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The Nugget Oct 21, 1904

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Vol. I.   No- 47
Poplar, B.C., OctobeT^T, 1904
Active stoping has commenced
on the Reco.
Ten men are now at work on the
American Boy.
Brindle and Thompson have
commenced work on the Marion.
The lessees of the Silver Bell
ship another carload of ore this
The Slocan Star is shipping clean
ore direct from  the  mine by   the
The Noble Five is being surveyed, aud development will be started
this week.
The shaft on the Last Chance is
down 200 feet, showing up a large
body of ore.
A new vein has been opened up
on the Cindrella, assaying 90
ounces in silver.
A carload of ore was shipped to
the Nelson smelter last week from
I the upper tunnel of the Payne.
H The samples of ore sent from the
Ottawa to the Nelson fair assayed
2260 ouuees iu silver to the ton.
Thiity-rour tons ot ore were
shipped from Slocan city the past
week. The total tonnage to date
is 1,847 tons.
The lessees of the Mountain
Goat, Surprise basin, have struck
a good paystreak of ore and sacked
several tons.
Operations were resumed the
past week on the Rockland, the
big copper property on Eight Mile,
with a crew of eight men.
Five inches of first-class ore has
been crosscut on the south drift
in the Myrtle. Native silver is
freely sprinkled through the ore.
Chapleau affairs still continue to
occupy a great deal of attention.
A new turn of events occured this
week when E. Savage, the manager, returned to the camp and went
up to the property. He declares
he was put in charge by the new
company, aud he will not give up
possession of the mine until all-
liabilities have been wiped out.
The original leaseholders of the
Chapleau have been talking freely
of late also as to their intentions,
it being given out that they would
commence operations this week
with 26 men.
$2.00 a Year
Local amd
ii mo
John Keen returned to Poplar Mon
The Spyglass mine made a test ship,
ment of one ton of ore to the Hall
Mines Smelter on Monday.
C. Ferman, the zinc export, paid Poplar a visit Friday and examined some
of the Rapid Creek properties.
A   general   meeting  of   the   Great
Northern Mines, Limited, will be held
on Tuesday next at the office of the
company in Nelson     Important busi
ness will come up
J. J Foltz of Tacoma has been in the
camp during1 the past week, and has
examined several properties with a view
to investing. He is well pleased with
the surface showings, but is disappointed in the small amount of development
work done.
Jack Nesbitt looks as if he had run
up ag-ainst the real thing.
W. E. Morand has rented rooms over
Honop's store and is living there with
his family.
H. B GraveB left for a trip to Greenwood on Friday to obsorb legal knowledge. Con Monat is looking after the
interests of theC PR. in his absence.
E. L. Morand had an enjoyable and
successful dance at the Royal Hotel on
Friday at which all the elite of Poplar
were present: It is needless to say that
the supper was of the best ever spread
in tbe camp The rau9ic was all that
could be desired and the presence of
the ladies lent additional charm. Those
who danced enjoyed themselves to the
utmost, and those who did not,absorbed
Ihe gladness from the surroundings and
seemed equally as content.
naked" hootch from which he induced Sherman to drink often and
freely, and when he reached the
comatose stage he (O'Neill) extracted the money from Sherman's
pocket. O'Neill practically admitted the theft.—Whitehorse Star.
Send your watch to O. btrathearn
K&hIo, for repairs.
At the Kootenay Saloon in han-
don you d0 not need an introduc-
ll°n to get a drink. Put the price
on the bar and the mixer will do
tu reat.
The department of public works,
Ottawa, will shortly commence tbe
erection of the new Victorian Memorial Museum, which is designed
to house the geological survey and
museum, tbe national art gallery
and the fisheries exhibit. The
museum is to he built upon the
site of Appin Place, at the foot of
Metcalfe street. The building,
which will be a four-story structure, will have a frontage of 400
feet and a width of 50 feet. Two
wings, one at the east end and one
at the west end of the building will
each have a depth of 125 feet. In
the center of the bnilding, on the
front, there will be an extensive
tower, while in the rear the extension will take the form of a semicircle, the ground floor of which
will be utilized as an auditorium,
and the upstairs for a geological
survey and library.
The building will be constructed
entirely of Nova Scotia stone; relieved by ;Neplan sandstone, and-
will cost in the vicinity of one million dollars.      ______
Mike O'Neill, of Atlin, was sentenced to six mouths at hard labor,
being convicted by Police Magistrate Taylor of the theft, of $125
from Wylie Sherman, a Caribou
Crossing farmer. O'Neill and
Sherman were passengers on the
train from Caribou to Whitehorse.
0 Neill had a long bottle of -stark | Commercal-Appeal.
At one of the leading theatres
where the serried ranks of youth
and beauty were sparkling like a
sea of glory, in gay and costly
attire, a favorite actress dropped a
part of her gearing—tell it not in
Gath !—her garter, in fact. Who
this actress is will be told by tier
press agent, never fear.
Two proud and prominent gallants made a plunge for the circlet,
each seeking to recover it. A
scuffle ensued which merged into a
fight. No flashing swords had they
as their forbears of olden times,
but each drew his trusty barlow
knife and begau carving the other,
like striking Chicago butchers after
a derelict maverick, and the
way they slashed each other will
be better told after the coroner's
What became of the coveted
garter is not known, but, no doubt,
some Gloomy Gus picked it up and
restored it to its fair owner. This
is a small matter—the incident we
mean. What looms up to Himalayan heights and Matterhorn magnificence is the demonstrated fact
that the days of chivalry, long
gone by, have returned in their
pristine splendor to Cincinnati.—
Montana now claims to stand first of
all the states in the production of wool,
first in the production of copper, second
in silver and fifth iu gold
The treasure removed from Pretroria
by the Boers before the entry of Field
Marshall Lord Roberfs has been fouud.
It is valued at about one and a quarter
million dollars.
The Standard Oil combination is understood to be operated upon the policy
of always having $50,000,000 of cash on
hand—a tower ot financial strength, if
not of fear, in the financial arena.
There is said to be an accumulation
of as much as fifty tons of guano on the
roof of the white tower of the Tower of
London, deposited there for a considerable number of years by pigeons and
sparrows The guano is to be sold and
and the pigeons have been killed,
In the "Dry Diggings" near Auburn, Jo**0*
Placer county, California, during the
mouth of August, 1848, one man got
$16,000 out of five cartloads of dirt. In
the same diggings a good many were
collecting daily from $800 to % 1,600.
The Prussian government has just
completed a very deep bore hole at Ott-
weiler, near Neunkirchen. This is said
to be the deepest bore bole in the world
and has a total depth of 1,808.36 meters,
or about 5,8t>l feet.
There may be 150 specimens of elk
left in California, and of these Henrv
Miller, the well known cattleman, owns
125. His title to them is of the best.
He r.ever bought them with money, but
he went into their wild haunts and
saved tbem from the destruction which
was wiping their species out of existence. The elk which he now owns
compose what is prorably the only herd
of American elk which it will be possible to save.
Re-oiling of the Santa Fe's roadbed is
in progress from Albuquerke west to
Los Angeles and including the San
Joaquin valley. The work will necessitate the use of mpre than 35,000 barrels of fuel oil, aud is being1 directed
from the company's Los Angeles headquarters. The oil lays the dust and
frees the roadbed from what was formerly considered an almost unbearable
nuisance and one that on northern
transcontinental railways has not yet
been checked. /.>*"
What is described as one of the
grandest sights in the world is to be
witnessed in Nyassland, in the British
Central African Protectorate. This is
a hill of solid galena—sulphide of lead
containing silver, and sometimes copper and iron. The hill is being cut
into terraeesilikeithe pyramids of Egypt,
and the precious metal is being stacked
up in long slabs waiting for the railway
which is being constructed to Broken
Hill. Thousands of tons of metal are
piled np, dazzling the eyes with its
' 'do dtspi r
i '<
PoPLAIi,   B.C.,  OcTUliKK 21,   1904
Is published every Friday at  Poplar. 6. C. ;in<i
Is sent to atij address tor *- HO a year
Commercial ,i(Hortisii,._; is HM an inch for
four taaertioiis.. Heading notices 16 corns a line
wuch Insertion. Legal advertising 10 cents a
line first Insertion,, and :> cents a line each sub?
sequeiat insertion. Certificate of Imjiroyemen
notices,-:;; liolmquunt co-owners   notices,   ^l ■.
Address all   lctt&8  to R, T.   (,OWEWY, Nel
son; B. C,
A hard if iil ofteri ends at Easy
The oil boom is the next great
sensation in B. ( '.
.These are the days when the
candidate has a good memory and
always wants to   shake your hand.
Wk still believe that one of the
noblest works of creation is the
man who always pays the printer.
It is a good thing to fire customs
officials once in a while. Many ot
them become too tyrannical When
they hold office for many years.
The Russian forward movement
is something like the man with
three wheel* in his head—one
moving forward and two backward.
34  MEN'S  SUITS 34
At Cost For Cash
to stand up, It arose enmassc,
leaving the son.of Neptune seated.
He looked around with a look of
unfeigned disgust that bordered on
contempt. One of the captains
left the platform, and accosting the
lad of the brinv deep, Inquired:
"Don't   you   want, to go  to| Wo have only 34 of those fine suits led.   Come early and'
heaven?" Get your choice.
uT_i course] docs." he replied. J ... • • .   1      1 • „   .
, V    ,)\Ve have 111st received a large consignment of the won
"Then why do   yon   not  stand •' ; 7 tuo «UI-
u  ?), ' • known Amos Ilolden Nines.
"Well, shipmate 1 wants to go \y r |mvo evorv(lima thai is wanted in the Mining Camp
to  heaven,   but  not   with   such a ^   ^   ^y Qf Dviiaillite, FllSO, Ciips,  PickS, Drill
bloody crew as this.' .   ',,    »_,•■»■■>- . ,   rt
steel, Snsvels, Groceries and Provisions.
Hats. Caps, Overalls, Roots, Shoes, etc., etc
York, recently took the   American [Ei   L.   MASTE-RTON,    POPLAR,    B,C,
girl to task for frivolity.
"T, for instance, am  not   frivo- ^/%/%/%/%/%/%/^/^/%^/^/^/*^/%^/%/^/^0/%/%/%/^
lous," she Said J "On the contrary
I am fond of cooking. 1 often ro
into   the   kitchen    and    help   our
cook." W
"But perhaps your help." said W
Bishop Greer, with a smile, "is A
like that of a young girl I used to 60
know iu Wheeling.
"She    went   into    her    mother's
kitchen one day and told  the cook    ■
she had come to help her.
"But the cook frowned.
"  'No. no,' she   said.      'I   have
Dominion   Hotel
Consio eking     the
thrown in their   way  r
doctors   are    no   more   dishonest
than   any   other  class of  people.       A I'ttle boy. who ha<l agowd idea
While money is god to most people, j of his aitisti'' ;l,)i]ir-v- w;ls fouml 1>.V
few can resist the chance to   make! om' of hiH f'#er>   Mends ?*wcn*
an easy dollar. ' fe^g a l>icfc«re- 	
-   "What   .arc   you   doing?"    he
The Conservative  party   wants j asked the boy. \fVj
"I   am drawing   a   picture   of,1 fl
Has ample accommodation for a
large number of people.    The table
is supplied with the best in the mar-   \
ket.   The bar contains the popular   i
t\>o much to do today,' M i jr     m       _ , _,-..        •-■_        • .      •
tcnipta^mrrsA f    t    brands of liquid tonics and cigars.
railway"con-     >f;N,,,!AN'n';  V)   »'    nFMofun      W
Canada to own   the  Grand Trunk;
Pacific. It is about time Canada'; (;or1<- Y(>v\\iH\ $},e boy, hardly look-
owned something. It has been a| fog ,,,, from }lis xvork ' | \J*J
picnic for grafters for many years, o why. you cannot draw a pic- \f\
although we still have the privi-; tun, ()f ('j()(|- s;ii(| hi, h.i(M)(, -\()|M
lege of using the 0. l\ K. when we " om, (]l..lws  .,,   j>i(.Jul.fl   ()f  , ;0(1> he_ j A/
j cause they  do   not   know what He
have the price and are civil.
v , ..   , .; .        looks like..1
Njbvek be small about anything.
t* i    1 - 1 m       ii '' 1 know it. ■ renlied the youth-1
If yoii steal take a railroad aud you ' yuuwi
ni 1      1 1   •     .1      1      i      r„i ful artist, "but   they   will   when I
will be  honored   in  the  land.    If * ,cu 1!
.1 1    e eel t hrough,'!
you steal  a  pound, of  meat  or  »(
loaf of bread you  will  be branded
as a villain and probably be put in
a place where the bars prevenc you
' <»l I ON   I    1   \ r  i>«»i:k
ft in the (•oniinjj; (Mty at the Seeoail OrossinK
I   n.1.1...,   -■»—
Ka.bhi   Hirsh,   of   Chicairo    was
l'roui  Tailing out of  the   windows j rid.ng in a. crowded street ear, anil\W
and breaking your neck. r« ■ nriender his seal to a lady.   0
■ —; .  V      Before; she could  lake  it   ;| yoiing \w
PAUTJCHLAUAHOI.T  ms   Co >,,'V N V. j ma n  pluriipod   llilDfMiif iu.tojt,;     Tl.pj J
pabbilooked al   him  iu  disgn '<-d:g|
silence.      "What's   the    mattei-?'' 3
demanded   ilie   man;    "what    yehj?
vjarin' at me i'oi'V    YeU lo..k  u   if!^
yeh'd like to cat me.'"      'fain For-   ^
bidden to eat you,"   answered   the
i >
A sailor, three, sheets in the wind,
sailed into a revival riieetirig and
took a vacant seat in the first row.
After a hymn had been sung the
exhorter asked those of the congre-
gation who Wanted to go to heave.? j raWli. .,, to'&fcr.'
Commercial Hotel
CHAS. HANSON, proprietor.
First-class   in   every   department.       Wines,   Li<|Uors   and
Ulnars ihe linest procurable.    The Menu has no equal
in   the   Lardeau.    pall   and   be   convinced    that
The Commercial is the Iiest
rl%ft' fMM*-*^*/* %/+\/%/&vt%'&& & &il
[)0 sen know the efiUse of moat   raTT
lentH?"   asked    a    Division
;i CCU
married to a damned fool oUTom,n
MJ*  Why don't Heave her!  MyGod!
Poi'lak, B.C., October 21, 1904
Superintendent on the Lake Shore to   Bill, that is the troubledcan't-~T \J*
■^_^_H_^_ML.«.~.  I Ii..,. I '
Su |)-_-_-,__-_-_-_-_-_-___-_-__________________________
n!,, the other day, as we were  waiting
0I| t||(. platform at Ashtnhula.
"What causes-most aeeidents? Why,
disobedience of orders,,' 1 answered.
..you are only partially right—the
(.;tllst. lies deeper. Why should a railway employee disobey orders?. Why
k|,mii!,i an engineer run past the station
whi'i-c lie is ordered to stop?— it is his
own life he endangers most. Why
j,h(iuld a train-despatcher staid out two
tiviins fudng each other on one tr;ttd<?
Or why should a su-itehteiidcr throw a
(iwiteh in front of a fast express?
"You call these thinjri accidents, -
i,ut that in not the word—they arc the
feeult of wrong mental conditions; and
thin wronjj condition is usually domestic
"povou rernemoer when two paBsen
ff(>r trains met, head on, out in Indiana,
last vear?    The engineer oi one of those
trains had in his pocket an order to take
tiie side track at a certain station.   He
ran hy that station at the rale of fifty
milos an hour, and in five minutes tiiere
iv.iH a cra<h that gnuffed out lifiy-fmir
iiv.'s and two hundred thousand dollars
worth or property.
"1 knew the engineer Let us call
him Hank Bristol, for that wasn't his
name He was married to a smashing",
dashing, beautiful creature, ami they
boarded at a hotel—had no children. I
hoarded there, too, ami we a'l made
eyes ttl Hank's handsome wife. She
used to play the piano and sin<r a little,
and recite The love of the one plain,
honest man was not enough for—she
craved the admiration of the clever
She wasn't a had woman—just an idle
'me, wh i spent every spare cent Hank
made, on finery, and. of course, wanted
t:c tinery and herself admired
"Hank was proud of her, too. line
eVHiioir he kisaed the dear creature
j?mxl bye and started out to make a
iii-n; run . II* went to the round-
I' >i". ind at the last moment the Ol'
Man decided to save Hank hack and let
I'iin take out a special carrying the
I'reM.i.Mit and Directors of the road, in
die morning Hack was tickled—it
was a threat compliment to him. He
went home to tell his wife—he used to j
tell isi'i everythifijift
"nut when he got home, she wasn't
there nlie had gone to the theatre with
fi hnut and shoe drunimer
"Hank   went  away   and  walked  the
streets all nijjhfc—-his wife never know,
ieve she doesn't yet.  He walk*
'''' de- Htreeta all night and ran OUl the
<■■'■■ tal in the more in g,
"ihi! after that he was never the
same.   He used to confide in me—he
her! I
"Hank didn't work on our road or I'd
"m'r  h;,v"  !•*  'dm  fouch  a throttle
Wve, even  if he'd  been o,v   brother
Unew it would come.    He was found
disobeyed in his pocket, and a picture
m his watch of tbe woman who caused
the disaster. No, it probably has never
dawned upon this women that she
caused the wreck She wore deep
mourning and the cutest little black
bonnet with a# white ruche. She was
the most fetching widow youeyersaw
—and she knew it.
"Yea, that in what I -aid-marital In
felicity cau-en the railroad  wrecks and
most others, too.
'The only sale man is one whose heart
is at rest—wt|0 has a home, aud a wife,
who Btaye thereand minds her business,
feoks after the babies, has no secrets,
and does not make eyes at othef men—
that's the kind! I km w every man
that works for me, and 1 know a distill bed. distressed and jealous man a
train-length away. My heart bleeds
for 'em. but I serve the public and none
such can run arv%n«(ine for me.
"Do you see that man in the blue
overalls down there at the end of the
platform? Well, he is the engineer who
will take put this train. See, how calm,
Satisfied and self-possessed he is; he has
no cares, no anxieties beyond the de
sire, to do his work well. See. him now
Walking around his engine, lovingly
looking it over. He is not so awfully
brilliant, but he will never disappoint
you Now, when we start, about two
miles out, you will hear the engine
give three soft toots, and over to the
left, a little woman will come out of a
white cottage and wave her apron."'
The conductor called "All aboard!''
The bell clanged warningly, we stepped
into the coach and the train started.
We had reached the outskirts of the
toA-n and were skimming along at the
rate of thirty miles an hour.
The engine gave three short, soft
whistles 1 saw the white cottage, a
woman Standing on the hack porch with
children holding oil to her skirts all
'around she was waving * big check
d\Vhat did I tell you?" asked the
Superintendent—"that man's heart is at
reSf he will never forget an order—he
is Bafe his mind is free, so In does his
work' He is at peace with himself and
;lt peace with the world. You can al
Ways trust a man who honestly loves
and is loved honestly. Penelope is preferable to either Phryueor Phyllis,"
Capital authorized $4,000,000
^apidal (paid up) 3,000,000
Kest      -   -   .   _     2,850,000
Head Office:
Branches in the Northwest Territories, ^^4W^^^^
Manitoba, Ontario and Q,uebe
B llAYTslsu^rf^r- $ R' WILKIK, Viee-Pres. and Gen. Man.
lay   Assistant Gen. Manager*       VV  MOFFA-T, Chief [.isbectbr
irout La.ce, B.C., Branch:   A General Banking Business Transacted
Havings Department-Deposits received and interest allowed.
atlei, ionlvelf to A T"  °\,PHlladH atld the "»"<"' ^Sl    Special
attu.tmu given to Collections, Mining Bond-and bnsinesa transacted by
E. K.   BOULTBEE, Manager.
With which is Amalgamated
Paid up Capital, $8,700,000.-       Reserve. Fund, 18,000,000.
Aggregate Resources Exceeding ^3,000,000.
HON. GEO A. COX, President. I!. E. WALK Eli, General Manager.
8AVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT    ^' "iv* ^Iutere8t AUo*ed
. ELSON   .RANCH. J    1.   HP( IIAN, Manager.
Poplar Townsite
See Future Ads.
L Jlc!wk_r
Best Menu in the City
itmr i.,..j tn t ,, . ■>••  .      ....  .    «r ■    Thp Cerro Rico de Potosi mining dis-
Just had to tellsome one to keen hs heart      {[HK , ,      , ,„.,.,,„
hum bursting trict of Bolivia has produced up to the
•■ii, i . nniaiMir rime-no lose than  two billion
'li(' grew absent-minded, lost  flesh,   I
"Pittite tfone, was nei voui ■   •■
dollars in silver
I   F. II. HAWKINS   |
"ew what was (to- nee tei he w as
|,'a,l)11"- 1 told him bo ami he hm-hed
11 lai'Kl> that gave  me fOoseHesh
Why,   Bill; >i»ii  don't  know
'alniis?    ! i,,. !ll(';i |   \,,( rm only
,      BANDOG,  K.V. H
1: r B1I xxxxxxxxxxx hh» **m
Bed Rooms Large and
We Sell Liquors
Just as They
Gome from the
®   ®   ®
Gust   -  Almgren
Has teased tM dining room
of the K-ilSEli HOUSE in
Pbplar and serves regular
meab at popular prices. A
trial will convince the public
thM ihe man behind the
mderstan'd.s his husi
The Kaiser House
F r nut Str rkt,   I *01' I - A H.
1 ••(Jo dispi^ Poplar, B.C., October 21, 1904
Supplies delivered to any
part of the district at
reasonable rates. Prospectors outfits moved and
Saddle Horses furnished.
Political Notes.
Big Bill Galliher is  still  in the
field as the Liberal candidate.
It is uot true that Papa  Kaiser
of Eholt will vote for Galliher.
The Royal Hotel
Poplar, B.C.
Has cocktails for the
nervous, beer for the
delicate, whiskey for
hardy mountaineer, &
cigars for those who
prefer narcotic to alcoholic stimulants.
W.   E.   MORAND,
TO WILLI A M SCHNELL, GEORGE HAGERMAN, or to any person or persons to whom
they nuy ha\e transferred their interest in
the Cornell mineral claim, situate on ih«
north-west side of Rapid creak, in the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended
tbe sum of $100 00 in assessment work on the
above claim, together .vith -•..no tor recording
the same, such work being required and necessary t> h;-said claim for th. years 1903-1. ending Au.aru*t Uth. 19f>4, under the provisions of
the Mineral Act and Amending Acts; iind if,
at the expiration of ninety days from the date
of the firs', publication of-this notice in the Nugget, you fail or refuse to contribute your proportion of such expenditure, namely £61 25, together with all costs of advertising, your interest
In the said claim shall become vested, to me,
(your co owner) upon filling in th<! i.roper
office in that behalf the affidavit required- by
section 4 of the Mineial Act Assessment Act,
Dated this mil day of Augnst A. D. 1HC4.
Kaieer House. Poplar. B. C,
Attorney in fact for Minnie Munz.
TO N P. ROMAN, or to any person or persons
to whom he may have transferred his interest in the Klondike mineral claim situated
on Tenderfoot cre.-k. in the Trout Lake
Mining Divi imi of West KooL-Miav District
YOU are hereby notified that we have expended
the sum of #100 In assessment work on the
above claim, together with m60for recording
the same, such work being required and ncces
Barv to th said claim for the years 19084 and
endin September _nd, 1904, under t e
provisl >n« of the Mineral Act and Amending
Acts; and if at the expiration of ninety dat 8
from the exjrfratiori of the first, public tion of
this notice In The Nugget, you fail or refuse to
contrnVte your portion o: such ex^enditnre
namely. $1'.81 1-1. together with all costs of
advertising your interest in said mi' eral claim
shall becom • vested in us (vour co-owner-) upon
filling in the proper office In that behalf the
affidavits required by section 4 of the Mineral
Act Assessment Act law.
Dated this 2nd day of'So- tember A. D. 1904.
Eric Strand.
Peace and harmony outwardly
prevail among the two Tory factions in Nelson.
The Ross-Deane comedy aggregation is making a tour*of the
Okanagan and Kamloops districts.
John Houston says he publishes the only "orthodox" Conservative paper in the province.
As the other fellows get the pap,
it is possible that it pays to be unorthodox in politics.
The result in Yale-Cariboo depends largely upon which party receives the support of Patrick J.
Kennedy of Greenwood. Should
he decide to support either Ross or
BuiTftll ft might result in a stampede of the Caulfield wing from the
Socialist candidate.
Duncan Ross and Martin Bur-
rell had a talking match at Eholt
last week. It is not on record
that anyone's political opinions
weie seriously disturbed. Still it
is just as well to have the candidates talk, and let them believe
they are making votes.
both parties. In either case he
sinks into the obscurity from which
he emerged for a brief period.
What a wild, mad mob of enthusiasts the people of Ontario
must be. When Borden appears
there the people flock from miles
around for the sole purpose of
opening their mouths and letting
the gas escape. When Wilfrid
makes a tour the Cap Sullivans
and Strattons and others whe have
spent their private fortunes in the
interest of pure government, tear
each other's clothes in the mad
endeaver to get near the great
chieftain.  ■
Each time a woman ignores her
conscience, Satan rings a fare.
To leave something unsaid is not
n pessary to prove oneself a liar.
This is a pretty decent world to
the pretty decent.
All that the almanac was to our
grandmothers the Sunday paper
is to us.
It is said that Governor Mackintosh, the Tory candidate, is lost.
It would be wisdom on the part of
his opponents not to take much
stock in the "lost" rumor, for the
governor is liable to be '•found"
working in some part of the constituency, and also at the head of
the poll when the votes are counted.
The rumor that the editor of
the Economist will be the Con
servative standard bearer in the
event of Governor Mackintosh not
coming to the scratch in good condition, is without foundation. Mr.
Carley assures us that he cannot
neglectjhis business or jeopardize his
reputation for honesty by becoming
a candidate.
The very obscure individual who
hasn't been noticed by the press
for live years, is now getting into
the swim with both feet. He has
been either a "lifelong" Grit or
Tory, and now as a matter of con-
sciense and in the "interests of
pure governmen" he 4-turns from
his wickedness.." If he guesses
right, he will probably get a low-
grade appointment; if he guesses
wrong, he will get the contempt of
McKinnon &
Carry the largest stock in the Lardeau, including
Miners :md
The Kaslo Hotel
Is a pleasant halting place
for pilgrims on their way to
Notary and Commissioner
Baillie, Vars & Co.
Real Essate,  Mining and Insurance
Starkey & Co., $&**
Fruit, Bggft, b«con and otber Provisions      '"
Nelson, B.C.
A. R. Heyland,
veyor, Kaslo
Jjluid Buz.
E. Ferguson & Co.
Wholesale   Dealers
oeaiers   in   Wines,  Liauon *.,,,
Agent* for l'ubst Beer. "d
Lumber and Builders'
Material, Hardware,
Graniteware, Stoves,
Lamps, Tents, Paints!
Oils, Etc., Etc.
Exchange   Hotel
Keeps a line of Nerve
Bracers that are not
surpassed in the Golden
West, and there is not a
cigar in the hou>e needs
a windy day to smoke
it. Furnished rooms always ready for the
needy. Poplar prospectors always welcome and
given the best
$   ®   ®
Help  of All Kinds Furnished
Short   Notice
Hotel in Nelson has
no superior In West
Kootenay. Always
plenty of room for
Poplar Millionaires.
f|f     fj|f    t|*
til IT
It in
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