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The Atlin Claim 1903-01-31

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 .:■-;.Y0C;.r8.': :i
yvi'Ally Interested inyMtningi Gari
■i".' '"■ '■',-• ".      ''■'-'■-.' _''!'-:"~ 'j"-"- .- ■.*''.■■':--:  '     •■'"'■,- y- ■ ."'■'■,.'.■: ■
y>|Thoy-Leg131 si.i.i011 "S0if irhI: IVoi?:is'to
vy'^-^Ayccp i-< 1 i 1 i^r :t b -1 i f 0; y C?c>a s I:- j^t- pei s-^
y 11 ic:''-)rpposiLi0117^i.V 1 yco 11116ciic> 1 ■ ^witl 1^
/ the y* formal^
~r\iicludc;i 1.1 ;;iIsyiiiciubcrsliip iiot:buly;
y11 re inclividualymin.t-r,ancl.yprospecs
;Ato^ylhe.'i-C]n-osentali\-es-Qf traiispor-:
ysuppiies y;'10; ,'61111 yii 1 g^},camps'i'^the
/■ s't'o'r e-k e e p e i;s:; ^ 111 e'rcl l.a'i i tsiyl a w ye, rs j
;y^iid,yiiyfact, :e\yeryl^;d}^\ylia,lia'd;aii
:'yi nt crest in, jlhe^d eye] ppiiien t'lpL'tlie
^mining; iiidiistfyyS^ t ;was!yypib nosed
^siniilarytp^tliiseypiivwiiicli' 4lie,;Gali^
y,s uccess fii 11 y. es tab] i s 11 ed ;'sp me'years;
yreacheciy such'p:a-yposi.tipii'yojyiinpor-'
_ally ^matters y'yo f ,y iu i 11 i hg>legislalioii.
/aud:ttiatthroughy-;its efiortsUlie'iii-
' dustry had, been;placed oii;;a;penha-:
■'■■nent^y-legitimate''yyand •■•■:.■■ profitable
"basis, and..that;'labor troubles .were
.iinkho\vii;  in;y California'-.,.,. mining
■ycamps.'i'^^y'y ;'■-/■*. :./.;y>::y;y;^'y/:K-.
'•::. /Mr.yRuffiier, one of the:Atliu,representatives,■■'■', .wished 'itto be understood tliat.tlic. object .'for which;
the. meeting .had y'been ■■convened
"was iiotto?seciirc Iegislatipiifor the
;■ beiiefit'vof capital; 017 wea 1 th3--com-,
panics', ybut to  havc/siicfi change's
made in the; la was-would promote.
'and rich .alike'.;':. „y.■,       ■'■■' '•:''.-; t
-,yIt'was  .proposed:: .that yiipthing
yshould bedonc/h^
. ness was y too important to bedealt
, with-1.13' a handful oilmen, as-it was
.expedient  that   every   division  of
the Province should be represented.
Tlie Chairman,   Air'.  Plobson; proposed ■wailing for  several liiibiilhs,
if necessary,'■. to perfect the scheme,
so that, when a Provincial yconvention was called, it wo.uld be ib'ne in
which no   portion of• the  country
wonld be unrepresented. ;
4:;';'ilie,t!ciegi:ain,i:q iibiccl yifyourduW
• itoria1 y yep]u 1 . i 11,:: _sig neel^\>yy3 • fH'-:'
yW&lypii,:' does,:;; not :y'scem'yioy/lKU-e
leyifcsy' sov: Ilieyy. lui 11 ted inipyyMi'4
011c,,:-'yilj 1 rcl;^,Vy4iin-^Viiiic^iiver. v Pic;
y;i,:Never hhviiTgylieard-of; lliis par-'
liciikir jnN-bij;<tyyin ; coniieutidii^with
Labpryyeuciuirieswere 'iiiade?.toiVa.ii.f
':!?A.;;:J.yy]lircl, lawyer; etgiitinoiiths
here'; ^/j/yHVyWatson
;Lfi)jbry.Cou he i'i :;foi;;six::3'eai;s:;:;vaisb,^:
•Airiericiiii iyvl^ecieriitio'ij jy^alsp^Dpin-j
CongressiEy 1 '"or f 11 ft]icr ;;■rccpiii 111 eii-:
daliojrwirc Raipli/Bmitiir^
Stv Andrews yc'GIiurcH
-iy: ■ ;:■::•■ ^ :,I?i'pspe xbii s,.y ¥ea 'r 'h I ':yy ■ >7
vy^ yiingJielA'-on ;?Monu,ayipf .Tnis;:v
Not In Favor of Orientals.
Later advice relative to tlie Atlin
Mine ■Operators'' Association 'emphatically denies the .rumour that
had even readied here that an' attempt would be made to introduce
Mongolian labour into Atlin. The
subject is said lo have been discussed b}r the members, but, decided
Come tp the Polls and vote
—MACPHERSON. No Oriental
Labor. A WHITE MAN for a
White man's camp.
its liiiti'nlSlierfo'nn
; c v ci ii ii g,].': -yl 1 as y ;■; j ustl y ='<<.&<)..r n e d y ;■. t he
1 i 11 e:/ i I; ? ;liiSy:;'t aken;v ;:fb r-Sitself,¥:aird;
..miiicis. dfrUib^piiblicintluity \y.h
■ ed; c'tl ioy Soc ietyy '111 a 3^ > M Op ky y fo & a: 1 i
:-tiia t ywli iciifg ree ted |-i tsf li^tyapp^ar^
yWiie re'. t h e? yLiil i es ■ a B jo pin,:'' yybyj',;; I li e;
: S b c i ety; *■ ;av as; spi^-e 1L; f e 11 de recpt H a V
miiidsy': :of ■WLueyyyaudience iythat^the';
keiiyfrouvy they .Prepchy^'y sctyy th<2
audieiicey-in', gobd-y huuioiir^byythe
:man3ryvHidicrbus' ilicidehtS'Cin:ythe
,piece./4:: Mr; y y.Wobds, ■■"V";as.;Vy Arthur
yValianCer;y played'■'"-■ tlie y part ;;of the
'Unexperieuced "; lover,! and ythe
man her, iii; ■ywli ich' li e en dea vored
to prove ;liis.!. "desperalipn," ;by
proposing', toy elope;1 with lli'ey.wife
of his .''host,;- was. ■splendid ly yy acted..''
\As tlie;!iife^o'f i:.tlic;. i)lay,y he' has
sho\yii.'--his ?abilU3'y:;. to;. entertain
inthc/roleof aii actor. ;; vMi-.!.'S\r'm-:
uions; as Sir :-FeiixyEr;.it-terh>,.c\yas:
h.a\-e.ljeen.,:tliougli .he.fulh^slibwed
:his capabilities,.;and;wii]ryer3- little
'more y..-practice v7he-'-;:rcbul.d;-.--'m a key.-h
name for, • h i inset f'.'■'.as' an. a in ateu'r.
Mr.,'.'Gi'aiit,y 'as Uncle -Cbsey,', ;ti
cranky.old:. Colonel, hady.tlie iuosi
difficult :part; toy; play,--: but:iie;succeeded tolerably well, e.specia]]y, so
witli, the -lielp of the\" nerv emedi-
cine" provided for his.sustenance..
As-to tlie ladies, Mrs. Costigau, iis
Lady Fritterl\', and Mrs.. Rant, as^
her sister, Myrtle''. Vaiie.-rliey--ably
carried out their parts' though, perhaps, a"trifle stiff at limes. Taking
the play with the parts as a whole,
ity was well represented,.', and
thoroughly enjoyed.
... 'Tlie "Trial by Jury,"—the personnel of which was given last
week—was rendered in such a way
that to say it was a treat would be
pulling it, mild. 'Tlie i>ln\- is a
caricature of a. breach of promise
case before a British jury,.ai;d the
music, by Gilbert and Sullivan, is
very pretty. The opening chorus,
by the jurymen, gave the key to the
audience  of the perfect manner in
WhicliyKthe- 'Opei'at-icy:'Society 'vwas
years'iiy; :Ih;';M ryyG ra.h't- ;s ■..y'add ressV'to;
Ihe: j liryj ;\v cv-i 101 e V;.t hey ;yeihb ryo :p fy;a
his; firstyia'ppcciraiicejbi- yj^he; operatic
;qiiartette;aiidSchbriis-;fwas .fitti'iiglyy
prbVed^: himself ysfr y;tapabie;y;yyPle
aiici ;wortliily ;;deseryes ? the'; title; of
■:.':'.the Stary':'r..His^previpus-exyperi-
euce: on; the   amateury stage; yvas
doubtless:bfyuiuch;y3^eoman service
to;Uie.Sbciety'-.iji ;;Ijri.ngingy.;the pre-
seiit'perfdrmaiiceyto the,appreciable;
'cbudilibii^qivhicli it was: brought;,/
'The yJudge:,y ':Mr';\ Symmons, yinadc
quite a-liitv-vvitli-yhis yysolo.y'' HowT
;anilymaiiiier.yabjylsuite;d..;ther character lie.i-epreseuted;yy:Mrs;yCpst.i-
heaitsy.o'f her-audieuce yby-yher-'wih-:
nirigwavs and her sweet voice and
actedythe part \pf; a broken-hearted
naijcee;:;;tb ya-; cliarm.S' Mrs. -Costi-
gan's' presence, -on   an Atliu stage
•.will always be welcomed.  Her At-
torne3-,    Mr.   Stevenson,-.':won; the
case for her,; and  kept- up  the reputation  he  gained   for himself iii
amateur performances.      ■•.■'.'   v
The whole performance went of
with a vim and the audience showed
its hearty appreciation by; rapt
atteiitipii and generous '.applause.
The principal actors have come in
for more lengthy comment than we
intended but--tlie bridesmaids and
jurymen, who supported the choruses, are no- less deserving of the
most favorable criticism.
The most arduous tasks devolved
upon Mrs. E. M. N. "Woods, Musi-
cai Director, and Mr. F..G. Ash-
tou, Pianist, and too much cannot
be said of the admirable manner iii
which each conducted their part.   '-
y V^TJi & yAii ii iia 1 yMe'et iyil'g yof-;i heycbn;-y:y
of meiiibersyaiid ytheir;frieiids: ]yy::;;::y;';;y
: -yf*levV:':'Mi-. yTurlciiigtonypcciipied';:
they^liaii;y-;^iicl;y]VI !v;yA;y-;J:S^;lGrbss,;;?
'Secretai;3'ypfytheyBp^a rdybf Maiiagei-s^y'
y:-A{tef "■ the/ybpeiiili'g iilyciistbiiial'Y;:!
of the.;Jast-lyauiniaPy;meeting, ywluch;;;
;ba 1 a ii ccysh;ee l)yyp. iy f0^iy^y;^&:l:'M^
By},-Cas 1 iy irbiii;ii 1Usoure'e'si'y-yv1 .;i;- ;':;;-■::y;;;;
:\.-:-.lv>'0.:.?cy.pJ*".^Uj^'n "y/
y:::"::Sclieiiiesybf:iheyChiirch;:,.; JiXoo-y
'.'■'-':iBalance on;hand'.;,-';C'?-—'^^.^i:':ii::.
;; 'The; financial statement of'l.h'e'■■
Sunday .School; '.shows yalike;; pros-/
■perous'cendi!ion, tlie receipts;from
".-<--,■..'■■'--..,'-'.'.     '   "".    ■:■    '"■-■.,  :'■-■   .--..- ■■■:■■■■-: .-
which were, $187.; 50 and/, the; dis-,y-
;\ig'/.a/balance/-of/: |33/10;' to':the
credit of this- 3?ear's;account.'yThe ,
average  attendance-■yaty'the Suuda3,'
School-for.the:yeary,was/r about; 27. :
a record to  which"vpry few countryy
Suncl^yyschobls-attahi.:,:   ; ; ;y.yy;;;y
;y  TheyifollQwing.ygeuilemen;■,we're'.-;;
elected; asyayBpardy.olyM
for;the:eiisuiug year,: yMessrs.- Wil-y
liams,-; Lumsden, /.Fraser,    Ward,
McDonald, Myers and A. S. Cross,
Secy.-Treasurer.,;  -',';,:■;.', ^'' -.,.".
luterestiug - and : iuslruclive •
speech es were made by "sc vera 1 of
the members, and songs and recitations varied the evening's enter-'
taiument. Mr. J. A. Fraser in the
course of his remarks, suggested
the advisability of forming a Ladies'
Aid, and it is expected that such a
valuable adjunct-will be a feature
of the Church's work this year.
The ladies of the congregation
had prepared an excellent repast,
which was fully appreciated. The
meeting was one of,the most enjoyable   and   entertaining   in   the
history of St.'Andrews .'Church.
Mr. Turkiugton omitted to hand
us ii report ot the Congregational
Meeting, held in Discoveiy on the
.'22ml inst, and we regret being unable to give an account of what,
we understand, w-as a most'successful aiid enjoyable gathering.
.,..},.      ,...-     ...
;v:;itoi& i:i^»i«;:i^ii&^ii2i'i£ft**k-^ ^:-;; -,; -;i ».<;,wiii''-i^4^trtM! si. K^jssto
ifi-tft 7-  U  A'fl.I.V  *_.,  :-AT���.'.:���'PAY  J .-V, Is. \: AIIV  31.   J <;'..  TJje/ASin Cfeii  -    * ��� Pllltlihlll.il,- .l-VCl'J,  ..**��( IH'dll.VsillK.l'llillU     I'V  T'.u: Ati.in Ci.aih 1-inii.ifiiiiN/I (Jo.  ������   A. Oi'HiK'll-lll'-l-.l.li, l'KOIMUr.TOll.  1>! .TollI'il.PK", liANA.lil.NG   JClllTOH.  - Wfli<-|. of publication Pciirl S'.,-Atlin-, li. G.  . .A.IvcrtibinK' Kates:   .* 1.(10. -|iL-i->>in(!li%  cuuli  -inSui'Liuii.    Kt'iiilinsr notii-cs-.' 2"> -t-c-nts 11 line.  - S5|ir-ci;il C'mitracf IJi-.ti-s (in application.  'flit' sulmi-rititioii in-it-o'is x'i 11 jc-i-.r   im,y-  iviiU- iu ,'ulvnnep. " No pttx-r .\ ill Ik- iirli\cr<-il  .   r. nl*'.is ilii'..i-i*tiilni"iii is finnilli<-d tt.it li.  Satukuav, January 31.ST, 1903.,.  '  OrrKNTAJ, Lajioi' is the one mid  only   legitimate ;qi;estioir at- issue  ' among ihe'-local1 Foley -whips, bu.l  it    will   require    some,-* extraordinary re.isonb-g. to   induce  ui.-jn to  f -. bslie.vc-th.-'.t Foley could.accomplish  i-.apyu-eiic-f -oiu -that., important, point  ��� *v��,iii,.:n.the   eighteen...months-of."the.  , -;mu**".piped term.  .1 , (.  ��� '-The-three .candidates arc euuallv  pronounced -nit ..Oriental i.uuni;;.-;-;>  ; tiou.   .Such, being   .so,   is   it   uoj  ...j3alur.al.1to -assume, that-, the uuim-  i,bei./o:r.the .Government, sids cpul-ji  caceom plish jiuore ,i -.: a day 'than ��� aii-  .-other -. could ,-do.in.a month,   m'oie  ���. -1  .������tspicialU'-sOriu view.of. the follow-.  tiiug positive statement: ,1  'sR.'G. Macbhcrsoi*,-.Vancouver, -  '  ���"������Wire- briufiv vour. stand ouillu-  Oriental. Labour^queslion,. :    .  ' j.'- Kirkiaud, 'Pres.' Lib.*'Asn.  . J .--Kirkiaud, -Atliu. . .   .",  -..Am, iu 'favor '-total exclusion bf  Orie'iTtTils" 'and* "'if��� "elected-wi]l-;royct  the question to an'te*meirr'e"sptc:li'>J  of party-or consequence.    . ���-.  ;��� i'Jl. G. Macphersoti.   '.  ..Vancouver, J any. -igth, ,1902. . ..  '    '.The fact "that-the   Conservatives.  ��� '.did not deem it advisable-to enter a'  ���-'candidate .''at '.idiis-.time,. .icaliiinj:  '-..'that in a..l>ye-electip'.i- .they - had  - everything--to lose ar.duothiiig-to  ���'r-jra'iii.'-was-.a^di'recl acknowledgment-  f!iat'.tli^"intei-^*-t*--(,f.'Hur-iafd would  .' be-bast s-'ifegu-uMedMjy-as-tfsuug ir  \ 116 "rtl ;'i r u "b f' ��� M r> Mac ���.. her-s-r.ii.. - 'I i.  Mr.' Miicp'h'-i.-sou' dbfes'uot'tairy-out  'the.pledjies'-he   has''fntkVe- lo- tin  'c&ns'titueucj' in 'the'-'two 'Pa'rliame'.ir  tary -Sessions  - before   :lfini,    --the  clectois: htiVe"hinp-lc lime''to-find a  .man wild \villreVe"."t'hc nekb'gcneral  election.  Tlie "sttiWmeiit made-by-the-locai  FoTeyitcs'thSit^Uicii'-'iid'tiiinec is en-  "dOrsad by th'e; LTibor; UiubtK-bf-the  cdn'st'ilueT-cy is'-i'ar--from;-"beiftg true,  < as the-fo'llo\vi'n'g' response td-a'telc-  ' gram  on ��� tlie \ question -'will' amply  rro\e: ���        - .  ^Va'ncoutcr, Jan'.-27.**i'0O3.  ' J'To-3*ih-n K-ii-i;iand,*'A-t"lin.  ��� ''"'Eig-hteen Unions for Foley ; '28  against ,-J.* H.-Watson,  'Organizer.'-'T'rades' Cotfncil.  ���This 'is..prima'* facie evidence that  "Foley is NOT ��� a  re'prese'h'tauVe<-of  ��� La'bor, ' heiice. "why ' should ��� --the  * elecrtor-i-of'All-in throw away" their  '���vo'les' upon'a man w'lio ' is - n'ot "er.-  " tit-led or rk'*-crv*iig of Uia'suiT.-a.i.e'e  ' of li'ie La'hor -advocates "of t'LttV-district.  Atlin,- -Mine - Managers; -Meet  : hr Victoria.  They Formulate Plans For the Re-  .    . duetion    of  . Workiuff    n.ml  '-��� Othor Expenses.   '  ."The    recent "'Vancouver     daily  .papers.convey.the. foliowiiig. inibr-.  ���matioii relative -io an Atliu- organ:'-,  ;::-ilionj- which.will be news U> many.'  of our readers:      ,  :"Thc iitlin Mire Opcr.itur'.*)'' Association -.will hold an important  meeting in ' Vicloiia'-yn -.ihc lfllh  inst.  "The'Aliili cbl-.lingehl left-there  ou   the   3rd   ins'.anl,  the folioivin-.;  .} AUin,   lt$tigG����t stifl-''Gtf&pe ��� Kings  And;'1-All Kinds 6f: Jewellery Manufactured1 on the Premises.  '"7^^��*    Why send out when you can get goods as cheap here?  Wsstvlzas Frasia $5 "��j-j��   Fine !Liia& c��f 'Sses:,vstnir SpssonzGa  ���Mm :MmVk "SON, -.The Swiss^mife  ,-���>  T Ii E   ; K O OTE N A1'   Ii O T E L.  'George E. Knsyes, Proprietor  Coii.'Fik.st'.anu-' Ti-aiN-oi* Stki-:i-:ts.  s  s  %  Thiiidi-sl'Clns<i Hotel Ii'ii'b bronn-Piiioiliiluil iiikI rffiiriiisliuil tlirminlioiit  '   mill (ill'ui's.tlio liost. lu-ooiliinoiliuiiiii to Triinsiiiiil or' Pui-liiiiiiunt  UiiGsts..���AiiK-rl'Jini mid Imii-oiiuiui plmi.       '  ' FSttcst Wittcsi titsuars an ti' Gsgars..  Billiards   and   Pool.  %  o  s  0  i:i*-:i<?c*-'^'*a*o*o-��ooo,-��^*o*'itfO*Os>*c>*o^>C'-��o*':'*o^  inakiii'-;  the  I up  R.   I). l--.Hh.ji;.-  tJii'.Kiiigh, 'Secretary'-Ti v��-;:iu-i of  tlie Association ; J. 'M. Ru'lfuer,  who repreRCiits quy'riz. i"utci(.'--^t*.:;  and J. F. Deeks, fiiprcs'eiitii g; ihe  .iuistein leases ou 1 inc 'jreck.  .'.MI. W. li. Cauavan, wlio is  uow-in Victoria, .will represent the  interests . of. the British-American  .Dredging-.Company, pr-cialin"' oii'  lower. Pint; ciec-k.  I'.The-Atlin  conliiigcnl - will be.  .���joined in-Vicipna b\-.L. II. Giiffith  i'n'd Sunt:-. Lovsridgej .representing  :the Pine Cieek Power-_Co.;, J." H.  :Brownlec, .-Mau-cger of the Otter  .Creell-Hydraulic Co..-.who is Chair-  .man --of -.itUe - -Association : ' R. B.  Skinner, aud FnsKk:.Hracket|;' the  ���A'tlii:'*-Willow' Co-.;. thc.Consoiidat-  ediiSprtice-.Creek. Placers, -it is oxr  petted, will be-represei.ted.        .    .  ��������� ' '^The-priiicipal object of tlie^As^  -sOoiflti6ii..'is;-for mutual protection-  'against ���*all kinds - of excessive  'jha-rges ;-*for.the reduction oi mine  tax, -rates of-.transporlaliou, and  firofits to retailers. The-operations  of the past year- have, .'.O'lhe oper-  iitois-state,-proved ihnt it will pay  ���to:miHe-,the ground -contioiled iw  *lhte-*e-Gompftnivs, f-f.d all \vill pay  d-ivideiids in "future, provided the  ccsl of'riiining1 can be reduced-20  'lerc'ent. 'This is considered an  'uuder-e's"timale-of the piopc-cd savings,;so'that' tlic-meeting will be of  great importance to At-i-.i mining."  ���Ifmiglit be'casually mentioned  that-the'-Allin Minc-Operntor's'- Association was formed iu Atlin hist  "-Junimer, -when officers -were ap-  "pointed'-frnd- the -objects of the Association-agreed upon, and the next  meeting "set "down1 for. January 8th,  at tlie Driard Hotel, Victoria.  X.  E  *(3��<L,D    'HOUSE.  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  , Comfoi't-iuly Furnished Roo"nis--13y the Day, Week or Month.  The'li(-:sl of Liquors and Cigars ulwius in-Slotk.  ��� Jfiuc stable iircou  Ufr-.ctipn with 1 he'House.  -AMERICAN  -AN'D '���iv"3ROJ,EA'\T   T.fyAN.  ��� .1. P. l?i).-"K", iMniiifri'i'.  TH-E    ������WHITE   'PA:SS   -ft   -YUKON  .  'ROUTE.  1 *�����   'Passenger aiid Fxpress Service.   Daily  (rycent   .Sunday).'between  Skagwaj'.' L'Og Cabin. Bemiclt, Ci'iirboi:,'V-,'H:te Hc-so aiid Intei media'.c;  WI  Hit  til T:  poiiils; making-close coiniectiomi will-, '<.! ;  for Dawson and*Yukon points, and  at Caiibou for -Atliu e\eiy Tuc-ilay  and Friday;. Returning, leave Atliu evQ.-.y Monlay and ThuiKhr-/."  -   -Telegraph Service lo SkagwaV."-Express   maUer   will   be received  for shipment to'and frrm'all poiir.s-iii O.'imida a;id the Uniic-d States.  "For in formation'relative to PaSsra-ger; Puight, Tckgraj h or l'-xj.'rcss  -'Rates'apply-to any' A'gehl'bfthe C<ln'r,-'any or to  ..  - ...l.J.*-F.'1-Jiic ���.Traffic Mar-ij'.ger.-Skngway.  . .DISCOVERY," "li.'C.  Finest-of liquors.    -Good stabling.  Vv. Sands, Proprietor.  .).(.!. Cnr.M:i.i..  OT.7"     BATHS  ���   IV ���   BARBER' SHOP  G. H. FOUD        Proii.  Now iiei-npy thru- new qunrtors n'cxt  to tho Hunk of II.'NI A.. First Sti-f-et.  Thl: lmth i-.jcnnsare cunail.v r.o inxxl us loirn.l  in  oitiu...    PrHato Bntrnwf^ r.-r liulip-..  -G. K. I1.-.VKS.  '������ ��� -*- **-h 2^"V �� ���" B ) �� *^ 1  ���Discovery.  bP-lvN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  'CONNECTION.  t  The Canadian ��� Bank -of Xemmerce.  "CAPITAL 'PAII-  'U'P  "$S,000,000.  llKSKKVlC,    b--,500,COO.  Branches' of the Bank- ?.t ���r'e'a'.'tle,  Can Francisco.  :*Fortlr.nil.  :. *.,--....' Skagway, etc.  ' Exckar-gfe' relet'or; a#if Points*  Gold Dust Pukchasko���Asi-ay Oi'kick in Con.ni-xtiox.  D. 'ROSS, Mniinner.  - It i'j-said that: Vhe 'deVirca'n-iq'iiftle  -'Scrlpt~ui c to suit his ci.ds. If would  �����scem*-t-h'at. some  of "our  would-be  *T,a-!)Oi ' .'igit-aloi.*.  dc-iie  to -'imitsie  -his oi::.itic mnjesl\ ai d \\c.vi!d* ma-  liciousU misinterpret our best  en-  'de"aX-ors   'tor-the   advancemcat   of  'vfie'cn'firp.   IlBa^onable and -"ensib'.y  m-jii.-nVA'.-evei, Vr.ll   ","6't' be  lei or  influenced  by   these   underhanded  tactics.  ���The figures .quoted from the of-  ���fi.'ial returns of the Canadian Gov-  e-.-'ih'ient ��� relative to the output of  Ihe Canadian Yukon, show a grand  tMaPbt^yo.o'io^.if* since the first  rtivh-'i'V 1897. -The annual output  is thus- recoided :  TltC IS#��A'L' Bt��TEL  ~~E.' ROSSELLI, ''Proprietor.  Corncp Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  ���: 4G*   FIRST  'C LlfCSS '��� R ESTAU RANTIN   CONNECtlOW.   ���-����   ' CHOICEST WINES, IICU0R5 ANU CICAXS���-^(ASC GCODb A SPLCIALTY.  9  1-897  -S2.500,000  1 s'(j3  :o.ooo,oco  iSyy  iO.ooo.doo  I )OJ  2 .'.275,000  t y J1  '-<"��; .131,032  KJ02  i t.y:,3,"264  \.  '1'otal '$7 9 "6io,c).i 6  -\u e*.li:n:i!c nf the -pre-, ions  twelve years, or since i885,"'giv:es  a total of $1,518,000 as the output. I  Hydraulic-   -"Mining *  '������ HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,   "WA'TF.'-R -.GATES,  ANGLK \S'i"Eh:L ;-R''H-FLl-:S    &  'HYDRAULIC    RIVETED    PI PIC.  F.stimatcs'furnished  oli-'applicai'io'i  The IteciWe'r ���fel^cri^ 'Werle  s,-  'Vancouver,  B. C.  A. C. Kirschfeld. Aj?ent, Atlin, B. C.  I  M ATL-LN, ������":).  ���SATURDAY,.-j'A'  :'.."-"A'KV   31,   .903  W,p  can.: give   You   as Good Value -'for 'your CASH as QrOCeHeS9'lPrOVisi6hS,''ief6,  ** ^*       any House in Town.  ,     ' ��� -Try.  us ���'���wilh   it   and ��� see* ' (ri'aiit TtVwd-er   oil ;li'aila.  �� . -  (J>��-o-��-e-o.*-o-��-�� ��<��'-o-��$.^->��-��> V��'i>-'V-vj> : <��>���-* ���-*-<>-�����������<  <�� 1  ��� TO    THE  J*  :of  in  of -Cassiar  ��� Dlsliict.  , Gknti,rmhn  0>  I   bag  to  announce that I have received the unanimous nomination of the Liberal'Pa'ity ' for the forth-coming Byc-  ���Eieeli-m-fbrBiiriard' District.  ,   l   The C'ousei valh-c Parly,-in Convention'asscinbled,'*lias definitely-;  T *' f -*'  % decided not to place a member of their Paiiy in the field iu opposi-  I'liou, recognising   the   fact that tlie needs of Ihe District as a-wholc,*  Twill  receive  more favorable  consideration  at the present time by-;;  ',', sending a supporter of the Laur.er adiniiiistraliou to Ottawa. ';*  +     I therefore re.-:pebtfully" solicit tlie -'Conservative 'aj   well as the. t  Liberal support ou Election day. ' ;*  I exlremelv regret/that tlie  shortness of time at my disposal pre-. ��  ���1!* " *" *  ���J. vents me from visi.'irig all"s'eciioiis''bf this large District, and as Atliu f  I hap-iens lo be'oiie of'-'thc-iiiost .isolated,-1 shall have to forego this ^  I pleasure as wcll-as duty at this time.    I   shall, however, if elected,  *  ? do mvselflhe   honour of visiting all   parts of the constituency after  t the close of the next Session  of Parliament, and Atlin will be one  I of the first io  ri'ceive'consideration   in   this   respect,  when I will 9  i have  the'"o:*o6Uuni'rv"'of persoiia-llv-'ascertaining'the needs aud re- j  [uireme-iits ot your important  District,   and with this end in view  t I will   use  mv best   efforts  towards  securing  the  necessary legis-  *> ' ,       ", ,  $ laliou at tke-earliest possible date.  v-   As I have already'stated, Burr'ard  is   a   very large and scattered-*  I Districti and 'rcquircs'"'cTose 'personal inspection." I'hereby pledge  �� myself'to give" as laitlYfiil'" service '16 "the "outlying sections as to the  I Idi-f er~eci tcrs o'f pop'uUuicu/'ai.'d' I . will   also" see that each'sectiou  'l? :>ets" the   protection* and "patronage 10 which it is locully'cn'litled",  <f *s v  1 es->ecially in all that affects'its labor interests.,  ���\     Willi the pledge of 'my best  efforts  in   your interests, I have no  '���* hesitation is ?bking the hearty co-operative support of the Liberals,  I Conservatives rind tlie Labor party 011'-Election day.  *     I have the honour to be, Gentlemen,  f Your obedient Servai.t,  .? R. G. Macfiikrson.  t V-\>-couvr-K, B. C, January 2nd. 1902.  '���*  I .villi power 10 fconstruct, iici.iiii-_i: own anil  ! niaititaii- ivlim-vi-s and1docki iii'cn'Jiiir-el-i6n  th'ercwllli;' ami to cou'sll-'ucl.; own: tu-'Itiii'o,  ctliiip anil inaintaiii steam nml other il-s-.I'1-i  anil IkiiiIs, and opei'iilo tlio *amu on any  iiiivi-alilt- v. mors l null lo count mot,' opera iu null imiiIiiIrIii ti*l(.-,'ii-apl' mul tuli-pliuuo  llin-s iil'iiu the ' routes of sail! railway a'tiil"  it-, lii-iiiielie-i,in' in'con fic'i-l ion therewith, and  lo transmit nu-s-.a'j-e.s. fur uciniinni-i.-i.il til"'  puses, anil Kiuollool toll- t'hV-i-efoi- i/nuil to  al-iinii-e anil rojeiv.- from' mi.V* Government,  corporation, or persons,, _ annus ol laud.'  ri/rlits of u-ii.f. inoiif-.v. l/o-iuses, privik-K'i'.s  oi-olliL-i'ii'ssislaiico'iiViililor the cons! ruction  oT tlio Coinpniiy'.s iiinlurlnkiiiM-, anil li.iemi-'  ne'et Willi liml to oilier lutn'trnll'ic or other  'ai-r'Ai'i':;i;ni'6iits with railway."i't'i-aiiilioat :or  other companies', ami Tor all rights, puwe'rs  anil privile^L-.s n'l.'i-essa'i-y,' iisiial 'or' incidcu-  t'nl to all oranyof the iiroresaid''piir'po4t.*s.  Dated this;'.Srd ilay of.  Hoi;einl-ur, A. i). 19JC  Cornwall A Hotel's,  ilo-2T-0t "Solititors, I'or'tlie Applic-i-.nth.  "NOTICE.  Jl*��      HU.'it      *JC--i>����/iH��.-J 1   ���! ^      *.     I.I.I..V      LliyAka^Wk*!  TtTOT'lCi: U'h'erobrKlvoi." that application \ ViMil/'iiiiiieci ^'M CoMWiiy forW Act  Li    will   lie   tnt-ilo   to   t'lio   I'arlianio'.it 'ol   WAmiiul Jts Jict oi 'Ineiu-porat-on, l,t���-v Gl  ''islOffeE.  TnJUTICU 'in' lieri'liy tiiyen that, Sixty dtiyn  iil'tc-r ilale I ii'ileilil lo apply to tlio  CJIiii-r Commissioner* 'of' J.unils ami Worlm  for pci-mi .siuii, to "iilir-��niti-iO"'lliii follow ins  ilc-.t-riljeil imic-i-l o'i- tl'/iet ot 'liiml for iijvrl-  enll in-ill ' pm-pom-;: (Joninienuln;;1 ����'u poil  plant ctl oii't'l'ii/L-asI ill iji'o - of ��� XI Mi(t rJ-'ltl ver;  'tliuii'oo 2<l cliaiim.iii a _iiurllici'lj',lcl.l'Cctiou  aloiif- 1 lie "..luri! "i)_f Taliu Arm; 'tlioiieo 1!0  'eliaiiis iii'-iin"oas'tci.|y ilii-eclioii ;"tli'ent-e" "0  eliniiiaiii n soiitli'i-i-ly direutioii; llicnco 28  ulittiiis in a we.4ierlA:'ilii;eo(ioii, lo (lio'p'olnt  of'tibiiiiiieiic'eiiiPiit, c-'oii'tiii'ni'iitf'J") n'fi'OS more  or less,.      ' . ���' T. JlinclniliH'c. .  Taliu City", Ii. CJ'.i'eeiMiilieri'Stii,"191-2.    .'  'ile27-*!l  "Notice.  "iVrOTICIi is Jiercljy pisen'tliut   ni.plieatioii  "wilt"  lie' made  t<,f"l.!io"I;e(!}K'.itivc'-A.>-  ien'ilily'of flio l3I*ovliieo "of i!i-iTis,I^C(jj'ilitil'i:i  at its iie>.l iie*si()ii,1iy tliti 1'iiciJlc Northern  Y  .A  Cun.i'lii, nt it-, in*.\t SesUion. lor'-mi Act lo  incorporate a '(.'oinpa-iy" v.'iili power to  build, construct,' ciinip.'.opcrat;!- and ir.ain-  t-.in n tina of railway' ol stiiinl.irll Ki'ias*?  from D/i'sOi,. in" the NiirlInvest Tori ilojics,  l>y the iiu'iht ilirei-t and fe'iiiiljle rotiro to u  point ator ii'L-ar.'tlie noi-l hern ljoi':iii'liiry of  the Piovinci-of Hi-ilish Coiiin-.hi.i to connect with the rai-ilic Northern &' O'nii'neea  It.iilwiiy; with anthoriiy'ai-'. to con.striiet,  openito ami maintain 1h-.im.-1k>-> froni any  poiitson the prop'os'ed Hue or liliw.'iiof un-  eoedii'i},' in" any' one -cast-, thirty niiles in  Ii-ii:-tli and with power to construct, operate  and 'imii'iitain" all ii'ec'es'sa'i y lii-i'il'pre^'roads,  ways .uiirfc'r'Hes, :"anil lo.'co'nsti-iiet anil" uc-  ��� i'ini re.'own' and 11111'intn.iii'" wiiarv'es anil docHs  in eo'iiiioc*'i'sii"tliuri.*-iwlli'Vi'ml l(r ooirst'rtiet.  Viwii'.n'i-qiiii'e, t'niiip .n-*l inaintiiiii }ol! "iieL-es-  Miry bridal's, i-��ad-.,-ways'and feri-irs ; and  to eoiisU-i'ict, 'own', i-i'liiip "and maintain j  'stp.in'' ai'id'othei- I'O.'ii's .ni'l vt-sspK and ope- )  rale the Mime on any ^i-iviuiilila" wntpi-s :j  nsiil' to    eon.-truci; ' operate   and   maiirt.iiu  iJ>-��^-o-*-��-o -I  >���<>-��-+-��>  Alas! Alas I  "We' did iiot th'iiii: thafamong.  our readers we had some so astute as  f> eud-uvor to make'c;rpital out o.l  a -.aragraph -vhicli appeared iu our  last issue, under' the " heading " of,  "Alis! Alas!" Under "the liead-  jn-;  t.vo   statenient*,   attributed to  ���'Pfjtuier Prior w'efe'-quoted. 'The  statements iu effeet are diametri-  c.illy opposite, an"d'bur'"coinnieht, it  seems, is read as applicable to both   "A truly progressive government? British Columbia ��� Vancouver and Victoria 1 Where do  we   come   iu?"    Our  opinion  on  -the Oriental labor que.-tion is too  well known to   require any special  ' cotnin^nt'on the paragraph referred  to.     No   sbohger'aiiti-Mongolian  '���statements were ever -made than  lias appeared in The Claim.  pcrative duty for every man in the  di-.tr.ct to exercise his right at the  "p. lis on Wednesday,"41I1' February.  Every voter has a stake in the  'country, aud to exeici*-e hi-s franchise is a duty he owes to himself,  his'fellow man ' and 'to this j;ri-.il  country,' to" say'nothing "about The  ���district :i'tself. Account g ��� to ti-i.  number of votes pofled"hefe tlie influence and standing of the disliici  'is judged. Let . it therefore be  with the object-"for the g; od of  the Atlin District "'that every man  conies to the poll on pleclion day.  NOTICE.  N(  Viejorin, Chapter oO, ci the Stattilen of'tim  b'uid Proii'iice!' ns'iuiien'dod "Iiy'tlie '���fa'cific,  Nort'h'eivia'iid Omincca" 'Uuilnny -Act," '1802,"  -bsiiit; 2'E<iward VU , Cha'i'tei-"7, by exteiul-  injl tho'ii'me l'or the roiii'iiJc,tii5f-ni6iit'c.F the  construction of the Comin-ny'i1 line'"of 'i-(iii-  way' and for the e,\penditure' of 10*l)Ci-'"c"om,  of thi' capital, mid-Vor'die (.onViifel'mn' ol  rhe said railway as Mimifeit'.'bv^i'ilJ^iiectl'oii  liv;; (.-.) tif'Si'ulioii'M of the'IJrilKh"<l'o"l'iini-  ViiVrli'iiilway Aet^a'n'd Ijyinc-J'e'nii'fiifrilio capital iii the'said Company.  'I'iitei! t-li'o'sdtli day'bT No-.'pRiljdrVlOOi,  .     -^ CoiiiiV.\u,A-rtoti'iuis.  Solicitor:- for tho Aiiplii-niiti-  ' 'do-STi-Ct  ���NOTICE  ���jVTO'l'ICi-' j^'i*^'.(;'>c't; siven that uiipllcntioi:  will lie inado to tiie Pai-iiaiiiont oi Can-  ivip'irsup'.i     am1,    urff-plioiifs lines, tiloiia- tlie - mln, at it's nex't hitting--, foi--l'ea\t(''to iucov*  '   -       _     ��� . . -.   - -       t-  uet,  _t  --���--  .."p'olnt on  or   ni-ai-   Kirinmt" Inlet/JJoiiglua/Channo!,  iinv  '(.lov.-rniiit-nt. Om-|:oi'ntioii | KrirUli Coliim-l>:a :     hencu* to iVtiin '-Laltc;  I'.-Ip-j". apa ami tKifi-iioiii.. uncs. uiu'i- i.��u aim, at iiiiiium mihii^s-, ior u;.i.li-iu iui;iir  route- ol tno s.iid railway and it* lirnn.-lii^s poi-nlp u Otimpanj; to be called "The C'oait  or in coniic-cl iont lii-ri-wi-.]!, an-i to-tiai.sinit V nl.on liailwiiyCcmipsny," to 'construct  m'cs'i.ivfi'S. lor  coiinni-rci.il  piuposes, liml t f ���'" js'C| ni'J '.'-'tiil operate ai-ailwriy'-fi'oiii a'p'o'int oi  ... .. .    _r        .1   * i ..,:  ,, ,,.!   ^c. I    -..*'*_        T.-:^: .-     I.'.t.^.     -    ?> 1 '-,PI,a.���nl  .i-ii tu tu'iiiiiri* and re-  enllout toils tiieicfoi  ci-ive from  m- ii'ci-so is   iii'.-iiitfc ol land,  i-i^ht- of   way,  money lionnsc---,  privilr- ;i-s or other, ;it<:i=-  't.inc'- in aid of tl.-c  coiis;--iic\ion o^' the Company's miiU-:-u!-:i.n-;-   nml   ���*-. cumj-"!   with  and to eater into trallie'or other arranf-e-  mentb'witli   railway,   -s'teamJioat   or  other  coiiipai.ie/a'nd for'all   riyhts  and   powers  and privileges, .necessary, iiaim.l or iiieitlentui  to all or ti-i.vor the aroi-'cbaid ptiriiOae��.  ' Pated tJiis.:tr.| day of DeccmLci-, A. D.., 19C2.  jicI-lii'H'P-,"V"\'oot*mi ct'liarnariU  de'27-St Solicifor-for the ApplicutiTs.  theiice to the' Y/nitoii Kii'ei* s'th'bncc'to the  inU.'riiation'al.UoniKlary IiiicbotwoeirAlaska  and "Yukon Territory, via tho City "ol Paw-  ion. With" power to' co'iiEtrtiet and own  boats anil n li'iirycs, telesrapli mid tclcphonb  lines to generate- elect i-ioal power, and tc  collect tolls mid all powers .ineideiitnll  to  f.  railway, .     , .   .  Dated at Vancouver., 13. C, tYii's 12th d?y Of  .NovetniVer, A'.13., ���101)2.  li. G, Jl ACDONELL,   .  uo-29-Ct     -       Solieitorfor Applicants  isi'i-xiAi.'i'iiis IN  TANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY.  Ooo-I  Rooms to'lYent-Hy-Clio Day.'\V'eek or M_'onH"t i�� .leijeitniYme rihos.  filf  Wholesale 'and    -Retail -^Batehei  FIRST '-"STREET,    ATtlF, - B..;'.C.  ��� Shelf and Heavy* Hard fa'afr  '*&,  H izfziii Yotu* Franchise.  'A word' to'Yiie 'Electors: ��� Although the la-it'ce-isu-i gives this  di-ftrict a'popu'la't'iou'of'nearly'3500,  the list of voters comprises only  '374'names, aiid of* this number  .-'fully 120'are out of'flic country.  It't'liereTwre'becomes  an ahriost im-  OTICIC Is hereby priven that appliuatioii  ^will lio made to tlip I.-^islative Asscm-  bly oftlie I^riiVincn oT'Hrifis.i "C'tH 11111 lil-i" at  itS'neKt Session for an Act to incorporate  u1 Company'with power "to build, oiiuip.  maintain ntul opcrnto a iinf* or lin-s of  railway of'stninlai-d iiracc from a point at  or ii'ehr Iliir.cll-on'by'f.lio most f-.-a-ible and  practicable route to a point on t he northern  botiiitliir.v oT'!!riti*li Coldmbia, nt cr-neiu-  Teslin T.alcc'or !A<lin"f.a'lte,' or 'both :"'al-o  Vi-om ITazelton, by the most feasible' liml  priietiealili? voifte, * in tho Skppna, n.ibine,  llriftwood, Omliifcii and l-'iiilay ljivors to  !Penco Klvisr'.Pns-i, "or Pine'Ilivor Pifs- or  both, tlioucu Kiistcrly to the I'.as'tei'n boundary of the said Pro\ince, with authority  also" to'naii'sti'iict, ���pii'iilp'.-iiiuiiitiiin litfil b'pe-  Vlrto brnuclics from any.points on tint proposed.lino or dines,.not, c.\.c"edinjr iu huy  btiOPliip-  '**> MiiijinriVd'-jniTHK iu.len2--th4  ami  Men's' llsir Soles nu.l fehoe ^uils. ��� ll.-nvy "Istoi. & Son's Saw-:.'���"--Wmlon-sriJoois,  '(;hi-b and PiiTtey. etc.. otc.  BOOM ��� BANG -^ BOOM J ��� Dyrfarn-ito,- 'Gaps [ analyse.  ���  Pull Line of Winchester JJlaek _& smokeless���lufle & &hotg.un  ��� Cartriclges.  ' Goods'Bo'uqlit   Sold   nn��l   Ixcli.intjcfl.  KINUST KOUIPPED'H-DTET/IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING-  COaXDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS ^I'A*NNER.  !Fresscf3 ^Restssirissii' lBd'*&&&&a&fhzn  "\A. "Rr'-McDoNAi-t),   Prom*.ii-Tor*.  Cnrncr 'ofrFirsf"'and ;Disdc-ver3'"''StI'ei?^v iT r. lx; ;'-.; i^yyc. ;i:y.^ ;\.;i' i% i ���? . AV; y 'j#x^a;ky:  ..;:;; -;THe': Season's--Changes.;;; ;i.y  ������. Tlie lowest recpr.dc'd'tc'nipera'l'.ure.  for tlvc week is1 given as :���        ..-; -���---  X;^;i-f;Jaiuiary''23r.d''-o:;.:-'ip;i)eloy;,r;/;;,.^'  '>:���:'��� :y\':/y:''..'... 2-i-th-.';���-.',-'i'3;."-''���'>'-���';;"��� yy";���  ���������;;,":'"'.V::/:'.'-;; '"'-'vi2:5tlV;.y'''-^y2'3V..;-:y'-'-  y- yy--,---';--;,-'y>; ^GlU'yyyyyi'x^'xx^X ..y.  XXyX l-:.;,y<y:;.l-^7;*"ll-ViV-^55V.''M.-:'-^V-V.  '^,>-;,y^y-y.;./.;;y;28.tli;y.,,yyy4S;yy j.y ���;:;"'-.'���  ���/ :-y :;���;.yy:..." sgth yy: : ��� 27' '��� i.-!-;''v'-yy  ;,.-. ;;;;���. yy'y'-^'y.^tjvy-y.'. 23.-.;:..'; V-y,.-'.  .���'.''.'.\-.,;.At';ai-'ecieii.t. political  ���vy -���Vauc��uvaii' Mr.��Foleyso far forgot  . :;-yythc;y.cause\: "he ���-���-, espoused yyaiy ytp  ,i-characterize������-.-the-.;, Socialist y;!Labbr  yy y parly*.- as " ccoiioinicidibts! i'x-y.,1 /','  fe.-'y^y'-y'-'VTiiere'^  y y;etip;of Bluci IvibbonyT^  y-y .-gallon; ;qf;hip'st ���.beverages. -��� i^/y^^-'^'vl-'^^'-'-  y''.':A.'y;''';i^  ''-;��� :y- ���;��� The -=anuou nceiheiity.of .the-\ved-l  ,ii;:.-:'vcH.i.g'a'.t''--W;i)lo'n.,;'-Maiiie^  .-���inst of- ;Mr!,-Geprgeyy.Albert 'vKerr  yyyyaiid I\Crs.-:Addie,yFe^  y-y'was? received oil: Wednesday?s':mair.  ;y.yyWe wish;.LTiey:happy'''.y.'cpupieT'evefy:  U:yvgoddyi wish;: yfpryaylong-;;andy happy:  ^���'^'���.ylife.'ycLti.ci-' Va's's iir{*...''-.;-tlie iii--a"' \vai:m'.-welr:  .'-k.cbi.ne'.w  yv.yy: yr;Tpy; Smokersy ---'kTf * you5 /wauty' a  :>"reallyy first,classimported'cigar, get  :;. ���������- :au:y'^El;yyEcuador;,:^yyy(Epr���;sale;oilly  y;V;-aVyivic'D6'uald;.s-;Gro^  ',"yyy; Dixon's?.;teams; y made ya'y record  yytrip ypu'tytb.yC.aribbp'-'Tpr. the '.opening  yy,of ;theyy;freighting:.y;seaspn:yy'?The3';.  y^leftyA^Bny;-^  P y; '.-back'.' ykheiye ' e aiiy/yT h u rsday..-. a ft e r-:  ;y;ynppn.:y;yThe yleltvAtlin  :',::yon;F;eb..y,i;itM  ^yyy'iiFbr'a'gpqdyysqiiai^  :vvHtj'^  <:'kE^;:Theyfirst:rpfy.t:liey; seaso-i^sycropyof  f yy^orangesyat^E^vvy'Pillma.ii --���.&*;,C6..'s-..^  :   A.yH: Garrison returned here on  Saturday last,and;;:lias,-gpt..to.work  yy-yQir hisy-.Spr.ice';property. -:. He was  jaccouipaiHedh3v.two "newcomers/  Messrs. ��� Cameron  and Roup. ���, The  trail proved loo heavy ior, the latter  ;. an'cllie is'ynpiv-.a patient in ,the hos-  .y-pital. '::'.;y'.yyy. y.y;;;r- -;. ;--y;y'y'/-'''  ���: Blue .Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure.���-Itis.sold- in all the stores in  'iAtiiw:.,^----:r-;-^ ������ y-.;'y '."'-���",.  V'Several: cases   of new.laid eggs,  ���������: just arrived; froih-'tlie' Coast. -For  ' sale atE:'L. PiIIman;&'Co-'s.y ... ���  Invitations' aie being sent out by  Mr. Hayes for a dance at the Koot-  .eiui\-. Hotel, oil-, Tuesday   evening  The best of music wilLbe provided-  . j; McDonald's yGropery :;keeps "an  : excellent stock of staple.and fancy.  groceries..    They  have their  own  teams ; and ydeliver .goods  on the  creeks at the-most reasonable rates.;  , They .have ' a  hew and .���-fresh'.'stock  .������coming in immediate^'.  '  " Fresh stock of L��vvney's Chocolates jiist arrived at C R. Bourne's.  The Operatic .Society .will repeat  A Trial by Jury, at Dixon's Hall,  on Thursday evening next; Tickets may be had from C. R. Bourne  or Herbert Young. Admission 50  cents���no reserve. Bring the children.  Discovery   friends  arc cordially  ���invited to contest  for  the prizes at  the Carnival on the 14th prox.  A few Subscribers for the year-  arc in arrears, and iu consequence  of greatly increased expenditure  by our contemplated enlargement,  an early settlement will be appreciated.  Go to Fraser & Co. for your  groceries ������ the most reliable house  iu camp.  ;:y'���:��� ':'y yCany-This'^Ecy^o. yy;y y }y  Thelollowihgis^-takehy;^  Vancouver ���������������\VoK'^l^^.���'':X).'f;���.^.''.Ui'e.'���''8'tlr:  inst.;;.;::;;; 0:-i^;,^.Ar>'''^"::.;4l:: y'H--^;;ii;;;-!A'..-r>r'ny  y'ln a discussiouonrthe.diihpr .iii-r;  terests pf the country, ���VChiis.-' Foley:  is-'-'-'accre'dile^  opinion'on iliatyniomchlous' ques-  lioniyy' Socialism -may' come, butit  will be hundreds ;;of years,yfroin  up w,yaiid before "it ydoes there .will  be a bloody Avar-that will make.the  'worldkstare. ^Capitalists \\i 11 ybire.  armies,' aiid;- tlie; sinalllaiidowhers  will join, withy Abeiii; <T':vliave--a;bil  of ypropertN^y 111 ysellVyiindyf would  figlitii lbiigiinic:y be tore ly would ;le.t  'itjgpiy' Besides, -half;-ibe'.'.' 1 a 1 iorii i g;  nieiiydou't .kiiow-udui'tyytlieyywaiit;  ancly^the ^pthciy; luilf;.caiiycasil;3y:l,)Q.  bought. .'Theykiljpr meiiy\vill.ivcvei1"  be ablcyto: presen t;a. solid -political  ftbti&��?yS;i^  yy.Aliice.;setitiinent;to'���.express for a;  nuinywlfo'-iSeeksv they suffra nee: :.of  labor .diryeleciipu ';'day^yii<Jxty;Wed  liesday'l'yy .'.:::: ';:.;yy:yy:y-'-.yymyyy  The;AtSir. 'Musical:yane!yf)ramatrc  ;:Jy;'--:.:ikivSdciety':'-'Forfficd^.;;  .y:v���i - .���::' '   -.- .������������:������-'��� -'��� Jr'rr :--,.---.-:-'.-.yi*:: ���������.���...-     ���������:.- ������;  yy.yThcAtiiiiyCperaticy'SbcietyyIias  bee'n''.;re-prgaiiized-,-'--an:cl..yy.,iil'':in  turebelcnpwn'astbey'y-Atlih'yM  cai'aud yDra;inatic;y Societj-.;":--yThe  officersyyarer;; President,-^.^M.:^^  \Vpods;.:yHonV;;ySe'C3K^  bert.Vou 11 g;i-> Coh^uctpr,:yMrs.;yyEi  ;M.y yN:;.\ Woods. y-^heyExecutyive,  Cbnimittee.y consists; yofytheyabove  -audyMi-syftBlackett^;  Stephenson!y -The balanceyijihoiihty  lug to some:y:S6b,yy:remaiiiiiigyfrpiiV;  ;pi^eedsT^>fy: t li etyyfi is t ;pe r for ma n ceyy  hasybeeu vbauded -lover ytp the-new  Society.yy  Any.orderylias Ijeenseut  butfor other playsy;.and Succeeding  performanci|s y will  bey hailed .with,  'delight By. the public.   The vSoc'iety  willy -cordially ..welcome' anyone desiring Iqyjbin the.Society! jy  .'-...' How's Yourv Health.'; y-  The local Health, officials intend  toy exercise a strict stirveil lance"o 11'.  immigrants from, infected''-",Coast,  cities, and as soon as travel begins  will have a" special y' ywatchi 11 g  the trail.' Any strangers who cau-  n'o't give;'-.T.a ygood���'. accouii.t-'p.f,t-h'em-'-  selves, ywill Be iii trod need yto the  House of Detention tin til .the3-.pa.ss  tlie���'��� Medical' Health :Offi.cer../-: 'Iii.  ease of iiiunergenc3', the Isolation  Hospital lias been fixed 11 p. An  ounce, of prevention is ..worthy: a'  pound of cure. -.:������'- -: ��������� .-.���'���.'  i ������������w-.m^-.m.-mj ������������&$��������� M'^M  %  ���We;beg io ;quo  ;^^'Jf'rt::.y^,y  pgilvie^Flouiyperysacky-V;  .���Palc'nt.'yit'do;'yi'��� ��� db'/: :..'-��� y.;r;y"-'.:  Cr'eaiii.;: Hptelsize; [*er;;doz ������������-.."-':  ���;.:. dby,; Fauillysizc ;;; do ";'y.'..;;;_... y  .Milk, Reindeer ;���;.;y do���'.'��������� ; ...:  ,Cla'msy-;,'pcr doz -yy..,;;.';.; y.:,;/-.  ,Cainied;:Gbni, i)er,dox..y Qy; ���  ;--,yyy: -';.' ��� ��������� b��; i-i>y y' ��� dp ^ ;yy;'y;yy yyv;::  :';y"y..yy  Tbinatoes dc^y'iy y''"i"  :CW.B'^ah}s',;frrl;b,lm  ���.���.���.'3V2S'  ''���'4 -7:5  y2-;5o  ���-'.'?.'2S.  ;:^-75'  ���;:--2 .'46  'ii.�� ^  '���-���.'���'������/S,  5P  'D'.'G',:; Sugar,'-'-per-.-lb';.''. yy;1." yyf. lO'ci;  AgeuyB'titler/-,y;-ib-luisy^yyyyyy.'50 c.'  Rexylla'i'iis'i''-pcr. 1 b'���'���:-y":-;;y--;y;y/,'��� 23; c..'  Conihieal-'iplB 'sack'- y y::-yy -yy.;S5yC,::  .RbUed^^  Blue RibbtmTea^; per lb :���;;, ;50C.;  T;^;irCurTbbacco,:-do'y-:" '.$1.06^'.  ���;ydb;;yy^GiiC\\lifgyy'yydo' '';?y"y.<y7$'v-;:  '0.vo'/;t'p(K'ry.Hii->iy'^''"y;^  .S.al'i'n6(.ii'';;vp'e'r.:dp''/.!;y';;;;;-,yyyy-yyyy.?5. ; y  "!>/���.'  y ACi; y':0TI 1 Eli..-:'G'R'GJGJi R11vS..'  'BigyBpj^g^iis  l<:\^)XJCEV:y.yyyyyyy  BsswUsfatsely  Ay{reslT>��^  li^liiii  m  ^ruA  -:��� ,-^.>.y.-...c.._.  EATSy';ALWAYSy;:.OISI;y:H AND.;y;y^y';-y.f;  y^Fish^^Gamjtyiim;^  .y:' ��� : ''y'y 2:^y7y'y:yyl^\  *!&:&  '>���&���:  '��Il  m  DIKONyyBROTHEHS.yPropris-toi'S;  ;*;./:-���,;,=."-'-'��� y��� r~��������������� ���t.^��� ---ogt��~-~-~��� -'-;-~---A. .['-..-7^y-:[X."r,  l^reightlngyyand^sar^ing  K^';'y;y;;;;&ygB  y;y:^|^;y:;|:liprsesy;andyS;.eig  W.  DealerSy MvyFrp  '������' .;���' ���";������*.< "Wings ��������� Indisposed.v.  ;���. Mr. J. T. Wilkinson, the Deputy  Returning . Officer, has been- confined to the; Hospital for the last  ten days, but he is 'now convalescing. Wings ' is far from being a  "sourdough" iu this part of the  world. He doesn't say much  about the political situation, but  feels certain.that his friend "Bob''  Macpherson will -be Burrard's next  Member witha huge majority.  DISCOVERY--!.-,'-':-; 7":-' ,'::��� ^.^y^lC^-JJy^.:',':':y:yy:-''y'������'���������'-.������;;    ','-y-' y..  i .: ������'���'^blSGOVERY;^;;^;?;;y''.-y:     "'y-','        '��� y^ -" ^y  \:0m0y^^  T/f/E have discovered that we aredu-the lead.yy Aiid'tlie-,lead: weaiiean  y-.--'t6":iceep.;'.'..GUA^ Pricesyand ���cour-.  teouslreatuieiit' is'.-our^.-m.bttbi'."-.-;    :'- .y' ��� yy;'y^':-.'^:; ���'. \y  y  .':���'������ ..'���'" Vv'el.quote- noleadeis' as baits,  but come and; sec us  aud- be .con-  viuced lhatywe caiinoty be [ equal ledy-in   the y line y-of   groceries; ;audy  nuuer-s;.suppiiesy.;ge.uerally.y.;yyy-.;:yy ..yyyyy.,;;.;..; ;:;;yy      ..::;'" .'-y i: y   -'y-; ���;.'������'.-  :.,'������ .;:y-''.y;:-;- '.::".'������;-.���;-; -y'y;.:^ ,;": vy;-;; y-^oii rs^.ver3:--"trills';'y^i-'y y;-y..': i:; - '��� ry.v yyy,-'-  '"���'���;''yyy-���'���;���;���'':y::.; ^y^^yxy^^y^  'y '.''' ;:Discpven-,y^B. -^C:,"-January ",24th-, .i9P3''":-':i; :;y"-.~:xy'-"X:.x-:yy-'���<"���- ;-y y  T3  E-55-.  iV'-iani  A Haiidsoiiie. New, Modern Structure  THIS   HOTEL   !S   STOCKED   WITH   THE   BEST   Of7   GOODS  Sanio   Johnstone, .Pro&rictor*  London, Jauy. 14. ��� Severely  cold weather continues to prevail  iu the United Kingdom. Traffic  on the railroads of Scotland is impeded by snowdrifts and temperatures in some localities the lowest  for ten years. Many deaths from  exposure rcporUd.  SECOND !GBAND MASK  FANCY   DRESS ;  CARNIVAL  ON Ti-ii*  ATUIl SMATfflB RINK  Saturday,' Fkb.  14T11.:  . : ^O^ .   Six Handsome Prizes. .,'  ���l  ��9  -ALASKA   ROUTE   SAII INGS-  The following .Sailings are announced for the month of February,  leaving Skagway at .6 p.m., or on  arrival of the train :     ,  Amur, Feb. 6th and 20II1.  For  further  information,  apply or  write to    H. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  X'tl  '��� .;.��5nCT*rrr.5r.'^*'!*��*-vtSS��- <:  ^&&S^M^^&sJi  i^f^iiii-wWij. i^Wi-Wf J��-|s^._  ydJtt


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