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 PUBLISHED AT GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  ���*-���>.  I  ,1  f'i  I  if  J   %  ! !  i  i  i .1  1  i1  f    it  i hi  ��� ��      -r *J'   * %������  <���   _*    *  _     in-p  HL���*    |   ���������� ���-- ���_,���-���-l-_ ���  * _< THE   BOUNDARY    CREEK   TIMES.  I1 JMUuwiim-w-B-a  l.i-  f  pr  Government Street,  Greenwood,  Will in a few  weeks  open  their  new  Store*  now  in  course  of  coiistruction,  and  offer  for  sale  a  complete  line  of  ��1  I ft  li"  If  I    '  ���   j  il  If  ectprs^sC^^fe<4 Sash  and Doors, r etc���  etc.  r-u i,, /?���  Goods are now on the road   and will be sold at  lowest market  prices* *  ". ;:s  Established 1862.  l__X����\w  Manufacturers of Furni^  ture, Upholstery, etc, X-  Importers-of-'Crockery, Glassware, Carpets,  Wall Paper, Linoleums, etc. Residences and  Hotels furnished throughout. All orders, no  matter how large, promptly filled,  as  we have  the  ���;   ��� ',-��� ~':  [iiipcKii ;i iii  .���'���"'������."'   1    ' '������'_Ste,'    ^Ok Mf.  .        ���*?���'���*;.���. ���sfiF'   ;: -"!?   -  Write us for Catalogue and Price List.  Sit.    Sit.    sit-  "Slk"       .'"& '"(?  VICTORIA,   B.C.  Manufacturers   of  ROLLED OATS  OATMEAL .v.-;.-  SPLIT PEAS ����  Also Dealers in Grain of ail  kinds/   Oats a specialty;  CORRESPONDENCE   SOLICITED.  " '       Sli     Sit.     Sit.  flf      "If      111?  Tlie Bracltman & Ker Milling Co., Ltd.,  Victoria. Vancouver.  New Westm nster. Edmonton.  RS.  Shafre Certificates and Mining  Forms, Printing of any kind,  W. J. Snodgrass & Sons, Prop's.  Leaves Penticton at 7 a.m. on Tuesda3-s, Thursdays, and Saturdays for Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand Forics. -  Returning leaves  Grand  Forks'.at.'6.. a.rn.   on  Tuesdaj^ Thursday and Saturda3^.  :.��������� Carries the Mails,. Passengers aud Express.  4��" Will sell  through Tickets  to Vancouver,  Victoria, Seattle or Portland. ..   _._  IDncourag-e British Columbia industries  and g-et your work well done by  placing- your orders with  The Province Publishing Co,,  Vancouver,  A.   D.   WORGAN,  t  GREENWOOD   CITY.  Views of Greenwood and  the Mines  for  Sale.  Robert Buckley,  Jflf  -Q-^s^9-  Harness, Saddles,  Boots and  Shoes  Repaired  with neatness and dispatch. . ���  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  ���oimdary falls Hotel.  |hos.   Wake, Proprietor.  _.__     Sit.     Sit.  tlf "��ik^ ���Bli.-  flf     ->lt  ���>lf  -Centrally Located. Stopping place  for Stage Lines. No trouble or expense spared to make Guests comfortable. Strictly First-class and  Charges Moderate.  Sli    sit.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  GOOD   STABLING.  .-p. ���palmer;  ������-'>;!   "V  Greenwood City, B.C.  V        1W  Office and Store Fixtures  a  specialty.  Plans and Specifications furnished.  er  1W  ��B*  ���A'  "*���;������J"TI"^LV U ��-Tr%Tl��  "l!g&HM��iM]^t!!aHt^^ anMJtMguimwmwuwmw- *<w  A Weekly Paper publishM in the interests ot the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol, II,  GREENWOOD CITY, B,C��� SATURDAY, MAY 15, 1897,  36  No, 10,  TOPICS- TOR-THE" WEEK.  E very strongly doubt if there is a single individual  having resided for any length of time in- Boundary who has not at some period during that time  experienced a feeling of depression at the thought of the  slow progress made in the development of the resources of  the district. Go to a man at such a time and remark :  " Well, things are looking up a bit; we're going to have a  good summer, don't you think ?" If he doesn't smite you  where you stand he will answer, " L/Ookinigcup ? .Oh; with  you cheerful idiots it?s always the same , thing :I' Wait till  next s_5ring, or next summer, or next'fall, and you'll see  good times.' Wait, indeed ; why,.I've waited till I'm tired !"  Few people have Mark Tapley's happy disposition, and  when one knows that within a limited area exist deposits of  mineral which once developed and transportaion afforded  by railroads will make Boundary Creek the greatest copper-  gold producing camp in the world, the trial to patience is  somewhat taxed. Nevertheless the task can be made a  great deal easier when it is remembered that the camp enjoys this unique and enviable position : That without a  single exception every mining man of repute who has visited the district and expressed an opinion upon its ^potentialities has spoken in the most eulogistic terms of the  magnificent future of the camp.  to assume all responsibility for goods until they have been  passed through the customs. We have here a capital opportunity of contrasting American with Canadian enterprise.  The C.P.R. had last winter every chance of besting their  competitors had they chosen to seize the opportunity when  it occurred. As they failed to do so they must abide by the  consequences of the grasping, penny-wise-pound-foolish  policy which they have adopted with regard to this matter.  So far as the people of this district are personally concerned,  Mr. Corbin's move is hailed with every indication of satisfaction.    Its immediate results decrease the cost of carriage  _.��_      _J__      _V_  *��?     %$     =��ft?  We have received a number of enquiries anent the Rath-"  mullen Mining Co. Beyond the fact that this company own  several undeveloped prospects between the North Fork of  Kettle river and Summit camp, arid that the promoters  have sold shares in England for one-half the price asked in  British Columbia, little other information can be obtained.  If the directors of the company can deny the truth of this  latter statement, which certainly does not put matters in a  too favorable light, we shall be happy to offer them the use  of our columns for the purpose.  *5fe  ���sftf  __�����  �����;��'  As we predicted some weeks ago,  prospectors  are  beginning to flock into the new and  apparently  promising  field  up the West Fork of Kettle river.    In view of this  fact we  would suggest to the government the advisability of allowing records to be made at Midway  instead of  at  Osoyoos.  As a matter of fact  every  prospector  who  has  heretofore  located a claim on the West Fork has journeyed to Midway  for the purpose of making affidavit, the  record  being  sent  forward to Osoyoos and an extra fee of 50c.   being  charged  therefor.    Fifty cents is not perhaps a large sum,   but it is  nevertheless rather hard lines  that  prospectors  should   be  compelled to pay any additional fee.    The West  Fork  was  atone time, we understand, included in the Osoyoos Mining  Division merely to keep  the  Osoyoos  record  office  going.  Now it is no longer necessary that it should serve this purpose, and the convenience of prospectors  alone  remains to  be consulted.  ���SfS.  "If  ��1%  '"if  The Spokane Falls & Northern Railway Co., as represented by Mr. Corbin, have not long delayed in taking  steps to neutralize���we might say nullify���the efforts put  forward by the C.P.R., feebly enough it must be confessed,  to secure the bulk of the Boundary Creek trade. As intimated elsewhere, the S. F. & N. have made arrangements  for the shipment of goods via Marcus direct to consignees  here at a fixed rate, reducing thereby the cost of freighting  over this route from 2c. per pound (the present charge) to  l#c.    Furthermore, the American railroad company agrees  from railroad termini ; but beyond this it is exceedingly  probable that its influence will be farther reaching and  eminently more important, for it will demonstrate to the  C.P.R. in an unmistakeable manner that one course, and  one course only, is open if the trade with this valuable section is not to be irrevocably lost to the company,���and that  is the imperative necessity for the construction of a branch  line south from Penticton at once.  Sle.     Sit.     Sit.  fit?       ">iS       ^ji?        i   ���   ���  ���7ii  �������������  The occurrence in a quartz vein in Providence camp of a  rare mineral hitherto unknown in the district is reported by  Guess Bros. On analysis they found it to be a sulphurous  variety of Tetradymite, containing in addition to the bismuth and tellurium, small quantities of lead sulphur and  selenium. On reporting its occurrence and sending specimens of it to Dr. Hoffman, chemist of the Geological Survey  Department, the analysis was corroborated. This is, we  understand, the first bismuth mineral found in Boundary  Creek, and the mineral itself is found in only one other  place in Canada. From the miners' point of view it is interesting as being usually associated with gold and the  tellurides of gold and silver. In appearance it resembles  graphite, being foliated in structure and soiling paper.  3ftr  .'"if'  S'e-  "lf~  Among the items appearing in the supplementary estimates laid before the legislature last Thursday we note with  pleasure that provision is made to retain the services of a  resident physician for the Kettle river division at a salary  of $300 per annum. There is also a further appropriation  of $2,000 for rpad work in East Yale, and it is therefore  reasonable to opine that the urgently required road between  Greenwood and the North Fork will be constructed as  promised.  aSte.       __!�����       __&  "if"       '"lf~ .   -��A*      '   ���      '       ���'  The incorporation in the immediate future of Greenwood  as a city being now no longer a question of uncertainty, no  time should be lost in memorializing the government to the  effect that provincial taxes for the current year be not collected from property owners within the designated limits.  If precedent is needed to show that the government will  accede to a request of this nature from proposed municipalities, it is afforded in the instance of Okanagan Mission  four years ago. It is infinitely preferable that the taxes  should be remitted than that a monetary grant be made ;  first, because the aggregate taxation would probably amount  to a sum considerably greater than the grant, if made  (which is doubtful) ; and secondly, municipal assessment  following the government roll, which has already been  revised, >yould be immensely facilitated.  s?&   sk   *��_  At the meeting of the Railway Committee of the House of  Commons at Ottawa the Alberta Railway & Coal Company  asked for the renewal of a charter for the construction of a  railway from Eethbridge, through the Crow's Nest Pass, to  Hope.  I. 1  fe^^^ll^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  SENSIBLE   DEFINITIONS.  Better late than never are the following amendments to the Mineral Act,  introduced by the Hon. the Minister of  Mines :  To amend section 2 by striking out  all.the words after " act " on the nineteenth line, down to and including  " act "��� on the twenty-first line, and inserting in lieu thereof the words :  " ' Rock in place ' shall be deemed to  mean and include minerals, not necessarily in a vein or lode, that is, when  discovered in the same, place or location in which it was originally formed  or deposited, as distinguished from  loose, fragmentary or broken rock or  float which, '03' decomposition or erosion of the rock, is found in wash,  loose earth, gravel or sand.  ^  ' Valuable deposits of mineral ' shall  be deemed to mean and include ' mineral in ]jlace in appreciable quantity,  having a present or prospective value  sufficient to justify exploration.''  The insertion was agreed to.  MINING NOTES.'  Work is to be resumed shortly,on the  Highland Chief.  Another vein carrying .copper ore  was discovered by the upturning of a  tree on the O.B.  A party of prospectors were sent up  the West Fork of Kettle river by Mr.  Garland on Wednesday.  Mr. Elliott, representing a NewYork  syndicate, is visiting the camp. The  Ruby, in Central camp, was bonded to  him last March, but as he failed to  make a third payment the claim has  reverted to the original owners, Messrs.  Cook, McMynn and Lyamb.  A large cabin 30x18, to be used as a  dining-room by the miners, is being  built by the Boundary Creek M. & M.  Co. on the D.A. ; a blacksmith's shop  and bunk houses are also in course of  erection. The company intend to increase their working force immediately.  The discovery of the Black Diamond  claim up the West Fork of Kettle river  promises to be important and several  parties have left for the locality to find  extensions. The ore assayed on the  surface $28.90 in lead," silver and gold,  the ledge being fully five feet wide.  The Falcon, near the No. 7. and one  of the most ^promising prospects in  Central camp, has been bonded by  Frank Gome to Mr. Cowan and his associates. The first payment of 10 per  cent. on the bond ise to be met next  Monday. Mr. Cowan, on the day following the bonding of the property,  was offered $1,000 on his bargain.  The Greenwood Gold Mining Co.,  owning the Anchor and Enterprise  claims in L/ong' Eake camp, are sinking a shaft on the Enterprise, one shift  only working at present. Some very  fair rock is now being taken out and if  matters continue promising the company will erect a stamp-mill on the  property later in the year.  A large quantity of supplies were ordered from the Greenwood Citjr Mercantile Co. and sent up this week to  L/ong L/ake camp, where a considerable  amount of development work is now  being carried on. On Wednesday  Messrs. Cameron and Emerson, of  Spokane, who purchased last summer  the Lakeside, sent up two men to sink  a shaft on the property. Some of the  assays from the Eakeside run very  high.      Two  prospect  holes,   approxi-  ROSSLAND.  Mi  Greenwood.  LIAITED    LIABILITY.  QRedf <Bzi<xtt <xnb (Uttning Q0toftet0,  PiNANCiAL;'&: Insurance Agents.  GEO.   R.   NADEN,   Manager.  fHFSnSjtarlCd  n*a_fcaj��ga^^--i^^a*E-*��fc-*fl  A-j-^-^^rgyrwerraK-^g^yarjjgTC^ yy,-r  mately 12 feet deep, have so far been  put down, showing a well-defined lead  of quartz.      "' .   -���'-:,���.'  GREEN>Va'DD;NE*V3 AND aOSSIP.  Mr.   Tillman, ��� of    Anaconda,     lias  .leased Mr. Powers' sawmill at Midway  for a period of three months.  Mr. F. F. Cope, a contractor and  builder from Vancouver, arrived in  Greenwood this, week and will probably  reside here permanently. t.  Several car-loads of freight consign-.  ed  to   Boundary   Creek  are  lying  at  Marcus,-the   number. of .freighters on  the route being   insufficient.   "The rate  from Marcus is now 2c. per pound.     ,  Mr. Hamill's new 2%,-storey building  on Copper street  is   rapidly   approaching  completion,    the  builders  hoping  that the premises will be  in   readiness'  for occupancy by June 1st.  The opposition to the incorporation  of the town has been very slight, only'.  one, we are given to understand, of the  registered property owners fefusingto  sign the petition which is in circulation.  Mr. Robt. Wood has taken Mr. j  Hodgson's place on the citizens' committee, Mr. Hodgson having tendered  his resignation solely on the grounds  of having been dblig'ed to act in the  case as a magistrate.  The work of preparing the ground  to be used as a race-track on the  Queen's birthday was commenced on  Tuesday. The ..committee have also  arranged with Messrs. Sanson! & Hol-  bro.ok for the enlargement of their hall  adjoining the Pioneer hotel, in which  the celebration ball is to be given;'  A number of visitors a.re expected to  arrive at Greenwood in the course of  the next week or so. Among those  who have signified an intention of visiting the camp are the Chief Commissioner of Eands and Works (Mr. Mar-,  tin), Senator Kirchoifer, Hon T. M...  Daly, and Mr. Bealey (of Rossland).  In the reference made in our last  issue to the salaries paid to postmasters in this district, read $40 per  year, instead of per quarter. It is only ���  lately that the salary of the postmaster at Greenwood was increased  from $10 a }rear to $40, the magnificent  remuneration he now receives for his  services.  Mr. Morrison's stages again arrive  fairly regularly, despite the fact that  roads from Marcus are by no means in  perfect condition. Mr. Morrison, who  as one of the principal owners" in the  Washington mine, will doubtless be a  very wealthy man before long, does  not contemplate continuing at his present business after this summer.  .'4�� Greenwood, B.C.  Office, Store, and Saloon FixtureSj..a specialt}-.  Plans and Specifications  made and  Estimates:  .   given. ,'������.. '..-.���.  .      c..'.' ;.''-.��� ���  Contractors and Builders;  Corner of Silver and Greenwood Streets,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  Manufacturers of Doors, Windows and store  Fronts.   Store Furnishing a Specialty,    y  ANACONDA  Pilans Prepared & Estimates Given  XTL  SITTING of. the County  Court of  Yale  will be holden at  Osoyoos on Friday, May 14th, 1897,  At the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon.  By command.  C. A. R. IvAMBI/Y,  Government Office, jr. c. c.  Osoyoos, B.C., April 9th, 1897. 31-4  The above Count}-. Court has been  postponed  until'Frida3-,':_vIa3';-t1ie 21st. '   ;'"  /HERCnANT TAILOR  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  $3"   Perfect fit guaranteed.  ml  !\  >*&:  M^LSV^WgWy.^W'^iV-P^ . '�����  &  A     '    '���'  Prospecting work is now going on at  the Skylark.  Ore was encountered immediately  from the starting of the tunnel on the  Sunset, the whole face being well mineralized.  A joint stock company having a  nominal capital of $100,000 or less, is  now obliged to pay $50 for a free miner's certificate ; capitalized for more  than $100,000, the charge is $100.  W; A. Shaw, who has been working  for the past two months on his claim  in Summit camp with satisfactory  results, left last week to prospect up  Kettle river.      ,  W. J. Barker has been engaged to  take the foremahship at the Jewel.  Barker comes from an old stock of Cornish miners and has an excellent record. He has worked in most of the  great mines of Montana, including the  Anaconda, and was for five years a  foreman in the employ of the Lexington Mining Co., of Butte. During the  last six months he has acted as foreman of the Skylark mine under Mr.  Reuger, and has given complete satisfaction.  GREENWOOD NEWS AND GOSSIP.  A concert is to be given on Saturday,  the 22nd inst., to decrease the present  debt on the schooi.  On Sunday an exciting tug-of-war  for a bet of $20 a side, between heavy  draught horses owned respectively by  Sam Martin and Johnnie Snodgrass,  was witnessed by a large crowd of  people. Upon the word being given,  Martin's team werec first , to start,  thereby gaining an advantage which  secured for them the victory.  Mr. S. Taylor has taken severalcap-  ital photographs of the Boundary falls.  At this time of the year the falls are  exceedingly beautiful, at the lower  falls the water dropping fully 40 feet  amid showers of spray, the effect in  the sunlight being very fine. It is estimated that quite 700 horse-power  could be utilized from Boundary falls  when the creek is at its lowest point in  the summer months.  We are indebted to Mr. Leonard Norris, government agent at Vernon, for  a type-written copy of the provincial  voters' list for the East Riding of Yale  district, compiled up to date. This list  may be inspected at any time by those  desirous of doing so at the office of The  Boundary Creek Times. The next  court of revision will be held on Monday, August 2nd. After revision the  list will be closed and will be the list  for the ensuing year. Applications to  have names placed on the list must be  sent to the collector of votes, Mr. Norris, 60 days before they are entered on  the list.  On Monday Mr. W. J. Tim an, formerly of Rossland, completed the arrangements for the purchase of Mr.  J. J. Caulfield's moiety share in the  Pioneer hotel and has entered into  partnership with Mr. J. W. Nelson, the  business still being carried on under  the old style of Nelson & Co. Mr. Ti-  man is a native-born citizen of the  Great Republic, but like many of his  countrymen of truly patriotic temperament he contemplates transferring  his allegiance to the country in which  he makes his home. Mr. Timan will  be welcomed as an addition to the permanent residents of Greenwood.  lasses and Prospecting Compasses.  I have just imported, direct from Paris, a large and ���well-assorted  | ;.'���"', stock of the above goods.  Mil *' *.#  ^fl|! DO   YOU   WANT   A   RIFLE?  ^ i 2 Have eveo'thing in stock, from a 23 Marlin to a 30 cal. m. '95 Winchester  j CM AS. B. TISBALJU  Vancouver.  *p-&4*>��*��> e ��b�� &*���>���* ������ m <*>�� *s*Bf*��<*9*Q ���*s#~9 o�� m <9��-m<**> a ub�� a ����� �� <��> a <���> o ������ o ���*���*��� tw��w�� a <aa  A. Fisher.  A. R. Tillman.  Mii__L.S     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    %    Anaconda, B,C,  Manufacturers of Rough and  Dressed  iLUM  Shingles, Lathi Mouldings/ Sash and Doors.  S&     Sit.     _.��&  ���>if      its'      ?ir  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  ��  ���'   '.. '. ���       ��� v- '  Lumber delivered to any place in the City or to Mining Camps  mmkwxmx&K&GkWvm  J. Kerr.  J. P. Flood.  BUTCHERS  GREENWOOD, GRAND EORKS, & MIDWAY.  Meat delivered at Rock Creek and all Mining- Camps.  ����traiw3_a��ag��iiPBg��*W!Aa����tfg*r*^  ARMSTRONG,    B.O  Sit-     S&     Sit.  '*���? '"I? ���S'rt''  Patronize home industry and the only co-operative Flour Mill in the  Province by using our  XXX X  Our Mill  is fitted throughout with  the latest improved machinery and  is  in  charge of a thoroughly experienced miller.  Ask  for  our  Flour  and  keep  the  money   in  the  district.  9>&40fr>O4D������S8��94  The Ofeanagan Flour Mills Co., Ltd.  Armstrong, B.C.  SHAVfNG PARLOR.  Government Street, Greeiiwood.  Hot and Cold Baths at all hours of the day.  Ladies and Children's Hair-cutting a specialty  Anaconda Commercial Club.  MEETS in Wilson's Hall, Anaconda, every  Wednesda3' evening at 7.30 o'clock. The  Secretary will be glad to answer enquiries respecting the Boundary Creek district.  Thos. J. Hardy, F. J. Millek,  President. Secretary.  fMlWJUJPJl'JB'JnmilltlBBm THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Qgounbarp ��ree& Ctmes  HAROLD M.  LAMB .  W.   J.   HARBER  ...  EDITOR  ��� MANAGER  -Subscription, $2.00 per Year, in Advance.  . :V SATURDAY, MAY IS, 1897.  MINING   NOTES.  Work was started this week on the  properties owned by the Tidal Wave  Mining-Co., in Skylark camp.  The ore in the south drift of the  Jewel materially improved during- the  week, a good strike being- made on  Sunday.  An assessment is being done on the  Montezuma, a promising prospect in  Greenwood camp owned by Ewan  Keightley and Harry Morgan.  Mr. Eeslie Hill has not accepted any  of the tenders sent in for the sinking  of a 50-foot shaft on the Crown Point,  James creek, having decided to undertake the work himself. '  The Brandon & Golden Crown Min-  ing Co. are- "now employing twelve  miners upon the Golden Crown and  Calumet claims, four men being sent  up on Wednesday to the Golden Crown.  Exploratory surface work only is being  prosecuted on the Calumet.  A contract was let on Wednesday for  a drift to be run on the Tamarack, under bond to the English syndicate represented by Mr. W. H. Young, who  visited the camp last week. Enough  work is to be done at present on this  claim for the purposes of crown-graiit-  inS*   -<;'      '  '"-   '��� "  ���������'  ' .  Freight Rates from Marcus.  Boundary Creek consignees were interviewed this week by the Mitchell  Bros., a firm of freighters who stated  that they had authority from the S. F.  ;&..N. R'y Co. to haul goods from Marcus for the company at an established  rate of Ij^c. the year round, and that  merchants would, if they preferred, be  enabled to obtain a through rate over  the Northern Pacific and S. F. & N. to  Boundary. The railway company further agrees to be responsible for goods  until they have passed the customs.  In Wolf's Camp.  Andrew Hanson returned on Wednesday after spending some weeks in  Wolf's camp, on the reservation, where  he owns a group of six claims in partnership with Pat Welsh ; among these  are the Eake View and Bay Horse, adjoining a very promising property  known as the Ivamefoot. On the latter  a shaft has been sunk 50 feet and a  tunnel driven 170 feet in ore averaging  $15 to the tori, the outcrop being 70  feet wide. Irately the rock became so  hard in the tunnel that it was found  necessary to order an air compressor  drill plant, which is now on the way,  in order to do effective work, and negotiations are also being made for the  erection of a smelter on the property.  Wolf's camp is 1%, miles east of Curlew lake.  We are in receipt of a copy of the  second edition of the capital folder issued by the Northern Pacific R'y Co.  This edition contains valuable information not inserted in the first, more  especially with regard to the Kootenay  and Colville mining districts, corrected  to date. The Company's enterprise is  certainly to be commended.  Mr. S. Inkster, who returned recently  by way of Marcus from Davenport,  Wash., states that prospectors are  flocking into the country from that direction. Mr. Inkster had the misfortune to fracture a rib at Davenport  last week.  Eand is being cleared both on the  Dillier pre-emption and in the vicinity  of the saw-mill. In the last mentioned  locality unsightly stumps by the roadside are being taken out���a circumstance worthy of congratulatory comment.  Hudson's  -(Incorporated 1670.)������  To the large number of the  Boundary District people we  extend our thanks for the pat'  ronage given us in the past $ and  to those who have not given us  a trial yet we would request  the favor of an order*  ^ We make a specialty of Mail  Orders, which receive prompt  attention. Our stock is now  complete in  DRY GOODS/  BOOTS   #   SHOES.  GROCERIES.  <Wines, J_iquot8 <xnh &i$to&.  _.__    _sfe.    ^J4    -"�����  ���sji?      *t?       ->!<��*       �����(kc  P.O. Box 64,   -   -   -   VERNON, B.C.  THE  Copper Street, Greenwood.  D. W- HICKS, Proprietor.  _5__       _��_.       _J'_  ftS      *sjk*      tip  Open Nig-ht aiid Day.    :t:    Meals at all Hours.  Game, Fish and 03rsters in Season.  SMITH   &  McRAE,  es,  WAL/LY PAPER,-���Latest Styi.es.  CONFECTIONERY,    FRUIT,    Etc.  Copper Street, Greenwood B.C.  And MINERAL   CLAIMS,  Greenwood, B.C;  MINERAL   CLAIMS  For Sale at a Bargain.  In the Best Mining Camps, j  &fi  ^l��-B ������� m <����<W-W��>^������WH������<��t>-��'������fr<Q^  5K5  ��     H,   HALLETT,  NOTARY    PUBLIC;  GREENWOOD,   B.O.  ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Eug-ineers,  (fttotnncfof E<mb ^ur^egor  AND,CIVII; ENGINEER,  ~ (notary CPufific ~  MIDWAY,    B. C.  lr\a  W.   JAKES,   M.D., CM.,  BY  APPOINTMENT  Resident Physician to Kettle  River District.  Office  Greenwood, B.C.  /|     B.   CAMPBELL,  ARCHITECT,  Greenwood city,   -   B-C.  '���'.'*  N.B.���Plans  and   specifications   prepared   for  every kind of Building-.  JOHN   A.   CORYELL,   a.m., b.c.a.  Civii Engineer,  Provincial Land Surveyor and Draughtsman.  Irrigation Projects, Engineering- and Surv��3r  Work, with plans and Estimates in an3r portion  of the province, immediatel3r attended to.  Maps and Plans of any portion of OS03-00S  district and mining- camps of Kettle River Mining- Division. ,  Residence   -   -   MIDWAY.  /fining and Estate Brokerage.  BOUNDARY   CREEK  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  ws3civ\\  Assaying and Analysis of Ores.  Mines Examined and Reported on.  A thoroug-h acquaintance with  the BoundatT  Creek and Kettle River mining- districts.  G.   A.   GUESS, M.A.  H.   A.  GUESS,   M.A.  Assayers & Chemists*  Thoroug-hU' familiar .with Boundary Creek  and Fairview mining- districts. Properties  examined, assays and anal3rses of ores, fuels,  furnace products, etc.  Greenwood, B. C.  W.  W.   GIBBS,  GREENWOOD  B.C.  irnnnaiimHMranraBHHmsa^^  ^WkUML  'UtyBiSfl  miB-flMM����a^i��a^^  fi<. -     -  _%'**-'�����''  IT t. V.'- j ���       *  &*_Y!' ��� *'-   * **?*'IB__w  I  ^1  if  aa  r*."Ja THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  DEATH OF A CARSON STORE-KEEPER.  Mr. Ed. Driscoll, the well known  store-keeper and postmaster of Carson,  died suddenly last Friday ; to within  an hour or so of his death he was apparently in ordinary health and spirits.  The coroner for the district, Dn Jakes,  was at once notified, and an inquest  was held on Saturday and concluded  , on Monday after a post mortem examination had been made by Dr. Smith,  of Grand Forks, on Sunday. The coroner's jury, Messrs. Thos. Hardy (foreman),J. McLaren, E. E. Spraggett, J.  A. Coryell, J. M. Seal and R. Johnson,  after hearing the evidence, brought in  a verdict of "death from heart failure." Arrangements for the funeral,  which took place on Tuesday and was  largely attended, were undertaken by  Carson Eodge, I.O.O.F., of which the  deceased was a member.  At the regular meeting of the local  lodge on Saturday the following resolution of condolence and sympathy to  the late member's bereaved widow and  family was unanimously passed :  Whereas our brother, E. Driscoll, has been  untimely removed from this earthly shore; and  Whereas we deeply mourn the loss of our  departed brother ^therefore  Be xt Resolved, that the members of Carson Lodg-e extend to the widow and children of  our  beloved   brother our heartfelt S3*mpathy  and condolence hi thei%sad bereavement, praying-that our Father'in heaven  will strengthen  them and  uphold  them  in  their sorrow.    We  realize the great loss  to  them  of a kind  and  considerate husband and father, and the lodg-e  an active and sympathetic brother.  '���   Resolved, that a cop3r of this resolution be  sent to the widow of our departed  brother,  one-  spread on the^miuutes of our lodg-e,  and  published in the Vernon and local papers.  O. B. NELSON.        )  ��� D. D. McLAREN.    VCommittee.  ' *j\.     ���      P. B. NELSON.        )   ���; ' ������    <-, ���  Mr. Driscoll was a native of Western  Ontario, where he learned the trade of  a harness-maker. Upon his arrival in  Vernon several years ago he was employed in this capacity by Mr. W. R.  Megaw, with whom he remained until  the spring of last year. Just a year  ago he opened a general merchandise  store in Carson ; this business has been  taken over by Mr. Megaw, who has engaged an assistant from Greenwood to  take charge.  FAIRVIEW   CAMP.  Messrs. Dier & Davidson are nothing-  if   not   enterprising.      East    summer  they employed nien by the day to stake  ground wherever the  slightest  indication of mineral could be found.    In all  nineteen prospects  were  thus  located  and enough work was done on each  to  entitle  the   owners  to  crown  grants.  The development of some  of these���  what might reasonably be at first  put  down as wild-cat  claims���has  in  several instances given results surprisingly satisfactory, particularly in the case  of the Tinhorn which  now  has  every  promise of becoming a  valuable mine.  The management are moreover so certain of the truth of this conjecture that  a 20-stamp mill has been  ordered   and  will shortly be installed on the property.  Gold is now to be seen in the rock  from the tunnel on the Smuggler Two  shifts are at work on this property, a  tunnel being driven to connect with  the shaft, which is now down 130 feet.  The tunnel is in 50 feet in fine ore.  Word has been received that the hoisting machinery ordered some weeks ago  is on the road.  The Strathyre Co.'s 10-stamp mill  has been put in good running order  the machinery being started this week  to treat the ore from the Smuggler.  M. T. Robinson, a well known prospector and the owner of a number of  claims in Kimberley camp, arrived in  Greenwood from Spokane on Wednesday.  Is not as large as our competitors', but  we Have the most complete and best  assorted stock of Staple and Fancy Gro^  ceries north of Spokane j and don't  forget that we can do better for you on  Clothing and Furnish  than any other $>lace on Boundary creek  A  call  will  convince  you.  Respectfully  yours,  Front Store  OLSON & PHELAN  3 CONTRACTOR   &>   BUILDER,  _2_5 Government   Street,   Greenwood,   B.C.  ~^Z��. sit.   ���_?_&   sit.  :z_!_�� "^   *��>*���  "^  -^_g �� : Store Fronts and Fixtures a Specialtv  TjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmK  ^d    (GREENWOOD  STAGE     L.INE.  Leaves  Marcus   Mondajrs and  Thursdays at 1 p.m.  Arrives  Greenwood............  Tuesdays and Frida3\s at 5 p.m.  Leaves   Greenwood  Wednesda5r  and  Saturday' at 7 a.m.  Arrives  Marcus ^ Thursday  and  Sunday at 9 a.m.   ,  Special   Attention   Given   to   Mail,   Freight   and   Express.  E.   D.   MORRISON,   PROPRIETOR.  ���rmm-iri-m  !&4* 4* 4* ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^  ROOKLYN  OUS  GREENWOOD   CA/nP,   BOUNDARY   CREEK.  First-class Accommodation.     Best of Wines, Eiquors and Cigars.  LIVERY     STABLE     IN     CONNECTION.  Saddle and Pack Horses provided.  Qtof&rg ($)u0fic, (^lining (S&gettf  Mining Negotiations Transacted.  Office .���Camp McKinney.  N'B.���Some   valuable   Mining-    Properties   in  Cam p,McKinney and vicinity for disposal.  wi 9  Jewellers and News Dealers,  GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  Watch Repairing- a Specialty.  rps*  '.**'  *,  ffliWMd^mmsimmsjimNi&wwiam it  f  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  rscaum rtmrrmftYtm mirmu*K*vssiBrjc&m��  LOCAL NOTES AND COMMENTS.  A dance was given by Miss Brennan  on Monday night, to celebrate the  opening of her confectionery store on  Copper street.  Mr. George McKague's log cabin on  Pass creek was destroyed last week by  a biish firec A quantity of supplies  stored in the building were also consumed.  The foundations  are  being  laid for  Mr. McKenzie's new two-storey building on Copper street, the contract having been awarded to Meessrs. Keedy &  .'���' Ratcliff. ���"'; .; .;'.���'���'   '    '. ���-'��� ���;'  ' County court at Midway has been  adjpurned from the 17th to the 26th of  the month. The 24th was first proposed  by the Judge, but being a public holiday it was deemed advisable to further  postpone the date two days. "���%'���  A small army of painters and paper-  hangers are engaged in the work ��� of  "rejuvenating" the interior of the hotel  at Boundary Falls. The hotel is to receive a complete overhauling^ Mr.  Wake, the new proprietor, anticipating  a busy summer.  c Mr. L/eith, a missionary of the Presbyterian church, who has taken the  place of Mr. Irwin, has decided tp  make Greenwood his headquarters instead of Midway, and has rented: a  house from Mr. F. B. Smith on Long  Eake street.  On Monday the contractors on the  Midway irrigation system completed  the ditching and rapid progress is  being made with the fluming. By-the-  way it is strongly to be recommended  that greater precautions should be  taken; to; pr^ventjaccidents occurring  when blasting has to be done. L,ast  Saturday six blasts were let off while  a carriage containing two ladies was  passing the spot. Pieces of rock fell  all around and it was by the merest  good fortune that the occupants of the  carriage were not struck. At least  five minutes before the fuse is lighted  men should be stationed on the road at  a safe distance away to give warning  of danger.  Mr.   Cuppage,   the   road   inspector,  after spending a week  in  this  part of  his district left for Anarchist mountain  on Tuesday.    A very  necessary  piece  of road is being constructed from  Anarchist mountain to Osoyoos, where it  crosses the International boundary into  the Indian reservation, re-crossing ten  miles   below   and  coming out  at  the  crossing of Rock creek.   This road will  give an outlet to a number of settlers,  and as it avoids  the  steep g-rades  by  McKinney will also be used by freighters in  preference  to  the  main trunk  road.     Although a  fee  of $5  will  be  charged for convoyage by the  United  States custom-house officials from Osoyoos, this charge is more than neutralized by the cheap  price  of  grain   and  fodder  for  teams    along   this   route.  It is also gratifying to  learn  that  the  dangerous crossing of Rock  creek   in  the village is to be bridged directly the  water is sufficiently  low  to  allow  the  work to  be  carried out.    Mr. Cuppage  has employed a small force of  men  to  repair the road over Boundary  mountain, and whilst here he also inspected  the rough sleigh  road  to  Long  I^ake  camp made by the  Prospecting- Syndicate of B.C. last winter.    If funds   are  available the  government will, among  other contemplated work,  convert this  rough road into a good thoroughfare.  I W. J. ARMSTRONG & CO. 1����  3k.  J8&  C   ."'���', ��� '"'     '  ���DEALERS   IN' -' '     '  Hardware, Paints and Oils, Sasft and Doors.  C �����&    ���*a5     ���*��* ���  Agents for Chatham Wagons and Sleighs,--Best in America.  One of the best cJobbing Shops in the Interior.  Hardware       Granite ware  Cook Stoves      Wooden ware  Parlor and Box Stoves  Miners' Camp Stoves  Tinware,  Silverware  Glassware  Window Glass  Iron Pipecand Fittings       Cutlery  * ���   ;; ;  ��� Crockeryware and louse Furnishings .,  ^^     M SUPPLIES A SPECIALTY;  You will find the A. & B. brand of g-oods the best.  The Hardware, Tin and Stove Men,  ANACONDA.  iHsitti co.  iB*_Fdcwcat*cn_a?  T���~~*  PIONEER MOTE  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B,C,  ���tit-   ��-  ���>if  ���>it-  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining Men.        Best of Wines, liquors and Cigars.  IvIVgRY  STABLE  IN  CONNECTION.���   0k  ELSON & CO,  S  Proprietors.  ��3uaEft_aH&s&_a  ___i-_T_^___ig^____i'__i__*_:..'j^---y^.y _f.-Kjrsm.: ��_''. :\   -  ���*-���    .-np1'      '^^"*S ���������_��_'_^_m  _mj^���>_*''������ ilk       ^*"r ��� i'V ^i        '^**wfc   ��� jr.'- " ���*   ��� ** ,;<f*r*-"y>%&*^   -"_^_y_-j_ *��� ��_ j������� ��\. .i ---:.T_f_^_^_^_^i_^_-_l   __��r__f    v^k.  __i_____________s__l_!___________i^__^  ���������-..���^,.T?-  _jf*ii: ���:��� #'���":&��� );i*- ���' "<^':--_j_7 ��� <*~ ��� '^--iiL7 y^::r ���������*'- ��(��j: ]<* ������'���'���'��� **'-'��� _c_? :i -fu '���'���'���'*' 'tkJ- "��� ''* ���  r���^-^m  -rzzm.  Wc  MAR  GREENWOOD   CITY,   B.C.  4\  M  Chemist   and   Druggist   (by  examination)  Begs to inform the inhabitants of Greenwood and  district that he has bought the business lately carried on  by R. N. Taylor & Co., and hopes to have the confidence  placed in. him' as in the old firm,* and can assure his  customers that he keeps only the best and purest Drugs  and Chemicals in stock.  /����f' Note the Address :  ��VTAYLOR'S PHARMACY, Greenwood, B.C.  P.S.���All Country Orders punctually attended to.  First-class Accommodation.   Good Stabling.    Stopping Place for Stages.  McAULEY & McCUAIG, Proprietors,  % '/-li-  f '~Wc  C.     '"   ���"  Si  'm^umimi^mniSiisisH^^  aBHHBHHBBIHB^^  i , tf ST *#!&&&2S2&#gB2X��Kze2X3nS��X{E!Z  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  HEAD     OFFICE:      F?OSSLAND,      B.O.  Capital, $1,500,000,     &  1,500,000 Shares, par value $1,00,    Fully paid and Nonassessable,  Treasury  Stock,   500,000  Shares,  Officers:    ���  President :   HON.   T.   M.   DALY,   Ex-Minister  of Interior.  Vice-President:   ANDREW   KELLY,   of Alexander,   Kelly  & Qo,,   Brandon,  Man.  Secretary-Treasurer :   W.   L.   ORDE,   Esq.,   Rossland,   B.C.  ' '.'"'.'.. Board . of   Directors ;  Lion. eJ. N. Kirchoffer, W. A. Alacdonald, Q.C., fred. Nation, W. L. Lindsay, Wm. cJohnson,  W. A. Euller, W. ci. Porter, and G. II. Collins.  Owns  the " Golden Crown" mineral claim and has a bond on the "Calumet/* situated in  .   "        ' ,. ,       f ' ... I.' N ���       ��� '       * '",.'..  Wellington camp, Yale District, B,C,  DISTRICT NEWS.  . The first of the " C.P.R." teams arrived with goods from Penticton on  Thursday.  Mr. C. De B. Green hopes to start the  survey of the government townsite at  Rock Creek next week.  Messrs. Smith & McRae opened on  Wednesday a store on Copper street  for the sale of stationery, books, fancy  goods and wall-paper. The stock is  well selected, and doubtless this new  firm's enterprise will be duly appreciated.  A petition, to which already a large  number of names have been subscribed, is in circulation addressed to  the Hon. the Minister of Mines, asking  that Mr. McMynn���the fact that he is  committed for trial on a charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily  harm, notwithstanding���be allowed to  retain his office as mining recorder of  the Kettle River mining division until  the case is tried.  "Dr." Christie, whose remarkable  capacity for hard work is well established in Boundary, left to-day for pastures (or rather hill-sides) new. His  destination is unknown, but from dark  hints that have been allowed to drop it?  is evidently an EH Dorado of surpassing richness ; at any rate it is to be  hoped so, for no man in the camp is  more deserving of good fortune.  The work of grading and improving  Government street was commenced on  Wednesday, a force of four men being  employed by the committee, who succeeded in collecting a sum of $300 for  the purpose. The street will be graded  from the corner of " Barbary " street  to Russell & Co.'s hardware store, sidewalks being also put down on both sides  of the street for that distance. It is  hoped that these improvements will be  completed by or before the Queen's  birthday.  The diamond jubilee commemoration  committee met on Wednesday evening  and decided to build a pavilion on the  site presented by Messrs. Wood & Galloway as a public park, and also to  clear and put in order as much ground  as possible���upon the generosity of  subscribers to the fund of course depending the extent of the area improved. A subscription list has already  been drawn out and it is to be hoped  that the liberality of the townspeople  who will be asked to further the success of the project will be equal to the  importance of the occasion.  SANSON   &   nOLBROOK,  FINANCIAL   AND    MINING   BROKERS.  Groups of Claims bought for Stock Companies and Syndicates  +   Jenckes Machine Co  6       ���  Canadian Rand Drill Co  SHERBROOKE, QUE,  _.��,    _j&    _v_.  �������* "9JF.       It?  ��� ' JSI4 -''* iV4 '  ?ivc      ^ti*      �����Jfr.  Boilers, Hoists, Pumps, Ore Cars and Buckets, Wire Rope,  Air Compressors, Steam and Air Drills, Saw Mills and  Supplies.    Prompt delivery from Rossland stock.  ������Send for Catalogues.   F.   R.  MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane  and   Rossland.  D  vs  I beg to notify the public that I have taken over Mr. W. B. PaTOn'S stock  of Furniture, together with the Store on Copper street, and that the present  stock will be at once added to.  Ordered Work promptly attended to by a competent Cabinet-maker & Upholsterer.  ���i>REPAIRING.I|^-  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  %  e  J5l 1 "_.*?  ^waBa_^&&K^s^.wuv4l��  dpi,'' :''*  !�����'?"    ., -  u-uA:    ���    |L  ,   WP.     ���   ���...,!���  ?._**}    J.    '   "��  * -VtSV" ���  S>H9_W ������, *   1-  i.��-  V-  dmi, r  ��� ���r  I  County Court Notice.  *��*$�� *f* *$* *$* *f* *$* *$* *?* *f*$* *$**$* *f* *f* *$* *f* # *f$S  c ^A��r- anp^^^.c:y:g^'gsxj.����A\yrrg7SC36C^ Koezsbsz-  ANACONDA   NOTES.  Business has picked up wonderfully  in Anaconda during the last two weeks,  the stores and particularly the Anaconda Mercantile Company, doing an  excellent trade. ���/���....������'  The townsite company have completed the building, of the bridge .across;  Boundary creek, and tenders are being  considered for the construction of a  road leading therefrom and connecting  with the Deadwood camp road.  The last issue of the British Columbia Gazette contains the certificates of  incorporation of six Boundary Creek  mining companies, including the " Reliance Mining Company," one of the  objects of which is to purchase the  Toronto claim in Skylark camp. The  provisional trustees of this company  are S. H. Baker, F. Cope, J. G. Crawford. Merchants ; Lewis Hind, Mining  Expert; and J. D. Breeze, Insurance  Agent.  There was a large attendance at the  meeting of the Club on Wednesday  night, several matters of importance  being considered. The secretary was  instructed to write to the S. F. &. N.  R'y. Co. and enquire if the Mitchell  Bros, had official connection with the  company. A communication was received from a Mr. Burk, of a Portland,  Oregon, banking firm, asking- for information anent the No. 7 and Mother  Lode mines.  Word has been received from the In-  spector of Customs for British Columbia, that goods consigned for Boundary  Creek at Marcus must be removed from  the cars within twelve hours after the  seals have been broken ; that hereafter  cars cannot be opened and re-sealed to  admit of part of the shipment being  removed.  THE B. CM. & M. CO.  A meeting of the shareholders of the  Boundary Creek Mining & Milling  Compan3r was held yesterday afternoon  and up to the time of g-oing to, press  the proceedings had not concluded.  The secretary, Mr. Sansom, having  tendered his resignation, Mr. Jacobs  acted in that capacity pro tern. The  manager reported that the company  had purchased Mr. T. McDonnell's  ranch on Eholt creek for a mill and  townsite purposes, paying Mr. McDonnell $5,000 in cash and 100,000 shares  of the company's stock. Mr. Shaw,  C.E-, had advised the purchase of the  property as a mill site and on the  grounds that the land occupied by  three of the company's claims came  within the area of the ranch.  Mr. R. J. Bealey, the well  Rossland banker, arrived in  wood on Thursday.  known  Green-  .^.��a��-<.��S5gcLj_aw-j ii'rimmiT-���iptJMMrir nn-uu.  TVTOTICE is hereb3r g-iven that with the writ-  j \[ ten consent of Shareholders representing  two-thirds of the capital stock of The Bullion  Mining- & Milling- Company, Limited Liability,  the head office of said company will be removed  from Greenwood, in the district of Yale, to  Midway, in said district, on the 31st da}' of  June next, in accordance with section 41 of the  li Companies Act, 1890."  Greenwood, B.C., May 8th, 1897.  NOTICE  THE SITTINGS of the County Court of  Yale advertised to be holden at Midwaj-  on the 17th Inst, and at Grand Forks on the  19tli' Inst., each at 10 o'clock  in   the  forenoon,  HAVE   BEEN   POSTPONED  Until the 26th and 28th  Inst,  respectively,  at  the same hours and places.  By command.  .',   W.   G.  Government Office,  Midway, May 10th, 1897.  MCMYNN,  D.K.C.C.  ,   36-2  NOTICE.  SITTINGS of the Licensing- Court for the  southern portion of the Oso\'oos Division  of Yale District will be holden at" Osoyoos aiid  Midway  f    On Tuesday, June' 15th, ,1897,  :i : At Eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  C. A. R. LAMBLY,  Government Office, s.m.  Osoyoos, May 12th, 1897. 36-5   ,  v  m  A  I  A  a  i  SMITH & M  the  A  ��  I"  *  s  *  I  A  e  I  A  0  2  A  a  v  a  A  a  I  A  a  I  A  �� .  I  A  Proprietors of  VERNON   SAW,  PLANING   AND  /MOULDING  MILLS  Sash and Door Factory at Vernon.  Saw Mill at Okauagan Lake.  -S&-  '"if  Owning-  on  T  , A  a  y  9  A  a.  T  ��  A  ��  t  r  A  *  T  ?  I  A  ' ���  Y  S ���  A  s.  T  ���  A  I  A  ��  y  %  extensive , timber limits  Mabel lake containing- some of the finest  Cedar to be fotmd in the Interior, we  are prepared to fill all orders for Factory work reasonabl3r, expeditiously  and of as good material as can be had  at the Coast or Spokane.  Orders from Boundar3T Creek and the  Southern Interior solicited.  .���s<&��� .  .  . '"if  Smith & McLeod, Vernon.  ��������-<�������-���� ���e-��9!��e-��oj>-e-<8*-��-o��^-����>-e-����-��.<e>e-rt <?>��������� <��<>ffl��-��.*_i  0  A  I  A  Ladies; Mens, Children's and  Boys' Boots and Shoes, of the  celebrated Ames, Holden &Ca  make. All sizes, shapes and  prices ? tan and black,  _jj_     .����     _.w��.  5ft5-     vf?    %��,'  For Sale by  M  36-  Randolph Stuart,  Secretary  J. C.  Haas,  President.  tdway* B.C.  to W. H. Norris, Esq., Gerald T., Hodgson,  Esq., and James Kerr, Esq., Justices of the  Peace i  TAKE NOTICE that; I intend to apply at  the next sitting- of the Licensing- Court  to be holden b.y you for a portion of the Osoyoos division of Yale district, for a transfer to  Thomas Wake of the license now held b3' me to  sell spirituous aud fermented liquors by retail  upon the premises known as the Boundary  Falls Hotel,-situate on lots 17, 18, 19, 20; 21, 22,  23 and 24, blOck 4, in the townsite of Boundary  Falls, in Yale district.  ���"   Dated at Boundary Falls, B.C., Mav 3, 1897.  35 THOMAS HARDY.  NOTICE.  TO Gerald T. Hodg-sou, Esq., James Kerr, Esq.  and   W.   H.  Norris,  Esq.,  Justices  of  the  '-'PAKE NOTICE that we intend to apply at  L the next sitting- of the Licensing- Court  to be holden b3r you for a portion of the Osoyoos division of "Yale district, for a transfer to  Geo. K. Seymour & Co. of the license now held  by us to sell spirituous and fermented liquors  by retail upon the premises known as the  Windsor Hotel, situate on lots 31 and 32, block  7, Copper street, in the townsite of Greenwood  Citv, in Yale district.  " SEYMOUR & WEBB.  Dated at Greenwood   City, B.C., May 11th, 1897.  Dissolution of Partnership.  NOTICE is ..'hereby given that the partnership existing- between the undersigned  under the firm name of Nelson & Co., carrying-  on the business of hotel-keepers, has been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due  said firm will be collected by J. J. Caulfield,  who will also be responsible for the liabilities  of the said firm. J. J. CAULFIELD.  Greenwood, B.C., J. W. NELSON.  May 10th, 1897. 36-4  >>r>  Education Offick, Victoria,  May 5th, 1897.  "|\T OTICE is hereb.v g-iven that the annual  X jL examination of candidates for certificates  of qualification to teach in the Public Schools  of the Province will be held as follows, commencing- on Friday, July 2nd, 1897, at 8.45 a.m. :  Victoria......In South Park School Building-.  Vancouver. In High School Building-.  Kamloops  In Public School Building-.  Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty  days before the examination, stating the class  and grade of certificate for which he will be a  candidate, the optional subjects selected, aud  at which of the above-named places he will  attend.  Every notice of intention to be an applicant  must be accompanied with satisfactory testimonial of moral character.  Candidates are notified that all of the above  requirements must be fulfilled before their applications can be filed.  All candidates for First-class, Grade A, Certificates, including Graduates, must attend in  Victoria to take the subjects prescribed for  Jul>- 12th and 13th instants, and to undergo the  required oral examinations.  S.    D.    POPE,  36-3 Superintendent of Education.  tvcr-i-i^-":!- *-r.��k��i��" ���wmunn  SQUARE   HOUSE.  (0  UJ  ft:  :>  o  <i)  lusor  Greenwood City, B.C.  4!&-  '"i\-  . Geo. E. Seymour & Co., Props.  First-class   Accommodation.  Stages  from all parts pass the  door.  BQGJUl  SQUARE   TREATMENT  jcBSsasaeaam  CO  o  c  o  rn  (!)  i,...t...  uEiw-fKWiin*aMW-Vjw ts> Ensas JS^fi-UtiUUQbr _>3S^^����U^US-^^Si4Ja��fl!T^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  U  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  THE OLD ENGLAND mineral claim, situate on the north fork of Rock creek, in  the ..Osoyoos milling-'division''of Yale district.  Where located : Camp McKinne3'^  Take notice that we, Henry:- Nicholson, free  miner's certificate NO., 90,585. and Edward  James, free miner's certificate No. 64,195, intend, sixt3r da3rs frora the-date-hereof,,to. applv  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 23rd day of April, 1897. 34-8"  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  notice.  MOTHER LODE mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River mining division of Yale  district.    Where located : Deadwood camp.  Take notice that we, the Boundary Mines  Company, free miner's certificate No. 81,264, intend, sixty da3rs from the date hereof, to apply,  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of April, 1897. 32-8  MINERAL,    ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.  BULLION Mineral claim, situate in the  Oso3'00s mining division of Yale district.  Where located : Camp Fairview.  Take notice that I, Charles de Blois Green, as  agent for E. L. Tate, free miner's certificate  No. 66,605, and A. B. Railton, free miner's certificate No. 79,525, and G. F. Lafrehz, free miner's certificate No. 75,857, intend,'.sixty days  from the date hereof, to appl3r to the Mining  Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced befere the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 30th day- of March, 1897. 30  Dissolution of Partnership,  H OTICE is hereb3' given that the partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned, under the firm guame and style'of  Greenwood & Nash, painters and paperhangers,  has this dav- been dissolved'by mutual consent.  All accounts due said firm will be collected b3r  E. Nash, who will pa3r all debts owing by said  firm. FRANK   GREENWOOD.  Greenwood, E.   NASH.  May 6th, 1897. 35-4  DISSOLUTION  OF   PARTNERSHIP.  TvTOTICE is hereb3r given, that t^ie partner-.  _L jL ship heretofore existing between the undersigned under the firm name of Russell &  Co., hardware dealers, has this da3r been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts due  said firm will be collected b3r J. A. Russell,who  will pay all indebtedness incurred bv the said  firm. JAMES A. RUSSELL.  Greenwood, B.C. A. B. CAMPBELL.  May 8th, 1897. 36-2  HUGH CAMERON, Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Good   Stabling.  Of all kinds and lengths.  4 foot wood...... $2.25 per cord, delivered.  16 to 20 inch $3.00 per dbl. cord       ���  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  J8��" Orders ma3* be left at the Times office.  GRAND  SCENERY. . LOW   RATES.  MODEL   ACCOMMODATIONS.  OOEAN     TO     OCEAN  Without change of Cars, via  PACIFIC.".;'  railway;  ��� , 0.  And S00 PACIFIC LINE  Solid vestibule trains, consisting of palace  sleeping cars, luxurious dining "cars, elegant  day coaches, magnificent tourist cars and free  colonist sleepers.  The only iitie; running- through tourist cars  from the coast  TO  i  WINNIPEG,  MINNEAPOLIS  ST.   PAUL,  TORONTO,  Montreal;1  BOSTON,  WITHOUT    CHANGE I  Lowest rates to  and from  EUROPE  Via all Atlantic  Steamship lines  Canadian Pacific Ry��� Co.'s  Royal Mail SS. Line to Japan and China  These twin-screw steamers are in every respect superior to au3' ships that have yet sailed  the Pacific ocean. The route is 300 miles  shorter than via aii3" other Trans-Patific line.  S't.     S't. ;,  '"��f~   ��� '"!?   ���  " ���'   ���  Canadian-Australian Steamer L,ine  <      ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  steamers cany an experienced medical man  and a stewardess on evei-y vo\Tage.  For time tables, pamphlets, or aii3' information, call on or address  H. S. SCADDING, GEO. McL. BROWN  Agent, JDist. Pass. Agent,  PENTICTON. VANCOUVER.  MINERAL,   ACT,    1896.  Certificate   of   Improvements.  notice.  JEWEL Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  -{J River mining division of Yale district.  Where located : Long Lake camp.  Take notice that I, Leslie Hill, as agent for  F. Dittmer, free miner's certificate NO. 81,118,  L- Bosshart, free miner's certificate No. 87,597,  Mar\r Garland, free miner's certificate No. 70,289  intend, sixt3r da3's from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvement.  Dated this 27th day of March, 1897. 30  MINERAL,   ACT,   1896. ~  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  DENERO GRANDE Mineral claim, situate  in the Kettle River mining division of  Yale district. Where located : Long Lake  camp.  Take notice that I, Leslie Hill, as agent for  F. A. Shonquest, free miner's certificate No.  68,420, and Mary McArthur, free miner's certificate No. 87,402, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to appl3r to the Mining Recorder for a  certificate of improvements, tor the purpose of  obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 27th day of March, 1897. 30  he Greenwood Book Store.  S&>-&4&*&4oi*a<B>&4e>-a<e&&<Q>o*��*&4a>-&4a>&4afr&<ta  Next door to McKague's Barber Shop.  The best brands of Cigars,  Cigarettes and Tobaccos ,,  X Fancy Goods & Stationery  ,AU  RAILWAY.  ��J'_      vV_      ��V_,  '"'<?      v'f"      *if~  The Fast Line.-Superior Service  THROUGH   TICKETS  To all points in the United States  and Canada. ,  Direct   connection     with   the  Spokane Falls & Northern Ry,  Trains Depart from Spokane:  No. 1, West bound  "........"   8:25 p.m.  No. ,2, East bound   ........    7:00 a.m.  ���jto  Via Tacoma & Northern Pacific SS. Co.  Sf*     Sta     sit.  '"!���?    vlii*      '"  For information, time cards, maps and  tickets, applv to Ag-ents of  ; ; the  S. i\ & N.   or  T.   D.   GIBBS;  General Agent,  ,'.."   Spokane, Wash.  :   OR,......,  i     A. D. CHARLTON,  Northern Pacific Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent  225 Morrison St., Cor. of Third,   V  Portland, Oregon.  Sit.    Sl'~    sit.  '"iF   . '"t?     -sjv"  Write  for  new   Map   of   the  Kootenay   country,  11 - HMIK ILLS  ENDERBY   and   VERNON.  Trade Mark  Red Star.  Makers of Flour pronounced b3r!experts to be  the best made on the Pacific Coast.  HUNGARIAN  XXX STAR  STRONG BAKERS  GRAHAM  Bran    Shorts    Chop    Etc  Boundary Valley   Lodge,  No. 38, I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesdav  Eveiling   at   8.00   in  their lodge room at Greeuwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning brethren. Thos. Hardy, N.G.  W.- J. Harber, Rec. Sec.  ^j'fr* *.   i  Crown Grants.���When applying for  crown grants, request that the advertising- thereof be published in The  Boundary Creek Times,���the mining-  paper of the district.  - JpTS r    1*111  6, /.J y. C  ft-'   r    ���_W|  j��&��  HtBLVSSiRl^UUU^^WVJMi*mteaviWlm\UAE\milimjv.Mimiiwu!.'Aiiw  #*h  \t , <vA  -    I  A  g_jg?S^a3^^^Bt��BS^S^HMggiBSm53  lISlilliiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiHtiiggiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  G.   ARTHUR   RENDELL..^  D.   A.   HOLBROOK^.^  C.   W.   H.  SANSOM......:........:. .Secretary and Treasurer.  'BANK  OF������JMMTREAL,   KERNON,   B.C.  Capitalisation^ i,500 ooo: Shares.     :c -'Treasury, 760,000 Shares  Par value, $1.00.     Fully paid''and non-assessable. r.r.  Incorporated October 21st, 1896, under: the British  Cohmbia" Companies  .Act" andamending A cist-' ,.  The Companys properties are fully paid for.  /  -3 /  Hags denote the Company's group of Twelve Claims,  ?��?  > HE PROPERTIES of the Company consist of Twelve claims lying in a group and named as follows'��� The  "Fred D.," " S. H. B.," -Big Ledge," " D. A.," - O. B.," " S. F.," "G. A. R.," "J. A. C," " P. H.,"  "C. S. &H.," "Prospective," and " E. C. B.,'^ fully shown and explained in the Map Plan. They are with  the exception of two, all full claims, 1,500-feet by 1,500/ feet in size, giving a surface area of about 400 acres. - Lying  as they do on a steep sloping hill, they offer unusually good facilities for drainage and for rapid and economical  development by main working tunnels driven, in from,the base of the hill. These aresomeof the first principal  locations made on Boundary Creek.       . '     -  Active  development  work  has   been  going- on  since  the   incorporation   of  the   Company, "October  21sV 1896/  ^-^^^^^^^^^  CAD  GREENWOOD CITY.  B  V-"  j0f-   Attention  is  particularly called  to  the  large  amount   [700,000  shares]   of  stock  put  into  the  Treasury,  \     \ and  that  all  the  properties  are  fully ^paid  for.'  Write tor   Prospectus   aricP^Plah*<?<:  "x  ��������&  \M  ���M  U1*  'f.  ��  ';  v  Mi'  r *i -���*-* HE Is*  $  f,  f  ���^l  4  hi s  '''wwr^afsvvi-^^4*?;���,r ���*;,��� -j--  -"'v'i'M*'.'*' /-���   ��� .'i��'-'^-<.>-��� _.-     -  >���*  -*   :      '      "J?^s%$m<ff*��;?4  '���'' :>JI  \A/E  have  just  opened up  a large consignment of TOOKE  BROS, celebrated Laundried and Neglige    J^C  ; ' L :C.^-';--0'.;',:.0^; ;;;���:;.,;; '-'.���;.. ���.���;.;-.'. ".:.-(f-',fcC- ���;"!���;,.   ;;,-;;. ,-cngg#  c^c ���'���'- -'���-";'.'���     ;-"CC   . -/.'''.-:��� -,������':���''C:.,:':;^-;;-'S ;::$l||��feIiKf^?  ,:y;:;-.,:;,;,^::^ '^.C .;.:C''..:^:-':i--'; v;.'c>=c:-.^r';.'-;"^'.:V^'':::^^!ffi^^^w!~^'-''  5C    which  for   VALUE   and  FIT - are;;::seldoM^^^  VER      EXCElJ^lill


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