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The Sun Jul 6, 1907

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 Prince Rupsrt
ive Ass
Port Simpson
Circulating in Northern British Columbia    i/._
Vol..   1.
Si l-.-i l.'ll'l H
a fi  I'm  Vi mi
A LOVESICK JAP       ^/X^a8n?.^"^nfhs; HU..FRS AND WASHERS \;TT"<**",xll"l':'1"1 '   AN°™ACOMPANY
becomes a Nuts.in< i  and is Im I- :
ade I In   l.,.v- aiixi ills tai
Up in Ihe (iovi rnmenl Cage.
.1.   Kaiiiiiebiiia   is
in-own   grant   Is'fore   thinkin
VVVnl on Strike lor j Cent and live     .'■..;. W. Renworth, who held
lo Prosi-culi- Work en their Coal and
' 1 ii 111■ I i11-lt or   ■li-!-<--n     i»f ttiiv inter-
Celts an Hour   Got It.
i  ot Anns ii. i,!.,,' big i. ■• Mining Properties in the Bulkley.
■''    I '■-  •"  'he  initial  benefit l-tmea   Hylanda,  representative
1,1   i:"'   l'"1"1    The I, ,!•.... i-liftv f. .t wide with      The   salmon   canners,   like   all concert lo   Miss  Hilts,  while  tn. ,,,   ,|,,. flans-Continental Co., of
giiishing over I.light.-.1 lore,           I two feat of -olid  nn     Howin            i In i-    industrial   eonevrus,  havi   silver was been stossed   Into  it.  u* Ottawa, passed  through the gnat*
He  has   be,-,,    fallowing  up a the entire; distance so far u ver   their trouble*                                    n town again. war lasl   Monday on Ma w*»T t»
i.b-.ntoin    leibn.     ll..it    linn    Inmlo.l   I'd. ailal all 111    S granite formation. ;        ,.    ,, ,          ' „.,
pii.inton,   ihm    ti,.,i   has   lanilc.i             ntrv is a vin-in mineral      A strike ad the Indian fillers anal      c.   A.   McDonald,  an  ej-ta-'isivc Haselton  and  the  Bulkley.    Ihe
bun   behind   a    government  Iron  ,   .  ..    . ,
canning    Poor Orlando. ,J '. ,,."!■ -  an  old   Knof-nny
Tli.-sceiieofaetii.il is the winter   iian, "and   there   i    good   grow
palace terminus—C lax ton. The Jll-
liet in the play i- a Well known
young lady who   lives  at   Claxton
when  the   llsb    eonie   up    from    th.
sea, and at Vancouver whi n wintry
blasts blow.
J. Kamiicbura. the Romeo of
this story, last year worked on n
tug belonging to tin- Claxton cannery, and from off the deck of
this smoky craft standing, on the
dock om- line morning in early
April, did In- perceive the object of
his soliloquy, He bowed and
scraped, and ssraped and bowed
his attentions before tbe object of
his dream. At first little attention
was paid to bis chivalrous antics
by the young lady. He perseveres] in his genuflections until he
became a bore. The elderly gentleman then cut the cards and look
a hand. After the deal their
was a man wanted mi the tug. Juliet went to Vancouver, her winter
home. The Japanese followed suit,
and meeting the young lady on
Granville Street, renewed bis ml.
of love, and followed her in all
directions.     An   appeal   was   made
to the Japanese consul to have tin
undesirable desist fron further annoyance. The youth laughed at
this. He still kept on. All through
Vancouver's moist winter did hi
nurse and mature his plans for the
coming season. This spring he
went fishing with the Dominion
cannery, but he didn't throw bis
net out as often as a good fisher
should. He basked in the Skeena's
mildewed sun, caparisoned in oilskin trappings, opposite the Port
Arthur of his affections, until he
thought the citadel sufficiently
weak to allow its taking by storm.
He screwed his courage up to the
sticking point on Monday of last
week, and with muffled leel be
stole through the tortuous and
crooked walks up to fort No. 1. Il
was 12 and nobody was abroad.
Ail was stillness. Then he puttied
his nose against the young lady's
window and with both bands acclaimed his coming.
Another man took a band in the
game the day following and
Mr. Jap was brought to Essington
were he was tried before Stipendiary Magistrate Williams on the
charge of Intimidation. Decision
has been   reserved   for   eight days.
for thousand* « hai have the grit t<
go in and locate."
"in  took  pi."    "'i dealer in timber, is in   Es-ingt   i company Mr.  Hylanda  represents
continued  till  Pri- and leaves on tlie Venture fan Bel- arc the holders of extensive coal
lay,    rhej   win,ted more  money. Is Bella, where he will Sj   nd sunn
\n incn use of one cent per tray in | time looking over limits.
And P. J. Byron Named as liis Successor.
Tie- axe has fallen on lack Collins and he is no longer Chief ol
II is notice from the depart iiienl
is a model of brevity, merely asking for hi.- resignation and to turn
the keys and apparatus over to IV.
II.      VJekers,     the       district        head.
The latter came over  on  Fridii*.
from I * 11 ] ii- it  and   appointed   P. .1.
Byron temporary chief,
It is reported that several other
lead- iii the district will fall before long—a sort of a clean Up, Si
it were.
Idling and five cents per   bom-  in-
'reuse in the wash room
The .'.'timers association  held  n
meeting on Tuesdav   and  decided
The Claxton addition is moving
apace and live acres are reported
to be ready for seeding down, for
the garden and hoi houses for  the
t to grant tbe advanie, owing to Grand Pacific hotel
The Northwest   brought   down
from the Canyon on her last trip
some good looking copper rock,
taken from the Snuffbox group of
claims, on the south fork of the
south fork of Qold creek, 18 miles
from the Canyon.
The owners of the group of four
claims are Dan Olson. J. Bates. 1).
Lowevy and Robert Hums. With
the  exception   of   the   last  named
the party is inside doing assessment work 00 their claims and
making further locations.
The present shipment is from
ore taken from new locations and
will   be    forwarded    to   the   lower
the demoralised condition of the
illinoil market at tile pi e.-ent time.
A considerable advance hud Is n
made to th.- fishermen this spring
and already the cost has increasa'd
■JOt per ease.
Th" Chinese contracts, by whom
payments are made, wen- drawn
up last winter, and cannot now In
This is in effect a notice poste I
it all the canneries on the Bkecna
by the association.
Another imtiee signed bv twenty-seven women reads:
"A meeting of women held at
Port Essington today. April 2. for
ti Her and fish washer. We. the all
undersigned, hereby agree that
'.here is no one will he in cannery
ioi- three cents per tray. Unless
we get 4e per tray and 20c pel
iinir for fish washer."
A large number of the washers ie
aoveral of tlie panneries took
l heir tools away with their, when
i hey lefi on Monday, and like tin
naughty girs lu tlorodora said thi'y
weren't particular ss to whether
the*/ came hack or Hot.
Word came to Kssington on Friday that several cannerii - on the
lower Skeena wen- paying the in-
rease asked for, and this action.
It is believed, will govern ill the
Turns Turtle in the canyon
and breaks up five
Passengers disappear like
Muskrats in the
boiling cauldron
News came to Essington this afternoon that the Mount Royal coming tl/rongh the canyon had struck
a rock and turned turtle breaking
up completely before coming tin
She carried a good passenger list
and few are believed to have been
saved. Several women came through
oil wreckage and are on the littli
Everything is dismay at tie
Canyon, The boat struck at ■'■
and in live minutes was kiudling
wood. Northwest goes to reseui
Irom Essington.
John Houston, a celebrated character in l>. ('.. a politician who
led and nursed the Conservative
[tarty through infirmities, and wok
afterwards turned down to thi
goddess expediency, was in Essington yesterday. He has a newspaper
plant at the wharf al Prince fttl-
perl and will issue short ly. John
Houston i- Ills type of man the
couiitrv is in need of. A British
1 'olumhian to tho 'maner born.'
as full of enterprise as a nut IS of
meat and ready always to do his
pari  in the development   of   big, was fined $5.    K. Harro, a Jap, for
rich and generous 15. 0. . i .-. .
the  same   offence,  and   raising  a
lisuirh.iiiee   on   the    reservation,
WHS touched   Up  for $15. All    tills
The Camosuu laid off this trip to
• ■
have her 'ottom scraped and otherwise improve her propelling pow-
tnyinei'rs of Hudson Bay-Pacific to
Commence Work at Once.
Bays a Victoria despatch of the
29th: A party of engineers for the
Hudson Bay-Pacific railway are
expected to arrive here today en
route to Port Simpson to commence work on the construction of
railway docks at that place. The
engineers who are coming by way
if Seattle, will lay yards, etc., for
the company. As soon as this hos
been done the work of building  an
.eau dock will commence, and it
is expected will he completed he-
fore September.
M.ileoiu L. Maedonald, and n
party of directors of the road, with
surveyors and engineers, will arrive Victoria tbe middle of July.
They will go to Port Simpson, and
from this point go over  the  routi
if the road eastward up the Skec-
ilfl river, through the Peace rivei
district and meet a party of surveyors which started from the
Athalwska hake district last week.
Two parties of engineers and
surveyors are new at work laying
out the route for the new road.
i)ne startrd from Fort Churchill,
in Hudson bay, to work westward,
and the other from the Athahasi a
Lake district to work toward the
Pacific ocean,
All surveys ami preliminary
wairk will be completed by fall,
anas in the I'.ulkley, and a large
amount of preliminary work was
performed on these deposits last
In addition to the above coal
areas the Ottawa company have
extended their ramifications into
minerals, and possess, at various
points adjacent to their base of
operations at AMermere, eighteen
claims, which at present arc being
actively prospected and their value
fully determined
A large force of men was brought
up from Vancouver by Mr. Hy-
lands, whom he intended taking
into the interior. Four of these
took to the bush after arrival here,
and one a Chinaman, took to a local
kitchen. The Chink refunded his
fare money, however, hut the
whites hid till the Mount Royal
was Hearing the Canyon. And
some people talk about man's Inhumanity to man and a' that, and
a' that!
10.    Eby,   Kitsumkaluni,   is   in
town   and   stopping   at   the   ('ale-
Ionia hotel.
The  provincial   fiscal   vein    will
end on June 80, and it is officially
-tim.it! ii thai   the  total   revenue
i'or the   year   i'.'Oii-T   from   timber
-.aire:.- alone will  reach  1800.000.
["his revenue is derived   from   tini-
lier licenses,   leasa-s,   royalties  and
'XUort taxation. Illld as the   cost of,
... .., St. John H plelll'   011 Jlllv     1    WB(
olieeiioii   amounts to   prai'ticullv      , , .        .      ,.      ;. . ,
lU, ., •     , i    I" thoroughly enjov.i'ii'e   attair   ami
larticipatcd in by n great   iiuhiIh'i
iiien b) St. John's Church lost Morula)
on the FssinyiO" Heights.
Carpenters on the way to Rupert to
Start Operations on Structure.
The latest in the real 'live' news
from the model and orderly city of
Rupert is the announcement that
the long contemplated hotel site,
the foundations for which appear
ill the left going up from the wharf.
are being made ready to receive a
force of carpenters expected on
tomorrow's boat from Vancouver.
The original designer of the Ru-
oeit Inn — the official name appearing mi the licence application
papers made by the late Mr. Russell—was Mr. N. Hoffer, who also
is expected on the same boat. The
plans bespeak a fine and elegant
thing,  this   large   sum   may
..id In In- clear profit   to   the   gov-
iniii. nt.  Tie  n venue for th" je i
just closed m ill he several hundred
i housan d dollars in i x< i-ss  of  last
Ve.I I .
On  Dominion day,  July    1.   1-jl-
ivard Channels, for  being drunk,
The following are the high boats
for the week i tiding June 29:
Boat No.       Name. Hockeys.
IS N. Okubo    ....       647
2 il. Okewaga ...       -t'.iii
(> H. Iwasaki....       488
15 I. Tnkishara. ..       481
■1 s. Tominaga.           411
3 K. Otavi     ....        137
On Monday of   the same week a
Balmoral boat caught  80 spring-.
took place at the Kssington temple
of justice.
L. 0. Cary came  in  from  the
south   on  the  Venture Thursday
The tug Vers was   rammed   and
nf the citizens. 'I lie day « as glo-
" ous,    The spot id' al,
li.eie was a good pri gram of
: ices anal -h mting niatehi - into
,vhich the children seemed to
throw mole than their usual
Thi woms n's shoot ing mat. li
occasioned considerable rivalry,
Kssington can i*ertainly boast some
very fine lady shots.
The contestants in the finals
Mis. H.   MeKeii/ie.
Mrs. A. (i. Harris
Miss Von Elsterman
Mi.-. Walter  Warner.
Dr. QuinIan gties to Claxton on
Monday, when- he has been called
to perform several delicate opera*
K.    Monro and   Major Gibson,
both    Of    the      ti lllpi l.llli'C    city    of
Rupert, left on the lust May south.
It i- reported Mr. Monro has se*
cured   a contract with the C. P. R,
almost put out of commission at! Mrs. .McKenzie won out by mak-
the Dominion cannery wharf last ing two successive bull's eyes, Mrs.
Mm day night by the Japanese Harris came in second with one,
tugboat  Takumara, doing  towing and closely followed hy both   Miss
I'll.-   [..it i..r.hi|. herttufa ■   lufasl*ttiig   l><-
nn    I.   w   ni. har.li »nd li  Wnts.ni. km.vui
Rii inn Ii a urn-.ii, ii,.i ; Northern, Map-
"i,. a.e . ho*, in. n rllMnlvcl l.y itiuliiiil .-.mi
III dtl i- jwlnf, Hie ii rin \wll twsnllect.
■! b] K  w    Hlrbardp, who   i 111  onntiSM ID*
llll.llll'H.,    till,I     i',l..,.ISr     111. ■  I     nil    ."III    t:i!|.|||lK
i.lillfailon*.. |   H     III. II A 111..-.
II    w ITSOX.
Poi i simpMtn, ii i'. .inly ... ISM
Steam launch Vesta, at present
moond at Port Simpson, will be
sold to the highest tenderer, The
launch is in splendid condition, 44
feel overall, seven tons, good large
cabins and well found in every
particular. All applications for in-
formation, etc., should he made to
the undersigned, Northern hotel,
Port Simpson. B. C.
Wanted —Printer, typesetter or
a man acquainted with any arm of
Ihe Northwest on her  last  trip for the North Pacific cannery.  I h.-  Elsterman and Mrs. IVarren, the service; biggesl wages, must be
down bumped against a projection Vera was patched up and brought      By very little effort on the part slow nnd read his sticks, ami also
In the Canyon and  has  been  un* to Cunningham's mill,  where she of the citisens the children   might  da-af; must    nol   throw   or   carry
coast for treatment and exhibition I dergoing repairs at   Herman's mill at present is undergoing repairs.      have orrtho hill a fine  permanent  hill or empty bottles onto  the  re*
purposes, for an injured nose.     She will  he     Fur Bale.— Singer sewina ma- playground   :|»-IV  '"""  Ihe dan- :''m'1  -MtIv  ■,|m "''V".  b> feet
. ., , •       ,   ,   ,|       ,        , .... ., I, ,   ..,      t !'• 'in Inalian reserve, lla/.-ltou  st.,
Assays on tin-  ore shipped  last j ready to leave again on Monday.      chine, almost new, cheap.    Apply gers ol wharves, walk- ami  tiales.  por. KMinffton  li  C Iftl    Mrs
The Sun
IT   AL.
Com.     I'Ko-l'Kl'TINi,       \M>     I'lMllKH
noti.'ks. 80 days, if".
I.ami M.TieKH. nu days. I.'
»'l IfTIKI'VI I   OK  IMI'KOVl Ml VI   BO-
Tints, 00 dav-   $7.
Hii'l furtt.. r .m* ■. leu..-, in ,-,.ii,,., ti.e.   wiili
ttl« -ie ■ -o '.  I'h.iiti, I tn  y    in
All.I nil.Trie >... I hare failed lo DM)  '
.1:111 ,.: I1A ' |   r.'i|ii1r.  I
I „l,,    | :.nl,-. run -luii' « 11 hill ...
.1.1. .   [    .,1   I    ! :,,      1        ,    i.i    ' ll.'     hi .1      1   '    '   '    .  ill -,,,,     ..|
llils  II'"' Il •    |- '        -.ll   I    .1;       .-.,- ...|   1,.-, ..
iin-ii' ...   , raftl.  h.■.,■..i  thai   u.-. ih.-
i.i,.!. i - i ,       ;.. lue, .■ .-in ■
11 |.n. .ii.in. ,- .. ,i', i h.. i.-ci,.
..I .. ciltio i   • SI. B. I    -en
-.1 i. I: - ll'   ii.
I'm. ' . i. H. .  . ihi.  in.
Mnv. i>.:
i      Willi, .- :    '      N    fl.oi. \    Vai,. ,.iiin . ll   i
Tu I    i   if..nu   1-e. vanii.uv. i   H i
\l.l.\   M.-l loh
.     »     Mil I'lilM
v..it.'.-1. h.-ri-i.'. irtv.-n 'lite ",' a,,.. altfi dale
I ini, ii.I  i,. appl    I", n..  IIi.ii  Hi.- i'h
ane.li.nar <>i IjhkI. ■'" I Wi h r  pt-'rinlnfnii
l«.  pnrehaee  Ih*  I..|h.w1hn land.  .Iniate*!  ,,"
Portland i'mih.i    ' i.n n.-inn *i a po*l plum
,.,l near >h»n . i    W  ll '    - \  M
thenee east IS*ehalna;  Ihene ith Sinlialn*.
more... lea.   t<       iindar.   ..I I...t   Ift'i  Ihen.-e
Veat hI.'iil' -ni.I i"  indar. tnahnr.  line   tbene.
northerly aliing .lion   line lo  i e    i
Bianeement, contuliilnR I" arrea, more >.i lea*,
w   n   ' OOPI R
Port Raaliiirton  HI"., Ha* *t, If*"".
N... I..- ]. I
I Intend I..
.    i.ii i.nunl**toi i-r i.i  I .*t-■ i-- and   Work, lor
ih-nni-. i., ii e, pun. i....' ilu follow in.' ill... 11. ■ 1
land -limn.-.1 -.ii I'.-.'li.r l.land : ' ommeiii'liiK '
hi ii p..*' iiuirk.ii! I A 11 '- N I'. ' . pureha*e
..Inliii: ili.'ii.'u ...nei in i-halnei thenee we.l I"
Dhaln.i llu-nee north kl ulmln*. tlianeeeaal HI
..iniiii- i-i poinl ut i''iiiiiii.-iii'i'iii.'iii. eontalnlng
I'.'i auraa, nunc oi le*a.
I    li   BPW villi-. I.".'iiii.i.
K. A. Illl.li-.ili.   \K>-l.l
p..i'i Km.1iil'|..ii. fl i'.. May Ji. ISOT
Take nsllua thai Prank I. riwllllm, nl Van
 iv.t. H. e . neeiipatlon  barrl.ter-at.lair,  III-
tend, to apply hir i*.rtiila*liin lo pnrehaae the
lollowlns deaertta'd landi
i..iiiiii.-ii.'i!iir ni h D...I planted .-n Ihe north
bunk ..I Skeena river ab..at 11*3 mile.down
Hi., rlv.-r from II..1.--In Hie-Wiill, ntherai«e
known ii- Eseham.tki i-iv.-r, Imn.edlHtely east
of il.Tiriiil.- Warreii'  iiorner poi.1; I l.enae north
Slnhalnt: thel  ea»l Si ehalna, thciioo miiitli
rtil.l weal tiloiit,' river '.. pidnl  ..I eommenee-
ineni iui'1 onntaliitnit -i-'n uerea. more nl la...
Datad Mar 1". IftiT.
Take notloa thai I. William str.ni.iHi •■( lira-
ham 1-i.ni.l. upathin, lariner, Intend to apply lor permlwlon  in  piirehaw the  lollowli
K \\».K     V
I'll la i lintl" T .li ill '..111' *. -'atllli-lajli, "f t'.-II
KttltlKtOfl,    Il    '        i.rrii|t*il lull   tlliihrl   L*rulH>r,
Intendito .ipP1 >  !i,r » lygrtaltlmbri \i-f<<-
i.V'-r ll.i- fo|l<iwlUfl ■''■-•■rt lidl I-ni'l*:
\n 'i raiuiitiirii in*,' tit post plmiii-n mi a « r.. !.
i-nttrlllf Ski'tMirt nrcr. mi ilu- ■niit''.-ivt in!*,
ritmiu u miles up th« Kki-fini rtv.r. irmn Hot
.iim ih.it *»!►. i*i > - sftHi l« I. . *pttn?t 1*14 ■►.■-.■ l* logon lot north- Ml - .v
-.*■ ppl.--»tiloii I-. -In- 'l.'ii th) „| the ;t--i'l. iImmii i 'ill » mil" «hovt n lew»*n*r,
thfllioe -imt1! I ' ■ n^;ti* ; T1 w tm■■• ea-i ; ' t-bftlni
Tht.*iM't- Muiith -liirlwiiu*: thi'tic*' w.-i tn -ll-'.':
ihi'iii-r- ilnni ihope lo point nf canownrement,
H'nl potiUlnIng *W term, Ban ^r I«m.
No 10 <'oniim'i.ring nt a post plmiici] ui, ■
■ ■:■,'.-k i-nii'i-iiiK HkMM river oi: thr *.ouiIh-ii*:
■Jde nbout I PtilM up tbi river from Hot
spriiiKf, mI4 p"-i beittg planted <»n th* north*
f»isi idde of the creek, tbontltWfl ind i hull
:i.;U". ni.-..v.- i[tiewater, tbMM Mtf 18 ehaic*.
thfBCe -outh  121   ('hiiiiiiC   tllflire  WisI 10 -ll".'
Ul chains; thctiw bJobii creek toptaeeol berln-
niiiK aad eontainlng NO aorw mot* or lea*.
No. u.   "emmene.ftfat ■ |W*»t|rt»nt*d on h
i .'k gntvrlng Heena rtrar on tha louihi'mi
Ida, a boat fl mtlai up tin' rlvai frrtw i1"'
Mprlnga, aaM poa| be|ng pUm -d on the Miutli
went side of tneereek, a boat 11-2 mJlea above
^ldewater, Ihenea weit Wehalna, ilu'nri mulli
IrlO ehalTiai theueu eaal W ehalm l" ereek!
thenee north alohg ereek to poinl o( bo ij
nieneementi and eontainlng MO acre* wore of
p]v for ptTi'iis-ion in pnrenaxe the h>u»winji
ili'-iTih.-l land: -"oinmenotng al p*»a| planted
in, the ewMl Hide ol Miu-ael ltilat. ai the nrnuth
of Ifowan riveri them t> weal in ehalna) thene<
ponth lOehalnai Iheiuteuaal 111 ehalna) thwnei
norili -in ehitlii* t" p'.l'.i of 1'i.in ii,':i'i'ii:riii
and i-oiitiilnln-* PW .rn* mora "»r ion-..
wilijam ktuon \rn.
Dated Jnne I, IWT.
Take aotloe thai Vlolel H. Warren, of vie*
tort a, .fi'iipni Ion marrlea] woman, IntendR bi
apply for per ml Mb hi tu pnruliase the followl; k
deaerlbeil land:
('ommeneing nt a poet planted mi the bank
of a aluiit-rh on the north ildeof Ihaflkeuiia
river nhout three mltm up the river from llole-
iii-the-Wall. Immediately eaat of H. (i. John*
iton'a aootheaat eorner poatj tbenee north W
ehalna; thenoe eaat nn ehalna: thenee poutli to
plough H) ehalna: thenee weal aluiny nloUgli 90
rhalnii to point of unmmenoeoient, and containing Sgdacree, more or leaa.
VIOI.KT 11.   WAItltKN.
Date Muy ih, i.xi7.
Taki- Rotlee thut Roberi 0* Johnalun, of Riven Inlet, H.r.. oi-i'upiitton oanuery manager,
Intendi to appl v for permlaaloii tu purehane the
foil,,wi. i- tfeaarlbed land.
C'nmmenelng at a post plauted on the bank
ofaelooghon tlie north side of the Hkeena
rlrer aboul three mlleN up the river from Hide*
In*the*Wall (otherwlae known aa Kxehananlki*
River; thenee north M>ehalm; thenee wentftn
ebalna; thence south to alough about tucbalna,
thence eael about ■*-" chalm along alough to
point oi eommeneemeut, and containing Wi'
a*prr« more or le.is.
tHted May 1H, I9<)7.
Take nntiec that G. Warren, nf Victoria, R
C, oeeupatfon spiiiater, Intendi to apply fo;
permlttlon to purchaee the foiioivinn deaerlbed
Commenelnf at a post planted on tho north
bunk of the HkeeOa river about 1 1-3 alien
down tba river from Hole*tn*tbe*WaU, otherwlae known ai Kxeharaalki river, tbenee north
40 chains; I lit)nee west an chtlni; tbenee iouth
to ihore; tbenee weat along ihore to point id
commencement, and eoiitiiiuiiiK 820 acre* more
I»ati» May IH, 19.17-
1 Take notice that I, K. T, Klbbev, ,,f Kltaelaa,
B. 0,, occupation miner. Intend to apply foi
pennleelon to purchaae the following deaerlbed
f'ommenelng at a post planted south 40
e)ialnn from mouth of Phum*de*Meah creek,
on oast hunk of Skeena river, marked B.C. K.'*
N.W. t'r., thence east m chaina; thence iouth in
ehalna; tbenee weal in chaina, thenee north 4"
ehalna to piaee of Bommencement, ami con-
talnlBg l'lo acres more or less.
Dated .Time 17.
Take BOtlCe thai Susan Kirhy and Kmjly Lo
renSi of Port Raalngtnn, B. (\, occupation married women, intend to apply for pennlaalnn to
purchaae the following deaerlbed laud :
Conusenclng at a poat planted al tbe S. ft,
eorner of lot 3D, Rango V., coael dlatrlct, thenci
north ft ehalna, thenee eaal m ehalna, thence
ionth 5chaina, thence weal in chalni to point
of commencement, and containing SB acre*,
more or leaa.
sisaN KIRBY.
KMILY   l.oKKN/.
C. M. Dolmage, Agent.
Dated June IA,
Take uoiiii' Hint I. 1-oiiU Hapstoiistiill, ni
Pi I nee Rupert. B. C.t occupation engineer, Intend to apply for permission to purchaae tin
following deaerlbed hind:
(Commencing at a post plan nil about six
mllei from ihi- Skeena river, in a urn lino ly ill
rectton, and on the north band <-f the Kyeaae
river, thenee north 40 ehatua, thenee weal p
ehalna; iouth hi ehalm more m lea* to the
left bank of Kyeaxe, tbenee man caaterly dl
rectlon along the bank to place of commence
nent and containing h-" aerei more or ieaa.
Date Jane', im
Dtanuor of Skkkna
Take notloe that Oeorge Martin, of Van
ver, Br, KeH| Betatt Broker, Intendi map
ph for permlaalon to leaac the foll.iwtni h
en bed land: Commenoing ai h poal planted
ai the bead of Khutie Inlet; thence noiitherl)
hIouk the well boundary of loi 27, forty nhatm
thence forty obalne weat; thenee forty ohaln»
north to the -outh bank of Khutge river;
thence eaaterly alnna* aaid river to point of com
niein.emeiit; oontainin»,' 100 anrei more or leaa.
Hated   Vancouver June loth,  l'.l.-T   .
Wm . Shannon, Agenl,
Nntiec is hereby liven lhal BOdayi afterdate
1 inn-nil in appl* io ih.- Iimi. ilu- I'hicf r.im
mlaalooer ol I.mnU anil Worki for aleaaeof
ih.. lollnwiiiK deaerlbed Inreahore: i .nn
matietnjf at a p-.^i planted near N K. eorner
I*il 7, Stiirnuiin liny. Port Blmpann harbnr;
thenoe imrih :i chalni: thenee eaaterl* I"1
ahatna, hI.hik the ihora line and rontalnlQi II
a.-r.-.'- tnore it lem.
I'orl batttfton, H. I'., M.iy .'I. I'm?
No (2. CoinniaincinH nt n pust
plnntcil on :i iTii-k i-iit.'i'i nt£ Hkei'im
riv. T on the soiltlienst siile nlioiil (i
niili'M a11> ilu- river from Ilnl
Springs, laid )>o-.i being on tin
■ list sjili- of saiil i-i'eck. .ilioiit -1 l-'2
miles above thle water, lhenw< naiM
40 i'lniin-. soiitli 1(10 I'liuin.s. v.i ■ :
10 eh.'iiiiH to creek, thenee nort!
tilong creek to point of coinnienai'-
nii'iit. and oontaining li-10 ncreii.
more or less.
No. 18. Commencing nt n post
planted on i creek entering Bkeenu
river on the lontheaul side, alioul
ii miles up the river from Hm
Springa, saiil post being on tin
'.vest «ide of stream about -H mill's
above tide water, thence went 40
chains, nouth 160 chains, east -t a <
ehains to ereek. thence north alonp
i-reek to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or loss
No. 14. Commencing at ■ posl
planted near a creek entering Skeena river on tbe southeast side
about six mill's up the river Jrom
Hot Springs, snid post being on
the wesl side of said creek, about
(U niili-s above tidewater and '20
ehains west of creek, thence cast 40
ehains. south Kid chains, wesl 40
chains, north l(i() chains to point of
commencement, containing 840
acres, more or less.
.No 18. Commencing at a posl
planted near a creek entering Skeena river on the southeast side
about li miles up the river from
Hot Springs, saiil post being on
the west side of sai.l creek, about
SI miles above tidewater and 28
chains west of creek, thence east 80
chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, north <S0 chains to point of
commencement, containing (>40
acres, more or less
Nn. Iii. Commencing at ■ post
planted near a creek entering
Skeena river on the southeast side,
about li miles up the river from
Hot Springs, snid post being Oil
tbe cast side of snid creek, about !U
miles above tide water, tbenee
east 40 chains, south 160 chains,
west 40 chains to creek, thence
north along creek 160 chain- In
point of commencement, containing <i-lo acres, more or less.
No 17 Commencing al ■ iiosl
planted near a .reckenteringSkee-
n.'i river on the southeast side.
about (> miles up the river from
Hot Spring!, said post being on the
nest side of said creek, alioul !'j
miles above tidewater, thence west
III chains, south 160 chains, ens!
40 chains, north 160 chuins along
creek to point of commencement,
containing (140 acres more or less
No. 18. Commencing at a post
planted near a creek entering Skeena river from Hot Springs, said
post being on the easl side of said
creek, aboul 111 miles above tidewater, thence west (0 chains, south
160 chains, east   40   chains,   north
iiiii chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
Located May 21, 1907.
No. 19.   Commencing at a  posl
I liaiilF. w.-t    )H   chain-.   MHltll    l<l
chains, wesl 40 chains,   north   120
chain* eaal io chain -  '" place  of
eiililllleueellielit.        conlainlllj-'    (140
.'iei.-. nn .rt' Of   less.
May 23, 1907.
"        '      ' " il I ■ .,n«. — i i.i
1'WOK      IV
Take notice thai the! Irahain Island Lumber Co., of \'i' toria, B.C.,
ii.teiiil,- to apply for a special  tim-
lie|'  lieellee n\ el   ||ie    foi lo\\ ill ii ill '.--
cribed landsi
No. 1. Comment Ing nt a |kw(
planted on the ihore of Rcnnad'c
Sound, (ir.'lhaln   I- laud, n.-ar head
and marked o. I. L •'•'■ s W
- oilier, thenee easl 'n ehajiia. nan th
160 ' bains, went i" shore, (beiice
following shore Inn k Jo phne of
No. 2.   Commencing a|   ii  pus)
planted    mar    lead     of    11 me I'i
Sunn I, Qrstham Idand. aad mark-
e.l 11. I. L. Co'a N K comer, them i
-outh Iiiii chains, \\e-t 40 ehains.
north 160 chains more or I. ss lo
abore, tlieiia-o following shon hack
tn pi.ie ■ of commencement.
No. 3.   Conimmciii'lng al a post
plailti d near head of Relllicl'r
Sound, (irahain Island, and marked (i.I.I.. t'o's N W eoiiii'i'. them'
nest -10 chains, south 60 chaiiM
west 40 chains, milltb <i0 chains.
east 40 chains, north 60 eliain.-.
east 10 chains, north to -hole;
I hence follow iii" shore to place ol
No.  I.   Commencing at  a post
iilallteil  oil   the    since    of    Kellllei'
Sound. Graham I-land. and mark
ed (i.I.I. Co.'s N K corner, thenci
ivi st HO chains, south 60 chains
east 100 chains to sh.u'e. thellii-
lullnaving sborc to place of eon,
No. .".. Coiiliiicucing at a po.-i
planted on the shore of Kennel'*
Sound, (irnham Island, and mark
ed (i.l.L. i'o's S K corner, (bene.
west 160 chains, north 40 chains
east   to   shore,     thcllce     following
shore hack to place commencement.
No. (;     Commencing at a   poet
planted on the   E.  shore of  Ken
nel'a Sound,   (irnham   Islaml. an.
marked (I. I. L. Co's S W eorner;
thence   c;ist   SO chains,   north   W
ehains.   west   80   chains   to   short
thence following shore to place  oi
i oniniencement.
No. 7. Commencing at a pnsi
planted on the east shore of Ken
net's Sound. Graham Island, ami
marked (I. I. L Co's S W cornel
ihenec easl 40 chains, north ]('•,'
chains, west to shore thenee following shore to place of commencement,
No. 8. Commencing al a post
planted on the wesl shore of Ken
nel's Sound, (irahain Island, aili
marked (i.i. I.. Co's N K cornel
thence west 160 chains, south li
chains, east 100 chains to shore;
thence following shore to place of
No. t). Commencing at a post
planted on the shore of ReiincIV
Sound, (irahain Island, and marked (i.I.I.. Co's S K corner, thence
west M0 chains, north 80 chains,
east 80chains to shore; thenee following shore to place of commencement.
No. io. Commencing at a post
planted on the cast shore of Kennel's Sound. (Irahain Island ami
marked (i.I.I,. Co's S K corner;
thence east 40 chains, north 16(1
chains, west to shore, thence fob
lowing shore to place of commencement.
No. 11. Commencing at s post
planted on the northeast shore nl
Kennel's Sound, (irahain island
and marked (i.I.I,. Co's N K corner, thence east 10 chains. South
160 chains, west I" shore; thence
following -hore to place of commencement,
N". 12, Commencing at  a  posl
planted on tin northeast shore of
Kennel's Sound, (irnham Island,
and marked li. I. L Co's S K corner, thence north 160 chains, wesl
to shore, thence   following shore to
place of commencement.
Bv S. R. MacClinton.
Julv 2, 1907.
Tin- Skeena River route ia the quick.
,>t and n.-i route to th,-
Hulkley Valley, Telkwji and
Ootsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for |!:■/■ Iton and Skeena river ports,
B. 0. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
I I Mill p
K. J   McDonell
(Mrs. .1. II. Thump-on. late of the Commercial
hotel, Vancouver, has taken the management,)
The lea.line hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly equipped to meet the re-
quirt'tin nl- "I il fasliilimis public, ami coin-
mainline :1 nujK'rb view of the approaching
i-tcaiin rs,
Hot and cold hath- at all hours. Baggage
transferred   from  all  incoming and  to all
Ollteoille    UllltS.
Loin}; at the southeast corner of
Watson hay. on Roderick Island.
ilongside of post No. 30; thenee
east SO ehains. sou I li SO eliain.-.
ivesl SO ehains, north HO chain- to
place of beginning.
No. 82. Commencing al a post
planted at the entrance of an un-
iiamed lagoon, on the wi si hank of
I'oileriek island, about two miles
north of Watson bay, thenee east
SO chains, south SO ehains. west 80
ehains. north 80 chains to point of
I Beginning.
No. 88. Commencing at a iwisl
planted on the west hank of Rod*
• ■rick Island, on the north shore of
Wallace Bight, one-half mile from
mouth thereof, thence north SO
chains, east SO chains, south SO
chains, west SO chains to plaa-a of
May 26, 1907.
No. 84, Commencing al a post
planted on the east hank of Rod*
.■rick Island, and the west shore of
Mathison Channel, on the south
shore of an unnamed hay: thence
west So chains, south So chains,
■a.-t So chains, north So chains to
place of beginning.
c a McDonald.
Mav 26, 1907.
In 111.' lilHlli-r (if Ilu- Mlii-'iHl   Hct  mui  ion, lei
Ins sett sod in  tlie mutter <>f ilu- Wp*tern
I'epptT  t&rniip.    QOtlslstltlg    n!     I'm-    Klll|,llf.
North slur. Argvnttle, liaH-kler.   H*>iii»ii*.h.
Kineirilil. Venlie,' nii'l Wi.itiii Copper nun
.-Oil rlitilll-.
Whereu i.y notlcs dated ihe  soth day nl   planted mar the mouth of
Ainil  Huff, rou were reuiilred to forthmlth pus-   a      ■ .l     hi -        e
owner*, with *mi In the  flowing into tbe  skeena river from   ehains. west   SI)   chain
t,, ih,; nndervlcni <l
above mineral elalmi tie .mn ><i llrtn.
one-Slth ahara ol the a*ne**ment work	
Mid il'iiiii- up t" and liii'iudliiM Ith .Im
tuber, .1 II., ISM, and being the .1- ■
luc June, A. V- rjuo, una January, A. D,  "."T,
the .-outh aboul   1.1   nun
11..(    Splines,    theme     south      til       No. 3
chains,  east    10   chains,   south    10   planted
IIA.M.K   3.
Take notica thai I. C. A. McDonald, of Seattle. Wash., occupation
lumberman, i itenals to apply for a
special   timhi r    licence    over  tin-
following descr'iieil lands:
No. 30.  Commencing at   a   post
planted on the southeast corner of
Watson hay. on   Roderick   Island:
i creek  thence   eaal  80 chain.-,  north 80
chains, west   80  chains,   smith   so
i-t  of |chi.ins to place of lieginning.
Commencing at a post
in  the  northwest corner,
iiam.i: .i.
Notice is hereby given  that 80
days after date I intend to apply to
ibe Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for special licenses to cut and carry away timber from  the  following descrilied
land-, situate in the Skeena district:
No. 1 Commencing at a poal
planted three miles jo an easterly
direction from tlie mouth of Abler
creek, on the east hank (if the Skeena river, tin me north L'O chains,
east 20 chains, north 60 chains,
ast lid chains. -.mtli 90 chains,
west 20 chain-, south 20 chain-
»est 60 chains, to point "f com*
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted two mile- in a westerly direction from No, 1, theme north
10 chains, east 20 chains, south
10 chains, east 60 chains. SOU til
10 chains, east SO chains, south
10 chains, west 80 chains, north 10
chains, west 60 chains, north 10
chains, west   20 chains, to place of
No.;!.   Commencing at a post
planted (i feet in a southerly direction from No. 2 post; thenee
cast 20 chains, south 10 chains,
east 60 chains, south 10 chains,
east 60 chains, south 10 chains,
west 80 chains, north 10 chains,
west 20 chains, north 10 chains to
point of commencement.
No. i.   Commencing at  a  post
. planted 1 mile in a southwesterly
I direction from post   No.   8,   thence
east 20 chains, south 20 chains.
(east 60 cluiins,  north 80  chains.
wi -1 60  chains,   noith   20  chain.-.
we.-t 20   chains,   south   SO   chains.
to place of commencement.
Located April 28, 1907
Per A. baker, agent.
June 18, 1907.
No. 1. Commencing at a post
planted I miles in an easterly direction from mouth of Scotea rivet-
on cast shore of Skeena river,
thence north'-10 chains, east Kit)
chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point of lieginning.
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted 5 feet in a southerly direction from No, 1 post; thence south
160 chains, east 40 chains, north
1(10 chains, west 40 chains to point
of commencement
No. ;!. Commencing at a post
planted 2 miles in a northwesterly
direction from posl No. 2;
thence east SO chains, south 20
chains, east 80 chain*, north 10
chains, west 80 chains, north 20
chains, west 80 chains, south 40
chains to poinl of commencement.
Located April 11. 1907.
No 4, Commencing at a post
planted 2 miles In an easterly direction from post No. I, thence
-outh 160 chains, east 40 chains,
north 160 chains, west 40 chains
to point of commencement.
Located April 17.  1SI07.
Per A. linker, agent.
June is. Kin:.
KA.Mil:   4.
Take notice that I. T. Matsunio-
to, of Prince Rupert, occupation
logger, intend to apply for a ape*
cial timber licence over the follow*
imx descrilied land:
Commencing at a post planted
on the north shore of Baker's inlet, about three miles from its
mouth, being the northwest oorner
of Matsiimoto's claim. Ihenec south
10 chains, thence cast SO chains,
north 40 chains to the shore of
baker's Inlet, thenee along the
shore in an easterly direction to
point of commencement, contain*
ing 820 acres more or less.
June 29, 11I07.
Warner Lunch Room
The only first-class
Short Order house
in Essington   .    .
Private boxes  for parties.
OI'KN    TI 1,1.    2   I'. M.
ol'l'osl'l■(■:   IIIK W'KSTKKN llol'SK.
Mrs. W. Warner, Proprietress
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port EssiftoTOS, n.e.
Ladies' ami gentlemen'*, furnishing*!—clothing made to order.
S. Frizzell I 111:
Nolii-p i* h<-n>liv aiv.tt i Inn tn I* v - iifi.r ilat*.
I mi..ii.l tn appl* I" 111.- iI..11..,,i'.I. I le.-l
Coiniiil*«i'llter     nf     l.aii.l-    mi.I     W.,tk.     lo*
I. .|,<:,.l,ll li.ell-e       I II Hll.l      .HIT.
awiv     oiiil..-t    fi.'in   Oi.-    Intlnvrlnf,     .|.--.-ril>
...1 Im'ii.I-. -Ililnl,-. 1   i.ll   Mureab)    l-lnlil
l'liHrl.,11,, nr.ni|»:
No. 1     ' ..iiiiiM-ii'lni; hi .i |...o |, l int. -.1   nl.,.nl
IWO 'mill's    I-   ; fr..iu   s     l,,i\       \l.,-..l.v      1-ltOl.l.
„ii,i narked \  I  -   -  !■   -■..r...-.  thr-i Q.irth
an "limn-, w.-t *" I'lntlti- -i.i.Hi 91 chaina, ,»i-l
#i chain, i" pin' '■ "f '"'M'tii'ti. .iin-iii
X.. _' c.nun. ii. mt hi ,i |„,.i planted about
two mil.'- K. Iron - bay, Moreiti, i-lnlrl. iiii.I
innrli...I A r (*.,« W • ■■■!..ii. „.|.| lli.-n.-.' in,nli
IDeliatna, i-ii-i si.hitin- ...nth *i chains, w.-i
an chain* to lOi,--.- ..I im im -in.hi
X.. it e.,i,,i,i„Ni-irn; at i D...I planted ah.iut
Iwo mllei K rr.uii H hay    M nd, ■ n.1
marks.! a. P. S., N. 1 mi   iouth m
.■Ii.iihs an -i »i. halni, nonh HI i bain Mil ■"
,.l,,.iii- [.. pe i ■ "'  ■ "H '
No   I    ' "ii v planted nl '
tw.i niih- I'   li "'" - lid. nli'I
 rai'd I   c s , \   «   .   rn.-i   tlii-in-i
i-linlii-. in-i *" ..li.mi", ii -'I. halm
.'Im in* I.. piaee ..I eomi
Nl, . '    iillllM.   'I'    I I'
run- mil.- X   it  X    -I l   -i
marked A l-'.s . X w   .... ner,  I   - I mli   Si
chain., i'ii-i Wei Ih ») I,.-me. ... »l Hu
chain, i.i pi i i' ■ ' '
n.i   i.    i ..nun. neinc al     i   -   i I  nt.
iiiii,- X   lr..in Ski.!   Ink.    Mori »li     i land   nil
marked   A P.S .  N K. corn. i.  He no   •   illli  -
chain., weat SO chain*,, north an i-halni rail w
chain, in plaea ..f commi it, cn.enl
Xi.   7     <',>it. in■-ic e.i i     I  pla   te.1 about
..ii.'unit'ii...ih  it..tn   lli.'   north   -h'.:.   of Skirl
Lake, M..n-1'V l.land, and mark. I A.P.H    ».**
1'i.riiiT, thenee north i" i halm,  lliemii i et 1'-"
chain., -,-ntli   in   chain., weal   UW chalni to
place "I  nn,mi.-.ni' nt
Nu. h    CommennlnK  n' u poal   plai
mil,' in,rlh In.ti, iki'l Ink.    Mn i .b)  i
marked  A.P.8., S   I   ■■ rner, thence  in.nli  m
chaina, weal inOehalni, ...nth   i" chalni, unit
|iin chalni '" 1'l.e ' .''.I."
X..  li.   .'..iiniii'tii'iiiL-n' " |..i-l planted  aboul
two mil.'* north I  I'"   north .lion- ol Hkld
Lake, Moraaby laland, and markol l.K.H   N.W
uornev, then.f1 aouth W chain., eail it*, ehalna,
porth I'i ''liaiiis  weal   I li  Im lo   i
v.,  in    Commencing po*l pla      I iiIm.iii
two mill - north Ir-.m  thi  imi t;  sh..n
Uke, Mnreahy liland, and marked   I.P.M., N.K
corner, tnenc. i li I'            '■
urn u. in eh.litis, aaat IIW chain, i i place nl
x.i li.   Comment ing ai ■! p..«i |
two mil.'* north  I'l'inii Ihe north -I; I ski-1
Lake, Moreabj laland  an I m irked  \ '   - . - \\
porner, thenee north ill chain., eaal liill ehalna,
aouth l;t chaina, waal   Hal  - halna   In
X... 13,   i 'i'ii'ii tn.-lm- nt a |i    I plan
Iwn mile" north Iron] the n.n   i   11 i -k I
Lake, M-.i.'.''V liland i li I in irked A.P.H I
mirror, thenee north I '   '   lltl     »>'*1 '
■ li   I'i .linlli-.  I   1*1    ll ill.. In pi ll
li i,   . iim lit
No   C.     e.tiinitMii    , il   tl .i1
ilir.'.. mtlea north ft"'', 'h   north *hn
I,,k. . M..I   .by i.i .ti'i, mi,I markad  I.P.S., S «'
.'.ini.'i'. Hell".' ...utli HI i h etc.   .
north   11 chalni,  well   I .1    h en- I i   pla '
.....it nt.- neement.
X,,. 11    i lommenclni ul a pt.»1 pla nled al  ml
Ihri.' mil'" north rr..-ii Mi" i i' -ti ''■  "t si,
l.ak... Miire.by i-l nd, and m ic.l I " -., N :.
eorner, then.-eaoutli I'i      itn.  a-e.1 li'.lcliain.
north n chaina, , --'   i ni   '"   |,l we   i I
No. l.V    Ci,lien, ii' im.- n I   i pn.1 pi lilted ab.'lll
three mllei north n  Ilu ll ■ Hi -'   '" "i si,
1 ike, M ireahy laland, and m i ■ I \ P S., H W
ciniit-r, Ihen.-e north I'I ch* n., eaal Iflo chain*.,
..null  ii ' ii im i, .i"-i ".' chalm i" point
i-ntiuni-lti .'lie n(
Xi,   til    cmiiiih"!,' in.- *: i |...t pi* nl
three mil' - ie.nil Irom the north -! ■ "t SkW
Ink,-. Moreahy laland, an I marked   I.P.8., .- !
coi ner, Ihen.-e north '' i'h    nt. wi' ■' li ' i-hatna,
.niilll  in  i'lniin-.  aaal   l«» chalni to plaea oi
pei -   !:   Mi' llnton
.luii.- in. i'»'':
X.,. 17     c..nini. ti   ins;  ll « l"'-' el "!'•' I aboul
I I 1 mill'- iouth item the iouth  ill I   ski
Ink.'. Moreahy 111 in I. and  in irke 1  W.S., S w
corner, th ne   noi th *l cliatm, eait l'«l chain-
math   i" chain',   Weil   Wit i halm  In pla
I*.   I'minn,-ii ins' al ■! poal plant' I aboul I I .
mil.- -'inlli in.in III.  -.null -li "I.   '.I   ski 1 lake,
M,.iv.i.v Ii land, .'i I markc i w   .   s.K
then " n irl . I" t-hatna, weal 111'   'In In
It  chalni,   eail   llkl .'linn- lo   pla. t i-u
19.  Ciiim -iii'ltii.. nt :i poal plant. -I ni t i i
licl". inuth fnun ti'" muth .bore "I Hk '. I ,1c
Moreiby laland, ind tn* «e 1 u '; ■ N' "'• >' 'rn. r,
tii iouth in . halni, eail   If chalm,    li
41 Chalni, «',.-i I'H chain, to place ot com
j i   i'iiiiiiii''ii ins' at a |ni«i planted ahoui I l-l!
mil.'s muth in.m Hu' -"inli -I : Hkld   Ink' .
Moreiby laland, and marked W.8.,  N'i:   corner,
thenceiquth "0 chalm, weal t -bains,  n.trtli
4'i ,'1111111*, .'n«i no fiialti- t" place "i - im
.'1      t'litinn.'lii'liii.' al a poll I'I..lit.-.!   : I... I j.    vi
miles ...iitli   ir    ll."   well   ' ti I      I   Hki I   ll k'
Moreiby lilan.l. and marked W.S., S.W..H.I i r,
thence eaat IrtO chaina, north In chalm, we*l
16(1 chaina. iouth k) chalni lo place of coin
■J'J.   ComraencliiR »n » poll planted aboul 1 I :'
iiiil-s iouth from the   wesl   cud   t.l  -I.i.I lake
Moreaby i-l.ml. and marked W.8., H.K.       m
thenee weat 80 ehalm, north nn chalm, en ' -
chain-, ss.>n11. sit chalm i" I'lin '■ nf commenei
2:1.   Commencing ai « poil planted aboul I 1-'-'
mllei si.mli  Irom th" w. -' ■ mi "i -  I
Moreiby litan 1. and mark.-d ''•' -.. S «
thenee eaat SO chtilna, muth *i chalni,  ..■■■:   -
chaina, north 80 chalni tu pi tee ol i mm
34, Commencing al a I" -' |.lanl boul I i .'
mllei s. oil li item lit" weal ■ n'i nl -ki.| I . k.
Moreiby liland, and marked us, x !■; cm n. i
thence iouth loo chalm, weal in chalni,  '..nt.
li'i.t chaina, eaat  m   chalm   to  i'i i in
■i:,. Commencing at n poal plane i ibout 21-;
inil.-s anuthweil Irom Ihi wen i ml "i 'kid
Ink.'. Moreaby laland, and marked V* - . s W
corner, thence muth 1*1 chalm, can • haln*
north 160 chalni, wei| i" chalni to place oi
,■ neneemenl
36, Commencing at » poll planted aboul '-' 1 .'
nni.s mul nweil from 'I, wi -i end ..i -'kit
lake, Moreaby liland, ami m irkt I »' 8. N I
corner, theljee ionth 1*1 chalm, wi'*l W chain*.
north H'»i .'halns. eail I" fh nn- to plaei ol i "in
•J7.   Commencing al a I".--! planted ih
mllei inutbwell Irom Hi" weal i
Moreuly liland, and marketl W  H., 8.1   crnei
iii,. north no chalni, wi <i ») chalni. - nith «i
chalni, "te i 80 ehalni i" pla. o "i con
j*    Commencing al a  poll  pi ed   I mil.-*
In.ia ilu- well end .ti ski'I ink" Mori ihy liland,
iiii.I marked W. 8 , X « corner, th, nei - utl
160 chaina. eaat kl chalm, north 1*1 chalm
well I" chalni to pin i com occ nt.
'.".i. Commencing at i i">si planted on 'li
northweat ''"'I ol ski.I lak... and mat ked « . -
8. W. corner, thence north Bo chalni, eaal *'
ehains, aouth 80 - liattc.   Well 90 illallis to plai   '
nl imencement.
;«i. Commencing at a poll planted a mllei
muthweit from the welt end of Skid lake, and
marked W, s., N. B. corner, thence wen -'
chalm, iouth 80 chalm, eait 80 chalni, north 80
chalni I" pi" I commencement.
.il Commencing nt « I""-i plain.'.! about ■'■
miles louthweil from the weal end nl sti.i
lake, Moreiby liland, and marked «. 8., 8. 1.
corner thence well 80 chaina, north hu chalni.
chsi Kchalni, iouth 80 chalni in place nf ''"tn
meneement, ,      ,
:«. Coniinencing at n posl planU'd mi a brook
•bout 81-3 mllei louthweit from ilu- wen end
of Skid lake, Moreiby liland. and marked v,.
s., X. W. corner, theni'.'smith 160 chalni, east
40 chains, south UKi chains, well I" Chalni to
place of commencement.
33. Commencing al a poll plum,"i on a brook
about 8 1-2 mllei muthweit from the weitend
nisktd lake, Moreiby liland, and marked w.s.
SW oorner, thence north iiiii ehains, eaal i"
Chalni, south Hi" ehains, west in chalni I"
place of commencement.
St. Commencing al a poll planted on a hi k
about 81-2 mllei louthweit from the Weil end
of skill lake, Moreiby Island, and marked u
S N E corner, thence iouth 180 chalm, well
40chalm, north  It" chalni,  MUI   In   ehains in
place of commenoe nt.
86 Comineiiciiiit.it a l""i pl.inlcil on a I,took
about 3 1-2 miles louthweil from the wesl end
of Skid lake, Moresby island, and marked W.
s sk oorner, thenee north 1*0 ohalm, wen i"
ohalm, south 180 chalm, eail In chains to
pla ii ' imencement.
;■ Commencing al « P<>*1 planti 'I on i bro t
1 miles louthweit from the weil end .,i -i,,!
laie, Moreiby laland and marked W, s., x.w.
in. . bain*
 ne nci'im .ti
Mori   I.J .! Incoming.
Ihenc,  i."■ Ih l«l ■ liail '   t ■
en-, well    SI  chain, to i - north  n tin   m.rtith .■is.'lm.'ii
• icut. 'i
. .-t  pliniie.l
Ink. ,   M.     •
...liane.   .1    I"   L'haim    !.'   i
I'l'llllie 11. .in- III
ay    Commi nei ng at a p.
mile.  ...uiliH.'.i   ie....i   ■...   u. -i   cud  ... Hkld
Ink'    M bi   i-la.l .'     -     -
i. .\   ..;
narked W
Mlfllll   l*H	
II   111
ki. ^  '
ami ii huh " ■. ■ ■
oI  Hkld Ink'     '' .■ il   tt      |„e
-     X W
at  >    K. Mai'l.IM .t'X
Capita] (paid up) 13,900,000.      Reserve hinal, M.390,000,
Total urn i- 146,000,000,
The Royal Bank of Canada
IIe.nl ,.ii;,.    Montreal, Que,
lit..in Ie     in   Bi itisli < < 'liilliwaek, Cninlier-
l.-ind. Grand Kairks, l^idncr   Nanaimo, Nelson, Sea West-
mi i-i, r. Perl I    itiittiin, I'orl   Mm-dv.  I'i.s-hi:,.I. Vernon,
Vii t ' i.i   \ rn, nuvi r
(laritci   '   Inuikiiig   lnisiiK   -   IriiiisiH'tcd and   tavings bank
1    .ill   l.l'.llll  |i.-.
Port Essington branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
Boyd k Young
General Merchants
Port Simpson, B.C.
!?. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and hazelton, B.C.
pson, B. C.
Under new managa-menl
Thoroughly renovated.
lis A   WATSON.
l.llll' -s   Chi,in.nn.
l.iiiv eoiinii.'f.'iul Hotel, Vanennt"-*.
rlciMi-. north Win hu In*, m
'.{ i Dili MX IM't-nirll •
II,    I . I", II . *
! \   ft.   H
- w .■ -rtn-r*  tl
■ h tinii, aisutli   ;
■ ■I IfU'tll
..'       I    ■■'   , !'..   '.'
nnd ,i U.ili' m'li'- -..imi, ■ ■
i.f Hklil lak*-   Mor    !
S.N    I     rr.l l|.   f.   III. 'll'  '
rhafiiN, iittrl li l<>" i-In
ui citmnu'ii' ■ ii ■ •■■
, ■    I  ■  ■ .  n    :
ind ,i IihII in Hi - wiuihwi
..I rtkhl lake    Nort-) lltl marki -I   ^ .
H.t HK fi   ■    ■   ' hi   i< i   ''<■'; ■   :■■'     '■"! >-. **■•(   i
.■ii,ii:i-.     ill  l*i i haln*, ?h»\ ,»••■
nf  I'lillllIK -ll''.  '
W'M. -II \.\ CON,
per H. IL  McCmnto.n
Juae "■. 1W7.
\n    ll      ClltniUl  ll<  : II|. Nlllp     '   J '-,.   .'■    I ihm.ii;
I i -_' nni'- north .'.'■-' [i 'in
lakf, Mort'uhj IwIh ri«I I
i   e»i ner,   i tipniT   * "-t  *i  >   m
'i i    i-    ' -i- i   H I i ■
mil.-   uorthwi'Nl  mrtn the   v, •-!  vno   n
i.ike, M .rt'itlij I        I
,  r,   tkem ■■   p« I    v''   i-lmn
. halnH, w.-i S'i chain i L-hi Im In plm ■
Iti       I   ■   !.' 111!   ■..',',
i ,ili■- norihwi'M from   ll
..   \i , ■     v i ; .n.i  ami "i .'i- ■!   \    i'  - ■■    ■
ft i urn* i, north w> chain
wi chain*, went l
it   < -i la]
iiillrs nortiiH est    Ii ■'   ■ '    ■ :.
lake, M.'i.-M : laoti, -•  i   . '   ■.
■uMiiT.   [)Oi I II   1*1 till   .'.!•      »■
*0 chali 'ij i" pla.'i'    -   ■
HI     i tuiimcn mi.,   il   ■!
fnur mile* noi i Iim c«1
i-orm-r*, iii. >. • < ■   ■ • ■
A.-i h ' - ,. ■ ..I-. ■    -       ■ .in - to   plui
ii .I.--  north*') end
•    m   ■ l  A. F. t
■■  ,   . ■ ■ , 11 ■ ., ■ ■. ■ ■ ■   %' i    . i,
tiniiiK, mirth §u chalni to \Aovv ni In
■"   i .iiiiiiH-ii.'iiij; Al ,i por ' i
irthwi thi   \w*\  ••n.i
lake, Mm , ..   i    i   ■ I     \
- .   ...! i.i'i, th 'iie*'  north
■nn I :.        Iltltll  ■■■'     linllll    PR*4t (W Cltlll III pill    I
.   begin   . .
.1    r,,  ,  ■, ■:  ■ plat ted ill
■ 11 leu   i "■  .. i ■
lake, ItTiiri'sh)     4aiid. ami
>   W    tier, mirth      ■ tin
nth ri     .iii.:-, went -■■!',:.- to fNilnl   ■■■   hi
■ -iiii,  IH
..'   iVumu      ing ai m piwi |ilanu*d ah
'   ri.il   ...    - k :•
' ...-Ly inland tn    ked  \    P
.   p irnei.  u >r\ h  H i  cUhIiih,  wunl   10
[,-. eaal  Kl* halm to  polm  nl be-
t,; inn.*
rat i il plant- il abo .1 ti''
n#"- iii      ■-   \;,-i   end
lake, Hort'Kb)    i*lai| ■ il   A . V   ■■'■* -
rt'    f.ii.'i.",   .     ., urth Hi ['halni, c-mt 9
■   ■    .i •
Vn   d     ■  indng at a \*v*\ plilnti i 'ihou
■ .1, ■■    ■. .■ . i , . .     i   ■   'i .1 i .,
: -ke, Mm. mj        , narked A
- K    nmi N i chains, i     th ri
imi ri • ctiH i in ; Miiuli h i idialm to  plaii
>i •■■<■  i   me ut.
\u.   ■ ■   • mn inencl iim ri h   |i-t*1 pi mti
; 1 •_' mill - ii-ii i li from t liu I nrl i   kIioi    i»i   Hki
1 ike, Murwb)   inland, and   in irked <\    V   -   ■
\V  c.ii'.'n :■,   i ,. ■..-.       is.     ....        ,,-,1!   s.
i ■       .v. il .s.i   chain*,    muth *■"   eh tlm
plai i- ..I i 'i.iiMi'iit-i-iiiiMM.
Nn     .. Com me nd hm al h posl plante i aboui
ii re tnili**-   or.h from th   cant end nt Sk id luki
Morenhj     land ked A   F   -.'- s \V cor
tier, them ■■ e»>l   |*i ehaiun, north 1(1 chalni*,
,vc»l   HiJ fhalnn, v,inii|   to chains to  place oi
No. "'7.   Coinnii'iiclng ai .i poul planted ftlmn
;! i 2 in ill'- norlli from near tnu aa*-l end nt *ki.,
i,. . M - - r - ■ -1. y Islaml, and marked  \  I   i '» H W
in ;. i hence  mrl h Hii    li    r:     n-i > > chains,
....ill i i i halns, wesl  HU chalni   lo   place   oi
,.  ;,■     :  ,t  tl)
n.i   iri    ('ommeneing hI h posl planti d aboul
one nni.■ south i "'ii  word   Bay,   ilu r»il»3   i <1
ui.I mid ni irked    I  F •      S  I     u m i.  th< uci
-11'li'in,-  wesl unchains, Muni, ri I chains
i haitu i" plaei n( c miiiii m   ment
So   ■'.'.   ■   iinitii ..  lug ..1 .. posl pl ml
■ ■ 11«■ ijuarter nl h mile . nsi from Ait- rd llaj
Moresb) islaml, ai l inarki l .\ r h 's H W cor
ji ,. tUeuee rinrih   !'■ chain*   oafl   100 chains;
chains;   wesl   i     chains   ti    ; lace  id
n.i. i.'. t 'omi ing al n po»i ;
■ in- tjuai i< i i. fit* i i   fi .-..I   a ifi ird   ''.i v
lu Le.J A V rf.'s N \V cm
in'i,  thence Horn li in i ,   -t   pw chains
.   I"' cnains m  pi.if ■ ...
eon  llei   nei I
So, ill.   ' mil l
■ ^ i mi ■■ ith oi  •'..:..' i  ■,  polul
l l*olni, M
i   \   !   .>.'•  :-.  ft ■
them ■■ wiutli M' idi - ns,    .: \ ".   uholns;   noi tl
«  ti,
im |)l    i '
i   . ...
t wo mill   - " ■ ■ '   ■ ■
ttb -iii si* miles wi -J from !*>pH   I'oini    Moi
island,  mid   marb d   \    t   U.'i   - I
.i   lICi   rVesl BO eh«   II   ,  Ill NU I imlll   ,      lift S
ii    mi chalus.   in    plaeu   id   com
tiieuii i
i posl       iit4.nl aU'iii
two  mil**   Miutli   from  Skhlw nlct, at »
.■ ■   ■
marked   ■ i
chains; ,       - ■    ■
-ii chain* I., plai ■   ■■
■ "i    I'm i , ..si utanti .I alHMii
i wo milM smith from
a In iiit  six   mill"   w .■ -i   i    -|i ■   "    .,'
mal ked   A .!■' -' ■ S  I- cm ritsi. th  m .■   v e «l  ,--
■ halns; south no el -. i. - j i li
so chaina lo place  d commi m emeu I,
per >. li. McCuNTON.
June I"
N    rommeti    ng al h pusi planted ueai
the mouth   oi   Salinon   B k, Bei ui It)   Ba>
Wesl  coast, Mon sbj   Is]   i  I, nnd  m«
H.'iN W coi nei, them-     asl ritl chain , •
chains, wesl lo i chains, inon oi h -- tn shore;
; hence follow lug ■! ore back to \ tl ol
■:    ;i-
So flfl ('ommeneing al b p | pis nted alaml
one mile from thi moul h i -\ sal mon Bn >ok. ■-•
I'm ty Bay, Mon -!■.. l»l m*l, ind mai ked W.
8 'i N \v i ui nei, inetici outh BO chains, easl
so chains, north 80 chains, wesl Bu chains ti
point o| beglnti i tig
Nn   1,7. ( ni'M'i ■ i ,; |'n.i planted atnml
one mile from the mouth ol .- ilumn Bnaik, -■-
•urity bay, wesl coasl Moresb) i And, nnd
marked W s •- N \- corner, in.'in i wesl 8n
fh.nn-. iouth i*:| i haln . easl 90 ehains, n«VHh
s'i chalm to poinl ni beglni
So, liH.  Commencing al r poi I pl  nti I
one mile Muni the mouth ol Halmon Brook, -■
I'tiniy ba\.  wesl coa!'    Muiesbj   I land,  iml
marked   ft    B.'« B ft corner, tlteneu cast   nu
chains, north SO chains  wesl SO uhains, soul li
in chalni it. polni oi bi ginning.
So, 99.   Coin fl post planti I
one mile  north   from   the   mouth nf -
Brook, Seeurltj bay, w< d v >asi \| rfij isUnd
and marked \v - ' - K corner, thonce wesl 9u
chains, north fto   I ■   ■ |  N i i h
ni tu poinl -i t.egi uning
70.   Commencing al in      mi ui    r.uiiimi mvi nu<i  -,,,-.-...,..,.. 	
miles north from the mouth ol   -   mon Hrnok    ..],.,     -,   i." -,,.,■     mul    pi im-   ihn nnrlli\vrn\   nnrni-r. ntitl runiUHu    ' ll|,l,M,r |,,ss-
marked ft' H.1 ., tltence wesl
nonh^h'.y'i'iiSi'afi .,-ni-ny thains, more or uhaiiw, north wglity  i-huiiw,  \w»\
rlu ndii
. ..ii. ii. ..I |
luii I'.ii    ; ■ ..ni   i
-   ■ tal.ii: tli.ii. ■
It "HI N -  I'.   .
|>ati  i M e    '.
. i  l   -,■,
I!    e     ...
.    pplj   I il        ,
. m'... i>r Hii* lull..wing .ii
■ nlill.i ...
, li- of tl,.
.,|  thi
.   north ....
,..;   tin   t-rn.ii -      e. tl l".       s.■ 111  '    '.i    -:   il.-   i.l
I'u-ll [I, 1*1.1,-.-
' III .''.'- t-l.l I
i    .'•    -Ml   II
Hate.1  U ■
I, ,'i i   that  John i    lohnnoi
I, .-ru
'   ,    . , I"
|>li uU-.i .1,1  ll
: .'.
'    . ..illlll    111   .lull    - ,
' i     ■    .'1 .i if  'Ml.
•    . n '..   a     '   ni"
tot   or Ion
.nni ;:-   io'
Hi i Ma) nth, I'"'".
.  thai |, I'lt.'i Hi iti'.nii  ill I'orl I ■
ti, It..' iitt'tnii t
Mil ami nn"
l Sir
Ihi   i   it
11.. im.ii llie i  •   '.   :. '    ■     1'i.rl    ■■ '     tt
... imi'i' iv of tl ■ '    tin ii ''
-i Iii, li nn-. Hit n.-t- noi th HI
i-,.«l |ii - lo I1 li
..     mil    .' I,   nifl   iniliinlililii.   "J"   n   '
Ol   ll'.»
I'l.TKU  Ili.K'-l IN
linlml .tin.' Ji
rake ii itlra- Ihm I. (J, !•'.. Diivcn
.i'i.   nl      Vim.'.civer.    oi't'lip.ltitii
inlii'ni]       iiii  ml    to Apply lor i
;. ci . I   (iniLir    liri'iiiT   oi er ll
i'lllow iej di ..-ei'llii"! lainlri:
Nn. 'J.    ('-11111111■ n. i;iui   .-il   a   pars:
ii|:iiiiei| on tin- miutli lianlt of Snl
iion river, uboul 2 miles kIhivc tL
jiiiu'tion   of   tin- Hai'liuiiithii   nn<
■.-. 11 < • < I   the  northwi nl corner nnal
running noutli I"   ehalni, eail  8(i
chains, M«ith   10  cluiins.  eaal   v|
■h.'iins more or less to i>;iiil< of ri\
■r. thenee westerly .-ilon;.*  hank   oj
river to  point of  beginning,   161
Located May 15.
No. 9 1 -2. Coniinencing at a pofl
planted on the east bank of Kini"
quit river about HI miles up Htrt'illn
from Indian reserve and called tin
*.. W. corner and running east  80
chains,  thence   north   B0   chains
: hence ivest 80  to  bank   ol   rivei
thence southerly alone bank of rii -
er 80 chains to plat e of coiiinn in -
ment, eoi.tainiii- H40 ai res.
I. teateti May 2 i
Nn. 10,    i '..■:,i.;. iiei.i... at   ■   |
i.laiiteil ..ii the   outh bunk   ol
mon iiver. alioul   10  mil. -  n    i
junction of . ui Imnitha   i ivi r,  and
; tii.' N  VV. - or. aii'l   running
,,1,11,   id   , li.nn-   i :,.■!  80 chains
north   HI  chains,   cast   8(1  dn
north I" chains to   bank
i ■ \\e  i. i Iv  li i"   ;.  i an1. ' I   ri'.
.■I to poinl   nf  . "limn in i menl   In'
chains, containing n in ai rei
I. tcateil Mav   IB.
less, to bank of river, thence south- eighty chains  to point of  begin-
rlv along bank 80 i li mis. more or  nine, containing 640 acres.
!"'; '"i"^- "'   " ■        ",;""-      \..  17,    Commencing at   ■ post
<%M                                                , planted .", theeast line of No.   Hi,
No, I...    i oinniem in?   nt u [iost ,       .,,,   .                              ,
ilantedat tin  S K     or I No. about 20 chains south of creek and
inning   ..              chai ' '*'       th"  "°™^lw?,t. co™l^
north    eightv   chai        ■    i   fortv r"n.         —'   !'■" ,1,',„-. „„rt ,   i.
.,   ,.,,.,.       ,.„„*, tie,,,;-. ,ves   li.ll   chains,  south 40
:     :'   '   '"" ""<'''>'i..it
: nmi containing i. Hi seies.
i     ii". M.iv  13.
J, U . MacFu i lane, Agent.
||  M     |l
I    '   notice  that   !.  Robert   0,
rt\ el'    I'ill   '   li tO | I    1
' Diitaining nli; ii  n
No. 14,    I'luuiiiciii       nt a
it the S. K
No  I" :-'-'     Coinnieni ing nl   n   ,:- anal calli il it.'  - rn    mul
tost plantail at tin    S.   W.   cor. o -- A'"'   '
\,i 'i nnd culled tin southwest cor   ' '''*'*>"  chains,   iv. at fort-   cl inns,
hit and   ni.,,una  east   80 chains, north    eighty   cl  ii
north 80 chains, west 80 chain*   to chains, mor • less U-bunk o  ru    ■»< ■'  Port Hinipmn,   I . ( ..
,)ank  oJ   riv,.,    thence   nouthcrlv er.  thence   southerlj   iilong   banl   occupation,     miner      intend    to
alone bank ol   river  80  chains   t'„  160 chuins to point   of  coin nee-  **pp*y   lor  a   special licence to cut
placa-of   .",::!'.:." i nieitt. et'iiiain-  ' t, containing 640 i        ' ami carry away timber  from  the
!   r r ,(|    _  h [(,ss, following described land:
"liocateaUIuy 25                          '' v;"|:",  ;                                    ;"    N'o.4. Commencing at a post plant-
No. 11. Common ing  at   a   post M on   th. east bank of H ,      i   ha  ,.,, :„ ,||r ut)| i>( ^ {^ \
planted at the northeasl   comer    f river,   aboul   one  mile  above the |akc, emptving into salt water lake
No, I" and callad thi   northwest forks and called the    mthv  st cor- ,,-,.,,,   the "north,   at   the  head  of
corner,  and'   running    Bouth    10 nei   mil running east forty chains, Work   Canal,    thence    north   40
chains, east   80 eliain-.  north   '■> north    eighty  chains,  west   forty chains, east   B0  chains, south  80
chains. <a-t  80 eliain-.  north  K>, chains, north eight           ns,  wa-st ,.,,              ,   s(| chains, north  40
more  or   less,   to   bank   of   river or less to bank of river, >hnins to point  of commencement
theni"   westerly   along   bank   160 thenc  southerly 160 ,    aining 640 acres, more or less!
chains of   river  to   place  of com or less along bunk of river to pl ce .
meneement. co,               H4i           -. of imencement. »0-°-   Comn.encu      at  a   posl
1 te.lM.iv  16.                               I ted May IS. J       '   ''"f.   ?"<>  '"   N"   »•
No   12.    Coii.i..en<'iiig  at  a jm.,1      No   16.    Commencing at ,  post   nu'iienortl   in ,-b:,„, . .1, east
planted on                                  i            mted on  east   I               Salmon -'<.'->>,-, so,;,!, m  ,■!,!,„-   ,,   | 80
umtl ,                       .        es above i      .    .,:   th    i      I            i.ri.«.» "ains thenee north   10 chains   to
jun      ii ,,f               .     rand     (' ;  i p .  ;      '       "<*«nent,  contain-
•   i-;       ,;,, i.        I  rum te nt rtliwi si comer, anil running
\vt>*t1   eight!   el     i,      i   iii      'jMv   south   eight!   chains,  east   eighty
ROBERT o. .ii:nnin(.;s.
Mav 23, 11*07. rtiH  SUN
(Joys' Glothing
We   haw   just   re.ei\,.il   ,i    v< ry
The North Coast
Commercial Go.
Fishing has j list commenced at
Namu with fair prospects.
C. M. ({ays, manager ol the G,T-
I',, was eitfd to ii]i)t"iir in   court t'
highly  I'1 M-"'i  with the site. w nle
i- now laiing cleared    This institu-
1; tion will .-..si almiii   $25,000  trhi n
. a i   M I     l  I I l 1 1 a     *   .\ I '<   I    < l l l . I I <      l l l    l i i   ■     .  > ■ i :
md governnn nl lea It-narti i - ceil'   ,,,.,.,;,,„  wj*| |„. j,..,;,; f,.r |,,. the H
iei''   nf    lie      Meilit"!:-;
The ('. T. I'   survi vors
n.-i    nt tired oi his e\|" rielice and n    ■■    u tin   tii--;
lir.'il   these   l>rownia*s,   is   anothi ■-n fa'ed a-au lie   haaj   ill   the
probability.    However, whichever way ii.to Copjiei river
wai   ii  'an-,  ir-whatever the cause,       Hii  group of    <>-)>■ i   properties I
nice      assortment       of      Itov-       alt.I    . , ,      .     . .       , . .ti. i .i
.,   ,,., ,, • ■  ...   ,,      i   ina\ l.e im: .\  inferred   thai   tin    loeatcit and inn cr devcloiiinent bv
\ .niths' ( I.lining mid   can   lit   the '
,,,nillest   ami   largest/,     l.onl,    pvel   -'a|ta,i.-.    a."      not    llilnl   foi    lie   Dan   ! I,-mi.    linn.-   ',,,,1   .1   hi,.-on.
iiur ups.nrtiiient. work ejcjK'cted of  men ip this pari situated 23 miles from   here,  have
of British Columbia '' forwarded to the coasl on tlie last
TOILET SOAPS An enjoyable dance was  given Northwests  50.11, wimple of the
,     ,   ,. .,,    ,   „        .      ,.      in th.-  I'm  diam   hall   Monday '"est cupper ore 1   l|avi    ever   ■>■< n.
!-llch  lilies as I,lll-h I,.,.-,n.i, r.'lle. ' ,,        ('11 ,)',„., I\  .;,,,.  I,,,,,. I   ,    ,-,   ,. I,
JJainobi,,  Swlpl* I    and   man v "»•»■*•«   "n<l   n,0c«   ""•"'v''1    '*?   .   "'' ,' " !!'     ''  '
Qthern.  Tin-,  lines were bought iii those who |         |i iti d.   pleas- i»r t|u* shin  l<
(ha east and the price is right         I ing feaiui              ible was the run- Paterson's store is dnii     i thriv-
pie sii|>ply nf daintily designed and ing businc-sB.
NORTH GOAM   ItA                ornately 'constructed   little    nnd- '       rancliers' gardens are Jasik
wiehe-   all I   '.I  III. IlUt lies  oil     '"-     l»l"     :i     I'lelni'.'    ,,,,    ;,rl!-l    .all
rhis  is  blended from the finesl • {   ,,,,, ,,,,.,i,„iv ;  „„,,•„   fn,
iii'oilui t from I evh.i,  and will give .    , ,      ,    .
' ,, .     • ,•   i, m   i- ,- \- i      Nickcva-s Imvc mailc  l o ii   upiM-nr-
vou a fluvor far surpassing tin   or-      (.. I). M.-hav. ol Vancouver, who ,,
• ,. ,        i     .-       i        , . , , inee, Mi*.i it.
dinary brands of package tea. was fire wanUn last year,  has  n- , >t
eeivcl his commission as chief  fin                KITAMAA1  NOUS,
warden for the coasl  district,  and     .,.,_,. ,-„ Ml   I|M,ia||   ,,„.„.,;„_.
Ill-will   begin    work   at   oiiee.      I lie        .       .,      , i      -   i ill    i
school for I'ovs   ami   girls   will   l.e
new chief will havi  fifteen or twen- .   , .  i'-M- .    ,1
,       , one of l lie lines!   Iiiulilltigs   on   i In
tv deputies, who will   In   stationed ,    ,•      j....  «■       n   c...
' , const.    Indian Supt. \ owell,  m;i-
t.t different points  slong the coast. ., .    .-        ,
1 . cvor   (rn en  hihI   I ualian   Ag nl
i'he\ will iiatrol tin- tiii.it' i   an as. ,.' ,,
1 '        . rrow. on their virlt h I dr. iminl
prevent and fight fin s, and if par- , , ... i,
1 . ' last week, expressi d i lictnscl*   -   as I
tics can   he  ciuighl   starting  (in s,
sccuro evidence to prosecute tlicni,
July  1.  Dominion  daj ■  passe.
away without even  a  Jar,  though    ,„,,,,;, t,.,|.    It will he a two-store-
'he day bore the at ipherc   of  h   ;m,|,;.,,...   | [ox70, wit!    I
mswer a charge of  violating th. j l",|i'1"-   T1 '    i]"J '"' '' :" '" '""  l«i I »u. on the most nn der.i  Iim i.
Lord's Day »c| i„ Ontario, by run-  '"'-  ;l   I*" rhe entire exj-ei diture in this con
ning trains on Hunalay    A num-
h.M' o( other ofiieiiil- and employees
nf the cniii|iaiiy   have been  suni-
nioiiod on similar chargca,    Then
is no ii||ii|i-diaie danger thai Prince
Rupert  officials  will  be  troubli-il
with any such molestation.
A number of mining men, including Jan.es Fiiuilay. have jusl
returned to Satin* from Bella Coo
la. where they have examined sctlli
mineral claims with apparent satisfactory results.
The telephone line from Abel -
decn to Rupert has I n completed by the (Irand Trunk company
and now Rupert is in touch with
the outside world. The wire is no1
a public one, company officials
alone using it. Last week tinn
wa*. telegraphed from Montreal to
Rupert for tbe first time, and now
the Holy city's time will be reg
nlated daily from headquarters in
old Montreal.
H. (i. Kelly, of rtn- Iowa Central and Minneapolis A Bt. Louis
railways, 1ms become chief engineer in charge of maintenance of
way of the (irand Trunk system
with headquarters in Montreal.
Captain J. B. Qllmore says the
story about his having delivered
his own telegraph message is correct, but too much prominence was
given to the slowness of tic tele
graph service. The swiftness ol
bis boat should have had the commendation, and not the turtle-like
dispensers of lightning in the
A deal is on for one of the inosl
valuable tracts of tin her land ill
British Columbia. The property i-
aituated on Graham Island, one ol
the Queen Charlotte group, and in-
cludea 78 square miles, every fool
of which i- covered with magnificent timber, It has been surveyed
three tunes of late. .11,. 1 i* estimated to contain a billion and   a   ha If
feet of timber. Including spruce, th
and hemlock with some pine,
Tomorrow in the Methodist
church service at eleven a, m., will
Ih- in English and Tsimshean,   -\
morrow & mum
*   Port Lsslrigton. B. C.   ■
3, Provision and fruit Dealers
Live stock llaugbtered  il
Hams,    I mi eon, •   laid.    \ i and
fruits ai ri" ing lay even    tea      nt
.sp'.'i tally Grcapery liuiU'r .mJ Fmft Ems
Kcnit'inlii r we -ire htudquairlers lur Iruil und Veiitldbk*
ter of nort In rn 1Ji it:s-1 j (lolimil.ia
to allow of imi patiiotic display
lieing even considereil,
Several *!()H 'nets wale malt   the iiH'I'atillK llliollt    tWeiltV    mile*.   II]
i    i . i  i
early pari of the week lietween Ks- the Kitamaat valley.
aington  niilUoiiaires on the result The Kitamaul Inilintis left ti daj
nf tin- Rui'iis-St|iiir. -   fight,  which or  two ago for Rivrrs inlet for the
i .ok place on Thursday, ul Colma, <almoii fishing,
eight miles out of h'risoai.    Several 'flic arrival   of Rev. (4eo. Kaley,
poail rooms hud endeavoreal tai have ,j ['ort Siniiison   n|  Kitamaat   by
wirea run into their various shops, the Venture was one of  the  picas-
'.ut as tin- telegraph goals   say   the n,._: events of the month.
wires through  the  inn iim   some- On   t*aturiln*   the  thermometer
linn's nice! with a cl'.inonk H'illil nl egistereal b ' in the   shade  at   ibis
this time of year,   the over*seilous point, rnther hot for   S'ietoriii   and
Hotel Caledonia
Port Essington, B. C.
lioni suit qui mal v pence
When  cumins,  lo Kssingtop wliy worry ovei irorlilly
cares, whi n VoU can live well and lay warm al Kirby's,
i.'ATKS       gg.tlO down. Parhirs, Smoking, Writing, Bath.
I'ooiii- on even  floor,     il"l iMtllK Bt all hour-.      Cold
baths when t .-.j ii i i.-, I.   Agents,    I luggage I transfer
agents,    r"in rs itiei't nil hunts and trains, Transfei
Marconi in connection.
I IMI'l'I'll.
General Merchandise' l>ry Hoods", Boots nod 8ha.es, Oro*
     fi'iie-. Hardware, Drugs and Toys.
'ort Kssington vn-itor-.
Ti *    until i   ih,,i II    el-.,.' ,.,   K lt*t I..-.
'    ' i||.nli.li    lllltll  : ,    lllti    I.I    III   n,'.
...■nni-',  i Ii MB 'It -' i HhkI
I iii I :
I   IIMI   lttR    'I'       n     t'"'T     I'lni'tml     -..Hill     I
- mill.  'I'Hii   nii.iilIi iii ('hum ai   M »li  en
mi ' n-i Imnk "I Ski*, nn i :\ er, ti m k.-il I  ■    U   -
-w   Cr., tl - '   -' i ' 'I...H - - .mli I
,'tuC.ls:   I h.'i i .   n.'.r   ,     'lull    ■     I I II H 111 I"
' iiiiin- nlntig tiniii- ul -ie ■ "a rlr.'i in  i-in f
r'.iillili'liin lie tit       Kill]     .   "Ill       '   n ' ■ '    n.
ni.ie ill ll --
K. e   KIHHK'
Continuing the    n-j-ort  of   tie '   """' -<<<■■'- '■	
boys had to forego Installatii n and
wail for his gracious ninji sty's
mail boat. And our cable mi Ir .-.
is "Essington."
Charles    Lundblom.  Baskatche- closing   examinations  nnd  pijjtt-r-.
wan, who returned on  the  North- taiiiment of the   Essington se!    |l r> ?Q fl SS    (j()   (){   |j,(j.
themi.st.s and Druggists
l'l'\l 1  RS   IN
Pure ! 'in--. Mi iHa-incs, Chemicals, Books, Stationery. Toilet
Articles, Etc.
Mail orders n-eeive prompl
and careful attention.
west   Thursday,   from    Hiuelton
savs be sees iioi'e.'isoii   why    IIUOpll
shoujd be cold in the interior whei
four original essays  by   pnjiils  of
the senior grade   are   deserving  ";
special note.   The wild   fla.wers  of
there are so many   blankets  hang-  Essington (Mav)  by   Helen   Fre
ing around      "Too much blanka't-1 man, and (June) by Mary Wilson,
ing for   the  country's  good," saiil   were alaintv subjivts and   bandit
the above gentlemen, "and 8outh
African scrip can be seen throughout the Bulkley."
I'tilfrrln St.     ■   Port Isslnujnn, B. C.
Skeena River
in a pleasing and intelligent in inner, probably to lie accounted for
by tho fact  that   the   little   missel
Rev, Raley, Simpson, left for were really inti-rested in their snli-
hoiue on Sunday. j jects.
The Venture came In from the Sir Walter Beott and the Lay of
south Thursday morning and left the Last Minstrel, essays by W.
the Bamc day, Herman and II. Freeman, exhibit-
.1. Thompson and wife, Lille, Al* «• ■ i1'"""^1'1'' apprealation of
berta: Mrs, W. W Leach, Ottawa; •»« l','lM '""' phnsea.f school work-
Mrs, K. E. Orchard and  son.  an,l |literature.
At tin- termination of  the enter-
I.IMl I i.n.
This company is not supjKirtcd
by government subsidies, but by
l hi   n „i,| will and patronage of the
"s,::::::,1;1;;1::::::;!:^:, , Steamboat Service.
S'aneouver, for Prince Rupert, I'mt	
Essington, Portland   Canal,   Alert Steamer Mount Royal
Bnv  ami  cannerv   iiorti    1st, ,       ,    ,, ,.,    i-   ;,,,,,,,.,
,   ,-, ,    ,,,,,        . ■      ', ,, ,    collllee  s      111      1 olt       KSSlllgtOll
iMh and J 11 h ol  each  mon h. am
leave Victoria one day before, by
m-w steel
-i i una;  i .win . \
the only steamer on the route
built '.villi steel water-tight > om-
partincnts and double bottom, insuring safi ty of passengers in case
of collision or wreck.
Van Anda,   Lund,   ll-riot   Bay,
I. II    Ravey, Seattle, form a partv I    At the termination ol  tne enter-1 Hoskyn    Inlet,    Hurge    Sarrow*s,
",,     v   ,.       ,   .       '. j t-iiunieiit    the    seerrtnrv. of   the (Iranito Point. Klk Bay, IJnrilwieh
goinu up on the  .virtnwcst   ooiinn r"1"1""-    l" • ' , ,      ,   ,.       ,,. . -, ,,•
iii, ,,„i    ii,.   T     \    \\'i|.,ni    i> and. Bear Kiver, halmon ttiver,
tnr HiiTi.1l.in I school    Ooiirn.     Hi.     I.     A      " 1ISOI1,
im M.u, iton. !>,„.,    Hn-vev   :m,|   ftl|    | m ,
.1. ||.  Pillshurv,  II. Q. Sprague wn" c«Uetl    ul-°n  t"  I'1'""'1"  1l"
and  W    K.   Ii I. Urank  Triyik rolls of honor, and after  disiMising
I pie. were in Essington  on  Sat- "f this and wishing  I hii In i n
unlay and returned to   Rupert   on ''»l-py vacation, he calleal upon the
ktlirwlav        Tl Iv-    i, i..,.|.    ,,t     ri.nl     foil r elel'Ll \ llie '   I tl'e-en t    III    adtili
numiay.    me dihj   pieax   m   i..h .         i everv Fridav at (I p. m.
live work  on the  townsite   is  the the school.                                           (lihson's,'Pender Harl-or. Selson
residence for   Mr.   Pillshnry,  tlie *ft««    the nverend   ■rentlemei uiul.,!. M;,,l,!,.   Bnv. Bluhlier Bi.
lumU-r for which is lieing supplied ,»«<l conehuled,  the  teacher. Miss Lund. Manson's, \\ haletown. R.
,i     ,.           i M ' I'ldlii.   thanked  tin   sneakers  tor   island. Bute   Inlet, everv Monday
by   the   I unningllill ills   here.   ' "...p,  hi-iii« .i   ii"    'i'.' . ■
(lliee    Ihe      le-i, Ie lit e    i-    e. ,1,1 1,1,1 e, i     I I'ei I'   l< i I H 1   W o|i i -    I if   - V 11, | ,111 llV  IIII11 ' ;l'       '   ;l'   ''''
111111   ""    i.-ni'iii.   i-  lonipiueu r Pucker Bav, Van Anda, Gil-son's
Mr. Pillshury will have his family encourage nt    (and   they wen   tt*eleonie Pass.    Pender    Harbor.
join him at Rupert. many ami l„a,tfeit). thanked  th
with the eoa.-t steamers
from Victoria and Vancouver during the season
.a navigation.
JIWLLLIR    .     .
imps, every Monday at M p, m. .hist   arrived       A   new ship-
Van Amla. Lund,   l.ewi- Chan* nn nt   of clocks,  watches and
nei. Shoal Bay, Por1 Ne. ilie*. Port jewi Iry,
Harvey,   Chatham  Channel,  Tii- \n   work   warranted  to   ".iv<-
bune Channel,   Broughtiui Island, iierfccl   ntisfaction,
I:  The 6.T.P. Lumber«
i.udience for their presence and interest, and likewise wished tin
children a joyous and healthful va-
iiranite Island. Jervis Inlet, every
Monday at 11 a. m.
For berths and passage, apply t<
Pori Essington, b. c.
All kinds of lumber supplied oil shm't notice.
Kit-, las. J?. ('.. July -I.—A king
service of song at seven ]>. in.   will    ,        . , .',   ,, ,
,    ,        ,. '. ..,. i If mi for a  horse  trail   through   to
precede the ordinary service.     ,\
-i-al,-ittle the district,  and   make      An after attraction whs the mil
dav  night, and hereafter hkagwa}   ,.,.,.,.,.i„„i,. n,,,,,,,•    \\\.  u;ii  1,.,,,. . ,,   ,   ,   , ,.  ,.
,   •,     ?,,      . .,   .  , everyooaij  napp\.    n.   win   nau   latU|.|. niuseum,   collected   by   tl
Tl nly dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern coast of  b.  c.
J. M. IHNCAN, Munancr
boats will arrive on that day.
Morrow & Frizzell
The singing of the   Maple   I.    I Agents, Port  BnteftMI.
'rchear.ilv welcome. the Bulkley valley from   here.   It  and National anthem brought  the     ————~-
Th.Prineea.May arrived  fa^^SZ^TJ ZZ lT [^ T '^\ ,.       E.   B.    DtlillOp     McKCHZJe    &   MSO!.
Tonsorial Artist Oenercil
rT"VW Mackay Smith,     postoiikebiw-k.essingtonb.c
The Atlin Claim, speaking about gons to tmnsport their concentrat- nj (lrVelopnient;  some   100 speci- i»■">■**■   Mj
last spring's importation of Japan- ed pills and  extracts  in,   bul   we, men,   ,,-   |,H,a|  tl.M-.i.   and   mi Rlrlir &   \'0
ate into that camp, says.   ''Wheth- the pioneers, will thank a wise and M,inor*il», insects, birds and  other
er Uie Japanese themselves got dis- better  terms  government   if  they local natural objea'ts. WJiolesnlc   dry   gooth   and   ini'i
satisfied with   their treatment   or will give us a  • ,„.ii. everyday      yi,, ,,Verage  iitteiiilani'e  ilu urnishings.       Manufacturers    ol
whether they do not like ihe emin- l„,ss trail. the term was 84, out of  a   total  0f shirts, clothing, tents, etc
try, is not know u.    Whether Ruff-      The  proposed   route    up   Uold 63 pupils.                                        | VA'""VKI;'  ''" r'
."ie"".,'  i«appy.    •■'   »i.i   .•">■   jHtnre museum,   coueexeti   ny   ane ivnsunai raw.
this tjail in ti no doubt, but   we  indefatigable   teacher,   which  in- BAJIBER  SHOP, DUFFERIN 8i
Steamer Mount Royal left for up are living in the  present.   Future chideal a complete  list  of salmon!
Duffel in St., next to
Calealonis hotel.
Hot and cold baths.
K. Teaff, proprietor.


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