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" 1'
Barkerville, Wiuiams Greek,; British GoluinMa, Mo^^ 19^ 1865;
<'In':reviewing..''the?course pitied by the
Hon. G. A. Walkem in the Legislative Council/ during'the past session,*?our main object
will be to place fairly, and candidiy.before
th e pub 1 i c an Jiinpar ti al sii in inary o f th p h o no r-
n 1)le gentleman;s political {eareerj leaviiig/.it
to. th e el cc to rs ���themsel ves to p ass their own
judgment on the merits;as well as demerits/of
the learned7 member; The"' first Bill which
Mr. ^Yalkera-took; any /par ton in/the Council
was inv supporting the mo no poly job of granting exclusive p ri vileges; to-tbe Surveyor Gen-
Tp tub Editor oif tj.e ;'��� ���. Cariboo Sentinel.'".
��� Sir.���Do you think the success of any prospecting expedition depends entirely oil the
person haying;charge.of the party? Or upon
a chain of other circumstances, each link of
whi ch ought to ��� b e perfect. :       J ��.:   <
Are yp u aware tha ton e of th e 1 cadi ng men'
selected by Mr. James Git (Mr. D. Gardiner)
is an old Culifornian as well as Cariboo.pioneer? '; Also, tiiat four other's are well known
practical miners, and (Jo im ish men too ? '���'������'
" Is it true that one; person <, now on another
expedition "was rejected by Mr. Orr because
from his habit&Y he is utterly tmfit for such
employ?   ��� *'.'/ ���".;/ Xix, . ,-v ������
, Can,,you infor iii ihe publip what progress
the expedition under; that gentleinan made
when once s.tarted?       /    X '������]: I^\ff; V
Respectingf. the btlicr expedition^ cap yon,
tell us whether "they, ate all their 'grub before
Hi r�� v '��� <rir\*r.   h :\.\ f w��� tr' ir_n.   t \\ id r  inn rn p. V? -    Tf t\ w
they got half way on .their journey?    llow
Tlie:";;Cariboo; :?Seiitinel.'?
Omen���BARKKRVItLE, " "\Yin _���_a CftfiEic, ^ Cari��qo.
'f <���'������ Subscription^, $1, per week, i  ' ' .
(lucliirling cost of delivery,)^ Payable; to the Cnrrier,
Iiicprpbrated by Royal * Charter,
iiitrodiicing a Bill:; for estajblishingfAhpipeey
null System of a6coURts in/the colony. ''Next.
he applied himself to a piece of useful leg-
is 1 atio n in in trb du c i n g a Bit I to aniend the
CountyCourt Acfc: \"\Yc. now approach a rather
vulnerable point, in -Mr.;Walkem"..  career.
shall esteem jiiy.seIf,
Richfield. June 14th, ISO').
���;.'���"Fair Pi__y.
Flood and Loss df Life in (Janaoa���In the
district of Berliner and Sorel, in Canada, late-
y, a great flood occurred, iittehded by loss of
He... A1 u tter-wrif e r says:-���'Llie .w��i ter j s af5 6 u t
SERG;EANT McMKR]?te pROR'i^//,
rpHE ACCOMMODATION which this House affords to.
A travelers cannot. bo surpassed; the Table iswell
supplied with/'thisbest.the^uurkot;Jillohls, and tho Bar
is stocked with the Purest Liquors j Beifs, .Stabling,
Jt-iy mul Oats.:;. '��� f-:��fiff"i V^^V.'.-'-V 2fA .
���';Xf.tXr^^ '���''- ^;
HAVE OPENEl) THE; ABQVE HOUSE tor the ropep-
Miirijtfi. tr^ayt'Jtrs j.iJi^'I'ifciiA.. well-kept.:; a��d.tk&
Liqiiors oamiot be'surpassed; the-Bods' are clean and
comtortityto; Stabling for Hories';��� Hayi:and'Oats at
miHtemte rates,.   ; f'-y^.'t hx-.A*f l*J;* ���'���,���_/ '���..",,
. >���*���:
and a piece of exceptional legislation against
his censtituents, but (\ve quote his own w;prd.i
as reported) 0" He was in principle favorable
* * to .the imp 6s i tip n of as. lai'gc a tax as p oss i-
;-S ble, but thought that Is.v orIsrCd: would
���** have been; enough for the first year! !*'*./.��� Mr.
\Vn\kern sabsequeutly rnoved that the tax be
reduced to Is. (id. j^r'oW^^j.lHio'tlfpldl Mining
Consolidated prclmxnce. ���"was/.iutroduced vby
tiic honorable raeinber for.Cariboo East,; and
carried through ; the. iio use .by his aid;   The
Customs Anieiulment Bill was introduced to
the House,, p tissed thro ugh its se ve ra i stages,
and it docs not appear in'the report of the
de h ates that Mr; Walkem expressed any opin-
jou whatever upoii it. J Thus the new" Tariff
l^was Imposed without one word of remon-
$j$?strance from the representative of the people
illfmost injured by iti!  Mr.AValkem wisely siio-
||;ported a motion to compel China men to take
^iout Licenses, and thereby contribute their
Ills hare io the revenue of the country.   ITe. also'
~~ % ii p pi > r ted. a iiio tio n fo r graiiting (Jo ver n men t
iai(l for the formation of trails in the tipper
eon utry.    We next find bur honorable ineiii-
1)'er sigmil i ?Ang h \ mself when the estimates
we re i 11tro d uced, by p rop osiug an i n crease to
tl ie salary o f His Excelle ncy tii e Go ve rn or,
t\ie Afcforney General, and the Gold Commisr,
:f'y ^ion.er at Osooyos, and in opposing allowances
f'% to the Gold Commissioners '.of .Garibpp and
P'T Tff Kooteuay,   Subsequently Mr. Walkeni moved
f^'fp for an increase to. the salaries of some New
ISSif Westminster officials whom he tii ought nude r-
"I paid.   Mr. Walkem moved that the (3overnor
^|^^l>e requested tb endeavor to get Her Majesty's
S^Sovernment not to press the charge for buiid-
."'. Xf^pg the camp at New Westminster ; the bon-
"������-..; ^MfS1^? gentleraau forcibly pointed out the
injustice of making the amount applied for a
, fA.;/feharge on tlie colony.     To   the-honorable
^member's exertious in tlie Council the Act for
/.'/'-./   ^abolishing imprisonment for debt is due.   He
���: f/f$trong\y opposed the increase ta the fees of
:/:vvitIie Uegistrar of the Supreme Court.    When
���/PfffMui important quesjion of Union of the Coio-
pp. nies came up for discussion in the House Mr.
ypfXp AValkem took.no part whatever in it.   What-
;.:pfTy; ever his views upon the subject may be it is
'.���'���:;'!-:���(;. certain that he failed to make them known.
Ytpyp. Tliis is the more extraordinary as the subject
/||g was most unceremoniously treated by the
������:R|| Council without eliciting a  single   remon-
fffp Mrarice from the -hop. the member for Cariboo
ft-py loast.  , "We believe we have; now gone over
TTXf t,ne principle measures which Mr. Walkem
v    -supported and opposed during the session,
Tyy nnd we have  given   the resuU  of his votes
Hl| v*tn AS lltrto comment as possible from our-
:^|||jselves.   The electors of  Cariboo East can
/'s^l^ery easily decide ler themselves whether he
;1 even fee fc 'd pep pn the1 ' i slands p f the So re 1.
The.people:are still, great.sufterers. ; ;As. far
as the eye can reach there is nothing bi.it wn-
ter. The poop 1 e crowded i nto a few libiises
where refuge could be obtained, ffh some as
many as sixty were crowded in the lofts.. The
BLAIR BROS., PibpiiiETOiis,
L I'or iho comfort;'of. truivelcrs; the Table is. supplied
with the best of everything tliat' can be ha.I,.aud the
cooking is not/iiiferior to ..thehost hotpl in; the lower
country; /lle<fr<>oin3 Tor fairiilies;/Stat��Iiii^ Hayy and
Oa ts. The Sta see. s tops at thelll. M i lo Ho use o ver n igh t
ou its ,way down'ctjuniry. !;;; ff       "���' -!'-cs.', /
;���:��� /;":;; rPt r ������ ^QUKSKKI.. ^.IpUTlT^;.. ������ ,;:��� :ff ���
^ P. L. j;6h%^
i^ieraYrlved ;on Tue^
igjhasbeena faithful exponent-of their views
fff or otuer wise.
RKPORTEn Discovery of New Diggings is
:^^\beea obtained, and a rush has taken place to
T f,p�� ; ehoth}n% reliablo however has been
^ceivcd from the new loealitv.
pro visions^wure distributed. ;i 0n A\red nesday
about no oh a messenger from .the islands:;arrived at Sofel for a steamer to take away' the
people and fariii stbcic    The steamer had
scarcely. left wh en a gale came o ii;: ab o ut
half-|}ast two it became a hurricane j buildings were carried away, and the steamers at
Sorel were with difficulty kept to their moorings.   Two lads on a bargeSvere in a perilous
p os i ti on; thre e men. we n t in a cano e an d rescued them; they were found to be insensible;
the steamer could not venture, out.   In the
mean ti me a steanic r w as n ear Jsle de Gra ce,
the p assejige rs wi tnessed -frig h tfu I   seen es;
they saw houses swept away, and men,.women
and children carried on by the flood; some
were cling!iig to the trees; their eries were
heartrending, but those on board could not j
gi v e ^ the 1 east assis tan ce.   Darkness came o n
and it made the prospect of rescue hopeless.
About midnight two other vessels   arrived
from Sorel.. Captain Label ie, of the Cygnet,
with two men, entered a canoe and heroically
went were cries where heard; on the branch
of a tree they found a young; girl clinging,
with, her feet, in a tub: a woman, with two
chi 1 dren in h er arms, was fo in id on. another
tree.   For three hours rescues were made.
Great numbers were taken in a very exhausted state to Sorel. that night and next day.
One Iio use was carried away by the water; a
man, with his wife and five children, got into
a canoe, bnUt- was dashed among the trees
and got broken; the husband clung to the tree
for sixteen hours, having a child under each
arm; one died there and he saw his wife carried away and drowned, she being unable to
cling any longer to the tree;   a woman near
her confinement was in bed ; her husband
tried to get her up to go into a canoe, but
she said it was impossible and -implored him
to save himself���th*ey could see unoh other in
another world; while saying so the house was
dashed down and all fell into the ^ater.   As
far as is known eighteen lives were lost on
Isle de Grace, besides three in a dying state;
all the houses are destroyed, and nearly all
the farm stock.   On Isle aux Oars one man is
lost, and numerous houses carried away.   On
Isle Madame no lives are lost, but property is
destroyed.     On Ohevai du Moine 71 houses,
barns, &c, are destroyed, but no lives lost.
On Isle du Pads there.are seventeen buildings destroyed.
the best
w 'ff
.... i-:::i-
��� = ��� QUESNKL. ."MOUTH, iff,
' ��� -B*R0W1^K&/&ILLIS, PRoi'BiRTbiS
Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,
Ptahi ing for Horses;'. Hay and Oats.
.*}   ....��-    ���..
I.N !.2,800-'SHAKKS,   OFiflOO. EACH, f
; i��� With Power to Increase.
J p& AGfcNTS:
. .,?;..   '    Ii^ V*ANC6U"vT5R i^      ;
VICTOIUA^-Bauk of British1 Columhia;
NANAlHQ���hiiin k of Bri t ish Cohanbia;  '      -     ��� '
NEW WESnUNSTEn-fmnk of -British Cohmifeia;
YAI,E���Bank of British Colutnhia; r .-.���t-.-f ;tf
if0[JTH QUKSNEL���Bank ol ��� British Goluuibia; .
SAN FBANCISCO���Bank of jBritiKli Culunibia;.
l'DBTLANl), OREGON���Bank of British CoIunAia;
w.r,^,^. -��� -^IK- CANADA, ���'������'."": . ' *
'   ,     * /   BBAISTCHKS & AGENCIESrv;/i .
M ontreaJ^. Toroii to; Qneboc,  Ham ii ton^Lohdon* lUn%���
'-���'���'   stoiu; Cobtiiirg/ Bfiicvillo,'.';: BrauifoHl,  Brock���
,������,..; vijle; Whitby, Petei'lioro, OttawavGuolph,
/��� ti odorici), S tra tfortl, Pic ton, 1.��'r tht
'.'."" ���/ SjjncoerSt> ���Cath��rini?sf   . "'."'--
��� y. ��� y '^j^y^Gi^        Tf
LONDtiiJ���Bank of British Colu_ahia~HO;Lonzhflr<l Si.
CURBKNT ACCOUNXS opened for any amount j nof
lctss thiiii One Ilunitri^i DDltars.   : . /.
Bills Piscountedand Collected; andBillsof Exchon^
on Great Britain,/ San Francisco and NiJW, yorfc pur-
chased./' : f-f; A\yf-A; ''TfTtfffff.if   ,:
T-T Drafts issuecToh all the Bhinchjes and Agencies.
-',Government: anrl.!other -Securities received for sate
���custody';.. In tores ts and Dividends; collected, . 'A:.
Received oh Doposlt, Ypr 'Advances; niade/ upon tlwwn.
Cameronton, Williams/preek^
y    CLINTON/CITY,       ;;
.francois chaperon,
Baker ,and Gkn'BRal Stork Kkkper.
Impurte^H and Dealer, in CIITNKSIi" GOODS, Rico, Su-
. V   ?ar, T^a. Provisions;
J. PERRODIN,       :
,/:./,     JUL .MERCHANT, .-..
Boots, Shoes, Tinware, Etc.  .-. s ��� .  .
���   quesnelmouth: . s
Otj> Established ; General ; Stokb,
Storage, <Scc.���Terms most Moderate.
QUESNEL MOUTH. ��� �����
Kelley & Lane, Proprietors,
G<OOD BEDS, Good Accommodation and the Best of
T Li<iuorsat the Bur; Stabling for Horses, &c.       8
1"IHK ah6.ve''splpndid Hotel is now open for the pubjje,
. th e proprietor having takeii great jia? ns th rough tlie
winter tormaice it the most supi-rior House in Cariboo.
Gbod: accpnimodaljons, with suits, of rooms; for 1 adios
or private parties.   Attached to this Hotel is a
First Class Restaurant, & Bar,
where can be obtained the most choice brands of Wine*?
Liquors,,Cigars, &6.. ..    Y-Tf-
..  N. I*. McCapkery, Propriotf^r.
Moses' Hair Invigorator,
To prevent Baldness, Restore Hair.that has
fallen off or become thin, and to cure e/fectuaSy
,   *_   .     Scurf or Dandrunv .
FOR THE TOILET���This Invigorator is made parric-
ularly.for Ladie-3 after illness to be used With tho oil
prepared by the proprietor. .First; saturate the head
with the Invigorator; rub well with a hard brush; then
oil. : It'will also relieve the headache,, and 'give the hair
a darker glossy color, ��� and the free use of it will k����*f)
both the skin iuid hair in a heaitby state. L:idies will
fltid the Invigorator a great addition to toilet, both in
considerittion of its delicate and agreeable perfume and
the great facility it affords< in dressing the hair, which
when moist with it can be dressed in any required
form so as to preserve its place, whether plain or in
curls. When used on children'spieads, i t Jay., the foundation for a good head of hnir.
Prepared only h\*
���W..D.   MOSES,
Barkerville, next door to Madame Bend axon's.
Wholesale & Commission
Hay and Grain at liOwest lutes; i
Gratis to parties buying Feed.
Good Stabling
t Hit or Miss Claim.���We extract the following piece of intelligence from the Victoria
'Chronicle' of the 5th instant:���lA friend him
received a letter, dated 20th May, from a reliable party on Williams Creek, which says:
tf was np town this evening aiul saw some
fellows who made a fine strike yesterday, a
company of three men, called tlio Hit or Miss
company, aro taking out about 70 ounces
da il y. Tbe Austral Lan e om p a ny arc lalviu;;'
out about the same, if not better.'7
fPTAlE is Money, nnd if you would save both ship
J your Goods by the Yale-Lyttort Route.
A. BAHLOW. ^OMJtf.Ssio.v and Foiwakding AjGext,
For I va le, Bri tish Coin rab ia, b e^s to i uforrn SI i ippors
an<i the public in genend that he js now prepared to
Forward Goods to the Mines on the most reasonable,
terms, and without delay. All ijoods consigned to thn
above wi:^ be promptly attended to and stored in a
fireproof warehouse, 3m
Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters and
Programmes for Balls and Theatrical
Ex cci i tod. w i lb Nw tn ess and  I >i.- pa t cl i a I th is OAj ce.
MM" '",(>ri && AI <>d<?r.ue. -~&&
<!(Urjbni. -Jcntinr-r' ()iV\<:i\      I
liarkemllo,   Williituj- tr ck. /
Situate in Cameronton, Williams Creek, which is well
lilted up a.nd in full working order.   Apply to
*~*~��^   di k, suter;    ~���^
All kinds of Agency Business attended to.
Office opposite thc Paris and London Hotel.
Tlie   Original    Pieman.
HOT PIES of the best description supplied to parties at their own residences at
New Westminster, British Columbia,
Messrs. Ghelley Brothkks,      -      "      Proprietors.
Storage and Forwarding!
YALE, b. a
Parties Shipping by the Yale-Lytton Route
are advised that KIA1BALL k GLADWIN hiwo
erected extensive Storehouse and Dock at vide, B. C,
and are prepared to Receive, Store and Forward.Guods.
The c sj);icity of the'building is about 400 tons, and it is
perfectly isohitod, oilerhig securiiy from' lire JseMnm
met with in xnteriur Towns,    (roods Kqweked and
Pubi <;!i is ��>n.ua^ed n t f ,o\v> ni rn t* -s.    .1 *u rt iis
gtioda thrMUgli us will murk to (he <^re of
f;r..vnwrx, _.ij_. .   .    .     -'I  __BR������W������-a-WJU������-������.<MJ_M^^  *E cariboo -smtinel  m iiKmymiMf, monda^, JiiSfE;;!^ iboo.  .VCAlUBOOT'MlNEi^SVLETTKR  TO  :^.'-VV:.:^, ���������...������������������."SCOTLAND. .       ,  A FRIEND IN  ��������� '��������� ,Ti������<*imUowihff'meritorious^pprformarice--of��������� a .Miner  r<-s i derit on Williams ^Creek -w e ha ve no hesitatj on in  % i virig a pii"ctri irour cotufnns.    Tlie $ieca was writ ten  ��������� iii the spring of tost year, and .of.c.ia'r^.r������fcrrcd:.tp^th<:  s-Vj i to; of th iuis's * ekipt iug j i t,- the' I i me. but 11 ie cha ngesf  *  ���������-wldclvhave sinci* l a ken. pin ce will only servo to increase  ��������� I he interest which is attached to the com position.  '-"    To HY FREEND\ SaWNG Y,  FrEUCUIE,  SCOTLAND,  , i   Dear Sawney,���������! sit dooii to write,  ��������� TA screed to you by cauivle light, ���������<f  An answer to, your, froendly 1 etier,  !'iii e'er had an 6 that pleased me better.  ; Your jictter cam l>y the Express,    v:  1:' Eightshiilin's carriage���������-V* ;thin less,   ,  -.ff You'll thiiilc t bisi awf u*-*-?tis, riae doot���������  (A dram's twa shillhvs here-abpofc)';  I*m sure if Tanile ila'-the buddy  tff .-��������� "Was: hereVi^M\s tlh-ee jogged cuddy;  "Xt.   He hauls alient him wi* a tether,  He*d*beat tliei Express^ ftiitlif a'thegither;  You'd maybe like to ken what pay .r  Miners get here ibj. ilka/ day,  ������H��������� t tvva^pdimd:sterling; sure as death���������-  It should be foiir���������atween us baith, '  Vor gin ye coont".th e, cost o? liviri'  There's n ae th ing left to gang and c ome on;  -r���������_Vnd should y ou b ide the win te r here ���������������  .'���������; TlieiSlioppy-buddies JU grab your gear, yp  And little waric ane ^tetbulb  .^  7 ^ 'f:ff  ��������� A* thelaiig dreaiy winter thro'.; iff  ���������;'/.,. Sawncy^l.^ ffff-  And;neeps and carrots���������dinnaspeer  : *\Vha1i>pric(i-^-tho' I could tell yi^yeel, p-ffT  Ye might think hie a leein: chiel;  '    ��������� Na, lad, ye ken Xnever lee, * v������  Ye a': believe tliat fa'sixae me;"  >     "f .  , Neeps, tatties, earrots���������hytho pnh'    '      '  Jist twa an" a peiiriy^ti'y for fun -      ..,'.',  4   How muckle twad be for a: ton.   V  ,-    Aifcnieal four shillin's, flour is twa;  And lirilk "sjiib to "be had ava,  Foi at5;tliis season,o' the year Tt  f "There's nae thing for a c<5o up here  '    To;chaw her cud on,^sae ye see     '     ���������;.'���������_  ;  Yt^are; far better alf. than? me ff-      ; f  *���������  For^whilc you'resittin"warm at hame,  A rid suppin" paridch drooned in cranio,  The deil a _jl_rn_i o milk hae I  But gobble 6 ure my paridch dry;-  Of course; I can get butter here,'  ^TwaP shillings a;puhd^ts far ourc dear.  , Ayee^a'.- thing sells- tvt a tang price, XT  ,y ; .  ;:;Tea, coffee, sugar; bacon, rice, ff;;  Four shillin's a pound, and something ihair,  V-;";And #en the weights is mt&r "barei  \   Sae iiiuch for prices.. ::\ ���������,  /*' Noo for claims^  ^Andfi^  &<wne folk were^ sae oppressed wi'wit ;  They ca'd tlieirvclaimcby name 'C6o  And leavin* all your guids and gear,  Your wife.andbairns, and haihe, eh; Sawney,  ; I Svwh thai. I was there, my lnanhy.  \ li] ye wad -lis fen to atlviee���������- >,  ���������And: sae ye will if ye be-wiser- .   PTf,    '.".  Jisfc bicle at hame and work inya,   :.   ���������     -...*"  X This country's no ibr you avaV^ :,;.'���������,  I^Ye/manua think we hoiik up goold.     :  ^As ye tlie tatties frae the'-inoiild,  Gude faith, ye'llmaybe houk atwa'l mo'fc  ���������-���������^An*.���������.heyerley^n get-'a glisk o't!.. T-f-r.:t'-T;:v  ; An" then what comes ,e" us puir deevils, .-.";  *\Ve get as thin and leaji as^weesils;  O" wark we :canna get a stroke!".'.',' j  We'er wb'afc they ca? out here /dead broke,"  Which means we hinna e"ch a groat  Tb line our stamach or our coat,  .        "  Sae ddon the country we may gang,  Avid this the burden pJ pi\r; saiig^  To ilka ane that conies alanir,   ;v.  ���������;, Freend be advised and tuhi aboot  For Cariboo is noo 'played bot!" .  .  Noo, Sawney, Fll blaw obt-tlie light,  XiVti..finish: this some ither night,   ������������������-������������������  ; I'll cjistiny. coat aiid greeks, that's a'  ; Andislcep'uritiithe dayiiglit davv;  ��������� Dear Sawkey^I sit do\yh thisti^ib;  X  ��������� To feenisii bot ihy thread b'{^ ryhnib,;; ;���������'  But as my bobbin's getting bare  w ��������� I * 11 no can spin y e muekle inair.  ?*>!:���������:���������[>  ind tho'; they struck the;clirt by name;'' :  They^ neler:struck.^^^pay dirt in their claim.  Some ithers made a gae fine joke  Arid christert'd their bit ground'Deacl Broke'  AVhilc some'to fix their fate at wance.  .',- ���������a"d--tlieir location * The Last Chance;'  '   There*s;Tirikei%^GrizzlyJ--losli,what names,  There's 'Prince o' Wales^thc/best o' elaims,  .;��������� There's 'Beauregard' and 'Never Sweat,'  And scores o' ithers I forget.  ���������; The -Richfield^ arid the 'Montreal,',:  They say tliey struck the pay/last fall,  But will they strik' it gin the spring,  Aye, Sawney, that's anither thing;  But by-an'-by they 11 ken, nae doot,  I f they can pump their water pot.  ���������Some strik' the bed-rock pitchin" in,  And some the bed-rock canna win,  But ne'er a colour they can see  Until they saut it first a wee;  And syne they tell to ilka man  They struck twa dollars to the pan,  Yo ir 11 see M iu to the V ic toria Press  As twenty dollars���������naething less.  Aye, Sawney, here a wee bit story,  Gm ance it travels to Victory,  Is magnified a hundred fold,  The bed-rock here, doon there is gold.  Some folks would manufacture lees,  To mak'a bawbee on a cheese.  Shame on the man who salts a claim,  .  A^an^Jie is-^but just in name-  No manhood's in him, he's a cheat,  A smooth, dissembling hypocrite.  Who, if lie could but gain his end,  Would e'en deceive his dearest friend.  There is a set o' men up here  Wha never work thro' a' the year,  A kind oJ serpents, craulin' snakes,  That fleece the miner o' his stakes.  But, Sawney, there's anither clan,  There's nane o' them I'd ca' a man,  They ca' them 'jumpers'���������it's my belief  That jumper is Chinook for thief ;-r-  Tliey'jump folksclaims and jump their lots.  They jump the very pans and pots;  But wait a wee���������for a' tliis evil���������  Their friend '11 jump them,  He's thc devil.  And sac yc think o' comin" here,  She gaausii^a^ j^rptisee stickin,  Noo even, whan I think 6' that,  : What gair'd herflytesae bjpot a cat?  : Aii^ it had worried oor she-rabbit,  ���������An' feekly a? tlie; young un's grabbit!  Bu^;whcn ^ bot,  : She ��������� ca'd^ the "cat:,a' claf ty; bt*ure,  An'its she.skelpediis-sae-cruel,  She filled. o������i stomachs iu" o'; gruel!  ^Aye.-Sawney^ 1 ad; auld folks ��������� maun <lee,  An';youh^:ui.s may, so let its be  ;;T\viv dbenrighjfc honest brustin' men,  Syiie we'll:be]ready nop or then.  VAh*;:ye hite.^ot ani&ierisairn^:  Anotlier stone to haip the cairn,  :Aye; aye, for ilkaaiieMoil debs.ft -   .';;j.>  There's ane or^maybe*niair-that sees.  Sae^dahder-headed Siniddy Jock.X'"':XT.  Is rivited wi' Maggie Lock! * ��������� ���������.  Pcanria think Iiob she could mairy  ;.  Sic a blethriii' harum scairy.   /.:  Sbine;fbjks dislike what ithers like?; 'fit;  i An'- some��������� see guid in the warst tyke, '  : Sae Maggie -may see tliis in:Jo^uue,  ^  But certies me, he is no bonny %f'- _  Ye ken-1 like thin^ lass^ i*u' weel,{'-': :��������� ;;  !An' tlibclit mysel' a happy cinel. j  Ah, I should ne'er hae trusted Mag;   ( -.  She's like her;mither Eve^the hag,  Wha fell iii love laiag time ago  Wi" that auld blacksmith doon bblo\v !  Believin' a' his words were true,  '  She, pu!t the aiple in her mou',  An' whan aiild Aid am she had go fc ten,  They ate it, but they fand it rotten!;  "they lbst the ghid, and got the evil,  A' thro' oor anther's bein' sae ceevil I  Ye ken that like produces like,  That bees are bred in a bees tyke^  Sae evil dobh frae Aidam ran  iA' thro' the veins ,b' every man, '  An' wroman too���������sae Maggie Locke  Forgat her JTeames and spliced wi' Jock!  There are some women on this creck-  Sae modest- and sae mild and meek I  i The deep red blush aye pents their cheek,  They never swear but wheal they speak.  But diun a fear, for me at least,  I'll never mak mysel a beast! ,  But let this drap���������to '*er,r is human,'^  An' ''Frailty thy name is woman !"  Love in iteel is very guid,  But 'tis by nae means solid fuid^-  Wnan man and woman's tied tho-gether,  They are made one till death does sever,  So says ihe pastor���������but is't true V  lias Kate an' you the .self same mou?  Whan ye !sit doon to eat betimes  Does this same mou lilt baith ye're wines?  It may be sae, but this I ke(n��������� ' _  Gif ye war ane. ye noo are ten;i  There's Jeames and Sawney, Kate and Meg,  An7 Gordie wiJ the erookit leg,  There's Willi and Hairry, Slniseand Jock;  Naie 1 anger; than his faither's sock���������  An' noo this ither brat ye've got���������  Oh! Sawney! faigs, ye shud be shot!  Ourc mony bairns^oure moriy cares���������  Cure mony saut and pepper hairs I  Twa may mak oot to live as ane  By piekin' gae close to the bane^���������  But whan there's majr ye'll find.fchis true  That ilka ane has got a mou! ' }  I'm glaid to hear ye hae sic ots,  An' that ye sell ye're sax fat slots;  That a' gangs right aboot the form,  Th at Tarn' s fe o d fo rani ther term,  An' that ye're pluuvs no ahent, -  That ye could pay the Laird his rent.  As waters to a thirsty sowl.  Or drinkin3 taddy frae a bowl���������  Wi' twa-three freeivs���������sac is ffuid ncwa  Gee my respecks to your guid wife,.       ,  v If ever I get hame to Fife ',, -'  I' 11 te a ch her hop to m ak 1 oaf b read..  WRsour dbugh-^-oot'o' heu ain head! f  An' gee nry, 16ve to a* ye.'re baiI'ns,  ���������To g aid Jph n Tham s on o' the Qai rn?; ;  To ilka nnp that speers foi* hte, ���������  ,:  My kin tl regard s be sure to gee.;  Ati- n66, dear Sawney,���������naething mair  I hae to say���������yet canna bear    "  The tho ch to* feenishin* my rhyme;  Tis" like we pairted second time,    ";  But I'll .no fret^-whate'er it seems^-  Y'e ken that 14m ye're true friend      ^  ������������������ f ff'.ff  '..'���������'. .''���������.:'.. ��������� JEAMES.  THE BANK OF  Brit^li    ISTortli   Aixferica.  E8T_BUSUEI> JN*  1830.   . INOOIU'ORATED BY IiO\i__  .'������������������     f ff'   '.ClWStTKK.'      -,. "'.'..' '. ,   .  P a j d up Capit cili 4   >  .;  Undiviaed "Net Profits,  FORT   HOPE.  GEORG-E   LANGVOiaT,  Gcnoral  Dealer  in  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, &__, Fort Hope,, B*. C,  HICK'S HOTEL, I.YTTOX ?QUAHK, NEW WK^TillNgTEK,  B. C., -Pitiui' Hicks,- Propriotor. The above favorably fliio\vn house is'itow open to the public; the Bar  if?-constantly supplied with Uie choicest brumlls of  Liquors and Segars.       . . ���������        ,',,;, .-..-. f- s  HE3STRY* HOLBROOK, AVharfiriger, Fdr-  war<Uug and Conimis^ioii ilercbuut, Ucnk-r in Provision s} Feed,. &c. Bomled storage for 1000 tons of  Goods in Stone B'ireproi������f Warehouse. Goods Forwarded up coun try,, an fl; every accominodntioir'given to vessel Io ad i n tf or d if ctiri rgi hg ft t tl ie Liverpool or upper  wharf. . New WeFtminster.:BriiiK_^Ck>lumbia. r ;     s; >  -     $5,000,000   -.:.:-: v-<309;ooo  Hkau Office:  7, ST. HKLKNS .PLACE LONDON.  ';.,".��������� ESTAT5LIJiHMKNTS: ffi'il,  ?ax FrAxcisco���������F. Iii G ra iri k W. S. Hiithe rlain i. A j,'r������m*'  Nkw yokk���������AVaIter V������ratson & Jamets Sni i th, Agont?;:"  Hon l real;    ��������� Queb ec; toroii to;       Hanj il toi j ���������?  Kingston;   -.'��������� Iauujou. C.tV; Braiitford.;   Halifax, N��������� g-���������  .   St.JolmH, N.B.;   Victoria, V.l. "  '  -. . - ���������   ! AGENTS: - ���������-���������  Scoti������anp���������National Bank of Scotland;  In^iAvb���������Provincial Bank of Ireland;  rFrancs.���������M������rcuard, Andre & Cio, Paris;  Austraua���������Union Bank of Australia;  L\_>ia, Cm i n*a & J ArAN��������� Ch a rtercd Mere;  India, London and China.  rjRAns ISSUED on London, New York,  San Fnu\-  cisco, Canada, N^w Brunswick. Nova Scotia, andonan  the Branches of the.National Bank of Scotland and  Provincial Bank of Ireland.       ���������������������������..���������_. .  Bills of Exchange and Gold Purchased.  Interest onSppcial Deposits of Money allowed al tho  ra to of a quart<-r of one per cent, per mont h.  I3__r" Tho Bank recciVes Gold Dust and Bars for safiv  ke������' pi rig ,w i thi ou t c h arge; und er ta kes the purchase nnd  sale of Stock* the Collection ol; Bills arid oth������r inoiioy  business in the United SJiates and British Provinces.,  Tcautile Bank of  .    ��������� .NOT\CEif.fA.fff'X---f-  A IJ. KINDS OF DRY^^ GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS  i\. and Shoes, can be bought cheaper, at the'store of  rhe undersigned than at any otherplace in the colonv.  Every article fnarked in plalii ;Ugures; - Tenris---CASH.  N. 15.���������Orders from the upprer .coAuitrvreceive prompt  attention; '-,-; ARTHUIVBULLtlCK;   .."'  s     . Opposite Colonial Resta urant^ >Tew >Vestm inster  ���������tTc  F.  MARKS, "Watchmaker & Jeweler,  Yai.es street, Victoria, V*. L, keeps constantly on jhaurt a superior stock of Gold arid  Silver WATCHES, Gold Chains,. Bucklesv Plated. Ware,:  Clocks, kc. Particular atH'rition, paid to repairing-  Watches and Jewelry. All work.Warranted. .Orders  from the country promptly attended to.'"^     ' ��������� s     :  Fell & Co.'s Pure Goffee;  QPORBORG- & RUEFF, Commission  O CHANTS, Wholes.-*.!^ Deal<.Ts in Gkoceuies at  visions, Wharf street, Victori-i.  Yf f * f-^T  ^SSAY   OFFICE;  ;Gqi.d Bust Melted rind Assayed, and returns mado  withini 2<t hours .in Coin or Bars.     '/;  ;  Oresrof every descriptiori carefully Assayed.  N Bi���������A ny; Irist ructions "a s to t h c d isposa I of the pro.  ceods'of, Gobi Dust forwarded to the olllce in Victoria  ior^i&y w.ft^ _^^  3Yd.: SHEPHERD, Manager.  Victoria, VJi:v7\fay,4865. ��������� .ff:f:.        -:���������'���������}������������������������������������ fps.'..';���������;,  <yrl G^EORCiJ-E HOTEL, View StreetTvicT  O tokia. This Hotel, to whibh is attachod a Restau -  rant and Bar-'-Room, is one of the rnost eomfortablo  esta bl ish men ts; of the kind on the Paci fie Coas t. Welt  f urn ished room s for single persoris a nd fam i 1 Les. _ Th o  most importsritXoridon, French, and Califorriia newspapers received-for the use of boarders. ���������      |_.s  Mer-  aiid Puo-  3ni  T OWE BROTHERS^ Commission Mercliantf:  .1 j and ' Im porters of , Provisions, G kockri ks,j; French  Ayines, ��������� Liquors,  Havana Cigars.; Naval Slores,  ��������� Canvas, Oars, & c.^ WI ia rf street," Victoria.  Rope,  8  T?EL*LO*WSv ROSCCE teGO.f Importers of  X" Gexkrai.; Harpwakk and Ihon, ' Moorefs Buildiiig,  Yates street, Victoria, V. I.   ... , X  *^ni1  T1IBBEN:; & CARSWELL, Importing Book-  all its Branches.     Corner Yates and Langley streets'  Victoria, Vancouver Island.: ..,-������������������   s-:  ,\ LBIOCT IRON WORKS, Victoria, V. I.,  il\ . Manufacturo Steam Eni_ i nes aud Bnili rs of ail  sizes, Quartz Mill*, Mining Pumps, Flouring Mills, Gang,  Sash, Mulay and Circular SaW Mills, Iron and Brass  Castings, and everything connected with the business,  s SPRATT& KRIEMLER.  C^LARKSON &,CO.,, Dealers in Books, Stationery,  J Music and Musical Inst r u me ti ts,  NEWS AG E NTS,  kef ColumbiaStreot, New;Westniirister^' V ������  A. McCREA, Axictioneer, Wharf jStrket,  Victoria, Vaiicouver Island.  1  QCOTCH HOUSE. A. McLean arid Co.,  O Hosi.kks axi> ; General Outfitters. ', .Miners and  othersavill find at the fc'colch House a splendid stock of  Clothing, Boots and SI10C3; and Dry Goods of every description, all of the.best quality- and at very moderate  prices. ��������� Fort .street, Victoria, Y, I������ ���������' s'  IF   YOU    WAN'T    GOOD���������   ALE    ENQUIRE    FOB  BTJNSTER. -., .������    J.  KOORHEAD and CO., COMMISSION MER-  CHANTS  and  Importers   of  Groceries,    Pro-  vi_5roxs, Produce, &C, Wharf street, Victoria, V. I. ., s  J,  THOMAS AL.I.SOP, Land Agent and G-en-  eral Commission Agent, Government street, Victoria, Vancouver Inland.  s  TOHN WILKIE and CO., jtfei  O  tStreot, Victoria, Vancouver Island,  Merchants, Wharf  s.  R. POWELL, has Removed "his Office  arid Residence from Fort street to the premises  lately occupied by the Mayor on Broad street, Victoria,  V. I.   Olfice hours 9 a. m.'to 12, and 8 p. m. to lu.    s  DANIEL SCOTT & CO., Auctioneers and  Com mission Merchants, Ci ty A uct.io n Room s,. Fort  street, Victoria, Cash advanced.on Jfcrclmiviise, to any  'amount,.consigned for sale/ Reference���������Hoti; R. Vis*  layson, of H.B. Co and Lloyd's Agent. ���������"������������������ ;;    I   ;  Pi DAVIES & CO., A.uctioneers & Com-  1 mission Merciiasts, Fire Proof Stone Building;'  ' Wharf s t root, Vic toria, V. I.     Li be rai Ad va ricV-s 11 iad o  on Corisi en men tn. - ��������� ... ���������:      l  :  J~ OHN P7 COUCH; Importer and General  COMMISSION MERCHANT, Commercial Row, Wharf  street, Victoria, Vancouver Isbml. s  GOLPSTONE and BROTHER, Agents for  the Pioife������?r Flour Mills, Ci������m>iission.3|jeroiiantst  Importers and Wholesale Dealers in (Jrockries, X'ro-  visions, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and .Suoks^ &c,  two-story.Fireproof BuiMinp, Reid1 s Block, between  the stores of J, Wilkie _; _o. and Stewart & Co., Wharf  stree^ Victoria. s '  L'HOTELIER, Importer and Sealer in GRO-  j_ CERIES, PROVIi^lON^, WINKS & L1QUORH, No.  7 Wharf streot, between Johnston and Yates, Victoria,  Vancouver Island,"   : l  ffpHOMAS SHOTBOLT, Dispensing Chemist.  X . and Drogoist, -��������� Johnson street, i Victorh*., V I. _ re -  spectfully soliciU the attention of Miners and the public in general to his well assorted stock of pure Enxlixh  Drugs, Chem icals, a rid Perfuriiery; also to b is M i x t u r������  for, Rheumatism, which is an invaluable roniedy for  th is d i stressi ng coi npla i nt. i i-s  warded to the .Mining Districts.  1-s  HOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, V. IM Joim  Bigne and Pierre Manciet, Proprietors. The Res-  taurarit is supplied with all the-delicacies tho market  nfr������>rds. In the Bar will be found the choicest Liquors,  Furnished Rooms, &c. l-������  J. SOUTHG-ATE and CO.,  Union Wharf,  fj m   Victoria, V I , and Battery street. San Francisco.  Victoria, February 24, 1865,  THE UN������ERSIGNED, having purchased the goodwill  of the late firm oi Gutr.p, David & Co., will continue  the Wholesale Provision and Commission Business, at  the store, corner of BasMnn ancl Wharf streets, under  thc firm of WEISSENBURGER k SCHLOfiSSKR. Mr.  Jules David will act as Manager of said business. The  business on Government street will be carried on as  heretofore: WKI&.ENBURGER & SCHLOESSER.  pRELLEY & FITERRE, Victoria, V. I.,  "OT iSolo Agents |iv>r Napoleon's Cabinet Clmmpngno,  Pietresson de.St. Auf>inChainir.>gnodry, Douche do dry,  Jules Mumm Champagne, Kugene Clicquot Champange,  Bokers Bitters, Sain^evain's California Wine and Bitters, Hostctter's BitU-rs, Bancroft Cider, I/>gnac Claret,  G. Prellcr Claret. A largo stock of Bondod Wiries,  Brandies, WJ)iskeys, and Liquors of every descriptiou  ah������ ays on hand, Grku.ey & Fitkrrk,  Importers ahd Wholesale I)eal������*rs,  1-s Junction Wh������rf  and Johnson  streets.  17DC3-AB, MARVIK,  Corner Fort and Langley  n. o *   ,������^_i..- :_. T^/^r .... ������tr^xW*i,m     Agent for  s  lit Street, dealer in IRON & HARDWARE.  the sale of the Boston Rubber Belts.  LEWIS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, yates street,  toria, opposite Bank of British North America,  Vic-  s  f_1    STJTRO & CO., Importers and Dealers in  VT*   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes, &c, S K. I  corner of Yates aifd Wharf street, Victoria ���������' s    '  HE. HEISTERMAN, LAND AGENT, 38 Gov;  ���������   crnment street, two doors south of Fort street"^  V ictoria, Vancouver Island. s  REMOVAL. J. L. Jnngermann, Watch-  MAKER and JEWELER, has romovod to the tire-  proof Brick Building, within ono door of Wells, Fargo  k Co.'s Express OUice, Yates street, Victoria, V. i.   s  DICKSON. CAMPBELL1 & CO., Coramis-  sion Merchants, Wharf street, Victoria, Vancouver Island. H. N. Dickson & Co., London; Dickson,  DkWolf __ Co., San Francisco. s.  HENDERSON~&   BURNABY,   Importera  an������i Commission Merchants, Wharf street, Vicuna,  V, I.  and No. 17, Gracechurch street, Lcmdon. ������  MALLANDAINE, GENERALCOMMI&SION AGENT  _ tn_d Collkctor, Moore's Building^ Yates street,  Victoria, Vancouver Island. s  Gi TJY HUSTON, Deaur in GUNS, PISTOLS, FISH-  X ing Tackle, Powdkr feSaor, Yates street, Victoria  JULIUS LOEWI & CO., iMroRTEKS and Wholesale  Dealers; Agents for Til ton & Mc Fa rlaud Fire and  Burglar Proof Safes and Vaults, Victoria, V. I. s  nnHOMAS G-OLDEN,   Wholesale and  Retail  I  Den.ler in WINES, BRANDIES, BEFJtt. Jfc LIQUORS  of every do.-cnption, Corner of Fort and Wharf streets,  To bim wlia'a lur lrao them he iocs (J.ovcs).  VJciori-t, Vancouver Island*   h lm  TWONG LEE & CO-, Commission MERrrtANrs, hn-  port������rs ami Dt'alers m CHINESE GOODS, Rio-,  vSu_jar, Te������T. Provi-i.m?, A_c., Cormur^nt street. hcfA^n-  Govern menl. and Douglas streets, Victoria, V. 1.       s


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