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Boundary Creek Times 1902-01-10

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 ���^^ ���'V-H^^'V::  t rA  ^s^^^  A'WA^^.A;A":'^mVi   ...���.,..,..,. ,,.... --Mzz^R&s^ffim  Evidence Heard by J u4ee Kearny In-ttie CJalni  - Of   fieriftll^AorolWe^Vfrta^'rnA^  sf^ltei&^e'^  ���^^^^Si:^lp^^^^:;ldS^^;  "��cc^ipn^iy!fe;See^  prs were"; given :'full-'iSeasures pt~pfinish  "b��J*-��!y��p��^^^  '���$$^t^^i^^^^^'::^M^'^^M0  ��fc��&ttijjft^  ���-,tli'��l'a.wyerjr;^^^^  ':*-^v..^*7;..*>:^''.^f^..;'^-*;i*,^:"5j:-,3jV.i'   ���'���.���^'H." \~W ?;:  ���courtejud^v^^^g^hit^d/^^hen |K  ittprraVcciu^jfi^  .^f*i-..��?iRft^H?-.-CB?.',^:.l|; r^iasaize cbprts?aThis weefc^ sitting  iOAiM*Si:F^"^!.,.>��:i'*v*i ��� ��� .--������ - ;**-.*..*.P;;  ~ ��� * J^^kllw^er^cPj^t-w^  ^0^-^i^S��00^^:^6\^A:^^^  ���ltidicatine-fton%a]i^iflatters Kiri'/riaismi  5��ra55j&re^ e  ���<''tS''',K*tf?*''5,iiv-'-'-^'rt^''^-*KE^*';^*5v';;'F '���":* ���������-���> "������'-   '���  .jeMi^jv";.;^  :|^o||nQn/com^  j?irh'S^a&^  .^"���^���v^-tf:^��:V*f!Ht;>>;;P.'Tiv^ )*-;!,'*:.Ac-v- -;:-'*. :������,"-  .for, laudsyappropnatetfyv* then .who be--  lieye.'tbatlhisy-liave been overcharged  i$v|&p;bb&��^  :&��n;^tiif a^ai^ ���''  S^&sHx- Officers-fec iirreat^rn|i|S;rfif^ :  ft'f^^feia^ddfdi^^ii^Ksii^  l^r^tlw^'^l^^^fr^E'ew^y  ^|Kof;tferdis^yp||vi%  *���� >?^#��?%��S |a^SferpiiiWSio.:i;  r^o3��:;/of,;-'i6c^L|  ^^y^^^-^^^^w^^A^^pjj  ing,3^he^fficers^fer;tl3e:'; cu rr etitSer ni  Taiis;3Lj: SjN'G^&iannef man ^R'S-^  ��%S;f|>^i��bM^  ;HfifF;^hapiairi^;Cti^s. ^ooper;; 6 [df- %:  ||v'Gulie��;T^  ;.-*;;Aft e^ibstallatioirSfef reshmen te; wer^'  .s^ryeid .'aii dianlex'celle^  j3&��^and;speeche^earri^  fifei  -ir(,'f~r:v~*  Tltlrf.r-V,��-L J   JliL-'''K^liI*'ll'JJ'lJIBlI'Jj'*'5'^��S��Ji  ���v-; -'���:;i���Si4^3*-M*'Xi*i,'i.--;,v='�����:;'7~^-'*5/>v"*"-.E^.'fl*��?V  ;^ ^?R��u5ttnis;<qtt I^WeVd^a^Federk^SM  'v*rv;rBulMI**iltft'iiVPttt''.\i*��^^  l^'^^ftiiitieitf  iP^offipe'kri^  '^!^M#^$C#^  i^erevpur^asedl-i^  3njrtran^cfta;i��:45'hft;te^  :^8trtilrt��fcl8*l5;  '^.rT'"--?^^''^?^  'fStt*:,'->.,?.f*?  "A ^s"|h E^;���fHiC^^^D^i?EkCL^Nfc  l^^%8^^::^K;|S  '*:,,v*;,i<v'i.*.j-,a  i--i c. *��->;--!  Ci��<ei^olB��a^  ���^iCl .'.  '���;''j*h  ff  ^  Wi  Af  ���: J-  \~-j-c  ' *i'  ('  -,(sl  ,, -J  :i. 't-  *.^*a  ^:  J*   *  -b".V  ?-���*���'  .'���-'-������>.  ; u~":  *.': '  :yw?o-  A-i  ^-th  ���'���T^"-?- iwyii1^ --  ^*^l-:  .^^.���v^;;  i(l^ip!iip��p��iiWi-...,  -  :.il?r#--.>^'  SsS^ivr  |Srps^^(^(gi  -Restr$2;600.;  HO^cUa; COX;President. *'b; EHyAtKER. General Jflanaeer  .���...m^'S^. ~ir - -A. Vr-t  j.1.'*-;' --���-T> r':*r'*''   -    ,'"*'  WSRl  *rti>^.v.i|?u   :' ��� '-���.^*' '^ .'^r".--^**.'';  - ACTING MANACEft GREENWOOD BRANCH/  t^VTV.���vs*''- ^r-.- i.r��^>t* ���">'���  :i;  l.^n'  ;v:: ':-;^;-^uct^a^i��i;;:<aotiliag?^^  :  ��edRctspn on ��nit4and^ oti^ paiatirfoT  ^���{V.%**^;'f^'i-J.-'^nctiy first c��ass:;'at  ���'.Frnit:a��a3I imds at.Setij^;<l"��il;*  11 H4|ye*flpci is t&bie^p^r��aafty;:to  |hawfc]^|!^^i)i^ la; "(jnsca^od .who  &av< be^tEso extremeryJdndto her^a  %'^Z &? brfeayejiaen^ she herpes Ihiy^ill'tie  1 .Hiar.idfeejp ^OB&.of gaiQtade tothwui ^  timber agent ��� made ^bie!dl^.��p a..tidy  ���^um^as^rpyalt^f^^  vaj^nt^tthie^best^klmib^^  '-. he.' immediately' to'ldAlili: * tipubles?tpyiie;  ;ji^^e,;of;tfe:exchequMV^^  ���*Bui^iag^^vli&:';is'^t;* tiaevliead%^his  ���^Mjt^apgpijQtlB^HHisjC'H^  ,'&eimy":::aL; cottTOissiohe^  'dence;;which'. Wasif done on'm"a^-  winis^;a^rar^-:^b;^li^^ora^ib^  :gpYernmentya|id;H^.C^S  .G^pe^e^f^tt^^a toy;: c^  agent ;at.;^ws^es|i��ifttister*'was'also  pr^secitJiv;.?1 he^gevidettQe* -^of :/;^RpT>er t  'S-tewart'::'foremaft-;^pri.'tie  bia -Companyi>?as ytaken. '.'Jit/? \ JM'*~'?j.  ��� ;The eyide^e^fl^e^entttf^Ort^a  andirq^therff^^^S^i^^te^  ���wiiether .the.'Pbminibn-'g^yernitteniVwsli-!  ''&}g;':?il?~9P'n��i.--;"-^  ;*' A buffet car hasJieea" placed . on th^'  ;G.;&*W.f road and^pasBen^ers-can'iio^.  travellwith mor��"comf&rt.;J The car'is  ',pic\ie&'.;np.tjLiAsme\t4^  -Trail arid* 'incoming', passengers can  bavetheir.midday meal. It Js' takeir:  by; the out'g-piiig tra5a; at: Coiumtia  andfpasserig-ers can secure .aj hearty:  dinner thereon. :">"^:' .���"-';-%������" :  |essftp: I jg ^^pitSI^  Is all bDsines^ conrjepteii With  iS^^deparfffl^ifflj^  stat^liiat acconps ritnain-  ii^iclpaid after||inijarr 15  tost^ill be pia^ja^Kcf-  "tors* hands for eSie^jIrL ��'  J.>Vir^St�� Wart,':Xht)- RBUwiy^'-Contfa��tor,''-Bei;  iiI.fewes3iTliat.:'lXe'fy;,.:Y^^  ..^.be Biiildfae-Thfoueh"'C  ^^.^^:;Sfc^i^?^^^ell^ictib^a;:^  '^���^rc?Srtactor;i:w^Ki.nJ^  lias^fepeii t:;\ffie\^OTt;i;o!f *!the';ti^  leSvaw-^G^ifry^od^W^'-yea^  ^y^^nd��d^^les^i:.f;a^  |cbirt^��^^i^i;tHe*;.jnaiii��H^!r^^  'andi'-'hisWrm-iliay e5rt fie:>ci>n tPic t ;;;for  ^��iIding;this^^:^f;tlie^V.':'yv^;EifHe  repplrtWthe'Hvbrk pret^.^^l cdnipleted  i.faetirefca^Mareii.i^aaa^^  ���bop.cii:?l;W;'^e^'Ba:ck;;inj^  spiring; 'ia:j, connection ^wite'-tBe'-'con-v  structioii^from Midway.'i$tbug\i\Gt<seii-:.  ��� woad^to^Php'eii ix^M^.Stewa"rHs?asl:  cqifident;as ever regardriig,rtiieJutufe  of*Gieeawo6d.X: Himself?;and;'friend^  are llieiyiljr.   in terested: |irii.GreeriSvo6di  ;teal^iestate anid ��� hehbeiieyesi'lh'at vwitHJ  ���railway-ponstrue tionl early^^^nexf "springs  the towii^wiii be busier' than ���it;was"'iu.:  ;��he:"aayis; of :c.', P; -Ri- cpiistrujdtibiaJ; '--^a---.  ^^r,^Stewarfn.and;i.his^^rtuei|;',:Pat'  ���Welch expect; to.remain in-Uie.westJor'  some^iniVas fthey; h aye*;)sevM^"::*iieayy;.  railTvay. contracts, to-cotapleteiyj;^ ?Si;>:;  Greeted,Jbjr�� Full���;; Hoiiise-iat the^dltoriui*  Y��i''��'---':-!?J:"}'i?.-.'^  ::,'.. Goiifusion;is a ^arce,'It;is leven" Silly  but ; h ' that : king-i;6f:- isillitiWssv "tliat  makes one la'UghJdespite oneself;AtThe  RpsSlatid. Dramatic tinder <t'Ke"; capable  !?��� "afire 1*1 elit of W% J. Nelson maile the  mc>s.t of theeveroccnridg-'"fun��y-; situ*  atiotts, i and kept .the- afldieiicerin'-coij-  .tinual laujrhter. ,: On'Moriday "evening-'  :a fiill house'greete'd:'tKeni;at the'! Auditorium and they- .were generously ^p-,  plauded throug-put. ^ The company has  plenty df abilty and is-erehly balanced  In .addition to. the;,play -,Mrs.. R. ;:g.:.'  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Tbe Jenckes-Machine-company supplied tileBiime..--.;-* -<:i-:- -r'i-������.:'-,-���. a ;;  ahd^qg-nes^^tbe3^n^S'?:^?S  ^^^d^^sH^;|^^|^hfep||||^  ^ei-y^ii^isegarnig :^'sii&^niiSi^f^0^'?0^  :ai.l^ildi.ngiia: Gi^n'wpod^:;?  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R._Miiler-p^Phqen3ajwfotprai-y^^i^  sWed^nwat.j^"fe  %^''^i*''^!L^.wSnia"^M  ith4..pitelster,;:;iiA:V^^stbf;.;,^^e:;^^  wisd^ij^^eyi^Cr; :R(>bertspii::pf ''Qfru$Qx:$$  Forks;-; a ��d^ess;ea^ ihe^ p^gregatib^^P ���' '&  i RevrvMr. ,Murray pf Mii^^y"; and.J^Di; i j:f;-^- ���  P. Khpx bt the local Metli^Ut Church>^:"i-.**-���  'also'tdtikpafctm the;services.^i-':'^-Ai-Ai'- :'a  1 "���:^'sittunff^';^h^**;Cbaiit^-;Court' -waa.^c;  held on;;Monday?;;-His; *.HobPr Judge ;  ;  -JCeamy presidiiigC h' iThe>pnly; case of;; ',7.  public Laterest,was tlwt pjf -'Xi\ ;Scar-'%.':  ^pella.ag;aiiist j;fSmith and J.'i Fisher. ;.  'Scarpella'paia S500 ;tb*defieiidehts': for>; -i  half inietfe:!*  ia''Queea';'of Spades,  ;;  Queen oE Hearts and QUeen.pf Diamond :  ���  claims .in ���CeirtraJ: camp.^nd entered  intoan.flffrMnient.toJ^jin'Iciiik 25 feet    '  the defeudeiiis to sinkario(h��r 25 feet-*  '  He claim^Ua.ai!igesbecats'scof neglect  -pri'part'oPdefena'ebfs to carry outtheir  partof theeon1ract;the��;oEaims. lapsed    .'  'and : werfc-irestakga^^Tbe' diefenaenta;  claimjwas that Scarpelliaiegiected to   r  do his sliitre and consequently they  'cbuldn'ot do'thtirs." V ��� J."5J.S Brown for .',..  ScaipeHa and tf. C;-Shaw"^or Smith & -  Fisher.   Judymeufcreaerved-      ���;"'  ���:HA' xffinBBSBSHnna  ~Ar  *���,*!& r<    1  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK-TIMES.  r  I  '     "\  '       -i -   V  7  BMat:  C0PPE1  But not gelling out or  giving up business.  I am here to stay.  I produce to a great^extent myowii"  feed and vetetables, etc.  I buy my goods in car lots.  I give; my customers the benefit saved  on high priced freight rates.  I buy the best goods on the market.  I do not have to confine my business  to strictly cash terms,  I defy competition,  Yours for business,  i A. Crowston  SlU  Brinta? Creek Times  TffMieif ���ircrv fridiav'  AOMC4X K.OM                       . .MaKAOIKO ElMTOB.  COLUMBIA   TsLKPgQMB  ...  ������H��V 9\ N��L4<W TbLBHOK F        f  No. 40.  No. 29.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN 'ADVANCE.  _) vli'<-" .   ���  ��** Tim  Sj'a'MokrHs      .    .   ...  T* Toaatoir Couktbie*. .  $200  135  250 ��  FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1902.  THR' CITY SCHOOLS.  The city school, opened on Monday  la*t and'from that elite are a direct  charge upon the ratepayer* of the  city," The goverhmeut give's a per  capita jrrarit of ��20 per yeir,abased on  the average attendance. Unless tho  r*t��p*y��r& are anxious to have the  ftfchootfe, a' heavy charge upon them,  they>hould do theiT'utmost in securing  a larjje attendance of pupils. Every  child -who s^baents. from school means  a loss of $20 to the city. There are  sufficient pupils in the city to maintkln  an. attendance that would insure almost  sufficient from tlie'goveratnent to meet  the payment of teachers' salaries and  incidental expenses. Unfortunately  howlever., there are parents who do not  H3#tar4cTa,ppr&:iate"fhe importance of  education for"their children 'ana allow  fihena to remain away from school.  Fiom a public standpoint, it is important that everv .child should receive  i   ���> <  at least a common school   education  and if parents negledt their^uties and  reajwnsibilitlcs "in   this' respect',   the  truancy clauses of the school act should  W enforced.  A TAX SALE. '  Notice has been given of a tax sale  bjr-law. There are many property  owners who have neglected to pay  fktclir tiifo fofc two yealra, and under  tfie act, their property must be sola  ios taxe��. Tbe city council has no  option ia matters of this kind. It is  tfit drity of the council each year to  make a rate of taxation and this rate  applied to the assessment roll ensures  a certain revenue. "When property^  e-wilefe neglect to pay their taxes, the  MY*aue is shortened and1 there is  soasequently not sufficient money to  tattt the obligations that were based  iip. the full payment of taxes'. In order  io keep tbe city solvent the' law says  tftift a tax sale must be held. It is not  a. sale for the arrears, ior two years ago  ,. bi��t3f property is arrears for two years  tfi<fca eubset^nent taxc&are included in  ^'delinquency.  In raining towns people leafn a" good  de*l about finances and' about banks  ' and other ills that flesh is heir to and  -flhey have discovered that money is  needed to carry on business. They  "batfe alsP discovered that banks have  s naaty habit of demanding- ten per  pent interest on money borrowed and  iiteife per cent -frbefl. they think they  cart get it. They also discovered that  under tbe municipal act the city can  charge only six per cent on overdue  tunc* and it did sot require a large  amount af reasoning- to arrive at the  conclusion that it was. more profitable  to pay the city sixper'cent on overdue taxes than tea <or twelve per cent  v for borrowed money. This to a large  extent sccoants ior tbe non-payment  of a large portion of the taxes.  But there must be a limit of this  method of financing"and the limit has  been reached. The council are forced  under the municipal clauses act to  order a tax sale,  Delinquent taxpayers should make a  a strong- effort to pay before the list is  advertised, A short'list is not so profitable to a newspaper but it gives the  city a better standing,  WHAT'S   THE    MATTER    WITH  -   . B. C?     .  Henry George in introducing his  "Progress and Poverty" asserted that  good times cai'rie" Respite bad jrovern-  ment and bad tunes came1 notwithstanding-th��fefiorts of a- goocl government.' So far as as old' established  coun'tries1 are" concerned Henry  Georges theory is quite correct, but in  an undeveloped province such as  British Columbia is,the influence of bad  government may be sufficiently blight-  ingfto"successfully retard th'e develop-  meut ot its varied natural resources.  I<aws which have beeu rigorously- enforced discouraged'settleberit and thtf  investment of'capital ana other laws  which if put into effect would bring-  about conditions that would favor immigration and capital, have' been mofe  honored on the breach' than the observance,  The miningi industry nfever got a  chance in British Columbia. Long  before lode mining could be considered1  a permanent industry, an unfair 'tax  was placed on the output and when  mining "got something-' of a foothold  this tax was doubled. The two per  cent tax on the gross output of mines  ia grossly unfair. Under the prefcent  price of copper it practically wipes out  the profits in the operation of low grrade  'copper mines.  The money secured from thia source  and from various other sources connected with mining has not been  equitably or judiciously expended.  Grants have been made by parliament  at -io much per member of the legislature, with the Tesult that pocket  borough* have been pampered and promising mlttittg 'districts neglected.  The construction of trails and roads to  new and promising mining camps  have been carried out by private enterprise oftener than by contributions  from the public purse while in unimportant and old established district a  traveller can lose himself in the  labyrinth of roads that have heen  built for political purposes only.  ���British Columbia has *hever heen  blessed by a progressive, patriotic far  ��e��Jng government. The object always has been to remain in power, and  the policy to bribe the people with  their own money and discourage the  newcomers so that the old order of  things might be perpetuated.  The settler, the pre-emptor has heen  similarly legislated affainst. In clearing of hU land that he may make a  hpme for himself ^and maintain a  family he ia allowed to destroy timber  and the government Bays noting, but if  he converts the timber into wood and  endeavors to convert it into cash an  officer as red hot on his trail and he is  made to contribute 25 cents a cord to  the provincial treasury!  There are great "belts of land in. this  province tliat are suitable for settlement, but too far distant from transportation. The province needs railways and plenty of them.   Railways  should- be built east and west, north  and south. Application after application has been made for permission to  to build railways, but the powers that  be, always treated these applications'  with the sternest opposition. - The  very fact that genuine ^railway builders asked for no subsidies or land  grants has been so violently opposed  to the policy of the past, that the" men  who would thus "open up this country'  have been thwarted in every possib e  way. These are some of the reasons  why British Columbia with mineral in  abundance, with great stretches of  agricultural land, with large areas of  timber, with its fisheries, in fact with  resources more varied than any other  province in the Dominion cannot count  200,000 of a population after fifty years  of so called development. There is  room in B. C. for ten million people.  There is a grand work ahead of some  party who will seriously take hold of  the government of this province and  bring about such conditions as will  successful remove all obstacles to its  development. ���    r  #'f'M  Blank  A^-l'-  If you wish'a set of books for the  New ,Year���Journals,' CashrBooks,  Ledgers, Minute Books, "Index, Prices  Books, Memos, Pocket Books or any  other kind'of aboolcf we haVe exactly  what you want and at prices that will  suit yon.  Office and Pocket Diaries for  1902.  SMITH k McRAE  Books, Paper,   Offi.ce Supplies,   Wall  Paper, Kodaks and Pho to Supplies.  I DO YOU     %  ??  ONE OF fflfiROE'S  (MRS.  �� THE BEST UMBS IN  CIGARS,    I  TOBACCOS I  and CIGARETTES I  ^       Newspapers,     Periodicals       J  Stationery.  A Foil Line- Choice Candy |  i H. B. MUNROE   ���  5 Copper Street. Greenwood,   a  �� '   5  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hereby given, that the  partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned as Plumbers"  etc., under the firm-name of "Tilsley  & Bishop" was dissolved by mutual  consent on the 18th- ��Eay of December,  1901.  All debts owing to tlie said partnership are to be paid to the undersigned  Edwin W. Bishop, -who will pay all  claims Against it.  Dated this 23rd day of December,  1901. -VT, C Titawsv.  E-. W. Bishop.  Witness :   S. R. Csjxjsxngham^  -J  k��3&v$l\w>af4&i  jv,OPEPJ,DMvm WIGHT, fr  MEAJCS^A^Afct'SteOTOS ,  private 'rooms for i, adies. 'y: :, . / +- ;  U  K.  a.t^utfv  TEY OWH  COTMW  ���-...**  Wirk&vqS^UtaeB  ftsU- '"*N  ^Prop's*  Stnike a WLlBath Pitt Cigar.,   A jolly-giv^ .\ -  MM^^xm^mi  H    CUREND0N   R0TEI BLOCK/       --        -..,, CODDCf Street.  - ^ aflaa��g"f��^��'<*^wBiwtTOT��^W  J    > '*���     -- *   ?- v -���       -�� *   L1  X,*-  "STEONGEST DrTHEi'W0RIdy&  >-,  Cr  ,L%JTfi?i  Assets . . $304,568,063.49  -    Surpftis':. ^$6^1*7,170.01  >�����"."        r tt t n*j*.i* J_*  , H.;AIiENBEFG, Maaagetv  603-606-607 EmpiT����State Bui^iffl^;   " ' f-- * , ^ ^ Spo^asae, Wasir  i-Tel. BitfitaiZLl.  "      ' Residence ^ell-S&uHffBOl.   <  {  Office'  uon;<wm\%WORKS...  - ., ���, ., (0BE1MWO0D ��od Q��AMD FORKS,  -limb ctgiwrt<*^'i\f JMs'ffltnMM Beieiages  ,So1e Affeuta tot,mZ }.\OH BHEWIWC CO.. RoMtetf, t.. C. >  ' '   " '   -  Thfefcatfttet'SrevfeTj in BrWLsli Columbia,  '' -   ' ":    - ������;JAS:'MiClkBiLtBKi CO.. Proprietors. .  THE BEST 'BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  Proprietors  T{ ;'>4&k(for;P.  -\  (��. -  The ElkHoiM Imager Bw& ^Caati&fe wily PureMiiltHojw, Tty  t|t cj>Jjon anosi  ghttf ia Bottles jby^aU the. leading Batet  ��������������  ��� ii-.Liii! ��� ���'i��i.��i f ii.it riilit>nifnir>    fJl tififjir   -   * 11 .j.  i'  -,   *v  Calfenders for 1902.  Bealey toestieit & Trust Co'y,  1  LIMITED LIABILITY,  GEO. R. NADEU.  Manager m-.  AA-fi.  i-'A:QA  ^A''.yrAA:^{':A.'!;\A.  Si  mi  \>r;"-V'-:  A'i:A.y.Ai'^''A  ���'���'iyAA -'  P'/rlfS&fAA}  'fVAAAl;  v.':; ^i'.*\.--''" >.r^^;:V-*  m\:  ��� '.-.^^f��y��MMa����~M��--i~���. i'_i    ",,.._,  ..'...[ ...._",?_,"_-." ���������'>���'- ��� n- ���'-���������1 -~ 1���__.._..j ! . l '.      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Ln the Interests of-the party-as a iwhole  iTfie^iei'bfcj&tiwas^  party- byenlisting the' co-operatioai. of  ,a clast ofmen wholtake: ati;actire and  ���E^eiligen't^in'terest^lnyM  sooii': as ;the*delegates isairlr'ed ^  couver was due to a desire, to expedite  -*'-"    ^rv���^�������^-^'>;��������^*:-*^t'H;aax��i-i^^'J:���^^{*  ^^.tdpni^arra^gimratx^  ���'Bhotttibeinb^diffi^  u'^^t'iheV��tis^cljfe.t^fj^  tvit::is^he^��a^t;^i8t  ; that ^t&e-^nventidhi sftould^be^: iwlw-  :;representauKe^pr^er^that'Athe'.;;ff  :pf;t.he,^.Mi]tfei^8}:^^  '|^^ei8lwald^^;pnly;:i^^^  aci��l':'ufrtyii; :.''aad'-thai"afdeMtlbhe*.tfeiiilt'  >bf ��� We. meeting.;wiU; be "the:-unification  *!bf:.tiwj>��rtyif;;^::that^i^*nfltt  ���ft^i^Hse^of^gbodt^y^n^nt^ft-^  Federaiand^royincial^  toterit'thair it' has'r'er<^^  r r *-;*l .: '������-*>������- .**���*...:'. .-'.M   ..-.***.--..���*..-;...vJ*..**.;.-^.'.;-1 ..--;.'  ���J^J^ Willy. ��ll;:;the'i��ec��Uye;. ^before; the^  njeeting- of the ^  to l,t Itee,- j*protest^<?pf jthe^^aaOTiiwje^  Aesbciatto4^^^^^9>^^^^^9ns  a^cting.the,^hyektibnwA:i:^5.^^  - ;f;y^^?,S.:;:*Ybu��\sin ii^b^^Tt  PrMWent^'BH^h^'i^lumb  ^rAssopiatibfir*:^  ���if vV^^yn^u* ���  :��  a -jfe;i ? l ���;- "-a ?;Yb! w*3rLUaft-.C��liimbiac/ Wberal* AsacK  '������ ���������' I'a ? 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Sotcl.^vernment i{Jfiei|i aStuate 1223'-y  Ciibr-of GrTCnwood;tt:JoKarc.?pbri0aa.  -Dated at Greenwbbdi;-iB.rc." tlttesDeb-  " ���' ��� "' Kfrn'x&pAjrv '������'K-^-yy^yy'y^  *~"     ~  ������yypyy'tp'ty'��  i   e^!-  8��':  ,���'������" :   ���   *.'-" ' '���"'*':-���.v-;'v-;v'V^r-!i.'-%4^:''^v*?5  l-iyiflS^jfeA}  : A*MitS���Pcr Tbe Bidlock Dltmou* 3��r3Us; ---.���....  ;���!!  <>. 11 i:f-n  lppcatioa.tot TiaBsiei I^w^liceaBe  - .Notice ja hereby ��� giren tha.b;'at tbe  fiiat iittinp of tiies BoaJd - b��- Mc'eiiise  Coroinaisaioners for.&e City;'^<f; Gteete-.  wbodfieldSFtir thirty 4iy*?;iiso'��t. tbe  date hereof/1 shall apply for a." tiaai*-  fcir to Ernest J^ Cdrtier.: ol^ttia .liptfcl  ��.����4Vi.-v^* V*��ia^a htf--few* ��iiw   licen'ae'faeld by. ase for,tlie:; JK?��la4fibi  a��ta��t3tey:we replace-by-mw ,aie^r Hote^ Copper stteetv-  4fce.foH&��?nir.c^reniioa i*cO0ft 3��wta-|/Qf^n^0odJDec.i4, im.   -    a"-  ��  i^^'';'^^^^^^^^^ other  lass X; ���rkffoi^^Qti'addeess'-������-1.���-..-���-;  yGTeinvra^.:~i&  'K!06miixe�� (dr^-!l)JitScfc:o.3iferiie,,su^y':Eomt for the  iiaaiLag-Jcacij)^.''Ffona' the: city- roads le&d to Greea'wood.  ��� (D&dfrdoft;. Copper,' ^suitiwi't^ fcpaTg Lake, Skylark,'White  -aufl A'hff^oa, Wellirigftoi' aM'bth^ Boundary Greelccamps.  ^i^fiSjfeWo^vo^-fcxS^Galloway, G^eenwool    ��  ' "���"'"'" "���""' "'"'���" '' "" TTOS  ���i v-*"',��0*����Wt4 I:  !������ ���  r. :..*.���������'  * -My^lMimi Swgeatrt fw Next Yeai 's - Ccimell.  ^^ypj^MJfoWMiiw;^ '��� jUd. 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C. Wilson who will  pay;all claims-  ^- -Dated'thisvlOth day:6f :JanuajFyS ?;  !SS;%?>4cr^SSs^:;Ailiraac^  jf^p^tness"-:jV;;^F^a^oTij;i;-#  li(Mta;��Ve't7.^'^d^.tEi����ntti^!��ti>.8lOO^lA^'it&bQr-.  :lod^e-i^m'ai3aas6iil<^Hill:T:*j?*-x6rdlaC.1uM%  tati��ni ��8';e3cteji��led;tO;a.ll''sojottriil Apib'ietkehi^ \ f^-  Jpiti i>'B'.':flbtSi��fli NiGlStW} B.^EiiixHrReo'iSfliiy  ^IS!^'^  |;^fcl:ip^:jv.i.  FURHITURE  GLASSWARE  SILVERWARE  liiSoisi  ..The  largest  hotels, and finest  i]!S;re8ideiice3 }in5B^(C;^vrfere;f lir^CS,  liiliHiii*'  BSB  DISSOLUTION  ���^t?fe?f��  ^Notice^herei^glTen^tba^^  ?nership.;her^tpfore^  ^etnndefs.igi^j-carryin^.^  ���.M^Bii^frl^iaii'sat^'tftie:^Crfy^^ ::  iPy^Ht'ualtt^nsentJifcj/.^y^^  ^AU;^btsJdue^h^;^d^rfepre^tpf^  ;pa.id;!tp':the|inidel:si^^  :hamtwtaP^3ti;payiallkdebts:f^  t^I>at^(i'tlie;^^?daySbf^ec^  IN THE C0UNTY_ COURT OF' YALE  fBetw&'u'.-SSl.^'jAMiSB-BR^ST-SP^KIE^  i^TA-i-E';NortCEVfliat o*n4he 21st day.of Septi;  emtei,A.D..L9ei/aa:'actioa .-was'commenced lo  ^tMCHonbtiri'l>le'.Coiinvaf'tMTBnlt^oi';the?atW'Ter  nani^rplalitia;igal-nst. tbe'vJ��b6ve:natl;fedde-'  >f^d)tdt'��to;-r^i^r.lthiBV'Bniif��of;$2^Q0i:'dve:.tl>��':  plaintiff for pr(��fesslotiaraerv-lce8i--a8;set \forth",  .in therPlaiat-entered jh'-tfaejsaW'-actionSi-'jiH''/:  :���; ^N��i^ni^HSR->?fikE",K:OTICE' that '���*$*  aftOrdeiVbcaiiugdatethe9th Aav'ot ,D��"ceinbei:;  "A.tDS-1901 i-'a'cia.' made ;.*ySil s.' 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