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Lillooet Prospector Nov 10, 1916

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VOL. 7, NO. 2
A Valuable Report
The focussing of public attention in Canada upon the problem
of strengthening our national organization through increased industrial and commercial efficiency
lends special value and interest
to the Seventh Annual Report of
the Commission of Conservation,
which has just been issued. The
activities of this Commission, relating to the entire field of primary production, aim to secure
greater efficiency in basic industry in the development and utilization of Canada's natural resources.
The resume of the past year's
work is notable primarily for the
progress recorded in the constructive programme entered upon by
the newly formed Town Planning
branch, with respect to one of
our greatest and most urgent
national problems, viz, the proper
use and development of land,
particularly in urban areas. Town-
planning legislation of an advanced character has been secured in
several provinces and thorough
investigation of houstnng conditions has also been undertaken
with a view to the drafting of
model housing laws. Rapid progress has been achieved in the
promotion of independent civic
organization throughout the Dominion for the purpose of securing more general and thorough
study of public questions.
A second noteworthy feature is
the attention devoted by the Commission to the reduction of the
heavy economic handicapimposed
upon Canada through her enormous annual fire, losses. The
Commission is engaged |n a careful study of the causes,.the extent and best methods of remedying this advoidable tax ppon the
country's resources.
The section of the report containing the results of an agricultural survey in four representative counties presents accurate
and ^finite data regarding the
deficiencies of Canada's' chief industry and affords a valuable indication of the lines along which
efforts to improve rural conditions, economic and social, should
be directed.
Steady progress has been made
by the Commission in the huge
task of national stock-taking, the
urgent necessity for which becomes daily more apparent. Recent experence has served to em-
)hasize the need for accurate
cnowledge of the nature and ex-
;ent of the Dominion's wealth in
ands, forests, minerals, water-
powers, fisheries and wild life, as
a guidance to intelligent and permanent national expansion.
The report, which is bound in
cloth, and well illustrated, constitutes an important addition to
the literature on Canada's resources and the problems connected with their efficient administration and development.
The loss by fires in northern
Ontario last Summer is put by
the provincial fire marshall at
$2,134,000. The insurance was
some $1,045,000. The fault behind the fires was costly, even
beyond the ordinary. It takes
many men working many years
to accumulate the values that
were wiped out.
The result of the American
President election has not reached us up to the time of going to
press. It is a very close run and
even now is 50 50 who will win.
A Correction
Last week we published the
following item:—
"Born-To Mr. and Mrs. J.
Williams, of Horsefly, a son, at
Instead of reading, "a son", it
should read, "a daughter."
Mrs. W. Adams returned from
the coast cities Wednesday.
J. K. More, road supt, was in
town this week.
Mrs. Asselstine and son, who
have been on a visit to the coast,
returned this week.
Some extensive building operations are to take place on the
Carson Estate, at Pavilion, at no
distant date.
Mrs. Malcolm MacDonald, of
Big Bar, arrived in town this
week and i9 spending a few days
visiting her friends.
Word was rececived last Friday
of the death of Leo Sebring, son
of Mr. J. Sebring of Bridge river.
The report says he was killed in
a train wreck at Wallace, U.S.A.
The Seton Lake sawmill. Owned
by W. G. Duguid, is running full
swing these days. Sandy is the
deck boss. We hear they have a
500,000 order on hand.
Messrs Geo. Prosser, T. Hurley,
Joe Russell and H. Schwartz,
left for the hills this week by
way of the Fraser. They are on
a cougar hunting tour and expect to be gone about a month.
Mr. M. R. Eagleson has had
the old blacksmith shop at the
corner facing Mrs. Egan's house,
taken down. We understand he
intends to build a barn and chicken house, in the near future.
Not many couples will care to
follow the example of the young
man of Laredo, Texas, and the
young woman of Butler, Mo.,
who were married by telegraph,
although 1,200 miles apart, with
the rights of the American Episcopal Church. It is to be said in
behalf of this extraordinary union
that happy pair should live amicably from now on, provided they
never get nearer to each other
than they were on the day of the
Mr. A. F. Noel, arrived in town
last week from the Lorne mine.
He brought with him gold bullion
weighing 30 pounds. The gold
was in two bricks, one of 25
pounds, the other 5 pounds. The
total value being in the neighborhood of $5800.00, and was on
exhibition in Hurley & Santini's
store window.
Mr. and Mrs. Noel left for the
coast on Sunday, by way of Lytton, but will return shortly to
supervise the mining operations,
which it is expected will be continued through the coming winter.
Mr. N. W. Emmens and Mr.
Sweeny, mining engineers in connection with the Molybdenite
mine, left for the coast this
week, after having shipped nine
tons of the precious ore. We
understand that extensive developments will be made shortly
in connection with this property.
Private Ray Bishop of the 7th
Battalion C.E.F. who was seriously wounded in the battle of
Loos, arrived in Lillooet Monday
night. He has been honorably
discharged from permanent service. He is wearing crossguns,
for marksmanship.
The above shows him when he
enlisted. The circle as he is now.
Engineers Wanted
The 6th Field Co. Canadian En
girieers whose headquarters are at
North Vancouver, are offering a
splendid opportunity to the handy
Any man of ordinary intelligence, able to use his hands, drive
a horse or motor motor wagon,
or a man used to tools of any
kind, cau find a good opening with
the Engineers. The extraordinary number and variety of jobs
the engineers are called upon to
handle in the daily routine of
warfare, bring openings which
all classes of helpers can contribute to fill.
The recruiting offices of the Engineers
are at the corner of Hastings and Homer
Streets, Vancouver, and at 606 View St.,
Victoria, and the Recruiting Officer will
arrange for free transportation for any
one enlisting, from any part of British
Columbia.—Apply, O.C., at Noith Van.
There has just been issued by
Department of the Interior a new
addition of the "Land and Preemption" map which gives useful and interesting information,
corrected to a recent date, with
regard to the Land situation and
the pre-emption and purchased
homestead areas throughout the
three Western provinces.
Figures in green show at a
glance the number of quarter-
sections in each township that
are still available for homestead
entry, also the area within which
quarter-sections may be preempted. Boundaries of Dominion
Land Agencies, and the location
of Forestry and Indian Reserves
are also clearly shown. All townships which have been surveyed
are set out in a distinctive buff
Copies of the publication may
be procured free of charge upon
application to the Railway Lands
Branch of the Department of the
Interior, Ottawa.
A meeting of the executive
committee of the Canadian Patriotic Fund was held yesterday
afternoon in the Court House,
Mr. W. Adams was in the chair.
Tht meeting was called to arrange for the means of raising
the necessary funds asked for
the fiscal year 1917 which commenced October 1st.
In 1916 Lillooet was asked to
raise $1,500.00 as her share towards the Canadian Patriotic
Fund, but for the ensuing year
1917 this amount will require to
be augumented owing to the large
and growing demands made on
the funds through enlistment.
A resolution was passed "that
Messrs W. Adams and W. Mclntyre start collections for the
Canadian Patriotic Fund for the
fiscal year commencing October
1st, as soon as possible, and accept as usual subscriptions monthly or in lump sum.
By a further resolution the following gentlemen were nominated to act on the committee-
Messrs. M. R. Eagleson, J. B.
Bryson. D. Hurley, A. F. Noel,
and W. McGregor.
The total sums forwarded to
Victoria from Lillooet since Aug.
20, 1915 to September 30, 1916
amount to $1293.75, being$206.25
short of the amount required, viz
The committee of the Lillooet
Branch of the Canadiun Patriotic
Fund announce^ that the total receipts of the monthly subscriptions promised ,py all those who
are living within the area tributary to the Lillooet branch only
amounted to $35.55 for September.
This sum was augumented by
$25.00 the proceeds of a raffle of
1500 lbs. of potatoes and 500 lbs.
of squash, donated to the Fund,
which brought the total forwarded to Victoria to $60.55.
British Red Cross
Late donations—
Received ex. Mrs. Christie
Wm. Adams
Total $270.00
Cheque No. 12551 on the Bank
of B.N,A., Victoria in favour of
the Lieut-Governor of B.C. for
$270.00 has been forwarded by
Hon. Secy-Treas. of the Lillooet
War Fund.
Notice of Cancellation of
reserve covering certain lands in Lillooet
District for the depasturage of stock, by
reason of a notice published in the British
Columbia Gazette on the 7th day of
August, 1884, is cancelled.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C.
November, 3rd, 1916.
Trains leave Squamish for Clinton on
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, returning on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays, and passing through Lillooet
at 10.18 a.m. IT E  Li LLOOET- PR OS PECTO R
The Lillooet Prospector
Published in the Interest of Lillooet District.
NOV.  10. 1916.
The people of Germany
have all along been told by
their leaders, the militaristic Prussians, to whom they
have given themselves body
and soul, that their country
was the victim of a huge international conspiracy. The
false Kaiser has reiterated
again and again that he did
not will the war. The royal
sneak who goes by the name
of the Crown Prince, in the
early days of the conflict, in
an interview with an American journalist, described the
military operations as the
wickedest and most useless
and unjustifiable struggle in
the world's history. T h e
other day he made similar
remarks. The Imperial Chancellor still rails at Great
Britain as the chief plotter
in the scheme to rum the
Fatherland. They all have
something to say to save their
faces and to try to reconcile
the German populace to
things as. they are.
It is quite probable that
there are numbers of well
informed Germans who are
aware that their government
is not the persecuted innocent
its spokesmen represent it to
be. They cannot be blind to
the fact that the representatives of Great Britain strove
earnestly up to the eleventh
hour to prevent the clash,
but without avail because
Germany was quite ready for
war and wanted the issue to
go to the battlefield.
Viscount Grey has certainly worked hard to enlarge
the views of these better informed Germans still further.
He has advanced arguments
that the most extremely biassed in favor of Germany
will find it hard to dispose
of. He has shown that Russian mobilization was not
made till Berlin had refused
a conference. He has brought
forward the fact that when
England proposed a conference, Russia, France and Italy accepted but Germany
would not. He reminded us
that on the very verge of
war France gave her pledge
to respect the neutrality of
Belgium while Germany refused to give the guarantee.
Meanwhile the fanatical
Kaiser is telling his soldiers
on the western front that the
Lord is with them. These
brave and misguided victims
of Prussian tyranny yet believe in the prayer-meeting
attitude of the man whocould
regard the drowning of the
babes of the Lusitania, and
the wilful sacrifice of thousands upon thousands of men
in the gratification of his vain
ambition. There is but one
thing to do and that is for
the Allies to fight on till the
monster is crushed.
®o Motors
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free
of exchange at any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent
per annum from the date of purchase.   '
Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and
accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment
made under any future war loan issue in Canada other than an issue of
Treasury Bills or other like short date security.
Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications
for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOEER 7th. 1916.
In the Supreme Court of British Coium
In the matter of the Estate of Ernest
Walter Cox of Lillooet, Province >f
British ColumUa, deceased intestate,
who died on 6th day of July 1916.
NOTICE is hereby given that by an
order of the Supreme Court of British
Columbia, dated the 5th day of September 1916, the undersigned was appointed
Administratrix of the estBte of the
above named deceased. Take notice
that all persons due the said estate are
required to pay to the undersigned on
or before the 3lst November. And notice is hereby further given that all
persons having any claims against the
said estate arerequired to file their claim
duly verified under oath, with me on or
before 31st day of December 1916, after
which date I snail proceed to distribhte
the assets of the said eslate among the
persons entitled thereto havieg regard
only to the claims of which I shall then
have notice, and I will not be liable for
said assets, or any part thereof, to any
person whose claim I shall not then
have received notice.
Dated at Lillooet this 31st day of
October A.D. 1916.
Idi M. E. D. Cox.
Administratrix for the above named
Lands, Mines, Insurance and Collection?
Mining business in all branches
a specialty.  Farms for
sale or lease.
Lillooet,  - British Columbia
Take notice that I, W. H. Buse, as
agent for the Marquess of Exeter, of
Bridge Creek, B.C., occupation rancher,
intend to apply for permission to lease
the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains south of the N.W. corner of
section 2957, thence 40 chains east,
thence 40 chains south, thence 40 chains
west, thence 40 chains north to point of
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 20th day of June, 1916.
William Henry Buse, Applicant.
36-July 7th, 1916.
Take notice that Delina Clara Noel,
of Lillooet, B.C., occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission
to lease the following described lands:
Ommencing at a post planted one
half mile north-east of north-east corner of lot 587, Lorne MinesGmup, Rridge
River, marked south-west corner post,
thence north twenty chains, thence east
twenty chains, thence south twenty
chains, thence west twenty chains to
point of commencement, containing 40
acres more or less.
Delina Clara Noel,
38- July 10th. 1916. Applicant.
Take notice that John Alfred Carlson,
of Lac La Hache, occupation farmer,
intends to apply for permission to lease
the following described lands:
^Jammjencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of lot 3545, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west to
point of commencement.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 4th of August, 1916.
44 - Aug. 21,1916. Applicant.
Have you paid your Subscription'
and she is for hire
By the hour, day, or night.
Victoria Hotel.
Take notice that Frederick Methuen
Becher, whose aderess is Riske Creek,
B.C., will apply for a licence to take
and use two hundred miners' inches of
water out of Makim creek, which flows
in a north-easterly direction and drains
into the Fraser river about six miles
above Soda Creek. The water will be
diverted from the stream at a point
eboutone mile south-westerly from the
south-west corner of lot 109, Cariboo
District, and will be used for irrigation
?urpose upon the land described as lots
52 and 1015, group 1, Cariboo District.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 20th day of July, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water
Act, 1914," will be filed in the offices of
the Water Recorders at Clinton and
Quesnel, B.C.
The water will be diverted from the
aforementioned point on Makim creek
and conveyed to Meldrum lake, thence
down Meldrum creek, from which it will
be diverted at a point near the northwest corner of lot6049, Cariboo District.
Objections may be filed with the said
water Recorders or with the Comptroller
of water rights. Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the the first appearance of this notice in
a local newspaper.
Frederick Methuen Becher,
The date of the first publication of
this notice is Sept. 8, 1916.
Take notice that Frank Isnardy, whose
address is Chimney Creek, 150 Mile
House, B.C., will apply for a licence to
lake and ^e 50 arre feet and to store
50 acre feet of water out of Sheep Creek,
which flows in an^easterly direction and
drains into the Fraser river near the site
of tlie Government hridp;e across said
river at Chimney Creek. The storage
dam will be located at S.W. 1-2 sec. 34
p.nd N.E. 1-4 sec. 33, tp. 48, Lillooet
District. The capacity of the reservoir
to be created is about'50 acre feet, and
it wttl. flood about -eight acres of land.
The water will he diverted from the
stream at a point about 1-2 mile from
mouth of Sheep Creek anH will be used
for irrigation purpose upon the land described as pre-emption record No. 1431,
Lillooet Register.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 27th day of July, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "water
act, 1914" will be fihd in the office of
Water Recorder at Clinton, British
Columbia. Objections to the application may be filed with the baid Water
Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C.. within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is Aug. Hth, 1916. '
Notice to Creditors.
In the Matter of the Estate of T.
C. Clarke, Late of Pavilion.
District of Lillooet, British Columbia, Farmer, Deceased, Intestate.
TAKE NOTICE that by order of His
Honour Fred Calder, Local Judge, made
the 28th day of August, 1916, I was appointed Administrator to the estate of
the above named Truman Celah Clark
and all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
deliver to me their names and addresses
and full particulars in writing of their
claims verified by Statutory Dec aration
and the nature of the security (if any)
held by them.
AND TAKE NOTICE that after the
15th day of December, 1916,1 will proceed to distribute the assets of the said
deceased among the persons entitled
thereto, having regard only to the
claims of which I shall then have notice.
Dated at Ashcroft, B.C., 21st day of
September, 1916.
Official Administrator.
CAPITAL Privately Procured for any
legitimate business;-stock companies
incorporated; bonds and stock placed
,   on commission.   Securities Bonding
Co., 811 Rogers Bldg. .Vancouver, B.C.
General Merchant    -
Hardware Groceries
Mqn's Furnishings Crockery
Miners Supplies Shoes
Fishing Tackle Guns
Na-Dru-Co. Drugs Tents
Bicycles Furniture
Dry Goods
Lumber, etc.
Agent for
Eastman   Kodaks,  Edison  Phonographs,   Moore
Lights, Singer Sewing Machines,   Bapco  Paints
Hours:  7 a.m. to 8 p.m.       Saturday,  7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
»..***.■•*-•••••••"•••• ..•.••»••.•"••••• •••*••*•••«.•*•.»«•..«.,m..f   ■■•<■•;-.*..o..»..#..c-
.■•.«*.•..». iM-M«MMfH|HH
Tremendous Advance in Price of Flour
Since buying our last car flour has advanced $1.80 per
barrel. We have a good stock, so advise our customers to
buy now, Today's prices, which are good for one week, are
as follows:
Royal Household, 49 lbs., $2.50. Five Roses, 49 lbs., $2.50
Pacific Gem, 49 lbs.,    -   $2.00. Our Best, 49 lbs., $2.25
These prices are under today's costs. «
Complete stock of Fresh Groceries or hand at low rates.
We  Aim to  Please   the Tourists  and  Travellers
Cheerful Dining Room—Best Meals in Town
Bar is stocked with the Finest Grades of Wines and Liquors
Large Pleasure Launch on Seton Lake for the accommodation of guests
Automobile Meets all Trains
Alex. C. Phair, = Proprietor
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings
Groceries, Confectionery,
Footwear, Hardware, etc.
Send Us Your Job Work— Support Home Industry
Boat leaves Lillooet end of
Seton Lake twice weekly,
on Monday and Friday,
at 9 a.m., for Mission and
Short Portage.
Small Gas Boat and Rowboats
for Hire
Special   Kates   to  Picnic
Phone—2 Long, 1 Short
Headquarters for Mining Men
Hotel «ss^
Chas. Mason, Mgr,
Quests  Comfort
is    My    Motto
Corner Hastings and
Cambie Streets
Vancouver, B. C-
Protect your
Family by
Insuring your
Life in the
Life Insurance
in the world
W. E. Morrison
Local Representative
Prospector Office
Take notice that Cheng Won. whose
address is Lillooet, B.C., will apply for
a licence to take and use 300 inches of
water out of the south west tributary of
Leon oreek, which flows easterly and
drains into Fraser river at Pavilion Indian Reserve No. 2. The water will be
diverted from the stream at a point
about one mile from the main water of
Leon creek in a south westerly direction
and will be used for irrigation purpose
upon the land described as lot 2981 and
lot 2982, Lillooet district.
This notice was posted on the ground
on the 13th day of September, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water
Act, 1914," will be filed in the office of
the Water Recorder at Clinton, B.C.
Objections to the application may be
filed with the said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B.C..
within thirty days after the first appearance of this notice in a local newspaper.
Cheng Won, Applicant.
Samuel Gibbs, Agent.
The date of the first publication of this
notice is the 22nd of Sept., 1916.
Form F.
Certificate of Improvements
Sunset. East Pacific and Clifton
Mineral Claims.     Situate  in  the
Lillocet Mining Division of  Lillooet
District.   Where located, on Cadwal-
laHer Creek, Bridge River,
Take notice that we. Andrew Ferguson,   Free   Miners    Certificate    No.
99335b,   and Adolphus Williams, Free
Miners Certificate  No.   B5171,  intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 85,  must be  commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 21st day of June, 1916.
■   Andrew Ferguson.
Adolphus Williams.
June 30.
Subscribe for the Prospector
Take notice that John McLellar.d
Mackinnon, of Vancouver, B.C., occupation farmer, intends to apply for permission to lease the following described
Commencing at the south-east corner
of lot one, group two, thence south along
the west boundary of Indian reserve
No. one on Fountain creek ?0 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north 12
chains more or less to the south boundary of lot 3454, ther ce east along the
said south boundary and the south boundary of lot 702,40 chains more or less, to
the south-east corner of lot 702, thence
north along the east boundary of said
lot 702 nine chains more or less to the
north-easterly corner of said lot 702 on
the southerly boundary of said lot one,
thenS. 58<>00' E alongthesaid southetly
boundary 10 chains ad 60 links more or
less to a corner of said lot one, thence
N. 76°15' E along a southerly boundary
of said lot one 29 chains and 8 links more
or less to the place of commencement,
containing 120 acres more or less.
J. M. Mackinnon,
41- Aug. 9, 1916. Applicant.
Take notice that Frank W. Durban
whose address is Seton Lake, will apply for a licence to take and use one (1)
cubic foot per second of water out of
White Cap Creek, whfch flows south
easterly and drains into Portage river
about 400 yards below Anderson Lake on
Lot 1592. The water will be diverted
from the stream at the Falls on the
east side of Creek, and will be used for
irrigation purpose upon the land described as the north half of Lot 15d6
containing 40 acres.
This notice was posted on the ground
oh the 2nd day of October, 1916.
A copy of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the ''Wa
ter  Act,   1914."   will be filed in   the
office   of   the    Water   Recorder   at
Clinton, B.C.
Objections may be filed with the said
Wat^er Recorder, or with the Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., wiftiin thirty days
after the first appearance of this notice
in a local newspaper.
■ Frank W. Durban, Applicant
Samuel Gibbs. Agent
The date of the first publication of
this notice is October 20, 1916. TKE   LILLOOET   PB0SPECTOU
Where River
(1) The Cracks in a Glacier.
STAND with me on the summit of a
Canadian Pacific Rocky Mountain. What a wondrous panorama 1b unfolded* not only of peaks
and ranges, tier on tier, line on line,
but of vast glittering fields of snow
and Ice, making a white world of the
upper heights, a regior of eternal winter in striking contrast of the flower-
covered bedB of the valleys a mile below us, or the green of the alpine
meadows and the forest denths.
We are standing ln a realm where
rivers of ice flow, for it is one of the
manifold wonders of nature that these
huge snaky lines of Ice are slowly but
■urely moving down the mountain
slopes to their deatfi in a terminal
moraine. And while they thus travel
down hill, they are at the same shrinking, so that with few exceptions they
■how a gradual lecession  which  U
(2) A Rocky Mountain Lakelet fed by Glacial Waters,   (3) The Fissures in a Glacier.   (4) The Yoho
marked ln some glaciers by scientific
study, huge boulders carrying the year
when the toe of the glacier reached
that spot, with later markings Indicating the shrinking process. The
Illecillewaet Glacier, for example, retreated up the valley i 1S90
and 1898, a distance tn, «d iess than
452 feet
The Illecillewaet glacier, ln the Selkirks, is one of the largest remain ine
glacial deposits ln the Canadian
ranges, a gigantic icy river of green
and white-flowing valleyward with a
magnificent sweep. Ix)ngfello»'!> description cornea to mind as one gazes
on the scene as "a glittering gauntlet
which the frost king has thrown in defiance of the sun," and so it seems as
It glitters back Its radiance from its
white bosom and Its  crystal  archi
Or stand on Lefroy or Hungabee, or
better still, on Temple, ln the Lake
Louise region, and again the eye is
held in thrall with the colossal canvas
and the icy glaciers on every peak,
i Who will forget that superb view of
the ' Victoria  Glacier  from  tbe  Lake
j Louise Chalet, or the white masses on
1 the lofty roofs of the Ten Peaks, when
a full moon floods them with silver
light?   The sheen ot a hundred sparkling waterfalls makes a drapery, while
at times the ear is bombarded with the
sound of a mighty avalanche tumbling
from Inconceivable heights.
|   The wonder of the glacier is more
I fully realized when they are explored
at close quarters, when their fantastic
caverns and awesome fissures are en-
itered or crossed, when the mountain
climber pickB his way over a mass of
ice masses thrown up as if in mortal
agony by the pressure of the upper
deposits that cause the downward
movement Yonder is the snow field
from which the glacier flows, here Is
a "bergschrund" as the ugly-looking
crevasse is called that separates the
glacier from the mountain side. Ser-
acs—curious Ice towers—look like
monuments of the gods, and the tongue
or snout marks the end of the glacier
from whence flow the melting waters
that mark the birth of great rivers.
In this vaBt Canadian Garden of th*
Gods, of Rockies and. Selkirks, in
which scores of Switzerlands could be
put nothing is more wonderful than
the great glaciers ever Journeying to
their obliteration, ever sweeping toward the valley beds.      •>
The Prisoners of War in Germany
The post office department has
been notified by the British post
office that many parceles sent
from Canada to Prisoners of War
in Germany are being received
in London in a damaged condition, so that frequently they
have to be repacked before they
can be forwarded to Holland for
transmission to Germany. The
British post office adds that in
most cases the damage appears
to be due to the fact that the parcels were inadequately packed by
the senders.
The public are warned, therefore, that parcels for prisoners of
War, unless very strongly packed,
will probably arrive in such a
condition as to be of little or no
use to the recipients.
Ordinary thin cardboard boxes,
such as shoe boxes, should not be
used; nor does a single sheet of
ordinary brown paper afford sufficient protection. Even where
proper materials are used, it is
important that the contents should
be tightly packed so as not to
shake about during transit.
The following forms of packing
are recommended—
1. Strong double cardboard or
strawboard boxes. Those made
of corrogated cardboard and having lids which completely enclose
the sides of the box are the most
2. Tin boxes such as are used
for packing biscuits.
3. Strong wooden boxes.
The British authorities advise
that pucels for prisoners of war
in Germany must not be wrapped
in linen, calico, canvas or any
other textile material.
Parcels posted in Canada for
Prisoners of War in Germany
which have not been adequately
packed by the senders will not be
forwarded but will be returned
to the senders, as the British post
office has notified the Department
that parcels which are inadequately packed must be returned to
the senders.
When in Vancouver
Stop at
The Burrard Hotel
(One Block East of New C.P.R. Depot)
American and European Plan
Under New Management
J. McGillivary,      -      Proprietor
,.^.« n^i»n{.i»i.{.'»'ltl'«'i}i'»'.{"»'»|W.^.Hi.{.Hl{~»^{H«.4'^^.—^.—^W«$*+*,
Job Work of All Kinds Neatly and
Promptly Done at The Prospector Office,


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