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The Slocan Drill 1903-11-20

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SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   20,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Clearance  Sail*
nning on rionday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
'rov. Library.,:
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices iu the
East. Our Stook is composed largely
oi Staples, aud you are uow given au
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in the Dry Goods line
at Sacrifice Prices. We need Cash.
No Goods will be charged	
Iw. T. Shatford & Co.
5L0CAN, B. C.
- jm» 1 *-*!
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
A-rlington    Hfotel,
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
|Thli"X»pulsr hotel is convenient to tlm hunts   ml trains.   Tlie dining room
iinritily up to-date while the bur is supplied v,itli the bsst in the market.
DA Tn Q .   Travelling men, Ming Sample Rooms, $2 50 per day ■
t\r\ I Cj .    wit limit Sample Room».$2; board $8 per week; meals',.")*
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
£    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Vou can get anything in these lines that you
Squire from us. Our stock in each is always
Wept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Ws mnv a full Uito of ajt
Imported     Worsteds, M
•Seises   Htid   Tweeds. W
Li»t-/st  designs shown ijQ
in Pantings. W
Fit, Finish, and Work H
are guaranteed Eti
Ore of Same Rlt-hneM ar. that K..ui.U In
Cpper Lsvsl-linmsnss Area of Stoping Ground tol-e()pened [Ip-lSO l"eet
Depth •■ tlie V.ln.
Up to Tuesday of this week the east
drift on the No. 4 lovol of the Ottawa
had penetrated the ore chute struck a
few davs ago 20 feet, aud no break
appeared. The ore streak is wavy.but
prwtty uniform in richness. In the
No. !l level two short bunches of ore
were passed through before the main
chute was eoeou t d. ut so far iu
the No. 4 it would Mem as if all three
Ixxlies had merged into ono solid
inasi,. h will be a few day*, yet before the drift is under the main body
met with above.
One part of the ore streak is of shipping quality and somo lienutiful samples art; beiug takeu out, native silver
being flaked all over them. Tho grade
is e -ual to the best takon out ot the
mine, and would sort to JoOOO net by
the carload. Concentrating ore fills
the balance of th>* ledge, and this is
lieing stored for further use, a reduction plant being one of the possibili-
tios of the future.
The east vein has a dip of 38 degrees, giving working grouud between
tin No. 1 and No. 3 levels of about 150
feet, affording an immense area of
profit-bearing matter. Bosides, there
is all the rich ground below the floor
of the No. 4 drift to draw upon. All
atteutiou is being centred on tho new
strike, so as to opeu it up a-, speedily
as possible.
against blanks. Of late exploratory | feet will -be gained. A raisu will then
work has proven these blanks to be
abort-lived, and tho word comes down
that oro is exposed wherever operations are being carried on. Iu fact,
the mine is looking as well as it ever
Mill People t'eiulnj.
Word has beon rewired by tbeloca]
representatives of thu Ontario Slocan
Lumber Co. that a number of the
shareholders' in the concern will anive
here next week from the oast, for the
purpose of inspecting the company'**
interests. At the samo tims it is believed arrangement-- will be mad*", for
the i-ommenctmient of construction of
the big lumber mill and other'portions
of the proposed plain. Another thi**.'*;
is siueeivly hoped for by the citizens
as a result of the viisit.thatth'' present
feeling of friction between the town
and the company be allayed, and that
the utmost confidence lw restored.
The position of the town's affairs absolutely demands it.
A ('heap K.l.rtloa.
The expenses in connection with
the recent election held in the Slocan
riding were by no means extravagant,
and the same may be said of the personal expenses of the candidates. The
riding is au awkward one to get
around in. yet the returning officer's
outlay for everything was less than
S»'*tV). Wm. Davidson, the successful
candidate, has published his expense
account, and it will be an eye-opener
to politicians in other constituencies.
llis total expenses wero onlv $161.26,
inclusive of hall rent, board, railroad
fare. etc. Th.. marvel is how he man
aged to do it.
Developing Uie Mnyettu Group.
Fred C.irlisle is working single-
handed developing the Mayetta group,
adjoining tlie Ottawa, and is meeting
with success. A tunnel is being driven
on the east vein, starting on a likely
bunch of ore. The vein is widening
and Improving. The west vein has
also lieen stripped in a number of
places and im as promising as on the
Ottawa. From the 1st to the 16th of
the month81 inches of snow had fallen
at the Mayetta.
A  New   lie purl ure.
A naw departure in handling freight
has been instituted bv the C.P.R., for
the transportation of eggs, vegetables,
liquids, etc., to lie. known as the heated
cur service. These cars may,lie had
at the principal centres and an extra
charge will lie made. While en route
the cars and contents will lie examined at various points and the temperature tested, Slocan has lieen made
one of the testing stations.
Gents' Furnishings Selling at Cost M
The stock of the late A. David is offered for sale at BS
OOBt. Il comprises Top Shirts. Underwear, Ties,
Collars. Working Clothes, etc., etc. Come early
n"d get yeur choice.
KJ Main Street, - - Slocan
Straightening dp AtTulM.
During the week J. M. M.Beuedum.
manager of the Howard Fraction, received a remittance from his company
and proceeded to partially straighten
out the mine accounts. He expects
to liquidate the balance at an early
date and will then resume operations.
The heavy snowfall of late has badly
blocked the trail to the mine and it
will take some lalior to re open it.
Who Own, the Fr«o**M That Will Treat
Arlington Orel.
There has lieen much iu the papers
of lato of a new, simple and effective
process for the treatment of low grade
ores, either gold or silver, and Dr.
Hendryx, an early pioneer of the
Kootenays, claims to be its inventor.
From the published details, the process is very similar to that designed
by Prof. Parks for tlie treatment of
the huge low grade deposits of silver
oro contained in the Arlington mine,
in tliis division. For a year or more,
local folk have given Prof. Parks the
credit for originating this process.and
they have been anxiously awaiting the
establishment of the promised plant
at the Arlington mine.
Confusion, however, now follows, as
Dr. Hendryx claims that his cyanide
process of treating silver-gold ores is
the one to lie established at the Arlington mine. Two other mines are
also to adopt the process-the Republic, at Republic, and the Kendall, at
Kendall, Mont. It is quite evident,
then, that the Parks process and the
Hendryx process, if not identically the
same, are so much alike that there is
no distinguishing the difference. That
the elwtro-cyanide process will successfully treat the Arlington ores, as
well as those of neighboring mines,
has been undoubtedly proven, and it
matters little to the camp who claims
to ba the originator of the idea so long
as it is placed in speedy operation!
Dr. Hendryx says a small proportion of copper in ore* is not fatal to
his prooeSB, as the weak solution of
cyanide exerciss-s a selective function
and takes out the silver aud gold liefore attacking th:- copper. The essential feature of the process is the agitii-
tor, or spiral screw, iu the lank, which*
raiaos the ore constantly to the surface
of the water and jjives it a chance to
be attacked bv the oxygen, thus plac-
irg every portion of it in touch with
lhe cyanide) The electri.l disposi*
ion of thc silver ainl go'.c: in bullion
am tho plates is also nu important
factor, nltfiough it is not new.
Tho Doctor further add* that at the
Arlington everything hits bt-en shut
down pending the construction of a
mill after his idea. The process had
lieen found to satisfactory that it was
a loss of mon:>y to ship any more Arlington ore to the smelters on a $5 or
St" treatment Itasis, when it might be
treated at the mine for $1.50 per ton,
and therefore it was decided not to
take out another pound until the mill
was completed. The Arlington ores
carry high values in silver, som 'times
running 300 to 100 oz. and some of the
finest native silver specimens ever takeu out in British Columbia huve been
found at the Arlington. If the Hen-
drvx svstem will treat this class of ore
a-i well as the tests indicate, it is one
of tho liest inventions that has been
made in mining for many yean.
be made to connect with tho shaft and
the drainage question will be solved.
The new workings will givo ample
opportunity to stppe out ore, enabling
the plucky owners to reap some reward for their heavy laliors.
Mlaennnere Incorporate.
Incorporation papers have been issued the mineowners of the Slocau
country, who havo organized as the
Silver-Lead Mineowners' Association,
iimitiid, the object lieing to pool the
disposal of the ores. Those signing
the incorporation papers are: Georgo
Alexander, W. E. Zwicky, H. Gieger-
ich, Kaslo; W. S. Drewry, New Dan*
ver; N. .1. Cavanagh, Louis Pratt and
Oscar White, Sandon.
Narrowly Mli,.al a Wrei-U.
Last Thursday's Nelson train was
aliout throe hours late in arriving here,
having narrowly missed n bad spill
after leaving the Junction. One sot
of springs under the tender worked
loose and sprung out of place, almost
derailing the machine. The train was
brought to a standstil' and the crew
and passengers repaired the damage
as well as possible, enabling the train
to proceed.
Jim Hill  Haa  RiiIkmI  tlie  M-mi-y  for Hi
Announcement was mado in New
York last Friday that Kidder, Pea-
Ixxiy t% Co., of Boston; Baring Bros.
& Co., ltd., of London; and Baring,
Mngoun & Co., of New York, are offering $7,290,000 of a Great Northern
Railway Co. two year 6 per cent loan,
secured by -62,000,000, or S9,720,OCO
.St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba
Pacific extension sterliug 4s, due July
1, 1940, deposited with the Bankers'
Safe Deiiosit & Trust Company of
New York. Certificates of participation of i'200, or .¥972, are offered at
991 and interest.
It was announced that the notes
had already been disposed of, and it
was said that they were issued for the
purpose of getting money "needed for
improvements."" No statement could
U* obtained at the ollice of J. J. Hill.
An official circular sets forth that it
was deemed expedient to go iuto the
money market and pay over 5 per cent
for a two years' loan, believing that
before tho maturity of the loan, arrangements can bo mado to market
the bonds at better prices than the
present market offers.
In official circles it is stated this
money is to be used to construct the
Coast-Kootenay Railway from Vancouver to the Boundary country.
President Hill stated when out on his
last trip that the road would be built,
and in tbe east he has stated on several occasions that that extension was
about the only one now contemplated
by the Great Northern. Coupled with
that is the statement made in Vancouver last Saturday by Premier McBride
that the Coast-Kootenay road would
lie completed within two years.
Last Tenr'i Shipment! Were SSS3 Tom—
A Healthy Uvldonce uf the l.lfo and
Wealth of the Camp i:nt.i[.i',,. the
Jllggeit Shipper.
Another week has passed without
any shipments from the Enterprise,
antl the division was only saved from a
blank by a 5 ton shipment from the
Sapphire, on Twelve Mile. No other
ore has yet commenced to move. To
date shipments total 1099 tons.
• For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to tiHHR
tons, made up from 12 projierties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Silver Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday     571 cents
Friday    571    "
Saturday     58$    "
Ore In All llu, WorkingSi
Development at the Enterprise is
uncovering bodies of ore little dreamt
of by its company owners. When the
lessee took charge the old drifts nnd
stopes had tho appearauce of being
worked out, most of them being up
Local Scotchmen will celebrate St.
Andrew's dav.
Next Thursday Undo Sam's children will eat turkey.
H. R. Jorand went to Nelson Tuesday on legal business.
A. H. Boeder is the new manager
for the Crow's Nest Coal Co.
Eight inches of snow fell on the
level Sunday, making good sleighing.
J. H. Tonkin has resigned the management of the Crow's Nest Coal Co.
Wm. Davidson, M.L.A., left for the
coast Tuesday, to attend to his sessional duties.
Dr. Brouse, New Denver, was down
on Friday, looking after patients for
the local hospital.
East Kootenay has had a touch of
cold weather this week, the thermometer going away below zero.
Jeff Baty returned to town Tuesday. He will manage the Slocan Hotel till spring for Joe Payne.
More trouble brewing up the lake—
they are trying to organize curling
clubs at New Denver and Silverton.
Aulay Morrison, M.P.for New Westminster, is sjioken of as the successor
to Judge Walkem on the supreme
Dan Nichol, line repairer, is to In*
shifted to the coast next week. His
place here will be taken by Walter
The well known Cosgrove entertainers will lie hereon Monday night, ap-
pearing under the auspices of the local
The Knights of Pythias of New
Denver will give a Iwll next Thursday
night, to mark the public opening of
their new hall.
It will surprise many to learn that
Ed Haley has committed matrimony.
The deed was committed at Balveiiie,
Ont., on Nov. 3
The Nelson News had to retract the
statement that John Houston sent literature to Vancouver to help out the
Liberal candidate.
Local merchants have put their
book accounts into the hands of a
Duluth collecting agency, which has
an ollice in Nelsou.
Mail to and from the coast via the
Nakusp road is handled the same dav
Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday.
The Nelson route takes charge of it
thc other days.
Jaek Blench purchased a lot tliis
week on Harold street and moved
thither his house from opposite the
Catholic church. Ho will fix the place
up for renting.
The question is asked, why does not
Slocan organize a curling rlubi There
are hordes of Scotchmen.piles of good
Black Prince	
Highland Light..
Cripple Stick	
- 2
Sandon mines last week shipped 128
tons of ore.
Rossland mines last woek shipped
8970 tons of ore.
The Mercury and Rouse properties
have shut down.
Last week the Boundary mines sent
out 17,11(5 tons of ore.
The ore exports of the Slocan have
passed the 13,000 t*bn figure.
The Wakefield concentrator bn*
lieen shut down for the winter.
During the month of Octolier tbe
Boundary mines shipped 70,284 tons
of ore, -
All the mine and mill machinery at
the Arlington mine, Erie, is being offered for sale.
There is not sufficient snow yet .on
tho lower levels in this camp to permit of rewinding.
The Bachelor group, uear Three
Forks, owned by Geo. Petty, has beeu
bonded for .166,000,
From now on tho Granby smelter
will lie producing 1,500,000 pounds of
copper each month.
Work on the Mountain Con has been
stopped for the winter by the lessees,
Thompson & McLeod.
The Great Northern Mines hay.-*
completed the purchase of the Swetie
group, ou Poplar creek.
A great deal of ore passed through
here this week from the Wakefield,
there being sevon carloads in all.
Joseph Ryan is giving the Kaslo
folk more hot air and assures them a
smelter will be built in that place.
The oro from the Sapphire passed
down to Nelson on Tuesday, with W.
A. Harvey, leasee, in charge. Thore
was live tons in the lot.
The noted Nettie L mine, in the
Ferguson camp has been shut down,
for the first time in nix years. Operations will be resumed when the new
mill is completed.
Scattering Nlil|im«iitt.
A number of small and scattering
shipments of mixed ores went out on
Tuesday, including the Sapphire tonnage. R. A. Bradshaw seut 18 sacks
of samples to the Nelson smelter and
W. S. Johnson 'J sacks. The latter
also ssnt 1100 pounds of samples from
various properties in the camp to tho
school of mines. Kingston, Out..where
they will undergo a complete analysis,
the result of which will Ih* made known
to tho owners.
Monday    B8j
Tuesday     58
Wednesday     58g    "
Heavy Work en Myrtle.I
The owners of the Myrtle have just
undertakes a vwry ambitious piece of
work, commencing on it next week.
Water came in so freely in Hk* shaft
that they were forced to abandon it,
and thoy have now decided to run a
crosscut tunnel so as to drain the property. It will take 1,'tO feet to reach brooms, sufficient ice, and the air can
the iedge. and a vortical depth of 125' stand the abot'ks.
Cripple Slick Development.
The outside work at the Cripple
Stick has been completed, including
blacksmith shop. F. Stock,the bonder,
has sent iu enough money to cover all
expenses to dato, and on Monday two
men started in on active development.
A tunnel is to lie driven in alniut 75
feet, to get in under the ore chute
shown on the surface. The property
promises to turn out au active producer.       '	
Immense i'rollU.
The statement of the Bank of Montreal for the half year ended Oclolier
5th shows profits, after deducting the
charges of management, and making
full provision for all bad and doubtful
debts, of ,1911,158.81. Premiums received on new stock amounted t»
—WW1  ! A Love
By  SYLVA"*"1"S  COBB,  Jr.
'there was to t>» a. meeting ol those
interested In the estate ol the late
Huehel St. Clair on the next day, at
two o'clock In the afternoon, nt No.
_.__,"_.—street; and the presence of
tlie recipient was necessary to a proper arrangement of affairs.
A postscript added that, though the
wcctlng was to be informal, vet it
wns called by authority of tlio Judge
of probate, who wns anxious to ur-
rlve at an early settlement; una il
wus confidently expected that, sinci)
,jnly ono legitimate heir had apr
puared, suid sciileuicut would be easily consummated.
Cupar hastened home to his chambers, ami shared hla Information with
i>is father,
"It would seem from this," Bald
"ilcxandor, after they had consulted
awhile, '.'that wo are to expect no
more trouble. They must have given
up the search for tho girl."
'1 don't think there's been any
search," replied Caspar. "I have
kept my eyes upon the movements at
police headquarters, and f know that
no effort hns been calliKl for thoro.
Her few friends were blinded by my
letter. Thoy believe she's run ofl of her
own accord; ami since young Waybrook is down bo tint, 1 don't know
ol n single human being that hus any
particular interest in bringing Uor
buck. No—we're nil safe in that
1 hope so." responded thc father,
with a dubious note In his speech.
"I know it." ciied Caspar, snapping his fingers.
And without further remark he
proceeded to brew a punch
Later in the evening; Caspar lulled
tho new keeper down from tho upper chamber, and questioned her
concerning the disposition of hei'
aharge He hntl put great faith In
ICndora, nnd she had promised him
i ;\at sho woultl make Christine understand that further opposition on
hoi' part, would be worse thun useless.
"Surely, sir," sub! the woman,
with solemn seriousness, "1 am con-
vinced that the girl will Submit resignedly to the fate in store for her.
Sho knows now to a certainty what
a rig Paul Waybrook is running, and
she has more than ball promised me
lhat she will accept tho situation
which teems to have, lieen designed
for her from thc liisl. Upon my
life, sir, I don'l think you will have
any more trouble with her. Of
course, she is still n girl, and will
have her whims; und yon had better
humor her until you arc able by
right to command."
Caspar nodded, and coincided; antl
he was very gracious, too. He promised the new keeper that, if matters turned out ns he expected, he
would enrich her beyond her wildest
On the following day, at noon, t'ns-
pur called Endora down again, and
informed her that both he and Mr.
Compton were going out. untl that
they might be gone until evening.
She was to keep the outer doors securely locked and the shutters closed.
Tbo woman listened, and nodded,
and returned to her post.
At two o'clock, precisely, Alexander  Compton  and  Caspar     were      at
tlie     door    of No.    C street.
The door wus of solid rosewood, and
tho portico above it wus of brown-
stone, und eluborutely sculptured;
und upon tho broad silver plate they
read the name:
Tho precious twain stood still upon the white grunito steps, and were
wondering why the meeting hud boon
called nt this place, when some one
came up behind them. They turned
untl beheld tho administrator.
"Ah! Oood-day, gentlemen.'' said
iho hit ter, bowing and smiling.
"Is this the place of mooting?"
us'-ied Caspar, blankly.
''Yes," roplled tlie administrator,
i-inillii!.' again "Wo hmi plannod
Urst to .moot nt the probate otlice,
i,ui two other meetings hud been no-
Uliod for that plnce this afternoon,
\r. for m\ place, it is farther away
* 'iii. this. Appleton offered us his
house, ninl iik wu doslrcd his pro
sencca wo accepted."
l'.\   this   tilil*.   at   BOI'Vanl   hild  opened
the door, and father and sou wore
'•shen* I into lhe hnll before they hud
timo t'i spenk further, tiie adminls*
liatoi  following closo behind him.
I'laiiu tin. hall they were ushered
into a rear parlor—h spacious, vaulted apartment, furnished not gaudily.
i.ut heavily and grandly, And here
ihey met his honor, the judge, and
Doctor Arkwiight; and they wero
lis*) introduce.I to the host. Mr
Unlph Appleton, u tall, handsome
mun ni" lifty, or thereabouts.
"Tli," caid Mr Appleton, in
turn, pointing ta. ii gentleman who
nnd orison upon his right hand, "i«,
my friend Lefevre n.i is stopping
with me for u few dny., and .is he
is a l.twyer, .1 thought I woultl call
him In."
Alexander nud Caspar shook hands
With  Mr.   LofOVrO.     Hn  wns  a  mnn of
slaty, at least,  with eyes like     the
'■;.es of nn eagle.      nnd   though      he
smiled   when    lie shook them by the
hand, they  were not  easy,     They rein-ml crod that ihere hnd been a Law.
\cr Lefevre   in   New   Orleans     who
imd   managed    matters for Madame
Rachel,    Alexander remembered that
thcro  hnd   been   a  fit ther     and     sou.
Hubert Lefevre h.nl died very     old,
und hud  been  dead some years   But
this could not be the son? Pshawl
"Mr.  LefTlngton  hns  not   arrived?"
snld  Caspar,  interrogatively.
"Mr. Leflington will not be here,"
replied the administrator. "1 saw
bits  this  torei_$nt   and  he   was  not
feeling well, But I have his papers.
so Iiis absence will not matter."
Thn company weni soated, and u
sil.'i.eo ensued. llis honor, the
Judge, sat at the head of tho room.
near tho grout pier-glass, Upon his
right, down the side, sat Alexander
Compton and Caspar. Upon Ids
left snt Appleton und Lefevre; whihi
near the centre of thc apartment, ut
a table upon which were writing materials, sat the administrator,
Thi* silence wns becoming oppressive—oppressive, at least, to Alexander and Cnspur, to whom there wus
something peculiarly ominous in it.
The.v trembled In their seats. Under
tho shadow of this silence their dark:
sins grew heavy and sore. But tho
hroak tame.
Tho administrator, sitting, nodded
to thc judge and then to the others,
und said:
"OetiUemon, us this meeting is entirely Informal, and us our business
is nil plain before us, I propose lhat
wc expedite it with all possible dis-
Biutch." . ,   ,
Those who snt around nodded assent.
■'First, then," pursued the administrator, "l will read the attested
copy of the last will uud testiuncnt
of Victor st. Clair."
IIo leud tho document, and at its
closo remarked:
•'Thus, wc see there nre five salient
propositions In this will. First:
\ ictor St. Clair bequeaths everything to his wife Rachel. Second:
hu provides that snid Rachel muy. cf
her own pleasure, bequeath the
istnte in turn. Third: In the event '
of tho suid Rachel's dying intestate
the properly fulls to his child Paulina or her h.eiri. Fourth: In event
if (here being no heirs of said Victor's own body, then, upon Rachel's
di ing intestate, the property goes t0
tho heirs of the sister of Victor St.
Clair. And, fifth, failing all these, '
tho city of New Orleans becomes tho
devisee." |
There  was a  pause niter tlio     administrator hid  lnial  down  the  will,
nnd Caspar ventured nt length to re-j
innrk: J
"In tlie absence of Mr.  f.efllngton 1]
may suy that  Alexander. Compton's
tlaiiii to heirship is established   be-!
yond a doubt."
"The pes;tire proofs on his side."
smilingly answorcd the officer, "are
good enough: bul tlu* negative proofs
nro not substantiated."
' Sir!"
"1 mean, my dem- Mr. Hugo,   that
Dr. Agnew's      ]
Catarrhal Powder
Is   a   Catarrh   Cure  that
Cures Colds and Catarrh.
Aciuully, positively, indisputably, |r- '
rcfutnbly cures Colds and Catarrh,! ,
Not always with lirst application, al- ,
though even that Invariably brings
relief in  io minutes.    Sold by all
Druggists. I
Bat it Cures, It Cure* Colds anil Catarrh I   10
it's easier Tor the average woman
to land a husband thun it is to keep
him landed.
Madras has taken to designing and
building its own motor cars.
For each big mnn at the top then*
aro a million little ones at. the bottom.
si.KKi'l.la.SHNKHS—Wlien th<* nerves
ore unmrutin una the whole body liven
tin to wn>U'h<*din?s*i. when the tninU is
Illicit with doom and iUhiiiii! fonHiodlnirs
Ilie result ot rieruiBir<Miii'!it of the dii/e*
live organs, KU**.<pl<*KBSiie*iK come*, to uild
to the distress. It onlv lhe BliblCCt could
slei-0. thero would bi' ubllvlon lor u
while and temporary relief Harmoieo'ti
Vegetable l'ills will not only Indues t:leop
bul will net i*o l.eiielieliilly Hull lhe sub-
ii-vt will wake relri*Klied and restored la,
Because a man goes around in public babbling for the rights of his fellow men is no proof thnt nt homo he
doesn't sloop on his wlfe'B pillow as
well as his own.
Her  Heart  like  a   Polluted
Spring—Mr.*. Jrin)fs Hrlnlejr, Pelee
Islnnd. Out.. Says : "1 nnn for live years
eiliicteti   wiih    dyspepsia,   constipation.
hcairt  disense and nervous tiia.sflrn.tion.    I
B-iircl the lia*nrt  tnaialalt. with  l*r. Airnew's
Cure   i'or   tli,.   Hi-itrl.   uml   lhe   other   nil
meats vanished  li'-..  mi-t.    Hub!  relief ir.
luilf nn  lia.tir nfter it... Hest   d.tsi' "—-7.
.V very popular couple—two dollars
Explorers have reached within •*,*,.*'
mih'S of the N'orth Pole, but no on1
has yet approached nearer than 77*
miles 01   the  South   Pole.
A deal ist In Moscow i« a *jonH**i
in his line, lie has invented a system by which false leelli tan be niutle
to adhere lo the gums !-o lirnily that
in three months  it  is  difficult   to ex-
Alexander Compton, as a descendantI**ej   thuc,m      ,T,,-S    I{"™   tootli-
of  Victor St;  Clair's sister,     must I gaiter hopes In lime to be oJile to
rival   nature   by    malting    artificial
grinders that ache.
give place to the tleacrndanls of.Victor Si. Clair's own self."
"Cert 11 inly, sir—but—but—"
"X will explain very quickly," interrupted the administrator, with a
wave of the hand, "All present, of
coin-.c, wish simply to sec justice
done; and for the purpose of pointing out clearly to those most Interested tlie course strict justice must
take, I hnve called you together. I
Will summon n witness who hns not
yet appeared publicly in this ease."
Thus speaking, he touched a small
(liver bell at his elbow, and directly
afterward a door upon tho judge's
left was opened, nnd llr. Arkwright
entered, lending by the hand the aged
woman whom we have known ns—
''Endora!" burst in a startled
whisper from Caspar's lips.
FSndora hcnnl '-'nspar's exclamation, antl regarding him ipiite culm-
ly,  shq said:
'I um here, Caspar. 1 was summoned, us were you, and I could not
Fnther and son turned pale, and
shook from head to foot. Surely,
thero wus something ominous in
"Madame."' said the administrator.
♦1   hold    in  my hand  a copy  of  the
last will und testament of Victor Sl
C'l.tir.     You bate seen it, f think?"
"1 have, sir."
''And understand  Its provisions?"
"At pn sent, a grandson of Theresa, sister of Victor, appears as the
only heir. Can you dispute his
Dr. Arkwright drew up u chair, and
tho woman sat down, nnd after a
biii-f pause, in a voice clear and bnr-
munious, she spoke as follows
"Gentlemen, I will tell you u simple story. Kacliel St. Clair, when
her husband died, was left with a
child called Pauline. When Kurhel
had reached the ac • of thirty-four,
Paulina wns on her way home from
Cuba, where she had been at school,
il.irhel St. Clair was still beautiful,
and a French oflicer, named Paul
Cambray, had fallen in love with
her, nm.1 offered her his hand, which
•ho had accepted. Thus wore mat
I■ i-y when Paulino arrived in New
Oi leans Men saw her. and wore
dazzled. Paul Cambray saw her,
and al length his lovo turned from
the mother to the daughter, and he
ami Paulino went away together antl
wero married, Rachel would not forgive them. She was willing to take
back Iter daughter, but she woubl
never see thu false lover more; and
sho never did.
"Ill time, to Paul and Paul inn was
born a (laughter, whom they named
Mnri*.' Shortly afier tho birth bi
Marie, Paul joim-d Qeneral J.a*sKflon'a
army nt New Orleans, and thCre laid
down Ids life A sickness fell upon
Paulino, nntl for rioic thin a your
she hovered between life and death
))ut her strength carao back to her.
ninl she returned to New Orleans to
Implore her mother's mercy nnd forgiveness; but upon her nrrlvnl she
learned thai her mother had gone
away   to   the   far   .North.     Paulina
could  not  follow.     She found  friends
who  assisted  her   In   their poor way,
and for a time she supported herself
and  ber  child  by  teaching   music.
A luw recently enacted by tho Legislature of Louisiana punishes with
Imprisonment nnd hard labor husbands who desert or fall to support
their wives and children. The wives
of lazy hu.ibii.nds hang over Ihe mantel a framed copy of lhe law, with
this query in red ink, "Now Will You
Be Good '.»"
Kveii   the   Moit   StulilBo.n   * nee*   of   ilii.
1'nl-iiBil   11 a lini v Cun !<•- t tired.
Rheumatism is caused by acid in
the blood. Thut is on undisputed
medical truth. Liniments, outward
applications and alleged electric
treatment ran never tun* what is
rooted in the blood A blood disease, like rheumatism, must be cured
through the blood That is why
rheumatism always yields like magic
to Dr. Williiuns' Pink l'ills—thev actually make new. rich, red blood.
This new blood COiiqUCl'S the painful
poison, sweeps out th*' aching acid.
SOOthoe the nerves, loosens tha' muscles und ban shea rheumatism from
lh*' system. Proof of tbls is found in
the cuse of Mr. Charles Leatherdale,
a popuiur young druggist's assistant
ol Tilbury. Ont, He says : "I know
from personal experience that l>r.
Williiuns- Pink Pills cun> rheumatism, because they cured me oi a severe uttack that i:tr months cnu:x*u
me many sleepless nights and painful days. 1 hntl tried a number of
other medicines, but they fa'led
Then I decided,   to i*..iv<'   the pills a
trial. Uel'urc I hud flnishi-d ihe second box the pains begun to leave mo,
and by the time 1 had taken two
more boxes th.' pains wore nil cone,
and 1 felt like n new man. That Is
more than six months ago, and I
have nui b.ul a twinge 'if rheumatism
since, ft is my belief that a fnir
course of Dr Williams' Pink Pills
will drive ihe most stubborn case of
iheumatlsm out ot the svatem. u,.il
as a r.'sitit of my own experience I
clioerfully recommend them f ir this
t rouble."
Tho piils cure all blood aiiiii nerve
troubles such as rheumatism, siinti-
m. partial paralysis, Kt. Vitus'
dance, anaomia, neuralgia, Indigestion, headaches, backaches, kidney
troubles, mui the ailments thai make
the lives of so mui y WOltlPn a source
i.f almost cohstdnl misery. Imitations and substitutes nre sometimes
offered, nntl tha. bu;'er should see Unit
the full name " I'r. Williams' I'ink
Pills for Pale. Peoplo'.' is printed on
tlie wrapper uround every box Ii in
doubt sent! direct lo the Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Drockville, Out.,
and the pills will be mailed at y>
cents a  box  or six  boxes  for $3.SO.
A lady once purchased some myrrh,
And the druggist saiil gtaly to hyrrh
"If It's for your lips,  Miss.
Have n care how you kiss "
And   she   m\ iihmyi rhetl   Indignantly,
"Syrrhl" - Ufe.
When the new puppies were discovered to ho blind Teddy was very unhappy, iris auntie assured him tbat
Cod would open their eyes In due time.
When bedtime cnine Teddy was heard ]
adding a petition to his prayers:
"Denr God, do please hurry up nnd
finish those puppies!"- LipplncOtt'S,
Under   the   Nerve   Lash
lorture ninl torment of the victim ol
IlltrvoUl prostration nnil nervous debility
11.B one ren rtchl Iv estimate who hns not
heen uniler Ilie iiithlesH Insh of tlieso re-
lentle*.*. Iiiiiriiin foias M. WilllaniH. of
Foiilwlih. Ont., uns for four veora a
mi whin   wreck Six    dottles   nf   .South
American Nervine s/orked «. miracle, Hnd
hin   ilot t or   nm tinned   it.—38,
Must   women  take  too   much  medicine   and some men don't luke enough.
Very few men nie clover enough to
lie  well,  yet  they all  keep  In Ing  it.
Many   a  man   ls  unliuppy   only   he-
trua.se  l.ts birtieva*   hunvill   su
What timo tint bulbous harkeep flies
To ta[i the hcery barrel
The sw'.'lteriiiK poet sils and trUs
To write a Christmas carol.
And "In the «ood old summer tints."
When days ure hut nn.l murky,
The poet tries '.u weave a rhyme
Around Thttnk'sglvlllf turkey.
■When debutantes tltelr dimpled backs
Hide under filmy tissue
Jio puis nn ode to ueslnkln sacks
For the Der 'ember issue.
Ami then when round the leaflets tre«
Decembor tBrA-ezeH roister
He writes n '.ouyhlng eulogy
To the deporting "yster.
Bu I shall not write poetry.
And hero 1 slate my reason:
A poet's initial perforce umst be
Forever out "f season.
-Clarice W. Wley in New Vork Times
I 5(**tie mm art* so getlBl-OUS they
Live their wises 1 beral allowances,
'and then win it back from  tliem at
! A woman i*A»ts as furious wilh the
woman who won't admire her hus-
liaud  as  slu* gets  Jealous Of  the*  ono
1 wbo does.
HO (on tho lioach)—What
go into the water Wlt|* tt! P t>"'*>
bathing suit. Bhe-Oh i a, "rni)
ing into the water. Thi, n, "'*0'
I tako my sun bath In ""u
bhe-Hid your father Ike to.
old og«?   He-Sure,   h. ...'■w*
led soveral  times after he ■■     ' ""**•
'ie  Wt*,»
Tlie   Hi-uMon.
lie--She called him her angel.
She-She was flattering blm.
lie-No; she meant It. He wns back
Inj; her Urst venture as ti theatrical
Neglect a cough and cou.ract
LUfC    Tha Lung Tonic
cures consumption—
but don't leave it too long.
Try it now.
Your money bark if it doesn't
benefit you.
Prices 2Gc, 50c, and $1.00
s. C. v.'ti.i.s .1 ro.
Tofjuto, C1.1B.        LeRoy, N.Y.
Uoniliui'•   iai-ii,„iiif   I eiii. tarr   aad
Ita   Well  Ted  Vulture*.
Tbe Tower of Silence on top of Malabar hill l» the prettiest sput In Horn
bay. There ls a circle of concrete walls
twenty-live feet high. Inside this wall,
six feet from the top, is an inclined
iloor of concrete, divided Into three circles aud surrounding u pit. The cuter
circle is widest and is for the men; the
second circle is a little narrower and Is
for the women; the inner circle, sur-
roiindin'* the pit, is narrowest of the
three and ls for the children. The center pit Is deep and filled In the bottom
with Baud and charcoal. There are
five of these. When a Parsee lib's he is
laid in one of these. No one over sees
the Inside but those who bear tin* bodies in, aud they do not look around, but
wall: right out. Overhead and perched
on the tops of the walls are many vultures. When a body ls borne In these
vultures swoop down, and in two
hours they have eaten lt clean. Then
tbe bones are swept Into the pit and
tho rain wnshes the circles clean, and
the bones In the pit crumble to dust,
aud the wnter drains ofT through the
sand nnd charcoal into the earth. The
vultures sometimes become so large
and heavy they enn hardly fly. They
allow no other birds near the plnce.
That Is how thc I'ursces dispone of
their dead.	
All  Kll<*ll   l!.-f.Br.*lii..i<l.
It Is said that one of tho most Inveterate writers ont of speeches wns the
lute Lord Derby, of whom (lie story
went that thu manuscript of one of his
most statesmanlike discourses, being
picked up from the floor, whore It had
fallen, was found not only to be freely
sprinkled Willi "Hear, hear:" "Laughter," and "Applause," but nlso to con*
(ain a passage beginning, "But I am
detaining you too long Icrles of '"So,
OOl' and '(Jo onl'J,"
Hoi* Sett Hlrda qu.-i.i 1. Their Thin'.
The melius by Which sea birds quench
their fuicd when far out lit sea ls described by an old skipper, who tells
how ho has seen birds at sea, far from
any hind that could furnish them water, hovering around and under a Stornf
ilniid. clattering like ducks on a hoi
day st a pond ami drinking lu thc
drops nf rain as thoy fell. 'Ihey will
smell a rain sqnall n hundred miles
dixUint or even t'ailher off and leud
for it with almost Inconceivable swift*
"I understand Jlgson has a Qnauclsl
Interest lu the eoneern ho Is with."
"Ye*, they owe hlm six months' sain
The Sincerity of Advice,
Glibber Are ymi going to housekeeping?
■ Bonodlot-'Answer drowned by pass*
ing ear.i
•Jabber Tluii's right; nothing like it
Have your own
lieu,diet    I said I Wasn't.
Oabbor- Oh, WoHj that's where you're
wise, you'll miss, etc, ■*-dalllDiors
A   Chronic   Case   of   Unusual   Severity  and   Lonn
Stan-lino  Curat!   by ■*
Wles, ' or homi'ihoids, ore small
tumors, which form in and about the
orifice of the rectum, 'Ihey are
caused by un enlarged and inflamed
condition oi the veins- which nro
very numerous In this portion of the
hody. Pilot! frequently uttack women during the expectant period or
after childbirth
Any form ol piles causes dreadful
suffering uu account of the Kchlng
and burning which accompany them.
One cun scarcely walk ut times, und
during the Right, when lhe body
gets  warm,  suffering   is  intense.      «
Mr. Alex. McLaughlin, for 80 years
e. resident of llnwmnnville. Dut.,
writes :
•'For twi'iiiy long years 1 suffered
from itching piles, and only persons who hnve been troubled with
that annoying disense can imagine
what I endured timing that time.
About 7 yeurs ago I askod a ditig-
giMt If he had anything to cure me.
Hq  said   thut   Dr.   Chase's   Ointment
wus most fiivoiubly spoken of   »„,
on his recommendation I took « ban
"After three  applications I hit hot
ter. and by the time I had uscij 0M
way ti, r,,Cflv.
box  I  was on a fair
ery.     I Continued the tren
til  thoroughly cured, and I |,„V|. „'„,"
suffered any  since.    I  m„ ti,,M.  ^
vlaced   that   the ointment matto
perfect  cure.
•'I consider llr. Chain's Olntrnani
un Invaluable troetmor.t for piles i,
mv1 cane 1 ihink the cure was *».
inarkablo when you consider thai t
nm gelling up iu yeurs, „,,,) |,R(,
been mi long a sufferer from this
lh Chase's Ointment Is iho only
iibsoiiiic nntl guaranteed mn? f0r
every form of piles. It. has ,i rooonj
of curl's unparallolcd in the history o|
medicine, imi cents a box ut all
dealers, or Ktlmansoii. Ilnt.s *.- (;0
Toronto. To protect um iig.ilrn>ai
imitations, the portmil and signature of l>r. A. W. Chase, tin* famotn
receipt "book author, are on evpry
Why   Not   Buy   by   Mail?
Whether you require Silverware or Cut Glass for the table,
or Jewelry for your personal adornment, or a gixtd Watch or Clock
for utility, you will find that
You   Can   Save   Money        «, -
By   Ordering   from   Us
55*11(1 for our New Illustrated Catalogue, giving
full description a:"l prices of one of the largest and best £-!ectcd
Mocks on the American continent    Our prices defy comjxtiiion.
t-a,.- I ft. a: > !'■• -■'■ '. ■ I t)-vlr,«. Iltt.gt , :a.», f; .,[.!■,
Otatbl.tlC ,»nal tl.lvraaa, , , Li. lar UCp. ,1 apj . i 11, . .. . !»
Afc*  ■ j*. a.a:u^j,.>. CaaiS. flTBthaMflt a laiejuaiti, BW 11 Ua-MlflflX tflblfl**
Slai:-.a*    (,i     till'       lien 11 II I.- I     Ullll    llaa>»t
gracefully formed people ol h-ur*)**,
are the gypsim of llutiffurj 1 h*.
are rarely ill their checki are re-*-
tinted, and BO pui e Is il.ai liloo*.
that their wounds quickb heal with'
out   ilu* application .a( inatiiicatueiu
RtmovM all hnrd. aoft or cnUnii**)
mmpa and hlemi*-ht>a (rami ha.rws I Iooo
ipavln, curlia. Hpliiata, rlnn*bon«, tmtasm,
itlflas, aprnlni; curea aura and •»0i)ll«i
throat, couelia, ate. Sat a $:,0 lif VS
laa ol one tioltl*. Warrant»l IM mo"1
•rondarful lllemtah Cure over .oo»u.
Sold by all  druaitl.ta.
Complete Hart lor Qont Spavin.
KaiKlt, Wir.lrobi, ]%n. tt. ,ja\
Or. b T. I'mdaD Co., CfoUtnoai 1 la.* io treat » ttauiae
lornOf aaaaaa. ItHil),-«.. •rfo.a.l,.. Il ll.ll . Ilanu Slir.llB; >„J
S/it k,c.»:l on ,. . .,,„ 1.^ .„(| „ ., „., t.,,,11, ,»oa..ai I m t^ai
that 1 laa.| ta UtbO It In --.Ial water, t!,cn Bppliay] Krai-Ill.,
StMlvanCairp. I |,.J typh.-rt J .vtt ih. ,;me »inl«r Inal o,.-,
ran ilie Keadalll S;.,„, can l.ilfuhaiaae. aa.,1 ||.Mh i.,.(
one ..Dat « l,,lt haiitl„tuauaa hi, Wu *.'.:, .eiv.aaaal Ireaaaaa.^a
• Bla   at did .., aafliiiii'drly llial yflaii »,„,l.t naril lluofl. Ilaal be La j
• aDarU) , laeocart lu, k.analame tatKe.
Verjalr.;ya*a>u,r. CEO. S. HARRIS.
Such »na1or.ena.nt, a< lh« al""e are a pnarar.iM of naealt.
Prloo Sl; eix for St  A.« Holmemltitf.nv'v u.eli l.i.iao
'?'"1.. ^"' """ ''"-''i'1" ' ' Kcnilelee  Ppevln Cure.
flUio "ATreatleO on tne llorae,  al,. u.^k ia...,, i ,.. aeu
Consider  Hia-  ways  ol  ihe h iinbi"
drny;   it   hns a  tongue,  bul   ■'  "i**"1
Minard's liniment Cares folds, etc
it. is caster to keep oul oi lhe in**
ritiiouiul   harneaa   ihim  n   ** '" i"
An electrical RTldlron huu been io
\isetl to kill flies. H stands vertical
ly, nmi the moment a By alights up-
'ii it death ensues from elect i lc
■hock Tha> ttend flj drops iiiito ,t
horizontal i.helt underneath
Thero  ni"  n   n'iiniai,|    ol    v&rlatiaa   o(
a'flira.N llnlliivvu v'n    la,in    CUM    «lll    n-
inoM'   nny  of   theni     r«l|   nn   VOU/  ill nr-
k■ '  and l"■'  ii liuiiic ni once
Ol   the 8,0110   \'i'Bini^   Rooplc's   Hocia.
tia's of Christian ICndc-avor in tlvi
I'lntiil "Kfnfrdohi more lliftn 1,300 nre
nst.oriuti.ti win, the Doplfst churches
You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and It never
fails to do this work. It stops
Hair Vigor
fallingofthe hair,also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disappointed.   Isn't that so?
" Mt hair fnli.it until It wae abont white.  It
tOIlk  Jusl   aan„   I„,tl|n  a,f  AvOl'l   ll»lr  Vigor lo
roatcirra tt ta» ita fornior alerlc, rich cnlrar. Vour
Hair Vlunr rprUlnlj done wtiut you clulm for
It."-A. M. lt.al.UA.1. UajB-kiiaulmiii, N.o.
f 1 on a,, a.,-,1 ti.-.
ior 1
I, r. ATrnco.,
l/awall.   Mmb.,
Fading Hair
IT   IITB V   '.iv   , aaa.   a"    a-	
* t.*ltllia,iili.N     Afllln-M r„|*'A<
t*  j   CIIBSK1 t CO   1
l«.,B.| lv .ill .hli:--!*'a. "'*
llnll'e K.a nil'- IMUO Bfl the 1»*'
I'rolniiir. ■ i'U'.- ii.an ineanil . u*
all  night for the pun '  '   "' '" , '.
inK themselvea Llial thcru 1- "" I*
like  hoine,
THR VluVuTi^T^ny^^],
tn- Constant auyleotlon i« lh(,r. »•
,. tax upon Ihe wcivief, i"1' ';,„„rf,iim
no !.i,.Miti..'i   iiBiMi'iii': ""•t;';', [,•.>»
bib,' htiii' t«i Liitfli ti'iii' 1 iif' " ,., c'.rr
*ti,l„acl,ir   tr.alllil..- TM     "*'""',,,-   •.*.'
.•in. brlnitR on nervoiit Irri'inii.1"" ,lrt.
il,.'   htoMMicli   ce.-is.**.   '•'   'ir,'''I'lnii''!"*"'"
-a il.-      In   ihN  eonflltlen  ' ' "^,r..
Vfl-eitiBl,!,. Pills will be t"'""1 " '' " to
titaa power, iiv.tiBiinu jn* ""■;;;„,„
healthful   nctlon,   dlspsllliw    ■'.
aanil   rcvlx liit*  thn llinii'   tti~V
Some ministers*'do |",, P]"BC.!  ^r
they lireuch. nnd sp*"*,e h.i-" '■,
era do noj pW '"^ __\ i1^'"'
.Uta-ani's Unimenl Cures ]!i;'!iili^'
VOU  11.ay  not gel  nil  H*"*'   '■" ",Y
ni*   to   von   in   Huh   world
oul  for  the nCXl
it II
ui not delay  In  BSttlnB  r"' ,,,„ if*
tic  folk*,    MaBtiiiir Oravfi   "      j,irr
i.TMiinnliii   In   11   plMSftnl   ""."   .,,„ |rt I
11 you loriT viBiir cnliil »•»» "", „, hrji' '
Hiifftr when n wmedv l« ••" ''''"'
li   Is  sad   ih.ii   n   BlnKlf   ',",'1 I,,-
i;oiil. ni'icr lai\infi heen '"""'   |V.aii
to (...Id   1,'nf.    Will    rover
si 1 im 1 <• inches. .
I'-'oplo who have   notl ln«      ltt\
aoineiini,,., ihink they nre 1
Whence nil hut lilrn hod N.
The wnter that was ni W* a
riinif. nluioyt  to his h«*"   ...,,.,,»•
The boy stood on the Slilppi cl JPPLEMENT TO THE DR1L.U
B. C.
Name of Person AenetaeA
Hill, Alfred	
a nf Lands for Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Slocan §|~g
Assessment District, Province ot British Columbia,   »*$
(1JU  Elliott, John ....
u Pbv eive notice that on Tuesday, the 8th day of December, A. D. 1903 at the hour g^^^'
lhereDyV'vhforenoon, at the Government Office, at  Kaslo, B.  C,   i shall sell  at BWott| John...
l-no'^V?*! |ands hereinafter set out of the persons in said list hereinafter set out, for BUiott, John
at the Government Office, at  Kaslo, B.  C,   i shall sell  at!
3i;iWw.. ■--     lands hereinafter set out of the persons in    -_-,       , John 	
lie auction 1 ;d by sajd persons on the 31st day of December,  1902, and for in- BUloU; John	
t tdXC-J xxt r j r     _-*_j .:„:„„ c-ol^l coin Imillntt John	
cosis and ex
penses, including the cost of advertising said sale.
Person AtSSSttA
A.  ■•
A-    ■*
(Truatoe    -£»-
(Trustee)  BlocK &
0,0. (Trustee)
C. 0.
G. 0.
(i. 0. ■
0 (i  1 Trustee)
(; 0, (Trustee)
(; 0. (Trustee)
, 0.
(',. 0.
ianan, 0* <-•
ianan. 0. °
ianan, t\- °
ianan, tl.
ianan. G.
ianan, t;
ianan, G
ianan, G
ianan, ('■• 0,
ianan. (1- 0
d, Anirns
ianan, <■■ <•>
ianan. 0. 0
ianan, G. 0
ianan. ('■■ 0
ianan, <■'• *>
0, (Trustee)
i Trustee)
!*lf. Mra S.
planil. H
lev, Chris,
rn's, A. R.
iluown —
Iraer. John
irer.il. L	
Irt, Davitl 	
rtlager, Frank ...
Iby. Mrs	
liton. William  ■ • •
lierion, E K	
ftrthy, Thomas .
JSivcn, J"hn  	
irne Brothers ..
•jgravp, Rolicrt . •
space, Robert . •
lilt, C E	
Ella B	
kMiiren. J	
lastalttm. William
nity. A	
onncc. R. fi. ■ • •
iaw & UcOarrlgla
ounce, R. <;.
mince, R. (!.   . •.
nw.e. Thomas
JiwsBtin. Henry
uns-ie. Ttiumaf
ounce, R 0,
imnee. H.
ounce, R.
imball. 8.
ounce, R.
farren. H
at al.
it al.
(Donald, John  	
I cDonald, John  ....
crK.nai.l. John   	
Juneron. R. R	
tDunalil, Julm   	
ftumalit. .Inhn   ....
cDonald, Nell 	
cDonald, John   	
UttS, Clara 	
tajni W, it 	
ItDonald, John  ....
Viline. Ma a, Im   . . . .
Wme, Archie 	
.I1'' na I, John   ...
("Donald, John  ...
Iter, "W. l	
■mi biii
i*nd< raon
1' '   nlel ...
ft     " 'a   ||    .
lli'' I     C      	
Hum   I   i
'"'   I  i   \v  	
''■ \   . ...
'i'1 i   Keith   	
I ■ ncd  .
'OOttl       i      !'
t   i
•ran, j. j*
fn. a   ,....','.',
_.. ■ J* K. ith
ri**tcii<.ri ]•
■Jfwiand. dordon
llln,t. John
l^'lllvray, a
2?t.John ..
I*"1'!- .1  Keith
llvi av
Sborl Deocription of Propirrty
Lot 26, Block 5 	
JLot 34, Block 5 	
.'Lots 35-36, Block 6 	
• Lot 4, Block 7  	
JLot 28 (half of), Block 8 ...
.'Lot 28 (half of), Block 8 ...
. 'Block 2 	
Block 4
Delinquent Taxes
Date of Sale
3 7.20
.iBlock 9 	
.'Block  12   	
.'Block 24  	
.'Lots 1-4, Block 26 	
• 'Lots  17-20, Block 26   	
.'LotB 5-12, Block 27  	
.'Lot 21. Block 27  	
.'Lots 11-12, Block 28	
.'Lots 21-22, Block 28	
. 'Lots 1-8, Block 29	
.JLots 13-16. Block 29	
.. Lots 3-4, Block 33	
..'Lots 13-14, Block 33	
. .'Lots 15-16, Block 34	
..'Lots 9-12, Block 36 	
.. 'Lots 1-4 (50 feet of), Block 40
..'Lots 1-4, Block 42	
..'ixits 1-5, Block 44	
..'Block E	
..'Block 0	
..'Block K	
..'[Lot  14. Block A	
.. • 'Lot 10, Block B	
...'Lot 10, Block D	
. ..'Lots 50-51, Block E	
...'Lot 20, Block Q	
. ..'Lot 7, Block EE	
.. ■ !Lot 5, Block 4  	
...'Lots 19-20, Block 7 	
...'Lot 8, Block 8  	
...ll 1-4 acres, Wharf Reserve .
• •• Lot 3, Bltxk 3  	
•■•'iLots 18-19, Block 9 	
• *<Lota 1-2. Block 13 	
— Lots 7-8, Block 13  	
■•••'Lots 1-2, Block 14  	
• • ■ • 'Lot 9. Block 22 	
• •••LOU 8-4, Block 23	
 iLot 8. Block 23
3 antl 10, Block 30 	
Lots 13-14 (E. 1-2), Block 134 	
Lot 12, Block 136 	
Lot 10, Block 148 	
Block  B	
Block 61 	
E. 1-2
Block 116 	
Block 118A	
Block 119 	
Lots 1-8 and 16-22, Block 4 	
Block 5 	
1-ots 1-5 antl 11-15, Block 6 	
Lots 16-20, Block 6 	
Blockl 7 and 8 	
\\jot 1, Block 9  	
Ixits 13-15. Block 9 	
Lots 1-8, Block 10   	
Lot 11, Block 10  	
Lot 12. Block 10 	
Uits 6-12. Block 11  	
Lots 16-16, Block  11   	
Lots  17-20,  Block   11   	
Block   12   	
Balance of Lots and Blocks 	
Ixit  21. Block 30   	
iLots 10 13   Hi,nu 29        isssssl	
23 00
■ Lot
• Lot 12
1. Block Q	
12. Block 6 	
10. Blink 13  	
(pan of), Block 18 ,.,
>,  "'■ ''"hn
f'K. ti/,.
i,„i i. Block n> 	
Lot 6, Hhick 1"' 	
Loi 13, Block 18 *•	
h oti 87-28, Block 1>   	
Lota 8 i. i"",'k,isie	
Lota 14-16, Block i« 	
Lol 2>;. Block ix 	
LoU 2E 26, Block 19  	
Ix.lsl 2. BlOCk 20.-	
Lot, ii-i2. Block 20 	
Lol l". Block 20 	
Lol 7. Block 21 	
l.m  H. Block 21  ■	
Lota 16 16, Block 21 	
Lot 8, Block '-"- 	
I/It B, Block S3	
Lota 26-28, Block 84 	
l,oi 7, Block 86 .••••	
Lota  16-16, Block 86  ....
Lots:, nmi 6, Block .it' ••••
Lol 16, Block $•••"••■:■.-
20 ami 28, Block 88
21-22. Block  37   	
28-24, Block 3S ....
26-27, Block 39
22*28, Block 43 .. • •
l"-Ynml 4, Block 41
7-8 and 17-18, Block
27. Block 46  	
        1   Block 47 	
\ ;;;;.. \u>m 9-10. mock 4s	
.... Lot 26, Block 48  	
Ixit 6, Block 50 	
Lots 12-14
D .1.
Block 51
Ixits 5-6. Block 68 .
l/its 9-12. Block 681 .
ILots 13-1". Block i)3
Johnson, E.
Hammond, U. K. .
Boisvert, William
Mulvey, T	
Hauck, Paul 	
Allen, R. E	
Thompson, W. J	
Grady, M	
Bendium, J. M. M	
Sandilantls, E. M	
Wilson, B	
Dover, J	
Hume, C. B	
"""inlay & Knowles 	
Barry & O'Brien  	
Bowsor &. Wilson 	
Dover, J	
McKinnon, J. A. & Co.
Davis, R. C	
Brandon, Joseph   	
2.43  Dover,  J	
3.02  McDonald, A. K	
5.37   Lane, T. R	
3.74  Mills, T. J	
2.86  Dover, J	
4.66  Benetlium, J. M. M. . • •
4.66 I Elliott, J. H	
6.44 I Carey, Mrs. A	
12.65  Grady, William   	
10.88 Unknown 	
12.65  Grady, Michael 	
7.93  Wilson, B	
Grady, Michael 	
Jackson, G. A	
Daigle, S	
McMillan, A. H	
Tyrce, Mrs. M. L	
Grady, Michael 	
Lane, R. T	
Daigle, S	
Grady, Michael 	
Tingling, John	
* 66
Biekford, William   	
Levesque, I.ouis 	
McDonald 6 Bradford .
Proulx, George 	
Johnstone, George 	
Reid, J. A	
Mulvey & Clements
Mulvey & Clements ...
Mulvey & Clements .. •
Oslnger, G. C	
Farrel, Henry 	
! Mulvey & Clements ..
Mulvey & Clements .. •
Harris, William 	
Wlchman, A. F	
McRae, Alex. F	
Gething & Henderson
Woodcock, T. D	
Mulvey & Clements .. •
Mulvey & Clements ..
Mulvey & Clements ..
Mulvey & Clements ..
Flint, F	
McDonald, W. J	
Fletcher. Frank  	
Wolley, C. P	
Pilkington, Sir G. A.
Payne. George   	
Shook, James C	
Mulvey. Thomas  	
Fair. J. Albert  	
Boisvert, G	
l'eters. F. I.	
Fletcher. F	
Shields, A	
Mirror l»nkp Ice Co. .
Rathborne, M. R. W.
Blandy. A. P	
Blandy, J. C	
I.entlrum, T. J	
Selous, Harold 	
Squires. F. J	
White. Bruce  	
McDonald. J. A	
McDonald, John  	
Marsden, Chris	
Maraden, Chris	
Lewis, Thomas 	
Terry, Jnmes 	
Terry. James 	
I H   McKay, David  	
133  stnlilis. Willinm  	
' 38   Mulvey. Thomas	
1 v1*  Johnson, Mrs. Mary .
! **** Potter, J	
: 88 Pearson, A. C	
. 88   Curler. W. 0	
2.53 Kaslo A I. D. Ry- •
:', 60 Qreen. P. 0	
8.96   Unwell. E. C	
". 77  Tipping, J. F	
.' 88 Btarratt, Luther —
•_' 71   Dowsing, W, H	
2 44   West, 0. W	
4.22   Hoar, Orville D	
2 17 ,-*di mi dt, Jacob  	
2.04 ],nffman. Samuel ..
9.66 Miller. J. M. & Co. .
3.771 Young, J. J	
Morrison. D	
Anderson, Martin  .
Short DcKriptloo of Property
Lota 1-4, Block 64 	
Lots 24-26, Block 64
Lots —17, Block 66
Lots 19-20 and 26-26, Block 66
Lots 3-6, Block 56
Lots 7-8, Block 66
Lots 16-19, Block 66
Lots 26-27, Block 66
Lota 2-3, Block 69
Lots 2 and 7-8, Block 60
Lota 27-28, Block 60 ...
Lots 3-6, Block 61
Lots 25-26, Block 62
Lots 8-10, Block 63
Block 69  	
Block 80  	
Block 85  	
Lots 1-2, Block 2
Lot 6, Block 2
Lot 7, Block 2
Lots 15-16, Block 6
Lot 3, Block 7 .
Lots 6-7, Block 7
Lot 9, Block 2  	
Lots 11-12, Block
Lot 1, Block 3  .
• Lot 17, Block 5 .
• Lot 1, Block 6  .
• Lot 8, Block 6  .
Lot 15, Block 6 .
Lot 3, Block 7
Lots 11-12, Block 7
Lots 17-18, Block 7
Lot 21, Block 7 ...
Ixits 7-8, Block 8
Lot  8,  Block  10
Ixit 18, Block 10
Lot 21, Block 10
Lot  3,  Block 11
Lots 13-14, Block
Lot 1,  Block  13
Lot 11, Block 14
JLots 21-24, Block
Lots 1-2. Block 32
Lot 11, Block 32  .
Lots 13-14, Block
Lots 23-24, Block
Lot 4, Block 33 ...
Lot 6. Block 33 ..
'ixit 9, Block 33 ..
Lot 10 (half of),
Lot 13, Block 33
Lot 14, Block 33
Lot 20, Block 33
Lots 1-2, Block
Lot 6, Block 35	
Lots 11-12, Block 38
Lot 18. Block 41 ...
Ixits 23-24, Block
Lot 7, Block 22
^^^^^^   ROBSON
Lots 8-10. Block 2  ....
Lots 5-6, Block 20  ....
Ixit 10, Block 23  	
Lots 15-16, Block
Ixit 22, Block 35
Lots 1-13 and 15 	
Lots 17-20 and 22 	
Lots 24, 30, 43  	
Lot  28  	
Lot 37 (N. 1-2 of)  	
Lot 45 (S. 1-2 of) 	
Lots 47, 48 and 51-52 	
Ixit 45 (N. 1-2 of)   	
Lot  53  	
Lot 56 (N. 1-2 of)  	
Lot 56 (S. 1-2 of)  	
Lot 61  	
Lots 62. 63 and 65-78 	
Lotis 133. 135, 138. 140, 131  .,
Lots 142. 144. 146, 155 	
Lots 157, 160. 162. 164. 166, 168
Ixits 26-27. Block 8 	
Lot 21. Block 9
Lot 337.
Lot 370
Lot 372
Lot 381,
Ixit 381
|L0t 381
Ixit 381
Lot 383,
Lot 385
I»t 3S8, G.
Lot 445, O.
Lot 455, G
Ixit 471. G.
Lot 509. G
Lot 510. G
Lot 592A. O.
Lot 605, O. 1
Lot 683, O.
Lot 793. O.
Lot 872. Q.
Lot 874. O,
Ixit 880. G
Lot SSI. I".
Lot 908, G
Lot 1239. O.
Lot 1239. O.
Lot 1239. tl.
, Lot 1239. G.
. Lol  1681 O.
. Lot 1681, <:
. Lot 1688, G
. Lot 1761, G
. Lot 1888, <'.
. Lot 1S83.
. Ixit 1884,
. Lot  1898,
. Lol 2227.
. Lot 2201,
.Lol 2278,
. Lot 4811,
. Lot 4467
. Lot 4707
. I/.I 6188
. I ..it 6336,
. Lot 5371. O. 1
. Lot 1239. G, 1
.Lot 1239, G. 1
1, West Arm, 100 acres ..
1. West Arm, 1 acre —
1. West Arm, 144 acres
Slocan River, 233 acres
Slocan River, 35 acres
Slocan River, 75 acres
Slocan River, 215 acres
Slocan River. 76 acres
Lower Arrow L. 10
Bonanza Creek. 42 acres..
Kootenay L., 122 1-3 acres.
Kootenay L. 143 1-4 acres'
Slocan Lake, 120 acres I
Lardo River, 811 acres ..
Lardo River. 247 acres ..
1. Mill Site. 5 acres  j
Kootenay R.. 160 acres ..
West Arm. 122 acres ....
Kokanee Ck., 320 acres ..
130 acres  '
Lardo Jack Ck.. 160 acres
Lardo River. 111.80 acres
Lardo River, 53.60 acres ..
West Arm. 2 1-20 acres ..
Township 22. 260.86 acres
Township 22. 253.65 acres
TownahlP 22. 60 acres ..
Township 22. 59 acres . . '
Slocan Litka-. 85 acres ..
Blocan Lake, 10 acres ..
B. K. Carpenter t'k. ioo ac
Kootenny I... 160 acres ,.,
Kootenay L. 151 8-4 acres
Kootenay L., B ll acres'
Kootenay i.. 228 acres
Crawford Bay. ip; aa
Yuili Ck., 320 acres ...
Four Mile Ck., 160 ac
. 1.
8 20
.08   I
tl. 1.
O. 1.
<;. l.
O, 1.
(1. 1.
G. 1.
G, 1.
(',. 1
(',. i
C. 1
Q, 1.
Kootenay L., 141 acres
Weal Arm. 1"" '•"','s
, Duncan River. 173 afirea
Duncan River, 820 acrea
Upper Duncan, 160 ai n i
nr w. K. Duncan R. 113 ac
Lardo River. 105 acres ..
Township 22, 50 acrea ..
Township 22, 50 acres ..
111 Ml
1 90
2 mi
2 00
2 mi
2 00
2 no
2 n»
Dated at Kaslo, this 30th day
of October, A. D. 1903.
28 66
9 LO
Slocan Assessment District.
A faultless fit
for every fig'ure*£
, 1!.:
I .    1/08 SO elite
,    t
it do•>
i dr-
IlK' '":
UK* '
Id '
nd v.-i
lllne ■
■■■■■■i?.,.".,'.. IM d-'t's'n ben ut
. i.v ,.,i drt' (fr-r-round.
,,„ vos so sir-r-rong
1 ,,,.. liraotsei* i.oy
■"";; ;,,',,■,,.,. und six'foot long
';,.;„,„,«„-HU,    VaatlldlOy!
,   v.os aa kvluk
"''., ,'niie iieforo l dink.
•■: ".'    ,Jt vunoe as allele
;       I „;,a gone chust Ilka a
..    .  i,a (Iminp der f-snee
"" ;t tall mltout his hands;
.. ,„. thust p..nninc*nco
,, ,„, turn umi tylst
,   , iiotisless kid.
mil his pig »«t
[, . ,, pknot oft mir.fl.. lldl
.       ,„. ho gan't <l".
.     , uust llge a cat
,   „ pn .:< und plue-
nnati acnobct,
is v\\fi, und he
i  \, mr Turk
but, oh, fr •»«■"•.
■ t,„j str-r-rong to vorltl
. -Baltimore News
to a «trirt'.
ciiirtnisfilnii f rm-TKT
[fr*-jn PRrUonlats. \A**lr»«lpt»cr-
Do You Want
10 CONSIill YOUR CRAIN TO * RHIAStl fl»M     #
fcjy \^7        |    <WI       WI  Ul ■ tst   PSOMPI SERVICE "*.N0  CCREFUt   AT ILN1I0M ■    .
if no, the nndenlgnodwttnti you* bt^iufsn nod will •nd<mvoil to **i**e satlslactlon< |
CiishftdruiimliiucoiisiKiiiiioiiU.     Roforouro:   t'liion Hank ol Caoaalu.
Tla8 oldest wtabllghecl (irtiiti Commission
M.jrrliiiiit in Winnipi'a*.
Grain   Exchango.   Winnipeg.
,    ..melted  il"'  Moors nm\
,,„, „f Mndrlil.    In this
T,,1.   III...   .'«   «-  Word.
,   . iosi ilu- forces of Kins
lull"' •
tlfo'i*' I
'".„;',:; is :, legend tlmt tbe
: , , Were allies of Alfonso,
-        ,,       ,, by tlie snows In Ibe
w      ."...... „r "■"uenfria nmi were
Lp.fpi   iiitc in overtaking tbe main
, ir, ,..„.„,,- wliicti lmtl aatdowo
lCJ |      ••Slt'C."  1l«'.v   IfXlO-l*1-
I ',  .,1,.,-e Fbnll wo cnmpr*
', , .« pcturnctl Altouao.
lwld.e;,!;.cr being angry with tbem
■-« ,.f tliflr tnrrtlneas* They took
■",■ . ,..„,i. carried the walla
V. ."        i lornlng    .e banner of
nontlug from n turret of
No matter what shape a man
may be, normal, too stout or too
thin—too tall or too short—there's
a perfect fit for him in Stanficld's.
It's made for men of every size
nnd Weight—made to fit the unusual figures, as well as the average man.
And Stanfitld'i Underwear holds
its shape. Every garment tested
and unconditionally guaranteed to
be absolutely unshrinkable.
All good dealers sell Stanfields.
Maclennan Bros.,
TELicrnnNe 119,1. P, 0  Bos Oil
Molntyro Block,  304.   Winnipeg.
Wheat and Rt-ain of nil kitiils. Car
Lonil l.aal-, a Spefl'lulty. Hvgttlar n<!
VBUCOSOQ Hills taf [i&dtDg.
Write ot witn as for Track Itl.ln, or
Ciaiiiili;i> Vaaiu ilrnlu tu us. which we
Will tell for your aocount, ou your ap-
piaavill Ila I, I n lii>'.. In.Hit.
Joge-pf    Boon   at   Work   Again
Alter Seven  Years Illness.
Dear S
rs —
ould ■
I was for seven years ■»
i Bronchial troubK*. ainl
mr ic .it t lmea that I
\  s| .'iik ojiovo a whisper.
i t from anything t '11  I
hi :•!.•,   gave   relief  nnil
ploto cure      l woultl
miiiond it to anyone suf-
thront "1  Iuhr trouble.
1'   VAN11U9KIRK
Opposite  City  llall,    WIN'SH'iai.  MAS.
THOUOUOU   COURSES   in   Uook-lieep-
ln(f,  Shorthand,  TypewrltlnR, etc      One
wc.at'>   trial  fflveil
Catalosaes  tree,
'Phono  J.90B,
I W '   . i> .   Victor, lo  lliiitk
!■  n  I'lininn.     Are you
i   U.ui   you  ale »bb
,   i  .,',; i   Head)   Dlsinfec*
: .    ! a- is a boon to uny
, ,.ii cleans ni tha
, .  i •  I  hadn't nn*
.   mince  ()!« "—Hur-
Bina.ru > Liaiount lures ltisUniper.
iainlng  doesn't   make
i hurt! . ■  .
, i     . nciTiiM tn for*
om  a. ( j our frientla
Helplos9 as a Dahy *8->oth Ame, I
.     . ■ |     kt**l     I '"'      I      '   '•      Ol
li   .,■.,.;      i:   N
•    |t . . k' a li'   On*
*  nrs  u   sntii   •' |T( ri"'
.ailllali;   I      >. ll *.ll     l;l       -",f
■     I in,'.-!. Vfl*      »«
... ..• m  io lo " ■" «
.;,   pain   hi»«   left   mi
•.   lai-.l   Inlnnit.
I : i Idlnga wliieh nilorn-
ed tin ; I'UIIni there remain to
; a,niy ii port ion of Hie
' ip of ilie kiosk nmi !1
i ■ ,,f Isi**.   llu* tnivi'li-r
: ni In n small boat, 10
» . iy pass down the colonnade
• . ,i in the once ancrctl olnuiv
.  a novel and Intereatlng ex*
lo (hose who wine  fa*
I.nui in ill! Us lieaot**
alnesi   Ot tin* columna
i ihe colounade only the
ulii iiinivi'  wutcr.   Upou
I beautifully culaoled and
Itli dellcato coloring, Tl
•  Riris to tlm  (-oils or
; two eyea to I sis.   A
■• io ihi' rlglll tin* roof of
m kiin.ii is vI Iblo resting upon Us "*•>•'
Ins, v hli li nre partly aub-
I'.*   it iwo uuusutilly  large
1 ■ ii'itr iin'ir heada above the
We ara Selling tha Best Eleotrlo
Belt In tlio  World  at a  Priea
Within the Roach of the Poorest
Our Regular N°G?.,ai?h CAQ
Oct No 7 Electric Belt  (wiih tttlpmory fa
m-.\ or U*li-"i ttttcliment) !• g'.urinrre.l to potets
■or* power, niore current, more equal d.itr.buL.O'S
of current, better (tnfity i'ii :'.;. :'■':*. ttun a"y oth-w
Electric Hetl nitfi*", rrgardlr"*! of pri^*.
T.i« Pitt Kaiti Vz.i u « sure cure f r Kervoui,
We tineas. Kidaty, l.iver »nj Stomach Cdtnplilct,
Rheuma'.i .m, LuM Back, Pa.u or A l--.es in all parti
cf th* body. Wear t,:r: tell v*lii.*yc:i lleep, and U
Oie nonunj you wtli feel )earl younjter lhaa when
y * i we-.il lo lei.
BtWftrt cf tiioM who «'< you to pay from $10 to
J-IO f-»r*n Ekcttic Heir, not h.ilf %o c^odiith* Prcf.
Karn'i which we lell for only $5 00. We hjvt only
o - price. We do not a .'-. you \-l -JoHari r\*st, aad
if ynu do n't buy, try and itli you :*■• aime belt at
any cM price.
O^r H-ni-u Offer — If you do oot cara ta und ut
five dolltn wa wi 1 tend you ooo of our Belts to your
nearest eipren rfiice, C O I>. $5 00, wiih pririlef*
of rxarr.i:iaiioa, if utuLcioiy. ;•* the eiprc&s agent
y, OOarl expreitchircrtand t.'-e the Pelt If not
as rtpre-.eritcdyou'neeii nol pay one cent. If yoa
te-ii cash vUhord-tYW* prfp.y thttp -.Uge.
Wn aie nunitfactufert ci all kinds of electrle
appluirei. Wiite ui foi our book, giving prices
and full particulati    It -i MUI free.
Do not lioy until you Mi cur No T H'tgk Orado
B*it.    Writ*: at once.    Aortas %
UK Itin'i-i'it (ram tha llA>*.pltul u Incuralilo
li.'    tui'il   IluililS   Klilifliy    PUIS    WlUi
•ll'l. ii.Hal Ri->.iilt.. 1
Cottlu's Cove, Now Buy, Nfld., Nov. !
8.- Special).—After boiiig  for seven
years o hopt'less invalid,   unable   to
work nntl rnckctl by ui'lu's anil pains,
Joseph  Hoonc, ol tills pluro, is back
^it his .,',1 work as a fisherman,    It
sounds liko tt miracle, but it 's not—
it was Khlnoy Disease was the mat- '
l't with hlm.     piatlii's  Kidney Pillti •
cured him. I
"It Is something worth relating
whnt Dodd's Kidney Pills have done
fnr ino. says Mr. Boone, and I am
glad lo loll it. 1 hnd doctored with
Bcvcral doctors and after 7 months
fn the hospital wan sent home as \*
"Itichard (Jtilrk, Ttho bad been cured by Dodd's Kidney l'ills, advised
ine to try tliem and I did. I tooU
2: boxes beforo 1 wns ul>le to ro to
work. Dul I cun hardly believe it is
myself is In li at all after all those
years of Buffering."
Dodd's Kidney Pills never fail to
cure all forms of Kidney Disease from
Backache to Bright's Disease. Thousands of cured will tell you so.
When a girl is being taken t.*
Kui ope in 11,ake her forget somebody
her family doesn't want ber to marry
it is inst when she has decided she
could never iu,'.ice any other man,
even if she remained s'uglo ull her
life, that she begins to wonder why
some chap is lpoking at her In Bttch
an interesting way.
Dr .! D Ki-iiomi's Dysentery Cordial
Is bi upecth curo for dysentery diarrhoea,
cholera, nuniiner complaint, sea »lclmes»
nn.l complaints incidental 10 children
teething lt elves IniraeJiato relief 10
those MifTotini: n.iia the effects ot Inalis-
cratlon In tauiiiai uiirii.i* fruit, cucumbers.
etc li ucts \tith wonderful lu.nidity ..nil
never falls to conquer thi disease No
aine lu'cl dur Cholera ii Ilia'. Iiiifl." la liut-
tlt- ui this initli.-ir.e conveuTT>nt
■remlitiiii   nnU   IU   ll.liatioi,   to
Beoret of Good llealili.
The secret of henlth, as every iutelll-
lifl'nt physician knows, ls free nnd full
circulation of the blood, and this circulation is dependent absolutely 00 tlu>--
oush   oxygenation,    ln   mnny   eases
where erroneous habits of living have
been so long continued thnt congestion
has become chronic in one shape or unother-obesity, gout, rheumatism, constipation     or     tuberculosis     having
camped in the system and crippled It—
the patient is not apt to he in a condition  to readily assimilate n sullicient
quantity of oxygen direct from the atmosphere.    The breathing  apparatus
. must tlrst  be  properly  developed, so
tbnt the patient shall bu able to gradually increase the supply of nir to thc
system, uutil at last he recovers the
normal power of deep breathing.
With the building up of the lungs
through  proper breathing there  is a
metabolism of all the tissues and organs, so that, for most men, breathing
exercises are more important than any
mere muscular exercise.   Not only the
lungs, but all the lnternul orgaus are
brought into piny by correct breathing.
It develops the heart, stomach,  liver
tnd kidneys directly and indirectly nud
nourishes  all    these   organs  ns  thej
shoulil be nourished by more blood and
better blood  In constant and  regular
Circulation.   Breathing, therefore. Is a
sovereign remedy for our national dis
ease of nervous depletion.    It  might
well replace the countless tonics, stliu
uhuits and anodynes now so commonly
resorted to, where results nre nothing
less than tragic In thousnutls of cases.
—Maurice Manning. M. D.. in Vim.
A curious superstition prevails In
the highlands 01 Bcotland, tb*.t if a
cat l.e carried In tt cart, and ilu*
wind blow from it tt> tha horses, tha'
latter Immediately tire; ar.d if any
part of the driver's clothing bo made
Irom catskln, tho horses will feel as
11 ih.'.v wore drawing 11 double bur-
Whether for immediate or future consider-
er.it*u*ii our prices for
Copper Plate Engraving arc worthy of
For instance, we engrave a plate like this
for $1.00.
IM im   1 r<> "'i hey t"
•   ivhul -ay ihey'.'   Let tliem
"r." hop Berkeley.   Who are
"Hi 1    (litis  mj  boldly   npostro*
l': '        We may say « itli one of the
>w v. hen .vtru tlo not nsk
''•''       ■     dinieiill ii' is to get near
'•'   W,.   dl  have   these  mysterious
''■ ■ ill lips, uml yet we cannot
Vet, though we ennnot
'"' '       '    piirtl) because lliore are
■I 1 bem und partly because
- greitl elemental things like
lli mid sleep ure ciipnl'le
n, ivo .nn still know and snj
', nl nbout "ihey."   "They" In
■ |i'» un,mu meant riovl-
1  v.euidn't sppak  in o' (UU
was accustomed  lo sny.
  .  put   us  Iii  It knows
1 er sense  it  is of course
1   though  the  slang expres
il its ihey mako 'em" ta-
■Ml. "they" has generally n
mysterious 1 Ignlflcnnce.  When
■Vi  11II1 ih> in soma power we
I ' or to the liu'ouipi'i'hciisl
I "I   in  some   set   of  people.-
'■"'""'   necttitor.
^(rj/lt7/m>n> Umi&Atfrtti
Ffoin the pitta we print
100 choicest quality curds
for Ql.OOi
Tlii"|i'.»ic "Kill lut a lifetime.
Wiite for a copy of. our
new handsomely liiusira-
tcal cMiiiiogiie, ready Nov.
1 iih. On request w will
..•ml it le) uny address
fire ol cost.
I lu, U'o, 133 .mil IM
Yon*.!*, tit., Toronto
P.P..WP.——■,^P».MP^-^^^WPP^»P^.^PP-. ^ ■■.
The Winnipeg bank   clearings   for
tho weok wore $7,193,000, tha largest
OO reeii-tl
V/V. N. VI. No". a%*a%.
"Most women suspect thcro is sonic
mischief en lap every time their husbands  sin le.
Minard's Liniment Cures Garget iu Cows.
At   the it(Te 01  1 is a girl stops prying Bind l*enins to weep.
Manj  men went to bo great   and a
u'\\ try to hi' tiouil
GREAT MEDICINE- rontl, one ol ikt
ploneem ol Krench Canada, lost a hsntl
1.11U wore nn nnn lieaak ni, substitute Ha
wns lu tlie lBul.it of bowing the a'iiib ol
refractor*,' Indians with this Iron hand
ami the.v hit*.*' remarked thai tl vtna
'•cicat medicine'' Ur. Thomas' Bcleclrlc
um is i.i'.it medicine, it tnka-s bold "I
1.mn   tttitli   nn   Iron   luiiul  uml   kini ki   ll
QUI     l|l    ll.C    -;X*''*'"l
The  new   llritish   Ulue  Honk  (jives
tho  average  weekly   wages it  Btteen
S',<llll'al     I 1 ,lil 'S      .1 I       5'.'  V)    111     I  1111,1,,
'li   JlS "J   ll,   New    Yoi I.
r,,.|,t ii.lv s.iuit.try Inspectorr. arc
no;7mPloyed 1 > the Dublin l-oipo:*
!-,.„■ ol ns manage 10 keep P*"'
v. .ih .mi good n,i.'itttom*.__
,1,,  lonin  on   notin Waler.
F(Mm |, fl natural product, beM
caused by tho escape of elr or gn**m
0 viscid Ihlttld. ln the case of so a
"va.erit islheeseapeoflliecarion
l:,,d gas fro... the swedced M«W
„in, causes the attractive sparkling
nppenrnnw, but the sweetened water
.no would give rise . 0 hut asm
lllla„tlt>.  of  foam,  ns the  Kas would
Z easily escape,   in order .0 pre e
Oil* some mucilaginous" subs tones1 I
MWlly mhled tn the sirup, Wlilch W
.lel's Hie mass more vis, ops, so pr.ut
m/the gns from escaping snd produf
!"; the utnaclive bead of fouu. .0
raiuill.ir lo Oil.
« Pure soap r" You've heard
the words. In Sunlight
S 0 a'p  you have the met.
iih Nr Ik* Octagon Bsr. W
Mohainnieilaua  nmi   1'Ikh.
A recent traveler In Soinaliland gives
the followiuK curious Incident show
lug the Mohammedan hatred for pigs:
"We shot two wart bogs    ne n pnrtic
ulnrly big hoar.   Alan wished to keep
the tusks, hut of course none of the
gotnalls would touch the unclean ani
nnil.    At last n bribe of 2 rupees In
diK'ed the Midpati woman to chop the
tusks out with n hatchet.   Even then
she would not touch them nnd  with
the help of two sticks, which she used
like a pair of tones, put them on n
camel.   Then there was a long dispute
aliout tbe hatchet. No one would touch
it.    It hud lieen defiled.   Of course this
was pure affectation and playing to the
gallery on the ayah's part.   At bone
with her native tribe she woultl hav.*
Surged nil the pig she could get.   Itut
It flattered the Somalis, nnd we march
ed off, the nyah holding the hatchet nt
arm's leuj-th as If It were going to bite
Lore of tbe Clover.
Any one who carries about a four
ieaved clover will  Ibc lucky  nnd  wi
have the power of discovering gliosis
er evil spirits.    With It uniler the pll
low the lover may insure dreams of
the beloved one.    A  fragment In the
shoe of a traveler Insures a safe journey.   Of tht; live leaved clnvet it is declared that if it be woru on the left
side of a maiden's dress or fastened
behind   the   hall   door  tho   Christian
n,itiio of the tlrst man who enters will
bo the siime as that of the future bus-
band.    The power uf the four leaved
shamrock for good is familiar to nil.
from l.ovcr's once popular ami pretty
song,  the speaker in which  pictures
•fhal she woultl do shoulal the Hild the
ma gie pliiui
I  would play  thf enchanter a p«n ami
ecu lie 1 lillss nround,
Act 11 'I h 11 ar ,f .icl.liii; honrt shnnlil Ir.
th« waai 11 be found
Thr Flat Plant.
Linen is obtained from tbe (lax plant,
a small, dellciite annual with a tiny
laiue Bower. The plant It pulled by
ha ml iii the summer, the seeds, known
Iii commerce us linseed, being removed
and the straw subjected t.> various
procosies to sepnrate the Qbroua part
which constitutes the linen. First It Is
Bleeped In water anil then passed
Ihrough n drying and beating process
un revolving wheels until nil foreign
mutter is removed. It Is then ready for
I 'In x has been used from remote cues
as a textile fabric, especially in Egypt
.Mummy cloths nre often found to be
oi* exceedingly tine texture. The thief
linen producing countries of the present,
day are Ireland, Krnncc. Belgium and
lit rtiiuiiy. The tlax liber Is round and
Irregular, Is very durable und Is ca*
pable of extensive bleaching. l'Uiln
linen has 11 Simple weave, with the
weft threads alternately Interspersing
the warp ones. When woven wilh ti
pattern it is Usually called damask.
As a clothing material llueu nhould
nol be worn next the skin been Use It l«
a verj g.iaiil conductor of heat.
Jute and hemp arc frmn plants which
are used lu iiiiinufuclui'lug orly very
rough iiiiHcriuls. In form Ihey resem
tic very'coarse, Inferior Bas,
t>into Shell
Mitts and
—Toughest wear, flexible, warm, light
—Boil and scorch proof
—Rip and tear proof
—Rain aud wind proof
—That's what H.B.K. Pinto Shell Cordovan mitts and
gloves are
—Made from the hide of the  Western   Bronco, the
toughest animal with the toughest hide,   light
enough to make mitts and gloves.
—Sold by dealers everywhere.
Genuine only with this brand.
Write for "Strayed," the funniest piece of
litt*rature ever written about a Bronco— Fret
H.B.K. Warm I
Duck Coats
'■ H.B.K Duck Coats are warm,
hard wearing garments. They
are made in scores of styles—
fleece lined, mackinawwool lined,
leather reversible—high storm
collars, large "Kantilever"
unsagable pockets.
— ^^^B   Made to keep out the wind and
the cold, th:*. rain and the sleet. Made to keep people warm
Branded with this brand. "**"
Sold   by   up-to-date  dealers
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
isTitf PRMRtNTIALio'ciaR
YoiiH   Enjoy Every Bit-OF It,
•■""•-MiJ^^^'-i^ 1
M^g^tTOFa«Tlg|t LTD^riONTRaL
will not .down, anil tho FACT that
Ogilvie's Hungarian
Flour Is without a renr Is au thor-
OUghly understood In particular
homes, as is tho fact that (food bread
can't bo mnde with poor Flour.
A sinple suck ls argument enough
to convince you.
Mornlltr   VtT-tn*  Intvllrrtunlltr.
,\s 11 man grows older lu* perceives
that the moriil qualities ure wdrth a
.•noil tlt'nl intiit' iu fi'lanilsliip thitti the
Intellectual qualities nnd thut no brilliancy of in,mi, no cltnitn or conversation, tun make np for laeU of loyalty,
charily .mui •jonei'oslt'' In savkil IntiT'
course. Young men of brains ore disposed to value mainly |ui'iiliil power
lu other people, nud lt Is n human
quality to forgive much In men nnd
women of genius, 'litis is n false appreciation nf tlie respective values of
mentality ami the moral qualMles, The
rime routes When 11 n• m 11 Kirns that
unsclllshucss and affec'lon arc better
In wife nr I'lii'iul thiiii Intellectual po***'
t*r acroni,paulct. by Intense self luve.
l-'nrl untiie the ii nt 11 who floes nol conic
10 this Kii'iv. l.-il'/i* tuo lute,   San Trail
..is-'J     Htl'.ll'llU.
Ills lilen  of Plra.are.
"Yes; we went all over the continent,
but papa realty paly enjoyed UmWifi
In Venice." .       • .
"Ah, yes, no wontlerl The gondolas,
St. Mari.'s. tlic"'-
"Oh. It wasn't that. But lie could nit
In 'V hotel, you know, and Hsli out of
the tvludows."
i:n*.T   I'nnnvli.
. "Johnnie." nsked n gentleman of a
. little kindergarten pupil, "do you know-
how to make 11 Maltese cross?"
"Yes. sir; 1 sho' do."
"Well, tell me how you do It"
"Why, you Ju.it step on her talU"—
I V.\:hitiige.
Tl.e  rmlont  Oiii-»,
"Some men." si|lt| I'ncle Khen. "stt*
I ii >v n nn' tines a tliy's lonltn* ou' wnlt in in" pal Ienl an' resigned.'*' 1-H
« i'KlU., &LOCA*. b. C, NOVEMBER 20, 1W3.
i ...''
C. E. 8MITHKBISUAU1;, Editor and Prop.
•LOCAS,      •      •       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.•the first insertion and a cents a line each
*absi*<i*Mnt insertion.
Certificate*) of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
#a legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
(far sacb insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tha Subscription is |2 per year, st.-ict-
*.y in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slooan, B. C.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 1903.
The Tories have stolen a march on
the Grits and lodged additional protests against King, in Cranbrook, and
Tanner, in Saanich. They now have
seven protests to their credit, as
against three entered by the Grits. It
will be surprising if the government
majority does not grow.
Hou. Charlos Wilson did the trick
in Vancouver on Wednesday, being
re-elected by upwards of 900 majority.
Vancouver folk evidently think the
•Conservatives are all right. The result
of the election does not prove John A.
Maedonald, the new Liberal leader, to
be a heaven-sent genius.
Next Thursday the local legislature
will meet for the transaction of business, the chief item of which is the
betterment of the financial position of
/the province. The people have voted
the Conservatives to power, and the
party in return guarantees n safe, progressive and permanent government.
The time is drawing near for the
citizens to elect a new board of city
fathers, but -so far everything is quiet
in municipal political circles. It will
require something stronger thau a
porous plaster to draw a full set of
eligibles to the civic chairs, and some
choice seats are liable to remain unoccupied. '
The political atmosphere at Ottawa
is much agitated, tho impression prevailing that a general Dominion election is imminent. Stray hiuts dropped by the cabinet ministers lead to
the idea that thc elections will take
place the latter part of January. It
behooves the Conservatives of Kootenay to get their affairs in shape and
prepare for a successful campaign
against Big Bill Galliher.
Canada's finances are maintained in
a remarkably buoyant condition, revealing the fact that the Dominion's
tide of prosperity has not yet commenced to ebb. For the four months
ending with October the government
revenue was $23,735,715 and tho expenditure 19,227,919. The receipts are
$2,000,000 better than for the corresponding period of last year, while the
expenditure shows a reduction of $2,-
000,000 in the same time.
Premier McBride made an imi>or-
tant announcement at a Conservative
rally in Vancouver, on Saturday-
night. He stated the Coast - Kootenay
Railway would be completed within
the next two ytars, presumably by iii
terests friendly to Jim Hill. Thc moment that road is coiniiionccd, then
one may look for the C.P.R. to rush
the construction of their cut-off to
Spence's Bridge. The premier also
stated that it was tho lixetl policy of
thu government to grant no land or
cash bonus to Hny road without first
obtaining control of the passenger
and freight rates.
Evidences of impending depression
are multiplying in the United States
and a note of warning is boing sounded by conservative financial journals.
Bank failures are on the increase, the
reduction in tho number of employed
continues, and industrial unrost is
becoming more manifest. The labor
unions are taking cognizance of the
threatening peril and are preparing
their numbers for it. At tho recont
congress of the American Federation
of Labor at Boston, the leaders all
stated a great depression was in sight
and much misery would result. The
Dominion bids fair to escape the full
effects of the storm, as there is a vast
amount of railroad building in sight
for years to come. In fact, any such
depressii-n in the States may work to
the advantage of Canada, in that population would be attracted hither 011
a much larger scale even than at
present.   There's plenty of room.
Pay up your subscription.
Dick Butner returned to the town
layst week.
Judge Walkem has been placed on
the retired list.
Sleighs made their first appearance
for the season on Friday.
Jackson Kadcliff and wifo removed
to Poplar creek on Tuesday.
Ladies, a full line of gloves and
mitts of all kinds, at Arnot's.
W. T. Shatford left on Friday for
Vernon, to be gone all winter.
F. E. Archer has been appointed a
justice of the peace at Poplar.
There is a shortage of railway cars
in the Crow'8 Nest coal camps.
The license commissioners will hold
a special sitting next Wednesday.
No council meeting was held this
weok,there being no business to transact.
The residence of Wm. Davis, at
Nelson, was destroyed by fire on Sat-
British Columbia assayers will meet
in annual convention at Trail on the
A. Harlow came over from Nakusp
on .Monday, to look after his property
Rev. Mr.Simons attended a meeting
of the Kootenay presbytery at Nelson
on Friday.
The government is issuing blue papers to a number of local delinquents
with poll tax.
A glee club has been formed in the
burg, under the guidance of Mrs. S.
Y. Brockman.
Local gardeners havo received a
large number of fmit trees this fall
from the east.
M. A. Reporider was crushed to
death lietween two coal cars, at Morrissey, last week.
Geo. Ager has secured a position
with W. Koch, as bookkeeper at the
Ten Mile sawmill.
A workman, named Capelle, was
killed at Morrissey last week by falling from a trestle.
The threo collieries of the Crow's
Nest Coal Co. produced 71,300 tons of
coal during October.
The bis: hotel at Michel, owned by
the Crow's Nest Coal Co.,was destroyed by fire last Friday.
R. A. Bradshaw. has sold his residence aud the bulk of its furnishings
to Mrs. C. M. Kirkwood.
Dan Palmer came down from the
Enterprise during the week, suffering
from a piece of ste!~l in the eye.
Walter Scott, mining recorder at
Nakusp. is to lie let out and the office
reduced to the commission basis.
Don't take chances on breaking your
neck this slippery weather, when 5Pc
will buy a pair of ice creepers at 1\
Nelson curlers have re-organized for
the season, with P. E. Wilson as president and A. Maedonald secretary-
New subscriptions to The Driix
will lie taken now, good till Dec. 31,
1904, for J2. Avail yourself of the
The Presbyterians of Greenwood
have extended a call to Rev. M. D.
McKee, formerly of this place, but
now residing in Ontario.
At the conclusion of the Cosj-rove
Co. performance on the 23rd, a dance
will be given, the Cosgroves furnishing the music.   Tickets, $1.
The new triweekly train service
went into effect on Monday on the
Nakusp brancli.and great is the wrath
of the denizens of the Slocan.
Lost. A gold bangle bracelet, set
with turquoise. Supposed to h'lve lieen
left in the Music Hall on Oct. 13. The
finder will lie rewarded by leaving tho
same with D. B. O'Neail.
NOTICE is hereby given that 1 Intend
to npply at a special sitting of the Hoard
of Licensing Commissioners for tbo City
of Blocan, tti lie held after the expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof, for u
transfer of tbe retail liquor licence, held
nn the Slocan Hotel, situated an lots 7
and H, block 12, .Slocan, from F. P. Johnson to nivself.
Dated at .Slocan this 24th day of October. 1903.
Slocan Electoral District.
To It. (1. Hendibhon, Esq.,
Returning Oflicer:
I N iiampliniii-ia with Suction 193 of tht Provin-
*      CJtll   Klua-tiiall.   Act,   I   llfiril Willi   fl|i|irilil    a
st.-ilami'ut of all oipmisiij iuriirrivl by me, or
through mr instructions, || ittily authorized
ment of Mr. William Diiviilson, niemlier-elect
for this Killing, lu respect aaf the Provincial
Election lielal on October ,'lrd, ItXH, and declare
the same statement to lie n full, true, and faithful account of the eiiienses incurred in procuring the election of the same William DavllllOB,
vis. I
Personal expenses of Win. Davidson   t TO 15
Printing and Advertising       37 10
Hall Hire       V, DO
Total    |18] 2.1
Sandon. B.C., aNoreuber llth, I'.iTi,
Found.—A new briar pipe, with a
"■"river ferrule. Owner can have it by
laying for this notice.
A colored combination of adults and
Juveniles gave a variety house per-
ormance in the Music Hall Saturday
Empey Bros.' store and adjoining
places, at Rossland,were destroyed by
ni*e Friday night, causing a less of
Miss Graham arrived in last week
from Butte, on a visit to Capt. and
Mrs. McLennan. Tke latter also has
her mother here on a visit.
Appended is a complete list ef the vsi-
ioui recortls registered at the local refit-
try eflict, H. P. Christie being miiaiiiy
Nov 10—Tie fr, Robinson creek. VV I)
McGregor nntl John Wafer.
13—Gipp, n f Springe., A 0 Smith.
Nov 7—Don. '
Nov 7—Champion, Sapphire, Champion fr, Sapphire fr, lease given b", the
owners to \V A Harvey.
11—Cub fr, l'siina Angrisnon to Dan
McPherson. D G McCnalg, D J Weir, A
Jacobaon, bertha Angrignon, 1) lt McLennan, .1 Black.
Young Hear 1-32, .-.right Light 1*12,
Missing Link 112, JM l.lack to Jas T
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
A selection made from our
Catalogue will be delivered st
your door at precisely the
same cost lo you as if purchased in person at our store.
So. ll-Prlc., ♦15.00
Thit handsome 5-piece Tt» Sti—
non-heat-aaaiiaiu, tinif h nn diet,
fin.it quality tilver plate—it a
marvel of tood value.
Our new Catalogue will be
ready Nov. 15th. Write for
a copy.
118, 120, 132 and 124
Yonje St., Toronto
Certificate of MpoMils.
We*, mouth Mineral Claim.
.Situate in tlie Slooan Citv Mining Division of the West Kootennv District
Where located I—On Printer creek,
a tributary of Ten Mile creek.
TAKK NOTICK tbat I, W. D. M.;(.re-
iitir, acting ni sgentfor John L. Parwlg,
free miners' certificate  No. B71026, uml
C. B. Smlthsringale, free miner's certiflcate No.860997, intend, C'O davs from the
ilme hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder fora certificate of Improvement, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
of 1 he above claini.
Ami further take notice tlmt action,
iimler section 1'7, must, bo commenced
before the issuance of inch certificate of
Dated this 12th day of November, 1008
13-11-OH \V. D. McGREOOR
Urnsader, Mltlileii Treetare nmi Moulder
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootennv District
Where located:—'Between the llr.t
and second north forks of Lemon
TAKK NOTICK that I, W. D. Mc-
Oregor, acting a» aj**r*nt for Chas. FaaS,
F.M.C. B87607, ami Wm. II. Crawford,
Free .Miner's Curtiticate No. B67608,
intend, sixty days from the dato hereof,
to apply t- the mining recorder for car*
tiflcat«s of improvement, for tha purpose of obtaining Crown grunts of the
abovo claims.
And further take notice that action,
under toctlon .'17, mast ho commenced
before the Issuance of such certificates of
Dateil this 12th day of November, 1008.
13-11 03 W, D. McOBEGOR
*Advertised Responsibility**
The liberal adver-
tising of many
years has created
in the public a
justifiable expectation that the "Slater" Shoe
combines comfort, durability,
fit, shape-retention and beauty
and to hold its trade its makers
are compelled to make it as
good as the public expects.
Goodyear Welted
For Men   -    ||;gg    -    ForWonen
Hortgage Sale
Uy Tinder of Lot 8, IHooh   1.1, Finn 490,
I ii« unite ofSincD.il City.
•"I'll I' aljiive property will be sold by ten,Ier.
I     Tcmlars uillHt bfl scnletl nnd ii.ldr«*s*.ed to
"Mnciloncli. Hcfflaster aV Unary. M  Songs Bt„
Toraaiito. Out.." un.I will In. opeiifl.x.1 on Wednm-
any, tlm .."itli day of November, 1908. Sain subject to rosorv** bid, Tli** lii'dioi't ur uuy trailer
not necessarily accepted.
For fiirtiier particular!! npply to
.'il \ a 1111,-0 St rout.
Toronto. Out.
New Residence for Sale
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china clojet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
HATES: It titular Cuhseribsrs, tl  pur month
or$10 a yff.tr: naaii-^nh-r 11her*, (exclusive aaf
n til ienl attendance))*"* perdny.   Private wards I
SI p*r day sxtra.   Special facilities for maternity casts.
DjApply  at Drill Office
Alex. Rogers,
For furlliiir particular- npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Representing the strongest cam-
panics doing business in Co. n a ".ft.
Sec new accident policy, with par-
ticipation in profits, covering sickness and •pcratinns.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Pnblic
for $18.25.
Why ba without a ranee whoft
you can get ono so cheap ? Thev
are prcferrulile to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up Tree.
Gwiilim. ■& Johnson,
n. c
H. J.
»*»«*» J>s>3K> .*>*>:->:> *■> >"» r> *>:>:•»?>•>■->,-** **ri
I   Slocan
j   Bakery^.
1 J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
| Fresh Fruits of Every
* Kind Arriving   Daily.
* A full  stock of tho Is-st
2 linos of cigars mui tobac-
|       cos always kept on hand.
4 I.iiiitu of IIi aad far'SI.
Full W«lKlflt  and Quality
(Imp runlnc**.
Slocan. B. C. |
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh S. Nelson,or to any ptrsan
or persons to whom lie may l.ero trmia-
tenril hia interna in the Weymouth
minernl claim, Situated on lew Mile
creek nnil recortlpil in the Reco'dor's
otlice lor the Slecan < ily mining divi-
You are hereby notified tUtit I, C. R.
Smitheringale, F.M.C. No. B50997, haw
caused to hi expended the dim ol one
hundred and two dolUn antl fifty rents
In liitior and improvements on ths aliove
mentioned mineral claim, in order to
Imlal said claim under tho provisions ol
the Mineral Act; ami if within DO daft
frnm the ihite of  thil notice  you fail, er
refuse, to contribute your proportion el
inch expendlturSitogether with nil corns
of advertising, your Interest In nii.l
claim will become the propeity of the
tubscrlber, under lection 4 of nn Act
tntillei-1 "An Act to umend thu Mineral
Aet, IIKIO."
Dated at Slocan, ll.C, this 12th dav of
Aiieust, A.D. i'j(i:t.
This Snap
THE DRILL has made nn
arrangement with the Toronto Mall-Empire, so
that its weekly edition may lx*
clublx**! with the former.
Now subscribers, therefore,
may obtain tbe Weekly Mail-
Empire -acknowledged to lio
one of the best papers iu tho
Dominion andSlocan's lwul-
log journal, The Drill, from
■owtill .Jan. I, 1!)0.r>, for the
sum of $3. With thin exceptional offer will hn given as a
premium, a tienutiful arto-
gravute, entitled "The Victoria Cross," The picture do-
picts a scene iu tho late Boer
war, deue in ten colors, ami
well wortk framing, Sead in
your orders nt once to
The Drills Slocan
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  H. C.
General Packinjr anil For*
warding attended to at ihe
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Ilorsesfer
hire at reasonable rates.


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