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 J3ift-i-��^  ��������B����B��HaBBia��l����^  m  /& lcRif!tive ^x  .sCV* "" __���    \*  iUL 10 1907  -7TT_.  VOL. 11  GREENWOOD, B. C, FRIDAY, JULY 5,  1907.  No.  mW.*ii  QtBJtSS^V^Stf^^^^axs^-iSSS^^&iffi^^S^SO^t  China and Glassware at  Less Than Cost  Owing to our increasing music stock  we are forced to close out our China  and Glassware to make room, so we  offer you any  piece or pieces of this  stock at  <- ������  Everything is marked at regular price  and you get it at half price,  no re*>  serve,    First come, first served.  (__)^e_-SE3sssa__3a_3 f*f\       I TH   ~~ ���  ^A-J.j*   , La I Um  e__ea__��s__35ss___��  Our  stoclc of Shirt Waists and Shirt Waist  "Suits,   is  the  largest  and  best we have  - ever  shown.       It  comprises all   the  latest and most fashionable styles  in   embroidered lawn, linen,  mull, Organdy, and silk,  in  long   and   short  sleeves and at  all prices.  Give us a trial.    We can  please you.  NDELL & C  Dry Goods.  Millinery  :'T::TRUST  YOUR    WATCH  IN THE HANDS OF AN INEXPERIENCED PERSON. IE THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT . BRING IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  (J    x  ��WR __��RK IS GWARAHTEEB  A. L0GAN & C  9  Copper Street  Greenwood  BUCVILLE'  BOOMED  But It Was After a Long,  Long Delay  THAT ITS REDEMPTION CAME  When the People Threw Down Their  Hammers. Stopped Their Criticisms and Got Busy.  Bugville at one time gave  promise of being* an important  place. But Bugville slowly realized tlie ideals of its promoters.  It lacked one thing, and that one  lack cost it for many years the  chance of becoming the most important town in the district. Bug-  ville didn't lack in resource, or in  situation, it lacked simply in  public spirit and lojalty. The  air seemed good and the water  pure, but when it can.e to home  support and home development  the people were an   anaemic lot.  The people were intellectual  above the average, but they were  intensely apathetic. In deploring the gush and hot air of a  rival town, they went to the other  extreme of belittling everything  pertaining to themselves. Like  Uriah Heep, Bugville was too  humble. It seemed to be eternally apologizing for itself. Few  of the people wanted to own their  homes, and the best of them decried the value of real estate.  The chief industry of Bugville  was mining, but it took manv  years to convince the people that  they had mines. They always  looked for a property to peter out.  They called their style conservative, but some suspected it was  pessimistic. If a miner were dismissed by a company and felt  called upon to cast aspersions on  the merits of the property on  which he had worked, everybody  straightway heard of it and understood, as he whispered it,  "that the mine was no good. No  matter if a thousand tons a day  were coming from the property,  one disgruntled man could shake  public confidence in it. The most  careful city government-was criticized for what it tried to do, and  cursed for what it didn't try to do.  If a visitor saw merit in the  camp his ardor was likely to be  chilled by a dash of cold water  which , some citizen threw on it,  before the man had got his money  invested. If a company paid dividends the management was accused of juggling, and if it didn't  pay dividends it was accused of  mismanagement   or    worse.      If  for the very best educational  privileges obtainable. Everybody became possessed of a' spirit  of hopefulness. If men couldn't  sell their own properties, they  gave up knocking those of their  neighbors. They buried their  hammers aud used their heads.  And then the town began to  boom. New mines and smelters  were opened, and new industries  developed.  The population grew and homes  multiplied. The bouses and hotels were fresh-painted and the  back yards all cleaned up. The  place looked smart and was prosperous. A change in public  spirit was,responsible for the redemption of Bugville, and what  happened to Bugville may happen  3ret to Greenwood.  A SOCIAL EVENT  Marriage of Two Popular Young- People of Greenwood.  The home of ,*Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer  was the scene of a quiet but interesting- event Wednesday, evening-, July  3rd,when Mr. Reginald Harry Hewer,  superintendent of. the Sunset mine,  Deadwood camp, and Miss, Vina Mackenzie, who has been engaged' as  teacher at the T'eadwood school for the  past year, were united in marriage by  the Rev. M. D. McKee:  After a very tasty supper, served by  Mrs. Mortimer, the happy couple drove  to their��home at the Sunset mine,  whither the best wishes of their many  friends follow them.  1. II I  If T  V V     _[ __ I  T  V Y |theMiddle Cabins; thence west for two  IJ U Ij 1V L. J_/ J.      f  Jtl Ju JL JJ. X I days, and we are in what is known as  An  Interesting    Description of  A MOST WONDERFUL LAND  By One Who Went Overland from  Ashcroft and Who Indicates the  Resources of the District.  A PIONEER GONE  Joseph Taylor, a district pioneer,  and business associate in many properties with George VV.. Rumberger,  died at the Phoenix Hospital last Friday ahd was buried on Sundav. Mr.  Taylor had been * a resident of the  Boundary for 18 ye irs and during that  time owned considerable valuable property. He had the instinct to make  money but was too liberal-and free of  heart to save it. All the old timers  speak highly of deceased and a large  number of them attended  his  funeral.  WESTWARD HO!  A copy of the initial number of  Westward Ho ! has been received. This  new publication succeeds to the. business of the Western Canadian Magazine...and-dieconrits-its - predecessor in  make-up and merit. The design of  the promoters is to furnish the general  public with high class literature of a  distinctly western flavor, and we feel  assured they will make good, if they  can maintain the pace set in the first  issue. Mr. William Blakemore will..j  edit and Mr. Percy F. Godenrath manage the business affairs of. the new  magazine.  UP-TO-DATE  =*-  111  COPPER STREET  GREENWOOD  =_f8  somebody proposed an attempt to  boom the town he was crazy or a  grafter.' ��And so tlie thing grew,  until Bugville became a.regular  museum, its people a lot of fossils.  But the redemption of Bugville came at last. Some of its  people moved away, others got  "wised" up a bit, a little new  blood began to come in, and the  critics got tired. The pessimists  gradually died off, or dried up.  and the more hopeful element began to get its work in.  The men who worked in the  miues, the union men who insisted on a standard wage and  standard hours, stopped sending  orders to the department stores  and sweat shops east, and bought  goods at home. The mine owners  and managers patronized home  insurance agents . at standard  rates. The society people quit  ordering dress suits from itinerant tailors and representative, of  far-away houses and employed  the home tailor. The local print  shops did the work of the district  "aud lots of people who borrowed  their neighbor's paper to criticize it, decided to subscribe for  aud support it.  The man who was afraid to  furnish a home for fear he might  lose his job, decided to become so  valuable to his employer that he  couldn't afford to part with him  and built a neat little cottage and  settled down.  The citizens united  in   asking  The Spokesman-Review on Thursday contained the' announcement that  the V., V. & E., railway had reached  Oroville, and that trains would be running into that town by September, and  would reach Princeton, SO miles west,  by winter.  If [tsdeductions that the road into  the Similkameen would open up a great  territory for the benefit of Spokane,  are as far from the mark as its historical statements, the merchants on the  coast, who have never done much for  the Boundary, may hfcve some grounds  of hope yet.  Boy's Brigade church parade next  Sabbathevening. Service held in the  Presbyterian church 7:30 p. m.  The Bulkley valley and northern  interior generally is causing a great  deal *of excitement and homeseekers  and capitalists at present. The following very graphic account from a prospector who has seen much of the coun-  try~aiid will be found of interest:  "After necessary inquiries, and furnishing ourselves with very excellent  maps which the provincial government  of British Columbia distributes gratis,  we lefc Vancouver bound for Ashcroft,  via the Canadian Pacific railway, and  from there our trip into the northern  interior of British Columbia really  commenced. From Ashcroft to Ques-  nel, a distance of 230 miles, there is a  fine wagon road, along which in all  the most favorable positions are  ranches or farms, apparently in a most  thriving-condition' These ranches in  nearly every case combine the business  of hotels for travelers. The road in  question is a relic of old times (although  now very much altered to secure easier  grades), the original one being built  in the early sixties, during the 'Cariboo  gold rush, by the Royal engineers.  For many miles along this road the  land has to be irrigated, so naturally  there is" still a great deal unsettled,  and not worth settling, as water cannot  be obtained.; Owing to Guggcnlieimer,  of New York, opening up extensive  hydraulicing work, the baffle this summer will be exceptionally heavy.''  THE.TEVSCRA-*H TRAILS. '*'  "Having negotiated this first and  easy part of the trip, we proceed to  swim the mighty Fraser at Quesnel���  although 500 miles from the mouth,  there is a tremendous  body, of water���  a ti d " take " the telegr a'ph���tr a iii. This  later follows the trenches of the Fraser  and then leaves it to take a northwesterly direction, and here we get into a  really new country. Of the 160 miles  between Quesnel and Fort Fraser. a  whole book might be written, giving  some particulars of its scenery and  sporting attractions. In all the creeks  and lakes trout are exceptionally numerous. We cross the Blackwater, fifty  niiles from Quesnel, and Mud river,  associated in most people's minds with  the mysterious loss of Curtis in the  Klondyke rush, a mystery which will  never be cleared. The next point of  interest is the Nechaco valley,* with  Stoney Creek reserve in the center,.and  in this distrit t many people have  staked their all on the hope of a Grand  Trunk Pacific coming through. About  twenty niiles. from here, you cross the  Nechaco river at Fort Fraser; a Hudson's Bay trading post stands at the  foot of the Fraser lake, and similarly  here a lot of land has been pre-empted.  The trail goes along the north shore of  the lake for fourteen miles, and here  we leave it to the Endako and Francis  river by canoe and swim _th___pack  horses. We then struck west to the  foot of Francis lake, occupying about  half a day. Here we had to ford the  southeast corner of the lake for a  quarter of a mile���at high water this  will be found a treacherous crossing,  as there is only one firm landing place.  OOTSA   I.AKK  COUN'-KY.  "We how turn southwest for four  days, till  we strike Cheslatta lake at  the Ootsa lake country, altogether  about 600 miles from the starting point,  and an excellent point to lay off and  rest, and, incidentally, to hunt bear  and deer, bear signs in the last 200  miles being as numerous as rabbit runs  in an old country park.  "Having rested we go . on south,  swimming Ootsa lake at the foot.  Chelaslie and the Tet-a-chuc rivers-  all within twenty miles���and along an  old Indian trail for 150 miles, till we  arrive at the top of a mountain overlooking the Bella Coola valley. The  next eight miles is the worst of the  whole trip���a drop of 6,500 feet in  about two hours���till we land at the  Bella Coola river, and cross on the  scow, and then a wagon road all the  way to the Salt Chuck, about twenty-  four miles distant, from whence the  steamers take you to Vancouver.  CI.IMATK RXCRLLEN-.  "Among the many points which impressed the party were the enormous  amount of excellent agricultural land,  the large extent of saleable timber (as  shown by the uses the Indians put it  to), and the probable mineral resources  of this stretch of country. From an  agricultural point of view, the further  north we got the better the climate in  summer, and, from information gathered from the settlers, the winters are  not extremely hard. Cattle and horses  winter out. Another point which one  cannot help commenting upon is the  advantage our American brothers are  taking of the open invitation to share  our good things. What settlers there  are in this country are mainly Americans. At the same time one cannot  say too much for their hospitality and  kindness toward strangers in this  wilderness.  "This is at present a country essentially of rifle and rod, armed -with  these weapons, a man will never starve  The country between Fraser lake and  Bella Coola is worth the attention of  men who want to have the sport of  killing the grizzly and caribou. There  are a few big horns near Bella Coola,  and there is no doubt of the presence  of mountain goat. The whole showed  us the advantages this infant province  has over its rivals on the other side of  the mountains7 There is room here  for the capitalist, tlie homeseeker "and  the working classes. This is the most  promising province of the. Dotmriion.  People requiring to go in will obtain  horses and outfit either at Bella Coola  or Ashcroft, and,: if necessary, guides  who know the trails. We had onz  saddle and one pack horse to the man."  ���Vancouver World.  CARPING ��� CRITICISM  The Chief Stock-in-Trade of  Foster.  THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY  Without a Policy, and With  Their  Chief Orator Discredited by  Their Leading Oreans.  SOCIALISM  The Western Federation of Miners  has declared for Socialism in an emphatic manner. At the recent convention held in Denver, out of a voting  strength of 350, over 80 per cent voted  to make it a plank in the platform of  the organization. Whether or not  this decision will strengthen the body  may best be known only after the  lapse of considerable time.  PRICES OF METALS  The prices of the metals continue  very satisfactory, and with slight fluctuations, hover around  the   following:  Copper       22 cents  Silver    - 67 cents  Lead     5% cents  BOARD OF TRADE  A meeting of the Greenwood Board  of Trade will be held in the offices of  the Bealey Investment company on  Saturday afternoon, July 6th, at four  o'clock sharp. Business of importance  will come before the meeting and a  full attendance is requested..  Never was a great political party in  such straits as the Conservative party  finds itself today. After being in opposition for eleven years, and having  witnessed the extraordinary development of the Dominion under the fostering care of a Liberal administration,  it has nothing to offer the people to  induce them to abandon the government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Neither  can it point to any portion of the present policy and successfully combat it,  and suggest a change.  Lacking possession of constructive  policy, the Conservatives charged  slanders against individuals, graft  against government officials, and extravagance was alleged against the  administration.  Under these circumstances the people  are led to reflect upon the men in public life who employ such methods, and  inquire into their record. First and  foremost comes Hon. Mr. Foster. This  verbose politician is gifted with an  extensive vocabulary, which he uses to  denounce his political opponents. His  gift of language enables him to,make '  the most of trifling incidents, and he  is not careful to coafine himself to the  text.  7    FOSTER-TITE MUD SLINGER.  Absolutely callous to the feelings of  others, Mr. Foster, if he may by * so  doing injure his political opponents,  will not hesitate to , say those things  which damage the reputation, and place  men before the people.in an unenviable  ������^t. ,-'_: 7   -..������."   ������'\;,;. "777        ,  Therefore it comes about that ��� the  Conservatives -having nothing to give  the people that the people, want, have  decided upon a'cam'paign. of calumny,  which is'in charge of, the aforesaid  George E. Foster. For months past his  his maledictions have been heard in  the house. No member of lhe Liberal  party was immune, from his attacks,  nothing was too contemptible for him  to say with regard to supporiers of the  government.  WHAT MADE Hilt CHiNG^?  Suddenly there came a lull. What  had happened? Mr. Foster had announced that he would deliver a speech  on the financial condition of the  country, and incidentally burn up  Hon. Mr. Fielding and .his financial  dealings. About this time the government passed a pension bill .for ex-  cabinet ministers, which benefitted Mr.  Foster to the extent of 53,500 per an-  nnm. This is all that happened. Mr.  Foster became^ pensioner of. the government. He received S3 500 for doing  nothing. A sample of extravagance  which he could not find it in his mind  to condemn, and the declamation  against extravagance never materialized. The attack on the finance mini- -  ter was never made. This was Foster  -the-n-an,--not--Foster-the-politician.   Upon reflection the government considered the pensions to ex-ministers an  unnecessary extravagance and decided to repeal the act. Whereupon  Mr. Foster lost his S3.500 per annum,  which he had been enjoying in month  ly payments, and for which he performed no services whatever", an extravagance which he would have sanctioned and enjoyed for the remainder of  his natural life, had not the government decided to curtail expenditures.  No sooner was this bill repealed, an  action which Mr. l*\_ter resisted, than  Foster, the politician, appeared, ami his  denunciations were heard upon every  side, and he declaimed ihe loudest  _gu:nst waste of public funds.  ins si:%s i'-<i[,'Nii him hut.  About this time tin: government wss  -.Naming ji to the metlio'I of handling  the trust funds of ijisuraii-- companies, and to the *-in-j>ri*-e ot many,  one o! the chief (ie.it;<|iieiits. one of  i-iav-st offenders against 7lie law, was  I"osier, the politi.ia;, who now aj-  peared in the role of Foster, tlu* speculator, the speculator with other peoples'  money.  Hen* ue have the chief critic of ihe  jjoveruiiient���she man who a.--sails'individual reputation, who pn-_uines to  ask the people of Canada to give him  control of the public expenditure.  i OI'I'OKT CN-I..T, POLITICIAN, SPKCri.ATi.'H.  Foster, tlie man. who refrained from  delivering a tilrc-ati tied pliillipic  against the tinanci.il department of the  government after-lie had been gii4i*��i,a  peusion-of *_3,-l!0 a year.  Fo.-tcr, the  politician, who  returned  j to the attack after I lie government had  taken away his pension.  ! Foster, the speculator, the man who  denounced graft, and who was pronounced guilty by a royal commission,  of taking illegal com missions and  vulgar  rake-off  when   managing   the  Converting Room of the B. C. Copper Company's Smelter.  (Coutiuued on last page.) ssa^smssesmissBsn^ssisiiB^  immama.^mBmiimi^^mmnmmmmmMriniammunm  THE   B0HNBARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ^mmmmmmmmmimw^^mm^u  CF*  (F*  Cr*  Cr*  <F*  CF*\  CF*\  (F<.  CF*  Cr*  <F*\  0-=*  o���-  CF*  CF*  CF*  Ci=*  o���<  CF*  CF*  Rest $11,000,000.  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $422,689.98  Hon. President:    Lord Strathcona and Mount Roval, G. C. M. G.  President':    Sin George A. Dku.mmond, K. (-. ftl. (..  Vice-President and General Manager :    h. S. .Clods-ton.  - ��� ��� ��� . New York, Chicago,  'i  Branches in London, Eng. 1 c^r^Sa..  Buy and sell Sterling Exc-a-lfe and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partlof tbe world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  Greenwood Branch,    W. E. PROCTOR, Manager.  *=5  *=��>  >=_5  *=��>  *=_5  .*���=��>  ftsmamMMMMiimmmimmmimMMK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Cap-tal,$10,00,000V  Reserve Fund. $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  B   E   WALKER, President. ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager.  , H. H. MORRIS, Supt. Pacific Coast Branches.  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWK-G RATE81  $3 and under    3 eesea  Over $3 and not exceeding $��0    fi cents  "   $10       " " *30   W cents  u   ggo      �� �� $50   15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United States.  NEGOTIABLE  AT A  FIXED  R-". �� AT  rill_ CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  Tliey form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money  with safety and at small cost.  Savings Bank Department  Interest allowed on deposits from SI upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Branch   -   -    -   -   J. T. BEATTIE Manager  Orchard be his formar self or not  cannot be known, but it is easy  to conjecture that prison restraints and prospects of the gallows  ma}- have suggested a conversion  real or feigned as the solution of  his life's preplexity. Whether he  be allowed to live or whether he  be compelled to die we trust his  change of heart is a real thing,  for as he was, he was fit neither  to live nor to die.  Whether the cruel wretch was  living out his own natural desires  or was the tool of the mine-  owner's association, or the instrument of the federation, he is a  human monster fit only in the  last event to be thrown into the  criminal bone pile, aud when he  has served the purposes of the  law's administration we trust that  in the interests of society he may  fertilize the earth in death.  If his conversion is real he may  be lit for heaven but it would  certainly be unsafe to chance his  being lit for earth in any.other  wa}T than good and dead.  52. garment.  P. W. George & Co., will be pleased  to show you how what Semi-ready"  tailoring profits the wearer.  SHARPS AND FLATS  0<>000<>0<HJ<>000<>00<H>00<>0<WOO  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Ptbuc.  Cable Address:       " Hallett."  ( Bedford M'Neill's  Codks ���{ Moreing- & Noal's  Greenwood, B. C.  1 Leiber'e  F. M. LAMB,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office with F. W. McLaine.  Coppre Street. Greenwood, B. C  S*  BOUNDARY  VALLEY   LODGE  ">*��-fe��i- No. 38.1. 0.0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday Ereninp at 8 00 'In  the  I. fc>. O. F. Hall.    A  cordial luvi tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brethern.  13. U. MORTIMER, E. ANDERSON,  N. G. .Ree.-Sec  Gbe  Boundary Creek Times  issued every fri dav  BY  TJIK  Boundary Creek Priuting and Publishing  Co., Limited,  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pkb YBA.K    2 ����  Sii Montbb -  1 25  To FoKBIGW COUNTRIES .- 2 50  FRIDAY   JULY 5 1907  lS-NOW-e0MPENSA-TED-  ously when they rode to town in  a, third class car aud ate their  lunch en route, now a common  railway car and a comfortable  restaurant on the way do not  suffice, men want a Pullman and  a dining car for a long distance,  and at least a chair car and the  buffet for a fifty mile trip.  While some of this increase is  chargeable to man's vanity or  man's extravagance, much of it is  due to the demands of modern  life. A five dollar -bill has little  chance these days to remain unchanged for any length of time  in a man's pocket. Early in the  day it is changed into silver, and  before night-fall the silver' has  srone into the channels of trade,  some for real some for imaginary  wants. It is safe to say that  man's happiness has not grown  proportionately with his earning  or his spending powers. The  simpler habits of the earlier days  brought greater happiness we  believe than the more complex  ones of today. While a few millionaires are being made by manipulation rather than bj- thrift or  honest methods, the thousands  are sweating and toiling as never  before. While man is 'driving  his improved machinery at terrible rate, society is driving the  man at even greater speed. And  so we cannot escape the reflection  that present day methods aud  present day prosperity, do not add  to the sum  of'-human happiness.  BY  T.   MARVIN NICHOLS.  The most successful in the social  world rarely have tremendous-talents.  If they, had, it is likely they would desert the social for either the artistic or  the industrial world.  EDITORIAL NOTES  Every   mistake   of   today  is a  mortgage on tomorrow.  One of the best ways to boom a  town is ts raise the standard of  its schools.  He is the meanest kind of a  spendthrift who tells all he knows  about his neighbours.  Thomas W. Lawson has recovered from his severe attack on  Wall street aud its methods, and  is now booming stocks again.  Mining is the spinal column of  the Boundary, aud every vertebrae in it appears particularly  sound.  Many a man claims to be honest  because he pays a hundred cents  on the dollar. His honesty never  prevents his filching from his  neighbour's reputation every  chance he gets.  The grafters are being hit hard  all over the United States. Some  of the wealthy ones are behind  prison bars and yet we are in the  habit of saj-ing that money, will  save one over there.  The Missouri railroads have  agreed to give the 2 cent fare law  a three months trial. It is now  up to the Missourh-us to show  the railways that this'���will'"pay.  It is reported that the greed of  the politicians for spoils is hampering the work of building the  Panama canal. The same greed  was charged with having needlessly prolonged the civil *war.  In every department of life and  business, prices are  on  the move  upward.    The cost of living increases at an alarming rate.  The  wage-earner    with   present   day  returns cannot be much better off  than he was a score  of years ago  ��� with  his  earning   capacity   say  half what it is today.     The  cost  of everything consumed  steadily  grows higher.     Income  and expenditure seems bound to balance  each   other   in - the   aggregate.  When the price of a manufacturer's   commodity    increases,     the  man, upon whose labor  the  product depends,   wants more pay.  When the laborer gets more pay,  the  landlord   wants   more rent,  the merchant more profits.  When  rents   improve    and     living   increases it costs more  to buy a lot  or build a house.   When the business of the country demands more  railroads and  more  money,    the  interest  rate  advances.    And so  in  one  vast  moving,  constantly  enlarging circle the matter rolls.  Man finds himse'f constantly at  the foot of a mountain which he  must climb,' and the greater his  strength for climbing, the steeper  the mountain sides appear to rise.  Little wonder that many apparently strong and prosperous men  choose rather to quit than to endure the toil. Some are brave  enough to return to a more natural and simple life, others cowards  enough to surrender life itself.  Meet the problem of today in the  light of the present. You play a losing game when you try to unlock the  door of the future with a rusty key  saved from the rubbish piles of the  past.  "How were you able to whip the  Austrians one to four? was asked of  Napoleon. And his answer was, "I  knew the value of tim.*." The man  who learns that trick is a sure winner,  no difierence what he sets  about to do.  Emerson declares that every rclorm  was once a private opinion, and when  it shall be a private opinion again, it  will solve the problem of the age.  The world will always be bitter for  the woman who has known love, protection and material support, and has  deliberately renounced them all.  A discord is only harmony misun der  stood. It is not always the silver chord  that's out of tune. The ear may lose  the power to catch the sweetest strains.  How true that is ! Is the life of some  struggling spirit a discordant note to  you? Is the heart all out of tune ? It  may be your ear is insensible to the  sweetest note. If we ouly knew that  discord is harmony���oh, if we only  knew that���we would be charmed by  music soft and low that now seems so  discordant to us.  Character is the product of antagonisms. The muscle is made strong  under severe strain. We appreciate  the strength of an ocean-going steamer  by the many and terrible storms she  weathers. The wearisome journey to  the distant mountain height is necessary for the larger vision. To. have  nothing against which we must struggle bravely is to develope a. character  at once insipid and worthless.  STAGE OF!   AND-  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in    Sash,   Doors,  Turned  Work  and  Inside Finish,  Etc.  ESTIMATES FURNISHED-  B. C.  6 PHONE 65. 2  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo  Is  unexcelled, as  is evidenced  by   its  its popularity in all the towns  .of the Boundary.  For Sale at all Leading Hotels  Either Draught or Bottled.  Patronize home industry by insisting on having  'ELKHORN" BOTTLED BEER  ni If .  CIGAR  Stages leave daily for Ferry,  Wash., Mother Lode Mine, and  Phoenix. West Fork stage  twice a week,   .   ,,'  COMPLETE LINES OF  PIPES, CIGARS and  TOBACCOS.  ���J.; A. CMENIER,  7 PROPRIETOR  House, sign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decor  ating promptly done.   ;;  allFaperiiig  MM Kalsohiitiiiig  Send iu your spring orders.       .  Box 255, Greenwood.  "Shop Gov_rnmeirrstfeet7~    ;~~r  -To Employers of Labor: ���  Are you conversant with the Workmen's Compensation  Act. The only absolute protection offorded is a Liability Policy. The "OCEAN" Policies, (the largest  accident company in the world, with assets of over  Seven Million Dollars) provides a complete indemnity  agrunst.all liability, relieving you from all  bility, worrv aud trouble.  responsi-  Frederic W. McLaine.  District Agent, Greenwood, B.C.  ES_3Bg3g_g-__K-^^  We have them from SIO up. 1906 leaves us with three  good drop head machines that we had to take back and  which we are offering at reduced 'nices. Call and sec  them al once,  as  we  have on ( left; ��3 a month  takes a new drop head Su.ge hreier & Wilsuii, the  two best machines ou the marU   1 today  ' N. H. LAMONT, Agent  Copper Street. Greenwood. B. C.  K 44'4*-^4^^^4^4<'^^44*i'4<'^4'-^4*4'^^^ #  4��  ������  '4*  ������*���  4��  4��  4��  * ..  _#���$*���*���$">$������ ��8* ��_*��� o^* ���%>'%"  (i  I)  TClectric  current   supplied    for  Power, Lighting-, Heating and  Ventilating-. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of contirrcvf ]rvrr  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  ���_��  _*-  m*  4>  GS.BAKER  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  ;'.'.'AND'-   '       ���   7 ,  Ore Shippers Agent.  Samples receive prompt attention.  P. O. Box 123 7   GREENWOOD.  If you want your business to  boom, it is up to you to boom it.  Newspapers exist for the purpose  of helping you tell the people  =thing_-you=know-about-your_busi_  ness which would be a mutual  benefit for them to know it.  ORCHARD'S REFORMATION  Far be it from us to disparage  the power of the grace of goodness''on the human heart. We  have seen it many times change  a hard, cruel spirit into one all  tenderness, have seen it transform  a life of darkness into one all  light. It is not safe to assume to  judge of its power or of its effects  on human existence. It is safer  for to simply wait and seethe  ultimate. The notorious Orchard  professes to have experienced this  A Toronto bookseller has been  fined $100 and court costs for exposing for sale the picture of a  girl in bathing costume. Presumably this was a mid-week  event ancl the morality department which prosecuted got sore  that it couldn't go down to the  beach Sunday.  THE INSIDE HISTORY  transforming power and in the  To the average man the bank i solitude of his jail to have been  balance does" not appreciably j awakened to a newer, higher  grow in what we call prosperous ��� sense of life's import. If Orchard  times, because if the monthly in-'moved at all it must have been  come gets greater, the monthly j upward. He could not well have  expenditure grows proportion-1 gone downward. By his own  ately. Apparent wants appear;confession he was fit represen-  to steadily multiply. The far-jtative of the lowest depths to  mer's comfortable road waggon ; which human soul might descend,  has given way to the covered; We confess to the entertainment  carriage, the merchant's carriage ; of a doubt of the genuineness of  to the autmobile. Our fathers j Orchard's reform. With the  thought themselves living luxuri-1 freedom  he  once  enjoyed would  Covering;   Eisrht Years   of  Splendid  Energy in Introducing Hew  Systems and Methods,  When the history of Semi-ready tailoring comes to be written, as it should  be written, now that the Company has.  conquered and overcome every obstacle, there will be a proud story of Canadian enterprise and energy. The  development of an original conception  is no easy matter when one has arrayed against a new project many men of  power and much capital, and when one  has to surmount the apathy of men  who prefer former customs to better  ones.  A year ago, after spending 3100,000  in developing the American field, the  -iffairs of the Semi ready Company  reached a crises, the inner,history of  which may never be told.  To-day the.Semi-ready Company is  in a stronger and betier position than  it ever was, and chiefly because men  everywhere have accepted the system  of tailoring which has proven itself.  The popular verdict is a great asset.  The Semi-ready trade-mark label on  a suit is the emblem of correct form, of  good style, aud of superb tailoring,  whether  that label be on a SIS, S20 or  Is under the management of  Morrison. The rooms �� are, comfortably  furnished, and the bar contains the best  brands of wines, liquors and  the city.  -��--?.-$"*.**_$.*!..$���. 3_  PHONE NO. 20   ������ FOR   BEEF, PORK AND MUTTON  FRESH FISH    FINNAN HADDIE  HERRING  MEAT   C  er Street  cigars  in  Copper St.  Greenwood  n*  ,-j  The Palace Livery Stable  Houlo in ft  Loud Drives  DRAYING -- We Can Move Anything  P. C. BUCKLES-8  -���. PROP RIET0R ============  Tea  Coffee      *  Spices  and Extracts  Received Highest Award  Dominion Exhibition 1906  8-__M  J  >S��R   f4��TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.    Lighted   throughout   with  electric lights.  First-class Bar.    Strictly up-to-date goods.  FIFST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  # onmj^KW  \9  >r;  ���--*__ V*?_1 Si-  MM  mm  kiis.  W&)  ����-�����  Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is the ideal summer drink. It is cooling,  satisfying and refreshing. It makes the enjoyment of the outdoor luncheon,  complete, for it is a food as weU as a drink.    7  7 Pabst brews for food qualities as well as for purity and flavor. Pabst  found the only, way to get all of the food-values out of the barley-grain  was to follow Nature in making the malt, by growing it slowly and  scientifically, and he therefore perfected the Pabst Eight-Day Malting  Process.   Pabst Malt is richer in nutriment than other malts.   .  ire  >eer  'uality.  is a more healthful, wholesome food than other beers.. The Pabst Perfect Brewing  Process blends the rich food values of Pabst Eight-Day Malt with the tonic properties  of the choicest hops under conditions that insure positive purity, while reducing the  percentage of alcohol to the minimum���-less than 3i%. ���-"     7 :  Pabst Blue Ribbon is the ideal family beer, because of its foodyvalues, its purity  and its remarkably small amount of alcohol, making it a truly temperance drink.  When ordering beer ask for Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Made   by   Pabst   at  Milwaukee  And Bottled only .at the Brewery.  Grc.irwond  l.ir'iirir Co..  Copper St.. Oreonwocxl, B. C.  Phono   .-. ���     -  _?  -���4-5..  J~ J.  _5/*__       Jm&m*.   ^V*'*  - ���*.  A A%  -��_ ___  rh  @4x��<lxl>(fe<lw^  �����38@  B  ->_->2  -f�� _rk����_ K*i*.e>_��_n_>i  _ Jf_A *_._-��_��� _  1 a -"A �� *^ * B ~ m -  Letterheads,  Envelopes,  Billheads,  Statements,  Receipt Fcrtns,  Business Cards,  Posters. .  Dodgers,  ''"...' Shipping Tags,  For Rent Cards,  For Sale Cards,  Blotters,   Etc.  *  7���__������:  -7^/_-��iofvPrinlina.;._._    Wedding Invitations,  Invitations for Balls, Etc.  Dance Programs,  Concert Programs,  Professional Note Paper  Private Calling Cards,  Lodge Printing,  Church Printing,  Score Cards,  Fine Half Tone  Printing,  Note Paper.  "*2_.  sr  "*)2_i  "**<��_  .   m  "^  LOOSE LEAF SYSTEMS  We have the. necessary machinery for doing this class of work, aud can furnish you  with billheads no matter what system you are using.  Mining Co.'s Printing :  Prospectus,  Handsome Stock Certificates,  Legal Documents,  -  Notices of Meetings,  Special Receipt Forms,  Time, Cards,  ' Mine Reports,  Shipping Reports, Etc.  ���_�����  Colored Poster Printing:  We are equipped to turn  out the best color poster  printing in Southern  British Columbia.  Work done  iu two or three  colors or '  in combinations.  _>^y  NEATNESS AND PROMPTNESS  and the quality of stock used are the main factors that have built us up the largest job  printing business enjojed by any printing house in the Boundary county.  ����-  C����<-  Government Street,  Phone 129  Greenwood, B^ C.  @  ���#-  0WW^^r^^^^'^9^9^^r9^t9^^^fWW:9^  j The World Over j  | Told in, Brief (  Although Mayor Schmitz is in jail  for graft, he affects to believe San  Francisco wants him for another term,  and is busy laying- pipe from his cell.  Rockefeller has been dodging- the  process server again. In fact, John D.  was taking a few days off, but surrendered at last.  Although imprisoned in Idaho,  Moyer and Haywood have been retained as President and Secretary res  pectively of the Western Federation of  Miners. The constitution provides  that no member not in attendance may  be elected to office, aud in ct nsequence  the election for these two officers was  passed over. They remain incumbents  of the offices until iheir successors are  chosen.  Its a mistake. Everything is not  becoming more expensive. Postage  stamps remain the same and the tine  for wife-beating remains at Si.00. At  least that is what I.r. O. F. Mcintosh  of Ritzville paid for the pastime.  A recent plot to assassinate Count  Witte failed, the leader of the plot being betrayed and killed by his associates.      ���  Iowa has repudiated the unwritten  law, and the supreme court has administered a sharp rebuke to the prosecuting attorney who advocated it.  The months of July and August are  expected, according to Victoria advices, to bring about 8,000 Japanese  into Canada.  The first through Soo-Spokane train  arrived in Spokane on Wednesday last.  Several officials of the Canadian Pacific made the trip west over the uew  international route.  The Seattle yacht, Spirit, won the  first race on Tuesday last, iu competition wilh the Alexandria, of Vancouver, for the.Dunsmuir 'trophy.  '��� The Guggenheims and the Alaska  Pacific railway people are having a hot  time in the north. Fighting men command a premium, the Guggenheims  paying gun men S2 an hour, with a  bonus of SlOO offered to the first man  who gets across the rival right of way.  The-story going the rounds o.f the  American press to the effect that the  United States is lo placea powerful  squadron in Pacific waters, is denied  from Washington, but is generally  credited all the same.  Father, Mother and Child   Ail Cured cy zam-BuK."  "Zatn-Buk is the best household  balm ever brought into a home." Such  is the opinion of Mrs. Sarah McDonald  of Birr (Out.). She says: "My little  girl had a severe aud obstinate rash  on her skin. I applied Zam-Buk a few  times and the skin trouble, which had  defied all other remedies, went away  like magic. Soon afterwards my  mother burned her finger, Zam-Buk  was .pplied, and immediately eased  the pain. My father got scratceed with  barbed wire. Zam-Buk closed the  wound, prevented blood poison, and  healed the injury in quick time. I consider that for skin diseases and injuries Zam-Buk is really wonderful."  For eczema, abscesses, summer skin  troubles, insect stings, sore feet,  chafed place., cuts, burns, bruises.etc,  Zam-Buk is a sure cure. .AlsqJEor piles.  SO cents par qox, all stores and  medicine vendors, or Zam-Buk Co.,Toronto.  OUTPUT OF BOUNDARY ORES  ��� The low grade mines of the Boundary, which first began shipment in  1900, sending out 100,000 tons that  year, have been steadily increasing.  The 1906 shipments were 1,161,537 tons,  and that of 1907 will be a large gain  thereon.  The high grades, up to the end of  1906, had in the past four years shipped  out over 10,000 tons with a value of  over $1,000,000.  Mines. Total to Tons  Low chads, end 1906.       iu 1907  Snowshoe      102,466 39,080  Dom Cop Co..      400,000 78,513  B;C Cop Co.  1,070,000 123,611  Granby. Cop Co... 3,000,000 271,002  High grade;.  Duncan  18 40  Prince Henry  IS       -       Preston '.. . 20    Mavis...  40    Don Pedro  95    Crescent .-  90   Rambler  76      ���        Bay ..' 75    Strathmore  160       - 75  EPU........  662    Elkhorn         1,075 20  Skylark.  1,176 224  Providence  3,948 680  Jewel         2,670    Riverside  90  Sally  310 40  The symptoms of an electric shock  are (1) stoppage or weakening of the  action of the nerves; (2) contraction  and stiffening of the muscles; (3) stoppage or weakening of the action of the  heart. The contraction of the muscles explains why a victim cannot let  go a live wire after grasping it. Even  if a person becomes unconscious, his  life may yet be saved by proper treatment, such as artificial respiration.  To drive a spike under water it has  been suggested that a piece of gas pipe  large enough to hold the spike comfortably, and small enough to keep it  upright, might be used in conjunction  with the steel drift slightly longer  than the pipe. The length of the pipe  will depend upon the depth of the  water, while the dri:t should leave a  hand hold above the pipe. By means  of this expedient the spike will necessarily go at the angle at which the pipe  is held, and the drift readily transmits  the hummer blows to its head.  lueen's Hotel  The only  Temperance House in town.  The best meals that can be provided in  this  market,   and    cooked   umler   the  supervision of the Proprietress  who is  favorite carteres.  Sunday family Dinners a specialty.  Rooms Newly Remodlled.  Mrs. D. Manchester,   Prop.  The Star Bakery  Is recognzed as the leading bakery in  the  city   for   MACAROONS   and   all  kinds Fancy Pastry, Bread, Cakes and  Buns.    Tel. a65.  F. JAYNES,   -   Proprietor  '%  AT  KEREMEOS; B.C  To work ou   big irrigating  ditch.  $2.00 a Cord  in carloa'd lots f.  Greenwood.  o..b.  Get Your Orders in  early.  Tilt Mill LDMBBt CO.  LIMITED.  GREENWOOD. B. C.   <*  Notice of Six Applications for Special  Timber Licenses*  NOTICK is hereby iri veil tliat thirty days  afler date., ve intend lo apply to the Hon.  Chief Commissioner nf Land and Works, fora  special license to cut and carry away timber  from the following described lands:  No. I. Coniiuenciiitf at a post planted on the  north side of Copper creek and about one and a  half miles from the rtain Kettle river nnd  about one mile from the west line of C. P. R.  lot No. 2714. and ruiiniiiir west It/) cli.iiis,  tlience north 40 chains, thence east 160 cliains,  thence south 40 chains to point of commencement .- -- : ' .     Dated May 30fti, 1907.  No. 2. Comm-iicinjr at lhe southeast corner  of No. 1. and ruiiniiiir south 40 chains, thence  west 160 chains, tlience north 40 chains, tlience  east 160 cliains to point of commencement.  Dated May 30th, 1907.  No. 3. Commenciuft-at the northwest corner  of No. 1. and riitininir south SO chains, thence  west SOchaius, thence north 80 chains, thence  east 80 chains to point of commencement.  Dated May 31st, 1997.  No. 4. Commencinir at the iiortlnvesi corner  of No. 3, and ruiiniiiir south SO chains, thence  west SO chains, thence norili HO chains, thence  east SO chains'to point of commencement  Dated May 31s', 1907. ���  ;������:*���>���:�����_���  ���X"X"X~X~X"X��I*-''��v-'. f *..��������..'  :����*:~:~:~:��:-x-:��:~c~:~x~x��  :��x~x~X":~x��:~x-:"X-x>  ....  n  .*. __  ._><�����  8  i  ii  H  ____  1  if  I  1  ��;�����.**  H:  Ay  te  *><x��x~:  tt  u  n  D  I  Westminister, B. C.  ���x-X"X��X"X"X~:��>} *:**w*.v����j.%x��*��v���w.v_ .... y V  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE  New Westminster, B. C.  Receives both ladies and (rentlcmen as resident or day students. Has a complete business  or commercial course. Prepares students-.to  pain teachers' certificates of all (Trades. C.ives  the four years' course for the U. A. dejriee, and  the first year of the of the School of Science  course, in affiliation with Toronto University,  ltas a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners  who work iu 13. C.  Instruction is also [riven in Art, Music, Phys-  cal Culture aud Elocution.  Term opens September 17,1907. For calendar,  tc.address COLUMI-IANCOLI-EGl-  <>0<><><KM>OOOOOCK>CK>0<>00<)<>00^  6  at3Dli^mvmfmmmmmmimmi9  We Cure  Every Case  e Treat  No. S Comiiieucinir at the northwest corner  of No. 1. aud runnin*.- west SO chains, thence  north SOchaius, thence east So chains, thence  south SOchaius to point ot commencement.  Dated June 1st, 1907.  No 0. Commencinir al the smithw-'st corner  of No 5. and riinuinir west SO chains, tlience  north SOchaius. tlience east SO chains, thence  south SOchaius lo point of commencement.  Dated June 1st. l'HIT.  Yalk  COI.-MHI-   T.I.'Mll--   Co.  ��jte07K7$Cj>?}  ?^L<&^7^*7--i-&7~\ <��*  Synopsis of Canadian North-west  Homestead Regulations.  ANY even numbered seclion ol Dominion  Lands iu Manitoba. Saskatchewan ami  Alberta, exceutinir S and 2(-. not rt-s_rveil, inav  be homesteaded by any person who is the sole  head of a family, or auy male over IS_ years of  aire, to the extern of one quarter section of U,.1  acres, more or less.  Entry must Ue made personally al the local  laud office for the district in which the land is  situate.  The homesteader is required to perform the  conditions connected therewith under one ot  the followinir plans:  (1) At least six months* residence upon and  Cultivationof the laud iu each year for three  years.  (2) If the father (or mother, if the father i-  decea-ed), of the boniest .ader resides upon -  farm in'the vicinity of the land entered for. th-  requirements as l�� residence may lie ".aiistied  by such person residiuir with lhe failu-i' or  motliei", :|  (3 If the settler has his permanent residence  upon farmimr laud owned by hi:- in the vicinity of his homestead.the requirements as to  esidence may "lie satisfied by residence n;.mi  tbe s-idjand.  Siv months' notice in writing should be iriven  to the Commissioner of   Dominion  Lauds  a;  Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  W. W. COKY,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  N.B.��� Unauthorized   publication   of   this ad  T/ertisement will nol be paid lor. 3_-5.  OUR GUARANTEE:  NO PAY UNLESS CURED  When You Need a Specialist, Consult One of  Wide Experience.  W�� are just now completing1 *i��r twen-  ttatb year aa ipccialUta in xnen'a -tftcatea.  Dui.-k' t-teia years of close application to  a single class ot atl-ieota we have origin-  "ated and perfected Ihs only scientific and  certain methods by which those diseases are  cured. If we accept your case for treatment, a curs is b-t a autter of a reaaouable  time.  Wo aruarAnt-- ev��ry mu a lifelong  cure fop Vtrloocole, Hydrocele. Urethral Obstruction.. Blood and Skin Diseases, Prastatle Troubles. Plies, Fistula. Loss of Vital Power. Kidney.  Bladder and Special Disease?. We  especially offer our services to those  who are afflicted with weakness as a  result or their own follies or excesses.  ��� Our methods are up-to-date, and  are endorsed by the highest medical  authorities of Europe and America,  Honce our success In the treatment of  Men's Diseases. Remember, our specialty Is limited to the diseases or HEN  aud KEN only.  We cover tha entire field of nervous,  chronic, deep-seated and complicate*;  diseases.  CONSULTATION  FREE.  If you cannot call, writ, for Symptom BUnk.  Many rases cau be cured al _*����. Aij _or-  re��pc-___-e co-J-ienbU-.  �� SCOTT  MEDICAL COMPANY  109 MarUa SL, Cor. Tint At*,  SEATTLE, WASH.  R AILW A Y*  SUMMER EXCURSION RATES  EAST FROM   GRBENWOOD  $54.55    V  To  Winnipeg, Port  Arthur, St. "  Paul, Duluth, Sioux City.  St. Louis, S62.05; Chicago, 566.05;  Toronto,  580.55;  Ottawa, S84 60;  Montreal,S86.05; St. John, $96.05;  Halifax,  S103.85  ',. TICKETS ONSAIvE.  'July 3, 4  5,.     -Aug-. 8,'9, 10.  Sept. 11, 12, 13.  First-class round trip 90 days  limit. Corresponding-reductions  from allKootenay points. Tickets available for lake route, including- meals and berths on lake u  steamers. Through rates quoted 0  to any station, Ontario, Quebec $  or Maritime provinces on appli- ��  cation. X  For  further  particulars, rates   2  aud folders, apply to, 6  E.J. COYLE, J.S.CARTER. $  A.G.P.A.Vjincou.er D.P.A.NelKon  E,    R.   REDPATH,   AGENT  GREENWOOD,  <><><><>P<��>OOlA��K>000<*K>00<><>0000  THE  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)  Is a dozen books in one, covering- ihe  history, Geography, Geology, Chem-  '��gtry'7-Mi^faTS^y-'MBf_llurgy7Termin~ "  ology, Uses, Statistics and Finances of  Copper. It is a practical book, useful  to^all arid necessary to most men engaged in any branch of the Copper  Induetry.  Its facts will pass muster with the.  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English withont fear or favor.  Its lists and describes 4626 Copper  Mines and Companies in allpait.of  the world, descriptions running from  two lines to sixteen pages, according  to importance of the property.  The Copper Handbook is conceded to  be the  'S  SIM  I  s  The Milling Man needs the book lor  the facts it gives him about mines,  mining and the metal.  The Investor needs the book for the  facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copii-r statistics.  Hundred of'swindling companies are  cxposctl in plain English.  Price is 55 in I.uckram with gilt top;  57.50 in full library morocco. Will bo.  s.nt, fully prepaid, on approval, to anv  address ordered, and may be returue.l  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS  ;i Editor and Publisher.  453 Postoffice Lilock. Houghton.  Michigan  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "K.1I- K"  MnM'i'-l  -l:iim. Miii-it* in Hie Green-  wi.,-1   Mi-itis Divisi.ui .���:' Yale l.��islrict.  WlH-r.- locairil:    On  W.illa-*.- Mountain.  TAKK NilTlCI- 'li.it I. l,-W 1!. Uallett.  Viv. Viiinr'*. C-'rli:i,:.ne "ml IW14.S, int.M.I.  ���<i.ty.l:\-.s fn nn tlieilatc lu:roof, to apply to tbe  Minim.' HvCDpicr   fur_ Ceriili__te of   lmpruve-  t!n* i>-r]>.>-'  jf iii>t-i��in;i  mv   ���;itlivt-t:-  moiety  C row ii  the above  ���nt*. f"  i;r:n:t ui  oiaim.  A tul fin liter lake  notice %that action, under  .cction .7,  must  1>_ commenced before  tbe i^-  -it.im-** of such t'ertificaieof Imorovetrenl-.  Iiaseil tbis 14th il-v of April. A. U. 1906.  3*-43 I- H. UALLETT. THE  B0WNDARY ' CREEK TIMES.  Dr. Mathison,  dentist,  Naden-Flood  block.  Get coupons with your groceries, etc.  at Anderson Bros.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller  Block, open evenings.  CARPING  CRITICISM  (Continued from Page 1.)  Miss Bessie Mcintosh   left yesterday  for a trip to Nova Scotia,  John Barclay is look'mir into business  possibilities in Vancouver.  R. P. Williams is iu   Greenwood  on  one of his regular business trips,  Mrs. A. W. English leaves in  a  few  days to join her husband in Cobalt.  The editor of the Anaconda  News is  off for a holiday trid to the coast cities.  Mrs. D. C. McRae is enjoying a holiday in the solubrious summer climate  of the coast.  Mrs. W. F. Proctor left on Tuesday  for an extended visit to Victoria ancl  other coast points.  Miss Dolly Yates accompanied Mrs.  Frith to her new home in the Similkameen, for a short holiday.  The Greenwood base ball team is  taking part in the tournament at Oroville yesterday and today.  J. L,. Watson, principal of the Greenwood public schools, has gone to Ontario to spend his vacation.  Mr. Kendall of the Bank of Montreal is having a vacation on the coast  accompanied by Mrs. Kendall.  Always Ask for  i  s  ni  I  Neither Dominion Day nor Fourth of  July were up to-the standard this year,  if measured by enthusiasm or noise.  Miss M. L. Moffatt of Nelson, is  spending her summer vacation at the  family home on Kimberley avenue.  Richard Armstrong of Chicngo, interested in several Greenwood high  grades, was in town early in the week.  T. M. Anderson, of Guelph, Out.,  member of ihe firm of Anderson Bros.,  of this city is a local visitor this week.  For Sa_,b or Rent���Piano, organ,  sewing machine, ice cream freezers,  tents, firearms. Yes, or ari}*old thing.  A. E. White, O I C new and secondhand store, phone 16. 42-43.  Mrt and Mrs. Frederic Keffer left on  Thursday morning's Great Northeritor a trip to Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma,  Victoria and Vancouver.  Miss Ruth Stanton who has been attending St. Joseph school, Nelson, the  past year, won a gold medal for pro-  ficincy, at the recent examinations.  Messrs. Bubar ancl McKay have  taken over the livery and feed business  of George H. Cropley, and are preparing to run an up-to-date livery and  teaming business.  Tramway sentiment appears to be  growing. It might be well if the city  council would investigate the feasibility and probable cost of the same and  give the people some reliable data to  go upon.  Although one locomotive sufficed  two years ago to handle tlie ore tonnage of both local smelters and do the  yard work, it now requires one exclusively to do the switching' iu the  local yards.  Mrs F, C. Buckless who was very ill  in. Oregon has improved in health since  her return to Spokane. Miss Buckless  has gone to Spokane to return to  return to Greenwood with her mother  on Saturd. v.  Mr. Tti-o left Spokane on Welnies-  day for a two or three mouths trip to  England. He was glad to get away  from the Snake River country, and  expects on his return, to resume life  in the Boundary.  Harry Shallenberger has resigned  the management of the Moreen in  South Deadwood camp. Mrs, 17 M.  Parsons, secretary of the company was  recently in Greenwood and put A. J.  Morrison in charge of the properly.  Duncan Ross is having a lively time  among his faithful supporters and the  festive mosquitoes of the Cariboo  country. :  Andrew Hansen, an old Greenwoodite  now ranching.near Chesaw, was in  town early in, the week, accompanied  by Mrs. Hanson.  Walter Frith and family went to  Oroville on Thursday evening's train,  en route to his new appointment-as  customs officer at Chapaca.  **  IMPORTEFS  GKEENWOOD  F. F. Ketchum of Beaverdell, who  has spent the last five years in the  mercantile business there has gone to  his old St. John home for a holiday.  D. McD. Hunter who has been principal of the Eadysmith public school  for the last year came in on Thursday's stage for a visit with his family.  Although Eadysmith is a town of only  about 3000 people, it employs a staff of  nine teacher, in its public schools.  Joseph Cheni.r thought to discount  time by taking the Great Northern  route to Nelson on Monday last. He  left here at 7 o'clock Monday morning  and reached Nelson at-2 o'clock Tues-  day "morning."- 'Had "lf<_l__Feh'"Tne'Can"-  adian Pacific several' hours later he  would have been in - Nelson several  hours earlier.  The driver for the I'llkhorn Brewing  company must be getting, tired of be-  ing.held up on every block to tell some  inquirer all about who made the new  wagon he is carting the beer in. Now  when he sees a man coming who he  thinks is thirsting for information and  not beer, he just shouts Kinney made  it and he lives in Greenwood.  20 per discount  off our whole line of glass ware and dinner  sets.  The Newest  Best  TKtMK- _A-5��3.s��*>  tpW'fcfV  and Cheapest.  We have them,  Duncan Mcintosh is feeling himself  again. His semi-activity of the last  year has given place to his characteristic ruslle and vigor and he is happy  One day we read of his arrival in Win-  ni peg, the  next, he is  report edat-the  coast, and the; next day's stage lands  him in Greenwood. He is mysteriously  reticent about his doings, but he is  certainly getting younger under what  must be a happy strain.      "���    _   ���  SUNDAY SERVICES.  We have bargains in Linoleums, Furniture, New and Second Hand Steel Ranges  Sporting Goods, Fishing Tackle, Etc. Etc.  WE CAN FURNISH YOUR HOUSE  FROM CELLAR TO GARRETT.  Catholic���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday iu each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. rti.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rev. J. A. Bedard, O. M. I.,  pastor.  Anglican���St. Jude's. Rev. John  Leech-Porter, 13. D., pastor, i. Services  at 8 a. ni., 10:45 a. tn. and 7:30 p. m ;  Sunday school, 12 p. tn. All seats  free. Services alternate Sundays at  Boundary Falls, at 4 p. m., ancl Eholt  at 3 p. m. -  Pkesbythhiax���St. Columba, Rev.  M. D. Mckee, pastor. Services 11 a.  m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school 2:30  p. m.  Methodist���Rev. H. S. Hastings,  pastor Services at lla.m. aud 7:30  p. in.; Sunday school. 2:30 p. ni.  trust moneys of the Forresters,  JUS ER1K-TDS CONDEMN HIM.  When a man is condemned by his  own supporters and friends then it is  time for the people to take some action  in the matter. Mr. Foster contemplates  remaining in public life, and offering  himself again to the electors of North  Toronto. Alluding to this incident  the Toronto News, a paper not friendly  to tho government, says of M.Foster  that  ���"he  cannot see  the  ethical argu  ment   in   the   handling   of    fiduciary  funds, and that therefore he is lacking  in some of the vital  qualifications   for  public service."  The Montreal Star.a Conservative  paper of large inllttence aud great circulation, says ot Mr. Foster:  "It was Mr. Foster who knew perfectly well the laws of this country  concerning the investment of trust  funds, and who violated these laws by  borrowing money on behalf of a syn  dicate from the Union Trust company,  of which he was manager, on the se  curity of stock in a speculative land  company." - '  This is the man who asks that Hon.  Mr. Fielding, a gentleman whose in  legrity and personal character have  uever been questiot.ed, should be retired, and the position of minister of  finance be given lo one who combines  the qualifications of opportunist/politician and speculator.  -IiSI'EPKESICNTATlON  NOT AKGUMBST.  When an eminent member of the  government of Sir Wilfrid Laurier addressed the people, the Opposition press  seeKsthe opportunity to misrepresent  what was said, and perpetuate the policy of-personal abuse and slander, the  despicable weapons of the advocates  of a lost cause. Hon. Mr. Aylesworth,  minister of justice, notwithstanding  that he bears on his shoulders the burden of the two great departments, he  being the acting minister of public  works at the time, found lime to journey to South Huron and deliver an address to the electors of that constituency.  DENOUNCED DEGRADING  TACTICS.  After devoting some time to an elaboration of the government's policy,  and explaining to the people the prac  tical redemption of Liberal pledges,  Mr. Aylesworth passed on to a discussion of Conservative tactics. As the  ministei of justice observed, having  no policy, they employed slander, being-without any alternative, they in-  dulg'*. in-personal attacks.  The minister drew particular atfen-  tion to the fact that the leader in this  mode of political warfare, was Mr.  Foster, who had himself been proved  guilty of the very things against which  his invective was directed. Further  than this, Mr, Aylesworth drew upon  politicalhistory to prove that in the  Conservative   ranks   there   had; been,  ai-d-wcrcatrthia --moment, ��� rn��n���- gftulty.  of the very things charged against the  Liberals. The minister : of justice  deprecated this character of political,  warfare, but he deplored the fact that  investigation would show many Conservatives guilty of worse than had  been alleged against the Liberals.  The large annual outlays of the government were spoken of, and the minister acknowledged that with all the  care exercised, there would be occas  ional instances of overcharge, but on  the whole the government, haying iri  view* the enormous expenditure every  year, got value for..its money, and was  not unduly imposed upon. The loss  ���was trifling compared to the heavy  outlay.  DEPRECATED  SLANDER.  The minister of justice deprecated  the' policy of slander and personal  -abuse."He=wotild-welcome-a-discus_ioti-  of public affairs if conducted upon a  high plane, but he would not entertain  any respect tor political opponents who  had nothing to offer the people but  unwholesome repetitions of slanderous  allegation.  Mr. Aylesworth concluded by paying  a glowing tribute to the many1 excellencies ef the great Liberal leader, Sir  Wilfrid Laurier, and he made touching  reference to the respect and reverence  in which that distinguished statesman  is held, not only by the Liberal party,  but generally throughout the British  empire. ��  Each 50c purchase entitles you to one chance  on the beautiful 97 piece Combination  Dinner aud Tea Set-in our window.  .';-.. . ��� . '    .  Get coupons at time of Purchase  -������V. jj}  When placing your  next order for  don't  forget  that we carry the largest and most complete stock in the city.  GIVE   US   A   TRIAL  Our goods arc always fresh, and we guarantee  satisfaction.  Hunter-Kendrick Co., Ltd.  The Big Store"  _s 4* ���$* 4* 4* 4? 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4' 4* 4* 4 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 3.  ��� *  5.Roomed Flat and Bathroom  6 ROomed House  8 Roomed House  3 Roomed Cottage  Cabins and Rooms in all parts of the city.  $ Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd  ^ Opposite Post Office.  �������?������?��� ���$*��$��� ��f��>$�� *���$�� ���*>$��� ���$��� ��$* -���� -$- ��$* -J- -J- 4, -$* -$. mf> .��_ .$. Jfr Jfr _^j^  ��_���  All the way from  ^  Sea Grass Chaias,  Laundry Baskets  Verandah Cushions,  . jj   Waste Paper Baskets.  SSTy      A   .traight   car    of    up-to-date  Eastern   goods    just   unloaded,  No trouble to show you.  Br4_  I.~JYI7"CrUliey~ &  Greenwood's Big Furniture House.  -J  ����&����������������_ ��0��ft0ee#fiaaea��aa&aaaae��a&aa$$��3��.a����e#Beaa&  �� a  tt a  ��  CO OPERATION ON TRIAL  fiED-finillE-M       Phone 16  The Boundary Co operative..association, recently formed here, has certainly undertaken what would seem a  difficult task. ; It has gone into the  restaurant business in the former Commercial hotel.  The association has chosen to make  an experiment of one of the most difficult branches of business, and if it  makes a success of it, as we trust it  will, the demonstration of its business  management, aud of the principle involved, will be, all the greater.  THE   NEW  PACIFIC U  I* -"'  And now by royal decree it is Sir  Thomas Shaughnessy, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Cross_  Bigger  and  Better  Than Ever.  The finest appointed  dining room in the city.  Large roomy Lunch  counter.  All tlie delicacies such as  Ice Cream, Strawberries and  Cream, etc. has now taken  their place upon the bill of  fare.  DEALERS IN  Yresb and gured meats  Fisb and Poultry*  a  o  a  a  a  a  a  _  a  a  ' B  �����  a  a  .  a  a  D  ��� ft-  a  a  a  jj..,  a  a  a  e  a  i>  a  ���a  ��  a  _<i__s___._____--__<i__A_____---<iB^v*V'9��.-<.<i-��ea8g$-(i��a  MOOR,   Pi.  ii  An explosive costing considerably  less than dynamite, which was experimented with in the construction of the  Simplon tunnel, is made by soaking  meal or powdered charcoal in liquid  air or liquid oxygen, the powdered carbon being first packed into a case made  of stout paper and covered with an  asbesto wad, through which passes a  paper tube to the bottom of the cart  ridge- Just before firing, the liquid  air is poured into the tube, and the  tiring is a�� usual by means of a fulminate cap. As the liquid air gradually evaporates, the period between  filling and firing is limited to below 10  minutes. A missfire is not dangerous,  because at the end of half an hour the  liquid has entirely disappeared and the  cartridge may again be handled with  safety. The use of this economical  explosive had to be abandoned in the  tunnel by reason of the quantities of  carbon monoxide which it produced in  the constricted space.  The Canadian Marble and Granite  works, Nelson, has secured several  contracts for the supply of marble and  granite for use at Edmonton, Alberla,  in the erection of school and other  buildings.


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