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Twenty-four houra ending 5 a.m.,
I-fov.  17        .
I ISA. TKHP.    HIN.T"   * '  *1AR.        IN. RAIN
IMA*.���. ?1, 29_34 2Q
The -Mily News
Sunday, 11
Formerly The Prince Rupert Optimist
BL II, NO. 263
Prince Rupert, B.C.. Friday, November 17, 1911.
er 150,000 are Injured���Reads Like Civil War History,
But it is Merely the Killed and Injured on
U. S. Railroads Last Year
Nov.  17.���Cnsunltles
Price Five Cents
1 SsllillgtOIl      ^^^^^^^^^^^
tin* railroads of the country dur-
*��� ilie year which ended Juno 80,
III, aro showing In n report Issued
the Interstate Commerce Coiiunls-
m ns i".:-'.", killed and 180,159 tared, Of this number, 439 killed
ti,i ;..'i~ Injured, ure classed under
bead of "Industrial accidents,"
ih do not involve tho movement
���art or engines on rails. Of per-
. trespassing on railroad property,
piking on tracks, or stealing rides,
827 were killed nnd 5,87*1 injured.
Inning (he year, ono raidrual em-
Ir r, was killed to every 458 em-
oyed, and one employee Injured to
cry 13 employed. The number of
iployocs on June 30, 1911 ts given
l.i, is.(133.
LeagUO Series  Starts  l>
Club Baton League.
William   (link   Kussell   Suflimlis
Loiik  Illness.
London, Nov. 17.���Williurn C'lurk
Russell, the writer of siories of the
sea, Is dead here. He had been bedridden since April last. Mr. Russell
was born in Now York In  1844.
Suiteyoi-s for South,
A. O. Wheeler and party of thirteen surveyors from the Queen Charlotte Island went below by the Prince
Rupert this morning.
The Prince Rupert Indoor Baseball League stuns up Its second series of matches for the .Manson Cup
In the first week ot December. A
meeting wus held of the young men
lust nlgiu in the Police Courtroom,
J. D. Allen presiding, and W. I).
Vance seretary.
Five clubs will be represented In
the league, Vis., the Royal Blue Ribbons, 11. B. Crescents, Empress Mu-
plo Leafs, Quill Drivers, and a new
team���the Anglican Athletics.
A committee will bo appointed of
a member from each team, to be
selected by the team, to arrange the
shcedule and secure lhe Auditorium
for play, arrangements lo be made
not litter than the -3d inst.
chinaware,  glassware  at
I'll to All Interesti'tl j
Prince Kupert lo Hi
(itMMl   Work.
i   Spoil    in
lp   on    lhc
At the meeting of young athletes
of this city held Inst night to arrange
for the second series In the Indoor
Baseball League matches for the
Manson Cup, mention was made of
the great desirability of having a
proper recreation park by next stim-
nier. Now Is the time to agitate.
The young men are lo get up several petitions for signature, and every
cltlsen can help. The completion ��f
the park already begun should be
made u subject of public demand at
the coming municipal election. To
complete it would provide work for
many Io tlie advantage of all anil to
the great profit of Prince Rupert's
reputation  ns  n  live city.
Ai-i-uopitiATi: pk-Triti-:.
Civil*     PrUefiglll      Illustrated     and
Posted on Cily Hull Nolice lloiutl.
Ou (he "Notice Board" at tlie City
Hall this morning there Is posted a
remarkable picture representing a
meeting of the Leigh I England) City
Council, The council chamber is i
regular prize-ring, with roped off en
closure, Around the ropes stand thi
various aldermen, and In the centre
is ti whirling male of fists und limbs
- representing the Newton and ilii-
ditili or the Clayton anil MinKay of
the meeting. The picture is one of
the brightest bits of business ever
posted on the board, anil Mr. Manson himself pointed It out wiih pardonable pride.
i\'lth a list of first cabin passengers numbering over sixty, and fifty
deck passengers, Ihe Prince Rupert
pulled out this morning for the
O. R. T. Sawle was a passenger
South by lhe Prince Rupert todny.
He is to winter in the East.
Centre   Street  Offices   Nearly
Washed Away by Deluge from
While nearly every one in town
lm had pipes to freeze, is wel-
���ining the arrival of the thaw,
ie Customs House officers on
entre Street are bewailing it,
not in dust and ashes, at any
ate in floods of water. Yester-
lay afternoon when His Majes-
y's Customs House business was
|l ��� ing peacably and efficiently
ransacted, there came the de-
Euge. It came from above where
n the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
\. .1. Morris,  now both absent
Customs House business can be
made as dry as usual.
'Reflections' Below Hays Creek
Bridge, the Peerless Studio
Calendar for 1912 is Specially
Interesting Today.
In view of the fact that the
Hays Creek Sewer Bylaw is to
come before the citizens shortly,
the very beautiful Photographic
Calendar issued this season by
the Peerless Studio is worth particular attention. The calendar
is illustrated by a charming view
of Hays Creek estuary below the
bridge, one of the beauty spots
of Prince Rupert, which under
the new trunk sewer or partial
sewer plan is liable to become a
frum the city, a pipe had burst! P'ace to avoid rather than as at
bully. As the house above was present, a pleasure resort for the
locked up it was some time be-, citizens. The picture is a splen-
foie access could be got to the did example of the excellent
scat of the trouble, and mean-! work done by Mr. Davidson of
while many of His Majesty's the Peerless Studio.
Customs House documents were Don't Buy Coal
idly drenched. Swift energet-1 Wgjji The first week in De-
ic efforts on the part of Mr. Mc- i cember the Westholme Lumber
Donald and his assistants speed- Company. Limited, will begin
ly got the most important papers j 8eHjn(? Ladysmith Coal for $8.50
mt of reach of the dripping de-1 per tot1i delivered.
luge from the ceiling, but it will!
lie some little time before  the i   Pantorium Pioneer Cleaners, Phone 4.
The Old "Glory of the Seas" Proves Cheaper to Handle
Than a Shore Cannery-She Can Follow the
Salmon Runs Too-Others Follow Suit
Victoria, Nov.   17.-So successful. been forced io shut down, but with
s^s^s^s���      N��V-     17 ''_____________
did the old bark Glory of the Seas
prove as a floating cannery laBt season that ll Is believed many other
sailers will be converted Into barges
next year and used In the same business. The Glory was purchased by
two Seattle men at the auction sale
here last Bprlng, and after considering many ways for the operating or
the vessel profitably they decided lo
equip her as a floating ennnery, the
first in the world.
All the latest machinery wns Installed In her and she was towed to
Southeastern Alaska at the commencement of the salmon run. I'n-
der the plan of arrangement on thc
ship the salmon were handled first
on lho main deck and then down to
the lower decks as lho process of
'aiming and cooking proceeded. Consequently when tho vessel wns ready
to start south the whole pack rested
In her lower holds and had only to
he hoisted out on her return. In
this manner considerable expense wus
stayed, as the necessity of Shipping
the output south In a steamer was
done away wllh.
Ability to move the Glory of the
Seas from place to place prevented
failure several times during the scn-
Bon. When the run of fish became
poor an ordinary ennncy would have
the barge ll -as simply necessary to
hitch a lug to her and tow her to
another field. This was one of the
greatest advantages ol the floating
cannery, and has attracted the ation-
lii'ii of many of the pickers on the
Const, who next season will operate
similar craft it is expected thai
be a good tiled licet of
Unifies In Dri Isli Colum-
iinil Alaska waters
there w
foaling ci
bin, Washington 	
next yenr, and that the salmon cute
win greatly exceed the record
llshed   this   yenr.
WILL pit ix Hiiici;
COMMISSION (i(1\i:i!XMi:\T
,.,-,..,.1.1 BleCtHm Ol Mayor and < -���������**���
"I,,",,, ,.-ve,e.1 'I- l.i.-.-'*.������'���'���I*"'"
*������,. commission florernmcni
Everett,  Nov-   IT.-r.veretfs  iltf
���eotlon is being Hotly "J""** J
andldnles    i"i
rival ______
OlIlMplt. U- ���*���  Ha��M
,\n Important
(ween     the
mayor, W. J
and .lames M. Sailer
i oi ihe election i
tionpolltlrnl aspe
the naming of fifteen voters lo art
���is n committee on flinrter revision,
with iiistiiiiiion's to prepare a
ter putting In force the OC
lorm or government
British Officer Serving With the Turks, Sends Out Telegram  of
Indignation at the Scenes He Has Witnessed
Says That Italians are Slaughtering the Innocents in Tripoli in  Revenge  for  the
Losses They Have Sustained in Battle���Graphic Details Given  to the
World by Lt. Herbert Montagu of the 5th Fusiliers
London, Nov. 16���In spite of Premier Giolotti's denials that the Italian troops have
been guilty of atrocities at Tripoli, the British people are greatly agitated over the
stories sent by the British correspondents, and confirmed in many cases by photographs.
The agitation set on foot by the British press and several of the members of the
House of Commons has received fresh impetus through a telegram received by a news-
agency from Herbert Montagu, a Second Lieutenant of the 5th Fusiliers. Lieut. Montagu telegraphed from Soukelyohma by way of Dehibat, on the frontier of Tunis, as
"I feel it my duty to send you the following telegram, and I beg you in the name
of Christianity to publish it throughout England. I am an English officer now voluntarily serving in the Turkish army here.
"As you know already about the ferocious resistance which the Turks and Arabs
are offering the Italians, I will only express my admiration for their bravery and fortitude, which would warm the heart of any Englishman, or of any true soldier in the
"Imagine my feelings when, on entering and driving the Italians out of Arab
houses which they had fortified and were holding, we discovered the bodies of some
120 women and children with their hands and feet bound, mutilated, pierced and torn.
Later on at (the name of the town was lost in transmission) we found a mosque filled
with the bodies of women and children mutilated almost beyond recognition. I could
not count them, but there must have been three or four hundred.
"In this European war are such crimes to be committed? Cannot England do
something to stop such horrors? In our civilization and times you can hardly believe it,
but it is true nevertheless.   I myself have seen it, so I know.
"Even now we are getting news of further massacres of women and children who
were discovered in different farms lately occupied by Italians. The idea of the Italians
when thay slaughtered the innocents obviously was one of revenge for their heavy
losses in battle.
"We are at this moment under a heavy shrapnel fire, so you must excuse me if
these sentences are somewhat disjointed. There is also an aeroplane circling over our
position and directing the enemy's gunfire on us."
This is Not the Climate or the Soil for Them to Flourish in, Says Chief  Justice  Falconbridge���Will
be no Comic Opera Accessories Used
Toronto, Nov. 17.���That the Black
Hand will be ruthlessly crushed out
of existence If li dnres iii show Itself
In Canada, Is (he Intention of Chief
Justice falconbridge of the Ontario
High Court.
There is a case of an alleged Black
Hand murder now on lhc docket before him at (he Toronlo assizes, and
In addressing die grand Jurors he
Inilmnied to then, his Intention to
ileal severely wllh any Him 1, Hand
outrages thai are proved.
He said, referring to the alleged
lllaik Hand gang,:
"I may sny here thai If ihore are
any Imporlallons of these people to
this country, (his is not the dime
or (lie soil for (hem. These people
need have no doubt of the result of
their operations; it win be vigorously wiped out. There will be no
comic opera accessories, shouting, or
tiiges about It, and the men with
he dealt will, severely and sent to
the gallows or behind prison walls,
as the case may  be."
Booker T, boees Suit.
New York. Nov. 1".���Booker T.
Washington, the famous negro educator has Inst his ease for assault
against Henry ririt-h. Washington's
evidence ns io his business in die
apart ment house from which dried
ejected blm was unsatisfactory. One
woman witness swore that Washington had iiriosied her. and called her
"sweetheart," before I'lrlrh kl, ked
him out
Sources on the Mountain  Are
Still Frozen Tight
During the severe   frost the
drain on the city water supply
was as usual  heavy,   and   the
sources in the mountain   which
feed the dums were frozen hard.
With the pumped supply  from
Hays Creek the risk of a water
famine was substantially reduced, but the coming of the thaw
was welcomed by the water department  for the sake of  the
mountain supplies.   Citizens are
however, warned still to waste
no water even now that the thaw
has come.   A man sent specially
up to the mountain dams yesterday to estimate the effect of the
the warmer  weather   reported
"No change" in the level of ihe
water in the reservoir.    This is
because the springs are still hard
frozen on the high ground above
thr townsite.    Today  a better
condition prevails, and the dams
are still holding their own,  but
there is no water to waste as citizens will understand.
Has a Very Good Answer to the
Charge of Boxing a Young
Citizen s Ears.
Pretty china  cups
and saucers 16c.
i.ii ���.hi,   Hon Pk  and  Count   Voss
wen*  passengers  for  below  todny.
Dan McKinnon and Wm. Cornish, Who Were Feared  to Have Perished in a Gale
Last Week, Were Sheltering in a Bay at Lawyer's Island- Got Back Today
Sherbrooke, Que., Nov. 17.���
Chief of Police Duvidson has just
been upheld by Judge Mulvena,
after pleading guilty to boxing
thc ears of a young citizen named Pierre Carroll.
It appears that thc chief was
asked by the boy's mother to try
and get iii:u away from a house
where he spent most of his time.
The  chief   brought  the young
man   to  his  office,   where"
mother was waiting,  and when
the young man saw his mother,
it is charged he began cursing
her and calling her names. Chief
Davidson   boxed   his  ears  and
made him apologize to his mother.
A complaint was sworn out,
antl the chief was brought before
Judge Mulvena. He pleaded
legally guilty, but morally right
and sentence was susiiended.
If. Wright uehl South hy die
Prim ����� Ruperl  this morning
Hrll   *.*-
til--a   L.
dress  trim-
Safe and sound after twelve
days absence, Dan McKinnon of
the Royal Hotel and Wm. Cornish reached home today. They
saw nothing of the search launch
that was yesterday despatched to
try and pick up any trace of
them. Their open launch had
stood some rough seas, but no
mishap had happened.
The men had gone on a land-
staking expedition to Elliott Island, taking provisions only for
a three or four day trip. Before
they could reach Porcher Island
a fierce gale sprang up and the
men had to run their tiny craft
to the shelter of Lawyer Island.
For three days they had to stay
there  until  the storm  abated.
They built fires and contrived to
get some rude shelter from the
storm and rain.
After reaching Porcher Island
they made their home for four
days with Wm. Brown, a rancher, who attended to their needs.
After completing their land-staking work they came straight
back to Prince Rupert by way of
Porpoise Pass on their own boat
this morning. They reached the
wharf at eleven o'clock and at
once proceeded to allay the fears
of their friends thas they had
perished in the gales of last week.
i,i:i,-t ion SOUTH.
s. Camoitl went south this morning by the Prime Ituperl on n business trip.
io. ii. Johnstone, 0, T, i*. sii|M*i*ina
tondent's Accountant, Accompanied
hy Ills wire.
Mr. and Mrs. D, 11. .lohiislntu. and
tWO children left fur ths South todny. Mr, Johnstone occupies the
position of superintendent's account*
mil for lhe fl. Ta P., bill hns gone
South on ar annul of his wife's health.
Nurse lleliii'iin- ari'iilil|>aii!cil the
Engineer Kelliher Here
Be B Kelliher, ci ginecr In
charge "1 ih,* G T P co. ii ruction
gamed through ihe city today on
iv flylr.g visit ,'fia r coming fnm
Came Limping into Harbor Under Her Own Sail Today
���Her Engine is Frozen Up, Her Hull Battered
and Cargo of Halibut Had to be Jettisoned
After being sixteen days  at I sixteen day's toil there is nothing
sea, stranding herself on a rock{'coming to the men, but they take
at Goose Cove, Dundas Island, their lot philosophically,
and losing all of a fine catch ot    The gasoline boat Saga of the
halibut which hnd to be jettison- same company as thc Fish  Maid
ed because of the delay and loss hns been out now for twenty-five
of ice,   the  gasoline  schooner, days, hut no anxiety is  felt yet
Fish   Maid,   heroine of several,regarding her ns she is probably
terrible experiences at sea, came (sheltering somewhere,
into harbor today.   Captain But-;
Will Form Bowling League
terficld Mackie and the crew of
six men have had all the adventures they want on thiB trip.
The Fish Maid was buffeted
all the time by the gales of the
past ten days, driven by snow
squalls, and shipwrecked, but got
off by skilful handling.and though
holed badly, made harbor. In
the height of the gale last week
her engine froze up and she had
to run for it. This difficulty occasioned her stranding. On the
home trip only skilful seamanship brought her safely in, for
the weather she met with comini?
back litfht to harbor was almost
as bad as that which cost her her
, hard-got cartro of halibut.    For
Prince Ruperl poeeenei some of
ilu* Iksi bowlers tu. ilu- American
mt tinri't. Tonight .. meeting is
tea lie held In Tnl Morrieon'i
imwliiiK alley i" oiganlee a new
Imuli g lenguc for tne season. At
least ~ix live teams will be npra*
sen led. The Qullldrlven, Premier I Intel ill il llll- G.T.P, Will pllt
up teams, the Union Bank has ���
crackerjacV <milit ready, tnd there
art iwu teams ...t leasi <>f Rapert
buslncai men being organited
11. II. Kelliher O. T. 9, engineer
in rharge, left this morning for Vancouver. He arrived yesterday from
up river afler a lour of inspection. THE DAILY NEWS
The Daily News
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Daily Edition.
Friday, Nov. 17
The news announced exclusively in the Dally News that the Provincial
tiovernnient intends to open offices at Charlotte City for the transaction
of business relating to the Queen Charlotto Islands, will be welcome news
to tbe residents of tbe Islands. Tlie developments of the Islands has
been too long delayed by mediaeval office systems already. It haB been
monstrous that intending settlers should havo been subjected to a battledore and shuttle cock treatment, driven hither and thither between the
Uovernmeut offices nt Prince Kupert aud (he lands upon Grabam Island
upon which they desired to settle. Aguln and again settlers have been
instructed to go over to the Islands to find out facts unobtainable at the
Prince Hupert office, only to find that the farther away they went thc
less hope was there of gettiug satisfaction, lieing iuvarlably poor men
seeking a home, they were driven away from the district by the difficulties thus imposed. An office at a central point on lhe Queeu Charlottes,
with a resident agent, will go a great deal lo abolish this unsatisfactory
state of affairs, even though 1( means ihe cutting off of one of the sources
of revenue for Prince Hupert lawyers.
Now that the Uovemment has shown signs of awakening, perhaps
it will go further. Perhaps It will vote appropriations for the development of the Islands commensurate, al least, with ibe revenues it is reaping
therefrom. That would be sound economy, as well as commou Justice.
An Inquiry into the conditions under Which the coal, timber and Innd
staking companies���particularly aliens���are holding lhe lands from
cultivation should be instituted.
The Queen Charlotte Islands under sympathetic development have ll
in them to become sources of great wealth. Prince Hupert Is deeply
Interested in their development, for, in a double sense, (he Islands are
destined to become "feeders" for Prince Kupert.
ii(ii;ii:s ami iiiiii.i*:s.
The slight push of Fnte that stamps one man n rogue and makes of
another the hero of a Sunday School story, is shown In the brief announcement In a Toronto paper tbat "Joe Phillips' dream has come true. There
are now 11,056 people living in tbe York I .nan District."
Joe Phillips, five years ago, was president of the York Loan Co. He
took the company's funds and bought a huge tract of land on the west
borders of Toronto. He bad visions of seeing it become a fashions!.!-
residential district, and of reaping millions for himself.
But the property was slow In rising liefore he could realize .*<*��������� -'���
to repay the company the police nab!- I.    Today Joe im-'ii'I-s is In
Kingston Penitentiary, servli.** _U aeva- >*"r ""-"---���
And today there an- 11.056 I    ng    * ",r**  ������"������" W��P��tr. ��������������"
has since become the huhtona*-   ������-""���"���'    ���*"-'���" '���' Toronto.
What a narrow neap     "' '" '*** ***** "' becoming a hero of a
Sunday School prlr*  ���"'"k " - " ���<"*vict.
Return engagement of the
Sherman-Cleveland Opera
S. & C. Minstrels
Prices 50c,, 75c and $1.
The Graham Island Oil Fields, Limited
CAPITAL STOCK $1,000,000
We are offering for sale a very limited
amount of shares of stock at 25c per share;
par value $1.00. These shares nre going
quickly and will soon be ofT the market    :   :
selling agents
Subscribe For The Daily News
���"lur pi.rse. ...ni . examined an fhat
was left this morning, and we bolh
agreed that some of tbe things had
disappeared.   It is very strange."
i'yne was not wholly prepnred for
tills mine being sprung on him. So
he essayed to gain time.
."It doesn't appeal to me ln tint
light. There wns a miscalculation
about the water. Why not about tho
"Hecause my father went through
all lhe stores personally and portioned them out. Some flour and tinned
meal huve gone; I am quite sure ot
II. The question Is���who can have
taken them. The flour, at least, must
have attracted attention If anybody
tried lo eat It."
"Did you sny nil that to the purser?'
he asked, suspending his labors and
looking at Iter steadily.
"No. We could not remember ex-
���icily what proportion of the various
articles ihore ought to be left."
"Then, lake my advice, Miss Con-
stnnce, and keep ou forgetting," he
A quick flush came luto her pale
"You are not saying that without
good cause?" sho murmured.
"I have lhc besl of reasons. If the
'. a. i hint of such a thing goes round
among the men there will be ructions."
Constance went to the door and
closed It.
"Knld," she said, "I believe father
snd Mr. Pyne have got some dreadful
plan in (heir minds which they dan*
not tell us about."
But tbe American was not to bo
cornered In such fashion. He opened
the door again and wont out, pausing
on die threshold to say:
"I wouldn't venture to guess what
might be troubling Mr. Drand, but you
can lake It from me that what ho
says. goes. Talk about grasping a
nettle firmly, I believe your father
would grab a scorpion by tbe tall If
he felt thai way."
And with ihis cryptic utterance hd
quilled ihem. Intending to warn
llrand at' the first opportunity that
the time was at hand when he musf
harden hit u, an and tako the decisive
step of culling off communication between the service-room aud the re*
malndcr of the building.
This could be done easily. ho
flanges of lhe ti**,. rmost iron s ..r*
case were screwed io lha floor abovu
snd i. ���<>���> A fe�� mlnu'et' labor
would remove '._����� screws; the ���������*���
could bo III iii Ih . i. ****** ��fie sertlcsr
s*oe*,m .-.4 enere a ' in ,1 lo seal the
"Wha a howling menagerie will
break loose here when tbey find out,"
thought Pyne. "It's a hard thing to
say, but we ought lo have the door
open. Quite a stack of folks will need
lo be pllchi'd outside."
A oomf-aVtlng reflection truly, yet
his face bore oo token (hereof as he
joined the lighthouse-keeper and several of lhe ("h 'nook's officers and
men on ihe gallery.
The wind had shifted another couple of points lo (he north, and the sea,
apart from the reef, was running tn
a heavy unbroken swell. That was
the lamenting part of It Any ordinary ship's boat, properly managed,
could live In perfect safely In the open.
Uut (be Iron-toothed reef, with Its
toiuous channels and battling cur
rants changing with every siage of
(he tide, surrounded the pillar with an
sppsrently Impassable barrier, whilst
(he liglMlioisa- Hself offered aa frowning a from as any of the black rocks
which r- ar el (heir weed-covered
crests nt low waler.
SiKiials were being exchanged between the gallery and the Trinity ten-
dor, llrand seemed to be very em*
nl.��tie iii his an**' -rs lo the communications made to htm by Stanhope.
"No, no," he mulercd aloud, whilst
lhe anxious man mar him wondered
why he was so Impellent.
"ll le un. rii Impossible!" be said
anam. "No boai tan do It���some one
should slop him. li means certain loss
of life I"
Al lasi, becoming aware that his
companions could nol understand what
was going on. he turned to them with
the passionate explanation.
"Thai brave fellow 8lanhope says
lhal. wllh iwo others at tbe oars, he
Intends lo row near enough to the
rock al half flood lo endeavor to
spring onto lhc ladder. I cannot per
susde him that no man has ever yet
succeeded In such a mad project.
Uxik below, and see bow each wave
climbs around eighteen or twen(y feci
of (he base.    The thing Is wildly Im*
practicable. He win be swept off and
smash, d 10 pieces before our eyes,
even If ihe boal escapee."
"If (he b*.-a( can come near enough
for dial puri-ose. couldn't we heave a
line aboard her?" asked one of the
ship's officers. ���
"We can try. I shall signal them to
that effect. Anyihlng Is better than
to sanction an attempt which Is fore*
doomed to failure, and must result In
the death of the man who tries It."
Thereupon more energetic flag-
waving took place. Finally llrand desisted In sheer exasperation.
'I csnnol ainvlnee him," hc crlid.
"He has made up his mind. May lhe
Lord preserve him from a peril which
I consider lo be a mortal one "
'Has he pul forward sny theory?"
asked Pyne "He was doing a lol of
"Yes." explained llrand. "He be
lleves that a strong boat, rowed lo the
verge of the broken water, might
watch her opportunity and dart in
close (o the ladder on the backwash
of a big wave, allowing lis successor
to lift her high enough for an active
man to Jump onto Ihe rungs. The
rowers must pull for their lives Ihe
Instant (he wave breaks and leave him
clln.S>.i: to (he ladder as best he can.
There Is more chance of success In
thai way. he thinks, than In trying
to make fast a line thrown by us,
even If It fell over the boat. It Is all
a question of time, he argues, and I
bav* f��U(d to convince blm that not
only ne nut ins companions win be
"Is there no chance'' Inquired the
second officer.
"Look below," repeated Brand hope*
lessly, and Indeed, when they'obeyed
him, craning their necks over the mil
to examine the seel hing cauldron
from which the granite lower tapered
up to them, no man cou'il sny that the
lighthouse-keeper dinloi'i d Stnnhope's
decision without good ri uson.
They understood mallei's a little
better, perhaps, when, one by one,
they re-entered tho lantern, tho Falcon having flitted away to make her
final proparatlons. llrand asked them
not to make known the iiutiire of tbe
pending undertaking.
"If 1 thought It would do any good
.0 the suffering people I would gladly
lee Ihem enlivened by lhe news,"
Je said. "I confess, however, 1 expect nothing but disastrous failure���
ind���gentlemen���Lieutenant Stanhope,
s practically engaged 10 be married
io one of my daughters."
What was to be said.' They quitted
ilm in silence that was tliu dominant
note of their lives Just then. Pyne
tlone remained. Ho wondered why
mc man should be called ou to en-
lure so much.
Though each of those present on
llin gallery wns loyal (o Brand's sor-
rewful request, lt was Impossible to
prevent others from seeing that something of exceptional interest was ln
progress afloat aud on the rock.
llrand did not know tbat the officials of the Trinity House had only
agreed to help Stanhope's hazardous
project under compulsion. The sailor
Informed them (hat he was determined
to carry out his scheme, with or without their assistance. So, when tbe
Falcon, the tonder, and a strong tug
hired by Mr. Traill, rounded the distant Carn du headland at eleven
o'clock, the lighthouse-keeper felt
lhat further protest was unavailing.
It bchoovod blm to take all possible
measures lo help tho men who were
sbout to dare bo much to help him.
In the first place, be caused a rope
to be swung from tbe gallery to the
doorway. If any doubt wero enter-
lalued ua to the grave risk attending
Stanhope's enterprise It was promptly
met with In accomplishing this comparatively simple task. Even a heavy
piece of wood, slung to the end of the
ulnely odd feet of cord necessary
did not prevent the wind from lashing lho weighted end In furious
plunges seaward. At last a sailor
caught the swinging block wltb a
boat-hook. The man would have been
carried away by a climbing wave had
not his males perceived bis danger
aud held him. Tben two lifebuoys
wore iitiiii in ei to other ropes, In case
there might be some slight chance of
of using them. The tackle which the
uufortuuaie euptaln of tbe Chinook
had cast adrift was utilized to construct safety linea In the entrance way.
l.e.aeps were (aslenod to them, In which
six of tho strongest men available
Weru secured against (he chance of
being Swept through 'he door to lu-
slant death.
Meanwhile, the tine vessels bad
* ." oed close to lhe  mooring buoy,
uieh, ll will bo reii.einberrd, lay In
i"l| view of the kitchen window. Constance gave ilium a casual glance.
Ik-lug ..,Mil In the ways of the sea,
��-�� Inaiau'.ly discovered that souio
iiin.sual event was astir.
She called her sister's attention to
lie manoeuvres or the steamers; one,
tbo 11 iinii lender, lay broadside on
to the Incoming tide.
"They aro lowering a boat, I do do-
1 dare," she announced, after they bad
watched the proceedings for a Utile
while wllh growing curiosity. At the
distance, nearly six hundred yards, it
was difficult 10 discern exactly what
was taking place.
"No boal can live If It comes near
ibe rock," cried Knld. And then a
wild ihoughi brought her heart to her
"Oh, Connie!" she cried In a sudden
access of terror, "I feel sure lhat Jack
lis doing something desperate to save
1 us. Dad knows. They all know, but
they would 1...1 tell us. That is why
I Mr. Pyne has not been near us for
"it cannot be. No one would permit
IL Kin lu* 1 would never give bis sanction. Knld, my dear oue, why do you
say such llilugs?   You frighten me!"
Uut Coustaucu's lips wero bloodless,
aud her eyes dilated with the lear
which she, too, would fain deny.
They were perched so high above
the sea that ihu dancing hillocks of
6recti water could not wholly obscure
te stoutly built craft which bobbed
Into startling prominence round the
Stern of the lender.
"It Is, It Is!" shrieked Knld. "Look,
Connie! There Is Jock kneeling In
the bow. mi. dear! ob, dear! Is he
mad? Why don t tbey slop him? I
cannot bear 10 look. Connie, loll me
-���shall 1 see hliu drowned before uiy
Tho girl was distraught, and her sister was lu little belter plight. Fascinated, speechless, clinging lo each
other like panic-stricken children,
they followed Ihu leaping boat with
tbe glassy stare of tbose who gaze,
bpeu-eyed, al remorseless death.
Tbey scarce understood what was
As tbe boat, a strong craft, yet such
a mere speck of stancb life In the
tumbling seas, was steadily impelled
bearer, tbey saw the tug lurch ahead
of the other vessels until a line was
thrown and caught by Stanhope, who
Instantly fastened tt round his waist.
The rowers wore cork jackets, but be
Was quite unprotected. Hare-headed,
wltb his well-knit limbs shielded only
by a Jersey, loose-fitting trousers and
canvas shoes, be had declined to hamper bis freedom of movement with the
cumbrous equipment so essential for
anyone who might be cast adrift ln
Ibat dreadful sea.
The girls even In their dumb agony,
were fully conscious of a scurry of
feet up and down tbe stairs. What did
It matter ? Tbey paid heed to naught
save Ihe advancing boat, now,deep In
the trough of a wave, now perched
precariously on a lofty crest. Whoever the rowers wero, they trusted
wholly to the Instructions given by the
gallant youth who peered so boldly
Into tbe wilderness ahead. 1 be flying
foam and high-tossed spray gave to
the lighthouse tho semblance of alter
nately lifting and lowering Its huge
frame amldsl the furious torrents
lhat encircled It. Nerves of steel,
strong hint is and true, were needed
by those who would voluntarily enter
ihst watery Inferno.
Yet the men at the oars did not
falter nor turn their heads. Tbey
pulled evenly and well, wllh tbe short,
deep-sunken stroke of (he fisherman,
Snd Stanhope, now lhal they were almost In thc vorlex whero the waves
lost their regularity, produced a pad-
lie wherewith to twist lhe boat's head
to meet each tun: and awir'
Stealthily the powerful tug-boat
crept In tbe wake of the smaller craft,
until lt became clear to the girls'
(trained vision that watchful helpers,
lushed in the vessel's bows, were
manipulating another rope as a drag,
thus helping the sailors' efforts to prevent his frail argosy from being
iwamped by a breaking sea.
Then a miracle did happen, a mlrn*
cle of Bcieuce. When the boat wat
yet two hundred yards away, Brand,
looking out from the gallery In stony
des puli. suddenly behaved as one possessed of t fiend.
"Follow 'ne!" he roared. "Come,
every man!"
He rushed into the lantern, As II
he wanted wings ralher than limbs,
he swung himself by his hands to tho
floor of Ihe service-room.
Galvanized into activity, l!:ose who
were with him on the ledge raced
after him. They knew not what had
happened. Their leader had spoken,
and tbey obeyed.
Down, down, they pelted, taking tho
steep stairs with breakneck speed,
until they reached the oil-room, with
its thousands of gallons stcri d in great
Big empty tins stood there, awaiting
the next visit ot the tender, and
Brand wrenched the cover off tho
nearest cistern. He scooped up a tin*
ful of the oil.
"Bring all you can carry," he shouted, and was off'again with an energy
that was wonderful ln a man who
had endured the privations and hardships of so many hours.
They understood. Why had none,
of them thought of lt earlier? In ltt
cold granite depths the lighthouse
carried that which had the power to
subdue the roaring fury of the reef.
The first man to reach tho gallery
after Brand was Pyne, who chanced
to be nearest to him when the hubbub arose. He found the other man
flinging handt'iils of the oil as far ta
windward as the thick fluid would
"Quick!" gasped Brand. "Don'l
pour It out! It must be scattered."
I So the colza fell in little patches ol
smooth tranquility luto the void be
nouth, and, before Stanhope had pilot
ed bis boat half the remaining distance, the. wave-currents surging
about the rock ceased to toss tbeli
yellow manes so high, and the high-
pitched masses of foam vanished completely.
The seamen stationed In the entrance were astonished by the rapidity of tlie change. In less than a min-
uto Ihey found they were no longei
blinded by the spindrift cast by each
upward rush right Into tbe Interior 0}
the lighthouse. The two nearest tc
the door looked out ln wonderment,
What devilment was the reef hatch,
ing now, ihat Its claws should relat
their clutch on the pillar and Its toy
spray be withheld?
Bach wave, aa It struck to west.
;ward of the column, divided Itself Intq
two roaring streams which met exact
jly where iho Iron rungs ran down ths
���wall. There was a mighty clash o|
'lhe opposite forces and a further up.
,ward rearing of shattered torrents be-
fore the reunited mass fell away to
give place lo its successor.
Full twenty feet of the granite layers were 1 hus submerged and ex-
���posed whenever a big comber traveled
eheer over (he reef,
i But these straightforward attack!
'wore spasmodic. Often the eddlel
ici.ai nl by the rocks came tumbling
pellinell from the north. Sometime!
(ihey would combine wltb tbe Incoming
'tide, and then the water seemed to
cling tenaciously to the side of ths
'lighthouse until It rose to a greal
height, swamping the entrance,  and
1 dropping back with a tremendous
-crash. There were times when ths
northerly ally disdained to merge wltb
Its rival. Then It leaped Into the hollow created by the receding wave, and
all about the lighthouse warred a level
Sianbope's plan wss to rush tbt
boat In when one cf these comparatively less dangerous opportunities
offered. He would spring for the ladder, run up If possible, but, If caughl
by a vaulting breaker, lock himsell
with hands and feet on Ihe Iron rungt
and endeavor to withstand the Stirling
embrace of lhe oncoming sea. He was
an expert swimmer and diver, and hs
believed that by clinging limpet-like
to tho face of the rock, he had the
requisite strength of lungs and slnewt
to resist ono If not more of these
watery avalanches.
, The ro|ie around his waist was held
from lho tug. The Instant he made
his leap, the men with him were to
back water, the crew at the drag to
haul for all they were worth, and
consequently pull tbe boat clear o|
the next wave 'ere It broke. That It
why hc selected a handy craft ln place
of the life-boat offered to him as soon
as his resolve was whispered ashore.
It was on rapidity, quick Judgment,
the utilization of seconds, that he depended. The unwieldy bulk of ths
.lifeboat nol only detracted from these
all-Important considerations, but mads
it more than probable that she would
be capsized or touch the reef.
For the same reason he timed his
approach on the rising tide.   He could
I venture nearer to the lighthouse Itself, and (he boat could be rowed and
dragged more speedily into safety,
With him, too, were men who knew
every Inch of the Gulf Rock. He
knew he could trust them to the end.
Although he had mapped out his
programme to the last detail, Brand's
Inspiration In using the oil created s
i fresh  snd  utterly  unforeseen  set o|
I conditions.
Mountainous ridges still danced fan.
��� tastlcally up and down the smooth
granite    slopes,    but  they no longer
I broke, end It Is brokon water, not tu<
iiniltiioiisly heaving seas, that an open
boat must fear.
With the Intuition of a born sailor,
1 ready lo seize any advantage given by
; human enemy or angry ocean, Stan-
! hope decided, In the very Jaws of opportunity, to abandon his original design totally, and shout to the men hi
saw standing In the entrance to heave
lo him a rope. He would havo preferred the danger of the Jump. He
almost longed to endure the fierce
struggle which must ensue before be
reached those waiting hands. Hs
thought he would have his reward In
Iho lense Joy of the fight, In bringing
salvation to Enid aud those wltb hor
in seeing her sweet face again aftei
these dan and nights of vigil.
Bells Cools Land Dlitrict���DUtrlct ol Coast Rango
Take notlea that H. M. Cliff of Dundalk, Ireland, occupation genUeman, intends to apply (or
permiaaion to leaae the loUowing described land.:
Commencing at a poat planted at tho ahore
near the N. E. eorner of Lot No. 8, thence north
40 chaina, thence west 80 chaina more or leaa to
east boundary of cannery leaae. thence following
the aald east boundary aouth 40 chaina more or
leaa to ahore line, thenoe (ollowing aaid ahoro
line eaaterly 80 ehalna more or leaa to point ol
commoncement; containing 820 acrea, more or
Dated Auguat 81,1911.
Pub. Sept. 80.
William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coaat Rango
Taka notice that U. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupation gentleman, Intenda to apply
(or permiaalon to leaae tha following deacrilied
Commencing at a post plantad at tho N. K.
corner ol Lot 83, thence north ��0 chaina, thence
weat 40 chaina, thenoa aouth 20 chain, more or
leaa to ahora line, thenoe lollowing the ahore line
eaat 40 ehaiaa more or leaa to point ol commencement: containing 80 care., mora or leaa.
Dated Auguat 81,1911. U. M. CUFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land Diatrict���DUtrlct o( Coaat Rang
Take notice that II. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon genUeman, intenda to apply
lor permiaelon to laaaa the following deacribed
Commencing at a poat planted at the N. W,
.comer of Lot No. 4, thence north 40 chaina, thenee
eaet 40 chaina, thence aouth 40 chaina mora or
leaa to ahora Una, thonce lollowlng ahore line
westerly 40 chaina mora or leaa to point ol commencement; conUining 80 acres, mora or leaa.
Dated Auguat 28, 1811. H. M. CUFF
Pub. Sept. ad. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Coaat Hanga
Tain notioe that B. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, intenda to apply
for permiaaion lo leaae tha following described
. Commencing at a poat planted at the N. W
corner ol Lot 262, thence aouth 40 cbaina more
or lea. to northern boundary ol leaae No. 1 applied
lor ny H. M. Cllll. thenee lollowlng aaid boundary
eaat 20 cbaina, thence north 40 chaina, thunce
west 20 chaina to point ol commoncomont; containing 80 acrea, more or leaa,
Dated Auguat 28, 1911. H.  M. CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 80. William McNair, Agent
Bella Coola Land DUtrlct���DUtrlct ol Coaat Range
Take notlea that U. M. Cliff ol Dundalk, Ireland, occupaUon gentleman, intenda to apply
lor permUsion to leaae the lollowing deKribed
Commencing at a post planled at the S. E
corner ol Lot 251, thenee aouth 10 cbaina more
or Irea to northern boundary uf Loaae No. 1
applied (or by H. M. Cliff, thenco eaat 20 chain,
along aald boundary, thenoe north 40 chaina,
thenee west 20 chaina to point ol commencement;
containing SO acraa, more or leaa.
Dated Auguat 28, 1911. II.  M.  CLIFF
Pub. Sept. 30. William McNair, Agent
Skeana Land DUUict���DUtrict ol Queen Charlotta
la, lanel.
Take notice that Auatin M. Brown ol Prince
Rupert, occupation aaddler, Intenda to apply to
aha Chiol Commiaaioner ol Lanela and Worka (or
a licenco to prospect (or coal, oil and pelroleum en
and under the lollowing deKribed landa on the
West Coaal ol Graham laland:
Commeneing at a poat planted three mile, eaat
o( the northeaat corner of C. L. No. 4472 thence
so chaina wait, thence 80 chain, north, Ihence Sll
chaina eaat, thence 80 chaina aouth to point ol
Located Auguat Iat, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Land DUtrlct���Diatrict ol Queen Charlotte
Taka notice that Auatin M. Brown of I'rinc.*
Rupert, occupaUon aeddler, Intenda to apply to
the Chief Commiaaioner of Land, and Work, for a
licence to prospect (or coal, oil and poo-oleum oo
and undor tbe toUownig deKribed Unda on the
Wnt Coaat of Uraham laland:
Commeneing at a poat planted three mile, out
of the aoutheaat cornar ol C. L. No. 4470 thence
north 80 cbaina. thance aeat 80 chaina, thence
aouth 80 chaina, thenoe waeat 80 chain, to point ol
Located Auguat let, 1911.
Pub. Aug. 19.
S*_*"ul L,nd DUtrict���DUUict ol Queen Charlotte
Take notice that thirty days Irom date. I, C. E.
Balnter ol Prince Rupert, B. C, by occup.tion
bookkeeper, inlend to apply to the CnUI CommUaioner of Und. fur a licenco lo proapKt lor
coal and petroleum oo and under 610 acraa ol
land on i-r.li.in is!.eul doKrihed as lollowa:
Commencing at a post planted two nlles north
TUI.n north set aoinct Coal Leaae 4166 marked
t^E. II. Coul I/case No. 19. tl.enc. eouth 80 chain.,
thence weet so chaina, (hence north 80 chain.,
thenee east 60 chains Ui point o! commencement |
rinuining 640 acre, more or laaa.
J*^d(*|P'r1**1��ll- tt E. BAINTER
Skeena Land DUtrict-DUtrict ol Caalar
Take  notice  that  Charlea   William   Ham  ol
.��� lOXXn* B- C*l ����uP*��t-on ln.peclor, Inlend.
deaSfiJi lanSr���       "      *">Kh**�� **** 'ollowing
i.���^��_!m^r,nniu,i' ! **"* *"*"**��* ** **<��� ~n-
llucncc ol lllackwater river with tho Naa. river
******** mile, auuth from tha alith Dominion
telegraph cabin. 1'o.t marked C. W. II. s. W
X. orner, thence 80 chaina north, Ihenee 80 chain.
��3 8*3. .*��.Cl"an* ���ou-h' ******** * chain.
wost to point of commencemenl, containing 610
acrea mora or leaa. -
O.pjaotam^tT'* W'LUAM "AM
I'ub. Nov. 2.
Skeena Und DUtrict-DUtrict ol Caaaiar
Advertise in
The Daily News
m fl"W1Wfrt at,* pm plftntai it th�� eon*
Dated ***. 28, _3*HU A"T"UI* WHITE
Pub. NoV:2.
���Jb*^**jJ!***   Ojtm* of Caaslar
Vt-m-i��'fVh" Anfu" ].'""* ******* of
I"5"S***jS "��� *���"*. occupation bookkeeper, Intedntia
d0��c"ffi'!.^���,,^,""lo"B **"��h- ********
K2 22 e!;���!n��� *��*"** �� �����' ***tSt*
E*Sj*.**m north,  tbence 80 eh.***   3
���agarg.**"**���*���***. "numm?.��� sm
Dated 8^1.28.1A,'?flUS JAMES MeK1*NZ'E
Pub. Nov. t.
Skeena Und DUtrlct-District ol Cawlar
eao'lr H01-1" ***** *}"**"* ��<��l-nnan of .
^S_S_f____" "��uih' ,h""��1
N. I
80 chains
Skoena Und DUtriet���District,
Tako nollco that lt"u2*i
Ruport.  U   a.  ocouii," ,",M���
apply to tho Chief c'oiini���',
Works (or a liconco to m2
petroleum on and unilur ii
lands on the Wost Const ���i ,
Commencing at a post ,,,.',
ol the northeaat cornor olV
80 chains aouth, thonco sil ,*i,
chains north, thonce so chain
8* a* 5a7!lon8'-"'i*,T^S' i?'ii.l:"mvN' Ua.
Skeona Und DUtrlct���Dutrlci o
-1... ,, , Isllltlrl.,
Take notico that AmUn u
Kupert, occupation uddler, .
the t-blel Commissioner ���i
1st a licence to prospect (,��� ,
leum on and under the loll,, ',,
on tho Weat Coaat ol ilrahum i ,
Commencing at a posl Dim .
H ***** southwest corner nf i
80 chain, east, thenco so ch li
chain, weat, thonco bo ehalna
r_. ., ��� AUSTIN M I
Date ol Location, :il,.i July .ni-
Pub. Aug. 17. �������������
���WI)  of p.,.
������"���inT,'J "���������"��
.-, , ,' "wit. io
* * "��� point J
:l',"\n ot I'riu,
' *���"��� Kit,
t:;*-"'i,ed _xj
.""'*'milts ���_.
on_*S lh����
:"' ����� pout,!
I ximrta Ckulutt,
'!r,n" ***
I ii "W *
, :., w��l��i
���li on th, -J5
,':'*��� mil. w
��� - ���"���wt.-Oeiti
:U"'VN. U__
' ���'���������������M.C.I
r  ih I*!-?-*"1"
"���'��� ItiiW (W,
<** -UU .era, ������
,   Ir'lrll,,
Skeena Und Diatrict���DUlrict
_   , ., IslUllrj.
Tako notice that Austin '.'
Rupert, occupation utaldler, Inu
the Chiol I umiiiirui , ���[ *.���,, ,
licenco to prospoct for eual, oil and
under the following iloscnbi.i i
Coaat ot Uraham Islund;
Commencing at a post plant,
of the aoutheaat comeir aa  a
north 80 ehains, thenco eaat ��u , h
80 cbaina, thence wost no chah
Located August Iat, Kin
Pub. Aug. 19.
Skeena Und Uistm-i    n,.,      ,
Tako nouce lhat Hurl) ,i,
Uainter o( Prince Hupurt, it   (
bookkoepor, intend tu appl.
missioner ol Lands (or a lice
coal and petroloum on ami
land on Graham Island du.cri,��-
Commencing at a post planted ,,
ol Coal Loaae No. tin;. ,,...- , ', "'*",�����
Loiue No. IN. E. curner. ���, ., Zjtmhg
thence eouth 80 chains, ti, .   '.'-i
thence north 80 clmin. to pin,. ��� >���__."*t
DatedSept. II, lull     *.*. I ,      *
Pub. Sept 23. ' Ml-lt, Um.
Skeena Und Dialrlcl -Di.trie.-i ,,: ou��.�� t% a~
Taka notice that thin, ��� , '   '$","*{���
Balntor ol Prince lluperl. , '���.-"*.** *���*���������
bookkeeper, Inlend lo .,,,,!,
miaaioner ol Unda for a la',-<
coal and petroleum on      ��
Und on Uraham laland d,s,r
Commencing at a poat pUi
of Coal Leaae No. 4167, salt
corner No. 2. Ibenco .uulli m- .
80 chaina, ihence north to
SO chaina lo place ol comm,   . "* "���
Daie<ISepuI|,l��|i.    C I.   I klNTBR,|_M_
Puh, Sept. 23. ' "***������
Skeena Land DUtricl-Dulrui el y..��� (;_,)_,
Take nouce lhal thirty d.j. .'.*..,, mt* L__
Belntei ol Pnnee Kuperi, ii   ��� . -,. ^2aZ
bookkeeper, intend to *���*,;-,. iwT_I
inuuloner oi Und. (or I 11, | ruaJi _!
coal and petroleum oo and ludea N|S__
land on Uraham laland diwrit.-d ., loiiu.,
Commencing al a po.i i;, !m, ,���n___
ol Coal Loaao No. 4476, mar., i I f��� \\ j-T
corner ol Coal U'-uv No. .1. i . ,Jlt vo__
thence north 80 ehalna, UueMa ...t ��� ���_?
thence soulh no chain, lo pl.c- .'I <
��� _9fi!
l" MM I*
��� ' - 1*. B. x.7
Dated Sept. II. 1911.    0. I..
Pub. Sept. 23.
Skeena Und DUt.ict -lii.ia.,   . I xp,m -.tartso.
Take notice that thirij .i... WaLC t
Bainter of I'rinco Kuperi, II. i , |,, exewwa.
bookkeeper. Inland to apply i��� Hit ld_Tu��
missioner ol Landa lor a licence lo I'rmcmx kt
coal and pelroleum un .a. i . < ;, __, .
land on Uraham laland divcritaasl ��. Iulleia_
Commencing at a post plai - - tn milea mi
ol Coal Leaao No. 44.tr, marai , , I. a it
corner Coal Lease No. I, li.- -   .-..-,.
tbence nurth 80 cbaina, it..:..,  em H <*u__
Ihence Muttl 80 chain, lo plan- ..' Tnlfaal.
DatedSept. II, ISII. I. I. 1 AIMLILUwei
I'ub. Sept. 23.
Skoena Und DUtrict��� liuta.., . i ,,>.,..:.CUrUtt.
Take nutico lhat thirij days Iron _���,, ���,*.".��
Bainter o( Prinoe Kuperi, li. I ., octiipet-se
bookkeeper, Intend to appl-   le tl.�� Ibid Ca-
missioner ul Unds lur |  |ea to (at*_pM far
coal and pelroleum un ar.d .. i<i set* 4
land on Uraham liland dieKriii-d ., (eaiiemi
Commencing at a post pisnied t.ei mike etfit
ol .uke marked C. K. U. i eal Laa - i.aurlW
N. B. corner C. E. II. Cai Laaa No. ., Uaa
aouth Ml chaina, thencu aatt MJ ,:.n.s una
north 80 cbaina, thence SM - te> |>lia<l
Dated Sepu II, Itll. C. L Ii U.NTGR, Ue_e
Pub. Sapu 23.
Skeena Land DUtrlel���Dutrict ol QMS CUtletxt
Take notice that thirty day. Iron 'I.l'. I. C fc.
Uainter of Prince Itupert, ll. I . i>> iiio-p-gat
tHiokkeef*er. Inland lo epply t.a lha i -id l_et>
niia-aioner of Laid, (ur . ! -
coal and pcuvJeum on aad u.*iJ.*r -.i-i sens ��f
land on Uraham Island dinca., - >>
Commencing at a poat plain.* i �����<> miaa. a-atl
o(C. B.B. Coal Lease Nu   ,. I. Buw
N. W. corn* Coal Lease No. 0, M ml. N
chaina, theoce eaal 80 chain*, than aatt ���
chaina, thence weat 80 chain, lo ; .ct ut am
Daled Sept. II, 1911.    C. E. II.MM1.K *****
Pub. Sapt. S3
Skoena Und Dliuict-liisirict ,1 Qaal tlmWi
Take nuiice that thirly da-- ll .:.-, LCI
Balnter ol Prince Kuperi, ll. I , b* -r.ia!��
bookkeeper, Intend lo apply to n . ���*-*��( Ceo-
misaioner o( Unds (or a lic.i.,. i ***** **
coal and petroleum oo and aad.I *' aetes tt
land on Uraham laland desrnl-ai ..  '
Commencing at a po.1 pl.nt.al tws n.ik. tank
ot C. E. B. Coal Leae. No.  '. ���  ��� \x.eettet
Coal Leue No. 7, thence nonh -   -   . :.*, IkaM
eaat 80 chaina,  thence south        l   Uaa XX*���s
west 80 chain, to pl.ee uf soma *    - ******
Haled Sen). II, 1911.    C. E. ll.X.'. a > ll. LocaUt
Pub. Sept. S3
Skeena Und DisUict-biiirict ���.: U       riaikttt
Take nolice that Ihirty dan (l ���   1.1 fc
Balnter of Princa Ruperl. B, a .arapaiiei
bookka-e-ier, intend lo .pply !��� i*4 leaa-
piiieuoner ol Und. tor a licenc.- le in'spr-a at
coal and petroleum on and  u - -' ami 4
land on Uraham 1.1.nd ele-m-ni
Commencing al a post pttslad mosi Mflt
of C. E. B. Coal Lara*. Naa   1. ,,.a 1- Caere-*
C. G. B. Coal Leaae No. ��. Uaa -icaans,
thence won 80 chaina, tbenee aor,i>, H ttrnm.
Ih.nee eaat Hi) chain, lo pl.c- ���! <> '*
Dated Sept. II, 1911. I. I. lUIMl.ll.UMl*
Pub. Sept. 23
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUine. tt     ������������ *********
Take nolice lhat thirty -I.,- ill
Balnter ol Prince Kupert, li   i * *. ������
I -Mikk-M'pcr. Intend to appl>  *������
mUsloner ol Unda lor a licenc
coal and petroleum on and ua *
land on Uraham lalanel diacnlaaal M
('ommenclng at a boat plant-
ol Coal Leaaa No. 4471, marked -
N. G. comer Coal l/mm No. il, U
chaina, thence weet 80 chain., Ua
chaina, Ihence east 80 chair,-  '        ' ���  ����� ������-*
D.ted Sept. II, 1911. C. E. I1AIN N It, UMl*
I'ub. Sepl. 28.
��� Led less-
," .rise 4
���a   <_.
, lismutt
>,.. -..ink M
i.rtk M
Skeena Und DUtrict���DUlrict tt Q
Take noUce that Ihirty alays lr
Balnter ol I'rince Rupert, t<   a
bookkeeper,  Intnd  to apply  to tl
missioner of Unda (or a ticene-
coal  and  petroleum on and  'upland on Graham laland descril-aal .��� I,
Commencing at a poat plant,-I
of C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. 9. m
corner C. E. B. No. 10, Ihence we
Ihence weat 80 chaina, tbence n..aH
thence east 80 chaina to pl.c- id I
Daled SepL 11, Itll.    C. G. MAIN I
I'uh. Sept. 23.
, I   e
-   " ���
���hm ��
|   ��aa*lk
.    f,
��� *.
, Is.*,
D.ted Sept. 28, 1911
Pub. Nov. I.
mencement: cnnUlnlne MO __U, ��T "* "', ""**���
D.IM H^t. 6, 19 Vl     E OS*, 8J91
fcrenert Cole. Agent
&auff3^5_U!W2 -tip ******
marked II. It"T J*_2__! J__ ****. Port
weat, thonce 66 clinh. �����,rrn.h' ,_"""* V0 '*>****'
eaat, thence 65 chain.! _-_r* ,U,on? 70 <������*�������������
".-cement. -riMdflSgg* *****
Dat* Oc(obe, ��?}ffiA��,IN  *�������������" WCE
Skeena Und DUtrict -DUlrict ol Qu>*
Take nolice thai thirty days Ironet. -'
Balnier o[ Princa Kupert, U. C. ocetip
kawper, inlend to apply to the CkW . i
of Und. for a licence lo proepect I
pelroleum on and under 610 ���mttm
Uraham laland descrilied ai follows .
Commencing at a post planted two
ol C. E. B. Coal Leoae No 8, marked N. I   a*'"*
ol C. G. II. Coal LeaM No. II, thone
chain.,  Ihence weet 80 chains, Ihenav i ""V���
chain., llience eaat SO chain, to pl.e- ��' "���
mencimenl. ,     ,���
Daled Sept. II, 1911.    C. E. MINI;
I'uh. Sepl. 28.
Skeena Und Dlalrlct-District nl Queer
Take nolice lhat thirty days Irom els'
Balnter ol Prince Kupert, U. I'.. BJ
bookkeeper, Inlend lo apply lo the *
miiwloner of Und lor a licence to tstx
eoal and petroleum on and under ',;
land on Uraham Island describeel as folio
Commencing at a posl planterd (wo i"1
of C. I, II. Coal |_,ue No. 7, mark,*!
Coal l_mse No. 12, thenee soulh 80 el,��*
eut  80 chaina,  Ihenee north  80 eh.n
weat 80 ch.in. to plsce ol eommenreni' *'
Haled Sepl. 11, 1911.    C. E. BAINTL't
Puh. Sept, 29.
Skeena Und District���District o( Qn'��" '        j
Take notice that Ihirty days Irom alal'*. I '   '���'
llalnter of I'rince Rupert, ll. tt, by occui ��� "'"
l.aaokkeeper,  Inlend  to apply (0 the ( hie' < ""
mlasioner ot Unds lor a lla-nee In l"
coal and petroleun. on and unaler il"
land on Graham laland dreerlbeil M foil..*"- .
Commenrlng al a post planteel two mil'     ���""
of (.. E 11. Coal Uau No. 7, m.rkeal S  **
tt  E.  B. Coal lanse No.  18, thenee "
chaina,  llience east  80 chain.,  thenre
chains, thence west 80 chaina to place   I '"m
mencemenl. ,_
Dateel Sept. 11, 1911,    c. E. BAINTEH, I        '
I "I'- Sopt. St.
I silntt*
i , i
... el
- nil
i    H.
Absolutely pun
\<***u* i'-*- i'** *m***t**a******* **^<^**\*i***.ti ******
���*l~*H*^ tl'^SI'^ll'^SI-^ll'-^ll ***Mt\ [
General Merchandise
Largest Slock*
Lowest Prices in Northern B. C.
-a . a,-*, a. ��r a. ifcei^,,  ��i a, a '***
Samuel Harrison & Co.
Real Estate and Stock Broken
Prince Rupert
G.T.P. Weekly Service
S.S. Prince Rupert
Fridays, at 8 a.m.
For Port Simpson Naas and Stewart,
Wednesdays at 1 P. M.
For Masset and Naden Harbor every
alternate Thursday at 10 P. M
commencing November 9th.
For Skidegate, Jewday, etc. every
alternate Thursday at 10 P. M
Commencing November 2nd.
Railway service to Vanarsdol, mixed
trains Irom Prince Rupert Wednes
days and Saturdays 1 P. M., returning
Thursdays and Sundays 4 P. M.
On your Christmas visit East travel
via the Grand Trunk Railway System
from Chicago.   The finest and best
service over Double Track Route,
Connections with all roads East and
West. Atlantic Steamship bookinga
arranged.. Full information and
tickets obtained from the efllce of
It Is The Trained Man or Woman
Who Rises to the Top of the Ladder! ;
To fit your son or daughter for a business   career you must give
them a business training.   The best place to send them to is the :
I Nanaimo Business College
It is the nearest business
college to Prince Rupert.
It's fees arc within reach
of everyone. Its tuition is
personal, and develops the
individuality of the pupil.
Room and board is cheap
in Nanaimo. Thc pupils
arc away from the distractions of the larger cities   :
Oar ikatl-e-l ttmst iacla-icj tailieo ia
The Hen Pitman System of
Business English and Letter writing
Commercial Arithmetic
Office Routine
|    H M,y Meu ill lie Diffcr-ace Befreti Swcess mJJ^IwMo^oi;
!     Ask at Dally News forourbooklctteschinghowtowrlle shorthand
B.C. Coast service ��� Famous Priicess
Princess Mary
Saturday, November 18th, at 9 a.m.
For Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle
J. G. McNab - General Agent
Prince Rupert Lodge, I.O.O.F.
NO. 63
Meets in the Helgerson Block
Every Tuesday Evening
All members of the order in the city
are requested to visit the lodge.
This ls a little section of the paper, which from day to day will be devoted
to subjects of special interest to women. Any and all ot the ladies of Prince Rupert
are invited to contribute to its columns, and to take part in its discussions. Suggestions and criticisms are invited by the editor. The hope is expressed that "The
Cosy Corner" will fill a social need.
Henry Lovlns Will Devote Min Life
to Painting the Soul of the Woman
He Loves,
Because she reniltuk-il blm ot the
Mary Magdalene painting which
hangs in the Metropolitan Art Gale
lery In New York, Henry Lovlns,
head of the depart men I of drawings
and paintings at the College of Fine
Arts, University of California, married his model, Miss Kleanor Johnson of Denver and will devote the
rest of his life, If necessary, he says,
to Immortalize on canvas an indefinable something which he declares
typifies the soul of woman and which
is perfectly expressed In the eoute-
nance of his wife.
Already Lovlns has painted' four
portraits of his wife hut each has
been torn up as failure.
"According to my notion,' said
Lovlns today, "my wife Is the Ideal
of beauty in woman, and If 1 enn
produce on canvas her wonderful expression, which other artists also
have declared combines all the elements of soul of womanly woman, my
painting will take its place as one
of the world's masterpieces."
No Patent  lhc KxtinuiiisheiN in the
Wards of a Wooilrn lluililin*-.
It has come out that there are no
portable fire extinguishers at present in the General Hospital, and one
or two citizens knowing this, have
been suggesting that half a dozen of
these ought to * be purchased and
placed In the wards. Il seems, however, that tlie funds at the disposal
ot the house committee ure insufficient for indulgence in the luxury of
fire extinguishers. They cost about
|lii each. Here Is u chance for the
liberal minded to conic forward with
a useful gift to the hospllnl. Falling a donation sufficient to cover the
cost of half a dozen fire extinguishers, a public 50 cent subscription
might meet the need...
s.s. "H. c." iiroiiiciii "North Bend."
The British Columbia came in on
Wednesday night with general cargo,
and   towing   the   North   Bend,   coal
laden.    The Nurili Bend is discharging at the Q, T. P, wharf.
. . . . ITEMS OF. . . .
phoni: 801 i-.o. mix mu
Baicicmre, Btonn uml Forwarding Astntii   -**"01-"
Kites or Mutur Cur .lay or night
Seventh Ave. and Kullo
Phono Itul
Stoves and Ship
Ranges   ,,���onc3ftl   Chandlery
Second avenue and Third street
Over Weitenhaver Bros.' Offlce.
II. Gordon Munrii W. Nicholson Lalley
Stork Building, Second Avenue.
Law-Butler Building       Phone No. 280
Prince Runert P.O. Box 351
-*���*-*-*-* - *
-General Hardwares���
The fight runs throughout Oklahoma, and their number has steadily
increased since Carl Morris of Sa-
pulpa became a state favorite, aro
seeking the enactment ot a law that
win permit 10-round boxing contests,
a law similar in many reapects to
the Frawley boxing measure which
recently became effective In New
There Is no doubt that the fight
fans want such a law in order to
permit Carl Morris lo develop himself at home Into a genuine white
man's hope. Oklahoma has grcat
faith in (he development of the big
engineer, believing he will yet be
able to deliver the goods. They want
his preliminary bouts, however, to
take place on Oklahoma soil, and in
order for that to be possible und
legal It Is necessary to have a state
law lhat will permit ll.
Sporting news from Australia contains the account of a wonderful
sprinting feat by Jack Donaldson,
the champion professional. In a
match over l:i<> yards against C. E.
Ilolway, tlie American, Donaldson
won by four yards In twelve seconds.
To go ten yards Inside evens Is something Hint has been seen since the
palmy days of Harry llutchcns. English critics think ihe dlstnnce was
120 yards, but the accounts from
Sydney  nre  somewhat   different
\ enl lire I-1 um Vn.nn.ivrr
Thursday   afternoon   tha   Venture
arrived    from    below    wllh   general
cargo and  a  number of passengers.
She proceeded lo Goose Buy.
For row boats and launches
Telephone 320 green. Davis
Boat House.
C. E. Perry. Prwcipil
___.���_a-��-_���"-��- I
Nanaimo, B.C.
Builders' Hardware
Valves & Pipes      Oxford StoveB
Gratiitewnre       Tinware
of Hniish Columbia
and Manitoba llura.
of il.C. Ontario. Saskatchewan and Alberta liars.
Barristers, Notaries, Etc.
Offlce-Exchanire block, corner Third avenue and
Sixth street. I'rince Ruriert. 8
Flat in Rand Block, corner Sixth Avenue
und Fulton Street.
Also stores in same block.
Two cottager con.er Second Avenue and
Ninth Street.
Lots in all parts ol the city.
Wc represent some ol the largest Companies doing business in the City.
WM. S. HALL, L.D.S., D. D.S.
Crown und Bridge Work a Specialty.
All dental operations skilfully treated. Gaa and
local anasthetles administered for the painless extraction of teeth. Consultation free. Offices:
Helirerson Uluck. l'nnce Rupert. 11-12
Alex. M. Manson ii.v,     W K Will,,,,,-. h ��.. ...l.i,
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Box 286
Prince Ruport, B.C
P.;o. BOX a
ii in. or wu. i ,,1,'s. Kan.. A.a.A.a . ion., enq
Second Ave. Phon* 112
Fire, Life and Accid.nl Insurance.
818 3rd Avenue Phone UU and Green 282
We Pay  Highest  Prices
for Brass, Cop|>er, Lead,
Rubber   Boots,    Solder,
Dross and Bottles
Prince Rupert Cast) Store
Repairing a Specialty.
Complete Stock Curried.
Outside Orders Promptly Filled.
2nd Ave. between 10th and Hth Sts
English and American Billiards
Twelve Tables SECOND Ave.
IN TDK MATTER ol lhe I ��� .*. ul JOHN
CAI'ECCI lsn- al the CHy ol I'rince Ituieert. in
the Province ut British Columl.l.. dveeea-wd:
equipment. If he nek, the J^--,*, work which
taste, the single-minded fo """ lor ,������������. for you.
real printer*, have, he w.H do poor .rrnt.ng ^
If he has all of these, and ma*    ��" .���  ,,nv���
U*ffsO& Btffl u*-��
As this office ���ABUSHKBEK"
the presence of a good prime.
Daily News Building ���"���ONK98
Read The Daily News
And Get All the News
NOTICE   b   hereby   liven   that   all   in-non*
bavins any claima or demand* acainal th* late
hereby   tivon   tbat   all
��� .inr
John CapeccI, who died on or about tha Mh day
of I tPCvmtHT.   1910, at  Prior*- Rupert, II. C-, are
rt i-uired  to aand  by poat  prepaid  or to deliver
to   the  under-icned   Solicitor   herein   for  Adolfo
Aiulf, Admin int rat or, their name* and addrtwar*
and lull particular* In writing of their claima and
itatemrnt* of their account*, and tho nature of (
the aoruritie*, if any. held by tnem.
AND TAKE Nt'TlC K that after the |0ih tlu    d��n atwlail Uto'loweat market price*, at C-.ll.rt a
of  Decvmbcr,   mi. tha aaid  Adolfo  Aei��11  will ��� rf* F.eJ^t.-.* 14 ________ .���'____.
proceed todUtribute theaaaeU of tho aald de-tvamj
among Ibe perwona entitled thereto, havfnt renrd
only to the claima of which ba will then have had
notice, and that Ihe aald Adolfo  A_x_.li will not
It liable for (he aaid iWi�� or toy part tbaroof , Prompt Delivery
to any pemona of whoao Halm bo ia not then In
>l of notice.
Wo c-arry everything In the food lino, alao u��r-
i al the lowest market price*, at C
Stow. HiMfi-i
Pbonra II or 301
llATKH al I'rlnce Hupert, II. (*.. the 2nd dat ol
A. I,. ISII.
_  Vi.  PATMORE,
Solicitor lor Ihe Mi.!
Adolfo Aaaall.
For Beginners and Advanced Pupils
Min Vera Greenwood
I' 'inl *,f Fram Wllciek. Paris and Ilerlln.
Ska-eis Land HUtrl.l Llistriel ol l)ue.n Charlotte
Take notice thai Uiirtr dan Irom dale, I, C. B.
Ilainler ,-' Prince Rupert, fl. C, t>>* occupation
bookkeeper, intend to apply lo tbe i lraa-t Ceem-
n,i_ie,n, r ol Lanel. tor . ticence to i-i,_, .a t (oe
coal and petroleum oo and under 610 acrea ol
land on liraham Island dlwenhed a. lulla-aws-
Commencing* .1 ��� poet planted two i-nde. north
ol C. E. II. i ���������nl l~ue No. i*. marked S. K. come
C. K. B. Coal Lease No. II, thenee north SO
chaina, thence meat HO chain., thenee eoulh SO
chaina, Ihence taal SO chaina to place ol Commencement.
I.xe.1 Sept. II, I'.'i'     C. I    HAINTER. l-water
"ub. Sepl. tr
Stem. Land I' .laie-t ln.tne-1 ol Queer, Ch.rlolle
Take noUce that thirty day. from deles, I, C. I.
I.sinter ol Prince RupajeTt, fl. C., hy oee.ap.tieo
taookkteefa-sr, Inlend to apply to the Chlet I ..an
mw.ia.naae cat Ur.,1. for a Heme, to proepect toe
eoal and petroleum on and under 610 acre, ol
land on liraham l��l.ml descrilied a. (olloem:
Commenctns a. a pert planted one mile north
ol C. K U. Coel Lnse No. 10. marked C. I ll
Coel I,ease No. I '., Ihenee north SO chain., thene*
weal SO chain., ihenee aoulti t-'i ehaina, thene.
east so chains lo place o( commaer-emenl.
li.K.ISa.,.1 ll. I'.n C. E. HAINTER, Locator
I'ub. Sept. .-1.
Room 28.   Alder Block Upstairs
=___E.   EBY   A   Co._=_
Kitsumkalum lm, I For Sale
KIT8UMKAI I U . |l   {���,
S. O. E. B. S.
The Print* Rupert tsafjr*. No. SIS, Sana of
t-ntflaml. meeta the firm -tn j thirl Tueodara In
****** rrvmthln fcMMMflf Kngland Hall. flV 2nd
Av*. at <$ p.m.
F. V. CI.AHK. Sw.,
  P. O. Box Mi. Prince Kupert
F.RNKST A. WWIW. l*r��*M*nl. dm ��
TeachiT of Piano, Violin anil
Vole** Cutturf.
Skeeni I.tn I DUtrict -DUtrict of (Jueon Charlott
Taka notice lhat thirty dava from dato, I, C. m,
Uainter of IVInm Itupert. It QL by oceupalinn
bonkkeener. Intend to apply to tho Chief Com-
minioner of Landa for a licence to proapwt for
cool  and  petroleum on and  under 640 act** of
I land on (.raham laland deacribed aa followa:
Commencing >t a poat plant**! two milfw north
' of C. K H. Coal l^taae No. IV, markni N. *.'.
corner C. E. B. Coal Leaae No. If*, thence aoulh
hO  chaina,   thence  wuat  SO chaina.   thence  norih j
' 80 chaina, thence eaat 10 chalet tv place of com* :
Dated Sept. IL 1911.    C. E. tlAlNTKR. Locator
PUb. Sepl. 2:1.
Skeona Land Dtatricl -DUtrict of yn.-n Charijlte I
Take notice lhat thirly daya from date, I.'I      j
Ilainler of  Prineo llupert, ll. C, by occupation j
bookkeeper, intend tn apply to Iho ChM Com-
mlminnar of (.anda for a licence lo proepect for
coal and  petroleum on and under **t"  acraa of [
land on (iraham laland da*cr1l<ed aa follow*:
Commencing at a pott planlH two milea north
of C. I'. 11. Coal Lce-ar No. 14, marked N. I
come* C. E. H. Coal Xr****** No 17, thence aojlh
HO chaina. thenca woat B0 chaina, Ihence north M
ehalna, thenee oaat M chaina lo place of commencement.
DainlSept   11. 1'.*I1.     C. E. RAINTEK.f'OCalor
I'ub. Sepl  t*.
2nd Av.-.
Hi'twoon Tth & Hth SU.
Prince Rupert
Funeral   Director and   Embalmer
I-N'lll.ll I 1 M il . *M I Mil M.MI.1M
runeral   Ilirecl'trs
trd A��e. no��r Hlh tt, l'h,,ne No. W
1 giwi J""
Third Avenue
Skeena Und I',-lain -Dislrict ol ejia-a, a hsal..-l.
Take notice th.t thirly d.v. Imm dale. I, I I
Rainier el PltOSS l(upi*t, ft. C. lay ocnap.laa.ai
bookkeeper. Intend to .pply lo the a l,,,f t ...���
miMioner o( I-.,,,!, lor a larene. io prn"i>eet fair
coai and petroleum on and uneler AIO stra. o( l.nd
on (Iraham Island Heyril-e-l ** follow.:
Comm.nelni at a po.1 pl.nted i��r, miln, north
'ol C.  E.  II. (oel  I-a-   No.  II. marked S. V.'.
' corner I*. E. II. Coal lr**a N���. IQ, tl,-.nce nonh
j .0 chaina thence weat SO ch*dn., thenee smith so I
chslna, thenee east SO ehains to plaee ol com- j
latealSeul. 11,1*11.
I ub. Sept. 2.1.
..Grand  Hotel..
Worklngmsn's Home
Free Labor Burraa io O -ii-clion
I'tionc 178 1st Ave. ami 7th St.
CEO. BRODERIUS, Proprl.to.
Utile's NEWS Agency
Ske-n. Und tlUlrlel -District ol Une-en (h.rliitl.
Take t,..i���- that thirty day. alter date. I. (' I*.
I.ainter a,l I'rinre lleip.rl, I.. (', by e^s-.ps|i-in
bookkwapCT. intenai lo apply lo lhe Chief r���nv
mlaaslaanaar eat Unds la- a licence lo prni-pect tor r
coal and petroleum nn and under M0 aere. ol
land on (Iraham Island de-eM-rileed as followa:
(!ommendns al a port planted two mile, norlh I .. __. .,
ol C. E. D. Coal Ihenee No. iv marked R. E.   MaRatines :*. l'ennilicala '.: Newaiiapers
' corner C. E   U. Coal Lean No. 21, (hence north
SO chain., thence west 80 ch.ln., Ihenee aoulh SO    ___ . ������ __._ . _���_-  __
chaina, tnence east: 0 chaina to plaee ol com-   CIGARS    II   TOBACCOS   II   FRUITS
| Haled Sept, 11, Ull.    C. E. DAINTER. Locator! G.T.P. WHARF THE DAILY .NEWS
Wanderers    Versus    I'rlnce    Kupert
Clubs for  Don Moore Shielil.
In ihe Wanderers clubrooms last
nighl the members of the Prinoe Ruperl and Wanderers Clubs met In the
second or a series of bridge games
for the Don Moore Shield, presented
by Mr. Donald A. Moore of the Casslar Cannery. The game resulted in
a win for the Wanderers. The Prince
Rupert Club, however, still leads In
tbe series by sbout a thousand
points. Two more matches remain
io be played to complete the series.
Following are the teams:
Prince   Rupert   Club���H.   F.   McLeod. W. H. Vickers. J. H. Ptllst-ury,
A.  0.  Foster.  H.  P.  Wilson. J.  It!
Clancy, H. S. Walloce, J   M. Anstie'
and J. M. Christie.
Wanderers Club���Cy Peck, G.R.T.
Sawle. Joe Howe, W. F. Beak, R. B
Warton.  H    Sinclair,  K   T.   Harlow
arranged with one .ind W. a. Pettlgrew
to  place forty-two 	
Mr*-. Orme will
-a********** ** ** ti 0 <m*0a, n m i* a* n*a i
"The News" Classified Ads.
���One Cent A Word For Each Insertion���
B-|.~*   <m***   ********   I l>"* *!****   l'~*��   I"*   *****   SI
Ba ^ n-^_c*-__..--�� ts-fcti-aa n~�� **********
A   CAREFli.
************* 1******^*^^.., ,,,
r.ot receive ur-
til after the New Year.
We have just
of our clients
lots on the market under exceptional
advantages to the purchasers. The
lots are some of the best in Sections
7 and S. The price* ore as low
as any on the market, and the
terms so easy���monthly���that anyone can buy. Alone with this
exceptional offer, each lot admits
the purchaser to a drawing for a
WORLD. If you hold the lucky-
ticket the trip ii yours;  or you bgrg specially asked to attend.
Phone 150
The Insurance People
Plate Glass
Employer's Liability
Contractors  and Personal Bonds
Policies Prt-pareJ While Y'ou Wait.
Mack Realty & Insurance
VS.-Hxitmf* and Renuls.
y*-��"-g <*******a*s*****m*
For Rent
N'ice Furnished Rooms. Mra, Greenwood- Alder
Block: Third Ave. 178-ti
F���r  Rent-Furnlahed   Roocn,-B..a.lc.v   Block��� |
tUt week up.
For Rent-Two roomed cabin. dOM :.' McBride.
freshly papered and clean,  or.., i:   ;<: month. I
H F. McRae & Co. t-f
OL*R Comp*ni�� aro not-cd for jrxr.pt and just
acttJcmcnu. We write every known claaa of
Insurance. The Mack Realty an. IniJr��Ttee Ca
The Big
Furniture Store
Furniture of ever,
scription at prices t
cannot  be beaten.
Special Notice (city
An important meeting of the
Prince Rupert Choral Society
will be held in the Presbyterian
church. 4th ave.. on Monday.
Nov. 20th. at 8 p.m.   All mem-
V-i*>m,i'.   Office
Xo    I_*inge
a I	
can surrender it for a cash consideration. The chances are good-
one in forty-two. Come in and
new members heartily invited.
Cliy Assessor Mcl-ennan is no
longer besieged by tbe anxious public paying (axes, bui with bis slaff
ts busy winding up the Inside work
occasioned by the rush of taxpayers.
Held Skating Party
A  pleasant ikatirg party waa
hild at the rink lasi ���> ighi by Mr
ar.d Mrs S. E. Parker,   .'Km:   50
Maternity nuree open   for er-.-aircment  from r
Nov. 11th.   Applj* Box tlit News. 2St.--.S5    ;
Wanted.   ���    Dreeemaklrtg. cleaning and t >n ���'��� .
<    -:.-. repairing- for men and ax men Mr* Charles
Tercher. �����> Third Are.   Phone 2*1 Red.     tf
���        Lost and Found       (
FOl'ND-HSmaUKeye.   Inquire at  New. Office. I
Found-Ladle.' opal  aet  bevv-ch.    Owner send '
deecnption to E.J.M.. Daily Newa.       *_>>-���__.
Lots 12 and 13, Block 29, Section 1,
Park Avenue.   Price $5000, one-fourth
TI    cash, balance 6-12-18 months.
- ! Lot  7,  Block 28, Section 5,  Summit
Avenue.     Price   $525.     $225   cash,
balance $50 every three months.
Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Section 7, Sixth
Avenue.    Price $600 each, one-boll
cash, balance easy.
Lot 3, Block 24, Section 7, Sixth Avenue.
Price  $600,  one-half  cash,  balance
Lots  19 and 20, Block  .,  Sect on 8,
corner Ninth and Donald.   Price $800,
one-fourth cash, balance 6-12-18
Everything for
F. W. H A R T
2nd Ave. and 6th St Phone 62
*************!******** **���*
axbi<xtc i o toz ^-lOicxq
Immense interest  is being token in
Northern B. C. Cool.
Tie   opportunity   for   big   fortunes  *****bw* P"8**l"    Aftmranl
+ -~aaa_.-^_.e~��__.
Letters to the Editor
awaits those who buy stock now (first
issue ot extremely low figuras).
Investigate Northern Anthracite Collieries, Ltd., at our office���dollar shores,
15. each, 5c. cosh.
H.  F.  McRAE & CO.
Phone 205 Second Avenue   r.8
Real Estate
the) .���(!]> umd to   the home  ��� I
Mrs L.-tloy fur ntppi r.
Lol for Sale in .*���_.:  en  V  F  ���
Are.   A; i  .. Mite Ruxich. B.
HI. Lot 15. Tth
i-2 City.       tf
Four room house, Ambrose Avenue,
plostered and painted, best harbor
view in city. Price $1837. $600
cash, balance $30 per month.
Will buy lota *n Prince Rupert a: :_r*-ain price,
for caah. Apply P.O. Box MS staling heat..--.,
pnee. ete. 231-tf
Rev. W. B. CbBisoa I *T**i>lc**��l *   \-Min--i
(he Trunk Sewer.
Sir:���As    a    resident    of    Hays
Creek. I fully concur with Aldermon
Morrissey's letter of protest, regarding the proposed turnk sewer, which
ii to empty into Hoys Creek above
the  bridge.     The  residents  in   this
locality   feel   most  strongly  on   tbe
subject    as    a    serious    menace   to
health���not to mention the nuisance
it   will   cause  during    the   summer
months, when  the tides ore small,
and :he creek low.    When we think
of the unpleasant odor caused In tbe
summer by a few dying salmon, we
may  have a  little Idea of  what  tc
expect  from  ihe sewer  In question.
it carried out  according to  present
plans.    We ho\e had a healthy city
so for. and  it  is to be hoped  this
record will not be Imperilled by the
carrying out of o plan which, though
now it api-aj-nr* to offect only a few
���entered residents, may in the end
be  a   set-back   to   the   whole   coa*
munlty.    Why:  such a stole of affairs would not  be tolerated  In an
Indian ullage       If Hays Creek hod
been situated  in  the centre of the
city, would the plan as It now stands
hove  been  sanctioned  as  conducive
to tte health af the city!    We very
much doubt I:.    Then why should it
be  considered   sanitary   here?
It ii not certain when the G. T. P.
Ry s drydotk will be completed���It
may be some years, and surely In
the meantime something con be arranged wnereby a temporary extension be made to carry the sewage
to deep water.      Yours truly.
Prince Rupert. Nov. 15. IS 11
Weather Reports    -
Triangle���Fog. raining: wind
S.W., dense seaward.
Dead Tree Point ��� Overcast,
calm, sea smooth. Passed in
Princess Mary at S p. m., southbound.
Ikeda ��� Cloudy, calm, sea
Point Grey���Cloudy, wind s. e.
Cape Lazo���Overcast, wind s.e.
light; sea smooth.
Plenty of Shrimps
Jim   Bur^e*-*-   wi.h   the shrimp ���*���*��������
trawlir Amy m.'.dc port this mon-.-   j
ing with a good haul of >hrimp-..    j^
_aatern stanM_T_pber oaf wide experience wants
The Duvi-a launch K a  iferried
another funcr.-.! ..c ���������-... ;,. Garden
I>lard thi* morripg.   The furcrr.l |
��.���- ih.it of tht* Swede who w.
killed in the blasting accidei". ���
Mile 44.
Five and ten acres, garden trucking
Kitsumkalum. Price $65 pel acre.
p-sm.-sro.    Address   "Stena-crai I
dura Bt. Vaacoureer. B.C
SS; Cor-
Stores on Second Avenue.
Three lots close in on Third Avenue,
level.   Good lease.
a.    Trust    /
__ Icnup _d;    1
** *art,__TiW-
We have clients
for property on
Second, Third,
Fourth and Fifth
Aves., close in.
Submit your listing!
Continental Trust Co., |
Second Avenue Princ* Rupert    (!)
Savoy Hotel*^***^^v*tM
Von   Alvemlaben   Party     Left
For Vancouver Today
Cor. Fnuer and 5th.        C_o.cc Wine, and Ct-rara
Ittl.l.tsll   I.     WITH    OOleA.
Mrjunr-r *s.-ii��i..r ...i Herr l^��l Voyage
li-llaalnl Wllh   lunf.-r....- v.ii.l
Seattle. Xov IT���Tbe steamer
Senator on ner last voyage from
Alaska came south MBettoalt* tc aold
ore ballast Shipments from Bering
Sea ore light, and as some sort of
cargo was deemed necessary during
the voyage. IN loaa of the richest
appearing gold-bearing sand to be
found on (he beach ot Nome was
token aboard. The sand will be sent
to the smelter and ibe experiment
watched with Interest by miners and
officials of tbe steamship company
The trawler Kingsway returned this morning from her special
to Pacofi and return with the
Von Alvenslaben party, important shareholders of the Standard
Pi��K m*-4 Fertilizer Co. The
party left for the south today.
Cor. Srd Av.
and -..*-. Bt
The James
Nicely furnished rooma Good table t-uard
Bead ta 75 Room .od Board 17.00
I   I-II .-II l*l ���
Seeeta Land D-elnct-Illatrrt af Coaal lu*��. i
Take nouce. lhal LeKo>   F. Grant of lYtte.   .tcosp ��nsvi
Rupsn. B. C . oecupauoa dttt rttf.t.m,. .rrm.i*
xo apiJy lot pensosaoa 10 purefcaae tb. (wJoains    	
ruNCE *: rrxt
Coamecetcs at a pool planted aboat 3 1.2 rr. ~
ia a MsnVriy -ira*��:*on from Ibe northeast comer
stmt al Lot t**. Hart* '. Coatt Ln>inrt. tber.ee
eaat SO cbaiu. tbence os-rtb SO rhaln. tbenee
���eat to book et rtrer. theftc aouth lo_a*ale-g
bank at rirm to point et comaei.cuieut: con-
- taiaina ISO acne, mere er leae.
Innlir.llnn.   will   U_   __-_:_._sl    tiated Sept. S. llll. UtROV   F.   GR.tST
Applications will be received p.b. on. n_ Gordon c Em_H-r��e_. _gm
up to November 25th, 1911, by
the Board of Director! .of tha *���[_��� .SttPSSTj'-SI'iT_-_-_. fS&2
Do away with this.   J'atronize a white '
laundry*.   White lobor only ot
Pioneer Laundry. Phone 118
i upi.l - K.11..I1. ap" hy Ihe Wirrntan.
i l.i��� l.H.-I l ...iipani Pnivr.il r.|.u-
lar a.  Kver.
Prince Rupert General Hospital
Association from women wishing to take a full courae of
training in nursing. l'.t
Mr   ond Mrs   A.  L.
Rapida,   laaa,   oeeupatiaa   lawyer,   xtstmrt*   tc   ubtaimn
apply   tot  pern i_.nl:   tc   p_Tt_M   tbe  [oJea_.
dawenbed landa.
��am_| at a psat planted oc tba aooUMrii
ad-orre ol kuta>i_.teae Ir-et oa tbe nfbi ba_a
ol a unal: atnam Soauf mu eat* l_et lue* ea*i
al Crosr Laaa. Tbeeae* eoutb ^. rt_r_, lbet.ee
mam ~x chaina sen or taa to tbe abort Una et
Claaa Lake, iheeee oenharLy a*4 aaeurty Ic4-
Brown   were   lovus the ahon luaa of x;nm Lake, tbe Inlet
Passengers South this morning 2__"3 * "* K"-'~--�� ** ***
C. W. Potts went to Vancouver by
the Rupert today.
Mr . Mrs and Master MacDonald
were passengers South by the Prince
Rupert this morning.
H N Boss has left for Victoria
after a short business visit
.*.---:   *   i   *, ISII.
Fab. Aas. IX.
L eea.ainna* len-r
JL-v-t M. TAU
5k.ee. Land thatnet���Dannct al Ceaat Ratf I
Taae aetxe* tbat I. CbnauptVer Ja-aa e.ra_ui
et  l-ruee  Ha-, It,  l  C, ��_(���_�� locuBOU.e
���Sianr. iatesa 10 apply tot imrmam n to purchase
-��� h*Boaru�� s-aiit_l loaasT
Cii--ia.iia�� at a yam s^astxa* at tbe eoutb-
' >    : -_   enauity   at Laa.
Ctneupbar   1.
OS���M_a at a aaal ; a--'ed
mm me at Let Se.  '.:_.  ,<_
In the EtLprest Theatre lost night
the perfortts.. > of "Cupids Handles; by tbe ?hermon-Clevelond
Comedy Company was a bright ond
witty ; rer-entailon. All the member, of the company were in flrft
rote form, ond the ploy went with
enthusiasm and vim Miss Dress
Mack was In good voire, and her
singing of popular numbers wo�� repeatedly encored. Mr Horry B.
Cleveland as the German student
shoved amusing skill with the German-English accent, and Elton Ralston was good as Don Stone." the
hero There was abundance of good
'unny work, ond the (hums excelled
hemselves in song snd dance.
One of tbe most effective songs
rlth churus yet put on In Prince Ru-
ert by this popular company wot
In Germasy." ��ung by Mr Cleve-'
,nd snd chorus in quaint costumes
' the Fatherland The dance parts of
Is numl-er ��ere exceptionally well
ndered Tonight the company
III pat on a real "Darky Minstrel
iow" under direction of Mr C!e-e-
nd. and one of tbe funniest shows
err .(aged In Prince Rupert As
e very f'rst darky m'nstrel show
er seen In our city, this perfortr.-
ice of the eot-npanr I, particularly
orth   attending.
J   -Stewart of the firm of Foley,   t^ i^**!L2^*^.**i* ***��^^^
Welch   k   Stewart   went   South
morning by the Prince Rupert
Now is the time for your winter
vercoot We have the goods to
ease you. Sweder Bros.. Custom
lilors. Helgeraon Block. 4t
Write for our \
It's free!
Our new Cr.talcptij. ctr-
talnlngr 12*1 pace-. UlMtltt*
ing Diamonds. Jewelry.
Silverware. China. Leather
Goods, etc.. tri'.l be it,..lied
free to any address upon
It brings our store toyosr
door-ali you ceed u do ls
to make your se ecticn In
your ow n home, mall It tout.
and ve vill do the rot.
wlthoot any worr/ cr
expense en your pan.
We prepay al the potal
or express charges, guarantee that It trill tie safely
delivered to you. and refund
your money If you are not
entirely satisfied.
Ryrie Bros., Limited
i.r.-. �� L-r_eat Jearalrf R.ie
a.i **���:.*.*,   m*r**s*f.-t t*i   ''if
I.M-i.vm.w Yonge Street
S3S ec.��a  nxr. u
DatedSept. Si IHI   ll.it AM-Will
rat ***** **.
IT. _
. i Load Dttrta���Vx-t-ne- ot Cesmat
Take netiaa that K. a Saeaan el �� arcoLrw.
Bl C. .wiiaima trait-q.a. ixt-ade m, app-iy
lm |  i--s1ia IS paechaaa tbe ttmsnaai tmtriir:
j at a pad f-latte-i tt chaina aoutt
est fmaaamm No. it: and u ���__��� ***** tn.***,
the Naa. Ri.er S. W. C, tbee.ee
thanca tl th.iia nenh. thin a
Ueaan t�� c_t__ aaat* la tha point at
IAac.l��lL tamm T. raOsrUM. Ajeti
Pah SavcU.
Saeesa Load Deetnel���D-etrta al Coaat Ran*. I
Taka aeusr lhat  Harald E. Smith ct Mom*.
Alia, aiaiiciliia elation a-cect, intenda to apf..>
aa ta pearcha-a the lallaalag dwciitesj
Before the auction of lots in section 2.
intending purchasers should carefully
Study the Lot Grades
You con only do this sotisfactorily bv
ning a copy of the large map |3 R
6 in. by 2 ft. I complied from official records by J. H. Pillsbury. CE. This
gives full details of contours, topographical feoturet. atreet grades and
lot elevations.
For So e at the Office of
C B. SCHREIBU 4 CO.    -    PriB�� Ipri
ill Third A... P.O. Bex SIS Phone id
Intending Purchasers
of Section 2 Lots
Nov. 29Ui is the dote set for
the selling by auction of Lou
in Section 2. If you wish to
get s lot send ut your instructions to buy. together with the
cosh for the amount you care
to put in.
Terms of Sale-One quarter
cash and boionce in 1. 2 ond 3
years at 6 per cent.
C T. P. Transfer Agent*
Order, pranptly Gllad.   Pricea raaaonable.
OFFICE- H. B. Rochester. Centre St    Phone fc
^^Mm^��^^^^m^^*^^^^^*^:^*mw^^^^'^ ������
The Paper
Your Home!
I It gives you all the news of your own city and district as well as the principal happgnjnja*-*-
| in all parts of the world.   The news is well edited, ita hpws columns are clean and whole-
II some.   It is a paper you need in your home.   The advertising columns of the News brin>r
K you in touch with opportunities for getting the full value for your money. :      :      ;.,_ ���
at a pact plaatad as _�� aaath
;���* chaua aaal oal M ehaiaa oanh
' tree. M. E. ran* cf Let lilt. Harrey . .<�����.-,
Canal D-at-ian Raaga t, thenar
th-aia SS ahaua asrth, thsno <
th..��� ss ****** aaaih t* paat at
A..      WcoMiAec.
Prince Rapart. B.C.
ri.t <**i u.
frad W. Bok.��. A(e-
,*a.e��-.. Lanj Dietnrt���MM et Coan IUr.rt S
Tab* notice that  Herbert 1. Mart** ri ram-
, aeeam. Oct.. ocrapaUoc liocb-naan.  ia'rtrA* to
Start* Laad laosn-D-ratnci ot Cam* Raaje t  ****.. ***. P*��^��*o�� ** l��chaaa tha loOcaiat
Tahe  aatice thai  L  Garden C    tmxtmwaaa ol   acacntica lana_
Prt��r Rati*-    R ?    ����auia TSI   niati      Ciini-nianat cl a paat platted aa the left bank
brahar   isw?T  a-rcfr 'll  I irTaliiliali   i   i    <* ** *���>****<***** �� Eic-r��l-iu Rim. ai atratb-
*JT*r:.*xrV*.    -iSfayiJih *^    *m earner-al Lot 1 Tot. thanca ncrtharly. lo&trinf
^^        i���aswii^ _aasi ___u .scsllj   boaadarr  ef  Let   170*    ���  rbairu
ci��"2�� \___l_i,s__,t_riJL_. -^T!��mSSn{m^5wViS
a>a�� i. a aerberty dcceUec treaa the maibaar.   i-*_   ���___.  ..--..  __i  ______   ,-*i, *. ,
ear-** paat ol Lm IMS, R__- t. Cecal L/erurx.
there, rant It rh-aa. lhance aaal ta rl*na
haoh. llaau aaath InS.a-na rterr lank te pent
el ra���i.eisa���n in.  eaau_asa�� 1��0 acraa, raara er
B01 Heads
Price L-tU
Memorandum Forma
Commercial Cards
la   Commercial  Printing
w�� h��ee a large stock of
Wa handle Blank Ledger
Forma   for    Loose
Loaf System
t beak at said n-��, f) chelae mnre or mm tc
et  ep-nniiirasBiil   annldiilin   1*6  ana.
,. m... mm. ^.. ^1.^..-*^--^
Stock Certificatea
Articlea of Association
Illustrated Pamphlets
_ti^ ������-��.���-_ <m*x**m*m*MM i'***m***r*
petal Sata. t. itll
Pah let. I*
Lcealad At^_a lt, llll.
Dotal Aar-ttl. Itll     HERBERT 1. SIACKIE
Pah. Aim *.*_ rrWaridi a O-a-ati. Agenl
For swiety
awcana Laad larriet ��� D-etrirt ol Cecal Rang, t
Take   net-ae   that   tteriam  Ray   MeTarah   erf
*rtta**mm.   Men.
tn apply lar janiniis la s when thc lidlewlag
*****,   1
-   .:���:��� .   ' I
Fkerna Lanj Dinnrt-Di.trirt of Caaaiar
Thke oobeee th.i L Ts-mma Carter, ot Prior*.
tap--_ ocrrapetisa rarpeotpr. iateni te apply
far lamll-dic le juarihes. the tuflcannq- etaarnb-
*4 \amt\
��� : a paat plarted et ibe araiha-M      Claeaiing el e poet (tented ah-sgt one mile
rf*i_^i-^B_*^_?!X!_?r__- ��� .tfl*!'-. ?. *��>*<*<* Fail, crack end abwt
Herea, . 5-rwy Caam   iloraat hack fre-a the bcatfe. thance IS chain.
.    -*nv.. tl.*.-��� .     �����-..._���_ ,>���,, .   -__���_.
_.     TT-nr ifnr ihelniii |  nil  fi   iiign-qm
.   i���ranir*-*   -^_L ___.... ., .���  .--r. ~.r* ,r *__.
printing, we ensure correctness ofstyjgjndtegte in Visiting Cards. Wedding
InviUtions and Dance P*"QgTar*jmgs^rjF-^^ frotn the humb|e ���*(lodfKr
to the highest grades of multi-color printing consult the  "News Job"
Daily News Building
PHONE   98
Third Ave


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