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The Slocan Drill 1901-04-19

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 ft A, ,
1 1 11—i
V(.IL.;II., No. 3.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   APRIL   19,    1901.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
- i       i     si
A. YOl
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
We have just received a shipment of Underskirts, Outside Skirts, Wrappers, and
Summer Underwear. Also Hosiery, in
Cotton and Cashmere; all sizes. Your
inspection solicited.
The Property Is tsi tse Thoroughly Ijsivssl-
orsud isiiiiiii; tin. Bummer—A iloml ro*
tain,out Taken ssu the Group—Hlgb
rs-iilssi- fin* the l'risjierly.
Advices from Spokane state that a
new mining and development company has sprang into existence in that
city, and has taken an .i'.iK.iX'O bond
on the Tamarac group, on Springer
creek, The company was formed by
1). Lancaster,who was here recently,
and concluded the bond for one year.
In the meantime (he companv ex-
peots to yet out enough ore to pay for
the development.   The company >~
to be known as the Tamarac Group
Development Syndicate.
Mr. Lancaster, on  his return   t
and many bthor outside Improve-'
ments effected. The. state of the
roads Is interfering with shipments,
bat it will bt; but temporary.!
Minin sitiiHiiissiiui Progretf.
A summary report of the geological survey of the Dominion for last
year has just, been issued. It contains an excellent description of thc
country at the head of tire Valley.
In speaking of the Slocan, the report
says: "On the whole, mining has
continued to make substantial progress throughout West Kootenny
during the past yo ir. The mines "I
the Slocan, which wor* closed down
last year because of labor troubles,
were re-opened early In the year.
Almt st all the "Iti mines are ship] Ing
;is usual, and the tonnage of the year
will greatly exceed thatof Inst. It
should almost eqiiaI thatof .181)8. The
[vonhoe concentrator is almost completed, and when this is running o
large addition will be made to the
Slocan   output.     The Slocan   lake
lead smelters of - British Colombia. OUR    ORE   SHIPMENTS
The company will be known us the
Canadian Reflperies, Limited,  and
will have a capital of $1,000,000, divided into $10 shares    The trustees j
ofthe company are: II. Byers, W. V. |
Teetzcl, Frank  Fletcher,  j.   Dover,1
John Kirkpatrick.  John  Malone, F. '<
Irvine, and John A. Turner.
this phrinoH.
I.nst Year's Shipments Were SS-PJ Tons-r
A Ileiilthy Hvlsloiice or this Life mist
Wealth ut thu ''sshiji Arlington thu
Ulggssst Shipper.
For the first time since last September thcro hns been no ore sent out
from town,   though  tlie division  is
The attention of Canadian fanners
Interested Ip the development of Canada's greatest industrial factor, the
dairy herd, is drawn to the following s,ivcj fty Sl |>0-ton shipment, from Ten
loiter, recently sent out to a few far- j },\\\„ i,v the Enterprise., ThoSprlngOT
mors in i a eh province of the Domln-; mn\ jg Sllch t,hat it isimpofsib'e to do
ion:"" , ,,       .       , , ,, any  teaming thereon.   The heawv
''Central Experimental Farm,    !, ■ .  " .,   .        tl
Ottawa Ont.: frosts at night prevent the ice on tlio
Dear Sir,—Your name lias'beeni road breaking up nnd wagons can-
added to mc as that of a farmer who! not run over it. A tew days ago ft
is particularly Interested in the pro- teHm attempted to make
duction ot milk,    ft is a well known
tact that the great majority of dairy
herds, if we may judge from cash re-
team attempted to make a passage
but had to give it up. It is hoped to
get the road into shape shortly,when
Spokane, spoke in the highest terms properties are developing favorably*
ut the property. The group, he said, j The output for the year, principally
is four miles east of Slocan atniju
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants
Sloean, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp Melvinnev, II. C.
The House is plastered throughout,
with large, airy rooms, and fitted up
in first-class nnd modern style.
one mile from the famouB Arlington
mine, which has become such a large
shipper The property was formerly
owned by C. M. tiethlng and George
Henderson, Slocan, and *'oii Fielding
ofiiraiiitu I'ass, Ore. Tha location
was made in 1896, since which the
owners,have done considerable development work, with the result thai
there is now f)00 feet of tunneling.
The directors of tho new company
ares Judate J. Z. Moore, J.  Philli
from the Arlington, Bosun and Enterprise mines, should approximate
5000 tons."
EiiN-i |.i iso Ciisiseiiti-sitor.
Men are employed hewing out tlie
foundation timbers for the Enteri rise
concentrator, while the lumber tor
the frame is on the ground. The
gurveyors were up the creek recently,
running lines for the mill,work upon
The dining room Is always
supplied with thc best the
market affords.
The bar is stocked with the
Choicest liquors and cigars.
Headquarters for capita lists
W. E. NOBLE, Prop.,
Arthur St., Sloean, B, C.
Transient Rates: $1.50 to $2 per day.
I**—      sj-MMarasssassas-ssssss^sss-isssssssssssisssiiisssii sssssMsjaJa|sJ   ,    i, ,    sss i        nss, ■    psssassjsai   si.inis.n—.-—>■*■-■    «■■■ —_..._-.—.,*
Victoria, Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Dr. C. f. li.tncnett. o. Morse, Frank i which is to commence shortly.   The
Ijoacker, Spokane:T. W. B. liondon, plant will have a daily capacity of
of Portland, and F. Holden.   of 100 to::s and  it  is claimed there is
this t iwn. Judge Moore is president, sufficient ore in sight on the property
J. Phillips, vice; Dr. Hanebctt, trea- to keen the null going a year.   An
surer; i>. Lancaster, secretary.  Jno. other body of ore hasbeen opened up
b\ Holden, formerly superintendent lately in tbo old stopes in the upper
at ilie  Venus, near Nelson   and a workings, while in  the No. 2 theoro
practical miner 0!' 23 vi .si.-' expert- l'l"*r'' 8t-UI Continues tvithont a break.
enca, will have charge of develop- rwenty tons Of ore was sent out dur
ment at the Tamarac. Ing the week and another carload;
There   ro three claims finlrae. d will go forward by  the end of the
turns alone, are losing investments. \ shipments from the Aiding ton wi 1 bo
It is, however, certain that this need j resumed. The mine is in shape to
not be thecaso if sufficient care and j continue heavy shipments all suni-
Intolligeticc are exercised in selecting j mdr and lt can easily he made the
and feeding the cows intended fur; principal shipper in the Slocan. Some
milk producers. So, in order to work i fine ore is being taken from the Spec-
more, effectively toward improvement' 0 la tor and it may make other ship-
along this line, lam desirous of se-] ments in the summer,
curing some exact information as to Last year the exports from this di-
tlie methods of feeding lollowed in ' vision amounted to 284T tons, made
different parts of Canada. I should, up from 10 properties. Following ip
therefore, be much indebted to you if a list ot the shipments this year to
you would w rite me briefly on tbofol-! date:
lowing points: 1, Kind and quantity ■ .
of roughage ration fed to vour milk-. . ..
ing cowe in winter.   2, Kind and I -5l.„£?£r"
In the group, through which runs u
strong vein. Thc vein is ;i galena
nnd carries high valu is. Two years
ago th>- owus'is shipper! a carload ol
ore, '.vliich nctied ?T188 over all ex
Dsaaiia Mluvsi, t.isssiii-il.
Strike on  Tun Irrlunda.
Word  reacii'.-d town on Saturday
evening of an fmjwitnnl strike on the
T'vo I'r'eiids.    Two men have  been
quantity of grain fed your milking
cows in (a) summer, (b) winter.   3
Quantity  of milk  yielded  yiev cow
yearly'.   -1 Do vou use
bulls?   AV hat. breed?   f>
.In ymi make 11' by-product:,(whey,
&c). if you have any?
Would you ean; to carry on a sini
pic dairy herd Us', during 1.101 in
conjunction with dairymen In different parts of Canada aud us here?
The only expense would be a spring
balance for weighing the milk. We
would furnish you with blanks each
month for keeping tlie records. If
Canadian dairymen are to raise the
average, yield of their herds aud
make a  profit, it must bo by first
Two Friends,
Black I'rince.
pure bred  Chspleata
What use I Speculator...
TOT At..
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Quests and supplies the best of
everything in thc Harket.
sAa.r\Li EiStOxi
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
•vorkiug on  tlie pp | ci :y since tha
„,, .   ,. .,      ,. ,.   ,   [ lessees gavn it  up nnd their labors
lhe report..!  the directors ol ,.,,,.   ,.,,.„ C,,)VV;1(.(1   wi;.,  s..;.0(^
i'i".' strike was made in
.■Id Tester tnnncl, towttrds
of Engl iml.   I'- consi-its ol
Bisiin Minos, Limited, covering tin
period from No vein bo r 3 :.   IdJf), to from tlie
December31 '««' eintus* tiist nn t,.
Ikr silver is quoted at !39 eonts an
The bond on thc Iron Ilorsc is due
next Tuesday.
The smelter trust haS reduced the
price of lead to $3.f;0.
Ore shipments from the Slocan for
The force st thc 1'osun mine, New
Denver, amounts to 20 men.
his-, states 1 nt 1 np to
Slocan, B. C, is under the
quh ai Personal ieapiit of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
March, 1900, n 1 mining wan in oper-
atioc at the mine, owing to thu gen
eral labor troubles in the district,
*nd, therefore, the returns have I ei
only from 11) months' operati u», al-
1 hough maintenance charges have
been incurred for the whole fourteen
months, in the accounts submitted,
the entire preliminary expenses "1
formation ba *e been written off, to
geilier with ten percent deprceiati in
on all buildings and plant, Also all
cost of development of levels that are j
ore-producing has been charged to
revenue. A.question has arisen between the local smelters and the lead
minin"" industry generally in British
Columbia, and tbe manager has advised that it may be advisable to reduce operations, and, perhaps, to
close down temporarily pending a
settlement. The directors have, in
the meantime, left the question to his
discretion. The directors recommend
a dividend Of live par cent on the
amount of all capita! paid up.
Msirt' Ore on Siu'i'silsitiii'
Local Clone Deposits.
Lost summer Geo Payne located s
magnificent deposit of lime some dis
tance below the town  and to the 6*81
of the railway. The deposit is a huge
affair and  has had several
staked ii|m;i iis outoropplngs.
work was th'lie las'   tall  and a mini
ber of tests made, shewing a remarkably pure article,theani'iunl of silica
and foreign matter not being more
than two per cent.   Authorities have
classed it the lines: deposit of lime in
ihe west and sufficient In quantity to
keep several smelters running iu
lluxes. lt is close to the railway
track and easily handled. This spring
Payne has been burning the lime for'
local plasterers, who pronounce it
superior to anything in the country.
It. should prove a bonanza to Its fortunate owner.
Rome ofthe men down lately from
the Speculator state the property CO
tlnues to rapidly improve.   Drifting
Is in progress from the foot of the
finding out what   their   individual
cows an; lining.   If the cowls not Jthe year total 3,400 tons.
paying her keep and leaving a good
profit for the dairyman, either the
1 cros3CUI com is no good or the dairyman ifs not
feeding her properly.   If  vou  arc!    W.  AV.   Warner has   leased  tho
itallv interested in the dairy bnsi- i Wonderful and has commenced oper-
ncss aud care to go into a co-opera-1 attorn,
tlve test as mentioneda^ovc.l Bbould j   Wol.,. haaceMcd for a timft 0n the
be pleased to send youTarther pnrtic- Q   _ M.,,.,.    ,ou   oppOBlte thc C.p. re the same.    In any case,  [ «  *,v|i-irf
should liko to hear from vou on the]
Large quantities of •supplies are beting daily packed up to the various
Agriculturist." I properties.
Any farmer interested may obtain     Noble live stock has commenced
full particulars by addressing, " I he
Agriculturist,  Experimental  Farm,
Ottawa."   All letters so addressed
are carried post, tree.
tw ' fee 1 i galena and carbonates,tbe
galena Iteing fsiund  I 1  largo slugs.
Where found the ore Is 1>0 feet down
fr im the sin :':c • and la Identical with
that found above.   The grade ui the
ore is high and profitable.   From the I aforementioned pointa   Yours vej'V
opening of tho property to date, the! truly, .). H. Grisdale,
Two friends has shipped 16 cars
No  Poyna lilvltlriisl.
Javs the  Vancouver Xews-Adver
tn climb, as a result of the recent
strike of ore.
No shipments have lieen made cf
late by tne l-'ayne and its stock has
gone to pieces.
l'ete Schonberg went up Tuesday
to tin assessment on claims adjoining
winze in   tin;  No. 1   tunnel.    In  the ,   ,.
No. 2a8tation has been cut out on tisen Tho low price of Payne stock is the BlacR I'rince.
tho Mineral Mountain  ground and I now largely explained and in part at    Supplies have to bo packed, to the
other preparations made for Binklng iea8t -Jostlfled by the fact that the di- > Bpeculator now, owing to the break-
the Becond win-/.- called for under tl e ,*ectors of the' Pavne Consolidated ■ ing up of tho road.
bond.   In blocking out tho station a Miuing Companv "have decided to
nice streak of ore was onoounterod. pa88 the quarterly dividend, which
upon which the  winze will b • sunk, for some time  has been from .5 to \2
The ore is covered with native silver
and coppel' and runs over Iii);) 0z.
Affairs are In an encouraging condition on the property.
'■'. srrtsid '. oiks Concert.
The Music Hall was crowded, Friday evonlng,\vben the married folks
claims ofthe town gave their concert in aid
; 'of Knox church, and a goodly sum 1 I
luuiiey was realized nver the expenses. Tho programme was excel
lent and afforded an abundance of
entertainment. Among those taking
part were Mrs. T. B, Union, of Rossland, and W. McAdain. of Nelson.
Mrs, Linton, with her recitations,and
Dave Arnot, »s the Colored dude, divided the honors of the evening,
though tho entire entertainment was
much above tho average.
Tis,, Musts Wsiler.
per cent per annum, rho necessity
for keeping a good cash reserve in
hand and unexpected delays In the
The Black Prince has paid for itself from the grass roots, having a
record of nine cars of ore shipped.
Nothing but good reports have
Ciinie. down   from   the   Iron  Iloi'se.
development of No. 8 tunnel are as- i where the strike was made last week, reasons* The reserves are Tom Blench is raffling an eighth
stated at $125,000. Meanwhile, a 1 interest in the Railway group, ad-
comparatively ihw Slocan shipper, joining the Monument, on Lemon
Arlington, is making an output creek.
that la gradually  creeping  up towards the present yield uf the Payne.
ins i".tiiiu iii rssrgatott.
Arlington tn sTIne Shuns).
The owners of the  Ottawa last
week granted .1. M. Williams an ex-
I tension of two weeks on hi.-* option for
the purchase ofthe properly.
Ferguson Eagle: Messrs. Louis The Pittsburg capitalists,who were
Levesque, of Robson, and Robert coming In tosee the Iron Horse,wera
Miiddol,, ofSlocan Olsy.w.™ ,„ ,,«„ j»£+£f ■WSSfM
for a couple of days last week, sizing, Inull,|li
up tbe situation.   Tney have, liko;
most shrewi
men, selected
Fei'gUSOQ real estate 11s a starter.
ThnaUs, Herald.
Sa^s the Cranbrook Herald:   Tbk
Si.ih'ax DRILL is one vear old.   The
The men working under lease at ... .,
the Bondholder came  down   the, hill f^  °'  ,1'''.t    °W"; " *?   kW.?.!     AP|*ndcl is a complete list of th.vai-
,    .       , ,   ,   . , how to appreciate a good thing, will  ioai records registered at the'local regis-
during tho week, being forced to Bas- he ,■,,,,.,,,, ln tno1r sui,,„„.,. 0f The
show pena operations owing to the Inrush
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Reports from the Arlington
that  property, which  is  the  ohieflof sortace water from  thc melting
'     '      ' ,     .    ,.      snow,    It is only a   temporary  shui-
standby oi the camp, to bo m Hne down nn(l tll(,v wl„ ^ •,,..„„„.
shape ami looking as well as at any i wo,.|;. jj^Ve or six tons of excellent
time in the history of the mine. Bl0rc has been taken OUl and sorted
tunnel has opened ap Into the big ready fbi" shipment, and tho lessees
ohuteof high grade ore and over** ure confident of maklug a good thing
day's work Is adding lo tho reserves. j„m 0f tno|v |.,:IS... p, |a expected a
A winze is being Bunk *'rom the end deal will be mad« on tho group this
of the long A tunnel and some of the summer. ore found in ihe mine is being
taken out.   The development of the | T" ,"',l,, " li'"n^y.
Arlington   i-; being eondncted In n
Drill.   It is doing good work for Its
town and the province.
Patty risli>\s.rv.
n in, llanlon came in from the hills
Wednesday   and found that sortv
sneak thief had broken into his cabin!
and stolen all his grub and bidding,
valued at about $70, There is ii" clue |
to the thief
W. S.  Rogers and C. A. Gelt, of
try  ollice, H. P.  Chiistio tH-intf niiiiiii"-
April "J—Malta Btsr.Eemon creek,Dau
11—White tl rouse, Tobin  crook, Q«B
asm:-'- :i:'- Ft.
April 0—Qulen Snlio.
ll.  Psyatreak,
12 —Friday Morning
April 10- Bald Mountain tr, P Lind-
tborohgh manner, the Cesull being] A company has been formed In Spokane, both of whom are Interested qujBt ami James Campbell to Hugh
.in enhanced valiie. \> hen the snow , Nol mn to ealablifch a refiner;*, for the in tho [run Horse, came In yesterday : Cameron, option to purchssa for 'h-c
goes new bunkhuusej* will be erected ' tmHincut of the produci cf .l.e sihe.- and went up to that property.  ' • tor |12j !
-•■i '
■ ;|i'-:
'* S -is*.'.,,:
<    i,"   i»' :f
; $> ;*";j
"..- ■ . .
il i'-L'.
;    '..   •
"■ '•.,'-:'
'*,;*• ;.
Hugh Cameron Iu~s. secured a
month's option ou the Bald Mountain
fraction from .lames Campbell and
Pete Llndquist The property adjoins the Speculator group.
MIMN'i   ItMOltDS.
- •      J 'Kg    .      _,-l.,,v    -   v.
li   *.
.1 ,|?
r !.*•'.
Some    Interrutltis:    H"«n    l.'rons    ■
Lively Western Town.
[Copyright, 1901, bjr C. B. Lowts.]
Woril reached town the other day
that John Ollraartln, a former resident
of the Gulch, hnd been lynched In Colorado. We knew the deceased fairly
well, and we Know of no reason why
he shouldn't have been.
The Lone Jack Recorder says that
we shoot the business men of Glvea-
dam Gulch Into the belief that advertising pays. Well, we have shot a few,
and all are advertisers, uud, so far as
we know, each one is getting a good
return for his Investment. Some pier-
chants can be argued with, and some
must be shot, and an editor must be
equal ta the occasion.
The Band Hill Blazer In an article
three weeks ago spoke of "a funeral
profession half a mile long." Last
week It corrected Itself by using the
word "precession," and this week it
changes to "possession." The lntest
report from Sand Hill was that a committee of citizens was making the editor eat up a spelling book.
We were Invited to deliver an address on "The Men of Our Times" at
Elk Creek last Saturday evening, and
we began It In the presence of r>00 tn
telligent and enthusiastic people. When
450 of the crowd began whooping and
throwing cats, wc saw our mistake and
left by way of the rear window. Although pursued for three miles, we
got safely away.
In the last five years we have received at least 250 anonymous letters
threatening us with death If we didn't
do so and so, and yet we are still living and enjoying life to the uttermost.
If any one bas anything against us,
don't waste postage stamps, but call
and shoot nil around us. No cards arc
necessary, and no explanations need be
entered Into. Just call and begin to
Next week, at our personal expense,
we sball put a public clock In the postofflce, and the first blamed critter who
pulls a gun on that timepiece wants to
dodge at tbe same Instant, for we shall
be there to pop him. We are a conservative man and respect tbe idioms
of the people, but tn this case we nre
determined to enforce civilization.
We have no Idea who threw the stone
through the editorial window of The
Kicker Tuesday night and missed our
head by an inch, but If he will call
around In the daytime we will break
a leg to make things pleasant for him.
We can be charming company when wa
feel like It M. Quad.
Hew He Cored Blm.
Fogg—I suppose you know Harris Is
out and about again ? He ought to pay
me something for his recovery.
Bass—I never knew you were a doc*
Fogg—No; but I'm something better.
I'm a philosopher. I told Harris that
his doctor was an enthusiast upon post
mortem examinations and never let nn
opportunity slip where it was possible
to provide for one. Tbe result was
that he was out of bed in a Jiffy, and
now he Is aa well as ever.—Boston
"Talk about absentmlndedncss! Jenkins Is the most abscntminded beggar
I know."
"What's he done now?"
"Why, he wrote thc combination of
the safe on a piece of paper to keep
from forgetting It and then locked the
paper In tbe safe to keep from losing
A Physiognomist.
Judge—Prisoner at the bar, the court
has assigned counsel to defend you.
Prisoner (with a glnuce at the coun-
•el)—Is dat my lawyer, yer bouor?
Prisoner—Den I pleads guilty.—Plck-
Gs-ttln*  Even.
Tbe Destruction of the Town ot Ksus-
kaskla Wns In Accordance With
the Last Words ot the t hut Who
Died Por a Woman's Lovr.
Since the waters of tbe Mississippi
river washed away the last vestige of
Kaskaskla, the first capital of Illinois,
an old legend that contained the prophecy ol the total destruction of the once
flourishing little city has been recalled.
Kaskaskla was situated on a peninsula
at the Junction of tbe Kaskaskla and
the Mississippi rivers, and In 1882 the
Mississippi river cut Its way through,
the peninsula, leaving tbe remnant of
the town on an island. The water continued to wash away the rich alluvial
deposits on which Kaskaskla was built
until, late In 1900, the last foot of the
laud where the town once stood disappeared. This singular ending of Kas-
kaskla's once splendid ambitions has
recalled to the superstitious the story
that the town tvu.. cursed in the eighteenth century by un Indian who had
been wronged by one of the leading
Jean Benard came to this country
from France In 1 wis bringing with bun
his wife and his 10-year-old daughter
Marie. The family settled in Kaskaskla, where Benard established a merchandising business. The Frenchman
soon became one of the most prosperous aud most influential men of the
town. Marie, his daughter, grew to be
a beautiful woman, much courted by
the most eligible youug men of the new
country. She was In no hurry to accept any of them, and her fame as a
belle spread from Lake Michigan to ths
gulf of Mexico.
A young chief of the Kaskaskla tribe
ef Indians, having become converted
to Christianity after several years of
study under the tutelage of the Jesuits, built himself a house In Kaskaskla
and was taken Into partnership In one
of the trading houses there. He was
prosperous, handsome and well educated and was soon received Into ths
homes of tbe white settlers. One night
at a ball he happened to meet Marie
The girl was at once fascinated by
(she tall, fine looking Indian, who fell
in love with ber at first sight aud made
no secret of bis admiration. But Benard pere soon noticed tho attachment
and forbade bis daughter from communicating with the young Indian. To
make sure that there would be no more
meetings Benard used his Influence to
prevent the chief from attending any
of the social entertainments given u.
But love always finds a way, and the
young couple managed to see each otli-
er despite all tbe precautions < '.' the
girl's father. But Benard became
aware of these meetings and again
took means to prevent them. He was
a man of wealth and influence, and he
bad the Indian forced out of his partnership in the trading company.
The "ndlan left Kaskaskla. For almost a year nothing was .ieard of blm,
and Benard thought that his daughter
had forgotten her lovr-. for abe appeared gay and careless, and she accepted with apparent pleasure the attentions ot a young Frenchman. One
night when a large ball at Kaskaskla
was at Its height Marie Benard disappeared.
Those who searched for Marie discovered that the young chief of the
Kaskasklans had been seen tbat evening tn the town, and the ro*"dnslon was
at once reached that tbe girl had eloped
with him. Benard at once organized -
party to go In pursuit of the fugitives.
As there was a heavy snow on the
ground, their trail was easily discovered and followed. The Indian and
Marie had crept awar afoot and as
then* pursuers were su,, M *d with fast
horses tbe young lovers were captured
after a day's chase about 40 miles from
Kaskaskla. Their destlr.itlon had been
tbe French settlement at St J-ouls,
where tha Indian bad pro*.. *«d a hums
for his wife.
The Indian surrendered win out resistance, .and the posse st .-ted on tbe
journey back to Kaskaskla, taking the
two captives. Most of '.he men who
composed Benard's part* wanted te
kill the Indian Instantly but Benard
would not allow It for he Bald tbat
tbey should leave blm to deal with his
daughter's lover.
When tbe party react -d Knsitaakla,
the girl was placed In tbe convent
there. Then Benard tool: tbe I 'dlan
to the bank of tbe Mississippi and,
binding him tightly ti a log, turned
him adrift In tbe river. As the helpless Indian floated away to his death
he raised bis eyes to heaven and cursed
Benard, wbo, he dech r I, would die
a violent death. The Indian's last
words were a prophecy that within
U00 years tbe waters which were then
bearing him away would sweep from
the earth every vestige of the town,
so that only the name would be left
The unhappy girl died In tbe convent
Benard was killed In 17" In a duel.
The last trace of Kaskaskla bas been
obliterated, and the superstitious declare tbat the Indlnn's curse has bad
something to do with tbe passing of tbe
once flourishing town. On dark and
stormy nights the ghost of tbe Indian
Is said to appear. Tbe specter, with
strong arms bound and face upturned,
floats slowly by on tbe river where tbe
stream sweeps by the site of tbe vanished city In wblcb Marie Benard once
lived and In wblcb she died mourning
tbe red man tbat sbe loved.
Judge—Seems to me I have seen yon
before, prisoner.
Culprit—Yesslr; I'm a barber, and I
shaved you only yesterday.
Judge-Twenty yearst-Chlcago News.
He Knew Belter.
"Ob, John," sbe cried, "baby's cut a
"Aw, go 'way!" broke In little Willie,
who was playing on tbe floor. "You
can't cut a tooth 1 You may. break It
but yen can't cut Ut"
Manufacturers Life
Insurance Company.
Tho Directors congratulate the policy holders and shareholders on the
substantial progress made during the year, which has been the most satisfactory in the Company's history.
There were received during tho year 1778 applications for assurances
amounting to $3,058,989. The buslnoss acrually taken up and paid for
in cash during the year amounted to $2,486,703, and, leaving out single
payment policies, tho lirst year's gash premiums collected thereon was
$115,782,01. ns against $107,100.86 for the previous year, and $100,
013.93 for 1898.
Tho Assurances In force amount to $15,409,620, an increase of 81,-
041,384 over tho previous y?ar.
The Premium Income was $590,875.01, showing the handsome increase of $08,695.23. There were received for interests and Rents S87,-
461.11, making the total Income $676,336.15, an increase of $84,137,92.
After paying the policy-holders for claims, dividends and surrenders
$127,664.78, and providing for all other expenditures, tho Assets .wero
increased by nearly half a million dollars, of which $828,495.00 was
added to Policy Reserves and $07,268.35 to Surplus, an eminently satisfactory saving of 'ino year's operations,
Tho Assets now amount to $2,279,175.94, and the policy Reserves to
$1,950,507.00 on the Company's standard. After making provision for
all other liabilities tho surplus >m policyholders' account is $301,024.80,
which would bo considerably increased by adopting tho Government standard of valuation for Policy Reserves.
President. Managing Director.
Received for New Premiums   $   115,782 01
Received for Single and Renewal Premiums         475,093 03
From .ill other sources          203,749 11
, $794,624 15
To policyholders for claims by doath  $     87,880 04
To policyholders for Endowments, Dividends, etc  89,834 69
To Commissions, Salaries, and expenses of management .... 152,648 75
To Tuxes, Reinsurance Premiums   and Dividends to Stockholder   27,054 05
Surplus of Income ever Expenditure  487,267 62
$794,624 15
Municipal Fonds, Stocks and Debentures   $   854,788 87
Loans on Bonds and Other Securities   104,511 58
Mortgagee on Real Estate   918,140 12
Real Estate   86,1*45 25
Loans on Policies    147,124 09
Accrued Interest, Net Deferred Premiums, etc  145,448 91
Cash ou Hand and in Banks   * 72,410 37
$2,27»,2«8 64
Liability for Policy Reserves, Government Standurd    $1,914,174 00
Special Reserve Fund over ami above Government Standard 36,333 00
All  other  Liabilities  27,644 58
Surplus on Policyholders' Account     301,117 (Hi
$2,2711,268 64
Dr. James Mills, of Guelph, moved the adoption of the report in an
saxcellent address, from which the following is a short extract :
At a meetinj of this nature it is always a pleasure  to  be in a  position to congratulate those interested, and on   this   occasion   I can do so
•Inost heartily.
We have really a most satisfactory statement to present to tlie shareholders and policyholders of the Company, a statement which will bear
tho closest inspection. We can speak with moro deliniteness than ever in
the past in regard to our investments and our standing, for we have
moro information at our disposal, furnished us in the splendid report of
our consulting   actuary.   There    has  been progress all along the line.
A comparison of 1900 and 1899 Is in the report, so I need not refer
to 'hat again. I would, however, refer to one other point : The question of our progress during a longer period, 1894 to 1900, being that of
the present management.
After a lapse of six years wc find many points which are alike creditable to the management and gratifying to the persons most Interested in
the success of the Company, the shareholders and policy-holders.
Thc following figures will  illustrate the growth of the Company :
Net Income   Cross Assur-
lst Years from ance
Year. Assets.    Premiums.   Prems. & Int.    in Force.
1894       $   821.321  $ 61,685      $96,468      ..$ 9,555,'iCO
1900      2,279,176    115,782       667,717 15,409,620
The asssts are practically three times what they were six years ago.
Amount of income irom new business shows 100 per cent, increase. Net
income from Premiums and Interest has increased over 100 per cent. Thc
assurance    has grown   from 9m to  15Vi millions.
I want also to refer to tho character of our assets and the expense
ratio, both being important items in a concern of this kind. Our securities ere never before in the splendid condition they are loday. I doubt
if any company can show such a record of invested assets of over $2,-
000.000 and only $501.30 overdue interest.
In new companies the expense ratio is always large. These expenses
should gradually decrease, and our record is as it should be in this res-
The ratio is about 14 per cent, less than it wns two years ago. 1
think that, is one of the most satisfactory features in our business. The
ratio is decreasing rapidly.
I thank our manager, his staff and the field force for the results we
are able to report today, and I do so most sincerely, and I must congratulate the policy-holders and shareholders on the position we have
"™Mr. J. F. Junkin, the Managing  Director,  in secondi.ig   the adoption
of the report, remarked :
If wo losik back over two years, wo find that the premium income for
1900 v-ns almost Sl-10.000 more than for 1898, or an Increase of 31 per
cent., White our expenses for 1900, as compared with 1898, only show
an increase »f a-^out $2,000, or l*/j per cent. The result is that we have
now, not only th« lowest expense ratio of any active company of our
own or a similar age on the continent, but we compare very favorably
in this respect with even the oldest and largost Canadian and American
Esktlac by Prescription.
Most people wbo are In good health
know li a general way wbat ails them.
Some ot them know what kind of food
they ought to eat In order to overcome
tbelr bodily Infirmities and prevent a
recurrence of them, but people who
have good health usually consider only
their taste or their pocketbook when
they order a men'
An experiment wblcb one of the Boston hotels Is making shows tbat others
besides Invalids are begiunlng to understand that It is Important to have
tbe right sort of food as well as to have
It properly cooked.
Tbe cafe of this hotel provides not
only a bill of fare, but a diet list made
out by a physician and intended as a
guide to tbe patrons of the house. It
prescribes the food best suited to various physical conditions. To tbo fat
man It offers a variety of dishes that
tickle his palate and at the same time
check his tendency to grow fatter. Tbe
thin and nntemle can proc .ire the things
which make blood and tissue and build
up an enfeebled system.
The new way of looking at the food
question puts health first and preference afterward. It considers tbe needs
of the Individual and makes practical
application ot the old ■ aylng that "one
man's meat Is another man's poison."
It tries te make the diet like a well
stocked wardrobe, offering plenty of
variety, yet designed for and fitted to
the person tor whom lt Is Intended.
now one can nt his diet to his own
needs Is a matter which tbe physician
can best decide. It Is certainly easier
to preserve health by tbe uso of proper
food than to regain It by taking medicine, and tbe prescription filled in a
restaurant Is pleasanter to take than
one compounded  by the druggist
No Real Dislike.
"You announced lhat you lind no dislike for the young iiuin who threatened
to dominate your party nmi depose you
from your leadership."
"1 did," answered the professional
"And you really meant every word of
"Every word. There wns do reason
In the world why I should dislike him.
I knew I cottlil keep liltn from winning
If lie seemed to be getting dangerous."
-Washington Star.	
Ths* olsl llnlili Crops Ont.
"I hnve sent fur you," snisl tha prominent inniiiifncturer, "to write for tis un
n filmic cutaloKUe nf the various styles of
automobiles which we are offering for
"All. yes." exclaimed tlie one time humorous psrsgrapbsr, "ami we'll call it an
'iititn-huy-ography.' eh'/" — Philadelphia
Dar's a few men I want to shako
hands wid before my time comes to go,
an one of 'em Is a pussoti wbo has bin
a member of congress fur 12 y'ars an
hns nebber got de Ideah de alrth am
hangin to bis coattalls.
Faculty Possessed by Amswleane For
Spreading Dngllsb.
"The average American is a poor linguist," snitl a fiisiciiis official who speaks
several modern languages correctly
and sometimes acts an Interpreter, "It
doesn't 'conic natural* to us, as it sloes to
the LatlO races uittl to most Germans,
They will pick up other tongues with nu
euse und facility that are perfectly amusing, init as a usual thlug un American
has to he absolutely driven to it before
he will make the attempt.
"I had that fact forcibly Impressed upon my mind during a visit I made to old
Mexico early last spring. One would
say, at first blush., that a knowledge of
Spanish would he simply Indisputable to
anybody who proposed to resido iu the
City of Mexico, especially with the intention of gelug into business, yet 1
found any number of Americans there
who managed to get along without It and
who declared frankly that it was too
much trouble to acquire. These easy going gentlemen elmply Insisted ou using
English, regardless of the fact that Cos*
tiliun was tin* current language of tlu*
country. When they entered a store or
restaurant they Would sny, 'Semi along
somebody who talkl l'nited States,' ami
then wait placidly for the interpreter to
appear. Of course they were badly
handicapped in llu* transaction of all
their affairs, hut they insisted laughing*
ly that the annoyance wus preferable to
learning Spanish und thut they would
eventually succeed in making the Mexicans discard their native lingo. This
systematic forcing of one's language up.
on people is characteristic of Amer
leans," continued the custom house offl
cial, "and is no dmilit responsible for the
rapid spread of English as n buslneu
medium in ul) the great foreign capital*,
"It goes without saying, however, that
there are Americans who ore linguists,
end, as a matter of fait, the must n*
Biarkablo linguist I ever nii't in my life
was a man named Scott, who was bum
In Montgomery, Ala. He wus educated
abroad and spoke four or live continental
languages, hut his really phenumrnal
achievement was his complete mastery
of French and German. lie could eon
verse iu both without a truce of accent,
was perfectly familiar with their slang
ami colloquialisms and could puss unsuspected for a native <if cither country.
You often read of people spcnklng a for
elgn tongue 'without accent.' but. Ik**
Here me, it is one of Ihe rarest tliin.'js in
the world, while to learn two with such
precision Is next door to n miracle. I
never heard of a parallel case. Picking
up a working knowledge of a language
is a horse of quite another color, lt caii
he done hy anybody In about tlu* inmi
length of time it takes to learn shorthand,
How long is that, did you ash? Well.
that depends on the Individual ami
ranges between three months and '."d
It   Attract*   Not   Only   Hotel*,   bnt
I'lalst-mini.  Dsilfss nnsi   lls>cs.
A deep hole of water in Nolynu creek.
ten miles south of Hogllenvllle, Ky„ lias
fur some time been attracting attention
by reason of the tact thai it hus a very
strong suction, (for years it has been
known as the "sock hole." lt is about
10 feet deep ami about 50 yards long.
The water is clear, and bottom can easily he seen. This hole has hs*eu watched
by people in that section for a number
of years, ami it has also to some extent
been avoided. It now develop! that it is
no "suck hole," hut in the bottom of the
river it is claimed there is u streak of
powerful loadstone.
A man in that community recently constructed a large and substantial raft for
tbe purpose of investigating the causes
of the suctiou in this particular part of
the river. It wus discovered that the
river bottom is solisl rock and thut
through the center of the rock, running
lengthwise, is a black streak. It it about
live inches in width ami runs the length
of thc hole. This stn-nk wus examined
with a common lish gig ami was found lo
be very hard. The gig adhered to the
ttonc, and it took no little pulling to ex-
tricato it. Further investigation was
made, aud it is said the streak following
thc bottom ot the river is undoubtedly
powerful loadstone.
This hole was discovered over 40 years
ago hy Enoch Attebcrry, who came near
losing his life in the water, having been
rescued by two men, who pulled him out
by means of n long pole. Luni West and
Luther Trulock also came near losing
their lives in the hole a short time ago
while seining. They were rescued halt
drowned by other members of the party.
The attraction wus so powerful toward a
chain oa the bottom of the seine that the
■cinert had to ahaudoti it. The hole is
not in the main stream, bnt is an outlet.
A dog thrown into the water never
comes out, but is quickly drawn to the
bottom.    When a trout line is stretched
..mums uso piitue, me unseen energy nt-
traeis tlio hooks to tho hluck streak anil
there holds tbem securely until they are
drawn out. At times there is a strong
undercurrent in tlio bayou, which Is unaccounted for and which ofleii sweeps
the bottom clean, relieving the loadstone
of its collection.
The loeality of the "suck hole" is getting
to bo a much dreaded oue, especially by
tho superstitious. It is known to all negroes us the "death hole," and farmers
In that section lind it difficult to employ
negro help. Many cattle and hogs have
been lost.
Misussissslsissiiis Infant.
ne is the cousin of a chubby 4-yoar-
eld whose home is in New York. This
little man has also been started up In tlio
way he should go. One day he visited
ionic relative of the name of .limes. 1J0
was not treated just as Ids highness con*
eidcred fitting, and ho resented it for a
time. But when prayer time came he relented enough to frame this petition,
which he tacked on to the end of the second prayer:
"Please, God, bless papa and mamma
end grandpa uud grandma and even the
"Of course," said the great Btar's manager, "it will cost lot**.|*JM'g extra to
display the title of the pi.**?.n your electric light sign."
"Oh, I don't know," replied the proprietor of the theater. "We ain't spentl-
in no more'n we have to. We've arranged to shorten it to read, '2 Gents ot Verona.' "
It is told of a St Louis miser that he
eats his meals in front of a mirror because it doubles the dishes.—Chicago
Doctors' "Cot Noiih."
The "ent imps" Induced In by the
late Dr. William Poppc- constituted a
standing Joke among bis Intimate
friends. Be hnd the faculty of going
to sleep at will and vaklng up when he
willed. He would Sometimes when under a mental Strain keep a roomful of
patients wailing while lie slept soundly
in ids private office for three minutes
or five minutes, or at long ns he wished. Then he would resume his duties,
greatly refreshed.
Another*prominent physician has a
queer hiihit of napping, although lie
only takes one a day and that directly
after luncheon, which with blm Is a
hearty menl. He repairs to his office
anil throws himself In a chair in a
point where the polished wootl floor Is
uot covered by the rug. lie holds u
buiit'h of keys between the forefinger
and thumb of his right band, which is
allowed to hung loosely over the arm of
the chair. Then lie doses off, hut It Is
never more than a sloze. Tor tlie moment his lingers relax the keys drop to
thc bare lloor. acting ns uu alarm doc!;
It Is scarcely n nnp—just a brief relaxation  of  tin*  mental  and   bodily
faculties. The doctor calls il his siesta.
ami if lie misses It be says he doesn't
feel quite himself for the rest of the
C Is nrl «*•»•'« Annt.
Mr. Penley. otherwise Charley's Aunt,
told the following! "A military man. 0
friend of Mr. I'ctilcy. took his daughter to the stalls und. having a husy and
tiring day, went calmly to sleep In his
easy seat slurlng the Interval between
the curtain raiser anil •Charley's Aunt.'
Tlie daughter sympathetically allowed
him to remain in peace until the curtain went up for the commencement of
the piny of the evening; then she gently nudged III tn In the ribs nnd whispered 'Charley's Aunt!' to remind him
of his whereabouts.
"The gentleman still slept on. nnd
his daughter tried again. She gave
her father nn extra push ami murmured, with emphasis: Tapa, do wake up!
"Charley's Aunt:"'
"This time It was effectual, for the
colonel leaped to his feet and cried,
'Bless me, no It Is!' and began to Shake
hands furiously with a demure old lady
who happened to be passing along tho
stalls In front of him on the way to her
allotted sent. 'Blest uie, so It is! How
do you do. madamV And how Is Charley?' "—Lotisioti Answers,
or a L'lliiKiiiK sUlanonltlon.
Hoax—Klumsy Is very fond of horses,
Isn't be?
Jonx—If he Is. It's something new.
Hoax—Well,   I   saw   him  out  riding
tlie other day, and he had both arms
around the horse's neck.—Philadelphia
Croup, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis and Severe Chest
Coughs Cannot Withstand the Soothing, Healing
Effects of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
It In the mothers who especially appreciate the unusual virtues of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine. They keep it in the bouse aa
the most prompt and certain cure obtainable for croup, bronchitis and severe coughs and colds to which children arc subject, lt has never failed
them. Scores of thousands of mothera
eay: " 'Twos Dr. Chase who saved
our baby."
Mrs. F. W. Bond, 20 Macdonnld
ttrect, Barrio, Ont., says :—"Having
tried your medicine, my faith is very
high in its powers of curing coughs
and croup. My little girl has been
subject to croup for a long time, and
I found nothing to cure it until I
gavo Dr. Chaso's Syrup of Linseed
and i ni'|M*nt ui.'. I cannot speak too
highly of it."
Mr. W. A. Wylie, fi7 Seaton street,
Toronto, states:—"My little grand-
chilsl hud suffered with a nasty, hacking cough for about eight wcoks
when we procuresl a bottle of Dr.
Chase's Syrup of Linseed anil Turpentine. After tho first dose sho culled
It 'honey' and was eager for medicine time to come around.   I can sim
ply state that part of one bottle cur-
ed her, und she is now well and aa
bright aa a cricket."
Mrs. 1*'. Dwyor of Chestcrville, says:
"My little girl of three years hud an
attack of bronchial pneumonia. My
husband and I thought she was going to leave the world as her case resisted tho doctor's treatment. I
bought a bottle of Ur. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine from our
popular druggist, VV 0. Dolster. Af-
tor the first two or three doses tho
child began to get better, and we are
thankful to say is all right to-day.
after seven weeks' sickness.'
Mr. E. Hill, fireman, llerkolet St.,
Fire Hall, Toronto, says: "I deslro
to say in favor of Dr. Chaso's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine that ono
of my children was promptly relieved ot whooping cough, and OS long
as obtainable will not bo without it
lu tlio house, nor use any other medicine."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is sold everywhere and is
used In moro homes than any Othor
treatment for diseases i>f the
and lungs. 25 cents a bottle. F.d-
manson, Baton & Co., Toronto. : V'   1) '.
The Drill.
A Siislsiiissiit Kxlillillliiy; riosciisiK, Stability, uml aiieeeaa.
It is always a pleasure to be able
to review tlie llnancial statement of
one of "'"' Canadian institutions, es-
iii-i-iiilly when that statement exhibit,,  progress,  stability  and     success.
The annual report of the Manufactur-
Llfe, published in    this issuu,  is
which  sIiiiwh such   unmistakable
bigns  of  careful  managomeut,     com-
l„i,ed with a spirit of progress, that
policy liolders in it are to bo    congratulated, and those proposing    to
Ineuru in it need no additional guttr-
unU'O that thoir interests will bo wull
In it year In which competition waB
vcry keen  tho company  received  up-
pjlctttlons for insurances   amounting
l0 ever $3,000,000,  and issued policies for    1132,(1711.705.     Tho   applications rejected by the company as not
coming up to its   medical    standard
was lhe largo    proportion   of    over
io |ist cent of the application received. The total volume of busi-
ns'ss now on tho company's books its
over 515,000,000, while tho cash income from premiums and Interest,
has increased from 8200,408 in 1SD4
to $686,717 in 1000. During the
year the company disbursed to policyholders, for endowments, dividends, surrendered policies, and
dentil claims, the substantial sum of
$127,665, added to the reserve fund
for tlio security of policy holders
$828,496, and increased at tho same
tune its surplus by $07,208.35.
A careful review of the Company's
business for tho past six years was
made by Prof. Dr. James Mills, in
which ho showed that, wnilo in IK'Jt
the assets of the company amounted
to $821,821, they now have reached
tho large figures of 13,379,170 As
nn indication of their extvlent character, sinly some $500 of overdue interest s'xisted on the 3lst Iteeeaiber
In respect of tho whole of them. The
expenses for several years past have
shown a gradual decrease, und it:
1900 the chairman stated that the
ratio ol expenses was about 14 per
sent, less than it wns two years ago.
in every important particular, as
pointed out by Mr. It. L. Patterson,
it is shown that in the pust j oar
marked advances were made in all
those essentials which tend toward
tlie building up of a sound and
healthy institution. The cash income increased by over $84,000; the
assets by over $400,000; the policy
reserve hy over $328,000; surplus on
policyholders' account hy over $330,-
IKKI; and tlu* insurance in fores* by
over $1,000,000. These aro handsome increases, and sps*uk abundantly of tho managerial conduct nf the
coiniuiny's ulTuirs hy Mr. J. P. Juu-
ktn, its managing director.
The important step taken  by     the
Manufacturers and   the    Temperance
and   i.eiieral,     in   deciding to  unite
their interests,   is   one,   which   will,
undoubtedly,     tend to    secure    even
greater economy    in  administration,
nnd consequently increased benefits to
the   policyholders,    and,  in   view of
the thorough  invest isjttturn  made   by
the  independent  authority  into     the
affairs of hoth companies, it is   confidently   believed     that  even   greater
prtigress will  be made by  the    combined  companies  In    the    future  hns
been made by either institution in the
The Practice of Tusking » 'Isuits: In Sprint-
Is Descended from Our Wise Furs',
fathers und Has flood Mosllnul Kndone-
ment A Few Suggestions Itegniillisg
The practice of taking a tonic dur-
thu inclement weather of early
spring is one that has been bequeathed us hy pur forefathers, who lived In
days when a sturdy constitution'and
vigorous health meant even more
than they do today. Tho custom has
tlie highest medical endorsement, and
the healthiest people are those who
follow it. Thousands not really ill,
need a tonic at thiB season. Close,
confinement in badly ventilated
houses, ofllces, shops and school
rooms, during the winter months,
iiinl.cs people feel depressed and "out-
of sorts.' Nature must bo assisted
in throwing off the poison thut has
accumulated in thc system, else people full nu easy prey to disease and | Part'
are subject to many discomforts from
bolls, eruptions and similar troubles.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are tho best tonic medicine known
to medical science; These pills make
rich, red blood and strong nerves.
Through their use in spring time,
jaded, listless, easily tired men,
women and children are made bright,
active and strong. Evidence of the
wonderful health restoring virtue of
these pilln is given by Mrs. J. Lang-
lois, 050 Lafontain street, Montreal,
who says:—"Before I began using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills 1 was under the
care of two doctors who to'd me my
trouble was developing into consumption I was very pale and
feeble; had no appetite and could
hardly stand on my feet. I was very
much discouraged and thought death
wns staring me in tlie face. I had
often rend of Dr Williams' Pink Pills,
und finally decided to try them. After I had Used three boxes uiy appetite was much better, and I felt a
little stronger. I continued the use
of the pills for three mouths when I
felt fully cured. When I began using
thc pills, I only weighed 02 pounds,
and when I discontinued them my
weight hud increased to 119 pounds.
I also gave the pills to my baby,
who was pale and sickly, and they
mado him a bright, rosy, fleshy child.
I think there is no weak or sickly
person who will not find benefit from
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
It is a waste Oi' money to experiment with other so-called tonics,
which are all cheap imitations of Dr.
Willitims' Pink Pills. Insist upon
getting the gs*nuinss, and if they are
not sold by your dealer send direct
to Uie Dr Williams' Medicine Co.,
lirockville, Ont., nnd tho pills will
DC mailed postpaid at 00 cents a box
or six  boxes for $2.50.
Evidently the Day of Miracles
in Not Yet Over.
The Restoration to Health of Wm.
Doeg Who Had Not Left His Room
in Yetrs.—Rheumatism of the Worst
Kind Completely Cured.
TrilfnlKssr  llistts.
The year 1S05 wus a memorable one.,
as on Oct. 21 was fought and gained
the battle of Trnfnlgnr, and then, as
now, fashion complimented, heroes by
devising toilets named In their honor.
Bo Nelson was commemorated by a
hat—the "Trnfnlgnr"—and every woman and child adopted tbe wondrous
structure, which would outdo even
thc headgear of the present day, for
these hats were of enormous width
nnd breadth, something of the size of a
round table, nod so loaded wltb plumes
that the wearers must hnve looked all
Gentlemen—While driving down a
very steep hill last August my horse
stumbled and fell, cutting himself
fearfully nbout the bend und body. 1
used MINARD'S LINIMENT freely on
him and in a few days ho was as
well as over.
When King Solomon broached the
subject of matrimony, the Queen of
Shtt.a laughed merrily.
"I have a parrot that swears and
a monkey that chews tobacco, so
What do I want with a husband ?"
she exclaimed with an arcli look.
"Chestnuts I" roared Solomon, de-
The king also called her majesty's
attention to tho fact that tobacco
was not yet discovered, but. the
ipioen wns not to bo shaken in her
n<*>«rnylnu Buckles.
General Duhestne wns a distinguish
ed French veteran, slain by the Prussians after the rout of Waterloo. He
wus full of resource and had great skill
and presence of mind. At l'escara,
when be was In great danger, a large
fortress in front and a savage Insurrection In bis rear, his own common
sense saved him.
"Wbo commands at l'escara?" he
asked a soldier.
"There are two."
"What is tbe grade of the chief ht
"A brigadier general."
"Ills name?"
"De Pletramaggiore.*"
"His title?"
"A marquis."
"His age?"
"About 70."
"Is be well preserved? Does he keep
his color?'
"He Is thin nnd pallid."
"Is his voice strong and manly?"
"It Is weak and dull."
"Is he lively, gay?"
"Neither the one nor the other."
"What does be wear on bis head?"
"He Is powdered, and bis hair ts done
In locks."
"Has he boots and spurs?"
"No; he wears silk stockings, shoes
and great buckles." ,
"Great buckles!" cried Duhesme.
"Bring up the guns and begin tiring!
The place Is mine!"
For 50 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
Shiloh's   .
Mothers—have you Shiloh in
the house at all times? Do
yon know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
yon haven t it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shiloh slwsys  cure* my   tisby   of   croup,
coughs snd colds.    I would not be without it.'
.IMtOh'l Consumption Cure Is snisl by nil
<lriiKK|„.„ |„ dunmin „,„! United Hints-* nt
'*"'. Alls', is l,.,ttl,.. lis ilr.,i»t llrltislsi
"*' Is. '4.I., its. 8(1.. nnsi 4s. Oil. A isrlsslrsl
tiiiiriiiu,,,, mm with every bottle. If ysssi
*"* mit sntlsflosl |fi> to yssssr ,lrsis,-ttUt Bud
S«t your money back.
_,^ri'« for Illustrated book oa Consume!ion. Seal
Vtibsui cost to you. 8. 0. Wslls * Co., Toronto.
Stats or Ohio, City ok Toumo, |
Lucas i'ouktv, l
Fiiank .1 tiiuNKv makes oath Hint he la the
senior partner of tlie tlrm of K. J. ciif.nky *
Co., dun it business lu tho (its of Toletlo,
i'mint v and State aforesaid, and Ihnt said tlrm
will jiitv the sum of ONK HUNDKKD DOL-
I.AItS for iwoh and everv ease of catarrh that
cannot he curou by tho useof llAi.i.'sl'ATAKnB
Sworn to before mc and •nbacrilsod In my
resenoe, this nth day of Decemlscr, A. D., lb»
Notary iliottc.
Hall's Catarrh Cure la takrn Internally and
acts tlireotly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system.   Send for testimonials, fri'O.
F. J CHENEY * CO.. Toledo, 0.
^'sfl bJ. I)l11»"s"J"'.ft' 'SCl
-smlly Pills are the Us*.
Plot  lisslMy.
Merchant (to applicant for situation
porter)—Are ynu married?
A pillion nt—No. air. These scratches nn
tn.v fine sums* from fnlliiiK over u hnrlied
wire fence iu the shirk.—Pearson's Weekly.
(Sunbridge I5cho.)
The Echo has taken the trouble to
investigate the circumstances and can
vouch for thc* truth of the following
Interesting story in its every particular.
Almost everyone in this neighborhood knows Mr. Wm. Doeg. In 1878
Mr. Doeg moved from the Township
of Osprey, in (irey County, to lot 19
in the thirteenth concession of Strong
Township. lie has since made many
friends, and all who know him speak
of him in the highest terms.
Home time after he came to this
ho wus stricken with rheumatism. It gradually grew worse and
worse till for tho last four years he
has been a confirmed invalid, and as
a consequence has not been *■ it in
town at all. He has sat night and
day in his chair, unable to move or
walk a step for months. The pain
never left him. It commenced in his
back, and the torture ho had to bear
won terrible. From his back it would
stimt'timi's move to other parts of his
body, wis knees were fearfully painful at times. The truth is, that for
four long years the poor man did not
have a single moment's respite from
the racking of this dreadful disease.
Mr. Doeg says : "It makes me
shudder to look back upon that awful four years. Even the thought of
it is dreadful. How I ever lived
through it I do not know, but I
thank Cod that he has at last restored me to health and strength with
nothing of the rheumatism left hu»-
the memory of it."
Mr. Doeg is a changed man. Hale
the memory of it."
and hearty he now enjoys evsjry moment of his new life to the full.
How did the change come about ?
Tis is is the question which Mr.Doeg
is m: st delighted to answer. JlehnJ
tried the treatment of several physic-
inns and had used almost every medicine known as a cure for rheumatism, but he got no relief.
"I gave them all a fair chance,
too," said Mr. Doeg to The Echo,
"but nothing seemed able to give me
even temporary relief. I grew despondent und ds*spnired of ever leaving that dreadful pain behind me.
"One day 1 rend in a newspaper
the testimonials of some who said
they hail been cured of rheumatism
by Dodd's Kidney Pills. I hadn't
much faith in anything by this time,
but I sent for one box of the pills
and commenced. I noticed an improvement and kept on, and look at
me now."
Mr. Doeg certainly doesn't look
like an invalid now, and it is hard
for one who had not seen him in his
sick room to believe that six months
ago he couldn't walk.
"Have you any objection to making and signing a written statement
of the whole thing for publication in
The Echo ?" was asked Mr. Doeg.
"None whatever. I will be glad to
do so. for I want every person suffering as I was with rheumatism to
know that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
cure them, and I do hope that my
statement will be-read by all such
This is Mr. Doeg's written statement : —
For four years I suffered excruciating torture, during which time I was
scarcely un hour free from pain. The
trouble commenced in my back,
where it often remained stationary
for months, and so intense was the
pain that I could not lie down or
take rest, but had to sit night, ami
day in a chair. Tlie pain would then
remove to other parts of my body,
and when in my knees I was unable
to walk, and confined constantly to
my room. I was treated for rheumatism by several doctors and also
tried many medicines without receiving any benefit. Almost in despair 1
feared I would nover again experience tho pleasure of being free from
Last spring my attention was directed to some remarkable cures of
rheumatism effected by Dodd's Kidney Pi Is, recordetl in the public
prints. I procured n box, ami soon
found that they were doing me good.
so I kept on, till now I enri say I
am a new man entirely free from
pain, and have continued so for over
six monlhc, being able to attend to
\oo) pun uuej oqi uo M**)np A'ltup A'tti
strong and ablo for work.
I verily believe this great change
has been effected by the use of Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and I think it my duty
to make, this statement public for the
benefit of anyone afflicted as I was.
Wm. Doeg. Sunbridge.
This is a plain, unvarnished stati*-
ment of fact as we have found it,
and ovcry reader of Tho Echo, especially those who know how bad Mr.
Doeg was, will agree that it is a case
without parallel in the history of
tho community.
The Professor'* Its-lisite.
Alex Smith-The eurth Is merely a
speck in the universe.
Professor Squelcher — While your
Statement >s true, young man, tbat does
not Justify your apparent theory that
yon own It—Ohio State Journal.
There never was, and never will be. n
universal panucee, in one remedy, for ell ills
to which flssh it heir—tho very nature of
many curatives! being such that were the
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in tho system of the patient—
whut would relieve one ill In turn would Hg-
gruvate the otli er. We have, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many ana
grievous His. By Its gradual and judicious
use tho frailest systems are led into convalescence and (strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves tbe drooping spirits of those with
whom u chronic state of morbid despondency aud lack of interest in life is a disease,
and, by trunquihting the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sleep—imparts vigor
to .the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the hen.thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—result, improved appetite. Northrop sit; Lyman,
of Toronto have given to the public iheir
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and,
guuged by the opinion of scientists, thin
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell it.
The Favorite Tea of Britain and Her Colonies.
Amusing to see foreign teas advertised as clean.
Is it not filth that colors them?
.Sample on application.   Address
Ceylon Tens are told in sealed lend
packets only, never in bulk.    Black,
Mixed or Uncolored Ceylon Green.
SALADA," Toronto.
•Wtft- 4Ui*AjL4kuAjt^
Hamilton, April 5.—George Bod-
den, aged 26, a teamster employed
by the Kogers coal company was accidentally killed last evening. The
horse he was unhitching became native and he was jammed against a
post, the wagon tongue entering his
Boom by Innuendo.
"Have you done anything ta boom
your town?
"Waal, I reckon! Held tew indignation meetin's tew pertest ag'in the
smoke nuisance!"—Detroit Journal.
Reason   Enough.
"The king orders you executed at
sunrise for offending the queen."
"But she wanted me to elope wltb
her, and I refused."
"That's Just it."—Life.
Ohbosic or the Stomach.,
Lives and Blood are ppeedi y removed by
the active principle of the ingredients entering ioto the compo-ition of Parmelee's Vegetable Pil s. These pills act sp cifcally on
the deranged organs, stimulating *o u tion
the dormant energies of the system, thereby removing disease nnd renewing life and
vitality to the afllis'tt'd. In this lies the great
secret of the popularity of Parmelee's Vegetable pills.
A Triumph of  I'hiilisuritpliy.
Of cor.rss* It wus a Missouriun. one
of the "you'vs'-got-to-tsliow tne" type,
who remarked to a companion us they
s'Xiiiiiiiis'tl with awestruck Interest a
picture in which there was seen tbe
fares of ull ths* presidents of the United Sintes. "Say. Bill, bow in thunder
did lhe photograph mnn ever get them
nun  all   together at  oncetr*
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator has
the largest sale of any similar preparation
sold in Uunadii. It always gives satisfaction
by restoring health to tho little folks.
Beaumont, Texas, April 5.—Another
oil well was developed here yesterday. It is about 1,050 feet deep and
is in tho immediate vicinity of other
HMD'S LINIMENT for SHi Bremr-ere.
North Bay, April 5.-John E. Bell,
C. P. R. car inspector, was killed
here yesterday morning by a yard engine. He leaves a widow and family*
Montreal, April 5.—F. H. Clergue,
of Sault Ste. Marie, says that four
steamers are now loading in Bristol
channel direct for Sault Ste. Marin.
They will be loaded down to 14 feet
for through trips and will cross the
Atlantic 18 feet deep, the difference
being tho cargo for Montreal. When
the steamers get into Lake Brie they
will take coal, bringing them down
to 18 feet again.
Very many persons die annually from
cholera and kindred summer complaints,
who might have been saved if proper rente.
dies had been used. If attacked do not delay in getting a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, the medicine that never
fails to effect a cure. Those who have used
it say it acts promptly, and thoroughly tub-
dues the pain and disease.
London, Ont., April 5.—The tax
rate for the coming year wifl be 23V4
Glasgow, April 3.—At a conference
of the Lanarkshire coal masters held
yesterday it waa decided to refuse
the striking engine men any concessions and a large strike is anticipated.
Minard's Liniment Cores Buns, Etc.
Brantford, Ont., April .'.- -The assessment of Brantford has du*raased
§40,000 during the year, while building ps>rmits were issued ta the extent
of §172,000. Tho council has tip-
pointed a committee to investigate
tlie discrepancy.
A   Writer's  Asplrnllossa.
They were looking through lhe library. "If yon bail tbe divine r*lfl
what would you rather write'/" asked
the romantic young woinntv
"Check**)," reolied the boidid youti|
A DINNER PILL— Mnny persona suffer
excruciating agony after partaking of a
hearty dinner. The food partaken ot is like
a ball of lead upon the stomach, and instead
of being a healthy nutriment it becomes a
poison to the system. Dr. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are wonderful correctives of
such troubles. They correct acidity, open
secretions and convert the food partaken of
into healthy nutriment. They ure just the
medicine to take it troubled with indigestion
or dyspepsia.
London, April 5.—At Smyrna, on
the strength of rumors that the
.lews had murdered a Greek lad for
ritual purposes, ten thousand infuriated Greeks stormed the ghetto. The
Turkish troops charged the mob with
bayonets, one person being killed
und fourteen  others wounded.
Chicago, April 3.—Carter H. Harrison has been re-elected mayor of
Chicago for the third time. His total plurality over Judge 12 bridge
Ilanecy, the Republican nominee, will
be in the neighborhood of 28,000
Toronto,  April •.—The Welland canal will be opened on April 2j.
1U**XwA1*4A,   FACTORY. Montreal
Not a Frcsss-b Scholar.
"Here, son, you've studied French.
What's this word here on the eatin
"That's 'fillet.' "
"I'illiel Do they think I want horse
Ton need not cough all night and disturb
yonr friends; there is no oceosion for you
running tho risk of contracting inflammation of the lungs or consumption, while you
can get Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup.
This medicine cures cough*, colds, inflammation of the lures and ull throat and chest
troubles. It promotes a free and easy expectoration, which imtqediutcly relieves the
throat and lungs from viscid phlegm.
Office and Safe Deposit Vaults
323 & 325 MAIN ST., WINNIPEG.
Capital—$1,000,000.    Be-.erve. $270,000.
Authorized to act as Executor, Administrator, Trustee, Itoceivcr, Guardian, Committee of Lunatic, Liquidator,  General  Agent,  etc.
Accepted by the Courts as a Trust
Co. for the Provinces of Ontario,
Quebec and Manitoba.
Till* Crnel World.
"Pphsii'i ii ihi ymi ittsosl to stay In bsd
nil il:iy nun tttii! tlis'tt?"
"Well, ii might, hut the benefit Is offset
hv the iiu-iiii things my fnllta say about
uie wlieii I (,'s'i uis."—Obleaifo Becorrl.
One  Wit)'   In  Tell.
Henderson iwbu lum just imuttht a new
pipei -Can you tell me, professor, if this
in.,lie!- iri genuine)
I'lnl'i'sssii —Uh, t tint 'a easily to he tle-
tt'iiiiiiit'il.    Soul; It in Blaabol fut-I linii.s.
If it is genuine, it will then have slisap-
pi'iiis*tl.-('liiHgiiw Kveuing Times.
T*a« First Kick.
"That cut you printed this a-anlng
Is a libel," protested the Irate citizen,
"lt doesn't look any thing like ■*."
"Impossible!" replied the editor.
"Why, we've used that cut docens of
times, and j. uu're thc first one e* make
• k Ink "    	
A  Brilliant  Sncct-ss.
A.—now did your iiutotnoblle Journey turn out?
B.-Henntiriillyl Although I rnn over
two pi'tlesti'lnns and three bicycles nnd
knocked two WBgoni Into n ditch, mv
motor wus not nt nil Injured, and I arrived Just ou tlmc-Kllegende Blatter.
It is only necessary to read the tesgti-
moninls to be convinced that Holloway's
Corn Cure is unequalled for the removal of
corns, wurts, etc. It is a complete extinguisher.
Aa Excaao For a Pardon.
When the stern Duke of Wellington
was prime minister under George IV,
he managed the old monarch easily
enough, but when he attempted the
same tactics with the youug Queen
Victoria he met his match. She con-
stnntly outwitted him. One of his
earliest official acts wns to bring before her a court martial death sentence
which he expected her to sign as a
matter of course. A soldier was to be
executed for desertion, and as the
donth warrant wns placed before the
queen by the duke she raised her eyes,
full of tears, to his face, saying:
"Have you nothing to say In behalf
of this poor man?"
"Nothing," said the duke, standing at
attention like one of his own privates;
"he has deserted three times."
"Oh. your grace, think again," pleaded the queen as If she were asking for
thc life of her dearest friend.
"Well, your majesty, he certainly Is
a bad soldier, but there was Bomebody
who spoke for his good character. He
may be a tolerably good fellow In civil
"Oh, thank you," said the queen la
heartfelt tones, aud before the astonished duke could utter a word of protest she hnd written across the paper
Uie word "Pardoned."
Philadelphia, Pa., April 5.—William
B. Warner, a widely known manufacturing chemist, died in this city yesterday. Mr. Warner was the lirst
man to manufacture sugar-coated
pills and to introduce liquorice tablets. He wus a distant relative of
George Washington, and his art col-
left ion included over 100 portraits of
Guardian ad-litem for Manitoba.
Trust funds invested  and guaranteed
Money to loan on farm security.
Iona, Mich., April 1.—Fire last
night destroyed the warehouse and
elevator of Page Si Co., entailing a
loss of 855,000. half of which falls
on the Grand Trunk railway, owners
of the elevasor building. The prop-
esTty was Insured for si:!,000.
A Rare Blsra.
Little Bill—Mamma, Is the mlaleter
coining here today?
Mamma—Not thut I know of, dear.
But Why did you usk?
Little Ella—Because I saw pnpa dusting tin* Bible off this morning.—Chica-
ao News.
Solicitors bringing Estates, Administrations, etc., to the Co. are s-ontinuesi
in the professional care thereof.
Correspondence solicited.
Boxes in Safe Deposit Vaults for
rent at $5.00 a year.
Lt.-Col. Ilcnt, Imperial Remount
Otlit'sT for Canada, will visit Manitoba and Northwest next month to
purchase horses for South Africa. We
have decided to sell in Manitoba or
Northwest, two of tho Stallions selected by him in England for breed-
ng Cavalry Horses. Write for particulars,
Friend-What's your hurry, Hector?
Impetuous Lover — Don't stop uie,
Walter. I must lie at uiy best girl's by
tomorrow evening, and she lives ut
least Id feet uwuv!-l.'liiaieo News.
19  St.  Maurice Street,
Brass Band
Instruments, Drains, Uniforms, Bto.
Lowest prices «ver quoted. Fine catalogue
60u illustrations nuwlled free. Write tu for any
thlrsa In Masle or Muslial Instrument*.
Wbaley Boyce * Co., *™%&S&\ffi.
MIVs**  I Vkk  wh.elsV>u»tsjb»
Done by exp""") workmen.   Bend for lilt ot new
snd si'i'imil isivnil wheels.   Try us.
"Crescent" Agent*. Winnipeg.
Rapidity.   Saves* about one day In three).
Snletnt'M and durability without notae or wear,
enersl utility.   Best ror all kinds of work.
ta Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
. "I.
. t!
■   I
t .*
*     ***t
W. N. U. No. 310.
_ -... s»l
'■    .;,   "
; it
;; •■&
s (-El
'■     ■
u   a
.   " .
It I*
C. E. Smitherinu.u.k, Editor and Prop.
•SLOGAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Atlvertifiina 10 cents a linn lor
the tlrat insertion and6 cents a line each
aubss>quent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, **7 each.
Transient advertisements ntsamo rates
•si legal silve tiding.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
'or each insertion.
Commercial Hates mado known upon
The Subscription is $2 por year, strictly in advance; $2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letter! to—
Kill DAY, Al''th, I'.uil.
A pencil murk in the spsca
opposite will bo au indioa-
tion to you that ye editor
considers there is something
■coining to him on yotlrsub-
ecription. Kindly tiiUnow-
ludgo   in cash and oblige.
Railway matters hnve reached a
Critical stage at Victoria and a crisis
may bo said to exist. The. Dunsmuir
government is on treacherous ground
and thev are liable to take a tumble.
Hon. Mr. Mulocksnys tho deficit in
the Dominion postofflce departm.nt,
resultant upon the introduction of
penny postage, is rapidly decreasing.
It is not to be wondered at, judging
from the way postmasters' salaries
have been lopped off of late.
There can be no doubt of the valued
services performed by the various
•Canadian contingents in South Africa.
Lord Roberts, in his report, makes
special mention of 45 officers and men.
.•Col. Sam Hughes' report is yet to be
heard from, hut it is believed he will
■Ignore Gen. Hutton.
Hon. Mr. Foster has publicly endorsed government control of the
liquor traffic. Hon. Mr. Mulock has
expressed himself in England in favor of state-owned cables connecting
all British dominions. The idea of
government ownership is making
<m my converts among the Canadian
Premier Laurier has promised to
.consider the representations made by
the Kootenay delegation in favor of
abonusto refined ore. They asked eiumi. r;ii in :
for the establishment ofa silver-lead
refinery, to cost $250,000, and $5 per
ton on the refined article, extending
over three years. W. A. Galliher,
M.P., had charge of the delegation.
Malcolm Cameron's new livery
stable is completed.
More gardening has been done this
spring than ever belore.
Con Murphy has had his home
painted during the week.
Mrs. T. B. Linton and son returned
to their home on Tuesday.
H, H. Reeves died at the Denver
hospital on Monday evening.
The band boys have secured Gil-
more caps and music pouches.
Harvey Aitchison's residence has
been under the painter's brush.
W. McAtlamantl wife, Nelson, have
been visiting In town during the
Several new families have come in
of hue, Residences are much in demand.
A third interest in the townsite of
Traut Lake has been secured by the
R. IL Trueman, the photographer,
has spent the week iu town, shooting
A number of music-lovers went to
Nelson, Monday, to hear Madame
W. Davidson has purchased a lot
near I'muilon and will erect a house
The government is building a
bridge over Carpenter creek at New
Tom Lake went to Nelson Monday,
with a view to securing a business
The general conference of the
Methodist church will be held in Nelson early next month.
1). McLt'od returned to Cranbrook
Monday, lie. expects to remove his
family thither later on.
Billy Kerr has been putting the
artistic touch ou Bobby Allen's house
m the suburb of Brandon,
T. James, who was injured at the
Arlington some weeks ago, is steadily
improving at the hospital.
The Miners' Union hospital is being
repaired and fixed up, preparatory
to being occupied next week.
Tenders are being asked by the C.
P.R. for the construction of the railway from Lardo to Trout, lake.
Rev. Mr. Alexander, the Presbyterian missionary at New Denver, is
leaving that place for Manitoba.
Mrs. Bentley left on Saturday on a
visit, to the coast. Dr. Bentley accompanied her as far as Nakusp.
A number of men are employs d on
the Springer wagon rond, shoveling
off slides and tilling in sink holes.
R. A
The trade figures for the nine
mouths ending March 31 last have
■been issued bv the department of customs, Ottawa. The aggregate trade
of the Dominion increased during
•that time by $8,001,000, as compared
with the same nine months last year.
The duty for tho nine months was
$21,532,340,a decrease of about S-18C,-
€00 compared with the nine months
of last vear.
When a mine manager goes out of
his way to give the public press his
.criticisms of the men he employs, and
.the organization to which they be
•long, then it may be interred that he
is looking for trouble.   That is the
position of affairs in Rossland, where
Manager Kirby, of the War Eagle,
has come forth in an exasperating
and satirical article upon the miners
and the Union. Of the latter he could j
speak  only  from  hearsay   and, as
such, common sense should have told
him to leave the gossip alone as perfectly nn trust worthy.   Manager Kirby has made a mistake in flaunting
his views before his men, like a red
rng before a bull.   If the U lion has
erring members—and  is  the Mine
■Owners'  Association   exempt  from
error?--surely  Manager Kirby  lias
not improved the situation   by his
caustic remarks. Two wrongs do not
make a right, and Manager Kirbv—
giving him credit for sincerity in his
expressions for peace-is defeating
the very object lie seeks to obtain.
His strictures upon the labor situation
at Uossland are at variance with the
•truth, for it Is well known that the
jinen had, and have, grievances. The
jnen showed themselves the more de
siroua for  peace  when they voted
against a strike, and Manager Kirby
should havo bean man  enough to
have accepted tho verdict and said
nothing.   But  his overbearing and
domineering expressions in the press,
.following the praiseworthy action of
■the men, will not tend to help mat-
.ters.   The horizon  is dark and the
•future is fraught, with peril.
Bradshaw finished the census
the  town yesterday,
and is now engaged on the suburbs.
"Scotty" Barr committed suicide at
the Idaho mine, last week,by cutting
his throat. He was buried at New
II. A. Hicks is seeking to obtain a
transfer of the hotel license for the
Hicks House from Frank A Card to
Tony Long and his neighbors have
done a great deal of work on their
lots near Brandon, effecting a great
Frank Card and W. K. Richmond
went up the creek Saturday to get
things into shape for starting up the
Arlington sawmill.
Mrs. C. B. Taylor, of Enterprise
Landing,has returned from wintering
in Boston. She was accompanied by
her sister, Miss Parsons.
John Mctluigan, who fell from a
window in a Portland hotel recently,
died from his Injuries Monday. The
remains were buried i;t Spokane,
The C.P.K. has brought out eight
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan, B. C
Subscribe (or Tun Drill.
In the matter of an nppltcution fur a
duplicate of a Certificate of Title to
Lot 3, Block 25, Slocan Citv'Man
496. s
ii my intention to issue, at the expiration of one month from the lirst publication hereof, a duplicate of the Certificate
of Title to the above mentioned Lot in
the nnine of James C. Bolandor, which
Certificate Is dated tho 6th day of November, 1S97, and numbered lui'k.
Land Registry Office,  Nelson,  !..<!..
21st March, 1901. 12*4.
We  have just  received a
large shipment of
from D. M. Ferry's celebrated Seed  HOUSO.     We Bell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L0 WHITE 6c Co.
experienced Alpine guides from Switzerland Thev will be stationed at
Banff, Lake Loui-e, Glacier and
By advices received last week, it
was thought the incorporation bill
would have been signed Wednesday,
but so far nothing has been learned
of its fate.
Messrs. Lake & Noble, of the Royal
Motel, have dissolved, the former re
tiring. Mr. Noble will continue the
business, and he will obtain a fair
share ofthe trade.
The Emerald Duet, composed of J.
Parsons Smith and Prof J. Miller,
will be here early in May to give
two entertainments, under the auspices of the W.C.T.U.
Fire totally destroyed tho townsite
company's building at Silver-ton on
Tuesday. ' The household effects of
the tenants, together with the furnishings of the Church nf England,
were safely removed.
Tuesday evening a farewell banquet was tendered Capt. Troup in
Nelson. The c.i'.K. steamship employes presented him with a silver
service of Hi7 pieces and the citizens
gave him a cut glass liquor set
mounted In silver.
Tackle Arrived.
Also Instrumental Music.
Full Stock of Stationery,
Toys and Novelties.
Mtflf l
B. A. SC.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICF, is hereby '.riven that the partnership heretofore existing between Lake
& Noble, proprietors of the Royal Hotel,
has this day been dissolved. All accounts owing the firm must be paid W,
IS. Noble, who will continue tbe business
and settle all indebtedness of the above
Dated at Sloean,this Litis dav of April,
12-4 W. E. NOBLE.
Pioneer Livery
and Feod Stables,
Slocan,  B. C
General Backing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses (or
hire ;it reasonable rates.
Mann irer
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Mine?,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Titles  Furnished.
B. C.
Plans and Specifications furnished ©n
application.     Estimates
cheerfully given.
NOTICE ip hereby Riven  that thirty
days after date 1 intend  to apply to the
chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away timber irom tbe following described land: Situated about one mile northeasterly from the head ot Springer creek,
and on the divide between tin* head of
Springer and the south fork of 'Pen Mile
creeks, and commencing at a post plant*
ed In tha south-west corner ol the said
land, marked, ".I. Frank Collom's 8. W
corner*," thence northerly 60 chains;
thence easterly 40ohains; thence southerly (it) chains; thence westerly 10 chains
to point of beginning, and containing
-M0 acres more or less.
Klocan, B.C., this 10th da'- of March,
litslsl Ylklnc; nnsi Ns'ivriitienls. I in.'tloniil
MIlUMlsl I'lllllllS.
sittmte in the Blocan City Minlnn Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locatedi;—North of Bprlngfer
creek, about two miles from Slnt'iiu
City, adjoining tbe Nancy Hanks
and Peerless Mineral Claims
TAKF. NOTICF. that I, \V S. Pr wry.
acting as ivvretit for George 11. Aylard,
free miner's certificate No. B88817, in-
leiiil, sixty thivs from the date hereof, to
apply to tin* Mining Recorder or corti-
Unites of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Orant of each of
the above claims,
And further take notice that action,
under section .17, must be commenced
before thu issuance of such certificates ol
Utted this 14th day of March, 1..0L
1!-,..M)1 '    W. S. DHF.WKY
Viking ("motion Mlneiiil Clnllis.
Tobacconists' Supplies
of every description can ho had at ocan's Lending Store.
Tobaccos, chewing and smoking, of thc best brands kept tn
stock; also Cigars and Cigarettes. Fruits ■ f all kinds kept in
their season. The most toothsome Confectionery always on
sale.   Stationery also handled.
TAKE NOTICF. that I, \V. S. Drewry,
jacting us agent for George Henderson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1121 i"Id,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
tn apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, (or the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
belore tbe issuance of such certificates oi
Dated this 21st dav of March, 1901.
2S-3-01 '    W. S. DREWRY
Cllssuix is ml Mislsn- MliiiTitl Cluiius.
Situate in the Sloean City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: About one mile
east of Slocan Lake, adjoining the
Peerless Mineral Claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Frederick 8.
Clements, as agent fnr Charles E. Miller,
Free Miner's Certilicate No. B86605,
and .lames II. Wallace, Free Miner's
Certiflcate Nn B36606,intend, sixty days
trom the date hereof,to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improve.
meats, lor the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance oi such Certificateso( improvement
Dated this 20th dav of March, 1901.
20-3-ill P.S.CLEMENTS
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers In General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        -       SLOCAN
Agents lor Crows Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
No More
Swearing. l
Have installed a new machine
for manufacturing Stovepipes
and Airpipcs. They fro together
like a charm. Patronize home
Industry and have an unruflled
H. J.
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches, School
Hospital, Public Halls and
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed up by Unsurpassed andProven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
Vou Can Make
A  Striking  Effect I
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.	
The Murcutt Branch
Meets the second Thursday i» each month
at ■> p.m. Next meeting In the l'res-
liytcriiincliuri'h.    All meetings open
to those wishingt join.
Mas. W. J.Akdbbws,   Mrm.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
By veering a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style ami elegantly
trimmed. Such can la* purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near tbe Postofflce,
per annum.
No. 62, w. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in tho Union Hall, Sloean City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
We have moved into our
handsome new store, on
cor. Baker and Stanley
Streets.   Call on us.
Repairing a specialty and all work
forwarded will be guaranteed! and
mail orders promptly attended to.
All Union workmen employed, thus
ensuring skilled attention.
and Jeweler.
Kelson, B.C
Direct Route, Unequalled Service, to
all Points
via Soo Line to St. Paul, Chicago
to all U. S. Points.
Fii-Bt-Class Sleopcrs,   Dining Cart
and Tourist Cars.
from Vancouver to Cape Nome.
Alaska Points. Australia, Chin*'
Japan. Through tickets to and
from England and the Continent.
For time-tables, rates, and full *
formation call on or address near1*
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan CW
J. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.G.P.A-
Nelson. Vancouver


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