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Alberni Advocate 1912-09-13

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 ��� *��-*TT*rT?rsk*..  ^^otsu;,,, ^  V .J V*' "   .-t     ***-  SEP 1C 1912 ���<i)  R1A. #V"''  ���^/  vol. a  >Ji*ti**M*  .r*rt ..<*���< .  Albernl, B. C, Frisky, Sept, Id, JGJ2  ��� >_*'* r-J(w- Tain  No. 3  ���***>*��**  U1TLEFAPS1LY  TEA PARTY  A nice tilde fnmlly leu ptuli' was  held ni the port on Molality cvniiln*-  ful' (he purpoae of (IIn'UssIiu/, In the  nui-tl friendly iniiitiier, iho'muitnr of  utivt i Kindt's, The kindly ��phil shown  wns mo*! |(-iii'hln|*t mul for a ilm** ihe  ��ol*# of- nt itiii}- iiteii, H('knowli4il|-lni*  thftl they bud been wruii*", nod ask hi".'  that (he (ilijn* |ui)|msisl by the other  f olloiv be'tutopted, was sltuply thrtllloi*-.  Ills Worship, th** miiytir, otphilmsl  (hnt (here wus no iHiiiiH'Clioi) between  blitisttlf nnd du* oiu,'li.t'i>r, it ltd repiitli-  i*(*hI nny Idenof "-rnft," nml itumds of  applause hullctitcd thnt every imm lu  tbo bull fully believed him,  Aid. A. 1>. .Mclntyrccrltliised lit (he  slrt��it|,'est winds the itmyur, the *'ii*"l.  tioer Htul (be fiow*-. Thislnt'er ho suid  wh'i* tilled with sireet gossip. Mr,  Uf*yiie whs "The Nlifj-crln (he l''ent't*  BAMFIELD  c OllUkt-llti (V>��lt>*iin||ll,4|rt' )  Hii fur us, t'un Ih* learned hciv, (be  Nithttil /-old liad (ippeiir* io i*e it t/euu-  hie one, uud dm value** run y,ti-y hl'jh.  I,ttlest returns front die miinpii*". ihtti  have been tuihiiihtod to ies|* show a  Value of 12 it's, to the Ion In /'old, Thb.  Is n splendid sliowti'i', und mil'Hint I.  hound lo nltrnt'l the nHeiltlun iff the  lllillilll,'hoi Id tt|*iilti to lite west const,  vt bleh they; huve so loin* no'-Jecicil, it  Is felt tbitt ihew must In* a sbowinM1 of  (ht* stum' Initttf for nml Inn (hat yielded  *,-o*sl rciurn-* lu dte lacuch river nee.  Holt further south, imd dutt enrcfu)  pronpecilnj' of Ilil�� ref-ion will disclose  other minei'itl ile|Ki*lts worth hxtkifiK  after.  ��� H/initield, taken ns it whole,is look-'  Inir up, imd those win) hnve plotted  their fttlih to ibis Keel Inn are hc",rlmih)>-  te feel I lint (lit* turn uf lite 1 lib* has  ciiuie) Krom now on wo hope to attract  more set tiers, imd set* die country open-  od up faster thiiu hurt been done In the  piisi  In ninny wny* dic'iiltftfest. nnd   best I wore there   mid   ll  only   needed   die  In the history of lit*,  district   the blitf j offorl** of such people as ihosi* who bad  and everybody iippeiired (o hcllovo the  Kidei'tnun.  .Mi, liny ne, In reply, mated that It In  firm hiut only followed the usual methods of procedure. His muj-li plans were  Ideal teal with the ilnlslusi one-*. He  ���Imi Mild that ll wiot sh/iilllrfiut dint  Messtx, Mclntyro nnd Ci-oper owned  properly on Third Avniuie.  .Mr. Huyne wtts uit*o accorded u lnr"o  iiiuetMtnt of -belief,  Aid. Cooper did not approve of Mr.  llttyiii*, hut hiut no wish io In* hard on i fvenln-f lor dm put pose of piittilni" an  exhibition, "-Ivcn by dm Albernl Airrl-  t'lilliirnlnndliuhistrliilHoeleiyenThur**-  day of this week, murk** auuther mile  mono hi Ihu proj-reMi of Albernl. In  the luimher nnd encellence,of tho ex.  Iillilt*. a murk ivtis net thai will tnko  some (line to puss, Tho Judges had  muiiy a close derhdon to hnnd out, tmd  wen* In iiiiiny cusc*forced io iroino light  down to (he lint) |mlnls of llio articles  iu question in tinier lo select the fortu-  mtu* winner of the blue curd. Ills  thlt* close competition that'mukcM mich  an exhibition .so Intoresthur, and miiuy  a person who ceittklonlly thou-fbi that  | weeks of  patient  effort,  had   iiinde a  lei, ,,, I .-.  - j-._,..,...,- ^. t*-v.   *,- Tk,-w ��� **n-n-v-     wm  The new pinta! service In la'laj* and* lwirM eertuln, found that  other*  woro  clputed with (lie prettiest, intorest, tmd  It it* felt dutt this will domtuditobrini/  the country iti'otmd Hiuulleld into closer  connection with dm ouolde, and thiis  slinttilitte dte cumin"* hi of **i*tt!erii.  'Atw��u**T"ciubr  PleuNo remember die int'odnj- which  will be held In die  court  house   ihht  cither him or die iiitiyor, but thou-dil  dint the huter was dciiiiiiidln1-' better  j-riutes on Ai'f*)ie street dine he could  >. |H**t��!bly ("ei. lie rdso expressed a lean*  iR'f toward * the phuusntit piWtime of  Dcrapphi'- with the editor. l-jvorybody  . Ixdlevwl .Mr. Coopor,  "��� Aid. .It It. .Mclntyro wan not Influ-  cncwl by th,' proiHined out on Third  Avonuc, but hodiutij"bt tluHLho mayor  was to Ih* condemned for not c<mt|>i>l!lt!'~  tin* k'tij-fhtetir to iidve ruloa'uaie inforuu**  tliiii, Ilim wor��|tl|i hud net done ono  nlnifto diliii," to expedite mutter?*,  KvoryUidv fully i*ntIi>**M*d thu stutt*.  itieutti of thbt f-penker.  Mr. H. J. Itui\h>< of the News, cuitie  nuxt. Ho ���untodth.u vrhlh* lie thanked  al! and simdry for diclr ulTei-s of aid In  the mutter ef rutmhi"- hit* now-tpupcr  hn would try to t*!t'ti,f,,io iihntj,' a little  Ion*-**!* "on htm own.1' In hln oplulon  Aid. C'Ovipcr had uxed hi* civic power  iu further private ends mid interosiK,  Tho tm-nliii- down of the Moon plans  whs rut error, and a costly one. There  hud been no improvement on tho pti-  umry pltnir*. He sttld tbitt dm (-oilcy of  the |m|h*r hud alwayx !*ccu to create  hnruiony In ttm cmmoll, but tliere wim  a limit, nnd Mr. Cooper would not Imvo  in die future any uauso to complain of  look of editorial aiU'iidom lie men.  tinned dint the presenl etij-bieerM were  rt*v"<*iim)t'iikbsl tiy iMi'ssrs. Mitelntv re,  and tliat tbe former hnd tttlpiilntcd delay when (hey look over the contract,  and he Implored the council to leave  tocbelcttlitU'* to diose vvhu uinliii-sUhxI  Uiem���that ihe rift In tht* etjunoli's  "loot" wua(leplornhb*, mid the pntiUi*  . woro (he tmlfervt-Hi  Thu j-iM)Gt'*iiiv tuiffeiei's, such as iho  Kb."- S'Jdwafd hulel, Mr. WiUson aud  Mr. Moredltbt hudlnicu wjllln-- id sink  perHnutl'ttitdln1;-! and udnjn tt policy of  "Oo Ahewl." Ho imphticd diem not  to ��flve thu '* Knemy," tbe Albernl Atb  voeate, any further ehamw to pumu*  dm jtolley ef rJdlonh) which that ptipor  itnil wwi) Ht (��,�� adopt. Kverj Ih**!)' ud-  iiitii***! tlml Mr, ihude was |K)stttv��ly  eerre-31,  HeviU'a! other -.penkem followed)  brief and lo the p-)lm. Htiifi-esdo'is  wpru (trlv-ni ttDildconslderttiiltJliueirup.  tied n* (loliii/ *-oiiii>i)dinror Kettbiw eat,  followiMt by ��� nn   hvidoully  mtpi-iast'sl  Allntrnl Atldutli1 Assocladen in rtmnin"*  order onco iiioro. All dux*** liUorostod  in this movement, should lm on hand,  We have trood innterltd Iter**, tmd or*  K'ltnlicuditn In all that U itM|Ulred to  put n siron-- (eiiiii In the Held for future  event**. ' - *-d  Jheat Wtttch Charm.  Mr. (1. It. Mcti'-hor, of dm Arllnifton  Hotel, rt-jHM-l** the It >t* uf a "old wtdeh  clinriii on which iviim a monoi/ram ''J.  Ma'* As the article Is n, family relic,  Mr, Meitj-lii)!' Is veryanxletisU'reeevci'  tho Htiine, und will ptiy a Miilutble re.  ward for lis return.  Y  ftpprttfiati-'t. ef (b*r toohnlerd work done if**!"-' well.  The various, denier!- In real - entato  ri*|)ort tlmt the pust two weokit have  Ih'i'U idniut the be��t for a Ion1,' time  pitst i*o for xxh it'ttiisfers an* eoneornedt  Most of dm lot** beltMi-'Init* to thtt Lund  Coin puny hnvu ptctsetl Into dm lunula of  private owtieitt. Ho inueli ban tbit*  been the case lluit there In u movement  un loot to hiituf du> atlendon of thi)  Kiivrrnitii'iif to the fact with un Idea ot  ctrtiilllni' tht* inllueuceof ihceoinpiiny  to matters itdiitlnif iodic lucorjxn'ttdou j  ofAltKunb Ulsrelt thut t-o lltthv of  the luiut left is nuw really dm property  of die coinpiiuy that It It* about dum  they took ii buck sent in tmmleipat mat*  ter**.  Mr. Win. I-Vnuk Olbadn re|K>rtn thut  lie hhS hud ahum the be.t sidex atnee ho  opened busliK'ss, He had haudbnt  ul)0ilt it dor-cu oily lotn at* well at* out*  Hide 'properly, and the dtnuund nhewm  no hulk'tidon of fiillluj; off,  Messri*, t-Yuul. A Debruyne 'lidvo m)m>  j.'Mt ihioiii-h �� mmiber i)f tb-nl. nml  utnte dtut they hnve a hirifi) ateount ef  tiuttiiittkf. in *j",'h-��� 'iiii* new Hrni are  cntchliu,' ox\ io iht�� trend of aJTidiW, tmd  huve ninde i/iksI linht from the *!*tri.  Mr. >>, Hi Motion hasinkeit a number  of iiii|Ktt(iujt optlouii diirliit,- tho {m*i  week fur hU elli'tiht*, end Dta(��*?i thttt- hi*  |*i well enlbtled with \\\<* voUmu'ol bu*-  tni.tt. dint hn 1�� dofnif. Tlio property  tn whttii lie Is |H)i*iaoiudly iuteivsUHl in  by din '"-illicit, appii'ehtted and under,  sutod by no one. It wntf muvedi uml  carried* (bat tho present plaint be  adopted, and the work 'pi-oetavdi,-i Thb*  wsaearHed by a (stnndlni- or slitlnirf  v'olhu/; inothed, but ni* It 'wan pohilod  out Initn^luwly aftcrwiu-dii that half  theftiulfenee had perfotfiiei, to,standi  tnuirost In (blii wnned, 'cnpeehdly when  elialrman pithily put It "tluit (Im prei*-  scnt vet*) would, In id I prolniblltty, liav-j  nu wcitfbt widi the ('oithotl.'' Mr.  , ���tjllblx'iis Nuiiiiuod up the xlttintieu when'  ; vh��i Btattrd that the meoliui- merited tlio  rldioulo not only of the jAllnviid ;.'A<!vo.  eiite, but die'entire fisfivhain! I'rost*.  Ky��ryU"dy, o��i>eolaJly ilui AdvocaU'i  bqiloved Mr, tllbtronr*, and there you  nro-WhiitV  NoUco.  All account" owln-* to M. A. Ward  nre to bo paid to Jr. R, Motion, fe* my  authorised .n-fetit, and any bll)*i.ni-'ainiit  me prctiimtod ui tho 'mame.  M, A. Ward.  Mr. A. 1*. Hiiilth I'timurked that ihr*  IndtcaUotts all potnted to a bt*/' rush of  bu-iinea** iliiii full, Tho (uitsiili) Inter,  est In Albernl li* diotynt'. by die lt��r'*o  nuiaberof letter** reeelvntd nsklnii' al-otit  Ideal property. ,  '  Diirhiir.tho week Mr. I.ii*��bne'li,i-e-  prwKeittbu' It. V. Winch A C,'o���of Vim*  I'euver niul Vliuorln, wait In toWn iook-  irii,* oyei- koiuo protwriy thnt hlu Hrni  Inteiids to put dn lite marked, in the  near fiiture. Ho wo** woll fiatlnflcd  with; what he nm" of Albernl, nml  theuf-lr*. (but the (Hiinlnir of tbi* new  ratlwfty nhoukl greiuly ntbmihitc r-ti'ul  cstaio 'activity all over tliM dl��irlct.  Thu linn l.stif tlio hlj/ln,*'***, atamltiti���*-, ilucI  are lu'custoniod to look yp'ry carofnlly  Into; any proirosltttnl b��ffor*) they Will  take it In bund.  . AH the dealers In Alborni realesi-ito  were Informed thin week Shut the hold-  Ini'N of the Albernl Lund Company hnd  been (aken off ihu market, and that  until furdier netfee, Uo more sulcs of  the lobi hold by Hit* company in Alborni were to bo made.  alto busy uli that timo, tmd to more uf'  foot.' . , '     ' '  In dm matter uf Held produois thoro  wax un excellent display, and It is to be  hoped thttt iiutiii* effort will be inttdo to  hen dint a part of tlicxo |*ood tlili)//*) are  iienl- io the ouHlde for oompetldon with  the fiirm preducU* of other dlmrlot.i.  If they have -wiiiotliii)-- bettor wo  should know It rl--.it sttvity, but this I-t  to btv doubted.  The fruit Heetlon wan line despite die  fact that thoiato ralmi had in uoine  cune* nerved te wash tho bloom from  nomo ot the tlnest specimens. In slue,  nt>)H'imince und llnvor, Alhernl fruit  stands hl'-h, and Mine uf the Judges expressed tuitoniidmitmt at tho "froni. vui*.  lety and hti/h ((ttullty uf tin" exhibits  alonj* tliciu) linottt.  In ulook und |toultry th����howlii|" wn-tj  yood, ttliuu-fh tlKiro wait a look of neve*  inl of the finer breed" of jxiultry, and  It U to In* hoped that thlt* will bo rem.  tilled in tho f(jtarev Thoro t�� no llnor  ^iliice than "Alhernl for the t poultry  btedno-is, but die furmtu-n oiutU' net mil.  of tin* Idea tlmt anytlilni/' U ��f(Hrd  cnolt'-h ��o Iook UMlt In a "chicken." It  cost** ne morn to cure for a Idj-h claim  "o*--; uiiM-hliu'" dinti one of the common  iniitiyttrd vartettcri, Lot un havo more  hlicli cliist* itoiiltry next year plotu-o. ,  hi hoi'Mcs there were a number of  very ifood example-) of the vnrlein*  iilasses called for in die prleo lint, -but  unotber ycttr we would like to see more  of dumi, In woverul cases Um prix.ii  win tiers walked away with the ribbon  without any rierloini nmi-*-*!t>, thin*  itibhlrit.- the win uf half the nutlofaotlen  which ean only eon-i* from a keen con.  tOM.-  tDomootlo Ekilenc*).  In tlie department ef Domestic Hob,  enitii thu lad!eii,ef Albernl fully lived up  te tltelr well oNtahlbihed reputation  for Ifolttu; able to cook those thln-pi  whloh i-piuiid to tho muu whoso heart  In Niipptwod to bo locnitnl oilier tliau oh  the left side, The bread, and after ah  Ifood bread in the nuprmtio tt-mt of  housebold eooklai-, wan of dmlHWt, and  the JudtfCK must hnve had a hard tbiio  to iocttto dm winner Jn nytuo o��.*c��.  Cnki* and other */ootl thin",')* wjjro In  evldencti, and tlmre would havo been  no taek ef volunteer hidtfc* !a \Mh depart moist bud mtoh Ikiuu ' ciiUwl for.  Thin Is I'tjualiy irtie of dm jams, JMiHe*  and prowrvftii which were utmwu In  j-reat vniiuty, and ef (ixcellitnt nut-llty,,  l''iuioy work, at one** useful and ur*  dadc, win*, numb In (*videuce, and with  du* iiow-M-n, ("ave thut uoitltd touch of  sent, their exhibits to die present tdiow  Ut demouslruU) wit ttt could he done.  Them* fatii* were n ".tied iiieaasof I'tuur-  ttiif the pi-<tktTt"*s of dieeomuiimity, ittul  (bey worn coruitniy -fitiwlni* in biipoi'l"  untie fitiai year to yoai'* After refer-  (inif to. tim new lnilldinir and the  Krouiids as foi .nitij- u. basl-* for future  f-rowtb, and nn evidence of the inter*  est which warn taken In tlio**o mutleit*.  Mr, Wood formally (ieclitrcd tbo ox-  lilbltlon open to tbo public, and a burst  of applause followed his eliurUi,  One of dm featui"4"�� of the fair wus  the Hue dloplity of vmious wurei* shown  by deulers In tlie district. .Spueo was  scoured by a lf-.r-.fui umnber of business  people and In thrt-o were net out nam.,  ides of the Koods In which they dealt.  Those woro uttruetlvoly ttrran-'iHl udd  formed a lino addlUon to tho rcj-itlur  d tup! ay.  Tho njiort"* prof-ranuim added apletu*.  and fenttire to tin* "-onorul utinuitlun  and Uioyeun"-pnoplo covered diotn-  hcIvch with i/lory Sn the vurious  contest**,  W��mt of Hpacc forbids- it speoltil ttieii-  tlon of tbo vntiotis winner** Hits week,  moro cHpc-olnlly tin the jud>-ini/ In suiue  of the cliwiie*. was not ever In- diuo to  bu handled, but la tho next Issue a full  account of all the'wlnnlm* entries will  be jflyett by numbert*) ur* lu tbo olllolal  prlrto Hut, an woll us womo descriptive  umttera ��  I Bin i ���a��ii*ii*iia**)>iiiiia*t'��*ioiii item.! mimmi na-aiai  Mr. nnd Mrs..l. I'*. llkmdy uud funtlly  dotdre to express their nlncoro thimkit  to all their kind friends for the many  acts of kindness niHlsymprtdiy-thown t-o  them dttrlnir tho lonj* llliiess of tliolr  daifj-hu*i" and hi tbolr nnd bereavement.  Incorporation.  All (Id** week theoiiiclulni-t the Ab  Ih'MiI Hun itt uf TittdehtiviebeenesptH'tk  In.,' news wi(h ri'tcard in the IniMirporu*  ullon of Albernl, he* up to do* (inn* of  "ohi*- to press nodilni' Hun!' hud bueu  |-,H)elvi*d. Mr. J. It. Motion, who went  to Victoria u* learn If ���.otiieihlni' fur*  liter lu (he way of Infuriiintlim wn*  uiHi)etl4hy Hie -,'overmiieiit, wIi-ihI ibut  the Prouder stulvtl dial further In-  format km wus minecessury, us (he Or*  der-IU't'otmcJl wa��* he In-; prepared and  lluit a ihwlsloti would be i vmi ted I ii it  fow duyn, nnd there (lit. mat ter resi**  for dm preuent. "  PROTEST AGAINST  GRAVEL LEASE  Arlington Hotel.  MoHHr**. .1. A. MeNltY uiidO. II. aMeit",'*  her. ilm new proprietor** of dm Arlln,,'-  ten hotel at Albernl, nro nhuplti-* thltiK-s  around for a nmnbor of chimxcs in the  iirratiireuuintu of tho hotel which will  iiirske for tho comfort of ihvlr ffuests,  ax well us ttddliiK' to tho capacity of tho  house. Tho oxuet nature of theso  chuni't'ii will ho announced later, Ixx  tbo ini'iiniline thoy ro|H)rt,a splendid  run of business, imd are well Ktitktllcd  with the mtumoi' In which iiiin-*-** aro  ���diapln--. , c  Movinj Pictures.  A mov-lntf ptciuro nhow will bo hold  In Hrand'n "iiall on Tlmi'wliiy evening  uext. Tho piuturoK will be the burst  prooiirubloi and It Ih promised that a  regular weekly entortahuiient, wilt lie  produced tlirou--hout the, winter If  Tluu'-aduy'*! attcndtinew will', warrant It.  Pish(|jrl��t- Inupoctlon,  Mr. II. ti. ClemenU, M. P., and I.. (I.  Taylor, of tho Dominion l-islieiies Ho*  partinent, eaiun in thtt* week and wore  picked up by the Dominion steamer  Qtiiuira for n trip to tho vvo-u, const.  IMM SECURE  0SFITALCOiWMCT  C0L0NIIA10N  1,  demtmdi..  Holld**!*?.  Wlien thtt U'nder-i for thu construo-  Uoij of the west Const llt-norn! Hospltnf  ware eponed for ilmiioaondihue by thu  Uwir<I of director** It was found (hut thu   ,  tlnu uf Wtu-ntiek  A-  Cocbram* were    ',  at/kln tho nui*etis*iful temlcrotii for du*  job.   They limit out.tbolr ntmrent rlytdn  by f*o much ibut It wan for u mmiitint a  cjutsjttlon In ttu* ntlntlH of the bonitl a��  io whether a inbtuko hnd net been  mtult-4   Tho uiutior wan mken up with  the  ureldtovu*,  and  from   them  the  >odrd rtHjelvwl an,opinion to tho otfeot.  dutt u��* Menurs, Wiu-nwk ��**- Cochrniitt  p**o|Kwtt)d to work  rlj/ht on  tho Job  every day, and woro both -tihkI work*  tnou, there wits no rotwon ut> think hut  what Um work could bo done for tbo  price named in die tender,   iii Is us-  ftUMinoi) on die part of the urehitcot,  and the fact thut a cm-tilled ohotpio for  tlie reijulrod live pur emit of dm amount  el Um bid liml been put up, taitded Hit*  matter In the ml mis of dm l-otml, and  the president wan uuthoii-ed to slim  tip tile contract on behalf uf the dlrim-  tort*.  Tim now tail ItM**-' will ,,n* of about  tint caimi ifenotitl imt ore as (hut ut ilmi  phmmui, bin the intetier ni-i'ntiyeiiii>nt*  are,much murt* In kocplii-- with he-*  ptiiiil I'tiipili-eimint**, ami numy couven.  ivtW*�� Iikvi* heon nrrtuiifod for, thai,  color which an e-thlbltloii ef (bis kind bM-*'*J>^^  T  :?  It wn** a '���eutir-il holiday for tho dly  (riot und ovoryonn  took   ndvniua*'*) M  the fuel, to turn out to the show, - It F-|  ntdti to nay that no (di)"*io, pensen   re|^  Kretutd having,deneiio.   The day   ws*|]  line, and m the blj-crowdi* pour*--;! piu||l  tile diwi*!*, and t tliron-'ed the i/rounddi'*"  the director!* mnllcd tn ��ppt**)i"!t.tlon (>M  the foot tliat all  tlitispt had  wdrk(*^|  Uitfother to eiimblo tli-.-t-.tu' to niurk up $i  roeord to their credit. *?**  The "formal "opeiilng oftbeexhlbP,loj<l|  .Wait made by Mr. J; 0, 0. W(*od, M. I'M  P., who eongrutnlnti'd the director** of^  thu frmnd tdiowln** "vhich thoy bad mnd?KK  the exhibllor-t on, tho ' uxeollencii vfia  their pitjdiK-t**, nnd tbo orowdti on t!ii>^>'  ehtniee which they had to -tujo" -vii<4^-*^T-rmtrm  ihe k'ood old������Allwrril District wasca^r"^7���^' k'V����nK...c��*.  l.*!o of produotntf.   If thorn had  been a  doubt in-tho-mind of nny mun a�� to tht*  ability of tho Alliernl DlBtriot to f w'mljih'  iw il no it lino of fruit and farm piW  duota. ti�� could be found tn tite pit-evince  It wan u�� Ik* hoped that the man was  rli-ht'oHthe -fi-o'tuult, to have tho doubt  'roitiovivd tttonee.   Tho noil andcltmate  sn  attrdotiyo fcutui-e of tlie institution  will** acoinpariit-ivoly (.innlt cost. The  vyorkof suporvI��len Ir* In tbit hitiidt* of  M(*sht*r *v C'o.,und tht) en|)Jd iniumor in  which thin (bin" runhed throu-fh the  new jiliiDt* niul npocUletUions and htul  them ftoeopuiii' by the' "-ovOribuint,  muinkii I'olumCs for, the etwrify audi  tiklll of the drm.  Kteps toki'ftiil uoniph*tSii"f dm ori/iu'*  l/ttlloii of dm colon!-/.ii(lon compuny  reaelitly Sttumiht-d by dio Dttkeof Hudi.  erlnnil, worn tti ken at a ctmfcreiiue in  Winnipeg, at which dm Duke, Hie W.  Mnckcmdo, Kir Win. Wbyie, .-.Messrs.  A. Mi tNiinliin and J. K, DunnU of tho  P. II. at (.'idifnry, wore pvesenl.  Hlr Wllliiun Whyio explained afttir-  wnitbi thnt the dlreytormo In not yet  fully made up, nnd that thu necessary  cupllul bus not all been Hubuerlbcd.  No spuuiflt) plam* for duvclopimmt, he  stated, nui. In* taken until tho oi'*,'iui-  l/.iitlon Ik (.'omplctud,  It In certain, hewuvor, thut tlie com*  pan.*' known as the Hiitlsii-Ctitindhin  Culonhtutlon Couipany, will undui'take  a colonlr-vvtioii ncliemo of Imperial a!"'-  nitkiimoc. For many years tht* Duke  of Sutherland hint cari'Ictl on uolonbii-  dun work on no mean hciiIo In Alberta,  and (be hiri/cr conoorn will not dlfler  i/rendy in Id* objeutr* from the orlj-inul  expuriiiient, Tho Duke's Interest-i In  Allunttti it It* radii, are not to form a  part ef tho new project, hue will he  reH-alned hy htm ns a private holdi!)"-,  When at) dutulls nro t-uttled they  will pitKieed on tm Imposi'm/ scnltt thnt  will pruiuthly rank am uitl(|ite in colon.  bttt'Km work. I'Veiu const to const,  trite'-** of tnl.il will be nctpiirtsl by die  cempani'to bo settled by teuitni fni'ia.  ei> from the Hiitlfb files, in (Im  ehnrlorof die ciiir.puny, It Is under.  Mood, there Is a provision for permit*.  iliife'(he temuils (o avijnirti dielr free  held xm ot'iitttihlo terms.  The Duke nod his party -Intend (o  visit Hrldsb Columbia un their pi e.citt  trip, and It is nUe said thnl Sir Wm.  Mackem'biwlil -{(i, with (.lieuu It Is  furdier reiiiored..hiit of (Id.** Hlr Wib  Ham would (-ivo'eo proient conlirui.  (tiloH.-4bnt. die co-opera don with the  c.M. H., die new coiupimy vtill ut an  early date bet;In extensive oporudonH  on.Vancouyer Inland. ' It Is suld thut  the lidund Is comsldertHl espeelully fuv-  oruble for tho piirposo of tho eoinpimy,  nnd It seoiim not- linprobablo lliat^dgo  of.lt�� larj-Oisi- undt'i-inklnifH will liiv lo-  (inted.ther'e. Its.j-roatarea,itscllmute  and inany other (ulvivntuffoous cimdl-  Hons It offers for'.-mixed fiinnin"' vvlll  ccrtuinly Mcni-cely full to recoivo very  outiy ftttoetlen.   ������ '���. .';��� i  An Iiiin,, boon announced, Hlr Win.  Why to l�� pre.ildont of tho now conipany  and In tlio board of dtrootors .sovei-nl  ('nnndltiiis-lli/ure, Inaludtn-,*' two Win-  'nlpoififeif*.. These nro Mesiir**,' .). A.  M, Atkltin, K. 0., M. 1'., nnd A. M.  Nunton. The Toi'onto m/jjn on tlio  Iromii nro Kir llyityn Walker, Sir Wm,  Maekenzlo and Mr. Win, Ncsblit.  The fotlowlinf Is the text of Hie juti.  test-(hat was pus*ed   by   dm  Albernl  Hoard of Triule with nyurd to the ptt><  jHtstnl |en*4i| of dii'tie Hides of, the bed of  the   Hoin.'isM   river,   it   Is   timterstoml  thut the mat ter will he taken up with  (he ifovi'i'uiiicnl with a view in hi-vhijf  die lenses mtHltlbs'l in such �� mnimer as  not lo Interfere   with   any li'"-itltmtto  business imdcrtuhhij', mul at the siinie  time prevent, tiny thin;' ht tho wuy ut a  iiioii(i|H)ly that mlf-hl. sltind tn (ho way  of die progress of the (own when lucor.  po|-iiilon Is "-rautdl.  'i'lu* rcsohulon passed Iiy the boanl ���>  reads: -  tn the mutter of '.ho upplicadom. of  .Messrs. Caiiln, Curllii and .Teho for  pormi.s.slon to least! the bed of He* Ko*  muss river from the mouth to a point  approximately (hrootiilleiup dm river,  Im It resolved that, ihu Albernl Hoard  of Trado does hereby oppose the jrruul*  Hxk of said lenses' us applied for upon  (he followliti- ifroiuidsi  Flrsi.^'J'hat the leuse,*: un upplled for  would lend todiecrtnttlou of n uiunopt).  ly of thu simd and -"ravel business hi  tho vicinity of Alburn!, the river hod  behi"- tho only uvudithto source of -mp*  ply of any extent- which'Ik easily tic.  cestilblt*.  Second���Thut In view of tlie fact of  thoti- hebiK-iU tlio present time in du.  hiiiulsof dm "fovurniueiit an ii|i|i!lcu.  tlon for tho incorporation of nnareu In-  elialh)"' the hinds prupu.st*d'to be up.  piled (or It would he hiiitlvisttbie tu '  (-ruutuny lease of such luiubi except to  the iidvautaifo of, and with Die concur*  rein-oof, dm proposed municipality,  Third-Thai' tho fri-nuditi-- of these ,  lenses would"he delrliiteiilul te the lie  ti'i-est-i of and a dlsi-dvunttijfc io tbo In.  dividual*! hoklbiif properly iiunll-fuixis'  ti) the area hi (piosilon,  Kottrth- .'Jitiit diL'.tu-ea npiilled for Is  excessive lu that, it comuhiH wind and  j-i'tivo! to an extent not cupabh* of ho- a  Inii- reiiioveii by any one hidlvidiial or  latetocintlonof individuals for un iniimi.  JniUi period,   Tliat dm application /or  u "-rant coi-erlii)' such uu area Is prima  fucle ovklenco of th" iiioaopollsilu (en-  deniii'K of die applicants:. L  Tn tills coimecdmi it niti-ht be pointed out thut the Hniiitl uf i'rilde tried lo  Keotti'i* from those wlm lire apply inj- for  vhtiriu  lenses tiuiiii*  explanation ef (be  purposes iif the louse, and dm necessity  for dm application for stuii un e.vlei|.  stvo torritory.   Thb* explanation win*  not f-tven, and It was felt that tho applications should not  hu lil'iiwod to j*t)  ftu-wiutl  wldmui   some    protest  that  would iiiake it. tnicesttai'y for tho applb  cunts to Mate their  cttso.   There wus  no i'itoiidoi) im diepurtof the limnd (o  humpcr uny lei-ldmuie enterprise, uud  therein tittle tlotiht. hut  that If  the  letisos ure reduced in tt sl-*e that dues -  away widi tlio'iilea of it coiiipletu mon*  i}|*oiy of this line of biuinc***,, there will  bo no further objection to dm mutter  on the purl of thtt bniirtt,    In view of  the iiu'l. dint  dte area wus within dm  limits ot die |>ro|H'ii.tl htforporudniti It  wus pointed out thut it would not Im* a  ifood think' to tie up  ail   the readily  iivuHuble t-riivel (hut ml-dil   bo neinled  for the street i.-i'ttdin-r and  oilier purposes, and iitukethUmitteritil eo.t iiitu'h  nuns* tlitm It odterwise would,  in the discussion (hut full��vvi*d the  proposl-itf of du* retsoikitlim I( vvtes inude  clear (lint there Was no lutntitioit of  hlockbi'-uny le^itimuti* btiiioe** vol)-  (ure, but that on do* other lliiuit ot'ery  eticiitti'uu'i'iitotii tttitiuld he kU'cd (o  (hosnirilio vv|*hi��t m initlt'i'iukc any.  tlililj/ ibut would lent! to tlevelop the  ntitnrai resomves of ihoillhtrici. With  (III* fuel lii*- (here if lis om* t'lpiulh pis*-  IJOISIll'lSi     thfit     (til     Mitil    ll|HltD'tStrtill('��l  sliotiid be hilly (��.\plt*ti��*?*t to the Hotiitt  of Trade mi thut a fidr tindei"--.i��!idii!'-  61 the mtuier tit'-^t-t be itrrived'itt.  Tenderu Wonted.  .'Tender*) for din mireiuiHi*. of tbestenin-  or "Albert Lee'v will be received at  Ivlklonu Cnimery, Hcbtioklesli, tl. C,, :  by (ho Wallace Kisherics Coi.upnny, up ,  lo October II, IHI".', Tbe steiiuicr nifty  be viewed at the ("iiuiiery m uny tline.  Tho'hl-"!i('f4toi" nny teiiiier not Duces-  stnily iiccepted.  Witlliict? l-'islioiioti Co.   .  New Constable.  Mr. A. iSanipsoi) bus been *,ppolnt'��Hl  'chief constable for tlie Alln'riij District,  uud will take up his (Uitles nt once,'  Mr* Hampson is an experienced oHlcor  who luisi ft'irved in several places  tlirouj"hout the I'rovince, beluii' lust,  k'eiiled ut Vancouver, lie has u thor-  ouirh li-ritsp of bis work, und will, no  doubt, itiiikt* /,'ood In bis new Held of  activity.  !**2$!��in*'ffi*'**>**^ THE Al^ERNI ADVOCATE  I  I.',) '  }'  J'  ALBERNI  ADVOCATE  Th*. Alttt-nil Aitvc*��tt* Print Inn and  Puti||��hi(*i Co., I'r*>-*rl��!��r*.  J. V. UM'DSOJ*   .   |*-JH<*r at.rj Mmis��t*r  f'lttlll.lirsl at All'",ill. |1<l1H,il ��".lili,tit>ii*. In  ,ll* l|i(ri.k|��nf Vminniitt i Ik'-Mliaj 111 ^niii mt (if|.|  Ilia Atlvritii I'1st I li'l Hi |,jHi,',.ltt)  lt��*��-j Offlci. t   Altrantl, H C.  Ai't'lt.'Stnii li*. l.i il iiiaili. liiiiu- |',nktini,kt. *  li^lU'i-,1 fn) l��kli*|ii/k��l.)i| Dilini^'li Jin- *ii4iljk M*  l-*-4l|l4* 4-1*4* ti.Hlti |  **iit*.-|l|ilinn* |it(Hiliil�� in t'nliail'i  tl"  I'lil'iil  Kliitfitiilrt, A oil! fit i in,  Ni'** i->ii|ii|iil,  \t'tli'lilnl  irk.kit Uiiii nil.t'l  ��-ini���1i|.'.   tulli k|n,ii.ii   ju.iul  it unliliiifu, will  Ian j.ct'iiiil nit tin- InliiiiiUii'  ' tfttiif ���  I flit' Veal ,       .       ,       (.'*'  Mn Miiiiili* .      , i in  f'.'sits*-.' tuiiii' l-'ui(iit Stiiiek. Mi'.foi iit.il nil  **UIV11"*I1 Hdll (lltitl    flr.'1'li.'ll  ISHIIlll'i. ii O'l'i'l  ��f ��) cilnt  Cltiilk'i'k fni nil l-V��l lloliiiN fill   I"1 On* .'Ulll'  , ti* itiiiki..'kialillk'...tl i.t'iDi'it l-.|i|tli'i���|t.iift'Hi',  ttftil iiiiiil l-i.'i'lii'l in Hiltaiiie,  TO CO**Mi:*SI'ONPJ;f*T��.  Alti'eitlllliilllt'litlt.lis Idti'iidi'it  fni' |.ill.Ilciitlull  tiiiiai is- *ii*s)i))i>iiui.'.l wiili tti'1 iiiitin' iitut tut.  itit'iN nf tlie twitcr, tml in'.s'>,null' |iii-|riiii||ivi,  Hurt I.'nt a*n i/ii(itiiiilis'iifi,'ii.ut frt��ttt tVi"*.iiliit>l  uittimthlii'lu tt'liiiii ti'lis'tmi isiii)ii|iiiili-iiti��ii*  Nu K'UiutitTtillnii villi lu' |������'ilil fur I'lu'tM* t-nitlti.  l.iultioiI'tis'i'l I.) M'ts'lu! iii'iiiiik'i'iililit,  Alhernl, B. C, Canadn   -   Sapt. I'I, 1013  INCORPORATION.  Y tho time thin edition of'the  Advocate-'Ik hi  the hniidn of  tho ' renders some verdict-  with  roKitiil to tho mutter ofIncorporn-  tlon should  he  rendered hy <h<  Kovornment.   (hi l-'riduy of last  week the Hoard of Trade received it suemsitn;*'from  the Provincial Secretary to the effect thut.  thut the inulter hnd heen  before  tho ������'OViM'iitnont., ttnd tlmt a (lech  Hi on would he reached wit hid ten  days from thut date.   There-\viih  no  Indication iik   to   what, wan  oauslnj- the delay,   hut It  was  0H8.V to read  between the linct.  thnt some hiihieiicn wan work In wr  ,Ktri.ll|*i,V atfahist the Kriintln1*; of  the   retpieat  for  incorporation,  und ihat while this hilltiouco may  not In* ntroiiK enough to defeat  tho object of, thi' eitiaiOiiH, It Ik tit  least powerful oiioukIi to cause  vojudIons delays,   Tills Ih n hud  Ntate of affair**.'   Tin* jieople of a  place an Ini'ire ns Alherni may he  NtippoNod   lo   know   what they  wiint, even sonic what hei ter I hint  the busy olSltialN who have it multitude of ull'u!i'H to look after, and  when that  I'eipit'Ht. Ih iiiiuIo \vlfh  a full knowledge of alt tlie burdens which i't) with tlK'i't'uiitln-^  of It, no "'ovoi'uiuout should allow  an  intoro*,t, iitoroly bitched  hy KultiKh  hoistlllty, to  nhiud in  tho   way of, ���jrunthiK  Hiioh  re*  quest,  t  There hnvo not boon wnnthiK  thono who have more than hint  oil that the whole matter wan bo-  Im*: tiuido one of '���polities,'' and  thai. th��t "rhtiit imm" had not  boon Hoctiretl to further the do-  tiiumlH of Alherni. Tho Ailvo-,  en to Ih roluutitiit lo come to any'  such conclusion, hut should this  prove to ho tho cam*, then hy-ull  iiU'itiiK let un ko on a wtill hunt  for tho "rlnht meii," una thorn  power thoy i��my  them after what  with whatever  need, and send  wo want,  If the unit.-M* of incorporation  in to ho minion ''^nuie" then wo  must j>hiy tin* Huiin* with what'  ever regard to the ruh'H we (..'ill  hrimc oui'helve**, ui' lie prepared  to tfivtt up tlie whole thin,*:, uiiii  let It ��'�� hy tho hoard,  h'tot* ntate of itlfiilrH tliat, umi  one that should tend greatly to  hici'i'ion* our ic-tjieei for then*  who hack  a  ,,'oveniinont  which  deilMimit* Mich (���o'ldUioilH.  If tliis in not i/oi'tvc!. then the  "fovernineiit fchould ttnd noun��  menus of. eaterhin: action for dc-  fitiiiiilioii of ehuriict��r (oxainet  Home of lt>* j-tronp; supporters in  thin locality,  EXPERT OPKNION.  AN expert- Iiiih pronounced tho  opinion Hint Vancouver Island it* one of the richest islands  In tho world. Kiohentln nntnrai  reHoiircoH, and rich in Ihe many  opportunities for Uihhi'" advuu-  tnue.of, the rCiSourccK wiUi it t'Oin-  [Uirativeiy .hiiiuII aiiiount of out*  lay in tline and money. The one  iu'CiJ so fur ni-i the oo'nUir' of tho  island was concerned was 'triiiin-  'portatlon,unit now that thin prob  lem h* in fidr way to solution, we  limy expect to sre it n*-w force  niven to the fiirwitrd inoveuntnt  for tli" enlire I.h|uuiI. Thin ok-  pi'eiitlly In view of the fiutt thnt  there arc mi uitiny indeiitntionH  of (he eon**I find atford th** llnewt  of harbor--, nnd in hiaoy cum'sj  pi'ttetrnte far into the main body  of tite haliiud, Ail of this, .fi'.'im.s  that, ie* Hie yiirioun heeth.um are  M'ttted up, they will not have to  depend on rait trmmpoii'dlou  alone, but will ulwayn he able to  play Ui��* water haul n'-ahmt the  exactions of the railways.  Tliis vit tit portion of the means  of opeuhiK up the Island beinjr  no woij provided for, It is not to  bo wondered at that there nro  lartfe. ownersof capital now turn-  in-*; their eyes on tills favored  portion of the province, and that  already, tliere iu*o reports of thu  botfismlni*" of attempts to take  Home advamauc of tho various  natural re-sources which abound  on every hand.  Tlie report that, the Puke of  Sutherland, anil a number of associates, arc prcpurinK to brinj**  law bodies of .sottlors to Vancouver Island, is no doubt tho be*  -'lniihi-."'<>f a ixreat forward move  iiicnt   for lliiii*"-*   up   the wiisto  places.   Tlie soil is here, the climate Is  her*', and It only needs  tlio.se whoitre able, and willing,  to do the work of cloiirhit*; up the  land,  and  taking  advantauu of  the splendid oneuitiKs tlmt ate  olToroil.    It Is   understood  that  only those settlors who havo had  a tralninp; in  fai'mim**; in tho old  country will In* brought out, nnd  this Is a kikhI thinp.'    Whon all  Is said, It must bt*confessed tliat  this*is no country for woakllns-s.  Those ,who -iiiocd   mirsinp; buvo  little net'd to apply for tho Kood  tilings that are Kelnp;.     Thuno  t'ini only ho taken with tho HtroiiK  liiind  and  tlio sU'iidfitst will to  work.   There Is ono point, however, that In  well  tuken hi the  plans of the   new   colonisation  company,' and tliat is to do n part  of the liiml cleitrin'jr  for tho new  settlers before they arrive.   Tills  cleaiiny; of laud  is a trade in  itself, and one, that detilands a  V\\\\t aud hard apprenticeship in  oilier to  make it success of It.  uhitioiiK to the Plii'i'tors on the  HiiccesH of the (.xhihttioii, and to  those who uent of their host, lo  show what we <*an do hi the val*  ley. Thlw iii the kind of demiur  Ntratioi) that is ot the hi'them.  value to the entire distrhd, and  should bo oncouraKi'd hi every  wxxy.  Now then font hij-tuer und bet-  h'fshow next year,  |...i..... in... j,.,. .in.,,... ...a., ,|,.i,,.,.. I..1, i*i,.��.wiaiMwa twin k.Ul.1  "]*4*WIk,  ktirna. iiii)'? or lr����. tM-loii ,Ht��jtin�� ill.  still, tft.  Currl*) Wemcfiii,  JiH'ki I����->*.,ii. Avrtu.  Ji)l)1��l). !��[��,  AI.IIKUNI bANI) HlnTJUCT.  iiimitK t*r liuiili  'VkHv Dtjttt** tliat '��* witt-f.tr **f Vli-U'fl. ��  *.'., i*'rin.*Uti��� ��*(i.r(in-r, liilt-liit* e* ��i'}-l��' fnr  in-*i,'.i��4tt,ll,(, in,,t lu��u llif ft_.iii.vk,In*, ,i, ,i itu-t!  14.I..1H.  rtiuimi-in.'iiiK ttt * jvvi i';*iii^ln!ii-mtif til*  tint, ��iitl iu * |)t*iiiit,*i,  (iii4ttl.;'ii  le-in Kaft ���  (VlP,   DiPIKVJ   ��*,*.   W> |-It��l|ll.   tltrt.it* ll.lllll K'!     -|*i>i  citaitia, ilirlkii*. *��,��!, **j iiu,!iik,  t)i,tM4> amitli ���*);'l'*'*'l-''. M , ���*�� U|��ltiinin*ri lr,<l kni|ii��n, liilcntt*  I tl��IIISv tn |i��lftk ut tkjUiUii>t)l<.')l)fi*l   tSittlaUillla" : litnirelf fulr IfllllUlltm lu |.k|,,<tiR*i>. ll)t) futlviH  In,* ilcwi)l4.,l tatiOkt  j**  vv'uti-aK' t-.miiii*iit'i(i< at a infit iilwittH) y*i> * tuln* ta*-*i  AbiimiNI bAND DIHTIIK.'I'  l*;mH('i nf it'iiHii.  Dullis* tli*,. Ml ii lilt" r,*iM|i(iin, of Mini-  I/*'.' ��l l**i, ||K)|*| v, Jt't*  Jyt.�� ��, IDItf  WATER ACT.  Node** of A|*t*llc*4(li**t lor (It* Approval  ��>f Work*.  'i'*i(�� tiiil!i��i�� 'tint lltf ISn*if i ("ii--i.i4 VVitt-'ini-ilii  fi.iiii.Hi>*,, I,linltmi, Mlltst'i'lt K>llii'la!iuU'lkii|]!  i Im i-i liii,'tn C<ttint*n f*>r tin* a|>iii4*i��i nf It* tiii-  tli-llatkiiii* ti.itltiit matnt'Iniiii tt(i*tt'i�� t'nt'U. ��  iiiiiiii*!> nf smntikk utiri, i.tr* until' )ni|.|il,  (or tlu< llilllKV)iiKiittti*| InaVtlliv of AllM'ilu.  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Now no matter how much practice a man may hnvo imd in tim  old country, In tht* ordinary lint  of farmwork, It Is to ho <pu*H-  tinned If one in tin* hti ml red Ih  callable of tho NiiHtttluei! effort iu  an entirely new line of work,' that  will ho necessary to enable him  to HiK-coed in I'leui'ln,- up enough  land .to Kot a shirt: With this  idea In mind tho company propose1, to olear a part of tho hind,  build houses where required, ttnd  have thinpi ready-for tho start  when the new owner arrives'to  take pOMstmslou of his purchitHO,  Hy thin means a lot of timo will  he saved, and the new settler  will have a chance to f**ot ahead  without a lonif period of emtiisdy  unproductive work.  That Vancouver iHhutt  have   been   selected   for  portion of the btmhtt-rfH  now or'-ttnlsalion  mluht have   been  llion-ii  who  know the   excellent  chances  for success thnt iiwiilt  such a veuturt*.    If the coDipnuy  will Mend tlie riiithL kind of men  to tin* hdnt'd they  will succeeil,  and iiiiother   ionp; Mtep   will be  taken in the good work of brhiu  I'tK under cultivation   tlie   tim  land which is to he found in Hitch  abundance hi the valleys of Van  eoiiver island.  I should  a hu'ife  of   tlie  s only wind  expec'ted  by  Land Act Notices  ai.iii'uni i.ano iiiH'i'iiiirr.  Dixit let nf Nmittiit,  'I'slti. imtln*i" Dial Knstt Cilf itlmlli Jtiiti'is. nf VI*--  liiftit, II, l'., i*s'ii|ntlinn initii'li-il tttniiaii, IiiIi'diIn  It. nl'l'lk fui'|.i'iiiil**l.iit tn iniix'lnikt! tlin fnlliiir-  l��W di'si'i I ln'tl IntHtk'  t'.illitnt ni'ltlK ��t it I'tist tiliuiti'it unit iHtiiitml 1  ntii...si.tiinnf Miii'iiiiitit Ariu,Httitdusiiiitimikt  eoim-r of Tlinli't' Un 1.40, lln'i)e(iliit'lialii>) In uu  fHklnil)'itlnt'ltnii tn l^n nvti, llit.iii*. Mint I' isi  I'lmlili, iiit-iimi I'H.t Vii I'linlm, iiit-tii-r) unit Uli"  I'lmliu. tliruisi i'ii.i -Si i'liiiiiih tin),!iillic*kii'ii|tii!r  tif till IVA llll'lll*)* "lllllll III Klllilllk In mntlil'Mkl  (.UUnl' nf Int tm.-tiT, tlll'lll'l. wi-kt Sili'liltln*. tlii'Oikt  liuii'l (ilt'ltslllt li) IMillU nf i.uiiiini'in'i:iiii'.)l, u|i  |ilVixliiistt<lyi*iiiii(.|'i-t.  Ittiss Kli/iklistlt Jniii'*.  Aumui' tiilif,  "      AI.IIKUNI laANI) OIHTKKr'l'. '  DUllli'l iif NiietUit, ...  'I'alif ItolIts* iluil   lliivlil  (fli'-ii'llvt) JoDi'ti, uf  Vlflorla, II, I), iKS'itiiHllun iiiiisl.'i'umiliicr, In  ti'ini* It, ti|.|il)' fnr intriulskltilt In iillii'tiiiai.! ilu*  fdllllrllllU ill'M'til-ltl Iktlltk!  Ct.iiiiiii'lii.lnir ui a |nt*t, |)|)iiiititi)lt l.t'atcli.soiitlt  slilt'tif Mtli'ltlilnl Attn, nu Itnittii'iiit iMitii'i' of  tailt if. till-Ill.'*' I'llrttl'tlf llll'lll/ Sl|lirt-lllt|.(lllit|llllllN,  llirih'i. 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Taltfiiotliiitlisi (,'l.yilo MHrrlll C��i��, ot Vlo-  tordi. II. i'��� tKs')i|.iiU(*n *)sli*kiii��i), liitoiiila to se-  iily for iH'riiilkilon io |iui\il)��*)��l tl)U fo!l0r��lnic i!��-  arrlliml litnils:  Oiiiitfiicnt'iiii/ie. * iiiuit iiliKiit-tl i mile iilatant,  still Inn nnrilii.ily t|iivi:(li>ti from lisfit Cove,  tl(t!|ki'tiiti)U(li <t) iiinii))*, thtmoto <-*���*��( Ml-.i'iaiiii',  ll|k*iliV) noftl) (0 1'lia.l.tii,, tlli'lKH! p����t !KI oinUllH to  I'lilnior ciiiifiiitiiiwiiD.iii, coiusinliiir itsu) -J-or-J*.  iiiorttor luna.'  i.-lytln Man-lit C��M.'���  Junou. ieit.  Af.HKUNl I.ANI) OIHTKier.  -r;. Dinirici of itu|i*'ii,  1 ���> 'i'alit* ittillf# dial Wllllhtii (tol)crt I'miiiitxon,  *V',nf VitiiiiaiiYtir. I). C, (irctipailon l-roUt.'. (iili'inia  % 'ti* itt)|'ly for ix-riillriil.iil to purclia.s tttw follow,  *'.lllltttt-��i'rlIii-*S (suit*: .  .  ,-" I'eiiiiiiiKicliiti- at tt eoot I'laitt-*'* 0 tultt.* ivr-nl  jirr.aiii tin- ni)rilii*s��i ���.ortii'i' of Hucilon stD. 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Illillt. lil li-la, Uli'llii' .villi) li,  *t (Killll Mlfltalllk  lit*l   I.f   llS*<klt-)l|   !>nlt. tiiffltirt  kkini tkiiiitilim tn|i4iiiii nf i'��iiiitiii'Ui��4-iiiiitis. si-i||.  lri)IUli*< Sill* ��i **,*. titnt.. or Ir**  k;lituniii* l,l|j'lit)iiiit  illcliait)tiarltt'. Atftitt.  JUIilTrll,   IHU  amicuni i.anii oih-raier,  lllkllll'! of i |i,tiia|i|i)(.  "IVlteimtlts- Hist Aitiii*i W. *4a*-��'i.of Ut'lruli,  Mirli,-h tHIi.iillnii oititiiiliti'Uir,'*. Ilklt*!i).�� In **(.-  |>h' fail- lirilt.t.kl.'li tttl.tlrt'llrlki. till' l>Jll.r**ttl-' lit)  M'*IIh*I Ininl*'  ifiDtillt'ikt'tiy *! a |Mkl platiti'it st Hit. niuilit'  a.jikl |*,.(,ii<r ttf 'I'liiila'r j.tnill itm, llii'iu i' innrtii  titchalli* tln-ilti* |.f**tty) tlialit* tliiiUi* nnilll tn  I*'. A N. IO. Ixniiiitttiy i|,iii. tlii'iit it k-'.illlit*->*l  dily ulnli)/ kuii) Ilm* uti Imliti. duiih .iricu, in*  llllllt *,lil;.iHll, nalU nf tiiu k.nlll).'..*l tuitisi't of  'I'llillilir t.lilllt |l*0 till'lll*** iti'tl SU i'li.tiiii) to  |.()lll( nf isiuiiinnn'i'1,ii'iil. tSiiiliiluli),! Hltl *t> li'ti,  (110(1! Ill' If**,  Attluir W, Mtttt'r,  tlii'llki-it elarlir,', aVift-Dl,  J llllt-ti. tOlt*  Ai.mcit.s'i !,#".n DJMTiiicr.  DtalrKH of Itiiiwrt,  " TaVir notlisi Otat Ctutrlra O. AiiJisn-nnaiif Van-  iH'viVtT. II. C , iMy<ii|iatli)ii lirn-i'-')-, intt-titt!) to apply for i>tirni(i)k|(iii tn iiuivliKtvef Uu* followt(iif.ii��-  acrnk��4*i luinlk'  C\)i()ltl|-li<-ll)t,'At I) tmal plitnioi! (ilt/lity olittllin  *c*t froti) lilt) mil | lii'unt- iHirurr ofHc-etlou ti,  ToWllllilllSI,  ttll-lli'l* (W (*|l<,ll!>�� miuUi, llif in*** ���*>  chuliiB vii'it, iln'iii*** m i-nn,'n�� msrtli, UifncoS)  I'llAlllK t'Bkt ti) point Of tStimilrtHs-lllI'lll. onttistii  intf Oil) sett'*, iiiort* or lt*��i, t>i'lii��  ��w'loii yfl,  Tosvealilt. SI. llUtrlt'Cof Kut.rri,  (.'littrloi l", Aliitruito.  JlM'rl  I.SlVKOtl, AtfKIll,  Mny !*, lul*,  ArallKUJMl I,AN1) RIHTIOCT,  olmi-loiof Um-cr-,  Talw iioldst Uist May tfarnirtr. ot Nahtslmo, II,  C ocmti'ailon waltroit (nrlojlnr), IjituOdi lo ni"  lily for I'lTiiilmilon to piuviiant tho foilnwltii' Uu.  ���inrliiml IstKU' ",',','���  I'liijiiiiciu-liii/ nt tk post pIsnlM % *0 oti* I id. vrna*  f����!) littt )K*Ufit!S��t coir.tir of Hftcltoii 1*5, Tf|vr!l.  aitlini, itir-iits-mii'tisiiiiiieitjUi, iiirmiw W ttiitnlnii  weal, llicoiyi W ciutliia tiorlli, tlio "on itf) chain.  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Dlkttrlt-t of (,'Ukik|iiiil,  Tuiiii imi|.h, Umi .VtilitirfIiiri.ltlKlc.ri.tif Van-  cnilii'i', otvupittlnu Islsirt-t, Ullon.l* In apply Inr  i.i't,iil**lofi to iiiuviitue tin. fi.i'iit*nirf '.'ir-n'rilksl  luiiilk,. t-  i't))ii|iil'ficl|i.' ut a |��i.i iiliutlist ��*l cliatii. wtitl  itim |i'k'lii.li;s uortit of i!i,> iinri.'n.tiki isunt-r of  f^'l toll, ll!l'llll';*ll'llUtll'el|.ll'll|,|l|t'|.tv*4ll'IUlll��  in*t, tlii'iiiv *ii I'liitiiii* iiiiiiii, ilii'iuvti ;kirtiatiiid  .'iikt, ilii'tits.:ti t'liitliik hiiiul). ilifuti* lo t'lmiui  t'ilkt, I5i|i|lii(>  Kl |'|liil,ik  lloi'tli.  llli'Di*. dU'lmllt,  cult io point i.f i'iiiiii)ii>i!is'iiii'!it. Mil*) iimtaiiiliikj  ititiNfr*., iimrciir lew*.  AtUitir flumiil lltt'U*.  I'li'lie A. Ilmt'Utiti,*. Atft'Dt.  Jul! s, llill.  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Dlttriei of AliH'riU,    ,,  Taliiifi.itlct.tiiit! |, Mlehat'l if, CmKii, of Vie  curls, Hi t,,, t*,'iii<iitiuttt��iitu��ci'*r, iiiiciiilaioap'    ���  ply fn* pt'ltMlasIott   10   lf��ktl   Ult'   ft)lli*ri||)tf lit).  iN'rUs.liitiiiia. iiHiurlyi   ,       ......  Tiiiii i-oitlvii ef Ut.' rlv��*r Iks! of Uio Hoimoi  Itlit'i-, is.-iiiiiit'iiitiiif i*t I* i>i**t i.litnnsi uu ttir.  tntmnttl l'*nU of Uu. tviiiirtt! Itlyi'i', on ilui aottlti-  rril li..iltlil*IT uf  laoll*.   UlifM't kotttll 4)f Hlt-tT-  tHMiit llrui)/!', ilit'tic** kouliii'rly fi, ItiHliiir ttm  I'liktcrii liHiitl uf tlio ��"iltl llvrr ti ilUuuu-ainr t*l  cliulti*. llti'Oi-4* vt'i-klt-rly io ilu* kii-ktt.rii liiitl tl of  lln..itM rlvrr, tltPixv* Diirtlii.rly follouii)*' tin)  *>i.��ii-i'ii |iai)i< or tlie.mitl river, it i.tliitiuii'tt of lul  clitiJii*, iitori* ������ir It'.it, tltctits; iMkitirly to ilui j.olnl  of et.iiittu'litsi'iiit'lit,  Mtclntfl 11. Ciirllii,  M. TolK). Atft-til,  July io, 191..  Af.llKUNI  I.ANI) OIHl-KIOT.  nlklili'l of I'tiiyo.iiuit,  T.iin* nollco lln.1 o, (f. MutWitHui, uf VollCoU.  n'l, Oiciitxitliin uurasrynotti, ltilcii'i�� lo apply  for j.t.iMiUil'.n to piifCliuid tlio fuUinvlitu (It*,  otirllssl iKitttat  . t.'tniiiiiciii'liiii' ul ti pdkt plaUtwt st tha SDUtH-   ..  tttjit oos'tinr of  l'ai)l It7��, - utttycktjuoi Dlitrlct,  (tiriKss nortii to otmlnii, iln'in'ti waal *>���) cliadu,  itinitit) boiiUi io short*. Uiorit'omuttorlyatoiii.* tlis  liliorrl ll) l��llflt Of  C()H1IHt*5!V��tl1l*IU,   BWl COIilttll).  Iiid; iliK) tttrt**. morn or Itwa.  0, o. Msiltliktfia,  l.y.W. w. mio-lt-e, Aitenl, i;  juwi is, lot*.'.'".; f   ���  /���  *.. ��Wi*alJ-, *<alJ t-ajkllilt'ut Ml  it.AJ*'M*^X*'S^+^****J**^^t*^+.-,-'^^**ti i-ill-ai'iftfei^JJ'M;**!!.*^^  n^rmk-MM*****^ THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  PATERSON  GARAGE  St. Andrew's Presbyterian f�� BKMG IN  Church  Car. of tfotutfloin l**-**t. i:ilc��t>��tlt, Eft,  IU*v, Jw*. Carrutbt-ra, M In it* tor.  Nahbitth HnrvliH-'s.^Moriili)*;, 11 a. nt  Kvi'iiinj-, 7 p, xxx, Haul'itUi Hcheol, ** |*. m  t*l|r��m-er�� **re tnmiiaily Invited u> at  tend,   Mttk" this vour bouit* church,  TBE BRAND SAWMILL  Will supply you ,wlth all kinds  of First (JlasH l-umhor. ,  Stack Stzt'H or Cut to Order  Mnl! order* tut*'i>dcd to  Address  F.  AbHI'ltNt, II. (J  I*. (). Hun fill  MORE SETF.LERS  The  Barclay House  Hawkins Island  Barclay Sound  Facing Open Ocean  An bleu! f-.|>,)l fori ho Tourist  Oood Klslilni* uml  IJotttbi-*  Hulhlii'* Utiueh  Now Open to tho Touring Public  Full Line of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire at Reasonable Rates  A BeiBtifitl, Quiet nnd l^ra-like Rewrt  F. LIGHTER  /Tactical WetcbrmMtr ��  Jt&tltr and Optician  A tfood lino of Wutrho-i nnd  Clinbis and nil klndi* of  Jowulry, All kind*, of Ko-  pulr work.,       :    < : ,    j  Albernl        Port Alborni  At Allwrnl Attar tt I*. .M.  "���^���wr* ���"*->������"  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B* *C.  Thu Alherni Advocate will  turn out only the very finest  line of Job Work  Fi��@   Acres of  Rich,  a '  .  ll  Easy Terms  i  'I'hero Is "���"vat *ir*iud��t- iu dm rolorib  jttjiIon l*ryJwU lo which the Uukeo!  Hutborintid la ���iswrciiDU'd w)(h i'-tutul.  hvnt* of lur/fi* mi|K*rh'i��oi�� and luliuumco.  roitiurk* tin* News* Advertiser,  Kuisitt of du* nturo !".ti|X)t'l��ill niul dls*  dtioitve ohMUi'iit*. tu tin* rast* may b<*  ii.eiil.vmed, WhileHlr William Why! s  who It* |il'e��ldi.iit of the orifiitilxuduMi  Ihe Duke of Hulb'uitttid liJiitself, Hii'  I'diitunii Walker, Sir William Mnckon-  tie, nnd olhv'i"s who hnvo udt.cn ti|i this  enterprise, nro not |>rofci>*loiitd ptitluti-  dutijiUts, die/ nru nutat'okli**' tomaki*  hil'lft) prullti* out of (lie snbi of In ltd to  tht) HrUl-h luiiitlKi'um Million*. Their  Interest Is p-u-ily pnliUc nnd partly  l-rowN out of their oilier conoerm* In  this coiinlry, which they wish |'n,;sue  occupied its soon um -Kiaidblo with a  thrifty iMijntlutlon. 'Jim Unite of Nuili-  erlniul Ititu u friendly untl natural Inter-  est In the welfuru of his felloiv-country-  men, whose pro*"p!*4*t*i ho desire*) to  Improve. All (ho promoter-* und oi*-  Kiiab'.erH of thin ti.ovoniont aro - more  uiuloUr* for Itt* micoess tut a colotiluutlon  project ihnn in uny llnunelul return  they enn expect to make from It. Thoro  Is more money to ho nuide hi other  ways out of western lends.  Anothoi- element In thu cium) tn tint  care (hut wilt bo taken by thi)' ICnf-Ush  and Hoottlidi |)roaiotor*( to see thut only  cmpublo nnd thrifty ftiramm idmll bo  placed on thi'HO lund-i. It Ik ousy to  limrn hy what a man htu* done hi Scot- j  laud whnt ho it nblo to do In ' (Janndu.  Mora Intoromlni* still is tho cireuin-  Ktniu'e dutt thoHo t*etllei��i will In) prtt*-  |iurod to i*o into mixed frmidn'*. Thut  Is dm only fitriidnj* thoy have noun und  tht* kind thut will uppou) to them.  Hrltlsh Columbia olfer** dm html opportunity for farmer*- of that das**.  Tho land uud cllmato aro tmltlablo and  tho boot in rtrkitt In the world lu hero  waitlni* for tbo producer, Tim Ihiko  of Nuthorland, who hntt Mmm bind Investment*) in this provlnou tn tho lirl-  -fiillon district** iinder-iiuiKlit all this.  Kurthor tt Im oxplfdnod that whllo  thu fi.riiioi-s inuy iitilrst bo nettled xxh  .��nt.nt<4 on the lnnd ihoy will have an  undurtakhi1' under whloh thoy niny 'Imi-  como freoholdom on eftny toriiis, That  should bo tho aim of every furiuer la  this country, Tho doatrhtoH of Henry  Oooru-e (us to tndlvldtiid land ownership  will never pri-v-idt union-', Ctimullnfi  faruioni. Tho huttbuudiuau who Unix a  freehold llth) to iho land on which be  lives is usually a tnuru unceful und  suooeswhil farmer, nnd a bettor nnd  niorui patriotic oitliu-n.  Another fotUuro will cortnluly bo  n part of th*- phm. whloh, however, hm  not Ix'tin t*ot forth fully In any sum*-  nienU. Whtii-o seitlemcnt in niwde on  land that Ih or Imn boon liouvllv ilutboc*  ed or which required dnilnliif- or other  heavy Inltlul axpendtturo,' It will bo  nooustmry to j-lvo the luittlor a purdy  tiutdn ffli'tn. Ho will havo hud no ex.  jHirience lu di**uin"r, and no ot-pilpmont  for this work. Tho company will huve  to clear dm lnnd, or part of It, before  juttthutiunt, no that tbo settlor enn. ho-  ",'ln to p'*��du(ji) crops wltiiuut dio dls-  couru'(lnr' oxpurlenoo of a (juiiiplcte  ploiuier.  Many industrial, cuioituiralal and  trau��|K>rt��tU)n enUtrprlsuN havo boon  clalmtuii* the uttuntlon of the Hrltlsh  C'ulumblait. Thoy are worthy of nolo,  but tut,' ("i-entest thin^ dint my portum  can du for Hrltlsh I'ohmtblnits to set do  thu fortlh) p!��li)o nnd vnlley* with ofli-  olunt fariuora livin"* nt*u*>-"tiuiiKii to*  -.'(-(bur to form stttb'tir-tory noolal ootti-  intmltii**), produelni/food for home con-  riimipdoit aud ivt'olvhijf tho money of  idly jiooplt* that now j-o**m to uthoi'  pitrtn of thU doiittuiint. The Duke of  Hntherlimd hns alreudy priVpttrod huiiuu  lu AUhvcia fur Inindreils of tfiwd Kt-ot.  llnh ttm wit farm'-m. Thero isrouin fur  much morn such activity In that prov  itHHi; n* well (nt thin line, Mild Shore It*  opport tin Iiy for otht-r "/roupt* of -nihlle.  spirited nnd emnrprlNb)'" imn on both  side* of Hi�� wuU'r tu provide for dio  tr-so-ier of lndusuiou"* nnd well-irniniKl  fi*riiiei"�� from the Modn*r t-'ountry to  this Dominion,  \  Mi*ip&**riuxiMtartit*UcTii-aMjfiU��ru<  Frank & Debruyne  Real Estate and Insurance  Notary Public  P. 0. Box 68  Alhernl, B. C.  ,��*.-   k*^l-....Wl-pU-J,-f4 41^��     -tv.  ,*V*A**VV  Advertise hi) Photography  Next to the thin** itself n ftooil  Photograph will j-tive a bettor iden  to a purchaser than any amount  of description., If you wunt It  well done consult  Leonard Frank  -  -  -  -lews  rrrv  HMMI  If You Are Going to  Build ft Houoo, an Ontcs Block, or a Barn, or  a Store, oranythlri-'cliio that Is made of Wood  The Man to See Is  lit* Will Ottbntlt utx  *3��Umate.    Flrot-Clarja  Prloao (}ia( nro Rl(h(.  aTTiiiT Contractor and Builder  Workmnnahip  at  Office Fittings, Show Cases, Cabinet Work  P. 0. Box No. 4.       Alborni, 0. C.  Phono hii  ���hum: J -it'.  ^.���^U|k.^JliWkMl��*.  iiii.|iii,iwi..iiiii.in.  ' The A lert Investor A sks for  Something Attractive ���������  Himitilhlni' that is u sure winner, where dm money will turn  ovor (pdokly and at n j-ood prolli.  This is the Class of Property That is Handled by  a.-*.��U��(|UOT<-K -VMl'...  )--*l*.-HI*M..Wk!     |L -, -MMn ^��W*-��a*��k��WV��kWB ^BKUUttoj.  fn? >i*h **aui, nWifckMffjm ��� a.i��� iwnKiiMiiaam ffiW f   W>   M MM !�����*.*���< vs**Oi*t-.i v-rtwink**^ -> i4ns��*ii>v  Ilollnndlt-H No Other Kind,  t?  A tint of dm llncst Kami nnd f.'hy propertleH to befoiind In die Albernl  DUti'lot,   A on!! will convhiet, yon, und lend io business.  P. 0. Box $4  mnmnti��/**i*mmmn  Alberni, B. C.  ^y**^**w***v*  ''tf'M'W'aii-ai!''  Onc��t More.  Tho one mid only " Home Hnatohor"  It* nifiilu to the fore, aud tht* evidence  of hi* cunnbiK* Is left behind lo make it  "ohu* J' for iho oltlceii* of the poufjo w  follow up. The jivniiil joker pried tho  piullook off tho hnsp ut tho burn of Mr.  J. J/, Hlodsoi) on WedneMlny nti-ht, and  left, tho front door opim. If thu horno  wns ttikim out of f.'.�� phice It wun returned, m tho tmhard wn-t hi phtco In  the uiornlnif. A ehort Iron boll hud  Im-oii used for tho "jimmy," nnd ko fnr  the reimilnN of the look luiv-s not been  locuted. In tbo inetuitlftte the owner  feels very much lllio roolMnif tho old.  nvirsriry rhymo:  ' Shiiplo Hlinon  wnnt a hvintln"* for to  >heol k. wild duck,  Hut (ho wild duck Hew away,  Sitld Simple Simon, " I could not hit  hhiii  ' lits-iuiso ho would not stuy,'"  mmmmammtUL  Tho Alberni Paint Store  PAIiWtlKQ.-- Anylhln-,' hsmi n noodle (o an unobor,  from n buhy ouriintfe ui  an titi.o, from u slutcli to n pntM'e,  Sign Painting  Pictur�� Preming  Color�� Varnitjiic-tt.  lUten St, Alborni  TMna 01  mmmtm3msmss#tmm&  Fire  Insurance Company  Head Q.flco:   Vancouver, B. C.  Do not ask you to curry purt of the higher risk of others, They ivuie  Iniuirancn only on |solat4S,l hoi>s,.��oii*,sldoof incorporat'il lutviis, und cnu  theroforo (jixnu vory fow rntes, with ftli��olut<j security.  For Information apply to local Agent  Fl  !N'i!*'-JA3!**'^kf^  M��^^tl*-ttJR^ntfl)C'lft^**J"llUP4r*/*Mtr*ft^^  .���HKMfM*4l>k'M!llt<MraW> Wl.* tf^.un.iw,. u*nJvnwmmM*,  UM.teb^MMu��ylM.-M'k.4,MM,4rf*.uik.  ���i&et&Si&l^XiZXfi&itot&^fi  r,^-t 1  -.���""  l.*\*.  K *  >i;  teg THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  ll**��M����**>t., IH.l*ri,l i-aT-l ��� I Hi Iftlrff*-.-*-**-** *p'i-*4t-M-*>*'''r*W *���*'  j.'. ..i-.L-'h- I.',it '���.' '" i. i'"'(' i       ."    ii ' i ."mm "Tin' if" 't Ti n r-T r "���"r*f,i'r,rli""if*ir itm" y 'ft h " ���"11    '-| ni h   in ifiuinn'r   " -" **-r -���-ff:"*rM' ***liri''rflTliilffni-��**i****iiii  ^liirtwW.'i-fliriirif-ii*- t"���~" ���^���.'-"���i7'*"''' -kirati  TJie.  : ���'.': ,.',:-���   '.       ,   ,; ,"���;���.' '���'���-'i-'y*'"'..*.!.'  ''Cui'lOirAutlierirWl'':' ':.'. V'  ;,*i?#iviNl;l,ai^Vp:,-':'..-:,'!��; ���'.  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'.."  iV'niilill'V. ���St-Ti..ioi.'s.k .'.V*,!! ,t"k't'l'vV.tilteilt:��!)��. >   '",';' =  purntture "���'"  All litndtJ of  Iloiiseiilaid funiiture  '���Jn St<?ek ut.   ':.  Mainland Prices'  FOR SETTLERS  Lantj Act Notices  .',-.'   ."AWtiUXX l;.l\'l*.-OIHT'{!t,.'T, ,.   -  ,'-,.-;',  ���   . i.jii,i,ie|;:iaf t-*H>��*it*o!.;,;  ,. ."i":-'*'**.�����>���!ii**iimi! \\u\\i;-r i",:��.I*t'.'iit-i',t*tOiiirnu,  M"..,-��,.:ih* !/|>.4��tii'>ii..j��tt,y>'��'4 tiiit-tiii*'S'lsii'i'ly *��r  )jii',,k,*.,i'.,**tts���� lit (alilt'-liHW' *tn> fif'tn��|.ii��; ili'M'-t'llacti  j,,it��ls-.'  .������.."'.���-. -:.-��� . -.-' '-  '���" ';.:...  ��������� a -.wi-Ltt&jv&te^zi-Wr-s^fanXtilX' t'l. *)>���' an'Stli)  lit,���-,-.', j'-,,)!,:! t,.j( *'|'(iit>.*>t'r .l.stiih; .ir.��,-jl��'*��*s< ���AW-.ti*.  ! V; ,!.ijtr-ijk|'-.s.'Ji,iif hflltfj'^UitShl1*"**! .,?'"*'���!*?���  I .,*dva,iH!t'iii.>'4.. ifiti'i'tsi" ���ib,e,."'>tVf)i->fj)i,(i'':i:.j(t  |.aV--'i>'i*,,.'(i,?i-..*iinvI.. 'Hits ri4-'iivi'ijl hy'tin,* �����*'*''���.  ; .*.���!in',.- nf ' th'*!, V{i!i^��*4,(V'ii'ikiskiiiS.i>*''i'i,i��  'U'.,*j.!'::.!*'. , .Li'iii-'Sle, ri.tt't'iitl),-,."' iv|ili'h;; I'^si  -..i-''-.*i?'i.:" ih.i' ������< i'di'i'-iViin;'���*"i��!nh.i".'''bS'-t1V'"*!  ���I11111111-...f*.iutii."hi1". Sb*'*'r,iti'4".thoti.l*!H,!��*',-"'���'������:.'.��� ,  : ,'."t'.|.m;JI.S"i.' I.AN1* l'i"*t!'|tT.  *   ('���'-,- :" ���'��� f ��.,..-;i i -u i   at;; .V , .   ... ������,���' j-.' ��'���'���'' ���-'���'������ ,��i**''i��-! el i'-i.n*,*s|ii,i(, ,.;,.,,  , ,,,' ���..,,.* *,f,.ei,,,l ,',-ft |.,.f*n���,��'. JMtjlJ- l'H'"v.,;Y^,: {.^iwKiii "i'v.iSi.i.iil.t.ilfDil.  . !>!.-. ' .'      '" ' ' ft.. .. s,!:-i-'i.', iks'i��t'.irt'.rit ���I'-i'll'Wi   (��!��'l��l* to .i*l't'!�� *''*'  '- i1M',.,,-,,, ' )v-.='*k)'-M-:n(sf.i., i.*ti!i'?tiw=-J!it' l.>lfiikt|i,l,j'*)"k*-ii!��is,l  **>. *!4i'4nH,,,4-lt��(.����>��'|l,��iil.��i,(i',��IMS!  trAllitlt **��  ll��ilin: lil;'.a>i��*-4.:.a*,ij. i'f *!t,lii|.|*.   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'<*'. i'oiikvii.v, chief  e(lj/i|i'''-l- "I 'he I iiii1 eoi'i.MU'itdtni. tltltl st  piiiiiilni'iu ineml.'i-r nf the A'.ni-.iieuH  SiK'i.-ii'nf tivil K!i.;iO(.'i'rs, tifter u  ihtu;..ui*ih liiyestlifit'lloii ufnll euiidllloma  rii.'i'tln;f to die expendhure of dte . bij,'  stun'tuitl die results  dt'stlrcd. ���  Mi'U iii't' Itliellll.V ill iv<)i'l* on the lilf,'  CoiiSraet, untl It is t*Np,ee(i,'d llllt! (lit*  .,*.(t-iis't;ti'"i" niii   In*, .t'iiiii|ilet��'il in ii'*h(  Illt'lililS.-'   ���*'��� ' 'tsmmwimjxm&smBmz  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE*  r*^4Ute4U!��d<&4UI<&��<)li��<G��4'j:f j     P.*r the l***ii.*tl( ot  "H.v.tnttiler" , tmd  CorrespoudoncuS'*���*'" ^'"ll"4 Mxw** -*m ,,,'i,*1'.v  Thnt die j-iiverumein did nm uittk-u  I 1,'ii.mi on du* "Mri'iij-th of ihe   plain."  Tint Advocnt*' doe*, not   bt*id  llSt'lf n**.t��ui).Shh' |or (lux-phlloU*-  (itpi-ttkHMJ by coJt-fesjsMtd.'ntSi  'j'bo fall mum* mini t*e htrttUh-  rd for ifUbtldtUt/n **--hh <vll mull*'.'  of lljdt-r *v ****.   The phiiis ��*���!�����'  sup-  Sm'wh! t���� 111   die   i;i;hi>(*   Oilier,   mete  r5jiv4illl> *-td��(li��i4-u.  p I    'J'hi-i*4i vi t*�� no "dtM-otiw,-.)" show it to  of�� political itftiiii-o, j^iltydfr.-.  To,   Tbe   coiitplubH   ol   Ilu,  ^^l&,^?&'te?5i)'f&'ftt>F&?&F&��  li'tidi'H'C** ��"*�� hi*iti*l, um) it   eoitmilU*"  np'tnint**! t*�� Vt-dl   nil   H*derA   *'n.(n  Tho Hospital.  Purl Alin-i'til, Kept....  ~ l-ailitiir Advix'itu'; -Witlimit doubt  there I* it eoiisidei-tlih) ii'iioum of locitl  ill-*aatis(ii4'lii)it liver the |*i��*|>lt-il fhm-o,  That 'Viineoijc hit. hlui-di'ivil" Isiilmm  iiu. only one |s*litt ��v In-tc nil netl Mtnitiy  filed lu tuitlty, Amid kvt'vei-itl -.ira-ii-*  Mt'Kituii'ni., (.iti niul rout in, (hn vitii-  ou�� j'ttt'tle. eoiteeiiitsl, 'one nlijee.iiiiii  C(*i Utility seems lensnuubte nnd thnt I.  tht* holt ftiitii the blue noil the dlsooiir-  l.tsy shown to the uivhlliH'i. t* ht-it diey  first becimii. uivniv, vide the cliy pros*,  that their .ttrvtce* Wi'rt'iti-*pcii*tcd tilth  at it iiii'etiit*,- rnllfdt to ikhlch Htk.y hud  rocolvcd no notice flinl mi cbimco of  dtifenee. Ii -i|.|H.nr�� that (tie.v were  litiirnlly riihsl oui on itccoum of the  olijil'doti* cuImsI hy thi* ���titcireskfiil  U'liderer. for ihe I'uiitrncl, nml (hat  after die aftii-.vuld plutis htul heen net-opt i si l>y (he IJuiuil of Director.*, uud  ���i��*Ai*l |*y tint juii'eritnii'iH ti iilioui n  abi"-!** Mij-j-esicd tilterittlint, uititiij'iitiit  often ihim.iintltltittHi-* Iiiui l-ecn allowed  on Hit* ruti'iii'th of sitiite, Cert "duly  this I'u*-.. iiifiiriuittlini wus it "cei'itleiiti  '-    m!sste."��� ,,,  The (nllowlnj* are n few -tolm* on  which the ntfin in die mrcm desires  to ttis'tilrc kitoi��'!tsl>*e.  I'ir.d.v, ibut when Mr. Kulor nt tended, ul r**��| lie* ttt sitliMMpit'iH iiieelhi",'  of the llomd. unit ���*ti|,'tfe��tcd dint f*. Mi'.  Kioi*y |iiHMicees��f��il tenderer and mem-  bor of the firm) wn* the hone of .'onion-  thin, und dint be wns kvllllu)/ tueiupiuy  ��� another urchllect u�� supervisor und  .olladniito Mr. Story from the hospital  bulldlt)'* utlo'.'edier, why was lit* oifer  not itcecptedV  Hi*c*mdly, why did Mesw.i*),, Warnns-k  tV lAK'hritmt wult until their lender v* its  m-coptcd lstfore iniildin-uny object ion*  kmiwinir, us (hey did uli thu time,, of  the connection of Mr. Story with the  omc-iut utx-hltectrt'i' ��� ; "  ' Thli-dly, why did noltdmHontd follow  the urt-tisiouicd mutlue nnd hmUi on tt  cert tiled cht'��|ue nci'oiiipunyit)',' nil tea*  dors? ' '    ,       ,  In thi* 'thovi* Uio of t|Ui'sllunM   ibere  cei'titliily si't'iu* some loree, imd on die  top tit this other fttotii iitii*t   be   reeo",'-  nli-isl,     Mr. Hviler   ut   u   ��iih*c<|ticnt  month)-*' refused to well   tin'   upprovi-d  phi))*, If the   suui'i   ik'nri,'   to   he   used  under ditferent   siiporvishm   wlthoiit  duly ron-iuhhi-r bis tlcui.   The result of  Ilui hitter eoiiforeiictr was lhat iinhnlu-'  up|trot*t*lii*d iiexi dny  ihey  u^rei'd  to  sell their plant- for two hiiiulivddolliu'*)  (in coniddof-dlon of work done) on con.  ilhion tltat their pltuis were not  imcd.  On n furimit demand  for  the  m-pecd  mini th��*y   wore  referred   uj-uiti   to a  lloitrd iiimitltii,', who refii-��ed to pny (hi*  two hundred dollar** and (be plnus were  returned to Wesson*, ttyder .V Co.    WV  of the boulovurds'whdi  to   know   why  lliiii was no.   Am thhi-'H stmul now, the  whole bitsliies* will hnvo (o ho rorout'ht,  now ptni)*. drawn up'itiul siibtnliitHl   to  ��ho iioitts". of Dlivctdrsnnd the Provln-  Ol'tl povtiriiineiU, nnd |iiWM*d by   them.  On dii; ntivai-ih ot thu new plnm* n miw  . grain * III hnve to Ih* asked   for,. nnd  fresh '**!.ilui'�� will have to bcMthiiiluod  nnd a t-bolce iuitdi),   A!) ibis  tuoiuu* a  ' corUtin ftiiiourtt of ��h��hiy which i�� mora  dop'lorablo eoiutiilerlnif (he wet   senson  is jllst r.Urdtt'' tmd ItsntiUmpieitt ills,  A nn'. bur point raised is dint  if   llntilly  Miiiib****. Itydor A" Co. nivopi eoinpeUMi.  dim htt' ''worka Inbor lo.t" m (lie imm  of (.wo htindrcd dolinrs for  plan,  (but  will never be used, win of whosepookt't  !x (bo (iforesittd coinlnj��y  An to (do aii^j-taktitiu of j��iiift, hnd  Mr. Htury'a t'tnder been aitecossful bow  <*onld ho hnve en**Jm'er*sl - (be sume  when all iiiHterhthi use*,! were cnvei-fitsl |  by appi-'ivt'd'tjpiH'SlicntioinY And ��fr��tt |  ,**������� -.'���"���i'diily *0i*piK,'t*sl beforetbe work |  ��***.(, ��ve�� *at��i-t(sl, (hn) hi imiliii.*d to*  t-yuip'-iihi*'.' widi M**i*j��iir�� Wttritock ,v  CiH'hrani* for v,t siics.'i.ai��fidly, eutliti**  their own th'vttt*-, iv* dic-y imdoubttdly  did, nnd It it* mure dint n siirinlno (hm  brut they htul tmy idei' thut, nn i|i,i  i*tvtmda of llieh' ubjuitl-iii, the Humil  wiutlil hnve ittade socbn "clear Iju'ml"  of It, nil this t'Miii!im<r**y -would never  huve OK'oiirrcd, Who Is to be hlnunsl  for nil this is die local dllifenlty. iiie  folded sbuep, plus these Jiorned brethren, seem so liiu'i'unii>,'hsl, uml lln*  bufnlit"* ntiesdou now Is who are die  j-oatsV The utreet ptuih'M urn tjiilto  U!��(Uitiiie*n* hi prulshij- their fuciloiiH,  with fnltjt dnitmtf. .Moiuiwhlb* we nro  follow Inj* Mr. AmiiiIiIi'n dictum to  " witlt und ��t?u."  HVHTANimu,  All of tho nbove uuuls to hIiow Just,  how lllti*-. tho "Musi lu the Street,"  ovt-n though ho Is ti "Hy.stnnder,"  usimlly ktiowtt itlsnit the thln^n which  be Iw no wlllhi-r ty -fJit��|y dlt��cu��s. It Is  Bttfy to tuvy thut there is not n slllj,'le  puhit In tho above letter tlmt Is well  Ukon frum tho t.und|*olni of the fnots  of tbo case.  ndjttki the fittitter. Thi* lb to tiii��-i*e In  tnKe difb-bdoriiintloii Itsuu n itew..  pM|*.'r ruther ihuii w��ll lur ihecmimdi*  t*-e,  'J'fie Hottidhudenioi. lothet'oncItiKinn  ili!,! the nihil-* nf the Cfi.t* delllHIiibs]  (hit! Ul) li||*tli'ce*ksful tender"!' Miout-I  not itn ullotted lu stiport |*o (be tiurli  ttf tuiildim' the tiospliiil lii'tnte nut ol  the pintles tti'tt* Iti'ittii,  Mr. KytltT iiiiid*,* n eniiilitlnii of tht*  npi-nimiiieiil uf iiiintSii't' uiiin in .upef-  vl*.. ilui tt'iirk, iiiui hitch inuii should he  lilr.il mul pitltl l'i hi* llitii, The I"uncd  eoiilit nn! *ee (hut this ullertst die cttse  iniiiniiiill.v, uud refuwsl to ennsitler, li.  Ttu* uttt'r ol lite plutis uu* coupled  wllh (he pmv 1*4) lhtt( dmy could nut be  u*cd hIiIidiiI the sij|i|.|k|s|tit) of Jtkder  A- Cti,, uud (be Houi.i did not feel like  pity uit,' loi'suiueihliij,* whloh (bey worn  nm lo be iillnti.il in use. '  There uti. no sin.'i.'.'slitiu tif " ^rnft"  liuiili' hy die tloiuii, Imt it wus to pre.  vein just .mil it .lufi-c.ilnii thut Hie  Hmii-d limb the net ion tvhich tltey did.  'i'lu* ''approved **peclllcutlons" were so  ilruwii thut there vviih tpiite it mtii-'*iii  for ���'petsuuil oplninit" its to their  iiicntiltiy. When (hi. wim (s,. In list out  lo the Hnurd ll foriiied until tier ri-usoti  Itn- their net Ion.  Ali-s.r-i. WiirniKi*; ��v Cochrnne took ��'  Hue -vhloh (hey wore fully jtHillod ill  liiklii;,', und nr.* pruhwlily tpiite witling  lo let the i-cfctihs toko euro nf (belli-  selvcw,  A- m the "(ioitts*1 (liettitspltul Honrd  prnliiibl.v feel lluit Ihey hud n nut'isiw  I'M'upe hsitii thut euioj-ory, nnd dint  iiiiieh of the present cry come* from  tho*,. vtho '(tiled to trttii.furni tbe  iiieniiier* ol the Hoard Into those imer-  cstlii".' unbind*..  Ibiplii-,'dutt these few vtords will  relievo the ini,\iety of "ltyMuuder" und  his frli'iuls, we ure,  Very truly,'  I'-ditoi' Adviu'iilo.  ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS VERY  OFTEN ASHED ABOUT 4L8��Rm  i-  Allsuot Is ivucbed hy titti'i fii��'H Vlvd-rln, CimiUH-dei)-. ale Jiinde with  \ittnisi* iintitiiif' ihimijjl, lo AlU'i'iil oil M-iiidtt), Wedne-i-day and I'Yiday, Pit*.  *t'��ij,'er** ft"ii*i a'Mi-'ioivcr t'iiy can ruHtiittM v.lilt lids trnln ��( Nniinlmo,  Altx't litis tdv,�� isi"ti"lii*d by tkteattii'C froittj Vl��(oriii. and iti the nunmier  oitiuib. tbt.'i*' I. no in��i.*' dellj-htfo^tiip than ibl" '*p dm weft voiMd of Vniunni.  vie Ikluiid und (doit-" (bejiict��(���.*--.}uu AHn'i*i)i %'itiitil,  iKma^^BWirfJMiiaMU.  I^uhI piici's hb to nerctt-'t* vurh's freui *V'M to **>(>) per ttort* for bush hmd,  mul fi'tilll *?H��I to ���".((��) fnr Ininl (lint has heen elettrist itud hrini'.-ht lilltler ('ullivi*.  (ion. 1'rU'n* iliu "tiveriitHl l*v t|Uttlitti uud brcntiun ond cnu Is* hud in tiny f'unn-  dly.  _^iin  li hit* been found (hut  mined fiii'iiilm' pny* l*o��t.   On plot* of from (on to  UteiKy iicies friill ���"lO'ilii',', dull iliiu.   ("Uillry   ritlsltii,', hoj,'* uml culth* will itll  pll' well,  There ure no free bouiesteuds to he hud. . I .untl   will huve lo he purchuscd.  In Alhernl will Imi found Ilm usuttl u-lvaniiiK'��'*> of ** pro/ti'imlve Western  i'oiiiiinmiiy thnl bus ftiltli, utnj the cnurii','!* uf Its ttinvtultoiix." There ure tt  iiinnhc-'of "*i*imI stores cnrryhi"; it wide raii|*o of ",'oods, soliools, cbnrobos, lite  fietv.piiper lu which you ure reiitlliiK (his, unit ti nuiiiher of ttthletlt'und soolul  clubs, ,  The elloutle Is us line us ���������in tu* found on the I'ticlllo Ooasl, tuktm the yenr  roiiiut. The mlnfuHis leis Htiiii Hint of the lily of Vtitieoiivur, tbo frosW are  tltt'lil. i'here is snliliiin frost-imotii/h for -.ktidtii' or snow eiioUf,'h for slelj-hlni,',  and when either of thi'Mi come*. It only lustj* u lew dttys. Kor iho suuutiier and  u til uiiin iiiniiihs there is iiulhlu-*- In tho vforld (o excel the AI hti in I weuthor.   ,.  Alberni Is die outlet of one of die hii-|'."*L and uumt fortlb' vnlloyu on Vrn��,  couver Isliiad. In (he District will be found it vast weidih of timber of thtt  (In est kind, eon I, Iron, copper, niurble and other coimiiorcial stones, brlitk ciayti  umi other uiiiuii'luls.  ��s��l**-*>>*^4ta**!^^  i   I Make a Specialty i  li (if Ocean. l*iike Pront imd i*itj  i'loi^rty, <#  4 Host I'mriii J,aii(l In Alln-riii Vtiiley, -Intml ���**.!- A*'is>, ti  (ft*?*** ��� - $���?.  I Havo For Exchttngo  Port AUhuuI nod Albeiid Peujieiiy,  Vleturlu and Vmnijuver l*iv|��eit>.  ��T What Havo You Got?  jJi Wm. Frank Gibson  i, fh-ua* PfuMta I. B5 (nwuranr* Qttixm I'bwia 3-1        1  fcr-HS-?-***-**-*^  t-inwi*iantt*ai. n-awtaa-umntaiaii mn nnaif iM^**-**af wtiiiiii ���i*��ia*>**ata--**��Mta��-a*a*-a*�� tmmmmmmtm��**mimwmx,imW'*'*?r<*>mn.*vnmi*>t**i**m  *��t*4-'^0'*,i*?'W  t   _   Phil. A. Watson  j  | The Up-to-Date  ri Hardware Store  ���OHlltirtlUlAtl'  iiiere (ice iiimieroiiK liitruedve uppurtnitUH*** for dm mtinufuoiuror and In-  v-t.sior, 'i'li* Albernl Hoard of Trudo will be --luil to take tlit��so miiii��r*i up  ivltli you.   Wiiii* lo diem for purtk'tilnr**.  .���____^.^., 1 ..^_...-.. .r ^ *^���  1-iimiB lat-rniia riiu.jajTniii��iir--aa(iiraiiui.jiuijiDiuLttMiiwiiriiiiiiii|iT*-iiiii[iiitiii ti iiiiiaiin��naniurjj  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  .1. J. HUHKK. I'rviii'iotor.  , ,       MUSli:  PLOKl'NCi; H. WIUOIIT, Assoeluie  I{n-.ni Cotlei-eof Music, I^undoii.l-.U'r*.  Teucher I'luito fncie. Iltirtiniiii' und  Theory, l^essim* jiceoixlini' lo in*,  nuieeiiieiit,    Alhernl. It. C,     i,..| m  ay  W Per Month  Will Build a  Farm Ready-to-Live-On  NVt* will build fifty ftinns in order lo  advertise (be productiveness of the null  seven miles west, of the 'limber Hell In  tin* fni-iiilii-fdlatiicl ofHurdyHuy, Apply stl once to the  ft  1  -it  Q  I .Ivory rih'w of uli UIiiiJIh.  Hoavy druyinKaiul frulj-htdoltvory  ���trVtlati  i  Large Shipment ol Now Anti-Rust Tinware  and Galvanized Ware just in.  iH(*��-*"i*M*l*V  Also  large Assortment of Sporting Goods,  Fishing Tackle, etc. :      :      ;      ;  Full Line o! Guns and Ammunition in Stock  Inspection Invited  A-^JF^^^  iiii'wiwiww-^ywi'aiMM'i-J Wirt*  FORTY ACRE FARMS  AT   $4S   PER   ACRE  Payment** oxttmdlmi uvor four yenr**  Colonization Company, Ltd.  <2��rtaret Oftlcant  No. 6 Winch llMlldin-*]  Vatnwuv��r, H, C.  Harbor View Subdivision  Of Ono and Two Aero lllockn In now on die Market  Kxcollenl Ijitul und I'nrlbilly Ciemod  JaSa Ra Motion  Roal Estate and Insurance  ^^��^i��ttHamijmim^mKmammmmMftmMti^tvmm^*mmi'mi'i  rMit��*i(n*tvt>vvivtvnm��v��i(��vvii*ikVv*>tiviVkt**u**t*v��t*��Uvntkivtv*t��vuvmin*m(W  TheKoyal Bank of Canada  ln**-3r-*e**��t*ij 1(160  Capital Polcl Up  Resorvo Fund  Total Assets over  A GKNKItA!, llANKINU IlUBINKWH TltANHAt/l'*-:!)  Savings Sank Dcpar  Banking by Mai!  Head Oflleet ftt)ntr*��I  0 W,2r>$,QQQ  ,$7,450,000  $110,000,000  Di'i.itnluof ll.eluiiiS utiwnnlit ri*o��liitMl  uml Uitnrt'Bi imltl hi iliu lilulti'it !'tirr*?iil  rati),   Niil*ola>- In WlUnlrawliiif.    _=  |>t.|i!��*lti* iiihv Is* iiiitiSi' suit wltlidiaaro  l))< titiill,   t-'ulti-kl eiirUi'iilsio will k-lt.  ly do itivitn dy It.'tUtr it'tfartltiitf *.�� A*  l))< uttill,   t-'iilt..*l t-iurUi'iilsni will  ly Im* itivDt  I'liruiiniit",  Over JflXi Hrannlio-t nnd A"-eaoles.   .'IU llmnoho*) In IhilUh (a'uhimblii.  -  OorrospondoMM Tiirou-'hotil tim World.  Alborni Branch Port Alborni Branch  A. O. KltjCK'/.l', Mtwin-'iti' H. J. Macm**)��. Mttiinj-***'  >.l|r��VWll*t|4V4t**-*^^  ���"." J'    '"**.T" '���""i;'""��".", .-.'.' '* lil'.'ai'a.'f'  s��*  i,wk.y.!il��nli.*  ���w  jiniiiHyilji  HOTEL  ARLINGTON  first Established and Best Known Hotel on the West Coast.  Title la tht Favorite fttsort of the Committal Man, Tourltl and SparUman  Owning our tsu)n Dairy and Poultry Ranch In it urea a Conttant Supply of* Strictly Frith  Article* for ttm tabte,       Cuitln* ����*i Accommodation* of th* **������**"'  Th* Batt Sarrxplr ftoome in Town.  Fre* Sam (0 and from all Puat* and Train*.  Billy McAllifltor, formerly of the King Mumnl Hotel, Victoria, Pr*.|*r.i*ti*r.  :&Z&Si3mXi  'iiie best, known house on, the West <.'oit*.t of Vuacouvor I.litiui.  All iiiudorn haproveiiiouis, v'entt'nlly liH'uit-d.  iiie (rent, ristilnj' und lltimitij.' on the (slund.  Autos for hire to Mpront latike nnd the Ark Hotel  at Ceiurnl Luke. <!tildes Sornishml on -.hurt  not loo for lhiuth)'' Piirtle** 111   iiiisleriite  rntes.  I'lond Chef, formorly of Kb-"' l"*dwuid Hotel, In ohuri.e of the kitehmi  Free Bus To and From Alt Trains  M* A. Ward, Prop.  Albfjtrni, B. C.  ?'?i^i^i^^fii;M^S ���**)��WWlBWBllll^^  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  i- >  li  ^ i  I ���  i ,  ill  ii,"  11.,;  ii '-  wnmrnmrm  mssm  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  CMADIAN PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY, LTD,  Port Alborni Branch  On Tho Rnnjc,  At tin* ���dioothitf mttu.it bet * ***���''*-   tli"*"  iiini'ksiiicu of Allnu'iil nod n le'im fivni  ��h�� Post, which took phico*-iidi*>*.*��'**���  (hU wt'ek, (ho Albertd   *li��rpshk��el*!s  j ����m--,<ilcd  in hanilhi"," a ni**-"   litth*  j 11iumiliijf u* (huh' friend!* rival* In 'he  jt'ha*" for du* t'ltnivt* hull*, t-ye,    SVheii  do* sificko   hud t'U'ui-ed nwnj,   It w����  found tlml tbe Allvrnt   -��l".iioi<<i*a hnd (��  n-'tiHvof h*0|n*bi(* to (helcciedH. v*hlb*  "HU sua the iH-)��l that com Id l��* li-'uii'd  up In ftikitt-  ol   (iu*   poiii   Mr. A, ('.  Pive/e, HK4it��j*i*rtif the |(o>**l Hunk tit  Albertd. m-.de the bij-h mvu' 'for the  mulch.  ^mmmmmmmmmfflmmmmmK  ���rrf-it--**!****  Down Again  fl*****r**.  iUMN*-.  ��*"V*r  '**�����*��*, .  '���.saBf  -���k*aj,  a --tkU   rkOx^kklA,   taWiUii*  W*>*r~*  *��*'***.  aw**-  ���>***--  CLASSIFIED ADS.  For 8��l�� (hiMilhie I*iumcb, fnii'Synwii.  is! tip .1, \V. Ktisiuil, ol (In* aS'iiiiinliit  bimiber Co., Port Alberiii. 'S> feet  Ion*,', Hotii'iis itintur, 'i ei Under,  III h. pf, eitiitie housed in ciibln, la  wood rtauiliiif order, "M���*��(), .lohn  Shirley     Hlchintlsnit.    Cnpe    Heille  ��� bl-'hthoiise, lliiuilliiil P. O.  For iSala Hy owner, huir lur'**' lots, en  Mock, bent"* l,ol~. 1, 'i, il itud I, in  Hloek'n, of purl of Lot lit, Hlverview  . NuhdlvLinn, Albernl. I'rlce, *M>  iilllii II liiken nt ouee. Term. 10 per  coin, discount allowed for nil rush,  Apply li,'-.Murriiy, No. 11 MKieemh  Ave. I'atisi, Vuucotiver, ll, C,  r��r Balo ,Tn'o (ienri'd hots nenr sin-  linn ttnd school house, +1.**���*I eiit'li. $10  on*)), litiliinci' "taper month, Apply  Friuik (ireeiiiiitl. Alliernl I*. ().  For fftdt, liitnoiu tmd tti.out forty rolls  ol itiiihie, Cnu in* Iiud ut u hurirnln.  Cujl on A. II. M. Lord at- the Alhernl  Ibile).  For *.**)** liny diiviiif* hnr**e, 7yeii'rs  nltl, Mmmil. Apply H, O. box "(!,"  Alht-riil, 11. C.  ,   rv. r^. ������,,>, v i*- t-^fU-uBw* * Ui'itoi ���*���-.*- aunt* a.��-4*r-��-\*,)>tnJilj*siT.-^tvi.4��*- *Hmn-*"a*  Fes* S-d* Mure imd Va\u t.'an I.f seen  oa Fair Ui-ound-*.   .1, .1. Hurke,  Lund Act NotlceB.  WATER ACT.  Ntit'e* of AlipIbBdfti) lor (ha Approval  at Work*.  Tiikt* notico e n(- dn  Waterworks   - 'oiiipauy  Ituj-ei'  CrOi'k  l.illllietl. will  apply (*i Ihe I'ouiptroller of \Vat**r  Klirhts lur tbe upprovii) of (lit* phnis of  lb-* works lo hi' ennirirucled for (he  nt libation of the wmer from Itoj-or  Cieuk, a trlbiKiiry of Koiiius Hlver,  which die upplieiiiil lui*. upptleil for  under Section fi! ol the Waior An:  The plans ui'd^nu'/Utudiii-n t-mpiirtd  by Stibset'diin {0, of Heeilnn to, of die  " Wilier A*'i." us timendiHt hnve been  lib"*! with die Coiiipt,tsiiler of Water  I.ImIu. as Vlctorbi,niul with the Water  Hecoiiler in Alhciiil, II, <.,'.  ()t*)iK'tloii** to ilu' upplU-ntlon imi/ In*  Html *�� lib die Ctiiiiiii.-siller of WttWn'  ItlKlit*., I'MflSitiiiciit lhdldii.|.s, Vletoritt,  Hititid ul Alhernl. H. <*,. ��� (Ht,-* -'"'ih.  day of Atitfii-.lt HH��i  H. l". Hi-nnt'lt, '  Aj-J'iit nl the AppliiVilll.  *i.iii|.���.kMi.iiM,���i...t,.k|,i.,ni^*.a.,^,iii.wwi,.*..*wii44|.t.l(i*,*^-il,.ai*i*, law*****,,,  AI.IIKKNI I.ANI) IUHTUIUT.  ,��� m.viU't til ('ln)'ihiinii. o  '("niii. iHUli'i'llmt Miu y Mstlilltills. uf Vtttltsiti.  iit, isi'iiiiMlli'ii iiiiii'tlis!ni!iii��iiiitiii.||it.t()iii)|ii��'  f.lf   |il!||,||kk|lil|   tl)   |,IU,t'llit��l>   till!   ftk||(IH||11(   'Ik*'  DC ll Inst ItilliUl  (aViiiitiii'iicl'iir at a |M'��t (.Isnti**! al lltv auuilt*  ��<atji ,,'.<nierof l.iHlki.'i.ClNi'iiiiUKinlstrii.'t,llii'iu***  ttti.1 tiii'liiiliis iiiort. ui |i*kk tttUitikutiU)***4*! cur-  ncr tit lain Ml, Hi.ins' siiuili tu aliois*. tlifiiis*.  i'iik|t!|lk it Hit not tlivt!}' fi)l|i)w|i)|a- talmro llnti Su  tUattttrtf isiiiiiiii'ijis iiioni. citiitkliilini it)*-) uurt',,  ii,U)tier li-iu.  Mary Mttildisini,  (ly vv. W, hiumIcs. Ayttni.  AiiKum in. ami,  AlalH-l'.NI I.ANI) i'llKTItll-r.  UlairU'luf i1*)��miui)I.  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II (.'��� tuvtltUlU'lll Illtlll'IkSl Itlitllilll, IllUtlltU ID l)|l'  jil)' fur iifiiuitinnu io jjui'vitaiiii tliB fisllewiinj at.  wiiiiisl Utt-tsi .' ���'���'',' .���    . .���, a  ,  I't'lllUlltli-lllkl-   Ml    tt   |>,.��t   t.lll'tiitl   tilMilll 10 It  iillli* iiDitiis,*!  fni)))  Mtii'li��l��! lain*,' tiiisiitxi  1141,1)1 Si)t'ltliIII.,   tlll'lltV   t*'-!��k   W I'llMlI)., l^t'WiS'  *.)iitu Wi'l.'itink. tlii.iii.s.'1 t-.u-i! t��* cliains. ImeU I"  iliiii inui, fi.iuttluiiiK doiat'ri'li, iiiiiid i�� !��**;  Kaiullti!* Papltt*a  ���-. .--("fti-t't'etattfa'Ataita!.-.--  -   Au��ut! t>), IVISI ".���   .   ,        .-'.'-' -,.  Atilll'.ltHI UaNIlUiiv'rUllrT,  (ilntricidf HtM'rts.,  TuUi, liiilltvii llilll  ',t!tt<>rilM> WIlMlfr. *��f Vie  .***MMtMk.i|iiw**��is,ii^B-yts*)*il^^  turlsi (!.(/'��� .recii|.itll(il) innrrlist wnlilitti, ItiuntU  tu M)>tily ftiris-rmlii'  lilif ilcacril.tsl JHintk.  tu upt'ly ftirisirmliilon tu i.iircliaii* Utt> fulloar,  .... .    ... ^ ..... .  Professional Cards  (JKOHHK A. H.MITH, ('��� K.�� Hiid.h  Coluuibiu I^imt Sui'vevur. Htii'vo.ta of  (duller Ilniii*, iiilisci.il elitluts, uud hunt  snUlivlslonH. Oilli't* ut AUmruh i'.*'.  litis i'i.  H. W. T. HODGSON  A. M. I. O. K  0, C. Land 8urv**-or and Civil f'n(bt**ar  Ollicttai   ffromaae   Hotal,    Fort  Albertd  H. H. BROWNE  Civil and .MIiiIiik I'.iijfhti'er  unit  Provlnelul bitiut .Miirveyor  fa**-"  TT  fa*>**'  (**������.  ���****��*  fas*  I'ruiiy Iinnt lo Iteducti Price* ibe-iwHliiit's*, but our HjHi-lft! f��*jll-  It tea for Hendlluij- I*ari*4" (juKJitltlet* mt-tb!(**t u* W ijanu*  (  Best Household Lump Coal, $8*00 Per Ton  fbi'at) per Hall Ttm, f-u (H-nti |n��r -.nclt,   JJeHveivd iu Ail.*erol or  like dittnitce,   Hpiniul rule on Cftiiwvd l^i*t*,  **-"-,.-*-' . *'      ' "    JV   "l/ u '.-   -^'r,'-',''-i^Ii1  r   ./,'-  r-iv*    r',   * -*"'   .,^��,'1)'.  -*4*tk**  ��n*n*  '-��*-**>  ��**--*-��.  *****-*���>  ******  #a��-��~  loneer  Phono 20  e e d     Co*  A. PAUL, K*tn-(*i*r  "-****f  ���**s*J*  7Mmmmmmmx\mmvm  **imm\ix*mc*m*wmmmmmnm+m*'&^*!im9+**\  m*)mxmkxamtmpmtjfm  Albernl  H. (!.  II, <f,ts>i))|.��lli.tiailliii.iiiti<n.l��(iiai>i.|> fureer.  tlifsuli.il) tu tiiiivliuM' Uu* fiilliitrklitti tti't-crttttsl  lllllllk  W* E. Ryder. &,Co.  Architects ".;."���������*'������.,'  BIRD BLOCK,   PORT ALB1CHNJ, B. C.  (Vituuii'tii'iiitr at it eon eltitilis) alioul ID) t  milt'. Durltiwrit fnioi MiulmlBi laht*, tlictifo  kUUtll M) I'll��I tit ,5 IticlUV).' txtal S.1 t'tialllk, lllt'lkS��  liDrtlt sDoliaina, Uitmict* weal Hi) i*li**ltiti, liauk tu  Hits |)i)t)S, (S)Ui.-,liiliitf it'll ,ii*n-��. uiom in ifi*,  l(aUii.rliu*t44.'iiillt<r.  I'"r��u�� llclioa. Akftntt.  AntfUal M, Itflt,  AI.IIKKNI LAND llIHTKiOT.  Dlilllcl uf ,N'i.*Dl*ia. ,  Tttrit* iKiilct* tliat llttrulit UranvUle WiiitiD, of  Vli'ltJilk, li. I.'.. isH'titiHtlon cliauiffiir. Idti'tnti lo  si'i'l)' for tiormtwion to |.titvli����t) lite fullcwliii;  lll'icrilrtsl ISDklttt  CuiDliitnit'liitf at �� i*o��t t'l�� it list atmut 11 Xi  nilli'* nurlhktiiiit front Muclintai lalm tlifttoc  itiiuli hdcIiiiIdi, iiit'iitrti kvt-ii m riisltik, tlifiit**)  DDftl) Wcjialm, (lit'tu-a t'sil to cliiilill, (lack (o  tittti I'onI. ismtitlitltii* tun *i iv*. intiKj or lt<i��.  ,., ;      ,      llari'li! (liittjt Itiii Mlet't*.  fmnri Jluliin. Atfi'nt.  aukusi .i l��|t,  AI.IIKJINI I.ANU I)U*TI(l*n'.  Dlilrlclvf Neuilia,  'i'niu'niilltv, thut AiIdK lltiiclial. nt Vlcturla,  II. l'��� tK*('li|i*tlui| limner,  liitrndit to *|.lily fur  t't'riiil'.it'-n it) puicltMo Uu* fiilliovliii' ili-��t'rl>��s|  laliili i  ('uiiiiiit.ni*(fii/ m r it***! iilsnimt aiskkit B milt-*  imrOitti'il freiii Milctitilm luke. tlmtlis> luuliint*  clialnn, Uii'itisi wet K't'liHttii. (linns' it��itlitsd  I'llMltl", tlD'llt'l't'tlHslrlUllllll, |,��,,,U tl* till* l*t**l,  tsuiisliilnir tm ncira, uioit* ur Iritt,  Aitiilf llfftt'ltsl,  I'Vafis IIi'Iidh Aijttit,  AuiniDtll, lUlt,  t?  AI.HI.KNI laANI) DIMTKIt-'T,  iiltirlrt i'i* NiSiUtti.  'I'sht* nittli**. tiitil llt<rl*t.ri Juiui llttUiiiuii I'lsn-  Hiatiaililii*,, ur Vit'tHI'la,   11, (!,. ��t*i-ll!i|lUiil! UriiK  it, liiuinti tu it|iti|y for in<rtiiU>li)i) u* i'uivliiiat'  ilia fullowlnif itt-H't'll-vtl Imil)*',  (.'omtiit'iKiliii,. nt a imat tiUniist h1k}ui lllf  iiillui um tint fat fioui .MucliKla* lain.', llicui't-  u*>��! si) t')iii|i!.( i)it,juw {ii.i-it, tm i-iiHiiii. tl|iii)isi  fail mioliaitii, liii'tiiMTaoti'iii rii chsliue \iai-li iu  i'iii) t)i>ki, i*oiiitiiiiiiiiroiu��(ir��'s. iiiom orli'm.  llfrlH'rt Jiiliti llullmaillt l-'rari/l* (lailtle*..  i ratis tlvlmi, Atfi'ttl.  Auinuittt, Itn.,  Atiiimt.s't f.AND owriinrr.  Otatlli'iuf NiHititw.  Tain* nutjist (tint l'mitx I.utttif. nf Vlt'(i>rla. 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Itii'tit***  muiiIi M)oiia(n*. ilirnts* hm mi .'littliu, iiiftus*  ttiirtlt sevhaina, ileitis' caul ta'clialti-. ttucli t��  this iium, isiDlitliitiih-1)1.1 ftoif*, iniiii* or tt-att,  laitllu latllUt!.  I'mri' Ilcltua, Atf<*iit.  Aiiiniki ti, jeu,  AI.IIKUNI (.AND DIHTUIl'i'.  Oldirlciuf Net-lit*,  'r.ild'tiiill.'tf tteil Anita IVt'lii*. of Vt.'tnritt, II.  (.'., (MS'ii imt inn ti-.i'lii-r, itui'tuU to .ilil'l* fur err  Um1'  llll'lll t  The  Alberni Trading  Stores  Got Ready for the  Huniiny Season  On Hand, all kinds of Ammunition  ;cimiihi"i,��" spwuf r in LANTERNS '^j^f^T^Z^^JL,.  Soe Our Window  ]  Tho Buoy Store  Th** Buey Corner  *���in...  *^*V^*WvV'^**'A*s*V'A^*V**V^Ai*^^/'sV-v'^  " '11-i' JLI i'L'J ^ tiS"JiJ!UajJ*g  Vt, vn,-il,r|ll!UII imt lli-l, I1I1.-1UI4 kl. ������*!*'i*   III* I'll -  ihU.Ion ii* iumtli in* Un' fuilofltiit- tli'K.'rll'ts)  IttlH t  CiHIIIlHtM'tllk' til   S |HUt   |ilSIIIi*>l   lilkOUt K'l .  mil.** iiiiHliiifii fruiii Mtii'ittiiut taatv. thenis'  nuitli Hi chains, tfti.it.'i' t-aii tl) I'liUti*. I'liunsi  aiiiild stii'lialn*. tinms* Mi'ct lit I'lialtt* liscit (i>  IIIt�� |n)ki, ttiiittnlniiiu :im m'it'��, iiioni t>r leu*  Anus l'i(ikt',  l'i any, Krlmi, Atyint.  AuifDkiu nut.  -  Bo Your Eyes  Need Attention?  C. F. BISHOP &' SO  Grocers, Bakers and Produce Mercht*tnts  Nothlm.'Is more tt|i|ri'?l��lti'- nt  (he  llreitktn.st Tublo  ,  , (bun (he nrunm of  Good Fresh Ground Coife��  We win (hind ll for you Fresh with every order.  Sterling Coffee  Rainbow Coffee  Braid's Best Coffee  Mexican Coffee  .35c. per lb,  -40c. per lb.  .48c* per lb.  SQc. per lb*  anil.;.a*,iMy..  ��� I. .l*..,W*4,fkkk*l^ ,..1 U.I"  ���4t,*.i*)i..iiiiit,iwki|,^i.l.u*j. !4*,,i>w^^wi,M.iaaiiki^a w^*,^ia|^��[ii^yi4!|  ���J*��*sW'*|i>^^  Von will now huve die opitortmtlty  of hniiiij-,' ymir eyes ie-.ttHl for j.dtis'tes  ut your home town. Dr. Mnrdn. i-lyt*  Hi-flit Kpeclutlst of Niinniitio, will be at  the Hotel IrOmlnioit Septemlier IH, 4:.'t0  p. in., and to W:'M ti, in. the tilth. He-  turn visits uvvvy four week*).  Dr. Martin is an expert at llltlni*  (-littksi"-, nnd bus to his credit "JO yettn*  priiedce, I".'JNi cities hiivitii' been lilted  Iiy him, No mutter wlint eye troubles  you liuve hud cull uud ��ei his opinion;  It will pay you. Tho Dr. carries the  Idlest (ipplhuK'eK for tcstlm' die Myns  nnd fc'iiiiittntees to tit you with dlnsttes  thill will hi* it plensitro (o vveur. For  furdier purdoulnrs cull at Pimm's In-u*-  Sioro and lutvt* your hour re-terved.  Eye Specialist  First Fall Delivery  Of Ladies' and Children's Millinery.  Knitted Woollen Goods, Sweater Coats  Flannelette and Woven  Underwear  All who ��re la ipiesl of  Wedding or Birthday Glfta  I'unnut do boiler tbtui rail niul see our new  slouk of-lisjiitne.e Ooods.  Ardclori U) cburiii  die heart of tiny bt-ldn,  ittul Dishes to suit the must pto'deulnr.  ,..|kW*W��^4[^4��4iaj,.l^H,. l(..,|..��,4.i|Wlk4..i��HklW*!lJkm.   ^viv^v^xsiism^sK^s^s^ft^1  ���-��f*-SiW!P  +x:  Ir    4*=l  liHTH * TUf"  t!7*sr0 a  a  9$  Will bo Held in  hyte:s hall  Septa:.:20  _., THIRD AVENUE  X 9      PORT ALBERNI  Comntcnci^ig et' &'p;-'mu .-.'  ����������>  **������  It u)ill promote that Healthy Circulation in th&  Scalp, which is the Surest Means of Preserving the  Bair,  From $2.50 to $1,25 Each  4; vv ,.- ;:'.,"i���.;';:: v. ������ ���'���',.".������:.<  ���.J',-. ;:':Pi:N'^  |      Drug and Stationery Stores  ALHI'ttNl     ���':        ': : :        POBT ALUKBNr  +=:  Hi'��y


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