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Queen Charlotte Islander May 23, 1914

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p:;    "  "*'">   US   y5r"'"V   ^'.i&h    ^
A  Weekly Newspaper Published in the interests of the Settlers, and to promote the development of the Queen Charlotte Islands.
VOL. 3, No. 31
5 Cents per Copy
Mushed From Spokane To Rupert,
Then Crosses To Massett
Ed. N. Clark,   "The Canadian Jack London," Famous Glebe Trotter and
Journalist,   Delighted  with Massett and  Vicinity.
When Ed. N. Clark, the magazine
writer, hit Prince Rupert on the completion of a long mid-winter hike from
Spokane he chanced to meet up with a
live booster for these islands in R. B.
Entwisle, manager of the Queen Charlotte Information Bureau in the terminal citv, and it was owing to the
energy shown by that gentleman in his
attractive window display and persuasive line of talk on the unrivalled
beauty of the Charlottes that drove
the pedestrian-journalist off his scheduled route back to Spokane via
Vancouver and brought him here
amongst us on a brief sojourn prior to
returning south. Now he is here and
has seen for himself what we have in
climatic conditions and scenery he says
he wouldn't have missed the trip on
any account, the more so inasmuch as
when a Vancouver paper sent a man
through from Fort George to Rupert
last summer he ignored the Charlottes
altogether and jumped the first boat
back t® his home town. Ed. Clark has
received every courtesy in the matter
of photographs and information from
Mr. W. C. C. Mehan, the G.T.P. general
superintendent, and experienced no
difficulty in coming over as a guest on
their weekly boat. All the hotel men
on his line of route in B.C. also proved
their sportsmanship by♦ according him
the run of the house during his brief
stopovers, but while here he has been
the guest of Mr. C. M. Wilson, owner
of the Delkatlah suburban townsite,
who hails from within 40 miles of
Clark's native place in South Wales.
Five years ago Ed. Clark undertook
a strenuous tramp of 3,351 miles across
Canada in winter for Pearson's Magazine, leaving Quebec city without a
cent and making all expenses en route,
which he successfully accomplished in
118 days, hitting the Rockies with the
temperature down to 63 below—17
degrees greater than experienced by
Peary on his dash for the Pole. His
recent tripof 1,490 miles from Spokane
was covered in 52 days, which may be
considered some mushing in the snow.
He is the only pedestrian on Pearson's
free-lance staff, and is now booked to
walk to the San Francisco Fair and
thence round the world, which he
figures will engage him  for  the next
three years.
In the course of an interview with
our reporter Mr. Clark said: "You
appear to have here climatic conditions
as near Paradise as we'll get this side
Jordan and beauty of scenery unrivalled by any place visited by me on
three continents, which are all I've
investigated so far. Queen Charlotte
weather is the ideal thing, and your
glorious forest glade of giant cedars
alongside the Inlet between the new
town and the old with a little repair to
the road could be made a worthy rival
of the Stanley Park motoring surfaces
in Vancouver. The story of the
fighting Haidas and a visit to their
unique village well repays me for the
trip and I'm jolly glad I came over.
When your townsite of Masset is put
on the market next month, knowing
the strength of the man behind it, I
foresee the making of a good township
here, and if you're not getting a daily
boat service within 12 months through
his efforts I have another guess
coming. As a summer or ' winter
resort you seem to have them all
beaten in this province, and without a
doubt so far as my opinion goes in that
20 mile stretch of level hard-packed
sand beach from Massett to Rose Point
you have ready made one of the
greatest motor-racing tracks on the
Pacific Coast, or the whole American
continent for that matter; development will quickly follow on its once
becoming known to motorists, and I
anticipate hearing of regular racing
tournaments being organized on this
magnificent stretch of mile-wide sand
before many years. While here
Messrs. Deasy and Wilson and Chief
Edenshaw of the Haidas have shown
me every courtesy in digging up information and photographs suitable for
reproduction, and while leaving your
beautiful island with genuine regret I
hope at a later day to return and
maybe settle down around here. I'm a
South Wales man myself, and showing
how small the world is after all may
say I met three men in Rupert from
my home town and two others here out
of the same county—all doing well and
thus proving the sageness of Horace
Greely's advice to young men—'Go
Off to England.
Mrs. Charles Harrison, wife of our
popular magistrate, has had to hasten
her departure for the old country. She
was not intending to go until the latter
part of June, but a cablegram was received on Friday asking her to start
immediately, and as her father is well
on in years and in a precarious state of
health she thought it wise to leave on
the Prince Albert next Tuesday. It
was intended to give her a' farewell
banquet, but time will not permit this
now. As it is she carries our wishes
for a speedy and happy journey, and a
safe return.
Prince Rupert's Eyes on the Islands
The Prince Rupert Board of Trade
through its energetic publicity agent,
Mr. Percy Godenrath, is endeavoring
to arrange a business men's excursion
to Massett and the Islands some time
during the summer. Whether they
will be successful or not depends largely upon the attitude of the G.T.P.
steamship officials. The existing rate
for the round trip, $16.00, is somewhat
Mrs. Hastie and son spent a few
days here this week.
Frank Hicks of the Pool Hall left
for Rupert on the last boat on a business trip.
Mr. La Rochelle, representing the
Moore light, was here for a few hours
last boat day.
It is hoped that Mr. H. S. Clements,
M.P., will visit the Islands after the
session at Ottawa is over. We have
very pleasant recollections of his last
visit, and the energetic way in which
he secured the appropriations for the
various Dominion Public Works shows
that be was impressed and fully alive
to our needs and possibilities.
Overseas Club.
The Postponed Annual General Meeting of the Furthest West Branch of the
Overseas Club will be held in the School-
house, Massett, at 7.30 p.m., on Monday, June 8th, 1914. All present and
intending members are urged to attend.
C. HARRISON, President.
Dr. Sullivan came over from the The genial Frank 'Van' came in
mainland on the last boat. He has a from his Yakoun ranch and spent a
location near Sargan Lake. few days in town.
Tenders For Hospital
Sealed Tenders, addressed to the undersigned and endorsed on the envelopes
"Tender for Massett Hospital," will be
received up to Noon of the 16th day of
June, 1914, for the erection and completion of Hospital building at Massett.
Plans and specificati ns may be seen
at the office of Mr. Jas. Martin, Massett.
Each tender must be accompanied by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank
for ten per cent, of the amount of the
tender, payable to the order of the undersigned, which amount will be forfeited if tbe person or persons tendering
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so or fail to complete
the work contracted for.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Secretary Hospital Board.
Massett, 16th May, 1914.
Local News Items
Mr. Jas. Adams of London, Eng., is
here looking for a pre-emption.
Miss Evans of Nadu is the guest of
Miss Ives for a few days this week.
The whaler Blue of the C.N.P.
whaling fleet tied up at Massett for a
few hours on Thursday.
More pre-emptions have been taken
up on Graham Island this year than
any other district of British Columbia.
Mr. J. Thomas and son left on Friday
for Sewall with two teams', where they
will haul poles for the new sawmill
Reginald Partridge and Wes Singer
were in town from Port Clements
during the week and left for Langara
Island on Friday.
Lawrie and Philip Hughes came in
from Cape Fife on Thursday. The
former has left for North Island in
pursuit of the merry Spring salmon.
The following registered at the Hotel
St.. Ives during the week: G. F. Gower,
Victoria; R. F. Sullivan, Prince Ruperl;
Ed. N. Clark, Spokane; James Adams,
Mr. G. H. Gower of the Department
of Education, Victoria, was here
during the week and inspected the
schools at Massett, Woden and Port
S.S. Jackpine, Capt. Ralph Stafford,
with Jack Parks at the throttle, left
on Friday morning last for the fishing
grounds' at North Island. The "boys"
got a great send off.
Frederick Brower of Woden, James
Hastee of Port Clements and George-
Hudson of Massett were all busy
during Ihe early part of the week
writing the entrance examination for
the High School.
A. E. Jessup returned from Prince
Rupert on the Prince John and has
started a real estate, insurance and
general commission business at Massett. At present he is located in the
Islander office.
Mr. M. E. Dunn, representing the
Swift Canadian Company, made a
short visit here last Tuesday. The Co.
intend to erect a branch warehouse in
Prince Rupert, where they will stock
their many famous brands of supplies.
Carl Pressger of Woden left on the
last boat for Pitt Meadows, near Vancouver. He expects to return from
there with nine families for the Echo
Lake district. Later in the season he
is expecting to bring in some fifty
more from Idaho.
W. M. Bowman of Nadu met. with
an unfortunate accident on TuesHay.
Whilst firing at a blue jay tbe left
barrel of his gun exploded and blew
the first two joints of his thumb clean
off. He was brought to Massett,
where he is progressing favorably
under th» care of Dr. Graves.
A meeting will be-held at the School
House on Monday night for the purpose of appointing committees to
arrange for a celebration at Massett
on Dominion Dav. It is hoped that
people from all the various points on
the Island will attend and do their best
to ensure a successful day. Last
year's sports were a huge success and
resulted in well over a hundred dollars
being added to the Hospital fund. It
is proposed to again devote the proceeds to the same deserving cause.
CAMPBELL, Publisher.
J. M.
In Canada, $2.00; Foreign, $3.00
per annum, in advance.
Advertising Rates
Contract Advertisements $1.50 per
inch per month.
Single   insertions  $1.00  per  inch
per week.
Legal Notices, Government Rates.
White Inn
" The Home of The Boys "
Mrs. WHITE, Proprietress
Massett, B.C., Saturday, May 23,1914
Now that settlers are  being induced
to  come  to-Queen  Charlotte islands,
it would be a  pity   if  they  should  go
away again with the   impression   that
there is no place for them on the lands
thrown open for settlement.    Although
we have the best climate in Canada and
plentv of room for those seeking to make
a living from the  soil, it  must  be  remembered that there are disabilities to
overcome which will test  the pioneer,
but which will, evenntually, result in an
independence that few are   able to  do
without in a new  country.   The  poor
man, especially   one with   a  wife  and
family, cannot be   expected to go  into
the back quarter sections, build a house
and   clear five acres  of  land without
some  capital.    Where    this  capital is
coming from  is   tbe  question     Every
government understands the   value  of
permanent settlers, especially farmers.
They are the "bone  and sinew "of  a
new country and  need  encouragement
in every way.    It is not. enough for men
to come to ou" islands, take up  a preemption and look around for the means
to work it.    We require men and women
who   will build permanent  homes   and
Imake a living from the land right from
j-he start   A good pre-emption anywhere
,n the islands  should  be  worth   some
hundreds of dollars.    The building of a
nouse. barns, and other  improvements
would    soon    make    the  place  worth
a   thousand  dollar,    The  clearing  of
'every acre means at least, one  hundred
dollars and the five  acres,   with  other
improvements,   and  the  value  of the
land should make the property worth in
the   neighborhood  of fifteen   hundred
dollars.   There is no reasoi in the world
why the government should   not  allow
the  pioneer the  sum of one thousand
dollars on such security, for the   term
of ten years,   at a nominal rate of  interest.    Should the pre-emptor abandon
his claim,  the  land and  improvements
would bring more than the  loan.    Our
islands are situated in a different  way
from the mainland of the Province  or
Vancouver island.    We have no railway
commnuication, no highways, few roads
and trails, and we contribute  liberally
to the provincial treasury, by   way  of
taxes, and to  the Dominion   treasury,
by way of duty.   It may be  said  that
the preemptor is not taxed during the
first few years he occupies a preemption;
but he pays the taxes of those supplying
food, farm implements and other commodities.   In this country it is not what
a man has  to  give  that  counts, it is
what he has to sell and  a  market for
the results of   his labor.    We are en-
Meals, Forty Cents
Special Rates to Steady
ROOMS, 50c.
4 Heifers,   to  calf  this  summer,
make good dairy stock ; also
1 Yearling Heifer
2 Yearling Colts.
Applv   C.    Turney,    Tl-ell   River,
Graham  Island.
deavoring to make  this Province  self-
supporting; yet we  import  millions  of
dollars worth of foodstuffs and help  to
support    foreign    nations.    With   our
vast area of agricultural land,   there ig
no reason why we   should import many
articles, and it is not the rich that go to
outlying   settlements  and    commence
tilling the soil.   When we have a country
that requires  clearing and draining, it
becomes a question of aiding those who
are  hardy  enough  to   settle in  some
parts of the  Province.   On  the  mainland,   the   farmers  whose   land  overflowed from the  rivers,   obtain  loans.
The    government    and    the    railway
companies are assisting those along the
lines of railway; but the only help that
if given our settlers is a guarantee that
they will obtain a title to their land  if
they clear and cultivate five acres within
a prescribed period.     Any person  conversant with conditions of our islands,
must   be   aware   that   there   is   little
possibility of making a pre-emption pay
during  the  first  years of  occupancy.
It is practically  impossible  to  build,
clear and drain, and make a  living for
a  family in a  year or  two.     With  a
small amount of capital, a  great deal
can be accomplished, and it is impossible
to mortgage or to raise money  in any
other   way,   than  by   loans from   the
government.    There is no better security than farm lands, and  every   dollar
expended,   under    government  supervision, means gain  to  the   country  at
large.   Individuals form   communities
and every  individual farmer placed on
our  land at  the  present  time  means
prosperity.    Five years ago we did not
have a dozen   settlers;   now   we  have
hundreds, and few  of  them are  rich.
We are importing  many  things  that
could be raised, and the reason is   that
the pre-emptor  must   go  off  his  preemption.   Assist  the   settler,   and  he
will stay at home; he will  do the necessary clearing  and draining,   and  all
will be the richer.
Massett, Graham Island, B. C.
The oldest and most popular Hostelry on the Island
Excellent Table. Special Rates to Steady Boarders
Clean Airy Rooms. Fine Stock of Liquors
Excellent Shooting and Fishing in Vicinity
Gasoline Launches for Hire
Graham Island, B. C.
Up-to-date Excellent Service No Bar in connection
First-class accommodation for holiday parties
Good boating, fishing and hunting close by.    Fast gasoline boat for charter
B. L. TINGLEY, Prop.
Queenstown, Massett Inlet, B. C.
Best Quality of goods at the right price
Call and be convinced that we can save you money on your supplies
Our Motto—Small Profits and Quick Returns
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables . *
HARDWARE        DRY GOODS        BOOTS and SHOES, Etc., Etc.
Goods delivered by arrangement Gasoline Boat for Charter
The Islander $2.00 a year
M— ————
When visiting Prince Rupert
* see
J. D. McLeod & Co.
For Men's Wear
Superior Quality
P.O. Box 90.
Third Avenue
Hotel Central
Pefer Black, Prop.
Spacious Travelers' Sample
Steam Heated
Electric Bells
Corner First Avenue and Seventh Street
'ewe; anniMHMinMB
New Knox Hotel
Besner & Besner, Props.
The New Knox Hotel is run on
the European plan. First class
service. All the latest modern
The Bar keeps only the best
brands of liquors and cigars.
The Cafe is open from 6.30 a.m.
to 8 p.m.    Excellent cusine.
Beds, 50c. and Up.
First Avenue    -   Prince Rupert
Hotel Winters
Cor. Abbott and Water Streets
European Plan   -   $1.00 to $2.50
Rooms with Baths.
Hot and cold water.    Steam heated.
Bus meets all boats and trains
J. A. LEROY      Proprietors       J. NATION
Notary Public and Conveyancer
Real Estate and Insurance
Office of E. J. Tingley
Queenstown, B. C.
F. Nash, B.C.L.S.,
Queenstown, B.C.
(Of Brownlee, Nash & Davidson)
Dom. and B. C. Land Surveyors
Surveys of Coal  Licenses, Mineral
Claims and Subdivisions.
The Planing and Survey of Town-
sites a Speciality.
Sir Richard McBride
Is Optimistic.
In nn interview given to the British
Columbian Premier McBride, in discussing the future of Canada and the
province, stated that while a temporary
depression has occurred this was far
from being local. In fact, it was
world wide, brought about to a great
extent through international complications. And it was nothing more than
could be expected that a country in its
early stages of development would feel
the effect.
"In the last four years, however,"
stated the premier, "there has been
discovered so much additional wealth
in this province; more timber areas;
more mining zones, more fishing areas,
and a greater agricultural zone, with
improved conditions in our municipal,
provincial and Federal governments,
as to make quite patent that our estimates have been really under rather
than over vhat we have in British
Columbia and Canada.
"There is no fear for the future of
the Canadian, and this of course includes British Columbia. There will be
no relaxation of railroad work and we
on the Pacific coast have nothing to
Complain of, when we consider in addition what our American cousins are
doing in the building of the Panama
canal and other projects that will
benefit the entire Pacific coast.
"Where is there a people today,"
concluded the premier, "more fortunate than we on the Pacific coast?"
FOR SALE.—A two horse-power
Waterman Marine Engine (overboard)
with batteries and vibrator. All in good
running order. Also stationary equipment, including base, stub shaft, and
pulley. $65.00 cash.—Address V. F.
Dunn, Queenstown, B.C.
Synopsis of Coal Mining Regulations
/^OAL mining rights of the Dominion
^ in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the
Province of British Columbia, may be
leased for a term of twenty-one years
at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not
more than 2,560 acres will be leased to
one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the Agent
or Sub-Agent of the district in which the
rights applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurveyed
territery the tract applied for shall be
staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if
the rights applied for are not available,
but not otherwise. A royalty shall be
paid on the merchantable output of the
mine at the rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may he permitted to purchase whatever available
surface rights maybe considered necessary for the working of the mine at the
rate of $10.00 an acre.
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any
Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
this advertisement will not be paid for.
W. W. Wrathall
Photo Supplies Amateur Finishing
Gramaphones and Records
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Woden River Genera! Store
C. C. GRANGE, Proprietor
Dry Goods        Groceries        Boots and Shoes        Hardware
Furniture       Household Drugs        Fresh and Salt Meats
If our stock don't contain your wants
we can order anything on short notice
Launch Rosemary for Hire. Boat Supplies.
We want your produce.
Poultry Supplies, Hay
Hour,  Feed,  Seeds,  etc.
. =t _* .
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Vancouver.
Complete   Home   Furnisher
Diningroom and Bedroom Furniture
in all grades.        (
Upholstering Especially.
P.O. Box 1647
Hazelton Eros.
Woden River, B. C.
Agents    for    Diesel,    Detroit   and
Caille   Perfection   Motois.
Also  Kermath 4-Cycle Motors.
Gasoline engines installed and
Motor boat supplies  at   prices that
are right.
If you want a boat that is properly
modeled, built right, nt a reasonable
price, call and see us.
Boats built to order.
Hotel Woden
Woden River, B.C.
Mrs. G. A. HAINES, Proprietress.
Good  Meals  and  Clean   Beds.
Bakery in Connection.
*/•      L/e     ill
B. C. L. S.
Massett, Graham Island
Mineral Claims, Timber Limits, Coal
Licenses, Townsites and Subdivisions Surveyed.
Reports on Wharf Construction and
Water Power.
Job Printinglslander9^cL
il 4 h A
%   «L  ifil uj.&oa
Tlie Lii;€ Wire of
Graham Islan
Why not invest now while prices
are low ?
Special   inducements    to    home
builders and industries.
First come, first served.
Call or write
Graham Centre P.O., B.C.,
regarding the best proposition on
Graham Island.
11 in-n-rnrmri1 nrirri-wirn  n m rnrimnBiiww — mi
^TSKMJJ^g.T^Ji^agPTiaK-SgJWTaBTSie^^ I
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The simplest, safest, brightest
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Victoria Cross Spices.
Quaker Brand Canned Fruits and
Vegetables.   .
McClary Stoves and Ranges.
C. M. Adam
Graham Centre, P.O., B. C.
The Land West Of Massett Inlet.
I commenced my operations by
working southerly along the Kawon
River and easterly to Massett Inlet.
The prevailing feature of this section
of the country is a large proportion of
level muskeg land,, either open or partially so. These muskegs extend in
patches, from a few chains to half a
mile in width, in a north-north-westerly
direction, which evidently owe their
origin to fires which have swept the
country in the direction of the prevailing winds. The muskeg in this part
of the island are moist, and have a
tendency to retain their moisture,
probably owing to the fact that there
is a good deal of clay in the composition of the subsoil, as well as owing
to the peculiar consistency of the decomposed moss of which it is formed.
The land in this part of the country is
intersected by small creeks which lie
in deep ravines, usuall heavy timbered
with spruce and hemlock. There are
many patches of land in these muskegs
which have been burned over within
recent years, where black soil shows at
the surface instead of moss. It is
quite possible that many mossy muskegs, if burned, would present a far
more promising appearance than they
do. Most of the timber lies in the
valley of the Kawon River, which
varies from a quarter of a mile to a
mile in width; and also on the waterfront.
Southerly from the south boundary
of Lot 1692, the same characteiistics
apply as to the land in the first part of
my work, though the country is more
generally timbered, creek valleys less
sharply defined, and the muskegs
firmer. ( Northerly from Lot 1692 to
Dixon Entraice and easterly to Masset
Inlet, the character of the land im-
considerably, as to soil, facility of
drainage, lightness of clearing, and—
what is a matter of importance from a
prospective settler's point of view-
accessibility. The soil and climatic
conditions are well suited to the growing of small fruits, as is demonstrated
by the profusion of wild berries that
grow on the island.
I am also of opinion that the muskegs
after a surface drainage and burning
would produce abundant crops of hay,
as is also indicated by the growth of
grass that appears when the top moss
has been burned off. This part of the
country in my opinion is well adapted
for mixed farming. Growth in the
spring is very rapid, and there are
many indications of the agricultural
possibilities of the land.
I have, etc.,
J. C. A. Long, B.C.L.S.   •
H. A. Swain       Delkatlah Cash Store
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and way points.
General Merchant.
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On Parle Francais.
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Passenger Rates:
Sangan, 75c. : White Creek, $1.00 ;
Tow Hill, $1.50; "Baggage extra.
Pre-emptors Located.
Govt. Telephone Office      Notary Public
J I     Delkatlah
LWWd Shoe   Store
Boots, Shoes and Harness neatly
Men's Women's and Children's Boots
kept in stock.
Leather and Shoe Findings for sale
Belt, Pistol, Holster and all  kinds of
Leather Cases made to order.
General Merchant, Tow Hill
Special attention given to Settlers'
Agent for
International Harvester Company Ltd.
McClary's "Famous" Stoves.
Victor Gramaphones and Records.
Delivery made to any point on the
North Beach.
Stump Puller For Hire.
$2.00 per day ; $30.00 per month.
Any damage  done   to   machine  to  be
made   good   by   hirer.—Apply  W.   F.
HASTIE, Poof Room, Queenstown.
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Prescriptions
Kodaks and Supplies at Catalogue
Special Attention to Mail Orders.
Special attention given to Mail Orders.
■swam MMMom tmHmamsmmammameaatimmgmsmimmmmsmsmisasmms^^
Do You Want 1 o
Fire, Life, Accident and other Insurance
General Brokerage and Commission
Islander Office Massett, B.C.
Tmmrrxwoa*L&Awmimmii^cu:*MLXJ.vj*-J;->CL sta.rji-..-r..- xrar.auMtznUKtfrc
inmiHwawawMroKjwiu' t jwji''» jaw.- » mm
■ h wMWHWW—
A. W. De Lisle
Builder and Contractor
Plans, Specifications, Estimates and
Contracts given on request.
Thoroughly reliable work guaranteed
Queen Charlotte Islands
Information Bureau   >.
* Information given regarding
Pre-Emptions, Coal. Oil, Timber, Fisheries and Real Estate.
Correspondence promptly answered.
List your Island property with us.
rTb. entwisle
Hilditch Block Prince Rupert QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDER
Prince Albert
Prince John
Maintain weekly service between
Massett, etc., and Prince Rupert,
making close connections at Prince
Rupert for the South.
Special Summer Excursions to the
East and Old Country.
Prince Rupert to Montreal and return -       -       - $141.00
Prince  Rupert to  Toronto and return ---- $128.00
Prince Rupert to New York and return ---       - $144.50
Prince  Rupert to Chicago  and return .... $108.50
Rates to other points corresponding low.
For full information apply to
General Agent, Prince Rupert
E. J. Tingley
Real Estate
Town Lots and Acreage
Coal and Oil Lands
Free and reliable information
given regarding available preemption locations.
A large tract of Graham Island's
choicest agricultural land, comprising   over   100   locations,
recently released from the
coal rights and now open
to the Settler. This land
lies close to Queenstown  and offers a
golden opportunity to the home-
Hicks & Caatkers
Pool Hall
Tobaccos, Cigars, Cigarettes
Candies and Soft Drinks
Graham Centre Items.
Dr. C. A. Graves of Massett is a
visitor in town. The Doctor covers the
ground quickly with his Evenrude
motor, as evidenced by the fact that
he made the trip from Massett in less
than three hours, a very creditable
performance for a man in an open
At Hillcrest, Mr. James McLay has
been putting the finishing touches on
his residence. He has also been
bringing his muscles into play in
slashing his acreage. Mr. McLay has
now quite a showing and deserves
great credit for the neat appearance of
the grounds.
C. M. Adam, the enterprising merchant and owner of the townsite, has
left on a business trip to Prince
Rupert and vicinity.
Thomas E. O'Callaghan has disposed
of his acreage to Mr. J. T. O'Flynn.
Mr. O'Flynn has been putting the
finishing touches to his garden and has
already a fine showing.
The ladies of Graham Centre passed
Wednesday afternoon pleasantly at the
home of Mrs. Boyes, sewing and
making for St. Luke's church.
A. J. Grimshaw, the popular rancher
of the Mayer Lake district, was in
town yesterday. He states that he
has completed his cabin and already
has a fine garden in blossom.
Mrs. Marie L. G. Hudson, roprietress
Special Rates to Steady Boarders.
Beds from 35c. to 50c.
Bright, Clean and Airy Rooms.
. Books, Magazines, Dailies.    Lots Cleared by Day or Contract
Blacksmith and General Contractor
Wholesale and Retail Merchant
Everything in Merchandise, Surveyors' and Prospectors'
Motor Boat Supplies of all kinds.
Gas    Engines     and     Machinery.
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co. Gas Engines and
Holliday Engineering Co., Chicago.
Ferro Marine Engines, Standard 2 Cycle Motors.
Ridgeway's Teas and Coffees
Bucks' Stoves and Ranges
Eastman Kodaks and supplies
Commerical Union Assurance Co.
Fire I
Nadu River
Goods delivered in oui own Motor Boat at reasonable rate
Contractors' And Mining Machinery Supplies
trfst   Sffi srfwr
Agricultural Implements       CANADIAN RAND        ™eels  and Axles
Teaming and Pump Wagons   CO.'S PRODUCTS        Dairy Supplies
C. H. HANDASYDE Jr., Prince Rapert, B.C.
P.O. Drawer 1663
Office: 327 Second Ave.
Pride, Nash ne Prince *»"*
& Company     /mportiiuj Co. Ltd.
Prince Rupert, B.C
We have the largest and best stock of
in Northern B. C, and only handle the
best qualities obtainable, selling these
at very close prices.
Prince Rupert, B. C.
Wholesale Wines and Liquors
Aerated   Water   Manufacturers
Send us your mail orders.
Satisfaction   guaranteed.
Monkey Winch
Family Trade a specialty.
All mail orders promptly executed.
Is   now   well    and   favorably
throughout the North.
Note the new address for prompt
1211 Dominion Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
If you are not acquainted with
this machine and its work write for
McRae BrOS.   Prince Rupert
Grand Trunk  Pacific Railway  Official
Watch Inspector
Watchmaker   and  Jeweler
Prince Rupert, B.C.       P.O. Box 494
Hayner Bros/
Furniture Dealers Prince Rupert
If you don't boy from us WE both lose money.
Linoleums, Carpets, stoves and Everything for the Home. Singer's Sewing
Machines, Pianos, Edison's Phonographs, Funeral Directors and Em-
balmers.   Monuments and Headstones
Queen Charlotte Islands Land District.
District of Skeena.
Take notice that Edmund C. Stevens,
of Skidegate, occupation rancher, intends to apply for permission to purchase
the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted at the Southeast side of Triangle Island, Skidegate
Inlet, thence north along shoreiine 20
chains, thence west along shoreline 20
chains, thence south al©ng shoreline 20
chains, thence east along shoreline 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more or less, being the
whole of Triangle Island,
Date February 5, 1914
dffp 18 Edmund C. Stevens
European Plan
Licensed Bar
Skeena Land District—Districtof Queen
Charlotte Islands.
Take notice that Edward Francis
Evans, of Massett, B. C, occupation
farmer, intends to apply for permission
to lease the following described lands,
being tide-flat, for ten years: Commencing at a post planted by the west 1-4
post of Section 425, Kumdis Slough,
Masset Inlet, thence west 5 chains,
thence north-east following east side of
slough 29 chains, thence east 3 chains
to west boundary of Lot 340, thence
south-west 29 chains to point of commencement,   containing 11 acres more
or less.
Edward Francis Evans
Date January 5th, 1914.
D. 2nd P.—May 16
Royal Hotel
Corley & Burgess, Proprietors
Third Avenue and Sixth Street
Rooms: 50c, 75c, $1.00
Steam Heat Hot Water
Henry Edenshaw's Power Sloop
Union Engine 16 H.P.
Is open for Charter by the Day or Week
for the carrying of Freight to any point
on the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Weekly mail service to Naden Harbor, leaving Massett every Tuesday.
For further particulars and information apply to
Henry Edenshaw, Massett.
«- Graham Island Farmers' Institute
Charlotte City ; waterfront, nice view.
Apply Fairbairn, Queen Charlotte, or
Campbell, Islander Office.
Lime and Powder
Apply FRANCIS EVANS, Secy., Nadu.
What's the matter with you
Pessimists ?
If you knew as much as I do about the future of Delkatlah Bay
you would be chasing me up with payments on your lots.
The farming may be a little slow in developing, and the coal seams
hard to trace in paying quantities, but Delkatlah is on the eve of development as a Winter Tourist Resort which will place it only second to Prince
Rupert in Northern British Columbia.
I am not a prophet, for such prophecy only requires the application of
ordinary common sense.
Buying lots in Delkatlah is like sowing seed—the money disappears like
the seed in the ground only to spring up and yield ten fold.
Canada needs no summer resort, it has all the summer climate it wants,
but from Nova Scotia to the Rockies it needs a winter climate, and that's
what we have. The Spring is the time to sow seed. Sow your wages in a
lot at the rate of $5.00 a month and have a home in town.
Immediately back of Delkatlah pre-emptions are being taken up at the
rate of ten a week.   That will soon increase values.
Chas. M. Wilson, Owner, Delkatlah
Graham Island Information Bureau, Prince Rupert, Agents
Manufacturer   and  Dealer in Lumber
Queenstown, Massett Inlet
Dry Spruce Lumber for House Building
Dry Cedar for Boat Building
Dimension and all kinds of Rough Lumber Supplied
Empress Hotel
Private telephones in every room. Hot and Cold running water.
No extra charge for Baths.
Lunch Counter and Dining Room in Connection.
Bar Pool Room Barber Shop.
Electric Lighted
Well Heated
Centrally Located
Third Avenue


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