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The Sun Aug 17, 1907

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 Prince Rupsrt
AUG Ci>4Ulftting in Northern British Columbia
Port Simpson
Vol.  1.       No   11
l'Offi\\&^t]j}i*rfi.C..   SATURDAY, AMil'ST 17.
Srn-( MPTIO.N If-J  I'i i:  Vi \u
office bus   I    Join a  a   thrivinjj 200-mile section of the O.T. I. wesl
ROLE OE OLADIAiOK ' ti„    i ,  iv,, ,i„      THIS END Of 6,LP. SIMON AND PEILR
■ .rn I* heard bv i bildren  am
ii   t_: ,. ■   »-**■*■■   -*-    ■--    passers by at every hour of tin   dav ,.            ,.      .      ,  .    , ,    .    ..      nu            pplv of hone  ami   sinew
Hi Irics tu lurn Ihi'l.viinglon Into ' ,-,.    .,-,,,,                      , Cons rut ion Hat Las   iv cr Way           , ,"               ,  ,,.
"  ni.-I. .     I lie doors Inm- la-en wide -   required foi tl                       tkingin
tt-mdy House dnJ I lays Idvor-     ,,,„,, BmJ not llir ,Ilfll|eit li.Ml.;ull.      on Ihi Stiiion LktWM lop-     , „„. .„,. „nd Wmnn uill ilU ,„,
ik* in Gambling laws
The rotunda of the Kssington
lintel presented sjxi-tacular scenes
Thursday afternoon ami evening
when Constable Byrne, under tho
influence oi liquor,essayed the part
of tbe In avvweight   comedian   and     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
made a laughing stock of  himself |and w^uiwd„*e. nature of thelitis-
I ly.   ^^^**^^^^^^^^^^^B
Theatnrv ol the trouble ns related
lias been practiaed by tlie two gentlemen fnun the south who have
leased the building from Constable
Eugene Wacker, and whuae  lease
run- to the 27th ol uexl month.
The Sun man   walked   into  this
banking institution in days ago.
ind enquired the milureol the li
', iness done.    "It is a poker business
we are conduct nil;." snid  the hen.I
towever, will not |ilete the   re-1   M^^^^^
Attomiy-iiincrdl Issues Instrudio.s
to i'rov. Police That Men NkJ
hired in Vancouver, j Be C-a^tured
It is   stated   on   good   authority       Simon   (iun-a-noot.   the   Indian
that lie-wrs. Foley Broa., Larsen A-  «!,,, i- reputed to have shot  Alex.
Co. do not intend to change  their Macintosh and .Max LeCIaire, out
invariable policy ol engaging white jot Uaaeltoa, some >i0 months ago,
labor only.    Besides the army of und his comrade  Peter, are to be
graders, there will be employment again   bunted  by  tbe  provincial
,,.,...,            .    I for  hundreds  of  teamsters, cooks  ixilice
iiirsiiny   by   the   Northwest    fori         jponn.
Attornev-I leneni I Bowser has re.
per River and Ttlkv»a
The (irand Trunk   Pacific,   after
many delays, appear-  to  have  denied to rush construction on the
vain" party of 2IK) men arrived  on
the Camosun Tuesdav ami left  on
—————————————————————,    i man in   khaki.     What   license   <!n^^^^
bv Mr.K.J. Mi lioii.ll, appears to lx- ,.,,,. ,.        von.    I
11 vou pay?"     Do ^^^^^^
ct-ntretl around a discharged   wait- ',-        '.. , I   ,   ^^^
license,   be replied.   And t
^^^^^^mmmmmmmmmmmm. and blacksmiths.    The  entire 1S0-
eir   de.-tinaiion.    ( upper    river,;     ., .,, ,     ,        ,    . ,
,.   .    . nil ,i mile section will he dotted with cilll-
w 11 nli is two miles In low   tin-  inn
vas tents within two  months, and
,                "~       [von.    The partv was in  charge  ofl".
.0 t pav anv  direct 'i   ,,  j.                      ,                       ,    I the a. lual work oi eon.-truetion   a
;..,i     i.i.ni... .IJ-H. Stewart who also went up the „__„.. , _.„   , __  ._   ,„,
I. ss, w Imiii the constable sought to
river.    The purchasing agent.   Mr. |
the Kitamaat end  will   be   in   fill!
cently issued instructions to Superintendent ol Provincial Police
Hussey to immediately organize  •!
parties for the chase.      It has   been
have reinstated, and Mt-Donell snid ! ' Tr A"TT T"   T «■**•«- Ho-ler, returned on the Mav I'™*  wi,1,i"  ;'   f"lt"^llt-    *" iB ^rmined that the   India,,   must
..Ni!„ !";,-,,! by    ouMabi.'U acker, to   H to Vam-ouvcr. where   ,„.   k ,„ | th- usual custom, the work for the j h,   captured.      It   is   intended    to
Constable Byrne has been in Ihe   .
in turn -unlet to t
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^killlts   fi.f  the    plllpiise    I    I     pnkel
halni ui sleeping at the court house, !duI,   Tli„lv .||V ,-,„,,. mm|i,  (ii , ..
present occti-l.      ,     . .  ., .      .   . entire distance will be sublet, and
. ,        touch H It ll tin- i'Olliliilssariiil end of I
lilt lllllll
li this   alioilr,   ,m    \\'i
and a "chuck-a-lllck" bench in this
net-day Ins1 liesougbtu  v   rest- P(,tubli*hinent.
*"' bed and secured r  So. Win      AfU-r the closing of the  Easing-
the   Essington   hotel.    N bnl lint.- , ,     ,,      ,.
■ i     toil gllllie, tlie newspaper man   Vis-
pened here is of no  concern.    Suf-  ;,„.,,<,     ,< ,.  •   •        , .  ,,
i 11<■ • i I ieti, lia) r   cigar store at  B p.
Iiei' nl    i-   it   to sa\'    that    tin    cm-   ,       .,,  ,i , ,.   ,.    ,.
111., Ill I lie coi ner » hen- I'.. Ii.  I lu11-
tilovee wa- disiiiissetl ami  the rot-   i  .   i     i i ■   i   ,i , -i
i    • top luiil Ins Imi In-i-   ahop nut il   re-
ten   limb  of   the   law  told that   he   ,.,,,,1,,      11  ..     i       r .1
t-enl ly.    Here   in-   found a  rather 1
th.- t"'stein am
provides the   worl
men as rapidly as conditions on
the branch warrant their being put
to work. It is intended tohave l,(X)0
if subcontractors  will  soon
be coming north to bid on the work,
By subdividing the work into stations varying from one mile to ten
miles in   length, the undertaking
at work this fall.    In audit ion . ^^^^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm—
..... ,      ,,,■,, 1    can be rushed to  completion   with
to   building   the   IsO-iulle   bran-h- •■*****■
from   Kitninaiit   to Hiixcltoti,  the
contract  lor  which   was   recently
awarded   to   Messrs.   Foley   Broi
greater   dispatch.     Each   subcontractor will then have   his   respoll-
1-abilities    considerably    modified.
could not  0,1 upv ibe rooii, 11
.1 ni'lnr
litirsilav 011,nn 11111,
while the guests were eongrcj iitim
busy place with some lifly men ol
all nationalities congregated ill .1
puce ol ill nut I 20 \ l.'i |ei 1.    Tiler.
1 ,   ,, , ,', .    1 There will be 110 letup as soon as a
"i 1 |^|^|^|B I^I^I^I^Ba^H   Ba^BW
line section from tide water at Princi
Hnperl to Kitsilas canyon  on  the
in the ollice prior t.i cur,,,"   the  „,.,,. thrtH, |,ljM.k.iai.k tMl,„ in fu„  skw'« ^ver, comprising 100 miles
dining r , the constable apia-nred  |,ia,t ami 11 chuch-n-luck layout  !    ",J1 '•*' uiul.-rtHken tln-i  tall.   The
Oil t be mi ii.   and   approaching    the   .
nortli-easl corner.
cm,trad for the last-mentioned m1,'-
pniprietor detnandt-tl reinstaU-ineiil ,    fjauiMtaltlo Euueiie W.tekt r made !
': tioll will be awarded w ilbin a   fort-
of the H aitn■-- or   lie   would   close
t'ue open confession in  the Sun  of-
he conijianv also intend'
vestcr.lav   afternoon    that   In
to have work started this fall on
200-mile prtiitie section   extending
the card  room.
"I'lo-e it. and   be   d d,"        i«i JM,|    visited   (ieol^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mil.ouell.  "but   von   or fttiy other ,U)re   ,',,,■   Ihe   i-',',.,-   .,,'   ,1,-si.ig   utM "•,"" lvln...,it,.n to a point   1,(1
cm will not  ken    bawdy   house down gambling, but that   the   pro-   '"lv*   ''^   '"   '"''   mmmt °-   ,Ih
start shall have been made, as the
winter months are regarded as the
most favorable season ol tho year
for rock work.
It is expected that llt'Xt Mlllllller
will see the completion of that portion of the line, forty miles long,
between Kitamaat at tidewater and
Kitsalas canyon, where the line
lirst strikes the Skeena river. With
this accomplished, the   contractors
'-   „    , . .,,. .". "i'i*    I will   be   greatly   aided  in  rushing
.   Rockies.     I he gap intervening  In- •   .
(I ,,       , ,    , I work  on the   main   line   east   ami
outoluiy hotel."    With   this  tie' prietor had shown hint the door an..
.on-table ru- I through the oWee   he went out.    And the   game  con-  ''''"''" il:u,'i!"n IU"1 th"  ■■  ««»-
1,. the bar r tu.l   theme   Ui  11   tinned iu. ning tvrly si-c-tion oi Uie  pram,-  ,-   B70
"black-jack" table in the curd room THE HOLO-tPW THE TENDERLOIN ,1l'1r"   ,',;"t!':."",s ,'"' "1;" I""1";"
nnd gave the dealer ten, nt*. in      „ ,,„   ,„,.„ , 10,, talk around °    "               \      r^        n
«l'ieh  '"1-k  up hi- „..,:... nmi -lllW11 |li:|l  _„,,,,   >t             ,„, 'nxt spring ai.,1 next summer will
give the deck oi cards a rest.           '         , ,„,„„,„,,   , |„v   {ro, ^n-U^in progress itwth e
.... 1    1     ,   ■    ,         ■     ,                               ,    .             ,           ■ I entire ilistnnce liettveen I iinee Bu-
111 be back tn ten minutes,and  th,, two denuens  who  have their
if this game is running I'll pull the domicile in  Ihe Kssington tendei-
in. situated n quarter of a  mile
perl and Edmonton, a   distance  of
work on the main line east and
west as the facilities for shipping
in men and supplies by the Skeena
river boats from Essington art not
exceptionally favorable, apart from
the disadvantages presented by the
short season of navigation. In any
event   the   beginning  of  the    new
place these parties under the direction of Constables Murray and
Wilkie. who arrived in the norl h
on the last Camosun and proceeded
to Simpson, where it is understood
they will prepare their expedition
to enter the interior by way of the
Reports received in Essington
last month stated that the entire
party of eight fugitives, who have
evaded the provincial police for a
period close on two years, wen-
fishing on the Nass river and incidentally laying in a stock ol
cured salmon lor the winter.
other reports from the interior
say that Simon is camping with
hii aged father and other n,embers
of his family, about two hundred
miles north of Ha/eltoii. Sitcm
knows the country as no other Indian of bi> tribe does, for the reason that for many years he has
been in the habit ol wandering far
afield in his hunting expeditions.
it i.- this intimate acquaintance
with the district which was largely
responsible for Simon's easy evasion of the police last year.
Last year the  police constables
Hist- an.
ll'l\l    VOU    "lit     Ol     toW ll,     I
language tbe writer lias ever lieiiru. writer by one   who  Bliould   know.
The game closed down and the thai un Wednesday night that sec-
boys took a holiday. (ion WHS visited and a price of if I 'JU
At 12 o'clock that nigh! t1"' con- placed on the head of  the   woman
stable returned and the second  ael who has been a resident there for •!
was given to the edification ul  the j months, at Ihe rate "f if 10 11 mouth
guests who had   been  aroused   by for the privilege ol living on earth. I
approximately Ldllli milei
Tin  100-mile section from Prince !!
Klip, rl   e.iM   to   Kitsilas    canyon.
where the Copper  river rising in
year will see construction iii   pro- were sent into the 'th totally un-
ress from end to end of the 180- prepared to carry out a suatainei
Mel ill." and the con-table  I. -it.  la-y ond the Cunningham sawmill.    , ''"  ""'"""" ~''.'."".''""" ' """ I mile section.     The most   urgent I chase.   They carried bul tew sup-
mid a volley oi the  b1 ol-scene   r*,e statement was made before the |   , *H'       '^   "       * at   .''"'-u'."'' problem is naturally that of  rush- plies, and with the means of trans-
the south pours its waters into the
Skeena river, is descrilied as embracing the hcaviect   rockwork   on
ing to completion with all possible portation at their disposal were 1111-
speed the forty-mil,- gap separating able to establish bases from which
Kitamaat from the Skeena river. they could operate with any pros-
Ill order to see this vigorous pol-lpect of   success.    Travelling   light,
tin  entire It uni the Atlantic I ■   , ,_^^^^^^^ki ■,     .   .^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^k^m^m^m^m^m^m
icv  fullv  inaugurated.    I resident  Smion could place in one dav suf-
the 1. iciiie. Several ranges of moun-u ,   v     0    •,    *    m ..     •• ■    . >■ 1 ■■     '■,■     ,
.Hav-  and  Vice-President    Morse detent distar.ee between himself and
tains paralleling the coast will huve     •,',     ■ ■,   ,,      ,,    ■" , ,    ,..t,. !.,        ,- 1 ■, ,
' ,, 1 will   visit   the   I-acihc   eoa-t early 1 the police to make   it   possible   for
to lie surmounted, nffortling  great I ^^^^^^ ^^^
the boisterous use ol  profane   Ian-   1 he other woman, a   later  arrival.! . .B     ,      111   September.     A   month will In
, 1 1   , ,1 im.-    j.-,, senile tor a display   of engint-eriiit* .1 ,,
guage    and    ttsseinbletl    in    their was held for foO. |      ' '    ■ ■ -pent 111 the north.
... ., .... . u ■ -,   1 ...   i-kill.    Allowing lor the most   fav-
ni'.'htri.b. s  on   the stairway.     Ine       A "—1111  man   visited    ■   ol   the] —*>~	
,, .   1 .   ,-•  1 . 111 -i-i       1 .    n •     .,     oriiblcconditions.at least twovenrs
constable wanted to fight very mid-  houses Ihursdni afternoon for the     .,, IMTCDPCTIMr  ITtMC
j will ne occupied in its construction. 11|\ | tKto I lilU II LlVlO
]v—he even wanted to pick  oul   a purpose  ol confirming  Ihe reporl
soil -poi for the editor of The Sun, bul the birds had been warned ami
because    the   latter  remonstrated ' the woman had nothing to.-iny other
, , 1 1        1        1 ,       1       11 I l lie   1 .-,11-1111 n- M-i'1
ii'Miiist the guests   Iwiiig  nnnovetl tliiin she had gone to lieil the prev- ,     ^,       .
B ,        . , ' ■    ,  .      ,   ,,.     ,   1      , 1 ; to   lla/.eitoll, llb.illt   to    lie    built    bv
at such   .in   unseemly   hour by   a ions nignl al IU o-clock, and knew ^^
Kitsilas canyon is  also  the  poinl I
where the coast section Brsl strikes
I the IMO-mile section Irom Kitnmant
him to rest for 21  hours and -ti
be ahead ol the constables,
A contrat t has been let by Morrow A Co., butcher-. Prince Rupert.
lor the erection ol h floating dock,
«Inch will be used for the purpnsi
nl a slaughter house ami -I" ds for
C. E. Carpenter, nn old Kootcnay  storage of beef.    Th" dock  will   he
sington. with the rottenness in official quarters, will be a fitting sub
ject—for the future.
Clous assembled guests.
Tbe numerous gambling places
thai have bt en added lo the com*
11,unity of late, mav be traced a
good deal of the looseness with respect to the police fori i Kssington. The appointment of Constable Byrne has been no improve*
•ment over old conditions existing
prior to bis taking office. Humbling has been woefully on tbe   in-
crease- and at every corner can be
seen lanterns hung out to guide tilt
victim to hii lure.   On,- joint that 1 proximity w ., |.n.„,. Unvll, *otfj  -,„.
has hail the exterior   most   beauti-  which are  selling   at  a   handsome ] t
fullv decorated with White and blue pries in the east,
w„ul.l-be iifiicer whose prime duty I nothing about   the   matter.    si„-1 K,.'l,'-V l!"'~" '';" '" lV'.('"'   '' '   * miner, went up to Lorne Creek  on  located hall a mile east oi the  pre-
,                  11         1 ','.-       iiii,            '           .1     miles distant from  Kitamaat.    1 in ' .1    \,,,,i,.,-,..1 \\',.iine-il-iv     lie is     n* ti  T t«  „■!,.,.-,' ,,,.1 „ ;n 1.   in.
iti-  to keep the peace.    He cooled tipped her blind too earlv   111   the ""   *"'iii,wi-i r» cimeauu 1.    «.   ,    sent it. 1. r. wnart nna win ne-wx
down  however when Jack Collins conversation when she said she re- thi" t'ontr,,ct tht' work   V',H l"lV'' superintendent  f,.,   the   Dry   Hill   100 feet, and will be connected with
toldhimhi   wa-  not  hired  for a tired at 10 o'clock.                            ver-v he*vy' £a,m>*\IMit wl,wl,,n* Mining Ca, and prophecies nn  ac a fresh water stream by   1800  l.-el
government prixefighter, and   left     Bpace will not permit us to treat tha'   f'""'   i'1"1',','   l<"1"'l'.t tHtl*to live season.                                      nl iron piping.    Mr. J. Carruthers,
th,   hotel  through the  bar room, this subject this week in  the man- t0 "yon'      , ,    "      '\    Provincial Secretnry Young wenl ol Essington, has the contract  nm!
much to tho satilaction of the nuue* ner we would have   liked,  but   we ; "al'is u[ ila/-1'11"" hugs the .-outh through Essington on tin  Muy lasl is at present in Georgetown s,
lean assure the inspector of police ,,ank of the Hkl,t'-*-- a*-d P^rtically M(1|l,].1Vi  The doctor  went   on  to ing the necessary lumber and other
'for the district that the subject ^ the grade will hate  to  be  blasted ,,;. ,„„;,, ni Al|in   wlieTI   |„.  uin  mat-rial:   Once this   structure  is
open gambling ds it   exists   in   g, J out of the ahelving   bank-   lor  H"'  ,,„.,,,! tUl, w,.,,k. ;M„i  then   return erected the g 1   peopli   uf  Prince
'entire distance.   That   portion  "'iMlUlll     [f boat connections can be Rupert will have no  further eon..
the main line from tho canyon  tolfc at Ew*ngt(m< the provincial  plaint alxnit the shortage oi  fresh
Haxelton  overlni*  the    franchise :,,.,,,,.,,.v win ,,,,,. ip,,..!!..,, ,,„  a meat.
granted   the   Pacific, Omineca   & .        , •,  ,    ,- ,,                                 ,,   ,-    v      n
t,*^^^^^^^^^^^^h tmir ol inspection,                                      I).   K.   .N.well   came
I'.. Keeping,  a   gentleman   from Northern   railway,   whose  charter ,             ,   . ,  ,.              ,       a.
Manitoba is at the Caledonia hotel                       11    it    ,-       1   t      i The plumbing for the new   hoU-1 Camosun from Simpson yesienhi
.11.1111100,1, is at wiv vBit-uuiuu noiei   WH|i auiiiircl bv the (irand    Trunk '
waiting to get a   boat  for   Massett,  „     n      -,,,      ,'                .,   , under  course  ot   construction   at      c. ,\. Croslne   nnd   Mrs. Ci
r\               1,1      1   n        r   1       ,          -i-t       Piiclhc.     I he lil.,',s show that 'cores ■           11         1                     ,                      ....
Queen    (diarlotte    Islands.      1 he 1              ,       ,, ,            ,    ,       ,   • Prince Rupert, is well under   way.  have la-en 111 Essington for n wee!
islnmlsi in.  develoniinr f isler   th-in   "' 11111 ll 1* Is Will  I' a ve to lie I .11 'il    111 '
islands an   ui \ 1 loping lasit 1   tliaii|                                                ,      .         , Mr.   T.   Marshall,   of    \ an,-ouver.   Mr. Crosbl.    1-   gtinervisol   of B,     .
most of us realize.    Mr. Keeping is order to secure tlie standard grade. .                                . .                                              r
going to Massett to see   s,„ne   land   [, ie ...p,- ,,-1 ,ha1 between   a year haV"18 "rived-flml  ' ' ' '-,"""   t0  ,";1"""'' '" "'" '— &"*  "' <      '
which is offered al |160 per ace. Md , h,H and two  years  wili  be *"*.»■*»-  vlew  '" **tl*  '""" ada, and his vis.l uortl,   has   k-cn
Its special advantage is in the lint-           .   ,.   ,   -, ,-    '.1 •    ,..,,    ■, liletion.                                            in connection with tbe further
t     '   1    ,         1                                            1 occupied in building  this   lMl-iuile '                                                                                  .                    ,       ,.
f market gardening, as it is in close        ,' Don't foraet the concert    n  the 'tension of tbe bank's stihere in tin
ection.      Ihe   construction    men twn v iui»»v ut                                                                            ,
ind grading outfit, will come from Methodisl  church   tonight - Mr. north.   Mr. nnd Mrs.  irosb.e  left
the prairie region, where the con- Camenm, accompanist.                  |on the May sDUtb-boundyesterday, THE   SUN
The Sun
Saturday, August 17. 1907
W.   J.   (Ai'KAY,  PKOPWKTOR,
i I    AI..
nur properties in firat-ckai  shape. rvice  would  be a  greal  help—
They   in   growing  mure  valuable ml th.-gaily  Japs   want  a  poat-
e eryd y, and  1  doubt  not  thai offici of their own in the Terminal
  everything will turn oul  all  right city,
aovkbtisijm   iia'i'!•>.              for values miist toll in tlie end." The $500 head  tax  on Chinese
Coal   pRosm-row    ihd   iimiuk                              - seems to have been pretty effectual
KOTivut, 30 .lays. W.                         THE JAPANESE QUESTION IN B.C. -""- wl,-v n"t »PP*3 '< with equally
  good results ?   One thing ia certain
I.iMi KOI It i s, 80 days. -*7.
i ii es, 60 d  ■ • 17,
\l I   lIMitl'i: AMI I.AM.   XOTII I- Mi silt K
A  pl'iv.lt" < al
legram i
,.,,,v,,l  Bl  1'idthal i-  rig,,!  exclusive
V., aver states that the ,t-ai,..-r '"''s "n,s'   '"' ''"'"I""'   *"  '""r '"'
tMiin.'.x.,, ,..,.,.. .>'..,.,..-,..-. ;,|](]i (   thefutur  British Columbia will
•. nnvi in. k, other- , l,r i'< rv uncertain
wise thkv win.  KK.M.w*, I'MiT,- ,"-'"'1 »«■  «»•««  from   Honolulu      If Australia can practice Japan-
i i-ui I.
cod   results
lor   V'uncouver.     Other   iteamers t-se exclusion   with
laden    with   coolies   are   to   follow   why liol Canada   '
shortly.   Vancouver  will he their: *-***-*- 	
objective.  Apparently the protests     While there has always been eon-
and repreaentationa of Mr. Ichii of riderable speculation   as   to   the
tai  authorities   the   incoiivciiienci ! the Japanese foreign office, now in ' length of the Hindu turban, a fairly
the di.-triet i- put to by theC. P. B.   Honolulu, have carried iiii  weight, .'"'curate estimate was obtained the
boat-   being   made    the     exclusive
carrier-   of   mail   to   this   section.
[here ap|s ars to lie only one way
in which ti," north coast section
can properly bring before the  pos-
The Skeena River mute ie the quick-
eel and beet route to the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Oolsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
for Hazelton and Skeena river poi le.
B. C. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
ITw enterprise of transporting /ape | other day in a most peculiar man-
froin Hawaii to this  provin
* | Her.     It   seems   that    a    Hindu   at
This can best be done by a petition I been   inaugurated  on  a   business K»rnnd   Forks,  strayed   up  to the
circulating in the three northern
centre.-—Hinipson, Kupcrt aud Essington—ami by forwarding one to
the postal heads andanothei to the
mt mber in the   federal   house.     It
busis. The passage rate is #86, Uranby smelter furnace-room iu
Unless this province is to become •*-■«-■•■ «' *«**i andjusl as he made
a Japanese colony, it is up to U,,.: his appearance, the workmen being I
provincial government to take the rtrougly opposed to coolie laborfl
initiative and -tun the yellow tide turned the hose on him. when the
.nuh! l„. mad" plain in the prayer | at once, as the Dominion govern- unlucky Sikh turned and ran at
to the authorities that one of the ment seems too lethargic to make toll speed up the sitle of the moun-
beet adapted boats to serve the die* any other move than te make a tain at the rear of the antelter. Hit
trict with mail is the U. 88. Co. V lew feeble enquiriee. The South turban was uncoiling at every jump
steamer Camosun, aa this boat does has her color problem continually hr »>•<*•. Aa the Baal Indian die-
not leave Canadian territory, and breaking out and causing rids and | a'>l**ured over the side of the mountain, eye-lt itnesses declare that over
the return trip  is   made   within   a
■pace of two days.   The (.'. I'. R.
blood-bed.     Is this to   In-   the   i:lsr{1^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ttiirtv feet ol the turban wa- noal-
| with this fair province ?    \\ e hope   in, jj. t|u, |„,,.,,,., B„j ,|,al   it   wai
boats go through to   Bkagway   and]not.    Tin- Hindu, a far less  harm-  iti 11  uncoiling.
flve days intervene between arrival ful opponent to white  labor,  than
and departure.    If these  facta are the  brazen  Japs,  were   promptly TIMBER  NOTICES
but duly pl.-u-ed in the properquar-: rounded up a year age on thedoek      Take notice thai Gordon Runkle,
tore we have no hesitation in  say-]at Vancouver and all  further in,- uf   Vancouver,   I!. ('..  occupation.
log that a candid inspector or a re* migration  barred.    If this action  prospector, intends to apply   lor n
presciitativewhohasthe   district's j ..m be taken   against  British   tW-^te*;"! d^rfiJunllK*^ thl"   '"''
jects, as the Hindus are,  whv  can.    ..     ,
: ,      . .,,',", sV".   1—( oiniiienciiig   al   a   post
" ""ll""1 ' •Vlth ""' lal»< *»■••'- plauteil J "fa mileeiisl uf mark on
do nut become British subjects but Lhore aboul 4 miles south of Moore's
retain allegiance to the Mikado?       i Cove, thence east Id chains,   north
Within the last   few  years   they   *'|° chaina, W«1  40   chains,   south
hav,  butted into almost everv trade1 "'"ehain-.
,, • , | No.   2.—t'oluinelieing   at   II   po-t
and profession going, have acquired . .     .     r r
R. J. McDonell
The Lading hotel in northern British Columbia, elegantly et-uipj-cd to meet the requirements "f a fastidious public, and commanding a superb view of the approaching
Hot and cold baths at all hours. Baggage
transferred from all incoming ami to all
outgoing boats.
welfare at heart, will see to it that
the nortli coast is no longer to be
wantonly neglected in a matter of
such universal concern.
Another exhibition oi how di*-
ferrcd action iu postal mutter*
works out poorly to the community ut   large, is   illustrated   in   tin
^^^^—mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-       planted on northerlv slmre of   I'itt
■ monopoly „n the salmon fishing,  ,..„„,_ ,,„ „nn]] ii;l;. ,„,,,.,, ,, „.
and   arc  getting  control   of   the  ite Gibson's   Island',  theme  sonih
service   obtaining  on   the  Bkeentt shingle bolt   industry.    Ac  an  in-   10 chains, wesl 10 chains, north 411
river at present. The mail boata on cident of how complete  their eon- ihains, wesl  40 chains,  north  HO
thi. river are the  property  of the tad of thesawmilllsoftheprov '1$^,^^^^
Hudson-I Hay Co.. and   they   have   is. it Is only necessary to state that   „.,.,.,,.„„.,„.
the   exclusive   handling   of  mails. ■ only a few weeks ago on the ocas-       June 2Hth, 11107
The Northwest, an opposition boat, hm of a little Japanese prince pass-      \',,. :■*.—Commencing at   a   po-t
ed  on  the  river this summer ing through Vancouver, every mill  planted on west shore of small   in-
tn the city had  to cloae down   to  «•'  ""   P**1   hdand  off   (irenville
allow their .laps a holiday to  cele- \f*navl> ,l,*°ut   one   ■-■•-«■   •**•'   "-
by the  li. C. T.AC. Co. did carry
unpaid mail as a convenience to
the public, both for  Haxelton and
the north coast. The postal department very promptly informed
the company to desisl and also that
whatever mail went over tin- latter'- boat would be at their own
risk.    The disaster   to   the   Mount
Royal left the river without a mail	
boat, and tin- delinquency was only   but since it was their "cheap
met by the   Hazeltun   being   withdrawn from the Stikinc river.   Now
the  lla/.elton   has   been  taken  oft'
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_        Baker's inlet, thence west  HI chains,
brate  Fushimi'i  vuit—something i,„rth 1(50 chains, east to shore  of
tiie mill-owners never had to do t'renville ,-!,; I. thenc,- follow-
lielore since their mills started op- ing shore of channel and  inlet   to
crating.    If instead of Japs, white l»l«ce of eonimeneenient.
men had refused to work,  a   howl'    No. 4.—Coniinencing at  a   posl
i . , .ii-,    planted on east shore  of  small in-
would have   gone   Up   to   the   high ,,.,    ,   ,       ,      a     .. ...
" • e     let   on   I'itt   l-land   olf    (irenville
heavens about the tyrnny of trades eh.annel  about     mile  wet   nl
unions and white  labor generally,   Baker's inlet, tbenceettsl 10chains.
outh 160 chains, west   40 chain-,
labor, not a word wa- -aid. !""''11 n10 chains.
The   procession   in   the evening      No. 5.*—Commencing at a  post
planted mi (.irenville channel gliol
I ,. .,      ■ , p antei   on lireiiville eliaiiiiel sliin'e
i.\ the Japs was an  eve-opener  to ',,.-.. , ,     ,    ,     , ., ,     ■,
1 •       ' ot I'itt Island, about 3-4 mile   west
the Skeena and is   mi   the   Stikinc j the  thousands   ot  spectators    who ,,f j..(j.,.,.-,  m|,.t    111<-11<-• •   south   50
again, and   will   be   there   till   the \ viewed it from   points   of   vantage chains, ea-t   40   chain-,   south   Ii0
along the route of march.    Japan- chain-, cast Mli hains. thenee north
ese,  eouservativelv   estimated   at '"   sl""'"  •-•  .t-renrille   channel,
-,,,,,,      .■ ,uwi ■           i      ,         i thenee  follotrin-i   shore   in   north-
■ I.IHIII or (i.IMM) 111  Ulliiiber. lorined a ....                 ,
westerlv tlireetion t" place iii emu*
parade reaching from Powell street „|( uepn'ienl
nearly to the Hotel Vancouver. June 30  IH0"
As the banaaiing horde of  little No. r,.—Commencing al  a post
brown ineii  swept   past  with   their planted iiii (iieii\ ille channel sl,oi"
thousands of Chinese   lanterns   n-   "' |,iu lel«nd. alsilll • mile uortli-
III            i             s   ,      ii- Wesl of  Kxillfelll inlet, thenee south
selllllling a host   ol   lireflies.   UIUI1V     ,.    , ,   ,.,    i    ; n
matter.   And the  last   developing expreaaions of astonislimenl   were chains, tbence east to shore of (Jren-
northern interior  is tbe  loser  by heard  by  the  writer at the greal villi- channel, thenee following the
this short-sighted   "astern   head- number "f Japanese  in  line,    It »h reins uorthweeterly direction
'was a sight never to be  lorgottei to place of wimniem*enipnt.
and-bowel the  citiaens the  true So. 7.—Cotiimeiieing   at   a   post
,     , plant.  I on I innville . haiinel shore
situation as tnev litul never seen  it ' . ,,•    ■ ,     ,    i   -,            •., u w
nl but island, about "ii" mileS.M .
before.     Aa  one  prominent   mer* ,,,- Kxngeal inlet, thence  west  BO
irrlman speaking on the I chant grimly remarked,  "It-hows chains,  smith 40 chains, ea-t   10
state of trade at  Chicago  recently  that   British  Columbia   is   pretty ehain-.  -outh  40 chains, east 40
.   i    i.i i     .  ,  ,     .-.   ii-    ..     ■ effect,eillv invi,I,,1 chains,   north    Id   chain.-,  easl   to
l- onoted:     I heal  lots i.t talk on a   ' m t lll.ill*   lli\.i.l' ,|
1                   ...                             i     ,                          .i                    i shore ot (irenville channel,  thence
recession in  business,   but see   no      Ami now  conies   tl,"   news  that
middle of September, thus halving
the Skeena river without an accredited mail boat. The Hudson's Bay
tlo., it is understood, has asked the
Northwest people to take over the
mails, but the latter company in
ta. '• of the instructions from the
postal authorities, is ina quandary
a- to what  action   tu   take   in   the
quarters policy thai prevails in thi
district generally. Uet Into thi
saddles, inspectors.
signs  ol  recession.
advices our   energetic      brown    brothers
following -bore in a   northwesterly
direction   to  pint
it   commence.
from the west, southwest and north- j have applied to the   authoritiee  at mcnti
weet are that business is still at the I Ottawa for a nice  little  pos toff ice No. 8.—Commencing at  a   post
top-notch     So far as one can judge  of their on n at Vancouver to be in planted on (Inn villi-channel shore
f„r the pr.-e,,t.it look's as though khatge o* little Jappies  and  mail ol Pitt island, alwut one mllewert
..    t .,, I carried bv -lap  postmen;   further- °* Klewnuggit inlet( tnenceWest 40
«re ai.- going to do n  big -a"» B10re theWthorities are said to be ehains. south 100 chains, east 40
work."    Asked   what   he thoughl  considering the  project  seriouslv. ehain-,  north 40 chains,   cast to
about, (i. return  of t onlidi-iic'-.   Mr   If the .laps an-to I ip*?t'inllv cat- shore of Grenville channel,  thence
Harrinu'ii  teplied   with  a   smile: ered to, why not have speciafpriv- following short ina  nortlnvcstcrly
1 ileges granted the Hindus. Chinese, direction   to   pi"'   ol    . i.'iitneiice-
"Thii t-' beyohd me    Investors and
the public generally,   like   imlivid-
elc.''    If there is to be any change
made in   the   postal   -ervice.   why
ment ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
No. 9.—Com:  "ticing  at  a  post
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    planted on (irenville eii.iniiel shore
We aru  noi"''   aheti   und   keeping  nmil service ?    Been a semi-weekly I of Pitt island, about on- mile 8.W. |
i,al». have their moUds. Meanwhile not gjVP Eaaington a   little better
F. PARKER & 00.
I IMIII -ll.
Oeneral Merchandise »ry tl Is, Boots and SIuk-s. Up
—— eerie-, Hardware. I'liig-and Toy
Hotel   Northern
Simpson, B. C.
Cnder new managenieiit,      , Thoroughly renovate,
of  Klewnuggit   inlet,   thence   west
ll'.ll eliains.  south   40   eliains.   ea-t
I HO chains, thenee north 10 eliains.
July i-t. 1907
ion SS. Co. of B.G.
'I his company is not supported
hy governnieiil subsidies, but by
llie good will ami patronage of the
i raveling public and shippers.
Steamers leave company's wharf
Vancouver, for Prince Rupert, Porl
Kssington, Portland Canal. Alert
Hay   and   cannery   ports    on    1st.
10th and "JOtll of 'each   i til, and
leave Victoria   one  day before, l.y
HeW steel
The G.T.P. Lumbers
Porl Lssimiton, b. t.
All kind- nt   lumber supplied "11 sliorl   notice.
The only dry-kiln lumber mill
in the northern eoasl nf   b.   t ,
J. M. Ill NCAN, Kaaaaar
[mfferin St.. next te
Calcitonin hotel.
lint ami cold bath.-.
F. Teaff, proprietor.
Chemists and Druggists
la-j.li pi ir
Putt' Drugs, Mi 11 iei lies, I 'In mi-
cals, Hooks. Stationery. Toilet
Articles. Kte
Mail   orders   receive  prom] t
and careful attention.
Port Issiwn'.. B. C.
the oniv  steamer   on    the  rout.
built with ,-K el water-tight eon,
partincnts and double bottom, in
■miii". safety of passengers in casi
.if collision or wreck.
Van Amla. I.uml. Heriol Bay
Hoskvti Inlet. Surge Narrows
t.raiiite Point, 1-:Ik Bay. ilanlwid, Dufferin Sl.
l-land. Hear ltivi-r.  Sail  Uiver. B
Port     llarvev     and    all     logging C't Di
.an.,*. cvery'Monday at 8 p. in. OKeOflc.   KlVd
\ an Anda. I.und. la w H Chilli-
ml. shoal Hav. Port Seville, Porl
llarvev.   Chatham   Channel.   Tril	
bune Channel,   Broughton Island. 	
everv Friday at B p. m,
UlImonV, Pender Harbor. Nelson Steamer Mazellon
Island. Marble   Bay. Blublier Bay, connects   at   Port    Kssington
Lund.Manson's, \\ haietown, Read „ith   th.   coast    steamers
Island, Bute   Inlet, every Monday        ,-,.,,,,,    Vjctorin   and   Van-
■1 01 a. m ^ couver during    he  season
Tucker Bay, Van Anda, Oil-son's I       D* navigation
Welcome  Paas,   Pender    Harlror,
<Iranite Island. Jervii Inlet, even
Monday at 11   a.  in.
For berths and passage, apply t
Steamboat Service.
Morrow & Frizzell
Agents,  Port   Kssington.
Millinery and Dry Goods Store
Port Kssixgtox, b.ci
Warner Lunch Room
Ladies' and gentlemen's fur-
niahings—clothing made to order.
S. Fri/.zeil
The only firsl-cldss
Short Order house
in Essington   .    .
Private box - for parties.
(lI'I'lislTK Till-' W r:sTI-.l(N Holts*-.
Mrs. W. Warner. Proprietress ri:c CUN
Saturday, August 17, I9u7
Taka notion that VUttan. F, Huntttng, of
Vanooorer, it < occupation mill .*\*. ti-1, in
if ni l - io apply for i s^peeiaJ timber licenae over
the follow!m -I- scribed landi:
about ..nt- mile i rs s ni tha went end ut tall Hake   Island, being tha N. W, e .mi, i i-,-uev south *•"  rhains, south IB chat
K'niii'.il.iii I n lei rklolty, nurked W. V ll.'-  I    ehaina, earn *o--ii-nii-. north ni rim in**, wesl *>   ''V.r,1.11!11',..!' ";'
ft. fur., thenee tiorth bv ehalna, thane t aaat 90   ehaina to plaee of ronton nn wont
ehaJtu, theneo eona Nehaina, thence meat a«l    Nn .,   , ,(lum,.„rlIlK Jlt )f poet  v\,.vnA ■eof
I,,,in- to piaea nt commeoeemHM. ,|1(. ,„,,],.- llf Moaquito Uke nl... ii .; mil,-   u .-i
weet en ehaina to point   e.ghiy chaina, eaat eighty ehalna to polni ot
1   l|""uv , 4V 1 au-.iJu.H-1!.. IM
M - H N   M I LLI*. A.V >,,. io   riten ■amine, at a po-i planted on the
- ■   — --..nili bank of eaat l"ik ol Flat i reek, and eboui
una and m bail mllei from Junction «iih matin
Oj -,...           ,,.  ,,-      , i'ii<    '.ua  n   aiin    tin;'-  ii'mii    jiiii.  tuni     nun   iii.nu
Ko, I    Commencing at   i poal planted   Itopi Wa* Am, at riii„-h,-.>,i Inlet, Horeaby „ "    J   " ,,7! ,,„.'",! nuwiiii •!!, laliv'iuri,   'T'','-  lh'''''''''rl1' -h,y ' 1,,'l,'"   ""*'
M,«aW.C , N„   .., ".   MT.l   If- N.-1-l-.'l. being, lu- N. «'. ...ni," .„„,,,.  .„.,   |.v. f^uiltTrXok^^^^
... .. .,  ..i      ... ...:     ,..  ........ ,   .....     . ul i   riln-il    lainl-
ft. Vot., Ibene.
W.-t    Ml
Lhettee n.-i Ui W chains, them
ehalm to place of i ommem - men I
Nn. 7   i ommam Lug rt i pnet   planted al  tin
No. l—Commencing at ■ post p Inn tad
mi iii.- weat rida of Kttkattah Inlet, 2 \ 2 mllei
ii-.rih of 'in- lurriiwi, Porchei l-lmi-!, and
markad w F. H.'» H K < ..- . them e north WO
■ halm; tbenea  waat   W cbalna;  thence south   > w ,■„,■ nf W„   .,,  marked  W    I
i'." 'Iniin- ; tin n.-i- i n-i   in  chalni i" jx-ini  ol     .        . , . ,.
' [ < or., thence aaat  W  chains, then * mi u h  to
chains, tbonaa aaat •*■> ehalna. thenc* i
I'halna to poinl of comment: ■
i em ma n< Ing al I poat planted al   tha
.r of So ... marked ft I-. il   - - J   - ot
miili ni ,|iii in-, thence mrt   W   chaws, iouth KJ cbalna, west 160 i halna,   north   eribad land
-iiiiii. tp eineiil
on the bank of i emptying  Into Kitkat*
lali Inlet, about a mile nelow the narrow *, ea
:   iil.'i, Porchi j ; laud, mar kail ft. f H.*s   *« w
-   *   ""    thvWi *> ehains, thet.ee easl ,   , notta m chfXitUt thvtt,^ Wvat B ,.„,.
.nili BO chaina, iht i
i-i chaina to place of iHimmencameut
Nn   1 rameneing at a poat piantad alMHit   KuacheahaiM river,emptying
, , ,- ...... , i    i -   ••*■!. 'ii>'»'ii two mllei from  tlie N. W    fur ner «.f
2 mllea we.1 (rami point on th. north .hon the Indian reserve, thence north BOchaini eaat
ku chaina, aouth ID ehalna, waat  av ehaina to
point <»f
i .iniin-. iouth ai chalni
.  111!  .-I     'Diltll.  IM-i-lii. III.
■ -1 chalm I"
No.J    Commencing  m  ■   poat  planted   i""'-r nmenceaient.
it the H.a" Or. oiT I. v, 10.776. Poreher Island, ii-ii i t v \l   W   III'VTTIVC
marked w 1' H '■ S.K Cnr., thenci -  ft) ebaln . » llaaaiAM r. MUft I il*Jl-b
tbenea   weal   UJ   chains,   them-e   nortli    ■> I July 17,1«7 William MeK. Logan, aejo-ni
poinl  ni
chains, thenoe eaal IM chaini i
No, t Commencing at a post planted
on tha south side tif a imall ereek, aboul one
ni.lf from th. i"1.'' li aud aboul hail s mile S.
,,i tbe Hpeller river, Pofeher lalaud, marked
\\ f. ll - .- I-.. ' or . thenee north ho chain*,
thence west 80 chain**, thenee oouth nu chains,
thence east MO ehaina, to point <»f commence*
Sn. ', Commencing ;tt ;t pool
t. i ilu- north bank of Hpeller rlvt r, Porcher .-l
Hint, marked ft. Y ll ■ N K, Cor., thenee
south BO chains, thenee west NU chaina, thence
north mi chin ii*-, then* i eaat 80chains to poinl
ni commeneemeni
No, •; Commeneing at g post plnnted
on tha waat shk ul « imall creak em pi) Ing Into
KitUiliili Inlel mi the fast aide. Porcher Ial*
laml and marked ft, * ll 'a H w l or., the oca
north HO rhalna, thenceeaai wi chalni, thenoe
-..null ni ehalna, thenee wast H ehalna, to plaee
ni eomme nee ment.
Nn. 7       Com mend ng al »  i"»i  piantad ai
tbaaouthwes nerofXo 6,Von'her Island,
marked ft. \ H - > K. Cr., thence north ni
rhalna, thenee went 80cbalna, thenee iouth ni
thalnn, tlii-iir-t- .-.i-i ni ehalm, to point uf com*
N.i .*-. Commencing nt a im»-i I'Untfl »t the
g gf cr. rn N-. ■-. marked w. f il - N ft. Cr .
ili.-ni i- *-niiili ni chalni, thence eat*) ni chains,
thence   north   10 chains, thenee west MOehalna
tu Poinl   Of  t ullllliellff liu-llt.
Nu. 9. Commencing al a poil piantad at tha
louthweil cornel "I  Su fi,  marked   ft, i*. II 's
N    K    Cor . tbenee  Hi   8ti i'halna, thenee
west go chains, thence north au chftlna, thence
eaal *• t-haiu" to point t>| w»mmeneement.
No. M. Commencing at a poat planted near
the aouthwesi ■ oi nei -0 N... 6, inai ked ft. K.
ll '■ s K Cr , thenee north ni chaina, thenee
wesl so chains, thence r*outh St chains, tbenee
real 80chalni*, to point of commencement
Mosquito Lake, aboul i  fr   We»t
Vi in ..; ' umshewa Inlet. Moreaby tilaa I
tha N K. ' or . tbenea soul i 88 enaini   waat  M
. bains, nortb Ki ■ halna, -it go ehains to pl'" -
of en iiiiii IU< BI .   DI
Nu. I! Commencing at a poat planted abonl
2 inil< *- aeat from a polni on the m.»i iti shore "l
Moaquito L-ake, about ■ mlaos waat Item tha
Weat Arm of Cumihewa inl i. Uoreab) Island,
iiehiL' iin- N. w. 'cr., thenoe sonth ■ chaina,
eait 80 chains, north aO i laius, weal W chaini
tn | Im ■ ».( eommetn emi '.'.
| Ke, Ul ' ommeneing si m poel plaated abont
l j miles west from i poiu dii the north ihore of
Mosquito Luke, aboul * miles west from Ibe
\\'e«i Arm nf Cuinsbewa Inlet, Moresby Island,
being thai K. Cor., thanes north M ehains,
iui li ni chalui.eaat 901 halns i"
So. g,   Commencing hi h  ahtha ganrkad li       N° n-  Commencing-at a port planted on tht
cenaeXo. 1, aud liM-ated on the eaat aide of the   »otn  lm,lL '" ,aM  '"rk  '"   ' !"' *****    ""'1
Into Worki li«n    Hlmui iiiii-hii'U ijoarter miles fnun junction
with main ereek, thence soutta eighty chaini,
eaat eight) cha ns, not ih eighty '-Iiuni-   ai it
i Ighty chains to point oi iji-'a-iiiiiiiig.
Looated .lune M. 1*.<"T
Tnk- notice thai  n t. Hunter, "f Chicago,
in ,i > \ . oei'unatlon, lumberman, im
apply luri ipeeial timber I Ice me on the follow*
Ing deeci I bed landi i
Nn  I*—Commeneing at a poal planted abont I west 80ehalna,
'.. inile -"iiiiii from ahore, north side of Lou tae I point of eommosveement.
pUntad I UUmi' ;|1 ' "oUth ,1"""  l-,«»»»*w«  h'1,'li    So. W^ommenchig at a poat piantad aboM
 »*** I;,i' ll" Nu- iwemy-elght, ItM chains   imuea Wi-st from a polotoi, N. ih<»re ol Moa.
weet, Wchainaaonlh, I halnaeait, 40ehaina  qU,U|Ukc abl|Ul nmiXmt W9 ,  lnilM  tlK.  Wmi
,,"^,,l i Arm ofCumsbewa Inlet, Moreiby Island, being
Nn. 2   Commenciag al ■ |i«».-i planted *■% mile I tha 9 ft. Cat., thenee north so rhalna, eaat hii
-mull from ahore on nortb side Louie? laland ; chain*, south Uehnina* wesi ho ehains to point
ul t south m-roaa Cumshewa Inlet from •
Nn. 4    Commeneing  at a t*take   marked ll*
■ ■ii--    So.   S,   than.-,- in.rt)-   ni chaina, i   I
biaina, south bu chain*, west go ehaina to point
T    .  "llllll.   IT. ■lllllll
Comment: ing hi i stake annrkaa 11*
oeuse No. i, them-i north 80 chaina, ea-t ni
■ bains, south 80 chain**, weal hi chalni to point
ni commencement.
So. ft Commencing at a *-iMke markeil Licenae No ■'. tbence north 80 ehalna, eaat ni
i halns, south 80 chalni, waat ni chains to point
of commencement
N.i 7 Commencing at a stake marked It-
irii-e So 0, thence north mh ehalna, aaal ni
chains, aouth 80 chaina, weat go ehaina to point
of commencement,
N.. b Commencing al » stake markeil li-
cenae So. 7, tbence north 100 chains, aaal tt
ehalm south lOOchail ,waal 10ehains to point
of commeneemeni
Deled July 4, )t«'7.
line lot twenty-eight, them-e too ehaina ihm.
tn chaim south, HO ehalni weet, thenet i'1
chalni tiorth lo poat
No.:; ■Ciimtnencinjf al poat planted 1 mile
n. k [rent head of Atll Inlet, on anal sSa\
Ko-t Ray, l.yell Island, thenee eighty ehaina
east, eighty ehaina no.th, eighty chaiM weat
i»i ihore, followiiiK shore south-weeterlj lo
No. i. Commenciag at i»"-i piantad i mil. from
head ul Alii Inlel on aaal side ol Keel Hay,  l.y*
of com me neement.
No. it ('uminciii-iiiK nt h poal planted about
; miles north from (he bead of hkaaqnlto Lake,
it bout r. miles wesl fruin West Arm "f 'iim-
sbtwa Inlet, Moraebf Island, being Ihe ft, K.
f; Cor., ihenec si.uth ■ ehalna, weal n1 ehaina,
north s*t ehalna, eust *o ehalna to piaee oi earn*
No. |,1 Commencing at i post plnnted ahont
:i tatlei nortb from the head of Moaquito taiha,
abonl ti miles west from the West Arm of Cum-
■hew* Inlet. Moresby laland, living the N.W.
eorner, thence south 10 chains, eaal HO chains,
fil liland, tbenee eighty  ehalm east, eighty
chalm south, eighty chains wesi in ihore, foi* I uorth hii chains, west 00chatm to i-laec of corn-
lowing -lion- north easts rly to poet I netieement.
No. ;>  Commencing al ■ poat planted al bend      -\-,*. tg^^imntetwing al i post planted about
ol Center buy. Atll Inlet,on l.yell laland, Ihenee
. Ight) ' im ins sonth, eight) ehains west, eighty
chains north, eighty chains aaal In poat
No. I.   Commencing nt post planted on  ■>.
I.**:.!!..^,!::ivr^,",:l.i!HK!,.,l:::,,,;,,,,,T",i:i"'"i..*..i*....i«-«>-■- „.■.-,.....,.,- „„., k,,-,
.; miles north from the head of Most) ul to Lake,
abont fi mllea weal from the fiart Arm of Cam*
shews Inlet, Moresby Island, being Ihe I. K.
Cor., thence north sn chains, wesi go ehalna,
south ni chaina, anal W ehalm to plaee of i-om*
Take Duties that Prank Web nine MeCradr.of
V't uver, B. C. (agent for tleorge R. Rooln*
son, merchant, <>i Kftlmat), oeeupatlon, cirll
• uglnet i. Intends to sppiy fur h ipeelal timber
llccuse t»ver ibe following deaerlbed tanda<
Ho,  1 -rniiimi'iKing at ■ poat gthlBtod
Ion tha eaat bank ol Ab Boo Lake (junction oj
K iti mat Arm and  I>erastatlon Channel) about
I i miles fioin iti* outlet, thenee smith mi chaim,
I eaatOOebalm, north SOchaiM, weal hu chaim
to place of eommenoement
No. 2.   on eust bank of Ah Boo l-ake. abonl
1 four mile- from   its   outlet,   thenee nortb ku
- ehalm, eaat iu chains, muth Ki chains, west 8ti
eliains to point of eommanaemaut
No. :i. At upper end of Ab Sou Lake, tbenee
en.it 00 ehains, north 12U chains, weat W chains,
more or leas to foreshore, thenee along to lore*
shore lo plaee of commeneemeni
No. I. On tbe west shore nf Ab Soo Lake.
thenee weit 10 chains, north IM ehaina, aaat 40
chalm, south W0ehalm lo place of commeneemeni.
No. "i. On west lhore of Ah Soo lake, tbenee
wesl ni ehains, north 11^> elm ins .east 40 eliu ins,
iouth no chains, east to 'imi us, south 00 chaim
iu place of commencement.
No. i>. on west ihore nf Ah Soo lake, thenee
wesl *" chains, south 80 ehains, eust sn ehalm,
north sn chains to plaoe of 00mmeneement
Agenl fat Oeo. Ih Robinson, uf Klttmat,
.lune 7. rn-:.
No. 12 Commencing al h post planti d
nortb bank of tint creek, abool 1j»*Jt a mile la
Low junction with * - *. -1 fork, thenee mirth  hi
chains, waat IflUehaim, aonth   m chalm
log chaini to point of commem*ament
No. Ig,   Commencing al ■ po t planted nn
ih< north bank ol i let ereek, aboul hall -
lielow junction with eaat fork, thenee it
'■Iimiii-. east l«0chains, south tt ehalni
|gg ehains tO point of bejjinniUK
I-oealed June JI,   I'.lto.
No. 14.   Commem-ing ut a post planted 011 the
nurth si'U- ot tlie canyon on Klat creek, II
Into laaao harbor, 1 he nee west in eh nin*-. nort I
I60 ehalna, aaal lo chains, aoutfa  lao ehains to
point of com meneement
No, i;>. Commencing at a post plnnted on the
north side of the canyon on t'lnx Creek, flowing Into laaan harbor, lhanoe east lo ehains
nortb lao chains, west u> ehains, aonth lOu
ehains tu point nf beginning.
Nu. ht remmanrlng at a post planted nboul
ime mile east oj the  Canyon  on  Flat Creek,
Bowing   inl"     [aeao   harbor   thenee,   Weal    I"
shalns, nortb 16o chains, aaal lo chains, south
loo cbalna to point ol beginning.
Nu it. Ckmunancing hi g imsi planted about
om- mile easl of ihe Canyon 00 Hat Creek,
How in-* into lasso harbor, thenee ami lo
ehains, mn ih l*io chaim, west to chaim, south
Mo chalm tu point of boginnl ng.
Sit. is, Commencing at a poal plnnted on
the eaal l.nnk of a small Creek, aboul <>w half
mile below the Canyon, on Flat ereek, thenee
v\eM to ehains. north lao < hams.ea-t to chains,
south bio ehain*- lo point of beginning.
laoalad Jane ii, l»at.
ih. 111 ' in,'in'.-iii'-iil.
Tnk.- in,liic tlmt Ed will P. Itriaiim-r. oi Viiti-
nm-r, It i'., m-cupation broker, iiit,ii'ls ti, »p-
linri-, lull, iwi iik short, nm-ili iht-ii i    \,,. it --Cuniiui-iiiiiiK al h po*l plnu'i-il abonl   ,,iv for » ipeelal llmbar llean** n**r tin. tollow-
:t mil,., nurth Innii tbt Inn.I "I Moaquito Uke,   "ii; ,l'-s,a iiiii Inn,Is
1.    CoiiiincnrlliK   nt 1 Post p'Mlili-il lit till-
Su. I   "■   11,1-   1! p.   I'.M.i,,'!'   l-lnlnl.   111111k, ,| ' lt,l\, I.i, II l»Imnl, til,-Iit-.-  ia
\\    F    II   - N    K   i ..r . Ihriii,'s.Milh S.I rlinlus, I ,.iun1,. w...| I
thfiii't- w*»t*ochain.,tbanca north mi rhaln*,
ii„-ii.'i-i-,isi hu iiiHins tu point  ,,I i-om 1 - j **•" "' l""
in."! . I    N... 7- Ciimmt'nrlnii al po*l plnnii.l at K. w. , about o milt-* m-si Irnm ih*«eat Arm ol I urn-  H  ,.   ,.,„.,„.,. ,,r ,,„ w*r ,,,, .,„!,. „,;r,h Woni|0 .
WI 1,1,1AM   K.   HUNTTING.      ' ,n.| ,,i ttll Inl.i, l.j-ell  l*Un<1, thvaee elfht, ' »h»»a Inlet, Mori .hy l-lnu.l, Mn| the s. tt.   ,i,si lu chain*, north so chain*, eail 70 chain*,
J'"'-   ""  ""■ "' K'  N-'*'-"' ^7'      ,;''"»" ' l«»-«reh-l  s   „, lb*  for    thenc.  th m *,i,„, ,,,», s„ ,,,„i,,s. j ffi^JSl^SS^jfe^^
No   I    Commenclna al ■ PMt plantcil   (hore, lullowliut *hore to (arint ol b*|ilnnln(.       Miitli «o chain*, w«*t W chain* to plana of eom-  p^,.,. ol commencement.
IrtlVuM^^W^'^W0^:    »••••-'' '""'«"" ' '"*"  "'~;'' ,,,,,,/ EDWIN P. BREMNKB.
h   nn   -lime Ljrell l-liin.l, aouth  Irom center ol  Don      No. M—Commeiii-tnt at a poat planted abont  ABf> j^ jj^ Wm. P. Halnea, afrat
wmi   |.i«n,|,,htn,-e« ehalna. Ift. chain, m,   Imllemmh ir,,.,. .bore „f .'„a,-l„'i,„  Inlet, ,„„„„,„,„„. at .pear) piantcl a. t lu-
illc South Bay, Moic.li! l-lnnl. iniin.  Ihe   s   \\ .,.,„,„,■ ,,| n,,   ,, nii-in-i- west  100 chain*.
e    IOU1
i   1
iiim. i
1 lllll
K.   ll 'i n' i. in.'
chain**, easl Mi rhs In
"'' ""Ml*'" l"" ' '"" """'■ I north I.. .-I...,,', toll n .bore lo ,,
No.  %    Commencing .11 n post planted
.      . ..   .                       ,    -            .,                         _t No. '*   < oiiinieneiii-,' ill a  ii"-l   idunietl   nbont
nboiit  . ( Imiii- we-t ol   III.'  ii..rt liut.-l euin. r ef ' ■             '           '
N,.  1, ivni.e Islhnd, marked ft. I'. Munttliig-s   ; miles In t aresti rlydlrcctlon irom l»og Islaml
N  w   1 or. thence north no chains, ihuucv cast (,,n mn-tli -lune of f,jrell  Island, tbenee eight)
ko chains, -imiii m ehaln*, thence we-t so
chalm i" place ol commeneemeni
No :: -Commencing at a pool planted1
on the wesl side of s creek emptying into
IVarse Channel, sboul 1 miles north 01   .Vales
I'MSt-ax.'  >tli.I   nboiit   ::   miles   up   the   eieel,   mi
p. arse Ulaml, marked ft. f. II '■ H. ft. Cor.,
1 lo-iht north *<i chaina, easl ho chains, nouth go
chalm, thenoe west 80 cheliu to olaee ot commencement.
JniyJi, pm: David K. Vewell,agent,
N'o.   I— 1'ollllll'liii iik  nl  0.  post  pliinteil
on the north stda of [Cohan's ereek snd aboul
two miles north of fishery Bay's Indian re
terre, wees side of Nasi river, marked ft. V. II-
N. B. <'or., thenee south Mchains, thanea wesl
10 chains, ihenee north M cnalns, tbence east
io cbalna lo point oi commencement.
No. I—•Commencing hi o pout plnnted
in the N I < or. oi No. I,and marked W.K.II.v
s k. Cat., thonoe north gfl chain, thenee westn
elm ins, tin-nee south Su ehalna, thenoe aaat 90
chains to puint ai comineneement<
No. :i—Commencing ut n poat planted
hi ibe s. K. Cor. of No, j, marked ft. F. H.'sX.
ft. Cor., thenee south go ehaina, thanea east go
chains, thenoe north go chaina, thence wast gn
chains t" puint of commencement.
No. 4—Commencing ut a post planted
'in chains north of the N ft. I'm. of No.:;, mark*
ad ft, f. Hi's l»W, i'or., thenee north lo ehain-.
thence eaat av chains*, thenee sonth wi chains,
thence waat go ehains to point of commence
No. it—Commencing ut a post planted
80 ehalni no rih 01 thai K- Cot oi No. 1, marked
ft F.Hi'sg ff, tor., thence north M chains,
thenee oast MehalnSi thenee aonth 1*" chalni1,
thence weal go chains to poinl "i nomine Ufa*
Jnl| 86, inoT.
Nti. li—Coinmenelng at a post planted
tt chains taoat of the N-iv Cot, ot No. '.. marhe<l
ft   t   H eg  ft,   for.,   thenee   north   gg  ehatttS,
thenoe east go chains, thenoe moth sn ehains,
thence wastM chains to poinl oi commoner
No 7. Commencing nt n po**t plantod ot
the v Bi for. ot Nn. ii. amrhod ft, v 11.s s. ft,
for., Ilieliet'     th   gl   Chaina,   tbenee   Wesl   N
ehains, tbenee Routh mchains,tbence anal
gggftlni to plmie 01 i-iiiiinif iieement
No. h Commeneing al ■ peel plume.1 in
chains weat of the N.g. Cor., oi No. 7, asarked
U f, II.'-s \V. for, tbenee north gg abaln*>,
thence east go ehains, aonth so chains, them-e
weal Ittchains lo point oi commence 11 1.
•inly 2:, l««i7 Darid K. Newell, egettl
N". 1 — Commeneing ut ■ post plantod
Ht the S. K. (or ui T. I.. Nn. 11.77:1, ninrked \\.
f, ll.v s. ft, Cor., Kumeolon Inlet vicinity.
tbence north to ehalnsi tbence aaal gg ehains,
theitce south M chain*, tbnttee we-t wi ehains
to point of' f in ni i- iiiitin- ui.
Nu. t—Commencing nt g post planted
aboul sOchains nortb ui the I. K. Cot, of No. 1,
uml imtrked W.F.II.'s N. \\. for., Ihonca anal so
chains, thanea south so ehains, thenoe west BO
chains, ihenee north *m> ehains to place ol 00m1
No. .1—Commencing at a post planted
abohi 1 mile aaat of dw aaat end of §all Lake,
Kumeolon inlet vicinity, marked \V !■ M■*>
N. ft. Cor., thenee south ah chains, tbenee anal
(^ chaina, thenoe north flo chains, thadce waat
*mi ehalna lo point of commencement
No. 4—Commencing; g| ft post plaiiteil
hi the itaet end of hhll Luke, Kiiineo.nn Inlet
vicinity, matkad ft. t, H.Slf.W, for , thanea
south lu chaina, thonan enat In chains, thonoe
bora N cnnlna, ihenee wast so ehalni to plane
••1 conimaneoraent.
July 16, mn'
chains south, eighty chains east, north  to the
i -bore, then following shore to poat
1    No. 10  ('ommeneing m  poal  planted north'
I weal end oi Crescent Inlet, fool of ereek watei*
Call from lake, Moresb)   Inland, tbence eighty
chains north, eight) chaini* west, eighty chain"
-.outh, thence eighty chains aasl to poet
So. 11. Commencing at [hh-i planted on north
-bore of Logan's Inlet, near head of same Inlet,
M(.K «i»j [sinml, ihenee m chains north, hi
chalus east, I" eh,iin.- -outh to shore, following
-ihore to poat
No. ij -('ommeneing ai post planted -' mih■-
front im uiii of 1'ain, Inlet, -outh -bore of Tai*
UO-kWS     Island,    theliee   eights    ehain-    north,
eighty chains west, tt ehains south, W chntn*
east, i" chains south t" -bore, following »hori
t.i poat.
No. |g»*Commenctngata poal planted si  •*'
ft. i'or., Timber I.unit 7080,  uest   part   Tni-un-
kwa Island, thence eighty chains tot, eighty
chains south, eighty west, thenee eighty chains
north to poet,
July 27, lfo7,
nth eighty ehain-, more or less, to shore Iin
thence eastward following shore line to s polni
due south of post, thenee north  tf> poet.  In-
eluding nil contained excepting loi 10,
Nu. , Commencing at ■ post plumed ut the
N. ft, for. of No I, then.*,- north eight)'
chain**, ihenee west eighty eliains, south eighty
chains, cm hi eighty chains to post.
N" 1. Commencing at s posl planted atthe.
N.w. "or. of No. 1. tbenee north eiglitv chains,
east eighty chains, south eighty euaina, west
eighty chains to post
AugUSl 1,  H'o7
No. >. Commencing al n post plented on the
K. sitle of mni-b ai mouth of river, locnted al
..i-i -ole of Observatory Inlet, and about due
east of Klchard point, M«d at the s. W, Cor, of
Indian reserve, thenee 1 nsl 111 eh 11 ins, south V2>
eliains, west eighty ehslns, north in ehains,
fii-i to ehain-, north eighty chuins to peat
July li, i'--""
Take notice thai 1, John Ctaeerle, of tTanoou*
ret, It. f., oeeupatlon, miner, intend to applv
for permission to Ichsc the follow-iik desert lied
Lends, lituatad In tha Utaona District, and
known us the White Cliff Islaml:
Commem-ing at a poat ntantad en tha north
nlde of the Island, thenee west in chains, -outh
to chalm-, east 16 chaina, north A chains to poful
of eommenoement.
.Inlv :t, Km-
T,iki. notie* that. .1.- t'hrl*tcnwn,.hlpbnikcr
nl I.,,ml,,11. iiiii'ii.ls to appl, lor iH-rini-si.'a tu
l.-iis.' Hi,. f,,l low i iik,1>-M'ril,i-,1 In inIn lor li-liin*
piirpoae. :
* K'om-iivncinf at a poat .Hutted on tin- -Innr
ui ItKnmr.l I'ove, I'liiii-css Itnyiil laland, tta.-tm
si,nth , Iniin ,'liuin., rust lorty ohain*. north
eight, iluiliis, iv,-i i.irty , Iniin. to potnl nl
...inm,an ,-in,ait, iiixi oontalning Ifloaere. r.
Htakpr] Jaw li. WM
S. !:. r.,i , l h.-u«-t- \v»-t , ij;iily i-liiiins, nnrlli
I'lirniy iliniiis, nisi etght)' ,-liniiis, sonth eight)*
ehtln. i" ptareol Bomraeiieement.
N,,. li' ' i.iuiiu'i'iiii,.- at a p>*>t planted about
i mil* north Irow «hor» nl I'limahem Inlel.op-
poait.Honth liny, MiireMbjr l-lmi.l. i„iiiK ilu-
sf. vv. for., thiaii'i- I'H-i .'IkIiiv i-i,.ii,is. north
• iclitv iini ins. « r-i ,'iginy i Im in.. ...ii'Ii eighty
. haln. In pla** <»f,■*»min,-1>.-*-111.-nt
N'n. Jt—t'nmtiKiicing al  a   i»'-i   planted on
M,..ii"ii., Hrooki "i i iPj mil"*   we*l   Ironi
',V"-i Arm of. tiui*hc»* lulat, Hore'liy laland,
being Ihe X. K. ''. r., Ihi-nee n.-i If) .'Iini"-.
..mih SU "Iin ins, .-a-l - laiin., iinrth M rhaln.
In pl.",- nf i.miiiifni-f'iiii'iit.
N"■'--     ""■""<"'"!"-•'  "'   "!'"-'•   I'1""""1  ""
Mo*i|tilto Hi-,,,,k, ii it 1  mil"  »"si   Irom  Iht two mill.dlataht nnd In« untitherly ilirrctlnn
v."-i Vrm of I'limahi-wa Inlet, Moreaby  laland, from llawkln* I'oini  on eaal ahore of tihaerra-
i,    ,       v    ,,■   ,■,,.    ,,,  ,.„ i  si ,hiiii- "'ry   i"1'''. thenee eaal  '" ehalna,   n.nili l«n
laelitw U»v   ».  tt. I.*., IIk-iiii  "i i -".11.1111 , ,.,„-,„„   ,l](.,]c,.   W(.„   , „,,.m,,,,rv  mlet,
■ inth hi ehalna, weal We.ialua, north WeualBa   ihenee aoiithward along ahor. i., post.
In .|„"...."..iiii,i"ii(.iii,'iii July l». ll'""-
|     N'n. 7.    rimiim-iiilliK ii',i I'i'sl |.liint"'l nl Hi,-
Nn.'jJ - ivmmetifing nt a i'..-i  plante.1 oh Uouth end nf lie Horaey lalnnd, Ihem-e "«si  I.
iVi-i   i-hain*. northK ehalna   eaal   W iliaina, anuth
i.-iirlniins, west eighty "Inline, north te "Iimhis,
...|ini. Hn
ul...il 1 mil.
SOTIt'K is HKREBY i.IVI-.N thai SO daya
•.(tar ilnt" I Intend to nink,- appltcatlor
tn    the    Ilon.irai.l"  th" Chief Commi.-
.loner, Ot Iannis iin.i W'.nkH, fnr a «,,.-.■-
rial   li". ns.   to "Ht  "ml iiiiii' iiway   tllll-
i.i r irum the following il-si'iUnd lamIs
sinnit.'.l on Moreaby laland, QubM Charlotte
Ke, l—i'nmm,.tiling at I pnat plant.',!
mi the Uorth ilde nl Hoaqulto Uki. aboul ■'■
ntlle* weal Iron, Weat Ann ... rnniahew* Inlet.
Moreaby latond, i„'inis' the ■, i:   Uor., thenoe
north ■! ,-lniilis, w.-st HO i-lniitls. s.m;li K i-liiiilj.
in,,,,, nr leaa, m .bora, Ihonee eoat .long slim
In   pl.t-,   m    ",.iiiin"ll""lll"lil,    , nlilnlliillK    ni'
inr.-., more nr l.ss.
N.i. |—Coojimenelnf at • imst planted
no the nm-ili si,!,- ,.i Mo**,nlto Lake about :
mill - weal from Wo»l Ami ol t'nm*hew. Inlet,
Moreaby laland, being the I, tt, eorner. thenee
nnrlli Hehalna, ,u-i nrhaln*, nuth W ehaln*,
1 ! u.-l s.i, inl ins tn (Milnt Of emnlileli,-,',ll"lll.
Ho, I ('.iiiitn.ii'-ing at ii pool planti >1
nn tbe north -1,1,- nl noaqulta Lake, aboul -:
mile* weat from "Ve»l Arm ol rum*hew«   Inlet,
Moreaby Isi I, being Ihe S, tt. Cor., thenee
eust INI ebaln*, smith eSehain*, we«l KWehaln*,
north in "llni'ls to I'll."" tti "iiinini'lieiiinnt.
No. I —iMmiii,-ni.lntc al a t"i»t plant,-.!
on the north ahore ol Mrmiulta Uke ahout  i
mill's nisi frimi WOM Arm of I'linialu-ii-ii   Inlet,
Mnr,'sl,y laland, being tlie f. R. inr., thenee
north Ho chair*., »t-i Mrbalat, aouth 10ehalna,
eust mh"hniiis tn i-liiit- niromnenoement
Mn. j—Commencing «t n pool planted
nn tin-nnrlli shnri-llf Mlisunitn   I.iik",   a I.i,11!    .
Aire, west irnm Weal Arm oft*om.hawa Inlet,
Moreaby laland, bring the B, K Cor,, thenee
treat go ehalna, north W ehalna, aaat ^i "Iimiii.,
south HII rllrtills In pint" ni ".mum n.'i'lmllt.
Nn. li -CoWraenelltg at ■ pnst planted
nn the nnrlli ahore "I Me**,ulM Lake, nl'imt '■',
mills uest frnn. \\'"-t Ann of t'lllnshiiirt   Inlet,
Moreiby l.land, being the N B. 'lor., Ihenee
IV. Hehalaa, aouth ■ rhalna, eust an rhalna,
nnrth .rn ehaln. m pi*".- ol eotaraeueeraent.
Ko. T—rommeneltut at a poK planted no the
aouth ride of Moaquito Lake, abool , '■» mile.
Well fmm \l"-l  Ann ni Cuiii-ltfivH Inlet, Mnres-
b] liland, being the K. K. inr.. then." sonth 4n
chains, west I'd' .Iniln-. nnrth In "hiiiiis to hike
■hore, thence aaal along slime to place ol ".mini" ment, eontainlng (sin acre, raor* nr i>-s
Nn.H--t'nmini-iiilui,' at a [ai.t pla lit,-. I on 111" B.
.i,l" ..I  M,,s,|iilln  Lake abool   I' -j mil"-   wool
.'nttim-'ne Ing at a rr.il Pla lllog I front Wo.1   Arm uf <'umshi..wa   Inl.i.  Moresby
.Man i,f CliniaheWa Inlet, More: by liliiuil.belug
ine a. I*. I'or., thi-m •■ weal eighty iti»lli«, n< rih
. Ighty chain*, eaal 11 fhty chain*, aouth eighty
L'lialll. I" pluee iif "niiuiii'lii-i'iiii'iit.
No, j".-rniniin-'ni'i'^ nl a  P"st  planted   on
Miiai|Utlo HriHik, "I I I mil* weal   Irom  Weil
Man ol t'liinabewa Inlel, More«liy l.lalul. I*lng
ine V. B. i'or., thenee wi'st elghtychaln*,*i»nli
eighty rhalna, eaal eighty rhaln*, north eighty
.■iiniii. i" plaoe nl"'-lain, in'"'nmit.
Mo, Jo—I ommeneing «t a p"-i  planteil nn •
si.mil sir.'iiiii alioul - ii.ll. s- m-i ff Weal Arm
nfl'uiuabew. Inlel, Mnreibj laland, belug  ih"
I S. X. for.,  tbenee weat eighty ehalna, aouth
I eighty <'Ik>1ii-. eaal eighty cbalna, th eighty
j ehalna to plaee ol iineneenwut.
ten. ft—t-umnienelngat a p.'-i piantad "ii ,i
smiiii sireiiin about'- iiiii". we.1 (mm l*°e*l Arm
So. 9. ('ommeneingat a t*at Planted ou tl
ea.t aide of North Hkecna l-a*aage, nearthe >-
h. for. ,,l lot Ko, lit, thenee eusi .",(' "liains.
-outli Id elinilia, ens: in "hiiiiis. -.mill lit"
ehaln*, more or i"ss, t,. S'orth Hkeeu. I .luge,
ihenee northward alon. ahore In p..si. uml in-
"I ml i iik nil contained In honndatlea de*. rlbed,
excepting lot. -ti and KPt
July in, piin. Harmon Fuller, mem
N'n. ti. rommenetng "t» i "si planted half a
utile X. W. ol the mouth of the weal Iork ol a
creek entering Hkeen* rlvumbi'Ul i i-t miles 1.
ni I',iiii Ma.yiteli, thence ...ina eighty "hniiis,
waat 40 ehaln*, ninth i.i nhatiia, anil ,-ii-lit■•
chain*, ii":' n l" "ii.iln-, "'isi IV*>ebaln* to p..-i
July inn, in..;.
So. in. Cmnmrnrtug at . po*l plantod i-l nf
a mile north from rlkeeu. rtver, and i-nst i-i
mite (mm ,i ereek entering Mkeena rtrer, about
1 l-t mile, eaal of Poinl Mowlteh, ihenee leu
.h,n: - north, I" "tniiiis .n.i, nin chain, smith,
weal Ul "iniins.
of t'umihew* Inlet. Moreiby laland, lielug (li
S.W.Io, , then," ...nili eighty ehain*, e*>t I EDWIN    P.   BREMNER.
eighty ehaln*, north eighty ehaln*. weat eighty I July Jg, in.7. Wm. P. Hainan, agent
eliain* to plaee of i immema-meut. ,
Xn. gg—t'omnieneing hi , po*i pt*ntet1 .1 1
; mllea a, tt In.m Ihe Went Arm nt t'umahew.
Inlet, Moreaby Iriniidi being Ihe S.K. eorner,
Ihenee woal eight) i haln*, -.mill t-lghlychaina,
 I .iijiiii chain*, north rlghty i hall pulnl
ol ".,■ iineni-mm ni
Oer s. |{. '!. rilutoti
t'nnoonVer, i;. C, Inly IMh, Wtt
DwrrRUT  oY   Co.VM'.   RaNCIK
Take nothe lhal loha MUHftan, of Porl Wmti
mui, oerupfiMoii i".'■(■;. i-ildi'l-   to   Bh©t|   lorn
sneetal Umber \Wvnm oaat the follow inn -w-*-
'■nin'.i luml:
Nn, i. fommcnelnn si i posl plsnten at the
N. K. for, of John Etnln's It-tenec No. 8, hihI lo*
ratto on the Bnseheshe»e rtver, emptying
Into Work Channel, abonl H miles from tbe N.
ft. turner of the Indlnn reserve, thenoe nortli
an chains* east 80 chains, sontb 80 ehain*, sroat
10 chains to potnl nt wmmem-empal
No. ft rnmmcni'inf nt n stehc marked li«
tense N". !, thenee n«»rtb to rhains, oaat B
chains, aontb to chains, iresi KO chains to poinl
or commencement
No. h loninn-ii' Inn ni ii rtahr marked u«
eense So* S, tbenee hortfa W chalha, t?nal M
ehain- -outh no ehalttSi tvasl to ehetni to point   miles northw
«i-(lit> i-l'ntii'
Coast Distukt.  Ra5QI 8,
Take noitoe thai Alfred Woodoroft, "i Hkid
unie, li. ( , pio-pt-ri.ii, Intend* to npply for s
«pceUl timber license over the followiiiK dei
crtbed lands on sforosbjr Island;
Ni. i. nommenelnii i*i m posl planted k qoar
ifi of H mile northweni from small ink.- nil
listed on wesi side o| CrcM-t-ol Inlel alioul oin-
mile from bend, theni e eiahtjr chsins south
eighty rhains cast, eight) t-nalns north, ■ Ightj
' ebiiins wc-t to point ol eomnteneemenl
N.i. 2. ''iHiimeii.-in-i ,-n s posl planted » l I
of ii mile north went fjotii Hmall I-alte, nil us lei I
..n west side of t'raaei nl Itileti alioul one mile
li.'iii bend, thenc- eighty cbelos ea»t, eighty
t halns north, eighty i halns Went,eighty rhalnt
-oulh io pott:I ol l>egluidng.
No. I, ('ommeneing at m post planted almui
nne and a qturter miles north oi Kraal I Lake.
ebonl J« rhains wesi id northweal cntroer of
limit No,'J. thenee north eighty ehains*- wesi
eighty chains sonth eight] chains, eaal eighty
rhaln'n to i"'ini of beginning.
Nn   ts.   rommenelug si s posl plantod sboul
Take notice thai Ham Larsen, mastei mai In-
er, Intends to npply for pormlasion tojee^fl the
following rl escribed land for Ashing purpox
f'ommcmdng at s post sttnated on Piti
un the north shore of tho head of Port Stc|
harbor, thanea nortb lo rhains, eaal m chain**,
muth hJchains, thenee areet slong the -iioi. to
jioim of '■ftniiu'iict nn tn, containing lao acre«,
re or le--
Sinke.l .liine II. l'.aiT
Tukc notlee Unit   I, H. A. Morley,  ol   I'orl   K-
alng-on, occupation, banker,  Intend to apply
for p-riniss to pnrehaae the lollowlng  de-
sirlheil landi
r.mnneiH-ini; gg a ao*t planted at Ibe N*. W.
Inr., of tot 111. range*, coa*l dtrtrlet, niarked
-■;. A. M.'. s. w. i-,.r. thenee running north
along ahore to lot tt, them-e eaal  m eln   n«,
small wgkalna, «e-i Hi ehalna In i it nl -..,.i-
i.iene me.a, iin.i enniiiiiiiti>i l»'' in rea, more or
l.oeiiii'.l i'.ih .liine, r.a'T.
tgvnt tor -. '.  Morley
Take notlee that I. Holierl Cparrow, ... Van
...,iv,-i, B.t'.i ,,e,ii|.ni,   farmer, lnten.1 U.ap-
ply for permtaaloo i"  poreha*. the Inllowlng
leaerlbei! Imnl:
i ..inanlieiiiu nl . poal planted  .la 11       tntli
Inaaoutherly dtrei'tbin f   Interne*, can-
ma i, ski'ian river, ihenee north flight) chain.
,! i flighty ■ Innii., aouth eight)   chaini,  »< at
right)-chain, to plaee "I e Bflneement, and
eontainlng mo aerea, mor a.
Vugnsl *i, V.»o~
of oomntencemeui
No. t. Commcnelmj »i n *\r\kp osarked li-
iviiv,' No g, tiu'M.e gortb ■*•" chains, aasl 18
rhains, smith an ehalna, wesi Hebaim i" point
Of '■otninelu-t'iiu'til
Ko. B rejnmoneini st h stake marked H-
rense n» I, thenee nortb w ritnina, anal to
chato», smith bo chains, west Bt) ehaina to potnl
Of enniineii' i-nien'
No ti Uomntonelng «t a^atnke marked li*
ifhiiav  No   :».  them-e  nor'h ^ chains, eust W
No ). ( ommeneing sl h po-t pianti-n soon
one and a quarter miles nortli of Small l*ake
Abont W ehaina wesl of northwesl corner ol
limit No. 2. thenee north eighty chains, easl
eighty eh a ins, sonth eight) cbalna, Weal eighty
rhuiii- wesi to poinl nf commencement.
No. -'.. Commencing nt h posl planted ".' the
wi-t bank near the head <>f rial creek. Rowing
Into lasno Harbor, ami sboul lafo and ■ hall
mile- northwest from Small hike, thenee nortli
eight) ehaln**, easl eighty - halns, south eightv
rhains, west eighty ehalni to point of beginning.
Nn. t. Commencing " » poat planted on the
wesl I'Hiik and near i<<   ■! of Plai '-reek, flowing
intolanso harbor  I  shout   two ami  a huh
t fr stmall lake, thence nortl
rest eighty rliainfi, south rlghty
rhuin-, ca>1 eighty ehains to point ol begin*
No. 9, rommeuelng st h port plan toil about
out mile wesl ol bean nf FIhi ereek, flowing Into laaan harbor, hml aboul two and a balf
inlit- in \v. H. at. direction from Small lake,
tbence south eighty ehaina, «■■-! eighty chains,
north eighty chains, ■•m-i right) chains to
pomt iii beginning.
No B rommenetng m a posl planted about
one mile wesl of head of Hal creek, flowing In
to lasso harbor and aboul two Mini a hall miles
iu w N ft. direction from Small lake, thenee
north eighty chains, west  eighty chains -outh
Notice l« hereby given that to dnyi
after date t intend to nsnlte application
io    the    Uomirahh- the  Chief Commla-
-jotier of [,:tii.l- iin.i   IrVorki   foi   | ■■ tm i --: -m   to
purehaw the lOthmlng described land In Kangi
., I'miM i'i-iriet, -.tinull • I on iH-nb* Arm;
L'omntencing at a post  planted ai  ibe  S  K
Cat, oi i'. Uraane*i   purchase  claim,  ibenei
aouth eighty iliHin-i them.* »:i»t  lortj ebalii--,
north eighty ehnlna, aesi forty rhain«,i oi
log XJU aei '■ ■
Notice \h hereb) ftveti tlmt BO daya
iftei dnta I Intend to make appl I' ttlot.
tn the rtdnoeable the Chiol Com mis-
-lom-rofl.ui'i-and Work* ■ " permlaaion t..
pnrehaae the following di sejilioil andi in
Range 5,  • anal  Dlstiiel, rttnated on t'layah
planted al the -. \\.
j'Mi'ihit-'   . laliti.  Inl
mtli   elghtj
, ighty i-haiii"  we*I
Commencing nt a i,K
Co*., ni .1. Conhltlghani
m, thence tony ehains
e«-t. foriy rhaim d>m i I
< untalning WO aere»*«
M. T, i.llF.KNl
July   IN.  1907
Notiee  la horeoy  given that   *e  dayl
attar Mta I Inti nJ to make appll
t0    th.    il.,a..mi.i'   tho Chlol Commla-
-Imier.,[ I.na.I-an.l \v..rk- lor prrmlai-tnn In
pan Ims" the Intln* ng iie* rlbed Imnl- III
King. ■ Com, Dieti I Mtuated on ' layah
' ..iiiinrn.'i'i" at.  poal planted al Ibe -  K
for. nl .1. M. Mor*'.' Biireha** elalnt
"tghty ehaln. «. it, I ehatni aouth
"iniin- ei.n. nmi . halna north, i ontaln
Jul>   IK.  1007 THE   SIN
k. J   McDonell
Tin- li-.lllilln    lll'tl'l    ill    liiiltln-1 ll     lijitl.-ll     ('(.-
lumhia, elegantly  it-nipped tn nici't tin  re-
ijtiireniefitH of a ftiHtidiou-i   |iulilii-. timl eoni-
niHIItlillg II KUIK'fll vi'U    nf    tin- .11 >) i It >;l (■ 11111LT
-11 •.. ti i < ■ |-s.
II. it ami   coM   Lath-   at   all   In.Ills.      I'. :i l; u ;l-jr. ■
transferred   Iiiiiii   all    incoming   ami   tn   all
Ulltnililin   limits.
Hotel Caledonia
P( rt Essington, B. C.
Honi soit qui mal y pense
n ('('iiniii.' te Enmni'ton wliv worrv over wot-ltllv
(iii'i-. when ymi can Iii mil nnd lay n-nrni at Kirl.y's,
RATKS 13.00 down. Parlor-., Smoking. Writing, Bathroom* en every Boor. Hoi hath* al all houm. Cold
llil,i,s "l"'11 required. Agents. Baggage and transfer
agents. Porter* .nut all Ixiatrt and trains. Transfer
Marconi in connection.
Saturday, August 17, 1007
Tlir Skeena River route Is the quick-
est and beat route i" the
Bulkley Valley, Telkwa and
Ootsa Lake Country
Steamer Northwest
fm' Hazelton and Skeena river porta,
B. G. Transportation & Commercial Co.,
KSSIMiTON        -       - VANCOUVER
Capital (paid up) ■':-'.'• ,000.       Reserve lund, $4^90.0110.
Total a--, i- No.000.000.
The Royal Bank of Canada
lira,I office: Montreal, Qui
pay* particular attention to the  account*  of out-of-town
The  Saving- Dunk ttepartiiieiit offers great advantages   to
Why mn the riak "f losing vour money hy fire or other*
wiae when you ran leave it in llie hank and have it nafe
(In,- dollar open* an lli'i-oillll.
We issue draft.- and money order* payahle iu all |Hirta  of
the world.
Port Essington Branch, S. A. Morley, Manager
R. Cunningham k Son, Ltd.
General Merchants
Port Essington and Hazelton. B.C.
Mckenzie & jackson
Port Essington
Fit=Rite Boys' and Mens Suits
The beat and cheapest Suits made, from 97.60 up,   Measure
taken fur tailor*-made suite. See aampleei
Call and lee our stock uf Groceries, Suits, Hoots and Shoes,
Rubber Goods, (the Lest nnd chea]*esl line ever sold in Kssington) Skirts. (1.'nts' Furnishings. Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles, Pipes, Tobacco, Cigarettes, Btioks, Magacines, Stationery, Huts and Caps. Overalls, Fancy Goods, Atuberite Shells,
Automatic Pistol Cartridges, etc. WHY W'K CAN BELL
CHEAP, We pay cash for oar goods. Have no interest to
pay—no salaries to pay. Post Office Block


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