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Alberni Advocate 1913-11-07

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 Vol. 4  Alberni, B. C, Friday, November 7, 1013  No. U  mmtm  Mew  THE COLD WEATHER IS APPROACHING  (tt��t ti Hot WuH'i- Hot tie und ��*|*'i*p warmD'nluhlx    -V*�� have  jiiMt I'i'eelvt'd a fotudtciiuicni of'  SYRINGES, HOT WATER BOTTLES, ETC.  "...   Direct from the factory   .        .    ���   .  Tke fwfe ut tWddilr muk, Id" %n\\vi tfc�� twit, (fttj (lit jtriwi rifld.   Ewjr Mill  fsur'Ulmi ftt* ritbrr Iwtlfi *r twtaty \nt wiclta, ��twitiitj U (jvilitf  OF TRADE  IS NEGLECTED  C. M. PIMEO  DRUGGIST fc  STATIONER  tutmmmxmm  Clone,lo town.   On wood mud, with Ktiiuit house.    Would  mulct* excellent Chkd.en Ihtneh  Price $1000.   Easy Terms  Ono Auiy lilookt*., tfond laVttl, Sited per itcro,    Hotim-n U�� Hunt  from $PJ.r��0 to $1.') per month  if AS-.  R,  MOTION  Ken I Kstat*' and Insiirunco  Phono ill, Alhernl Phono 18, Port Alhernl  Thuro i�� nothing qulto "tin. HutiHfnotory to nond  iiwny aa ono or inoro of iIioku    .       .       .   ,   .  Artistic Photos or Enlargements  of the Beautiful Alberni Scenery  Call ut the Studio and look over tho .mawortmtmt  which hu.'* done no much to mnlco Alhernl fuinouN  L. Frank  -  Alberni 'B.C.  Take your Fat Beef, Hogs and Veal to the  Where yon can get your cash  '#9  The fact dial mi many oi the lriidlny  mcrctiiiiiis Htul  btisine-s  men ef  the  city appear lo hiivopri.iilt.dly diit|ip*-d  (he mirk of lite Hitiuil uf Trade came  lu fur it considerable tititoont uf com*  iiiciit til (be i'eytdnr iiitMilhly ntccdliyi  held in the City Hull on Monday even*  ley., It wns {mimed out (bat (hero are  lion  a ntiiuliiT uf hiipoiiuiil. audior*.  Mich  lis   liyht   ailil  |Mtwer,   sidewalks,  die elcai.hiy of pie Hoiium Hlver, fffid  olhel'H, lluit till tleiniiiidett Iho idtcnttoil  uf fvwy iioi'soii who had ibe wolfttre  of  the  cuuimuntly  at   beiirl.     Hticb  matter*, were best discussed in a llottril  of Tt'itde, ami (he conclttslonH handed  on lo the City Cotiticll.   Tin* council, if  approached lu n lutsliii'todlki- innnticr,  it iliiltl  welconii'  Ihese  niiyymit Ions  us  khiitkhiy (he trend of puhllii foollpy.  It could not, however, bo expected dint  the eoiuieil would pity tho same nton-  tlon (u the ilndluy of a timet lily of  idyll'! or (en as they would if the niem*  Imrnhlp of the Imit'il watt fully ropro  seated.   VarloiiH reintoiii* woro asslyntil  fur the fiillitiy-utr la uitoadauce. hut,It  wns finally concladcd to put It dijwn to  yeiierid  aeyietti.     With  thin Idea In  iiilinl  the ImmuyI rckolved to frump a  letter to he sent to all tho old iiteui-  iM't'H,   as   well   iii  (hone   who nlieuM  hoootno such, and try tu yet dicta out  to the next meetlny.  HIDKWALKH.  Tim matter of -dditwidkii  wii* very  much  to the fore on Montbiy evenlny,  and us  Ills Worship, Mayor llldiop,  wn* present,   tin*. dlMWHslun covered  the entire fdination,   Tho  hoard appeared to bi> of tho opinion that the  jk-thool  children  tdimdt.   lie   provided,  with a sidewalk to the -whooi,   It was  pointed out. thot, tliuy had  to  wade  throw*1, tho imal and wet to the t-oitool  and then >dt for severnl howm In thelr  wet shoi;s und drnyylt'd olothhiy.  Thin  wan, no doubt, n  fruitful  fcouroo  of  nlckncsw durlTift -llio'wIniurtjLftmll ytfu-a  coiidtddit that 'life dry tmtM MhM  attend   to  ut once,   Thu condition of  tlio people who live on die'Piilcrson  Townsllo was also illMamtaH], ni well a��  die needs uf other purdonn of the oily.  Ills' Worship replied tlllil lher.e lundcm  were In (he hands of the Pul'llo Works  Coinntjitee, liml wotilil,  no dotibl,  be  ittteuded  (u In the rnyuhir cuiirse uf  events, but   lu the luuitntlino an eihirt  wimlil  be  made (u hasten   tht*   must  huportam  portion ut the work,   .lust  at IhU stiiye of tin* discussion a dull  thud wiit board outside,   Invr-tdyadou  disclosed die  fact thnt u oldnen hud  just fallen on (ho broken "sidewalk"  by (he City  Hull.    Said cllUeo was  perfectly sober,   Tin* mayor admitted  thai  lids appeared lo clinch the nryu-  iitcnt for that sidewalk,  HAD WHEELS  TUTS 1HE  JUNIOR FOOTBALL  CLUB'S DANCE  (liven b)  's Hal!  (Over (Jnrnyo) on  t*OtiHH0IKmW  Grimes* Orchestra   -  J. J. Burke, Floor Manager  aJlW'tlllftinl>ll Hltl k.|.*yBM|-.,|.|i-**.i.--.*^^  . .   ^ i .       ,.  '.,.'.   / Wedding BeUs.  A quiet woddlny, took place In Vie-  torhi) Jicp., on HiUtittlity afternoon,  potoiwr iiiUh, when Miss Jtilltt June**,  /'of Victoria,' tmd Albert Wnrlny, of  lltjiivor Creek, Alborni, H.C, wore  isinrrled l��y tlio HoivDr, C. T, Scott,  of the MiHropolluui Methodist Church.  Mitts Tiilrkottle Hitended the bride, and  Mr. Win. Priokson tinted a* best man,  The hnppy couple loft on a short trip  to Bonttle and oilier. ooimt cities, rfnd  op their roturn will tako tip their rest-  douco lis VloUiriii, 11,0, ���  Kindergarten.  MIhn Melllsh will wtnt-t her kinder-  yiirtcu oIum.h on Monday at ������..��<�����. in. In  tho I \i-osbytorinn church hull. Parents  will find it tm iidvinuaye to their  children, to woi'd thtmv ut tiu* llr,it of  the term.     '.''���"'������'  Auxiliary Meeting.  A inoot-hiy'of the Albernl Hr.tneh of  the Liuileii AtiKllbtry, s)f the West  Coast Oetioral Hospital, will bo held  In die KnyliHh Cliuivh Hall oft Kridiiy,  November l'HIi,, at 2,;i0 ji.iii. .    :  KLKCTHIC LKillTS.  The intider <if electrlellylib* i-eceivi*d  it t'otisldcrtihlo itinoimi of attention. It  wan pointed out xhnX city Clerk Hit)ne  hud palda visit to dm outside fur dm  purposit of ItjvoMiyntlny (ho uko which  was helny tutide hi fs'aniihno of the  Mirptus witter tn the city pipe line,  niul thttt its Minn tit. his ro|iort was  bunded In to the euinit'll IhU matter  could be tllsciissisl with a bettor til��*a  of yenernl coiidlliott)., If ninth n plant  cutdd he used it tumid not take lony tn  lust all lbt�� riitini), nnd dm rest Miiuld be  very llybt as- cumpitr<sl wldi any other  inetlitsJ. The output umild be limited,  but It wu-s diotiyht that It would hu  ktiltlcleut Ut tittpply dm neids of (ho  city until wtit'li a time an dm. pbtttt of  the HIU'hie-Aytmw Power ('onijuiny  was In riiimliiy cunilldou.  HATKPAVKHM,  The need for the fonnutloii of a  "It'itepiiyon* Aksocliitlun" was dtk-  cussed by Mtv-i'-id mciiiber*- of die  meedny, The ehtlui was presenteij  lluit- there worn tt nuinlmr uf dibiys  thnt- were cosiilny up fniia tliiu* to llmo  In cdnneoiion with the olty '.laislni.**  which a Hourd of Trmlu could iituilly  Itttiidb). bat wliltdi would iniwu ps-operly  t'onio before Miieh �� laxly uti n itato-  paycr-s AhstH'bitlon. It"-was thoiiyht  that die itppronch of dm civic.elec  lions cntltHl for such an (isiioolntliju. and  fioveral who'huvo hud experience in  the work of tttush n body explained the  manner in which the work wax carried  on., No spouhtt action wnn taken Indie  matter,-'  fX)NO HKACH KOAI),  A loiter Wax rend from Mr. \V; H.  Ottrrard ' reyordbiy '1'^ hulltllny uf n  riuid fi'Oin AlliMfnl to Lony Iloaoh.  He''Htnt4.it tlint'n petition to the do-  vojiiment for such a roud had neen  olrcuhdod. nnd    iiuiiii'i'ously    ttlyned.  Tim  Cli*   Cutiiiell    cerl.dnly   bud  "wheels" in iho |(,,|   rcj'iihtr  iiieethiy  uf diitt l��kty.    Nun tiolil mi   ikllb   iiiui  brick.    Hefurii'on ihi'otk ii let  tis en-  phdn.   It  wits   not nit'iiltil  "wheels"  I bit I   Hlitlt'icd  dm lioiiorttbb' body   in  ���lut'Mtlon, tint wheels- nf tuiutber  kind,  Winer wIiim'U In  fact, and  li   canm  alHittl tlifs way.    Vim nut', huve heard  timi there It* iiniiiovcumiit' on  foot- lu  supply dm city with liyht ar.ti   |>uwer.  Hovernl jihuis huve l��een piii|*o��ed. and  hi the course uf event**, (l witsiuiyyested  thnt there uitylit lie enoiiyh  |Miwer  li)  the ttilste water dint lit iltiwluy down  the plpo lino tu liyht the bind hum [mr*  dun of dm city,   A fe*v diiyit uyo (,'liy  Clerk lliiyne wits nsked to  look  Into  this ma(terdiirlnyi)irlptu dieimtitlde,  This ho did, und the report which  ho  Mihtuhtott   was   the    I'liusn    of    the  "Wheelw,��.  lMip|h<i!('s from thin that the wnter  In (|iii*��tioii Is not -Miiilt'lt'iii for the  |mt'|H)se, and that this tiiiyycMilon will  liavo to la*'abandoned for die present,  tliouyh tt iiiiyht come up later, if a  HiiMieJont rcnervoh' was bulli for tin*  purpostt iif iniponritlluy the wniur.  In dtls xnitie connect Ion (here was n  coiiiintmli'iK Ion from'the Port itsktuy  for nn miKwor to die proposition siili-  lidded iw to liyhl** front thnt oily. Thin  proposition had iittMeheil tu It two  tldiiyu that warn'not In (ho kuyyipttlenn  inttde by dm jutnt I'oiiunlttee from the  two eiile*t dint look Shu unit tor up In  tho llrci place, Interest unit ttiatdny  fund on (bo prcketit Port plant wan one  of 'tlii'iu, nnd the proportion of the  Port pluiit payroll was itnothor. The  Clerk .we* hii-li'inMed to reply to this  elfeci, aiul it loiikw very itittch as if  there would bo "Nothlay dolny" In  thbi line. There was no answer to, dm  count or proposition sbtu tho^t'lty of  Albernl pop In ihenpoiiTlluo and c*tab-  ll��h ihclr own siyltch Itoatd, thoxo to  be paid fur by tho Port nt dm termini,-  tloa of dm floatrfuu. '  Tho (Hork alio reponwl thnt ho hod  approached tho leynldlyhla in dm  mutter of vtirlmi** by-lawn thitC art�� nt  pi'i'Heiit stiHjinnded nwlny lu a dltt'erenci*  of upltilou bet ween thexe loyal atitborl*  den,, Ht* hoped that the triuylo- would  now be uurutolled, and thut In a tdiori  time dm by.lttws would lie tepoiiJit in*  In order.  Tin* iiHttter of riltli'wutks watt then  taken up, and (he Public Work* Com-  mhice sintisl thnt llib* wiirk would bo  undertaken in .once, the builtllny uf  nuinln rieeiled sitlewttlks ladny (ho  next thluy nn dteir pivyrnmiiie.  Sundry nrruuiib. were ordered puld,  ttitiiio minor nml tn* adjusted, and (In*  Coiuiiiil iitijoni'itt-d.  On Kridiiy, -'ll Ocftila'r, Htdluwe'en,  the Aihorui .lilulor Puutbuli Club yitve  n iiiu-si suecessltii ilitnce In the Mcuttt.  llilll.  Abuiit tti yncsi*, tveie pre��eiti, mostly  ytrlrtimd laiya from 11 it* !������>, it lib u feu  ulder "yiituiy folks", who b> 'dpi ivny  i-iljo.ietl Ibemseivcs ijiilic a* much its  anyone else,  'l*be dei'iiriitliilis were paitleularl.i  admli'iHl, aiid; were unanimously con.  kkleretl aiiiony (he moid. lUftvtlve evei'  m*c�� In Albernl.'  The Ixiys have it way nf midday uli  their ynestx feel thai, die wotdlay of  the Invitation I'tx'Moitiny.dm "pleii-  kitre" of llielr conipimy In not merely  a mutter of form; the plouaitro felt by  yucxt), and houlA wum uiiiijlsuikablei n  tlioroiiyhly- Jovial and friendly uph-U  was abroad, the kind of njilrlt thut dot'tt  no iniictt (u bi*lp (be winter throuyh.  Tho ladli'H took chnryo of the coin-  mbsurlat, mid the refieslimeiilM and  (he M't'vlny thereof wore all thut could  lie wished,  Tho inoiirnfiil strains of the Iloitio  Witlt/, were hi'iutJ nl itbout '��'..'��), and  ninny reyretK we're hoard0 thut (he  diiiict* wits break ley up "1*0 early."  The limited iicuoiiii'ditdon uf Hie  Scowt Hitll render-* It necoKihry dmt  yiiesf.s attend by Invitation only, nnd  tthonld lite Imyn ylvu any morn of these  tnuortnlmuetii**, their Invitation*, will  bu iiceoptcd"wlth much plpitstire."  NMAiFSi^  ASK ARBITRATION  Mr, S. P, Hititipt, of Vloi'itrlu, wsis iu  Alberni ibis week.  Mr.  und Mih, J,   I'.  It.  Mcdlll,  Nimubuo, came in on TncMlay.  of  Fermera Institute.  A well ntU'mici! ineetlny of tlio  Parme 1*1 ItiKitliito wax held hi Whyle'.s  Hull nn Tuesday ulyht, Iii ^plte of tho  I Kid went her,  11 was decided lo nut horlxo I hit Kite re-  la ry to write nnd buvo tho Live -Stock  ilralteb of dm DeptUlnient of Ayricnl-  tare, secure its noun un |xisslbh* for Hie  liiktitlito it thoiHiuyh bitHi bull, ttt n  cunt of Hlfid.uu iiKo a pure bred Pork*  hblre lHti.il-, nt a cost of Ktii.M), thomimo  id be doltvurttl tm mkiii us tliey ('(tn l��t  ���teetired by lite ilepttrtuienti  Another met'lhiy of iho iiisdltite  will be held on Stdtn-duy die ;';.ml ln^  tflilt Ki 1 )*, ill., when imy iiiueiulinttil!*,  or miyyekihuiM which ihls lin-tltuie  intty wi.lt (4t iitiikt* to the Ccbtritl Par.  iiier*. fiudtuie, will be prepnred and  fiirwaiiled tu (be proper auilioi'ltles, sn  a* to tm in dine for iltikctissiuu at lite  Annual mecduy tif the retprnl body,  when h uieeih In Victoria in January,  1( In mtco/tkiii) t<) huve dteso pitipostyt  ehitnye* in (be Seertit��rlex huuds ut  h*ns{ one month before the umethiy, m>  It is hoped (hltl tht-ro will he a yood  atteiiilnncii at.(ho next- meeting-.  l-^>llll)ll��!(!����***-ll��>��!ltk��|��ltailWl��k^^  Would tho Alhernl Hminl of Trado  onilort**) the itiovetnonl V The board  would, und did very heurllly.  It wittt.-Minti'd that there was no tiro*  Ht'tit tippropt'httlon for the hulldlmf.oT  (his road, 'hut'.that homo action inlyftt  bo'taken that would riiHtilt In st poi ;..�����  of die work beliiy utuiortidcoh ul an  early'ditto; Once tho work was tuidttr*  taken It would jfo throuyh In lime.  The local Conserviitivo AMtioolutloii had  (ho.'iiiauer tn bund, und was usliiy  every ellurt to yet u tvttd to the head  of tho Tuylor Hlver Arm of S|irotu,  Luke r.N the fl.rt.t h.stiihncnt of this  work, ������/ \ '    ���   . ���'  After ���i.oiuo furthor youeral discus-  klon the liteotlny adjourned.  K i*t rejKiiii'd dim the titflkiuy  itilimi'is of Nuniihiio, H. (', are ttppiyluy  lo Iho department of labor for the  appointment of an arbltradon iNittrd  under the Loudon* Act. It In tinder*  tttonil (but dm yovornujoul will Issue  die iii^iNsaryperiufiklordnntl tat(t)rtlop,s  fm |A>L tho iKitti-d ht wurklny order.,,  .i. H. Wntteiii, foriDttrly of Vletorln,  now liead of the Poiulftion 'Pi-adi*-. and  Litbor Cunyre-vH, with ht'!t(l(|iiarter�� ut  Ottawa, is laldny tip the unit tor (ndny  with Hon. Mr, CcoiIioi-h, inlulnter of  labor. 'Mr, Wittiei't* b* nctlny ut Ibln  unit for i'Yiiok Purrlnytun, of the  Pulled Mln'o WurUers. l,'nd"r the act  the iiteii limy. If they see fit, ehoosn us  their ropi'i'stiDtuilvi". tm intorundontil  ottleer of tlmlr union hut. It Is bnlle-vod  thiti. they prefer to uuininttto a eltlf-.en  of ItrllUh Col mn bin to represent, diem.  Mr. Crothera It. cxpeiicd to call on the  oiii|ilnyern to nominate thole, iiiciuber  und (ho dopartiaetd. will (hen choose  the third arbitrator,.t��t that tho com.  mission tuny )oo><c no time la yetdny  to work.  FOOTBALL I  *s>>4^��s��t<rywii/^4^^^js^/-it^^^  In tho himiost. ffitme.nf die st'itson  the Albernl ,1 union* iiautledii'lrliumlny  to (ho Senilis' Junior*,   niul   mrtiJo   It  three yiiiiies out  of ft)(ir In tho nteo  for dm "WtdtonrCup."   The wiore of  two to nothiny In 'favor of the wh|u>  Uiys does not, ropreseni, (be play by  nuy means'.   The Indians  wovo rlyht  up lo the collnr'nrid coinlny siruny  at   every   Mitye   of   tin-  ytitue,   and  there was no time when they, wen* not  dniiycrmnt.    Hnisl Itiek dopi-ived the  Homiix ln.iys of at  h*ns( one yoal, and  severid dtiiesi  it  uppeart*d tto   If  no-  ddny could keep tbetu from tyh-y tim  M'ore.    Tin*    white  tints   Mitrs**d  ofT  with a iiinu shy, and (be lir,i, bulr  pussed wilhottt either yo-ttl beliiy |>*'i|iu  IrtUiHl.    jn (he -econd hulf die Alberni  hoys put on u kpitro mat; Inn ovou dice  their kcori)   was   ".ociirud    with   the  yretuest diniculty.   Tim phty wfis bind  all die time, and rotiyh tn plaees, but  mi a whole it cli'im ftts-t yaato wa�� play.  ed, and it. was keenly eiijoyiHl by  the  bly ciowdtiitttittrniHl out,   The whlto  I toys hit vo only oik* more yanie to uko  in order, to rupture the  oup. unci '"tho  .Indians'' can be depended on to oho  every ottort to win the next yame,.  Mr. H. MeCaniilessuf Vlc(urlii,'��ipenl  u few ilat'N in (lie��'liy, last week end.  Mr. A, P. Ciiwon. uf Kan Pmite|s-cu,  nits n ynesi ui tin* Alberni on Sunday.  Mr. H. H, Hound of Viclurln, *.penl.  the wei'k vni} here,  Mr, M. A. Ward, formerly of tbU  city, but. noW of Victoria, visited Al*  bend on Wednesday.  Mi'iwr-k. M. L��� It, H.t tout W. Thorn,  ton of Tvhielot, kpeiu die week end lu  the city.  Mr. Percy Winch of theOnuid Puko  <;iyur Co, of Sidney, was In the city  doliiy buslnt-ks on Tuesday.  Mr, Hurry .Mnyuiird of tho Silver  Sprlny Hrowory of Vltuorhi, wits hi the  olty on TurMliiy,  Mr, 11. II, .lohiiktoa of Victoria, wan,  aituoNiitt iho Albernl for the week'  end.  MWm M-lmiic Hay for, wiw a pnt*M)uycr  on'i'iicsduy'ii train on her way to vi��U  '  friends tn Vancouver.  Mr. P. Iln-wn, of tho Hitdiycr ��ud  .Innlun Co. of Victoria wiw lu tht* city  oa hushies-,.  Mr. W. Clarkson of Vitnoouver, wn.s  ri*ylsior(*d nt the Albernl on Wednos.  day,  Mr. .1. Mttiiyht'i', was a pnssenyer on  Wedniikdny'", itain on hfn way to Vim.  eouver. .i  ('apt. (). A. Ilufl was it. piissettyof on  Mondny'N train for Vlntorlu, miu litisl-  ni)KM trip,  | Itov. f J. df. I/uwIh Atmle left on Mon.  diiy'**,train /or .Vliitoriv, toattsMid thn  meeting of Hit) AnylJcan Synod hoiny  hotil ut that pltnin thin week,    ..,���  He. P. I'J, KtU'rofcVl(ttorhl, In In (he  City ttnd can be found at. the Arlliiytou  where ho is prepiirtHl loduull kinds uf  dent 1*1 ry,  Mr. S. llarUett of Viciorht, was a  pioiM'iiyer for home on TtiaMJuy'it train  lifter hnvhjy hpenl..several day** look*  lay lifter his Intercuts In the i'lstrlel.  Ven-Arclidnttconaial Miw, Scriven uf  Vlntorla, were pn.sktinyur.'i fur home on  Monday, hjivlny .spent- tin* week end  lit the city.  Mr, K. 'I'ownsley,. ��� nipresmiiluy  Wellor llrot*. of Viclurln, wax lu 1110  city on Mnntliiy imil 'I'tieidiiy dolny  business with tho local mere hauls..  Mr. It. M, Vounyuf Vuiicoiivur, who  hud boon spondlny tim btst couple of  weeks Itshiiiy and hnutiiiy In tho district, hilt for home on Monday.  Mr, ami Mr-,. W. It, 11. Proscott  wore, putis-oayor* on yt^ittrday't* triihi,  nn their way to visit friends hi Vancouver und Vortiou,  Miss .1. Wilkinson, of Victoria, who  has been h|)tiutllne dm \n^i week ttn  the yiio.sl of Miss M,, Hlddtdl, left for  home on yesterday's train.  ���Mrs. C. J, A Ulan, iti*roittpiitih<d by  her family, wioi a piiMxtinyor on yester-  day's (rain uu lu*r way iu Kevebiloke,  lo which pbtee Mr. Aninn Witt* recently  triiiisfei'red,  Clenrin^ Uo��,  v'. ..'���"',       PHli.1. LAKP,   .    ?    '  ��� "It,, wiw'u'ri  opoii-idr  iiiooiiuy   in a  vSlliiyt' near Kxoter tluit tt wollknowii  speaker woi lioltllny forth,  "Men!" ho fthoiitctjl, "what- wo want,  and what wo are yohiiy to yet, lj�� free  bind. Wo wnnt the bind for tho people,  Proiv land, inen, wo wni.it, nnd are  yolny to httvos'rey hsiHl."  Just then a btryo.'piece of earth  landed on the Npealtor'-t eye; nnd while  ho was. reuioviny: tho clod a voice  yelled put: :'-'Tbo��Vs a hit of Devonshire  tobeyin with!"  KplomlM uurk wt*s ilnnc n( (ho biy  beo beltl at th<- -vyiilhldnii Oi-ouudtt tin  Sntimhsy lust, when there wits tt Inryu  turimtil uf men ami tts'itms. Ouriny  the early part of dm week a couple  nf nii'ii were busy blast in j* tim httimpt,  to tlmt t'Vitrydilny was remly for the  .crowd ot| Hniiiidiiy: to ys) right- ahead  with iho pttlllny and pllinyof theioysi  nnd ttiiuiips. i-'i'litt work wax Jn charyo  of Mr, P.. Woodwaitl, nnd yicat.'credit.  iw duo hlni for the ablo way.lu which  he bundled the work. Tht* followIny.  is r. list-of it!! thosV- who assisted in the  work, and towlioiu the tt-isticbttleinle.  hires .to extend their thanks:-Me-vsrs,  i'Jrnest Woodwtusl, Httrbert WtuHlwnrd,  'V. Miiber, W.'Htrlcfc," S. C..Kenned,  lb H. Mllllyan, \V. A. Phillips, It. Tv,  Httrrldyo, 1). Hnyne, C. A. Hlnndy, W.  Wiiiuj, W. Milnif, O.. Ulohtinlsoii,1.11,  Pumoni, H. Dnrby, 0. U\m-y, A; \V.  Himth, R Heath, A. O'hontption, B.  Kvuniton, A, H. Aiidnrsoii, K. M.  Whyte und H, SiKmyaU.  Tlie Hit-iirolntlon In doubly indebted tu  Iho Provincial <.*overnnient, K, Wi*txJ.  w'ttrd jtttid It, H, Mllllyan for UmuiH  with'ivbich to dd tho work. THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE  can   he  ,ii,m;t(*vi i..im) lnvi'iiii'i'.  I'lcKti-ntntiit. in>.  THP    /'URFRfVf     ABUllirATF dm- h'MVon to he |-athereil  from,as   Mxm   as   tho   wain**  osu  IHtt    AMHffllll    HJ/��Ul/HIi.:t.((> fi,��� rai,. ,,,����� K,.,1M,��� p wax located ami put into shape  Tho    Politiea  ....i.... :....,   i'1'  I'l.iiiniiiii in,, ��( ��� i^h,) i,),i���(,i| ���i ii uiiii  . .1 ts.,l|l<| .if till, ��J It.ll'kl'.it., Ul ll.Ui ii. ��. II.'.    "'   '"    -->".i ��� ��-�� ..-i'i. �����   >"   .*���- .... mi ���>"��  . �����-*  untl' in. Uli ni tlikii.k    UiMits- Meal *.,.'ti iim - *' ���J4��**t'ls, tl.t'i'-iv uou��* *������ i liyttlK   Onius' *t si  .-IllHll.lI       Ol-ll       tl-ill      .Hlllllbt     JlliOli      Ulflrt.'   hOOt'l   J.) t'lliUlut.   Ill, 111..   Irf.1   ��.l .'(uUlit    -Sl.ll.llt!.   tl.t-44.-   -u.t,tl,KlWl4l,)l>ll<.��l.|. ,���*���>*)( Ml  (OVI'l I'd    (11.11    X*. Ill    flltto.**   llil III ���;,,���.,���,. ,,.���.,,, <,,.������  ,,, ,-,,��������� ,��� ,���, ��� ,, .(���,������   i'-uuc in. tie i.i. .Mitt-ii.*.),' i.<t* *. t'k, ��..�����".it  Th* AlWrni  Advofitl-* l-utdUttlti"' mid', ,|M, f,,,.*. ||���,( file limjurUV of the  IVluUn* Co- Md.. I'nprUtom.        j .���.,,.,���,. ���k(. ���, ���,.,. w.���,,.thiHg in  J. f',. UUJDkfOi:   <   l^*ll(��.r miJ r,(tn*"{��r|arl|(),1       i\i   (,\-,,ry   ope   of   the  Uic Alls ��... tliat,.el in CJltl^tiiu)  lltfwtt 010**!   Allmriti, IS. C.  ��� ���.,i,i.ki...I ut .tiii'iiU, llniikt. *.ijmi,l.,M. et   tmtdiMd'   portion**  of   the I'Xllilll'  U.l   oil, ,t M-,1.1 l nli.s..|V, �� |olkl*t|Ml��l4''lt l-tlMt.'l . I  tl��)U  there  W.ts   the j��ivid<t'st lip  t*)'ii��"*t shown, ami the tleduetioil  j was td'vii>u��i  tlmt the more of  ,, ,,.,:.e\r.'.V^ Hnug* in ivitMin there are  AI.IIKKNI LAND OlVi'ltli'l" ���  Olktlli't .it NimiIUh '  'I'.it.*' tt'ilttv ttii,t 'I'tii-tiuk Jktttii-.  Mil l.i.    t'l!    T,iMci'.'it.'.s. t!ii,t Kli^rf <���,���- Uti/t. ,,f Alls'iitil.  i.      , Ikt'i'iii"!,  111", lus'iij-allnll Ijihh'i,  li.n ml* le    III', 'ss'lifiiliifil   imuilul   ��niiiiui,  inti 1..U   l.i  |;<)( 1<)J>\      JIM   juri-lt   I,., ,., Kiiikkltiii ,.* j.uivjuiM'tin' (..it,.��iti,-   ttt-elt li.i'lx'illUk.kii.tiftt i'liitluM- On  f.il)e��lri|i  I        111.. I.      a! i.i     I ....     i ''"*" U'ssi l��l��lk ' tli'M IttUMl IiIUiIm  Holding tt COflNtdlalton JllM no,*., f   ,-������������,���,,������ ui ��� lllMil ,,]������,,,. ���, , ,(SIl      imii ifiw ft .��i*.**i e.it>u*si in>eii-m.k.'i.k(  /lll-iili 1  v.nt".,'n|iU,.'l�� t�� |*.��ll*.l��. 'I' * .ni'iil-i till' t'lilii.t  1,111, Itlll) .t(lkl��,tllil "��<�� /l-ijilUll Ntltlt'MtWl-  i���.,i(   ��)..(   ,tll(. *���  C-Illlllllis.   tt.tl.   aliiiiUr lMialki  ,,n'iitiiiniisk, .till iw uss'iii.t ..ii tit., liilln��ii)|<  li llllk  i IIV��'   *l .'ill , Iii **'  S|s M.iiiiiik , I'��'  1'nki.tvt-liiilif'I'tiiO'l l*l��('��. Mi nice Hint nil  rut.'IS'Ull ������Hal Dll'l (   fuH'll/ll  ISIHtltOi'* II "M"-��  i.-ki i'kll.l  tli ores im nil li'��iil iinUts'i ttitl I"1 Ut.' sniat*  ,ikiiti.��.Mki!it'iisi't.int ila*ll e imiciiiiuit/iUi-.  iill'i llli-S! )"- I'-iiil Ul ttillktc-.i*.  ti) ftit-et* ftitiitliiu' "Mclfride Pill" .'I"-""!.! ii*,��'ii loiiitiiiitiiflin-kkiiiit .iiiivK.ii  "**  Mi iiint' iinmiit i     .'it nn*"    �� 'ii    ii��� ,,i��n,. ���t ti.,1,,,,,,^.,,,,,,1, ,,,,���,.,niu,t.' nit.��'i '  down   the   puhhe   throat,   .vou;"*    ,      ���  , ,   ���',i",'ift,*  (���HU roht nssiin'tl thut it  will ln*|   J'***" m. M\  it'll  i PCS >>!.��" li'-lt  A tik*  1 tl  'I'll'llli^k Jtlllli k Moll,*  A tin    I  I 1  U'tod.  . il   i*.  <i|il��' the fact that  .M.ipiiisi j.A.st'o iu>.n!ii'r  '  iii.iu, i iif iiu|h ii  i *Al,IM-.lfKI I,AM) ti(ik 1 Kit-rr  ' IMklil.-* ttt |Mt. U\  (    'i'4l,i'ii!iti.4' llmt Mliiuli' i"l,ni,t   ��il   I'^tt.iiiu,  'II   l". Ikk'l.|l,lii, Hi lllllll I It.) 'Hi 'lllllll |ll'f).,l��    Ii, ��|l  ! ,      ,. I        . I r    .       , I I . I .(        ,      I    . I'     1�����..    .,(,'.   ....��! I��I��U*. I ef lltl|M It .11   I . ikk'i.(i.lil,i'i IlltOIIKl'tki'lllitll tllti'lrit*   (il *Jl  nrraiitrc*!  for iu fh*' future, tin* the patieid   hu**  ni   iat��' -siiowni  ,,.a, (,M, ���w, ^t �� n���i��.���, ,i v-n in* <��i (��fiiu��t..ii i.* ioiu-dsw me ,,!.>,.,,i,,,,  ,tivt,|..r will ho the Hatisfaeth.n >\itxsx  of   .w.di that iii'tlccx the ^"1, l^��M;tl��.S, ^'i^Z^!,^'^^^^ .*.,,* ^.  Ipill   ftitimiers   talc**   Mtnii jmins  TO COKRCSrONDKNTS.  ,\i|i'i niaii'wll Inii'iitliil li'f imlillt-kili'ii  n,iiKi in- iiissiiin'ttiiiiit **nii tin' liniil' iktiiiiiii  ,1, i Hie ttiitnr, tml tiisskkitittv (air |iuIiMi*h-  (ii,(iliiiluMMt.'iik'Niili'i'"'H"'1','Oiti.   IA I'Ciianul  lllilli'llliiii-Ul   U'lllMI   rt'lis'lisl iSlllOHtHllf'tlll'll!'  Nil tfiteiiii'f mum will ���**' l"*ltl Im I'l'i'll*' isintil  lilllliidkl'HS |l( ll'  k|,i't'lill tOU)llk'''11l.llt,  ^ffttW-*  Alborni. U. C. Cuneds  Nov. 7, 1013  PREMIER McBRIBE.  npilAT Preinlor, Iho Hon. Kir  ���*" UU'hui.l Mel hide, imule a  wild, lurid, spi'diil, untituied,  Mpi'ftai'tilnr, and /.ohrale o^hihp  _U*ui���af-lilnisi'lf ul tin* Ottawa  Cnnadlan Oluh hmeheon the  othor <lny hocoiui-n moiv and  tiion* lu ovidoiiiM*. as tho proax  ooiniiients coiiio In front tho  oiih... "llnparalli'leil aiulaeil.v,"  is ahout, the liiiiduML of tho  torihN thai ure, hehiK useil, and  tho Hlouy slh'iu't' in which IiIh  reiiiutitH wore I'eroived hy those  iiresent, '-foruied tho heat coin*  uittiit on tho opinion of the  iiiiftlcnco us" lo tho tnsto ilia-  pluyod. 'I'l'i'iuior McHrldo la  not. iu'CUKtomeil to hitvo his  rolling sontoiui's and oratorical  nourishes rooolvi'd in sllenee,  niitl tho cohl dlspleasiiro of his  licHi't'i'H  must'   havo   pi*ni'tratoti  of th" piihlir  (hat' the Ki'oumlK are cleared to lucalo a u��w>d thlolt sukuc  tiiu next thltiK in ordor will h����j coat Inn:. On��"e this is found l>r.  to put a t'ood IiIkIi U'xwo all! Mill will urnsp Hie pationt llrmly  round them. A counhlerahleihy tin' iiono, and nl tho first-! ,,������., ,���. |V1M  source of revenue coiihl he do i^asp for hroath down wh'h the  rived from thousoof theunuindsjdose. Not vory plousaiii ? No.  as it pluco for ulhh'tlcH'of all j Not very, Hut true. If you  kinds,  timi If, II   is found  thai 1 don't lilie It, k*'I out next thno  ........     .   . .. Itkl  ItM'tlltlll |,llll)l.: I llf 1l|lStltl|l| CUkl IKIlli'l   i.|  |y.t     t?,'|    |||r-IHS'     t'.l*|  4 t.ll.llli 111 It,,- III II jMlkl |lllll,ll'O ll.l .'li.t.ll'.  I ,lk|  j k.1, Itillllk, tlll'iil-e (lllllll '-'I lldl-.k tlii'lkS' ttt it   k"  ' < ll.llllS   1|.|'I)1V *>|.l,t)�� J.I1 Iwlll.l    III    llil-  |t..l.|l     if]  .-.���Ililili ill.-Infill ttlim i.(i(<iti,|i,,r at.*  ^t>e ��   tiiiii.i  I.f   It kk    ,  ,    Mliiiiii-t'l.iil.i' ,  .limti'M. tji|;| ' An.   I II  el  Uli' k'.KUl tn kl ,i-.h,ti l   nf  *>���-.'((.,li  ,   '|u(i  *  ill.III.') ll| |(0tt,i|(, ((11(4.4' SO ,.|,,,||��� I,.-na  till'lll C SO .'lllllllk Ml-*), tlill.ti- Kt. li,lliik k>. llil  lln-illki k.1 i futillk <kikt tn tiel'll lt| .v,I',|i,rHi In, ,  l'!,||IHIill|l,( lt|,i|l,',l<k 111,ill'f,  1. kk  IVlilt Oil Itlll'k,'(I  Jill i.  t���!HV,.ll, ,\| |-H<  III,'    I  1,1  thoro Is not room in the present.  Krounds It would ho u puyiiiK  v����nttin* for the assoidtdlou lo  try to'secure furl her space froin  llio adjoininii oslato. (  Tlio entire eotiununlty is lit-  Um-osIoiI in tho seen r'l I IK of luh'-  (putt*1 recreation wi'oumlH, ami  thoro does not appear U> ho any  cheaper means of so dohiK than  to join in tho plauM'of the nioi-  cultural ussoirlulloii, and asslsl,  that body lo clear up what  grounds they havo, and, If necessary, (tid them III set'iirlnpr  mure,  POLITICAL STRAWS.  TN politics, as In othor things,  1 It is often the littli-ililiiKt* ll����t  htdlcato host the trend of alfah's.  Tho straws in fact which hIiow  which way the wind if* hlowhiK.  Tho rt'cont ISonth Hruct? hy-olou-  Hon is one of these, The soat  was oponotl hy Iho elevation to  Iho Konitto of Hon. Jihiu'n Don-  nelly, and tho lij*ht, ntitn oarly  nl(iKi�� of, Iho ^aino, Harrowed  down to a tost of tho ptihlic  feelinKon the "Naval (Question."  At tlii' last, tfonoritl ideetion Mr.  Donnelly won hy ti majority of  the hardened crust, llmt yearsj Jl'.'I votes. This time WolllnKton  of political warfare havo  hull!  I). (.'uri,'ill, the Conservative eun-  llduk*, won! down, and a majority  and I'liitnp,*' (he proK1''""'.  Any chuuik'o is hottml t��) he for  tho hotU'r.  (ireetie's   Hiiuie-Hiike   Htvitti  tu Albernl Triitllny Siure.  ���"*���"���"'>,'-"���  ',"' "'"' "" "���"  Lund Act Notices.  AI.IIKIiK'l I.AN'I) OfSTIIIt'l'.  ' Oiktt(t'l nf Dkitliit.  Tutu* tun us- tlmt .lujiii |,'.i|ku)ie, uf AlU'inl,  ui-,etviiiuiiiiitiiMiitiS'ii'ikti, iiio'tiiutoueeik rm  |ii'iiiiik,iiiu in |.inciiitst> tin- iiiiiiiktiDw iii'ki'riiii*i  Ikiitik:  I'tiliiuiriH'llIU ill it |M>kt t'lfliktut litti.ul iseditiliik  rust of lln' inn ill fust t'liriii't'of lint 'ill, tlitiitv  I'llht   fkl  i lllllllk,   Illl'lltS' tllllll,   *kl  .'lllllllk. tlll'lll'l'  tkl'kl *al I'llHlUk.  (Itl'lHS   kiultll Ml'I'lKlitlklii jllillil  tilt'iiaitiiiijit'ciiti'iil, Hiiiltsiiitiiliiliii; iliattciiMt untie  III' ll'kk.  ' Jullll I'tllMllli'.  JttiK'W, iui:i A iiu. I It  Ai.matN'i i.ANi) niK'i'iui'i'.  Dlkirlt'lnf ll'.ili'lo.)'.  'I'd 10' uiilli'i* Unit Julia HUN, tif AtlM'tiil, il.t'.,'  ishhu'iUIiiii t'utiH'iiii'r. lati'iiils in ,i|i|'l)' fur (-ei  tnUkliia in, iiutviiuki- tint f.illitkiliiti  itckcrllHsl  lllllllk i  CiilDlliclii'illH itt H|i*^temntfiin'=i;i't UMlcntdus  t'ilkt   llf   llil'   lllllll) l-llkl   CHIIItTllf  Ikttf   171. tlll'lll'l'  I'kkt   Si I i'llllillk,   tlll'tll'i' tlilltll SO I'lllillH, tlll'tllS'  kick! Si rltiiltik, ilii'tasi kiiinti mu clitilitk to Un  man'  juiii'vu. nn-i  .liilio lillU.  Alltl. I 1,1,  up Instead of his ori".;liiiil hide  Tho Lieiilo!)(iiite(iovenior and  othor noh'd personnj-es wore  present, anil "our own" Kir  Richard appeared to think that  it would he a wood t[��lntf k) K<)  on record with regard to his  altitude toward tho lioi'dou  Naval  Policy,    Now, tlio C'unii-  ��� illau <Mtih Is uimlo up of loyal  Ciinndian cltlz��'ns of all classes  political faith, and tho Introduction of it political discussion at  ono of these luncheons is ahout  "the sumo hrench of eflipietto as  it, would ho to send Mr. Clements a innp of the. district with  Alhernl nuoifed with a hltf hlack  . I'itiK around it.  Some of tho papers havo horn  iinltind eitouiiit to point out that  Hie lionorahlo the Preinlor has  a liuiili of umlcin*..; those blunder*  when away from thu watchful,  if Moiiiewhat- cold, eye of one  Hon. Iiowsor, One even went  so far to* to say that Hon! How-  see had delivered so many swift  G|{|cl*s on tho shins of th** Premier that he was fast hecomlnn  an expert, in this form of sport.  What, a plf.y it is tliat, the Hon,  (Jent with the swift Iclek could  not have hoeii present to have  untied one of his swiftest and  hardest itt tho other Hon. Gent  who was. in tho process t of  instkhtK a "Holy Show" of him-  nolf.   ��nd   incidentally   of   the  ������Provhico which ho represents,  GOOD WORK.  Hpni. tlmnlp. of tho ��ntiro coin-  f.' uiunlty are duo to those  who turned out tho other day  and did such splendid work in  the way of clearing up" tho  grounds of. iho Alhernl Af*ri-  cultural  Association,    it is  nn-.  .dorstooiI that those' who have  the in a. tier in hand are hot pro-  pi'.sinf^ ti) let the iiiiitter drop at  ,.'thls, hid will contimie tlio j-'otxl  work  until   the  entire {*rouiKb*  , are cleared untl put.in'shapr} for  the outdoor portion of the annual  exhjhit'lim.     if  there  was   any  of J-'I  was plied up for It.  JO.  Traux, the Idhei'al candldaPb  Mr. Traux not only supporled  tho Lihoral Policy so far as a  naval protfruinnio Is concerned,  hilt ho was equally strong in Ills  declaration of preference for reciprocity with the United States.  All of this tends to support  the view that- thoro has !u��en it  marked chunKc of opinion on the  part of tho rural population of  the Province of 'Ontario, and  thut those Uhiu'iils who voted  aKuiust tho reciprocity measure  at the I'onerul election have returned to the ranks. t p'lushed  from their victory iu Chateau-  Kua.v, Kuhied after tlio�� most  lavish use of anythlntt" and  everything that could he used,  the Couservattvo loaders wot'**  naturally looking for "easy  pickinus" in a riding like South  Hruce, which has shown icreat  Conservative strength for so  many years. They were under no  present or pressing need to have  opened the seat, hut tlitniKht  that the time was ripe to strike  another hlow at the hihera!  caiiM'. The mine was carefully  laid, hut the fuse was cut a little  short, and the hoist which the  Conservativoen(..ineers got must  havo heen one of tliesliocUa of  their lives,  And   ko   the   uiovlnpf   lin^ci  writes.  ELECTIONS.  TT in not likely that thci'o will  ���*" ho a Ih-ovlnclal Klection for  80ino time. The pill which' tho  electors of tho Province will ho  nuked 'to swallow at the next  election "will he tiot only lurKo  hut hitter. Such is the tender  euro of the Provincial .Political  MttKniitcH, that they would not  for tlie world ask the poor suf  forlng- puhlic to swallow this  pill without Hoiuctfiln'K to ,vt��ke  the tiiute away," and this kouio-  thhiK will take the sliape of a  ".sugar coating"   measure   Just  'AbUKUMI I.AN'l. ni.svTiiior.  niktrit'tiif Itmvln),   ,  Tidii iiulbs* Uml I. ^lil-)' Mli'lu'lscii, nl llion-  llclil. it,*t��� <n'cii|iui)iiii iiiiiiilisi minimi, iatciii)  lOHI'I'lV  let'  i'l'llalkkllill   ID ll-.lkii'tin- (tlljuwlliy  ili'M'lllfl'll lllllllk ;  ('ellitili'lulia.' nt li I'ust (iliilllftt ��t tin- H >:,  t'tirtl.T nl sllivi'ki'it l.iil ill ,\. 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L. 100, Homotdfo*  76 Acrca, with Rlvor Front. D. L. 7, Homouilco  FIve-Acro Tritctn, D, L. 162  Five-Aero Tractn, I>. L. 106  Write ���%�� for Particulars  STEWART M. READ & CO.  ' Stiiki HH-:)!) CiDlililil I.ill' Builtliui'  Vmiciiiiver, Cmiiitbi  (lli'illii tiitltli ktli'liiiliik. tlli'iKM'' IM st SO t'tuUny  llluU'ill ll'kk lu |.,ikli'i)> liiillllltit;.- u| A l',-,*e..��.l.  tlll'lll'l' (tllliiVtitlr tln-l'ltkt llilll klilllll |MIIII|i|i|||l'k  ul A. I'. i.sUMi. Us Itili'iki't'tiiiu ttitli Irf.l ill.  Uu'iiis* kiiiiia iiImiiii iu elniltei tif Die |i,liit ef  t'eiiiinciict'iai'lil, iHJlil.iluliikt i������ .if it's nunc er  |l->k, '  iUcitiilUi'liiiiki','  .Iiiui,W, ItUli, Aau  |,t.i.  Al.lil.'IfN'l I.ANO llls.'l'llll'l'.  Diktiii'i uf It'iici^i.  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Jilltc 31, lUlt, Aim Id K*  ,    ���        AI.IIKIINI I,AN!) niSTIIICI',  Ulktrlci iif I Iii irhi),  Tiitie iiiiiii>c llmt Ucuifc'c I'liti'isiiii, u( AIIh'kii,  !(,(',, .xciiiMitl.il) I'i'iilsi'i', Itiiciiils tu itl'elv (ur  ei'taithkiiiii m eno'liiisi'Hi" fi*lli)tt|ii|i ili'si'iiliisl  IdllllSI  t'uii)!lli'ai-iait tit ii|ntsi iilioutsl (Ma t Imliik i'lisi  uf Uic kiliuli i'ii-i t'.inii'i .if l,tn U.-*, 1 ln'iui- t-ttst  Kl I llllillk, llllliiS! 1111,(1, Ml cilhlllk, till'lll-!' ttl'kt  Mi) 1 iiiiiii,,  tii< i��S' uuillllkiI i-lllliil'i ilt ttu- |4i|fli Iif  euilillli'lli I'Hit'iil, sail Ci'linilillliir Ikl.l itt'H'k niiiit'  Ill' ll'kk,  til'IDk't' I'lllCtstill.  .li to, IVIii. Ail.?  I 1.1  AI.IICKNI I.ANII OIHTItllT,  I'lkitiel el (lii;*'l��y.  'I'tiloi liniii'e (tint I'ctcv Kills, el Allu'tm, is*  i'ii|mtioa (-ioiii'i)ti-r, ttiii'i'.iis in niniiy fiirin'i,  tlllkSIDII tu |llltt lulu.* tit" lulltiUlDU ill kl'l ll-nl  lllllllk 1  ("lll)ll|li'lli'l|l|I   H|   It |Hlkt   (lllllll.tl Wl i'lllilllk I'h.t  (If tin' inn 11, no,! eel iter ut lrt)( trs. I, ttieslie cmt  Ki I'lllllllk, (Ill'lilMi kiltlttl HO lllllll!*, tlll'lltsi ttl'kt  tst iliiiliik, tlii'jlic IIiiiUi Stii'leiltis lu till' liuiili iif  isiiiiiiii'iii'i'iufin, iitut isiutiiialtiti lU'iJtcii's iiiiiii*  Uf ll'kk,  1'i'fvyllllU  .him' tv. mn. auu i n.  wearers  (]  For tho Fall and Winter to hand "i-  Our Uniiu'imts are the Celehrati'd Uurrle make, guaranteed  to shed the heaviest downpour of rain     Tho giKxIt. and  prices are right.  Our Sweaters are of iho host nut ken*) iu t-nniulu.    Our  selection and prices to milt all.  Campbell & Mac fie  .Mitt-caret St., Albernl  I 'hone US  "Plrsi Ave., Port .Mhoi-nl  Phone ..'I  r*j**j**��  The  fPutlllded  isill)  Cupllnt Authorliod *  Capital Paid Up  K��k( and Undivided I'rofKw  Totttl Akt*��e(ti .        *  93C,0*>0,(KK>  16.000.000  16,000,000  9336,03(7,000  AND  9  iti. lloo, Und Sir.'ithi'uiiit und Mount Hoi at (J.C, M. (1.  Presitlent    -    It. II. Anyiis, Km|,        j      Vice-Pros.       ���       ���    ', 11. V. Meredith  Head Ofllce      -      - ',   -      kofitreal  Ixomlon oillcc       -       |ft and   17 Tlircitilnmsllc St., K. C.  Savings Bank Department  Pcpot.lt*   reeelvttl    from   ��>|   ' upwniYls  i. Country llusluost. yii'tii every uttciulou,  Bratuihes at Alberni ami Port Alborni  (i, P. PHITCIIAHH    "    *        '. . . Manayi'i'AllH'rnl IJtimt'h  iiimyniUmin-wp*  Practical Alberni Pointers  Practlc��i  Plum��*re, 8te��m and  Hot Water Fftteris.  EstintateB Furnldhod on AjppHctt'*  tlon.'.'.'.  Margaret St, - Alberni,B.C.  Alhernl is reached by train from Victoria. Cntnectloiis lire initde with  Vl/turlit, rtmnluy Ihrmiyh (u Alberni nn every week duy. Pnssenyer�� filial  Vancouver City enn cnnncci w hit ihls ititln nt jvuiinhiio.  Alberni is iiImi reached by sieaiucr ftsun - Vleiorlu, nnd In the MiiiuiU'r  uiuuths Uiei'o is nn mure ilcli^hdtd nip tinto ibis up iho west const uf Vnncoo-  ver Ikhitid und aluny dte pleturi'sipie Allicrni ciinitl,  The Islam! trunk Hue of theC N, it, is tmw bttlldbty frtmi Victoria to Al-  benil,  Land prices us in ncrcayi' vnt les fttnn W) to ��J|i��) per acre for bush Ituut,  mid hvtit ��>i(iu tu *P��t for land that has been cleat.si nml hrouyht under ciiltlvte  tlon. Prices ais* yoveraeil by ��-tittliij. and lotiniton, ami hind run be bud lu nny  ipiiuidty.  ll has iici'it fiumd ib.i! mivcd fartulny pays best, i lit plots of from leu in  (wciuy acres fipii ytsrivbiy, tlitlryiiiy, '|**iiilti'y ralshiy, hoys and cat do will nil  pity, well",,       .    ��� '  ' ..'���,:   -'-.'���'"���'., '". '���'f... '.���,'���������  rt.-*J.-l*II<l,��.V ���!:<(.  There lire no free.lmiiie��teiuU to la* had. -.tMtx.il  ulll bttie to t.���� ptii-iiiliioiiKl.  Corner Jolinston Koad  imil Victoiiii Qjiil-L'l'^.''���  C." GALES Proprietor  ,I.ii Albernl will be fotniit dm usual ttdvantiiytis of a pi-oyrmisive -Wostoi'it  Coiiiituinlty. that, has faith, and the. oourttye Of l(,s convict lorn. Thorn are a  'lumber of wood stores carry lay �� wide ranyi* of yootlst, fidhool**, ebtiridms, the  Alliernl Advocate, newspaper, and tt mmiber of utblotio and -HMiiitl.blub-H.  The clluiiito Is itt* fine ��s can Ik* found on the I'ttclflo Coast, uken dm yoni'  round. '"Tlio rainfall Is b>s.s ihiui that! of the '.City of Viincoiiver, thofrosU. tire  liyht, Then* Is seldom frost enotiyh for skatln'y or' Miow enoiiyh for Nlelyhhty,  and when cither of (bese conies- p. only Inst** fi few dnyiv Pin- the suinumr and  ituiiuiia inittiths thei'e Is npthlny In the world to excel tho Alberni wetuhor.  Alberni I"* the outlet of one of- 'the htrye.st. and most fertile valley** oiiVtt'ii-  entiver Island. In the District .will be futntd it vttst wealdi of thnbor of the  lliiest. kimf, Ciitil, Iron, cupper, miirblo and otlier conimercbt.l stones, brick clnyt*  and udier li'iiitcrlnlis. ,      \ .-',,"���'��� '". ��� >    -.'.-'  Then* iireiuimoroioi' uttracdvi* opportunities for the niunufaoturer nnd in-  yes'itu*. The Secret*try of die Hoard of 'I'rudo, AHierni, H. 0., will ho ylad to  takit tbest* tutiUors tip with you.    \Vrlle tu hltu for particulurs.  k  ��  ?4>3   J  It  \,-'*:i  ���r- " ���  i \.  Hi^fflSSS-M^K (>;',���  (<  THE AtBERNI ADVOCATE.  t-P.  ClASSIflEDADS.  Par Rant. "Hlver Hunk Hutise,". 'nn  ilettver Creek ��� I toad i flreruuit', half  itero ymtuid nnd yioileu, Apply (��.  A. Ktiiltb. Alh'inl, H.C  VVunlksJ,    (Jy   Utility  limit   tv'Sdt   cost-  ^ideriibhi e*|N"rb'itce ol (���unite*., po-; j  us A nkjk'.ant on chicken 1 Jasich, aidr,*' j  ur Ml Kail Parnii biW wnifes lo bt-um |  uiiii (io'' cemioi labie tioiue. H-.id |  "S." Atji-.s'itle. i  U**l.      A     I illicit   Ctki-k**!'   Sl'litllei     I <���)���*.  tuisit��'is io oiinie "|)i,ikit," Atiii'U"  found lint but iii'* siiiii.. iifti-i- litis  notice   will   be   plli*cc,l!i-tl,      ih'WiHld  . uii ii'loriiiiiy lu l(4-i (imil PniiiIt.  b'kiw ITIIiiK. Am piep-ii'itl l*i Pile and  Colo Ct4!hsciil Saw**. Pu-st . I'llISS  ttiit't*.' I iiie me a li Int.   '1', \S icltoie,  .'vlU't'itl.  T�� K��ti(,    I'll t-> ii tutu   House  Tuwnsite, <i|0 |*er iiiottlb.  W. Nelll  I  Piliei'soil !  Appl> A.i  T~������  -'".,���"���                   ' ; ��� -1 ���  ,-   ���--'..  ,  /    .    ..'..,,'  VA-*;.. ���'-  '.'���������'     '         = ���            '.':t*.  "A'   t!'-1,-:.^ '.'    '���'-  ;���''" fr'.^rr-: ������^;':r-  .",   ' -"'a; ��� ' '- .  ..���<"tC' V  ',:-. ;:.".:���-.:,��� V.'"''  v'rt!'v��!';::.Vv-'': .:vr;;-,v:-V;'^.^"^'iV-  -���;��� -  ,'���* ':t   ...  '-','"   ������     '-,   '\    :       ���'''"%,y.'''''    *'���'  -l:>:'.':?i):;V'i  ���i^^  ;'V-i'-' "':"'''���'"'  :-'\J*B*j85h.-''i' -���''-'-'.'i-        - ^v,.;^;,-:11  -.';'.';''''-;":  :;;<?:,.vr)",y V'  ,- !*:'::i'''  Wlfe.;.;,;::;:''.^^"';.;  lll^Kl^ij^j;*.:,:../':::,.:;.-,^;.  ,��� -''i,.'";';,;. ;i *:*  HS^IB,'''''--*^*.*'"'^  ���'���iV'r/.  ���',���-*��������� :'!  .'"'���'; -���'���-' : a "..,;   ���   '   ' -   '"''���-.'.'". ,���  '. ������!/_-.:. -  >!PlSI&MHMJ9K.'i'-'.i'.' iii"'*!'-':':..'',:."'-  *        mt &  ��&&& A      *         **  fjS8  S^^^^^^ll^-'!1*' ���'' A'' &^ "M'' r';  1^^  liMfjw    -.  %flfafff��&B5��WeByraBIM ' ' '   '   *   '  WSSi^ '-'\  ggffiSPjj  miwiftMirram  ^i^l^fe'-^^EES^fe  ^iHiii  1  fa^^HVs'HSgl^tk; u^^^^R^^I^^S  ^^^^^^S^hSk  WrW^^^^Uv^y^i^^A  ^^^^^Stfe  PS  A Snap. Musi *>e|l, inn |o(s Albernl  belubl-., level iiiidcii'iiimia* corner,  Price if-.'lV} ttAoj niiir tmtt (eriiis,  Apply 1Mb Ibii in, Purl Alm-iul.  ' W*utUd Tu buy tt few imres, close to  Purl Alberni. Must tat clieiip fur  Citsh. Pisiui ew iter, P, 11. Hit*. I on,  Port Athcriil.  All for !3��l��. One SU-roouusl House  nit Hute Street, one Thrce.i.wiiM'd  Ibuisi' ua Severn It Aieiiiie, (wo lo|s  en,Hide Street, Apply ll. W. Ktuilk-  iter, Hoi IV. Purl, Albeinl.  For Sid* or Enchartjje. t 'blekt'ii iiii'd I 'ii,'  P.'isl, fruin "M.-i per eiil.: of will  cM'bttuye fur pit,'*, pony or youd iiillcb  cutis.    A. H, Aittlei-soti, clti.  For Ront.��� Pitil Purnisbed I doomed  House, Pndei'Mili Tunndle, cimkI  x-kiyIi'Ii and In rye lot.   Apply Atlwu  , cate (K)lCi'.  ,f*r HtnU ��� Plve-ruinitetl Jloti��i>, cenite  of tun it. Appl". A. A. I,' nn. Klbtu-  ImlhSti-Ci't.  WuRtaxl. A Coon Milk Cow. Apply  A. W. IJeadii Sttun.t Hill.  Wanted Vituuy Mint, hi-iwcea uycsttf  IU niiir |u. iu learn biisiiie*s; siead.i  'I'liipliiyiiient focrj-jht pan.*- Anskier  In .ui a handwrlliVu.'. Suite suhtri  cftpei'leil. Shaver .V Co.. Hut, I'J,  Alln'i'iil. H.Ci  For R��nt or Sal*, .Small House on  double corner. Albeinl lleluhts,  Small ptiMiienl tlotiii and $1" per  month will buy It,   ,1, Ih���I.  For Sat*.   Hue Tent. II "*�� M�� l-U, I'-'"/..  , thick; one Plow. Cuiny ui u Imi  tiyure. Apply Mil It T, 1 ti*-luio*t��,  Suiitns Ht'lybis. Alborni. U.l',  For Sale. U<i(. (Iitsollue t.ituiu'h. .1 It.ii.  eui'tne. uli In yuml euiidllluu: will  tnke+l'.'.'i.   Hex t HI Purl Albernl, II.C.  Foumt. On the Namiimu Itontl, a  N'ltllse, ' tinner can have same by  pmviny preperly and pn��hur fur  Ibis advertIsouit'iii. Appl- Patet-MU)  (biriiye, Albernl, H.C,  For Sale. Thoroiiyh-hrcd Chlekeiis,  libtclt Miitotviis imil I'lsjiMHith Km'k,  itl��m splendid Panilt"* Cow. W. Dniialtl,  Purl Albernl.  The Alberni Hotel  Modern in every respect.    Private Maths,  Kleotrle Light and Hot Water  Heating throughout..  --.-   -������The Favorite Resort-.---"^~  f r '  Of tht' Cotuinerclal  Mail,  Tourist and  Sportsman.     Itomns private   or  "   en suit*e.  KntcH from $1 per day up.   American and European Plans  Owning our oxvn  Dairy find Poultry Hunch Insures a conststnt supply of  ' Mtrlclly fresh articles for the tahie.  :-v.k:��-.-^ Hot and Cold Waters  o  t  And Prlvut*' und U)iig Distance Telephones lis every room.    Pree Hum to  and from all Montx and Trains.  IHLLY McALblHTKUi'fornierl.v of tho K'lngKdvvaixl HoU*l Victoria) Prop.  ~>-#.Vi**,V/*��15''.��*'  THS'/'-V   ���. ��   *'-       ,        ,     ��� ���      ���;       '   ,      -   ,,      , ''V.^.,','"1,",',   ',  " .  ,*.   t-  ^ V     , ,< m   h* , ' tr 1' t        ,     .     ,    'ti.sn,,     ^     -1*"*" '    *���  -i * *������  ���* **     , f?#v     J  HI��� rnTr-��in iitfiiii-|'��jrfiTiii^aTh.farttiiri>wifili <wnlW|WTt.i^-��ri'4iiriCTiriiTlr-rT��Tiir'*--ii��^i>jiiii  mn , imiawainiitu 11 inrri iiru uf aA n-fay'tVfkfiiifliUMiTrfy-    i^T^r^i  i" f   i..a��*r��.j--^ T-���a  Hotel Arlington  $  tD  Thec old and ever popular headquarters for the High-class Island Trade,  hits heen recently  Greatly Enlarged  And now contains sixty rooms, single or oh suite.   The splendid new  dhiiug-t'ooiii contains a lino selection of  Island  views  from tin* studio  of Mr. l��uonfir.i I'Yui.k.  ���r���=..-Tourists and Sportsmen ~ -   -  Will  find tho new Hot*?!  Arlington just the thing.   OuUIoh furnished.  .r;^^���L���..^.rr^Sample Rooms���-;--"���--��� -**���- ���  For coniinorclul men on ground lloor,   Con tor of tho husiitess  Dlstclct,  Free Hum to and from all trains and l)oat��,c  MoNlPK A MlOAOHHli  Proprietors  Signs Signs Signs  Laud nnd AdvertUlnySlyns, oic,  ileitt* with Pisuitpl Dcs-'ittch  nt l^oviiijst Prices by  S.   EATON  Mnn-U.rot St;, Albernl  P��bt(*r toid Pnr*��ir-lliiiti��r      ��  Work done by Prucllrnl Men unl,t,  ..sthiiaies Kree,  �����<k**|k|kkk*IS.  General Ttoamstcr.  Auto supplies and repairs  Cars for hire at reasonable  rates  The loui-lny public will liml hen' n  plant    wcll-ctpilppoil   tu   attend   tu  their various aiiiu imeds nl   pi ires  that nit' ilijiii  * G. A. 'Huff, Prop.  VUTOH1A i.d'AV AI.HKHNI, \U\  Alberni Livery and Feed Stables  .1. .1. HPHKI'i. Proprietor.  Hay the lii'sidlrecae'H lluiiio-llitktt  llrcnd.    Albernl Trudlay Store.  In tho mattur of the "CredUort.  Trust Ekseds Act," end In the  matter of tho Insolvent Estate  ot J. S. Rlbordy.  Take" notice thm ua Monday, (he  tilth of November. Itll.'l, tti U u'ciuek in  dm ftflornuoi), Hie iisshiyuee of tin*  lilMilveni Kslnte of ,1. S. Itllwrdy will  sell bv ituedun itn-miyh A. \V. Ni'Ul.of  Alhernl, ul die ollh'e uf die Mild A. W,  Nclll, at Alberni, (he fullowlny de-  r.erlbod huuls, nitiiiely, I/iIh uue (I).  iwn ('-'), three {:)). four (11. live (fi) untl  sU id). HliH'k (hlriy-nm* (.'tl), of hot  out* hundred untl twelve tliU), Albernl  Dlsirlci, Ma|i toil t furini'i'ly the pro-  pei'tv of it, S. lllbordy, now vested to  ' the kiilti nskluuee, Archibald T. Poan'e.  Knelt lot t*i be sold separately for cash,  witli it reserve price of (illy dollars  (&P) for each lob  Puiisl (hif l*(b day of oeddmr, A.I).  lOKtt  HotPvell *V l.tikvsou,  Hollcltors fill' tho Akslynetv  DRY STOVE WOOD  ...-Alwa,vs on 11 ami  All   Cillers   Promptly   Attended   To  Gertrude St,  Alberni  ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE.  In the uiiitlof of lb,* Kstttte of tim lute  Alary Aim l*eeson,  Notice if hereby ylvep thai nil iie-  t'ounts aynlnst (lit* ulaive Csiaie initsi  In* rendered to in*' within thirty itny*.  ftsiin die dute ol (bis notice, and (hat  all aci'oui.ts uwltiy Ui said estatii mum  bo paid to (In* iindeihiyned Itiuiic*  dlntely.  '   . 'J'. Palei'siin,  Aihuliitslriitor.  Hnted nt. Alberni. H.C, this IClh day  of October, HM.'I.  Professional Cards  GEO. A. SMITH, C. E.  I). C. Land Snrvevor. Survey"* of  itinbei" llinittt, nilneral claims, and land  ���otUllvlsltius. Otiteeut Albernl. P.O.  Hex  U.I.  H.M. T. HODGSON  A, M. 1. C. fi  B. C. Land Siirvoifor and Civil ?;mtlitt>��r  0(f(cs��*t   Curmiwr  lllc-cln, Port   Alborni  l��iitvnt�� ��7  H. Ho BROWNE  Civil and Mlnhiy Pnyluecr  und  Piiivlnobd Land Surveyor  Alhernl H. l'.  General Blacksmith  and Horseshoer .   .  aw m ���fiew-ipi-iitaiMi  Repairing neatly dono at reasonable prices  >erni,   B.C,  Idvery rigs of nil kinds.    Heavy denying and frol-ghtdelivery  ll>^|Wt4t*n>ll��ll  IMakH kUC-pltSAnmk **** OlfWiWIII -llil  j.r��t4Ritclti. A.W.AfBW A.C.Wii|kt  ttimimtm  usmitnia mi Pfsrisdiil UrA Sunreytr*  Ctvil, Hvtiftalic tni! Kaakipd EegisKit  EttfiRttrt f��f RiteMr, ilsfbew Pew*r Cc.j.  Ltd.  ,Miiii|,.'l|,,tl  VVe.'li.   Stici-l   Oid.iis,   Su<>  ttlvlsliir.-t, .'.f��f iii|(t', Wiit.-tMiirlot, t'le,  (ir \mi\i\ Stitit-yliiii  loal Office. . Pert Alberni, 0.C.  P.O. Hex Hi, Purl Albernl.  eorge  Xim.hr In  Builders Supplies  Sim\\. Doors and  illmn  Building and KooHng Fapor  Lime, Bricks and Cement  Seal Estate and Insurance  Agonbsf fot'Tiit'i Hoyal Insphanch Co. (of Liverpool)  ���   The inryest Fire tphtinuice Co. i|�� die world  Tun (Ii.hat Wi;ht i^ipij Assi'kanci: Companv  i *   w '   ' ' .   ���  ami ruMic, frwyiBdit, illberil!, B.Ck   n��w m r.o, $n w  MWtmmteimmrtMitiiiKmtimwm  Alberni  Phone 29  P. 0. Box 9  b. a  WMiliM kJUL-fcll Wi  Bricklayer ond  Cement Worker  Licensed  Auctioneer  l��ror***W!*<i 1880 ilnad Ofll��**>; lttmlrst-sl  Capital Paid Up : ; *iI,UOO,000  Rcrsorvi! Fund : ; $ I ;U)00,Oui>  Total Aswjwover :     :   S17fi,000,UOfl  A (ii-Ni'iiAi, HAN'iiiN'o HestiNi.ss TitANMt-ri:o   J   :   :  Savings Bank Department 39S\~���:���  Banking by Mail  t>t')ll-)-.t1k tllilk |,|, lti|t.i|, lliill ttittltll lilt it  ll> lllllll, I'llillH |iilltlt'lti.lts Mill ut.ul  ly In' l*lki-|| ll.t I. lit, l- l.'b'|t|.lll,kr Iltl l)>-  |.ill tllll'lltJv  Over .Tjil Hrniiches am) Agencies,    -Jtl ilriuielies in HrliKb Cohunbla.  Cori'csjioudi'iit*. 'I'brutiyhuiit the World,  2nd Avenue  Port Alberni  Alberni Branch  II. C, M.a.<-iit)NAt.n, Mnnnyer  Port Alberni Branch  It. P.  Dt'llAK'i V,  Miiiuiyor  Send  To that friend Who is Thinking of Coming to Alberni  isr^^Si^jma^s^is^w^  *mm����^mmmmmmmmmm tivntrumtwaitv  MIMtkmm lakaWTW  ���A       -+' -        i  THE ALBERNI ADVOCATE.  Heating Stover, of AH Kinds  A llti'el.ice J* ���.erv ui,v, imi 0 l����lso icf.t o.pendvt'  TOE FRANKLIN OPEN GRATE  i* Jim ii'- nlV.\ -*>4-vl H*m ivnvuifiMo io |m U'p  ���*a>J****'��-t*a��-^lra*'t��->"***"*M^^ 111 WWilll II Ht II IrmmWmmtmWm �����g4*MW*aT*��*a'*a��|WW(W|k<*Ma�� >lftln��Ma-*|m*X HU 1  Hollywood NurKcricc.  A. 0. F.  The reyolnr uiet-dn-* of Coon Ah. Mr, (h-uhiim Malinie.i nnU'eil on  bend, No, P:"K��. v. ill I..- held in iiu* ��.**. t Ptidny last fr���i��� f���indo��, \'u���'.. ��h,'ie  O. P. Hall mi Miiiitlnt nlybt al   H  p m,: be ba�� been spci.tlhiy the ji.i.t *-t<mm.*r  ! At dm close tti tie* ic-.-tilitr biikim-*.*   nf i sltidi lln- j).,. nji-tu-ditle mitbiniko! (be j  the iiteofhiy a ��s>!,d en-ttiuy   *id)   lie   tyunduu , Otvenbomrt'   (imipani.     Mr.  i held wht'Utbt- n:. mlielk ttilj Jie'H b'uooj Muloiiey    hits   bad   M'le.'iil   one.  a.  ] tu their frtt-'ttlk    A ��o<nI dim*   i�� pt��.*�� j p*<-'rci-iv ' with    liiryc-    PnciLh    and ���  Phono 34  �����   ���    ���  Alborni, B.C,  Auc'ilctej fturisi vonc'ies, and a imn li  iis>*K'hded with Mr. V.ii*j.*hiiii at Holli-  i",��otl Nur*it','h<-4,  WATER RIGHTS BRANCH.  Pkovi.vci, op  |bttri-*ti   *ii|.t*Miii\,  HKi'AiirMii.'.v'r ��"��� bivas,  Alberni Lumber Company  Can nmv Mipply itiderk ftir First Cj;iss  Rough and Dressed Lumber of Ail Kinds, Shingles, Etc.  liucnl Orders will receive upeclal attention,  Call at   the  Mill nn the Scotch  Scitleini'iifHuiid, ur Phunc  nr mi lie in (he Mnmieor  _,  R. Li*  Phone R49  Alborni, B. C.  t iiilsed Ui nt) tilet come,  Tonnlr. Dance.,  Tite Albei ill Tennis * "Ititi |)i'U|tosi>k iu  tflve a tlaitcc ill (be Alborni Hotel oiC*  Nuit'inber L-'ltil., for the pm-puse uli  lidding lu the funds for tht* paimese uti!  the club yrmtiails, Prom (he 't'lnhiMte.e j  j preparation* dun tiro ' under   via*., the] *" "  'cluti dance piHinilses iu be .one of tbe! ApproVoi ,o! the Undertnklng of  a Company. '  t I. Whereas the I (oyer Creek Witter  ('"liiptuiy tiicur-uiriili-d uialcr lliei-oui.  paiiies Act, anil its Mcmortutduiu of  Askiiel'fllost its publisi(ei) in (In* Hihidl  Notice   of  Application   for   Ap��ir,,,M����Wn.o��'ciif nf '.'isi March, wit},  proval of PhuiN and ef Petition] Iv'.-f.4' ,'VtV-.r""!^  "  !V. '"''".'H  e       . .    �� ..    ,     .   .,   " '��� M*T  Licences ant    (u sopor   tkitler  for Approval of Undortakln**,     rue iuiiuicf*.|.t pnrpoKek,      " ' I  Take   nut (re   (hat   Itriviiio-AONTW j.  '���"''    A,Vf W'"'i'i'��s the said  c.uup.iti.t  PowiiKCoMi'.KV, LiMiTKii, ul Prliice 1 "j"1  "Pplliil  fur ii U tiler f licence an. j  Httpert.  II.*':.  ulll iipplv (o dm Cump' I Jhoi'l/liiy it  (u (ulte tiud tliteri iiaieei  Mielnl event* uf the M��ttsoii.   I )etalls .e t  tn    the nrrimi't'iuoitts ulll   be yjteii  ItiO'r.       �� ..'  MOBtk^lHlilWtlk^^  +  BlatcMord's Calf Meal  0ried Brewers Grains  Rice Meal  Pioneer Feed & Coal Co.  Ai PAUL, Hwft iti*-��.f icaft  Olllee Phone L'.'.'t  port.  II.*:.  tun up|  (toller  nf   Water   Kleins for tin  Iiuiii   Hoyer   t'reek,   it    trlbiiinrv   of  L'    ,u      . I. I ..      .... ....      .        .        ..'���  (roller  nf   Water   midii-* fur tim up.   '     !*��-.���-!   nee,,   it    ii-iuiiim-v   oi ,��� r*WY%Yg*rg*VlMgk*?i      v <r%      i-i at-h ������� w-a* ^4.  i.ii>vttil��r 11...i.iHnH��.rii,..w.H-kHtoi*��-:SviiY"r...,wk*'""'Al '"' Ua,"1     CHRISTMAS  IS  COMING  fuiistriieicil fur (he udll'iitluu uf witter   * ������������i ��� i�� 1. * i��r       v v �����������* -w.  E need room, to display our  splendid stock of well selected Holiday Gbods, and will  sell the balance of Fall Hats at  Half Prices.  Somas Trading Company - Alberni, B.C.  mi  from Stamp'* Hlver, which (be tip  pllctuil is b#v WiKer Permit No. i***  atidmriiVil t4i take, ntore anil use for  l*ower piir|Mikt's, numel.t, lum cubic  feel tier second. The power plant will  hi* sit tutted on I��ot iM*-, Alberni Laud  District, District of Aiberul.  Petition fur the approval of the on-  derlaktuy uf the eoinjutiiy ulll also be  uiailo to (he llonoriible tin* Minister <���(  Laudn.  The plans tt 1 til pititlctilars rei|tiliisl  by Siibsccdtin (I) of Secdon to of die  Water Act (is luiteiiiled, anil the pell-  lion plans and exhibits for tho approval  nf iindertitklny as required by Seel but  ��P imi! Part 0 of the Witter Act have  been Hied' with the Conipmillor *d  Witter Itlyho*. nad with the Water  Hecoitler id Alberpl  Objections ��i die application may he  (lied with the Comptiiiller of Witter  HlyhtN, Piirllamem Hiilldluyh, Vic-  torht, ll.t*.  Ihded at,Prince Unpen, H.C., this  il7th day of Ociobcr, Una. ,  Tun Uriviiiir-AuNiiiV Po\vi:u Oom-  i'anv, Ltd.  Kuy.tho best .(h-cene'h Ilouie-Hako  Hreiul.   Albernl Tradlny Ktor**.  NOTICE.  Notice b* hereby ylveu tlmt P. .1.  i'owler hits sold the biiulnt'SN luteli  carried on by  him m   Pun   Albernl,  Nodt'e In further ylvoit dun (lie  "Soriius Dairy" will not bold Itself  liable for liny debts or liabilities due  to or by the said "(-luvcrdiilo Dairy."  THK SOMAS DA IKY,  Cumioor I Hock, Port Albernl.  Flrtd day of Noventber, ItU.'J.  "jj." ��� ��" " "��� " �� "���"  CREDITORS MEETING.    .  A uieetlny of iiu' rrodltoiVof it. W.  Hetisilp will bt> held at die Albernl  Triidmy Suiru on Noveinber VMih. at 2  p.m.  I). II. HIPDI.LL.  Akslyiieo,  Ami whereas die -.aitl complin^  hits, alter ilne noiico, jietitioncd die  liliilersiemtl for the' appruiat of tt���*  iindetliildtty,  I. And ttheieas tho Cumplroller of  Winer Kli'Lit has reported lliat die  a ticks r.t'Ci'-��sarv for lln* ilitersloti,  carrlaj'i', ami ilisttilmtlon uf the -nht  ivaler 11 re nearly cuuipleleit.  Tun* is 'iii Oan'irv that:  i'i, The undei'ttiidny uf the said cum-  pituy, so fttritH It ttiiplics |u tin' tttldny  anil ciiii'jiny uf itittei' fiom the ��k|i|  lluj-er Creel,' pi the City uf Albeinl,  anil its distribution mid *��ale, luirjer or  e-ichiuiye tilihlp the limits of the said  City of Albeinl Is hereby approved,  subjt'ci to dm rei|lri"iuenls of die  Winer Act anil the followluy terms  itutl conditions;  (I. The amount uf (be capldtl of (he  company which shall be sub-crlbcd be-  fore the commencement of any futdier  works shall be ten thmisimd dulhir*  f*H),ouu), and dn> nuiuimt which shall  be actually pukbnp before the con.  *iruction of any  further .work** shall  be live duittMIIld tlotllir-* {4*VM>),  7, The works sbitll be cotupleled  (tad In uiiuul npi.radon before die ,'teth  day of .Iitin*, nil I, and limy be exieudrd  from (hue to liiue ie* (he tlemanil fttru  wiuei' supply liicreiist'h.  S,   ��\ny i-tiyliii'er ttppolutt'd h.t   thoj  Minister of   Lands   for thnt  purpose  slilill have free uocckS to nil  purls of  the works for tin* piir|*osoof Insueeduy  dm .same, und of ascertain I ny tlint tie*  -���������-,       - ,      ,    ,     ���,���        , ,    eiiiisiruedon thereof U In accoiilnnrc  under dm  i-tyle  of (lie    '( loveidalc  wlih die plmu and spe*��|||cnUons herein  Pnlry," to the "Sonnet Patry." referrcil 1*1,  I). The i-lylu uf I'oiikti'iit-tiity wnrks'  uti Crown Liuids uf the Provluc sball  nut in* exercised until permission ban  been obutineil. as pi-ovltled by Section  ��21 of die siilil Act timi the rules made  thereunder.  It*. The rlyhi uf cuustrtictlny works  on private land shall not be exorcised  I'M'epi die permission of the owner hns.  been ubliiiiied or the prbvlstous uf Pari  XIII uf the Mild Act hits been rumpllcd  with.  II. The rluht nf coiiNtrucHntf wurle.  idoiiy or iierosn hlyhwity*. sbtill not tie  t'xerel.sed t*.\x't*pl expreks1 |ieriu|skjon  uf die Minlkter of Public Works or,,If  suld highways ip-e wlibbi a muni-  etpality, wlihoin die peruiKslon ef the  council of the liioulclpaliiy bus been  obtained, a*, piiivlded rek|modvely, he  Sections 'J7t uml ",'711 of the "'Water  Act."  Pitted tit Vlciorln, H.C, this "J.'trd  day of Uciober, ltlbl.  WM. It. HOSS,  .MIiili*tt>rof J ���nulls,  ii iraam  Now I** Hie time for the Himy  iiiiUM>tvife to yet 11 "Otppiy of  , (  Frosh Fruit, Currantu, RolKlna, SulUnae, Mlxod  Pool, otc, etc.  Tho Buuy Storo  On the Busy Corner  mxmwxn  ��    & #  Tfce Well-isowR end Old ijt*.t>!jj!ie*i Grmn, Mm and f Mm'Neichiite  We have in tho past palsied a population for  High-grade Currants, Raisins. Feel, Spices,  &c, for Christmas Cookins  TIiIn year wo are oitdenvorhitj to heat p��Ht reeordw r  New Christmas (Goods  Ar*�� arriving woiy weelt. and oth'oi*M tiro on their way from  the Chi Country and elHiuvherO '  U*t us have your Chrif-ttituiN Fruit trmle.    Wo will hop you  are well served  ��-*.***���" ���">*���  Victsrifl Qthiy Store, Phone 38 -   *   . ��� TfeW Avcne Stem, ?hm 148  hiht opened, mud City Hall  Frefh bctsJ Beer, Veal, fork, Tuh  Oyitew, bbtcit. roultry, Elc,  (IIvo us n trial.   Fverytlilny fresh  NO COLD STORAGE PRODUCTS  HANDLED  G. R. -Kttre,lkiberRi. Phone H* !4S  oily wood . Nurseries  KDWAHD M. H. VAtUHIAN  UltAIIAM MALONI.Y  Rates  for Orchard and Gordon   Work  $5.00 per day  Pecs, Lid., (hiiirnuioMitl Flower SettJk, Veyebible Seeds, Hiilbs,' eto,  (Jit'oiie'i*  Hoiue-ltuke  t*t��riit Tradlny Slore.  Hretttl ut Ah  Von yet it Square Deal front  our Advertiser*.  Ladies' Stylish Ready ^Q  to Wear Hats. . . .  THIRD AVENUE  X*      PORT ALBERNI  LIQUOR LICENSE ACT,"  {Section .'H).  - Notice Is limeby ylvea dim on the  i!7tb day uf October |tex( an apjilica-  lion will be litmleludioSiiperhiieiidetil  of Pruvineiitl Police for the yratu of tt  ih'i'Uso for tin* Mile of liquor bi letad  In und ui*on the tir��iulse�� known as  Hayview liotel, situnle a( Fort Hardy,  in the Province of HrllUh Coltuiibht,  luion the hinds described as l,ot\ t) nnd  li, liloek ;t, accordiiiy (o dm Mtbdlvl.  -sloit uf Section*! ISO untl .'il, Tuu'Ukhip U,  I'tipcrl District, '  Dated  this   I7th day of Septcntber,  mi:i. ���       ���  Hardy Hay Tradiny,Coinpitny, Ltd.  A ppliwttu'.  Tky Ask Questions-���-Send Them The Advocate  Those deslrlny the' services of die  City Scavenger will Htul -dates tu write  orders nt lllshop's Store, (Jrluvc*.1  Hnrn, and City Hail.  All oi-d,<r.s promptly attended to.  ���WM. DKItllY,  City ScHVenyer.  Canadian Pacific Lumber  Company, Ltd.,  Is now prepared to Guarantee  Prompt delivery of all orders for  Rough and Dressed Lumber  Mouldings, Shingles  and Laths  M PACIFIC LUMM (MMWY, LTD.  Port Alberni Branch  *i*U


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