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 ,-V-f<-���������:/-���������-',;  ,>,H,<f?'-  .-A.V.'.:  .-i'i-:-!'i!*5?ir(-:-/!  w.  l<������  i'M  H'  eas  sssr-c=sss  SES  =M������  ���������^ELIUjm.  Vol.HL, No. 19.  ABBOTSFORD, B. C, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER, 15 1911  8  .00 PER YEAR  ^i^jl"'*ffi������fiax^iffli'������ramiii������~.fflm - '���������-*  -i'T,ri������������r������nwrrcrn'aT  ai������iScmrTri,nvBiiarti'  sans  agwsasB  as  ���������iii iir rninlnfiTi  aaciwnnrranrrr'r > ' nffihrn v  *  en's Sweaters  en $ naif hose  fI Shirts- and'drawer  ������  ������  loots and shoes  Ladies, ask to see our Wrapperettes, -��������� ������������������-  ;;. w 12 l-2c per-yd.  ABBOTSFORD and HUNTINGDON, B. C  ABBOTSFORD-SUMAS  Agricultural ���������& Horticultural Ass'n.  RULES ANDv-REGULATIONS  1.���������All entries  should ba rrfade . the day before the Exhibition.  2.���������All exhibits must be in position before 9:30 avm. on day of  Exhibition,' and as many-as possible should be in the''day previous,  for which' purpose the "Secretary, will be in attendance at the show  grounds, or they-can be sent by mail to the-Secretary. All exhibits  shall remain in place until 5 p.'m. on day of Exhibition.  3.���������Members of the Society are' entitled to free entries and admission to the grounds.  4.���������The price of membership tickets is $1.00, and they may be  obtained, on application to the Secretary.  5.���������In the Horses,.- Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Poultry Classes the  entry must'in.every instance be made in the name of the bona fide  owner, and unless this rule is observed, no premium will be awarded;  or, if awarded, withheld. If any person shall exhibit any animal or  bird, of which he is not the bona fide owner, he will forfeit any pre:  mium which may be awarded him. .  6.���������In all other classes, entries must be made in the names of  the producers or manufacturers only, and by such producers themselves or their agents, who must have special authority for doing so,  and produce the authority in writing if so required by the Judges.  Those who are not manufacturers or authorized agents may exhibit,  but cannot compete for the prizes offered.  7.���������If any person other than .the authorized agent shall enter an  article for competition as produced or manufactured by himself when  it has not really been so, he shall forfeit any premium which may be  awarded the article.  8.���������No person, will be allowed to enter for competition.more than  one specimen in any one class of a division, unless the additional  article is of a distinct named variety or pattern from the first. This  rule not to apply to animals, but to all kinds of grain, vegetable produce, fruit, manufactured articles, etc., of which each additional specimen would necessarily be precisely similar to the first.  9.���������Every article must be entered under some one of the headings in the regular list, when possible, but if any article is of a distinct character from anything specified in the list,, it may be entered\  in the class with which it most nearly' corresponds.  10.���������On the entry of each, animal or article, a card will be furnished the exhibitor, specifying the class, the division, and the number of the entry, which card must remain attached to the animal or  article during the Exhibition.  11.���������Horses must be, shown uncovered and in such a manner as  Judges may require or allow, and if their exhibitors refuse to submit  to the proper requirements of the -Judges, their animals will be ruled  out, but exhibitors will have the privilege of showing their animals  in harness, to bridle, or, under, saddle, as they may prefer.  12.���������All animals competing for prizes must be brought out for  the inspection of the Judges, or for exhibition, whenever called out  by the official appointed' to attend to that duty.  13���������No animal or article exhibited shall have about it any prize  coloi'B or cards until.the awards have been made in their respective  classes. ,���������}*'' - ' '  -14.���������No person shall be permitted in the horse or cattle rings during the time of judging, except the Judges, the grooms or persons in  charge-of the animals,' and members of the press.  15.���������No animal or article shall compete for more than one prize  1 unless in the case of special prizes or sweepstakes.  16.���������The President and Board of Managers shall have the supervision of the grounds"-and'Exhibition generally.  17.���������Should there-Wise any dispute or misunderstanding not governed by the By-LawB'or Rules and Regulations of the.Society, it shall  be referred to the Board of Managers, whose decision shall be  final.  \ 18.���������AJ1 protests or appeals must be in writing, must state plainly  the# cause of complaint, and must be delivered to the Secretary on the  day of the show.  19.���������The"'Ju'dges""shall "have the power of classifying .stock, and  shall not award a prize to any article against which there is no coin-  petition if such article'-is unworthy of a prize.  ' 20.���������All manufactured articles must be the work of the exhibitor,  .'and must not have been awarded a prize before at any Exhibition of  the Society; 'but any''manufactured articles may be exhibited for exhibition only without complying with this rule.  21.���������All special prizes shall require a special entry unless classed  as, a sweepstake.  22.���������No person shall be allowed in the exhibit rooms while judging  is in ��������� progress' except^the- Judges and their assistants.  DIVISION ,A.���������HORSES.  Heavy* Draught, -1500 lbs. and upwards.  Class.  1. Brood Mare, with foal at foot ' $4-00  2. Colt, two years, gelding or filly  4.00  3. - Colt, one year, gelding or filly  2.00  ���������   4.   Sucking Foal   2.00  5.   Span Horses,. Maresc,or Geldings in harness  4.00  :  - ..   Agricultural.  '-  6.   Brood Mare; with foal at foot  4.00  7. Colt, two.;years, gelding or filly :  4.00.  8. Colt, onV year, gelding or filly ...."... 2.00  9. Sucking Foal  -. .'...'.  2.00  .10.   Span-;-Horses; Maresor Geldings, in harness 4.00  r .,'   *-~-,yl   ,:     ^Roadsters.  -11.   Brood- Alare/with"foal at foot  '4.00 ;  '^12.   .Colt^two'i^oars, gelding or filly :.-.. /.- ."..' 3i00  :"13.   Colt; orie';-"yeac>geldi'ng~:or filly:.:..'.....:"..."':". .���������;: -2:00"  14.   Sucking1 Colt ..',.;.-.? ��������� ....'.".'.... 2.00  ,15.   Driving Team,,in'"harness  *  4.00  16. Saddle' Horse .......  2.00  17. Pure Bred Stallion, any class, any age (certified .'   - '  - ��������� pedigrees to be produced)' .'  V... 4.00  DIVISION B.���������CATTLE.    .  Shorthorn.  Class.  1.  ' 2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  ���������21.  22.  23.  24.  25.  26.  27.  28.  29.  30.  .Bull, pure bred, two years old and upwards..��������� ?3.00  Bull, pure bred, under two years '  2.00  . Cow, aged, grade   '���������  2.00.  Heifer    ".'/  1.00  Calf.  1-00  Holsteins.  .Bull, pure bred, two years old and upwards  3.00  ' Bull, pure bred, under two years  2.00  Cow, aged, grade ... ���������  2.00  Heifer  1.00  Calf-  1-00  Jerseys.  Bull, pure bred, two years and upwards  3.00  Bull, pure bred; under two years  2.00  Cow, aged, grade    2.00  Heifer '   1-00  Calf   : - ��������� 1-00  -Herefords.  (Certified pedigrees  to  be  produced for  thoroughbred Bulls.)  Bull, pure bred, two years and upwards  3.00  Bull, pure bred, under two years  2.00  Cow, aged, graded   .'  2.00  Heifer   1-00  Calf  :  1-00  Guernseys.  Bull, pure bred, two years old and upwards 3.00  Bull, pure bred, under two years  2.00  Cow, aged, graded    2.00  Heifer  -.  1-00  Calf    1-00  Ayrshires.  Bull, pure bred, two years old and upwards  3.00  Bull, pure bred, under two years. ���������.  2.00  Cow, aged, graded  2.00  Heifer   1-00  Calf  1.00  DIVISION  C���������SHEEP.  Grade.  Class.  6.  7.  8.  Ram,  Ewe,  Ram,  two shears and over $2.00  two shears and over  2.00  shearling  2.00  Ewe, shearling  Ram Lamb   Ewe Lamb      Three Ewes (pen) ...   Three Ewe Lambs (pen)   DIVISION D.���������PIGS.  Berkshire Grade.  2.00  LOO  ���������1.00  3.00  2.00  Class. '  1. Boar, pure bred, any age..................  2. Sow, any age ;  ....'.  3. Sow "and litter .......,..*.....   Yorkshire and Chester White.  4. Boar, pure bred, any age ..... .v......"...'..  i5.   Sow, any age   6. Sow and litter ....... .................  Any Other Breed.  7. Spring Store Pig,-eight months old, any breed.  DIVISION E.���������POULTRY.  (AH classes of Poultry to be composed of  one male arid two females.)  Class.  1. Plymouth Rock, barred   2. Plymouth Rock, buff   42.00  . 2.00  .2.00  . 2.00  . 2.00  ./ 2.00  .  2.00  40.75  .    575  MATSQUI COUNCIL  The Matsqui council, 'held - their  regular, meeting on September 2nd  all members of the council being  present, except councillor Cruick-  Bhank.  A delegation of property own  ei-s from Matsqui Prairie appeared  .to urge th1? 'securing of theconatruc  tiou of thtj proposed road from  Pore road t- othe Clayburn road.  The, Reeve wasempowered to inter  view the Western Canada Power  Company and ascertain- if the work'  couid   not  proceed..  Air. A. P. Welch addressed the  council re the flooded condi'-ion of  his land caused by adjacent property owners refusing'to extend  the ditch he had dug to his bound-���������  ���������ary line.- The clerk was instructed  to secure the desired information  re the authroity of the council in  the matter and communicate with  Air.  Welch. - ',  The   following     communications  were  read  and dealt with;  From C. Hill-Tout and others be������  ing   a   petition   to   improve      the  roads   between  section, 18  and  19  and J8 and 20, Township 16. Referr  ,.ed to Councillor Lundeberg to re  - port at ne'xt.-ineetingy.-.-.-.������^,, '���������^ ������.  From R. Beaton and others, " be-*  ing a   petition to cancel':the road-  ; gazetted between D. L^ 382 and n;  -.   e. 1-1 section 13 T. 17 andopen , a-  e. 1T4 section 43 T. f 7-and - open  ;a V"  road from the n.e. corner D. L. 382 *Sr  \ to. the  right of way of the"C.lN..-j-  railway   and   then  easterly alongr  tlie north aide of the right-of-way  to the Fraser river.  From' J. W. Beharrel and others  being a petition against . the  cancelling of the above road, Un-  T'uer the circumstances the counc*  decided; to take no action.  From Mrs. McCr'mmon asking for  final payment for fencing the Hunt  ingdon, Abbotsford and Riverside  road. The' clerk was instructed to.  reply that this would be paid when  the fence was erected.  From C. Rummel, manager. Light  and Power Department B. C. E. R".  company stating they wished to  erect a pole line along the Ml.  Lf-hmau road to the premises of  Thos.. H. Lehman and asking'-.at  what distance from the property  line the council wished pole l;ne tu  be placed on tho east aide oMhe  road; also if the council contemplated the changing the location  of the road south of Mt. Lehman  or widening it.  Ther clerk was instructed to reply that the poles must be placed  ii������ feet from the centre of the road  also to rcquets the company to  use, the west eide of the, road as  the Mission Telephone' company  desired; to use the east side; also  that the present council had no intention, of changing the raod or ol  widening it beyond Mt. Lehman.  From, the Div. Eng., C. N. Ry. Co  offering to build a new log dumping place at Mt, Lehman 200 fe^et  above the wharf approach. The  council decided this ,was not feasible and that they must insist on  the retention of the present aite;  also that the earth approach at'the  Wharf must be removed and planks  laid  down. t  Severa! plans of eub-divisioiis  were, submitted but mone were ac-  peptedt      ... \     ������ ...  ~jV'rr.rj*\frj.x,. ';'  ���������\: w  TWO  THE ABBOTSFORD POST,        ABBOTSFORD. B. C.  THE ABBOTSFORD POST  Pubii-.hetl    every    Friday    by    the    Post  Publishing Comp������"!',  A weekly Journul devoted tc the Interacts of Abbotsford  and su������   Ending di.s-  ti-Jot.   -"  Advertising Rates made know.. Ti application.  I.KGVL .'������������������DVBRTISJNG���������12 cents per  Hue for first In.-.eptlon. ami 8 cents, a una  for n'l subsequent oon--c������iitivQ Insertions.  C I- Shibboleth���������Neither for ������or atfin'  tha   O-ovoi-nment.  'i'  ttt;  . ii tun.  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER :5. 1911  #������i.  Some, complaint has come regard  ing the giving of half, the road in  caoe of an automobile coming up  behind a team. The par,les claim  that when they come up b.'hnd a  'fellow, with a team he stubbornly  refuses to give any of the road, n j  matter if there is pkn-.y of u. m  to turn out. Now Cha law ::e--'^.r.-  nizes the rights of both the man  w.ih   tlie   team  and the  mm with  au'o,   and   '.h;se rights shcu'd  be  t ?spec')ted.   The/re   are   plenty    of  men  who   are running autos  who  should   be   driving ox  teams - 'an!  vice versa, but all men should   not  be   treated   that -way.   The , Bays .  something  like  this that when     a  man   is   overtaken   by   a - fa/sterr  vehicle, the man driving the Blower vehicle should t.run out-and give  , half of the beaten path..  Writer this down where you'ilsee  it every day. The time to draw  business is when you want bu iness  and not when you have more business than you can tend to already  The man who get mad >at what  the newspaper isays about him  should return thanka three times  a day for what the newspapers;  knew, about h'.m and suppressed..  i Let us work and stimulate eiYery  legitimate  enterprrise" by giving it.  ali  ihe  fnenaly encouragement .we  can;, and unite our industry.- intelligence   and   capital  in  a   eommoi*(  cause for the good of oar town.   ooo.   Any business fa more respectal&<2  than, what is termed loafing. A  yoyiU? man had better sell ������Ga3HS  by the pailful than hang aatoand  ;public resorts, murdering time  andn   his   own   reputation.  When, the cofeymson earthworm is:  cut in two h,ej won't make a   fuss: .  abouc it ^ but to the tail end will' .  grow, a.  head and t othe head endV  a   tail.   There  Will  be two. wormf,  iflslead   of  one.   Misfortune  ottf'a.'  guubl^o, q\tt> strength. _V  few- people.- have,any idea wjbat  ai), incejujiye it to,'to/both teacher  %nd scholar to) know that pare} nts  %nd; outsiders take a   lively fat er-  est   in   th^ir "work.   We    .-"beljf.eve  the :<lity^ folkB" at school appreciate   B-tteh   interreat mo/re  perihups  than  the   larger on?;a.   Still     jthe  efiect is not to&t^o any. one.     of  them, and  we b;3pe every  parent  will  take  a   Kmt from this      and  |na������i   \h$   public  school  on. their  vtbUing list.  ttavq you any news, tell the ������d ���������  itor. and he will serve It a la made  In case you do not happen .-.to  meet him, use the telephone or  the mail. You will be helping lo  make your town paper of greater,  and thereby eerve the genera!  r,om,m un^t y. (W hatever neiws may  mntereat you, onust surely inter-  til many others.  Every schoolboy knows that a  kite will not fly unless there is. a  string tyiug it down. It is jut so  in life. The man who is tied down  by half a dozen blooming re-  aponsibililcs and their mother will  make a higher stronger flghc  than the bachelor, who having nothing to keep him steady, is always flounder'ng-the mud If you  want to ascend in the world, tie  yourself to igqmejbody or something worth while. , (< ,   ,  Horseshoer and General Blacksmith  ���������*������������������'.        ...._,.,,  A good stock carried for repairs on all kinds of.  vehicles.  A first class carriage painter in connection.  J. K. McMENEMY  Abbotsford, B. C.  . J. GERNAEY  'HSU  Dies, Blackfcemes, and Plums,  all kinds, in large and small  quantities. Windfalls and culls  taken.  ootenav lam C  Mission City, B.  C.  Will be held on the  ir  :otsfor<  ednesi  lit WESTERN HOME MONTHLY  AND  The Abbotsford Post  BOTH FOR ONE YEAR FOR $1.00  REMARKABLE, ISN'T IT? If you want to obtain the very  best monthly and weekly literature at the lowest possible  price, take advantage of this offer quick. No need to  spend money subscribing for other papers if you take this   club, as you will have enough ������������������������������������������������������.  READING  MATTER  TO  LAST YOU ALL WINTER  Harness Saddlery Hardware  Trunks and Valises .  P.O, Box 45  AtbotafordVB. C.  LIVERY AND FEED STABLE  Having purchased the business of Mr.  W. Lyle, I am prepared to. give the  best of satisfaction as to prices and  comfortable rigs. ������������������ Stables open day  night to do business. ' .  We solicit your patronge. ��������� .  h. & d. Mckenzie,  Ivertise in  PROPS.  CA. SUMNER & CO. I  P. 0. Box 58 Phone Central <���������������  Telegram-Sumner, Abbotsford, B. C. . ���������  10 Al  1 mile from Abbotsford,  Small house, barn and  good chicken houses. 5  acres cleared. Price $1,750  t  ' at once regarding this property. $600 will handle.  *:~vh~k^*xk^ 4  INSURANCE LOANS?  1    *  Abbotsford Homesites  If you are looking for a home  or snappy investments  in town lots, acreage or  *Op���������  see  The Pioneer Real Estate Broicer of Abbotsford  -Ml  <*  fc  sssssaB8 I ft  ������Sas  i  *&B ABBOTSfrORD *OST,        ABBOTSFORD, B. C<  are Agents  . Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, England  Liverpool, London & Globe, of Liverpool, Eng.  British American Assurance Co., of Toronto,  SEE SUMNER  For your Insurance.     Fire time is coming along.  CHURCH  SERVICES  iflh-���������������-*���������<������������������ -ii. ii-  ii ������������������ i ,,W  Presbyterian    Church���������     Rey   j ^  Campbell, B. A., B.B. pastor.  Abbotsford, 11 a.m. and 7.-30 p.m.  At Musselwaite School House-  Service  every alternate Sunday  at  3 p.m.  Sunday school every. Sunday at  ��������� 2 p.m.'  At Huntingdon School House-  Service  at every alternate Sunday  at 3 p.m.  S.  S. every Sundayat 2;30 p.m.    .  Upper Sumas, May 29, and ev.bry  alternate Sunday at 3 p.m.  C. E., Wednesday at 8 p.m.  Sunday Schooj ai-3 p. iu.  Sunday School "every Sunday at  Presbyterian    Church���������Rev    t  Alder. ���������  PLEASE NOTICE  I beg to intimate to my numerous Patrons.and  Friends that I have taken into partnership Mr. J.  Clark late of the Abbotsford Lumber Co.' and the  business will now be carried on as  HORSESHOEING  8c   BLACKSMlf HING  We hope by strict attention to business to obtain a *hare of your patronage  G.  J   MCELROY& Co.  LIQUORS,   WINES  AND   CIGARS  OF THE BEST QUALITY  RANK  OF LUMBER PROVINCES  1910      ' \, ''���������-  The total lumber cut of the Dominion*, of Canada for 1910 has just  been compiled  by the     Forestry  Branch.   Reports   were     reqej[ved  fr,6m   2763   firms   opettajtmg sawmills which is nearly 700 more than  reported  last year.   Thus 'the 1910  report   is   a   better estimate      of'  the acLual lumber production than  ,ever .before.   Nearly   five   billion,  feet o flumber was cut during 1910  Catechising and S. S. at 2-30 nm   *hl"0ufhout  *he ^ne Provinces of  *��������� ' ac *"*������P'm   Canada,  whiLh rep.eaens a   to'al  Uioir practice, Wednesday at 8      value   to'the country of seventy-  seven and  a   half (million dollars  Glenmore, 11 a.m.  .   Lohman. 2,-30] p.m.  Pine Grove, 8 p.m!  ST.   MATTHEWS   (Anglican)  Rev. A. E. Bruce, Vicar.    *  Services 11:00 a.r������. and 7:30 p.m.  Holy   Communion;' 1st   and  3rd  Sundays each month.  Matsqui   Hote  MISSION CITY, B.C.  This hotel makes a  specialty of  home-like comforts for Commercial  Travellers.     Comfortable  sitting-  room and   best of  hotel service  Cuisine Unexcelled.  Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day  CHAS. E. DeWITT, Proprietor  ABBOTSFORD  POSTOFFICE  Cor. Esseia$ene Ave. and Oscar St.,  ^*^^*^?"^T^y^"*^p  CITY  Office hours from 8 a. ra. to 7 p m  Mail for Peardonville everv Tuesday  J"'1" iae������vem>? Positi������  and Saturday,! p. m.      ,    ' y. ber province.   Its forests are mad  BUSINESS   DIRECTORY   OF  ABBOT8FORD.  CESO  ABBOTS  ;       :  ABBOTSFORD, B. C ;    ;    ;  Strictly first-class in every respect.   The bar is  stocked with the best of wines, liquor and cigars,  General Stores  Authier Rrcfs.  S. Brooke.  Hotels���������    This particular kind of local specie  This is about fifteen million dollars endeavors   wherever andwhenever.  more than the, value of 1909 lumber possible to do his fellow townsman  cut.   Ontario   as   in  former years an  injury,  by word of imouth or  holds the premier position as alum by  action. Indeed half of his'time  ber province.   Its forests are madd is taken up by "getting even with'?  up ,of diversified species, winch eu ��������� those, who dare to cross his path  ab'ed it to produce one-Chird     of ���������that man must be put out of busi  the lumber of the Dominion.   Brit- uess inside of the shortest space of  ish   Columbia   however   will  soon time  possible. Not being satisfied  take Ontario's  place,-from ^.redie- to make a   good living himself he  tions made on the 1910 report.    In, hates, to see another make even a  1903 the ,western province produc- decent   living    Happiiy   few      of  1 < r. f~ i  i  t  ed a trifle over one half as juuch  lumber as was cut in Ontario, while  for the last year the amounts returned  from'  the two     provinces  Abbotsford Hotel. H. Freeman. Prop.   were   practically   the  isame.      Al-  *������.  RATES,  $1.50 TO_$2.00  PER  DAY  n   la   \*\ i*������������i^ll  PROPRIETOR  |  BUTCHER  Pork, Mutton, .Heef, Veal, Pork Sausages,  Weinies  and Balogna always on hand.    Fish every Thursday  Eye'gftt Specalisi  WANTED TO PURCHASE  Forty   acres   improved  farm   in  the Praser Valley, with or without  house and buildings, convenient to  Manufacturing   Optician  station or  landing.   Apply     to J.  Does the Piaest Optical  Work. H'   Smi*h'  straiton. B.   C.        for  Medical men and others pay tri- ful1  particulars,   first  latter.  bute to his flkill.  T&3 QranvilM St. .Vancouver *^^r^^r^~*~**r^r*r*^^^  CANADA'S  Greatest Nurseries  Want   a   Jhepresen]tative      for  MISSION CITY,  B.C.  and surrounding district  The reliability, hoajthy condition  of our stock as well as tffu$nesB to  name must be appreciated by the  Public or they would not have  helped us to increase our business  yearly since 1837, the date of out  establishment.  0ur firm's name lends prestige  to our representatives. .?������������������'.  Complete line of Nursery SStoek  for SSpring 1911.  Write  for  full particulars.  \Lfr\  Commercial, McElroy & Co.  Real  Estate���������  J. W. McCallHm.  O. A. Sumner & Co.  Bernau- &   Husband,  J.   J.   McPhee,       ;:;:-'".    ." :  Auctioneers���������'     "r-.-'j-s  ���������     J;  W. McCallum  PEED STORE-    .  J.   J.   Sparrow.  Creamery���������  S.   J.  Bates, Proprietor.'  Hardware and Furniture��������� ���������  H.  Alanson.  Butchers���������  A. M. King.  Livery Stable���������  J. E. Geary, Proprietor.  Baker and Confectioner���������  L. Legace.  RESTAURANT-  .Conrad Andersen.  Shoemakers���������  M. Hauser.  Board of Trade���������  J. W. McOallum, Secretary.  Blacksmith���������  J.  McMenemy.  Barber and Pool Room���������  Jos. Sanderson.  G. IssBor.  Tobacco and Novelties���������  J. V. Means.  Doctor"���������  Tv A, Swift.  SADDLERY  and KaRDWARE-  B. J. Gernaey.  MERCHANT  TAILOR.  T. C. Coogan.  SURVEYORS  liencterson   and  Taylor.  ABBOTSFORD DRUG* STORE.  MUSIC TEACHBR-  Miss Alice Steed.  CONNTRACTOR & BUIL1    R���������  A.  Everett.  Hammond & Son.  CARRIAGE   PAINTER-  Geo. Zeigler.  though   one-quarter imore lumber  was cut in Quebecin l?10;.than in  the previpus.'year, the increase -vtras  not sufficient to'.maintain it'iri.jsec-  oud   pi ace^' of" importance,'' which  position, was   usurped   by  British  .Columbia.   The   remaining      provinces, New Brunswick. Nova Scotia,   Saskatchewan.  Alberta. Manitoba   and   Prince .Edward  Island  cut lumber in the order of importance, but together supply oniyoiie  bixth of the amount for Canada.  this kind of creature is to .be aeen  in our fair province, rbut one for  ten thousand of our population is  that  many  too  many.���������Ex.  The nisane des:re to be handsoni'e  has  made more  than one  of our  ... 6ther.wise   sensible . igirls do  sorhe  -''down'- right    crazy.,'  thing.   .The",  powder .aVid 'rouge"Smeaife'r'pnT.the  :fieckled   cheeks   is:'too . apparent  a   decption; for the. prudent young  man not to see and with which he  .is-disgusted.   He' hates, the   tasU'  A 'i freck?ed.' face "with ��������� "common  sense, is handsomer than the   .best,  powder, can make a   face.      ...        '  There  are very lew "House for.  Kent" signs to be seen in our tows  iA1 ;beautiful   girl,   Bays-an ex           - ���������-   -        change, is very likely to' beiieve Thab, is proof of growth and jros-  fihe was made to be looked a*;.ahd perity, but also an indication that  to she .sets herself up for>a show more homos ought to be provided  at every window, in every door, on . for the people who would move  t very cornei of the street, in ;ev- bere, if houses could be rented. A  ery company at which opportunity number of cozy and attractive  offers for an exhibition of herself cottages that can be rented at a  sAnd beforeving and acting .thus , reasonable figure is what is need-  she soon becomes good for nothing ' ed. . Or the opportunity to pur-  else, and when she becomes amid- -chase land for their own houses.1  die-aged, woman ehe is that weak  The phyeloion has a ������Harn ������*������ hie  Gear. That la on advortlsament to  th* pA8s������r������t>y. Comparatively favn  pee$lo ������������������������ th������ BiffM howovsr.  Why not carry your eJc Into all  the best Homoo In town ? You  cusnttoeoby a Olasalfled .Want Ad.  eutd without Kim of ptwfboslona)  dl^nltv too.  Q  <  est and most sickening of human  il-tings���������a   faded   beauty.-  WHAT IS A KNOCKER'   .  There is a   certain class of man  who  is  never satisfied to. see his .:  neighbor   prosper.   He   is "the  es^'  sence of selfishness and jealousy;  he is never satisfied when the sun  shines be'euse of the dust in     the ���������'  street and when it rains he grumbles becuse there happens to'be a  little  mud about.   If an acuqaint-y :  ance obtains a   good price for his       Some  people (never hand in an  land or his house, the (man is a swin   item  of news for publication, but  dler;  if  prosperity comes to Hhe   tf we happen to miss an item, and  town in which he lives, he [deplores    we often do, in which they are in-,  the   depravity  <of   the   "boosters",   tores.ted they are sure to hand ,ua  and  prophesies  disaster to every-   "a   iVJifth   pole  otare   tha(t  would  one concerned.   If a   stranger enquires  concerning  the locality, he  will   recall   instances -of fwUdidaJ  schemes, but never say a   word of  the prosperity which has come to  hiiuaelf whilst a   resident.���������Ex.  Wei have the knocker in our own  Xet us cultivate a .public spirit  xmi talk less and work more.   En-  co;aragei our citizens in making improvements.   Speak   well,.    speak  ���������up, talk encouragingly of our town  and   its   bright  prospects.     It.is  'these  many little     considerations  'ihat makes a   town grow!   Nature  has  showered upon us .her choicest   blessings,  and   with     perfect  unity and effort for the'good   of  ���������uur  common cause, great will  be  the result.  freeze, the liver of a   polar bea*.  When you pull down the town in  "which is your home, you are pulling down yourself, and when you  build      up      you   are       bui'Vi-i-.  here in his overbearing ways who  is himself the pink of perfection,  and Ips erected a pedestal on  which he has placed himself alone  as the only tin-god ever made to  STONE & WELLINGTON   employment off.ce > '^^UX'^'Z  .woe, betide the man who disagrees  city in another form. We'-have hunjWP yourself     and    your neighbor  Home Ave.    ���������   Mission pity.  The'"' Fontfeiil Nurseries.  :.������������������_.���������.,;.,    TORONTO.-'-.. .  Oatailo.  Try- and banish from your mind  the . mistaken ide^a that all goo'3  things^ are away off in some other  locality. Give your town all the  praise it tan legitimately bear  It certainly will do you no harm'  and will cost you nothing; and  above all patronize your home in-  ��������� L'.'.-j  .  iftrs...  We buy tiggS,  Chickens alia   with him. That man Is to (be put   ������titutioM-ihc\uding   the   prv\tin,g  pigrg ^.9wn i*,Hd P.ut by hook or crook   ^fflc^'. ������        ' >    ....:, .  i>fi FOuR  tfHE ABBOTSFORD POST,.      ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  SK  3  4.  f>.  6.  7.  8.  9.  10.  n:  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  21.  22.  23.  24.  25.  2G.  27.  28.  2!).  30.  81.  33.  34.  35.  36.  37.  Abbotsford-Sumas Prize List (Continued)  1 lymouth Bock, white  '. 75  Leghorn, S. C, brown 75  Leghorn, S. C. buff ' 75  Leghorn, b. C.. white \ o  Leghorn, R. C, other variety.' 75  Wyandotte,-white  7t������  Wyaii dotte,' silver 75  Minorca, black   , 75  Langsham, black  .'.'. v 75  Loch:;i, black  '. 75  Cochin,, any other variety :.    .75  Drahmas, light .'....' 75  Andalnsians, blue  -.     .75  Spanish, black   '. 75  Polish, golden    75  Polish, any other variety 75  Hamburg, golden.  Hamburg, silver  Orpington, bui'f  .  39.  '40.  41.'  42.  .75  .75  .75  Dorking, colored 75  Game, brown red 75  Game, any other variety 75  Java, mottled  : 75  Dominique .' 75  Bantam, best pair 75  Guinea Fowl, brown ;��������� 75  Turkey, male, brown 75  Turkey, ieuialu, brown  75  Turkey, male, any other variety 75  Geese, male    '. 75  Geese, female   75  Ducks, Pekin, male and female 75  Ducks, male and female, any other variety 75  Pigeons, best pair .. 50  Rabbits,  best  pair 50  Hen Eggs, best 12, white   50  0  54. Specimen, Fuschia  25  55. Specimen, any other variety 25  56. Collection Sweet Peas 25  57. Collection Pansies  ,, 25  58. Collection Dahlias ' "...'....:...    .25  59. Collection Gladiolias    ' ���������  .25  60. Collection Stocks   :    ��������� .ill) ���������  . 61.    Collection-Asters'     ^25  63. Collection Phlox  : ....    .25  64. Collection Roses  25  DIVISION   I���������LADIES'  WORK.  Children's  List.  Boy or Girl Under 12,.Years of Age.  Cooking.  1. Best  Loaf  of  White   Bread $1.00  2. Best."half doz. Soda and Baking Powder Biscuits.  LOO  v                           Sewing.  Class.                                               ' 1st.  ..    oust hand-hemmed Handkerchief >?v.,o  Hen Eggs, best 12,  brown  Turkey Eggs, best 12. . 50  Duck .Eggs,. best  12... .T ���������. r .50  Each competitor or exhibitor must show his Poultry  in coop 30 inches long, 20 inches wide, 24 inches high, with  2-inch mesh poultry netting front.  DIVISION  F.���������DAIRY PRODUCE.  Class. ,  1. One pound  Private  Dairy Butter $2.00.  2. Five pounds Private Dairy Butter, Archibald  2.00  3. Special three separate pound prints, private dairy,  ,.      the neatest wrapped and printed, Alanson  1.00.  DIVISION G.���������VEGETABLES AND FIELD  PRODUCTS.  Class.  1. Brace Cabbage    ?0.50  2. Brace Red   Cabbage    '. 50  3.  4.  5.  6.  5.  6.  7.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  : 15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  .75.  .to  .75  .7 5  .(5  2nd.  .25  .25  .25  Best hemstitched Handkerchief   Darning on Stocking or Sock... s 75  Dressed Doll (all hand-made)  ..,.:   Children's List���������Boy or Girl.  12 to 16 Years Old.  Cooking.  Best Loaf of White Bread   Best half dozen Soda and Baking Powder  Biscuits    i   Best Layer or Loaf Cake   Best Bottle of Jam or Jelly   Sewing.  Best Hand-Made Shirt Waist..:   Best half dozen Buttonholes on Linen   Best Darning on Stocking or Sock   Best Patched Three-Cornered Tear   Best  Hemstitched  Tray Cloth   Best made Book. Case, 3 ft. high, 2 ft. wide,  8-in. shelves       1.50    .1.00  Best exhibit of General Work from any  school iu Sumas Municipality and Abbotsford   '.    L.50      1.00  SUGGESTIONS���������Writing,   Free-Hand   Drawing,   Color  Work, Map Drawing, Kindergarten Work and Sewing.  WOMEN'S LIST.  Cooking.  Bread, Buns and Rolls.  Class. -     1st.  .50  .50  .75  .25  .25  .25  .20'  .25  .25  .50  you  ,   YOU WILL REQUIRE      ;.  Hardware      Furniture    .*  Sashes and Doors  These we keep in stock of first-class quality arid at  prices that will pay you to deal at the Home Store.  Let us figure on your order.  2nd.  21.  22.  23.  7.  8.  9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  21.  22.  23.  24.  25.  26.  27.  28.  29.  30,  31.  33.-  32A  33,  34,  35.  36.  37.  38,  39,  4ft,  41,  43.  Clas  1.  2,  a,  4,  Turnips, 5 ..  Carrots, Red,  Parsnips, 5 ..  Onions, Red, i  .60  .50  .50  .50  .50  Onions, "White ' ���������   Onions, White,  Pickling. ��������� 50  Corn,. Table, 5    ._ 50  Beets, Half Long, 5 ..-:' .' 50  Beets, Turnip, 5    ' '. 50  Celery 50  Squash, brace, Hubbard  ;.,. 50  Vegetable Marrow, 2 :" '. 50  Tomatoes, 5  .- .' .;.; 50  Cucumbers,   5 '...    .uu  Cauliflower, brace     .50  Citron, 5    : 50  Pumpkins, ��������� brace    v 50  Squash, any variety, of Summer (two) 50  Spring Wheat, one bushel 75  Barley, one bushel ' : ' 75  Oats, White, one bushel 75  Oats, Black, one bushel. .��������� \ 75  ' Peas, Gray, one bushel ..-.....'.���������...: 75  Peas, Blue, one bushel  .������������������ 75  Peas, White, one bushel    75  Rye, one bushel   75  Potatoes, Early Rose, one peck 50  Potatoes, Beauty of Hebron, one pock 50  Potatoes, Empire State, one peck...     .50  Any oilier variety, red, one peck...,'     :50  Any other variety, white, one peck 50  Mangold  Wurtzels,  Globe,   5 50  Mangold Wurtzels, long red, 5 50  Sugar Mangolds,  5 v. 50  Beets, Sugar, 5 50  Carrots,  red,  5 ^ 50  Carrots, white, 5 50  Sweet Corn, on stalk, 5 stalks ��������� 50  Corn Ensilage, 5 stalks       :50  Turnips, Swede, 5 ������ 50  1,000-Headed Kale, brace   ; 50  Turnips, any variety, white or yellow, 5 ������������������   .50  DIVISION H���������FRUITS AND FLOWERS,, APPLES.  24.  25.  26.  27.  28.  29.  30.  31.  32.  33.  34.  35.  37.  39.  40.  41.  42.  43.  44.  45.  46.  47.  .48.  49.  50.  50.  $0.50  .50  .50  .50  .50  .50  ' .50  .50  .50  .25  :25  '- .25  .25  .25  ���������..25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25   :  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  5  6.  1.  &"  9.  lu.'  11.  12.  13.  *4u  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20.  21.  22.  23.  24.  25.  26.  27.  28.  29.  30.  31.  32.  Gravenstein, 5   ...  Maiden Blush, "5   .  Wolf River, 5   Blenheim Orange,  Winter Banana, 5 ......  Ba.ld.wui, 5   ^.  P.eia. Ravis, 5  * ..  Blue  Pearman,  &   ....  Canada Red* 5 .A   Delic'i.Qus* 5     Faijo^ser, 5    :   QoAdjea Russett, 5     ItfjiAbbardstott. Nonsuch,  1st.  .$0.50  .    .50  .    .50  .    .50  ,   .50  .50  .50  .  .50  .    .50  .50  .50  .50  ~.50.  Wealthy, 5,.; /    .50  King ot. Tompkins County, 5 50  "   " ....'..:.'.: '.'..:.:..; .50        .50   50   50      .50   50  Northern. Spy,  Jonathaa, 5     Grimes Golden, 5  Spitzenberg,  5   ,  Winesap, 5  Mcintosh Reds,, 5.  Pewaukees ������ ,    .50  Rhode l&Vand Greening* 5 50  Red QViWk Pippin, 5. 50  An.y- other variety, 5 50  Largest, any variety*  -Pears.  Bartlett,   5.   Winter NelHs, 5 ........  Duchess d'Angouliene,    .  Vicar of Watoefield, 5 .......  Any other,"variety, fall, 5 ....  Any oth'^r variety, wiuter, 5.  Peaches.  .50  .50  .50  .50  .50  .50  .50  Class.  1st.  $0.50  .50  .50  .50  i,u. "Yellowy 5  ���������  34. White, .5 ���������   35. Grapes, white, 4 bunches.   36. Grapes, colored, 4 bunches   Crabapples.  37. sHyslop, 12     .50  38. Martha, 12    -    .50  39. Any other variety, 12   ...    .50  Plums.  40. Damson, 12     ,    .50  41. Italian Prune,   12...... 50  42. Yellow Egg, 12 50  43. Pond's Seedling, 12 50  44. Any other variety, 12     .50  45. Blackberry,'place, any variety, 6  ���������-    .50  46. Two packed boxes, apples, Northern Spy.. 1.25  47. Two packed boxes, apples, King of T. C... 1.25  48. Two packed boxes apples, Gravenstein....  1.25  49. Two packed boxes apples, Wealthy  1.25  50. Two packed boxeB apples, Grimes Golden. 1.25  5.1. Two packed boxes apples, any other variety 1.25  52. Two packed boxes pears, any variety  1.25  Flowers.  53. Specimen, Geranium     .26    ,&:....  2nd.  $0.25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  v25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  2nd.  ?0.25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  .25  3.  5.  6.  8.  Geo- Zeigler  Carriage, House  and Sign Painter  All work guaranteed  Abbotsford -       B. C.  10  11  12.  13.  14.  15.  16.  17.  18.  19.  20  21  22  23.  24  25.  26.  27.  28.  Best Loaf White, Rye, Graham, Whole  Wheat, Currant, Corn, Nut Bread arid  Johnny Cake (1 loaf of each) $1.00  Best half dozen Rolls and Buns  LOO  Best half dozen Baking Powder and Soda  Biscuits and Graham Gems   1.00  Cakes.  Best Fruit Loaf and Layer Cake   1.00  Rest half dozen Oatmeal Cookies, Cookies  Ginger Snaps, Doughnuts and Cream Puffs 1.00  Best Collection of Canned Fruits ,;   1.00  Best Collection of Jellies  1.00  Best Collection of Jams ���������. 1.00  Best Collection of Pickles and Meat Sauces.  LOO  .  Sewing.  Mending  \...    .75  Best Darning on Stocking or Sock. 75  Best Mended Three-Cornered Tear: 75  Best Patch on Cloth "* 75  Best half dozen Buttonholes on Linen 75  Best Hand-Made Apron 75  Best Pair of Socks ��������� 75  Best Baby's Jacket '  75  Baby's Bootees ���������.,.;.. 75  Best Bedroom Slippers."...'..- ; 75  Best Crocheted Shawl  .....,..; .��������� 75  Best Crocheted Bed Spread ::.... 75  Best Crocheted Bedroom Slippers     .75  Best Crocheted .Baby's Jacket..:...' "   .75  Best Pair Crocheted Baby's Bootees 75  Best Piece of Hemstitching     .75  Best Embroidered Centerpiece 75  Best  Hand-Embroidered  Cushion   Top 75  Best Hand-Painted Cushion Top., 75  Best Hand-Painted Cushion Top 75  DIVISION  K���������SPORTS.  TUG-O'-WAR. DANCE  AT   NIGHT.  SPECIAL  EXHIBITS.  1. $5 Nursery Stock, Apple Trees, for best   general  . exhibit of Fruit D. H. Nelson, Abbotsford  2. $5 worth of Goods for the best collection of Feld  Roots  and  Ensilage   Corn    T. J. Trapp & Co., Ltd., New Westminster  $5 worth of Goods for best collection of Fancy  ���������  Home Coolune lees..Ltd., New Westminster        .. ,  $5 Cash for best Herd of Dairy Cattle  Call and get priCCS.   T. S. Annandale, New Westminster  $2.50 for,Dozen of the Largest Eggs (hen)    F. J. Hart Co., New Westminster  $5 Goods for-best Pen of Sheep,  ram, ewe and  Lamb Geo. Adams, New Westminster  "$2.50 Tea for best Fancy Parlor Cushion   .."." C. A. Welsh, New Westminster  $5  Cash for  best Box  Gravenstein  Apples   (the  apples to become the property of the donor.... .   Councillor Alex. Cruickshank. Matsqiii  Two Sacks "Purity" Flour for best Loaf of Bread.  Baked from "Purity" Flour S. Brooke, Abbotsford  Ten lbs. Coffee for best Exhibit of Bottled Fruit..   Kelly, Douglas Co., Ltd., New Westminster  $5 Cash for best Beef Animal..!. G. Copping, Abbotsford  $2.50 Cash for best Beef Animal..'   ...... Cunningham Hardware Co., New Westminster  $5 Cash best Exhibit Field Grain. .Brackman. &  Kerr  Milling  Co.,  Ltd., Branch,  New  Westminster  First Prize���������Two  Sacks  "Royal  Standard' Flour  for best Bread baked by a woman    J.  Sparrow, Abbotsford  Second Prize���������One Sack "Royal Standard" Flour  "Allview" Minor for best piece of Lady's Fancy   .  Work D. S. Curtis & Co., New Westminster  $2.50 Goods best exhibit of Flowers in Pot    Anderson & Lusby, New Westminster  $2.50 Goods, best exhibit of Honey in Comb    II. Ryall, New Westminster  $5 Goods, best Drawing by Girl under 15 years..    Thomas Gifford, New Westminster  $2.50 Goods, best. Piece of Crocheted Work.   . .Cunningham Hardware Co., Ltd., New Westminster  Half bbl. "Our Best" Flour for best Bread made  out of "Our Best" Flour   ������������������  Half bbl. "Imperial" Flour for best Bread made  out of "Imperial" Flour. ���������.    .    McQuarrie Flour & Feed Co., New Westminster  $5 Goods for best Fruit Cake..    Johnston's Big Shoe House/Ltd., New Westminster  $5 Goods, best exhibit of Crab Apples     Sinclair's Shoe Store, New Westminster..  For best exhibit of Knitted Work-  First Prize���������One Year's Subscription to Daily News,  New Westminster.     f,  Second Prize���������One Year's Subscription to Weekly  News, New Westminster.  The Daily News Pub. Co., Ltd., New Westminster.  First Prize���������$6 for best Mare with Colt at Foot..  Second Prize���������$4 for best Mare with Colt at Foot    .C. Hill-Te-lt, Abbotsford  $5 Goods for best exhibit of Dairy Cattle    A. M. King, Abbotsford  $5 Cash for hest Bull, any breed (registered)     S. S Delair  Lap Robe for best Roadster  .B. J. Gernaey  BABY SHOW.  For Most Handsome Baby Under Six Months.....  $5.00���������First Prize ��������� .T. L. Hutton  $8.00���������Second Prize ��������� ��������� ...<*. C. Clark  $2.00���������Third Prize  -p. Kenny  $1.50���������Fourth Prize  .D. Winton  HAMMOND &SON  BUILDERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Estimates given for all kinds of Buildings.  . ABOTSFORD, B. C.  TTS  Painting, Sign Wrifin  General repair work  J. E. PARTON  Abbotsford       -      B. C  Good Storage Room for  .   Furniture.    l~  WATCH ABBOTSFORD GROW.  gar  ABBOTSFORD  ABBOTSFORD, B. C.  tore  eea&urain  Don't forget  WHEAT   $2.00  a sacK  . We buy Poultry  J. J. SPARROW, prop..  Uonractor and Builder  Jobbing Brickwork  Chimneys a specialty.,.  Orders left at th������������������ office of  C. A. Sumner & Co. will re-  cieve prompt attention.  ���������a.1* miyega  jUi^.iinJinLmul"  EVERY   HOME  which is connected  with our distribution system  should have as part of its kitcken equipment a  ELEGXRIC   I  The applianee can be connected with the lighting  equipment of the kitchen and save the housewife the  drudgery connected with ironing day. ������;������������������������������������  CONVENIENCE COMFORT ECONOMY  f������iS  II  ���������&a  ff4  manmtmiijmiUimuimimiliwmm  MWIMMflMWI^MtUHfllUlM^^  ^���������)^:yc������V.rc-AV^������>*>W>ti^teR^fe  :fift=w~a*;y;-.j/frf'.>1>.).rk


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