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The Sun Jun 8, 1907

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 Prince Rupert
\ -
Circulating in Northern Briiish Columbia
^   "J^X
*.  B. C
Vol..   I.
No.  I.
Sjt'lst l:il I Ion If J   I'll;   Vl  I i;
lilUaJI    UV/lil V/lllTI    IV dian loggers and others engaged in that while pulling on  one of the
the logging business should know    hcjnqing to ihe branch of a sna<i    ropes he lost bis balance and weni      while ridiiiq at anchor ill Ihe
If this is absolutely correct at   iht close to SCCflC'oi dctiJent. overboard.   Mr. Lord said it might
earliqai possible moment.
i.. W. Morrow. Indian agent.
One of the victim- in the .!: ■
illg accident in  the   Hocsall   river.
[tossibly be a ease of In art  failure
as an Indian boy in another 1 t.     The tug Chieftain is out of luck.
not fifty  feet away, did  not bear Some six weeks ago  Mr.  G.  Cun«
bovernmcnl will not consider dppli-     l "ll Essington, Ma> .,.
  igWirsj.gi .nn. I          (The amendment to the land aa!               .      .               .    ...         rlca-eased utter any cry or call lor mngham had her taken below  for
CailOn.S noi  advertised dUltrd-           \   .                                                      ecovered.      \   party   m   kitkatlu                 .         .     -      •      . ... ,i      ,„,.,„,.,,    ,„•     bavins   reii'iirs
Mi.     Drugging   operations did l"    puipoM    oi     naving   repairs
ing to amended land del.
ami tlie section under disa'Ussion i-
here  given   and   will   settle   tin
Sunn-   consternation   has   been point not tnaalc clear before: "Then
Indians left  for  the   scene shortly
:i fter hi tiring of tin mil hap to  ;
ot bring foi tii any result.
two Campbell boys. Paul and   Ed-      U«le Howard Friisell was play-
caused among timber nicii  by  tin   is reserved to anal  lor the  use ol      ^.     ^  l.,,1|.'inu,,li  ,jie        ., 5,   ing with a hose yesterday  aroun'
declaration of a man   who arrived  his   maji-sty,  a royalty of seventy
irom Victoria that 1
ie   lainls   ami
five cents for  everv thousand I el
intil tin ir effo ■•     ■ ■
on   Molldii \.   by   Ibe    li- ov. ry   ol
I he trap door in his lather's slaughter house  wln-ii   lie   went   thi
mi fell to tin- bottom,  a  distance
works had refused to consider an- board measure, upon  and  in  re- „
1 . nulls bo.lv a -no, i  in itance   Irom
plications   for special  licences  to|specl  ot  all   timb.-r suitable  fori   ^  ,|,,.',..,,,, ,. overturned,  be- "'SOfeet.    w'hen  asked if he wai
twee n bniiii! and the falls. The
discovery, as the rescuers relate,
was made til 3:St) in tho afternoi n
cut and carry  away  timber  from spars, piles, saw logs,  or  railroad
crown lands which had not been
tilled out and advertised according
to the new schedules of the amended act. Forms of application were
issued on April 25 in accordance
with the new schedules provided
by the act. but pruetically all applications «hia-h have b.-.-n made
from the mainland ha\ e been according to the old [orms.
Timber   men  in this city  who
have learned of the statement- alleged to have licen made by officials of the department at \'\ -toria
declare that they can hardly credit the report. The local timber
office has never received copies of
the new forms lor distribution, and
in tin- face of thai fact it is not believed thai tin-department will object to applications made iii accordance With the old schedule?,.
Should the report turn out to lie
correct, the result will be that all
applications made and advertised
from this city -one April 2fi will
have to he remade and reualver-
tised.—Province, May 'J7.
The Simon-Peter hunting party
has got cold   feet       They are tired.
The following taken from the Times
gives this impression,   It says: Thi
hunt  through the northern  wilds
for Simon Cun-a-Noot and Peter
Hyemadan, the Indian fugitives, is
to be suspended until such time as
some definite information as to
their whereabouts can he obtained.
This has been decided on the report of Otway Wilkie. the constable, who lias just returned from a
chase which covered I period of
nine months, and on the advice of
B. E.I oring, Indian agent at Hazelton. Mr. boring, in a letter to
Superintendent Hussy says that all
report! of the fugitives having
been seen since last July lack foundation in fact and have had no result other than that of sending
constables   on   wild   goose   chases.
Without some reliable information
about the movements oi the alleged murderers it is only a waste
of money and energy for the police
to continue the search. There is
a reward of one thousand dollars
offered for the capture of the pair,
and it is expected this will induce
some of the law-abiding Indians to
locate the outlaws before the summer is over.
ties, props for mining purposes.
shingle or oth, r holts of cedar, li;
or spruce, ami a royalty of twt nty-
five .cut- for every cord of other
wood, cut upon crown lands, patented lands, tinil 'T leaseholds or
timber limits, and upon any laml-
hereafter granti tl. Piles shall !*■
measured bj the running f, ot, ami
railway ties and props shall be
measured by tin cord; and for the
purposi s of this ai i two bundled
i mining led bl pi 1, ■-. or one cord
ol ties or props, shall be taken respectively as carnal to one thousand
feet  board   measure."    See   IS.) —
Editor Sun: In your issue of
the loth instant, on the first page
in large head lines under the
beading "Up goes royalty on timber to 75 cents," I cannot see from
the remarks made by the attorney-
general, as ipiuted by you, thai
this  has   been   definitely   decided.
ami further, on making enquiry, 1
this morning and prospects poor
for Northwest cjoinii through
All is uncertainty as to when the
firs! boat will get through the
The lirst three da*.*s of the week
tlie wires wen-down ami no communication could be had with up-
river points. On Thursday! it was
reported thai the water was 'J ft. 8
at  the Canyon and going up.
The captain of the Ha/.elton stated Friday   that the water was 1 ft.
If this so ii is not likely the
Northwest will get through, ]|
fact Captain lioiisor was not very
sanguine about getting through.
but as the company has an enormous amount of freight to lake up
it was though! advisable to take it
up am! store it iii tlie sheds the
company is erecting al the canyon
and also to be tin ie in ease of the
waters lowering.
will be in operation al end
of present month
Rupert expects to be on! of coal
oil and into electric about July 1.
The Rupert Tie A- Lumber Co. are
excavating and laying the foundation for their large illuminating
generator engine, 90 k. w., which
is expected to arrive on the Capi-
lano on her next trip. The light
will be served from the mill al
Seal barber, two miles from the
postoffice, the wires for which have
been all strung.
,1. H. Bacon, harbor engineer,
has left for Vancouver on a ten
days' trip.
Clearing for the residence of
Mr. Pillsbury has comment ed,
M. McLeod, on a charge of supplying, appeared before Magistrate
R. M. Macintosh this week and
was fined |60, He pleaded guilty.
The warrant was issued last fall in
IVhen Joseph   Shaw   first   saw   tl
i.o.ly of haul etiughl   in  a   branch
of a snag enihedtied in the sand at
the edge of   tiie    w liter,    about    ti li
eel i.ebnv the sui lace After rescuing it it was wrapped in a blanket ami placed m a canoe and
brought to t ,s ii.
Coroner Wilson empanel let] the
following jury Wednesday in thin
.use: Messrs. Helgesen, Olson.
Mackenzie. Have-. \. !■. Noel and
Mack ay, the lasl named being
foreman. After viewing the body
il deceased'* home the jury returned io the court house to heai
I he evidence of the rescuors and
survivor, Spaulding. and likewise
tlie evidence of Mrs   Dr. Wilson.
arto the cause  of death.
A verdict of accidental drowning was returned, with no blame
attached to aiivonc
The federal government hatchery parties an- having plenty of
time in whicli to familiarize themselves with conditions in tin
northern metropolis, and if the
signs betray us not, they will be
with u- for "time time j et. The
government is anyting but unkind
to its employees, and what matters
it anyhow if the elements arrest
'.mod intentions for a period of 80
days. They are all good Canadians
and deserve a holiday. What the
government will lose in actual
work will be more than compen-
lated for in the knowledge that
.he men have possessed themselves
of a fai greater local understanding
of a section of the Dominion thai
e coming to the front on horseback.
A. Pretty, sbo will have charge
-if the Babine  hatchery,  was  the
onlj   of tic part}' who went Up
on '.In- Soi t'ewe-t yesterday, ii,
will   remain   it   the  canyon until
tlie main column shows Up,
T. Blair, bead of construction
for tin Babine, Is an old British
Columbian, and is rehabilitating
and n h the diamond hitch,
[or Ic (ear* there will lie a I it i I
home packing to be done.
The 1,,-ad ii , (instruction lor the
Stewart, is Mr, Nicholson, and 11.
, liblis will ci... chargi oi this one
on its completion
It is understood the capai ity  ol
bint he looked up   and   said   "No;
i ut wanted the hose turned off as
he was g< tting wet."
Harry Btraun, better known as
-liver-', was given three months
yesterday for supplying. Sarah
Brown, intoxicated, got 1:? days.
A. -i.nliner to all accounts there
i- more money in the Hudson's
Bay Co.'s safe at Simpson when the
attempted blow was made last
week than at first reported. Ceo.
budge bad 12,700 deposited in it.
.ml the company had 11,700.   No
i hie ,-o far ha- been   secured of   tin
W. Lord went down to Vancouver on the .Amur yesterday and expects to come north again in ten
days. Some people took him for
'biei Justice Hunter since he removed his moustache.
!. T Wallace, attached to the
1 e T. !'. -ui vey corps, Kitamaat,
passed through Kssington on his
'.ay to Winnipeg, where be has
I eon called by Ibe company.
The Northwest was delayed   one
lay in her departure by tbe Chieftain's  lire.
The Amur came in Wednesday
northbound and left southbound
Friday evening.
Mr, and Mr-. Cary left on the
I'amosun for the south after a
month's plea-ant stay at the
Maison de Kirhy.
Provincial Boiler Inspector Bax-
',•[■ went   to Skidegate yesterday.
The May went southbound Tuesday.
M is. L Goodacre, victor in, ae-
iinpanied by Muster Clarem e, is
visiting w ith in r father and brother. It. J. McDonell ami Willie
McDonnell, Mis. Uoodacrc will
-peiid tin- summer iii Kssington,
Rev. lb ''. Freeman returned on
; he Venture thi   lore pari of  the
'.eeek. alter   attending   the   annual
i>nfercnce ol   Methodists  at   Vermin,  the "garden  ol  B. C."  Mr.
Kreemun says  n   vast  amount  ol
'< I   w ns pet i.   im i a! the ci it:- r
nee this year, and all the deli'-
:atcs splendidly cntcitabled.    Tin
111 \t     llllfl I en. .   W ill  be held ill  tin
new Mount Pli ssanl church  Vun-
ouvi ,'.    A. M
na I eit y oi vine. ,\ a-  elected   |
made to her boiler. This was ac-
t'omplished ami the tug left for
tlie north ten days ago. A stop
was made nt Kitamaat in older to
secure   a l*oi ni i I log* lor tin' eoni-
\ ;.'- mil;.   Six da\>  wen   con-
111111 d ill this and an ived at Es-
sington on VVednesalay and an*
bored in tin- stream opposite No.
I wharf.
On Thursday morning about 2
o'clock tin- engineer observed lire
coming oat of both bunkers and so
rapidly did it spread that the crew
and several Indians piled into a
boat and on leaching the dock
raised the alarm of lire. The SS.
Northwest, alongside the dock,
loading freight for up-river and
billed to sail at ten the same day,
steamed over to the burning tugboat and after I four hours' work,
said Purser Whitney, "we succeeded in putting out the fire that
would otherwise have destroyed
the tug. Three streams were
playing on her at one and tlie
-ami- time. Nobody was on hoard
and it looked to us as if the boat
had been abandoned, so we put an
officer of the   Nortwest in charge."
It is understood a salvage claim
has been entered.
The tug was well insured and
the underwriters have tbe matter
in hand.
Mr. 0. Cuuingham -ays it was
a case of spontaneous combustion,
a- tbe bunkers were well tilled at
tile  time.
All the woodwork in the engine-
room and up to the pilot house
bear testimony that the Northwest
did not arrive any too soon.
Among the passengers on the
Northwest yesterday was Mr. J.
Bateman,      for     Kitsumgallum,
where In- goes to take in hand a
a contract fur the supplying of
eoidwood to the SS. Northwest
and also the staking of several
timber limits     Mr, Bateman Is an
old   resident   ol    the   section   and
speaking of the Lakelse valley says
it i- otic of the inst spots hanging
out of doors, some 12,000 acres in
extent.    With      |t)Ur     feet     of     solid
loam aw aiting lb" settler or fruitgrower. At pn sent there are but
ii\e settlers then ." went mi Mr.
Bateman, "but w ben the railroad
arrives there s bs live hundred.
Mr. si,mil ha- two sections ol
choice land in iIe valley."
Mr. Bateman,  while in  Easing*
' ton, closed anol .et contract   This
was w ith tin Iii.- Falls Lumber Co.
im- the supplying ef 2,000,000 feet,
and a- aonn a- his up-river
irr in.' ie- :,i- a i terminated he
will ii an for Y. i . ouver, where he
will secure anothi r outfit ami be
buck in 30 da v-
'I be    N.v,   England   Fish   com-
these hatch,-!;■.- will be Hi million,  puny,  operating on the  northern
W. H.  Brunei!, Ottawa, is the halibut banks, and Milling out of
engineer in charge Vancouver, is  in  the  market   lor     The Hazelton will launch on 1
Fisheries    Inspector    Helgesen  two new   fishing steamers, and il  night's tide,
will accompany the expedition.       is just possible thai   they   will   l" '
 *+,—_—- Canadian bottoms.n- all the vessels land NOTICES.
Another drowning accident is re | of the coinnany's present Heel   an
 _»_  ported,     Tie- time from the Nass, ol   American   build  and  register , ,,„,,
„,, .. , .     , , !  ,,        ..       u ,      ,.-       'I  I...   Urlltvl,  I ',,' 11,1.1.10   \l -,l'li.     l!-|i I-     1 :      ' '' I" ' ' "■        I"   I'll k<miWlllS
The  Northwest  earned   on her Martin Sunsby, a net man  at   \\ .   rn* British Loi   noiaMarim Ka
first trip up-river 180 tons, says the  Loral's cannery, and one favorablj   ways company has been appr. >ach-
csnnot Ind there has been any I captain, not 60 as announced,     It known  throughout   that     district, fed in connection   with   the cm       '
notice given to  the  mills  bj   the is understood this is more than any   is the latest.   He was en g    ed put-  «t ruction of thi  new vessel        Hie
. . .,.,'■ . i ... ,        .      - i ,      . •
government two boats have ever carried m   th.   ting out nets tie lore  part   oi  the|estn v, (|
My   reason for drawing your at-   history of the river. week  and   in    some    we    oiv    ol   en   is t i        ,    . riik si n
The Sun
\l. J. \l tt'KAY, PKOPKIHTDR,
IT    At..
A|iVI-'KTI«INi.    IIAIT.s.
Com.    eiau-ei i "ii\,.     s\|i   riMiiiai
\.n ii i >. .",11 days, |fi,
I.ami smith ks, till davs, 17.
Ci:i(TII-|l fl'l: QT IMI'KoVKMI'lvr Noll' r.-. SO days, +7.
tional boundary between the Yukon territory ami Alaska, with
power to construct a branch line
following generally the north bank
of the  North   Saskatchewan   river H	
to Edmonton, Alberta. NOTICE.
__^_______ 'fin  »ml ,iiiiiii,ii mwttBf nf   oi,    ij,.,.„.,.
I'nmmlwl.inan f,,r |h« sk. ..,.„  it,,,., ri|*trle1
"THE PEOPLE AMONG THE      ?"*£*",£' ■'""'' K~"":l""
RABBITS." :-...,u.,.,Ns,       ■
Ui-enne In-|K.,.i,,
The Indian village of   (litwigak
w lii.'h mean
Tlie   people  among     Nl"
lie1..    IO\ .11    tlllll    ill    On-    llrM
I.I.-.IIIIL' .if thf   lilH,tl*lllfl    l.i.HJ'.l    We   illli'tnl    ll'1
^^SBSBBBB) . ... i.i.-.iiiit- ..i lii.|-iisiiiK  I.....      »-,. 11, i. i ■■ I  i...
I here ap],ear- to he go.ul grouml   the rabbits,     b><>   miles   from tlie *|.|,i> i.i ... i,„n.r,.| ,,,' n,,-,,.i„,iii.|ii,,r li.-.-n..-"
for I'l'ingil g la-fore   the   provincial   mouth of tbe Skeena river, the last "' ""' " ''" Hut*!, i'.,n simp.   n   i-„
. ... ■ i        . , ,,,... .. ir.nn loi.li;,. .i.   KiibvrtM.il, In  Klt-lmnl. A W»l-
government tbe   necessity   lor  aid  evidence of  heathenism is last tils-  m
in     the    matter    of      providing appearing, the huid is being clear-     ,,i;>j„i n.u. ,.**£*£ JS***1"**
better    means     for     the       hand- ed,   the  soil   is   being   tilled,   live
ling of freight al   the canyon.   01 *toch   l« appearing in  the  fields. isoricr.
eniirse.   tin-     novei'liine lit     has   no Lnd prosperous and    happy   eivili-   !'^.'.l!'.,!'!'J'.!i.lV'f;,''Vi,.-'' Wu!.', "i/ m.."'\v!:1',c, ■
power   with   which to regulate the cation is the future of the redskins     s', ',I,.'II",'' - n", |" "t, „','■'■','• ?i."-;' fttwkii v"n!,'"'.'"'
seasons, tlie stars or  m   but  a who dwell there, says  Rov.  Ar E.    _',';l"l''(,.'i'|'11'i v,'r,lu'* -""' w.-.i.-m i.., rmin'
little assistance iii the direction  of Price, In the Colonist. :   wi,,,,,,. ,,. n,,u,.,. ,i„i,,i u.,. »uii ,|1IV ,,,-
.        ,     .... , , April. Hurt, y.m were i-,'.|iini"l t". I'ni'ili .viih iniy
a tramway or   other facility would       The tribe is known as the   (iitk-' ",' ""' <.■;-■.-> -.^...-.i .,,..«,,,. ..in, ,..„,„ ,h.
•        i.     ■        .i     t nlmvt- lilliurnl i'IiiIiii* i lie .urn ,i( lain, >* yiiin
a long way in altering the f*w|«sns (people of the  Skeena)   and£fi?,{;,\'lni',ur;;",',»X^Z,"'u\\'!\»yZ\\^
not many years   ago   its   nwniiwrs j J;;^'^
Were   just   as    celebrated   SS     ally
of a vexed question Oil the Skeena.
Then the steamship company's
could arrange lleir schedules nil
a more permanent liase, have boats
shove the canyon am! be in a position to handle freight and deliver
it far in advance of what has taken
place recently. Too ins tn lice of
tbe KM. Northwest tied up at the
canyon for ten days, with I .Ml tons
on board, must appeal to the reasoning man that there is cribbing
of enterprise and a big waste of
energy somewhere,
R. J   McDonell
The lot Chebalis suit has fallen
through, and with il the half-do-
Sell suits by tlie survivors of the
accident a year ago. This ease
arose out of the sinking in Villicotl-
vcr harbor of the l'. 8S, Company's boat Chebalis by the Prill-
ee-s Victoria last year, and the
loss of three lives, i'poli every
branch of the long-conlested case
and practically every plea put.
urged on behalf of the Princes*
Victoria, Mr. Justice Martin ami
the assessors. Captain Waldbran
and Captain Cox. decided in favor
of the Princess am! against the
At a meeting of the Anglican
Woman's auxiliary. Ottawa, recently, a letter was read from
bishop Reeve of the Mackenzie
liver district. In thin he described
a trip taken to Wapuskow, a post
in the far north. In one shack at
which he stayed there were two
beds, .says the bishop. In one the
good man of the house slept with
his wife, seven children and the
hired man. am! the reverend sir
slept   in   tlie   other   with  tin- cow.
An interesting law point has
been determined by Justice Hunter in the case of (lie Del.ava!
Cream Separator am! against
Mr. Walworth upon notes given in
payment of goods). The defendant
raised the point thai as this is an
extra-provincial company ami unregistered the claim was void Hut
tlie chief justice, while iii a lengthy
judgment, agrees that it is an offence for such an unregistered
company to carry on its business
in this province, there is a grave
omission in the act, there being no
provision to liar such a company's
suits to recover. Tin- decision wa-
rendered at Vancouver   last  week.
TI.M«I:R \<)TiCI£S.
.ill-l lai'llii-l- t'\|i.-n<m ,,tv- Ill  cunt],•!■;!,>:i   nil
i'h- -;( I .... ■-   ■!-.,-:il - I,. lull'/r.l  I",    Vi, 11.'   Ill
o.ho   of    British    Columbia   fo,   -„ ,     ^V ,„ .'„„.„„. I
potlaehcsam! all  the   practices   of   ••■* '^SZ^HTHXStt!.ll».	
i«ri«ri«.i fo,- wiuci, the mirtiici, :;;;;;,,;■,:,:;; "v;.,;:' r:,r,,1:1,^:,;,',;:::.:":
aboriginics liave become noted. ;;■;;.--*■'"''J,; ■;■-  *™*r*& wj;
„,. ,                    .        .            . ti'rc*t vi-*ti'il in it* in nu..inin.',- wit1, tin* u-riii.
Ibe transformation lias been tl- ,,, .,.,.,i„„ i  ,.,.„,,, ji, p. c .in mi,. ■,. n. n.i
. ,            i      ,i                 i •             i Iii-Iiik an Muicii'l i.i i,. ii.s.H.e. "ni,. I;;"..
lectctl tbloueli     the    teaclillig    lit      |i«tl.,l hi Vmiiimvvr, II. ('.,  I III*   nl> .;,o  ,.l
,,     .     . .         '   ,                            i   .         , M.iv. IIVI7,
Christianity,  tlie principal teacher    uc, ..:  c, \. n, ..v, n,.i n c,
, i.i .1-     i i.   i,  • i T<> T .1   l:> hi i v, I;.., , v.-,, iivcr. ll.i
hem"; the Kev. Alfred ft. Price, wno m.i-.x m,i.koii,
,        ,' i      ii '    W. "Ill IIKI'M.
has been all  Anglican  missionary 	
to Indians since lSS.'i.      Mr. Price,
-ays that of the   l.'.O   Iiiilians   who]    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'""IpoSe    ll"'     "*•'■*' »<     "f      ",l,('       V.M) li.'i'.'liy,'!.,-,, U,„.il'Ol„v.,i,l,.r. -
people among   the   rabbits."   there   l Internl Lmppiy i,. il.rolii..f o muuiunrr .n
i    ...     ,                     t       , .1   ■      i.-inc- mi.! w...:.. I... i...i ii.i--i,ii i.i i*iii ni,.! i
are only '-'•» win, are   under   Lhns-  ,.„„.<WB). ,„ ,.; ,„,.,.,„„„„,  ,,,.
tiilll instriictioii. and that   the   at-   i"l Uml.iltiitaU" In ilu'..»i*i M«trl«i.
i        . . i • iii     i ,        N,,. !.    I'.ililliltfUi'llllf HI rl li.1.1 lilnnIe,I ell ll.e
litmlo of this small balance is most   ,,,.., .„,,.,„ ,;„;.„„„ ,,, ,„,,„,,. ,„„,. '
eil<*«)linigillg   ti»    hitU.     T\\V   pn*-   twyth of thr intrntwn, iNnvlivr  1-lntnl! llu'iifi
perity and coiiteiitment of tlie roll-    „,,„■,,,,,„,„.; „,.,   ,„,.,,„„,.; ,,,,,„,
verted   ones is having its intltlein e ' n.u'ili sn >-ii... i~ a, aim .■ ,,i uiniwiiifnt.
Nn. 2.    e,,n  ui:,. nl h |*i*| j.l.nit.-.l ..ii III,
hunk ..I ii i-rr.-l. ci.iiilyiii.r lllt.l K ii-io, ll.-ili in
It't, nl,,,ui a tulle i.cl.iu nu- 11:111,..v.. ,-,i-i on
,,f illlt'l: I ti.'].,.' inil! li In i-lnillis; I Ii *■ ii,-.- -, n-
MM'ltHlllSl  llli'lii't- Milllll sil  elm ill.;  III!'in-,' ,1, •'
siO'IihIii.; ill,■.,',■ iiii'lh In ,'linlin. In |ilii.-,' ,,
Tic leading bote1 in northern British Columbia, elegantly etiuippt-d to meet the re-
(piircmciits of a fastidious public and 01111-
iiiainling a superb view of ihe approaching
Ho! and cold baths at all hours. Baggagl"
trnnsfcrical from all incotllillg and to all
outgoing boats.
on those who still adhere   to  their
savage ways.
There is a line drawn through
the village of (iitwingak. the mission Indians living on one side of
it   and    the   unconverted   on   the
No.  :!.     ('Dlnlilrlll-lll).'  Hill |..,.|  |il;llll,',i nt ,l.i
...ntlic...I nifii.T ,if T. I.   In 77,.:  ilu !■ main
    111 i-lniili.; 111.-Hi'.' -,v..*l nn I'lmiii.; lliein-t- ii.-t'i
other.     No     ill-feeling     exists   Is- I "i» fhHltwi itumw uh«i Hu phalli, pi plun- •
Harrison Lake, b. c.
Tin- ii 1 leu llaibii of ISriti>h Columbia,anal .. favorite retreat
for the northerner while in quest of pleasure and recreation.
(j. Hartness, Manager
tween the two sections, nor art
there  many occurrences to disturb
the peace of the community. The
only trouble that does occur is due
to whisky that is sometimes left
among the Indians by white men
traveling through the country,
both sections of the settlement
have their own bylaws, according
to tin- Indian act. and disorderly
persons are hailed before the council, to which they are subject and
fined. Tlie tines arc generally
paid, and if not tlie offender is
taken by an Indian constable to
Hazelton. 21. miles up tlie river,
where the government agent or the
magistrate gives him the option of
paying the penalty in cash or
prison servitude. If the line is paid
the amount is returned to the council against whose bylaws the offence was committed. On the heathen side of tin- line tin- council is
composed of the chiefs  of   the   dif-     ,   ,      ..iiiia.^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj.jjjj
1 1 linn.   : tin- riiM Nl ,-niilli.. In |,lii.-,-  ,,|   ..,1,1
feront clans, while on  the Chris- inem-mimt.
tiall   It    is   elected    bv    t! ..lei    N"' "     '' ""'"' hl' '" " >""' |,|": ' "'""''
rullllllClK't'lmill. •
Nu. 1,   Connii.miiiL; nt n ptrt pinn11<I on H.r
>"iitli   ltdf  "I   a   milill   rn-t'k,   al'.iiil   niti- nilli
from tin- ht-iu'li itiiil hull it mile unrtfa nt Hpfth i
riVl'f,   I'.urhrl   JM.ill.1:   Illi'lli-f   sulilli   HlfllHil »;   j
ilii'iiif wm*\ Ndflittltlli; ll.cnt'r fjtifttl Kit i-iuiin-:
Ihi'hf.'i'ti-1 K iiliiuns;   iImmiit   MiUth    W  l*ll»»l»  •
111 plllCt' ill' rtMllllll'lllTIlH'lll.
Nn. 1. ( uiiiiiH'arji.f: ni a |iu.-i pl.'iiiii'ii dm i.i.
Btirth baoh »( 8pt*Ut*r tivcr, I'urcht'f UUittl;
I In'lire m ill ill Ml cllni li* ;  thl'IMt1 Wi->t S> l rhuill.-'
ilu-lirc 1.nil li .VI rlinilis; llitlli-f tMsrl W t'll.iilf I
In Jilili'i- nf Culillili-l.r.'lm'lll.
Nn. li.    ('nitiillrlK hit:   '•' tl pWl I'i'tNlr'l nil lilt' I
wot sitif ui h •"iiniii rri'i-k rraptylug i it ti > Kii j
knll'tli iul.'t nn tin-ih>i sulf ni ink 1, I'uirlni !
MiiiM; ilii'in-i- nm t li Rlfhitfl!*; tlu-ini' invt Kl j
chit his; llifiii'f mi lllli Hn chu his; t lie tn-i- \\k*-\ Wi ;
t-iiitins in (iIjmt ui iniiiiiiciicciiiint.
Nu.  7.     I 'iiliiliit'licillK  Hi   11 |inst |ili(MU-<l nt tllr !
RdUlhWell    cnnil'l'   uf    Nn.    li;    tliclira-    Hultii   Ml
I'luiins; ilii'iiiT wot  mi 1 Im ins; ilu-iu-a- san.ih K i
fllrtilis; iImncl- i'jisI Ml rlmills tn   |ilmr   uf   a	
Nu. ^.   t'unijiifiiciiif-' tit n pawl ptstUUnl   m litv
Mtuttiwtjai  ratruvr ul   '<^- rtj  iin'iur s<iinh s>
I'luiin.-; tlichti- t-iiM Mi cluiins; thrinr   mirtll  H
I'llllillM  tlM'llCf U'r-I HU fllttilis In |iiiim   uf   i"uli;-
Nu. '.(. ruiillili'IH'iin.' ul m |>nM |.liiul(-<l tit ll,''
suilUiWesl curlier itj N". ii; llicin-c MHItll >'
cluillis; llii'iiii- wvht Mi rliniiis; tin i.i'i' ftttrth Sl-
i'h it in-; 1 In-it it i-itt-l mm i-1 ni ins tn   pi act   nf  mill-
Nu. Iii.    t'umiiit-iii-iuy ill 11 [h.sI   tilniiii'i   in..!
lilt" sullt tlWHHl (f(flier n|    Nu. '.I;  tht'JM'i-    Hut 111 fhl
i-iiHiiis; iIh'Ik-"' wcsi mi clutiii^; iluiic.' MHith *'
Henry's 1907
catalog is out
Union SS. Co. of B.C.
['lirchllHC your  tree.-,  seeih
mid plants direct from
L'i'ower; IS years' experience.
e    |n-iili|e.
lirliHlli* i.ii»H'ily h..,n Hi,. Miiitlii'HHI oifiler nl I
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l,.lil'cs'  llllil   L'entellieir-
Aniong the converted there are noh i n,,. ■!•• iiiimt. hi- e,.n.ii.-' eini,.;. ui.-i,,-,   ui*jhinirs clothliia niatle to oralei
chiefs, it being understood  bv  the  ,;'SI,,:""!";";"'"" U,M •""'i"""-; " ''""■
r • in.1 ih * ' ,-Iiiiiiis:   tli,-,i'-,- ...i.t H.1 ilunn. I,, |,l„,-,-
Indians   that  when one in author-1■•<mminvtm-mMt.
itr forsakes the  traditions  of tin- w ', "''N'':'"N';
I'. K, Ni-.-ill. Afnul.
tribe he (orfeita all right  to chief-'   pun K»in»i>.ti,B.t'..n»r*i,nor.
tainship,   The majority of the old
chiefs have accepted   Christianity,
despite the loss of distinction tin
move costs..
This company is not supported
by government snlksidies, hut he
the eiuiii \x i j I and patrnnsge of the
traveling public and shippers.
 I    Stciiincrs leave company's wharf
Vancouver, fair Prince Rupert, I'ort
Kssingtnn, Portland  Canal.  Alert
M. J. Henry |*">; '""',;•;;u"f,->' i»rU «« lrti
"     llltb and L'Oth of each  month, and
WHO Westminster road,  leave Victoria  one day before, by
Vancouver, b. c. new steel
,  STKAMRH   i .om.-l'.V
tin-  only  steamer   on    tlie  route
partincnts and  double bottoni. in-
^, * suring snfetv of passengers in case
ueneral of e,,iii-io„',,,-»,-,.,-k.
\':in Anda.   build,   lleriot   Hay,
 Hoskyn     Inlet.     Sui-ee     Narrows.
r»     i   xr*        I I     I    liianite Point. I'lk Bav, llardwieli
POStOttlCe blOCk   Island,   ear River. Salmon River,
 I'ort     Harvey    nlld    all     laigging
cuiups, every Maindav at 8 p. ri.
Millinery and Dry Goods Store       Van Amla, i.und.' Lewis Chan-
neb Miami Bay, I'ort Neville. I'ort
llaivcy. Chatham Channel, Tribune Channel, Broughton Island,
every Friday at IS p. m.
     (iibson's, I'cnder Harbor. Nelson
S.  Fri/.zell Islaual, Marble  bay. Blubber Bay,
    bund. MansoiiV. W'haletown. Head
Island. Bute  Inlet, everv Monday
thief A. Wedildahld    •t"t,%       , ," ...   ,
1 ii.'kcr Bay, an   Anala, (iihson s
land, TiniLrr und Mineral Locator     Welcome  Pass,   I'cnder   Harbor,
^BLUHIIIH Inlet, every
jr^   jL " larl/cAn 'lU''' "'*'' ***0'  irater-tighl ran
Iv    (a    JdljKo'Jll  partincnts and  double bottom, it
in era 1
OUT   I'.ssl.M 'ION.   II.i
Application is to be made at the j
next session of the federal pallia
ineiit for an act to incorporate the
Northern Empire Railway company, to construct a railway from
a point on the international boundary line east ol Caraiston, Alberta; thence in a northerly direction
through Lethbridge, Fori McMur-
ray; thena-e  northwesterly |vassing
At   this time of year the village
s   almost     deserted,   it   being the
' | practice of tlie inhabitants to move
down to the mouth of tin- river   in
tin springtime to fish  for salmon.
The Camosun came in with 118
passengers on Tuesday, (id of
whom   were Japanese, mostly tish-
Hclnit ii unlive ,,l ill.- iininiiy iiml h wl.l*n
N.ili.'i. i. hcri'liv ...I vi-ii Onil ,'ji ,l,iy. iifn-r .Un- i ,.i I lie .livii let t,,r f,,,iy y.-ai.. titi.l |m.->. - ■— 11, >r I
I lim-tiil In n|i|-ly n, On' linn, ll,i' l'liit-f Com- yii.n! kn..\yJi',lKi'el tin-irri'iil liilt'i'Lu' liimiii.-
mif..i.ilu-r of l.ini.l. iie.l   Wi.rk.s fni   tMTiii1-si.il] 1 |i,,.ili,,ii til t-'iiuli'imi'li.'s in llie  I'liineii.  Hulk
I,,   pnri'liitsi'  111*-  filllnwlns liicl.  >ili;„l,-,l   ,.:.    Il'jr \nlli-y.    Tlii- ...iiiiuy nliuinni!. in K I li.li
I-,,r 11,(tnl l'nun I: I'liiMiiicni'iiiv ul i, |i,..l |,!;iul i Ing unit hunt in*- mill pNTtrvl iiiilii-iiiiiliiii: mh-I
Hi n, hi- thotv liiin-ki-.i "W. H. IV. N. W. ,-,.r"; ' ,i o I], will ,1,, well I,, w illi- In llie nli.n.' iliir
iliinii-e en.i Jdrhlltl'l  iln-i.i-i- smith -Jii|.|,;,i,i..   111 l',,n Kwlnstim, li e.    I', o. I„,x ■_".'.
liu.ll-.ir   I.-...     ,,   linllli.l.iry   nf  l.n!    I'.HI;   lluni.-i- |
wc-i nl.nu.- >,ti,l in.ui'.l.n.- in ihore line, thenee ,
iiuiilieily ul..nt inure 1 in,- n, point ,,f pirn
in..in-..ui.nil. enntnlnltty III .i
Monday at 11  a.  m«^--^^----^^^-_
Kor berths and passage, apply at
com|*any's offices—
Carrall St., Vanconver, B.C.
and 63 Wharf street, Victoria.
i-:.-;uxMsiBBSilV*>' '-''■
'i§~£\ Warner Lunch Room The GJ-P-lmkr co-
Port Essington, b. c.
Niiiii-t- i- hereby irlvi-ii I hut 00 iluy. aller .Inle ,
r n.     The    CaniOSUll     and   the   """'"•|   ' •' »pMle««.in to the Hun. the
eiu.-f c,,iniiij..;,,ii,.|   ,,f inn,!. Hml  Wurk* fur
I May arrived al V ancouver, am  tlie      „,,..„,„,,, r,ur,.i,„.,-ti,,.i.,ti,.»-inv. .l,-.,-,-, i
near Fort Vermillion to a poinl on   Inst down trip, at the   same   hour     !"'"' -i'""""1 "" l'11"1"'1 l«l»nrti lonnm-nrliig
*' ,i .i ]...-i nun k.-l R. A.   II.'-  S. B. ('., piin-liH-.-
the iHiuiiilary line lietween   l.nti-li   Both boats  left   Essington on Sun-   rUtim; theneswiutli i.i ih»ln«; Ihenee w.-*i m
Columbia am! tin- Vukon. near
lower po-t; thence in a northwest-
i riy direi tion through   tin-   Yukon
day a-eek, the first-named at  1   », I eh«m»i i«*t th m .-iiuin*. ui,.i,,-,-,-„.i m
. i-line,    :.         ml   ..I   i-,.mill,'lu-i-nI.-nl. r-> • n .,,' - n,-
iii. and tbe latter at  111 p.   m. Tbe
Camosun  called  at   River's inlet
territory to a point on tin- interna- ion her way down.
Ittu Here*,   uire or Ie**.
I,    I:    I- I'W Mil,,-   I
K   v ItwlMin, Al'iiii.
I'm! E*.ln|tt.iii, li. ,   , M„y ji. nsn.
The only first-class
Short Order house
in Essington   .    .
Private  boxes for parties.
oi'i:\    rn.i.   '1 i'. M.
oi-i-. mtk tiih: w i;si'khn iiorsi:.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
All kinds of   lumber supplied on short notice.
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast  of   b.   c.
J. M. DINCAN. M.ruiiter It-It;   ttVH
clove hitch
to the
great interior
Capital (paid up) njMOfim.      Reserve fund. f4.3W,0Q0.
Total asset- HtflWflQQ,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Head office:  Montreal. Que
Branches in British Columbia: Chjlliwack, Cumberland, Grand Fork.-, Ladner, Nanaimo, Kelson, New West*
minster, Port Essington, Port Moody, Rossland, Vernon,
Victoria, Vancouver.
(ieuer.'il banking business transacted and savings bank
departments operated at all branches,
Port Essington Branch, 5. A. Morley, Manager
General Merchants
Rai//. £ Vniin/i  General Merchai
Doyda Young PortSimpson,b
R. Cunningham & Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Nazelton, B.C.
JUST ARRIVED Tains  ol  fresh groceries
Fifty   men's and  boys' nobby   Piccadilly  suits,
latest in cut and patterns.    Call and inspect.
Hotel   Northern
Simpson, B. C.
I'lider new management. Thoroughly renovated.
rtt*1 HH. ('(imH-iiu. 1.11 if ' 'iiiiiiiii'f-iii! Hotel, VnncniiviT.
Dry Goods. Clothing and
Hardware I'I.E   MIN
TOWN Am nKTRIfT ■'-''       E"HP     ' '       "'• h
lUTlll  AnIU   l/IOIIMUl   Cecil, on Monday,pleadi lytn Seemingly astt led by t
. the dannt-
ng drunk. She did not   feel lacity   of    the   Boer,   tin
Icliucd  to give  the   white   man's Tommy   stopped    snd   looked  nt
K,,ril '- ' ''""'I''" "f  "'" ■*■ name   srho   nave  her  tin-  liquor,  him, tlien flin n   his  Imv-
seiit-minded man postmaster Mae she did not know his name. Kor notted weapon, he closed witti his
kl'"zl" «*■ ■ """l""' »P«uuen, thi. Msf.f?u<tru.U) Morrow gave he. opponent, shoutin, "the dangc.l
After the arrival of  tl..- Camosun I   (i|ii. iif w, -0 a||i| ,„ c|;iv, jn ui| M   ,,,ighter„   ..,,„   ,,.„.,„.   „„..
l,"",ll,.v      ' '"'   *" ''-"I'I""1 »Horin d.'fault -jti.Uv.     KaniuelCt-  lad.    [II tw       the. il.am-
t« the iiosUtflia-e with a 1 ,   B.  spa    ,,:,   :!l,,,,.    i)f  lLr  ,  ,uuUy   „„,,_ ;1)|,,    ,„,.„„„ ;,;„.,  ,,
uilty    Andre*. Cecil, lound.d enemy, who.exp
iei.ii, .1 to the aforementioned, is | death thai bad overtaken I,
another w Im »aa drunk, and tin
three in, nos doing pi nana'e ii
i .1 [Mil hecan dio|
Kstcr Cecil, ive era1 infairnu ti, is tin
lir-t    h oniuii    sentetii cil   in   Iii,
letter shui li id a Canadian 2-cenl
stamp, and was ench»sa*a| in a
I . r*8. company's envelop. So far
everything was in accordance srith
statutory law. At this poinl the
break occurs. The sender filled lo
put an address on hi.- letter, and
the  post mo* ti r   is  compelled   on!
Ol -beer lice,--ity to Selld the letter to the dead office al (Ottawa.
Then some people minder why letters do not ni rive at linn destination a ith greater celerity.
C. W. I). Clifford stnte- that the
(irand Trunk Pacific will is gin
construction of its' bran h Iim
from Kitamaat to Kitsilas cain on
this month. The charter of the
company call:- fair the exjiciiditure
of 1100,000 before the end of August. Surviv- arc lieillfl in],idly
completed and the construction of
this branch will nicuil gri at ill -
velopment of the tiinlx-r and mineral resources of thai sei tion of the
district. Telkwa and Bulkley valleys will be tapped .ill 'he year
round, and the present illi onvi ii -
cine uf ti a vel lor the sa-tl len  w on I.i
be obviated.
Dan  Seahr, lata- nf  lb
ni   town,   i It! is on Iii:- nay   to tin
to   look   over   tin-
country in a ..cue: al way and pie!
e:it a -|,", ; bat  ahnws ii likclil il
of I" ing a ■.'■ inner, M r. SI eath
says tli.it ihe next greal move will
be north, ami he wants to be in-
sitle when tl    <l ampede i omes.
Conic to St. John's church; good
Among those registered al the
Caledonia this week are .1. Bateman am! Mrs, Bateman, Misses K.
uml I). Bateman, Mrs. A. K. Johnston, all from Kitsuiiigalluiu, the
fruit belt of the north.
Mrs. Krizzell returned on the
Camosun on Tuesday from accompanying Miss T. Hilts to Vancouver, where the young lady entered
St. Paul's hospital for a short
period prior to leaving for her home
in Vernon. Mrs. Fri/./.oI! visited
Victoria also.
Peterson's hotel al Kitsilas is in
full swing with a busy gang of
carpenters   and   others    at     work.
Front street is taking on  the  hue
of livelier times and grading   is   in
The passengers on last week's
trip of the Northwest relate a rather amusing incident in connection with a crate of ducks
bound for the valley above.
At the canyon, where most of the
freight was unloaded, the said
ducks and duckleta were sent
ashore with the rest of the agricultural implements, They wen-
placed at the edge of the river.
The door unhinged itself in transit and the ducks tonk to the water, as good ducks will do. and sailed away on the Skeena without  lit
taring a quack or a thank you
Silas    Win.    Bearen   is offering a
$lMMI reward for the recovery ol
tin- body of Edward Ilampliell
Among the arrh ■!- in Kssington
, n tin-   ml Camosun was Mrs. .1.11
I bom] i ■ "'i\ er     If i -
I'I,..nip  on   V, b, U:,-
ittached to thi i   ' oni
men ml hot I. . sin oi.v. r, will
take  hold   .,i  tin- management ol
II i Kssington dining-room ami
supervise affairs generally with no
eye to the illen a-ed comfort of
pat rolls
Church ,,f Bt Jaihn the Baptist,
Services:    Sunday   11   a.   m., 7 p.
m.    Sunday Bel I   'J pin.    i'
meeting and el, iii prai tiee Thursday 8 pin. *V. I'. Ru hbrook, lb
A., rector.
lb iiiini.-eeiil   of   t he altove Ili'tKt-
in--:, din iiiL tin' bite South A'    i
war, it wa- ri marks hie vt ith   a li  I
ingenuiti tie   II - r   I id tirn     and
ammunition.    I tiffins, craalh .- an
all   unlikely   places   were   rca|iiisi-
t i''in■■ i as bidiu .   placi -     Many   u
fair and Fai   Vrow   woul '   >
lanienl tin  war with its   attentlui t
bloodshed    to     the     synipath i
s otb-ch, eked    subaltern   offici r
i ngageil in his duty of searching
her house lor munitions ol wa,,
while round her waist   under  In r
ample blouse would be belted three
or four bandoliers of cartridges, !
remember one  house   from   which
the Column bad been tired on. we
were ordered tai search. Hiding up
to the door we were greeted by till
usual large white Hag and a liUX-
nm smiling dame who with many
protestations of her past and present neutrality, accompanied us on
our unsuccessful quest, till coming
to i closed door she entreated us
not to enter or disturb her daughter who was ill in bed with Ie r
child. Our officer, who by the
way, was an old colonial hand.
suspecting a wile, insist! .1. and we
entered to tind the Usual I>ait«-li
box bed in whicli was a female
who lay with her face buried ill
the clothes. The majority ol lb,
unaccustomed to this sort of thing,
were for getting out, feeling ih-
cidedly embarrassed; but our sceptical officer stepping to the bedside
pulled the coverlet away, disclosing, to our astonished view, a
young Boer woman fully dressed,
even to her vehltschocii. hugging
to her side a brace of miiuscr rifles
and an elephat gun. wbile mar.i
packets nf explosivi ami expansivi
bullets wen pink, .1 ., boltl her per
son. "(ih. iiio-t ii.t, resting," said
the major, blandly l«,w ing to tin
elder of  the grinning  women, "|
beg   your    pardon."       I    Will    I"
abrupt.     Hail   I   waited   a   litth
your danghti r might pawsiblj bat
tiian.igi d a   pom |sin a t'n Id gun."
It was during bull, r's op i.it ions
round Spinnkop   thai   I   witni use
in  incident   which   itcrhajts   :1b-
tr:ite- the power of character  ovei
artificial emotions  engendereal   lit
surroundings.    A company of  tin
Vork    and     Lancaster    regimi nt
were holding .-in e\|io-c,l p.iint and
wt ie very  much  annoyed   by th
sniping of i   party  of Baser*  \\ ho
n id erepl u ii ler eo\ er of the rocks
to close proximity.     Maddened bv
tha-ir s- i' re losai -   t he   i    win
tnoeth young soldii rs, -i
t.   and   n ithoul   ordi is
ashed   nto hand .-rips   with  their
-  w Ie rising w itli li
ptcd 1    9)      All i \' ■ oi
ould   not   u i   thi.-
parti tnifiit."  till   pulh d
ft hj  l i- fellow sold iski .1
had iei used his I ayonet,
exclaimed   vaguely   Scratching bis
iieiei.   'me   hay<met .'     \\ It.   man
now     I   nevi r   tin ughl   of  that."
fhal a little 1 e ii a  tut
tl ing was bri n p ru
III '     h.'l I'ply  lo a  ':    0111 111  of   '■
'si nlunin,   i an pi
outside the little Boer doi p ol tow n I
ol   Lichtcnburg     ' lur  intel
frit ml    had   wandered   into  town
with tin I'1".: ol buying sunn ;': sli
bund from sunn et tii, inhabitant*
to relieve a surfeit of bully be, i
anal bisi nil.-. Rather fancying
himsi II i- n : '• :i. h ep aker he en-
'  real into a   W it kel   I Bi er   store ;
■eel   ■   ■    d tl    pin id I .1 dan
hind the ci ntei with a vol j
■ •; !• Im: be him ;ii ed ivae flueiil
and easy I aa I. Si 'ing I hi w nmii n
ri niained i xpi ssioiili ss he ri n
el his requi'sl ui ire rapidly, ■ tarl-
t into an uttitudi of m t ,
r s1 mid i ■ ing delighted
with hi- appat ent »uci i -- an I
.. ishinji to be tnon cxplii il he n i-
terati il in- demand, roaring nut
each word .- lowly   and   a.-   t In     i,
ed lady was   deaf—till   « il
indignant    looks   and   a   burst ol
voeiferou ■ abusi   she  flounceal   out
of the shop into the hack   regions
leaving our frb ml to wnnaler lor! h,
breadlesH and dit consulate to  ponder on the vagarii * ol the la r ie
Not far, lor in  a   lew  minutes  In
was arrestee and hauled i efore tl
provost   tnarshn'   with  grossly insulting a Dutch lady I j    th 'eatel -
ingly demanding "as many   kissi -
as she couhl spare." He had mil taken tin- word 'soun,' kiss, lor 'ill on.'
which in the Taal  means i iaf.— I.
■ ii.    iiinniyit i  nigs—i ' nam ii mujj
.   Port Es&togton. B. C.   -
Butchers, Provision and Fruit Dealers
Live ..(,.. '; slaughtered daily.
1 lams,    bacon,     bird,    vcgi tables and
fruit- niti\ ing by . . cry *teanil*tiat,
Specially Creaaery Bitter tind Irt'sh Eggs
RraMta we »rtkttiqiurtm for Iruit ttml Vegetables
Hotel Caledonia
Pi rt Essington, B. C.
MRS. I. MRBY       •       ■ •        -        rVs»tttrai
Honi soil qui mal y pense
When eon ing to Kssington why worry over worldly
cares, when you can live well and lay warm al Kirby's,
RATES       $3.00 down. Parlors, 9n Writing, Bath
rooms "ii i .'■:> Boor. Ilol baths al -ill hours. Cold
baths when reapuira'd. Agents, Baggage and transfei
, nts. I'orl ■ ■ iie t all Units ami train-. Transfei
Marconi in connection.
i ._
[)r. Qisiiilan
has opened his
dental parlors in
the Cunningham hall
w here In  will be pleased
to ii ii it bis many pat runs.
Chemists anil Druggists
m \ i.i- K- I.-.
fine Drugs. Medicines, < in mi-
: ' rUntioin ry, Toili t
Artie!      I i
Mnil    ,,i,i, i -    n reive   |in inpl
ami , an lul atl mtion;
Mferta Si.    -   Port Esshftos, !:. I
.II-WlllLR    .     .
Ju-t   nrriv !        A   m v,  shipment   ul  cloi ki.   wntchet and
An   sro I    i irrnuta.il  to   give
pel     I'I  ^:iti-!':let:,, Ie
Mackay Smith,
BSair k Go.
Tic Skeena lii\,r route is the quick*
c.| and be-t route t,   the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Ootsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
iei 11.1/- 11 • hi and Skeena river [Htrts.
B. C. Transporlaiion & Commercial Co.,
Dufferin St.. next to
Caledonia hotel.
ll.,, anil eld bath,.
K. Teaff, prop] tetor,
TIMBER Miners.
Iii  kill    ll    W«rri ie ,.i   Vlr
.  r, i.-I   u,,111,1,1, Inteudi to
i.pply t.n ii to plan    .-,  m. k.llowlns
I  ..'.!, ,. ufi I::    It I    posl  |'!.|p'..,|   (in   11,,     li.mk
n  I, ,n  il... n.irlh Hide ol the ski. • ■
i-lvfi  i i,.,in i': i.. intlt'f up tlit. rl wi f:mn II..ie-
; i    III    S I   Iti I)    . iim   -I   li    '..   .I.illli
■    u'» -. .n [ O.m- i ii.rtier  i».-i,  I In-nee i b   Ml
'. Imltt*: Lheuee loath  i,,
r»ke notice Ihut John O. John    i       tl ■■■:       ■ •     nee we»t slong »ldu
hi     |:    (.,.■.■up.il;...'   Iiii.I.. ■,"   ,e,i      i'h»ltl»to   [Mini      !    COD  in • in.'ill,   iillil   .'nil.
,,,.,,,•. [ii i ppl.  [or « -i- cl»l tlmljt-i . •. ii..    mltiln   ■'-  .;,-..
»i'„g,le»erlb«1 Inn Vloi.i.i ,,   WABBIN,
nn iwui  :i [ in po»1 planta.1 on mutheii*! ■ I.I ■ l1"1" M») IS, 19
. f skei ' .i ri'ei. iiuoul I l-'l l ill -   ion ll
im  Uol   ■   •     [i und  »l.oul  i.pp     lo   aiH-i r»*e nndee that lloberl U. JuhMtnn, of BIT-
:   , .II     '.:.■'..     ..:■..     ■....,!,   *'   ■ 11.1: tliellcl      er. Ill] I       ■'        :■..:!.  .1   .',ein. ry   linillli^i 1 ,
.1-.    'h.iln*: tliei        ; theiici    inteiut* to apply lor perniiwlou lo parchawtb,
k.I    leliulni   [Ii nee noi ihsoi      u»i       bi      ■.. .,,„ ,,, • ,e ..- it, ,1 land
we*l  i il I'halu. i" polm "'  ' luiciiieineut.      t'omti Inn at i   |«>»l planted on tbe bank
andeoiitalningimiacre., n ,  lion  Ibe nurtk  ilde ol Ihe Skeena
JOHN U. JOHNSTON.      ,.  , i , nt Ihre. mile* tip the river from Hole-
Iti-the-Wiill (otlierv. i*e  I wn ai Kxcltamalka
Itlv.-r; thence no ;     W , t,,n us.   theiici  weal BU
Iben .nl, to .- i > >. * i.; I. / liniii |,i I'lmiii-.
I  n ill • Il.nl loi DO. Jot     Ion an i  I   W
nl   I'orl
H     '    .   IK'I
1  i.i  about Si ebaliti along -!.>unh  to
'-i" <  ■■<   l«i »"■!         ■       "i'      '     '    " poim m  coiumeiic, nn in. and contalnlBj «*l
pplj   tor I     ..'..:.. 1*01  I H        mi| i   „,
;       ■ KOBI I.I o   JOIINSTOB
ent'lni        |       plnntiil on 11 klnugb p ,,, j Mll, tl>t lvur
the -i . I 'in   ti v.       ':   '	
.'... .1   ■ ...        Bill
II , R                           lb Mil :. nn-:      i Dl T"'''   " ''"' '         ''    "      " "■   "I    Vel,..lie   II
t;,                           |,. .   . i      ieeiip«tIoli  i pli -n i    lulend.  to apply lot
.. i  ' i                      : .        mill  iii    pel'"'" "' '" i':e' '■'-■ the tolloa lug daatrlbt d
nigh; thence wektci	
, ,„._ .. „                                                       ,, < ..i.iin.                   ..-i plant. A mi lha north
JOHN i    .eel \-1on. bank »I the skeena   rlvei   ..... ui 1 l-t ■Ilea
i   H". SMI ill. .1.,,, i, I.,.-in. .  ini.ii  ie i   In-tln  Unii.,.1
i .c-'i m , ■ ;.'."..        i             .:. - i' \. i, i ii, ii, ,■ mn tn
 il SOi halue; IbeBoe mhiiI,
Take ii.ni,.   tl      Jotin li.Ji.hti I  n,     '■■• I I   ihore; (bene,   u  lalottg .bore Ui point ol
!:-:.:u, i in,  i',   e. .. i ipatlon Umber ernl*er, e..nimencement,ait.l i-oulalnlus SA) aerea more
1"     . e      :.,,.;.          I      llllber 11.1 .i   ' : II                                      '   I.i, I'I,:   i'i.  W AKI.I.N
, -.: II* ,i land. Km   Mn. in, ai it.
'.miin, in .i: al i  ■ planted nn the .outb
1 krd  ii.'-...   na river about 11-il tulle* ea*i Take novice  that rrank L. tlwIUlm, ol Van-
font  U'  ■  '   I     Wall    oil erwl«e knowi   « ,,,.,,.,   H ,  , ,,   1,l„ci,,,l  barrl nr.n law, In-
e u'bamaiki   rlvi r;   then                        '  ' ;             .   rmlaalon tai purcbaae tbe
■' n«i a-i     I.,   i aim;   nee n irtb I   chore   |lllll>ull.  ,lu„ ,;,„.,[ j [.
'I'"1'1   ■ I   ''■'   -''''  slows  "bore tn      , nenetng   poat planted on tbe north
[mini ol  iineneemi Bt, and con  tin :. , ■    . ,        m,.,- abou
..,," nn ri      lew
I ate ! May ' i1
plauted   in.:.   S    I
o   I- tri ' i .:.     ...   ,    T"   "       '7'     , •    ■ ' '
■ ' n hi i   e -  mui   ina-n •   , lemi
okniR ' Id lb.1.1., rwln       ■ 'Mai ufa turer       i    ' :'' "neami
i.v, ■ anic   y.y I mal idvan    -lurts  clotl n,■-. tent . i te ,nliV ., ,
fore Magistrate Morrow on   hii     i Koiu :,,,-
I 1 I J mil, - ,1,.\\ n
the river troin Hole-in-tbe-Wall, utherwlae
JOHN O. JOHXSTON tnown u Exeliamrik* river, in medlatelj en-i
nf tiertrn li Warn n't.corner post; thence north
- h.nii-: thence aal Snehalna, thence wsttb
ami u.-i  ;. ong  rlvei  to point nl commence
iinnn and containing ;-n acre*., mor ' leaa.
I-,, \ \t 1   UWIU.IK
Snlice li ben I i given thai *nd«      «   ■    l« "      n,, ,.; \\,,\ |g, . „,;.-
'     ' .;,    ii": :    ''"ill- 	
■   ol I and!  and  Work*   :
■ :!..'.!      I,,  c*1lotl
, i !;.   U. U.
. •:..; ...
E. B. Dunlop
Tonsorial Artist


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