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 tif.^  0'  ■   '..■■■■■•;■-'7$|  '(.'I*  !  ■  I  I l*  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers.  iir iMm■■■■■nrmin mi rrf-wTn-T  Covering British CoJumbia.  T—  Vol.   15,   No.   65,   Wed.,   Nov.   20,   1918  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  WE HAVE A WELL ASSORTED STOCK.  OUR PRICES ARE  RIGHT  Contracts taken for Tile, Terazzo and Marble Work.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS  A  SPECIALTY.  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  . O'Neil Co., Limited  548-550 Seymour St.  BUILDING   MATERIAL  A Man Is Accounted  of  ACCOUNT    if    he    has    a    bank  ACCOUNT.      No    account'   is    too  small   to receive a courteous welcome at this bank.  The  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver  Branch,  446   Hastings   St.   W.  |     J.   P.  macDONALD,   Manager  ALVAN1ZING—  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  Ships' Equipment  Allan &'iVBcKelvie Engineering Go., Ltd.  1214 Pender St., E. Highland   1573  VANCOUVER, B. C.  :UILDINO . PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO   $500   OB   OVEE  ISSUED   f-T   THE  VANCOUVER   CITY  HALL  YESTEBDATf  Numbcjr  Description  Cost[Street  AddroHfj  Lot   and  Block  yi.;i»r>—-Boiler House  • •• $700   f.7';  Hornby St  Subdivision  Architect! Contractor  Address ! Owner  Address   I H.  H.   Fisher :R. W. Harris 505 Hastings W  Roofing,Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone  Ft. of Columbia av  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel,  Hydrated  Lime,  etc.  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Slock i» the Most Complete on the Pacific Coaat  We are also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. Vancouver, B. C.  Mundy, Rowland '.& Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power   Installations  General Electrical Construction  'PHONE SEYMOUR  1145  "''Standard Bank Building  VANCOUVER "-  WINNIPEG  t       BUILDING PERMITS       *  *£*•"*• *3'*I* *"*"* *i**i* **"* <£>\*<&*^*<&*£• *5» A *?* A '-IrA »4» *v *§**sr*5^*«'  9094—J. Ross, garage, 427 25th Ave.  E., $75.00.  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  _ t  Sole Agents In Canada For  Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.  •Bov*r. RJvetings.&^CMpp'nC!^ Hammer*;   1-ittle   Giant. Driira;    Duntley:  Electric Tools;   Rock  Drills;   Air Compreisors;  Fuel  Oil and  Gas  Engines.  Montreal, Toronto  Wimipig  542 Pender St. W., Vancouver B. C.  Phosis Soy. 1065  J  HODGSON   &  KING AWARDED  GOVERNMENT CONTRACT  Contractors Hodgson & King, London Building, have been awarded a  contract from the Dominion Government for the construction of protective works to the existing jetty at  Steveston, at the mouth of the  Prasor River. The contract calls for;  -an. expenditure .-of. $60,000.-'-.-and ■wcrllcfadjacent tp-a bi= raA-way  will  be commenced immediatelv.  ' ■   WANT   BRANCH    BUILT  yards of filling to bring it'up to grade  so as to permit the train sheds to be  used. By that time it is-expected that  another contract will be awarded the  dredging company for the filling required to bring the whole southern  side of the upper False Creek basin up  to grade. This is the section which,  according to the terms of the agreement, must be handed over to the city  by the Canadian Northern. A iiew  street will be projected through the  centre of this area, which will provide  splendid industrial sites as well as  being eminently suitable for many  lines of business that invariably gather  terminal.  FRANK DARLING & GO.  EUMATIC TOOLS  66  TriOR  5»  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. 4100  Brown, Fraser .& Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT  & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  ROCK  AND   BRUSH   WANTED.  In connection..'with.' the construction  of the protective works  at. Steveston,  j contractors  Hodgson .'& King,  London  ! Bldg., are in the market for brush and  rock.  Phone Seymour 715S  1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  i  FEW  BUILDING  PERMITS  ISSUED   DURING   WEEK  Tlie   allied   victory  and   its   concurrent peace news seems to have work-! I5(?rit>'-  ed with  a sort of reverse  English  on  the   local   building   trade   for   it   has  taken  what is  of course,  only a  tem-  jporary. but at the same time, the mos:  : marked slump of the year.    It is universally conceded that this is'only the  natural  breathing spell    that    follows  '     The    Kamloops    Standard-Sentinel:  With  the  war over,    the    people  of!  Kamloops   and   the   Okanagan   should j  not    rest    until    the    construction   of  the Okanagan branch of the C. N. R.  is   under  way.      It    will    prove    an  important  factor    to    the    C.   N.  R.  system    and    will  complete  thesrailroad   prospects  of   Kamloops   for   the  present    and    bring    increased   pros-  DREDGING WORK INSPECTED  NEW  WESTMINSTER.—Mr. W.  G  went down river on j  i  Structural $M For Every Purpose  BEAMS, CHANNELS, AKGI.ES, P1ATES, TEES, COZpUMBTS  COMPIETELT EQUIPPED  TABBICATING  SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver, H. C.  London, Eng-.  Montreal  "Winnipeg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION -- TESTS -- CONSULTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT.     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS.     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,   LUMBER,  ETC.  Office, 1601 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Seymour 2199  508 Hn.Bting-8 W„ Vancouver, B. C.  Cament Te»tlnpr Laboratory, Kooui 1601; Plryaicsil Testing- Laboratory. Room Bl  Resident  Inspt ct« •» at Large Manufacturing Centers  McQuarrie. M.P  Saturday, in company with Mr. W. P. r  Gross, engineer in charge of dredging j  operations   on  the   Fraser   river,   and |  i i  j the lapse of war-time condition and to I were met by Reeve Paterson.   They in- j  j allow of still greater and more exteii-j spected  the    site  of    some  proposed'  isive undertakings  in  the  near future, i dredging to protect the bank near the j  I But that does not conceal the fact that i Delta  sawmill,  and   Mr.   C.   C.   Wors-i  ; the aggregate ol  the building permits i fold, resident engineer, will take  this!  issued   at   the  office  of  City   Building; up   in   Ottawa  among  other   matters.!  Inspector McKenzie last weeK did not; The cost of the proposed dredging is i.  quite reach SS00.    They were entirely; estimate'cl at $t?,000.    Mr. Worsfold is!  made up of small  garages and  minor; leaving for  Ottawa today.  jobs.    But   there  are  some  big  build-j    ing jobs in  the oiling and  it  is no se-j        NATIONAL HOUSING SCHEME  cret   that   a   number   of   undertakings      OTTAWA.—A      national       housing  lhat awaited only the conclusion of the   scheme,  along the  lines  of  measures  war   are   now   being   actively   consid-   proposed   in   the   United   Kingdom   is  ered and the plans  revised  meet now conditions.  «GI8Sey Bros., Ltd  o  DEALERS IN  CRUSHE  All Kinds of MMm Material  Phone 15 and IS  2>  902   Columbia Street West  New Westminster, S.C.  ; RESUME WORK  SOON ON  j FALSE  CREEK   FILLING  ! It is understood that arrangements  ! have been about completed for a start  within a short time now on the resumption of lilling-in operation on the  remaining portion of tlie rechtiined  area in the upper basin of False Creek  which is as yet not up to permanent  grade. The Pneilie Drodgin  pany,  which  carried  out  litly to! mooted as a  possible  phase of recon-'  | strtiction  policy.    It is suggested that  | a plan might be drafted in which Do-1  ■minion,   provincial  and   municipal   au-1  i  thorities would be interested. )  Baflfour, Guthrie & C  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING  STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  Drift  Bolts,  Machine  Bolts,  Tie  Bolts.        We are  prepared  to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT  —   LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  V3CTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  HARBOR   ENGINEER   DUE  THIS WEEK FROM OTTAWA  Although  no    definite    date  for  his  coming   has   been   announced   by   the  Federal   members   for   either   of    the  three   Vancouver  ridings,   it  is   confi-  Com- j dently expected that A. D. Swan, con-;  engineer for the  Dom-1  We Have Just Installed a  COMPLETE  Size 110 x 42 feet  the  reclama-> suiting harbor  i  (ion of the major portion of that area I inion  Government, will arrive here to  ES WOODWORKS G  CONTRACTS  Union Depot  1916  Can. Northern Rly. Depot 1917  Calgary Armory   1918  Rossland High School 1918  Phone Westminster 473  1259—6th  St.,  East Burnaby  b.v hydraulic dredging, will soon have  its dredge in (moralion again pumping  from east of the Connaught bridge.  The dredged material is first to he  •used to bring up to permanent urade  that section of the upper False Creek  basin lying north of the main sewer  and extending hack along the new  train sheds. It is estimated that this  section will require about (!i't).0(iO cubic  wards the end of the week on a mis-i  sion fraught with much that concerns ',  the development of Vancouver's second j  harbor. Mr. Swan, when he was here j  about a decade ago, prepared exteu-j  sive plans for the development of i  Vancouver's harbor facilities. But the  development then, as Mr. Swan planned   it   for  the  needs   that   were  most  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Phone  Seymour 9163  Granville  Street  (Continued   on  Patfe   3)  odcrn Brick Building  on  cvntrnllv  locatod corner  lot (  $35,000.00 on terms  Get   full   particulars  at   tlie  otHct-  ot*  OENEItAL ADinNISTBATION SOCIETY  Credit Fonder Biagr. 850 Hastings Street West  Forgings  .*-,  Machine Work  Patterns  stsngrssi:er iron  John Reid, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  'Phone 53  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, B. C. f.i&w-ffti >;..u\a.m--s,m. ..;..(-•-<. \?:.:.  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every   Monday,    Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper, of general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Engineering. Industrial, Shipbuilding. Mining, Automobile, Pro.  vincial,   City   and   Harbor   Improvements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  4^§^^^^^^<H|^^^4^4«fr^8K-«M-*'I^**i^  Oflice  and   Plant  583 .Homer-Richards   Lane.   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription  Kates  One month $1.00  Six   months   ...,...'...-. : ?5.00  All subscriptions are  payable strictly in advance  MORE  DELAY  IN   FIRE  BOAT.  The  fire  boat   question,   after   having  been quite.actively discussed for a time  recently, has apparently been  forgotten  again.   Another big waterfront fire such  as that which broke out at Couglilan's  shipyard last May, would perhaps bring  the need of a fire boat into acute prominence again.   But why wait for the fire?  A suitable vessel'that  met all  the exacting requirements of a fire boat  had  apparently been available in the steamer  Bainbridge, a Puget  .Sound vessel plying out of Seattle.    At least the vessel  was  strongly  recommended  by  a  com-  jnittee of local  experts  who  were  sent  down  to  inspect  the.boat and saw her  tested.    They secured an option, and  a  price  and   put   the  question   up   to   the  harbor board.   But that body lapsed into  a day dream and only woke up on re-1 company of  Trail  has   purchased   the  ceipt of a letter from the owners of the-Voigt copper claims near Princeton  Bainbridge that the'option in the ves-  sel had expired on Oct. 26, and that if  they desired further action, a new price  and a new option date would have to be  set.    The harbor commissioners passed  the   letter   on   to   the  city  council   and  lapsed into another daydream. Meanwhile the waterfront industries still lack-  fire protection.       .  in ing News |  A ,i  4^2'^-^^«H>*M,^,M«i,^*25*^'i',-'i,*5>*I*<3,,M"M>*i-,«t'  Mr.   Sam   I.   Silverman,   a   pioneer  mining man of British Columbia, has  arrived from New York at the Coast.  . i t   .  He is devoting his time to the development of a copper deposit on Vancouver  Island.  The Olivine Mountain Syndicate  with which Mayor Gale and Aid;  Hamilton are connected, has shipped  two tons of ore containing platinum  from Olivine Mountain, , Tulameen,  to the Foust concentrating plant at  Seattle to have a test made.  The New Hazelton Gold-Cobalt  Mines Co., Ltd., will continue work  during the winter on their property  on Rocher de Bouie mountain, and  are now getting in the large amount  of supplies necessary.  Development of the Princeton district on a larger scale than has been  hoped for by the residents of the Sim-  ilkameen is possible as a result of an  announcement made last week that  the   Consolidated   Mining  &   Smelting  H.D.Rees    W.A.Kruse     W.CJenkins  TIC  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 Howe St.  Sey. 3768 -BayJ28R  Norman Kydd  PLlJMBING and HEATING  "Ready Plumbing"  with working blue print* for country  installations  FIFTH   KEEL  IS  LAID  AT PORT COQUITLAM  At the Pacific Construction Company's Shipyards, Ship No. 3, now  the "Antonios," built for the Hellenic  government, awaits the underwater  fittings to be installed and she will  then be launched immediately. Ship  No. 4 is rapidly progressing towards  completion.   A fifth keel has been laid.  V*-v; ; ■  ~" BUILT 3,000 SHIPS.  WASHINGTON.—Nearly 3,000 merchant vessels were built in home yards  between April 6, 1917, the date of the'  declaration of war , by the United  States, and November 11 last, the date  of the armistice.  The actual number was 2,985, :of  3,091,695 gross tons, of which 506  aggregating 2,056,S14 gross tons were  ocean-going steel steamers. Oceangoing wooden vessels numbered 403  of 753,156 gross tons, and non-seagoing vessels number, 2,076, with a  gross tonnage of 2S1.725.  ELECTRIC   ^SUPPLIES  WIRING and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E, Chrystal & Company  Carpenters and Contractors  Store and  Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Seymour 8551  ' But three shipyards in America subscribed more to the Fourth Liberty  .Loan than Skinner & Eddy yard of  Seattle. These were Cramp Shipyards.  Hog Island, and the American Shipbuilding Co,, the last two government financed yards.  Coal deposits on .Copper river, held  by the liquidator of the National Finance Company of Vancouver, have  been examined on bohalf of Winnipeg  capitalists who may take them up. .  USE  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe St.  Seymour 1389  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making Fixture*  Seymour 1153 ■ T35 nelmckeii St.  906 Davie St. Seymour 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  , ■ "'* ■  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Rlchardc St. 'Phone   Seymour   175  ELASTIGU  The  Tough,   Elastic, Adhesive  Cement  (Ready  for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street        -       .        VANCOUVER   B   C  Phone Bay. 63  Bamberton Cement  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  ELECTRIC M OTORS FOR RENT  We specialize in prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power installations  •BC- ELECTRIC-  service  24   HOURS  A  DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   have   our   representative   call  Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Credit-Foncier Bldg.  Vancouver, B.C-  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  509 Richards St.  Seymour 1412  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED  BY   PATRONIZING  NEW WORK ~ CONTRACTS LET  TEE    rOLLOWUfO   TABLE   SHOWS   BUII.DINOS    COSTING    $5,000    OB    OVEB,    ON     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION  UHSEB WAY, OB ON WHICH CONTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBUCTION NOT YET STARTED.  IS  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  'Seymour 3535 6<H Pacific Bldg.  Hodgson & King  Contractors & Engineers  Seymour 6506  403 London Bldg.  Character Cost  Hydro   Therapeutic  Residence $7,500  Road  No.   3     8.000  Tuberculosis  Clinic      47,130  Grain   Elevator        70,000  Church   35,000  Commercial  Bldgs  -   25,000  .Foundry  &  Machine  Shop    15,000  Residence     . 5,500  Government   Shed     129,000  Residence         9,000 J Shaughnessy  Heights  Residence        10,000 j Shaughnessy   Heights  Residences    each  Remodelling   Offices         5,000  Brick   Building      Bungalows         6,000  VANCOUVER  Location Owner  Military Annex, Gen'l Hosp...Mil. H»sp. Com;  Shaughnessy   If eights F.   A.   Dictrick  I.ulu    Island Richmond    Municipality  Tender Street  Rotary Club  Beach Ave   Chas.  P. Coles Co.  1160 Georgia St... First Church of Christ Set.  Fairview and Point Grey.. University of B. C.  Dufferin Street ....Columbia Block & Tool Co  1305—12th   Ave.  W Wesley   Rowson  Government   Wharf    Government   S.  J.   Crocker.  . ...G.   XV.   Tornroos  Macaulay   it   Nicolls  Archt  Contr.   Davies  Construction   Co.  Fred  L. Townley S. J.  Newitt   I larrison & Lamond  J.  A.   Benzie  Baynes  &   Horie  II.   M.   Gillingham    Owners  Matheson & DcGuerre   Owners  Sharp   &   Thompson    S.   N.   McLeod  T.  11.  Bamforth Dom.  Const.  Co.  L.  1..   &   \V.   C.   Vernon Vernon   Bros.  .Hodgson   &   King  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  Most   modern and  completer equipment for  handling MACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  Large warehouses for storage  Cheap Rates  UNION   STATION  'Phone  Seymour  405  MAIN  STREET  4.000j Angus   Ave,  G. Kilgren  General Contractor  962 14th Ave.  Fairmont 94EL  Refreshment    Stand    . .  Residence        Mill   Warehouse      Residence      Bungalow   Remodelling    Building  Residence         Powdered   Fuel    Plant.  Brick   Bldg   . ..$5,000  . .     7,000  . . .$5,000  ....   7000  ....   7iJli5  , .   10,000  ..S3.000  .5.VJ.00O  . .    5000  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  929 Main St. Seymour 4878  Robertson &Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Seymour 1274  806 Metropolitan Bldg.  Character  ~  Co«t  Fruit   Storage  Warehouse  45.U00  P.rick   School   Add    20,100  42-Mile   F.xtension     300,000  I Instings-P.aruet   Road       Bridge Span &• Trestle      Government    Shed        Bridge   12   span)      Lining   Tunnel     250,000  Bridge       36,000  Reconstruction       160,000  Frame   Bldg      5,000  Residence         6,000  Nitrogen  Plant   Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Concentrator,   etc    50,000  Rail road      1-.000.000  Infirmary   and   Service    Bldg $151,236  Bridge   Bank   Building       12,000  Bridge        *  236  Smithe Vane.  Milling  &  Grain  Co.  Seymour  St B.   C.  Tel.   Co.  V.'igee.. . Mian   &   Richards  Hastings   &   Carrall P..   C.   F.Icc.   Co.  2875   Alder   Street A.   R.   McFarland  236     Smythe.       Van.    Milling    &    Grain    Co,  1906 Trafalgar  W. A. Caritelon,  1485  loth Ave.   XV ,.H.  V.  Christie  Cor.  Davie and  Granville Sts.. Geo.   E. Trorey  S.F..    Cor.   Maple & Magee Rd .C.TI.McFarlane  Powell   St B.   C.   Sugar   Refinery  131    Hastings   St.   P. Pemberton   &'So:i  .Fred   L.  Townley   . .  Jas.  A.   Benzie ,  A.   E.  Henderson  A.   E.   Henderson. .. ,  Owners     Fred   L.   Townley. . .  Owners       I'rcd. L. Townley..  A. E. Henderson. . .  Fred L. Townley ..  H. D.  Christie    Gardiner  &   Mercer. .  I'rcd    L.   Tovvnlev...   S. j.  Newitt   S. J.   Newitt   S. .f.  Newitt   D.  A  XV.  Gray   .Adkison & Dill   (p.   M.   Champion       Owners   John   B.   Sterling   D.   &   W.   Gray   Day Labor   W. ./.  Read  ..Harrison   &    Lamond  .G.   M.   Champion  Fuller   Engineering   Co. .Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.  J. J I.   .Bowman .  ..Baynes   &   Horie  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN -  DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone MlKlilantl 728  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Wall St.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  location  _  Owner  Vernon    Vernon   Fruit  I 'nion > R  Trail    School   Board  Clinton     P.G.Iv.    Railway  Hastings  St.   K   Twigg  to   Lulu  Island   Victoria     Government  Princeton     Kettle   Valley   Railway  Rogers   Pass    C.   P.   Railway  North   Vancouver P.GE.   Railway.  North    Vancouver     Wallace   Shipyard  Ardley    Western   Canada   Power  Co  Victoria    W.   S.   Salsbur  Arch  Contr.  P.    S.   Twizell     i/wncr  J.   If.   Bowman Moncrieff  &   Whittakcr  . . . Northern   Const.   Co.   Cotton Co.   Wm.     Grcenlees   R.   Moncrieff   Armstrong,   Morrison   it   Co.,   Lid   Carter,/ Halls  A  Aldinger   Robertson and Partners   Hodgson A   King   Hodgson  &   King  C.  M.   Keith S. J.   Newitt  I ■ ' r  Owners  Lake   Buntzen. .Amcr.   Nitrogen   Products  Co.   Owners       Own  Copper   Mountain Ii.   C.   Copper  Co.  Chu   Chu.i Queen   Bess   Mining  Co.  Princeton   to  Copper  Mt....R.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranquillc B.    C.    Tuberculosis   Society  Oyster   River—Comox    Dist. ..Prov.    Govenn't'  Nanaimo     Royal    Bank  Englishman's   River,   Alberni   Dist.. Prov.Govt  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations, etc.  1350 - 8th Ave. W. Bayview 2278  Public   Works   Dept..,  Prov.   Pub.  Wks  Dept.  Prov.    Pub.    Wks.       Owner   W.   P.   Tierney  .Dominion   Con.   Co.  Robertson &  Partners  .... Hodgson   (*v   King  Dept Wm.   Grcenlees  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  *>J^M.'^.>4*4HW«<l***«^4^^^(ii^iSK**4***i'  Seymour 3998-3999  •M«l**t8**<i*4M|H^4t4.,|M{H§K^  ►1  •1  •I  *  <*A  i Artistic Wire.& Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all  kinds of  Wlra Wori.  Dufferin   St.  I-'air.   20 IS  ., LIMITED  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  "OCEAN FALLS"  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manufactured in  British Columbia.    The paper is  of  excellent,   uniform   quality  and   of  great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WEIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  i BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for Automobile  Owners and Prospective Buyers  bppmpmpi wip.ip»PiM^M4waiif ipmwm—pppMpnp.—wmmmmmmmmmnmm—pwwwpwa.  M1CHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES  Co to HILL, LTD.  Everything for the Motorist  Phone  Seymour  6411.. '. Quick   Service  SEYMOUR TIRE & RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Nobby's and Goodyear Truck.  Tires  Motor Accessories  B5I  Pender Si. W Sey. 3053  SAXON   SALES   COMPANY  Distributors lor  ...  SAXON AUTOMOBILES  1272   Granville   St.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto and Tire Repairs  Vulcanizinc  636   Davie   St   LITTLE  GIANT  MOTOR  TRUCKS  "Ail thai the Name Implies'  Leslie W. Pearson. Mgr.  Granville  at   Pacific   ...Sey.    331  BLACK  BROS., LIMITED  Automobile Supplies—Car Bodies  Tops and Seat Covers  1111-15 Homer 51 Sey., 666-69  MOTOR   CAR   TRADE   IN  GREAT BRITAIN IS BRISK  No Machines Mad,e in Four Years, but  Firms Survive  After more than four years, during  which there have been .practically no  new motor cars built for private use,  and despite the fact that the use of  motor cars, new or old-; Is strictly limited to work in connection with the  prosecution of the war, the English  motor car trade still survives. It not  only survives, but appears .'to be doing  a very satisfactory business in second-  Sey.3391 iliand machines, according to an investigation made recently by the Car, a  British  motoring magazine.  In England the use of cars outside  army and navy officers and those directly connected with the carrying .on  Sey. 1184. 0f Uie war is limited to doctors and  to workers on munitions, with the Red  Cress and other organizations intimately related to- the war. Notwithstanding this very narrow circle of  trade, the dealers are eager to obtain  cars and are accustomed to send a  man to inspect a car offered for sale  500 miles.  The practice &l repairing and refin-  ishing second-hand cars is an important part of the business, and cars are  bought outright by dealers  for resale,  AT YOUR SERVICE.  i If you -Meant to reach tbe man who;  ibuys Bulldingr Materials, Machinery,;  i Hardware, Electrical and Plumbing-i  I supplies,    Motor    Tracks,    Iron    and*  • Steel, etc., it will pay you to be ropre-j  • sented     In     tbe     British.     Columbia;  • Record. '•  | The British Columbia Record is?  fthe only building- and construction?  'newspaper In British Columbia con-;  i suited every other day by Contrac-;  : tors,, Engineers, Architects, Building-;  ; Material Dealers, Shipbuilders, Ipiun-;  ; bor Mills,  and  Mining-  Companies.       ;  or are sold on commission. Secondhand cars'of all descriptions are in demand, but by reason of gasoline shortage the used cars are the most  popular.  Cars built in 1914, the last year in  which cars were sold to the general  public, -are still bringing their list  prices of that year, and sometimes  much more. Cars of years earlier than  1914 bring ordinarily about what they'  did in 1914, with a tendency to rise.  In other words, four years of war have  not changed the prices of cars, though  the cars have steadily grown older.  Tlieir actual depreciation in value has  been offset by their scarcity. It is said  that there is some buying by people  who. cannot use their car now, but  who have anticipated the end of the  war. '  CAUSE OF MISSING  A not infrequent cause of spasmodic engine missing is either moisture or grease in the ignition distributor face. The current passes across  the surface of the water or oil instead  of pursuing its proper course. It is a  good plan to give the distributor a  cleaning at  frequent  intervals.  (Continued from pacre  1)  dian Northern Railway. When Mr.  Swan drew his original plans for harbor'improvements at Vancouver, he  included an outline of possible developments in the way of ocean docks  at the -Kltsilano. reserve and facing  out into English Bay. These were  planned as a sort of independent' unit,  for there was no inkling or even a  dream then that a government owned  transcontinental line would require  qcean docks here as part of, its system. Therefore, Mr. Swan is coming  out to look over the situation and the  locality and alter the tentative plans  which he drew ten on, twelve years  ago, to fit a much larger and much  more comprehensive "scheme. The  main factors-, are to be the linking up  of the C. N. R. terminal facilities'on  the reclaimed area at the head of  False Creek with the Kitsilano reserve  and the providing there of wharves on  a vastly larger scale than even outlined in the ambitious plans of a de- j 'f  cade ago when Vancouver was booming.  pressing at that time, comprised mainly the extension-and improvement of  wharfage and shipping facilities on  Burrard Inlet. This was mainly for  ' the reason that there was only one  Canadian railway into Vancouver then  that could be classed as transcontinental, and which operated a line of  ocean steamships in connection with  its  railway  terminals.  There is only one railway yet which  comes.- strictly under that classification, but it is an open secret that in  a short time it is planned to have a  second—the Government owned Cana-  Philadelphia ™%b£rtecr;r  r ^2*>T5)0/&Gffl®^    FOR YOUR CAR  i jk\ _ 40 per cent, longer life  18   months'   Guarantee  PRICE    NO    HIGHER  Call and Kee us when passing  JARVIS  ELECTRIC CO.  Distributors for D. C.  670 Richards  St.  Seymour 175  .•-••••-•-•«•-  Davie Vulcanizing Company  RETREADS, PLAIN  or NON-SKID  This  work   done   right  here  in   our  shop.  Section*,  Be-inforcements   and  Tread  Repairs  Auto repairing of every description  Phone  Seymour 1184  636    DAVIE    SY. VANCOUVER,    B.   C.  *  t  *  ->  A  f  I  '?<%''*'Z>'s<&^?fy>l-<&ifs<h'\'<Z*s<Z^  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co  -:-<5**:<  ♦:-  *5>  AGENTS FOR  McCLARY'S RANGES  "And we can sell'you this car on  easy payments," said the agent,  pleasantly.  ".My friend,-' replied the prospect,  "the", expression 'easy payments' belongs in the same category with that  other well-known fib, 'painless dentistry.' "  **>  A  Industrial and Household  Gas Fittings  V  <2>  *•>  V  <*>  *!•*'  ssssaRi  0  to  t?i  •■*»  C. Bain, Manager  767 ROBSON ST.  SEYMOUR 8G1  *  A  *£>.^.*<;>»t.<&»£»»£>»!*«*»I«-&*l.<s*»!*^*"I"I**^^  FACT vs. FANCY  PAINT AND PROMISES SELL MANY A MOTOR TRUCK; but PERFORMANCE, rather than APPEARANCE, is what counts in the wear and tear of the  daily- grind. Paint soon fails to cover up defective construction, and promises have  never yet PAID a single repair bill.  LITTLE GIANT MOTOR TRUCKS  are built  not for looks but for service—not merely to JUSTIFY but to SURPASS  our claims.  LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS are sold in every case where superiority is tested  point by point in comparison with other trucks.  The fact, that 72% of LITTLE GIANT sales last year were re-sales to satisfied  customers is the final proof.  Don*t take our word for it—ask LITTLE GIANT owners about the dependability, economy and efficiency of LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS.  INSIST UPON RECORDS OF PERFORMANCE, NOT PROMISES OF PERFECTION.  Wc guarantee F>0% lower opera lino coet than any other Truck on the market.  We vaporize the fuel and Thermo syphon steam into the cylinders.  Your service work on LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS is done every month at night  at no Cost to you.  r\mymddxi  0m MMdxxhmt  tha uMoijeithan  othflA bw-o>wk  omd (MAJtL:  Seviiiour .'!.') 1  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager.  Granville at Pacific  Vancouver  (JlTtion Square -SqnJrajtctsco  yn ike center of ike  littf&Lifem  Ihief /ram, $Z?aper  Datf. Ycoo'Jxhomc  \rhi  Gmi)enieni io ike  meaiers, (Ttds;fkopf  and^ihOai/Siaiiom.  ^eafomzS/e^/Faies,  na^emeni (famesyvooeb  ii  l%Mj2Zf$^r&&23z£S2&?l  fflJBffitgmgjBB8iBa»i^^ BjBty^gflKmp^^ ' -.*■  *V  "I*  (»■.■  %  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY  MML^LGOOD RUBBER STAMPS" '      f^   ^   "BAGLEY'DOES GOOD PRINTING'9' I  PRINTERS,  vsKBSSS  ENGRAVERS  FACTURERS  K3   #1   .#^  fi       jSC* "W"     ■ JO d?" ■#% g!k8 &5* fi       st^J ' r- \xV,.       ¥^      fT3    ^av ' '     SEA|-S     STENCILS,    RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS      METfll     rHFCK*?     nw-    rue-™*  BA43L-EY <& 9ONS Ltd.-     «-^^'^^ik.fe@?.«.■    KEV ™s/r^™sS^  /It./.  WORK (.UARANIEED REST QUALIIY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND EAIR PRICES   „               . .__ PHONE SEY. 316 Moved to 516 PENDER ST    W  3«B™S^^ ■!SSB?mi_^L__^slp''  Among the horrors of war,- a recent j 1GTS7—W.   i-ic-rod,   4th  & Arbutus  sts. \l '   ' ' ' '       ■ ■ ' ""  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  Internationa  Automatic  Sprinkler  British despatch notes that Scotch bagpipe bands have been introduced on  nearly all British war vedsls.  PROPOSALS   WANTED  MISCEIpIpAIirEOT/S    PROPOSALS  Architect Edwardes Sproat, 30-1 Duncan Building, .11.0 I'ender St. VV., is  asking for tenders for the construction of a four and a five room bungalow.   ■    '      .  ■lliTSS-  Powell   .St.  —  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mgrr.  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners of Tug  "CLIVE"  'General  Towing  324 front St ,;; New Westminster  Telephone|1015  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  art STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING ar.d KALSOMiNING  J Sey. 3765      Sey. 8766  I    1065 Dunsmuir St.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS  SEALED TENDERS addressed to  tho undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Adjustable Slip and Fenders,  Victoria, B. C," will be ^received at  this ollico until 12 o'clock noon, Friday, December C, If)IS, for the construction of an adjustable slip and  alterations'to the protective fenders,  on Pier No. 3, at Victoria, -.12. O.  Plans and forms of contract can  be seen and specifications- and forms  of tender obtained at this Department,  at the office of the District Engineer  at Victoria, B. C, and at the Post  Oflice, Vancouver, B. C. ".  .Tenders will not. be considered unless made on printed forms supplied  by the Department and in accordance  with conditions contained  therein.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank payable to the order of the Min-'  ister of Public Works, equal to 10 p. c.  of the'amount of the tender. "War  Loan Bonds of the Dominion will also  be accepted as security, or- war bonds  and cheques if required to.,, make up  an odd amount.  NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this Department by depositing an  accepted bank cheque for the,,-sum of  $10, payable to the order of the Minister of Public Works, which will be  returned if the intending bidder submit a regular bid.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of  Public Works,  Ottawa, November 9, 191S.  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steatnfitiing  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders -superscribed "Tender for Whatcom Road School" will  be received:by the Hon. the; Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock  noon of Tuesday, the 19th day of  November, 191S, for a small . One-  I room School and outbuildings at  WHATCOM j'n. the CHrLLIWACK  ELECTORAL   DISTRICT, ;B.. C  Plans, specifications and conditions  of Contract can now be seen at the  office of the Government Agent, Court  House, Vancouver or New Westminster.  it Arbutus  Briscoe  Tom-inn;.  Murray   Bros.,   13  Ford Truck.  10789—Hudson  Bay Co., 712 Cambie St.—  Federal  Truelc.  IG790—U.   Forsyth,   Ladner   P.   O.—Ford  Tourinj;.  10791—I. Mayors, New Westminster, H.C.  —Nash Truck.  1G792—P. Swartss, 71-1 eorgia St. R—Ford  Truck.  1G7D3—C.   C.   Scott,   24 0-50   Kingsway  —  Ford   TouririK. ....■■  1C79I—I.   Ueda,   20(i   Main   St.—.Standard  Truck.  1G705—B. C.   Relinory Co., 41T.5 Granville  .St.—Ford   Roadster.  10796—T.    Fox,    IU21     Fraser    St.—Ford  Truck. '    i  IC7P7—K.   .Marpole,    1075   Aliens   Ave. — !  l-'ord   Sedan. I  JG79S—Barney's   Transfer,   OSS   .Richards -  St.— Ford   Truck.  107!Ui—:?,lrs,    .1.    L.    Kelly,    ill:!,')'   Coorgia  St;—Studebaker  'J'ouriny  1GS00—.1.   K.   MeOormn'ck,   1012   Richards  St.—l-'ord  Touring,-  liiSOO—Transferred   to   13.   C.  AValsh.   SO::  Yorkshire    Bldg.—Ford   Touring.  1GS01—C.   M.   Oliver,    1070   Haro   St.   —  C h e v ro 1 e t   To u r i ti g.  id SO-'— Technical   Press,  Belmont  Ave.W.  — Briscoe   Touring.  J.CS03—Johnston   Storage Co.,  Main  St.—  Federal  Truck.  1GS04—G.   S.   Wooley,   2;"0fi   Main   St.   —  Chevrolet   Touring.  lGSOfi—E.   Chant,   ;.';"". 12   Main   St.—Chrev-  rolet   Touring.  1GS00—.Empire   Grocery,   21-11   Granville  St.— Ford   Truck.  16807— XV.   V.   Aitken,   12   7th   Ave.   XV.—  Willys-O.   Touring. j  IGS0S—James  &  McClughan,  New  West-j  minster—.Maxwell   Touring. I  :IGS0!)—W.  G.  Craig,   010  Helrneken  St.— j  Ford   Touring.        '- |  1.GS10—P.   A...Smith,   20th .A   Main   St.—J  Scripps-Rooth   Touring. "        -       .;  1GS11—H.  A. Hughes, 121) Cordova St. E. i  —Dodge   Touring. i  16S12—Mrs.   I.   Reeve,  1025   Kingsway —j  Maxwell  Touring. j  ICSJ3— E.    11.    McTaggart,   7?2   Granville!  St.— Ford   Truck. j  lOSl-i—Imperial   Oil   Co.,   Smvthe   St.. — j  White Truck. i  1GS15—XV.  H. Hazlitt, 220-1 oth W.—Maxwell   Touring. .   is».  16S16— " ,  1GS17—Dr.   R.   McCaffrey,   Chilliwack,   B. i  C.—Dodge  Touring.       --                        j  16S1S—Dr.  Tompsett,   Vancouver  Blk. —!  McLaughlin   Roadster.                        '  16S19—Alberta  Wood .Yard,   700   0"th   W.  —Garford   Truck.  16820—H.   M.   Owens,   Post   Oflice—Ford  Touring.  16S21—Fred   E. .Bell,   10th  A  Laurel   St.  —Ford   Roadster.  16S22—S. F.  Barrack, 33S Hastings  W.—  Chevrolet  Touring.  16S23—.Airs.   E.   Bray.   Port   Moody—Mc-  .Laugh 1 in   Touring.  1GS2-1—B.   Bayne,    3 IS   15th   W. — Ford  Touring.  16S25—T.   J.   Thomas,   352   6th   XV.—Ford  Truck.  16S26—S.   Yamashita,   130   Cordova   E.—  Packard  Touring.  1GS27—Pitt   Meadows  Oil  Co.,  736  Granville   St.—Ford   Touring.  WRIOHT  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315       511 Dunsmuir St.  Business Directory end  Buyers9 Guide  When Buying Building Material and Suppli  Patronize Record Advertisers  es  I6S2S—10.   B.  Carr,   Port   Maney—  1GS2!)—10. II. .Moore, 111-1 Laurier Ave.—  Gi-av-l.'ort   Touring.  1GS30—-Helen Marshall. 2217 1 Oth W.—  Gray-Dort   Touring.  1GS31—T. .1. Kearney & Co., 802 Broadway W.—Palmer Singer Ambulance.  1GS32—P. A. Stevenson, 2745 2nd XV.—  10.   M.   P.   Touring.       -:  IGS33—,1. C. Reatlev, Chilliwack, K. C.—  Ford  Truck,  1IJS3-I—G.. Jlay Douglas, 1211 .Dominion  Bldg.—Willvs-O.   Tour.  1GS35— -Wing Toug, Ladner, B. C.—Na«h  TourinK.  ARCHITECTS   SUPPLIES  dominion   lllue  Print (S:  Drafting Co.,  531.' Ci-.inville   St.  Sey.  2A<)7-i67Q  AKCHITECTLUAL    TEHIt.V    COT'I'A.  Evnns,  Coleman &  Evans, Ft,  Col. St.. S. 29S8  O'Noil,   Will.  N.  Co.  I.U..  BIS  Seymour.S..471)5  Ritchlo    Cod.    &    Sup.    Co..    Ltd     Gran.    Zl.  Bridee     S. 9102  ASi'iiAi/r FKf/r.  Evana,  Coleman A. Kvans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  The J!:\rreU Co.,  Ltd.,  lOtli »*v'Arbutus  Hay. Oi  l'.nint  Co.   of  Ciinnda,   Ltd.  Bank   ISIdg   «.   C.   Electric  Co.  MOTORS  Uil   ....s. nooi  'lie  Staiul.-inl  •130   Standard  MOTOR   TJITTCKS.  Little  Giant  Motor Truck  Co   keo   iMolor   Car   Ajjencv,   Ltd   I'ucker   .Meter   Co., 833   I'ender  \V..  IN   ALL   ITS   BRANCHES  ^L ESTATE  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Ceperley,   Rounsefell '&   Co.,   Winch   Hldg.  ... -. Sey.  7820  BANKS  Home   Bank   of   Canada S. 5270  BLUE   PRINTS  Dominion   nine  Print & Drafting  Co.,  531    Granville   St  .. Sey.  2197-1G70  BKIOK—AIX KINDS.,  Kvans    Coieman   A   Evana,    Ft. ■ Col.,   S. 29SS  N'JIIley Bros.,  Ltri.,  New "West.,   Phones  15.  IS  W.  N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Sey.  St.. d. 4795-479S-"  r. tcbl«   Contr.   &   Sud.   Co.,    Ltd..   Gran.   St.  UrldRO .VS.   911)8  R.V.'KJnch  & Co..  Ltd..  Winch  B. S. 279-1»14  UCM.DINO   FELTS   ANI>   PAl'lCKS.  Evans. Coleman &' Evans, Ft. Col.,. .S. 29S.S  VV. N. 0'N'»'IL'& Co., 54S Se.v. St.,. S. 4795-47!)?  The llni-rett Co'., Ltd., 10th & -Arbutus ISay.t 63  The  Standard   Paint   Co.  of' C.-uiada,   Ltd.,  .Sey. .131  Sey. 1800  Sey.   3565  OFFICE  AND   STORE  FITTINGS  Dixon    it   Murray S. 8765-  S766  OFFICE   SUPPLIES   &    PRINTING  Western'   Specialty,   Ltd.,  57'2   Gran.   Sey.  ,1526  «   - S.   13-S. 25M  &   PAPER   HANGING  *->v'"ogn ' PACKING*    OELTING   AND    MECHANICAL   GOOD  citj.   -/i o j j,11I|If)J) Tin, & iHiblitr (iuuds Co..   Ltd., !  8-11  Camhio  St.  PAINTING  Dixon    &    Murray.  i-AJ.vrs-  XV. N. O'Noil A Co.,  ..S. S765-  S766  -FIKE-PHOOF.  54h Sey. SI...S. 4795-4798  I'Al.VTS—l).»nll"  I'KOOF.     '  Evans,  Coleman  A  Mv.hiis,   ft.   Col S. 2988  VV.  N.  O'Xeil *  Co,  St8 Sey.  St.   .8. -«TII'»-479a  The  Standard   Paint   Co.   of  Canada,   Ltd..  •130   Standard   Hank   )'.ldK Sey. 2913  PAPER  Smith.   Davidson   &   WrU'hl.   Ltd.,  and   David   Mis   lloiucr   S. 9305  ,S. 29S8  ,s. 9:«ii  CITY        PROPERTIES,        FARMS,  FACTORY    SITES   AND   TIMBER  .Sey. 2913  Soy.  7S20  S. 2,9-1944  GOVERNMENT AND  MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  Ceperley,   Rounsefell  and Company  ESTABLISHED  1886  739 Hastings St.  W. 'Vancouver  ,   Telehpone Seymour 7S20  130   Standard   Hank   Hldg.. ...  BOND'S—SI'KKTY.  Ceperley,   Rounsefell  &  Co.,   Winch   Bldg.  R.V.winch  & Co.. Ltd.,  Winch' B.  CARPENTERS  Dixon;- &   Murray.  . . .S. S76S-  8766  'CEMENT.  Balfour.   Guthrie  A  Col.  S.  913'.-e67tT  Evans,   Coleman   &  Evans,   Ft.   Col.. -S.   29HS  Ollley Bros..-Ltd.,  New, West.,   Phones  15,  1(1  ""    X.   O'Neil  A  Co..  548  sic-y.   St.. S. 4795-479S  A   Sup..   Ltd.,    Granvlijrt 'St.   t ;;  . . .    S. 916?  Lta..  Winch B.. S. i79-1944  CEMKNT TliSTINO' AND ' A88AX1SU.  Hunt.   Robt.   W.   &   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg. ..S. 2199  COXTKACTOK3—CENHRAt.  Armsteong,   Morrison    A    Co.,     Ltd.,  Bis- '"...'• -   I'AHTITION—I'lKKI'UOOF  Evans. Coieman  it Evans    l't. Colum.  Ritchlo. Con. & 3up. Co.. Omnv. Bdg.  '    PATTERNS  Westminster  Iron   Worl;*,'   Ni.-w Wi-stinliititiir    J'liono 53'  "ITO .IKON  AND  TIN  Ralfour.   Outline   .*   CO     .8.   91H7-657S  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  ft.   Col S. 29S8  R.  V.   Winch  A  Co..   Wlnca 'Bid.-.S.    279-194 4  Fcdural  I'lI.I.Vf; ANO POLES  Lumtier    On.,    Holers    ItliiiC   ....S.  339S-9  ■\V  Ritchie   Contr.  Bridge* ,  R.V.Winch & Co.  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTALLATIONS  HOVEMBEB 14,   1918.  Stan's-Motor Express,  Transfer,  61S  Cordova W.  .........;..  B. C. Dental   Laboratory. 626 Pender XV  1   Knox Eros.,  Lumber,  744   Hastings  W. ■   Duncan's Home Bakery   3244 Main .".   NOVEMBER   13,  1918  Employer's Associations of B. C, S50 Hastings XX'   Richardson, William, office. 302 Broadway XV ".   Perosirio, Mrs. Sophia, dressmaker, 9S5 Robson.;'.'.   Smith, John. >L, restaurant, f>M Pender XV.   Sedman, Mrs. M., Florence, Nurses Home,   1931 'Napier..'.  Burke & Gilfillen.:---st,ove-repairs. 430 Georprhi W.-.-:.-.........:....  Hemphill's Trade Schools,  IS  Hast.  XV.  ..;   Blackburn, .Joseph,  llorists. 254   Broadwav  E   NOVEMBER   12,   1918.  I^-'ckens, Benjamin  P., Advertising-, 53G Hast.  XX'.   McBride's -Kxpress,   express  A   teaming,   .«S!i   Hrinibj-   Mundy.  Rowland & Co, else, contrs., 510 Hast.  \\"   McCandless,  Alex G.,  f,4.'I Hast. .'; '   CBCAWGES.  NOV2MBEE   13,  1918  Lowest or any tender not necssari- j Thomas  Dr   Herbert E., dentists,; from 633 Hastings w  Curtis,   Dr.   Georire,  from   B33 Hast.   \V.   to   .>13   Gran   NOVEMBEB   12,   1918.  Robinson,  Wm. C,  frrocer, from 3030—ith  W.  to  10th A Trimble   ly accepted.  A.   E.   FOREMAN,  Public Works  Engineer.  Public Works Department,  Victoria,  B.  C,  October 30th,  1918.   Sey.  4925   Sey.  -IS 3 4  5f;9l  ;.: ......Fair.  135  4 3G.1   Fair  1220   Sey.  5237  •1.929   Ilierh.  24 23  .. ..r.-...*.  .-........... ;..;Sev.  44 3 S   ...Sev.  522 0  1228   Soy.  5191  9S5   Sey.  3 5 4   Sey.  9.4.1  to a 4 3  Gran. -.Sey.  3 S4S   Sey. ■  2.98  ...Bay.    ,i(".fi  Bower  a 1836  CONTRACTORS—Tir,E—TKKKAZZO.  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,   ft.   Col S. 29S8  XV.   N.  0'.V«li  A Co.,  b4S Sey.  St.,  S. 4793-479S  CRANES   AND    MOISTS    (EI.KCTRIC  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  Sey.   1005.  DRAFTING  Dominion  Hliic  I'rint \-  Drafting Co.,  531    Granville   St -Sey.  2497-4670  OKI LI..**—1'ORTAHI.E   EI.KCTKIC  Darliiii?, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street Sey.   4100-1101  The Holden Co.. Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  ,   Sey.   10G5.  BLKCTRICAl. SD'Pl'UKS  B.   C.   Electric  Co.,   Ltd ^ „...S. 5000  rope A Son.   150  HsiatlmM W Hey. ?602  Darling, Frank & Co., 11-12  Homer  Street .Sey.   1100-4101  ET.KVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  W.  N.  O'Neil  &  Co..  54S  Sey.  St,, S. 4795-4798  Kltchie   Contr.   A   Sup.   Co .   Ltd..   Gran.   St.  Bridge      S. 9162  ELEVATORS  Darling, Frank & Co.. 1142 Homer  Street. ..;..........._.Sey. 4100-1101  ENGINEERS   SUPPLIES  Dominion   Bine  I'rint &  Drafting  Co.,  = -.,.   r- -.*      r*. ..Sey.  2497-4670  MLK  OKI VINO.  Ev*ns,  Coieman  A   Evans,   ft.   Col S. 29SS  Erueer   Kivcr   Pile   Drlvlr.rf   Co..   Suw    VVeat.  fll'K-SKirat  Evans   Coleman  i*i  JCvans    Ft. Colum. .S. 29S8  Glll.-y   Eros.,   lad..   New   West.. . i'honen 15. IS  Kltchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. ..S. 9162  U.  V.   Winch & Co..  WlrtcTi BId...S.    279-1344  I'LAS'TER'  nalfour;   Guthrie   .«i   Cu S.   9197-U57*  EvanH. Colem.in A F.v&i.a Ft. Coiuni. ..*?. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New Weal... Phones 15. If  XV. S. O'.Sell A Co., 5 IS Sey. St.. ,.S. 4795-479J  Ritchie, Con. & Sun. Co.. Grahv.'Bdjr'. ,S.  S1S1  I'l.ASTKK   BOARD  Coloman A Evans,  ft.  Col..  Evans,  ..^.  ...  XV. N. O'Xell A Co., 64S Bey. S  Ritchie   Con.   A   Sup.   Co..   Gr  j The  St.indnrtl   I'nint   Co  .S. 298S  t.. .S. 4795-479*1  ranvlll«...S. 91CI      —   of Canada,  Ltd.,  4.K)   Standard   I'..i.t:'k   Hldg.... Sey. 2913  I'l.ASTKK   I'A KTITIO.V  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  BLOCKS  Col S. 2988  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Coi.-. .. .S. 29S8  W. N. O'Neil *<- Co.. 54S Sey. St., .S. 4795-4798  Kltchie   Con.   A- Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 916!  PLUMBING  Bailey, E. »A., 1033 Granville St S.  Burr   it   Anderson,   ltfSO    Homer  Norman  Kydd.  906   Davie St   136  St.. .S. 6 ISO  ..Sey. 9188  rv,-.i ^''^ECMATIC  TOOLS  Stfe  t & C°"'  1M2 Homer  The Holden CoZ Lid:V 542Pender ^xV.  Sey.   10b"5.  Ea^-ley, A. C.  5 Hi   Pender  PRINTERS  & Sons,  Ltd,  W.  • ....Sey.  US  531-   Granville   St..  1033 GranvlMe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Rea. Bay. 77  TIMBER   SALE   X1360.  Sealed Tenders will be received by  the    Minister    of    Lands    not    later j  than noon on the 2Sth day of Decern-j  ber,   1918,   for   the   purchase   of   Li-j  cense X1360, to cut 25,929,000 feet of j  fir,    hemlock,    cedar,    spruce,    white  pine   and   balsam   on   lots   1165,   1167 j  and   adjacent   land,   Kla-anch   River,  Ximpkish   Lake,   Rupert   District.  Four (4) years will be allowed for  removal  of  timber.  Further particulars of the Chief  Forester, Victoria, fi. C, or District  Forester,   Vancouver,   B.C.  K  SAY!  FIRE CLAY  Balfour,   Guthrie   A   Co .....S.   9197-0575  Evans, Coleman A Evans Ft. Col...S. 29SS  Gilley Bros.,, New Westminster. Phones 15.16  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Sey. St.. S.4795-479S  Ritchie Can. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdg . P !>i«'  R.  V. Winch & Co..   Vlnch Bid.*,-.. S. 272-1944  FIRE   KXTINt.'CISIIER   SYSTEMS.  Barr & Anderson.   1060   Hcmer St S.  G1S0  FLOORING  j J.  Fyfe  Smith  A   Co.,   1320   Richards. .S. 1196  ) FORGINGS  1 Westminster  Iron  Works,   X<"->- Westminster    Phone oi  1                                GALVANIZING  Allan    McKclvic  Hug. Co.,  Ltd High  1573  GAS    APPLIANCES j  Vancouver Gas  Appliance  Co S.    801 I  ami   Davie   st*   .'_ S. 936.'!  The  Standard   Paint   Co.   of Canada^  Ltd..  430   Standard    Hank   Bid;;... . . .. . .Sey. 2913  'ROOFING—SHEET MKTA1,  .'•■    '   CSee   Corn.'ec   <i;i«   Koofing)  ROOFING   AIAT'ERIAL  The; Mar ret t Co.,  Ltd.,  10th it Arbutus  Bay, 61  Evans.  Coieman  A  Evans    Ft. Colum. ,*3. 2.988  K.'tehle Con. &'Sup.  (.'<..  Granvliie B...S. 9162  The  Standard   Paint   Co.   of  Canada,   Ltd.,  430 -Stand-in!   )lank   Hldg .Sey. 2913  ROOFING—WHOLESALE  The  Standard  Paint  Co.   of  Canada,   Ltd.,  4J0   Standard   Hank   fild*.' Sey.  Sidney   Rubber   Roofing   Co S.  2913  4149  Balfour,  KOI'E-MANIJ.A  Guthrie    A    Co  .8. 9197-657i  "MANJAK SPECIFICATION"  ROOFING FOR YOUR NEW WORK  RUBBER   STAMPS  Eafe'Iev,  A.  G. <«i  Sons.   I..to".  510   Fender   W   16  W.  OLASS-  N. O'Neli A Co .  -ALL   KINDS.  513 Si-y. St..   S.  4795-479?  it]  S. J. Trickey  CENTRAL SHEET   METAL  AUTOMOBILE KECORDS  E. E. Elliott j j Following   Is a Complete  List of New  Automobile Licenses Recorded for  Vancouver and  District:  From Oct. 19th  to  Nov,  9th, 1918.  So. Name Address Cai  0   Burnaby   St.—  SHEET, COPPER, ERASS  and IRONWORK  RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620      151H Pender St. "W.  VAHCOTTVEB, B.   C.  Il.-mins.s E.—  1C7S3—./.  C   Fry.ser,   V  Nash   Touring.  lG7.S4-^Lewis  A   .Sills,   2Gi  Ford  Truck.  I67S5—Brett Anderson. 101 Bank of Ottawa Hld«-.—Kltfin  Tourintr.  '  1G7SG—P. A. Coyle. Davie & Bute .Sts.—  Chevrolet   Iloadster.  \  I  NUFACTURIN6.C0MPANY  MANJAK" is a five-ply solid mopped  roof of heavy Asphalted Felt laid with Special Manjak Asphalt, refined at our own plant  at Sidney, B. C. The surface is flooded with  the Manjak Asphalt, and from 250 to 300 lbs.  of coarse Smelter Slag for each square is embedded in this mass while hot.  PERFECT: WORKMANSHIP  GUARANTEED BY THE FACTORY  ONE PRICE  -  $7.50 PER SQUARE  SI  i HARDWARE  Ilron-n.   Fraser  &  Co.,   T.ti!..   USD  Homer  St S. 713.">  Klett, J. A., Ill Hastings XV Sey. 2327-S  IfAROWOOO  FLOORS  W.  N.  O'Neil A Co..  54S Sev.  St. ..S. 4795-4791*  J.   Fyfe  Smith   A   Co.   1320   Richards. .S. 119«  HARDWOOD LUMBER  J.  Fyfe  A  Co..   1320   Richards  3rr.lt h  HEATING—HOT  S. 1196  AND   V EN-  AIR.   STEAM  TILATING  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St S.   136  | f Uarr   it-    Anderson.    10<»0    Homer   St...S. filPO  N'urnian   Kydd,  °06   Davie  St Sey.  'J 1 MS  | HOISTING   KNGINKS  | Ritchie Con   A Sup.  Co.,  Cranvi.  Bdg- .S. 9161  j INSURANCE.  | Ceperley,   Rounsefell   &   Co.,   Winch   Hldg.   Sey.   7820  R.   V.   Winch   A  CV   Ltd..  Winch   Mltljj. i  ....   Sey.  279-1944 ! *»' ORE   Sey  SA1ES—VAULT  HOOKS  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. b IS Sey. St.. .S. 4795-4798  SAND    GRAVEL AM) CRC81IEI)  ROCK  Evans.  Coleman  A   Evans,   ft.  Col S. i!988  Glllev   Bros.,   Ltd.,   New   West.. . Phones 15. IS  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Grunv.  Bdjr. .S.'DIBI  SA.SII   HOOKS.   WINDOWS.   ETC.  XV. N. O'Neil A Co..  5 1V Sey. SI..-.S. 4735-479.*  SHEET  METAL  Central  Sheet  -Metal   Works Sey.  620  .SHINGLE   MANUFACTURERS  ERS.  (See  Lumber  ind   Shingles.)  SHOW  CASES  Dixon    &    Murray   AND   DKAL-   S. 8763-  S766  SI. ATI?  Evans.  Coleman ,fc   l£vuu»    ft.  Col P. 29SJ  W. N. O'Neli A Co.. o-l.S t*e>. SI...S. 4795-4798  R. V. U'lncli & Co., Wine* Bld...S. 279-1944  rutchic. ("on. A Sup.  Co.. (Irani.   Btlg..S. 916J  J . VV.  N.  O'Nnil A Co  J |  Kitc.hle. Cor..  A  Silt  PANTAGES  Three Shows Dmly  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c - 30c  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches  designed  and  built   for  any  special  work.  41 Alexander St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Seymour  Contract  Department,  402 Pender Street West,  Vancouver, B. C.  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evans.   Coleman  &   12vans,   ft.   Col S. 29SS  S'S Hay.   St.. .S.  I795-479S  p. Co.. Oronv.  litis- -M. Sioa  IRON   AND   H'l'Kl'.l.—STitlf TtltAI,  Can. Northwc>U  Steel  Co.,  Ltd.  I'linco   Edward   St Fair.   2-396-7  Evans, Col'rinan A Evans. Ft. Col.. .S. 29XS  Cou«hlan. J. A Sons. World RldK. ...S. 79-"!  "Jtf-hli-, Con. A Sun. Co.. Grunv. Hd*r..S. 9I6T  \V. N. O'Noil ft Co.. 54? Hey. St.. ..S. 4795-479S  Wcslihlristcr   Iron   Work.-".   Saw  Wrsttnlnster     i'lione 53  IRON" AND STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Artistic  Wire &•   lion   Works,   112-16   •  DulTcriii     St.     I-I I-'air.   2m4S  Evans,   Coloman  A   Evans,   ft.  Co! S. l!988  XV.  N.  O'.VolI ft Co.,  54S Sey.  St...S. 4795-4798  Hitchlf Con. A Sup. Co., Granvl.   Rd-jr. ..s. 916  VVt'sMuinster   Iron  Works,   Now WcMrnlnsicr    I'hnn« 53  STKEI.— REINFORUINO.  HaU'our.    Guihrii*    i    (.'o S.9197-657S  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   f(.  Col S. 29.S8  A    OFFICE    M.Vl'I RES  FRONTS  Dixon   >V   .Murray S.S76  Evans.  Coleman  &   Evans,   It.  Col.  VV.  N".   O'.NVII A  I'm.,  54S  -Si-y    St.  «£    STORK  5-8766  - \) 8S  S. 47 95  4 79»  ' TAR    AND    FITCH  The  Barret!  Co..  I.t.I.,  I.'lli ,V  Ai-I.uttts  'Evans,   Coloman c*i   Evans,   ft.  Col....  Hay. 6J  .S. -2'J&8  Dixon    &•  KALSOMINING  Murray S.  S/t>5-  S766  LATH—METAL  Bvans. ColRmnn A Evsns,  Ft. Column..?. 2IHS  XV.  N.  O'Neil ft Co.,  54S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479S |  Ritchlo   C.   and   P.   Co.,   Gran.   St S.   9162  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishes  N,  G. Foster Limltecl  INTERIOR DECORATORS  Seymour 1075 90S Granville St.  1  Specialists in  Interior Finishes  LIME.  Balfour.   GutVlo   A   Co S.   9197-6575  Kvans. Coleman A. Evnns. Ft. Columb. .H. 29SX  Gilley nros.. New Westminster. .Phone*. IB. 16  W. N. O'Neil ft. Co., 54S P-y. 5U. - .K. 4795-4 70X  Ritchie Con. ,'i Hup. O: . Granvllle. .S. 9162  R.  V. Winch Co,  Ld., Winch 3ds. .S. 279-1941  LUMBER  Federal    t>umlj«r   Co.,   Itoserj    [IIiIr  H. 3998-!)  MAVH1NERV  lirown.   Fraser  A  Co.,   Ltd..   MHO   Rnmer   St S.  71.15  Darling,   Frank  &  Co.,  1141!   [Tomer  Street     Sey.   4 100-4101  W. N. O'Neil ft Co.. 54S, Soy. St. . .S. 4795-4793  Ritchlo Con. A Hup. Co., Ornnvl. Rd-K. .S. 9Ifi>  The  Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St. XV.  Sey.   IOCS.  MACHINE    WORK  Westminster  Iron  WorltH,   New Wimtmlnjitrr    Phono 53  MANTELS—HRICK.  TILE  ANB   WOOD  Evana,  Coleman A  Evans,  ft.  Col .-s. 2»«8  W. N. C'N«I1 ft Co., 548 Soy. St. ..8. 478B-4798  Ritchlo   Con.   &   Saw.   Co..   Granville. .8. 9162  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Evans,  Coleman A Bvana,  ft.  Col 9. 29418  W. N.  O'Neil A Co.,  54« Sey, St. 8.  i7Bi»-479» ,  ; TIL E—DRAINING  Evans.   Coieman  .(i   Evans    Ft. Colum . .S. 29Sft  I Gilley   Rros.,   Neiv   Westminster  Phones   IS. It  Itltchlw   *^"n. & Sup.  Co., Granv. JJdg..S. 916J  TILK—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Evans,   Coleman  A   Evans,   It.   Col S. 2988  \V.  N.   O'Neil ft  Co.,   54*;  !"i:y.   St. . .&. 4795-4798  TIN PLATES  Ralfour.   Gutlirlo   .*i   Co S.   9197-(!57«  Evans,   Coleman   ft   Evans,   ft.   Co! S. 298fl  It.   V.   Winch  A Co.,   Wlnca   Bld...S.    279-1944  TOOL   STEEL  Dnrltntr.   Frank   ft   Co.,   1142   Ilon.er   St.   .'.    4 100-4101  VACUUM   CLEANING   SVS I'lSAIS.  Barr  A   Anderson,   1060   Horner  ;,t S. 6ISC  WALL    HOARDS  Evans.   Coleman  ft  Evans,   ft.    'ol S.  The   Slaiiilanl   I'.-iiut   Co.   of   C; lada.   Ltd..  •1.50   Stanilan.l    Hank   lildv; Sey.  2^13  VVATFUI'ROOI   CO J. FOUND  The IL-irrett  (.'<■..   Ltd.,   Iilili,'.   Arintf.is   Hay  Ev»ns,   Coleman  ft   Evans,   ,'t.   Col..  XV   N.   O'Neil  ft Co .   MX  The  Standard   1'aitit   Co.   <f  Canada,   I.t.  Sey  2981  6J  S. 2988  St.. ,S. 47!lf-479*  291.1  I'.-uii  -IJ0   Standard   Lank   flic (,'   WINDOW   SI'REFNS  W. N.  O'Neil ft  Co..  548 ..icy.  .41...S. 479S-4788  WINDOW   SCREENS  n  Works,   112-16   I'  264 a  26 tS  Artistic  Wire ft   ir  ■''DuiTi-riii     St.     K  WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic  \\ iic ft   Iron   Work.-,,   112-16  Duft'eriu    St.     K [.'  WIRE UOI'K  Ualfour,    Guthrie   ft    'Vo a. 9197-6575  Evans, Coleman A Ki inn, ft. Col.... .S. 2988  Ritchie. Con. ft Sup. f o.. Granv. Rdir S 916J  R. V. Winch ft Co.. Wlnca  Bid. ..S.    278-1941«  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  The   Barrett    Co.,    Ltd.,    10th       Ave.  and   Arbutus   Si Hay.       63  The  Standard   Paint   Co.   of  Canada,   Z^id  430   Standard   Bank   Hidjj Scy.'29I.I  Sidney   Rubber   Roofing   Co S.  414?  m  An  %  m  I  i  i  If  I  »§  p  J  1  I  f


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