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The Slocan Drill 1902-12-19

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 -*-••**-      a" -_«_,
T,il., III., Ko. 88.
SLOOAN,   It.   C,   DECEMBER   10,   1002.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Slide, Kelly
....        Wo have just epencd up a full line of
Also boy.s' and men'l li-ickey sticks, pucka, etc.
Anything in the Line of Sportinj!: Goods
BUiel fram $:;.G5 to $85.    Shotgani and a fuH'sapplj* of ammunition,
■T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
SUcati, British Columbia.
Now is the time to buy your
* . "*i ■* ■ ■
We -have opened up a lot of fresh Currants,
Raisins, Peels, Spices, ftliicerfieat aud
Jellies. Come and procure your Goods for
that Christmas Cake and Pudding.
MEETING OF  COUNCIL. \ thftj the request be granted.   Carried.
I    The clerk informed the council he
li.ui had a notice published re applica
' lions to go on the voters' list,
1    Council   adjourned   till   Thursday
city Recelyas Refund s»fT«*na Finns the                  ii' lis !_iNi',ft*J Mioicis
<loTf.rssisi.sit— ii.0. Trust Coippnny's 	
Propositi*n r* Mill Alii »«l>s)ssl_i's,a la : *t>roii<i f;»«liurltap- nt  Ssodon la  Sefailbll'
Pir.sall.v AslnptsMl.
Aid. Barber was the only absentee
iii this tt/eek's  meeting of the city
t fathers.
j   Correspondence read; From Deputy
Minister of Finance Smith, Victoria,]
enclosing a cheque fur $342.98, I* ling
part of the refund of taxes due the
!city from ths* government; from 11. P.!
Christie, stating he had sold a certain
left to it L,  Fife and asked to have
i the assessment roll altered according*
! lv.   Latter put to one Bide till court of]
, - i
revision and  the former ordered ao
: know lodged nud tils'd.
I    His worship stated t ;»«• city wast
ais-l Harmonious.
A second meeting of the silver lend
mineownors of the Kootenays was held
in Sandon last week and waa largely
attended.   Tbis time the press was
liulcil and the proceedings were
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. YORK & COc,
Dealers in Fresh and Sait
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped io
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
characterized bv harmony nnd unau
iniiiv.   George Alexander,Byron -V
j Whit.', S. S.  Fowler, James Cronin
.•ind GeOrge i'ughes were appointed a
commitfee to proceed to Ottawa and
| support W, A., Galliher, M.i'„ in urg*
j ing tin: go\*emment to adopt a protective tariff [or the lead industry*
: Following is a copy of a resolution
, unanimously adopted by the meeting,
Iflfl furnished b) Louis _?ratt,pe^jretary:
|    I.   v\ hereas, the silvgr loud industry nf J'l'iti-sh Coluinbja.notwithstand
Lug the unusual richness ssf the ore,
; the proved continuity of tin' vein.s.nud
' the  favorable natural conditions of
i mining   in the province, i.-., and   for
i some  time has been, in a declining
condition, whieh, if uot ameliorated,
will end in total stagnation.   And
_.   WhereaB,the lead mining camps
I of ttis: United States, and particularly
I those iu the adjoining state oi 'Idaho,
^^^^^^^^^^^^H : iir*J. aud for \e,us have been, enjoying
"1 forward this indenture to you as 'grt-at prosperity, due to a protective
my resignation i" the seal   r hold in tariff etJnserviug the home  market,
your honoralile body, it Ix'ingimpossi   And
bile fox me toattend meetings regular*     8.   Whereas, tbesilver load mining
nV; and.' wrth'"business conditions as j industry ha*- been  for some years of
thi v str*'. 1 [eel it my duty to the elac* i national importance, and, unless al-
. and* myself lo take this Step with j lowed to decline; will speedily attain
i it delav   P.S.- Thi-' is my resigna- .to .( much **-i*i-}atier degieeof,import*
'.•.■I,   to  nil  intents  and   pu*-po*se«.iance,^^ llicnenttingby its increases! ex-
Please *'•••'•* t and oblige." , [penditiues the tmneafldadvancement
•    MavorYork was sorr**  to see Ald'hotboth easfc
ited  upon raeoeiVing tla
uun of taxes <..ni  the aldermen
I would doubtless feel pleased.   Then ;
; ■■• ■ still a small sum yel r<i l*' receiv* |
i ad,   There were only three delinquent
lots in the city left unsold at the gov
'i i.i neul sale at Kaslo,and they would
[doubtless be sold   lliis week and the
i balance of the u-.nu, •  refunded to the
* |citi
AkLBarber wrote us follows from
■' ■ Ottawa mine:
[ia.lser tak
this step, lint nt sucli n
mi and western
a no
B. C
Love Lightens Labor
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP. One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap. Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap.       Oet some and try it yourself.
l.m hour in i'n- terni ii  would Iw un*
• .>i'vi:.'..-i: • lo :"•".•; I tli • resigiitfteni
Then wasno necessity of gi iis.- to the
I., ibl • of au election uow .   Ms- suf
1 ''.'.-I ••■! laying  the tesignaii in ou thi
;   ..Mil. Word
Co-operative Association, Ltd.,
and ther
1.1 shirk
Hi had hi
he peopli
t In
Slecan, British Colombia,
■l. Wh.'i'i ii.-. our domestic market
foi .:i" uiaiuifactureil products of load
i* chiefly supplied from the products
of ■ ■: is mi.)* ! i:i Mi UCO and IrJU'sjpe,
v.'h e the labor cost of production is
m,ucb liyver than in this country a
c uditiou of utfairs permtlted by the
nh.illv in.;■,   ;iir,Ti* pr'.f"c'.ion r.lfisnliv.l
b\ the existing tariff -while the prices
oi white load, letid pipe, sheet lend
aud shot, in the Dominion of Canada
are approximately equal to the prices
charged for lhe Bame commodities in i
Ih   United States, all to the detriment
"i the producers,consumors and transporters ol lea I i.i this country.   And
5.    Whereas, under  the  existing
^^^^^^^ tii'm is afforded
I to  tlie  lead   producing    industries,
whilst adequate protection is afforded
ber)ropi"eseutedat|tol^ 0'!'."' ■****" <'/ T1'"'1 '"'
• ••*•! nortance, .,-,*.,. vn in US,    And
ti. Whereas, these conditions result in the exportation of a preponderance of our crude ore and bullion, the
former to the American Btnelters and
the latter to the markets oi the world,
hereto enter into competition with
granted the lend industry liy tlie gov
eminent, the Canadian smelters have
agreed to share the Isenefits with the
Mssto Husl" <•• lisii'.- n tls..l ali'.i* &PP-iD,ttid
for sMi<> TaTlliss.
The Chapleau mine, on Lemon
creek, ii onee more to the front in a
legal sense, as the old creditors,' to-
gather with a few new ones, have
started action to havo a receiver appointed. John Cholditch & Co., Nelson, are the movers in the action, but
thev are supported by the* other creditors. Originally the property owed
about $90,000, out payments .since
made reduced that amount close to
110,000. Repeated promises of settlement have since been made, but not
fulfilled. Ever since the whut down
two men and a couple of horses Lave
been kept, ou the payroll, but the
wages and supply account have not
been met, s*o there will be another
$2000 added to the old debts.
Last year a new company was floated in London nnd Ptiris by Ernest
Mansfield to take over the Chapleau
ami Gamp Mansfield propel tie:;, but
it is now doubted if a real transfer of
the claims took place, the idea prevailing that a bold bluff was run to
island off the creditors. Judgments
were secured against the Chapleau
company, so it is not expected there
will he much trouble in gaining the
siesirod end nt present. H. S. Lcunie.
of Kelson, was the solicitor for the old
company, but he ha** been superceded
by S. S. Taylor, who last week di<
charged the men nt the mine, but did
not pay them anv wages. Lennie hns
iuini-d forces with the other creditors
for the payment of his claim:-.
J. G. McCallum aud W. H. David-
sou, two of tho creditors in this eity.
were in Nelson on Friday in connection with the Chapleau business,
There will be much relief felt when
the financial troublea of that property
are finally ail justed.
mouths.   This   week
ug jump, totalling 240
l.»H» Ys»r'a Sfcl|nns.iita War* HSlst T«na—
A Ucstlthy Uvlsleisc* of Ilie Lire as.-l
Wassst's  ssf  th* Camp -Al'llnft** the
Kif K'*at. l*lii|!|><.v.
Ore in going out from the local division iu a regular stream just now,
shipments being heavier than thoy
bavo been for
they took a bi,
tons, The Enterprise was the principal shipper, sending out IW) Ions, the
bulk of which went to Nelson. Their
output for the month will l>e very
heavy. Frnm the Arlington -10 tons
waa shipped. As they have reduced
their force at that mine shipments will
bt; easy throughout the winter. The
Ottawa shipped another car this week
to Nelson, it being of second grade
,ore. They hnve part of another car
at the wharf, whieh is of No. 1 grade,
and is expected to give handsome returns. At the wharf are also lots from
the Republic and Black Prince, which
are to be shipped in a few days. For
the year shipments total IJltVi tons.
luiugnsw on the home stretch in an
effort to equal last year's record.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2t*i-17 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year the
(.•sports totalled (1529 tons, from fourteen properties. Following is a full
list of the loeal shipments this year tc
:uiti'l eoi* ii''.c the in in
fnation coulained in  Hie .*• .*■<-.- ,ib >*it
jtuc business of th ■ council. He would
:.-. >'. • that tho resignation lay on the
i,i!     nud that the clerk w ...• and ask
Aid. 1* ■ fbt ' o .ii' s.'.l council aud ex-
j plaiu what hi m i as
Aid, .*'.■<. idlum, in Biscouding th.'
motion, aid if *i•--.--• wns any blame
uttaching t'i council for nnything,then
I Aid. Barber must  - ii* »n 1« J» - *- hisshare,. ^^^^^
was nouseol his attempting I451"5.!11"!6 or noprotec
responsibility in that way
I N'e(ipa»sii	
] PaviUeak.....'.
i Duplex  	
' Fourth of July.
Speculater..  ..
I lampion .: ..'..
Hotel, U1
SLOCAN.   li.  C.
tru Ald.Barbor remai
board were uot satisfied portum
i v.ith the wny things were being den-'.!
Ii ..,•.- the first time Aid. Met lallum ;
; km • that i 13 -if iii" aldermon repre*
I Rented attj particular cliuue or faction
'but rather th ' the aldermen were,
'.■i.vti-l to do thi ir duty bv t1"* eity as
U whi le    Ha would like to bear Aid. *ne .
p. :.   explain himsell Mexican labor, and tht   siirpius pro-
TiSe motiou was put and carried,     it™ ! ,,f l-u' protected ls-:ul industry of
Bills  preseuted: City  payroll   i,,,-, the V tiii.d States.
veraber, $121.66; also Pioneer Liv*      '•   Therefore,  we, the  silver-lead
iv St.ii.i-. account for $12, brought' miners of the East and WestKoote
t lnet meeting.   Former ordered
to tin' finance Il
cheap European ai
Offer* up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It if the home of Travelling:,
Commercial, and Minins: Men.
tBTHINQ & HENDER50N, - Proprietors.
■•* rtiached
that rum
by A\ny trail or road
into the Town.
Do not j-o  past  its door
vou are dry, weary or hungry
up at insi m
paid ami lattor referi
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to Inl,   Ordered
I he i..:s;sir report) !   ■■   b ibalf of
licensing baard.that Ihej had mi i
Ion Wednesday hM and granted re!
I newa) of license*) to all thecity hotels,
Hia worship also reported thai he
| had Man  Frank Fletcher duriiig the I
mi that th.' latter ha 1 received
uLifroui the object ing
^^^^^^^^^^ini  t'le  i.Ill      «n^'
—>---    Fletcher was nowreadj  to
I transfer titles to the inillsits
i he would dsi just  «c Mi.m a
wan in n position to authoriz
li. i'. I rust i'n. * proposition re t
citv dobenttu*es,lRid over from tho li
uns takeu up and ugaiu di
.ine of the i'on-
townsite owners
nud this
the city
nay districts of British Columbia, in
avention assembled, do hereby recommend and respectfully urge the
euactment of a tariff act which will
afford ample protection to tho pro-
due rs, manufacturers and transport*
oi of lead, thereby creating and fostering a new and expansive home industry calculated to benefit all classes
by lhe stimulation of national trade
ion! commerce,
Having iu view the interests of the
producers,  manufacturers  and  cou-
. Burners of lead, we would recommend
r .t'li, equal to that imposed by the
: L'nited Stats-s, vi/..,
i -a li*:id in ores, 1.'. cuts a pound.
Ou lead in bullion, pigs, bars, and
i sild leal.'.!,', cents per pound
On lead In sheets, pipe, shot, etc.,
: 2J cents per pound,
Stsllifs. »rs< Kxpandte,
.A lute anmber of "the Spokane lie-
view contained an interview with Hon.
C. M. Mackintosh, of l?osslaud. In it
was thia statement: "If the strike iu
the Le Roi had lx*ea averted when
copper was at its high point, a loss,
direct and indirect, of $760,000 would
j not have resulted. If from the first
i the Le Roi hast received fair pl'ty, it
i would today be the best mine in British Columbia." Bernard McDonald,
then manager of the Le Roi, was responsible for that strike, and his state-
in."its ,'ire that the reason the mine
did not pay dividends was because of
the two per cent tax. Another case of
straining at a frnat and swallowing a
Ks*<liss.-lrsjf T'.elr Forcea.
For some time past the Arlington
has been gradually reducing its force.
owing to the drop in the pries* of sil-
ver. On Wednesday 11 more men
were let out, bringing the force dowu
, to Ies*. than 80. At the same time the
i Black Trince laid off seven meu and
: further reductions arc contemplated.
Manager Norman snys expenses of
supplies and development axe too high
compared wilh the very low price of
silver. The mine itself i' looking in
fine shape, more ore having come into
the lower workings during the week.
Ore is being sent down daily and a
carload is about ready to ko out.
■   "ff"f0
'    47
.    6164
On  white
lead, etc., 2^  cents per
Re*ops?nod under
ihfj oM nimuitfemcnt.
Former customera
cordially InTited to rotnrn
The Royal Hotel,
or. Artkt***•*!»•» eel Delaswl
ng thoroughly renora
»0d ro St eked witli the bs-st
J\S IT.*'.--,
v A •>'. Railing Uon-y.
An extraordiurry general meeting
of the shareholders of the V it M
Mines, ltd., owning property in this
division, was ciHi'd for last Wednes*
day iu the company's ofHoe at Vanoou*
ver. It was called for the purpose, of
ratifying the action of the extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders held on November 21, when
authority was given the shareholders
to borrow the sum of $1500 on the security of lhe company's property, the
same as now held by Dr. Langis, of
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these j^ff_\S
require from 111. Our ,tock In ^h - - ^
kept freehand well ***°n«l0>:' -re right.
best the market affords.   Price.-, <»^c
S uv
nieetiu'-. was laiicu up une^^^       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I'li-sssf. .   .  i' Ou all other products of lead as pro
The cleric reported that while in ^   ftp Diuglcy Tariff Act .if
Selson fraukFletchui and Qoo.K.yau u ml
had urged him to strongly LW0-nmie'r provided always, that if nt any time
theoouncll to accept tbe companyni ^ u proved that a combination
proposition, as being inor Minpi.-.-.i *'j , it>im,.t[ [or the purposeof
!,,„i ecouomioal thau provldinga slnl**, ^^ [noreasing the charges made
Ins fund, ,,   for Hmelting lead ores produced in
The mavoi suid aotbing n.i.i i u f-jftnujjg or for rofiningand marketing
rocoivod from Ihelioiitoiiant-j-ovornoi,: |0^ bt^Uou«or ii the ohairge for smelt*
,,„! he bad instructed the city soiici- d    .. -^    [u c.ium[a jh p,OVt..i
tor io telegn ph ou the mof^^j: Ktaut, theS the governor general
tain the necoasarj consent io u p<.*m .^ (..,UIll,,| m.A> H(, his discretion per-	
bylaw No. 14. ..    mi*. tj,eadmission into Canada of mad doners holding there waa no need or
Aid. [rfcCallunJ tnoyea •?"*•;" bullion smelted and refined in foreign demand iot it. a strong petitiou
110,000 proposition o the n.v . ru»i, trieg froin (',ini,«liati l<'iul ores. Ii;,.linst the application was presented,
(•„ be sfcepted. and that the smtcnor payment of an ad valoremdutv j w6hilf) - c Et^kllff spoke for the np-
lH, insln.'tedtodraM up Ibe >iewsi*.ii.\ l^j ^ |J(1-,.)M|t U)H)I1  the cost, of I     '' "
bylaw. ... „ .,, gmelting and refining.
Seconded by Ala. smitn.  jti^|    s    Al)(j t|u, swll.|iiry [a hereby
■ ii     s    iv« .anatnr-i ami I     »• K«-«h h.au completed his contract
irolng resolution to tne senators anui ^^™       ^^^^^^
miiusBi.'iB. ........ ....--—-■ t      . 11 Qjetnbers of the Dominion parliament
representing British Columbia, with
i   | the request lhat they present (he same
i   --       ii   ai      r     i   ir a do«fn to the federal government as a mo-
mnde applieatioii  for half a aown mor*Ri with their eodoraoment.
iTffibSSn and Smith moved i   In the event of any favors  being
lss* aecq
tl to draw ii
Aid. Smith.
Aid. Nichol wanted tho pr<
thoroughly explained boforev
i motion, which was done.
Molion  WIVS  then  put   and ca
and ilu' lottot orderssd tiled.
\U  U'erd.'si, for the fire  brigfl
iiliciition   for   half B  dOJtenl
l  SSJ'SMB-  I   i.-iia*-  li.Vl l*«-|i.
At the meeting of the license com*
niissioners held at Now Denver, Monday, the application of E. Johnson for
i a license for a hotel in the suburb of
Brandon was   refused, the   comtnis-
^^^     liackliff
plioant,   The action of the commissioner meets with general approval.
Htir .silvor rose this Week aa high as
48£ wnts.
The Bosun shipped another car ot
/ine this weak.
Slocan ore shipments have passed
the 27,01)0 ton mark.
The force on the Myrtle has been
increased to four men.
The Ottawa will have a record of
four cars shipped for thi-- month.
Sandon mines last week shipped 886
kins ot  ore. of which  10!) tous was
An unfounded rumor had it last
week that the Speculator was to shut
The Republic has one of the biggest
showings of high grade ore ever seen
in the country.
Fred Carlisle hns sold the Aggi"
group of four claims, ou Springer
creek, to the Ottawa peoplo.
The first car of ore sent out by the,
Ottawa was of third grade stuff, but
tho returns were very satisfactory.
In one place iu the lower workings
on the Meteor there is 14 inches of
ore. The. lessees will send out a carload next month.
The lessees of the Meteor have been
having quite a task lately keeping the.
. trail open. What work has Ik'oii done
I In tlu* lower drift is showing the ore
to Ihi getting richer. It averages dose
to iin ounce iu gold, besides the high
silver values.
l lll.l.lM'S.
The skating rink has lioon opened
for business.
Thu railway wharf and runway are
being repaired.
A few days now will witness the
commencement of the local rush to
Tho case of Thurston vs Weyl came
before Mr. Justice Martiu at Nelson
on Tuesday.   It  was subsequently
" --"--'  the
.tin:.' on
adjourned,   with   costs   against
Miss Bertha Merrill, of Nelson, the
well known Socialist speaker und
writer, will address the Sloean Socialist League in the iMiuers' Union hall,
on Sunday next, at 8.80 p.m. Subject;
The cussedness Of human nature; its
cause aud eure. •
•KisK-riirUst Vlgisraa r»r Octsibar.
A cable sent to the London othec by
the manager of the Enterprise tells
what was done at  that miue ituriug
Of building the new government bulge {th,7 month  „■ October*^. "There «yai
across Carpenter creel; at New Den
I ver.
i The Slocan license commissioners
'refused all applications for new
I li<{in.ir licenses,
8.'5.'i tons of ore milled. Net estimatsil
value, silver-lend $5650, rinc $600,
Total working expenses $8867, inolu*
sivc of cost of development $1080
Mill running steadily." 'TWEEN LOVE
A Novel hy Annie Thompsm.
Kato appeared next. morning with
a lu res.** apron tied over her dress,
suggestive of work in prospect: .lolin
nut iced it at once, his thoughts hnd
not lieen so entirely diverted from
its  wearer ns she supposed.
"Now Kn,te," lis* exclaimed,, "you
need not think that you will be allowed to knock yourself Dp trguin,
just, immediately' Vmi are to walk
wiih me to Qarlolgh; we shall lunch
inn, and meet Mary at
to do," said Kate
then:  we start nt
at  tin*     old
the Station."
"1   hnve    work
hesitnl Ihgly,
"It must  wait
twelve "'
Mr. f'erris looked * rather bewildered when this arrangement was explained to" him He had an Indefih-
ite idea that things were not going
rightly, 'When had Kate absented
herself from her work on two consecutive days before?
"If it is only a question of meeting Mary," he said, "I can save you
the trouble, . J have a christening at
Main's of Overton, this afternoon,
and 1 can leave word,, as; I drive
past the station, thut MaT.v is to
wait there till I come for her."
"But it is more than a question of
meeting Mary, Mr. Ferris. Kate will
stop indoors the whole day, if some
one does not make her go out.,"
"Very well, very well: let her
please herself."
Kate seemed undecided, but at
twelve o'clock, she '"ppearcd. cauip-
ped far a walk."
Life at Carleigh wus rather exciting than otherwise. There was an
element of uncertainty about it, due
to the fact' that the railway lino
was doubled just outside the station,
to permit the* train fnmi the North,'
to pass the trufn from the South.
Whichever came in first, had to retire to the siding to wait for the
nlher—it was never quite certain
which would come in lirst. Three
times .a duy. for fifteen or twenty
minutes before ihe trains were "*'-'-
pocted" the station master, and tho
porter met to discuss probabilities,
stimulated occasionally by questions
from a passenger or a passing laborer: the detaining effects of various
fairs, markets, ami holidays were
canvassed, while I.arron dilated upon the semi-burlinric days before thc
line was doubled. Barron was fully
conscious of the importance of his
position. The privilege and responsibility of receiving two trains In
the station at the same time, does
not fall to the lot of every station
master—he cherished a pharisaic
gratitude that ho was not as were
tho station masters of I'lenesslo and
Kirkton. He had his griefs. It was
a positive pain to him to see the
mail train dash disdainfully past
Oarleigh: in moments of great exultation ho imagined himself detaining
the mail' train foi; two or three minutes  on  the siding.    .
Otner subjects than tho vugarios
of railway trains, were discussed on
the station platform. Barron, as an
elder of .the church, wus an authority
on doctrinal points; and, as the first
to receive the weekly paper which .
was shared by a select few of the
village, he wus frequently applied to
for information regarding.the doings
of the outer world. The information
given, he interspersed so freely with
comments 'pf- his own, that to tho
Garlelglv-mind it r0ma.ln.2d uncertain
whether Mr. Gladstone or Barron
was responsible for the dictum that
Home Rifle wus thi; only right treatment for,the trotter disturbances and
the Irish difficulties—evils which
were directly attributable --to. Opg-
inal Sin-aggravated, by Tory obstinacy. ,  "•'•'  *  * .;       .
"Which train'do you'expert lirifl I
to-dny, Mr.. Barron?" inquired K,a,tc,,|
as she nndjier companion came-up-'
on  the "plat(o,rni.       , ..f        .    j
The station master held Tip-his
hand to command silence, assumed
an intent ^expression, hnd renin Inert'
rigid for iii. 'few moments daring'
which the porter struggled With . a
desire to clear Ijis throats. At last
Barron's . features' lelnxed,—''.Sho'*s
whiislin,' Glenesslcl" he announced..  ,
"Oh. t'hu'South* traiii f %0 '-shall'
have to wait  some minutes,  John."
They Wandered up and down the
platform, pending the arrival of tlie
South train, which cumc in presently
and was, relegated to ..tho siding alter thc guard, the engine driver, ainl
Barron had indulged In a le*-*uroly
conversation." Then- the Nor'h *.rain
came flying round a distant starve
at full speedy as though it had not
the rcni'otest' in'tcntion. of stopping
anywhere: suddenly tlie driver scorned to realize what was expected ot
him, steam' -was turned ofl, the
brakes .applied, and __the train
brought.violently to a stand-still in
front of .t|ie .phjctforui.   ,(        ' (
Mary alighted. She seemed to bo
even more radiantly happy than usual: sho,'kis,sed .Kute .several, times,
ond clung, closely. f.o Jicr arm as. if
the embrace were meant, to convey^
some idea that slio could not'express
in wordtj"      * . . J,'
"I can**t*;holpttf," Kate,'" she said,
in answer toTier*'cbiiHln's look of a«-
tonishment. "The day is so lovely,-
nnd the sun Is so bright, and I am
so happy! "Have y'oii- two* miSsed
"Have.;. yaujuisbod us?',' returned
Kato nervpuslv. ".My dear Mury, do
you Intdnfl tcnltsjafj' tip this puce dll
tho way Jtonn*?, KeiheuibeV wc* KaVc
two tniles,,tp ,wu.-lk y.et.J'   • .,'     ••      : .*
The disUiucji.iseisimed short.. Mary's
gay humour infi-cted her company
ions: she 'questioned them about
their doings,. enlighTened them as to
her    own,     nnd found material    for
laughter in everything that wns snid.
lYI'ttTn they were within half a mile of
tho Manse, they were overtaken by
Mr. Ferris, who stopped driving as
ho reached them.
"Lot mo go the rest of the way
with you, Uncle," cried Mary.
"Como then, you Witch, hero ,aro
the reins. Is it only four days since
you left'us?"
She took her'seat, and leaned forward to kiss him.
"Yes," she suid slowly, "only four
days: but it seems more liko a year."
"So.I think, child; I have missed
Sho waved her hand to the others,
and 'drove away.
"Mary is like sunshine!" exclaimed
Kate involuntarily. John turned to
her at once.    .
"Ah," you feel that too, Knte. I
cannot Imagine how you anil Mr.
Ferris get on when she is awuy for
any length of time."
"We survive "
"Yes, of course: but what a difference It must, mnko,"
"People cannot always have sunshine," said Kate shortly.
"Knte, 1 know what you must, be
thinking of. I must seem very Selfish . to you: but remember thai, l
have had to do without her for
seven years, anil you have hail her
all that timo.    It  is my turn now."
Kato became suddenly breathless:
an aching chill stole over her, she
seemed to herself to bo drifting olT
into distance, and yet she was distinctly conscious of the roughness of
the ground beneath her feet. She
heard a vofco, that seemed to come
from a long way olf, say, "You
know what I want, Kate; wish me
well," and she heard another voice,
surely not her own, respond, "I huve
always wished your happiness with
all my heart."
Tho rest of the walk was a blank.
After tea, it was not suggested
that open air exercise would be advisable for Kate.. John and Mnry
found their way outside as usual,
and turned toward tho rocks.
."Not a word, John, until we are
there, and then I am going to speak
first," cried Mary. "Bo let us walk
as fast as ever 'we can."
"Certainly," he said, bewildered by
her haste.
The.v reached the rocks, and the exceeding • beauty of thc scene spread
before, them, held theni silent fsir a
littlo.    . |   .
"It - la just aa I "hoped it would,
be," sighed Mary, with tightly clasped hands, "such wonderful color*
ana the- sea looking so happy, and
Arran quite clear Why do you look
at s\iran like that, John? Boos it
•remind yoii of something?" "*
"lt makes me think of Grand Canary-on-an infinitely small scale,'' he
answered slowly, "and that reminds
me'of—"   .   .
"Of what?"
"Oh, no matter: something I had
almost forgotten. We did not come
here to speak of that."
"Of Grand ("unary? no, Indeed I
John, T hnve been so impatient for
the evening to come."
"mi      have        I.       Mury." He
helsl out his hands to her,
anil she put her own within them,
speaking eagerly:
"I made up my mind that you
should bo the first to know. I would
Bot tell any one, not even Kate, before you. You are so dear, and good,
and kind to me; you will be so glad
when you h'*ar what I huve to tell.
It only happened yesterday. I am
gong to bo married,  John."
His lingers closed over hers with a
tight grip, so that sho winced with
pain.    •
"1 don't understand you. Say that
"Ah, I don't wonder you cannot
understand,' I can hardly believe it
myself. To thin1: of any one caring
like that, for me! But it is quite
true; he does care for me, though I
am not. worth it, and oh! — I—am
— so — happy."
"How   long  has   this   been     going
on?" Tin* sound of his .voice quite
startled her.
"Ui you mean, how long    have    I
known him? A year, I think; but'   I
have not. seen him  ofls'n until lately.
.1 'never   knew  he  cared   for   me     till
yesterday." •       ; .
"Bo you love hini, Mary?".
"More than I can tell you, John."
She breathed out the words as if
Oley were almost loo sacred for any
one to hear.
. Ho lot go her' hands nnd turned
away frOm' her abruptly. Mary looked, after, film1 in atiiii/eiiiiint; he hud
not evon Snid'that lie Was'pleased
BUS felt sudsls'iily .very, sore at-heart.
Tfuirft gathered.*ni,h's«' eyes mil stole
down her face; she could not. see the
colors In the sky uny lunger, the
waves mocks*d her with their laughter ,— it was all so different from
what she-hod e\iioo*t***d. She. crouched
down oo the rocks, and Jooked at
tho bunds that still ached with the
rough treatment' they had rorelvcd;
the stght of thc dark finger marks on
them seemed, somehow, to accentu-
ato her disappointment. In spite ot
herself, she sobbed aloud. John came
back to her. instantly.
- "Don't cry, Mary. Dear, I can't
bear to seo you cry1. What Is the
matter?" '
*'6h, T don't know. ' I thought you
would bo pleased, but I sever heard
you speak so-harshly before, and you
have hurt my hands."
He took them In his own, and covered them wilh 'kisses.     ...   •
"Thi're! does that proyc to you
that I did not mean to hurt them?
Harsh wtbiiIs! have I qsed harsh
words? and lo you! What would you
liko me to, say, dear? Tell me, nnd
I will sny it."
' "I thought you would have" snid'
how glad y6u*nre that I am happy."
• "I—am,glad that you are happy.''
Khtf smiled fainrly, already the-
world seemed brighter.
"Thank .vou,- John, I.'knew you
Would bo -pleased,. I. am so glad I
.have told _ Some on.?; it has been
dreadfully hard to say'nothing about
"Its all thb afternoon. I do wish, John,
thnt-yoii CouM bo-os happy'as I. Bo
you know, when! saw you together
this afternoon, I thought that perhaps,N^ou and — and  Kate—"
"hush, Mary I" Again his voice
startled 'her. "I want you to' go
back   to  tho  Manse,   dear;     without
waiting tor me, you understand?
And tell them — what you have told
me. Will you? before 1 come
"Of courso I will."
Sho rose at once, struck her foot
against a stoue, nnd almost fell, Instantly ho had lifted her, and carried her to tho road. There he
stood, holding her hands In his, and
speaking rapidly.
"I am to blame. I had no right
to use harsh words, and blind your
eyes with tears so that you could
not see tho way. And the rocks are
too rough for your feet; you should
have none but smooth places to walk
on, if I—I Mary, don't you understand? I want your happiness only,
always; It Is dearer to me than anything; I would give my lifo to secure It. Mary, can't you understand?"
"Oh. yes, indeed, John; you have
mndo mo very happy again, I knew
you would bo glad about it; it is
very good of you  to caro so much."
"Oo, Mnry, quickly."
Sho went, nnd he followed her with
his eyes.   Of courso sho had not understood;  ho hated  himself,     because
he wished that she hnd.
Long before Mary's return to the
Manse, Kate had .gono to her room.
A headache, Which existed to a
small extent and was presently to
be intensified, wus her excuse for retiring early. Truth to tell, she
shrank from Mary's confidences; to
weep with the mournful seemed far
easier ln tho present circumstances
than to rejoico with the Joyful. She
paced up and down her room, starting at every sound, miserable with
apprehension when she hoard footsteps in her neighborhood. An hour
passed; and she was beginning to
reckon upon being undisturbed that
night, when her door was gently
pushed open, and a low voice called,
"Come In, Mary."
"I was afraid you might be asleep,
dear. I am so sorry about your poor
head, is it very bad?"
"It has been worse."
"Will it hurt you if I come in and
talk a little?"
Mary Stole, across the room to the
window where her cousin stood, nnd
lenns'd her head against Kate's shoulder.
'I wish you would kiss me,'' she
Kato stooped down to give the required caress.
"Whut does that prelude, Mary?"
"Oh, you don't often kiss me, you
know, ami to-night I want to feel
that you love me. Such a wonderful
thing has happened!"
"I suppose I know what it is."
"You can't, I am sure; you would
never guess it. It is thc most unlikely thing you can think of. to huve
happened to mo! If he hnd fallen In
lovo with you, now, I should not
havo been at all surprised; you are
so clever and sensible."
"So I am to understand that some
ono bus  I'allon  in  love  with  ymi."
"Yes. dear," Mary raisesl her head
nnd whispered in Kate's ear — "I
am engaged to, bo married!"
Kale kissed her again.
"I hope you will be very happy,
Mary. You will have a good husband."
"Indeed I shall, far better than I
deserve! And if you knew him as
'well as I do, you would be as astonished ns I am. that ho cares for
me; but you will see him to-morrow.
I havo told him a great deal,' about
you, and he wants to know' you
better. Ho could not quite remember what you are like, but then he
has only seen vou twice."
"Only seen me twice!"
"I ms-ant you to be the second to
hear about it," pursued Mary eagerly; "don't bo vexed with me because
I told I'ncle before you Y'ou seo, I
found him in the purlor ufter I came
back from telling John, so I just
told him "
" 'Telling John!' " Knte repeated
tho words In, utter bewilderment
"What disl you tell John''"
"Why Kate, dear! that. I am going
to be married of course "
"You told him! .Mary, my hend-
ache has made me dense, I cannot understand you,  tell  me again."
"Hcally-you are very stupid 1o-
Bight," cried Mary half petulantly
"I have to keep on explaining, and
ovplaining! Do . try to understand
Kate, I am going to be married to
Gavin Wishart."
Kate leaned against the window
for support; her mind was in hopeless confusion, she wished she could
Steady it as easily as she steadied
"What did he say?" she usked at
"Gavin? About you, do yssu
"Ko, no,- Mary, John."
,. | 111  Its' 10.M1.NUED.]
An   In. ilnli.sn.
welcome, Mr. winter;
PoilUtp on de griddle,
Tatei's In de ashes white
En mualc ln de fiddle!
—Atlanta Constitution.
William Henry, the Celebrated English Medical Authority, Experiments 0n|
Himself with Dodd's Kidney Pills, and Gives the Results.
literary calling-he could not stoor.. I
■it.   and   an   n\„\,\   nns   - ,. •"WI
l-nltilraa   Dentistry.
"Did your dentist hurt you much?"
"Not this time; his charges wero very
rralty III*** Aatkorltr.
General Wlnfleld Scott, the hero ef
the Mexican war, used a secretary for
all his correspondence, private as well
us official. Once, ln tbe absence of his
secretary, he Undertook to write nn order for the transferring of some provisions, and spelled "wagon""waggon."
•Later, the secretary ln looking through
Hie various mcmorujlda, etc., found
the order and detected the error.
"General," ho usked affably, "by
what authority dp you spell 'wagon'
with a 'double 'g*.?'*
Scott never turned n hair ns ho replied without a moment's hesitation:
"I'.y what authority? By the authority of the major general commanding the armies of' the United States,
sir! What l>etter authority do you
Englishmen are proverbially slow
to take up new things. They cliug to
the old till the new haa been tried
and tested, till it has been proven
beyond a doubt that it is sound in
Its every principle.
But once they have passed on it,
and passed favorably, it goes forth
to the world bearing a stamp of genuine value that nothing else could
give it. And from that time forth
that new thing, be it a thought, a
fabric or a remedy, bears the hallmark of sterling worth "that nothing
can destroy.
Wby   I'liiiuilii    la   I'rssssti.
It Is for this reason that Canada
has now cause to be prousi ol her
advance along tho walks of science.
For an English authority, one of Ihe
highest in all England,-one of the
highest in the world, has declined
anil declared us emphatically us mun
can do it that Dodd's Kidney Tills
m Catiiulian discovery, i.s the one
remedy that treats diseased Kidneys
aa they should be treated; and effectually and permanently cures tbem.
Au   l.iiili.iii    Authority.
William Henry is the name of the
English scientist who makes this
statement. He is known, respected,
and followed in thousands of British
homes, for as the author of "The
Penny Medical Library" and kindred
works he has talked medical science
in simple words to almost the entire
British family. And William Henry
makes this statement concerning
Dodd's Kidney Pills, because he hus
tested Dodd's Kidney Pills thoroughly, because he has given Dodd's Kidney Pills the most thorough and
practical of all tests, he has used
Dodd'a Kidney Pills himself for Kidney Trouble, and has been cured by
Nor la this eminent Englishman
mild in his expressions of the satisfaction he feels at the result produced by this remedy. "Dodd's Kidney Pills is certainly a wonderful
remedy," he declares. "As a Kidney
remedy, I would back it against all
the drugs ln the Pharmacopoeia."
William Henry haa of course watch-
Author of  ''The Penny  Mwlical
As a Kidney remedy I would
bnck Dodd's Kidney Pills
against all the drugs in the
ed the working of Ds>dd'8 Kidney
Pills from a scientific standpoint,
unsl he alliiin: they are alike right in
theory anil practice. He says of the
theory :
Klililisy     l lis I n|i.-ist|s -,.
"I had reail one of Dodd's Kidns*y j greatest and best known meiliral &u-
Pills pamphlets, and could tell from I thority. It puts the stamp of (jen-
iiiuy call Kidney Therapeutics,'I sawjulne   worth   on   Canada's    greatest
I. |
sit, and so could not work,
pains in the back and loins wort'«.■
cruciating. Anothe-. marked lytr^l
torn was bladder Irritation H»ai, I
had heart "fluttering." h4 'JJI
depressed, irritable, and subject t I
bad dreams. He was frequently <,1\
pressed by a drowsiness he could not I
throw off. *f
ReaulU   Obtained.
Ho tried all sorts of things for hi)
trouble, medicines old and medloln-a
new. Somo gave him temporary -a.
lief, but that was all. Then
tried Dodd's Kidnoy Pills, und
gives 'the following results of
"(1.) Before I had finished ons box
of Dodd's Kidney Pills 1 was per.
fectly free from uric acid, my wntw
being ipilte normal.
"(2.) Three doses brought a sreti
improvement, though I was ejitrcra*.
ly bad before taking the first one.
"(8.) Every one of the symptom*,
1 have mentioned, as well as thi
violent headaches which I had tot-
got to mention,  had disappeared.
"(4.) Though It is now six monthi
since I took the last dose of Dodd'i
Kidney Pills, there ls not now ,
trace-' of uric acid In my urine, notwithstanding that my diet and modi
of life are just the same as they always  wero."
What   It   Mrr-.na.
This,   in  brief,  is the experience oil
William    Henry,    perhaps    Kngland'il
ney l'ills had really studied whnt I
jhe wus often unable to follow his
I thut he wns on the right truck,
'cleanse nnd tone up the kidneys, and
!they will not only get rid of the
; uric acid, but will prevent it accumulating. Thnt is his argument, I
itake it. und it is a sound one. This
soundness hus been strongly proved
|in my caso."
Mr. Henry goes on to relate how
he was so troubled with Gravel that
Ihe  was  often   unable  to   lollow    his
meiliral discovery'. Dodd's Kidaeyl
Pills. This, addesl to the testimony!
of the thousands who have been re-l
lieved and permanently cured brl
Dodd's Kidney Pills, must convince!
even the most sceptical that Canadil
stands in the front rank of mesdlcr.ll
research, and that chief among the!
remedies she has furnished ths worldl
stands thut sure cure for Hheumt-I
tism, Bright's Disease, Diabetes, and I
all other forms of Kidney Complalnt|
Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Common Senap la Ihs* IIpmI llrnirsly
Tlissi (un Uo Prescribed.
I once naked u physician what cure
he could suggest lor the worrying hub-
it. "I would prescribe common sense,"
he siiid. "111111 if n man or womnn
hasn't got a stock on hand uml cannot
cultivate one the medical iniiu is pow-
erls'ss." This worrying nonsense grows.
The best means to cure it lies in the
hands of the woman herself.
If she will Juut cnll a little horse
si ;iss' to her tt id. resolve not to borrow
trouble, to be cheerful and think upon
the right side of things, site Will live
longer nnd In* able to retain her beauty.
Every woman bus the strongest desire
lo keep her good looks. Why, then,
does she lake the course which is sine
to make her yellow Skinned, dull eyed
nnd thoroughly unlovely?
The Englishwoman is greatly nd-
mirs-d for her utter refusal to worry or
lo he worried. Consequently site looks
young nt fifty. Undertaking no more
than she can coiufortnlily carry out
and firmly believing In the coming of
ii not her day. she dsses not procrastinate, but simply will not let the domestic machinery grind her down to ill
health anil an earl*/ old age.
She is a frequent bather and regards
health ns the prime factor of life, to be
Isiuku'l after be:ore everything else.
She sleeps nine hours nnsi nlso takes ti
nap dsnli:'" the dny nrranglng her
work in the most systematic manner.
Her liitle memorandum slip always
shows two meant hours—they nre for
rest. She l'ills heartily, hut of th» most
digestible food, and WOUld n'.'.i.T huve
a mouthful of good fund ami go partly
hungry than out n whole meal of
cheaper things.
All      lIl-ptBIB IB  f
A well known professor has a bright
buy, who one duy.at. Ihe age of four
appeared In his father1! study clasping
h) his hands a forlorn looking little
chicken wblcb hud strayed from a
neighboring Incubator.
"Willie," said his father, sternly,
"take Unit cblcken bnck lo Its mother."
"Ain't dot nny uiuddiT," answered
"Well, then, take It back to Its fnther," said the professor, determined to
maintain parental nu thority.
"Ain't dot any fudiT," snisl the child.
"Aiu't dotanythln' but nn old lump!"
It Mnkers  Them  Willi.
"I wonder why they nlwnys cnll
them the 'wild Waves?'" snys the
thoughtful one.
"1 don't know, but I think I know
what mnkes them wild," says the
cynical one.
"So muny fools happen nlong, nnd ns
soon ns they see the waves they nsk,
'What nre the wild waves suylug?'"
Too   Ibisis.S iiisu«.
Tess—Why do you dislike him ro?
JeSS—Ob, he says sueh hateful
things. He told me lost evening that
bounty wus only skin deep, and—
Tess—Anil you Immediately proceeded to show him how thin skinned you
The   Inflaenee.
Jerry—How do good clothes make a
mnn a gentleman''
Joe—They make hlm feel as If he
was expected to act like one.
Scant Praiae.
The old saying that "praise to tin*
face is open disgrace" ls still nrmly
believed by some people. A young
woman who was brought up by her
New England grandmother, a notable
housekeeper and example of thrift,
says that the adage waa a household
guide ln her family.
One dny her grandmother weut off
to pay a visit, and the ambitious girl
of sixteen scrubbed and polished, swept
and dusted until it seemed ns If ths*re
was nothing left to do. Her heart best
high with the hope of a word of commendation as sbe sat ln the kitchen
doorway waiting for her grandmother's
When the old lady arrived she looked
about her with keen eyes, but there
seemed no chance for criticism until,
stooping down under the kitchen table
which stood near the open door, she
saw thnt the south wind bad wafted a
bit of fluff from the hen yard.
With eyes thnt would twinkle in
spite of herself she pointed en accusing finger at this evidence of carelessness and snid soberly:
"Janet, my dear, I see there's a
feather In tbe kitchen. It's high time
I came home!"
Mark Twain ma  a  Bowler.
When Mark Twain was an editor ln
Hartford he was considered a formidable opponent nt skittles. Ills favorite
resort wns a bowling alley In a cellar
on State street, not far from the steamboat dock. While the celebrated humorist was under Major Pond's management he was billed as one of the
features for nu evening's entertainment
at the Young Men's Christian association hall ut Newark. There was ,-a
bowling alley Immediately underneath
the lecture room. As .Mark Twain was
on his wsy upstairs with thc major he
caught n glimpse of It.
"What's going on iu there-bowling?"
"Yes," replied the major, who knew
his wonkness, "but never mind thut
now.   You're due on the platform."
"Run In somebody else for ten or fifteen miuutes," said Mark Twain. "I
shull do ever so iwich better after a
little exercise."
And be did.
Prettr  Cold  Weather.
Two boatmen on the Ohio river were
talking about cold weather and of a
certain severe winter. "It was Just
awful," said one of them. "At Cincinnati the river was froze tight, and the
thermometer went down to 20 degrees
below Cairo."
"Below which?" asked his puzzled
"Below (ulro, you blubberhead! You
see, when It freezes at Cairo lt must
be pretty cold, so they gay so many
degrees below Cairo."
But light wns bursting in upon tho
other. "No, they do not," he excluded eagerly. "You've got lt all
wrong.    It's so  many degrees below
kT;. \, "0t k,,ow wlmt I* means,
bnt that a what they sny when It's
dreadful cold."
Tlse   Moon,
Of 1,000 parts of the mnon B70 are
ylslbe toi us on the earth and 424 parti
remain hfaaen abMutely to man's eyea
Mackerel  are  notable  as   migrants
They appear.on the middle au, ," ic
const in the spring In po0r .,,,., , JJ
but they work their warSortfi'Stfi
sun   feeding aud Improving a '   , y
Sir H.nrj- IrvlisS Mpraka • li.i.,,1 Word J
Sir    Henry  Irving wus entertained]
rsiently      ut  .tyllitbingh'   by   the   Ptt
anil Pencil Club, .nnd in respond  i«
the toissi of iiis health referred to »|
s.ieech made by Mr. Aiiili-'w ( ,naive
at   the   opening   of   the  Toxtetll   Ull
nny, in the course of whish ho sua!
ho     "wus  in  f.svor  sif sm li   biiiliii.-
I.eiiig   used  not  only  fnr  the  Origiaid
purposes,    but     for       the     purposes
ol    druinuiic entertainments, sii*r is
sons    und    other   purposes     wl
serve    to     bring out local talei t "
"That," suid Sir Henry, "wus on tail
practical    side of things; but  .mhj
on Mr. Carnegie gme a reason    furl
Ii.h view which came with remarkiil*]
force,    He showed the value ..; fti«u;-J
inative work,  I,(tion  und  the dra:na,t
iu  the life of the >peoplS uml in tbtl
general advancement of hum.in (•o-kI.I
Hcnr  his  words     'One of tie   prob-t
lems which those responsible fer Usl
maintenance of libraries had to (ucel
wns      the extent     to     Which    flctloal
should be admitted, nnd nt "ne timel
his   own view   had been unfavorabli|
tsa this.     He hud  changed  his view
however, and was of the opinion thut I
it wus     no use to provide n ladder!
for    the   aspiring    to  climb   II  '    '•
made the first step too high anddH-
licult.     He therefore,  hoped the committee would be chary of     not   ud-1
mitting fiction, because if they couldI
Induce a  Working  man  or  woman to
take  home a   book   of  fiction  to  ri'aiil
there  was     every reason to hc!u'i«
that  tho  liternry   habit  minht  grow
and the reader might develop Into  M
student     of    some more  Importsntj
rVranch of literature.'     in   this   re-l
niurkiililo Ufe," continued Sir     Henry,    "Mr.    Oarnegie has ione many I
dig .things,  including the making   oil
the biggest fortune ever made by human industry.     But In all his bllfld-|
ing ho hnd never built  better or bigger than In thnt little speech." '
Wralmlii.u ra sls.lisrsl <.!«•.■
Thc great rose window tn thesoutij
transept of the abbey, whloh ba-j"*t|
been dedicated to lhe memory ot >**,|
late Puke of Westminster, re lai'l
the poverty In the mailer of   stuinssll
glass of our national Valhalla.    ''''I
Puritan iconoclasts made short   shrift j
ofthe miignltiient und prloslossgla**I
of the thirteenth,  fourteenth and   Uf'
teenth   centurlps.     PrugmeuLi   aloMJ
could be found  to    form  "the B*tf*'|
ordinary   patchwork" of tho   great]
east  window, where scarcely an>  US'
ure   is   dlstinguishuble.      The grcatl
west window belongs to thu reign "'
Ceorge II., whose uiins a'c    In    tho
centre.   Fran tho same period   ihOtt |
the-wiadow ' ln the south   tranwPj"
then there is a window in the lOUth*
west tower    given  by Mr.   Chlldi   °'J
Philadelphia to tile .memory   °' t'"-
two religious   poets, deorge Horjiert |
nnd  Williiim  Cow|igr,  both  WesUnbl"
sl.er   echoliirs.        True,   lhe     cliul''''1
house    close by is    noli so badly ""
Its   windows,"  setting  forth  varloul
Incidents in   the abbey  etory.   "■'"
presented by the late Queen nt'(l    jw
American   and   Knglish    iubscrlbcrl'
Hut as the spare available for """'^
meals diminishes the stained   B'*J~
window seems  an   nppro, iliitc    nV
memoratlon for men ol ip<"'' ""."""i
nl importance Mini*  tin* lute  D*JH*
Westminster.—tsondon Daily    <-•".•"'
Ulo.-     ■        __■	
.      Snake   l-harnsfM.
The statement  In made on. tbe *V
thority of n' denier In niiimalH   '■■»
;nost   annko   charmers  nre   •»"''l'*"'
fiends.   By the. nbsorp)lnn of Iml P»
son tlioy-'bccotno Impervious to tbO.!''
sou of all but {ho most deadly variu/.
of suukes. The Drill.
Queen Victoria was baptized, mar-
rit,(i, and crowned by Archbishop
Howley. It is remarkable thut
Oeorge III. was also baptized, married and crowned by one man—Archbishop Seeker.
Messrs.  C.  0.  Richards & Co.
Oiitlomen,— My three children wore
dangerously low with diphtheria. Un
the advice of our priest my wife begun the use of MINARD'S LINIMENT. In two hours they were
greatly relieved, and in live days
t|l(.y wero completely well, and 1
jrmly believe your valuable Liniment
gaved tbo lives of my children:
Gratefully yours,
Muir's Mills, Juno loth, 18yy.
Ol r.7,r> plants, a gout was round to
eat *1 1U. nntl refuse 1211. A pig, on
llu* other hand, would only eat 72
0ut ot 248 offered to It.
MINARD'S UN1MLNT Relieves NeuiLcla.
In tH'Ji*. Winchester, and not London
was proclaimed to be the capital of
England, and so it remained for two
Th. Trouble Not Da. to Origin,, „B.
><u!y'!l',;" ",° tyrant '"*'• <• teething
gll    I  all     I    flmPOr   lBn'*   **"*•   tO   Vtt
n ttan reVeri  U'1' ™* Hl"''"'-*
doesn't   i? r"M '"' ll"; f'""i'y. He
Tiev ,,,    t,W   W,mt    iM   the matter.
«» do.   The trouble is they do not
3in     a     r,What  t0 d0    f'»-    ''••*•
o dsl p.   A    Ontario  mother  write,
y   ,ul,v sHl'.i8 l"St  t6 *>-     "^en
I hn, Ih I o^'df* re9UeSs  'rW >'
le .  ,'       * ^nt t0 ll0' -*iw Wm*'
.,"   '! P00*" aPRetjJfana ate but
,,V      n'T Powi°8 thin.     I got
•box of Baby'a   Own Tablets   und
• s,V     ,!' ", Kr,,nt ch""«"       Ue now
'* s w"l,; hM " - Ud   appeUtt.
J,1" f»vea me oo trouble at ull.'f
ims s the experience not only of
Mrs. i ,K, Scliroeaor, pf* Hanover.
ont., but ulso „f thousand' of bothers all over tho Dominion. A'Jpaby
toothing Is cross because his blood is
heated and his little "bowels ■ constipated iy unhealthily* relaxed, und
his system,heuteil by tho effort of
getting the teeth thttfugh the gums
Baby*? Own Tablets act' like magic
not only in this, but In all uilmi-nts
of little ones. Bold by druggists or
sent postpaid at 2.-. cents a box by
writing direct to the Dr. Williams
Medicine. 8o«, Brockville, Oni . or
Schenectady, NY
State ■ f Ohio, i ity ssf Tel-ado, I
I.uiMa (/.su t>. I    '
Kriiisl* J. Cheney ninki's oath Hiast he in
ni'iuiu partner ol the lirui ol K. .1.
Cheney A Co., dolus* tsiiaiueHN tn tbo City
ol Toledo, Counlv nail Unite ulsiii'siuil,
asiil thut said Urin will imy the huhi ol
ONE HUNl'ltKD DOLLARS for eaih ami
ai.il every raise ol C'aturrli that cannot
tie cured by the urn* of Hall's Catarrh
Swum to before use isnsl Hul>*.i'ritis*il in
my pu'seiue thia Oth ihsy ol liecemlsei.
A' II    1H80.
A    W    CLKAHllN.
iMeiil) Nutary  Public,
Hall's Catarrh Cure ta taken internally.
is- 'l   acts  illruotly   on   the blond  and   inu-
(•iius aurfuces ol the system, .Send fur tes-
liiiitinialn,  fres*.
F,  J.  CHENEY  A  00.,  Toledo, O
Sssld by all  druuk-iata    7.V
Hulls   I'biiiiIv   I'illa  are  the  best
The jolsr system is travelling towards the constellation Hercules at
lully 20,000 miles an hour, It. will
tak.. s million years to gel there.
When washing greasy siisb.-s or pots
ansl |.iu,s Lever's Dry Boap In powder)
»iii remove the grease with tin* greatest
'lhe viscacha oi the South American
pampas hus exactly the same trick of
collecting objects thut we know so
well in the magpies The viscacha is
h badger-like animal.
Why will vou allow a rnuirh to lacerate
yuur throat ssr Iuiiga am! run Uu* risk ol
filling tt runsunil.tive'H grave, when, by
lhe tinielv use of lliskle'a Antl-('oiisuin|i-
tlvs  S>n"i|B   the  psiin   ran   be  allnvtil   and
tht danger avoided.   Thin syrup is pteaa-
ant  tss  the tussle,  and unsiirisas-ieil  for rs»-
ILvIng, healing ami curing ail affections
ssl  tha throat   and   lunus.   couirhs.    colds,
bronchitis, etc ,  ets
The eastern division of the Smith
Wales roalfti'lds will probably be
completely exhausted in 42 yeurs.
'i*h.' Denblghablre and Flintshire tis'lsls
muv lusl   -!■) centuries
The New Vorest, in Hampshire, is
the largest F.nglish Isirest. containing
Csii.isoi' acres The Forest of Dean
•a',,s 22,'  acres, and Windsor "'"ureal   ll 000
The best way fo curs* Indigestion is
io remove its cause. Tins is best
done hy the prompt nss' ol Dr August Koenig's Hamburg Drops, whish
regulate the stomach in an effectual
The price paid   to  qulot   conactenci
keeps mighty few people poor
In order to reach success you must
puss through a door labeled
"Push "
Seoteh expedition  Hs,ps'» to  Aid lo tbe
Worljl'. Ksiowli'iig.'   Tin. scotla
la spli'iiiiiiiiv I:<111s|>i><.'.
The world's knowled-*.* of tho Antarctic Ocoan, men of sclerfco believe,
will be greatly enriched by tne ux-
plorutiuiis of thu ScottiBh national
Antarctic expedition, whii h recently
set sail from the i>ort of Tioon under
the. leadership of Mr. wTlliam $.
Bruce. The party consists of thirty-
two hai dy Scots, and their ship, tho
Scotia, is a stanch whaler fitted with
on auxiliary screw capable ot seven
knots an hour.
The Scotia is splendidly equipped
and has several novel feUtUres, in-
cludini* an apparatus for taking
birdspye views from kits, moving picture' machines for obtaining re onis
of the movements of south sea orgun-
isms and 8,000 fathoms of cable,
wi'h Uie object of sounding the o ean
whole Sir James lloss failed to lind
bottom with  4,000  fathoms.
Mr. BruCe,, the head of the expedition, has'   already   had no littlo ex-
Hard conl. exposed to the weather,
loses in bulk 8 |ver rent per nntuim;
soft coal loses fullv 19 per eenl
HOW   TO   CPRF.   HEADACHE.-. Borne
peispli* aufTer untssld misery dav after iln\
«ith H.'ivlerhs* There la rest neither slav
or nlirht until the nerves ate III "n-
-"'in.T The cause la irenernlh s Ol*
ordered Htomach. and n cure can 1st of*
f**ts*d bv ussind rarnieiee'a \ svetnl'ls*
l'ills. .-..at ii-.ei',i- Mandrake am! Dandelion Mr Finlnv Wnrk I.ysaniler I Q
»rlls*a • "I find Parmelee's Pills a tlrst- .
'bis', aitlrle for  bilJOOS  heaslaehe '
Tlie thumb is stroneer than nil  the
other Qngera together
Wood-pigeons do more harm lo
llritish crops than any other birds.
There are a number of varieties o|
torni Hollowa-f'l i"«>n> Cure will ramove
anv ot th.m I'all on vosir drusel*'t ami
■ret a bottle nt  oni*i. ,
Some mnrriiiKCS nre failures bi*-
••'•luse the womnn in thc rnse Is sus-
Viriiuis, and some nre failures because
she isn't.
Snloonkee|iers   always have  plenty
ef fall Knods on hntid.
A  conceited mnn  admires   his own
mistakes  btCSUM he  mnkes  them
The world secins all the brighter to
•"ms. lovers when they torn down the
Spinning coins is unosrtejn, but i'
eiinbli'fs n mnn lo turn his money
An old bachelor snys pin-money  Is
eo culled beoause wives   stick their
husbands for it.
Some people seem to think yon
ought to pay rent for the plnce you
occupj  in their dully thoughts
There   is  nothing doumntir     about
amateur photographers.   Tliey sreai-
Ways willing to exchnnge views
■Men nre like sandwiches There I
nothing in some of ths'in and the
more there is in nth/M'S th" worse
*hs>y ure.
Material For ■ Whole Chapter.
"Have you-uw-ever thought whnt
Toil would do." nsked the literary for-
•Igner lis bin cable train eOtereU tb«
tunnel, "If this slrucllire should cave
In when you wero nbout half wny
"Often,-1 replied tlie Chlcngo man.
"1 should demand the return of my
Slid the l!|s*rnry fsirelcner miule a
"niiiiiraniluni In his notebook. Be Imu
AlSiJovcred anothef interesllug peculiarity   lu   Americana
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up by
Dici's Blood Purl
lier   will   give   as
much and as rich
bred aristocrat i-.
Jersey c*swgiv*j§
upon or-
d l n ary
feed, and
a Jersey
will wonderfully Increase her yield
ef milk. It saves feed too, because
a smaller amount of well i gest»d
food satisfies the demands of the
•TBiUm and erery particle ol -aour-
•Uhment sticks.
60 cent* a package.
Mile* 4 .Co., Afststs,
Happiness Is the absence o( r»i-i.',r'i'i*'l-'
lions km been maJa hai-pv tlsr.-utli belnf
cured by St Jacom Ou. t-l RMCLs.tAT SM.
SPRArNS. BRUISES and all pjltlS fer which
••sn SltSffssl remedy can be applied.* It sever
falls to cure.   Thousands wU hive bee.^as-
el.red Incursbls at ^{Hisfl^iJSJK
thrown $i-tttheir crutchp5,'b*i:nc cur-1 after
usm? St. J».o%. C.t, -Wtif-.s in eleven s
lanfuaeea accompany every b !:.r.
A Chrislmss Gift of
utmost satisfaction to
both giver and recipient
•»:   An EnfravadI Vialtisi*
Card Plala ol lha
rinasl "Script,
100 Cholesal ViallinS
Cards rrinlad from
lh» Pl»«'"*      .      „
A no. S.al taalKsr
Viaillng Card Cass.
We wnd these com**,
plete to »ny ttddress
charges, for $3.00.
Wrlls for osir aew «'»,0/°*-
an rnussl.
Ryrie Bros.,
porienco in arctic and iinturctic exploring, lie suiled as naturalist with
an antarctic expedition which went
from Dundee in lS'Jli. lie also accompanied the Juckson-Huriiisworih
polar, expedition and tlie Prince of
Monaco's expedition to Spitsbergen.
Altotrelher four voyages liave been
miido to the arctic regions by him
■ince 1898. Mr. Urnce is director of
the laboratory of marine zoology ut
tie burgeons' Hull of lOdiuburgh.
At thfc outset the Scotia will steer
straight for the Falkland IslanoV;.
From l'ort Stanley slio will sail a
thousand miles east and then turn
her bow to the south. The only man
who previously visited this part of
the south polar regions was   <-;i,tain
; .lann-s   Weddell,  another Scoti hinan.
- vho in  18^:1 galled  in   tho:-e forbid-
: ding waters.
M ich is  expected  from  this  expedi-
I tion, arid if it fails it will not' be be~
i cause ol skilled leadership or want of
Marked by Palo Faces, Heart Palpitation
Loss of Appetite and Oenaral Lassltnda
—How to Overoome Thla Condition.
After babyhood, the most perilous
time in a young girl's life is when
she is just entering womanhood. It
is then that she is subject to head-
nihos, dizziness, heart palpitation,
feeble appetite, and. bloodless cheeks
and lips. This condition muy easily
develop into consumption, anil to
prevent this—tn keep the young girl
in good health nnd strength, mothers
should insist upon their taking a
blood making tonic, such us lir.
Williiuns' I'ink l'ills. Mrs. Henry
Mclntyre, l'ort Dalliousie, Ont,,
gives sound advice to other mothers
In cases ol this kind. She say s :—
"About, three years, ago the health of
my daughter, Bertha, began to fall,
she grew weak and seemed1 unable to
stand the Iras.i exertion, Sh'o suffered fropi distressing headaches und
fainting fits; her   appetite . left   her
and   she   lust   llesh.       I     spent     miiili
money on medicines, but they did not
help her. Then 1 took her to a doctor, and although bis treatment was
persisted In for a lung time, she
seemed to be growing worse, and   l
began to fear she was going Into
Consumption.    Then   I   took   her   to   a
specialist,   but   his   treatment    wns
likewise   unsuccessful.      Finally    upon
the advice of u lady friend, a doctor
practising in Chicago, Bertha began
using Dr. Williiuns' I'ink l'ills. and
before long there wns a decided Improvement in her condition, and by
lhe time she had taken nine boxes
she was once more enjoying the best
of health and had gained fifteen
pounds' in weight. I would strongly
advise all similar sufferers to give
Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills a fnir trial,
as her cose scorned ns hops-less as
could be."
All weak nnd ailing gills und women, sufferers from backache, headaches, indisposition to work or exercise, who show by their pule and sallow cheeks thnt the.v are in -ill health
will find prompt relief, bright eyes,
rosy cheeks anil active health in a
fnir use of Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills.
Voir can obtain these pills from any
medicine dealer or by mail, postpaid,
at 50c. n box or six boxes for 12.50
hy writing direct to the Dr. Williams
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont. Never
accept anything else which a dealer
may say is  "just  as good."
The smallest flowering plant is a
kind of duck \VPi*d. known as Wolllia
niirriiscopica. F.ach plant has two
Ossr Nnrtlis*rn Fssi-tB.
Miss AgneSS Laut, author of "Lords
of the North," contributes an excellent article on the Hudson's Bay
Company in Prank Leslie's I'opulur
Monthly for November, .in'tlio course
,.f which she says—When "sin Indian
arrives to trade at a Hudson's Bay
post, furs in the pack must'be sort-,
ed, silver fox worth five hundred dollars separated from cross fox and
blue and white worth from ten dollars down, according to quality, and
from common red! fox, .worth less.
Twenty years ago it was no unusual
thing for tho Hudson's Bay Company
fsi send • to England yearly 10,000
cross fox skin!-, 7,000 blue, 100.000
red. half a dozen silver. Few wolf
skins ure in the trapper's pack, unless particularly line specimens of
(jrown arctic and white arctic,
bought as a curiosity, and not for
value ns skins. Against the wolf
the trapper wages war as against .a
poet that destroys other game, and
not for'its skin.. Next* to- muskrat,
Ih'. most plentiful fur will" be that of
the rnhbit or. varying . hs>rc. Buffalo
was once the staple oi the hunter.
■What tho,buffalo was,, the w,hIte rabbit is to-day. From it the Indian
gets clothlni ,' tepee covers, blankets;
thongs, food. From il, the white
man who'is a liiiiniifiicturer of furs
gels g-ey'fox unsl chinchilla, nnd seal
in Imitation. Except bnotyear ( In
seven,' 'when,   n rabhll   plague spares
"tne land by suiting dowi their prolific numbers, the "nryii'.gv bare is
plentiful  enough'  to  sustain   Iho     In-
'•dlaii.     '   '
Naval Fis-ssli Mil|> Pols p1is*ssiisa.
The famous torpedo ramPQlyr-hem-
us of H"' 'British ndvy, which has
beSn sold to a ship wrecker and is to
• i„- broken up. was huU.l .as .on*. *'v-
perlment in 1878, »nd hus been the
, ,., ion of much wrangling among
navnj oxperts.    Her pei llies are
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
The battle of tours, in 732 A.IV, is
Foid to have lieen tbe most murderous on record. Throe hundred anil
fifty thousand men In nil were killesl
rionkey with
a Cough.
Just a little tickling cough
may not suggest any trouble
bilt it is often the fore-runner
of very serious lung disease.
Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
soothes and heals the irritated membrane and the
cough passes away. Gray's
Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
is a. carefully compounded
preparation and is a specific
remedy for all throatandlung
affections.   25 cents a bottle.
One bottle will demonstrate its virtue.,
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
Lake Ylnnusniiovurn, in Thibet, . is
the loftiest m the world, being ,he-
tweon  19,000    feet  and  ,30,000 feel
above si'a  level
Minard's Liniment Cures CcWs, Etc.
When money is tight it makes Itself
senrce,   but   it   is   somewhat   different
with men,
\ famine ol silver dimes annoys the
average mun more thun the scarcity
Of  91,000  bills.
very high speed, 11 powerful ram and
five submerged torpedo tubes She
sets very loT" in the water, leaving a
small target, and In the days of her
construction  was considered  an   ln-
"Vlnclble*   lighter.   .01  late years   her
class, along wilh the Motuidnock and
'.Vesuvius of the United States .types,
hus  not. met with  approval us  niivnl
KxplHiSBS'sl   It.
"Nny, Billy—What's meant,    by    a
'•posthumous    child? Why — It
means 11 kill us is liorn inter its par-
rmta is dead. — Ally Slopor'i Ilulf-
Uo not ilolay In gs*ttinir relief fssr tins
little fsilks. Mother Qraviw1 Worm Kx-
Uiniiiiinlor Ih si |ilensnint anil sure rurs*.
it you luve vour i-lsilil why slo you let il
siiltsi- wlion a remedy is sso near ut   liuiiil'.'
Aa*-"-; ;ron
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicloue flavor.   Frae from hull*.     Warranted Pure,
Put up  In all aized paekagea.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Aa now manufactured.   Tha great FAMILY FLOUR.
Iaalit om getting "OGILVIE'S," aa they are better than Us Best,
Househeepers mustfind il difficult to decide which PACHAQE
TEA is lhe best-there are so many.
* * * y/fyou try <•> * *
It will settle all doubts.
It Ih very much «tronpT nmi thicker thnn any oth-pr (tarred or bulMIn*)
paper. It Ih lmpet-vlourt tn wind, kwpi "tit cold, keepu In lieat, carries no smell
or odor, alx-oi-hit no inolRture. Impnrtn no lH*ie or flavor to anything with
which It comes In contact. It ls .ar-;ely use-t not only for -sheeting houses, but
for lining cold   stnrnge   building*,   refrigerators,   dairies,   creameries,   ana  all
I daces where the object Is to keep an even   mid  uniform   tamperatura.  and  at
ho saute time avoiding dampness.
Write our Agents, TKKS St ITItSSK, Winnipeg, for samples.
-THE E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, MUL.L..
+0 cuO
mAtts aunts drfinJUiUL br .
A Veterinary Conditioner.
Dr. Torrance's testimonial :—
Wlanlpefr, Marsh4th,UfO,
W. O. I'oiiRlas, Biq,
Poiir Sir—Thi. is tn eortify thai I huso exans-
iiioiltlie InsrroiliPiit-i u C'l in making DooaUa'
"i nrnefar" ii- il And them U, inn-i-t miLIv nf
pure iiss'sli ine-. and highly nutrition-, mil culls'" initial fiKisU, en in my opinion the use of
this preparation ahould lse o t rely fit's' frnm
il-'iim-r snd h *(lil beneaolal to bonoa aud cut-
tle-Y.iurs truly,   1*.   TORBANOK, 1>.   V.  S.
You cun obtain it from yonr dealer.
Tbe quality standard from Oeeaa t
Ocean. Vour n.ouiy back If not sa
tsfactory. -
Hit-.*- A !   tl I AMMI     \«t- .  MOMTRF*'
!      Orcln and Commlaaion Marohant*.
Hli_rI.•-*• t priri'a pal I tor .. li.-iii. onta, barley or-flaa In .sarlota. *<Vlra or writ* mo
tor prls-ra bs*fore Nlllng, Lllss.rs»l as\Tan-
caa issa.l.' nn DOUalyomauta anil lsais.il.4
on comisilaatsin.   l.i. s»n.."l an.1 Rondad.
P. O. Km 5»0. *.VIinil|..f. Man.
Colils & Malaria.
I Two Grain Qislnlno
i Sen! Pnst-pa il lor
'Only t.'nc Olmo.
Adilroa* A. W. Ward.Box M. Avun, N. Y.
"Wl.at a s.rrli.lr caae of elsar nsurdarl
linsr (.isMrsisit tl la to look like me and
elan iBssvr that ssloe aweet flavor ansl leva*
Ijr aroma."
MAKiTFiCTcaKn nr
. i.i. llui M
Beii-1 fur Mus.
Irated Prlo*
Arrow  l-aaleaa, WS. O.
Situated mldat arenery enrl.ailed SN
(raii'teur. Tbe mnat s-omnlete health tm.
ton on the eontlnent of North America.
Iu bathe cure all *lrsvisui and Mnjea^
lar dleeaeea. Ite watrra heal all Hldaey,
I Liver and atomarh allmente.
They are a never-falling remedy foe all
.tl'-Mimiitli  troublea.
TKHM 1)3 to 111 per week,  acnardlat
to reaideisc* 1" Holt1 or v.lie.
M: I.;-   WatCheS lisk livs* tiiu.'S to ths*
>. rin il       Thla    moans   l.'T 7U-J.00"!
t i i.s in i in. course ol s year
Tin* female bookkeeper is   entitled
"o   tho   titls'  Sif  l*sllllltl*SH.
Tin* liiaii who can catch n fli'u in
tin* dink can hoc hiR own row in politics.
The largest jour** evtur seen wns nx-
Ubited in Puns in 1.181. it weighed
2tM< pnuiitls. .
Tin* proprietor! of Partnelee'i rin*. nrs*
constantly fScdWnB lettere mmrlar to
tin' follooina. islii.-is txplalni Itielf Mr
JohnfA,  ileum. Waterloo   nut .  wrlteai
"I   ni'.'i'i'    uss'il   anv    -ini'ilis-ilii*    tluit   C**D
equal I'anneleie'i PHIi ("i Dyapepala ot
Liver and Kidney Complaint! Tha re*
Hot experienced isftor uniim thttn wu
wonderful "     s\*. a eafe family medicine
I'nrun Ii'|''h   Yssus'lislili*   Tills   run   lis*  silvs'li
in nil easel ti'iitiiiiiu; a cathartic, ,
** Pure soap 1" You've heard
the words, ln Sunlight
Soap  you have the fact.
C/\jrp REDUCEi
ei^V/f\m        EXPEN4*C
As*, far the Octaaon Bar. iji
Th.* tnagnplis ims a more powerful
|ii*rfiiiui! tnim nny-olnor llowcr.
In Qer
school np
i:i yeara.
till'      ll'lllll
Thomas'  I-
nf   svliirll
heal is wiri
n I sal   nil'i'l
When a
stis'  isn't
iiiii-i' him
muny     boys    iiiiihI     nits.nil
to 11 years, and Ltirl"* to.!**
Minard's Liiiiiuent Cures Dip-Wa.
It  doesn't  tui..* nmrli of. ii marksman in draw ii i"-.i'i sm beer.
ft la i'.»sui
__ e...a..f.i
f ndoned by beat SeglUh sesedlealJeyrnali,
Supplied to BrltUhaaldleralw South Sfrlea.
For all Throit ind eland Treisklea, tesaea,
aa.ee...a. Old Sara», Uloef!. FSlfas, Skli
Dlaeeaea, loiesne srlmplee, StIS Jolete,
Rheusnetlam, tumhafe, Sprelns, Brulaee,
Usee. Cute, Sere reel. Pleurisy.
told by O.ufflaia, llo.   Try lt anee.
llui iiitni'st distance "rom olqud to
sarth'^Crosaed By « li^httiinn flimh is
aimiit four niiii'.i
Vmason'il navigable fur 2 'joo
Hiitn   thi'  .si'ii;   tils'     Missislitilii
for sJioul a.fioo; . .
^rnfur^Bi^'^yr1 i'"    DRUNKENNESS A DISEASE
■al^Utii'   nil—n   sainTl   quantity and rnn he ru»esl'»t
'*"'!-J bnflie oVJwrair,       •  THE KEELEY INSTITUTE
h.'iif„iitl«n,    s,s*i.t.ils*.si    svasii-      iss0sh€,rn,. Bt.. Wltinlpent.    fcttWe****e**l IM».*
■s    nr  liilliiini'il -tirnnst "°™ ,,    ,    .      .      ,     ,   ,.
■ .   Over •tllO.Oiiil rur a.   Unti I ofl ilsrelvsnl   If yoo
want a mra    Trske T1«"" KeaUy   whi*r» yoa
iniiti Compliments n Woman    are trnutallsy * nudllfled phyals-leu.   Corrsia-
satisfied until sin' enn    In-   ***Masnos f-tneUy pr>"*s*t _^_^
In repeat it ut leust  seven '
•sA/,    nt.    U.    No.    406. .
r        - - .
ia nmutaau kvuhv pkida*- at
"■LOCAN,     .     -      .      •     B. 0.
Legal Aslverbiainf 10 cents a line for
(he first insertion and 5 cent* ft line each
•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same nites
M legal advertising.
liocnln will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription ii $2 per year, itrlot*
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not ao paid.
Addren all letteri to—
Slocan, B. C.
■ *   *
FRIDAY. DECEMBER 18th, 1608.
A pencil mark in the IpSQS
•ppoiits will be an indication to yeu thai ye editor
rjominj te him on yotirsub-
•eription. Kindly ackaew-
iesli;!  ia eaali anil eblige.
ruiToiiiAi. cKorriNus.
fUmember the old folks at home
l his festive time.
It is likely the Dominion parliament
will meet for the dispfttoh of business
about Feb. 19.
W. B. B. Mclnnes has lx**-.)! elected
in North Nanaimo and tho government arc justified in taking all the
comfort tliey can out of the situation.
It was a barren victory.
The operators in the, Bossland camp
claim to have solved the question ol
treating low grade ores at a profit. As
proof of the assertion, the Kootenay
Mines will erect a smelter to treat the
entire filling of tbe vein. There are
better times ahead for Rossland.
Old papers forssrleat this ollice.
The deer season ended on Monday
New Denver wants u new lady
sehool teacher.
Ladies' silk neckwear and belts have
arrived at Arnot's,
The- public school closes today for
the. Christmas holidays.
Insurance rates have been raised in
book portions of the city.
Arnot carries the felt shoes. Just
the thin-*; for this weather.
Bob Cooper left yesterday morning
for the coast to spend the winter.
Next week A. York & Sons will hold
their annual shooting match for poultry.
Rev. Mr. Cropp, New Denver, was
the preacher in the Methodist church
last Sunday.
The electric light loan 'bylaw car
ried in Nelssni Wednesday by an overwhelming majority.
A. R. Bolderston) wife nnd daughter went to Kossland Saturday pn a
two weeks1 vacation.
R. V. Ckmpbell-Johnston has purchased the McLeod property, situated
just east of this ollice.
Key. Aivhileacon IVntie.itli was n
visitor in the city. Tuesday, in connection with St. Paul's church.
Fred Carlisle has gone on a three
months' visit to the seen'* of his boy*
hood at Petersburg* Indiana.
is mitiil   ' i.       nn ■   n- .*    ind
it of tin i\v.--
.■*,t(ui'iii Sabbath sohool will lv* held
in the Music Ball on Christmas eve,
the 24th inst. The programme will
begin at 7.30 sharp. Admission for
adults 25 cents, all children free.
The Canadian Pacific Railway will
issue tickets to local points on account
of Christmas aud New Yoar's at fare
and one-third for the round trip.
Tickets will lie good going on Dc*. 23,
2i, 25, 30, 31, and Jan. 1, and good to
return up to and including January 3
Those indebted to the printer -and
theni are a few in Slocau, somo of
whom have been taking the paper for
many moons without a thought of
payment -should remember their obligations at this season, and make an
honest off ort to liquidate. Does thnt
mean me?
A full and complete success wns
scored by the Woman's Guild of St.
Paul's church with their sos-.inl on
Tuesday night. The Music Hull was
crowded and a good two bits' worth of
entertainment was provided in a concert, refreshments and dance. The
net result wan most satisfactory to the
Jacob Dover, the pioneer jeweler of
Nelson, makes his initial ixuv to the
people of Slocau through this issue of
The Dhili,. He has a magnificent
stock of watches, clocks, jewelcry, silverware, bronze goods, fancy Limps.
etc., and particularly novelties for the
Christmas trade, fie pays special attention to mail ordi'i's.and the quality
of his {i'sxids is tin* boat, v\liile the
prices are right.
Profit ll issssiMisiiry tss bttllnoae
oontlnuai.ee, that   is obvious.
Hist is flrnTtliMt make! proflt tlis*
tlie sole saisl aimed ssl anssis die*
covers its mlitrsa-o. Quality to
my Diiml is primarily essential.
Willi mis profit lis tlie narrow interpretation iu always suborcU*
utituil to it. Tiii.. is tin: safest
policy bolls for you nnd fsir me.
Tli..'gruutest i:ni-*osiriia;em*>nt I
receive la tbnt my customers always seek quality Brat. Tliey
know mid rightly, thut lnsodo-
suss tlis-ir protil will be iiis?!-.- rs'ssl
■siat lasting,
Chris Foley has severed his connection with the Vancouver branch of the
P.l'.r.*s. He still holds allegiance to
the party itself, but says he will not
be made a tool of by old party politicians seeking to use the Progressives
as a lever to attain their own selfish
ends. _______^__
The writ for the West Yale election
has Ixvn suppressed and coast politicians are much agitated. They seem
to forget that Col. Prior, as head of
the government, is master of ihe situation. West Yale is but paying the
price of reljellion against the ruling
Last year the two per cent mineral
tax from the whole province yielded
$85,000, which is about equalled by
one month's dividends from the Le
Rii. The government gives the mineral and timber, provides roads, and
bonuses railways to open up the country,    Where's the kick !
The Bilver-lead mineowners have
allowed their lieiter reason io prevail
and so redeemed themselves. At their
ineetiug in Sandon last week, they cordially invited the press to attend and
theu proceeded to discuss the mining
situation in a sensible and Intelligent
manner. They worked in harmony,
evolving a resolution to the Dominion
government that is lucid and concise,
and fully meeting the needs of tin*
country. W. A. Galliher uow Inn
something tangible to work on at Ottawa, h&**ing twgood case ti plead.
Moreover,a strong committee has la-en
appointed to support the member's
actions at the federal capital, An ex
cellrat feature of the case is that all
sections of the district andcommunitj
are now working In harmony for the
first time. May success attend theii
Parties desiring to vote at the coming municipal elections had better seo
that their names are on the list.
The Sabbath school children will
give their annual entertainment in the
Music Hall ou Wednesday next.
By a decision just given by the
privy council, naturalized Japs and
Chinese cannot vote iu this pnivii.ee,
Fred Johnson is applying for a
liquor license for the Slocan Hotel, he
having obtained n leai-e on the building.
Kev. Mr. Hostie, Presbyterian minister at Okutuks, Alia..spent[.Wednesday here as the guest of Kev. Mr.
G>ast advices state the government
will modify the two per cent tax ou
the mines at tht* coming session of the
David Strathearn, father of W. TJ.
Strathearn of the local sawmill company, ditxl recently near Orillia. Out.,
aged 80 years.
Parties holding books from the tni-
vs-lling library are asked to return
Ihcm at once, as the library is* about
to be exchanged,
Sherry Burcholl, bookkeeper at the
Arlington mine, left on Mondav foi'
his old home in Dartmouth, N.S., B-.il
a two months' trip.
\ shooting match for poultry will
be held at the rifle range ou the 22nd,
28rd and 21th of December.   Ranges
at r*0. 1(X) ami '200 yards. Any ritle
may lie used.
Dr. Forin this week banded in his
resignation as physician of the M. D.
General Hospital, to take effect in
three months. It is his intention then
to remove to Vancouver.
The sawmill at tho head of the lake
is being kept busy getting out material for the new milling plant here.
\ f.'W men are working here and ihs:
ahingk mill is beginning i.i show proportions.
The pastor will occupy the pulpit
ofthe Methodist church on-Sunday.
Subject of the morning sermon, "Human Depravity;" evening. "Tin* Duty
of the Christian Citizen. A cordial
invitati m is extended to all.
Other People's Money, given in the
Music Hall, last Thursday night, by
Dainty May Sargent's company, was
a treat. The play is full of comical
situations and mirth-provoking ilia-
login*.   There was a good house.
MINI"*'!   RK0OBD8.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis
try ofliee, 11. P. Christie lieing mining
Dec 10—-Northmont, Ten Mile creek,
FE Griffith.
Weitmont No 4, same, P A Well*.
Weitmont No 3, same, name.
Hoc 8-
-Little Giant.
Dec El—Tamarack No s, Falls View,
Tamarack N'n 8 ir, George Henderson to
John F Hollies.
12—-Carson, Dan Haulon to Isaac K
15—Agcie, Alford, Algiers, 1 Wonder,
all, F G Carlisle to T A Noble and A B
In Bronze
Wi* are showing Vis.ses, Ian-
dslabrn, Mirrors, Call Hell'-,
Ink Steads, Flower stands
I..'iii|'» ri'ia-j Latii|..>,T'iilnru j
Ladlas' and Qentlemsa's I'm- i
brolliiti  Tbe> are b.„ ul ie.-.
Wo kuup tlio Miiriilsin Britisn
nlii Company's. K'""ls. "Sil
sur l'ltitsi tluit, wsiiir.s," *s'»t,
f'sBwls/lVis Wiire.Bnkn Dishs**
Kuivi's, Korku, Spoons, etc.,
nris Ktiitniuti'cil  by   but Is   si
.sn.; tlisiin to lie tins beis) tli lit
i s in:. I * in I'latti.
Tliu Msiriili.'ii Urltiiniiiii Co.,
by over B0 year I of oontinnoui
liiiiiiufiictiirini,-, lutvs' mails, u
reDutatlon in tbla iin„ nm\
Hunt' nun toBis'b. Come in anil
mi,, s'siui. of tbolr latu pri.slus:-
ft Engraving not exceeding three letter* will be done free of charge.
ft and express orders will receive prompt attention,
ft ..  	
.Im! rlinn    Cat   Oliiss  of
kinds uml designs.
vVetebet, Cloeki un.l Jeweler*,
over) description.
Uacob Dover, the Jeweler,
Grwillim & Jokason,
B, C
PMBfflRiiN wm,
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, at 11 a.in. atvl 7.30 p.m.
.Sabbath School at 5.30 p.m.
Prayer Mreting, VVedneaday, 7.30 p.m.
sStrangBr!' and yontij* men
art cordially invited.   .   .
R A. 8c
Insurance !
Kepresfntin^ tbe strongeet cam-
panics dK\ug iiQ9in»s3 in Canafia.
Sf.k NiW AC01DENT poi.ict, with participation in profits. uoTerinr »ick-
ness and nperaiiuni.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Git? iw uiiJAlex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
No. 6a, W. F. of H
Meets err ry Wednesday •Ttn'u*.'***',
in rhe Union Hall. Slocan City, at *rho L«*dlnar P»rior«i
7..0O p.m. Visiting brethren ooixtially j MAIN STREET, BLOCAN
invited ro attend. I Picneer Lively
The high'-r powera of the realm take
groat delisht in diaallowing the acti
passi.*-il by tho legislature of Biiti*-li
Columbia, three nwrc statutes bavinf*
just been thrown down.  They wore:
an act to still furthor amend the coal
mines regulation act. an act to rogu
late immigration, and an act relating
to the employment of certain lalnii' 00
works carried on under provincia'
franchises. Tin* Maine old ground ol
complaint is taken, diserimlnatlon
against those precious Mongolians. It
does seem passing strange that British
subjects in   British  Columbia aro <le
nied the sitiue right of self preservation and protection   as   is accorded J
their fellows in Natal and Australia
Pass the laws again, with an iutimn
tion to the Chinese lovers at Ottawt
to keep their hands off. The Ottfi«i
people will neither give protection h
this province nor allow it to n •••!..
itlS'lf       TsHllV'T    iv*|B   ■•'
J. i. Mi
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining:
SLOGAN. - - B. C.
NOTICK •• hereby eiven that I intend
to apply »t A ipecial •ittiiis; of tlie Board
of l.i.:aniiiig (\iniHitd»ioners (or the City
of Slocan, to be held after tlie expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof, for a retail liquor lis^»ii«« (or tho premises
knOWn »n t'na Blocan Hotel, situate on
Lots 7 ansl 8, Work 12, £loi*an.
Detcil at Sl.ican this 10th dasr of I.'u-
ctmber, UK)2.
for $18.25.
Why be without a rang* wim
you enn get one so cheap? Th**!.**
ar*i preferrable to stoves and "five
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Notice to Municinal Voters.
■\rOTls .U is Isnrtslsy <ivs*n that undar the prs>
1.1' yi.-iorn of the "Misnicipnl l'lictlcsDI Ait"
tilts tollowtlifC an- ciitillrrt t., rotn for Mnyor Hnsl
A!s!<rnis*n n*. tin* (.'ily  Ms-.i.iiii'rs! Kleetissll, vir.: I
An;- ni.slr or "i*mis'.*..'>*Htii/ a British subject, of ,
tli<* full hs.** isf 21 y-nrs
"Wlio ij the sivrtisar sif renl estate uf the Hsse;.- j
s'i'l vali.s" of not less tlian Si00;nr is the repre* j
sentatlvb, Isoip.si a resideat Britiuli subiect, duly i
authorized by thr directors s>f nn iucrpsirate.i
company, whloh is the assessed owner of lH.-ids, '
nr nf in;*arsi\s*rsipnts sm   lisn-1s.  ^i'liatuil  within!
ih'. maiiiriisisliiy; or who is the bolder of • trails*
liri'iisr. the annual fee of which i« not less thau j
S5; nr wTii'is a h*3useIiolder who has puid.uii or |
before ths. 81st sltiy of llbcemtifr In the yt-ar Immediately prior to the *l«y isf Domination, nil
munlelpal ratHs, tisi*.s,u.Hsies-,mB*nts, rentals and
lirtsiiss* frsis (which are not ciiarpss.-tbls* nn land) ;
payable hy him sir her tis the municipality! pro- |
s'iilml. however, that iu thr chs>. of tl,.. holder sif i
a irnslw license or in tlm cine nf a householder, '
he or she shall, during thu  month ut I's-crml'nr I
ill each year, inaks* and ransss t<> be slrllrssred tss
tbe cleric of ths* municipality » statutory de-
duration, made and  subscribed before a su-
preme nr county curt Jndse, stipendiary ..r |
police magistrate, commissioner fnr takliis alii-
davlti in Iho supreme cniirtjusticsi of tiie ptfaru j
■ ir iss.tary public."
'Islll',eholf's*rsan,,, license holders are required
on or before the 81st .lay nf December to hand
or aen I to the elty chirk their names is* n vnts-r, !
nnd hi. the same true a statutory declaration i.i ■
the form provided hy tin* statute,
Householders aud license holders roiisiir*. to
Lave livsssi continuously in the elty since January I last.
Applicants arc required to name lhe tut aud
t.,ls>elc on whiuli they wsals to register.
Forms nf application may he had at the drag
It. I. BENTLEY, City Clerk
BisBciTi. B.C.. December 10, IMS,
Financial Secretary i
Furnishings ^^e-sv
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  a C.
General Packing and For*
wardins: .ntu-nded to at the
eh'>rti!9t Notice.
*-*aud!oi and Pack Ilorsr-j fer
hire at reasonalik ralen.
IR, E ALLEN, • sfana-rer
'Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
In Hurry Williams, or to anj \»rm*A
or parsons to wi ou hernaj liave tiani*
ferreil hia Interast in tbe Chilkat
i ami Delphian mineral claimi, situated
.in the head wa'era of Lemon creek
an'l recorded in the Recorder1! ofTica
lor '.be Slecan '. ity ii:inii!g .lirision.
Yoo are hereby notified that i.Osrsr
.....                 ,       , IV. White, fur  miners   certificate  "•■'o
>b\u liuvejiiatteceiveilaiiele-jatii I>.MI':7, have ca.is.til to 1 • e,i,endni tli*
linei of gs.os i f.ir   'he  holislr.v ! tun, ol six hundred and fifteen dollars
trMsJs*, including j jtl |Rht,r and inipro»euiriits on the above
PI      .            o   ^ natntioned  mineral daiitns,  in orsJsr pi
1 lantCUre "3ei5 [ hold saul claims  under the provisionl cl
in Eliony, ami Silver Mounted ! the Mineral An ; and if trithin 00 tlayt
Leather Travelinfi" Cases!,r01'-' the date nf tins notice you (all, •»
-r  jl  i Ci»tai refute, to contribute your proportion et
I oilcl oeiS luclt expenditure,together with all coils
lirilSil Set* **"■  edtertilinf,   yonr  intirest    in   is;d
clnimi will become the property of ite
Subscriber, r.mler lection 4 of ao Ast
entitli-1 "An Act to auieml the Mineral
Art, 1900."
Dates I at Sandon, IK.'., this SOtfa sis» al
I iaaiitrrxber, A.D. 1903.
l2'!-!.-02 OSCAR V. WH1TB
Perfume Atoml/ers
Perfumes, etc.
Wealsocarry r'aitmati'a "voslakfi
ami geiifral supplies.
AfrontJ Tor the Ileiniznian st* O.,0er«
liar.l Hrintzman, and Karn I'lati-s-***!
fl. J. ROB
A request, with your
address attached, is all
that is necessary to
obtain our new and
handsomely illustrated
,   ll will pui yeu in touch with
WJuir*£jf*W*u9i •'   "NE
IstWtLBV In Canada.
Thc price, which le plainly
given wslh eaeh article, ia Ihe
eeal ef Ihe article delivered te
We chaarfaslly refund year
money if you desire il.
Ryrie Bros.
W*WtrlYo***"t,3t. Toe^"»r,
Keetreal Mlssernl ClalM.
YOUR attention il reipertfnlly
callid to the Custom Tailors'
L'niiiti Label, a cut of which
appears briiow. It ii the only sign
wlissreby a person ia sure of |ettln(
clothei iiinil** in a fair abop.
All seniihle iHtepln travel
bt t..eC..-'.:v.
liy leaving your order tor a Full
Suit,  Trouien or Overcoat witli
A. David, Miners' Tailor,
you will Hnd  tbe Union Label ou
all Clelhei made by him.
Gents'   Furnishings
•f a wide range and of firet-clasi
quality kept in stock.
will l..-
n.eis.1 -laht.
| Sttnaie :n tbe SliK-an Citv Mining DItI* I
•inn ol the West Kootenay District '
When* locates!:—On the divide between Lemon ati'l  "jptinger creeki.
adjoining tin Two Friendi mineral
TAKK NOTICK that I.ArcV.ie Main-
; waring-Johnien, acting -is aicent for I'io
ineer Mining Co., Limited Lnoti*perional
liability), Free   Miner's Certificate  No, j
B6818«,intend, slaty davi from thn. slate*;
hereof, to nppl    to the Mining Recorder   i . ,    ,
|for a <v .   ,t   improvement!  f„r!Aniv'' WOTlO 6tB day a; 2.45 P,*
! oniin'Xv..' ,  Jta,ning * Crown *rn,u I Arrlfe Montreal 5th day at 6.80 p.m
j    And further tn.te* notice thst action,
! iimler lection 37, must be commenced
i before the lnuitnci ol such certificate of i
' inipiovrnieiits.
,    Dated this ilib'.lay of October, IW.
; 1T-10-H2 ' *   I
A ""kiiicr at tbe ranilriiri'd
tiniMible will sonvinci' yoo
•f this f.'..*t. Leave Blocan
( ily at 1.20 p.in i
Arrive Winnipeg; 3rd (lav 8,50a.m
Arrive fit. I'agl Brd day at 140 p-■»
Arrive Chicafo 4lh d.iy at 9.80a.UJ
Arrive New York 6th day 8.56 it.m
Mout..rey fr»rn»«.a| Mlaeral •Jlialia."
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mining Dlvi«
aion ol tin* West Kootenav Dlltrlot
Where  located-.-l,,  the Arlington
basin. *
Take notice that I, J. m MoGreaor
nctini* as agent for Thoi. Tobln km'
CNo   Wth   „d H.  Cameron/free
miners eertinoate No.B69706, Intend!I
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply !
to the Mining Recoider lor a eertifleata
of Improvimenti, for the pnrpoie of oh!'
jJJ«  ■ cr0W1'  *Jr»''t for  tho  above j
And further take notice that action, J. 8. CARTKU,
unde- lectlfin  37. must  bs, romnience, DPI
'"•-'^••'-"'11.' -Msnrti^gKW1 '
■ ■ ■
"Plying palaces bvdav,lnx»
ni'ienw lestiiiB-r plnrs-s at
aiKht," fitly deicrlbei the C
P.I. Teurlst Oai'S, which
leave as follows:
Leavei Dunnsore Junation daily for St
Paul; Kootenay Landing Tuesday »e*i
rJaturday for Toronto, MoBtroal, ete.
Further proefof the unequii!
lod st-rviceof the C.P.R. tan
be had on applicaiion to
A. G. P. A'
*   RnWARHB,
. . •     . ..• ., i  ■


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