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 Hi *>,%*%. s.  /  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District  Vol, VIII.  GREENWOOD, B. C, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1901.  No.^-0  0<KKH><><KK>O<>O<><><><XKK><H>0-CHKKXH><HK>  Science  preserves for us  all things  which  the world has  found.  The science of  . selling clothing  is to sell such  goods as will  keep for you all  patrons once  gained.  This store sells  Shorey's Clothing  with the private contract that money is to be  . ref utided .if goods are not. satisfactory.  Overcoats and Ulsters sold by, us ...  ... are not made to Order, but to Fit.  JhB* Sperry gompatiy, ��t&  =--^_ry;r- i, ,i "IT. P  TEC���! RAMI OF COMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.      -     Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER, General Manager  J. W. H. SMYTHE,  Manager Greenwood Branch.  LOCATING THE ROUTE  C. AE- Shaw. C.E., and James Kerr on  a Snowshoe Trip.  If the old saying be.true, "that where  there- is much smoke there must be  fire," then British Columbia is going  to have some additional railways in a  short time. The much smoke comes in  innumerable applications for railway  charters, both at Ottawa and Victoria,  and it is reasonable lo suppose that of  the many at least a few will be granted  and a few railways constucted- Some  of the applications are for railways into sections that are full of promise and  only need transportation facilities to  reveal their mineral wealth. Among  the latter is the application made by  Robert Wood, James Kerr and others  for a railway from. Rock creek to Vernon which will pass through the rich  West Fork country ^ This railv/ay will  have the additional merit of connecting- the rich farming district of Okanagan with the mining district south of  it, thus furnishing a good market for  the products of the farm.  The preliminary steps for locating  the route were taken this week when  C. __B. Shaw, C. E.., and James Kerr  left for "West Fork. They intend following the West Fork for a considerable distance then turning to the left  to come out at the Mission. The trip  will be made ou snowshoes and will ocr  cupy several days. * -  An injunction case, which may result in closing down the Republic mill  at Republic, Wash., has been instituted in the Federal court. The action  is based on an alleged infringement of  patent rights in the ore roasting furnaces, said to be used at the Republic  property; The suit is brought by  Horace F. Brown,through his solicitor,  Samuel R. Stern of Spokane. The  case is apparently one of a number  that have been commenced against  alleged infringers, as the complaint  has   been   prepared   in printed form."  - Messrs Price and Owen, of Quebec,  arrived iu the city-last week; They are  interested in the "Pyritic smelter and  the mining companies of which Mr.  I^aidlaw is manager. Mr. Owen returned home today, but Mr. Price will  remain here until after the blowing in  of the smelter.-  J. G. Sullivan, chief engineer of the  C. & W. railway, was in the city this  week, clearing up some long pending  i lght-of-way disputes.  W. S. Lazier, representing the National Cash Register,. was in the city  this week.  First class woman cook wants position  in hotel. Apply at Frazee's grocery  store. 2t  Lace Valentines  Many new designs, notable  ���,.'���:���  for artistic beauty aud elegance ��� enclosed   in   embossed  envelopes.    :   :   :  Sachet Valentines  A fine assortment of new  and handsome designs,  highly perfumed.    :     :     :  Booklets...  Dainty and artistic, covers  finely lithographed ��� embossed and fancy shapes.  Novelty Valentines  Entirely new,exceptionally  pretty, showy and attractive.     :     :    :    :    :   :    :    :  Comic Valentines  Every common occupation  is represented, both male  and female; every imagin-  " able personal pecularity or  trait of character, that can  be made the subject of  satire, receives a home  thrust.    :   :    :   .:    :    :     :  RA  BOOKS, STATIONERY  WALL PAPER.  'Phone, ��� V. & N, / 34,  PLETE  British Columbia Copper Companp's Reduction Works Are  NOW   READY   FOR   " BLOWING  $>  Absence of Coal Delays the Interesting Event Until Next  Week���Description of the frant and Building.  Everything Conveniently Arranged.  ", The British Columbia Copper company's smelter is completed. Everything is in readiness for the "blowing  in" but owing to the Crow's Nest Coal  company being unable to supply the  necessary coal or' the C.-P. R. being  unable;or unwilling to haul the same,  that interesting ceremony must again  be postponed untij next week. Where  the fault lies cannot be determined by  the ordinary individual and as no royal  commission is available for the purpose of sifting grains of truth from  the* well filled bins of romance that  have been built tip by the energetic  and versatile supporters of both powerful corporations, there is nothing to do  but to> wait.' The smelter stands qp  the'hill looking over Greenwood, complete in every detail ��� an eloquent  .tribute to the enterprise of the British  Columbia Copper company and  to the genius of its superintendent,  Mr. Paul Johnson.  A description of the plant and buildings should prove interesting on the  eye of putting it into active operation.  The reduction works of .the British  Columbia Copper company are situated  within a few minutes walk from the  Greenwood postoffice at the junction of  Boundary and Copper creeks.. The site  selected.Tis ,.a most advantageous one,  consisting of 70 acres. It is traversed  by. the Columbia & Western, railway,  giving adequate rail connections and  there is also ample ground for dumping  slag, etc. The adjacent creeks supply  all water requirements. The topography of the ground allowed the  works to be built with a view to handling by the gravitation principle of the  ore- from its receipt in the upper ore  bins until it goes to the furnace. While  the plant was mainly built for the  treatment of the ore of the Mother  Eode mine, in Deadwood camp, it will  also handle custom work. Its location  is a natural smelting center for Boundary "district ores, as a half-dozen mining camps surround Greenwood at a  distance, not to exceed 10 miles in any  one direction, all having a down-hill  grade to the works.  Starting.at the upper end of the  works are the receiving ore bins, six in  number. . Accross the top run two  parallel railway tracks. Each has a  a^_hplding capacity of 500 tons, or a  total oT^3.00<J"toiis"."^ 'ThTfof^ffoii  these bins is drawn into ore cars and  i  run down a slightly inclined track to  THREE  MEETINGS.  A   Busy Week for the City  Fathers,  THE  FIRE   DEPARTMENT  Meets the Council and Discusses Fire  Chief and Other Matters���The  Business Transacted.  -  the sampling building.  The sampling building is a frame  structure, three-story high, with corrugated iron roof. In size 79x65x58  feet. Its present capacity for sampling  aud crushing is 300 tous.each 12 hours.  Everything is done automatically from  the time the ore is dumped into the big  receiving crusher until its sample is  sent to the bucking room. The building is so arranged that additional.sets  of crushers aud samplers may be installed and treble-the capacity can be  obtained when ��� desired. The set machinery installed consists of three Gates  crushers, four Johnson samplers, one  pair Reliance rolls and an elevator.  The plant is driven by 16x18 Erie City  engine, rated at 100-horse power at 100  pounds steam pressure. The steam  for same being taken from the main  boilers by a five-inch steam pipe line,  400 feet in length.  The ore from the sample discard bins  is drawn off into ore cars and carried  out over the ore-mixture bins and  dumped into same. These are arranged  in four parallel rows, three in length.  These 12 bins each have a holding  capacity .500 tons, or a total of 6,000  tons, the whole complex being covered  by ���e high corrugated iron roof, having  a length of 152 and a width of 52 feet.  Crossing these bins at right angles are  two parallel -railway tracks and midway between space has been left far a  third. These railway spurs, besides  bringing down ore, will be used fpr  coke and coal, which are both dumped  into the yard below.  From the mixture bins the ore goes  direct to the feed floor of the furnace  house.   This building is 58 feet wide  by 45 feet in length, by 15^ feet to the  feed floor and 42 feet to the roof. It|is  constructed of solid iron throughout  with cast iron plates for both feed and  furnace floors. The furnace installed  will have a capacity of from 250 to 300  tons daily. It is a stack furnace, the  down take going from 12 feet above  feed floor up some 15 feet and then  down into, the main flue. The dimensions are 42 feet wide by 150 feet long,,  iri.ide at tuyeres, of which there are 10  at each side of 3J�� feet in diameter.  The slag and matte run together continuously out of the furnace through a  tapped spout into a Johnson forehearth  and are then separated, the matte funning continuously out of one spout and  the slag through another into a large  settling pot from which it runs down  into the granulating flume aud is carried away.  The .flue dust chamber runs below  the mixture ore bins. It has has a  length of 620 feet, and is 12 feet wide  by 14 feet in height, of solid masonry  and brick. For the last 215 feet it has  a gradual slope up the hill to the base  of the temporary steel stack, which is  6}4 feet in diameter by 90 feet in height,  giving a total height of 190 feet above  the furnace floor. The flue is extended  beyond the present furnace to allow for  the installation of two additional  stacks.      \  To the north of the furnance house,a  distance of 55. feet is a large frame  building, containing blower, engine  and boiler rooms, in size 100x45 feet.  In the north end is the boiler room,  45x40 feet. Here are located three 100-  horse power horizontal tubular boilers,  66x16 feet, made to stand a pressure of  125 to 130 pounds per square inch.  ���The balance of the building, the south  end, is occupied by engine blower.  The engine is a half of a Reynolds-  Corless 16x36, rated at 150-horse power  with 100 pounds steam pressure. The  foundations are installed so that at  any future date the low pressure cylinder can be added, which will bring the  engine up to a full compound. Running the whole length of the room is  the main shaft, mounted on solid pillar blocks. The blower is No. iyz Con-  hisville, giving 12,000 cubic feet of air  per minute with 150 revolution. There  is also a dynamo of a capacity of 250  "32 candle power-lamps for-'lightirig-the  woiks. '"* 7  It might here be said that the whole  of the smelter machinery was supplied  by the E. P. Allis company of Milwaukee, from plans and designs of  Paul Johnson, E. M., manager of the  works. Much of the machinery,  especially in the sampling mill is of  his own patent.  Water for the works and for use in  the jackets and in granulating the slag  is taken from a dam across Copper  creek, and conveyed lo the site by a 8-  inch pips line, a distance of 2,600 feet.  To this, as a. reserve, is connected a  line to Boundary creek, from which  creek water is supplied by a pump with  a daily capacity iof 1,500,000 gallons,  having its own boiler. The supply  from the Copper creek dam is delivered  at the smelter at a pressure head of  115 feet.  Besides carpenter, store house,blacksmith shop, there are two other handsome buildings on thc site. The  smelter's- superintendent's office and  laboratory, 77x40 feet and the manager's residence.  ,_It may be said here, that so sanguine  are the directors of the company as to  the success of their enterprise, both  mine and smelter, that orders have already been placed Eor a complete converting plant. This will be in operation some some time during; the summer and will be manufactured by the  E. P. Allis company. It is expected  that previous to its installation there  will be additional furnace in operation.  This plant will consist of a 40-ton electric crane, crushing plant, blowing engine and stand of convertors. It will  be tbe first converting plant installed  in the province.  I<ast Thursday evening a special  meeting of the city council was held  when the estimate by-law was advanced a stage. On Friday evening  another special meeting was held to  consider fire department matters and  the members of the volunteer fire department were present. President  Bannerman, of the department, stated  the wishes of the department as follows:  1. A paid fire chief and driver.  2. That the fire chief devote his whole  time to the.duties of his office.  3. That the driver should take orders  only from the chief.  4. That A. I). Hallett be cliief.  5. In the event of A. D. Hallett as  chief not receiving the support,of the  council the department be allowed to  name another pet son for the position.  Themayor was in favor of carrying  out the recommendations of the department, as also was Alderman Sutherland.  Alderman Naden favored procuring  an expert chief.  Alderman Caulfield wanted a strictly  volunteer department.  Alderman Ross was in favor of getting the best man that could be procured for the money.  Alderman Sullivan favored Hallett  as chief, and was also in favor of making him perform other duties besides  those of fire chief.  After some further discussion the  firemen withdrew and a ballot being  taken for the appointment of fire chief  ho decision was arrived at, three being  in favor of- Mr.���Hallett and three  against.  Regarding the ringing of the bell for  other than fire purposes, the petition  from a large number of ratepayers was  considered and it was decided to dis  continue the useof the bell-for church"  purpose-Punti! the clapper; for fire  alarms could be made to work satisfactorily.  - ~-*���^-.TnBffl  f Xxfi.  Ill  A  if  ��  ��    *.^t��|  _*>  I-  * J w?f  --���vvv'-'ETSs  V   S  rm  At Monday's regular meeting all the  members., save Aid.���-Miller" were present. M. E. Miller was present at the  request of the council and a committee  consisting of Aid. Caulfield, Sullivan  and Ross were appointed to confer  with Miller Bros, with a view to affecting a settlement of the suit now pending against the city.  Sprott & Macphet'son asked permission to sink a post at their store for a  big watch sign. The matter was re-  ferred^-.to-the^street^committee-^with^  power to act. A large number of accounts were reported by the finame  committee and ordered paid.  The sum of ��200 was appropriated  for the purpose of assisting in the entertainment of the members of the Associated Boards of Trade and the other  visitors who are coming to see the  "blowing in" of the smelters.  The estimate by-law. was further  considered and the council adjourned  until Friday night.  W  -~* *���__?  ^~%  �������. ^  ? "'"."J  %. '',y.>.  READING ROOM OPENED.  Free Reading: Room Under Auspices of  W. C T. U.  Thanks to the efforts of the members of the W. C. T. U., Greenwood  now has a free reading room where  men may go and enjoy the current  literature in comfortable quarters. The  reading room is in the Rendell block,  the entrance being on Greenwood  street. The room has been comfortably furnished aud is a tempting place  to spend a few hours. The rooms were  opened on Tuesday night, a fair sized  audience being present. ��� His worship,  Mayor Jakes, presided and short addresses were delivered by W.G. Gaunce,  Rev. Mr. Davey and others. "Mrs.  Travis, on behalf of the W. C. T. U.,  thanked those who had contributed so  liberally towards making the reading  room a success. Some delightful quartettes were given by Messrs. Millis,  Smith, Maynard and Bohun.  *������ Ou Monday night a very successful  concert was held at the Mother I<ode  in aid of the reading room.  Coffee and "doughnuts only 15 cents  .t the Horseshoe Cafe.  ;---'-v:>a_.f  '*���{**; ... ���  "'"*  i  if.'  w  February 14,  1901.  THE} 6REBNW001D ftfi&KLY 'MMEJ&  -i-sc;  "^"���V- I'ttaK-'vatgf  Nitrous oxide and  oxygen furnishes the  latest, safest and best  method for the pain.  less extraction of teeth.  There are no bad after  effects.  Dr. R. Mathison  Both 'Phones.    Greenwood.  Rossland must be well aware that tUgfe  is business. enough and territory  enough for the appointment of two additional county court judges, but fearing that two additional judges will not  be appointed at once, they evidently  care not-so long as Rossland wants are  satisfied. ,  The Boundary is prepared to join  with Rossland. in making demands  that the requirements of Southern  British Columbia in all matters are  met but cannot be expected to continue  as a modest tail to the Rossland dog.  MORTGAGE  SALE.  Weekly times.  PUBLISHED-BY  The Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company. Limited.  Duncan Ross..  -Editoh.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1901.  THE ROSSLAND SPIRIT.  Evidently the good people of Rossland have not yet sufficient confidence  in their own city. They are neither  ready nor willing to apply for their  just rights on the strength of the importance of their citv, but wishing to  "-continue their old habit of sacrificing  the Boundary in order to make-sure  Rossland will get her share of public  conveniences. Some three years ago,  a delegation of the public, spirited  citizens of 'Rosslaud went to Victoria  armed with authority to demand certain needed improvements' from the  provincial government. They were  very successful in getting what they  went after, but it was only by making  themselves strong. Without consulting  the people of the Boundary, the Rossland delegation pointed out what a  good thing (for Rossland) it would be  to have the Boundary district annexed  to that ambitious city. The arguments  used must have been of the most  original description for did not the  honorable, the attorney-general, tell  an amused electorate that Boundary  was annexed to Rossland because the}'  grew copper ore in the Boundary and  treated copper ore at die Trail smelter  and consequently the two districts  should be made one. Since that time  Boundary has been practically disfranchised. Although it had more  voters than many constituencies with  two members it was simply an annex  to the constituency of Rossland.  The Rossland Board of Trade are  evidently anxious to perpetuate the injustice to Boundary. At a recent nieet-  ��� ing of the Board of Trade it was decided that one of the subjects to be discussed, at the annual meeting of the  Associated Boards of Trade would be  "the creation of a new country to be  known as South Kootenay, to include  the Trail Creek Mining Division aud  the whole drainage area of the Kettle  river, generally known as. the Boun-  "'aary"=*"cduhtry.,,Ti**!All'i"this*'iTieans='that-  Rossland wants a resident connty  court judge and in order to make sure  of securing the same, its ambitious  citizens are quite willing to again sacrifice the Boundary.  There is a marked improvement,  however, in the methods, three years  ago the men of Rossland di:l an injustice to Boundary in the dark; today  they are prepared to fight openly.  The union of Rossland and the  Boundary, for either judicial or political purposes, cannot be justified. The  districts are so situated that any such  union is bound to work a hardship on  the Boundary. So long as Rossland  holds the balance of power so long will  Boundary be neglected in the legislature and placed at a disadvantage in  all questions of litigation which may  arise. Rossland should fight its own  battles without sacrificing the Boundary. The Boundary district or rather  Southern Yale from Cascade to Keremeos should be made a county with a  resident county court judge. This district is of sufficient importance and has  snflicient business within its boundaries to'justify such a course. Because  Rossland is not strong enough to travel  alone is no reason why the Boundary  should be continually sacrificed.  The truth is that so far as Southern  British Columbia is concerned, there  has been no attempt to meet the demands for additional judges occasioned  by the very rapid development. During the last year the fact that Judge  Spinks was supposed to hold court in  the different counties in Yale and  Kootenay was simply a travesty on the  administration of justice. There was  sufficient business in the Boundary  alone to keep a judge busy, but as a  matter of fact no court has been held  here  for  six months.*   The people of  Under and by virtue of the powers contained  ina certain mortgage whicli will be produced  at the time of ��a.e, there will be offered for sale  by public auction at the postoffice in the Town  of A uacoiula, in tke District of Yale iu British  CoU.mlna, at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore-  noo:: "ii Thursday, the 2Slh day of Tebruary.  A. D. 18. i   the following property:  All and singular tliat certain tract of laud  and premises situate, lyiutr and being in the  City of Greenwood in British Columbia, and  being composed of Lot One, in Block Fifty-five  according to tlie Registered-Map or Plan (deposited iu the Land Registry oilice at Kamloops and therein numbered 70! of the Subdivision of Lot 711, in GroupOnc on the Oflieial  Map or Plan of the Osoyoos Division of Yale  District.  On the property arc a house aud wood-shed.  Dated tliis 24th day of January, A. D. 1901.  HALLETT _. SHAW,  1S-22 Vendor's Solicitors.  NOTICE.  Notice ts hereby given that application will  be made to the Legislative  Assembly  of the  Province of British Columbia at its next session  for an act to incorporate a company with power  to construct, ci-uip,   maintain   and   operate a  single or double line of railway of standard or  narrow  gauge for  the   purpose of conveying  passengers and   freight, from a point ou Bur-  rard  Inlet at  or  near the City of Vancouver,  thence via the  city  of  New   Westminister in  an easterly direction  along tlie soutli side of  the valley of the Fraser river  to some point ou  the said Praser river  between  the junction  of  the Chilliwack river with tho said Fraser river  and   the town   of Yale,  llteuce iu  au easterly  direclion along the  valleys  of the Chilliwack,  Coqnlialla, Tulameen and.  Siniill.ameen  rivers  or some of them or the tributaries thereof or  sonic of them   by the most feasible route to a  point between Penticton  and  the international  boundary ou the watercourse connecting Okanagan and Osoyoos Lakes thence by the most  feasible route to a point on the  Kettle river at  or near Rock creek, thence by  the most feasible route to a point at or near Midway,  thence  by the most feasible route to a point at or near  the City of Grand Forks, with power to construct, equip,  maintain, aud operate, from any  point on the said railway, branches and extensions of the same of not more than .thirty miles  in length, aud roads, bridges, ways,   ferries,  wharves, docks, and coal bunkers;  with power  to^ build, own, equip,   operate   aud   maintain  steam and other vessels aud boats, telegraphs,  "telephones, and tramway, aerial or otherwise  and   to  carry   on a general  express business  either as separate undertakings or in connection  with the said  railway  and  the said branches  aud extensious;  with power to generate electricity for the supply of light, heat and 'power  and dispose'of and deal with thesameat aprolil  iu any of the districts or localities through-  whicii the said railway, branches and extensions pass; with power to expropriate lands for  ���my of the purposes of the company and  to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, or other aids  from any government, municipality, or other  persons or bodies corporate; with power to con-  -truct,  equip,   acquire,   lease, maintain, and  .perate smelting,  reduction, refining, concentrating, or other works for handling and treatment of ores; with power to acquire and oper-  ite coal lands and dispose   of   the   proceeds  thereof; with power to acquire, construct, and  iperate hotels;  with power to make traffic or  other arrangements or amalgamate or connect  "���.vith any railway, steamboat, or other company,  >r lease, purchase, or otherwise acquire the as  sets of any such company; and with power to  build wagon roads to be used in the construction  _f said railway and its extension and branches  and iu advance of the same and to \e\y_ and collect tolls from all parties using and all freight  ;>assiug over any such roads, or any such afore-  ;aid clocks, wharves, railways, ferries, or vessels owned or operated by the company whether  built before or after the passage of the act hereby applied for and with all other usual, necessary or incidental rights, powers or privileges  is maybe necessary or incidental or conducive  lo the attainment of the above objects or of any  >f them.  HUNTER & OLIVER,  Solicitors for the Applicant.  We have paid special attention  to the construction of Pumping Machinery for duty in  Mines; our unsurpassed facilities and imroved methods  have given our Pumps a Dominion wide reputation. They  are fully guaranteed. Our designs include all types of the  ordinary Piston Pattern Mining  Pump, Solid Cylinder single and  Duplex Patterns, outside packed  Duplex Plunger Patterns with  Pot valves; also Vertical Sinking Pumps, both piston and outside packed double Plunger patterns. Mine superintendents  and those interested in Machinery would consult their interests  by sending for catalogue and  quotations before installing their  'plants.  We are experts in the Manufacture of  Pumps for Special Duties, Pumps actuated by Compressed Air, Pumps for Bad  Mine Water, Station Pumps, etc., etc.  Ti  LIMITED.  TORONTO,    CANADA.  Gunliffe & Ablett.  AGENTS AT ROSSLAND.  Geo. A. Walkem,  AGCNTS AT VANCOUVER.  WM. SMITH.  PO. Box 160, agent at Greenwood. B. C.  ~9  SWAM HOUSE  Comfortable furnished rooms.  Private Board. Home Cooking. Board and room from'  $7 a week and upwards.  ����<������ IHU'WHtHlj  ]R. P. Rithet & Co.  j LIMITED. ]  I WHOLESALE   GROCERS j  I     WINE AND SPIRIT  ! MERCHANTS,  |    VICTORIA, B.  C.  THE BANK  OF  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW.  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :   "hallett."  .>,.,-_._ J Bedford M'Neill's   Greenwood,  Lodi-S ") Morciug & Neal's s# 0-  ( Leiber's.  I. H.  HALLETT.  H. C. SHAW.  pRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Barristers and Solicitors, ��  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Over Bank of Montreal, Greenwood.  [\flCl_EOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Naden-Flood block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C. i  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  FORBES M. KERBY.CE'  %    . Provincial Lvand Surveyor.  Offices:   Greenwood, B. C. '  also J, A. Uusworth's Store, Midway, B. C  F.W. GROVES,  Civil and Mining Engineer  Provincial L/And Surveyor  greenwood, b. c.  Mineral Claims Reported upon.   .  ���Underground Surveys.  Established In 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital $4,866,666  Reserve Fund..   $1,581,666  London Office:  3 Clement's Lar.e, Lombard Street, E. C  Count of Directors':*!  J. H. Brodie, John James Carter. Gaspard  Farrer,Jtichard H. Glyn, Henry L R. Farrer,  "-Cd. Arthur Hoare, H. J.B. Kendall, J. J. Kings-  ford, Fred Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  Secretary, A. G. "Wallis.  Pead office in Canada: St. James St., Montreal  .   H. St'ikeman, general manager.  J. Elmsley, inspector.  - .v_   ���%*"���  Branches in Canada: '  London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto,  Kingston,Ottawa, Moutreal. Qnebec, St. John,  JN. B., Fredericton, N. B., Halifax, Winnipeg,  Brandon, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland,  Kaslo, Ashcroft. Greenwood. Atlin Dawson,  Klondike, and Sidney, C. B.  AGENTS IN THE UNITED  STATES:  .- Spokane���-Traders' National Bank and Old  National Bank. - New York���(52 Wall street)  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, agents. San  Francisco���(124 Sahsome street) H. J. Mc-  Michacl and J. R. Ambrose agenis.'  London Bankers:  The Bank of England and Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Foreign Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. A stralia���  Union Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union  Band of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China aud Japan���Chartared Mercantile  Bank of India, London aud China, Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris-Marcuard.  Krauss & Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyonnais.  ^ffifflM^^  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    and_J  Provincial  L/And Surveyor,  GREENWOOD,   :      :      :      :   B.   O.  BAUER & ASHCROFT.  Provincial Land Surveyors  Mining and Civil Engineering.  Mineral Claims Surveyed aud Crown Granted-  Laud and Engineering Surveys ,  W. A. BAUER: C.E., P.L.S. A. E. ASHCROFT CE sP.LS  VANCOUVER^ eREENWOOD  Wood   Block,  next door   to   Custom   office,  GREENWOOD. B. C.  FURNITURE  CARPETS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLER!  SILVERWARE  "IfirtOTsT  The  largest  hotels and finest  '    residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  E_----_____----B-__-___-_-_H  DAWSON   &   CRADDOCK  Cigars and Tobaccos,  Smokers' Sundries.  Comfortable Club Rooms.  Copper Street, Two Doors  Below  Rendell Corner.  NOTICE.  The Columbia and Western Railway  Company will apply to the Parliament  of Canada at its next session for an ac  assimilating its bonding powers in respect to its railway and branch lines  west of Midway to the- powers already  given in respect of its lines constructed  east of that point, extending the time  within which it may complete its railways, and authorizing it to construct  such branches from any of its lines  not exceeding in any one case thirty  miles in length as are from time to  time authorized by the governor in  council, and for other purposes.  H. Campbell Oswald,  Secretary.  Boundary   Valley   Lodge  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  -   Evening   at  8.00  in  their lodge room at "Masonic hall.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning breth-  -rn. G. B. Taylor,.  NG.  FkedB. Holmes, Rec. Sec,  AV  J. ANDERSON, Manager.  Greenwood   B. C  fi. B.  munroe..  ._/��.  X  m*\,  CHOICE CIGARS AND  TOBACCOS X X;Xyt  FINE-  111!  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  C=*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  *9 9  e��  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest.  47,000,000.  President:   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drummond.  General Manager :   E. S  Clouston..  Brandies in London, Eng. \ $ie?Vrl&&SL. New YorK, 'Chicago...  ��� Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  *-*r  ***���&  *=��  c>.  timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk  oeJ  lealey Inves  9��  AND  TRUST'CO., LIMITED LIABILITY.  REPRESENTING:  PHOENIX  FIRE  ASSURANCE CO.,  OF LONDON,. ENGLAND.  TORONTO.  WESTERN ASSURANCE CO., 0P  BRITISH AMERICA ASSURANCE CO.,  OP TORONTO.  LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE  ASSURANCE CO , OP LONDON, ENGLAND  BIRKBECK INVESTMENT & LOAN CO..   ^ OF TORONTO.  GEO. R NADEN,  Manager  CA.BLK ADDRESS :  MAORI.  CODK :  MO_-EING_& xNEAL.  THOS. MILLER, Mgr.  TO LET :   Building' suitable  for Stores or offices.    l_,ot on Copper Street*  business  centre. .  FOR SALE:   Well Furnished five roomed house, easy terras of payment.  GREENWOOD, :, : .-'      .'    "    B.  C.  r  iSl  M  company.    '..yyy~.  LIMITED.      R. GREIGER, MGR.  x x a: Agents For Pabst Beer. A; y^ ^  Complete Line Bar Supplies/ j...GREENWOOL>y  Harvey & Robins, Proprietors.  Canadian Pacific  and SdoCine  '.������.���  FIRST CLASS SLEEPERS.  on all  trains  from   Revelstoke  T      -tn-PKootenay'IiSndingy*--������:=���---:--  TOURIST CARS...  Pass Dunsmore Junction for St.  Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto  on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Montreal and Boston on Saturdays    Same cars pass Revelstoke one  day earlier   For Time Tables and full Information call on or address nearest  local agent.   :    :    :   :   :   :   :  Cbe Best Stock. Cbc neatest Rigs.  Copper Street, Greenwood.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PORTMAN BROS. & CO.,;  Proprietors;.  ASK FOR  ^H___v, *'������;*���*_  i  ���&&J'��..  ^0-r^-tr^  mr  ��� ���'��>  The Eli-horn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept oh Draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  id \f\i  LIMITED.  VANCOUVER. B. C. 733 Pender St.  E. R. REDPATH. agent, Greenwood, B.C.  J.S.CARTER, E.J. COYLE.  U. P. A., Nelson, B.C.      A.G.P.A., Vancouver.  mcEntire  meDonnell $ ��o,  ft # ft  Mines > < *  and eal Estate  Greenwood and Myers Creek,  Also NELSON. B.C.  We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a larpe stock of Balances, Furnaces.  Fire Clay goods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods, Acids, Chemicals  and all other Assayers'and Miners' requirements.   Sole agents for Morgan Crucible Company,  Battersea and Standard Firebrick Co., Crucibles and Irtuf-les.   Becker's Sons' Balances, Etc  Catalogue and full particularr sent on application.  Braun's Gasoline Furnaces and Cupel Machines.  IfflOke?  If so  get  hiin  a "Xmas Box" from our  extensive stock of    ::::::::  ...SMOKERS'   SUNDRIES. ..  which is bound to please him. It includes everything used in Smoking, and each article is the best  of its kind���THD BEST IN CANADA.  THE QUEEN CIGAR STORE  I, ROBERT JACOBS, Manager.  Orders by Mail, Telephone or Telegraph promptly executed.   Open  every day until midnig-ht. m wrfW-rn TTT-Vn*!  mb att%mwo63 mmzY times'  -__��____---_-->  -S^_*_-_2-  nrr- ' ���' -^n i iii-ii-'-'  Februaiy 14, l%t  ���j  '/���  |City Oleanings*  On Sunday night Rev. B: H. Balder-  itbri will preach on a "A Tongue Without Any Poison in It." ���"  Dr. Mathison, dentist, over Bank ot  Commerce.    Eoth 'phones.  William I. Gibson, an old timer of  Greenwood, and Agnes E). "Huband,  of Ottawa, were married on Tuesday.  Rev. B  H. Balderston officiating.  The  best pastry in the city is at the  Horseshoe Cafe.  Rev. P. H. McEOwen, superintendent  of Baptist Missions, is in the city and  will conduct the services in the Baptist  church on Sunday next.  ��� For Rent���Comfortably furnished  hree-roomed cottage.' Apply Times  office.  The B. C. Wholesale Liquor company report trade improving. Last  week they received a car of Pabst and  also a car of Calgary beer.  For Rent���Unfurnished rooms very  cheap.   See Smith & McRae.  The Vernon and Nelson Telephone  ���company are calling for tenders for  ;poles for the construction of their line  .to Camp McKinney and Bolster, Wash.  For   fine  sleighs -or cutters call at  Winnett's carriage works,Silver street.  All  kinds of Taxidermist work done  bv T. B. Winnett, Silver street.      tf  Ranch for Sams.���One hundred and  sixty acres (160) five miles from Grand  Forks, $800, or will exchange for  Greenwood property. Gaunce & Wick-  jvire, The Mart.  For the best cup of coffee in the city  go thc Horseshoe Cafe, Copper street.  Aid.. Miller who has been ill for  several weeks left on Monday for California for the benefit of his health.  His many friends in Greenwood hope  for a full and speedy recovery.  The   best  meal in  the city-for the  least money at the Horseshoe Cafe.  Messrs. Ehrlich & Humphrey have  opened put a dairy store on Copper  street. They have purchased J. R.  Jackson's' milk business and in addition to supplying fresh milk and  cream daily, will carry all kinds of  fresh vegetables and other farm produce. -.  For instructions on. piano, violin,  mandolin, etc, see Prof. Kauffmann,  Greenwood Music Store.  ��&  J. S. C. Fraser, manager of the Bank  of Montreal, and W. T. Oliver, manager of the Bank of B. N. A., Rossland, have been appointed delegates to  the meeting of the Associated Boards  of Trade held in Greenwood on the  28th. The alternates are J. B. Johnson and A. S. Goodeve.  In addition to ' groceries, candy,  spuds, etc., we have five good unfurnished rooms to rent cheap. South  End Grocery Store.  His worship, Mayor Jakes, has appointed the following to arrange the  reception for the members of the Associated Board of Trade and other  -visitors-to-^the-city^'G. Scott Galloway,  W.   G. Gaunce,.F. J. Finucane,  fi.A. KING & GO  XMAS.  A box of cigars is always appreciated as a Christmas gift.  We have the following brands of  CIGARS.  L,EDA, $1.75.  HENRY VANE, ?2.00  FLOR DE MELTA, $2.25.  JOSE RAMIEY, $2.75.  JOSE RAMIEZ CABINETS,   $3,25  - Other splendid brands of Imported and domestic cigars in  boxes of 25, 50 and 100. : : ':  Pipes���Meerschaum and Briar.  Leather Cigar and Cigarette  Cases from 85c to >$6.    :    :   :    :  Jas. Anderson, J. W. H. Smythe, D.  A. Bannerman, Robt.Wood, D. Mcintosh, W. M.Law and H. C. Shaw.  A.A. Crowston's stores, Government  street, for groceries, provisions, produce. Headquarters for green fruits, .tf  R. P. Williams, resident agent for  the Jenckes Machine company, last  week, sold sold the Quebec Copper  company a 3% Little Giant Giant Rand  Drill to be fitted with a Korting exhauster and necessary apparatus to  make it a successful running steam  machine such as is now in use at the  R. B?ll mine iu Smmit camp. The  machine is for the Marguerite in Dead-  wood camp, and with the exception of  the one at the R. Bell, will be the only,  steam machine in the Boundary district.  Large collection of sheet music at 5,  10 and* 15 cents. Greenwood Music  Store.  As the ice is in excellent shape and a  great many are getting handsome costumes ready for the carnival Thursday night, the event is sure to be an  interesting one. In addition to prizes  for "costumes, prizes will be awarded  for the best skaters, both ladies and  gentlemen. In order to win this, the  contestants must exhibit speed as thie  will be the basis upon which the prizes  will be awarded.  CANDY.  We have plenty for all in  all grades - and prices. Let  us supply jour Christmas tree.  H. A. KING & GO  ^V��r^i/V^��^^W^\A^r^M^\KV  Nitrous oxide and oxygen for painless extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathi-  son's. tf  CIVIC DEVELOPMENT.  John De Witt Warner, in a paper contributed to the Christian Herald," suggests the lines along which improvements will be made in the management  of civic affairs during the present century. The program qf improvement  which he outlines is a comparatively  modest one. It should be carried out  long before the new century has grown  old. Certainly, the progress made in  civic government during the nineteenth centurj' was greater than the  progress which would be necessary to  reach the^ideal conditions pictured by  Mr. Warner. As he is an authority on  municipal affairs, it is interesting to  know what Mr. Warner hopes for in  the way of municipal reforms. Here  is his prediction:  Artificial light has��for centuries been  recognized as a necessity of civilized  man and public order. * It is, therefore,  rapidly and certainly coming to be regarded as a want which should be  duectly met by the municipality; and  it is as nearly certain as may be, first,  that public control, and, in general,  public operation of city light plants;  will prevail. And we are tending  rapidly toward a similar policy as to  heat.  As to transport facilities; not. merely  will clean, dry and spacious streets be  the rule, but systems of subway transport will probably be more extensive  than are now surface ones;-while, both  above and underground, the rate of  transport will be such as to approach  a free supply. That is, fares will be  so low, as compared with other factors  in the use of cars, that these self-same  factors, and not expense, will determine their use by each. It ii probable  that, as in the case of water, the expense of individual supply, so free as  not to limit use, will be met by fares  so petty as to be scarcely more than required to prevent waste; and the operation by the city of these "moving highways" will become as much a matter  sf course as is now the repair and pre-*  servation of our streets for pedestrians.  The whole field of express service will  be so extended as to provide not merely  messenger service much more complete  than now, but for the safe carriage and  prompt delivery to _any part of the  municipality of articles deposited at  any other part. Telephone service,  also, will-be correspondingly cheap  and abundant.  One result of increased transport and  communication -facilities will be the  growth of public kitchens, where shall  be prepared the meals of most of our  citizens, which they will receive ready  served, of better quality and more  promptly and regularly than the domestic economy of the average household can hope to furnish them. These  will have been preceded by public  laundries, which will relieve the wage  earner's household of a most important  item of its present discomforts.  It is not easy to predict how shall be  solved the problem of manual labor by  married women. Whether with better  wages and cheaper living th^y will be  in general relieved of other cares than  those of wife and mother? or whether  with more opportunity for self-support  and partially relieved from the present  home duties, the number of wage earners among married women will increase? It is practically certain, however, that the right of everj- child to  good care, nurture and education will  be better protected with every decade;  that day nurseries will be one of the  public facilities soon provided as a  matter of course; and that labor which  takes mothers from their children will  be permitted only in cases where  proper care of all children below school  age is definitely provided for.  Public baths as nearly free as to be  habitually used by all and so numerous  and- extensive as te leave such use unlimited, will be as much a matter of  course as sufficient air for breathing.  Still greater relief, not._nerely to the  poor, but. especially to those of moderate arid large,means, wiil result, from  the complete system of hospitals that,  by-2000, f6f"6"ne who is so ill that he  cannot go about, to remain at his residence'will be as unusual as a hundred  years since it was universal. In every  considerable city, education, to the fullest extent of the capacity of its youth,  will be literally free as air, and, up to  what would now be considered a high  standard, made quite compulsory in  one way or another.  More provision will be made for public recreation. Beautiful sculpture", instructive paintings and fully equipped  libraries will characterize the* typical  city. '  And long before the year 2000 taxation will have been so adjusted as to  encourage, not discourage, the fullest  improvement of land; public franchises  will be so-universally operated direct  by the public, that a street railway  company or private waterworks for  public supply will seem as archaic as  personal government by royal charter,  or the farming of taxes.  JENCKES MACHINE C��.  ��_��  9*************  9   __- *  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  %44444444444444444444444444444444444444&  I in stock I Hoisting Plants, Stamp Mills, Concentrators,  % % Buckets, Cars, Rope, Sinking and Station Pumps,  Chain Blocks,  $ Warehouse, *       * * Boilers, Receivers, Etc,  *������*'**  ���*���;.#####�����#<���*���*.#��   ���   CANADIAN RANB BRILL C��.  Compressors and Rand Rock Drills, in which the highest degree of Perfection has  been attained,  R. P, WILLIAMS,  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  F. R. MENDENHALL,      I  ROSSLAND,   B.C.  1    The James Cooper Mfg, Co,,    I  **���-  MONTREAL, QUEBEQ-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -**  TO THE  DEAF.  A rich lady cured of her deafness  and noises in the head by Dr. Nicholson's artificial ear drums, gave $10,000  to his institute, so that deaf people  unable to procure the ear drums may  have them free. Address No. 14520C,  The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth  Avenue, New York, U. S. A.  PERSONAL-  Will the party who sent a letter Jan.  5, containing a buaiihess proposition,  oyer the initial*, A. G.'F:, call at'the  house of the person addressed, as il  was received too late, to keep the apr  pointment.  I lngmoll*$ergea��t  1    .Mathimvy.*  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ....  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. C0M���Z$ L*��\XPM���TS  �����;    Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  zz.   K* H. e* lilctta-Iy, Rossland, B. C.  STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSLAND. '   ^J  R. R. Kirkpatrick, Greenwood, B. e*   -Hs  ^aiiiaiuaiiuiiiiaaiiuaiuuauauauiiaiaiiaaiaiiuiiiiiiuiiiuuiiiiUiUiUiiiiiiiiuiiauaiia  lll��1lll��l��ll��l llll l��l��IIH I  : For a good meal try the Gem Restaurant.  Werner & Pittock, Props.  Vernon & Nelson Telephone Company; Ltd  Pole Tender.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned  up to Monday, Marcii 11,1901: ' ..' ���  -For supplying' and delivering1 telephone.po.es  along- the wagon roads at stake about ��0 yards  .apart, between Greenwood and Camp McKinney, and between Rock Creek and the International Boundary line, near Bolster,'Wash.:  Poles to be delivered by May 1st, 1901:  All poles to be of good, sound and. well-shaped  cedar or tamarac wood, 25 feet in length and  not. Jess, t___._. w;-ren inches iu diameter at the  small end when dressea: "." "���������'������'���"���';.���.'.  All bark and knots to be neatly trimmed off  to. four feet from the^butt: .  Tenders must state the price of cedar and  tamarac and about the number of each to be  supplied.  H.W.KENT, v G. C. HODGE,  General Supt;/ ���  District Supt.  Vancouver, B. C. Nelson, Bl C.  ���THE BEST-  ���OF THE-  ���  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  -..-������    NOTICE.  EMERALD. Mineral  claim,   situate   in  the  Kettle River ���Mining1 Division of Yale Dls-  :.. trict. Where located:   In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 8120  for self and as agent for I. H...Hallett,-Free  Miner's Certificate No. 8003 and Lindsay Mc-  Carren Free Miner's Certificate r No.  B30022       intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvemefits, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim-  And further take notice that action?- under  Section 37, must be commenced before the is*-  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this" 1st day of January, A. D. 1901.  ���   ���  , Will .be  held  in the  J.uditorh.m  -���NEXT���  ���  Under the auspices  of the   :   :'*���:   :   :  PRESBYTEM  A splendid programme  has been prepared. : :  ��i��<��������������.��mi immwiMiimiinim"  PETER QENELLE, PUBS. J. QENELLE, VICE-PRES.  *l. POU PORE, SECRETARY.  LIMITED.  General Office,  Greenwood, B. C.  Telephones :  Columbia No.  Boundary Creek No.  Vernen & Nelson  No. 26.  Our* Yards and Mills are  located as follows.:  Greenwood, Phoenix, Dead-  wood City, Eholt No. l, Ehol No.  2, Long Lake, Rock Creek, Skylark Camp, Nakusp, Robson,  Ymir and Rosslaud.  We Are Manufacturers  of all Kinds of : : : : :  Rouoti and Dressed Lite  Mine  IMPROVED SINKING PUMPS.  PISTON PATTERN.  This pump is of comparatively light  weight, -easy fto ^handle and gives un-  qualied satisfaction. It has no projecting valve gear or parts liable to  breakages in handling. It is flitted  ���with convenient suspending hooks and  is easily repacked.  ���We give specisEattentlon to the Construction  of all Pumping Machinery required for Mine  Work and Manufacture any Type of Pump for  any Special Duty���Pumps actuated by Compressed AfrrPun-psfor Bad Mine Water, Station  Pumps, etc. Catalogue and Specifications upon  request.  Toronto, Canada.  CUMLIFF& MCMILLAN,  Agents at Rossland  MINERAI/ ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "MAPLE LEAF" Mineral Claim situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where. located : In Skylark  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for "William J.. Porter Free  Miner's Certificate No. B29597, intend,  sixty days after date hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Graut of the above claim.  And further take notice that   action under  Seetion 37   must   be   commenced   before   the  issuauce of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 24tli day of November, A. D��� 1900.  I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT,  1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.   .  JOHANNESBERG- Minerl  Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining' Division "of Yale  District.  Where located :' In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Otto Dil-  ler Free Miner's Certificate No  B7871, intend, sixty days from the dat e hereof  to apply to tne mining' recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining'a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take  notice that action, tinder  section 37, must be commenced before the is  suance of such certifictte of improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of November. A. D., 190o.  OTTE DILLER.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  BURNS, BURNS FRACTIONAL,. COPPER  TRUST FRACTIONAL, SCRANTON  OTIS FRACTION and PICLADILLY  FRACTION Mineral Claim ,situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where' located : In Deadwood  Camp. ���������-...  TAKE NOTICE that I, E. A. Bielenberg  Free Miner's Certificate No.  b826_, intend sixty days from date hereof to  apply to the Mining' Recorder for' a Certificate  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining'  a Crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action nnder  Section 37 must be commenced ^before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 23rd day of June, A. D., 1900.  E. A. BIELENBERG  NOTICE.  NOTICE   OF   FORFEITURE.  To C. A. Peterson, late of Eholt Creek iu Yale  district  Sir: You are hereby notified that weha.e  expended $100 iu labor and improvements upon  the "Silent Friend" Mineral Claim, situate m  Long: Lake camp, formerly Gold Drop Camp,  in the Kettle River Mining' Division of Yale  District in British Columbia, as will appeal b\  a Certificate of Work recorded December 1st,  1899, in the office of the Milling-Recorder for the  said Kettle River Mining Division, in order to  hold said claim under the provisions of Section  24 of the Mineral Act, such being the amount  required to hold the said claim for the 3cir  ending- 10th May, 1900.  And if at the expiration of ninety [90) days of  publication of this notice you fail'or refuse to  contribute your proportion of the expenditure  required under said section 24, together with all  costs of advertising,your interests in saitl claim  shall become vested in the subscribers (youi co-  owners) under Section 4 of the "Mineral Act  Amendment Act, 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, this 9th day of  November, 1900.  Thomas McDonnell,  Spencer Benerman,  Joseph A. Frank.  Hallett & Shaw, Solicitors.  BUREAU OF PROVINCIAL INFORMATION  IN ORDER that the Government may be in  possession of definate i-formatiou with  which to supply those seeking investments m  this Province, I am instructed to invite particulars from those who have propert'es for sale,  and who may feel disposed to forward such  purticulars lo this office for the purpose in  q uestion.  In view of the proposed early re-drganistatioii  t'f the Agent' General's Office in London, England, the desirability of having on file a list of  'farms and other properties for sale, with full  and accurate details, is obvious. Properties  submitted may include farms and farm lands,  industrial "or commercial concerns," "timber  limits, water powers, or other enterprises  affording-1 opportunities for legitimate in\est-  nient.  It is not proposed to recommend properties  to intending investors, but. to afford access to  the classified lists and all available informatiou  connected therewith, and to please enquirers in  communication with the owners.  , The fullest particulars are desired not only  of the properties themselves, but the localities  in which they are situated, and the conditions  affecting them. For this pnrpSse printed  schedules will, upon application, be forwarded  to those desirous of making sales.  R. E. GOSNELL,.  Secretary, Bureau of Provincial Information.  NOTICE is hereby given that application will  be made to the Legislative Assembly of  the Province of British Columbia at its next  session for a private bill to incorporate a com-  pany. to build,.equip, maintain and operate a  line or lines of railway of standard gauge from  a point at or near the junction of the Cold  Water and Nicola Rivers, thence following the  Cold Water River up. stream about 22 miles,  thence running easterly through a natural pass  from the Cold Water River to the divide to the  west fork of the Otter River, tlience down the  west fork of the Otter river to the main river,  thence following the Otter river to its junction  with the Tullameen river to Otter Flat, tlience  following the Tullameen river down stream to  its junction with the Similkameen river at or  near Princeton, or as an alternative route from  the said junction of the Cold Water and Nicola  Rivers following the valley of the Nicola river  to Nicola lake, thence along the south shore of  the said Nicola Lake to Quilchena creek thence  following the valley of the Quilchena creek to  the divide of One Mile or Graveyard creek,  thence down the valley of One Mile or Graveyard creek to Princeton at the junction of the  Ttillanieen aud Similkameen rivers aforesaid,  thence from Princeton following down the val-  lej* of the said Similkameen river to a point  west of Osoyoos Lake, thence in an easterly  direction to the Osoyoos river, crossing the said  river above Osoyoos Lake or at other convenient points, thence in au easterly direction to  the dividcof Rock creek, thence down one of  the tributaries of the Kettle river to the valley  of the Kettle river, tlience following the Kettle  river down stream to the town of Midway,tlience  rom the said town of Midway along the valley  ot the Boundary creek to the City of Greenwood and from thc said City of Greenwood iu  a southeasterly direction to the City of Grand  Forks with power to construct, operate and  maintain branch lines to Aspen Grove Camp to  the Tullameen River camps and lo Copjier and  Kennedy Mountains and other points and with  power to construct operate and maintain all  necessary bridges, roads, ways and ferries aud  to construct, acquire, own and maintain  wharves and docks iu connection therewith and  to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain  steam and other vessels and boats and operate  the same on any navigable waters and to cou-  .truct, operate aud maintain telegraph and  telephone lines along the routes of said railway  and its branches or in connection therewith and  to transmit messages for commercial purposes  and to collect tolls therefor and to generates  electricity aud supply light, heat and power  and to acquire and receive from'any government, corporation or persons grants ol land,  money, bonuses, privileges or other assistance  in aid of the construction of the company's  undertaking and to connect with and enter into  traffic or other arrangements with railway,  steamboat or other companies and forall rights,  powers and privileges nccessaay in or incidental  to the premises and for other purposes.  Dated at Vancouver, B. C, this 10th day of  November, 1900.  WILSON & SENKLER,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  NOTICE OF PRIVATE BILL.  Notice is hereby given that application w ill  be made to the Legislative Assembly of the  Provinceof British Columbia at its next session  for.a,pri.vate_bill.-o_iucorporate^acoinpanj to  bnild, equip, maintain and operate a line or  lines of railwa.' of standard guage with anj  kind of motive power from a point at or near  the town of Midway to a point at or near the  mouth of Rock creek, thence iu a northeasterly  direction to the West Fork of Kettle ri.er,  thence following the West Fork of said river to  its head, thence by the most canvenient route  via Okanagan Mission valley'to Vernon, with  power to construct, operate and maintain  branch lines to any point within twenty miles  of the main line of railway, and with power to  construct, operate aud maintain all necess ir\  bridges, roads, ways and ferries, and to construct, acquire, own and maintain wbar.es  and docks in connection therewith, audio construct, own, acquire, equip and maintaiu steam  and other vessels and boats and operate tlic  same on any navigable waters,and to construct  operate and maintain telegraph and telephone  lines along the routes of said railway and its  branches or in connection therewith, and lo  transmit messages for commercial purposes to  generate electricity and supply light, heat inn  power, and to erect, construct, build and m uu  tain the necessary buildings aud works, and  with power to take water from the falls on  Spallumcheen or Shuswap river near Luniln  and ou the West Fork of Kellie river ncir  Bull creek, to generate anv kind of power for  the purposes aforesaid or in connection theie  with for reward, and to acquire and recti.e  from any government, corporation or persons  grants of land, money, bonuses, privileges or  other assistance in aid of the construction of  the company's undertaking, and to connect  with*aiid enter into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies; and for all rights, powers and privileges necessary in or incident to the premises  and for other purposes.  Dated at Vancouver, B. C, this 22nd  day of  December, 1900.  WILSON & SENKLER,  Solicitors for Applicants.  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : . In Copper camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. ___. Shaw as  agent for James R. McMackson, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B1356 and William H.  McMackson, Free Miners Certificate No. B13593  intend; sixtj- days from date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,  i    Dated the 20th day of November, 1899.  193 --   C. &. SHAW.  &* February-14, 1901-  -"m i i   wr~      ;  lilleriros  ik/l^^*\^W^��rw\A^V^\^^,^��,V^W-'W  ���THE 03S.I.Y���  OPTICIANS  ���IN THE���  BOUNDARY  COUNTRY...  Druggists a;- a;  Jewelers and  A A Opticians  GREENWOOD, B. C.     }  PRO BONO PUBLICO  The Railway Situation in This  Province*  G   P,   R,   IS    APPEALING  To Canadians to Protect the Country  Against Encroachments of J: J.  Hill���The Arguments Used.  It is generally conceded that Southern British Columbia is one of the  richest mining countries in the world.  It is also conceded, that it will provide  --an.alraos.t incalculable tonnage to a  transportation company or transportation companies doing business within  its boundaries. Today the Granby  Smelting company and the mining  companies associated with it are paying the Canadian Pacific company sufficient money to pay more than the  interest on the cost of the  Columbia and Western railway.  In freight charges on ore, fuel and  transportation of matte, the Granby  company are paying into the coffers of  the C. P. R. over $400 a day or about  S100,500 a year. With the rapid development  of  the  country, with other  -companies -^payLng^similar._J:ribute^to  the C. P. R., the revenue to be derived  from the Boundary country alone is  simply enormous. It cannot be wondered at that the 'Canadian Pacific  Railway company is anxious to maintain its monopoly of the carrying trade  in this country, nor that rival railway  corporations are anxious to secure a  foothold. ��  The Canadian Pacific  Railway company is taking the position   that it is a  Canadian institution whose prosperity  materially depends on the healthy development of Canadian resources and  Canadian   enterprises    and   makes   a  strong   appeal  for  Canadian patriotic  sentiment   to ally  itself   a gainst tlie  encroachments of foreign  railway corporations   who   in     its   opinion   are  anxious   to   secure  a foothold in this  country for the purpose  of exploiting  Canadian resources in thc  interests of  powerful    companies   in   tlie   United  States.    The method adopted to secure  a strong sentiment in favor of railway  monopoly iu British Columbia is as old  as history.    Appeals  to the patriotism  of a country were made before America  was   discovered   and   before .railways  were thought of and such appeals were  often   made    ostensibly  in   the   public interest but really   in  the   interest  of   individual   and   against the public  welfare. Whether in the present agitation  theie  are good grounJs to justify  an   appeal   is   a  matter that must be  carefully considered.    The arguments  of the C. P.   R. and its supporters  are  plausible   and   ingenious   and require  the   most critical analysis in order to  determine the truth.  The .Times believes that the prosperity of the mining districts is to a  very great extent dependent upon the  transportation qtt��stion and that it is  the duty of alt interested in  the   province,   as well as that of the  DIFFERENT  STYLES.  'VV'VVirVV/VV  C. m. Sully $ go.  ������*��-��-��*-$  &���  7SF  I CAR EGGS XX   X   X  CAR FLOUR   XXX  {CAR PEARL OIL ^C   X :  0  I  CAR BLACKSMITH COAL  i   CAR GENR'L HARDWARE  .M��MiM��t iim ��*-.**.mmimuiniiiiiiiuiiiwii!  PRICES: RIGHT..  >��  |�� cbcRus$eI.=��aw-*eau-field go.  USE ONLY THE BEST  mm:  MIXED PAMTS.  _i11.1r3.-to_.__ . Strictly Pure  Guaranteed j Iinperiai Measure.  press, to study the situation so that a  definite expression of opinion may be  secured from Boundary and all mining  districts in Southern British Columbia.  The columns of the Times are open  for the discussion of this important  question and the ,views of the people  would be gladly welcomed.  For rent���Corn er store with three  rooms, papered, rent about $20. Apply The Times office. . tf  BIG MACHINERY   MADE  IN   SHERBROOKE.       ���  "Another large compressor for Rossland. B. C, will be shipped in a few  days by the Canadian Rand Drill company. This one is for the Rossland  Great Western Mines (British American Corporation) and has compound or  two stage air cylinders, 36 inches and  2-2 inches iu diameter by 48 inches  stroke. It is to be driven by an electric motor through the medium of a  rope drive. The driving wheel on the  compressor is 18 feet in diameter by 51  inches face and is grooved for 22 ropes  V/z inches in diameter. The wheel has  a double set of arms, is made in halves  and . weighs complete about 40,000  pounds. The low pressure air cylinder  has Corless air valves driven by special  valve gear. The inter-cooler connecting the two air cylinders is of the company's most recent water-tube type,  which gave such remarkably good results on a similar compressor shipped  to the same mine last summer. This  makes the third 600-horse power com-  pressbf*" shipped'to^the British -American Corporation, the former two being  direct���connected to compound Corliss  engines. The completed machine  weighs about 150,000 pounds.  Two more compressors will soon be  shipped to the Dominion Coal company  for their mines at Glace Bay, Cape Breton, and one went forward about a  month ago to the same company. Each  of these compressors has two stage air  cylinders 32 inches and 20 inches in  diameter by 38 inches stroke with water  tube inter-cooler between them. The  air cylinders are direct connected to  compound Corliss engines,. t!h�� cylinders being 20 inches asd. 36. inches an  diameter by 48 inches sicoke.  Each macliine haft, a capac-fty of  about 3,000 cubic feet of freeaaar per  minute and weighs about 350,000  pounds.���Montreal Witness.  Gem Restaurant, Copperstreet, open  day and night; best service in the city.  Werner & Pittock l*rops>  �� n ��i i- m ii n . ��, % ,.m * cm ��,  Merchant's Cafe  English C&op House  ��� AND  We hare now completed  our alterations, having  enlarged and redecorated,  the dining room, making-  it one of the finest and.  comfortable in the city.  Our specialty:���  Home Cooking..;  The only place where yim  get meals just like yot_.  used to have before yott  left the Old Folks at Home  To the ladies  Afternoon tea every day  from 4 to 5 o'clock.   :   :   :.  Greenwood  -   -   -  Street-  ,t^..t*.*^,*m*m��*m,*H.a**ft,.u*.*>m  ���� * x*t inmum mi _ u��  mm  ;  MRS. LARKIN  -Has-'taken���charge-' of "thee-���-=-'  rooms in the  Auditorium  V^here she will be prepare_-Ub> ;  look after all her old custom- -  ers and as many new onea-aa;  she can entertain. The rooms-  are well furnished and comfortable; rates reasonable. If?  you need ���  ROOMS  Call   and   see   her   before   taking  elsewhere.  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MITCHELL X %  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ��������'  *  .*  lis  *���  .*  *  .��-  9  9  .9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ���'���*  ��  ft  ft  ft  ftft  ft  ft  ���ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  V  ii.  Shop worn goods  for  your Fall Suit  when you'ean secure  New Goods of   the  m o's.t fashionable  pattern which have  just arrived.  The. Biggest and best  * assortment of Fall Suit-  �� * , - ��� .��� ^  * ings ever brought into *  the Boundary. X   X %  ��� ft  ��  ��  ft  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  1       THE TAILOR       *  ft ��� . - *  | Copper St. *  ��      ��� -ft  9***********************  E.JACOBS  T, AUDITOR, EI6.  GREENWOOD.  Is The Best Hotel in The City..  Every Modern Convenience  (frafyam $ Parry,  Proprietors.  Cor, Copper and Deadwood Streets, s s '*> ��� * Greenwood, B, C  ��� ���  Cafe..  the: best meals in.the city served,  special attention to dinner parties.  Most comfortable "and well furnished rooms, steam heated  and lighted by electric light.    Can be had from  .,$10 Per Month Upwards..  MRS. DOWDING, Clarendon Hotel and Cafe.  THE GEM RESTAURANT!  --COPPER STREET==  OPEN : DAY : AND: NIGHT.  ..���Forthe past four years under the same management.   Best accommodations in the city.     Private Dining Room for Ladies.    : ' : ���'-.'���  iUeriier $ Pittock - Proprietors  ROSSLAND ENGINEERING WORKS  y  CUNLIFFE & McMILLAN.  ��� Founders, Machinist.- arid Boilermakers���Manufacturers of Ore Cars, Ore Bin  Doors', and General Mi.iin��f Machinery���Lots of Second Hand Machinery which  has been thoroughly overhauled and is practically new. ,���.'"...  1���25 H. P. Locomotive Type Boiler with J  Engine attached,  complete with- all lit-  ���  tings���Ready to turn on steam; 1  1���6Mx8 Double Cylinder  Friction Drum i 1���Sinking Pump.'No. 5 Cameron,   New  Hoist, built by the Ing-orsoU Company.       4     York.  Watch this ad for other lists or write us forcomplete list before you buy.   *We  may have just what you want. Agents for Northey Pumps���Stock Carried.  THIRD AVENUE ROSSLAND P.0.B0X19  mBBnmBmmmamamMBatmat^muanmmmuaaBBawnBBBU^amnBuamm^aanBmm  1���Sinking Pump 10x5x12 Outside, packed,  - plunger pattern. ?<   ....  ���A<w~^^��rA^-!.��*��#*###*-{f####*'��V^V^^^  Winter Carnival  AND:  TESDAYTO  SATURDAY  Feb  ��� ��  ionspeil 12-I6  THE PROGRAMME INCLUDES  Eight Curling Contests  Under the Auspices of the Kootenay Curling Association.  Hockey Tournament  For. Senior, Junior and Ladies-  Championships of B- C-  COASTING CONTESTS.  Snowshoe Races,  SKi Races.       , Seating Races.  For Provincial   Championships  and For Men and Boys.  Cutter and Dog Races.  CARNIVAL MASQUERADE  ��  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  $3,000 IS TROPHIES AND PRIZES $3,000  Rates of a Single Fare for the Round Trip  ....on AH Railways...!       f  For further particulars see posters or pro_rrams or address  H. W, C, JACKSON.  "t. Secretary Carnival Committee, ROSSLAND, B. C  ,/W��W',','J"'-'V'-''\/^^


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