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The Silvertonian 1899-10-21

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And Up To Dafe
Mining News
«__■,,„_-i,.ii i,mi ,» mmtmusmmsma*
ni ii.
:* •■   i
i wm 0
Of The Richest
Camp Of  British
mm mm silvertos.
limine  Notes Plekfd Vp  Aro.Ml  The
Mining Centre of «■«-**•__* MMi
.nicng tlie many strikes made during
tins season's work, none is of more
importance than that made lately on the
Hewett Croup near town. The Hewett
c I roup is situated three miles from Silverton and extencla from the top of
Hewett monntain down to tho Galena
Farm Flats. Hie main ledge on thia
• ■ i • >: .an h itoni live to ten feet in
width and hai been traced and dug upon
tor nearly tho entir-c length of the group
or Kuitit three-fourth* of a mile.
The Croup ie compri *. <.l of four claims
known as the Hewett, Hewett Fraction,
Rincon and Kincon Fraction. Most of
the development work has been done on
tlie Ili-weiti-lieim and  consists  ol
RDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1899.
Winter quartors have been erected on
the Torpedo claim and work ia to bo
continued nil winter.
This week Hill Broa, barge made two
trips and delivered 100,000 feet of lumber
here to he used by tho Silverton mines.
The Black Prluce near Slocan City,
has sent out its second carload for the
season. The owners arc doing all the
woik on this property.
In comparing the liat of shipments of
ore from this camp with tho shipping
books of tlie C. P. R., we find that
through an error we have credited the
Noonday mine with 20 tons less than their
actual shipments. This was caused by
two 30 ton carloads being listed as 20 ton
On the Adela claim, which lies just
above and adjoining the Queen Fraction'
a cabin haa been erected aud the owners
will do considerable development work
on it this winter. The Queen Fraction
vein crosses Ihis property and it is the
intention oi Iho owners to run a tunnel
on thia vein during the ensuing  winter
At .radytibnrg, where the Wakefield
concentrator is being b-iilt, a large force
tunnels, which are being driven as fast of men are being uu ployed and work on
as possible. The upper tunnel is now in, all the Wakefield contracts Is being
1.00 feet and has followed the vein the j pushed as fust as poasible. The heavy
entire distance, lu the face oi this I timbers for tho concentrator aro being
tunnel the ledge is over five feet wide I framed and the fram.* for the first story
nii.t on Ihe footwall there is » paystreak j is now erected. Tho force of men en
of rich silver ore about eight inches wide
the balance of the ledge being filled with
ledgo matter nnd concentrating ore. At
a <listance in 100 feet from the mouth of
this tunnel a winac is being sunk, that
is now cloun*.*0 feet. In this winze a.
l-_.lv of the richest oro over discovered
in the Slocan haa been encountered.
The vein at thi*-. point is four feet wide
carrying n paystreak eigl t inchce is
width of sugar quart! that Is literally
lill.-il wilh native silver, ami assays irom
•100 11 r.) ounces in -silver to the ton.
Tl e balance of lhe ledge at Ihis point is
/ille'il with a good quality of ore.
Tlio lower tunue) beiuir dtr, en hss
now reached a depth of 70 foet. This
tunnel ia being driven on the vein 120
fee: deopei' that the upper ore. and when
it reach*, a point underneath the winw
being sunk an upraise will be driven and
a connection mnde with the tunnel above
Tlie formation of the monntain is
Siiodon rla.c with dykesol granite. The
l.'ilgo it.-cli in what if known as a contact
vein, Iho hanging wall being slutn and
ilie iootwall granite. Tho strike or I tend
• if the vein is easterly and weeteriy with
a pitch Into tlie mountain north-east of
imotit 15 degrees. The lay of the ground
ii such that tunnels can be driven
litectly on tho vein, thus avoiding
< xpenaive crosecuts, and it can be
..rained to a great depth. The proporty
is being developed nnder the management of Msj, A. S. Reed and ten mon
ire being employed. Comtortahle
w inter quarters have lately been erected,
•<•ippl.es are being sent up  and  work
will lie continued all winter. Tlie
Hewett in the making of etv» of our
t.iggost mining propositions and Ita ait-
ii iti'ni is such that it can cheaply and
safely be worked the whole year round,
At tho Nooday mino the lower tunnel
is now in 12.*. feet. It haa reached a
point almost below tho big showing
made in tho tipper tunnel nnd cross'
■'titling for this ore shute will be com
uienced within the next few days, In
the upper tunnel (ho cross-cut driven
north at the point where tho first wipre
was sunk, has cut the big ore-shute
exposed in the upper slopes. Thia puts
into sight another large body of rich
■eloping ground below the old stopes
nml on the first ore shute cut. In the
second stope the biggest showing of clean
ore ever encountered in this mine Ib now
exposed, The Noonday still continues
to bo tho bonanza mine of tho Slocan.
Miss Dllly of Sandon is visiting her
friend Mrs Will Yates.
Uer«rd Gardiner left on Monday on a
trip east. He will upend some month*
visiting his relations belore rttantMtf to
TheC, P, R. time-cord in this tsuiio is
incorrect according to tho late change.
The coireeled card unived loo lute for
this issue.
All work in (he Jbwelry Repairing
ine, loft at tho Silverton Drug Stor_j, will
lie promptly forwarded to Jatfob Dovei
the well-known Velson jeweler. All repairs nre ou.utA_.TKi_.ii kou qjqi yea«. *
Wm. Hunter, sonior member of the
Wm Hunter Co., is making a tour of
the Boundary country. It is quite possible that thu enterprising firm of which
he i_ the bend will establish a branch in
that much talked-of parte, the Province
John Popham nnd J.  8.   Mcl-'arlano,
who have spent the summer prospecting
and doin^ development   work   in   the
Similkametn district, relumed on Monday.   Both John's 1 >ok well anil happy
and are busily telling their   friends here
about Iheir .utest (-hikes.
The Oddfellows of Slocan City   ha vc
'he reputation cf giving  most   excellent
balls  and   it  is  always  a   pleasure to
receive an   invitation   to  ono   of   their
affairs.    Tbey have issued invitations for
their  Third   Annual    Rail,     which    is
announced    for  Friday.  October   27th;
A largo number of  Silvertonians  will
The concert uiven Inst Tuesday evening bv Ihe Laches' Aid of the New Denver liethodist Church was a success in
every way.   Silverton was well repreacn-
te I l-ot'i in the audience and among the
peiformer..   Those from here who made
.their bows to the auliance w_r_  M*—
Lying above tho Fnterpriso  mine  on  .buoes Yates and Matheson,  Miss 1 Iran-
Ten Mile creek is situated the  ..atineau j Jo_ anJ *,]r ^ebb.
and Simtoe property belonging to Tom j ...    ri, „„......
Reed and C. E. Smitheringale. This! The secretary of the Literary Societ.
property is one of the big Ten Mile reports as follower "Two excellent pa-
mining propositions nnd airsis-ls of »| (^r9 were rc,(j at tbe meeting of the
dyke over 70 leet   wide  tl   n'in'?iali'-t'11 Literary Society on Wednesday evening.
gaged on the trtmway are rapidly
putting thai piece of woik into shape
and'• *».l! be . --'-'pilgnd readv for
operw , j die  mill  is  com
pleted.' bu Uie flume  which is  nearly
finished Ihey are having   some   trouble
on account  nl not   being  ai.lt*  to set j
lumber delivered as rapidly as it can be I.
worked up by   the   force  of  carpenters
THK GATlNi:..-'   AND   SlM'JOi:.
porphyrilic quartz, running across the
country north-east and smith-west, with
a dip to the east. A tunnel has been
driven into this ledge, or dyke, (or a
• li. Unco ol 80 feet .ind bunches and
stringers of clean oro have beon encountered for its entire length and the
balance of the matter taken out has been
more or less mineralized. One of these
stringers cut waa nearly s foot wide and
gave assays, on the clean ore, of 304
ounces in silver to Ibe ton. A tunnel
is now being diiven following this rich
stringer, with the hope thnt it may lead
to an ore shute. This dyke is one of
the biggest propositions in the country
and must contain some large bodice ol
clean ore.
One "The life of the musician 'Strauss' "
was read by MUi Hunter, and tbe
other, "Music in Germany," waa read
hy Mrs. Cullilck. Some singing and
somo .orchestral selections wore given.''
Win. Mcintosh, who left Silverton
last spring tn make a fortune in the
Atlin diggings, returned on Monday.
Will has not mncli to ray regarding the
northern gold fields but believes in time
it will be a great country, bnt In the
meanwhile he fluds the Slocan a good
place to return to. Hugh Bra Jy, who
was one ol his parte, has gone up lo
Dawson City.
After a careful look around, Dr Elliott
has decided to open up his ease of
instruments in Silverton and will in tbo
future look after this camp in hoilih
or sickness. This decision of tho Doctor's
is welcomed by all our citizens. Dr.
Elliott intends to have in Silverton an
up-to-dato hospital and he should receive
the patronage of all the mines. With
tbe re-opening of our mines Ihere
should be no reason why a lucrative
practice it not to be had here. Dr. Elliott
has proved himself un exuellent physician and an agreeable fellow, and will
be a popular citizen.
(n the time oi Thanksgiving let n* all ;
join voices in the chorus due because the
Sloean is not ae dull as  the generous
Nelson Miner would like to see it.
Parties coming down Irom Trout Luke
are very vigorous in their kiaks over tho
wretched postal seiviee given tliHt town.
It seetna peculiar Ihat Trout Lake, only
lour milo* fiom Fergusou, shoulel have
to put up with only one mail de livery a I
week, while the latter more-favored town '
rejoices in a triweekly service.   These j
little matters call for a good deal of patience,   Not long ago Silverton put up
wilh a tri-weekly service; now it has
four mails duily.
The Opposition press is at present endeavoring to stir up a racial quarrel a-
inoiig its Canadian readers and seems
desirous of creating the impression a-
broad tbat Canadians are divided in their
loyalty to Great Hritan. Tlie press of
the party which has ever prated of its
stock-in-trade loyalty is teeming with
articles intended to embitter the Canadian-French and in anticipation uf a
genetai election are seeking to turn thc
English speaking voters against Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Minister Tsrte. The
voter not blinded by party blinkers will
be loath to adopt the expressed ideas of
this press. Regarding ilio.o report..
concerning Mr. Tart*, the party press
hss overreached itself. Since tho sean-
dala in Sir Hector Langevin's department, so many venomous, lying reports
hsvo been circulated concerning the
present Minister of Public Works that
tho stoiies now being circulated will not
recel vc much emlcnco.
Th. Trade snd Commerce returns con-
linuo lo prove "the growing time" story.
Those for Augtut, just received, show an
increase In trade of 19,017,.*.*- as compared with August last year. This in-
ci ease is made up of: Imports, $8,000,
000; Exports, f600,000,000. Tho increase in revenue for the month is
Js As M'IO_n__n_o:r_
& Co.,
SilTrextoxi, B. C-
The owners of the Queen Fraction
elidir. bjlow town have just completed
•be erection of their winter camp and
''"rk is to be continued all winter, The
tunnel being run on the Queen Fraction
vein fnim the Lake shore is proving the
vein to U ono ol the truest fissures yet
discovered in this section. Considerable
"""'••ntiating ore is encountered and
' •''uMunally bunches ol clou*- ore, There
II President Kruger had had »n tmis
sary iu our midst yesterday the text of a
cablegram to Pretoria would probably
hmo been, "Hung out the white cliirt,
Canadians nil sharpshooters—nit."
The ride mateh, held over from
Thanksgiving Day on aceontit of the
rain, wus pulled off yesterday, Fourteen
contestants toed tlie scratch and sped
their bullets nt Ihe enemy in a wonderfully bold way. None were injured.
Neither whs Ilie target, only tuo bulls-
eyes being mnde durina the match, Hurt
Mcintosh scored 10 points ont of n possible 25 and lutided the lirst prize. A.
White came second with 7 points snd the
rsmaining scores varied fiom that to Q—
principally 0.
After the rifio mutch several sweepstake's wero arranged for the wing-shooters.   In most eases Iho trap  threw the
The  following  article regarding  the
ConriBtouk Mines ol this place, appearing t      	
in thb News Advertiser, has  been  held ] birds faster than the shot could be sent
for some  time   pending   moro  definite  after thoiii, l-ul a few who lingered  were
information  on   tho  subject.   But  not I caught.   Some of tho rubbernecks ad
being able to gain more   information   vt, visod the contestants to run down the
Sho was qntte eleven, and  he   was  just
twice seven,
And   there  love   was very pretty and
And they used lo kiss each other   when
out of gigbt ot mother
Thro'a hmdy little knot-hole in   the
Ie nee.
Be would hand her candy and she would
hand a rose,
And lhe pleasures that it gave  them
was im me use ;
The little lady always bad to stand upon
her toes
To reach the little  knot-hole iu   thc
They whispered pretty nothings, as you
In .iv Weil SU| pose—
The litiie chap in love is seldom dense—
For tno handsome little scrafiegrace used
in k.M-c heron the nose,
Thin1 the darling   little   knot-hole!   in
the fence.
He grew big and awkward, she grew big
and Hin'irt ;
She put her hair up nicely—he put up
his pence,
Tbey drifted far apart, with a   pang in
each young heart.
And (hey shunned the littlo knot-hole
in the fence.
He grew great and famous—she divinely
Some sensible  good   angel   drew  them
While hi. secret he  was   keeping,   one
duy he naught her peeping
Thru'the bless, d  little  knut-hole in
the fence I
Is it  necessary  here   that  tbe sequel
should appear,
How their loves were very pretty and
You may laugh and you may scoff,  now
they're both on one side of
That naughty little  kuot-holo  in   the
fence, —The Khan.
T# A£* 3M[* B-Egiv-EOPXJM:^
JmaAm     £5     3     -_■_■__.     "ST"     _______
Silverton,      •
* •
SILVERTON     H   ii
Mineral Glasses   and   Compasses.
Perfumes and Toilet Articles.
Lake Av -  - • Silverton, B. C.
2Li.  ;&£.   Knowles.   IFxop,
Patronise Home Industries.
/ 08-8-88-_.8g8888ftS88888.8g8gS8_g8.-88818898* \
I in                 * ARE INVITED TO CALL  AND  INSPECT MY **,
*»*.'*•.*.•.*.•.•.•.*■. 8888 Sg888S8i8Sg88Sg8g®
til© Tailor
c. *
i. every Ir
f *U«Mrti&V_4*>ur>
publish the article aa it appears;
"The result ol the development work
done by the Comatock Minea iBritinh
Columbia). Limited, on their properties
in the Rlocan district having proved
qnaatlaf.ictory and the finances ol the
Company exhausted, Ihe Directors have
darided to recommend the shareholders
birds uml ns. a club b'it this (yell-meant
advice wat scorucj. Iu these cvtntii
H. Calbick, Dr. Elliott, K. Criddle and
J. Brand,hi were pi ine winners.
It is the intention of thel_cal gunui*r_
to form a gun club.
The Silverton Drug Store baa recei
.hint below tho Emily Edith mine
that company is erecting large and
fubt-lantial buildings lor the accotn-
inoilatioii of the large force of men they
exr*?ct to employ this winter. Tbe
Emily Edith mine has long ago passed
the prospect stage nod can now be'
■•eivcel! -onntfd stnong tho  biggest of tho  big
J?. B3JRIVS &co
■clung a tody ol clean ore and it
Will be no Kurpriae to hear of a big strike
neitig made on this property at any time.
,ma*>*r**t*m'*A mte
Company was registered mi June  I6th. I fcgp^f g^  |nd   ^fumea,
1897, with a capital   ol  £86,537  in  *CL  All New Goods. ♦
sharei" •'
property next season.
bilverton, Nelson, Trail, Ymir, Kaslo, Sandon.
New Denver, Cascade City, Grand Forks, Sirdar,
Midwr.v and Greenwood.
■wujiift _jr-_ftfei8a»e__!_hff . ff
Th* l-or-hu . »t*ra W+At Mall Stopped
-1,-eiur Masked Men Unilcy-Kx-
l>r*a* far Bio TV n Ip—Safee Hilled—
Tool- a Signal T-ittr-_H»a> Shot*
Fired—Operator Wan Boaad and
Chicago, Oct. 111.—Masked robbers held
up train No. 9, of the Northwestern railroad between Maple Park and DcKalb
and shot at Dan White, the engineer, ran
away with the engine and blew open the
express c-ier and safe. When the robbers
had rilled the car they di-cappeared.
Train No. 9 forms part of thc fast transcontinental mail which was recently established between Now York and San Fran-*
cisco. The run is mnde from Chicago tei
Council Bluffs nn a' Schedule exceeding a
mile a minute. It has been the general
custom to cany only two canine eon-
taining express matter and the other mail.
Train No. tt left thc Northwestern depot
with Dan White as engineer. No stops
were scheduled between Chicago and De-
Kielh. At Maple Park, 50 miles from Chi-
aago It was discovered that tower "\V," at
Elburne, was cither out of order or was
not giving the right signal. Dan White
closed the throttle quickly and brought
the train to a standstill. The train was
midway between Elburne and Maple Park.
White had hardly brought the train to
a standstill when two masked men jumped
nn to the stern and pointed guns at him
and the fireman. "
"Throw up your hands!"1 they shouted.
The railroad men did so.
The two robbers detachod the engine
from the rest of the train, and White was
told to pull out. The robbers ordered him
to take hia engine two miles np the track.
Then he attempted to make a fight and recapture his engine. He st niggled manfully. Finally one of the robbers shot at
him but failed to hit him.
ln the meantime, four other men had
attacked the conductor and brakeman.
Numerous shots were fired to intimidate
them. The conductor was unable to make
any resistance as he was told he would
be killed.
One of the hrakemen managed to escape
in the darkness and raced to Elburne,
where he managed to aend the alarm to
the train dispatcher in Chicago.
The robbers, after overpowering the conductor,   ordered   tbe  express  messenger;
Frank Hobson, to admit them to the car.
"You open up that car," one of the robbers shouted, "or we'll blow it up."
Rack from the car came a shout: "You
try V force it open and I'll shoot thc first
man who shows hia head."
A volley of shots was let fly, and after
several bullets bad whizzed past his head,
the express messenger opened up the car.
They put revolvers to his head and compelled him to give up the keys to tne local
safe. Tbey then blew open the door oi the
local safe with dynamite, the explosion
wrecking the car. The robbers grabbed
all the money and express packages they
could and Heel.
Although it is impossible to give with
any accuracy the amount, it is estimated
by thc officers of the American Express
Company in Chicago, that there was $23,-
000 in thc safes. This amount was staled
by General .Manager . Anrisdel of the
American Express Company, to have been
•in the car in cash alone. The amount of
jewelry, etc., Mr. Anrisdel said he could
not guess at.
The news of the hold-up was received in
Chicago immediately. Word wns sent at
once to the Superintendent and a special
was ordered made up. Messengers were
Dispatched for Detective Reilly, chief of
the specal police of the Northwestern system.
When the train dispatcher was notified
he gave orders to freight No. 118, bound
east, to stop at Geneva and return to the
scene of the hold-up. The trainmen of No.
118 had noticed No. 9 standing on the
track with a detached engine as they went
by, but thought nothing of it.
When the freight crew reached tower
W, they found the operator bound, gagged
and tied to a chair. When released he
gave the lirst real information to the oflieials. Ue said four men had oome to the
tower and asked him the number of the
next twin going west. They wunted to
know if it was not No. 9, but the operator
says he told them it was No. 119.
The robbers then told the operator he
was a fool, that they knew better. To show
the operator they had laid their plans
thorongUy and know what they were
talking about, they pointed guns ut his
head and told him if he. made t :*ove they
would kill him, They tied hm. up wilh
ropes, stuffed a towel in his mouth and
told him if he was a good fellow he would
escape without being hurt. They then
set tbe signals which caused No. 9 to slow-
The train dispatcher made repeated efforts to,reach the Maple Park operator
when nd report was made to him for 15
minutes of the passing of No. 9. It was
first thought at the Northwestern office
that No*, had been wrecked and orders
were sent.up and down the line to watch
out and,i»pnrt an accident if nnv had oc
The ruah ot farm work continues In
the Palous country.
South Bend haa raised thc saloon license from $300 to $500 for the ensuing year.
The enrollment In the Olympia
schools la but slightly greater thin n
year ago.
Medical Lake Is under the necessity
of employing an additional teacher in
the public schools.
Walla Walla now believes she has
succeeded in capturing the firebug that
has been operating ln that city so long.
The record of births and deaths of
Walla Walla county for the quarter
ending September 30, shows 63 births,
36 hoys and .7 girls, and 47 deaths.
Spokane bank clearings for the week
just past were $1,522,281, an Increase
of about 30 per cent over the same week
one year ago.
The county commissioners of Whitman county haxe fixed the state and
county tax levy at 19 mill*}. Last year
It was 14 mills.
The apple crop of the Rogue River
valley is good this year, and Is being
looked after both by local shippers and
buyers from abroad.
Beef cattle are not so plentiful ln the
Colville valley thia year .11 in tho past,
and milch cows demand a higher
price this fall than heretofore.
A one-horse circus, which has been
operating in Vancouver, broke up ln
a lively row, In which soldiers, actors,
employes of the show, citizens, and
peace officers all took a hand.
Robert Watklnson of Skagit county
raised 26 pumpkins in one hill, the
largest ot which weighed 105 pounds,
and took the prise at the Northwestern
exposition. The combined weight of
the 26 was one ton.
At the state fair in Yakima an apple
was.exhibited that measured 18 1-2
inches in circumference, which is
claimed to be the largest on record. Another apple weighed 23 ounces, and a
squash measured 90 Inches around.
Hardy Getty of Falrhaven, a boy of
1C. while working at a tin cutting machine in the Pacific Sheet Metal Works,
got both hands under the circular cutters, and they were so badly mangled
thnt the doctors are very doubtful of
saving either hand.
Tbe O. R. k N. has bought 33 acres
ot land at Winona junction, in Whitman county, on which ft will establish
carshope and division and dispatchers-
headquarters. The shops now at Tekoa
and Starbuck will be removed there
before January 1 next.
A potato phenomenon is being displayed ln Colfax. The growth consists
of several large vines, on which there
are scores ot potatoes ranging In size
from a bird's egg to a man's fist The
potatoes grow entirely above Instead of
under the ground.
Tllamook has no houses to rent.
There are 209 pupils In the public
schools ot Coquille City.
Umatilla county farming lands are
selling at high figures these days.
Forest rangers, will be retained In
service until November 1 this year.
Logging is being pushed as rapidly
as possible tn the camps west of Dallas.
Tho teachers' institute of Polk county will be held In Dallas October 26, 27
and 28.
Bank deposits In Heppner are about
$500,000, and Heppner's population is
only about 1000.
Linn county ie entirely out of debt,
with several thousands dollars tn the
treasury and a big lot of good taxes
coming in.
A man named New was killed while
working in a sewer ditch at Eugene, Or.
The walls caved in and he was burled,
all but the head, and crushed to death,
expiring in a few minutes.
The changing of books in thc public schools, as ordered by the state sup-
erlntendeent of public Instruction, under the new laws, is creating (Treat
complaint in Astoria, almost amounting to a revolt
The Blette Ditch Company has filed
notice of appropriation of 2000 inches
of water of the Umatilla river near
Echo. The ditch will begin at a point
on Uie east bank of tbe river in the
southeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of section 8, township 4 north,
range 28 east, and continue ln a northeasterly direction through sections 8,
9 and 4 of township 4 north, range 38
 —"   ■
Waa l_a.ily ihe Firs. Rare ot the
Merle*—.111 li.ue- ,,ln » iadnard
Work—llar-r'n Splradld Work-Tic.-
Nhamraak _iati.oH.tril la " Kvery
Mime ot the Race.
Official time of start:
.Shamrock, Hi01*0'_.
Columbia, 11.01 Hit..
< 'onrsc, southeast and east.
Time of turning windward mark:
Columbia, 1:48:30.
{shamrock, I :;.!*:.'t...
Official lime at finish:
Columbia, 3:54:59, I
.shamrock,  4:05:10.
.-"-lapsed time, official:
Columbia, 4-:53:5:t.
.■Shamrock, £:04i01. ,
.uJLiVrtsocinteil Press dispatch boat Wanda
oil l»ng Roach says.- The result of the
first finish fight between the Columbia
and Shamrock fur America's cup and thc
yachting supremacy of thc world is n com-
jdeto victory lor the American boat, thc
American skipper and the American crew.
Tho Columhia did il nil in windward work.
•She surprised even those who knew her
best. At no time filer the Columbia be-
g*n t#-pnll away to the windward, ten
minutes after the starting gun Was fired,
was thc nrst race of the series in doubt.
Tlx* defender rounded' the outer mark
nine minutes and 40 seconds ahead, official time. The Columbia carried her
cluf and her No. 2 topsail and her baby
jin. Karr did his turn in u trice and
started to go around; her spinnaker boom
went ele.w n on the instant, There were loud
shouts of joy from the watchers as she
started home. All they had to do was to
ease her sheets.
A number of boats started along after
the Columbia, but there were enough left
to cheer tlie challenger.   After she had
rounded  U-_.-o.itor mark the  Shamrock's
lighter canvas  was  broken oul in good
shipshape  fashion and, one and  a  halt
miles to the rear, she set after the Columbia, homeward bound.
Official time at thc finish.
Columbia, 3:54:59.
Shamrock, 4:05:10.
KI.tp.ied time, Columbia, 4:53:53; Shamrock. 5:04:01.
McKinley la South Dakota.
Aberdeen, 3. D., Oct. 16.—President McKinley's special had arrived in this city.
At the depot a large crowd gathered to
see the first president of the United States
wbo has ever visited the Dakota* since
The First South Dakota volunteers, who
have arrived from the Philippines, formed
part of tbe parade. Addresses were made
by the president and his cabinet ofllcers,
Governor Lee and others.
The presidential party left soon after
for Huron.
Tbs Sioux and filackfeet will at part
Ing dig their spears in the earth as a
sign of confidence and mutual esteem.
This Is tbs origin ot ths term burying
t»i»_ ■ *fmtfe!sts\kt' ™*t»x**>mw*.**' r*t*-^0s*p*t*t^.
Kitermiante the VaqaH.
Austin, Tex., Oct. 16.—Information
reached here from Ortiz, state of Sonora,
Mexico, containing the following reference
to the Yaqui indian war:
Military scouting parties reaching the
military mobilization point at Torin, this
state today report that large bodies of
Yaqui Indians are being mobilised at the
base of the mountains to the north of
that place near Sahuripa. It is estimated
that there are fully 2500 Indians there at
present nnd additional arrivals are coming in nil the time.
At the present time the Mexican forces,
nmnbeiing 6000 troops in all, are mobilized
in or near Torin and it is understood thc
object of their concentration st tbat point
is to move into the Yaqui country st an
early date, probably the middle of next
week, and then open active and vtgorOvs
warfare on the Indians with a view nf
driving them out and ending the war at
This mobilization of Mexican troops has
been conducted as quietly as possible with
a view of sweeping down on the Indians
while they are still scattered thn nigh the
Yaqui country in small bands, taking
them by surprise and sweeping tbcm off
thc face of the earth, the order having
been given to take no prisoners.
(astro ■• Vlctorlaa*.
Paris, Oct. 18.—A dispatch from Caracas, Yenezuela, says that President Andrade is preparing to leave the country
and the insurgent leader, General Castro,
^^'^M.-MiitiaiK'' cmm«Wi
rrohlhita the l'»e of Araealc or Alam
la AU Article* of Diet.
The4law enacted by the-Missouri legislature, a copy of which was recently published in our columns, and which prohibit*! thc manufacture or sale of any article
intended for food, which contains alms,
arscnio, ammonia, etc., places that state
in the lead in the matter.of sanitary legislation.
Law* restricting the use of alum in
bread have been in force in Kngland, Germany and France for many years. In this
country, in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio,
Kentucky and several oilier states, direct
legislation in reference to thc sale of alum
baking powders haa also been effected. In
several of these states their sale fn pro*
hihited unless they are branded to show*
thnt they contain alum, and in the District of Columbia, nnder the laws of congress, ike sale of bread containing alum
has been made illegal.
Following are the names of some of
the brands of baking powder sold in this
vicinity which are shown by recent analysis to contain alum. Housekeepers and
grocers should cut the list out and keep
it for reference: *.,
K.'C  .'.".Contains Alum
MiuiC by Jn'iui-i Mfc Co., t°_iii-go.
avtUMBT Contains Alum
Manf. _y C'.liimet Da king Powder Co. Chicago.
HOME Contains Alum
Manf. by Home. link. I'ouel. Co., 8»n Kraiu-lnoo.
WASHINGTON" Contains Alum
Manf. by Pacific Chemical Works. Tcicomu.
CKKSCKNT Contains Alum
Manf. by Crdc.nt Mtg Co., Seat'tlo.
WHITE LILY Contains Alum
Manf. by IS. l-'w-re-ra A. Co., Tacoma.
BEE-HEM '.. .Contains Alum
Manf. by Washington mi'k Co., San FrenclKo,
HON HON Contains Alum
Mam. by Dram Ch.mlcal Co.. Chicairo.
DEFIANCE Contain* Alum
Manf. by Portland Coffee A Spice Co., Portland,
1-OI.TLA.VD .domains Alum
Manf. by lio no A Bnllla, Portland.
The housekeeper should bear in mind
that alum makes a cheap baking powder,
It costs but two cent., a pound while
cream of tartar costs thirty. The quality
of the powder is therefore usually indi*
oated by the price. ,
Seventy-Three Hoars ta 'Frisco.
Chicago, Oct. 18.—Chicago to Sin
Francisco in 71 hours—73 hours actual
time—is thc schedule on which the overland special left this city last evening and
inaugurated the new schedule. Thc time
was formerly 72 hours.
Thc first stop west of Chicago under the
new schedule is DeKalb, tbe 60 miles being covered in less than that number of
minutes. The train will arrive in San
Francisco on the third day at 5:30 p. m.,
western time. The cast bound service
makes the same reduction in time.
A blaze occurred at thc residence of
11. C. Shayer, Moscow.
The warehouses at Moscow are piled
to the rafters with wheat.
Moscow has been stirred up over the
charget agalnat Postmaster Barton.
The Florence school district will be
bonded for U000 for the purpose of
erecting a new school bouse.
The jury in the Dorsey case a* Lewiston failed to agree and were accordingly discharged by the judge.
Moscow was treated to a genuine
snowstorm, and the ground was cove-red to the depth of six inches. It has
done great Injury to fruit trees.
The wheat crop ln the vicinity of
Moscow is larger than was expected.
The grain hauled In since the first
ralna Is ln prime condition and grades
No. 1.
Rock Is being hauled for the foundation of tho new Bollinger brick on 1>
street, Lewiston. A force ot men aro
now engaged ln removing the old building.
Tho Herres-Sperry contest for a quarter section of valuable lund at the
mouth of Big Canyon on the Cleiirwater
has been settled nt lost In favor of
llerres, who waa tho original locator.
Lewiston Is having a gonulno smallpox scare. Seven cases of a suspicious
nature are within Uie city limits. The
majority of tho enses have been pronounced smallpox by the physicians In
Negotiations are pending now for tho
purchase of a mill site for the Samuel
Tiffany saw mill outfit, that was recently shipped from the east on the
Powell ranch, about a half mile below
There ls general rejoicing nt Kendrick over the success of *.te Nez Perce
exhibit ln being awarded the capital
prize at Spokane, and Thomas Klrby Is
the recipient of many compliments for
his hard work.
Bannister Brothers, while drilling a
well on the Milliard k Johnston ranch
near Squaw creek butte, struck a vein
of water at a depth of 32i5 feet that
threw a stream through their drill pipe
18 feet in the air, says tbe Independent.
This Is the strongest flow ot artesian
water so far discovered In that section
of the country, where considerable prospecting has been done.
D. D. Reeves, ot Moscow, is exhibiting a mammoth yield ot Early Thoroughbred potatoes. The collection of
tubers range In weight from five, and a
half pounds to a few ounces and aggro-;
gate 15 pounds. They were all taken
from a single hill. The largest potato
ls of remarkable sice and commands a
good deal of attention. The potatoes
were raised one-half mile west of Moscow on the Pullman road.
On the occasion ot the return of the
soldiers from Manila recently a handsome flag, 12x18, the largest In Moscow,
was unfurled for the llrst time from a
staff specially provided for the occasion
by J. Man waxing, a native of England,
and the pole from which It was flung
was provided, painted and raised by
F. L, Koehler. a native of Germany.
Both of the gentlemen named are citizens of the i'nited States and in this
way have given expression to the love
they bear for their adopted country.
Last week was a busy one In the
county recorder's office, at Wallace, 109
different instruments being placed on
record. Of these, 26 were deeds, their
aggregate value being f23.CH, although
13 of them named $ l each as the consideration. There was also one patent
Thirty quartz locations, seven placer
claims and six water-right locations
were recorded. Two marriage licenses
were issued and four new companies
filed their articles of incorporation. The
business Is Increasing so that the recorder has applied for another deputy.
The Wires fat.
I_.mil,in, Oet. 18.—The gradual cutting
off of outlying points at the scene of ho.,
tilities in South Africa from telegraphic
communication reduced tbe news obtainable to the minimum. Thus far, however,
no reliable information has been received
of any actual fighting except at Kraaipun
and occasional exchange of shots at various outpost.. There is no lack of circumstantial stories regarding fighting at various points, but these are scarcely published
before they are denied. Tlie only salient
facts in this morning's telegrams ure that
the Boers have advanced beyond Newcastle and formed a laager near Danhaits-
er. about 12 innes north of Dundee, and
that Kimberly is isolated and probably invested.
Khnberly has thus become the immediate center of interest. The last message
from Kimberly prior lo the cutting of the
telegraph and railway by the Boers, said:
"All troops at Kimberly arc well."
Hate Occupied Philip, to.»u—I nt l'p
the Railroad—Trala* Were Seised
—Attack Kxpecfed—Hi-ne-rie. Are
tailed OBt-A Premier Call* for
London, Oct. 13.- -A special from lady-
smith says:
The lloers occupied I.aing's neck the
moment the ultimatum expired. They aie
now pouring into natal and lng*ngo
heights luive been occupied.
The Kroe State burgher**, accordlug to
a private message just received have
crosM'd Orange river into Cape Colony and
hate occupied Philipstown. Then* object,
it is supposed is to cut the railw.iy to
Dcum Junction, whieh is considered au important point.
According lo a dispatch from Cape
Town, il is asserted there that tne Jloeis
have arranged with Chief l.inchwe, a
prominent chief ,.i the northwestern border, lo take up aims again.i Ureal Brit*
A dispatch fiom Mufeking, under today's dale, says (Ailoncl lludee 1W-
cll has just sent a strong British icu'-.-e
from Mufeking toward tue border wilh
held guns and ambulances, presumably
with the view of occupying advautugeoi*.
defensive high ground.
Oii-patehe- from Durban confirm Iho re*
port that Free Stale uuthoiilies seized ths
Natal train leaving Utdysmiih yesterdky
inclining for llarrismilli. They also stop
pod lhe train due to leave li.uii-iuith in
me afternoon. All rolling slock has been
ordered out of reach of seizure.
ll is understood telegraphic communi
cation with Lhe Transvaal cc-u-ed promptly al a o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Kimberly, Oct. 13.--ihe authorities of
Male-king are hourly expecting an a.tad;,
in which event the wiies beiwceu Ma felling ami Kimberly will be cut and information entirely shut off.
'The latest information regarding the
number nf burgncrs assembled along the
Kimberly border is that it does not exceed 3000. The Boers have only four Held
guns. A successful attack upon Kimberly
is therefore considered impossible.
Cape Town, Oct. 14.—AU available
troops of the garrison of the district were
dispatched to a point near the western
border last night.
Last evening the Orange h'ree State
commands moved nearer the western border in ihe direction of Modder river.
.Mate-king, Oct. 14.— Hall a battery of
artillery from Kimberly has just arrived.
The police at outlying stations bave been
ordeied to concentrate within town limits.
Durban, Oct. 14.—The imperial reserve*
in Natal km been calleei out. Everybody
has left Chai'lestown. I in- Fifth Dragoons
arrived thi. morning from India, landed
immediately aud at once proceeded to the
Lvuren7o Marques, Oct. 14.—Information lias reached here that the Boers have
mined tliie-e- piers of the bridge at Koina-
ti, a port on the Komati river.
.'ape Town, Oct. 12.—News has been
received here that the British diplomatic
agent iu the Transvaal, Conyngham
(irevne, paid his formal farewell visits to
President Kruger und the high Ikier ol-
il--i.il*. at Pretoria last evening.
In the Cape house of assembly Premier
Schreiner made an impassioned appeal to
tue country and the press to preserve the
Another   Armored   Traia   lllu»
•.car    .luf.Lli.K.
a   I p
London, Oct. 10.—The Exchange Tele-
graph company received a dispatch from
C'ape Town saying the Boers have blowu
up another armored train carrying oper.
anus from Mafeking. The Boers, u U i,,.
ported have ne'ueii the railroad stations
north of 12 streams between Vryburg una
Kimberly. Fighting is still continuing ju
the neiglihoihood.
According to dispatches from the front,
the Boers nave nutde several attacks upon Mafeking, all nf which have lieen te-
In connection with the rumored attack.
upon Mufeking, a ili-.|u.i.tmg rep.ui
comes from Pretoria to the effect thai the
Kustcnburg and Aiaiice commandeis hnve
crossed lhe border and cutered the Koo-
igrond territory between Llehtenburg ami
Alafcking, blowing up bridges over the
Mnloppo river and destroying a iralnlcciii
of dynamite and the track. As Mate
king depends upon itooigrond for its water
supply, the significance of this move is
A dispatch from Pretoria says: "tiri(.
eral Kocli wiles In.in the n.tal birder thill
his command hns occupied Itototias pu. .
and also captured the railway station."
The lute-i report* irom every burg sny
the armored train thai was destroyed at
Ki.i.iip.in contained, in addition to Ne-.
bill's lorce, a numlier of workmen and mv
nsldonfi of .Marigngo, south of Mufeking,
who, ou hearing et lhe Boer advance, look
refuge cm the train.
Captain Neebitt, who was killed al
Ki an pun, belongs to Ihe Mashonu.unil
mounted police. He served in the MsU
I.e.le- war during which a daring e.pl.r.
won him thc Victoria crovi. Wiih l.'i men
he fought his way through the Ma*jtbcli_,
rescued the bcleagured p.nty and , ■> , n. :
litem to Salisbury.
ineifht Fire While at Sea.
New York, Oel 18.—The Bridgeport
Steamship company's stcamrr, Nutmeg
.Slate, which left Bridgeport, caught fire
three hours later off Execution point light
and was totally destroyed. It is known
that eight bhve perished, seven of whom
belong to the crew.
Heaeral  Shafter  Retire*.
San Francisco, Oct. 18.—Oeneral William H. Shafter, who, for over a year, has
held the position of brigadier general In
the regular army nnd major general of volunteers, will go on tho retired list of the
regular army immediately.
This is General Shaffer's 04th birthday
and he retires by operation of the law
which fixes the ngc limit of officers of tlie
regular army. He will, however, remain
in command of thc department of thc i'a-
cific until relieved by command of the
The  Expert* aad   Import*.
The monthly statement of the exports
and imports of merchandise of the United
States during the month of September,
181)9, together with the increase or decrease as compared with September, 1H1»8,
-Imw i as follows:
Dutiable mcrchundioc imported, £30,-
42.'./..'I; increuse, about |IO,HU0,l*0t).
Domestic merchandiie exported, if 100,-
123,647; increase, ?11>,800,000.
Oold imports, (2,r>72,..2H; decrease, $14,-
Oold exports, $l,fiO6,740; decrease,
about *|2,000,000.
Silver imports, $2,040,014; increase IjWO,-
Silver exports, $3,022,147; decrease, $1,-
The exports of merchandise during thc
last nine months are shown to have exceeded the imports by $70,80*8,787.
Kx-tiov. Tharer  Dead.
Portland, Or., Oct. 18.—William Wal-, _.      _... 	
Ince Thayer, formerly governor and chief _ mated at some hundreds of millions of
Heavy I.»•_><-• on Itallaa Boarae*.
London, Oct. 14.—The position of the
Italian bourse, which haa been periou* for
some time, says a special dispatch from
Hemic, resulted  in  veritable crash.
Several banks and large firms are In a
serious condition.    The losses are esti-
justiee of Oregon, is dead at his home
near Ihis city of cerebral congestion, aged
72 yenrs.
He was born in Livingston county, New
Vork, and came to Oregon in 18«_.
Tbe human soul haa more faucets' are sus
Tin- Saltaa ls Drawaed.
I-omliiii, Oet. 10.—A special from Bueh
arest says the sultan was drowned ln the
Hauler Ont Oetober 81.
San Francisco, Oet. 18.—The First
Washington regiment will lie mustered out
October 31 and will leave immediately for
The First Montana regiment, Colonel
11. C. Kessler, will be paiel off tomorrow,
an_. will leave for home* Wednesday evening.
The Kansas regiment expects to be mustered out on November 3.
The returning volunteers of the Fifty-
first Iowa infantry will be given a rousing reception on their arrival In tbis city.
A largo delegation ..f .iti/.-nt* of their state
is in the city und will await their arrival.
It, is headed by Adjutant General W. Jl.
livers, Frank II. Merriman, state auditor,
and Secretary of State O. L i>obson, representing the governor.
i.vi'K *r_-i.i_«.nai'iim  moths.
It is thought that thc construction of
the proposed hotel for women in New
Vork will Im- 1-egun iu January. Thc
amount of the capital stes-k is to be syXOn,-
Admiral Dewey it home at Shelburne,
Vt., at last and is happy to be within ine
shadow- of the Green mountains and beside the waters of Lake Champtain, away
from tlie noise and bustle that, have filled
his cars since his flagship came in sigat
of Sandy Hook.
Fire has totally destroyed the business
portion of Mojave, Cal. One store remains, but not a saloon or lodging house
except one, run by Frederick Harvey st
the depot.
At the Lenox Athletic Club Eddie Han-
try of Chicago knocked out Hen Jorilau,
featherweight champion nf England, after
a little less than two minutes in the sixteenth round of a very brisk fight.
Marcus Daly of Montana has taken a
ten years' Icum> of a fine home recently
built by William Waldorf Astor on Seventh avenue between Pifiy-tiMh and Fifty-seventh streets, New Vork.
Ellen lUchardson was shot in the head
nnd instantly killed bv her husband
Charles Henry ltichardson, in a saloon
conducted by the woman on Howard
street in San Francisco, Cal., during ,i
quarrel between the two. The murder.i
was caught with the weapon still in hit
hand unci taken to privm.
Kaslo & Slocan
Chaa-ploa  far  Boers.
Chicago, Oct. 14.—United States Senator William E. Mason has promised to
champion the cause of the Boers on the
floor of the senate. He said he would introduce a resolution in the senate nt the
earliest possible opportunity expressing
sympathy for the Boers in their struggle
for the preservation of their independence. He said also tbat he would propose
a memorial to the queen of England in
behalf of the South African republic.
Karqaiiar  Saeeeeda Sanaaou.
rn.    «.        , ,  ..       ...    . |    Washington,   Oct.   10,-Rear   Admiral
i-i   ,   v.   __£ ?' tbe harem>- «• F«r_juh,r, until recently eomman-
_.  a a   w     _.t _..      . . .—-      lP-sct«d oi the crime in complicity  dant of th --Norfolk naw »ar_t h_>. ♦.__!_■»
Trains Run on PaclAo Standard Tlm*.
Laav.. Arrtv*.
Colin West. Dally. Oolnc Sail.
• :00 a. in   Kaslo   _:_* v. m
t:tt a. ni  8..nth Fork  t:W p. ro.
• :W a. m  Sproule'i   2:_S p. in.
»:♦*■ a. m   Whltewatsr  1:10 p. ro
• :H a. in  Bsar Lak*   t:00 p. ra
10:11 >. m  MeGulran   1:41 p. ni
10:» a. m  Batlsy's  >:M p m.
10:11 a. m.... Cody Junctli n .... 1:11 p. m
Arrive. i.MV«
10:10 a. m  Bandon  1:11 p. n.
I.__v« 11:00 a. m. 8bih1i.ii..Arrive 11:40 a. in
Arrlv* 11:11 a. m...Cody...L_Mva li:M a. ro
Q.  V. COPELAND,  gupTlnfnd.nt.
.... Kootenay..,.
Railway and Navigation
Op.ratlnf Kailo ck Slocan Hallway, International Nav. __ Trading- Co.
Schedule of Tlme-PaclAo Standard Tiros.
Passenger train for Sandon and way
stations, leaves Kaalo at 8:00 a. ra.
Pally, returning, leaves Bandon at 1:11
p. m„ arriving at Kaslo at l:E6 p. m.
International Nav. * Trad. Co.-Opsrat-
Ing on Kootenay lake and river.
Leaves Kailo for Nelson at •:00 a. iu.
dally, except Sunday. Returning, leaves
Nelson at 4:S0 p. in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth, and all way points.
Connects with 8. F. * N. train to and
from Spokane, at Five Mile Point.
8. B. "ALBERTA."
Leavee Nelson for Bonner'a Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m., meeting
steamer "International'' from Kaalo at
Pilot Bay.
Returning, leaves Bonner's Ferry at Ml
a. m. Wednesdays and Bundaya.
Connecte at Homier'* Ferry -with Great
Northern railway for all points cast and
Bteamers call at principal landing* la
both directions, and at other points when
Ticket. *0|d to all points In Canada and
the United States.
To ascertain rates and full InforaaatUa
haele, 9. *
,0 ,5 ,'4Q?»13X
.m.jisr**&^K!3srti**.,i**M*m.-% *a
tem.*m9At*s»yatMA^t^L*x.Mr*,*y^ vtO-VtJttSK'i.  '^.Jr *-__■*-tvev!* _J,l____*v-w>» _
I* t_.-'r__a*c_ar __-__-' utrntLnrmm __.■»■"
,*»  -*_n_ria______*i__i
■.■__.*.■*•■_,_-_______.  -_-_! IM.
mt Cleaned fimi the Lata Ba-orts-
aii uutrloW Ate Being »»**lap*a-A
Fraaparao* fear I* Fredloiad-Mlulng
MoU* aad f*r*o__al*.
The deepest mining In Oregon ls now
In progress at the North Polo mine,
_nvon miles from Sumpter, otgned by
Alexander Baring of London. The manager, Emll MeUer, who Is also a chemist, recently observed that tho percentage wived by the syanlde proem had
Hlighily decreased, and he found, on
curi-ful examination of the ore taken
from the drift at the 1000-foot level,
ihat there was a small Quantity of free
nold, so plates wero put in and tlie free
gold wived oo them well Justine*) the
e-pc-nse Incurred.
■I. linl.llc  Camp.
It Is reported thut the south drift of
the San i'uil mine bus opened up eight
ICH't  Of   $10(1 cue.
It la u peculiarity of Keiiulillc camp
tbat frci' gold is found as depth Is attained.
The contmotorH of the Mountain
Lion upraise ore riming toward the
shaft at tho rate of Bve feet per clay.
They are up HO feet and expect to
bole through to the shaft by the '10th
hint. Tht* winze Is down about 00 feet,
aud at ion feot below the tunnel level,
4f>0 feet below the Hurfa..--, drifts will
tie started along ou tin- vein. By lhe
1Mb Inst, lt Is expected the mill hlllld
Ing will be covered und In shape to receive the machinery, which Is iirvlvhig
at Orand Forks and will soon tie delivered on, the ground.
The Increasing of the tsorklng capacity of the Republic* mill at on early
e'.ate ls confidently assured aud the reduction of the cost of treatament of
the ore Is now regarded us an absolute
The crosscut from the bottom of the
Golden Idly shaft ran _.**. feet, with the
last four feet in quartz, and Ik said by
Superintendent Coy to be "far from
through the ledge." He --ays that he
got a sample from the quartz which assayed .1*1 in gold and 17 cuncc-s silver
per ton, but water had burst Into tbe
workings In sucb volume as to defy
further crosscuttlng until a steam boiler' and pump can be set up and the
crptwut drained. I am informed that
:i pumgrfng plant has been ordered for
tbe Oolden Idly to cost $2,000.
The San 1*011 mine Is again to the
front, malting her promt .• good, and
ii.i-s run into a full face of ore In the
.ruth drift, which corresponds with
the sho wing at the surface. Superintendent Crummer being absent, uo assay, If any have been hai, have lieon
given out for publication.
Samples o( i own feet of ore ln the
stope of the Mountain Mom have n«*n
assayed. This was the full width of
the slope. The assny showed $S0.40.
k'lckad sampled e-ould havo lieen tnken
irom the slope which would buve
-shown at lnast $100 per ton.
The 1'rintftu* Maud winze shows free
gold abundantly. A foot of the ore
sparkles with the yellow metal, and is
umazlngly rich. This Is the most important development of all the surprising ones that have followed each other
In rapid succession since thc winze
The It.'public winze Is keeping up Its
record for production of bonanza ore.
It la maintaining the same character
of ore, showing free gold antl the peculiar form ot telluride called by some
petzlte, which was never encountered
In the mine until opened In this winze.
There Is no diminution lu thc values
ln tho Surprise drift,   lt is evident thnt
the drift is In the same rich chute
which was opened by the nhaft.
ilrlil-h Colaiahla.
Electricity will soon he thc motive
power In all the minea of Itoaslatul. The
Weat Kootenny Company, which supplies the electricity used throtigottt the
Trail creek country, ls preparing to
double Ita capacity, and by the last of
tbe month the plant shoii'd be producing too horae power.    '
Although tho oro of the Stemwlnder
mine at Falrvlew averages only $.r. n
ton, so much of It bas been blocked out
•»t a small comparative outlay that the
property will soou yield dividends, lt
is found that with 60 stamps the or*
| an be milled at $2 per ton.
After years of promise and waiting
the Josie mine nt Kosslnnd is about to
•i   "-
■ ■
Improved Trnln Kqulpiiiwat.
The U. It. .Ir N. and Oregon Short
Line have added a buffet, smoking and
library car to their Forlland-Cbioago
through tiain, and a dining car aervioe
has been iuaugoarated. The train ia
equipped with tha latest chair care,
day coaches and luxurious flnt-olaaa
and ordinary • lee pen. Diieot . onneei-
Hon made at Granger with Union l'a-
cl-o, and at Ogdan with Bio Grande
line, from all points in Oregon, Washington and Idaho to all Eastern oities.
Eor information, rates, etc., call on
«nf O. It. e\ N. agent, oi addreei W.
If. Bnrlburt, Oeneral Passenger Agent,
Foi Hand. '
The Cuban would consider hia good
bye anything but n cordial one unless
he was given a good cigar. The South
Sea Islanders rattle ench other's whnle
treth necklace.
Mu. O. IV. l'Hlmer, of Joneivllle,
Vt., unlet: "Two years uso 1 wna
mulcted with  stomach nnd bowel
llCull.le. Mv .'Um, |ili/./.li-il 111* U.ic-
toiie. I niiliiUI.il only on tlie.lielitent
kiiiiiot"eliiii. My Minna, li would mil
retain i.o!.i| iooil.   Tbo puni In my
Mniiim-li anil lio.vcl>l wan tO fnn-ii.-..-
tiiuiii.uiii.il tlc-scri be It. 1, -..iii ii,ii,,l
to grow mi,I-..,.. [ lout, -is pound.,
my nervtH were completely shattered, and J was very weak. Ur. C. \V.
Jnenli., of Klcliiiioiul, advised rno to
unit lU'.WillliuiM 1'lnk Tills for l'Hle
I'eople. 1 began lo um- i l»i pill-., liml
tlie first I'tl'e.-t was tlio mtOMUlon
of my npi .-um, und tlm quleliuj ol
my hliuilbi.'.I norvoiia system.   I be
full lo ii'c.-ijii my losl siri'iinlli, nnd
ii one iimn-li iinnr i-omuic-iii-liit? to
take tti. Pills 1 wa. nlile lodo my
1ioii.i_wii.I_. I hicMiifnineil :*H|"iniid-i
snd lo-duy mn in tood lic-*llli."
From tht Free Prttl, Burlington, VI,
Dr. Williams* Pink Pill, for Pale People
art eeier told o, the do.en or hundred,
but _il»-)» in paclsgM. At sll druggists,
or direct from the Dr   Williams Medicine
, Schenectady, N. Y.. 61) Natl per lu
1 boiet (3 60.
The movement of a drawer at both
mils is equalised when being opened
or closed by a new attachment, consisting of a pair of levers formed into
an X, with a pivot pin at. the junction,
the ends being secured in the rear to
the drawer nnd tbo Inside of the case,
to move in equal Angles .— Chicago
become a profitable shipper, beginning
with ii 00-ton dally conslgomont to the
Northport smelter. \i W|H ,.0(|U|,.,, „
l'.iOO-ioot tram to tarry, iho ore from
the mine to the railway.
James Mills and Charles Coclne, two
miners, were killed In it tunnel of'the
Lake Shore mine, nenr Nelson, 11. C„
by the premature discharge of a blasting (hot.
it la estimated that there are 30,000
tons of ore on the dumps of the old
Ironsides and Knob Hill mines, in
Greenwood camp, which wns taken oui
in development.
A Htrlke Is reported on the Monarch
In 1'hoenlx ramp. The strike consists
of a ledge from 300 to 400 feet wide,
nnd assays from $10 to |60 to the ton
in gold and copper. It is the Intention
of the company to Immediately1'-'erect a
Urge bunk house, etc.
The shaft ou the l'ontif-** (Jold Mining Company's property on Huckleberry countnln is no\y down fi*. feet, and
other work Is lielng done also.
The ledge in thn No. l tunnel of the
Inke Shore mine at Moyie hnH Widen-
or to 12 feet. Shipments will probably
commence this week.
The AJnx Fraction will be on the
uhlpplng list In the near f nt inc.
The Centre Star management have
dosed an order with the Canadian
Kami Drill, Company of Sherbtooke
Quebec, for a Corliss compound .0-drlll
compressor, lo be delivered within live
The St. IClmo compressor has arrived and is b(*ing Installed.
The I. X. I,, ore sent to the smelter
last week leverages, It Is said, $15 to the
The- low rate of $1 r.O per tun olTc-re-il
by the Northport smelter bus stimulated shipping.   .
Advices from Camp McKinney state
thai the ore eiie-nuntereel In Ibe tunnel
In the Qranlte und Haulier is richer
than nny heretofore, taken out.
Tbe Anchor and Enterprise, adjoining the Jewel mine, in I.ong Lake-
camp, will is; vigorously cieveloped at
an early date.
The No. 3 tunnel on th" Majestic is
now In over 40 feet. This makes over
?00 feet of work done on Ibis property
this season.
A deal Is pending for the purchase
of the nine Hell miue on Kootenny
bike, opposite Ainsworth. An Knglish
syndicate has an option on the property.
The I.e Roi has commenced building
a new tramway for shipping the second
grade ore that has accumulated for the
past threes years. It is estimated that
there ls 1 ..'0.000 tons reeoy on tin-
dump. This is tn be run off to tin-
Northport smelter at the rate of 600
tons per day, and will not Interfere
wilh the regular raln» shipments,
which will be continued as usual. The
ore runs about 18 on thc average.
The Coxey management announces
that mine sb.pments to Northport will
commence this month and will be continued until further r otlce. The ore
will lie taken from the upper tunnel.
The main vein of the Referendum
bas lieen located.
-   viimm.   MITES.
R. A. Graham Is prospecting a vein of
coal on I'Mve-Mlle ereek. Coos county.
Index is the banner copper camp of
lie northwest.   This Is th<> decision of.
the expert Judges appointed to Judge,
the big mineral exhibit at the Spokane j
Industrial    Exposition,      who,    after
spending an euttre day in the inspection of the mineral department, today
announced Uiat this Index exhibit was
awarded the first prize on copper ore.
Tbe most fabulous assay obtained
from ore in Washington ls reported
from Slute creek, a merit test from
the Kureka sylvanite yielding a $180.-
000 tonnage value. What is more remarkable still, a disinterested visitor
WbO ran the ore through the crucible*,
icports an ubundance of il in sight.
The slate of Washington has i arried
olf the first prize, a handsome golel
n e-dnl for the best display ln tbe min-
rial department ot the exposition. Brit-
o-li Columbia was a close second, and j
the state of Oregon third.
Tho  Calumet Copper    Company  of j
Sprlngdale  is  sinking  ou   its  claims, |
three  miles cast  from  the  Cli'velnnd J
mine, and Is taking out some tine copper ore, carrying gold.   The shaft Is
dewn  tir. feet, and  work will  be con-1
tinned nil wlntrr.   Spokane and Ross-!
land parties hnve the property bonded.
One of  the lurgest  inlUs  in  either '
Oregon or Washington will oommence
operations on November 1  in the Con
gar mine, ('.rant county, Ore.
Discussing the situation in tbe iron ,
nnd metal trades the Iron Age says: j
Our   monthly   blast   furnnce   report'
shows that the weekly capacity of the
ooke and anthracite furnarea on October 1 had gone up to 227.4-8 gross tons,
10,7'.8 tons above the September fig-1
In other words, the preparations
for production are telling.   In the south
a number of small plants will drop In
from month to month, but they do not
count for much. Furnace stock i hnve ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
declluod further, thus showing thnt j In iceiami „,Pn and women nre In
consumption is still crowding the ottt-, every respect political equals.   The na*
| tion, which numbers about 70,000 pee
mum:   imo   yoiii  suciks.
Allen's FViot-F.ease. a powder for tht
feet. It cures painful, swollen, smarting,
nervous feet, and Instantly takes the sting
out ot corns and bunions. It's the ureal-
est comfort discovery of the lege. Allen's
Foot-Kan* nnnkeB tight or new shoes feel
easy, li Is a certain cure fur IiiRrow-
liiK Null-., sweating, callous and hot, tired,
aching feet. We have over .TO.Oou lesilmon-
lulu. Try ll today. Sold hy al: drugglstf
ami shoe stores. Ily mail fur _.'. c in
stumps. Trial package F'RF-K. Address,
Allen S. Olmsted,  lit  Hoy, N. Y.
ImlUHlriiil   Rotes.
Umatilla county. Ore., now haa for
sn'.e no less than 4,000,000 busbeli of
It ls said that there ure at present
12,000 hend of sheep on the way to The
l.ulles, Ore., for shipment east.
Monday of last week Corjiillle creamery patrons were paid for their August
product, about $4000 being distribute,!.
The money was of new coinage silver.
One hundred and forty tons of sugar'
\ beets is the average daily shipment be*
j ing made over thc Elgin branch of tbe
j O. R. k N.
The finest clay in the world for making pottery is on Delllng bay. A good
Chance for some enterprising individual to make his fortune without going
to Cape Nome.
Frank  Nlckersim,  a  farmer    liviiiR
cant of riioeuix, Jackson intuit;., Ore., |
lost his barn and 260 bushels of wheat,
besides a lot of hay, recently  from a
stubble lire, which got beyond control, j
•lolin and Will Ambrose of Riite-r
bought of Tlm Connolly, the Condon
xheepman, 2000 head of ewes at $3.26
per heHd, which he delivered in the
Kahler basin, 10 miles below Monument, Ore.
Between 1200 and Ktou head al 1 and
2-year-old beef cattle wero ..i.irli'il for
the railroad from llanu-y county, Ore..
last week. These callin were bought
by ('. I,. Rothell of Nebraska, and pul
Mwiothlng over $20,000 In circulation.
Oyster Ray, Wash., Is now shipping
500 sacks of Oysters a week, and arrangements are bing made, to increase
tlie catch. Joel Woods, who icsides
t:eur Holies, has llnished threshing bis
crop and Iiuh over 24,000 sacks ol grain,
about 60,000 bushels.
Labor Is so scarce In Falrhaven thut
railroad contractors and others ;ii*»■ delaying work on various enterprises until a mora plentiful supply of workmen
are to be had—a change from three
years ago, when laboring men were sitting around on the curbstones, waiting
for somthlng to turn up.
The drays Harbor Commercial Company Is running night and day, besides
installing a monster plant for fire protection, costing some $20,0UD. More
than 500 men are on its payrolls, and
many more could find employment by
. »-»"»■» • • »•».
Issued Every Week.
$1.75 A Year.
jjAMOUS soldiers and
sailors, st.it.-siiicii,
scholars, travellers, hunters,
and thc most gifted writers
of stories will enrich the
pages of The Companion
during 1900. Send your
address on a postal card,
and wc will mail you our
Illustrated Announcement
Number, giving a full Pros
pectus ol articles and Authors already engaged for
the 1%0 Volume.
Is  tilt:  time   to
volume for iyoo
siilisciik for thr
to take advantage
tin* special offer below;
CliNl) $1.75 at once with
- this slip ur menrinn IW_
papr, ami v.'c wll! semi vau
THK I'liMI-ANIOS I'l.EI? for
tin* retnrdaing wt-ck. uf iboo,
and then fur the "_ weeks
of lhe year 1900.
The ('i»iii|ianiim Calendar
fur moi), uli cn also to all NYw
Siilisi'illicis, lithographed in
twelve ciilurs, is the im>_t
liciuiitiil une in the lung
series uf exquisite Companion
O 3<-3
nuni 11 ....... *
Differing degrees of laziness and tlm-'.    At the quarterly meeting of the Lan-
ii'.ity make up thu main differences we ' cashlre, Eng., Asylums Board, at Pres-
see In mankind
Mother., will tiud Mrs. Winslow's
■"nothing- .Syrup the best teniedy to una
fur their children dining the teething period.
ton laut week, the chairman referred to
the great increase of lunacy ln thc.
• u! in iv and said they would have to
look out for a site for u sixth asylum
In tin- very near future.
A western mun has applied a system
of friction gearing to the propulsion of
■1 bicycle, having a rubber-covered hoop
mounted on one Hide of the frame to
connect .the crank shaft and the rear
hub, with an adjustable.' wheel placed
under the saddle to depress the hoop
and increase tbe friction.
rlTO Pe-rraeoieiilly Cured.
THO   after lirMl eliey't!  Ufie of llr.
A  Tfi-.t Inilliin  II in 11, ,111^
recently traveled up the coapt nt will, ami
acted in an entirely ilifTen'.iit manner from
any other st..nn. Sometimes dyspepsia
sots the some iviij-, li rerusea to yield to
ir.niii.i'1,1. which has cured similar cases,
Then H-usteuer'n Stomach Bittern should
hi taken, lt hss cured bfoiuucb trouble
for li-iil'n eentiirv.
N'erre Kentorcr.   H-uel for FREK tfl.no irlnl
..•itllcnii <l IreHttw.   Dn. K. 11. KI.IXK, I .ul., ii.il'
i\r. li ..li- ,i, l'l,;:.,!,'l|,liiiL I'.i.
We offer One  Hundred  l-'iUnrie  Reward  far
any cn*. ot Catarrh tliat , ..iniui  lie cui.-.l  liy '
Hall'a Catarrh Cura.
F. J. CilENEV A CO., Toladn. O.
Wa,   the   uii.J-r. ,i'.ii',l,   have   kmnvn    F.    S.
I'lieiH-v fur the lafit 1, .'<■„;:<, and belltv* hlin ■
perfectly linnorable In all hu..lnew> traniMirtl-.n*.
and Hiiiine-.tuiiy ul-l'i to carry out any obligations
ni.1,1.   hy tli.'ir  linn.
WKST A. TRL'AX, Whnle.nle Drugirliiti, Toledo, • ).
. -VALUING., KINNA,*. A MARVIN, Wlinle^aia
' Druggist*.,   Toledo,  O.
_No flt8orne»rvou!*ne»iea I    Hall h Catarrh Cura la taken Internally, ai-t-
i.lln,' -, clreut i in? direi-tly UiM.n  die bluud and  niucoue  mit-
fat-es of  the  sy-(,'iu.    Teatlmnntala  aaflt free.
Price T.'.c  per  bottle.    Sold   by   all   In _i«iii. is.
Hall'a Faintly I'illa are the b»at.
It is reported thai one of tbe large
transportation cnm|i;.nii*s luus already
contracted for 1,200 cars in which licniid
air will be usee) as a refrigerator.
The greatest cotton manufacturing
center in the world lavs within a:i area
of 50 miles around the city of Manchester, Kngland, comprising of l.Tiiu
factories, controlling 12,191.000 spindles.
The Russian form of parting salutation is brief, consisting ot the single
word "praschal," said to sound like a j
sneeze. The Otarelte !slander will
iwist the end of the departing guest's
robt and then solemnly shake his own
hands three times.
The "Auf welderschen" of the Aus-
trlans Is the most feeling expression
of farewell.
We will forfeit $1000 If any of onr puti-
llabed tei.i.tiionliil-e are proven to In- not
genuine.     The  Plso Co., Warren,  l'a.
Fence and  Iron Worka.
an>1 Iron ffii.-liig; nfft
All "ifs"
The wireless telegraph  system will
_ be used in reporting the yacht races for
tllnN  WliltKS;   WIHg    ,1 «-, , .   ii
a rniihig. »tc. :ki Aider. | 'lie (>"P.   Wire makers and line repalr-
 ers may as well prepare for "worser"
are equal. days.
$100.00 Reward
will be promptly paid to any one furnishing us evidence on which we can secure conviction of any substitutor
(jr dealer who attempts to palm off inferior imitations when Cascarets Candy Cathartic are called for. Be on the
lookout for imitations and counterfeits of Cascarets, and don't you ever buy preparations that are made and
sometimes pushed by unscrupulous dealers whose intention is to mislead the buyer and infringe on our trademark and trade-name. As soon as some one tries to sell you something else when you ask for.Cascarets, look
out tor him l   Get all the details and confidentially write us on the subject at once.y
25c.    50c.
THE TABLET ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
CASCARKTS ire -ibsolutrly barmltN, a pertly -rejrt.vr.Ie compound. Ho mercurial sr otter mineral plll-poiKUi la C__r_r.U. CsMUltl prsaptly, edectlrely »n. peiminrotly
•ar. eveiy di soide r ot tke Stomach, Lirer and Intestlnea. Tbey not only cure constipation, bnt correct any and every form ot irregularity ot tb* bowel*, Uolntiif dianbeea aid dytentary.
riuaant, palatable, potent.   Tatta good, dojood.   Sec-ereicken, weaken or jripe.   Write for booklet and trattample.   Addroaa STBRLUfO R1MBBT 00., CHICAGO or It-W TORK.
ir*rl.AIMANTH   r
I Ll write  tn  NATII
I f    IllrKKniin.Wie
II l*_.-»lv«  qule-k   ri
niAN   ^^^^^^^^^
1'ai.lilnEtein, ll. e*.. ttn-y will
_ rcpllce.  11. Mb  N. II    rata,
■Inff joth cor-.**.  rriMCK-iitlnii clnlmn «ln^e 1.71.
Tho Gorman "lobo wohl" In not particularly aympathotlo ln Ur aound, but
It la le-KH e-mtmrrtiHHliij; to tlioao It
HpooclB than tho Hindoo's pprformanoo,
who, wh«n vou 'o from him, falls In
-* ***• ^8l__i3rii'>t3_'.«ft«r *****•*>.' «-••••.
44Circumstances     %
Alter CasesS<\
In cases of scrofula, sail rheum, dys.
pepsia, nerttousness, catarrh, rheumatism,
eruptions, etc., the circumstances may be
altered by purifying and enriching the
Nood -mi'.-i Hood's Sarsaparilla. It is the
great remedy for all ages and both sexes.
Br sure to get Hood's, because
3{qccCS Scmcj
Never Disappoint*
Tcio nood ami too i-lioaii to !>•
pie, la governed    by    representatives
elected by men and women toKether.
New Zciiland, in spite of all its BO*
clallst leKlslntlon and Us government
I ownership of railway! and lelegrapns,
haa ii bona flde surplus tWi year ot
l_r XOTH TUF. muk.
t't» BifO for Dtinfttjr*
(1!ach«r|tM, lnfi-.tnmk.iom
, IriiutloDt  or ui- Mitiun
i  U af laiir- m    [BQCOfll     111'uJ.ratlM
I. ,imu MiurUft.      i'fcin-iMu, ftod oot Mlrli
nirf-IAIltowmiQQi ««t or iwlwnott*.
"or Mnt Id yUln »rirh
I *   "    "•»
•1.00, or > '
t-1rc«J*r i
Fot O*.oorrho . wl Olwt url V.l*\ .elk.. rlp.,llft-
m Ui. I'NI.Y mf.ll.-loe wln-l, *ll! ,
______________________________________        **-"■■?
NO CAMf. known It bM nn inLtO to cr., *.
mAttar low (.-rloii. 8V ut lie* lonir .t%i,dlny. RMiitv
from Ita nt. will _«.,nl"*i fOV. it I. _u*oluC*ly Ml**,
l*.v.ot. Krirtur.. uitl rfco Ik- uki-r. witi.O'it l.„*oo»_
tlrnort .nil il^triitlon rroln bii.'n m.   I'HIl e . |1 DO.   foi
.     I..-.,        mti.by -1' n llabli. dma^liu. or __-,>t pr.-.-«Jw ny mij.-m_,
l,   prcp-iid,   ft       P------U7 wn_i»^d, on r--. i'l,ir;:lo^ lt
bottii, u.ts. i'ii<atuil__a:.'M.oc.,
• it it ik.  «_r        Urw___rn___il v) oa . _',u«
,«_.__. \ KA
Over 12,000 mnnufni'turers of Barcelona, Spain, refuse to pny the new
tuxes, and ninny land owners linvi- de*
c-lileel to follow their example.
All the lnhor of Retting out the
.Viiri.i'iH' Republic! of Dublin, is done
voliintfti'lly, without eoinpenBiition, by
mamberi of tho Irish Botdallst party,
If men were equally bold their moi
allty would be about on i par.
'-*-«-^-*a •ammlt-^tmemmemm.m.
LATEST UICI I A Relieffor"Wo'men"
and BEST II ELL A cr£& &25SSS3BMS
2000 ft.
Looms a NYMAN
1b.it llrnl. i»i,Kiil.l  t"lln«, Ilie i-aln« In lb*
  back anil tli* .liroulei beadacbt will U_i»i )■-->
French Female Plllt. ^ri;r,°s ^yca.ed Remedy
It li an Meal nr-llcln* for women, ttty and
plrmanl to laka. 11 uo ott bolll* al yotu drait*
iM-tl uigo
•I by HiM.i'Hf'.l ■ *-r .--.I ■■■(.- 't In.h-"*- a
y -i« iinl'i nml v<. it In .tn mi iipiAl.
1 Fll_.*__*""I«l . ._/,-'. 1__ .
.lill-vnlfdnitftfiftillf. metflt Imh, Kr-iiih
nntr onti'litu nine-, u'lni-- ..ml It. .1.   Vftk_ tin Dtber.
Vnucliillrug 0>>l A iteS KtflM, Wow York CUi
ONE FOR A DOSE,   f"" Hick H.adach.
and flr.pr|i-iia. K.-niii»» I'lmpla. aii-l Tnriff lb.
Iili",I,  Ci I    ",.    -I  ■ ii «t'.irrr»»-il lli!lou«li«..      Ii.
notcirlpaorSli li-u   lo, i»n»lnca roujrawlll ma
ianiplafr*.,orfulll,,.iforMc. 1»R. BOSAMKC
CO., ri'lU.I. , Jfc-na.   fluid I,; Prufiliu.
11*apnidui-.m„l.liir. .-tule-iii.VIiiTiiTa
til. form, aa w.ll u lillml, BlM.il,t.a,ir I'rutrml .a
Pil*. are. uiirad i>; Dr. ■oannko'fPlln lt*m«d»
Stope. Iti-lniia auil bl..:]iuj. Al.xortil tDitiorf 6» a
Jaratdreia«r.U.irHiitb|iiiiil Tn-atlMfrM. wr'li
_• «i,,.. i roar,'»«..   DH. i.. IS a ". K O. Pbllada , P»
<iei    fi,    l'i.
.emmim js\^wmpm^.^*ff\swmt*\\   , *\ap»ee^
*sv*\. •Wt^.ttSf.    *Mt**J*r tec Jsm*w*S.      »>«*»
^m\a^vm;^'<^^y^^^'!^i*i' mwm wrnmKimmwmm^uvi " "        i.ia
Company, IvtdL*
•Wholesale   ax__d.  detail
Sealers In Gf-enexal
cfeoial  links 0f fall and winter
[In der wear Just Jtocked.
FORKS   AND   ALAMO,   B. 0. '
0_«*»«0   OR   IN  ARREARS   A
•i *)
suae™, b. c.
'for a
#._ ll j^Vwrjaitud-S "P"ir M«
£ut Ioh at) 0?ol ot) l>«r breast.
fli>. f>o|>. «iill loll the Wotr,Torty
Stock of cases in the Province.
14k Gold Plain, Engine turned and.
Engraved — The  Jas.   Boss filled
cases. — The Peuber filled cases. —,
The Imperial 88 year cases, — Lad
ie.  solid gold   watches  with plain
and set cases. *_	
"CUT 011."
18 si/1 Crescent streets, with Walt-
ham style cases at $25.00, guaranteed
to keep good time for three years.
The same with P. S. Bartletts movement et $13.50
Deuber Hampden 23 Jewels.
Deuber Grand.      Elgin 17 Jewels.
Royal 21 Jewels.
YEAR8.      t      i      t      {      }
Stock of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and  Opals in the Province.
Cull and get prices at
..____._ _.'.__ _._--- i» i.s i
From KriiRetsdorp to I.iclitonberg,
And back to Polcliefstrnin;
Fiom Swaziland to Pieterihuig
Ia heard the hurghor drum ;
From Wskkerstrum to Ermelo,
Fiom Hoopstaud (o Dundee,
They're marching down to Rustenburg,
And up from Kimberley.
From Held.lburg and Lycknsburp,
.foliHiiuesburK .-ind all,
From Standerton and Riirb-.-tou
They answer lo the cull.
And Erinelo is all agog,
And Venleradorp in wiimk;
And latest news from HHetiiersburg
All indicates a fuss.
-Cleveland Plait Dealer.
to work all winter. At moat of these
properties fair crows will he worked
all winter and the number of shipping
mines from this point should bo increased by the addition of some of
them before the year rolls around;
Willa, L H , Great Britain, Hewett,
Adola, Queen Fraction and Torpedo.
IL_E©_D©:ciald-7s Xttl^roxy
Onlaide Parties Desiring Horses in Silverton
Can Have Them Reserved By Writing To—    A- f< McDONALD,
 _+ I ♦. t t      t t      SI^vp*lgroN,.. I,, c
0000030 000000!.
The applications of those who desire to have their names appear upon
the next voters' list must be in K*t_!o
by Monday, thc 23rd inst. lt your
application is mailed to-day it will be
in time. Tlio ie who tuuy have neglected to sign applications should do
so this morning.
Gall and See.
B. C.
B. C.
Auctioneers, Cistoms Brokehs,
J-JOl^JE/I* I Oilier In Hi ale*t Hlocli    _   -      n»_.rr St.
PROP, f -=
k Headquarters For Mining Men :•:
New East   Daily Service Between
nv thu
Improved Connecting Service via Revelstoke or Crows Nest Routes,
First class sleepers ou all trains from
(ieneral Freight and Transfer
lliisiness l-one.
Orders  lett at  News KUn.l  will
promptly attended to.
Tourist cars pass Revelstoke, Daily lor
fit. Paul, Thursdavs for Montreal and
Boston, Tuesdays and Saturdays for
Toronto 92 hours,  Montreal 96 hours,
New York 108"      Winnipeg 62   "
Vancouver 26 "     Victoria    31  "
For the North, Revelstoke, and Main
Line 10:30 K ex* Sunday iv. Silvertcn,
ar. ez. Sunday, 15*5QK.
For Rowland, Nelson and Crows Nent
Lino 16*50Kex. Sunday lv. Silvorton,
ar. ex. Sunday 10 30K
For rates and full iuformation apply to
pcarest local agent or
W. 8. CLABK, Agent, Silverton
Trav. Pass. Agent, Nelson
f_. J. COYLE
_&• M. Brindle,
Will visit Silverton every
Wednesday, prepared to
repair all disabled Watches,
Clocks and Jewelery. He
will also have on hand a
Complete Assortment oi
Jewelry, consisting ef Rings,
Watches, Chains, Guards,
Seals, &c. Ac. Repairing
is Guaranteed. Prices are
as low as First-Clssa Work
will allow. While in Silverton, he will be found at
Thk Lakcvi-w Hotel, and
all work lelt there during
the week will be promptly
attended to on his first visit.   A trial order is solicited.
The good people of New Denver
know, after reading Robert Thomson's
letter in the Nelson Mine*-, what it is
to have "A Slocan Pioneer-' iu tlnir
midst. A peculiar thing in connection with that weighty epistle is Ihat
the only one anxious to claim lhe
authorship is about thc only one who
gets no credit for it
Such is the demand for men around
the Rainy River district in Ontsrio
that contractors there are stealing each
others' men. Men coming in under
contract are being off-mil bounties by
rival employers and are reaping a big
harvest by jumping their jobs.
When Ontario men can earn $3.00
a day at home, how many would be
willing to come out here to work for
the same wage? it
'It is a moral certainty that we wilt
have both Federal and Provincial elections within six months. If the Conservatives of this constitr.eni'y intend
to oppose thc sitting mcm.er, and it is
hard to see what he lion done toentitle
him to a longer lease of office, Ihey
ought to place their man in the field
at once."—Sandon Miniug Review.
Does the Mining Review refer to
Member Greent If so, is It not making a rather premature announcement
of tho enmity fett by tho Conservative
party toward Mr. Green. That such
exists we feel certain, but we do not
think that the party leaders of thc
Slocan will thank the Mining Roview
for exposing their hand so early in thu
For Sale or Rent,
A llotel In Silverton,
Apply to
lAtt.A*V '-J*** *«!#
* -■: Jw*9Jbtoia%£m^^^
_H-_t!ic..ii.ii Broa.
silver***-- a. s,
J*v- 4*tm*. '.S.WA* W*» _
And still the strike is on and most
of the old pioduicrs around this camp
are shut down, with only a few men
oi their payrolls. Although the old
standbys are doing next to nothing,
new properties are forging ahead and
some of them bid fair (o overtake and
surpass the old producers in the a-
mciuiit of their development and shipments. The Noonday mine, although
one of the youngest in the district,
now holds the second place in the list.
of shippers, being only surpassed by
the Wakefield mine, and oven that big
producer will have to hustle to hold
its place at the head of the list.
With tho big mines employing only
a few men there aro nevertheless as
many men at work as usual, and when
the big mines start up, which they are
confidently expected to do within a
very few weeks, Bilverton will be once
again the boom camp of the Slocan.
The following now  properties  h»vfl
The pack mule Is quite as much an institution uh tha team mulo, and is absolutely indispensable in tho mountains.
Mule packing is a line art, and with n
well trained animal and a skillful packer
you can safely transport anything from a
piano to a hag of oats.
When tho packer bas finished his job
in an artistic manner the animal may
buck or back, kick or rear, or roll, but
he cannot rid himself of his burden, and
ho finally gives it up in despair.
The most serious objection to the
mule, which you sometimes find in human beings also, is the delusiou that he
can sing. One w bo has never heard n
mnle.solo cannot appreciate the extent
oi bis mistake; but, like everything else
about a mule, his song is sti icily orig
"Spoakia' o' mules," said an old Santa
Fe teamster, as he tipped back ln his
chair, "remiods me ol a ' strordinary
experience I bad once with a critter
Me and Mexican Mose—uiebbe you know
him? They celled him so because be
was minin' in Mexico foi quite a spell—
mc nnd Mexican Mono wns propped iny
,n (In. Bill Williams mountains ono winter wheu our ii-.ii_»} et np nil dtnamiti
ra'tridgea. Thnt was 100 mile's from
nowhere, nml no way of nettin' more."
"I reckon I know how ye felt," said
an olelCalifornian, who silt in tho corner smokintr, "I've been flxml thnt wa,_
when the licker give out. lie a distress-
in' situation."
"We dassenllry to riile the mule t
tlio nearest settlement," continued th
teamster, without uolicing the interruption, "fer   neither of us wu'n't   quit
rendy   fer kingdom come-neither me
nor Mose.   But Mose, he was .tbo   mom
ingenious cuss that ever handled a pick
He was alien* inventing some sort -
labor-savin' contraption, but was terii
ble unlucky."
"Mose set a thinking fer atvbile over
the sitooation, an' then he looked up at
me kind o' pleased with himself an'
observed as solemn ss a preacher:
"Juke, d'you happen to know anything o' dynamiteT"
" 'No,' says I 'not a .Kirn thing.'
"Walt ' 6e* he, 'il's the science of ex-
plodin' and I low it'll work here. That
miserable critter has had ihe fun o' eating them crrtridges and now he's got to
do tho blastin.'   Hi he tied np a passel
o' stones in the oats  and fed Vtn into
tho mule.
'.Hit. Me,, was tbat when the i)l„-e.tin'
machinery got to workin' it wonld bring
the stones into contract with the fulml-
nutin' end of tho ca'tridges, and they'd
he a-lioislfng o' dirt. So we backed the
mule down into the shaft and crept behind a big rock to wait for things to begin to commence.
"Well, Iswsr! Iu about 15 minutes
there was the biggest kind of a Fourth of
July celebration you ever heerd tell on.
It was'bout noon when the proceedin'e
opened, and when the first ca'tridge went
off mo an' Mose had all we could (end to
dodgin'the big bowlders that came out
ol the shaft.
"In 15 minutes the -.haft was 200 feet
deep, and the dirt scateered all over the
county. In 10 minutes more that durn
mule had stuck one o' them mysterious
underground streams you'll find in the
desert, and the hole wrs full of water,
so tbere warn't any more minin' fer us."
"Tbat waa tough," said the Califor-
nian, sympathetically, "You jeat natch-
•■rally overdone It, didn't ye?"
"Well I reckon we did, but wo come
out even after all. That in, me an Mose
did'nt lose no money."
"How's that?"
"Why wo sold the shaft to a tenderfoot tbat happened to come along jeat
tbat ininit. He thought it was a geyser
and Mose and me skinned out before
tho mule quit firing."—Chicago Record.
had cabins erected and are prept,rtiig | *.*--. -■-*■>    ,
Atm***)***!**. •-..•*- . **i^v_Sk.-«u»w_*iws_mm«i». 'm»**^«i<fc^M,-r.wiw<-«i_r--.g-^^*N»»r_h ■>»...»..>._■<■--*,<*****>
The shipment   ol  ore   from   Slocan
Lake'point., np tv und including   the
present week, froiv Jan. 1, 1899.
From Bosun Landing. Tons.
Bosun      500
From New Denver. Tons
Minion 20
From Ten Milo.
Enterprise  680
From Sliican City. Tons.
Tnuiiiruc 20
Black I'rince 40
Cbaplcttii  15
From Silverton. Tons
Con.stock   20
" concentrates  100
Eu ily Edith  60
Fidelity     3
Noonday 520
Vuncouver 380 -
Wakefield 580
Thorburn *M***
iv vrii i v ii us ii
♦2.00 per Annum.
nn eat
w I   KftMM.
T e
§g o
oo __-
Z    z    _
NOTICE:— "Exch -Xr.E, fiji vcu PtA-nt,
pKoctM, Victori _  No   4 ami  Wuu
Mineral Claims; t-ituale in tin- SI -call
City Mining Division uf Weat Kuoteiu
Wliere Ideated!—\V.-*.( ol Duylr-n
Crank, a mile south of Bf*rinjft_e-.i*i*ek.
Take notice tliat 1,1. Ilnrray M.iir^j_ri*r.
ae'tiny as ane.-iit for tat- N.*.i UolU Field*
of British Colombia, Limited, I ice Mu
era CVriilicat«j No. i:21237, Intend sixij
days fn.lil thediite* her..if, to apply lu
the Mining Reoorder for n Geftlficate eil
Improvements, for th>* purpose ol obtaining a Crown Umnt cl Ike above claims.
And further lake notice thai ai-tiot-
under section 37, mutt le uommeiiued
before the Is .uani'c of such Ccrtilliate e.
Dated this,..!it day of Septcmlirr. I-.**'
J. M.  Mi <!ii!'lnu.
?ri ! 9 I 9;-).
Use   None   But
The  Best!
^^^^^^Ilni)  ALL
NOTICE:— "ExcilASOB," "I'.h.ikkk."
"Hlidb'' and "Cit.uti No. 2" Mineral
Claims; situate in the- Arrow Lake
Minim; Divinion of \\ est Kodtcnny
Whore located:—On the north ri.li. eif
Cariboo creek,  Shout   mi.   hall  mile
north   of the   Millie   Mwi    Mineral
Take notice that I, .1. \) Anderson, I'. I,
8., of Trail, B. C, iiclinit as ai;cut for II.
E. Forster, Freu Miner's Cerlifutato No.
'JfiO-'l. nml II. 0. Pollock, Freu Miner's
Certificate, No. ul3526. intend sixty day*,
fiom the date lieieof, to apply lothe Miu-
iuK Becorder for a Certificate of lu,-
provements, for the purpose of obtuin-
inu Crown Grants of Ihe ibOVf* claims.
And further take notic thnt Ration
under section .17,* must ho comnior.ccnl
before Iho issuance. u( such CVrtificutes
of Improvements
Dated this 8lh dav of September, A. D.
21 I 10 I 99.
0 .vim; to'a reduction in miners' withes
caused by the enforcement of the eight
iour law, the miners are all idlo and the
mines have  shut down.   Therefore all
workingmen aro hereby warned to keep
nway from   tho  Slocan   and   Kootenny
country, British Columbia, until present
troiihlettfiro  amicably  sottled   between
mine owners and miners,
fiandon. B. C.      W. L  flauler,
June 2nd. 1899,        Secretary   Sandon
Miners' Cnion j
J. M. M. lieiii-duni,
Pres. Silverton M. V
3.1. Mcintosh,
Secretary,    Silverton
Miners' Union.
Try It Prove If.
Daigle's Blacksmith Shon.
tiiniT.il Illridsiiiilliiiig
aud fUpairing Nc
Boots and Shoes.
To Packers
and Freighters.
■For Hale-*
21 Park Huh.
6 Work Mules,
_ iSiidillc HorNi's.
TBE «II.VKRT0N1AN,   $?.«}**•-•
m Two doors south ol Post Office.
SILVERTON,   *   -   -   B. C.H	
■* T'ii,,mtm ivf._*vnni mttrtttwmti ift turn**.* mettk* -*•*»«' i _ ssmsswes <^'*ts**enttem<isM-^uite*A'^stete7t**
_.»»a%r^»*m*ww, mmmmmm**


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