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The Lillooet Prospector Dec 29, 1911

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Array THE
Vol. 1 No. 7
$2.00 Per Year
To All-A Happy and Prosperous New Year
Daniel Johansson, mining engineer of Seattle, is registered
at the Victoria and intends to
depart for coast^points on Saturday. He has been investigating
the property of the Gold Falls
Mining company on Cayoosh
creek and drilled twenty-seven
holes averaging 23 feet or from
15 to 50 feet. The deepest hole
that was drilled in one day of
eight and one half hours was 45
feet and the general average of
the drilling was 21 feet per day.
This inspection was made in thirty
days with five men employed, in
addition to the horse which furnished the power and must not
be forgotten. An Empire drill
was used and has now been shipped back to Seattle. Mr.
Johansson is pleased with Lillooet and the outlook and leaves
with the usual feeling of all visitors, and that is: "that he'11 come
Mr. and Mrs. W. Durban and
little son are now visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Webb in
Ashcroft. During their absence
the household is in charge of Mr,
and Mrs. Frank Durban.
Miss Vesta Sebring returned to
Lillooet on Saturday last after
long visit with friends and relatives in Marble Mountain, Wash.
"Colonel" Manson came in
from the coast on Friday last to
spend the holidays with his folks
here. He will return to his work
in Vancouver after the New
Billy Page has ope"ed a barber shop in the Lillooet General
Store and is now in a position to
accommodate all in need of his
services in this line.
Stanley Marshall came down
from the Churn Creek bridge to
spend Christmas and reports that
the boys, several of whom are
well known in Lillooet, are feeling fine and expected to enjoy an
excellent Christmas repast.
William H. Heath accompanied
by John Empey came in by auto
on Thufsday and will leave tomorrow for Bridge river.
Dan Hurley of the Lome mine
arrived back Sunday evening just
in time to spend Christmas with
his family, after having spent
several weeks at coast points on
business pertaining to the mine.
He intends to return to the coast
after New Year to make arrangements for extensive improvements and the continued operation of the Lome.
Mr. John Punch, road superintendent for the Pemberton section and a well known old-timer
of Bi itish Columbia arrived from
the Moadows and will leave shortly for iNew Westminster. Here-
ports everythirg and everybody
in excellent condition and has
great faith in the future of the
Pemberton section, and believes
that with transportation facilities
which are now practically assured this section will be one of the
most thickly settled parts of the
Word comes from Briage river
that Danny Hamiltcn is still
\'making the fur fly" from hfl
line of traps on the west side of
South Fork continuing upas fir
as the junction of Cadwallader.
He has secured the largest catch
(in the time he has been trapping) that has been taken on
Bridge river for a long time and
has been successful in seeming
martin, (Mohicans), mink, beaver, cougar, lynx and weasels. He
is expected down in a few days
and will probably bring the
greater part of his catch with
him. Tommy Jack, another successful Bridge river trapper, came
in last week with quite a variety
of furs which he desposed of to
the local traders.
Biily Leach and Jack Brown,
who have the contract for the
tunnel at the Pioneer mine, are
reported as progressing favorably
with the work, and it is said by
thoee down from that section for
the holidays, that they have
about 80 feet completed.
The most successful dance of
the season was held in Santini's
hall on Wednesday last, when
about thirty couple gathered and
thoroughly enjoyed themselves
until the early hours of Thursday
morning. The affair was in
charge of Charles Noel and Sandy
Duguid, and the boys deserve
credit for the able manner in
which the dance was handled.
Dainty refreshments were served, the floor was in good condition and the local musicians did
themselves proud. The boys are
planning another event of the
same nature for New Year's
night and from the way they
are working should be another
success to their credit.
The confidence which moneyed
men have in Lillooet district and
her future prosperty cannot be
more thoroughly emphasized than
in i the statement of one of the
many cases of large investments
that have occurred in the district. James Ruthven St Andrew
Dock Hull, England, is one of the
large investors in land in the Pern
berton Meadows and the many
letters he writes personally to
his friends there are full of inquires and interest as to the
district and its future.
We have lost the pleasant company of Dick Clark for a few
days. In company with his wife
and "the baby," he left by auto
today for Lytton from which
piacethey will go to Cache Creek
for a visit with relatives, returning shortly after the New Year.
Tommy Alford is taking Dick's
place at the Victoria during his
Work at the Wayside is progressing in good shape at present
according to the report of Tom
Alford, who has been spending
the holidays in town. Joe Shus-
ter and George Gibson are working away during Tommy's absence and the tunnel is in about
80 feet. The contract calls for
150 feet.
R. E. Rudduck drove into town
on Sunday and left for the
Grange on Christmas morning.
B. Swanson paid a flying visit
to Lillooet on Wednesday for
supplies, returning to his ranch
Thursday morning. He says
that Alex Phair and himself had
a glorious old fashioned Christmas feed at Alez's McGillvery
creek ranch.
Robert Dickey and wife* of
Pachelqua were among the
Christmas shoppeis in town last
Mose Terry came up from the
37<-mile ranch Sunday and spent
Christmas in town with the boys.
Mcsc expects te leave, in a few
days for the coast where he will
attend school.
Billy Miller came in from the
coast Sunday night after strenuous efforts. He was tied up behind a wreck on the C.P.R. so
that he missed Harrison's stage
on Saturday and experienced
some difficulty in inducing any of
the other drivers to leave their
Christmas dinners. His perser-
vance succeeded, however, and
he says that "Christmas day in
Lillooet" was ample reward for
his efforts.
Tommy Alfords came in on the
23rd from the Wayside mine to
spend the holidays, and will remain until after the first of the
year. Tommy says the boys at
the mine were preparing for
their Christmas feast before he
left and if there wasn't something doing on that day he is
badly mistaken.
Roy Burkholder left on Sunday for the North Fork ranch to
spend Christmas. He returned
Tuesday and resumed his duties
at the hatchery. He reports that
everyone in that sectk n had a
merry Christmas
Ray Powers came in from Clinton Sunday to spend the holidays
in Lillooet.
Our old friend O. R Evans
came in last Saturday to spend
the holidays in town, and will rer
turn to Bridge river after the
first of the year.
D. F. Collins and F. Crane
came in from the coast last Sunday. The    Prospector
Permanently camped at Lillooet, B. C.
Sending out samples every  Friday
afternoon  to    be   assayed   by   the
public at large.
Yearly,   $2.00   in advance.      Single
copies, five cents.
Advertising   rates   on   application
At such a season of the
year it is only proper that we
should speak, in accordance
with the time and review in
glowing terms the pleasant
events that have occurred in .
our town during the past
week and all our hearts are
filled with sympathy and love
for the happiness of the
younger generation who delighted to their hearts content in all the festivities and
pleasares of Christmas und
which possibly brings back to
rememberance the early days
of our youth where one and
all enjoyed the pleasures of
the holidays no matter how
humble our lot and still re:
collect with specinl cheerand
comfort those bygone days
when the yule log was burning in the dear old home.
The best holiday of the
year has come and gone and
we shall soon see 1911 take
a hurried departure, but it
leaves us with exhilarating
thoughts that something has
been accomplished and when
the rosy face of 1912 appears
through the eastern snow-
clouds it will undoubtedly
herald a year of prosperity
for Lillooet district. Some,
no doubt, are down hearted
and the past year has not
been as kind to them as they
would have had it, and with
head down are meditating
over some illfortune,but just
hidden from them by a few
short moments some undreamed of chance of faith
may bring forth riches and
prosperity and with head up
and a cheery smile they face
the future. So let it be with
the Prospector's many friends
and patrons.
Leap year is coming and
the old lonely bachelors are
taking notes and some are
shaking in their shoes in anticipation of the future.
On the feminine side:something like the following ques
tions are frequently heard
from the different classes:
the young girls ask * 'Who is
he?" the young widows,
"What is his position?" and
the old maids "Where is he?"
It will be a strenous time in
There is no doubt but that
British Columbia is in need
of a larger population. Considering the great area and
the many scarcely populated
sections awaiting the opportunity to prove themselves
well worthy of the investment of capital in mining,
transportation, irrigation and
colonization on a large or
small scale, there can be
little doubt as to this fact.
In Lillooet district alone
in spite of her rugged mountains, there are many acres
of virgin land that can be
used for argiculture and for
the cultivation of that great |
and lucious asset—her fruit.
Speaking locally we have a
district which is situated in
such a position as to include
land in both the dry and wet
belts. We need people to
settle on these areas, but first !
we need the assistance of the
capitalist in putting this land
in shape for settlement, by
irrigational projects, clearing
or draining, after which the
thesettiers can convert the
land into truck gardens',
fruit farms, or ranches,
which in consequence must,
mean villages and towns.['
The capital of the money-con-"
trolling centers of the country ,
could be invested to no belter advantage than in developing these resources in this
district. With transportation facilities, which we fully"
expect in the near future, we
shall  be able to contribute
largely to the ever increasing
demand for ranch products,
so we are waiting patiently
for money and thrifty settlers
to turn the unoccupied lands
in our fertile valleys into agricultural paradises.
Not the least of Lillooet's
unheralded resources and
probably one that would be
a great inducement for a
railroad to traverse this district, is her deposits of coal.
For the first time in the history of this section the district is a coal producer, although on a small scale. A
property is owned by W. W.
Jones at Fairhaven on Bridge
■ river, which has supplied for
the past eighteen months the
demand of the local mines
and also the government
road construction camps with
an excellent lignite which
was utilized by the different
purchasers for blacksmithing
In addition to this on Ges-
pard creek (a tributary of the
Chilicotin) there has been located three sections of very
good coal which was located
by Joe Tretheway, John
Stobie and the late J. D.
Prentice. They have accomplished considerable work
and disclosed a fine seam of
excellent coal. It is the intention of this company to
start a number of drills in the
spring to determine at different places the absolute legality of the measures.
Delivered    When    Promised
and Correct When Delivered
The Prospector
Lillooet, B. C.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an application will be made to the Parliament.of Canada, at
the session thereof now being held for an Act to
incorporate a Railway Company under thename
of Vancouver and Peace River Railway Company
with power to lay out, construct,' equip and
operate a line of railway fioin the City of. Vancouver in the Province of British Columbia by the
most practicable route north easterly to the Fraser River in the vicinity of Lillooet, thence northerly following the Eraser River to a point at or
near Fort George, thence northerly across the'
Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the
Pine River Pass, thence easterly along the Va ley
of the South Pine River to Coal Brook in the Dominion Reserve Block, thence southeasterly to a
point in the Grand Prairie in Alberta in the vicinity of Bear Lake, thenCein a Northerly direction
to the Peace River in the vicinity of Dunvegan,
thence crossing the Peace River and northeasterly to a point in the vicinity of Peace River Cross-
, ing, thence northerly on the west side of the
Peace River to a point in the vicinity of Fort
Vermilion, thence northerly to a point op the
Peace River below the Vermilion Chutes—with a
blanch from the main line in the vicinity of the
Middle Branch of the South Pine River northerly
to a point on the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope.
To construct and operate telegraph and telephone lines and to charge tolls for the use thcte-
"of; to carry on and do an express business, to construct bridges and to construct the same so that
they may be available for the use of foot passengers and vehicles, to collect tolls for the passage
over said bridges, to construct, acquire, and navigate steam and other vessels, to construct, acquire
lease and dispose of wharves, docks, elevators,
wait houses, offices and other structures, to construct, acquire, maintain or otheiwise utilize
hotels, to acquire, generate and utilise"* ater and
steam power for the put pose' of compieasing air
or generating electricity and to dispose of the
su> plus not required for the purposes (if the Company, to develop and acquire electricity and other
power and to dispose of and distribute the surplus
thereof; to enter into agreements with other Companies together with a.I other usual and customary powers. The Railway and works to be.-con-
sli ucted to be declured a work for the general advantage of Canada.
DATED at Vancouver, B. C. this 27th'day<t'
November;  DP.
Solieitois for the Applicants.
an Application will be made to the I eg-
is'ative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia at its next ses.-ion,
f >r an \ct to incorporate a Ccnj&iy
with power to lay out, build, construct,
equip an I operate a line of railway tol e
o lerated by steam, electricity or other
power for the carrying" of Passengers
and freight from the ( ity of Vancouver
in the Province of I ritish (olumbia by
the most practicable" route north easterly to the Fraser River in the vicinity of
Lillooet, thence northerly generally
following the Fraser River to a point at
or n?ar Fort George, thence northerly
across the Parsnip River, thence northeasterly through the Pine River Pass,
thence easterly along the Valley of the
South Pine River to Goal Brook in the
Dominion Reserve Block, thence easterly to a point on the eastern boundry of
lirit.sh olumbia in the vicinity of Swa«
I ake—with a branch from the main line
in the vicinity of the Middle Fork of the
South Pine River northerly to a point
oh the Peace River in the vicinity of
Hudson's Hope, and thence across the
Peace River and easterly to the Eastern
loundry of i ritish t olumbia, and witn
power- also to construct and operate
telegraph and telephone lines and to
charge tolls for the use thereof; to carry
on and do an express business, to construct bridges and toconstruet the snn e
so that they may be available for the.
use of foot passengers and vehicles, to
collect ttl.s to)'ti e passage over said
bridges, toconstruet, acqui eand navii
gate st'am and other ve'SSrls', io 'construct, acqure, lease and dispose of
wharves docks, elevators, warehouses,
oilieis and other structures; to const uct, acquire, maintain or otherwise
utilize hotels; to acquis , generate and
ut iize water and steam power for the
purpose of compressing air or generating electricity and to dispose of the surplus not required for the purposes of the
< ompany, to develop and acquire electricity or other power and to dispose of
and distribute the surplus thereof; to
use, own, equip and operate water
power convenient to the road for Railway and other purposes; to enter into
agreements with other Gompanies and
with all powers given by the "Model
Railway Bill" and with such other
powers and privileges' as are usUai or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid
DATED this 27th day of   Novcml er
A. D. 1911.
Abbott & Hart-McHarg
Burns The    Prospector
On Christmas eve a dance was
given by the superintendent and
the boys of the Birkenhead hatchery which was well attended.
Ronald Currie drove over with a
load of guests from the portage.
It is a pleasure to relate that the
boys gave their guests a right
royal reception and the delicacies
which were given were of the
finest and the event was appreciated by all attending.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dermody of
the Dermody ranch gave a Christ
mas dinner to their numerous
friends on Christmas day which
was a treat to all especially the
children. Among those present
were Mr. John Punch, Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Punch and Mr. Hart-
sell, the postmaster. A very enjoyable day was passed in the old
fashioned way, old times were
talked over and old tales told.
Mr. John Punch leaves for Lillooet shortly. |3
There are about twenty-five
white settlers in the Pemberton,
including the Portage. This does
not include those who are away
for the winter. It is reported
that the weather is fine and mild
with little snow.
Sidney Spetch and his sister
were guests of the hatchery on
Christmas day.
The contract for the Pemberton
mail expires on March 1st, 1912,
when a new contract will be called for by the dominion government. It is to be hoped that the
next one will give the settlers in
the Meadows a more frequent
mail service as the one at present
is not as good as could be desired
for the requirements of this section.
Mr. and Mrs. Pollard spent
Christmas with Mrs. Carson.
Mrs. Pollard was Miss Edith Carson, is well known throughout the district and is very popular.
Last Saturday there was about
fourteen inches of snow fell, but
Sunday was a glorious day and
induced Roy Powers to make a
trip to Lillooet for the holidays.
Miss Edna Carson arrived home
on the 24th from a visit to her
sister at Salmon Arm, where she
reports having had a most enjoyable time.
Fred Carson who is interested
in real estate in Vancouver,
could not resist the temptation to
to get back to his Pavilion home
for Christmas.
D. J. Stewart of the Stewart
ranch is expected home from the
coast about the seventh of January.
Charles McGee was a Christmas visitor at the Carson ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Bryson and
children spent a merry Christmas with Mrs. Carson at the Pa-
I, T. C, Clark, of Pavilion, li. C, by
occupation a farmer, give notice that I
intend on the 10th day of January, 1912
next at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office at Clinton, B. C., for a license
to take and use one cubic foot of water
per second from an unnamed spring on
Lot 18.
The water will be used on Lot 661 for
irrigation purposes.
Dated this 28th day of November, 1911
I, Charles Noel of Lillooet, by occupation a miner, give notice that I intend
on or about the 25th day of December
next at eleven o'clock in the forenoon
to apply to the Water Commissioner at
his office in (linton, B. C., for a license
to take and use one cubic foot of water
per second from Noel Creek, a tributary of Seaton Lake on the north side.
The water will be used on Lot 1664
for irrigation purposes.
Dated this 25th day of November, 1911.
Lilooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
A newly-bought stock of
staple and fancy groceries
An excellant line of dry
goods, clothing, furnishings, etc. Call and see us.
Lillooet General Store
W.J.PAGE   -   Proprietor
Excelsior  Hotel
First Class Table and Good
Liquors and Cigars.
B. C.
Store near Seton Lake
General Merchant
Large Assortment of Goods Always on Hand
Dry Goods, Groceries,   Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Clothing,
Miner's Supplies
Outfitter for Camp or Trail
General Merchant
Forwarding Agent
Ship Goods To Lillooet in my Care
Prompt  Attention  Guaranteed
LYTTON        - - - -       B.C.
A. MoDonald returned from
the coast accompanied by his
daughter Annie, who has been
attending high school in Victoria
and is home for the Christmas
Mr. J. Benafield's children
have been ill for the past week,
but we are pleased to hear are
steadily improving now.
Among othert who returned
home for Christmas were Miss
Ida Evans from Kamloops and
Miss Kezie Pollard from Vancouver.
J. and G. Bishop of Empire
valley accompanied by their neice
Miss Maggie of the 57-mile house,
passed through town on Friday
on their way to Vancouver on a
R. Dorrell, who has been em
ployed at the government office
here, left Thursday for Edmonton to spend tha holidays.
The Christmas entertainment
was held in the town hall on Friday evening. Mr. J. Paine acted
as chairman. The tree was beautifully decorated and Santa Claus
appeared at the usual hour.
The children did their part well
and great credit is due to Miss
A. Sharp, Miss M. McDonald and
Miss N. LeBourdois, who took
active part in training the children. Among those who came to
town for the entertainment were
the Dougherty's from Maiden
Creek, the Cunningham's from
the 74-mile house and J. D. Boyd
from the 70-mile house.
A great number of teams are
kept busy hauling freight for the
government bridge at Churn
Lytton Water Works
In co-operation with the provincial government the thriving
town of Lytton is completing the
construction of the water main
on which quite a number of men
are employed. The ditch is now
finished and the pipe laying has
commenced and it is an undoubted fact that the new water
system will be finished and in
working order before the middle
of January.
I, Joseph Ogle Trethewey of
Hanceville, by occupation a rancher, give notice that I intend on
the 20th day of January next at
eleven o'clock in the forenoon u>
apply to the Water Commissioner
at his office at Clintonfora license
to take and use 14 cubic feet of
water per second from Big ('reek
a tributary of the Chilcotin River,
the water will be used on Lots
375, 1185, 2223, 985 and my preemption of 160 acres, for irrigation purposes. I intend to apply
at the same time for permission
to store two thousand six hundred acre feet of the said water in
two reservoirs at, first Fletcher
lake being used by Claude R.
Wilson for years. Site of new
reservoir about four miles below
Fletcher Lake on Minton Creek,
Joseph Ogle Trethewey
Dated thin 12th day of December The      Prospector
Notice is hereby given that unless a certain dark red and white
heifer with no visible brand which
is now at my place is removed at
once and all expenses paid includ
ing the cost of this advertisement
I shall at the expiration of thirty
days from this date sell same to
defray expenses.
Lillooet, B. C, December 28, 1911
The Annual General Meeting of
the Shareholders of the Anderson Lake Mining and Milling Company, Limited, will be held at the
head office of the Company at
Lillooet, B. C.,on Friday evening
the 12th day of January, 1912 at
the hour of 7:30 p. m.
Samuel Gibbs,
December 12, 1911.
Harness Maker    Saddler
Carrying All Lines. Horse
Blankets. Repairing of
all Description a Speciality
Ashcroft      -    -     B. C.
Lytton to Lillooet
Three   Hours    Enroute
Expert Driver
Connects With all Trains
Enquire at the Victoria Hotel
Prospector Ads Pay.
that an application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next Session for an Act amending
Section 3 of the British Columbia
& Alaska Railway Act, 1910,
(Ch. 56, Statutes of British Columbia, 1910), by striking out all
the words after the word ' 'Columbia" in Line 10 of said Section and substituting therefor
the following:
"And or from Fort George in
a northeasterly direction to the
valley of the Parnsip River by
way of Fort McLeod, thence
along the Parsnip River to a junction with the Peace River, thence
along the valley of the Finley
River through Sifton Pass,
thence down the Stikene River
to a junction with the main line
at Telegraph Creek. Also powers to build branch lines either
through the Pine River or Peace
River passes to the eastern bound
ary of British Columbia, or by
way of the most feasible route,
or in the alternative by the most
feasible route between Lytton
and Teslin Lake, also to build
from a point on said line of Railway to the City of Vancouver
or from the City of Vancouver
to a point on the said line by the
most feasible route."
^AND FURTHER for an Act
extending the time within which
the Company has to commence
construction, and extend ten per
cent of its capitalization.
DATED  at Victoria,  B.   C,
this 5th day of December, 1911.
Robertson & Heisterman
Solicitors for tl e Applicants, the
British   Columbia    & Alaska
Railway Company.
Subscribe for
The   Prospector
and get all the home news
■ C A. PHAIR ■
General Merchant Manufacturers Agent
For  Twenty-five Years   Lillooets Leading Store
Complete up-to-date Stock in all Departments
Carefully Bought at Right Prices
We Wish all a
Happy and Prosperous
New Year
The ftnly Store that can give satisfactiom on orders
from the smallest to the largest.  Our Cash Price
is the Lowest Good Goods can be Sold For
We Lead, Others Follow
— C A. PHAIR —
The Store of Satisfied Customers
Mail Orders Receive our Careful Attention
Roy McDonald
Six Tables
Cigars and Tobaccos
Smokers Supplies
B. C.
When in LYTTON go to the
Durham Barber Shop
First-class Shave or Haircut
Two doors west of the Harrison stage
-   B. C.
for   Pros-
Etc.     Our goods are
the best
and   prices
are right
Chinese Goods
Stage Line
Regular Stage leaves Lytton Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. m.
Regular Stage leaves Lillooet Wednesdays and Sun
days at 7 a. m.
Wire or write for Special Stage or
Desired Information
LEE HARRISON  ■  Lytton, B. C.
General Hauling,
Notary Public
Lillooet   -   -    B. C.
Lands,  Mines, Insurance and
Mining  business  in  all branches a
specialty.    Farms,   Fruitlands   and
Residential properties for sale.
ASHCROFT       -       -    B. C
JR. C. Stephenson
Blacksmith and
Expert    Horse-
All Work Promptly
LILLOOET    -    -   B.C.
Frank Mclntyre
Lillooet's Barber
Operating in  the  southwest corner of the Victoria
Hotel   Lobby
Don't forget the Number
Livery and
Feed Stables
Horses and Rigs  for  Hire.
Express Delivery
Light and Heavy  Draying,
B. C.
Lillooet Meat Market
Fresh Killed Beef, Pork & Mutton
Large and small orders
given our personal attention. Satisfaction
Fresh    Vegetables    in    Season
Victoria Hotel
M. R. Eagleson, Prop.
Finest Liquors & Cigars Good Stabling
Lillooet.   -   =   B^C


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