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The Prospector Aug 30, 1895

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0! ■MMflUHHIMH tfwrffe rrvf,
Baita Joins vith   Dulutii and Will
r so, 1895.        mmjm,,
■BWwv.M^rvr.;;;-.-.-.           -•   ■■
-----  HBHM
.11 Hie Guteivii.v to the Trail Creek Mines
- The  Coiiti'adt Signed.
The,Prospector and others who
knew Mr: A. E. Humphreys never
entertained ii doubt from the day
that he purchased an interest in
Ihe towiisite of Trail and announced that it would be .i smelter
point, that be ivoliltl make good
bis promise!--
Tliat a smelter is to be erected
there is now definitely agreed upon
and the contract let.
Upon the town of Rossland and
the camp in general the effect will
be greatly beneficial. Many more
mines will be worked. Low grade
ores thatj' Would riot Stand the expense of long hauls to distant
Muellers   will   pay    a    handsome1
A WOliM)   ll!:.'.TS-:it.
['f lie Tr'on  Hofse OiiteliiKses   Dexter and
.lee I'uieiifti.
The most valbable horse   in the
world   to-day   is   the   Iron   Horse
mine, situated one-half mile north
of   Rossland.     Home   time  ago  it
was   bonded  for a large stun to A.
E, Humphrey and .1. E.  Poupore,
For   awhile   very low  assays were
obtained   and   only stringers were
found.   .Mr. PoUpore acknowledged
himself  discouraged, not so badly
discouraged, however, but that be
advertised   for  tenders   to  sink   a
shaft 100 feet, and let  the contract.
.Meanwhile   the tunnel was slowly
but   steadily   getting   further   int.'.
the hillside and encountering more
mineral.    Now   the  whole   face of
the tunnel   is   in   mineral   which
assays  high   lor  the  camp.     Mr.
I Poupore  is  confident  that   in the
Iron Horse he has it world beater.
Rossland lakes oa a Imki Apptams;
profit when a  home  smelter   is   in
operation;,.' . 	
Mr. A.. i'J. Iiu:,iphre\s  upon   his|o'clock yesterday mornii
return this week
Tiiji 1    Tap !   Tup !
Two modest young men Innocently sleeping in their cabin near
the sawmill, on the outskirts of the
town were awakened about one
o'clock vesterdav mornine- by a rap
.VikI the Croaker lias (June into his Cave
or Fled iuirogs the liouiidui-y.
it was hardly to lie expected
that any town could continually
keep up the pace at which Rossland was travelling toward greatness during lite spring and firsl
half of the summer months. Consequently the hill in business
which Was most noticeable about
the middle of August surprised no
.New life already pervades the
town and trade is more active in
till lines of business. The "Ii"
mouths, which will be ushered in
before the ink on this paper is dry
or the printer's devil has spent i\^
week's wages, will be the most .
prosperous in Ruseland's history
Business is now  upon   a  business
Public Hall.
Spicef & Co. an: erecting a I irgi
building on Washington Street,
near the Monona Hotel. The
second storey will lie fitted tip for
a public hall.
Blooan Star Sale.
comes    from     different
sources that the pending deal of an
5k! Squibs about  This  and  Thai
i" '•
interest in the Slocan Star
perty in Slocan district has been
consummated, The sale was by
Smith of Milwaukee of his interest to Shaughnessy and others of
the C.P.R. Co., at the rate of $1,-
400,000 for the entire property.
Whether the transfer is of one-
third or two-thirds of the whole
property is not known here.
A    .,;!i!Ui> Shot.
Yesterday a six-horse team with
iw.i wagons attached came up the
Northport road—-as hundreds of
six-horse teams with t. \v. a. have
before. In the front wagon was a
man, his wife and four pretty,
dust-covered, tow-beaded children.
basis and.that basis is a good ope. | As the outfit drew  up  in  front of
And Its Jl'im-eapiled, tiold-belted,   Cop-
Jier-t' ottoiilei*   ..Liivil-uiuuel i* ;.
seen tiv  a
c from the east  was j upon their cabin door
Ito.si'KC'l'oli   reporter   to j ''.Suddenly therepiune it lapping
,   It rests upon   the  continually   Increasing output of the mines,  upon
Ward's hotel it struck  the camera
man as a good Subject for a picture
whom he re'ateil many , incidents
of his trip and commented particularly upon the returning prosperity which he said was everywhere in evidence. Money he found
to bh plenty, and- seeking investment. Capital which for a term
i'f years had been tiniit"
bolder and even vent til
It never -made any 'difference to
Mr. Humphreys whether he should
himself erect a smelter at Trail or
whether some other capitalist
should do so. What he wanted
was a Trail .creek-smelter and he
didn t care who owned it.
F. Aug. Ilciuze, of the Montana
Ore Purchasing Co.. bad 'previously
contracted to-treat 75.000 Ions of
Leltoi ore and his agent. Mr.-las.
lireen, had examined the whole
country from Spokane to Revelstoke in an endeavor to select the
most suitable .location fof a
smelter. Mr. lireen and Mr. ileinze
had finally concluded that no
other place offered so many advantages as Trail. A meeting between MeWs. Humphreys, Topping and Heinze was arranged, the
terms quickly agreed Upon, contract signed, and the smelter   is  a
, i , ■     [ and lie was   no   Ion
the certain erection  and  operation I
As of iwnioonegently,rapping, , of   .,   gmelter   jn   the   district   and
Rapping nt their oUainber door."
r.,,    , i .,     •        ,.   ■ ,   ■ upon the  proved  value   and   per-
I he location  and the time ol night I .  ,
, , ,    , ■ manence ol tb.e camp.
would   not   U-ad   them    to   ixoect
i xpeel
visitors.    When they called (Hit  it
was a   female  Voice   that  greeted
them from tlie outer darkness Thev,
,,      ,      ,   .     , , , ,        ".snow
gallantly admitted hernial learned  ,
Ins tripod in a position to "take''
the outfit, with three unfinished
buildings forming a background.
The crottker has  gone   ti
with the- ground-hog and   will   nol
emerge again   until   next   winter's
when   for   a
nave  mi ite.i
; ti-"! grown Ii                ,        .         ., -:—••-■ i,r jef period he may  crawl   up on
'          t trom  her her story—that she had ,          .                 .'         .'.       ,
esome,           ,             ,,         '   .                    ; the curbstone  a.nd   proclaim  that
iit.en to the brewery ior ;i   mug of ...
beer, and starting home had missed
the trail and was lost for hours in
the darkness of the wood. Shorty
was equal to the emergency, and
escorted ihe wanderer to the gas-
lighted precincts of the city, whence
she is presumed to have foUnd her
way home.
| his name is Mill ^^^^
Meanwhile Rossland is till right.
Mr. Heinze is known as one of
the most energetic and successful
you ig mining men of the West. He
has a'm'ple'means at his 'command
and will have the smelter completed and in operation in less
time than a smelter was ever built
in before. '
- One hundred men will prepare
the ground and t.he machinery will
lie shipped from. Butte not .later
than Sept. 10th. Prior to that
lime the contracts for the brick
and stone work will have been let.
It is expected that the entire plant
will be in operation before the end
uf November.
■Tin-    -.-I'ou-il Point.
Of the Crow n Point there is little to be said. It is simply a mar-
Vel. The pile of shipping ore is
twice the size of the waste dump,
the latter being mostly composed
of the earth moved to make room
Preftbyterians Meet.
The meeting in the Presbyterian
church on Wednesday evening was
very   largely   attended.    After the
formal opening Rev. Ih\ Robertson
preached briefly of the use to which
ihe Bible should be put—a light to
dispel intellectual and moral darkness.   Rev. C. W. Gordon of Winnipeg then sang "I shall be satis-
lied " and   the "Land o' the Leal,"
accompanying himself on the guitar.    He is a very superior singer,
his equal is not often heard.   The
clearness, softness  and   melody of
his voice made his rendering of the
"' Land o' the Leal " especially pleasing.    His address  followed, and
was   of   a   lively   and   interesting
character,   principally  concerning
missionary work in the West, complimenting  the  energy which had
erected   this    church    here.      Or.
Robertson spoke again, this time of
the western missions of the Presbyterian  Church, of which  be   has
been   the superintendent for fourteen years,dwelling.especially upon
the , work   contemplated   at   Ross-
lainl.   He said that whal they had
seen of, the life and energy of the
town had decided them to send an
ordained minister to lake charge of
this pulpit when H.J. Robertson,
the student missionary, returns to
the college this fall.    Twenty-two
dollars  were  raised  By  collection
Bowen's hotel and swept the wht le
town. As there are about 300 Slocan people in Rossland considerable interest was excited, and finally
some one telephoned to Want.'la to
linil out, and ascertained that then;
Heard en tin- Streets of ItosAlnnd.
" My freight is guarnasheed by i;
mighty good man." He meant
" Eighteen hotels are till that
Rossland needs at present."
" Never felt better in my life." 	
"With   six   preachers   in   town j was no truth in the rumor,
there   is   no   need   to   go   without
.      ., Aiiiitin-r PromlMug i-'ind.
religion. r      ,
,,,,.,    ,„. ,  ,     . ,.  .   . Prospector   McHale came in on
ihe npperary style of fighting _,      ,       . ,     .       ,, ,       ,
,     , ,   ,       ,       ,',■,',., ; luesdav nmht irom Nelson brim:-
had better be abolished. . •.,,., ,
. „,,    ,, .  ,,        ,   ,    ,   mg  some   rich  looking samples of
" The Prospector is the only best     ' ,  , ,..  ,   ,
,, ore  lrom  a  ledge on which he 1<>-
paper. ^^^^^^^
eatcd   two  clam
Mathews the ore buyer and Tun
stall the powder seller made oi
'i'llill Fake  I'il-e liepoil.
Friday i■• < ning a report was
started here that the town of Three
Forks was burned down. Saturday
ami Sunday the report was pa. >ed
from mouth to mouth, and like the
story of the three black crows it
grew as it travelled. Even the
particulars of the fire were added.
According  to   the   most   accepted I    Six hundred dollars in United
theory the   lire   had   originated at [States  gold   coin was  counted out
ly  Mr.  Cummings of   Seattle  to
Billie Kellem obtained $400 for
a iot at the east end of Columbia
The Catholic fathers have secured,
lots and commenced the erection til
a church.
Our livery men find business
good. Every saddle horse is oiil
almost every day.
Officers will no doubt put a stop
to the stone-throwing hid which
has been having a run on Som
Dough Alley.
The commodious new steamer.
Nakusp made her first trip down
the river on Tuesday, having about
(j0 passengers aboard.
Most Kootenay towns have had
their ups and downs. The only
UpS and downs perceptible in tin,
growth of Rossland are to be seen
in its sidewalks.
As soon as it was known in Boss-
land that the papers had be< u
signed making certain the building
of a smelter, business revived and
new life seemed to pervade the
Campbell Bros, received four carloads of furniture this week. ThU
large consignment, added to then
previously large stock, makes the
largest stock of furniture in West
k loteaay.
(.'has. Van Ness of the War Eagle
Hotel for a lot having 30 feet front-
| age on Washington Street.
If Rossland is the Mecca of newspaper men it is also the Paris "i
barbers. There are no less than
ten harbor shops in town, some
of them running several chairs, and
all appear to be doing an excellent
The wagon road from the mines
IS not many miles  which emerges  on Spokane Street
from Nelson.   The ->iv is very simi-  at its northern end has been closed
lc °t I lar to that found in the Trail t'rci |<   to w;r
their periodica]  trips to   tlosfeland district   and   carries   iron   pyrites,
this week. gold and copper.    McHale was one
The Nelson pastor of the Church  of the original owners of the Cum-
of England came over on Tuesday  berland mine   in the Idaho basin,
I 11
to look  after  the  interests  of his  Slocan, which they disposed of at a
church  tic
bo   hoisting   plant.     Fifteen I tA°Wnr  '"I'',"   T
 i.:....   y^^^H ■, I Another solo by Rev, C. W. (iordon
men arc making a wagon rout
from the mine to a connection with
the main road. Shipments will be
bnUde next month.
brought the proceedings to a close'.
Advertisements in   the  I'
Ton always bring good rem rut
denomination in Rossland,
Irish .Mike, a handsome, big-
hearted son of ihe old soil, intends
moving his steam calliope here
from Kaslo and sawing 800 cords
of wood for the Rossland market,
Attention, Teamsters] liny your
hay and grain at Thomas &
Smith's, Columbia Ave.
Large consignment
of   Men's   ('i.otiiim;
just received at Hunter Bros., K. A- Co.
It  is   ti pity that the mail from
Up   river,   which   arrives  at   Trail
Tuesday;   and    Friday   afternoons,
o innot   he  so   Facilitated  as to be
distributed in   Rossland  the same
('veiling.     This would  give   many
people   who   are  now excluded an
opportunity of answering their an-
river .correspondence by the leturn
mail  on   Ihe same hoat.     Rut, like
Arlemtis Ward, we suppose it can't
be did.
ngort traffic, and the ore wagons
lire now using the road which
enters t!.-.- town at the West end ol
Colhmbia Ave.
high figure. He is awaiting (he
arrival of his partners, whom he
expects on Friday's boat, lie had
some of the ore from hi-- ni W find
assayed at Kaslo, and il went over
$13 in gold;
Complete Smelting Plant.
"ust before starting for Rossland
Mr. Heinze closed a contraot with
K. I/. Melchcr, general manager of
the Western Iron Works of this
city, for a complete smelting plant.
At present the contracl calls for
one p'Hara roasting furnace of iht
C. M. Allen improved pattern am;
I'.',o i. verbatory batting fufnaofeSi
This plant wdll leave Butte on oi
before the loth of September, and
comprises a shipment of 100 tpns. i streets, especially Columbia Ave.
A complete assaying outfit was also Lp be BOniewhat levelled before
purchased a few days ago, and has Bnow dies; otherwise the yawniuv
already been BHipbed to Rossland. c.i,asms now B0 apparent ma\
A large sampling Works has.;also 6k k glei hB and h
been contracted  tor, which will  be        •   . , ° , ,
shipped within thirty days.-ButW sl'011 theromance of more than dim
World. | young life.
Ilav drain and Produce al
Thomas tfe Smith's, Columbia Ave
The famous Tamh.-
fcANnK Ceylon Tea at
Hunter BVps., K.& Co.
M I call the attention of the tin
wardens to Mr. Northey's letter in
this i-sue. As A long time must
necessarily elapse before a water
system can be inaugurated here, it
behooves the citizens to adopt some
means oi lire protection m the
A lino line of lamps
and glassware just received    Hunter Bros.,
K. it Co.
I, is to be hoped that  the mail) THE HQIPECTQ&
BY  W.   D.   PKATT.
A. Chemical Engine  Best  for BosbIiiiuI.
To the Editor of the Prospector.
Sin,—I notice in your last issue
that at a meeting of citizens the
tire wardens were empowered to
purchase buckets, ladders, ropes
and what other appliances were
necessary for the extinction of fire.
This is a step in the right direction.
RueketSj bidders And ropes are a\-
ways to lie found in a well-equipped
lire station. But these adjuncts
will be of little avail without the
tine thing necessary—a fire engine.
U may reasonably be asked, "Of
what use would a fire engine be
here, where there is no available
Wiiter supply?" A steam fire engine or hose reels would certainly
be useless in Rossland at present;
but a chemical engine would fill
the bill, and give us a fire extinguisher that would hot only be
a guarantee of security from conflagrations bllt Would also cut down
our insurance rates considerably.
Revelstoke has no water system,
but she lias a snia.ll chemical engine which hits been of great service. It is a single cylinder, of (I
think) 60-gallon capacity, mounted
"on two wheels and drawn by hand.
This engine, with about 150 feet of
best rubber hose and all the necessary tools and appliances, cost in
the neighborhood of $800'. Vancouver has a two-horse, four-wheel
chemical engine, from the same
makers. 1 do not know the exact
capacity, whether 100 or 200 gallons, and the price was something
less than $2,000'. Many towns and
cities in Ontario are equipped with
these Chemical engines, and from
anything 1 have heard to the contrary ttiey have given entire satisfaction in every instance.   Toronto
$1,000 to be collected by public
subscription—I see no other way
than by public subscription, as to
wait for incorporation will probably
mean the same period as waiting
for the water works—-and it would
be strange indeed if the people of
Rossland, a' town containing so
many handsome and commodious
buildings, could not raise that sum
In a year. Hoping this pressing
question will enlist the immediate
attention of our business men and
house owners, I am, sir, yours
truly, It. W. NoR'fHEYi
Rossland, AUg. 27, 1895>
AS wo are going out of business \vp respectfully ftsK our customers to Bettle their
accounts with us before the 1st of September!
after which nil unsettled accounts will bo
pluood in other bauds fur collection.
Dated llossland, B.C., August 21st, 1895,
Knight's Bakery
Good Pure Bread.
Till'!   lillKACH  WIDENS;
Try Us and you will STAY with us
The trouble between the Dominion Government and the Province
of Manitoba is no nearer settlement
than it was months ago. On the
contrary) expressions in the east
are assuming more of an angry
tone.    Here are some of the latest:
"A rumor has been telegraphed
from Winnipeg to the effect that if
theGreenway Government does not
offer some compromise on the
school question they will be dismissed from olV.ee by Lieutenant-
Governor Schliltz. The consultation of Premier Bowe'l, Minister of-
Interior Daly and BieUtenant-Gov-
ernor Schultz is supposed to lend
color the report.
The Kingston Daily News (Conservative), in an article headed
"Foolish Manitoba," says:
" Does Manitoba want to be
whipped into subjection by force of
arms? Is it aching for ii third
Northwest expedition? Then let it
continue to insult the Dominion
Government and call in question
the jurisdiction of the Imperial
Privy Council. Premier Greenway)
on bis anthill, would collapse asi
quickly as Kiel before an army representing ihe British Empire."
kxiom's BAkery, Spokane St.
Sells  on  Commission.
Notions, Etc.
UM * FnnfflH * Omi
Columbia & Kootenay Ry.
Taking effect Friday, July 26, 1895,
cancelling all former time tables.
(D      tO      Vj
8  tf  8  ft
I I  *
I  *
p.   m
g    a    s     c
8   K   e   *
M     M     fci     ft*
qti    S     Oi    S
tl     to     W
©     p—     t~
8   5   8
While addressing an audience at
Edmonton, Lady Aberdeen said:
"We should remember that the
newspapers   supply just what  the
Go To
Foil   FINE
has two of them, and both are eta-1 public."demand;   and  if we want
i •   .i    ui  •   >.       •   .   t aL good: high - toned   newspapers we
turned in the busiest centers of tlie, ^     >    ,r        t- i >   '      . .
must   show    that    we   appreciate
city —one at Bay Street and the
other at Portland Street. One of
these, the last new one, is a double
cylinder, and   possesses many ini-
lOW    that
The advice given in this remark
is excellent, but Lady Aberdeen
does not give publishers the credit
•    ON HAND.
irovements on the older machine. Ly. ;,. (lue ,() lhe majority oi them
But the fact that one cylinder can
be refilled while the other is being
emptied, necessitating no stoppage
of the flow from the nozzle, marks
the great superiority of the double
cylinder. Ever since these chemical engines have been in use in the
Queen City they have done almost
all the work of extinguishing fires,
being always the first to be called
• When we have a water system in
Rossland, and a system that will
give sullieient pressure to throw, a
stream over our three-storey buildings, we shall need nothing more
expensive than two or three reel
parts  and   a   few   hundred  feet of
That" newspapers supply just what
the public demands" is not strictly
correct. They usually supply a
better article, morally, than the
public demands. It is well known
to publishers that such publications
as the " Poiice Gazette " and various
" Suns," " Mercurys " and " Blades"
have larger sales than other publications whose publishers exclude
sensational and immoral articles.
By pandering to vulgar tastes a
majority of publishers could increase their revenues from 25 to 100
per cent., and in many instances
more than that. Though making
no pretentions to holiness, a great
majority of editors and publishers
Spokane Falls
Mm I hi ftqpui Railway,
*I?lag station.
Train No. 1 awaits arrival of.Str. Alberta at
Nelson and connects with boat tot Trail Creek
at Uobson.
Train No. ii connects with boat for Revelstoke
at Uobson.
Trains Nos. 2d.net I will await arrival of boat
at Uobson.
The Company reserves the right to change
the time trhie without notice.
l'aciiic standard and 24-hour system adopted.
.1. HAMILTON; Trainmaster and Agent,
Nelson, ll.C.
Great Northern
tti Slorl hi but tots,
Sl'.ATI'l.K,       YicrouiA,
Vancouver & Puget
Sound, and all Pacific Coast Points. St.
Paul, Chicago and Points Beyond
Modern Equipment.    Rock-ballast
Attractive tours via Duluth and the Great
I.like-, in eonnet ilnn with exclusively passenger boats of Northern s. s. Co.
Direct connection via Nelson & Fori Sheopuril
railway at Spokane; and via C. & K. S. N co.
at Bonners Ferry	
For maps, tickets', and rom'nle'.e Informntto
Call on Agents C. & . S. Nav. Co -, N.iSi 1-'. 8', r'ytl
on   C. <•'. Divo--, tii'ii. Anient, Spokane, Wash.
1-'. 1. WiiiT.M.V, ii. P. AT, A., St. liiol, .Minn.
F. T. Abbott, Travelling Freight .V Passcngei
Agent, Spokane, Wash.
C. & K.S. N.Co.,
T1MK   TABLE   NO.   7.
In effect Monday, April 20,1895,
Kaslo route—Str. Nelson.
 Monday 4 a. m,
;V40 p.m Tuesday	
4 p. m  Wednesday ... .4 a. no
6*40 jnnii... Thursday 8 a. m.
 Friday 4 a. in.
5'40 p.m.... Saturday	
bohnctiting On Tddsoaysj Thursdays and Satin"
ilu\s with N & K S i-ai|\vay for kaslo and lake
point*. Connecting on Mondays, Wedm-
days and Fridays with N & F S r'y for Spokane.
Close connections with Columbia & Kootonay
r'y at Nelson for points north *south.
Bonner's Ferry route—Str.  Nelson
Leaves Nelson for llnnner's Ferry Mondays ami
Fridays at 818O a. m.
Leaves Kaslo for llonner's Ferry Mondays ami
Fridays at -I a. m.
Leaves llonner's Ferry  tor   Pilot buy,   Nelson,
Aiusworth ,uul Kaslo on Tuesdays and
Saturdays at 2. a. m.
Connects with east- and west-bound trains  on
thcUreat Northern Hallway.
Revelstoke route—Str. Lytton.
Leaves Revelstoke, southbound, Tuesdays and
Fridays at 1 a. m. for all points 111 West
Kootenay .and the South.
Loaves Uobson, northbound, Wednesdays and
Saturdays at K p. in. tor all potrits east and west
via the 0. P. K.
Northport  route—Str. Lytton.
Leaves   Northport,  northbound,  Wednesdays
and Saturdays al I p. m.
Leaves Uobson,    southbound;  Tuesdays  and
Fridays . at ii p. m.
Stages run, in connection with stearadrj froni
Trail creek Landing to Itbsslauil.
The company reserves the right In Change .
this s'uhedulo lit any time without notice.       . I
For full Information as to tickets, rates, etc I
npplv at ihe company's otUoes, Nelson, It. C.
T.ALLAN, J. W, TKOt'P,       I
Seordlitry. Munagi^
Pacific R. Ri
St. Paul, Minneapolis Duluth,'
Fiirgo, Grand Forks, Crookston.'
Helena and Butte.
Til It OU( ill TICKETS
Chicago, Washington,
Philadelphia,    New York,
Boston  and all  Points  east,   wt
and south.
ALL UL fa SMffi, MM
Daily    [except   Sunday]   between
Spokane and Northport.
Tri-Weekly between Northport and
L've 8'43 a. in. NK1.SON Ai'r. 6'JB5 ]>. ni.
ian Pacific
ON Mon.'s Wednes.'s and Fri 's trains will run
through to Spokane, arriving there same
day. Returning will leave Spokane at '
a. in. on Tues's 'I huivs and Satur's, arriving at
Nelson at 6:'25 p.m. same day, making close con-
necttohs with steamer Nelson lor al ooKtenay
litke points.
i    Passengers for     •       River and Boundary
hose.    But a water system cannot  Jet,llne the increased revenues that Creok connect at Marcus with Mage on Mon-
'"' "'"   "'    on ti.i..ii   iii.in.i.        'k  [lays; Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
Passengers tor Trail Crook mines connect at
Northport witli stage Dally.
be created in a month, nor in this
inttanee in a year, ;-.od in all probability it will be still incomplete
at the end of two years. What,
then, is the best, safest and cheapest course to adopt for protection
from fire in the interim? A double-
cylinder chemical, with hose and
all appliances, could be set down
in Rossland for a trifle over $2,000.
This sum should not be dillicult to
raise, spread over, say, twelve
months, as the manufacturers gave
that length of time to the Revelstoke people. The Provincial Government gives a min.' nutn sum of
$250 a year to all towns in the
province for lire purposes, and our
town is as much entitled to it as
her older sisters. Then, again, the
.insurance companies would, no
doubt, for their own sake, contribute handsomely towards the pur-
iVliasc  of  such an   engine.     These
are within their reach, and in the
interest of public morals give the
public a better paper morally than
it demands.
Atlnntlo Kxpi'cRS arrives lOilO dully.
1'iuiiic       " "     n-i'i
Cheapest, most rellablSanfl safe route to Montreal, Toronto, St. l'alif, Chicago, New York and -pi   ■ :nf.,,.„,,,( ;,„■,   time ennls    111-
lloston.   Kales r.toflU lower than any other I'oi   111101 m.lllon, Ullie  UUUB,   111.
route.    . , i and tickets, call on or write
Specially fitted CbWnUt oars, in charge of ft
porter, [or the aoeoi odatlon ol passongars \\   (',   SriMMi-:!,,  L\ P. agent,
holding secoml-cliiss tickets.            i v   .'           i,   ,,
. .        i ,. .Nelson, d. I.-.
PassengcrH bonked to and ii-oni ail  biiropeun
points at lowest rales.
(.olvtrelghtrates.CJtitok despatch. Merchants | E. D. (linns, Cciieral agent,
Spokane, Wash.
will save money by having their freight routed
via the C. l'..lt.
Full and reliable inforniation given by apply
ing t"
Asst. Ocu. passenger agent-,      Local agent',
Vancouver,        Uevelstoko.
Oil   A.   I). ClIAULTON,
asst. (it'll. Pass, agent,
Portland, Orego
All work guaranteed.
Str. "W. Hunter
Ijetives New Denver  daily
for all  points  on  Slocan
'lids  would  leave,  perhaps, about | SlOOM   TtftilSg  I   Ul?i^tiW
Bedroom Suites, Parlor Suites, Dining Eoom Furniture, Mattresi
Pillows, and a large stock of ^
Rugs, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Window Shad
and Curtain Poles.
CAMPBELL BROS., Rossland, I Have Changed Their Titles.
Extract-.from ,a newapn.per correspondent's notebook: ,, ;
"AH day long we niet miners and
prospectors' tramping along, and
every now and then heard the report of blasting-in the mountains.
Prospectors are everywhere, "and in
the opinion of a man'in a position
to judge there is' likely to be a
second Rossland between that
thriving camp and Boundary. As
for the minors and prospectors we
met, their story' was' always the
same. It is'no use pr6speoting any
more round Rossland. Every bit
of land is staked out all rouiid it
and for a dozen utiles east of it.
There are splendid mines and prospects there, and it' is a first-rate
camp, but those who arc looking
for anything there now must be
looking for dirt, not mineral."
It is undoubtedly true that not
('lily the.suburbs of Rossland,but a
iarge proportion of the adjacent
country, are covered .with prospectors' ,'■ stakes, and .within
that radius the, prospector,, as a
prospector,, finds his occupation
pone1, but as a mine-owner and
prospective millionaire the pros-
Jiector is .still very much in ievidence in Rossland. lie has assumed a more distinguished title,
that's all.
How llossland Whs Started.
A oorrespon-dpnt of the Province,
■'fter writing an interesting description of a horsebaek journey from
Boundary to Rossland, says:
"Practically we -have nothing
now on Sheep Cflbek, and yet Sheep
Creek—or rather the C-olvilie Indian
Reserve and a- belief that it was
about to be thrown Open, for settlement lias had a ileal to do with
the development of this district.
For years it had been known that
there were rich diggings in the reserve, and scores of American prospectors have made expeditions into
the country iir Spite of the law.
However, they never managed to
effect their purpose. During the
last two or three years a number of
them have been waiting, as it were,
on the edge of the promised land;
for the signal to go in and possess
it. That signal has not'come yet,
but in the meantime, for want of
anything' better tb do, they have
been prospecting on the Canadian
side of the line, the restilt being the
discovery and subsequent development of Rossland and the surrounding district."
Itedllf-.tioii Works A .ISJne   Ilevelopmcui.
Persons of limited experience in
mining seldom realize how much
development must be done in a
mine before a mill or reduction
works of any kind are necessary to
treat the ore of that mine. The
West is strewn with mills, smelters
and concentrators that have never
turned a wheel or have worked but
a few months.
The only eafe rule is that a mine
should have enough ore in sight to
net the cost of a mill or reduction
plant and show a good profit bo-
sides before works are begun.
Smooth promoters and inexperienced superintendents many times
persuade the owners or investors
that such and such a plant for reducing their ore is needed, when
but little work lias been clone and
the ore that can ' positively lie
counted on would not run the proposed works a month. The result
of this is often a large and useless
expenditure for machinery, on
which the promoter probably gets
a commission, and when the short
run has been made the startling
discovery is made that the mine is
out of ore, and there is no more to
be found. The investors have lost
their money and feel that they
have been gulled some way, and
curse mining for ever after as a
delusion and a snare, if not worse.
Ordinary care and a business sense
would have saved this result. Develop your mine thoroughly and
build your work's'according to the
ninount and quality of your ore.—
Bpbkahle Mineri
Missed Its Opportunity*
The .Province, speaking of the
recent activity of smelting rumors
in Wesf^ Kootenay, says : " For a
time question of the site for a large
custom's smelter seenis'to-'have subsided. The agents of the great
works of the United Stales who
were here have temporarily left thp
country. ;This is doubtless partly
owing to the decision of the Hall
mines to erect their own works.
Had they made a bargain, as they
might have done with the Kajnsas
City Smelting,Cp., there is.np.doubl
that .that institution, one of the
largest of its kind in the States,
would have put up extensive works,
and Nelson would have, become q
smelting center. It remains to lie
proved whether, after all, the Hall
mines would not have- been- better
advised to submit their ore to treatment, .by people who thoroughly
understand the business, without
any risk, than to undertake the
building 'and working of a smelter
themselves. The previous history
of the working of the Silver King
mine certainly does not encourage
public opinion here to regard its
new .venture as a probable success!
If a failure results, the management will be liable to severe censure
for not adopting the safer course."
Hon- lie Worked n Mine.
'' IfoW dp we work a niine?'' exclaimed the Sheep MonntiHtieer;
"Well, you unsophisticated, undeveloped outcropping of th'e land of
the rising sun, I'll proceed to en*
lighten your beclouded college-bred
The college-bred voting man from
the land of the rising'sun sat down
»n a 800-dbliar-to-tKe-fcon chunk of
ore artd'turned his undivided attem
tion to listening to a discourse 'oil
" We first prospect around until
we find a tunnel in on the jugular
vein and a pile of ore'on thedump;
then, If the other feller ajnt lookin',
we junip'the claim". Then we pro
eeed to sink a shaft on the float,
gather all the gangue and sack it,
being careful to preserve technical
phrases in ininenilogical science in
so doin'. Then ' we prospect the
stockholders with an assessment,
and if they don't come down put
in a blast! At this point we call
the roll, grab a No. 4, warranted
not to rip, wear, tear, ravel, cut or
run down at the heel, ragical, tragical, irrasive smelter, and run up
our stack. If the other feller holds
the best hand the stack will diminish, and we consequently drift for
a pay streak. If we don't get
through driftin' by fall it's the first
thing we go at in the spring. We
now concentrate our efforts, and if
the silver panned out don't' have
the eagle stamped on it we sample
the outcroppin' in every saloon
within ti radius of ten miles, and
take a chew of terbaccer. Then we
get to work in earnest, salt the
dump, and go east and sell all the
stock we can. We return, renew
our grub pile, pack it into the
cabin, and wait for spring to open
up and the snow to go off. During
this .period we amuse ourselves
playing seven-up for the drinks.
We then import a niinin' and civil
engineer, run a few levels, cross-cut
for another assessment, get it, cave
in ! the shaft and abandon (he
property. Then," and the Sheep
Mountaineer paused a moment to
catch his breath, but the moment
was fatal to his learned discourse,
for the college-bred young man
from the land of the rising sun
feebly reached for his pick, staggered slowly to his feet, looked wildly
through the limpid atmosphere towards the summit of Sheep Mountain ami disappeared behind the
giant outcroppings of Ihe Big Eliza
lode.—Lump City Miner.
pA^PtpowN, Rossland, Aug. 24.
Probably few people are awaro
that not far from this famous- mining town there is another place
Which is gaining a large population
as well as gaining favor. ' I refer
to Camptown, which is situated on
the heights north of Rossland. The
Vancouver elepient is in the ascendency,, apdithay are,a great people,
mostly ,real estate, men, As Max
O'.IieJl says of the Americans, we
arc a greitt nation, having a population of sixty millions, mostly
colonels and captains.
On. first striking Caniptown you
noti.ee with . pleasure the life and
bustle which is going, on around
you-the: continuous hammering
of the carpenter and builder, the
cheery .voices from the different
camps, the crackling of the fires,
and the. appetizing odor arising
from the good things in the frying-
pan. Sometimes you are startled
by the. cry of anguish when some
poor.unfortunate happens to grasp
the heated side of the pan; and
again there are those who arc continually ','chewing the rag," who
are-always grumbling as to'who is
to cook, and this and that does not
suit them; but Iam'glad that these
are only exceptional cases and
mostly used in fun.
■ At night it is a picturesque and
weird sight to visit the different
camps, with their groups of human
faces encircling the fires, passing
their time spinning yarns and telling, I have iho doubt, many a good
fish story.
The night I spent in camp my
partners were' a little 'under the
weather'with'bad colds,'so we retired early, but not' to sleep, owing
greatly   to   the   continual- boom
caused  by blasting at the mines,
... ■
reminding one'of the bombardment
of Alexandria, and to the sudden
exclamation from one of the camp';
ers who professed to have-stniek
the only hard'sptit on ' the face of
Mother Earth.
It may not be out of place to
enumerate (for the information of
those intending to start camp life)
the articles we have in our camp:
Cue sheet-iron stove, frying-pan,
tin cups, kettles, spoons, knives,
forks, etc.; for seats we have a couple of nail kegs, a piece of plunk
with supports for a table, and a
few shelves for our eatables, which
usually consist of rice, bacon, ham,
beef, honey, potatoes, milk, etc.,
and we are all willing to aflirm
that we live like railway magnates;
in fact, one member of our camp
circle is complaining of gout, no
doubt induced by the high living.
fred j. squire,
Merchant Tailor.-
i , .  I -Xkisox, 1!. C. '  '■ '    i
" I '    .    '       ' .
Assays.      Analysts..      Reports.
A choice   collection   of   worsteds   rpn years experience mining and'cornier,
series and tweeds always on hand       tratingtoad and silver ores.-
Otlleeitiid l.ai'oniton frunA, Itigi-o, u.c
We beg to announce that we carry a full line of all
kinds "of Groceries, ant! as goods are all sold for cash we
lire selling at away down prices, liemetnher a dollar
saved is a dollar earned, and this you can stive by buying
KJ Li o v> i
Good Board $6,00 per Week,
Well Furnished Booms.
Not In .lull Vet.
Joe Mulhattan, the ablest prevaricator on top of (lod's green
earth, is in San Francisco. Mr.
Mulhattan is the author of the petrified copper forest of Arizona, the
vinegar mine of Montana, the Arizona tree which devoured birds, the
rinding of the whale that swallowed Jonah, the big mammal
being identified by Jonah's name
being carved on the whalebone; the
geese that weeded the garden patch
and had gourds about their necks
containing water, so that the other
geese might step up and drink, and
many others. His latest is about
an Arizona mine that assays $6,000
a ton, of which he is desirous of
disposing of his interest. A careful
assay of Joe's production would
probably show returns of a little
over 100 per cent, of concentrated
lie.—Mining World.
m   11. KERB
and Notary Public
Jgjfil Makers of Mining
:l!        Machinery.
Concentrators,   Stamp Mills,
Send for Catalogue A.
MAJOR & ELDRIDGE, Pork Packers, etc.,
A S 11
TUFT & SONS, Vancouver. B.C.,
is   AT  T1IK
Montana House, Rossland, B. C.
Mon., Wed., Siti. | Thursday. I Twes., Frl
Leave Kftslo f<>r Ainswinili, Pilot Hay ntnl Nelson  S a. in I 9a,m. j ... 7 a. Ill
Leave Kelson for Pilot liny, Ainsworth and Kaslo  'A p. m | ;t ji.ni. j ... 0 p. ni
close connection is thus made between Lake points and nil Incoming and outgoing
i ni ins of the C. P. R. at Nelson. The above schedule is in effect hi May 1895, subject
to change.        n. .V . • ;, .' i:>i.\ Geo. l*\ kaywaru, Master
T"e Kaslo Transportation Co.
Good Saddle Horses to Let.
  And    Runs 	
.. Stables at Kaslo and Three Forks	
A. J. SCOTT,   Manager. AROUND Tllli CITY.
Watch for the wagon   that  runs      Dr.   Reddy   of   Spokane   was  a
visitor to Kaslo this week.
Alvin Mel.can and wife, of Kaslo, are sojourning bj the.city...	
Al Hoyt has purchased lots in
Trail and will put up a hotel.
Capt. Fitzstubbs was in the city
this week and is.-ued several liquor
W. B. Wilson has been appointed
assistant collector of customs at
this place..
Mrs. McGaughey left town yesterday  on   a   visit   to  friends  in
for the Cascade laundry.
There are several cases of typhoid
fever   in   town, three lifting in nriB
The ppen.ing of the beer hall in
the Manly block was the cause
celebre yi sterday.
Whistle when the Cascade laundry wagon conies in sight, if yen
want an) thing.
1 h - ci lony from \. mon joins
those from the three pl.n es named
la i w<  '■■ to fi   ni the ':■'. . Pour.
The lip boat Wednesday had on Spokane.
board from Trail to Robson enough
1 talent and wealth to endow a. Parliament and a chartered bank.
A train of wagons loaded with
Mx-inch, pipe for the War Eagle
mine arrived from Northport yesterday morning and passed on up
the hill.
On and after the 4th of September the Prospector office wili have
in stock a lit of " for Sale," " For
: Rent" ami  motto cards printed in
Urge type,
To see the large hutal; r < E stoves
- foiling    into   ii unter   I ■. os.   stori .
ivould give one the idea thai
(they anticipate a gi o"ti sh ire of the
store trade.
Thirty bright faces faced the
Dciminie Ibis Thursday tin ruing at
this Rossland school. We hope
that Mr. D. D. Berks will be successful in teaching the young idea
lio'w to shoot.
There is commendable ■ rivalry
between the butin'e^s men on the
north side of Columbia Avenue and
those on the south side as to which
bide of the street will have the
Widest, eveneBt and best sidewalk.
The Cascade laundry wants your
Ben the barber,
Almoin- the merchant,
Robertson the merchant,
Poupore the mining man.
Tierney the  latindryman;
Robertson the missionary,
Kellem the restaurateur and
Beatty  the dancing  master
hate   all   come to the  PROSPECTOR
office this week   for  job work, and
have been pleased with the neatness
and despatch with which their orders were filled.
Mr. W. Nightingale iras just returned from a seven-days' prospecting trip to Bear ('reek, where he
located a claim to which be has
given bis own mellifluous patronymic. The showing is good, and Mr.
N. may soon be in a position,metaphorically speaking, to sin;/ sweetness and gladsome melody from a
golden cage, and be in deed and
"The nightingale which all day
Delights the village with his song"
Editor Prospector',—
Sir, I was glad to see in your
last issue an article on the garbage
nuisance, it being high time something was done in I he matter. I
have beef) informed from a reliable
source that there are twenty-four
cases of typhoid fever in the town.
At this I .am not at (111 surp. isecl,
as 1 had made a remark on my
first entry into Rossland a few-
weeks ago that if the garbage was
allowed to be thrown by the side of
the highway, such as it is on the
ro&d to Trail, Rossland would very
■noli be visited  by an   epidemic, of
A. D. Wilson has swapped off his
colored friends for a new partner in
the management of the Howard
Miss Maud McGaughey has gone
io Tekoe lligh Schools where she
will attend for a year, preparatory
to going to college.
The Rossland photographer, Mr.
Mei'timer., was taking views of the
new presbyter-ian church, Wednesday, which arc very good.
McPhee, architect and builder,
has demonstrated in the construction of the Kootenay Hotel that he
is a master in his profession.
The Farewell party given to Miss-
Maud MoC.aughey at the Mountain
Vifiw Hotel last 'files.lav was very
largely attended, and enjoyed by
Mr. 0< r>. I'. Wilkie has just returned from a prospecting trip in
the near vicinity, and for his perseverance he had a marvelous escape
from being crushed by a large rock
which fell a few inches from him.
Congratulations die in order.
W. C. Ward of Victoria, to win se
linani coring Kootenay is indebted
(or one of the largest enterprises
now under way here, was a, visitor
to Rossland ibis week'; He was
accompanied by T. .1. O'Reilly of
Victoria and C range A'. Holt of
Mr. Clute, Inspector of Customs,
and Mr. Miller, Inspector of Inland Revenue, paid Rossland a
visit a few days ago. They were
astonished at the rapid. progress
otir thriving city had made since
their last visit. They said that it
was the liveliest town in the mining district. Mr. .Miller, before
leaving, granted a license to another brewery just opened.
A Serious Charge.
It is charged by citizens that on
two occasions within the past few
days patients have rapidly grown
worse as soon as treated by one
claiming to be a doctor. When
you call a doctor, be sure that he is
a good one.
After Twenty Vein's.
.1. W. Kellem, of Whitehall, Ills,.
is visiting bin brothi r. Wm. Kellem,i
of this city, whom lie had not seen
for twenty years. Mr. Kellem j
came through from Illinois in 1.1
i\:\yf. He reports times improving
in the central states.
• 05
<0\ An fer v
... i
Post Office   lletuovat.
Mr. Win. Wadds, the new post
master, has leased the building' adjoining the Leiand hotel on Columbia avenue, and intends to
move the offi.ee to thai location.
Strong opposi'ion to the removal
has manifested itself and a lengthy
petition protesting .against it will
be forwarded- to Inspector Fletcher.
f ;7'H
|-Jl-<-||t('!l'S    Ullll.
The proceed i of the firemen's
ball to be held in Donohue's hall
next Tuesday evening will go to
the volunteer lire department to be
applied to the purchase of buckets,
hose, en
■^..'"Tiy-r Tm' RosslaM Water Supply Go'y.
i'.r,   John   .-.!.  Burke,   A.   M. Ill/ V
Leitch, II. I1'. McLean) James   An-
derson, C. Van Ness, Frank Davey.|The One and. Only
floor Committee: W. I). Mo-
Faddem 11. Q'ConnelhJiM. Keefer:
General Committee: D. Stussi,
A. M. Leitch, C. O'Brien Reddin.
Pure Water Supply
In this City,
minim: noti-.s.
A Taeoma man is making a careful examination of the Record
Mountain claims with a view to
The new find on the It. E. Lee is
,i splendid surface showing. Mare
llilliam, the superintendent, came
upon it himself wbile proBpicling
only a few rods distant from the
workings, 'fbc hill on which the
R. Ei Lee and the Maid of Erin are
located is Beamed with ore chutes.
sni'iiii  Thieved.
It is a pity that people cannot go
out, shopping at midday without
having garments stolen from their
clotheslines. Such was the case the
other day. 'the party bad gone
to buy something for dinner and
was away dbotit an hour, returning
to fmd that this vi ■ Had cleared the
clothes lines of all their underclothing and' sundry articles, leaving
the .owners nothing blit what they
stood up in. ll is to be honed that
the sneaks may, be caught and
given a holiday and free meals in
return for picking oakum.
Be Cotiifln't  Ki-il.i.
years ago reports of the Beecher-
Tilton trial filled the newspapers
of the country as reports of the
Durrani trial liil the San Francisco|
papers now. After the trial bad
lasted three months a newspaper
reporter while travelling in Arkan-
saw succeeded on a wager in finding a backswoodeman who had
never heard of Beecher, never heard
of Tilton, never heard of Mrs.
Tilton. 'fbc same backwoodsman
moved to British Columbia, and
last spring located in llossland.
Our reporter met him on tin- street
yesterday, lie had never heard of
the Prospki toi: !
$1.00 per tank, 25c. per barrel, -3c. per bucket.    Delivered to anj
part of the town.
A. DevorM, (I. Adams.
AT Tin:
rii-si r.'iii of tile Heii&oh.
This opening event took place in
Donohue's Hall, Spokane Street,
hist night, ind v. afi fairly well attended. The promoters were Messrs
Beatty,  II. W.  Davey and M. Mc-
. ,'   . i Phersoh; and these gentlemen are
BOTue   rjort.    llie stench trom that: °
garbage  heap  lakes  one's  breath to be congratulated dn the success
away while passing the Bpiit. of their efforts to provide amuse-
I  am sorry that my prediction ment fo.r.lovers o.f the tej.psichorean
art in this new town oi Rossland.
Excellent music was furnished by
an orchestral band of four pieces -
Violin, Mr. llnrp'-r: clarionet, Mrt
Wilkinson; piccolo, Mr. Webster;
organ, Mr. Ross. Mr. Beatty was
a most efficient master of ceremonies.    The Boor was in fine eon -
hax become a fact, for the fangs of
.that dreaded disease, typhoid, are
i|ilietly but surely closing upon us.
|irkl if soiriething b • not done to remove the gold i; •■ from the vicinity
of the town it will deter many from
slaying or coming amongst os, for
u time at least, ! am not an
alarmist, but one i aoooi help being , dil.ion. and there vvp.s ample room
a little alarmed at so many cases for the number of dancers at the
nf fever in a town only six monthsI commencement, when there were
obi. Hoping that stops may at but eight couples in the opening
once be taken to have the nuisance but later on several more ladies pm
abated and the town put in a good in an appearance, arid there was
fiiniiary condition. 1 am, yours less difficulty for tin- gentlemen to
".•ip-.-, Pro Bono Publico.      find partners,    Supper was served
■'•- ssiand. Aug. :l», 1895. : at the international Hotel.
A Seven TJUten Winner.
The following paragraph from
iln- Mining World of Butte city
may have been read by you, gentle
reader, before, but as it concerns
the man who has undertaken to
erect a smelter at Trail, you may
wish to read it again: " Backed as
he is by some of the most, influential moneyed men of the East, Mr.
Heinze is recognized as one of the
most progressive young men of the
West, and Ihe 'frail Creek people
may justly pride themselves mi
getting him interested in their
country. This alone establishes
beyond a doubt the fact that the'
boom now on in that section has \
triore than ordinary merit behind j
it. and we may look for an era of I
development that will exceed even
< Ii nerai Warren's fondest hi p is.
Tb • general was one of the pioneers
of frail Creek, predicting with all
: be whcmcnoi   he possesses  that it
would   be   a  seven  times winner
and the general makes feW mistakes
in.this line."
Not Grttiuniatleal.
Editor Pl.'osl'KITo|{,—
In common with the majority of
newspaper writers you are in the
habit, when .-peaking of Rossland s
great, mine, of saying the I.e Roi.
This is not good grammar* as " be
Roi" means " The King," and
when we say "the The King" wi
arc using two adjectives of distinction where one only is required. RkadkiI.
Bolt Hit) Water.
In view of ihe cases of typhoid
Fever and the possibility of others,
common prudence should keep
everyone from taking into thfe system any article of food or drink that
is not absolutely pure. The fnns't
Common cause of typhoid fever is
impure water. All water tluit is
not fresh from. . the mountains or
from a deep well should be boiled
before it is drunk.
VTiirnlii^ lii l.jiw-Un illnTN.
The Assizes (corresponding to
the Criminal Court, of the U S.1)
will be held in, Nelson in a. few
Week:,. One of the oldest judg ,- in
the province, the severity of,who:;:;
sentences years rtgo struck terror io
the heart:' of criminals who cailib
before him, wol preside. In view!
of this fact, prudence (if no other
reason) would dictate a course that
would avoid the clutches of the
Single man desires to rent small
bedroom, not too fur from center oi
bity. Address, slating lowest terms
per week. A.B., PhOSPEC$QR oliice.
On (lie South Beit,
The Five Million Dollar Co. hm
secured a number of guod prospects
in the South licit. Whether the
Qrown Point ledge, runs through
each claim or not further investigation will determine. It is not
doubted that the company,, with
Its exceptionally large capital at
command, wili develope some of its
properties to an extent that will
make them as famous, as., those
prospects in the, camp which have
been earlier developed.
" I  drink   no water unless it is
Miss  Bell   of   Kaslo  is  visiting
Mrs. Chase. , ,
I). Ii. Bogle made a business trip
to Nelson Wednesday.
The "gold cure" can be cheaply
tried in Rossland. All the water
that comes down from the mountains is impregnated with gold and
something else! 'ul*' ^ 's '"" ''i'''
for pew-comers and produces inter
mil discomfort. Like whisky, h
should be used sparingly in its raw


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