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The Boundary Creek Times 1899-05-10

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V^' '
^tit^   -'  ^
Published Semi:Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District.
154 No, 50
Contractors^ lor the dt^igii aiicl
v.'""' ■■"'"" "r": "■" -"Chlorinatlon,
construction of complete: Stamp Mills, Concentration,
Cyanide and Smelter Equipments.  ; /,",'•
U :
O '■
>H *
r—(  . ,.
■ o
Q '•■:.
' 0).''.'
0. ■;..:
u   ■>■
O v.
:t>,-> ',
CO.   -:
,   . - S o
,-  ■,;■:•;!>   .;o. :
; 2i:
. .,,.... -w .^.
CP    P3
. .„',,.. -R'i-.   ;
■ >
Cj*   p
"■   ©;;&. ■
.   O
,. S3-;TO-
c/>  tr*
i—• Si.
:- to-
■' •■  -a J ,' CD' .-.^
1'  »<
; <■+•
.    03
-, -.-j/.orq h .:,
' Hi''
.■ -- ,-.- -.  .   >->-
5?»- 5
^    Oa
,          >~t   .-
•JM     >-i. .
:■; 3
-  £L  H; ;
S3* o
.    H* • .-
■-.S3    2r
. O
'     -     *<; CO'.,
.-" >~t   ■
•; / ».••;■
=     Head Office and Works;.*
...»,,.„..,   ^Bfanch- Offices t
Vancqiiver,JB^C., RosslaridrB; Ci,
. And (ireenwpod, B,C,.ha»j^?hpw?pn,
Includiti^^ among other tfimgSj
^Groceries,'1 ' >\VI:- vi CurafMeats,;      V: ;;^: Powder,:'.\         S^2   ■
Tlour,           v            j Builders' Hardware, • Goodwini Candles,
Feedj ;(j j H :j }i ; nnnMihing Supplies, ' Granite Candles,;:
Hay/Oatsi ?'■< - ^ : Vj'Bar Iron>U i .            . .Tubular Barrows,
Vegetables,'                Mining Rails,     - -Earthenware,              .«
Fresh'Eggs,          -- . -Fuse, '.              \':Y'\- V ^Glassware,. ■VV:;-r- \')y.
Fruitsi^   v                  GapsV;/-;;';         -i V-< .:Grockery,■.;.■:) ;:.',:r{;
Purchasers ate invited to inspect our stock and get our prices,;
"^Rbp'ei '•    U';1 ;:;'l';'
^,&y Chains J ^>i
Blacksmith's Coal/
Picks and Shovels,
Sheet: Glass,
A:a spersy &
. D.McAF?ThlO
..', ; ;-- -; I   nelsGn, B.'C:   ■ V:;iJ .;':^
.Have just received.a-large consignment of carpets-direct from ^factories in Scotland.    Also linoleums
and oil cloths, which they will retail* or wholesale at-very low-prices.   Also.five carloads of furniture for
.spring- stock.    Will be sold.at very low price's to introduce our 'business  in the Boundary Creek country.
.- >5VRITiB   FOR   CATALOGUE   AND   PRICES      :     -
D, McArthur £i Co,, Wholesalers and Retailers of Furniture, Carpets, Etc,i Nelson, B;G,
J. J. Caulfield
. Neil H.: Lamont
No more vexatious   delays.     We  have
on hand a full stock of
A large stock  of Bar Iron,  Steel,  Blacksmiths'  Supplies,  Anvils, Bellows,  etc,  etc.,  etc,
Copper Street, Three. Doors South of the Bank of Mohtreal.
IS THE BEST HOTEL IN GREENWOOD. A New 3Jnilcliiipr, well furnished. Firsl-class
Service in all departments. Choice, Wines, Liquors and Cigars.□ Headquarters for Miuintr
and Coninicrcial Men.
Copper Street, Greenwood,
; A Number of Properties that. are. About to be
'   ■ ■.:';, ., .      Developed.'    ;l
In addition, to the Mother Lode, Sunset,   and  other   big- Deadwood   Camp
"properties, there are several locations
that give promise of making big mines.
All that is necessary ,is development-
work. .Prominent among these is the
London, owned by Greenwood ^parties.
An option was taken-on this property
a few days ago upon the following condition :—$10,000 cash, or 520,000 on a
bond, 10 per cent, down, balance to be
paid within a year. The London is a
full claim lying about 1,000 feet distant
. from the Mother Lode, and in the direct ■'•
trend of the ledge. It adjoins the
Standard on-the North and the Marguerite' on the south. Two or^three.
assessment works have been done on
the property. The surface is a huge,
iron-cap similar in appearance to the
Sunsets Messrs: Phil. Aspinwall rand
Johnson  have  given  a--contractfor a-
: 100-footshaft oh the adjoining- claim..
This shaft-is being sunk 400 feet from
the side-line of the Loiidpu.-.'
Work is also being done';onr the Victoria and Queen of Sheba adjoining
properties. The,:Queen of Sheba was
recently bonded by Edward C. Finch
of Rossiarid: Mr." CV L.' Hoffman,; who '
bonded the St. Lawrence, has awarded
a contract for1 a iOO-fobt shaft.'
' A West Fork Property Acquired by American
:-        ' '.-, 'I   '!.  ': Capital. -;-.  -„■ ";;■ ..;-   • ;-v -;.
The Carmi,  a property situated on
the West /Fork-! bf ? the! Kettle j Rivfcr^
about 6? miles aboveiBbaver .Creek, has
-been  bonded by W.  H.  Lennie from
James.Kerr arid' Jafnes^Dale,H'tne\own-
ers.   "The price mentioned in thebond
has not been! made ipublic.   It ,is underT
stood, ...howeyerj-Hhat;the figure vis' -a
large one.] !;Wor.k iis'^tb be started;iiiiT
mediately, and to be kept up for 12
months,  the,time oyer which the pay-
^mentV'extends.    The,.Carmi has  a 6-
;foot ledge of rich  concentrating .gold-
;ore.  - The ledge'can  be easily traced
>for a.distance of'2,500 feet. ; Mr.  Lennie  is. an expert who operated in the
Cceur'd'Alenes for several years.     He
has plenty of; American ^capital behind
him. -: ;. ... :       -       o-j -V ; ■■'.-r-
the minister! of Mines     ^
.Issues .His Annual  Report—Some'Interesting
; "'.      ': ;•.:..- statistics.: ■-. -:;;;   ;:/;;:;:
The "annual report of the minister of
; mines", full of ^interesting^ .statistics
regarding the mineral resources of the,
province;,! has vjust/beeu issued: Mr.,
Robertson,. provincial mineralogist,
was unable-.to visit .Boundary. Creek.
He embodies: in his report the Vancouver News- Advertiser' correspondent's resume of the progress'' made in
the past year. The total production of.
minerals for all years, including 1898j
amounted to $123,417,'326. Of this
amount $57,960,819 represents the gold
production. . Speaking of the develop- .
ruent of the mineral resources of the
province; Mr. Robertson says :
" The Province of British Columbia,
although as yet ionly in .its. early
stages of mineral development, has
entered into the company of the great
mineral producing .countries of the :
world, with no uncertain step. Confidences in her future is based upon the
rich promises that to a large extent '■
are ' guaranteed- by the'results now
being obtained from the comparatively
few. mines, which show what has been
and is being actually accomplished,
figures being the only measure we
have for commercial success. Attention is directed  to  the comparatively
We now have a large assortment of
Rods, Feels,
Lines, Hooks,
Leaders, Fly Books,
Cans, Etc, Etc.
.SMITH   &  fflcRAE'S,
Books, Stationeiy, Wallpaper, Notions    j
and Fancy Goods,
recent growth  of lode - mining, and to
the   greatly  increased   production   of
recent   years,. such production   being.!,
now eight or nine times what it was in,
1895, or oyer 20 times as great as in 1893.
"From thesefigures it will be seen
how young our lode mining industry
is, and how rapidly it has increased;
and it will then be understood that,
.almost of necessity, but a small, portion of our known mines have had
time to enter the lists as producers.
" Increased production during the
last year is'to' be rioted in- gold, both
placer and lode ; also copper.     ,     ,
" While the total mineral'production
of the; province shows an increase,
even over last year, the increase is not
marked as it would have been but for
the serious, dropping'off in thei output
of silver-lead ores.
"The reason for this decrease^seems
to be the unusually low price of silver
during the latter part of 1897 and the
beginning of 1898, together with the
uncertainty'as to the future price of
the metal. tFor '. the time being this
paralized many existing ventures and
prevented new ones being started to
' work properties of this nature. The
drop in price coming, as it did, shortly
'after a rise in the duty on lead imported
into the United States, then our only
market, deterred- many of our mines
from starting work this season. When
the price of silver' increased again, in
the latter half of the year, it was then
too late to begiri^Op'eratious."
License Laws to be Amended.—Money By-laws
Again' Considered: ■ ■
■    The regular .meeting   of   the   City
•.Council was held,on -Monday  evening
; with  the  mayor in the chair and Aid.
- Galloway, Wood, Sutherland,   Cropley,
"and  Cameron  present.'   TheFire De-
'partment informedfthe Council that -J.
,'~W.  Nelson had been.el.ected:chief, and"
■-. the election was "confirmed". ..Palmer &
' Hunter   asked 'fbr!;'waterpo\ver  to be
;' used   in   their   carpentershop.     They
'■"'were informed that: water for power'
"purposes will be granted if available
£■.' when system is iristalled.   The engin-
;_eer was instructed to establish a grade
on Silver street from-the Garland  ad-
• dition to Louisa-street.   Bourke & Co.
"and R. Wood &""C6.'will""be allowed  to "
"grade this street,, and will be paid as
-isobn as;funds are1 available;    Mr. :Na- '•
l den, as agent for house in alley behind
Barrett Block, will be asked to remove
the same at o'nee.   Aid. Galloway gave
notice that he would, introduce a by-law .
"" to' amend the license by-law   so   the
■ schedule may include licenses to  travelling compariies  and ' peo'ple of that
class.     The money  by-laws were ad-;"
vanced a, stage, .and  the Council  adjourned until Wednesday evening when
they will receive further consideration.
'Cascade is making active preparations for a big Queen's Birthday cele
The first election, for mayor and six
aldermen for Columbia is to be held
May 25, nominations being- on' May 18.
Jas. K. Dunlop is the returnirig officer.
The infant sdn of Kenneth and Mrs.
McKenzie died today. The funeral
will take place from the residence ori
Government street at 3 p. in. tomorrow
It is expected that.the road over the
Summit will in a few days be in a
sufficiently passable condition to allow
the stage to travel that way. The
mail for Phoenix is now carried on
horseback. ,
After the 1st day of March, 1901,
only those holding government certificates will be allowed to act as as^ayers
in the province. Examinations of as-
sayers will be held at Victoria on May
14th and November 20th.
In the last issue of the British Columbia Gazette, is printed a complete,
list of the provincial land surveyors.
There are 135 of' them :—F. Wollaston
and-J. A.Coryell, Grand Forks ; C. JEi.
Shaw and S.-M. Johnson, C. H. Ella-
cott and F.- \V. Groves, Greenwood ; F.
M. Kerby, Midway.
Keep an eye on the man who cusses
newspapers, says an exchange. The
chances are that he is crookeJ and is
only making a protection play for fear
his sins will be reported in cold type.
Men of brains and good standing always have a good word for the press,
the power that makes great men
greater, and assists in reducing the
rascal to the level of his conduct. Of
course all fools are exceptions to this
rule, THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  /     H.    HAL.L.ET7,       v'  Qj&rttsfer, ��&oftc\tox,  NOTARY    PUBLIC.  GREENWOOD,    B.C.  nRINGLE   &   WHITESIDE,  Banisters and Solicitors,  (ilcfart'eB (puStic, etc.,  Bakrett Block, Copper Street,  greenwood.  75     B.  KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  Notary -Public. '  GREIJNWOOD, li. C.  J.'R.IiKOWN.  ALF. HALL. LL. II., 11. C. L  HALL L BROWN,  Barristers and Solicitors, Notaries  ,. " ' Public, Etc.  Nailen-Flood Block, Copper Street l.recuwood..  r^ORBES   M.   KERBY,  Assoc. Mem. Can. Soc. Civil Engineers,  (protnttctdf &<xnb |s$urwg6r  AND CIVIL ENGINEER, ,  ��� Qtoftirj>,(puGCie��� -        midway,   b.c.  CT    W.    GROVES,  ' Civil & Mining Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  Mineral Claims Reported upon.  Underground Surveys.  C.   A.  GUESS, M.A. II.   A. GUESS,  M.A.  Guess Bros.  m vwm  Mining- Properties 'Examined and Reported on.    (Estab. 1895);  Greenwood, B. C. r  QMARLES AE. SHAW.    ' ..'\  Civil    Engineer,  -   ��omi'iuoit an&'^rbtnnctaf ��arib ��^urBegor.  ;    GREENWOOD,      .''���'      B.C. '  MO WAT & PALMER,  Mining aud Real Estate Brokers  GREENWOOD.  M. >\.   KEEPER,;  Recil' Estate and Mining- Broker ;  OPPICl:   OVER   BANK   Of*   B. n/A.  :;'. greenwood. ,:!:.,;;  \Mf   IB.   RATON   <��   CO..,  : Mining and x > v  -..-, Real Estate Brokers;  GREENWOOD.   B.C. '  y^_ W. ROSS.  ..mining! and share broker,  columbia, b.c. :  Boundary   and    Camp   'McKiiiney   properties  giveil especial attention. ..  i'UIlMSIIEI) SEMI-WEEKLY  IJY  The Boundary Creek- Printing; & Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross ,..; Editor.  W. J. H.ykhkk Manager.  ADVERTISING RATES PER MONTH.  1  2 i  3 i  4  6  ���S  10  12  15 i  0 i  ....$ 2 SO  :..: 350  ....  ����� so    5 50  .... 7.50    9 50  .... U 50  .... 13 50  .... 16 00    20 00  ddress all communications to  .     .  The Tisies,  Greenwood, B.C.  ncli   itches ...;  nches ....  uolies ....  tidies .....  itches    itches ..'..;  nches .  nches  nches  One-third off these  prices, if only one  insertion per week  is contracted for.  SunscKii-riox, $2.00 i'ek Year, jn Advance.  .      WEDNESDAY,  MAY. 10, 1899.  CONSISTENT   PATRIOTS. :  Certain coast papers are strong- in  their denunciation of interior contemporaries, because the latter have suggested the advisability of boycotting  the avowed enemies of the interior.  These organs loudly asserted that the  province would never prosper while  rank sectionalism is preached. It is  no new thing for irresponsible papers  to adopt every discreditable tactic in  order to frustrate the efforts of those  who are seeking their rights, and then  denounce them for resenting such conduct. The journals referred to never  lost an opportunity to denounce the  efforts to secure a charter for a competitive railway in the Boundary  Creek country. Their stock argument  was that the Corbin railway would divert trade into American channels.  The same papers are now equally enthusiastic ��� in. their efforts to secure  ferry connection between Victoria and  Port Angeles. It is all right to secure  connection between the American side  and Victoria, but all wrong to secure  connection between the American side  and -Boundary Creek. The Victoria  papers have a perfect right to denounce railway competition for Boundary creek, but the interior papers have  no right to discuss ferry competition  for Victoria. The difference lies in  the fact that the coast papers referred  to ate merely subsidized organs which  sacrifice consistency in the interests of  their masters. The interior papers,  which   they   abuse,   are   independent  enough to advocate what is right and  in the interests of the province. The  Colonist loses no opportunity to preach  to independent papers like the Nelson  Tribune; the same Colonist has done  much to foster'the" spirit of sectionalism and engender a bitter feeling iii  the interior against coast cities and  coast business men. '  CONTROLLING   THE   RAILWAYS.  Hewitt Bostock, M: P., has succeeded in securing a promise from  Hon. Mr. Blair, the minister of railways, to the effect that no railway  company would be allowed to use its  powerful influence' in order to miss  existing towns. This decision of the  government is an important one. It is  useless to discuss individual and  special cases. Generally speaking it  is an exceedingly dangerous thing to  allow powerful railway companies to  become stronger than the people. Railway companies, and particularly those  subsidized by the people, -should be  under government control.  The trouble  about  townsites in the  West Fork country  is  a. tribute: to its  mineral richness.    Were  it not known  that the West  Fork  is  a  country of  enormous possibilities no special effort  would be made  to  secure  a  townsite.  There are certain  matters  in  connec-;'  tion with the rival townsites on Beaver  creek that will probably  be ventilated  in   the   courts.   While   a case is sub:  judice, it is, the usual practice to re-,  frain   from    expressing' opinions    or  making   statements   that   are not in;  consonance with the facts.  CARD   OF   THANKS.  The undersigned desires to thank all  those who so kindly assisted him with,,  the funeral of the  late  Malcolm  Mc-  Cuaig. S. T. L/ARSEN.  Rock Creek, May 7.  s��4* ft ft ftft ft ftftft ft ft&.  I ME IMniliEN! f I  ft  ft  ���ft  AMERICAN  IIII  For Spring and Suni-  ' mer   Wear   have   arrived.    We would   be  .pleased  to  have "you.  call and inspect them  ���ft  Barrett Block, Copper: Street,  GREENWOOD. ���  S�� ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft &  POR   SALE.  AT   MIDWAY.  Double Corner, 100'x 142 feet,  fenced,        *   ���'.  and   comfortable   3-roomed   house.  Splendid soil for a garden.: '.    $800.00  Double Corner on Fifth street, 60 x 110  feet  ...���..: ..:.:....:...   $550.00  To Rent���Comfortable house, with welij  barn and chicken house.. $15.00  We have some bargains in'Midway real estate.  W. B, RICKARDS & CO.  MIDWAY, B. C.  ��jjywj*A \$j-*  54S5i    W. D. PALMER.    .  K. IIUNTEH.  li Contractors and Builders  m  m  m  || TURNING AND BANDSAWING M  m��s A BPECIAL.Tr. KNA  '4   SH01��   AND OEI'ICE, SII.VEK  ST.    2$  jffi  YOU  WANT A  ^  We can guarantee satisfaction.  A big consignment of latest  patterns will arrive in a few  days.    Call and get our prices.  Mitchell & lassie, Merchant Tailors  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  W. S. KEITH, M. E. F.F.KKICHBM.  KEITH & KETCHUiH  REAL ESTATE AND MINING BROKERS  GREENWOOD,   B. C.  Mining Properties Examined  AND    REPORTED    ON.  REAl/ESTATE AND MINING  PROPERTIES.  . .'. THE MART. . .  GAUNCE & WICKWIRE,. Ag<%rfenwood.  G. M. HILLARY, B. Sc.  ASSAYER   AND  CHEMIST.  Graduate   of   McGill   University    in   Mining  Engineering.  GREENWOOD   -   -   B.C.  Kcrby's Map of Wellington Camp.  Candies,   Tobaccos,   Cigars,  Druggirts' Sundries, Stationery, etc,  H. B. MUNROE, Greenwood.  CORYELL'S MAP, Trice $1.25.  Kcrby's Map of Wellington Camp, $1,00;  - A fine line of ,  Pipes,   Cigars,Y  Tobacco; ffjustReceived.  ���   U   I     '  and Pouches /  J. A. UNSWORTH,  Draggist��''- Midway.  Money Made-  Is Money Saved;:;  '*' * *.". ,      .-,'������  You can  niakemoney  by  buying your  !-  * .GROCERIES.;.'.  at Bannermah Bros,, Copper St.  Bestrcooking and eating-��� apples in  the market.  Copper Street, Greenwood,  A Choice Line of Staple and Fancy  r  \  Has Arrived.  EVERYTHING   FRESH.  ft We want your patronage, ft  n. E. rRAZEE,  Grocery and Bakery,  Hamill Block, Copper Street. Greenwood.  Camp McKinney Hotel,  HUGH CAMERON. Proprietor.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars.  , Good   Stahling.  And LUNCH COUNTER.  Meals at all hours. ���   '  Open Daj- and Nig-ht.  Private Boxes. launches put up.  Fresh Eastern Oysters Dally.  WERNER 4 PITTQCK, Proprietors,;  COI'PEK STREET GKEEN\VOOD,  B.C.  1 R.-F. Goates & Co. 1  1 Contractors       i  ^5 Greenwood,   B.C. g^:  ������ iH    J*     s'S �����  ���^-o -*f   -/jc   i& y���  ^3 Store Fronts & Fixtures a Specialty g^;  AU.     ��� ^tt,        ^fi        jjfe      ,��i      i����        Ofe  *4?    -*     'H5     %��f,   *    =-Ss    *'*'  Thos. McDonnell.           R. M.  McEntir  McDonnell i McEntire,  Mines and.  Real Estate  GREENWOOD ^ and   CAMP McKINNEY  ' # # m # $ #. #  ' Estabi-isiieij 1862.  Furniture  Carpets  Linoleums  Cork Carpet  Curtains  Wallpaper  Complete House Furnishings.  L   larjrc   stock  of  Fine   and   Medium  JiPriced Goods in'above lines.  Send for Samples and Prices���free.      .  STOCKS.  Boiuidary Creek M. & M. Co....   Brandon &;Golden-Grown ......  Helen;...,. :...... .............  Hifflilaud. (Jueeu.......  ..-.   Morrison ..:.....   Camp'McKinuey Gold M. & M. Co   Waterloo.   ^Winiilpefr  ....  5  30  &  S  18  S  13  30  rriiist ^Your Stocks With Us,  '\i_jtyqMty& Palmer,  Mining and Real Estate Brokers,  GREENWOOD,   B.C.  GO  ��    :-  U  ���O to  0J "O  o  ���a  i  5 tc  ��� a  s  uung  Brok  ��� i  5.5  ���'�� ��� <���  ��'.'-^  - O  O '  ���H -2^  4i  O'   '  -S  ��"���  3   O  B-'---:  5?-.^  i3  X T3.  X  w  ���>��  W  = ��>  js  ��  he  5 X  ��>��  O  ��S  S.  Proprietors of the Fletcher &  Goodhue sawmill, is prepared  to furnish all kinds of Rough  and Dressed  LUMBER,  Lata, Mouldings,  Etc., Etc.  Greenwood  Office���Corner of Mineral  and Kimberley streets.  IF YOU WANT  W O O O  Leave Your Orders at  H. B. MUNROE'S  Copper Street,  OH AS. HAERING.  Rice & Co,  Mining, Stock*  and Real Estate  Exchange,, , * ��  Temporary Office ;  Government Street, Opp. Post Office,  GREENWOOD.  B.C.  Parties having copper claims f<ir  sale kindly call on us, and g-ive full  particulars. Would be glad to get any  information from parties familiar with  location of unsurveyed claims. Expect  to go to press very scon, and wish to  have correct location of every claim in  every camp for our Boundary Creek  Pamphlet. City property for sale; call  for particulars. Business lots on Copper, Silver, and Government streets.  Some choice sites for residences. Our  lithog-raphed plan of Greenwood mailed  free for 50 cents,  Capital, all paid up.; $12,000,000.  Rest...!;......... ......  v $6,000,000.  President:  Lord Stkathcoka and Mount Royal.  Vice-President :  Hon. George A. Drdmmond.  General Managrer.... :...../. ..E. S. Cloustok.  :/���  #  * . '���  Branches in London (England),  New York, Chicago,  And in the principal cities in Canada. ���������"���"  Buy and Sell Sterling Exchange and  Cable Transfers; Grant Commercial  and Travellers' Credits, available in  any part of the World.  Drafts issued,  Collections made,  etc.  Greenwood Branch,  F. J.  FINUCANE, Manaeer.  THE   CANADIAN  Head Office \J TORONTO.  \      Established 1867.  :PaicUtp Capital �� / $6,000,000.  Rest....  [Six Million Dollars.]       -.','���     '���" ���          $1,000,000.  PRESIDENT.  HON.   GEO.   A.  COX.  B. E. WAI.KER, J.  H. rWMMEH,     ,;  General Manager.     Asst. General Manager.  This Bank has the largest number of  Branches of any Bank in Canada, with  Agencies at New York, Chicago, New  Orleans, Skagway and Dawson City.  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants,  and Individuals received on favorable  terms. ������������  Drafts, Commercial Credits, -Travellers' Credits, and CifcularNote's issued  available in any .part of -theiWorld.-*���* ���,, -:f  Approved   Notes   Discounted'/   Coi-"    "-1  lections made.  A general Banking business "tran-  sacted.  Grveenvs��od Branch,,..  D.  A.  CAA\ERON.  Manag-er.  THE BANK  OP  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charterl    ���   ��� ������ ..  .,. Paid-up Capital. $4,866,666 . ,.  Reserve Fund $1,460,000  London Office:  3 Clement's Lar.e, Lombard Street,;E.:C.  ..    ^���  Court of Directors':!!  ^J. H. Brodie, John James Carter.  Gaspard  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henry' I. R. Farrer,  Ed. Arthur Hoare, H. J. B. Kendall, J. J. Kin(fS-  ford, Fred Lubbock, Georg-e D.-Whatman.-���    -  Secretary, A. G. Wallis.  Pead office in Canada: St. James St., Montreal.  H. Stikcman, (feiieral manager.  J. Elmsley, inspector.  ' . - --#-  Branches in Canada:  London, Brantford, Hamilton, ; Toronto,  Moutreal. Ottawa, King-ston, Qnebec.'oSt. John,  N. B., Brandon, Winnipeg-, Fredericton, N. B.,  Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo,  Trail, Ashcroft. Dawson City, Klondike, N. W.  T., Greenwood and Atlin. B. C.  Agents in the United States:  Spokane���Traders' National Bank and .Old  National Bank. New York���(S2 Wall street)  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, ag-euts. San'  Francisco���(124 Sansome street) H. J. Mc-  Michael and J. R. Ambrose agents.  London Bankers:  The Bank ofJEngiand and Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Foreign Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. Australia-  Union Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union  Band of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Chartored Mercantile  Bank of India, London and China, Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris-Marcuard,  Krauss & Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyonnais.'     '  F. T. SHORT, Manager.   Greenwood,   B.  C.  |S ���������&'.  J    Shannon   Files,     m  ^        Letter  Clips,  �� Stick Files,  1 "  % World Almanack, '99.  �� Chicago News ���'**' '99.  | Canadian ". '99.  t��      Tocket Diaries.  To Lease,  LOT   9,   BLOCK 13,    City   of   Greenwood.  Will lease for the  teriit  of" three   years;  Applicants write to P. O. BOX 226^  apl2V Coh'ille, Wash n  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  THE  WINNIPEG   MINE.  The Rossland Miner Learns Something About  a Boundary Creek Property.  Duncan Mcintosh, president, general  manager and  Resident  director of the  .Winnipeg Mining  and  Smelting company,   of    Wellington    camp   in   the  .   Boundary Creek country, is in the city  and may be found at the Kootenay. In  ' speaking of the Boundary   Creek  section yesterday, he said-: " Just as soon  as sthe   Canadian Pacific railway   is  ready to receive ore from the Boundary  Creek section there will be a large .tonnage available.    There are. at least ten  large mines in that section which will  be ready to market  their ore.    I think  the tonnage right  at the start will be,,  as large as from  any of the  mining  camps  in  British  Columbia.    Among  the mines that will begin to ship is the <  Winnipeg.    We  have considerable ore  on the dump, and besides we  will in  the meanwhile take out'considerable  more,   and   by   the time" the road is  finished ,whe will have perhaps 5,000 or  > '6,000 tons of ore on the dump.  " In order to expedite the work of  development, a seven-drill compressor  was yesterday purchased by me from  ���'. Frank R. Mendenhall, of the Jenckes  Machine company. The plant includes an' 80-horsepower boiler, a-compressor and three giant drills. These  will, supplement the two drills which  are already at work in the mine. This  machinery was shipped from this city  to Bossburg to-day and will leave the  latter place on Saturday. We intend  to hurry this machinery as fast as possible to the mine aud hope to have it  in running order in ten days after it  [  arrives.  "With this plant the work can be  expedited. The shaft is now down to  a depth of 300 feet. We crosscut and  drifted on the 100-foot level and then  pushed on down to the 300-foot level,  Where the work of crosscutting and  drifting is now in progress. We will  use this machinery to crosscut and  drift on the 100-foot level, the 200-foot  level and the 300-foot level, and place  them in condition to take lots of ore  from them. When this work is done  the shaft will be pushed on down to the  400-foot level. There are two veins on  the property, that have been crosscut.  One of these is 17-feet in width, and  the other is from 6 to 7 feet wide. The  ore from the.l7rfoot ledge is the richest,  and a trial shipment of ore from this  lead gave returns of $74 to the ton.  While our ore bodies are not as large  as those to be found-in. the famous Old  Ironsides, still the values are greater.  I believe we will be able to pa}' dividends sooii after we begin to ship.  The company is out of debt and has  sufficient money in the treasury to run  it for some time to come, and hence  there will be no use for the money derived from the mine except to pay  dividends uwith itL A few thousand  tons of $70 rock runs into money pretty  fast, and I believe we have a; large  tonnage of this sort of ore in the Winnipeg," concluded Mr. Mcintosh.���  Rossland Miner.      ���  A   TOWN   HELD   UP.  Toronto Globe : A petition has recently been filed with 'the minister of  railways, narrating a set of facts that  call for particular attention. Moyie  City is a' community situated on the  line of the Crow's Nest'railway. It  was a townsite and settlement before  the railway was begun. It owes its  existence to the fact that three shipping mines are within a mile of it. A  steamboat also plies on the lake,bringing the town into contact with all  points along the shore. At the time  the petition was drafted there were in  the'place five hotels, three stores, a  church, school, newspaper, sawmill,  brewery, customs office, real estate  office, besides other businesses such as  baker, butcher, blacksmith, laundry,  feed stable, cigar store, billiard saloon,  barber shop, and, in addition, about a  dozen private residences. This constitutes the nucleus of a considerable  place in a new country, and it is stated  in fact, that Moyie will offer the railway more business than all the other  towns put together between Coal creek  and Nelson for twelve months or more  to come.  The very purpose of building the  railway, of course, was to afford such  places the indispensable boon of railway facilities. Now, what do we find?.  In January, 1898, the Canadian Pacific  railway agent arrived in the place and  demanded of Mr. Campbell, the owner  of the site, 250 feet width of right of  way through the townsite, and also  half of all the unsold lots, as the price  for putting a station in Moyie. Mr.  Campbell was unwilling to give this,  but offered ten acres 'of land immediately adjoining that already surveyed, free right of way and station  grounds, concessions which are valued  at $20,000. It is absolutely of no im-  importance in the case, however, what  VICTORIA, B.C.  LONDON, ENG.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  ;   TURNER, BEETON   &���;:��� GO.  WHOLESALE    MERCHANTS, ��� SHIPPERS   AND  IMPORTERS.  KOOTENAY   BRANCH    ���    v     ���     ���   ,   NELSON, B, C,  LIQUORS,  Tobaccos,  Boots,  WRITE   POR   QATALOGUE.  CIGARS,  Carpets,  Tents,  DRY GOODS,  China Matting,  Ore Bags,  ^??T???f!m!?ntHfHny?!??!??H?!T??H?H!!n??n??Hnn??!H?Hn????ntrHnnH?!??H?!??!??!??i???!?Tn?n???^  Head Office and Works at  Belleville, Ont.  Branch Office and Works at  Trail, B.C.  ��$a iMt *fe> J&& <Mt iMz tSs <Ma tMa t.?a sfe iMs <M& *Ss'��fe ��^s t^�� <^a ft ft ft ft *fe *fe ft ��$=> *fe *8�� ��^= ft ft ft  th^^^    (Machine. Com Limited,  Manufacturers of ,  Air  Compressors,  Rock  Drills, Hoisting and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  Ore Trucks, Ore Gars, Ore Buckets, etc  Agents for Knowles Steam Pump Works.  Our Shops  at Trail are most complete,- consequently we  are in  a position   to handle  all '  kinds of Repairs.    If you are troubled with your Drills freezing, or wish to  ,;'..      save money buying repairs, then  USE)   OURS.  ^liUlUllllUiUlUillliiliilliiUlUlUlUliilililiiiUUiililllUailUiUiiUillUliiilliilllUiiiU'iiilUiiillii^  TUNNELS,  MINES   AND   QUARRIES  Straight Line Duplex and Compound  OOMRL^TEMINE   E&UlRMENTJ  JAMES    COOPER  "MANUFACTURING   COMPANY,   Limited  MONTREAL,  P.O.  Branch   Office, ROSSLAND,; B, C, JAMES  D; SWORD, Manager,  the value of these .concessions, were,  for Mr. Campbell is under rio obligation to give any part of his property to  the railway!company.,i ,  The offer was refused, and as a consequence no depot or siding has been  provided for Movie, although the railway passes right through it. A traveler  going there is carried two and a half  miles ftirtlvcr 'on to a -.station called  Moyelle, Avliich the .coinpniiy has set  up in opposition' to -Moyie,-and he has  to get back to the latter place the best-  way he can over the railway ties, there  being no .wagon road between the two  places and no.prospect of one owing to  the natural difficulties of construction.  This is a particularly gross example  of a species- of- coercion that has been  too much practised in the past. If the  facts are correctly stated in the petition, there is no good reason why a  station and siding, aud every other  reasonable facility should not be afforded Moyie, and we feel sure that,  Mr. Blair will use every, power that the  law puts in his hands to compel the  railway company to do its duty and  frustrate this high-handed attempt on  the part of a powerful corporation to  "hold up" a community.  ' Situation Wanted.  By a voting woman (Swiss), in a private family, where she will have an  opportunity of learning English.  Speaks French and German. Address  " Fritz," care Boundary  Creek Times.  FOR  SALE.  AT   MIDWAY  Neat S-rooined cottage on fenced land, 100 feet  by 142-feet. Well and pump. Present tenancy  has six months to run at $10 per month. Will  then bring- $20. Price 51,200���easy terms if required.  Also group of four lots, each SO feet by 142  feet, fenced and have been cultivated. With  small, well-built cottage. Centrally situated���  price $1,000 cash.  For Rental.���Small cottage, at $7 monthly.  5-0-3 E. JACOBS, Midway.  NOTICE,  NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned intend to apply to the Hoard of  License Commissioners of the City of Greenwood at their next sitting after the date hereof,  for a license to sell liquor by retail on the  premises known as the "Central Hotel," skuat  on Lot 10, Block 3, Government street, in  Citv of Greenwood.  .    J. H. POSTY,  JOSEPH VILLANDRE.  Dated thjsSth March, 18'I9,  iiUMUUMMUil  Stamp Mills.  Compressors,  Drills,  Hose,  Oils & Waste,  Pipe ��. Fittings  Gongs* ��c  mmmmmmm  STOCK     OIM     HAND     AT     ROSSLAND.        .  Jenckes Machine Co. ::  :: Canadian Rand Drill Co.  F.  R.  MENDENHALL,   Agent,   Spokane and Rossland.  Boilers,  Hoists,  Pumps,  Cars,  Wheels,  Electric  Batteries  and Fuse,  GREENWOOD is the financial and commercial  centre, of Boundary Creek district. It is the supply  point for the mining camps. From the city, roads  lead  to  the  GREENWOOD, DEADWOOD,  OORRER, SUMMIT,  LONG   LAKE, SKYLARK,  WHITE  AND  ATWOOD,  WELLINGTON, SMITH'S,  AND   OTHER   BOUNDARY   CREEK   CAA\PS.  'Three  chartered   Banks   have   branches   in   the   citv.  the  For price of Lots and other information, address  R0BT.   WOOD  or  C.   SCOTT GALLOWAY,  GREENWOOD, BOUNDARY CREEK, B.C.  Of apply to the Agon's :  C. F. COSTERTOX     ~<C   A. It. STUAHT,   A)   J. 1',. JOHNSON & CO.,  VKKNO.V. VANCOnVKK. Rofl.SI.ANI>.  MflFiWE OF I Kill  OF AN  Extra - Provincial   Company  "COMPANIES ACT, 1897."  "The O'Shea Mining and Milling Company."  Fn.i:r> the 3kd Day of Makch, 1399.  T HEREBY CERTIFY tliat,I  have thisdav  _L    registered " The O'Shea Gold .Mining and  Milling. Company" as   an   Extra-Provincial  Company under the "Companies Act, 1897," to  carry ont or effect all or any-of the objects  hereinafter set forth  to which  the legislative  authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends. ��� ,   '  The head office of lite companv  is situate at  the City  of  Spokane, State  of' Washington,  U.S.A.  The amount of the capital of the Companv is  $50,000, divided into 1,000,000 shares of five cents  each. ���   ,.n     -  The head office of the company in  this Province is situate at Camp McKiutiev, and Thomas  Donald,   miner,   whose address  is Camp McKiiiney aforesaid, is the attornev  for the company.  The tune of the existence of the company is  fifty years. .  The objects for which the company has been  established are:  To   work,   operate,   buy, sell, lease,  locate,  acquire, procure, hold, and deal  in  generally,  mines, metals,  mineral claim's of every kind  and   description  within  the United  States of  America and  British  Columbia ; to carry on  and conduct a general mining, smelting, mill"  iug and reduction business; to purchase, acquire, hold, erect and operate electric light and  power plants for the purpose of mining and  treating ore, and for the purpose of furnishing  lights and creating power for all purposes; to  bond,   buy,   lease,   locate   and    hold    ditches,  Humes and  water rights; to construct,  lease,  buy, sell, and operate railroads,  ferries, tramways,   or other means of transportation, for  transporting ore, mining and other materials;  to own, bond, buy, sell, lease, locate tiiiiberaud   .  timber claims;  to do and  conduct a general  mercantile business, and   finally, to do  anything consistent, proper, and  requisite for the  carrying  out. of   the   objects . and   purposes  aforesaid   in   the fullest and   broadest   sense  within the territory aforesaid.  Given under my hand and  seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  3rd day of March, one thousand eight hundred  and ninety-nine.  [i.:s.] S..Y. WOOTTON,......  19-4       Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  =��:������..���'  Certificate of Registration  OF   AN   EXTRA - PROVINCIAL   COMPANY.  ,  " Companies' Act, 1897."  " The Shannon-Dolphin Gold Mining Company."  Filed the 3rd day of March, 1899: -  T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  Jl. registered " The Shannon-Dolphin Gold  Mining Company ". as an Extra-Provincial  Company under the "Companies Act, 1897," to  carry out or effect all or any of the objects  hereinafter set forth to which the legislative  authority of the Legislature of British Colum-  ��� bia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate in  the Citv of Spokane, State of Washington,  U.S.A.' :'���"���"���  The amount of the capital of the Company is  $50,000, divided into 1,000,000 shares of five cents  each. ���;.-.-   i'  The head office of the Company in  this Pro-  , vince is situate at Camp McKiiiney, and -Thos.  Donald, miner, whose address is Camp McKiiiney aforesaid, is the attorney for the Companv.  The time of the existence of the Company Is  fifty years. ' '.'���'-'"  The objects for which the Company has been  established are.:  To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locate, acquire, procure, hold, and deal in generally,  mines, metals, mineral claims of every kind  and description within the United States of  America aud British Columbia; to carry on  and conduct a general mining, milling, smelting and reduction business; to purchase, acquire, hold, erect and operate electric light and  power plants for the purpose of mining and  treating ores, and for the purpose of furnishing  lights and creating power for all purposes ; to  bond, buy, lease, locate and hold ditches,  flumes and water rights ; to construct, lease,  buy, sell and operate railroads, ferries, tramways or other means of transportation, for  transporting ore, mining and other materials ;  to own, bond, buy, sell, lease, locate timber and  timber claims ; to do aud conduct a general  mercantile business, and finally to do anything  consistent, proper and requisite for the'earry-  ing out of the objects and purposes aforesaid,  in their fullest and broadest sense, within the  territory aforesaid.  Given under my hand  and  seal  of office at  Victoria,  Province of British  Columbia,  litis ���  third day of March,  one thousand  eight  hundred, and tiiuelv-uiiie.  LI..S.1        ' S. Y. WOOTTOX.  . apl29 Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  CERTIFICATE -OF THE REGISTRATION  - - - OF AN - - -  Extra - Provincial Company.  "COMPANIES' ACT, 1S97."  "Cosmopolitan Gold Mining and Smelting Company."  Registered the 27th Day of March, 1899  I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  registered the "Cosmopolitan Golii  Mining and Smelting Company" as an  Extra-Provincial Company, under the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or  any of the objects hereinafter set forth to  which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.  The head office of the Company is sttuate<.in  the city of Spokane, state of Wa'shington.  The amount of the capital of the Company is  fifty thousand dollars, divided into one million  shares of five cents each.  The head office of the Company in this Province is situate in Greenwood City, and A. S.  Black, barrister, whose address is Greenwood  aforesaid, is the attorney for the Company.  The time of the existence of the Company is  fiftv years.     .  Tlte objects for which the Company lias been  established are :���  To work, operate, buy, sell, lease, locate,  acquire, procure, hold, and deal generally in  mines and metals, mining claims of every kind  and description, within the United States of  America and the Province of British Columbia;  to carry on and conduct a general miningbusi-  uess, smelting, milling, aud reduction business,  to purchase, acquire, hold, erect, aud operate  electric light and power plants for the purpose  of mining and treating ores, and for the purpose  of furnishing lights and creating power for all  pur|M>ses; to bond, buy, lease, locate, and hold  ditches, Humes, and water rights; to construct,  buy, lease, sell, and operate railroads, ferries,  tramways, and other means of transportation,  for transporting ores, mining and other materials ; to own, bond, buy, sell, lease, and locate  timber and timber claims ; to do and conduct a  general mercantile business, aud finally to do  anything consistent, proper'and requisite for  the carrying out of the objects and purposes  aforesaid, in their fullest and broadest sense,  within the territory aforesaid or any part  thereof.  Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  27th dav of March, one thousand eight hundred  and ninety-nine. H._ Y. WOOTTON,  tiiv3-4 Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to  apply to the hoard of licence commissioners of the City of Greenwood at their first  meeting after the expiration of thirty days, for  a license to sell liquor by retail on tlie premises  known as the Log Cabin Ro;id House, situate  on Government street, near the citv limits.  J. J."MILLER.  Greenwood, May 1, 1899, 3-5 THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  THE STEMWINDER  And Brooklyn, Two Properties  Being   Developed   by  Eastern   Syndicate,  an  Large Ore Bodies Being Opened  Up by Shafts, Crosscuts and  Drifts-The Buildings  A well, authenticated rumor comes  from Toronto to the effect that Mackenzie, Mann & Co. are perfecting- arrangements for the flotation t'f a big-  company to operate the Greenwood  camp properties held by them. The  capitalization will be several million  dollars. The flotation is sure to be  successful. The easterners are so.  anxious to secure mining- investments  that the names of those, associated  with the ownership, of the Brooklyn,  Stemwirider and the other properties  in the group would bring success to a  flotation such as suggested even if the  mines were veritable,"-wild-cats," but  with properties like the Brooklyn and  and Stemwinder behind some of the  strongest business and financial men  of the east, it is safe to say that the  stock will be oversubscribed several  times. The firm of .Mackenzie, Mann  & Co., who are developing the properties, comprises some of the strongest  eastern financial men. Wm. Mackenzie and Dan Mann require no introduction. They 'have .figured so  prominently in the Canadian history.,  of the last few j-ears that they are  generally known. The "Co." include  Hon. Senator Cox, .the president of the:  Canadian Bank of Commerce, Byron  13. Walker, the general manager of the  same institution, and several other  prominent eastern capitalists.  A Times representative, hearing the  rumor about the flotation, visited the  properties with a view to ascertaining  the amount of work done since Messrs.  Farrell&Midgeori parted with some  of the biggest and best mining interests they- ever controlled. Phoenix  was soon reached, and it was discovered that the employment of oyer  one hundred men in the immediate  vicinity had its direct influence on the  village, or town, or city, or whatever  title best suits Phoenix. The place  has grown, until it' is now something  more than a postofrice. Dwelling houses  have been-built, a large hotel for Harry  Nash is under course of erection, and  a tonsorial artist has decorated a tree  with the stripes to show that he is  ready for business. Fred Graaf's hotel  is still there but the barroom has disappeared, and Mrs. McCormack now  gives excellent meals to hungry miners  and still hungrier visitors.  It is well worth visiting Phcenix, if  for no other reason 'than to listen to  the inimitable stories and bon mots of  Frank Robbins, the resident engineer  for Mackenzie, Mann & Co., and Mr.  Williams, their business manager.  Mr. Robbins has had a long experience indifferent mining camps in the  United. States. His graphic descriptions tof incidents which have come  under his observation are well worth  going miles to hear.  The most cursory observation of the'  workings at the Brooklyn and Stein-  winder forces one .to the conclusion  that after all Mr. Robbins' success is  due to his ability as a mining man.  The buildings, the plants and the  working shafts all bear testimony to  the direction of a master mind. The  Brooklyn is a crown-gran ted property,  located under the old niining1 act, aud  is consequently 600 by 1500 feet. The  ledge, or more properly speaking the  lode, runs north and south aud is 100  feet in width. The limestone wall is  easily discernable on the surface, and  the lode can be traced the entire distance to the opposite wall. A-double-  compartment shaft, 9 by 4l/i feet inside the timbers has been sunk to a  depth of 250 feet. This shaft is at an  angle of 70 degrees. There are. two  levels, one at 50 feet and the other at  150 feet. The greater development work  has been done at the latter level. The  ledge has been crosscut the entire distance of 150 feet. There is also a 75-  foot drift on the ore body. It is the  intention to crosscut and drift at 250  feet. This work is to be started in a  few days. The company have an  assay office on the ground which is  kept busy turning out values ftom  samples. What the values are has not  been made public, but it is safe to say  that the Brooklyn ore runs high in  copper and also contains good gold  gold values. There are about 500 tons  of shipping ore on the dump.  A 30 x 60 shaft-house, 36 feet high,  built of lumber and roofed with corrugated iron, shelters two 30-horsepower  boilers and hoist. There is also a  No. 5 plunger pump, but there has yet  been no .necessity for its use. The  plant has sufficient capacity to sink  the shaft to the 500-foot level.  A well-bnilt wagon road leads from  the Brooklyn to the Stemwinder. Here  is a shaft similar to that on theBrook-  lyri. It is 9 x 4>< feet in the clear,with,  an inclination of 70 degrees. Eight,  inch square timbers and two-inch  planking form the sides. The shaft-  house is 80 feet in length and 50 feet  in height. This building is intended  for the big .compressor plant; which  will be installed as soon as the rail-,  way is completed, and which will furnish power to the two mines. In the  meantime^ a 30-horseppwer boiler, a  hoist and pump comprises the plant.  Tlie width of the Stemwinder ledge  has not been determined, but it is  known to be several hundred feet. The  dump contains several hundred tons  of ore. It runs as high as 20 per cetit  copper, will average lOper cent, copper  and also carries substantial gold values  The shaft is down 175 feet. The ledge  has been crosscut at 115 feet and a  drift run. The shaft will be continued  and different levels established.  The adjoining properties, the Montezuma,- Golden Eagle and Standard,  will probably be worked from the  Brooklyn and Stemwinder.  THE   C. & W. ROAD.  Interview With W. F. Tye. Chief Engineer of  Construction.  W. F. Tye, chief engineer of con-  'struction of the Columbia and Western  railway, now the Canadian Pacific,  was in the city yesterday and stated  that 90 per cent, of the grading from  Brooklyn west was completed. All the  grading, he said, was finished to Grand  Forks, and the station at that point  will be between Grand Forks and the  new city of Columbia, probably a few  yards nearer the latter than the former,  bnt while probably about 25 yards  nearer, would certainly not be more  than 50 yards nearer Columbia than  Grand Forks. As a matter of tact,  there was not he said, more than 100  yards from the boundary of one municipality to the boundary of the other,  and the railroad ran between. The  station would be called Grand Forks.  From Grand Forks to Greenwood  was about 25 miles, but the .grading  had been completed to Eholt summit,  80 miles from Brooklyn, and the line  was ready for the rails. From Eholt  summit to Greenwood swis only eight  and a half miles and the work was  light, as the road was practically level.  From Greenwood on through the pass  was, however, different.  Tracklaying was now completed for'  22 miles west of Robson, and was being  pushed as rapidly as possible, so as to  make it worth while to run trains  regularly. The rails being laid down,  he said, were 73 pounds per yard, and-  were practically as heavy as on the  main line, there being only about two  or three pounds difference in the weight  This line through the Boundary  Creek country would eventually be  built to join the main line at Hope  station (at present the most hopeless  station on earth), but which is the  station for one of the prettiest little  towns in British Columbia, but that is  across the river, aud most of the business goes down from the town by  steamer to New Westminster.  Mr. Tye was asked whether or not  the main line would come through by  the Crow's Nest pass and thence by  Robson through the Boundary Creek  country. He said he was unable at  present' to say. The grades from  Medicihe Hat by the Crow's Nest road  to Robson are much lighter than by  the present mam line to Revelstoke,  but on the other hand the grades from  Revelstoke to the coast are much ���  lighter, and it yet remains to be seen  which will be the best route for the  main line. Of course it is a question  of economy, and if the new line proves  cheaper to run than the old one, that  will be the course of the main line,  though freight and passengers between this and the west and between  the extreme east and west may come  through Robson eventually and the  Southern Kootenays rather than the  main line.���Rossland Miner.  PASSES   FOR   MEMBERS.  An Ottawa correspondent writes:  "A brief but interesting discussion  took place in the House of commons  on Thursday afternoon upon a bill introduced by Mr. Bostock, which proposed to make it compulsory upon all  railways to issue free passes over their  systems to members of parliament.  The question is. one that was made a  prominent feature in the Patron platform a few years ago, and there is  little doubt that that organization  voiced a widely prevailing idea in the  country that the free passes granted  by the railways to members  of  parlia  ment were not given entirely on account of the affection the railways  felt for the members, but in anticipatory acknowledgment of favors that  were hoped for in time to come. Whatever may have been the original motive  which led to the custom, there is post-'  tively no evidence that'members are  unduly influenced to favor the railways, at the s.ame time the contention  of the supporters of this measure, that  the representatives of the people should  be above even the appearance of suspicion, has secured support, officially,  from neither side of the house, both  leaders opposing the proposition ; the  principal objection to it being that  parliament has no right to compel any  railway company to surrender the use  their property, or to render public service gratuitously as contemplated in  'the bill."  GRAHB  ���   AT  May 24,1899  Horse Races, Foot Races  ���    AND  CRICKET   MATCH  'Midway v. Greenwood.  See Posters for Programme,and Prizes  Everybody Come.  DENTAL NOTICE.  D  R. R. MATHISON will open  a dental office in Greenwood  as soon as the building in  which he has engaged rooms  is completed���probably about  end   of   Mav.  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The route .is 300 miles  shorter than via any other Trans-Pati lie line.  ��� tip      tic - ��� i  Canadian-Australian Steamer Line  ���TO���  Honolulu, Fiji and Australia.  The shortest line to the Colonies. These  . steamers carry an experienced medical man  aud a stewardess on every vo3-age.,  For lime tables, pamphlets, or any information, call on or address  S. L. SMITH, E.  J.  COYLE.  Agent, Dist. Pass. Agent,  PKNTICTON. VANCOUVER.  D. R. McELMON, Local Agent, Greenwood.     '  MINERS, and,: :  PROSPECTORS  should Wear   : : .  Ames Holden Co.'s  "Columbia";  "Kootenay"  "Vancouver "  All of which are First.class Foot Wear.  50   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an  invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents  sent free. Oldest neency for securing putents.  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Ii'i<sl>>liul l.i:.  eil '!"!���.  : n.I   m-11-  A  Jf.^"' Siirriuu ,-. ;,'/.���//-.-��� .srtif i-it. '��� fiu/irntinn. hi  $<;.&C. T.;errl:i:si Co..I'-.ili:!:-.!:*!:���!���.,(  9 Kl>rijij;n~I��j, III:-.!--.-,  J? CAtl'E'ffOrcr Ho nut   be "dsccivetf'lii  9 *.'' ~~���   Intyln;; small   ;;n~c-ilird  P "Webster's   D'cinn-irhs."     ,M|   Milieu:!.:  P nliliileiiii-nlri ,,r tVi-hsli-r'n l-.:----!i-tli..ii:il  Hi.-t -  6 :iry i-i I!������- vnriniM yiwa twin- . ��� r r:,.I.-.111:11k mi  A tin! I r. Hit. i:"VtM-;usll..\-,-n i i ;h" �� ! I.<.  -0<><)-0<>-0<><K><><K><>CK><><><>0-0<  To Lease,  LOT   9,   BLOCK 13,    City   of   Greenwood.  Will lease for the  term of three  vears.  Applicants write to P. O. BOX lib".  ap129 Colville, Wash.  For Sale or Lease,  /-COMPLETE   ASSAY   OUTFIT.���Apply lo  E. C. -liHOWNur W. S. KEITH,  136 Copper Street, Greenwood  LOST.  LOST.���Two certificates of shares in the  Morrison Gold Minim,' companv. one for  5,000 and the other for 15,000 shares,'issued in  the name of Mr. Saml. Ureslauer. Finder will  be rewarded by leaviuy the same at Mowat ,fe  Palmer's office, Greenwood, (.-5  Financial and Insurance Agent  ; (Jtoforg (pufiKc 5  ���     VERNON,    B.C.  AGENT FOK   '.,.'''  The Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.  The Royal Insurance Co.    The Scottish Union & National Ins. Co.  The London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co.  Tlie Insurance Companj- of North America.  The Loudon & Canadian Fire Ins. Co.  Dominion Building- & Loan Association. ,.  APPKAISUK  FOK  The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.  THISTLE  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���AND���  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  SOLE  AGENTS:  R. P. Rithist & Co. Ltd.  VICTORIA     B.C.  NOTICE.  THE Columbia and Western Railway Company will apply,, to the parliament of  Canada, at its next session, for ;au Act ffivine;  to the Company authority to issue first niort-  u-atre bonds to be a chary-ed on its railway, including- its main line and branches, not exceeding- thirty-five thousand dollars ($35,000.00) per  mile thereof, and for other purposes.  H. CAMPBELL OSWALD,  Montreal, ' Secretarv.  March 7th, 1899. Mar. 18-9  ~~~- "~     NOTICE."       ~r ��� ..  THE partnership heretofore existing- between E. Q. Johnson and J. D. McDou-  gall, at Trail and Greenwood, doing- business  under the firm name of Johnson & McDoutfall,  is this day dissolved. Mr. McDouifall will assume all liabilities and will continue business  at both places above mentioned.  E.  Q:  JOHNSON.  Trail, B.C., ' J.1 D.   McDOUGALL.  April 1,1899. ' ;��� aplgM  , ,   .-..-���  .;���     NOTICE.  IS hereby given that I will apply to the Board  of License Commissioners for the City of  Greenwood at their next sitting-, held after the  expiration .of thirty days from date of this  notice, for a license to sell by retail spirituous  i and fermented liquors on the premises known  as the " Queen's Hotel," situate on Lot 5, Block  14, Copper street, in the said City of Greenwood.  .   DAVID MANCHESTER.  Dated the 4th day of March, 1899. ���  NOTICE.  NOTICE   is   hereby   g-iveu   that   I will on  Wednesday the 8th day of March inext  present, apply to the Board   of   License   Commissioners for   the City, of Greenwood  for  a  license to sell by retail spirituous and  ferment- ���  ed liquors on the premises to be known  as the  '���Miner's Hotel "situate on Lots 3 and 4,Block 5,  Copper street, in the said Citv of Greenwood.  WALTER WATERLAND.  . Dated the Sth day of February. 1899.  ~~    ~~'. NOTICE.  TAKE NOTICE that, sixty days from the  date hereof, I, Otto Dillier, intend to apply to Hie chief commissioner of lauds and  works for the following described tract of laud,- -  viz.: Commencing at the north east corner of  the Twin Mineral claim in Skylark camp,  Kettle Kiver Mining-division of Yale district,.  B. C, thence riiiiniug-20 chains cast, thence20  chains north, thence 20 chains east, thence 40  chains south, thence 40 chains west, thence 20  chains north to tlie poititof commencement.  ���OTTO DILLIER.      .  Dated at Greenwood City, April 10,1899.    12-4  NOTICE ~     ~'  NOTICE is hereby ffiven that the undersigned intends to apply to the board of  license commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at their next sitting- after tlie date hereof  for a license to sell liquor by retail 011 the  premises situate on lots 8 and 9, in block 16,  Government street, in the Citv* of Greenwood..  HENRY THOMAS.  Dated llllt April,i-IS'J-). 12.4  APPLICATION   FOR   LIQUOil   LIcInSE? ~  NOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned intend to apply to the Board of  .License Commissioners of .the City of Greenwood, at their next sitting, for a license lo sell  liquor by retail oil the premises known as the  Alberla'Hotel, situate 011 lot 4, block 12, Silver  street, in the Citv of Greenwood, B.C.  Dated this 29tli dav of April, 1899.  'J. D. RENEAULT.  iny3 CHARLES   GAUVREAU.'  MINERAL   ACT,    1896? ~  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  HIDDEN TREASURE Mineral Claim, situate  in  Kettle  River  Mining-Division   of Yale  District.   Where located : In Copper Camp.  TAKE notice that we Ned Ben net,' Free  Miner's Certificate No. 14082a, and Earnest  A.Bieleitberg,Free Miner's Certciicate No.25S67a  tend, sixty days from tlie. date hereof, to  apply to the Mining- Recorder for a certificate  , of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining*  a Crown -rrant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced .before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of February, 1S99.       139-9  MINER AI/   ACT,   1896..  Certificate   of   Improvements.  NOTICE.  COMBINATION Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located���in Providence camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for the Combination Mining" and  Milling company (foreign), free miner's certificate No. 14354 A," intend, sixty davs from the  date hereof', to apply to the*mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the above  claim.  And fiirtlicr take notice that action, under  section ���'7, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Daied this 12th day of April, 1899. 19-4  MINERAL,  ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  NUGGET, GOLD DROP Fraction and PHIL-  LIPSP.URG Fraction mineral claims, situ-  in the Kettle River Mining' division of Yale  district. Where located: In Greenwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac Hallett, as  agent for Frederick Colleton limes, free  miner's certificate No. 16378 A, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants  of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements. .  Dated this 4th day of March, 1899. 22-3  MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  MARGUERITE Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River milling division  of Yale dis-  T  trict.   Where located : In Deadwood camp.  %AKE notice that  we,  Elwood   C.   Brown,  free miner's certificate No.14,240a, and D.  M. McMartin, free mi tier's certificate No. 14280a,  intend, sixty days from tiiedate hereof,to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 11th day of March. 1899,   Marl5-9 THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES,  Lot 14* Block 13* next Burns' butcher shop (Lots 11 and 12, Block 13* between Providence and  Brooklyn streets j Lot 3* Bli 16, opposite Postoffice^ Fisher Addition and several other  Choice Lots,    If You Want Bargains, call and see nie/  ^.; E.   MALLETTE   ^  DEATH I A  JLi'i  JOHN   SPARGO   MEETS   DEATH  Forty-Five Feet of Water In a Winze Breaks  Through on ���Two Men Working in a Drift���  Spargo Was' Killed' Instantly and Thomas  Edwards Badly:lnjured,     ������;,  ;;  John Spargo, a Cornish miner, about  40 years of age,  was'instantly killed  at the Jewel, mine o^ Saturday-last..  The deceased and Thos. Edwards were  engaged in  an  upraise from the 250-;  foot level, when they came in contact  with the bottom; of a. winze from the  tunnel.   There was 45 feet of water iri -  the   winze.      It   broke - through    and  hurled the  men back' into the level,  carrying Spargo. 200 feet, 45 feet in the  south drift and'80 feet  past, the;work-,  ing.  shaft.      Spargo    was    instantly-  killed.     His   head, was . crushed   but  there were few. bodily "���injuries.. Ed-,  ���wards   grabbed - some timbers in  the  upraise and escaped, but was seriously  hurt.   The most serious injury is that  he is . temporarily,-blind.from^ the. ef- .  fects of the.awful.weight of .water.;    ;,  To better "understand; the nature of  ' the accident, it is.( necessary to state','  that the tunnel od the Jewel attains a  depth of 150 feet"-Frbm tH'is depth" a  winze was sunk a distance of .50 feet.  An upraise was started from the 250-  foot level to connect with this winze.  The upraise was run. until it was  thought to be near the' bottom of the  winze. A:;surveyor wasv engaged, in-,  the work ������ of determining the exact  position when the, accident occurred.  Edwards' escape from instant death .  was simply-miraculous. It is thought  he escaped the full'force of the water  or he would not.haye,beeri;:;able to retain his hold on the timbers. The upraise was run at an angle of about 45  degrees.    ��� ;\ r.. .'';:.,-'/.    .-...-.'   :'-. .;"  But littles-is known concerning the  deceased ' miner. He., worked at the  Sunset for a few -weeks, before going  to the Jewel. ' He was a Cornishman  and mined^in "Montana before coming  to this district. :b The funeral took  place from Gulley's undertaking.parlors on Monday and was largely attended. ' ...;..  The injured miner, Thos. Edwards,  is well known in the city. He lived  here for ��� about two years arid . has  worked in different properties in the  district.       , :.-' ,.   .;  Dr. Jakes, "the ,coroner,: visited the  mine on Sunday.'He. made careful  enquiry into the cause of the accident,  but owing to the .unsatisfactory regu-.  lations recently promulgated by -the  attorney-general, did not feel justified  in holding an inquest.  INTERESTED   IN   MIDWAY.  The Midway Townslte People are Visiting the  ;       District. -.";'  Capt. E. K. Greene, J. F. Piggott,  and C. F.'.'Clough were .among, the.  visitors to the city during the week.  Messrs.] Greene and.Piggott are. interested in the Midway Towrisite Company. They came from Montreal' via  the Coast.;, Mr. Piggott is anxious to  prove that Mr. Greene.is.a hoodoo, and  that he fears greatly the gallant captain will.fall down a shaft before leav-  i -       ...  ing the.district. \ To prove his assertion he points to the fact that the captain recently returned from the Old  Country on the "Germanic." He left  the steamer, and shortly afterwards  she sank in the dock. Coming across  the continent they missed a serious  bridge accident only a few hours. They  were on the "Kingston" when she  was cut in two by trie " G-lenogle," and  escaped only with their liyes  and  paj-  ammas. After many tribulations they  reached Spokane. A friend induced  Capt. Greene to, visit the Cceur d'Alene  and immediately upon 'his arrival the  union miners blew up: the Bunker Hill  mill. These fatalities do not disturb  Capt. Greene's equanimity. In company with the other gentlemen he  visited the,Mother Lode, B.C., and  other properties in the district. Mr.  Piggott isa brother-in-law of. Mr. J. F.  K Heinenway of the Old Ironsides, with  ���; whom theyspent sometime. He is an  old railway engineer, and was through  Boundary Creek'when, as he puts it,  "the Old' Ironsides was as big a wildcat as any of them." .  The visitors will spend some time at  Midway before returning East. -They  .corroborate the statement that Montreal capital is, anxiously seeking for  legitimate mining- investments in the  Boundary Creek country, arid it is  quite probable that before returning"'  they may get hold -of something good  :to' place on the -Montreal- market. Mr.  Clough is one of the prominent real  estate . and | mining men; of Spokane.  He is seeking investments, and will  visit Cariip' McKiriney and Republic  before returning home.  Midway will celebrate the Queen's-  Birthday..- -A strong"' committee- has,;  ..been appointed by the citizens. They  ; are making active preparations for' a  grand celebration.. The programme of  events includes horse races, foot races,  and general sports. .There will also be  a cricket match between Midway and  Greenwood.      ���' -. '      .    '  Next Thursday being the anniversary of-the Ascension of.Our Lord is a  great feast day and day of obligation  in the Roman Catholic: church: There  .will be mass at 8a. m. in the Roman  Catholic church in this city.  'The Marcus and Republic stage line  are now running a daily stage between  Grand. Forks and Greenwood. The  stage leaves Grand Forks for Greenwood at 9a.m.  OINKS, Garbage Boxes and Cesspools need attention now. Sometimes sickness in the summer months is  due to lack of disinfectants. Be on the  safe side���use Cijkolin* now. .;  CJREOLIN.is a prompt, reliable and  safe disinfectant. It is not poisonous,  and that is one of the reasons why it is  in such demand. Death through carbolic  acid is frequent.  IN addition to its use as a general  disinfectant, Crcolin is an agreeable  deodorizer for the sick room, an effective home remedy for burns, cuts and  other hurts; and a useful application in  -treating- skin ���blemishes and parasitic  diseases of animals.  '������'.: g=**=d  ..THREE! table spoonfuls of Creolin  mixed with a gallon of water makes a  good disinfectant ���     ���    -  Druggists and Jewelers.  NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby g-iveu that the undersigned intends lo apply to the board i f  license commissioners of the City of Greenwood, at their next sitting, 30 days after il;c  date hereof, for a licen.-e to sel'l lit]nor hy  retail on the preniis-s to b?. kiivm-u as tie  Gambriniis hotel, situ :te on u> .- 15 and 16, iii  block 11, Silver street;iti '.licCiti- of Greenwood.  HENRY THOMAS.  Dated 11th April,ulSW, 12-4  KEEP   YOUR   EYE   ON  r@m  The Acknowledged Center of the Great  Lots Are Now on the Market,    Easy Payments,  For Full Particulars Apply to  . T. THOMPSON, Agent, Midway,  LOOK OUT  i~ '���- -  CHEAP  l ii  tl it  Pi  SSI  I'm  28JS  L/ots. The EJlkhorn Division will soon be  put on the marketj and lots will be sold on  Easy Terms.    For  Particulars  enquire of  Boundary; Valley   Lodge  No. 38. I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  . . Evening at 8.00 in  their lodge room at Greenwood, B.C. A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning brethren. .'....-.'��� Thos. M. Gullky, N.G.  :   Duncan Ross, Rec. Sec. -  A.   P. . &   A.   M.  Room 10, Naden-Flood Building, Copper Street.  m  * ��� GREENWOOD ��� *  Dealers in Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Butter, Eggs, etc,  $  $ * # .  HEAVY   WAGON   SCALES   IN   CONNECTION   WITH   OUR   BUSINESS  Silver Street, Greenwood.  GREENWOOD LODGE, A. F. & A. M.  Regular 'Communication   first    Thursday   in  every month.   Sojourning brethren cordially-  invited. J.   C.   HAAS,  C. Scott Galloway. W.M.. Secretary.  The Presbyterian Churclii Greenwood  Thos. Oswald; Ordained Missionary.  ���_o   Services held in Rendell & Co's Hall  every Sabbath evening at 7:30.  Sabbath School and Bible Class every  Sabbath afternoon at 3:30.  The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper  is dispensed on the last Sabbath of  January, April, July and October.  ���     '    -#-  VISITORS   IN  TOWN  CORDIALLY  INVITED.  All Are Welcome.   Suats Free.  If your Watch is tired  TAKE   IT   TO  L'i ���"��� ��� "��� i  (������'^������I^L.'J;!^-L:���,���5i^gJ^������J,���1^f||'���^^l���JSai8!Ea  - - THE - -  WATCHMAKER,  GKKENWOOD  And have it fixed right.   Over 30 years' experience, and the must complete slock of   material  with which to do work correctly.  M OD eTcAFFb"  W.-R. Counts, Pkop.  A New Restaurant in the Flood-Naden-  Block, Run oti the  LIVE AND LET LIVE PLAN  Our Tea, Coffee or Cocoa is  ji.tiv���3    I Always Fresh and Well Made THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  OUR  \J  EEINTZMAN    AND   COMPANY  The Art Piano of Canada,    Endorsed by  All   Artists  to , be    the   Leading    Piano,  SevenThpuspfl'Heintzman Pianos  In use in. .Toronto" alone.. From .the j^ear  1850 up to the present time Heintzman &  Co. have invariably- 'carried off First  Premiums' when exhibiting, taking a larg-e  number of tGold, Silver and Bron&e Medals,  Prices, etc. Amuinber ofr these celebrated  pianos are"oh "the way arid are. expected  .daily. Intending purchasers are invited to  call. JRENDELL & CO., Sole Agents.  The Coming Metropolis of the  RENDELL! RENDELL!  Situated at the confluence of Beaver  creek and the West Fork of Kettle  River, the town of Rendell is sure to  become .the . distributing point for the  rich West F6rk mining, district.  It is right at the junction of  the  two  branch railways.and the main line of the  C. P. R., according to  recent surveys."  The owners of the townsite have purchased a Sawmill and Shingle Mill,  which will be placed, on the Townsite  .immediately. An hotel and a general  store already doing business.  Lots will be placed on the market in  a  few days.    Apply  to  GREENWOOD, B, C.  GREENWOOD   AND   DISTRICT.  ���   W.   H.   Lancaster,, the  well   known  mining'ina'n, is in the city. .-'.''  Chas. Deifz a'iid: S. Larsen were up  from Rock Creek this week.  Miss Lena Roth is visiting with her  sister, Mrs. Tynan, in Spokane.  The Central Hotel has been opened  by Messrs; Posty and Villandre.  A. S. Thomas has returned from a  prospecting trip up ;the West Fork.  Frank Darling} aVancouver commercial man, was in the city this week.  ,  Geo. M.- Leishmau, representing Oli-  - give's flours,, was in the city this week.  A. H. Harrison   and E. S. Barchard,  formerly of the B. C. mine, are  in  the  cit-Y. ' '���'.',  Thos. Allice, Turner, Beeton, & Co.'s  traveler, paid the city a business trip  this week.  Robert Hunter of Rossland, a' member of the Htinter-Kenclrick Company,  is in the city.  J. McDonnell, of the contracting firm  of Foss & McDonnell, has returned,  from the East.  Mr. R. J. Bealey and his: brother,  who was visiting him, left for Ross-  land last week.  ' Mrs'.,J/. F.' Hemenway has left for  Portland to pay a visit to her sister  who resides there. ;  Rapid progress is being made with  the grade on the branch line to Dead-  wood and Copper Camps.  The Pioneer Wednesday Club'will  give one of its enjoyable dances this  evening in Barrett's Hall. , A general  invitation is extended.      -  Frank Chadler returned from the  West Fork a few days ago. He reports  a large number of prospectors going in  and a city of tents on Beaver Creek.  H. C. Shaw, barrister, of Vancouver,  arrived in the city last week,  and  has-  decided to locate here.   He is a member  of the  firm of Cowan  &  Shaw, Vancouver.  The Greenwood branch of the  Cana- :  dian Bank of Commerce  has been  removed to the Flood-Naden Block, where  rich and  handsome offices- have  been  fitted up.  David Beath has just completed an  assessment on the St. Louis claim (in  Pass Creek Camp. There is an 18-foot  shaft on a 4-foot ledge, which carries  good gold values.   ;  D. Simpson, inspector of branches of  the;Bank of B. N. A.,  paid  an official  visit to the Greenwood branch on Tues-''.'.  day last.   Mr. Simpson makes his headquarters at Vancouver.  Edward S. Graham, the father of  Graham's Camp near Midway, died in  Spokane recently. He was 68 years of  age. He was,well known in Spokane,  and was heavily interested in mining  properties in different parts of B. C.  W. T. McDonald, the weil known  niining man, is in the city. He is  interested in the War Eagle Company  owning the War Eagle in Greenwood  Camp. Preparations are being made  for working this property upon a large  scale. ,  ,: His Honor Judge Spinks presided at  the session of the County Court held in  Midway Tuesday. A large number of  cases came up for consideration, but  none were of much importance. The  next sitting of the Court will probably  be held at Greenwood.  James McGregor, the provincial mining inspector, arrived in the city on  Tuesday, and left for the Jewel mine  to make an investigation into the cause  of the recent accident there. Mr. McGregor will visit some of the mines in  the district before returning to Koot-  enay.  Duncan Mcintosh, the president of  the Winnipeg Company, has returned  from Rossland. Before leaving Boss-  burg he saw the big plant for, the mine  loaded and hauled up the Bossburg  hill. He does not anticipate any difficulty in getting the plant to the mine  as the roads are in a fairly good condition.  Geo. C. Hodge, the superintendent of  the Vernon & Nelson Telephone Company, lett yesterday for Grand Forks  to install a local system at that point.  Before leaving he closed a contract for  placing 'phones at the sawmills and at  Reudell's store, Eholt. The work of  erecting the poles for this branch line  has already commenced.  The Government has announced that  the Eight-hour Law will be enforced  after June 12 next. The law applies  to all metalliferous mines. The law  was asked for by men working in the  mines, and they demanded its enforcement. There is considerable opposition against the enforcement of the  law by mine-owners, but it is not  thought that serious difficulties will  arise.   Lost.���A souvenir Steamer Beaver  cufflink. Finder will kindly leave the  same at Boundary Ckeijk Tiji^S office,  &��� 'GmMml./JM^ftmtMn   Exfenncfed  -   TO ALL FROM THE  WE    DON'T    ASK    YOU   TO    BUY  ..-.,--. But to  Call  and Inspect Our Stock  of  BOOTS AND SHOES - - - JUST ARRIVED.  A Shoe to Fit Every Foot  At a Price to Suit Every Pocket.  L S ON   <&��� R HE LAN.  (Nest <icor to the Postoifice)   Government Street. Greenwood.  Lams Hi.'.;:���:.  A. Fishkk.  Jural! bit  MILLS     AND     YARDS     AT  Greenwood City    <%    Eholt Creek, B, G  - Manufacturers' of Roufrh and  Dressed ���  Shingles^ Lath/Mouldings, Sash and Doors*  ALL KINDS OF FACTORY WORK MADE TO ORDER  Lumber delivered:to any place in the City or, to Mining Camps ,  Midway, Kettle River.  First-class; Accommodation. ' Goon Stabling.   Stopping Pi.acu i*or Stages.  McAULEY & KEIGHTLEY, Proprietors,  Rossland.  Greenwood.  fC\&     V       , ,        .    LIMITED   LIABILITY. *���      I f\  ;;    -j$M; &?fa��i M>- (Stows WvohxB, ���       '  Financial ^r Insurance Agents  ; GEQ.   R.   NADEN, "Manager.  %ftft ft 4* 4? 4* ft ft ft 4* ft ft 4* 4*4? ftftft ft,^ftft ft 4* 4*9?  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ^  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  *  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��� . _c��. . ��� ^  Head Office for Boundary Creek division at GREENWOOD.   ��*���  ft  ft  Our sales of Hams.and Bacon have increased considerably. They are the  best cured meats to be' had, anct the  public is sharing our opinion. 'A full  stock  always   on   hand.  P.   BURNS  4   CO.  Shops at Cascade, Grand Forks, Niagara, Greenwood and Midway  St ^ *$* ��3- ��$> # ^ *$��� *f* ft ft ftftft ft ftft.ftftft ft ft fyftftX  OF   EVERY    DESCRIPTION. UPHOLSTERING.   ETC.  ��� The L-artrest Stock in the District.  UNDERTAKING    AND     EMBALMING.  D.UUl.E^^.awiHMCMIMiiHUMB..  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD CITY, B.C.  THE   PALAOE   LIVERY   STABLE.  IN   THE  BOUNDARY   CREEK   DISTRICT.  Extra Well Fitted for Long Drives,    Saddle Horses and Pack  Ponies.    Feed Barn,    Hay and  Oats For Sale,  A. W. ROBINS   -   -   -   PROPRIETOR.  THE PIONEER HOTEL  Greenwood City, Boundary Creek, B.C,  ift A% 3k  ���** ���?& ���>&  We are prepared to welcome Guests and provide good accommodation.  Headquarters for Mining- Men.       Best of Wines, Liquors and Cig-ars  A Comfortable Sample Room.     Heated by Hot Air.  ?!b ��& iV&  J, W, NELSON  #     m  Proprietor,


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