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 M  HI  m  n  HB  is  m  m  S  P|;  I  if  I  ft  i,  Kg  Wi  'K  Tol. 9.  Earkejjrme^, TOlialn Creek,: B.C.j Saturday, June 4, 1870.  No. 5  THBGARIBaaSEM^L  Published every Saturday;oy  R 0 B E RT     H 0 L L 6%Wl.  Subscription, : -  - SO Gents per Week*  Agents for tlie " Cariboo Sentinel.?.*;'  Van Winkle,-  -     .   ' V-  iQuesnelinouth.       ..'."     -  Soda Creek,     *     ':-..'.  Clinton,    - ."   *      -    ': ���������  Yale,      -   '���������,,-    : Mr. Evans,  "New Westminster , ���������  Victoria,; -:     -��������� '��������� .'-  ���������. -'���������������.'  L. P. Fisher, -  Mr.G.W. Lindbart|;  -     .Barnard's Express  ���������      'Bernard's Express  Barnard's Express  ���������do; .do  ��������� ClarksonfcCo  John:Cogens  San Francisco  THE CARIBOO SENTINELa-:'-//,  JOB PRINTING OFFIGE;  'Cards, Circul ars.-Posfers and Programmes for  f Balls and Tbeatrical Entertainments } :  j^^Execiited with neatness'and dispf^tch^-^figs^  AyA.iAA. Terms moderated,'-. AAAxAAyX'-  A VOICE FROM LYTTON.  :m.  IP  . ,-jv. ;..������������������: Lytton,;May.jd^iSTO.:..'  Editor -Sknttkel ;���������We/alre ?all quacks, ab-  ���������ftp I u te] y polit i ca I qu acks; fro^m the;iac t that i tr  ���������'���������won Id be aimattef/of; i ni possibility to find -In  this colony .any who nave had tM opportunity  ^f b ei ng e il it ca ie d eftb er in the high er or  mod eratesen po 1 s of I ib eral or con servaii ve  p ol i t ics;; 11 fere f o re qu acks we are. a n d quac'ks  we are bound to /remain"; till such: time as-a  college -of: self-government ,'is established in  13illiteb. Go 1 umilia..**itereptilexpiipiple< cotnmil-  | iri ry at I arge wil I h ave a fa ir. op pp r fcii ri Hiy of  Studying responsible -government in at: least  ���������alii ts 1 oca 1 'b ra n ch es, a n d; a 11 ' tfo ose nop ii 1 ar  trees that overtop the/highest branches in the  j-gro ves of th at;'n cad wriy. receive dpurees ac-  ���������cord in g to tb eir m e ri ts.   Angt o-Saxori : in sti-  Itntionp, bnsed on this principle, have brought  out the world's greatest statesmen.  * It courts observation, that the patient merit  of  the quacks belonging; to the Lycurgus  school, of some ten ,.years standing*.'in this  olony. have been spurned by unworthy-irre-  ponsible relations, from the fact that the  vacant Attorney-Generalship bas been  be-  to wed on;a geKtieman imported from another  colony.\ whereas !f the irresponsible relations  ubsistiog at present between the people and  ���������the Government were resting upon a responsible basis, the benchers would not have been  overlooked, many of whom are well deserving of the position.  Historians speak of D. P.?a as being of long  ractice, and with some,consistency go as far  ack as the birth of Cain"; but ancient maim-  cript furnishes no evidence that EscnUpius  lelivered Cain, or that Lycurgus ever offi-  ialed as prosecuting attorney at his trial for  he killing of .his brother Abel, but the latest  nd most authentic record is that two of the  acuity have been delegated to Canada to as-  ist in administering to a constitutional disease.  nd it is earnestly hoped they will prescribe  uch physic as will restore it to a sound,  ealthy and populous condition.  Historians -may also point out facts that  ee government and happiness in some cases  ave not pulled together, wfoich ia admitted,  in the best regulated political families  oubles will sometimes arise; but that is no  ason why .other    political   communities  Should not be governed on responsible prin-  ^liiples, concomitant with prosperity and hap-  iness.  England, with a responsible and free form  f government by the people, is not unat-  ������nded with happiness or propperity, and we  o not know what school we have a more  gSjatural or legitimate -irfgjrt t& follow and copy  after than that of the nation under whose flag  we were born and educated to believe that  responsible Institutions were constitutionally  a part of our birthright as a free people.  .If; this colony has not shot ahead as rapidly  as we at one:time anticipated, Its backwardness cannot certainly be shouldered on the  government, for any ordinary observer having  any knowledge whatever of the difficulties  with, wpich the development of tbe resources  of the country isattended must certainly feel  satisfied that it is not the fault of :the govern^  ment that /the co 1 o ny has not been p rogres-  s.i've.... Personal^ attacks on the/ officials are  wanton and uncalled tor.; and will* have, no  effect /whatever in; bringing ', about the corft  smnmation of. tbe much desired change in the  presentorder of things. ��������� In justice,. to the  official staffs it can with truth be said that, on  th e w h ole they are gen tl em en -Aeon r teoiis an d.  hpporabley just and impartial iri tbe;exercj$e  of their duty.'   But they are a secondary consideration ; 5.?the irresponsible system of govr  ment is irealiy. wkat is obnoxious to the people.  On' that res ts / the d iscon tent aga i ns t w h i ch  public pressure ��������� is broiight so s/trprigly_4tp  b ear^,; JLetMi s -��������� const def rthe~co n d i tio n s. / an d  ask ;ourselves what object can��������� we have in enter i ng 1 ntp a u ii i on w i th Can ad a with o u t b ein g  gpa r?m teed th e sam e eqn i tab 1 e righ ts; as -o th er  provinces; already confederated ? /The answer  is simply nonei whatever. /  Here^Jore' rjie  pepi3l'e/6f British Columbia have had rio.s/ay  in. the manageraent of: their owrii local atTairsV  ajtnpugrh/represented in. Council,xand it. is  qu^stiptiable how muciv they will bave tinder  tbe/ modJae(isystem--if; ratified^y the voice  of the;colony--^without the responsible fea-  fcw re: T h ereforp ,th e. in ai n o bjec t ;o f, tbo co n n-  try. should be, in the coming elections, to send,  men to the Legislative Council' whose views  are unquestionably sonnd on the question; of  responsible government as nfi indispensable'  condition. of/ nnJon.   Surely > it is; worth the:  asking for-; . / <  .  Inokkark op Ocean Stkamkrs���������Tbe Liverpool Docks, which are already one of tbe  wonders of the commercial world, with a  capacity for the accommodation of ' 1.200,000  tons of steam pipping; are still found to be  insufficient, atta1-a new branch dock is to be  added. Here is a brief sketch of what is  going on among the English steamship com  panics just now :���������Tbe Gunard Company is to  increase iis fleet of: 20 steamers by four new  vessels of 3.500 tona Kiirden each ; the In man  line has lately added t#6' more ships to its  former lj5>- the Guiori llbej with six steameis  on the station, has two more of 3,000 tons  each upon the' stocks; tbe National Steam  Company is to add fonr Vessels of 4-;500-tons  each to its present fleet pf eight; and the  Southern Steamship, a new company, shortly  puts on five vessels, aggregating 10.000 tons.  This sudden swelling of the 4.0 steamers heretofore/plying into a navy of 6G��������� an increase  of. over 33 1.-3 per cent.���������is for tbe trade be-  tween'LiverpooI'and the United States alone.  There is yet to be taken into account the case  of; the- Mont real .Ocean Steamship Company..  which, to jts.seyenteen vessels 6{"46,066 tons  burden, is soon to add two steamers more.  The South American fleet numbers 24 large  'ships���������six times as.many as last, year,: which  with those of the West Indian line run up the  total of steam shipping from Liverpool to the  new world to very close on one hundred large  ships.built and building���������while those to  .various>parfcs of Asia,-Africa and the Medlter-  ranean.amount to as many;^more.    . "���������'-/    A.  NEW   ADVERTISEMENTS.  Van   Volkenburg  &   Co.  RETAIL   BUTCHERS,  A IMC  KRVILLE,   II ICH FIELD,   A NO  MOSQUITO CREEK,    [i/  ��������� Ami pp ly o rf rcsh m.ca t o 1 u 1) <l ose ri ptlons cooHta ntl r  on hand. . .    ,    .,.:..���������  9  P; AMAANETTA  Miners' Provision   Store,  BARKERVILLE.   ���������/ ''".//  Nxt Dooa to 'Sbxtixki. O fhcyi. ,   .  AT tills Kstnhltshment willnhvfiys be. t'ounVI a woII  .    suluc.tc<l nnd varied assortment ol t.iio ;   ���������  FRESHEST GROGKRIKS.'&.VllOVISIONS  ?      ~ IN CAtMBOO.  ALSO���������A good selection orciotMng. KfirdwnrQ/Glflfc*  and Crockery.   Bes l b ran ds ^T.ohac'co,: -  __... Jn* iid ici a es; etc lp9 tc.  "BirsTMi'va CofTe e Roastcd an d G roo n -' / D AII.Y.  ALT/GOODS SOLD ATLQWESTJIATES.  Tbe BAR is'fally supplied with Uie.ehbiceBi  HnvmiaCigars, Wiucsand Liquors.' :..'.::   T trust by Jj'trjct.-ittcn.tion.to business, .ind.fair nnd  square dealing, lb rritsriV.ucontiivuntice'of tbo I ihend  patnmiige heretofore extended to me..:'  A large; lot oi'HEYWOOD'S cciebruted   BACON !  for Palo, at n very low Qgure.  F������-b.'20. I860.    .  ������^.  8m  An Ekthusust.���������The genuine Mahomedah  faaatic is a^itian' for Europeans io beware -of  11 is' un p Ieasant: bei ng tho. means of Ie ttlirig  "any One into Paradise in'-the way he wants it  done. A specimen of the class turned up at  Dera Ismail Khan the other day and stabbed  a private of the 109th Regiment, namjed Des-  naps, fortunately not fatally.. The Mahom-  edan was tried,: cohderaned: and executed  within tbe 24 hours. His aceount of, himself  as given before the magistrate, is /curious :���������  "My name is Ikhlas. I am;of the Sultan  KheyL section of the Snliman Kheyls, and a  resident of Wan a. I left Wan a 15 or 16 days  ago with a viewof killing a Kafiiv I have intended -to be a Gbozi-"from;. my youth.up. I  came up by the Gwyleyri Pass through Kola-  chi. and.so tb Dera. I came alone. Except  God, no one was with me. I arrived at Dera  three days ago. I slept at night outside the  city, anywhere, and I used to purchase food  from the shops of B tiny as, Kberaa and Pairaa  I got food from them three successive days.  To-day has been a great day with me. I  wanted to kill an infidel; but by the will of  God I failed in killing him. I stabbed a soldier in the Bazaar with the dagger produced.  I had been looking out for the last three days  for an Englishman to kill. When I got alongside of the European soldier I drew my dagger and made a stab at him. He fell down,  and I was trying to stab at him again ; he  seized the dagger with both hands. The bystanders then came: up and seized me."���������  [Bombay Gazette.  AM- Somnek propounds a new theory of  sleep ; his idea is that sleep is simply a result  of the deoxygenatibn of tbe system, and he  believes that sleepiness comes on as soon as  the oxygen stored la the blood is exhausted.  ;--,, A Rose. mTrwKEV Two Thorns���������A young  grocer, named Alvah Rose, carrying on business in Mulberry street, Newark, in New Jer  sey, has accomplished what is probably the  most remarkable elopement on record. Tbe  other day he shut up his shop rather earlier  than usual, and hiring a cab, drove to the  next street and bore away Ere, the young  and pretty wife of Adam Oese. \ He then  drove on one street further and from one of  the houses came another young and pretty  woman, Mrs John Lloyd. The three, with an  immense array of baggage, went immediately  to the railway station and started for the West.  Mrs Lloyd's husband was;keeping out of the  way on account of one or two forgeries, but  Adam started in haste after his Eve, and captured the guilty trio at Pittsburg, That a  man should run away with-the wife; of another  is, unfortunately, a very intelligible proceeding ; but that this Rose; should care to/place  himself between two thorns is only to be exceeded in marvel by the fact that "the two  women had no objections to the arrangement  Telegraph to Sodth America���������The telegraphic line between Valparaiso and Buenos  Ayres, across the Andes, will soon be erected.  Messrs. Clark and Co,, of Valparaiso, have  succeeded in arranging this most important  enterprise j. the first portion of the line is now  being shipped in London for Rosario. As the  Panama, West India and Pacific line will be  extended to Peru/this will be united with the  Transandine line from Valparaiso, and as the  Argentine and Brazilian Governments bave  granteid a concession for another cable to be  laid from the coast of Brazil to the West Indies, there will be in a short time a direct  communication with the whole of South  America, by two lines. The telegraph between Valparaiso and Buenos Ayres will be  constructed entirely with iron poles, and the  best materials that can be obtained in England. The Argentine Government has granted  a subsidy to this telegraph company of ������6000  a year, and that of Chili, will add a| least  ������2,000 xsore.  Sheet and Cast Iron Stoves  A LL.TOBRING WORK 1$ TIN\ ���������COPPFJT RWt  J\. Iron,Zincand Load Piping, H.Ucn<!e< tO'wHb  romptness, and   warranted ���������(<>  gire   i-ntire 'suit*  action,.       . -��������� -   ; -''    -:   -���������  Hardware   Iron &': Steel,  Masting Fow'dei%  HARNESS,     ETC,    Et>c.  /.....������������������. '-���������; ''FOniBAT^EAyA wAAwy '  x,: 'yiy E./PBARSON--,&.;.BROS>.^,-ni'o> ~  ���������;:-. ;Babkervillb. ani> .Quf������:sxklmo(tth,;^  i .;;/;/:;/:-n;o. t/qW/liA,  THE   UNDERSIGNED   BEGS    TO   iXFORW^Hlii  friends and the public, that hejias flttedlup .so-ne  Comf6ktable:   bed -:RdpiMs  In his new building; where he is prepared t(������^gjvo  good Beds at a reasonable price. Those., who., will  favor him with their patronage, may depend on tha  cleanness an d co m for t o f h is h ou se; ���������,,-_   ��������� ; ;V;;; .;  He takes also this Opportunity to remind .the--0r.il-  booites that his Brewery has received the 'FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated .     \;  XXX   Ai-������y \\ZZ"A^  And the true amateurs will be able to judpe by themselves that such honorable prize hus= been-'irfitly  awarded to bim. '   , .,  N. B.��������� AlartfefrontTonm to e't.  Btirkerville Jan. 23 1869, . -K. CUNIO  H.  LE  Importer and Dealer in Fine Havana  CIC3-AKS and_ TOBACCO.  The above articles can be obtained in and out ot  Bond, at the option of the purchaser.   A general  assortment of  SMOKING  ARTfCLES.  tggU Orders from tbe Upper country promptly et-  teudod to. .-������������������',"  NO. 47 YATES STREET,  (Opposite the Bank of British North Amoriea.)  VICTORIA, V.I. my7 3m  E. WATSON,  WATCHMAKER,    JEWELLER    AND   EN~  graver, Government, street, next to tlio   $������ St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I. . .Chrnuom-  eters and. Watches cleaDed. repalrod .arid warran t ed.  Every description of Jewell cry ma d c to ord er. Pin in  and Ornament*! Engrav-Jr,? neatly osecutod.;  Orders from the Uppor countrv promptIv ������ittended  to.  r.-yA'  It;  ,X i^mm^A^m^A.  ,y^F^:*$xr$** ~yn?&i.  fw^yj ������s^ st- ���������^���������>pffl"*wyffeiPe^rrr'^N*j -."'.* *. ^ stt ���������?���������?���������?*.'; p>, tjv*^  '���������;.������r<������trM!r���������i"  ,������Si������|1Ki������"*r7rret������WJT2  .������'  * !  THE CARTBOO SENTINEL  "SATURDAY. JUNE 4. 1870,  OUR MINERAL RESOURCES. -;/ ;/  Brilt?h Columbia contains a variejy,an&an  ftbu n d ance of m in eral h.     All that li as. hi-  therto been done to work the mines only goes  to show tbat as a* mineral conn try British Co*  lumbla bas only arrived at the chrysalis stage  of development.    Liberal laws have  I)een  made to,enconra������e the working of the;minesf  in the colony, bntUbey have failed to attract  capital without which  the efforts made to  develop them- must  remain  as at   present  totally inadequate to tlieir ^vJent.   It is fre-  truently urged as a com plaint that the surplus  capital of tbe mother country se������ks investment in foreign count lies in preference to the  .colonies, where it could be as profitably em  ployed.   At tbe present, tinie a;;gentleman,  representing a Isirpre number of English cap-  Ualists,. is engaged in the task-of recovering  possession of a large interest in the Erie railr  road, which has been actually confiscated by:  means of corrupt judges instigated by;what  are commonly ca 11 ed siiiart men.   I n one/of  the Central American republics ^adother;instance of the risk attending tho inyes.tment ,of;  British capital outside of the pale/of feritisb  law. recently occurred.    In the latter_case  "Tl"was not the" act. of a few i ndividhals;,; but  the entire IjegisJature, in solemn deliberalionv  with the approval andproclamatjoh of the  President, virtually Confiscated;, 75 per;petit:  of certain bondy principally held/by British  . capitalists..  Verily, republies are; ungrateful;  W i th t h ese facts, a n d al so the. fact that of;. all  the United- States Massachusetts/is :;the only  one which has satisfied its obligations in boinj  b ef ore th e eyes o f capi tai i sts, Aiine/^yould >. i ra-  agine that in future the investment/of;capital;  would be sought for outside of the ��������� domains  of republicanism.   The  British;colonies af-  ford ^reat scope for safe and ^profitable employ men t o f rap i t a 1, a n d the c o m pi a int. ab o ve  referred to is not justifiable byy.faptlthepapjse.  . lhe capitalists of Britain have invested largely  in.tbe colonies whenever a fair oppprtunily  for doing so was brought to their "notice.' It  is the fault of this colony thiat but little has  been done to w a rd t ale i n g advantage, of .the  Btirpliis capital which goes begging for safe  and profitable. investment.    Governor- Seymour promised to do something for the colony by drawirig the attention of/ capi talists  to its resources and endeavoring., to-obtain  the means for development, but his good intentions were thwarted by thepolitical demagogues of the lower country, who have never  ceased in effort to bring the government, people and country into, contempt 'for the past  ten years.    Now, Governor' Musgrave  has  promised to draw attention to the resources  ofthe country, and do something toward en-  , cou raging population and capital hither, but  tbe Victoria demagogues are/after him with  their dirty sticks and are badgering him as  badly : as tbey did bis. predecessor. f Now,  British capitalist have invested largely in the  California and Nevada mines/and are doing  so now iu White Pine.    Why should they not  favor this colony with some of their surplus  cash, since there is no doubt whatever tbat  .   gold, silver, copper and coal abound in H ?  Speaking for Cariboo, we think that there  never was a time  more favorable than the  present for asking assistance for the development of our mines.   Omineca has brought a  considerable number of men into the colony.  and Cariboo has received a fair proportion of  j the immigration.   Labor is therefore cheaper  tharrcver it has been in,this section.   A large  number of men are reported to be idle in the  neighboring States and territories, and labor  is settling to a lower level generally than has  hitherto been observed on the Pacific Coast  California has regulated the labor market on  thia coast, and while the Golden State offered  employment and high wages to the bulk of  the working population, the neighboring communities and British Columbia have not received that, proportion of/labor wbicb/their  .resources can emp toy,    The Pacific R all way  :������as produced tr great change.   The Golden  State cannot now, when brought into close  competition with the Eastern States, pay her  wbrkingv population the customary difference  between the price of labor, on/tjh^;Atlantic  and; Pacific, a������oV henceforth; a raoTf uniform  value niUstnecessarily prevail.. This change  has/also aft^cted thje price of labpr?in Cariboo���������  and if capital could be obtainedtoppen up a  larger field for employment,there:^no doubt  that a large addition to our population could,  be; gained ��������� from: :the;surplus-.il.&o'r/'-of our  neighbors..; The-i Pacific railway, too. while  haying brought California into, easier and  cheaper communication with the East, has of  course done the sarao: for.; British; Columbia.  and recen t ar ri val s by���������.th e rail road fib o w that  the new facilities for;v reachingthis, colouy  would be made use of/if our;. resources ;weye;  better, known abroad;.;.-Unfortunatelyv nolit;  leal matters have absorbed too. mnch attention; ' and the more;. .material .interests of the  colony have suffered; wanton neglect. A A few  companies were org ani zed, i n Vic toria for  mining pp eratioos, in Car ib po i and th ei r ex*,  perience;: may have dainpenedJ-^furthe'ii-. effort  in/|the; ianie direction; but until; the present.  Ifcirae/all the..enterprise ^displayed, Jii Cariboo  by: other than working miners wasipremature;j  besause1 of itfehigh price of labor and;mate-  ������ ���������������������������;'       ������������������. I'-ii.il-'- i. "���������;- -. "���������>'...������������������.-    -...'���������'"     ���������'-..    ",-���������    ' . .  rial.; /The^cpuditipn of jthe/mming^ectionis  tiow/cferi^  cess^/iritexprise-:-ori-adargerrscale than hi-  th e rto attero p ted.   In "an o th er sarti cje f w e.; will  endeavor to . show - where capitalists., would  find a.field for the' profitable employment- of  the moneys; w'hjcY await 6j}p0rJunUies;fbr in.  vestment in countriesT wh ere/*|he legislative  an8:*jiidicial powers .are ,made|ipstruments -of  con fiscation i nstoad o f pVo te oti on and - en cour-  aVfementi   If mir mayors and leading. men,  jns^ad -pi: endorsing /abusive ��������� nieetings/and  ;ctaprtrap deiiiago^ues^:woulid work; for the  ^ib^tantialjinterests of tlie colonyi;bv making  known abroad its resources and inviting capital -fbr their" development,-prosperity.^  seek a;hbmo in*1 British ^Oolnmbfccontenfe.to  remai n ^satisfiecl with tli e enjoyme'rit* ofits sal-  ti b r ipiis/ c] imate -and ifhe; so 1 id ad vantages; of.  its v arled and: exten siv e/ respur ces^^i; Ay A:  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW ADVERTISED ENTS  HYDRAUUCf HOSE,  S T R 0 N Gr; AN I>^N E. A T h Y % A D13 y  AUDERS' loft= at Mr��������� ^oufet'der������s;or Mr Francis iiai-  \)   lier'F, Richfield, will be1 promptly- attended to  and thankfully received.  . je41m'  .JOHN ANTni3RS'0Nr.  COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND  -GENERAL.   DEALERS  ywyXAyyly-AAl Lm������: ���������'/���������/������������������/;'' Zy/'li/ ,:  i^^Qo@^ies,,\/yZZiyxZ^ ��������� ii  v ProvisionSvaiicl  wyA'yi :;.���������'���������."���������'���������osARAsny     p ��������� /' v. '" .  ;   /th e /ce LE BRAT ED, ;  * /^Particular attontion;paid to Consignmonts of  CountryiPro;duco...;if-;   ^���������A-A'X.AiyAAr;xyJe4.'dm ;  /AWS^/SM^EAwAi  THE undersiKne d ha vi ng bbu'g-ht out 111 e Nc w>pap?r  ., ;busiriess lutherto,earned oh by Messrs. Clute. k  Major"; is now: prepiireci. to stippIy.. all.,Npwspupers(-  fordign;an'1'- C61b1 hiai;.'������������������ Xlaghzincs,'' Periodicall, ;&c.,  kc. i.;m?ny oftbem;;;; -^ s-.^: ;-;;^ '���������'���������;���������-,' '.hiA.-wap-.aA  Z/aT "RE DUG E Bv PHIG E S '���������'.;  -. Al waj's. on ha ridj'. a: stock of all ki als'of   y: :  L.AT:ESTrNOVE.LS. OF THE DAY;  ;     ,.,- .. * -~m.so<��������� :  ; - ���������  -A"'    ���������  ;,; Conc.rrtinn.s, Fires, Violin and Qui tar Strings,; Blank  BnolxFf'li^moriih^nn . BookP, .'School Books; Toys.  .Wutclv fi hisses and Hfinds ���������fHtect-' X   ": - - A     ' ,'"\: ~ ���������  $3F- Diaries Ter 1870. fl3> Subscriptions forpapers  must be in advance.  ;���������.;:.-.    , ;   G. B. MURRAY ���������     ���������'  [yx Front street, New Westminster.  lAix-A ii;.'/   ��������� -v ���������   J^-4 lm ���������   ��������������������������� ��������� ���������.  Public AfBETiNG^-On ���������Saturday I afst a piiblic  meeting was held!;in'the;;Reading'R.oom of the,  Gariboo-'���������- Literary; Institute *< iTrS. Thompson,  Esq*' iU'the,chair, to:consider ��������� the.^affairs;of  the lustittite. It appeared1 that thb receipts  for the last six mo n th s; were far top' sm al 1 to  provide for the. re nil of .the; building and-any-  lb i n g like reaso n ab le; cb mpen satio n for the  Lib rarian: A d iscussion took pi ace as to th e  ad yisability:,bf .continuing.,; the Institii te in-its  presen fc sh ap e, som e of the- ra emb ^rs^thi nki n g,  it best to, close the reading/roprnf ^hich is the  main source of expense, and giyeioharge pi'  the book^ tb. Mr, Bo.wron,- tor- tbe purposes of  a clrenjating 1 ibrary; It was decided, bow-  ever, to continue the reading room,'and a  committee was appointed to solicit subscribers  and generally to manage ihe ^affaire of tho Institute'. The committee consists/of Rev. T.  Derrick, Capt. Blinu;aad Messrs. E. Pearson  and Liimley. '_ /..//���������-.'���������.7/ .:,',.;  ; Dkath and iNOjiE^T���������bn.^diiesday night  a Ghinaman who was employed/by the Jenkins company,, pn Stout gulc.br fell down the  shaft of the mine and died shortly after. It  appears that he was about to descend the  shaft and his foot slipped out of the loop.  Losinsr his hold of the rope by the sudden  jerk thus caused, he fell to the bottom of the  shaft, a distance of 50 feet. Two of his countrymen were at the windlass at the time. An  inquest was held on Thursday by Dr Bell,  and a verdict returned in accordance with  the accidental nature of tbe fatal occurrence.  In Charge���������Two men, named James Graham and Michael Riley, were taken into custody of Br. Trevor, at Quesnelmouth. a few  days ago. We understand, they will be sent  to Victoria and treated as lunatics.  Good Pay���������The Jenkins co., Stout gulch,  came to a piece of ground this week which  paid 30 oz. to a set and a half of timbers.  Coffee���������The Coffee prepared by WILLSON  & HICKMAN. Fort street, Victoria, has superseded all other Coffee in the-lower country'.  It is manufactured from the very best raw  coffee; and its superiority is art.esit.ed bv the  fact that wherever introduced it has become  the favorite beverage.' ������  For.. Sale ;���������  i/    ZFfWAS^eZ  'pHATt\yELIrBUlLT DWELLING-HOUSE rornv,']J  1 : tho residence of L. O. Coombs,: Esq., p){������as;in JI  situate on the; pMnt.at tbe mouth of Stout Culcii 1  containing Two Rooms, a Woodshed, Cellar and Curl  riage'Sbpd.  For particulars,, applv to      ' i  ������������������-. A/y y   AA-AA-i:'" Ay:. - -.R;;H^ ^ROWNr'   1  my21.lm:   E.,,   ���������... ���������   ���������'.'-,    .. ..������������������,- .  ;   BarJccrnlle,   1  YATES STREET, VICT Q Ri a., V.lJ  j^g-, Orders   for  Monuments,   Tomhsiones   &������-I  promptly a ttcntl od to.   Eve ry Ueser ipii oTffTif won  in Marble executed. '     wv7 6m/  AAA.- G-ILMORE,  ER CHANT TAILOR  YATES   STREET,   VICTORIA, ..V.I.,   ,A'   I  HAS-ON-HAKD.Can.d is constantly' receiving I  ���������-, largc^assortirient of CLOTHS, CASSIMEKEsi  and Ves tings, which he ia prepared to make to order!  In the most approved styles. ���������* '   W   |  ,   P������ rii es on ;W i 1! ia m. <' r ock can I i-n ve lh ei r m ea^aml  taken by Mr McCullum, Barkerville.   < 11  .eST; All orde:rs from^Cariboo promptly attend  to.- ''- "''   ''������������������' A], A A A: '���������'-'������������������ my2l6m '  Miniiig ^dv:j^ricxilt-iiral  iyZ/y   Machiiierv^  SPRATi^- KRTKM LER-;Ma huPft ctn re a II- ki ndr I  : Mac n ine ry Tor Farmers and M i n er?, at the. A1 liuj  Fou n il ry, V ic.tpri n,. V. L,. p n d Sot cM������. piifss n \  q i ; al i ty tlieir' \vV������r k ca n not bo ri va 1 led, hy, a ny othd  ma chinis tsr . Ki rat premi u m. 6r>l on lal. m ad e WrcfugjJ  Into Ploughs, after the Scotch style, upivorsally an  kuowledged/tb be the best in use, price $05. CJM  for Quaflz Mills, Iron Pumps, &<v. Ploughs <>r p-i  of. Ploughs, promptly, attended lo. my.7 8in|  ;";|l|dubtibn in Freight.  THB RATF^ OF:FREIGHT FROM SODACREF.K TO  ��������� QuoiTnelmouth on. the ;'��������� .  ZZZ^T^AMER   V.ICTQKIA.  i-A'A\y\X .,;;,,:. Will in future bo    .    ,, , ',  lSWt?^i.N.T    PER   POUND,  :::/;;';:x/^EASSAGE. ^Ay;/- y.&yZZi.   :  ��������� The undersigned^vill hereafter be; prepared * to re'������  coi ve goods at Soda * Creek an d /forward tli em iXiy  Waeohs or;: Pick Tn ins to; 'Williams Creek at :��������� the  LOWEST;RATES OF FREICrHT,; ; ;  FREE FROM DRAYAGE.; STORAGE AND  /���������/; ;;;/���������:.. ���������/���������\caMiiissipNsl-..//  CoUectiiig Froij,dit upon. Williams Creek.   We respectfully ask for consignments. .   ... *, ";-  MARVIN & WRIGHT.  Wo fin. not responsible for leakage-of flui;is intin.  Soda Creek, May 14,1870. *, ..        ., .ray28t.(  LAMONT'S EXPRESS  Connecting with Rarnarrl's; and;Wells, Fargo  ;," & Go ./s Express;' ,/yy  TT^ltL LEAVE QUESNRLM.OUTH on or about the  T.l 15th of every montli for OMINECA.- All Ex-  press matter, to be .forwaritcd through Barnard's Express to Quesn cl mouth.    '     .'''"..'  Until; further notice the charges'will be :~For Letters, $2 50 each ; l^'reiKht, $1',50 per.lb., ,iDeluding  Barnard's Express charges. .  ^3^ All leUers.m us tbe pre-paid i    ���������  Commissions and general business carerulty attended tO.'J^    ���������    ; ���������'-:��������� ;   ��������� ���������-'V  : myU tf .--' ���������������������������: ���������    R.. L.. LAMONT.  AM D    DENTIST,  rjAS REMOVED TO BARKERVTLLK, and Is pre-  II pired to treat all.kinds,of disease and execute  DENTISTRY in all its di Herein, branches, in the neatest nn'l best style. Teeth filled with" pure Gold and  Silver; also, False. Teetli pat iu on Gold Plate,, and  upon pivots oh old stumps or portions of the teeth,  which very often remain qui to sound in tho jawbone  after the tops'aro gone, and this is the best'way ("or  amy person to have false teeth, as they are never ru-  lrHived lor the purpose of cleaning like these upon  plaie, and are perfectly natural to the mouth and  tongue, as much so as the original teeth were.  Parties .who have got sound teeth would do well to  en 11 and have tli em cleaned, thus a vending losing  them ns others have done through the injurious cllects  of what is called tart'ir, consisting of salivary (mucus)  animal matter and phosphate of lime, whi cb encrusts  tho teeth with a dark scalo, loosens the gums con-  tinues down to the boni*, loosens the teeth1 and  causes them to fallout without being decayed.  8$T Teeth extracted in the very best way known.  Charges moderate   .The best references given   and  all work warranted to. give perfect satisfaction.'  l������k,OFFICE���������Opposite the Government Assav Office  my21 .BARKER VILLE. '  Dealecl  :'v.' ���������'���������%  ; A. Casamayou & Co,,  Commission Merchants & Wbolesalie.  ... in .A/i. A..  GROCERIES,   PROVISIONS,^  HAVANA   CIGARS   ANO^FRENC  PRESERVES.  Yates street. Victoria, V.I.  mv������ r.m  wmm  I  i  mi  p  m  m  I  m  m  m  NOTICE , -  -LL parlies desirous of obtaining .copjrs,oti\\<i  ^   pp.kscrh'tionj?, or of having the p'lm^rofill;  will please call Soon, as I intend leaving t<*ri|  Peace river:Mines as, soon as practicable,; tuop<:iii!  Braiiqli   Drug   Store.  I will take copies of the above with me and 1  up the original till myTelurn.in the fall. (s  .   I will also take a select lot of Drugs, Pal nit Mcp|  cines,.and various ichtas, suitable frr Min/rs.'   ' H  Duri ng my��������� a bsence, 1 hope; my I riends wil 1.not f'|M  get that I have a hirge :in 1 ch<������ice Assortment bf h$  tent Mediciries at the OId'Stand'-liere,"'whfch theyc|^i  obtain at reasonable rates.  m&  AW  SS  Parties owing small accounts -will please call M|p  settle the same.  .. ���������',.' w    ..... JAS.  Barkerville. March 18,1870.  P.- TAYLOR, m  LONDON   HOUSE,  GOVERNMENT AND WHARF  VICTORIA.  J. E TURNER & CO���������;  Importers of all descriptions of Dry O*  Hosiery and Underclotbing.  A very full assortment of these goods, mrtal  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street ������' ,r '  ���������. Regular supplies received from Europe -J-y ��������� *  vessels and by Express via Panama and P- 'do  road.. .'       ������    , .      ��������� ' -���������������������������  MS*Particular attention given to orders s'*ri-  ish Columbia.  Sole Agent lor Alexanrre Km Glovks. ���������     (  London Finn���������J. P. TUNSTALL& Co., 6 Bt> s-  Yard.  J  AGENTS FOR  Boyal Insurance Oo.^  WHARF STREET, VICTORIA, WI,-  ';*' ' * '  my 7 3 to  WAKE-UP-JAKE    I  ���������Restaurant and Baker j   ���������- ' Jp  THE Proprietors of this old and well -known <*||  lishment would respectfully thank their n������p  ousfri end sand the public for the extensive pau^  heretofore bestowed on them, and trust tha t ujj  nsual strict attention to business they will n������������  continuance of their confidence and support.     ;  $16  per ��������� "Weefcr;  BKST. ^������i  ' Meals, $1.    Board,  BREAD MADE  OF   THE  Wo recommend to the public our :|  GROUND    COFFEE, |  which is a much superior article than any ^ic.,|  bo had from below, n We Roast and Grind it���������������^'Am  and choose the best berrie?, consequently -tW> P. &$^tm  may bft suro v{. iu bc'in^jfVei-ffom adulteration:,^^p  m  AA  MBA  I AA  IP ,-,|  yyy������  fyy?M ^w^yy  Sjr-  ***; t ' '''''���������r.''r.Ty*~^..������^:$?jfcTz-fr^.  &>*  JulctiJ  d Cur-M  *i    1  il>.   1  At Barkerville, BiC. on Wednesday, June 1, bv the  rrv; -Thos Derrick,, Mr. John Ti Edwards .to Miss  Carolina Fuxk, V   '���������'���������.:'������������������'���������..���������..'.���������..: ��������� ',,AXXX ���������'.  DIED.  ' wori������^  rem.  On the ? SI st'May,- atfRicl Jtleld,'} Bri ti sh- Columbia,  Ca'ARTRES ' Brew-, Clilof.. Inspector of Police for; the  DEATH AND FUNER AL OF< GHARTRES  ,'; .cl ������������������.-,/; , 'X:.titnwAixAAx;p:AX:JA, ���������������������������  IfidEsF  > orderj^HI  ia&am]  tendfiJ  t 6m I  Lfal  A 11)11!  ss   i'tj  p oi hs  i7rougi{������  illv af  oVujg  i>r pi  ,'7 6m  ������',  Hi  ana 1<  ���������! ���������  ntll������������  ' '���������  .notfapl  it of iH  ml9t������  tai  -������������������;.  our=f]p  tion. 0  '  On T.u esd ay 1 ast, Mr Ch ar Ires'' Brew, la te the  Gold Commissioner and Stipendiary Magistrate j^ Cariboo ^  in the early part of last winter Mr! Bre/w'had  b een taK en. jl 1, an d was confined to ri is to oro  for severalstiaoiitbs.prpvipp's to; his rleath. lie  was born;.:we .believe, iir Limerick. Ireland;  and/was about 59 years old. . .He. was buried  iii the pam er on ton cemetery;; William creek, on  T iiursd ay last. ���������:���������A; 1 a.r'ge, procession/ Tol I owed  his reiriains to the ��������� grave* ami tlr������? Rev. James  Reynard 4elirered the bunal^feryice of the  English Episcopal :/pburcD';i,/--Tbc'.'Hon;,H:- M.  Ball; ^siElwyn,-Esq  officials, the, William Creek Fi re Brigade tiexi-  and a tonpjine of;merchfljiits and miners ��������� from  ^Barkery ille:and vicinity/foij^ed-the; hearse.  - -/-MrvBrew ;8^rved;Tin^eJ/Spanish ; Le^on  atn der Si r de t a cy Evans in 1835, was severe ly  wounded*;Tetiirned vhome -..and'/;enteredj. the  Irish Constabulary.' On the breaking out of  tbe Crimean War be volunteei^d to act on/the  Commissariat Sfcaff: as Deputy Assistant/Commissary r General, and was afterwards "promoted to the rank of j Ac ting Assiitant^ Cqm^  missary General.^^  the -whole war..and was one of, the very; last  to leave BalaklaVa^d He then returned to -his  position . iii the ^VnRtabul/a^  yUoned/atrCork..;: ^  Mr Brew, was ;^ of Chief  I n specto c joj^o lice, for /th e then ii e wl y fo r tiie'd  colony of ^tjtisb Columbia.: Men at that time  were;flucl^fetp, the/.;:coiuit-ry/:by'.-'= -[thousands*'  and U; wa|f#pposed that a large constabulary  f o ree Aw out d-be reqtn teaja p d^Kave Xtp i b e',-6 r-  ��������� '.g^nisrtl,. J'Hiv/aailwi rfn/ -tbe;iil-Ja.f^d^i4na?  and p'w as fi ve h'ou rs i' the wa ter; b,efor^;b e .was  p t ck ed npAx Hie arr j ve <t i ri Victoria d un ng, ib e  autumn of ;IS58. ��������� In the .fo)lowing January a  v e ry se r {oils ;;d i ffi e\i 1 ty.. .o rig in a ti n g i n a q iiar-  ve\ bet ween tlie Yale Magistrate and a Justice  of th<*.Peoo(i pn Hill's Bar; having occurred in  the Yul^ District, Mr Brew was sent up to take  '^cbnrj������e with the rank of Oliief;.Gold Commis-  fiioner������������������ During tlie summer of 1859 be ;re-  turned.to Victoria, and; soon afterwards was  placed iri charge of the Ne^Westminster"Dis^'  trict as Stipendiary Magistrate."wbicb'position  he held till sent, to Cariboo. In -186:7 by Governor Seymouriv J).urLiig the summer of 1864,  Mr Brew commanded a!party; of ^volunteers  sent from New Westminster against the *Chil-  coaten Indians, and received'from the Colonial  4Government a service of plajte in* acknowledgment of his services. . *  As the Magistrate and Gold Commissioner  lfor Cariboo, Mr Brew secured tbe esteem and  r aspect ofthe wbole community by his impar-  uality and manifest intention to do justice in.  all matters brought before him. As an indi-  vidual be displayed raucb interest In the  ,. natural productions and, resources, of the  ��������� iiolony, collecting specimens iand bringing  ihvm into notice, encouraging scientific re-  ss^rch, and in sq doing showed that be possessed, a large stock of useful and general  vrocwledsre. The position he held here is a  mo;4 difilcnlt one to fliIV all matters relating  *������������������:������ gold mining bearing so much complexity  t������f feature in contrast with other affairs ; yet  be managed to discharge his duties in tbe  most creditable manner and to the general  satisfaction of the iii habitants of Cariboo.  Memory presides over the past: Fhli/s  Coffee over the present. The first lives in a  rich temple hung with glorious trophies, and  lined with tombs; but Feli/s Cofpbe bas but  one shrine, and that is every breakfast table.  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be found for sale at every respectable  dealer's in British Columbia. Beware of  spurious imitations.  Express.���������Barnard's express arrived on  Sunday.- Messrs. L. G. Coombs J. H. Todd.  Eobt. Orr, A. Sharp, and Wing Sing were passengers. A few foreign letters and a British.  Columbia mail/came by this express. By the  down express Messrs. (rreaab'aum and Marietta took tfceir departure,  fl  it  A   ���������  fe  m:  ���������4i-  COURT PROCEEDINGS.  (Before Hou. H.."M.-.Bji'li;ViGnW Commissioner and  .   ���������;.;._ County Court Judge.)"  ; ��������� MOKPAT, May 30. /  Ross Co. vs. Aurora. Co.���������On the 5th May,  i.869; the 'plaintiffs:- recnrrled 800 feet of ground*  and on 7tb June, 1869, they recorded 300 feet  more, adjoining the upper line of the 800 feet.  On August 30, ' 1869, having .'previously dis-'  covered gold:in: the ^deep channel of; Light-  ninsr creek, and proved the same to the satisfaction of the Gold Commissioner, the Ross;  COi made application for 550 feet discovery  claims/, wbicb were granted. ./The ground,; was  re-recorded on May 5,1870. / The defendan ts;  shortly^ thereafter, staked and recorded 400;  feet from the upper line of the Lightning co.  and beyond Jhe 1 ower stakes.of the Ross co.'3  discovery : claims; ���������; and the/ plaintiffs, now  brought suit to show cause why defendants  should: not be ejected, from the plaintiffs*  ground; and why they'should not pay $500  for damages inflicted.Aw Ay]AAi;/;  These appeared tp/be the main'facts of the  case, and the; defence-was*/ That the plaintiffs  held more ground than they were entitled to ;  that the 300 feet were; transferred to the^ Ross;  co., consisting of eight membirs, and they  were therefore only entitled to discovery  cl ai ms ��������� for the o r iginal; ��������� S'OO! f ee t ��������� i hstead of  1100 ; that pjamfcifTs' record of May '6;,Ji'0l  was;uah; improper record^; and i defeated, the  prior records in that iV;described the JRoss co:;  as/ consisting of; only eight interests, while  cl aimi ri g :\1 doff, feet;. that / tbe;: rec'b/rd varies  with the previous "records ^and: cannot 'Abe.  calleci a / recordv; and; hence the three claims'  -stand urirecorded:;-;thatItheiQlbject.of defend-  ants, was. ������������������ merely ���������; to 'keep pi ain tiffs; to their  original ;.lines; that the original ��������� record of  plaintiffs /claimeti;; 800 feet.abo��������� ftfca mile/from  Yan Winkle and betow the Dunbar claim;  that; taking:,advantage of, this vague description of location the plaintiffs had claimed up  to the Dunbar Unes or to/a part of the creek  cal 1 ed "0 rego ii b ole^w^be/ii/the Dunbar claim;  was; yielding richlyV but that ? now,-wfienj^$%  Lightning co. had struck rich yjay^tbey  wanted ��������� to clai m to th at com p any ?sjpp^r il ine ���������  tha^t Ross, Stuart and GUmore^ threememlfeis  of the Rbs^co., had acliorji wl^^# ^^^^^e  Lightning co. struck rich 'pay ^iat;iliei*e was  vacant ground between thetRps^ lower lines  and the-upper.lines of the Lightning co:; that  Resides this vacant ground they held 150, feetf  discovery clai ra s m ore ��������� th ail: tb ey -Were: en ti fl ed  to? because/ the ^Gold; Camn3^ioner>/bad no  powerf/to ^anf them for  ut-thetitDC of ^the;grant' there were "only eight  rnembers in; the cdnipatiyiand^fche^Mining  Ordinance does;not:give discover^;/claims: to:  the nu ni b er of cl aims b tit to the" numb e r o f  miners. ��������� . ������������������ . , ���������- ., ������������������ . " ��������� . A^.y .. " ���������  The Gold Commissioner said he could, not  annul the act- of his prediicessor who had  granted the discovery claims/ because1 tho  Min in g O rdi nance states that d tsco very cl alms  sh al I be gr an te d p ri pro vi n g to the satisf ac ti 6 u  of the Gold Commissioner that the applicants  have discovered a new mine, &c.rahd it must  hay ei been so proyep o r the discovery cl aims  wmiid not h a ve been g ran ted;: th at i t be did  interfere With the acts of preceding Gold Commissioners in granting discovery claims, it  might opeii all the discovery claims- in' the  country to litigation. He(theCoratnissibner);  would, however, consider the point as ;;'td  whether-tbeMming Ordinance gave,discovery  ���������claims according /to-the number of men in a  company  or according to  the  number /of  claims.:.  The evidence of plaintiffs was in .effect as  follows:���������Adam Ross. staked the.SOO/ feet  and afterward the 300 feet.. and the stakes  were still where first placed, arid he had never  claimed ground in front bf the Mount Hollow  or Dunbar claims. The reason why. tbe record described the 800 feet as a mile from^  Van Winkle and below the Dunbar claim was  that there were no claims adjoining'below or  above, and it wa3 therefore difficult to define  the location with greater precision. He did  not locate with the view of getting near the  Dunbar claim, but because .he had sunk a.  shaft in 1864 and knew the ground; Peter  Brown and Win. Swainston (of the Mount  Hollow co.) corroborated the.above by testifying that on the day when Ross staked the  800 feet thev also wanted to pre-empt ground  in the ereek and had commenced staking, but  after staking about 300 feet they met the Ross  co.'s upper stakes, which were about 900 or  1000 feet from the Dunbar lower line as  pointed out to them by Ross. James Cum-  mings. who bad pre-empted 100 feet above  the Ross upper line, also testified to tbe same  effect; Mr Hunter, C.B.. produced a map, of  the ground and testified that irom the upper  line of the Ross co. to tbe upper line of the  Lightcing co. the distance along the valley of  the creek was 1752 feet.  Charles Kendall testified thathe had worked  for the Ross co.. and tbat Stewart- (of Ross  co.) had shown him the upper stake of the  800 feet, which "was 100 feet above the lower  line of the Mount Hollow claim. There were  S00 feet takou up above that and transferred  to' lb e lloss eciC at* Si jjer in feres t. .'S i,u art also  told hiiitliat-Jf be could sell out of tbe Ross  co. he would/take up\the^vacant; ground between . tjie Ross and the Lightnnig? co/s. : The,  u p per -30 0 feet: of the Ross co. /would ex tend  up. to ab o ut/250 feet of tbe Dun bar 1 o we r 1 i ties  and ov*r 300 feet above the;' line In/ the ��������� siir-i  vey. They Said they had taken/up that^300  feet tp] get near ,to tlie Du n b ar lead, whi ch  tbey b(3liey;ed������ to ./have / broken from the hill  intp/lfie creelti������; From;: the .Ross jipper^line on  the;rrinp to the shaftf\o\ise^ the^distanceis 1148  feet^ arid the 300; add e d. in ak es 144 8 feet A Atie  always. iimderstopd -the;.shaffc/tbibe on tbeir  10 werl i ne, and th e ,400 'feet w hi ch h e recor.ded  ;for the;Aurora co. was-bever ctaimed by the  Boss^o-.'//1-1;^/;.'-' A-A-A''- A.i AAii- A'-; A ���������//���������''������������������������������������'  /J; Robertson."���������!wanted to;take up ground  about the Ist of June 1 ast and lie went down  to the creek from the Dnubar cl������iim and saw a  stake about 300 feet below tne Bunbarlower  1 ihe. lie aske d; Ross if th ere were an y vac an t  grou nd abo ye/v Ji is ii pjier 6tuke an d the O re-  cjqn hole, and he said there was not because  he/had staked; righku p;- to it The Oregon  hoWis 300 feet be^^  11 was a w eek p ri oi? jto th e- record/of the tb ree  interests when Ross ,sh6wedyhim the /original  location of the': 800 ;;ieet;/aiid-he saii tbit the,  Oregon hole was his;upper line-'���������'/Ai  i; ������������������; Charles; WHson meastf red ��������� tfie; 'group cl / frorq  the; pi ace/ ppi ri ted o'u t by:;;Kend al 1 as-:tb'e. n p p er  Ross line- to the shaft, and the distance was  1200 feet.  ...   ���������'���������   i X- .- *���������*   ;- '  ������������������ ���������''/���������'.  ;,  Jam es ������ray fl wore. tb at Gilraore told hi ra  there wias;vacant ground betweeir*the Ross  shaft arid tbeLightning upper line.v . /  /: ^e^Gomniissioner, after readings the ew  deric^ said that the first point; to,be .settled  w^.&ft_exaA^ 800 feet re  corded in the first ^pTaceliy the^Tlbss co:~/ He*  wSuld take the evidence of i Mr Ross, who  staked offithe 800 ftet^ and after wardthe300  feet ,yhich he bad sworn extended no further  than|the squared stump shown on the map,  $he .^yidetice of Cum min g and Brown was  substahtialiy the sdme as that of Ross,5 and^  ihey-)iad also seen tlie stakes. ^ On-i the otlief  side^tiiere was nothing ,but-hearsay against  thatrCvidence. He must therefore decide that  the; Ross^b*.were entitle^ tp/ihe '800 feet;: to,  the 300 feet extending;no'furtber/than the  squar$d:stump; and tbUhe 550 feetv adjoining  the Iciwer: line of the, 800 feei^ making in all  165(piieet; v>It;La^ been proved^that the, Ross  eol had 1 IQtflVjet of ground before tbe discoy-  Wy*$t gol^landwere entitled to' 550 feet rl 1 s-  cov^ry^e|Mms:' * He ^id not /agree with fclitj  argument:of|tbe dejence ^hatjtlie clause in the;  Miulnjg/O^uance shp/iildrbe^ihterprcted^so; as  to gi ve 50 feet-per man to the disco verers, of  a in i ne. If fo ur men ��������� cl aimed 100 feet ��������� o f  mihmg'grouiidi arid; they -discot;ored a mine.  such i u ter pre tatio n won Id ne cessar il y require  tb a fc tb e fo u r m eh; should; each/be/: granted / 50  feet,, c He coin elded; with the argument of the  plaintiffs that the' discovery grants Should be  apportioned/to the number of clairias; of ,100  feet each held by a com pany. The Ross cp.  badl 1100 feet before.the disco very, had repre-  seri ted trie sam e} a rid w ere therefore ehtitl ed  tothe 550/feet. ^The Aliroracb^ g^;ihe;;i02  feet/between the" lower' line of the 1650 feet  de^c"ribed on trie map aud the upper ;line of  Lightning-coi/ ���������   , . pp. s..ix,Ay AA>.  '��������� criconr&geA,by the prospects obtained jo the  hill by the-Renfrew coi, have taken /up full  Claims."1-' ���������/��������� '.;-/.':;;,:���������;:' A-AX-XA^.A-Aa,) -r..V������*-4,  ���������l:yi"AA -":--/-;^Ror;sE.CREEK..;/_i.'._/-,.;   W'y ���������  : Nettrly all the;companies./onVtliis creek ar������ .  grourid sluicing an^l bydraUUcirig.:;/   V/  ��������� 'AAA' 'will xbwiiE'B'.ciiEiRkl!- XA:/i'.A. ".': >:  A The Victoria/co.- wasbed; up oyer 9 6z. to^  four shifts., rt :    - '" \ tp  A ' .V   .     ; ' , UGUITN1NG ,OBKKK.   . ���������, \ ��������� ....   ;rjr\  The Li gh tni rig co .washed rip 3 37. pz. fopi^A  week.! which .^!wpuld give a dividend bf 40 6;^:  toth e in teres t.   It i s rep or ted th a t the'ir roiiSd  triis week Jooks better thau eyerii ThfcSprfie* /  co. have con tracted for riiachinery-to; be madt>  bri William creek;   \-  Ai, iiil/p-i/'/A wPw.-AA  iA'AA'.A.: i A :,i''.- BEGflSautXJH: .   / /'A.'[A  '''��������� T\ui; Welsh co. took out 3 bz; to the^ band  'for trie".week;'*/'"''-;/'-/ /'-*"//./// ' ' /A"1 '-.;;���������"'  A;>   >; ANDBRSON CREEK. / *���������- ������������������������������������;/. ������������������_::-, I  The Warren cb. are sinking'a shaft and hav������  sent; an order for iron pumps; to Victoria.  -      a 4 ~^Mt^ING' RECORDS, pi 'xpf  A A"v .'���������.'..;���������' './. stout PviAmpil/yAy;. _ .> .  , Mtichn 6ro; co^-rrMay 23 ���������W.;P. Smith, Jan.  iritiis. David Ed wards, Sain Price, each /two  iriteH'sts ;! Robert'Of r( Alex.; AicLeririan; Sft m.  Roberts: and Thos.La^rjveaeri- one* interest.  ^Re-record of creek claims^       A'pyi,    ���������'-.--  If I. a A A %p V ;i willtam gr^kk.;? ; ;;,.;;��������� xxppy;.. ���������  ^':lJo.wriift.-'; co^May>;28-^G;-,/A:;.-:Taylo^ ���������  Barker, John Naismith;/P."^CaUuri^  terests. -:Re-record, ./^ Ax -'sisix^s- :A  Florence cp^May 30:--M/;Hilton, 1 & inter-  ests'';��������� S.; Pe'arcy, It Oppeuheiraer/J. C: Mc-  Learii'Geb. Platz^RobtiMngtrJ. each one? interest^ Florence Wilson. J as; McB. Sm i th. L.  J'i he wis,;^ach ron & rialf; i n teres t-r-in-alU-eight.  hill claims, on the eastern side adjoihi"ng-/tbe.  upper"-Ime4 of the JiitUeiMller'cov /itfe-record.  : Oram co.���������D r Si d dart I, the wHol e of' tha  Oram co., 75 feet in length by 300 feet wide.  Re-record. AA 'a'AA.  "fWw'0.  -*:'.*$*  ��������� --.:>��������� <>���������������������������  '-���������li'-':F-  mAix  ��������� \i -p������?MWA-  yX'y������\ !  ;.:���������      Y'\  A :A\-  ',.��������������������������� '   s'.'.ivf.ij':  ,: ,- ������������������      IM'^'i- ,  A):U.   . ������������������wW"\r  '���������;��������� -Ar.;.-'. ������-j. ���������������������������'[-..(  "AAAyj^yA  !.,-:���������  'tit:  ���������X  A  Xi-  .1  AiAZ/*Z&/    '  MININGINTELLIGMCE.  ���������.XX: \---!<-' ^/-^WIUiIAM;CRERK.;^ :;    *-* ; ; :r ;���������'���������'���������  . The Gpl d, Hill, a n e w comp any, ji ave starte d  by d ran 1 ic i ng. The; Sa n Ju an, Brad 1 ey-N ich ol-.  so n t Do wn iei.. Bedro ck Flu me, < Wi lson, Mc-  Laren; Brouse; Dutch Bill|. Cornish and sev-  eral Chinese companies, are. bydraulicing  The Stead man col are prepering to hydtan.1 ic.  TVve Mo u n taip co i are? lay i ng a flu me. : For a  mile above the; canyon a great deal: of; work  u������: goingT^on. y Below the. canyon operations  are lim ited to a' few cl ai ras un affected; by th o  high water and the bedrock drain. The  Fo rest Bose c lai rri y iel ded o ver 5 0 o z. 1 as't  week. Small prospects have been, struck in  he Li ttle DiHer tunn el.: ':   ;    .. "   : ���������  ���������. . STOUT GULCH.  Tbe -Muebb" Oro co. made expenses for the  week. The Bona Fide were prospecting.  The Taflvale- co. washed up 40 oz. for the  week. Tregonirig co. running a gangway.  The large stream of water running in the  gulch had broken the ground leading' to the-  flume and,run into the Floyd co/s diggings,  putting a stop to work. The Hopeful co. have  abandoned their ground.  OONKL1X GlTf-CH.  The New Almaden co., after running the  Eclipse tunnel to ati old shaft for drainage,  have drifted tip stream 36 feet and struck  very good prospects in the gravel. Tbe Indian Queen cp.' made over, wages for time  worked jast week, and are doing about the  same this week. The Renfrew co^ arc running  a tunnel in the hill on the right; they had  struck good prospects after drifting from the  creek into the hill, but the recent freshets  filled their diggings.. The Ericson co. are  drifting from an old shaft of the Sawmill co.  The Indian Queen and New Almaden co.'s,  * _ _ ' :,;CONKtiUS;GUlXn.s-;     _ yy-  Renfrew cb;--May 30-rfe W.- McNab, K.  'Brodie, D,'MoRae, P. McDoriaUl,,L. Kirkpat-  rick, W. Alexanderr^L/F; Fova-arid "J;4 Mai*  colmi each One* interest' in< Renfrevy cb.y con -  sistingrof 8:hiil/ciairns, % Re^ record l/:^~/S^~  Renfrew ,co.-^-May SOr-^R. McNab. p. iMo:  Rae,P. McDonald, J. Malcolm,/ L. Kirkpat-  rick, Wl: Alexander, J; T.Fofd arid Gr. Cowan,  775 feet hiiirclairas^  lineiof the Renfrew co;'s bill claims and^rpn-  ning unjstreamu 775 feet to the lower line of  $ae Pridian^nBenv^O., 3^ b>^vJ^0.Cl^^lpan  Of the; Renfrew co.'s ground. . t _, w  l'"New Loridbri co^May SO^Jpbn Bartlett.  one hill claim; cdrrimericing at;the lower lino  bfithe ^New;^London co; and running down  streathMOO;feet/;.To^e.worked;as par^pf;thd  above co.'s ground. ���������' -.,;-���������>,.;:; y-l'lypAp xy  A Reed Vcp.-r-Majj 30vJas.'Patterson/1 inter^  est/. ;Re-record.';.-"���������"  > -Indian Queen co.-^May SOr-Jehn Bartlett  and Jerikiri Tudor, 2 bill claiiris on;(iortb sid.a  coramericing at the upper lines Of the :Ipd\nn  ^ueen and running up stream 200.feet paraU  lei with;the New,:Almad.eavco.\Tpjbe.,worked  as part, of the Indian; Queen jgrqundV/J/tf"���������  WALKER S GVlGHw^.A. -./; '  coi-^May 30���������M; Smith,7A7dS"m  Last.Trial  Neckber, Geo. Steitz, Fritz Steitz,; John. Pelli-  ter: M ve creek cl aims; comm en ci hg about 10 0 0  feet above the court house and rurining up  stream 500 feet, : To be known as the Lasl  Trial co,    :.Xy xlAxw/l?-.'-  y':     '/'���������' '.' / ���������       /STEVENS CREEK.   ..;''' '  iA'.  '' May 30^-Jam es Gal 1 iga'ri, on e b e n ch ol ai m  commencing at tbe upper lines of the Good  Will cp. and running up stream. 110 feet,  . ���������     Lgrouse cueek.    ;  June 1���������P. Bertrand, Albert Argent, two  bench claims situate back of Kelley:s house,  . A ���������������������������-������������������������������������ I ��������� RED'GULCH.- ���������..'-���������;    "'../-  , Boston co.���������May 30���������J. Griffiths.^Daniel  Thomas. Thos. E. Manuel and Frank Morn*.  400 feet, formerly the Tom and Jerry co.'s,  300 feet of which being hill claims adjoining  the Minnehaha co.and 100 feet a cfeek claim  on Red gulch, situate about the centre of the  bill claims on the south side. To be known  as the. Bos ton co.  LIGHTNING CnEKK.  Van Winkle, co.���������May 28 -J, W. Lindhard.  four and one-sixth interests, A. Town send, -J-.  Davis, Jacob JenKios, each two and one-Half  interests; Wm. Brown, E. P(?rkins. each one  and two-thirds interests ; J. C. Bee^y (Beedy  & Lindbard), each one arid two-thirds in tor-  ests; A. Glendenriing and Wra. Charlton, each  five-sixths of one interest���������in all 2400 feet  creek claims, including 400 feet discovery  claims.   Re-record.  Perth co.���������May 30���������James Anderson, on*  hill claim adjoining tbe upper line of the  Perth co., running up stream 100 feet. Tp bo  worked as part of the Perth ground,. .  Pydiuulic Hose���������Hydraulic companies in  want of hose, bv giving their orders to Mr  John Anderson, can obtain ���������fir8t-cifla& workmanship at moderate rates.  : ���������"'  ��������������������������������������������� {  ���������i  . i..  t.  L  ���������(���������������������������      ':  I'-yy.  ���������A.  ��������� (���������:  ;    b  ��������� c  i-  AK'  ���������f"  yy������  ' ' An  mm ' .^^^^^^^^is^tatt^i^/cMi^yfM'^'r'^-l'. " ���������',-'���������:!"*'::.:'"  . **���������>>...... .-.*. <���������;������* ;*.., ^t^f.  4- -���������"^^srr^trr^-'' v."-'; ,:������������������������'������������������*'w?r1.;i'^"'  ���������X;  .^K  V  0  VELOCITY OF SHAFTS.  ��������������������������� i  As the quality of the material employed for  L ^^onstTuction of ebafts enters large 1 v into  tl������e calculation of their/strength,; so also the  * ������������������rlocity at which ��������� they; re vo lye becomes an  i.-nportant element in tire-calculation of the  work, transmitted by them. In all caseswhere  ���������machinery has to be driven at a highspeed,  it is advantageous and even essential to run  i he shafting; at a proportionate velocity.; if I  for example, there are a series of machines  running ate fivebuudred revolnUons per riiin-  u te, 11 wil Ibe ad visab le to run. the shafts , at  half that speed, by which means the following  very, important advantages will be gained.  There will be a great saving in the weight  o f the sh af ts, for wi th a si o w inoti on o f fi fry  ^revolutions per minute, fully three limes the  weight would be riecess&ry to transtnit the  aarae powers .There would also be a saving  in original cost in the power absorbed, arid  in maintenance/,V  Shafts r u n rt ing a t I o \v ve J o c i ties a re c u m-  bersome, heavy nnd/; expensive to repair.:  They are cost)y in the-flrs.t;instance, ancVthey  block up'tbe rooms of the* mil I with v large  drums, and. 'pulleys, ^obstructing: the light;  which, iri factories, is a consideration of very  great importance^  ���������;-.:-- ." : ��������� ��������� ������������������  At the commencement of the present een  tu ry, m\\] s; we re geared, w H hp on derous sb affcs,  such as/;thdse/just. |lescrri?ed^^  era)j ly'pi c ast i ro n, sqii are; a ri d;b ail ly c ou p 1 edj  : andrthe^werirre^  tio n was, in /so me cases, al most equal to !that  required' J>y the hiactiinery they had!to drIye.  In the s prese nt...' jmproyed system,iwith 1 igHt  6haft9, accrirately. fitted arid running ���������: at bigh  ve lo cities, itbpy wo rk whi cb., pre yioti sly. was  absorbed in; transmission iis now ��������� convey ed! to  tbe,machinery pf the milU. ./  , .- -.������������������*   :  1 rhay safely ascribe my own success i n 1 lie,  and th at of;., m y/ friend and i late; p artn er;*' Mr  James Lillie, to the saving of power effected  . byviricr^s^,,tht^fold^tbe;^velocity of the  shttffingi? in^railis/moreth ago!  The intrbdiictibn/bfiJigbtvqrbriv shafting .not  ^oniy/eriab/led /ithe/rriariufe  - ���������<��������� *���������notdcrob 1 ������?-enr}hgiin theorlgihkl. costlbut a  sti 11 -greater ; sav ing ��������� wasieffected: in;;Ipower,  while it relieved the mills from the ponderous  wooden;drums and heavy shafting then in  use, arid- established an entirely���������/new system  of operations,in tbe machinery of trarismis*  si on.���������[Principles of Mecuinisiiu,: '������������������/  SoLtp.,BkER���������;Thc age produces spine queer  paradoxes, and /none more so than in the re-  su 1 ts of mariufactunng science.,, In former  days, says the Food Journ_al. it was the custom  to buy'bread arid even beef by the yard ] but  we believe that it is Only in the present day  that we can get our beer by the pound.   By  a very/simple process, introduced by Mr.Mer-  tens, the wort, <*Tter being made in the mash  tub of malt and hops in the usual manner, is  sucked up by a pipe into a large vacuum (ex-  . bausted .by an. air pump), and then persistently worked round and found, while the  moisture is evaporated.   The wort emerges  from its tribulations.with a pasty consistence,  and is, allowed; to fall from a considerable  height into air-tight bo.tes,in which it reposes  like hard-bake.   It soon gets so exceedingly  tough, that it has to be broken up with a  chisel and mallet, and in that condition is  easily sent abroad, or to any part of the world,  for people to brew their own malt liquor.  We have had the wort subjected to analysis,  ��������� tbe results of which, in 100 parts, show that  there is almost absolute purity : Gum, 64:219 ���������  sugar, 20:664;   iupulin (the active principle  of hops). 2:000;  albnmenous matter, 0:000 j  mineral matter, 1:500; moishire. 11:017.  , Horrible 'CiftRd^s.p-iClrb^y Wisop Triflitt,  of Sutton bridge, appeared before. the Long  Sutton magistrates ft is week; on: tie summons  of Muria'Biirridge, for forcibly' atrempting to  en ter her d welliifg-b ouse oti the nighi of the  loth^, He* said he only \wenjt on tl at night as  he/hatl usually^one befbref but he was convicted; and/the fine and expenses atnouhted to  ���������238; /Sin arting; under :iV& inflictionf he astonished ''tfieimagislrates";! by the following horrl-  Dlei.,: statement :������������������He "said he bad cohabited  with Bur ridge for seven years, and that they  had had three children; the whole of which  had been secretly buried. He said be buried  one in his father's garden alive; and the  woman, handed it over the hedge to liira,"saying, " Take i t. a n d I wil I marry y ou.,; That  when he was putting it into the., ground it  cried,/wherenpbri he put his. foot on il.. Search  hasbeeri- made by the police in the garden  n am ed * an d th e bpries of an , i n fan fc fo u nd; in  the place indicated. The police are still active 1 y eng-rigod in; d igging for the other bodies,  but. at; present/noihi rig ^further has been discovered. The woman-denies the; man's^^ statement; and says he1 is 'actuated:/by jealousy,  because' she. is abo u'ti-tpl he in a rried; to ano ther  rnan.-~[EngIisbvpapei\.' A:'i"x'A:AA.-  yMISCELLANEOUS.  Ax McPhersdri,  AI^HJA/KE  AND  jMISCgLLANEOUS.  ' BARKERVILLE.; ;  CHEAP    GOODS!  OOMPalSING���������  Boots, Slioes-GIotMngand  ^V;{^Qt^rieSjJ^; i"p/  OF. THE; BEST  QUALITY,  Forsalodt tlio Store of tho undersigned in Barker*  ville, opposite tbe Bank of British Cojumbia:.  ::-   -   ������-v- ...W. RBNNIE.  Has commenced making her reg^la^tr'^,  ;"A ' ;'������������������  '^^v- ^between v..". .   ���������:���������; ���������  " V SODA CREEK & QUESNELMOUTH,  yi{������r The steamer Is not Tospon si ble for lehw,, I  Oils, or other liquids Bhlpped in tins. ksge  The Steamed - ������������������'��������� Onward  ������������������������������������"'    CAPT; ;WM. IRVIXG, W-   *  V  T EAVES Now. Westminster fur Yale*on WpL  1> :daysvand Saturdays;' ";;"    ,,-w*$.mm  The                  *  Ltq-Uds A-'vv ������-6��������� , T,  IdYO     UilU   UUVUIMUTQi  steamer will not'be responsible for leakw  Is shipped in tin'or glass. waitoge,  so4 tf  asusual.  LlGHTNINq CREKKi;  MINERS AND TRADriR&/w.iil iUhd. it, to their ad:  . vantage to purchase at:this Store, where there is  :/ixDiAN"'fcouRTO".and'. Po������ygamy.--A very  curious ..case, Jias -recently^ come before the  Civil Cpurfcvat Luck no w^ in India/ ;A Mahom-  edan husb an d insti tu ted: a suit for the resti tn-  tion; of1 conjugal rights. '<The^ wife pleaded  XhatlsJhe/i!^  I igipn a ncl be com e a; Ch ristiaD, and t b at there:  by iii the: Mahomed an/ra arriage wis cancelled  arid;t^e.hiisband''s rights ceased;   The fridge  depidediri'fayor'pf the/ plainfiffl/, The/case,  which is'exciting great interest  doubtless*bjei/appealed;and may; notimprob.  ably come before the Privy Council.   It is  noticeable that although the English Probate,  rQburt does not reeogriize a polygamous nriiori/:  the Privy Coriricil, :as;the/Co  from India,; doesl   Hindoo as well as Mahdm-  edan marriages may be polygamous, and it is  so m e wh at euripus th at a Hindo 'qj, man cannot  be prosecuted for bigamy althpiigh a Hindoo  wo man can, an d th at a Mab o me dan can o n ly  be/ prosecuted ^for   bigarriy/ ifj haying foiir  wives living, he marries a. fifth .���������[Solicitor's  JoUrh;al,:v.;/  :y/ X.-lAWyA'A-- .p ; ;--  THR;EmcT op; Tea-p> the SKiN--lf you  pour a few drops of strong tea on a piece of  iron-^a knife blade, for instauce���������thetennate  of iron is formed, which is black. If you mix  it with human blood, it forms/ with'th&lron  of, blood, the tennate of iron. .Now, when we  H^������^^iD^i.;t.nli!q?i,ds which enter the  stomach are rapidly absorbed by thi veins  and absorbents of the stomach,and enter into  the circulation and are,thrpwn out ot the system by the skin, respiration and the kidneys,,  it is probable that a drink so common as tea  and so abundantly used, will have some effect. Can it-be possiW that tannin introduced with so much warm liquotv producing  perspiration, will have no effect upon the  skiuT. Look at thetea drinkers of Russia, tbe  Chinese and tbe old women of America, who  haveso long continued in the habit of drinking strong tea. Are they not dark-colored  and leather-skinned? When young they were  fair complexioned.-[Health Reformer  Ofthe very best description on; hand, and the Stock  constantly replenished by new, arrivals, Taeproprib  Aix   ../;��������� iorswiii.seii'Gbods/;/;;.;//.;/;..  .AS CHEAP AS  ANY IN \ CARIBOO'  .Orderspromptly filled,arid forvvarded witbTdispatch.  Van Winkle;  BEBDY-.k XINDHARDj A,  i:l Wr - ;-' Propr Letors*  THE public arc hereby informed that rHovn rtJ  known by the English name '* Henry "is,,-���������,!;[  thorised to collect moneys due to the k'wobm"  company, and tho said,; com pany will not be rir������2  siblo tbr'any debts he may contract. m  Barkerville, April 12th, 1870;  CHANTx r.UM  ���������    H  Agent for.Kweiip'LRej |^  fapio'lm 1  Vai  HP HE undersigned begs to fnform.all parties Wi������?hir������^te Vic  " ip-goods to VitaPs creek anriinrrou'ndJIBP"  country that        ... .uww������  X   .to sh .  he will be prepared to fprwiVrd "eo'ofiWS  pounds per month} on .anil after tbe 1st of April nex'S  from. Quesnel mouth to tbe head of navigation.'  All consignments attended ,to' with caro anddiJ  patch.-.; ��������� ���������Al    ���������������������������������������������. -A':*W :,��������� ;V;.- -���������,:���������/���������.' ���������;���������;'..-;.-;....-���������   ^  ja8tf    '���������   .; 'y, PATRICKHICKEY 1  O, did Vou overbear tell of that curious old shop  Th at stand s at th e en d of the ��������� ville ? ;   I  .It is built ot rough boards, and.iriit Jsstorcd-L^ j-^1  .;..;;'./Old'junkunUlitls plied.-.:./;���������,..;���������-,- '/.:.'  You go iii and you aslfrefor whatever you want;/ ���������  . -'..If such things ever were; made: - ���������   y   ':'.'-' ;..;.......  Fbra man wi th one; leg could find but one boot;' ���������. '  For.the Other is lost or strayed^: ��������� <*./*  You will find cars:and;hose, safeB.aadstovesj; :   ;  r- And.hydraulic nozzles, too..';;;: .-" ���������';;;";'  You wiil.flnd a rynge,and that's nothing strange-r- ���������'  "'./ ". There's things rdrall of yqd; v.'"; '' -,. /;;.;; "' ���������',;:  And if you should want any firearms, by the way,  Just call and look at the stock. ;  You will find a gun that .wil I not miss fire ., -.....-.:  For.either ball or shot...  ��������� -j.  And if there is anything else you should want, : A. '..>'���������  There direct your atteution/. /  For in amongst a thousand things  There's something I did not mention.  O, never lot a chance go by, '��������������������������� y-  .  That can be a benefit to you,  To sell all ynur old stuff,.tor leave it you must,  [ For you have done with Cariboo.  This man by whom this coal yard is kept  Will try and please you all,  If there is anything youwant fixed r'~  . Just come and give me a call;.  T. FLRTCHRR.  ypwywpyyfiOTia^,-,   ,-,-;; .T-mmt  THE barge -u OMrXECA," Capt. Moore.'will bepr^^W  ���������  pared, oirtholst day of June next, to tn'aku hetTO^  regular trips from the foot bf.Stuart Lake to thehea'^^S'  ofnavigutioii on Lake Tutlah^ carrying freight anllllli  ���������passengers.-'- -,'...-';. WAA'A ��������� A p: ��������� . .     ��������� ��������� ��������� , f^p^f (  The Omineca is 35 tons burden, and is provided wiiv^^������  5ix:.wateritigh.t;;c.gniparimenijcam^^  ing25 head of pack animals on deck.      IWlA    '^^S  All gooda intended to be shipped by the, Omin^al^  the parties sb i pping w 311 pi case ad d ress J. W. MtweJ  foot of Stuart Lake, where; there wil 1 be a gontl;^i|  Stantial warehouse for the receiving and forwa'niinj  goods;- ,-; j; w. MOOflE. I  ,Quesnellemouth, Aprillfith, 1870.. ;jApn I  in '  feh  fflp*  CA R-I-B OO'RHY ME S'-lflBp^  .AA.lwwi,w-yA--.yw-l: -A-': p^xWms.  I, .-.  SAWNEYS   LETTERS  AWD  Br JAMES ANDEKSOX,  PKICE,  OXE dollar!  Pi<  .,:.For sale at thei SsstiKKh Offlce  post, free of chaige  -���������:-    aA'AA -WLm  and forwnnipcibj^^^gGii  ELETS AMIUfniON  A MAsSACJiusErrs Mayor says in his annual  ' message : "p As the eastern horizon of the  p resell t!.. is . made gl orio us . wi th i ts b earn i n g  rays of opportunity, so may the sunset hour  of tbe future, by the refractive influences of  faithful duty, greet us with its gorgeous panoply of,prismatic light  ���������  ������������������ A little; girl sent s o\\t to bunt for eggs  came back unsuccessfiil,   complaining  that  "lots of hens were standi tig arouail; doing  .&QLhiugA  Spots on the SuN-Mr Frederick Brodie  writes to the London Times : ������ At the present  time the outbreak of disturbing causes in the  solar photosphere is very remarkable, the  solar surface being dotted over with spots (so  called).   Tbere is one such spot now coming  across the solar disc, presenting the most remarkable appearance I have seen as yet, and  also the most extensive.   I will not take up  your valuable space by its description further  than to mention its size.   The penumbra is an  irregular oblong square in shape, and contains  some 20 umbra) of various sizes. The greatest  length of this penumbra is 69,970 miles; tbe  greatest width of it 43.300 miles, or nearly 15  times the area of the earth's surface, the  number In figures being 2,856,501,000 square  miles!   Another correspondent adds:  The  spots now passing over the face of te sun  may b.eseen by,the naked eye just, before  sunset, and very distinctly with ,an ordinary  opera glass. ���������   ��������� '  THE BOXER . CARTRIDGES  Frfr Snider- En field of -577 bore,-  and for the Henry, and'Martini Henry Rifles of .450 bore,  adopted by her Majesty's War  Department, also of -500 bore  - for Military Rifles.  WATERPROOF CENTRAL-  FIRE METALLIC CARTRIDGES with enlarged Base  for small bores, adopted by-  foreign governments for con-  . verted-Chasscpot, Berdan Re-  mi up ton and other Rifles;*also  Cartridges   for   Ballard,  the  Spencer, and American Henrv  Repeating Riflus. '  The "ELEY BOXER" are the cheapest Cartridges  known, carrying their own ignition, and being made  any Sffi    ' "** water Pr00'antJ "PorisbtSe in  ������v,TlVJ aV^'c 6artrifl^e cases (empty) of all sizes and  for tliedil.-rcnt systems ol BrocchJoading- Rules can  bo had with or without the suitable Bullets and ������1  chines for Qnishin^ the Cartridge* Wd"  BOXER CARTRIDGES of -450 horo for RevohMn-r  Pistols, used in hor Majesty's Navy. "^0^in6'  ^?,PiE?rrRLM*FIBR CARTRIDGES of all sizes, for  vSv" W(iSBOa^ Tranter's and other Pocket Re.  PIN-CARTRIDGES for Lpfaucheux Revolvers of  12 m. 9-m. and 7-m. bore.- " 01  CENTRAL-FIRE and PIN-FIRE CARTRIDGES for  n !nhtaS? fystem? of ,Guns' RifIcs anc^ Revolvers  Don Jo Waterproof and E. B. Caps, Patent Wire Car  Si Fe|t,Gun Wa(!di������^ for Breech and Sate  EL EY   BROTHERS-,  G R A Y \&. WN  R 6 AD,  I ON0&d  WHOLESALE ONLY min ulO  Pacific  Telegraph Hotel j  Store street (between Herald &.Fisgard), I  '" VICTORIA, B.C..    'a  ... .Ay   |  Andrew Astrico,    -;,-.-     Proprietor.!  The most coramodious and clean Hotel in Vietori^ j  It is conducted on tho European principle. Tlie table |  is supplied with the very best the market affords.  Meals at all hours of the day.. Private Dibing  Rooms for Families.   .,,.'��������� .   ���������  Board and .Lodging per week. $o 50 @ $0 50.-  Per day, $i. Single meals, 37 1-2 cents.. Beds, 50c,  - -eST A Fi re -p roof- Safe in the House.  .        FLOUR, FLOUR, FLOlS"  ~y���������7  -     ^.~ ���������,.,-������-s71%  wth  T01 SALE if CLINTON fflLft; f  mmo  SODA  CREEK,                  /yx/lA^A        1  QUESNELLE, and        ���������/         1  ",-,"- B AJRKBR VILLE. 1  Ktp  ..   Also, .,   ��������� .v                          ;,.   1  TWO 6-iS; CYLINDER STEAM ENGINES, |  WITH BOILERS,             .    |  WS f L'  Suitablo for small steamers.                                      I  J. HARPER,    M  .Clinton, April 12tb, 1870.                         aplfi 6in    |  wKLv  WmM tl  LEA &��������� PERRINS'  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE,  Declared by Connofsseurs to be  THE   ONLY   GOOD   SAUCE.  Caution against Erand.���������The success of this  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment luiviitf  caused certain dealers to apply the name of "Worcestershire Sauce" the public is hereby informed that tho  only way to secure the genuine, is to  ASK FOB   LEA & PERRINS'  SAUCE,  and to see that their names are upon the wraffkb,  l^BKLB, 8TOPFER, and BOTTT.B.  Some of tho foreign markets having been supplied  with a spurious Worcestershire Sauce, upon the wrap*  per and labels of which the names of Lea and Perrin?  have been forged, L. and F. givo notice that'thcy  have furnished their correspondents with power of  attorney to tako instant proceedings" against masp-  factubkrs and vk^dors of such, or any other iniila*  tions by which their right may be infringed.;  Ask. for LEA & PERKINS' Sauce'and sed  .game on.-Wrapper,'-Label,  Bottle, and  otopper. ���������"'��������� ���������  Wholesale and'fbr export by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse and BlackwoiL London, kc. kt.'Atf  by Gm������������5 ^d Oilaws i^Asrsa^.  k  a:  ,a\  u  b  h  le  /, "  y..:-'


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