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Queen Charlotte Islander Jan 28, 1914

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A Weekly Newspaper Published in the interests o! the Settlers, and to promote the development oi the Queen Charlotte Islands.
VOL. 3, No. 16
5 Cents per Copy
Completion of Transcontinental Railway This Year Will Result in Great
General Development.
The near approach ef the completion
of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
brings before all persons interested the
question of the rise and progress of the
surrounding   country,    including   the
Queen Charlotte group of islands.   The
constant influx of settlers, especially to
the north end of Graham Island, portends something more than speculation.
Towns are growing up here and there,
while permanent homes are increasing
along the water courses and inland.   In
the course of tinfe we will have producing farms and industries starting up,
driven by the water power and fuel now
wasting.    The areas of timber will be
cut and made into merchantable lumber.
The fishing industry will be exploited
thoroughly and in a business like way.
The hills and valleys will be opened up
for minerals, while the sand, lime and
clay will produce bricks and  building
material of other kinds.    The climate
and scenery will attract tourists, bent
on spending the summer in a healthy
climate.   Our beach drives will be used
by those who require speedways.   The
inlets and streams afford every means
of recreation, without the difficulties
and dangers found on rivers and on the
open  sea.     Steamers  will  ply  from
Prince Rupert every day, and the islands
will bear the same relationship that
Victoria does to Seattle and Vancouver.
The only drawback, so far, has been the
greed of some corporations and individuals who are using the islands for
the purpose of foisting on the general
public schemes that mean self aggrandisement at the expense of the good
name of the country.    Of course,  all
prospective valuable properties must be
opened up; but not through means that
verge on thievery.    Some of the so-
called "speculators" are foisting "wildcats" that will never be worth a dollar,
while those having good properties are
hungering for capital for development
work.    Take, for instance, the oil properties.  All experts feel convinced that
oil will be struck on Graham Island in
paying quantities.   Why are the people
suspicious ef the existence of oil ? Few
have been on the ground, and those who
have return with reports most favor
able.     One company, under great difficulties, endeavors to prove the ground
rich in oil; but the obstacles they meet
with is enough to disceurage any man,
or set of men.     On a wild, bleak coast
these men have labored; have hired help;
worked might and main for to sink the
first hole in the ground.    If they reach
the oil thousands  will.. be benefitted;
and what are  the thousands doing to
assist the work ?    A paying oil field
would mean towns and cities growing
on the islands like mushrooms ; but the
people have been "gulled" so many
times  by  other  so-called   " get-rich-
quick"  concerns,   that they will not
understand where there is a good proposition until the oil fields are as valuable as city lots in Vancouver, Victoria
and Prince Rupert.   If the expenditure
of twenty thousand dollars would prove
the value of the West coast of this
island,  surely such a sum should be
raised easily one would imagine; but it
is not so.   We have tried to interest
capital in the work of exploiting and
the answer has been :   '' There is a
company at work—we will wait for results."    The promoters of  oil stock
assert that they have only indications
to go on, and are not assisted, because
a number of would-be speculators prefer to invest in " gold bricks."    It is
even hard to induce geologists to visit
Tiahn Point, although the late Professor
Dawson and Professor Ells stated that
the territory shows every indication of
oil existing there.    We are not advocating the opening up of the proposed
oilfields for personal gain, owning no
stock, or land there.    We believe that
the investment of a few thousands of
dollars would show whether the contention of experts and oil drillers are
correct, and. not having the wherewithal, we would be pleased to have the field
opened up during our day and generation.    There are  many more honest
propositions on the islands which deserve consideration from those who are
venturesome with their capital; but it
will take some moons to take away the
bad taste some individuals and  "companies" have forced into the heads of the
investing public.    It has been the experience of many other sections to be
held back for years by " Wallingford"
propositions; but they recovered and
honest men received their dues, as those
who have good properties will receive
theirs, we hope, in the near future.
Fallow Deer For
Graham Island
Provincial Game Wardens Busy Capturing Herd of Thirty to Stock Island.
With the interesting and exciting
purpose of rounding up a herd of about
thirty fallow deer, and transporting
them from James Island, near Sidney,
to Graham Island, a party of game
wardens with a big launch, a small
pack of hounds and a number of canoes
have left Vaftcouver.y If their enterprise meets with the success they expect, it will result in Graham Island—
the largest island in the province, next
to Vancouver Island—becoming stocked
with handsome fallow deer within a
few years.
The fallow deer on James Island were
imported there four or five years ago
by Mr. Wheatfield, an American racing
man who purchased the island for his
private Use. At that time the herd
numbered but five. Since then they
have multiplied until recent reports
place the number at thirty.
Recently James Island was sold by
Mr. Wheatfield to a powder company,
which purposes to erect a f aetory there.
If the animals are left on the island it
is certain they will be exterminated, so
the provincial game authorities have
decided to remove the fallow deer to
Graham Island, where they will have
ample opportunity to thrive and multiply under the most advantageous circumstances.
Graham Island, being situated in the
course of the Japan current, enjoys an
equable climate. It has an area of over
2,000 square miles, without wolves,
cougar or other destructive beasts of
prey. Wild cattle have thriven on the
island and the herd of twenty-five coast
deer placed here two years ago by the
government is doing well. The fallow
deer, which in England is usually regarded as park deer, grows big running
wild, the old Irish elk being a wild fallow deer. In size the fallow deer is
about equal to a coast deer, but has a
handsomer fawn coat, prettily marked
with white spots. It is distinguished
by enormous palmated horns, making it
resemble a caribou. As venison it is
better than the red deer.
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District News Items
Coasting seems to be the order of the
day and unless one is pretty lively at
side stepping, we would not advise them
to try climbing hills'at Woden.
The pre-emptors from the several districts contiguous to Woden are taking
advantage of the present good roads to
move their heavy ichtas and household
gods. From morn till eve, as far as
the eye can see to eastward, a motley
thtong of men, horses and dogs in almost every instance attached to sleds
of various patterns and divers'designs,
/nay be seen wending their way industriously to and fro until one is reminded
of a busy street in some large city,
which fact we maintain promises well
for the future of our thrift^ burg.
A large party from here spent a day
skating on Echo lake. They pronounced
the sport immense and seemed to have
enjoyed themselves as only people can
in a good skate. '
Mrs. E. Van de Putte, late of Vancouver, has moved into the new Mac
View hotel, and we feel assured that
under her genial management it will
soon become one of the most popular
hostelries in the north.
Mrs. Gordon J. Campbell, created
quite a sensation when she drove into
town in her new dhroski with a spanking roadster. Be careful, sister. We
wouldn't ad vise you to leave him standing without being hitched, since you
used the clippers so freely.
Oharlie Adamsof Graham Centre paid
us a flying visit and seemed very much
surprised to find that this community
has not suffered from the financial
stringency that seems to affect the
business world in general. Charlie put
over several good deals during his visit
and we may now expect the silver dollar
of commerce to again be in circulation
among those who stand in favor with
this merchant prince.
A special service was conducted last
Sunday by the Rev. H. H. K. Greene
in connection with the opening of the
new Anglican Church at Queenstown,
when a good number attended. The
subject was "Citizenship," and Rev.
Mr.* Green's discourse was attentively
listened to and appreciated. Before
concluding, Mr. Greene made a few remarks concerning the work in this part
of the Diocese and of the forthcoming
visit of the Bishop. Hejalso thanked
Mr. E. J. Tingley for the donation of a
lot and Mr. B. L. Tingley for the use
of the hotel for the services during the
past six months, and Mr. Clayton, the
contractor, in getting the" building up
so quickly.
t '
J. M. CAMPBELL, Publisher.
In Canada, $2.00; Foreign, $3.00
per annum, in advance.
t ■■ ... -     .  —
Advertising R*tei
Contract Advertisements $1.50 per
inch per month.
Single insertions $1.00 per inch
per week.
Legal Notices, Government Rates.
Privilege And Penalty.
A monopoly is the privilege of the one
to sell or control a common utility. Of
all monopolies the most far reaching in
its evil consequences is the land
Whether granted for good or ill,
special privilege to any one anywhere
is morally, socially and economically
vicious.   This much we know.
Special privilege is the death of competition, of high endeavor and of fellowship.     It makes  the master and the
menial, the high and the lowly.   Colossal
fortunes and colossal miseries, infinite
indulgence and infinite hate; servility,
tyranny and oppression are the direct
consequences, the children of privilege.
Each and every man has a right to
what he creates or its equivalent valuation.     Whether with brain power or
with sinew the product of his labor is
his.     In this sacred right of property
lies the strength of the world.
But no man created land—therefore
no man has the right to monopolize it.
For the Creator made the earth for all
men—past, present and future. To no
one did he grant a title deed.
From the days of Thothmes and Sennacherib, conquerors have grabbed and
confiscated ; but today as to Confucius,
Might does not hold good in courts of
equity. Crystal clear, in their embodiment of this thought are the great
single taxers own words: " Every new
born child invalidates a title to land."
Until the last reckoning every man
born holds an unalienable title to this
common heritage :f Land.
Wherever land monopolies exist
ignorance, serfdom and poverty go hand
in hand or hammer at the door. Land
monopoly is the curse of Russia, the
tuin of Mexico, the greatest evil England ever fought and yet failed to vanquish. Land monopoly is the funda*
mental cause of the squalor of our great
cities, the Lord High Executioner, the
Great Inquisitor of all their tragedies.
.'i.f-. *      '
In Graham Island sixty per cent, of
the land is held in monopoly—in idle
speculation by absentee landlords. Four
men control over eight hundred sections
of land.
This comfortable steamer will maintain following service during winter
months between
Leave Prince Rupert 10 p.m. Jan. 14,
28,   Fe 1. 13, If, arch 11, 25
Arrive asset 7 a.m.  Jan. 15, 29,
Feb. 12, 26, i^m 12,    26
Le  b\e asset 12  Noon Jan. 15, 29,
Feb. 12, 26, arch 12, 26
Arrive Prince Rupert 9 p.m. Jan.
15, 29, Feb. 12, 26, arc h   12,26
Close connection for South and East
For full information apply to
General Agent, Prince Rupert
Agency for all Atlantic  Steamship
Lines. .-.;.■•
This is a common state of affairs in
British Columbia and to save the province from its direst outcome: ah un-
evitable moral, social and economic
disaster—a long-headed administration
imposed the four per cent, wild land
tax. This tax, about 20 cents an acre
per year, forces the speculator to let go
and sell.
Should the rise in land values, due to
agriculture, industry and immigration,
enable the land monopolists to withstand
the tax and keep their holdings you
may be sure a heavier tax will be
The direct intention of the wild land
tax is to defeat land speculation, to
keep the lan4 in small holdings for the
We have reasons to think that the
direct intention of the municipal scheme
recently thrust upon us, is to defeat the
wild land tax and defeat the people.
Jump ye who will, Graham Islanders,
but before you jump—lookout.
C. de L.
Bryan Inions of Chilliwack, a new
arrival, has taken up a pre-emption adjoining John Locker and has started to
clear and build.
Wm. Mesner, who is located on the
skid road, returned on the last steamer
after a visit south. Mr. Mesner has
four acres cleared and is now busy
erecting a new home.
>i Messrs. Ray and Aspinwall, who have
pre-emptions at Tl-el River, arrived
here Friday on business, leaving again
the next morning. Both ltate that, a
road from the east coast, via Mexican
Tom trail to Queenstown, would be a
great advantage to the settlers of that
district and are in hopes that a start on
the construction of this road will be
made this year.'
Manufacturer  and  Dealer in Lumber
Queenstown, Massett Inlet
Dry Spruce Lumber for House Building
Dry Cedar for Boat Building
Dimension and all kinds of Rough Lumber Supplied
Investigate The Profits
The Brachman-Ker Milling Co., Vancouver.
QUEENSTOWN,       - -       Graham Island, B. C.
Up-to-date Excellent Service No Bar in connection
First-class accommodation fpr holiday parties
Good boating, fishing and hunting close by.    Fast gasoline boat for charter.
Qyeenstown, Massett Inlet, B. C.
Best Quality of goods at the right price
Call and be convinced that we ean save you money on your supplies
Our Motto—Small Profits and Quick Returns
Try our Famed TEAS, COFFEES, HAMS and BACON,,   ,
Fresh Fruits and Vegetable,*
, X
HARDWARE   „   DRY GOQDS        BOOTS and SHOES, Etc., Etc.
Goods delivered by arrangement
Gasoline Boat fpr Charter,.,
hi: f   *
E. J. Tingley
Real Estate
Town Lots and Acreage
Coal and Oil Lands
Free and reliable information
given regarding available preemption locations.
A large tract of Graham Island's
choicest agricultural land, comprising  over  100  locations,
recently released from the
coal rights and now open
to the Settler. This land
lies close to Queenstown  and offers a
golden opportunity to the home-
The "Polaris"
The speediest and most comfortable
launch in Nprthern B. C.
Will leave QUEENSTOWN to connect with G. T. P. Steamers to Massett on the morning of boat days,
returning to Queenstown on the following day.
For Charter to all points on Massett Inlet
For particulars write F. Nash or
Capt. S. Ferguson,
Queenstown, Graham Island, B. C.
A. W. De Lisle
Builder and Contractor
Plans, Specifications, Estimates and
Contracts given on request.
Thoroughly reliable work guaranteed
F. Nash, B.C.L.S.,
Queenstown, B.C.
(Of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson)
Dom. and B. C. Land Surveyors
Surveys of Coal Licenses, Mineral
Claims and Subdivisions.
The Planing and Survey of Town-
sites a Speciality.
Hicks & Cauthers
Pool Hell
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cigarettes
Candies and Soft Drinks
Books, Magazines, Dailies.
Island Lime Deposits.
To the Editor of The Islander.
Dear Sir,—I see in a recent issue
that the Graham Island Farmers' Institute propose bringing lime for agricultural purposes from Vancouver
Island. Wouldn't some sort of cooperative arrangement, by which lime
deposits on these islands might be de-
veveloped, be more satisfactory to all
concerned ?. There is at least one lime
deposit on Skidegate Inlet, Mr. Bebee's,
and it is quite possible to use wood fuel
for burning the rock, though that is not
absolutely necessary, as the experts are
agreed that finely ground limestone is
quite as efficient, if not so quick in its
action, as the burned lime. Another
source for agricultural lime that might
be considered by the poorer of us
ranchers and one quite practicable, in
view of the fact that many of us farm
such comparatively small plots, is clam
shells." These are easily burned into a
soluble lime. In some places they are
easy to get. They can be spread in a
6 in. layer on a foundation of logs
and covered with a brush fire and burned
right where they are desired for use.
This may be tedious for many, but one
lias to clear the land) and a very few
dollars "cash money" means a lot more
'' mush'' and we only can make so much
each working season any way.
I, for one, would like to see the
Farmers' Institutes of the various
sections correspond re the possibility of
co-operative development of the local
lime deposits. There will no doubt be
an ever increasing demand for agricultural lime, and another thing they should
consider is the manufacture of drain
tiles. There are sufficient quantities of
clay in several sections for the purpose,
if the quality is suitable, and the possibility for their use unlimited.
Hoping these suggestions meet with
consideration.—I am, yours truly,
A Cape Ball Farmer.
Anglican Church.
5872 | 13
Plaintiff, and
Charlotte Islands,  in ,the Province
of British Columbia, and formerly
of the  City  of  Vancouver, in the
Province aforesaid.
TAKE NOTICE that a Plaint has
been entered and the Summons issued
against you in the above County Court
by Dominion Trust Company, Plaintiff,
an Incorporated Company having its
Head Office and carrying on business at
the City of Vancouver, in the Province
of British Columbia, for the sum of
$1694.00 for instalments of principal and
interest due under a certain Agreement
for Sale between one T. R. Pearson as
Vendor and the above Defendant as
Purchaser, of Lot 9, in Block "B,"
subdivision of Section 25, Block 4 North,
Range 7 West, in the Municipality of
Richmond, New Westminster District,
in the Province of British Columbia
(which said Agreement was duly assigned to the above named Plaintiff),
then known as the Dominion Trust
Company Limited, by the said T. R.
Pearsonj by indenture of assignment
dated the 27th day of January, 1912, together with all the said T. R. Pearson's
interests in said Agreement for Sale and
in and to the payments due or to become due thereunder and the lands
therein described (and notice of the said
assignment was duly given to the said
Defendant), and in default of payment
for cancellation of said Agreement, and
that the Defendant be foreclosed from
his rights thereunder and in and to the
ajjbove described lands, and that all.
moneys paid under said Agreement be
forfeited te the Plaintiff; or that an
account be taken of the amount due
under said Agreement and in default of
payment thereof that the said Agreement be declared cancelled;
that an Order has been made that the
publication of a Notice of the entries
of such Plaint in the "Queen Charlotte
Islander" (published in the City of
Queenstown, Queen Charlotte Islands,
Province of British Columbia) for three
successive weeks, sh^ll be deemed to be
good and sufficient service of the Summons upon you.
You are required to enter a Dispute
Note within fourteen days from the
31st day of January, 1914, at the Registry Office at the Court House, Vancouver, aforesaid, and if you do not enter
such Dispute Note, judgment may be
signed against you and the Plaintiff may
proceed to execution.
Dated this 22nd day of December, 1913.
A Junior Judge of the
County Court of Vancouver.
Church Services every Sunday as
follows:—Queenstown, 3 p.m. ; Sunday
school, 2.30 p. m.; Choir practice every
Friday evening at 8.
Rev. H. H. Greene, Minister.
For Sale
Island Turnips, better flavor than
spuds, half the cost. Pork, quarter or
whole pig, 25c. per lb. Celery, $1.00
per doz. Democrat rig, a bargain,
nearly new.—Apply Chas. M. WilRon,
or C. C. Carter; Delkatlah.
The Islander $2 a Year
Monkey Winch
Is  now   well   and   favorably   known
throughout the North.
Note the new address for prompt
When visiting Prince Rupert
J. D. McLeod & Co.
For Men's Wear
Superior Quality
P.O. Box 90.
Third Avenue
Hotel Central
Peter Black, Prop.
Spacious Travelers' Sample
Steam Heated Electric Bells
Corner First Avenue and Seventh Street
Hotel Winters
Cor. Abbott and Water Streets
European Plan   -   $1.00 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.
Hot and cold water.    Steam heated.
Bus meets all boats and trains
J. A. LEROY      Proprietors       J. NATION
Notary Public and Conveyancer
Real Estate and Insurance
Office of E. J. Tingley
Queenstown, B. C.
New Knox Hotel
Besner & Besner, Props.
The New Knox Hotel is run on
the European plan. First class
service. All the latest modern
The Bar keeps only the best
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Cafe is open from 6.30 a.m.
to 8 p.m.    Excellent cusine.
Beds, 50c. and Up.
First Avenue    -    Prince Rupert
1211 Dominion Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
If you are not acquainted with
this machine and its work write for
particulai z.
Launch Westover
Makes weekly trips between Massett
and Queenstown, calling at way points,
returning to Massett in time to connect
with mail steamer.
Freight and baggage delivered to all
points on the Inlet.
The " Westover " for Hire or charter
by hour, day or week at reasonable
terms.    For further information apply
SkeenaLand District—District of Queen   skeena Land District—District of Queen
Charlotte Islands Charlotte Islands ■	
■"TEETTVl to the da^'ifter'datfrSteTto £& S*S igaS£&fi£* £-X2 Synopsis of Coal Mming Regulations
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the aays anei udie i /r J li-ense  «\,i -**-* - ii«s«#.-«» rff  fends  for   a 	
SMuc-uiiii^ "Tpnderfor  chief commissioner of lands tor a license  tne
undersigned and endorsed.lender ror for coa, and petroleum un- lice
(jays    aiici   uore   a   iu»y»»    - —    — r
the chiet commissioner ol lands
Public Building, Port Alberni, B. C
will be received at this office until 4.00
P.M., on 'Wednesday, 31st December,
1913. for the construction of a Public
Building at Port Alberni, B.C.
Plans, specification and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender
obtained at the office of tne undersigned,
Postmasters at Port Aiberni and at
Nanamio, and Mr. A. J. Chisholm,
caretaker, Public Building, Vancouver.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be considered unleps
made on the forms supplied, and
signed   with  their  actual   signatures,
signed   with  their ^^JSrSS^oi  Located December 21st, 1913
stating their occupation    and places ot _Jr^ u
   for   a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
to prospect for coal and petroleum un-  license to prospect tor coal and   petro- ^QAL mining rights of the Dominion
der the foreshore, under the lands and  leum urujer Jthe  foreshore,   under  the 1^    fa  Manitoba,   Saskatchewan  ana
under the waters  of  the following de-  iands and under the waters ot   the ioi- Alberta>tne YukonTerritory, the North
scribed lands:     Commencing at a post lowing described .ands:    commencing wesfc Temtories and in a portion of th.
planted on the foreshore of the north  Qr a nnst: nlantedon the toresnore  oi t>_ _ n4 d„;+.„u rvinmhio   mav h<
coast  ot
miles east ui mmoiuH •.«■■•», .*...—       lwv/ i»»i.v<~ —^-   --   —
0   W   Rafuse, S.E. corner, thence run-  marked  0. W. Rafuse,   S. W. corner,
'--    •    • ■•    <■ OA -u"!«s  then  mnning  north 80 chains,   thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence following the sinuosities of the
shore to point of commencement.
0. W. Rafuse, Locator.
J. W. Smith, agent.
Located December 21st, 1913
d.f.p.—Jan. 14
lands:     Commencing at a post lowing described Lands:     oommenuiiK wesfc Territories and in a portion of the
I on the foreshore of the north at a post  planted on the toresnore  or Provmce of British Columbia, may be
ii   Moresby  Island,   about  two the north coast of Moresby island, aoout leased lor a term 0f twenty-one years
astof Mission Point, and marked two mjies east of  Missiont Foint, ana ^ ^ annuai cental of $1 an acre.    Not
vafy->aa   fi V. fnrner. thence run- marked   O. W.  Rafuse,   b. W. corner, « Kfix 0/,_M ,vln ho leased to
ning 80 chains north, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains south, thence
following the sinuosities of the shore
80 chains east to point of commencement.
0. W. Rafuse, Locator.
W. J. Smith, agent.
residence. In the ca^e of firm?, the
actual signature, the nature of the occu-
pa'ion and place of residence of each
member of the firm must be given.
Each tender mu*t be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the Honourable the Minister
of Public Works, equal to ten per cent
(10 p.c.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or fail
to complete the work  contracted  for.
SkeenaLand District— Districtof Q'ieen
Charlotte Islands
Take notice that I, E. J. Tingley, of
Queenstown, Graham Island, B.C., real
estate agent, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and  petro-
at an annual rental of $1 an acre. " Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Y Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territory the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
Skeena Land District—Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands
Notice  is   hereby given   that  thirty
days after date 1 intend to fcpply to the Cou«vv  ~tV ,   	
chief commissioner of lands for a license license to prospect for coal and  petro-   ^a,u u"'V£? l"^~"~~~ •-•-*
to prospect for coal and petroleum un- leum over the following described land:  m£e at the rate of ?ve <*"** Her to" ..
der   the  foreshore, under   the waters, Commencing at a post planted about 1   , Th.e.Person operating the mine shall
and under the land of the following de- mile south from   the   mouth  of  West  furnish the Agent with sworn  returns
r"7    hen called unon to do so  or ia..  scribed lands:   Commencin    at  a post River,   on   the West coast of  Graham   accounting,   for   the   full   quantity   of
tract wn. work  contracted  for    planted  on   the   foreshore  at   Mission Island, thence west  80  chains, thence
to comp e •   p0|nt   on   the  north   end of  Moresby south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
If the tender be not accepted the cheque   Island) and maHced0. W. Rafuse, S.W. thence north 80 chains to the place of
will be returned „ .„„ Qft „hQir,« north, commencement.
Island, and marked O. W.
in De returns , corner, thence running 80 chain' north,
The Department does not bind itself  thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
 i. n,« lAmoat nr anv tender. o^ntv.
The UBpatnui-iii, ....,„	
to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order, ^^^_
Resident Architect.
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., December 9th, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for this
advertisement if-they insert it without
authority from the Department/
south, thence following the sinuosities
of the shore to point of commencement
0. W. Rafuse, Locator
W. J. Smith, agent.
Located December 21st, 1913.
d.f.p.—Jan. 14
Dated Sept. 27, 1913.
d.f.p.-Nov. 26
E. J. Tingley.
Skeena Land District— District of Queen
Charlotte Islands
;    Take notice that I, E. J. Tingley, of
 Queenstown, Graham Island, B.C., real
SkeenaLandDistrict-District of Queen ('estate   agent, Jntend   to  appty for  a
ThavlnttP Talnnrts license to prospect tor coal and petro-
^naiiotte lsianas. leum oyer the following described land:
Notice is hereby given that thirty Commencing at a post planted about 2
days after date I intend to apply to the miles south and three-quarters of a mile
chief commissioner o. lands for alicense  west from the mouth of West River, on
.l    i .._    the Westcoastof Graham Island, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
    ■   ■  - ■" *' n. 80
Take notiee that L. F. Beecher, one r0SDect for coal and petroleum un-
iif the Co-Owners of the undermentioned   ,  r,,^f       . unC[er the lands and  easi oo m;»»'°> »■■-»— ;--•" --     ,h
S.JSS5S: £fes.S S3??r=t
tribute ms Viyv»t,"»;: ~ ~"nf   .* Mi scribed lands:     Commencing at a post
ture required by Section 48 ot the Min ,         th    foreshore of  Mission
era? Ac\, and the.urifletBifned.£mng ^nted on^                 and marked
performed the  labor  and incurred the q   ^ Kafuse> ^ w               .   th
expenditure,   should .the   said   u   r. lg south 80 chains, thence east 80
2S«&A?Sf S «,««5 TZJ^
chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 27,' 1913.       E. J. Tingley.
d.f.p.-Nov. 26
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lea^e will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available
surface riytits may beconsidered neces- \
sary for the working of the mine at the :
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information,appHcation should
be made to the Secretary-of the Depart- I
ment of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any j
Agentor Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised   publication   of
this advertisement-will not be paid for.
Henry Edenshaw's Power Sloop
" hsephine
Skeena Land District—District of Queen
Charlotte Islands
of" advertising,' his interests ir» theisaid
Claims will become vested in the under
SIS lis  Co-Owner, who has  made
rfe required expenditures, in compliance
with the further provisions of the Min-
erTheVClaims referred to are Emmerson,
0. W. Rafuse, Locator.
W. J. Smith, agent.
Located December 21st, 1913.
d.f.p.—Jan. 14
^^_^^_ Union Engine 15 H.P.
' '. .       .       r   _   T   m.    , „ Is open tor Charter by the Day or Week
Take notice that I, E. J. Tingley, of for the carrying0f Freight to any point
Queenstown, Graham Island, B.C., real on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
estate  agent,   intend  to  apply  for  ■ -    .. ,. ._, A !„^%.WQ
Skeena Land District—District of Queen
Charlotte Islands
estate agent, >in^..~ ,.„ „rr.>,
license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile west from the mouth of Steel
Creek on the North shore of Lewis
Harbor, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
For further particulars and information apply to
Henry Edenshaw, Massett.
lhevjiainioiBicuw" —	
T po   and Good Hope Fraction, at LocKe ^__ _ tu:-tv   north 80 chains, thence east ou cnama,
^jfel^^M SUtehne ^r^t^M ^|<80ch^toPlaceof.Com
S°"ew   vToffice   at   Queen Sf commissioner of lands for a license  mencemen
Mining   Recorder's
Satedthls^hday of September, 1913.
H. L. Beresford.
The said L. F. Beecher
j   H   McMullin, official administrator of the said Beecher.
Office at Queen ^'So^^^i^'fovU^ J^w" 29 1913
to prospect for coal and petroleum un- Dated Sept. 29, 191rf.
,      xi     £~„—u„^«   nnrlpr thp lands and      a t n —Nnv  26
E. J. Tingley.
Tow Hill Genera:
—1— Store
tO  prospect iui wm  "..-, ,	
der the foreshore, under the lands and
under the waters of the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on the foreshore at the north
end of Moresby Island, about two miles
east of Mission Point, and marked O.
W. Rafuse, N. E. corner, thence running 80 chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80
"Surprise," "Damfin," and "Grand-
view" Mineral Claims, situate in Queen
Charlotte Islands Mining Division, Skee-
0. w
W. J
Rafuse, Locator.
Smith, agent.
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District
Districtof Skeena.             B^^^^^^^^K n.o. un«v",
Take notice that I, Arthur Solomon, Located December 21st, 1913
of   Queen  Charlotte  City,   occupation d.f.p._Jan. 14
musician, intend toapply for permission	
repurchase  the   following   described -j                                ,
lands:   Commencing at a post planted HaVnerBrOS.
west, thence 80 chains north, thence 80       Di8trict. Where located :-On the East
chains east to point of commencement.   shoreofKlunKwoi Bay, Moresby Island.
O  W. Rafuse, Locator.      Take notice that I, William H. Bur-
Take notice that I, William H. Bur-
lev of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia. Broker,
FrelMiner's Certificate No. 782701 VB,''
intend sixty days from the date hereof
to apply to the Mining Recorder for
Certificates of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining Crown Grants for
lands •    UQunnBHuinB""" 1—~.r   ; ■ 	
lanua .      , .      xt rther}vdirection from "w«^  ,. -    ■      purpose ux "-<■- T-l."
Stndto teSSp- tlltr TT F«n,ito«vDe»l«r.            Pri»« Rapert «jhjf *£?$#&. that action
the S.E. corner of Deena River I R , ^         Snm   WE^^mm.            Wg 8B      st be commenced
&fe-W* Sh:t2h°enCchea20ScheaSa Lino.eU Carpets, stoves and Bvem ™^ ^Issuance of such Certincates
thence 20 chains nortn, u Home.   Singer s Sewing    f Impr0Vements.
west, thence 20 chains south to point of thingl^                  Edison's   Phono- ^ this 15th day of September, 1913.
commencement                          Solomon. graphs,     Funeral Directors.andEm-                                    ffli      H  Burley#
Da^e'^^ September, 1913. balmers.   Monuments and Headstones d.f.p.
Goods delivered to all points along the
North Beach between Massett and Rose
Spit by arrangement.
Massett Trading
Co/s Store
General Merchandise       Hardware
Gent.'s and Ladies' Furnishings.
All kinds of Feed kept in stock
Motor Launch for Hire
Pessimism Cannot Harm
the confident optimism of Graham
Centre, because Graham Centre
is destined to grow.
Its very situation on the map
ensures the future of Graham
Any skeptic, after careful,
consideration of the facts of
Graham Centre's fast development, will be convinced of the
great future that lies ahead for
Graham Centre—the natural outlet of the great coal, timber and
agricultural wealth of the Gem
Island of the Pacific.
Call or write
Chas. M. Adam
Graham Centre P.O., B.C.,
regarding the best proposition on
Graham Island.
A full line of General Merchandise, Surveyors' and Settlers'
Supplies delivered to any point
on Massett Inlet.
Motor Launches for Charter
Special rates for long cruises
Mail launch "Queen" leaves
Graham Centre every THURSDAY
morning for Massett, returning
on arrival of mail steamer.
C. M. Adam
Graham Centre, P.O., B. C.
District News Items
Mr. C. M. Adam returned on Tuesday
from a combined business and pleasure
trip to the southern part of the Island.
It is some years since he was down that
way and he found much pleasure in
visiting old friends by whom he was
hospitably entertained
Owing to the severity of the weather
the ducks and geese have been driven to
shelter close in shore. Hunting has
accordingly been excellent all round the
townsite and several good bags are
Recent visitors to the townsite include
Capt. Ferguson, Messrs. John Locker,
D. Crocker, W. Toop, Marshall, Mc
Dougall, D. Edensh-.w, Frank Van Valkenburg and Constable William Hughes.
An urgent message from Massett was
received by Frank Millard, stating that
his daughter had a paralytic shock.
According to the latest reports, however, she is now well.
The Graham Centre wharf was badly
damaged in the westerly gale on Monday T .e breikwator at the end was
totally destroyed and the main part of
the wharf suffered the loss of some
planks, ripped off by the heavy waves
which washed over the entire structure.
Fallow Deer For Graham Island
(Continued from page 1)
The party expect to have a busy time
in capturing the animals. James Island
har a., area of 800 acres, principally in
wild >ush. The plan decided upon is to
drive the animals into the water and
then rope theiw and tow them ashore.
Dogs—the use of which is ordinarily
prohibited by the provincial game laws
—will have to be used to drive the deer
into the water. Under . special amendment to the Game Act, the department
is allowed the discretion of using dogs
under such special circumstances. The
wardens will be stationed in canoes and
will lasso the deer ne they try to swim
to the adjacent islands. The big launch
of the game wardens' department will
be requisitioned and will 'w in attendance. The wardens expect to be able
to cfture most of the animals, but if
the worst happens and captures are not
possible then they will, as a last resort,
drive the animals to Sidney Inland, two
miles away. Twomileb is an easy swim
for a deer, which will oiitn swim five
miles to an island to escape an attack
fmm wolves.
Fallow deer have been taken to New
Zealand, have become acclimatized and
are thriving. The reports of the wardens state that the second generation
of fallow deer on James Island are much
bigger animals than the deer of the
first generation, showing the stimulating
effect of the free life.
Wholesale and Retail Merchant
Everything in Merchandise, Surveyors' and Prospectors*
Motor Boat Supplies of all kinds.
Gas    Engines    and     Machinery.
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Gas Engines and
Holliday Engineering Co., Chicago.
Ferro Marine Engines, Standard 2 Cycle Motors.
Ridgeway's Teas and Coffees
Bucks' Stoves and Ranges
Eastman Kodaks and supplies
Commerical Union Assurance Co.
Fire Insurance.
Nadu River
Goods delivered in our own Motor Boat at reasonable rate
Butcher ahd Provision Dealer
Special Attention Given to Shipping Orders.
1 V.' '-, ■
(Form F.)
"Thunder," "Spade Flush" and
" Sadie " Mineral Claims, situate in the
Queen Charlotte Mining Division of
Skeena District. Where located on
Collison Bay, Moresby Island, Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take Notice that I, Geo. A. Macleod,
acting as agent for Ike Thompson,
Certificate No. B. 71724; J. S. McMillin,
Certificate No. B.34543, and Ben Metcalfe, Certificate No. B.34540, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issue of such Certificate of
Dated this 19th day of November,
A.D. 1913.
Geo. A. Macleod, agent.
d.f.p.—Dec. 24
Date Dec 16th, 1913,
d.f.p.—Dec. 24
Frank Meldon.
SkeenaLand District— Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands.
* Take notice that William Lional Barton of Queenstown, Graham Island,
occupation mill owner, intends to apply
for permission to lease the following
described lands: Commencing at a post
planted at the North corner of Block
35, Lo1. 746, Queen Charlotte Islands
District, thence north 500 feet, thence
south 540 feet, thence south 613 2-10
feet, thence north-westerly following
the high water mark of ordinary high
tides to the point of commencement,
and containing 6 1-2 acres^ more or less;
said lands being part of the foreshore
at Stewart Bay, Massett Inlet.
Dated December 10th, 1913.
William Lional Barton,
d.f.p.—Jan. 21
—| : ,.„—_ , _— »■ ■    ■ —
Joh Printing Islander Office
scon, FR0UD
& CO.
Everything in Boots aid Shoes
Agent for " Walk-Over " Shoes
"Queen Quality" Shoes for Ladies
" Classic "   Shoes for Children
All descriptions of Working Boots,
Packs and Rubber Goods
Prompt Attention Given to Mail Orders^
Skeen Land District—District of Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that James Martin, of
Massett, B. C, occupation merchant,
intends to apply for permission to lease
the following described land: Commencing at a post planted at the N.W.
Coivner of Lot 10, Block 44, District Lot
746, Graham Island; thence north 350
feet; thence east 132 feet; thence, south
409 feet to the N.E. Corner of Lot 7,
Block 44, D.L. 746, thence north-westerly and following the north boundaries
of Lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, Block 44, to the
point of commencement, and containing
1 2-10 (one and two-tenths) acres more
or less.
James Martin.
Located Dec. 17th, 1913.
d.f.p.- Dec. 17
Skeena Land District—Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that Frank Meldop, of
Queenstown, occupation farmer, intends
to apply for permission to lease the
followingdescribed lands: Commencing
at a post planted at a point 90 feet east
of the North-west corner of Lot 996,
Graham Island, thence east 15 chains,
thence north 7 chains, thence west 15
chains, thence south 7 chains to point
of commencement, and contaming 10
acres more or 'ess.
McRae BrOS.   Prince Rupert
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Official
Watch Inspector
Watchmaker  and  Jeweler
Prince Rupert, B.C.       P.O. Box 494
European Plan
Licensed Bar
Royal Hotel
Corley & Burgess, Proprietors
Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00
Steam Heat
Hot Water
Skeena Land District—Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the chief commissioner of lands for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum under Jthe foreshore, under the
lands and under the waters of the following described lands: Commencing
at a post planted on the foreshore of
the north coast of Moresby Island, about
two miles east of Missiont Point, and
marked O. W. Rafuse, S. W. corner,
then running north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence following the sinuosities of the
shore to point of commencement.
O. W. Rafuse, Locator.
J. W. Smith, agent.
Located December 21st, 1913
d.f.p.—Jan. 14
Skeena Land District— Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands
Take notice that L E. J. Tingley, of
Queenstown, Graham Island, B.C.,real
estate agent, intend to apply for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile south from the mouth of West
River, on the West coast of Graham,
Island, thjence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to the place of
Dated Sept. 27, 1913.      E. J. Tingley.
d.f.p.—Nov. 26
See for yourself what is there
Ten Thousand Celery Plants
Forty Thousand Cabbage
and   other   garden   truck
Ten'acres under cultivation
■.-.•■/ ■ • k * ■ ■■  ■ \*
■ ■■■   ■■■ ^■■—ii ■ — iiim wim—■ i   ■■»■■—i—i-.. ■■    »■ !■> —■ ■■■■——i^^»..—i——^————■—»—■i^——,
—1^—— III ■ ■.— ■■«!  —Jl—H—■ ■   IW.MHWI— ■■— ■   —IW        Mil. ■■■■»■,.■■ I     I ,,,„■■      Ml      !■       ■■■!!■ ,,
^ Charles M. Wilson
Most Complete Manufacturing and Repair Department in Northern B. C.
,,'• Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Late Foreman for R. ■Hemsley, Watch Inspector
for all the Railroads running into Montreal.    * ■
Manufacturing Jewellers, Diamond Mounters. Engravers,
Watchmakers and Graduate Opticians
Agents for the Victor Gramaphones and Records?
Sole Agent for the Stanley Pianos.       Eyerything in Rubber Stamps made
to order.       Repairs promptly attended to.
Helgerson Block  p ° Box 78 Prince Rupert
Empress Hotel
Private telephones in every room. Hot and Cold running water.
No extra charge for Baths.
Lunch Counter and Dining Room in Connection.
Bar Pool Room Barber Shop.
Electric Lighted
Well Heated
Centrally Located
Third Avenue
Contractors* And' Mining Machinery Supplies
Building Materials
Steel     Rails
:Sil» ^Ma^ery
Agricultural Implements -CANADIAN RAND *£* ■ an{ ***"■
Teaming and Pump Wagons   CO.'S PRODUCTS        Dairy Supplies
CH HANDASYDE Jr., Prince Rupert,Bit
P.O. Drawer 1663 Office: 327 Second Ave.
'.I I   ■


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