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 ^�����->^,c~____>  ��^.  /^Z^[dtl^^  i   .'V  ���^    NOV 141905  __.  * ^otoj_a.'6.  il  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY   NOVEMBER 10, 1105.  Eiabtiiifl Cbe-Fires-on a  is no  Rut if you wear a pair of our felt slippers, you  won't mind.it. We carry a complete line of  Ladie's, Men's and Childrens' sizes at prices  varying from  75c  to $2*00 3o> f'w/  People are beginning to feel the need of good  warm underwear. We would like to direct  your attention to a new line that we have just  received. English made goods, the best quality  ou the market, and built for warmth and wear.  Double breasted, spliced seat, knees and  elbows. We guarantee to replace any garments  that shrink.   Phenomenal values at only  $3.00 a Suit  IS MOB  LAW  C. P. R. Officials Resort to  Violence  ON V. V. E. RIGHT-OF-WAY  Frederic W. McLaine. C P. R. Land  Agent Under Arrest���Case  Remanded.  The well known "Landringham" all wool blankets have no equal for lightness, warmth and  comfort.  _gaaE����B5*t����ssv  Cupid's Chief "Ally  **���_!  ��������'�����  &9s '���     *'%>  A  THE   MOST  |PRECIOUS   STONE  THE    MOST    VALUED     CIFT  i ^  ��/&/  V&/  ADiamond gift gladdens the heart of the  fair sex, and ensures regard and affection  We have a nice assortment in Soltaires, Clusters and  lijfi-'ted frentljinan���It's all through  your wretched paper. '  Editor���What's the matter now ?  Excited Gentleman���You stated the  day before yesterday that a thief had  entered my room, broken open my desk  and stolen a sum of money, but that  fortunately he had overlooked the gold  watch which usually lies in the bottom  drawer.  Editor���Well, the facts are stated  correctly. ,  Excited Gentleman���They're correct  enough , but what is the result ? 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NOW  OPEN UNDER  NEW MANAGEMENT  Having rented tlie dining  room and lunch counter  of the Pacific Hotel, I  will open to the public  the large Dining Room.  Everything throughout  has been renovated, aud  quests will find this the  cleanest and most comfortable dining  the city    .    .    .  room in  _B_____3  Open Day and Night.  . Patrons   will    find    tbe  Cuisne   Excellent ...  WM. JOHNSON - - - PROP.  Late of Camp . kKimiev.  ���The good sense and  forbearance of  those in charge of the.V., V* & E. construction west of Midway alone prevented bloodshed on the right of way  of that railway.   The Canadian Pacific  Railway    company    sent    about   150  navvies in charge of Frederic  Wr" McLaine,   the company's  land  agent  in  this district, with  instructions to eject  the V., V. & Ei forces from a section  of land which the C. P. R.   claims under the provisions of an  act passed by  the   provincial    legislature    in    1896,  authorizing a land grant to the Columbia and Western  railway, the charter  for which was acquired by the C. P. R.  some years ago.    McLaine *ettempted  to carry  out his  instructions and ordered his men to tear up a  track  that  runs from a tunnel   on  the  adjoining  property, across  the  alleged  C. P. R.  land,    lie was met by a force of some  700 or 800 V., V. &  E. employees, who  successfully  prevented  the tearing up  of   the   track   without   using   violent  measures.   McLaine was persistent in  forcing the  fighting  against superior  numbers until the V., V. & E. officials,  finding that they could no  longer prevent violent measures, decided to fake  a   more   peaceable course.    Assistant  Chief Engineer Read appeared before  Geo. Arthur Rendell, J. P., and laid an  information    against    McLaine    and  oUiers.   Mr. Rendell issued a warrant  and   Provincial   Constable   Darraugh  went up the grade and arrested  Mc:  Luine   and his   foreman;   McDonald.  They appeared  before Mr. Rendell on  Thursday morning, but in the absence  of Mr. McNe.ll, counsel for the V., V.  & E., an adjournment was ordered until Monday next,   Mr. McDonald was  discharged from custody and, pending  the trial, McLaine was  released without  bail.   He immediately proceeded  to  the  scene  of the disturbance and  again ordered the  men  to tear up the  track.   The effort was again successfully   resisted   without  violence,   but  temper-of-the=\%=V7'&���E.-men-who  had been on duty   for nearly 24 hours,  guarding    the    company's   property,  were sorely tried aud it was fearqd late  last evening that if any further efforts  were  made  to  destroy the company's  propeaty bloodshed might follow.  The events which led up to this disgraceful resort to mob law, began with  the arrival or.Mr. Pearce, the assistant C, P. R. land commissioner. The  Canadian Pacific Railway company  "has been selecting land under the C. &  W. land grant, and certain sections,  which it claims, are along the right of  way of thh-V., V. & E. One of these  sections is further westward than the  scene��of the present trouble. Mr.  Pearce organized a force of men and  ejected P. Gallaher, a sub-contractor,  and his men. The V., V. & E. immediately applied to the courts for a  warrant of possession, which was  granted in Vancouver by Mr. Justice  Morrison on SatuJday last.  The Province report of the court  proceedings follows :  ." The Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern raihv-ay succeeded this morning in  its application for authority to take  possession of the lands on its right of  way near Midway, the right to which  was disputed by the Columbia and  Western, a company subsidary to the  C. P.||R. The land in dispute forms a  portion of the grant given by the government to the Columbia and Western as- an aid in the construction ot its  line. The workmen of the V., V. & E.  entered upon the land for  the purpose  array of ^counsel representing the V.,  V. and E., consisting of -A. H. MacNeill of Rossland, and H. B. McGiverh  its Ottawa legal representative.  "Mr. MacNeill, after formally placing in evidence the documents defin  ing the land required by the V., V. &  E-., said that the possession of this land  was of the utmost importance, as there  was a large force ot men on the  ground ready to proceed with the construction of the line.  " D. G. Marshall desired to have the  application adjourned on the ground  that he had not sufficient time to look  into the matter.  " Mr. MacNeill vigorously opposed  any further delay, the application having already been adjourned once before. He was anxious that the order  should be made at once, in order that  the deposit of $1,810.50 required by the  Railway Act for the expropriation  might be deposited before the closing  of banking hours at noon today.  " His Lordship concluded that he  would allow the application to proceed  and asked Mr. Marshall to state his  objections to the order being made,  and added that he had little sympathy  for any intention to delay or evade the  determination of matters coming up  before him.  "Mr. Marshall said that he could  not oppose the application, as he had  no material before him.  " 'Do you object ?' asked nis lordship.  " 'No,' replied Mr, Marshall.  " 'Do you consent ?'  " 'Oh, no,' said Mr. Marshall.  " 'Well, you can have your order,'  decided  Mr. Justice'Morrison, speaking   to   Mr.   MacNeill.     The    latter  gathered up   his   papers hastily  and  made a rush for the bank to pay..the  $1810.50 required forthe expropriation."  It will be seen from  the above that  the C. P. R. solicitors offered no argument against the issuance of the warrant  and  consequently there was,, no  necessity for the V., V.  &  E.  stating  the grounds upon  which the:' application -was made, but it is  understood  that.had snch a step  been  necessary  the point ould whave been raised that  the land did not and could not legally  belong to to the C.   P.  R., since  the  provisions of the act authorizing the  land grant were not complied with.  The same tactics are now being pursued by the C. P. R. in connection with  the piece of land which is the scene of  the present difficulty, but instead of  peacaabl3- withdrawing the V., V. & E.  has decided to stand by its rights and  force an issue. '  "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad." So bitter  are C. P. R. officials against the V.,  V. & E., because it  is  building a rival  roadanto.Southern^Bntish^Columbia,   that they rush headlong intooa fight  that is almost sure to result in exposing the fact that crown grants under  which it holds the lands are defective  and consequently the C. P. R men are  themselves the trespassers. More is  likely to be heard concerning* l.his particular laud granl, now claimed by the  Canadian Pacific Railway company  In the meantime it  is surely pertinent to  ask  if  the C. P. R. is  going to  be allowed to bring  British  law  into  disrepute  and  hire  irresponsible men  to incite equally  irresponsible men to  acts of violence. Is a railway company  granted full authority by the Dominion  parliament   to   construct    a    railway  through Southern British  Columbia to  be attacked by a  mon hired by the C.  P. R.?   Had the V., V. and E. officials  adopted the same tactics as  those pursued by the C.  P.   R. ihcre would be  several    dead    men   in   Myers   creek  canyon today.   It is a new and striking method of enforcing a company's  rights to hire a   number   of railway  navvies to use force against a  rival  company.   It   is   an  innovation   that  should not be tolerated in this province  even if the instigator is  the all powerful Canadian Pacific railway company.  In a long article in The News Mr.  Watson Griffin assumes that protection  by tariff is beneficial to Canada, that  the higher the tariff the greater the  benefits, and that the farmer cati be  protected by a tariff. From"thesi'assumptions .it he ��argues that as the  lie' made higher the pros-  tariff   can   _.        --���---   ---   r---  of pushing its  construction   work, but i perityof the Dbminian can be increased  \v.;re ejected   by   the employes'of the j by   the   government.    If   Mr.   Griffin  Columbia and Western.  -���When the application came on for  hearing this morning before Mr. Justice Morrison, there was an   imposing  should undertake  to prove his assump  tions he would probably discover that  they were wrong, or,  at  least,   would  induce some critics to furnish him with  proofs to that effect.���Toronto Globe. BOUNDARY OREEK TIMES.  THE RECORDS.  Following are   the  records   made at  government ofiice in October:  LOCATIONS.  October 2���Makado  anil  Gold Plate,  Long Lake camp, John Seymour.  4 ���Hidden  Treasure. Dry creek, Wm  Boyle.  ���5���Golden, Dry creek, M W Smith.  6���Condor,  Boomerang   creek, M W  Smith. ,  /'-���Ballarat, near  Midway, Geo  Wm  McCormick.  9���1 X L, Copper cam]), Colin McRae.  Don, Copper  Camp,   R V Chisholm.  Glen, Copper camp, Colin McRae.  Buck  and   Dandy,   Copper  camp,  1)  J McRae.  11- Lower Cabin and Jack Spot, Joe  Trombly.  13���Valley,     Skylark    camp,    \V   J  Wartman.  17���Arlington, Arlington camp, Wm  F Procter.  Headlight, Arlington  camp, Isaac H  Hallett.  Sultana,   Long   Lake   camp,    John  Seymour.  B L, Long. Lake camp, P Boldtic.  18���Eurexa,   Smith's   camp,    Frank  Archer.  19���Ella,  Providence  camp,   Geo W  Rumberger. . ���  Clifi'view, Rock creek, John Luce.  24���Montreal,   Long  Lake   camp, L  Groulx. ,.    . -  28-Savage, Summit camp, Thomas  Kermeen.  CKRTIiaCATK OF WORK.  Oct. 2���Bulldog  and  Bulldog Fraction, ChasKing et al.   .  Acadia, E G Ciunraings.   .:-....  Warwick,    fractional,    Thos    Hemmerle et al.  ' 4���Black Prince, Mat Maloney.  5���Coro, fractional,   Phil McDonald.  6���Red Boy, "Wm Mortqn.  Badger and Vernon, P W Lover.  9���Pilot Center, fractional, I H Hallett et al.  10��� Battle  Axe,   fractional,  Eric G  Jackson.  12���Mocha, Dan Oxley.  Buck Deer, Walter S Smith.  Monte Grande, Wm Hanna,  Arlington,   Kokonio'Fraction,  and  Wabash Fraction, G M Barrett.  12���King, G M[|Barrett.  13���No 7, No 8 and No  9, John Mulligan.  L4. Montecello, fractional, W Forest.  15���Peerless, Ed James. 7 1  16���Agnes and Lester, VV.   H  Craig.  John H and Gold Top, A P Dave.  17���Rising Sun, Thos Wake." ���  18���Gatineau, Geo I-ieatherton.  20���Rex,   Monte Cristo,   and  J A, L  Martin.  Elkhorn,    fractional,    Jas    Sutherland et al.  Starlight, W J Wartman.  24���Roderick Dhu, fractional, Hem-3'  Strauss.  25���Connection, Phil McDonald.  Rex, and Toothpick, J L Martin.  30���Blackface,    and   Belcher,   Leon  Lontier.  Revenge, and  Bell,   fractional, G M  Barrett.  -*��>  ��X*-**'X--*X''*M*-<^^ 'Is-  G   GUNDERSON  PROPRIETOR.    A  Finest wines, liquors and  cigars at Bar.  First class Dining- Room in  connection-  FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS.  4"i��x-x-x-x��:  ��;.>���?�����_ ���:��>_-<  ..;..>.;..:..:..>.>X-<"X-*:-**X����X*><��-XK��><~><��'X*>."X^  THE WASTE DUMP.  ' The black or brownish shale, which  occurs above the ' blue rock phosphate  in Tennessee,' is' highly, bituminous  and oily. Some tests recently made  indicate that this shale can yield a  good quality of gas. Considering that,  in the mining of the blue rock, this  shale constitutes the mine waste and  is a by-product, it may become a valuable source of power for local mining  and millidg.  Separating minerals by using oil recalls one of the original grease processes which was discovered at the  Kimberly diamond mines by a boy.  who, while eating his lunch at work,  accidentally dropped a piece of bread  "butter side clown," on the traveling  belt ou which Ihe diamond-hearing-,  clay passed. He found that where the  grease was there also were the diamonds.  The bucking and snorting and refusal to start of the gas engine may be  due to moisture in the cylinder, which  often prevents regular iguitiod till  dried by the heat ol several explosions. By shutting off the water  jacket a few minutes before stopping  the engine, and not turning it on  again till after the engine begins to  explode regularly when again .-started,  the difficulty may be obviated.  A 1-inch single belt, traveling 600  feet per minute, will transmit one  horsepower. To find lhe horsepower  a belt will transmit, multiply the circumference of the pulley in feet by  speed of revolution, and that product  by width of tne belt in inches, and divide by 600. The result will be the  horsepower the belt will transmit. If  double belt is used it will transput one  and two-third times as much as sinSle.  Before buying Lots see me  J:or prices  C. P. R. Land Agent.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  . <_.   J__0 iu_e0  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest furnished;Hop. in tlie Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our  bar  excells  all others.  ,R:AIL W A' ;Yi  WINTER SCHEDULE  Double service Main Line.  Kootenay Section, East' and  West, connects with Imperial  Limited,  SLEEPER SERVICE  WEST���Standard and Tourist  Sleepers leave Revelstoke daily  for Seattle and Vancouver.  EAST-Standard sleepers leave  Kootenay Landing daily for  Medicine Hat, connecting with  cars for St. Paul, Toronto and  Montreal.  TOURIST SLEEPERS leave  Medicine Hat Wednesdays and  Saturdays for Toronto ; Wed.  aud Fri. for Montreal ; Fri. for  for Boston ; daily for St. Paul.  ATLANTIC S. S. AGENCY���  Through tickets to and from  England and the Continent. Ask  for Christmas sailings. All lines  represented.  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In the Matter of the Railway Act and  in the Matter of the Vancouver,  Victoria and Eastern Railway and  Navigation Company.  NOTICE is herein- given that the amended  plan, profile and book of reference of the Sec  tion of the Vancouver. Victoria aiid Eastern  Railway from Lot.6+1, Group One to Section 3,  Township 66, which has been duly, approved,  was, on the 13th day of September,"WUS, filed in  the Ofiice of the Registrar of Titles' for th  Dislrict of Yale at Kani loops, and that the  plans, profile and booh of reference of the preliminary location covering said Section duly  approved were filed in7said registry ofiice on  the 16th day of June, 190*;.  A. IT. MacNEILL,  Solicitor V., V.& E.Ry. & N. Co.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  "Preston" Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood   Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.  Where located: In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1. 'Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, as agent for Livingston Thomas  Dickason, of Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A.,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 1W1418, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder fora Certilicate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim. v  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd dav of October, A.D. 1905.  Oc6. A.M, WHITESIDE.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  '"Bulitl61f"ati^  Claim, situate in the Greenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located:  In Providence Camp.  TAKE NOTICE "that I. Albert E. Ashcroft,  acting as agent for Charles Kinney, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B91517,-���* intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant to theabove claim.  Aud further take notice that action under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  Dated this*_nd dav of October, A. D. 1905  Oc (>.        ALBERT E. ASHCROFT. P. L. S.  MINERAL ACT.  Greenwood Liquor Co  GREENWOOD, B. C.  The largest single producing* mine  of silver in the world is that of the  Broken Hill Proprietary company of  New South Wales.  Since the discovery of gold in South  Carolina 65 -gold mines have been  opened, the majority of which proved  failures, while but few paid. The  greatest of these mines was the Old  Dom mine, in Edgefield county, which  to date has produced $1,200,000. The  mine is now known as the Mr.Cormick-  The mines of the Stassfurt district,  Germany, controlled by the Knli syn  dicate, practical!}- supply the world  with potassium salts, with the exception of saltpeter. The only potassium  salts produced outside of this district  come from France, where a few thous  aud tons are procured through evaporation and from a small mine at Kalusz,  Galicia, which yields about 1,200 tons  a year. There was a noted salt market at Stassfurt as early as the year 802.  The magnetic separator developed  for the iron business to succeed must  compete with the cheap Mesabi ores.  The shekel of the ancient Hebrews  was first coined in 141 B. C. The shekel appears to have, been coined in  goid, silver and copper pieces, the gold  shekel being worth S5.69. the silver  shakel 54 cents, and the copper 3 c nts  HORSES WANTED-  Wanted to buy one or two horses,  weight betweeu eleven and twelve  hundred. Would also like to buy a  buckboard in good condition Also  wagon and set of sleighs. Apply at  ihis office. 10-13.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Hard Cash" Mineral Claim, situate in the  c.recuwood Mining Division of Yale District. Where located: Heaver Creek camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we. George M. Miller,  Free Miner's Certificate No. IlKsSO.'t, and  William Kiutz, Free Miner's Certilicate No.lt  S5.S0+, intend, sixty days from the dateliereof.to  apply to the Mining Recorder tor Certificates  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further   take notice that  actions, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such cert'licates ol improvements.  Dated this 20th (lav of September, A. D. 1105.  O  V  PLASTERS AND  GENERAL MASONS.  TELEGRAPHERS  NEJEIDED'"  Annually, to fill the new positions created  bv Railroad and Telegraph Companies. AVo  want YOUNG MEN 'and LADIES of good  habits, to .  LEARN TELEGRAPHY  AND R. R, ACC0UNTINCBBH9  Wc furnish 75 per cent of the Operators  aud Station Agents in America. Our six  schools are the largest exclusive Telegraph  Schools in the world. Established 20  years and endorsed by all leading Railwav  Officials.  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You    are hereby   notified    that    1  have expended the sum  of -J257.05 in, assessment work  oil theabove claims, such work "being required  and necessary to hold  ths said claims for the  years ending the 10th day of July. 1905, and the  lota day  of August,  1905.  respectively,  under  the provisions of the Mineral Act and amending acts, and if at the expiration of nitietv davs  from the date of tlie first publication 6f tliis  notice in the Boundary Creek Times, you  fail  or refuse  to contribute your portion  of such  expenditure, namely, $+2.94. together  with all  costs  of  advertising,  your  interest   in   said  mineral claims'shall become - vested   in   me,  you^co-owner.upon my filing in the proper ofiice  in that behalf the affidavit required by _ectiou  4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900.  Dated this 13tU dav of October. 1905.       �����  ROBERT LEE.  YALE-COLUMBIA LUMBER COMPANY,  NAKUSP. B. C.  Applications for Special Timber Licenses  TAKE NOTICE that thirty days after date  we intend to apply th the Hon. Chief  Commissioner of Lands and Works for a  special license to cut aud carry away timber  from the following described lands, in Osoyoos  district:  1. Commencing at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's south west corner, east of  C. P. K. mock No. 3638 ou tlie West Fork of the  Kettle river, running thence north 160 chains,  thence east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,  thence west +0 chains to the point of commencement.  Dated Septemberl9th, 1905-  2.; Commencing at a post marked Yalc-Co-  lumbfa Lumber Co's south west corner, north  of limit No. 1 aad east of C. P. R. Block No.  3638, ou lhe West Fork of the Kettle river,  running thence north 160 chains, thence east 40  chains:, thence south 160 chains, theiue west  -lOchains tothe point of commencement.  Dated September 19th, 19Cs  3. Commencing at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's south east corner, on the  east side of the West Fork' of Kellie river,  north of C. P. R. Block No. 2704, running west  80 chains, thence north So chains* thence east  SOchains, thence south 80 chains to the point of  commencement.  Dated September 21sl, 1905.  4. Commencing at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's north west corner, on the  north side of the main branch of the Kettle  river, and east of C. P, R. It lock No. 5705, running east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,  thence west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains  to poiut of commencement.  Dated September 21st, 190s?  5. Commencing at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's north west corner, on the  north side of the main branch of the Kettle  river, running east 80 chains: ��� thence south 80  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80  chains to poiut of coluit oncement.  Dated September 21st, 1905.  .6.   Commencing at a post marked  Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's north-west corner, on the  north-west side of the main branch of the Ket  tie river, west of C. P. R. Block No. 3637, run  ning east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,  thence west SO chains, thence  north 80 chains  to point of commencement.  Dated September 22nd, 1905. ti  ���Y'xVLE-GOLUMBIA-LUMBERCO.i-TiT*l-r��� "  Nakusp, B, C.  If Shiloh s Consumption Cure fails to cure  your Cold or Cough, you get back all you  paid for it.    You are sure of a Cure oi  lhe Cash.  If it wasn't a sure cure, this offet would  not be made.  Can anything be faiiet ?  If you have a Cold, Cough, or any disease  ol the Throat, Lungs or Air Passages, hy  3.  25c per bottle.    All dealers guarantee it,  NOTICE.  In the matter of the " Land Reeistry Act," and  in the Matter of the Title to the South Half  of Lot 16, Block" D," Map 28, Greenwood  City.-  WHEREAS Certificate of Title cf Fran  cesco Fera, being Certificate Number  30+3a, to lhe above hereditaments, has been  lost or destroyed and application has been  made to me for a duplicate thereof.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a du-  plicate Certilicaie of Title to the above hereditaments will be issued at the expiration of  one month from the date hereof, unless in the  meantime valid objection to the contrarv be  made to nie in writing.  Land Registry Ofiice. Kamloops, B. C, Aunust  18.1905. W.H.EDMONDS.  District Registrar. 4  BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES  EIGHT HOURS A DAY.  Granby Smelter and Employes Settle  Their Differences.  The Granb3r company concedes an  eight-hour day to employes and recognizes the organization of smelter eni-  . ployes. The greatest cut in wages has  -���been ten per cent, on some of the employees, while the greater portion of  them will retain the same wages for  eight hours that they were previously  getting for ten and twelve hours a  day.  The company and the men are to be  congratulated on the amicable settlement and the* good feeling that  prevails will be of lasting benefit to all  concerned.-  . The brickett men will retain the same  ���wages for eight hours as previously for  ten hours ; as also will the 12-hour men  working below on the blast furnaces,  and the sample mill men the same  wages as thev were getting for 11  hours' work. 1  The eight-hour day is general except  to carpenters and machinists, who will  have eight hours with the same pay  when working around the furnaces or  in gaseous or dusty places.  LEGAL BLUNDERS.  According to a dispatch from London, says the Vancouver World, the  the privy council has permitted the  appellant in the Nelson and Fort Sheppard railway case to withdraw the appeal. Thus finis is written to another  chapter of the story of futility and ineptitude which is being recorded in lhe  annals of .the attorney-general's department. Last year the province had  three appeals to the privy council in  hand. Two of these have gone by the  board owing to sheer mismanagement,  the Nelson and Fort Sliepparu railway  appeal, because of the government's  neglect of elementary legal precautions, and the other, that in connection with the employment of Chinese  underground, because, having a choice  of two methods of founding its case,  the department presided over by the  Hon. Charles Wilson wasdriveu by the  fatal necessity which seems ever to  pursue it to choose the wrong one.  There remains the appeal, in the  Vancouver street ends case, a question  of the utmost iinportauce to this city,  but froni participation in the presentation of which it has been deliberately  excluded by the attorney-general. With  indifference to previous failure, Mr.  Wilson is now again on his way to  England. There is, in point of fact,  little need for these expensive trips of  ministers. The province maintains a  most expensive agent in London, a  man thoroughly familiar with every  phase of the interests of British Columbia, and he should be able to transact almost all the business of the  province. There would, indeed, be  much more wisdom in recalling Mr.  Turner from time to time that he might  consult the minister of the crown and  the principal officials aud'so keep himself thoroughly in touch with every  fresh development in provincial affairs. It is, however, a sort of unwritten   law   that each  minister shall  =--havea---rusi-to^the^old-countr-y=d tiring,  the life of the government. Fortunately for the treasury, some administrations are kept so busy hanging on  to office that their members never get  time for a jaunt. It is, of course, always possible to find some colorable  pretext for the trip, and when Mr.  Wilson went to Lendon last year it  was announced that he was sacrificing  his valuable time because the orovince  had three appeals under way. This  reason, compared with reasons given  on similar occasions, was almost  deemed legitimate until it wis found  that all that Mr. Wilson had really accomplished was a formal application  for leave to appeal one of the cases, a  mere preliminary step which any suitable counsel in London might have  undertaken on instructions trausmittcd  by mail.  And now Mr. Wilson is off to Loudon once more This, ns already noted,  is his second trip. It is to be hoped  that it is not to be established as a  precedent and that his colleagues will  ��� riot insist in their turns upon having  two trips apiece.  In composition ��and varies much  from grains of fine silica or pure calcium carbonate to a complex mixture  of numerous minerals. Pure silicious  sand is mainly .derived from the disintegration of igneous or other rocks,  containing silica, which remains ba-  hind after the removal of other minerals more subject to chemical disintegration. The separation is usually  done by the waves of the sea shore,  and in general it may be said that the  linger sands are subject |to wave ac  t on the more complete will th<* sorting  process   be-    Calcareous sands   result  mainly from the grinding up by the  wave action of shells, corals, etc., or  limestone beds, and may be of all de-  g-rees of purity.  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy. 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Synopsis of Regulations Governing t s Disposal of Dominion Lands within te  Rail-way Belt in the Province  British Columbia.  A LICENSE to cut timber can be  acquired only at public competition.  A rental of $5 per square mile is charged  for all timber berths excepting those  situated West of Yale for which the  rental is at the rate of 5 cents per acre  per annum.  In addition to the rental, dues at the  following rates are charged:���  Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand  feet B. M.  .Railway, ties, eight and nine feet  long, 1J_ and 1��( cents each.  Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord.  All other products, 5 per centon sales  cA license is issued as soon as a berth  is granted but in  unsurveyed territory  no timber can be cut on  a berth  until  the licensee has made a survey thereof.  Permits to cut timber are also granted at public competition, except in the  case of actual settlers, who require the  timber for their own use.  Settlers and others may also obtain  permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood  for sale without competition.  The dues payable undera permit are  $1.50 per thousand feet ~B. M., for  square timber and sawlogs of any  wood except oak; from yi to lyi cents  =perjineaj,_'oot f.or_Jtnii_l__g_l_>g_'_f rom  12J. to 25 cents per cord for wood: 1  cent for fence posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and 50 cents per cord oil  shingle bolts.  Leases for grazing purposes sre issued for a term of twenty-one years  at a rental of two cents per acre per  annum,  Coal lauds may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal and $20 fer anthracite. Not more thau 320 acres  may be acquired by one individual or  company.  Royalty at the rate of 10 cents pet-  ton of 2,000 pound- is collected on the  gross output.  c Entries for land for agricultural purposes map be made personally at the  local land office for the district in  which the land to be taken i_ .situated,  or if the homesteader desires, he may,  on application to the Minister of the  Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner  of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the  local agent for the District, within  which the land is situated, receiveoau  thority for some one to make entry for  him.  A fee of $10 is charged for a homestead entry.  A settler who has received an entry  for a homestead is reduired to perform  tlie conditions connected therewith  under one of the following plans:  (1) At least six months'residence on  nnd cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years.  It is the practice of the Department  to require a settler to bring 15 acres  under cultivation, but if he prefers he  may substitute stock; and 20 head of  cattle, to be actually his own property,  with buildings for their accommodation will be accepted instead of the cultivation.  (2) If the father (or mother, if the  father is deceased) or any person who  is eligible to make a horr.es'eod entry  under the provisions Of the Act, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of  the land entered for by such person as  a homestead, the requirements of.the  Act as to residence prior  to  obtaining  i patent may be satisfied by such person  residing with the father or mother.  (3). If the settler has his permanent  residence upon farming land owned by  him iu the vicinity of his homestead,  the requirements of the act as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  Application for a patent should be  made at the end of three years before  the local agent, sub-agent or a homestead inspector.  Before making an application for a  patent, the settler must give six  months' notice in writing to.-, the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.  W.-\V. CORY,  Deputy pf the Minister of the  Interior.  A Neat Everyday  Boot for Boys  I  tfttttli  RAILWAY.  Tlie only all rail roiite between points east  west and south to Rosslaml, Nelson, Grand  Forks and Republic.  Leave Arrive*  9:45 a. m. Spokane 6:20 p. m.  11:05 a.m.' Rossland 5:15 p.m.  9:20 a.m. Nelson 8:45 p.m.  11:30a.m. Grand Forks 4:25   p.m  10:00 a. m. Phoenix 6:00 p, m.  7:00 a. m. Republic 6:30 p. m.  Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport  Effective March 5th, 1.05  In Connection With  Boys' genuine Scotch Grain  Bals. made on a round-toe last,  with circular vamp |and hecvy  sole.This boot will defy .".['the  roughest usage.  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DISPENSING CHEMISTS.  ^mmmmmnjimiTO  BOUNDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  No. 38,1. O.O. F.  Meets every  Tuesday Eveninp at 8 00 in the  I. O. O. E. Hall.    A cordial liivi tation is ex  tended to all sojourning- brethern.  J. McCkeath Fred B.'Holmes.  N. G.   ��� Rec.-Sec  She  Boundary Creek Times  -Issued every friday  Duncan Ross......  Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADYANCE.  Per Yeak.    2 00  Six Months?..-..... -  1.23 .  To Foreign Countries. 2 50 :  FRIDAY   NOVEMBER 10.1905.  AN IMPROVEMENT.  A modest little announcement in last  week's issue of the Gazette is the re-  . suit of months of protest by honest  Conservatives in the Boundary district and political ��� intrigue by another  brand of Conservatives. The announcement is to the effect that John  R, Jackson of Midway is to be a license  commissioner for the Boundary creek  licence district in place of Arthur H.  Lawder, resigned. This concession  was all that George Fraser would give,  and as George Fraser is a voting factor.*' the McBride government had to  yield.    If   a   little   leaven   sometimes  ^leavens^the^whole^lumbr^thefe^is^a"  strong ray of hope that John R. Jackson will succeed in keeping the board  of license commissioners within reasonably, decent bounds. At least we  feel sure that there can be no further  gross disregard for law or public  opinion without the strongest possible  protest from him.  Since the above wa'sjwritten we learn  that Mr. Jackson has refused to become identified with the Boundary  licensing board as at present constituted. The public generally will regret his decision, but will at the same  time fully appreciate the fact that a  gentleman of Mr. Jackson's standing  could scarcely take any other course.  WHO PAYS THE TAX ?  " Industrial Canada" is a very, substantial monthly published under the  auspices of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association. It is for protection  first, last and all the time���protection  of the manufacturers. Ordinary mortals it does not worry about: They can  pay all manner of taxes and be subject to all sorts of competition, but the  Canadian manufacturers, never !  Occasionally, in its-eagerness to defend the Canadian manufacturers, Industrial Canada has its moments of  weakness and [gives hard digs to the  protection theory.  In a recent issue it denounces the  commercial travelers' tax in British  Columbia and Prince Edward Island  and moralizes as follows:  " Perhaps the people of British Columbia and Prince Edward Island will  be more willing to accept this solution  ofgthef difficulty when they will have  realized more, fully than they do at  present that it is themselves as individual consumers who are in reality  paying the tax. Its immediate result  is to restrict competition. Many a firm  has already withdrawn its travelers  from these provinces purely on account  of the tax. The few who remain have  a clearer field to work in. There is  not the same eager rush to secure  business, ana consequently there is  shading of prices. The retailer is unable to drive as good a bargain as before, so he just adds a l'ttle more to  his selling price, and ultimately it is  the poor consumer who pays the piper."  If customs duties for the protection  of--Canadian ^manufacturers^-were'sub-  stituted for tax on commercial travelers, the [argument would be equally  pertinent.  to all in the spirit of fair play, so dear  to men of the Anglo-Saxon race under  different flags."  THE SIMITLKAMEEN.  EXIT.  The Nelson Tribune finds decent  sepulture in the journalistic boneyard  this week. Its life was prolonged by  reason of the fact that it was John  Houston's paper, and John had the  knack of rallying people to his financial support, without regard to their  political predilections. Now that  Houston has gone the inevitable result  follows. There is no room in Nelson  for two daily newspapers. The News  is a credit to the city and of material  advantage in promoting its best interests. It is hoped that in the interests of Nelson its business men will  discourage the publication of any new  daily until the city has grown to at  least double its present population.  siffl^m^  ONE OF THE STALWARTS.  The Kelowna Clarion, under the  guidance of George C. Rose, will become a factor in the political life of  Okanagan district. Mr. Rose, in announcing a policy for the paper, tells  where the paper stands in the following words :  "One word more. It has been feared  that the apple of discoro. would be  thrown into this community by the  introduction of party politics into the  policy of the paper. Let it be understood that the policy of the Clarion,  under the new proprietor, will be to  give an indepeudent support to the  Liberal party, reserving the right to  denounce measures and men iniquitous  to the best interests of the whole  country. Neither race feeling, religious intolerance, or rabid partisanship 'will be permitted to disfigure  these columns, and absolute fairness  will be shown in reports of political  conventions and meetings, whether  Conservative, Liberal or Socialist.  "No man can make a success of an  undertaking which clashes with his  own innermost convictions, and it is  not proposed that the Clarion shall  continue ��� to be an emasculated and  colorless factor in the political situation, but strict justice will be rendered  Arthur Hickling-, of the Vermillion  Forks Mining and Development company, and of the Princeton Townsite  company, who has been in the city for  a few days, left last night for his annual trip to England, where he will  remain until next spring. In speaking  about the railway construction toward  the Similkameen section, Mr. Hick  ling said that the railway transportation which the Similkameen has so  long needed for its proper development  is at last in sight. The Great Northern is pushing construction as rapidly  as it can west of Midway, but finds  considerable difficulty in getting a suf-  ficent number of men, It has about  1.000 men at work and would employ  5,000 if they could be secured, but men  for railway construction are scarce and  hard to get. The Canadian Pacific,  too, has begun the work of grading  west of Midway with a gang of men.  under W. P. Tierney. There ia no  doubt, Mr. Hickling says, about the  Great Northern pushing on to Princeton. They now have moved their  camps to this side of the line, and if  the weather is not too "stormy during  the winter, will teach Princeton by the  spring.  The conditions in and about Princeton have been very good during the  past summer and fall, but next spring  the people toere expect a tremendous  boom. There is a splendid field for  prospectors up the Similkameen river,  where there are large areas that have  never been looked over by prospectors.  A.t Hedley the Nickel Plate mill is to  be increased in size from forty to one  hundred stamps, as the mine has large  reserves of ore, sufficient to keep one  'huTOr^l3famps~irnioMt_n^  This mine is regarded by a large number of people as the largest ^and best  in the province. With one hundred  stamps pounding away on its ore the  production of bullion should be very  large. It is the intention of the Daly  estate, which controls the Nickel Plate,  to erect a smelter at a latter time.eThis  combine is now purchasing and de  veloping copper properties so as to  keep the smelter in ore.  The Vermillion Forks Mining and  Development company, which owns  coal property at Princeton, intends to  soon begin their development so as to  begin a position to market coal as soon  as the railway reaches Princetoh.���  Rossland Miner.  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  ..Bank of  New York, Chicago.  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest. $10,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drummond.  General Manager :   E. S  Clouston,  Branches in London, Eng. .] <��&_*!ttpricna_��_.}  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.      .-..'.���  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  ���*_"���  __-?  *3  *%  **=_  *_?  *_*>  fc_7  *_">  *_?  *=_  *_*>  *=5  Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmsmsl  utyty tyty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tyty ty tyty tytytytyty ty tyty#  The black sands of Nez Perce ccunty,  Idaho, contain columbite, tantalite and  other tantalum minerals.  (t  "\  They Look  Well  and our patrons are  delighted      with      rooms  papered with our  Choice Decorative  Styles  Always Pleasea to Show Them  colesX7rTth  Booksellers,  Stationers,   Wall  Paper Dealers, Etc., Ete.. 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THE RICH   NORTH  The Best Part of the Province to be Opened up.  MORE RAILWAYS NEEDED  Problem of Giving Northern British  Columbia Ade.uate Railway  Facilities.  If, as has been stated, the future of  British Columbia is bound up in the  transportation question, that future  never looked better than it does at the  present time. In no year..since the beginning of construction of the Canadian Pacific railway has there been  such marked activity in railway building as in the year of grace, 1905. Then,  too, it is not the mere extension of  railways reaching out for new territory, but is rather the carrying out of  well considered plans to provide adequate railway facilities for all sections  of the province. Midway is the starling point of the greater portion of the  railway lines. From here the Great  Northern is rushing* the V., V. & E.  system to the coast. This line will  provide the long desired Coast-Koote-  nay connection. The work from Midway to the internutional boundary line  at Molson, a distance of 30 miles, and  from Molson to the boundary line at  the Similkameen river, a distance of  46 miles, is well under way, and work  will be started by J. W. Stewart from  the boundary line to Keremeos in a  few days, Construction will' be "commenced from Clo.verdale eastward Ihis  fall and it is fully expected that within  two years the entire line to the coast  will be completed. By next June  trains will be running to the Similkameen, at leastas far as Keremeos.'  Tho marked activity on the part of  the Great Northern, spurred the C. P.  R. to action.   In  the race for the Sim-  Yott   can   have   a   pair of Logging  Boots made to ojder and pay douffie  the price of Leckie Boots, but you  cannot secure stronger footwear.  The picture shows one of our best  lines. A word of description : Men's  12 inch Loggers; whole foxed wilh fish  grain vamp; has rex chrome leg and  bellows tongue to tlie top; very heavy  pegged sole; made on a broad toe  last. Your dealer will show it to you,  if you ask him to do so.  MANUFACTURED BY  (J  ���"  VANCOUVER, B. C.  S. BARRY YUILL  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER       AND  JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD  ilkameen trade the C. P. R. has been  rushing construction of a line from  Spence's Bridge, whose objective point  is Midway, where connection will be  made with the Columbia and Western.  The line will be compleied and track  laid as far as Nicola, a distance of 45  miles, this year, and next year the  work will be continued to the Similkameen. It is true that the C. P. R. had  begun building westward from Midway, but those who are best .informed  on railway matters believe that this is  done not with the objector prosecuting-  bona fide continuous construction, but  rather to have prior claims at a level  crossing* which must be made with the  Midway and Vernon about one mile  west of Midway.  The Midway and Vernon 'is being-  built as an independent line from Midway to Vernon, and about ten miles of  grading has been completed. The  promoters of this line are considering  the question of extension of the line  westward.  All these lines  are sure  to become  important factors in   the development  of the resources of the province, but  there   are   other   lines   contemplated  which will do even more in opening up  rich and promising sections which are  today without railway facilities.   The  construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific in  the near future opensnup the  rich   northern  half   of   the province.  Southeren connections are sure to follow, and  already  the  construction of  iailways running  north  and south in  the province is being   seriously   discussed.   One of  these is the Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon, which is  controlled by John Hendry of Vancouver and his associates.   The proposed  routs of this line is from North Vancouver to Howe sound  and through a  low pass to Liilooet, where the Fraser  river   is   reached.   The   Fraser river  valley   is   followed to  Quesnelle and  thence northerly   to Fort   George or  some other point where connection will  be made with the Grand Trunk Pacific.  Another   project and one which  if  carried out will do more to open up the  interior of the province than any other  railway built or projected, is a railway  running   through   the   valley   of   the  North"  Thompson,   the Horsefly   and  Cariboo country  and northerly to the  Youkon    territory.     A   charter   was  secured for a railway over this route by  Kamloops  parties a year ago.    Should  either or both of these roads be built,  then it would be impossible to estimate  the   growth   of   the province.     Until  now the territory south of the C. P. R.  in B. C. has been retarded  by  lack of  transportation     facilities,     and     the  country north has remained practically  a terra incognita.   Those who  have a  limited knowledge of its resources are  strong in  the' belief that the richest  and best part of the  province is in the  north and that this will be fully demonstrated as soon as the iron  horse finds  his   way  into   its fertile valleys  and  along its gold-bearing rivers.  |s ^���4��**&-fr*-fr***fr*fr--�����-&����� 4^ #  ��*  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  THE�����  LE0TR1G CO.  LIMITED.  Dlectric  current   supplied   for  Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of continuous po we  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  vt ty ty ty ty ty tytyty.ty ty tyty$tytytytytytytytytytytytyx  No Poison in   Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy  From Napier New Zealand, Herald  two years ago the Pharmacy Board of  New^South^Wales,���Aiistralia,--had==-an  analysis made of all the cough medicines that were sold in that market.  Out of the entire list they found only  one that thny declared was entirely  free from all poisons. This exception  was Chamberlain's .Cough Remedy,  made by the Chamberlain Medicine  Company, Des Moines, Iowa.U. S. A.  The absence of all narcotics makes  his remedy the safest and best that  can bt had; and it is with a feeling of  security that any mother can give it to  her little ones. Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy is especially reeommended by  its makers for coughs, colds, croup  and whooping cough. When taken in  time it prevents pneumonia. This  remedy is for sale by all druggists.  HUMOR OF THE HOUR.  A perfect pun makes good sense both  ways; the edges meet with a click like  the blades of a sharp pair of shea's.  Sometimes the very thoughts fit tight  together in antagonistic identity, as  when the man said of the temperance  exhorter that he would be a good fellow if he only let drink alone; or when  Disraeli, if it was he, wrote to the  youth who had sent him a first novel:  "I thank you very much. I shall lose  no time in reading it;" or as when a  man on seeing a poor piece or carpentry work, said, "That chicken coop  looks as if some man had made it himself." Exquisite perverse literalness  of thought ! And the same absolute  punning, the very self-destruction of a  proposition, was the old death thrust  at a poor poet by the friend who said,  " His poetri will be read when Shakespeare and Homer are forgotten." It  was a fine double-edged blade of speech  until some crude fellow, Heine, I think,  sharpened it to a wire edge by adding,  -'and no* till then," a banality that  dulled its perfection forever.���Atlantic  In  the  art  of  meat  cutting  is  what all butchers  should possess to ensure their customers of getting  just what they ask for.  This knowledge we possess, that's why  THE UNION MEAT MARKET  is so popular.  All kinds of FRESH VEGETABLES kept; in big pans  especially prepared in which from a fountain pure Lynn  Creek water is constantly sprayed over them, keeping them  fresh and clean.  I. P. FLOOD,     Prop.  ��BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB��B��nBBBB  ��� -..-.- - .      s  * -ft  �� The best ���  $ . -.. &��*       ��.*___?-___���.<....: : .���'���  KNOWN  GREEN BONES, CUT FRESH  THREE TJMES PER WEEK  *  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  *  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  *  *  *  *  ��  *  *  *  ��  *  *  99BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB  BvifBB-^ikBBBBili^BB9S0irBBB9BBBBBBSBB9BBBB<t^&^!BBBBBBBtfiB9B9-  B *  if  Windsor Cafe  Tir st*-class meals Served  night and Day.  Harry Cowtts.  Proprietor  *  *  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  *  ��  ft  ft  *  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  *  ifBV9ifBB0*BBBtfBtfBBBBB��BBBBBBBBBBaatkBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB  Mountain View  i Hotel.  I    SITUATED AT SIDLEY, B. C.  a_9  H On the direct travel between....  Iks  MIDWAY, ROCK CREEK, OSOYOOS, FAIR-  VIEW, KEREMEOS and HEDLEY. B. C  Rigs and Saddle Horses can be supplied at short  ,t      notice.  ii Travellers will  find  this  the  best  aud  shortest  route from Greenwood to the Similkameen  and  &��  sag  ���ZS5  3_-_*_  Okanagan Valley, BOUNDARY GREEK   TIMES.  EIGHT -HOUR DAY.  .Th.. .'.Granby company Ui"icl its  employes are to be congratulated  upon tlie outcome of the negotiations for an eig-lit .hour..day at the  smelter. The successful ending  of these negotiations shows that  it is possible, for employers, and  employed to come to an understanding upon a very important  matter without the passage, of  legislation which usually leads  to litigation  The difficulties iu continuously  operatiug a smelter are many, but  the rights of the ���employees are  entitled to every consideration.  It is unreasonable to ask men to  continue to work twelve hours a  day, and the management of other  smelters should arrange tp follow  the good example set by the  Granb}* company.  !NEW STAGE LINE.  J. F. Roy'er, the well known. st;ige  line operator, was in- Molson Wednesday on his way to Oroville. Mr. Rover  made the announcement while here  that he will today esliib'lish a new line  to Oroville via Molson. A daily passenger service is to be inaugurated  between Phoe.-iix and Oroville -and a  thrice a week light express service between the latter pointancl Ferry.,. -  Mr. Rover and his stage lines are  not strangers to the traveling-public  of thif section and the announcement  of his new project will be met with  universal approy'iU. Especially, will  hisexpress line be appreciated along  the route.   ���  . The passenger stage coming from  Phoenix will ���arrive in Chesaw about  midnight as it does now. .Leaving  Chesaw in the: morning it ariives in"  Molson about 9 o'clock where horses'  ��� will be changed. Oroville is reachod  about noon. '"; The return trip to Che-  sa\y is made in, the >f tern'oon .and the  stage-eaves early enough in the morn-  to catch.the train at Phoenix.    ���-.'���..  Mr. Royer has discontinued the Oror  ville-Hedley line for the winter.���TMol-'  son Independent.. *   7      7      :    ���   .;  It is much easier to enumerate what  ores cannot be concentrated than those  that can. They are as follows: Heavy  iron pyrite, or pyrite and copper, containing no silica, but which may contain gold and silver; carbonates and  silicates of copper, free from sulphides.  These comprise the entire list which  are incapable of concentration.-; All  other ores' may be worked either by'  straight concentration or by combinations of that and wet extraction. Lead  in any form is extremely easy to concentrate out from any .other combination of ores and-gangues, arid'as-a rule  f iilly.90 per cent, .may be saved, often  more. Copper in the form of black  copper or copper glance; or almost any  .form of the. higher oxides, .is  easy to  ��� save On the other hand, copper sulphides, especially as chalcopyrite, are  difficult to save, owing- to sliming.   All  - iron'ores^ cxcept-the^r. ixed-oxides= and=  carbonates, are very easily saved!  zinc ores; except in heavy combination  with iron or. copper, are. easily conceu-  ' centrated Gold is' extremely easy to  save, and it is not unusual to gain 95  per ceiit. of Its value in the raw'ore.  Silver varies, and while often the sav-  iug will be small in the concentrates it  is bedause it exists in the form of  chloride or some other light colnpound  in the ore, and this invariably works  to perfection by .leeching from the  tails.    The most difficult of all ores to  handle by concentration are those  combinations of lead, zinc, iron, copper, in form of sulphides,, and perhaps  enclosed in a gangue of quartz, lime  spar, baryta and garnet. Tn such a  case the iron, zinc, copper, garnet and  baryta are very nearly the same  gravity. Expert mrnipulation,, however, will accomplish wonders on such  ores. For instance, the lead can be  fairly well separated, and possibly a  portion pf the iron. Finer crushing  will separate some portion of the zinc  and copper; the balance of the material will be treated, either raw or  after roasting, by magnets, and a further separation made. The merchantable products from this would be:  first, the lead, with some iron and  most of the silver; second, a copper  concentrate' with considerable zinc and  iron; third, a zinc conce-itrate fairly  clean.  Mr. Frederic Keffer of the B. Chopper company, is in town this week,  having come over from the Apex  group, which he has had utieer bond  from W. D. McMillan. Mr. Kefer's is  tha name to conjure by in lode mining  in the Boundary, having taken hold of  the Mother Lode mine in Deadwood  camp, when it was a new prospect and  steered its destinies through the initial  stages of development until it is today  one of the properties Which British  Columbians speak of with pride. But  it was Colonel Weir of  New York who  discovered the Mother Lode to capital,  and saw in it, while wholly undeveloped, the making of a great mine.  Not only did Colonel Weir discover in  the Mother Lode a rare investment fnr  himself and his associates, but he  found in Mr Keffer the man to put in  charge, and the sequel shows that he  was as wise in his selection of the man  as he was of the property. Through  ill and good report and in spite of difficulties almost appalling Mr. Keffer  never swerved from the goal in view.  The confidence reposed in him by the  B. C. Copper company is shown by the  fact that they have recently extended  his sphere of .usefulness to them, by  giving him a roving commission, with  headquarters in* New York, to look  after development of their properties  in various parts of the United States  and Canada, and to enable to do so  have relieved him of the active management of the Greenwood concern.���  Hedley Gazette.  Herb W. Edwards Injured.  Herb W. Edwards of Des Moines,  Iowa, got a fall on an icy walk last  winter, spraining his wrist and bruising* his knees. "The next day," he  says, "they were so sore and stiff I was  afraid I would have to stay in bed, but  I rubbed them well witn Chamberlain's Pain Balm and after a few applications all soreness had disappeared. I feel that this bottle of Pain  Balm saved nie several  days' time,  to  say nothing of  the   suffering."    This  ointment is   for  sale by   all druggists  Kitty, four and a half years old,  having been spanked for some act of  disobedience, turned upon her mother,  and, choking down her.sobs, said, with  ai' the dignity at her command :  "Well, now, I hope you're satisfied.''���Pacific Monthly.  FLOYD & COX. Proprietors  PURE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of th<* city.  Wood's PhoepTioaiiie,  The Great English Itcmedy.  A positive euro for all forms oi  ,, . _ ��� ._ - - Sexual Weakness, Mental and  uuruuE and after Brain Worry, Emissions, Sper-  matorrhoea, Impotcncy, Effects of Abuse or  Excess, all of which lead to Consumption,  Infirmity, Insanity aud an early grave. Price  $1 per pke., six for ?5. Ono will please, six will  cure. SoTdby alldrugg-istB or mailed in plain  packageon receipt of price. Writefor Pamphlet.  The Wood Medicine Co.. Windsor, Ontario.  NOTICE.  Application for Transfer of Liquor  License.  Notice is hereby given that, thirty  days after date I will apply to the  Board.of License Commissioners for  the City of Greenwood for a transfer  of the liquor license held by me for the  Greenwood hotel, Silver street, situate  on Lots 21 and 22, Block D, City of  Greenwood, to J. M. Cropley.  Dated October 26, 1905.  W. J. SIMPSON.  For Sale���Queen's hotel, Greenwood,  B.C, I will sell furnished and give  lease on property. Easy terms. Reason  for selling, going out of hotel business. Apply on premises to D. Manchester. 7-10  i��M3Mj��<��o��><~t'>��M��*t*��fc^^^  f  t  X  t  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  I  DAILY STAGE  I.KAVUS:  GREENWOOD  9:00 a. m.  ���j*   MIDWAY  5:00 v. m.  Y  Y akkivks:  ��   MIDWAY  ........10:30 A. M.  X   GREENWOOD..  6:30 P. M.  I FARE $100, ROUND TRIP $1.50 i  % J. McDonell, Proprietor %  <"'l*>��J*>c'<5->��';*>��>**>��'->*'"l**'*M  ^&4M!^^  You cannot be expected to have lailii in Shiloh'*  Consumption Cure, the Lunn Tonic, as a cure lor  Colds, Coughs and all diseases of the air passages,  if you have not tried it. Wc have faith in it, ana  to convince you that il will cure you we KUaranlee  it. If .it^doesn't cure you it costs you nothing* I?  it does it costs you 25c. That's lair. Try it  to-day.  Shiloh  has cured many thousands cf the most obstinate  cases, and wc do not hesitate lo say that it will cure  any Cold, Cough, Throat or Lungr trouble. II we  did not believe this we would not guarantee il  absolutely as we do. Shiloh has had an unbroken  record of. success lor thirty years. It has stood  every possible test without iailure. Isn't that proof  of its curative properties.    Further  Proof  is found in the many testimonials of those who have  tried Shiloh and been cured. Mrs. Archie Taylor,  Asaph, Pa., writes :���  " I bought a bottle cf Shiloh's Consumption Cure  and found it very beneficial. I have two children  and they had a terrible cough. I gave them  everything I could think of, but they s:ot no better  until one evening rny husband bought a l>ot(Ie of  Shiloli. We gave it to the children when they  went to bed, and th-jy slept all nifiht. It cured  them completely. 1 shall always keep it m the  house" 602  SHILOIi  25c.  with  guarantee wherever medicine is sold.  Never in the history of the Boundary has the district had a brighter outlook than today. With the successful de>-  velopment of the immense large bodies of low grade ore and the enlarged and much improved facilities for treating  at a very small cost, the continued opening up of new high grade props, ties aai tlisi'r si 3: ess fa I a.ii profit abl  operation has made the Boundary famous as a mining centre, and every day adds more to the list of new finds and  bigger values. It is readily admitted that Greenwood is the Eldorado of the Boundary with all roads leading thereto,  and surrounded as it is, with such magnificent resources is destined in a few years to be a second Butte, If you  therefore want to participate in its future prosperity, now is the time to invest both in mines and real estate. For  NINETY DAYS we intend giving you a chance to make a safe and profitable investment. Every lot we own will be  put on sale at rock bottom prices during the above period, Prices ranging from $50.00 up, at terms to suit the pur/-  chaser.    Make your selection and make it early.  ->*^  '������'til  1 *-**_���*. (!��������.������������*��  RALPH   SMAILES,  AGENT FOR THE GREENWOOD TOWNSITE COMPANY. @  m*m��i��)'i'��Mm 5S1_jgBK*fflj*}'i��mgg^  IH.  <.*>  BOUNDARY  iwtwe tmiMiuiiiM wauim �����  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /.   H:   HALLET.'  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Pubt.ic.  Cable Address :      .n.M.r.KTT."  Codhs  Bedford M'NetH's  Moreiinf _ Neat's  Lei.er's.  GftEF.mvooa,   s.   c.  J. P. MCLEOD  Barrister and Solicitor,  Okficbs in  RENDEM, IS-COCK  Over Uauk of "Montreal  P. 0. V.ox. 31.  Phonic SI  GREEN WOOD B.C  A, E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial Land Surveyor.  .���lining and En|-liieerl__ Surveys.  Residence:   Clturclt St. 'Pltotie 1315.  GREENWOOD, I!. C.  ARTHUR NI. WHITESIDE.  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B.C  C����RLES AE. SHAW.   ,  Civil, Engineer, ���  Dominion    anb    Provincial  TL/and Surveyor.  Office with Gaunce & "Wickwire.  Telephone No. "I"*. '  GREENWOOD,    ;      :      :      :    B.   O.  W. H. JEFFERY,  Consulting''Mining'Engineer.  Properties examined  and reported   on.   Will  take charge of development work.  Correspondence solicited.  GREENWOOD.  B.   C.  T. F. SUTHERLAND  PROVINCIAL ASSAVER  Shippers' Agent. Entire charg-e taken  of consignments of ore. Checking-,  weighing-, sampling- and "assaying;  of samples.  GREENWOOD, B.C.  ODDS AND ENDS.  The waterworks extension is  completed. 7 * -7   ���  After tlie railways get through'  fighting, what wil be left for the  common   herd?  If Alberta  and  Saskatchewan  should sro  but what' the use  of borrowing trouble.  Now that election time is at  hand, the attendance at meetings  of fraternal societies is rapidly  increasing;  The Times expects to be independent of the butchers at least  for a time. One of the staff is  out this week shooting., at all  =kmds^of^game=fr.om^go.pliers_tO-  silver-tips.  The president of- the Nelson  liberal-conservative association is  willing to resign if. a suitable  person can be** found'to fill the  position. Surely in all Nel-son  one righteous person can be found  to save the part}*.  It is said that the Fernie Ledger will shortly be issued as a  daily. It will have to be printed  in twenty-one languages to reach  the thinkers of all the inhabitants  of that city. This does not include the "horgani**ers."  No doubt there will be. a fairly  1 good list to choose from before  nomination day��� The citizens of  Church street should insist on  every candidate pledging himself  to remove the garbage heap from  the center of that not well graded  nor very beautiful thoroughfare,  near the Presbyterian church.  Possibly the city health officers  have overlooked it, or it maybe  that the distance is too great for  the health committee to walk.  The problem now confronting  the Tonopah mines, Nevadah, is  that of disposing of the out of  the district. Owing to the highly  silicious nature of the ores the  the Salt Lake smelters have  notified the companies that more  than the present output of about  2,000 tons a week cannot be accepted and to discourage shipments from the G-oldfield district,  treatment rates haue been advanced $11 a ton, and iu fact a  large portion of the heavy shipments from the Reilly lease were  sent to the Globe smelter at Denver. There are now eight producing-mines in the,Touopah dis.  trie..���Mining World.  Lawyers appear to be the only  persons who get returns from the  money invested by the people in  railroads. The two companies  squabbling- over the right-of-way  west of Midway are doing the  right thing by the lawyers.  Freight rates in the interior  of British Columbia are beyond  the reach of any but the wealthy.  Freight on a ton of goods from  thetaain line to Greenwood will  take the0profits of an average  business for three mouth. A  printing press can be shipped  for less money from Liverpool to  Vancouver than from Revelstoke  to Greenwood.  yinmmmm^^  rj****--*-*^*.  <3>"���  A few days ago ���the Times expressed the opinion that a condemned murderer iu the United  States, endowed with a goodly  supply of this world's goods, is a  first-class risk for life insurance  companies. Many and various  and ingenious are the pleas put  forward by counsel on behalf of  malefactors, provided they h ave  the money necessary to pay the  costs of appeals to higher courts  If they have not /wealth, and.the  sympathies of romantic ladies of  means are not enlisted in-their  behalf, they maygo bang for all  the law and its exponents - seem'  to care. .But there is at the  present time a condemned-man  in Coicago upon whose behalf a  model plea has been put forward.  This man, counsel aver,. cannot  be hanged because his peculiar  anatomical formation will not  permit of his neck being broken  or his wind being "choked off."  Bob Gardiner has conveniently  become "ossified" 4u the parts  upon which the hangman usually  operates, consequently his neck  can neither be<brokennor squeezed  by a rope. The authorities of  Illinois, are not 'authorized- to  "electrocute'' condemed murderers. Therefore, it is ttp to the  coiIFtir"S"sajr^  with Mr. Gardiner. If he be  possessed of means, and if it be  found upon medical investigation  .that tbe contentions of his counsel are well taken, the proceedings of the courts which will  consider the case of this man will  make cut ions and interesting  reading.���Victoria Times.  So far only eighteen names have  been mentioned  as  possible can  didates for mayor of greenwood.  The hardship and deprivation of an  overland trip in tho early days of the  Northwest are known to all who read.  In this early day a trip across America  meant tenfold the danger that a trip  around lhe world means today. What  wonderful changes have been wrought  and what was considered a hardship  lifty ye:irs ayo, which few could combat, is today a pleasurable pastime���  something to anticipate, something to  delight.  Immeasurably more so is the case  since the Great Northern placed in  service their regal train, '-The Oriental  Limited." The fact must be considered that in undertaking a journey  of several thousand miles the ea.se and  comfort with which it can be accom  plished is a first consideration Iu the  contemplation of a journey the i. rave lei-  selects that means of transportation  which affords him tile quickest, easiest  and." most comfortable trip. It is no  exaggeration to state that the "������Oriental Limited'" is the fultilme t of inventive genius iu train equipment.  Few people rt-alixe the care bestowed,  tlie 'complicated. smo.t'i'y ���.���.������.irking  mechanism which maUe* thu who''.* a  thing of beauty and perfection iu tile  art of transportation.  '��� The Oriental Limited"' is mr-de up  of a locomoti re of the   most  advanced  UK*"  (J-.-���-  G:*--���-  <_V-*-���  t7*r_��w.  ("-��*�����  ��*-*���--  co*-**-  ���Jd-*.---  .  fifcr**������  Iftw���  �����*�����������  Ol***���  Mr. CUSTOMER.  It is contrary, to the laws of nature to disregard the beautiful  works of the Creator. It is also contrary to the laws of build*--  ing up your own city to send East for your printing when it  can be procured as quickly, as cheaply, and, in many instances,  better, in your own town. Consider this matter carefully, and  in placing your next order give the people who spend their  money in your city a chance,     +%>..���*%,    '-sb-     �����-*>���     -��-v     *V  ���m��   ft*.-.-  V_-���  Cj>.   Oi*"**- ���  ��<������������  O������..  (fcv*���  MR. SUBSCRIBER!  We trust that you will not overlook the Utile circular sent  you last week. It is a small matter to you, but a lar^e one to  us,    If you have not attended to it yet, do so today. This week  we have added nearly Five Hundred Dollars worth of material  to our office, and to pay for it we must have what isjjcoming to  us on our Subscription List,    $��    2%,    2��   2%,   2C    2iL   2C  u.~-  A    A  Tl  PHONE 29.  liiaiUiiUiiiiiiuuaHnuuiitiuiuiiiiiiiuiiiaiiiiuauuiiaiutiiuaatuuiuituuiiiiiiiitauuiiK  j and powerful type, elegant day coaches  j sealing S4 people: new tourist sleepers.  v,-bich have been such a   feature of the  dining cars; palace sleeping cars; and,  what is a decided innovation in transcontinental  train   equipment,   a  com-  H-eat  Northern   overland   trains: new   pat tment observation library car.  Lady���Don't you ever dare come to  my door again.  Tramp���Very well, mum. If you  i insist I'll erase your name from my  ' visiting list. ' iii J___v.  n__T SaaP it  /T  ^  2_3�� ���*������  'MAS  is    i     sight���.-  so are our Xmas Gifts.  We bought all our Xmas  siock :  '5*  CHINAWARE,-ETC.ETC  March last ��� import.  They come direct to us  from the manufacturers  in foreign lands.  Having purchased for our  three stores, GREENWOOD  PHOENIX, and MIDWAY,  *we bought in large quantities aud at rock bottom  prices. We will help you  economize  by  oITeriug  .you  values  that  will   save   you  money.  ^  Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Kodaks  and Photo Supplies.  GREENWOOD. - . B.   C,  TOWN TO TICS  Lowney's, fresh from the factory,  just arrived at Coles & Frith.  A. J. Drewery of Rossland was a  visitor to the city this week.  J. Bartley of Sandon, is visiting his  brother, the C. P. R. operator here.  Mrs, King Rees and family returned  last week from a four months' visit in  the East.  Fred Starkey, commission merchant,  Nelson, paid a business visit- to the  city this week.  Tuesday evening the local lodge, I.  O. O. F., conferred the First and  Second degrees.  J. G. Billings and P. Genelle of the  Yale-Columbia lumber company were  in the city this week.  Mrs. Simmons of Fredrickton, N. B.,  arrived in the city last week on a visit  to her son, Dr. Simmons.  W. Embree and G. White of P. E. L,  cousins of A. S. Embrce, arrived in  the city last week and will reside here.  Mrs. Kenneth McKenzie and family  returned last week from Nova Scotia  where they spent the summer visiting  relatives.  Mrs. Frank W. Burpee of Vancouver aud Mrs. D. C. Burpee of Frederick-  ton, N. B., are visiting Mrs. Dr.  Simmons.  The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian  church will hold a Rainbow tea Tuesday evening, 14th inst. Music and refreshments.  Mrs. R. K. Steven returned on  Thursday from Calgary. She was accompanied bj- her sister, Mrs. Kela-  way, and family, who will visit here  for some time.  Mrs. and Miss McKenzie, mother  and sister of Kenneth McKenzie, arrived from Nova Scotia last week and  will reside here.  L. H. Moffat, a Rossland mining  man who is interested in the Rath-  mullen gronp in Summit camp, was in  the city this week.  Nomination of officers in the local  . )dd Fellows' lodge will, be held next  Tuesdey evening. A full attendance  is requested.  Mrs. E). F. White and. family, Mrs.  S. W. Blawick and "Mrs. J. A. Mc-  Alpine, Midway, were visitors to the  city on Saturday last.  F. W. Peters, and H. E. McDonnell,  of the C. P. R., and T. G. Proctor and  A. H. Gracey, of Nelson, were visitors  to the district this week.  Work on the C. P. R. from Midway  westward is proceeding very rapidly.  Track has beeu laid for about a mile  and the grading almost completed to  Kettle river, near Jackson's ranch.  Rube Shuttleworth came up for trial  yesterday before His Honor Judge  Clement, on a charge of stealing iron  from the property of J. W. Powers  near Midway, and was sentenced to  six,mion ths,imprisonment.,^,. =���.^^_=__  ,><kk~X":^^^^  Perfect Harmony of Style and Good Taste;  an Even Balance of the Nicities That  Render Our Clothing Superior,  There is harmony of taste and fashion in our garments that instantly  commends them to particular meu.  Following the newest styles of the  ' day, they unite the fashion, the fabric  aud the color in a perfect blend of  good taste?  OuS 1 !b the perfect square cuts as  shown in illustration and the latest  for winter wear, from  $7.SOT��$20  OVERCOATS like the accompanying   illustration   and  are    quick  selles, they range.from  -��  For men who wish an extra fine garment we highly recommend the  a  i _���u   OUIIO  (It  Cheaper Lines and an extra good buy from $1,00 and up.  f  V  f  LIMITED  (>.x~:~:~:**-*:~x��xk��^  J  At the provincial tax sale held in  Rossi-end on Monday last, the following claims in Greenwood mining division were sold fordelinquent taxes:  Copperopolis, G cS: R, Gold Beg and  Hidden Treasure.  P. J.,Kennedy and J. Smith returned  Tuesday from the West Fork. It is  said that there is. a deal on for the  the Standard and Black Diamond on  Wallace mountain. They visited the  Duncan, Sally, and Rambler claims,  all being in good ore  A. R. T. LacKie, chief engineer of  the Midway and Vernon, left for New  York on Saturday last, to consult with  his principals in reference to contract  for building and other matters connected with the road. He expects to  return in about ten days.  Engineer Snow of the Midway and  Vernon has completed the survey from  the Summit to Carmi, tying on to Bas-  sett's survey at the latter point. Mr.  Snow has moved his party to the Vernon end of the line. The full survey  will be completed early next month.  Dr. Alfred E Barlow, the zinc expert  of the department of the interior, Ottawa, visited the Boundary this week.  Owners of properties carrying zinc*  had written to the department, and  Dr.Barlow came out to investigate. He  left for Nelson on Monday to meet  Professor lug-alls.  It is probable troops will have to  suppress disturbances between C^ P.  'R^and7\;'-..=7\^.^&^E.=employees���.along1  the line of construction, on the latter  road. This course may become necessary not because of actual fighting,  but on account of pollution of the atmosphere.  Henry Madden and Tom- Pickhart,  while prospecting in the neighborhood  of Molson, Wash., had a pack animal  stolen. Canadians, while on the other  side of the line, would do well to remember that in some parts of the  "greatest nation on earth" meum and  and tuum are synonyms.  The postofifice department has arranged for a mail service oyer the  Great Northern from Grand Forks to  Phoenix and by stage from Phoenix  to Greenwood. This service will be  daily except Sunday, Under this arrangement mails coining in by the  Great Northern will reach Phoenix and  &reenwood the same day. Heretofore  they;' remained over at Grand Forks  and came up by the C. P. R.  Boundary Valley lodge, I. O. O. F.,  will hold their fifth annual balhThurs-  day next, 16th inst,, in the old Masonic  halll. Tickets $1.50, supper extra.  Bush's orchestra will furnish the  music. Supper will be served in the  hall. Heretofore the Odd Fellows' ball  has been the event of the season, to  which everybody went and had a good  old-fashioned time. The committee  incharge intend to make this the most  enjoyable dance given by the lodge.  Colonel R. T. Lowery, of Nelson,  publisher of Lowery's Claim, visited  ^tbe^:._Bpundary   this  vreek. ^This  was  Mr. Lowery's first visit to Midway,  Greenwood, and Phoenix, and was  astonished at the evidences of prosperity in these towns. The colonel  made a fat turn in Fernie and has  practically retired from the newpaper  business, devoting his whole time to  his pet creation���Lowery's Claim���  which is the most sultry paper ever  published in Canada.  H. B. McGivern, a prominent barrister of Ottawa, visited Greenwood  this "week.    Mr.   McGivern  is parlia  mentary solicitor for the V., V. & E.,  aud rther railway interests allied with  the Great Northern, and took a prominent part in the strenuous fight during lai'.t ��� session. He visited Midway  i-nd informed himself of the geographical features of the district. Mrs. Mc-  Giverin, who came west with him, rejoined him at Nelson on Tuesday even-  iug.  T. M. Barton, for years messenger  on the Nakusp and Sloean, has been  transferred to the Nelson-Midway  rum. Jim's many old Sloean friends  in this district will be^ pleased to hear  that he has at last escaped from the  man-killing run between Sandon and  Nakusp, where trains are on time two  or three times in the year, and where  a chaplain and a doctor are as necessary on each train as the engine. For  a whole year the writer tried once each  month to reach Sandon from New  Denver on that train, but it never  reached the siding less than five hours  behind time.  Furniture for Sale.  Having sold my barber business and  am moving aw.ay. I will sell the whole  of my household furniture in piece or  whole, exceptionally cheap. M. Nel��on,  McDonald house, Gold street, back of  Greenwood hotel. 10-11  DR MATHISON  DENTIST  Out of Town for a feu* weeks.  GREENWOOD  u  c  wtmsammBBG^^mrimmarHim} wwtmatiW>  The Hasy  to   Take  Kind  OF COD LIVER OIL IS  Our Bmulsion With Iron  We have on display this j  week some beautiful  j things in China. You  have .to see them to  j know how pretty they  are, and the price is so  low you will want to j  own the lot.  /<��   *C   TC  We do not need to tell you how-  good Cod Liver .Oil is for sore  lungs. But when you need it don't  be satisfied with   some substitute.  Not better than the best, But better than the rest.  THOMAS   DRUG CO., Ltd.  Mouth Organs  ^�����_'U��-__KHBm_*'--a��Na_M____N_-_a-H___-3_^_'--'-_H_^  Our new ones are in,  good ones too.  sail Hohners  The kind you pay other  dealers 35c, 75c, and  $1.25, we sell at  25c, 50c and $1.  Any Key,       Any Style.


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