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 ■rA^:"  ••>«>;.-vi;iu^.)^J-;',  "■'WW.--.»;,«/  Dip^lfP1^  v> f  i^y^m^  'E:  ■ 4''"--  •*# . . .  4>  '.L'&Ui  /4'--.  THE ONLY COMMERCIJ&J|p|p>  BRFTISH CGLUI^BiA^  ftt:  VOL. XX. No. 10.  A-'rjnmcAttoM*™ wxwg.BTni.Dnr  / -Vs    ••  W-«dDe«day and Prlday  f>  VANCOUVER, B.C  Mantles, Grates, Tile, Portable Baskets,  Andirons, Coal Buckets, Wood  to  .£-J.  IP  SL",  M  M  1  |f| •  :#*■■  $§■'  j    530 Howe St.  fr^Bl:^iBv  |MANTEL BRICK!  I PUBS'   WKXTZ—CBEAM—VBZVCX |  o»rY—bttpp—bed—bed  OBXXNTAXr—BUrr^ OBZBBTAX.  -Special Brick* made, to order.  POLYCHROME CEMENT  I Office: 815 • Dnnoaa Bldf       B^r. 8SM  Works:" • OramrUlo ZaliuB4      B.r.    B16  ;j5ey.^705:;;f^7f>65  Roofihg, Building  :hv'>;Pa|ieri,:/«tc.::;.;;'.':  Building Partition  v-^aild: Drain Tile  ygbraCIAZ,  CITT ABP »ABBOBJJgBoVBBmM^I  BWH^'-i WMftfeL'-,i;.lBBBlBii^i?;*w^f;S^^ip9)>^  ..*■ •   '- ..."■■'• ''■■"-;->f^»^H-«K^^tu.^ivi|.A^...!......^.'.,'.l,'i.;...'.j../.". Ii1....I.r_."..' .■.'¥>r.jk'-.~:*-  ,1920.     ■■■■ -: ,-„ 2^^ ****:    ■■    ;::^^»iw»^^i|Bliu^H^  629 Pander Street Wart  W  iiSE.';4*i  VVhcn The Speciflcatli>nii  ;K;-   Phone dr?:yyritll  -Mi  Credit Foncier Building  DESIGNING AND  FhOFCOLUMBIA AVE  CI a y b u r n FI r m b r I e k. Spate ill  v>   Brick. ste;■'.--;■■ ■-:;v'K?sfS  ; - Elk Brand Comant, R«inforc«d  ■<•  ■-■■"-      St«el, Hydrated 'r ^';'    ;^:'SS^  ••<■:-...'•■. .Llnte/"»tc..^  <^J^w'^KiEfiasKflaEBjiafflaB5s3ara  I  BASEMENT  si Waterproofing  *--:-->'»Aia<ie'dn:.;Gre^xBfltjilnHa^  -y-:'iH^';-;-:--«yT .United «S4i^^r;i|^y^y2|g  ;JamiespaJ|ESrty^|eri^  Phone Sey.  .._ r.'^-r.^^'->"'''.|  ... ..„,....._    «d<MI ;B14«;:/  CONTRACT AWARDED Fl  4-R00M SCHOOL COf'  ||24,97|*rMNDE|  The contract for the constru?  a large „fourrrpomed^ frame: "sc|  'Var;derh6ofrB?'"C.v:;ha8''''beeh  *X¥the£;Pi:(^hiciai;;,rJ^pa "*  lie ■• Works^ to Thomas Ca rsoh,  qrines  Street Y&hcou ver. J;  tractVllgiire '4ig^4#7ii>^ 'y^v-?;^  The erect ion of the building  «n^ertakein*immodliitely.    6<y  Garaon' I a in the hsarket for i%  .jand;-.wlll^p;^ba;bly4;inyke^bl^-i  •plymbingyandfheatiing;-'^ '  |^4ran4-war^ ii:as:;n#hesad ;:;;us€  Bctlon of  Lhpol at  fwarded  of Pub-  Odth-,  \\B:'.:.c6h'(  f,wHJ:be  fiitractor  tiaterial  i^qriithe  HUNTER-HENDERSON PAINT  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  I. ^■■:?liirggy!gi  S. N. MCLEOD IS AWARDED  M  ^s  s»l?  fi!^^©  IH  K«^fe;'')i?*V5£  HALL FOR  W&  m  wb  tY'i<\-V  NEW  iliiiLr  :Plan;.'T6;;':Gov;'Ah«idyWilh''.l1(»  '^t,:.yi.:^:.^:"!l^^  Cathedral L^ter  ^/:c-"':-J';'.-;*-  ^■,'.--i.':i:S'r  /yours.  :;i**y :^ia^;.;*iijsjrp?  >'*,^er*aihit*rij%-9  IB  iWfS5?sS^s|,.......  ^^®  Si  vviCTORlA-^The   beginning tof itlie  *eyv TearJw«lx'n ill probability y^a  start'^madeKjn;;th:e;yconi«truct^  ^?o8e^::^npdv;Halli^  :^ur^lt*blf-"the;^Courtne^  •^^^S^rttSe|j»roi  4°^eN 9°?' °e the lew;; remaining  gaps on GranriUe: street Is&toSbejilli^  •u^hortly*^^ej;^^^n'-0^r^  CONTRACT FOR ERECTION  OF HANDSOME BUNGALOW  From among a number of cioi^bliB  by   selected    contractors, ^;; Arciiiite|'i^.  ;l"ownley;&;|Mathie8<m.:baye5,awart  cohtrtctno <-Mr;;;:8. ■^'McLeod^^fei  'avenue^:\^8,t,;ffdr,the;^rectibn^  is;;expectedfftbt;prow/.one:.of-t^  some8t;;buiigalow8yf6r|:its'::i8^ze|tt^^l  ;Shau^nes^g^gh^.:Hdi8trict}^^^P  new'h<OTe^whlcliFtt^Tl^;biiilt|i^^  |rani(ey;and >; ■ tiicTOTfiibnstruc^  is ccimmah^ing r'slWiM*W6i%^^Si!Kj  nearsMtthewsl^dfii^a^^  verandahs with  cement fl©^lBg   ft "  n  #i  Ese«i  Sool  mm  yj^sjjsis  g^i  ^^k^t8;'S:-Hione^^  booi^ tbei«e^^«  5 '•"'- iS^'S.li.Vfi' •■*!  ■;««  ■M^W^^'i-V/'  ;?\  iifli'fiil  VANCOUVE  *&  ■si i>j^.  ?'#S;;i-ji-.  -■: ■/,**:  :-^:'s;i"  ■-■■.Vi ;i.  ■■■•:,'v>;.  Sliliiiioilii.   Robin Hood BoHers and Radiation  ':m'-:mmml,.  ;|||^^H^|^|5ynodIpa^  "': :'""'™~     '"""'   :" "'*"v" '; !fpS&|?^  WMConiniCTc^attronce  v*saiS!aa£»e^J*e*-4  ESTABUSHEO  V ^f;.;  ■Sgi|^|^)  Seymb.uri.iJ57 6;  iOS3'3Ta*  m  Wi  m  St.'  •#|'  I-  m  W  m  I  ■i  : B.C. OI«trlbiit«r» For  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPIMO, CORRUGATED FASTEN]  ':   VyMONOGRAM OILS A GREASES ■:.; ftM'Ild  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  Say: 473S • '4739')^-^**^  ^~"Jj 'C3n? SulMf^gj^iSe/ Preparfais^Ii^;;/for  ^gSS^^^i^use-vO^  design, which is to be .^ctea::iotiMr.  i(^i|>pyle/von:Angus avenue; Shatigh-;  ,faSW:.^$Iglit8.,1 The new residei^';is;  to aaye * Iullf concrete:|l}asemen|| hot  ^^^r^a^?'' ™<*   hai^l^ood   fibors  throughout."';';  'v--'. ■--•;■ v. v;|>-; '.:■..  ePlaris will he ready by November 8  for tenders which will be invited; from  aeJectfed contractors. i£'^':  m  l.A.  FLETT „...   Building Hardware, Tools & Cutiary, Spaldjnj  Athletic Goods, Guns and Ammunitlofr  339 HASTINGS ST. W.  Fishing Tackle  ■2327  'y  ■M  PHILPOT-MACDONALD Co.,Ll  .Electrical Engineers  ^UH?ULTING • INSTALLATIONS - POLE LIME CONSTRUCTION «  DESIGNING • SHOP WORK  1573 Main St.  Phonai-   Fair. 362or<.  CITY   BUILDING  NEARLY  DOUBLES  THAT  OFg919  c Just a little short of doublingfthe  va;lue of building permits, ooth~ i$ the  pan month and that or the firstUen  months of the year, as compared,with  tho same,,period last year, is th|r record of the city's building activitfras  9,1?5'\ J^ke statistics  compilellby  City Building Inspector Bird.       ?'  -The figures for the year are especially   encouraging  as~ they   show   the  ; large ;increas6 in the amount of building so  far this year,  despite all  the  talk of a temporary slump  owing  to  jhigh   material   costs.    The" aggregate  PA R K BO A RD> MA Y^EXTENDn^.  ^■y'^Vr-^PiER-^TE*^  ;';>^he "park *oard has decided not to  ren^w. .the ylease of the ^Pier .Tea-  Rooms,, at English Bay to Alr.:^ qj ^ •  Lee, ywho lias "conducted- ^tiieiti2 for  more than ten. years pastry The; lease  will expire at ;t,he ,erid of the current  ye^T'    :*-■'" -^ I- I "■-'   ";. . 'i":';.'':. >rj-^ l^r  Ityis understood -that eiarly^ inMthe  year theyboia^d- plans -to >"'completely'  jenovateithe , Pier ffea Rooms, ^arid  will probably construct an addition to  the > present: building: to; allow of io-  creased accommodation to the pub^  lie during the height of the;summed  season at Engh'sh^ayv^No^  finite however, ia-this respect will be  donfe until the estimates for/next^ye^i\  are'madeup.        ■;., v^-  OOl  ... - - — -.-——w -~^-^v*H^'fVBpB^'vO0&iinH9ni  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  :Mi&--&.  :Tc*:''9W^ir;  BRICK  fcti  LIMITED  • -■ -"Head.; :Off Ice^ -.  102 Moody "Block  -u-..^,.  EAS/ END BQAT-BUiLDEFTv  PLANS TO EXTEND'PLANT  ■.■IM'S.y *»-.■■•   ;^-::;)'^..-^.'jJ[i*  yi?''ltf't*ri.\^'':''i>::J'-*-'- ':^U^  Why Not Use A  "VULCANf  Heating Boiler?]  which Rivea 25  per ceht. more efl<  iojioy   than   cast   iron   boilers,   an«  burns any kina of fu»l with ayKradll  combustion.  £§§£»&:  1S^'^'*J!|S^^.''*,«^«™™..1:-1":::-^  ''^^p^ii^V^^^iiff»??i!^!i»-ii  Man Iron Works Ltdr  Granville Island     Vancouver, B. cj>  jvalue of the 1,500 permits issued for  the nrst-ten months of the year is  R240,S93, as compared" with 10S0 permit: issued in the same period In 1919  with a.total value of $.1,765,428..  Tlie total for the month amounted to  $25S,S33, which also shows a veiT  material .jump over October, 1919,  when the month's total for 12S permits was only $164,080. Dwellings  ■lado up the major share-of the past I  month's total as will be seen from the  (Continued  on   Page   2)  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MAHUTACTT7BEBS OF        , •  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER J  -If You Want J?  THE BEST LUMBER and THEgBEST SERVlCt  reasonable: prices it  C»U K*&m— oa. ox pbon*.  South Ead ot Connaught Bridge  Mr. Victor M.fDafoe, who has. been  operating a    boat-building    establishment in the'east end for nearly twrf  decades.-is  planning a large addition  to his plant.    As the first and necessary step in that direction he has applied to the board of harbor commissioners for a lease of the waterfront  at the end of Rogei's street, just east  of the sugar refinery.    He requires the  additional space in  order to  build  a  marine   ways   and  also; add. another  building, slip- to his existing plant.   He  made amplication last week to the civic  harbor: and  industries   committee for  sanction   for   his   application   to   the  harbor bpard,  and was  promised the  city would not oppose it.  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  ■4  f.  Cold Twist "and Band  Bumoicnci btssk  .  ^BarZ%%%gnf.ilaSte*\ ^rS-  We CUt to ,en«th-  BO£T*>—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts: Cant''iron w»sh«,0 tc-« „     -  to furnish laxge orders 'of SpeciS-Bo?te^ri%tort>otIcT6.T 1>rep"'««  MERCHANT IRON AND STEEL BARS  OBAPHITE POTODBY FACXHOflI _ COXX -TMA^o??"  CIiAT  PIO IBO> - BliACKSKXTH COAi _XBiWtti BOPE  103  WIKCH BUZ.I>. «»„,.__ __   ._•  ' y«ITATE  EX.  SET.  9197  ^;  ■vr-i^K  Phone Fair. 918-919  'itH';i  Tim*  Bii^i1  WE  CAW MAKE IMMEDIATE  DEX,XVXBT OP  - BRICK --  Just  Received  100,060, and  More  Following  Also See us For  SAND, GRAVEL, CEMENT,  E1BRE  PLASTER,  LIMF AND  OTHER BUILDING  MATERIAL "  RITCHIE CONTRACTING and SUPFLY Co., Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 Granville Street   I.  Vancouver, BiCJ'v.  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Mnnag-er  J 52 Alexander St;   Vancouver, B.C.  ft   W«rt«leU    Wort.     Xa^eetton-^BjrSiSJ  Winding—AU wort OraunBt^dr* ^ 9f-  -r» •«•,■/  wm  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  JTew Westminster, B. C. r    yr^r^-   phone 55  ',?.vi..n  "|'«!-.'j?  J  ,.},...... K  '■^-' '; .;.^d!r^^'^"-W';.'.. LUMBIA RECORD
Pearson Wire
& Iron Works
Ornamental iron
workers,.wire workERS and WEAVERS
Votbinff too large or too email.
Xf lt'e Iron op "Wire we make It.
.*. *. MOMfON
WM. O. MA">L«
«r. ». ■• o.
Contractors & En«;lnccr»
*•• London Bile.     Seymiur 6506
Plate, Sheet, Figured,
Colored, etc
The Home Bank of Canada
<W Kaaafer
■ey. 8B70       ,„ 446 Kaatlnge It. West
TaneonTer, B. C.
British Columbia Record
(Established  1911)
"Published  every   Monday,   Wednesday
andFriday by the
Record Publishing Co., Ltd.
A newspaper or general circulation,
featuring Building. Contracting/ ^ngin-
Wlnl   Industrial: Shipbuilding, Mining.
Automobile, Provincial. City and Harbor
Improvements. ' __,-.„
Office and Plant
629 Pender St.W.i Vancouver, B. C.
'   - PHONE SEYMOUR 7808
Subscription Bates
Per Tear in Advance  ,1?'nn
Per Month ■■ ; /;""
All   subscriptions1 'are   payable   strictly
in   advance.
The  British   Columbia   Record  is   the
official organ of The'Architectural Institute of BHtish-Columbia, .federated with
The   Royal   Architectural   Institute   of
Canada and as such is used by them as
'S?rt&l«m through which to make their
Sttclal   announcements   to   the   general
.public. '   '
following detailed report:
Repairs, &   Alterations....l42
Dwelling Houses   33
Factories  &  Warehouses    6
Parking   Stations   	
Offices  &   Stores     6
l'act that the city obtained the utmost
possible value for every dciiar expended in the construction of these
189    $258,833
hint Grey Building Supply
     Gravel, Torpedo Gravel, Crushed
ItocC Brick. L.ime;.Plaster, Cement, etc
e 6 H a  Anfne_St. ft Karlme »x.
•e   Oe
a ^S 4:*«*. SEYMOUR. Ml -v'r.'
:r;RffcBENpiMa;   .
-  A.iOSOHOMt*
alBf'ui time Spreyln* Jfaek-
- taea-fo* totestor ft »rteHor~Wert
«4« Homer *StL •" f. ,"{ 'T^ySey.' 5507
Giirizeoh • C& White
"163 CoxdoTa St. B.
AROS ST*.    '
 . ** * ■*—     ^^
4-     -*
Rsbertson & Dewy
tjAjtirt ��«« Constructors
W"?!!rrI|Su«t«lal.B^lwayi.. .
^C^erHbL Steel and Ttober'Structuree
A   100%
Advertising Medium
we; can make, liT so
Britlsk'Columbia generally and Vancouver in particular, will soon have to
face  the ,same  difficult ..paving  prob-
lem   that  is., confuting  many other
sections of both Canada and the United . States,  in   finding  or, devising a
pavement for the ■ principal highways
that will meet the exacting strains*of
heavy- traffic which with the .constant
increase in the loads carried by motor
trucks, is-setting new and. more, difficult, standards for paving engineers.
Nearly alls of  the main  truuk„jroads
around   Vancouver   and   vicinity -are
already beginning to show plain signs
of early disintegration.    The problem
of replacing them with, some ,n»rm of
paving that withstand-the stresses of
modern motor truck- traction promises ^to provide-both.financial.and highway "construction \ problems ,-galore
rwithin the next few years. '"   '" "\" ' -
» The majority of states in the United
States, land especially 4n the eastern
districts where motor truck trafflc'has
been called, on .to relieve the conges-.
Uon caused^by the railroad blockade,
have voted  large sums   for highway
construction of a type calculated  to
withstand the heaviest motor: traffic.
,The   aggregate' sums' voted  for   this
!'■! work in the United States alone" reaches ,4 the .imposing total  of  $50,000^000,;
and yet,-although hundreds of miles
of   new> highway .construction   ;Was
either' commenced; under way or com;
pleted during the past summer, leading engineers admit all this construction is largely of an experimental nature owing .to the fact" that -the best
type > of pavement to withstand these
newr*fconditiorts;has not'actually been
definitely ascertained  yefc    In hundreds of' communities.- roads built, according to standards which 10 years
ago,were modernj.have gone to pieces.
Many miles of-highways constructed
within the last four! or five years also
have fialled, 'and in5 each failure lies a
lesson, .according- to highway 'engln-.
eers.'.;v;.-   ■ ■ -i
•■•'.i. Resilience in' the wearing surface
and'.'strength' andVrigidity-;In the
foundation, are the prime .requisites in
the - modern heavy traffic' highway.
,Wbere_roads are being built, for: the
future the strength essential to carry
the enormous loads of modern traffic
i3 obtained.by the use*of concrete as
a foundation. Experiments extending
over many.years have proved -this
material unsurpassed as a base: But
the five, seven and even ten-ton loads
new carried in some of- the powerful
motor trucks' require a foundation
considerably thicfter than has been
u?ed hitherto in making the average
so-called permanent pavement.
; The resilience necessary if the
hifhway is to last is secured by the
use of sheet asphalt or asphaltic concrete. To the highway the native
'ake asphalt gives a waterproof lasting covering, which absorbs the
shocks of traffic and protects the concrete base. Not only does the asphalt
surface'afford, a durable dustless, silent highway, but its resilent qualities
lessen the wear and tear on motor
cars.1 Travel over many 40-year-old
asphalt pavements is,easier.on trucks
than /travel - over newer and hartler
surface highways.
SQUAMI6H TOR $50,000
Sir. J. G. Gibson of the lumber firm
of Gibson & Merrick, with offices in
the Rogers building, Granville street,
annourYe that their sawmill at Squam-
ish, which was destroyed by firfe early
last Wednesday morning, Is to be rebuilt as soon as possible. The burned mill was, fully insured. When rebuilt, the new mill will involve an outlay of about $50,000 and will have a
slightly .larger capacity than the old
mill which cuts 40,000 feet per day.
..Land Limes Ltd., $25,000, Arm-
stfj,,ng; city Coal, Co., Ltd., $25,000,
Vane; '-^uman's Ltd., $10,000, Vane;
S. O. Supply co.|, Ltd., $10,000, Fair-
view; I-an-tin-k^gd Materials Co., Ltd.,
$400,000,   NewJS Westminster;   Ldncoln
Mining  Syndical
Westminster;   Ii
Frlckett   Ltd.,   $107
ford" Battery Co., Ltdjj
Litchfields Ltd., $15,001
e Ltd., $10,000;   New
kdustrial   Supply   and
Service Ltd.,  H0%poo, Vane;   Smelts-
[0,  Vane;   Craw-
$25,000, Vane;
  > Victoria.
It. S. Taxi Company Ltd., $^0,000, Vic.
Canadian Basic Minerals Ltd.' i<^50000(
Vane   - "■ '  •   ,
Extra Provincial *
Calgary Export Company Ltd., $10,
000.  Calgary and  Vancouver.
Ceperley, RounsefeU & Co.
739 Haetinffe «.;:w,:y;;y;;V^Sey.'78ao:
Ground Tloorj Winch Bldg*., -y'
,   ,        VaacpPver,:B.;C.;;;:iV;;v;:,;;-:;'::
J. Hanbury & Co.
S    Horses for Saley:.-:-:":;.-,'
Fourth Avey/ar:^ Granville St.
218 Standard Bank Bids. - ^    Phbn« Ssymour 2199
Reeldent Inepectore at all Ijwse ■iaw^lectMrliia Centres
A GREEN writer is apt to get blue
when he is not read. ..»'    -
For the second month this year,
Point Grey has. surpassed Vancouver'
city in the aggregatcvalue of new.
homes built within the boundaries of
the respective municipalities. While
naturally Point Grey's , total of building permits Issued during the past
months falls considerably short of
that of her big neighbor, still. Point,
Grey has the distinction of having
commenced the erection *:of 'two more-
homes than Vancouver and will, also
spend $16,930 more on'home building"
than in the city .during the same
period. <-
-In Point Grey 35 new' dwellings of
a total value of $124,650 were authorized ;during;;the month as compared
.with 33 dwellings costing $107,720 for
which permits were taken out in the
eft*'.    .:;   ', "'    -•   --[
"The total value of the 60 permits"
issued in Point Grey during the past
month was $132,970 as compared with
41<-permit* taken,.out in October, 1919,,
aggregating $106,110.- For the past
ten months there has been ,646 .permits issued with an aggregate value
of $1,820,129, as compared, with 383
permits worth $1,111,572* in the same
period last yrfar.
London & British North
America Co. Limited.
Company \
Company   .   . i
686 Pender at. West
Bey. 6885
  ....   ,'i'l.         ,......,.,,   .	
HT and Pp%VEIIy||, ^MOTORWlAWfjS^
The 'itun^^
- Cof¥»|>an^t;Llrr»ltecl. _
Asbestds and iti|^|ii| products   ,
New Business
. is the life of, trade, but. there Is
so much competition now-a-days
that it la harder than ever to set
the new business.    Live, reliable, ,
1 adv'ance' informatlori regardSnff       {
Building A Engineering [
contracts' enables'you to make a {
well-directed   efficient   effort, for ;
. more'sales.'Such information you >
set through  the'use or Maclean \
Dailv  Reports.  "You can have on >
' your desk every m,ornlns a batch '
.'of reliable, timely reports of con- I
tracts that will result In a keen- J
er sales  force,  more orders, and >i
In cutting down selling costs for {
vou.      H.undreda.'of- well-known <
firms  are profiting,by their  use.  »
• Whv nofyou.'too?- ' •       ;
Write for full information. 5
Ka^ean Bally Beports, Klmited.
312 "Winch Bldtf.. Vaacoaver, B.C.*
Telephone—Seymour 2013.
,«'•>   !
'J :£-:
, Roofing:.twid\ Root Coatings
Pipe Insulations.   Mastic flooring
■ 4>
SEY. 4427
With a total of 8+ new residences
built or at. present-.nearing  completion, all erected under the' provisions
of the Soldier Housing" Act, Vancouver is conceded to have accomplished
really splendid results with the $300,-
000. allocation    from the    provincial
government last fall for the purpose
of affording  returned   citizens   some
relief from the housing shortage.   At
about a -fair sample of the outlay for
an averag* cost of| $3,500, which '«c|[
most of "these. neW homes, the total
cost of the 84 dwellings, figures out to
f297,50O,  which' leaves only a small
-working balance out of the total.al-,
location; which' will be barely sufficient for administration purposes.  Th'is^
means that there wM; be noi further-
new homes  built  under  the   Soldier
Housing    Act in    the city,    although1
there are  still a number of applica-,
tions for loans under the provisions of
the act.
There is a possibility that the federal government, 'recognizing the
widespread shortage of houses.-througlv
Canada, may pass another good-sized
appropriation for housing at the next
tension. ,In that case, .Vancouver
•would be practically sure of getting
a share if it is to be allocated on the
basis of population, as before. On
o»je thing all builders, contractors and
architects will agree, and that is the
 ...,.,... ..sf?
leans   more  than  jU8t"a'^rr^:?'|'i:'
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"The Good Food Restaurants
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as .a,;banking, account,X^PA'|
you , build   up. ^dollars al; a<,
time—because ypu,.gain.your,
banker's ,.cqnfidehce   at   the,|
same time/and that means
.business credit.:...	
When you. have built up
your business credit consider
business credit which is obtained in one way by keeping posted in items that enter into your business. This
knowledge is obtained by
reading each issue of the
Seymour 7808
firebrick, Eiife Bloclwv Cpkc  ^
and ^S^ciAlqes ^for S^
Cement Mills,'etc. ,:. ^\ffZ'!-l^^M£^.
High jCiualifiy Facing and^
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Sewer Pirie, etc.
.Clayburn Terra Cotta Hollow Blocks
lit iU^tlirITitlfsi - Patented. :"^^:^Mme\
Pf Perinianencey, Simplicity Economy,
Adaptability And StreSiitti ]
%    "   HEAD OFFICE      ;-': ■■.-Y
Credit Foncier Building, Vancouver, B.C.
^'M.ms'. i * v i^-fcjtJi*
^*«M^^ i' i ^ *■ ^«*™>
l-'t y 11  ^^tej,,  "T  •»*>*J  i^-v. nil; S^^^w^UU;**^ *v*«L  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  5?  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCED CONCRETE  325 Hiwa St Sty. 376S--Biy.H28»  Artistic Wire & Iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Wort and  all kinds ex Wire Work.  112-16   Dufferin   St.  Fair.  2648  CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES    -    MACHINERY   -   EQUIPMENT  Wo have everything to a»eure you a complete and efficient Contract /  ■   &TEAM   AND -ELECTF.CAL   HOISTS   AND   MATERIAL   ELEVATORS^ONCRE^E   MIXERS  REDCL,FF  PRESSED   BmCK-RICKETSONS   "O^AR^OO^OR-QUAUT^AND,   __  GORMAN, CIANCEY AND GRIND^EY, Ltd. y  VJSSftSt" B1DG" EDMONTON / <^ART  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH.   MANAGER  H>At     MKTAX.     COWTBACTOKB     AND    IIAJTCJMO-  TDKRnK,     KCZ.T    AXD    OUATMj    ffO&riCICS.  Fair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West  V_  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIQH.1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractor*  836 Howe St. Seymour 1389  the rouownra table mowi buimiwgs cmtwo  B5,ooo  UHDEB WAT. OB OB WKXCB COBTBACTB HAVB BEBH *BT -"■  ,floofOM   OVBB,   OH    WZXOH    COHSTBUCTXOB    XS  COBBTBUCTXOV HOT TET 8TABTSS.   McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnace*,    Roofing;    Cornices,    Skylights   and   General   Sheet  ifetal  Work  Seymour  7177  1042  RWiardS  St,  Say. 9316 B  Sey. 824   -^--  R. N. DICER  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ,  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY AND  NIGHT  1256 Pender St. W. Vancouver  Character   .„.£-.... •   Cost  residence    $20,000  Three-Storey   Bldg li°A0nOn  Residence  .Slnnno  Kj,t.h    i liHH        *ii son  Residence     lin'nno  Addns.   to  Bank   !5S'X„2  Power  House    l\°„'lnn  Ke«idence  ' *™•™»  Jam and Susar Rooms i'ff'vv"  Kealdence      -    lyS.SOO  Store  Bldg - —«"""*j!ntoKO  Residence   "  fheutrw     .    GREATER VANCO,-  j  Owner j Architect .  location       ----•fi"~i-;r"Spericer Ltd.  Cordova St. Dav   -'George Kldd  .^necffikVe  -~vVnw^Oa.fcCo.  I" usp ureeic ........ . w   B   Karris  Angus  Ave. & 2«,cn -g—-^    f  Montreai  D°rXVSt      &mhton Canners Ltd.  Diakc   St-^'aKee  Mrs. J.  W._ Allan  EDWARD COX  ttanaral Contractor   .  Cabinet MaM«« nature.  ,1163 1285Pwier-StW.  Soy  DAVIES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractor*  CfoiitFoicier Blif. /Vaicower, B.C.  - \*'$Too,ooo  y^.?^ Margaret  St F.   G.   Evans  318-20 Pender St.  13 H.  F. Tong  Point, Grey  C. A. Wiclcens  S00 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  Residence  _   Residence    Agronomy  Barn  Residence       "Residence  :—.  Residence      Residence   :  Residence  $8,000  , $7,000  ^$11,000  n^.&oo  $5,000  f$l 5,500  R10.000  iuo.ooo  \ $7,000  Residence i ....... r—" "iBl 3,00fl  Kxcavatlon   &   Fill - 'j.55.000  |'28.666  ■*,$5,100   l$a,400  — .15,000  zzz..%  $7,500  ,{20.000  5.000  525,000  k«5,000  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  Otnaral Contractors,.   ..  SO» Richard. *t-   0«.OMO  Paving :.- v-—---■  Completing  Residence  Dwelling &'Garage .._  Bungalow  —  Dwelling    Dwelling  -   StoreJ Building     Dwelling      Warehouse — «   Dwelling  —■» < fto.OOO  Dwelling  - ™- ?-$9,000  Residence ...,.,- w i'$7,000  Additions    - 112,000  Residence _ -   130,000  Bank .     110.500  Bridge   Repairs —ftf 8.S00  'Residence   — -, -$20,000  Residence  —   Residence   -~ —  High, School  .-   High Sbhool  — •-•  Residence'- ——■  Alteratlons ^„„....:.-.—-•—  Remodelline-  Residence  .  Addns   to   Bldgs...   Additions to residence ...  Duelling  „— -   ::&  3S.347  • 117 5.000  • "'112,000      S$5,000   ~it5 "'  W.GREENLEES  COBTBACTOB  ru« DrtTln*. Wkarree,  BrtOfee,  .Sw-w^-^'Ve^mour 1083  ,407 OorAf"'  Dwelling:  Dwelling   .—  Dwelling      Residence ...  Residence ...  7*e«tdence ...  Residence ...  Residence^...;  -ReStoSficS"   p.Wfrllltujf   ,8cr?oief'Bu'lldinfir  ■ --K~i.t55.00O  )  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  ,:,   .of »:c:uaiTw  COHTBWTOM'iNDtllOIHHCTS "  Stiitrt l»»k BMt        StJ. 1920  HARRISON & LAMOND  Industrial Engineers  Sipo* 3535 581 Pacific BMf  R. MONCBIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  banorarcontractora  Sey. 4878  929 Mail St  000  ,25,000  -i 12.000  -f $5,000  "J $s.ooo  i $s.soo  "1 $3,000  "M5.000  •t„$5,000  "1 $5,000  „$5.0<i0  ■"-■"■-*' —v .$5,000  $G,000  $6,000  $5.C00  Ing  —ijr~t.r _.  Warehouse    »- -r r~*v\ *»?'®2S  Remodelling  .—:■■•- \ *39.00;0  Res-Jdence   .- : t - Jflii'^0*  Residence  *■ l-ft£,o*vo  ,..««f«S  Residence'  Brick  Bldg.  —...-;•   ^Vild",„ tp  Elevator   Store Bldg -   Genl.   Repairs      •fUorc"; Addns.     •-  Horse Stables .._   Store Bldg."  -  plei* ..........-.-...-——~4.*-vii"'~"  Residence  -'-  Residence' 77-  Residence ._ —  Residence ._ •'■—   Residence    Jlesidence — -   Residence    School   -   Kebldence    Resfdence    rarlah Hall  -   Wharf    Alters, .to  Store    Res!4ericc    Residence '.~.. -,- —  l  srory bldg •'-   ,   .8,r.Q0  f $15,000  510,000  |„ SG.0'10  ^...ST.r.oo  |.$12.000  ^$45,000  f.$ 15,000  L500,000  »$10,000  $6,500  $5,000  . $5,500   -\ $5,000   -J $6,000  ....:J......f  $9,00C      $50,000   ' $5,000     ^10,000   ,$6,000   ,*$ 6,660   .$S,000  ...:.....:.- 't7,500     «!11,800     *H,000  27th & Cartier  W. J. Read  Shaughnessy   Heights B.   J.   Jayi^  Point Grey    \U-vo£rP;JLm  Connaught St ..J. Y. Griffin  6726   Laburnum D.   Robertson  Avenue  "D"   Shaughnessy :_M.   Rector  17th Ave Dr. C. H- Vrooman  Cartier & Connaught Dr.........H. J. Perrln  118S  10th Ave.,W._ 1L J- Coulson  Ballantyne Pier  , Dom.  Govmt.  City  Streets  City of  Vancouver  Shaughnessy Heights  ~„Jr''„r    a  27th Ave. & Carter St._ C. *J. Wood  2011.37th Ave. XV ~----^:"-iV'V1V«!^'  1997 35th Ave. W W. H- Collard  4504   3rd Ave. W : -..-.W. Brlm^  Cordova &   Columbia.. .J.   MernBtien  17S0   13th Ave. W Mrs.  E.  B.. MurTray  Industrial   Island _ Gibsons.   Ltd  1135  2Sth Ave. W S. Collingc-  6556   Laburnum vy-*-J- J^SffiZ  4469  Angus Ave Mrs. M. C.- Healy  Jericho    „.Jericho Country Club  Connaught Drive  C. B   *W™*£:  Marpole-.._ Royal Bank of Canada  Engineer's Dept. ..-. __ ---Day Labor  1246" 27th Ave.. W. -C;-y,£dbu,:2  Mathews Ave. & Alex'dra....J.R- Duncan  2327 Colllngwood St .v +--R- H- « ard  South Vancouyer„..S,o. Van. School Board  Marpole ; .' Pt Grey School Bwd  4312 Pine Street  :  ~.-W. McLean  R. C. M. P- Barracks  -Dom. Govrmt.  3380 Granville St Charles E. Campbell  Fairview     University-'Of B.> C.  Shaughnessy Heights .....^.E   B. Hamber  IS29 -12nd Ave. W J.' W. S   McLeOd  13S1  °7th Ave. W  Mrs. F. Elkins  1.70S   33rd Ave. W -TV. Hansen  !4th'& Highliury - J. 1^_Barrre*"  Shaughnessy  Park  -- W.  Walsh  Shaughnessy Park  AM. Farquahar  Falr%rlew  Mrs.  3. Graham  Kairvlew'  J-   J-  Cunningham  Fairview "Z. T. McG Robertson  Fairview   —A.   B.  C.  Lta.  Strathcona  Place   H-   G. Wright  fir.7q Afaole St  _ F. R. Murray  16S6  13th Ave.~W     W. H   Dargavel  Gran. & Robson Sts Royal Bk. of Can.  Ft    Goro  Ave Can.  Fishing Co.  Sevmour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.  1775   10th Ave. W.... C.  J.  ph»llPf  iSth'-AVe. --W .• —Cosmo Bruce  33rd & Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford  Sevmour at Dunsmuir.  1005 Gth Ave. W -.  BaSflngs St. E    Fairfield Block   121-5 Pender.'E.v   Fairmont .Barracks —  5S-60 Hastings St. E...  Ft. Heatley Ave   _ -_  Contractor  _ Dominion   Constr.  Co.  Townley & Matheson..E. J. Ryan Con. Co.  Edwardes  Sproat J. MoGougan  Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.    Owners  IlT'ir'GiTiin'gham'' S. J. Newitt  Honeyman & Curtis Baynes & Horie  J   E. Parr  Fredk. Sherborne  Hopeyman & Curtis A.  L   Ramage  J. E. Parr  «.— S. J. J-ewitt  H. H.  Gillingham  S. J- Newitt  Contractor    — W.   H.   Chow  Downing & Kyall  3-  Laing  Thos.   Lamb   Torontu....Dom.   Constr.  1^0.  Townley '& Matheson, Supervis'g Archts.  Townley & Matheson W. J. Head  Townley & Matheson J. B. Stirling  Sharp & Thompson...- —S. N. McLeod  Mackenzie & Bow  C F. Robinson  Townley & Matheson A. L-  Ramage  Mackenzie & Bow  Blackley & Co.  James A. Benzife.-Rogerir Bros. & Sinclair  James A. Benzie.-Rogers Bros. & Sinclair      Day   Labor   '. ....Grant   &   McDonald   ".'"".'.'....Columbia   Bithulithic   Co..  Ltd.  Bernard C. Palmer -J. f • Sinclair   ~ C.  ,T. Phillips       Owner   ™ .""."" P. W.  Farley  H.""H."Sim'monds ...Snider Bros.  & Son  Owner  - - F-   w-   Melllsh  uwner         " T.  McCTay   '."" "..Bargain" Sales  Realty Co-     Owner     M. C. Griffith  . Bernard'C.'Pal^r'.: -...3. K. Sinclair  Maclure & Lort        .....:.J. ». Croweu  Gardiner & Mercer.„.Hodgson, King A.M.  Connaught Bridge  -..City  of Vancoiv  • - —--- -....Woodburn-& Chajt9r  cSi'-dlmir" &"Sereer .._i_-.-w-.pay Labor  Gillam & Mountain..-. .....Cook & HawkHS  Twizell. Birds;& Twizell. Peter Tardirt  Twizell, Birds & Tw^elL^----^nw.  Owners Z'ZZ'Z J- w- BVe  Townley & Matheson Dixon & M"n«r  Sharp & Thompson Baynes & Horie  u   c    Palmer  T.  L.4 uraj  B. C.  raimer  ^        Owner   ZZ ,S.   N-   McLeod  " "         Wooflburn -&   Chaytor  —. «_ — ._„-m." C. Griffiths    Faulds,   McQueen  &  Pearce  '""" " Faulds, McQueen & Peurce    .Faulds. McQueen & Pearce  ;  Faulds, McQueen & Pearce    . Faulds. McQueen & Pearce            Faulds, McQueen & Pearce  Downing^ Kayll 3^"'^   ~      ""     '   j      Owner  Card'." &"'mercen!Hodgson. King & Marble  I. R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  Seymour 3617  1160 Seymour St.  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  MOSAIC   FLOORS   LAID  JOBBING ATTENDED TO  Pbona rraaer 178 X   446 45th Ave. B.  Sey. 7965 Night Phone Sey. 637  W. W. FRASER  j ■  '    Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 Hart. St. W.        ' Vancouver, B. C.  y  JENKINS  ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  SLCCTRICAI.      I-ISIAMilTIOXS      O*      XVERT  »B«CRIPTIOX.    •    ELWJTKICAL     SCPPUM  Sey. 9512 - S39 "•a*11 Street  Specialist' in   Cement   Work  ED. HUGGINS  rZJLZH   AICD .OKWAKETCAXi  FX.A8TESE*  Bay. 3535-B.   '   3538 Third Ave. W.  Percy,F-Letts  Electrical Engineer and'Contractor  Hlgh-Claaa   Electrical   HTork  and   FUttoxae  Bay. '441 3°-^   Granville  St.  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  XAXSOMUTXV0   AJTS   TZVTSVO  _ A SFKCZA&TT  3RBTXXATZ8 OZTM  ••    ■-   Vfcoae Talmost-484 B   .•       >  314 7th-Ava. E.        , yaaconTer. ,8. .O.  teoiift  .1.  {&ti*lJJ¥>m  DISTRIBUTORS,  ,    DUPLEX   MOTORS   LIMITED   ■"  1233 Hornby St: iey.94^i  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEHEBAX.  mSVAIBS  WIXDUO — SWITCKBOA»»S  XVSTAIiX^ATXOVS  2«Hi*i|S$t,E. "$«|.3I56  J. C. RESTON  ZUBCTBXCAXi   EHOHfEEB  AJTO COHXBACTOB  411 HOWE ST.  SEY. 1991  483S -Ave. "!•  4176 Selkirk    390!* Heather St. ..  6555 Laburnitm ....  3S05 37th Ave. AV...  6560 An^us St   H. A. Jones   X. McLennan   K tlyesu^l   J.  Rogers   K. H. Long   Dom.' Govt.   Chas. Gross  .  Dom. Govt.  ' „„;-.„.J. T. Dcvlne  "._ F. B. Wilson  ......'. J. Mackay  ■ Mrs. „i.,i.. Ramage  * .....:u_.tC.-W. Copp   A. E. Philips  Mapee Kd. Jir. Granville...^. F..Suclclins  Jackson & Pender St. E .-School -Board  6f.7ff  Laburnum At  J. -Hammond  4 5S7   Ave.   "F" Wm.  Love  2001—1st Ave. E......St. Saviour's Church  Hollyburn  .._ ^....Dominion  Gov't  600  Bk.  Granville St _..GeorKe Bovver  35th   Ave.  W. of  Arbutus Iva Smith  Wolf  Ave-  Shaughnessy R. W. Sharpe  1000 blk. Gran. St....G. G. Heather & Co.  Owners  A. W. Quist  ^^z.t^zz^l.zzzzz^z:zz;:^'^i  BiTwrnan'"*; Cullernc ....... —— .'-Owner  Faulds,  McQueen  &  Pearce   (  Bowman"&"Cullerne Baynes '&^^^  Owner""":-" yZZZ^'A.  wil^s  Con"tra^o?"::V~'Z.':.'.   W--  H.  Chow  Dept. of Works .-. Robt. Moncrieff  C   H. Taylor Constr. to.  Dept."'o"f"'Works Northern  Constr Co..  .     Geo.  Churchill  & Son     ^ ^  Owner   ~ :..::...."  Owner   "t 'y'Z.?Z.'.  -• Owner  ""-" '"'"'bavies   &   Morrison.  ' "_ _-_  Owner  "Townl'ey'&'Matheson".". Chas. V>\ Purdy  -    ■  _„.-.   Day Labor  „  A.  L.   Ramage  Gardner""&"Mercer„ F. T. -Sherborne  Contractor   -..- F. XV.   Melhsh  Dept.  of Works'. William  Greenlees  Gardner &.Mercer Snider  Bros.  James A. Benzie Archibald  Rogers  Townlev & Matheson S.  N*.  McLeod  Honeyman & Curtis....C.H.Taylor Con. Co.  NEW IDEA SHEET MET^AL  WOBKB  * STAOICS.    AOTO   WOH^  Anything irt' ghe»t 'Metaftand 'iUJ0(inK.  •%. T. Scarlett. M«r.      5  757-Beatty 8t. Sey£ 7645  JOHN ARNOT A SONS  >mci  ■ASK   and   DOOl  rXXTUXES  ■aadaawlnr and Toralaf, etc.  173<KSemlin  Drive Highland  374  GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL WOBKS, LIMITED  /JOBBXHO  j«U ViuMn «t.  HM<la*< •*'  —>  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Works Controetort  and Enflneers  SCy. 1274     422 Metropolitaa Bldg  lusir& read  i>LMM AHO ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  «—   3370 Bay. 1809 B.  Bay. 3370a30fl 8t,ph.M St.  1  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS   AND   ALTERATIONS,  l»f».:.ass8ft' «-raae*ao5t.  3241 St. Oeorif* St.  355 soth Ave. £.  Peter Tardiff  General   Contractor  REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS  H21 Bidwell St.      Sey.7898R  H. A. WILES  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 8th Ave. W.       Bayview 2278  Character  —    Railroad        •  Kailroad ~   Bridge   •   PlantJExtensions ...—•  Boys Training  School  Municipal Hall    21 Cottapcs   1„  Coat   1,000,000  $330,000  ■•1125,000  -»;?P,000   $16,216   $7G^fioO  BRITISH  COLUMBIA GENERAL.    Owner  „  r B. C Copper Co.    Alberni to Great Central Lake ..C.P.R  Reclamation/xVo^ZZZZ *i*lfg ^^«  Boys'   Training   School _ •i?!.J'-,£0  Milk  Condensory  ....  Paving   PaciOc   Highway...^....  Dairy   Barns      Paving  -•;■•■■ -"   P'ruU  Storage- Whsc ....  Power Plant   •• »•  School •••—••:•-— —■  Paving River Road —   Four   Houses -   Bank   ,-   Indian   School   Bank — •• -  Bank    —- •• •••  School      Stock  Barn   Alters to Theatre...,   Bank    —- •   Hospital •   Athletic Club    School Addn. ..—,   2-Story Tile Warehouse  3-Story Shop  :...   School    .«—••   School •   $l50.0fto  ,.$120,000   $S,30o     $55,0(Xn  ...$30.000  .; ...$65.0f,0  ;.    $4'-',00o  I $30,00h   „.;..S12,00^   *35,OI)o   $174.50,0    in.ofto   $io,oao   '   $102,23(3  :    $12.0f>o   Day Woj-k      $35,0f)0   $40,ay)o   $30,0fe0  .$30,0^,0  location    Princeton to Copper "Mt.  .4...  ..>L3.§f0  :.   124^0  •-V  zf   IT   +  Deep Creek, P.G.E Prov. Govmt.  Mill Creek ._.Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Coquitlam. _ _..Prov. Govmt.  Coquitlam       Municipality  Powell River  Powell River Co.  Sumas Lake  Prov.  Govmt.  Coquitlam    Prov.  Govt.  Abbotsford Fraser Valley Milk Prod s  Petersons to Johnson Rd.. 2 1-3 miles....  Lulu   Island    NT-   Nelson  Woodwards Landing  Prov. Govmt.  Kelowna   Kelowna  Storage  Ltd.  Alice Arm Taylor Engineering Co.  Lynn Valley  No. Vane. School Dist.  South Vancouver.  Prov. Govmt.  Penticton Soldiers   Hsg.   Scheme  Penticton   Bank  of Hamilton  Stuart Lake  '.. Dom. Govmt.  Williams  Lake Can.  Bank of Com.  West Summerland ....Can. Bank of Com.  Penticton    - School  Board  Annacls Island..Annacis Stock Farm Ltd.  Columbia St., New West;...Royal Theatre  Anyox Can. Bank of  Commerct  Summerlande> ....Summerland Hpsp.  Cumberland ::...Can.  Collerles,  Ltd.  Cumberland ........Prov. Govt.  Mission. B.  C: .............T.  E.. Cutler  North Vancouver Wallace Shipyards  Wood. Lake.   B.   C Prov.   Oovmt.  Vanderhoof, B. C .......:.....Prov. Govmt.  i  —  Architect  ..„ Coatraetor  ..j*- E. Griffin & Co,  •"""~"*™""~~"""~ Foundation   Co.  Prov!' Govmt Canadian  Bridge  Cp.  Owners   Hodgson.  King & .Marble.  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Gardiner & Mercer Sloan & Harrison  Owners    ., Leonard C, Stevens  Prov. Govmt „....Marsh.< Bourne Co.  Pub   Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   Sloan & Harrison  Pub'lic"wks" Dept Cotton Co.. Ltd.  Gardner & Mercer Jas.  Hyslop  Public Wks.  Dept Harrison & Lamond  Twizell.   Birds   &  Twizell....™.™..-..-  __ „ .....XV.  V. Hunt  mackadder"& Mackay Baynes & Horie  Public .Wks. Dept Harrison & Lamond  Swan &  Augustine „.......B.  F.  Priest  A. D. Acheson  ^-..R- N.  Wyatt  Dept. of Indian Aftairs....Robt. Moncrieff  Wm. Fredk. Gardiner  Thos. .Wyley  Wm.  Fred'k Gardiner Thos.  Harvey  Bell & Curtis  M. A; C ark  Wm. Fredk. Gardner....Sloan & Harrison  Edwardes   Sproat ...James  Hyslop  Wm   Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co., B.C.   H.  W. Harvey   .' H.  P.  Peterson Co.  Dept "of" Works".,....E. J. Ryan Constr. Co.  A.   E.   Henderson - ..Owner  Owners   Owners  Dept.  of "Wks -™-F.   B.   Rogers  Dept.   of  Works Thomas   Carson  r  Piibllc Works Contractors  CO., LIMITED  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  VANCOUVER FORGE CO. I  Xdalted  FORCINGS  OT ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria  Drive   .      Highland   701  RICHARDSON ELECTRIC CO.  Enslneers & Contractors  ELCtTBUl liSTUUTIMS IF UL UMIS  •» BM^feV        Sey. 1896  &.  S.M. MORflfS & CO., LTD.  a  GET OUR PRICE ON  .'  FIRE ESCAPES  f».  Bay.   1043  2120-2130   Cedar. St"  Williams Electric  ,;   .jCompany.,  BXiECTBXCAX. COaTTBACTOBS  COBSTBVCTZOir,     1CA3BTBBAWCS  ". r- •'.->    •«      ABB   BXBAXBS:  -l  434 Korner Street      Pbome Sey. .4024  I;  ' H  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  " " H'.   HUTCHINSON,   PIIOrn'nTOH  * '   f    . *,   ." *   «   l  CABINET MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Kelnckea St.  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  CMjKrcii) Pfc«topaphers   <.  •lSORANVIIXCST. SEY.aSM  FOR  GENERAL,BUILDING  COtfgTBTJCTION  ALTERATIONS  •     OR.. . "jf  REPAIRS  CONSULT  E. J. RYAN j  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.;  Talephoaee, Seytnoor '8585-8SSS  Suite 5, ralrflald Blds^ 445 Gran. St.  • :*  Zeleplxonea Sey. 6191-6192    -/■  NORTH WEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and,which we|are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.   , -■■ .}  804 Standard Bank Building  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd. :  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  ISIanufacturers of  SASH    and    DOORS,  MlliL WORK, STORE ;  & OFFICE FIXTURES ;  Office and Factory,   y \ :';•  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  H.D.Rees  W.lKrasei  The Electric Shop  . ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 HastiifS St L  Sey. 1224  <' /*  4    «'tV  . Phcae Seymour 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of - I  Swltek Bearda, FaMl Boards, Steel i  Oablaet^ etc. |  Switches designed and built for any,  ,    .,   .v special..work.,,. .    ^ *  Xadsa^rial <Zslaad   yTaaconTer. B< O.  0  Office:    Sey." 7075      Kes.: Fair. 2138L.  j.H. Healey  OrTOXBTBXST  835'Birks Bldg.  Taacouvsr, B O,  BUSINESS MEN  ■will find the.  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the^ Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity.250.   .,.'•.".  762 Granville' Sltreet  Opposite Orpbeoin. Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor, and CJhef  Limited  SAND& 6RA¥EL  "..•■'"    PROMPT DELIVERY  Granville Isid.1 Ssyi 6761  tr.*K3^Wv*?%fcc~-^?X^ :  P  m-  BRITISH COLUMBIA - HBOORD  ill  &SB':'  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver ?. C.  BUILDING  AMOUNTING OVER $750.00  Number  reecriptlon  Cost  12549—Lumber  Shed  ...  12550—Addition       $1,500   §1,000  FRASER RiVER  PILE  DRIVING  Co., Limited  F. A. Joaee, MgT-.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of   T«tr   "C11t«"  General  Towin*  324  FRONT   ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER,  TELEPHONE  1015  Walter Murray  m-nie Knrray  Murray Bros.; Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  BBYttOUB ««14  137 Powell St. Vancouver. B. C.  Street Addreae _^ ^ ^ BlocJt   subdivision  Architect  1500 Granville St. ..:.\  Parker & George St. ".  Contractor  Address  Owners  Owners  Owner  Address  Robertson   &   Haeket,t..l500   Granville  Itestmore Mfg. Co   Farr, Robinson & Bl i Limited  Designers and  Manufacture^^  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHAN^EL|ERS  *fe Howe Street  ^>nc Sey.  3312  "RADIANT LIGHTS  For Commercial Lighting,  Ph  f B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEwiT  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,    BRIDGES,   HJGHtfk^g   ^  VANCOUVER PERMTS  1254S—Lyle Fraser, repairs, 1022  Granville St., $200, S. Green,'975 Granville  St., Contr.  12551—-W. A-. Entwisle, garage, 406  24th Ave. E., $150.  12552—W. T. Wenborn, store bldg.,  127S  12th Ave. E.,  $500.  12553—Miss Eva Wilson, addition,  523 lSthAve. E., $600.  j2554—W. Rollins, addition, 4001  Clark Dr., $350.  (Continued from Pago 1)  £■!$&$$$!  l^i^^^-^'^-liY-'^:.':  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  Steamfittirig  |027 How* St.  Vancouver. B. C.  PHene Soy. 13S  Ree. Bay. 77 *-  X. X. ZlllOtt  Central Sheet  Metal  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  SW) Cambio St., —Sey. 620  price is $11,200.  The bungalow will be 35 by 65 feet  in size, which will allow of each of  the six rooms being unusually .large  and commodious. Heating will be a  hot water system, the-sub-contract for  which as well as the plumbing, has already been awarded to Murray Bros.  The interior lay-out is especially attractive and there will be two fireplaces with ornate mantels and bard-  wood-floors" throughout. Work is to  be" started at once' on the new residence.  A. K. Mitchell  . B. J. Mitchell  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing - Heating  Sheet  Metal  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  .  564  Richards  St.  Sey.  17 S 4  PBXNCE RITFEBT COURT KOwwC.   <'  NOTICE TO  CONTRACTORS.  Scaled tenders, superscribed "Tender  for Prince Kupert. Court House and  I renting Prince Kupert Court llousd,  will be received by the Honorable the  Minister of Public Worlts up to 1-  o'clock noon-of Thursday, the «th n>  of November. 1920, for the erection und  completion of a Court House at   Prince  Kupert and "the healing ,^rXB pJ-tneo  in connection therewith. In the Pi inc.  Kupert Electoral  District.   B. L.  Plans and specifications, contract and  forms of tender may.be seer, on anO j  after the 4th day of November, 19.0, at  the office or J. Mahony, Esij.. Government Apent. Court House. Vancouver.  J H. McMullin. E.s(|.. Government  Agent; Court House. Prhicc Rupert: oi  the   Department  of  Public  Works,   \ ic-  t0The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.     ^   r   FOREMAN.  Public Works Engineer.  Public Works Department  1 Victoria. B. C. October 26. 1920.  MINING   NOTE8  J,   The   Fish   Creek   mining   district  | near  Stewart is showing good signs  | at the present time, and many properties    are    being    developed- with  great   hopes   for   their- proving   winners.  SJ>?fe?tv".?,T<��.-: i'.'     ' '•«  m&ijmxv .■':■  S'^-Ms'i'.V-- u.-.v.  ■mm,%?-. :'■.:• ■■■■■■■■■  V&'4!p;&-~ %■--'..  }Stf.?!W>*"u;"*.'-: :."-.■■■.■■■■■  ^S^;Wr"!f^.-^ *■";';'.--■/   ' "    -  & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  WINTINS, PAPER HANGING and KALS9MINING  Sey. 8765 •' 'Sey. 8786  1B65 Cunsnwir St.  Jot il down  in a  DeTuxg,  . Work   on   a  modern   concentrating  plant' for'the"Consolidated M.iiiing &  Smelting Company will1 sliortlV start  on   the   old   site   of' the   Marysville  smelter, the preliminary work   being  under  way.    The  experimental  work  carried "on at Trail'for the past couple  of years in treating complex ores is  abcut perfected and the company will  shortly proceed with  the erection  of  the Marysville mill.    A feature which  compels   the   company   to   act-  somewhat quickly is the limited dumping  facilities at Trail, the lake into which  the tailings were deposited, has now  been converted into a mountain, making,  the   work  cumbersome  and  expensive.    The new plant must, therefore,   be  in   operation  by  next  year.  Basing the figures on the number of  men now employed on the same class  of work at Trail, with three shifts of  eight" hours, from one hundred to one  J(hundred and twenty-five men will be  employed   after  the  erection   of   the  mill.  ARCHITECTS REGISTER  AT ONCE.  Architects Act of B. C. 1920  To all Architects practicing In the  Province, of British-Columbia., Take  notice that the organisation of the  Council of the Architectural1 Institute "has been completed and notice  thereof   has , been, published Jn   the  ■.British  Columbia Gazette*,in accord-;  i&tvs with "the" kct. r Now, therefor.  it is necessary for all persons practicing Architecture to cause his or  her name to be registered with the  S^rretarv of the Institute, together  with credentials satisfactory to the  council of being competent and in  practice and by paying to the secretary   the  fees   made  payable   in   that  behalf  forms of application for registration can be obtained from the secre-  . * All communications, requests ' for  found or lruorination must be made  in  ^writing   addressed   to   the   secre-  tfl.T"V»  Absolutely nc information will be  given  by  telephone. i  By order of the. Council,  F.  L.   TOWN-LEV.  .     Secretary.  32"   Homer  Street.  Vancouver, B.  C.  ii  NEVER LEAK" Asphalt Roof Products  Ready Roof ins - Roof Gum - Roof  Coating - Lap Cement  Saturated  Pelt  PACIFIC   ROOFING  CO., Limited  MANUFACTURERS  ->  Seymour   1186  {?  Industrial Island  Vancouver. B.C.  Campbell & Grill  i Established  1905  Roof ins Contractors  KETAX.   WIHSOWS-riBE   DOOB8—SM0KE-STACXB—HOT-AIB  fUXHACE- VEXTXX.ATIKO    PAWS—BX.OW    PXFZKO—  8KTX.IOHT8—GEUTEBAX.  JOBBZVO  1330 Seymour St.  ▼anooarar, B. O.  ■•ymoar 8981  MALTHOIP ROOFING  The Best that's made  7 Salea Agents  Smith; Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver* B. C.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  CITT OF VXOTOBIA, B. C.   •  joKKSoar sntEET  bbxbob.  COHTmACT WO.  1.  Staled Tenders, addressed cto the City  .Clerk.' either on a V>™VUm„f ^. ™tt  basis, for the construction of t e »,reat  ir part of the substructure. w»».,*>« ™"  ceived up to noon on November 2-..19-0.  Plans and specifications may lie obtained from the'City Engineer, on and after  October 29 1920, by depositing the sum  yt'ten dollars (*10.00). which will be  returned upon receipt of a bona tide  tender. * '  The   lowest   or   any   tender   will   not  necessarily be accepted.  J. L. BAYMUrt,       .  Purchasing Agent.  City Hall.-Victoria.   B. C.  REFRIGERATION  Ice Hiking plants iri ciM stirati systiss. Sict-  eial refriceratirs ni ptaKts ftr aH c»sBit ^rpostt  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Linde Canadian Refrigaration  Company Limited  500 Campbell Ave.  High. 822  loose Leaf Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figures ami all  kinds of data, such as every :  busy person needs.  New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permanent  ; investment.   -  Lightest, strongest, simplest  /andmost compact memo book;  Press the trigger  ^M the rings open  :■ ■.•;•■ No' more torn sheets. No  fiimbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  •• Costs little, U»t» alw«y», bscau.se it  is bound inaenuine Morocco.  Let us show the De l.u.j*  Loose Leaf Memo to YOU.  .•Wastern Specialty  IVlmit^a  572  Grsinvillo  St,   -   »»»•  3536  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  •JS452—Alcock. ;''D6wnlnsf.'&.fWright,   162  Water   St.—Ford   Tour,  ">Sl"r,3_-Aetna',     Saw     Works,     Granville  '•island—Ford .. Tour..  >.SJ»4—rrtin'erial   Oil   Co.,   Smythe   St.—  Ford  Truck.     '  »84ri5—Bristol   Hotel.   1221   Granville  St.  —Ford   Truck.  •Si;- C—Imperial    Oil    Co.,    Smythe   St.—  International  Truck.  .,S^:,7—Imperial    Oil    Co.,   Smythe, St.—  International   Truck,    yi;' -  :g.irlS—j. j_ Grossman, KG80.15ttf-.Ave.. VV.  Studebaker Tour.  >S-IS9 O     '"•     !"•«(».   Vancouver ' Hotel—   Studebaker' Tour.  jgldgrj—Nelson    Shapespearo,    150    Alex-  " ander St.—Chevrolet Tour.  WRIGHT BROS.  .. BUILDERS-  SEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  i  COMPANY  J.    OtERfl^ON,     MANAOE« ^''  FLOORS   LAID  AND  OLD   FLOORS  HeriNISMM)  929 Psndsr St. W. Ssy. 9201  Bss. Fhons: Worth Van. 848  VOTXCE TO COWTXACTOftS  Sealed tenders addressed to "the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for Dry.  Dock at Esquimau. British auB**  will be received at thuofflce until dl,  o'clock noon, Thursday, Dec 9. 19-'0. for  the const! uctlon of a Dry Dock at *.»-;  OAiimalt,   British   Columbia. -  Plans and forms .of contract can be  seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the  offices of the District Engineers at "Victoria. - B. C.t •Equity Building, Toronto,  Ont ' 'ShauuhneKsy Buildlniji. Montreal,  PQ,' and at the Post Office. Vancouver,  B. C.        ,   . ' - ■ '  i Tenders-will not''be considered unless'made on printed forms supplied b>  the Department and in accordance wich  conditions contained  therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a c,har,t0.re.d,^n,5  navable to the o'rder of the Minister of  Fu'blic Works, equal to five per cent, of  the amount of the tender. AVar Loan  Bonds of the Dominion will also be accepted as' security or W ar Bonds and  cheques if required to make up an odd  amount.        ^  Vote.—Blue prints can be obtained at  this Department by depositing an accepted bank cheque for the sum of *o0,  payable to the order of the Minister of  Public Works, which will be returned  if the intending bidder submit a regular  bid.  By «.rd°r, •  R.    C.   DESKOCHERS,  Secretary,  Department of Public Works, Ottawa,  Sept.' 14,  1920.  PILING and POLES  PIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK   \  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1O24 Rogara Building ,     Saymour 3tll<lfll  PAVING  ..Company  MATERIALS     Saml   for   color   card   off   BARRKTrS      PMOBCTS  1 VCLVCX  CREOSOTE   SHINOLE   STAINS  10th Ave. a, ArtortaaSt. '/Talaaheaea Bay,«9mm*«4  COM.  $i  ®  ... *t  ., 'M  ->/ .. '*&£-& o^ >r^',v:.»,',C,v. ...£  l;jpf'$%&?. 'i  MARTIN - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  POSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY OTHER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  Sea The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE   WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS   AND  LAND   CLEARING  Ssy. 7325-X  1367 8«ymonr St.  Classified Advertising  FAULDS McQUEEN &  PEARCE, LTD.  GENERAL   CONTRACTORS  Wc-Specialize In  HOUSES & BUNGALOWS  GET OUR FIGURE  BEFORE YOU BUILD  Sey. 165 626 Hastings St. W.  HEAT WITH GAS  Save Time s  Save Fuel Bills  Save Temper  No Dirt  No Fuss  No Ashes  No Stoking  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHH   P.  JKOMUB i'.  Bay   3418  a»»y. 9J1 ETsnlajrs        1758 Bobsoa »  MACHINERY  HolHtlng entrines, locomotive^ lat>ea  wir«> rope, rails, cars, machinery/o/'a|{  kinds.  WATIOWAI.  XACKIVZBT   CO.  925 Main St. — *'30e  Usea   Machinery   of   All   Klndn   Bou ht  and   Sold.  B. C. UQTIIPMEJIT CO., LTD.'  Bank of Ottawa Bldg.    S»T- Vn  Vancouver Gas Co.  Phone Seymour 5000  425 Carrall 1138 Granville  RED CEDAR  SHINGLES  WE  MAMTXrACTTTBE  AICL  GRADES  Delivered   by   our   Motor   *?™i,B  rlg-ht  on the Joto anywbtrrc.  In   carload   lots.    -  UNION CEDAR MILLS L:|  NORTH   VABTCOXXVEB  '      »  Phone Worth Vancouver 885  [EAf  5S8 Beatty St;  For St«am, Hot Water or Warn,  Air, WHIB. Found Wo.tRallab.a And  Especially so When Installed  by Comp«tont Engineers.  THE GURNEY FOUNDRY CO., Limited  ENT  Seymour 759  THE sh.pp.n6 GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  REPORTS ON DEEP-WATER SHIPPING TO AND FROM ALL PORTS  OF THE WORLD. AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FURNISHED TO SHIP.  PE'RS AND TRAVELLERS FOR ROUTING FREIGHT. PASSENGERS.  EXPRESS AND PARCEL POST TO,ALL POINTS IN CANADA. UNITED  STATES.   ALASKA   AND  THE   ORIENT,  ISSUED MONDAY., WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST  i  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  PKONE:- SEY. 7808  J  GILLEY  BROS., Limited  '-   DEALERS IN  . .    '"   «  ' CRUSHED  ROCK    -   SAND   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   Or. BUILDING : MATERIAL  902 Columbia Street West  Phons IS and 16 New Westminster, B.C.  -J  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS~  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARD WARE  WE  GAXVAHIZE  EVEBVCHHfO BT HOT  PROCESS  T    U/ATT  IRON and GALVANIZING  Fairmont 971 Office and Works] 225 ■5th W. Vancouver, B, C.  Brown, Fraser &Co.r Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & S0PPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors1  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 71SS 1 ISO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  lv.


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