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Boundary Creek Times 1902-06-20

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 s  ���v  -o  *  ��.1.  f  .. ��  *3  Vol. 10  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, JUNE 20,   1903.  No. 48:  *. H-l,  S"   J.  %yt <��*��� *��n (5* idv *t^v i��n i��n *i5* t5* t-J* v* v* t*3* w* w*\3*  The Reduction Works of the Montreal and Boston Copper Company Successfully Blown in on Thursday Last���The Good Work Don�� at  the Mine Opened the way for the Purchase and Operation of the Smelter���Advantageous Facilities for Treating Outside Ore. ���.  s  It is now over five  years since Hans  Giese an eniment  German expert visited ��� the Boundary  district and made a  report to the Imperial German government on the possibilities and the outlook from a mineral-  ��� ogical stand point.  At that time Greenwood was in its infancy and there -was  considerable doubt as  where the business  centre would be. Mr.  Giese said "there has  therefore sprung up  on the Boundary  Creek ��� valley three  little villages, Greci  wood city, Anaconda  and Boundary Falls,  of which each  calls  - itself': the most advantageous and  therefore the place of  the future. |But as  they are all close together the supposition seems that the  whole valley will be  sometime one continuous city for  several miles.' "Shortly ��� after this report  was presented to the  government a copy  fell into the hands  of Hon. A. G. Blair,  minister of railways  and he used it  to strengthen h��s  argument   in   favor  of encouraging        railway development in this district.  Five years is a long time in the life of  a mining camp and the restless denizens of the little villages five years ago  rather laughed at Hans Giese's optimistic supposition.     During the   five  ���years ���prdgress'ha-sbeenSless'ra.pid'than"  many hoped; for and those .who re-  memberd Hans Giese's words wondered  when the time would come when the  whole Boundary valley would be one  continuous city. Rome wasn't built in  a day; neither could it be expected that  Hans Giese's long line of city life  would mature in five years. But the  progress made has after all not been  discouraging. Five years ago a wooded  knoll divided the little village of  Greenwood city from the lesser village  of Anaconda and Boundary Falls was  in the woods some five miles below.  Today the wooded knoll is occupied by  a smelter that last year treated over  400 tons of ore daily and whose capacity was doubled this week by the  blowing in of a second furnace. Neat  residences were built in the vicinity  of the smelter and these were extended  into the corporate limits of the city of  Greenwood and to the suburb Anaconda until the two village separate and distinct five years ago are today one solid city.  But what about Boundary Falls?  That is a greater distance away but  the development of the mineral resources of the Boandary Creek district  has brought it nearer Greenwood and  It is no] Utopian dream to say that development will yet make the three into  one large city and acquit Hans Giese  of having any pipe dream five years  ago.  Five years ago Boundary Falls  boasted of one hotel and a small store.  Today   at Boundary   Falls  there   is a  / modern smelter there treating* its 400  tons of ore a day. There is sufficient  ore offering to warrant the management of this smelter in doubling its  capacity. The possibilities of increase  in this direction are great. Other  smelters will be built so that before  another five years pass it is reasonable  to suppose that in addition to a long  line of city life in the Boundary Creek  valley there will be a long string of  smelters in the same valley.  &����� ,3��� 47* <5- (3��� **3S V& W* **3* ��* V* V* W* IP��� *j3��� *3��� J���  -~       1* -/ *** V. .    . .-<   , *  ���mM^^di} % N*L-si,w*   -.-w  THE SUNSET SMELTER THREE. MILES'BELOW GREENWOOD.  THE SUNSET MINE-  The blowing in of the Sunset smelter  at Boundary Falls this week is the  excuse if any were needed to look at  the bright picture of the future. The  event took, place after Some_��� delays.  Before describing the smelter itself it  is only right that the mine which gives  the smelter its name and also justified  its purehase and remodelling should be  briefly referred to. The Sunset is one  of a group of four claims, viz., the  Sunset, Crown Silver, C. O. D. and  Florence Fraction. They are situated  in Deadwood camp about two miles  from Greenwood. The Sunset and  Crown Silver are old locations. They  were recorded in 1901. The claims  were bonded by W. L. Hogg of Montreal in 1897 who afterwards organized  the Montreal, Bonndary Creek Mining  company. In 1901 the group was acquired by the Montreal & Boston Copper Company, Ltd., the.present owners.  The head office of the company is at  Montreal and its attorney for this province is Clive Pringle, Greenwood.  The officers of the company are president, H. H. Melville, Boston; first vice-  pres., J. N. Greenshields, K. C, Montreal; second vice-pres., Thomas Crock.  ett, Montreal; secretary-treasurer, A.  Munroe, Montreal; directors, H. H.  Mellville, Boston; J. C. Macdiarmid,  Montreal; Hon. De Lancey Nicoll, New  York; J. N. Greenshields. Montreal;  William Mitchell, Montreal, Col. G.  Creitrhton Webb, New York; W. F.  Beal, Boston; Thomas Crocket, Montreal; J. W. Allison, New York; Charles  M. Jesup, New York; and W. W. Coler,  Jr., New York.  Today the Sunset group is prepared  to meet at a moment's notice any demands made upon it by the smelter.  It can ship any amount of ore daily up  to the capacity of the hoist which is  1,000 tons a day. The facilities for  the cheap and expeditious handling of  ore could not be improved upon. That  the mine is in such excellent shape is  due to the skill and judgment of the  superintendent, Capt. Harry Johns.  Three years ago he took charge of the  property and the condition of the mine  tnday is an eloquent tribute to his success as a mine superintendent.  Over 6,000 feet of development work  has been done on the Sunset. The  main working shaft is down 425 feet.  It is a two compartment shaft four  feet six inches by five feet in the  clear.;..At the 400 foot level 900 feet of  work has been done. At a distance of  350 feet from the shaft a vein of sulphide ore was encountered carrying  five per cent copper and. $25 in gold.  This vein is from two to four feet wide.  At a point 700 feet from the shaft the  drift cross cut a vein of gold-copper, ore  30 feet wide. This vein is the ordinary  character of ore of the camp, a magnetite carrying gold and copper values  and assayitig about $5.50 to the ton.  The 300 foot level of the Sunset has  been extended towards the Crown  Silver, the intention being to connect  with the latter property which can be  done with an additional 300 feet of  work, Owing to the higher elevation  of the Crown Silver the 300 foot level  on the Sunset will give a depth of 415  feet on the Crown Silver. When the  level is extended an upraise will be  made to connect with the Crown  Silver shaft.  On the 200 foot level on the Sunset a  600 foot drift was run towards the  Crown Silver. In this drift the same  sulphide vein carrying high values  mentioned in the 300 foot level was encountered. From this drift three car  loads of ore were shipped to the Trail  smelter some two years ago and netted  $14 in gold. Another drift at this level  runs south from the shaft a distance of  700 feet. In this drift the big vein of  magnetite was encountered. This  vein is over 80 feet wide and has been  opened up in all levels to the very top  of Sunset hill. 'The ore is peculiar in  this respect that it carries 35 per cent  excess of iron which is invaluable in  treating silicious ores.  At the 100 foot level a double track  road from drift-to shaft controls the ore  from nine different stopes. Then there  is a tunnel through knoll 225 feet and a  drift at the intermediate level 445 feet  in length. The knoll tunnel is all in  ore. The ore body is over 300 feet ir  length and 115 feet in width. Above the  100 foot level are 250,000 tons of ore.  This ore will be extracted by means of  nine upraises from the 100 foot level  which as stated is double tracked to the  maid shaft. The raises are about 40  feet apart and having wide bell shaped  mouths will receive the ore with as  little handling as possible. Over each  "*^ise"has bVeri'plaw  eigh inches apart. The ore is "bull  dozed" or hammer broken so that any  pieces passing through the timbers are  of a suitable size for sending to the  smelter. As has already been stated,  any; desired quantity of ore caa be sent  from these stopes. In addition to these  the chutes of high grade ore must not  \ be forgotten. This vein which is irom  i two *t�� four feet wide has been cut at  the 200 and 300 foot levels.  On the Crown Silver the shaft is  down 262 feet. At 150 feet a level was  run 145 feet, and at 250 feet, 607 feet of  work has been done. The ledge.in the  Crown Silver is from 30 to 35 feet wide  and carries ore similar to that found ia  the big ledge of the Sunset. A suitable "glory hole" site is found north  of the shaft so that this style of mining can be adopted if so dssired.  ORE VALUES  A good idea of the ore values to be  found in the Sunset and the Crown  Silver is formed from the following  assays madefy M. Galbraith, Bs. C,  the company's assayer and engineer.  SDNSBT  Perct.   Oz.     Ox.  copper Gold. SiWer Total  At surface  1.97  One to 10 feet  2.02  20 to 30 feet  4,05  176-foot le��el    28  350   "      "     4.21  West crosscut  13.2  .03 .34 $ 7 25  .01 .41 9 07  .03 .25 15 53  .61 1.03 14 29  .50 1.07 25 17  .96 .12 70 53  CROWK SHVER  Qtiarrj    4.04  150 foot level    4.64  .09  1.61  .05  1.00  16 94  49 0j  MINE EQUIPMENT.  The plant at the Sunset consists of  two 80 h. p. boilers, half of a 20 drill  air compressor Ingersoll-Sergeant, two  air receivers, ten Ingersoll-Sergeant  3# drills, 100 h. p. double-cylinder,  double-drum link motion Jencks hoisting engine, Laurie feed water heater,  two safety platform cages, electric  light plant, assay plant, machine shop,  etc   The buildings comprise a com  fortable . two . story  boarding: house 50x30  with a big kitchen  annex, two", ptory  . bunk house 26x48,  several smaller  houses for accommodation of the men:  a fine r��ildenp��, for *  SupcrintcadeatJohae  assay office, etc. The  ore bins baye' a  capacity of 2,000  tons. Tlie Dina'far#  so contracted and  situated that thet��re  caa tit. transferee  to the cars on the C.  P. R. trackalongelde  with the' least poa-  oible work aad  expente.  ?BE SUH9ET  SftELTEft  With ouch a group  of sUum the company was naturally  justified ia haying  a smelter of its awn.  Having ample capital, the eoappany  were coaaide^a-g  the erection of one  when thathe Standard Smelting*: company* got into difficulties aad tlieir  :/' smelter waa' fer'aHe '  The Standard ���om-  pany erected ito '  smelter in 1901, bat  ito faraacea were  not blown in. B. J.  Wilson waa appoint- '  ed iuperintendeat *  and hereported that  not only would cer-  .-*:..* * .-������'��� tain alterations have  to be made in the  plant, but the company'i mining properties were not sufficiently developed'  to insure a steady supply- of ore.  Messrs. Price Brothers of Quebec, th* "  principal shareholders in the Standard  company then decided to go no further  and took possession of the smclter'and  mines under a mortgage forjlarge sums  of ; money . advanced by them. The  Montreal & Boston Copper company/  engaged H.C. Bellinger, the famotu  smelter expert, to (throughly examine  the smelting plant and report aa to the  feasibility of converting it into a  modern up-to-date smelter. Mr. Bellinger reported that the plant could be  made into a first class aatlter aad the  Montreal A Boston Copper company  purchased from tqe Price Broa. Albert  I. Goodell of Colorado was appointed  superintendent and under his -guidance  the necessary alteratioaa have beca  made. Additional machinery waa  ordered, alterations, were made in the  buildings, the ore bins and the railway  tracks until today t& snelter is lacking in notningthat will facilitate the  economical handling, and treatment of  ore.  The main building at tbe amelter iv  182x120 and 80 feet in height. On the  west side is the sampling department  which has been ..-greatly improved.  Originally there waa in thia depart*  ment two 36 inch, and two 48 inch  samplers a 7x10 Blake Rock crusher,  and two sets of 12x20 rolls and two belt  elevators. East of the sample mill  were placed the bins ftrthe sample  discard, next were located two parallel  rows of ore storage bine, eight in a  row and each bin 34x10 feet; south of  these for storage of lime and coke, tha  whole group of bina occupying ��h*  central portion of the building north  and south. By the new management  the sampling mill building hae been  enlarged, a No. 5 Gatei rock crusher  and a Bridgman sampler hare been  added. More storage bins hare been  erected on the west side of the building  and the railwar tracks extended to the  southern end of the worki, The whole  has been arranged so that there ia no  handling of ore from the time it learea  the railway until it enter* tbe furnace.  Coatlased oa Paf i 5,  jID'-jUULJifcjMcgg^B THE    BOUNDARY    CREEK    TIMES.  r  it  Sh C*  P* ��***;  ����  is difficult ',*��� ii'.u! unv -.���.ooii reason wit**.    OOOiX/<Kl'K>00<}OOCOOOOOO*0000<)*-;*0000<;-0<H5<X>0*0<)0<>0*0 0(��  .. .      . " ���0-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO^OCOO:i-00-00000-000-000 0-000000000000  an ��� institution   Mich   as -this *..-ou]d not   0 6  ,.X      -*.-. ���*���*-*. ���". -**-.. ny  li-j provided for disabled tniiicrs.      The  -Brand Forfes *     ��     Ittartin Bun-sll!, Prap.  Maples,  IClms, Linden, "Mnuiita      Ash, t'oinlpas. Cm-leaf Hii-i-.li.  A fine selection of llowcriui; shrubs, iiicliiiliii),** freuch ami I'crsian Lilacs,  llydi-an-iens,  Snow-  ..,..,-.;...,..    balls, Siiiiceas, Roses, etc.   ..  ininei*!*. llier.is-.*  'criiitue -,o\**u*,!  I'arliiinii'iits   .*���;  ves   wo*!If,  .   .-i;**il   :t-,i ii:  <>A.\A,    ;;]--.>  frei'ly cor,  ��� iliirt; kin:  o o  <*���<>  o o  0 0  ���,���><*���  0(.:  8S  O o  6 0  0 o  llpiillip^feili  Speclally.Helectud^strain of Lawn Grass Seed.   Villit Trees.  Berry Hushes, Si raw berry   flams  and Asparagus Roots.  SPECJfAL,ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS.  y'*' *y a. *''���::*': V*. .y'--;*.Vv. & jr. phone 25.  ���Cb��-:  Bonndaty Gieeth.Iiies  Issued ���ocrv fridav % tyi  ..:.'..'I&axaging Editor.  DvKCAN ROSSI'S.  <>*.���*. !  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pbr^Year , ..*.,...%.   3n Month*)..'.'.,..,.,....j....  To "Foukion Countries;.   .' ....$ 2 00  .'  1 25  2 SO  FRIDAY*  JUNE 20, Wo*"  DEATH-OF-JAMES-MARTIN.  v*K* .tl ���-1 - a r- ��������� g'.j-i-i--' .i;.'  The death'of Tatties' Martin at Ross-  ���r       **.** r.'l     (.;:���. "        v ;i.v ,. ���-  land  on,. Monday  lasl   removes/jMie of  J .* ���  .- ���**.."*  ,   *^*-       .�����*���" 5,* -rr"  the -Drominent figures of .the Kootenay  country, ���Itj.i8*.difficult1,to realize* thajt  the stout-v'atidj'geiiial'. man who hid a  pleasant -Word and b'rbad smile' for  everybody has jdinedtihV silent raajor-  *���}"* :��f ���rAs.i.AA-il A.l  .'- ,"*J   '    r  ity, but he .sucqumbed^to the dread'  bright,^, disuse afte^ntaking- a brave  struggle ��or> nearly;asy.ear.      y    ��� ���  It is nVwYieaply-'k^liiozen years' ago  since* Mr. "MartinTiCanle prominently  ���.��*���.> 1 ii   *'��� '���>*. '���-��*��� ����� 1 '��� -��� *-  into.cpublic��!Jifie4i.m. this province.  Forbes-iGeorg-e^erryDikwas chief commissioner of Public-works at the time  and * tHe�� legislkture''hiving been dissolved/ 'heH went ttaclito'Easl Yale for  re-election.- , Mr. Vernon was believed  j|.: 1.������?.���-: UK j,/ /**J'-.*  to beninyinpiblfr.s-jiii 3;East "S^ale'and  when-D6nald>-"-Gi-aham?'* an unknown  SpallumacHeeh'*** 'farmeF' entered the  lists" Vgaitist' hinif,  his re-election was  *>���!��"-' '."il.       VV******!  ���*:.'���'  universally, conceded, tt| James Martin  was..mayor.;0f .Vernon at the time and  believing-that it was time for a change  he ttifi'w hims-ili i'uto'tfie fight in the  interests of Mr. "Graham. Thiough  his .tact, and,, winning .ways with the  electors^'!Mr; Graham was elected bv a  large,maj6rityrmiic,h to the disgust of  Mr. fVeVnon and othe-f ; members of_the  government. ,  Mr.,rMartin .had.,, little difficulty in  securing a- seat* in the legislature,;the  only^time he'offereid'himself as a candidate'.'"'"''in 1898 ^heVecuied the rioiriin-  -ation in-the Kossland'.district in.op*^  position jto the Turner goyernmeii t and  succeeded . easily in defeating the  governmefht candidate Jbhh' MeKane.  He was a popular'member of the house  ���ft--")*.. *T(, *v    V '.*:* -r-*.*'*i;  i .;   .     ..*:*. ������.*.*     *"  and did good work for his constituency.  He; was. a. splendid ,.type.. of the  pioneer-business-man.-in. the mining,  district' arid his "demiise at "a comparatively early'age'"wiiV be universally  ���/f: n\: ���".-:��� f   zr.-r.:-  ���    *. :* r :v.-, *      -     *���<..-  regretted.._   _;..v;.;* -...-'���..:������..���:���.,*.������   ��� ��� ��� *.  other words the business men. But it  sometimes happens that these business  men have rather-exaggerated ideas regarding the amount of business to be  done. -They establish themselves''in  towns that are already overdoiie. In  mining camps particularly, towns have  a tendency to grow faster than the  producing, population. .Business men  are not doing the amount oi business  they expected and a ciy of dull times is  the result. Now times may not be dull  at all. Progress may be as rapid as  would be reasonably hoped foi but because of the too man} who expected  the producers of wealth to maintain  them, there is not enough to go round.  This is what happens in many mining-  towns and this is what happened to  .Greenwood and.other towns in the  Boundary.  There are two remedies for this slate  of affairs and often the two leuiedies  go together. The one is that some  get discouraged and leave, some get  broke   and  are   foicecj   to leave,  and  sometimes combi lationi.   are  affected  *.*  that lessen  the  nrtmber who must be  maintained by the producing- class.  The other remedy is a more pleasant  one to'^take. Increased development  means an increased payroll and-.a-con-  sequent increase of men producing  wealth. This increase of producing-  men men means increased business in  the city.  This brings us back to the text of  this short sermon "Inci eased Smelting." I^ast week one furnace at Greenwood was treating about 400 tons a  day. Thia week three iumuces are  treating nearly 1200 tons a day. Increased smelting means uici eased* mining, increased payrolls, increased business and better times. Times have  been w*hat,is.called dull in. Greenwood  not,because .there  was   not*   alartre  : * *     j **-**  vo." jinie-' of business to do but because  there we're too many people to doit.  As this volume of business increases,  .*therj3alam:e.i.pf_trad.eji.is^secured.-and.  good times are the result. .  '.* It is a hopeful sign to see new smelters blown in. Hopeful'not only from  a mining standpoint but a business  standpoint as. well.     ���..,*.:  ������{;rants   lor    inainiuoaMin-    and   it   ;  I affords an tfxei-llcnt o*iij"*rtuuilv lu mc-.i   9��  - * * OO  j of wealth who arc pliilaniropically iii:-. 00.  nosed.     There   cmlci   In-   no   worthier   C*  , OC-  objoct for the disiiluv of liberality  on    Q<?  ��� ��� i 00  the  part  of those   who could afford to ! 0i>  ������ OO  give. jOg  Miners    as   a.   rule *nre well paid, btU i 9Q  ..*���*; ��� v 0  they   aio' also    the   backbone   of   the  .efforts   made   to   develop   the  natural  resources of this province.   When they i  lose their lives  in the pursuit of their   T***s~-  hazardcus occupation they enn he.ver.*.- '  properly   left   wit'n   a higher aud iiior.: i  generous power,   but   when    they   are'  maimed and disabled and left unlit for  llsiati  Incorpiiratcd l;y Etoyal Charter.  j Restive-!r'iial.^3iiij,O0U"$i,776,333.33  i  rl-NCRB^ASED SMELTING.  In^pVi-Aitive'tlays every man washis  own baker, tailor and candle stick,  maker. After a while it was discovered that it was more convenient .aud.  more profitable to divide these various  callings and one man:beoame a' tailor  for   several,   while . another ' became  baker   for   a    number.      For   .many  * ��������� "    *t   generations this practice has been enlarged upon until today there are  numerous trades and professions, all  catering to the wants'of man. Now it  sometimes happens ..that (the proper  balance-is not maintained and there  are too many or too few bakers, tailors  and candle'"'stick maker's in the community which, they serve. -If too few  they are .-likely to charge exorbitant  prices and otherwise work a hardship  on thbse they are supposed-to serve, if  too many business with* them is not  good .and.hard times are the result.  In communities such as this a cer.  tain number of * people are producing  wealth arid many 'more live on them.  The greater the number producing  wealth,  ,the * larger    the    community  occupation, they certainly appeal to  the best that is in society. They  should never be allowed to pn.ss what  is at best a miserable existence: without anyone to care or provide for them.  *^I��J��J��t"J>��J..J��.i��.j����j.vj.��j��*.^^^*Mj..j.��5>.';.i  r .  Z M "I  ' if ��  ���A*--'MINER'S HOME.  i*  ��� The numerous serious accidents at  the mines .resulting sometimes in  death, but more frequently in permanent injury, forcibly draws attention to  the necessity of action in the matter of  making suitable provision for 'those  wlio through no fault of .their own are  disabled and consequently unable to  earn a livelihood. Last week at the  Knob Hill mine J. McGluskey, a single  man .about 40 years of age, lost both  his eyes through a premature explos  ion. Other accidentsof similar serious  nature have happened and are likely  to occur in the future while the business of mining is carried on. Surely  these unfortunate men are enii-tled to  some care and protection. The Phoenix city council suggested to the provincial government the advisabil ity of  admitting cases of this description to  Old Men's Home at Kamloops. but  that institution is already crowded and  in   any  case  was never   intended  for   g  ���"GAb =   Lonfloii Enjlan-J.     H. STJitEMAW, General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELM SLY, Inspector. Montreal.  lSr:im-.lies:itlsl aijruiils in :-.U Hit-in-lucipa! ci-tics; o(  Ciuuula   and   Uie  United Stales.  :uu[ <*.>rri.'.-.;i**.!ii.[.'iits in ii.ll ]i;u*i*s oflliB world. *  C ,.:KH!***\V00I> 5iKA.\'CS-I :   Copper Street.  : 66-CKX50O0-0O000O0O0OOO00OO0O-::- oo-ooo*o<>*o<x*k><>c*k:i*o*o*oo<>o<>o<k>6o  0 0 00 00 00-OOOCHDO-C*OK>0<>0<>0<>OCK*>ij OOOO-OOOOOOOOOC'-OO^OOOOOOOOO  On June 1st, we dissolve partnership,   T���   For  the next 30  days   we  -will sell at cost for cash  only.  F  I,  lo;1*;*;!:**!/*'  fc '-���! ! h*i H  ^��lii'      Wm��twis   I  m  m 1  w  ii  moieums,  ���v." ��"��� sr*,ri*.** i<" js'-s** i? ��' -J'-" s? t"' 5*"' #': ��\ sf�� s?  5'' Ji* Si" 3'.' S*' S'' I*"'*''' 8��' $*���'' S'* l*i' 8*<" ��>" i^'' {��' iC  -*^**n ^  i S ijrreenwooc  ^    c-..     '-  V3^ ��� ffl    .~&tf*4t~$��F%~&**   f(*    ^*s'  Si'* Sf- >*��� }*.- i*.*1 j? J." -jf j-.*- H���> <& 5? *)f jf jf ���}? f? ���  ���s .-it s j*5 o? s j$ & jfi & v��t ji <$ v* g jt js  If  , Makes Your House  : a Home;  you   intend   to   paper    vour  ,..,,.   house, see us.  We have the newest designs an d  will  guarantee  first-class   workmanship.  Y   VTt        ��   "'\  JliSirl*-  ,  �����  fit  P  ���6*.    Jhoj/M^Ji  Vll  company.  ���+v*\  tiitian ixrjwarvtKsa nauro way iwu?sg��n^a vasux:; j ;: s�� n i  wzaaMna; e iBitsutenainuE! uiMicmgi����itintj��iajj<i  &���    **&���   1S& ,  R GRIEGER,' Manager,  -**��  %���  .fcfe.  -fefc.  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Charles K. ^rutocL  top s*  fii fit fi, fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi -��� ���Ii fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi'fi fi  fi fi fi ,5*. �����-} S fi fi fi fi fi fi fi fi *.* fi fi fi fi fi fi fi JS fi ,>5 >. JB 5�� % fi fi fi fi jl.  fV*"  i iu.-i Mf JO a t uwu, i ur.tr.ul. A, 4. &  IA  I-,    r i.'i i,t  Shop on Silver Street  near  Go vernm ent St ree t.  .(i*���-*-***  //T3  '. .-'r   ill V   L-   -i    *���'   *       *>  '**.   l'-  *?��� wv'    li*; f: *yy * '<y  K*i)ufl V-v ^:> ,-.(- i-. A. aiN* ..: '.>...-  u-HaBrtirmri m��*^��rf*  OOs*>CKXKH>CM-><X>*OC>OOOOOOaoCK>*CK> I  if ars*rrjfi-n   II  OLlfSLilllil     |;  Has   opened   his Ice 6;  Cream Parlor at the     o |  Si  0i  o i  6 I  0 !  o I  6 i  6  0 :  o i ,  o  o '  o , ���  o '��� '  0 .  o !  o  (IBP? rn>i?fw  ��> v>  V.V.  v.v.  v**y*  {v* Ji ?!  fi  S��_ S\ !b_  Sf 5*i'' 1-i" ��*"* 0'* 3*��" �����>'  T?     f-'.t O  r. ,;*,.. ...   .h  W  i,4  S.Wi/  ta��  .������in*, juluii^iHtru  ��ft*ft  caV.  k*ift  5Afe  Mi  '/.In  ri.ave  been too busy to tell you about    feV:  ���k-ft  V*.'',,-...     <>._^*l.. "=V MV-  -   ' W *, *,'      v.*)IL*.^J-.wr o* *!v ^>��^  *>'<I^  They *<A"ill next week.    Meantime call  <n and look Ihe place over,     .-X"  ;CE  in the Clarendon Block-  RELIABUE  AGENTS  \- .vi"-y l'��^y'l i = 'v. 1*  * 3V ���"!=  " -ri r ** ^i'  * *h* ;*���-"  ���-.* s*;  oini'ii  r*fc  &*��  CA-fi  &*��  *Afc  fA��fi  r>; f;;* if if s? af jf jf jf if :f sf jf jf j<* *" 5?  :*���>* &* s-. ��� t��' a*.* :.* ^ jf ^- jf jf ;f fi" ^- ^ jf j?  *  tM-  LUhAm  ^<^**-^  s ;>1.*IOI-. liirnil:.-;*i>!:l i-l;*  <*;i��"I v i*i:lM!n**;:i.:i-t *.*(*.ir -*  '������������-}��� St'iS.G;* r.JI' ''���'���.:''���'.  vL-(-i*'.i -ri.S.1 *.   i* tl.i   ���  such as the men referred to.  We feel sure that the Miners.'union  would be only too tflad to assist in anv  project that had for its object the  erection of a home for the victims of  serious accidents. It oug-ht to be possible to construct'such a home.' Some  fraternal societies have made a success  rViOijU-VJJ**-* V   u :"' ���������"'���  5 : iliiciilauiiildi /iiulLli I';..  LO;]  Out.  Jwv* nuu> fwnc n*B**wUfttrmx*vna^ t**i�� t, si  MINERAL ACT.  Uci-r.-ari S  GvCor.-iGr  mts.-n, J.  }?���. Simsson,  Charles  it:;: any o'.tcrs cosccrneti :  where'they  paid tribute to the baker,! of  a scheme  for the relief of distress  tailor and candle stick   maker  or   in | within their own  organizations aud it  !sh Candies Dai!y.  A   full   lino  of  all   kind.*  fruit:, nlwu-*5o:i  !i;:r:d.  Strawberries  reci*:t  uoiv   on    s  -111 tr <lailv.  ;le  ud  c  SEMERAD,  Clarendon BIo*;L  o  6  6  <? :  Q .  O  0,  O  6  O  0  o  o  (*���  o ,  6  o  6  ?Q;i REN1  ���*>  or  o  ro-mi-**   pr-r*.i\  lioii.silcc-.;;ii.?..^.   Silvc:*"  iiddiLion. l'qr.:iL-riy occi  Isliiier.    Iviiquire 0:1 p"  ]'- roo*;: s,  fV��*-  tn.".;!  )i*;ii  iniie  C*0<K>O<K)*0OO*0OO0OO<>O0<X>0O<><K)  Zsew   floods  Mitchells.  a1    reducer  Yi-ii :-.re lu'ivi>y tintiii-od tli.it I have cxpendcr]  in li'.'ui:!' *iur: iiuijrn'.-us'.ioiits on tlie "Jew-el"  'ii!ii*-.'r.V- claim, ^itiiutt- in Triple Lake camp, in  ilu: 1-Ci'l'li- :{;-.-��:��� "Miiiiiiij Division of Yale Uist-  rici. 1 li*.- :��� *.i-.i! mi' One }E:nulr.-d Dollars, and $2.50  for roairili *.*.:.' ti.e sanio, niioh beinpr the amount  r->r.iii-v-.; ;-.i:i! neci.-ssarv to li.ild the said claim  c'i- ilic vear ������n.iiii-.*- tiio 11th day.of Mav, 1902,  .mdirthe ;.ri)visif.iis of i!ie ''Mineral Act" and  .--������le-Klin;.,' nets: au.i it' at Hie expiration of  ninety d.-i.rs from the date of the first publication oi -.his notice in the Boundary Creek  Vim:::*; -.-.in fail or ivi'ivse to contribute your por-  '.ioi: of s-.icii oxiieniiitnre, namely ST6.S8. to-  i;.-:tin'i- with ai: i.*n.*,;s of advertis-nu*. your in-  \.*ri:-i A-t -aid mineral claim shall become in-  *. i.'-Lii in .-!-.��� fyoin- co-o-vvnerj upon filiiifr in the  ;;-";���*���;* m.'.-.:.: i:; thru beiiulf the afliiiavit re-  *;:::*. i a !>;,- Keel ion 4 of the -.Mineral Act Amend-  n-Mt A-.-���*.. YA-i."  i>;itr.'. *.ii::; r.th tlay of June. 19i*2.  IV. ELSON*  Ii.iie .i :*^t ou^lica-ioii. Ji:ne 0th.  D:*.;e 1.-.--I publication September 5th. </>
1 f'i I
V     I
JULY 1, 2, and 3,1902.
Under the auspice's of the Grand Forks
Driving- Park and Athletic Association
Excursion of Rocky Mountain Rangers and Rifle Association from Kaslo,
Nelson, Rossland and- other points,
arriving in Grand Forks Sunday evening.
8:30 a. m.—Rifle competition, under
the auspices of the Kettle River Valley
Association; as follows :
Nursery Match, 200 yards. $25.00 in
Grand Forks Corporation, Match, 200,
500 and 60H yards,  S54  and cup  worth
'    Ladies Match, 500 yards, $25.
Rocky Mountain Rangers Skirmishing-Match* $45 and shield worth $75.
9:30 a," th: * Military manoeuvres including exhibition with Maxim Guns
at Rifle Kange.
11 a. m.—Military parade through
the principal streets of the city.
12 o'clock nobn-*-Baseball match on
the Athletic grounds.
Opening: of the hew $10,000 regul-
tion half mile race track of the Grand
Forks Driving Park and Athletic Association, five minutes walk from the
business centre.
First event called at 2 p. m. sharp.
No. 1. Running, quarter mile dash.
Purse $175.  ■   '   •
No. 2. Three minute trot or pace,
mile heats, best two in three. Purse
No. 3. Running.Grand Forks Derby
oae mile.    Purse $400. ,
Exhibition by Dr. M., the guidless
pacing wonder, who will endeavor to
break his record of 2.25.
No. 4.   Running, gentleman's saddle
horse, quarter mile dash.   Purse $75.
Open  to horses that have never competed in any other class.
No. 5. Running, five-eights mile.
Pt-.rse $250.
A Lacrosse match,  Nelson. B.C. vs
""Grand- Forks" wiu^be~played-between
the racing events.
General Illumination of the City.
deemed advisable. The rules of the
American Trotting Association (of
which this association ia a member) to
govern harness events. The rules of
the NeW California Jockey Club to
govern the running events (by permission). This association is also a
member of the North Pacific Fair Association. Entry blanks can be obtained from the secretary to whom all
entries must be made. Racing starts
each day at 2 p, m.
Excursions and special reduced rates by all
railways entering tlie city. See railway post-
en-*. Grand stand scats 1*500 people; a section
reserved for ladles and , their escorts* General
admission' adults So cents;, children under 12
years 25 cents. General admission to grand
stand 25 ceiits. "Restaurant and refreshment
booths: on the grounds', Competant judges
hare been engaged; also an official starter.:
Good stabling for horses at the track. Official
score cards for sale On the grounds. Firstclass
bands, in attendance each day.
DR. G. W. AVERILL. President.
n w. A. HARKIM, Secretary.
9:30 a. m.—Firemen's Tournament.
Bridge Street.
Hub and Hub Race; distance 150
yards; reels to carry 250 feet of hose.
First prize $100, second prize $50.
Wet test, distance 100 yards to
hydrant, teams to lay 150 feet of hose.
First prize $100, second prize $50.
In both oF'above events three or more
teams to etiler or no second money
awarded. * . . ,
12 o'clock noon—Baseball on Athletic
No. 6. Running, three-eights mile.
Purse $175.
No. 7.    Free-for all, trot or pace,mile
eats, best two in three.   Purse $400.
No. 8. Running, ponies 14'A hands
or under, one quarter mile.    Purse $50.
Exhibition by Dr. M., the guidless
pacing wonder.
No. 9. Running, half mile heats,
best two in three.   Purse $300.
No. 10. Running, three-quarter mile
Purse $250.
No. 11.   Cowboy's race,  300  yards,
three turns.   Purse $50.
General Illumination of the City.
It was also decided to go into active
politics. Each district will be organiz*-
ed for political purpose and the conduct of political campaigns, will be-left
to local organizations. In British
Columbia such a labor organization
was effected at Kamloops where the
Provincial Progressive party elected
officers and promulgated a', policy.
Speakers will be placed in the field
and an active campaig n conducted.
Every state of the union west of the
Mississippi and British Columbia were
represented at the convention, over
300 delegates being in attendance.
Lost—Between; Long: Lake -street
and the residence of J. A. Mathot,. a
medal. As it ia* a family relic, the
finder will greatly, oblige by leaving
the same at the Times office.
The Bishop of the. Diocese of Kootenay, the Rt. Rev; John.Dart, D. D.,
paid his annual visit to the Boundary,
country last week.. Leaving Nelton,
where he presided' over the Kootenay,
synod gathering, he proceeded to Rosir
land where he held a confirmation on
Friday, reaching Greenwood on. Sat:
urday 14th.
His lordship stayed: here for the
Sunday and was present at all services,
held inSt. Jude's. Hall during the, day,.,
He celebrated the* Holy .communion at,
8 a. m.; addressed the children, of, the
Sunday school in the afternoon, and at
the evening service he confirmed six
candidates. The service, was a partic*-
ularly bright and impressive one, and
there was a large congregation pre-
Thursday, June 26th, is Coronation
day* and.we are to have Gentry Bros.,
faraops. shows  with., us.   1%, being, a
holiday, no doubt our city, will b«vfull
of people f rom.our neighboringr towns.,.,
Although, new in this, section, here they
hive »   reputation   proceeding   them,
irhj.ch is a guarantee th*at_thereiija''[
treat in store for the patron* of this
well   known,   amusement   enterpriser''
'        :.•*.'*'■■,'      *   **   ,        v :   '■ ;"**-, i   ">* ■"-|—,*,**J'>-1*-^   (■
This, exhibition  is the largest of its
...      •!■■■:..*''■.■    :- :-:..     *■•     ■i-TV**-*] *,.*-'• •-*-•
kind in the world and the press of this
-ftj.1'-'•      :    -'-j* '••''.*.•--*--.   .•i*;*.-..'!   :.**.*/*'- ;\r.A
enure    country   is   speaking    of   its
•*-'    • v        ..-...-.«,■ ,;.-.   ■,"-,!T.      - "-".     '■-'.   ■
excellence..     Come    to    town    early. ,»
bripg the l.ittl-e fqlk^ and  give them a
treat of a life-time. ' '-Grand; free«|Vree\"
parade at 10 a. m. -vrbrth'.'gbin^ mile«
to.see.   Make  up,* .your inind tospencl
your holiday in   Greenwood  and' '•«?•:'
The above illustration shows the B. C, Copper Conipany"8 Smelter at Greenvrpoi,JB.Q„/j^oot^the second furnace which
was blown in Wednesday morning, increasing the capacity of the smelter to over 800 tons a day, ,
Western federation
Kane Returns Prom Annual
Convention at Denver.
M. H. Kane returned on Saturday
last from Denver, Col. Mr. Kane
represented the Greenwood Miners
Union at .the.annual, meeting-.of ..the
Western Federation of Miners. The
meeting was one of the most successful held by the Federation and some
important announcements were made
in reference to the future policy of the
Ed. Boycewhohad been president of
the Federation for several years refused a renomination and the choice of
president fell on Chas. A. Moyer, from
Lead City, Dakota. M. L. Hughes of
Butte, was elected vice-president.
James A. Baker of Sloean City was
appointed executive officer for British
Columbia. Among the radical departures decided upon by the Federation
was to engage in the business of mining. A fund will be set aside to
purchase and operate mining propertie
and prospectors will be put in the field
in the interests of the Federation. In
new mining camps the Federation will
be represented and in the future mining properties will be exploited. The
Western Federation of Miners has
ample   funds to carry out this  new
Gentry Bros., famous trained animal
shows, the largest* exhibition of the
kind in the world, will soon be in this
city. The Gentry Bros, performance
this season has been greatly augmented, in addition to which, is presented a
miniature Zoological-display/showing
the various hay and meat eating animr
als infancy, an attraction which is
calculated to increase the joys of the
little folks, who are the main patrons
of Gentry .Bros, famous shows. In
addition to the numerous company of
performing dogs, ponies, monkeys and
elephants, which have always been
seen with the show, an entirely new innovation is introduced in the pieaent-
ation of a drove of performing Siberian
Camels, believed to be the only ones
ever educated either in this or foreign
lands. The many resources of Gentry
Bros, combined exhibitions will be properly indexed and displayed in the
combined street parades, which will be
given on the morning of the date of
exhibition, which is Thursday, June
12 o'clock noon—Athletic Grounds-
conclusion of Baseball Tournament.
Consolation, Running, half mile.
Purse $150.
Consolation,   trot   or   pace.     Purse
Both of above events are open only
to horses which have not won first or
second money at this meeting. "°"-*
entries, free.
Entries in all events close with the
secretary, Board of Trade rooms, June
30, at 6 p. m. Entrance fee five per
cent of purse with five per cent additional from money winners. In all
races four to enter and three to start.
All purses divided 70, 20 and 10 per
cent. A horse distancing the field entitled to first money only.
The association reserves the right of
changing  the  order  of  any  race if
»«««*»*#« *»*« «to#o#«#o####»
H. A. KIE & CO.
reduce their
stock   of
They offer Brrgains
Shannon Files,
Blank Books,
Inks ot all binds,
Typewriter Paper,
Writing Materals.
The Bishop spoke/twice (^ur.ijpg tht
service, addressing first the candidate*
then the whole congregation.
On Monday morning he held a private confirmation service for two candidates, who, through sickness, w*e,re
unable to be present oh.Sunday, af^er-
warda leaving by train for Grand
Forks and East Kootenay.
Coronation Day, Thursday, June ,2(5.
Special services : 8 a. m. Holy communion, 10 a. m. Matins choral with
special attractions sanctioned by the
Inspector Wilson of the public
schools held high school entrance
examination here. Twelve candidates from Greenwood and schools in
the surrounding district took the
H. A. KING & CO.
The statutory half-yearly meeting of
the board of license commissioners for
the Boundary  Creek License district
was held at Midway on  Monday afternoon, the 16th inst.   There were present commissioners E. Jacobs, Greenwood (chairman) H. B. Cannon, Grand
Forks, andW. B. Townsend, Rossland;
also   Chief   License   Inspector   I.   A.
Dinsmore,  of Grand  Forks.    Applications for renewals of hotel licenses
numbered 28, all of which were granted.   Messrs.   Paulson   Bros.,   applied
for  a license for a  new hotel at Bonanza siding,   between  Gladstone and
Summit stations, on the Columbia and
Western railway; Fred L. Goodeuough
for  one  at Louis Blue's sawmill, near
Rossland,  and  C.  E.  Burgess   for   a
house he intends to erect at Paterson-
ville,  Sheep Creek, in   the   Rossland
district.   These applications were also
granted, subject to the requirements
of the  "Liquor License  Act,   1900,"
having first been fully complied with
to the satisfaction of the chief licence
Loot to Your Eyes
Consult an Optician.
.tltte^rejitiEst ■■■^wieyjeriin Mijt .jMKV^ioMn., -
of the country. .*.. y .y--
Greenwood Lodge A.  F. and A. M.
last Saturday evening presented one
of it's menihers'El'G'I Warr-en""with-"an'.
address and a' beaut if ill piece iofsilirer- -
ware,  as a tokVn  of gockl will on tH*
part • of ihe members ofthe lodge on
the-occasion of his marriage.   ''.'■ ■"*•:'■-*"*•' ■"
C. K. Collin* of the. Roflslapd j&g*.
department was here last.week billing
the toiirp for th*e big corop^ipa^(;le-
bxation in Rossland,
F. J. Finucane returned on Saturday
from a visit to Jhis old home in IreTafld
where he was called by the .aeriogsj illness and death of his aged mother.
When your eyes dim and when yon cannot continue lor any length oi time to regard small
objects as in reading*.
When you involuntarily frown or partly close
the eyes when looking at an object.
When things "swim" or become dim after being looked at for some time.
When the eyes ache, smart or water; when
your eyelids get inflamed often, or when
you have pain in the eye ball, orbit, temples
or forehead.
*When you have any nervou« derangement that
you cannot otherwise account for.
Don't let the matter of expense keep you from
visiting ns.   Sight   is as precious to yon as
life itself, and we test the eyes   free
CIGARS. '■■>*
' '■»'
■•*.    *?■'■*'   ■*
Newspapers,     Periodicals
| A Full Line Choice £&d$$£
Copper Street.   *
Greenwood. '-••»
£ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK  TIMES  Fatal Accident.  Well knowrt Carpenter Killed at the  Mother Lode.  B. Harvey Beach, a carpenter employed at the' MotherX/ode' mine, met  with an accident on Wednesday afternoon which , resulted in death Thursday morning. The deceased was engaged in repairing one of the ore bins  aud not haying given the usual warning to the. men above, a miner ran a  car full of ore to the bin and dumped  it on the unfortunate man below.  There was "about, a l��a ot ore in'the  car and poor Beach'was' horribly mangled and bruised. 'He was taken to the  Greenwood hospital where it was found  that his right leg was broken in  several places '"and situll injured.'' He  never regained consciousness.  Mr.  Beach had* no .relatiyesin this  country and is supposed'- to hare come  from North Carolina.   He worked at  his trade in   Greenwood for   several  years before goifjg to thcMothefLode.  He owned the lot on which the Norden  stands arid built-the   hotel.     At   the  time of his death he had  a half   inter  est in the property.     He was quiet,  careful   and    industrious.       Between  **  ��  eight and nine{ Hundred dollars was  found in his tooji chest after death. He  was a member of the Carpenters union  under whose auspices) the funeral will  be held,'from tile Methodist churchon  Sunday morning at 40:30.        -   _.  On Friday niorning Corner Foster  held an inquestiand after hearing the  evidence the ju?y brought in the following verdict :  We the undersigned jury find that  the deceased, B. Harvey Beach, came  to his death as the result of shock  caused by injuries sustained at the  Mother Lode mine, June 18th, 1902,and  for which we hold no one responsible  as it is the opinion oftthis jury from  the evidence taken that the said Harvey Beach neglected to give the customary notice of {jrtjfjnijtlg.  D & ���Stoti.rvA'N, (foreman)  GEOtfG-B DttpGHBRTY,  G|F*'"W'Ci,IXMS,  H>A King.V  P W George,  M* H Kane.  WARRENrHlRSCR.  An extremely pretty  wedding took  place on the.l8th, at 12.o'clock,:: at the  residenceof- Mr. -and - Mrs,.-.Strickland,  in Greenwood. The contracting parties  being Mr. Geo. E. Warran, manager of  the local Electric Co.,and Miss Wilhel-  mean Agnes Hirsch, daughter of Mrs.  Hirschof Greenwood.   The officiating  clergy, were Dr. A., O.  McRae and his  father, tr+e Rev... D.  McRae, D, D* ex-  moderator .of the general assembly.  The bride who looked .charming, was  given away by her brother-in-law  Mr.  ADMINISTRATORS NOTICE.  In Tbe County Court of Yale, Holden at Kamloops.     * '���������'���'������y*;. (��� ���  Notice is hereby given that by an order made  in this Honourable Court dated the" 3rd day of  June, Jk. J>,,.1902, the undersigned was appointed admlnstrator of the personal estate1 and'  effects of William T. Hill late, of Okanagan  Fall* in the District, of Yale and Province of  ISritlih" Colfcitibla,' deceased.  All persoijs haying claims against the estate  ot above named deceased dre r equcsted'  to send-same duly-verified, to.the undersigned  before the 31st day of July, A. D., 1902; rand all  persons Indebted,to the said estate are requested to oay the amount of such Indebtedness to  the undersigned forthwith.  Kamloops, B. C, June 10th, 1902.  ALEX D MACINTYRE,  ,    Official administrator county of Yale.  MINERAL ACT.  To Jofcn  F. Johnson snd any others   concerned.  Yov are hereby notllled that I have expended  in labor and improvements on the Uncle Sam  mineral claim in Skylark camp, in the Kettle  River Mining Division of YaleDistrict, British  Columbia, the sum of One Hundred Dollars,and  $2.50 for recording the *��ame, such being the  amount required and necessary to hold the said  claim for the year ending*, the 1st day of June,  1902. under the provisions of the "Mineral Act"  and Amending .acts, and If at the expiration of  ninety day* from the date of the lirst publication of this notice in the Boundary Creek  Times yon fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, namely S34.16, together, with all costs of'advertising, your interest* iu said mineral claim shall become invested in me [your co-owner] upon filing in the  proper, office in Jthat behalf the affidavit required by Section 4 of the "Mineral Act'Am-  endment Act, 1900."  Dated this 20th day of June, 1902.  EMANUEL PASTRONE.  - Last publication Sept. 20.  Frank Boles of Calgary, and wore a  moit becoming going away gown of  dark blue and white silk with a hat to  match. She carried a wedding boqtiet  of white roses and carnation and wore  a superb diamond and pearl broach the  gift of the bridegroom. Only the immediate friends of both contracting  parties were present. After the interesting ceremony the party'sat down  to an exquisite wedding breakfast  when the usual toasts were proposed  and responded to. The bride and  bridegroom drove to the station where  a number of their friends were ready  to give them a hearty send off and left  for Nelson,,B. C, and the Arrow lakes,  taking with them the heartiest good-  wishes of all their friends. The many  wedding presents testified to the  popularity of the happy-couple.  ODDFELLOWS ATTENTION.  NOTICE TO DELINQUENT CO-OWNER  To Chutes N. Collins, or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  Interest In the Amandy miueral claim, situate inxthe Kettle River Mining Division ot  Yale District, in the Province of British  Columbia, and to all other co-owners In  said mineral claim.  Yon are hereby notified that I have expended  the sum of One hundred ($100)'dollars in each  of the* years 1899, 1900 and 1901 in work, labor  and  improvements upon the above mentioned  mineral claim in ordor to hold .the same under  the provisions of the "Mineral Act," R. S. B. C,  Cap. 135, and amending- Acts, and  If  within  nj'nety (90) days from the date of this notice yon  fjfll or refuse to contribute yonr portion of such  expendltme, together with" all costs of advertising*, your interest in the said mineral claim  will becot��e. vested in anctathe property of the  undersigned under Section 4 of the Mineral Act  Amendment Act, 1900.  Dated at Rossland,  B. C, this 19th day of  June, 1902.  JAS. HUNTER.  Date last publication Sepi 20.  Boundary Valley Lodge wi 11 observe Sunilay  next as Memorial day. Memders are requested  to meet at the lodge room at two o'clock in the  afternoon where teams will be provided to take  those present to the cemetery. Visiting brothers are 'united to take part in the ceremony..  Special excursion train in connection with  Rossland Coronation celebratiou, will leave  Greenwood at 6 p. m, June 25th. Returning  leaves Rossland on evening of 20th on conclusion of boxing contest.' Return fare S5.oo.  Greenwood lodge A. F. &' A. M. will attend  divine ser**.ice in St. Jude's church ou Sunday  evening the 29th "June, the R<jy. Bro., E. P.  "Ple'willtnpfi P. G. C, will conduct the service.  Sojourning brethern are requested to meet in  Masonic Temple at 7 p. m,  By order of theW.-M.-  P. M. ELKINS, Secretary.  il. 11. Miiiii-m: returni-d this wiirk from at"  tendance at tin*; (Irani: Lodge t. O. 0. V.  Eugene V Debs tlie well known labor orator  will address public meeting at various points  in 1!. C.   lie will be lu Greenwood on June 3d.  New house and 2 lots for sale in  Anaconda. Suitable for chicken or  milk ranch,good garden also spring on  premises apply to E. Penson, Anaconda. Jl3-3t  The best   potatoes   are   those   tha  have  not been irrigated,   you can get  them at Crowston's.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To Walter Death, and any person or persons  to whom he may have transferred his interest in the Diamond Joe,' Doubttul. Deer  Trail* and May-day mineral claims all  situate in Greenwood Camp In the Kettle  River min|n(; Division ot Yale District.  YOU are herebv notified that I have expended' $410.00 in order to hold the said  mineral claims under the provisions of the  Mineral Act, tha.* you should contribute SS2.00  as your proportion of the said sum for your undivided one fifth interest in said claims, and  that you are $10.00 in arrear for vour share of  the previous assessment and if within 90 days  from the first insertion of this notice you fail or  refuse to contribute the siiitt of $92.00 which is  now due by you, together with all costs of  advertising*, your interest in tho said mineral  claims will become the property of the subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Ariiendnient Act," 1900.  Datedat Greenwood, B. C. the 9tli day of June  1902. ���* *.- JOHN V. POWELL.  First insertion Iune13.  Last insertion Sept. 13.  NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE.  IN  THE   SUPREME   COURT   OF    BRITISH  COLUMBIA. *���'! '.>,,  Between   JAMES W. HAMILTON,  Plaintiff.  i,  and FREDERICK W-HAYES.   ���  Defendant.  '���*'.---���" ��� *��  Take notice thit'.;t>y virtue of .two writs of  fieri facias issued* iii'the above named.suit and;  requiring* me to levy by the sale of the (foods  and chattels of the above named defendant the  sum of One Thousand and Forty "Sine Dollars  and sixty four cents' [$1,049.64], and interest  theieon at the ia*e of five percent per annum  from the 24th day of March, 1902. I- have tak?n  in execu*tipit,aud will offer for sale at tits-Ruby  Mine Near Boundary Falls at .11 * o'c.loclcrfm the  morning of the 23rd June instant the. following:  g-oods ana chattels oj the above named defendant or sufficient thereof to satisfy the judgments and costs, unless t-lie^- are previously  paidtome. .'_'..': ..'..* V-  ���'' '���*,'* ���'       ' ������'���  Terms of sale, cash.  1 40 h. p. Boiler. 600 feet T Rail. 300 lbs  Giant Powder. 100 feet Rubber Hose. 2 Air  Compressor Drills complete. 800 lbs V/i inch  Steel. Blacksmith outfit and a large quantity  of tools, etc., etc.  For fnrtherparticulars apply to . ....  *.  -..,, _ F. M- ELKINS,  Deputy Sheriff  ^.. MINERAL ACT.  , Certificate of Improvements-;.  '*,'       ''���'.* NOTICE. .....  ROCK CREEK,Mineral claim, situate ir. the  Kettle River Mining' Division of Yale  District.-' Where located : ' On Rock Creek  at  old  trail crossing near junction   with  *     South Fork.' ���*-.-*  TAKE NOTICE that I, Ainsley Megraw,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B5543S, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to theMining Recorder for a-Certificate of lnir.  provements, for the pnrpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim .  .And further take notice that action, under  section-37, must.be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of June, 1902.      ,. *.  First insertion June 12,  Last Insertion Aug. 12. ���*''���'  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements-  ,   NOTICE}.  GOLD BUG  No. 2 Miueral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  Distiiet. *.:���'���;���        *-.'-.  Where located :   In.Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE.that I Sydney! M. Johnson  aisting* as agent for Ctiris McDouell, Free  Miner's certiiicate No. B42609.and Thomas W.  Stack, Free' Miner's' certificate No. B424S1. intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply-  to the Mining recorder for a certificate oil ni.  provements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claim*.*..*.;*      .:', \  And further take notice that action,, under  section-3*7, mtist be commenced before,the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.''  '.Dated this 20th day of Mav, A. D. 1902.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  First insertion Mav 23. , ,,i  For good ciry  potatoes   go to Crowston's.  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate  of  Improvements.  NOTICIi.  ALIC1C, NliLLIE and   May,  Mineral  Claims,  situated in the Kettle River Mining  Division  of YaleDistrict.  Where located : Xeiu to Dry Creek and  Spencer's ranch, about three miles from the  town of Anaconda.  TAKE NOTrCE Uiat we,  John N. Greden,  Nicholas Tholl, Donald d. "McLaren and  William G. McMynn, Five Miners Certificates  Nos. B4062.I, 040627, IJ41523, C40GOI respectively,  intend sixty days from tliu date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements,   for    the   purpose,   of    obtaining  CrownGrants of the above claims.  ���  And further  mite  notice that action, under  section  37,  must be commenced .before .the issuance of such Certificates of Iniprovements  .   Dated, this IGtli day of April, A. IX.190.2  John N. Greden. Nicholas Tholl, Donald  ��. McLaren, Wm. G. McMyttn,' '  ���'.-; MINERAL ACL  Certificate of Improvements.  ..'*    notice; ������'���.    *���*.' *.-*    ������''.-'_  LEROY, LIZZIE and WINEDOT. Mineral  ��� Claims.situate in the Kettle River Mining  .. ; divisiou of Yale district, ���'. .*.**��� *.*''���  ; ��� Where located :*:..,*In Deadwood camp ab.mt  **. three, quarters; of a mile North west of the  ���    Mother Lode niine'.*/.. .,..*.*.,..  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney m. Johnson,'  acting as agent for E. H. Shaw, Free  Miner's certificate No. B40479...and 1.1>. Graham,  Free '���Miner's' Certificate No,. ])40402;Viiitehd,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for ..certificates of Improveinents, for the purpose of obtaining crown  grants of.thc above claims.  And:further take notice that action, under  section 37, must b*;' commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements.  ' Dated this 15th day of Mav, 1902. ���  SYDNEY M, JOHNSON.  ���First insertion May 23. ,  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of improvements.  ��� ������*.��� notice;.  INDEPENDENCE Mineral clahii.Kitiiate in the  KettleYSiAer Mining Division, Yale District  Where'located : In copper camp adjoining  the copper mine.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Clive Priugle, Free  Miner's certificate No. 1540314, intend*  sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the  Mining.. .Record ���5r.ilor.iji.i.certiiicate of ^improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crow ji  of the above claim.  ',*"  And further take*.notice.that' action  ander  sectioii 37 must be commenced before*, the issuance of such certificate of imnroveimMts.  Dated this 16th day of Mav, A.n. 1902.  "CLIVE PRINGLE.  First insertion Mav 23rd.  jgaaamagasBsa  EHEffi  asESBettsr-Z!  ..A .���-^--,----Tri*^fv*a.,r'^li��''t'*T/.-i-���    .-...  Solely controlled for the Dominion by  E. A. SMALL O. CO.,  Makers of . ..  Clothing  (Registered.)  "With this label on the neckband  of every Cravenette Garment.  PRIESTLEYS  CLOTH  RAINPROOF  BcWarC!   Inferior Raincoats sold as Cravenette  are being offered -which are neither  Rainproof nor Tailor Made.  These do net bear Priestley's guarantee label*  Tor Sale by K  GREENNW00D, B. C.  ���*  MINERAL ACT  Certificate, of Improvements.  NOTICE. . .  IRONSIDES FRACTION* Mineral Claim,  situate in the Kettle Kiver Mining- Division  of Yale District.  Where located :   In Greenwood camp west  of Banner Mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I Sydney M. Johnson  acting* as -(rent for Alex W. Douglas,  Free Miner's Certificate No, B-KM'Jl, intend,  sixtv days from the date,hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improveinents, for* the purpose of'obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And  further take  uotice that -Action,  under  section 37, must be commenced'before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Datea this 21stdav of Mav. A. J)., 1902.  SYDNEY*M. JOHNSON.  First insertion May 23rd: *  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements  ;���':���������'��� notice. ���-���/.���'  "L" Fraction Mineral Claim situaie iu the  Kettleltivcr Mining Division of Yale Dis  trict.   Where located :   l!oomerai!��* camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's. Certiiicate No. B40637 as  airent for Philip S. Stanhope, Free Miner's  Certificate No. H-I051S and Rotrer O'Hara Free  Miner's Certificate No. BSO-tbG.iiileud.sixtv days  from the date* hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining-a Crown Grant ofthe  above claim,    ; '  And further talte notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certi ficate of Iniprovements,  Dated this 30th day of April, A*. D. 1903.  J. P. McLEOD.  SOCIETIES.  .Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICK.  'HELEN". -LADY OF THE LAKE", "GLAS  'GOW, FRACTION',, McGREGOR",  "FANNY H. FRACTION" and "TRIPOD   FRAC.  TION"  Mineral    Claims,    situated    in   the  Kettle River Mininir  Division of Yale  District,   Where located :   In Central camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac ii. Hallett, as  airent  for the No. 7 Mining Company,  Free .. Miner's-* Certificate  No.   IJ*W6oO,   intend  sixty days -from dale hereof, * to  apply to  the  Mining Recorder for   Certificates of Improvements," for the purpose of obtaining*    Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And further talte notice that actions, under  section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such CertiDcates of Iniprovements.  Dated this 14th day of April, A. p. 1902  3m-6*;.*,      ���>*���������   '.      I.H.HALLETT.  MINEcAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICES.  ST.   EUGENE    Fractional    Mineral    claim,   situate hi the KettleRiver Mining* Division  "'    of Yale District:---"���?=-���==���-^���*�����^^=^-*.  Where located : In Deadwood camp adjoining the "Untcher Hoy" and "St. Lawrence  Mineral claims.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Clive Priug-le, Free  Miner's Certificate No. JH0314, Apent for  Louis I Ostroski, Free. Miner's Certificate.No.  1541432, and I. Robert Jacobs Free Miner's  Certi ficaite No. B5OSO5, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder  lor a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grunt of the above  claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before, the is-  suauceof such certificate of'Improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of May, A. D.. 1902.  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hereby given that the partnership  heretofore subsisting between tlie undersigned,  carrviuir on business at Deudwood, B.C. as  Hotel keepers, under the name,style and firm  of Hartman &. Henderson is this day dissolved  by mutual consent,  The undersigned James Henderson will continue the business and will pay all debts due by  the firm of Hartman & Henderson and all accounts owiny the saiil firm are to be paid to the  said James Henderson.  Dated at Deadwood, Ji. C, this 14th day 0  Mav. A. D-, 1902.  JOHN HATKMAN  JAMES HENDERSON.  Witness :    PETER CORRIGAN.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  BALTIMORE  Mineral  Claim .situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.   Where located :    In Copper Camp.  ,-pAKE   NOTICE   that   1. J. P. Myers-Gray  X      as apenl for John A Moody, Free Miners  Certiiicate'No. B 4U98.intend; sixty days from  the date iiereof.-10  apply Jlo the Mining- Recorder' for a Certiiicate of   Improvements   for  the  purpose   of  obtaining  a Crown   Grantof  the above claim.  And   further take  notice that  action   under  Section 37  must-  be commenced   before the issuance of such Certi ficate of Iniprovements.  Dated the 2SUi day of April, 1902.  J. P. MYERS-GRAY.  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "DON JULIO   FRACTION"  Mineral   Claim,  situated in  the Kettle River Mining***- Division   of YaleDisrict.   Where located:   In  Deadwoo-1 Camp.  TAKE NOTIE that 1. Isaac H. Hallett, as  airent for th�� British Columbia Copper  Company. Limited, Free Miner's Certificate  No- 1549691 intend sixty days from the  da!fc hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purimse of obtainiuir a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. mast be commenced before the is-  suauce of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2Sth dav ni April. 1902.  :. :r. hallett  --tvim  BOUNDARV VALLEY  LODGE  No. 38,1.0.0. F.  Meets every Tuesday Evening at 8.00 In their  lodsrc room,at Masonic Hall.    A  cordial invl  tation is extended to all sojourning brelhem.  Fked IJ. Holmks, N.G.   W. B. Frith, Rec.See  MINERAL, ACT.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  CLYDESDALE    and     MOUNTAIN   LION  Mineral claims situate iu the Kettle River  Mining* Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John 'Robert Brown,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B40688, as agent  for David  A. Good. Free Miner's   Certificate  No.   B40451,    intend    sixty,  days    from    the  date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificates of impn>vemeiits,for the purpose ;>  obtaining   crown  grants of the above  claim'.  And'further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificateof improvementss  Dated this 2nd day of April, 1902.  1. R. BROWN.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE. ,  DEER HORN miueral claim, situate in th  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale Dis  trict.   Wliere located :   Deadwood camp.  Take Nocice that I, J. P. Myers-Gray,Free  Miner's Certi ficate No. H54957, agent for Rose  C. Davcv, Free Miner's Certificate No. BS4445,  intend, "sixtv days from' the date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements for the' purpose of obtaining  11 CrownOrant of the above claim       ,  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of sucli Certi'* mte of Improvement.  Dated this 20th day of .June,A. p., 1902.   .   ���  J. P. MYERS-GRAY.  MINERAL ACT.  CERTIFICATE  OF IMPROVEMEMTS.  ;   NOTICE.  HOMESTAKE Miueral claim situated iu the  Kettle   Riv��r  Mining   Division    of   Yale  District. *..*������.���'  Where located :   In Dayton .camp, adjoining the War Eagle claim, L. 1879.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydnev M. Johnson.  Free  Miner's Certificate No. B813O. for self and  as agent for Ainsley  Megraw,   Free   Miner's'  Certificate  No.   B30349  and    S.    G.    Detchon.  Free Miner's Certificate   No.   B37S25,   intend  sixty   days  from  the  date   hereof, to   applj  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improveinents. for the purpose of obtaining Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 22ud day of March 1902.     '    ���  '  MINERAL ACT, 1900.  Certificateof improvements.  NOTICE  MY'RTLE Mineral Claim, situate in the Ketlle  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located *.   In Dayton camp, adjoining the Homestalte mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 8120 for self aud  as agent for Ainsley Megraw, Free Miner's  Certificate  No. B30349. aud Hugh MegrawFree  Miner's Certificate No B30341, intend sixty days  from the date hereof,   to apply'to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of Marcli, 1902.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  DON'T KNOW Mineral Claim, situated in the  Kettle  Rlyer Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.  Where Located :      Smith's    camp,    near  Boundary Falls.  TAKE NOTICE that we, Geo. R. N2den,'  Free Miner's Certificate No. 416SSB, and  Svdney M. Johnson, Free Miner's Cer-  ti'ficate No. 8120B        iutend sixty  days=-f ronithe. date-hereof^to^ apply,-.toV.tha^  mining recorder for a certiiicate of improvement for the purpose  of obtaining a crown  graut for above claim.  And further take notice that action under  cection 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this 15th dav of February, A. D., 1902.  MINERAL   ACT,  ' V,  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. *  "No. 2" and ,"No. 3" Mineral Claims situate in  ihe Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.  Where located :   In  Crow Point Camp on  James Creek. _  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H Hallett,  as agent for John Douglass, Fn# Miner'*  Certificate No. 40253. James Atwi A Free  Miner's Certificate No. B402"5, Arthui N�� ��elly.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B18275 am. ii '.raid  T. Hodgson, Free Miner'sCcrtlficaleNo.BKM90  intend sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder forj Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining** a  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action under  section 37, must be commenced before the Is-,  suance of such Certificalesof Improvements.  Dated this 4th day of April, A. D., 1902.  1. H. HALLETT.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO  George D. Edwards, and to any per-- U or persons to whom he may  have tr Ella red his  interests in the "Uncle Sam" mix.* *l claim  dnd '-First Chance"   mineral 0 aim, both  situate in Skylark Camp in the Kettle River  Mining Division of Yale District, British  Columbia  You are. hereby notified that I have caused to  be  expended $205.00 to hold  the said mineral  claims under the  Mineral  Act, that  thepro-  poriion you should contribute for your undivided one-third interest in each of the above claims  is $68.33, and if within ninety days from the first  publication of this notice you fail or refuse to  contribute the said sum of 568,33, which is now  due, with all costs of advertising, your interest  in each of the said mineral claims will become  the property of me, the  undersigned, one of  your co-owners, under section four of an Act  entitled  the  "Mineral  Act Amendment  Act,  1900."  Dated at Greenwood; B. C, the 25th day of  March, A. D., 1902.  EMANUELE PASTRONE  \*!  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ABERDEEN Mineral claim, situated  in  the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located:   In Copper camp.  ���  TAKE NOTIE that *we, John D. Norrish,  Free Miner's C ertificate No. B41333,  A.  E. Cross. Free Miner's  ertificate No B40605 and  Louis  Bryant,  Free   Miners   Certificate    No.  B40025 intend,sixty days from the date  hererf  to apply to tne miuinsr recorder for a certi  cate of improvements for the pnrpose of obtai  ing a crown grant of the above claim.  And farther take   notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the ���  suance of such certifictte of improvemen ts  Oated this 26th day of April, A. D., 1902. si  "41  Jiff  m  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  m i**r-��-.rt.��irm.�� Wm ji li* mn �� nunm ft "I -mjw u uinatmi'itf: m ni ��� <az*a ygmara** ara tr um- cuaTCj aima, iimii mijrw ��� n  M\aarum-\-&Mvmnti  ;;!.pal)le .sup-L-rinlendont  and plenty cvi  iiiitiev   a.nil   ;.;'rit.   :-ii-:'.'css   is   bound t'.j  ***!^J*TVA��lir.lW"l>-lB?J,  ..*! ,'t .y, .jZfijX ,!-? ,18 .,�� tfjX clS v'S^^^I ...'.��  '<���>.  IJ.dMlA.lIi  IS TO SUIT OUR 11  PACIFIC BLOCK.  Copper St.  (*('ii!c. Yvi'h  Giese's  imqihocy   -,vott  111 led.  iv liifirc Sunsets, Hans I ii ?,-,  soon   be  fttl- j ^Sji  ! frVi  rat  .-0 Prints patterns to clioose l'roin at j $=*'���  Mitchells.  jp Capital, all paid up. $12,000,000.  Rest..  ..$S,000,0003  YOUNG  l'^  ��� .'*.���-=����� i  I'resldent .    Loitn Stka-i'hcona and Mount Koval,  Vice-1'rcsldeiit:    Hon. Gisokgic A. Dkummosd.  General Manager:    E. S   Cl.oCSTOX.    ;  ���:'.     "-.'������  J'4l     ww.a��rtiMjr*e.siJJ.rt��:*.7i"-*  Continued from Pairo. 1.  FRESK FKU.ITS,  CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS  and TOCACCOS.  ^! Ky.s a neat cosy and clean  ys,; * ���  4 ICE CREAM PARLOR  'JU and will blend your Teas to ���suit.  <4 you J  * i     tc^t^:^^~i&^i*^rJU^^tUt*^l*u.-&^l.t*ai:Kii^.itou^H\~jur*ux  oji'|, Don't  forpet the place in   the   Pacific  J\ bloclt next to Windsor Hotel.  fed  *=��>  *=��  >=9  i V-'  o^* Branches in London, Eiig. {cm.J'^'clmSk. f K<w York, Chicago. ^  ���Us* id 1 ( ;>.  IJny  .-uid sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers : Grant Commercial aoc:  .  ���prld.*        .'*'."    -' ;* "r-, t .-. T-. V v  FINUCANE, Manager.  I.' J') (: '|j   "p��� tf^  -IM'   /l"'!). tHil it'"'' ""''    ""���"���""���"'S  *ja*-����"BC *��u vault .il.  1 ; '*    ^4'i   ;*���  js     \1 < fi""' ''f'i ['A** Travellisrs* Credits, available in anv. partjo/ the W'  it a-f^^iWlii ;g| Greenwood Branch,    -F. J. FI  JR.  This celebrated liorse will stand  for the season 'it  SIDLEY   1 THE fMADlAK RfflE OF fOMMERCE'  *A  Ji" ^ 8? Jf* & i? tfti? *" 5? 3? i? 2"S*? iv' S? t?  Terms  for   the  season 310.00 or will  injure for S10,00 if paid for in advance  money  to  be returned if'mare not iii  fou.1.  Pas'ttirag-e S5.00 a month.  Young G.--M. ��� Patchen, Jr., is a  bright bay with black points. Stands  16 hands' high arid weighs 1.286 pounds.  The pedigiee of this horse can be  seen by applying to the undersig'tied.  .YEB. KIRBY,  SIDLEY, B. C.  I THE  uwnc nils lutiixta an n�� awn ��t��i  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS. MADE BY  \4\  i1!>;V*":,;:,''"',  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  r  The ore passes directly from the cars  into the. bins ..-.underneath, the track.  From here passes directly into' the  crusher without handling* and from the  crusher to storage bins' along side.the  furnace. The:' furnace .. floor has a  length of, '140 ,,f eet.*:;;*:* From '* here to  Boundary Creek there is ample room  for the slag dump.* The dust flue r>f  stone ���.���.'ail's"with brick roof is 200 feet  in length and connects wilh a sloe'!  smoke slack' 9J-2 feel: in diameter and  112 feet high. The furnace is largo**  than thab.a't ei'theV the B..C. Copper.o'r  Granby siu'elters. It has a nominal  capacity of ,300 tons but with the self-  fluxing character of.the: ores here, this  should be increased to at least 400 tons.  The additional machinery comprises  two 80 horse power boilers, a No. 7  Connersville blower, steam hoist, 75  horse powsr engine and a 250 light  - d y n a in o ���= a u cl -engines --for- sa.ni.pl e. in iii,  and crusher. There is also a powerful  force pump and plant at Boundary  creek which can be utilized in case of  fire or as an auxiliary to the flttnie  which carries water to the smelter.  The blowing in of the smelter was  delayed by the non-arrival;of the new  machinery. However everything wain place at last and early Thursday  morning* the furnace was blown in.  The crii slier and .sampler had been :*'*i  work since Saturday last. .Everythin..,*  has worked smoothly since then ���*���.���  that the smeller can now be coiisidere  among the permanent industrial i;:-  stitutions of the Boundary. Tl* *  works are situated near lloumhi!'.*'  Falls about three miles below i.lreen-  wood.  The smelter has a contract with th ���  Snowshoe mine for any quantity of ore  up to 200 tons a day. The Siio-.yshi.-.*  ore ean be readily blended with ihe  Sunset. Owing.to the large excess o-'  iron in the Sunset ore, this smeller is  in a position to handle a larger  quantity of the silicious ores of Republic than any other smelter. A*.  soon as the railway to Republic iscou:-  plctcd, abmi! 100 tons of Kepubiic oi ������  is expected daily. Other mine *.>w::er.-*  are also allxiou^ to ship so that iu  order to treat all the ore offering another furnace must b*.*: erected and additional furnaces will be added v.*h<.-*  required.  The smelter output of tireeuwe-i'd  has been practically trebled ���':��� ��� rii*.-j* the  week. This means increased payt-ol!:-  both at the smelters and mines which  furnish the ores. *U also go.:s to prove  that slowly but surely the :l-:i : l::r*  district ;s meeting ali Hial v.*:*..i .*x*  pected of it by tliose v/iio  mineral showing.- -iv-;  The development has  rapid as the impatient ones expeete.i,  'out the history of Liie Sunset from ik-e  inception of development work five  years ago until the blowing in of i's  smelter this week, clearly proves th;*-  with a good mine, good management.,.!  /ISAill!  ? J Si fSiSE  H ATO  Ml  With Whichis Incorporated the      ' ,;   ���'  .ANK JOiFBRlTISH 'C(^VMBIA.  ' HEAD3, OFFICE, tORONTofA;i ^ ^  Capital $8,000,000.  .  . Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B.E. WALKER, General Manager  F,  *'f ;.*.~i  MANAGER GREENWOOD���BRANCH.  m  ^33r,,e  ������  GEO-Rv-NADENv - --��� Manager;���  The Elkhorn Lager Beef Coniakis only Fut-e Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading" Hotel  . .    l&J.V^fcv.-!   .-. Ii kU  !H .ill? /BEN**- ...   A. -Jw  Engineers   and   mine  .   ill m p %A  Diitlii^  .M  Hoc,  ">Ve make Pumps of (f.  ���  ���   '  ��� H'  every description for. all oi1  services.        ' [%  f^s^^&^^MS^^^^^^^^^s^EE^^^s^^m^s^ws^^Mm  PuniB   Catslot'.ucs  and  ��� Stccif:csvi5*n5  scivi  n*coi:  j:~--..,^y.... i -_-.-_l:'lf��^..n,nnuf a.Gt--.------ -.  '"��� lire ;:!so >'ortl:ey Cts and  Gasoline 5Sngii:i;--clie:ip��� .f H��  : imnSy-safo.     Sena for |'  ?-oo!-;lel. ,  .:���    'Cuiii-tTeiiiViCMlUr.:!,              tf  '���!'* 'AgCiiis ^t��0SSla-ia B.C.        ^  :    VitiKouvsr  EnKhinerlfif!  Work;;,  :!i!*;n;s :t* Vancouver, a. C-   ^^UPfil   '*  -... Slhi'P~*:-J*-  -C!l     .'i��.   4r.  . .>us.l��._.   _ ._..   ...1  REPRESENTING: ^   x^   -'   *-*?  *Tlie Phoenix Fire -Assurarij6e';r',-"i The British '-America* :,A.ssur*  j    ,ihce Co.,"of Toronto".   'it-  Co. of Lo.ticton,'ilS'ag'ian'd, X  The Western Assurance Co.,  ; of Toronto.���<];-,   ; >*.|���������;���*;':  ���  The  Canadian  Birkbeck  vestment an"drSavirig*s  STOCKS,  ���:,��� -REAL .ESTATE;  4.     H  *j;VJ-!��r ii��  a   ;,.'" .;-*  ;'.    ?,  .',;���   .... '*������;;.'. ij.       ''*���''  " '" '' '    "' -.*''������'    "J .���jw^?a  EtNs:::&'"GOi'  Si:  ^ ���  M  -*r...  1  ^'  j  ���sir  v'l  W  1  tft  w*  %^-  o;  X  Wholesale and Retail Meat  f. 5 T* '���-���  I Markets at:   Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, awlPhoenite*:r' ��r<7-'  H ���-', :             ���'.;.���������������*.   i         : ������':,*������'.  l.sn^i")}*';..,  ��' '���'                     - ..Ay         -���     i                        -; ,  -     >.,    ,-,,*.,.    .J,     ��...H���v,  ift .:                        ..,_.   r-.-v/v i ���                                         ���                    ������    ��������-      ���  SS ������.,'../���'     ���������'.-.i ;   , - *������        :*         .-.               *���,*-���'  jsir    t*|i    *:*���!��.is  Excursion ^afesi^:;pM^  ....... . ���  RAILWAY  May 261 30? June 29  July 2, J, 4*  From   Rossland,   Trail,   Nelson and  intermediate points.  in um Ms  iiii infts in ne em.  Greenwood is tlie jinaticial -imh commercial-centre oi the  Boundary Creek* District. Tt is ithe .supply point ;for the  Mining* camps. From the-'city roads lead to Greenwood.  Deadwood, Copper, Summit, Long Lake, Skylarky White  aud Atwood, Wellington, and other iBoundaty:Cr<?ek camps.  For prices of lots and other  -information address   Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood     ^  | To Miir.ietipolis ..  i     Cnic:tt,"*o   \     Detroit   Toronto   I     Montreal    544.50:   64.ri)*  . :  "T.i.o ;   m.:-.:,:   lOO.Oli  :^?^nim?��^!??mmnimm^Mm!n?TO^  f-Tf ';!  XT  H  ": is!^  I IS.V    *3  ��� MONTREAL/QUEBEC,  -��#  MANUFACTURERS OF  :jx.li:ii:;i::.|  vs. ..;*s    ;.._  '. '��� :-'*u:v1)on<iini.-*    i"'..*.i;:cti"!*i      rr..-.ni      ;-.ii  : :���*."*. -.V';:n:ty    . -,r:;nts. i 7 ���1.1 -11      ili*.-i*r.--i.-  1 C;i!*.;f!!Lt;i P:i..*i;ic i;;!-:c s!.j;tnii.'rri.  j     T!ir:ui;.'h ���*.*.n(*i:-:;ii^s h> i'*!:inip>: vi:�� ail AUantic  ^  n  ...     ��"u.*Ji  J-*t LIS,    J^t^--'-  ���^ ".^ .t,     ji>  15 ,-e^ jo, *.'; ;> .<-*��� /;> I? % m ^? .��a, ��$ /** f*, Si ^1 ^'  '""boilers, MOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  :s For Tlie rjyiiock Diamond Brills.  .n^t--  R. E. C IKcnallVt Kossland, B. C. 3'  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   2  UPLEX and CORLISS1 AIR COM-   5  PRESSORS ... 3  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS      '    ''"' ^3  OF ALL KIM)S. , --��  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.    ���'���*23 THE BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  htl rtw> **** M ��*1  1  We are prepared to do your  DEVELOPING, PRINTING and MOUNTING  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT <�� SHAW  Barristers, Sowcitohs,  Notaries Pdbwc.  C��Ule Address :   "hallett."  C��i>ks  3 Bedford M'Nelll's   Q/tgenwooD,  Lciber's.  I. II.  HALLETT.  B, C.  H, C. SHAW.  ii'   !*���  aad, guarantee to you in every instance  ',...' ���������..|.1(li���..i'..!'.l'..:** !' .:*.' ���        ������������.  * '  only  IffiSKLASS WORK  Osr ftcilttles for riVJn* the test results are unequalled in the  ���������V    ;..V.,?,?!'>..:  "; ';,    '    >        BOOfldary.  ."  Complete Line of Photo Supplies and Eastmen Kodaks.  Dominion Express Orders Sold and Cashed.  BOOKS, PAPERS, PHOTO SUPPLIES, ETC.  Graves is Hopeful  .<��� ��� , .. ��� i   |.   .f   !: *- *:   *    .  Successful Nine owner not Uneasy  fSf  . %:}.H' kff Of(JD 'iv j'i:���? -���'?5;:- ,n ���;  ��� ;       About Copper.  "I beliave that before a great while  w�� shall be able to mine and to smelt  tha G��aaby,iqrea..for $3,a. ton," aaid J.  P. ' GrtT&jr-lfeSe^ *^e  Gnmtgr| properties  in  the   Boundary  co��ntig5J;to a Spokane;, reporter,;^eater-  day afternoon.    = :i, v '.*'"';? v ���;  "D<im mean, that you Trill; b^able  to haqjjttc.oreB running, in Talkie ?s low  aa IS'llton?"   Mr. Graves wasisked.  , 'Wpfdo not," h�� answered; ^SfThe  it��aa tffcfJ. will not include the coat of  reflating: nor of making the product,  and l|#�� not care to aay  what the  oapaa||.:of thpaeitemajia.,, /���*$>?.$?.; S��S  *re, l&gever,"will include-mining and  " W^mre ateadily ..affectine.eco'nomies  ia th��ji#>Bt of treating our orea. Coke,  ia ���ow^����ating up,.$6a ton, delivered. I  undetjpnd that''tWe! Nbrtfcpart smelter  ia oWi|^.,to^pa^,$10. a ton for its coke,  aa it ia^^I^;;fe:aeciire^al;supplie��  from:the,Crow's Nest pass fieida. The  difference of $4 a ton which we have  ��ecHr|aWjf very material advantage;; ���  "I am not uneasy over the outlook  for copper. The surplus stock has  bean almost completely consumed, and  the users of the brown metal have been  living almost on a hand to mouth  basis.;} The present low price of copper, ranging between 12 and 12J4 cents  par pound, is conceded to be manipulative and under normal conditions it  wilI**>on right itselfr"T think that the  price will be steady somewhere be-  tweetl'. 14 and 16 centa, and I look for a  recovery in value in'July. "Whether or  not the warring copper interests get together, the price of copper is sure to  advance in response to tbe enormous  demand;.for it, and we are already  witattaing algns of that advance..   .  "Every 'business building, every  manufactory, every ship, practically  every j; duelling ;now uses copper in  gTaateir or less quantities for electric  wirings' Tha use of copper in the  electrical arts is extending to Europe,  which aside from Germany, made little  progreta nntil lately in electricity.  "The consumption in the past year  haa been something like 10 percent  mora than the production. That enormous drain on the surplus stocks has  wiped them away, and higher prices  for copper are almost inevitable."  Very beat Cane Sugar 15 pound* for  one dollar at Bannerman Bros.  0  ��  ��� Headquarters for  jfackle  ��  ���  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  A complete stock of every-  thing in that line.reasonable  ��  prices. J  0  3. E. Coles,  |3ooks.   Stationery,   Office  Supplies, etc.  Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  Phone No. 33.  Mr. W. G. Belt, manager of the  Greenwood branch of the Bank of  British North America, left Wednes-  d��y,*?��rning on a ten days' trip to the  West Fork of Kettle River and Similkameen districts. His relieving officer  is Mr. G.;H. Winter, accountant of the  Rossland branch of the same bank.  Mr. Hi C. Clark, for some time past  ledger keeper at the Greenwood branch  recently left on rather brief notice to  :jpin the bank's Dawson staff.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor.  MCL.EOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Pubmc, Etc.  Offices: Wallace-Miller Mock. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  J, JR. Brown. J, P. McLeoi>.  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civii, Engineer,  Dominion    andJ Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,    .-      .- ;    B.   O.  A. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion afld  Provincial Land Surveyor-  Mining and Engineering Surveys-  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (next Customs office.)  GREENWOOD, B. C.  Mr. E. V. Brimacombe yesterday  left on his return to Vancouver after a  few weeks at the Greenwood branch, of  the Bank of Montreal.  Mr. G. C. Hodge, district manager  for the Nelson & Vernon Telephone  company, . arrived on "Wednesday's  train, having with him Mrs. Hodge  and child.  In connection with Coronation Day  celebration, tickets will be sold from  Greenwood to Vancouver and Victoria,  good for IS days at $21.80. Round trip  tickets on sale on the 23rd and 24th  inst, E. R. Redpath, Agent.  THURSDAY, JUNE 26  f' ,...--, ���* ���-'-   1 ������*! v.*.'** V    i- *.*-      ���.','    ������ ������; . .*    *  The highest class exhibition of its kind in the world  iSimtry Bros.  Famous Show.  Americas famous amusement institution^honorably conducted.   Truth fully advertised.  Two Thorough and Complete Performance Daily 2 and 8  THE BEST TRAINED OK EARTH.  OF CANADA  Is we believe second to none for style,  finish and durability,   and cannot be  duplicated at the price,  jWe have just opened up several  cases  and invite your inspection,  ��t   t��  /  Special Line of  Ladies Canvas  Tennis Bals and  Oxfords  in Black, White and Tan, !  RendelUCo.  "STRONGEST IN THE WORD"  Assets . . $304,568,063.49        Surplus . . $66,137,170.01  605-606-607 Empire State Building,    .       - - Spokane, Wash.  CHARLES T. KIPP. Cashier-  Office Tel. Brown, 211.     ��� Residence Tel. South, 801,  t   '  'WELL THAT'S FINE"  Is what they all say about  * .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR.  Impossible   to  cut the" face?   shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly/  Illustrated booklet free.       Mail Orders promptly filled.  A Mity Concalve of  Etai in o  A Drove of Diminutive Sacred Cattle.  - 20 NEWLY ADDED FEATURES 20 -  A Caravan of Lilliputian Camels.  Grand free holiday street parade at 10 a. m. the largest,  prettiest and costliest  display of bands of music, minature cages, tableau cars, traps and equipage  ever seen.  General Admission, Children 50 cents, Adults $1.00.  <5��  | McLennan,   McFeely   &   Company  4�� Wholesale Hardware Merchants,  4�� 122 Cordova Street, VANCOUVER. B. C  ��****��fr**��*"f'l"itl"f'l'*��l"fr**+*��l��f����fr��  P. O. BOX 296.  'PHONE 179  NOTE���This exhibition has a world wide reputation for being conducted in an  B.        honorable manner and there will positively be no thieves or fames of j  ��M����e��0��a������*��e����*������****J        chance tolerated.  m. % ittciriiUan $ ��o.,  WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS.  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOQUET, OUR SPECIAL,  EL JUSTILLO,       EL CONDOR,       SARANTIZADGS,    SCHILLER  Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.


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