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 ».t*p  ;h.U •— ,  <....„, s » -j *,  .... „    ,         £...»....  V»»  ... «».».>.*«.MM  ,.,„..       ,.*   »  ,M*"-  j^,     ^f"-%  ■W ^^   «J""   -4   (  "'*^,  v  AP  ^•tiVB'Wto^X  f+V^W  , 1  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH C©  ittP 9  1920  BRITISH COLUMBIA  A FUBUOATXOB DBVOTBB TO OBBBBAX. BBWS. BUXX.DXB O. COWTBACTIB0, BB<?XBEEBXBa, PBOYXWCXAZ., OXTY ABB HABBO'  VOL. XIX. No. 36  Pabllahad Monday  Wadnaaday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1920.  Offloa and Blast  699 Fandar Straat WMt  PBZCE—PwYmt ia Adrsao*  Par Month   -   -   -   -  SOLIGNUM  *&  mm  em  5m  Wood Preservative and Stain :-  Recommendod  for all  woodwork,  insido  and outside.    It  does not  evaporate, like ordinary stains,,and as a result goes further.  Covering:- -  .Dressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 400 square feet.  Undressed lumber, 1 gallon covers 250 square feet.  -;, Shingles, 1 gallon brushed on, covers 150 to 175 square feet.  Shingles   dipped 8 t» 9 inches, 1% gallons to 1000 shingles.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  OarNiw IMnss; 530 HOWE ST. Sey. 479S - 4796  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  taz! innowi  -nsiooosf-  SKTXJOXTS  '      JOBBZBO  BLOW PXPXBQ  SXOKB STACKS  Granville Is.  SeynouT 2172  "^  - CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call For A Fan  Phone or write for,  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  f DKSI6NINQ AND CRICTINQ ENGINEERS  Credit Ponder Building Telephone Seyinoor  Roofing;. Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  ��  *.   _ Clayburn Firebrick,  Spseial  Ft.ofColumbia av     *h»p««* 2r?±rtc!?' **•—*  Brick, ate.  Elk Brand Cement, Rainforcad  4fj .- sv^ Steel, Hydratad  ^_jyj Lima, etc.  FACE   BRICK-  LABXUTT—"everlasting  Concreta  B—Permanent..    Wide    range;  from Pure White to Black.  ^gt^|rc'X.ISIATXC Waterproof  |^M.COB»ITIOB«- *  ^:»,*J{a*vW»MI'B>-Tape«try or Smooth Finish  %BIC8—Reduces   Brick   Costs   from  25 per cent to 40 j>er. com.   ;  POLYCHROME CEMENT  Brick & Tile Co., Ltd.  Offlca> SIS Onaiu Bldf  Worke: QraaTlUa Xalaad  ;. Bey. 8530  B.T.    SIS  Home Refrigeration  WITHOUT ICK  - install a *•-  "JACK FROST"  ELECTRICAL"   RBFRfCBBRATOR  IN  YOUR   NEW   HOMK  Made  In, Canada.  Jamieson Engineering  Company  Phone Sey. l»*6   . -^l^oaaoh Bldjr.  TENDERS INVITED FOR  PLUMBING AND HEATING  ON NEW MARPOLE SCHOOL  Architects Twizell, Bird & Twizell,  719 Metropolitan building, are inviting- tenders for the plumbing and  steam-heating sub-contracts' in connection with the erection of the new  twelve-room school at Marpole for the  Point Grey school board. ■  The tender. will dose at noon of  Wednesday, September 15, and( all  bids'must be accompanied by a check  equal to- five per cent of the amount  61 the tinder, while the successful  bidders will be required to put up a  bond equal to fifty per cent of the  amount qf the contract. ,  Copies of the plans and specifications and forms ,of contract can be  seen at the office of the architects.  Official notice of tender appears elsewhere In this paper.  HUNTER  - HENDERSON  Company; Limited  PAINT  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST.  - '  SEYMOUR 6110  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  ■"■'   o«r**aa-e* la tBa BSwet Caaialata — tJw ra-esHe Ce-aat    P : -P  fnr   i  DO YOU NEED ANY FIR PANELS  We Nave a Large Stock of SaMad Oaa SMs  J. FYFE SMITH CO.  1320 RICHARDS ST.   ~ SET. 3199  SCHOOL COST MAY BE  HIGHER THAN BYLAW  Tenders  on   Penticton   Building   Run  Over $100,000 With only  $85,000 Available.  PENTICTON—The Penticton. school  board faces somewhat' of a quandary  in connection with the construction of-  the new high school, for which a number of tenders have already been received but no" award made as yet owing to financial reasons. -   .  - \  The tenders were opened at the last  meeting of the school board and the  figures rather surprised the members  of the board. According to ^statement  made by members of the board, the  new school when completely furnished ; will cost In the neighborhood of  of $140,000. . This is considerably, in,  excess of tlie total of $85,000 provided.  •by the-recently passed school-bylaw.  and the government graBt^, Just what?  action will -be taken, or.-whether tlie  TO ASK TENDERS SOON  ON TWO FINE HOMES  Gardiner & Mercer Preparing Plana  , for Dwellings on' Shaughnessy  Heights  . Architects Gardiner & Mercer5 827  Blrks Building, have been commissioned to prepare, plans for two more  fine 1 residences which are to be erected.-soon on Shaughnessy Heights. The  p?'ans for these dwellings are'now well  under way and tenders will be invited  for .their construction shortly by the  architects.  One of the new homes is to be a  cosy bungalow for- Mr. S. Rainsford,  while the other is to be a two-story  dwelling for Mr.. William Love. ,Both  houses are estimated to cost about  $3,000 each, and will havef hardwood  floors, hot water heating, full con  crete basement' and" _other modern  conveniences. ' ^ /; o-  -Hfhe architecte*«spect, to have .the  plans, completed in about a week's  time and will then be calfing for ten  .-    *'»g.li.  *-isi;M  - Wm(  ■zm¥-  • >*v^*  ■ pm  i *^>  •>;  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price.On BUILDING MATERIALS  Aobin Hood Boilers and Radiation  Seymour S570  10S3 Main St^  :vi  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery and  Supplies      B.C.PIetrib-*itoreFer -  board will decide to revise the plans  ■Vu>f..*t>h>        and caH for new Anders will not beldera from selected contractors.  VANCOUVER  I.Ca   ||dec!ded unt'] after the next meetihg !  I   *  *  J|r»f the board. '  To add to the complications that  seem to be combining to delay a start  on the new school building is the fact  that Architect Bell of Vernon, who  prepared the plans for the building,  and who came to Penticton last week  to aid the Board in making the award,  was taker seriously ill and is at present confined to his home in Vernon.  CUT-TO-FIT BUILDING  FACTORY GETS ORDER FOR  90 DWELLINGS FOR I0C0  NEW WESTMINSTER—With its  new factory at South Westminster  just completed and the necessary machinery now being installed, the Cut-  To-Fit Building Company has been  awarded a contract that will keep the  new -factory and a big staff working  for six months at least. The Employees- Building Association of the Imperial Oil Company-has awarded to  the Cut-To-Fit Building Company a  contract for the erection of . ninety  new dwellings which are to form the  model townsite at the company's refinery town on iBurrard Inlet.      *   °-  The contract will involve an outlay  of about $270,000 by the time  it is  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTBICAt HGMEBS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  Gafiaraf  Elactrlcal  Construct!**  time snmu 154  '  Stanlari Bak sssslf  luttna. immki  (Continued on  Page 2)'  London & British North.  America Co. Limited.  ALL   CLASSES   OF   INSURANCE  WRITTEN *  NORTH BRITISH <*  MERCANTILE FIRE INSURANCE  Company  -  HARTFORD FIRE  INSURANCE.  , Company  S9S Bandar St. Waat  Say.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  •   *   ...   i  "■TKOB^  Boiler .Baarlas Brills—CloeJ~ Qaartar Piston Air Brills ■ -BiTattJas Btaa  ~       ~      — - — -TorWaa aad. Blaetrle ^Brills  W  Cbippi&a*  lara—Wood Bo:  Wigh Bpaaa sHaal-  eoBorutTB wtook or  ate.  ,«••  ' r -f  'V.  T. G. McBRIDE & CO  ACME SHINQLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPINQ, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS 4V GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  •58 . SO Cambla St.  Say: 4738 - 4739  C. N. R. INVITES BIDS ON,  RAZING OF GLOBE' HOTEL  • Preparatory to turning over to the  city a strip of property comprising  about ten lots located immediately  north and south of the Main street  bridge, in accordance with the *gree-  ment to that effect made seven years  ago, the Canadian National Railways  *■  .     , ESTABLISHED  ISM  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN     T  SAND. GRAVEL. BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Stain St. Talaphona Saymonr 1XSS  ' "'^■fc  ; *>ai  J. A. FLETT Limited  Corbin Lock and Building Hardware  SPORTING GOODS DEALERS  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  is inviting tenders for the purchase  The board will probably await his re- and immediate demolition of the old  covery before taking any definite ac-  Globe hotel, located just north of the  tion but they are plainly disappointed, as it was hoped to get work started on the building before the winter  weather set in.  Philpot-Macdonald Co., Limited.  -    Electrical Engineers  I.. B. PKUiFOT D.BACDOHAM  CONSULTING    INSTALLATIONS - POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  Phone :-   Fair. 3623  1573 Main St.  Saymonr 7300  Batlmataa Given  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE CABBY A COBEPKETB X.ZBB OT  FINISHING HARDWARE -CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholooale Heavy and Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  TENDERS INVITED  FOR   RAILWAY   TIES  Tenders "are being invited by the  General Tie Agent of the Canadian  National Railways, 9 -Toronto street,  Toronto, up to September 25th, 1920,  for the supplying of 1,500,000 railway  ties to be delivered between December 1 1920, and November 1, 192L. Of  this-number 900.000 are to be delivered to the Grand rTrunk Pacific for  British Columbia tracks and 200,000  for that same line in the Alberta division. Manitoba and Ontario will re-  coive 400,000 ties to be laid between  IVinnip'eg and Sioi.x lookout on the  National  Transcontinental  Railway.  Jrterested bidders -ire instructed to  apply for further particulars to the  above offices. The official call for  tenders appears elsewhere in these  columns.  Main street bridge. fThe tenders will  close at 5 o'clock on Saturday, September .11, and will be received by  Mr. C* C. Labrie, local purchasing  agent of the C. N. R.  .The Globe hotel is a substantial and  fairly modern * three-story structure  built of cement block and stone, and  the material contained in the building should be of. much value in these  days of high building costs. The hotel  Is the only structure left on the strip  of property which the railway company purchased several years ago  prior to turning *t over to the city.  After the structure is razed the railway company-is under contract to  clear the site and turn it over to the  city for park purposes. The entire  strip along both sides of the bridge 13  to be laid out in park style.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  -*: ^^ : :—  BSAJCS, CBCAjnrBXS, ABOKBS, FbATBS, YBBS, COX.UMBB  OOHBXSTSXnr BQVBPBBB TABBZCATISra SXOBS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  SMSasdSSST " .  i  DOMINION  BRICK  Thos. O. BfcBrlda'a* Cow  l*or Sala by  Champion ft WMta: Evana. Oolamaa ft Evana. *Ltd.  aad tha Bitchia Contracting- ft Supply Co., ltd.  Alao ir Olllay Bxoa^' Haw Waatmlnatar. Tha Ebnrna Sand ft Oraral Co«  Ebnma, and tha Oraat Waat Samd ft Gravel Co.. Horth Vancouvar.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head  Office  102 Moody  Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  -j  I  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANTjrACTTTB,ERS OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If .You Want  THE SEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  1    * AT ---  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and *°* «■< ox phone.  ,  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  CALQARY TO   HAVE   NEW  c-  ■  $30,000   HOTEL   SOON  Calgary—A new hotel with an initial cost of $30,000 wil be erected here  in . the, near future by the Calgary  Brewing Company on the site of a  hotel which was burnt . down last  winter.  TO   BUILD  $7,000   HOME  IN   NORTH   VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER—A new residence that will make a notable addition to the number of handsome  dwellings already erected in the North  Lonsadle section is to be built soon  by Mr. A. S. Williamson. It will cost  in the neighborhoods* of $7,000, and  will have- a full concrete basement,  hot air 'heating, hardwood floors and  all modern conveniences. The plans  for the structure are now being prepared by a north shore architect and  it is expected that, tenders will be  called for the construction of the  dwelling shortly.  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  BBXB70BCXBQ STBEXit—  Large stocks of Mild Steel Bars.  "We cut to length.   Cold Twist and Bend  Bars to details.  BOKTSr*—  Drift'Bolts.-Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepares  p.-,   to furnish large orders of SpecialBolts on short notice.  MERCHANT IRON AND STEEL, BARS  VOBTX>ABD CEMBBT — ZJOCE — SCOTCH TOU3  BBXCX — FIBS  CX-AT  0BAS-HXTS rOUKDBY TACXBOS — COKE — SEA COAX.  FIG XBOB — BLACKSMITH COAX — MABII.A BOPE  103 BTXHCH BDXD.  FBXVATE E3C  SET. 9197  WE  CAB MAKE  XKMEDXATE  BEXITEBT OF  - BRICK -  v Just Received  100,000, and  More  Following  Also See us For  SAND,  GRAVEL,  CEMENT,   FIBRE   PLASTER,   LIME  AND  OTHER   BUILDING   MATERIAL  RITCHIE CONTRACTING and SUPPLY Co.,Ltd.  Seymour 4660  ISeisahile Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Manog-or  152 AI exander. St.   Vancouver, B.C.    ,—~.  , . ..  Twenty Years' Ex-perleno* In all Branohea  of Electrlc&l Wort. Znnpection—Expert  AdTloa — Tronbl6 Wort—Inrtallinfc- — Ba-  Windins—AU Work Ousanuitaod.  ^  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 Granville Street  r'  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0. ! Phone 53  ■z't  mm I  a-  *  7  1  * .;  ■t  ,i ,  il '*  *-..*,   -'■  a-  Y.-jd/a;..,*  ;k">>.  'ife -   *''"*-  JJ" ■  s -  f>,?-■>■  r*f •* •  V$VJ    "'  a.-.-T---.',-.-.-  .    ,n.**-'....    -   .  t?-i".i.^Vipv'  mzzz  PHIS':-'  rZrr' :-r.--  ;■!■•■ -.-■  2  BRITISH COLUMBIA .RECORD  J. Hanbury & Co.  XJBOTXB  EXCAVATING  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFrlday by the  Record Publishing Co., Ltd.  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale        '*  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayyiew'i076  J, ». MDHON F. T. KINO  A. M.   I!»«T.   C   S  WM.'O. MARSLB  M.  B.  ■•   O.  DDGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  511 London Bldg.     Seyrnmr 6506  Tbe Home Bank of Canada  'savings bank department-  F. 6. NiCKERSON  Xanafar.  5070 446 aa-rjinjra St. Waat  Taacouvar. B. C.  Peat Grey Building Supply  SandPOraveiP Torpedo" Gravel. Cruahed  Bock* Brick. Lime. Plaster. Cement etc  Screened plastering sans  6X.2: Angnm St. a; Bbtrlaa Br.  XABFOX-X, B. O.  S.M. MORRIS & CO., LTD.  ' GET OUR PRSCE ON  '♦  " FIRE ESCAPES "  Bay.  1043  2120-213*   Cedar   St  817 WINCH UUILDINaP ***• aSOl  THEO. KORNER  rcndem tExVnrr amistancc»to  THB   PROFESSION  ^Mi.ii»(TniiAt.   Ain>  zaitdsoapr  neaiuar  SKETCH    PIxAXS   A3TD    PERSPECTIVES  aCTRTETS, OSXSRAXi UI1AUGHTCIO  —s  Plate, Sheet, Figured-;  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W. MOLT & SON  426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Sevelling  and  Silvering  A newspaper or general circulation,  featuring Building, Contracting Engineering, Industrial. Shipbuilding, Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, City a«d 'Harbor  Improvements.  C. H. NEL.SON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant-  629 Pander St.WP, VancouTer, B. C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7S08  ^     Subacription Bataa     y  Per Year la Advance  - $10.00  Per Month   f-     10°  ail   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  in advance- M  OTTIOXAJ. OBOAB.  , The British. Oolumaia Record la the  official organ of The "Architectural Institute of British .Columbia, federated with  The ' Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such is used by them as  the medium through whioh to make ♦Setr  •flOclal announcements to tae . general  public.  By "suoh seleotionpthe British- Col am--  bla Reoord is no" wise pledged to editorial support of any .policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an a»-  aolutelv independent position on all. matters subject to editorial oolntoo.  LEEK & Co, LIP  SEYMOUR SSI  STEAM 4VHOT WATER 'HEATING  -   -PIPE BENDING  XOSO HOMER STREET  "SPRAYWHITE"  -painting and' LIdm  Spraying llach-  f or. Interior ft Exterior Work  F. L. CUMMINGS  AND COMPANY  446 Homer  St. ..-■" Sey.  5570  S. H.SHAVE  GENERAL   CONTRACTOR  SPECIALIST  IN   BUNGALOW  .CONSTRUCTION  Slat and Arhutna.§ts. Bay. 3179  Residence' Phone: Bay. 67  •/  Peter Tardiff  General  Contractor   '  REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS  1121 Bid we II St.       Sey.7898 R  CANADA'S  PULPW.OOD   INDUSTRY  NOW. ONE'OF .NATION'S  CHIEF ASSETS.  Few even among- the ,best posted of  ^oyal Canadians realize the extent to  which Canada's paper, and pulpwood  industry has grown and to what a major extent'^the rest of, the continent  as well as many other part's of the  world, now depend on the Dominion's  bountiful forests for- their.'-supply of  pulp and paper.  From April, 1914, to:August, 1919.  Canadian pulp and paper companies  floated a total of ?40,752,876 of various  forms of securities. Of this amount,  $1,199,876 only -was placed in Great  Britain; $17,800,000 was placed-in the  United States, and $2?0-753,000 in Canada. Of the balance "of $1,000,000,  which is uncertain, probably about  $800,000 was placed in the States and  $200,000 in Canada. The $20,000,000  placed in Canada was floated subsequent to November, 1917, the period  during which Canada absorbed three  great victory loans.  The "Census of Industry" gives the  total (investment in pulp and paper  mills in Canada in 1917 as $1S6,787,-  405, being an* increase of $53,050,602,  or S9.6 per cent, over 1915.  These figures reveal that the investment in our pulp and paper industry  is very large and that it is rapidly Increasing. Jndeed it may be truly said  that the manufacture of pulp and paper is one of our "key" industries.  We must always import many commodities from foreign nations, and  these must be paid for with our own  exports. Every industry which produces a large surplus for export  is  vital  to  the  nation's welfare.  The researches undertaken . by Dr.  C. D. Howe for the Commission of  Conservation indicate that- pulpwood  is of such slow growth that the trees  of the smaller diameter classes cannot be depended on to reach commer-  cial size within a period during which  the lumberman can afford to hold his  limits. This demonstrates that the  provincial government must assume  direct responsibility for assuring the  perpetuation of a very valuable source  of revenue. The vigorous prosecution  of further (research* is necessary that  wherever regulations be, framed be  founded on a sound basis.  (Continued from Page  1)  filled. For the model.dwellings which  are to be erected on the 22-acre site  now being cleared, will average-about  $3,000 each in cost, -but will* have a  wide variety in design. and type.  Some of them will run'as high as  $6,000, of which some will be small  bungalows costing about $2,500 but the  majority will"run about $3,000. Each  building erected will be of full value  for there will be [little,, if any, overhead expense. The material can be  very cheaply .transported from the  Cut-To-Fit Building Company's factory  and wharf at Liverpool -to the now  wharf which is to be erected''soon at  loco, and this one-handling, "water-  transit arrangement was one of the  chief factors in deciding the award of  the contract.  Mr. Lionel Guertin, manager ot(the  Cut-To-Fit factory, expects to make an  early start on this big contract just  as soon as the installation of the machinery is completed. In addition" to  the big order for loco, the factory  has many other orders booked, he  states.  HUNDRED   PER  CENT.  IN  BUILDING   INCREASE  New Westminster—For the first  eight months of the. current year the  aggregate value of the permits issued  at tile'office of City nuilding Inspector Thos. Turnbull shows an increase  of 100 per cent/over the same period  /ast year. The building inspector's  report for the month* of August is as  follows:  August.  1-919   * 20,957  August,   1920  --     13,550  Total  eight months 1919 116,550  Total  eight, months 1920  231,315  A Chinese textile made of raw silk  can' bo buried in thc earth a year  without deteriorating. ,  r-'  ITEMS   BELOW   HAVE   BEEN   PUB-  '       LISHED   PREVIOUSLY   BUT  ARE HELD FOR READY  REFERENCE  NEW  NANAIMO  PLANT OF  IMPERIAL OIL CO. READY  NANAIMO—Manager P. T. -rCor:  ocran and his staff of the Imperial  Oil Company have moved into the .fine  new premises and plant just, completed for that company on the waterfront near the oid .provincial jail. The  plant which cost $30,000, includes  three large storage tanks holding 15,-  000 ' gallons . each, a two-story warehouse of brick and cement fireproof  construction, a neat office building  and a brick garage.       '*•  Between the plant and tlie new  floating wharf which  has   been   cor.  Architects Maclure & Lort, Credit  Foncier building,- who were commissioned some time ago by Mr. B. A.  Rhodes to prepare plans for a. handsome new terra-cotta and tile residence, have now completed the plans  and are inviting tenders on the construction of the structure.  The new home- which *is> Jo be .built  for M. JBhodes, is to occupy a site iu  the west end section of the city at  the corner of Nelsoii and Gifford  streets. It is to be one and one-half  stories in height, ot the popular bungalow type, and the exterior will'be  finished in rough cast. Seperate tenders for the hot air heating are also  being invited.  ARCHITECTS REGISTER  AT ONCE.  Architects,Act of B.C. 1920  To all Architects practicing In tlie  Province of British Columbia, lake  notice that the organization of the  Council of tho Architectural Insti-  tuto has been completed and notice  thni-eof has been published in the  Britfsh Columbia Oa/.ctte in accordance with the Act. Now, therefor,  it' is necessary for all persons practicing Architecture to cnuno his or  her name to be recri.sterod with the  Secretary- of tho Institute, together  with credentials satisfactory to the  council of being competent and in  practice and by paying to the ,sccre-  tary tho fees made payable in that  behalf. .  forms of application for roglntra-  tion can bo obtained from the aecre-  tary.  All communications, requents for  forms or information must be made  in writing addressed to tho secretary.  Absolutely no Information will be  given- by  telephone.  By order of the Council.'  F.   L.   TOWNLEY,  Secretary.  325   IIomer""Street.  Vancouver,   B.  C.  INSURANCE  IN  ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  -ESTABLISHED XV  1886  739 Haetisg* St. W. Sey. 7aa0  Oroun<l Tloor, Winch Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  -\  REFRIGERATION  Hei uktii pliits utf mU stew iiUim. fatt-  iNil riMiintm Mi |bvts fir * CMh| •*•*-*«  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION;  Undo Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Ave.  High. 822  J  BIDS ASKED ON NEW HOME  IN   VICTORIA   SUBURBS  VICTORIA.—Bids are being invited  from contractors ,by Architects Mac-,  lure & Lord, with offices in this city  and Vancouver, on the construction'of  new home which they have just completed the plans for. The dwelling is  to be erected for Mr. E. B. Malfall on  the site secured at the corner of Beach,  Drive and-Transit Road. It is to be a.  two-story ' frome structure with all  modern conveniences.  Tenders are to close with Mr. Maclure. 404 Union iBank building, Victoria, on Tuesday September 14 at 3  p.m.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At eettttcr of -which the business men and women of  the citv are certain of thc  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices*  1  Ns.1  No. 2  SIO CORDOVA ST. WtST  •12   PCNDKR'.ST.  WUT  Good  Eats  "The 6mJ Fori Reslairants  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Piione your Inquiries to  .      FAIRMONT 2794  ENGRAVING*]  COLORTYPt C?  DESIGrtERS V ENGRAVERS  SSjB^&^StTTail..  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  VV  218 Standard Bank Bld(. "     Phon* *#ymour 2199,  ■•eldent Inepectare at all Laraa MaMufac'tuVlnc Centre.  Asks bids on renewal  of wharf at kincolith  Tenders are" being called by the  Dominion department of public works  for the renewal of thc present wharf  at Kincolith in the Skeena district,  structed along the'Jingle Pot wharf j Tenders will be received up to noon.,  there has been Installed a narrow-]of'Wednesday, September 22, by. Mis  gauge  railway.    This  provides facili- R. C. Desrochers, secretary of the de  ties for supplying the gasoline tanks  v.-hich are also built on the wharf for  the supply of launches and "other vessels using that form of fuel.  HARDWOOD FLOORS  "Stay-Put"  Brand  KILN DRIED  KEPT DRY  STAY DRY  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  M17, Qran.-St. Bay, 1287  ■    "■' ■ : —.  Robertson & Devey  Cncfnaera and Constructors  Jr^ictiiRS, Besiga, Reports, Construction  Industrial Plants, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves  and  Piers.      Power  Plants  Industrial  Railways  Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  SEY.9217  502 YORKSHIRE BLDG.  THE .  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  BUSLDIMG  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS <  LIGHT and POWER MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvls Electric Company, Ltd.  570  aicherde  St.  'Phone   Seymour   175  GILLEY BROS., Limited  DEALERS IN __  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   OP   BUILDIrVG   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Streot Wast  Phone 15 and 16 Now Westminster, B.C.  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT^SO  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING    CO.  Phone Sey. 316 Slo 3P«ader W.  Your Travellers'  Wasted Calls  are too bis a burden on your  selling cost. We reduce it. We  give you daily a batch of clean-  cut, definite reports—-nothing  hearsay or hazy about them—on  contracts, for  Building & Engineering  work beins let that ahould mean ;  thousands of dollars in your  bank account every year. Our  news-patherinp service is unique  and Dominion-wide. Hundreds  of big firms gladly use it.  Write for full information.  la^ctean 3>aily Report*, Iiimlted.  ' 212 Winch Bide'., Vancouver, B.C.  Telephone—-Seympttr 2013.  is read by every  ARCHITECT,   ENGINEER  and  CONTRACTOR  IN   VANCOUVER   AND   VICINITY,  MEN WHO ARE CONSTANTLY  SPECIFYING AND  BUYING MATERIALS  ANI3 MACHINERY  partment at* Ottawa.  Plans and specifications .of -what is \  required in the way of wharf renewal  and repairs, together with forms of  contract and tender can be obtained  at the ofOce of the district engineer  at Prince Rupert, and at the post  offices at Vancouver and Kincolith, B.  C. Blue prints can be detained from  the department at Ottawa upon payment of* ?10 to ensure their return.  The usual ten per cent, check must  accompany all bids.  J  STRAIGHT  LOANS  . _«—:—ob   MONTHLYLOANS  DWJLMNGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Pendei- St. W.  PHONE SEYBtOtTB 780-791  TENDERS INVITED FOR  RECLAMATION   WORK  Tenders are being invited by the  Department^ of the Interior, Ottawa,  up to September 27th for the construction ot Drains, Waterhen Reclamation project.  Plans, specifications and form of  contract can be seen at the office of  the District Chief Engineer, Dominion Water Power Branch, 213 Hastings street east.  An accepted bank cheque drawn on  a chartered bank of Canada for tho  sum of $10,000 and made payable to  the order of the Minister of the Interior must accompany each-tender.  PACIFIC  LIIV1E  laid By —  ALL DEALERS  ^  Classified Advertising  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factor lop,   .' Houa«a     and  Garages   Repaired.     Gorreral  Garpenter   and   Conntroctlon   Work.  70EK  P.  KOBUI8  Sey. 3418 .  Sey.. 931 Evening**       1758 Bob«on lit.  CANADIAN JOHNS -MANVILLE  Company, Limited.  Asbestos and its allied products  *  .. Roofing  and   Roof  Coatings  Pipe Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  —j  —*  73S HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 4427  ^  THE shipping GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  REPORTS   ON   DEEP-WATER   SHIPPING   To'aND   FROM   ALL   PORTS  OF THE WORLD.     AUTHENTIC  INFORMATION   FURNISHED TO SHIPPERS   AND   TRAVELLERS    FOR    ROUTING    FREIGHT.    PASSENGERS.    .  EXPRESS   AND   PARCEL   POST TO   ALL   POINTS   IN   CANADA.   UNITED  STATES.  ALASKA  AND  THE  ORIENT. ,  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  fr-29 PENDER  STREET WEST        ...   Z;- . VANCOUVER,  B.  PHONE:- SEY. 7808  c.  r.  Williams Electric  Company,  EXiECTBICAX. CONTRACTORS  COJSfSTBTTCTrbKT,     MAIKTElrTAWCE  .AITD   REPAIRS  434 Homer Street      Phone  Sey. 4024  MACHINERY  Holating engines, locomotives, Itithee,  wire ropei rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  UTATXOXTAX-  MACHUTBRV   CO.  925 Main St. S«y. 60«  Used   Machinery   of   All, Klnda   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQTTIFMEWT CO., ITB.  Bank ot Ottawa Bids*. Soy. BOM  Beo  Ua  For AlJ Kinds of Machinery  WISER   MACKIKHRT   CO.*  XflflB.  1398  Richards  St. Sey.  7442-744-3  THE  OWNER,   ARCHITECT  and  Is assured completo heating uatlnfactlon If he insists on Dunhnrn Hoatii'K-  In Dunham Heating thorc la no guesswork;! every detail is planned with  one aim—the Installation of a perfect working, noisel«H» and .economical  system.  C.A.DUNHAM COMPANY LTD.  Branch Sales Office,      Vancouver, B.C.  D. G. BRISON, Managor  Phone Seymour 8057 ®  425 Standard Bank Building  MAKE U8E OF  HEATING   SERVICE  WHENEVER  POSSIBLE -■ww.-^^y^M'.^.-^v.^V'*^ MMOM  ■%<*■#?£*•% y*w;*ZC*  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  WESTERN SPECIALTY  LIMITED  Everything For the Office  " SERVICE WE GIVE IT "  &%£  ^^  Wo Carry in,  Stock (he Splendid  DeTuxeJine,  Standard Loose  Leaf DevicesY  De tuxe Ledger  Peerless /Transfer  De Luxe SobdRjst Binders  S^eRAJSheelHoWew-  Sjyle A. Aluminum Holder  De Luxe Rm$ Books'  MINING   NOTES  The Lanark Mining Company,-near  Glacier, Ii. C. shipped Its first carload  of 30 tons or ore to. the Consolidated  Smelter at Trail.  More than 200,000 tons of ore and  concentrates - have been" received thus  far in 1920 by the Consolidated, Mining and Smelting Company of Canada,  at Twill. Of the total amount 190,961  tons were crude ore and 4,103 concentrates.  A valuable coal deposit near Bull-  ockvllle, south east of Edmonton, Alberta, is to be uncovered by hydraulic-  ing with water from the Red DSer  rivfir. Tihe 'scheme is regarded as  feasable and if successful will enable  the mine to be quarried without the  necessity of shafting.  The Hedley Gold Mining Company,  operating on the Nickel Plate and  other mines at Hedley, has 150 men  at word. Two-thirds are engaged  underground and the remainder in the  mill and power plant. The company  is extracting gold bearing are containing $9 to the ton as compared with  |12 in former years. The cost of production is $8.50 a ton.  VICTORIA  ALSO   NEARLY  DOUBLES  ON   BUILDING  Victoria—While the month of Aug-,  ust only showed a fair increase over ,  the corresponding month of last year  in the agregate value of building permits isued in Victoria* the city has  rearly doubled in total o" building  authoriztd so far this-year as cr,a  pared with the first eight months of  1919. Dr.- Ing the past month there  were 21 'permits issued of a total  value of $28,826,^8 compared with 88  permits aggregating $22,483 for August, 1919.  It is on the showing for the first  eight months of the year, however;  that Victoria mates a very satisfactory report, according to the city  building department' officials, for the  215" permits issued so far this year  provide for construction .of a total  value of $498,447, which is almo3t  double -that of the,first eight months  of 1919, when there were 201 permits  issued aggregating $256,574 in value.  With the number of important pro-*  jects still in line, Victoria expects to  considerably more than double last  year's record on building permits by  the end of the year.  ttaxenatOperin^ta^l  Since , the embargo on coal went  into, effect on August 1, Hon. P. B.  Carvell, chairman of the Board of  Railway Commissioners, has been  bombarded with requests for permits  to export. As soon as the announcement waH made of the embargo, shippers and mine-owners gef' hold ■ of  everytype of craft that was available  to load .with coal.' A number of these  did not get away in time and the. permits to export are asked on the  ground that these are exceptional  cases. Only in "very exceptional"  cases is Chairman Carvell granting  the permits asked for.  FIRE DEPT. ANSWERS  166 CALLS IN  AUGUST  An interesting fact in the report of  the fire department for August Is contained in the figures showing that  although the month.was the city's  record in number of calls, numbering  166, the total loss has been kept within the very nominal figure of $29,000.  -The average number of-calls-for the  past 10 years has been but 50 per  month, and the average for 1919 was  only 81 per month. Of the $92,623 Are  losses for the past month $18,603 in  insurance has been paid. Of the total  of 166 fires damage has resulted from  only 30 of the August flames.  Minns 101 ANT SHEET  SHEETS Wi MY BMDflt  WESTERN SPECIALTY  LIMITED  572 SJuWUli ST.  Trie  'Mr  L--£J  c . '  r~  LANO  ELECTRIC ,  FIXTURE  vi  We have the most exclusive  Fixtures artistically designed,  made Iff our own, factory, and  displayed In our dark show  room, which will give you the  rJght idea how they will appear  In your home. —  You are respectfully invited  to Inspect Our Selection  "Our  Fixtures   Give  the  Right   Finishing   Touch   to  TO BUILD BIG SCOWS AT  POPLAR  ISLAND YARDS  NEW WESTMINSTER—Mr. H. M.  Fullerton, who was secretary of. the  New Westminster Construction & Engineering Company, Ltd., while that  company operated the-Poplar Island  shipyards and.built "some large wooden steamers,.has taken over the yards  again and will operate then* for some  time, tie has a contract tor the construction of a number of large, seagoing scows, tyut beyond that, has no  shipbuilding contracts in' sight.  These yards, which are,well equipped and situated, were recently operated by Messrs. Haley & Christian  who rebuilt the steamer Comox there  for the southern trade.   '"  Not a "one-job" truck, but built for all-round serviceability onl  a definite basis of Low Cost Ton-Mile—this is what the thousands of  Garfords are demonstrating year after year.  IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY—ONE   TO TEN-TON  CAPACITIES.  Motor  Service   Limited  George   A. Sabourln,  Manager  B. C. DISTRIBUTORS  PHONE  SEY. 4192  BUILDING  PERMITS ISSUED  IN   NORTH   VANCOUVER  NORTH VANCOUVER—Following  is a list of the building permits issued  by Building Inspector Fugler of North  Vancouver during the month of August: Mrs. Doherty. 309 12th street  east, $3,490; Mrs. Muir, 232 St. Patrick's avenue, addition to dwelling:  T. Wilton, 316 2?nd street west, addition to dwelling, $500; J. Rogers, 317  15th street west, addition to dwelling,  $560; Mrs. McPhail, 608 3rd* street  east; addition to dwelling, $350; Mrs.  E. Sharpe, 251 19th streeteast, $650;  S. Benson, 624 Chesterfield avenue,  $2,500.  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  28105—E.   Bedford.   JR.R. -No.   1.   Chilliwack, B. C.—Hupp Tour.  2S106—J.  Cook,  Rosedale  P.  O.,  B.  C.—  Overland  Tour.  2S107—H.  S.  Kent.   3555  29th   Ave.   E.—  .  Kord Tour.  Your Home.'  yntriai WMs  Sir 8713  PARCEL POST  RATES of POSTAGE on parcels mailed In the  PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA  2 lbsfS Iba  Addressed to— 11 lb  Any post office wUEIni  •0 miles*. Including  place   of "matnaK—•••  Any post office beyond  20 miles, but within  the Prov. of British  Columbia   -. > ...-.  Any poet office in Alberts —.••.^i---i^^  Any post oince in bas-  katchewan  Jtes.: Fair. 2138L.  Office:    Soy. 7075  J.H. Healey  OPTOlflCTKXST  ess Birks »id*r-  ▼ancou-rar, B C.  —.J  Any post office in Manitoba  -'   Any post oittce in On-  tarlo, Quebec or Maritime Provinces .:   .05  .10  4 lbs  f .06  .14  .101    .16  3  .20  Lid  .24  .121    .24      .36  .07  .18  .22  .28  .34  5 lbs  .08  I .10  .22  .28  .36  .44  .48  Yukon Territory summer  rates, Jupe until Sep-  tcmbeV,   Inclusive -  Yukon Territory winter!  rates/i October until!  Inclusive „ 1  M  .16   12]   '.24  "maximum ciiarjce on any  - j.,.,o rate al  Jacent  Provine-uP  .23  .28  6 lbs 7 lbs 8 lbs|9 Ibflllt lb  .26  .34  .44  .54  .60  .34  2\$ .14  .SO  .4*0  .62  .64  .72  .40  f_J!!-^i!  .34  .46  .60  .74  .84  .46  $ .26$ ■»  .38  .62  .68  .84  .96  .42  .68  .76  .94  1.08  .52     .58  .46  .64  .84  1.04  1.20  .64  .361      4Sl     .60l     .721    .84   S'arcei shall not exceed  1   cent an ounce  .96  1 08  1.20  111b  .66  .70  .91  ±1*  28108—Young Sing-.  311 Pender  St. E.—  Cleveland  Tour.  2S109—M.  Dunnachie,   290G  4th   Ave.  XV.  .—McLaughlin  Tour.  2S111—Some'rton & rrofitt,-Powell River.  B.  C.—Giant  Truck.  2S113—E.   W.  X.loyd,   34th  &   Beatrice—  Cadillac Koiid.  2S114—Mrs.  C. "A.  Roberts,   12S5   Pacific  St.—Olds Tour.  2SJ1G—JP   E.   Thompson,   3417   3rd   Avo.  W.—McLaughlin  Tour.  2S119*—Farrels   Messenger   Service,    600  Davie St.—Ford Chassis.  2S120—Farrels   Messenger   Service,    COO  Davie St.—Ford Chassis.  2S121—G. F. Rennie,  161S Pendrell St.—  Gray Dort Tour.  2S122-  -D.     Reid,   2SC9  Ford  Coupe.,  41st Ave.     W.  28123—Can. Gen. Electric Co., 10G5 Pender X\\—I'onl Torpedo.  2S125— fZ. G. Selman, 3225 Pt. Grey Rd.  —Chevrolet Tour.  28126—Mrs, I». Mac Kitchie, 542 *en-  Irew  St.—dray  Bort Tour.'  POINT GREY  BUILDING  TOTALS $51,350 FOR WEEK  Nineteen permits .for a total value  of $51,350 were issued by the .Point  Grey building inspector for the week  ending September 2nd. Eleven "permits were for dwellings, four for alterations and repairs and four for  garages.  KEEP IT UP  One.step won't take you very Tar,  You've got to keep on* walking;  One word  won't tell folks,what you  are, _, p-. -    -  .You've got to .keep on talking;..       P  One inch won't make you very tall, p  You've got to keep on growing; ~  One little "ad" won't do it all,    ,  You've got to keep 'em going.    .  -5  t^ms. «.**«. s.***^-i. i.i.ci«»***«^«-s^***ii^^  CLAYBURN TERRA COTTA HOLLOW BLOCKS  In Heath Units - Patented  THE ACME OF  PERMANENCY, SIMPLICITY, ECONOMY, ADAPTABILITY and STRENGTH  l.Sl  .7©  1.81  ^ES^S Sb'Kffi.'in e^sWS.'r.^th.1 SEnSTTZS JtZ«T*X » -  VANCOUVER'S   NEW   INDUSTRY  B.C. BWPERMEALITE BUILDING PRODUCTS  CURO HARDENING LIQUID  Arrest erosion in Bricks and Masonry.   Strengthens  and  preserves  Masonry  and  A™ rtEstone Work and all forms of Plaster, Mortar and Cement work. etc...  IMPERMEA WATERPROOFING. LIQUID   t  Waterproofs Plaster, Cement, Mortar, Bricks. Hollow Tiles, Wooden Shingles, etc.  CURQCRETE . *  For mixing with concrete mixture.    Renders the finished material waterproof and  For mixing w    ^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ compresslve strength  Fuji Particulars and Information on Application  The B.CB IMPERMEALITE Co., Ltd.  ».^ Phone- Sey. 9260 FACTORY Fall-view  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Pl»«« • ***. **•*  Fire Proof  Easy to Handle  No Cutting  Little Mortal-  Strength' where it k  Required  Perfect Corners  Same as Brick dimensions.  WARM IN WINTER  DRY WALLS  ' Sizes  5y/x8"xll // 5U"xS"x5%"  S^'x-fxl 1YZ 5 V/2"x4"x5%"  2,/&'xS"i5i/£" Corner and Jambs  4"x8"x5V6"    (Pilaster  Tile)  COOL IN SUMMER  LESS INSURANCE  Artistic  . Cheap to Lay  Interlocking '  Strong Piers and. Jambs.  Load Bearing  Proportioned  Can be Reinforoed  SAVES FUEL  NO PAINTING  i  *  f  t  t  >{  i  *  »  <  t  I  t  1  *  i  K  i  *  t  t  t  t  t  I  t  t  I  \  t  *  A BRICK BUILDING FOR THE PRICE OF WOOD  Fireproof Tile can only be'mado from Fire Clay.    We are the only producers of Fire Clay in, I  British Coluinbia.  Consult us about these Blocks in your construction.  CLAYBURN COMPANY. LIMITED  Credit Foncier Building, VANCOUVER, B. 0.  Apply for quotatidn* to       EVANS, COLEMAN & EVANS, LSmrte^r £ .  f •■r*'-/"* Vancouver and Victoria, B/C.  :.1  ' t  H.^^^%.. V-^' •fc-**^*-V>.'* **W*  *~^J^^~r,iw"\'^-'*^  M r  twmgH eoivmu. sneom         _-__.- __ ■ • ._ ■ _ -   __.i_.i__    ■ !.i   D^l^.m.   WSII   DsseV   V_r-_ai   in   Taii4*1-1 ■  Put You in Touch  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below  With a Reliable Firm_ ,   ~ *'-— - wA-NMi VI.AITII—OMAIOilTAft .1  ' ■*--  ABOmiTBOTVBAX. T£BB-_ COTTA  Ct-iunalaa   *  While   B*j.   M"  Braaa, C-akman * BraM. WJ  •*»*  »»!  I.   a   Me»i*l. * Co    ---hey- "59  o-Nta w». w. <x».. LM«  Ses'- 4TD5  Hllc-to Coulr, * Sun. Co.. Lta..  ..Sey. 0182  ASBESTOS PAPEB    «  Taylor  Knclnmrtu.  Co..  Ltd  »e». S6*>»  Ro»«rSoT."rruoM   Metal - «*y. "«  AKMCAXiT TEXiT  •KM   Barrett   Ce..   Lbnltert. -   »»"•«?  Mraai CMcom * Krans. Ltd »«.  »S8  l>M(St   *•*•(   OB..   Lul  -Sey. 118J  Woo*.  YnllaBC * I*e«»t  _.-..Soy.   TM«  j*  vivmi  ...Bit.   «s  .Key. 1186  ASTHAXT  PITCH  Tbe  Barrett  Co..   Limited   radfle'BooflM   Ca.   Ltd...-   ▲VT0MOBII.X __rew_tA*c*  Cauad-ta   Surety  Co.    ser. -**-  Ceperley; BvuoiefeU * Co.   BBAYEB  BO ABB  The  Barrett t Co..   Limited —  MrOibban-Hodfaon    Lumber   Co   O-.VeS.  Wi.  S.. Co.. Ltd ~  _.Suy.  T820  ....Bay. M  _JTair. 1*59  -_Sey. 4TII  '   B&UB VBXBTS  City Map * White Print  Ce..-  Sey. M9I   Sey. 551  ...Sey. MM  Caoadtui  Sarety  Co.  Ceoertoy. Bounaafall A. Co..  Van,'  tlAM BATtXBOB  Boblnaoa' :*   «W   -Sw. 8S1-  ft WBM*--  Ltd..  -Sey.  t. % ---  •'Mel-.WBt*.' Ca. **.  Polychroine Cement Brick •"** Tile Co.  Pt Stay SuUd>c Supply Co.-   BtuWe.Oaaat. A Sap. Co.. Ltd   NT1  J***  _Weet. 18-18   Sey. 1158  Ltd...Sey. S;>30   JBburoe 6 L 2   jBey. *1«-  ■axes _  rata Product*. Ltd.  rOBB.         _        . Bey. »16T  Polychrome 'CMacnt Brick'* Tllu Co.. Ltd...Scy. 8330  WAnuu.i  .-.-....--Jay. -•!  ..Sey.   3*88  ..Sey. 1610  -DBIX.X- 8TESX-  Taylor Eiielne*rln« Co.,  Ltd    BX-SCTBXCA& COBTBAOTOBS  H.   N.   Ulcer   A   Co   *>**• ■•»*  fen-ins   Electric   Co.,   Ltd....-  -*ey- 8-»"J  W.   W.   Fraser  _.. —  ***: "J"  Mundy.   Ilowland   A Co.—  -^"-J?,!  lMilliKtt-.Miu-ilonaUl   Co.,   Ltd.— - I*»'r- ia-4  Hollal-lo   Elt-clrl.   Co.      Soy. 4000  U!cliaril.ioii   Klcctrlc   Co.    -  -»eT- J*"  Tha   Electric-   Sbup     .  —w- *rr*  The  Jarris  Electric Co..   Ltd.   Sey. 17S  EX-EGTBXO PIXTUBE3  llolilnson , A    Bird..  .Sey. S»l-  .Sey. 8T»3  ..Sey. 1878  Farr.       Laits   Electrio, Fixture   Co—   EZ.XCTBICAX. MTOB8.  Electrical   Mr_.   Co.       -EZ.ECTBZOAX.   BBriHXHO   '  Reliable  Electric  Co.   B*»»- «■*■  SKXCTBXCA& BTjyPIiIBS  B.   C.   Electrio   : ■- -8W- »»«•  Darling. J'rai* * Co Sey.  4100-««1  The • Electrio   Shop   -  Sey. ISM  **■       * * *          ,,i.,-..— --.MBy. its   , Sey. »5U  Sey. SU  mtrxKO-Mor-—.-.  ■   YEBTXXiATXBO)  Bailey.   K.   A.   Barr  A Andereon     Campbell * Grill     Central  Sheat   Metal  Worka   ■TBAK    ABB   Soy.    138  ..Sey.   6180  The Jarria Electrio Co..  Ltd.-  lenkina   Electric   Co..   Ltd   Mundy,  Howland  ft Co   Richardson  Electric  Co.     SLZVATOB8  Darling, Frank A Co :   ..Sey. 8B98  JBey.  418»-1181  E&EVATOB CABS ABO EBCiOSUBEB  8. M- Morris * Co.. Ltd. —Bay. 1048  0*Ncil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd. 78ey. 4Tt»  Bitcfaie Coutr. * Sup. CO.. Ltd. _ Sey. M"  BBC&OSVBSS  AnleUc Wire  ft  Iron  Worka   Pearson Wire ft Iron Wka.:   BBfOTlTBaT 'T" '-T^rTTSB**  Ruston   A Hornaby   Ltd.   (Lincoln,   Enn.)...-.Seyy \946  Taylor Erytlneerlna Co..  Ltd  -Jtoy. SPM  ZBaXBEEB*  Taylor  Enilneeelna" Co.,   Ltd   Walsh  ft Co.. T.  A   -Pair. 2*41  -Pair. m<  .^Bey. tew  .-Sey. 4TM  EXCATATXBO  Banbury ft Co.  _.." ——   : BayP Mt  . Key.  »81   Sey.    820  C.-A. Dunham Co.. Ltd Sey. 80S7  Murray -Broa.   Ltd   »«/. »««  Paclflc   Sheet  Metal   Wka    Ltd. ... |»ey. J1TJ  Vancourer   Sheet   Metal   Co..   Ltd Sey. TS47  XOXSTXBO   BBOXVBB  Bltchle Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd Sey. 8162  Taylor  Enilneerln«  Ce..  Ltd —. Sey. 1680  XBSUBABCS  Ceperley, Bounaefeli ft Co .*>.  T8»  XBTBBXOBj   TXBXSXC  Erana, Coleman ft Krana, Ltd Sey.  ***88  0*N«I1. Wm.  K. Co.. Ltd »•».  4T95  Bltchle Ceiitf.  ft 8up. Co.. Ltd Sey. »16*l  XBOB ABO  STEEX.—STBUCTTTBAX.  Can. N. W.  Steel Co.. Ltd Pair. 2386-T  Coiuhlan, J. ft Bone Sey. T848  Erana, .Coleman ft.Srana, Ltd Sey.'»88  8. Ii. Morrla ft Co.. Ltd IBay.  1648  O'NeU. Wm. N. Co., Ltd Sey.  47»I  Sitehie Contr.  ft Sup. Co.. Ltd..  T. Watt Iron ft Galr.  Worka.-..  Westminster Iraa Werka. '.  Wood. Tallanoa ft LauaL   XBOB  AJTB  STSBXe—OBB.  Artlatle Wire ft Iron Werka  Erans, Colemaa ft Erana. Ltd.  S. M. MorrU ft Co.. Ltd   O'Neil. Wm. Kf. Co.. Ltd  Peareon Wire ft Iron Wka..  Bitehle Contr. * Sup.-Co..-Ltd.  T. Watt Iron ft Galr. Worka.  Weatmloater Iraa Werka   Wood. TaHaaee'-ft Leant  ..Sey. 8142  -Pair. 671  .-.West. M  ..Sey.   T280  BTAX.  ..Pair. 2448  ...Sey. S988  -Bay. 164*  -Sey. 4T»8  -Pair. JT84  —Bay. 814*  rati, art  .-Waat. H  JBV.. f*M  MOTOBB  B.   C.   Electric  — -    Mui-dy.   Ilowland   ft   Co.      lliilpot-Macdouahl   Co..   Ltd   Bailable  Klectrlc  Co.   — - ~  Blchardaou   Electric  Co.       Tbe Jarrla Electric Co.,  Ltd..-    '\   SeV. 8009   Sey.   884   Fair. 3623   b./. 406U*   S«y. 8090   S»y   175  MOTOB  TBTJCXCS  GarTord   Trucka      -. —Sey. 4192  Motor Serrice.  Ltd.   - -   ~ 8«y. 4161  HTJX.TIOBAYBIBO   «  Central  Publle  Btenoaraphera   , Sey. J078  OXTXCB ABO STOBB TXTTXBOS  John Arnot ft Sona  BUh.    *74  E.   dkrystal  ft  Co  ~  «ey. riil  DUea ft  Murray 8e»-  8765-8166  XfAXBTXBQ   ABO  C.  J.'Cummlna ft Co   Dlioo   ft' Murray     .BOXB*    Sey. 183T  Sey. BI65-JT66  O'Neil. Wm. N. Cf-. Ltd.  VAXBTI  Tha   Barrett   Co..   Limited.   Campbell ft Grill   grans.  Colemaa ft Brana, Ltd..  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co..  Ud   Bltchle   ft   MaedoogaU    Taylor  KnclKoerliic  Co..  Ltd.....  Boor  -Say.  4T95  XfBOOXf  „Bay. 6*  ..Sey. 3*81  ..Sey. 2*88  -Sey. 47*5  ..Sey. *147  ... hVy. 3680  PAXXrrsWABCBSTXCTtmAX.  Huator-Heuderaon  Paint Co., Ltd Sey. 8116  PX-A8TBB—OBBABOIBTAXe  Baln   Broa    ... Say. 886  Chaii-l-l'-n   ft   White     —Sey. 6571  Brats,  Culcman ft  Eraua, Ltd . Hay. ***•  T.   O.   Mcllrlde  ft  Co  Hey. 115*  O'Noll.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ud. Sey. 47**  HltcJ-le Conu-.  ft Sup. uo„ Ltd Sef. 61*1  PX.TfBOUBO  BalU-y.   K.   A.       Itarr  ft   Andernon    -...- ..  Ilruwn.   WP A.,   Limlted..  Ctntral   Sheet   Meta4   Worka   Murray   Bros.   Lid   ....Sey. 136  -Sey. 6186  -S«y. T76  ..Sey.    6*6   Sey. (614  PBSVXCATXO TOOU  Darllnc. Prank ft Oo Sey.  41M-4U1  Tlie Holden Co.. Ltd Say.  166*  POWBB PX.ABT SPECXAX.TXBS  C.  A,  Dunham Co..  Ltd. Sey, 805T  l'liu  Jamluson   Eix.   Co.     .'. .— Hey. 1946  Taylor  Ei-alneerln«  Co..  Lid.—. Sey. 8*44  PtfX.P  *  PAPEB XCACBXBBBT  Hydraulic Machinery Co.,  Ltd.   (Moiilrcal)_.Hey, 1946  Taylor  BtujineerlnB  Co..  Ltd..  BOOPBBS  PAXBT XCTOI  Ayrea  Tarnish  ft   Palm  Co.—  Hunter-Henderson Paint Co..  Ltd   Martln-Senour   Co.. • Ltd.   -MI»h. 1*28  —Sey. 6116  XBSVXsAVXOB/-  Taytor Erujlixeclnc Ca.. Ltd »«f. Mf*  . XCAXJIOXCXXCXBO  C.  J. Cummins ft Cc-v: ~ JfJ- >»»J  DUon ft Murray :: Say.  W6S-W6*  TAa  Bhtc*I Oa,.  limited-  ,* Brana. Ltd....  *MMlilas-Ha***M-'tVambaf   Co..  •-BML W**. Jt.POa. Ltd.   .*«,.       ■  ft Laaat-  'BVJMIX^AmT XBBtTBABCE  ..Pair. 1*H  „ticy. 4795  „..Sey. 6167  -..SeyP TS06  Sarety. Oa.  Oawpatal ft Co   ft^Barray.  Edward Coi  t&i^fiV.yy/'--  ri*-('(;**'!»<'*v).'U - i-i*-.  "l*flW..-lY'i,ki    **■■   '    7  •%m&t--yz7 -■  .Sey. 15*  A  JOIBSBS   ^.—i-ey. »S51  -Ser. 8765-874*  ..Sey'. 1163  J3ey. 833-  .Say. *l»T-*575  Bay. »5T1  .^ey. 'W88  .Weat.'15-1*  .Sey. 115*  Sey.  4795  .-Bburae * L 2   Sey. *1*2  -Baaldkkj Suvvly 0>._  ft Sop. On.. Ltd..  10   ABO   A88ATXBO  ft Oo -Sey. 21*9  oo:  MorrUca ft Co.. Ltd  A.  t".J :   A Co.; t.- A.    Sey, 18S6  Pair.   3*211'   J3«y. 4738  Braaa.' Oalaman 'ft Bran*.' Leo.'.  fPNafl. Wm. M. On.. Ltd..  —TXBBAZZO   *. Atr.   298*   Sey.   4795  abb. so:  Mo BeMea Co.V Ltd.  (BX.SCTBXC)   Sey. 10«  C J.  Mas-a  J. BL  ft Co..  __.Scy. 1331  —Bay. 3203         _ IBTABXiB   a&BCTBXC  Praak* Co. Say. 41*0-41*1  BliAn" i   MaaeViiYiall    Se". »1CT  m^ ---   3'    Ltd 8«.  "65  FSBCXS ABO  GATES  Pearson Wire ft Iron Wka,  JTatr. STH  XfXBB OXAT  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co   Champion ft White.  Krans, Colemaa ft Krana. Lt<t-  Cilley Bros.. Ltd ' .  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co..- Ltd   T.  G.  MeBrlde ft Co   Bltchle Contr. ft Sup. 00.. Ltd.  6197-WT5   Jey.   »5I1  ,„. — Jiey.  S*M  .-Weat.  15-1*  : Sey.' 47*5   Sey. 1159  —sty. *i*a  .  PXBB BSOAPBS  '8. M. Morrla ft' Co.. Ltd   -Bay. 164*  ,E  DOOM .* BSTAXs WXBDOWS  B. C CelTlns ft ISoofln* Co., Ltd  Pair- 1S*»  Barr 'ftPAndenon-  -say.  «18*  PXOOBXBO — MABOWOOO  B.   C.   Hardwood  Floor  Co..  Ltd.-^ IP—Bay. 12*1  Inlay  Hardwood   Floor  Co Sey.*»**l  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd -Sey.  4T»5  J. PyTe Smith ft Co.PLtd. 8*7. 116*  TOBOXBOS  Westminster Iron Work* _________—Waat. 5*  0AX.TABXSXBO  T. Watt Iron ft Galr. Worka   -Pair. »71  OAS  APPUABCBS  Vancounr Gas .Co.  -Sey. 5*0*  OX-ASS—m BXBOS  Grant.   J.   A.._  W.   Holt.   Glass   Dealer   _  O'Neil.' Wm. 1*. Co.. Ltd..  Pair. JI81L  —Pair. 1M(  __Sey. 479J  BABOfPABB  Brown. Praser ft Co.. Eld   Flett.  1j A...  -Bay.  T155  Wood.  Tallance ft LeagaL—  KABOWOOO X.  i. Fyfe Smith ft Co., Ltd   ..Sey.   XS2T-2*2S  .. Sey.   T2**  IBB  -Soy. Ill*  XsATH—HBTA&  Champion  ft  White 'j £-   Brana,   Colemaa  ft  Brana.  Ltd   T.  G.  MeBrlde ft Co.   O-Kell.  Wm.  Jf. Co., Ltd.-.;, .  Bttchle Contr.   ft  Sup.   On..  Ltd.   Sitcble  ft   Maodouyall      _Say. »571  __j»ay. J»S*  ^..Sey. 1159  __JJay. 47*5  —Sey. *1C*   Sey. »1*7  Balfour. Guthrie ft Co-  Champion  ft  White,   Brans. Coleman ft Bran*. Ltd..  Gilley B>oe.. Ltd.  Northreat  Lime Co.      T.  O.  MeBrlde ft- Co   O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Lt<L-  Roseba-k, Um  Co.   Bltchle.   J. ' T.   A   Bltchle Contr. ft Sup. Co..  Podara) Lamm- Oa..  . *1*T-«SH  .Sey.   *571   Jley. WM  .Wert. 15-1*  _Sey. «l»l-3  ..Sey. 115*  -Sey. *rn  ...Sey. *l*f  Ltd..  ..Jley. »1*7  -Say. *1(2  MoGlbbon-Hodgaan    Lumber   Co..—  Taneourer  Lumber  Co..  Ltd.—  -Bay. MM-ttM   Pair. 1*5*   -Fair. •!*-   I*  Brown. ■ F.-aser   ft   Co..   Ltd Sey. MS  narllin*.   Frank* ft   Co. : *oy.   41M-4161  The Jamieson  Eng.   Co.   ..-. -Sey. 1946  0*Nell.   Wm.   N.   Ca..   Ltd. Sey. 47*3  Bltchle  Contr.   ft   Sup.   Co..   Lul .Sey. 9162  Sitehie   ft   Macdouiall . Sey. 8167  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.    Sey. •686  The Holden  Co., Ltd. Sey.  1*8*  A'alab  ft Co..  T.  A Sey. 4TS8  XCAC-UBB WOBX  Weatmlnstar Iron Wdrka   Champion  ft .Whlte-  Brana. Coleman ft Krana. Ltd..  T.  G. MeBrlde, ft Co..  .Wert. 5*  TXXsB ABB WOOD  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd...  Bitchia Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Ltd.-  ■    BXABBX.B  ABO  Brans, Colemaa ft Erans, Ltd—  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co.. Ltd   .Sey. 9571  -Sey. 2688  -.Sey. 1159  -Sey. 4783  -Bey. 8162  -Sey. 2*88  _Sey. 47*3  BCEBUVO SBOXBBBBS  WaUh  ft Co..  T.  A   -Bey. 47*8  Dandooo  ft Wrii  VigM. Ltd..  Whit-..  Ckaapteo ft  Brana. Coleman ft Eraua. Ltd.  —  T.  G.  MeBrlde ft Co...  Bitchia Contr. ft Sun. Co.. Ltd.-   • PABTXTXOB   ArtlsMa  Wire   ft   Iron   Works:   pMU-aon Wire ft Iron Wka.   Jey.   95T1  -Sey. 2***  ....Sey. 1159  r.' 9l*J   Fair. »*•   FaU.   27*4  PATTBBBS  Waatmlnstor Iron Works Wast     N  PXO XBOB ABO TXXtt  Balfgo>_r.  Guthrie  ft  Co -Sey.  »/97-«S75  Brana, Coleman ft Brana. Ltd _ Boy. JP*  PX-.XBO  ABO   POX-BS    __    _  Federal Lumber Co. Sey. **»*-S»9»  Joe   Lepore «Uh. 1*8  ►   PX3-B OL__  Brana. Colemaa ft Krana. Ltd.  Fraser  Riretr-PDe Dr. .Co.   XBO  -Say. 3*H  _-»ef. 44*4  PXPB  COTBBXBO -     -^  .Taylor Bnainoarlnc' Co.. Ltd. _ —Soy. ***6  Cbampton ft White— —   Brans. Colemau ft Brana, Ltd....  Gilley Broa.. Ltd   T.  O.  MeBrlde ft Co.   Bltchle Cootr. ft Sup. CO.. Ltd..  PX-ASTBB  Balfoar, eothrle ft Co.   Champion   ft   White   Krans. Coleman ft Erans. Ltd   Qllley Bra*..  Ltd   T.  O. .McRride ft Co   O'Neil,   Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd..  -Sey.   9571  ..Bey.' 2*88  -Weat. 15-1*   -Jey. 1159  _J»ey. 6163  —Bey. 6197-6578   Sey.   »371   Sey.  2*83  Bitchia Coutr. ft Sup. «o.. Ltd,   PX.ASTBB BOABO  Champion   ft   White ,   Eraua. Coleman ft Brana. Ud   T.   O.. MeBrlde ft  Co   O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd.   Kltchle Ccntr.  ft  Sup. Co.. Ltd   -West. 15-16  ..Sey. 115*  _.Ser- 47*5  -Sey. 9162  9571  2*8*  -Sey. 1159  -Sey.   47*3  ..JJey.  _J»ey.  .Sey. *l*'l  PX-ASTBBXBO COBTBAOTOBS *  n  Ua«  ..-Sey. »J«  ..Bay. .8*7*  Bain   Bros  Bush  ft  Bead  X»__ASTEB PABTXTXO-T BX.OCXS  Brana.  Coleman ft Brans. Ltd  Sey. 298*  •"Nell.  Warn. N.  Co., Ltd   Wright   Bros.  BOOPXBO  The Barrett Co.. CJ-dt-d.  Campbell ft Grill   Champion  ft White—  T   Q.   MeBrlde  ft Co   O'Neil. Wm. N. Co.. Ltd..  Paelfle Booting Co.. Ltd..  Bltchle Contr. ft Sup. Co.,  ..Say. Mt*  ..Bay  «  181  •571  Ltd..  Brana. Coleman A Braaa. Ltd  Taylor Engineering Co.. Ltd-...  Wood.  Valiants ft  Leggat.   —Hay.  —Say.  _P..8ey. 113*  —Sey.  4IM   Say. 118*  ..__JVy. *l«*   Say. BU  -Say.  Booraro co:  B. C. Celling ft Boeflaa Co  Campbell 'ft Grill  Central   Sheet   Metal   Worka  Paclflc   Booang   Co..   Ltd.  sTBEXi—umoiini  BeVeur, OathrU ft Oa -Sep. S-ST-aWTS  Brans. Csatsaaa ft Brana, lAft,      ,   . ■-.- Sw. ■**•>  O'Neil,  Wm. B. Oa.. Lid. Sop '•tit  Taylor  Bupinaerlng Co..   Lid. . Sw. *•**•  Wood.  Tailaaee ft  Laapal. -**•  STOBAOB  The, iarris Blectria Co,,  L  Bichard-oa  Bt-rvts  Ce.  _  i, 8»W  .      W. IH  -May. t«J*  STOBB AVO OPPXOB PXjtTITBBS ABB  STOBB PBOBTS  Bdward   Coi       -   -Key. 116t  Mian ft Marray : :—Bay. *T*S-*T*I  Kraaa. Ooteman ft Erana, Lid, -.  O'Neil. Wm.  N.' Co.. Md. 1 .   ■ —  -TAB ABB  PXTOW  The BarreM Oa.,  Umltad _——_  CampiieH ft iSrlB-  _-(**, on  ? *,  -Bap. •  a»*j  .Bw.. MB  Brans. Out-man ft Brans. Lid.,. .,.,,— ,,  ,    Sea.  Paelfle  Sheet  Metal Wkh.  Lad. -—Say.  TXKPBBATT/BB  BBOV1-ATOBS    _  a A Dun-am .Co.. Ltd. , . .Bap  *o*f  " TTT.B    OBATBXBa    '  Champ*nn ft Whlsa —, _  Braaa. Coleman ft Brana. U4.J   dtlisy Brea.. Ltd.   T. G. MeBrlde ft Oa   Blt-blo O-alr. ft Sap- CO.. Ud——  TXX.B—PX^OOB  ABO  Eraas, Coleman ft Brana. Lid. .  O'Ksil. Wm. M. CO.. Idd..  .Waav Ik-lS  __Sw. uaS  —Sap, MS  TOOX.  Prank ft Co,  PacU-   Sheet   MeUi   Wka.   Ltd.   Tanouorer   Sheet   Metal  Co..   Ud   BO  Ba-oor. Guthrie ft Ce.   Walsh ft Co..-T. A.  _*_  Wood. Tallanoa 'ft Lagcat.  -Sey. 11*4   Sey. 2171  —,8ey. 7*47  —Say. *l*7-«37l   Jtey. 47**   — _*r>.   120*  SAPBS—VAVXT OOOB-I  Ooldte A  McCultocb.  C  L.  Ford.  Agt. Say. IMT  O'Neil. Wm.  N. Co.. Ud. --Say. 47***  Darling.   Taykar  KsslWNdap Co..  Ltd.  TAcnnm oxeBABXBO  Barr ft A-danan ___  lift  Jtm Km  Huitrr-Headenoo .Paint Oa,. Ltd.  -Bay. Mlt  SABO. OBATBX. ABO OBOS  C-ampton ft Whits  Brana. Coleman ft Kraiia. -Ud..  Falrrlew Sand *> Gravel Co.. Lid.  Gilley Bros., Ud.  T.  O.   MeBrlde ft Co  BOOB  Say. 63TI  Jley. Baa  -Pelf. 56*  U-l*  -Soy. 119*  Pt. - Grey Building  Supply Co Jtharna • L f  Bitehle Contr.,*  Sup Oo..  Ud . Se*.,*lM  ■ASK BOOBS, WXBDOWS, arc.  Tohn Ariot ft Bona—. ,„,      —Blgh.   *74  Grant.   J.  A Pair. 14*1 L  O'NeU. Wm. N. Co.. UA-. Sey. 4TH  skBBT   HXTAX.  B, C Ceiling ft Booflng Co., Ud ...Pair. 12*7  Campbell  ft "-Grill Say. 29*.  Central   Sheet   Metal   Worka . Hey.   «M  I'aetfla Sheet Metal-Wks..  Ltd.   . -ley. 2172  Vancourer   Sheet   Metal  Co..   Ltd J9ey. 7347  SBXBSX.BS  Mcdlbbon-Hodgson    Lumber   Oo Pair. 1*5  SBOW OASBS  Dixon ft Murray Sey.  »765-8766  SXmATB  Brans. Coloman ft Brana', Ltd Say. 2686  O'Neil, Wm, N. Co.. Ud..  Ooldle ft  M-CuUmft.  «.  L.  Part*.  A*. Bw. W4t  «(•  Tha Barret! Oa.'.  Ijmllod ._-_-  Btaaa. Oolaaaan ft Braaa. lift.  O'Noil,' Wm. ■ B.  Oa,. Ltd.  Taykea Boai-oera-g CO..  Tha. .Barreet, Oat.  A Wfm.ua..  O'Neil.  Wej. J»„  ft OO..  UA-i-  PacUc   BseSng   Co..   Lid.   Taylor Bn-taserl-p SO..  Waterri    WatFrprooAng  ay.mm  m. vm  -Sey. l*et  ---Say.  47M  —Sey. *ir;  Kltchlf Contr. ft Sop. Co.. Ltd  SX-ATB ABO-TXX.B XsATSB  tinimon.    J>.    MoO ' —5: SwP 4463 B  SPBATXBO—i-XXta ABO PAXBT  Piey! 4795, Onamtnaa.   P.   L. Sey.   142*   Praser  21T I  ArtlsMa Wire ft lnm Waat  ■S. M. Morrla ft Co.. Ud..  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.,  ft Co..' Ltd..  Penrsno Wire'ft Baej.Wha.—_  -r*  *rt  »*4  -  WOl  Artlstle Wire Alras^WarS*.  Pearaon Wira .'A' Iron -WML-.  -Pair. MtJ  -Pahr. ttH  Balfoar. Oathrle ft Co..  Krana. Cola-san ft Erana. Ltd.  Walsh  ft  Co..  T.   A  Ril-bla Contr. ft Sup. Co.. Lid.  Taylor  Ksalneerina -Co.,   Ltd.  Wood.   VaUanee ft  "  W-IOUIBAX-S BOOPXB9  Tha Barrett So., limited _»—__  Paclfle   Routing   Oa..   Lad..  -Bap.  Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.  Weed. VaUanoa- ft Leggat—  11*1  torn  -Sey,  IM  Date of Quotations, Tuesday September 7,1920  Present Cost of Building Materials  These quotations are based on reliable Information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  lUI Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  :*Z} '>  "i , ".*-,-;  > ".':•'. -''  Qasntltles   up" to   600   ft.,   177.00 per  ..••• ft. _".-._. _.  Qtumtttles- over sud under 3.500 ft.  176.60-per  1,000  ft.  Quantities -lrer 2.600 feet. $78.00 per  ■-■■I.SOO feet!               '■"'■'     '  Common,  f-fP00 perP 1,000   (At  Ware-  Boui-e).     i .-'.•■-..  CO-a-Qon,  127.00. per  1,000, (Delivered.  Bssine-.  Section)/ .  .   l»re«Bed,  flOO   per    1.000    (at   Ware-  boUBs). „.  Fire. 190.00 per 1.000  (At Warehouse)  Polychrome   Cement .brick,   $45.00   per  1,000 andI up  (At Warehouse).        •  Polychrome Common. $25.00    per 1.000  (At Warehouse).  '.   Terra Cotta Tile t-*artitions—  ," -  I_xl2x2 in.,  16c per.equare foot.  I_xl2*3  in.,  15c per square foot.  112x12x4  in.. 15c per Bquare foot.  12xiax« in.. 28c per squarfe foot.  12x12x8 In.. 28c per eauare foot.  •nnnntnon InterlocKUig tile. 1 i V>c.■ each,  ■ft-t-j-ur  Pspsr—(Local   Manufacture)..  Pure Sulphite—Plain $1.35 per 400 ft.  roll.'"--' :*  '  I AsphaltedP 11.50 per 400 ft. roll  Ooierete Work-rMaterial at Warehouse.  ^RoctTcourse •...-...:...:...-.*.-..*3.25 per yd.  Hock:   Medium' --•-: ^.25 per yd.  Gravel,   Fine -  ^-25 per yd.  Qrarel   Medluni ,  3.25 per yd.  Vt*.   Sand     .P.....-—- -•- 300 per yd.  XtLhT Sand .,-....-.,.- -- 3.25 per yd.  Cement—(D«llvered)  .-20 Sack lots, per bbl..... $4.2t  «   (Sacka  Extra)  Over Z0 Back Lots, per bbl  6.80  (Sacks  Bxtra) •  Kabato en  Sacka.  each zw  CoSSIt* Water V™*1**'.^--™* ?.,  Concrete Damppropflng   «;2.Zo per gal  Concrete Q» Proofing  35c per lb.  .Uctrlo'ai" Wlrl-isr— .  ^ffieoTffi°wi?S Vo^Io.OO .esch  '■ Wall Outlets (No fittings) $3.50 each J  ■^Jll Swltehes. Complete, $5,80 each.  Heatea Plugs, $19.00 each.  .  Vacuum Cleaner Plugs.  $7.50 each.  Bell   Pushes   and   Annunciator   (pei  point)   $5.00.  Apartment Houses and Office Bldgs.—  (Conduit)  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 ea.  Watl outlets  (no fittings $8.50 each.  Wall Switches, $10.00 each.  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.   .  Heater Plugs, $15.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each.  Store  Buildings—(Conduit)  Celling Outlets, drop $15.00 to $25.00  each. ■"■■''  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows (On transom bar)  $4.00 ea  Wall  Switches,  $10.00 each.  Meter Loops,  $10.00 each.  Excavation—,  Residenoe,  $1.25   per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.-76 per yd.  Team,  $12.00 per day.     ■  Truck. $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an -average without  water.    Steam shovel work in large  ' quantities, less,  hard  material  such  as rock, will run considerably more.  Olass— ,'        •  PerSq.  Plates up to 1 foot, each..../. $ 1  Plates, from 1 to 2 ft., each............ 1  Plates from 2 to 3 ft., each  J  Plates from 3 to^4 ft., each  2  Plates froni 4 to 5ft.. each ,2  Plates from 5 to 7 ft-., each.....  2  Plates from"? to 10 ft., each   Plates from 10 to 12 ft., each   Plates frn*-i 12 to 15 ft., each   Plates from 15, to 25 ft., each   Plates from 25 to 50 ft., each   Plates from 50 to 75 ft., each........  Plates from 75 to 90 ft., each   Plates from 90 to 100 ft., each   Plates from 100 to 120 ft., each....  Plates from 120 to 140 ft., each....  Plates 101 to 110 wide containing  not over 100 feet each   Plates,  larger sizes will run  more.  Polished  Wired. Cut and  up   2  Cast or Ribbed  Wired,  Cut. ~  .   Cast or Ribbed Wired,  Glazed......  Ft.  .30  .45  .75  .20  45  55  .S6  90  95  .10*  20  20  .30  70  85  70  4.75  00  50  55  Bankers Safos  Bankwrs Vault Doors  Safa Deposit  ' Boxes  Fireproof Safes  Fireproof Vault Doors  goldie & Mcculloch Co., Ltd.  GALT, ONTARICVCAtfADA  C. L. FORD  Representative for B. C.  ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAILED  ^ ON REQUEST  SEYMOUR 3907  569 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER. B.C.  Figured Rolled, Cut  40  Figured   Rolled, "Glazed 46  Chipped,  21  ounce.  Cut 35  Chipped, 21 ounce. Glazed -    .40  Art,  $1.00 and up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per rt. for great-  cut length and width'.  Zrftbor—'  Bricklayers, $8.00 per day. .       ,«  Carpenters.   $7.00 per day.,;     yy  Cement Finisher*, $«.80 per day-   ;  Electricians,  $8.00  per day.  Electrician Helpers,  $6.M perVday.  Ola7.1ers, $6.00 to $«.00 per day.  Hod  Carriers. $6.00 to $6.00 per day.  • Laborers. $6.00 per day.  Lathqrs, $9.00 per. day.  1'alnters. $7.00 ser day.  -Plasterers,  $9.00 per day.  Plumbers. $8.00 per d^y.  Roofers. $7.20 per day.  Khoet Metal Workers, $7.20 per day.  H.tal l-rfth—  Key and Diamond Mesh Lath:  26 ga., 4 2c. per n<i. yd.  24  ga.  49'/.   per sq. yd.  Copper Alloy,  %c per sq. yd. extra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., lc-per sq. yd.  extra. . '  Galvanizing,*-vc per s-q. yd. extra.  For Corrugation of key lath lengthwise, lc per sq. yd. extra.  Corrugated Key Lath sold under  measurement of the. sheet before  corrugation.   Palnt-ng—  Two-coat work, 40 to 60c per yd.  Three-coat work, 75 to 90c per yd.  Whitewashing, lOo per yard.  Plantering*— (Material Dellvored)  Lime, $2.90 per bbl;  Fibre* Plastor, $28.00 per ton.  ,    Plaster Paris, $32.00 per ton.  Reinforcing Fabric, Expanded Metal,  2c to 10c per sq. ft. depending upon  weight.       -  ~ ''■  Plmnbingr—  From    $100  up.   por    fixture—includ  ing roughing In, aaoordisg to  quantity .and runs.   Bnlnforeia* OtMl—  Base price for less than omr rots $-.80  per IPS lb*. |   Boofla*—(Asphalted) Lo-ml M-aaoTsclurs  1 ply |>.I6 p«r 111 ft. roll.  2 ply, §4.00 p«r 108 ft, rolL'"•■••  3 ply, $460 per 108 ft rolL  Ashphalt Saturated felt, $4.60 p<* 431  ft. -roll.  -•:-■;-'•  Five ply taf and cmveA> I7.C-0 and ufl  per  square. -  Asphalt   Pitch,   bbia.   about   MO   lb.".*  $37.00   per   ton. (,  ■■—■■■■■■■HM——H—_—■—■■■_—B—l  Structural 8-fcnol—$t.«5 per ton.  This quotolion »• an ave rag- for eem-  paratlvaly   runall   quantitkoa.  Light   truss  work  higtier,   plain  bears  .find   oolumn   work   lit   large  quaiWl-  ties,  letra. *  IU*—(Material  Deliverad)  Drain  Tile,   S-lnch,  6c  per  ft. ,  Drain Tile. 4-lnch, 7e per,.ft.  Sewer Pipe. 3-Inch.  80c per ft.  Sewer Pipe, 4-lnch,  26c  per ft.  TUe-^(Not Lais)  White Glazea.  «0c per ft.  Colored  Enamels,   06c per ft.  Colored Matt  Enamels,  $1.It por ft.  Faience,  $2.28 and tip per ft.  Lusters, $2.60 and'up per ft.  •  Rusts Veterous, $1.60 and up per ft.  Whlto  Mosaic  Floor,  $1.19 par  ft.  Colored Mosaic Floor,  $1.00 per ft.  Promenade Quarry Tile, f-l.lf por H.  Vanaer Panels—  8 Ply Fir. U-lnch thick, good ene eldoa  16o. por «q. ft.  3 Ply Fir, %-lnoh thick, good on* nldo,  •   24c per sq. ft.  3 Ply    Fir,    }_-Jnch    thick,   good   tw<»  sides, 26c per sq. ft.       ■  •*  Wall Board—  Kmpiro Plaster board, 50c per sq. yd.  Rubcroid Wall Board. $B0.00 per M. tU  .4>  This well know brand of lime Is  aealn on the market and w»ll be  supplied through all dealers  Be sure and ask for  |       „     ROSEBANK Llr^E  Rosebank Lime  414.415   Pcmbcrton   Block,  Victoria, B-C.  Vancouver Office  405-406 Winch Bldg.  1  J.T.A. Ritchie Rep.  Sey. 9167  IB-Mai-*** pglmp«  *.-^v--v;;-jV'  '  ■ . ' '(1 ,; - ^ ■      \ J .'   . -   . . ... '  :■.<■*•■ ■J"->i'"''-l»W';.'-  ■Tj..*W-t,*>f>. "s -*(>'•"'' vA-MSfiKJUK- ^>^rWt^V^W^.^t,**'. i^^^XS^i^ri^  ..-- f „_.-.«*-    ,  ^  BRITISH COI.XJMBIA RECORD  & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  Sey. 3768--B»y.U28R  325 Hiwe St.  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all kinds ef Wire Work.  112-16   Dufferln   St.  Fair.  2648  under ('onstructioti,.  xh-pomowwo T_B-_ shows BtnxDiwos 'coi^;.9*^,o*yo  ^UlSSyON WHICH XIOHTBACTS HAVE BEEW X.ET BTTT COHST-tUCIIOH KOT YET 8TABTEP.  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H. -miTM   SMITH,   MANAGER  KfllKUT     MKT.AJU     COKTKACTOltK     AKH,   M-KKVTAO*  TCTKPJrtlH*      fKLT     AWP    OUAVRti    IfOOPfiltH.  Pair. 1267 5a3 7th Ave*-West:  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE AND MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAYANp NIOMT  •Phone Soy. 824 (Bay and »****)  1256 Pender St. W.    . -. -Sey.  9316-R  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering CoiTtr»i»  SEY, 838 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  —v—  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractor*  136 Hiwe St Seymour 1389  EDWARD COX  Qsnsral Contractor  Ca.lr.at Ms-kins , figures  Sey. 1163 *        Rear 530 Howe SL  Character  .........   Three-story   Bank  Alterations   Alters,  to  Bank..... .......  Resilience   Residence, ..............P.P......;.....,  Residence ..............................  Rectory   .,....,.......;..,... ....  Threfi-Storey   Bldg* .....  Residence ,....   Tile  Residence ...  Residence ......:......,;....  Coal  Shed & Wharf.......;....  Warehouse ...P. .....  Residence ................  Residence   Residence '...'.   Basement   & ,Elevator..   Residence   ..:...   Shingle Mill ............  Residence ..:..   Residence ..   Residence   Ga^   Plant   Bungalow   Bungalow  , ......  Residence .........  Residence     Residency -....  'Residence   .-   Addns.  to Bank .................  Power   House   Residence ....  Store  Bids   Residence ....!....' .,  Residence ...-•   Jam 'and Suirar Rooms....  Residence  .  Store   Bldg. .........  Residence - ~   Residence ...  Residence ..............:...........-  Rfcsidence P......:....'.........  Theatre  —  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractor*  Criiit FoDcier BIJ|.   Vancwer, B.C.  .../..P... Cost  ,...,..*300,000  ...   $100,000    JlSiOGO  ........  $8,000  ......  $20,000  ..........$5,500  ,  $7,500   ,$GO,000      $S,G0O  , $14;50O  .......   $78,000  ...........$9,000  .........   $8,500  .........   $7,000     $6,300     $5,700  .; .$20,000   ,..$7,500   ..$80,000     $5,000  .........   $9,000     $8,00')   $240,000     $5,000  : .$5,000   ...$11,000   .$6,000      $11,000      $11,500   ..$30,000   $10,000      J5.50O   _   $20,001  ......   $10,000  ......P.    $7,000  ..........-$9,000  .......   I15.M0   ...$13,600  Per centage   ..' $7,000      $5,200  -    ....   $5,000J  ......  $400,900 '  GREATER VANCOUVER  Location   .......  Owner  Seymour & Hast...Unton Cank ot-Canada  Cordova SSt ......David Spencer Ltd.  Hastings & Hamilton-Bank of^Hamilton  27th and Cartier .....:.-..._......-^W. J.  Read  Marine Drive ......:.-..... ..-.:-■ -Georgre Kidd  855—10th   Ave.  \V...P..„.....-,...Miss  Ju^es  Kerrisdale - St. Mary sPRectory  'Orore  and  Pender....Chiriese Nat.  League  .54th  and  Hudson    "^ VX, i?J™  Shaughnessy   Heights.. .......JP  .Graham  ... ;„.B. D.pPRopers  :..........Burna Estate   G.  H: Cottrell  ...... C. J. Phillips  ...P„..;.P..--.Dr. Funk  ....P....A. yr. Barber  .....T....Almonds  Ltd.   :..:....0. PM.  Allen   „.Geo. H. Steves  '■....PH. D. Patterson  J.  V.   LlKhtheart  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Marine Drive  1025  Ma.ln:StP...P   34 9   Railway  .J....L.....  4CI5 .Avariue F...,......—  908  16th" Ave....:.......;.  Laburnum  ,j...........-—-  44 7  Keefer St..:....-....-.  Granville  St... .......  Kerr & Fraser Jtlver..  J800  13th  Ave. W   i.*.91   29th   Ave.....;...-..——-      -   ^.-. .. -    „  4S50 Connaught Dr. ....--.G. E. Llghtheart  False Creek;. .-.....-Vancouver Gas Go.  4C78 3rd Ave. W7..;.J.......,....C. H. Hllchey  2242 35th Ave. W........-...-......--..-D   "f rith  Marine Drive ............-.Wm. M. McKenzie  Tarlton Place -•.•---•••-•-"v-r-Dr*r.M\,^"?J1J  34th  & Markham.. '.Mrs.  C.   McTavish  Angus Ave. & 27th* _.......W    B. Purris  Cordova  St.  B.._ Bank  of Montreal  Drake St  Dominion Canners  Ltd.  19*5  12th' Ave. W Alex. Chalmers  12C HastinKS St. E..: Mr. Cameron  49th St..  Ma*ee  **£*•£• ™_«,L?n  27th  & Selkirk  I*.  w* Chapman  Drake St Dom. canners of■B.Cj.Ltd.  29th   &   Margaret  St- FV,GV, *£*!;£  318-20 Pender St. E --H.  F. Tons  Point Grey - CpA--J^'"v  4538   Marguerite v""^'^ ^° Carey  1174  26th Ave .J.....H. De S. Carey  8919 Cypress  V-Ji.r8' M' A„'(trt  S00 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  /t:  J. B.  Parr    H.  H.  Gillingham  Contractor     Downing & Kyall  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  Oonoral Contractors  SO* Richard. St. , -   Soy. S320  W.GREEN LEES  co_rr»ACTOB  rue  Vrlring, Wh»rT*e. Brldfee,  r«andntlo»n, etc.     ^ .  40? Cordova, St, W,  Seymour 10S3  *"     $9,000  "'   $7,000   $11,0*0   $14,500   $5,500  '"    $5,000  '" .110,000  '     $15,503  -   $»,00fl  .$10,000  "..'..,.   $10,000  '       $7,000  ..   $5,000  :    ..$513,001  "." :$ 10,001  Z  $27,000  ... $55,000  . ..$2S,000   $5,100  vpifei.  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  QF B.C. UMUEO      .*  CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS  StandaF- Bank Bldg.   ,    Sey. 7920  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Sjyrnocr 3535 581 P"ific ^  .Residence     Residence    Agronomy Barn    Residence      Alters.,  to   Store     Residence    Warehouse Evten   Residence      Bungalow  „,  Residence   Residence    Residence   -. _  Residence        Excavation  &   Fill   Factory  Bids   Hebrew Synagogue     Paving  ,—   Completing   Residence   .  Dwelling & Garage    Bunpalow    DwellinK  „   Dwell in tr    Store   Building     DwellinK        Warehouse  -   D-Wflllnf: ,    Dwelling?  -   Dwelling  ,— —  Residence  ~.  Additions   „   Residence   Bank  _   Bridiif   Repairs   Danilntr   Pavilion      Sheet   Metal   Wks.   Residence    ~. *  Residence      Residence „ -.   Illjrh School —, -   Hlnh School  -.„..  H<?sSdenc»;      , Alterations   .1 ,   iRornodellinc  Residence  Addns* to   RldiS-   Additions to residence  I nvolllnc    , ....  DwelHnir" —   OwJHnJ;    .'   Owt-lllilK       Residence       Residence      ^-   Residence     —..  Residence   Residence     -*.   Rt'slrienct*      ,.   Re«i(loPce   Dwelllnjr    .'-...  fiWi'M'tr;    R*»mort»l   R'.iildinR      Warijp^i'^t-      R-mo<1'-lIinJt        $35,000  27th & Cartier  .". W. J. Read  Shaughnessy .Heights....: B. * J.   Jayne  Point  Grey U.-of  B. C.  OonnauRht St.*.1 J. Y. Griffin  623   Granville   St..... Edwards  Bros.  JlaKee Station  D. Robertson  159 Water St -....A. P. Slade Co.  Avenue  "D",  Shau'ehnessy M.   Rector  21st Ave, W -...Artistic Bung. Contra.  ■17th-.Ave Dr. C. H. Vrooman  Cartier & Connaught Dr H. J. Perrin  1135  10th Ave. W M. J. Coulson  380" 12th  Ave. W *: G. E. Adams  Ballanty'ne Pier  Dom.  Govmt.  952 Rich. St Pioneer Auto A Cat. Wks.  Pender A Heatley  City ■ Streets  Shaughnessy   nc•*>.....>  -. —  "'tli.Ave. & Carter St C. K. Wood  _v...-_ -  _.J. Humi.i  1997 35th Ave. W W. H. Collard  4564   3rd Ave. W  W. Brimp  Cordova   &   Columbia..! J.   Mernatlei:  1780   12th  Ave.  XV Mrs.   E.  E.  Murray  Industrial   Island... ..Gibsons,   Ltd  1135 2Sth Ave. W S. Collingt.  6726 . Laburnum....'......'........„..D. -Robertson  6556   Laburnum - A.   L.   Rama?-1  4469* Angus  Ave Mrs-  M. C.  Healy  Jericho   lericho Country Club  Connaught Drive  C.  B. McAllister  Marpole  Royal Bank of Canada  Engineer's Dept .Day Labor  ''Hasting-? Park..B.C. Amusement Co.. Ltd  550  6th  Ave. W J. R.  Tacey &  Sons  1246 27th Ave. W.  C. Woodbum  Matthews ."-.ve. & Alex'dra.—J. R. Duncan  2327 Collinpwood St.. R. 7H. Ward  South Vancouver—So. Van. School Board  Marpole  ..Pt, Grey School Board  ■■1312 Pln<v. Street  —,....- W. McLean.  ' R. C- M. P. Barracks  Dom. Govfmt.  rUSC* Gi-anvllle St Charles E. Campbell  "•"airvicw _ ....University of B. C.  ■ri-ha'.«g5»tJossv Hc-i.~hts .-. E. B. Hamber.  ?.*'/$  4 2n<l'A"ve.  XV. J.  W.  S. ifcLeod  1391 57tlv Ave: W..PP...'. Mrs. F. ElklnsP  -70S   <53rd  Ave.  W  XV.   Hansen'  '.Mlh'PA  Hichbury J.  B.  Barreau  Shauirhnessy Park    —.W.   Walsh  Shaughnessy Park  A.  M. Farquahar  .Mrs.  J.  Graham  R. MONCRIEFF  gemeral'contractor  328 Blxk'e Bldlf.  Seymour 4606  ....  $5,400 {2011 27th Ave. W    $5,000      •"  ._   $7,500   $20,000  -    $6*000   „  $26,000   „...  $5,000  ...:   $5,000    $5,000  „P   $9,000  ...-    $7,000     $12,000    $30,000'   $10,500  .v.- $12.5130   $e,crio  „,  $5.S0O   $20,000   $7,300   $3«.34.7  .;,P...P...$175?000  —    $12,000        ->r..noo  _ „ $5.eoo   „ **In.l'-Ji)    f l2.0'-*v   „   $5.noO  .."    $«.n00-  ....:   ss.soo     Sri.noo.   ..$5,000  ; :.*5,ooo  . ." 15,000   ....-$5,000  . ..x $5,000   .$5,000     $r>,000      $6,000       tn.600   J55.0OO i  sriO.noo  Fairview  Fairview  —   Fairview  ■—■■'-.  Fairview :-  Strnthconn   Place  6579  Maple  St   lSKfi   13th  Ave.  Vi  ..J.  J. ^Cunningham  T.  McG   Robertson  .A.   B.   C   Ltd.  ..HP   G.   Wright  ZZZZf. R.  Murray  \V   ii    Dargnvel  r"^-,.,   jf.  Rnb-son Sts Royal-Hk    or L»n.  r     ri   ?vt Cin.   Fis-hin? Co.   Owners _ .  Seymour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.  James   A.   Benzie  Architect .................„_;.........;.„. Contractor  Sum'vllle & Putrrian.PHodgson. K. & Mar.  .......~. ...............Dominion   Constr.   Co,  A- E. H-axiderson.-....— .......J. C. Allen  Townley & Matheson. W.. J: Head  Townley &,Matheson..B. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Owner ...„......„..............A. L. Ramage  Sharp & Thompson  ...C. A   Hllchey  Edwardes Sproat;.........—......J. McGougan  Gillingham & Korner............S. J. Newitt  gillingham & Korner.. S. J. Newitt  Bernard C. Palmer.—Dorrrinion Const. Co.  Contractor^.......—:.ii.—..—.—M:C.. Griffiths  ——........ ...,..........P——Baynes  & Horie  ..—........: „■„ „„-.'....     Owner  ..—..P.—........ ;..„G,   S.   Bellamy  .:..._*.,. ..,—. :...„.„Cromifi   &   Vroom  E.   E.  Blackmore........P....—.. ..R.   Sharp  Dillingham & Korner....—........Day Labor  ..-— —.....„—...-—.....;;-—..-:... Owners  .—.......——7.L.L,..~..7....L.7.............L   Owner  ............... ......„.....—.... P...——     Owner    ....—.   Owner  ■;........:..—.•£.......: ..j....t.j......L.:..j. Owners  — ......—........':..... „...-.—.; Owner   .........Rogers Bros. & Sinclair  Townley  & Mathesn......„....Wm.  J.   Read  Townley & Mathason......P......Chas. Purdy   —Irvine   &   White  H. H. Gillingham, S., J. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis........Baynes  & Horie  J. E. Parr ....„.„■  ..Fredk. Sherborne   P. 0-rn*r  Contractor Bedford   Davidson  Honeyman' & Curtis..... .-A. L. Ramage   _    Golton  .._.S. J. N«witt  ....S. J. Newitt  .-..W.  H.   Chow   ^ J. Laing   _     Owner   .B.   S.   Realty Co.   Stewart  &   •oltart  Thos.  Lamb; Toronto....Dom.- Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g Archts.  Townley & Jlatheson.—...........W. J: Read  Tov/nley & Matheson...—��JP B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson.—.....S. N. McLeod  .Mackenzie & Bow   C. F. Robinson  Dalton & Eveleish P;..-.Dixon & Murray  Townley & PMatheson..........A. L. Ramage   .Domiaion  Constr.   Co.  Mackenzie A Bow  Blackley & Co.  Owners .:. ^.—.....S.  H.  Shave  James A. RenzicRogeri- Bros. & Sinclair  James  A. Benzie-RogerspBros. & Sinclair    „    Day   Labor   S.   A.   Pellar  ......Grant   &   McDonald  \ Contractor    Bedford   Davidson  -     -■ „ .„■»      c„-^_- Bros. & Son  ic   Co..  Ltd.  K. Sinclair    H.  S., Griffiths   : C. - J. Phillips   _ „    - Owner   ._ _„F. W.  Farley  H.  H.  Simmonds Snider Bros.  & Son  Owner   ...'-. ....:.■........ -F.   W.   Meilish  " _ „ _-„T.  McClay   Bargain  Sales  Realty  Co.   A.  L.   Ramage  .   . ,..   .' ..   _  _  Owner  .I.* M. C. Griffith  Bernard C. Palmer....—......J. K. Sinclair  Macluce & Lort — J. S. Crowell  Gardiner & Mercer—Hodgson, King & M,  Connaught Bridge —City of. Vancouver  Townley & Matheson.PRobertson & Devpy  Twizell.  Birds & Twizc-ll—Peter  Tardifi    Woodburn &  Chaytor  Gardiner & Mercer  : Day Labor  Giltam & Mountain Cook & Hawkins  Twizell. Birds & Twizell—P.Peter T&rdiE  .Twizell. Birds & Twizell _ Owners  . ,. _.G. Churchill & Son  Owners  -....- , {...-J. W. Bye  Townley & Matheson Dixon & Mnrray  sharp & Thompson „Baynes'& Horie  B.  C- Palmer  T." L.   Gray   : j   Owner   - .-. _ .S.   N.   McLeod  L —- Woodbum   &   Chaytor   P.... ; M. C.  Griffiths    Faulds.   McQueen .&  Fearce   ._. Faulds. McQueen '& Pearce   Faulds, McQueen & Pearce   -Fautds, McQueen & Pearce   Faulds. McQueen & Pearce   Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  Downing & Kavll Owner   A.   H.   Cromie   _     Owner  Gard.   <& Mercer-Hodgson. King & Marble  ...'. A.  W,   Quist  Furnace-,    Bo/oflngr,    Coralc*_.    Bky-  liglit_   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Wort '  Seymour  7177  104 2  Richards St.  J. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour  3617  1160  Seymour  St.  Sey..7965 Night Phone Sey. 637  W. W. FRASER  Eloctrlcal Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Eait. St. W. Vancouver, B. O.  JENKINS ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL.   CONTRACTORS  C-KCTMCA-      I^»TAI.I.ATIOJ<S      0»      I™>»  OE»CniPTIO>f. K_«CIK!CA_    HOPPM-B  Sey. 95ia 539 Main Street  .BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS  LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Phone Tracer 178 X   446 45th Ave. E.  Specialist - in   Cement   Work  ED. H'JGGINS  rZ-AZH  Bay.  3535-1  AK9   OBlfA  FI./-STBBEB  "WTAI.  3528   Third   Ave.  •w  Percy F. Letts  Electrical Eseneer ni Giitractor  Xlfh-Claa-   Electrical   Work -  •ad   Fixture.  Bay.  441 "     30***  Granville  St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEHEB.AX   XEFAIBB —  WI-tDUfO — SWITCK80ABM  Z-rSTA-.I.ATZO-rS  247 KasttDES Stt L  Sey. '3858  fier ■ .j^_,...   —>. i   t Pioneer Auto A Car. Wks. | Contractor    Bedfor  ieatley  r ^ ....i Gardiner & Mercer Snider  s  _ City  of Vancouver    Columbia   Bithulith  :y Heights  A, B. Tulk   Bernard C. Palmer _...J.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  IiXMlO-lIO AKS Tuitao  A BPEOZ-_X.Tr  E8TZ1--LTE8 OZTEM  Phone Fairmomt 484 X  314 7th At*. E.  ,       TaaoouTer, B. C.  K.  J. C. RESTON  EZ-ECTBICAI.   EVOZ-TEEB  MO COBTBAtTTOB  314 Bank of Hova Scotia Bldff.  602 Hasting West *  Sey. 2889-7579  DISTRIBUTORS  DUPLEX   MOTORS   LIMITED  1233 Hornby St. Sey. .9461  V  CEDAR~COlTAGE   PAINTERS   AND   DECORATORS^   ^^^  3538 gt fminc ST. r  ; 1 l^L-^ '-  r  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractor*  929 Main St. Sey. 4878  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS,  CO-tXTCCE,  SKVZ.IOBT,  SMOKE- '*-'  STACKS.     AUTO   WORK.  Anything in Sheet Metal a-id Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, M^T.  757   Ceatty   St. Sey. '764S  r-  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   BOOBS—OrFZCE  -P FI_-irtT*ES  Basdeawiaf and Tnraing, etc.  1730   Semlin  Drive Highland   374  GRANBVIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS,  LIMITED  rintSTACES,    COBHTCES,    SKY-  I.IGHTS aad  GEIfEEAL  JOBBING  I6«5 Venables St  Highland 042  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bldg I    Coet  ..l.ooo.ooe  .* $142,500  RUSH & READ  PLAIN AND 8RNAMEHUL PUSTER1NG  AND CEMENT WORK  160- B.  Bay.  Bay.  3370a306 stepbea. St  STEWART & COLTART  ^^  . .—.-■#■ -Mt_r-___-  rENERAL   CONTRACTORS  GBEPA.R6   AND   ALT-RATIONS  __ -. Fraaer 308 !•  WS^t.«i. St.      385 50th A... E.  Character      Railroad       DrtdKmp „   „:..  ltailroatl        Bridge     Plant Extwislons    3   Storey   Addn.   „   Boys  Training  School  Oil Plant  _ „  Municipal Hall    21 -CotXaRce   fteclamation   Work -.,.>.-.   Boys'   Training   School *T9,2Q0  Milk  Condensory ..._.*f.l50.00G  UemodelllriK   School    ...13.000  PavhiR   Pacific   Highway $120,000  Dairy   Barns   PavinR    Fruit   Storage  Whse   Memorial   Flail      DwellInp  _   Power  Plant     Qulnsam  ltiver  Hrlduc    School     Wnrehouse  Addn   Paving River Road —  Four   Houses .-.   Bank      Rubber  Factory   Fish  Oil  Plant   Selicol     Indian   School      Railway Station    School   —           J33O.00O   """...I12R.0O0   Iio.oeo  ....1140,000  """* $22,000   '."..'$15,216   „i...$75,«00   ..!...51,1SO.OOO   $S,300     $65,600  .....$30,000   $10,000  TURNBULL & CURR  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  I»alr. 092 V  Say-ioiu 5689  ■   _6 14th AV8. E.  Bank  Bank  .BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  location ...-.._.._.... ....:...„„.  Owner  Princeton to Copper ~Stt.... B. C  Copper C-o.  Fraser River _.;.Dom.  Government  .JLluernI to Great Central Lake C.P.R.  Doep Creek, P.G.E..... ..„^.Prbv.  Govmt.  Mill-Creek ...."Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Westminster ....Westminster Brewery Co.  Coquitlam    ..—Prov. Govmt,  Nanaimo .   .......Imperial Oil Co.  Coquitlam   Municipality  Powell River Powell River Co.  Sumas Lake ...Prov.   Govmt.  CoQuitlam   -   ......Prov.  Govt.  Abbotsford Fraser Valley Milk.Prod's  Burnaby   _._   Petersons to Johnson Rd.. 2 1-8 miles....  Lulu   Island ' ." N.   Nelson  "Woodwards Landing  Prov. Govnst.  Kelowna   ...Kelowna  Storage  Ltd.  Courtenay G.  W.VP  A.  Kelowna. B. C -.*..._  Alice  Arm Taylor Engineering, Co.       Near Campbell River Prov.  Govmt  $-12,000-Lynn Valley  No. Vane. School Dist.  ' Vernon   .". Vernon   B'ruit  Assn.  South Vancouver —Prov. Govmt.  Penticton.... -...Soldiers   HsK.   Scheme  Penticton _. Bank of Hamilton  Pt. Coquitlam....Oregory Tire & Rub. Co.  Nanaimo ...P.- -J. B. JardLne  Courtenay    -Prov.   Govmt.  Ettiart Lake .'. Dom. Govmt.  Nanaimo  .„.E. & N. Railway  North Cedar   Prov. Oovt.  Williams Lake Can.  Bank  of Com.  West Summerland ....Can. Bank of Cam.  . $*.Q00  .$65,800  Architect  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  Kim-ted  FORGINGS  Or  ALU DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria Drive Highland'  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Engineers & Contractors  1923 Georgia St W. Sey. 8696 j  WAKrase  H.D.Rees  SASH & DOORS  All Stock Size* * Carried  Glass and Glazing  J. A. GRANT  1928 Manitoba St. Tair 3491  9_XiJ  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON,   PROPRIETOR  CABINET  MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND  SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  ■:tr  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478 c 735 Kelascken St.  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPUES  WIRING and  REPAIRS --*.  12 Hastings SLE  Sey. 1224  VV^i  mm  DOMINBON  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  618 GRANVILLE ST. SEY. 2968   $80,000   $12,000   $36,000   $75,000  . ..$.0,000  "".'.... $47,000  ....$17-1,500  .-...$25,000   $20,000  .... $11,000   $10,000  Factory  _   _.._   $H9 0«0  RourfU House. Moh Shops etc $30,004  Bank & Apts _ _  I16.f»  School   _  $100,000  Piesidenoe    $60,000  Oarage     ^    $8;000  Two Storey  Block  _ .*. $20,000   »40,»00   $19,940  Store   Bldg.    _  Contractor  .  .A. E. Griffin & Co.    Pacific  Dredging Co.  ..........—..... _..;--•   Foundation ' Co.  Prov.   Govmt —Canadian  Bridge   Co.  Owners  ........ Hodgson,  King  &  MarbK-  Gardiner & Mercer ..J.  Hyslop  Pnb. Wks. Dept-....Robertson«fe Partners  Owners   J_ .....Dominion Constr.  Co.  Gardiner & Mercer........Sloan & Harrison  Owners Leonard C.. Stevens  Prov.  Govmt....... -..Marsh, Bourne Co.  Pub. Wks. Dept. Robert>>onPfc Partners   _ JSloan & Harrison  Joseph H. Bowman Henry J. Emerv  Public Wks Dept.: Cotton  Co.. Ltd.  Gardner & Mercer - Jas.  Hyslop  Public Wks.  Dept Harrison; & Lamond  Twizell.  Birds  & Twizell _;....'„...    .  XV A. Owen. Cumberl'd :.H. Tr«.hearne  J.  A.   Benscie _., V.   J.   Winkel   _ - ...W.   V.  Hunt  Public Wks. Dept Robert Moncrieff  Blackadder & Mackay Baynes & Hfcrie   _ _: J. PF.  MdTfat  Public Wks. Dept.'....Horrison A  Lamond  Swan &  Augustine B. P.  Priest  A. D. Acheson ..._ .';_ R. N.  Wyatt  Gardiiier   &   Mercer. jr. Owners  Wm. Fred'k (xardlner Day Labor  Public  Works   Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Dept. of Indian Affairs..-Robt. MoncrlefC  Owners .....— George Wilson  Pub. Wks. Dept E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Wm.  Fredk. Gardiner  Thos.  Wyley  Wrn.  Fred'k Gardiner Thos. Harvey  FOR   GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION  ALTERATIONS  OR  REPAIRS  CONSULT  E. J. RYAN  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Telephone*, Seymour 8585-8586  Suite 5. rairfleld Bid*.. 445 Gran. St.  Fhcne Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boarda, Ste_l  Cabinets, etc.  Switches designed and built for any  special work.  Industrial Island      Vancouver. B. C.  >  VICTORIA  Vtctoria....Sydney Paper Mills & Rfg.  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Rh  Co.   -  , ^ys*  •ir"iT3;r_4_   w "C '  * Royal Bank  vwSta  T.5K- WV.lr-.ws Sohool  ^C'vl'rtwte    --- &- W   Olbson  ?^ Vle^ V* VfctorV ^Shell awuee  SSSS-tS I'Bro^n^ -Otto Weiler  D?UKlas  &  Broughton Otto  Weiler  Additional   Stores    -    ....$60,000   palmer 3tat on uL   C  Abattoir    - .-    t        $11,500    Oriental   Alley    ..wonj,    ion*,  Restaurant.  P"'' - -  _. ..Co-operative Contraot Co.  Owners  Robertson &PPartnere    - - -■ - - D. Burnett  C. B. Watkins —Luney Bros.  Maolure   &  Lort-  Robt.   Moncrieff   -W.  F. Drysdajle  Percy  Fox ..A.  Lockley.  Bsqulmalt  Percy  Fox    _ Lunoy  Bros.  Percy Fox  -Lunev Bros.  J. C.  MP Keith Landie & Keith  —- Parfitt Bros.  Telephones Sey. 6191-6192  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria-and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Con-;  tractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  1683  aeortfi* Street West  BUSINESS MEN  ' " will find the-  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for. the Lun  cheon Hour.   The Best of Everything,  Prompt   Service,   Moderate   Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Thsfttre  |    Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef  H. A. WILES  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  13S0 8th A?e. W.       Bayview 2278  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers of.  SASH and DOORS-  MILL WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  PILING-POLES  AIT   Z-B-fOTH   FU-a-tlSHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  879   Ha-tin-rs   St.   E.  Blff-u    Sand  & Gravel Co.,  Limited  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY  1527 Main St.  S«y. 6761  . ii: #M:r BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  -;v  BM& ANDERSON    BUILDING PERMITS AMOUNTING OVER .$~75O00  PLUMBING & HEATING Wtunber Peacriptlon Coatls-ft—i Addre—   J-ot and Bloclc [snbdAvl-Ua    Arc-tifct   extractor * \ Addt-^i  Ovne    = ' *   PLUMBING & HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  ,'.12205—Alterations $1,000   522 Hastings St, W  12208—Dwelling     $2,700   2740   Kitchener  St 7  12203—"Dwelllne- ■   *t snn    oAan    t*i,     a,.„     itt- '       .  12209—Dwelling  '..$3,500  ! 12213���Mill  Additions   $1,600  12216—Dwelling ...'. $3,000  12217—Dwelling  $3,000  12219—Addition  12222—Dwelling  -3S  3490  7th ,Ave.  AV. : 1—45  790 6th Ave. W   2468   Oxford   St 12—18  2458  Oxford  St 11—IS   $1,000 j 526 21st E I «   -• .f5,000 j 1775  10th  Ave,   W 18—34S   526  H. T. S..*, w: P. Gardiner  540 .'.. City! Bldg.'. Dept.  H. T. S Owner  H. T. S Owner  Garrett A Son, Rear 85 Pender St AV.  E. Greggs & Son •*>.   A.-Yales.„ 3S79 ISth AV.  'Owners      Owner ;  Owner   J. Dybfest 5S5 64th E.  Owner     q  ACKtremm  Vancouver Cloak & Suit Co...'.   City ,bf Vanc'r & S.* C. Itobinson    City of Vanc'r & W. O. Galloway.".'.".""  Alberta Lumber Co :..6th Avo. W  G. .1. Quenville, 2448  Oxford St......  G. J. Quenville 2448 Oxford St  John Lee  -526 21at E  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co.. Limited  .P. A. Jones, B--g_-.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owner*   of   Tuff   "CliTe"  General Towing1  324  FRONT  ST.   NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Fair, Robinson & Bird Limited 11  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  Phillips 272S 7th  AV.  "RADIANT LIGHTS"  For Commercial l-lgrhtlrijg  -546 Howe Street  Phone Sey. 3312  f,  Walter Murray  Emit Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS  [LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,   HIGHWAYS   ETC.  SETMOT/B 86X4  137 Powell St.        . Vancouver. B. C  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  /and  Steamfittlng  S027 How* St?  Vancouver. 8. C  Phoiio Soy. 13S  Roo. Boy. 77  S. J. Trick*?  X. -5. BUlOt*  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  j - See Cambie St., -   Sey. 620  VANCOUVER PERMTS  12206—Lim   Shee,   alterations,   236  Georgia E.; $150.  12207—Mrs. A. Vivian, garage, 1775  12th Ave. AV.,  $175. "  12210—H. J. Jones, garage, 665 llth  Ave. AV., $175.  12211—Bodega    Hotel,    alterations,  227 Carrall St., 9135;  A.  Piquet, 49.68.  Walden St., S. V., contr.  12212—H.   L.   Heath,   garage,   2721  Hemlock St., ?110.  12214—F.   J.   AValton,   paint -shop,  2292 4th Ave. AV., $350.  12215-r-Mrs. R. S. Harwood, garage,  1334 Alberni St., $100.  1*2218—Ko Lin, alterations, 136 Pender E., $100.  12220—J.   A.   Sinclair,   repairs,   537  16th Ave. E., $400.   >r.     *-„  12221—C. Kilpin, garage, 1806 10th  Ave. WP, $150.  12223—L. G. Mattahall, garage, 1156  Hornby St., $50.  12224—D. Condie, stairway, 72 Hastings E., $75.  12225—M.   Pidrichuy,   adition,   2438  2<5rd Ave.-AV.,-$100.  A. K. Mitchell  B. J. Mitch.ll  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing - Heating  <3k        -  Sheet  Metal    .  GET OUR PRICES FIRST-  564 Richards St.  .Sey. 1781  ->J NOTICE   TO   ARCHITECTS  AND ARTISTS OF CANADA  The undersigned has been directed  by the, Laurier Monument Committee  to .invite competitive designs for a  monument to be erected at the grave  of Sir. AVilfrid Laurier.  Architects or Artists desirous of  submitting designs must apply as  early.as possible to the Secretary of*  the Committee, 115 Sparks Street, Ottawa, for particulars, as the date within which designs will be received is  the 1st of October next.  8YDNEY  FISHER,  Chairman.  SIDNEY ROOFING  AND PAPER CO., LTD  Manufacturers of  Ready Roofing, Building Papers,  Dry   and   Saturated Felts,  Barbados Roofing Paint  VICTORIA, B.C.  VICTORIA PERMITS  886—Dora Thome, dwelling, 1413  Arm Street, $3,500, Thome, Contr.  887—Mrs. Norris, add. to dwelling,  180 St. Charles St., $170, B. S. Vickers,  Contr.  2996—E. Elliott, 3561 30th Ave. AV.,  additions,   $150,  Owner,  Contr.  2997—P. Hackett, 6607 Cypress,  residence, $6,000, owner, Contr.  2998—A. L. Ramage, 6676 Laburnum, garage, $250, Owner, Contr.  2999—Mrs. F. A. Van Norman,' 2067  45th Ave. AV., repair, $200, Owner,  Contr. •  3000—Ivy. L. James, 3708 Heather  St., garage, $300, Owner, Contr.  -rones to cobtbactobs  Separate Sealed Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 noon,  Wednesday, September 15th., for the  Plumbing and steam-heating trades for  a School*Building of twelve rooms and  assembly hall at Cartier Street and 67th  Avenue, Marpole, for the Board of  School Trustees, Point  Grey, B. C.  Contractor submitting tenders will be  required   to   enclose   a   certified   cheque  •  - -   .   -                  ' required   to   enclose   a   certified   cheque  SS8—I.. Herman,  garage.   3050  Car- for a sum equal to five per cent, of thel  ™n of    .,M' n          t       _      .-.      „ amount of tender, which cheque'will be  rail bt., ?100, Green Lumber Co., Contr forfeited  should  the  Contractor  fail  to  ggfl—Davis & Citv ,nf VWnrin   rtu;oi enier into a contract.wlien called  upon,  oos    x^avis &. uity ot Victoria, dwel- Successful contractors will be requlr-  AVills, ed  to  furn>sh  approved   Surety  Bond  to  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  ling,  1618  Ross   St.,  $3,886,  F,  Contr.  890—Mrs. E. Bennett, garage,  2808  Prior St.;-|!100,G.. Bennett, Contr.  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANG-  INS and KALSQMiNiNG  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1865 Ounsmuir St.  Jot it down  In a  pDel  loose Leaf Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always, ready to receive  facts and figures and all-  kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs.  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact memo book.  Press the trigger  and tbe rings open  No more torn sheets. No  fumbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  Costs Uttle, laata always, because it  'is bound in srenuine Morocco.  PLet ua show the De Luxe  Loose Leaf Memo to YOU.  Western Specialty  _-tmlt*d  672 Oranvttlo  St.   -   Bey. 352©  _.; POINT GREY PERMITS  ■ 2932—E. Fountain, 2862 38th" Ave.  AV., xesidence, $4,000,JP H. AVhittaker,  Contr. '  29&3—Thomas & Dawson, 2175 37th  Ave. W.p residence, $4,500, Owners,  Contr3. t, •  2084��E.   Street,  963   18th  Ave.  AV.,  residence, 3,200, J. A. Jackson, Contr.  2985—J. AVilson, 4485  6th Ave.  AV.,  residence, $£,500, F. Melton, Contr.  2986—Mary A. Lundegren, 726 16th  Ave. AV, garage, $150, C. Lundegren,  Contr.  2987—A. Radelet, 876 18th Ave. AV.,  residence,   $3,000,  Owners,  Contrs.  2988—E. G. Mahony, 2649 43rd Ave.  VvP, residence, $4,000, Owners, Contrs.,  29S9—H. .Marsh, 2022 44th Ave. AV.,"  residence,  $5,000,  Owners,  Contrs.  2990—E. AV. Hamber, Cypress &  .Matthews, alterations, $2,000, T. L.  Gray, Contr.  2991—Imperial Nurseries, alterations  $100, C. Dinsen, Contr.  2092—H. A. Calladine, 6642 Laburnum, residence, $4,000, H. Thomas,  Contr."  2993—P. Geventz, 1306 26th Ave. AV.,  residence, $7,000, J. R. Colton, Contr.  2994—F. Colburn, 890 62nd Ave. AV.,  parage, $500, Owner, Contr.  290i5—T. G. McNames, 2075 30th Ave.  W., residence, $2,500, Owner, Contr  amount of "Fifty, per cent., of amount of  contract. , f  Copies of plans arid specifications and  forms of tender may be obtained at the  office of the Architects on the deposit  of a sum of Ten Dollars, which will be  refunded when plans and specifications  are returned  in good order.  The lowest, or any tender not neces-'  sarily accepted. '*■  TWIZELL, (BIRDS   &   TWIZELL,  Architects.  719  Metropolitan  Bldg.,  Vancouver,   B.  C.  CAJrASXAir  VATXO-TAX.   BAIZ.WAYS  .   Grand Trunk Pacific X.ln«a  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender ■ for  Ties" will be received at this office until' twelve o'clock, noon, Saturday. 25th  day of September, for 1,500,000 Railway  Ties to be made and delivered between  December 1st, 1920 and November 1st,  1921 in accordance with Tie Specification No. 3S5C, dated March ISth, 1919.  900.000 to be delivered on the Grand  Trunk Pacific tLine in British  Columbia.  200.000 to   be   delivered   on   the   Grank  Trunk  Pacific  Line   in- Alberta.  400,000 to he delivered  in Manitoba and  'Ontario   between   Winnipeg   and  .   Sioux  Lookout  on   the   National  "Transcontinental   Railway.  "Tender   forms   and' specifications   can  be obtained at' the office of the General  Tie   Atfent,   No.   9   Toronto   Street,   Toronto.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on forms supplied by the railway.  No- tenders   for_:quantities   less   than  10,000 ties will'be considered.  The* lowest or any tender not necessarily-accepted. -       .  ;                      '    E.   UNGHAM.  General   Purchasing,'  Apent,  Canadian National Railways.  ,_ ' ,, "    Toronto. Ont.  Toronto,  Sept. 3,  1920.'  " NEVER LEAK " Roof Coating  Now. .5 the season to recoat your Ready Roofing or Metal Riof  Barrels or 4 gal. tins: *    "  "A Stitch in Time Saves Nine."  PACIFIC ROOFING  CO., Limited  Seymour   11S6  MANUFACTURERS  Industrial Island  Vancouver. B.C  Campbell & Grill    S«tobIiBh*d  1906  Roofing Contractors  lt3S Itjrmou St.  TueonvK, B. c.  HFf* •••»  TSQZTI DYXXWO-  DXBTBXCT  Construction of » 4 Oat« Concrete  Bluiea  WRIGHT BROS.  » BUILDERS «  SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  J.    DlCfta-QN.    MANA-C*  FLOOHS  LAID  AND  OLO  FLOORS  REFIN'SHCO  S29 Fender St. "W.. S»y. 9801  -U«. Phone: north Van. 848  —  J  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE   WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS  AND  LAND   CLEARING  Sealed Tenders endorsed "Concrete  Sluice. 'Mata-nil" will be received bv'the  undersigned up to noon, llth September, 1920,- for the construction of the  above.  Drawings, Specifications, instructions  to. bidders, tender and contract forms  may be seen at the office of the Inspector  of, Dykes and at the office' of the District Engineer, Provincial Court House,  Vancouver.  Tenders must be accompanied by a  certified cheque in the. amount of 20  per cent, of the estimated cost of the  work and made payable to the Hon. the  Minister  of  Public   Works.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  JOHN A. WILSON,  ... ,.    ,      .    -Act*?.   Inspector of  Dv'kes.  Victoria,  Au«. 30th,   192».  MALTHOID ROOFING   I  The Best that's made  8ales Agenta  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  ROOFING  PAWNS  MATERIALS  ^•■•^      LIMITED  52™£or__ co,or cmrd of BARRETTS  c ,«a. _ VELVEX CREOSOTE SHINGLE STAINS  Cr. loth Av.. A AH.u«u. St. T«.mHoo: .., M .nd M  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  1367 Seyxaonr Bt.  S»y. 7325-1.  You'll   be   surprised   to  know   how   easily —  clieaply—quickly      your  house can be wired.  . •*  You can have an estimate  .of the cost at no'expense  Just phone us, or come  in and tal}c. it over.  And the best time to do  it is ri^htp'noV.  Prices w'll not be lower  —may be much higher  before Fall.  B. C, Electric  Phone Seymour 5000  ,    VOTZCE TO  CO-TT-tACTOBS  „_, . SEALED     TENDERS     superscribed  Tender for Mine Rescue Station. Fer-  nie, will be received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up  to 12 o'clock noon of Fridav. the 10th  day of September. 1920, for an addition  to   the   existing Ruildinj,'.  Plans  and   Specifications  can   be  seen  after the 25th inst. at the office of:  II.    Hewat.    Esq.,     Government    Agent.  Court   House,   Fernie.  J-   Mahony.    Esq.,    Government" Agent,  Court   House,  Vancouver,  and   the   Department   of   Public   Works,  Victoria.   R. C.  The  lowest  or any  Tender  not  neces-  sairly  accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN."  „ .A     ,T Public  Works Engineer.  Public   Works- Department.  Victoria.   13. C„ L  August 21,  192».  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THIN (NY QTHEIt PAINT ON THE MARKET AND USTS10NGER  Se« Th« Guarant** On Th« Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:    1505 POWELL STREET  • -7*lBon'_ Improved bollnr for power  or h-at, either tor -team or hot water.  Manufactured In Canada under Canadian  patents »o. 174916 and 174917, may be  had by- applying* to The T. Xi. PECX  CO.,   1_TX>.,  Vancouver,   B. C.  P3LING and POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  io2r-?/?_FRAL L^JvlBERCO., LTD.  1021-1024 Roger* Bulldin« Seymour 3998-3999  Carrall  1138 Granville  RED ICEDAR  SHINGLES  WE  MAKWACTUEE   A.T.X.  ' (JBA3ES  Delivered   by   our   Motor   Trucks  rlglit on tho job anywhere or  In  carload  lots.  ONION CEDAR MILLS Ltd  NOETH   VANCOUVER  Phono North Vancouver 88S  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors: TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155''  Vancouver, B. C.  1150 Homer Street  588 Beatt> St  RNEY-.Jri  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm  Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so When Installed by Competent Engineers.  THE GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  CEN"  Seymour 7596  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS ■ POLE LINE HARDWARE  WB  GAKV-kXT-ZX: EVERTTHIITO BY HOT PROCESS  T1A/AXX IRON and GALVANIZING  ■  WM II WORKS  Fairmont 971 Office and Works, 225 - Sth W.' Vancouver, B. C.


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