with tho host the m*rk6S  aflunSs.. ..,.   ' my-lfim!  .Greek l������isJ)een;tak������lTi by -thp un.tierslij  ������6n wtshthpfto in^p'>ct orf?et a cop v. oi  au-ap^uj^ uiiner/^neil, or' ibroVc! ;    ^lfifificliT'fi^ fi U1'   !:"-v7 ^"v1 ,'3f'-v/;v,c  ���������     i,' ���������������������������':���������' ^^V^e stock at the Ste oil Koithloy Cfcek.. -       i w:''^; :i,!lt ' |j U{? lf "I! ! ;;   i: tcM ^'P"!y 0,,iml A l  fi<������en yhj Olir yViCtpria ?fCopH������s of th������ Invcntorv may btomen onnpphcatlon   "':aiAT tT IM *,lu*L4,vf:* ''-    ; :������J������d ,lH ftm������uptt ������J������e  . fen; Davie. SO well   to Mr.BaU^Wft'-'Mllo Pest, on^dto'Mr Barry, fcirkB of  !m; a,!���������;!;S ^l'!;,;:,v   '"..' "���������..! ^t0 .,nu������ '"> *?1  A    -ty -;���������-.*���������^ -."*���������/" - Qu-'sni1!.   ".'-v'-.-'? ... v*   *   y    mto*',"! my w*'s.. li*'   grille, on or but ore the  Tendors to be sent In on tho basis of tho Inventory,'  and any gootls soil up Ho date of Ti'n������ler being itc  c������pted will bo deflucted frijm the umotini of tender  at-Baricervillo wtenjlis*'! freight to K'iLhl'*y.  The highest or, any Ten dor not h ccc^nrily accept ed.  SralOfl Tt'hdors will he received by the un hrignod  nt his oftlconi Barkorvillc up to noon on tbo3Qtu day  of May, 1874,  '.'"'��������� flEO.. BYRNES,  Peputy OlDclal Admiulstrator.  Barkerrill^ Anrll 2S, 1874  my 3  1st d<  B  ,:������!/, IT.  'GEORGE BVIINTS.  .*   STANLEY, LIGHTNING CREEK,  n. McDKItSIOTT,   '-''.-    '.*"'    rBOfBTKfdft, .  sr|r Tbe boct W'jn"*, riqnnr.', and Cigars at thS  B:ir. onl all visitors made happy and comfortable.  mv3 dm  Jt,  \T0TTCE TS HEHEBY GIVEN" that a TMof all Par-  L\: pops liable to.pny Road T-������x for.IS74 within tho  RichHold Polling Division ol fori boo eaa bo.vsoea at  tho Codrt HJuse, Richfield.  ��������� ���������-, JAWmLTHOSAV.,  Collector or RoAd Tax.  fitohMtfi 7&xawry 14> -18*4: ioye-ha  Success to the    Sentinel,"  ALSO TO THE  t:  AT  LAST,    H  Where as usual almost everything can he bought at  moderate prices.  tigU-All fclade of Brass Work done 89 usual.  BABICREV1LLE,    -  Auctioneer, Commission  and Mining Agent,  SER  JE8*GoorlB rccelvo',1 and stored in FIRE-PROO'B"  CELLAR, nnd liberal a<lvauces made on same, a&  re'sonnhlf rates. y   my 9 Om  SURVEYING-,  PARTIES     INTENDING     TO     A^AITj  *- themsHvos of the new Mining Law nnd to pufc  chase their ground, can hnvo tho Survey of the sam*  and-Maps mad? hy addressing  CLOT. O, #. TRAVMLIidf^  I Til  ���������I  Wttm  trifiXOKL  ���������  Hi  ISM  Hot  -act a?  Cret^h  will;  the It;  fori hi  pprm  ncrib*  in ad  Ip^^^^llp;-;'-.  iHfHIei  ���������    i   A,,i  V- v;.,maRU.M  Sfr.^  'UC������  Md  ���������ivrt  ' i  wii" ������.hj������mwuii������ii i" mi���������imwcwmnMlim^ i.ixi  BWSMBBB������S?mG^5S3 <i   ���������  11111  WM  'Mm  ''Ssf&Sm-  flillilil  mam  ���������  Hi  BBOTCTBB  ill  ^yijwWi^WhWfil^^  THE GAllinOO SENTINEL  3:  SATURDAY, MAY 16, 1874.  Notice.���������M r'. Li n dsny,. of Van Wink 1 e. wi I!  net as agent for the Sknttnkl on Lightning  Creek, and alt orxlers! left witb that gen I lehien  mil be: promptly attended; to. Parties a*-  the 1 n wer e 11 il ot; L ightningdes!pons of sub;  , per Jb i0'.%"."������������������ wil I ...bl ease lea ye their- b rde rs at M c ;r  #ermott>/ Stanley. Sent by Mail to sub^  ���������'*cr!ber^aUte;rftto;of$  fa advance* -.��������������� , . . -.-:!   ,i -." .,  A'A-fify" ACCIDENT. ":;y!>;'  \Jplintbnr May.';". 15 ���������M r T wentyman,   from  pog creek, who was accSdentally shot in  the  Jeff seine tinie ������ince,ivill arrive tu������re to-night  Ipljjll 'on the way to New-Westminster for medicul  ������������������  a'-aUtimce.   Parties whosaw hhrisay'he will  WM ���������AS3IARl-TIIE REACTION COMMENCED.  Hi -      -A A  pfimi Victoria, May 13-Tlie steamer California  ^$81 failed:last night for Wrangle with 300 p<\s-  |||������������|j senders, some freight'and.stock.   *"'  London. March 13���������The Czar and Grand  Duke arrived at Dover this afternoon, A  great crowd of people escorted Inem to the  castle, wiiere they a rri ve d I h is even!ng;  , Romp,May 13���������Tbe Pope to-day received  a number of Cardinals, Bishops and other  digimtaries. In reply to the American Minister, be-animad.veriH<t seyej'ely. on the manner  in which1'ihe Church WaHpHf8(*ctited.1 tierfev  '.;-��������� London, 14th���������At a m^������tmgof th<������ C^npi'i*-'  <ra ti nil a 1 Bonn I of Ed ii'tfa 1 i on 1as t n i c h t. Si r  Charles Reed read n pa per wh rm ly praisi ng  the Ariieri ca ri system of education; and ex;  pressed a hope! i t won Id be; exce lied \ in ;Eng  land within Wo general ions. .  v A Times special says Genenl Concha! has  orders t������ hold troops in read iness to mat ch. ���������  The Queen gave a state ba liquet on the 13th.  to tbe Czar a ii d Grand y Duke. M e in bets of  t h e Roy al. Fam i l y���������. a 11 d Ca b'i he t we re preaen t.  The Czar will visit the Empress Eiigenie on  Saturday,      fi. ������������������������.;.������  Paris. 14ll���������Th e VD uko fie Brogli 0' a c cepts  the charge of the Left and extreme right on  the Electoral bill, and will make!a motion for  its dissolution.  *-���������������������������<��������� .'���������" ������'������t ' ���������ag������  -**-*���������  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  son full owed wilh 30 --. passengers 1  mm  Ms  . The steamer^Isabel. arrived this morning  BR with eighty miners IrornWrangel. They re-  mm port so niuch stibwoii the^ creeks that /.it1 is  ^R \ m: noasi b1 e t o p rOs p ec*. ; P ro visions a re y**ry  HI:.nc arce.'! A fi* w',' c I aims a re . p a.v.in g ��������� w ������11, b 111  I the ill r t baa to! he...ihnvediibefoie washing, 'fi'-_  I The stea 1 nev Glenora was;.stlagg'ed. '��������� mn. the,  p tic keen-bit t go to If-, a gain. ��������� 'Qfi^Ay'A^ '���������;]���������',';/  I -Kjmi i- .ni e 11; were d rpVri ed by.; the, u psctti ng  ||>f acano'\ ^  ft Ah Oregonian! n-iiiiediJiimes Trook; died  g^m bleeding of theJting9.\s: - A - fiAyy ~':fi:..,  ifcfi     "y.!      VICTORIA. , .. ' ���������'  ictorla, May 12--Dr; Pn well, Superintend*  of' IndIun.Iii"JBTiirs,-'and M r: Lanahan. assist"  i^arr i ved i n to w h on Sat it rd ay fro m O't ta wa.  jJK- E : M a! I an d a i ii a has bee n a p p pi n t ed p ay -  pier i������f the militia of British Columbia, tb  bV'.*s Lieutenant.  |?VfrJihjice Gray, MrPoniey;1 Registrarinnd  r .A- ���������' E. f V Oa v ie. barr.later, wh o w i II re pre-'  n? ������h(vCrown at the forthcoming Assies-on:  i^?Msini������tiidi left this'b6rnin'^ibr.;,|lU������V>ippisjr  .on it ry.' :���������  '      ,- :   .���������  t h'* An derson. w j 11 lea ve for th e SI ickeen^j  > t be vswAy paH 0f next wee'k, tak ing;a lot 0 i j  *a*\r \>AUiu\\-* for (he-mines.-'.'     '  fifiA.. CVlif������rnia':': ami^ Oregon ��������� stages:, corn-  nevd���������'!o'>rsnmin^Ji.tne on .:li*t;M.������'y/;m-ikinj?  .;    ;   WiriTJAMS cukek. !��������� '..  The hydraulic claims are bus? piping. The  Cariboo, Cartie, Independent, and 'McP.li'ersnn  companies, creek ciuims, are working with  ���������ftiir results.-': -'' ���������yy -A'-  '' ;y' fi_ ������������������"',���������: ; >;ANK'& iortz co.. ' -."'  The Lane & Kur 1 z c0. wi11 start their water  wheel uexfweHlc. ! ;."  rfi     fi-      ; cox run qui.cn. _ '  The Co fa; and Q n t ari a co m pt, n ies d rp wn ed  V>iH } will pat up maclunerypspoonns. they  c an ge 1. f h ec Han i cs to d 0 ;!sp. Th e. Ferguso n  bo. will commence! washing-fiext week. ;; : V  ifiii  ���������': ���������:; ���������-:: i ���������: p ������������������ ���������"; A M1^ c^f^.; ��������� '.-.���������-.;��������� ���������'!;;,- ;.;':-y' ;>': "fi.  A- the Nsspn! co., got ��������� a; ffiir prospect this  week ; th ey! h ave :i\ si ig ht. increase of wa ter.  tiiid it is neoe.sS.ary tp:niake, Spinofi-al.teratiens  i n tire le ad flii ufo i n n rd e t* 10 ir ive ; i n c re ased  power to the. wheel. . The. cl ai m I nnks we II,  a u d the com pa n y is sang ui ne !o f ge til ng go od  v*k'-::-A: ri;���������������������������'���������������������������.y yyi yyyyya.-  %  ���������yfi'fiAy,- ..LTOHTXISO CHBEEi V' Afi Ififi Afi:  -.���������'...' The.C7<p������tel 1 ovc|(>, ,hVi.y������":b011nirierlOli.fijj!pTti0'ft'i;-  (be rnck' pi I chip gin to .tlie vcreelt.; iThe.Yii_l Can!]  have siOppe.dwVi^  a fi d  \itk pHra fo r wash 1 rig! y, Ad a m; ;1?; jss'av i 1 i  jw:% t week';, s tart: p ros pec ii ng i n thef E(d 0 fad p  v^iiim.��������� :IIe wil 1 commenceht thepi^nr-wliere  |:.t'Tje pay1 gavo,ont iii the; Eldorado  and -.-broke  H '<jto. \ he Koss 'cl ai m. ! Tlie !;Ro83 bald Tp ini ibis  \ fcoint 2Olo;25 035!ytn the!se|.\anil:fi,ftth-tiiaKnp  a     ������     i-i r ��������� ���������- -   ���������.      1 *      x,i    j JH dj<l uoiyp������v Imtfah^Z. .Ibthe set;  Mr Ros*  ir 1 r������..������ inn vv 1 > ou ra Trot n rai I road to rn 11 ro ad.  ���������-   ?. i.   -.;;. t ,v i 1  \ ;; 4 -. i ;r' ���������������������������*���������' u a- ������ ��������� ��������� ��������� - ��������� a. \ ���������������������������������'������������������  "     .������������;���������������' ���������    ; I-' V   ������������.,;' i-;: 1      a ������������������'������������������������:���������  ������������������'������������������: - ��������� -������     sH 0f op10r,> 1 tba?. 1 ns 1 ertd o|   Ihe ..pay t!iK.1 ng  1 n d 'i-K ��������� h *������u rs r a m t he ra 1 ro ad  te r in 1 n u s 10 ���������;���������;     ,���������?;'.;>��������� .- ���������s' i.: v v; *;... \ :. ,16,. *��������� ,7'' - --;  i     --mi ���������������������������������������������'n ���������������������������������������������*���������       ^ m       *m ' t-ae : creek iimbi. sue. point, above indicated a?  *������*kft    The ��������� .:Ba*tern mai a wi 1 c<������m^ over ��������������� ^.   u ������  !������������������;-':'"'y3^v.;7v'vRJ)Al>3:'; 'f-*.!i!;.!!: ���������"/"  ! ���������! Emf on!SKXTrxETi:���������We hear of many roads  '���������Hitcb as Hi������ road to fame. the road 10 ruin,  the broad,and narrow roads,;aiid many others  ���������but t am sure that to{tfavellersf and: Cai'K  boo lies t heroads in this upper! country must  st and for t!iy proVninently.. .When they thihk  of t lie ni- wha t p 1 ensa ri't. rec< d lee t ie ns tnust rise  ia their minds of the splendid tiighways that  jidorn pur; djs iric|s, those mai ii arteries ot  cpiti merce, bu wliicb the ;unit^d energies and  talents of road su peri n ten dedts. and gang  buases baye;ibeen expended^:leaving them  n0 w to us as. iii0n11 men Is of erigineeri ng ski 11  and 1 ocal si.ou?lis of desp0nd;; on to which the  1 i > li t- b ea r ted, team st < r gai 1 y I a tinches; h ia b ark,  but ere Jong is fuin 10 exct aim wi 1 h \Volsey���������-  ;--   '* -;-    ���������;������������������,'��������������������������� -������������������lI have ventured,  likellitle wanton boys that swim on bladders.  Tli is m a ny s ii m mers iii a sea 0 f gl ory >  Cu t f a r bey 0 nd my dep tb : n.y big b-blown  . ������������������;:���������  pride    ���������      :y     ., ���������   .;'..,..;���������    ��������� - ,Q.,.  A t length broke .-under me ; and now baa left  ���������; fi.-. ��������� mefi A- '��������� .A.-' !::: "fi: ���������.'"- -';:':' Ay' ��������������������������������������������������������������� a a -.' ��������� -. ���������  Weary and bl d w it h service, to t he w ercy,  ,0f a rude,atreain, that must' for ever bide me.  Oh. hovy.!^etche<l is that poor mativ  rWbobii lis does punch .for livelihood,  Or wrestle wilh a four bbrseteam K;  Fe w a re h is. p io fi is, but his .eft I'ses many;   .  iSo re a re h w 1 im b a a n d fa int his bear 11   -.  A nd: he can, only Say : * Like matrimony,   fi  Tliis.inay,.provea"me;anB^ AfiA  Shades of Macadam! can we wonder at.ir.*  TiiK Wkatkkh.���������As the present spring is a.  remarkably early one for this mouhtainona.  region, it is perhaps well to chronicle the fad  for tbe information of tbe outside world, and  also for the information of those unhappy  CaribooHes who have deserted us and are  now shivering and shaking with cold in the  frozen "regions of Cassiar. Not a particle of  snow remains on tire road between Barker*  Viile and Richfield, and the side-hills are  'merely dotted here and there with remnants.  of their winter garment/ There U at present  every probability of tbe road being open for  wagons between YanWinkle and Barkenritta  in about two weeks* AYihnot brought bis  stage as'far as tbe spring on Thiuaday, and  as the Road Superintendent will have Jack of  Clubs canyon shovelled out as soon as praer  ticable. The first through trip witb a wagott  was made by Wil mot last year on the 18th;  June, the earliest since 1863.  Peas akd' UxAna.fERATEn���������The gm*  Paddy 0'Hare,tbe Pioneer Milkman of Liglit*  'i'iing Creek, advertises in another column tbss  prices at which he is prepared to furnistt  miners and others with tbe plire and iinadiil*  terated lacteal fluid,���������as pure and wholesome  as any u mother's milk" extant. The miners  ���������babea and sucklings of Lightning creek will  rligmitipn.and wrath;fliliiigyllie souls of;these jno doubt sing songs of joy after reading this  hrftKless^wights, wheb ail"th.e,re:i$!t6:sbb^.16r.  a Aid t) '��������� i 1 v. '"r^m S an !Fi'.a' 11c isc 0 \ n *te^ d. of'-, b.v  hrfiAn ������Uiiuners once a.week as all winter and  "?Uv;   / RAILWAY: NEWS: !'v-  "V'ic'orla. May  12th���������A! Standard special.  j ted: Q\ l ttu'u, May 9, says the Rdlroad Dill  h'ble's the line\ intri :four. sections.   First,  o m B ri t ish - Cob 1 in bi& to Fort Ed mopton :  vr������ F>ut Elmonton to Fort. Gai ry j   from:  ort CS* r ry rp ��������� ��������� "Ni p ego li Lit k e';' fro hi Nip ego n  *: :Nip!s.-<ing. with branch  lines from Fort  r ,* i fy to I5emb.ina and .the..Georgian Bay ;  yd  from" I he: Georgliin  Bay  to   Ni pissing.  ��������� TiMegraph Hne.is; t<>be constructed, in ad-  .m,;e:  The Government mav build the rail-  u������y jis a-:Dprubtthn.-.pnlilic work, or contract  'lib cop t ra c to r s to Up il d! o w ii ' a nd pp era te  Lb** ral I wa y. The cmjlracl orB to have amou n t  >f interest at o per cerit. on bonds redeemable  ������\\ 25 years.; and. 20.000 acres , good- land per  In J le,   Tb e :.0< 1V er n m en t b as t b e r i g h t to p itr-  haw the railway, at 10 per cent, advance on  ithe'CM^t, y.'v ���������:'!'���������!;''!! :���������!! ��������� '  A.sacorid special.says, in addition tp the  above the Oo-ni'itii'on Government will grant  $10.OOo bond * per mile: of railway built  y. Senator' Car rail presented petitions from  1 vvvComelius Bryant and others of Somas,  H&d P. G'lllandersand others of Cbiiliwback,  *g;j-ui������i ihe aaie of liquors.  KUROPE.  Mad rid. )<fi\y G���������Serrano arrived tins after-  ��������� c?on, ������������a-.l was .received with great enthusi-  vftfl. The Ri'pub*.ic-:.ms are marching on Dn-  nasn.   Concha, with his command, was to  ];fim iVjitpt-i to-day. l-lstella and his hand of  WH-U at Valenci.i w������re defeated to-day and  V.l) killed.  Jtt reply to Sir Henry Wo 1 ft, Robt. Bourke,  tha Foreign department, said the present  i'en)ra������nn had not considered it their duty  M������ke steps to cutj into execution the sixth  ������������������tm of tha Treaty of \Y mhington.  ilie coal mitiarA in Durham have yielded  'he term* of employers and the strike is  ml  , large meeting h^bcen held at Manches-  ;n favor of the. liiieaOvbltsthmeut of the  fitih Church. Oohhvisi Smith presided.  Am wHrem h* favored, the "application of  i^mroh endoyrmeoi,( to the relief of ihe  the -v creek  j hliving pai^ao tittle, it will be! found ,in;, Ilie  oldforT^iii-Hi^anriol of Tjlg|Unin<r,in thehilj.  80 .fo'y uobi^jj^ hare been;foundfipn.i-Liirht.  iii tig.' and- u i%^be^ iuuied. -that i*e ^opinion  fo rm ed b j *in j������h x"a n e s peri e n ced!. m i ne r a s  AylmnRoss wiS^ypfpve. .eprrect.:..:!AII - The-'pay  1 n g cl ��������� > ii"liis bn , bi ;������b i i 11 hg ii������ vi ng ahn t d 0to n  until alter high'-��������� ..v-aier,-'we; hAve no wash-ups  to report tbiisweeV;,,".-.;. .  '.' ��������� '-.;    PK-TO^fyJjKKK:.' '":-'"  Chas.;P>rpwh,,Ja*. MMhivR and others have  formed. a campai| y fit\y (oe 'pnrpose of pirns.'  pectins: the deep ciianse) in ibV lower end 0'  Pe t ers creek, Tb e c<> m r; a ny ii as s e cured; t h e.  Ross p������mpf and fcill comm'enc!o operations  next-week:- /,..'  -.-���������!���������-  =.-; fiU'GAit-C^^ : ''-"'  ��������� Mr R ob ert W y I ly.. w h 0 it aa' w} a (ere i a 11  al one on th is creek. !d u ri a ������j t h e |w *��������� 1 .vv t n f er*  informs us that be has 'recently d!.<co>ered  what may turn out to be a very rich .Qhartx  Ledge.   The ledge is about 25 feet in' width  and ^prospects very well as deep aa he -has  sunk, a depth of 12 feet. The best prospects,,  however, are found in the centre of the lode,  in a red decomposed quarfi.   As hijin as $4  to the pan'of very heavy .gold has been ob  ftained in it,  Mr Wvlly has returned to prose  cute his search at ill, further, and on his return  In a few weeks something more defnilte will  be known.  th 0 usa n'ds ei pended year after year are fi khy  q 11 agmires yclept roads.  .Put, air, this sjate  of things is not "to be wondered at when we  reflect oii the manner in which these said  roads are made.���������patched with rotten logs  and slum J -though gravella better!; lowest i p  ihe middle, as though inviting the mountain  i-illa to make their" courses there;- culverts at  most impossihlit* points ior the. water to,run  otf, and perched t wo or three feet above t he.  road level, lis'if subsidised by blacksmiths tor  axle breakers-;- bridges sinking at the ends  an (1 I o p*sid ed. (he Ve ry p ic 1 are of decay;.  cr i b bl i ig fa lien a way or t ied 11 p1 wi th tei egraph  wire;   and  last; -but  not least; impossible  grades standi11 g - as strengtb testers f0r man.  and beast. - Oh that these hills and holes, culverts, si reams, bridges and cribbing bad Ian!*:  gmige, wUai>tnles-would tbeyrtell of broken  woJ5oVs'"'affff^he*drt^'-!6^  EanroNTOUS Firm.���������Tha atieuiinn of the  public is called to the advertisement of Butch  & Brown, VanWinkle. The.sweetly-sound  ing, musical, and cosmopolitan Rrm names-  lb itch & Drown���������should, barring the attraction of Orst-class liquors and cigars, draw  crowds of patrons to the " Lightning Exchange,"  ROBKRT30NT,     BuCKSluTTff,    StAXLET*��������� The  artistic manner in which this son of Yuloan  operates oil iron and steel is so well known  that it is perhaps only necessary to record  the fact that ho has the most complete blacksmith shop in the district. Mr Robertson has  a nice business, and being an excellent  " Smith," who e������n wonder ibal on te ao well  volumes of curses, and blows with outnumber! Ah/sir,JvHla brighter day as regards  t h is. m at ter ever il awn on Cari boo T- Shall we  e v ;*r vv hen goi ng- 0 n a j on r ney, b e ab le lob id  our friends good-bye wilh any certainty of  ret 11 r n i n g, a nd leave them ��������� f ree fro in* the d read  0 f fin ding our hapless corpses; ip sorae^ thud*'  hole, our Iftatswords written on a paper-col7  far, an awful warning to travellers f We pray.  !..If:- our:���������:roa!d^meiri,':in9tend of doing-surface  and tern po ra ry wo rk. w ou 1 d oil ly d 0 i tin, a  p er m an en t m an nei\ ey e n i f tbey d 0 no t get  oyer..so much -gro,nnd, in a lew yearsywe  sboukl b ave roads t h at would stand- ash 0 wer  0 f! ra i h':' wi I h0111 bei ng readere'd itn passi.b le ;  wear and t.*ar to stock and wagons, and to  human souls and bodies.^saved, aud in th������-  end .1 nqney. which; is now thrown away jn  cobbling; could be used to open up roads to  0111.ly in g creeks, and: the Coliairy   thereby  'benefitted. -'���������"���������'..  ��������� T011 rs, juat on.t of f be nnid, ' B*; '������������������  ,: VanWinkieV'May 9, lo7-i. ! AfifiAi.  ;[_Our correspondent is, we think, very nn-,  reasonable in his grandiloquent growl at the  doubtless unpleasant state of ihe roads at this  sea son 0 f. the > ye ai\ when 11 is aim os t i iri pos-1  sible to immediately repair damages caused  by frosts in the winter and torrents bf water  which pour down every mountain side during  spring. The dreadful state, of, roads, crib-  bihg and bridges must exist only in the imagination of " S.," for we have never heard of  accidents occurring to either f human souls ���������  or the brute creation caused by defects in the  roads, and certainly if the roads were as dangerous ns he represents them to be, we should  have the painful task of recording weekly  columns of horrible accidents. The suggestions made by "S." in favor of an improved  system of building reads and bridges will  doubtless receive the attention of our road  makers.  notice, and overwhelm the enterprising Padd^'  with orders.  ���������fi Millwrights.���������Two paying claims bft  Conklin gulch���������the Cora and OrifaHo-^aro al  a stand-still for tbe want of millwrights I*  "put up machinery for hoisting and pumping  ^purposes. All the -.millwrights in tbe district  are at present busily employed, and the two  companies above named will probably iosa  two months of the best season;'-of tbe year  In consequence of tbe lack of this - cia&* of  skilled labor.  ?! Barnard's ExPrfss, with the'maiKarrifed  about 8.30.lust 'night. The following is this.  passenger-list:���������Wm. BHslnnd, Wm. Hind*  Wm. rioliday, and Mr and Mrs. Thomas, t������  "VanWinkle; Gerod and Klmore, to QuesneU  The following passengers are booked for tha  down express:���������A. Townsend, Alex. Lind������"  aay. Robert Roberta, John Slater, aadFana/  Bendiien.  vTiib Reaction'.���������Victor'a te^'^ratns Rn*:  nbttnee tbe arrival of tho steamer Isabel wii!*  80 disappointed miners from tbe frozen ro-������  ^ions of Cassiar. They report a few cfalfii;  paying well, but the dirt has to be thawed  before washin?. Caspiar bids fair to turn out  as big a humbug as the famous Big Dend er*  citement.  ' JLianrxiNa Expres's.���������Tho fare by Wifmoft  Lightning Expre.se is $1 50 for tbeain^Io  and $3 for the round trip.  H4S JUST RSCEIfEO    .  A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT 09  LI  Mining Court.���������The case of Carne Coi'ta.'  Independent Co.,-for trespass, was up before  the Court on Friday. The case for tbe plaintiffs was not got through until four o'clock,  when the Court adjourned till this morning in  order to allow defendants' counsel time to  copy records, &c". Mr James Burdick appeared for plaintiffs, Mr George Byrnes for  defendants,  We will give ft full report, ia our  tr  4M  t  Selected frota 4h������ best House la Vlirt������Sfa. IV   ������-  TURNER & CO.  LADIES' TRIMMED HAT5,  . F-ANCY SILKS,  .  DUESS PATTERK3,  MERINOS..      .  i'LAiDS,  FOPLtSS,'  ULAii&AWjm*  HCSE,  lAtge ubi email Eljes, and ClilldrwirA.  -���������       BEST FRENCH COR3ST3>  '        ������  .ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS,  UIBRONS,     -  LADIES' UNDERCLOTSia.  FANCY FRINGE,  BUT1UNS, /  ,  bbvvixo sas; ^1  Kent's & Boy's Straw Hat^  SILK SHIRTS, NECK TIES,  (m^  tV <*��������� ������ : (TWSSffHj.  TliECAll  '1 UESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 12.  /;;  \-%  k       '���������  SODA CREEK.  '       '^ifia Creek, lllh���������Yesterday, while on hi?  ; :.th.vwa: from his horse, the horse ftUin* on  ,1 S1I. bruisia? and cutting one or hi*.  ep.^;  ' v :>'lv.   Whether any bones ate ."broken is a.  '   absent ftWeertiik   He ia in great pain and  ���������  alio leg much swollen.  Uconnoi-. May 5-An u^etiltf press flW-  T.,v ch, dated Victoria. May 4. wyilH^amer  tho Terminus at Bute Inlet. However, Ihe  route by Northern Columbia would be thory  ���������Highly explored villi the view of making the;  terminal point on the m>iin coast or northern  p iriion of Vancouver! Esquimau; or Eastern  railway, will oe abandoned.  Mackenzie brings, down "Pacific flail road  Bill this week, and until this ' is done il will  be proper to withhold judgment ������pen it.  The foilnwing telegram wrs received by  Councillor J. C. Armstrong, of New Wesimin*  pter,-yesterday :  0 ita w a. 7 th���������Make k ho w h no ro a te ad op t e d  until further surveys. Keep, tranquil.���������  (Signed) Jas. Cunxingqam.  EUROPE.  Madrid 4th���������Additional dispatches state  thae.Gcn. Concha, who left the sea coast Bev-  erul days ago witv 20,000 men io  attack the  ?.. . i   .Mr,������n������ <hA lttft  notice:  t&Bf  m.  1  -*���������^"-������.'.;  Doners are tha wins? out pay dirt and making  fi: ������m 4 to 10 cz. a day  to the hand.;   Flour  Mai $1 per pound.   The wildest excitement'  ���������etiVted in Victoria over the ue>va. and every  ; r:������*%llahl-e steamer lias been chartered to con  .  ���������y.'.y miners from Victoria.  ���������.       [Our read era shou I d sw al 1 ow th a ab o v e  <ue#8 from Cassiar with a grain of ealtj  y-fi   \ fi ��������� , . RATLWAY NEWS.  ^Ottawa.'.May 5���������In Parliament Inst mjrhl.'  ���������o;? the.Paci Iic Railroat\Sin-vey, M r Mackenzie  it'jr';.-y.e oh explanation as to:.t.he prrigrWa made  !  in stlio '��������� Lake Superior, region.   Wit li respect  .:' t > t; ���������. t lie  W ea ter h -i se cti <> h,  h e. ek p I ai tied tl ie  t i^real^t difficulties- were represented by tbe  > X ��������� scade Mo tin t ai us;   I n no pi u ce; h ad a more  ^itriiVahle route been found then one .with a  >V#'nt1e!ofi lT>0;fretao th*������fimle fur a (lista'nce  ^���������/aV450. miles ;wllhout a level stretch.   He said   .,4 wi i<������v<*n immwlUite.lv to organise  i.Hwto guarantee against n������; (jun.-uutv->.'������ ,..  i.'AW lutder.tuking;  .He ..went on to show how  f. 1 unracttcable.it was to commence work with-  <> i\ i\h *������! f nil es t i n f o nn at i o h .  sfi 1;: Mr'OoCoSfnos said that the present Covern.  rtriv rit; w as 'n ot keep������n g fai i h wi 11 j v Bri t i sh 0 o -  .. \ tUi*������bVa;L:inastniich as they were not prepatvd  - . ;to eonicieace actual work of construction this?  ���������[y~?y.*fi yi:..s.A ���������  A'~\':' M ^ M*cfte i'ilie rep I i ed th a t n o matter bo w  . ���������"��������� ^insioiis' Governmen t might *be to ���������commence  ; v;Ti.r������������|r6a;d;/i'l was imp'ossihU* for them to;do ao  .   k-iinlit-the surveys were completed.  cnuJirm reports of occupation of Bilboa by  (Tuvrriiment troops,   but   latest  dispatches  Carlist sources say that Serrano entered Portugal lo on Friday afternoon, and immediately  started  for Bilboa.    A desperate fight was  begun at 5 o'clock on Saturday morn tint result as  yet not known.    Meantime Gar lis!.,  siege battery redoubled its fire on Uilboa.   !  -Madrid, ith���������Serrurio entered Bilbmi on  Saturday.   Bodies of Carl 1st li'o<m?������ are ������ni&  rendering in hop03 of amnesty.   Main body,  however, are verreatfmr.  London. 3(U��������� hi the House of Lord* to-day.  Lord Russell, in view of the einbUlereiJ teel-  io-i i>eiweeu Kra 11 ce and Germany.' m<tved  I hat copies t������f correspondence with tho^e  powei'H be called (or, and iis'ked what course  the British .Government would take in the  event of a rupture between them.  Derby replied that England would do  everything lo keep peace, and not embroil  h'erse.ll in; the struggle.  : Russell withdrew his motion, and called for.  papers on the Oregon .boundary and Fenian,  nods quest ions'. He .said the British people  felt tbiJE the honor of Kopland had b������um  touched in the Washington. Treaty, the ua-  timial character lowered, and the national in  rerests jeopardised. The opinion also existed;  in favor of compensation.to Canadians \v!id  sttftlu'ed by the. Fenian raid. lie did not apprehend a repetition of errors.'but hoped that  Great Britain would never seem ul'raid to do  anything in the. assertion of her.just rights..;,;;  London..4ih-r-A great strike iu tbe Durhajxf  ���������*"  *       -���������      ��������� :.i'  ^OTIGE IS HEREBY GAY RN to all Aliens  "T resident within the. Proyiiice of British  Columbia who may be desirous of .becoming  n atnralized1 British Su ejects.. I hat, up to tbe  1st day Of Jply^l874, theiaW of! BrilishyCo  A.  fi p'n.anti  law; of  into opeiiiuun.ui in..? *. .w....- -   ���������  a residence of t hree years in the l)on\ i ni on of  Can ad a is re <ju \re&, b.ef������ re .an A1 ie u ��������� can b e  naturalized.! "': ":"':"  v Public ISTotice;        ������  .-���������'��������� ������������������' 1  KtTLES BELATI7E XO PRiyATE BILLS, |  mm  ���������  m  *C2  yfifi'yyrfiyj^^  ST PAK LA WtESENTB; donne nux  T~ e j ran ge rs h a b 1 \ iiu t la' V n > v; n c e d e' ������������������ I a  Colombie BnUnuiquft.,desire������x: d'etre natural ise. co 111 me ������iijets B ri tan niq 1 iea : -^  Que jusqu'au lei: dtt tnois de'-J nil let. 1S74.  ii loi; de la Colonie,do lu Colombie Bri:an;  ni q ue' con cernuti t ��������� t a na th ra I isa lion des etra 1 \ -  srers restera'en force, laquelie oxice niie rest  den<Je seule.men t <J ai ne a t Hiee (1) d a\\^ 1 e p\\\ S ������  p011r .assurer a uq; eIraf 1 ger 1 es -d.ioits (run  SujeJ Bt'itannique.; r  ;'���������"'Ai'isal' f|u:aores 'le; ler.'rin-'mois'de-Jiiillet^  1874, I a lo i U u Ca a a d a ."se ra; 1 ri is y i f. f 0 re e dans  ce province, \ikr- laquejle one ..rea d?*uce<le  1 vols ��������� i) n 11 ees (3 ).- da 11 s \ a Vji i ssn ri ce, rt 11 C a h m 1; 1  e,s I ex j % ee, a y u u t; qu 'uii ;ei range r pi; i sse! e I r e  naturalise.  ! BEKANWT^  UR TOR IN DER PaOWINZ rmmsu  A-. Col uni1 hia. wo line ii den.; i wi er; urirtassi'xeji  '-BiHtttscnon,-; we Id re ,be;ibsiohligen ^iiglV-ah**'  Burger zu werrlen. ^U&ydu* j"tzi!ie (iesetz  welches' ei neu 'A u fen tb altyv t m Hi neui J ah ro i 11  der Prowinz verlaiigt.; 11m: dak Keelit zn be  Rommen^;e^  bis ^iim erslen-Jull 1S74. iuKrait bleibt. ,  V 0iv devn ersteo��������� Tafee ab: d es m0 n a ts J nli,  187 4. T ri tt d as C s������ nadtscb e Gese 1 % in , K tutt,  w elches ei nen Auf enth al t, v on I) t ei Jaliren iu  C inada ver 1 angt, urn das Reeh t zu bek0mmen  -.... ...^,,.1;;;, '.-,-/������������������ IJJ^y  of M)'timillc-.itf.ii, to b������ }iulihshed.as follows, vi^; mMm  A NotU/lnJkirtod-.in-tbe British cil.u.nbinaaai^Hfe-  tinil Ih 'uio ne\%vp"p::r published In the ������liMTici,4^gt!;  Ii������ctt������il'-or ii' tUftrc he no ������'<:wsi>ap-r..publish*! -ttierMn, ggb^  thiMi-iiianowKpaperin th������ noxt ncun-st, t^inci ������^BT  \vlncnain^v?pn)'-rismji)Hsh������vl.      ,.   . - '   F^  'Suoli a-������tictf shidlho;cantinnwl jn ennh c������scfnfe^  a t^riotl ������fut l^tsix'weeks. ������mriiu: Cue jntmnl ������4|  tn.je lic'twei'-n'thc chw'nr UVfe n-xt prcc^lrig ^ssivj^^fe  au'lt;o������c.>a:3lter:ilU>ncfihp.pctH;ion.    - ������||  B ��������� ft ire ������ ������'V 1>,rt'li oil Pru y'n * ������������������'' ;r l:V" v-\ to ftnt} ga3aMHra  in a'Priv'al?' nia'i^rthjrer^tiwn of 11 Toll M-\$>: iM  nwmitM to tb-'i.U ������uso. t^r p-rSi)a,or p.;r*:ons .!wn>B  !n- to p ���������! I ikm for puc'-v HV.I ,s,h������dl: njv������n clrH.135 -t'������������ n> g  tu~o pr<-?crthea in tb.^;pr-c slinj: Uul.^ aleout't-hjf-FiniH  Uiito, and'fa'thes 'Ou* n>an������e r, srh-en-.uneol tli-rmM  .wlifeVrthav IhteiJlto as^:!^ cjuent.������ -Mi������ pnvil-nHj  th.' Men;hi" ������r tiw MrcW'^ytbe intomd��������� ijvlwfwa &g  : ai.unn������-u^ or piers 'or in Apjssag- <?' r?d tsor v<:^ g  ! lin���������; m-ntioTiins uiso. wh^er tliey Int^n^ 0; .or-������, |  ^nwtn-iigc' cir hoi,.ami.tlie oini^nsam^or-.ipe;.st������lftm  * v>Lw.t from Rules r'-lMiv^ to FrivatoBib.p  .' -V**!''-," '!..: '/'Mi'-br-tho/LcgisUtivtf A^'jij.H  -���������'2n'iAo^ii������t, 1373.     -/y.,-;.:  fiyyy'fir,.^'^ g  ;#  S  fi:  .  "A.  ������"-  "  ������,���������',,  .  />���������  _;t  - ..;���������  -:Jt  .."   ��������� i  .  ������  ^Oolumbia.  , .;ln,reply to Mr DeGo'sraos. the Premier>said  Ht" wasaiot the iita*iit������oti to construct tbi;* yrar,  ' ������bnt only snrrey the route by Bute inlet.  \ i .ill PeCo.srnoa pointeifl out that Ilie railroad  .(������oould be bnil I-oti the Hast coast ot Vancouver  ^Ijilahd^.between Escjnitnalt and Nanaiuio.  fififi_ ;!'Mr  Mackenzie replied that they con tern  r^Uledbeginning' 911 the maiul-vnd first.'  ('a Mr ������eCosmos said that IT the work <������f  (.iS*  engljsther Burger zu werden.  TO3TBATI0I  0r^OTEfi|^C|l|l  con-  ... -.1  EACH  A HE prepared to furnish Lumber at tl.elrj Mills,  ix   WUlUinCreciCjor usllycric to orilcr.  L17MDEB DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  GREEK. .  ' a-vlnp a Planing ttochlDo In opcxationj they w  aUoturmsU  DRESSED LUMBER  t eat I r. factory rates.  ������iructinn-ivas'not commenced:this year British  ?.C������dtttfilHa would; appeal to the -.Imperial Par  !������iatneut.  ' 'A ti6tli'er specia1. dated Ottawa, May 41 h,  ft ays there are good Grounds to conclude that  ilie;Gr*vej'nnietit will reconsider the railway  irnm E-quUnalt to Nanaimo, and will brinp:  <$L i) v ��������������� a m e ash re Jo r j ts.co n stru c ti 0 n this ye a r:  Ottawa, May (5���������It is expected that- ParVu  gnnrrt will be.prorotrued about 23d ol Mav,  It as airain announced that Sir John A. Mic-  ������SotntW. will receive ati Imperial appointment.  Ottawa. May 7���������In Purliament. last nwht.  j&'biU incorporating the. Nation til Tran.epnrta-  tion :Goinpany. with a capital of $;5.000.000.  wa^r^afl a third tim������*. Tiie company vrop i.-������e  do utilise and improve the St. Lawrence and  &ue chain of Lakes..  ���������y. U>t\awa, May 8 ��������� Mr Mackenzje moved tp-  day that tbe House go into committee of the.  whole on Thursday next to consider the new  Act (or the construction of the Canadian Pa-  ���������citic Railwny scheme. It wits proposed to  o.jerate the road as ^Govern meat-work, or  let it out on private contract,.; The subsidy.  i-i the 1 at ter event, is not to exceed $l().00i)  nnd 20,000 tveres of land per mile, with a  ^napabiae of.bonds at Q per cent, upon the  31 rice agreed upon.  Quebec, May S-rThe deslrncUon'nf the ice-  ������������������liridire lias caused an unparulelled 'di'ss^r.  A number' bj'steamships and sailing vessel?1  have been cpished, and loaded Mops sunk nod  water logger)!���������'-'���������'The-loppes will be.seveiej hh  4 ,-e vessels were only insured against' fi'raj. It  "������three years since tbe ice-bridge remained  ��������� rlongf.;[fifi ' *.< ,..'::' -. '   .  Matsqni, MKy 0���������Mainland Guardian of to  ������J ��������� sy h a a t he f olio wm g :  i'Ottliya, 5ib���������-The business yesterday wna  so at important.. The Committee of Supply  I iMt night piissed the item of $.)tl0,00.1 lor su'r-  v.evs of ,i;ailway. ^  Mr Mackeuasio said- that  from. data. b>fnre  A, fresh supplr of which   ha? jm\ been r  k*iu th e io tite" iv 0 u Id; b.e: i' i a Te te J an ne C ac li a, I c ei v e d.   ,,  A M31ST0MGaMlOE:'J  ���������       J������R)DVl.ClAl-lSKCUftTAnV'*0-FKB,  I  ; ������������������"nng*i*vi2L& W$y .- 1  S; IT IS! rfelU Aliiih5.;���������-;.i>' !VIKW; 0?|  % ' -framin? a rchente i������������r -A^FtetftJ .|.ramjjrr,itl-pi>|  tlia El-ovine.! urthl^ir G.-lmii^^.' tleit atvo^.|  nvilt Jibjoiliibep ������>io^<i inftti^.Tuil ^r;fUwoii\vv!ia|  ti uftss c.dculali.Uis as 'lo M"' aunibsn* of ���������p.-*r?������w!-������i.|  rteJit jdi the::i������rfiv!i)������o wlio'-mlKitt bf 4t-m> ui -OV-ftV,-  11 y tl 1 ���������? G<;1 vera men l OI \ n e r ro v 1 n ur .1 n. 1; ���������*? .;* .*������.���������������������,,. * gp^w*������;  in'iiig iuil r,i;l-'-tives or iri- ie-e- un I aM viijpi >x.���������.'���������?.> 'A-'W^M^f^  m.iy' wish;to hrirttf out liiborer.-i ,or s^rvmu, ar- t'-^^^^^-  d-d S cr.^-iry;" :!���������;���������;;..v"���������'���������'.'''...--v.'���������������������������-'���������;. ' -':    -���������   ' '��������� - f^^^'  ���������;.. -.; _--..:���������-i,.-.;.:;��������� ^���������/J-. ���������1in--;,Bl.vV nh.^iliii* lt������'iioi^r.������'\ ^^^������  .     ���������   MT"M* & JU *J JU j:*. 5  UK A LiSK IN  Qroeeries, Provisions and  Liquors.  t. AT h e! a the n tie n of nil: E1 e pi orjj. in; tbe P r 0 -  I vi ti ce. vr hose tta in es n o w a p p eiif. ,n ti inore! t h a h  one Register^ is called to the /.fallowing. Sec  I ions a I -t.h e abo ve A c 1 -y viz., ������7/ a n ri 18, w h i c h  takeaway' froni;.^nch Eiei'tpths the- right 'of  voting. and provide a, peijiUty '������";' those wh(>  vo te -if t heir n aiiies ap p e^r on in 0 re tb a n o it e  Begiater;���������".'.y-.     yy'-AfiAy'���������'".-: f. ;���������' ^"-!.!V  ��������� ���������!v!-'v y..y fiyi: fiAOlifil' ASH..!'.  Provincial SecretoryJs Office,,  ,  ���������/     ���������   fi"  ..April 17^7^,. yfifiyi:  :">   ^'  v Any person Avh.ise name; is on Ilie Ueci's-  ���������r ter ut Vo t$r������ ofl w 6 0 r ii 1 oiv El e c tb ra\ I) in  -vtricM. whd. ihret? niouifta:after.the, 'pausing  ? * 01 tli is A ct, s i ia 11 pe rm it his utitri e to re m ai n  "on, more than 0 (������e Hegis't er.. ahal 1 ba ve. 'n 0  ".right to voteApi'any. election of a Member to  ��������������� ferye: in; thh Legin 1 ativc AsWin.bly ; a 11 d iI  *��������� su c U p era oil, a f ter the ex p i r a Won'. 0 f an ch  ���������'three months, shall vote while his name re-'  " mains on the Register of more- than one  u Electoral District, he shall be liuble lo a  ** perittl ty of fifty dollars, to be reci> vered i 11 a  *��������� nummary way before any Jnsiice of the  ��������������� Pence, and in default of payment .���������thereof,  y* shall be imprisoned for utiy term not.ex  ���������* ceeding one mo nib.  ** IS. No person whose name is on the  *���������' liegister of -Volora forHn Electoral District  ������������������shall send in hie cjaim lo vote in any other  " Klectoral District, until he shall have, caused  ** his name to by removed from such Keg in  ��������������� ler; and if any person shall act contrary to  '��������� the proviso na of this section, he shall for-  leit a nil pay a snm of money rtnl <*xceeiHfig  fitly dollars, to he reenve red bet ore any  .insiice of thy Peace, or in detail It ot p;iy-  merit I hereof shall be imprisoned for any  term not exceeding one mo nth.5'  null  to ^t������le ha 01 b v r.������. a^", i������,n 1 sr x'of pft &?i I * i 0101  an a t) ic; aa\ bu u t.'.lhivt 11r* y u ra' pivpuro .1 to a; &&  tovariiy0\i'. f'Or-iroO Ol'jrXU '.   fg^^-^:  era. or s^rvajit*^ "a givir.uM-ee, wuiil \ ..bo r quirci^i g v  of. tin.*; fiusn.-i ;a-1vanc.si' for pWs:*g''..y-aiml;'api������iHi*na  rou.it stati* Hint th-yv hre pr p.������re'l 10 give Unv^ti'm-.' j^fe^  It will .1>������  rully- un Ktkioo.I, thaV by  Lb" Pr'-*'r''HpSil  none  tn'.{ (Jnv-.-ruin--ni   <,\o .not   'iitt'1   th--ir^'iU--^ wlw-iw'-.K:  r. 1 rrv out ::��������� ny ln��������� ivi<iu ������1 *ipj>1 Ui=>lioti or any <. 11 ;f t j  plan, of A?!!fl-'*i������,-'l ,l.uifilui';Hi<������n at Pr .'soitt, but tii'T-iy |  to obUiin ratjuls-lUi pr-'Hojln iry iuiorm.iti: n.   y  ���������-���������. ��������� By,c=j*nmutid. ���������:���������.".  ��������� .v���������'���������-������������������- '���������'���������;       ...::    '���������;       fifi\fi- ,- .1D;IN:a^R.  >fia : Pr������vin^t s^efawy  ROASTED DAILY AT THIS STOBK.  D B POT     FOK  PIONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  0-  I11' th.9 Supreme Goiart w)  Britisli*"'Qpl^m1bia.  ���������   ' GENERAL.OttUEiL  ^  ���������VT.OTICB Is?. h*-r������������l������v Rivori, that the Supra|nrConrt  n ( will sit In li tne, i\jr th������ hcHrtn$-of.:������U;nwtl'Ji'!|  ���������irgnni'ait������v������p|Kal-!t ,m I other ma iter* couiUi^ \'r'''^.  tl,ie Ct.airt tniuric, at tlie Supromo. Court' Uoym lp;|li������|  City ol Vlotoriii. for tho li'lhoving t.*ruis}. on tiny^^  hcrivjniltor.mcnilii'ihMl, nanioty: .   i  For HU try Tmn lr.*������i tlje loth to 25th Fobriifiry;  For IvifUtT iv-rni froyo the loth lo i>5i.h. /  For MiciiiicTfoasTerm frnii the 15th to 25  April;  !ruii N'-fvem'^y  There will be no sitting In Biincin Trinity. l^"r,0:KL  I n caso an y.;of .tlie < I������ y ������ 0 f th n < iu tes naetert ������������r J%  b''.������inniiig or en fling' of tho 'IVrms skouUl- f������1 <|vra  Stnio-uy ur Vnh\\c IMifhiy, then thoTcrui win JM������"  oruiol on thtt next l'oU<o'iiitf o'ay. t .       ;  'MA-IT T RRGR1K..C. J. ep  HE' KYI' PKLbKWCKHASb,  J. HAMItA'OXGRAr.J.  iJMii:.iy U\Y. IK airnf  I"}  Qolcl Commissioner's  Notice.  T AND AFTER THE FIRST'NOJ^EM  bf-r ni'xt oil el-ii'ns in thi! Catlimo Tliaoict- m������y  ! lie 1,%|.I ovt 1 ill thv Sftth Mf������y, 18T4, HUb.p'Ct lo. u..o ������tii  i bicc'ii* D of tho" <toI i Atm-n iiu^ut A(U, IST'J, .  1 (H$u*v0 H. M.   lUTrti,  ; <;,M.������;i;Uittd.'.:i"n',r.  ���������������r. -?   f������*.t"*rK,  NOTICE.  'SPUING "CIRCUIT.      .  i COURT OF G-ENERAX, ASSISE A"2W|  A Oimi n.-iivcry, 'oi-i of N������H Pri us, will he lu,,;f;|  on Kb of tiie lui.lorieentl'iii'.yi pi ices us .follows, ������U'1^.������  sYitnessi's :iro henby uolifi.M to attciul thore^t.'; ��������� I  *-Nan*mnn, Th������rsihiy..3fHh April. .   |  N-rw W<'s<insinstcr*Tiinr^tlMy, May 14. |  Yul:-, rin-R'iiiy, M-������y IU.    , I  _ KunhMip", Tliur4tliiy, May 28. -      ' V 1  Clinton,'iiif������.iiiy,'June 2.; " -\ \  Qui.sn.'lniomb, JSumrdjiy! June.'0. |  Hiouli'.-lO, YfcJuostbiy, Juno 17, ������������������������������������ j  Tho Fj������1! Assokcs, mi'l tiny othor Aflsizes R* oooftS^J  m.'iy rcqtiirf.', will iKTouftor ho tlxed. , ���������   1  Djtftd 1 Oth ddy of April, 1.974. 1  .By CvniBQi.;?!.       ' ' ..     \  :        -. JOHN APR*  ,i  : ffljl" ,...'.        Provincial **rrt������?  ���������


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