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Alberni Advocate 1912-10-04

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 ts**a> utUfc*,*!M-tor**-oM��m4-v-i>.-rg(i  Vol 21  -��"t>*-**-��*\r'*4*-'j *-��*. ���-,  AlbernJ* B. C., FHttay, Oct 4, 1012  No. &  ���v*  iwiwwif**wwwaw-i  WJffi PIPE  com i  Kaj-Jntw Hill, uf die Canadian Pipe  (.���omiHdiv-j rc-kortu  (hat (he eompimy  biw *uuie 15 ini'ii ut work ua the tippet*  cad  uf die line Ih'-ti week, and Iht-l  mure wilt Ih* urnl as fast *���* room can  lur* fmmd fur iluua,   The llmt shipment  of |)1|m> In new ready imd  will bu over  from  Vancouver  by   the  end nf the  ">-"***"hi   A ntmd*cr uf tandem iiifthuds  Wrt* belid* Introduced in the hattdlhij- uf  , thin pi|***, -Mid tho material (-.'net-ally.  One uf th--*** In a wire (rain ditO takes  tim pt|K) er dinlK��rs and Conveys them  to lha *|tf)(   where lliey arc needed by  1 utoAi)** uf f-ravlty,   ThU help** tioth (e  Lony ud the wurk. and tu  nutke less  xmhk\ for read euUlnjf  at , dm rou-fh  " places on die lunik* of the creek ami at  tin* ft��*ep aide hills.   ThU also (five* a  ehfcftci! tu handle  thu   pipe-* with Ie*-**  liability of daiiiH-fe than If (buy were  tbl-usrn urvimd in llieearrylnif iu plttrCu  ����*��� hand.  There tn ever*, ttuticMton that the  work will be mil nf dittbcdnf tbe creek  In thne tu escape die hljdt water, and  txMJC a pulnt un tbe hllUlde In reached  tkliiv"*** will I)** no trouble In (���editij- tm  widi tht* remainder no matter wind the  WMilher eot-dilion* may Ik*. Hcfurc  ll*** fir��t ��f llwt'ndMir (hit plpo Ilm*  ohuuld bo ai Albernl -"^���.ndlfii" iu the  . pn*Ki^ru�� that tins Imhui lue-dc iu dutt*.  SAN JOSEF  Itl*    *BUK.IattKWJMtnViflU*t*JMt1i    .  Now 8ufltn��ss-  Tht* Arm of Hush A Miller have  ui**m*-4 B ,,ut#her shop at Altairnl. The  t>��w ��ht?p U lusotaHl nt th*- corner of  Johnr-i*-,)** ttu*d and Gertrude Hli-eot,  feted Jviiil fwtw. (It-* pj-uprlclurs aim put*  Ui'if.tin ihi' flnUhhn* tauohi'-i iu thu  uli***-**, which lu-ik* vory n����t und tidy,  Ttt�� Umi pnuaiicu to iiivu on hand a  ���>t*>ete of tht- mlou* supplier! cmuinsn  m Uds Uciwfe, that will bo of die boil  ���pellf-.*,. fe��*I make prompt del!nory uf  Uio ��**ut�� In both thu city tmd dm aur*  rii*Hi'r4in*rdtr*ti'l��i.. >  A W#�� ^tv  Tin* KlftUdicr JJoat Viml turned out  a Iftsuwb this wwi* lur wurk on dm  twt'd w��t-*m HI* of (he "skimmer"  typ**, and U tt neat toukiu',*' craft that  ou>/itt tn dovolup A lurn ut -.peed. The  ww"* Ine i* ��"Kcrni H'hhjI(��L" Tim titan  w(IU*4i��vftlt��d)|��* lot* ��*�� Mweea tho  lira tiOicn*., or, lor t-cncml tih-c.  ���J*-***-****-^^**-**-** ���f\a,\nucrtov.M,v,~*v*Jfr  A. 0, f.  A Of**"--") id U*.e Atadt-ttt Or*}*",- uf For-  -***jd*-ti-*t wit* **->#anl-iod In Hrand's hs.ll  uu '-Vldiny, ftoptember su, ami dm fob  10*1111*" oBtrwrii were did*/ iih-DUvtl and  tad ���died bjf Plct-i-lct HmM Id uf Han("**r  J* .Taw, uf Vletmlat J. 1*. V. IL, K.  itl, Whyu't 0, It.* A. T. Walker) K. C,  It, H. II, Tuyt Hw-raury* VV. T, Mai*.  AtlUt-*r} Trt^-ircr, U. M. Pined} H,  . Wi, J. Manueli JL W., il. Murrayi 8.  IL, W. ileattllp', J. lb, J. A. Cameroni  Trustee*, W, W. O.-MoAllh'er, *L t%  C. Wood, M. 1���� P., I>r. A.CJL Murj-ans  Aitdlts)!"*, M., 14. Hit-"*""!!', W. A. Wat*  Uvi V. Hliavers Cuurt Hurj-!"*)!), {>r. A.  U, S*t��rjf-in,  Tho Court will im-ot la \Vli*/U**�� hall  un tht* swsuiid and fourth Mrnidny's in  ��� tivc,'"'*  month, and will lai Jmuwd nrt  tlattrt Albornf. No.'fi.ffllO.   ���  1M**-**r****lt*a-lllm*-^  (8i**s"!nl (\iri***i��*iKti*(K*��')  .Mr. II. IL Hrownc has c<o(aphit<*d dm  survey of ilui Lake Krlo and Hea otter  Cuvc dUirlcU anil has moved his camp  lo C*!|*o Hwiti, The c.!lnittdo*.H*udltkm*t  tittvu In't'ii *u |K*-*fi*cl. thai Mr. Hrnwne  has lu't'ii enabled ot cover an Immense  tract of cutmtry this keasun. This sea*  wn'i aurvi'y will turmlnat*) at' Cape  Kcutt. With a (food year In IIU'I tht*  whole, of dm re��ervu will In* survoyi*d.  Thw cuuibij- of Mr. Hrown In tho  "pilnjf U hulled widi pleasuru by hU  old uudll, and bis duparttiru lit the fall  In laiiittuiud by iiiaiiy.  Kcal i'dIhui ha** In'tittn luiiiuvo In Han  duaef, Htmr* .fensrii has wild unit five  acre tract at a'ii. nu acre, and mm piece  of live acres of Improved hind at Ilui)  pertu'm. If imtderti who have indrc  land than limy c*u* |s*��lhly udlbc  would only etntilat** Jensen wu would  m*uii have a thickly (Hipulim-d cuund-y.  Thoi-ardcn (rock In the Kan th-ncf  valley thin nctt*on can compare favor,  ably with anydilr-jfifruwn nlaowhi-ro.  .Mr. Holtun, mm mlnlHtcr, haj* left for  new |wi-.tid4����, and dm poor lainl-s of  this tlUtrict aro widtout a shepherd.  Titi' -Hipulatlunof Han Jiwct undT'ap-i  Hcntt It* i-apldly nearlnjr the /Vt* mark,  every sU'Siimr brlii-flit-f *��*'*��� aoUlorii.  The iitftli wrvlce hurt) t�� rotten, fact-  U*m fur Han Ju*ef Day ffi* tu t'tiaulno,  Mull for Ca|��f Hw)tt "foor* to Hardy Hay.  (kxxlnc��m known where pltui, an tt U  two or Uiict* ntomiiauld whotl It uvent-  tially r*i*vcht>*i tta dtuttlnadoi). Would  It nut ttu a (futx! Idea to oompnil ttorKirn  and pu#lmaj*t4*rt* tu pun** an csetubio-  don In geu-fiupby-atluiuit dm (feutfru.  [thy of Vrmcouver Inland. . II Mr.  I'li-tchar would i-iuti** itpjftiiRi hl�� lunj-  ���deep he tnij-bt liMik Inm this mftltci'  For tho iKmoilt of tho-m that do not  know thu twit** I mljfbt lucRtlon that  Han ilmaif Hay Im oh Uio west coast of  Vancouver l-dimd, und , oan Im canity  found on tho map; Capu Wood Is at tho  aslrcmc nnrtliwCit and of the isttuid,  and vcu canaut j?u any fvirtlior> other*  wluu mn* mall nitirbt (j**) to Japan.  Ru��h of Work from One End of the District to the Other  is Greatest In iho History oJ Vancouver Islcnd���  Thoutgands of Hon to bo Employed.  WELL SATISHED  WITH RESULTS  ���|*-a^a*tWr^l"**riM**li.)R  CLASSIFIED ADS.     ;  ��VI>W*l3*��l��**ti*flK--^ ^., i j>  f-sr ttata-^-Two C!*v��*-��4 I-^t* near >*o*��  ttojj tun) t-chvi-J) huiie*-, #lf*U each. 4JU  omIi, }��aia-i("t* tb p*i��ii* month.   Apply  "*,f*.nk Oitstdiiod, Albemi P. 0.  *��A>aiciri;4iMk>*-M  ���Hi��i**ii>*+.'#l,����<��**-��Ti44tir)*rM**.^^.<~.-   ,��.  f-w A��t��...)lr,y iJi-Wtriif horn*-), t  old. fhim-td, Apply I', o. t��)K  A!b4*'*ot, II. 0.  yuan*  "C,"  ���n>*��>^r*-i-*A>k->>*ai4kii(-i4T{i k*wM^onij-*(n(��. mt-a** ����Mtr,*vM4i^, t^  ���vUniiAir- fvvcfe-iikJjati-  Pw t��*l��^Me**d Pot��iif-**4a Knriy U��*e.  mxti. uriti* Alborni fair ItfJMlS. Apply Win, ChftJi, Clarke, (invornusciit  Hlrc-a.  rw B��lii > Ooud, rollftbh* Work Jlurne,  slwj cixik slave, Apply John Orlovc,  Albt-rnt, H. C,  *4 *-1 t-tt-M-.-Vt. PlWIl  Fw fSuIw-Haddle Puny, HfJi'm***"., two  Imsubatorti, and Wajrun. l-'ana to  rant, Addrcua Hmc M, Alhertil Advocate,  i**i* t*%k4V*-Mulhda and (.'ocVterclt*.   (,,'ail  Alburttl Advocttt"), ,,  B?*1i*r*****k*^ej-j*^tt'|,*r^*.,i��iK.)te^-^  tmd Act Notlce��  S*��st����Ut��. '  Thtifiu who aro In touoli with llto  mmtt ol rwal cstnto in nml around Al*  bttrid, Ktutu thut, thu past weok ba-  tX'tnt umi of ifrcat activity,- Tim land  of thu cuin|*-my that wru wtihdiiiwn  friJiti tho iiiftrkctfor a iihort dintt w����  plecMi a-fftlu on the lUu, and -*�� a r*v-  milt tito hold which tho Albernl Land  Company now ha* on. tim. city uf Al*  Item I In mi smalt  that they arc  no  kiiiffer io bo ommtcd iu future altalr*.  |'r��ct!oully all of tho lotn lM*luii4j-lni- to  thu company have laici, wild, and h*tvi.  par��*(*d or art) In pr-xien* of |Mk,-sln)- to  private holdci**).   Thu��   Urn   ifukUni/  hand of tho company need no luilf-cr  tm tea red In intmlolpal matter*,   It wan  found that a number nf those lou luid  {won nold dtirlaj* thu than they worn  removed from the bHuil  market, and  mo��t ot thtmcMppcitrtuhuv*) iH'cnukca  up by rotddiints of Victoria.   It U aup-  ixutrd that these pcopk* had o. tip kh lo  what wns In the wind no fur tu advaiio-  **d prices were concerned, and tbiit tho  removal uf the list* was itiadi) to "flvit  them it cbtjucc to it-ut In on the {-round  floor.   There would have been no trouble tn dUi-usliijf uf nil of these lota In  tin* local inarktil, tmd tho l-Jtinwrttry  uuttln*i" out of the attlo-f niustftftvebecn  to furtlmr s-omt) spwlstl   plan of the  company.  An U> buaiui'iui lu (Wieral tho rcporu  arc ������ood. Not ot-ly liava a larift' mmi*  b(*r of lot* twen aold, bat thoro htw.  1*4*01) a*-**;*, tradj* In tim oiitukhi prop-  -���rtte�� an woll, All of the local dealer*  wcair happy tmitlcn thtwc dayti, and they  arc Itx-klnir forwaid t*> ov*-n bettor  dildK** fm- the hidDodlftto fiitur-j. They  ��*y that -at iso(M) a# (hi- work on the  Mvcend se<itkid of the Cisiuulitm Nurtb-  t-m rttUway U well imder way thurc Is  UhmhI w W a bf(" ftdvtmce in prices till  alont- tho Ilm*, ThU will apply lo out-  ��ide lands, buth cleared and unci mi red,  to woll ��a city low and the sitnill tvero-  Kjfu dusu in to tht* city limit'*,  The Album! HUtrlrl lit fast develop'  SnK' dm "-reatcBl |>orlod of activity on-jf  known hi tim history of Vancouver I��<  laud. TliU activity cunins, imlnJdi*)  ro-iidiof u ��' Ikhuii " tinirhmorud by thoso  who havo land which they wUh u> un*  load, bat as tho tiotural result of thij  developiimut of thu various re-uurcca  of this sect km. I.*ot un take a --lance  at thu various conditions which have  oontrlbnUvd Ut Uils sictlvHy.  Railwta-f Consti-t-oUan.  , in the first pi nee thero In tbo wont ruction of tin* Mtcot-d rN-adon of the  Canadian Northern Hallway,   This lint,  will tap the center uf the Inland, lot ti|  a viut amount of raw material for do.  vclopim-nl, and open up larife urotui o{  lirnd for tmttk'ntcat,    Just   what It  mean** locally may bo {fadicred fnisa  tho fact that It Ih (-Won out that diirin*,  the present woidd and tins* una follow,  in*;, It la (bo Intoutton uf tho contract  torn tt) pat at loajt ono thcufMUid tu��n  at Work from tho Alborni Canal iddo ol  Urn nurvey.  Thoio moo will have head,  (luartoh* nt Oranlta Crcoifi, which t��  only eltthtor uinc mile** down tho canal  froni All-ornl.  That marc incn will ba  itiod ua lauoii m oh-oumatanoivi will |*er-  mlt them tu Im handled to any sdvau*  lago Ih alr-o promhved by iha Cfluitmo  tlon company,   Tills all mo-uia tlnd tht*  work of tmildln-* tho Canadlftn North*  era  iii ami  beyond Albernl will be  ruubt'd an fiwt ��� tm , human  offortu wit!  jmrmlt,   Nu doubt there will aprlng up  aoiuoUilnif of a rihljiplntf jwlntid. tha  taouth of Ortwiit*), or J^rwakltn ax it h)  alien tir*dl*td, ard. that thl�� plww wl*.  draw mont of lu aapplloM In tho wny of  pruducc froni Alberni alrk) tK*oom***i ovl*  dent from tho fact that thoro lu Hide  laud In the vicinity of Omnitu creek  thut will be tit. for cultivation.  .While  thb* dranliu creek laddtnjf will bo m*t*d  for tho llnklnj" up of die nootlon from  Albei-id Canal to tlio and of ihu Ilm* at  Cdwlttltftn f-ake, them Is Ilu)-,) doubt  but that <m warn tw tho work U (hi!shed  to thU |*olnl there will Imofiothurnhlft*  Idtf of ilm ba��n, fti'd that Alborni will  bo iiiftde a (Uvtulontti pulnt on the ling,  tufpcolnlly w far m the cumdrtiodon of  tim fsja*l tltrouiib  dm   valley Unxin-  ournod.   Tako it for (/ranted then dint  between una and twotliou>iai)diu*>i! will  ha busy for mnnc time tit coutn on tht)  work of eoitatnicthii!   dm Ciuiudlan  Northern r*,tlwaya  W**t��r S*?gt4*s*fts.  Tho next thin*/ hi line in tho putting  In Of tho two water aynumm for Albttp.  ni and the Hurt. At Alborni this con*  tt'ttot l�� lot, and tho Canttdian Pipe  Ci)!n|��U)y hrvi, a lar-fQ gtuxg of men at  work rlaht now irnttlnif ht Uiedaro.  An iHWt) at* this U complot-Mt the rljfht  of way will bo cluttrcd, and tho main  pipe lino wilt bu rushed for all that tho  company Is able to do In order to j-ot  out of tho 1-4*4 of tho crock befort* die  rainy wcaUior ooiacti on. Onoe ihl��  part ot dm work lutlona, nothin-fln tho  way of ordinary winter weather will  atop the putting tn of tho pipes, and  tho completion of dm system. ThU In.  eludes a rriorvolr and nt-vera! folios of i  Added to these blj- ihlnir*i  that arc  now under way,  and  each  of  which  would Ihi suftlelcrit to cause a "Ixtoni"  tn a plttco larycr thftnoltlmr Allmrnl or  tim Port, thoro  aro  Htivcrnl  sntalktr  undcrtakhiga planned fur ihu dUtrict,  Bund each of (heart will rot-ulro men and  money,   To mention ��� a few  of them  thoro It* the'plant of  tho Alborni Hy.  di-o-Kleotrlc Lljfhland Power ('ompany.  The bulidliijf uf a shlnfflu mill at Ab  borni,   Tho pwttln"* In of the blj* drcd-  -flni* plant tliat in promised  If Uio  jfravcl  Icakoa aro   arrun-fitd  to ttu*  ����ll*f action of alt parttcn, an well m thu  clcurintrt-f land tliat Is icoing on all up  Kind ttdtti. the valley.   To these can be  twitied Uio bl-f mill at the Port  that U  Hu-nln-- out   aoii-ethiiaf like   100,000  foot of lumlHir -air day, andtlmimiallcr  ��dll�� at Albernl, all of which aro hunt.  Ifo"? all the tlauo to keep up widi the  order which they have in hand.  ^ Iif the tttuo you have atoppiid and  flytircd up J tut what ail of thin meana  Ut Uic Albernl DUtrloi you will' coinc  to (ha conclusion thnt tt tt* very mod.  est atat��nu)Ut that Just now we are  approschini- a period of development  In this -auction that Itt without an equal  tt) Uifl hiuwry nf Vancouver Inland.  To thane who aro looklnj- for Invent-  w-onui, elUicr amtoulattvii ur of a more  norm-went nature, It U well to take all  uf the**** thhij-tt Into oonnlderation aud  a��t pruiupdy, The ("uud dibi(ft* of the  dbrlrku am IxvUin looked ever every  day, and the eholai**t of tlmm are ftdit  Maf* bought, up by thtwn who have  tjonfldetioc that ah nf Udn tuidvlty |*  (irdy the t*-n,|antn{r of thu bl|f thin-;*  that aro in kUWfor die iH*iintry that  tairroiindN Albertd the Attaclivm  A Read Map,  The otliccri) of the Vancouver Ai'to  uiiiblle Club are now busily ew��s��fi>d In  tho oollocihin of dnta foe dm publico  tlon of un ufliclrt! road mup uf the pro  vtnen ol Hritlsh Ctthmihla, This ijiu-s-  tlon wan brought up at ft umctbij' of  tho club recently and tho feelin-,* of the  -uceUfi-- wa�� that the club ouj-lit to }<ret  out just niioti a hlj"h clusii ��tilde l*uuk  ni U found Jn sevonil of dm stutukt  wbum amumohSIc tuurlna- U Invited.  At thU iiieutlnif'tt pro'to-dtion wan put  Ui tho club by two lucid men who had  undertaken the publication of a book  ulonir tho lino iui'-|'eet--d by the club  siu-mbc.".. Thci** men hs-d mtule acvural  ountrucu for adverthiln^ ftpace in die  Ixxik and were wldlnjf to tern these  contritcu and all Urn data ttmy had  collccdxl over to the club for, co.-ttiln  txiUHldcrfttions, The -imttcr wstt* oN-  cussmd fully nt tho meetln"- of tt*o ox-  ucutlvc of Friday oventa-/ and It w-m  llnally dcoldcd to pa-4-u up this ofTer and  pi-oeeed with a publication ofteolr  own, Thin in now belli**' done with tlio  co-oiwratlon of the various c*nuniolpat  ooutitslU and Uts boards of trade.  In tbl* connection It would be well  for Um Albernl Hoard of Trade to sec  that the matter of tho local ruwli U  cared for ht thin new publication,  and  Nr, J. II. Uoldciroft, 0. B., of Vlo-  wrla, wa* In town this week lookhu*  over dm local etmilldom*.  aliikuhi i,ano niH'riuor.  Olntrti.l ef l(ui>ofv,  ������*��"*(�� rwUo* dud Au-fttM *rr*ti4jf.����n Joief  ��!�����*. (KWpMlofl notllsr. ltit-\-,(tit tOBpitlj/ for pur.  iul��>,l(>i) in lofviKj m*. fol/owitj.. itatwrlt-u*! Inuitt  Oo��ur,��r*ci-,ii'�� k ih^i |*!��ma>j ��t j|*n ,*��������-> nt  tidib ttsi**- KMrU etiitl *klwu( ft) cli*ii)�� lo �� nurdi,  v-Atarir alftxmoa ttvm ihe. imomUi of du* Mwi  *fr '-������-  -   '-���-������  "f  la a'no-1tiWMt��rty'dlrai".toa  '���*�� rfvor. uiuiiut. ��Mi��i io efittjiok, ibM-w ���oucft  ti* titt)'Mm J-u-i* riti*r, UiuiH-ofutli-wIti*' itu*-*ii$  fUar to u*�� muupi, ihonw*' foao**-(Ok* vt���� l-t*n*.*)i  U)9tli-f1IU*?lt,  li'i  !����**,  ���rf*ptt-oib��r if, icis,  ���UK' (X-iiirtinittif it) rtt-reii, mow or  Au.lilll PM.   .  ���tiood Fhotogre-ph.  M. Whyte baa a flm* photo  Mr, !  rcprcscnihii* the Alborni DUtrtot  hlblt at Victoria. Thin ahowa Utat tl/u  nxtitbit wa.1 t,rran(fnd In a very attractive and artbitlo iiinnncr, and tJtut tho  iiwwt wan iiiftde of the material in hand.  The various p-s-xhiotn wore dtspbiyud  In auch a way as (u make a rtirtldji'*  exhltilt, lind It Is no wonder that H. IL  IL, the Duke of Coamuif-lit, atopped tu  take a (fiMxl look at the Albernl sec  tlon, and puifionally ooinjillrnentod Mr.  Whywon tbodni) fibowinjr,.    ,','.  for Uibt ptirpot-e It  would  bo n  j-ixxl  laterals that will b�� uncd to aerv* U|d,lJLvljfsar��jUi*��^^  aurroundini/ cotmt.ry,   When tldr, ��y^  Una l�� twaifiletcd It will mean that m'  berni will have water under some tluf':    '  hundred foot of  head,  xumH that t)u|| ,    ,  wlJl Ise cftou-yh murplu* )*ower to sumtm  lite city U* put in an electric Hj*htpla|f .- ���  tu> well, ��� ei /.'���''  %  Then there Is the matt��rof tho wau.",,  system ��ti the Port,   Tho contract fill  thin haw- ��l!io been  let, toid while lhf|.  work may not bucouip'leU-d this year life  will probably be undertaken, and flntdjf  ed curly lu K*l3.   ThU uynkun will ot$j$  for Dometldi)--- over one hundred Uioti'li  and dollara to be niHuitbefore tho wat&.  can bo turned on In Urn main pipe Ih^f  ami this will ��� add another bl(*  undejij  tdklnif to die work of the district, arOl  at tbo name time employ a, lar^o nuilM*  b*?��" of men.  Othor Work*  The Btrcot "-I'-ullnif at Uio Port l�� another birifo undcritiklu-' that will oust  a lot uf money and call for *���*!���- (.rtunj-i*  of men In the near hit nro. Jt b hai-d  U) any Jutit how muoh Ud�� work will  cost, iw* the final plans for the gt'f��3ln(?  have not.'y��t been sclccUxl, but It l.t  safe to say that It will run to a lari/e  ttiocum, of money, and will take ���� on-  llrti season to flnlsh.  TiioPorc n^-iwi-)p*tt*er-^^  linprovowcnt" method of dcallni* with  the com of tho at root (-rftdlnjf. \lxxdvx-  IhU nieUiod tho pro|M,rty owners will  pay mic-half of the cost of the t'l-iullnt",  and the other half, will bo j��ild out of  the jfcnerai rev^ttuwi of tho city. Mr.  n, K. lilandy, city alecfe, -htxtx been ap-  pointed iuisessoi' to hvok afktr the pre-  ptsration of tbo t-olls In connection with  dtt* {/railing-.     '  Mr. I*., M. Whyte, CuiimiU.toitt'r In  char1-*' uf dm .'tllH'rnl DUtrict. -Kxhihlt  nt the  Vlcturin   Pnlr,   rcturmsl   litis  week.   In convernutkin with (tie Advocate, aSlr. Whyte expretiieilhiiiisiilf it*  well satisfied widi  the -fcnerul reoiihi*  of the eoinjH<ddon.   It   was a lack uf  variety that put the" Albernl exhibit  down the lino, and now  that the rules  of  (he (fame tint   better   undci>t(H-di  there in nu reason tu think but that Albertd will do "tiuch bettor next time.  ' ��' Wit hut," t.ald Mr. Whyw, "ack-im  thousand "Hilntti uwtnjf to tho fact thttt  we had no bottled frulu*. ptoklca, tmd  dairy  products.     Thcue  hitler  wcit*  made (-> include butlci'i ejf(fs, cheese,  bttcun, huiim, ctci   Thin caimed us to  fall down Just fifty  per cent of dm  marks, as there was only two thousand  to t*eorc pcrfecu   In Held product)* we  were an easy ilmt.   Wu hold our own  In the (fcneral fruit liars, and) were  first In tho show In petiohcn.   It up-  poarcd that variety counUHl with tbe  judjare*. and next tline wo must look to  this In the selection ot the fruit.    ���  " The Duke uf Comitmj-lit came ��luii(f,  and took a look at thu Alltttrni exhibit.  Ho was much ImpresM-d, and ttukcd  how it was thnt we were ublo to tfiuw  ouoli tine thin"***). lie was lnfornu***  that tho noil and oihnitto were back of  those thinifs, and lie mulled hU uppi-o-  elation of tlio fact. Tin* itiyal party  were all tnterc-itcd In the exhibit.  "Ttuiru wmr Mir crowd out every  day, ttnd dm exhibit Ion wa�� by far the  Nut thttt lata been (flven ut Victoria tu  years,   On Thuri"d"��& thorn wcro l"Mi  paid aduilimioUH, an-rtliut will (five you  an idea of the crowd-* that were cotulno;  and ��vulii(- ell the time.   Tho atream  of iiucittton*) that were askiHl were thu  iK'-d indication of dm desire on the pari  of the public for any inmrmatton that  could he had with regard to Attmral,  Tim ifpccial mtitlon nf  tho AdvtK'ato  wa�� in Kreat demand, and 1 ontilil have  unit" dirce tltnctfiMfi.ittny.   The"**) wore  li&ndtat mil only to thiwe who appeared  to Ihi directly IntOrcNted In thiidlairlut,  or wlm Inui f**>ini�� friendN back easl, to  whom they wished tu send tin* papur,  The quest Ium* it'ttnv for   thtv-fretttur  pAt'l with rcffaid tu acrcajfu In the A),  bernl DUtrict."  "Mr. Hrimdrlth, fruit eouimliudi.niir  for H. C.i especially indeed for a ountrb  btidon of fruit tor dm Si. 0, exhibition  tu be held nt huthhr!d'"o on October  Sodt ft** iiu   WiM  ffrently   hiiprt����iSsHt W ttli  the tint) dluplity of Albernl.  ���' l had.dm tumor of behi",* appotiitcd  *�� nmuibur of the AdvUory liuaiit of the  It. C. A(fi'iouKur��l AtkWrciailon, ami  this will (five Albiirnl ttiprosMidfit km hi  the future a*, to Urn amount of wimce  llietse dUtrict cxlilbtu shall have., Vic-  turbt bud im itmch xpnoe that him ouukl  ��Wn)iip the other districti< a* to t]Uodti*  ty, and at the suum time wax allowed  U�� draw on B ameh laivcr uirrhory  diim appeared fair to tho uUierdU.  trlct*.  "The Vfincoaver Island Kxhlblt, itr  ritii4P*d by dm (-ovornment was a (Iiie  alTalr.'  "The (-old trophy that was won  Ujfalnst the world on jMitntuHH was uu  exhibition, uud the array of fruit wtu  certainly tine.  " What wun left rif the Alberni I'xhb  tilt waNdonntod to the Orphan'.* lioiiie,  us most of It would not have ttuutd the  haul back to this place, to say mifhinjf  of tho CKpon.c.  "We wttrntnl the other districts te  look out for us unuthur yeiu", m we  would l-e on deck with ttome dilnfc-s  that would open thiiir eyes, ami that  they would not tn* til lowed tu (ake  prlxea by default nn variety of arltcies  on our part .mother dm**, ThU wtnt  taken hi (cood part, ami a keen cumpiu  titlon can be looked for next year.  "As a whole 1 think that Albertd did  very well, and ran Jo better no;,! itiue.  It wiiri a Dim tKlvcrtUemdUtt and one  thttt will result In brhi'jhi'** in people I  Tit* " City of Alborni" it* en es-  aured fact.   Asaured riot only so  fur aa tho preservation of thu old  and hlatorlc name S�� guaranteod,  but doubly a*"��uroti so far no tho  boundaries nro concerned.   All of  tho water front has  been loft as  rwqucttted with tho slnglo exception of the experimental form a��  ttske-d for by 5lr Kenneth And��r��  son, and agreed io by the Cltixeno  Committee before tho holdln-* of  the commission to Inveotidate the  whole flubjeoti   With the csiperl-  mentai farm only oUrnlnttted, and  ell of the remainder of the water  front eei*ur��f!, thoro in no reanort  for the cltisene of Alberiii to fesar  for the future of this latest addition to the Hat of munlcluolltieu.  ftow then, |et busy.  New Lumbsr .Company,  Mr, IL L. Pi'iiser, miititiifuruf the Al*  burnt Lmiiber Cuiiipiiity, iitiiioiini-i's  (hut thu mill Is nmv all ready fur ihu  ti'iide, niifl can Supply uiiltirs fur first,  clans rotijfh and ilresse*! (bmlbi*r iif nil  kinds. It U dm luientluii uf dm cuiu-  puny (u stwk (.lihifde*., Ill ittldlttop tu  dm other lines, Npuclnl ��tti*atlun will  bu paid to Idciil 011101*, Thu new milt'  U located on dm Heutcb Meitleaieiit  Head, and U cnttliitr a -.ttmtl uf ttntU'i'  tu tim laimodhiie vicinity.  L*-nt��rti f*��cture.  Tim chimin** uf Athend will (hi outer,  tubitsl ihU uvonbltf liy it luntcrn le��-  Hire In Whyie'a hull. The nubject U  "Tbw Tower nf Lundun," and Urn lee-*  ium will hu delivered by Itev. Ciuma  Peiklni, uf Westmlusbii' Ablwy, wlm  coiuex with uu unvkibh* reputation as  HP utitei titlner, Hatmdtty i'Veiilni/dm  kiiimt j-tinit-.uiiiui will dellvi'.r a k't'turu  Ul dm Purl on, Westmluttier Abbey.  Tim**!* iv,u Mibji'i't-i ctivitr itUml all nf  thu ��i,u..'**-r.t nf ilmhUt'ii'le i!ia-.H'lattuit*i  ut dm Old (.'uimtry, ami dm Ciiiiun  hiiiidk"*, llieiti In such n iiiumier a�� to  11 ui It u dm duteu mut ilm people appear  very real,  Murrlttise,  (hi dn* second Instant die nttihwt ,if  Ml, Auihvw'sClnnvli, Alherni, win, dm  scene of a i|iilet wediiiiiif, when Mr.  Prank Tyler, uf Hcliiielthi-sit, tuul Mi**s  Hiiruh Ci'Mik, uf the situie pluce wort*  fiuti'i'lcd by Itev, .tns, ("arrui hei**/  Tim ijuurierly cuuuminiuu stirvlces  will bt* held in SL Anitrew't; I'rehby.  ttirhtn ("Imrcli muki Habhitth mtiriibij**'  ut ulttvcii 'oVIuck. _ '.  t **-(-, "fis i^a��-i^J-tl**f*^-'��*'***''.l��*"-*--^<��*>'*4l>*��^  Port Street Gradea.  The resali uf the vote ��n the street  k'l'iuU's at -die Putt witt* ii vlctury fur  tlioxe vvho /avnrcd the deep cut at tin*  bitursetidun u! Third Avenue and At-  JO'le Street, When the vines were  counted It wits found tliat Hti were hi  favut' of the six foot cuLi'l*. fur thu four '  foul cat, (tud not a ��a|ntfji* vote cast for  the two fuui prupuhfdun, It I*. under,  "loud thut (he city council Villi prucei-d  at once m put dm will of dm people in  fulfil.   ���.  am sure.  Fine Fruit,  Thu Advocate hat* tu thank Mr-),  J aim*** Thomaon for �� line addition to  the fruit nee tie ti of the "Advocate 1.x-  hlblt.". ThU took the shape of. some  specially fine pears imd apples from dm  Hlver Head, and were of a alwi and  ijualliy U* bold thotr own In any company. Thoy nerve to Illustrate die  fact (bat In the Albernl district wo  citn produce a.*) tint* a line of fruit as can  he found in. the province, and thai it Is  only aquent'itni of ihno when this part  of thc.Mdvuma-'es of thodUtrlct will be  taken fehand by Ibosc who wish tu  imiko a commercial umloriakidj,' uf  fruit production;--.'.  Know s* Good Thin**.  Acdn*- iinijer ibe lime hmmred  ptxivurb that the "oiirl;. bits* catciuu.  die wurtii," (hu l'aiind Cuinpiiny ha*  hiaried aimtber j-rab jfatne in cuniii't'-  don with the waim* ft-omuifi' uf Alberni. Suuie lime in thesjlent wtdchi-s  uf the nbfhl (hese '"Ciipititn. uf Indus,,  try" found the wati-hiiiau asleep tn du.  Pati'r-ioti (iaiis-fc, and pruni()dy iuok  adviditftj-i'df dm fact tu "-.take*' (hut.  property, ui well as- (hi* whole of (he  waterfront down lo Hin-vi* ("reek, bt  view yf (In* fact (Imt tliusiisume people  have always contended ihut there wtts  really no water front at. Albernl, uml  thai the Hointn. river wits only u dump  spot anyway, dd,-> haste tu ifiab a section uf till, damp -pot looks !l,;e it  chatiife of heart, and a tardy n cnj.'i)l.  don nf the value of Albernl fruntajfi*.  The ri'pnrt lhat ibe (fhust*. of ('apt,  Kidd, Hed Hover aud l-'lint the Pirate,  were .Veen un the dock, at ubutii dio  llinrt the fitaldt)'."' was dot))-, bus not yd  been eunflrnii'd.  f  ��> -*>  h-"-"  =-.�����-  ���f^  '.'���-  t. -  *���: .*  te >-  ��-*>->���  7' -  fa  .   <.    '  X .  >      ",  ir  t, *  i  ���,  t   a  .���allJ--*,  -oJ-!.-?-*? THE /ViBERNI *J>VOCATE  TBE ALBERNI  ADVOCATE  Th* Alburn! Advocttlt* Prinltng nikd  I'ltldUhtug Co., I'rii"��il��(k>r*i.  WATER NOTICE.  ��   lliiii tlmt ll.t*  llll��-.ile,*.tf. | *"'���."���"', '*'��' . ,    .  Ji:    .,1  I-1J1...    l(il|.*M    d,'-.   .  ��5'��VV," l",��!  *,- ��  '���"*   ''';  II.-. ll..|.  til   lilt.1     .lie!   t.Sl-i.'al.    *'-U "!'*-. flt-Oi till  Hi   bill Iif  \'.,il,,- Ik III It I.,I  ���11 tk   |'.:tii-f- liii .  I  Ml|*a.|.|i||    III,    ll     .  '  '*,.l    tl.  I   |U |   kll-kljlll li|   VIUtt'1   >'  >t  *li    Ullilltl'l.  ������l,Vll lliiak-ii   IU it kti.utl.i-tll   llliallliiil   kill flue-  IMtlr,*-   -.l.t   M ���..!..���> at a-     III k UiHl|||i-M,lU.llk Iflti I  Ill-Hill tllll4-t��!llf�� 1W  ���.intor tutu n��rit**"*tr ,,����� t|������, ,-,���,t,(|"i,,.,,.    t>ii- ttmu ��*,ii ���.-���*!  ' ti-iti-i ,.t tu h ilui.. titiiiu   ilu linn! uf Mati.i'*  I rfllk At.it Hill |n< Ukf.l fur'll ��<-!li|illltf I'itrsfll'itSlI  III. 1,'J t.|l Inli'l .tl-*��'la|.l-r| t)k ta.lt Itt, Allf-Kll 1>I#  till'l  Alb-trul   11   C -fsm in*!it. vtiik {..tkitki <iit Hit. *..i(tutu! Mil tin-  iillli .1,.* ..IN. '���(���iiitfW   l*IV. ��u<lnlll '*���'��!.*. M  '    i it,..^t|ti>( *<f d.i'Wtttri |(it*��itlrri>t AUMirnl.lM^.  A|.|.|te��iS..i) Ml* l��i <t ii.ttile if il..' I*i.*'iii-.kli i J     i ���;>*������* d<>i>*'ton.   tt- lllisl   ttltli ttu< ��*(>! VVatti'r  (itilii-i.-U 1,-1 linll*lliK,-itii   tl.,.,11) ll   *li.   lilr,,U a,�� i l(.4-..��ala j,   in-   tiitil   till*  CnlllpllvUfl    -.if    Walt I  *i-a'ii.iilii|*ks 1...U'i iiu.liik I'ltiil...mi-.l Ili'liillUtfa, Vlrtuil*. II ('  '11.,   Ittttt.if .V,'ii(-*t 1'iit.i I I'm, I.t'l . ApI'lKaUU  ("Illltll'J    Nltftt.   ."l-KIlt-  i. r. ulkosoi:  I'lik'il.tii-il   ,tt   .illu-tiil  ,)t* Hit. l.-Mk t.f V' klli-.iill i  II,* Ad-r-IUl lllkll il'l Ui )-.  Mt-tt*l Offl��;  Itiiilsli  I   I klu ll.t I  II,,Ml.,I  i'.ll.lllll.tii     |||]  ii r* -t.i *.ii -niit  AlU-ii.l, ft (*, nmmi-uittiu fiT.niiini-i. tuteli'k n>  *l'l<l** f'*f I* Htllkkluli   ll. il-nki    (til'   'la.ltrt* III*; ijl'  ,,,la-il  l.lii- aiilil Uili*-  lilt  Kill I. tin I "ll  lln- vtt-kt l.tttiii iif *jl,t  ilk.-l    Hi,! wt.i|i| a**.. <��-t-t i m( ,IIhh) tltl*ttk>  AMimtM laANt) djyraicr.  t��!kUifi ut t,'|srtiMUiii,  'fakv��t>iii*��>tit.ii Wsry Mm'-imp-i. <>f V��u��>kl-  ����-r. *Hvtii>��t!i)i*it*��trtr>t}Muuiiiti iniia*!l**����"|,l'U  ft-r i��.riii|**|iiii ui *,.u-vii��ti�� lift* fiilltntliiK tie-  S,.l tu-lllilliHIS III |-4 )!)���* ill   I  -iHM.I*    I'll   1'1,'lial  HU,Vili,Hi, Aiikll.sl'a "��. ��' /> .-trf'iit V ti|..i<"i>l  IklSlf *l.-.t .it'll, .siililltl-s ��*lt" S-.|i!|n! l����al ���!  la-k,'ll*t-l'll4    *'!!!    I'I'   l*'S 1***1   �����'!   IL*   lu.Iutall ,'  tr-rnti  fiiifViJ) *,'"'  M*. Mxllil*. - I 'ai  diislliti' In die I'uilt-rt **-iti..   M  l'ttl��,M'��ll tlll.1 l-ID* I   felt 'ru  ('"'Hi!  tl-*l Clllll'  I'll ii,-. k fur .,:! 'lV.lt until 4 k lllti t-i" 1'|i-��nM4i-  ll* I tin*,' i-.(iil.li*le'.l t>t Uli' II I' t'l'l.'l.i|(*>wi It*',  Iillli llltlat lu  I'-'I'I til Hitt.itll ���",  TO COKH&SI'ONDL'NTt-*.  .Vit i-iiiiiiimliU'ttlleii* ilil-'Uil'sl   fi" T*i'!i|l<'.itl|.|l  lllllkl    lu-   iii4-4.|U|>llllllll   tlllil   it','   11,11111'  .mil .III  tlii'ksiif 11-t' ttitli r. Del Ji.'t*t'kknnd (,,i |iul.|ki*n  tii'll Im! ii*!) i'ti..iiiiUi-i'i.*��'."*il l.i.ui VVei'iiiiUtit  llllili'llliUi" Itl l.-CUU 1. ill'll l) l'i<llllllllll)l'ltll(lltk  *��'tl II tlOilll Iiiliiiil till I 1^- l'i lit t-it t" 'I'lll' ts.ill 11  iMUlllllki-VIS'l'l   I'*   *|KH*l-*l lUIHIIUI-IUI'lit,  WATER NOTICE.  Per a LUmen lo Tttkn em! Ua* Waler.  Ni.'.Jts-1* lirfrlij' k'laaiii Iluil tl)*-Viitieetiit-i-I*  tie. ..ml *a,i . iuU() j tuiiiuiitmiittijki'ai. ii��|���of Vii-tium. It t".  .i �� fl '.t|* i j ,4.(. Wj,,,|) (,i| * li.trtiii' |ii ItiUt'Mi'ltt-u- l*|4,lViii'.*'  I let'i t>ii.|.|i>isiu('4il mtti'l out ul him**i liiitl,  I tltlll'll   liiim*   lil   UU   i'llklflly   llil tVI lull   (lilS.t)Ktl  j leit**l ittul.**., AD-t'iiil Dl.iiici, titi'leiiii'il*'.In.  1 lu hiiiunbti Jtlti'i, ui'"I Ai'titii l��uiiliii*iry i.nt M.  Tlie .tiilt" *��lll It' illO'il.sl ��l h(i|ni,"> lilt.'l ((niul  l.il'tf.-, llil-1 tttll Ih* llki*-! fur  I'l.'l.'i' llllil 1I.11>*��)'  { |itit'|rii��-aiiii 11).i Iiui,I Ui-h-IIIhs) ii* l^.l. ,t*i, ,��1, *l,  \ unit |init��nildi tsiitu-r .'! 11)01*11 Iti'ki-ne  ''I'lll* liulll-41 IMm IMiklisI till Un'HC'iillil nil latll.  iiii*. a.f s.i'|iii-iiitu'r. lunt  'i'lu' firi'itiMiii'ii ��*iu I** (iiisi iudii'iit'iiv* of iin.  VV,.Ui III t ,)i.l.-i ��| ,\| Im-i HI  tili'tt'tiiilik llllt)  l'i' lllttl   nut)   till'   krfilt Wilt t'l  I!ims.tiler er *��llli   d��i- (-iiiii|'iui|li-i i��f   VViU**!'  Itlk'lll*. I'i,||l,llllf!|t illlllllill^H, Vii't.iilu, ll,*',  'i'lll' VlUliilllU') iul.lllit  |',i.,-tlll>  ltitlli*ilk �� fn , t.til. A|i|.ti('nltt.  It> i; li,nt.iii;lt-i. Ase-iu  Alpornl, II, C, Canada  Oct. 4. 1012  ALBERNI AGRICULTURE.  HTU AT the product*, oi" the Al  lierid fiiruiN Were nblo to  make mieli a )ju<n\ nIidu-iiiu nttllO  Vk'torla fair is u iimtier for,eon-  rCratulidlon, and is- <>f vtiltit* tm  showlni' just Avhit! can be done  in till*" favored w-rtion of \'an-  oo11vor Islnild. In veuelaides Alberiii .ranked no easy llrsL , It,  was tin* Inch of  thai pulled the  Next yenr wo will  that we have uuu'e knoii'leil"'*' of  the rules of I lie itdiim. We have  people hero tlml e'au protluee bid���  tor tlml, is second to none in the  country, Next time sonic of this*  mils! be sent, and with a men ter  variety in some other Uiicm, It.  will be pteiisnnt to watch tfood  -old Alliernl wiillc up toward Iho  lieaii of Ihi* list, ���  dairy pn-dut-e  avei'dii.' down,  tlo better now  The f,-niadinn  have a jfood slf-e*  nt worif on  pixiiuised Ui  just    Id*'   MIOII  will perillit.  I'ipe t'oiupany  watjH of  men  fitiiih and have  ueri-a.sie Iho number  US tile   I'tlldUtltil!**  lhr  WATER NOTICE.  J'or a blcsnco (�� Tske and U*�� Wattr.  Nut 1(4* I* lii'll'l.) Mlt, I'll tllitt lln.  VlltllSiUtrft ll)  liiiiii dit.'iiii* iiniiii ai* i v., ma , ni viit.uiii, p.  t.'. tt||||i|i|.|)  (,,| ,1 lltS'lltl'III Ulll,'  Hint  tl*f ",***'  t-iiiiie ffi tuiiii Miiti.iu' uf utiU'i iiiituf  suinu  lilkt'i.   tttlit'li   ffil*t��    III     illi    i'K-.ll'llk'    lllflk'lltlll  tlUMUk'll t^.ls, *���"'   .d   li'l. |k��,liltlttl'UI|'dl'*illl��lSll  nut*, f(I**t'l'. lii'*)) i'llit iluil uf Siiiiu*��ti Sliil Mirmil  Idll'l*  'I'lu- it.tlri' it ill *"��� i||triit*| nl lu'..! i.f iiipiil*.  *Uti( Ulll t'l' Usui M utllttllj lliiii iMiwi'f piilliikira  till On' liiliil *lt'4i'll(.islnk I/it* I*', itt, IT!, Ik��t,  'I'luS liulli'i- tk����|-.ktHil iilk till) tlliitlllil till ll��'  Iftli  mi) uf Si'l-lMulmlr, |t*||.  Tlie ,i|,|illi',)tii'lt tilt! Im' llltst ll) lln' eCliODf  Ilu- VV'itti'i'Ifi-is.i.ti'i nl Allt'ttll  ii|!U,'tli,ii��tii,i !-���> lllisl ti lilt tlit" .hIiI Witter  tti-t-.||.!i I, i'i   ttllli  till' tSillllilllilli |   uf    VVlkt4*t  IKi'lil* I'lullMtiii'iti lliiiMliiuti, Vli'ttulii, 11, (',  V mienDii t* Iklaii.l l.lri'tHt  lUiUwiiik i'u , I,tij,, A|i|i|lciifili  dj el, iitiiiiiitili'>. .Vkit'ut,  ���I'lll'  WATER NOTICE.  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There is probably no truth In  the report that the nro-ii of "Alberni City"' is to be pmdlned U> tho  Nliutll lf*luiid just below tin* Ulver  Meilti liridKt*.  "Cliy KloU-u'**," txv*  nod, cousideral'le re  .J i st now  to t!,d fore,  winds inn bed)'- ollered  rluclit. ones for outside  How (lops "Alborni tin*  live " strike you V   Noel  for tho  place".,  Attrac'  m *>���;('.  WATER NOTICE.  For a Llconc* lo Tako and Use Water.  Lund Act NoMccs  iM.IIIIKM  I..VNII ltl,H'!IIKui',  dlstllt'l .,( 1(11(11 t(,  'I'litle liulltsi tlmt, lliiii*  N J will!, uf Ij'liitkilld,  iiis'illi.ttliiil liitiiii'i, lull ft.l* lit i.|'(il)' fei   |)'-)iiii*  iUhu'iiii.uiei��,tM'Un- fiiiiutkini/1ii'M'iiinii iiiid.*-  I'lUIUUI'lll lilll III   ll   li'.iai   |l|lll|iisl   Ht   kill' I'lll 11*  eitil ui lliMl I'uki', (piiil.lliiiSiiilli.l, oil till' fciiulll  IkllUllliltJ.'Ol   Til.,    IllMt     i.llt   hi),   UlvlllV IH'kl  k|*.L|  rllillll-, Illt'lliS, Vlllpl IliHIIII  Illl'iltUtl* ill llil'  iiuitli kliiili'iii tjuiUkiu,! ^aitlvit, Mit'ttt.' (ull.nt  tllW tin* kiiuiii line i'lli.1 illl.l llOlltll'lll' 111 |il)lll( I.I  i.iiiitiu net-mi at. isiutiiliiliiif -ttu iiiu,*. iimmur  It'**.  O ' llrllUi    N'^ltUllI,  ('III Uli It'll ,)li|-lltikl u. Ay Ht'  Sl-lalt-lltlM'l' IH.  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Fir ad ���lft*"(i W��rluw(*rfi*h!*��  E. FLETCHERTBoat Bislltior  * Albernl, D. C.  !��**|-i-��--at-a-l *a**aiW'.****l<l*t**<**a**|  a-nuj-a-f*-*^.----***-*^^  t-MM  im?m+Mmmmx*mmi  MaWQM  Buy Your Saddlery  At the-tU-n nf (he White  Hnt'M*.   where the *fenu-  (lit-   K'Utub,    U|l-tU~(lHte,  art.*  , miUI at re'tsuiitdile prices,  Llj-ht umi Heavy Haniess  ul** uy* uti btdiil miil ituwle  lu unlet- in* slmrte.l liutlt'e. ,  Hnm) mitde Huiits maduto  uidei'i perfce- tit anil wow  dl-hI irimrattteeil.  j* ��. mmm,  Fmp-ietor  G��j*��rnm��nt St., Attvarid, *J, C.  P. 0. ftss 87  O  ���aV-ffll***nt*W-|*a>Willir^ l��-��|*4Vj-*>^!tirjiut*^^  \.  if^iwinfa-fiw-iifWtg  \  \  ./  .a*-  Frank & Bebrugne  Peat Estate and Insurance  Notary Public  'A 0. Box ���8  Alberni, B, C  /  /  i  1h..,iiin*,iii.i>40!!m1" 'T!.'ia,.lA"f If  wt.aitwi.l*ia.iai*.li,>aaaiii*li*i  *.*lwwa*ii.iia*,ai*ri*TiMaaBlil*.**4a*  W** *J1'-W**[>l!''il"'ltl*''",|. 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Itueftil* to ajinly for i-er-  lulwilon (u pufiflutii*  Out  (t*)lo��*niif (n-t-orltxid  (Vninic-noli'tr ��i �� l**1** I'limitsd tttMuit, !0 l-s  tulle* iiutiliwukl from Mui'linlttl (ttUfi, '.henoe  nurd) hi chain*., tbriti'o can *0 rlislna. di��iu*o  ��,iilUi SU fliiiliu* liu-HiM* ��'.'kt tO iliatfll liaai'U lo  III'* lit)**, WiiitallldiK ."Ufi) nt'le*, muiti or lfk��  Autio. I'jtl'ke,  Flinty, lleltiii, Aueiil,  Auifusiin. u>i��.  n  n --hi i raiiwi m IJ ifltani,��ai t-*ifciji f*j.-***ii n* ��*-*a^*f*a**--.'-**ii wiy ���^jtatw'i'i lU-yiiwy  ."t^ft'-fa-*^^  PATERSON GARAGE   ,   |  Now Open to tho Touring Public  Full Lino of Auto Supplies  Cars For Hire ui Reasonable Rates  Victoria Quay  Alberni, B. C*  **���*-���� *���* *a*ljl*.t>*��<-��-|JU-**4ia  ii>iif*>-o**r-*iy ���^������yt"**', '���'���*>���**���������!����� **  ���****-fr��r  The A lert Investor Asks for  . f"uiiu*tlihi("- (hat b* a suru winner, where the money will turn  over tjulokly Btnl at a gotxl-jitniiit.  Tfiis is the Claes of Property That is Bandied by  Bz^^E^^EE^EzM. TEB0���Ei!iEEEEEzEE  He liniiilloi No Other Kind.  A list- uf the finest Kurm and City properties* t*,v bufunnil hi the Alberni  District.   A call will runvlnee ymx, ami lead (<i bulibiu.ss. THE ALBERNI .&0V0C.&TE,  ^f-tiWi^tMMWItf-ft Will-It  *. -J ft i;i if 1 > ft ft;\ ft 1 * t'  Meat'ffibfaxW}&g*ni\  R^BMM      M^  ii,*niainii*iBi*i.iaitk..  iiiyi'iu  ����,.��  ;-v';Noxt'..-to-'''U)o; thinri ItHolf n ^ood  y';::- v:\Phptoiiraph';:wH| Mivtin better idea  .--������ .'-_��� ,j.'.-^    ��� " -v"-   V, '-"''' V ���',-; *. ���...*'' ' '" ���; ,,;*���* ���'":''   ;.'        "   ': ';,  ''*'���''', .-'���'���  ������v^'^f-to �� purchaser than any; amount ','V  ; f of description*       If you want it  "���';.','������:':''������': V..;;-.:-":' V-     . "-���������'.:,,''' V^f>":;;     ':-'''''-������ 7 '������"' ''^'v\' V.,'--  '", ��� ;:^;'-W*sii-*'donO^.'co^ ^ -U'"P-v.. 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ItCiVAja, BANK OKt'ANAHA, Altanuthram'!).      ;  For prleei* and terihs apply to , ..;;V ���      y,: >:;' '^'V-'-'-.'; v./-'/'.-;:'  British Columbia Cruising and Estimating} Cb.  ^ ';.;������     ;%\7';.>Ya'V\;':*.''':.':'v; y:^;:;':;-'^--..^,-.-' '':.'^'c,:;,;-:;  ���wnifcitiiaWiiaiTdifi-aiifwjft?tftinriirH*itn'rj*n fr-lr*"t���-*��*'-*'*"~v" ' ������"-��������������������� n ��� ��� ir��� n��� t*��� ������ 11 't-TI"""*"*-������*���������������'     ' iiiiifi '���"���������"��������� ���"���-'-  IMIde^  Sash, Boor�� *^    C*l��tS8  3uildlng ottd Roofing P&p*sv-  Lime, Bricks and Cement  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Bo* 9   ^^TiiZZZ^Z ^ZZ^ZZ       1��~  Mmu~.uZZ���~.    '       "       "' '"'" rmniiTii'i--im iiui.ai ..p.  i^-i!*^^ '-  . ^t>'-::.'":\'t-: :���'''.-."OfOwfsd, l��"*ki*'Fr>tmt'BmS(:^iv'-1"��4'>j*ei-{v%  ,'J^,... -.,,   -���-,.., ���--.   .���-,.  jMsS.1'..-'.'  I  ;R.:;W.,;:HE^SI.p  '    '      -.' .'lij,      ' ���-.''���,''        '.     -. 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Alborni  ��|.|l,lll..i|il��l,l I C������UW�����lllll��lllkl*,,��l|..lr��.,l   ;   >  Hm* 6tr  It--t*t4***-��f  *^VtUHI.ttm��viW*ll(ili^  '^���"feap^  v.;,-;,Reae.rvo:Fund-..: ^:r:;:-: f.^v^'���$7,450,00^^.';;  ,;:;:; ;;crrptal^  ;��� ���;' ,     A OkN��HAL; HANHlNtf HtJHINliflN Tl(ANaAt'T)S() '!t::V 'l r:^\ '���;  .'���^Wtfi'ifJs^Ronlf ^  psiiMiiin* el *,(,(�� tnut ii!*tt��s��t�� j**��**i*t!4 ���*,-.���  mill llltuii-*! UtltilHl III). )l*t-l)i'*et OWl'trt'tll ..���,.  I'tiiiV Nu Debt)' Iu VVIMiitiiivviiiif,,     .. -v;  BankiRg by Mail  in  I*hon�� 31  Altmrnl  '..t-hon*s-:I.fl;'-;,'  Port Altx-rnt  1  l.f.lll-i.vV-'i  PIONEER   BAPBEP   SHOP  .;������'"��� \,;->'..  A;(, II K.H.N.J.'���:.';';  (leneral Tuasm-lttl Artist**  Hut Rial C'ulil lint lis  (Ttforpe tlrinktvatei'  Propflftor  i''.<,v>'\T,v..!iiif!ji,r.t4..<i]?i,r"s,''��->.''.,'',<. .......j��� ,.i...<,.i,.,,^~H��,  TBE BMNB SAWMitl  Will HUpply you with all Ithula  of Fi.-hst OhiHH Limibur,  *S^ex"A^ .'5/2ir?*9 or Cut to Order  .  ���'     iMatl uidot*tf att��ntlt*d tu  ''"' '" .     .���'"���     Address '���  ���^���M:-i-'''.A^fi;S'|  mmmmm  - *B**gtf****-*9*^  ^k:''Ltg:H:T:e;r  frectka!' W��tehtm**r:''  *A��tt.**f#r^ nn**" Ofttkkn  ���'A',*��s^llhe,of.;W'*��i*hi.**  L'hRlnn ttiid  alt  khuts  ut  Jewelry.   All Idnds uf Ho-  :.;       pftir work,      't-.'.-������''' :'������,''. ?'.'���  Alberni  ;     Port .Alberni  ', At AMtemi AfuuMt P. M. , *  ���f,-*-.*)^,*-*--.^^  ...    *%.  ..   . .   ,     ....  ",       Iti-IHH��.ttal UfHi' lit* lllH'ill* Mllii wit)t(tiie*ti    .  iiy irtiill-' |.'iitle��i'iiar��ti'iilmii--wtttiflr.tti ��  ���     ly titi tflvt'jt iiy Ji'lt'jr d'ltiutlliitf k*l| tl**>  ,.-"���.        ������'���'"���'-��� .".-������-;:���. .,':.���:''    '.:      ,-.:'' l.tii'ductit*,,, ...      ;������     -.,.���-.-  Over 2(X> Hranelnw and Ajfeneli'i-ii   310 ih'tmehes in Hrltish t'tiluinbls.     j  ->        .   CurresiKmileat* '1 .jis)ii(*Ih��u( the Wurld.        j  ';  Alberni Bnirich   ��� Port AJbemi Branch  A. <L J"lOf,l'"'"K, M&nafti-i' ,; ���      :K, K. it. MAt'l.t*'*?!!, Iifaimjfer i  **ll'a'^'rt*?.'.'.y****-j*^.*^.'*^'.1.ff^  Ilkt'inkaMikOllaa  atta  .,!'.'<*'-?**'t!'i'"'y**".'.1  ��ti4*i**i**ii*M*^M*akii,iiii*iii,ai..i,M  **t,l.,i**i.a.k4i!Hi,i��wwi^iti*.,.ii,,***  1.1.1. .,l|l|l|.l,|Wllkk*!tjWllll.,lll*t!IW.*ll*il>a.  *ki��ki^��i).k.*1wti..tk  naawwiiaitpaia, l,*i  ..'��� ,'       ��� ,. >. ' '��� ,       -   ..  ���-,. '   .    . ���   �� ' '���'.''.,.  First Established and Best Known Hotel on the West Coast.  ���    Tbl* 1$ Ik* rax>orH*JZ#8art of ike CemmtKint Matt, Tettrltl and Sportamait'.  Ou>rttip our ewn Dairy aixJ.toulttp ttmeh Intumt o Ceiyuferti" Supply #f-''Siric(lp.'rr*ih  ��� ArskUe Ur th$ tabU.      Cutilntt and''AccommodeihM ef th* B*tt.. ,; (.','���  ***.��> *-�����*** Samplt /"eonta (n Toufn. '.'-'-  ..- treo Mttfit ,ta and from al{Boat* and Tralnt. ���'..���''..'  Bil|y McAUistor, /<?m#^  liOTEl,  ARONGTQf  The best  Uimviit tmi(s:e on  (be  West (.ViieX  ef Vimcouver rsiaml,  All tuiKlern biipriiveuients, . ('enti'itll.v Jucut***!,  ���''������"'���':'���. '''V;'.Tbt'bivsL^Iiihliiif nnd T.Iiuuhij.'- un die MimiL- ;  Autus fui' hire in .Spi-tait Lake 'aiifl ihe Arklfotel,  at, Cetttral  Lalli*.    .<* allies furnl^heil unshm;!     :       ,  ': , nut ice -for. Hurith)",' parties at iiHtltfratu rules. .   ,  Free this To anil Frxtm All Trains  McNilt *S& Mea*t*her,; props.        Alburni,..B. C. THE A3U3EKNI ADVOCATE.  The Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  CANADIAN PACIFIC LUMBER COMPANY, LTD.  Port Alborni Branch  MUSIC  KJ.Ol.KNCK H. WKH'HT, Anvw-IuIo  Koyttl C*olle--ti of Music, I/uulund-'ni*  Tracher Plant* furu*. Harmuiiv and  Theory. I^**u*.aiu-. uwurslhi"* lu ar��  rsnt-emem.   Albertd. H, (.".    -t2-l m  4**mw#)^m~wm  E. M. WHYTE  QKNKUAL1ILACKBM1T1I  tWtl***,**V* , "4*-aT-*t-{-*ff|fl|  ;cs  ���mKi*.-i-i-iijya'  *******  *����  Car Just i** a*icl Half Sold  ^ilo'ie^lt^iti:  **"*"***-'  EIAH stvtirod the* Aftrtxey  fur  the  Hutrl.*!,   ��4   what   t*  kr.6"wi,-(di the  Farmer's Handy Scale  tx'lni* a Bertie and Trm-k Com.  blned, which can Ih* tir.tsl ell her  as '*�� Truck or �� Keale, nod. wjlll  welj-h tmyihhi"' h*uiiiumt|K>uml  lu a ten. A nblpmeiU uf these  have been re**-?!*'***! and can U*  tns|teou*i] at, the .hop.  imm  B. C,  IB,,-1 >K3SiTiKI*l,'a?XSl*SS*^  ��r  Pi,o'n,0,0,rV'"  **��*���>���*��  'Phone: 29'  A. PAUL,. He***��g*��f" ���  iii  mmmmuMimmiimmim  ..[���laa,,-**.*  SS?  ;ti*|ju;  ,W,W't'BJiilgjJ.flUS-Wi 'J.,'U'Wa'Jj**?-*W**- -  ���Ini'W'f+'PV*^  WT^r*? you Don *t Get  lonesome.  Harry's Pool Room  Follow tho Bunch  Mi ��� ��� II l*-*mP***-"**4H'*W'*>*-*ll  TSftM  iPK  0*t^\L��*tr,t v**/��r"  L-��-art^rNIL*v*^  For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Alberni Assessment District, Province of  -   ���    ��� ' British Columbia.  I Hereby (live Nut lee that un Hutuidt'V, October the Li, A. U. 1012, at die hour ot 10 o'clock tn tlie foreimun, at  Ihe ('uiirt, Utilise, Alliernl, 1 shall sell ht,' Pill >l it- Auellon (be la nils of the ttersous hi the list herein...urn set out fur tho  tlelliitjiteiii tiiM'ti -iiiptiiU by the MiUl persons* mt the Slut, day uf Deei'inber, Itlll, and for Interest, eot*t�� and exjH'nses, In-  eluiilii*,' the tulveit Uitij- uf du' suit! utile, If the total amount Is not kootd't" paid.  Signs Signs Signs  Land and Advertising Bitfm*, etc.,  done with Prompt l>er.|i��tcli  nt Lowe**- Prices hy  S.   EATON  Margaret St., Alberni  FtditUr ruvd P��p*ir-H*pi*-*p  *A'ork done by Pructical "den onlyi  K*itiiti*t*('�� Free.  LIST ABOVE  MENTIONED  Nu mi..  Hiudiij,  (,'tiini ,. .  I'lrmiiU,   VV.   it.  Vt'ititit'l',   I*    i|.   ,  11.  M.  Clurlu.,   Vii-riit'ti.1   .1,     Ctillu'l't.   .tu   iS'iilitlitiit   MltilUK  I'u,   .,, .  Alliernl  ('.i|i|iii* On,   , ,,.,  ICiiiti),  Mrs,  \<),  .M  ,  IllllU'iltl,   (1,  (1 ,      U't'Jite,  VV.  t.  ,���,,,,.  Islootlui Mm die mi.-ti rlen  Nutitttik Nimble (-titiiTli-a  NuulKti Mitt til*. UHMit.'B .  Utdtii,  H.  L .,  ,.���   duller, H. ii , ,,.,, ,,  Ull|l*ttlll*4,    ,1.    ,   ���,, ���  1.111*1 llllllll-,    Jil*    ,.,,,.,,   M> !**iiiiti)i1,   tt,   M,   ,  l'!e**)iili.J,   I".   II   Wliirm.   i".   M,   .....  MtfCt'inie,   .tti,  ('.  lk*l't)lil!Ult!j   ('lllttl,  Mtinnv.  *ami,'   Klcliliiilikell,   A.   ��\  ���ri.iluur,  iLii ,-t. ,,. ,,,,i,, i, , ...  lie mill),   l<), uml MiVttkliu*li.y   .  Tail-lot',    W.U.,   Ullli    O.ii.lilt! 1.1  O'Mnd.  Jus, ,���,,,  O'N'ell,   JtlS   ll'Netl.   .Itll! ,  Mt-Titviiili,   J.   A.  biyi-n, W. mul T.  I'tnrv. W.   J-    VVfttluie,   J.  (| ,     Ml-Lmul.  W,   ,1,    ,,..���.,      liiililitei',   'V-l'!,  unit  M.II.Itn  Viiifket.lJ,  10,  ,**(, owl  (*tt,  ,  I'liititi,   J,  l'i   TiiirlitH-U.   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Cor. tluliidttun and Ocrfrud** Kl��.  fmk Be��l, K8U*8, fork, V����l,  S-asagej, etc.  Alway.- on Hand  liellv'tiry In Albertd and Purl Albernl  BUSH & FILLER   *���   f^p-3.  The Albeo^  .as,rtU,.ak*4k^**(wtM'-'r'*t*i-,*��*i'-^r. .'-'���V'*s-.-wjUi)^lii'>*?*��.i-.r*it4iTr>���Hjiif',iiti'^ �� ���������'tf1f *w.>t.-.v.'rW.-.a, '.y V~ff,''^.M--:^.''i;:..,,>r,'i*'.4'.*.'"S  '-3 i-:t-^!Ji.aiiVi*.-��w.-^i>r.--.,i-v.'jJii. >-,-vi r.,aVsiirj---,--.--V'*,fi--''t--Hw.'rT-.i7-;.��'-y--".'--v^,:y^^^  *--^*i-s-���*���-**-J"  Clover Leaf Butter -   35c. Ik  Selected Eggs     - 40c. doz.  Try Oar C & B, Plum Puddings  :s"��a-i*s..:.'.~r,- r-.~;.��..-�� K,i^rr�� ,i-. ..'���:r������T.'.a-sj'si.'-jrv;'-'!-**-).",^  The Buey Store The Busy C��i*Rtjir  tr-j*-ag"*i*j-*MaffliW  **���.�����. ikajf4M^*^*V-rr*-*w--t4>-i<-t-* 4-*^aM>-k*<4ai  igi^iitiij**jii*iiMi*fyT*^ry^  ���*���'' ' "   , '    *���   *>v'-        *       * ."   L   -.* "���'-*. ? ,vt-J-."Sir1? V*,''5A*"r*^**-^T*-Wj*-,*E  ���tlaW,4xlJ.-*l.',M.*.,.a4.   I���   .^,^^.....'*<.*>V��^-^eM)r>^J**.,>>^M.^^  C. F. BISHOP & SON  Grocers, Baker*, and *fwduco !*lsrdianta  SjSS^iaXtnM-Jit* *.w**^u  wittirMcraar^s.^^  **T*lt*rWI>f*-*ip|||r******-a|-^---W^  H. C. RAYSON,.  Deputy AiiAo**iur and L'ullnetor,  DRY STOVE WOOD  Alitiivti un Hand  ir��iAci  We havo eomr&eUs*i fur a Inrj-a t-uaJctlily of (ha  Very Best New Zealand Butter  to be delivered Kre"-,n ever**. ".'���,������."* Ni the end of April, t*H3.  a      We ai*-*) 3��fUn*i, It, tV�� Pourtfi*" for 7tk, **  ���r-acli Pound lltook ha*, om  m*u n��i��e printed on ftie'wnipi>*jr and*  uiirowti brand, "Th? Het*��**��*>*�� Br��*t4.''  The Quality is At  'l-siir;; ��;������**;   a i -"---jr ���*.���---���*�� ����*--'��� j-i |,1i,^"*nr,*r;"*r'';*'''': ,'"\VY'-,r,w*'*'^^  i3~  ia*i.--*j*tt'/-*��;'Tfl*a*j*^ ���'���."���awaaakk..--*-*^^ Mij-*-j "ii-8*j*---i-**a-ira  Hi '4'ti'W*-*^^  >*4i-**-\��yl*k)tlJi��,4,-ltB*i. a* tJ-*f*v-*��H~tls*-^)*4-^rt  rfHO  r;���-i"-*���ii��� -,���  .-:��., i��.acn-,n v.ji-j^^.-i.iAij! ���*,*.  1ks.*J*>-.��>k.li*k>k)  ** ��1'*A  Aj-t'iit fur Fritter Mill Wood  Try a laOtsd  JOHN   GKSEVE  All   Order-)   Promptly   Attendint  To  <**mf*mn<Jtt *��>*tv*M*-it4,-wii *mt iw*** m**4  aiiBjuti)0��rm**rrtK^XLWtt**Mt,  J. Redford  BVtCBSR  Kredi Heef,   Motion  and   Pork  alwayii on hand.   Ordtnii  taken for Poultry  ens.  Phone37 P.O.Box 18  If You Are doing io  Build m !ietit����, tan OfHcs Block, or a Bern, or  a 8i&re, or sny thing sloe thfttlft^udttiof W4.od  The Man to See Is  '  Tfte Contractor and Builder  H# Witt k-ututvii  (tn   i:*t(mit(��.    PO-��t-C!***ti   WerLmsailtJ**  nt  }'di**4* (hat ��r* Rljbt.  i**.nut**wnaH  Office Fittings, Show Cases, Cabinet Work  .t'..v -lav-;*;  IM.|l,!lk,IIIWIkl**lkk���Wklll *ll,,|>*.l*lll|*.,l*WiBkk*.>iaa��***.W)l**J  :'., ttttn  -. ���.~.'5*w*5-.~.-. '.".���-.a,!'c cr*i^tsrr,��*.-,isi.���:v . ick...  T^e  Provide yourself with a nice ufarm  Comforter for Winter  We have a nice Selection  *M*-^Tlt A.-UH" PSWJixrsF<; j- ,_1'Ww,l*iCi>7r'">T ��,Wk!  T-.��k*  ��tf  P. O. Box No. *.,       Alburhl, B. C.  Phono Lt.  aWBllCESSWKatKtla  ��JUSS*OSiffi  -^"ATr'^r^r^rr^-  (FV)uuiJe4 lat,)  Ctrpttat AutLuri^J -  -      . .        SIO.OtMt.OlM)  cupu.i r��!d Ui*      * -    *      * io.i^o^.ooo  Reit ftiut Ifmilvitiod Pr4.tt(��      * < 1��,(K)0.000  r��(ft! At?*?td�� . * .    ?-3S9.6*.l,W>0  Hun, PretitiJt.tii     .    .Ht- Hon'. L**>rd Mir*thoim�� and Mount Ibiyal O. G, M, (J,  Prw.idfiit   *   It. H, Aajfuii, Kwj.     \ j     Vle**-Prei*.   .  Kir IL 8. Clousiois, liarl.  *J*!td-r*l Mtum-fet' . * ... . . h. V.' Meredith  Head Office      - Montreal  IiKmdon Oflloe       -      4(1 -mi* il Thre-wlneedle HU, K. C,  Savings Bank Department  HejMwlw   reoelved    from   91    upwards  Country Hudnww jfiven ov��*ry attention.  Fort Alberni Branch ;  -     E. S. V. McClintock. M^r.  **?rt-'i?.,.*"i|j|. ��� "i'i';,'',".' ���; 'j':"}"^1 '.'������.'���g'^*'git."j!SiJ^'aw"i!��J.'r'za a. m'i ftt'^a ���i'uw'eirsiis***"*'^  T.ai'^Wt-^'iJSf-'^ll'v'r-i*1-'^  Use a  It will promote that  Scalp, which is the Surest  Hair*  Circulation in  of Preserving,  From $2.50 to $1.25 Each  PINEO'S  Dmg and Stationery Stores  ALHKHNI       i t i        .1        1*0JIT AU1S.HW  +\  -*-*r*r  at-*��ie.!>����.v>ias<��a  .iintK.ii'-.iUH I.* t   -|'iii.).-ik.*:wa*aj ii* nnnmiinitmu n' ( j.1.1.1. _-_*jii.j   jj.at-jiijiu i��-jaj|-|��*i-iftv-i-ii))ik*ia;>��i>riktai-iTi|W ijll*3t^t**.iyiiv*li1 i��*ajjiti*Mii��>M***ql*aK**'  RLmmmti  In the matter of Clearing Lots or  Acreage Con-suit  !   THIRD AVENUE  ��� -.-���    PORT ALBERNI  The CLEARING SPECIALIST  He is Always Ready to *-  Estimate.   ���.  A Hijfh Clas**) I.e��!*ile��tl6! SuWIvWoo on thaOefciuory  Road, adjololnti' the prupuw-d City Lhults.    ,  ffalfAcr�� Blocks $23��  For Foil P&f-tlcuk-f*. Apply to  *#*^l\l.rbua^,'��&^,..lN^^w��u.i>^a^^aoul^mriM^N.^4 4��vS��l-a!41*!-ir1i**!**-4it^^


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