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 VI"  ■   •■•-1.'^^..  ,„.,...,„..•, „.,.~UJ.  ^'V^'L''^^^  <X$.  \r-  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRHISH COLUMBIA ^^SgS?A^  ■r  A PTTBLICATION DEVOTED TO GEWEBAL NEWS, BUILDINC*.  CONTRACTING,  ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL,  CITY AND HABBOB IMPROVEMENTS.  VOL. XVIII. No. 19  PuoliBhed  Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, JANUARY 23, 1920.  Office and Plant6  629 Fender Street West  PRICE—Per Year in Advance  Fer Month    -    -   -    .  910.M  WE CARRY COMPLETE STOCKS OF: ' «  PLATE GLASS CHIPPED GLASS  WINDOW GLASS FIGURED ROLLED GLASS  POLISHED WIRED GLASS ROLLED CATHEDRAL GLASS, ETC.  CAST WIRED GLASS PORT LIGHT GLASS  PRISMATIC WINDOW GLASS  Manufacturers of. Mirrors, Leaded Glass, Embossed Work, Bevelling, Etc.."~  Wm. N. 0'Neil Co., Limited  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  metal wnrsowi  FIB.E OOOBI  UXTLXOHT*  JOBBING  blow -rapxiro  SMOKE STACKS  113 Ladysmith Street,  Victoria, B. C.  548 Seymour Street  .'..  Vancouver,  B. C.  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  Applies cement mortar by compressed air, making a dense  and waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock,  also compressors needed for operating the gun.  We are quoting the lowest prices  »: Write or phone for data.  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DISTRIBUTORS  Credit Foncier Building. Telephone  Seymour 3680  Inrobn  P—crtptlon  Coit  ■11 IIS—Alterations'  11119—Office  Bldg  v..  ........ -$1,200  ,............f?500  BUILDING   PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  S5O0  OS  OTIB  ISSUED  AT   THI  TANCOUVXB  CXTT MALL TESTBJLDAY  Streat Address  Xiot  and  Block  027 Granville St   79  Pender St.  W. .......  ...37.  38—29  Subdivision.  Arcnitsot  Contractor  541  Contractor  AddrMa  E. H. Bouthinheimer             Owners       --  Owner  Addr«M  G. Roy Long  B. C. Junk Co.  Roofing/ Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  r- - Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  FT. OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinfor.  ced Steel, Hvdrated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power installations  General  Electrical   Construction  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  Large stock of Fir Panels on hand  now, and regular supply assured  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richard* St. Vancouver, B. C.  THE HOLDEIN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES,  „,.,. . Sole Avenla In. Canada For   . .   , .7--  Chlca^ro Pneumatic Tool Co.  Beyer   Riveting   & Chipping    Hammers;    Little. Giant    Drills:    Duntley  Electris   Tools;   Rock  Drills;   Air  Compressors;  Fuel  Oil   and   Gas  Engines.  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  ELECTKICAL  INSTALLATIONS OF ALL  KINDS  923 Georgia St. W. L Seymour 8696  I       BUILDING PERMITS       *  '"v*Z'~~'--Z-'~"z -T'(S"Z'^-,*Z'C>'I'<ZJC't3>%*ii»''''fc's>:*I''t3>*Z**I**t*«£>  Tilly—Vancouver Cooperage, storing shed, Ft. Smytlie St., $400.  11116—Mr.AVestcott, alterations, 54  Hastings St. XV., $150; Wright &  Nixon,   Contr.  11117—P. Burns &. Co., repairs, 136  Cordova St. XV., $400..  11120—J. Cram, alterations, 1043  Hamilton St., $200.  11121—Mrs. Sekine, alterations, 355  Powell St., $75.'  This new playhouse which, will  have, a seating capacity of 2809 will  embody in its construction all the  latest ideas as , to acoustics, seating  capacity, facility of egress and lighting while in the general construction  everything will be absolutely fireproof.  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills--Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST. Rhone Sey. 4100  CONTRACT   IS   LET  FOR TWO  BUNGALOWS  Mr. S. H. Shave, 1902 Blenheim  street, hds been awarded a contract  from Faulds, McQueen & Pearce, 626  .Hastings, street west,„.for„ the erection  Mentr«al. TorontJ  Winnijwt  81 Pender St. W., Vueeow B. C.  Phtm Ssy. 1065  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  —m^^^^^^^^^^^mmi^a^^amw^^mm*^***v*^ama^amm»mi^avmmGmmtmmmwm^mmm  218 Standard Bank Bldg. , Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspector* at all Large Manufactures Centre*J____  of two five-roomed  bungalows at 20th  TENDERS   BEING   INVITED /and  Arbutus  street,   Point Grey.     The  FOR SUMAS DYKING SCHEME  homes  are  of  the   California  style  of  Tenders  are   being- received, by  the I architecture, and Lave al! of the mod-|  commissioners  of  The  Sumas  Dyking! ern conveniences such as built in cab-j  District    for  the    various    classes of  inet ,  kitchen   and     puIlman   dinners. I  work for the dyking- and drainage of  fireplaces,    hardwood    floors,    hot airj  land   in   (he   vicinity  of  Sumas   Lake,   heat  etc.   and   cost   $4,100   and   §4,200;  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  beams, cKAirmsxa, JLHGZ.B: -piAna, cess, cox.TraiMW  COUnSTEKT EQUIPPED TABMICATXMO SSTOJPS  CAIMDMN HORIHMST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  W0  Fairmont 3396 and 3397  Vancouver, B. OL  Notice of tender appears on page 4 of  this paper.  Atlas SteeB Products Ltd-  rV3!LD STEEL BARS  Buyers of All Kinds of Scrap  Granville Island  PREPARING PLANS FOR  JOHNSON STREET BRIDGE  VICTORIA—City Engineer F. JI.  Preston is busy a* present preparing  final plans of the new Johnson Street  llridge for approval by the Railway-  Commission, and departments of the  Federal  Government.  respectively. This makes five contracts given to Mr. Shave by Messrs.  Faulds, McQueen & Pearce. Sub-contracts are wanted/by Mr. Shave for the  brick and   coblestone  work.  LDER'S SUPPLIES  Seymour 7200  BUS  *  WE   CARRY  A.  COMPIETE   LINI*   OT  FISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  S  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy aiut Shelf Hardware  VANCOUVER,  BRITISH COLUMBIA  BRICK   STORE   BUILD.ING  PLANNED  FOR  ROBSON ST.  Mr. D. M. Hourigan, has had plans  prepared for a two storey store building, 27x52 feet in size to be erected  in the 1100 block on Robson street.  As shown.on the plans the building  '.vi 11 be of brick and tile construction,  'lie- ground floor being, divided into  two storeys while the upstairs will be  made into seven one. room flats. The  building will cost about 57,000 and will  l.o erected by the owner. Gillingham  <v-. Korner prepared tlie plans.  REFUSE   REQUEST   FOR  CHINESE MOTOR SHOP  An application by the Quon Tai  Company for permission to make  alterations to part of the C. P. R.  freight sheds abutting on Pender  street, to transform, it into a store for  motor accessories and a gasolene ser-  • vice station, was refused by the civic  building committee on Monday last.  As the proposed alterations would exceed 20 per cent, of the value of the  building, it would be in contravention  of the bylaw.      •*  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  T/Lfi.*srurAC*rrjRERS or  FIR  CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want .  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and see us, or phono.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919  Vancouver, B. C.  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING C0.,LTD.  Mil I work Contracts  Union   Depot      Can.   Northern  BXy  Calvary Armory    Rout-land HIgrh  School  Tran(iTJiH« Banltorlum   1916  Depot is"   1918    1918   19X8  Phono Weutmlnater 473  Our steam heated plant enables us  to manufacture Venee. Work at any  aeasoti of the year.  We are now manufacturing Interior  fittings for tho new B. C. Telephone  Building's head offlce in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th 8t., East Burnaby  I FIGURES   BEING   TAKEN  | FOR   REGAL   THEATRE  |     Mr. .1.  11.   Muir.  local  representative  ! of  (lie   r.o.'rnl   Film-..   Limited,  with  offices   in  the  Dominion   Theatre   Huilcl-  i  ! ing,   Granville   street,   announced   to  ihe Record yesterday that four contracting firms of Vancouver had been  invited to tender on the proposed  $500,000 theatre to be erected on Seymour street, between Robson and  Smythe streets for the Regal Films.  Limited.  Mr. Muir stated that as soon as the  tenders were in the figures would be  sent to Toronto for final approval and  it was hoped that actual construction  work would be started by the middle  of March. Work lias already commenced on the demolition of four  dwell hies which now occupy the Seymour street site of the theatre.  CiTY TO  SPEND $93,750  ON ROAD IMPROVEMENT  As an interim appropriation and  incidentally an- augury of the large  sums the city will have to spend in  order to catch up with urgently needed road improvements which have  been neglected -for the past live war  year, the civic board of works has approved of a recommendation of City  Fngineer Fellowes for a grant of  S'.iM.7f>0 to enable his department to  proceed with the most useful construction work prior to the final passing  of the civic estimates for the year.  This preliminary grant i.s considerably larger than the amount expended on road work for the whole of 1919,  which amounted to only $S2,000. This  amount the city engineer plans to  spend as follows: repair of macadam  streets, $10,000; repair of planked  streets, $10,000; repair of planked  lanes, $3,000; repair of plank sidewalks, $S,000; special clean-up. $o.000;  completion of jobs unfinished under  1919 estimates, $7,7f>0; advanced for  urgent road work. $50,000.  BUILD WITH BRICK  l 4  and when doing so use the best madein B. C.  DOMINION BRIGK  For Sale by f  Champion & White:   Evans,. Coleman & Evans,  Ltd.:   Thos.  G. McBride  & Co., and the Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co., Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster,  The Eburne Sand  & Gravel  Co., Ebtnne", and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRJOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Mead   Office  102   Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  Co.  Balfoury- Gutooe  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REI-STORCING  STEBT.:—  Largest stock of .Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to lon.tith.  Cold .Twist and  Bend Bars.  BOI.TS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish large  orders of Special  Bolts  on  short  notice.  SPIKES—CAST IROTS-  WASHERS, ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND    CE-REEK'T   —   LIME   —   HYDRATED    IIME   —   TIRE    CLAY  SCOTCH  PIRE BRICK — BIACKSMi.TE  COAL — COKE  SEA   COAIi  — PIG IRON  — HAKI1A ROPE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  J. SMITH. Manag-or  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Yean*- KxperlMice tn all Branches  of Electrical Work. XnHP€ctlon—Export  «flTr'-» — "T"vo">'*». W«r>r—TnKtftlllna' — **•*  Wtndlnir—All ftrork Gu&ranteed.  WE   CAN  MAKE   IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY   OP  BRICK  Just Received iOOfOOOr and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1  1561  Granville Street  TAL IRONWORK  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0. Phone fib  ■I'liVlli'i'Viti'tti  ■'•■/■'•■■". "■ -/.-jj'Mii&it »v  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ■ ':-$  IS  e  British Columbia Record  (Established 1911)  f>uMu>-eC   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  , Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and  Retail  W. MOLT  426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  i A  newspaper  of  general  circulation,  featuf'  tap Building, Contracting, Engineering, Industrial,  Shipbuilding, .Mining,   Automobile,   l'ro.  viacial. City and  Harbor  Improvements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant   ../   ■  ; 629 P«ndet St.W., Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  ' Subscription Bates  Per  Year   In  Advance .....$10.00  Per   Month :..........:............    1.00  ; AJC aubscriptions are payable strictly in advance  OFX-xCIAL OSGAH.  The British Columbia Record Is the  official organ of The ArchitecturaMnsti-  tute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The Enffiheerinp & Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  •ft such is used by them as the medium  through which to make their official an-  .Bouncementv to  the p-eneral   public.  By such election the British Colum  •la Record is ;.'■ no wise pledged to editorial support of any policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely Independent position" on all matters subject te editorial opinion;  :        BUILDING 6UtLOC^rC GOOD  UNLESS  LABOR ;^r*6iLS  IT  <• . •■-.-■•.-   ■•  Ninety-five per cent, of the strikes  and 75 per cent, of the'days of idleness   in   the   building -trades   in< the  past have  occurred  through  whajt is  known as "snowballing," or controversies between wage-earners "themselves  as to which trade should do the -svorlc,  declares   Franklin  T.   Miller  of  New  York, director of the division of public   works    and   construction    of  the  United   States   department   of   labor.  Only five per cent, of labor troubles,  he asserts, have been on questions between employer and employee. ~*.  Mr. Miller, who has-been in touch  with the construction industry in the  eastern Ameiican states for 2,5 years,  cited the case of "a big Chicago hotel  costing millions,  the  work  on which  had been delayed, he. said, more than  a year'because of a disagreement between   skilled    workers  . as '..'to   -who  should handle certain doors,  because  PERMISSION   GRANTED  TO  BUILD  UPPER  FLOOR  Acting on the ■ recommendation of  City Building Inspector Bird, the civic  building committee on Monday granted the application of Messrs. Hodgson,  King & Marble to complete the upper  floor of the premises at 150.5', Powell  street for the Martiu-Seniour Paint  Company to use for paint, storage and  manufacture.  Special permission in this case was  necessary owing to the fact that the  structure is in the No. 3 fire limits  which allow only a ground area of  2,000 square feet for any one story  building, not including basement.  $5,000  GRANTED   PARK   BOARD  An iiitermin gi-ant of $5,000 was  made to the parks «board by the civic  finance committee on Wednesday to  enable to park commissioners to carry  on until the annual civic estimates are  passed. The school board also asked  for an interim grant of $50,000 but  this was referred to the city council  on Monday by which time a letter but-  lining the details of what the, $50,000  is required for will be laid before the  council.  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the business nrten and women of  the city are certain of the  kind of meals they want at  reasonable: prices.  No. 1  No. 2  HO  CORDOVA ST. WEST  012   PENDER    ST.   WEST  Good   Eats  PREPAIiRlNG   PLANS  FOR   KNITTING  PLANT  Fred L. Townley' and Robt. M.  Matheson, Associate architects, 325  Homer Street are prepairing plans for  a one storey brick addition 50x80 feet,  to the Vancouver Knitting Company's  plant on Dufferin street. Selected  tenders will be asked for by the architects as soon as the plans are completed.  " The Gofld Food Restaurants"  MINING NOTES :;  A new ore body, which may'be called high grade milling ore, has been  struck in a drift from number five  tunnel in the 'Florence mine ;6n Princess creek. The new bodv has a  width of eight feet. The Florence operates a 300-ton concentrator and employes 40 men. ■ ,  NOTES OF  INTEREST  THROUGiHOUT PROVINCE  LANGLEY PRAIRIE—Work will be  started this month by Messrs. Mills  Bros, on the erection of a shingle milL  Ground is being broken and lumber  is being assembled for another new  house on the Wark. estate. The divis-  ion of this estate has produced several very fine homes.   '    <     .- :  . STAVE RIVER—A large sawmill is  about to be erected on the river near  the falls. Messrs. Abernethy and  Lougheed contemplate building a plant  and   manufacturing   their   lumber   in  B. C. Paramount Theatres, Ltd., $300,-  000, Vancouver; Cogslan, Brown, Ltd.,  $100,000, Vancouver; Smith & Mallett,  Ltd.", $25,000, Prince Rupert; The  "Lady Mine" Shipping & Fishing Company, Ltd., $25,000, Vancouver; Dow-  nie Sanitarium,, Ltd., $100,000, Vancouver; Vermont Loan & Xrust Company, incorporated in the state of  North Dakota, is now registered to do  business in British Columbia, authorized capital $125,000; head office of  the company at Grand Forks, N. D.,  and Kamloops, B. C. ,  HOW TO LOWER  Delivery Costs'  IWVITING TENDERS FOR  PENDER STREET BLOCK  Tenders are being invited by Architect W. T. -Whitewayj ,1406. Dominion  Bldg. for a three-storey and basement j  reinforced' concrete building, 50x120  feet, to be erected at 139-141 Pender  street west for Mr. J. Storey of Storey  & Campbell..  MORTGAGES  Funds Invested In  Mortgages on Improved  v    Property  pfrctti^Jb^r'Mli  .—-* 1 ,...,,- ■ V ,      _      ■1  ILLUSTRATING     ENGRAVING])  DESMONING     COLOR WORK  PHONE SEY. 7501.-4-45 RICHARDS ST.  VANCOUVER. .B.C >  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHES  XJT  1886  around Floor  Winch Blag.  739 Haatinffa 8t. W.  Vancouver  D.MacDONALD  Electrical Engineer  Armature Winding and Motor Repalre  Seymbiir 96S6 .439 Pender Lane  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE. WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing- too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  GATES ^TIRE5  AuthoristM Sarvfce Station  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  1204 GranYllU »t.  Seymour 1184  of the preponderance-of metal over  wood. This, he pointed out, was an  inevitable consequence of the rapid  development of the industry.^ He expects, however; that a recurrence of  such a situation will be obviated in  future by the \ecent creation of a  board of jurisdictional award which  is .to be composed of construction experts who will be eminently fitted to  settle such technical .disputes in a  fair and satisfactory manner.- Analyzing the situation and-the building outlook for 1920, Mr. Miller said:  "The creation of a board of jurisdictional award by the United States  department   of   labor,   a   board   composed   of   architects,   engineers,   contractors, material men and wage-earners, promises a solution of one of the  most" difficult  labor  problems  in  the  building industry.    As a result of it,  decreased cost of construction may be  expected.    The board of jurisdictional  award has been formulated. with the  full approval of all interests concerned, who seem to have entered into it  without reservation.  place of shipping logs.  ' HARRISON MILLS—The new owners of the Harrison shingle mill are  overhauling the old plant, preparatory  to starting c*;. ting. It is • also .rumored that the same company contemplate erecting a small sawmill in connection with  the 'existing plant.  MURRAYVILL-E —Messrs. Nichols  and McNair, prominent Valley lumbermen, are constructing a shingle mill  on the Town Line road, about two  miles from the boundary line.-  It is understood that tenders are to  MOLSONS BANK TO  UNDERGO  ALTERATIONS  Architects Sharp & Thompson, 904  London Building, are preparing plans  for extensive alterations to the Mol-.  sons Bank Building on,Hastings street.  Plans will be ready and tenders asked for about the 28th of this month.  LARGE   FRUIT  WAREHOUSE  PLANNED FOR KELOVVNA  Plans  are  in course  of preparation  in   the   offices   of  Architects   Twizell,  . Birds  &  Twizell,   Metropolitan  Build-,  f ing for a large, frost proof fruit stor-j  age warehouse to be erected in Kel-  owna   for the Kelowna  Storage Limited.     The  building   will   be   a-,three  story   structure,   85x150   feet   in   size  and will be built-of either Dennison  Hollow    Tile or    hollow    brick wall.  Ready   roofing  will   be   used   for   the  roof, and large platforms will be built  at either end of the building for loading and unloading the fruit.  The work of erecting the new plant  will be done by Okanagah contractors  Frank Jordlson Roofing  Company *:■  THE   GUARANTEED   ROOFER  All  Claaeee  of MooUng Work.  Leaklnr roof a patched and  iruaranteed.  Seymour 3370 1347  low*  Bt,  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of "Worth-  west Lime" manufactured In .Victoria  and which we are prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers  at   lowest  prevailing  prices.  Rebate Allowed on Barrels Returned.  1683   Georgia  Street  West  STEWART & COLTART  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  REPAIRS    AND    ALTERATIONS  Pair. £3S0 L Praser 205 1m  '3241 St. G-eorjra St.      35S SOtli Ave. E.  SHINGLERS  AImIm WOBI  OVAtA-fTES*}  KIRK   BROS.  Hlffhana aoia  1510 Charles St.  PILING-POLES  * ANT   LENOTH   PUBICISHED  We operate our own  logging camp  JOE  LEPORE  772   Georgia  Bt.  B.  Hlarh.148  MAIN ELECTRIC  OE1TBRAL   BBPAIBS—ABMATUU  wnronro — switchboards   -  INSTALLATIONS  247 Hastinjs St., I  Sey. 3856  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwocd Floor Co.  Limltad  2635 Granville St.  Specialist   in   Cement    Work  ED.  MUGGINS  FLAZN    A27X>    ORNAMENTAL  FLAETEQEB  Day.  3535-R.        3528   Third  Ave.'' W.  it is understood uiiii icuucn mc w  be invited shortly for paving ten more iwh0-wiU be asked to tender as soon  miles    of  Blaine.  the    Pacific    Highway    to  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Ccisinercial Photographers  618 GRANVILLE ST.  SEY. 2968  "The labor outlook in  the building  industry thus promises a condition of. 3500,000, Vancouver;  greater    stability during the    coining 1, „  year  because  of  the  organized  deal-i  ings  between  employers  and   employees, with full recognition of the term  contract and  arbitration  principles."  as the plans are ready. The estimated cost of the new warehouse is  $30,000 and will be completed early  in the fall.  NEW  HOME PLANNED *  FOR  POINT-GREY!  A seven roomed stucco bungalow  and garage is being planned in the  offices of Mr. Fred L. Townley and  Robt. "M. Matheson, Associate Architects, 325 Homer street, for Mr. P. A.  Woodward to be erected at 37th and  Angus Ave., Point Grey.  The    new  home    will be     finished  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  The following companies were  granted certificates of incorporation  during the week:  Gabbro Copper Mines, Ltd., ?7C",000,  Victoria; The Silver Foam Soap Manufacturing Company, Ltd., $50,000, Victoria; Grant & Lineham, Ltd., $20,000,  Victoria;' F*jaser River Cooperage,  Ltd., $30,000 Vancouver; Douglas Fir  Turpentine Company, Ltd., $500,000,  Vancouver;   B.  C.  Impermealite  Com-.  pany, Ltd.,  $500,000, Vancouver;   The  throughout in white enamel and will  Falls Logging Company, Ltd., $24,000, have hardwood^floors, hot water heat,  *  ***********  THE  REAL SALESMAN.  *    *   ' *  One who has a steady eye, a  steady nerve, a  steady tongue,  and   steady  habits.  ***********  Victoria; Aldergrove Sawmills, Ltd.,  SIO.OOO Vancouver; Kamloops Natural  Gas, Oil & Coal Company, Ltd., $500,-  000, Vancouver; Maple Ridge Option  Company,   Ltd.,   $35-,0Cll,   Vancouver;  built  in  fixtures,   concrete   basement,  fireplace, etc.  The estimated cost is $6,000, tentl  ers to be asked for from selected contractors.  YOUR BUSINESS  STANDING  is   frequontly   judged   by   your  stationery..  We do not  merely take  your  business, but help to make it.  Phone Sey. 316  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  516 Pender West  Classified Advertising  F. W.White,   V/. Pengelu    R. Roberts  R. A. F. KOTOS TRANSFER  HEAVY   HAULING   FOR   CONTRACTORS  FURNITURE.   BAGGAGE   AND   EXPRESS  SEYMOUR '3DF.4 FRA.SER   173 L  I  411    HOWE   ST. B050    FRAOER   ST.  Fhcae Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY!  .,".,'. ■■;■'., ,.."v" . .■ .■'■.;'' i  Makers of |  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  :  "■■'■ Cabinets, etc. !  Swltelifcs  dtfj-iixnod' find  built   for anyj  "•■■"■■'; «|)'iclal ■work.- !  Industrial  Islnnd      Vanconvor,  B.  C.\  &  Co. Ltd.  H.   FRITH   SMITH.    MANAGER  HHRKT      MKT.V'.      TO.ftKA fTORH      AND      M.^^t.'l-A^-  Ttrnimft,    IT.I.T   \.in   oravml   Hoorimti.   .  1367 523 7th Av». West  Tfi.tr,  J.   D.   McDaniel  Coll. 11S-.U3  ■J.   P.   Scott  ,.   Sey.  5180-1.  McOaniel & Scott  ZtBCTKICAI.    COKTHACTOB8  ArmatarB  and Motor Winding'  Oen*r«l Eleotrlc»l Impairs  XattniAt«a  Pr«*  Seymour 1S90 522 Smythe St.  !|F CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store   and  Office Fixtures  General Repairs  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Factories.     Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General  Carpentar   and   Construction    Work.  JOHN   P.   MORRIS  S»y. 3418  Sey. 931 Evening*        1758 Robaon St.  ! Robertson.Power&Devey ?  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections        . Design  . Reports ConHtruction  | (ni'iiitriiil IMnnt*. BulldingH imd Kqnipment  Wharves   urifl   Piers.       Power   Plants  Ijiflustrifil   Railwi'-'S  Concrete, Steel and Timl-cr Structures  802   Yorkshire   Building  Seymour 9217  TELEPHONE DATA  TTBW  ENSTAI-lATIOirl  JAlfUARV 12TH,  1920.  Vlt-O-Net.   1110   207   Hii.«t.   St.   XV .-.   Kirk's Comirtittee  Rooms,  20"  flth Ave.  Enst    Anderson,  Helen  L.,  Millinery,  r>:{2 Dunsmuir Ht   r'roulx   Bros..  Auto.  Supp.  &  Rep..  S32   Hornby  St   Kord Motor Co. of Canada,  Automobiles.   1100  Hamilton Kt   Ford Motor f'o. of Canada, Automobiles, 1.100 Hamilton St   J-NTJAR-ST  13TH,   1920.  Mp-rin  <t Co.,  Second  Hand  Dealers,  629  Main  Street   Oennis & Perrin,  Chirpractors,  R.   108,  198 Hast.  St.' W   Ooldicott,   Thos.,   P^S   Carrall   Street     foldicutt.  Thos..  338  Carrall  Street     ■Telford. Dr. Norman, Physician & Surpeon,  R.  314,  169 roadway  JAWVARV  14TH,   1920.  Parafflne   Co's I^td., Waste Paper. S.E. Cor. Smythe 8c C.P.Tl. Trks  Bargain Sales 'Realty Co.,  Real Estate,   R. 409,  739  Hast. W   Brown, Ted.. Taxi Cabs, R. 45, 612 Pender W   Sun Hon & Co., Vegetables. 253  Keefer-St. ...-.   Morris ClothiriK Store, Clothin«,  5 6 C'ordova St.  W   Kdmonton  T,umber Exchange. l,l>r. Whol.,  728,  470 Granville   Vanrouver Stock Exchange, 326 Homer Ft. ,   Micks   Adam, 320 Abbott St.,  Inside Pasernent  Entrance   Columhla Paper Co., 1038 Hamilton St   Vincent,   Leo,  2076  Venables St   . CHAJSrQES-  w  ..Sey.  6184  ....Fair.  -\Wi.   Sey.  MM   Sey. 3725   Sey.    4 36   Sey.     437  ......Sey.  3-C64  Sev.  BRRX   Sey.  8470   Sey. 84 71   Fair.  4 099  ..Sey. 5840  Sey. 5912  ..Sey. 6250  .Sey. 3517   Sey   Sey.   Sey   Sey,   Sey,  ....HiKh.  Evans,  Chffi^ AT PrhRer'from  1G0C  KlngHwny  to  1676 Kinf?sway....Fair.  JANUARY  14TH.  1920  3 58 3  5005  0371  8'.'.1 7  8821  2806  780  ....Sey.  ....Sey.   Sey. 3SRC  ....Sev.  9281  2806  1931  Petrle Manufacturing Co.,   Ltd.  405   Dufferin   St.   West    Gilroy, A. XV. from S. 418, 714 Hast.-W.  to S.  1129, 510 Hast.  W   .Fair.  4078  ...Sey.  7934  MACHINERY  Agonta   Tot  Xylite   Groaao   and   Perfection   Oila  Skookrtuu   Logging   Bl<Aik  4-72   In.   by    18    ft.    holler*-   160   lbs.  2   Coal  dryeri*  uultable  for   llHh.  All   hI/.oh  of  cable  In  atock.  T.  A.  WALSH  8c   CO.  860  -Gambia   Street _ _ Sey.  4733  Ifor rco-bulld sew-mlll madilnory In  AI condition, see the Vancouver-Metal  Co. We carry the largest and most complete -stock in olty. • Our prices are rlyht  and It will be -worth your whl.lo to see  us before purchaulni? elsewhere.  VAWCOTnrER METAL CO.  416 Railway St. Hlg-n. 273  Walter Murray  Ernl* Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and KEATING  CONTRACTORS  HETMOUR  8614  137  Powell St.  Vancouver, B. C  H.D.Rees  . W.A.Kruse  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPUES  WIRING  and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Speclalti-lnK   In  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING - DECORATING  ALTERATIONS • REPAIR WORK  *  Telephonos,  Seymour 0585-8586  Suite 5, Ftilrfleld Bldg-.. 445 Oran. St.  Hoisting entflnes, locemotlvee, lathea.  wire rope, rails, oaro,- machinery of all  kinds.  WATIONAI.  BCACHINERY   CO.  935 Slain St.      ' Sey. 600  Used   Machinery   of   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. O. EQUIPMENT CO., LXD.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg\ Sey. 9040  Seo   Us  F.or AllrKInds of Machinery   ,  ■WEIR   aiAOHIBTERY   CO.   LTD.  1396 RicJiarda St. Sey. 7442-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  Expert Typewriting of evr-ry description  MlmeopraphinK,    Multlfirraphlnp,  Translations StenoRraphc.ru   Supplied  CENTEAL PUBLIC STENOOHAHPEB9  Sey. £078 414  Dominion  Bid?.  GAS   HEATING  En Vancouver  If you aro planning a now  houao or building, or remodelling your old building or Its  heating plant, it will pay you to  Investigate goa heating.  No furnace to tend; automatic  regulation; unit radiators; special low rate for gas.  A Phone call to New Business  department  brings  particulars.  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Carrall and  HautinffB  Phono Soy.  6000  J.  C.  Thorn  President  J. r.,. Millar  MK-r.- Director  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Contracts taken, for all classes  of    construction,    repairs    and  alterations.  PHONE  SEYMOUR 8930  448 Seymour St.G- - Vancouver, B.  C.  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  , fj|'-B««a*aaW"a»*«aBaWaM---Ba«aM«B»aWa»a»*aa»  and  SENERAL TEAMING  .    Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  BayvieAv 1076 .wr
♦.-.. "~i
■.■??T,-    -v
325 Howe St 'Sey. 3768--Bay.l!28R
Artistic Wire & Iron Works
Ornamental Iron Work and
an UndB el Wire Wort.
112-16   Dufferin   St.
Fair.   2G4S
Baynes & Horie
General    Contractors
836 Howe St. Seymour 1389
General    Contractors
Credit Foncier Bldg.   Vancouver, B.C.
General .Contractor
Cabinet Making
Sey. 1163
Rear 530 Howe St.
Company, Limited
General Contractors
509 Richards St.   -    Sey. 8320
' -'        ... '.:       ■ .-.    ;  :   '_ 'r   ■;.\*'->       -,,
File   Driving,   Wharves,   Bridges,
Foundations, etc.
407 Cordova St. XV. Seymour 1083
Industrial Engineers
Seymour 3535 501 Pacific Bids*
■   -- "     ■ '        ■■■' - "  -■
Contractors & Engineers
508 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506
Character         .
Add   to   School    '..	
Itesidenee  ...::	
Three-story   Bank	
Remodel liny   	
Bight-Hoom   School   ....
Bungalow '.
Garag-e Bid;,'	
Residence    '	
School   Bldfc'.   .....'.......	
Residence ..
Brick   Bldg.   .....:..;j..V.....
Residence   .„..;... ....:...
Residence '.'. 1,
Residence ,
Two  Residences  ...'.:.'......
Shingle   Mill   ......;	
Reside'nco      .....'............
Road   Work	
Five itesidences  	
Kesidenoc    "...
Residence   ...'.	
Residence    :....	
Gymnasium    Buildin/?
Residence '..
Remodelling   Residence
.Garage Bldg. °	
Residence   ................
Store   Bldg.   .....'...........;....
Bungalow  .........................
Dwelling .....
Gurage  _...: ....'. .....:....
Theatre  ......'„.„'....'. ....:...
Brick   Bldg. :......
Store   alterations	
Residence ..........
War   Memorial   ...:	
Machine   Shop   ...... ..:.
Bungalow .........
AIteratIon's   .............:..-.....
G   HoinesV^. ...;...,..	
Alterations  ..;.....—...-	
Repairs :... .:
Store   Bldg.   „....—...—..-
Carbonate   Plant	
Garage  - ■--
Rile   Protection  Works...
Residence  .;._........:....'.	
Residence ..........;..•...
Alterations    I.,;.....:............
yd\\   ..,.......;.....:..:. —...-
Cold Htbrage
Bungalow  ....
Wire   Rope
.■(ldltiort   to
....... Coat
......... $10,000
 i:..%\ 3,100
 ....- ?u,6oo
........   $8,500
..' ..$10,5 00
.......... %\ 5,000
.......... J7.250
......   $12,000
 ;'::.* 7,2 00
.„.:......$ 6,000
......   $20,000
........ $20,000
.......... $6000
....    $20,000
........$ 2 4,000
....!'..;■ $9,000
........   $5,000
.:.'..;.   $6,000
........   $5,000
.„.'." $20,000
....  $300,00f)
.......;..$ 5,000
.....   $15,000
e Plant ...
Location ■•'-  „Ovn»T
Magee Pt.  Grey  School  Board
King Edward & Selkirlc.Mrs. G. Forsyth
Seymour & Hast...Union Bank ot Canada
Dominion   Bldg ...:. Dom.   Bank
Shaughnessy   Heights... D.   H.   Christie
Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Grey School Board
Shaughnessy   Heights....H.   J.   F.   Turney
Strathcona, Heights    ..Walter   Teetzel
8th Av & Kinysway ..Standard Motors Ltd
Pine Crescent & 27th Ave. J. W. Browne
King Edward^Ave—Pt.  Grey  Sen.  Boar
2Gth   Ave.,   Pt.   Grey ......13.  Davis
2Gth and  Alexander   -E.  C.  Stark
2-121   Granville   St .....T.; Edwards
27th  &  Angus   Ave John   McNeely
Laurier Ave. Pt. Grey ..J.  I. Stoddart
48 th  and  Angus Wm,   Walker
14 th. Ave.   W E.   Stratton
Carnavon & Marine Dr ...A. Davidson
Pt. Grey  Fauld's Financial Agency
1140 -.Georgia St. W ..R. J. Snelgrove
Gran.  St., l3t.   Grey....Hunting & Merritt
Marine Dr. & Shannon St B. D. Rogers
•*th  Ave.   near   Blanco ....J.   Blair
Main St. & Vict. Dr.....City of ,V &fc. Van
Seymour & Drake....Chapman Motor Co.
Alma Rd. Kitsllano..Vet. Eng. & Con. Co.
Shaughnessy  Heights....'. J.   D.   McNeill
3nth and Vine Mrs. C.  Bishop
Hudson & 27th i„'..M'rs. E.  B. Bliss
Shaujfhneatiy    F.   Vaimlle
1725 14th Ave. W ..Capt. XV.. J. Conway
Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. M.i»s.
Point  Grey Braemar School  Corp^
ShauphneHBy   Heights ...:John   Brown
Shaughnes»y Hghts....Kenneth Stevenson
306 11th Ave. W ..F. T. Vernon
660 Howe St. Veteran's   Garage
Kerrlndale ........W. J.  Burrougrhe
403*J  Main St. ......A.   Winram
1728" 2nd Ave. E... Mrs. F. Chapman
25th and Angus Ave "Wm. Page Powell
Marine Dr. & Stewart Rd...W. K, Stewart
Seymour  & Smythe C.   M.   Chislett
Sey.A  Geprgla Sts...Allen  Theatre,  Tor.
130i-3 Granville St ..Howard & Davis
556 Granville,St. .....„....'.David Steele Ltd.
Harwood St. ,. IF. C. Saunders
Stanley  Park '.. ...Can.  Jap.   Mission
Industrial Island  ....Schaake'Co., Ltd.
3rd Ave.  W. Pt. Grey J. "Q. Buchanan
Cordova St..........:.........JDavid Spencer Ltd.
Magee................"Vorkshire Can. Trust, Ltd.
2532  Scott St. ...: ..!.'.."
171  Cordova St. ...*..... W. E. Drake
Gran.  St.  So.   of Drake............Wm.  Braid
11th and Tew Sts.... Can. Carbonate Co.
Georgia  St - BJchard Z^larpole
1st Narrows I,t. House.—Dept. of Marine
16th Ave. near Pine......Mrs. T. H. White
57th &AOak St. Pt.  Grey:...;...G. B. Astell
1505 Powell St. ....Martin Senour Pnt. C9.
6th and Larch, B.C.  Kir & Cedar Lbr/'Co.
-... $14,500 I Ft.'Nelson St., Mainland Cold Storage Co.
,;...:" $5,000 I Pt.  Grey :....:..'......H  C.  Chlene !
'.„   $40,000 j li'du'strial  IsVd.'...Britannia W. K. Co. Ltd!
Archt _  Contr.
Twizell  & Twizell Adkinson  & Dill
James A. Benzie S. J. Newitt
Bum'ville & Putman..Hodgson, K. & Mar.
Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.
Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & MeGougan
Twizell   &  Twizell Baync.**  & ilorie
Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace &. MeGougan
Fred. L. Townley .....Day Labor
Honeyman & Curtis. W. J. Prout
Gillingham   &  Korner S.   J.   Newitt
Twizell & Twizell....Hodgsoh, King & M
J. C. McKenzie.;,
J.  C.   McKenzie
J~-Elllgott   .......
Owner .........
Owner  I.......:......
J.  Brown   ,
Bernard C. Palmer..
Fred L. Townley.....
..... $7,000
... $20,000
.„....'" $9,600
.... $10,000
...... "-7.000
..$12,000   Maj-pole
 ...The  Barrett Co., Ltd.
Palmer Bros.
General    Contractors
929 Main St.
Sey. 4878
 .....:....W. McNee
 XV.   McNee
..' Cromie  &   Vroom
 Vernon   Constr.   Co:
.......Vernon   Constr.   Co.
 Vernon   Constr.   Co.
 S. H. Shave
 :  Owner
..'...,   Owner
 Dom.  Const.  Co.
 ...T. Glover &  Son
 Harrison & Lamond
B. Davidson  E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.
Owners  Veteran Eng. & Contr. Co.
Robt. M. Mathe«on\E. J,. Ryan Contr. Co.
Contractor   '.... !......M.  C.  Orifflth
lame* A.  Benzie E, Chrystal & Co
....'. Vernon Const. Co
W.  C.  GHlam .....Cook & Hawkins
H.S. Griffith-Robertson, Power & Dx'vey
Maclure &  Lort. E. Chrystal  &.  Co.
Townley & Matheson: S. N. McLeod.
Wm.  Fredk.   Gardiner .*....;.
Owner  .' '. J.  B.. Arthur
W. N. Dodds '.'..C.''.H. Leitch
Gardiner &  Mercer Vane. Const. Co.
.;;........ 1 1.....J.  B.  Arthur
 ..-...!....... ..J. B.  Bereridge
Dillingham & Korner..... ...S. J. Newitt
..........:..............—.—. Cromie   &   Vroom
Joseph   H.   Bowman.............:..Snider  Bros.
C. H.  Crane. ............Alexander   McDonald
Contr. .Bedford   Davidson
Gardiner  &  Mercer.....r...Doin.  Constr.'ICo.
Gardiner & Mercer ...Varfc Constr.  Co.
James   A.   Benzie............Turnbull   &.  Curr
Gardiner & Mercer....Harrison & Lamond
H.   H.  Simmondl!,....:...Vancr.  Constr!  Co.
Gardiner & Mercer....Dominion Const. Co.
Joseph   H.  Bowman. ....... '.'....A. L. Ttamage
S.  Cerles. .....:...'.':...'■;.........'-:...'..■_ H. A; Wiles
Dalton  &  Eveleixh :..L....:..H.  A.  Wiles
Honeyman & Curtis............R. P. Fo'rshaw
Owners   Baynes  &  Hprie
 Foundation   Company
 Robertson,   Power   &  Devey
.Mackenzie & Bow......,.......Wise & Watson
 .........................McLeod  & McArthur
 .........Hodgson, King. & Marble
Owners :... _:......:......-...:..............:. Owners;
Owners  : ..Snider  Bros.
Sharp   &   Thompson -Day   Labor
Owners ..Dominion  Constr.   Co.
 ..„. .....;.Dominion   Constr.   Co:
will find  the
Orpheum Cafe
an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,
Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.
Seating capacity 250.
762 Granville Street
' Oppoaite Orpheum Theatre
Jas. Dwyer,  Proprietor and Chef
Business  Men's  Suits My
$50 to  $65
Seymour 2692
404-5 Dominion Bldg.
is assured complete heating satisfaction if he insists on Dunham Heating.
In Dunham Heating there is no guesswork;  every detail is planned with
one   aim—the   installation   of   a   perfect  working; .noiseless   and   economical
Branch Sales Office,       Vancouver, B.C
D. 6. BMSON, Manager
Pkone Seymour 8057
425 Standard Bank Building
Robertscn & Partners Ltd.
Public Work* Contractors
and Engineers
Siy. 1274     5-2 i^e;ro-ioiitaii Bldg.
Alterations,   etc.
1350-8th Av8. W. Bayview 227
conirrca, skym&ht, smoice-
STACXS.      AUTO   WOfiK.
Anything in Sheet^Tetnl and Hoofing.
H. T. Scarlett, IffST.
757   Beatty'St. &«>'■   ''645
Bandaewlnt? and  Turning-,  etc
1780   Semlln   Drive
Highland   374
1685  Vesab'e* St.
Hlohiand  642
Pnone Traaer 178 X    44S 45th Ave. E.
Fair, 892 Y High. 1264L
Charsowr °°mt
Railroad    ...: 1'OOO'00°
„     .  J17.SO0
Siuon-:::::::::::::" -^^
PavTnff Pacific  Highway SSS.OOO
,.,. .  $50,000
McLeod Sheet Metal Works
Furnace*,    Booflng-.    Comlcee.    Sky-
llffhta   and   Oenoral   Sheet   Metal
1012   Richards   St.
Painting - Paperhanging • Kalsomining
Estimates Free
HiKhland  27111
Vancouver,  B.  C
1K2S  10th  Ave.  B.
..  $50.00t'
Hound House, Tower, etc..
Sub-Station    •	
School   Annex    ■	
School    •• .-	
Railroad      •
Store  Bulldlnc-	
BridKO   •	
Kul-ber  Factory   	
riant   $76,000
t*„v   -mo Bay* 1602:a*
Bay. 33702go6 stophons st.
Seymour  '1G17
1160  Seymour  St
Cord iu; o
I'lant    lOxtonHlons   	
Oakliind   School   	
Kxtei.ilinB   Berths   etc
BrldKfr   Koconstruction    *-i.uwu
i«-»V "r,dB0 .' »•"
Hut»KHlo«s*    -	
Uouud Houho.  Mch  Shunn  etc $.(0,000
Puhllc  GnraKO  	
Hunk  &  Ai-tn	
|.*ortili/.ing Plant  *'°'"rU
lfi Cot titles 	
l-'erry   I.tuulings
... $12,000
Location   Owner
Princeton to Copper Mt.. i.B. C. Copper Co,
Trall._ Bank of Montreal
Okanagan  Valley. Prov.   Government
Westminster-Blaine....Prov.    Government
Victoria....1st Church of Christ. Scientist
Fraser   River   Dom.  Government
South  Thompson lUver......Prov.  Govmnt.
Lulu   Island    Prov.   Govmnt.
oak Bay. Victoria  K. W. Gibson
Sirdar  C. P. R.
Copper Mountain...r\\r. Koot'y Lt. & P. Co.
Victoria ._ Sir James Douglas School
Alberni Prov.   Govmt
Alberni  to Great Central   Lake C.P.R.
Nanaimo    .'...A.   C.   Van   Houtdn
Deep  Creek.  P.Q.K Prov.   Govmt.
Port Coquitliun....GreKory Tire &. Rub. Co
riapperton    Can.   Wetft'n   Cordasre  Co.
Kimberley ....Prov.   Govint.
Nanaimo    .'....Malkiti-I'iHirHon   Co.
Mill Creek ...ATlialen Pulp & Paper MIIIb
Victoria    Victoria   School   Board
North   Vancouver Wallace   Shipyards
Wi'tttmlntitor   _ Prov.   Govmt.
Wiulorby     Prov.    Govmt.
Burnaby   Mrs.  A.  S.   McRae
Victoria.    Can.   Nut'l   Ulwy».
Victoria,   B.  C H.   A.   Davie
Victoria,   B.  C , 1.   Bo.sco'vlth
Victoria.* B. C Royal  Bunk
Barnot,   B. C Pacific Ouano Co.,  Ltd.
Powell   River Powell River Hotel
Powell River  i...Powell River Co.
AK-aHHi/.-Resedale   Prov.   Govrrnt.
■Cheating service
'imm ._
\"^ ,\>N
OU will be interestedinknow-
ing that in our modernly
equipped Loose Leaf Department we carry a complete
stock of high grade binders and systems  which   cover every possible
requirement of business and professional accounting and record keeping.
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Loose Leaf Binders
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Western Specialty
572 Cranvllle St.
Vancouver, B.C.
• \V.
Maolure   &   Lort....
J. C. M. Keith	
 , Contr.
P.   Tiecpey
 Medby & Vestaunet
..„.. A. K. Griffin &' Co.
 H.   P.   Peterson   Constr.   Co.
Dunham Pet£r MoKechnie
 :. : Pacific  Dredging  Co.
Public   AVks.   Eng Wm.   Greenless
Public  Wks.  Pej't Harrison &, Lomond
 &  M.   P.   Cotton
 Robt.   Moncrieff
...Davies Constr. Co.
 R.   D.McDonnld
 Thomas  Ash*
  Parfltt Bros.
 Foundation    Co.
A.   B.  Henderson Baynes  &  Horit-
Prov.   Oovmt Canadian   Bridge   Co.
Gardiner    &    Mercer Owners
Sharp & Thompson..H. J. Ryan Co-ntr. Co
Der»t.  of  Wks.  .„ Davies  Constr.   Co.
Honeyman   &   Curtis    3aid*r   Bro».
Owners    Hod-jaoti.   Kiu«   A   Marhl?
 Halkar    A    Huntor
 HodcMon,  ICinjj A  Marl»l#
 niekuon  Coustr. Co. & Go*  A Verge
Pub.   Wks.   Dept Kobt.   Monorieflr
Townley  &  M^thcvson J.   C.   Allen
t)wnet*> Iloboi-t«o«  A  Partnoru
    Parfltt  Bro*.
 1.   0.   aioCrlrnmoo
  D.  B-urnett
 HarriKou & Lamond
 ....Geo. Churchill & Son
Jwnert*   Owners
Prov.   Govermt Win.   Greenleea
^   !     "    ■_^______^___
-b ■■"•'
*.. : :  :    ;
•b ...■•.■'
Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.
'■'!"       ,11 'I '     -If
Pubiic Works Contractors
Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.
Vancouver, B. C.
M*mMMmmlumiMm*mm*MmM il ■ hi
and the
Kerosene Gas
Generator and Burner
For use in
Regular Cook Stoves and Ranges
C. Bain,  Manager
-fr J,
\.:- BRITISH COLOMBIA  RECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  , -       f  International  Fair, Robinson & Bird Limite  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS  "RADIANT LIGHTS "  For Commercial Lighting  546  Howe Street  Rhone Sey-  3312  Campbell & Grill  Established  1905  Roof ing Contractors  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  PROPOSED NEW WORK  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonas, Mg*.  WHARF  BUILDING.   BBIBOE8.  PILE  POTXNTJATIONS,  ETC.  Owners   of   Tug-   "Cllve"  General Towintf  324 Front St.    '        New Westminster  Telephone   1015  Character    Pier    School Bldg   Hotel   Jewish Synagogue  Brick   Building    Theatre      Apartment   House  Theatre   Three-Storey Cone  Estimated Cost   $15,000   j ..$500,000  ....„ ,;....$40,000  ....    $40,000      $500,000   ....$700,000    $300,000  rete $50,000  VANCOUVER  I  MET rUBTA^E°^S^T?^ ^00RS-SMOKE-STACKS_HOT-AIB  rUBWACE—VEIfMLATINa    PAN8-BIOW    PIPING—  SKYLIGHTS—GrENEBAXi  JOBBING  1238 Seymour St. Vancouver, B. C. Seymour 3981  Location ,  Vancouver ......'.C.  P.  K.  Keefer St. East .;..............  English Bay ........Local Syndicate  Seymour Street ...Clarice & Stuart  Kobson & Seymour..'. Regal Films Ltd.  Bute  and   Barclay.. Stock   Co.  Kobson nr. C'rt Hse.....C. E. Koyal & Assoc'ts  139-141  Pender St. W .......J. Storey  Owner   Architect Plans Beady  Owners    ........: ■. Soon  Gardiner & Mercer.... ....^Tenders Closed  Twizell,.  Birds  &  Twizell Soon  Thomas  W.   Lamb ; ....Soon  Twizell, Birds & Twizell •.  Gillingham   &  Korner.........About  April   1  W.   T.   Whiteway .............Now  Character    Candy   Factory  Residence   Drydock      Municipal   Hall   Estimated Cost   $26,000  VICTORIA  Location   Russell  St   Oak Bay A.  I'enison  Esquimau Dom.   Govmt  Esquimau   ..._:.....:...Owner (Architect  — Flans Beady  Ormonds  Ltd. |'H.   S.   Griffith Tenders   Closed  Maclure & Lort .....Tenders Closed  Dom.; Govmt. 'Soon   .". .' .' To   Submit   By-Law  "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  "NEVER   LEAK  /c,, (Guaranteed)  (Shed  Water  Like  a Duck)  "<^^0R?^ng' "NEVERrLEAK" Roof Paint,  "NEVER   LEAK" Roof Gum.  Repairing Old Roofs  For Building New  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS   AND   GENERAL   ROOFING  Seymour   1186        Industrial Island  CONTRACTORS  Vancouver, B.C.  DIXON & MURRAY  .*■.■,■.. ■..*.   ■, ■'.'  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  Character         Estimated Cost  Afemorial Hall ; •   School   Bldg '. .....$6,000  School  Add. $50,000  Memorial Hall -.. ■   University   Bldgs.   .; -   Refrigerator - *s5.<>22  Eight-Room   School ■ $80,000  High   School    $150,000  Fruit   Storage   Whse $30,000  Architect  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location   Owner  South   Vancouver   ....  Creston. '■B.-'C .Diet.  School   Board  Penticton ...School   Board  Point  Grey . :   Point Grey .....University oi:  B. C.  Kelowna C.P.R.  Lynn  Valley   ...School   Board  Prince   Rupert    School   Board  Kelowna   Kelowna  Storage  Ltd. | Twizell   Flans Beady  !\vVii"'Bu'iyd"'Soon  Sharp, &  Thompson  Sharp &  Thompson  Owners   H.  Black-adder    .:...,.'Vote  By-law  Birds  &  TwYzVlT.l""V.""!y.!"".'.Soon  MALTHOIP ROOFING  The Best that's made  Sales Agent*  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited    Vancouver, B. C,  J  R00FIN6  ail  PAVING  MATERIALS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANG-  ING and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765       Sey. 8766  1lf65 Dunsmuir St.  PT.   GREY   BUNGALOW  Architects , Sharp & Thompson,'. 904  London Building have prepared plans  for a 6 roomed stucco bungalow to.be  erected Cor Mr. ,H. C. Chiene in J?oint  Grey, near the end,of the 4th Avenue car line. The home will cost about  ?,"),000 and will be built by^ day labor.  E, A. BAILEY  Plumbing  .     and  Steam fitting  h-LAN   ALTERATIONS   TO  BANK  OF   HAMILTON  j* rchitec*' A. E. Henderson, Davis  Chambers Building is receiving'tenders from selected contractors ror extensive structural alterations to the  Bank of Hamilton Building on the  corner of Hastings, and Hamilton  streets. The improvements will enlarge the present quarters considerably and enable it to greatly increase  its banking facilities. ;  1033 Granville St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone' Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  S. J. Trickcy E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal-Works'-.  PLUMBING  HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Carr.bio St.,        Sey. 620  ASKING   TENDERS   FOR  REPAIRS TO  COAL   WHARF  Tenders are being invited to February ' 9th, 1920, by the Department of  Public Works, Canada for repairs to  the coal wharf at the Quarantine Station, William Head, B.  C.  :: Plans and forms of contract can be  seon and specifications and forms of  tender obtained at this Department  at the office of the District Engineer  at Victoria, B. C, and at the Post  Office, Vancouver, B. C.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS - CARPENTERS  -ROOFERS--  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315 511  Dunsmuir St.  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Plumtiag   and   Bepair   Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty     *  737  iGth  Ave.  XV.  Fairmont  S84 L  f:  D.COOK&  GOij  GENEBAI   CONTSACTOBS jj  Specialize   in   Reinforced   Concrete  Modern    Apartments.  Remodelling Buildings.  Giving  Increased  Earning Powers  625  Eirka. Bid/?.  S.eymour  3922  .^«~-  & ©ravel Co.,  Limited  FROSfiPT DELSVERY  1527 Main St Fair. 552  J. C. Reston  ELECTKICAI,   engineee.  AND  CONTRACTOR  314 Bank of Nova Scotia Bids'.  C02   Hastiiitf   West  Sey.  2889-7579  Offlce, Sey. 707S Res., Fair. 213*L  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses fitted  for  the  relief of all  kinds    of   eye    strain    and    nervous  headache.  825 Birks Bids'. Vancouver, B. C.  PANTAGES JHEATRE  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pantages Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  TO   ELECTRIFY  EBURNE ■ ! »-  HIGHWAY   ER'DGE  Tenders   are   being   invited   try. the  Hon. the Minister of Public Worlcs »i  'o noon of January 24th for the sum ;  nly and  installation of electrical and !  mechanical   equipment   in   connection j  "'ith the operating gear for the Eburne |  Highway bridge. j  Tenders   may   be   submitted   separ-!™  ately   for  the  electrical  and   mechanical   equipment   or   for   complete,  installation.     ,-  Plans,   specifications   and   form   of  'ont'er  can   be   seen 'at   the   of"ce  of  '.e Df-'!::ct  En*rineer and  the Inspec-  < :• of E'pctviea!  Knerny, Court »iou:;e.  Vancouver,  B. C.  RECEIVING   TENDERS   FOR  ^OVERHAUL TO DREDGE No. 301  Tenders are being received by. F.  if. Shepherd, Superintencieiu ol  Dred'res, Department, of Public Works  Canada, until 4 p.m. on Monday, Janu  :iry 2;-'th, 1920. for roi.airs and gener  al overhaul of the Uuparimont-il  Ui'odge  So.  rjOl   ("Ajax").  Each tender must l:e sent, in a scaled envelope endorsed "Tender for Ite-  •airs  to Dredge  No. .'!0I   ("Ajax").  Specifications can he seen at the  oflice of A. F. .Mitchell, Esq., Acting  District Engineer. Victoria, B. C, and  at the office of C. C. Worsfold, Esq.,  District Engineer, New Westminster,  B. C, and at the oflice of the F. H.!  Shepherd, 710-713 Birks Building,  Vancouver, B. C.  C. M. FREEMAN  Painting - Decorating - Paperhanging  TWENTY  YEARS  WITH  ONE  OF  . . THE LEADING DECORATING  FIRMS IN LONDON. Eng.  32S3  .Main   St- ■ ' .   Phone Fair.   1022  Evenings Fair. SIOS-H  SAMUEL B. REOSURN  KALSOBUNING   ASTD   TINTING  A SPECIALTY  ESTIMATES  GIVEN  Flione   Fairmont   484 R  314 7th Ave. E. Vancouver, B. C.  Percy F. Letts  ELECTRIC AI,    ESSINEEK  and   CONTRACTU«  High-Class   Electrical    Vork  -.   Ml :u){-,   Grariviile   st  SUMAS   DYKING   DISTRICT  Advertisement and Instructions to  Bidders.  1. Tenders will be received till 5 p.m.  on the 25th day of February. 19'IQ, by tne  COMMISSIONERS OF THE SUMAS  .DYKING DISTRICT at the oflice o»r the  Land Settlement Board. Victoria, B. C,  for the various classes of work for the  dykinf? and drainage '(earthwork and  bridge  contract)  of land  in  the vicinity  1 of-Sumas Lake, and in the municipalities  of Sumas and Chilliwack. in the Province  | of British Columbia. "'  2. PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, ETC..  may be obtained at the oilice of the  Chief Engineer, F. N. Sinclair, old courthouse, New Westminster. B.  C.  3. A charge of fifty dollars ($50:00)  will be made for each set of plans and  specifications, which amount will be re-  iundeU :u"on the return of said nlans in  prood condition any time before the open-  in)?   date. €.. ..',,  '•I. Tenders must be- enclosed in a  sealed envelope, marked "TENDERS  I- 'H DVKjf-..; \*L, DKAINING LAND  TN THE VICINITY'OF SUMAS LAKE  . I.-; a j •. •- il W kJ tCK and BRIDGE CON-  TRAfTI". n."d addressed in a coveniiK  envelope  to  the .  Coinmist.ioiiei-s for the Sumas uyicinq  District. Land Settlement Board, Victoria.  B.  C. * ■•■'.-'.'■  5. DEPOSIT CIIROUKS — Each bid  must be accompanied by a certified  cheViue for 5 jjer cent. (~*'-/r) of tne proposal, made payable to the clerk of the  commissioners. * '  All chetiues will he returned imon tir*  execution of the contract by the sue*  cessfui bidder and aceentance of the  bond or tho rejection of all tenders.  Any bidder who refuses or mils to  enter into a contract after it has been  awarded to him or fails to rurnisn a  bond withi*,! a time deemed reasonable  by the commissioners, w,ill be declared  irresponsible and his cheoue forfeited,  and the contract may then be awarded  to another bidder.  6. WITHDiLVWAY OF BIDS — No  bid can be withdrawn alter havini; been  opened by the commissioners.  7. Tenders may be accompanied by  the snecilica tions and drawings relative  thereto, all of which shall form part of  tlie contract to be entered into by the  successful  bidders.  S. The tenderers must submit a \  statement covering the types of mach \  inery and equinment he 'propo.ses usinx j  in the construction of the various class  es ot wo-k and the availability of same j  for the undertaking of the work. j  0. The signature's of all parties ten-  derins shall be Mi their respective handwritings.  10.—Tho commissioners reserve the  ri'Kht to reject any or all tenders and  the lowest will not necessarily be accepted.  11. Bidders, will submit bids on tho  whole of the work to lie under taken  either on a straight unit or on a commission basis based on unit prices with  any bonus or other povernins clauses.  LAND   SETTLEMENT  BOAP.d!  (Commissioners   for   the   Sumas   Dyking  District. M.  II.'Nelems. chairman.  Cor. XOth Ave. & Arbutus St.  The BARRETT Co., ltd.  Send   for   color    card   off   BARRETT'S  VELVEX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  TaUphonc* Bay. 63 and 64  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates given . Distance no obstacle  ADAM  JACK  Highland   728  2020 Dundas St  PILINGand POLES  PIR, CEDAR o* rlEIVfLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021.1024 Rogers BuUding Seymour 3998-3999  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  c » Storage Batteries  Tne ■'arvis Electric Companyr Ltd.  570  Blchard*   St. ^  Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS l(N  CRUSHED ROCK ■ SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  902  Columbia Street West  lies.   Phone:   Fair.   M'i-S It  Oflice Phone: Sey. 79">t>  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  TMOS.   U   MITCHELL  —FOB  SALE—  \\     7--0    Hors«:-'0\vtr   J 1 -> 0.    K.   P.   M.   Cari-  ' '  ■ cl::i:'.    WestinKhotifC.   Motor   ;i:.0   Starter.  '::;    ^\:\:'.b    IJr-.i)i:    lloi-t    ( ('.>:tre(l).       l'l  j f-.-ot   H;tl;ita   Boltin-i.     -JGO   feet   ■'■■»   IJIacic  W'irc   Rope.     Drop  He.miner and  Wooden  Tower.   SO   ft.  hifjh.     Pence  f>0   I't.   by   120  ft.   by   50   ft..   10   ft.   hi-it).     1-In.   by -G-in.  Fence     Slats.     three   2     by   l-in.     Hails.  I'o.'its    0-in.   bv  0-in.  SAI70US GUTHRIE &  CO.  103 Winch Bldg-.      -    -   Phone Sey. 9197  Electric "Wiring-, Fixtures and Bepairs  of All Kinds  535  T""rrard  St.  Vanconver. E. C  Jfch«^tNS  ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  I-;i.K*'T»!f\M*        I.VHTAM.ATIf>VM        C>K        KVKIM*  r/KHiifri-TioN.       i;iw:t Tiii(!Ar<    kcjti-ikk  Sey.  S512  539 Mala Street  I!  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.    HUTCHINSON.    PROPRIETOR  CABINET  MAKERS  AND   CARPENTERS  BAND  SAWING  AND   WOOD  TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Helmcken St.  fill  HI  STRAIGHT  LOANS   OB   MONTHLY LOANS   OST   DWELLINGS  C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Ponder St. vr,  PHONE SEYMOUR 7P0-791  !! Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  DaAPTIJfG- All iHTES  !-'?!*'cr.    I MSli'UirirMls   ;tiid    .-'niplles  MOST  MODEBN'   EQUIPMENT  AND  ,OI."DE£>T E-iTii.Lii.J.-iWEl' IN 3. O.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  II*! Granvillf' St. Seymour 27fi9-  'Phono   Seyinonr   175  New Westminster,   B.C  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "The Battery for your car"  Export battery and ignition repairs  The Jams Electric Co., ltd.  570 Richards Street  J  APX'HITECTS  M-+'b+~b&\-^b<^#-i-'t''b-Z+*~b+-b&-b<i>+  t  *  Members of The Architectural Institute  of  British   Columbia.  VETERAN  R.N.DICER&Co.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  ARMATURE  AND  MOTOR  WINDING  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN  DAY AND  NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and Nig-ht)  1256 Pearler St. W. Sey.   54&3-I.  VAWCOTTVEB  Benzie.   J«s.    \.,   510   IfaatliiffS   W   Sejr. 3300  Uird,   A.   .1.,   City   Itldt,'   InspUir Sey. 3i70  (Irvan   &   Ollluin.   Soy   Itluhnrda Hey.   160-1  Dftlton   &   Eveleleh.   615   lliwtlturn   W 8ey.    6<i4A  Gardlnpr,   K.   Ci.,  & Mcrcor,  718 Granrllle Huy. 3071!  (Jardlni'r.    William    Krcdk..   730   Gran Hoy.  (S'lM  Grinttli.   H.  M.,   207   HaMlIriK« W..  Rt-y. 3116  U«ndcrson,  A.   E..  615  Hati'lni-H  V\   ,...H«y.     721  Ilodoymari.   &   Curtis.   8.r>n   Ifasllims   W Hoy.  1«21  JeuiM,    Wm.    1*.,    Cl!3    IllcliiiriH   .St S«.y.  ll^fl  MiUhesoii.    Krilit.   -M..   3**ri   Huinvr   to ....St-y.   8013  J'almer.    I't-rnnrd   <!.,   850.  lliiHt.   W Hoy.  7173  1'nrr.   .1.   K.,   if)H   HasliiiKH   W Sey.  7811  yimrii &  Ttiurupsoii, B-itJ  1't-ndnr W *>-y.  10(14  (•Sproat.   Kdwarde.i,   119   Tender   W....I Hay.  -i.105  Tmvnlcy,   Fred   h.,   3-13   Homer  Ht Hoy.  Hnl3  Twlzoll.   lilrds  &  Twizell.   837  Haat.   W Sey. 7025  rown, Fraser & Co., Ltd,  SUCCESSORS' TO  DOMINBON EQUIPMENT  & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal mi Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 11SO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  mm  is,!  Vancouver Forge Co.  Limited  FORGINGS  or ALL.  DffSCRIPTIONS  T-'t.   Vir-torin   Drive. Highland   701  VICTOBIA  tlarry.   Dnrmot    If 1714    Ht.  Rennel.   A.   K.,   1086 fl't?'.loul» H«.„   KelUi.   .1.   C.   XI..   MayH-ard   UMb.......   Mmrlure.   Sani,   Union   Bank  I)Id«    ttidaway-VVIIson.   I.Ictit.-Col...._  A nni"    Street   1171 R 1   H2fi  .2848   TJ'lmont   TIoiuv  OBESTOMT  Moore,    Cliarto Creston,  n.  c.  •PEMTTrCTOir  Swan.   II.   I,.,   Kyx   *I92   • Penticton,   B.  C.  GALVANIZING  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  -WTE  GAIVAWIZE  BVEBYTHINO BY HOT PROCESS *  IRON and GALVANIZING  WORKS  Farnnnt 971 Office and Works, 225-5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  T.WATT  J


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