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 V 10 K  , i   I J '. •-  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  *jj.  *&  A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO OEBUBAL NEWS, BUn-DENTO.  COITTBACTING,  ENGINEERING, PBOTIWCIAL,   CIXT  AHD EABBOB IMPROVEMENTS  VOL. XVTf. No. 7  Published  Monday  Wednesday and Triday  VANCOUVER, B.C., MONDAY, JUNE 23, 1919  v  Office and Plant  58p Honier-Richard« Lane  PRICE—Per Year in Advance    -    »1<|>.00  Per Month    -    -    -    -    -,   - *■»■  12  Building Material  o  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  Tel. Sey. 4795-6. 548-550 Seymour St.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Lilted  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAZ. windows  FIBS DOOBS  SKYX.IOKTS  JOBBINO  biow piping  smoxs stacks  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  DOMINION  Pressed R R | (^ K Common  Gabriola Shale Products/Limited  Vancouver Office  425 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Sey. 8057  J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative  IUIX.DING   PEBMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  8500  OB   OVEB ISSUED AT  THE  VANCOUVER CITY BAX.L YESTERDAY  ll  lf*fi  Number  Description  Cost  Street  Addreaa  X,ot  and  Block  .1.0330—Dwelling .,-.....$ l.fiOO  3 0332—Dwelling .-....' $3,000  2G00 Blk.  Dundas St 9—21  3310   5th   VV ..0—34  Buudivlaioti  Architect  540     Owner  -  ...»  Contractor  Addreaa  Owner  :.....    — -   '                                                                                 r:.  '  '           .                    .  .'  -v '  Owner  .  Addreaa  Mrs. M. .Reid  S.  H, Shave  ..._;...   .....28 Nanaimo St  'A&AAb&%i±i&  ■wis  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  -. - - Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  FT.0FCOLUMBIA AY Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, H yd rated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  HOKE  SEYMOHt 154  Standard Bank Building  MNCOBVEI - H1MKIPEG  n  H A R D W O O  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,  Our Stock ia the Moat Complete on the Pacific Coaat  Etc.  We are also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richard, St. Vancouver, B. C.  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  .    .   SUPPLIES  Sole Agentaln Canada for  Chicago Pneumatic T?"0*1 5r?>.-      -  Boyer  Riveting Chlrt^rig'^Hanjl.mfrsfc-'LTftls   <*»•>** Drills;; ;puntley-  Electr»5'Too!«^ Rock Drills; Air Compressors;  Fuel Oil and Gas Enginse.   .  81 ritiir St W., VaocMnr I. C,  ton Sty. IMS  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  *;   '*   :''l . <*  BUILDING PERMITS       J  ^>.j.4j,.>c».,%4>.>t3^>^j.^>.«.4,4Mj»j..>.;»4>.;.(«1.j.^i,  ■3 0331—.Mrs! W.  H.* V. Russell, garage,  13G6 Harwood St., $150.  10333—F.  Spiers, repairs, 22  Sloean  St., $130.  10334—-Mrs.^ A.   Dickie,   alterations,  G2C Hastings W.. $330; R. F. Wheadon,  contr.  ASKING   FIGURES  FOR  EIGHT-ROOM   BUNGALOW  Figures are being taken by\Archit  Tec1 JQ3ephJ£..IJowman,. 716 Yorkshire  'Bldg.,   for   the   erection"""oif an' eight-  room" bungalow in Eburne.  Z^omdon, Bug.  ""   vtnml  WlanlpNT  Toronto.  Tancoavar, B. O.  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTION  ENGINEERS  TESTS «- CONSULTATION  PLAN TO  ERECT  WHARF AT COVE CLIFF  Work will be commenced immediately'on the .construction of a new  municipal wharf costing in the neighborhood of |2,700 at Cove Cliff, North  Vancouver District.  AN  MEETINGS «?.  IMPORTANT  MEETING  *  t   OF     THE      ARCHITECTURAL  *  * INSTITUTE   OF   BRITISH   CO-*  * LUMBIA WILL BE "HELD ON $  {^TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 24, %  f AT8:C0p.m. IN THE OFFICES f  + OF MR. FRED L. TOWNLEY, %  % 325 HOMER STREET. %  t       MEMBERS  ARE   URGENTLY  * REQUESTED     TO     BE  +, ENT. a  t'   ' 1  PRES-  ♦  STEEL.    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGE8,    PIPE,     RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.c-  '    ■      v" ■' ■      ■        ■  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  J3a.R0CL.and H, H.Depe-w^.Edmonton,  electrical work.'$Y,Vf9:'    '^ """ ' "*-:  TO  SPENP $4,000 ON  HIGH  SCHOOL  GROUNDS  . VICTORIA—The School Board hasi  authorized the expenditure of $4,000  in the ' improvement of the High  School grounds. The grounds in front  of the school and to the west of the  entrance will be leveled and grass  , "~ sown.   A number of tree3 will also be  WANT FIGURES FOR planted.   Tenders will probably be cal  REPAIRING   ROOF   ,   ,     „     ■  led soon.  Figures  are  being  received   by  thec :   managing secretary of the Vancouver  CITY   WILL   OFFER  General   Hospital   for   repairing   and BRIDGE  BY-LAW  SOON  grave'-ling    roof of    hospital    laundry      VICTORIA—It is now only a matter  building.     Notice   of   tender   appears  of a few  weeks  before  the  city  will  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  'Roller Bearing Drills •-Close Quarter Piston Air Drills---Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel—Drills—Reamers, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey. 4100  Steel for Every Purpose  oo:  S. ABTOUS, VXiATBS,  X.ETSX.Y BQVOTBO TAMMXOA.'  M, COXi'  O BMOVB  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEn COT, ltd.  !,  ralnaoat S3SS and S3S7  ▼aacoarar, B. O.  on page 4.  Eatiiaataa Qlven  Sarauonr 7300  BUILDER'S  WE CABBY A C01CFX.STE IJNK Or  FINISHING HARDWARE • CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  " WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGATT, LIMITED  Wholesale Keavy and Shalf Hard wax*  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  GARDEN   CITY SCHOOL  CONTRACT   AWARDED  Architect Joseph Ht Bowman, 716  Yorkshire Bldg., has awarded as contract to Mr. J. ^V. Stirtan. of Eburne,  for the construction of a frame school  building to be erected at Garden City  at a cost of $3,230.  Mr. Bowman has also awarded a contract to W. J. Sprout, for the remodelling of a residence in South Vancouver.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  BtANtXFACTTrREBS OT  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call (uod ■»« na, or pliona.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  NEW   BANK   BUILDING  FOR  PORT  HAMMOND  place before the ratepayers a bylaw  to raise the necessary amount to build  the Johnson Street bridge. The Provincial Government having placed  $200,000 in the estimates for this project, and the Canadian Pacific Railway  being'wiring to spend f 100,000, the  city will probably be called upon to  pay in the neighborhood of $250,000,  or more, as the present market price  of steel would make the bridge cost  approximately $5S0,000, inclusive of  materials, engineering and labor.  WE  MANUFACTURE  REINFORCING STEEL  IN ANY FORM OR LENGTH AND  SUBJECT TO ALL TESTS  1 ** i  Submit your requirements  HYATT STEEL PRODUCTS, LIMITED  Granville Island, Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Seymour 3066-3067  POINT   GREY   MEMORIAL  HALL   PLANS  ACCEPTED  The  design  and  plans  as   prepared  Work   will   start  soon   on   the   con- j ^  Architects  Sharp  &   Thompson   of I  struction  of the new  branch  Dank  or  lhis cU>'- for tlie Point Gre>* Memorial!  Hamilton in Port Hammond according  to an. announcement made by Mr.'.].  W. McCabe, manager of the Vancouver bank, who lias received instructions from the head ofiice at Ottawa to  proceed with the erection of the new  building at once.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co. j  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts,  Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON  WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME — HYDRATED  L»ME —  FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH  FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH  COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON— MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER        San Francisco, Los VICTORIA  winch building AngoIes, Portland belmont building  Private Ex. Say. 91S7 Seattle, Tacoma Telephone 503T  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING CO.,LTD.  MHIwork Contracts  WWon   Depot    1916  Can.   Wortharn  Bly.   Depot 1917  Calffary Armory  1918  Roailaaa  Xfclffli  Bcbool  1918  TraBqullla  Banitorlum    19J8  Phono Westminster 473  Our steam heated plant enables tia  to manufacture Vuneer Work at any  awiHon of the year.  We are now manufacturing; interior  flttiiiKH for the new B. C. Telephone  Building's hoad ofllce in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th St., East Burnaby  OPEN   BIDS   FOR  THREE   NEW  AGRICULTURAL SCHOOLS  EDMONTON, Alta— Tenders were  opened Saturday for the three new  agricultural schools at Raymond.  Youngstown and Gleichen. The successful tenders aggregate $1S0,419 and  are-awarded to Smith Brothers and  Wilson, Lethbridge, $14-1,000. Koss  Brothers. Edmonton, for plumbing, etc.,  Hall, have been formal'.y accepted by  the Memorial Hall committee, and It  is expected that as soon as the preliminary financial arrangements now  under way, are completed, tenders will  be called for the construction. The  hall, which besides being intended as  a fitting and permanent memorial to  the gallant so'.diers from the municipality who gave their lives in the Empire's cause, will form an important  rallying point in many social and  physical phases of the life of the community, will, appropriately enough, be  built" by returned soldiers, for the bidding will probably be confined to that  class.  (Continued   on  Ynge   3)  IMMEDIATE DEUTERY OF THE FOX.X.OWXir<|  WOOD    LA T H  FIBRE   PLASTER,   PLASTER   PARIS,   CORNER  BEAD,  LIME  AND  PLASTER   SAND  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 'Granville Street  Seymour 4660'  Reliable Electric  Company  J'. SMITH. Manager  152 Alexander Si   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Yearn' Experience la all Branches  of Electrical Work. In«peotlon—Expert  Advice — Tronblo "Work—Installing1 — Rewinding—All  Work  Onaranteed.  ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C. Phone 63  UBS  i :'MAb ■  -■•.■:P».'>,  ■■'Mny  i.Wi3,Vi?."..,i-  ; ■ Sfe^v;.  ■. .• .itt.<s;;;: !* •.  •. ^:%*iiV  ■.;"j'^.vf-;i,vv>:   ,  ''.?%$$;■.  :■■':»'■■  ;'0bA  . •Jit.r.y,f.  #*  ,'V/A  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every ■ Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A  newspaper  of  general   circulation,   featur-'  Ing Building. Contracting, Engineering, Indus-J  trial.   Shipbuilding,   Mining,   Automobile,   Pro.  vincial,  City  and   Harbor Improyements.  C.H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR | naturally and strongly made to paying a double tax, such as would be  the case if the provincial government  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  426-  Wholesale and   Retail  W. HOLT  436 Dufferin St: . Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  11  Office and   Plant  583   Homer-Richards   Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808.  Subscription Bates  Per   Year  li)   Advance:.....:.:.,. *5"'?-9?  Per   Month    ••-      I-00  AK subscriptions are payable strictly ia advance 'which   would   perhaps   be  achieved  by  a provincial law, would be the elimina-  imposed a fee on builders in addition  to the trades license fee collected by  the citv.    But one important measure  OmCIAIi OBGAN.  The British Columbia Record Is the  official organ:, of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Koyal Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British"'Columbia, and  as such is used by .'them-as tho medium  through which to make their official announcements  to   the • general.public  By such selection the British Columbia Record is no wise Pledged to editorial   support   of   any   policy   advanced  work affords him less than a day's  wages on contracts, where a capable  builder, wise in labor-saving methods  would, make a fair profit; should not  the public be protected from such inefficient contractors?  DIVIDENDS   FROM   B.   C.   MINES.  The   British   Columbia   mines   have  tion of the incompetent contractor who ,  gives  a  black  eye ito good materials   distributed   nearly   a   million   dollars  and contractors in general. in   dividends   for  the   first  qu'rter  of  How many.people, for instance, have I 1919.  as  follows:  they  have noticed cracked, unsightly  job done by men incapable of,handling  ».««   --■-«—,--,.„-    -i„*„>„„ „•„■„>,„„    the material correctly?    These  badly  by these societies, but maintains an ab»o- - - J  lutely   independent  position  on  ail   mat-  executed jobs naturally form  a criter-  ters subject to editorial opinion.  SHOULD BUILDERS BE LiCENSED?  There was recently defeated in the  New   Jersey   legislature  by   one   lone  vote, a bill providing for the licensing  of   builders.    In   .Milwaukee   recently  •a bill giving tlie city power to license  building contractors was instroduced,  "and is making headway.   Agitation for  the   licensing  of   builders   is   nothing  new, but the close call for ithe measure in New Jersey shows that it can  be expected to pass, in some state or  the American union in the near futue.  Here "in Vancouver, under the guise of; j  ion   for ithe  prospective  home-owner,  and he will shun stucco as he would  the   plague.     Again,   sad   experiences  with many fireplaces have caused the  i open fireplace to be regarded with suspicion.     Four-inch   walled   chimneys,  unlined.   have   caused   many   a   lifetime's savings to go up in smoke; floor  joints framed into chimneys, construction that causes    plasiter    cracks—all  these  should  and  can  be. eliminated.  The   wasted   material   and   inefficient  methods of an incompetent contractor  tend to keep costs at a higher level  than. tli'ey should be.. •■' ■  Why should not the public be pro-  POINT GREY PERMITS  222S—Henry   Penn,   residence,   Car-  tier Ave, $2,000; W.-Manuel, contr.  222!)—A. Davidson, garage, Conarvon  St., $150.  2230—F.. McCleery,  dwelling.  $400.  2231—A.      W.     Easier,      residence,  .Magee, $1,700; Cromie & Vroom, contr.  2232—G. H. Latimer, garage, Balsam  St., $500, Cromie & Vroom contr.  2233—School   Trustees   of   Pt  Grey,  school,   Magee,   $27,500;    Adkison   &  Dill, contr.  223'1—J.. Hewitt, residence, 10th and  $2SaO;   Vernon   Const.  Co.  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  been prejudiced against stucco because I Granby C. M. & P. Co $375,010.50  Consolidated  M. & S. Co..... 261,936.00 t  Belmont Surf  Inlet................ 125,000.00 ! Crown  SL;  Howe    Sound    (Britannia)..    99,207.00!     2235-W. R. Miller, residence, Osier  Florence  Silver  Min.   Co     34,746.00 j Ave... $3 0P.0;  Owner, contr.  Surf Inlet  Gold   Min.   Co     24,689.001     -2t«"—"M.   Henri,  residence,  3rd  and  Hedley   Gold   Mining  Co     24,000.00   Trimble, $1800.  Win.  Uickie.  contr  Rambler-Cariboo         17,500.00  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and (Granville St.  Bayview 1076  GAS HEAT YOUR  BUILDING  Gas heating by means of a My.stoni  like the Rector has boon the dream  of.engineers for years.  It does away with dirty, smoky  furnacos. dusty basements hUc.ti with  fuel, and tho necessity of constant  stoking.  JOach radiator Is a unit—vou can  cut a-j many of them out as vou wish  Ton pay for your gas after you u^  It, not as you pay for coaJ, in  vance.  tid-  We will be  Rind to  give  yoa fljrures  on   a   gras-heatlng   installation.  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Cnrrall and  Hasting*  Phone Sey.  5OO0  r  'a trades license, builders are already  licensed, although  the  fee is  merely Itectedfrom the contractor who,cannot  "Bominal.    But  supposing' the   provin-"I bu"'<" properly, who, if he makes a mis-  cial legislature should tack on' an additional   builders'   license  fee?  Would this be a good thing for the  'trade in general? Would it tend to  concentrate work in the hands of the  •big contractors; eliminating the small  'men?   Jy.  The answer to these questions, both  locally, as well as applying to the  proposed American law, depends largely oh the manner in which the bill is  finally  draflted   before  enactment.  Undoubtedly the majority of capable  'contractors would welcome any one  •general law tending to prevent cutthroat competition and the irresponsible bids indulged in by the contractor who is not enough of a businessman  to know his costs.   Objectionvwould be  take, must either retrench by. inferior  work' or become insolvent; and .whose  Total ..$962„0Sfl.-10  POR  Busy Business Men  solid,   substantial   food   served   in  '  an appetizing flavor.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  Ho.   1—110   COKDOVA   ST.   WEST  Canada Food  Board. No.   10-7661.  Ho. 2—618  PEHDEB  ST.  WEST  Canada'Food  Board No.   10-7660.  BUILDING  NOTES  OF  CENTRAL   BURNABY  N;     Mr.   Ilaillie,  of  Patterson   station  is  ! building a new home.  J     Mr. W. Parsons of Booth Avenue is  enlarging and building an addition to  [ his residence.  Mr. FJocock of Elsom Avenue ' will  build a new home on the corner of  cavating for the foundation is under  Grafton street and Elsom Ave. Ex-  way.  Mr. J. Jackson of Sussex avenue is  making extensive alteration^ to his  home. ' b.  Ex-Councillor John Murray is building a new house on Helen Avenue.  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs "  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Richard. St. 'Phone   Seymour   175  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  bm.mmyyM  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  THE   rOLLOWIVa   TABU   SHOWS   BTinr,DIHOS   CbSTZHO    $5,000    OR    OVER,    ON    WHICH    COHSTR17CTIOH  mrSEB WAT, OB OH WHICH COHTBACTS KATE BEEV LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STARTED.  % ■  IS  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires       •  851 Pender St. W.  Seymour 3053  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  Character   .Oo«t  Tuberculosis   Clinic '.'., 47,130  Brick   Building   Residence .....;  Residence    : ..........  Residence   Garage      Brick   Bldg   Wire   Products   Mill.  Bank Extension ..;......  Residence   Warehouse   ..........:..:.:  Residence    Residence   Gasoline   Station   .....  Residence - -   Brick    Bldgr.   Dwelling ......  Garftgev Bldg.   ..........  „Residenc«.r.... .„..j.  Residence ...1..  ,Resldence„.............   Residence   ............;-..v.  3arasce     Residence   ..-. ...:..   Residence   Warehouse   ...........:.:...  Residence-............-:......  Factory •;... .....  Residence   Farm.'buildings     Residence " ......:   .-\d.d 'to  School  .:   Rotary . Dryer   3  Bungalows   Residence —   Alterations     ..-.   Residence    ;......:.:,  Residence   Residence     ....  Residence     Remodelling shops ....  Residence        $12,000  Bungalow    ..$5,000     $7,000        |5,000  .... $8,000   $15,000   .■....-$7,000   .....$40,000   $27,000   : $5,000  ........:............' $5,000   ...-$6,000,   ' $7,000   .-. $17,000   „...   $9,500  ......;.i:..i: $8,009  _...:....... .$5,000   $30,000  ...:;l ........;;L..$8.oo6  ...:.«.... ...r....$7,5oo  ...........„...-...».-...$9,074  .:;".._..;..::.....:'.i.-$6,422      $7000  .......;..............; $6000  .:.................:.:..$'60oo  ......:.........;...   $7,000   .$6,800   ..„   $5,500      $13,000   $11,500   ....$8,000   $27,500   ..$6,000    $.10,500      $6,000   $15,000  .:....:    $5S00   $5,200   $5,000      $5,800  VANCOUVER  £oe»t!6n    . ■    Owner  Pender. Street ........ .' Rotary Club  Seymour St B.  C.  Tei.  Co.  Shaughnessy   ...: ....Frederick   Perkins  1S55—16th^Ave.   W.,.. J.   J.   Forster  Shaughnessy ...'^Mrs. Alice Brydohe-Jack  Granville & HelrrTcken.—Mrs.  Drummoad  Howe  & Pacific ...Roote Auto  Top  Co.  End. Isl'and-.—Morrison Steel & Wire Co.  Hastings &( Richards... Standard Bank  Arbutus , Street   ....................J.   E.   Hooson  Industrial  Island....Albert Kerr Co.; Ltd.  1100' Block 13th AvW.Capt. A. Freeman  York &'.Larch Sts.... :.:Mrs. Macdonald  Dunsmuir   &   Howe Imperial   Oil   Co.  1155   llth Ave.  West  v. ..Wm.  M'etx  2-19   Pender  St.   E.   .^.Olaf  Olson  1785   16th  Ave. W .....S.  N.  Baynes  Georgia & Butte ..Terminal City Mtr; Go.  Augus Ave.,.Shaughnessy. A. A.;Jlo8S  Alexander" gEi'L.\i:::..::^i.:..t;.:.Cttp'' &'' SItaw  Shaughnessy— Hghts.....Gordon Ca.mfibeli  Magee ........,........;......:.... ..........H. J.' Bigger  856 Howe St. ....:....A. G.  McCandleW  35th   &   Vlne:.:.........:.......::.:Percy   Whaliey  Magee .'...„.Wm*.   G.  Bree'sie i  49JCordova St.*E.../.McLennah & McFeely  1775   16th  Ave.   W Vernon  Consf..   Co.  Industrial Island: :..;:...Elec. Mfg."Co.  ShaughnesBy Dr.  Archibald Smith  Pt." Grey:....:.' : University- of B. C.  Shaughnessj' ...........:........Dr. R. L.  Pallen  Afagee  Pt.  Grey School Board  South   Vancouver..:.Globe   Fertilizer   Co;  lst Ave. and Stevens V. G. Evans  Magee '.:.....: ..Mrs. Er B. Brown  111-Dunsmuir St. ....Navy League of Can.  Magee   Henry W.   Schofleld  Pt.   Grey    ......S.   W.   Webster  Pt.   Grey    J.   Abernethy  Pt.   Grey   •. W.   J.   Lesasre  False   Creek..' C.P.R.   Rly:  Marine   Drive J. "R.   Crhlg  16th  Ave.  near Gran...Thos. A.  B. Ferris  Archt .2   .1.  A.   I>cnzie   Owners     Fred L. Townley....  Edwards Sproat ...  James A. Benxie....  A. B.  Henderson  ...  Gardiner & Mercer.   ....-•-  Contr.  . .. .Baynes & Ijorie  .....Adkison & Dill  ...G.  M.  Champion   '.W.   Gravel  .........;.S.  J.  Hewitt  ...;:.....J. B.  Arthur   Snider    Bros.  ..-. -H.  ii.  Leek  lames A. Benzie....Dom. Construction Co.  Edwardes   Sproat   ....Beechey   &  Holdron  —- -■-• Dominion    Const.    Co.  Robert- M.   Matheson........Albert   Radelet  Edwardes   Sproat .....W.  T.   Wodden   Dominion    Const.-   Co.  Robert  M.   Matheson..... l.Alonza  Smith  W.   T.   Whiteway ...............G. -Kilgren  —-•- - E.   H.   Bawtinheimer  Fred   L.   Townley : ..Snider -Bros.-  A. E. Henderson ,.-.S. -.J-.- Newitt  li.- hi.  Gillingham.;.... S.   J.   Newitt  Bernard  C."Palmer .....Giover  LVovd  Bernard C. Palmer... ....Dom'.: Const. Co.  Parr & MacKenzie :......Bavne.s & Horie  Fred  L.  Townley .- Wra.  McNee  Fred   r,.  Townley Cromie <fc Vroom  :,—:-.- tr 7.   M.   McLuckie  ^...:.......:.......... Vernon   Constr.   Co.  Gardiner & Mercer....Wallace & McGugan  Fred X.j. Townley... Purdy & Lorer^an  Sharp & Thompson S.N. McLeod  Edwardes Snroat.   John  L.  Dubii  Twizell  & Twizell Adkinson  & Dill  .:.       .... T.   A.   Walsh   &  Co,  Fred L. Townley ...G.M: Champion  Bernard  C.  Palmer..... ...F..  G.   Baynes   W.   J. " Nortmsbte  —•— - .Vernon   Const.   Co.  - • •• - ..::....:...S.   N.   McLeod   :- '.....:..- W.  Eldridge     Mr.   McGrcevy   ;„.„ Daviea   Const.   Co.  I'red L.  Townley -..;.- W.  J.  Read   ■ .Vernon Const. Go.  H.D.Rees  The Electric  W.A.Kruse  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E.CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  .Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Seynoor 8551  MALTMOID ROOTING  The Best that's made  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B.C.  Phone Seymour 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  ■witch Board*, Panel Board*, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches designed  and  built for any  special work.  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING and HEATING  TINSMITHING  Estimates   Furnished   on   New   Work  and   Alterations  -  906 Davie $1 Ujmw 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  CORNICE,  SirEXIGOST,  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WOKX.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Mgr.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   7615  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   DOOBS—OFPICE  WXTU3ES  Bandsawiiig and  Turning-, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  Character      Coat  42-Milc   Extension     ■ 300.000  Reconstruction       160,000  Nitrogen  Plant      125,000  Concentrator,   etc      1,000,000  Railroad     1,000,000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg $151,236  Pulp & Saw  Mill... $750,000  Concentrator $17,000  Coal  Tar  Products  Plant... $100,000  Bridge     - - $1 S.OOfl  Dockyards .Wharf   ...f52,924  Hydro-Electric   Plant     _..$72,006  Washing Plant  ..$150,000  Highway  Bridge   — : ;   6ank $17,600  BOUGHT and SOLD  Transact your bonol business through a long estab-  lisbed and thoroughly  organised concern.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED  ZM 1886  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Location    Owner  Clinton      I'.G.K.    Railway  North    Vancouver     Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   Buntzen. .Aracr.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   Mountain Ji.   C.   Copper   Co.  Princeton  to Copper  Mt....B. C.  Copper  Co  Tranquille 15.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver Cove.; Heaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Bowen  Inland W.  Tipping  ifarpo'e The   Barrett   Co.,   Ltd.  Fairy   Creek Provincial  Government  rVictoria   -Dom. Government  Srjuaminh Prov. Government  Case dy   V. I Granby Con. M. & S. Co  Raoh 8  Crossing,  V.I Prov.  Gov't  Trail Bank of Montreal  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  PUBNACES,    CORNICES,    S3CY-  LICtHTS  and  GENEEAL  JOBBING  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  <««-   .^ Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  1685   Vonables St.  Hloljland   642  Arch _   Contr.  • • • Northern   Con.it.   Co.  • • i fodgson  iv "King  Owners        Owners  Owners         .•.•••■/•; • • • • W.   .P.'..'Tierney  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Cp.       Owficrs   T. A.  Walsh & Co.   ...Dominion Const. Co. & Others  Public  Works   Dept Archia: McLean'  Dom. Pub. W. Deot...McDonaid & Watson   .Robertson and Partners?  „...„„....._  Taylor- Engineering Co.  Public  Wks Dept McDonald & Watson   : :.Medby & Vestaunet  Ground Eloor  •Winch Biagr.  739 Hauting-fl St. W.  Vancouver  & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  JAMIESON'S  The Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge  The Eighth Wonder of the world  paintrweirteran PaintCri tried End pr°Vcdj the maa who doe8  "HE KNOWS"  •The chemist, who can analyze-he smiles and says:  "ALL RIGHT"  Because  It goes farthest.  Covers niore space at less cost.  Encotirages  the  inexperienced  to paint and brighten up  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  1075 Hamilton Street.  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Seymour 2268  KEEP POSTED  THE RECORD* ■X^t^aa^  VHWVW&W"*1*  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  !  !  1  SI  %4w  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  "1  725 s.Howe St.  Sey. 3768--Bay.H28R  (Continued  from pagra 1)  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  . Ornamental Iron Work ittnd  all kinds  of Wire Watxlt.  11 2-1 G   Duffer In   St.  1'kiir. .^GfS  Colonial isMlie type adopted, by, the  designers for the genera! exterior de-  jsign, a striking- and pleasing effect being secured .furtlie front elevation by  tho use .of, a terrace and eight gup-  porting columns at tlie front entrance.  The floor plan of tlie building !s in the  machine  tools,   seeking   a   market   in  Great Britain.  1321. Inquiry is made by a correspondent in Ijcmclon for names of Canadian manufacturers seeking representation in Great Britain.  1322. Inquiry is made by a London  firm for names of Canadian exporters  form of a "T", of which the stern will, of cheese, which is required foi' India  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  836 Howe.St.  Seynonnl38.9  a gymnasium and the top of I and China as well as for Great Britain,  the'Club rooms, reception^ hall j     1327. Broom'rrandle blanks.—A Liver-  P^ipool firm are prepared to place orders  Edward Cox  ^General Contractor  Cabinet Making; Fixture**  Styneur '1163    » 735 Helmckm St.  Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Credit-Fancier tide.  Vincwver, B.C;  , contain  the "T"  and   offices.     Accommodation   is  vided  in   tlve ■tiesign ■'for   club   rooms  and  headquarters  for  the  Point Grey  branch of the.Great War Veterans Association,  which   will  have a separate  entrance from the tea and club rooms.  Tlie main reception hall will be 25 by  35 feet and will 'be finished in native  wood     panelling.       The     gymnasium  opens from  the rear of the reception  hall.    Its dimensions will be 50 by 100  feet,  which w'fll/make it available for  ['all indoor games as well as a meeting  place   that   vrifil (accommodate   about  1000,  if  necessary  to  provide., seating  capacity.    Separate' shower baths and  ample lockers for ladies and men will  be provided at the rear of the gymnasium.  An  assembly "hall  and  accommoda-  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  Ui Rteharis SL  tr .1412  W. GREENLEES  COWXBACTOR  WIe   Driving,   Wharves,  Bridges,  Foundations, ate.  107 Cordova St. W.  Seymour 10S3  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Seymour ? 535 601 racific Bdg;  lion for the janitor's'living rooms will  be provided on Ure second floor of the  upper part of the '"T". This assembly  hall will be one of the most popular  features of the bnTMing, it is expected  for it Mill have a ftoor space of about  4000 square feet and a seating capacity of about 500. At one end of the  hall will be a completely equipped  stage and dressing room accommodation which will provide facilities for  ifrill forms of dramatic -and musical en-  itertainment  being staged!.  The Memorial Hall is to be erected  on a three-acre site in the C. P. R.  garden tract near Kerri»dale, the' C.  P.. HI. having made a grant of the site  for this purpose. The Imil will be  built at the rear of the site and the  front of the tract -will be laid out in  landscape garden, tennis courts and;  bowling greens.  Messrs.    Sharp &.   "Thompson    have;  for   large   quantities   of   broomhandle  Wanks.       '  1334...Toy express .carts and wooden  toys.—A Liverpool importer would like  to hear from Canadian shippers.  | 1335. Washboards, clothespins and  household woodenware.—-A Liverpool  importer is in a position to place orders in carload lots.  1336. Roll-top desks and office chairs.  A Liverpool firm make inquiry in  order to establish Canadian connections.  1337. Axles for four-ton trucks.—A  Glasgow firm make inquiry for Canadian quotations.  1338. Heavy truck tires.—A Glasgow  firm    make    inquiry for    heavy truck  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  ORPrfEUlVI CAEE  an ideal meeting place for the  Luncheon Hour. The Beet of  Everything, Prompt Service,  Moderate Charges. Seating  capacity  250.  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  DRAFTING ALL LINES  Paper,  Instruments and,,.Supplies  MOST MODERN  EQUIPMENT  AND  OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413 Granville St.  Seymour. 2769  Hodgson, King & Marbl«  Centractors& Engineer*  j j ■•%  413 UeJtflMt-  atyaaw 1501  been .congratulated by tlie connmittee 'coupling poles.-*—A  and all who have examined .the plans firm is open to buy  at the unany angles and facilities, in  community life th«y hare provided for  in .this structure. . They designed the  \ University of British Columbia buildings,   the Vancoin'er  Club and   otJwsr  tires.  1339. Marine engines.—A Dumbarton firm -would like to get into touch  with exporters of 4 to 5 "horse-power  marine engines. ,  1345. Bolts and nuts.—A Glasgow  firm to be placed in touch with large  exporters of bolts and nuts.  1346. Shoe tacks.—A Glasgow firm  ask to be placed in touch with exporters of shoe tacks.  1347. Household wooden-ware. — A  Glasgow firm ask to be placed in touch  with Canadian exporters.  s1348. Household wooden-ware. — A  Glasgow firm are interested in household woodenware.  '1349. Industrial alcohol.—A Glasgow  importer is interested in industrial  alcohol.  1350. Chrome ore.—A Glasgow firm  is interested in chrome ore.  1351. Hickory   handles  and   hickory  f ARCHITECTS f  Member* ot The Architectural Institute  ot British  Columbia.  DUNHAM  ■Cheating service  for  Owner  Builder  Architect  Provides  Heating   Satisfaction  C.A. DUNHAM COMPANY,Ltd.  Branch Sales Offlce  VANCOUVER,   B. C.  D.   Ov  BBISON,   Mgrr.  Phone Sey. 8057'     4 25 Standard Bank Bldg.  VANCOUVER  The Most Important Thing  In   Automobile   Repairing   is    the  know  how  to   overhaul   and  paint,  cars,    build    bodies,-. wheels, • etc.,  also   small   industrial   traetors   for  wharf and   mill  yard  work.  We   Know-How  HALL & WALLACE  573-5   Beatty   St. '     ..Sey.   930  Iienzie,   .las.   A..  510   Tiwtlnza   W _ Sey.  3300  V.rynn  Sc  GlUam,   509  Klchann -_ _  Dalton   Sc  Brclflsh,   615   Hastings . W..  Buy.    Cfi2  Gardiner,  i\ O.,  & Mercer.  718  Granrlllc Soy. 3IS7:.'  Glasgow    timber  .;. 1352. Wire nails, nuts and bolts, etc.  A Glasgow firm make inquiry for Canadian  importations.  1353. Galvanized   barbed   wire,  fencing wire.—A Glasgow firm would like  notable structures in' the caty as well-'to :hear from manufacturers of galvan-;  as many of the prettiest btmgalowjs in Jzed . barbed  wire,  and  black  and  gal-  PoSilL.XJrejr.  CJ. Kilsren  General Contractor  912 t«(A kn.  Fjimut 946L  929 Main SL  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  Scynsor 4B7I  Robertson & Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Seymour 1274  806 Metropolitan Blrtg.  HOMESTEAD   ENTRf ES; IN  WEST  ... .Beports regarding: homestead . entered and general immigration 'in  Western Canada have been received  from; the, Winnipeg- Branch of ib'e Department of 'Immigration as,follows: —  Homesteads.-^-Du.nmg the week end-. 34,  ing May 13 there were 250 homesteads  entered     for,     including     87    soldier  grants.      During    (he    corresponding  period last year there were GO entries.  Immigration—During the month' of  April there entered Western Canada  from the United States 4;075 persons,  with cash $1,322,185. effects $522,572:  .'ast year, 3,552 persons, with cash  $.1,518,755. effects $564,055. Nationality;   British,   104;   Canadian,  1S6;  Am-  ;vanized fencing wire, in gauges from  '6/10. Prices should be c.i.f. Glasgow  against sight draft.';,'_ \       '-'  '1356. Working and weaving wire.—  AGlasgow firm, would,like to receive  offers of bright annealed tinned and  galvanized working wire and weaving  wire in gauges from No. 6 up to No.  RUSH & READ  PZ.AIN      AND  PI.ASTEBING    8s  ORNAMENT AX.  CEMENT    WOSK  1 t.i v.  Bay.  All  "Work  Guaranteed.  230G Stephens St.  3S7n  1602-R  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 - 8tb Aw. W.  Payview 227  j.   I\   Scott  soy. 6480-t.  .1     D.   McDaniel  Coll.  llS-bS  McDaniel & Scott  EXECTRIOAI.   CONTBACTOBS  Armature  and Motor Wtaaiwr  General  Electrioal  Bepairt  , £itlmatei   Froo  t)(90 B2ii Smyth* SL  Seymour  Percy F. Letts  BX.ECT»XOAX.    EiaM«**  and  CONTBACTOB  Work  Hlfi-fc-Claaa   Electric*1  "sua'  rixtnre*  3044   Oranyllle  Bay.   441  *b  Vancouver Forge Co.  Limited  FORCINGS  Or ALL DESCRIPTIONS  «iffhl(ind   701  Ft.   Victoria.   Drlvo  J. R. Taccy, & &<>n  EXHAUST   ftnd   BlOW   PIPING  our   Speolalty  Heattaff, VontUfttlng- and Oenoral  Sheet-Metal  Work  llfiO Hoymour Bt.  Seymour  3S17  erican, 3,365; French. 1, Russian. 34;  Scandinavian, 303; others, SS. 'Occupations: Farmers. ,1.400; farm labourers,  474: labourers, 03; mechanics, 142;  railroaders, 30;..clerks, 57; domestics,  58,; miners,-21;' women and children,  1,700; unclassified, L24.       .  FOREIGN  TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  Additional information resuming  tlie.se iivtuiries may he obtuineii from  tlie Secretary of tiie Hoard of Trade,  Vancouver, or upon application to "Tho  .Jommercial Intelligence ranch of the  I 'epartment of Trade' and Commerce.  Ottawa," '       !  ..'.Correspondents are rei|ue.«tfcl to quote j  the number of the "opportunity" when/  asklnK for additional information. He-  ues-t for each opportunity should he on  a separate sheet and state opportunity  number. The Bureau does not furnish  credit ruthiKs* or assume responsibility  as to the standing of foreign Inquiries;  the usual precautions should he taken  In   all   causes.  LATEST ENQUIRIES.  The following inquiries are the latest  received. .For rup'd perusal the reader  may know at 0. fflanoo items of interest' by noting the class of goods mentioned   nt   the   end   of   each   inquiry.  IMPORTANT—Quote the number »f.  the "Opportunity" in your correspondence. " .  1317...Agency   In   Bucharest.—A   returned soldier formerly engaged with!  one of the banks of Canada is about:  to; establish an  agency  for  Canadiari  manufacturers in Bucharest, Rouman,-:  ia.    He has 'made arrangements with  several  important Canadian  manufacr  turers   to  represent them, and   would  like to get additional agencies.  1318...Representation. — A returned  officer of the Canadian Experitionary  Force is leaving for England shortly  and wishes to get in touch with manufacturers who wish to introduce their  products in the British markets. He  ie particularly interested in broom and  tool handles, cereals and foodstuffs.  1319. A London firm of manufacturers' agents wish to be placed in touch  with Canadian manufacturers of glassware of all kinds, household woodenware, doors and window frames, hardware of all dcscript-ioiiK, machines and  AND  AMX UENGTH   FTTBITISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE   LEPORE  772   Georgia   St.   E. Hitrh...l48  Vernon Construction  Company  CONTRACTORS   AND  BUILDERS  Garages   and   Repair   Work  *Wc   specialize   in   small  Bun era lows  Seymour   5036 43-1    Richards  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  St.  Attention!  Mr. Business Man  I am prepared to-furnish,  you the very best "in tailored  suits at  $50 to  $65  *   Frank M. Slowin  TAILOR  Sey. 2692     . ;  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  PHOKE  SEYMOTTB 3835  PRINTERS  Printers, Engraving, Bookbinding, Account Books,  Publishers   of  Mining:     and     Engineering     Record,  Successful Poultryman       .,  TECHNICAL  The'Mln'fcs BUlh'."  PRESS   LTD.  4 26 Homer St.  Henderson. A.  E..  615 Hastings  W   ironr.rm*n,   *  Curtis,   «50   IJastlnca   W..„  K«i(tey.  James W..   257(1  2nd   Are.   W.;.._  ilath^con,   Rolxrrt   M..   509   llichaVdil...   Palmer.   B«rnar<l  C,   8"»0  Hastir!K3   W   Parr   Si .MacKonzic.   736  GraiiTllle   .Sharp  & . TUonijwon,   620  Pender  W _.  Townley,   Fred  L..  323   Homer  St   TwiMll   A   Twizell,    837   Hastings..^...........  TXCTOBZA  Kennel. A.  B..   1088 St. Louis St „...  Keith.   J.   C.   M..   Sayward   Bide ;...  Maolure.   Sam.   Union   Bank  BItUt..   ......Sey.    72i  .....Sey.  1621  ._.Bay.  792K  .._.Sey,  5038  .._.Sey. 3680  .....Sey. .7311  .—Sey.   1084   Sey. 8013  -...Sey". 7923   1171 R 1   .....1420   .-2S4S  Ridfrway-Wilson,   UeTtt.-Col ....   Belmont   IToaBe  BRICK CONTRACTOR  Chimneys, rireplac**. Etc.  Jno. .B. Sadler  " -Res. ' - -■■,:  2085 45th Ave. W.    Box 25, Kerrlsdale  Phone Eburne   203L2  We are. selling out our  "'WEARWELL" PAINTS  AT SACKZ7XCE PRICES  Quality Guaranteed       ,  ;..   WEAR-WELL FAINT STOBE  1063 OranvUle St. Sey. 3497  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEVEKAI.   XEPAZB8 —-ABMATT/BE  WTJCDIirO — SWlTCiCEOAJUDS  XMTAXZ.ATXOITS  DIAMOND GRID  IAHERY  ''The Battery for your car'"  Expart battery M«l Isiiltlon repairs  The Jarvis Electric CoM Ltd.  570 Richard* Street  SERVICE  CARS  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET A ,   VANCOUVER. & C  It's not what you  you  show.  204 Alexander St.  Seymour ,3S56  know—but  what/     It iVi great benefit to a publication  if   its   advertisers   are   reminded   that  their advertisements have been noticed  The   man   who   is   always  going   to j When  calling  upon  or writing to  any  ' do   big. things   is   a   long   way   from [of the  advertisers oof this  publication  success. (please mention the Record.  C Eveiything the name iinplie*.  C W your problem is hauling^ let us help you  solve it.  C One, two and three-and.-a-half ton capacities  all in stock here, with night and day service.  Giant Motor Truck Co.  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager.  Seymour 2844-2845  >i^wm^^M-^raP«mn.>.^wjHmi>v^v^rgrTO,  Granvillo at Pacific Taneouver  j_—. i  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS'9  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St  Vancouver B. C.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonas, MgT..  WHARF   BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  file  FOUND  AXIOMS,   ET(  Owners   of  Tug  "Cllve"  General  "Towing"  32-1  Front  St,             New Westminster  Telephone  1015;      t  Branch  Office  S37  Hast.  St.  VV.  Sey.  4404  ! B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  Certificates of incorporation, have  been granted by the registrar of Joint  stock companies, during the past week  to the following concerns:  Griffin Canneries Ltd;, $50,000; Vancouver.     Perth   Dyeing  and   Cleaning  Works Ltd., $10,000; -Vancouver'.1'' Barnes Market Ltd!,  $10,000;  Vancouver.  Nelson   Transfer   Company Ltd.,  foO,-  000; Nelson.    Ideal Cash Grocery Ltd.,  $10,000;    Nelson.      McLaren , Shingle  Mills Ltd.,  $20,000;   North Vancouver.  I P. M. Linklater, Ltd., $15,000; Victoria.  Vancouver-Port   Moody   Ferries,   Ltd.,  Vancouver.      Copper    Recovery ' Ltd.,  $2,000,000;   Vancouver.     The   Laredo  Fishing  and   Packing   Company,   Ltd.,  $20,000;    Vancouver.      Slater    Investment Company, Ltd., $10,000; Vancouver.    Nakusp  Lumber Company  Ltd.,  $60,000;   Nakusp.   -Great Central Tim-  j ber Company, incorporated ih the'state  j of Delaware, is now registered .to do  business in British Columbia.   Authorized capital $2,500,000; head office, Victoria.  {    The United Co-operative Association,  ! Ltd., incorporated under the co-opera-  j tive associations act, head office, Victoria.  TEE   VANCOUVER   GENERAL  HOSPITAL.  REPAIRS  TO ROOT.  TENDERS' will be received up till  Thursday noon, June 2<ith, 19.19. "tor repairing and gravelling the root' of the  laundry building at the above hospital,  information and- specifications: may be  obtained   from   the   undersigned. ■  The lowest ■ or any tender not necessary accepted.   "  (Sisned)  GEO.  HADDON,  ■Manayiittf Secretary-  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF    '_  SHOW GASES. OFFICE    -  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK:  r  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sty. 8765      Sey. B76B  ' 1065 Dunsmuir St.  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  ,    and  Steamfitting  1033 GramMa St.        PImimi Say. 13«  Vancouver. B. C. Re«. Bay. 77  ASKING  FIGURES  FOR  POINT  GREY  BUNGALOW  Figures are being received by architects Gardiner & .Mercer, 827 Birks  Bldg. for the erection of a bungalow  in Point Grey.     '  PLAN <TO  REMODEL f \  OLD SAFE BLOCK  Architect A. E.-."Henderson, Davis  Chambers Building has prepared plans  and is accepting figures ror trie Remodelling of the Old Safe Block on  Seymour street.  CALLING TENDERS FOR  CONCRETE  LIGHT TOWER  Tenders are now; being called- for.  the big lighthouse and foghorn station on Triple Rock, outside of Prince  Rupert.  The structure to be built on Triple  Rock consists of a concrete lighthouse tower, fog_alarm building and  dwelling combined. It will be the largest concrete navigation aid built by  the Marine Department on the Coast.  Tenders must be in by July 17.  The rock is exposed to the full fury  of the Pacific and owing to Uiis and  to its small size the job of building  the structure will be one of the most  difficult of its kind to build.  Sealed Tenders, addressed to 'the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for repairs to wharf at Coinox. Xi'. C.," will be  received at this office'until "12 o'clock  noon Tuesday,'.July 3 5, "11M 9. for repairs  to the wharf at Comox, District of  Comox-Alberni,   British  Columbia.  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen' and specification and forms of. tender obtained at this Department, at the  oflice of the District Engineer at Victoria, B. C; and at the Post Office, Vancouver.  13.  C.,  and Comox,   B. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless  'made or printed forms supplied by the  Department and-in accordance with conditions contained  therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank  payable to the order of the Minister  of Public Works;, equal to 10 per cent, of  the amount of, the tender. War Loan  Bonds of the Dominion will also be ae-  I cepted as security, or War Bonds and  'cheques if required to make up an odd  amount.  Note.—Blue prints can be obtained at  tills Department by depositing ah accepted bank cheque for the sum of $10, payable to the order of the Minister of Public Works, which will be returned ■ if the  intending bidder submit a -regular bid.  By order,  . '  .. R.   C.   DESROCHERS,.  1 Secretary.  Department  of Public  Works,'  Ottawa, June 11,  1.919,.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS CAPENTERS  •ROOFERS -  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315 511  Dunsmuir St.  Office, Sey. 7075 Res., Fair. 213SL  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Classes  fitted   for  the  relief of all  kinds    of    eye    strain    and    nervous  headache,  835 Blrka Bide"- Vancouver, B. C.  WE  GALVANIZE  EVERYTHING  BY HOT PROCESS  T. WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS    .  Established  1.913  W« Manufacture  ORNAMENTAL IRON, LIGHT STRUCTURAL STEEL, IRON  STAIRS, FIRE ESCAPES, WROUGHT IRON GATES,  FENCES, CANOPIES  Everything in Builders' Ironwork  Designs  and  Prices, on  Application  Office and Works, 225 Fifth Avenue West  Fairmont 911   b * Vancouver, B. C.  CEMENT  AND  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Scott & Clark  1042 Howe St. Sey. 2571—6836-L  THE   GOVERNMENT   OF   THE   PROVINCE   Or  BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  Classified Advertising  Record Roaders are, as a rule, Imslness  and professional men who have" the  money to buy something Kood if they  desire it. If you have something good  to sell let the Record readers know  about it. The average purchasing  power of the Record, reader is greater than that of any other publication  in  Brtlsh  Columbia.  Campbell  & Grill  Established  1906  Roofing Contractors  METAL   WINDOWS—TIRE   BOORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR,  FURNACE—VENTILATING    FANS—BLOW    PIPING-  SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL   JOBBING  1338 Seymour St.  .Vanoouyer, B. C.  Seymour 3*81  AUDITORS  Consulting and. . Cost Accountant.-  Office work handled for small busWes-  ses.     Private  tuition  in Accountancy.  H.   O.   BOLTON,  A.C.A.   (En?.)  107  Yorkshire  Bldg1. Sey.  1166  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns. Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates given - Distance no obstacle  ADAM JACK  Highland   728 ' 2020 DuikU* St.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  SOUTHERN   OKANAGAN   LANDS.  Alterations and Repairs, Carpenter  and Cabinet Work, Ofllce and Stbre Flt-  tingiS.   Steering   Wheels   for. ships. .",    "  J.   R.  B.  WILSON   CO.,'LTD.  Sey.  3761 562   Cambie St.  NOTICE  TO CONTRACTORS.  SEALED. TENDERS, superscribed  "Tender for. Excavation of 1st Unit .of  Main Irrigation Canal, Southern• Okfiiia-  gan." will be received by the Honorable i -.I in-in  the Minister of Lands up to 12 o'clock a*y' ■•**-* °  noon of Thursday, the 10th day of. July,  1919, for the construction and cornple  tion of approximately S: miles, of. main  irrigation canal from the point officii-  version    on    Okanagan   River:    together.  Factories,      Houses      and     Vi:  Garages   Repaired.      General _. _  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work:  JOHN   P.   MORRIS  with, such excavations for' structures'iin-  S. J. Trlckey  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  SHEET,  COPPER, BRASS  and IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620      151*4 Pander St. W.  VANCOUVER, B. O.  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company, Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY.  Specialist   in   Cement   "Work  ED.  HUGGINS  PLAIN    A.ND    ORNAMENTAL  P1ABTESEB  Bay.  2535-R.        3528  Third Ave.  W.  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30- 7-D0- 9.00  PRICES20C -30c  TENDERS  ARE   WANTED  FOR  HANCEVILLE   LOCK-UP  The Hon. the Minister of Public  Works is inTiting tenders-for the erection of a Lock-up on Government Blk.  325, about 2 miles from Hanceville  !n the Cariboo Electoral District.  Plans and specification can be seen  at Ihe office of the Government Agent  Court House, Vancouver. Tenders  close June 30th. Kr '  TENDERS ARE WANTED  FOR ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  The purchasing agent of the City of  Victoria is receiving tenders to June  30 for the supply of the following ele'c-  trical supplies:  1,500 lbs. No. 6 Gauge Copper Line  Wire; 35 to 45-ft. Cedar Poles; 15 to  35-ft. Cedar" Poles; 400 Glass Insulators.  It's more important to know thr,t  all oak trees grow from little acorns.  cidental  thereto  as. may  be required^-.,!  Plans, 'Specifications,' Contract .-'rand  Forms of Tender mav be seen on and  after the 21st day of June, 1919, at-.Go\v  ernment Agent's Offices at Fairview arid  Vancouver, and. at the: -Water Ktghts  Branch.  Victoria. .-,--   l, -,•-,  1 Cop.ies of-.^the Plans and Specifications*  may be obtained at any of the above  offices on deposit of the sum' of Ten  ($10.00) Dollars, which deposit will, be  refunded upon the return of the Plans  and Specifications accompanied.by a proper   tender.  Each proposal must be accompanied  by:  (a) Consent in writing of a Surety  .Company acceptable to the Honorable  the Attorney-General that should the  proposal be accepted it will become  surety in the .sum -o° Twentv-five. Thousand ($25,000.00) Dollars for the faithful   performance  of   the  Contract,   or  (b) An accepted bank cheque on a  chartered bank of Canada, made payable  to the Honorable the Minister of Lands,  for the sum of Three Thousand Five  Hundred ($3,500.00) Dollars, which shall  be forfeited if the, party tendering declines to enter into contract when called  upon to do so. or if he fails to complete  the work contracted for. The cheques  of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon the execution of  th" contract. '  Tenders will not be considered iinless  made out on the lorms supiJiieu, sigutd  with the actual signature of the tenderer, and enclosed in the envelopes  furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  E. A.  CLEVELAND,  Consulting  Engineer  to  the Department  of  Lands. >c  Department  of  Lands,  Victoria,  B.   C,  June  IS.   1919.  Sey. S31 Evening'*  847 Davie St.  EXTENSION LADDFRS  See us for- good reliable ladders 24' ft.  to 40 ft. in stock. ..Swing stages pade  *o .order.. :    ■■'.-' ■''..  ALLRIGHT LADDER CO.   '"'  8€T.,177B  . ,, ., . Eear 838 Hornby St.  MACHINERY  ."' Affents   Tor  Xylite   Qreaee   and' Perfection   Oils  Skookum  Itogging  Block*  4-72   In.   by   18   ft.   boilers   160   lbs.  2   Coal  dryers  suitable  for  fish.  All  sizes of cable in  stock.   ;  T.  A.  WALSH ft  CO.  7 Alexander St. Sey. 4738  Pacific Roofing Co., Ltd,  MANUFACTURERS OF  ASPHALT READY   ROOFING  General  Roofing Contractors  SEYMOUR 1186  INDUSTRIAL ISLAND  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Boats   of   all   sizes   for   sale.     Tugs.  Meows and   launches   for hire.     Saw and  Shingle  Mill  Machinery  for sale.  MACGXLLIS fc MORAS?  1789 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8439 L.  Hoisting  engines,   locomotives,   lathes,  wire rope,  rails,  cars,  machinery  of all  kinds.  i   NATIONAL XACHINNRY   CO.  M5 Main St. Sey. 600  Used   Machinery   of   All. Kinds   Bought  and   Sold. ..."  B. C. EQUIPMENT OO., LTD.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg. Sey. 9040  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phono Soymour 71S8  Sr     /?.*,  .   ■   ■ ■  ■    w , ■ •• .■  Vancouv*irv B. C.  11SO Homor Stroot  See XJs  For All Kinds of Machinery  WBZX  MACHUrSBT   CO.   LTD.  1396 Blchardi  St. Sey. 7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  You  'pull."  can't   bring   success   with    a  T2BTDEBS   FOB  B007IXQ  Tenders will be received by ,the nndpr-  slirru;d up to 12 o'clock noon on Friday,  .Tune 'i£th. 1019 for strlpnlriK and nut-  tin.i; on shingle roof of No. 4 Firehall,  Tenth Avenue West.  Specifications mr>y be seen at the  office of the building inspector. City  Hall.  A depouit of an amount equal to 5 per  cent, of the contract price must be made  with each tender by marked cheque payable to  the city  treasurer.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  wm. McQueen,  City Clerk.  City  Hall,  Vancouver.   B.  C.   June  19.  1919.  PITCMFORDKADLEC  MTMrJAmgreWeS  NOTICE   TO   CONTBACTOBS.  Soldiers'  Housing- South Vancouver.  Sealed tendera superscribed "Tender  for Soldiers' House" will be received  by the Hon. the Minister of P-ublic  Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Wednesday. July 2nd. 1919. for the erection  of a five-room bungalow, on Windsor  Street. District Block C03, South Vancouver  Municipality.  Specifications, etc., may now be seen  nt the office of the' Government Ap:ent.  Vancouver Court House, or the Department   of   Public   Works,   Victoria.   B.   C.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily   accepted.  A.   E.   FOREMAN.  Public  Works  EnRineer.  Public Works  Department.  Victoria,   B;   C;  June   12th  .1919.  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multijjraphinff,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTRAL PUBLIC STENOOBAKFERS  Sey.   5078 414  Dominion  Bldff.  STORAGE * TRANSFER  Baggage,   furniture   and   freight   moved  and   stored.     Trunks  crated   and   household   gooda   packed   for   shipment.  STANDARD   TRANSFER   ft   STORAGE  COMPANY  419  Cordova St. W. Sey. 303  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK • SAND • GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  902  Columbia Stroet Wost  Phone 15 and 16 '     New Westminster, B.C.  TRUCKS  FOR SALE—One-ton McLaughlin in  A-l condition, cheap for cash. One and  half ton Albion, just overhauled. Aluo  other   used   trucks. '  UNITES  MOTOR  AGENCY  OP  B. O.  Sey.  7076 940   Richards  St.  We supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need is an Idea  of what vou want. We do tho rest.  TXTPPEB & STEEL  "The Track Specialisto"  BayTiew  138 1669 T&ird Ave. W.  WELDING ""'•  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DESMG-NINO COLOR WORK  PHONE SEV. 7501. 445 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER. .B.C.  ">  «""gp"^  R. J. F. DuthSe  ACCOTTNTARrT  and AUDITOR  Books written up for small firms  Rates   Reasonable  Phone  Seymour  6445  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders, superscribed "Tender  for Lock-up at Yakh," will' be received  by the Honorable the Minister of Public  Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday  the 21th day of June. 1919, for the erec-,  tion and completion of a Lock-up at  Yahk, in Electoral District of Cran-:  brook,  B.  C. ..-.■■  Plans an'd specifications, "etc.. can now  be seen at tho office of J, Muhony, Esq.,  Government Agent. Court House, Vancouver, or the Department of Public  Works, Victoria.  Lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN'.  Public Works Engineer.  Public  "Works   Department,  Victoria.  B.  C.  May  30,  1919.  TELEPHONE DATA  For the paBt few days the telephone records have not been available, but  a complete list of new installations will be published as soon as possible.  "We W;e,)d any mete! part that 1»  broken. bWi sell tested range boilers at  S9.00 each.''  ARMSTRONG'S   WELDING   SHOP  1733 Main St. Tahr. 3369  COPE & SON  1 SO Masting St., VV,  'Phone Scy.8600  ESTABLISHED 1898  v  Twenty years   in   business  In Vancouver  Business  Paper  Advertising  The Buying Power per Subscriber Represents an Infinitely Greater Sum than the  Buying Power of Any Other  Class of Publication, Because  Each Buyer Purchases for  Business and not for Private  Consumption.  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. "We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Onr stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  COPE & SON  1 50 Hastings St.,W.  L


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