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The Lillooet Prospector Jan 26, 1912

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Vol. 1 No. 11
$2.00 Per Year
The Lillooet Deputy Game
Warden, Joe Russell left
Wednesday for North Fork
and returned Friday evening,
having secured a magnificent
fifteen point stag which he
shot about one mile from
Birtch and Duncan's ranch
on the west side Of the North
Fork. He took off the skin
intact and secured the bones
etc., as this splendid specimen will be mounted by the
provincial museum curator,
Mr. Kermodeand will be presented to the South Kensington Museum of London, England, by Dr. Young, the pro
vincial secretary, to be shown
and described as one of the
splendid trophies of the mule
deer and also to. further emphasize the excellent chances
for sportsmen to visit the
Lillooet hunting grounds
when in search of the big
game for which Lillooet is
world-wide known.
The annual meeting of the
shareholders of the Anderson
Lake Mining and Milling
company was held in Lillooet at the office of the
company on last Saturday
evening for the purpose of
electing new officers and directors and transacting general business. The secretary
of the company S. Gibbs acted as chairman. The report
for last year was satisfactor-
ly received by the representative shareholders. The following officers were elected
for the ensuing year: M. R.
Eagleson, president; Samuel
Gibbs, secretary; A. A. Brett
Paul Santini and A. W. A.
Phair (re-elected), managing
directors. The company has
several propositions in view
that will no doubt mean extensive operations on that
property the coming season.
Alec Phair and B. Swan-
son were passengers on the
gasoline launch Borden last
Monday on their way home
to their Anderson lake ranch
The second payment of
$10,000 was paid on the Pioneer property on Cadwallader creek 1 ast week by the
Ferguson brothers of Saani-
chton, Vancouver Island to
F. H. Kinder, the former
owner, who has worked the
property for the last ten
years and has taken out considerable gold every season.
At present the contractors
are hard at work on the property driving a tunnel which
is being run to tap the vein
at greater depth. It is expected that the new company
will do extensive development work in the spring.
T. W. Smith who is interested in quartz claims at the
head of McGillvary creek,
arrived by auto on Saturday
from Vancouver where he
v has been spending the winter. It is his intention to
prolong his stay in Lillooet
and make arrangements to
proceed with considerable
development on his properties. He states that he ex-
pacts to see renewed activity
in the McGillvary creek section this season.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Logan
were in town for a few days
this week visiting their many
friends here. Mr. Logan who
until recently was the manager of the Tiffin ranch at 19-
mile Ashcroft road has now
resigned in favor of William
McLeod, who it is stated has
purchased a half interest in
that property and from now
on will act as manager. Mr.
Logan will remain at the
ranch for some time looking
after business interests and
it is rumored that he is endeavoring to secure some
good ranching propertity in
this locality with the view of
remaining in this section permanently.
runaway   .
A runaway that might have
resulted seriously occurred
last Thursday afternoon
when the five-horse outfit
belonging to Bert Durban
started to run near the three
mile hill across the river and
were only stopped after the
leaders had reached the brow
of the hill. Bert was off the
wagon when the horses started and it is sheer luck that
he headed them before they
started down the hill with
the heavily loaded wagons,
which would undoubtedly
have resulted in the whole
outfit plunging into the Fraser. Bert also had the misfortune to have his "back-
action" upset with him today on the ice in the draw
behind the English church,
but was again fortunate in
having no serious breakage.
Duncan McDonald left for
Vancouver today on a visit
to coast cities for the first
time in nineteen years. It
■was in 1893 that Mr. McDonald left Vancouver for
the upper country and it will
undoubtedly be a great surprise to him to see the wonderful improvements and
marvelous growth of the
coast cities and towns, some
of which were not on the
map in '93. He came to
British Calumbiain 1862 and
and has been more or less in
the Cariboo and on the coast
since that time. He was
twice across the Isthmus of
Panama and also occupied
the position of caretaker on
the first suspension bridge
built in B. C.
Dan Hurley, of the Lome
mine on Cadwallader creek,
left by auto for the coast today and will remain away
for several days, transacting
important, business in regard
to his mining interests in the
Bridge river district.
A well attended dance was
given at the home of William
Dickey at Pachelqua last Saturday, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.
M. Blair, who has been
acting in the capacity of
cook at the Coronation, came
down the first of the week,
and reports all at the mines
and along the line to be in
good health. It is stated
that he is now considering a
business proposition in the
Bridge river section and left
for the coast on today's auto
to transact business in regard to same.
While working on his placer lease on Cayoosh creek C.
D. Wray received a bad fall
which badly bruised his side',
and will probabl? lay hiiruip..
for a few days.
James Dickey came down
from the Black Hill ranch
today  on  a   business trip.
The ice men at Lytton are
clamoring for sawdust, consequently Chas. McCaffery
leaves tomorrow with a load
from the Seton Lake sawmill to supply Alphonse
Haulier with the necessary
packing for his ice house.
Henry Schwartz is keeping
batchelor hall in his cabin
and from his appearance is
living high.
Alec McLeod of Pemberton "'meadow's arrived in Lillooet last Sasurday where he
has been visiting for the past
few weeks. He will leave
in a few days for his ranch
in the meadows.
J. Punch and A. W, Hamill left Thursday for the Pern
berton country with the mail
Herold Burkholder and A.
Humphries came down from
North Fork last Tuesday.
Herold returned to the ranch
the following day with the
mail and supplies.
G. W. Cotin paid Lillooet
abusiness trip this week.
a. < The   Prospector
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending out samples every Friday
afternoon to   be   assayed  by  the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.     Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates   on   application
The  warm  weather that
this section has been enjoying the past few days makes
one long for the spring and
its bunch of intrepid prospectors who , will_ be scattering
out over the district as soon
as the snow will permit and
soon  after will be making
new   discoveries and   new
strikes.     The majority   of
the prospectors   who   have
been the means of  bringing
the camp to  the  front are
men who work in the mines
all through the long winter,
saving their earnings for a
grubstake to prospect on during the coming season, and
much credit is due them for
their perservance and great
faith and each of them will
convince you, if you talk to
him awhile that he is certain
to strike it this year.   One
of the   western   states has
started a new scheme in regard to prospecting.    Numerous well informed prospectors were   outfitted by the
state,  sending them out to
scour the mountains in search
of the ore bodies that were
supposed to exist in certain
formations.     A   committee
was formed which carefully
reviewed the work done by
these ' 'advancers of civilization" ana in an account just
issued have pronounced the
experiment a success, expressing at the same time the belief that much benefit will result to the mining industry
of the state.     What is the
matter   with   applying the
same scheme to Lillooet district.   The field is large and
beyond the conception of any
one who has not traveled far
into the unknown mountains.
Lillooet  has the formation
the gold, and a large mountainous area still unexplored,
where there are undoubtedly
fortunes awaiting the pick
and shovel of the prospector.
So let's get busy in the spring
and prove to the investors
that there is »till another one
coming that beats the last
one discovered.
According to the B. C.
Mining Exchange and Engin
eering News the Valdez Miners and Prospectors' Protective Association has been
banded together to secure to
mining operators a square
deal all round. Here are a
few of their objects and Lillooet mining men might well
profit by   the   suggestions:
First—To*create by word
of mouth and through the
press a healthy public sentiment in favor of a square
deal between man and man.
Second—To foster peace
and harmony among those
interested in acquiring mineral lands in this vicinity.
Third—To suggest such
regulations for the thoughtful consideration of all fair
minded men as shall manifest
ly appeal to their sense of
fair play, and which regulations shall in no way interfere with the rights of anyone under the law.
Fourth—To endeavor to
place the stamp of disapproval upon the practice of claim
jumping when the first claim
ant has made any sort of decent attempt to comply with
the law.
Fifth—To likewise just as
strongly discourage snow-
staking and other efforts of
mere speculators to monopolize and hold mineral lands
without any pretense of complying with the general mining law.
The splendid opportunties
to be obtained by the capitalist in Lillooet district and
that not a few of these inves
tors are awake to this fact
is shown by the numerous
transactions that have been
put through] recently and
that are now pending, both
in land and mining. A case
in point is the recent sale of
a half interest in the Tiffin
ranch near Pavilion to the
McLoed brothers; the sale of
the 15-mile ranch and the receipt of the second payment
of $10,000 on the Pioneer
mine in the Bridge river dis
trict. There are also other
mining deals of importance
pending and smaller transactions have been consumma
ted in a quiet way.
The interest in Lillooet
district is sp; eading rapidly
and already this section is attracting no small, amount of
attention in the countries of
Europe, especially England.
Private letters of inquiry regarding the possibilities to
be found here are frequently
received by local parties and
the press of the old country
is giving this section quite a
little publicity. In a recent
edition of the London Sketch
an interesting interview in
regard to Bridge river was
published, but lack of sp, e
prevents us from reprinting
the same this week. However, it goes of show that
the awakening to this district is widespread.
Talk about your high living; Italy is paying about
$100,000,000 for just one
slice of Turkey.
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Prospector
Lillooet, B. C.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that »n application will ha made to the Parliament of Canada, a
the session thereof now being: held for an Act to
incorporate a Railway Company under the name
of Vancouver and Peace River Railway Company
with power to lay out, construct, equip and
operate a line of railway from the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia by thp
most practicable route north easterly to the Fr«»-
•r River in the vicinity of Lillooet, thence northerly following tke Fraser River to a point at or
near Fort George, thence northerly across thp
Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the
Pine River Pass, thence easterly along the Va ley
of the South Pine River to Coal Brook in the Do-
minion Reserve Block, thence southeasterly to a
point in the Grand Prairie in Alberta
nity of Bear Lake, thence in a Northerly direction
to the Peace River in the vicinity of Dunvcgan,
thence crossing the Peace River and northeasterly to a point fn the vicinity of Peace River Crossing, thence northerly on the west side of the
Peace River to a point in the vicinity of Fort
Vermilion, thence northerly to a point on the
Peace River below the Vermilion Chutes—with n
branch from the main line in the vicinity of the
Middle Branch of the South Pine River northerly
to a point on the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope.
To construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines and to charge toils for the use thereof; to carry on and do an express business, to construct bridges and to construct the same so that
they may be available for the use of foot passengers and vehicles, to collect tolls for the passage
over said bridges, toconstruet, acquire, and navigate steam and other vessels, toconstruet. acquire
lease and dispose of wharves, ducks, elevators,
warehouses, offices and other structures., to construct, acquire, maintain or otherwise utilize
hotels, to acquire, generate and utilize water and
steam power for the purpose of Compressing air
or generating electricity and to dispose of the
surplus not required for the purposes of the Company, to develop and acquire olectricity and other
power and to dispose of and distribute the surplus
thereof; to enter into agreements with other Companies together with all other usual and cuslom-
ary powers. The kailway and works to be constructed to 1-e declared a work for the general advantage of Canada,
DATED at Vancouver, B. C, this 27th day of
November, i9II.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
an Application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British'olumbia at its next -session,
lor an Act to incorporate a Company
with power to lay out, build, construct,
equip am! operate a line of railway to be
operated by steam, electricity or other
power for the carrying of Passengers
and freight from the < ity of Vancouver
in the Province of i ritish Columbia by
the most practicable route north easterly to the Fraser River in the vicinity of
Lillooet; thence northerly generally
following the Eraser River to a point at
or mar Fort George, thence northerly
across the Parsnip River, thenco northeasterly through the Pine River Pass,
thence easterly along the Valley of the
South Pine River to Coal Brook in the
Dominion Reserve Block, thence easterly to a point on the eastern boundry of
British olumbia in the vicinity of Swa*
I ake—with a branch from the main line
in the vicinity of the Middle Fork of the
South Pine River northerly to a point
on the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope, and thence across the
Peace River and easterly to the Eastern
foundry of i.ritish Columbia, and with
power also to construct and operate
telegraph and telephone lines and to
charge tolls for the use thereof;to carry
on and do an express business, to construct bridges and toconstruet the same
so that they may be available for the
use of foot passengers and vehicles, to
collect tolls for the passage over said
bridges, to construct, acquire and navigate steam and other vessels, to construct, acquire, lease and dispose of
wharves, docks, elevators, warehouses,
offices and other structures; to construct, acquire, maintain or otherwise
utilize hotels; to acquire, generate and
utilize water and steam power for the
purpose of compressing air or generating electricity and to dispose of the surplus not required for the purposes of the
Company, to develop and acquire electricity or other power and to dispose of
and distribute the surplus thereof; to
use, own, equip and operate water
power convenient to the road for Railway and other purposes; to enter into
agreements with other Companies and
with all powers given by the "Model
Railway Bill" and with such oth«r
powers and privileges as are usual or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid
DATED this 27th day of November
A. D. 1911.
Abbott & Hart-McHarg
Burns & Walkem
Solicitoi-3 for the Applicant The    Prospector
Mr. A. E. Humphries was
the guest of R. Burkholder
last week and speaks highly
of North Fork hospitality.
Charlie Miller and Jim
Cuthbert are busy cutting
fire wood and clearing land.
Messrs. MacRae and Collins returned from town on
Sunday last and packed up
the mail and some needed
Messrs. Moule and Bishop
are busy completing their
new stable. It will be quite
an addition to their ranch
At Birch and Duncan's
ranch the axe and saw are
heard from morning until
night and their wood pile is
growing at a rapid rate.
Ralph Webster is finishing
the interior de:orations to
his new home. When this is
completed it will be a credit
to North Fork.
The Burkholder brothers
are busy getting out logs for
a new stable.
So far the winter has been
very open; only a few inches
of snow has fallen. The
temperature ranges irom 34
to 22 degrees.
Mr. R. D. Cummings, who
lately retired from the firm
of Cumming and Rosenburg
has now taken over the business of Mr. A. S. Galbraith,
and will hereafter attend to
all the insurance and real estate business in town. —Ashcroft Journal.
Conrad Kostering of High
Bar, who is well known in
Lillooet district, is at present
at the coast and has undergone an operation through
which he lost the sight of one
eye. He is now reported as
doing well and his many
friends will be pleased to
hear of his speedy recovery.
The new Baillie hotel in
Lytton has been formerly
opened and marks another
point in the advancement
and progress of that thriving
railroad town. Of the old
Baillie hotel, which was really
a historical landmark, nothing now remains but a memory as it was demolished the
first of the week. This old
structure had stood since
1884 and gave accomodation
to thousands during the Cari
boo days.
Hill & Burnett
New Westminister
B. C.
Represented in Lillooet by
If you want freight hauled from Lytton to Lillooet
just  bear it in mind that
McCaffery & McKibben
have th« two best' outfits
on the road and can give
you quick service and
guaranteed      satisfaction
Address Chas. McCaffery&t Lillooe
or   Hazen, .McKibben at Lytton to
make arrangements
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellant line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
= J   DUNLOP  =
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
=   Outfitter for Camp or Trail   ===
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt  Attention  Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - B. C
The earth will cease its
revolutions in the year 5231,
according to Professor Baur's
prediction. But not South
Hold your temper for a
moment and avoid a hundred
days of sorrow.
Alfalfa Seed
Clean new seed, $18.00 per 100
pounds. Lillooet or Lytton. Alex
Lochore, Rosebank, Lytton, B.
FOR SALE-One Berkshire
boar $7.50, and pure bred Collie
pups, $5.00 each. Alex Lochore
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C.
Roy McDonald
Six Tables
Cigars and Tobaccos
Smokers Supplies
General Hauling,
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season
I, Joseph Ogle Trethewey of
Hanceville,by occupation a rancher, give notice that [ intend on
the 20th day of January next at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon to
apply to the Water Commissioner
at his office at Clintonfora license
to take and use 14 cubic feet of
water per second from Big Creek
a tributary of the Chilcotin River,
the water will be used on Lots
375, 1185, 2223, 985 and my preemption of 160 acres, for irrigation purposes. I intend to apply
at the same time for permission
to store two thousand six hundred acre feet of the said water in
two reservoirs at, first Fletcher
lake being used by Claude R.
Wilson for years. Site of new-
reservoir about four miles below
Fletcher Lake on Minton Creek,
Joseph Ogle Trethewey
Dated this 12th day of Decemter
Subscribe for the Prospector The      Pesrpector
Manager Dick ClarK reports .that the minstrel show-
is coming on in great shape
and that the boys ars even
surprising themselves at the
rehearsals. All arrangements
have been made and there s
nothing now to prevent its
being a great success. A
dance and supper will be
given to add to the evening's
pleasure. The price of admission has been arranged
so that those wishing to see
only the show will be admitted for 50 cents while those
taking in both the show and
the dance will be charged 75
Harness Maker    Saddler
Carrying All Lines. Horse
Blankets. Repairing of
all Description a Speciality
Ashcroft      -    -     B. C.
Lytton to Lillooet
Four   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver
Connects With all Trains
Enquire at the Victoria Hotel
Prospector Ads Pay.
that an application will be made
to the Legislative A»sembly
of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next Session for an Act amending
Section 3 of the British Columbia
& Alaska Railway Act, 1910,
(Ch. 56, Statutes of British Columbia, 1910V by striking out all
the words after the word "Columbia" in Line 10 of said Section and substituting therefor
the following:
"And or from Fort George in
a northeasterly direction to the
valley of the Parnsip River by
way of Fort McLeod, thence
along the Parsnip River to a junction with the Peace River, thence
along the valley of the Finley
River through Sifton Pass,
thence down the Stikene River
to a junction with the main line
at Telegraph Creek. Also powers to build branch lines either
through the Pine River or Peace
River passes to the eastern bound
ary of British Columbia, or by
way of the most feasible route,
or in the alternative by the most
feasible route between Lytton
and Teslin Lake, also to build
from a point on said line of Railway to the City of Vancouver
or from the City of Vancouver
to a point on the said line by the
most feasible route."
AND FURTHER for an Act
extending the time within'Jwhich
the Company has to commence
construction, and extend ten per
cent of its capitalization.
DATED at Victoria, B. C,
this 5th day of December, 1911.
Robertson & Heisterman
Solicitors for the Applicants, the
British   Columbia    & Alaska
Railway Company.
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
General Merchant        Manufacturers Agent
For  Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
Sole Agent for Kodak supplies, Singer Sewing Machines,
Edison Phonographs, Sherwins-William's Paint, McClarey
Stoves, Aladdin Lamps, etc. Publishers of Local Post Cards.
Made-to-order Department in connection with our Clothing.
Prospector's and Miner's Outfits. Guides furnished for
Hunting Parties. A car of gasoline and coal oil just arrived
Groceries, Na-dru-co drugs, Famous "Big Horn" Brand
Overalls, Miner's Shirts, Blankets, Sweater Coats, Win ter"
Caps, Fancy Neckties,   Men's Furnishings just opened up
The °nly Store that can give satisfaction) on orders
from the smallest to the largest.   Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
When in LYTTON go to the
Durham Barber Shop
First-class Shave or Haircut
Two doors west of the Harrison stage
Outfitters for Prospectors, Trappers,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goods are
the best and prices
are right
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining business in  all branches a
specialty.    Farms,   Fruitlands   and
Residential properties for sale.
IB1.WIIWB n1.-*'-•>-# .'- ItCT-aM**".*-* T-UJ ...
JR. C. Stephenson
Blacksmith and '
Expert    Horse-
All Work Promptly
LILLOOET    -    -   B. C
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wedneidays and Sun
days at 7 a. m.
Wire or write for Special .Stage or
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON  -   Lytton, B. C.
ASHCROFT       - B. C
usKi,juut ~mnnaBM3 iiPiati*r3«iFj«j^:ifcav   I
Frank Mclntyre
Lillooet's Barber
Operating in   the  southwest corner of the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't forget the Number
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rigs for Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy  Draying.
B. C.    I
Subscribe for the Prospector
Fifty-five well-furnished rooms. Hot and cold baths
Excellent table. First class bar. Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat. Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00


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