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The Sun Jun 15, 1907

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 Prince Rupert
Circulating in Northern British Columbia
Port Simpson
Vol..  i.
No. '..
PORT liSSINOTON, B. C, -H'NK 1".. \\W1
-i I.-i RIFTtOM $'_'   I'kk   YkaJi
RACf INiMBUPiANKSOUND 'T   ";        !"' "Ji ''•""
* '- --   'i"«i w~*»        -'who  are bringing their claims lie-
Princess Beatrice makes a toy     ' vi •*• vwurtnami in an effort to      to be made in Loth business      stand, bowevsr, in this trial,   it     instruments v>ill be the C.P.R.
mil of City of Seattle        I"*"? W0*l,iaonL' ;mi1 ** H      and residential sections.       |was.ll";''''''^'''^J'^^r? !.Tl        boats on northern run.
The Princess l'» atrial* cumc In
on Sunday three hours ahead of
her expected arrival and anehaired
in the stream. The tide was low
and she couldn't deck.
The reason for this early arrival
was the meeting of the City oi
Seattle in MillbanV Sound, and
ii little brush.
The City of Seattle used to he a
good boat ill her elsSS, but sin- il
not fit company (or Canadian
boats now.
Coming into Millbank sound the
Beatrice was lolling along, killing
time, as it were, in order to arrive
lien- on a full tide and dock. Tin
Seattle came in -bdit and under
full -te.un was in n riuy the Canadian I-' They had expt cted to
pass al'.i. ind away unceremoniously and had a broom placed at
the masthead ami considerable
bunting displayed. She went so
far ,1H to blow her whistle to let the
Beatrice know on which side sin
iiiteii'li'd passing. Captain John
Irving v. i- .i passenger on the Beatrice, and a.- everybody knows, he
liken a nice. He started in taking
up a collection and soon $ 1(H) was
taken up ami paused to tin- engineer, who in turn passed it around
to the stokers. Everylioaly was
getting  busy, and the black curly
Hllloke issuing out of  the Canadian
funnel appeared to have imbibed
the Spirit of Sport. The Beatrice.
lilac all true sports, took no advantage of her lead. Let her rival
come up to dead abreast. Then
she tooted the whistle of derision
and pulled av ,v from her like a
hare from a turtle, Again she
would slow doiru, let her
lame rival catch up. and
again pull away from her. This
humiliating procedure was continued from 12 m. Sunday till 6 p.
in., when the Beatrice turned into the Seena. The Seattle had to
take her medicine like a nice little
boy, and the cheers of derision
from the passengers on the Canadian boat reached a climax when
the broom and the hunting were
hauled down by the crew.
Captain  Irving  said he had ex
jiccted better work.
-ecurc  realignition, and  they are
meeting with marked sua'cees."
The story of   a
[the initial in a line of   action   that j., blunder .„ ,)„.  i,litjMl   rtep|   .llHl.
1 telegram,   Hcone   ,„, for it.   ..l,j..,t   the   beautifying ! tllis „„„ |ction ir nilthi        ,,,.,  t„
of  action,   Essingion.    rcriaw  n>;,,,- the town.
the   world';- history,   year  of  our
bud 1907.
Sent by S. N.    Received by .1.
Tune 13 p.m.     Check 10 paid.
Via Ashcroft,
Vancouver, B. C,
To Alexandria Cannery.
Essington, B- C,
[Contents important.]
Received   In   Kssington   at   in
o'clock a.m.. June 1 1.
The actual time of this message,
says the gentleman who received it.
is a sin.ill fraction undei four days.
And as everybody knows matters
in connection with fishing at  this
time of the year n I ijuicknesH in
order to determine o line of action
upon whicli hinges a season's
work, "The non-delivery of 111is
wire earlier." said the interested
eanner, "has already cost the Brill
$1.01)0." And we live in a wireless
IROM  Rlf'tRT.
Mrs. Mcintosh left last   week   on
tin- Princess May for Vancouver on
S visit
Mrs. Veirick and her three children, from Hellinghain. have arrived and will take up their resilience ben-
Mr. Bprsgue left on the Beatrice
for Victoria on Friday last.
Building operations on the I ills-
bury residence have commenced,
Tin- launch Shawatlan.s made a
fast trip to Essington Thursday.
The launch left here at 10:80 and
arrived hack nl 8 o'clock. The
party consisted of Messrs. Pills-
bury and Monro, Major (iibson
and l>r.  Maekay.
was the kidnapping of these sua.
.wets frmii   tin-   state   of   Col.iradoi    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tim blasting operations heard In  .,,,,] t(.,|.:,,, t(, [daho, a neighboring      H*.   Yardl.-y. the representative
Essington dnring th<   week  marks state, and tried.   The state made I°* the Marconi Wifsjeas TekgrapJi
company, is in Vancouver. His
particular business there at the
present time ir to carry out tho
work of establishing stations on
the northern coast and fitting up
some of the Canadian Pacific com-
daily's vessels with the appliances
necessary to enable them to send
and receive messages by wireless
telegraphy These sessfll will be
the steamers Princess May, Amur
and Princess Royal.
It is not unlikely that the company may establish a station at
some point on Queen- Charlotte
islands, as at present that part of
the province has no means of telegraphic communication with the
outride world. At present, at all
events, it is not probable that the
company will establish stations on
the southern coasts, as it can utilize
the telegraph lines from Cnmox for
the collection and delivery of messages for its wireless system.
J. K. Pine, a 6-year locator at
Kitamaat, is in Kssington. "There
is not much doing at Kitamaat just
now," said Mr Pine, "hut WS expect great things later on. Some
25 G. T. P. surveyors, under Engineer MeCrown, are steadily extending their operations northward toward the canyon. The
whaif, erected some years ago, is
fast collapsing, a portion ol it having been carried away  lately."
"The government has splendid
property in their 20-mile block of
reserved timber. It was reserved
as far hack as IMS. Above what
is known as the 10-mile limit all
timber has been staked for a Mr.
Cameron, a Seattle man.   The area
Three provincial government
survey  parties   are   at   present   in
different parts of  the northern   interior for the purpose of   doing the
pioneer  work   necessary   for the
opening up of  various agricultural
districts for settlement.
Cue expedition went into the
Nechaco by way of Ashcroft. This
is B section which, it is expected,
will be traversed by the (irand
Trunk Pacific railway line. On
thai account much ol the land is
being taken up and there is considerable surveying done by private parties.
Another party is headed by E.
P. Colley. and will confine its work
to the Ootsa lake country. In thai
district it is understood then- is a
wide stretch of land which only requires to be surveyed in order to
make it possible for newcomer.- to
settle and establish  homes.
The   third,  which Is under .1. 11.
Cray, will spend considerable time
in the lower  part of  tin-  Bulk
The persistent requests made
i upon Mr, (I. Cunningham, «hile
in the lower ,'oa-t cities recently,
for businei - location - and residential quarters, lias moved that gentleman to consider the advisability
of meeting the new order of things.
Consequently instructions were
issued the fore part <>J tbe sraek to
tear down the unsightly shacks on
what is known as Hasclton street
and those al I be rear When this
is accomplished n numbi r of tastily designed cottages will take their
Another step contemplated by
Mr. Cunningham is tlie alignment
of Dufferin street from the Nairtli
Coast Commercial company's store
south to Front Street. The small
buildings intervening between these
point- will lie razed to the ground
and modem structure.- substituted.
Tin- blacksmith shop and the ad-
joing cabins and the white .bouse
avi 11 also be moved and a clear
through street to the court house
and school bouse opened Up. This
in itself will be a big improv  lie lit.
Mr. Cunningham intend..- leaving for the south some time the iu-
coming week  in  connection  with
the tug  Chieftain.
The placing of the 1500 tax on
Chinese entering Canada has not
bad the complete effect entertained by those   who   believed   such   a
tax would be prohibitive and result in the barling of Celestials
from access to our shorts. Forty
of the six hundred Chinamen who'
arrived in Vancouver on one oi
the Empresses recently contributed
$500 apiece to the government. A
cheek lor $17,500, collet ted  by   the
C.  P. K. from the Celestials U [ore
they left the Orient,  was turned in
to the customs authorities.
The sotkeye has made its appearance. This year the first fish
were brought ill one day earlier
than last.
Two boats fishing lot Wadhain's
cannery on Wednesday delivered
10 Bockeyes and 5 spring and 10
,-ockeyes and I spring respectively
The result of these return- ha.- had
the cftc. I of sending out an increased number of boat-, and stimulating fishing generally.
The now celebrated case ol Hay
wood is proceeding and. according
to all accounts, is entirely eclipsing
in wide-world interest the ret eut
Thaw trial in New York. Orchnril.
the veneered criminal and confessor, in bis horrible story of a ear-
nival of crime, is verified  in  part
by result.- of official enquiry.  The
alley, completing the work oi last jtli:l1 is making melancholy history
comprises some HO claims. lyear.    and    afterwards    will    ,.x-j for the  Cnited   States,   and   what-
"The work of clearing the site for [ tend their operations further I ever the outcome of proceedings in
the Indian school which the Methodist church ol Canada is about to
erect at Kitamaat has commenced.
Twenty-five thousand dollars will
be spent on tin school and grounds
n candid world, will appear as
though tuere was insincerity in the
The st.-alner Northwest ir supposed to have left Hazelton yesterday.
[ndian Agent Morrow expects to
go to Me lakatla tomorrow, where
ne will lemain for two or three
I). <)ls,in. John C. Johnston and
I.'I'. Bates came down the river
with   I   boom   of   logs   yesterday
The Dominion telegraph line is
midway between Aberdeen and
the city vith a hard bottom—Rupert.
The steamer Hazelton left lasl
Tuesday afternoon for Hazelton,
She had on board tie- entile federal government hatchery expedition bou.id for the Babine and
Stuart lakes, and also their freight,
amounting to some 50 tons. Thi
latest reports received by the
agents of the Ha/.eltoii here were
to the effect that she had not gone
through the canyon, owing to the
water being too high.
R. J. MeDonell left yesterday on
tiic Princess Beatrice lor Victoria,
and will be away  about   ten   days.
The Quadra came into port yesterday.
 ■ » .—'—-
and dispose of a bunch of renewals and applications.
The semi-annual meeting of the
license commissioner! for the Skeena was held this illuming. C. W.
11. Clifford was not present,
Renewals were granted to Robert Stewart, Stewart City, and Mr.-.
;. Kirby and YV. A. Wadhains,
Caledonia hotel, Kssington.
New apprcatinni were dealt with
as follows: Prank Vaildull, Ket-
suinkaiuni; refused; K. Eby, same
place, granted; M. M. English,
Jedway. Q.C.I..granted; P. Hickey,
Rupert, grin.ted; ,1. K. Cilmore,
Rupert; granted; E. (J. Russell.
non-compliance with act, refused;
Lloyd A. Manly. Kitamaat, grant*
ml; Patrick Hickcy. Kitamaat,
grantc,I;  (borge Ktldge, Kitamaat.
A    transfei'   from   Robertson   A
Pudge    to     Rich:.ids     iV     Watson.
Simpson, was granted.
Tims- present in the morning
were Commissioners Lothian and
Olson, Dr. T.A. Wilson, W.H. Vic-
ken and Inspector Collins.
Essington is to have a gun club,
The  preliminaries   are   in   the
bands of \V. A. Wadhains. who is
devoting considerable time to securing members and data in connection with the laudable object.
Some 48 names had been obtained
up to Wednesday, and after the
canvass has been completed a
meeting will be called for the election of permanent officers, and the
framing of the constitution and bylaws.
A meeting was to have been held
lust night in the school house to
deal with organization, but the
numerous counter attractions and
insufficient notice to members re-
suited in a pjor turnout. Next
rhursday has been decided on as
the night upon to meet. Be there
at 'd Or before
Alex. Henderson lor the Yukon
and Ralph Smith to the B. C.
Indian Office.
expected to arrive at Rupert
It is reported that a ship loaded
with rails from the old country is
expected at  Rupert   any   day  and
certain tugs have been detailed   to
keep an eye open  and  watch for
the expected ship,
This In ■' measure explains the
recent activity in connection with
the dock at Rupert, where not only
has an extension been made to the
old dock, but likewise the whole
structure i.- being pushed out into
deeper water, a distance of thirty
feet. Tin- piles Used in this work
are 80 1, et in length.
Idaho today, statesmen in  the  republic   will be afforded ample lood
The Japanese are again revert-  for thought   in    what  the  future
ing to disorders iii   San   Francisco ; holds out to then..     The   cntribti- ^_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^_
and hold that  "the anti-Japanese tion. to the tlefence oi the ,..-, I-1^T^VteidbyM^ Vowell. The P"*"**"!   °|r/amMt*on'   "j"*"*
■jjjjjfjjjjjjjjjjjjjrjjjjjjjjjjjjH|H|H|H|H|Hm)^^^^^^^H .., permanent officers ami   oratting   a
and when completed will be one of assaults in that city are  not  of a ed  men has nevei naai us tquai in  ,„„„. *.„„ i„,..„ „„, „„„„.,,...i        i' *
^^™ (institution and by-laws.
Ex-Jndge Henderson na
made governor of tht
This il his reward for the sacrifice
In* made this spring to political expediency in resigning a judgeship
and accepting a Liberal nomination in the city of Vancouver at the
lasl provincial.
Ralph   Smith  takes over the In
Cut this Out
:' 'And Paste in your hat
l ukon. | '
Gun Glub Meeting.
A meeting will be he held in the
school house next Thursday evening at '.i o'clock  for the purpose oi
the finest in   British  Columbia,   if
not in Canada.    The Kitamaat In
diar.s are all Methodists.
temporary nature and  the  federal  the United State- or any other i
government at   Washington  must  tion of the world, anal voices a sen-1
latter Im    been superannuated.
The Dominion   government   has \
world, ami voices a sen-' .    .      ,    ,.,  ,„„,„,,,. ....  I     rresitieni   rumy   win   take  in
  never   made   tuolii'-lc popill.il   -el-     .
lie held responsible lor  its   failure  timent that tne vriai  win   co.ei   .i  et,jj011H
"The are a humber of  squatters  to prevent nidi tmtrager," 'much   longer   period   than   many lis desired.
•f*"*!' Itlh   SUN
The Sun
ST,   ,|. M \. liAV, PROP III roK,
IT    \l..
Com.     I'lio-I ' Mi    IIMill II
.MiriiKs. 30 day-. |5.
I.ami KOTICES, HO da) -. 17
Cl.HTIKI. VI1   oh   I Ml mi'VI MI XT SO*
IIiK.s. 60 d:iy-
In reply to  numerous  inquiries
that We have received .ir to the
present position of the negotiations
between the provincial government and the (irand Trunk I'm i-
fic Railway company respecting
the lands in the [ndian reserve on
Digby island and in the vicinity,
says tin- News-Advertiser of the
6th, the situation may be briefly
stated to be as follows, according
to | statement made yesterday by
Hon. Mr. Tallow, tin- acting premier: Roth the federal government and the railway company recognize the revi rsionary right that
the province has to any lands
within   an   Indian  reserve,  when
they are abandoned by the Indians.
In the case of the lands n ferred to
the railway company has informed
the provincial government  that it
desires to secure part of the reserv
having an area of   between   13.00(1
and M.iiHO acres.    It has also intimated   that it is prepared to settli
with   the   Indian-   tin-   price   t!,:i;
they   shall   receive   for   tbe   abandonment of  that j urtion ill the reserve.    The company arks that the
provincial government will convej
any claim it has   to   the   lands   in
question to the company.    In   answer, the government  has  replied
thai   it will give careful considi ration to any offer that the company
may make, hut has Intimated that
it would not . 1 i-1:• ..-<■ nf tin se lamb
on the sum" teiI, - a.- were granted
for those on Kaien island      Up t,>
the present time  no  proposal   ha-
becn received by   the  government
from the company in reply to the
former's communication  and   that
i- the present  position of the i 'go-
tiations.     There ir no trut h in the
statements that hai e appi a ed   on
several occasions recently in some
of the provincial newspapers—thai
the negotiations between   the  government and   the company  havi
been  conclutled and that the company has secured   these   land.-   on
terms similar to those  lor  which
the Kaien island lands   were   sold.
The government  considers  it  has
a duty to perform   in   seeing   that
the interests of  the  province are
protected by the terms on which it
disposes of any additional land- in
that vicinity.    In the sale  to  the
company   of   the   lands   on   Kaien
island the government  considered
that  by tin- location of the terminus there, the  value   of   the   other
crown lands in   the   neighborhood
would he enhanced  in   value,   and
therefore,   that it could well afford
to sell these lands   on   terms   very-
favorable to the purchaser.    It has
seen no reason   to  believe   that   it
did   not then act in the best inter
eats of the province, and tin- view-
it then took of the situation is still
held by it. and is that which is now-
following in  the  present  negotiations.     Realizing the interest that
many   people  have in the development   of   the northern part of   tin
province,     the    government   will
doubtless give the public information of the completion of any   further sale to the company.      Meanwhile it will be well  not to  place
any   reliance on unauthorized statements.
ing a i il police dug-. He officer, I received orila-rs to proceed |
said I . :vr the preference to Tinhawan, a collection of fish-
to the Ion. haired Omenendael ing vill ui twenty miles
sheep dog. T! e does executed with from Hongkong, and there by vir-
promptitude and precisioa at the tue of a search warrant seek out
W"i,l of command leaps ol -ix feet and apprehend anyone in posses
in length; male attack; with or -ion of illicit opium or its ai
without immediate assistance, as ries, raw opium, dross opium,
well as searches for articles  which opium pills, water, eta*.    Accompa-
hailbeenhidil.n. I nie,1 by   two   Sikh   policemen   and
The above extract  suggests  the|threeor four Chinese detectives we
thought that the provincial police
department i ould take utta itst If
a lesson in the way criminals may
boarded a laiiui h prepared  for  as
and nine o'clock found   us   gliding
unseen and unheralded into one of
be   brought   to    justice   without' the many tiny inlets which dot tlie
having to expend ten thousand
dollars in thi usual antiquated
way it he- seen lit to conduct tie
search lor Sinn.ii and PeUr. 'I'h n
,gam. bringing the matter  close.
home,   dogr   c iuld    be   Utilized    to
great advantage on [ndian ra?serva-
'ion-, in connection with the trailing of whisky pedlars to their
lair and othei - who hav» a penchant for ignoring the statllti I.
Another effect the presence of ;
well-trained dog on i reservation would be to li .-.-■ ;,
rime generally. Otwar Wilkie
nhould take dogs undi r i|onsidi ration the inxt time the dnpartnu m
sees tit to i ntrusl him ivith tl ■
running down of criminal} in the
In the .lardin de 1'Avenir. al
Saint (lilies, Brussels, lasl week,
a demonstration as to the utility
of dogs as aids  for   the   police was
Robert w, Sei vice is ai his ■:
work again, and I as issutid a natal
little volume entii led "Sengs of a
S.,iir Dough.'' with his name , n
ihe cover of it. We wte Id like to
prinl  every  line    of    his    .idlllir.'h'e
arses, but a little paper has lit) •
-p ee io work mi am! so trill men -
ly give to an- nit of-the-way people
a snatch under thi In ailing The
Pars ei's Son.     it roads:
i hie i- the song of the parson's son,
as be squats in his  shin k alone.
On the uibl. weird nights when the
northern   lights shoot   up  i   m
1 be   f|><   •,,.;,    /.|||o,
Am!  it's  sixty iielow and eo I
in the snow, the liunj ry hu
Then follows the story ol i ild
life ni the northern milling r.nii]
[or twi nty  yea:--.    The   Pirson's
•-in is falling off into a  sic>p that
know.-   no   waking,   and   atrnngc
vi.-ions tiii through bis   bra n.   ami
thus they are described:
Come, Kit. your pony   is  saddled.
I'm waiting, dear, in the court.
Minnie, you devil, I'll kill  you   if
you skip with that flossy sport.
How much docs it go   to   tie   pan.
Bill?    Play up, School, ami play
the game,
i Mir Father, which art in heaven.
hollowed by Thy name.
I'his was  the   song of the ] arson's
son. as he lay in his buiil alone.
Ere  the fire went out and the cold
crept iii. and his blue lips ceased
to moan.
And  the  hunger-maddened   mal-
muter bad  torn   bis flesh froni
Apropos  of    the   new   Chinese
piuin   edict   the following tccounl
of police duty in   Hongkong,  relative to illicit possession am  preparation   of   the   drug   may   not   In
without  interest   to  your  reader-.
n   Hongkong    the    monopoly   of
piuin   preparation and .-al- i- giv-
n out yearly to the highest bidder,
at   present    "three   Chinise   merchants."    They   by   virtue of  the
piuin law are styled   the    'opium
fanners'' and their   monopoly   tin
China coat i. srhili ahead, gleaming
.bite in lb.- moonlight, wa- :,
large joss-house, marking the position of our objei '.i.e. Nearer ami
nearer ive dn until win n -'.me
twenty yard from the randy
iie.-ich the ever-present chow  dogs
;: ive tongll    ill  furious chorus   :,nd
we  knew  that caution was no longer nceessan .      Pul bug   hard   we
iioved tin '■■.' 'V not e well up and
with one man to look after   it.   the
remiiindi r ol us s< rat titled and lei
ishoie.  kii king the snarling yelp
ing cur.- aside, we rn< ed to the par-
ieular  house pointed out to us bv
the   into, nn r.    amid   a   pandemo-
liiiin of   cries,  sti n am -  and  sub-
he i!   wailings    Irom   i he   new ly
; a akeueal    am)   sttirtb i   Chinese
ii ho ii, i he pretence or   belief   thai
'■i  i.-re pjrati -.   :    ted us v ith   a
lin of gon   b     in;   n la   bluster'
tering discharge ol   anc ent jinjju'-
aimed at anything lx twi  u !, :, v,,
iind   earth.    Directed by the noisi
.ind    confusii n    a   few   inomi uU
lit es to the house   we   «ant-
-.. with a coil] le  if nn ti   i -  wut h
 >;e   id >,   bit ;-, -t gl'i Up    I .,'■ illl
i lie ha 'in ■■ d'..e>i an<l demanded ul-
nittaiice in the name ol I lie law. I
might as well have addra-i sed the
lilt), m for ill! the an- it cr I got and
knowinji by tic rap il nmveni nts
inside  that  they    were   tryiu i   to
,. 'al the drug tiiui I.i
boiling itonsile, with n nn h we
broke down tin barri ir - and |iim-
hlcd into the smoky gloom ol t lie
interior. One of my fellows went
down likt n pole-axed Is :n I he-
ueuth a crushing bio* from a
Hi i ii dy built man who dashillii
hii lighted torch into the face of
the ii.'..r- rt det etive and by his
impetus sending me staggering, to
collapse in a corner, broke through
and sped swiftly for the distant
hills. Angered by my rebuff, and
determined to effect his capture 1
jumped to my feel and made after
him. As you know, I am not I
had runner and il was not lonj before I gained on him. till seeing
that flight was useless, he turned,
suddenly stooped and thing a
handful of the ground dust into
my eyes, then snarling like a wild-
eat he leaped at me, striking savagely at my lace with the hard-
rope torch.    Stung with   the   pain
ill my eves and hall blinded 1 closed with him and together wi rolled
on the earth the brute burying bis
teeth iii my check and using his |
talons to clan with. We struggled
for an eternity it seemed, and I
wis about finished, when a lucky
chance put my knee on hi- chest
and I was able to Use my reVoll er
i*.iit effectively to stun him ami
iben sat on him gasping till the
others coming up he was secured
and taken down to the boat. (In
searching the house many taels'
worth of opium was found together
with many utensils used in its preparation, By this time the whole
of the villager-' had gathered
ready to dispute our departure and
effect a rescui if possible,  hut the
The Skeena  River  route is the quickest and best route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for Hazelton and Skeena river ports.
B. C>. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
I.I.MII ill
KSSIM.TDN        -       -      -       VANCOUVER
R. J. McDonell
(Mrs. .1. II. Thump-on. [ate of tin- Commercial
hotel, Vain ouver, has taki n the management,)
The leading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the re.
quireii its yj li in.-1 idious public, ami com*
mantling ii supi rh vii w  of the approaching
rte.'llil. ' -.
Hot and cold Iwths al all hours. Baggage
transferred   Irom  all   incoming and  to >H
outgoing beats.
d m,'IUnion SS. Co. of B.C.
capture, who turm d  out   to 1
man   ..anted for piracy tin
sling, w:i- lodged at  Ii is   majesty's
. xpi use [or the term I    five yea raj
 i.;i,.S This company is not supported
„_^.. I by government subsidies,  but by
1 the good will ami patronage oi the
The kestrel  was tn \ ictoria  ™ traveling public and shippers.
he tilth   where -he a, rived with F.       Steamers leave company's wharf
il    Cunningham, Dominion super- j Vancouver, lor Prince Rupert, Port
iiiteiident   of   tir,h   culture;   K.  G. I Essington, Portland  Canal,  Alert
Bay and cannery ports on 1st,
10th and 20th of each month, and
leave Victoria one day before, by
new steel
i'ay lor. of the Canadian ii- heries
i unmission,  and   William  Sloan.
VI. P Tin party was looking over
propose 1 sites for ti-h hatchel ii s
on the west  coast.
Henry's 1907
catalog is out
Purchase your t rees, se. ds
and plants direct from
grower; 18 years' experience.
M. J. Henry
3010 Westminster mad.
Yam ouver, b. e.
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port Essinoton, n.c
Ladies' and gentlemen's furnishings—clothing made to order.
S. Frizzell
farm, and   by the same law it is i 	
legal and   entails  heavy   iimisli-1 fact that I had already apprehend-
ment for any other person   o pre-led the village headman as security
pure or have it in their poisession for safe conduct   and  the  bright
without a sale certificate Irom   the gleam of the Sikhs' weapon-   in  a
farmer.   Of the merits or demerits ..how of force induced them  to  re-
(this system I do not propose t.   ..train their intentions  to  nothing
given for the benefit of the police I deal in this article.   Certainly  it  more serious than volleys of filthy
commissioner.   Tl fncial was so "> op811 *° m*n7 abuses,    l qnote abuse and a few stones thrown  as
pleased with what he -aw   that   he   !!" 'Words of my friend T—: we pulled off to   the   launch.     A i-
MUtounced his intention  of en at- \    About 5 one evening,  at  excise raigned before the magistrates, our
Chief A. Wedilddhld
land. Timber and Mineral locator
Reins a native nl the country aii.1 n re*l.lettl
nl the dlstricl lor f.i.ty ream mil poneulngii
n..wle«lge "1 the gretM Interior I urn In n
,...-in.,111., until., part leito the Imn.mi Bulk-
lev valley. The eonnlry nt'ouml- III food ti-:e
ni., Mini iiimiiiiu iiml ).nrii,'N anticipating .ttr.li
it trip will dn ,v.ll in v. til.' in il,,. hIii.v.. .iliit-f
ni l'.iri ttralngtou, li. t .   P. 0. li,,x 22.
the only steamer on the route
built with steel water-tight compartments and double bottom, insuring safety of passengers in enso
of collision or wreck.
Van Amla.  Lund, Heriot Bay,
Hoskyn     Inlet,    Surge     Narrows,
IGranite Point. Klk Hay. Hardwich
| Island, ear River, Salmon River ,
Port    Harvey    and    all    logging
.amps, i very .Monday at S p. in.
Van Anda. l.und, Lewis Chan-
mi. Shoal Hay. I'ort Neville, Port
Harvey. Chatham Channel, Tribune Channel, Broughton Island,
every Friday at ti p. ni.
Gibson's, Pender Harbor, Nelson
Island. Marble Hay, Blubber Hay,
Lund. Malison's. Whaletown, Read
Island. Bute Inlet, every Monday
at (11 a. in.
Tucker Bay. an Anda, Gibson's
Welcome Pass. Pender Harbor,
Granite Island. Jervit Inlet, every
Monday al 11 a, ni.
For berths and passage, apply at
company's offices—
Carrail St., Vanconver, BC.
and  o."> Wharf street. Victoria.
The 6J.P. Lumber «>.
Port Essington, b. c.
Warner Lunch Room
The only first-class
Short Order house
in> Essington   .    .
Private boxes for parties,
Oi i.-.     i I I.I.    '_'   I-.  '.!.
OPPOSI■[-,. nn: wKsrinN lloi'SE.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
All kinds of lumber supplied on short notice.
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast of   b.   c.
.1. IH. DUNCAN, Manager
ie & Jackson
Postoffice block Illl      .SUN
TIMBPR NOTICES T*k*'untt&e thai I, William Wronaeh oi fira
1 litnii l-lnh'l. no 'iipnti-'ii,  iiinu't, niifii"!   IOs*p
'  %,„„,. ,s heo-livi-ivetillmt.m.1«.>.„,,,I„„-    l.ly"r|»rmo-i    ,,i,..l„,-,'  tbe   '"Ho'lBI
It„(,„.ll..,„,,ilv'l.,lli.:i'l„,-(e,„„;i,i„i„„eral   ««e»Wll»4UBSl   I  ■Mdas M  , ,,l..„l.-'l
Until H..-1 Work. i..r permlnlonto ml »„.!   "• «*• «**«•*»* "•"•*,Blrt'•'  "'" ", "'
f Kowiti) river; lliem1.   wet-1   [tl  .-luii..-; thewe
•art*) ttutiy nuii'i i from the following detcrib-
eil Uii'i. situa'c in tin- CqmI l'Mri<i
HO   1      COW LtClasl nt h pOti [ilmih'tl OR III*'
afoot ssMO Of Kltkiitlnii [Diet, ttlmlit llllir mil.'-
north uf the riHrrow'.. PoreAaf i-liiml; tboBOf
iiditIi hii cluiiii*;  i lif ii< •■ w.-i in rim ins these*
•OOth MOchalM] tliiti''- t'li-l in , Inuii-; tliriiri-
north i*i I'llmiii> in pUee at 9ommm*"tBt nt.
No. 'j.   (Vimncnctng »n « pn»i planted "ii Um
luilik Of 0 irrt'fk BOintyinj i til o Kickntlrth ill
|t*i, (ih.uil ii niilf lirluw ilu- OssTOnWlt fust oi'l"'
of inlet; ilii'iin- nnrlli in chain-; theOM Ptael
Ho Hot ins.; ilirm c smith mi rim mi-; tin-in . *Ml
fiocliHiii-;  Utfttee iioili lo obatni to, ntain oi
Ko I. < urn mo not nf nt >■ eoat planted ol tho
■outhood oarnof of t. L  lo,7r*i  (nonet oonni
wo rh ni ii u thriirr woot H i h Kin- j i ii«- j north
HO   ,-hutii*.;   t In lit Ml   ■   I'lntlnc   lo   phtar   ai
Nn. i.   ''niiiini'iii'int; nt h port planted on the
S-Ollh   rOjffsO   nf   K  Hiiall  ri'.rk,   ftboOl   MM   Utile
fnon tho booefa end im!. .i mile north ol Bpeller
river, I'onhiT talend; ihenec NMth Behalim;
thettOC vvt'Nt Mil t i i ni-is; 11. imi it n-Tlli Hi' rlniiii-:
then"* ooot 80 ehataa; I hence tooth *B chaina
tn plfM* Iff *'i>ill 111''li«-r mif It t
No. ft,    ('iiluiinnriUK nl n pott  planted 00 th»*
ii'iirh lunik <>; Hpoiloi im-i, Poreber Mood;
thence south M chain* j tbonvo veil 10 chaina;
tbenee north Hit chums; I hence tool NJ ebotni
tn place «if i-'uiiiiii-iirt'iii'iit.
Nu. i.. f'omra*sclfi| nt n pool planted am the
w.'-i M.ir nf m rauU] creek anBtylntj Into kh-
kotleh inl-'t nn ll,.' ■ list sol.- <-f Inlet, forefeet
i-i Jin-!; i in'tin- north lb chain**; these* »'hsi ou
t'luiito-; llniire "mill s ' i!i,iins; (lift,it   07001 ID
chain* Ui plaee "f onramenoement*
Nn. 7. f'oinnii-iii'iiiK ni ii jm.-i planted ol ilu
•outbwetl ruriici »| N". ii; iln'iifi' north I"
r im his; tlM'iM't- tvoa   lOebotns.; tbeneo nmthlu
I'hiiills; thrltr.' eilsl ■*<! riiiiitif* t<i ptOOO "f .niii-
Nn. M.    t'ninineneiiig nl | pool ptOBtod   nt the
pimthwool  onrnor "f   So, A] thosce mutb ho
fhtiins; llirni-i- .-UM Wi e!unn>; tholWO nnrlli no
cluiins; i ht'iici' wi'-i so i i in in.- lo (iIiut nl com
So. 9.     t'niiiniiiiriliy ill ii |.nsl  pto&tod   HI    tin-
ton th went (Mtfnor oi So, *>; thoneo eontfa ho
1'hni.n-.; thouot votl M i bail ij thence north lu
finuiis; tbofiee t-iisi nn i-iotiiis to ploce of pom-
No. lo. ('iMiiini'iit'liiK Ot ii pool plOBtod lu-Hi
the sunt 11 west cur in- r ..f Xo, !i; thence north Ml
t'h.iins; thence west ni ebolno; tbonec urnth -v.
ehoino; thoneooootsVeholno to ptoco ol eotsV
Nn n.   i'oiniiieiiriiii: nt ii pool planted about
I > ehaltu  eaoterljf fr the loutheaMl corner ol
T. I,. Nu. 4of this group, rVrchor laUnd; thence
sniitli Hti ell ni us, thenCO   w.sl HOelmins; thetiee
Borth Wehalnai  thence eaoi la etialm to plaee
uf euimiii nieiiii'lil
W. f, HUMTTIXti,
Ih   K,    NeWell,  AfOSt
Pan KssniKion, n.c, May V. IW.
Take notteo ttint John 0. JohnatM, ol Port
KssiiiKton, h. C. .occupation tlnhor orutoer,
Intondt to apply for a ipoolal timber lloaneo
over Ihe [ollowtOf dOOCTtbod IkikIs;
CoBBunetBf h( post ptantod oh ■onthoaoi ttda
Of Skeena river, tttioiji 1 I-J aiisoa 'lowti rtTOt
from Moi BTpHnaa H,,<1 ahonl optpnalta A bar
docn cannory, tbonoa south M caalna; thenct
oast M BhaJMi the nee ouiith   in i-hains; thence
en si II ehains I ho nee north 00 elm ins : tboaoa
wi^t UK) ehaitis to [wiiit of eoinnieneiMnetit,
and oontaittinf Ml Hires, more or lata.
JOHN <i, JOlINS'l'ttN
ale.l Ma y 2it, liH'7.
Take notice that John <•■ .lohnston and ■'. W.
Smith of i'ort  tolBftoft,   li. C, occupation
tin bar atiiloat ati'i tatagrapa oporator roa| t-
ivciy, intpiiai |o tpaiy tor a laaotal tlaibor II-
eanaa over the following dooartbad landa.
t'ommeniMiig nt a pott ptantod Ofl a alnUKh
of the Kkeena river Ofl the north ftfatoot tin
river on shore about two miles weal of the
Kxaiewi river; thonce morth ft ehaina; thaine
east 40 chaina; thence north MehalBii theBOC
eent 110 chains; theme aoath to shore of
ilotiKh; thence westerly along siotiRh to piece
of beginning and cuiitftinlnff MO aflTOt more Of
las**, Mill «i  JOHNBTOK.
Dated May nth, IM".
Take notice that John (.. Johnstmi, of fort
Knaington, B. ('., aaOflpflllOH timber cruiser,
IntoadJ to apply for a special timber UOOOCO
over the following tlcscribed lands:
''omineneing at a post planted on tlie soutli
bank of the Rkccna river about 1 1-3 miles cast
from  Hole-in-the-Wall   (otherwise  known  as
KxchamsikB   river;   thence south  H chains:
thence west 120 rhains; thence north to shurr
about ;W ehains; thence west along rhore  to
point ol commencement, and containing MO
ai-res more or less-
Dated May Gth, 1907.
south -in t-lni 111s; tin nee tii-i   in «'h;iins; th. nee
north   in  ebalM   I"   l"'int   of  euniiiiencMii-ni.
tad containing WO aorea mor<    ■ '■  -
Wll.l.IAM >ritON.V« II.
)iii..i Jane I, WOT,
Take nun..  that   Vm|. t   0    \\Hircti,  of   Vic-
tnilH,  na'i'llpiil lull    lil.'in l.-l    Wuimill.    Itit.t.'U l«.
apply for pennLs-iuii to purchmat the following
'ie-rilH'-l land
romnenatng nt 0 pool planted on the hunk
Of a   ulnugh   un   the   north   Mil.' ui   the BkOOl B
rtvor aboni three tnltea up the rlvoi (roni Hole-
la ihe Wull, inum diiitrh   oaol  "I   K-   <>■   lohfl-
siuii's suiitheiisi eurni'i' post; theavoe aorta U
chalua; theneoeaal 10chains; thence matb to
siuiigh mchain*; thence weal along slough '•u
Chalai  t"    pnilll    nt     riMll Ilia  Ilia- Itl'Tlt .    MH'l    lull
tolntng ISO iieres,, more oi leoa.
Pate May in, WW.
Take notlee thai aVtberi ti, Johnaton, ni Riven Inlet, B. V., oocnpotlon cannery  utanagia/,
Intends to apply (or permlaalon to purchi
following deocrlbed land
t'ommenetng nt a p*»sl planted on, the hank
ofaotoughon ihe north side ol tho Kkeena
river oboni three allies up the river (row Holt
iii-thf-W.ill (otherwlao known aa Kxchomslks
i;m t: tbenea north 40 chains] thonce weal »
I'liiui,-; ilu nee south to slough about fli chains,
thence oast abuul M chains Hlnng slough \<
poinl ui cummenremeiit, and containing 8*J
;,' i  - more m (om.
Dated May Ik. 1007.
Vt'srren, o|   Victoria, h
t. intends to apply loi
e tho following described
Take notlee Unit
, ureu| ailOfl   »p\
(permission io pim
t omtnencing al a poai planted nn tho north
bank uf the Hkeons rlref aboni i i j mile*
down the river irom Uol^-lnthi Wall, other-
v\ lot known as Kxchamalki over, thence nortL
toehatu ; tbenea wool Meholua; theneetoutli
to ■bore; thonca weat along short to pt»mt oi
commencement, himI containing 130 acres more
or lass UKstTstl'Dti WAUid'A.
Data May It, i,(nv
Noiiee is hereby given ihnt ho day ■ afterdate
l intend to appl) ta tbo Hon. the f'hlof ('o».
iiiisMuner ui Lands and Worki for a lease oI
tho htllowlug doscrlbed foreshore; Commencing ai .1 post planted near S. K, cornel
l,ui 7, st 111 nn tin Ray, I'nrt Rimpaon harbor;
ihonoe oorth I chuins; thence tasterly hu
chaina, along the shore line and containing is
urn s ni":.' oi lets.
IOHN  Mil.l i'h.
Porl Kssington, M. i\, May 24, lsV7.
in the mattei ol the Mineral acl and amend
Ing acta and in the mattei ol the Western
t'oppoi group, consisting "f the Km pi re.
No: ih Htar, Argentlle, Hawk ley, Roimnsa,
Kinerald, Verdure and W'catern ( i»pper mineral Cl.'ll '!' -
Whereas by notice dated tbo Mtb da] of
\)iril, loiff, you were required to forthwith pay
i" the undersigned en owners with yon in tlie
above mineral claims i he sum nl |ltin, as youi
one tifiii share t»l rhe ssbi wm i,i work dune m
-Hid claims up t» and Inciitdlua-lth day of Oe,-
inber, A. I'., hsHi, and being the iiaseasnient*
for June. A D. I.W0. and lauuary, a Ii. I!W7,
and further exnen lltnren In councctlon o Ith
i In- said assessments u ere i liargcd tn your in-
teresl in sal l clal ms.
And vhereas you have failed tn pay tbe said
sum nf UAU.ou as thereby re*iulred
Take notice thai unless you nhall within 9n
dova from tbe daU of the first publication ol
this notice pa; ■. mir mtid share of said oaaeai
ini■ iit work and sll costs  hereof that we   the
undersigned, -hull apply to hav ir said  In
it-rest veated in as In purxuance w1111 ihe term
of section i chap. 21, H t\ statute A. 1>, I90O,
being nn iiiiieiiiliiniit to R.H.B.C, I'ap. 185.
Dated al Vancouver, B. I'., this |,li day nf
May   1007.
Witness:   r, S. Haney, Vancouver, B. t\
To T. .1. Boatty, Ksu . Vancouver, B.C.
AI.I.X   Ma-I.Knli,
V, W .  MI.I.I'IMM.
Notice *s hereby given that at the neai
meeting nl the llcenalng board wo intend tn
apply for a transfer nl tbo retail liquor license
of the Northern Hotel, Port Hlmpsim. B. ''-.
from Kudge at Robertson, to Richards A Wat-
Nutie- u hereb) given that >-> lays rtttei data
1 intend to apply to the Hon. tlie « hiofCotn-
nnssioner oil.ands and Works for permisHiun
lo purchase the following land, situnted nn
Portland Canal: Commencing at a p»»st plunt
I'd near shore marked "W. H. c.'a N- W. cur";
thence east avchains; Iheiice souih all chuins,
more or less, to l»oundary of Lot oagj ihenee
west along said bouiiibtry Inshore line, thence
northerly along shore line tfi pataM of DOOfl
meucement, containing M oaraa, BtOTOOf Eaoo.
W   H   COOI'KK.
Port Essington, B. c., May at, M*.
Notice is hereby given that 6n days after d*t0
I Intend   to make application to  the Hon. the
Chief Commissioner of Landi and  Volte t«»i
permission to purchase the fullowing aaaawllflal
land situated on pMtasaf I?land : Coaaiaonilag
at a post marked K. A.  Ii  * N. ft c.. pTcbase
claim; thence south 40 chains; thence aOsst ■
chains; thence north M chains, them-e esst 4n
chains to point of commencement, nmtalnlng
1G0 seres, more or less.
E. B. KItWAKDS. hmntor.
ft A   Hudsini, Agent.
Port Essingl.ni, B- C Mhv U, WJ
Take notice that Frank L tiwillim. af Van-
I'amvtr, R. C-, oeeiipiiiinn   kfj ri isier-n t Lh w.   in
li-iids to apply lor permission tt> BoraboM the
lulluwing cWscrihcd Ihii.1:
cummencing at a pan* gain lag aa the nottk
hank Of Skeena river abnut 11-2 miles down
the river from Hnh.-in-the-IVa,,, oiherwlsa
known as Exehamsiks river, iuin.tdiately aaaw
(•H.ertru.le Warren's enrner poatlthMM RHlll
Mehalaa: th* oca aaat »ehalaj, thanes sooth
tuil west Hlnng river to poinl of commence-
Port Simpson, H.
l.rjH.K.i; ROBERTSi
'., May 10, 1901,
nd enniaining «W acres, more
^ Ie
Thr srini nnniml   rafletlSS  "1    IS*    I.ii'.-iiM'
I'onnWiiMn lur thi sii.H'iui Hirerdl.tiicl
mil in- in-ill nt Uwi-iiiiriii"iiM\ Port KHlngton,
H. C, .intu' li, MI.
,1. C. i nt.l.lNs,
f.iei-Ms,-1 Bisector.
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist
JEWELLER    .     .
Jiift  urrivr-il A   Dew >lii|>-
ini-iit .if clocks, watches and
All   work  warnuiti-il   tn   jrive
perfect satisfaction.
Mackay Smith,
Blair & Co.
Wholesale dry gotxk and men's
turnishings Manufacturers of
shirts, clothing, tents, etc
VAMul VI i:.    ll. i .
Cniiit.-il (paid op) 13,900,000.  .   Reserve fund, M,390,000.
Total assets 016,000,000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Hi'llil nftiee:   Miilitrc.-lI. (ill.-.
Branches in  liritinli  Golumbiai       Chilliwack, Cumber
and, Grand Forks, Ladner, Nanaimo, Nelson, New VVest-
min-tei-. Port Essington, Port  Mumly,  Ross land, Vernon,
Victoria, Vancouver.
fieneral  banking business transacted and savings bank
departments operated at all branches.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
t\\iA Hi VaiiH/i  Genera' Merchants
Oyd(X YOllfig  Port Simpson. B.C.
R. Cunninghdni & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton, B..
to the
Hotel  Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Under new management. Thoroughly renovated.
I.ai ■ SS, Crimnnvin.
I.nfc fommerrial Hot*?l, Vanoonvfr.
Dry Goods, Clothing and
U»l...1 Mai   :- IHE   BUN
Why put  order thai   -nit now?
We will lake your measure and
in about one month srill have you
a -nit of tii.- latest style, finest ru*-
terial ami workmanship at the
same price you would pay in
Montreal or Winnipeg
Fit-Reform clothing it j * t i. .-.I at
tin- factory and are sell on s commission therefaire we have no
chance tn "pul nn'' tin- price.
Fit-Reform clothing looks nifty
mui will Imlil it- shape till worn
Let iifi take your measure now or
select a suit from our stock.
The North Coast
Commercial Co.
I    Oil      .. ;,       |,, ,||
[ I ial ia I ' i
Mr. W ivs   Ketad ikau   :- of the I).
-  Iiall   was pretl I
■ '-en. Mj> '■ ' nil   tin     well- i
Tin- i- : he   first ojijtoi Ir. I] ring;
Watson Iihf      !   of taki I ai
lion    Bin. Hotel    Korthi rn  \vl M        I n   tin    fil  I
, |   I,}
Messrs. 1 & Wat
work  of l-a-novating ■
In "    . i Smh|i-ihi has  ' i a of   i Iii    firs!   n
iaile.1   much work  on th,  na I ol   Hit  . M      (hteill sung a solo,
the   new    ii   nagi ment,   .ami   nos   wl n of   iimii
thai thi ■ hai ; ■■• n  done   the   |	
prietors   an    more    than   pie is ti   was th the
u ith   the volume of busiis -- ilom
lie left In tin Camosun  |ir   honn   Mal for pui    ei   loi    upper.
on Friday. affoiilc I    any    ami
Tomorrow    in    the     Miho li snd   then   dainti    •
A lighthoui" erected by the federal government on the southwest
point of Pine island, Queen Charlotte sound, was put in opi rat i n
on the first ol April. The lighthouse stands 100 i'i hack from
the extremity of t lie |ioilit.
Lives of some great men remind us
That we will, if we ai'.  wisi .
Leave mil' moalcsty   heliim! us.
Ami eel out ami advertise.
Church of m. John tin Baptist,
Services: Sunday 11 a. ni., 7 p.
in. Sunday school, •_! p.m. Prayer
meeting ami choir practice Thursday 8 p. m. W. V. Rushhrook, B.
A., rector,
R, (i. Chamberlin. Vancouver's
new chief of police, has talon hold
Prof. Prince is exjssi'ted to arrive on the coast shortly from (H-
tawa in order to close up fisheries
commission matter;-.
Three Indians were hroughl up
from China Hat en Sunday by
Constable Berryman, and tried on
Monday for being drunk ami having liquor on a  reservation,    (ieo.
Brown,    was    lined    $20    and   $1"
costs.    His son. Robert Brown, did
not fare so well.       He was mill, ted
.$2(1 am! costs for bringing liquor
mi to a reserve or 80 days, ami for
supplying he was lined |60 and
|1A costs, and three months in New
Westminster, and in default of
payment six months. The tine-
wen- paid.    The third  Indian   war
a witness.
Conn- to St. John's church: good
Jonh G. Johnson,  the energetic
timber cruiser and land locator.
came down the river on Thursday
on bin launch Viola, He intends
in a week or so to make a trip to
Vancouver in the Viola.
Th.- Royal Bank of Canada is
indeed fortunate in having secured
the services of two such eminent
artists as Leon a to A Thaito tn
decorate their floors. Thi- work
is usually accredited to large centers of art. and shipped in bulk as
linoleum to the colonies. This wise
innovation on tin- part of tie- hank
i- to In- commended The design
the venerable head of this ancient
duo has selected also meets with
popular approval. It is the letter
's.' with an extremely di licate si l
of lines running from tup to bottom. In the center the same design will be much enlarged. When
Leonato wa- a-ked   the   reason    for
this  In-   shrugged    hi-  shoulders.
like all Italians, and -aid: "So
you Stands on the   a Imiglltn
church -ci'viei- 11 eleven a. in., v. iii
'c in   English   a ... I    r.-ile-l'e;: n.      .\
-el-vice   uf     -..ie-   Ill    s,,\,.||   p.   m,      wiii
pi-cede the ordinary  si n   e,    All
are heartih well omed.
.1. Ma'Cullougli returned on   the
* laniosuu 'i hureday irom   Vic    i
and goes throuj  i to ti   i>i<
the first ''..at.
Mr. < i  ' . Whiti us, <e, i   i
il    through     i
week after the i! ire up on ith.
;. 'hie.'iain   ti K i. exa'cptioii   ill ai   : -,
tervies    in   tii     Vaua-otn
el        ti,"       |()tl tl
lisheal on the sinking of tl u IJ          I: "    i . i;   i i
oils   report -   ■..      tu   hal'i    l»   i
pra*ad al   ■ •  I   about   thi   hurnini
of the ti     ' th          owned
d by Cunii      I 6    o i . ■ I
■ -- ington. Tin   i tig n a -   Inn
hat   did  not  sink, ilthoiig]
,   | [sluml ami
;rent ill ie,  I t   bv '
any mi i lis1 u total loss.   ls\-r U.iler ,        '
'i it
and eiiL-im -   may   ei    i    i     saved.
,; r' ;
IllClltl       e   ■".         , .   :       ;.
■:     |
orated ten ta
icrcd choriisi    mid the sii
i.i    Luii; i tight thi
• 'ly pleasant evi uing   tu  s   ■
i :■  en!  wen   Mi     I!."
-; Itei. and Mrs. Hogan, Ri
I  Mi      11  ley    Mr.
'•'■ ri     Kei    ti,   Mr.
II i, .alee"       M      and Mrs.
,i        i       ' ■
•i    -.-
:    ' ., ■ I  i    i .
III ■ '        iVatSnl
inon and I
ly Captai    I   ie]
ihe   ■ mijil ui nt   anil  takii
nlji '.'■....,;.., il fur  ii   p   nil   i   -
m   the <      lira   to  (I
•   Port Essington, B. C.   -
ohers, Provision and Fruit Dealers
■ i    laughtered daily.
Il.n.e.     bacon,      hud.     vegetables   and
I. fil ill'.'   I»V   e\ e| y    lb "li.luial.
Creamery Butter and fresh !.;:<>
Remember |e lit ku&umtm lor I mil und Vegetables
H .    I Caledonia
Pi rt Essington, B. C.
MRS. I. ;- . ...        Proprietress
Main! soit qqi mal y pense
Wi ii  en to Kssington why worry ever worl lly
■i:      ivlii-ii you can live well and lay h arm al K irl y's.
n. P   '1 irs, Smoking, Writing, Bath-
lo.ii rery floor.    Hot h ill hours.     Cold
Iki i      win     ri 'i'i;.'. d.   Agents,     Us     igi    ml I ransfi-r
Porta*! - hum t till i.oat-  and trains.   Transfer
Mar. oili ill colllli'i t ion.
nit inon ilamagi  iva i not.none i ,.
he isl "... ■   | :    mall work  on  the wharf
.ml   her  hull   is   not   p..
I'llS  not I   111
I'litirelv due tu   the   i met-  of   tl
■teaim i N'nrtliM    ..   ,\ ' ii li panic to
. he rei   ue and   sin cei ded  in   put-
out the flam      icfore  1 he   ! ug
yd    .1 ■;.   .I
The ('. p,  It.   have   issued   tin ; ■
new Hme schedules ! ir I i
rn    run.     The    extremely
IUIIllii'1' of tWO folder-—i .1 !• ■ for  till'
agent,   Mr.     Wadhams,    a id   tin
othei for tin  postal   mth  rrti<
Kssington   - -  have     arrived     in
'own.       Such     extruvag i-
ivorlhy of tn te in view uf   the   fact
that during the  first     ven  Is •. - in
May I he great r pi ny adi rtised
its earnings  al   200,000  cold  iron
R, (dale, of   AldeVmerc,    Buckle!
valley, has lieen gazi tteil a ileput \
mining ri corder  for   the  < linn ■
mining division,  wit h   sub-ia'i i r I
ing offii e at  A Idermere,   from   the
1st day of June, 1907.
Herbert Cecil Kiev in, a I'. rl
Simpson, K.-ip. to be go\ er mn uf
igi nt. registrar unalei the mi rriage
let. regis) rar ol \ oten [or th Skeena electoral district. gold ei ninis
-doner and mining reco
-istant comin issioner of lamls and
work- ami dist ri I r< isl tu r ol
births, deaths and marriiij - I i
the Skeena river mining di
and collector of re fenu tax or
Victoria assessment district from
the 26th day of May, 1907, lui g
the absence on leave ol John
Pie win.
Constable .lames   K.   Kitby,  ol
Hazelton, to be acting  mini ig  n
with the J Wran
;        : i hirn   and   party   from
■■'   i tl       nterior
■ :In  Woi      I
Til      » I    till      SO*l
!      -e hu    ■  ■•    v ijiiiet in-
■ i his iim ' il 'i"
Chemists and Druggists
Pure I (rugs, Mcdicim-. Client
ci i-   Hooks, Stationery, Toi h t
lottes) wucre the,
.   in   hydrographies)
Ca ptaiu   L'i     in
li i*. wii
«mui as p. I  an
:. 'i   (hi   'outl   lor tl       ■   p
tllj     Fioreliei    mm' I'll'
i 'da,\ afti r i th      [. I
Mii     tt.      M rs.
;      liter,      ' il     ' nvei ii - -.     i   i'
Mrs.    Han ison.   ol
lln  'ctt, who
Prim est    : ieu tri      for   tin    u iiith.
Mrs. H    :       Ol : I      'i,i    foi
her home   in   i'.n .'am!   about   tin
llliddli   ol tl p■ :     e'en  ■
■ I Ireland.
Sunday at   noon   tin    t tig   S n I
arrived    f] .im     k    ill] ton     and    is
lea\ ing tin- morning! fm that died ion n itii !ndi ins for iIn B, V,
Tl.e Falcon wa    in   foi   a   short
ime y<. teralay.    She procei ded in
i he di ection i f t lie Y.-   rivi r.
Tin  launches   v   rS   S..   Met, n
mal Klk were all  in   from    K   I
I an yesti rday  n ad  i ven . ne was
alad to -'■ theit old tili mn
tain Cornell  and   Mr.   Lawton,   ol
Brown, A la- ka, again.     'I
making   the   tri|    to   Ma pie   Hay
nines ..ii i lie   i.i:
'"     -'
I1 e,\ i   lots are now In in     :' in il
:   Simp mi
few It-aring a       Mail    orders   receive  prompt
nli n ml en reful attention,
"' '"• s"small scale am        ,    por| [sMiigton, B. C.
• the v oi loo)      i cry
ivintci '■ ..   remai    to tell ihe
lly I'ort Moan J Huff, rin St.. next to
Caledonia hotel.
Hot and cold hath,.
K. Tcit't. proprietor.
r to th a t ol   t li   | town
:      piieouragii thi
... ,.'•      Sinci    i   it   wi 1    1   ■: 10,0 U
nt] been   sold      p ■        .    q        •
'      , to say nothing of     Ol83ITlD0d1   0^106.
■ is a  ,
Kid fo r.e i       Irom   tin   pri 'cnt
,   ■ Tn..      There    is   no   doubl
■er I hat trJiini the com-
1 rn inus "; I be in rth   but it is
i' i that the C.   N     liailwa,-
i-ill li   in aln :ni ni  tin ti. T  P. at
1    rate   the   lait T  can ipain
; iena K\
Tin steamer I lazelton con-
ia   ,.-.    al    Port   Kssington
1   the   coast   steamers
 1    Vii toria   and   Van*
1 ouver dm ing   the  season
ot navigation.
11    inder 1    . /li  -.      Besides   this
 —. »-*—.—. ■
,   ,.          ,.       ,,  ,ir,.,,.r we shot  three  mountain  sheep,  a
•'•■■'"■       caribou,.,   i' I wolves and
While the KjHirtsmaii   may   find other animale      We spent most  ol
tmpl        ti]      .ai  and  1 .-. ite t tin time in   Cassiar district, where
i .1 [.town' tish ' we had fi       [Mirt,   ame being very
.   ,'      :   trii 1   nl  Cassi :i ■ ', ntiful tin n ."
irietj ——
.'.   ....  1   ;  I .• ■       . 111 OHM . 1 a
Miss   rinox   lad;  superiiiti 'ill     in   shei'i),   mountaiii %
if the Port rjimjison hospital,   wi 11 ral
avi foi  i Ingland in a few days on kind       I      i         besid
1 3 montl     raaation trip.   A        i ime, such n    otti r,  hare,  mink
friend.- here wish her  bon   voyage etc.    Dense   lak<   is  an id al ren-
and a safe return, desvous for hunters of  l>ig  game.
Mr    Lord, manager of   the   Port It is in the northern  pan   ol  Cas-
Selson cannery,air. the Nass, caini hu   dist .";.  and   is  reached   by
in 8ati   day ei  ning on the steam- steamer from   Vancouver  to   Fort
ir Bustler."    He  brought   th Vrangel, Alaska, thence  by   river
corder with recording office it Ha- , ., .
,. , lews   i 1 In  drow ing of his bo     in      teiimer    up   t
zelton; acting registi ar   unin r   the
marriage   act,  acting  cnlleafor  of
revenue  and   acting   coll 11 ir   of
.       f     ,1    ,,   • m-      for the oast ! 2 v 'iirs.    It se m-
l'l Venue   taX    lor  the I In,line;   M ;n-
ing division from the ls1 ilay of
liiue. 1907, dm ing the abse ce of
Harry Berrvman.
tikine  river a
1 1 iby,  of Belling-  hundn : Rnd   fifty   mile*   to  Tele-
1am,   adio ;   d   icen in his emploi   graph creek, and then hy trail seventy-two miles to the lake.  Guides
200 cents a year for
this little paper
: had '.i ■ n     irkiti [ 11: 11
r   1.. ;   no   one   saw    him
[all :;-: His 1   dy has
not I.' ■        covei".'1 vet.
a nd   puckhorsi.-   1 an   be   hired  at
ph creek, and supplh ■  can
Ujeri   and  at   Laketon
ni,!   McDame  creek.    Baron   von
: ;,. ,      :       Hiida   Sharp   Plessen,  a Danish sportsman, says
ind M        - , the Fori   here,  "'    »    huntim    trip   in   Cassiar:
i       week* I  wai   in
H. Watson, one of  the  proprii
tors of tbe Northern, ftimjison. wa*       Port Sinijison, June 4 .   ,   up   thi
i„   Bssingtoi   Wedna-sday. bav- Tl   ; '■-   '  ' "' lui,,iu '   ,uul   ii"
ing   come   in    on    the   tug Tyee | Mrs   Harding,  asi   ted bj   i to lown fourteen  k-ars,
from Ketchikan, where he  ai  mn-, I In
.  ni
1  IlIUl'S-
'1        tn      on '     lac"   ;,;"'   ;l"'


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