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The Slocan Drill 1901-10-04

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VOL. IL, No. 27.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   4,   1901.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Johnny, Get Your Gun
Double-Barrel Shot duns,
Savage Rifles,
aa Repeating Winchesters,
Revolvers, of all Calibres,
and a full stock of all kinds
of Ammunition and Sportsmen's Supplies.
Carload of best Blacksmith Coal just received.
Hardware Merchants.
A few seasonable lines of Ladies' Goods, which we
have marked at prices that will soon clear them
out.   Tliey are splendid values.
Costumes, - • $8 to $13
$1.25,1.75, 2.35, 3.50, 3.75
$3.50, 3.75, 3.75, 4.50
$1 to $4
- - $1 to $3.50
$1.50 to $3
Here is a snap. We have some Silks and they are now marked
at very low prices. For the balance of September you can have
them at 25 per cent discount for cash.
Outside Shirts,
Under Skirts,
Night Gowns
Child's Dresses
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Arlingtoxi •
Offers up-to-date accoaimodation for the
Public     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHINQ <& HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan,
Slocan, B. C, is under the
MM and Praia. laiaiwit of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
 who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Royal Bank at Nelssosi Msislo the Bankers
of the (Ity Another Petition for 8I1U-
walk—Hove Made to Lessen Cost of
Police Department.
City Council met in regular session
on Mondav evening, Aid. Woodcock,
Worden, Smith, Nichol and Bradshaw being present. Aid. Woodcock
occupied tlie chair in the absence of
Mayor York on the coast.
A letter was received and rond
from thc Royal Bank at Nelson.deal-
ing with civic finances. On motion
It was agreed to make the Royal
Bank the bankers for the city, All
cheques issued thereon to be signed
by tho mayor and treasurer.
Another letter was received from
J. Mcli. Smith, of the treasury department, Victoria, relative to the
further rebate due the city for liquor
licenses. A cheque for fCOO was enclosed. Letter ordered acknowledged and fyled.
D. McLeod wrote from Fernie.and
Geo. Motosowa, from Sindon, relative to brick chimneys ordered put
in their premises on Delaney avenue.
The former wished the city every
success in its career of progress end
prosperity. The clerk was instructed
to examine the chimneys on both
buildings and the letters were *'vlcd.
M. Bray, receiver of the city of
Wellington, which was recently disincorporated, wrote quoting prices w
tire apparatus for sale by that burg.
Aid. Bradshaw said the city should
take some steps towards getting an
engine and hose and the offer made
was a good one, An inspector of insurance was recently in and stated,
that if the city would put in even ••
limited system of waterworks for
lighting lire, it would mean a reduction of 2 per cent iu the insurance.
This* was a big thing to be consider
Letter laid over and the clerk ordered to write for a detailed state
ment of price and terms of the lire
apparatus offered for sale, and the
condition of the same.
The special committee on water
works appointed at last meeting reported in favor of the extension ofthe
Brandon sys'ein to the corner of Slo
can street, as nskod for, the agreement to be valid for two years, or
until such times as an adequate system has been installed by the city.
Considerable discussion ensued on the
subject, the idea expressed by a portion of thc council being, that there
was a nigger in thc fence somewhere.
On motion of Aid. Smith and Worden
the report and action thereon was
laid over for one week.
Finance committee reported favorably on P, Swan's account for tire
ball supplies.   Bill ordered paid.
W. H. Ferguson and others petitioned to havo the sidewalk on the
west side of Main street, fronting the
new Union hall, repaired at once.
Ordered referred to the committee on
sidewalks, to report at next meeting.
Fina ice committee asked for a
week's additional timo to report on
the grade of streets hnd cost of sidewalk to the hospital.
, A bill of 75c, for P.O. box rent, was
presented and referred to finance
Under general business, Aid.Bradshaw brought up the question ofthe
police magistrateship. lie would
like to sec instructions given tbe city
clerk to write the provincial secretary and ascertain if any recommendation had been mado by the local
member on the subject. If not, when
was the appointment likely to be
mado. Nothing had been heard of
tt since the council's net inn thereon
quite four mouths ago and it was
time something was being dono. The
clerk was instructed to write in accordance with the above, giving date
of passing previous resolution of recommendation, on motion of Aid.
Bradshaw and Nichol.
Aid. Bradshaw also wished to have
the clerk write the finance department at Victoria, asking permission
to have the city receive unpaid tuxes
for 1901, so' that additional rebate
may come tho more quickly to tho
corporation. This was mado into a
motion, secortded by Aid. Worden,
and carried.
Thc clerk presented a list of sup
plies required in his department.
Aid. Smith and Worden were cm-
powered to purchase the supplies.
Instructions were given the clerk
to get tenders for 500 assessment
notices and report at next meeting.
Aid. Bradshaw thought the city
wus paying too much for. police pro
tectlon. He would liko to seo the
civic offices combined and so. get
more money for building sidewalks'.
Thc police department was unproductive and was costing much money
to operate.
An acrimonious talk ensued, resulting in the matter being referred
to the pollco commissioners, on mo
Kind er Looks Suspicious.
Saturday evening Supt. DuBois of
the Arlington met with a big surprise. He was invited to partake of
a big spread at the mine by the official staff—Messrs. Harrington, Cole
man and Burchall—there also being
present Geo. Henderson, T. McNeish,
tion of Aid. Bradshaw and Nichol,
with a recommendation for them to
see if the city could not be policed at
a less cost thin at present.
Council then adjourned.
Promising Section.
One ofthe most promising sections
of the country—that lying to the head
ofthe first north fork of Lemon creek
—will see some life during the winter. Three properties at least will be
worked, the Hoodoo, Fourth of July
and Duplex, while further down tlie
Rose and Legal will continue development for some time vet. Indications are that something tangible will
also eventuate at the Chapleau and
Kilo. That particular section is
studded with claims of more than or
di nary promise. By values of gold
are obtained on all the leads, in addition to the ordinary values in silver. There are' some mighty iron-
cap propositions in that camp, which
can-be turned into dividend-payers.
Thc creek has been somewhat neg
lected by capitalists, but tho properties will win out on their merits. The
work to be prosecuted this winter
will havo a beneficial effect.
has an excellent showing of ore, of
which a small quantity bas been
shipped, giving paying returns. The
lessees are convinced that they will
make more than wages during the
_ 1	
Inspected tbe Black Prince.
John Harris, of Spokane, and C,
Donahue, of Now Richmond, Wis.,
arrived in on Saturday, and went up
to make a careful examination of the
Black Prince. Monday thoy went
on up to Four Mile nnd inspected the
Fisher Maiden. Their trip into the
country was with the view to investing considerable money in a dry ore
proposition. Mr. Djnahuc was in the
Slocan -in the early days and later on
spent three years in ths Klondike.
After an experience which cost him
several thousand dollars, Mr. Donahue came to tho conclusion that the
Klondike was afflicted with the
worst set of official rascals that ever
cursed any country.
A Lulsor Address.
Monday evening a large meeting
of citizens was held in the Miners'
Union hall, having been called up in
a hurry, to listen to an address on
Labor topics by W. J. Walker, ot the
Freemen's Journal, Spokane. Mr.
Walker spoke for two hours, dealing
with the situation In- the Coeur
d'Alencs, Northport, and Rossland,
and describing the struggles of Labor
to maintain their organizations. He
gave  much  encouragement   to the
~" De Canadaw Man. %
Wen Royalty's comin' on Canadaw,
We're mak' na de Iteet* hooray,
We're wavin' dat flag ns nevair you saw
An' de nis-e musiqiio, she is play;
For son of de Keenc—he is vensit wit h'us
An' we treat heem do well we can,
An' feller wat don' be mnkin' beeg fuss
Ditt'a not de Canadaw man.
De KsBenfr, beeg Bay to le Dauphin, too:
"You're goin'on nn gr^ndo tour,
Go plitintre dc place I am tole to yon
An'seein' whole lot for sure;
Butwnn yon am travel on no matter w'ere
An' kip to de govrement plan,
You don' fin' no feller dat's treatin' you square
So mooch as dat Canadaw man.
"I'm pass on hees conlroe—dat's long Urn ago—
lint I'm nevair forgpttiu' how,
For Madame, ma mudder, she's tellin' me so
Do way I am tole yon now;
An', I'm tinkin' wil' Injun hees dere whole lot,
For leev on de whole de Ian', [Scot—
But dere's Frenchman, an' llsiiiglisli, H'irish, an'
Dat's inakin' de Canadaw man.
"An" raos' dat feller hees all agree,
Eef onlv you gecv heem chance,
But wit' Breetiah, eet's always 'D* Ol' Contree'
An' wit' Frenchman, eet's 'La Belle France;'
An' dat's fonnies' ting you nre comin' across,
Eet's bettaire you iinderstan',
He'es always do Anglish an' Frenchman, Ba gos'!
All de same, he's de Canadaw man."
So, le Due he ees comin' on Canadaw,
An' we're cheerin' whole lot encore,
I'm certaine our troat, she is all got raw,'
Eef wo geev leetle "Veev" some more;
But cet't not evrce day dat du Royalty's met,
So we'r3 doin' de hes' we can,
An' s'pose anybody is run out of breat'—
Dat's not de Canadaw man.
Last Tear's Shipments Were 8847 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of the Mfe and
Wealth of the Camp-Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
The heaviest shipments in tho history of the camp is the record for the
present week, 230 tons being sent out
in all. Of this iho Enterprise shipped
20 tons and tho Arlington the balance. Corrected smelter weights on
the latter's exports and inclusive of
present week's figures raise the total
tonnage from the leading mine te
3123 tons, From, all properties tho
total exports for the year are 4184
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list oi the shipments this year to
Arlington    210 342»
Enterprise      20 480
Two Friends  40
Black Prince _.. 128
Bondholder „ 23
Chapleau  lf>
Speculator  1§
Phoenix  23
VsStM  20
Esmeralda  t
Hampton  ii
Fourth of July  7
Tamarac  {»
230 4184
Fresh snow lies deep on the higher
The Arlington has 120 men on the
More men are boing added to tha
force at the Enterprise.
Additional supplies wero sent up to
the Bondholder on Friday.
The machinery at the Enterprise
concentrator has been set up and is
all ready for operation.
•Angus McLean returned from Spokane on Tuesday. He anticipates an
early resumption of work on the Iron
The Enterprise will instal 12 baby
drills on the various levelsand break
down n large amount of ore during
the winter.
W.Pellcw-Harvev, the well known
mining engineer, recently made au
examination of some Twelve Mile
M. R.Mowatand J. McKcnzic have
taken a lease on the Sweet Grass
claim, adjoining the Capolla group,
New Denver.
Nearly all tlie supplies and tools
left in tlio Bondholder cabins four
years ago, when work ceased on the
Ten Mile slope, have disappeared.
Eyen one of the ore cars vanished.
R."T. Asdersd**j.
Lemon Creek. B.C.
H. D. Curtis, D. A. Ross, from town;
and E. M. Sandilands, Sandon. After
the feast of good things, Mr. DuBois
was presented by the staff with a
handsome onyx clock, with bronze
trimmings; a pair of bronze candelabra, and a beautiful vase. A suitable reply was made by the recipient
Those presents kind er look suspicious, especially when coupled with
the fact that a fine residence has
been built at the mine, nnd that the
superintendent has taken a month's
Opening l'p  Another Vein.
The Enterprise company has decided upon opening up the big vein
on that property, which'par.illels the
small vein on the west. Two drifts
have been started on the lead just
below tho No. 3 workings and sue
cess is being met with. The vein is
easily 12 feet wide and is more of a
concentrating proposition, fair values
being obtained on tho surface. It
can bo traced almost from tho Iron
Ilorsc up on to the Ohio on the summit, but no work has ever been done
to prove its merit, Mining men predict big things of tho vein.
workingmen and predicted ultimate
victory in the existing struggles.
His remarks were loudly applauded.
Itepubllo Road.
Several bids were received for tho
building of tlio Republic road and
they havo been sent to the head of
thc company at Detroit, for tho contract to bo awarded. R. C. Campbell Johnston, the engineer of the
company, expects work to begin on
it next week. It will tako a month
to construct the road, and it is not
likely much work will bo dono on
the property till lt is finished. New
cabhiBare to be erected and a big
force of men employed. The company aims to make heavy and con
tinuous shipments of oro.
and 2nd n f Lemon,
V Purviance.
Lease on IHuplex.
On Monday Jack Beauchesuo signed over the Duplex, on the first north
fork of Lemon creek, to Jas, Cross
and J. Nathan on a winter's lease.
The lessees undertake to put up a
cniiip and build a trail to connect:
with tbat at the Kilo.   The Duplex
MysticISrssssp Improving.
The Tattersall boys have concluded their work on the Myrtle group,
to the head of Twelve Mile creek.
They have run a number of open
cuts'tracing up tho vein and have
sunk one shaft, Gx7 feet. It Is 15 feet
in depth and has made a big im-
frovenient in general appearances,
t is in ore all the way, giving values of 100 oz silver. Tlie vein on tlio
Myrtle is SO feet in width, making it
one of the biggest things in tho entire camp.
Miss Chisholm, matron of th1! Sandon I'nion hospital, passed through
.Wednesday froiU a pleasant trip to
the BulTitlo fair.
Appended ia a complete list of th» various recorda registered at tlie local registry ollice, Ii. P. Christie being mining
Sept 23—Kootenay Belle.I.emon creek
D C Kobertaon.
Crisis, divide 1st
F Purviance.
Mikado, same, J
Canyon, near Lemon creek, I Loug-
Alabama, same, N E Holmgren.
*>uiiBct, Lemon creek, I Lougheed.
Jack, same, aame.
Alameda, Ten Mile, R I Kirkwood.
Uie fr, Kobinson creok, V Swan.
21—Dexter, lust s f Lemon, 1) Sloan.
Baby Friend, 2nd n f Lemon, L) Sloan.
Sharpsville, aame, J A Foley.
25—Ogomo,divide Springer and Robinson creekB, W Thomlinson.
27—Erl King, n f Springer creek, R A
Amos fraction. Springer creek, Jas E
28—Key of Erin fr, on Kriu mountiiin,
D Saultcr und 1> Graham.
Fallen Leaf, Lsnnon creek, I) llanlon.
Toulon, aame, same.
Sunny Chief, Orchard croek, aame.
Cartoon, Lemon creek, J P Driscoll.
Sept 23—Fountain, White Pine, Lake
YIsmv, McKinnon.
24—Lady Franklin, Crazy Jane.
28—Star of India, Mount de Murs.
Sopt 23—Champion nnd Sapphire, W
E 1-oe to Marie E Dempster, agreement
to bond.
Monument No 2 fraction, VV B George
to 3 Diilium 1 and Louise Sinkan.
25— Mayotn %, W  Kerr to F Carlisle.
Prosperous, R Cooper  to I) II Gibson.
2fi-Littlo Jim fr %, \V V DuBois to J>1
W Coleman.
ciiRiiKiCATE or i.\ir;iovi!MEsr«.
Sopt 23 -Sunlight fraction.
*%   i
■ i* f
' y.
*»•' HtF**-****
•Sri.*.." rt.'lls'*    .'!'
ihii ■
C   ,*,  I
1 Mary I
] Hamilton's |
[Romance    §
By John Strange Winter
Copyright 1899 by ihe Author.
Sbe felt that the rink waa immense
She wondered what Edward Conway
was doing in that part of Cornwall Sbe
had never beard him speak of having
been in Cornwall, she had never heard
/ of his having any connection with any
one in Cornwall or with Cornish people,
and then she reminded herself, half bitterly, that she had known very little of
him at all But what was he doing here
in St Agnes? It was no use shirking
the situation She must dare and risk
all at this juncture Nothing would be
gained by cowardice And. after all. he
could never force her to go back to him
He could only at the very worst expose
tier, and in her case exposure would
mean the world's pity, never ita scorn
She drew her breath sharp between
her teeth, took her handkerchief off the
dressing table and turned and went out
of tbe room and dowu the stairs. Alan
Stacey following And in the best par
lor their breakfast was laid, and in two
minutes the delicate fried fish and gold
eu fresh eggs, were brought in.
"Fish or eggs and bacon, sweetheart T suiid Stacey as- the apple cheeked maid lifted the covers of the two
■•KggH uml Iiiicod tbank von, Alan,'
rh' "eis'-ed
She had never in her life felt less like
eating, but it would not do to arouse
suspicion by refusing to try to do so.
She poured out the coffee and listened
with a smile that was not very real
while Alan told her of his farewell to
the old boatman.
At last he stretched out his bund to
her across the table.
"Sweetheart," he said, "yon are
quite sad at going away Would you
rather stay here?"
She answered bim all in a hurry
"Ob, no, Alan; no, no. 1 am all packed
and ready. Don't suggest such a thing
What should make you give me such a
Lot's wife character us tbat ? I much
prefer to be going away We have been
here quite loug enough It is a dear little place, and you know I always want
to stay in a new place forever; it is one
of my characteristics), hnt 1 think I get
tired of tbem. I think I use them up. 1
don't believe I shall vant to come to
St Agnes again."
"Not even to have the cottage?'
"No," trying hard to repress a shudder; "na not even to have the cottage.
Alan. After all. I think yon are right
There is no place like London We will
stay at home a few days before we go
on.   What do you think?"
"Just as you please I don't see why
we ehonldn't"
"Nor I, "said she, for the thought
bad come to her that, if Edward Conway was hunting her down, tbere is no
place in tbe world where yon can keep
yourself hidden so easily as in London
Nor would it be easy to find her, for
she had not a single friend or acquaintance Wbo had known her at the time
of Captain Conway's supposed death
At the time of her second marriage she
wonld have written to Mr. Lawson, to
whom she had only a few weeks before
repaid tbe last installment of the £100.
■t what pinching effort she alone knew,
bnt he had just died, and with the other officials.of tbe Red River line she
had no acquaintance So long as sbe
did oot walk abroad there was but very
little chance of ber stumbling against
her pursuer. Here, on the contrary, it
was almost impossible to keep out of
tbe way of any one whom you did not
want to sea Presently she would bave
to drive three miles to the station, not.
mercifully, along the road to Roathlyn,
bnt in tbe opposite direction. Still, it
was possible that he might have
changed his mind, and in any case sbe
would not feel absolutely secure until
she was out of the neighborhood, until
she was out of this desolation of woods
and fields and Into the safe shelter of
the great city.
For one wild moment she wished
with all ber heart she had told Alan
when the news of Edward Conway's
rescue first reached ber. But now that
she had come face to face with the terrible and awful tragedy which would
end. God alone knew how, the did not
dare to speak. As she sot there, trying
to force the egg and the delicate strips
of bacon bit by bit down ber throat.
sbe recalled the very first time that she
had ever seen him—how he had refused
with absolute scorn to inquire into ber
character, how he bad told her that
honesty was the dominant note of her
life; that sbe had many times given
herself away by being too honest, by
not being able to tell, at tbe right moment, the harmless, necessary lie.
And if I tell tbe truth I must needs
confess that she was at this juncture
afraid to tell him—afraid to own tbat
abe had shared his life and love while
tbe barrier of a great secret lay between them. She told ^erself tbat it
wonld have been so easy to carry the
news straight to him then that day
when ber horrified eyes bad first fallen
npon that announcement in tbe papers
which was beaded, "Survivors of the
Arikhama" It was not easy then;
now it was almost impossible. She felt
that she could not face the look of surprise In his eyes; she felt tbat if everything came out, and he ahould ask
her to stay wltb bim, he could no
longer ask It as a favor. So more and
more she realized tbe Deed of keeping
It all a dead secret, of hiding from Edward Conway as long as she could and
of trusting to blind chance and Providence to free her-—to free her this time
beyond all shadow of doubt.
There were still totue trivial arrange*
ments for Alan to make when they had
finished breakfast, gratuities to be given, one or two little bills to be paid
and the landlord's account to be settled
in full. Sbe could hear him in the little
room across the passage explaining to
mine host tbat he had no donbt as to
the honesty of the bill—it was no use
bis going over tbe items, that he had
not tbe least idea how many whiskies
and sodas be had bad. and tlmt if he
bad no objection he wonld prefer tn set
tie tbe account without uuy further ar
guments. Then she heard the luudlcrd
protest that he wanted tbem to come
back again, and therefore he was par
ticularly anxious that Mr. Stacey should
go thoroughly into the bill, so thut if
there was anything to which he objected he might meet him at once
"My friend." said Alan, "you will
never make yonr fortune Here you
have entertained ns to the best of your
ability You bave satisfied both my
wife and myself, and we are extremely
obliged to you for all tbe trouble and
pains that yon have been at to give ns
a good time. 1 am quite satisfied tbat
the bill is all right and that there is not
a singlo item in it to which any reasonable man could raise any objection."
Then abe beard the chink of money
and. from the silence tbat followed,
guesaed that.the landlord was employed
in the eerions busim****- of receipting tbe
bill She wondered how many more hotel bills would be made out. paid and
receipted for their sojourn together
She wondered if Edward Conwuy found
her, and ahe decided to stay with Alan
—if Alan did not wish her to go away
Sbe wondered what people in London
would say; how they would take it
Sbe supposed that in tbat case Edward
Conway wonld make it tbe business of
his life to follow them round and ex
•slain to everv one the exact position ia
which they were placed. Would it be
better to tell everybody? Would the
story get into tbe papers? Would it be
blazoned from one end of tbe world to
the other that Alan Stacey's wife bad a
story as romantic as any of the thrilling pages which bad come from his pen ?
She bethought ber, in her distress
and anxiety, of a silly game called
"consequences," a game in which the
last clause is, "And the world said.'
Wbat would -the world say to them—to
ber? Sbe did not know; she did not
dare to think. Only she. felt resolved
tbat so long as she conld keep the secret
she wonld do so.
"And you will come back again,
sir?" she heard tbe boni face say.
"Yes, I expect we shall come back
again the next time I have got a spell
of hard work on and want to get out of
London. It is difficult to work in London," she heard Alan answer; "it is
difficult to keep free of interruptions
and so on. We bave enjoyed ourselves
very mnch, I can assure you."
Then she heard a heavy footfall entering the house. Her anxious, strained
ears told her whose steps they were.
Tbey passed her door to the sanded bar,
and then sbe heard Edward Conway's
voice saying: "You have a lady here
that is passing under tbe name of Stacey. Which is her room ?"
Then there was a rush across the
passage, and Alan Stacey burst into the
room and caught her in his amis.
','My poor child." he said, "I have
been dreading this for weeks and weeks.
The blow has fallen at last"
And by some instinct Mary knew not
only tbat he had known the truth all
along, but that be bad been the first of
the two to hear it
There was only time for a hurried
whieper between thent
"You won't. desert me—you won't
give me ever to bim ?   sbe gasped.
"Never," he answered; "never
while I live I"
Then tbe door was'pushed hurriedly
open, and Edward Conway's blunt features and burly figure appeared before
It was apparent to the meanest observation tbat tbe man was beside himself with passion. He stood jnst within
the doorway, bis hands thrust deep
down into his trousers pockets, eying
first one and then the other with bis
flinty eyes, and npon bis lips was a terrible sneer.
"Well, Mrs. Conway," he began at
last, "have yon no sort of welcome for
me, yonr long lost husband, given np
for lost years since, your little more
than bridegroom ? Still silent ? Have
you nothing to say?"
Her lips moved, bnt no sound came
from between them.
"Still silent? No fond word of greeting? Too much astonished, eb? Yon
made sure I was dead and gone, didn't
you ? But Edward Conway is not got
rid of so easily as tbat I Don't you think
it! Edward Conway has been under for
a good long time, and Edward Conway
has got up again, and he bas come back
again to his happy borne and his loving
little wife tbat be left behind him."
"Yon shall never come back to met I
wonld never have lived with you again I
Yon knew iti'
"Oh. you'ro thinking still of a bit of
a tiff I What's that between husband
and wife? Have you never tiffed \**''.!i
this Johnny that yon took np with as
soon as I was gone?"
"This lady is my wife, sir." pnt in
Alan Stacey, with dignity.
"Your what?"
"My wife, sirl Yonr turning ap
again most inopportunely may annul
our marriage, bnt no slur will rest upon
this lady. Tbere Is nobody wbo knows
here that will not pity ber, and pity
ber doubly, first, for baviug been married to yon at all; secondly, for having
been the victim nf a terrible chain of
circumstances. This lady did not take
up with ma She married me with all
due formality and blessingof thechurch.
Until you have le-j.".! proof tbat our
marriage be no marriage she Is my
"She is coming back with me," said
Edward Conway, shutting bis teeth
hard and snapping the Words out as if
his lips were rattrups
"She is never going with yon. Sbe
will never have anything to do with you
again—never She would never have
lived with you again under any circumstances You took udvantago of
her You bought her with a price You
ill used her I am ashamed to say it,
but you struck her—your little more
than bride And you can usk her when
she hus tasted tho sweets of a real marriage, when she hus known what it Ib to
live with a man who would thrust his
band into the fire rather than raise it
against a woman—you can ask her to go
back to the slavery and degradation of
life with you? Think, my good sir. ia ft
"I don't  know whether it's likely,'
said Edward Conwuy   "1  know what
the law is, and 1 mean to have it."
"1 will never go back to him. never I'
Mary flashed out
"As for you. you jack a dandy,'
Edwurd Conway went on. taking no notice of herinterruptien, "I didn't know
you this morning when I saw yon standing talking at the old man's door 1
asked you if you knew some people here
who were passing under the name of
Stacey, and you asked me wbat the man
was like and what be did for a living.
I told you tbat be scribbled novels and
tbat 1 did not know wbat his appearance was, and you told me that yen had
never met him."
"I never did," said Stacey. with deliberate insolence
"Yon told-me that yon did not know
anything about bim. and yon sent me—
von sent me—yen sent me to Roathlyn I
Yon told me tbat tbere was somebody
—an artist or a scribbling chaj\ or
somebody—who lived by his wits and
who had a pretty woman with bim
staying at Roathlyn Yon thought yon
bad got rid of me. eh? But yon were
beaten for once in your life. Yon live
by yonr wits, do yon? Eh? And other
people have wits, ii they don't live by
'em! I went down the street, after we
parted at the door here, and I asked an
Ossd rrandfutber. wbo looked a cheery
old soul and likely to know tbe neighborhood—1 asked bim if be knew any
people of the name of Stacey. He put
me on the right track. 'Why,' aaid he,
'that's the gentleman wbo Is living at
the Powys Arms—bim I've heard tell
is writing a storybook.' 8o I came
back to find tbe gentleman who was
wri t.iig a story book."
(To be continued.)
To Knslan 1 in Tito Darn.
"Fast electric Hliips crossing the
ocean ut more thun a mile a minute,
will go from New York to Liverpool
in two," writes John Flfreth Wat-
kins, jr., of "What May Happen in
the Next Hundred Years," In the
Ladies' Home Journal. "The bodies of theso ships will be built above
the waves. They will be supported
upon runners, somewhat like those
of the sleigh. These runners will be
very buoyant. Upon their under
sides will bo apertures expelling Jets
of air. In this way a film of air
will be kept between them and the
water's surface. This film, together
with the surface of the runners, will
reduce friction against the waves ,to
tho smallest possible degree. Propellers turned by electricity will
screw themselves through both the
water beneath and the air above.
Ships with cabins artificially cooled
will be entirely fire-proof, fn storm
they will dive below the surface and
there await fair weather."
Jusigesl  llrnsseir Justified
A London journal tells this tale of
a famous novelist who recently took
up her residence just opposite a
school, where, iu the course of edu-
cationnl routine, the children are
wont to engage in antiphomal chants
wont to engage in antiphomal
chants. The following correspondence,
therefore, took place, tho authoress
to the school  mistress, thus:     "Miss
 presents her compliments     to
Miss     ,     and begs that she be
good enough to arrange that there
he no singing class between the
hours of 10 and 1, these being   Miss
 'a    working hours,  when rtistrao
t'ons are particularly distasteful."
Tlio school mistress to the aiithor«*8n:
"Miss   presents her-compliments
und begs to state that if such course
wero likely to prevent the writing of
such books as "The Horrors of Sat-
such books as 'Tho Horrors of Satan,' 'The Muscular Traction,' she
would rejoice in arranging a singing
program for every day from 0 to
2." Poor Mario Corelli!
llisl trr-liukisst- sst Hiisns).
Milk should be set in a perfectly
clean, well-ventilated place, whore
nothing else is kept, and the room
so constructed that Uie temperature
can be regulated as desired. There
should be another room whero the
cream can be ripened and churned
uml the work of the dairy performed.
Vu.-y few farmhouses have proper
conveniences. The cellar ia often
used to aet milk in and the kitchen
used to ripen tho cream and do the
dairy work; "tho cellar is all right
if it is not used as a general storeroom for the house. Bod surroundings und bad company tire fatal to
fine butter-making.
I'unr I'ssitiiriure <*hu*«* fU>*(i.
Poor pastures do not pay for tha
reason that it is to tho interest of
tho farmer that his cows secure an
abundance of food at the least cost.
Thu animals should not be compelled
to work for their food on the pas-
lure by tramping 11' e ground iu the
search for grass. As (soon as a
pasture docs uot supply an abundance the cattle should be tuken off
and fed on green food at the barn,
as they will full off in milk if the
supply of food on the post uro fails.
Ism'is I   Hell sir.
Doctor—-Did you take that rhu-
I. ii ib  1 ordered?
Little Tied—Yes, sir; I took it in
piu form,.
Skew Window Artisans Can Coni-
■ussad Good Remuneration,
A Broadway shoe manufacturer was
asked what method of advertising he
found most profitable.
"Placing my meu near the window,"
be said, "so they can work In view of
tbe public. 1 don't know of anything
tbat catches the attention of tbe passerby more quickly than the sight of a
demonstrator sitting close to the window running a machine for dear life.
"Manufacturers of all kinds of goods
have adopted this plan. Walstmakers
put tbelr most skilled workers on exhibition to show bow the finest garments
are cut aud sewed. Cigar manufacturers take tbe public Into their confidence
aud let tbem sec the process of rolling
as performed by the cleverest bands.
Men wbo deal In mechanical contrivances bave found thut it pays to have
at least oue mucbine set up near a window so the crowd outsfde may observe
the Intricacy of Us parts and the rapidity of Its action. Jewelers bave stationed I heir most expert lapidaries within
view of the street that possible customers may see how precious stones are
cut and polished and set.
"lt Isn't everybody who can work In
public. It takes a person with good
strong nerves und concentration of
thought to do dltlicult work in a show
window. 1 have men In my employ
wbo are excellent workers, but they
get flustered wben subjected to unusual surveillance and ruin everything
tbey put their bands to. 1 bave tried
some of tbem as window operators, but
they can't get used to It.
"A man who can run a machine at
full tilt or palut a picture or fry pancakes or iron a shirt In the full gaze of
tbe public eye and not lose bis bead is
an artist and worth several dollars
more a week to bis employer than tbe
more modest Individual. And he seta It
Earth has nothing more tender than
a plons woman's heart—Luther.
Remember, woman Is most perfect
when most womanly.—Gladstone.
Lovely woman that caused our cares
can every care beguile.—Beresford.
He that would bave fine guests let
htm shave a fine woman.—Ben ion-ton.
A woman's strength Is most potent
when robed in gentleness.—Lamarttne.
Disguise our bondage as we will, 'tis
woman, woman, rules ns still.—Moore.
OU and water, woman and a secret
are hostile properties.—Bclwer Lytton.
Women need not look r.t those dear
to them to know tbelr moods,—How-
Kindness In woman, not their beauteous looks, sball win my love.—Shakespeare.
Raptured man quits eacb dozing
sage, 0 woman, for thy lovelier page!
He Is a fool wbo thinks by force or
sklU to turn the current of a woman's
will—Samuel Take.
The most beautiful object In tbe
world. It will be allowed. Is a beautiful woman.—Macaulay.
If tbe heart of a man ta depressed
with cares, tbe mitt ts dispelled wben
a woman appears.-
Taklars Bandar Collections.
An old and not yet obsolete mode of
taking a collection In a Scotch church
la by means of a ladle—a small wooden
box at tbe end of a straight wooden
shaft about four and a half feet long,
the top of tbe box being sufficiently
open to receive contributions of money.
For ail special collections tbls was tbe
usual mode In tbe chief churches of
Edinburgh wben I was a boy at school
tbere 00 years ago, but It bas gradually
gone ont Of fasblon and la sot often to
be seen nowadays.
For ordinary Sunday collections tbe
general custom bas been to hare a
metal plate or basin on a small table
at tbe church entrance superintended
by an elder—a mode wblcb was often
called tbe brod. When ladles are used.
they are handed round tbe congregation
hy elders after the sermon or after tbe
last psalm, and the common Scotch'
phrase to "lift" the collection mav bave
coma Irom thla custom.
 ie <%«"*•**> Terdlssts.
What is "a reasonable state of Intoxication" apparently Just missed precise
definition by a coroner's Jury In Mississippi which stated In Ita verdict thai
"we, the Jury, find tbat deceased came
to bts death by a stroke of an east
bound train, No. 204. on I. O. Kallrond.
•t Fentress. Miss., la Choctaw county,
he being la a "reasonable state of Intos*
▲ somewhat similar Indefinltenesaof
legal oohclnston mars a rerdltr* of a
neighboring Georgia "jury to tbe effect
thet "we, the Jury, find tbe defendant
almost entity."
Kqually as uncertain snd ambiguous
as these statements by laymen is tbe
opinion In an early Maryland case
which "acknowledges tbe corn" by saying tbat an occurrence referred to took
place "at a former sitting wben the
court was foli."
Torn Liberal.
Wife—Here's an advertisement la tbe
paper that you'd better look Into. It
says a man to wanted, and be won't be
worked to death, and be'U get paid
enough to live on.
Husband—Bays be won't be worked
to death, eb?
Wife-Yes; and they promise paj
enough to live on.
Husband—Borne catch about that!
■air's Fraellons Slater.
"I suppose your baby sister cries
some?" asked one of the neighbors.
"Cries!" said Mnry. "Why. sbe Just
seems to look on tbe dark side of things
%i" *hm tl-Ml"-
The   Shocks   of   Exercise   Lengthen
Them and Keep Them Even.
As a fact, says the author, our lower
limbs are not usually both of exactly
the same length, though tbey are so for
all practical purposes. Tbe left Is usu-,
ally the longer, though tbe gait is uot
notably influenced by tbls fact. At
birth the lower limbs are shorter than
the upper, and their movements are
rather of tbe prehensile type. "We are
not born leggy like tbe foal or kangaroo, but we gradually achieve leggl-
ness." Tbe bones Increase ln length, not
so much by interstitial deposit as by
addition to tbelr ends—tbat is, by progressive ossification of the layer of cartilage which Intervenes between the
end of tbe shaft and tbe epiphysis. Ossification goes on till tbe component
parts of tbe bone are all united by bony
matter, and thus the stature of tbe Individual Is determined.
If from Inflammation or Injury an
epiphysis be damaged, one limb may be
shorter tban tbe other, or Inflammatory
stimulation may even Induce an Increased length In the bone affected. Tbe
skeletons of tortoises, not being sub*
Jected to sudden Jars, have no epiphyses at the ends of the long bones,
whereas In the leaping frog tbe extremities of tbe humerus and femur long remain as separate epiphyses. The continuous concussions to which tbe ends
ef the bones of the lower limbs are exposed wben a vigorous child Is excited
by Its own natural spirit to run about
are doubtless of great value In assisting the growth In length of tbe lower
limbs, wblcb soon lose their Infantile
character and become adapted for running and walking. By exposing the
lower limbs to tbe same Influences and
resistances during tbelr entire growth
we manage to maintain them of tbe
same length, aad gentle Jars upon the
epiphyses at the Joints may be considered favorable to growth.
The Oleneron* Uses to Whieh Henry
W*v« Beecher Pat It.
In bis "Eccentricities of Genius" Major Pond says that often while traveling Henry Ward Beecber Improved bis
time by having wbat be called "a general bousecleanlng" of bis pockets,
which would get loaded up wltb letters
and papers until tbey could bold no
more, wben be would clear tbem out
and destroy such papers as were worth-
On one occasion Beecber happened
to put bis hand in the watcb pocket
of bts pantaloons and found tbere a
little envelope wblcb be opened. Wben
he saw Ita contents, be called Major
Pond to sit beside blm and remarked:
"You remember tbe evening 1 married
C. P. Huntington. 1 was so much Interested la tbe subject tbat I forgot
be banded me a little envelope as be
went out of tbe door. I put It la tbe
watch pocket of my pantaloons and
never thought of it again until Just
now, and here It Is, four 11,000 bills.
Now," be said, "don't teU any one
about It and we will bave a good time
and make tome happiness .wltb this
money. We will Just coC\stder tbat we
found It"
And so In a day or two Mr. Beecber
went with Major Pond to look at a
cargo of fine oriental rugs, many of
wblcb be purchased and sent to different friends, and afterward be spent
wbat remained of tbe money for coin
silver lamps, unmounted gems and various pieces of brlc-a-brac, all of which
be gave away until he bad used up
tbe entire $4,000 "In making happiness
among those whom he loved."
After Mr. Beecber's death the major
related to Mr. Huntington tbe Incident
of tbls discovery of tbe four $1,000
bills, and the railway magnate observed: "I should never bave given tbem
to blm. It was all wrong. I made a
mlstaka Money never did blm any
Tha sQasstlaas at Clarence.
"Well. Clarence, wbat Is It?" asked
tbe boy's papa.
"I didn't aay anything, papa," replied
"I know you didn't bnt It Is fuUy five
minutes since you asked a question,
and I know from experience tbat another la due about tbls time."
Making Steel Halls.
The rail mill presents many pictures
ibat appeal strongly to lovers ot the
picturesque. Under ordinary circumstances the great strands of Iron, each
half as long as a city block, slide back
aud forth smoothly enough between
the rolls that are stretching them and
pressing them into the required shape
jut a tiny obstacle may at any moment
turn one of these cables of fire off the
beaten track and twist It into a hope-
less tangle or wind lt like a squirming
snake around some unfortunate workman.
When the rolling process bas been
completed, the piece of Iron slides along
to the great buzzsaws, which cut it up
Into tbe 30 foot rails known to the railway traveler. Every time tbe whirring
circular saw clips off one of these
lengths, sparks radiate in every dlrec- '
tion, as though the biggest pyrotech-
nlcal plnwbeel ever devised bad been
suddenly set in motion.
When the rail has been cooled and
boles have been drilled In It It Is ready
to start for any part of tbe world.
The evolution of bars or beams or
sheets from tbe big steel slabs is gained by tbe same general method of procedure. It Is tbe size and shape ot the
grooves In tbe rolls wblcb determine
the form to be* ultimately assumed by
the steel In their clutckes.-
"Well, papa, wbat are aU those big
United States flags made of?" asked
the boy.
"Some of them are made of silk,
Clarence, but by far tbe greater number are made of bunting"
"And, papar
"Well, ClarenceT"
"Are tbe Utile flags made ot baby
Give BTerybodf a Chaaee.
Emerson's dictum that we should
treat every one as If be were all be
ought to be la an excellent rule to practice In dally life. It Is buman nature
to rise to tbe level tbat Is expected of
tt It is not necessary to waste time
upon uncongenial people unless you are
bound to tbem by strong family ties,
but It ts Important that all wltb whom
yon come In conisct be studied, with
tbe desire on your part to give credit
for all tbat Is good lo tbem and that
nothing In tbelr outward circumstances
or appearance be allowed to prejudice
you against tbem.—Ada ft Sweet In
Woman's Home Companion.
Wlsa Too Late.
Fond Mother—Tommy, yon don't
seem very weU.
Tommy-No. maw, 1 ain't I wtsbt I
bad let sister eat tbat third piece uv
pie.—Ohio State Journal.
A Heartfelt Loss.
Casey-So poor Cassidy Is deed? Sure,
everybody will miss blm!
Planutgan—Tbey will! He was the
only mon In tbe war rd thot everybody
nould llckl-Puck.
A Mint Julep Tragedy.
A northern man stopped nt tbe home
of an Alabama planter of tbe old school
and was cordially invited to "Light,
Bah, and be welcome."
He "Ut" and was forthwith Invited
to take a toddy, ln accord with the Alabama rules of hospitality.
"Why," be said, "I saw a nice bed of
mint back tbere. Suppose I get some of
It and make a mint Julep Instead of a
"A wbat sab?" said tbe planter.
"A mint julep. Haven't you ever
tried them?"
"No,  sab,  nevab; but I'm willing,
Tbey did try tbe fascinating beverage, not once, bnt many times, and the
northern man went away next day
with reluctance.
Two years later bis business took
blm tbere again. At tbe gate be was
met by tbe old colored butler, on whose
bat as be doffed it was seen a band of
"Where's your master, sir?" he inquired of tne old darky.
"He's dead, sab; died yestlddy."
"Dead! I'm shocked. Wbat was the
"Why, sab, "bout two years ago one
o' dem Yankees cum down heah and
shewed ole marse bow to drink weeds
In bis red llkker, and be never stopped
twell be tiled fum It"
Anaemia, or thin, watery blood, is increasing to an alarming extent among the school girls and young women of our
land. Pale gums, tongue and eyelids, muscular weakness, inability for exertion, deficient appetite, impaired digestion, short
breath, palpitation of the heart, attacks of vomiting, swooninir,
hysteria and irregularities ol the feminine organs are among the
unmistakable symptoms of anaemia or poor qualify of blood.
Anzemic persons are frequently said to be going into a de-
dine, and as a fact do usually contract consumption or some
fatal constitutional disease if they neglect to restore normal
vigor. Fresh air, sunlight, moderate exercise and the regular
use of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food after each meal will restore new
vitality to the body and new color to the cheek of any anaemic
person. Gradually and thoroughly it forms new red corpuscl-
in the blood and wins back perfect health and strength.
Fifty cents a box,  fl boxen for *.2.fi0 :   nt nil di'ileni,  or post   pal''
from Eclauinsiiii, Union •*. Co.. Toronto **■ The Drill.
\ Sail tetter From a lady Whose
husband Was Dissipated.
How She Cured Him With a Secret
il for years patiently    borne
miics!,    suffering, misery   and
,!hm    duo    to    toy husband'f
• ■,'  habits.      Hearing  of    youi
i s  remedy  for   t!i'>  cure    ol
mass,  which I could givo nij
1 ... cret'y. I loci    d to try it.
urod a package and mix i!    it
fosid and coffee,  and,  as   th(
was odorless and    tasteless
n t Know what It w;.b   thai
i,Uiy  relieved his  craving    foi
.   lio soon began to pick    ui
ii. appetite for solid food re*
[  hu stuck to his *o;k **s-gulur-
I wo now havo a happy home.
lis.- was completely cured I tolo
luit I had done, when bo    ac-
.s-s-il that It had been his say's hu had not tho resolution to
i if of his own accord.   I heart-
-. ,-.• all women aflllcted .as    I
g've your remedy a trial."
f    FREE TO ALL-.—A sample
io ssf   Tasteless    Samaria Pro
n SENT FltEE with full par's in plain sealed envelope. All
considered   sacredly coniidcn-
A'lslrs-ss The Samaria Remedy
0 Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Iiisr; Christian Tsmperancc Union
"I '
the (I
I pr...
in Ills
he did
so nn
He h,
iy, an
him v
know. 1
ing, I
ily ed
was t
Co., 8
Letter from Mrs. George Grant, ol
Paisley, (int., giving particulars ol
a cure s'lTs-rtcd by "Samaria Prescription," r. suiting In its use and adoption hy ths. Paisley Woman's Christian Ttiupcranca  Union.
Paisley, (int., December 11th, 1900.
The Samaria Remedy Co.,
.'!ti Jordan Street, Toronto,  Ont.
Hear Sirs,—1 peuneri a few lines to
you some time ago—as a member of
the temperance cause, I wrote for
informal isin ; at that time I bad in
niy lu.tisl friends whose son was a
greut cause of anxiety and trouble on
account of his drunken habits. 1
■tron<*ly urged ths! friends to try the
ri'ineih I saw advertised in tho Toronto Clsibe. Th*y did so. It was
the Samaria Kemedy that was administered (did I am pleased to Inform ihu compony the medicine was
helpful; i hi* young man has not
drank n drop since, breaking off from
old companions; and special prayers
on his behalf, all aided in breaking
the chains,
At the iast meeting of tho W. C.
T. U. here, I introduced your medicine (,ir i|,o cure of the liquor habit,
•-nd a resolution was passed, "Thst
Inasmuch us it is tho aim of this or-
Kanlzaiion to |ie)p (jie p0or inebriate,
We should recomr*end this remedy in
l onies where persons are addicted to
*'• of intoxicating liquors."
"rs, wishing you a successful
carsvr in your noble work, and feeling that assistance can be given In
the prerincts of home by tho hand of
mother or wife, trusting God may
°P°n up useful avenuos for your Irsv-
Yours V(.ry respectfully,
(filgnsil)      MItfl. GEOItGE CRANT
On I. half of Paisley W. C. T. U.
»,,,is ''"'""".lul"   "nil  prioss m-nt  In  i Is'k
"•..I'll mv,■'„„,,.   K.-fls-sB Jo   -la up    Aslslriwf
'Ml'. MM.Mil A KKURJjY CX i.. 5 Uorslan 8t,
TORONTO, Ontario
one thing Is greater than suc-
"nd Hint is another effort nfter
1 failure.
11, iiki,—Whllo  driving  down   a
R'**'T hill last August my horse
"wmislod    nnd    fell, cutting himself
wildly about the head and body. I
"«*" MrNAltD'S LINIMENT freely on
"im „,„■   |n  a  (ew  d    „  he  wa8  M
w''" to ever.
■['•■'I'-V Is the man who can't bor-
WJ'( "'■•»"«•* ■„ tho 0u that mak08 th0
"   '•** of enre run smoothly.
^'i uniat cira mmt ii an
All KnMv ("ns-nillisii ( . r. n nr.
rjh.aries    GbrdVin     Unnoxi fourth
Oukc* oLennox  u,1(|  Kan  „f March
n  tbe Peerage of Englaail. Duko ol
•ennox, '..ail of Darnlej and Baron
Met met. in the Poivm of Scot.
land, siK-coeded Gehernl Sherluook
as Governor of Canada on the 89th
>f duly, -IHI'... He had previously
acted as Lord-Lieutenant of .Ireland
and brou**ht from th.. old to the
new siilice a reputation for conciliation that wus considered of good
:•'";«■•*• for thu success of li.s later
^dm-takuig.    He j,roVod one of tho
noHt oimi-pptlc and musierful of ear*
i.v " aiiiuilnn Governors, though in
onlfinaling sijido of the acts of his
ttftin nlstratlon it is well to bear in
mlrnl ii'„..t tho ngc was one when re-
sporurtblo government, with tho sig-
nlilceiicq ".liat we Have come to at-
'"'■'• to tho'term, was as vet to be
born. Thus; when on ono occasion
the Lsf-grWnture icf.isfc.l to grant the
supplies necessary t.s defray the civil
list, his act in drawing upon the Ho
■•"iv.T-<:,.|1,..ul on his own responsibility for the sum is not to be judg-
sti by modern standards, He died
while nioiklng a tour of Upper Can-
ii'.a in 1820, from a bite .,f a tamo
ox with which las was amusing him-
ller Chicago Fin*.
She was a fresh water mermaid who
bnil been ordered by her physician lo
take a sea voyage.
"So you are from the famous seaport
of Chicago, are you?" inquired one of the
ss*a uyni|jhs.
"ll's a good thing you are built on
mermaid lines clear down to the last 6n."
"Because If you were not you would
never have got through tbe canals."—
New York Murine Journal. •
SORK FKKT.-Mrs. K. J. Neill, New
Armagh, P. Q., wiiies: "For nearly six
montbi 1 wae troubled wltb burning
sohes and pain* In my feet to suoh an extent that I could not *]eep at night, and
m my feet were badly swollen I could not
wear my boota for weeks At last I sot a
Oils and rewired to try lt, and to my as
tonlahment I got almost Instant relief,
and the one bottle aonomplh-hsd a perfects
H«*w Brla Warn te Captare A*a«*rl«a.
There can be no question tbat the emigrants from our shores are physically of
s moro vigorous and fertile average than
those who stay at home. We once bad e
striking reminder of thia. Very many
years sgo we had the pleasure of s long
Interview with a Koinan Catholic priest
in the poorest part of County Galway.
He was very frank and plain spoken, but
we allude here to only one of his remarks. The chapel he served was poor
and primitive in the extreme. "Look at
these peasants," he said, "whom you saw
ia chapel this morning. Barefooted and
bumble, as moat of them are, they are
bodily si sound as a bell. Go into any
of your churches in England and you
can hardly hear what Is going on for
coughing. You heard not a single cough
this morning. What is the result? These
vigorous, healthy people go out to America and marry Unro. They have families
of from 15 to 18, while the home bred
Yankee has only two or three. America
is ours as sure as fate!"
Mrs. Edward Patterson of Conboy-
ville the Writer-IIer High Opinion of Dodd's Kidney Pills—Her
Advice to Others.
Conboyville, Ont., Sept. 23.—(Special)—Mrs. Edward Patterson of this
town is ono of those who can testify to tho lasting nature of c-jres by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, the great Canadian remedy for all affections of ths.
Mrs. Edward Patterson, according
to her own statement, is today in
splendid health. Her rheumatism has
loft her. and although it is ten years
since then, it has never returned beyond a slight touch in cold weather,
which a Dodd's Kidney Pill or two
immediately drives away. This proves
what lias always been claimed—that
Hodd's Kidney pills cure permanently. Their effects are lasting—in fact
they do not merely relieve—(they cure.
Here is Mrs. Patterson's letter :
"It is many years, perhaps ten or
twelve, since 1 started taking Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and then it was not
for Rheumatism that I took them.
I was feeling miserable and did not
know what ailed me, aad while reading a paper I saw the testimony of
some one who had been cured by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, who had been
feeling just as I was. I got a box
ar.d found they helped me. I found
nlso that my rheumatism was not
neurly as bad, for I had sufiered for
many years, especially in cold weather. I have used dozens of bottles
of medicines and liniments, but It always returned until I used Dodd's
Kidney: Pills nnd now I seldom have
a touch of it. I occasionally get a
box, perhaps two a year. I never
hear anyone complain of Rheumatism
but I advise them to try Dodd's Kidney Pills."
How He Know*.
Fogg says that he has noticed that
women never wear veils to protect
their complexions or to make their
wrinkles less assertive. Tbey invariably wear them to keep their hair In
place. He knows, because be has always beeu told so.
If people want to talk about you, II
Is cnay for them lo Invent a story. Tbe
polut is uot to enjoy talking about peo
There never was, and never will be. a
universal panacea, in ons* is m dy, for all Ilia
to wb.eh fi sh ia ho.r—the very nature of
many cuiat.visi, being rach that were thi
germs of other and differently seated dis-
saSM rsxiUd in tlse (*ya cm of the patient—
what would iclieve one ill :r* tnm w. uld ag.
gr.ivato the olh r. He hnve, however, in
Qanine Wine, when ohta nable in a so-Jid.
uaudulttraud stute, ii rvnudy f. r muny Lad
grievous ills. By its gradual and judiciooa
utse tlio frailest aysrtiina are led inioconvii-
lesscenee and btrongth by the influence which
Quinine exerU. n nature's own restorative*
It relieves the drooling spirit* of those with
whom a chronio state of morbid desi-ond-
ency and lack of u.terest in life ia a diaenae,
rnd, by tranqulhtlng the nerves, disposes to
•sound and refreshing eleop— Imparts vlgos
to the notion of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the vein**,
strengthening iho hea thy animal functioni
of the ayattm. thereby mailing activity a
neoceaary result, strengthening the frams,
and giving life to the digestive organs, wntoa
naturally ds nini.a Inor ui*od isubBtiince— result, inpruved appetite. Northrop A Lyman.
of Tors.nto bars given lo the public ihelt
aupcrior Quln.iie W ine at tho us.ua! mte.ai d,
gauged by the opinion of •clentlet*, this
wine approaches nearest iwrfeetlon of any ta
ths market.   All drugulaU sell it.
All thc good poets uro dead. This
should be a solemn warning to the
word rhynurs of today who have aspirations.
liiari'i Liniment Cora Dipbtberii.
Many a man who is unable to tell
tho truth ovens things up by refusing
to tell lies.        	
The average man would much
rather be right than bo president Of
a school board without any salary.
$100Reward, $100
Th.nad.raofthlai.spcr wl.l b* Pi**;.'"' «
s—Vn tfc.'ilissrss inst lriss.1 ""• drr«(t*d   dl«*a*>
J5°.!,t W.' S2SSS AtfrtM^i
pr elors huve *o nsU.n '"',:„-ir«d (is.llar* fo.
power*. I hist th«r offer On* bun-lr.so fl..nar■ io
aUvCBwihatltlaltoloeore.   *** for   I«
testlmonliili. „„..,. s en   Tel ds, t
AA'Hoaa,  K. J. CHBNKT ft """-*•. '•»**••
Perhaps tho man you think !■ a
fool thinks you are In the same class.
When the" leaves*begin t« tun, fhe
tcclisr keeps tho pupils busy turning
An Irishman wanted to have a
note discounted about Christmas.
The bank officers objected to the Ions?;
time it had run. The Irishman said.
"Rut then you don't consider how
short the days are at this time of
the year."
I .eavo | Leave .
Going   tluing |Arriv<
South. NurtB.
jenvo from Canadian!
*N'orthera depot—       j
A'lnnlpeg .o Morrls.Em
erwn.St. I*..nl etc.-isy
Si Paul to K mens n
Morris, Winnip. z Jlv
ft'iriiFee ;o Borvid
Mbins.Bel I ont .Hartley k lirmidon, Mon.,
Vs/o.1 and l'Tt    -   • ■
brandun, Hartn-iy. Bel
tnont, Miami, it. land,
to Wliiul;:eg. Tues.,
1 hura au'I Sat.   • •
Wi-ni eg to Portag-els
V. anu Iisteruseuiata
• ations, daily ex t>nn.|
Port gels P. and riter-l
niedii'le ata'.ijus t.,
Wlnulpcgdl/ ex So- '
Winnipeg to stattou* on
lloivrrana Delta pra:s
chca,Tus's. ami Thnrs
Beaver and Delta br'ch
stations, to Winnipeg
Tne*.. and Thurs.    -
'V'anlpesto Portage la
1'., Gladstone.    •  •  ■
D.-inrshln, et.*., Mon.
Wed. and Frl.     •
>i .phln. Gladstone. P."
la Prairie, Winnipeg
'. uea., Uliars. &   Snt.
»Vinni;>egto W'p'gosis
Tues and Thurs.  *   -
Wlnnipegosd I to Wpi;
Mon. ana Krl	
sVlnnire* to G:and
V.e\vJiI'>n. aud Fri
ir.iud View to Wig
Tues. ansl Sat	
Caii|il..i> to W'p'gosis
nnd retnrr.Sat	
Daunhlu t.. Swun 1'iver
A l'lwood. Wed	
Elwood to b.va- Rive.-
ASliiriptiin.Frl. ....
Ix*ave from C P. depot
Winnipeg to Warroad
lieandette and Int. r-
me llatu (tatlona.Mon,'
Wed., and Fn. 	
Beau(ls*tte, Warroad *3tc.
to  Whimper     Tus'*.
'Thurs and Snt.    ....
G.-j. Snnt
13 VI
Glili. R. SHAW
Traf. Mr
•i s. .Marls, Osven Buu a. Toronto
BlsdSu* Vi»l.isk»»,   .Mou., iburs
nud (At	
Tues , Frl. and Hua 	
.Mon:.-*'.*, TomiiIo. New Vork anil
rnst,vU*llrail, (l.'ily.	
Kat     PortaM    and    Intermediate
ps!nt», Mon., Weft *Fii. .
Tuei..'.h(irs. A**"" .■■ -
Uat    lWlaga    aud     !,:tcrmodi ste
,. iliita. Tiirfc,Th r-„ and t'at	
Mou. Wed. »n.1Fi!	
M.s. on. Iiiso Hu Bonnet snd later
mediate Polnl*. Thurs only	
Po'-tnirt! laPrnli le. Branslo:i,C,di*ary
Nclssouanrlis'i Kootem.y and (Joara
points. Unlit  , ••*••
I'ortsigo la l'l ltie,lira*idoii, and Intel iiiedlr.'f. p.il:il8,(bilyexSui....
'oi-lags la i'.a rl<*. Mrniidon, H,io e-
Jaw s.siil InterniM...' i (solnt* dally
Jld tone, Neepawa, MlmieJojaniiu
,nterineilbtoi*ol.i"i», s..,.lives Sun.
ih nl Lolto, Yor'.ton nn . iiiteriTiodl-
o i-olnts, Men., Wod. nrd Frl ....
Yuo-1. Tlmrv,a*idS.yurJay........
la.ld   City,    Ilr.nlcti,    Mlnoti.
'i'ssc9..ThiirJ. nnd Sat..«.	
,\is»a., Wed. a'-dFil  ...
Monlcn, Delornlno nndintoi ineilla'.e
point* r»'vf^32iii&
•si'plnlia, Alnmeda nurt Intonnrdlate
1-ointo.Mon., Wed.,Thurs. Ss Sat
Mo" . Tuc*.,Thurs. nnd Frl .....
Ul.-nboro, Hourls, nnd Inlo.-mcdlati
soiil**,(la'!yex Sun... *,*••;•••
Na ,|nt*a,Mcllta, Alninoila nnd Inter
ii'iod'.ato iiolnta,   Mon , IV'ed, Fri.
Tues., Thura. and! at .••••••••
I'liiestone.Reiion,Areola and Inter
vwil ate points.  Mon. \« cd., Fri.
lues., Thur*. and Snt  ...
Frobysn're, Ulnh, Hlenfnlt.  j*-sto*
vim, Snt	
Von. .*. ,*f••
ar'ua.Ht, P»ul, CIile:in-o......slally
Sls.nownll. ■,'*utlon..Tii(''i. Thuia.Sn
Ws"stHclHrk  .Mon, Wed, Frl
West Hdklrlt..... ^.Tuorj^-JTinifl, H,it
1%. 0
..'lues, i nuiH, r*,si
Mon, Wert ami Krl
18 OS
10 *
13. f
sjun. Hupt.
Uen. Pass. Agent
Tiie Hslr lis lls.t vrssntlifr.
Oil the head at niijht three times
weekly. On the fotlow'ng day wash
witli soap und water, rinse and expose to the su/s's heat for as many
hours as possible. Let the sun fall
'in tho scalp. It iR not necessary to
expose thc entire scalp nt one time
One part may to shielded while uti-
otiier is huving its sun bath. Kcw
people arc aware that by a skilful
*(se of the comb severe Btraightncsc
(..in he remedied. It is difficult to
convey In words a correct idea of the
ndccssnry motion of the hand. It resembles that employed in whisking
tu ofig    into ii frothy state. Tin
comb is inov(!(l rapidly und very
lightly, with the result that the Inii
assumes a ilulT.v condition, liut th'i
is merely i.'mpomrv	
Jaflelal Coasslallsa.
A msa who had bees .convicted of
■tealiag s small amount wss brought into
court for sentence. lie looked very ssd
aad hopeless, snd the court was much
moved by his contrite sppearance.
"Have you ever been sentenced te Imprisonment?" the judge asked.
"Never, never!" exclaimed the prison-
sir, bursting luto tears.
"Don't cry, don't err," said the ledge
consolingly. "You ore going to be bow."
—Chicsge News.
FAOQUD OUT.—None bnt thos.. who
bave become fugged out know what a de-
Ereused, miuerablo feeling it ia. All strength
i gone, and despondency hue taken hold of
tho (sufferers. They feel as though there is
nothing to live for. There, however, ia a
eure—one box of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
will do wonders In restoring health and
.Strength. Mandrake and Dandelion are two
of tho articles entering into the composition
Of Parmelee's Pills.
A (ingle smile from her nay mouth,
A ludden glance from ber *oft eye* seat,
Anil be turned, as tbe wind veer* north or an
And lollowed whither ber light feet went
Did she linger and look for * moment then!
Did *he lift ber face snd smile »g»inf
Nay, not nt
TU heut of a girl, ah, who may kaowt
With every pace of his swift pursuit
Her step she quickened nor looked bcMaA
Eyes were speechless, and lip* were mutt;
Never • glance or cold or kind.
As II she cherished nor thought DOT eats
for tbe eager lootfsslls hurrying there I
Wi* it so?
Th* heart of a girl, ah, wbo may kaowt
Did she love blm more wben look and
Silently bade him to follow hert
Did she love him Ies* when ihe wove ber wOa
Hi* hears to trouble, hi* bope defer?
Nay, read you thla riddle, strange, but true—
She loved him most wben (be moat withdrew I
Even sol
Th* heart of a girl, ah, wbo may kaowt
-Blanch*  Trennor  Heath  la Atlanta
Try-lag to Place Hla*.
"Sir," cried the aggrieved stranger,
•"you have grossly int.. I ted my chosen
profession! I sm sn ornament of the
stage, sir."
"Eh? Might I ask what your special
line of entertainment is?"
"I hold the glass to nature, air."
"Oh, I see, you are a blower."
"A Mower, sir!"
"Yes; a glass blower."—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
HEALTHY 11 Ami's.
Which gentler on the > lrlt He*
Than tlr*d eyelid* oo tired ey«*."
Soft, rich and voluotuous as the lover breathna
when (serenading Iiis Seniiritapn a languid evening in old Madrid ia that which la in store for
those who choose from oar large assortment of
We sell the D herly and Ooderlcb organs.alca
Eldridge "B" Sewing Machine*.
Write for catalogue nnd prices and save middle
man's pr.jl!t**
I.M.0. A. fil.uk,      .ullage Ave, Winaipag.
ttr not
(/&[/   •eVt»</
fit it.
Watchful    Mothers Can    Ks*.*p   Their
Babies Healthy, l'osy-(.'heeked
and Happy.
Nothing in the world is such a
comfort, nnd joy as a healthy, hearty
rsssy-cheeked, happy baby.
Bahie-s can be kept in perfect heiilth
only by having at hand and administering when needed some purely vegetable, harmless remedy, nnd of all
this class of medicines Baby's Own
Tablets are conceded to be the best.
For constipation, colic, diarrhoea,
simple fevers, sour stomachs, teething babies, indigestion and sleeplessness, these tablets are a r.'ally won-
ihrful cure. You can *{'ve them to
the smallest baby without the slightest fear. Dissolved in water, they
will be taken readily. They contain
absolutely not a particle of opiate
or other injurious drugs. Thoy ore
small, sweet lozenges that any t-nby
will take without ssbjection, n*ul
their action is prompt and pleasant.
They will tone up the whole system
and make tho little one as hearty
and free from infantile disorders as
any mother could wish.
Sirs. Halter Brown, Mllby, Que.,
suys: "I have never used any medicine for baby that did him so much
good as Baby's Own Tablets. I
would not be without them." This
Is the verdict of all mothers who
have us«l those tablets.
They cost 25 cents a box. All
druggists sell them or they may be
secured by sending the price direct
und tin* tablets will be forwarded
prepaid. The Ur. Williams' Medicine
Co.,  Iiept. T., Brockville, Ont.
A mun would doubtless be just as
irritable aa a sitting hen were he
placed in  a similar position.
Hilar.'*! Liiiiut Cm Distant?.
Thi' prodigal son gets tho fattod
veul, but the prodigal daughter is
given the Icy mitt.
The actress who has eyes like diamonds is never anxious to lose thein
foi   advertising   purposes.
Look not upon the "high ball" for
it slingvth liko an adder and bithcih
like a lightning calculator.
The very young mnn thinks that at
least ninoty-nine girls out of a possible hundred would gladly marry
him  If nsked.
The woman who has on a pair of
low shoos and pretty silk stockings
never gets tho bottom of her skirt
Joseph Joachim, the great Oerman
violinist, who recently celebrated his
70th birthday, hns been made a director of philosophy by the University of Ooot.tlngen. an honor, ho says
ho earned by tho philosophy with
which he boro povurt.v In his younger
A girl lhat can't sing nnd will sing
should  be  muzzled.
Be truthful, said thc teacher.
Always ? asked the boy.
Always, answered the teacher.
Never tell a lie '.'
Not even a white lie ?
Not oven a white lie.
Huh ! ejaculated the lad, scornfully. It's a mifchay good thing for
you you ain't a boy with my dad
for a father.
Why ? ashed  the teacher.
Because, replied the boy, if you
was my dad's little boy, an' you'd
heard what ho said about Aunt Eliza
comin' to visit us with her children,
an' Aunt Eliza had asked you if you
weren't all glad to see her, an' you'd
told the truth like I did, you'd
think there was a place where your
trousers wns mighty thin after dad
finished with you
He went back to his death, and as
he sat down with great caro there
was an expression on his face that
showed the great lesson of truth
had been, at least in a measure, lost
on him.
Henry J.  Byron,  one of the wittiest of English playwrights of a score
of years ago, remarked on one occasion :
"A play is like o. cigar. If it's
good, everybody wants a box. If i*'s
bad, all the pulling in thc world
won't make it go."
Here is an advert.iss*ment that ds*-
serves a response. It rends : " If
.lohn Smith, who thirty years ngo
(lesirtoJ his poor wife and babe, will
return, said bab.5 will knock the
stalling out of him."
It will Keep the Blood Rich, Red and
Pure, Strengthen the Nerves
and Prevent  Decline.
Mrs. Hiram Kinkier, the wife of a
respected furmer in South l'elhnm
township, Welland county, Onturio,
says:—"It is with great, pleasure
that I give this tribute to the health
restoring virtues of Dr. Williams*
Pink Pills. When my daughter, Lena,
(now thirteen years of age) began
the use of your medicine, a little
over a year ago, she was in a most
wretched condition. In fact we were
seriously alarmed lest sho might not
recover. Tho first symptoms were a
feeling of langour and wenkn.'ss.
gradually growing worse. She became pule, lost flesh, had little or no
appetite and wus apparently going
into a decline. Finally the troul.l.*
became complicated with a persistent
sore throat, which gave her grs'al
difficulty in swullowing. I gave her
several ndvertiFed medicines, but
they did not boneli', her. Then she
WU placed under tlit* caro of a doe-
tor, who said her blood was poor
and watery, and hor whole sysli'in
badly run down. The doctor's treatment did not help her any and then,
acting on tho advice of a neighbor, I
began to givo her Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills. The confidence with which this
medicine was urged upon us was not
iiiisp!o.ivsl. as I soon noticed a distinct, improvement in my datights-r's
condition. Tho use of the pills for a
few weeks longer seemed lo completely restore her and trom (hat
time she has been a cheerful, light-
hearted girl, the very picture of
health. I will always recommend Dr.
Willlums' Pink Pills to other sun. r-
ers, feeling sure they will prove quite
as otllcacious as they did in my
daughter's enso.
Mothers with growing daughters
will make no mistako if Oiey insist
upon tho occnsionnl use of Dr. Williams' Ptnk Pills; they will help them
to develop properly; wifl make their
blood rich and pure and thus ward
off disease and decline. The genu-
Ino pills nro sold only in boxes bearing tho full name, "Dr. Williiuns'
Pink Pills for Palo Peoplo" on the
wrapper around each box. None
other is genuine, no matter what
some self-fnterestsd dealer mav say.
If In doubt send direct to ihe Dr.
Williams' Medlclno Co., Ilrockvllle.
Ont., antl the pills will be mailed
post paid nt B0 cents a box, or six
boxes for 92 50.
Our $5(T
This is the best value in a
Lady's Diamond Ring
ever offered for $50.00.
The "-""-ma In these ffogs are
pe»-***snallyRUcUdby uafrom
the cuttstn ta AtTsriatedaisv
and are -dbaofatcly perfect
You will lind this and
hundreds of other styles
illustrated in our catalogue,
a copy of which will be
sent you free.
DIAMOND NALL, Established 185
Ryrie Bros.,
Yotige and Adelaide Sts.,
It's a pretty safe bet that the man
who boasts of being a gentleman
isn't anything of the kind.
Ton nre' nut cough all night and disturb
your friend*; there <a no oceai''on for yon
rnanins the risk of contracting inflammation of the Inngs ot eons-umpt ion, while yoa
can get Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup.
This medicine cures coughi. cods, inflammation of the Inr.gs and all throat and chest
troubles. It promotes a free and tnsy ei>
pectoration, which immediately relieves tha
throat and lunga from viscid phlegm.
When a girl is hand in glove with
a young man sho doesn't give him
tho  111 it ten.
liiari's Linimeit Cum Calls, Etc
The Captain—Why. ys's, we can tell
when a Storm is approaching. There
are weather prophets at si'a.
The passenger—I hope ths*y are not
so often at sea os those on land.
Most of the songs sung on the
stage by request are at the request
of the singer.
Mr. Thomas Ballard, Syrncuss, N. T.,
writes: "1 have been nfflicted for nearly a
yossr with that msisl-to-he dreaded d.aeass
dyspepsia, nod at nm. ss worn oat with pain
and want of aeep, und, after trying almost
everything recommends d, I tried one box of
I'armclce a Vegetable 1'ills. 1 am now nearly
well, and believe they will cure me. I would
uo1 bo without tin-in for any money.
Many   lusting   friendships   are     dins
to the distanci' between the friends.
Early to bed and early to ri*-.'
spoils a man's temper and rs*dd.'iis
hiH eys*s.
It lakes a (laslnni; young widow
to make several ksiids of a fool of
a man.
810   STOCK   OF
Everything for the
Vi :-»
I    ■■
. Vs
W. W.  U. No. 818. VvTv)DRILL, KLOCAN, B. C,, OCTOBER 4. WW.
/.Kas-i ■
I'  4* s
ffi" M<
C. E. Smithkbinhalu, Editor and Prop.
•6L0CAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
-the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of. Improvement, (7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
.•for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—-
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
■coming to him on your sub-
,aCription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
Tbe knocker has been.working
rdouble shift of late.
The Boer,war is officially dead, but
tin reality shows much life, the fighting of late being severe.
With the  weekly ore shipments
.now running at 500 tons, there is no
occasion for  any grousing at the
r81ocan.     __________
Premier Dunsmuir is in trouble.
-He didn't get a baronetcy from the
Duke, his government is discredited,
andjhis Extension coal mine bas met
with a bad disaster- Sympathy is
extended to the relatives of the many
stricken families resulting from the
latter.     __________
After the result of the general elections in Nova Scotia, Wednesday,
.whan only two Conservatives were
, elected, the Liberals are more than
. anxious to get party lines drawn in
B.C., believing this province to be of
i kindred mind to the land of blue
(noses.   If so, what's the use.
Under general  conditions it requires three tons of dry ore to flux
one of wet   Such being the cas%and
the Slocan City division possessing
the leading dry ore deposits of the
province, there is a ready market for
..every pound of mineral produced in
the camp, the demand, In fact, being
far greater than the visible supply.
As a result of smelter competition,
freight and treatment charges have
. been greatly reduced, the reductions
t made amounting to a fair profit on
.ordinary mining.   Tbe attention of
.investors is particularly drawn to
.this fact.   If you don't believe it,
,eome and see for yourself.
Inquiries of a responsible nature
are being made of the possibilities of
, the camp with a view to establishing
.a smelter here, being a direct outcome of tbe agitation started some
. time ago looking to that end.   Certain Information has been asked for
and supplied on behalf of English
.capital, and an agent of the firm is
to arrive here shortly to size up the
situation.   The scheme in contemplation is one similar to that in use on
.the Broken Hill mine, Australia, the
primal factor being electricity,   It Is
.meeting with  remarkable   success
.there and It is held would do the
aame here.   Ample water power is
available for the cheap generation of
electricity and the city has room to
■pare for a Bite.   Thc movement on
•foot is bona tide and if Slocan can
make her pretensions good, a smelter
will be established here beyond a
, doubt.    .
The Boundary mines have shipped
from January  1 to September 24
'264,400 tons of ore, at a valuation of
$l,s5sS6,448.   In the same time the
Slocan mines have shipped 17,200
tons, worth in round figures, $1,893,-
,000.   The former tonnage Is from
gold-copper mines and tbo latter from
^despised silver propositions,   Bonn
,dary mines have smelters and em
ploy, directly and indirectly, thou
,sands of men. Slocan has no smelter
and employs merely hundreds of
men—yet compare the profits being
made.   Boundary requires expensive
machinery and hoisting plants,while
other expenditures are called  for
which are unknown Ip the Slocan.
/.Some of the cleanest-and quickest
'.money made in the province is being
taken out of the silver mines of the
.&locan.    Boundary may  have the
•tonnage, but the leading white metal
(camp will continue to hold tho values
j-and yield the profits.
The fire limit bylaw is being very
generally observed.
City Clerk Foley has started in on
his assessment of the city,
Born.—In Sandon, on Sept. 27, the
wife of Dr. Gomm, of a son.
The Oddfellows purpose holding
their annual ball on Oct. 25.
A number of citizens have been
courting in Nelson this week.
The framework of the new Miners-
Union hall has been completed.
The shipments of ore from the Slocan have jumped to 18,000 tons.
The Miners' Union will open their
new hall with a smoking concert.
Born.—In Slocan, on Sept. 29, the
wife of Thos. Blench, of a daughter,
The Capella mine, New Denver,
will ship another car of high grade
The members of the rifle club hold
practices on Wednesdays and Saturdays. '
Additional sheds bave been added
to the local freighting stables of W.
Several yellow legs have been in
during the week, examining properties.
V. C Rackliff has returned from
the Similkameen, where he spent the
Recent rains have severely punish
ed the roads on Springer and Ten
Mile creeks.
Tbe Ladies'Aid Society is figuring
upon putting in a new organ for
Knox church.
The London & B.C. Goldflelds is
making 30 per cent dividends out of
its Ymir mine.
The C.P.R. is rebuilding the depot
at Slocan Crossing, destroyed by fire
some months ago.
Neil Gething has gone up to the
Red Fox mine, McGuigan, to run
things fer a while.
W. H. Warren, formerly foreman
at the Speculator, is now located at
Rochester, Montana.
Born.—In the M. U. General Hospital, on Oot. 2, the wife of C. E
Smltheringale, of a son.
W. Koch is building an addition to
the wharf at Enterprise Landing, and
will also put up a freight shed.
The wagon road on the south fork
of Kaslo has been completed to within two miles of Camp Mansfield.
Pat Burns, the big meat king, was
married in London, Eng., on Sept. 4,
to Miss Eileen Ellis, of Fenticton.
Service will be held in St Paul's
churc'i next Sundav. morning and
evening.   C. Arthur Mount, vicar.
Chat ley Faas returned to his home
in Creston Tuesday, after spending
the summer on his claims In this section.
The social at Dr. Forin*s residence
Friday evening netted the Ladies'
Aid $10. An enjoyable time was
Tho Grand Forks smelter is to be
enlarged to a daily capacity of 2000
tons, making It the largest plant in
the world.
Work on the Red Mountain road,
near Silverton, hns been completed,
so far as the government appropriation would go.
Nels Nelson, Charley Snyder and
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
Going out
of business
Clearing Sale
regardless of
profit or cost.
Goods are all new and include late shipments of
Clothing, Underwear, Sox,
and Boys' Hosiery; Men's,
Women's, Hisses', Boys',
and Children's Rubbers
and Over shoes; Gents' Furnishings,   Blankets,   etc.
All must be sold.
Call and get our
James £. Orr.
Ralph Gillette, of this city, have taken out their papers and become
British subjects.
There was a large congregation at
the Methodist church, Sunday evening, to listen to Rev. Mr. Roberts'
address on Christian Socialism. The
time was taken up in explaining the
difference between socialism and
anarchism, as occasioned by the assassination of President McKinley.
The address was instructive,
Rumored Amalgamation.
Reports have come in this week
again that the amalgamation of the
Chapleau and Joker interests has
been effected by Ernest Mansfield.
It is also stated the Warner Miller
interests in the camp have also been
thrown in, making a combined capital of $5,000,000. Nothing definite
has yet come to hand on the subject,
though Nelson parties profess to have
received verification of it.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Muroutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing 13 join.
Miss E. Stoughto.v, Mrs.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
MOTICE is hereby «iven that I intend to apply
*" at tbe next Bitting of the Board of License
Commissioner,** for the City of Slocan.to be held
at tho expiration of thirty days from the date
hereof, for a transfer of the Retail Liquor License now hstld by me for the premises knovra
as the Two Friends Hotel, situate on lot two
(2), block one (1), in the said City of Sloean, to
John Cnlhane, of the said City of Slocan.
Dated this 17th day of September, 1901.
Witness: John Sloan.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Miners' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in Jhe Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Pioneer livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General _Packing and Forwarding- attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get one so cheap ? They
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will b*.**
set up free.
From $3.00 to $50.00.
Also :
Plates, Films, Paper,
Cards, Toners, Developers, Tripods, Printing Frames, etc. etc.
Everything required
to make and finish
J. I*. WHITE 6c Co.
GertmLcate of Umeints.
Silver Star Fraction*.! Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division ol West Kootenay District.
Where located: On Springer creek,
adjoining the No. 3 and the Dayton
mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.
Curtis.of Slocan,B.C.,as agent forThomas
Mulvey, Free Miner's Certificate No
B38353, it.tend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for u Certificate oi Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Qrant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 9th day of August, A.D.
Little Dorrlt Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:— On the south side
of Springer creek, about two miles
south from the Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Fai-
well, acting aa agent for J.Frank Collom,
freo minei's certificate No. 37294, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Qrant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 5th day of August, 1901.
30-8 01 A. 8. FARWELL
V * M, Get Thero Kit, F L, C, Keno, aad
. Accidental Mineral Clainii.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin"; Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Twelve Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, William A
Bauer, acting as the authorized agent of
The V & M Mines Company, Limited,
non-personal liability.F.M.C.No. B46203,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply ts tha Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 29th day of August, 1901.
30-8 01     WILLIAM A. BAUER. P.L.S
Monument No. 3 Mineral Claini.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Joseph Duhmnol,
free miner Bcertificnte 115H08G, nnd Arthur
Powys, free miner's ceitificale No.BS0029
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to npplr to' the Mining Recorder for a
reititictite of improvements, for the pur-
poee of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 12th dav of August, 1901.
30-8-01. J. M. McGREOOR.
Meuument Mo.  '4 Hint  Monument Mo.   3
Fractional Mineral Claimi.
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek, on
Grohman Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGrc-
?;or, acting as agent for Joseph Duhamel
ree miner's certificate No. B60O8O, and
Louise Sinkan, freo miner's certificate
No. B50238, intend, sixty days from the
date horeef, to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining Crown
grants of the above claims.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 12th day of August, 1901.
so 8-oi. J. m. Mcgregor.
Hailroad Group of Mineral Claim*—(treat
Wcetern,   Great  Northern,  (trand
Trunk and Northern Pacllle.
Situate in the Slocan City Mlninz Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of the
fifth south fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre-
gor.acting as agent for Mrs.Emma Gray,
free miner's certiflcate No B50095; Thos.
Blench, free miner's certificate Ne.
B38388; E. H. Stubbs, free miner's certificate No. 52144, and A. R. Bolderston,
free miner's certificate No.B69549,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvementa. for the purpose
c.' obtaining Crown Grants of tho above
And further take notice that action,
under sction 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dited this 8th day of August, 1901.
30^-01 j. m. m<gregor.
Bonanr-a.No. S, Hepuhllo No. a, Amerloan
Katie, Bell Na. ft, and Ve Fraetioa
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At tho head of
Robinson creek.
Take notice that I,'W. D. McGregor,
acting as agent for L. J. I Innes, free
miner's certificate No. B42603, Intend,
sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recoider for certificates
of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining crown grants for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901
13-9-01 W. D. McGREGOR.
Victoria,   *.Vs*.»ii and  nkookuni   Mineral
Situate in.the Blocan City Mining Divi-
Reopencd under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Delauvjr Avenue, Slneaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the liest
are now arriving daily and are the
best to be obtained. Our Confectionery has a reputation second to none.
Sole agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look np McCallum & Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
$5 to $25
$16 up.
This Is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came to Slocan. ^Thev burn
any kind of coal. Call around nnd satisfy
yourself and we will do tho rest.
McCallum & Co.
Geiferal Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
sion of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On west side of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, I'.L S., as agent for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Miner's Certificate No. B46036,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before thc issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
Baby   Kejral  aud   Lexington   Fractional
Mineral Claim*.
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Republic hill, adjoining
the Phoenix-Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor, acting as agent for Fred G. Carlisle, free miner's certificate No. B38371,
intend, sixty days from the nnte hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificate* of improvements, for the pur-
pone of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice tb.it action,
under section 37, numt lie commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 80th day of September,1901
4-1001 J. m.-McGregor
Kite,   Kll   a si si
Eye   Kracilonitl   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
.  located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McGregor, free miner's certiflcate No.
B59000, acting for myself and as agent
for J.-M. McGregor, free miner's certificate No. Bd9i>07, and A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certiflcate No. B59655, in
tend, sixty davs from the date hereof, to
apply to tlie Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining crown grants on the above
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 30th day of September,1901
4-10-01. W. D. McGREGOR
J. M.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - • B. C.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J. Banfleld, or to any person
or pertoni to whom they mar have
. transferred their one-hall interest in
the White Beauty mineral claim, situated between the ttcond north fork of
and the main Lemon cro.k, Slocan
City mining division.
You aro hereby notified that I have
expended the sum of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the above-mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 22nd day ef August, 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. J. Mulhall, Samuel Prentice, and
John J. Banfleld, or to any person or
persons to whom they may have transferred their one-half interest in the
Black Beauty mineral claim, situated
between the second north fork of and
the main Lemon creek, Slocan City
mining division.
You are hereby notified thnt I hove
expended the sum of one hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the abovi mentioned mineral claim, in order to hold said
mineral claim under the provision's of
the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days
from the date of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
sach expenditure, together with all coats
of advertising,your interest in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, under section four of an act entitled
"An Aet to amend the Mineral Act,
Dated this 22nd day of August. 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Thomas Henderson, or to any person
or persons to whom he may have transferred his one third (*•£) interest in
the Lone Dutchman mineral claim,
situated on the last south fork of
Lemon creek, in the Slocan City mining division.
You are hereby notified that I have
expended the sum of one hundred snd
two dollars and fifty cents In labor and
improvements on tlie above mentis nod
mineral claim, in order to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of thu
Mineral Act; and if within 90 days (rom
the date of this notice you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of sul-
vertising, your interest in said claim
will become the propeity of tho subscriber, under section 4 of an Act entitled
"An Acttoamend the Mineral Act,1900."
Dated at Slocan, this 18th day of September, A.D. 1901.
Gwiilim. 6c Johnson,
B. C
You Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Postofflce.
Sept. 8, 17; Oct. 1 and 16.
-Routes:     m ^
sSoo Lino, via St.
Paul or Chicago.
The sleeping car, Kootenay I-*ndinir
to Toronto, one change to Buffalo*
For time-tables, rates, and full Information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D 1» A . A. G. P* A.,
Wlson. Vancouver.


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