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 fr.Qf.5_-       -    '/��'���*'>  h  VOL. 11  GRJSBNWOOD, B.  C, FRIDAY, AUGUST 30   1907.  va /  } ___m��_-_i_him- _ wasamhaMa a-p q  ajji*__E��i-__��-iroan.unrnmnifiifiiniii i u mi inniin     im urn mriht*  BOARD AND LODGING  Will   Be  Cheerfully   Fur  nished  FREE OF INDIVIDUAL COST  HUNTERS TAKE NOTICE  No. &lJ^  Or Floor Goyerings fi  GULLEY'S BIG ST(  GULLEY'S LITTLE PRICES : :  you see  and get  in- all Lines  ��� ���ni--in ii ��� n-|��m iiiii>_nniini-irniir_-nrw.il'. iMiinrf__fciriri>Tir��M i �� ���i_w_h<m If ���  Special Bargains this Week in  Carpet Squares & Hearth Rugs  t  HOUSE FURNISHERS  Phone 27  s  ���OBI  .c.  .gms-_-_--'t��88��3imffl-���gaggMcia��<  To the One Who Has Been. Tampering: With the City's Water Supply  If He Can Be Found  ��  kUR stock of Ladies' Coats  and Skirts for the coming"  season has arrived it com-,  prises all the latest and most up-  to-date styles, in all the best and  most "fashionable cloths. A large  variety of patterns tochoose,from  and at the lowest possible price,  Consistent with a hig-li standard  of quality. -  PAY US A  VI  Dry Goods.  Millinery  For the second time this summer some one has tampered wilh  the City's water .supply. On  Friday last the officials at the  city Hall observed that the water  pressure was rapidly falling and  a messenger was hastily despatched to the Lind Creek reservoir  to ascertain the cause. A board  was found" placed fairly across  the mouth of the intake and held  securely there by the pressure of  the water and the suction from  the reservoir. The water was  shut completely out of the reservoir, which had become exhausted,  and was -.lowing down the old  channel and.watering, the country below. If the officials had  observed the amount of water in  evidence in the old water courses  that day they might have guessed  at the trouble that wes bound to  come later. But it was only  when water became scarce in town  that any one suspected the mischief. It cannot be said whether  the act of the miscreant who  placed the obstruction was one  purely malicious or fer other  considerations.  ��� The City however is offering a  reward for information in the  premises . and if a conviction  could be- secured, the man who  did it will change lodgings for  a considerable time.  MINING MATTEF.S  From the Gazette of Aug. 22nd  last we observe the followino-*   close season until lstSepfcember  190S for Praie '-Chicken all over  the Province. -7-      '' -"  Close season for Blue ancl Willow grouse and prairie Chicken  until 1st September 1908 in Grand  Forks Electoral r>is.rict7      ' '  Close season until September,  1910, for Blue and Willow Grouse  in Okanogan Electoral District.  Mr: . Robert.Pringle, M.P.  Explains  WHY MONEY IS SO SCARCE  PURE FOOD  The Act passed at the last ses-  siou of Parliament "respecting  the inspection of/meats and can-  tied foods," comes in-to effect on  Sept. 3rd, and thenceforth canning and packing, establishments  will be under Government inspection. About" 40 men specially  trained for their new duties will  carry out the w^rk of inspection.  Cleanliness in'every" department  will be the watchword of the  inspectors, and none but clean,  healthy employees and clean sanitary appliances will be tolerated  in and about sucli establishments.  A sufficient appropriation was  made lo carry Ihe'law into effect  and heavy fines will be enforced  if the requirements of the law are  not observed.  He Will Endeavor at-"tlie  Next Session of Parliament to Have  .      the Bank Act Amended  The application made by John  Mulligan, for the water of Long-  Lake for smelter purposes,, and  heard by Gold commissioner McMynn two weeks ago has been  dismissed.      '*'  The application-was resisted by  the Greenwood City Waterworks  Company. S. S. Taylor, K.C.,  of Nelson, and I. TI. Hallett argued the case for Mulligan and  A. M. Whiteside for the Waterworks Co,  LONE STAR MINE  BAD DRAINAGE  SCHOOLS RE-OPEN  The Greenwood; Public Schools  were re-opened on Monday last.  During the recess a third room  has been fitted up ��� on the second  floor and a uew department has  been opened. -"* _.  * The staff for the present will  include Mr. J. L; Watson, Principal and Miss Martin and Miss  Moffatt.  TOLD IN FIGURES  In oue week recently the Ontario  Gazette reported new mining-companies  with a capitalization of 53,500,000.  Output of Boundary Ores  The low grade   miues   of   the  Boundary,which first began shipment in 1900, sending out 100,000  tons     that     year,     have    been  steadily   increasing.     The   1.906  shipments  were   1,161,537   tons,  and that_of 1907_will be a_ larger.  Mines Total to       Tons  ' I.OWGRAD-;    end 1906   in 1907  Snowshoe............   102,466     17,07��  Dom Cop Co......   400,000   119,927  B C Cop Co.....-1,090,000   167,461  Granby Cop Co3,000,000    393,374  ���r*  ��� IN''THE HANDS OF AN INEXPERIENCED PERSON. IP- THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT BRING IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  ��UR MORK-'IS GJ-FARkNTEEB  B  Greenwood  NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER  HIGH GRADE  Duncan   Prince Henry...  Preston   Mavis......   Don Pedro   Crescent   Rambler   Bay   Strathmore   15 RU   Elkhorn    Skylark   Providence   Jewel 7 ...........  Riverside   Sally....   18  15  20  10  95  90  76  75  160  652  1,675  1,176  3,94S  2,670  310  60  -from Vancouver comes the report  that Mr. George W. Wooster, Treasurer of the Granby said while in that city  recently:���  "Within ayear the Granby Consolidated  Mining & Smelting- Company will undertake an enlargement of its smelter  plant to a capacity of 5.000 Ions a day."  If the-argument that was used  against'the V. V. & E. Railway,  both in Parliament and the press,  that its building- would mean  draining the country's resources  into the United Stales were true,  we wonder if the same will be  used against the Canadian Pacific's plan of extension from the  Crow's Nest into Portland? P.ob-  abjy however that will be argued  as drainage from the United  States into Canada.  PAY ORE COLUMN  The Sudbury is.about to install  something novel in the district in  the line of a suction fan the idea  being to force bad air out of a  mine rather than force good air  into it.  Work is steadily progresssug  on the Diamoud shaft and the  rock being broken at 100 feet  looks as if the ore was not far  away.  Extensive iron and steel Works,roller  mills, tin plate works, iron pipe and  general casting" fouudaries, machine  shops.tube works, bar mills, ship plate  .mills, -steeLraiUniil!s,^steet-car=shops=  and a dry dock of large dimensions are  to be erected in British Columbia.  These great plants will be built on the  mainland coast at a site to be selected  within a short distance of  Vancouver.  Financial interests in London, Manchester and in this province are at  present engaged in the dotation of the  North Pacific Iron ..Steel Corporation",  an organization to be capitalized at  515,000,000 to launch the enormous  undertakings which the promoter  have in view.  Jimmy Copeland aayslhe.Iveroi  looks "bully" and what he says  goes.  30  75  20  244  730  90  80  The district smelter treatment  for the month of July was over  150,000 tons.  The district smelter treatment  for 1907, to date, is about 750,000  tons.  Prices of Metals  The  prices of metals continue  very satisfactory, and with slight  fluctuations, " hover   around   the  following:  Copper " 18^ cents  Silver ._... 69j4     ��  Lead _ _ 5i/     <<  Senator Cox will advance .50.000 to  the Salvation Army to finance the  colonization of 230,000 acres iu Nipissing and Algoma, and additional funds  later, providing the la-id is found suitable. Tlie district has been inspected  by a joint committee who will report.  "With three furnaces in operation our  smelter at Bounday Kails is reducing  one thou-aud twa hundred tons of ore  a day," said Mr. Johnson to the Prov  ince ai the Hotel Vancouver to day.  "Plans fjur a converter for the purpose  of making bister copper are now being  prepared. We intend to bring the treatment capacity up to three thousand  ton ; a day as speedily as possible.  At the Hague Conference-  Sir Edward Fry, the head of the Bnt  ish delegation, in a speech proposing  the resolution pointed out: that the expenditure of European countries and  the United States, excluding Turkey  and Montenegro for armies and navies  had increased from /7351,000,000 sterling in 189'J to ^"320,000,000 pounds sterling in 1906. Lamenting this factjhe  said:���"Such is Christian peace in the  civilized world in the twentieth century."  From Montreal comes the story  that Mr. Robert Pringle, M.P.  Stormoiit. is agitating the question of bank mauag'inent and says  he will endeavor to have the Bank  Act amended at the next session  of parliament. Although Mr.  Pringle is doubtless advised of the  position he seeks to establish we  think that in some instances his  deductions are wide of the mark.  For instance he takes-the ground  that in the matterof banking Canada has retrogressed under her  new arid widely commended Bank  Act. '*���"  In regard to the part the banks  may play in creating a panic,Mr.  Pringle is quoted as saying :���:  "The fact is, as our law now  stands pur banks are in a position  to create a stringency in the money market and charge borrowers  any rate they may deem fit. ���  "As a matter of fact they have  been charging from IS to. 24 per  cent, in the western country.  This could not have occurred under the old acts.  Why Money is-Tight.  "We   find   today iu Canada  a  great   stringency    in the   money  market.    Here  are  some figures  bearing on that point. According  to the last Government report the  total paid up capital   of  all   our  banks is $96,362,130.    We find on  30th June last as per Government  reports our banks  have   on   call  loans elsewhere than in   Canada,  and largely, I take it in the United States of America,S5_,29S,S73,  aiid on current   loans   elsewhere  than iu Canada $23,38S,25'J.  "Then there are loans to dir-  ectors'and firms of which directors  are partners. $11.432,629.  "Now here we have in round  ifignres"about=$90';000^00.^rT-^-:r^  ly the total paid up capital of the  banks.  "Is it any wonder money is  tight in Canada ? Is it any wonder that our banks are in a position to charge usurious rates of  interest to needy borrowers in the  west, or in the east, for that  matter ?"  Now we suppose that this money is placed out of Canada, first  for interest sake and second for  security. Suppose that $80,000,  000 placed out of Canada subject  to call were within Canada and a  panic should come, what effect  would such a call have on the'  situation ? Would it not accentuate that much ? But with the  money out of Canada on call,  when occasion arises justifying  its recall, the advent of such a  sum into Canada if put into circulation, would relieve the stringency by that many millions.  While banks may sometimes  appear to us very conservative  and very arbitrary we doubt if  they would be doing the country  as great a service by putting out  even- dollar available during ordinary times, as by holding a sub-* [ wish   to  fixtemi   to   fri(1,,<ls  !l"(1'  Just Across the International Line  IS SOUTH CENTRAL CAMP  Is Being- Proved Up by the B.C. Copper Co. and is Meeting-  Expectations Held  Ten stamps are now dropping  day and night at the Cariboo-  McKinney aud .hurry up orders  given for needed repairs to ten  more.  Word comes from Beaverdell  that Joseph Kelley has uncovered  a lead his on claim, the Buster,  on Wallace Mountain, that is  one and a half feet wide and runs  $153.00.  The values have been confined  at this end where the assays were  o  mad o^��==-==^--^^-==^=---=----=-=^---  Por about a year now the B.C.  Copper Co. has had a force of men,  at work on the Lone Star and  Washington just across (he line  in Washington nnd about 2 miles  south of the No. 7 in which several individual members of the  Company are interested.  Mr. Henry Johnson   was   made  superintendent  at the  start  and  has remained in the position ever -  since.    At the present  he has  a  force of a dozen men at work   developing the properly.    The work  is chiefly of an Exploratory- character but quite an amount of ore  is being shipped therefrom. About  a carload of ore is daily hauled to  a spur ou the Kettle Valley  road  near Danville and   thence   transported   over   the     C.P.R.    This  ore is all taken from development-  as no stoping has yet been   done.  During its tenancy of the property  the Companv has  done   a  large  amount  of   exploration.    Nearly  1,800 feet of work has   been doue  and much of ife  is in   ore.    It   is  planned to begin stoping   ore   in  the near future, of which bodjes  are in'sight.  During the coming winter further exploration -will be made  with diamond drill. The diamond drill has become a favorite _  means for testing a property in  the district and is not an inordinately expensive method.  The B.C. management is stead  ily adding to its list of shipper  and fast increasing the boundin.  assets of the company.  BREVITIES  FACTS OF INTEREST.  HAVING   TROUBLE  John   Houston   is  having  kiuds  of trouble  up north.  all  His  WAST MA 11,.  Tlie Canadian Pacific last we-k  landed the J.-ipani-sc mails in -Ottawa  in 15days, breaking all previ _ns records.  TO I-II'i'ach-  The Vancouver bar h;is appointed a  caiiimiltcc to act in the innttor of impeaching Mr. Justice M.-utin.  NKW KOAIl.  The Canadian Pacific is reported to  be arranging for early construction of  the Kootenay District railroad.  u^vspaTpl^pJTniTrsXnT^^  wharf at Prince Rupert, and the  Grand Trunk Pacific will not  rent,or sell him space for an ofiice.  The favor of the company has  fallen on another newspaper and  John's enterprise is being given a  cold bath. Houston ..declares  that if he cannot do better he will  build a house-boat and publish  the Empire ou the deep.  COKE SIlOKTAf-.K.  Deputy Minister T>lmc is investigating the coke shortage of the district.  THEY SAY  That   the  water is \v--- low iu '  j the Conservative channel .--id that  Hon. 1\\ L. Borden  is   ruiuiiu;*- a  light-draft boat.  ���    _     That    Hon. (leorge   E.   Foster  will not come west with Mr   Bo;-  A 1'K-CF.MAKKR.  A Paris  correspondent   to  ihe New den*  wii! not even   speak  in   New  York Sun referring to the recent meet- Brunswick where his political star  ing of King B 1 ward with the   I_.i sers rose.  of fJermany aud Austria speaks highly    of King Kdward's success as a   peace-j ���       ".  ,���ai{er '    -1 hat Sir Chas. If iiibert T-tppt r  , was just compelled bv tlie eaiireiy  | spontaneous outburst of party zeal  Card of Thanks. ; in V[cU)lu ln a,,ree U) -,.,.,��� u[m^u  On behalf of myself and   family ; to Nova Scotia's redemption  stantial reserve where it could be  quickly availed of to the relief  and not the further disturbance  of things at home.  ieitizeii-of (.reenwood and Phuuix  our sincere thanks for their kindness and expression.*-, of syinptthy  during our l'lte^bereaveineiit.  F. C. B-Cjci..-*-..  That the people don't take  kindly to the Conservative disparagement of the All-Red Liue. *v  THE   BO^HBARY   CREEK   TIMES'.  ^mmmwSkW^WmW^LW^^^sss^  CF*  cr*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  P*  <F^  CF*  CF*  CF*  <!=__  C__  ---  CF*  CF*  CF*  ���C-=<  G~  0="*  ��"r=-*  ^  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $11,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $422,689.98  Hon. President:   "_._-���> StRathcoka and Mount Royal, G. C M. G.  President:    Sm George A. Drummond. K. C. M. G.  Vice-Vresi-eiU and General Manager :    E. S. Clouston,  Branches in London, 'Eng. IffiXSU New _orK, CWcago.  Buy  and sell Sterling Exchang- and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial au  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof tbe world. .  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates     . t  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  \*3>  *=_r  K=_l  *_5  w/  ;>c_3  K_0  fc=f>  t4=_>  *=_>  V=-3  ^2  -=_9  -=_?  *__>  x_9  5  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital.$10,00,000. ��� Reserve Fund. $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE. TORONTO.  H   R. WALKER, President. ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager.  H. H. MORRIS, Supt. Pacific Coast Branches.  BANK MONEY ORDERS  188UH. AT THE FOLLOW!!*! BATES��  . 5 and Wilde.     S cen��  ���*���.��_��� $5 and not sxceedlag $10    6 cents  ���'   $10" " $30  IO cents  *���$.���-.     ����� "      '   $50  15 cents  '.'he**- Orders are Payable at Par at an_* office in Canada of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), jand at the principal banking points iu the United States.  NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED RAVE AT  HIE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of money  with safety und at small cost.  Savings Bank Department  Interest allowed on deposits from SI upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Brand;   -   -    -   -   J. T. BEATTIE Manager  j plead grouud for their attitude in  tlie fact that they cannot understand what professes to be [scientific   in   Mrs. -Eddy's  teachings.  How much do   they   understand,  or even profess to comprehend iu  the plan for man's betterment  as  taught   by   themselves ?       The  mystery of Christian Science cannot well outrank the mass of mysteries in old-time orthodoxy.  Can any new system of theology hold greater mysteries for  human grasp than many of, the  tenets of the churches ?  Who of the church's greatest  leaders can explain the orthodox  mysteries of the immaculate conception, the resurrection of the  dead and lots of other teachings  of the churches which we fondly  reverence.  Everything of a religious nat-  ture must necessarily be mysterious otherwise it would not be  grasped bv man .in his strivings  to reach a higher plane.  the Canadian Pacific have arranged to carry to British Columbia  more of the immigrants arriving  from Europe. This is a move in  the right direction. The government should go farther; the imi-  gration from Asie should be investigated,limitedand supervised.  Moreover action should be prompt  ���The Canadian Courier.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H.  HALLETT  14,.kkisti.!., Solicitor,  Notai.v l-n'HLic.  C.'iMc Adclr-ss:       ���* llAi-LMT'i*.*'  i lSc-foril M'.-.ill's  Com.- \ Mi>i-i*iii|_ .. N .-ir--  Greenwood, 8. C.  ...........^  t I.cili.r.s  _>-. ^i.   &-UM.V.FV   -VALLEY    LODCE  "- '7.7=^ ,     No. 3a. I. 0. 0. F.  Niri'.'. . w-r} '! iH'Mlay hv.nu.^ ai X (.H' iii i_-  1 i". li. _' Hail. A" .Oul.al .nvi ltuii.ii is ex  ivi'.ncil In all stijiiurniiii! brelli-in  I-  .NiiiK'l 1M1-.K,  lv  ANI.EK.-.0N,  K-,..-.-Hr  'Cbc  Inn  I  Issued ��ycry Triday  BY   THU      . ...  Boundary Crccli Printing and"Pttblisiing  CO., LlMITKD,  which might in any sense be con-  s rued as the policy of his party.  Failing to arouse the enthusiasm of his own party, failing to  penetrate the armour of the enemy, failing to evolve anything  on which his party might hope to  greet .a. distinct structure of its  owfl, he appears to have failed in  all that the Conserv atives had a  right to expect.  COKE SHORTAGE.  SUBSCKI_-T.0-.-S IK ADVANCE.  1'i.k Y_._-K         -'���    2 00  Six Months..    '-  "* *7  To Fokiugn Count-irs.  2 50  OOOOOO^WWXXKIOOOOOOOOOOOO  SEA GULL SAGACITY  EDITORIAL  NOTES  If Ottawa despatches are to be  relied upon a general election  will take place in March next.  Hon Wm. Pugsley has been  named as Minister of Railroads,  and will contest St/John Courny,  the constituency made vacant by  the death of Dr. Stockton.  In its readiness to prefer/qualification to partizanship the Government has made. Judge Wet-  more, a life-long Conservative, a  Justice of the Supreme Court of  Saskatchewan.  FRIDAY   AUGUST 3D, l._..  THE OPENJKG GUN  Ai er Mr. Burden had di -charged hi- first, gun in Halifax, it was  found that-it was not so large a  o-imj'.fler all.    The. powder used  does not seem to have been ofThe  best, for the penetrating- power  of the missle discharged proved  woefully disappointing.  No damage to the enemy was  reported, and the recoil from the  gun even shook up the firing  party rather severely.  ���The speech to which the party  had looked forward as to form  a text book for the next campaign  would seem to afford it little on  which to base arguments for the  people's desertion from the Liberal ranks.  The tone of tho speech was0 all  right. It was characterized by  lofty utterances, worthy of a leader.  It demanded -'the honest appropriation and expenditure of public, moneys,'" and the recognition  of '"capacity and character" in  tin* appointment of publicofficials.  This has been the Liberal doctrine for many years and is such  a radical'departure from the tra-  ditions'of the Conservative party  that it is worth)- of record.  ' But one reads Mr. Borden's  speech in vain in search of a pk.t-  The customs returns substantiate the popular cry that coke is  being exported from the Crow's  Nest Pass to the detriment of  Canadian industry. Between  Jan. 1st and Aug. 15th of this year  27,594 tons of coke went from the  Crow's Nest Pass Co'y to the  United States. This on a 12%  basis means that already this  year Montana has drawn from the  Bounbary's natural fuel supply,  coke enough to maintain two 300  ton smelters for an entir e year.  And while this is going on furnaces in the Boundary are cold.  We are glad that at last the  Government has decided to act in  the premises and to see that the  terms of tbe British Columbia  Southern charter to which the  Crow-s-Nest���Co'7==-succeeded.are_  observed." Tbe arrival- of the  Deputy Minister of mines in the  district is the first step and we do  not hesitate to assure the Government that vigorous action in this  matter will receive tbe approval  of Boards of Trade and communities generally.  Outside of the patriotic instinct  which insists on the rights of  one's own country-first, .he-material welfare of the district has a  right to demand that capital that  lias embarked in the country's development shall not be hampered  for want of fuel, the surplus of  which only should go abroad.  Poor Bill Miner'shealth got him  outdoor work, a sore lip got him  a moustache, and a diseased scalp  got him a crop of nair. Uuited:  they secured him a get-away aud  an appearance very unlike the pictures the ���; authorities.had ofhim  and which have been sent out ior  identification. Say, Bill worked  them to a: frazzle didn't he ? It  must have cost Bill some thought  and possibly some money.  Dr. Watson, professor of physiology in the University of Chicago,'claims that sea gulls have  a language of their own, and can  think as well as talk.  It connection therewith the  London  Mirror   grows   facetious  and remarks:  l,A Chicago professor has discovered that sea gulls possess  reasoning and* perceptive power.  He is convinced that the birds  think. Would it not be a good  plan to catch some of the thousands which are to be seen on the  Thames between Westminster and  London Bridge and train them to  work in Governme.it offices?  At the Home office their perceptive powers would come in handy." The War department is badly in need of thinkers. In the  Admiralty the birds would be  specially welcome. We just throw  the suggestion out."  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in   Sash,   Doors,  Turned Work  and  Inside Finish,  ������'     EtC"7  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.  GREENWOOD,   :   B. C.  6 PHONE 65.      . <>  CK>0-00<K>-0<K>0<>0<>00<K><K>00<>0<><>  To..Employers of Labor:i      '  Are you conversant with the Workmen's Compensation  Act. The only absolute protection offorded is a Liability Policy, The .'"OCEAN" Policies, (the largest  accident company in the world, with assets of over  Seven .-illion Dollars, provides a complete indemnity  against all liability, relieving you from' all responsibility, worry and trouble.  Frederic W. McLaine,  District Agent, Greenwood, B. C.  ��� " "   ' '.#_  ���I  SS tytytytyty^tytytytytytyltytytytytytytytytytytytyy^  Its the correct thing for Boards  of Trade to busy themselves to  see that the Government gets after  the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. for  exportation pf coke when there is  a demand for it at home, but it is  up to the Governmrnt to do the  ' "get-after act. It is wonderful  how many men want charters and  concession from Governments who  pay no attention to attendant conditions until compelled to.  >0RE FEET |  Sore, hot, aching, or blistered feet are cooled and  healed by Zam-Buk.  Store  girls, poatmon, policemen,  farmer- and all wbo stand and  walk ft lot should test it* valuot  Zam-Buk also cures chafing  aorcs, insect bite-, sunburn,  nicer., ectema, heat Bores and  all skin diseases and injuries.  Gl.es ease in cases ot piles.  60.. a box at all stores, or Z_m-  Buk Oo., Toronto.  ;%.STOMNMfi  Is   unexcelled, as  is evidenced  by  its  its popularity in all the towns  of the Boundary.  For Sale at all Leading Hotels  Either Draught or Bottled.  Patronize home industry by in-  ��� sistiny; on having  ���ELKHORB" BOTTLED BEER  -TEL.. 15525  0  6>  1  ty  Electric  current   supplied   for  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  tyty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  *  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty   X*^^-^^*4--j-^-f._|i>-ffl.^.4.4.s|.^^.jc  Power, Lighting,."."/Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting ancl air-compressing plants, with- an absolute  guarantee of con.irv< v.- "|<wc_-  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. Wc Can Save You Money  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  PHONE NO, 20  ������ FOR   CHOICE BEEF, PORK AND MUTTON  FRESH FISH    FINNAN HADDIE  HERRING  House, -ign ami all exterior and  and interior painting- and drcor  ating promptly done.  Printing of every des*>  cription neatly   done  at'   The B< G Times  Office  Send iu your spring orders.  Geo.BXbompson  Box 255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street.  MEAT  C@.  Copper Street  THE ASIATIC IN CANADA  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE.  The suit which Mrs. Baker G.  Eddy's kin brought against her  allegingmeutalincapacitytoman-  oge her affairs, it reported to have  been dismissed. Mrs Eddj has  been very severely criticized by  much of tha press and by many  teachers of orthodoxy, but her  work seems to triumph and the  number of believers in the modern  school   of   thought grows apace.  Influential churches of Christian  form on which a party might well! Science are   multiplying   in   the  expect to safely build. i leading cities of the United States  Much of the speech   was esseu-j and  many prominent   people   in  tiiilly complimentary of the   Lib-': England have-embraced her faith.  eral party, for every lofty tenet  advanced is an article of faith  with the party in power. But  we look without reward to Mr.  Borden for the setting forth of any  great policy, the enunciation of  any great scheme, the declaration  of anything new and constructive  Christian Science appears to  thrive on harsh criticism and  opposition. Serenely its believers  go about their business unmindful of the unfriendly and uncharitable.utterances of the disciples  of the "meek and lowly."  The   wise  ones   in orthodoxy  rairthi-'fuss^overtlie-Asiatic ? British Columbia is supplying the answer. Mr. McVety  speaking at a meeting in Vancouver on August 6th declared  that in a certain large mill in B.C.  275 men were employed and only  fifty were whites,while in another  with 20 men, only 2 were whites.  Mr. Von Rheim complained that  the Asiatics were working for 50  per cent less than the white laborers. In this issue Mr. R. G.  Macpherson. M.P., makes an appeal for a "white" British Columbia,  These are the straws which indicate how the wiud is blowing.  Already in our issue pi the *5rd  inst., we have urged that British  Columbia's plaint be listened to  with some attention. One yellow  citizen to three white citizens is  too great a proportion. To Asia-  ticmerchants and men of standing  there is no objection; it is a question of laborers only. Further,  it is a question of laborers WITHOUT FAMILIES. When the  British laborer and the continental laborer come into Canada,they  bring their wives and children  and they are less likely to become restless citizens. If unmarried, they may choose wives from  the women of their own race who  are also in the country. This is  not the case with the Asiatic,  and therein lies a grave menace  to the welfare of the community.  Tne Dominion Government and  -��_-__._.  PACI  Is under the management of Greig. and  Morrison. The rooms are comfortably  furnished, and the bar contains the best  brands of wines, liquors and cigars in  the city.  Tea  Coffee  Spices  and Extracts  ��  Received Highest Award  Dominion Exhibition  I  Copper St.  Greenwood  The Palace Livery Stable  Hi. in h  filled lot  L�� Drives  ��TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER. Proprietor.  Finest .Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.    Lighted   throughout   with  electric  lights.  First-class Bar.    Strictly up-to-date goods*  FIRST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  DRAYING -- We Can'Move Anything  LESS  F. C. BUC  - PROPRIETOR  Now is the time to  Advertise tor the  Fall Trade-You get  Sure Returns by Advertising in The B.C.  Times. wgg&ttm  e_u���_*.  Bgs.'i'.'^ffiaip  S___p  _.f_*V.  iOHHBAEY   CHEEK TIMES,  ���*..*/���-'  **v  I*���  __��s^  '0*  ^  DON'T USE THE GUN  Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is the ideal summer drink. It is-cooling,  satisfying, and refreshing. It makes the enjoyment of the outdoor luncheon  ' complete, for it is a food as /well as a drink.  Pabst brews for food qualities as well as for purity and flavor. Pabst  found the only way to get all of the food-values out of the barley-grain  was to follow Nature in making the malt, by growing it slowly and  scientifically, and he^therefore perfected the Pabst Eight-Day Malting  Process.    Pabst Malt is richer in nutriment than, other malts.  of  Quality  Tke Beer _  is a more healthful, wholesome food than other beers. The Pabst Perfect Brewing  Process blends the rich food values of Pabst Eight-Day Malt with the tonic properties  of the choicest hops under conditions that insure positive purity, while reducing the  percentage of alcohol to the minimum���less than 3��<%.  Pabst Blue Ribbon is the ideal family beer, because of its food values, its purity  ' and its remarkably small amount of alcohol, making it a truly -temperance drink.-  When ordering beer ask for Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Made   by  Pabst  at Milwaukee  And Bottled only at the Brewery.  '   Greenwood Liquor Co.,  Copper St., Greenwood, 13. C  Phone  43.  Men who are buying mines, or  investigating for others, are very  often confronted with what has  come to be termed "shot gun"  propositions. By this is meant  proposifions which are literally  thrown at prospective buyers within a very short time after being  considered or investigated. Of  course there are periods when the  business exigencies of a mi'uing  deal justify such auctions,but more  often the'-take ife or leave it"  mining proposition'-'" is generally  refused. Buying .a mine is not  as simple as buying a hat, for  the man who buys a mine must  consider'not only the purchase  price, but also the conditions of  working the property and the  metallurgical problems which a  profitable treatment��� >f 'he ores ir-  volve. In most cases the buyer  is bound by common business prudence . to check the reports and  statements submitted bv the seller. All this takes time, and the  seller who is too hast}-, generally  does not get fair consideration.  The man who has-the mine to sell  on the other hand,claims that he  cannot tile up his property, and  thus lose a possible chance of sale  to other parties. This is true to  a certain extent,biit in the mining  business as in all" other businesf-,  all affairs cannot be arranged exactly to suit all parties, and the  buyer'must be given the.first coq.  sideratiorj. 7 7  *#<��4>44mI^  For Business Men :  Letterheads,  Envelopes,  Billheads,  Statements,  Receipt Forms,  Business Cards,      7  Posters.  Dodgers,  Shipping Tags,  ���     ..' " For Rent Cards,  For Sale Cards,  Blotters,  Etc.  Society Printing :  Wedding Invitations,  Invitations for Balls, Etc.  Dance Programs,  Concert Programs,  Professional Note Paper  Private Calling Cards,  Lodge Printing,  Church Printing,  Score Cards,  Fine Half Tone  Printing,  Note Paper.  LOOSE LEAF SYSTEMS  We have the necessary machinery for doing this class of work, andean furnish you  with billheads no matter what system you are using.  Mining Co.'s Printing :  Prospectus,  Handsome Stock Certificates,  Legal Documents,  c   Notices of Meetings,  Special Receipt Forms,  Time Cards,  Mine Reports,  Shipping Reports, Etc.  Colored Poster Printing:  We are equipped to turn  out the be��t color poster  printing in Southern  British Columbia.  Work done  in two or three  colors or  in combinatious.a  NEATNESS AND PROMPTNESS  and the quality of stock used are the main factors that have built us up the largest job  printing business enjoyed by any printing house in the Boundary country.  NOTICE  In'li. Comity Court of Ynle  IToU1.il  at  Greenwood.  IN THE   MATTER of   the "J-djfiiieius   Act,  1.99" ami Aiuu-i-iii). Acts:  And  IN Tin. MATTER ofa Jiidyment obtained  an Action in This Honourable Court  tl-TWi.EN:��� *  C. _E. SHAW, Plaintiff  '-Jwlirmuiu Crc'Iiiorl  And 'PETER McllRIDE, Defendant  IJudfrnieiit I'ehU'.l  TAKE NOTICK that by an Order of this  Honourable Court entered the "tlt'clav of  aiij.it-1, 1907, as amended bs- a fnriiier" Order  entered lhe lfiili day of Autrnsi, 1W7, it was ordered ihat unless cause -.'-lioivn to the contrary bv lhe defendant and M. H. McMahou at  the Lourt House-.*. UioCitv of Greenwood on  the 14tli day of September, 1TO7, at the hour of  10.30 o'clcc- in lhe forenoon, tlie interest of  Peter McBride, the defendant, in Urn "Mavlield  Kraclional" Mineral Claini described as -,.it  2070. SimilUanieeu Division of Yale District,  tiritisli Columbia, be sold to realize ;he amount  of i-ai-tlff'-judgment acnuist the said Peter  McUride, with interest aud costs, aud that notice of the intention of the said Peter "Mcllride  or M. 11. McMahou to show cause airaiust such  sale must b-iriven to lhe Plaintiff's Solicitor  24 hours previous to _0.30o'clock iu the forenoon  of Ilu*. said 14th day of September- A.D., 1907  and iu default of such notice the sale do tak  plac�� without further order. And that a ref.  euce be made to lhe Keiristrar at. Greenwood.  ll.Ci to ascertain what'lauds and property ar  liable to be sold uuder lhe said jiidjruien't. ill  nature and panicularsof the int_r.st.of the sai'l  Peter Mcllridc in sucli lands, and his title there-  to, and what jiiili_m_lit- form a lienor charge  anal list such lauds and the priorities betweeu  such judgments, and to determine how lhe proceeds of sale shall lie distributed, and report  such liudiutfs to the Court.  And ihat as to service of the orders, notices  motions, and other proceedings herein the  plaintiff should be at 1 berty lo serve Peter  Mcliridc by 111ni 1 i11���.*- copies tli-*rei>f in a prepaid  registered envelope addressed to him at Moiile  Cristo, Washington, and lo serve M. II. Ale-  Million by inailiuif copies thereof iu prepaid  registered envelopesaddre-sed to him at Marys-  ville, liritish Col it in ��� iaand at Portland, Orejj- on,  and hy publication of uoliceof the said Orders  for Ihiee is-uesof a weeldy newspaper pitblish-  aml circulatetl at Greenwood. H.C.  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that tne  Ke-.islr.-ir Ji.i.s Hppoiiiled K'ridav, tilt* Mil day of  September, KuT, at his ofiice. at Greeuwood,  I'.C,,-t 10.30 a.m.. as the lime and place lor  the fieariu_    of   said reference.  Dated this 16lhday of August, A.D.,1007.  A. -I.WIIITi-SIDi:,  '������'*' Plaintiff s Solicitor.  To  M. II; McVTahou, Esij.,  and   .'.-'.'   7.   ���   .77  .'  Tlie Defendant.  <~>x*-*��~^^  l%**"''''''''''''''''"'"'"*'''t''"'"'"'<''>'<<^  A CONQUERING RACE.  Englishmen, Scotchmen, Welshmen,  Irishmen, Canadians, and -Americans  all-belong   to one race���the  English1  Bp'eakirig race.    Either by birth  or by  fprce of circumstances we   are  identiT  Red with the foremost, of the   race in  the.world.    A book written in German  is read by Germans.    A  book written  in  French is read by  Frenchmen.    A  book.jwritten  in   Spanish   is  read   by  Spaniards, -.but a book written -in 7 .Englishis;rea'i by the world7- In the- year  1700 thereyf ere 6,000,006 Enp-li-h-speak-.:  ing people.' -Jn 1800 there were 20,000,-  000.   Years ago   Gladetorie predicted  that in the7year 2,000 there '.would'--.be.  600,000,000~people speaking- the English  language. 'We move on-thehigh   tide  of time. . liet.us'betrue .to.origin,  history"   a rid : d es t i n y; 7 Wes"t er ii '������'���'Hdnie  Monthly; ���'      '" :'--".' ';'-���'":-*".-'���-���".-v'"---'-'  LAND NOTICES  Similkameen Land Division,  of Yale  District  A GOOD CHANCE.  I  'k  !  1  il  it  iv  ?v  XX  II  I!  Li  n  .?  tt  tt  it  n  ���� ���_���  k  * .  NM  V  vt  est Pro  Westminister, B. C.      '���������&'  ���k  ..>*.:..;..><..>.>.>.><..>.>.>*>*<":^^ ���' ;  ������������H*'<SS',-*M"��~^ '���'.  ���An excellent oppertunity will be  afforded some of the localrock-drilling  teams to get a bunch of easy money at  the Spokane fair this fall. Some big  prizes are being hung-up, - particulars'  of wnich we furnish, from the management's circular:��� .  ROCK DRILLING CONTEST.     :  The Spokane Interstate Fair vvill  give a purse of $1,250 for ;two Rock  Drilling Contests. Thts money will be  divided as follows: S900 for a double'  hand contest, of which S500 is for first  prize, $250 for second aud $150 for  third; $350 for a single hand contest,  of which $250 is for first atid $100 for  second.        '-.���'������  The following Rules will govern  these contertr: Competition open to ill;  entries close on September 23rdat noon;  an"entrattCe"fee-o_ S-S'per-mari-will-be  charged in each contest, and $10 of  this will be reurned to each man who  drills. Any one entering and not drilling will forfeit entire entrance fee  Time allowed in _two hand cotests will  be 15 minutes: in single hand contersts  10 minutes. All tools must be furnished  by-contestants, drills for two hand contest to caliper % Jndh at bit and at  point 3 inches back of bit; drills for  single hand contest lo caliper ?.' inch  at bit and at point 3 inches back of bit.  Any weight hammer allowed, One  assistant will be allowed to each team  in two hand contest end to each contestant in single hand contest, but  under no circumstances is assistant  allowed to assist in chniring drills.  The Spokane Interstate Fair is to furn-  csh the rock for contest and same will  be grsnitc from quarics nesr Sp;>kaue.  Contests will take place at any time  betweeu September 23 and Seetemhor  30 at option of Fair  Management  and  '/���PAKE NOTICE'that the Vale Columbia  ������-*-- Lumber Co.; Ltd., 1 f Nelson, intend to ap-  ply.for special timber licences .over tlie following described lands:��� .     '    ��� ..-.  _  No. 171. Coiiinieiicinir at a post planted ou the  sonlh sole, of Collide Cre'el.. about 'three miles  west from the west Fnrlc of r.-ain Kettle, river,  litid at lhe Juctiou of the North and West Forks  of Cookie Cr.-ek and marked "V.f!._..Co,s S >V.  Corner Posfand rniiiiinir norlh K.0 cluitis;  tlience east.40chaius;lhencesouth 160 chains;  tlience west 40 chains to point of comnieuce-  ment, and con tain in jr 040 acres more or less.  .  Dated July 26th, 1907.  No. 172. . Commenciiij; at a post planted about  two chains north of the. S."W. corner post of location No. l.and riiiiniiifr south 40 chains, thence  west.1.0 chains, thence north 40 chains, thence  east 160 chains to point of cniiimeii^enieiil, and  contaiiruiir-640acres more or less. ��� .  ;   Dated July 26th, 1007.-     -   77" - :       ; ,,..���  No. 173.. ���'���'Coin nieiici'ntf at a.post planted on the  'west side of Dore Creek about one and a half  miles from Main Kettle River and marked"V.  C.I,. Co 's S.E: corner post," and riiunititr west  40 chains, thence north 160 chains, tlience east  40 chains,- tlience soiilh 160 chains to point.of  coinniciicemen, and containing o40. acres. mora  or less. '������.���'...;���  .   Dated Atijrustlst, 1007, .-' -7 -���  ,  '..'..No.'-H�����.   Commeucintr at ii.'post planted at the  northwest corner of No. 3 location and marked  :"Y.C.T_.C.'.'.s S.E. corner- post"   nod ..run ni newest ?0 chains, thence nortli 80 chains, thence  .east80 chain-, thence south '80 chains to point  of commencement,   and   containing. 640  acres  more or less. 7  ..'Dated.A uirust 2nd; 1907. ':���.,  .".-The Yai.k Coi.ui-_rA Lumubk" Co.v1.tp*  '���'-". -: .'. ��� t John Feeney, Aifeiit-'  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  11?  ���������:'.    AT'.i-"^:  KEREMEOS, BC  m&m  To work on  big"irrigating-.  :7^-TV:^.-7-;'dit<ih.;7-:*,'>"-'7-'-7?  0<><>00<>0-<>0<><X>00<>0<>0<>0<><>0^  6 ���_-'  ;  ��� -.   ���  Certificate of ImDrovements.  7 NOTICE.   7   '  "Optic" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Green-  ;wood   Mining.    Division,   of   Yale    District.  Where located:   In Skylark Camp.   .  "-pAKE NOTICE That I, Ed 111 und  T.  Wick-  *    wire, Free Miner's Certificate No.   15 6733.  for self and as -pent for James T. Erwin, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B 10127, intend, sixty-  days from the date liereof, to apply to the Min-  InK-Pccorder for a Certificateof Improvements  for the purpose of -'obtainliif. a Crown Grant  of our interest in the above claim.  And farther take notice that action under  section 37, must be commenced before the is.  uar.ee of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this Stii dav of July, 1907.  44-51 EDMUND T., WICKWIRE.  .    ���r^xvH0^��k9?  "^  5^_f7"v*l!i-._;C-^:-r<.   __-=-  Synopsis of Canadian North-west  Homestead Regulations.  '  ANY even numbered section of Dominion  T/..uds in Manitoba. Saskatchewan and  Alberta, executing S and 26, not reserved, mav  lie homesteaded by any person who Is the sole  head of a family, or aiiy male over IS years of  a^e, to the extent of ono quarter section of 16."��  acrei, more or less.  Entry must be made persouall}-   at   the liica*  land ofiice for the district iu   which  the land i  situate.  The homesteader is required to perform the  conditions connected therewith under one o  the foiInwiui/ plans:  il) At least six mouths' resilience upon an.'  cullivatiottof the land in each year for tine,  years.  (2) If the father for mother. If lhe father i'  deceased), of life homesteader resides upon :  farm iu the vicinity of the land entered for. tlo  requirements as to residence may be saiisfie '  by Knell person r>'-i,lini.; with the father n  mother.  (3 1 f the settler has hK permanent resideuc  upon farming.' laud owned  bv  him in the vicin  _______?"^_"_��'__R___ '___����� ______r l'__PV Al  ^tLtV\\i.--'.y .m^mmm^.'  .���'-' .    "^  .   _ it3* of   his  homestead, the  requirements a*.   I-  will be  put  On   either   iu  day    time   or   residence   may   be  satisfied  by residence upon  the said laud.  evening.  THE VENTS DISAPPEAR.  The Reason for 1 heir Coins Tersely  Explained  by President Mercer.  Six mouths' notice in writini. should be i.ire7  to the Commissioner of    Dominion   Lauds   n*  Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  W. W   CORY,  0 Deptity^of the Minister of the lu leriot  _*r.B.-~Unauthorized publication of ibis nd  ertlsemen*. will 1101 l.epabl for. 3..?'��  Government Street,  Phone 29  @  m  Greenwood, B. C.   ffi-  m  8-*-  si  \>$:  ^^���f^'f)^f)^HP'f)'f)'f)-(i'f>f)^<f'^  "Why have the vents disappeared  from the back of of the sack suits?"  was the <jti ;stton asked -the Pres'dent  of the Semi-ready Company, who was  an admitted authority on men's dress,  and the best original designer in America  "Vents were put into sack coats when ]  the coats were lengthened for the pnr- j %  pose of making the skirts more easily jjg  handled. When, the sack coats areij^  shortened, as they are this year, no|'|  vents are necessary." | S.  The Semi ready fall and winter sackjg  auit is finished with a graceful flare at j -5  the bottom of the skirt, and  is  shaped]^  ^^^m^^7xy7^;^^^i7^7af7m^^^^^  The Boundary's Pay-n>ll in  industrial concerns alone, today  totals a Quarter of a Million  Dollars monthly.  This a district of 10.r0'' people  at most, means S-'X) per year  for every man, woman and child  in the district.  And   the pay-roll is growing.  OUR GUARANTBB:  NO PAY UNtBSS CURED  When Ton Need s_ Specialist, Cox-SoU One <ti  Wide Ezp��ri��BCtt.  W* ar* Jo*t mam cotepictia^ mm tw��_-  ti��Us 7��_r a_ apac-afiata w ____'- ^iaaaiwa.  Uurinr Sd-taa yeu. of t&mmt a^plicitio_ ;to  - ��ineU da���� ot a^m��st�� wc h_tv�� ori^ln-  aud and parfa-U- tha ooiy socotific aad  certaia inalhr__ by wWicb _>_��� iliacjL-aa a_a  cure-. If wa trya>t yoat c*mo tot treat,  maat, a cava <��� mmt m ���attar mi ��� waiianMa  , W�� (ruara-st*. rrvry m*a a. Ufalon*.  our_ for V_rico��al��, Hrdroe*]*. Urethral Ob-trueUoi-i, JkUoi and Skin Olt-  ���asas, Prostatls Troubles, Piles, Fistula, Lou er Vital Power. Kidney,  Bladder and SpeeUl Dls��j__e*. We  especially oflTer our servleee to tha.e  who are _J_-Ute4 with weaknesi u ���  reeult of their own r.Ul_f or exsetae..  - Our method! are up-to-date, and  are endorsed br tbe highest medlexl  authorities of Kurepe and America.  Hence our saeeass tn the trea.tn.ent of  Ken's DlsojLses. Bemember, our tpe-  cUlty is limited u the diseases of KEN  and HKX entj.  Wo eorer tbe eotlre field ef nerroui.  ehronlt. dee^-ceatod aad eenplleated  diseases.  ;R A I L W A Y\  SUMMER EXCURSION RATES  BAST FROM  GRSENWOOD  '������-.. -'$54.5577 /-7.7,  To  Winnipeg, Port  Arthur, St.  Paul, Duluth, Sioux City.  St. L,onis,T$62.05; Chicago, S66.05;  Toronto,  ��80.55;. Ottawa, $.4.60;  Montreal,$86.05; St. John,596.05;  ���-.   Halifax,  S1Q3.8S".-,-.���    '  ;      TICKETS ON S ALEs-  July 3, 4. 5,.-. 'v;"'.:      Aug. 8, 9, 10.  Sept. 11, 12, 13.  First-class round trip 90 days  Jimir.-- Corresponding-reductions  frotnallJCootenay points. Tickets available for lake route, including meals and berths on lake;  steamers. Through rates quoted  to-any station, Ontario, Quebec  or Maritime provinces: 011 application. ���'. -��� '-...���.���'���   -.. ' T 7'  For further  particulars, rates  and folders, apply to,  E. J. COYLE, J. S. CARTER.     *  A.G.P. A.Vancon rer -       1).P.A.Nelson  E.   B.   RSDPATH,   AGENT  GREENWOOD, 6  <-'-<><>o<><>oooo��^<>o<>o<y6<>o<)<>_<K><��  .-  THE    - -  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)  fs_a_do2en books in _oner-c,overin<f--il;t;7  history. Geography, Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy Metallurgy, Terminology, Uses, Staiisticsand Finances of.  Copper. It is a practical book, useful  to all and necessary to most men 011-  ffag<Kl in any branch of the Copper  Induetry.  Its facts will pass muster with tht.  trained scientists, and its language i.s  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain Rny-  'ish without fear or favor.   *  Its lists and describes 4626 Copper  Mines and Companies iu all pails uf  the world, descriptions running from  two lines to sixteen page,*;, according  to importance of the property.  The Copper Handbook is conceded to  be the  'i m  COMSULTATIOH FREX.  >B1  JUlc  If you caoaot call, wriu ����r Srmptoa Blank.  Haaf caaaa caa _��� curaJ as tiici.  raapoedaaoa oaa-4Ua-__.  -lightly to the farm.  s^ss^^s^^z^B^-^^r^^vs^^s^m.  SCOTT  MEDICAL COMPANY  1*9 Mari-a 8_, Cor. Find An.  SEATTLE. WASH-  _-^aJfa*S_ii*V--f^  The Mining Man ucei'< tin* U >ok for  th*.. facts it i;ives him an---..' iniii.s,  mining aud the metal.  The InvcKtot* needs   the ti<..i)< forth-  facts it gives him about   milling, uiii.  ing investments .1 ml  copiH-r .statistic^  Hundrod   of  ^win-ling  ooiiipauies an  exposed in plain J-_t 1 j;i  Price is 5S in Buckram with gilt top  S7.S0 in full library ni'.jrocco. Will bt  sen^, fully prepaid, on approval, to ail"  address ordered, and may be return.,.;  within a week of receipt if not foun,.  fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS  F.ditor and Publish*, r.  ���153 Postoffice Block. Hui11.htc.11,  Michigan.  You can double  your Business by  advertising in The  Boundary Creek  Times   :    :    :    : *,''���-  -*-*)  THE   BOU-HBARY   CREEK TIMES,  3.  gJH^w A  Tv/1  ��*u  iirr_  in Flannels and Homespuns  'IS*  fancy oummer  a very neat assortment  f-3  *-  PAGE  OF��PERS0NAL3  Dr. Mathison,  dentist,  block.  Naden-Flood  Archie ���Aberdeen   is  going to  make Goldfields a visit.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings.  BY AUCTION  Patrick   Welch,    railroad  contractor was in town Thursday.  Mrs. Smith   and   daughter are  down from Beaverdell.  J. W. McFarlane, whohasbeen  absent from the City for several  months, is at home.  Born on 19th inst. to Mr. and  Mrs. McKendry of Anaconda a  son. .  New York City is to try an experiment in the way of selling  bonds. On Sept. 10 the city comptroller will-offer $40,000,000 New  York City bonds, bearing 4>_ per  cent interest* for sale by public  auction.    .        ��� .  Em.il Voight of Voights Camp,  Similkameen has been looking  over the. Boundary mines. '  Angus Cameron, customs officer  at Cascade was visiting with his  Greenwood friends this week.  I  a*  < 3  U  II:  -ll  ���li  i i  IS  _'  .3  �� __J O* o  ER UNDERWEAR  in cotton and light wool  $1.50,   $2.00,   and   $3.00  r$s  l IT*  f _  3    if* r :  Mil  a;- HARDWARE  .OMP-ANY,    LTD.  CLOTHING GROCERIES  Off]  I Always Ask-for  ���Xrr-  I a'  0  i  m  y:2{  P  "W"  I  Have you tried Herbageum for  your poultry? Sold by the Russell-Law-Caul field Co.,  Ltd.  Geo. W. Crerar, formerly assay  er at the Boundary Palle Smejter  returned on Thursday   evening's  sta_re.  W. T. Hunter has been confined to his house with sickness  ever since his return from Dakota  two weeks ago.  L. W. Moffatt, bondholder of  the Greyhound and W. C. Fox of  Toronto, are spending today at  the property in- Deadwood.  W'ork will be resumed at once  on the V. V. & E. beyond Keremeos. Patrick Welch is despatching men and supplies' to the work  A. M. Whiteside-returned on  Thursday from a short business  trip to Nelson.  Mr.'Wm. C. Fox  of     Fox   &  Ross Toronto was a guest at  the  Imperial this week.  We are sole agent for Morrel's  "Iowa's Pride" meats The Russell-Law-Caulfield Co., Ltd.  FOR RENT���Furnished bedroom  in private family. Apply any  time at Telegraph office.  Mr. A; C. Sutton of Grand"  Forks was a Greenwood visitor in  the early part of the week.  James Copeland owner of the  Le Roi at McKinney has been  spending the week in town.  James E. "Stewart has been appointed, fire-warden for the district by the Canadian Pacific.  Mr. W. F. Procter ancl family  returned on Wednesday from a  months vacation on the coast.  try.  Ciquor - 0o.  GFEENWCOD  ��. IMPORTERS  m  OWM<KKKK>O-00OO<K)00O0O OOOO ao<K>00<><K>0<K><X><><>000<>0-000<K>  We receive weekly shipments  of fresh Alberta butter put up  specially for family trade in 14  lb. boxes. The Russell-Law-  Caulfiiefd Co.  Wanted���Office man ..wants  board and room with private "family in Greenwood or Anaconda.  State terms, etc. Address Times  Office, Greenwood.  Duncan Ross, M. P. returned  home on Tuesday, evening, after  a four weeks business trip east.  Miss Goddard of Rendell & Co  left on Mondav for a short vacation. She was accompanied by  Miss Ward.  John E. "Gibbon formerly of  Greenwood was a local visitor this  week. He has decided to locate at'  Yahk.  Art Squares  Rugs,  0  Ti  6  o  0  o  o  0  o  0  0  0  0  o  o  o  0  Cocoa Mats  Sofa Cushions,  JUST ARRIVED, NEW AND FRESH  Greenwood Miner's Union free  reading room through the efforts  of Mr. Duncan Rossi, M.P., have  received a copy of the Atlas of  Canada; which is full of valuable  information, and is much appec.-j*  ated by the patrons'of the above  The Silver Spring Brewery  has been out commission" for*a few  days and everybody has been enjoying Elkhorn.  MINING STOCKS  _B___ga_''!_-*_'_^^  n'jatiitnvjjw*  -at  The   following prices   are current for Boundary stocks:  Asked Bid  Granby Copper........  120 105  B.C. Copper............-.:....... 8.50" 8.00  Dominion Copper. ...5.50 4.75  Canadian Consblidated...ll5 100  The two-cent passenger rate  whicli recently came into force in  Minnesota,'according to returns  by the railway, to the railway  commission for the months of  May and June, resulted in an  in-  Where Was It?  Each 50c purchase entitles you to one chance  -'":.-on-the: beautiful Pair of Vases'  7���-in our window.  Get coupons at time of Purchase  ^t'W-'V*-  A young widow recently bereaved, went to a marble-worker to  order  a tombstone.    She' consul  feed  with   and  monument maker,  '*'  and-having arranged, everything  satisfactorily, added:    "I  should  like t'o say To my- .husband gone  to his home,   in  an   appropriate  place."-  "All right madam," the man  answered.  And on the tombstone, when  completed was this inscription:  "To my Husband. Gone to His  Home in au appropriate Place.  MISUNDERSTOOD    HIM.  R. W. Longley former manager of the carmi, and who has  been in Cobalt for a year and a  half is again in Greenwood.  The Bealey Investment Co'y  has removed its ofiice tothe bowling alley. It will be up to it to  start things rolling.  a  TE & CO'Y.!  _T7i i-       _W ��  oo^ooooooo^^ooooooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooooooo  During the absence of Mr. and  MfsrErBrDiirf rotrr "their~home  last week the water pipe leading  to their bathroom up-stair burst  and occasioned considerable damage. A fine piano suffered considerably. ���������  Andrew Sater, of the,, Norden,  has taken over the adjoining  premises the Queen, under lease  and will hereafter conduct both  houses as the Norden. D. Manchester, formerly of the Queen,  will give his entire attention to  the Clarendon.  Mr. C .V. Arnold of the Olean-  tangy Mining co'y near Chesaw,  was in town this week enroute to  his home in Columbus, Ohio.  One day an; army chaplain saw  a soldier of the name of McDonnel  making for the back door of a saloon.  "McDonnel!" the'chaplain shouted, "McDonnel! Oh,*McDonnel."  McDontiel turned, gave him a  hasty look,'frowned and darted  into the bar.      .. ..        ���  The chaplain loitered outsida  the door till McDonnel cariie forth  again.  "McDonnel," he said reproachfully," didn't you hear me calling  you?"  "Yes, sir" McDonnel answered  "I did but���but I only had the  price for one drink."  $25.00 REWARD  The furnaces of the~B~C7Cop-  per Co'y quoted as having a capacity of (.00 tons each, reduced 740  tons of ore each daily last  week.  AT THE CHURCHES  It Didn't Seem Possible  .N.*,i.i_.._--St. Jude's. Rev. John  -i'.-Purier, I-. '*>���- p-stor. Services  -- a,  in., 10:45 a.  tn. and 7:30  p. m ;  w'-.-.i;   s.iiool, 1-   p. m.      All     seats  :-.".���-'. Saiibai'n at the Methodist Church  wt ilu: iii'.ni'n^ service 11 am short  ;i>'.firi:-.>i;< v.-'ili ii. niven on the Seattle  C. 17 .Vii-.v ritifiti. Mrs McKee, will  :-;)���'..k on 1*H: . ulijiv.t --"Women's work  f-:r women a nil chiir'r.n." Mr. McKee  -.v:'l unfaU on '.lie s.r.wt  Ki;tl.-av"r.  A wag was talking with a friend  whom he was visiting through a  certain portion of the city, when  they met a very much "soiled"  urchin. The wag's eyes twinkled  and he stopped a moment to speak  to the boy asking him where he  lived, his name, and finally:  "How old are vou my lad?"  ���'Eight years old."said the boy.  ���'Why, you must be more than  of Christian , eight," insisted the questioner.  j     "Nope,    jest  eight,"  the  boy  ! answered,grinning with pleasure  The Bank of B. N. A. is having alterations and repairs made  to the offices recently occupied by  the Bealey Investment Co'y and  will be doing the banks business  from these premises on the first  of the month.  The C. P. R. has had a survey  party at work on the Deadwood  branch this week, with the view  of looping the line so as to do  away with the "Great Hopes"  trestle.  J. T. Beattie of the Bank of  Commerce returned on Thursday  from a protracted stay in Kamloops, where he had been attending his father who was ill.  The Corporation of the City of Greenwood will pay a reward of S25.00 for in-  f ofma-ioh~_h"7ft^. il FIm^  tion of any 'person or persons tampering; with any of the intakes to resci  voirs of the city waterworks system.'  G. B.-TAYLOR, CM. C.  The   quartette   who went up  Kettle River last week prepared  for  all   kinds  of   fish returned  empty-handed.  Far in the distance, the hills at  the head of Boundary Creek showed white with the season's first  fall of snow.on Thursday evening  Consider the fact that in placing your grocery order with us  you get the best selection from  the largest assortment and freshest stock in the city. The Russell-Law-Caulfield Co., Ltd.  m iiniT :~'--'ViCi.-  I >!;.;>'< on  bvtena*- Church   at   the! at  being thought older.  - -'"Ipni-.'thc   Pastor;      ��� . .        .  Chri.-ttan Endeavor and j      Turning- to his friend  the wag  C'.izansiiip." !said, seriously:    "Doyou suppose    he could possibly have  gotten so  , dirty as that in only eight years.  ���7/. '_.jo,r.i_,��� Church    of    trie   Sacred; ' ��  );������..r*.������- li'\-iii!.  service   1st,   third and '  ..���.������rih:v,**:,i-*y in  each  month.    Holy j   /'In what condition was the pat-  -.. .s-i _i M t,  **i.: vipers and bencdic-i riarch Job at the end of his life?*'  .i.-.n  at 7:.7i p. in.; Sunday  school at j asked a Sunday school teacher of-  27.np.in. Ki-v. j.. a. I!eda-d, O. M. 1��� j a quiet boy.    "Dead!" calmly re  pastor.  pled the youth.  Mr. Foote who relieved Mr.  Beattie of the Bank of commerce  during the latter's visit to Kamloops returned to Nelson on Wednesday.  SabbathSchool Teacher���' 'What  does the parable of the Prodigal  Son teach us?" Bobby Thick-  neck���"Not to be   fatted calves,  ma'am.  When last heard from the Mid-  and Vernon party were making  satisfactory progress. They left  Beaverdell Sunday morning and  were taken over the diyide by  Guise's outfit.  Bigger  and Better  Than Ever.  The finest appointed  dining room in the city.  Large roomy Lunch  counter.  All the delicacies such as  Ice Cream, Strawberries and  Cream, etc. has now taken  their place upon the bill of  fare.  The funeral of the late Andrew  Durning ;who died at the Sisters  Hospital after a prolonged illness  on Monday last, took place from  the Presbyterian church on Wednesday.  When placing your  next order for  B9B  ��������  don't forget  that we carry the largest and most complete stock'in the city.  GIVE   US   A   TRIAL .  Our goods are always fresh, and we guarantee '  ' satisfaction.  Hunter-Kendrick Co., Ltd.  ���r: "The Big Store"  #ty ty ty tyty tyty tyty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tytytytytytytya?  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  5 Roomed Flat and Bathroom  6 Roomed House  8 Roomed House  . 3 Roomed Cottage  Cabins and Rooms in all parts of the city.  Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd.  Opposite Post Office.  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  BBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB  DEALERS IN  fl-4.^.__..��_.,  ._.__������   _r��u.  _�� *--__-&& _  r��-i_ _.   -__H^. __- _._.   __i       _f _-_.^_._   _.    -a       HS��   A   ^>. JL __.  .Fisb. and. Poultry.  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  a  B  a  a  a  ��  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  B  B  a  ~a���  a  a  a  a  a  B  a  a.  a  a  a  0  *  tt  tt-  B  aBBBBBBBBBB ea��_a��#��.ft��..-60��.������^v^W����#l>��-����#����������-����  ���*J~S  r**\j*r*\r *\*rf\*s ��$  Jgdvetiise In  ���be times  Queen's Hotel  The only  Temperance House in town.  The best meals that can be provided in  this  market,  and    cooked   under   the  supervision of the Proprietress  who is  favorite carteres.  Sunday family Dinners a specialty.  Rooms Newly Remodlled.  Mrs. D. Manchester,   Prop.  Removal Notice.  tokery  We have removed to  Copper  Street,  next doo.r to Holmes & Kennedy.  A Full Line of Groceries Always in  Stock.  F. JAYNES,   .,  Proprietor  I  W  III  Wanted at Once  At -F..RNIE, B.C., for the Crow'sNest  Southern Railway Extension.  HIGHEST WAGES PAID  Teamsters, Scraper Holders and Station Men- "-r  Kree Transportation will lie fiiinislied liy  ajiplviiij,' to  ���A^-OUT-EBIE-  I'ERNIE, B.C.  C. S. BAKER  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  AND  Ore Shippers Agent.  Samples receive prompt attention.  P. O. Box 123 GREENWOOD  THE TIES $2 Per YeOf


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