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The Atlin Claim 1905-01-28

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 ^^v^"^^^-',^^7./^^^r::"'":v  f**1. ���   H -.  17 ��� ��� 1-J  ���'*.���  !���( ?  ��3'  n;v  '-���'���.".������-.,������-. ���   :4vWij',     ���   ,;��� K*��--; '- ("���-.'���-.'li*.  ^fe;^��^2'-iso^'3|^|,i:',  :���������&'':::"��� ���*";',*. ���-"',: t f-. ?.-f .������ *--T' ���: -_;.���:"'.'*'--'"' - -.'., ,'��� *���:" -. 1 ������:.    >>:  Kr&i  *.>j,-*--,y-<y^<'4-  VOL: is.  AT LfNi.y, ��� U.';. C.s r',:S A.TLJR DAY,  ;: J AN U A R Y.' iaS;'.''". 1965.  NC..:2S9  ?' iri;I ii g. De v g J g]| mJeitf  ';::<. i(Joii tinned.' from, last, issue.]-.���;,  m,-  f <���..'������ ������  if.  .v^K'/ii-v^': rKiB.oMld.er^C.re^  ���j^^LefHis^iiow^take^  .^''.'iiiqi't^  .\;;"A,:jJiTd!;iiotc,^v,lY.f^  ~:y' i'sho wrfpriy ii'9pl|i.: v,; [ :;:Ai(s]fort:;cft:ekr^:  S;?itMioIcls;nts^p*\vn^aih<Ki"g  ^.-vi'siry^  ^-yGa ii 11')>;' y -1 -1 ieyiiprope r tyy t piiM U i(t#S,CK.  |>::-,^-.i.e'!^  T^OtaTuiicju e^i-ieji ry.;^Ma lmiiM^vi fu>.  ^���.iJ'fage'rj^prpducecf  : V" rai iyy ..'j 1 roper ly: ii i KXhe^tliii'-'iDisirict'';:  yJJ\::{, is :;wo:i-l*^cl:;;pollil;:by; -. drift i it^* and.  ;;#;yiydftui 1 iciiigyAh  'Xi-pro v i ii m'ivt li e ~ tubsfe:! u'ce'ra li ve.^Vl-Iii..  -.SiNoveimherv<;;yiiii 5^?y<^lessrs::v;J;-^;H^  y/^lack':^  ;-:^:layj:fpi^  X^prb^erty^pLiyf^  ^:y>struc'k;.rici^  feiiee'trcleep^  V".-H-'rAvVas^i>VltV.p.'iV;.V^  ���^���iipYand^^  :;;i��|ofy;;p^  pXybeetiiiysigiitm  yi :;:ind i'catipifcyibf iyiitb efj ex.te n,t^:p f;;" t he  ;fv'fs:WQJ\fe^  *^-fcubic.^  j::;'i'.:&��::wdiicli^  iyyiyeieivated^i^  ::M:$6c';-36p;*VftWas;;i  j-yy' months'Twprict;they'^ha^:;;ejuriied'  : V $74i;oopv; tlieV largest yamount;iwoiii  ���"3VLro.m-;yauy\.siiigi  S- Disl ric tW Toy iigiye,:'a u yy i de a: of ���;tlie  -.������*;"���. limber.;use(l,-:ihe:.;maiiagemeiitxsuite.  .-"that': thei rl^  v--'.v.700 cords'ipL firewood; and ihe;ymine  ���';-';-:'riiised\u.p'i2",to  ^ya's.ipbo^l.agg^^  y;-'-property^  ^: ^engaged "in rounder ,/H  .iy i,;.itende 11 cei;<5f;'j\f.r.;:Joseph, Fall;-.yhicli  ^-:y brought-^  0::%$9p,oqo.-  ���:;I";f;'Above; ithe vliydra'ulic;''COtiipaiiy;;  iy^yUie^Week^y;!^ are'  y; "ybeing:::Avbrked7;;but: 'jiV.s'mailev^ai'Vas  :i -���.ibyi.the'i placer .'iiiiner..,;Sixty nieu  ii;;:were atwork dur.iug tlie ���year- and  V;: ".were,.moreiiori ?less .satisfied-;\vitli  -''"'results.'^     \-v ','-���'    ' "'���' '���" '������'���";��� ..:S:"'---v':i  "..������." '���'-.-':,���':'',.    :Mofree, Ci^aetc:   '���'.���������:  '-";���: As M'cKee/Creek' coiiie's iiext'in  ������ order /bf;Api"oductiou;:'atid -���stands,  '"'first Tot"successful hydraulic mining^ we ���'will  have:lo cross country  ;. ���'fifteen' miles and. see. what the Coiu-  'J.'.pany 'iu'iS; done���lor   the.   greater  >   partof'-McICee Creek is now in the  y .hands of the Amalgamated-McKee  ���'.'���"-���'"Creek--Coi,���Mr...C...M. J-Iatnshaw,  .uuuiager.   This company hasacquir-  ed the.inicrests of the Atlin Mining  Co.   and  the  McKee  Creek   Con-,  soliditted Co.    In a successful sea-  ','���   soil's mining, tliey.uiicovei-ed 8,000  '  .square yards of bid rock, the gravel  .'���'. yielding ,^42,000 iii.^old.   ..Including theyield, of .ground let on lriys,  ".-    the  company  ieport  an   output of  #52,500.' '.���'���'..To ;,more .economically  .'.'.work  t'liis .property,   the   nuinage-  - '' nient  propose to install a sleam or   electric,'shovel'p'uinf, construct an  electric train line to Atlin J/'ake, 1%  miles distant, and   there, with  the  tiii11111 iXotl- ';<:1 iinip ; -iiicl;.���;���','�����uppjy Tof  :w;tilcr;:;':.|t.v;iiitible,v "\viisli;yth'e.;: pay  g fa v e 1 '.17*''\ ��� li else 1 i e liicf i sit 1 a rgc" ju.n e /  btilvllieylcho^wMrareajbf OpayLis-iii'rge:  and iftheTesults'itt^aij:.reach ^ the  aiiticiiVatioii;VoL'the"^inrt  e'xpeiidiUfrcA\villci!bbbe::wasted^  ^���.-'jAJJov'eV^i-tlu  .tiie'iit^\yoi-kUviis:cai-i-ied:/iforAvard^,on  .���llj'et.VVar_ey.ease.s;y"jnir'ch'a'^  ;M cKeejsGi e'ek> Cbhsol i d a f^d'^Go.:.'���,,-----'  ���Mr:,:;.:! ���^f:H.,^Mauisl.iaw,^  [���luiiies-ancl; w;ate.iHvays::;;w^  .strucVed/rf^ii'id'-Kp  cVoii^e^^f'i'Tjiere^-.liave.-;^  ���fti il'ii res :oiu.McKee"G reek ���.'"���.:an'd'';i1g'b'4  was;���tyb^'xceptioii: to-.the:- v.ule,:--i--tlie  'Individ tut l;".ini hers: ^'.w.'brki.ngv.dbiiig  :pa f ti c 111 a rl y:. w.e'l 1 ii Zi;;y0yyjyyi:y ,::������-  :*:V'i~::^-K'>-?.'-;o-3'!ic ������"*-' -"<-*Xt' ���: f;-ft'?:>K'-E *���":':.  :i .:Returiiirig'-tb;the-;P.i.ne  ���ieyVjAyejjW.iilUakfc  yG.reek'i���,:"-\vhei;e,~:'-iii ^preyiqiis^yeafs^  ;'tli'ey.Atli.i!;;i-)ivlv:^  ���.-'.,���'; it p.- a ga inst \ t ;i';:^:Tl i e!lco ui pa it y^is  nbwAtnderitlieJniahagenie  ;JJrya iivW.il iiauis^ whose '���clbse:.ii]jp.liT.  'rc.'atip.i\V4'p;P;busi.ii^  iakeadvaiitaffe-.of slbcai^cpiiditions,-  .i:esnHedfiii:ia';'mbrd;.e'iic,b  ;sb'ii;fpiv;i.he:|.mi ne.it  ������.plis.---;y'ear.-^J\his'.-;p  ;study::ecbnbmy',:.as.':Bircli'Creek-is a  sina 1L Creek; v,:Th'e;; flow ���: of ���. - ���water.  Tap id 1 y;ib,we rsT ySy tl je?'"s no ws : me It  and it'is "impossibleto, put any large  yardage of :;di'rt!thrbuglr.tlfe sluices  i ti'   the-���"���..-''season'.-- ;rNbtwitiis'tanding  ihisV 30,obocubic/yards ;"of: gravel  \vere;\vashed'.aiid:-^\2,obo; rwbiiiu  :last-sutinner's Avprk. ";;Beside:s this  cbihpatnV: there ;\vere it wen ty. placer  iuiiuers: work ing,':the.largest 'number  sinbe;.J899.'���;" -"'\;.; fyy ������'':'y-':^",:;  '_':' ���.';-;::;y-';:'f-:';/^''Otier.-'Qre:ekii.;-'y.';"-.;-.':'  ..    The.isame icouditiqnsiiare found  bni: iOttefiVauciii' .Wright 'Creeks.  iOtterCreekiis���passiiig. thrpiigli the  '���'iiii.tia.Viiy:<^ii:s wliiclii- they inexorable  fates���i'id.ecVee': for .eiveryiinining.pro-  ipbsitiou: ...Oniiupperi Otter. Creek,  the btter.iCreekiHydraulic.Co.cotn-  pjeted';'-tlie' installation   of   a   very  ���coiiiplete: plant  and   did   a   lot  of  wbrkiopetiiiig  up  the''.mine.    We  Jie'arthat the plant may be operated next season ������under the   manage-  meiit: i of    Messrs.; '.Canuicliael   &.i  M'orai'),', who;.were.signally successful in thcii"; prospecting  operations  in 1900, 1901, and .190?.  Wright Creek.  On Wright Creek, Messrs! Davis,  Gierke, Hodges & .Kershaw  have  done   paiticttlaiiy   good   work   in  opening up the ground  owned by  the   j.vnglish   Counties ���������Hydraulic  Syndicate, ��� C.    Dubois    Mason,  manager..   This   partnership  have  installed a  .small .hydraulic  plant,  which includes an automatic cable-  way   for   handling   stones;   great  ingenuity is displayed 'in   the  construction of this device, which  has  proved a great  labor  saver.    The  boys have  struck   good' prospects,  and When-'they reach bedrock  with  their bed-rock flume, should  make  a-good   thing for  themselves  and  owners.  New GrouncP���.Op'e"he'd:^"-;Up'v':'  i...:,v.;: ���',;...;'': ,:: Ruby /Creek.v. '.v'y ���  ;'i;In ':,lhe.'Pi,iie;.Creek watershed'.'.the  sliccessftil-'iprbsjiecting 'carried-on  iby,lliei'Rul.).y.!Creek,'-Miiiiiig:Pairln'e'r-  ..slp.p,''i'Iif'td'.'; on . Ruby': Creek;.; isi'-'de-'  set \'iiig;'bf Especial ��� iiolice. i;i This  local- s^iKticate"1-It ad expended ;:ii  ���IVtigbysiiih qliuiqiiei'ihipi'bspecfing:  aheil'j properly/;>v.'. Ojje.rations ...were-in'  CI'ni 1 gt^o 1;Kiobet"t ivtcKayV-.;; A.ii'-'ou'eii  :cut,';'2uq:;:iie'et ylbiigjiywas'.���,.;uiade;-:.the  Ripper;ehd.beiiig 20' feetydeepiyiancf  at;that point ays 1 iitft.: \yits sunkyn'iid;  i'ijedi-ockyism  surfaceVviil-rom the;: boitbih' 'of iihe  slntita cross-cut; \\vas"driveii'4.0ifeet  liilei^gth.yy.ThevresultsvAyereisatis-  tacioiyi:tO:ythe::isy.tidtcaie,iifbi-y;:cl!ey;  fbtind 'a strat'Uiuyqfipayi griiyel,-25;.to1  3byieetin depth ���atid"'theicross-ciif  as far as''cli"iven,ifailed'tbiWach:iils  limits. :-This is.y.as;��� far'ias   y,re_ art  aware,'ith.e.i;deepesty depositjipf. pay  gravel 'asv-yet i discq\-ered   in'i-itlie^  iDi3i!-ict.;'i-.RubyyCreek:has^iyhieavy  ���:grad'e"-'a"iid" large"-ivpl.Unieybfiw''ale'.r.v;;i  ���';;:'i'-.i;y'-y y;iySnake;!'Creek.i:-- ''i'-ii;7/.  ,ii-Shake Creek; a-smally creek,Vw'ith  exteilsiveivdepbsitsyibf ipUiceryyina^;  ''���lerial;'.;flb\yiiig'!.:ifilp;ipin  below; ''i-.Otte'r y: Creek;,,.'has bee ti: taken  up -ill- leases   Liiicly: survey e'd; i -i ,We  ihbypei:;;itliat;'.ftiheii.iprbpet;tyiy,Av  ���prpspected   ���.thisy - coming ~: senso 11.  'Snitki^-Tiesiyinytlieilie^  /tricit, and; gold; has been   found by  ���'t liei; p ii ii i i p' vos p ec 101\ ''' ..���   ._ (,t-_^ ���;,. .1 iii^..  ��� '; New Tei'i'itory. ��� i  : The -.0'���Donne 11' . River.; System,  tlie,.largest'iii:ver iiii.* the'Allin Jvake  Watershed; came into . prominence  in 19O4, through - tlie exploratory  works ; of. the::.,-O'Donnell,, '.River  Syndicate,-^-M'r. i Robert y,McKee,  niauager,'���and the Bti'll Creek'Hy:  draulic Dredging.' Syndicate,���A.  Garinichael, itiaiiager. yiTliese two  syndicates deserve tb'.e"suceess.",th'ey  S^rjb^JQ-^e  .<> ,r .[liy (Jut Cfi.!-rnsiioiidei.f.]i:  AValtiV.rS>ve'et,-..;;v-ll(iS;.:  A.G.-:ti!roo;.C.;.v.V:!IO!j.  .Mrs^i; KiVielicfc SSSi'  jii'MeK \vc-Vi','V:";v;'".\~siia:  OI'ms. llicl>nuxu,....SiiO.  aliaitied iu their prospecting work  as'they branched out into new territory, recognized by most as outside tlie gold bearing zone. These  syndicates :'.built, their-.ow-'u roads,  and trails,'and::transported lu 111 her.  and supplies to make it. possible to  test tli'e'.grayels of. Bull i Creek and  ���O'Donnell River.on a. large.scaie.ii>:.  To indicate what has-bee ti done;  over in that country, we may say  'that the Bull Creek Syndicate built  2,500. feet of iditcli���capacity, 300  miner's inches,���and- 40b Teet: of  bedrock flume ; it has'4,500 feel  of loose lumber- on the ground, and  >wi*shed 10,000 cubic yards ol material and cleaned 585 square yards  of bedrock. We beat; that,'New  York capital has taken over these  proporties and prospecting- work  will be actively prosecuted tliis  coining summer.  The  Latest  Discovery.  Consolation Creek, whose source  is iii the same range "as that o  Boulder and liuby.'but which'flows  into Olady's Lake, in ihe Tesliu  watershed, was prospected last summer by O. C. Spit and J. M. Buchanan, who staked discovery on  ���September���14th. A stampede followed. Miners working there now  speak with confidence of the future  of that District.    ,  Tn rlosin- this article. The (llaini wl-di.-s- to  tlutiiU those who trave us the infoi-iiiation  tliat made this rupori l-o^sililu.. Wi- l.ave  tried to treat tin; suh.i<*i-t liii|iurtially. mid  if we have :,in:('i-c-di-d in this iircsentatloii  of things us llii-.V iii-i'. in s'.r'.'ii-^tlK.'iiinf.' '-I'*-  oonlldi'iMie of our eiiizens inul friends in the  ri.s'ouii."sif the f.:nni|i. its object will liavi*  been nttained. (.liinrt/. and Ma;-ncslte will  ho dealt with iic.**t r.o'--l*.  'i-.A 111 o.'iig "those: of: ihe. imi ne rs 011y.  iSpr'ii'ce iCreek.: whoyiate; \voiki.ngyr  withJitile oi; liopay.iibrtLiAvlip coii-ii  fideiutlyiliaitkibiV (hei Ai|iii^;-aiid:e>:-ry  ipectiytimey^  all ihiiigs; .none are more:.worthy of;  :'i.ii;ei.i t io.iy.x-i..;-:*:! l.iiii-���.���";:ji-?e.'te .:;.>,";Ji_e|;!i ey*;:i;y'.a'i 1 (i-.',:-ri:  Chti*;.';Bradslei..tei';;\vl!b:;arey\Y.ot;li  on;N,o.:'5'; abbve;, discovery,iSprucei.i  Greek.; --Theses  times/failedvtc'--reach;-.., bedrock.:be-v:"  cause '.of''.water; and- now -are sink-- ���  iiigiin solidirqck pfttside ;they.creek.:  chaiinel;,-expect ingi,tbi:gb.;:fifty.i:pri.;  six-tyi feutdeep -and" then .;.'ich-i ft ;i-be-; i  tieathihe'chahiielrandyup thrquglr.y  the.-be'drpekyiitpj-'lhe���':hp*iy. supposeVl-'  to be there.-���-; ;i;Piete -and-: Cliarlie;-  shotikf lKivqthei'rireAvardsibii eaVth;.;.:  aiiditio.t:hrive;loi\vait; fbr/heaven//;-',;  i/Twetity-eiglitipersoiisi.respbiidedyi  toytheiiiivilatipni to-jilaN^ayseries of ;  whist ga tiles."/iTlieiyylbllqwiiigiyis.tiii  complete' listy-bfiilhe; iplayiersi iand;;  i.liein shiiifjihgiat i'the-.clreseht'ti'uie'���?���'���'.  ..I.AiuICoeliuie.yih.OOp / ;:'^y'Hiiric^  . A\'.: (J. 3illn"iI,'���;;'.;::..; 7t!l>'���'.;:  }i\. ���JRct'erso'ii,.;". ���;'.y;C7..| :).:';-  y.T/li'lciiiinjfl���';.\.y 71-' ,  - -M rs." J. ;l.t;"15euhu f t~T.\'.i '"'���  ij^Ohirh,.......;���.. T25".'"  O. ll<)vi>ly,;...;..-71(i'i  iIII Alexander;....,V7C0..:  yO.Miller,-...;,..; 700'  Mrs..). (JliilVit-ii;;. C7S  ,1. .Mciiiiimjn, .'.-.;.  07H  11. Struntte;...... lifiG ���  ���I. Carnow,.....;v. 005  ���  '���K.-li; Hennett,.;... ;")7^  In .future, the -leadiiig tcii players i  and their standing- ywiU be .giveil  only. This w'iHgive those . of the.  players who are not lucky, a chance'  to ;, escape 'without���'.-seeing.'.'-' their  names'iiear.ythe loot .of".the list; ":  .,.  Mr. James Clark, the w-ell-known-  prbpfielbr-pf.. the Half- Way Hotel,  has removed  froiii;. hisiaccustomed,"''���  place;_': at._'; tjiat   .establishiiieiit,    to ;..  Spruce -Creek, where 'heproppses;.  ���mining-^.for' the.  next  few lnouths.  jiiiii's uip oiitsiclc:: is",'therefore put  off' until next yeai,. .when ; he hopes .  to get further away than he has yet  in ail'aged i to do during the past live  or six years. ,.  In the Claim issue of Jan. /Ih.yan  error.was'made in the article   written from Spruce  Creek, fori which  that'correspondent wishes   to   beg -  the pardon' 'of- Sam   Johnson, proprietor of the Vancouver Hotel in  Atliu.    It   was "stated,  that   Dick'  Dtmlap provided, a way (or several  j Atlin   ladies   to   attend a ditncc,t,::i  Spruce, whereas  he had nothing 10  ! do with it, except lo request that lie  j lie specialty mentioned.- . Asitwas,  I Sain Johnson should have   had the  credit. ,  li. liennetl, ...  '.'. si-i  _iiiiluV.��3:. ���;.'-:���.".:-. -  ..'',S33'.  'I'.. I'tionuis, ....  ;'������; ($07.  Mrs. Nudocil, .."  .. SOS  ���T.Whitt-, .....  .. 7il-i  '.Mrs. J..Clay,..  .:  7S7  J. Itiuebei'!,',:..  .. 7S0  .1. tliuuanuin,  .. 775,  Leases Cancelled.  Nolii'i' that t hr; fid ion tin." leases have bc'ti  "unt-i'llfi! luiw ln>eu.|io.-.U*d on (he Uovui-iiiiiciit..  lloiird this week.  X A SI KOI' I.KA.'IK.'        .ll'ITitCANT. r.OCATIO.V  ���' liiu-r.v." \V. II. Vickeis. ... Tijoehi f'r.  " lti-iiii.-.u ii'lt.".. I'.'. I'. .."'en       "       "  " llr.iciiinr,"   Ceo. f.'oiitt-   " .Moutitniu View.'' .1. II. (-iilhiri!. .  .Sandy Cr.  ���' Houiidiiry View," .1. St.O. Hhiel'.ctt.--  l.aki- View,".. .Mnrlhii llliichett'.      ''       " . Ar&wri vi.v:M: sATti:R,[)^.;- y'JA^aA^y;is,,
Xi':-.-Ati.iN c:
*.  :    MoiiNiric..
, /:    wwnt.D  ron
*. t.W'ie i'Uiu ir.i'cn tvc'iv -j i\ run lift 1
Ml'yb   rirt'TO   "flVPA'tT of T"1"
,u     i-Cl.TI .'.P"',«    MONTH -. ' T.^-.o0,   l'^"
-v-ui.    no'vsiiTi..i.irie« hates: ti;oo i'rii iuch rftun
i",;   ,.r.ii-'iiTi<*'i*i";' narii»S«OT'fii;,,K ci:Mr«« Line
•!.-'» ;uii.   n'T".   om, ppi'-IC/-.tio|'.-
1 ooi.v :'K|N'!'!rs*J: .  '■,.'.■■■..
i;a,'u.M.1-iin=i;:   ii' '■   i: Wtnsi,:'y^:;"^1''1"0'^"0:0,
.V-TTivB-lirtr.-;,     '   /pcioomhmk,,    htc..,i:tc.    ;
. i   bnuri-iiii'aow'ri'Lvy rxncuTEu::      .:.-•-
:    ■■ 0.    .....'  prni;CJi   r.-oorn^ri..   :.....'....
ATiiis'tii.Aiil' I'uiii.i.siiiNfi Co'.;
A..'Ciill,iitK'-iii;i'.|..o.' 1'idit'lilieTO it.,,,;,:.'•■■
-'■.'.' ':■ .liAJI Gil .SUll'KON.  M ANA'
i:ii\.tlih-Itjrieati Road..; iyy
.■HiTheipVibiie m
iiiblie; Court Hbnse, ;Th ursday even-:
- iiiig, to considerithe prppipsed:A.VL'.'.'.'i
i;i Juneau :lvoad,"p^^
/'.great interest; i; Thisyyrpadi:ilo   the
" iccias'li'is:sevibtislyiaiidifayboU.dycbii-'
ysideredyby-maityiintei'ligetit people
iihi. Atlin District as.the most praeti-
'"caDle andiionly;'naliir.il   solution; of
"the tnail iind.itraiisportalibiii prol)^--
lem. :■■: A\"e .suggest-; that ;a: black-
■i- board be used qti'whiclta'sketchycan;
.be  made  ofi tlie.: country,, through
;; 'wliich;t,he,rqadywill ruuv- -Thisiiiap.
'■': could: then beaised lo 'show the clii--
■\ yferentyrouies-  prbposiidyr and -W'ilL
-i present: the-ilia tier; in  a   wayyebsily:
' .understoodbyialL i;i .-i:';':..
iii:ii,TheifOllowiiig ;repoi"l:'-v\uis ' given,
.'■■ ; at -the.'' meeting"' of- the -Board ;;of
'.'--Trade jield-iastMonday.night,'and.,.
: ;i\vilh:addilionidinfpnn'atibt]v.will-be
■-. presented,.:^
:   Ava;iN;-:B.iC,;iyJany 2pth;i 1905..,-,
To the President of the.Hoard,,
Sir :-.--iWe, the .Sub-Committee of,
the Coni.cil,, appointed   to. enquire
- '•'" i-tito and.l'q report en the possibilities
'   of pttUiiiga wagon   read  through
f.o the Coast by waybfTaku. Kiver,.
and ihe benefits, such a road would,
prove, to. this   Mining   District   ol
Alli-t'.,.l.K'g to report.as-follow-.* :
■We have gone careftilly and fully
''     into   these   matters   and, after".'."due
consideration bf all  infoimaiiou it
has   been   possible   to  collect, con-'
;   elude that the project  is   not   only
--feasible bul-'thal.no natural i0bst.ru.C7
-tions- present.themselves ;. and taking into consideration* the.facts.I hat.
i'such a road w-oukl put ■■Atlin.-in,. dir
"reel touch  with   salt whaler, would,
i     cost les*   than, that   proposed   tw.o
vcars   ago—nor 111   from   Atlin   via;
Tagish. lo, Car  Cross,—woulddevelop: the southern part  of British
Columbia 10 Ihe south   and: eastof
■■'   A win, ;iud Would lie wholly within,
"the borders of the Province, we can-
no! overlook the   fact Unit such an,
untk-itaking, would -be "a benefit, to
other p.-.tis oi.l.hc Province us   well,
as to our own District.
Since  its  inception,   this . Camp
!i;is suffered froin   having  (inly one
outlet, vi'/i.:   •theiake and   uiilway
system to Skagway.     Dining eight
mouth'- of the yt-tir. this .is closed to-
the   .Du-Uict.except by negotiating.
'the dangers of lake .travel- in   open
'  boat   or° the   greater,  perils   of   ke
travel in the early winter and spring
lo .connect withihe W. P. & V. II.
R.   sysluu'at  Car  Cross  or   Log.
Cabin.     Much danger to life, delay
ul' and damage lo mail and.express-
'matter,   delay   of  passenger   travel
through the unsafe condition of the
:ec and impassible slate of the trails,
'liti. always to be. coned  will-   vear
auer :y^tr| IP^
.expeuve. ofan-cniiccrred, ttnd :itis;a
matter of.,i/\ll.!i:'sil;istbfy>luil •■■alli
C:,.irri-(ri and■ others; have .sacrificed;
their, lives whilst i'iiji'i tlie d^charge:
;bf ;their"- duty. ' -ia\luitysoinellii.iig
;shquld beidoi)e;Vb"re:ned.y Uiis slate
of a flairs, all   are'., tig reed, and iliis
.^oulhenixbute cbinniends   itselly to
.-' ■     .  ..    ..    .-■,■■■• £■'■■■'■■■..;•■'■ .' '   ■  ..- .•• .-.  '   ■■-• ;":■- ■:'.
us oil ihe ibllbwing■■.gi;qiiu(,ls...:;.-.-.y-y
-ilt will "afford -easy ;approaeh i. lp
:all tiai^syofnhe: y..;ar.yi ,Jt .will.bi-ing
Atliu nearersieaiiibqaiy^^
the .disliyjceiviayCa^Ci^ssyand^:^
ali-vear■ rqiUeitiudcousequeiitly will"
iit least thirty.; day s "longer--ht. the,
,'fa 11 lbaii• at present.'Vvihc'i 1 ythey":haye-
iqyelpse'tlpwnyalwutigie third:.weeh.
,iu Octioberiin yorder ib i':c;itch-:ythe.
liist-i -bnat leaving ;:AtlHi--ea"ily.-ii)
i.Nov ember, i..': ... iy.y'y y ';i"' y	
. .Sucha road; will materially lessen
the cost of -ttlliisla;jjks,ypai;lic.ularly;
bttsmaller iiiunihgyvuiaehisieryysiiit-
able loriindividual workers aiidwill
■ i-e'iieve the'lnerch'tinis from: the,cqm-
puisibu ■;;of?'';iaying':-in:   en'orulbus
stocks3r ipi-bvisions, iietci-yiny Uie:
hill,'"' to hearty:; ih em ip veiy yt li e "win ter,.:
thus more eyveulyi distributiug Iheii"'
freight expenses. '■- - yy:   ■;"';''■';;■;;
...It wiUpro\dde"iiieatis;..bfi an un--
i h te r f tip t e cL;ni a il." aiid -ye xip re s s. ;:se r.- ;■
Vicei;:'ii dainageyytp -suyryAvbiv!d';be;
obviated an ciI; danger; to "life; would
lake? atid ice- tra^v:el^\vbuld"biiieliiiii-i
.'nat.ecl. " •" y ■•'-;'-:i''
yi. I tw'Ouhliiin:o vide "facilities y'l'or
■hiiudli'ng'.'th'e.y-avernge .ores iiii  tlie
1 Camp, upon which- sufficient  work
has. been-done-'.'.lo- demonstrate. ,the
possibility   of  working   the ■same
uuderinore fa.vpra.lile.cir.cutustaHces,
than those at present'existing. _. i
i; In Spile of. till the iSdrain   oil this
Camp since itsicommetieemeHi, the
■drawbacks',, under    which;   it  lias
laboured with,  regardi   to: freight
iates,;tlKtt it has been   side-tracked,
in its communication 'with the coast
ah<± used as a feeder -to   a- fpreign
syslem^iiistfiitd of being  in -touch,
with   ocean -; traflic, the   Camp-has.
shown it vast increase in 'iisJ'placer.
011 tput'."and steady progress ; i 11 .the
(\n.artz development. ., That the life,
of Ihe Camp.is- uotoue, of short duration, but will be   for...many years
to. come a:gold "liroducer, and-ebn-
setpienlly  an   important   source of
revenue to-the.- Province, is indicated   liv .the .'.constant  discoveries of
ancient channels and gold  bearing,
gravelsyol' vast extent.■'"".' ;
Tlie con.'-U'uclioti of. such a road
in the direction proposed would
open up a great portion of the -Pro-
vince Iiitherio uii'touched'aud which,
is known lo carry gravels and iniii-
W-itv:'K;ot;'r;AVUK^;Yoi;idA,s a.« Vi(,oi..HiAS;.:uKAi'-^^''V" :"yi^:; ;,i i-f'  „
. ". '..'I. . j. 1...  .iLiinniKli^.     ,1 . .,---.".;•';'      ': -.   j"   --■'.-    .'■ ,-.'-■ ?il   ' i' *■,.',''..,-.-'
i he-meeU
' s:;
iClocksV" Jewelry   ui>*'   Diamonds
'•;/;''-::.:•'.   i-Jmi lii-cit"oil the iiremiseii
'■   :iii     ■■:■■;■- i'i„e . Xt'<w'''s'to'ck'fioi   Watclie
iiATLIN '.:.-^i;;:DliS;C'QVE:i-..Y.
■ :■--■—•::*■:.-:- ■■;..•.•:■•-■"..■.-■■ iV-■-:■.:' ■;- -■_ ■: _' i_-_ .:.-..- : ., ,,.ffn :   - - C-ASfMrA*-
;Ailiuib'ili'eiBoun'uiiry^-vine; wotiild-i
ieiitlall Vihat xlisttiiieeyifi sieamers:-
£laska:;": RQ*j;f:^;s/vl;!N^"
For' ftirtlieriinfbrhiaiiPiViyapplyypr yfaV6vial)|
.,?.:"1 .Skagway. - A laska.
write lo
CPUlCtieacii.: a   ■..     u.".'b -"-••;-,'..:;, ■,, t    ■ ::r  ,,-:,.-^   :. q .,;ii ,<i,«''":.'.'i vo
:.i;ijn:XPiiciusioh,i.wey.wq.u.ldy, point'110Uyi^
.giilf ioftiiis pbrtiptirof theProyince ...y :,;..;,. - .■•.;      ,:;:-.■-.: -;.,j,: :-
trcin'ihe sett' ancl; that "mere; iliauy
once thisiSalcI route'/has;^been':;con/.
teuii)lated.,,;ibryyaiyriulwayyrpnle, -aiid
that in: tS99 a-pack-hbrse.irail■ >vas.
cutfrouiithe headibf ciuibe i naviga-'
tiqn loahei:'Silveiv,;'SaluibnyI;ake, a
distance ofiysbmeyHliirtyymUes ironx
.'Atli'h.ii"-■ "y" •"■ .■ '■ ii-"i;:":";■■.ii".;'1'":-''\y"y-y"^
ii^\/c; would-further, suggest, sir,.
the     instigauoit-of iithey, BoaiTl,:.
prewiVt this nuitler lollie-residents
of ihe "District, and;ia ;peliliou be
circulated'   through    the .District,
urging'- the coiistr.iictibii otihe road
upon ihe Government; thi-btiglr.aur
Member, Dr.yH; E. Yotiug.
V    i : CoaBni"i'KK"oi- Council..
wished to id]
■ing the in
[ice t iyd-wO
.;. ;;!■ he: c 11
unit lets
.Otis liarij
i iii'ti - t lie:,
yijoii, an
' thereithl
yHe i\voJ
,"lp i-h-iyej
eral   deposits    well   worth   mining,
men's alleiiliou. .   '■■  y
The.country through which this
road wtiuld pass resembles very
much: that-of ihe Allin '.District
itselli. of which the Mining- and
Kugiueenug JonrnaLsays, that, the
roads in 1 hat part of the Province
cost less, than in any pari of Alaska,
to build and. maintain. Little
bridging would have lo be done, as
the streams •'*••'*-' small. There is
abundance <>f good, limber, and.
eight miles of tlie already constructed McKee Creek road would form
part of the proposed road.
The.distanec approximately from.
-Mr. Jules Eggert, Ailing, up.to-
dale and enterprisi'ng jeweller, has
had .constructed... at the- rear -ql his.
Atlinystore, a Gre-pfoof safe deposit
vault,, for the safe-keeping of ;"yulu;-'
abies','— lbr:his;"owiiyuSe"and:for.the
coiiveuience: of a nyyonewdiowishes;
to rentyspace. The vault 'is. 6x6
and 7,' fi'i-high, ■lilted "up/iwitlt
shelves,, and' lias(solid: cement .walls
iS.inches.thick, with regular"coni-
bination door outside and'double
steel door'iusideV In a.country
such aslhis, where fires tire so liable
to occur, the construction of a fireproof safe .deposit vault fills a much-
needed waul and will, be appreciated by all washing- to store valuable
papers, etc. /This is the only, sale
of this kind between here and:the
.coast.    ' .;   	
Ottawa, Jan. £51U.:--Tl.o Oiiliiri-.. elerjion
return-(tivcB-i Conservatives and M.l.ibcriiU
and » polls to lifiu' from.
■ .";'■■'. :■"■.;.■ IN-\cl ; ,:.;;y-'■'■.■:,
]}t:        CONNKCTION.        yyi.
'."'•'.' Mciid<iiiurtei''s  fur- n'is'on.'s; staiie.'■ -
I. "■■ ;-—■■■.;■■   '■:-■ ..■ ■
• If you want to 'have the portrait
tstkan of yourself or children,—we
shall trv and please you.
Portrait Gallery-Old B. IN. A.
Building, Corner. First and Pearl
Atlin.. ' Open on Tuesdays and
Saturdays,, from 10 a. nt. lo 3 p.m..,
or by special appointment.
■ villus foil
' fur '■.the '■ii'
eoni win
St ..pen;
.were llrij
River Ni'
'died, lei J
out thi|
a re buli|
his -cat:
St. I'c^
this mi
St. Pii
lion is il
say tlia'J
St. P.
day of 1
ed lo ib;!
Gate, u|
uieuts «';
bead ol';
drawn il
were A
did 110^
loud \y'.
lowed ji
Iii'aiiis ,
tu rni.;,*
■ IiijiihIs
is for ;'
riSiero -Power ■■&'Lumber
'. Until fiiTtheV notice the following
will be the prices of'Lumber.;.
Rough, up tq,« inches, :$4©.
' -di).'    i   do.   jo       ,, 45-   '
do.       do     12      ,,     . y5o;y yy
Matched, S5.0.00
S. D. $5,00 & D. D. f .0. extra.
;'-. 1.2 T4 per cent discount will be allowed for cash at time of ordering.
Atlin Lodge, No. 15,
meets second and fourth Wednesdays of c-ich niouth, ;tl 8 p.-m., at
Hie A.'O. U. W Block.'Third Street.
Visiting" Brothers are cordially
invited to attend.
F. W. Dow I,inc.,
Iv. M.- N. Woods.. Recorder.
the st [{-J
oils p!
i-hni-'*! j
of imi.y
. St. v'-
thiil Ijti
Din. Kj
lire,  j{l
Lulls 1
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Staple   Eiiitl , Fancy   Dry   Goods,  ~fLarfi'6s'/ahc!,'Gerit's Felt Slippers,  '��� ReacK'-- fVla'de'"''CioiHits'g, ii::  Ladies"   U ndei-v/sai\  ,��� fv-'fcri's  ysjr.cisiriyeai-;,,  Bobts,.: Shoesy; Etc. .  .  ��� ��*�� ifiy- -���.  ,W.e' carry a full line of tlie celkbraiec! Gold Seal Rubbers, aric! 'Ovet-slio'es'.-.      .;!R��mem!ioi' everyVsrticic we sell we gitaranteeitobe-fit'st clss^ iy   ^   i:;  .;. ���'���yvyyy.iioi.i'tis'ii.iii.i.i'yi.ijitiii iJ!to.\ii'Ti.-v iiN'.i'it 15':'.;��is bus." :;.;:       '.'���'"��� ���.    "''���.-'���������;������ .'-:/��� ���-:.-'. .. ; ,}'������ ������:.     -.,'��� ��� i/i- ���';'  <'-/���;:.;. ��� .���'/���' .\:! ���"���):. .   '',':���'', ' iii'   -.':,  - .A.' S. CltOSS, ���'Ptine.'"-  ;:.' ������;���' -.���.''���:. is': larger than.ever.-, an d,.al 1 at close cash: prices./// y-.  :r^e^s.yiv;v-:y;;-%:  ���'.','Si Ii i-VIhuJlud^ct |irp-  i).i'iilitiiro:or-;...*'t5S,()i)t).6d8  ,;iii'.   The :u mount voted  ink   Hacilie .Kailway  is  tlViiboiitu .iSe.rv.i ce ^between  ������Mliiiid,'S'"i'0,"00vi.;':for>i"iir-r  'isi'SlOO.U.Up.-;'���'"���;     : :.:'       ������;  f.ii. .tilth :��� At the annual  waters'in front of ilii-  <iho '1'sar, several shots  .itrsi!  I'liittcry across the  -.uinit'i-or' had  a  narrow  'Hots struck .the chapid iu  was stauilintr, and their the  iialace  were riil-  .niaii.    Had the jjii'ii been  it woul.i  havewi|ied  '.���'liiuoll'  Dynasty.   Kvery-  friio.- existence  of   a   plot  .���I-, in which nr.tillcrynieii  Su;-Mi-; iCidtUM. 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Strikers, [fond-  ".are in -,i state of iiisuri-ei:-  i'sconu'took place at Narvu  [er GiOpon,   in  j-iildcn   vest-  ���iX ci'0H!i',''a|ipi<6iu'.lii d nt   the  tiilisiiiid   wol'kin.eu,   '1'niops  i iyy;..;'yiAyFaial;Accident.-,4Vy-i  v .-;��� flic stuldest'i.aceicleut in- Iheyi l.'.is-  idry :bf ���-.Sprupe Cfeekibcetirredlasl  Satiird'ty: :uip|-uiiig,' 'when: .Janies  Ke it ned\;, a in i ;",ef 01 i.'S piiice Creek;.;  wiisci'itslied.lp death by tlie 'ftiliiug  bf:a sctofiiiniliei's;: -yliiaurcn'i,irtio:  I iu:ti t'e'' 1 lie; bed' roc k I leii'eii 11 f���'������������ wl tere  his ,ti 1111 let's iwei-cV'stilipprtedVi;lie;  loose lied J hij: ;set,;causiiig:it to; gi,ve  Wiiy.i''a u'd;';';.; the'; -eutireyset/cpining  idbwn,.caught  Ciutipfharill's-way, kiljingyhini-yail:';  ini'St'insutliily::���;;;-;-"-::���- yv'yy;';:y:y:yy-iy  -,yJiii 1111 ierlfas"in'ii 1 iy friei 1 els .in :tliey  yCitiiip "aiid^especialh- you -.Spruce  Creeky':where "perhsipsyiie-Jsi'ibest  knowii,,,'���'w'lip.i will yimiss-.himyyfor  inauyiy. claysiyy.:tb''-'.:cpiiie..,;:,.''-:/''He-;:iw'as.  about J24i;y(iairsi iof Jage.yayiuitivepf  Ireland, and;hud been iii .this Camp  aboutlwo^iyea"^  ;i " ..T.he fit.ne'ral; lppk.-place-;from'-'"Pillr  111 a'n's'; .Uiiclertaking .'-���'���. Parlors.ipn,  Thursday; afteriiooii.: ;lo Abe Atlii  Ce in ele r y ;>-. a 11 d '���-��� was.;' a tie n d e"d J )y. a  large yiiiiiiiberypf-miners i fromi;the  creeksyand^b'isiiie'sisyiiiien yfroini.'the'  town.-iyi'fhe- .pall.--bearers���'���'-���were--,:  jphu \Malloy, John, Gbrniiiti; \Vm.:  .Cbni'oy;. ���-;;Bryan,. yNiit-iMclivveu,i  ^Brirl:e.4:',..:^/M''*--'^  and t lieri:, iniioli totlieir sui'|irisc, lii'oi ivitb  defeat--l:',.;to S.:t .'.tin.���.������t*at'iiriiay ','��� I'i--'v<:oii(|ii'.or'--  ilif;-ytcaiii..--.Messrs.y (jiliinirc, ..!��� t'e wart, ,\\'elj-"  stcr and : \\-;isii()n1-.;-.i<iui'iii..v<.(i i(>';;AI I in,: but  ho in; the hoinu t cnui cu'uid hold t hid r o,wn. -  scoriiiifi.o.t(.'i',.i. "'..;,-;;y. ���-.';-��� ."...j''-'.>  ; i'he: l.h i I'd.round rt'oi'tlKi,!-'(>t hurst on bit lit!'!'.:  Cup liiiK been di'au n and the followih'C.puii's.  lire ci 1 in pel in;:' u;; iii ii:.t each other :  ���., - ;- -  ������Trot niiiii;.-.... y..viti  Hiin-Uiii- .;;,;..;.,;. 10;  Uiiss,;'. .���.���;. ;;.y.. -- *���--  t.ii-iiiit;.;.:,:.:.V;iv;.-."..,--:y  Mei-'i'ii-iii'iu!...;'.'. .'���.''',. ��� ;  Turluii^tiin.-....-.--:  Grimo........:,....:.,-.':  Webster vs.'Wheel in  :; ���W;l3jrirerr-;;v,.';'?.  1 Wilavis/j;.. ,;���;.  Iturnsidi-....'.  .Itiiurnc;.;...;.  : ; :Sini|i'soii'.....(.  i: ���'''���': "itiVi-L. :j--.-.:-;';"."'.''.  "'���y, .Staliles:.;���;.;.  ;��� cii-Stephensiiu.  - 'rhe: fnllow.inn" 'lilaycrs   ciiiu|n:ti:  second.niuiiil.nl' (.he AYilUiiison*t:-.ui)::  ��� tli.  l-'rasei-;... /.'.v.  uuid,,;.;,;^.;  I'.ciiiiMie;...,.;'.:  Siuohiir... .v...  Woods;.:,....";.:,  AVlieelinK.. iy  !{ichui-<l.souv..  Gunimlh,'"!...,  '���Ko'ss'i-lli;--.'.;::;������.'.;';'.������;-n  ,;i layis ;,;,;;:;';;.v-.7-.:: .yi  '���'irolli'Cji-'.ilon'li:iii'��ir.f-'  ���'.llow'linsf;... ������.-.,"j;;.; ���  ;;:Sta.hh:s.vi.Vv ..;.i:.. ������  Stewart-. :y:.:.:..7v;---  Ciiriuiehael .'.���;;.".:-:���-  ktSKerti:'-j'..y'...:':A-  DeatK:ofiDr.!"W;:M  i"We regret-to a;-.nb.iinee the death  Of. Dl. ..W.'M itchcily-wliio'.i.-ooo.i.ir'roi.l.  at '������Vancouver on the 13th ii;st. By  tliis event Atlin; loses one of her  earliest pioneers, the 'Doctor having  been one of the first to reach ;the  goldfiel.cls on, their /discovery being  made, known. At that lime D,r...  Milch.ell.-was medicaloflicer on the  S. Si''Tartar,':' then'; 'running on  the. Vaucouver-Skagwayroiiie during the Isilondyke rush of 1S98. Pie  held .'many .interests in both'���'placer  and mineral iii this Districtyaiid last  summer opened up and concentrated  his energies upon the development  of "'���.They'IIei-'mil'.'. mineral claims  of Taku'-'Arni.    ���     -i  :Dr;iMitchell was a Canadian-by  birth, havi-.g  been born in Quebec  ^.;i^i|llV  ��^!ft')/ii.'*'^:      ii'iO'i^ftv^-ieK^^^  ':.���:-lN-  tot  Msco��er|SlligliI  #1  lias  -ON-  *Mi  sX-  \-21i_ A D jyj|SS 16 H,   50   CE NTS* ������ ���  Orchestra      in     Attendance.  Jo ;,-��.; McFarlafie, CE,  A.'rr,!"^. :b.i'-c:  TTiunBiei 'Survey.;. 0fB*  l-liins anil Siiecinciilions for.Slenni Slusycls r.atl  I'.y.lr.iiillc. Plants on op.oiit-.illoii,  <S> ���-���-���-*-���-*-��-���-*-*-��-��� ��-���-�������� o- ���->-���-��-* *--��-*-S  E.M.N; WOODS,  BA.RRISTER-AT-LAW. .'"���  a -11 n*-.' alien au.tlltici: at. J.oum l.t'lold J  i . liousi.-, 'Discovery. ��� Olticc liuui-s������ ^.  I. 'riic-.da.vW, :rh 11 rsdnys anit.Sa-.ilrdays. vi  ^    from li in S p. 111. ���"."".'"'a'  The;  troops, but still  the  line  1 order was then  jriveii to  }nd the  next volley was I'ul-  ieks of  the  wounded.   The  ���l-crimsoncd snow llred t��.c���  luiiins 'of  tho  strikers, anil  ..'us  well  as   liien  into  wild  Ivy of thu infuriated  people  Workmen are iii-iiiiuif witli  ��� iveapon  for the renewal of'  y.^htiuK' is conl ilined at, varl-  ohlicrs continued firing itud  Tho whole cii v is in a state  f:  casualtirsi UO killed and IWll  [���iisiiiilties occurred, today.  -|��, Juii. 2.11 h *.--lt  is  reported  ,' ot'St. Pcter-hiii.fv lias been  ' (Jhicfof l.'iilicciis.siissiiiiiled.  1 coinuicuced at Viliui, l\ov-  , where strikers' ranks arc  ���*sn|'.    A ilcspntch  from   Itad-  .Itussiu, describes that city in  f) The inilit.in llred upon iftitli-  plu and  the  latter   returned  'vend ollicecrs.    I''urtlu:r dc-  tf*  been iii his day the .acknowledged  best full-back'Rugby football player  iti Ihe world, having played for all-  l.'lnglaiid for three yeais, itnd \v;is a  general all-round athlete.  . Dr. Mitchell's sturdy figure and  pilhy conversation and his kind  and genial disposition will long be  remembered by his. many friends  and acquaintances here and elsewhere.  Curling.  ��� A ' vary iiiteteiline; cui-liuir mutch took  plr.ee between Discovery and lYtlinkist l-'ri-  iluyand S iturduy, On l-'ridny, I'mir of Atlin's  crack   players,    Messrs.    Htables,   DowIIiik.  1!ohs  and  Woods, journeyed   to   nisenwi'y  5fa^f  v&a\  37 years .'ago,..aiid front there passed ��� I'tOYw*!  lo Cambridge University.' Mis  medicaliraiuing was completed;!-}'  a term as'surgeon in Guy's ITbspi  tal, Iiondon, and his skill .was 'employed in many"'instances'-which  /entrance, called upon-tiio | will be remeiiibcfe'd with gratitude  up, but 1ho  order  was  iif- - .       ,, .       fx  , /.,,   .     i,,.',...  i. ..,  l' lin   this  Camp.      Ihc   Doctor   had  "Beg to announce  lha't' they have reopened, and are now  ready for business.  They lake this opportunity to thank  Iheir former patrons  and respectfully solicit their further  patronage.     ,iW>s. IWa fESm,  Proprietress.  msAi  Pliif Cite fiM  DISCOVlvRV, li. C.  Tasty   meals,    fuse   litpiors,   good  cigars, and so fl beds, make il a  pleasant home for all  travellers.  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor  BATHS  BARBKR SHOP  I^SlMl'Bi;^  FRE5Si;;'DRESSED^ij^TS^!;a!sb;  PG.UCtSY-;.;OF:;,ALQ';KlW  atcjaiiust - -----------  C. yDOELKER,; Managei-i  n^w.a^j j-^.Lj^t-rufcj \srt.-fcxt *wiai  rs"\  r\<  mmm.  -a Mr  P-.*>.*>.C��fb;P;<',  &:  <a'4'-<a'- e^ets-.s'fi-.s^'-c^s'-a'^'^'-^  EHTi  THUi-'DlNING-iROOM/ifS CONDDiCTiED'. ON/^STRICTpYi VIKST^  ;;:'���/���:"���./'';/;������/.���:;��� :>-':-';/  l-����^^>:v"S���^*��^]^SlE3;  DISCOVERY; iB;   C:  isa?:Rie:]?jL'^':;:i^��R��^^:-GE^ss'.:  ; JOE- ROSE,   Proprietor.  S'.l'AGll!:    &V liiVKIlX    1M.'.'.UONJCiSO'l'IOIs-.-  :o  ^i  .3"  -p'  "���0  v-  "B'';  f< .  �����"'���  ,  2:;  "DIXCN ; BHOTHERS,   Proprietors  : .   V    Pool^ &,   Billiads, ::;Freev::i-';'7";';/  Freighting and Teaming <���*    ���   Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  pr~      rtr?>i '���>-?-.. *r\'/-  A   ei  9  iV.' TROT MAN-;  Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atliti, B. C.  Fl RST v.C LASS   R ESTAU R A NT   I N; CON N ECTIO N.  spjiZir.irwvt  CIIOiCtST WINES,'LlUUtittS AN!) ClOAKS^��� USt GOODS A SPLCIALIY.'���  ie  anadian." ii^aiiK oi  ���     ,y    CAPITAL    PAID    UF   ,$10,000,000, ������.-.  IvViSivKVi-:, ;$3,500,000.       . ,  '"  Branches of.-'tho Bank'a*,/3eattie, ���'..,; ;/.  San FratiGiseo,  '  Porthintl,  ' SkagwAy,- et��3.  EstGfczM'jge ,so��z$ etn sSS Points* ��� ' ���  Coi.n Dust Pukchask))-  A'SS'A'Y   Ol-'VICK   IM   CONNKCriON.  1). KUSS.yMauj  lV��  }-. Sun-1,us.& Hnov DmiirAM.  Now i.ici:ii|i.v their new qunvtM'-. nrxt  to thu lianl: nf I!. N'. A., rir��t Strri>t.  The luitli rooms ii i-H cunnlly an pood as found  iu  I'ltiei.    I'rlvato  F.utraneo for latlfiis.  'ANC011YEH'ENGINE!  c��  \2  WORKS,  1 T|l  hi U  VANCOUVER, 15. C.  SPECIALISTS   IN  )*  Hydraulic Mfnin'q  HYDRA ULIC    GIANTS,  "ilIl'-.i-I.K    BARS, STKK  HOISTS,      MINING    CAGHS  lacruBneriLp*-  WATKR GATKS,  R1VUTTKD PIPK,  am.     ORE    CARS.  MADE   TO   SPECIAL   DESIGN.  '"vr.',-.. ;;������.:  Wfita   f&r>  nrica'a   and  cu/s.  '���M ���������at��i^':^ &^^  a-/.  m  :i:-;-.;.  li v,;  m  ML  sit^  ,>.-���;���;��� ;.;���.-���;���,...,..   :.������������ '.���_.-_...���'-*'��i  :;Uncle!\sKii��tcL   and;,: DrawerSi   iv)lic.h ^yv  ;;.;;.ii-i.-i ���-.'-..-���������-.       .���.������-''.".'.':���;��� '.'���.' "..":.,.���;������.'���'���������.  ��� 'Qvprshir.ts;���.".���..��������� -'-���'������ ���>;>���';<,���/''��� ���',/���-:--��� '",,'.'���'  Gcj-.',ru;n,, Seeks,v..',.'1;.";..-v.'.'.,...,-/ -   -  ife;  $1.2S  i; 2.00  each  are: now.  ,...          1 !..���:  $1 00  -: i..sis  ���.'' Z-i.50  11  ��� ( |   ���  1..I5  . .'- .  2.25  ��i ���  11:'  1.85  /-���S..S0  11.  -.���:.:  IE.  '  2.15  2.75  "- ���  ....    -  ���  ,   1 i -   .  "2.35  i.25  -1'.  ( I.  .���'���1.00  : ,., .  ; i.'SO  ������'.''. ���������  .'."-.  '-'-  1.15  i %.��&���  /��� ���&������ ���  ...*&3k..  ���jj\*'**iv-si'  ,-s=a*'  tesiairig  &  (c?tos.f-7s.irif  msP 83&y '::GGSi'ds:--ai:k!&&s1a  ..,.,...-.���,������-.-.,  HEi��^Si;iiii&i  yy';!y''.y:;'iy;-!y '-y Local.; Events.: i  : /  ";::i: ;,Sl/:V.iientibe  iy/.,is'tlieidayiset. for; tlie yiGra.idy Faiicy  y: DresS'iBa llth,at/is';,tb be. given ���under y  tlie auspices  of. the- Spruce- Creek  7Qrchestraatitlie:GraiidiH"ptel,iAi!iii.  ���y Tpi tlie;ibest .sustained:.;; characletvre-i  -VpreHenled isloibepresentedyay;prize  Vi^vliich:\vili-'be a in.y'slery,yaiidi;;to the.  i -iiest dressed/lady, will/be./awarded:  ,   another  "'prize���also; a-/i'iiiystery.  ,', yTlieseyprizes ;are:''good': and   will ;be  -appreciated b\; the,pinners../;-,yy;y  :���'���i.".���A^vei���3^������fast':������:gaiil'e.-p���f���������ilOclc(iyr..^va��^  '���.'������pi ay eel at the Rink otiSaturda  ,ti\veen."l\vo/ learns-, represeutiiigytlie  y niarried;and.:single. iuien:;of- Allim  ' yi'Tlie iii'iin-ied'ime.iiu\vere;i;afraid; that,  ;-i.;if:fheyy.playeda strenuous; game an  accident: would'/oeeuriwhieb iiiight  ��� '..:, "geti them,.. in to-, ./trouble   with: their  .. . wivies-whe'ii! hey, got/home,; sotliey-  7;iiplayed:.cautioitsly; \viiih'. the  result  /.'t-li a t;/t lie /score"; i s t pod,/; \v h e ii y las tv  uouiiled,-15., toy ^y in.; kiv.or /of the  /- s-iiigle men/ ;-,..';.���...;::,:.���:'.���'"/-.;, .'���",:'.i/v;,���/;.';"  ,/ilVteDannlcl's/ :GT6aery./i /iTiakesrlti  i  specialty of: fresh eggs: and ibutter.  .Remember the -Fancy Dress Gar-  '������: i\\vtil'at;the Atlin Skating- Rink to-i  night,    it is going to be a good one..  ������';y The -latest.' magazines and/papers  i a-re-always-oii band-at Pnihiaii's. ,  Johnny.McAiiley, a very proiuis-  ihg   young, 'many  who   li-as  spent  '���'"several"ydi'rs.ih'.ljie Gamp, left Ibis  week: loitakc up a "position   in   the  "... \Y: P;i&-Y:''' R.'.. 'Jiiie'c.tric: Work.; at  .Skagway..  aiid "rise on-, top  .  life expectation of his many.friends  ��� iiere., ���. " '���'"  ; i Disc6very;S;katingiRiirk is to-give  , a.fancy, dress-cat"iiival,i';irSatitrelayv  February-J.th.' '-".  "Mi". Jaiiies I.-.uiiisaeif,.'6he''/bf our  popular: Atliu merchants,, whose  aye-sight- lias been" .troubling him  , for some lime, left on Monday for  Viauconver.'iw.hare he intends placing.himself under the care of an  eye-specialist. We will be-all.glad  to see.'him.��� return soon, completely  ' recovered:  Aid. Alexander Garrett, of Van-  oouvcr,.who,has-been oiieof Atliu's-,  -annual summer legal visitors,'was  married at New Westminster 011  JJtu. nth to Miss..Mabel A lie* Pit-  ten-.lrigh.  Wei Lassorfcd: slock of Plain aiid  Fancy ToiletiSoaps-'atC.R.'.libiirne'.s.  "���..' S i ?'i. tea ins be lot i g i u g" t o D i "x oh &  Schiilz,'-'.uhder.ithe/charge of iibbb  and. Gordon ���Dixon,, left;, Al.liu-on  iTtiesday/ for,-Gar, Cross,, ovan;���: Lee  ;Gar.den's winter trail;:/ As-llie Lake  :was only;frozeii'a.iweeki''aiitl-lhe:ice  iiot -considered; ''--sl'roiig'-'-. enough ylo.  ibare:iyiteams,.iithe land; l-oute.was  clipseii, but ithey yaxpectito;/bring  freight;back:pvei"lheice.; iyy  ii W3^hz  Monday/.   ..,���/.":;/.;;.,,. ;-,:������-..'-,.,;,,     /;.:.;  -. :���' Thei public; nieeting/ called., /for  Thiirsday;;Jaii.:26tliVito;disciissAhe  proposed.���Atliti-junea.uy Road;;,was  postpoiiecli.to next Tliiirsday;.Feb.,  2ndy/&ip,.m/,iiat.tlie;i Courti House..  Therie^will be a ..large, at tendance: yy  iiWni/iJ.. iiStockalid;;died;at/; Vancouver: 011, tliei;24lhi.iiist.y Hiey/was  the-/spn"-; of:; Geprge,y:Sldckand;.::a  prbmiueiitii contractor an ��� Ottawa,  where hey.was iibpiiii March/ 21st;  ,1.897./������ He''.;, came lb; Alliii/iinii i 900  and left; for. the outside last October,'  oil account: of;;"ili' health." ;-He;iii-  leu.ded leaying for. his iiomey iii.; Ot-  tavviu-this,. iweelc.ii:;,HiS;iijpdy;;.:waii  buried iii; Vancouver .yesterday.'",.'. ;"���  :, Musical.'. Instninients,; Strings,  etc/;'"'l'or sale at; C:  R..Jiourne's.    ;  .'.': Mr. I). G. Stewart.aiid sister left  fori'"'i he, coast. ,011 Monday, t. Mr-  Stewart expects to. return.iii June,  to look after his ������.mining- ���interests..  ;He is one of Atliu's'������ pioneers', and  as.ii   business man, has. been very  /successful.  i ��� ���  ���' A consignment  of Fresh���-E.auch  Phat   he, will   succeed:-iV:gSS'a^ifea   this y week   for   Me  .,. , ���   i Donald's Groccr.v vSlpre.  ti- top.'    somewhere^ is ������-,. ���;  The.Canadian.Rank of Commerce  has/now. ai capital of, $10,000,000  ancl.a reserve of $3,500,000.  ! Dr. Young,,VM.: P.-P.;:and, Mrs.;  ���Young,' left,yesterday Tor. Victoria,  where:Dr.-Young will attend to his  legislative duties at. the coming,  session. ; 'vy.  ' Mr.. J. I-I. Richardson left.yester-  day morning' for Ihe outside "on a.  business trip. H.e will return iii  about a month...;  ��� Yesterday morning, the thermometer registered 25 below zero,  the colnest for tliis season.  wStoves and- Hardware at prices  that can't be.beateii..���J..D. DukiK.  Social events in Atlin are nuiner,-  011s, ���between .skating, curling,  whist, etc., the winter, is passing  merrily along.  Stables-& Lumsden make a-specialty of Fresh F.gg,*-, and Rutter.  .-;//;'";.//':/After ���a.','evisniugV  ;,��� /iy' -;":i'yi ���'''k'i*:ii:/'Cacc34.;W  i::'';"^;^/"':.'/;?; ii';  ,.; >;;,;;/;;;;;;/./i;i/;^  ,/';:;������,;;; :���;:':;; y i \: ���:' i ii�� i' -i j -id ��� c p ih ���. u.i/c.:;,: --���.-���-������/- ;'-^=- '/;/'���/-.  Wis Jiavtt' a   f>i!I yiine^v'oiT.i-tHe-ya'bbve^.-iri'eo-tio'n'pd 'goods,���.;;.���:������ ,,;:/;  Andv-'ouit, pi-i.aes^are   right../;/.',//-;//, '//���/,,/yi./-'':,/'.;.':/.,;���.-���;:".,':'/.//."-- .'.,': ';;,:..���; ���.'.''���������:  ffiwlpiil  ewgiiliB  ���9/ i:  :;i'.ijfiits'  iilluccoiiiits collectc<i)  $3.50-per. yLighfi/  .;^i.OOJper monthi/  ���wanthiipei-:  Ligh-fc  Hnlifiiii'ilicrniiticc,������ t liG-i'ollowiiiif will   lu; tho: i-iitcs ,,l'oi  '���" v ������-���.:���;,.-���   ���:, ,'-;..:���..'���������:��� ���'���'���'������.���,.������ ':-:   inonthly..:.-,-.-���...-���    ���..���-..  "���;-;i;/''';/y/ii'  '.���//'/'/':-ELEGTfnG^^m^T^RAiis^. ���  Insital I action,/;/. ���'���/.-���://."���/..���.;.'. -..:..:. "v:.;./.'.;y;;.v..;.':;:.::: :y:y':,..'.;.'.,: :;.;..���.;.  .-. Suliscrilici'sciin lu-'iiiiiiiiliuiliitMotcr rn'tcs,.-;  'Rent,of .each -p/ieter,.. ���)��� /���/''���; -y.i'y- ���.'���'��� ';',���'���',���:���::���;:/;/-���- ���"'. ::'--i//-y-,.;l'';;;  .���'.;'   :? "���'���.; y/  or nt: "lint,". ���rules, lis., ii inlrjr_.--.' :'  8   CsMdle-'.-'Powar'   Iricandescent,../..:.'../.::.$!;.75   per  16"' ���     " ������"   ������"��� ' '"-;    ���     ������'���'. - ��� "���//   '     -������''.:.'/../:/:/:/- '';3.25'-". /'/���' /"".,= '���/-'���'������ .';;"'/ : ���-:V;'.-'-"  32;:/'-/:������:-'/������'/.-//���i'i:-'r-'";-/;-/ '''-/:y/: ''./;.".v/yv'/,:./,::,'./;"5;5Di';;/;'/;"./,''/':,;y"'//;/T^  ."'.���;   I..roin and urtcrt-hcltrd .lanuai-y, liis; nil l.i-htsAvi 11-llc" turned >.ll'','ii t- 2 :ti.; Jii.uudi re^,,  'jitfroniji iu; in: until .��liiy.liK-!i.ti',.. J ���.-_-.;.:-'..: :���;.���,-./::.;.:..'-.    .,:��� -ii1:. - :.:; ::v:i       "���':���'. :i: ;/'���/;.���,:  All iiu'riiiul-oiit.oi-.irfiic.k'oiicd.i.-iiiiiiis': \viil lie cxclian^ed for iieu-;ones,.Frcc.of chui-(?c,.iliy  lir.oiVjriit toiliciGoniiiiiiiy'sOtiicei-liuthroUoii ones \\\ill licchtirii-cd for 'at aij .co.i'iKs'puuli..;-;. ;���"���-. -  The Company's tViodern Steam Laiindry has heen dot-onylcnse to;.Mii:,-hudi  iliVs'. F|.;nx, ivho will collect-iii'iil deliver nilnyiistiiiiirV��� receive liaynicnl l'or all :;\viushiut;,;anih  ��� liny .'ill accounts iu coiincc*tioh;\virh;the" l.aiiiidr.V:,/ ���;.���'���[..."...'''.'���'���.:."/���'. y~:j.y.   ;;/;;,;;///; ';ti  V\\  ���~r.  y&Uj  1^  iy-ATLIM,..  ���" -. ;       '*/���-���  la.-z-c;:.',  ��P /  I  ��� &���������:--.  '��  Ul  ������;: ATIUO^; I!. 0:        ,;  i SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE;  Tin and Granite Ware, -  Miners' and Blacksmiths' Supplies,  P?"'���-���      '      -*^-,:,:   ������'.'���   .. i-""-'--^- *  ..-565  Doors and Windows.  tk  /������    ���.,-;, ATLIN,. E.G.. ....':,;..,. ;���  BREWERS   0E   LAGER BEER   .���  SMALE,.   AND    LARGF i ORDFRS?-  PROMPTLY  Fl.I,LEDt  :w  *ii^'    mkw&/%K |%JIB''������ Wmil 1 i  ..al-S_     ^q&> ��i%* /���-a. I >9.sLW     ;b3 (S!%Jy a .H  1-.1NFST liOUlPPKD HOT.GI, IN .THJJ NORTH. -  FVKRYTHINGCONDUCTFD  IN ' FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  Ugs~tei��-Bc2ie   rtese<SMs>&ss�� in   feassmaciecsx.-,  FRED; WRONG,    Piflanager,.  CORNK-R  l-IiKST  AV.ICNiji'C  AND  DJ.S'COVl-RY  STK1UCT,   Ai'MaS'.  Ks��.u.io. m: fqle��  MTUffl:' GHEAP  CM&ffl   STORE*  :niwKmmjj.^iB.r-i7.v����.. .��^.��� -1���- ,.....-,���,  *-*���r���t HMTiii-ririr  gOtr FTJLL.IJNri OF STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES..   : <�����*�� '���   ���JEJbm-,. Oals,, Chop   Feed,   .Bi-a.n,.  &c.,. &c.  ��r jy      (Ur \     r HJI T    v^V  ������*v   ^ v>    '  ���'la i*!  THE  Malp-Way Mouse  in a haven l'or till  "fcriivullo'i-.s. Thcincals  urcl'|.(,e-niillintr and  tiic liitii<ii-i!<i In the  li.-u- lit,' rurrculiijij- as-  the iIimv ol' the earl.*  iniirniiiw-,. An ideal  suniiner and wIiiIul-  r.csort.  JAMES  CLARK,  i-'y.(.ii'h-.t.ii:i'ot;���


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