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The Lillooet Prospector Jan 19, 1912

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Vol. 1 No. 10
$2.00 Per Year
The first banquet of the Lillooet Boosters' club was held on
Saturday evening, and amongst
the many pleasant events that
have occurred in this little burg
from time to time the pleasant
evening spent by the sixteen
jovial spirits who gathered
around the festive board on that
occasion has been voted second
to none. Mr. A. F. Noel and
Mr. C. Copp had charge of the
table decorations which consisted mostly of chicken. At the
close a vote of thanks was voted
to the above named gentlemen
who replied in appropriate terms.
However, during the course of
Mr. Copp's speeeh he hinted that
it might have been through the
generosity of Mr. Frank Brewer
of Vancouver that such an ex-
ellent repast was forthcoming,
so with three hearty cheers for
Mr. Brewer and the singing of
Auld Lyne Syne the meeting dispersed. The catchy songs of Dick
Clarke and clever recitations of
Jimmy Rowbottom added to the
evening's entertainment.
After transacting business in
Lillooet for several days A. F.
Noel left for Vancouver Tuesday
morning, by auto. Mr. Noel
stated that there was great interest being taken in Lillooet and
her recourses at the coast cities,
and that the mining -possibilities
in particular are attracting considerable attention.
The gasoline launch "Borden"
with Captain Sandy Duguid in
command, made a trip to the Mission last Monday, taking as passengers C. Copp and Tommy Alford, who are returning to the
mines. Mr. Copp has been on a
short business trip to Victoria in
the interest of the Coronation
mine. Operations on this property will be continued as persistently as possible until spring
when the crew will be enlarged
and development proceeded with
on a larger scale. Tommy Alford is returning to the Wayside
after an extended but pleasant
visit with his many friends in
Lillooet. Tommy, with Joe Shus-
ter and George Gibson are driving the tunnel at the Wayside.
I. F, Collins accompanied by
George McCrea came down from
the North Fork today and report
trails good and travelling easy.
A letter has been received from
TyeeJimmy whois inOttawa with
three other Lillooet chiefs interviewing the Premier in regard to
their land titles. On January 8th
they secured their interview but
were informed that nothing
could be done until the house had
time to act, so are waiting to receive an answer from that source
Tyee wished all his "tilhcums"
a Happy New Year.
A petition for a telephone service between Lillooet and Lytton
has been strongly supported and
signed by the local residents.
This was brought in on Wednesday afternoon by Alex Lochore,
of Rosebank farm, Lytton road.
He was accompanied by Mrs.
Lochore and on Thursday they
drove out to the lake and Cayoosh
creek visiting their numerous
friends. They returned to the
ranch today. Mr. Lochore reports all stock in that vicinity to
be in excellent condition, and that
there is plenty of hay to carry
them through the winter.
"Larry" Keary, Lillooet's pep
ular butcher, drove in eight read
of fine looking steers last Tuesday
which he will kill for the local
market. They were purchased
at Bryson's ranch, and Jack Lilly
of that place assisted him to
drive the cattle to town. The
boys report the roads as being
very icy and nearly lost one of
the steers at 12-mile as a result.
Jack Lilly returned to the
"Grange" on Wednesday.
On Sunday afternoon two children discovered a horse with a
broken leg behind the English
church. The horse, which belonged to an Indian from down
the river, had been tied to the
back fence and had evidently
pulled back and tripping itself
had rolled down the gulch, break
ing it's leg in the descent. It
was mercifully despatched by-
Sandy Duguid. Double Moral:
Don't tie your horses to other
people's fences and don't expect
a dumb brute to stand still all day
in cold winter weather.
E. Bottomley and A. Langdon
left Thursday morning for
Tyaughton creek to look after
mining interests.
Alec Phair and B. Swanson
came in yesterday from their Anderson lake ranches, both of
which are located close to Mc-
Gillvary creek. Alec now has a
most sub tint'al home en tie
north side of McGillvary creek.
Both have been employing therr.-
i selves cleaving land and building
fences. They report weather con
ditions to have been very mild,
and also state that there is hardly any snow along Anderson lake
F. H. Kinder of Terrace Hall
arrived Tuesday evoung from
coast points where he has been
on business and pleasure combined. Fred paid a visit to Eel-
ingham to see "Jake" Patterson
one of Lillooet's old time prospectors. He states that Mr. arid
Mrs. Patterson a:s in good health
and doing well, furthermore that
in the early spring "Jake" will
hit the trail for his old camping
grounds and prospect in this vicinity all next season.
Dave Coughlan and Billy Elliot
are now occupying new quarters
in Coughlan's cottage in the west
end. Two bran new stoves shipped from Vancouver have been
installed so they are fully prepared for all kinds of weather and
intend living in high style. It
is reported that a bean feast will
be given shortly which will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated
by their many friends.
William Durban returned on
Lee Harrison's stage last Saturday from Lytton, after a two
weeks' sojourn in Ashcroft,
where he and Mrs. Durban have
been visiting relatives, Mrs.
Durban is well on the way to recovery and her many friends will
be pleased to learn that she will
be able to return soon. William
reports that things in Ashcroft
are looking well and that the old
Lillooetites who now reside there
are doing well, but but still have
a warm place in their heart for
On Thursday W. W. Jones
made a record walk for this time
of year when he left Fairhaven
}n the morning and made Lillooet
the same evening, the distance
between the two places being
forty miles.
February fifth is the date set
by Manager Dick Clarke to turn
his eight coontown comedians
loose on the people of Lillooet.
and he is hard at work now making extensive preparations and
drilling the boys in their lines and
songs. He has made arrangements to have H. W. McKenna
of Ashcroft here (n that date.
Mr. McKenna is well known
throughout the Cariboo country
as a singer and comedian with
ability that places him in the
near professional ranks. He and
Dick haVe teamed together on
the boards in the old country
and are said to be a pair hard to
beat as entertainers. Th:- personnel of thejshow is asjjfollows:
Dick Clark, H. W. McKenna,
JoeRu-sll, •■ames Row bottom,
W, Miller, and Teddy Holt with
Bert Phair as interlocutor. Miss
Bak r has kindly consented to
play the piano for the boys and
Arnold Weber will contribute
t.venty minutes of legerdemain
and slight-oi'-hand.
Mr. J. Punch of the Pemberton Meadows was a -passenger on
Monday's auto after an extended
visit to coast points. He thorough
!y enjoyed his ti ip but is pleased
to be back again to Lillooet district.
We are pleased to be able to
state that M. R. Eagleson, who
has been suffering for the past
week from a severe attack of ery-
sipilas, is much better and is
now able to be out.
We are' pleased to relate that
oar little friend "Tommy" Duguid is now we'll on the way to
recovers and in a few days he
will be toddling around again as
bright and cheerful as ever.
•lack Logan came down from
the 19-mile ranch on Monday and
left Tuesday morning on the auto
on a visit t i E. .1. Taylor's ranch
Lytton road, returning with Lee
Harrison the same evening. He
returned to the "1!)"   yesterday
Roy Burkholder, accompanied
by A. E. Humphries left Sunday
fr North Fork, where they will
visit at the ranch for some time.
The pool table at the Victoria
has been repaired by A. Brett,
who has put on raw-hide pockets
which are guaranteed to stand
the stongest of strong shots even
when made by the strongest of
strong arms.
r The    Prospector
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending  out  samples every Friday
afternoon to    be   assayed   by   the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.      Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates   on    application
FRIDAY,  JANUARY 19,   1912
open for traffic. The Lytton
road is our main trade route,
and the better the route the
better the trade,
It cannot be too strongly
impressed upon the incomirg
prospectors and "others" interesting themselves in the
mining possibilities here that
Lillooet people want absolute
honesty in regard to the
values of the prospects in the
district. The folly of exaggeration and ' 'wildcatting"
has been too often demonstrated in other camps and
right at this time when the
district is just coming into its
own, one or two shady
transactions may mean a set
back that it will take months
or even years of genuine
merit and proved value to
overcome. Lillooet hasproven
that it is worthy of being-
classed as a substantial mining district, and welcomes
those who are coming in to
develop or promote legitimate propositions, but does
not need any of the cheap
little tricks often practiced
by get-rich-quick men to be
of value.
The cry for roads grows
louder and more insistent
every day until the whole
district resounds with ''give
us good roads!"
The Bridge River country
says, "give us a good road
and we will show you the
finest mining camp in B. C."
The Ashcroft folks say,
repair your roads and we will
come to see you in our antos.;*
The Pemberton people say,
"repair the Portage road,
put a boat on Anderson lake,
and we will trade with you."
The drummers say, "cut
off that d- Big Slide and
build a decent road to Lytton."
The settlers up on North
Fork say, "give us a road
and we will supply you with
the finest vegetables that can
be grown in B. C."
A good road has the effect
of shortening the time required for carrying ore, produce or passengers to a shipping point, which is practically the same thing as shortening the distance. A road
that costs a lot of money to
keep in repair is not a good
road. It would be interesting to know how much money
it costs to keep the Big Slide
Cadwallader Creek
Since about the year 1862
placer mining has been conducted on Bridge river and
Cadwallader creek both by
Whites, Indians and Chinamen, but no attention was
paid to quartz until about
1885 when a prospector
named John R. Williams
located the Forty Thieves
group of mineral claims located on the South Fork of
Bridge river. Here nature
had performed a task which
would have taken a large
sum of money to have accomplished as a landslide had exposed the whole of a face of
a cliff disclosing a very large
ledge of free-milling quartz.
No work was done on these
claims for years but in the
year 1897 considerable work
was done in driving tunnels
and getting out ore and in
subsequent years sufficient
work was done to prove their
value and the claims are now
crown granted. The idea of
putting a stamp mill on tl e
properties was considered an
impossibility in those days
but owing to the success of
Mr. Robert Hamilton of tl e
firm of the William Hamilton
Manufacturing Company in
placing a ten stamp mill on
what is now the Coronation
group, seven miles further
up the creek and the stamp
mill on the Lome mines, when
there were only almost impassable trails, we would not
be surprised to learn;hatn w
on completion of the government road more extensive
operating machinery will be
i .stalled on these properties.
To understand this particular section of the country
the public must be informed
that all the rich strikes have
been discovered on the face
of benches which extend
from the the Forty Thieves
to the Coronation group t nd
the Pioneer, a distance of
about ten miles. The benches
are from three to four thousand feet above the South Fork
of Bridge river and Cadwallader creek, these streams
running in their narrow channels sheer below. A difficult
country to prospect for the
reason that there is a large
amount of brush and fallen
timber scattered over the entire country and the whole of
the ledges have been entirely
covered by a gigantic earth
slide from the mountains that
lie two miles back.
In the summer of 1897 Nat
Coughlan and William Young
were prospecting on the
benches above Cadwallader
creek they discovered [some
rich float quartz showing free
gold. After prospecting the
range of mountains at the
back they satisfied themselves that the float never
came from there and they
then determined to sink on
ore of the most likely spots
on the benches and ascertain
if the ledges from which the
quartz had come did not ex-
hist under the accumulated
debris of centuries. They
were entirely successful and
located a ledge which they
traced a considerable distance and they recorded three
claims called the Lome,
Golden King and Marquies:
This group together with the
Woodchuck, Wood Duck and
Telephone mineral claims lying adjacent are now known
as the Lome mines. On these
claims three arrastras were
built and operated for yea:s
with success, but a sma 1
stamp mill which will soon bo
increased in size, was completed in the last two years
and operated successfully.
In the month of August
1897 Nat Goiighlarn and William Young located the Black
bird and Ida   May mineral
claims on the   same  bench
but some two miles from the
Lome.    They sold the Ida
May prospect the day it was
struck for $3500.     At  the
same   time    a    prospector
named Henry Cargile located
the Little Joe mineral claim,
which with other claims form
today the Corona; ion mines.
Messrs. Mackinnon Robertson and Arthur F. Noel succeeded in getting an option
on these properties,  which
they   ultimately   purchased
and they considered it absolutely necessary that a stamp
mill should be placed on the
propei te3.   A stamp mill on
Cadwallader creek had never
eitered into the imagination
of anyone the sheer impossibility of taking   machinery
into this wilderness precluding such an idea.    However,
as the owners of the properties were satisfied that nothing satisfactory could be accomplished   without a mill
they decided to cousult Mr.
Robert Hamilton   of   Vancouver, B.C.,  a firm  which
has gained a  reputation on
this continent second to none
in the manufacture of quartz
mills and other mining mach
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application will he made to the Parliament of Canada, a
the Beasion thereof now being held for an Act to
incorporate a Railway Company under thenamet
of Vancouver and Peace Rivei Railway Company
with power to lay out, construct, equip and
operate a line of railway from the City of Vancouver in the Province of British Co'uml ia hy (he
most practicahlc route north easterly to tl.e Fraser River in the vicinity of Lillooet, tin nee noilh-
erly following the Eraser River to a | oint at or
near Fort George, thence northerly across Iho
Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the
Pine River Pass, thence easterly along the Va Icy
of the South Pine River to Coal Brook in the Dc -
minion Reserve Block, thence southeasterly to a
point in the Grand Prairie in Alberta in the ir\H
nity of Bear Lake, thence in a Northerly direction
to the Peace River inthe vicinity of Dlnvegarr,
thence crossing the Peace River an i not theaster-
ly to a point in the vicinity of Peace River Crossing, thence northerly on the west side of the
Peace River to a point in the vicinity of Fort
Vermilion, thence northerly to a point on the
Peace River below the Vermilion Chutes—with a
branch from the main line in the vicinity of the
Middle Branch of the South Pine River northerly
to a point on the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope.
To construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines and to charge toils for the uae thereof; to can y on and do an express business, to construct bridges and to construct the some so that
they may be available for the use of foot passengers und vehicles, to collect tolls for the passage
over said bridges, toconstruet, acquire, and navigate steam and other vessels, to const: uct. aCquh e
lease and dispose of wharves, decks elevators,
wa:ehou;es, offices aid other structures, to constrict, acquire, maintain or otherwise utilize
hotels, to acquire., generate and utilize water and
steam tower fpr the purpose of compressing air
o, generating elsct,:city ar.d to dispose of the
surplus not required for the purposes of the Company, to develop and acquire electricity and other
power and to dispose of and distribute the surplus
thereof; to enter Into agreements with other Companies together w ith all other usual and customary powers. The Railway and works to be con-
stiucled to ! e declared u work for the general advantage of Canada,
DATED at Vancouver, B. C, this 27th day of
November,  911.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
an Application will be made to the I eg-
i«';,li e ..   of t: e   Province  of
British   olumbi i  i t   -'!    next session,
for an Act to incorporate  a   ( on ) try
wit   .   ver to lay out, build, construct,
equip and operate a line of railway in be
operated by steam, electricity or oth< r
power for the  cwrying-of Passengers
and freight from the   ity oi Vancouver
i    thi  :' ■    in<    of    i ,      ' olumbia by
the- mosl practicable route north easterly to the Fraser River in Lin- vicinity of
Li looet;   thence   northerly    generally
following t ie Fraser Riverto a point at
or n ar Fort George,   thence northerly
across the i arsnip River, thence northeasterly Li,lot;;,!, the Pine  Liver  Pass,
thence easterly along the Valley of the
South Pine River to Coal Brook   in  the
Dominion Reserve Block, thence easterly to a point on the east in boundry  of
British   olumbia in the vicinity of Swm
Lake-with a branch from the main line
in the vicinity of the Middle Fork of the
South  Pine   River northeily to a point
on  the  Peace River in the  vicinity of
Hudson's   Hope,   anil thence across the
Peaee River andeasterly t.) the Eastern
i.oundry of . ritish i olumbia, and with
power  also   to  construct   ami operate
telegraph and   telephone   line;;   and to
charge tolls for the use thereof; to carry
on and t'.o an expreas business, to construct btidges and to const! uct the same
so that they   may be available for the
use of foot passengers anil   vehicles,  to
collect  tolls  for the   passage over said
bridges, toconstruet, acquiieand navigate steam and other vessels,   to   construct,   acquire,  lease   and dispose of
wharves docks, t lev;.tors, warehouses,
offices  and other   structures;  to construct,  acquire, maintain  or otherwise
utilize hotels; to acquire, generate and
utilize water and steam power for  the
purpose of compressing air or generating electricity and to dispose of the surplus not required for the purposes of the
i ompany, to develop and acquire  electricity or other power and to dispose of
and distribute  the surplus  thereof; to
use,   own,   equip   and   operate  water
power convenient to the road for Railway  and other purposes; to  enter into
agreements with other Companies and
with all   [lowers given   by the   "Model
Railway   Rill"    and   with   such   other
powers anil privileges as are usual or incidental  to   all or any of the  aforesaid
DATED this 27th  day of  November
A. 0. 1911.
Abbott & Hart-Mcilarg
Burns & Walkem
Silicitors for t'i.' A. >pli • i i t The     Prospector
D. M. LeBourdais, editor of the
"Courier," New Westminister,
was a recent visitor to Clinton.
A. McDonald, our local member and J. Fraser, member from
the Cariboo left last week for
Dr. Callahan of Barkerville,
also a member from the Cariboo,
is expected down this week.
For the last two weeks the
weather has been extremely cold
in most parts of Lillooet district
but we are pleased to say if
moderating now.
Mrs. K. Pollard and daughters
left for Vancouver the later part
of last week.
Ida M. Evans has returned to
Kamloops where she will again
attend high school.
R. Dorrell, who has been absent for a few weeks, returned
Monday to town.
Died at Loon Lake, B. C, on
January 10th, 1912, Allen, the
son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Baker,
age about 16 years. The funeral
took place in Clinton at 2 p. m.,
Friday. Much sympathy is felt
for the bereaved parents by their
many friends.
From Pachelqua
William Dickey of Pachelqua
drove into town last Tues'-.jiy and
reports everyone and ever, thing
excellent in that section. The
cattle are doing well and looking
in fine condition. He says that
the principal occupation o' the
people in that section is getting
in the summer's supply of wood,
and that the coyote whicli has
been making ravages on the
chicken coops has fallen before
the trusty rifle of K. C, Brigman.
Otherwise things are quiet.
Building Barn
Charles McGee is hard at work
building a large barn for Alex
Lochore at "Rosebank" Lytton
road. The dimensions will be
34x60 with a roomy hay loft on
top and stables and granary below. When completed this will
be one of the largest barns on
the river.
Mr. and Mrs, Thomas of Sas-
katchwan are staying at ' 'Rose-
bank" ranch and will be employed there during the winter
All the ranchers in the vicinity
of Foster's Bar are employed
these days putting up ice for
their personal use next summer.
the Winter Hen
The hens are out of business
For not an egg they lay;
It seems so blamed provoking
For now's the time hens pay.
In spring they did not do so bad,
But then the price was small;
Now  eggs are  dear, they loaf
And just won't lay at all.
Hill & Burnett
New Westminister
B. C.
Represented in Lillooet by
W. Haylmore
If you want?freight hauled from Lyt+on to Lillooet
just  bear it in'mind that
McCaffery & McKibben
have the two best" outfits
on the road and can give
you quick service and
guaranteed      satisfaction
Address Chas. McCaffery at Lillooe
or   Hazen •McKibben at Lytton to
make arrangements
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellant line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
——   —— I————————My—HIM———— —i111! ■ I—Ml ■—
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
bxcelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
= J   DUNLOP  =
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
Outfitter for Camp or Trail
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt  Attention  Guaranteed
LYTTO        - - - B. C.
Never explain your excuses
Your friends dont require it and
your enemies won't believe you
Send the Prospector your local
news—it travels far and near.
A rich man of New York left
his fortune to his lawyer! He
chose the simple way.
Alfalfa Seed
Clean new seed, $18.00 per 100
pounds. Lillooet or Lytton. Alex
Lochore, Rosebank, Lytton, B.
FOR SALE-One Berkshire
boar $7.50, and pure bred Collie
pups, $5.00 each. Alex Lochore
Rosebank, Lytton, B. C.
■■BBaaai :•
Roy McD
kJlA      1 All
Cigars and Tobaccos
Smokers Supplies
AbilCROi' I
•-   ,   ■- ER
al  Hau!ing,
■ itii .-,
»ORSETEAM      '
: .-^-..J B
L2    I Meat Market
Fresh ■  ■   < ■■;  Fork & Mutton
) ■ r rd small ordi rs
given ur personal at-
tention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season
H. S. KfcAi-V    -    -   Proprietor
11 c.-X-i■*- --i i-. »r» M
I, Joseph Ogle Trethewey of
Hanceville.by occupation a rancher, give notice that I intend on
the 20th day of January next at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon to
apply to the Water Commissioner
at his office at Clintonfora license
to take and use 14 cubic feet of
water per second from Big Creek
a tributary of the Chilcotin River,
the water will be used on Lots
375, 1185, 2223, 985 and my preemption of 160 acres, for irrigation purposes. I intend to apply
at the same time for permission
to store two thousand six hundred acre feet of the said water in
two reservoirs at, first Fletcher
lake being used by Claude R.
Wilson for years. Site of new
reservoir about four miles below
Fletcher Lake on Minton Creek,
Joseph Ogle Trethewey
Dated this 12th day of December
Subscribe for the Prospector The      Prospector
NOTICE is hereby given, in
accordance with the Statutes,
that Provincial Revenue Tax, and
assessed taxes, income, and
School Tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act"
and amendments, and under the
"Public Schooli Act," are now
due and payable for the year
1912. All taxes collectible for
the Lillooet Assessment District
are due and payable at my Office,
situate at Lillooet.
This notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand
by me upon all persons liable for
Dated at Lillooet, B. C, this
13th day of January, 1912.
Caspar Phair,
Assessor and  Collector,   Lillooet
Assessment   District,   Lillooet
Post Office.
Harness Maker    Saddler
Carrying All Line?. TTorse
Blankets. Repairing of
all Description a Speciality
Ashcroft      -    -      B. C.
Lytton to Lillooet
Four   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver
Connects With all    '.  i s
Enquire at the Victor     '    >
Prospector Ads Pay.
that an application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next Session for an Act amending
Section 3 of the British Columbia
& Alaska Railway Act, 1910,
(Ch. 56, Statutes of British Columbia, 1910), by striking out all
the words after the word "Columbia" in Line 10 of said Section and substituting therefor
the following:
"And or from Fort George in
a northeasterly direction to the
valley of the Parnsip River by
way of Fort McLeod, thence
along the Parsnip Rive" to a junction with the Peace River, thence
along the valley of the Finley
River through Sifton Pass,
thence down the Stikene River
to a junction with the main line
at Telegraph Creek. Also powers to build branch lines either
through the Pine River or Peace
River passes to the eastern bound
ary of British Columbia, or byway of the most feasible route,
or in the alternative by the most
feasible route between Lytton
and Teslin Lake, also to build
from a point on said line of Railway to the City of Vancouver
or from the City of Vancouv< r
to a point on the said line by the
most feasible route."
AND FURTHER; for an Act
extending t ~o time within whic i
the Company has to commence
construction, and extend ten per
cent of its capitalization.
DATED at Victoria, B. ('.,
this 5th day of December, 1911.
Robertson & Heisterman
Solicitors for the Applicants, the
British   Columbia   & Alaska
av Company.
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
■ C. A. PHAIR =
General Merchant Manufacturers Agent
For  Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
Sole Agent for Kodak supplies, Singer Sewing Machines,
Edison Phonographs, Sherwins-William's Paint, McClarey
Stoves, Aladdin Lamps, etc. Publishers of Local Post Cards.
Made-to-order Department in connection with our Clothing.
Prospector's and Miner's Outfits. Guides furnished for
Hunting Parties. A car of gasoline and coal oil just arrived
Groceries, Na-dru-co drugs, Famous "Big Horn" Brand
Overalls, Miner's Shirts, Blankets, Sweater Coats, W in ter
Caps,  Fancy Neckties,   Men's Furnishings just opened up
The Anly Store that can give satisfactiom on orders
from the smallest to the largest.   Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
— C. A. PHAIR —
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
When in LYTTON go to the
Durham Barber Shop
First-class Shave or Haircut
Two doors west of the Harrison stage
Outfitters for Prospectors, Trappers,
Miners, Ranchers,
Etc. Our goods are
the best and   prices
are right
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining  business   in   all branches a
specialty.    Farms,   Fruitlands   and
Residential properties tor sale.
R. C. Stephenson
Blacksmith and
Expert   Horse*
All Work Promptly
LILLOOET    -    -   B.C.
Chinese Good
es/tansasaasx   iw n ■ ■■■■ in   in
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wednesdays and Sun
days at 7 a. m.
Wire or write for Special Stage
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON  -   Lytton, B. C.
ASHCROFT       -       -    B. C
f:> y>cs m 'ir i's /& fi MT11 V/>•
rrdiiti  ifetiiiiji"
LiTjoei's Barber
Operating in   the  southwest corner of the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't fovrct the Number
■USMne r ^srrsstTftrir
jlvcO   dJtlQ
IT" /r> f> A   Q i ■ 53 \\ ! a n
JL »i. vL -4.3. k.' "jt. fc?l\:-o
''.'        Kors:s and Rig.-;  for Kire.
p Express Delivery
jj        Light and Heavy  Draying;
B. C
I Proprietor
I     i illooct       -      -      -
Subscribe for tfie Prospectx
Hotel Victoria
Fifty-five well-furnisVjd rooms.  Hot and cold baths
Excellent table.  First class br.r. Large sample room
Two autos on request from Lytton or Ashcroft
Headquarters for Lytton-Lillooet stage line. Stage
meets Seton Lake boat. Rigs furnished on demand.
RATES: $1.50 per day and up. By month $35 and up. Meals, 21 for $9.00


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