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 IS*  II  ii  '€  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO., Vancouver, Publishers  Coveriogr British Columbia.  rtBUMW MimfwmnmimrB-M'U* mum  Vol.  16,   No.  10,   Friday,  Jan.  3,  191«»  uHding Material  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  -O  . N. O'Neil Co., Limited  548-550  Seymour St.  SE*  Man !s Accounted  '   0f        iv    •'  AOOOUHT if he h!a8 a bank  ACCOUNT. No account ia too  ua>a,n. to receive a courteous! -welcome at thiu bank.      '  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver  Branolx,  446  EaBttners   St.   W.  '   J.   P.   lilacDOSALD,   Manager  Bolts -Nuts - Bars - Spikes  Ships' Equipment  Allan & McKelvie Engineering Co., Ltd.  1214- Pender St., E. Highland  1573  VANCOUVER, B. C. *"-•.■ '"*  X  •iUILDXWO   PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  S500   OB   OVH2 ISSTTED   AT  THE  VANCOUVER  CTTT HALT, TE3TBBDAT  Numbejr  PwsorlptiOB  Oo»t  W7U3—Smoke J-lou.se  - -$000  97C4—Mezzanine    ...Z, $3,000  D7G7—Temporary Hospital $30,000  Btr«tt  Adflre.sfl  XaoX  una Block  Industrial Island    Alexander St   15th and  Heather St.  ...30  SubcUvlBloo  A.roliltect  G : iN. JiI. Loney   :    Owners  Roofing, Building  Papers, fete.  Building Partition  and brain THe  Contractor  AAdxMa  o  — »—»—    Owui  A'ddreni  Watson Bros., Industrial  Island.  American Can Co   Van. Gen.  Hospital   T.OFtGLUriBlAAV  LIMITED  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime,  etc.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  EUCTMCtt ENCINEERS  AND  C6NTMCT0RS  Power  Installations  General Electrical Construction  ?IW£  JETIIOOI   S54  Standard Bank Building    .  YASCItTYtB  -  WINNIPEG  Our Stock U the Mott Complete on the Pacific Coast  We are also Sole Agents for th«  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Mapi*  and Birch Flooring.  j..fyfe smith co. limited  1320 RichArd. St. Vancouver, B. C.  ■BUILDING   AND -INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  ftr,"&&     iyp*  FRANK'DARLING & CO.  I  THE HOLDEN CO.,  GEriEKAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPUES  Sole Asrcntsln Canada r&r  Chicago Pneii^iatic'Tool Co.  Boyer 'Riveting'& Chipping ~H*rwcr£'''Utile   Giant"' Dnfls;    Duritley  £lectri=  Tools;   Rock  Drills;   A!r   Compressors;  Fuiil  Oil  and   Gss   Engines.  t       BUILDING. PERMITS       £  9705—V.     'Wainwright,   - bedroom,  4336 Kaslo St., $25.'  •;9760—-P.'M.  Cochrane, garage,  222S  Victoria Dr., $25.  9i lis—c.   Kilpin,  garage,  2146  Seni-  970LI— S.   White,   dwelling,   2754  H., S-JOO.  6 th  "YOURS  TRULY"  WILL  PUBLISH   HiS  DIARY  '-Yours Truly." a contractor ol this  •-city- :ttGjo -lvfes^.earnorl-;^n'at^,h«^,w*iyiro?""  matically   renews   itself   for   another  five-year term owing to the city failing, to take  adavntage of the clause  giving   it   the   right   to   purchase   at!  arbitration  price  the company's hold- j  ings within the city limits, exclusive!  of real' estate.' I  General    "Manager    Kidd    informed }  the council that as the Public Utilities |  Commission     which     is     to    be    ap- j  pointed at the coming session of the  provincial"  legislature    will,  probably  undertake  a  revision  of  the   existing  agreement with, the city, the company j  intended to continue to operate under |  66  THOR  9»  Roller Bearing Drills -.-• Close Quarter Piston Air Drills -- Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers—Turbine and Electric Drills  Highspeed Steel-Driils-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. 41OO  Ksfitreif, Teronia  542 P.s-Isr St. ¥L Yawosvsr 2. C,  Pfionj Sey. 10S5  the   transgressor  in hard—very  hard, ! such time as the Public Utilities Corn-  has  given  his consent to the pubiica- j mission    could-  arrange    for   a   new j  !;' rion or his diary; which contains many j franchise agreement: ■"   ,  spicy  hits for the building profession j ■   ill be published in  le cf the Record.  .**.-}£.;.»   *U>y  i  j  J- spicy  f.its tor tne  di  i of Vancoti ver.    J t wil  full in Monday's issue  SEATTLE   MASTER   BUILDERS  WILL   HOLD   BANQUET,  rown, rraser*  SUCCESSORS    T<  DOftUNlOft EQUIPMENT  & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal-and Contractors'  Machinery-and Supplies  1150 Homer Street  Phono SeymaHr 7135  Vancouver, B. C.  HOUSEBUILDING  PLAN   IS Seattle.—The  Seattle  Master Build-;  ENDORSED  BY  COU NCIL f srs- Association, in addition ,to holding j  Hearty endorsaUon was given by the j ,ts   annuai   election   and   meeting   on j  city   council   at   its   last   meeting   of'  ! ISIS to a. resolution forwarded by.the, - ,  notary Club proposing that either the j Proceedings with a supper, to be held;  fedeial    or    provincial     governments  ! should   assist   returned   soldiers   who  wish   to   settle   on   government   landjS-ialp  January  7,   has   decided  to  open   the i  with a supper, to be held j  j in the old Commercial Club rooms in j  i the  Arcade  Building,   at   6:30   p.  m. j  A  special   program  has   bees !  | prepared,     with     several     prominent |  speakers,    including    Mayor    Hanson.  Jtoturai Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS,  CHANNELS,  A2TG-1ES, PSATES,  TEES,  COI.t7aiW«  COMPL2TSI.Y  EQUIPPED   rABSICATTSTCr   SHOPS  CANADIAN NOffrmVESt STEB. COT, Itt.  Ealnnont 3396 and 23S7  Vancouver,  and take up small holdings, by undertaking to build suitable small  houses  or bungalows   on   such   lands   when i Entertainers .and   special   music   will j  owned  either  by   the  government  ori«n  out  an  interesting  evening.    The |  ! full membership is expected to be in ;  I attendance  and  in  addition  about  60;  Loiulo»,  Winnipeg-  Toronto  Vanooavfer, B. C.  ROBERT W/HUNT&.CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION - TESTS -CONSULTATION  STEEL      CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  Phone Seymour 2199  i leased to returned men by any municipality.      The    resolution    proposed,  ,„  natations will be  sent out to others,  I who will be the guests of the Associa-  Office, 1501 Standard Bank Bldg.  508 HaBtlnffs "W.,  ni? Iiftboratiory, Room 1G01;  Resident In«pecto-» at Large Manufacturing Centers  508 HaBtlnffs "W., Vancouver, E. C. ... „,  C«m«nt T«Btlni? Lrvboraftory, Room 1G01; Pbyslcnl Teotinsr I.aDorrvt«ry. Room Bl  ' i that these houses should  be built for  i the   returned   men   at   cost,   plus   the  | lowest   possible   rate   of   interest   on jllon'  ! which it could be arranged to have the  men   pay   for   the   houses   in   instalments extending over a period of from  five to ten years.  Gil ley Bros  a  3  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Bniing Materia!  !  RECEIPTS   FROM   TAG   DAYS  It   will   no  doubt  interest  the   hundreds   of   thousands   of   citizens   who  ■ were "tag-red" dozens of times during  : the  year just  past   to  lean!   that th<>  tot''l amount collected in thi' '■'.'. i.'g  i days held during the year in :;:d cf  :tlu.-   Rod   Crows   and   oiher   c^nv^iulc  ■ oi'ganizalions .aggregated just $10.",-  j I'.tili.irT. Of this sum the Hod Cross  j Society, which was granted ten out of  j tlie ."7 tag days, received over one  ' quarter of the total, or $27.7"iS.  VICTORIA   NOTES.  Aroused by the procrastinating  policy of the authorities, it was decided unanimously at a meeting of i  the Homo Products Fair committee j  held yesterday afternoon to set aside j  $1.000 to go towards the building of'  a road  into  the  Cholberg shipyard.  902  CoIumb3a^Street]Wast  Phone 15 and IS  Pilaw Westminster, B.C.  PACIFIC  COAST   MUST  FIGHT  FOR   BUSINESS  New York Grabbing  Everything   From  Orient  Coast cities have found something  for which they can combine and tight  'as a unit. It is New York's competition in Oriental trade.  j Robert Dollar declared at the con-  |volition of port authorities at San  i Francisco that unless the railroad ao-    j ministration lowers freight rates from  (NO   MORE   NEGOTIATIONS |the   eaSt   NeW    York   WiH    S1"lb    the I  | FOR  B.C.  E. R. FRANCHISE jC,lin;,'Ja!'ai1   a"d    EaSL   hldieS   bUSI-1  J     The  city  council  has   been  notified I  BaSfour, Guthrie 8t Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut,to  length.    Cold Tivist and  Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are  prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT  —   LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  - SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  **'  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  The year's total, however, does not  i come up to the amount collected by  i this means in l!)17, when, with only  I 33 tag days, the sum of ? 12-i.69n.-12  j was secured.  We Have Just Installed a  COMPLETE  n ess.  THE MIES BROOKES WOOD!  (VSiilwork Contracts  Union   Depot    1916  Can.   Nortliern   Itly.   Depot 1917  Calnnry  Armory    !918  RoBBlana   Kitf*  School 1918  Tranatilllo  Sasttorium    1918  Phone Westminster 473  ^1 | i>y Ceneral  Mamuver Ceorue  Kidd.  of     •'<" -i:ave as an example that freight  the  K.  K. Electric  Railwnv  CnmpanvZ™"   Niagara   to   Shanghai,  via   New  ! that  lie  does  not  wish   to  enter  into :Vork i*JM-™ total, while the freight  any further negotiations with the city 'from   Niagara  Oui- sU'.uni hunted plant enables us  to niiinul'ucturu Veneer Work al uny  Heanon  ol'  tile   year.  We *jrt> now manufacturint: Interior  tlttinj,'.s for tlie new ii. C. Telephone  HulkllriK's head office in Quartr.-r Cut  O.-ik.  1259—6th  St., East Burnaby  to    Vancouver    is    $25  in   regard   to  a  renewal   of  the  corn-  trail) plus $">0 tsteamer) or $"."> total.  : pauy's twenty-year franchise, which! "New York, with its edge of $ 11.50.  expires on February 11. Although tlio f is taking that type of business," said  franchise expires on that date, it auto-IDollar.  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Phone  Seymour 9163  1561   Granville Street  IVIodlerm Brick Busflding'  on  osntrsillv  loented  rorne.r  lot  $35,000-00 on terrrss  Get   full  particulars  -it   the  office  of  GENBIiAI, AD3MOWISTBATION SOCIET-ST  Credit Toncler BMgr.  850 Hastings Street West  Forgings  rV3achinc Work  Patterns  John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornsmenta! Ironwork  •Phone S3  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, S3. C.  1 f  BRITISH COLUMBIA REOOBD  Columbia Record  (Urtablrshod 1911)?   ■/..'  every   Monday,    Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  1M cord Publishing Company  iFnewspaper-,oi general   circulation,  featur-  C. H. NEllSON...MANAGWG EDITOR  ""  O'fiice' and  Plant  583   Homer-Richards   Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   78»8  Subscription Bataa  One kiooUi  -.   Six   months    -',.«-; —  All snbsoriptioBS.are  payable strictly im arfvaace  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishes  IN. G. Foster Limited  INTERIOR DECORATORS  Seymour 1075  Specialists in  Interior  Finishes  905 Granville St.  *  OPFICIAl ORGAN.  Th« British Columbia Record la th«  •fflcial orsan of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such is used by, them as  Una medium through, which to .make their  •ffioial   announcements    to......the,  general  public-„* .-•■■    ■   r-. - „...„,  By such selection the British Columbia, Record is no, wise' pledged to editorial-support of, any , policy-.-. advance*  ky this-society,.- but maintains an absolutely independent position, on all matters subject to editorial opinion.  biiilt in the form of a letter "PI," any  average    carpenter    could    go - right  ahead , with    the    work,    practically  without  plans.    The  day  labor  plan  for construction had been decided on  to   save   time  and   expedite  the   construction, Aid.   Owen  declared,  as   it  was hoped to have one ward' of the  building ready  for   patients  in   three  weeks' time from the date of starting  work on  the foundations.    The  only  contract   that   had   been   awarded   in  connection  with  the hospital  was  to  Barr  &  Anderson   for  the  plumbing,  Aid. Owen explained.  That the recrudescence of the J'flu"  and   the   acute  need   for  hospital   ac-  pufup such a building complete in two  weeks' time if given a free hand and  sufficient labor.  BUSINESS ITEMS  DIVIDENDS  International ' Coal and Coke declared a dividend of $45,000, payable  December 15th, being its second distribution last year, the total for 1918  being $90,000. -..•■-  Hedley Gold declared its regular  quarterly, dividend   of   15   cents per  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  During the past week certificates of  incorporation havebeen issued by the  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies in  respect of the undernoted concerns:  H.D.Rees     W.A.Kmse     W.C.Jenkins  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. I  Sey. 1224  THAT-EMERGENCY HOSPITAL  Local '"architects and contractors  are inclined to regard "with some-  thing akin to suspicion the methods  adopted by the. civic health authorities in connection with the construction of the new emergency hospital  for ''"flu" patients. This $30;000  structure, is already partly in frame,  share, amounting,to $18,000, and mak-  commodation made it imperative that |-ng a total of $ios,oOO declared during  the   emergency   hospital   should    be. jgis.  should  erected with the utmost dispatch, is  the claim made by Aid. Owen.' He  intimated that the civic delegation  which secured from the provincial  government an appropriation of $15,-  000 to cover half of the cost of the  hospital' was only granted that sum  on   the   assurance   that   the   hospital  Granby declared its regular quarterly dividend of .$375,000, making $1,-  500,000 declared this year.  Consolidated Company declared its  usual quarterly dividend of $201,935,  making a little'over $1,000,000'in dividends declared this year.  yet up to Tuesday night plans for it   was t0, be. made.ready for occupancy,.    Electric Point, which shipped 4,594  Tiad not been approved by the city  building Inspector. ' No recognized  local architect had been pommission-  ed to prepare plans, and no tenders  had been called for from local contractors.  It was announcedi lastvweek by Aid.  W.  R:   Owen,  chairman- of" the  civic  health   committee,   that  it ..had   been  decided to build the new hospital by I out the necessary plans overnight and  day labor, and that working plans several .well-known contractors have  had been prepared—but he did not stated that they would be prepared to  say by whom. Aid. Owen did say,  however, that as the hospital was to  be a plain,-one-story frame structure,  '       ' '=*  in 30 days That, according to Aid  Owen, led to a decision by the committee to erect it by day labor.  On the other hand, there are a number of local architects and contractors  who think'that even more expeditious  results could have been secured by  the usual accepted procedure. There  are architects who could have; turned  tons of ore to Trail—but which is now  shipping elsewhere, as plenty of clean  Canadian ores have been secured for  the Trail smelter—declared a divi-.  dend of 5 cents per share, or $45,000,  making at total of $87,312 this year. •  Florence Silver, with property at  Ainsworth, was also expected to start  itself in.the dividend column, with  the expectation of keeping it up regularly at one cent per share per-  month, beginning in January  Rattenbury Lands, Limited, private  concern, authorized capital, $10,000;  registered office of the company, Victoria -  Lambton Creamery Company, Lim-'  ,ited, incorporated in the Province of  Ontario, is now licensed to do business in British Columbia; authorized  capital, $50,000; head office of the  company, Vancouver.  International Diamond Drill Contracting .Company, incorporated in! the  States of Washington, is now registered to do business in British Columbia;  authorized capital, $50,000; head office  rof the company, Vancouver.  Provincial Lumber Company, Limited, private, authorized capital, $25,-  000; registered office of the company,  Vancouver.  Prince Rupert Dry-Dock and' Engineering Company, Limited, private,  authorized capital, $500,000;- registered office of the company;. Prince  Rupert. .■/•■•  Slocan Reduction Company, Limited  (non-personal liability), authorized  capital, $250,000; registered office of  the company,  Nelson." •";'"  E. "■ Chrystal & Company  Carpenters and Contractors  Store  and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boardo, Panel BoardB, Steel  Cabinet*, etc.  Switches  designed and  built for any  special work.  41 Alexander St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Seymour 8551  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING and HEATING  **\  Ready Plumbing"  witk working blue prints  for country  installations  901 Davit St.  »*fc  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Seymour 9188  J  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete ;&;*  I2S 1m St  Sty. 3711 Sif I2IR  msm  11  EleGtrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs a  Stor&gm Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Richard*1  St. '.:     '"•"'■■'     ''•  'Z •->:'-'":'''""  Bamberton Cement  J  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  llfi Km SL  StfMV 1381  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making Fixture*  Sajaoar 1161 735 Idmekeo St  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize In prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power installations  •BC^ELECTRIC-  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  £aa  ii»iy?u*C: ■ *iii-:^L':  «# V* WIINCH & CO., Limited  Vawoeever and Victoria    -  !| Da vies 7  Construction Co,  NEW WORK-CONTRACTS LET  r.  -•    :.r ■'■.'• -i '..-..-■ ■    ".  THE    POI.IiOWIJS'O   TABU   SHOWS   BUH.DX1TOS    COSTUTO    95,000    OB    OYER,     OH     WHICH     CONSTRUCTION  TJNDEB. WAY, OB OH WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEE 17 LET BUT CONSTRUCTION SOT YET STARTED.  IS  General  Credit-Fourier Bldg.  Contractors  faocQuw, B.C-  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  509 Richards St.  SefDOir 1412  CTharaotex       Residence       Tuberculosis   Clinic  Grain   Elevator  Church       Commercial   Bldffs.  . .Ooat  .$7,501  47,139  78,008  35,000  25,000  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Seymour 3535 601 Pacific Bldg.  Hodgson & King  Contractors & Engineers  403 London Bldg.  Seymour 6506  Residence           9,000  Residence         10,000  Residences     each    4,000  Brick   Bnildinp   Bungalows          6,000  Residence           7,000  Mill   Warehouse    $5,000  Residence ;    7500  Bungalow       7595  Remodelling   Building   10.000  Residence $3,000  Powdered   Fuel   Plant $39,000  !',rick   Bldg     5000  Dwelling      5,000  Warehouse    8.000  Residence     '.        8,000  Remodel    Boarding   House $5,000  VANCOUVER  £ec««1en             Shaujhneasy   Hcifhti.  Pen«l«r Street      Beach Are      1160  Georgia St  /  Owner  . . .F.   A.   Dietrick   Rotary Club  Ckas. P. Coles Co.  First Church of Christ Set.  Arcbt    Contr.  Fred L.  T.w.ley S. J. Newitt  J; A-   Bentic.-i .....Baynes  &  Horie  H.  H.  Gillinfham    Owners  Mathcson & DeGtierre   Owners  Sharp   &   Thompson S.   N.   McLeoct  Jas.  A.   Benzie S. J.  Newitt  Jas.   A.   Benzie... .S.  J.   Newitt  U«E  Fairriew  and   Pcint  Grey. . L-K'versity of  B.  C.  Shaughnessy  Heifhts    S.  J.  Crocker  Shaughnesny ; Heights G.   W.   Tornroo.?  Angus  Are Macaulay  &   Nio«lls   A.  E.  Henderson S. J. Newitt  Seymour  St. B.   C.  Tei.   C«.   Owners    Adkison &. Dill  'Magee.... Allan   &   Richards I Fred   L.   Townley G.   M.   Champion  2875   Alder   Street A.   R.   McFarland    Fred.   L.   Townley John   B    Sterling  . D.   & '-W.   Gray  236     Smythe.      Van.    Milling   &    Graia    C*.  .1906.Trafalgar \V. A. Canteion  H35 loth Ave. W H.   D.  Christie  Cor.  Davie and  Granville Sts..Geo.  E. Trorey  S.E.   Cor.   Maple & Magee Rd . C.H.McFarlane  Powell  St...... B.   C.   Sugrar  Refinery  131    Hastings    St.   E Pemberton   &   Sen  1946   Uth  Ave.   W.... John  T.   MacDonald  Industrial.   Island     .Crane,   ,Ltd.  Miaughnessy   Heights P.  XV.  Racey  14-17  Barclay St Confed Life Ass'n  Two   Story   Brick   $20,000   92-9S  Ponder E... Mrs.  Chance  Won.fr Co.  A.   E.   Henderson _    _  Fred L. Townley  Day Labor  H. D. Christie  W. J. Bead  Gardiner   St   Mercer Harrison   &-   Lamond  Fred   L.   Townley G.   U.- Charflpron  Fuller   Engineering   Co.. Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.  J.   H.   Bowman ., Baynes   &   Horie  X'    Owner  Owners . Dixon   &   Murray  las.  A.   Benzie ;.S.  J.   Newitt   H.   R.   Glass  E.  E.  Blackmore  Residence H°o'™n ' Shaughnessy  Tfgts Clarence   Wallace   James A.  Benzie...'..  Residenct  59000  Sliaughnessy Helfjrhts..Mrs. V. .1. Creeden  9Z9 Main St  Palmer Bros.  General    Contractors  Strytsoar 4878  Robertson & Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  SeymnuT 1274  806 MetrojMfitafl Bldg.  Character    ~  Co«t  42-Mile   Extension 300,000  Ilastings-Barnet   Road       Government    Shed    ...   Bridge  (2  span)      Lining   Tunnel     2j0.000  Reconstruction       160,000  Nitrogen  Plant       125,000,.  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Concentrator,    etc        50,000  Railroad      1,000,000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bide-.... $151,236  Bridge        Bridge        Pulp  & Saw  Mill $750,000  Protective   Works        $*0,000  Cold  Storage & Cannery $150,000  Residence            5,000  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  location    Owner  Clinton P.G.E.    Railway  Hastings  St.   E   Victoria         Government  Princeton     Kettle   Valley   Railway  Rogers   Pas?    C.   P.   Railway  North    Vancouver    Wallace   Shipyard  Znke   Buntzen. . Amer.   Nitrogen   Products   Co  Edwardes  Sproat   Edgar Wilson  -' S. .L Newitt   S.  .1.  Newitt  ELASTIGU  The  Tough,  Elastic,  Adhesive  Cement  (Ready  for use.)  FOB YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street        .        .        VANCOUVER   B   C  Phone Bay. ©8  Copper   Mountain B.   C.   Copper   Co.  Chu   Chua Queen   Bess   Mining   Co.  Princeton  to  Copper   Mt.. . . B.   C.   Copper  Co.  Tranqoille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Seciety  Oyster River—Coraox Dist...Prov. Govcnn't  Englishman's River, AlWerni Dist.. Prov.Govt  Beaver Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber Si Pulp Co  Steveston     W.Dom.    Government  Clayoquot. . . .Clayoqtiot Cold Stor. & C*«, Co.  Eburne    T.   H.   Heather  A*<*   Contr.   Northern    Const.   Co.   Cotton Co.   R.   Moncricll   Armstrong,   Morrison   A-   Co.,   Ltd   Carter,  Halls  &  Aldinger  • • Hodgson  A   King  Owners       Owners  Owners              Owner  • • • • VV.   P.   Tierncy  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.  Prov.  Pub.   Wks Dept... Robertson  &  Partners  Prov.    Pub.   Wks,    Dept  Wm.    Greenlee*  i.' '.■.'■' ' .V» • "."' '.A.     Owners  Public  Wwrk-s Dept Hodgson   *   King   Owners  Owner  S.  J.  Newitt  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN - - DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone  HlKhland 728  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Well St.  POLES  RUSH & READ  PL4IH       AND       OHM-AMENTA!.  PZ.ASTEBIN'3    &    CEMENT    WOBK  All  Work  Guaranteed.  Hay.  :!.T70 2.'J00   Stephens   St.  Hay.   1C02-H  ., LIMITEI  fc rmtmwvm mmmwtrxi*  M. A. Wiles  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations, etc.  1350 - Btb Aw. W. Bayrhsw 227S  Office 83S.3-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  I  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper i3 now being manufactured in  British Columbia.    The paper Is  of  excellent,   uniform   quality  and   of  great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  .-MU.il. f  BXXTISM COLUMBIA &BOORD  BLMS  '   "Iff IB II, ■■,',[ i,   ! ,   LL. '     '     '■——■rr  H  "1  Right Prices  "Wearwell"  Palnte.    SMngle    Stains,  and "Anti Damp" preparations.  W. S. HARVEY Mra. CO.  1063 Ortwnvillo St. Soy. 3497  0  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Pender St. W.  Seymour 3053  INSURANCE  IN   ALL   ITS   BRANCHES  FOREIGN  TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  Additional information regurdinjr  those inquirieH may be obtained l'r'orn  the Secretary of the , Board of Trade.  Vancouver, or upon application to "Tho  Commercial Intelligence ranch of the  l>(;|)artri5ent of, Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa."  Correspondents are requested to quota  tho number of tho "opportunity" when  ■afiklritf for additional information. Ke-  iuest for each opportunity should be oh  a. ueparate shoot and state opportunity  number. The 'Bureau does not turnish  credit ratings or assume responsibility  ch to the standing- of foreign 'Inquiries;  :the ukUuI. precautions Khould be talren  In   all   oasot,-.  REAL ESTATE  CITY       PROPERTIES,       FARMS,  FACTORY,   SITES   AND   TIMBER  I  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  Ceperley,   RounsefeJI  and Company  ESTABLISHED  1886  739 K&ntingH St. -Vfi Vancourer  Telephone Seymour 7820  LATEST   EK-QUIRIZS.  The following- inquiries are the latest  r-fti-olved. l'"or rapid perusal the reader  may know at a glance items of interest by noting the clasn of goods mentioned   at   the   end   of  each   inquiry.  IMPORTANT—Quote the number of  the "Opportunity" In ■ your correspondence,  894. Picture mouldings.—A. manufacturer's agent in Harrogate, England,  wishes to get in touch with Canadian  manufacturers of high-class picture  mouldings. ■'     .  805. Hardware and tools.—-A Johan-  nesberg agent with' twenty years stand  ing is prepared to take up the representation of Canadian manufacturers  in all lines of household hardware and  shovels, ' spades, axes, hammers and  saws, and other tools.  S9G. Oil engines.—A Natal firm of  wholesale merchants, with a field staff  selling agricultural machinery, make  inquiry for the supply of small oil en-:  gines for farm use, suitable to run  electric equipment for ten to thirty  lights, must also be capable'of working farm machinery, when not required for light machinery.  897. Lighting equipment.—A Natal  firm of specialists in farm goods, asks  for particulars which .would enable  them to quote on electric lighting  plants for country houses. Details and  I)rices must be submitted so that they  may quote complete" installation, oil  engines only, or lighting plant only,  without engines,  ....898...Hardware, tools, stoves.—-A  Johannesburg agent with good connection is prepared to take up Canadian  agencies   in   sucli   lines   as   hardware,  SERVICE  GARS  TIRE  REPAIRS  Retreads,   plain   or  non. - ekids,  sections, etc.  'Tires, Tubes  in sLock.  AUTO  REPAIRS  '■Enginesoverhauled,  valres ground,  brakes relined,  ■ ' etc.  Gila and  greases  in stock.  *   rnoxE  SEY. 11S4.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. C.  FACT vs.  \PAINT AND PROMISES SELL MANY A MOTOR TRUCK; but PERFORMANCE, rather than APPEARANCE, is what counts in the wear and tear of the  daily grind. Paint soon fails to cover up defective construction, and promises have  never yet PAID a single repair bill.  LITTLE GIA^T JViOTOR TRUC8CS  arc built not for looks but for service—not merely to JUSTIFY but to SURPASS  our claims.  LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS arc sold in every case where superiority is tested  point by point in comparison with other trucks.  The fact that 72% of LITTLE GIANT sales last year were re-sales to satisfied  customers is the final proof.  Don't take our word for it—ask LITTLE GIANT owners about the dependability, economy and efficiency of LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS.  INSIST UPON RECORDS OF PERFORMANCE, NOT PROMISES OF PERFECTION.  We guarantee -r>0% lower operating cost than any other Truck on the market.  We vaporize the fuel and Thermo syphon steam into the cylinders.  Tour .service work on LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS is done every month at night  at no Cost to you. /  Sevmouf li'M  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager.  CJranvillo at Pacific Vancouver  fall kinds, tools, household, spades,  shovels, axes, saws and other lines  suitable for the wholesale Jobbing  trade. Stoves, enamelware and household utensils are lines which this  agent can handle to advantage.  899. Carbide.—A Johannesburg firm  bf engineering merchants, with branch  offices and warehouses in each principal centre of South Africa is prepared to take up the representation in  this country for Canadian carbide not  already on the market.  900. Catalogues and price lists.—A  Johannesburg wholesale firm of general dealers ask for catalogues and  price lists from Canadian manufacturers of lanterns, enamelware, tools, all  kinds, hardware, brushware, handles,  woodenware and furniture shipped  k.d.s.  901. Engineering specialties. — A  Johannesburg firm of specialists In engineering supplies is prepared to take  up agencies and control for South  Africa in such lines as wrenches, forg-  ings, jacks and other engineering or  mining supplies. If any line is taken  up, this firm undertake to advertise  in a thorough way.  902. Agencies.—A South African  commission house now representing  successfully one Canadian manufacturer, is prepared to take up other agencies in such lines as hardware, household utensils, farm-house specialties,  shovels, spadee and other tools.   ■    •  903. Toys.-—A Manchester commission agent with good connections  wishes to represent a Canadian manufacturer of toys. '  904. Domestic woodware.—A Manchester commission agent with-a large  connection, is open to represent a Canadian manufacturer of domestic wood-  ware, washboards, pegs, rolling pins,  towel rails, bread boards, etc.  905. Domestic enamelware.—A Manchester  firm  inquires  for a Canadian  [.manufacturer  Qf  domestic  enamelled-  ware open to appoint an agent.  906...Machinery and tools.—A Manchester merchant is open to handle on  commission, machinery and tools.  907. Confectionery.—A Manchester  firm with five branch stores wishes to  import Canadian chocolates and all  varieties    of    sweets.     Samples   and  .prices should be submitted.  .'p.  90S.. Machinery;—A- Manekester^fiwrt  '■■ ■ •■   i(.  is open to represent manufacturers of  heavy specialized   machinery  and  engineers' tools. •■■----■--■  '"'  909.' Steel, etc.—A Manchester commission    agent is open to    represent  (•manufacturers  of  billets,  sheets, sec-  rtions,  castings,  forgfngs,  air compressors, machinery engineers' tools.  '910.  Machinery   for   boot   trade.—A  Manchester    commission    agent    with  good connections is open to, represent  a manufacturer of boot machinery and  | general finding for the boot trade.  911. Tools.—A Manchester manufacturers' agent wishes to hear from Canadian firms open to appoint a representative to handle pulleys, hack-saw  blades, twist drills, hammers and vices.  912. Confectionery.—A Manchester  firm having twenty-five travellers on  the road, is open to represent Canadian manufacturers of high-class con-  jfectionery, chocolate, sugar goods, biscuits, etc.    Best references given.  913. Furniture.—A Manchester firm  is open to purchase bedroom and office furniture, chairs and general  household effects. Catalogues and  prices are requested.  : 914. Confectionery.—A     Manchester  firm  with  large staff of travellers,  is  I open  to    purchase any    confectionery  specialties, also chocolate, toffee, chewing   gums,   etc.     Prices   and   samples  I requested.  9ir>. Furniture.—A Manchester firm  asks for catalogues and prices of  household and oHice furniture.  91G. Paper.—One of the most influential firms in Manchester is open to  purchase large quantities or all kinds  of paper.  917. Mining supplies.—A Belgian  firm ask for catalogues, blue prints  and prices on mining supplies of all  kinds for open work also for trucks,  rails, engines, etc. AH documents to  be in duplicate, one addressed to Belgian Congo and other to London, England. Both addresses on file with the  Department in Ottawa.  9IS. Foodstuffs. — A Johannesburg  commission agent of twenty years'  connection is prepared to take up the  Canadian representation of such lines  las flour, breakfast foods, canned goods  any ;my line suitable for the grocery  trade.  i    919. Cereal   breakfast   food,   etc.—A  London      firm      maintaining     several  branches  and claiming an established  connection,   are   desirous   of   securiiii  the   solo   agency   of  a   first-class   Can  r.dian   cereal  brckafast  food   in   pack  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  ■   Manufacturers ■;   ''.'  Ornamental Iron "Wort and  *n tlnOa of Wire Work.  112-16" Dufferin   St.  Fair.   264S  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  BUSINESS MEN  will fmd ihe  ORPHEUM GAfE  an ideal meeting1 place for the  Luncheon Hour. The Best of  Everything, Prompt Service,  Moderate Charges. Seating  capacity  250.  Opposite OrpJietmi Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  -ZZjg,  Kilgren  General Contractor  962  14th An.  Fairmont 946L  COMMERCE  ONE  TON  TRUCK  A.  year  ahead  of  other  trucks — the only truck  having-'everything neces-   ■  sary on it when you buy  it.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  ;'.'.-'•'-'   1260 -'Granville.-  STANDARD MOTOR TRUCKS  Literally a standard truck  throughout. Continental  Red Seal Motor, Timken-  David Brown worm gear  on all models, Brown-type  transmission, Spiecr universal joints.  Two, three and a half and  five-ton capacit\'.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  '■'•j!'^* 1260'Granville. *VZ  ...-.~«........»..»..».»»~»-»~«..«..»~#~«..«..«..»..«..>..>lr»^  DBUGLESS    HEALXKO  W. J. Downie,   D.M.T.  MX. BUSINESS MAN  My business is to invigorate the  hody. mind and brain. : People who  have passed through my hands say i  do all three. See next advertisement.  938 and 929 Birk« Bnilding-,  VancouTer, B. C.  Seymour 603 f;    Seymour 724SR  i Business  j Paper  j Advertising  The Buying Power per Subscriber Represents an Infinitely Greater Sum than the  Buying Power of Any Other  Glass of Publication, Because  Each Buyer . Purebases for  Business and not 'for Pri vate  Consumption  THE BATTERY  FOR YOUR CAR  40 per cent, longer life  18 months' Guarantee  PRICE    NO     HIGHER  Call and see ue when passing  JARVSS   ELECTRIC CO.  Distributors for B. C.  570 Richards  St.  Seymour 175  PHONE FAIR. 971  We Manufacture Light      ^m*0^*^ We G^-Vaiiize Every-  Structural Iron        ^*^lk    &^"^»^ thing by Hot  Work ^**^71    i 21   K ll*^>+^ Process i  Ornamental  iron  Work.   Iron  Stairs,   Fire .Escapes Kailway  Gates,  Fences,  Blacksmith  Work  Iron   and   Steel  5!ar«,    Iron   Work   for  Steel and Wooden Ship.--. Castings,  Pole  Line   Hardware,   1'ipe   Flanges,  etc.  T. WATT  225  IRON AND CJALVAfNIZING WORKS  5th   Avenue West Vancouver, B.C.  1 to 5 Tons  Fact Worth Considering  For over eight years FEDERALS  have been built by a strong, well financed  company which has devoted its energies  to Motor Trucks Exclusively—That's  why they are Built right—Ask  Tucker WSotor Company  Sojnnoiir 35G5  833 Fender St. West, Vancouver  Distributors for  The FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit  332  (Cutitlmierl   on   pntfo   <.)  '■'■Vitf ■ ^^^WpE«5" '-  id  sr  BEXTI3H COLUMEIA RECORD  mmwturmrmnrwim  W^A'**.ir.i'.'Wr*i>TOteW*>«iK*r^'^^!'%-f);*-'y"o  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  mKmm£mmcmmmm&£Mmi  mmsmmmm  mmsmmssmmzmmj  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    FyiA^yFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBEK   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KE1"   TAGS,    BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND PAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  Moved to 516 PiLttBER ST., W.  ?5(2gS3ffiSSS2EiSiS3iS335^EES22SSS  ••-^MEMM-kJUiKjalMtBMU*  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Piio&s Seymour 6130  1060 Homer St    ;  Vancouver B. C.  1  aa«t«*iMWH«BgKaaB^^  PUT CEMENT ROOFS 11   FEET  THICK  ON  SUB  SHELTERS  "raser .'River-  LIMITED  p. A. Jones, Msrr,  WHARFBUBLDSNG'^  'BRIDGES,-       •  PILE 'FOUNDATIONS,  /   '■'.[  -ETC. :  Owners of Tug. "CLIVE"  Genera!   Towing  324 Front St Mew Westminster  Telephone 1015 •  Bruges, Belgium.—Giant submarine  shelters were built here by the Germans'in their efforts to protect their  U-boats from British airplane bombers. At the time of the evacuation  the ninth of these massive shelters  was under construction. The sneiters  are of ferro-concrete. The roof is 11  feet thick, supported by hundreds of  massive concrete pillars, each two  feet square and 25 feet high. An impression of some half-submerged  eastern temple, like the celebrated,  ruins at Philae, is created by these  giant shelters standing in the waters  of the dock  In the early days of the war the  Germans clearly planned the harbors  at Zeebrugge and, Osteiid as permanent, base3 and repair stations for their  submarines, the original boats being  built at the Hoboken works, near  Antwerp. The first large repair  works appear to have been situated  at the Atelier de la Marine, at Ostend,  but it is probable that the docks at  Bruges, which are connected with  Zeebrugge by a ship canal, were being  developed at an early period of the  war.  Naval operations off. the Belgian  coast, assisted by aircraft, made the  harbors unhealthy shelters for submarines, and after the bombardment  of May, 1916, the large lloating docks'  at Ostend were towed round; to Zee-j  briigge and so. up to Bruges.  ■In succeeding attacks no fewer than  6123 bombs were dropped upon  Bruges docks alone, while a similarly  large number were dropped upon Ostend and Zeebrugge.  'ONE'SOLEMN THOUGHT  WRIGHT  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Guild  Sey. 3315       511 Dunsmuir St.  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building; Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  'Willie—Say, pop, when does a man  «»ch the age of -discretion?  Mr. Henpeck—When he realizes that  h» is too old to marry.  Beaver Hall Square, Montreal, referring to British Trade Inquiry No. 4091.)  Electrical insulating material and  lacquers for brass.—A Birmingham  firm desires to get into touch with a  Canadian house who will act as agents  for the sale of these products. (Address British Tra'de Commissioner in  Canada, 3G7 Beaver Hall Square, Montreal, referring to British Trade Inquiry  No.-4098.)'   ,  SYNOPSIS   OF   COAL   MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coalmining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba,/'Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  .■Territories and a portion of the Prov-  nee of British Columbia, may be leas-  manufacturers seeking such an outlet.  They are also interested in canned  vegetables,' fruits and fish, and would  be glad to hear from- Canadian packers looking for export trade.  920. Flour—A .London firm is desir-j    - m Qf twenty.one yearg al j r,aIfour. GlUhrle & Co  819„e67  ous of securing the representation of ,   -,._,   _„ v, „„„^     XT„   f}*';nt-J~:o,'''m?li, l<..Kva1?.' F<1- S:oi-- •£-. >'*?  MANUFACTURERS OF-  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GEHERJOARPEKTE8 WORK  PAINTING, PAPER liliHG-  ING 2nd KALS0OTIS  KEEP   CUSTOMERS   POSTED.    .  The greatest reserve force you can  j employ is to keep your customers well  j informed of your doings, says John  ] Hart, in Hello, a London,publication.  ! Public memory is always short—un-  ] der the present conditions it must be  I shorter than usual: the stress of cir-  i cumstances is great, far too great, to  ; enable them to recollect that ''your  i goods are the best!" So keep your  ; reserves in constant tramirisT^fit for  ! the day. \\ ,  What Mr. Hart says to English merchants and manufacturers'is equally  I applicable in America. The wise busi-  th an eye  an important Canadian miller for the  [sale of their flour in England.   Bankers' and other references. .  921. A firm of British importers in  Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic,  would like to get hi touch with a Canadian company canning lish.  922. Dry goods.—A Sydney importer  interested in the importation of above,  invites correspondence from interested  Canadian manufacturers.  Sey. 8785  u  I; ::css  man will advertise  wit  |! to after-the-war conditions.  XKQtTZBISS      J&SCSrv^SD      ST      T22  KBITI3BC    1'3AI)E    CO 322213310 2ST  .-    . . IKCAKADA.  •  Inquiries received from British export houses which wish to open connections with Canada. Canadian importers who may desire to obtain specific articles -of'United Kingdom manufacture r; are invited to communicate  with the -.British Trade Commissioner in.  Canada, 3C7.• Beaver HaJL Square, Montreal, who .will he pleased to:o'otaih and  furnish ..catalogues and price lists 6(  the principal United Kingdom Arms  manufacturing   the   goods   required.  iaiPOSTAMTP.-- — Quote the British  Trade   Inuiry   Number   in   each   case.  .n annual rental of $1 per acre. No  more than 2,5G0 acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Applications ror a lease-must be  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for  lire situated.  In surveyed territory the "land- must  be described by sections, or legal sub-  ARCHITECTS   SUPPLIES  Dominion  Blue Print A Drafting Co.,  53)    Cranrille   St...'.'.. Sey.  2497-4670  ARCMJTKCTt'IlAl.    TICK It A     COTTA.  Erann,  Colomun  ft  Eraai,   rt.  Col. St., B. 29K8  O'Neil. .Wm.N.  Co.  Ld.,   643   Seymour.S.-.4795  Kitchle   Oon.    *   Sup.    Co..    Ltd     Qrtn.    Cl.  BrlAge  .i..    B. S16S  ASPHALT    FELT.  Evan*. Coleman * J2va.ni, ft. Col.. ..-.8. 39g«  The ISarrett Co., Ltd., 10th St. Arbutus Bay. Ci  The   Standard   Paint Co.  of Canada,  Ltd.,  430  Standard   hank   Dldc Sey. 2913  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Ceparl«yr Rouiucfcl!  k  Co.,.-Wiach   Bldf.  • Sey.  7820  BANKS  Ho«e   Bank  af   Canada... S.  5270  EAST*,   OrPICE   Sc   STORE   PITTUTGS  The   lair.es   Uroolces  Woodworking-  Co.  Ltd..  1259 6ll> S.  IC,  Hurnaby.'.We.st.  473  BLUE   PRINTS  Dominion  Blue   Print  A  Drafting  Ca.,  531    Granville   St Sey.  2497-4670  BRICK—ALL  KINDS.  £nni    Coleman   ft   Eraria.   Ft.   Oo).,   B. 29RS  Gllley  Bro».,   Lt«,.   New   Weet..   Phone*  IC,   16  VV.   N.   O'Noll ft Co.,  HI  6»y.  St.,  6. 4796-479S  r_tchJ«   Contr.   ft   8up.   Co.,    Ltd.,   Gran.    .St.  Brldre     S.    91 62  R.V.Wlnch  ft  Co..  LtiL,  Winch B.   P. 279-1M4  BUILDING  FICLT8  ANJ)  pavers.  Erane,   Coleman   A   Kvann,   Ft.   Co!... .S. 29SS  W.   N.   O'Neil  & Co.,   S<S Ke.r. fit.,  S. 47fiD- 47ii.«  The  Barrett  Co., Ltd.,  10th A Arbutus  Bay. 63  The   Standard   I'airit • Co.   of  Canada,   Ltd.,  .'    430   Standard   li'stik   Bide Sey. 291J  BONDS—Sl'KKTV.  Ceperley,   XounsefeH   A   Co.,   W'inck   Bldg.    • '. .'.  .Sey.   7S20  K.V.Winch  & Co.. Ltd,:   Winch   B,,  tt. avi-19<<  CARPENTERS  Dixqn    &   Murray.... ,..;■$.   $7(55-  8760  CEMENT,  B  .     ,  KS  Olilcy Bros..  Lta„  New  West..   Phone* 16.  i  XV.   „\.  O'Xeii & Co..  ms bey. -St.. <?. 4795-479S  itttchlrt- Contr.   &   Sup.,'   Ltd,,   GranvJile   St.  Bridg?     S. 315?  R.V.Wlnch  *  Co.. I,t«..   Wl'.ch   B..  S. I79-1S4-I  OKHRVT■ TKSTINVJ   .1X1)  .4S«»YlNfi.  Hunt,    Kobt.   W.   4   Co.,   Srandard    Banlc  Bldf   S. XJ39  COKTRACrOlUv—(JENKRAL.  Armstrong.   Morri»on • ft    Co.,     Ltd..    Bower  Bir.    .......... ..;. ...... .-.. .. ....    s. JS3C  C ONT R A CTO US—Tl L t-TKBRAZXO.  Evans,   Colaman  ft  JBrarn,   ft.  Col S. 29SF  W.   N.   O'N'bl;  /L   Co.,   I<8  Say.  6t..   S.  <7H5-<79i  CRANKS    ANB    HOISTS    (KI.KCTKIC  Tha Holden Co.. Ltd., 642 Pender St.  W.  • '   „ ' Sey.   1065..  DrES-'ABRJ   T'OO'JCS.  0  d  iU  Si Oynsnyir SL  ied by a fee of 55 which will he refunded if the rights applied for are  cot available, but not otherwise. ''A  royalty shall be paid on the merchant,  able output of the mine at the rate of  fire cents per ton.' - !  ;'■.'■,The-', person operating the nilnes.shall  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  j accounting for the full quantity of mer-  Electric fires and cookers.—An Eng-: diantable coal mined, and pay the roy-  Gllivy   B.--.)t'.,  «-   \-   «lnch & to.,  WlmtS B:d...S.   279-ii.H  — PLASTKU  CRLour,   OntJirl,..   *.   t;o S.   SI97-tl57t  •nZV' I^,t-U,'!n   * >-v«'-    Kt. Colum .s. lilt  xv % oZfi', z;.- ^'?'-Z"tl'''P!,0"M 15' J1  Each application must be accompau-   ^rJtiH^.!.^ ^■^ifSi^o^^'^  (Eyana.  Coleman  &   Kvans.   h.  Col..  divisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territorv the tract applied 'or shall ! r,;;',b» Tr'°! ^: ^tamtjins Works 356  j      L-t',!ienn   \v .     Pair   2176  be staked out by the applicant himself, j - drafting  METAL STAMPING.  GiM>* Tool  &  Stampiutr  Works,  356  DufTciin   VV. Fair. 2174  ' KTX&KWORK.    ■  I he James   Brookes  Woodivorkiur;  Co.  Ltd.,  1259 6th S.   I;.,  Hurnaby..Weat.  473  ailME OG3 AP3M3TO  Central   I'uWic  StenoKraphers.   Mimew-  Kraphiaj-, 41-1   Dominion  Bidy., Hoy. 5078.  MOTOnS  «•   C.   Electric  Co.,   IM  .'_.jj_ 5oij(  3VIOTOH   TBTTCata.  Little  Ciant Motor Truck  Co Ser.  331  Keo  Motor   Cur  AKcncy,   Ltd....... Sey.  1860  lucker. Motor-Co.,-1533   IVnder  \V...Sey.  3365  MULTIGRAPHING  central   Public Stenographers,   Mlmo-  .oKnijiimj-f, .|M  Dominion Bldg., 8r-y   f>07l  Dominion    Ultie' J'ritit   A   Drafting   Co  531    Grauvile   St  Sey.   2497-4670  OFFICE AND  STORE  FITTINGS     *  Dixon    A    Murray s. 8765-  8766  OFFICE .SUPPLIES   A    PRINTING  \\ f.stern   Specialty,, Ltd.,   572   Crau.   Sey    15»«  PACKIMO.    BECTING    AND    MECHANICAL   6000»  UufiUiu  i'lr« A  Kuliljcr ()ockI» Co.. I^td ,  «« (.-uirniiift »t ._. :..  8. u—siaji  PAINTING  &   PAPER   HANGING  Oi-xon    A   Murray S. 8765-  S766  XX.  N.  ON«ll .V   Co..  US Sey.  «i...S. 47i(S-4798  .. J'A I.NTS—O.iJrfl'   I'UOOK  u>Tiv','^9?,),,mai1  &.Evans,   ft.  Col 3, 29«g  ThVV   >lu"l$r,'-:.° ■ *is ti<7- -St-   -S. ♦7»5-47tf»"  Lrn   i!'''l''r!   ,IarVU ,Co;   of  Canada,' Ltd..- ''  430   Standard   Bank   U\ilf[.. ....... Sey. 2913  PAP£ft  Srnllh.   DarMwn'A • Writ-lit, Ltd.." .Uomw  »ml   navlu   Jfui _ _s_ flJB0  PAKTITroX—JUREPKOO'K  Hvan».  Colemnn  &  Bvuna    l'l. Coiura. .a. 2988  HUchie. Coa. &• Sup   Co.. Orajiv. Bcli;. .S. 91(31 ,.  PAirEnwa  Wrctiuliiiitcr,.- Iron' Works.  New WKitmlniior   I'hgim 5J !  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion   iiluc   IVint   ft   Drafting   Co     '  331    Cranvile   St    Srr.    3497-.ltf7«  r,   „/       ,- l'!G   !KON  ANU   '«N  M»lfour.   Olilhrlc-   Ac   Co........    .s    V197-(!S7»  SVa,?s'1TPoieman   * -Bvain,   ft.   Col S.-2SS8..  L.   V.   Winch  ,•»   Co..   Wlnca  Bid.'. .8.    279-19-14  i,-   .     ,   * J'H.LXG AND  l-(*l.es  4«lcr»I   Luml.fr   (.Ui.,   Itui-cru    m<|( _.._.... S. 3iDS-»  V..Z  ',.  ■       VUK "KlVlNti. "     :  jjiTir.-8,  Coleman &  Evann,   ft.  Col...    8  29SS  l-*i*«r   itivcrr.   Pile. .Driylr.^   Co..    K„w    vv..»i.  „    n   r  ,.      1'iVK—yiavKa  riY.V-*■  Coleman  .V   Kvun*    Ft. Colum. .S   "r-SJi  Lt.1..   Stw   W«.-il...l'bonos 15. 16  .8. 9161  OK'Ifl.LM—POUTAItl.K    Kl.KCTKJC  Darlinsr,  Fr-ank  jW    \Vp-Ncll A Co.. lis S<=y. St..  HitchiK   Con.   *.   Bup.- C<  WATER AND TIRE WEAR  jlish firm  of  manufacturing  engineers,  •desires   to   appoint   Canadian   agents.  alty  thereon.  If  the    coal    mininc  rights etc not being operated, such re-  ■EI.EVATOR   CARS  ANT>  KNCLOSlfRES.  S. "M. Mori-is A Co. Ltd., 2120 Cedar Bay.' 1043  W5   y.   O'.Vtil   ft   Co...'-34S   Sa>.   St..   S. -J795--J7CS'  U-lt-sbie   Coatr.   &   Sup.   Co , Ltd..   Gran.   St.  Br-lrJite     S. 91«2  KLK7AT0 7CS  Darling:,   Frank & Co.. 1142  Horner  -    Street     ...:....Key.  '1100-4101  ENGINEERS   SUPPLIES  Dominion   Bit'.c   Print A  Drafting  Co..  531    Granville   St. ...Sey.  2497-4670  I-'IKI! CI.AT  Bairour.   Outhrlo   * .Co... S.   9197-857S  Kvap.a,   Coleman   .t   Eviiiis    Ft.   Col.. .S.   2S3S  ■I'lAUfMSG  \.et luM-ei  cuts rai.cn moie eadij .(Address Entish Trade Commissioner turns should be furnished at least once  c-niey Biob... New Wfs:minster. pimnew js.tei riom-nip  -Bailey, E. A.; 1033 Granvi'lle St...... a.   f36  Norman.Ardd    W  i3avic SC...Z?!sZyV 9 88  IV,,.1I„    :._'>^l-MATJO   TOOLS  "Tho-aoWeiTCoirXwZs^Pen^  Z, •■..■■ PR.MT6RS ^    I0(i5-  isaKJey._A. G. A Sons,  Ltd.  OH,    J'f.ri<5. ■-."    \V '.....■ Mpy       Tic  PUHL/C   STENOGRAPHER  .Z-Z^if1     m1!'1,0   ^.^''Oo'ruphers,   Mimo-  a-r.uij.ntuc, -ii-i  Dominion l;hK-.   s.-v.  -,07S  j than the  same   substance dry.      For;jn   Canada,   367  Beaver   Hall   Square,  this reason  the wise car owner does-Montreal,   referring   to   British   Trade j  *-! any chance thrown sharp stones get.:  an opportunity to do maximum dam  not try to speed over wet roads where  Inquiry No. 407S.)  Buying Agency.—A London firm desires to communicate with Canadian  importers of hardware, iron and steel,  motor cars, furnishing materials, and  household requisites, with a view to  acting as. their buying agents In the  United Kingdom. (Address British  Trade    Commissioner in    Canada, 367  a year.  The lease will include the coal min-  XV.   N.   O'Neil  &  Co.,   5iS  !i?.y.   St..   S.4795--I79&  Jischln  Con. ft Sup. Co.,  .Jrnnvl.   Bdg.'.S. 9!'"'  ').. Bh:c   I-'rli.t   A 'Draftin',  53 1    Cm:  11.  V. Winch  A  Co..    Vinch  Bids.. S. "279-1944 i Evans. Colorna  ICENT8AL SHEET   META  WORKS  SHEET, COPPER, BRASS  aad IRONWOP.K \  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620      151 Yz Pender St. W.  VANCOUVER,  B.  C.  (Continued   from   page   3)  ages, with the object cf introducing  it upon a large scale, and invite correspondence    from    actual    Canadian  WHY, OF COURSE!  Many a man's  Business has been  Bitined by advertising  {But Ms competitor  Bid the advertising).  f AROHITSCTS  V  B,.;_-*^."..-!..j.^v,-..£i..;».j„».,'.v;..T..;-■-,>.;. :j~'.-i'yu'4?.',Jr<T-*,r  Mambers of Tb.o ArcMtect'iral Instltnlro  of EritlBU  Columbia.  FIRE ESCAPES  .,     -.  „   Co..  vn-   St..'. ...... .St-i-.   J497-4.',;a  IUSOj i,V<;   CO.Ml'OSlTlON  "' "    ^var.s    l--t.   ,olurn . . S. 2USS  ing rights  only, but the  lessee  may be .; S. M. Merria A Co. Ltd., 2120 Cedar Bay. 1043  at the rate of ?10. per acre.  For full information application  ihould be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  |» '                                                                                                                          '      . '         «3  a '           ■'                         ■             "                                                                                     v  f *?  •5*  X  AUa«  AGENTS TOR  VA2ICOtJVi:»  COPPERSIVSIT&iS  Manne arad General  THE   CZTT   -WEIiBEXlS  Cor.   Alexander   and   Heat ley   Avenijf)  Phone   Highland   2009  \if>x\7.if!   Jas. A., fill)  Hnr?t. W Pey. 3.T61  tlrya.Ti A Gillarn.- DOil Richards S?y. noes  Dalton  &   Evcleish,  615  H-ist.   XV : Key      662  Gardiner,   F.   G.   &   ifercer,   7IS   Oran.;  Seymour   3S72.  Henderson,   A.   F,.,   615   Eiast.   \V Sey.  724  Honeyman  A Curtis,   821  Pender W S*y.  1S21  Fames \V. Keatfev, 2576 2nd VV....Bay. 792R  Matheson. Root. M., 509 Rich...Sey. 503S  Palmer.  Bernard  Cs,  616  Credit  Fonder   BldK.   - Sey.  3680  Parr A .MncKeruic,  736  Cran ..Sey.  7811  Sharp A Thompson,'620'Tender W.'. Sey.  1064  Townley, Fred U. 3U5 Homer Sej    3013  Twi/.ell,   R.  P. S..   S37  Ha.st."W..Sey   7925  ! 'I*  I*  1 v  PANTAGK  Three Sliows Daily  2.30- 7-00 -9.00  PRICES 2!Oc-30c  V  >1>  •:-  f  y>  %  ♦*►  t  %  t  I   C.   M.   Keith.  Say ward   BIdK 1420 I ^  Sam   Maclure.   I'nion   Bank   Bldg 2843  Lieut.-Col.    Ridjfway-Wilson,    Belmont    House.  V3CTOK2A  A.   R.   Tlcnnell,   1036  St.   Louis   St 1171R1  •  Iradusfriai and HousehoSd  BRICK'CONTRACTOR  Clilinnoys,  Pireplacee,  Etc.  Jno. S. Sadler  Res.  208S 45th Ave. W.    Box 25. Kerrisdale  Phone  Kburne  203L2  CABPEKTEE and BUII.DEK  til so  Cabinet   Maker  Upholstering  222G Cambie Street  ©  v  %  <i>  t  t  i  t  I  f  C. Bain,  Manager  7G7 R83S0H ST. SEYMOUR 801  *  V  ('.'I  t  flKB    KXlIKt;t'IisHEK   SVSTB.WS.  Barr ■& "Anderson.  10CQ  "Hcmer St S.  61 SO  FLOORING  J.- Fj-ffc  Smith   &   'Jo..   184B  Bichard*. .8. 11S«  F0nt3IMQS --  Woatmliister  Iron   Worki.   New W«.itmlnst»r     I'bon»^:t  GALVANIZING  McKelvie  L:ir. Co., Ltd B"iEh  1573  GAS    APPLIANCES  Vancourer  Gas  Appliance  Co 5.    801  G LABS— ALL KIN UK.  W:.  N. O'Neil A Co. E43 K*.t. St..   S.  4796-479?  HARDVfAKK  Brown.   J*r«:i«r  A   C».,   MU.,   1150   Uomrr  flt fl.  7155  Flett, J. A.. Ill Ilnetings W Key. 2327-S  MAnwwooB ri.ooas  XV. >r.  O'Neil A Co.. H* S*y.  St. ..P. 479B-479V  J.   Fyfe   Smith   *   Co.   IXM   Rloha rd«. .6. 119*  HARDWOOD HJMBKB  Smith.  J.   Fyfe &  Co..  Wit  Richard*. .8: 1198  HEATING—HOT   All;,   STEAM   AND   TKN-  TILATING  v j Bailey, .». A., 1»3S Granville St S.  136  'i1 | iiarr    *    And.reon.    10«0    Homer   St...S. 61S9  '•* I Norman   Kvdd,   906   Da»i«  St Sey.  91S3  t' I HOISTING   KNGINKS  \ j RitchU Con   A (Vup. Co..  Granvl. BAs .S. 918'/  X INSURANCE.  r., i Ceperley,   ReunsefcJI   t.   C«.,   Win*'*   Bldgr-   Sey.   7820  R.   V.   Wi»ch   *:   Co.   Ltd.,   Winch   Bid*.   .Sey.  279-1*44  INTJBKIOB   riNI.SH  KTans,   Colemo.n  Si   flvan.i,   ft.  (Jol S. XJSg  VV.  N.   O'Neil A Co..  548 Sey.  St. ..S. 4796-4795  Hitchie. Con. di Sup. Co., Uranv. Bdu. .ti. Sioi  IKON   AND   DTBBL—KTKl'OTl.'RAI.  T   Can.  Northwc.it Steel Co., Ltd.  Prince   L'dward  St Fair.   2-396-7  ICvniiM, Coleman A K^an*. Ft. Col...S. -S*J  Comrhlan. .J. * Sons. World! Bid It-...S. 79")  rt:f!■ h•••. r-<in. H *•*"> <~o.. Grsnv. ndpr...S. SIC!  S. -M. Morris Sr Co. Ltd., 2120 s_edar Hay. 104.1  W. X. O'Neil * Co., 54X (Sey. St. . ;S. 4795-47US  ■ Westr.inst.r   Iron   Wurics,   Save WaHrainf.tr     J'hotio 53  IRON   AND   STKBI.--ORNAMKN'TAL.  ■Vi'tistic  Wire &   Iron  Work;;,   112-16  Dufferin     St.     Iv Fair.   2648  Brans.   Coleman  &   Kvans,   ft.  Col S. 2 98S  S. M. Morris &• Co. Ltd.. 2120 Cedar Bay. 101.3  W. N. O'Noll & Co.. 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  s-Ut'-hl* Con. & 8up. Co.. Ciranvl. Bd«. .K. i) 16:  WestraUlster  Iron   Works.   Naw Wa.'tmlnstwr    I'hoii* 53  KALSOMINING  Di.von    4;    Murray S.   S765-  8764  LATn—MKTAL  Evans. Colsmar) & Evans. Ft. Column. .A. 29SS  W.  N.  O'Neil <fc Co..  54! S«y.  St. ..S. 479S-479S  Hitchie   C.   and   S.    Co.,   Gr*«.   St S.   U162  LIME.  ff.lalfotir,   Gut'irl*   Sc   Co S.   9197-6576  15\o.ns. Coleman &. Kvans. Ft. Coiumb. .S. 29SS  njlley Bros.. New West.mlnHl.«r. . Phones 15. 16  \V, NT. O'Nail & Co.. a 4 8 ?-.y. St. ..8. 4795-4798  rtltchlB Con. & Suv. C-. , Grnnvlll.. .S.'91H2  1£. V. Winch Co, Ld., Winch Bdt'..S. 270-1944  DUMBER  Frdoral    Lumber   Co.,    Hu;:ern   Bldir S.  3958-9  MACIIINKKY  Ilrown.   Fra^ftr  ,t  Co.,   Ltd..   1150   Tlamtr   flt S.  71.""»  Darling,   Frank & Co., ilia  Homer  Street     ?l«y.  4100-4101  XV. N. O'Neil &. Co., 548 Soy. St. ..n. 4795-4798  I'.ltcbip Con. * Sup- Co., tJi-anvl, Tld'K. .S. 911!  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St.  "W.  S«y.   1065.  MACHINE    WORK  Gilibs  Tool   >S-   StarnoiiiR-  Works,   .156  Dufferin    V\' Fair.  2176  Wisntnilnaior   Iron  Works.   New WMtmtnntor     I'li.ne D3  MANTKLS—HRICK.  TILB ANB   WOOD  Evann,  Coleman  fe  Hvana,   ft.  Col .1. 29il  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 64» Soy. St.,.8. 4-795-479I  Ultcbia   Con.   &   Sua..   Co.,   GranvDl*. .K. 91«2  MAPS    '"!-"-"i-  Dominion    Blue   Print   &   Drafting   Co.,  531    Cranvile   St Sey.   2497-4670  MARUI.B   AND   ONYX  Bva»B, 0»loman * *r««,  ft.  Col S. 2MS  brnrtli.   Iiarulsor.   &   VVrl, ht.   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Ltd.,  430   Standard   Hank   Hldg Sey.  2913  WATKRI'ROOF COi.rOIIND  Tlie  R arret I  Co.,   Ltd.,   I0t!i<\   Arbutus  Hav.63  Ev»n«,   Ooloman &   Kvans,   ,'t.   Col S. 2988  XV    N    0'N».||  K-  Co,  S4S  Sf/.   9t...H. 47 9 5-4 79*  The   Slandanl   f'.'iii't   Co    r f  Canada,   f.til.,  430   Standard   Rank   Hb pr Sey.  2913  WINDOW   SCREENS  Artntic V^-'ire iv   Iron  Works,   112-1(5  DnlTerin     St.     K l-'air.  26J8  S.  M.  Morris K Co.  Lid., 2120 Cedar Mav.  l64.l  W.  N.  O'Noll  &  Co..  64*    -ey.  ft   . . H. 479S-479.I  WIRE   WORKERS  Artis'ic  Wire iS'   Iron   Works,   112-16  Dufferin     Si.     E. .' l-'air.  2643  WIKIC WOI'B  Balfour,    Guthrlo    *    '.0     B. 9197-657J  Kvans,   Coleman  A.   K^ «n»,  ft.  Col S. 2W!S  Rltchlo. Con. /U Suti-  ' 0.. OrrLnv.  Bd«..S. 9t'«J  ft.  V.   Wlnfh  «•  Co.  Wlnck   T»W      a     279-194«  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  The    Barrett   Co.,    Ltd.,    10th       Ave.  and   Arbutus   St Bay.       61  The  Standard   I'airit  Co.   of Canada,  :.<<!.,  430   Sfnncbrd   Hank   ™'\g Sey.  3913  Sidney   Rubber   Roofing   Co S.  4149  I!  11  £•='4  It  IS  m  w  m.  i  t


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