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The Atlin Claim 1905-03-04

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-a ■ .-.■ ■.
■ t "-■-:■■"-.
' ■'-'      7'7' ;\"wiV'i -''Ulr'VO :/iV.v ^X■■--■■'
AHU,XiSr,::B.';;G.,7:SATU;RDAY, ..■MARCHW^.y igo;*.
'■'.;   ■' ..' •.-■••;'; ..',.  . ,Y -' .,;..■ , ;v:      ,YY.'. \':t''y,   '    y:: ;y
:'7YTidncioii,'- 26'h.7pc-j:>.:-— -7riiC   her
:7t rot lialSi-" 7i i'i i'io ii heed y ;of 71J tJi ncess;
Victoria7oi'   Coiiiian'ght ;;. to; .'Prince
;Qscar, 7eldest:7son Yof 7-tJie7 Crown
..1? i'i iice of Norway.;,,::,, ■:---.X-i ''-XXXi--.
:,7 :Hot-Springs,-Ark.;f72^
'rite-;ljiiriiecl district -covers.a";:nii,le?
7.';'Mpsc'p'sv7 2.611 i Feb.:71'-Che.;, ppiice:
■plot 7 of;; 7caiisideraWe77proppit.ions:
sion; .en 'the^North; /;Sea ^Incident
ycommissioners; ;deekiYe;.7:yiews 7:as
y vniiitary:-Valor7&f ;Rc">jestyeuslcyand,
7t he; .per"so 11 n e 1 o f .-■ tlie- sq u ad ro n .7";: .7:7,
: Knssiaii;-'gbv£rn'nenj;; dirfected7;the'
llie.edncalional claiise'bf tlie Nprtji-:
erals,  aiiiioiliice7;'Uieii".y:iliability;lo
Sfpessel: arrived 7lierc:i:liis7nibriiiiigY
station; :7was;Y7: very,: ^-noticeable.
ivas 7by;-nc)7iiieans.,7;pppular.v7rTlie
.According. ..to;.in forma tion ..which
leaked put, the*Fisheries -Protective
•-.-,*; Vancouver,;' stMarch::—-7A7new.
. from Glasgow;tb this/city.  '7; 7 '7: y>
7pa'role and, escaipjed...'frbnv:' the;,; Den g„.
atSaiiFraiicisco, ,to;^
; ship. ;7 777:7"7;.7... y-7777 ;.;; 7-7
:oiis7'attacks:;occur Yclaily: oiiYYthe
police ;or   small/ypatrpls .7in7the
streets.,7 The poliee7 is   inadequate
;:to;handle   the'  strikers. ; A general
7strike'of shopyassistants;;and: do-;
7mesticsMs expected.,y \ .7.77
7Cherbourgh7-27th -Feb.: — ;Tiie-:
. Russian;:Third. Pacific Squadroir
■■''coaled'off'this'"port today and con-"
tinned westward.   :    7 7;.     --7.
;,;,yYMbiitreal, ..27th J<eb.:-7lt,.is,,re-
7pprted,that ,Tarte7>vi 11'^receive; an
7important7yapp.ointnient   frpin ' the
YDaurier goveriiiuent.y :,;;.y7y,  yy: 7
. .   .San Krancisco, Gal., 2§th Feb. :—
7[u \ the. "Neisoii-Gorbett.. - fight .tonight,   honors  .were  entirely   with
the former until -the. ninth   round..
H.e;;had Corbett. so. badly punished
7 that the;hitter's seconds "threw.up
the spbiigei'-V       ■;,.
'      St.    Petersburg,    Feb.    2Sth':~-
There  is   lighting, on.a large scale
in, progress in Manchuria along tlie
entire front of one hundred   miles.
Under   heavy,   artillery   fire   from
PutiloffHill, the -Russians succeeded   in   driving   tlie  Japanese   from
' a number of  positions.    They also
captured   a   railroad ' bridge  across
the Shaklic River in   the   center of
the  Japanese   lines,   repulsing  ten
.determined .attacks.
'   Victoria,   15.   C,    28th.   Feb.:--
The  local    government   may offer
inducements to   ihe   Grand   Trunk
Pacific  to   commence  construction
011  the: Pacific   coast   at   an   early
dale, and then appeal to   the  country on this popular,'measure.
Ottawa,   ist 'March :--Hon. Clifford vSifton  has resigned, the  port-
■-   1'olio of  Minister of the Interior on
;7Tliey.'G ra7ift: ;D "^ e,'7$ ^ rgi us ;;-\y li b
17j.h;7;'wasSaYmaiiyY.wh^)vr^vaSY inii-;.
y fersa 11 y ;;■ha ted: -'^Jpy,'! 7t heYRussian
peop.le;:-7Y--il-;is ad\:ic'e';to theEmperor
th rough bu't;the present::";-crisi's7- had.
^Ijeen >■ acted. Ylargel}- ;upou. ,7 YThe
•liberals stigmatized'liim'as Russia's
e'yji Ygenius.; yTThe   main, secret ;bf
Sergius"-;power laj'-intiie:raci:.vtiiat-
liis wife;niid;the;Czarina.;aresisters;
she.'having beeu Princess.Flizabeth
of'Hesse.     : y,;.; y,.;.",:.,
:7 yIMic riyal.hockej-teains bf;Atl.in;
aiid ;Discoyeiyy liaye-7'ibr7'several
yveeks; pas t-ihef;- a t7ei 11 ie r;{A11 i 117pf
■Dis'cbve'i;y:^tp.'.;-r-seLtle;''-;.:;'t'lid'7 burning
questipii of;supreinacy;iii;this wiiiLer
game.-;:,,-'. Last,; Saturday,^:,a battle
but^' althougli : theYDiscovery: 'irien
"put :Up;a'gbod yfi^ht,; they7were;de-;
feated by ,3 goals' to 1 .'.b'y-Vtlieir Atli'n
77 A.iliockey 7rnatcli ::betwee 11 y Atliii ■
and, -Discovery comes.off .at: the Dis-
■ cti very rink; thisafternobiii at-; 2.30;
■Freshy Arrivals.
'.Mill ill g7;; N e WS7.
::'Yy i7: Hydraulic Lesse3. 7; 7 7:7
7.Tlielollowingy leases^haye ;hceii;7:7
applied .", fbr,7oiv Yyolcauic; Creek^jY;
: h a V ing- a 11_ ;beei r s ta 1' ed o 1 i Febr u a ry :;;
by'J. YHY-Fetherponha
:'7yb!cahic7Greek^ '.7 le'trse^rljiy-J^H^YY;:
'L'eth'e'rstbiihau'glr.'-:-■■;: .; 7;7y'
.Practical Arithmetic.
7 A.^sclioolyteaciier received; the
following epistle" from a- complaining parent: * -7 :: -.■..-•
'■"Sir: Will you please: for vibe
■future-give' ray boy .'.sum easier
he brought home"two or three" iiites
;ago. -vlf foregallins of here will fill
thii"ly-tovpint 7bottles7; hpw :many
pint aiKl.half bottles;''\yilf 9-galliiis
lilt?.;.' Well, -we tried, and... -could
make nothii:g!of it at:all ; .aiid.my
boy cried and sed he wouldn't go
back with out doing it. So I had
to go and buy a 9 galliu keg of here,
which I could ill .xfford to do, and
then we. weiit and borrowed a lot of
wine and brandy bottles/besides a
few we had by us. Well, we
emptied the keg into the 'bottles
and there were 19 and my boy put
that down for an answer. I don't
know whether it is rite or not as we
spilt some in doing it.
" P. vS.----Please let the next one
be in water, as I am not able to buy
a'11 v more here." '— Selected.
7:7Mr.77j-: D.;7Dtimsdeii,yreturned
;£rom:;;the,Gpast7 last7Suhday;after-
nppii,-haying iiiade:the: trip7iii fdur
"and a-half7days .fromTVancbu'ver—-
almost a record trip ; in :;the 7\vint'ev
season. '■.;'..';He;canie'!.iip.'.;piV;'.-,th.e;.,S.'.'.vS.'':
.Aihur,:v\diicli left ;Vaiicouv'er:pu; tlie
morning bfItlie:22iid7ultb.:at7 1.45
;and;reached;Skagwa;y!aty7.30 a';;in7
on Saturda}^!^.-5th.;:;He speaks
;ii'iYUie Jiig-hestypraise,^
pf;7the ;Amtir, eycry^Yone; of them
:tiy"in.g,-rtp',::.niakei--;it:.-.-as''';:plea!saiit.. as
possible- fi^ : the7-passeiigers;:.; J\;lr.:
iiiinisden consulted,an eye ^special-.-
ist and.had'his ;eyes   .thoroughly
tested, aiid we are glad to hear that
liis "sight .will  soon ;be  completely
recovered again,  although   for ihe
time being he has to: vvear glasses.
Miss Burgess, who was appointed nurse at the -Hospital,' and
formerly of the Gity7 Hospital at
Vancouver, 'arrived on Dixon. &
Schultz stage from Carcross, Suii-
day; aloiig with Mr.- J. D. Lumsden."
;": Mr. J. H..Richardson has arrived
back in Atlin from the Coast, where
he made a business trip. He has
selected an .up-to-date stock of dry
goods which his many patrons here
and on the; creeks ..will ''duly'..-appreciate. -'. . 7; 7,
Mr. Tallmire arrived back in
Atliii from', the outside on Thursday
7 yAftiiur; C.;Denuiston,7 of^Phila- 7
cleipliia.,7.has;- 'made; arrangements 7
this -;weelc;;to7 .buy7'the7y following;;
thirteeiileases, situated7;o'*i'.-;"Spru'ce-'':
.y7'' Solbmbn.YV; le'isei ;bwiied 'yhyV;
LeatlieVdale7;7:I>ainbe,rt7'aiid:i Jack-YJy
Dewey'7 7' The; Peinbstheues7'::by,Y;
J7f;T.::;PrescoLt:7y7v'lMie ;Psp'crates,'7:7
&>' Jaines   Carlson7ylA';7 leased"l7y7
,C7jackspn.;.;7' C-'",'' lease; by;;Thos77■
-mond';;' X^X :lease77by:7: j7yI;eatlier-:7
:da lb7 ]<y.$ii<iyi XjXy X- J.;7:Kriiglit:';;7
lease, by M. E.; Robinsbn-.-i;-.7  7777 77
:   The"sherifPs sale of7° Tlie7Suii-7.7
flo-ver" and ":The McNeil "placer7 7
claims.7on :Sprnce 7Greek,-  at ;the;;i
Court     House  ^011   :-.-We'dnesdaj'' 7:
broiiglit quite a number . of .miners 7.
to town ; but owing to some  legal
hitch the sale was postponed  until.
-March 22nd.. , y     yy      .77
Institute of Mining Engineers.
"California, two years ago, made
a law regulating the uiiners's inch.
Previous to that time the miner's
inch was a-very irregular quantity.
It is now made uniform and is the
amount of water which will flow
Lhrough an opening an inch square
under a head of four inches; this
s equivalent to one and a half feet
a minute.'
The power going to waste at the
Victoria Falls on the Zambesi
River, South Africa, is calculated
at 25,000,000 horse power,' or five
times that of Niagara.
The difference between the common steam engine and the steam
turbine is that in the former the
steam acts almost Wholly by pressure, while in the latter it acts by
its motion.
"No taskmaster, but one's own
enthusiasm" is a motto to win results.
The man who strictly attends.to
his own business will never be accused of slandering his neighbors.
7 An excursion, composed of members of, the American . Mining  Ku-7
gineers,will visit'British Columbia -
duri'iig the coming summer. 7-Meet- ;
ings will be heldviu Victoria;.where,,
the party \vill reihaiii several/days;""
This visit will  be  of'the; greatest
importance   to .the   Province, as it
will bring   together  tlie   most  im-.
portaut representatives of the mining interest.    The.   party will." start
from Chicago or -St. Paul on June
24th, by two special trains.    From
Victoria     a     specially     chartered'7'
steamer   will convey   the  party to
Skagway,    stopping   at    places   of
interest along the coast, and go on
to Dawson.
Fresh lot of eggs at N. C. Wheel-
Allin miners are stated tohaye a
grievance, namely, that in their
district there is much unworki.d
ground held by leaseholders who
are not complying with development and rental conditions of their
lease's. A strict-enforcement of the
law in such cases1 is urged, so that
no " dog-in-tlie-maiiger" policy
may be followed by leaseholdi-:-.
I-.ithcr insist that conditions le
observed or throw the ground open
to others who will work it, is what:
l-'-<-l and what should be
'ranted.— -B.   C
is us keel,
Mining m  \\x  fl.  fill..:  it  -JJHK ATI.INCLAIM is pu.d'ijomcd svsnv oATunoAV  7-   ioBNinc;.   ...ilcd   r.hc'r.-'..Tp';-'AKy:-:;PAnT_'or.THC.  :���b��o foh g,o  ceNT-3,nnn: month:- two-'"���  '���'-     ' "v^An.       ADUCriTISI.NOHA.tC5 i  ��. ,CO PC R I N C H. C A C H  /'.-'.' IN'oenTliHs'HCAOINC  NOTICES.  ��   C.CNTS.A   LINE,  ,'   sfR.r.ei��i''r'at'cs   on   hpli.cati.on..-'  ^        .''     ,   Y  77.ion I'WN'nNo :7-7^  - .     .''���rtv'TrHr;    Y'Y-   VISITING    CAH05  ,nlLL-HCADC(. ,,    ���     POE-TCH.'.   .     q ,       .  ���i.cTTcn^c-Vns..   ;;;niosnwr��!s.    CTC";,:T7;Y .  ���.'.-'"' -.'onncT-i.-pnoMPrLV  ".ccloto.. -v',- ',    ,  : YY    ��� -Y'       nniccs: mooerAtc.. ��� yy;     y ���     - y -,  7..rTjii'7ATl.lK;Oi.AiM   PunMHiH^TJo.  ; A. 0. H lifSCJi I'Bij.i,--' l'-'uoi'-iii.ETO i:. ,;.,       : ;.,-,-  '.-..'���",',;.'      y,-..,^'' :y     Y,I AM l3K:Sl M PiiON, ll.YIC-ACilSIt  .Tlie yGemetefyT,  .ill .;XvbYWon-id" ch:aw7a.tteuHbii;tb the  75tate7 of7;the;:.b��rml:yground;;:   and  T-uggStXh^^  yformed1- lo7talcfe;bver 'its yuiaiiage-  . m^ntaud'iinprove -its' ;appearanee.  ; Ahiiouglrbefiltingly-garbed at,th ii*  III season |ln| the/purity of show,li7.is^  for-the ^greater; 'part';of  the 7 year  'without, such   bpverting���-bxpbsing  .its,weedsYand 7defects,���in. fact, an  . eyesore.lo-lthe public. ;;;;;,       :7   .  7'7;q"he la\ys;bf Buitishl Columbia,: in  ' Tncfereuce. to such grounds,: seeni ;to.  7 be bully'aind-; specially-directed as -a  ��� p-uads- to. :the .-inauiver7 an; which  (cein&tery.cbhapiaiiieSfSbbul'.pbe con--  dubted. 7 Th�� appropriated ;land ia  '.'question lis in   the:   hands bf,three  '.; trustees-*;-but-unless a.company-be  -formed,  it: | is.7dilricult7llo  see how  ^fulicls'afe: tb^be^'obtaiiied^tb"'cLe'ar;  ��� and: fence; it7 to- 'make;: foot Y-paths  and lay turf  over Ihe. graves, and  In other way s; embellish, and" beautify God's-acre.  77 Now, it is-; with,  the" residents of  theDistrict to- decide 'whetlier the  cemetery is-to-be   kept   in   a  clean  and  proper condition, or '-.lt-Ct-i.ii a  state of neglect.. .  7 We feel sure,, that,, wdth "most, of  7ns, it   is   a   natural   desire   that   ii  "'"'.' should lie made a. neat and pleasant  place, to   look   upon,: iii -'respectful-  I memory of those-wiio'.have joined  'the great  majority ;. and   we   hope-  7, thatl. any endeavours made towards  7..-'this end will" b|e rewrarded with due  -.success.; ;;;          -.,;.  -..���-.-���': Correspondence   on   this  subject  through Tlie Claim is desired.  transportation -companies-,pay. ���their  iprofits lo'sioii-residents'-Y: It is "estif;  mated that; the distance by theold,  Hudson- Bay,traii;tp'Juneau is7i68  mile--, but less .'than .ioc-to the head  of; navigation on-Takii;River, y An  ieasy gracilis srdd to' be; obtiunable  |and;niat��nals7ior;road-making- are  'at hand7; The .pfoposaPliSY lopked  .upou:locallyvas;feasib!e, and;an eii-  j dea v or - is 7 be in g; m a de; to y, pr p y .id e  'funds', for seuding^civilYengineer;  over,'tiie7'pro]iosed   route.-. 11; jthe  :buitduig7:bf7  ipractlcalMe at-a i"easoiiable:cbst7;the  ;'ca'rryiii.g"'b.iit;':;bf7-tiie"7--w  SuppGrte^i'-Tiy^  abvaiiclng-the:interests::yof:.;a7camp;  that}slnce;llie discovery bf^golcljin  i.t -in77SQiS7iia&;Icontributed, a-bovit  |37obo,.6ob to; the mineralyproduc-  Itilbn of thc;Prpviuce:7 ;;; y.:- 7 ,;|  :|;  JL  Atlin, Nuggetiand; Grape   Ring, ...  ''^-'ATUN'^'-^i^COVERY  ^iislFroni  l��anicouver. Island,   y7  I TChe, acquiring!!; of the;: lv: &7N7  liailwayllby;!^  to be:attehdedwrilh ^ gratify ing re-.  suits with respect Itbthe ^miuing'in*  dlustry bf IVancouver: Island. ;Ttis  repprted7that.the|y company TMasln  view thel.erectibhl7bf;"a 'smelter on  the |wes:t|:cbast7pf7>tlie Island, which!  would give 'a 'decided impetus and  ^au7era7 of.markecllactivity7to7the  laaiiy niinei>!m^  I way constructib-iyYto - th'e7 northern  'aiidlthrbhghithel^entralvpprtipji^  VaiicpuverTsland7:it7is7 supposed,  Ls cbhuectedc7witli7tlieYplaiisbf;the  cXy/^:-cXX^-'*XX^X^~XXX  7^Y77:;,7l.7..!;7'.:77|77l;--7'T!4Ei.;.UATES^  :XyTHE^AT^STX^^^  , .yyyyyyy ;7;y.7y;y,y;7.;4^  '0^:&oc!S;ire7tg7Bei  7The7Rise;:and Hait.777   ilTphe;::;  .7lTlie:laweka.hd7highest!tempera-7;|(  lures I recorded<-lbr the week are as,:  follows ::.:;.; ;,r-���:;������-;,.,;-:,;.,;:.       y:.;.,;.:-::.  t y,:y -40-above  '"777;;377"|777.'.7.  77.:..,y.'2.1":.y;7-;,..-  .:y:'7'7;;40 7y:'7 :;-.;���!  7 ;.'7'y34;;77'7  |7'7,;;.;;'-5y',-y7:-.7-  Goldfields^: Nevada. I  Fel>. ;25;:::  ;.yyi 6: al.  :-;;:;:':';'2'67'':  .-26   :"  -.:y.,y,;27,;y  ���7726.'.;;-  ���;������:, 7-:28".>  ���"'-2;S ���-���:���,.  7--;;,-.-..:;-:-i -7;  ;,. 20.7 y  ���;;��� 2-.;'���"  '7;:.2.3-7;;  177:;-I';-; ���5,.;.  Y.-Yyl ���;,-;;���  ;';;YBe<7L'Yto7; announce,:  77:7tliat7they-Yhave:7re-7;  7777opened; ai id 'a re li bw 7  iv^777reiiMl^sililfc  D.lvwlll7;7--'--.';'^h^y'7t-ake.-'Ui'is op-7  l^dl3PMij77their;fbrmei7patrons  aiid-resp^tfuily;sbh^it7theirlurther,:  plaltfoivage.';;::,;:^^s,::M"XE^eiX 7  Y-77;..:- '.':;..,:. '"; proprietress../",.  It WiU?ay7 7You  The Atlin-Tai^u Road Commented Upon.  y'i-oni.tlii:-Hriti.--li Coinmli'ui- .Miiiinjf linuoiVil;]  The-cons!ruction of a wagon road  from Atlin to salt water, at. the head  of Taku l.iilct is being advocated at  Atlin. Il is claimed that with s-ucli  a means of commuiiicatipii freight  could be hauled in,-, from the coast  at all times of the. year and that,,  too, at a lower coi-rt than \u now  paid. Yl-urthcr, that ii the mt-r-  chants could, obtain supplies as required and not ha-vc, as now, lo get  lu large stocks in the fall for the  necessities of the winter and early  spiing months,, prices would no; be  so high ;us- under twisting conditions. Wi-th cheaper provisions..  etc., individual miners could afford  t-o. work ground that at present c;m-  .aot be worked ;>.t a profit. Again,,  the payment of money to freighters  vyou-Vd lead to a larger share of it  ihein-g circulated locally than is the  'ciisf.- mv-.v   th.al   railway and   other  .   P,oUl(ir-:kls7;;.-i,I/7:inik.s .fromlToii-  pab,. Nevada, is the uaining excite-  raeutof the present.tkue7   Since its  discovery last spring/over $2,poo,-  oooworth of ore has  been  shipped  from- fiie district., most of the -shipments being made/during .the last  five -months':    The   ores   are  very  high-grade -one-shipment of 14^  tons  from   the-   Saudstrom   Claim  yielded $45���7S3, \vhile;the tailings  frbui the stampmill   still  contained,  $ i ,!oop/to' the';ton. 7 From/ ;��� the _ Mc-  Kaue-Bowen'Xease, in.;the;last:five  mo ii th s $600, ooo.| was'-. talce n, from a  space of 100 ft..horizontally a..ndt2po,  ft. vertically on the sheet, one small  shipment,  of- 91-7 .^pounds  of   ore  yielding $4,766.    The .values, 'are  all-in   gold   and   the   production of  the  cam-p   to   date   has  been from  $200 to-$300 ore. ���;'���    ,7  Mr. Geo. G. Moore^ who spent;  the summers of 190.3-.'and. 1904 in  ihe Atliii Camp, says: "It is going  to be one of tlie greatest mining  camps ever known. The values  begin on the surface. No one is  over 3,00 ft. deep and millions have  come out. Assays as high as  $35,000 per ton have been made'''  M:.\ Moore has met Dick Maunsell  who- has many friends in Atlin.  M-aunsell says he has many good  claims. Ross Thompson,tha founder of Rossland, and Lindeburg, the  dLscoverer of Nome, are also there.  ,. "7rTo7seiid7^Ti\o:CUuin;7,to   youi-,  Y,:;.,.y^YY,,��l.ielKls,Y,h.stciuI . oIy: loosing yt,i>ll.t!.  -  writin- lottdi-s.   it-e'liilciiyoui-s'to  'fniblisire'very woelcull the iii-.iiici-  ���-."������ . , iml ne\vs :of this District. .Pi-iue,  '   ^:-^:''.-'^     ti��:'-any .piu-t-.or "t-li,o   .v^M.l.i ��� Six  '���������'-'���'"';7-'��������� month's. ?2;nb :.oMuyeui-,;Sri.Ull.-:   ,:  mm  .AJrxiA^','^yi:yC-::  -ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS���  ; The .fallowing ISailings  are  an-  uouuced.fbr theyinonth of   March,  leaving Skagway at &p. in.: ,  7  Princess   M'ay7-:':.-March76tlij   16th  7 "26th and April 5l.l1.;'. ;  For further inlorniatiou, apply or  write:to. '��� .7H.%'DuNN,|Ageut,71 -  77   IIy'I;; ,| 7|7 l;Ska.gway.l Alaska.  <>-+-*<$>  TwmegSXS&FW&y,  Plhhs nmi Specificolio.islor StenmShovels and  '���,:'   llytiriiuilc Plants on npplicatlon.  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THEB EST; OF   GOO DS  ' :Sam.''\SeiS-issstGne, -..Proa.'-  E. M7 N. WOODS,  BARRISTER-AT-LAW.  I  DISCOVERY, B.C. "  Tasty- meals,;  fiiie Iliciuors,   good  7:'cigaiW;,ai!dlsoft;.beds,:make it a , y;-  -7 'pleasant home fciyall '-/ ' 7:  7. '.7 travellers.:.;     7  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  ���Miis-tulteii an (Htiee ��t lloom 1, ItmIiI <;.  House, ���-.Discovery. -Offii:�� Hours- i-  Tuesdiiys, Tliiii-sila.vs nml isiittinliiys,    ^,  fi-oni I) t<> S !'��� "'���' ���-'��� '��� "  ���-��-*-^-,<i-��-4-$>  WANTED..-  )li;;i AM* WO.MI'N- in t,liis (���(.-���iinl-.y iiiMiiol-  ji.iniiisr i.i-ri;iloi-u-.s.t.o present -nml lulvvrtiw  an 0I1I chUilil^liod lioiisn ut solul Hiiii'ml-uiL  sIiiiiiMii^'. Siilnry to men .���?:'! -*:i!<.-l(ly..to m:o~  iiii-is. *V1 t�� SIS w-L-nUly with i!.\ih-iiw!s ivd-  viini-i-il '.'iii.-h Moiiilny by clii-i-U iliri-i-rt'i-oin  lii.|i<l<|inii-ti-i-s. Ilfirsc und IniS-'fry Hi i-ni .hi-il  v.-iii-n iiim-i-��.-iry. I'lishion pormiini-ni. Ail-  ili-cs<. Hlew liros. .t Co. l'L-i.-t..*!, .Mriniui lllil^'...  r;iii.i-ii;ro..IH.  If you want to have the portrait  taken of yourself or children,���we  shall try and please you.  Portrait Gallery���Old .U.'.N'.A.  Building'. Corner First and. Pearl  Atlin. Open on Tuesdays and  Saturdays,'from 10 a. m. to 3 p.m.,  or by special appointment.  We will take out-door oiy underground  pictures,   :-,!4 x 4*4, .plain  mounted, at" the following rates :  .555.00   per   Doz.  .   3.00     "     Half-Doz.  5 x 7, mounted :  $S.OO   per   Doz.  5.00     ".     Half-Doz.  Picture Post Cards :  $3.00  Per Doz. or under.  AJUR  STUDIO,  Discovery.  OPKN DAY  AND NIGHT.  h'IRST-CLASS RKSTAURANT  .'" ���' IN   -  'l     CONNIiCTlON.  lluiiiliiiiiu-tui's   for Uixon's stayo.  Northern- Power k lumber  Until further notice the following  will he the prices of Lumber :  .Rough, up to 8 inches, $40.  7  do        do      10      ,, 45.  do        do      12    ' ,, 50.  Matched,'$50.00  S. 1). $5.00 cS: 1). D. $10. extra.  i2}{; per cent discount will-he allowed for cash at time of ordering.  vi2  ���;U  fl ATLIN,    B.  C,   SATURDAY,    MARCH   .(,    1905  "ATUIN      TRADING      COMPANY,      L��td.     Importers   and   General_Mcrchants.  w  Staple   and   Fancy    Dry   Goods,  Ladies' and Gent's Felt Slippers,  Ready-Made   Clothing,  Ladies'   Underwear,  IVIen's   Underwear,  Boots,   Shoes, Etc.  e carry a full lino of the celebrated Gold Seal Rubbers and Overshoes- Remember every article we sell we,guarantee to be first class.  filloliS   Dl'I.IVIilll'.'l)   I'KO.MI'TI.Y  ON TUT.  I'lll'liKS. , >. A. S. CKOS.S. l'HE.  our,stock of Slapb and Fancy' Groceries  is larger than ever and all at close cash prices.  H>  Boulder   Creek.  [H.v our (Jm-ru.spimili.-iUK.]  Although you have not heard  from the creek for a good longtime,  don't think we're dead. " No news  is always good news."  The  miners arc  having  a' very  pleasant season, owing lo the very  .*-.���.-mild.--winter.    All  are  enabled   lo  sluice the dirt as "il'~is -taken   out,  and Ihe clean-ups, are quite  favor-  -  able.  Our noted Dr. W. G.'has left for  town on a business trip.  Wc are getting on satisfactorily :  - Plenty of water to sluice with, even  for Black & Co., who  again   made  one  of their   large  clean-ups   last  week.  Most of the outfits on the creek  are well satisfied with what they  are doing. The Beaton Boys seem  to be especially favored:  Dr. Troughton visited friends on  the creek, during 'the early part of  the week.  Newton and partners are doing-  well. You should just see "Old  Charlie" with the wheelbarrow; it  would do you good.  A pleasant evening -was spent at  the home of Dan' McKcnzie aud  John McDonald, recently- purchased  from Mick Smith. Among those  present were Mr.-Roxborough, who  took'the part of the medicine limn.  Dr. \V. G. delivered a, very excellent speech. Mr. H. Palmer -Cvas  taken suddenly ill, but was attended lo by our worthy Doctor; it was  learned that nothing serious was  wrong,���that he had taken too  much of the wrong medicine. One  of the features of the evening was  the life-like representation of a  nigger minstrel, as portrayed by  Henry Palmer ; it fairly ".lock the  cake" aud amused the "boys" immensely. A jolly time was kept  up until a late hour, after which  some of those present had a very  delightful ride on a hand-sled to  their home.  The " boys'" drifting iu the company's pit are doing very favorably,  which serves them right.  Sam Barton and his associates  are  taking'out good money.  Hornell, Spicer & Co. are progressing favorably aud are enjoying the pleasures of sluicing in a  petrified dump-box which saves  <��� them the expense of building a  dump-house.  A card party was given at Sam  Barton's, Tuesday evening, which  was attended by a sleigh load from  Discovery, and a good lime is reported.  We are sorry to note that Mr.  - Frank McPhee will be absent from  our circle, as he is a great favorite  among the "boys." But we are  pleased to hear he has secured a  more suitable position���driving delivery rig for Mr. Doelker.  We think you will  hear  some  thing of interest soon, that will  rival Spruce Creek: one of our  youthful bachelors is likely to  become a benedict; but don't give  it away. '   ���  Mr. John Gorman paid us a flying vi:iit the early part of the week.  Mr. Alex, l-'ullou left for town  011 a business trip. ���  Jack Ronayue went lo town lately;  he has been suffering from the epidemic lately prevalent.  The Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  The   Spoken  Word.  Ki-niuiiilxir, t lu-ci; I hint's conic not Imclt:  Tin- arrow scut upon its t riu-U-���  It will nut swurvc!, it'will not. stuy  Its M><;t;(l ; it llius tn wound m-sluy.  Tlio siiokun word, so soon l'oi-^ot  Hy time, but it busperished not :  111 other liuni-tK 'tis living; still.  Aud doiiiK work for kooiI or ill.  And tlio lost opportunity  rJ btit. oonictb buck no nioro to' thee���  In vain thou wi-cpest. in vain ilo-��t yearn,-  Those three will never more return.  Not.more than one-tenth of an  oiince of radium is knowm to be in  existence.  Apples in aiiy quantities can be  had at Stables & Euinsde.n's.  Last Chance Mineral Claim.  Situate in the Aims Mining Division iif  OaSSjIAK     DlS'L'ltlCT,    UONrilSTINd    OK    TIIR  Last Chanck .Minuhai. Claim.   \Vhi;iih  r.OCATl'.l) ��� HlCTWl-KN Ii 11tCIt AND   liOUl.DliU  Uui:ei;s, Noktii of Pini: Cm', i'.k.'  rpAKK NOT [OK Hint ..I, M. It. .laniieson,  a^'oiit for \V. II. lirown, l-'ree Miner's  Curt incut c im.S<il��. iiiul J. M. Dnwiiiiur. Free  Miner's (Jertilic-ate llll'.SUI. and .loliu Woods,  Tree Miner's Certilicate, H��.|.S'.I2, intend, 60  days from date hereof to apply to the Mining  ItcKoriler for a Certificate of Improvement  for the purpose of olitiiiniiiK it Crown Grunt  of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section K7, must, be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this'-lth day of March, lWir>.  M. It. J A..MLKSON, I-'. XI. C. n3-l,Sf>4.  Queen Charlotte Mineral Claim.  SlTfATIi IN THE ATMS I.AKE MINING DIVISION or Cassiak DlSTHlCT. WHB1IR I.O-  cateii:���On Union Moi;nt.\in. IIi-.aii uf  l.l'J'TLK Sl'BL-Ci; CliKI'li.  ri-iAKU NOTICI' that f, Ilcnvy Nicholson.  " ' l-'ree Miner's Certificate No.' 'rill 1,7111, intend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to apply to the Mtuiny: Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, n midsection 37, must  be commenced  before the  issuance of si i c:li Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated UiU Hth day of L-ebruary. A. D. 111(15.  lll'NKY NICHOLSON.  ��p^.fcff^.ftffi^>.ftW��^��*��^^3^WfcW>;  Satisfaction guaranteed,  .by the  ATLIN CLAIM ���  PUBLISHING CO.  7"      BATHS  %.���   BARBER SHOP  P. SniKi/ns &' Eddy I)u.uham.  Now occupy their ixiw  <iuarters next  to the Dank of H. N. A., l-'irst Street.  Thc bath rooms are enually as j*i��oil us found  iu cities.    Private  Entrance for ladies.  FRESH   DRESSED JVjEATS,   also^  POULTRY  OF ALL  KINDS,   Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER,   Manager.  ��iter.o��a����iiwam  The - KOOTENAY ��� HOTEL'  OPEN    BMW    AND    MI&HT.  THE  DINING-ROOM IS CONDUCTED  ON   STRICTLY FIRST-  CLASS   PRINCIPLES.  <  ��  'ii  M  * i  /, ���  ? ��� -  f .  !fi I  H !  G OLD    house;,  DISCOVERY,-B.   C.  STRICTLY   JiiU'JRST   CLASS.  ! 5  0  t)  0  e  in  J-  H  f*  0  JOE   ROSE,   Proprietor.  S'L'A-  IS    i=   X-IYIiUV    li*    CONNECTION'.  s  DIXON   BROTHERS,    Proprietors  Pool   &   Billiads,    Free.  Freighting and Teaming        &        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  u  V.  TROTWiAIM,   Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.   ^^ >   FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CIIOUXSI WINtS. LIQUORS AND CIGAKS CASE GOODS A SI'LCIALIY.  The  Canadian   Sank of   Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $10,000,000.  RtcsKKVK,   S3,500,000.  Branches of the Bank at "eattie,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway, etc.  Exchange sold os3 al! Points.  Gold Dust Pui'ciiasu-d���Assay Qi'i*icu. in Connection.  D. ROSS, Manager.  VANCOUVER ENGINEERING WORKS, LTD.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  SPECIALISTS   IN  19       "��  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS, WATER    GATES,  RIPFLE    HAPS, STEEL RIYETTED    PIPE,  ���HOISTS,       MINING    CAGES     and     ORE    CARS.  MADE   TO   SPECIAL   DESIGN.  Write   for   prices  and  cuts, X.  '/atiw' ��� b.;.c.,;; ���sXt-jjkda;y7 7.march 7iiUigas;  '<���'"���' '������  Wx  t  ;5:ys  ;b?y  ;XYY  ���-��� r :.:������-  .Vfe'*!.-  ^' ?f  /^Y^'  "V'*��>"  V*"V UJ  Mi  This Is a good chaiice.lo do:a: litr^  '���<��� low ;cost and -an .opporlunity:thafc.you should not  Y,..miss.7-yY;7';7 7 7.77y..7 77.���-.'(������ '.���; .'���':��� 7''"7. ;,;���?.,{.-;.; 7.77 7..; 7777.--  * or*"'*n ���  .     hi ���*.'  7ll/*  IP J  V 7 7;i>i:|y|7p:S#::7:fc-77:(  ~i;,i  ^  rierfc  ore-  is,  ���cS'l^-r*!*!  !-5 ef rests 1 f 1 g.  "^v  7: 'i-ocai .ilvents^; ��� 77 77-.  7:7. A n..extra dog-teti.ni; on mail route:  .!bry7Passeiigei"H,���'"'.-.frei^hl,.. e :q'*.re'ss v  Any^ordcri-'lefl aLYKirlrlancl prpl?l,;  ;\vitiv7!^in.YY7VYaUeiY. >Tiil,;7:\vill7.be  promptly yaCleuded!-to". 7 ,.   :  77 Mr.-DY-TOdd^LeCs; wlKrhas'I-een  edilor .and- i;ron;"ietoi'*:or the lirilish  Columbia . :Liim hernial), published  iii \ranc(Mivei",7has:-::oldliis, business  ��� to7M r. McLeau7qf7Winni'pcgr:'yM-i*'.'  Todd -Lees,1s well known ih: A tlin,  7h ;i\'ingv bee lifcii' some-Linieuianagei:  of the Atlin Claim. 7 ;7    y:'^    .  7  7 .Dr7.'Seharsciiinult of; Wliitehorse,  su penult  'tio.j'-i'y' Co7,7*"ind .;;'JVl<77Spi'oal,77HiH  si'i perili tenden trengiuee 1-7 'ai;e: expected ..here, iii-;v few.days.,:y 7,u 7 7  :7; Musical^ Tustruiiicnts,7Y:Struigsr  'etc., (br7sale :at C. .-'R.7 Bourne's.���-.- -  ;"';' Giv'PiK17\io! 1 day's 111 ail7M17;;J.71).  I..uiiisdei,i..ieceived:the sad7-iie\vs of  the death ofiiis mot her, which took'  place atdier home in 'Scotland. TMn  Lumsden; lias been receiving many  expressi6ns:of sympathy; from liis  nunierous.Iriends   in   his., sad7 be-  I reavement.Y ;.,, .7 7 ���:��� -."..-; ,7;        '���:���������'���  McDonald'"s   Grocery 7.makes  ai 7;Mr7;sam Jo-hnston'e:of itlie-'^fi'iir"  cou\'er7li'.ptel''-ret-uriieci;'.on:'Wedues-.  :y^y:y'77^   ;-^:7 7: 7Afleran even!  7-77: :7 -7y777:7 77 77^  7' 7.77.777 ;:-VsiiV' Jfioiitei"-i.;s'i j"i^iiUii'^il.iih"!i77��:;;Ci.ip.-'of _ Jjiii&-;3<ib.lvon^  :'::'-:::XXXyy^  :..'7.....:'.7''::7.'7y:   7y7:..i5i:ai.ul7C0Kr!'K.. ���'777/7777777 ':''���'' "X:..-7..7  y .                      '      ''".',',''' Y     :'y:                                                    ������:'������'     .'....'               "���'.''                -J- '.';.'             ' '���  ���   '���'  ,-' '-  We . hai/a   a   full   lincof   the 'above .mentioned   goods,,. 7      :/ 7   77  And7 our): prices   are   right.77                            ,,    ">._                   7777.77.  WimM  l.��-rfl  ax m^vms  siyecialty;ol7fresh: eg-^s. and butter  77Y.,.Messrev��...'A... Kerr aiui:Chas. R.  , Boiiriie- have been, appointed'-.to be  IviGSude Coiuujissiouers for the Atlin  7Libyice7 District,  in   the  .place  of seVen-rears..  ���i  day fremdiis yacatlbn at pheHospi-  tal. ''.iTiii's-'lias'.' been, the first "holiday  Sam ;has7'taken 7In  "the7past  Messrs. 7 A.: S;7 Cross    and ; ;J.   A.  .7lvi*aBer;7':-\vh'o',''.li'n've -resiguecl." .'--AI-'i-v  Jules I^gert; \v,ho has been a hiein-  ber .of J:lie.7Colnnii5SU)U7Still holds  ��� tlie7posi\ion.,77c.;..7..;,..    ��� ' ��� ���-  ,;The latest magazines-.and-,,papers  are always oiPliahd at Pilliuan's:-;  A closed 'season for beaver  ;t'.hroughout British  Columbia for a  period of. hve years,, commencing  '.'February    ist,     1905, ,   has .'������'been  ordered    by   His   Excellency,  the  Lieii ten ant-Govern or.  . ��� Well assorted stock of Plain and  Fancy Toilet Soapsa t C. R. Bourne's.  7 yAtli'ntOY Lodge, A.. F7 & A. M.,  held its regular monthly comnmni-  ��� cation at the Lodge Room on  Thursdav evening last.   ���  y '\V.a;-lter7A-il-i:eiiI.;\yjib.se.- ���Tieal'tli7\ra=  iii7: a-' yprecarious 7;conditio'u7^\yiien:  leaving-Ytliis ' Camp? Jast AX}:> .'s; ie7  turuiiig": in ^ay-fe\v days,ySfcrongyand,  healthy, which can be judged''from  the iactof his   weight  being ;now  1^57pOUllds.'7   :|?y y-"-"'-    -7   '- y,.7     -;- y- ���-'  Mr. ��� cruel    Mr.-)'.   Fcthc-rt:tonhn.-i.io-h  are expected to'arrire iu Atlin,:_first!  Wednesday. : 7 .  Fred' ��� Oreidauc'er is- improving  slowly and surely. A trape/.e, has  been li>ceu up iu the: Hospital --for  his.benefit',:on \vhich:he takes regular exercise.   .  Owing t.o the warm - and rainy  weather of the past week, curling  had to be -postponed.. ...  The Atlin. Studio   lias "obtained  .:Uiital'tiirthci7-iiot&^ Lijrlils ;   alt'uoooutils ct.llocl01!):  .   1110 lit lily : :.':"' ':      '-'' Y 'Y .',' 'v YY.'.":.  .7777 7:7,77 X}yXAAElEQJBEQAumm. R&TESs'X- .A' 1 AXXX.  Installation,..;. ������7..7...7::.:..v....:.:>^  ������-      ,.-���'.'���..:. ;���    Riilisoribcus (-an lie sniipliinl at, .lleler rules : -���--_,-._'"' -...     ������' :-������  ,,Y  . Rent of eacii Meter, 7.:............;..:.:..'.:::.,..,..:. .... ..V. .,.., $1.00;per month  .    -.y-7: :      Y .'7. , or at "iln-t "Youths, us. linilor :. Y .Y..,.,-:;.- ..- ,  S   Candie   Power :!ncandescent, y ������-....v.���:���:.$ 1.T5.- per Yrnonth   per -l-ightj  32--A :>'���-:���-.-.Y:'^.:. '.,:Y.:Y.;t':Y':YY7. .���::y:v:Y.,7.:....Y..Y:5.5.a.:..yy---::,'   ���.YYY'Y^.YYYYYYYYY   7 ".������:aM;oiu:i,uiii':iiflbr.itlie':':!r(l-;.Ji,iiiiin"r.Vi l;SCn, all i:.i-]its wUI be tusniiid olf ui. 2 n.ni.:.iinrl re-j  lit, lrom (i n. in. initi 1 \lu-.vtijrlit..   .        ..y      .     Y      -:, y : ;.-,.-. ���������-.< ���;-.-���  " ���,7'Ail liiirno<l-o.iit oi7l)liirkeiicil:Iii��ii.s:wril Ije cxcbiui-^ed f<ir now onps. fren ol clinic, it j  iiroi'i^li;t'to;tli6'Conipu'iiy\-Viiliuu,-|iitt-'lji-(.iUfiii ont-s will lie c-IiiivkoiI for nl ��<J i-ents oiicli.,-.  7 Ths7C6mpany's7Moilern - Stearri.Laii^  11 us.7Fkns,'w1io \vill.'iioUccl'-iiiiil.-l��Hr^^  : jju.vnil iiceoiiiits'iii'ppiiiicctioii'Avith the Uttimlry. ;- Y" :; Y 7 5 :77 7  vTheC/P. R.: steamship Princess j  . .  ,      ... ...     -    - ,  . . ./....-.��� tiie assistance ol,a  lirotessional re-  Mav   has: acaiu   Ijeeuput  on the:   .     ;       _:   ,     7..,. , ������:.-���::���  - ������=-.--��� ���������*���        . -    .,   1 toucner lor portrait  work, and   we  -Skagwav-Victona   run..   She  sails:      . ������;-���������    ^  ..  , ,��-     *     >    ,_.,., r ,.   are... now.   pleasing ...our  ..patrons.  fronr. Skagway oirMarch, oth, 16th   ,,,, ,. ...-., r ,  ���   --���������-=. j. - The galicjy wil.l beopen   lor   only  and-26th... !   . ,  -.,..���..-' i-srs. weeks.-.  The   ladies.of  the   Presbyterian j     7 7     __.     .���.'_..;._-._' -.7. ..:._���_ ._  Church are to. give   a   concert and  social on Friday, 17th 'March (St.  '.Patrick's Day). Admission, 50c.;.  ,<-hildreu,. 25c.    iM'.rlliei:. parficukirs  later.  The-Atlin Market Co. is'having  a l.-ivge supply of ail kinds of meat  brought in, which wiil be due here  iu a tew days.  SUililes is: Luinsden make a.specialty of ..Fresh -.Eggs ami IJ.atte'it,  Patients who have recently been  iin the Hospital,, praise highly tlie  treatment Tcceuui at. the ha mis o:  the nurse;.'.  ~ . .        '     Cliisrc*".' Noticos-  Chni-uli ol l-'n^liiiiO: St..M:u-lin's (.Miui-uli-  Siin.'lii.v servii-us': .Mutins' nt ,11 n. in.': liven-  soim,. 7:;!���:.- p.-.in. ��� Culiiliruti'i:; of l!o|y Coin-  iiiiiiiinii. Isi.'-'iuicluy, in l-iii-Ii inoutli nml on  spi-.c'iiil oui-;i>ii.-in-i. Snndny School: Suiulay.  ut. :i ii. 111. fjmiiniilti.-t- .M��M!tiny:M.1st. 'I'inii-.-il.-iy  o.-iiili  inoutli.     Kov. I-'.'L. Sti.-i>lit*iiMi>.. i-i.-i tor.  :���:. An-f i-i-A-. \- Pi-i.-.li.vtcri.'i!!- C'inii-t:h liol/i  si.-rvii-i.-s-in . tlio Clim-i-li on Si-t-oml Street.  Moi-ni.-t - .f-i'\ir.,' i.t II : 'jvi'iiinu i-'^ri'ti-r, T:!'-'.  .-'iinilny i-i-lionl nt Mh- i-lo^'* ol' tin- morning  'scrviir.-.    Il-v. I'I.Tii rkin-toii. tninisti-r.  :'X.:"X''   '     '"��� - ATLiN, ^ R^7'C7 ' ��� ';;:T' ��� 7/ :':..' 7 '  ^SSmy  f  I i:i,  i  %  #7  <S|.7  '��  UP'��  .': -- -   ATI.IK,   B.  C.  SHELF;AND7HEAVY"  HAEBWARJ2, ,  Tip anel Granite Vi/are, ,,  Wliners' ant! Blacksmiths' Supplies,  JiSIRvy  ik.j#>  Doors and Windows.  Fees'esiinsg'B: affld/f73fl��ess Fasfcra.  zM.&'.m .  3 tn~  fwo  Cabins and Offices  to  Rcj".t������' -  ���i-i'KJ  wiy -at  this   Office.  II  ifea  brA  *>"  m  n    S fl   ��    .-;������' ,1-5.  V*  -v  /  %J<  M. FOLEY  m. % fit :'\ Ay >< .'-' tv' ���������> h A s-    si:i:fS''SS!i  vS*\;>-   "J /   '���>' V iji i!j c V ;���/'.-)  . t&U&Jffi    $Akz&MP    ftvtX&fci    tes-li^fc,.  Lour., Oats,   Chop   t^rtl,   Bran,   &c,  &c.  ATEIN,.B.  C.        77    7  ���',.''   'BREYv'ERS'������)"' lAGER  ����R�� . - V  SMALL    AND    LARGE   :ORDERS   .PROMPTLY    FILLED.  # THE ���HANH I1#I'EL. #  t-lNEvSTIvOUIPPED PIOTEL IN'THK NORTH.  IvVERYTLIING CONDUCTED IN: FlRST-CEASvS MANNER!  Uss-i&"E2��!$e   RBsisesrsitsi  sad   G'Sisieiectiom,  FRED   WRONG,   Manager.  CORN'KU - t'Hi.ST  AViCNUK 'AND   liISCOVJCKV   STRJCIv'l",   A'l'MX.  THE  Malf-W.av Hous&I  is n liitvun fur n\\  t.i-:ivi-l]i,-r>.-'I'lii! im-,->.l.s  nl-!/ t'l'iMi-iuilliiiir and  t-. 1M�� hi'iKSM'S; in (ii.,  Iinr ns i-i'.l'ri-sliinjr n-;  th.j ili-u o| (In- cni-lv  inin-niii^-, An hl.v.i  :.tiiiiiui-t- nml v. inlnv  t-c-:orl.  ��� /i:>.-;-  Jw;-7  .���lY-i7-^��'-';r'5'!?!iwi>w^,r*---r^77Y~77-V"7"'"-^y::-  ':~��Ai ���'  ffi-v 7 XyXZXX$XX-XtXAXXXXAXXX<'[''i\  JAMES  CLARKl  I'UfJl'RtliToU.  fe^^f^^^^i^^^^^^S^^


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