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The Slocan Drill 1905-01-27

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.    JAM 301905     ZZ
VOL   Y.,No. 44.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   27
$2.00 PER ANNUM,
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these ^MVJ%mE
require from us.   Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
a. c. surra,
Spring Dry G-qocis
OUR Spring Stock of Dry Goods has just'
arrived and will be opened up next
week, after stock-taking. Before sending
out of town wait and see our stock. It is
the best ever shown in town and prices
will be right. We guarantee better satisfaction than ever before, and you see
the goods. No disappointment like when
you send away.
Wo have .-dill n few lini s of Ladies' nnil Children's HocBey Shoes,
David   Arnot, Sloca
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the Lest known anil most popular houses
in i he country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocau lake.     Good fisbiug is to In- found close, at hand, while
every fcicilitj ia offered for boating.
Tourists will Bnd the Arlington and ideal mating place.
Commercial "l'-n have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dininir room is  stoutly  up  to date and the liar supplied
with only the beat brands of goods
SLOCAN, 15. C.
— 1
Is reached by any trail ©r road
that runs into the T wn.,
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
■ arrc
ar i*m*m***frSm-w"** 3^*^^^^^B'l
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2*50 fora Year
•^nrmw •■*-—****-,**~m~__a^^^^„ J
I*toi4tu3Eu'OBM!.'*wr">>    •'TO'TOIUNW 3'*»••'' >.
j«n l 05        	
Auditor umUtlo PreafnU HU Report of
I.list Venr'a BuilllSM—Small Balance
In Treasury—Bond of city Clerk Pru-
ionteii and Accepted.
The adjourned meeting of the city
council was held on Thursday evening.
Aid. McNeish being absent,in Nelson.
City Clerk O'Neail occupied his new
position for the first tiiuc,iind presented an affidavit of ollice.
A warrant for $6 was ordered drawn
for the mayor, be having paid for advertising court of revision iu thc B. C.
Secretary of Bureau of Provincial
Information, Victoria, wrote, asking
for copy of balance sheet of last year.
Laid mi table.
M. Reid, Vancouver, asked for cost
of hawker's and pedlers license. Clerk
ordered to reply.
Clerk O'Neail returned his assessment roll completed, aud stated the
necessary notices had all been sent
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved acceptance of roll as returned.   Carried.
Clerk instructed to collect in the
trader's licenses at once.    Parties not
paying by 25th to bave blue papers
served on them,
Council adjourned.
Munday Night.
Monday night the council met in
regular sessional] the members being
Communications read: Prom H. P.
Christie, auditor, submitting his report for last year, together with that
ofthe school trustees' books, ill-
found all the accounts substantially
correct, but .suggested a few changes
i-i the keeping of tne books. Letter
filed and suggestions ordered to be
Bills presented: H. P. Christie,
auditor, (40,   Ordered paid.
The audit gave the receipts of the
var. including notes and tax sale, tie
H2.21A.18; expenditures. S12.lCHS.8dt:
leaving a balance on band of 3111.34.
Au iitor's report ii I iited. on motion
of Aid. McNeish and Teeter.
Finance committee reported in fn-
ror of bills amounting to $1.50. Ordered paid.
Clerk O'Neail presented hia lxnid ol
office for $1000, M. Lavell and ,1. A
Anderson being his sureties. Accept
•d and ordered sent to the Royal
15 ml; for safekeeping.
Clerk instructed to write the Royal
Bank, Nelson, giving names of proper
persons to go on city cheques; niac
isking return of .1. A. Anderson's
Moved by Aid. McNeish, that thi
c'ork be authorized to draw a warrant
it the lirst of each month for $1150, in
favor of the school lioard: also one to
oovor regular city payroll. Seconded
by Aid. Teeter and carried.
The clerk was granted Sll) for petty
bash, and II B. Dunlap $20 for taking
•are of ('has. Liebel.
II. D. Curtis was appointed auditoi
f ir the year, at a salary of $50.
Council adjourned for two weeks.
C.P.U, I"'" Spokane.
After two years of hard work D. C.
Corliin.the well known railroad builder
ol Spokane, has overcome all obstacles
md is uow iu a position to put the
Canadian Pacific railroad into Spo
kane, The capital accessary to build
lie'proposed road has been pledged
by Mr. Corbin and half a dozen neb
New Yorkers, Spokane property own
t*rs being asked to donate b rigbl ol
.•.av into thecity. The road will be
tiled the Spokane International, The
route of the road will be from Spokane
eastward to Rathdrum, Idaho, thence
north east crossing the Tend d'Orullle
u-twe'ii Albani falls and Cos in
I'Aleue l.-ike.toa point near the mouth
,if tie* Movie river, thenee north east
up the Movie valley to a connection
with the C.P.R. at the International
boundary. The company's capital
ntock is $4,000,000, divided Into $100
shares. Tie-incorporators are: Austin
Corl-in 11., .lames Monaglian, George
Turner, George II. Martin and Albert
Allen. Three New York men named
is trustees are: Chester P. Chaplin,A.
('. Chaplin, and .1. K Sheppnrd,
Dominion Kttlmntns.
The estimates were submitted tothe
dominion house of commons lasl week,
Kootenay securing tho following
ir rants: General Improvements to the
Columbia river, $16,000; removal of
obstructions in river above Revelstoke
$5000; Improvements bIkivo Golden,
$,1000; below Golden, $8000; lielow
ReveMoko, at Arrowhead, $6000; be
tueen Upper and Low.*i' Arrow lakes,
$0500; Improvements to Duncan river.
$2000; public building at Fernie, $10,-
000; Rosslaud armon $8500.
Kino Miu-hlili**'}'   Arrived.
Machinery foi Lhe ne v zinc enrich
ment plant at Rosebery bus arrived
from Europe. It came in fast time,
less than a month being taken iu
transit. The machinery will be installed at once and the plant i.s expected to be in operation in the early
spring, __	
.lack UolMTtN Taken to Nelnon on a Serious Charge.
Silverton was tho centre of a sensation last week that has stirred the
whole country. It ccmes as a sequel
to the introduction of a Chinese cook
at the Emily Edith mine,by M.Davys,
of Nelson, the lessee. When the chink
arrived the men quit work and a public meeting at Silverton pronounced
against Mongolian labor. As men
afterwards wo.it to work at the mine
and the chink remained.it waa thought
the incident was closed. But apparently not so.
On the evening of the 17th Davys,
\V. Koch.and a number of others were
in the barroom of the Victoria Hotel
when a rifle shot was heard.and a bullet lodged iu the back of the harassing close to the bead of Davys, it being an alleged attempt to assassinate
the latter. Provincial Officer Black
was summoned from New Denver and
Supt. Bullock-Webster came up from
Nelson next day. Their investigations
led to the arrest of Jack Roberts, it
being claimed he had made threats
against Davys,because of the bringing
in of the Chinaman. He had his preliminary hearing that evening liefore
fusiici.'s of the Peace Rashdall and
Hunter, resulting in Roberts being
committed for trial at Nelson, passing
through here to that place on Thursday.
lt is claimed that Roberts shot from
a tree on the opposite side of the
street, and that the footprints in the
snow from his cabin to the tree fitted
Iiis lubbers exactly. Though the
blind of the barroom was partially up,
it was possible to Bee the heads of the
people therein quite plainly from
where the shot was fired.
M. S. Davys, at the hearing.testified
to the circumstances relative to bringing in tlie Chinese cook. As be wug
starting for Nelson th<* dav after tbe
public meeting, the accused came up
to him at the Silverton wharf and
as1.;-I if ne was goiug to take the
(Ihinaman out. und he replied, "That
is my business." Accused Raid: "Vou
nad better or I'll fix you." Witness
1,'scribed goi, g to the barroom of the
Victoria Hotel, aliout 5 50on the evening of the ITth.and seeing the accused
sitting there. In the barroom were
Messrs. Brooks, Koch, Ring, Wilson
and Daigle. The prisoner left the
room aud went out on the street, but
the rest of the coinpanv lined up to
the bar and took a drink. Some 15
minutes passed and while they were
all chatting there was a report as if a
firecracker or a torpedo had gone oir.
and the witness noticed a hole in tin
plaster right over Daigle's head. At
the time he heard the report, he felt
something sting him across the side
of the chock. The course of the bul
let was traced by the witness through
the window and staircase partition to
a picture at the back of the bar.
H. A. Cleve, formerly of this town,
was the other chief witness. He swore
that ou the evening of the 17th, about
li o'clock, he was in his rooms oppo
site the Victoria ho'.el.and lhat he saw
the accused coming to the tree on thr
vacant lot, from the opposite Bide of
Lake Btreet, The accused made two
steps and turned to the right and a
few seconds   later witness   heard  the
dick of the  trigger of a rifle.   The
next instant he saw the accused raise
the rifle qn au angle either with the
butcher shop   or   the   Victoria hotel.
After the accused tired he tinned to
the left and made a circle to the trail
leading across the ball ground. After
accused had made six or eight steps,
witness started for lhe kitchen door
and opened it. He turned around and
looked out and the light from the
kitchen shone on accused plainly. The
witness shut the kitchen door and
jumped back Into the bedroom. Five
minutes or so after the shot was tired
the witness went to the front door and
smelt powder smoke.
Roberts was formerly foreman ai
tho Kepublic mine here and has always borne an exemplary character,
People are loth to believe him guilty
of the clinic, though lhe evidence
against him is so direct. Accused is
an Englishman by birth aud has been
in the country Blnce the early days.
Sll ver Ouot.-al ioiitf.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
vveek since last issue:
Thursday    BOB cents
Friday..    60j   "
Saturday    B03   "
Mondav     BOB     "
Tuesday    •-<>"    "
Wednesday    603   "
Promotion r»v Keonrder Ohrlttlo.
Saturday evening   H.   P, Christie,
mining recorder.received a notification
i from tbo  provincial   secretary that lu;
had been prompted to the position of
gold commissioner, etc.. at Ashcroft.
The loeal otlice will, in consequence,
be reduced to a commission basis, and
it is expected H. R. Jorand will be
made recorder. Mr. Christie and family expect to remove to their new home
in a few days. They havo lieen residents of Sloean since the early days
and will be greatly missed.
Inn-cute In   Anion lit of Ore mined In the
Province I.uut Year.
From the provincial department of
mines it has beeu ascertained that the
approximate output of minerals in the
province of British Columbia for the
year which has just closed is in excess
of that of the year liefore by $2,274,-
046. The total value of the minerals
produced within the confines of the
province during the year ended on
December 81, 1804, was $19,770,000.
The total amount of mineral produced
during the year other than coal was
The amount of gold produced, both
from quart/, and placer, was in excess
of that produced iu 1903. In 1904 the
amount of gold produced was $6,400,-
000, while in 1903 it was $5,883,028,an
increase of over half a million. The
silver product ofthe province was also
in excess of that of the previous year.
in 1904 it amounted to $2,200,000,
which wa.s $078,1528 in excess of 1903.
Last year the amount of copper
mined in the various districts showed
a slight increase, the total output being $4,600,000, Lead, too, increased
very considerably over 1908, the output being $1,500,000. The coal and
coke produced amounted to $4,882,267
being practically the same as in the
year before.
The approximate statement of the
mineral output, for the year 1904 is as
Gold •? 0.400.000
Silver    2,200,000
Copper     4,600,000
Lead     1,600,000
Miscellaneous        600,000
Total mineral production
other than coal $15,300,000
Coal.Crow's Nest Pass    370,000
Coal, Vancouver Island    720,000
Total coal tonnage 1,090,000
Value $3,270,000
('o'.e. ('row'-' Nest    220,000
Coke, Vancouver island      20,000
Total coke tonnage   240,000
Value $1,200,000
Total 1904 mineral output, $19,770,000
Conservatives made a
clean sweep in Ontario on
Wednesday, only 28 Liberals being elected. Whitney has over 40 of a majority.   Hurrah.
The Pioneer Mining Co., operating
tlie Black Prince group, is in luck, an
important strike of ore having been
made on the property lasl week. Ever
since arrangements wei'O made for
taking over the group in connection
with the Bank of England and Two
Friends.opei'iitions have been confined
lo the Black I'rince fraction, and it is
in the No. 2 level ou that ground that
an entirely new body qf ore has been
opened up. The paystreak is almost
live feet in width, and 11 inches of it
assays 21fl o/. and b tter in silver.while
three feet of it will average up to llo
OZ a ton.
The new strike is most gratifying to
the coinpanv and Ihey wiil make the
most of it. Since the lirst of tho vear
shipments have been regular from
other ore reserves, and it wns the intention to send out 1200 tons or more,
The new strike will enable the output
to be largely increased ainl as much
ore as possible will be shipped before
the roads break up in the Bpl'ing,
Many more men have beeu added to
the force this week, some from town
and others coming in from Nelson.
II Ih I'll".. VUU.
Charles de S. Batchelor, the well
known ore purchaser, of Spokane,paid
his lirst visit to the local camp on
Saturday.spending some time in gathering information about various pro
perlie> and the  camp generally,    lie
pn --ed on up the lake to the upper
Slocau. in which he will shortly be
come permanently interested, Batchelor Bro-. have been before the public
of late bv reason of their purchase of
Sloean zinc ores I'or the European
in irkota
laMt Vear'g Nliipm.-nt.-i Wore 337.1 Tour—
A lla-iiitiiy  Kvldenco of lhe Lifo   and
Wealth or tii<  Camp— Ottawa i» the
Biggest Shipper.
Four properties had a share in tho
shipments for the weok, combining to
make up an output of 84 tons. Tho
Enterprise and Black Prince sent a
car each to Trail smelter, and the Ottawa and Kilo one each to Nelson, the
hitter being gold ore. The recent
strike on the Black Prince will help
that property and they expect to ship
200 tons a mouth. Total output of
the division for year 27o tons.
For liXU the ore shipments from
the local divisiou amounted to 2375
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa  22 88
Enterprise  20 fih
Black I'rince  22 87
Neepawa  'JO
Kilo  20 20
84 275
Last week the Sandon mines sent
out 274 tons of ore.
Zinc ore is moving freely from the
Slocan,four ears a day passing through
It is confidently expected the Young
Bear will turnout as big a proposition
as the Arlington.
It is likely the Washington will resume operations, its zinc reserves being drawn upon.
Last Friday was Ottawa payday
and the hearts of the business peoplo
were made glrfd.
The amalgamation of the Whitewater and Whitewater Deep mines is
about to be effected.
Batchelor Bros., Spokane, have a
number of deals pending with Slocan
mines for a supply of z ne.
Twenty-seven claims on Woodlx rry
creek are lieing crown granted by the
King Solomon Mining Co.
The annual meeting of the Pioneer
.Mining Co., operating the Black
I'rince. was held in Nelson this week.
The Ottawa contributes to the gov-
ernmont each quarter $700 or better
as its proportion under the two per
cent tax.
The Last Chance has entered tho
lists as a shipper of zinc, a large liody
having been uncovered in the upper
The lower workings of tht- (iraphic.
are about under the chute caught in
the upper drifts. A little ore is being
taken out righf along.
Neil Gething and George Henderson went back this week to the Red
Fox mine, McGuigan. Thev will mako
a shipment iu the spring.
It is a noticeable fad that of all the
American companies declaring dividends last tnonth.onlv 11 had a higher
rating than the Ottawa, iu this camp.
H. A. McMillan and Touy Long aro
nieeting with bucccss in Iheii development of the Royal, to th" southeast of
the town. They are taking out somo
fine ore.
The shareholders of the Rambler**
Cariboo last week approved the n.-
crenae of the capital stock of the coinpanv.   The pi I- *-'aJ.."iiM).areto Imi
used in oomph til    the long tunnel.
At the Comb iti 'I '■'" feet of tunneling hns been driven in lhe past two
mouths. Between three and four feet
of mixed ore was in wight, with every
Indication of a chute of clean ore being near.
Holi i Irrli i«l».
M Peary,D. Wilson,
li Nelson: .1. Black,
Riley, Victoria; .J. T*
Westminster:   W. W.
Illlld;  .1. Mllllill, Revelstoke; I'-. i '   I vi rt, Vancouver.
Royal K. N* Jones, Vancouver) J,
T. Black, II . J. Angell, New Denver;
('has. m..la ei Vancouver; A;Lucas
Kaslo; 1). Mi'L an, Moose Jaw.
Arlington   I
H. Berg, W. K
New Denver: I
llorrobin. Ni w
McKinnon, Ro
Klin Mai.. * ii shipment.
Ou Tin "' Kilo S("*t out a ear
of ore from  ' i mon  creek, N.   V. Me
\aoght   -       panylng it to Nelson.
Tin* shii expected to make the
banner ici'oi'd   for  the  province for
Igold on       ' -vlll rnn about 1100[per
ton,    T     11 i   carload  from the Kilo
gave $01 |     ton in gold.
.Mil,    ||   [lector Dick  has been t oui
ploteli        orated fron the char [es
' of ,• • a I made  against him frem
the i :ili'**' SAYS HE WAS
Geo. Robertson Had Rheumatism and
Dropsy—Had to Be Tapped—
Doesn't Know What It It to Bt
Sick Now.
Montreal, Que., Jan. 16.—(Special).—Mr, Caeo. Robertson, a well-
known citizen living at 392 St. James
St., Montreal, is one of the many people in this city who are never without Dodd's Kidney Pills in the house.
Like all the others Mr. Robertson has
his reasons for this and is always
ie«.1y to give tbem.
"I was a total wreck before I started to uso Dodd's Kidney Pills." Mr.
Robertson says. "I had been troubled
with Rheumatism and Dropsy for live
years. I had to be tapped to relieve
ine of the pain. My arms and legs
were terribly swollen.
"I bad just begun to get downhearted when a friend induced me to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills. Fiefore I
bad used the second box I felt bettor.
Seven boxrs cured me so completely
that now I dou't Know what lt U to
ba sick/'
Last Bandar •■ That Ship.
"As a lad almost," said an old sea enp*
tain, "I became second mate of a Nova
Scotia sailing vessel bound from Liverpool to tbe provinces. It was on t
Saturday that we left port, aud the following morning the tug which had
placed us to windward off Holyhead
left us.
"We were making ready for the trip
across the north Atlautic, but our
minds were diverted from work by seeing the skipper place a blackboard upon
the break of the poop upon which was
written 'Sunday.' The skipper, a thorough type of tbe seaman, called all
heads aft. He said: 1 want you to
know what is on that board. For you
fellows who cnn't read I will spell It.'
Thea deliberately he said: 'S-u-n-d-a-y!
You understand it, don't you?' Then
he gave the word to throw the board
Into the sen. Over it went, and ns it
took the waves he said, 'You all know
that was Sunday, don't you?' 'Yes,'
answered the men. 'Well,' he continued, 'that will be the last Sunday you
wlll see on this ship.'   And lt was."
Sho*   Shops   In   Japan.
Like all other shops in Japan, a snot
tbop opens a broad side to the street.
It seems a misnomer to call lt shot
shop, a place where you can only buy
sandals or clogs, things we nre not accustomed to call shoes. They are footgear anyway.
There Is a low platform in front, upon
which the customer Bits and drinks tea
while making bis or her purchases, tbe
shopkeeper meanwhile squatting on
his heels and discussing tbe news of
the day.
The sandals worn by the rickshaw
coolies are called warafl. They are
woven of rice straw snd are sold for
half a cent a pair. They are made ln
tht country villages, and the foreigner
watches the weaving witb amused interest
The prehensile big toe of a Japanese
la of great assistance, as lt is used for
catchiig and holding the straws, leaving the hands free to weave.
People Who Live In  Nests.
Travelers wbo have returned from
the heart of Africa and the Australasian continent tell wonderful stories of
nest building people wbo inhabit tba
wilds of those countries. In the bushmen of Australia we find perhaps the
lowest order of men that are known.
They are so primitive that they do not
know enough to build even tbe simplest form of hut for shelter. The
nearest they can app%nich to lt ls to
gather a lot of twigs and grass and,
taking thero Into a thicket or Jungle,
build a nest for a home. Tbe nest is
usually built large enough for tbe family, and if the latter be very numerous then the nests are of u very large
size. Sometimes the foliage above will
form a natural covering, but there ia
uever any attempt at constructing a
protection from the rain and storms.
Valae of Hontlne Work.
Routine ls a blessed thing when something happens to reduce the moral driving power which keeps us going, the
courage, purpose *uud good cheer that
give life present Joy nil well as lueuu*
lug. It ls good in moments of depression tr weariness tbat there Is a path
marked out ijlieml each day which men
follow because it Is there; that thcro Is
time which custom bns. set fur them to
get up, te eat, to work, to rest, to read,
go to bed again. They move nlong the
groevee ef habit and get all the benefit
or their Inheritance and their experience. Thc general muy quit the Held
for a time if be chooses; the army bus
Its msrchlng plan aud knows what Is
expected of lt.
I.osln   Napoleon's   Title.
It has beeu said that Louis Napoleon,
who assumed the iiiipei'lnl dignity Id
lbb'.i a year nfter his famous coup
d'ct.u, was Influenced iu tho choice ot
ht3 title by a curious uiiscureeption.
Au enthusiastic prefect closed un olll
clnl document with the wonts "Vlvi
Napoleon::!" nud these three notes ol
exclaaatluu war! mlstnkeu for the Bo
inun nnmoiii] in.
Another Mini very similar story Is tithe effect that official posters appeared
upoa the walla ,,r 1'arls beaded Napo
Icon 111. by a pi nior's error for Napoleon II. I.—thut is to suy, Napoleon ll.,
Imperator, or eui| urur.
The l«*s NUBUtlc ri'itatfn is that had
the sta ef tbe grw i Napoleon Hied ta
succeed his father lie .v.nilil have been
Napoleon II. ami imt on this ground
IkiuIs Napoleon tig „V!i ,,» the third of
Unit nnme.
Served   Ita  Purpose.
"A certain cadi of Bagdad had bee*
In his youth a lishermau, and, to keej
himself in mind of hia humble origin,
there was always spread uptn his dinner tuble a huge fishing net.
"People admired the cadi for thU
exhibition of humility. He was rich,
and his bouse was sumptuous. But,
amid all that elegance, the net, the
sign of the man's lowly birth, was always prominently displayed.
"The story of the net spread through
the city aud finally reached the ears of
the caliph. He, ln due time, seut for
the cadi, took him iuto his favor and
made him his grand vizier.
" 'Thus,' said Ilaroun al Raschid, 'wt
reward humility.'
"From the dny of his appointment
the grand vizier ceased to .exhibit bis
fishing net. It disappeared, and it was
never spoken of.
"Once, though, a visitor, a man of con-
slderahle Impudence, said to the vizier:
" 'Why ls it, my lord, that your nel
Is no longer spread upon your table?'
"The vizier smiled and quietly replied:
" 'It has caught the fisji.' "
6btaln   Bright    Eyes,    Rosy   Cheeks
and  Perfect   Health Through tht
Use of Dr. Williams'  Pink
Miss Jennie Burrows, Rigault, Que.,
says:   "1 write to thank you for the
wonderful benefit your Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills hnvo done me.    I am npw
22 years of ago, but from the timo I
was   fourteen   I   did not enjoy good
health.  A couple ot" years ago, while
attending school I grew worse,   and
the Sisters in charge called In a doctor.    After   treating   me   for   some
time, without any   improvement,   he
told me that I must discontinue my
studies.    When   I   got   home   I   was
sent to Caledonia Springs.   Tho flrst
month I was there it seemed to help
me, but, like all the medicine I had
taken, the help was only temporary,
and I relapsed  into  my former  condition,    I grew  so pale   and   wax-like
that strangers called me the wax figure.    My  heart   would   beat so violently that I could hear the noise It
made.    1   waa  so weak  I  could not
walk a block   without   support,    or
without  resting  two  or  three  times.
My  bead   would   sometimes   ache   so
violently  as to almost  drive  me  wild,
and at other times I would grow so
dizzy  that  I   could   not   stand.    All
this' time   I    was  taking   treatment,
but   all   the   time was getting worse
and worse, and  I  hardly  hoped ever
to be better  again.    At   this  time  I
read   ln  a  newspaper of a somewhat
similar caso   cured   by the use of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, md I determined to try them.   By the time I  had
used a half dozen boxes   I   had    improved a great deal.    From  that on,
week by week, 1 gained   in   health  and
strength,   until   by  the  time   I   had
used  eleven   boxes   I   was   enjoying
better  health   than   I   bad   done   for
years.    I   am   now   well  and  strong,
anr,   thank   (lod   for the blessing of
good  health your wonderful  Dr.  Wit
llama' Pink Pills ).uve conferred upon
me,    I would  strongly  advise   every
weak and  ailing girl  who  reads  this
to lose no time   in   taking   Dr.  Williams'  Pink  Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cured Miss
Burrows because they made the rich
red blood necessary to drive disease
from the system. These pills. go
straight down to the root of the
matter in the blood and cure that
That Is why they cure nil troubles
due to bad blood. Anaemia, paleness, eruptions of the skin, palpitation, headaches, kidney trouble, rheumatism, neuralgia, and a host of
olher troubles are nil due lo bad
blood, and are speedily rooted from
the system by the rich, red blood
made by the use of Dr. Williams'
Pink Plils. Don't take a substitute;
s"-e that the full aame, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People," ls
printed on the wrapper around each
box. If In doubt you can get the
pills by mall at 50 cents a box or
six boxes for $3.60 by writing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
A Friend of Washington.
While mnny persons have known
Lincoln ond Grant and a few were acquainted with Washington and Lincoln, so fnr us I nm nwaro but one person was ever born Into tbls world who
knew the triumvirate of uncrowned
American kings. That Individual was
Horace lllnney, leader of the Philadelphia bur and among the foremost lenders of the profession throughout tht
land, with whom I spent a memorable
hour ln tbt year 1871. During thnt delightful Interview he stnted thut when
a youth bis home wns nenr President
Washington's Philadelphia residence,
that he hnd met hlin almost dally fot
several years and thnt he frequently
held conversations with tht general.
Mr. BInney nlso mentioned the Interesting fuct tbnt he hnd been acquainted with every president of the United
States up to the time of Grunt, during whoso second nilmliiistratlon he
passed awny ut the great nge of ninety-five.—Genernl James Grtiut Wilson
In Cornhill Mm- un-
An African Stssehs"E».
A thousand years before Roman
legions looked on Stonehcnge, a
temple not unlike it in general conception, but far greater und fashioned with au architectural skill incomparably more advanced than that of
tho ancient Briton, was built in
South Africa. R. N. Hall recently
lectured to a university college audience on the re-discovered features of
this temple, which is known as Zimbabwe in Rhodesia. By some it is
thought that the same adventurous
race of Phoenicians whq brought the
religion of the sun to Britain, and
possibly inspired the plan of tht
temple at Stonehenge may have been
the pioneers of the gold-seeking race
who raised the temple at Zimbabwe
ns a monument, of the prosperity of
the country. Mr. Hall said that the
great ruined temple wns not the oldest temple in Rhodesia, though it is
by far thc finest in plan, architecture and importance; and that, probably, it was built after the other
temples when the prosperity of the
country was assured and wns still
growing. It was built, like other
temples of the sun, with a painstaking reference to the position of the
sun at the summer and winter solstices and its orientation diverged so
far from that which would be correct to-day as to warrant the helief,
which is strengthened by other reasons, that it was built in some
years between 1200 B.C. and 1400
B 0. Tho walls of Great Zimbabwe,
Mr. Hall mentioned, were from twenty-five to thirty-live feet high, und a
wagon with a team of oxen could be
driven along tho outer rampart. Next
year the British Association is to
hold a sectional meeting within these
walls, where for ""three thousand
yeurs sacrifices hnvo been offered on
the temple altar. A Portuguese writer
mentions such a sacrifice four hundred years ago; the natives who have
used the altar for this purpose beyond memory or record offered a sacrifice there last December.
The revenue of the colony of Newfoundland for the half ye ir endlne;
December 31 is the largest ever recorded, being $1,122,000, or J25.0O0
more than for the same period last
veur, despite the reduction in duties,
estimated at nearly ?100,000. During the past four years the annual
revenue of the colony has grown
from $2,000,000 to $2,500,000, although
duties aggregating over $300,000 have
been removed annually from the necessaries of life.
We publish simple, straight testimonials, not press agents' interviews,
from well-known people.
From all over America they testify
to the merits of MINARD'S LINIMENT, the best of Household Remedies.
C.   C.   RICHARDS   &   CO.
Philip Williams, a young Englishman, was arrested in Winnipeg on
Wednesday for numerous small forgeries.
Has Many Claim* to Distinction.
Joseph Wilson Swan, upon whom
the honor of knighthood has been
conferred, has mnny claims to distinction, being M.A., F.R.S., D.Sc,
Durham University; president of the
Faraday Society, vice-president of
the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle-on-Tyne, member
of the council oi the Royal Photographic Society, corresponding member Royal Philosophical Society of
t'lasgow, honorary member of the
Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Chevalier de la Legion d'Hon-
neur, past president of thc Society of
Chemical Industry, past president of
the Institution of Electrical Engineers, nlso honorary member, the only others so honored being Lord Kelvin and Dr. Wilde; member of tho
Board of the National Physical Laboratory, Royal Commission, St.
Louis Exhibition, 1904. He invented
the carbon process for making permanent photographs, now known as
autotype: discovered the means of
making rapid dry plates, which revolutionized the art of photography;
Invented the incandescent electric
lamp bearing his name, and also a
miner's electric safely lamp, and 1m-
provi'inents in photo-mechanical
Its SiiNtiiliili.il; Power.
"A hundred dollar bill will sustain
a weight of forty-seven pounds lengthwise," says a treasury statistician. It
will also sustain a mau for a couple of
months ln a fairly good boarding
This medicine comes as a message
of hope to all worried mothers. It is
the best thing In the world for stomach, bowel and teething troubles,
which make little ones weak, sickly
and peevish. It will make your
baby well, and keep It well, and you
have a positive guarantee lhat it
contains no opiate or harmful drug.
Mrs. .lames Hopkins, Tobermory,
Ont., says: "I have used Baby's Own
Tablets and would not be without
them. Mothers who have sickly, cross
and fretful children will find these
Tablets a great blessing." These nre
strong, hopeful words from n mother
who has proved the value of Baby's
Own Tablets. This medicine is sold
hy all druggists, or sent hy mail at
2,r. cents n box, by writing The Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
All arguments bave now been tub*
:,lilted in Ihe arbitration proceeding!
between the Qraad Trunk and Its
telegraphers, The ease for the company was concluded Saturday night
at Toronto, hul Judge Tetsel is holding judgment in reserve.
Ihiiv    In    I'ltMitiNi*    Ihr    S*.Nli*m.     I':ir-
malee  Vegetable  Pills arc  tht  result
of Hiii'iiiiiic Kiuuy of tha effeota of ex-
imils ni certain roots and herbs upon
tht illKoitlvi* organs. Their one him
demonstrated in many Instanoei that
tliey rtgulatt the action of the I.lvr;r
and the Kidneys, purify thr blood,
nml curry off all morbid accumulations from tin' System. They are easy
in take, and theii* action Is mild and
beneficial,  \
A  dispatch from Toronto says that
Profile     QtrOBX   has   sued   A.   EC,   For-
tier, license in*i tor for Pembroke,
for money and cigars supplied to bin
[or   a    term of thirteen years,    lie
Claimed Hint $-.r> was borrowed by the
settle a case of Infraction of the li-
Inspector and $io wTTs paid by hlm to
cense law while he ran s license*?, hotel. Judgment was kivu for %'.'.',,
mosi nf tin* account hi Ing outlawei
Something    that   Should   lie   llulilinl
In.—Whenever pain Is felt In the
limbs or back, take Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil; pour a little ln the hand and,
applying lt to the surface beneath
which the pain lies, rub briskly. If
the first application does not afforij-
ri'licf, which is not usually the case,
keep rubbing. The Oil will gradually penetrate to the affected part and
relief  will  come.
You'll Find our Standard Everywhere and That
of the Highest   We allude to
CEYLON TEA.   Black or Green.   Ib Pure and Delicious.   Japan
Tea Drinkers should try "Salada" Green Tea.   Sold only in Scaled
Lead Packets.    By All Grocers.
Chief Justice Meredith, of Toronto,
decided that the Elgin Loan Company -may rank as creditor of the Atlas ceni-pany to the extent of $55,000
oi*. debentures given the Elgin Loan
In 1902 to secure moneys advanced
to the Atlas company for the purpose
of investing in Dominion Coal. The
Master in Ordinary had decided
that as the debenture was ouly a
cloak to cover the stock transactions
by the Elgin Company it would be
against the law to sanction the deal.
Blanche, the Minnesota bank embezzler arrested at Winnipeg one day
day last week, was given a sentence
of seven years.
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds, eta
The indictment against Mayor Geo.
H. Williams and Chief of Police Hunt
of Portland, Ore., charged with malfeasance in office, have been withdrawn by tbe Multonomah county
grand  jury   .
How's This!
Ws offer Ons Hundred Dollars Rewsrd for
anv case ot Catarrh ti.at cannot be cured br
Hall's Catarrh Lure.
F. J. CHENEY * CO., Toledo, O.
We. the undersigi ed, hav* known F. J
Chenev lor the last 15 years, and believe hia
perfectly honorable In all business transactions anriflnancially able to carry ont any ob*
ligations made by his tirm. „.,.„
v> hi'le-alB Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood aud nucous surfaces of the s.stom. Testimonials sent free.
Price V, cents i>.*r bottie.  Sold by all Ironists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for Consume.ion.
Tragic Occurrence at Hockey Game.
While cheering tho Soo team at
Sault Ste. Marie on Monday night at
a hockey game with Portage Lake,
Henry P. Metzger fell dead of apoplexy, superinduced by excitement,
Mr. Motzger formerly managed the
Soo hockey team, and wa.s instrumental fn the formation of the Interna*
tionnl Hockey League. On account of
his death tho game was called, with
12 minutes yet to play. The score was
5 to 2 lv. favor of the Soo..
/ All Soaps ClaJun Purity "^
Sunlight Soap
cmjarantees its purity. It is that purity that en*
a.bles Sunlight Soap to perfectly cle&nse your
clothes without injury or hard rubbing.
Equally good with hard or soft water.
Buy Sunlight.
Give it a. tried. Your money back if it is
not eJl we claim. *■■•«
Lover Brothers Limited
Increase Your Income $320
"W\0 you realize how much money is made from poultry raising ? Do you know th^t many owners
**** of Chatham Incubators are earning $320 a year and not devoting more than a half-an-hour a
day to it? If you" owned a Chatham Incubator your wife or your daughter could attend to it
and add at least $320 to the profits of your farm. That is more than many another department of
your farm produces which occupies a lot of your time and represents considerable money invested.
Let us figure it out.
A No. 2 Chatham Incubator holds from 100 to 120 eggs. Though an .average hatch is eighty
per cent, we will deduct some to pay for oil and feed and make up for accidents. Say 80 chicks out
of 120 eggs. That is a fair average. Suppose you only take off eight hatches in a year. That is
640 chickens.    They are worth about a dollar a pair.    That is $320.00 profit fro..i a
on which you have not as yet been asked to pay one cent.
There is always a big demand for poultry. It is increasing every year. The value of the
poultry exported to Great Britain in 1896 was $18,992 ; in 1902 it had increased to $239,986. One
English poultry house say they could handle 36,000 chickens a week. The increase in the
Canadian demand has been even greater, poultry exporting firms getting such good prices here
that they didn't need to ship them. The demand for poultry is ever increasing. That means
continued good prices for poultry raisers.
You cannot make money in the poultry business without an Incubator and Brooder. If you
would raise chickens for the market you cannot depend on the setting hen. It is absolutely
beyond your control, whereas an Incubator is easily controlled by you.
Choosing the best Incubator is the problem. With makers claiming so much for their
machines you are left in a quandary. We settle all questions by the most liberal offer ever made.
If we hadn't the best Incubator on the market and unquestioned financial strength we could not
make it.   Here is the offer :
We will 9*nd you freight prep.id by us-. CHATHAM INCUBATOR ond BROODER
•without any cash from you until Octobor lot. 1905.
Wo do not aaK you to tahe our word for it.    Read those few
I placed four dozen eggs under four liens, nnd must any that
the flrat hen brought out ten chicks out of tho 13 eggs, but the
other three never raised a chicken. Now thnn 1 Ux»k good rare
of the four hem, had Ihein all in onu building, nml nothing to
miili'Mi ilii-in. I net them about a woek apart. It corMaJnly
seems strange that the one hen would do no wi'll and the otlier
thnn do nothing ot all. I havo since used a Chatham Ineuliator
ami met with good success, hatching 73 chick* out of MX etfga.   I
Krefer lt to tho hens, und all further eggs 1 buy, no matter how
lgh priced, I shall use lho lucubalnr in preference tn hem.
Yours sincerely, Jt. A. Uaiit, t'nslletoo, Ont.
Tho No. '2 Incubator I purchased from you Ust fall hu given
perfect satisfaction. The tlrst hatch 1 got Im per out, -tnuig
In-all hy chicks, and we put in two l.urkey eggs jusl one wnak lis
lore wo did l>>o hen eggs, and bolh the lurkcy eggs hutched.
Yours truly,       David Wklkii, Kalcon bridge, Out
i J„l! w6!,1^!', hS^hffi hn,°.h ," niy m *" towbator, and this	
I gol ill healthy clucks out of 18 egg*.
Givo the Chatham Incubator a thorough tost,  mahe money «..* «f la    .U
•   b.tfp  pleased  w.   .hall   be.    *Ih*m Octobe?\qO£TOI ll-T&aJSS'
•ffici.nt profits to pay fofr thi. incubator several times over      """"• you *********
it ymir children moan and are rest-
lo-is during sleep, ooupled when awake
with n loss of appetite, pale ceunten*
nine, picking nt' the nose, etc., you
mnv depend upon II that the primary
iit, nf the trouble li wonne. Mother
Gravei* Worm Exterminator effectually removei theae peati, at nine relieving   llu    little   siiiTi lai .•*. I
Mrs. i y ija p iiman, -if Saratoga, N,
v.. iik'"I 70, troa fatally burned while
alone in her cottage during l°al Tuesday nlRht.
Calboim OriiKKiTii. London,Ont.
it1 T^imIS °f y","r,N'°, ■ ''"■'''"•"•rs and am well pleased «Ith
IU   1 set 1UM eggH out nf winch 1 hatched M chicks.
Yours truly,      A. It.OaURaoRMI, llyron, lint.
rSSSl nr*1 ■••""'''■,""'."', U ** •*■»*■ *rata fertile [badP
eh oka, one .lying In lbs-hell, (mi of my leoond batch I h id im
chicks out of UM eggs.   Yours truly,   W. L. Lkmon, Orwoll. i b'l
re you mnKn
have   made
1    Minard's Liniment Cares DyptkerU
There is no string to this offer.    It is open and
!iee>-i. 1C m, 'J t0 show our supreme confidence in
tlie Lh-itham Incubator and Brooder, We want everyone who desires to raise poultry for profit to accept it.
We want you to send us a postal card with your name
and address. We will then give you full particulars.
Write to-day.
We depend on every machine we put out to advertise itself in your neighbourhood—we know it will
prove such a good profit-producer for you that you will
be pleased to tell your neighbours about it.
Merit is the only quality that will do this. Because
we know the Chatham Incubator and Brooder possess
this merit we are willing to sell it on these easy terms.
Remember we do not ask you for one cent of cash
until October, 1905. Don't delay. Send the postal
card for particulars to-day.
The Manson Campbell Co., Limited
^oManafacturttrs of Catnpball Panning MUU, and Chatham Farm Scal.s
*______^ —• »•«•• n IL. L.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
J  A Series of Articles Describing
♦      their Lives, their Aims and
J Their Influence.
♦ — x
m No. 17 |
I MR. E. 8. ZINGG. ♦
MR.  E. 8. ZINGO
Editor   and   Proprietor   of   the
Wapella   Post
Mr. B. S. Zingg of Wapella is a
living illustration of the truth of the
saying current among newspapermen,
that the man who '.as the aliility to
conduct a successful country journal
lm.; all the characteristics necessary
to success In almost any undertaking,
As un editor Mr. Zingg has a splendid record, hut. such is his irrepressible activity, that his editorship is
unly  one  of    the  many  forms of his
Protean    activity.     The    production
wc Ily of such a newspaper as the
Wapella i'ost might well demand ami
consume the whole of the time and
talent of its proprietor. But with Mr.
Zingg it is otherwise—a mere segment of his work, nothing hut a
necessary ami incidental part of the
week's   routine.
Mr. Zingg not only writes the editorial and loeal matter for the Post,
rustles the ads and lnoks afler subscriptions and the accounts, hut runs
a furniture business, does a little In
real estate anil dabbles in insurance.
Even these ilo not keep entirely occupied the energetic Wap.-lla editor, lliis the president of the local board of
trade, into wliich institution he lias
Infused much of his own spirit of
progressive energy, and which is one
<>f  lhe  most     virile    forces  for   loeal
Improvement in the Territories.   And
Mr. Zingg's local patriotism does not
stop hi*re. He is a member of the
Wapella town council, and one of thi:
foremost and most forceful figures in
municipal and local life in the com*
•Undoubtedly the real test of ability
and worth is the regard in whieh a
: an is held by these with whom hs
daily associates. True, it is Bald that
a prophet is not without honor, save
in his own country. This may lie
the case when a man goes into the
profession of prophecy, but It has no
application in commercial, and least
<>f all In editorial, life, ln the realm
uf Journalism, In which a man is under the spot light of public observation and criticism every minute of
tlie time he is awake, in wliich his
actions and opinions are canvassed,
judged and weighed by the whole
community, a fakir, a humbug, or a
hypocrite is soon sized up and set
down at his trim valuation, If a man
wears well, and steadily appreciates
in pulbllc esteem, it is because he is
"all wool and a yard wide." and
shoddy does not enter into his coni-
iKisition. That Mr. Zingg Is in this
• lass, nnd that his progressiveness,
and his trustworthiness
recognised by those who
most intimately, the    in*
the  1'ajst.  and   lh"  public
occupies,   are   Ihe   most
When you think you have cured a
cough or cold, but find a dry,
hacking cough remains, thero la
danger.   Take
Cure ffiICLuns
at once. It will strengthen the
lungs aad stop the cough.
Price*; S. C. Wells A Co. 106
Oc.SOc. fl.   LeRoy.N.Y..Torooto.C«n.
T      i 	
The Winnipeg Salvation Army ask
for $10,000 from the Government to
aslst in erecting an hospital.
s..  .
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powder is better tban other powders,
as it is both soap and disinfectant.     34
and t/ho general care as to typrogra-
phy and make-up, shows that the mechanical department is fully the equal
of the others under Mr. Zlngg's management.
While the professional ability of an
editor can always be best estimated
by tho appearance and standing of
the newspaper he controls, it is altogether silent as to his personal
history, and the few facts following
concerning Mr. Zingg will be welcomed by those who hitherto have
known him only through the Post, ar
as one of the most reliable members
of the Western Canada Press association.
H. S. Zingg was horn at Hamburg,
Waterloo County, Ontario, April 18,
1872, and is therefore but a young
man, He was educated at. the public
and high schools of Walkerton and
Hanover, after which lie entered the
office of the Hanover Post. Commencing as "devil" he climbed until he
reached the rank of full-fledged
journeyman. Then he removed to
Toronto. He continued in the printing business until he was 20 years
of age, when he went on the road
as "drummer" for a wholesale furniture house, travelling in Ontario
and Quebec. For six years he remained in this husiness, receiving a
thorough training therein.
Taking the advice of Horace Greeley and the niavy others who have
echoed the New York editor's utterances, Mr. Zingg came West in 1S99,
and in October of that year established the Wapella Post, which since that
time has continued to shed the lustre
of the true light of knowledge in
ever-increasing volume.
As said before, Mr. Zingg is yet
young, like most Western editors, and
as can be seen by his "counterfeit
presentment" at the head of this
article, more than passably good looking. He is deservedly popular with
his fellow scribes in the West, and
few were more welcome than he and
his amiable wife at, tho annual Press
pilgrimages which marked the palmy
era of tlie West en; Canada Press association. Mr. Zingg has already done
much in the realm of journalism since
In* came West, and more is expected
of hlm, for he is Justly regarded by
his fellows as one of the most aide
nnd promising of the editors of the
Canadian West.
his ability,
are     best
I new   hin
fluencs of
i "■ .1 ions   be
convincing proofs,
The editor in Hi'1 nverau-o Western
town has lo go up against BO«6
pretty hard propositions, He is not
111 Uie position of his brother in 1
' iv. «lin can hew to the line and let
tl e chips fall where they Will. The
community from which he draws bla
patronage   is   restricted In its area,
and the support of all is necessary 1"
his success. He cannol compensate
for the less of one advertiser, for In
Mance, by the securing <>f another,
and this is known by the merchants,
who are astute and  wise in llieir day
and generation, and  who soraetii*es
avail themselves of the knowledge
to the advantage of themselves and
the loss of the publisher. The country editor has to be solid wilh the
churches, keep square wilh the hotels,
help  along the  leading  fraternal   an I
ladles' societies, placate the chlol
male kicker against all and sundry
things.as at present constituted, and.
If he can do this   land  to BU0< d  I"'
pretty nearly has to) he will he a he
frog In the local puddle. Evidently
from the honors accorded him n. S
v.iiu:g him accomplished all this-
whloh is only to say thai he has approved himself a diplomat nml an
able mas.
To readers of this Journal Hu* Wapella Post, whieh is among the most
looked for and carefully read <>f their
Territorial    exchanges.    Is    the   hest
recommendation that It^dltor oould
desire. Its news ia briefly written
and well arranged, Us editorial ut-
teranoei are moderate ami sensible,
evidently the reflection ef •" thoughtful mind, its advertising patronage
is proof positive as to the appreciation
In which it |H held by the local merchants, and the cnre and taste witn
which their business  news  ll  set up,
When Danger Signals
your liver out of order, con«*
stipation, or your stomach not
working right, it's a sign of
distress which, unheeded, will
lead to trouble—it is time to
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
oa Kuttrn nml Southtm drown Nursery stock
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of hirdy Apples, Crabs, Plums, I'lierries,
Ooosohorrios, Raspberries, Currant*, Strawlifr-
rU», Rosea Ornamental Shrubs ani Troes
Hedicoand Windbreak Trees, I'errfnial Plant',
•Ic, Tn-oa that will ttrow in Man.tob.i and
tho Territories,      Address
St. Cbarl-s. Man.
Roosevelt cot'.siders that revision
of freight rales is more pressing than
revision of tariff.
The canteen and barracks   of   the
N.   W.   M.   P,   al   MacLeod    were   destroyed by tire a few days ago.
Mr. Charles ll. Dancer will probably suoi d the late George A..Slm\><
son   as     deputy     minister   of   public
Dr. Slocum's Great Tonic and
Disease Destroyer
Readily cures Indigestion, Dys-
popsia, Catarrh of the Stomach and all Disgestive
Mrs. E. V.  Blalsdell
Hale and Gearty at 89.
Arnprior, Ont, Sept. IGth, 1904.
Dr. Slocum. Limited.
"It's twenty years or more since I
used PSYCHINE, and I write these
words not to gain publicity, but that
suffering and ailing humanity may
learn of its great merits. 1 felt weak
and miserable for a long time; had
no appetite or couldn't obtain proper
sleep. Was unable to work or enjoy
life. People said 1 was so old my
constitution was breaking up, bur,
fortunately, through using the Dr.
Slocum Remedies 1 have proven this
false. PSYCHINE is the only remedy
I ever took that agreed wiih my
stoinach, which was exceedingly
weak. Twenty years have passed
since my recovery and I am now SH
years of age r.nd so strong and well
1 work all summer in mv garden.
"MRS. B. V. 15LA1SDKL."
PSYCHINE   is   pronounced   SI-KEEN
Kor sale hy all druggists at ?1 per
bottle. For further advice, information, or free trial bottle, write Head
Office and Laboratory, Dr. T. A. Slocum, Limited, 179 King Street West,
Toronto, Canada.
B \t. K.i. one of ihe proprietors ef
Lhe'Marlaggl Hotel al Winnipeg, hai
been arrested charged with stealings
diamond ring from » guest.
This falling of your hair!
Stoo it, oi you will soon be
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hair Vipor. The falling will stop, the hair will
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you csn make it rich?
" My hnlr n***»1r nil exro. wet. t is«a *t**j*4
•>•• i.'.'l'.r He-* hair aMn. in iia»i iM..af «i,al
1'ial    a    -ll'  •   r.tlj."      Mi».     I.    11.    MITH.
,aial«a    H, 1
t »»"'<•
Thick Heir
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind - proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof-—
certainly the greatest leather
aver used in mitts and gloves,
Liko buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
Outwear three buckskins,
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sadden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand:—
Hestrsal    Wlsslssf    •>■*«•»■ ■
George Turner, the Canadian horse
thief suspoct, wag taken before Ju.'ge
McCoy at Aberdeen, S.D., on Tuesday
on habeas corpuB proceedings brought
by Iris attorney, who claimed that
Turner was being held witbout. tho
due process of the law. The judge
sustained the officers in retaining
Turner in custody. Turner was then
arrested in the justice court and held
for his appearance at the June terra
circuit, court, his bond being placed
at $1,^1)0, which he has not furnished.
The charge under which he is held
is merely a nominal one of carrying
concealed weapons. He may be extradited. Hand county officers failed to identify Tumor as the murder
suspect in the Todd and Johnson
Thos. Sabin, of Egllngton ,gaya: "I
have removed ton corns from my feet
with Holloway's Corn Cure." Reader,
go thou and do likewise.
Mrs. Matilda A. Pereau of Nashua
N.H., 85 years old, has fifteen children, sixty grandchildren and sixty-
eight grandchildren. Thirty of her
descendants voted for President
Roosevelt  on  November  S  last.
■hart's Uitaeit Cun DMiapw.
A Berlin dispatch to tine N'ew York
Times says: Col. Leutwein, the ex
governor of Gorman South Africa,
has just arrived at Hamburg, In an
interview he said: "I am accused of
too much leniency, and I cannot Bnd
this wrong. I was ilrnily convinced
that 1 could win the natives by mild
methods. At the same time had I
had 10,000 men instead of 400 it would
have been better." The colonel admitted that a general uprising of the
natives of  Africa  may  he  feared.
Charles    Yates,    of    Garden    Hill, A  telegram  has    been  received at
north of Port Hope, was    pinned   to Philadelphia announcing the death at
the ground  by  a  falling    tree,    and Hot  Springs,  Arlc,    of    Fayette    R.
held there for two hours, despite his Plumb, one of the largest    manufac-
wife's frantic  efforts to release him. turers of tools and hardware   in  the
He will prsbably recover. country.
of the Digestive end Excretory
Are Lastingly Beneficial — Removing the Cause off
Some persona have periodical atacks
of Canadian cholera, dysentery or
diarrhoea, and have to use great precautions to avoid the disease. Change
ot water, cooking and green fruit is
sure to bring on the attacks. To sucli
persons we would recommend Dd. J.
D, Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial as being the best medicine In the market
fer all summer complaints. If a few
limps are taken in water when the
symptoms are noticed no further trouble  will  be experienced.
Advices from Dallas, Texas, announce the death of John Ubnwelller,
aged 103. Mr. Uhnweiller. wbo was
accidentally burned to death, served
under Napoleon as a drummer hoy at
the battle of Waterloo.
Minard's Lioineit tares Garget ia Cm.
The daughter of a New York state
official died last week suddenly, a
few days before the time appointed
for her marriage. She was buried in
her bridal gown on her intended
wedding day. The bridesmaids acted
as pallbearers.
A Cure-fully Prepared rill.—Much
time and attention were expended In
the experimenting with the Ingredients that enter Into the composition of
Parmalae's Vegetable Pills before tliey
wire brought to the stato in which
they were lirst offered to the public.
Whatever othtr pills may be, Parma-
lee's Vegetable l'ills are the result of
much expert study, nnd all persons
Buffering from dyspepsia or disordered liver nnd kidneys may confidently
accept them as being what they are
represented to be.
Culture   Earsrnark
Willie (listening at the keyhole)—
Oee: 1 l>ct that i.-.au laikin' ifi there
comes  from  Boston.
Johnny—How do you know?
Willi*—He  says   "whilst."
The Cleveland Electric Railway
Co. will experiment in three-cent tares
for a distance of two miles from the
centre of the city on the lines of
that road, says a dispatch from Cleveland, O. The three-cent cars will ruu
only tho three-cent fare distance, the
regular five-cent fare cars going the
regular distance. The experiment is
th flrst of its kind in the country, and
is of special interest in street car
circles. No transfer will he given for
a three-cent fare. The dial is the
outcome of local agitation over the
settlement <>f tbe street car question
in that city, and is fur the purpose of
demonstrating the practicability ef a
three-cent  tare.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the Nta Principle
It le bettor than electricity, became
it does not near or produOO a new growth.
better than X im, because it don uut
Im:n, ecar or paralyze the tissues under
Uie skin. Bettor tban depilatories, be*
('■.use it ie not poisonous; therefore,
it will not cause blood poisoning, er
prnduco eczema, whioh is so coinmoa
wilh depilatories, and duel not break
"IV the haii, thereby increasing iti
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered yoo on the bare word of the
operate! 1 and manufacturers. DB
MIRACLE il not. lt is the only method
which ie indorsed by physicians, sur*
i*e,'tiH, dermatologist*! iiiulical jouroali
and prominent, n.agii/iuos.
DH MIRACLE will bo mailed to any
addrSSSi Sealed in   plain wrnpjier lor|l.
Vour money lnn-U without question If lt
fails to doall thut n claimed for it.
Our booklet— the most oomploto
treatise ou "Superfluous Hair ever pub-
lilhed—oont&inlng tiie testimonials of
uuiuerinis physlcisM and surgeons aud
those of hundreds oi others—will be
sent free, in plain, sealed envelope,
upon request. Write for it today to
QtJIM Stkkkt Wi* r, TOKONTO, ot
XSSmr 8IHP09N mr
The symptoms ot dyspepsia, biliousness, liver complaint, kidney disease and rheumatism point to the
presence of poisonous matter in the
The flrst thing Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llver Pills do is to thoroughly cleanse
the system Of this waste matter by
causing free action of the kidneys,
liver and bowels.
This result ls not brought about in
a harsh and Irritating way, but is naturally and thoroughly accomplished.
The flow of bile from the liver aids
digestion and ensures continued regular action of the bowels; the free action of the kidneys removes the uric
acid, which would otherwise cause
rheumatism or stone in the bladder.
Digestion, assimilation and the removing of waste matter are carried
out without palu or discomfort,   and
there is no foothold fer contagious or
other disease.
There is no other preparation possessing this unique and combined action, and none which can possibly
reach such complicated diseases as
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills.
Mr. Duncan McPherson, Content,
Alta., writes: "I was for many years
troubled with indigestion and headache, and derived no benefit from the
many remedies I used. A friend advised the use of Dr. Chase's Kldney-
Llver Pills, and after taking four
boxes the result ls that I am once
more in the full enjoyment of the
blessings of good health."
Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all dealers, or EdmanBon, Bates & Co., Toronto. The portrait and signature of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt
book author, are on every box.
We make a specialty ot low grade   wheat  Write us before shipping. We
will shew how we can serve you.
References:—Any  Bank  or  Commercial Agency.
I am the Oldest
Consign your grain to me and gtt prompt service, careful attention,
and highest market prices. c     CDIXTI/" DRAWER
Reference:  UNION BANK OFCANADA.   2>.   DrllNlV,      130o.
■rate * a* \*a totvgM t* trMk tr i*M m *m*t*tm. *\*m*om*M*
I train ma*. Tramsfm Return*. Or-rtsptadsatt toilette*. Refsreataf
Aatf %—— * Winnipeg.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
and  STATIONARY   for  CHOPP1NQ and
WOOD SAWING in stock at all Ume*.   We
can »hip at a day'* notice.
Write ns for Prices and Catalogue.
tarriige-C»per Co., UL, Winnipeg, Su.
Henry Avenue, Kut.
\A/    N    —t    No
The submarine tunnel connecting
Boston and ICast. Boston was opened
for public travel Thursday morning,
The tunnel is one of the loBRest still-
water tunnels in the world. Its total
length i« 1.4 miles, although only
L'.TOD feet is under water. It waa
constructed at a cost of $:*,noo,ono by
the City of Boston, which lias leased
ii for a term of 25 years, (latins from
1897, to the Boston Elevated Railway
company, whicb will use the tunnel
exclusively  for  the  passage    of    its
1 electric cars between Boston and
I East Boston. About four and a half
(yeara have been consumed in its con
jstruction. The tunnel is built entire
ly of concrete.
Because of the deuth of tils ii-year*
old son  Francis, frotu the effi 'ts of
gin drinking, .lohn Canity, a teamster
i of Hartford, Conn., bis benn   placed
j under  arrest.    The  hoy's  death   oc-
] curred in the Hartford nospital. The
I father Is said to have admitted to the
medical  examiner that  he had given
| tho child a quantity of gin, although
the boy had not asked for it.
Now Used for Purifying Flour
The New Process Makes Bread and Pastry Lighter, Sweeter,
Whiter and More Wholesome—Woraer of Canada Delighted.
^*^^at irt ElcctricityT
nobody knows, not even Cdinon.     •
What does it do?
everybody knowi.
It   runs street airs—telephones— automobiles,
fnrnlahw light- bent—power
—detect! and defeat! disease
—enables tbo  doctors   to   see   clear
through a man.
Pertormi all ports of wonders
— not lejwt of which is acting aa
Nature's Great Pu.ilior
because when the world's dust, dirt
and disease germs havo been taken up
by the air, and hanjj over tho earUi in
electricity shoots lightning through
tlie clouds
—daub !—boom !—rumble !
—down comes tbe rain, the atmosphere is purified and wo exclaim
— "bow nice nnd fresh tlie air ib since
that thunder storm!"
Electricity In tht Flour Mill.
Something like that but minus Uie
thunder and lightning,
• silently—swiftly—snrrly
electricity prrlonne ita miracle  in  the
"Itoyal Household" »IU—the only mill
in tbe Dominion of Canada wbere eleo-
Lrieity ii wwd for purifying purprwet.
Wliea .the grinders — separators —
aittf-i uir filtaert, harm frmrad cud re-
nr-Muul — rniri4eat   mmk   stpatrifltd   —m
flour aguin and again, all down through
the seven iloors of the big "Koyal House*
hold" mill until it il nearer perfection
than flour ever tnil bei electricity
" I can do more lhan lh il " and sending its mysterious charge "f
Electrified Air
through tlie flout, removes the last, least
trace of impurity   gives it new life and
greater energy    maket a Hour that is
pore enough,
Bwn't enough,
white • nongh,
to be worthy tho name and fame of
"Koyal Household"—the flour that ia
more delicious   """• healthful—mon
satisfying than any oilier Hour in tht
—the floor that makes the bread and
pastry used on the tables of Royalty—
the flour that thousand! of Canadian
women aro now using to make better
bread—better pastry than they ever
maile bcfoiu
Every day hundreds ol testimonials
aro comini? to tke Ogilvie Flour Mills
Co. Ltd., Montreal, tntm women who art
using Royal gs—llwM Flour, according to the "Hut- Ba—1***»V- " reclpet
and say thev arm delighted wttfc it
The recipe *- ** **** ■***• tor *•
tm Astn —
....    "flOTOFAX.-  * THK DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C JAKUAKY 27, 1005.
0. E. Smithkbimqai.r. Editor and Prop.
IV re m.isnr.n every fridat at
SLOCAN,      -      -       -        -      B. C.
Lejal Advertising 10 cente a line for
the first insertion and 5 cente a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will lie charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tht* Subscription is $2 per year, st/ict-
ly in advance; |2.o0aycar if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan,B. C
Instead of the Provincial Mining
Association it should road: the Provincial Abrogation of Kickers.
Tho Lo Roi mine, Rosslaud, is reported to be again paying handsome
monthly profits. If the stock jobber*
would leave that mine, alone for a
whilo, the mining industry would
havf» a chance to redeem itself.
Tho dominion government has decided to divide the Northwest Territories into two provinces, by a lino
running north from the international
boundary. Alberta and Assiniboia
will likely be the names given the new
provinces.  •
On February 4th nominations will
take place in Carlton county, Ont., to
fill a vacancy in the dominion house.
Hon. Mr. Borden will be the Conservative candidate and will not Ixi opposed, the Liberals being.uuxious to
welcome him again to the commons.
The dominion government has once
B?ain sat upon the provincial authorities, having disallowed the immigration act passed at the last legislature.
The educational test bore hardly on
the Japanese and the mikado would
not stand for it, hence disallowance.
A splendid record was made by the
Le Roi No. 2 mine, at Rossland, during last year, and Britishers, as a result, should feel a little more kindly
disposed towards tho province. Another dividend of two shillings a share
has lieen ordered paid to tho stockholders, making three shillings for
1904. After meeting the last dividend
and setting aside $60,000 for depreciation, the company has left a treasury
fund of $80,000.
According to the Calgary papers,
American lumbermen am influencing
their agents in the prairie towns to
circulate petitions.piaying tho dominion government not to impose a duty
ou American lumber. But, in justice
to British Columbia, a duty must lie
imposed on the American article. At
present the situation has a twofold effect: B.C. lumbering industry is languishing for lack-of a market and thc
prairie farmers suffer for want of an
outlet for their stock and produce.
Protection to lumber is in the best interests of the country.
When Johnnies all over the province
are rushing into the preaa to give
their little say as to how bad legislation is killing the mining industry;
and when short-sighted Liberal papers
are declaring that British Columbia is
being strangled to death by taxation,
;t is no wutider outsiders think so
h. iilly of the country. Portions of
the province are dull, as for instance
the Sloean, but British Columbia is
far from being dead. The mineral
Output last year was fully ten per cent
larger than in 190'), and dividends
were nunc numerous. The promise
for 190") is for bettor things than in
l'.Kil. What a happy thing it would
be if legislation could only strangle a
few of the croaking Johnnies.
Byron \. White, of the Sloean Star
mine, Sandon, told the assessment act
commission, at Victoria, that ho considered the two per cent tax on the
output of the mines as a fair and just
lawj and this week he reiterated the
statement in Nelson, stating that so
far ?s his company was concerned he
had no objection to make to the laws
of the province. These views from a
practical mining man, with an established repiitntioiulii not go down with
the "technical experts" of tho Provincial Mining Association, who would
have the provincial government repeal
the act as Iniquitous and unfair. Until a far better law is forthcoming,
views of men lik,. Byron White will'
undoubtedly prevail with the govern
ment and the two per cent tax be re
iaine 1.
Vancouver now claims a population
of 40,000.
For first-class bread go to J. H
Skating has been an unknown quantity this week.
Nelson school trustees want $40,000
for a new building.
Owners of dogs will have to pay
their city license this year.
Evangeline will be forbidden in ihe
local school after this term.
Wm. Thomlinson, New Denver, was
a visitor in town Wednesday.
R. A. Bradshaw is expected here
shortly from Toronto on a visit.
Born.—In Sandon, on the 20th, the
wife of Jas. McKinnon, of a son.
Greenwood last year made over
J2000 profit out of its waterworks.
Grant Cox is converting the Foley
building, Main street, into a stable.
Misses Winlaw and Boyd, of Winlaw, were visiting in town over Sunday.
The next sitting of the supreme
court will be held iu Nolson on Feb.
Ex-mayor McCandless has boen appointed collector of customs at Victoria.
Nelson's Progressive council has
effected a saving of $2340 a year iu
Walter Clough is happy. It's a boy,
the happy event taking place at Orillia, Ont.
A determined effort is being made
to settle the coal miners' strike at
Rossland senior hockevists were defeated at Nelsou, Thursday,by a score
of 10 to 2.
Mrs. G. Garrett returned Wednesday evening from a two weeks' visit to
New Denver.
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at this office.
Fred Carlisle got back on Tuesday
from a ten day trip into the Crow's
Nest country.
A great deal of rain has fallen during the week, causing tho snow to disappear rapidly.
Owing to the heavy thaw the curling bonspiel at Nelson this week had
to Ixi postponed.
School Inspector Wilson officially
visited the local institution on Thursday and Friday.
For Sale.—A full set of Dickens'
novels, comprising IB volumes. Ap
ply at this office.
Slocan sent a delegation to Nelson
to take in the production of Eriliinie,
Wednesday night.
Passenger service between Spokane
and Phoenix.over tho Great Northern,
commences on Feb. 1.
The Nelson Tribune has installed a
Mergenthaler type machine, making a
decided improvement in that paper.
Supt. Bullock-Webster of the provincial police passed through to Silverton, .Tuesday, on official   business.
Another wholesale flogging occurred
at the school Tuesday, the girls catch
ing it.    Discipline is the order of the
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor and
collector, Kaslo,was here on Saturday
gathering up delinquent taxes for last
A fierce game of hockey was played
at New Denver Friday night, the married men putting it all over the single
W.E.Boie and wife left on Tuesday,
to tako up their home in Boise, Idaho.
Their departure i.s sincerely regretted
by tho townspeople.
Howard Thompson and Miss Chisholm   wero   married  in   Kaslo last
week, by Rev.Father Jeannutte. They
have gono (o California on their wedding trip.
Shatford Bros, have mado their
second payment of $f>().000 mi their
piuvliase of the big Ellis ranch, in the
Oknnagan.   Two townsites are to be
laid uut on the property.
According to the Winnipeg Commercial, A. York i*c Son, formerly of
this place, have sold out their wholesale produce business in Edmonton
and have entered into that of undertaking,
Still another bfakle has boon killed
in the Boundary. Wm. Reeves, employed on the Great Northern, fell between the cars of a train at Grand
Forks, subsequently dying of the injuries received.
After 14 years'service as postmaster
at Ainsworth and Kaslo, S. II. Green
has been relieved Of his duties in favor
of D. P. Kane. Politics was the cause,
Sum having to suffer for being a brother of Bob Green.
The Drill will print you. on short
notice and iii any amount, shipping
tags.billheads, statements,letterheads.
noteheods, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price,
l»i\ l.l.n.l bjr l.e Itni No. 3,
The report of the Le Hoi No. 2, nt
Rossland, for thn yeai ended Sept. 80,
1901, shows a balance to the credit of
th" profit and loss account of £25,819,
which, with £51,47] bro ight forward
from last year, givtM a turn of i,'il,2'J(J
available for distribution. A dividend
for the vear 1903 of ls per share was
paidon'Feb. 13 and an interim dividend for 1904 of lsper share was paid
on June 9. The sum of £9547 has
been written off against mine development account, and £2933 as depreciation on buildings, plant, etc. The
directors recommended a final distribution for 1904 of 2s per sharejeaving
£16.000 to be carried forward.
X* ********** *-1
Ulg Strike in B I.tirtleiaii Mine.
Advices from Trout Lake state that
a big strike of clean galena has been
made iu the No. 3 level of the Nettie
L mine. It consists of five feet of
high grade galena, and requires no
sorting. Of late several bodies of
clean ore have been met with, though
as a general thing the lodge carries a
rich concentrating oro.
The Queen's
E. C. CLARKE, rilOri'.lETOR
First-class Pining Room
I.arye nnil Comfortable  Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
I Nelson, B. C.
******* ********* *■■*-!
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered nt the local registry ofliee, H. P. Christie being mininy
Til A NSK H118.
Jan 20— Aston, Alton No. 2, Brentwood, Reekie, Lady Franklin. Crazy
,lnne, Jim nnd Jack, agreement .between
Oscar White and Tom on ton,re sharing
legal expenses in acquiring interest of
Inte (iill Finkle.
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hereby given that tho nnmial sitting of tho Court of Revision, for tho purpose of hearing all complaints against the assessment for tho year 1903, as made by the Assessor of the City of Sloean, B, ('., will beheld
in the Council Hall, iu tho said City of Slocan,
on Monday, the 20th day of February, A.D.1905,
at the hour of ten o'clock a.m.
Dated at Slocau, B.C., this 10th day of January, 11105.
H. D. CURTIS. Assessor
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby eiven thnt thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds at Works.
nt Victoria, for ti special license to cut
and carry nway timber from the following described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on the south side of Evans
creek, about *1U chains from Slocan lake,
and marked "M. A F. Lidgate N, IS. corner post," running south 80 chains;
(hence west80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thenco east SOchuins, to point of
of commencement.
Hated Dec, 26th, 10P4-
• •• 1 XlEtee
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Boat meals given in the town
ll.tTF.S-S3 per allay ; with
Kuuipla* room., $.'4 Ml. Special rate* to ideally lioarder*
Arthur Street, Slocan j
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
No   Home
so Humble
that it need
be without
The Berliner Gram-o-phone
$i.oc brings you one. We make it easy for you to
own a Gram-o-phone. Even an ordinary piano or organ
costs a let ol money—there are lessons to pay for and
weary hours of practice—and then a piano ia only a piano.
The" Berliner Gram-o-phone" gives you more than
2000 selections to choose from.—" A child can operate it."
You enn pl»y it in five minutes. Tlie \vr>'k of tlie inojt famous InilriltnenUl.
1st. the voices of the Rramlest vocn'.i-ti nre |iroiluccil for vuu. It sings uud
talks anil every note and tone is Irue to li le. Vo1.' have in vour home an
instrument that is, at yonr pleasure, tltllcr «n orehestru or a flute- a singer
of comic coiiRS or a speech mater—a!l nl |irlcei uot one-lwetltletll the cost of
an ordinary piano and ou terms so easy tli.it iinyune can afford it.
Prices of Gram-o-phonei C,1/\  ffj_   *Q__*m_
complete witU 3 Records «+»**~/   W   *-PmmV3
Guaranteed for five yearn   "it is made In Canada."
Sold   on  easy monthly payir.enln  if  desired.     Write
for particulars. Catalogue and list of Records.
Agent tviil exchange your old Berliner Cmm-o-plione Records
FREE when you buy I-jv Uttt Records for each cue you return for
exchange,' for instance, you return too Records ; receive six : /my
for four. uANuracTuaio by
J. A. ANDERSON, Local Agent
A Residence for Sale
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
I) ATI'S: Regular luhgeriben,$1 per month
V _ or$10 a year: uon-subacribem (exclajdve Of
medical attendance) *£ per day, Prl rata word,
$1 per day extra, Special facilities tor maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For   terms   apply   to
$3.50 k
Ri'lMlla*    !l     fllll    tut Of
kens'    novel*.   15   vole
li bound, U'tfiiilu print.
will piirclifiafen email hate-
Iturner conl stove. Ia ap
goiil as new.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
The Drill Office
Certificate of Improvements Certificate of improvements.
i.vciiIiir Star No. 9 Fraction.
Situnte in the Slocan City Minin'Division of West Kootenny Ilistrict.
Where located:—About* 2ji mllei
in a north easterly direction Iroin
Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICK that I,tlioundor.-ijiied
(F.M.C. No. B77412) and as nn nge lit for
David Saulter, free miner'i "certificate No. B78G78, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of Improvement.**, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Urant of the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
liefore the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 22nd dav of December.1904.
*■*. I
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting-
case watch (No. 12617)
sells for $40.00.
In a •.•vycjir Bold-filled ease
(No. 13618) the. B«nie tixt'd-
la'nt "Kyric" movement itlls
for $jj.oo.
A lady's solid gold
watch (No. 12576)with
guaranteed "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
In a s.-venr gold-filled cane
(No. laaao) it coat* only
$17.1x1.    Send fnr catalogue.
Bllgo Mini-nil Claim.
Situate iii the Slocan City Mining Divi
sion of the West Kootenay District.
Where located: •Adjoining the Cameronian mineral claim.
Tako notice that I, M. I.. Grimmett,
acting for myself, free miner's certificate
No. 1177( ;.'K; and as agent for Duncan
Cameron, free miner's certificate No,
B77630; Angus Cumoron, free miner'i
certilicate No BWlll; William Davies.
free miner's certificate No. B84620; B,
McDowell, free miner's certificate No.
B82840; G, A. Love, free miner's certiflcate No. B66187; and 11   A. Bradshaw,
free 111 uia> r's cert. Ilea to No.B77428,int*nd,
sixty days from the date hereof, to Ippl)
to tha Mining Recoider for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of ob*
tuining a crown grant fur the ahov»
. And further take notice that action,
under section .17, mint ho commenced
hefore the ifsuanco  nf lueh Certificate ol
Dated this 1st dav of   Novemher, 100-1
0*12*(M M. I.. GRIMMF.TT
J. A. Anderson
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
fmXm*fm\ •'■W5 •'<*»>, 'V5 ^ V **<-?* ^ex?* ^-^ P_
k Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid
the printer
to nil
tent ninl   Hli-
oral ii'lvi'tti-.-
ers: it is read
by everyone.
At All
P*_r\ •
V _a_ V V V 58 V __ V V • V V V V V V V V "V V V
««**«* 1V n\J_ mV WV a". _*_ • _*_ _*_ «"« _*a _*m _*_ _\ _*_ _*M _*M _•_
Subscribe for
local paper:
ft THE DRILL,   $2 per year jg


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