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 ,-,���������������������������.���������. ������-.iij r ���������..;.������ .1..  ��������� ;  Wtf<q^9flmmiWaarig3g|B������^  i&*s3EaEI&&&^^  Vol. 10.  Barkerville, William Creek, 'B^i'^i^^^'^Jlcs^r^^lS^t-i  0. 23  THE GABIBOO'SENTipt  '���������    Published everySaturday hf  { R QBE R T     H 6 L L 6 IA! Y.  ���������; Subscription,  ������ \ ' 50 Cents per Week.  RATES OF ADVERTISING..  ��������� For one square (one inch), first insertion, -   $3  '���������'���������' .;''���������;.*''.: "'���������; '������������������111  ...  one month, .- - ' 5  a   For two squares, first insertion,     ...  . .    5  Agents, for the %t Cariboo Sentinel."  'Van winkle,-.'      !. :. .  iJuesriclmouthV    ' -!  So a a Cz'eek, - ;..-, ���������.:.' ��������� ... - .  Clinton, " - !- ���������-.--������������������/-���������������������������,- '&i���������.,-.���������,  Talc, - " .-' Mr.'Evans,  New Westminster ... , -'��������� -  'Victoria; ;^!; :"V ���������*--* "-'���������-���������il *���������'������������������.  <L;; P.-Fisher,.: ;-.���������;:-:���������.-.'���������>.��������� 'HJ  Hudson & ilcnet,   '������������������   . ���������.  . ;  Mr J.W; Liudimrt'. ,  -...    Barnard's Express  -   ������������������ Barnard's Express  Barnard's' Express  do do  ���������...a  Ciarkson & Co  -_..;.    John Cnljens  -..V'Sau Francisco  -���������v'-'i -  New York.  THE GARTROO SENTINEL  rs=r  03  PRIi\T;NG OFF.lOE  Cards, 'Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  Balls and TficSrjcal Eaterlalnments  j5^Executed with neatness and dispatch.^^"  Terms moderate.  TiTHBI GERMANIBIJGBEAK  .��������� In $orecas13R������ the political future of. Germany, and with 'it, to some extent, that of cori-  ti n on t.a I Eur op e, the friend g ���������" of progress are  apt to conclude that absolutism will fvqjtit the  '.close of the 'present war date a new lease of  -.power.   In coming, to this conclusion, however, a few da tarn ay have been omitted ; and  , if, the premises are incomplete the conclusion  can.hardly be sound. There can be no doubt  'that the personal qualities and predilections  ���������of potentates have much to <lo with, hastening  . or retarding the course which their prerogatives have to run. In England this was shown  b0th un.der the T11 dors and the, Stuarts, and  has been felt to some extent under the pres-  ���������ent House of Hanover.   It has been seen in  France and in Spain, and doubtless willhere-  - after be manifested in the casect the Prussian  Monarchy.   Under this dynasty,  the  idea of  reigning by divine right seems to have culminated with the present King.   It will have  been insensibly strengthened by the policy of  a bold and domineering Minister; -and fostered by military success, combined with a  strong sense,'real or affected, of an all-directing Providence���������whose* good pieasure, it is  presumed, it has been to watch over Prussia,  ��������� and to promote to Imperial honor its House  of Hohenzollern..  But we must not stay here and--sirppose we  have solved the lit}die, or made aright the  calculation in which there are yet other and  unaccounted for factors.   The very next in  order of succession���������the Crown Prince of  Prussia���������is not likely to run a career taking  its shaping impulse, trom Bismark,, like the  ball from the hand of a skilful player.   In  1803 the Prince protested against the unconstitutional interference of the Government  with the rights ofParliament and the freedom  -of the Press.   In May and June, 1868, he  wrote letters to the King and to Bismark, pro  Resting against the evasion of the -charter oi  the people.   At that time he offered to resign  his commission and tretire from Berlin and  from the Court, rather than refrain from uttering what he thought and felt on behalf of  the constitution which the people bad fondly  deemed was to be inviolable.   On that occasion he concluded a letter .to the King with  the words, "I enseal; your Majesty not to  '���������touch the laws.-'   Ihere w#'.many who will  [remember, his .words stillmora recently to  ���������certain French gentlemen who were brought  into hi* presence immediately after the bfetlle  of Woerth. He said: " I do not like war, gentlemen. If I should reign I would never  maize it. If it'baly depended on myself this  war would end here. It. is your Ministers  and the Emperor who would have it;; it was  not I who wanted it/7!  And this man inust soon be Emperor. A  dutiful and chivalrous son ; who dared go  into the ranps of opposition to his royal falser  and his redoubtable, mioister. Is it pot likely,  then, that his dominant" endeavor,'when he  shall fill the throne, will'be'the peaceable ad-'  vancement of his countryJs we]farej and? a  quiet consolidation of its victories already  won ?., Is he likely to obstinately stand in the  way of the domestic freedom:of other nations,  or to attack that of his own? We think not.  Oh the contrary���������' th e personal character and  antecedents of the Prince and future.Emperor  give occasiou to believe that Germany will  become a bulwark against despotism, and  that its future influence will be ennobling  a������d beneficenfc, rather than dwarfing and  malign.���������������M6ntreal Witness.  ficiarcandidate against him /at the next election, when he wa,3 re-elected by a great majority. The, career of M.; Grevy shows that  he has always remained on the side of the  people, and although sometimes impracticable  in his views, he errdd only 011 tha side of  liberty. Cowing' from a provincial district,  and independent of 'party, he seems well  adapted for the responsible2 position to which  he lias been chosen^N. Y; Tribune;'! " + -"'''  BUSSNESS^ NOTICES;  Absolute . Divorces :legally 'obtained in  New-York, Indiana, Illinois', and 'other Sta'tcs;  forepersons from 'any State or countryj' legal  everywhere j desertion/ arnn&hness^ non-su'p-  port, etc.,'su fljcie.iit ��������� cause; no publicity.<' No  charge until'divorceisobtained. Advice fr^eJ  :rAddre^Sj.:MOO  .'���������'>'���������"      '.-'H -:-.CounsellorsatLaw,'-���������������������������y*.  i'itV-������������������.;"-;; e;;: 180 Broadv/ay,/New-York City.  the' president of the  :-������������������������������������;������������������':���������������������������'���������������������������- -; assembly.:-  FRENCH  ,; M. Grevy. who has been elected to the important position of President of the 'French  Constituent Assembly,.has already been con^  spicuous in French politics...-���������_ He was bornjxi  1'813i in ,the department 6f the'Jiira, aifcTwent  ]from; -college to Paris,.where he studied f0r  the Bar.; He took part m .the revolution of  July, 1830, and was one of the combatants  who captured the Babylone barracks. He  was admitted to the Paris Bar. arid soon dis-  tingnished hinjaalf in defending political  prisoners, arid notably by his defence of the  companions of Barbes, who was tried in 1839.  In 1848, he acted as Commissary of the Provisional Government in the Jura, and gave  general satisfaction by his prudent and conciliatory conduct Owing to his great popularity, he was elected to the Constituent Assembly of 1848, by C5T000 votes, and was  thus the first on'the list of the eight representatives from the department.  In the Assembly, he served on the Committee ' on Justice, and acted as Vice-President  He spoke frequently from Hie tribune, and  was regarded as one of the ablest and most  forcible of the orators of the democratic party.  While he maintained an independent position  between the Socialist and Mountain parties,  he usually voted with the ultra-radicals. He  became remarkable by an amendment which  he proposed to the Constitution, giving the  Executive power to a citizen, to be known as  the President of the Council of Ministers, who  was to be elected by the National Assembly  for an unlimited term, but removable at  pleasure. This amendment was rejected at  the sitting of October 7, 184S, by 043 to 158  votes. After the election of Louis Napoleon,  he continued in opposition to him, and disapproved of the Roman expedition.  ������������������ M. Grevy was elected to the Legislative  Assembly, where, without making common  cause with the Mountain party, he was one of  the principal opponents of the Government.  After the coup d'etat he returned to the practice of his profession. Within the last two  years he returned to public life, and, as a democratic opposition candidate, was elected to  represent a district in the Jura in the Corps  Legielatif by 22,000 out of the -32,060 votes  cast. This was the first time that the administration was so completely defeated in the  country. This success was regarded as ho  decisive that the Government placed no of-  MISCELLANEQUS..  T  P-  Sheet; and Cast Iron Stoves  ALL. JOBBING WOKK IN ��������� TIN", COrPER, Sheet  Iron j 51 inc a 11 d Xoad Pip 1 n'gj attend c d 10 wIUt  promptness, and. warranto<L to give. cutire ealis  pict.on. ]/���������   ������������������'*''���������" : '��������� ���������.  ':;:';.". !'.'.'"���������' ������������������  S^^^aa^^roia'jS' ��������������������������� Steel  astiiis:"']  I^v :::;���������;   FOR'SALEi ���������;:  Ut^  BaRXERVILTiB and Qcesnelmouth,  The PAI^I KILLER is l>y universal consent til-  lowed to iiiivo won "foi* itself ^reputation;unsurpassed  iii thc.-liistory .0f;inediciil'.''preparations;r Its .iristaii-  %rieous etVect iii; tho eradication"! and/ extiaction tor  V&ia in all its vurious forms iricitlent' to the \hiimdn  laini 1 y, and tlio uusolicited writtcu and verha 1 test������-  jiiony of1, the masses in its favor, have been,.and are  i is own ocst advertisements.-  Tbe ingredients of the PAXN" KILLER, being purely  VEGETABLE, render it a perfectly safe and uMca-  eieus remedy taken internally, as welt as for external applications, wbun used',according to directions. Tb e stain upon. Ji nen ��������� from i ts us e is easily  removed by washing with alcohol.  "���������'������������������',:;���������������������������  Tins Kcdioine, justly celebrated for the cure of so  many of. fcheaflactions incident to the human family,  has,now been before, the public over Tumrv yeaks,^  and has found i!/S way into almost every corner ot  the .world; and wherever it h������ sheen used, the same  opinion is expressed of its medical properties.  " ���������  In any attack,avbere prompt action upon "the sys-  tem is required, the Pain Killer is invaluable. Its  almost instantaneous effect in Relieving Pain.is truly  wo u derfu 1; a n d wh en u sod accord i ng to directions,  is t ru e to i ts na me, a PA IN K1LI, E R.. ��������� m h4  TOl BALE If GMITOI HILLS  SODA  CREEK, ;  QUESNELLE, and  BAEKEBVILLE  J. HAKPER,  Van Volkento-argli & Co  "O ^4-  d,  Barkerville, Ftichfield  VAUi WINKLE.  A SUPPLY OP THE  BEST QB&HFT OFFBESH MEAT  ALAVAVS ON HAXJ).  memn  fiasSretumed; to Barkerville, and may be cou-  ...,,,: suited at his old stand. ."���������*���������-���������.'.  Dr Siddai.ii foturus many, 'tbanks".to 'the pcople of  th p Lowe r ��������� Co un try for., the j r k ind ness an d patronage  while oh his prolessi onal to er, an d by strict attention  to- business trusts to��������� rotain the con0dence pvevidusly  bestowed upon him by the people of.Cariboo.     .  Ih aiLbranclicsof liental work he warrants to giy*  satisfaction or; return the moncy; and pay the -patient  for. the ti iii e. lost iwh.ile, sitting in, his cnair.,  Teeth extracted in as tjlo th at wn^ d oi y^th e worl d  to Jexcel,; arid Teetn fiUcd with paro> Gold; and"��������� SiIver  0T with the Os Artificial FlUlng,  >vhiell will save any  to make an early 'call, as lie docs hot intend to re.  main long in -Barkery!No:.-.- =   .     :������������������.,,;,: '���������.���������:���������,.- ; .  tj^g^Remember that the chafges rire moderatc, itn d  he oil! ce opposite the Assay Ofilce, Barkerville. ������������������  ���������������  Lightning Creek.  MINERS AND TRADERS will find it to their ad  : vantage to purchase.attb isStorc, where there i  (Trst  aS  Of the very best description on haiuK and the Stocic  constantly replenished by new arrivals. Tbeproprie*  tors will sell Goods '  AS CHEAP  AS ANY IN. CARIBOO.  Ordcrspromptlyfillcd,and forwarded with dispatch  Van Win?f3ct ���������  BEEDY ,& LINDKARD, ,  Proprie tors  T ICE.  ^HE UNDERSIGNED REGS TO INFORM HTS  JL fri ends and the public,that he has fitted up sotis  COMFORTABLE    BED- ROOMS  iihisnow building, where hois prepared togivo  good lieds fit a reasonable price. Those who will  favor hi in with their patronage, may depend on tho  cleanness and comfort of his house.  Ketakesalsothis opportunity to remind the Cari-  booit.es that his Brewery has received tho FUtS'i?  PRIZE of the Colony for hiBcelebratcd  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will be able to judge by them  selves that such honorable prize has been justly  awarded to him.  N. B.���������A large front room to let.  Barkerville ."fan, 23 I860. N. CUNIO  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  CARIBOO    RHYMES  BY JAMES ANDERSON. .  PRICE;  ONE DOLLAR  For sn3 c a 11ha SfcStjy������, Office   an������ f ������rwpvdf <* i.y  ptSti, tree of chm^tt t W~U mm  '*���������;/���������  mm  -'mm  m- ���������  1ft;  lit  ^1  Piti'  t'.'rM ���������     '?<  Mrs   "  flit  ilfii  ;^J������>  ii''.     '   Ii  r \vm:y v.-  ,Jfcr  ���������. ^'. ,-.^:  Hit''' ^  ^ '^������:;-'U  ���������!&V:',::  6*6" ��������� ������&���������  B fMilj^p:  ���������':: *ia������!,n Jv;-.  ���������:..������������������ ��������� ������i.f,'d;"t :[���������.���������,'������������������'���������-  ' lift'1:  .-.-.��������� AJi'u1 .,���������'  THE ClliiBOG SEiTOTEb  ^.���������<9S=  SATURDAY, APRIL 1/,18(1:  7  ���������    ; OMINEGA; _ v .   ;; '  Mr R; Syl rater, with an express, left iere  on 29th'irwt; for Germanseri ereek.   The, tide  of e ni juration from this section "has, lulled con-  Kiderabiy^ofy late, and &e/probal)ilityjsi;tbat  "������������������ scarcely ;auy inprey men, will leave filljtbe  "river hav igatib ri'���������;,& o pen, ah d: they; wo ti Id be  very foolish if they did, as from Mr^lvestei V  account of the amount ofprovisioneion ban o\  jmblishei iii^:our-last, It will be-; erident to  niiy one that even aiipposing the men wintering above are all fu% provided for until  juippVies; are got in, there is not more than  sufficient:to supply those already gone,up; if  ihey have the money"to pay for them, as most  of: them'we believe have. . ������������������:.������  'The irnmigratioh from below appears to bo  ������������������������ e US n g i n briskly al ready, and no do lib t a  birgc:mimber wi 11 be ready at Qnesnelibbutii:  io avail themselves of the breaking up ofjthe  j ce to "maiw tlie earl iest start;.-- Of these a-geod  many v/ill, we expect, find era ploy men fc, if the  route is pronounced favorable, on the-con-  ���������;������mpj atcd w u gori road ;bver the GIscome: portage Stdimpr^ navigation, on  C r o o k ed a nd 0 mi n eca rivers, wb ich, :if to be  made at alU'should be pushed forward ener-  ���������getiealiy without an: hoirrV delay, so as to  gai n for pk.r i til and- You te the: presiige of per.  ing. able'to defeat compcti.fton frppi the coast;  before supplies can be got in fromthaSkbeiiai  ro'ule, as it is always much easier, to maintain,  'the superiority' of a means'- of travel once���������  o p e n e d th an to break do w n the b ar ri er -of  p r ej n di ce ��������� wbi ch every es tab lished. ro u te in us t;.  inevitably enlist iu its :favpr.   Prom  present  appearances, we are luclined to; thlplc that  though a considerable number of men must  bva ve Gar iboo^th ts spring lor, the new" diggings,  svtUl there .will.; not be the universal exodus  which- wa������ predicted some time ago, the numf  berof^claims-how-paying and the prbspecis  of - thc: section In gew������ral beirig such as to con^  ' vince;jiiany,^hp;at first were $ei^d with the  "Peace Riyer^Ferer*' that ther^chancee for  p ro������pecting are sti 11. as good in Gariboo. as iti  0mitieca_bv;aiiy other pprtion of the ���������. colo ay,  aiit\:,very lew who'have:-sufi3c;ent grouhds,.- to  an t lei pate the real i za tion o f a rem uoer a ti ve  season's work will be: tempted to abandon  any thing. ��������� approachi ng;: a', certaln t y . for ;the  das'ilihg hopes of fortune which are placed  - before their vision at a distance/ ���������,  Rumors have been prevalent liere for the  last week of new'creoka and diggings having  b e������n struck. th is . w inter.' and  of: exeel'l e nt  p ro? p ects: hav i n g been f o u n d on G e mi an se n  -cretskU.H deep diggings, but we have not been  . abloto.trace them  to. any reliable,, source ;  ;a u (1... fro i n the Aw t th a t Sy Ives t e r p osnessed fi o  lean w 1 edge of an y th in g of t h e so r t, yr e can  Sm Iy set th e m il o w n as t he c b i tiieras o f so me  excited brain.  Tub ^Vkatukii���������*1 March comes in like a  lion and goea oiit like a Iamb-'^ is an old saying ; and if the'show which fell all day yesterday; is to be taken ii emblematical /Of the  lamb's snbwy fleece, the proverb may b^ considered as libldiBg"its own even ��������� jtat. Cariboo,  in other Teepectsibere has been little of the  lamb to boaflt of lately ; the weather during  the month though never getting as cold as we  ha ve ��������� s een b efare in March, bavin g bee n general lydisagreeftble with a great deal of snow.  w h at has fall en Tor . the last few da^ s being  v^ry������������������ soft. The roads in this neighborhood  keep good. ,no tliaw having set in yet; below  Cottonwood theynw becoming bad.;  : QuBSNEUtouTH���������TbingB at Qiicanelmouth  we learnVare more lively than they have.been  for a long time on -account; of bo many : men  b ei ng in to wn gettin g. read y to star t f o r  Onimeca. There is quite; a fleet of bpate of  various sizes and descriptions ready to start  as soon as navigation com men ces. The -river  is now clear in the middle as far as can be  seen, and in another wees or ten days will  probably be free of; ice.. The *Bnow has all  disappeared, and there" has been some fain.  Rro wp':A Gil lis? old establ ished favorite fro te 1  is crowded with bdarders. Charles Danielson  continues in a precarious state.    :  y -.v:.-  ���������.THBATnB :RoTAi^lt will be;-seen^:that the/  AmateiirB intend giying a performance on  this day week,;on which occasiou���������;the^well  (eno w n lav pri te".: p lay. of " Sta t e Sec re ts; or^  The Tailor of Tarn wort!);-'��������� will be presented  for tb e- first ti in e i n Ca ri b oo, to be; foil p w eii.  ,by 'anr entertainment.by.the Miustrel corps.  who -haye not.$eeu/ before;;the public :for  nearly four ni on ths. "'  '''������������������r\C,'A''.'i'fcg'i't '  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  STATEMENT of the position of the.British. Columbia Savings Banks, afc<31st December,  : \ 1870j pubiiahed pursuant to the provisions of the "*' Savings Banks Grdinance, 1869.^  . VC- General.''-balance: *���������' Vv-'~V:>; *  LIABILITIES.  Due by the Bank to Depositors, viz.:  At Head Office,      >: $62,280 9H;...      . :-  "NanaimcBranch,     ,  9,29o 39;.;;'.  " New.    Westminster'   . />   ,  Branch.   :        .'   7,004 90   /  " Yale Branch, 832 97  ���������"������, Cariboo Branch,        5J42 S2  :  /    v -v���������--��������� ���������$85,157 01  Balance  at credit of  Profit and Loss, .- 825 51  $85.982-52  ASSETS.  Cash in hand at Head Office and   ���������  'Branches,:: , $     675 00  Cash in Bank of British Columbia,   3,307 52  Amount invested with the Government of British Goiumbia,-   ; 79,000 00  Amount advanc������dr on Government  :  Securities (Excheqner Deben-  ���������'������������������turcs),v^-,^;':v-'.';';;';:.-;- rv:":;-S3,000'00  $85,982 52  Victoria, British Columbia,)  ��������� ���������  '^7L,y.f  PHILir J. HANK1N.    ,) Commissioners  E. GRAHAM Ai^TON, k of  ,/..  F. j.; ROSCOE, ) Savings Banks.  NEW ADVT3RTISEM ENTS^  fPHB BUSINESS HERICTOFORK CAHRIED ONt 4?  ;X; t..���������Tfc������rKervillj*r:MUvcvn T. ��������� do Nnuviou. nu <I ;1>rid  Hu q ott x c i A vrn at at Sp Ai ss���������Tel egw\ p hie  .**(! vices have been received at Quesnelmoulh  Or one of those bloody affrays from which,  .   thanks to the prontpt justice meted -out to  lyffenuVrs   when   caught,   our  colony  has  bitherto happily enjoyed almost an immunity.  ..From the accounts received, "it appears that a  man well known in Cariboo and throughout  the country by the cognomen of,*''Oregon  Jobn,>; formerly a packer, and who 'boors the  reputation of being a desperate character,.  Though be has never come within the pale of  the law in this colony before, bud an alterca.  tion with an,ox teamster named Anderson at  &u!nnsa, in which he is reported to have assaulted Anderson.   The latter left for West  minster to lodge a complaint, and returned  h\ company with a constable���������George Wilson, the Cariboo ex-pugilist.  They attempted  to ar rent Oregon John, who being armed with  a double-barreled shot-gun. fired upon them  and wounded both.  It is not yet known what  the extent of the men's injuries are. The perpetrator of the crime is reported to have made  rw.id hta tfi'cjtpe across the line lo Washington  therein,1.  '������������������ :��������� I.)a?iii Kiiviz:wi 11;':cnH���������������'et all dcMs ihio: to' thef-flrib'  and-pav all liabilities ol'.tho sum(j- -������������������-������������������- ������������������-��������� *U:.' .  :-..;".:?-. :���������:.-������������������������������������.���������.��������� \.i. T. de NOUVTONT. ..  ������������������':>���������':������������������-������������������-:    '���������;:...'::���������,'���������.���������:���������    .   .; 1UVID ICURTZ--   ���������  : /S^������wittetSfarph.d7;:18?l**  ���������:���������'..'������������������     ' ���������: .apllm t  ���������f\ y^y7^o^E.::y\'::---  ��������� A POX OF CrjOTHlkft1 wo OTHER articles  A ��������� hav io j; b ee n In ft n t tho! Con rt Ho use, H i o h,fi ft Id.  iu the year!86H/mnrkeil on tlic. oiusidf.1 J. IIOURIS!  notice is hereby given thai unless, ilie said J. Morris  or his .authorise.! ajje-nt shall olHim the same m or  toeforo the 301 li <\*y of. APRIL, 1SV1, the fcamo will ho  sold by,-Public Auction.      -    *  ������������������ ���������"��������� -:h.-h. bauv  ''-*'. ������������������������������������ ���������   ���������"Stipendiary Kagistrato,  ���������Rlebfi������ld, B.C., March 30, 1871.      ���������    '���������   apIUn :  February 21st, .181  I certify that I have, exarained the iVccounls of the British Co]umbiaJSavings Bank's ior-tto  vear ended 31st December, 1870,; and have found, tlie'-'above-. Abstract,to be correct.,      "���������,'-,,  ; T Audit Office, ^ -���������" ; AuditorGeneral.;;  ;". il hereby certify thatihe sum of Beveny-nine Thousand Dollars* ($79,000) i? the balance,  standing at the credit of I be Com ra issioners; of th o. British 'Col um b ia Savin ga Banks; 1 u the  Books of tlie Goveni ni ent of Bri tish Coiulnbia, at the 31st December, 1870.".  Treasn ry, B ri tish O b 1 n in b ia,  Febriowy 21st,: 1871.-  JOHN GRAHAM.  In Charge.  MANAGER., -  jiECRKTARr,  J.-Z. HOl'fiH. .,  O; N.-'!MARSHAIX  R. O. BYRNE?, Sheriff of; tfits- Pistrict, tin s raic  Po\ver of Attorney for thoctiliotttionot' nil notes  and acommts due us. All \ivmmst tlii.'jvforo, indebted to tho undersigned will pifAgn imv him.'-'  JAMES IL ICKKR& SON.  ..'Barkerville, April.I,' 1871. .������[>! lm  Mining; Claim,for Sale.  ONE-TNI-RD OF THE SAN J=UAN CLAIM, ttfcaro th������  SawiniU on William Creek. .  .Apply to  TnsV.C:^  '-���������;.; y -.-,    ��������� ''Willgivea perf6r������ance on-j; .-;,���������:. ;':;l^">  Sktur <|sy: ���������E^esii' g,-. April 8,  Commencing with the celebrated- nfid kugbablo- farce  i ���������' :���������������������������-���������-y: ���������"."���������' '���������"���������...-''..: of '."-v. ���������'���������,"'���������.���������������������������." "������������������:::: r':'  ;.������������������State- secrets-:;"  : OR; THIS TAILOR OF TAAtWORTlL  IT u gb" Nc v i I to (a. Soil I er I a tlie Pa rlla-  ' im^nlary Army'UmterOeii. F?iirt>.x,  ���������Hurry Gdvertiai {jltoaGalve������������fn Hid,  a  C.ivali;'r in   ihu   Army  under  .   Prince Rupert),,  'Gregory Thimble well, (the Tailor of  Tannvorth),  ' - ���������' ������������������������ ���������;-..' -',  . -  liu mpl i rev 11.1 ri g eh o$ (a weal ih y Mil -  , ler iUitt'ljiiniUorJ of tb'o Black Bear  ���������   Arms), " -      -   -.  -���������     -     . -'  Robert Hedgehog (his son),       -  Mamie TliitubUwull '(thu Tailor's  ...wife,): *. ������������������; -    -    '-' -. -  Leity (liaughtor to Kedgobog������)f . -  Gomar John?.  John 13ovn\'in  J B Thompson  Rtfwtl-Pftwnn  Q.N. M������r*iialt  FlorfncftAVilson  UtA'a. p, Parker  Or at tho Rkntinjsi. Ofllee.  THOS. POTTER,  mhlS  VOTTCK TR HKHEBY GIVEN THAT ANY PKHSON  l\    or per,ynns fonnit destroying or ���������lamasriu^ the  Ti'kiirapii IViI.-h or Wires will be prorieemea with the  utmost rigor of the h.w.  By com mail d,  15. W. PEARS?:.  IjandsonH Wmlcs O^partmcnt,  F'A.-Dih, :1871. ' mhlfi  Lecture on Women's Kiglits  To bo'fbllowQclhy a".  /    ���������:   f -  GBAHD'BTOSICAL AID;BUELESQUE  ���������,':���������' . PERTORHAHCE ���������  ; By the . ���������  CARIBOO   MINSTRELS,  WITH NEW SONGS; &c;t &u,  Ma* E'articiilaM hereafter.  SAMTJEL; HILL,;. Agent,  19 I0HTG0IEEY. STREET, SOUTH,  Grand Hotel Building.,  SAN   FRANCISCO;  *SS3f S  END FOR CIRCULARS,..  ��������� ���������    mti26  Doors open at 7M o'ctoek,; prTfrtrmnhoe to coin-  mwtco at >) o'eloci*"  A',1 minion SL 00.   PveservcdSeats, SI 50.  Tickets for lim Reserved j?eaU to be had of Mr  Marstuill, Barkerville.  , x.uTICE     4    .  To Miners and others requiring Machinery..  A. GILMORE,  ercliant Tailor^  GOVERNMENT StHEfiST , VICTOIUAs V.1  fTAS ON HAND, AND IS CONSTANTLY recrivinff, a  II lance luwrtunTU ������r CLOTHS, GA^IMI^HKS  :/nd VRSTINOJi. which lift is pivpareil to hiaku to  order in tbu most approvort styles.  nnw  Miners' Proyision  Store,  BARKERVILLE.  )K. GABRArX having Mated in tlm Li>%\&Mho.  Council that tho Foundry in VlciarU was -not of  sufficient-capacity ito roanubmttiro tlin in;ichiin'rv  mpiirf-it hy the liuue <fe Kuriz Go. ; mid In order that  tin; public may not be milled by such stanmif-nts  and in justice tooarsolvep, wo bavo to Pt,ato tlmtrnrf  Foundry, with tho prcfwnt Tbote, can manufactur-  ���������Mn chi n p ry of T K.NT TI M RS t he en pa c it v of tho n i a- '  otiincry itnportod by thn Luno k Jv'uriz Company,��������� Htlt\  n6 Cheaply us it can bo imported trom Han Fivnio'isro  St'RAIT & tla'TXCr,' ' '  Albion:![������������������������)j Worlc?.  \ ietorut, 11.C, J.jn-uary 27. mhSj im  j(j^- Parties on   William   Creek   can   have  ineasurvs taken by Mr McCallum, Barkerville.  their  ff0~ All orders from Cariboo prompt!}* attended to.  1018 tf  "'5  WKO WAS AT TI1K CARI00O MINKS IN 1808,  ami \H still believed to lm in British Columbia,  will common ion te,  cither pr.-r?onally or by  letter,  witli  the  I'uivA'J'k Ki:OKfcT,.iRY,   tioveniment  House,  V !<��������� io ri a, V. I.. ft n w i I i ro: i, i v ������������������; vidua h le jiift ������ni i a l! on,  iiaiv.ij '*?,,. j.STi. '    \n\\'lb lm  IT  THIS  BTORB  will ft!\vpysb������ found a well-  1\.   seleoied i������t������jck of tho  FRfeSHEST    GROCERIES    AND  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  BEST JAVA COFFEE  Koittitftd flad'Orutind daily.  Branch Store at Last  Chance,  Where a good assortment of Goods, will fllwnys be  found.  I irust by strict attention to business and fair and  .������<ltuire dealing to merit ii con tin nance of the liberal  jjiilrnjiage herutoforo extended to me.. ftd  NOTICE.  rpHE BU?IKESS IIERKTOFORE CARRTRD OV BY  .1 the uuderr-igned at Valu aud UariurviiU*, Briti-h  Celunibia, has been bold to IW, CHARhKK ufl'^KN-  HKIHRR, of Vale, to whom all outsiamlinp aceomiw  in respect to the aboveUKnlicucd business wro to b������  , (J. STROU^S.  Victoria, Jan. 31 1871._ mbi* im  1  m  WW- %  m  THE CARIBOO-"SEMNBL  SATCJRDAY. APRIL 1,1871/,  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  MINING COURT.  {Beftro H. M. Ball, Esq., Gold Commissioner and  C������uuty Court Judge.)  The, Ballarut co.. last week washed 46m.  The Kaby co.'b lower ground had about 100  ai. The McPherson co^, in upper part of  Ruby ground, about wages.. The Forest Rose  co., in one drive rocking, are making about  e us toma ry p a jr. The R omaoce of. the5 West  and Pirikerton companies had 58 oz. The  Alert co. are isiakiog about anounce per flay \  to thehand^,; ���������".'.'���������;'."'- v?v.-  coxux gulch. "/.  The White Pin e co j 1 ast w eek w aahed 38 oz.  LOWUKK CKEKK;  The Brown co. last week washed 48 oz.  Tbe Victoria co. are running ahead with their,:  drain.. The Russell-ltobinWwco. are milking  over expenses. The Black Bull co. are raisin e wh ere they go t; p ay in the blind shaft, in -  tondfag to opep'tmt, '' f :  .���������'���������'��������� :'OnbUSK'CRKKK.i-;' '  The Talisrn an and Heron com p antes are  getting small pay.'      ;;-:';-':.,V-''-'V :'.':''-\;'"J\. '  Pre n ar at] n n s are b ei n em ail e for prosp oof;-  tnff ,the  de^.p ground .thorn11g:Vi 1 y where the  ��������� n*eent������������������ pr.ospehtn have beon st.v*VcU. Th'������ Pirst.  < 1 hance co. " hav������. n dyertiAed for tenders.��������� for  >.rm 11 i n cr u n a wh pel,'. and' so me. o f; ���������the. new) y  1 * on tf d c nmn art i es. a re Vol n o: to h el ii th <nn r  T1!i e YVoo*dside >6.. wh ich is a considerabI e  d istan ce ebnye;"hns. ml wrf-i feed; for frnd prs for  ?\. shaft:   Town!.1 ots are bping staked bff, &b d  ,  Kthin&sbirn nut this snmmerpVnal to nntici-  i������<iii|)ii?i a livel v 'lit tip mmin������^ran .will be in  . &������Isfcehce o n t his -so 1 ong ,n eglee ted creek. *'  '^be:, fcnruoo ffy, tn<h  wppV wnfthed 94 rus,  ��������� pnA ��������� f������r��������� fIi'5*t'half ��������� 0f this  w(*>k "fi8  o/.i The  L i eh < h Inar co.; t a.������������f ;��������� weoic w.aabedj 9.2, ox.:  tb pv  tjri> now j>ntt|tv���������;-iii lb<mp. i.i*o?i pnmp ,and sink- p;  ' "1 Tt*r (h pi r now sh aft ab ovK wh] ch is p rnsrrpss-  : i������ur, favorably.   ; T)vp* :T5hl.������riulbv is"'���������''-lonking  "i;/vj t f������ *��������� ���������  |l it������y a r.p������" now m a k i n <r ah out. wa nr^s.  '^tv.-Wbb'lportl cp^are.yettinsr good pnv. The  Pi* n th j Vn 1 os en. n n ve si ri i pfe "fhr*n ti ������rh lb p. bad *  Tah U i n to _��������� gr������ y(?) ,'1tkj,i t ai*p n n t,;yot* i n tbo b nttova  n f i h r������.'o!i * it 11oi ..As n pi*oo f of:: 1 he bi<rb op������n -  }'\r\ j it' w i i \rh \ ]'\ i >;c n in ni my is b el d / a b nl f i n ������  t p r e������ fin t Hj*" ,*Tj) ifh" t ni n \t :eo. w as trad ������������d 1 as t  vo������'k for a Iiial f ��������� i hfpiw tin tlf?������ com r>artv an d  fi ro ' li n ndred  d nil ar������ bnn t.   Tho Van con vpr  on. :will. .0robAH1 y 1*tp  tbe ���������;npxt. oompany to  ?;' ri kp ��������� th rnm ������h in to gravel.   The Ppint co. arc  sinking asluift.  '���������������������������-'...".'        FRRXCTI CREEK.  T h p. Nor lb Am e r i c a n p.n. a ft pr.:'([ rl ft i n cr snm <������  Mlistnncp havp lost bedrock, and fln"d;that tbeve  "h ib'pppr ground ..'in the chnnnpl I'bau. wh������*rp  -I!\ov bottomed witb tbe 1 ast. b 11 n(1 s]inft.   The  Ambrose co. are sinking a blind shaft.  HARVKY CBKKK.  The Minnehaha co. struck some pretty good  pav but eoiiId not. work to advantaq-p on. ac-  -v omit of water, and have been obliged to con-  .Umie their drain. ������������������'���������'������������������.��������� ;  KKITULKTCnKKK.  Nothing: bavin sr been  struck tin a win tor,  - in oat, of them i n ers hare b ee n sp i zp d w i th  IVace rlyer ffevi������rf and,<ver,y .tov ..men are now  left on thp creek.  msrryfff records.  ���������    vUGHTXiNn (JRTCKK.  Roman "E-tgln co.���������21st March���������tleeordevl  . In favor of G/Velatu> 100 feet onrficbt-'bailk  ndjoining upper line of Massenet and GuiUo-  teon's claim, to form part of same.  Point co.���������24th*"March���������Uecorcled'in favor  of Hugh Gil more, -one bill claim-adjoining  ���������lower line of Point co.: lo form part of same.  Spruce co.���������March 27���������Recorded in 'favor  of T.TCBftttnllo, 'ArTownsentb L. f\Vintfip.  Jftrnea'Reid.'M.Onrothets, pach MOHi ; IV.  Hitchcock; R;JH. Brown; B. VanVolkenburgb,  ^.'Keily.'Kdirar'Mjirvin. A. Barlow. B.-Glen-  - dinning,'.Tobn Pohneiv, ench l-20tb ; -GeorGrc  Jiyrnps, .3-40ths;; /D.'McDonalii; 1-iOtb.  iie-  , recottl.  ���������RTRTKKflflREEK.  23ft March-  *Ah T#e,  Ah  ^Recorded in favor of Ah Sigli,  Chose,  three creek claims on  SATUi?i)AY,;March 25.1871.'  Cariboo Co.;vs. Roman'cs of thk West Co;,  per .J".;' IMnkerton, foreman.���������Suit fov $155,  balance due ori a strip of niining ground sold  by plaintiffs. Mr Park, -counsel for plaintiffs;  Mr Barnston, for defendants.  Ben Jose, foreman of Cariboo: co,, deposed  that about the beginning of February Mr  Harper, who a1 ohg with ii,r Pinkertoil owned  the Bpmahce of the West ground, adjoining  tbe Cariboo* came and asked if the Gariboo  would sell a-strip of^^ ground alongside ;  he  offered $250 ; '.��������� next day Pinkertbn cijme and  inqu ired1 abpiit it'; after consul ti rig the shareholders of the Cariboo/ agreed to sell it on  conditioa of being , paid one-half the nib ney  taken ont*of the iiomance; of the West till the  amount was paid; a bill of sale was drawn  by the Secretary in favor of Robert Summery in trust for Romance co., as desired by  Harper ; Harper paid $40 atterwards, and T.  MoDougall, who was^working, in the claim/  inade tWfl{[payments, amounting to. $85';.. Harper canie subsequently and said that thebovs  to wbom.tbey had sold the ground had backed  out, .and he supposed it hey would have to  take It back, and asked if the; Cariboo would  not throw $50 off; the shareholders refused  to < do, so ; Harner then said Pinkerton must  pay ; oh asking Pirikerton; be said he did not  know whether he ought to pay or not ^afterwards said he ywould pay something next  week, ,but' \y heu the time gaine bo refiised* to  pay any..more.-;"   v.,:.';������������������;��������� &.'::;'.v'";"��������� ���������   ������������������' ��������� '���������'"��������������������������� ���������;;  Joseph 1 In liter; Secretary, of Cariboo co.;;  proved haying:, drawn the bill o.f sale and  gi ven recni p t to r $ .125 . p aid by Horn a n ce of  the We.<t.co.    .'.-.~ .'���������:.'��������� '/:���������'",'���������'[���������"].  K o be r t Sum me rs^J Bid not'. k now that, the  bill of sale was drawn in hist.uapuvrjtOit having  b*������en-I directly interested in : the -ground ;  th otfght. H*rper h and ed it to r-McDpiiga U in ���������  his. p rese n ce; i 111 ad au a g r ee me n t al o n g w i th  o th er parti.es . w i ill., liar per. and PinUe r to ti  about working the ���������grbund,w4ach has since  ibeen cancelled.���������"'_'���������', .' '  Thos. McDb\\ga 11-^Wa s wo rki rig \ h the ;Bo���������  ma nce of the West.grnun d .u nd-ttr.a coodi tio.iial  bill of sale  from PbikpHon and; Harper;  wanted', to run a drain it)rough the Cnribod.  but was reftised the pviy.i i ego ;  IX a rpe*r an(1  Pi n k e r to r\ sa idi the Ga rib o o wo \ \ I d- fie 11 -th ������.  strip-for j $2^0^;; agv<^d ;to:;t6iko it on iuii\r,ly  the saine conditioeis asH.h^ other:group d^-liu:).i':  the; gold takeii out to go iti pavme!ifc'-'%'<Za*ain.  w as  r.u ii  I h rough  tt\e strip and a car; track  laid, but finding the ground, did not pay so  well as expected, gave back,possession tosthe  original,holder? and returned the bill of sale,  got from them,; do not know where the Mil  of sale from Cariboo Co. is ; it is probably in  the cabin ; neither bill of sale -was recorderb;  on  giving up possession paid llarper'$58,  winch  was all  the money left after paying  cm fault! expenses, and told him. we gave up  iheOambpp ground as well as tho other.  . iFor, tho defenee, Mr, Barnston pu.t"m ^fcbe  bill of sale made by Harper and.Pin&eeton of  100 feet of ground to  Summers and others,.,  which -stipulated that the amount agreed on  should be paid before 1st July out or haft' the  ra on ey taken ou t or p ossessicm uis&stored. ' The  parties not being successful thad now given  back the ground, but he contended tmu his  clients had nothing to do with the purchase  tro m 1 be Garib.oo, and that the ��������� othev .parties,  for whom Mr Harper had merely acted its  agpnt, Were .alone responsible. y.r  John Pinkerton depose^ todiaving sold ilio  ori'ginal ground of the Romance of the West  co. to Summers and others-on the conditions  ul ready mentioned ; when lb esc parlies cancelled the agreement and forfeited the.gt*omul  Harper and [ resumed possession������ and now  form the company; consider that the ground  originally transferred was all that was restored, arid that the Romance of the West,ce-.  consists now of only .lOO.teet; tho Cariboo  co. can have the piece of ground purchased  by Summers & Co. if they want ; would fake  ���������k from them at a certain price, but would not  give $125. Had an argument with Jose, and  to I d hi in I did n ot k u o w if *1 w as e u ti tied to  pay. any thing at. n 11 or' not:; do not consider  myself, responsible for the debt to the Cariboo  co".;   Harper and I are partners, but   th  Cariboo=co.; more money has been ..taken out  thau would settle.the sum now claimed- :  Geo. Taylor���������Never knew of the bill of sale  referred to ; believe I nni a meniber: of the  Cari bpo, CO.;' gaye the i'orenian an thority 1 ast  su pi mar \ to pu t a man to wbrlc my' i n teres t f  but did not authorize him to sell any gronnrl,  and heard no thing of the sale previous to tbW.  suit.'. ������������������������������������',-,.. ������������������.''������������������..; rt      ���������,���������������������������������������������';'��������� ���������'���������  -;':' ::'-:.v -���������'������������������; -;-"vV*.v'  I  Mv^ Park produced records.,of t]he Romance  of the West co.. showing that Ijarper arid Pinkerton ; -had ' been and stl 11 were th^ ownerai  He maintained that the conditional bill of  sale to Summers' & Co. had no effect ;on the  case,- but that the ground was boiigh t for the  compaay? and:that the company a3 npw'; constituted was liable.   \ ; ' .,.    '."���������:'.'������������������'.'"'"'' ."*���������  ;   The Commissioner, in giving bis decision,  re m ar Iced' th at Ilarper and Pinker ton (. h ad  ���������transferred their right to $.\\y money coming  out of 'the claim by sanctioning the pay men t  of $250, as taken out, to the (Jariboo co. . Before this sum had been paid, however, they  b ad can eel 1 ed the bar gai n wi th S u m m eru 4  co., retaining the S5S paid by Mc Don gal I.  and they still continued to use, the strip of  ground for drainage and running' their car.  He was of opinion that had' they paid the  Cariboo co. this money, and notified them at  the same time that they had abandoned the  piece of g rou nd, the re would ha v e been no  case against, them J but by retaining the money  and use of the grourid ��������� tfiey rendered therii-  se Ives liable to pa y. the b a la n co 6 f t h e p 11 r-  cli ase inoney when takeh pu t. Plain tiffs weie  entitled, to judgment.   '���������> >%'..'"���������.;':'���������.-.'"' Si '���������.  REGISTER OK TllERMOilETKR  ; At Richfiefd, from 11th to 2-lth March. 1871,  taken at 1) a.m. each day, showiug. the highest and lowest range ior the preceding $4  hours :  COUNTY: COURT.  ::>:':y-,:-\-  iMaS.  Miv.  !- -March-11, -40  <>  ���������:,;,,���������,;:' '= 12,   3D  8  ���������;;.:.-���������   V*.   42  13  ���������"���������: "-.;:*���������������������������'������������������ li,    H8  0  '���������:-yy ������������������^���������m/ wi ���������  IS  ���������>���������-���������:       iu,   3S  10  ���������>���������:���������-���������.\>v:,;u, 4u  14  :)-.: ���������,.-������������������:'-:J..8,   41  li)  1 ���������������������������}���������; i|)/ 3J)  6  ���������������������������-������������������'--���������  ���������jo,  u  '     2  ������������������;:��������������������������� ;v";sri,  47  .   &             - ���������   ���������.  ..^���������i.' :���������������������������;��������� n.  as  -  ��������������������������� 4.  ���������,:%;. :  n,  <u .  4  :���������',.  ..^M>   42-  10  .  ������������������ ������������������*'';���������';' 26, a  10  26,    42  14  27,    44  15  -:#*, u:  8  *m, ��������� 42-  /  2 below zero.  ���������80,   of)  12 above eefo.  ;             31,   43  16  The  mean   temperature  for  March   waa  24:3OP :  the maximum  .being 50^ on 30tb,  and the lmuinum 4 ������  below xero ou lOtb,  ��������� Exprerj? MovKMKXTs���������Contrary to expeota-  tioiij \ve have had no express in this week.  Tele jr rap me advices * at Quesnel mouth announce that both Barnard's and Johnson's  Expresses left Yale last Saturday with full  loads of .passengers, some sixty persons ha������%  irig, it is said, come up on the first steamer  from,New Westminster to Yale, bound for  Cariboo ami Omineca. We may anticipate  lively, times Wf between'the rival expresses  this, spring, and parties bound up country  .willbenefit by the opposition, fare* having  beeu very materially reduced.  .'���������, LA.TKST.. Strike on Gkiuunsun Cuekk.-���������  From reliable information, we learn, that aa-  other strike has beeu made on Germ an sen  creek;lately ;.a party well known in Cariboo,  whowasengaged in whipsawing lumber in  company with a Frenchman, having, it issaUl  --no do rib t w tsbin g to emu 1 ate the deeds of  .feou.Moltke' arid his subordinates���������sirUcKtbe  unlucky Gaul on the head with a frying pan,  AKuiVALs--Messrs. T. Elwyn,; from -Alkali.  lake; TlioS; Barry; f ro in the''150rtniie house,  which has been sold by Messrs. Adler and  Barry to: Mr AJ. S/dates';..and ; W.' Dodd,:  from Quesnehnouth, arrived on the creek thU  week.-'-  ":T '���������'.'>���������'-,.;'���������'"'������������������/���������. ���������'���������'"���������. ���������      :';. PitiDAY,5-March Sli >  Sa\t. Waikftti \h.: Sam. Giia.y~ Sui fc for.���������=���������' $ 39  5 0. ,b u 1 an ce due for in eals/ / p os tp o nod fro m  last Courtfpr; production of;books.;   r.;  PIaiiititTs prodnbed his books;r and testified  th a t the a m 6 u ii t s u ed f or wa s' d n e; and also  S% oin itted in posting into ledgei\; The to tal  inn on tit o f i ri de b te d n ess fo r .m eal a an d 1 i qu ors  i n c u r red * by dele n d an t be tw e e ii 5 th' ��������� Se p t.,  18iJSs, an d J u\le, 1870, and now. sued fb\ was  $107;"'Of this lie bad :paid ;$67;'SO.������������������'.":The  amount of liquor bill had been credited as  paid iu full, and balance put lo credit of board  account;^������������������ *.-; ������������������ ,r- ���������...���������     ������������������'.;������������������ .'���������".>..-���������.:;. ������������������r.'-j- y*���������'������������������ '.  . M r B ar nsto n. for d e fe n ce;' con tended, th at  the amounts paid at .'different tirries should  have been credited to the board account;arid  tb at ��������� i ii any case the C our two u 1 d , gi y e j u dg������-  meet only for.such meals ;as: had; been got  after;allla'mounts entered In general aocpunt  had been paid arid cr������di tad, aud give ri 6 cps (s.  as defen'dan t had.offered . to, set-fcio.'* the.. grub  bi 11 i f aii accou n t was re n dered.  S. Gray deposed that about 2Gth Sept.,lS6D.  he paid $34 50 to plaintiff, which he believed  settled all he ov/ed then;., went to work;on  M ren cli creek pr.ospecti ng, and when i n to w n  1 after wa rd s ha d so me o ccasi o n al meals; in  November paicl-plaintiff $(i. winch he thought  ���������was about as much as he owed ; in 1870 paid  ������27 or $28: if these amounts were credited  on the boardi ag��������� b i 11 there wouId be nothi ng  no w d ue ; wbe n W al ker ca me o n Lo w h ee a n d  aak ed fo r b alan ce due fo r me als a n d d ri u k s,  told him if he were to make out his board bill  would pay him anything there intght be due,  on it, but as he owed other grub bills the account f or d r in ks m us t sta.n Or- till. I hey we re  settled : W al k e r th r e a te u ed to w h i p h i in, b u t.  he (wi tness) did uof at temp 1. to use any axe  ���������ino?etiivn  nor threaten to p 1 ead tbe TippIiag  A.et: said if he wa������ brougbt into (Jourt hu i 7, &"7" m"i    "'., '","'V" ~"*. fs?���������  w������aid i4pu.lial.e mm of life amount, as he Moral-lake m the clothe* Kt nig  thought he was charged too mneb : could not  saw ho w mu c h th e Uqu or bill w as ; o f fer ed t o  pay "Mr Park $30, without costs, in full settlement.    '��������� . '  Mr Park, for .plain I isT. produced authorities  to show that when mom\y is paid to a creditor  ho can appropriate it to any-particular items  owing to hini. unless otherwise specified at.  the tuse ; and eveil i f an aceouct for Iiijuors  and other articles is kept in one general account, he can separate them and credit'the  money as ho chooses at any time before suit  is commenced.  The Court decided that any amount* paid  before 24th October, &&$, which was the first  dale-of any liquors being charged. should go  to the board account, after which plain tiff  had. th^i right to appropriate all payments to  The books  Frksh Pnovwroxs���������Messrs. Van 'Tb'lken*  burgh & Co. have sent below lor a supply of  sh ee pan d b eef cattl e lb r the sp ri n g trade,  some of which are expected to arrive *.\n a  few day's,:.:  Pktty Rorbkriks. ~ Some con temptibio  thieves have1 of late taken to the practice of  robbing clothesMines at night, to the great  disgust   of   the   victimized   washerwomen.  it.' -\ {  Ro a o to- J ACic o p 6 Ltisa ��������� Hess_rs. Me acham  & Nason are cutting a road from the wagon  road down Jack of Clubs creek, for the purpose of hauling lumber to the different claims  l������.(.!U  ,^JWUJI*.-T!  BUSINESS. NOTICES.  . J u*������ ! the liquor account if he chose. r.i  ground wasd)0ught not for-us but fur the-pur- ( wer(. :^ept ;ift lV.mat)ner in which it was very  ties.do .whom we had made the transfer,; the j ]mx] t<) P?parate the two accounts, but fi'om  $58 Which McDougall p^id us was not half j fbfi ^^s.iu account presented judgment must  what his company had taken out, but -it was  D()vl?en for $30, 50 and costs of Court, pay-  ex  he  8tgvens creek, convmencing about half a mile ^ tliia us  learned th  co. never tknew of the bill of sale or author-  ,lrom mouth, runni'ng up gtream.  .-.UCK OF GfJBTtn CItBKK.  Vaillaoconr <-co.���������March 21���������Omission in  last: -Recorded in favor of James Griffin, one  Interest.  t fLAST ciuxcrc crmiZK,  .March 21���������J[Recorded iu favor of H. Moleur,  one,hill claim of 50.feet, above#pper \}}i$ of  dominion ca.  iad remaining after paying his outside  expenses*, so I agreed lo aceept it and cancel  ha agreement; consider that 1 was entitled  oney and not'the Cariboo co.:;, -have'  .lint several members of the Cariboo  \ze& any ground being sold ; there is a drain  from the iiomance of "the West co. through  the strip of grownd in question, and we have  a car teacfc i\ii������.w>irig through it to the shaft we  are- working 'from ���������; eonside r we are .en till ed  to use tb e gronM for d rai na ge and m& ni ug  track when required, nnder terms of agreement, by which we Icfteed a* shaft from the  ab 1 e i n wee k ly iwsuil m en is of $! il.  The Great Family Medicine of: the Ago.  THIRTY FEARS  Hiivo etflpsod Kiiu-d tlio introduction or thn   P������tu  ,  ,, ir  n ������������������ Kilter ui il'Jt public, uuii >** at tlit" P^nt tinn-if n  B. Van ^nurKSnntU-lI & CO. VS. Ii. C-It.MOltR l ln|lEI, p0pui;iran.i conimuntfs a \*r#&v vtaUi ������i������n ca'vy  and A. Stwklk���������Pro vision account, 3432- 49, j hci'wv.   its popularity is not ij.������u������hwI io Uu.s c.imtiy  Jmlpneni caufes.ed.   Ordered to be paid in, ^ i *^ J*J ^ t^f^T.m  one week. . j fUjgr,trarut apjircjcijitod, and ������������������ **��������������� Hzu&H. it? r������m*i  LAMUIClur :k IbSHONNKTTB VS. Tto'uKRT WKST-1 U VnmUni wi no cminijy. Kvut hor mfit*.   It meCs only  'MoiiBJULKtt-^udgmont summons, Bit 2o and jl" *>* kumvu Ui bc l>mo*'  costs.    Defendant alleged that all the wages \   thirty Yeabs U certainly a long enough timo to  he  teen  ofg  to girti; ftti order to foreman of claim  where  he wojrta lot* %h And pay ^ weekly,  li  I  I  I  I    '  bv ������H Di*������W?i������i������.  *i>iniciiourt accompany each bottlct  ?j't  i  >ti  wararaHSffiHffisass. A  DUTCHMAN   WHO  ���������STAND THE Ix  DON?T   UNDBit-  NSURANCE BUSINESS... .,  The Pittsburg (Pa.) Leader tells a good  story of one Schmidt, a Dutchman in that city,  who took the precaution to in 'sure the life of  his wife for $5000 and his stable for $900; Relieving the former might die and the latter be  "burnt, and he"could not get along without  some compensation for the Ios9. Both policies  bad been taken from the same agent. In a  few months after the stable had been insured  it was destroyed by fire.   Schmidt quietly  MARK-TWAIN ON JUVENILE PUGILISTS.  ; We find in the Buffalo Express the following paternal objurgations by Hark T^ain: ���������  ������������������������������������'!' Yes, Fve had a good mauy fights in my  time,?? said old John Parky; tenderly manipu  laiing hia dismantled nose; "and it's kind; of  queer, top, fpr; when I was a boy the old man  was always tei'ing me better; He was a good  man;,and,. ..-/*. ���������/ \ -.���������"..' "<'J'"���������'������������������''.;' .>' ::.'  ���������'./.���������������������������' ';-;.���������'-.:[; ���������;,"'<������������������":HATE0 FiaihlNG.*''���������'. .���������'- ���������'.  When I would eome home with my nose  bleedi rig; or wi th my nbse scratched u p, -3b e  used to call me out in the woodshed, and, in  notified the agdnt and hinted to him that he  should expect the money at the earliest... pos-1 a sorrowful and discouraged way, say:  " 'So'i  MISCELLANEOUS.  "'.   Celebrated .. \-,^  v.v-'.,  '.}'.?. ;C,  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCE  Declared hy Connoisseurs to bo V;;        '  ,    THE   ONLY���������:���������=-. GOOD"  SAUCE.       ���������  ��������� sible moment.   The agent at' once sent a ca?-  penler to ascertain the cost of erecting a new  stable of the same dimensions, having ascertained that tlie building was insured for more  than it was worth.   The Guilder reported that  N ho could replace the stable with new material  .for $500, but fortunately there was an ordinance preventing the erection of frame buildings��������� the.old stable having .been of wood..  He was asked to estimate tbe cost of a brick  stable", and reported the amount at $750^���������  The agent then'notified Schmidt that he would  iHiild him a new.brick stable in place of the  old frame one; but/JScbmidt became indig;  nant at the proposition,, saying: "I dqjnjot  .understand this insurance business:   I pay  3'ou for ^$900, and when my eatable burn  down -you make me a- new one. ��������� I do.-jaq't.  ���������want a new -shtable���������1 want $900.        . -:'y P\:  The agent tried to reason withi Schmidt; but  all to lno purpose. .-."..*  When the stable was. nearly finished,  .Schmidt went to consult a lawyer, thinking:  that he still could get the amount of.;the  policy, besides ha-ving the new stable. The  lawyer, however, informed him that the com-;  "panyhad aright to make good the loss by.'  'louilding a new 6table, and expressed surprise;  at the idea of bringing a suit against themf 1  "But,"said Schmidt. "I insure for S900V  and dis feller put up dem stable for $750^ :X  ���������do not understand dis insurance business.'?, ;1 i  Finding he could not compel the payment  'by law, he became disgusted with the insurance business altogether. Calling upon the.  agpnt. Schmidt said :  . <Mr Agent, iTantyou toefop dem insnr-  4ince on my frow. I do not pay moniBh- dat  way ;  I not un derstand dis insurance bu. i  y������ne8S.":j. "'.���������,"'- ^:->:--V^.,'-^:-!���������'/���������.'��������� ���������.::'!':"-:'���������; V   ���������'���������  Agent (surprisecl);" Why, Mr SchmidtT you  do a very foolish thing.   Yon have paid con-  ; -siderable on the p'olicy already, and if your  wife should die you will get Ave thousand  V dollars."^    'v    ���������". V; ' '������������������-'���������  ' " Yah, dat ish what you tell me now," said  :Schmidt. " Ven I pays you oruny shtable,  you say I get nine hundred dollars if it burn.  Spit vas burn, and you  not give me any  ��������� monisb. You say :��������� ������������������' Oh, dat was an old frame  .shtable���������ish not word anydings I 1 make you  a brick shtable ; and you no pay me nine  li and red. dollar. Yen my frow die, den you  say to me:' Ob, she was an old Dutch woman  ��������� she not word anydings ;. I get you anew  ^ng ish wife F, And so I lose mine five thousand dollars. You not fool Schmidt again. I  not understand dis insurance business."  j Johnny, you've had anotherJight, hey ? How  many times have I got to tell ye how disgraceful and wicked it is for boys to fight ?  If was only yesterday that; I talked to you  about the sin of fighting, and 'i here you?ve  been at it again. Who was it with this time ?  With Tommy Kelly, hey!? ; Don't you know  anyi better than to fight a boy that weighs 20  pounds more tfran you do, beside being���������* two  years older ? Ain't you got a spark of sense  abouiye ^J I cati see plainly that yon are determined id break your^ppbrfafcher^heart by  your '    .>. ���������   ���������   .     '.\ ���������. :    ..���������  ;  .  U [ ph '���������' ;U',1" .'i ���������:, ��������� KECKLESS. "CONDUCT;- -,\  What ails your finger ? Tommy bit -it ? Drat  the, little, fool.!,- Didn't ye know en.ough', to  keep yer finger;,'bi^or;iis^'m^u&:-?"' Was trying to. yerk his cheek off, hey ? TVon't you  nev#r ; learn to quit, fddlin? ground ?a boy's  mouth with your fingers ? Yon are bound to  disgrace us a 11' by;.;sucji, ;-^wretcfi,ed���������\,bebaTicrlii  Yotir'e determined nerer to be n������body'! Did  you; ever hearj of' Isaac Watts-^that; wrote,  ; Let dogs delight to bark' and bite'-r-stieking  b\s fitig^r"i������; a toy's mouth: to; get;''.������m. bit,  1 ike ��������� a fool A ��������� I'ni'cl ea n discburaged : wi th ye.  Why ^didn't; yp go for his ;nosey the >way Jon-^  athan^Edward6j andfGeorgeiWashington, and  Daniel -Webster used to, when; th^y werS  boys? (Jouldn^t cause hehad you'downl���������  That's ��������� ���������  '  j. ".V. "'.���������'���������'���������������������������' -���������   ," ' ; ..      '      "-'  toAtell me 1 ' It does beat all tUat you gan't  learn how Socrates and William Penri used to  gouge when; they> was under, after the'hours  I've spent in tell ing; you about. those great  rnen. It seems to me sometimes as if I.should  hiive to give you xip in despair. It's an awful  trial to me tb have a boythatdon't pay any  attention to good example libr to what I say  What! You pulled out three or foiir hands-  fnl of his-'bairl.Did he squirm any? : Now,  if yoii'd a give him one or two in the eye-  but, as I've to Id y e, many a t im e,  ,    .HGHTIN'G IS POOR BUSINESS.  Won't you���������for your father's sake���������won't you  promise to try and remember that? H-m,  Johnny, how did it���������ahem���������which licked ?  "You licked him! Shoo I Eeally ? Well  now, I hadn't any idea you could lick that  Tommy Kelly! I don't believe John Bun-  yan, at ten years old, could have done it!���������  Johnny, my boy, you can't think how I hate  to have you fighting every day or two. I  wouldn't have bad him lick you for five, no.  not for ten dollars?   Now, sonny, go right in  and wash up, and tell yer mother to put a  rag on yer finger. And, Johnny, don't let me  hear of your fighting agatn I"  r see anybody so down on hgbting  Hrs Axswkr���������A school teRcher spelled out  ���������the word " g-r-a-ce," and asked a scholar to  pronounce it. Ho gave it up, when the  teacher, to refresh his memory, asked him,  ���������"���������What did your fathfr say this morning before eatinjr breakfast?" The boy 'thought a  stthiule, and finally said,u Pa said, id���������nthose  *jggs, th������y're rotten."  No Wonpbr���������" Loss of a China packetsbip!"  exclaimed a literal .minded old lady, as she  -laid down a newspaper. " No wonder, when j  even iron ones are not always safe!"  ������tm  as, the old man was. but somehow he^never  could break me from it."  -  - ���������-���������  HAVE be<m rcquostod by .several rospcctfiblo parties, whociih testify to the efficacy of my system,  to aguiii makerjmblic the htct that  Moses' Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,  RESTORE HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN"  OR FALUNG OFF, nnd circcLunUv  CUR13 mUlW OR DANDRUFF.  mos  CJlUSCw uvi llllill UVUAVA.7.W CI^SJSIJ'   VA1V iif.XIJU VI     '     VTUlUL'i]..  tershlre Sauco^ the public is hereby, informed thai tht.  only way"%o secure tho genuine, is to  ASK. FOB   LEA  &  PERBIKTS* rSATJOK  and to scb that their names are upon the wrapper  iUbklb, stopper,:and bottle. .������������������:[   *\."������������������." . ,:  '"Some 6 (th o foreign markets having been supplied  with, a spurious Wprcesters Li re Sauce, upon tlie wrapper and labels,of which the names or Lea and (Perriu's  have h ceri forged, 'f ji." and P. give not ice t h at they  have furnished their correspondents with power of  attorney to tiike i nstant p'roccedings .against aaxc-  yACTURBRS and vendor s of such,: or an y o th er i mita  lipus hy wh j ch th ei rr i gh t m ay bo infringed'..:  Ask for; LEA &T PERKINS'/ Sauce and "see  . ���������; Name.: oh Wrapper,:: Label, Bottle,. and  .''Stopper.'-- .���������'���������"'.'"/;-.'��������� /. ���������"��������� '.'������������������ ;"'���������"'���������... .-**.���������'*; \/- ,'-;i  ^Wholesale and ;for export-hy thoProprietors, Wor  coster j Crosse and. Blackwell, London, &c., &c. ��������� and"  by Grocers and Oilmen universally.^.  RestaiirarLt and  TH E Pro pri e tor of-1 Ii i s; old a nd wcl 1-kho.wn e s tab-  1 is h men t; wou 1 d rospectfully. tbank .hisr n*imer-  bus fr'i end s and tho p ubi ic.'for tb e extensive patroiKige  here toforo- bestb'wed on. b im; nnd tr us is t hu t' by: his  usual strict attention to ^business tp: merit; a con tin  aance orthcircontidenceaudsuppqrt.   ��������� ��������� '-.':���������������������������- '.  v iyteals, -$1.:; Board, \$l4i': per; "Week.'S  BRiEAD MADE  OP- THE.' BEST 'FLOUR  ii recoinmond to the public. my<  GROUND    COFFEE,  whfcli- iset.muchsupcribr ftrtlcle.thah<ahy whjchcan  be had from, be 1 ow.j    I Iloast and Griud i t myscl[  and cliooseihe best berries, consequeii'tly! the pahlit  may besure.olits being free from adulteration.!  ���������/      ; r ���������   J.'.<& 600DSON.  MEDICAL  :LUlVIBEni-r''LUMBE'R !  MESgBS.' MEAOHAM & NASON are prepared to  :   furnish Lumber at their Jiills, WilJiaui Creek,  or:deliver ifc to order. ;������������������-.' 1  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  t   CREEK AT THE SAME* RATES AS ON  ��������� WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wli  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  f: New Ypas,"August I5th, 1868.  Allow me ^to call: your attention to mv  PREPARATION ; OS1 COMPOUND %������  TRACT BUCHU.; The com^oneut parts am  BUCHtJ; liom Leaf: CUBEBS, JUNIBER  BERRIES.   ��������� 'V  :;���������!,:-:��������� ���������"���������-}���������/(H, r  MODB   OF  PREPARATlON.^BuChu/iU; Vacuo  Juniper Berries, by disjillatiou. to form a fine  gin.1 Ciibebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries ��������� very  little BUgariB used, and a small proportion of  spirit. It is more palatable than any now hi  use.        '.��������� '\ ������������������'������������������'��������� ',*������;   ��������� "V- . .-...*  , Bu chu������as prepared by Druggints, is of a  dark color. It is a plant that emits its fra  grance; the action of a fiarae destroys thia  (its aciive principle), leaving a dark and  glutinous decoction. Miue is the color of iu,  gredi en fa. The B u qli ii i n my p rep arati ou pre-  - dominates ; the 6inati?3t quantity of tho other  ingredients are add ed, to p ro v e n t' 1 ernien'ta-  tibn | Upon inspection it wfll be found bot to  be a' Tincture, as made in Piiarmacbpcs, iior  is itaSyrup���������and therefore can be used in  cases where fever ,or������. iD flamination exist. In  this, ;y ou h a ve th e kri 6 wled ge of i the * ingredients and the mode of preparation. ������������������*   .'  Hoping'; that, you \yi 11 fa?or i t with a trial,  ;and that upoa; inspection it will-nieet with  [your..'apprbb.ati6h*l:' v-\���������:: *\*u '���������!-.'";'.' ^-;- *.' ,;������������������,  ;'With a feeling of '���������profburi^d confldetice, -���������  "."'"!::;, lam,.very tespectfuUy,'' ���������'-" : ?'��������� ''"������������������  / ; ��������� . r: -���������''".;. I-L T'-HfiLMBOLP,   ���������  Chernist and Druggist of 19 Years Experience.,  (From the largest1 manufacturing Cheniists in  the world'.)   '}"���������{. ���������:;-:_ ������������������ -:  ;;.",V'i.'.--n,', "'���������-',���������'"..' :-.';'- .^NovEivrnEu 4,^I854.;;-'  . V " I am ac qii;ftin led wit h Mi' H. T. Helm bold ;  he occupied the;Drug Store: opposite my residence, an d w as si; c cess ft 11 i n c6 nd u c ti n j the  business, where,-others:had not been equally  $o ;before him. .I'��������� have been favorab ly impressed wi th his characler and en te'rpris'fi. ���������'.  .  ..-,:������������������;,������������������',-,-.; : william wightmajst.  ";'./.    Firm, of Pp wers a nd Wpightmti h. 51 ana-  "'.'"������������������ factii ring Chemists.; Ninth and Browu  :���������       VStreets. Philadelphia/ S ; ;  For weakness arising from indiscretion. The  exhausted p o wers of Nat a re w h ic h a ro a c-  compauied by so many alarming symptoms,  among .which will be found Indisposition, to  Exe r ti on. Loss of M e mo ry, Wa kefu In ess, H o r-  ror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil;, in  fact, Universal Lassitude. Prostration and inability to enter into the eiijoymentsof society  m  VTQ  For Sale,  [ATIS USEFUL!  once affected with Organic "Weakness;requires  the aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system; which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. If no  treiitment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues, ���������,  mmmim fluid ummmw  AN'O  IMPROVED ROSE  WASH  will radically, exterminate from the system  diseases arising from habits of dissipation, at  little expense, little or no change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  S eeoiid-liand 3to re,  Knows tub; Reason���������An uncle left in his  will eleven silver spoons to his nephew, adding, " If I have not left him the dozen he  knows the reason."  The fact was, the neplievv {  had some time before stolen one.  A Qu'erv���������Can an unvarnished tale'be con-1  fcttaed in any way an unpolished production?  This-Is not a mere assertion en my part, as I have  in my possession numerous testimonials certifying to  tho success of my remedy.  I do not of course pretend that I can make the halr  j prow on heads winch have boon bald for years ; hut  t will gu awn toe to stop (.ho lrtrir from flitting off, to  i 11 cruiso Us grow th, and. effect u ally remo ve gc u rf or  Danurulf.+ - - W. ft. MIOSES,  Barkervilln, B.C.  CERTIFICATE.  ��������� TMs is to certify that during last gpriug? my hair  was rapidly railing out and my head was fast becoming "oaI(J, when I applied to Mr W. D.MOSES, Barocr,  Barkerville.. who in a few weeks restored my hnir to  I ts form er lieal t h y s tat c JUVID GIH B03TS. -  BARKERVILLE.  jell  CHEAP   GOODS  USE  OOMPBiaiN'G���������  Barkerville, D{������c. \2P,. IS6G.  ^o^CIa^  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  G-roceries.,  OF  THE  BEST   QUALITY,  gJForsale at the Store or the undersigned in Barker-  villc,opposite the Bank or British Columbia.  Witt  a a usual  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause  originating, and no matter of how Iong slaml-  ing. Those en tiering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  onec. . ' .  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. HKUIBOfJ):SEXTRACTBUCHI/  isribe great Diuretic.  j������i2?**Sokl by .Druggists everywhere, Price  SI 25 per bottle, or (5 Bottles for $G 50. Delivered to a ey address. Describe Symptoms  in all con? muni cations.  ADDRESS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  Drug axd Chemical Waujoirotjsb,  504 Broadway, Now York.  NoM3 are Genuine unless done up in sled  engraved   wrapper,  with   fae-simile of my  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  ac23 H. l\ HJ2LMB0LD.  ���������


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