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The Cariboo Sentinel 1868-06-11

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 -���������   I  :-IM  'tbfy  Mtuift  *n^  6*  ���������i:V;^^::^���������  X-  ��������� "'��������� ' ���������';',:J-- -flX^'lf" ~:',(h������;tX\ ^ftp-- * : Xf^^^^^^^ff ���������:'.���������' t^t-}. ' 7^ ���������-���������'���������": !?ft^ffiT?r?^^*^  ' ������������������'.!*'1 ���������     . V    - -     -        ���������       *  'fer.W^11^ S^Sfe S-.;Pm Thursday,/ j;ttn������i;:I^IB:68^  ��������� 4>^������ ~*C&ri^  -   ^RCtoBR/t HDlsI^^A^i^������|feffi|riJ  ;    |tR^la JfS^Hi^'Sc M^iyo|y^-r^^^|io^ tfteffiirHfo  - -FUNERAL ������SRi\ION 0F;*Jr.HS EAl'E/THOS.  causes, whoai* faith iu the doctrinea df the  OathbUc^Gffiftclv shbhfc put ail'thV: brighter!  .aml^purer after^the*t*>rni3i>y which iuiati  t?e^n^t<id^aW4owards Uie^loae o^lilsHtitf:  :XT ${r MfcG������CtffatL* pir6veil ���������/ rtVcreaiiF to his  o^v*j'l{tud, no ^yoi^Js or rnune^aiihutd eVer  #$fldUa his; pruUe, and I she aJd-alUw-Jiim;  S> rera\iir; as a great- writer^Haiti of him;wbostf  foul *wm tto&i to' -this.'generous���������fee\vig-t '���������' mi-  a pul������e or his heart that did not beat for hiri^  scarce ly* a poem4or a^so n ir; or more extenstv������j  ,jvbrk iroim :Wa/penv tliat hac{ not Ireland ipr;  (ita thehu^,;fThere, was aearcely a legend;of  fchf^ld^iand K-iiii know n >io -4i| n^j-r ftcar^y^  IfKUonanient or i riiin.\n: it whic h;^wu8 hot cfe|8j  1^a^<^y^i& either ^  aa association formed for the^xultiyationV ;of  Iterlit������ratnrecin^whieh;h&;bad;Jritit.iapmeWfte ;  not a national mo'yeint������afc: for.' bar prosperity  jfhich was not enco^ua^ed^byluni.   I never  !C^3jU--'the'f:: haired which ; has been excited  ag^nfet the deceased, and which  I fear has-  iculruinated in his  death,   so   uwfnl   and  so  S$??!>*P& ^a^ .not-Bprubft',ft*aiii such urifound-  j$,f 0*te&:! ;b',[Bts\; caium-uou3 '-;* charges, which  ���������^^^blindt^^Wlitiyi-ci-;���������iixXMyXsome  of; *my  ���������Cputij^  ;the|deeea^d;;w^^  <rtl^&flfactidn& - Besides tho 16ve of Ireland;  .NEW ADVERTISEMENTS^  -.'.iv* ���������[  oHowinj  \ thfc fungal <>fThW,  '��������������������������� >:MtvMt O'Farrell, from^ the^^xt"Wfym u  vmjbi wanol to; jive iitt<6ranca  tol:-a, simiUr  -wiitbarnt of^-grief on this.ro oat * lamentable oc-  \.f cAiiion,"which has'united us all here, to-day,  r������nd in thv presoncajof these ;poor relics  of  tub?iaiity ,wliieh r emi nd u3 so po werf is I Jy of  1 oalS 1 t^tirt  by, h]H ;briUiant; geniuj, his sonlr  iiirnhg"j|loquencet   bia -far-seeing wisdom,  : co^ribuj#d so much to: th^ safety and tho re-  ;\; Tjown ofitlils coiiiitry-:������������������:"Shall fwe' not say, as  viid^tUe^Jews of %1,4i Howjsthp;mighty man  fsliintbat saved^tho people." ;;H^ did not, \\  ������������������"���������>'fs true, perish on the _field of battle, amidst  the-clang of arms and tumult of the conflict:  ; 'bit he(- died; in; as noblei'-ya ; fieldy  although  etrwek down by the fouiest murder that ever  . ^darkea^ our  for the "land pf It is" ado p tion.: and vv it h a up u 1  asiittfiinching? and a heart as- brave as ever  beat in a soldier's breast, and therefore:���������' the  :  people of this land have" bewailed him with  great la men tati 6 as, and they so r ro w for him;  and shall noi cease to mourn ;hini for many  days.   When the illustrious: French soldier,  Latour  D'Avergno,   the. "first Grenadier of  Fran ce' as he   was simply yet bo ii drably  ������tyled, died in the Bervice of his country, bis  name was still retained 6ri the muster roll of  bis;regiment, and rwhen.ealled pist by the  commanding officer on service days/as if he  were still present, the oldest soldier would  ���������top out of the ranks, and amid the solemn  silence of his comrades reply in these touching words, "Died on the field of honour;,;  and so, my brethren, when the muster roll of  tho  great  of Canada shall be read out in  future generations, to the hame of Thomas  D'Arcy   McGee   shall be added, as his best  and most suitable epitaph, that he died-on  the field of honor,   In the midst of the gear  ���������fal grief, Ihave been requested   to   give  Utteranae before this magnificent assembly of  the rulers and statesmen, and leaders of our  country, to tbe feelings that have stirred to  the very centre the heart of tho  nation, aud  although I well know that my words, foebla  ana languid, can serve but as a very imperfect echo to the emotions with which your  hearts are throbbing ;;still, Ihave willingly  accepted- tbe .invitation,--'.because V admired  and esteemed in tbs deceased   tho  scholar  whose  mind  was stored and onriched with  tn������ most varied inform-ition ; the patriot who  toyed his country, kia native as well as his  adopted  one.  with tbe deepest and truest  wiectidn.; the statearnan whose might? intol-  uot soared  above all merely, local interests;  ������a comprehended iu bis farreaeMng gUnca  ,K������inecenriqes and advantages of tho mtm  r3?"r\?' ��������� lncre than ail' a*a miniBter of  ^*oqf i jovea and acloavred th?. -humble chris-  -������a w.e  dC7oU������d \ih Hints'to ibr. noblest"  everytbiiig about Irela^e^capt ��������� sjiprt;:  comiugs'bf- 5ier*peoples r^rotri his earl^b<$5#  hbptl h ia= p en.i was(-de v o te di to her ser vice $'. h isr  warmiikaglriation^and- passionate.hfiart-tddk  fir'e^ai^Wl^tf'fiafdeemed < unbearable:; w-rpngs;'  '^d'lioltfire ft himseif in to*a^b,yeffient;":wtnc"hf  ,we -atll "kiipw'as foolish and mo'?it1l!-timed:  ^Ho^ovedltelanli'theii  not- wisely :but  too  ^ht^grcwlip in it" another loveV a!most^as  ^I^^^^^S0^^0?^!?������:- lora/V'io f ^Canada ���������;  ;t*e&^9;hipfe far-reaching, and be rose from  ^irjg^the, patriot of one cbunti^to ba. tho  s tafe man that e nib raced tlie; entire empire; i n  bjs^Ulws, pthers shall jtell yon whailje/did  tbj^uld up, a public,spirit ��������� in; this country,  ^mt^labtrrr b^ru^  S|i^Ki������tJ.>fi^^ ih&a b itant������^h a w������-  ;he|^ve earnestly^ to cum te; all "natfonalities  anfereeds toRetlieranditodiffuseacommon  spj tit'.^of -,, chad ty, go.o d feel in g and b ro therly  .1q warnpng;all the children of the 'soil.,.,-M ���������    ,  L-.-^;--.V--U-;.;..������->s^)i,55  ������������������-."���������-   J;,'oV:v:,^ft:������  \:M'l;:^^fXK^^m%vi%^!^-..' l  mm  ;V^;-i^'  ,V ;Fashion Saloon,  Xr-Mif '    '^BarkkrviliIb, B." GV  5m  ttft  tainpt 'to;-Establish the Reformation in  hiiid.^ tho^* -LifepfiDr^Maginnv" and gre ttesfc^  of all, his;14History of Ireland^'which is  confessed to be the best that has been yet  'written, and*.more wonderful', has been writ  ten upon a foreign;soil;with such; scanty riisr  teriai aa hi could -here;"pnicure; - Hpw, then  c������uld som* .of bur peopie coaio to be -con-.  v fa cod "th at hV had re h o u n ced an dr v i 11 iHed h is  aa live land t Ah, m y b rethreh; the power of  daluoiny 18 -fearful!;' For a tinie'every stray  word, eVffy nngiiarded; expression that fell  from his"lips was. taken Up I'd of by; his: enemies a a i p ara ded I a nd re p ea ted again an d  again, until it sank in to many person's hearl s  and became so deeply: rooted there that nothing could eradicate it. Advantage, too, was  taken of ,the honest, putypoken indignation,  with which be reprobated tho nefarious a >  tempto ota..'miserable,.disgraceful conspiracy  to enter- into this. peaceable land, and to;  avenge the wrongs of Ireland upon Canada,  the happy homes of your children.. Yes. if  he was guilty of a crime against Ireland because be denounced the abominable plots of  men who only bringshameanddisgraceupen  her, then I, too, am guilty of the same crime,  for I denounce to-dav, as vehemently us he  could do, such vile, unprincipled means; and  if it be proved that his death was the result  of his enmity to those secret societies, then I  call upon every honest man to ajamp out  with horror every vestige of them from  amoagst us. There must be no sympathy tor  such a dastardly crime. The man or woman  who could feel any joy at such a diabolical  deed would be as borribie.to my soul as the  assassin himself. Mr McGee. then, was -not  falss to his own land, although he tried Jo  serve to the utmost of his power bis adopted  one. I shall quote for you a sentence from  his own speech on last St, Patrick s Day,, m  Ottawa,- when alluding to this charge against  him * ������������If X have' avoided for two or three  years much speaking in public on the subject  of Ireland, even in a literary, or historica  sense I -do not admit that I can be fairly  charged in consequence with being either a  Sordid or* cold-hearted Irishman. 1utterly  deny the audacious charge, and I say^ that my  mental" labors will prove, such as they ait,  fhafl Wow Ireland as .veil in^her atr^g b  and in- her weak ties*, and love her ������de������������  Us tho������o Who in ignorance of my Unadwo  'Son, in ignorance of my.obligations  WAIiKEFia rSAAGS,  q& and Kestara  "^jlGENTREVILLB, -\   -'    ^  '#I;'      ; 'MOSQUITO GULCH.    ���������  Iflii������V -iS6s:;:; fmgffftf^mf:, tpf-ftc t f. - .*m  WILLIAM  PKOPRIRXOR,        -  0ff  BARy.i-my.iu^B,c.  Boot  ���������  .  ���������    ���������  ��������� V  IAd'b   TO; ORDER.    ItEPAIIliNoi <  Ionm with- nwitnijRB -ir'ii^dippatchv^^ttirtwfj^'. >  s.������kppt cohftta n tly on hand, * -iTuxt door .to ia*.  PTKJ'fti te it Krt P. tt'"'; *";''' ?-$ ��������� -y l :'* ?-- "ftt' ft-f t T' ���������* r -r  BobtH  iAiiytt^Xsmil  HOTEL BE;FR  . . / r_; Baukkicviixe, W. 0.,  , HOTEL  AM>f,BESTAURANTt  A^o,^-splonUidJBctonmp, and -the  befit Wluos an*- :  TOK��������� ABOVE  HOUSE JHAYLVG   BEEN-REBtJII.T  JEWELLER,  AT It HOD GENS'  OLD   STA'ND:  4:Bnric^illft;:.is't;^Vy,;.13fi8:'  m-  ; WAKE-UP-j AKE  Kestauraiit  to  THE PROPRIETORS: OP :THIS . WEM; .'KNOWN  ;.establishmeat, in tiumkinjr tbo public."and '.-their'-  hUnwrim*frt^n:is.for pist fav(irs? w'qaIVI kindly solicit  re cbntiiiuiinco. ������"������f ib.ci r-,'��������� \va ilronk^',' as .they' ara . n?>w���������  prepirt>4 to aiforJ eVery : & tisroctifin. in Ui'1 ir line ;o]'.  gu>uk'*s.:  May lylSOS.  PATTEUSUN &'.G001)aO.NT.  6 m  Plib^ograph  Has kow opened; his=PKOTOGnAPHic;������A!>:  jjerv, an I is.' prep-mfd to iloaU-khi'lft of-.^Photitgra-  pl'uc an 1 'Jewelry work, esecuted- in'the higheat style  dftlie.'irf.,:t .'���������;"���������';������������������.'.':';'" .:'-'.-'', -': ���������'/ '; X'\. ff:  ;.- ";:;  Cartes tie Vb?it"ft. :l'imhrb ''dtj'.-Postb "Portraits,.'A'mbro  -  'u-pns, ���������I>.athfr .Piciurcs,' Jlilantjtyiies^.ViffWtj.. o  .   : Hduse^'Cl-Vims,'etc."; Sin^le^r Sieroo^noplc-  portriiUs- also taken on WhiLe Silli,:J������iuen- or Cotton  ��������� Clotli.     ;-,.    '  ' '..'��������� "������������������".'.��������� ���������  Birkervill-, Miy 1. 1S69,      . ��������� 6m  ;"   f':XXXXXQ$  '���������".'j-' ft-  . It. ���������':';���������*}%  ��������� ������������������'-- :-- ��������� '������������������- -..,,-.v;:>.'!:...;-  .V'-.Vi:.-/.W������g:r.;Ctf  S a ii i-r ancisco  COMMISSION. MBIlCHAkT, ,  X,tfff:f:tX������&  ���������'       -���������     ---.A>:-?r  .:������������������':- >''-"  NOT I C El  !^   YALE   MADE" BOOTS !  PKJCTES MODRUATR ; WORKMANSHIP UN-  exci'llcl. - Parties wishing Valrt made Boots.^  will please Head their orders w i>. McQUARBIK,*  who keeps the bes^t 'of -'(Trcaoh- Uwthori* aUvi\yi  hand.   Orders; froni Cariboo and the" upper-country  nmmpllv attend<M to.                    D. McQLTAREIE..  '  Yale, ������ 0., M-iy I. 186'8. ;   ������    VG-RX3CERIES,  PRpVISIONe,  HAKDWARE, CLOTHIISr&lAJra. BOOTS.  . Barkerville,.May 1, 1S68.    .   ���������",;-���������'���������    '.-,..'..   ; ���������iu  J. H.TODP iCQ.,  5JARKKUVILLE, B. C, :   " ..  CON^TANTL V- K-EEP ON A HA ND ��������� A TUtL ^5T0CK  of G".*nynil}Hrchun<iUe, of tiie very;.best:qualitj\  which thev oftl-r i'orvaale at the moist .=reasonaljle ral������?3t  comprising��������� . ( -,���������'--- {f    -, ���������  ���������XG^c^m^^ '���������  Liquors n !^ ii Gijra r.*, Cloth ing, Haw, Leather; Boots and  S������ oeF, Riib her Hi jo t s,: Coats. nii d: Hats ; Bl;i������ting Po w-    .  "drr and,Fuse.; Iron���������;l^teeV'-and-, Borax ; Rt>p.ftt;-Glu;v-, ��������� '���������������������������  enerai Mining:Tools,  o respectfully  Pnttv, Candles. Coal Oil, and general  etc ,"etc. : Tha hfcfu 1 for-'. p;ist 1������ vors, vv*  .solicit n conl inuaiice of the same.;;   >  tfav.5, lSt>y.  Qm  6������n  NOTICE  S HEREBY GIV10N' TO ALL PARTIES lOTEBTKO  to th������ W\e Jinn of Allan & Co.. proprietors of the  Carihoo S^ntiu'd, that unless all otitytniiding accounts  are paid to Mr Vv. F. Herre, Harkerville, on or b-.-fora  the- 20th day of .tuao iwxtf proceedtugs will be i.tisti-  tuted for the*ivc������very of the same.     . . '       .  Birkorviilc, lSth May, 186S.  wy?        - -  EXPRESS fel^EKERAL  AGENCY!  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Siwu- <  etc.    Collecting:  Ajj jcM^st?'i������i:toth'* ttndersifot;?'-*  "O-ii"'.*'**- tliv iUtiJ ii'JDC Ui-Xv.  tuu.it be S6tt3&<5  L.  ]Vtf  a  V-iv 10  *> '-.  isr^.  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'  \t^:';-t;:'f:  ':';:,'���������-.',',-,: ���������  i ~ ''-" ���������'   '    !  ,few-/days; Since, not/cecl -the .fact of:a��������� 'fnew  ������%;amcr������libout to'; be built by theowners of  :���������-,���������������������������theuflteaniftV-.'^'EDterprile ?J^in order to extend  water travel from J3ig-' Bar to Quesnel-, we  werp not aware /that any com m^nication had;  beeri;Jni^jivjith 'Uie'Governmentai .the iiiatter,,  /but'sinch\thatltime we hayedearhed thatsnch  *.ay   cru  X jactbrily '��������� make;  a - recompense 'for .the great   >sp.i.,..  ^he u Enterprisep: puts the;mattertin such a  Hear ehape now:;tliat/wei'cauvivbtsee how  nm mi  tfit  ffiMlUA?  -'' ?',-���������-'.-  ���������^lillii:/--;"---^  ��������� :te;J::.'':.;-';;���������-v.'/.'.;-'.  -IP- .'  pP* they^an; -be; met w; th ;-a refusal to -co-operate  ;    ; ;on-thb^ar^ ,otetbe /Goveriihaenf;   The'very  ��������� valuable letter, fronv our-correspondent at  Hog Creelc-jpn;ts i he advaii tage of such a road  ��������� -    to j^'g cop;hjiry;/in���������;tba������ dji'ectioa1 iii a;.miiclv  clearer light than w*e can.--although / we have  p asse.d th ro u gh t he sec ti o ii. of co uii try which  the-pi^bosed road wj) (; open up^ and^wejl! rc-  " in e m b er- wh at a ��������� jG n e /op en r 1 e ve 1 cpu n try. i t is.  with���������tbe^exeeption of the deep creeks which  i j > tersec t: i t.;: npne'; of ;w hi eh ,vhp weivOr, i n terfere  with-the> pro posed troad j   bat the great ad-  yaptageiito;Jhe/miners: and people;in this part  f) f the conritry? we consideiy is 6ne of the chief  benefits:\vhmp >VRP accrue, therefrom arid one:  com  to  lesseued about 90 miles���������-  tiirW clays 'travel :   the.;average expense to  veach: \footnian ��������� wil 1,} "be .-;.& us ^diminished $10,  /;T.hc:ct?st;of freiglit; will probably be reduced  ��������� t wo;-:ii eh fs/_. per p o n nd, be low i ts p resent pVi cc,  whieli.. ,dn' say 201)0 /joiis, would amount |o  ';$ao,OOO^aydirectisaying to-- tbe- miners'Vdf  /Cariboo.   In addition:������������������;��������� toff this direct advantage t h e q na n ti ty of ; agricul ttiral 1 an d  th a t  w 6ul d be open eel u p and occu pied a t - o n ce  w oU I d be so: grea t that - n o d an b t. vv i th i n t wo  years/ as/our coiTespohdeht says,iionr wil 1 be  ' lief Mug i n Burke r vii ie at b a I f i ts. p re'sen t rat es.  The whole bf tbe region betweei* iiig Bar and  Chimney Ci^<?k on botlrsides of  tlie river is  wwll adapted to the culture of grain.   It is  not &\ i bj e c t to' no ��������� e a r J y Pros ts as  the Soda  C reek reg ion, a nd is n o't 1 i a bio to th e iu ten  ,f\f tbe strongest reasons'-T6"r urging.':oii its e\  ������������������i?.i"i.riirn^cfjcm-.-?/^R"oi?-irratahec^tfafe Uand'travel  Cariboo'we aid ;be  diari' Government will meet them half-way,  on fair a'itdfequitable/ terms, wcliave^uot a  fdoubt: yei we think/ a/renewal/ of. reciproeal/  trade^etweeu/the two countries will'nbt be.  qui te so  one-sid ed . i n favor. o f; th e D n i ted  States ne the treaty which was by. thev'latter  abmgated.   Frpm^ the:;Londpiv.Mo.rninjj: 'Star-  of A])ril 6th, we clip;the following r^4^ A bet*  ter state^f leoiing now exists,,aud;the timers:  ripe f^r a re-ope wing of; negotiations ,:w ith X a;  view^to the renewal of the treaty.   Dr. Tup|  per says truly, that ''deeply interested asare  alike the XJhi ted ^States ;and British/ America  in commercial i^eipmcity^it,seems;i.ncredible  that* the present res trie tie us on trade sliou Id  long be maintained.''   It is, in fact, impossibl������  ithat theses restrictions'can>be maintained/^  that a-pi o 1 i cy o f n b n - intercourse should 'be al-  dowed> to   grow^ up /in the'"teettr of every  national; and  iudiyidual:;intcre������������tvtp thecbh-  trary ; that- what is virtually-, a,- sta^te  of war  sliould ^be/e|talxlislutd ui^ aj tioie of Peace.  .Or.;Tupper visits 'this coivntrjjas rthe;! accf ed������,  ,ted/?igeii t o f the; Go ve r n ni'ent/of .Canad a.- aurf  the ^Foreign/an diCpJon iff Mmisters/cdtild not  jlo better.than a^vail ^beruseives pf.his,know^  ledge and- experien ce; as well as of tiie/free-  trade, svm path ies which h e has expressed, to  3>rombtc a better com merciai nn derstab di ng  betsyeen Canada and; the/t/hit^d Siatesii,;-The  fe vl yaXXo f/-- th e/iiec i p roc i ty. Ti:e a ty is ��������� a boon  wbich/cuhnbt;:long^ be withheld;; but w^  wbu 1 d-fain hope that the de 1 ay, which has a 1-  ready:. proved so injurious/ may hot be jpro-  -longed-by aii'y lack of vigor.-or .earnestness  on  the/part, of .the   British; Goverhulent.*,  II ow   m u ch fhenofi t   wi 11./reci p roei ty lie to  British Coinmbia/ outride/'of the Dominion %  or W11 at am o a ii t of ni o n ey, or te rri to ry, won 1 d  Un c le Sani take ��������� tp ex te o d' reciproci ty to tii is.  eblouv-.. / ''.- ./  AMCUSTOf  f   -;      /WM,-PAVISpN --.;,; ;.:v/���������  RAS OrKVKD HI3 ;KEW STOKE'iN?'THJE rP0^r'-'"'  Olttco b������iUUngt and : hhs thw Vest iissorta^atV ^  Greet ri es ever oflursa t'oc ^4le iu Bark^ryille^ A ;. ?*?;-.  WMi 1>AVIS0K,IS PUEPAREd"TO MiStf    l  coute .i?nK^vu^nu^^KfiI^iK.^ATaHBS;- <$ Xt-  .,,.* ,���������.-.*..*. ������������������-,,; ,..niy-2(j^l"m^> ���������������'  - '^:toi .".V^ '.'--���������V*-b  H> M-,; AI.WA VS ; ON^ wKAND. A ND/ 13 ��������� MO^ljKLY;;  J:/ia51>ortiagtth������ most complete, assortt^^ottft :1.  Englisii  Glotoii^^ .^v^/  tjnderelotliiiig^i ^ ^ W -  ������lov^sv/ Hatsy &6.r&o-.f.%-  avhich wil 1 1)o foutid lower h  price azj/1 -bettdr In-  qu^ J i ty. tu������n/iiiy other 1 n/y icifiri<<;  j "V^Af,^waiiSON is the only Importer in^t^QdloAgriiOC'  ���������f:;;;; :';v//^. SEEiK- 0'VERSUIRTS:(^v-.^i  '/?"/^X'E'AiTflE,^^  A:^0 WEST- END FANCY IIOSISrV.^'  ���������;.Airprdc^/lVho!i?sftle ;or  B U  :Eu;fl=i|;/G|sg  ���������-si  B.nrkcrvSnp.^f.^S, ^Cfi/> p  S "F;0:V-E S 1>;":S TO % BS'l  "    '    ���������'" ��������� " ��������� ���������--?.*���������!���������:-���������. 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Turning as if withajri^ic "Waatf, this popular place  p/ amusement impa Gorgeous an-.l Encfian^J Temple  ofitagic lui'i] Myatery : or. a - Kight jn the Vvomk-r  WorJiJ; tn.^t'tlier with jnnumcrabh aud amusine in-  ci-J epu m ?,  VENTRiLOQUISIV?,  Second-Siglit Mystery,.;  E. PEARSON .BROS.;   ;';  .. .. Burkervilie.  U   ROOMS,  iAItKBUYILLIS'.; ;,::  K AUCTION*  Kuonis  WrLL BE HELD AT .-THE  ABOVE  -Every-Saturday, at InTooh.  L!iSEIT.;  SCOTT  'JUKE-   GRKAT/PLKASUREiJ^^NNr^CI^  -.I,. th> public.geoenflly that.iliey/lj������vvc:pu������thaspdvtbK^  S'tloojj,'   lately,' cce.upi6d   by '������������������ "Sfr.;; C. '1 Fultnn//*1^X������:  flattes* themsolv*<v?;';frf>]h their lohj? experhboe lu/jM*!' 7  iiv������������ 10 .-ntcrii a liberal share hi tbelr^pAtrouage.^/ ''S;*** ���������  '������������������'��������� At the .Bitr.wiiJ.bo: found a Iul^.s^pldy.cf^(libvj|;i^^f  WINES; .Li.QMPRS^AND/CIQAR^  ���������;i TvHfk*������rv: 1 lo, J[riy 20(Jv, 1 $8S.  jell in  'Goods  soM  oil   commission.    Good  s  roceivod" on  ntiw^?h?'*$$*^ ^nn'Cioo.iKio Auetfnn Rooms  notla.������r 1 bun Friday Kvenin? k,r ^itnnlfivv ������,\l*������- ��������� :  '���������J***"! Pi ?. MCE,,Auctioneer.  ptpi ;i':if;;f������^  ^inolesale.; a^i)p:i^?:AiL/:-!^fi||^-  'i:*-  ;U;,  -oeries,  ProYisi(msi:/|;"  ��������� dry t'tiqbiytfp ���������  f.-reeii region, ttiidaanot lialbie f,o the intensely .                       A<v  dry gtimtuers of .^ich. the present is an ex- MECHANICAL   FSGURFS '  ample,.and which has so nearly destroyed the   MW,t^g   pt  crops- in ������������������'-the Lillooet district.   The'oppor- . .   .  , '    ,., .A             '*"                                 V*  i nm ties -lor, irrigating,- are numerous, and as  far us our preserit exp'\>rience in  the coun trv  jcoes no crop cuglit to fai.l.   In regard, to the  ji ra c ti'cability������of������11 av ig-afci ng th e Fraser down  to so low a point as Big liar, no  doubt but  tithe,Jw!M*M the.;.ney/������ ho'at about to be.b.nin  for that p n r pose a re satisfied ti p on th a t p 0 5 u t  or they-would not assuma the.risk of the trial.  There art* but/three rapids  on the river he-  twoerittoda Creek arid Big -3Jar,  and neither  f 1 f th em; is sai d to. b e a s.' f0 r m i dab 1 e  as those,  that the stonier M <V3'} |msses on the Columbia  r i ver.    Th e I ow er term in us of th e y te mi 0 r /s  iri.ps.;ls. ..pynpofied to beat Qmvr Ban uboiU'  Arfmi9*:ioii,'.$l 60  Doors rp"n at $.30  J8S9-SEB BILLS.-  R.'served Soiits. 60 cents oxf.ra  porl'<jrm;u\cO to commence at d  /.   ' ��������� , Ht '  ���������WhipsaVyers  Wanted  T  1, pnn-  A T^ QUtaXKLMOUTH.   to .contract for tho 1^;  j:\. l������r a Kt,������rni**r;   About 40.00b feet rt*quirdii '  ctp-flly l:irg,5' tiinb.-rs.Jtnit thick pi firkins  Apply,  vathin t/vn. rfnvR,  to .^t^nwr Kntcrnnsp  Qn-STi^lojouth, p'-r^rmaliv ov bv writing - 0r to E  - M''-v30-'       '��������� ���������.. jelSt  0. T. Miu.Auo. j/o. Bkkdy.  IV1ILLARD   1  BEEDY,'  IniporterHand Dealers in :       \  ene.r.al Merchandise;,  , Wharf street, Victoria. II..G,   h'-'     r^  AG EXTS   TO R  MSBOHANTS* -UNJil   PACKETS  FRANCISCO. :-:*  j-8 6tn  SAN  FBGM-  A.  BARNARD'S    EXPRESS.  Van Yolkenburgh &:/Cp:v  j RETAIL   BUTCHERS;;;^  TYEfl TO rvTIMAtE TO THBIR FRIRXHS aW T0F  FURTHER  NOTICE,  five mi fee'Above TJig Bsr;   from  this point a! n'v'?! !in-! clos^3fjrt4a for h(;������i"'^' w*t? Tuesday'at  A FTEB THIS PATE. ONTIL  /;:|, tl>a- >Jr; pr������*s wil 1 ��������� arrivo  i;c:  5:0 o d wri-g-oji ro ad m ig;h:, be  irjjirie  orer  open  J^-irkcxvill'1  A. M.  Hi--; 29  Ig^J.  KOBl-rtT POOL,  Afj������ct.  IS'JB.  G-ro  HARROW ARE,,  C LO X III NG, ��������� nO&TS AND SIOOKS,  Ac, ic, ������&c. .-' '������������������v.','/';*'/;  :. V ���������' 'vBARK^ILLS.:/;-.:;'  " nsvC:? tim :   ri-'  ���������':!:)  HEAVY  *A  r  A;C;.CA:  ���������i9-  -U.V:  QS2  AS .row: ON; THK- WAf,.fBOMVW^K*^.^  . i?f. tho largest ftiij.tfef ^^swrl^JiRW0*??01^:^. t^i>)  %X ' ��������� HA- W-..D:;VY :A.-rRT& /f f;^g  S^rlirttK^ted to CnrH>o^^on������������������ting^Jn!^o^^//  gluicci-frtri^��������� fliiJs. h^r^ntrisan^iroB,/fi^at^  ovctf-ama!n:rfeb'w*Bi^ for n;miplng7^t^inBnW^  ?,3'3 J^n  t*h  ibmnyrall.ofwhJCh'n* fePP^P^i?*.' -/,:"/1 ^     ��������� If,  Jrh w {11 <1 t^v, coirip v U'ti r������������. ,,-..,   .    *' *.;  ;, r ->������������������.;.. F ������������������ - - j  ������':*ir������i5 5,-XfeJ*.-  JL  -���������*���������*���������:-.v.k>wia^)^rfj^^.' 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The lyireaa distributed as far as Cotton wood,  ana abp nt n i no m 11 es of th e I me co n strn c ted \  ty>,may look for a Tc6nh������Gtion> the first week  "* J9\ji   So, in u ch for p r i v a to en ter p ifse... ��������� ;  :; >IiKc6vERtXG.^Wei are; glad to^ :iearn .that  Cap tas n. S w an so n is li k el y to re'co ver from; his  sen*f^fit of sickness.' At one time!1 his lire  jvas despairedvof������; butihe^erkii 6rV his disease  is past ail d fee is h o w, cdh'si derod - Ha fe.      ! ��������� ���������������������������.; ���������  |'-*������rt'  J.-i,    ,r = .         -  :We ��������� do notrfeel eoxupetoiit to��������� the task, bow-  e veffof fcffecli riir wh at so many w h ose pro Pes*  ['ffijn and sole office. Jn such work have...failed  ItoVacebmplisfc^^^  *yteemed*friend for pur -neglect in not having  Inotictfd the commendable^punctuality -with  /lioTprefeVeiK .  fbadrtd aless profitable enjoyment. ' ^   ,: .  IJ'Srliiw������������������OK; Anti. eiu-^-A very important  |������5rike has been made on Antler Greek>wbich  |t is: thougift ayit hlead to the discovery i of -the  fltilf lead? ftr \yhicti: there'has b een ;aomuch;  feeurcu v and' wblchf has been so Jong ^brouded  pa: mastery.-A prosipec ting party have a truck  ' "-"���������������������������'' ���������-   ���������   ..---..--. ���������   ���������������������������   isitieTfi'om1  BiKtKnrti"to:unS =\fhe* tid&omVV'Mr\GIo,y������r^ one  fof- tbdf. di3C&ver:Si,s;:rC{ti no o vet ati Su u*daf I las t  lib; j?et tije;claitn8 ^recorded-sai|d^ le|, the ," cat  Idut?; to the^ e v;er watcbfu 1 - Adair/and early  feext--day; before eyeu the<mmors on; Antler  Ik new ..a f. th ()?:d-i hc.o v e ry. * - John n^y " hacl-1if tee ������;  \hx\ nd red, feet sttike.d 'Voff ifofe'lumself atidpar^*  mi  on  besoiiUled.   The e ..  ,   Sam"j BRAkkan, o f Sa n Francisco.; who was  snot by the squatters at Oaiistoga, lias reeov-  ere<l. He was pretty wed' peppered wit,  buckshot;.and had a,loud call. :; XX tl'f; ; .  Pack TitAiNa.Vr-Tw6 pack trains arrirerl  yesterday..-with goods, une for the Hudson  Bay Co. and thoother for(;X Weill..,;',',': Xt.P ;  ~^jg&&j*$ '^?k>~4:?fmimfiTXi pToclah)cred;,at  .yjjatpn&ioa��������� the;25th May amid great'rvjoloiag.  ;l;'Editor jSkntinei/ i^flt. is' rumored here that  the own era of s the s team e r, Kri ter p rise - h a ve'  made proposals to the Go vein men t .to: con-:  struct a steamer which will run : frorn^Ci'ow7s  Bar; ��������� f. to : Ques n el in o u th,-;, o n co nd i ti o u :.th a t a  >yagon road ahall. be made: to"'.'. conhect ���������:willy  :������he I-steamer,- at -its ? lower lauding.^ If Wm  should' be ;vdbrie,-;a; large^tracty- of; farratng:  couairy would at ouij^be :eocii pied vfcn<L iiii-  proyed. Already! several^iarms haye,; been  I o cated i ti a n ticipa tion j1 and i n some' p lac es  d i tc Ii es art* b eiug dug "to; i rrigate the soil next  year.    * ' ������������������ '   /-',-.  "-\'\ '   .'.'.-  The advantages^ of; ex tendings wafer com^  R1 .^nvening himself inio^^r .SatI^Savory,,? a  ���������',H^dp^y,and.>nguifi^wenva  (>]?-<<9?������!t-'V: of 7,()i,sumniers;' or ' a ��������� :.'r phi'ei:eh}?  .Wlthofi't the potatoes, for the receipts of bhe  perfpManee.' So/let;us? take into consider  atiofi^the: trouble, andiexpehse the ladies and  &4MW ���������������h^D,..- A,; go- to; fprourr-amuse;  meht^and their fownf * no" doubt:j:'make kll  ailowancosibrtheir^ackofitlmeaiid practice  }W*' tha t iiwiM e uceao essen ti al ���������: tp^-bV  i-;, oh. ;.;|he p'r ���������bpard^;'..^a:iid:  for;; am a teurs: tb ey ���������; {i.r&?': tip-  to acqiiii  come ;���������- top-sawyer,  dcktiowi edge, that  top-sawyerai  ; EpTOit^SicNTr^Kr. :^ Your;: page  fc^rti^dvbcacy of fvery ^obd *causdrCO?K  n<^te(M with" tlio country, which "shal 1'be my  WeIitfd|recbrtled in.your coinnnisall the.in-  f\>rniatiph"you can ^gather*'.'6'f|f&e , pVogresa * ofi  niiiiiuglon every creek; shafts sun fc,. tunnels1  dayeht^irainiiigi hydratUiclrig,, ahd^;amount  Oxv i boo A) e. u p u i j d Wt/rL' ; 11- may ^.i>* ^������c/m t ��������� , ���������: -  aging, but not1 more^otiiari^ihvWe icstahce "lX::lt  tare men tioneiiv   'VheUikare ' niaong^i'���������"uv-nitt; XXX  ch ild reii Of rirany pr averse 'with- - parch ta/ ������ nd  friends-in a ^r distant^  about their welfare.; The^-seed ?may ?bring  .forth ii'uit ertin:: in-^Guri boo.:-: ;S*aj>p^rha pflj ;^  tlie: priiyers.of: tli^e whose bodies; ui^: no,^;^:.  crumblifig in the dust.may, 'yeT^ler^hswertdi       ..-  Hoiiing soe-rifto f&U^4-firacticablef^espoU3e   ^  to thissuggestipri;'Pf"X"-f "7'  '���������   '   ! '���������    **'������������������,���������*  : fffp '*'������������������    T reraaih^&c.j.J.B.'v^;'.V-  of ^old|i;aised  at  ^oldlraised,; progress:of .build^ngi^roa;d^  aKjn^and tbe -various -incidenla";^at\giii^':  /ille^' for \a"court-i������a^  ; tence.   The ^officers iOl; the^aniiy; lire generally^  apposed to tlie:change^(About ^ibu;eVbf 4u %  9f tlie members who'had: h ad-con lied tion\witbs,  Hie army v^^edi against;.^  J������sh.   In coin men ting on  the :measurei the>  ;^53y5^5^3KttS������a*N^^J^  ever poiut-of/viow^ ij^isi regard edi the rote'foff  the House on Mday uigii t imiotonly ,al safe,;  bnt a wise one.   Itls agoddKhingn;ioif?itself^::';  an;1 it is .;a;,:stili,bet^er- fo^;wbatV;'Wertnist^it,i;:  saryX^SS tb������rb;is;one veiy Jmportaut matter  ignored*. ���������[!��������� do n0fc lay the b lame:_ ������L.ybur  d 0 or. * We ��������� h a ye, sal 0 0 ns i u ab^n n d ance, gQ o������d,  stores^nfeplehty ol^prom^  p r i c e3 ��������� \fan d i n the. way of amps e me at we  have occasional /concerts* andi'theahicaI pe'rr,  formates, to say nothing of ^the hurdy dan^  c i ng. LRU ere ^ is' .also ��������� 0 n e* i o th er I marked-  ���������imfn'Oyenmnt on fornier- years; tne cesiiatign  of Sunday labour; an dip rile tnp led ��������� exapi pie* ju;  the rig{i|direction, given,by the Hudaon Bay;  Ooiyi^lpsihg.their'store onithatt-dayii]iMay  they^i||ft. Hose^by- at' ��������� But;1;he question^'I  wbiiid^lfee to-hare some satlsfectbry reply'to^  i? : -Are we  trj.<have, no gospel preacl 1 ing  the>teer, ^gnsistiugib^^ be  kept in orderXtiy^uiiflii^ and -  sheer physical ))ain?" That will draw" aifer it, j  consequences thatvmayi felbaeily LseenVi If -t  we are to endeavor^rget'goodiimeu intc? the^ "  ranks, apd-.to:keep;theimthere; we;mus^b!pen'^  put a career icr-tliem^n.tbe; iipperlranks ������bf  tbe service. .They will, not he .satisfied wHU  :''t<  go.������  military as they>dp^ntciyilj.ife;^ tf^her&:.had ������������������[  : been: no reform in>Farliament^he.Legislature;,;  ; wo ul d ^ h ay e_ i>^ n ������������������ (\ ra w n o. n by i ts ls>wn ^co^>  ���������]���������.:)������������������<���������������������������:..*.  tbe^v  cessJm&^la^ malc^jstiU ;^reateri;oneg!;^ ;iBii^ui;-  tlie Leglsl'ti?u:r������l, whicif wi 11^ bfe'eleci^ct^^sj  v ^7,V ������  'j.tlv&iT'': i't^-i Z  in cvs and. was back 'to '^Ricb field in time to re^  ��������� ��������� ���������          me      '  4'     'J     lo  J   ' '-   -    '  f.%\\\n&mi\z tip.iirta,e.quarits palmiestrdaya.?;;  .rjuin^-Rbgn/lpned/but^ en . 4b������;r contrary.  i.althomrh4 ^"-db not bear of'mahy strife es,  ^yeryrpporffthafc'cdmes inconveys.s6metriing  ;^pejj^andcheerin^:..^Shafts ar^goingUown  Rleadily. ami surely through siunv and Uiivd to  ^be,spotavhere .-previous ^rospeeting/;-bus-an-  lyb'ged^wfe  imilsiare fast' approaohing the .bacl^channels  ere^hV '^ost^leads-'f^are^playing: biUe and  !^V We b������d:r^k r;drain^  sandj;^ay ^npwv fe;; considered-safe for. the  |sca8pnV The hydraulic -.pipes. are:agiiih:pour-  Jng their torrents upon the hill sides; which  |are- gradually fan covering^ their deep hidden  Ntoney;bafte;/ah^if-ke:do^nbt prove a^false  tprpphftt; in'bn^sbbrt month we will bb able  to Record the largest yield of gold that' has  eyerbeenvrepomd ^  ^^E^SH^o^The .rain:;x)h-Tuesdayvnighl  has,given things/quite^a^freshinV' appearance after the week^^hptlsnn Avhich we have  311st-;had* apd ^has -assisted^rtiother^nature  ;: mighiily,iii throwingfher mantle of green -over  '^���������M^Pi*^ >aHeyspf.cold-and;cteerJess  ^anbd.o, and in a few more- days we.may ex-  peeito see each stnmpand rocfcthat lias for  ind easily, taken to market^;-- TlieSodavGIrt  nilis' would be able io grind it as spdn  gathered:: and 5in   ar'short;' time after/  reaper had done its work, it would , be^Iying  on .William creek^rorjih  _ Pr   price, aiid In"less thaa^ twp years;! predict-  that: flour wii iCficll #'te  lC33,'  '      . '  . "    ' '   ;        '���������'- ��������� '% -if '���������   t   ���������������������������*   ���������"  ?  X" If such -a proposal as this has" been rnwle ^o  tbe^Guvernmentrcan they Iail to accept Ji?  iSb;not:beHeyd;.tbaii;soshon7sigh^  will beatdop ted.f The few thousaud .dollars  expe'nde d in a wage n ro a d i r bhr the 5 If mi 1 e  p os t ��������� to' Iv r as.a r ri ve r \y i 11 be! am p Vy ; re paid- to  tli������?m/by the in creased ve venue recei ved from  bur Vaddition a 1 popn latioh. The expense to  each ni i her of getti ng up. an (id own fro m  Oanboo would fehiaieriaiiy;^  a yery sbbrt time we should ���������see^a ,hew ^ini-r  pefcus given to'.prospecting parties, from the  red\iced cost of, p ? o vis to ns.:;.. I would, tbere-  fbre, ask you'to further.this project through  tbe columns of-your paper, and try-to show  to the powers below tlie policy������������������of -encourag-  inr any enterprise of this .nature.    .:  *      ;f\ j -?X.* -;"-,-,    ;,.-��������� A FAR5iER.,  Dog CitEEKi June 1,1.868.  pleasure -'rather.-than with otfence,.  ;^Tw.T?������eW������*wi>.,wiIl commence aaerlk  o.'en^rtainmcnts,: this evening, at the Theatre  .W wlllch wHl be continued for'four  nights, giving an opportunity to those on the  7Wr?!V ou.Mying creeks to" come aud see the  ���������gg?^ tricks of; obe who: can throw: the  wSf-ign?* BlU^ and^roreBsor AnderROiv  ^jEfi!2-5^^ ,Sleight^6f-hand anrf legerde-  ^^nf0 ^ ^^N?VPt ;when attempted' "by"  -^ ot^ertlmaMartin.who seems to  possess  l!3^^^^etj������gglery^^'^  vano^go;and ;See the Wizard' tft-n'telit ^ -;  Emtoa^ Skxtin'EL.:���������In an outlandish place  ike Caribbo>where. w������ ;bave the fortune or  appear-  misf0rtune to find our lot; cast, where Dame  Fortune takes a' few of lis under'her special  and kihdlv wing, while Miss-forJune seems; to  plaf rather   roughly with, the balance, or .  where at their will we are kicked from one to  the other and handled with as little ceremony  a������ paper shavings iu a nor wester, whilst, poor  devils, we know or ought to know that in  voluntary choosing the devil-may-care and  precarious life of gold-seekers we are; liable  to such rebnfta, growl aud consider outlives  4i bilked ;,) but let us occasionally "bilk   the  whole fortune family by throwing dull care  in its teeth, taking a little fun  when; we cam  In Cariboo, where recreation ot an intelligent  character is so scarce, aud amusemen ^productive of "-hot coppers,-' etc., etc., m the  morning is so plentiful,  ^if*1���������/^^  satisfactory, great praise is duo to, and a gieat  ofiiect wrought by any one producing an  amusement both cheap, interesting and ,n,tel-  loctual: and such praise every right thinking  man in Cariboo must acknowledge is due to  tho ladms and gentlemen, of, onr   * ���������  Dramatic  Corps,  ^d^po^  deavors may be crownett with success-,  a-pecuniary Bense, for that 1 -bitieve ������  dea?tof tliek objeets-bufc that.each co  performance may be looted tor with intent  S^ncluded with s4isfaction and ple^tre  ^.themselves and audience ; m   tfl^c1^  Koval may /rrow up ana ex-  tbe  as  .Amateur  their eh-  -hot in  is the  coming  testa-rtt^^minidler:-.ot*c*any V;4enonrination;  What ^ the.r Bishop of British- Columbia  about!-..' I knowfa^gO: amounts" have .\i**ji  subsenbed in-'En^land for -thecoloa^ : Svhd*,  has/becbirie :'of' rtl" Was "thb; ^abjeci^ oiXtlie-,  donors lor WW:be/locked up inland specuhu  tibhs.;'under;'tbe; "title -or Church;proberty^?  iN'b. ���������:-;'? 4bat \woujti; :;be ^.lU^pdstetous;..;;;.; Ope  would naturally: cbimlude���������IbokiBgv. at. the  way. we ai-e;left,.isp)ate'd fromfhe.rest;0f tbe  wbriu\ tb'ilingrto  the whole^colony'dcpehdeut^upo^rour^im^  cass,l- ami":- our : spiritual: -wants-^en.tii'ely.  neg 1 ected~r,t.hatyeligion is a thing'o/1he;i)astv  or.t&e\ pji'sti.suty o f ���������'..fashioiiable- socleties,,,sukJ  not that:wliich(is nibat importantJand^conl.  cerhs all,. The Wesleyans had oheea chapel  ii e re, ail cl pr eac h in g i il 11 for aw hi 1 e; bn t jiby?:>  all that can^be fouiid:;is. the p 1 acet-;wbure^it:  stood:: 'The" Episcopal Church have . two  places "standing:; *but no^gbspHV-sourivf iSvever  heard;there. The .?resbyterians;.had"ohe;a.Ur;  and that,.along \vitirthe,rest,;has^  doned. The;question: now is, can- anything;  b e' do he fry ��������� ouisei vcs. by mectin g together ;in  aome cpavenieat:place, holding I>iWe.ciiisse3|  pray e r mee ti n gs an d, o.c.casi o ua I ly ��������� le c tu res on  biblical subjects. I believe it 'can ;. yea.-  more, it is done,' but should' be more; widely  evident, that there ���������/.������������������we.ro, ro rtv,- passengers j a;.;: ��������� ���������  the , Burn t ca,r/ a i*act whic ii, * if it:be af act, ^  leaves���������*I'&"��������� passengers' sti 11 .��������� tinaccounled^ fojpXp'-  and swells the number of thedehdto^iS.; ;Thf*;:.'  employees^ of^theji-oadlnsist^thai there^we^e  only e%ht persons (n that baT; ..That Uie. traiu-f  was"greatly behind :'tinic 'aiid' gojng; at^ an un- ;  usual 'speed when the 'disas&r ^happened,', i^^  made more and more evident by Xhe^ccuuiutri ;  la ting, tes  <thiT'  practiced.- ..Some two years ago a few;}\els.a^  men that' we re ch urch mem b ers in th ei.r, re^  spective homes, put their heads together and  agreed toebuild a place fot. themselves, foy  that verv purpose,   'Themoney was collected  amour themselves aud a lew outside trtenus,  and Hon. },tr. Cox, oh behalf of the Govern-  The.place was built.  Halt, situated at< the  lower end . of Barkprvillev with religious  meetings regularly/held ,b it ^%M  After a time, they invited-some f^v^nglis  friendsfbioin them,80 that now; hnghsh arm  Welsh services. are held ovory:alternate fcun-  dav evenings, with, a mixed pmyer meeting  inAhe mornings and -a Sabbath bcipol,.^  Weisbiufhe nneruoons. Although;there��������� a;ra  no anointed ministers to.ni'each: WH   m^  in cut, granted a site.  named   the   Cambrian  proa  ^re  <-ood   sermons   delivered   by... assistant  ���������v-eachers, and occa.;ional  leotmes by  lay-  fin-fe columns, of onr ^������^^u^  object  of  this iettcr is to appeal **������������ ������  ligioua friends that may  .���������* ?ia ��������� arid d o, Hke wiy3. ���������;  be  kittle Theatre  ,-iti  ?* &fe. ;pand with the institution, ot: ^^ %  M&m* .Meow a perm^ueot ������nd wd^^������,  M&M^roi   Tbe public toy -rest assured tu*.  Scottish and Oana-  ���������u   Presbyterians,   where are you?   Xou  zealous ;.cai-.you:i3-t-meet  he,  once        ioiss p os i ti on jwo u 1 d no t ��������� a i 1 urf:-   removed^aVtHo time When burial had^becprncvY;  :neeessarv: ��������� A-Hi: Deck er, who; was>,rescued, -j  Irohi tlie'burning: car after,,hiybigv>.beeUv se-;:  verely charred- by  the  flames, lay for.'three-../  davs in his agony beiorc;the.i"iue-^of -bis wife  was ascertained/ Ailast a relative who. liati ���������  come oil from Blmira recognised some of the V  trinkets ibuud ��������� with the remains of a charred \,  body in .th e mi ns as b el o n g i ng; to Mra Decker. -  Ne ws papcr co rrosp o nd enc e. asso ri s; that ni any  robberies of the.dead^and wimnded'were per-...  petrated at the sceue of di^asteV, and intimate .  that.these robberies wens committed by em- '  pioy ees��������� of the ro ad :-r [N., Y. Cor. Bu 11 e tiii,'     .,  ;��������� PACKiKGroa; Stkam JorN'TS.���������Mr. J. A. .Miller, ;uas   remedied  a difficulty long ���������, exper-^  ienced bv engineers in keeping steam-joints:;  tight for "a long time, without expensive rub-. ;*  her packing; by placing a tiiin bheefe of rh.ua-  Hn, between ���������.liie.j a Inches' of the pipesi which :  are previously paiatec'/. The huislm |&a re,,-  j ceplacle  for 'the. paint,, holding it.in place,  a ad   pr e ve n ting  th e, s te s m fro m b 1 o w in g i t..  out,  wh i ch  i s rt su al) y the. case; wh en pa'at';  alone is used.   The pa'int preserves the cloth,'  and thus makes a.permanent packing.,:  creek audi arc usually vft,0' ������^^w- j.;   ft+ft_^  W*r and ^Z&^^rj^-^  off.' with  otl">r  ������3- Allow uo oa������ to pnt you -jbsi. ,w������o acy  the cor- c^S &*&��������� Foli'- wwr.*- To .:b'tf :hnd fr^maU; -reflect-  yupsions growing. ir^^^^v* jn^r^^^^^/c.,^^  CURIOUS MEDLEY.  J.   By the lake where drooped the willow,  Row, vassals, row ;  I want to be an atijrel,  And jump Jim Crow.  An old crow sat on a hickory limb,  None knew him but to praise;  '    Let me kiss biin for his mother.  ��������� ���������' .- For he smells of Schweitzer kase.  The minstrel to the war has gone,  *:.      With the banjo on his knee ;   .  He awoke to hear the sentries shriek,  ;' There's a light .in the window for thee.  ./; A fregr be would a wooinp &o,  ;':   c His hair was curled to kill;  ��������� ft i .He used to wear- an old gray coat,'  ;���������; And the swbrd of Bunker Hill.  EOADSTDE AOVERTISEMENTO.  QUKSNEI.MOUTH,  BROWN & GILLIS, VnopmaTORS.  Good Beds: Restaurant: Billiard Table, &t  Striding for Horses, Hay and Oats.       ^  May 1,1868.   .  6m  164 MILE OR DEEP CREEK  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION  OF THK  1 Travelling: public; the bedrooms arc spacious ami  airy and the  and comfort bj  alwave Hupph -  ,  for Horses; Hav, Oats and Barley constantly on nana.  : Mityl, 18G8.*  Cm  LYTTON HOTEL,  ������������������-.  .;   I won't ������0 home till morning,  ;/ ; ..With,reggy by my Bide.  I am dying, Eg:ypt, dying,  I   Susan nab, do n' t yon c ry ;  ',^.,^'a^M.m<**������_���������,  Know how. sublime a thing it is  WXXX. ,.X     U-^-JV^aiiawaj-lhe bitte-tailed fly.  %hXXPXffXt.Xf %   The boy stood on the burning deck.  '   ;  With his baggage checked for Troy ;  .'. r Orie ot':the; few immor tal names,  His name was Pat  t that the above Hot* 1 is uow open for tin; accom���������'  m'odation of "travellers. One of tho best Cooks jr. tbe  countrv Is retained at tins eptablishmfot, and the Bar  is. supplied with >i choice assortment of Wines and  The undersigned would also announcMbat attach.yl  to the Hotel he lias an extensive Livery Sti'oK Saddie  M't..--.- ..*,-���������_.������������������: ���������-,--.--..  fe"'":.���������;���������'. f . -" ;-'���������.-.:  had a little lamb;  He could a tale unfold;  '���������if iHo had no teeth' to eat a hoe cake,  $XX\ X::-;. .        - / ';.:��������� i,;As>his:spectacles were gold.  K ��������� :��������� jLay:pn, lay on; Macduff,  Slari^wants'bntilittle here  fcf-ffffffpf-.     \/ '.v-;'Aad:-r.in.to be.. Queen of the May,  Vpf X/'Pf ."/" ��������� ������������������; .So; kiss ine quick and go.   ���������.  fe:^'::/.////^ *''���������-���������' _:  - - -  v:,"-","t.-''-.: .'\. '���������: " ������������������...*.. ...-������������������    ' '.. ���������    ��������� ' .  v-,. ���������- -;  ;k;i)AnsE.T.was examiued iri% a Washington  courtireeentiy) to prove the identity of a  :wi2iterman ;,-/'���������;''////'"./'.'V/.','''-  ';'������������������ 1)id vbu see the man V1 asked the attorney.  pPffiX;?pf^.;fffi .   .        ;  & :'*<*? ��������� '^'Waa he awhlte .man?" ;././.-  Wf^0XXtX-.-XiX^ :f .; ; :'  f^iPXtfifi^fff-i. '���������:-..'������������������ ���������",' -*������������������;��������� Co.:you say yon saw/the man and .can*  S-:*'--...i:?.->:.v..-.vv.-* ',-���������  :���������.-..'   nBOywhothur h������ wsswhilp nr h apt'''  Bay whether he. was white or black V  Jtofia/Q������Twre atmoderatc ra&fsV^ Hay-and 0*ts for  31,18���������5taip'r-- W. McWHAtCO.,  Proprietors.  roy!4 6m  titon  BRITISH    COLUMBIA;.:  lie -'Subscribers, for .many years pro-  prietors of the Twenty Nine Mile Hou.se, Douglas  Portage? beg to announce that having purchased the  Clinton Hotel property; they are prepared to; afford  excellent accommodation to the -irnvcllingjf public.  The. table will at aU times be well supplied, and/in tin;  3ar will be found the choicest liquors.  ���������Ample stabling; for animals, and the best of feed  constantly oii hand. :    ��������� ���������  i   They 'r*Fpi>ctftiUy invite a call from their old customers, as we'll as the tr.ivtdling public generally/  Clinton, B. .C, May 1,1303 J'. SMITH Ac CO.  Cariboo Literary Institute  J'f S. THOMPSON,. Pr esxment  mf  -VT1*.**!"/   '*''*'"-'���������'.".'  -^ir.  I  ;-y:  It  ���������.'.���������  I;  :'//..   ;*How,������*o??, said I, anxious to leara his  ftf 1;   oWr experience. ;        :   .  fe "Why; you  see," said Tom, feelingly, "I  went,td!one some years back, and fell in love  wjth a beauiirul girl.   I courted like a trump  and thought! had her sure, when, she eloped  with, a tailor;   hut I swore vengeance,   I  patronised ihe robber of my domestic happiness,; and ordered a full suit of clothes, regardless of exigence/'.  *������ Hut,your vengeance." 6aid I.  "��������� I srrnck the tailor in .bis most vital part.  I never paid that bill; but those infernal  . clotties were the cause of my future niisfor-  m'n.es."   .''.:.. * - ....  ���������y}Iow'80'?M  "Wearing them. I captivated my present  wife. She told rneso";' and I haven't seen a  hnppy day-since. But I am bound to be  j8g������are;with that wretched tailor on the lony  /^^^i I'll 1 eave; >him a legacy on condition  f S$|������fee-maiTies; my^ widow.,? ���������  ���������'':X.-^^^feiT^blue^eyed'maiden, who was nur*  'lin^������er^jf\K:0hristinaB doll; and listeninc: to  her raother$i)lf some female friends talking  about domVatic broils and Chicago divorces,  created rather a sensation by re^narkin^j���������  ���������������������������Well, ma./I'm never going to marry!  I'm going to be a widow!"  <*' Mr. Manhunt, do yon hop ?"  .^Aw! no^a-mawm. I seldom haup���������I pwe-  fer to walk.-���������perhaps, some day, if I should  bate the misfortune to lose'ray leg, I would  weconcile myself to haup the rest of my loif."  A toukg candidate for the legal profession  was asked what he should do first when employed to bring an action.  uAsk for money on account," was the  prompt reply.   He passed.  Systkm is a great things; but the advertiser  wbo deems it essential to preserve an  alphabetical   order  rather uoyerdid" the matter  ' thtialy : ;  '..ilBibles, black-ball and butter; testaments,  tariind treacle"; godly books and gimlets, for  sale 'here.17.': ��������� ���������  !   A sh Aiip; tal k ing lady was re p ro ve d by h er  hnsi>andt   who   re'quested  her to keepv her.  ; tongue in her mouth.    ,  .  ;' /* My 1 de ar,7: respo n de il X the wife. '' i t i s  against the law tb carry concealed weapons.-''  JOSEI'H CLEAltmUE,  JOHN MacLAREK,  THr3 INSTITUTION'  13 SOW  OPEN AT BARKER-  ville,;whore It Is now fitted up with a view to tbe  comfort ami convenience of the people of Cvriboo;  The Reading Room will be foun-l supplied with the  latest English, Scottish, Canadian, American and Co-  ioci:il Papers and M-ix������zincs.  Terms of Suhscriptlon���������$5 per Quarter, or $2 per  K*'nih. Sindo volumes loaned to nou-subscribers ai  60 cents p-r volume, with $1 dopnait.  Persons not subscriber*, visiting the Reading Rnotr,  and making use of the Books and' Papery 50cents for  each visit  The Room wlil be op^n from IKS, A. M.. till TEN,  P. M.' JOHN BOWRON,  I.ibn rlan.  N. B ���������A fine assortment of Books and Stationery \<i  always kept for wale. 6m  AS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICE SELKC-  tion of Dragpf ani Patent M.;dicin"?, iuclridfhg  new mide an I Patent Pills, Trusses, SyrinKt:?, Cherrv  Pectoral, Sarstiparillas, and Jayue's AUerative, fiir  purifyiDg the bloo������'.  Alst������ Sintifnivry, Und and Black Ink, Candy, Seeds,  Billiard Chalk, ������m:l Pock<*t Knives. The C'lebrated  QoldenBdVam and Murphy's'Mixtures forth* complete cure of Secondary Syphillis nnd Rheumatism,  j������n l Cros*mnaM and other specific mixtures'fur Gon-  orrhce:i ; a sroatvari-Hy ofToik-t Articles, as Combs,  Hair Oil*, Hair und Tooth Brushes, Tooth PowdTs,  Tooth Picks, Sponges, Faney Soaps, Jiav Rum. Labia's Extracts, and other perfumeries, etc., etc.  Prescriptions carefully compoun led,  P. S.��������� As I ship up ������ood������ every spring and fall, par-  ties requiring medicine m*y   rely   on obtaining jt  >'RESH, and so ensarc its having the desired eUect.  ������������������Next door to Ounio's Brewery.  May 1.1868. 6:n B irkerviMe. B. 0.  RED GULCH AND MOSQUITO CREEK.  John B- Lovell & Co.  EKP CONSTANTLY ON HAND A LAKGK SUPPLY  01  .    MINERS' TOOLS,  PROVISIONS, CLOTHINO, &c, &c,  And for sale at the  Lcrwest Current Prices.  Only one Cash Price asked, consequently no tW  N.B ���������Miners and Propp^tors on Willow Riv*������r,  fcugarand other Creote in tha,t section of country can  be supplied AS OHKAP andto better advantage  th a  VICTORIA ADVERTISf^K^T^  Importer and Commission Merchant,  Wharf street)    -    ���������    *    victoria, v. I.  Mayl. 1868.   / ^������*_  G.   S0T RO   &.   CO.,  Corner of Ya to: and Wharf Streets,  ViCTOKiA, V. 3.;  IM?ORT!������ US OF CIO ARS: AND. TOBACCO  Mayi, ises;  ,  4m.:  ROBERT   BTJRNAB  LAND AGENT, Etc.,  GOTr.RN>������EXT STKFXT,  YJ0T/-R1A, V. I.  All husfney-s cart-fully and punctually attended r^  May 1, 1S6S:  C O F F E E    ROASTERS,  _ And Dealers'in ���������  PROVISIONS, Etc.,  GROCE  IVrt Strict. Victoria," V.I.  Mavt.'lSOS..  .-. 6m  VICTORIA APVIJRTISEMEXTr"  E  ; MALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR AND GEvST.  'j. A������ENT. Government Street, Victcria v l X  Mw 1.1808. . '      S.  ometers aud Watchefs cleaneil, repaired and w'irrftf  o<������.    Evhry doscripilon of .T������^Hry made X*<,t<ut  Plain wi Ornamontal EnB^ving neatly executed  May 1,1868.  atteuilod to.    Term's in advance.    Wcxki.t  l"tr.op  with Postage., $7 oO ;   6mos. do..'$4 lb.    D.,kt 11  mos (\of *23 ;��������� enios do., 51- 50. ' '  MaylflS68.. . 'v..,.; :      err.  HOTHL DK PRANCE.  ;'-."--.'   GOVEIt>���������������BXI $TRC������T, VlCTOKU, V. I.  1 delicacies oi tlie s^auon, and th������ sletpiog auoc-.o-  dation I* npleto with.every comfort. The kit rf  Wihe^'LiqiiursaadCiKi*^.  d. BIGNE & CO., rroprip.tcrf  ��������� Mny 1,1WJ������, ..   ., flai  [���������^vofnui'i^A'  ^0 &  \  Now York, C.-Jiifonjia, and European Express,'  ^nd K7il������h������H Comp'iny.   Cnpiul $10.000.000.. For-  mils of  Boston,  nn'1 IiOii'lom ;������t current r.ue?  Office���������Yates Street, Victor j a, v. I.  M*v t, 186S.  \nd Evclian������������* Compiny.   uapiwi ������iw:.wyy,������iiiw.,  war! Letters, Pncicajtes and Treasure, iu ull pari:  the'Paciflcand -Atbmic f'ntoi? nnri  Lurope ���������  I111I  Exchange drawn on Sanl'w'pcisco, New \ork, Bos  T. N- HIBBEN & CO.,  WHX FORWARD PttOMPTLY, AT MODEUATli TERMS,  KngUsh, American,  French. German,  And other Newspapers and Peiiodicals.  SUBSCRnT-IONJi, A01)IV������.POSTAG>:, PATA3I.C IN* ADrAVCE.  May -l,:1863i :    ' *">  vosx ni-Niiy noRHiw.  OKORCR JAMI3 FINbLAY.  .  IMPORTERS,  And General.Commission  Merchants, Wharf Street,  Victoria, V.I.  LondonOffic1���������31,Great St. Helens, Bishopsgatft.Sir.  :; K;������y if 1863. ���������';    -f' ';',--; ^"v  . WATCHMAKER  AND JEWELLER,  CLUB BUILDING,  Government Street,   ���������".        ��������� Victoria, V. J.  ���������Tow������*rv ofcvcrv (ktenption made to order.  Sf-i vl.1868! Cm  A. G-ILMORE,  MERCHANT   TAILOR,  YATES STREET,  Third door below Government Street. Victoria, V. I,  J{-\9 on hand. ������nd i5 con������t!inMy rncrdvinr a  laree  apSOrtTO-nt  Of   Cl.OTIia, CASHOffiRES   av������   Vrstixps".  ;vhicb be !^ prepared to make to order in the  most  approved styles.  All or ler������* from Cariboo prompt I v attended to.  Muyl,-18������3. * 6m  JESSE  COWPER,  ��������� J>EATjKR in ���������  CUSTOI-MDE SOOTS AMD SHOES,  No. 2.3 VATES STREET, VICTORIA,  (Opposite Wells, Fargo & Co'o.)  Alwava on Innd.  May Z, 186S.  ���������Cnlf, Kip, fShoo PiiidingH. etc.. ������dc.  Cm  SCOTCH   HOUSE,  FORT    STREET,    VICTORIA.  A. McLEAN & Co.,  G J2 NKR A J, 0 L T F ITT K B8,  TMPORT CLOTHING OF AM, KIVDS ; u]w BOOTS  1. find SHOES, direet from tlio h^?t KntdiFh nn-d  Scoich market*. Sr-H rr-.tail n'l wn.oi^nU' prlcr-s for  CA>H. All wd������������rsj sejjt tlirough Barnard's Express,  promptlv ������ti������-ndod to.  Miyl.lROB.  <Sm  BAILEY'S  PRIVATE    BOARDING    HOUSE,  Fort Street, .Victoria; IrtwiQ Dourjlasaud  Rroad Si rctets.  irom Williams Creek.  my8 em  ' ���������$&*,-AUow bo olio to pur, you oJT with- ;������n?" other j  C'\fiV������i tban F������H* ������s*T-    T-j b? i-iad irtun'uli r*\������.yct j  ahl^'deaMr!*,  RI C H  K'iy 5, I9<R  MBBOHANT,-  FIEI,J>5   B.   0  N -0 TlATLKY RKfiS TO INTIMATK TO THE  . ���������!%��������� * T? PobMc llm hB h!rs porcluisod ,tlie  ^nilj.infl: ������i,d furniiur-, tm latr-ly occupied by Mr*.  H-Mi. which ho h't������ ontin-lv r.'>tilted at Fr->J cost and  Hi" pr*mi,^p will now Ua found r-'plvto with' ovcrv  flnnywnicn fur tr^ c.-miort ftf.famlHi^Had ladles and  ^���������nilr-men.   ^fTr-rmrt niodenr..>.       ,,  Pin  N. R ���������In-addition to tho aoov  nop 1 iou rs ti. ������j������rry;./������ :.*:������ Hot .<  on L:)nrl-v --trcri.  M;.y 11J So3  ��������� f'!... R'dlcy- slso  and BVi.'.r.Mn^ lions*  &m  .  8T0KB STREET,  ���������I^'Hn-ircr7tR.fl������d XitguyrA: Victori*, V..I..I  _ NDP.KW ASTRICQ RKSPECTFULLY INF0KK.1  il bia.-lrieadif ������������d tbe iruvylliaf; public, that  the above Hotel is the most commodious and cl??u  hotel in Victoria. It :b conducted tin the Europtau  principle, and'tbe tabte is sup]?Ued with tha vtrybest  tbeioaricet afiV������riis.  . A rcsiaurani betctf attached to the premises, kmSh,  cm be hid at ������lt.hours of -tho" day. Privato dlntt:j  roon i a fur: fa in iii es.' Tim to u*a ' of chafes ������ re as itf.;  low.������������ Bo������rd >ad lodging per nveek, $6.50 to $6������0:  ditto pi*r day, $1 GO ; Single meals tlnriy-sevtn uw  adirdt cents.; beds, 60 cents. T������-rn:G���������t'ask ia hi-  vane?.    A fir proof sate iti the house.   "  May 1, .18^3. --.,���������.,   ���������     ���������  .   , '   ,- -      6m   ;  lWdgn house  GOVERNMENT STREET. VICTORIA.      ���������  WHOLESALE   AN  ETAIL.  H; TURNER 4 CO  . -.'SMrOKTEKS or      ;  Englisb A French Silks, Shawls; p.resaMJT������  dcrrlothinp. Glove?, and eyo'ry:-;dwcriptlofl ������f  . Pnpery Oobd ?.;-���������;> J.^'^-;^:-^  hv-Psiirt'ss rJ*. PafiiBlik  i xScuin nrm^j: p.-TuistM&Cii;%':f5^v7;-i  't '��������� X:; ��������� -ESTABLISH MfmsP^Xf  f^yrt-im.i ^p--.'���������'fi-:;--.-py-::;<.[t:f]l**. ;  WHARF STREET, VICTORIA,  Fine English, French & American Lienors,   WyX  Champagne, Claret and Brandies.       ���������   |^ c  4 LARGS STOCK OF BONDED VTNKS^AJfD  i\ Brandies always on hand. To dealer? purcowwi  in i-Tijc qmntitlt*, a liberal discount will be mtfio .������f  CASK    Ail orders will rv.c.dvc prompt att������-ntwj. ���������  Grellv k Fiurre, AgeutP lor IIivictt'T's ���������������������������?"������  nnki-w'-Blttcw, etc., and ^LE ACKNTS-for^po-  J.jou Cabinet ���������<}������i*inpng!it. ; Bmichft do.; Jub'S-Muniin  t ro., K. Clicquot, J'rvlh r, Claret. .A^nts ������  Bouche.Sou & Co., bl'Murouii ������ur Ay, cbampagno otf  WarHvc-JCold Medal Cbumpipne. fr^ni Bouct',  Son k Co. St. Lac������s>t & Law������������t.  Agent*, Centronix  x.iy,i; isei 6:n  ������  Sit  9J^  ft  E X C H A-F-GJB HOTEL,  SODA CHEEK, B. C.  THS :cynBRCTGK-f������r PROPRIETORS   OF  TH*  1 abova well known and iw������put������r ���������*t������WiO������nu;ni. o������������  to inform their numerous friends and th* poWJlJ���������  nlly, that thev are now prepared to aflord ������vcrf-  commodatioc'to tho tr������v������-m������ff'commujit/, ������ *���������-  most reasonable* rate of charges.   Good elejt>,*w  bed-ehamnors. ���������    , u���������rjtm yf  Tho B-iris sto.>k������������d with Ibo very b?6t.bratfli  Wines. Spirits and Ciprs.        ������������������' ,..������^inii������aod  TlmT..M������ is applied with all tbe w^1"^  lu.turics.tbo country aCbrdie.BOd meals aro *^a  & The"������tabl08 ������n������ spacious, comfortable, and ���������bWo'JJ  byflntwtUos hostl-rs. and ������ coofttant wpplJ ol  bi-Kt provendf-r of nit Ktwl*. <���������,���������.,������,,. ron������iticb������  In short, w.*f cnr.v,r.i.;nco and ficdi15 ^^  roth������.comfort.of man and hem. *itl b* 10-w.  the pn.pftetors-will ������n������r������ no effort in ^'l\\l������l\my.  flr������ suti^ction to all who may P^^r-Vs ico.'  iishm������'Ot.                          t .*-,��������������� invito  Soda Creek, B .C, Murch-tt, IW.     "'  OR8ATBBi)UCTI0N!  1  Mi  ���������  Up  s  ill  n  MfUSSS & SKNAY, PR0PRIKT0R8, .     ,  .PEG TO RETURN THANKS. W' THOT WT?  D fnrtlioi^t. And inord.fr to enit ibfl"^.  have- educed tho noatu ������f Ficee, ** ���������       . r-?ftl1d^  perdav $a 50 ; -Botini *p;1 *S, Jfw ^ Pf  Pn.-iviu0 recently n^de  ^g^add^os w       ^  an extended support m-tue future.   *rrv  fami lire.    ...   'r.' - "'. >2" ��������� j th rt rhbioofli ������r5B  of Winer.,. Liquors and .Cigflrj'. ^ bogtler, ***.  Th* Stibia i������ clw-n, attended }f������ ��������� fff^^jj.:  Mrf.y3, ifi^.'  ���������  p  fcer


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