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 0> />  ^  fff>y>a|f^j  Vol. 4.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. C., Thursday, May 9,  1867.  No. 2  fifi, .       VICTORIA LETTER, No. 1.   .  Victoria, 22nd April, 1867.  OUR MAILS.  y It is a thousand pities that year? ago,  when tbe Labouchere was still afloat, and the  Forwbod available! and did us good service  in lowering rates of freight and passage, it is  ���������apity, I say, that arrangements were not  made for the conveyance of mails. Thousands of dollars for foreign aid would have  been saved to the colony, or. expended here.  and an increased population would have been  the result' While on this subject, had government from four to six years ago, paid a  .steamer to ply between Victoria and the settlements, with tbe regularity that now characterizes the Sir James Douglas, 'dozens of  cheerful and thriving settlements would now  dot our coasts and austere wild lands, in-  ^tea4'0f-^l^������^v^s--aBd������^bree3-:t*>~&se. -now^hr; ������ird~I~iqjpt'ml trfevf ^iciTfo'.^^I-Tntiau'' ttntttn^'������������������<'~  count up. It is a farce and fallacy to talk of  protection to farmers in the same breath as  duties on articles of foreign produce. What  protection does a farmer waut with tho necessaries of life at the prices they have all  along fetched here ? Good bacon at this moment is 37k cents per lb. 1 It used to be 17  to 20 cents ; :"butter is constant at G2������ to 75  ���������cents f and pork stands first in the list for  price of meats, beef being cheapest. On  poultry, if the keeping of them be .made a  business, 200 to 300 per cent can be realized.  him. ��������� But the case is very different with regard to the Postmaster's late assistant, and  the Treasurer, Mr. Watson. 'To-assert that  either of these gentlemen have a claim for compensation for being no longer in government  employ, is . to utter nonsense. They were  both fortunate .in so long holding appointments, though certainly with credit to themselves ; biit when discharged or superseded,  as hundreds are every day in private employ,  I should like to know whence arises the right  to compensation. Had their services been  gratuitous, and had resulted in loss of any  kind to themselves, a pecuniary or other compensation might luive been admissible. But  simply that their occupation audits attendant pay has lapsed, however *it may call for  the sympathy of private friends, is in my  opinion, no case for public compensation or  feeling. -fifi fififi fifi.  The mail per Sparrowhawk has just, come  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FARE REDUCED L  BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE ;EVERY:  MONDAY   AND  FRIDAY,    ���������  Witb H. M. Mails,  Express  and   Passenger.**,   for  Lytton, Clinton, Soda Crec-k, Quesnelk-anu .Barker-  FARE TO SODA CREEK,  FARE TO BARKERVILLE, -  (Exclusive of Steamer's faro.  ���������'$'co  1-s  NEW$ ADVERTISEMENTS.  " Tlie ;(fariboo   Sentinel,"  SEMI#.EEKLT  PAPER,'.'  PUBLISHED   -EVEHY   MONDAY    AND   THURSDAY,  Ofkicb-  ALLAN & CO.. I'KOPRiKTons.  .  -BAKKERYILLE, Williams Creek, CarIuoX.  Subscription, $1 ;per Week. ,  (including cost of delivery,) Payable   to the OinVr.  QUESNELMOUTH-ADVERTISEMENTS.  JkytLJ������~������ >������?���������... JE. .SJ5L  !  my assertion to the English mail, for not finding United States and Canada mails in the  British consul's office, the astute MiVMason  did' not think, I suppose, of crossing the street  to ask for them. < '  EDUCATION fifi  Is the all-engrossing topic for political agita-  ���������   tors.   It appears that Governor Seymour has  : not pleased a great many by his precious  y message on the education question ; the.ma-  . sjority of'his opposers seem to have# fastened  ;   on the opinion that he is strongly opposed to  % the education of the masses.    But first of all  ,  let us fall back on our definitions.    In using  : the term education, most of those in whose  v mouths it is most common, do not, I fear,  y-iise  it   in . the enlarged acceptance of the  fififijfefoa.fi In their minds, the idea is limited to  '���������^secular; Instruction:   Ail   the  grander'-and  fiAfimpre responsible and fuller meaning conveyed  ' .by the word, is not intended by them.    They  .���������simplymean instruction as regards learning  ;  by means of book or voice, something which  shall   convey intellectual information.   But  moral training, good conduct and manners  seem never to have entered their list of requirements..     Non-sectarian teaching with  them means non-religious.    There can be no  common neutral ground of mere Bible teaching and Christian morality  on   which the  Baptist could meet, the Wesley an, and the  latter the Church of England man.    There is  no: quiet, " no man's iand,V in which the  Protestant can peaceably converse with the  Romanist, holding a mutual Christian belief.  No, the firebrand of altercation aud religious  -animosity would at'once, be kindled, doctrinal points must be instilled, as if with the  sole object of carrying out'  the prophetic  ���������words of the author of our religion, " think  not that I am come to send peace on the  earth ; I came not; to  send peace,  but a  sword."   It is wished by some that the minds  of youth shall be left innocent of any religious training at all, until they shall voluntarily take up a full-grown system of their  own : for which they will no doubt be thoroughly competent, for though utterly ignorant  of the merit3 of the various systems, they will  be so entirely without bias !   Specious, very,  "but these theorists forget that the youthful  mind is very much like the ground ;if not occupied by wholesome plants, it fills spontaneously with noxious weeds;  OFFICIALS. ' fi '���������.-     '   -  Great dissatisfaction prevails at losing two  popular officials. I allude to the Treasurer  and the Chief Justice. The former is nodoubt  a man thoroughly well adapted for his responsible post j. and the latter, one of the  few who has given thorough satisfaction in  the discharge of his onerous duties. I think  that the Chief Justice, though . strictly speaking not sent away, but superseded, very contrary to all anticipations, is indeed an  ill used man. When he came out hereto  -nil the post of judge, he had not the remotest  idea that the engagement would be but for a  .year or two. The legislature, though not the  same legislature that brought him out and  voted his salary, the legislature, which in this  case would'be the Executive,, should make  jt their business to. award compensation in  tne case of a Judge brought out by the popular will, being superseded through no fault  or ins own, but owing to political changes  Drought about by members of the very As-  ^mbly.that were instrumental in sending for)  JAMAICA   OUTBREAK.  ' Staff surgeon Morris, of Jamaica notoriety,  has been tried by court martial, in Jamaica,  for shooting, or being accessory to the shooting of a man. By the evidence called for the  defence, the case was put in a very doubtful  light. But the sentence will not be known  till it emanates from the War Office, after receipt of the report of the court martial.  fififi    A HONDURAS.  The Indians of the south-western portion o  Yucatan, commonly called the Chichiwha Indians, have been laying claim to all the north  west portion of Honduras (British), as far  south as the Belize River and have been demanding payment for mahogany cut there.  As a party of workmen failed or refused.last  year to comply with the  demand, they were,  with all the women and children, numbering  70 persons in all, at once carried off; one  man was killed in the scrimmage.    Camel,  the chief, demanded $12-000 ramson, and obtained $3,000ywhich was paid by government  An English force of soldiers and volunteers set  out for the Indian village, San Pedro.    When  out seven days, the Indians suddenly appeared,  and though unintentionally on our pare, firing  commenced, and Lieut. Ferguson at once fell.  The major in command, thinking himself surrounded, at once ordered a retreat, which  soon broke into a  disgraceful flight ; a river  soon covered the troops from the enemy. But  the same night, the major continued his flight  without his men, leaving ammunition, rockets and doctor's stuff.   The editor of the Colonist (not DeCosmos or  Higgins)   was with  the expedition, and being lame, has not since  been heard of.   The beauty of the matter is,  that the Indians were to the full as frightened  as the colonists, for they  at once fled in  the  opposite direction ; but only numbered 30  meu to our 140, so it was more excusable.  300 men have since started to give them a  lesson.  FENIANISM.  Sixty-nine Fenians were captured on board  of two steamers from England for Dublin, the  Alexandra and the St. Columbia. At the  sight of the constables on the wharf with  drawn cutlasses, they had thrown most of  their revolvers, &c, overboard. It is intended  to drag the river (LifFey) to recover them.  The. cavalry force will, be kept up to seven  regiments. Total number of troops about  20,000.  PAPAL STATES.  Outside of Rome, and within the Papal territories, the state of things is fast becoming  intolerable. The brigands, when crossing  the frontier (to Italy) were driven back by  the Italian troops, and the unfortunate inhabitants'were not sure of a dayV tenure of  their lives or properties. There was  an encounter between fifty brigands and  six gendarmes and six soldiers'. When three  of the latter had been killed, the nine others,  overwhelmed by numbers, surrendered.  With fiendish atrocity tbe captors at once tied  them to trees, and deliberately quartered  them alive ! save one whom they allowed to  go free, to spread the news. One soldier,  young and unused to the sight of blood, at  the sight of his mangled comrades, went into  convulsions, and died before being .himself  dismembered.   Such is a part of Italy now.  Adios.  DIET2  &   NEL SO  .   BRITISH COLUAIBfA.  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS,  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS, FARGO k CO.,  ������������������'��������� for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States  and Europe.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  For Big Bend, Cariboo and tho Northern Mines,  Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Letters/ Packages and,  -Parcels. ��������� 1-s  E  -.-   FOTIOE._-.-���������'���������  t h ;b   s t b a m e ii  N" T E RP R I S  LEAVES   QUESKlELMOUTH  ���������'  -_ ox-^.,'   ?  E  . ������v   ...vv k, ���������  ������vw������a. ���������������.������.������>..*^.w������������������  Cariboo Literary Institute  J. s.  THOMPSON, ^President ;  JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-Presidext.  ' JOHN MacLAREN,  DR. W. B. WILKINSON,  JOHN ADAIR,  ; Directors,  JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary'& Librarian*.'  fFHI$,..IN$TITUTION at present contains about 500  'Jt y6!ume's'orChoiceLiterature,cotteistingof Religious,'  Scientific, Historical, and Poetical works, and works of  Fiction-  Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Tiro's Diction  ary ot* the Arts, Manufactures and Mines, Lippehcott's  Pronouncing Gazetteer of'the World, and Hoinan's Cyclopedia of Commerce will always be kept in the room  for reference. .  The Reading Room-will be found supplied witb the  latest.English, Scottish. Canadian, American, and Colo-  ui.al Papers and Magizines.  ��������� Terms of Subscription���������$5 per quarter, or $2 per  month. Single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with SI deposit.  Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will be charged 25 cts. for each visit.  %&- The Room will be open from 10 a.m. till 10 p. m  JOHN BOWRON,  1 Secrctrary and Librarian.  Tliursdays and Sundays,  AT &X O'CLOCK, A. M.,:- V--  LEAVES   SODA   CREEK  ���������;.-'���������' '���������    .    . <%������������������:. ��������� -     -   ���������   ���������  _       ���������ON���������.-.".  Tuesdays and Fridays,  '      AT FOUR O'CLOCK, A. M.   '  Quesnelmoutb,.May2nd, 18C7.   ������������������.'. .      'Afi :  ���������'��������� :   -QUESNELMOUTH, 'fififi  a BROWN & GILLIS, Proprietors.  Good Beds;' Restaurant.; Billiard Table,  Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats,  &c*  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  ;.,' fi QUESNELMOUTH,.: ���������.';     -  fifi ���������   F;}h: JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at altVhtfursyyahd ��������� Cooking; of the best  v  - description.." ;.   ; s   ','  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  rpriE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO  X atford every accommodation to the travelling public, and bopi*s by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share ol the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is one of tho most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on" the road, containing as it does  warm and well furnished bed rooms with good beds.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure in the upper country. The BAR is  stocked with the best of Liquors, and the choicest  Cigars. -   '  XST MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. ���������������������  The st-*bling for Horses is all that could be desired,  and the charges arc very moderate. Hay for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats andBarley at the cheapest market  rates.',,.'"  The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  1-s  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  Storage and Forwarding!  yale,'B; a    PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE--LYT-  to.v Route, are advised that  KIMBALL & GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and areprepared to Receive, Store; and Forward  Goods. Goods re-packed, and freights engaged at the-  Lowest Rates.  Parties shipping goods through ns will pleas������ mart  to the care oi  Is KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  J. S. DEA S?  Front Street, Yalb, B. C,  JJEGS TO .ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo*  > that, ho intends to forward (as soon as the state ol  the Roads will permit),   a large and well assorted  stock of Cookixg 6'IOves, which ho tf ill dispose, of ut  Pricks to Suit tub Tzsies.  Yale, 8th April ,1S67, .1  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  VRTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight With Dis-'  patch, will llnd.lt to their advantage by giving us-  a call before engaging elsewhere.  ALWAY &  BAILEY.  Yale, April 8th, 1867; ...*..  1-s  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  CHEMIST.  JIAS FOR SALS, and constantly on hand,  JJT a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all the Chemicals  used by Physicians, Photographers, Ass.iyers and  Mechanics. Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists' sundries. ���������  Retorts, Crucibles,  Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc -       .  ��������� PRESCRIPTION'S  FAITHFULLY PREPARED.  ,������������** Allow no one to put you off with any other  Coffee than Foil's bebt* "To bo had from all respectable dealera.  mai  F. W. FOSTER,  Chemist.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL-  ���������o���������  Cards, Bill Heads,^-Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,   ;  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch st this Offlw,  je������" Terms Moderate  W. H. Sutton,  DEALER, IN Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Coal Oil,  Goal Oil Lamps, &c, .  AGENT FOR BDNSTER'S ALE I  In Bbls. and half Bbls.  yale, April 18th, 1867.  1-s  1>ENJAMIN   DOUG-LAS, Successor to  A. C  ) WELLS, Saddle and Harness Maker.. V������lej  K. C  j&$r* A complete assortment of Stock constantly" on  nana. l-o  VAN 'WINKLE STORE.  THE "UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the miners and  residents in & around Van Win&ie mm he wiU in ;u*  ture keep aa assorted ana- GOOD STOCK on &������&������-, ana  hopes by close attention to business, ana by sellicg  at LOWER RATES tiian heretofore,- to meet the p������*  tronage of all.  Oraers from outlaying creeks accompanied with tad  CASH, will be iorwaraed with.promptness.*.h'd ois*  patch.  I-s  '^5T Terms CASH.  without distinction.  J. W.  LlNDHABD,  ��������� ,  y>\  Si tfaesnaosssE  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY,VMAY 9, 1867.  ' Agents for the; "Cariboo Sentinel.  Grouse Creek, r -...:.; .-' ������������������ ..-��������� A, McWba  Quosntflmoutb, Mr. Goudic, Barnard's Express Olflce  Yale,���������     .".���������'���������-      Mr. Evans,       do do  "Ltilooot,      -    F. W. Foster,      do ���������; do  New Wcstniinstor,     -    '���������;  ���������>.-..'.-    Clafkson & Co  f'E. Mallundaino  VA^Lyno.  Victoria,. ;  Big Bund,'  Jas. Bullock, French Creek  .'���������:-'-: TO COKKESROND������NTSv  Ail coinimmle-tUGn*- must be accompanied by.the  red namo and address of the writer, not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  bis good.faith. ,  .A   fi ���������    TO ADVERTISERS.,.  . The "Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  unl Thursday.'   Advertisements intended ior insertion  must be dellv-erod at latest ut 6 o'clock, p. m., the day  before publication.-' ��������� ''. fi  #ijr* All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will bo continued until ordered out and charged  ior accordingly.  MAIL SUMMARY.  Although most of.: the news -contained in  our Eastern exchanges has already been anticipated by telegraph, still a recital of the de-  - tails ou some'of the topics -may not prove unr  y^ilSrj&nT^  absorbing question which excites comment  and discussion; both in and out of Parliament  :at this moment, appears to be the Reform  Bill,   The course which the government is  fifi% pjirsuing in tli is' matter seems to have produced grcat: discontent through all'the large]  towns and cities, in:-England.   Indignation  .meetings .have: been held at Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Bristol, Wolverhampton, South-,  .amptoh,.Kewcastle-pn-Tyne and;other places;  where the language used was; rather; warm.  Iii the House of Common's, the.Chancellor of  the Exchequer (Disraeli) in the course of a  speech of three hours': duration, proposed a  'fi: series -of 13 resolutions'; in .which he proposed  ��������� Ifi to confer four hew franchises, applicable to  boroughs and ' counties, an education franchise, a. ������30 savings bank: franchise, the pos-  : session-of.funded;.property:to the amount of  ���������:������50,'and the payment-of seventy shillings a  ;: year of direct taxes.": It.: was contended ��������� that  these. various'���������;franchises; .won]d-. add 80,000  votes',to;Jthe-;borpugh^and; 124,000  to. the  ' county constituencies;   It was proposed also  .to; reduce  thp;borough  franchise to  a ������6  rating, and ������20 for counties/which would add  130,000 voters to the foririer^and 80,500 to  the latter constituencies^ making in all 400,-  000 new voters.:1 It'was ."also: intended to dis-  Lieutenant Brand, of Jamaica notoriety,  whose insulting letter to Mr. C. Buxton,  caused his recall and disgrace, has apologised  to that gentleman in a most satisfactory  manner.  A terrible calamity had occurred on the  Lancaster and Carlisle railway hear Penrith.  A wagon which contained 5 tons of gunpowder was thrown across the line, and while it  was still there, another luggage train coming  up, ran into it and the powder exploded.rThe  driver and stoker of the second train were  killed :and immense damage was done to the  property which was being conveyed. The  Easternque6tion.will.be solved, not by the  Western Powers, but by. Turkey,, who will  emancipate, the Christians, re-establish a good  understanding with the Mussulmans and convoke a national assembly. Although the well  known case Yelverton ��������� vs. Yelverton stands  first in order of the cases set down for hearing in the House pf - Lords, it is understood  the case will not come ou at: present. ;"���������-: Intelligence lately received in St. Petersburg  states that the works of the .Russo-American  Telegraph are being actively carried on ; it is  expected that the line will be open by 1870.  In the Chinese section of the'Paris Exposition  there is to bo a restaurant kept by two women  from the Celestial empire. . The emancipation of the Russian serfs is still far from being  completed; according to an -official return  just published there were at the beginning of  the present year no fewer than 3,965,410 peasants still undter obligation. The answer of  ^Fe^l^Certo'We"SeT^ah deifiand for 'Cession  of the fortress of Belgrade, is of a most conciliatory, character, and affords every hope  of a satisfactory solution to this long vexed  question. The mayor and other leading inhabitants of Bath are raising a fund for de-  The last hammering of a pick should always be given on the flat sides, and across  close to the .edge, and then up each side about  an inch. By so doing the corners will be  less liable to crack off. , The same process  will work well with all edge tools. These  directions have been gathered from various  sources';- mostly from writers in the Scientific  American, at different times. Only such have  been given above as all appear to agree in.  Should the careful experience of any of our  readers disprove anything of tho,above, or  suggest anything new, we should be happy to  report the same. Good, well proportioned  and well tempered picks, in mining operations, is a most important consideration ; and  their " sharpening" should never be trusted  to unskilful hands.���������M. & S. Press..  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ESKr  To be sold  before the arrival of the Pack Trains, to  make room for new stock.    *  fraying the cost of an excursion by the working men in that city to the Paris exhibition.  Consternation has been carried into the ranks  fran chise.L an caster, Reigate, Yarmouth and  Totnes,-- which would leave seven seats vacant, and by taking a representative from  *ach of the boroughs, with a population under  7.000,23 more seats would be obtained, returning two members each ; of these 30 seats  11 would be: bestowed on new boroughs of  birge populations. The Tower Hamlets to  have four members, tho remaining 13 seats to  bo given to certain counties not named, and  the thirtieth seat to the London University. Lord Derby has had a meeting of his  supporters, and in his address. to them he is  reported to have stated that if defeated on the  Reform Bill, nothing would induce him again  to accept the Premiership. N  The recent Fenian outbreak at Kerry has  induced the government to prolong the sus  pension of the habeas corpus act in. Ireland  until the 1st June.   The scene of this abortive  insurrection lies at the south-eastern extrem-  , iiy of Ireland, in a district exceedingly wild  znd. desolate, but well known":to .travellers  s'rom its natural beauties.   Its events were  fifi confined to the -15 miles, of road between the  , squalid  village of Cahirciveen and the town  or Killarney, iu the county of Kerry.   Cahiv-  tfiveen is on the coast at the head of Valenlia  Harbor.   On a certain night, a party of Fenians of unknown number, but said  to be  well armed, advanced along the road from  C'lhireaveen.to Killo'rglin.   They were met at  . Ive I Is: b y, a mo unte d orderly of tho eonstab ti*  . lary force, who had: been sent to warn 'the  ���������'. poii ce station at Canircaveen of the coming  ddager.   He was stopped by a body of sixty  or seventy armed men, and not obeying their  surrimoiis to surrender, his horse  and des-  p a tich es was wo unde d and cap fcured.   Th ey  then advanced on a small: coast guard station,  and : demanded Us surrender to the ki Irish  Ivepublic," which not being complied with  by its single .occupant, they fired upon him,  without doing him any hurt, and then proceeded ohward3 till within a few miles of  K i i 1 kmey, when they d isco vered that the town  wfia protected .from attack, and that tlieir design mils t b e ab an do ned.   They to ok to th e  man nfcaihs in the neighb orhood, pursued by  the military, where they have since been endeavoring to conceal themselves.   The leaders of ifte. movement are supposed to be Irish  : An^ricaus.:y" They Veres commanded,  it is  mdyby J. Ji O'Connor, formerly an officer in  &hs United States army.      -._...-.   ;r  of female fashionable life in Paris by the article recently published, in the 'Lancet' on the  infected nature of the'chignon, and it is fully  expected'that, this ornament will, in consequence of the unpleasant discovery, soon be  discarded.   The season tickets for the Paris  Exhibition are going off but slowly, the price  charged being- considered rather high,. 100  francs lor gentleman and 50 francs for ladies.  The building was being hurried .on towards  completion, but it was doubtful whether it  would be finished by the first of April, the day  the opening ceremony would take place. The  distribution of prizes and awards will, come  off on the first of July, and at the end of October the.Exhibition will be closed, in state, "the  building will be pulled down and the-par^k.  dismantled/  The English collection/which is  intended to illustrate the history of the indus-  taial arts in all its branches, has been classified.  The first epoch is to. include the British  Isles (Albion and lerne), anterior to the use of  metals���������the stone age : 2nd anterior to the  Roman invasion of Britain; 3rd under the dominion of the Romans in Britain; 4th from  the departure of the Romans (409) to the reign  of Egbert (828); 5th down to the Norman conquest (106l>); 6th till the end of the Plantage-  net dynasty (1485); 7th the Tudor dynasty to  the accession of James I. (1003); 8th the Stuarts down tb George I. (1714); 9th the House  of Hanover down to the accession of George  III. (1750); 10th the reign of George III. down  to (1800).    ��������� ���������    . .  . Names not Things.���������So Canada is not only  to have a new system of gOAernment, but a  new name.   It is to be. called, when all the  provinces have been united in one confederation, the" Dominion of Canada." "Dominion"  is good, but we have grave doubts as to the  unanimity with which the people of that dominion will progress in the path of national  prosperity.   They tell us that Prince Arthur,  the third son of Queen Victoria, and who has  among his numerous other names that of Patrick, is to be placed at the head of this new  dominion.' He is about seventeen years of  age, we understand, and will rule over.about  four millions of people, about a million . and  |>i*ae 3uaj.ters.Gt*. .whom arein. Upper Cjnada*  a million and a quarter in Lower Canada,  nearly half a million in Nova Scotia, and over  a quarter of a million in New Brunswick.  New  Foundlaud,  Rupert's Island,   Prince  Edward's Island, British Columbia, and the  vast Northwest territory are. not to be included in the .confederation at present, but provision is made for them to come in at a future  time.   What title Prince Arthur will assume  as the head;of this confederation is not yet  known; but as he will. possess royal powers,  that puts an end to all present drearaings  about the annexation of Canada to the United  States���������'Sunday.Thnes.^  25,000 lbs. of MERCHANDIZE !!  Miners, Merchants, aud Restaurant Keepers,  take a chance.   /  NO  HUMBUG ! GOOD  FRESH  BUTTER  fi-fi, -.--.    @, $1.25 per lb.  L. MOUTTET & CO.  Ricbfteld, 1st May, 1867. ,   ��������� .. 1*  August Steimpehl,  S H OEMA KE R,  BARKERVILLE.  A large assortment of Boots and ShoeB always on  band. . ���������" 1  C. STROUSS,  DEALER IN  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE.  A Rare Chance for Investment.  A New Search for an Open Polar Sea.  ���������Mons.Crustave. Lambert, a member of the  French Geographical Society, has projected  an expedition, the object of which is to reach  tbe open Polar sea. He believes that the,existence of great currents running north and  south in high latitudes, can only be explained  by the hypothesis of such a nea. : He prefers.  the route by the west coast of Nova Zembla.  He says "the" route is staked out by the monsters-of the deep," alluding to the whales,  which, when steadily pursued northward, run  for the Polar Sea.  THE   "OCCIDENTAL   HOTEL,"  BARKERVILLE,  together with  Restaurant,  Bar  and  Fixtures,  [R'insc, Cooking Utensils,  Furniture, Beds and Bed-  ���������" ding, wflf6e bow'cficup Tor castr "Apply on'tnT pfS":1  raises to ELIZABETH THURBER.  Barkeirlllo, Williams Creek,    )  April 30th, 1867. / 2w  LOST.  (XS THE ROAD BETWEEN THE BLUE TENT AND  \J LakeLaHacho, on or about 20tu March last,.a  Pocket Book, containing $75 in money, and four notes  of hand, drawn by Denis Murphy and F. J. Barnard,  in favor of John Selmon, amounting to $1,100. Any  person who will deliver the same at this oflice, will be  auilably rewarded. . . '       \  The public arc hereby cautioned against negotiating  said notes.  Blue Tent, 17lh April, 1867. lm  FOUND.  K THE WAGGON ROAD, BELOW LAKE LA  Hache, a note drawn by Dugald McLean, in favor  of John Shaw, for $50, dated Oth May, 1863.   The  owner may have the same by applying at this office.  iBt May, 1867.  L  W. Winnard,  ACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  OTIC E.  M3  R. HENRY SHIRLEY BLUNT BAS BEEN AP-  pointed AGENT for this Bank at Barkerville, in  place of Mr. Robert Greig, who has left the Bank's  service. Wa. C. WARD,  Manager.  Victoria, April 25th, 1S67. 1-lm  PARIS   AND   LONDON    HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  EICHF1ELD."  The undersigned have refitted this well known house  whicb Is now open for the accomodation of the  public. ." "  The Bar will be supplied with the best brands of  LIQUORS and CIGAR*.  i������" Me-als and Bed3 furnished at all hours.  Richfield, 1st May, 1867.  G. FONTAINE,  FELIX POUCHOT,  Proprietors.  TEMPERING MINING PICKS.  There is probably.no service to which steel  can be put, which-so effectually tests its value  as in mining picks. The tempering of a pick  is a very nice piece of work, and should be  done with great care. In the first place, a  good -charcoal fire is necessary, next good  steel, then a good light hammer, with a  smooth-faced anvit, and lastly a man is  needed with a good keen eye, considerable  experience aad excellent judgment. No  good pick can be turned out if auy of the  above essentials are wanted in the process.  A pick should never be " upset," nor hammered endwise, nor raised above a full red  heat. The steel should moreover be heated  as quickly as possible, as long exposure to  heat���������even if that heat is not in excess���������injures its texture. . Many blacksmiths find  great difficulty in tempering picks, because  they do not choose good steel. After being  heated, the pick must be worked with care,  special pains being taken, in drawing it out,  to hammer on all sides alike���������in one place as  much as another. "..*  When ready for hardening, it should be  heated in the blaze of a charcoal (ire until red  hot, and then plunged into cold rain water,  and kept thereuntil it is nearly cold ; but if  kept too long in the water, or until it is quite  cold, the corners are liable to fly off. Some  blacksmiths use saltwater. No salts, of any  kind, should exist in the water ; but the  water should he cold ; if the water be warm,  if a-little ice should be. thrown in to cool it,  the tempering will be all the better. Pure  soft water for hardening will make a tough  pick, and one less liable to crack at tbe  edges, than where salt water is used.  NOTICE.  A LL PERSONS ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED NOT TO  A. negotiate a Note made by me, bearing date the  25th July, 1866, in favor of GEORGE REID, for $250,  as I have not received value.  JOSEPH EVANS.  Cameronton, B. C, April 8th 1866. ll-3ih  Thr Universal Practice of mixing Chicory and  other adulteratives with Cotfee, has very much damaged in public estimation, what ought to be tho most  delicious of Beverages'. ' So effectually have the public  been drugged with such mixtures that the true proper-  lies have been lost sight of, and many prefer a black  and thick infusion to a drink rich iu spirit and aroma.  General as is the use ol Coffee, it is little known that  in condensing the vapors extracted from the berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous  taste, and ol* a scent the mostunbearable.   Under such  circumstances it is evidently - important, that all the  gases and fluids extracted by roasting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order"to prevent their  returning again to the Coffee, which is the case in the  confined cylinder.?   This object is admirably accomplished by the new and patentl'Conical Coflce Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which the berry  is directly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carried off instantaneously.    In addition to  the advantage to bo derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, the  pure aroma of the Coffee is retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Roaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest tho deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by the pro*  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness fur drink.     Rut to retain tho essential oil  which it contains \ve have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to28 lbs., and which can be had from any ol  the respectable dealers. We can confidently recommend  those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain from |  taking Coffee on account of its ill effects that fclw-v m.iv!  use our-Ooffee< roasted i  NEW ELDORADO SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  HAVING PURCHASED THE INTEREST OP ROBERT  DEXTER in the above-named Saloon, the under  signed would respectfully solicit a continuance of tho  patronage bestowed on the late firm, which by a strict  attention to business ho will endeavor to merit.  The TERP1SCHOREAN ART is nightly practised at  this Saloon, aod the Bar is stocked with the-choicest  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  j^~ Boys please give us a call.  JAMES BURDICK,  1 Proprietor.  T L E ! N   &   CO  BBEWERS,  BARKERVILLE.  9J  AVE  ALWAYS ON HAND  A GOOD STOCK OF  Beer, Liquors and Cigars.  Tbey would invite their friends to give them a call,  4th May, 1867.      . 1  NOTICE  TS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT HAVING BOUGHT THE  X interest of James Thurber, in the "Occidental  Saloon," together with House and Fixtures, this is to  caution any person from negotiating for the same,  cither to buy or rent, as I shall not encourage tho  same, it being solely my property.  WALTER B. LAWLESS. .  . Barkerville, May 3,1867. 1-3  Estate of Honore Lions, deceased.  LL PERSONS INDEBTED TO THE SAID ESTATE  on the co-partnership account with DODERO, or  it of its ill effects that they may j that have any of the property, are notified to pay ana  in the Conical Roaster, being ro- j deliver the same forthwith either to  commended by all medical men under whose notice it  has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  in its favor. FELL & CO.,  Coffee Merchant**, Yates St., Victoria.  PETER MAN-ETTA,'  or CHAS. DODERO, proprietor,  Cameron ton, B, v.  Bated 5th February, 1867, W*������ BGQ  mam  aggEy^asaTr^-trvvrjBriiflbHiMByCTTY^^nn  nwMJi������**ijyr--anr*������-������������4a5-ftiiriw^  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ~~~~      THURSDAY, MAY 9,! 1867.  V  - y***������Xts> *������**<i������������***'  fill  III  ���������  lillS  mm  ������  ill  bill  Farewell Breakfast.���������W. R. Spalding,  Esq-, who has filled tho office of Gol/1 Commissioner here for the past five month9, being  about to return to New Westminster, was entertained by a number of his friends and  well wishers to a breakfast in the London  and Paris hotel, Richfield, on Monday morning last. Mr. Oppenheimer. occupied the  chair; among those present we noticed  Messrs. Burrell, Blunt, Nuttall, Bnie, Parsons,  Van Vleck, Monro, Polmere, Fitzgerald, <fec.  The chairman, in a neat and appropriate  speech, proposed the health of the guest,  which was drank with all the honors in bumpers of champagne, and feelingly responded  to by Mr. Spalding, who said that the kindness now shown him would never be forgotten by him, wherever be went, and that although he now left Cariboo, he hoped to meet  again with all how round the board,, He had  , heard before-he came here the people characterized as a very* rowdy .-set j but he could  cheerfully bear testimony to tbe fallacy of  such a report, for in all his intercourse with  the miners in .this community he had ever  found them an intelligent and order loving  class! jHe would therefore proposey a toast to  the merchants and miners of Cariboo, which  met with a hearty response: At^er bidding  the gent  ,pariyi.witlidrte>t;  Mining and Scientific PREsa.-r'We have  b efbre us a file of this Useful! and instructive  mining journaU: published rbyMessrsi De\vey  -&Co., San Francisco. Besides containing a  summary of the mining news .from every  -State and Territory on the Pacific coast, its  pages are devoted to. articles on. geology,  metallurgy, mechanics and other scientific  subjects, together with descriptions and illustrations of recent improvements in quartz  mining, machinery, &c, which are highly interesting to the practical minor, to whom we  would recommend "its perusal. As patent  solicitors, Messrs. Dewey & Co. have bad long  and extensive experience, and are therefore  in a position to render valuable services to  inventors.  For British Columbia.���������An English .paper  states 4kat the steam frigate Alatea, 20 guns  Capt. the-Duke of Edinburgh,  left Plymouth  :Sound on 26th March for Lisbon, Gibraltar  aud Malta, after a.sojourn of a few months  rin-the Mediterranean she will proceed to Australia, after which Bombay, Calcutta, China,  Japan, and British Columbia will be visited. J  ��������� Scheme to Colonize British 'Colombia.���������At:  a meeting of the Board of Trade in Ottawa,  Canada, recently,.resolutions were adopted to  promote a scheme for the colonization of British Colombia and Vancouver Island, and the  adoption of the Homestead Law recommended to stimulate emigration. It was also propos-  >.ed to give free maintenance to colonists settl-  ing in Victoria. -     ���������  British Columbia in Lonpon.���������A private  letter from London says that Mr. Klauckes  immigration scheme will meet with no encouragement. A notices in the Daily Telegraph cautions people not to-invest in. British  Columbia bonds, because f the couatry is  11 clean goneinV?        fififi1' A'fi.  FLOUR.-���������The Lillooet Co. and Mr. Scott's  Mills have ground this season about 200,000rbs  of flour, which is being offered for sale at  24cts. ���������$!. lb. At Soda creeks Mr; Adams' Mill  has ground up to the present time about 70,-  000 fes., of which about 15jO0OH>s.'have been  bought here.   It is a very superior article.:  Madoo MiNES.--Great excitement prevails  in Canada-respecting:'these'gbl?fmmesr' One  nugget weighing 45 and another 10 ounces  had been obtained from the same shaft. A  great deal of the precious metal is found in  lignite, an imperfect coal in strings and scales.  j^f* We were in error in stating in our last  issue the dimensions of the Fire Company's  tank to be 12x2x3. This measurement applied to the trough to be placed on the street  from which the water would be used.  Tall Swimming.���������It is reported ia late  English papers that several members of English swimming Clubs have determined to swim  across the channel on their way to tho Paris  Exhibition. '  J5������f* The Cariboo co'y washed up yesterday as the result of %k days' work, 92������oz.  They found a nugget containing a little  quartz weighing 9 k oz. The Bald Head co'y  also washed up yesterday 55 oz.  ^S^Two British steamers are now on their  way to Panama to enter into competition in  the carrying trade with the American steamers  ^between that port and San Francisco.  Road Travel.-���������Up to the 1st May. 260 white  men and 50 Chinamen had passed the 74-mile  post this season, bound for these diggings.  J^r The Express closes this evening at 9  o'clock.  HCTORIAITEMS FROM ��������� " COLONIST AND  CHRONICLE."  Copland's two brick houses with lot, on  Pandora street, were sold lor. $1550, and a  lot on Waddington alley for $600.���������It is reported that Government is negotiating with  the owners of the Active for carrying our  mails at an advance ou the $500 a month proposed by the Council���������The H. B. Co.'s steamer Alexandra has been litted up for doing  duty on the north-west coast survey, and is  under the command of Captain Pender.--The  owners of the steamer New World contemplate making a trip to Sitka if they can get a  sufficient number of -passengers.���������The furniture of the St. Nicholas hotel was to be sold  on the 2Cth ult.���������Gowan & Laumeisters Mill  was ready to grind the first barrel of flour on  26th.���������A large quantity of lime was being  shipped from Orcas Island to Portland.���������The  Steamer Oriflamme is to sail from San Francisco on 1st June for New Archangel and Sitka, touching at Victoria en route.���������TheSoiree  in aid of the Orphans of St. Ann's proved to  be a great success, the net proceeds amounted, to ������428.���������The body of an Indian woman  and two half-breed children had bee  hanging to a tree on Whidby Island.���������Hosre  Races are to be .run on Beacon hill on the  Queen's fcirttiday-:���������Freight from.Victoria \ to  New Westminster has been- raised to;$4 a ton  and passage ;$5.^-rA passenger on the Ne\y  World .while eating aplateyofbeans was-iiear-  a a near^ re������j^^ lyitranBed by one of the seedrsticking in:  t?&&S'fertfctod' h&twee& Me^j^&fcd -feqQiisiil&  i&fit. Q.SW. ;Wallace; is ythe pro^  schooner Spring Vale was sold by aiiction for  $6i5^--The last Amateur ^Dramatiop  ance of the season, for the benefit of Jenny  Arnot, was well attended.���������It is reported that  the Governor, who arrived at Victoria on 26th  ulto., was about to give a ball at" Government House.  ITEMS FROM ������ COLUMBIAN" AND "EXAMINER," NEW WESTMINSTER.  A regatta is to come off at New Westminster on the 24th.���������Many of the shares of the  new theatre building have been taken.���������An  Indian had been arrested for burglary,���������His  Excellency the Governor has postponed the  contemplated pic-nic to Yale and Boston Bar  until 14th.���������The Sparrowhawk made the run  from San Francisco to Esquimau in 79 hours.  It is reported that Mr. Sanders is about to  resign and return to England.���������A seal, weighing 226 lbs. had been caught in the Fraser  river.'     '������������������'"-'  STOCK.  THE CROPS.  .  Along the line of wagon road between Yale  and Cariboo a large quantity of grain is being put in by the farmers this spring, owing  no doubt to the very remunerative prices obtained for feed during the past winter, as well.  as the facilities now afforded the farmers by  the establishment of,grist mills at convenient  points wi thin the colony. Above Yale the  first Ranch of any importance is. that owned  by Messrs. Boothroyd Bros., on which some  30 acres of Oats and Timothy Hay will be  raised; the soil and climate being unsultod  for the cultivation of any of the other cereals  with advantage. At Lytton, in addition to  the cultivation of the usual quantity of Barley, Oats and Root crops, we were' pleased to  learn that Sir. Sayward intends to try the Peanut, a.plant that thrives well in California,  where it is in great demand ; the soil around  "Lytton is supposed to be favorably adapted  for its growth. At Oregon Jack's Ranch,  owned by Mr. Darling, over one hundred  acres will be put under crop this season, consisting of Barley, Oats and Wheat. Pump-  Inns, .Water Melons, Indian corn, &c, have  been:successfully raised ou this Ranch, the  cliniate being very favorable lor their cultivation,lowingtb the total absenoo of frost  during two or three of the summer months.  Messrs. Cornwall, at Ashcroft, will sow about  75. acres inOats, Barley and Wheat, They  are now retailing Barley at Sets. s$. lb. The  Grist Mill yowned by these gentlemen, has  been turning out an excellent quality of Flour  ���������lafel^-a^^ .-k.> grinding- -sapa-eity-is-  Only equal/to 2001bs. per hour, we are informed that there is sufficient grain in the neighborhood toykeep' it in constant employment  for the next three or four months. Preparations are being made at McLean's, on .the  Bonaparte, and around the Junction, for raising a good deal of grain this Spring. At Lake  La Hache, Mr. Anderson will sow with Oats  and Barley, about 40 acres, Mr. Murphy, at.  the 141-Mile Post, intends putting in from  sixty to seventy acres, in Oats, Barley and  Wheat. Mr.Toomey, of the 150-Mile Post,.  will raise 60 acres of grain, of which 50 acres  will consist of Oats and the balance in barley.  Mr. Moffat, at Soda Creek, will sow 40 acre's of  wheat. On the river .trail and around Williams Lake, a large area will be devoted to the  cultivation of Wheat this season, in consequence of tlie inducement held -out by the  erection, of Mr. Adams' Flour Mill at Soda  Creek. . We have as yet been unable to learn  the exact number of acres that will be laid  down on the various Ranches. -The following  are a few of those/heard from :���������    .  Chimney Cr?ek, Rose & Cot   ...  The business of stock raising is now attracting the attention of farmers throughout  the country. The superior advantages which  the extensive valleys and plains of British  Columbia hold out for the establishment of  cattle and sheep runs, are at. last inducing  many to embark in this enterprise, and if a  little precaution is only exercised in growing  sufficient fo������d to provide against the contingencies of the winter months, the enterprise  will undoubtedly be crowned with success.  Ah instance of the absence of such a provision  is to be found in the case of Messrs. Cornwall,  of Ashcroft, wha lost 19 head of stock last  winter through sheer,-,starvation, occasioned  by the freezing and crusting of the snow,  which enveloped the whole; of the -whole of  the Bonaparte valley to a depth of two. feet,  for several weeks. Fprtunately,rby: dint. of  good luck, they were able to save 290 head  of cattle* and 60 bows.        A-fifi fifi fi.''[fififi.  That p ortion of the country lying between  the lOO mile .post and Williams Lake, on the  line of the wagon road, seems to be better  adapted for .stock raising, than for farming ;  and this is the light in which' thesetttere appear to view it, for every ranch: has its quota  of stock. Among those who are actively engaged in this business, may he mentioned the  following gentlemen :  Barkerville,���������The busy din of the ham  mer and saw of the carpenter . that .greets the  ear incessantly from morn till eve, as I uild-  ing after building .rises around us, tells in  emphatic sounds the improvements that .'vo  being carried on in our midst.   Within the  last few months the town has increased to  double its former proportions, and scarcely a  spot is to be found from the lower end of thefi  street  on either side, up  io   China  town,  that is   not  occupied   by   a   building  of  some description.   AH the public buildings  of   the   district; are   centred    here   now,  with the exception of the Court House, which  must  soon  follow.   I/s Banks. Express and  post offices, library; billiard and dancing saloons, bowling alleys hotels and stores,point to  the fact that this town is destined to become the  emporium and depot of supply for the whole  of. the upper country., Some of the structures  a/e of stately - proportions, aud iu external ���������  appearance   and   internal   comfort  would  ������������������omparu   favorably with   those, of .towns  having   greater    pretensions, fi.  Since  our  notice of the 15lh, several additions  have  been made to tlie southern extremity of tho  town, most prominent among which is tho  saloon and bowling alley of our old friend  Fulton,, who has moved  his  establishment  from Camoronton, and is reconstructing it in  a stylo to suit the times ; the whole building  occupies a .frontage of 103 foot, and when  completed, wilt form one of the most attractive places of resort in tho town... On the  north side of this building, Mr. Parker is fitting up  .a very -comfortable dwelling,' to'-  bo.,..oaoypiexl..,..?^ ..a������������������.bo.at:d.u>^J.ioy^^ ^*���������*  the    south- .side,   Mr.   King  is    erecting  Dog Creek,  Alkali Lake,  Will'ams Luke,  Do.   '.  Soda Creek,  Wygate.  Bowie & Co, -  JUinnafTce k Co,  Pinchbeck" & Co, ���������  Colbruith & Co,  ���������  50 acres  40 .���������������������������������������.  ioo   :*���������:  100    ,c  ioo ������������������������.������  150   ���������"���������  Mr. Hanson,  111 Mile Post,  80 bead of cattle  Mr. McKinlay,  Lake La Hache,  -   60          "  Do.  do.  -  200 head of sheep  Mr. Anderson,  do.        ,������  *   80 head of cattle  Mr. Murphy,  141 Mile Post, -  -   200           u    ���������  Mr. Toomey,  150        "  - 250          "  it  **  25 head of horses  Mr. Bate.*,  Deep Creek, -   -  ��������� 200 head of cattle  Complaints are freely indulged in by the  settlers generally, about the want of some law  for, compelling the owners of bulls to prevent  thera herding with stock at improper seasons  Total,     -     -     -     -     . ���������   -    .540.  -*; .  The proprietors of the Australian Ranch,  above Fort Alexander, raised an excellent  crop of Wheat on a piece of low river bottom  last season, their success >has induced them to  enlarge the extent of the area this season; no  difficulty is experienced in clearing the land,  the ohlyyappliance necessary for this purpose  is the pruning hook, by means of which huo-;  dredaof acres, now covered with cottonwood  saplings, might in a short time be made to'  yield: a boUnteous harvest o f golden grain.  Mr. C. Donaldson, at Quesnel, is sowing a  laTge quantity of Oats and Barley ; Barley  commands 15cts. *<$. lb. wholesale, and 2octs.  retail, at this place. Ranches who had much  stock on hand have done well this spring, as  grain of every description has fetched good  cash prices. vAt Cottonwood Ranch and  Messrs. Boyd & Heath's the usual quantity' of  Hay, together with Tnrnips, Carrotsr and  other esculent roots is being raised.  .- yEverywhere the farmers appear to be beginning to believe in the permanency of our  mines, and are impressed with the assurance  that a steady aud remunerative market will  al ways-be open in this district for the disposal  of their produce, while at the same time it  must be obvious to them that under the present protective system farming in all its  branches will and must prove a very lucrative  business.  a blacksmith's shop,, and in front, Mr. Kerr,  from Quosnelmouth, is putting up a  brewery, and Mr. W. Moore, late of tho  steamer Alexandra, is erecting a dwelling  house, all of which are nearly finished. The  only fault we find .with tbe situation of thev  town is its close .proximity to the creek,  which will render it liable to periodical inundations, tyjr which considerable inconvenience will be* experienced ; but if. a sfcreet  were laid off oh the hill side, and there is no  doubt this will eventually be done, we would  then be safe from airy apprehension of danger'  by ah overflow of the creak at high water... fifi  Ascent of Mount Hood.���������At the last nicei--  ing of the Royal Geographical   Society, a  paper was read by Miv Hiuos, describing his ;  perilous ascent of Mount Hood, asssmed to-  be the highest mountain in North America,.  in July last with a small; party.   11 is estiraatr.  ed to:be 17,5.00 feet high. The highest point is.  the ridge of the crater* of an imiaense volcano.  which gave indication of recent eruption by  the volumes ��������� of ���������steain-y that .��������� i--3eued' fr6m- thtv-  bottom.: One side .of the crater, is broken,  down, and masses -of snow, and" ice resting  within it were-melted near the lower part and  converted into.steam.   The difficulties.of the-  ascent were.represented: to have- been ail;but.  insurmountable-, and at one part a crevasse of"  fathomless depth, and eight feet wide, was.  leaped across by Mr. Hincs.    The mountain  was composed of sienlte and other primitive;  xocks. ,  Death prom- Rklioious- Excitement;���������The-  death under singular circumstances has occurred at Mount Hawk, Cornwall, of a poor-  woman, aged 47 years, the wife-of a farm, la- ���������  borer. A short timeago the deceavSed was -taken  down' at a revival meeting held in theWesle-  yan ehapeL The excitement on the occasion.  produced a desponding state of mind and,  concern for her soul, which ended in lunacy..  When a medical man was called to see her he-  found her in too exhausted a state to be rumored to any asylum, and after an obstinate-  refusal to take food for twenty-one days sbey  died of starvation^  Gold-in North  been made in the  ofthevear.   xl remedy ought at once to be     1 i     . .    ,   _ i   n  applied to put a stop to this, as great loss and when not subjected to that process.  inconvenience is often experienced by set, rM hA of ,mnnrfsinM fn ^ftraftnR  tiers through the negligence of their neighbors in this respect.  It is certainly a very singular.circumstance  that while butter is selling in this market at  $1.75 per lb., no enterprising dairyman can  be prevailed on to turn his attention to the  production of this article. Surely the price  ought to be sufficient inducement to invite a  trial.  ^ggr- Who buys Fell's Coffee ? Why every  one who knows what good Coffee should be!  (Sue you get it������)  To Fix Pencil Writing.���������Pencil writing  may be fixed almost as indelibly as ink, by  passing the moistened tongue over it. Even  breathing slowly over the lines, after writing,  renders them much less liable to erasure than  This fact  may be of importance to persons who may  wish to carry a memorandum book for along-  time. In ordinary use, the pages of such a  book often become very much defaced by  the erasure and diffusion of the pencil marks  over the entire surface of the paper. A trial  of the experiment will readily, satisfy any  person of the utility. of the idea.���������S. & M.  Press.  Wales.���������A discovery baa  new mine of Vigra and  Cloggan, at about the same depth* where the*  rich branch of ore was found in the old mine,  which produced upwards of ������30.000 worth of  gold. This ore has been opened up at the  point indicated by Mr. Arthur Dean, the company's manager, some months since, and some  idea may be formed of its value when it is  stated that 3 quarters of ore yielded 62 ounces*  of gold. "*.���������'  Beeves are now slangh tered by a stab be-  twecn the head and (he first vertebra of the  neck. The spinal marrow is pierced, and the  animal drops at once. It is then suspended  by the hind legs and bled. The old way of  knocking on the head was attended with such  a shock as to prevent free bleeding. By tho  " pricking down'-' process, the meat is made  more tender, and is believed to be more  wholesome.  The Suez canal is practically opened to'  commerce.   Large steam   tugs have  already  passed through, bearing the products of Asia j Kirkpatrick, 2.   Riley, - 2,  mto European waters, ' Arthur, 1, and three others.  ,^^Hon. R. Finlayson arrived here on  Monday last. We understand he has purchased for the H. B. Co. the premises occupied by Mr. Stronss, in this town, for 32,000,  which will be opened by the Company as. a  store,, on or about the 15th of next month.  Trains ox the Road.���������The follow ing. trains  have been passed on the way up ; Oppenheimer & Co., 2,   Nelson & Co., 2,   H. B. Co,. I,  G. Robinson,  I,  %���������  ���������������m������*^. ������-*- I  ii .  I"  FgcnmwaaggBq  >.-  /������-  THE GAME OF LIFE.  '������������������". ':  '':  >:'���������  ���������  fi.,,    ',  y.'fifi:  ,-.,.-  ���������':  .     ..    ���������   ':    '���������  This life is but a game of cards,  . .   Which mortals have to learn \'  Each shuffles, cuts and deals the pack,  :  And each a trump doth turn ; fi  Some bring a high" card to the top, ;  And others-bring a low ;  Some hold a hand quite flush of trumps,  While others none can show.  Some shuffle with a practised hand,  ��������� And pack their cards with care,  ���������So they may know when they are dealt, -  Where all the leaders are..  Thus fools are made the dupes of rogues,  While rogues each other cheat ;  .And he is very wise indeed,  fififi Who.never meets defeat ���������������������������  When playing, some throw out the ace,  .      The counting; cards to save 'fifi  Some play the deuce, and some the ten,  ... But many play tlie knave.  ���������    .   Some play for money, some'for fun,  And some for worldly fame,  .But not until tho game's played out,  Can they count up their game.  When hearts are trumps, wc play for love,  And pleasure rules the hour,   ..   v   .  '��������� -'A-_:���������;. No-thoughts of-sorrow* check-our joy,-���������. :-:-  In beauty's rosy bower ;    fifi  We sing, wo dance, sweet verses make,  Our cards at random play,  ���������   And "while our trump remains on top,  . Our garner a Holiday.  When diamonds chance to crown the pack,  ��������� The players stake their gold,    ':  And heavy sums are lost and won  1 By gamblers young and'bld;'    '  ���������  ��������� .   intent on" winning, each his game  ���������Doth watch with eager eye,  .  How he may see his neighbor's cards,  And beat him oh the sly. ;  When clubs are trumps, look out for war,  .. On ocean and 6 aland.;    (    ".  ���������'For bloody horrbrs.always come  ;������������������-���������;.- When clubs arc held in hand ;  :        .Then lives are staked, instead of gold,  The:dogs of war are treed���������:  .       .Across the.broad Atlantic now,..  ;���������������������������'., = ������������������ .     Seel clubs have got the lead !. ���������  fififi '.      v-Lasi game of all isiwhen the spade  ''fifi Is:turned by hand of Time;;  He always seals the losing game  y~.fi   .  .:;.\ ..^In every age and clime..;.- ;   .  "No matterhow much each in an wins,  V Or how much each-man saves0,      fififi.  The spade will finish up the game,  fififi A And d ig the play er Js; grave. fififi-fififi.  fifi':". \      '��������� fi  fi      A TOUCHING STORY.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  STOVES!    STOVES  ams, Pearcy & Co.,  BARKERVILLE,  Have just received a choice selection of   .  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  SHEET COPPER, ZINC,  TIN- PLATE  AND   SHEET   IRON,  with various other articles in their line of trade.  j&^������ All Jobbing In the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfaction. 1  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  FEN FOLD'S  SALOON,  ...    BARKERVILLE.  MR. PGNF0LD BEGS TO ANNOUNCE TO HIS  friends that his new BILLIARD SALOON* is now  open, where every attention will be paid to the comfort, of his visitors.  THE BEST  LIQUORS & CIGARS  in the market will always bo  That can bo obtained  found at the BAR.    .  READING, CHESS  ��������� With private entrance, are attached to the Saloon,  Barkerville, 1st May, 1807.      , 1-s  YA������   ������������������������ .-*!  WAKE-UP-JAKE  ��������� AND���������  x>.  LONDON   HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL.  4. H. TURNER. & CO.,     '..  IJIRCRTERS OF  English & French Silks, Shawls,: Dresses, Underclothing, Gloves, and every description of  Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama and  by sailing \-osscls via Capo Horn.  '.fiST Particular attention given to all orders,  London Firm���������J. V. Tcnstali^ Co. 1-8  ESTABLISHED 1858.  ROADSIDE. ADVERTISEMENTS.  STABLINGior HORSES.  '    WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B. C.,  Begs to inform the public generally that he has  VICTORIA        -  SEED STORE,  Corner of:Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY a BALES  Havo opened the above premises with a:  LARGE AND WELL  ASSORTED STOCK  OF  F R E  Agricultural,  SH  Vegetable,  On his premises for upwards of 200 Horses.  ���������   Hay and Oats for Sale cheap. ������������������  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  * TERMS   -MODERATE. 1-s  '��������� BOSTON   BAR  a   International   Hotel.  .  THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for travellers. The Table is supplied as formerly with  the best the market affords; and the Cooking cannot  be excelled. The Bar is stocked with the finest Liquors and Cigars.    GOOD BEDS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  1-s Proprietor.  A\  -~r������r������������*  = ������������������ BARKERVILLE,-  |: PATERSON &GOODSON, Proprietors.  J'?T ANNOUNCING THE RE-OPENING OF THIS  X house for" the season, the proprietors wish to in-:  form their friends and tne public generally,,'that they  will spare no pains in-order to merit the patronage of  all who give them a -call.   ' .  Meals at.all hours.  ���������   and _...  FLOWER SEEDS.  The business of the late'firm of Jay & Co., Fort St.,  and Springfield Nursery, will bo carried on by them  j n 'ilUti to.snhe.w v..  J, -  ���������;- .i.������ 'J.  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of every description.     ���������"������������������-'/ -.���������.-. j.ig -  OUR   COFFEE.  WE./ARE   FORWARDING   A  C. E. ROMBROT,  BOSTON CAR, B. C,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, &o.   Is  HOUSE.  ���������v������yv.:..y.:t,��������� rfifi ,&G .mwi, j^STo.. ������ fififi^ fi  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  J. business next door to MundorlTs stables, Barker^  ville, and solicit a share of public patronage.  CAST    JRON  Always on hand.  Packed-in Tins  each.  Is  of from two to twenty-five pounds  WILSON & MURRAY,  Fort street, Victoria,  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH .MERCHADIZE  Wholesale" and Retail,  Done at reasonable rates.-  JCf^rOur Teams run..regularly between Yale antf  Cariboo and all orders in our lino of business'carefully:  attended to... ������������������'- vVv  V 1  .   . E. PEARSON & BROS.  ������������������>".:���������������������������:- ,.-   ,  V.- ''fi -  &Afi: '���������- ������������������'���������'���������'��������� :  '���������fifi-  :.'.'������������������' ���������  p;  J������fi  The Cincinnati '.Gazette' tells the following  ..    ������ad story, the moral of which is evident: We  once knew a man to.struggle*for years to colour a particularly obstinate meerschaum pipe.  .   He smoked incessantly.    He tried all the dif-  . ferent kinds of tobacco ; put a "button " in  at, boiled it in tobacco juice, but all to no  ���������avail, . It wouldn't color.   He grew morose  and sour, shut himself up by himself and  smoked, muttering savagely between his teeth  " Color! I say. D���������-n ye.  I'll c-o-l-o-r yet".  He gave up all business, and devoted himself  wholly to smoking, determined as he said, to  <jolbr the' pipe or die in the attempt.   One day  he failed to make his appearance at breakfast.  His room was opened and there he sat in his  chair, dead,'-the fatal meerschaum clutched  tightly between his teeth.    The meerschaum  was as white as when it first emerged, Venus-  like, from the foam of the sea, but the man  ywas turned to a rich dark brown.   The meerschaum had colored him I  J  BARKERVILLE.  AS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. A ��������� CHOICE SE-  lection of Druc>s and Patent Medicines, including the celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixture's, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a great variety of Sarsa pari Has, Hair** Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin.'s Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &e.  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1867, ami Billiard Table articles.  ���������   P. S.���������Prescriptions carefully.compounded.        1  A. McPherson,  Arch ok Iron and Goal.���������When Queen  Victoria made her recent-visit to "W61ver>  yV;iinmpton, England, to dedicate tlie statue to  fififi. ''-Prince Albert, her cortege pessed under six  triumphal arches on their way  through the  principal street   The chief of these arches  was one of iron and coal, being hewn in blocks  weighing two tons each.   There was also- an  arch composed of hardware and japanned  *froods. among which coal scuttles were quite  ���������conspicuous.���������-M. & S. Press.'  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  AND ���������  JEWELLER,  AT E.   HODGENS'  OLD   STAND.  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867, 1  .    Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.    1-s  J. C. -BEEDY, .  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING* AGENT,  ���������ILL   PAY -PARTICULAR " ATTENTION " TO   SE-  lecting,purchasSng, or forwarding Goods for the  upper.country.  Any commission entrusted to his care, will receive  prompt attention.  References :~-W. A. Meachaji, E. A. Wadbams, T.  Harper, T. Bkomly.  Victoria, April, 1867. 1  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  .   Government Street, Viotoria, V. I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all  the  and tbe sleeping accomo  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at thl3  I Hotel.   ExcellentCooking.   GOOD  BEDS.  ���������STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  BOOTHROYD BR0'S,:  . l5roprieters..  1-9  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  Messrs; Cornwall's.  : A T THIS WELL KNOWN-HOUSE, half-way between  il. Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route. ;  Travellers will find Good Accommodation.   The best of  living, of Liquors, .and-of Wines     Fresh Butter, Mills  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  The Bonaparte, House,.  QEMLEN &.PAME, Proprietors, at the  lOyJunction of the Cariboo and. Big .Bend Roads, is  now open tor the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles;' from'SavanasSteamboat  Lauding, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to.suit  tho limes. .Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers, ' Stages leave hero regularly, for  Vale, and Cariboo: < 1-s  X. delicacies of the season.  Tho best of  A    FKANKEL, Victoria,  u\i* SrsrN's, HIdks, Wool, &c.  V. 1.3 Dealer in Furs,  Liberal advances made  mi Fu rs consign ed.   Reference���������G. Su tro & 0 o.. Rei n-  hart Bros. Victoria, V.I. 1-^  T7   WATSON, Waichmaker, Jeweler  ��������� ilfij.m, and Engraver, Yates street, above Gov- 'ffiffi  '������rbmehe street, Victoria, V. X      . 3-s  WONG, LEE& CO., Commission MfSRCHAs-rsi hi-  FORTiiRa, and Dealers in Chinese Goods. Victoria,  L,; Yale, Lillooet, Queshelmouth,   ana Williams  ek.. . 1-s  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTNERSHIP, heretofore existing between the  undersigned is this day dissolved, by limitation.  All debts due to the late firm may be paid to either  party, both being authorized to receipt tor collections  made, and all-liabilities will bo liquidated by F. NEU-  FELDEK, who will continue the business at the old  stand.  dation is replete with every comfort.  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  1-s ���������   J. BIGNE k CO., Proprietors.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  CANDIES of every description manufactured and  sold, Wholesale and Retail. 1-s  Free Port for Ever!  E THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE   pleasure in announcing to our numerous  customers and the  public, that we will supply them with tho best French  Leather Boots (duty free) ever offered in B. C.  JGSTxH our old Stand, Government St., Victoria, V-4  1-S CHARITY" & BUTLER.  OR 74-MILE HOUSE  THIS OLD AMD WELL KNOWN HOUSE haf been re-  con tly opened by the undersigned, who will make.  it his constant study by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling public, to deserve a share of tho  patronage bestowed on the former occupants.  jG������^ Tho Bar contains nothing but the very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   Give him a call  1-s EDWARD    TROFATTER  F. NEUFELDER.  Richfield, 1st May, 1S6T.  J. J.  BRAMLEY.  1  A CARD.  A. BULER &'COfi$  CHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clothing bought ami soJd.   Secondhand Watches.  Guns, Pistols, &c , for sale.  8&* Government street opposite the Theatre.   1-s  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND "WELL FITTED UP  for tbe comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can be procurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms.  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.  /iSf The trail to Cedar and Horse-Fly Creeks leaves  tho Wagon Road at this place..  1-s y,/:,.:,, "Wm. HENDERSON.  HOUSE,  LAKE LA HACHE.  DAILY and WEEKLY "BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mailing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the above to  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Austra-  lia, &c., left at this office or sunt to Victojia will be  attended to. Terms in advance. Wkeki,y 12mos  with Postage, $7 50 ; 6mos. do., $4 75. Daily. 12  nios do., $23 ; Chios do., $12 50.  F. WALTERS, formerly of the 94 Mile House,  having purchased this Ranch, is now prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  and BEDS at moderate ratos. m 1-s  COLONIAL   HOTEL,  SODA  CREEK.  lllli  iii  Victoria.  April  V.]  8th,  .1867  ��������� }  V.  Or  SUTRO & CO., Importers an*d Dealers in  . CIGARS, TOBACCO,.Meershaum Pipes, &c, S E.  -corner of Vates and Wharf street, Victoria. s  V MALL AND AINE, COLLECTOR AND GENERAL  fill��������� AGE NT, Goyernnieht S treet, Victoria, V. I.   1-s  f ULK5 BUEFF, Cojimissiov Mbrchant,  Roy a.  *j fiUifiet Building, Wharf s tr^et Victoria, V, I.    Is  MR. G. WILSON,  Sir,���������I was very much surprised at your being in  such a hurry to make the first deposit ; it will be  impossibly for me to reach Williams Creek by first  May, but I shall be sure to be up before July, when I  will fight you on the. terms you propose I .am very  sorry I could not come to time, but my business prevents me, hoping when I do arrive, everything may be  satisfactory, and that we may have a square thing  and no favor.  mai JOE EDEN.  0PPEI  WHOLES A  l'&'G0.f  L E  ACASAMAYOU begs leave to state that ho  ��������� has removed his stock of Goods consisting of,Groceries, &c, from Wharf street to tho Brick Building  on Yates street, adjoining Cowper's Boot Store, qddo-  sito Wells, Fargo & Co. /      '   ,w"  He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash. |.*g.  CLEAL'-5 Coppke House and Restaurant,  Government, Street, Victoria, V. I. Tli is is the  cheapest, most comfortable, and best attended Establishment in the City  The BAR is always supplied with the choicest of  VYJ.NES, Liquors and Cigars. 1.3  A   GREAT REDUCTION has bnen made in the charges  iX ut thte e.-itablishmeot, so as to suit the times.  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Cents.  May. l3t,   1867,  McLEESE & SENAV,  Proprietors.  1-s  THE  AND  WILLIAM ZELNER, dealer in Drugs, Medi-  owes and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,  Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Physicians' Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. I. i-s  RETAIL MERCHANTS.  HENRY. GREENBACK, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  {store, Importer of Fine Meerschaum Pipes, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars, and Tobacco, Johnson street, Vic-  torn, v, 1. '-  X Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious.and  airy and the Beds cannot, be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort'by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with tho best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses-; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  Wm  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  35  I-s  THIS HOUSE i3 situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth,  Tho proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms  and good Beds are now prepared"to afford every accow  mo datloh for Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. ������&* The CHEAPEST  House On the Road, " 1**


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